17 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6

17 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. rnuu* Evening, May 10. Thoro are no ebaugoa of Importance to note In Ibo local money market. Tho supply of fundi Is fair for tboao who can fnrniah antiafaotory col littorals. Thoro arc now, aa thoro alwayu aro, XDorchanta who complain that they cannot got eufllclont accommodation at tho banka, but In many of such cnees it probably bo found that they aro merchants who aro doing a larger buHlnoaa than is justlflod by iholr capital. On the other hand, tho amount of bank capital In Chicago, though larger than in almost any other city In tho West, Is small in comparison with tho amount of business douo hero, and morclmta aro obliged to depend moro largely on their own capital than in Eastern cities. This of course makes it hard rubbing for some, but for tho present it does not appear limb thoro is any scarcity of funds to loan on collaterals. ' •' ; Now York exchange was a httlo -firmer to-day. &t from par to 250 por SI,OOO premium. I ’Sterling exchange advanced %to % ofl per ■ coni In Now< York to-day, causing a correspond ing advance in the, price of gold. TUB ASPECTS OF FOREIGN TRADE AND TUB PRICE OF GOLD. It Is well understood that many of tho moat careful financiers nnd merchants have for some months boon apprehensive as to whnt would bo tho effect on tho financial affairs of this country of tho uuHOttlomonfc of confidence in Eu-‘ rope, first, in regard to American railroad bonds, ami moro recently In regard to tho Vienna panic, which Booms to bo only ono of • tho ■ indications of a general collapse of tho speculative lovor which has prevailed in Germany for over a year. Tho etoady rise in tho price of gold from 112 in De cember to U8 in March Boomed to indicate tho progress of our financial relations with ;Europo ; to somo sort of oulminatloq, tho result of which no one could foresee. JJiit now that gold has hung at from 117 to 118 for nearly two months, : many begin to ask what has interposed to stop Us further advance and prevent the culmination 2n our foreign trade and foreign Indebtedness' that throe months ago seemed inevitable. Tho answer to this query is in tho great increase in exports of domestic products this year over last. An approximate notion of this increase may bo obtained from the following figures of tho exports from tho four ports of Now York, BoHton, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, which represent tho groat bulk of general exports, f6r tho first four mouths of tho year, compared with tho corresponding mouths of last yean 1873. 1879. $87,128,140 $08,015,000 11,481,230 8,238,033 0,801,258 6,170,011 19,010,109 13,438,979 Now Y0rk..,,, Boston Philadelphia,., Son Francisco .$125,048,743 $04,888,013 Totals ..Thus,/without any statistics of tho increase of exports from tho cotton porta, which must bo very largo, wo find that there has boon an in-, croaao of - $30,000,000 in tho value of exports of products.'- That this vast increase has boon to a groat extent very recent, Is shown by tho ox-, ports from the port of Boston, which for the month of April wore $4,4-10,573, against $2,376,- 652 in. March. $2,743,887 in February, and $2,805,24-4 in January. Tho increase of over $6,000,000 in tho exports from San Francisco for tho four months over tho same timo in 1872 aro more evenly distributed over the four months, though even those, tho heaviest exports of wheat, which constitute a groat part, if not the whole, of tho increase, have been since February, The increase of imports of foreign goods over tho imports of last year has been largo, but docs not compare with the increase of exports, es pecially during tho past two months. -It is ap parent that this is .what has interposed to chock the rise in tho price of gold. It is not improba ble that the increase in tho amount of sterling exchange made against these increased exports of products from Jan. 1 to tho prosoot time, ns compared with tho same timo last year, is nearly $50,000,000. It will bo seen that the situation throe months ago muatlmvo boon grave when so largo an increase in exports lias only had tho effect to check the rise of gol(| Instead of causing it to decline. Any theory as to how long this increase of ex ports over last year will continue, must, of course, bo merely speculative. • Cotton exports always fall off in ibis mouth. Thus far, thoyaro still much larger than last year at this time. Tho price of cotton Is much lower, but tbo visible supply of cotton in tho United States is still 189,900 bales in excess.of tho supply at this time last year. Throughout tho South generally thoro scorns to bo an expectation that tho incoming cot ton crop will bo tho most valuable every raised in (ho United States. The Montgomery Adrerff scr thinks that tho money paid for it in its raw state will not fall far short of $830,000,000. ‘As for tho California exports of wheat, which have so largely increased tho exports of domes tic products Inis spring, the prospects of a con tinuance of heavy exports from San Francisco aro good...There is still.a largo amount of old wheat to go forward, and tho latest reports from the Pacific coast show that tho rocout fears of a short crop wofo groundless. An enormous breadth of laud was planted in wheat, and it was fully expected a mouth or two ago that Cali fornia would have oven a greater crop of wheat than last year at tho harvest next mouth. Tho drouth of tho past mouth ' has cub short tho yield to a great extent; but tho California Farmer and tho Ban Francisco Commercial Herald, after a careful survey of tbo whole Stale, concur in saying that they “will, this coming season, have a full average crop,” “more,” says tho Herald, “than over before harvested prior to 1872.” Even tho moat desponding of the California ac counts of tho crop do not place tho exportable surplus out of tho maturing crop of wheat nt lons than 400,000 tons, or about 13,000,000 bushels. Of the crops of tho Northwest, tho harvests of which aro so much later than it is scarcely time to speak yet, but thoro has boon nothing yet in tho aspect of weather and the planting to forbid , tbo expectation of a largo crop of wheat. A large area has boon planted in tbo/Went and Northwest—it is all in good condition. Corn has not been planted to so great an extent as.last year, but it is not too late yet to plant, if there appears to bo sufficient Inducement in tho price. From thoso prospects it appoara that tho chances aro in favor of as largo an exportable surplus of domestic products this year as last. The great bulk of them will not, however, bo marketable before October. In tho meantime, tho monthly aggregate of ex ports will diminish, and thoro will bo abundant occasion for a largo advance in the price of gold during tho summer. LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MARKET. Messrs, Lunt, Preston &, Kean quoto as fol lows this afternoon: Buying* Selling, 5- of '63, JIG# : 115*; 6- of ’(’4 iin*i lir»»; 6-20b of ’65 H7J* -117- 1 ; 1-208 of *OS, Jim. and July.... 118;#' 118 j ; 6-208 of 'O7, Jan. aud July JiiOJ# 120 j ; 6-208 of *6O, Jan. nutl July ua# iiß# *O-40*: 114 U, 8.6s (new issue) m# 1141; G01d...... 117 118 Gold Coupons 117# 119# Gold Exchange, 118# Sterling Exchange . 109 ®IIU Northern Pacific Gold 7-30 a 100 k lid. Chicago City 7« 09# k lot. £° ok County 7u 09# k iut. IlUnoittCounty oud Tavvußhly 10a. REAL ESTATE. Tbo following instruments woro filed for rec ord on Friday, May 10: CITS TBOTERTY. Lot 32, In Block 62, Klnrio’e Addition, datcdTob. 22 2 consideration, $0,250, Mary at, nof Archer av, w f, 60 ft to olloy, dated May 15 • consideration, $3,000. Habited si, bet Kinzlc and Carroll, of, lot 6, dated :May 1 ; consideration, $3,600. West Twtn tleth at, 300 ft vr of Robey, n f, 23x125 ft. dated May IB ; consideration, S7OO. * 1 * Francisco, h f. Mx 125 ft, dated May 14; conatdorallon, SI,COO. * Shoher nt ( 231 ft n of North av, w f, 60x124w ft doted April 18 : consideration, $3,600. * * Fifth ar, nof ami near Madison at, of, 10x80 ft. dated April 21: consideration, SII,COO. ’ 16x80 ft adjoining theuhovo, dated April 21: con sideration, $11,500. The premises No. 241 Warren ov, dutod April 11; comldyratlou, $11,225. ri/n lß, f'J t x t » nofftUllwoaT Jackson st, vr f, n U Bub **of . l May 1; consideration, $lO, COO. Nrowu »t, nof Twelfth st, of, 25 ft to alloy, dated ~T. 1 wpsldsratlon, $1,600, i"wt' C ,Mn im l * Y,llDur <-‘n» n d Tyler at s, w f Six I "w f , /\v to 4 ? lay1 i consideration, $3,250, Hi^ri»'a U l b l?4 tO i U^ t ». n , ear *' Tcorof Hoyno it, n f, $1 70of * J * ** dated May 5; consideration, -^rasSTiSSff BoUlu »**•». £“ l B '? la 1 “ w r i Z f-} B 2 13, "f Leo’s 1 *■(* ?1 0 » 13, doted Jon. 17 ; consideration. 1876. Ix>t 4in Love h u Lota 1 aud 2, In block n well’s Addition, dated Slay 0 5 consideration tSBO . Uurnsido st, near n 0 corner of Tblrt&Osl w 1 $5 ft to alloy, dated April IB ; consideration, la.otfc ’ Dayton st, n of and near Olay st, of. 24x125 ft dated MarcJi 191 consideration, SI,OOO/ * * * West Taylor st, between DespUUies tad Jefferson stft.R f, 25 ft to alley, dated May 1; consideration, ' llioo. . * ■ trtT,in-suxiV as. „t ll .x Hto -17,6 a, l, AM'Aw.' 1D.18791 consideration, 13,000.’. .* t . Went Congress at, 21# ft w of Marshfield at, h f, 20#' *Ol ft, dated Mays• consideration,s7,ooo.- *- ■ ' West Congress st, 83 ft w cf Msrnhnold st, n f, 20#x 01 ff» : d(d May 6 • ronslderntlon, $7,000, • ,^ V , 0 A T r c . n h'* nm "*» 31)0 « oof Ashland rv, n t, 2Bx ; , 134 ft» dated why 15; consideration, $2,000, ; Division st, near n w cor of Lnmbco st, nf,2sft to .alloy, dated May 19 ;■ consideration/$5,050. 3 \ Prairie av, bet Twenly-nluth oml Thirtieth eta, of, 91 ft to alley, datftd May 7 { consideration, SIO,OOO. West Monroe at. 58 ft w of Wood oL u f, 22x123 ft. dated Ajirll 94 s consideration, $3,750. fllato Bt, 58 ft nof Madlson-sf, w f, 48 ft to alley, [dated MaylO; consideration, $105,000. Frank Htunrea ,to Wm. E. Dodge, Jr„ of Now York City, - • B : Sedgwick at, aof North av, of, 25 ft to alloy, dated ! May 10} consideration, $3,2754 • Lot 10 of Dot lof Block 91. Shcfllold’a Addition, doled May 16; consideration, SOOO. Same an the above, dated May 16; consideration, SOSO. : . * Michigan av, 570 ft n of Sixteenth id, w f, : 811-10 ft to alloy, dated May 5; connhlcrntlon, $9,339. • , north ov errr limits. Wrlghtwood av, 48 ft o of llnclno i»v, a t, 94x124# ft, dated May 1; consideration, SBOO. WrJphlwood nv, 94 ft o of Bacluo nv, a f, 24x124# ft, dated May 1; consideration, SBOO. routu ov orrx limits. - Dlanohn av, 130 ft w of Srnmmon av, s f, 995x115 ft, [with 129x190 ft In samo block, dated May 3; considera tion, $1,700. t Lots *7 nnd 48, In Block lofn 74 rocla of no % See 4,1)8,14, dated March 23; consideration, 1 $3,000. Lots 19 to 29, In Block 4 of I‘haro ft Sacketl’s Bubdl ;vislon-lu no # See 1, 88,18, dated Nov 20,1879; con sideration, SI,BOO, Lot 20, In Block 2ofn 74 rods of no % See 4, 88,14, .dated May 15; consideration, SI,COO. ... Lot 83, in Block 4 lu Fawcett's Subdlvlßlon In s w % of See 4, 38,14, dated March 29; consideration, $1,600. COMMERCIAL. Fhidat Evening, Mny 10. Tho following wore tho receipts aud shipments of tbo loading articles of produce in Chicago during tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date ono year ago: 1879. 1873, 8,805 48,0G0 85,285 81,610 1,077 2,260 80,025 Flour, brls Wheat, bu Corn, bn. Oats, bu... Bye, bn Burloy, bu,....,,.. Oman seed. 11i8..., Flaxseed, lbs Broom corn, lbs.., Cured moats, lbs.., Beef, brls.. Fork, brls Lard, lbs Tallow, lbs [Butter, 1b5.,.,..., i Dressed bogs, No, Llvo bogs, N0..., Cattle, No Bhcop, No Hides, 1b5.... Hlgbwlnos, brls... Wool, lbs Potatoes, bu.. Lumber, m ft..... Shingles, m.. Lath, m Balt, 7,080 20,879 •151,065 80,020 2,909 0,700 94,600 21,400 358,680 280 24,010 10,810 83,410 160 40,010 80.085 08,605 16,230 4,0131 601 04,070 185 09,760 0,005 6,954 1,940 152 280 908. 87,095) 8371 84,880) 4,858 0,092 1,9001 353 3lo| Withdrawn from store, yesterday for city consumption: .1,824 bu corn; 4,205 bn oats; 230 bu rye; 2,804 bu barley. ’ Tho following grain has hobo inspected into store this morning up to 10 o’clock: 80 cam wheat; 21D cars com; 14,400.bu No. 2.d0, by canal; 80 card oats; 1 car fyo. Total, (024 cars) 145,000 bu. During tho year 1872 not loss than 41- vessels loft tho port of Now Orleans for porta 'in the United Kingdom, with an aggregate of 069,232 bu of com, nearly all of which had boon supplied from tho lino of tho Illinois Central Railroad, and two-thirds of it from tho main lino of that road. Corn-freights from New Orleans to Liv erpool wore formerly 200 per bu, but recently they can bo obtained for 12><jC, which Is quite an attraction. Tho only, objectionable thing in tho arrangement is, that St. Louis docs not figure in it, after all her advocacy of tho “ great natural highway.” Thoro was rather less doing on ’Change to day, at about tho same general average of prices as on Thursday; an advance in wheat be ing compensated by a doollno in pork and com. Tho shipping movement was considerably loss active, though Eastern markets wore strong. Tho moro settled weather was no special cause of weakness, except in com. Wo note more activity in outside, business* both in commerce oud in building. Tho dry goods trade was only fair in any de- Sartmout. Tho unseasonable weather causes a iminlshod demand for seasonable fabrics, and tho inquiry Is still mainly centered in staple articles. Groceries were moving with a mod-, erato degree of activity at the prices current yesterday, where coffees, sugars, rice, soaps, and spices were firmly hold. Teas continue weak and unsettled. There was a light 'demand for butler, and trading was slow at the late decline. No change took place in tho choose, canned goods, or dried fruit markets. Fish wore in liberal {[request at full former prices. Goal woe weak ana unset tled. Tho arrivals by lake continue large, and a doclino is looked for at a not very distant day. Lackawanna and Erie now sell at SIO.OO. Tho hay market was quiet and weak. Ilidoa wore steadier. No change was noted in leather, pig iron, paints, colors, and oils. The demand for lumber continues to improve, and a steadier feeling prevails for most descrip tions, while the higher grades aro very firm. At the docks, tho offerings were rather light, and all cargoes wore sold before noon, the advance obtained yesterday being fully sustained. The nail market is unsettled. A moderate inquiry exists, but there is a general cutting of prices among dealers. Quotations'range from ss.2s(®s.3?Js,'with off. Metals and’tin ners* stock aro quiet and steady.. Iron is in tolerably fair request at former rates. Naval stores aro active and firm.. ; Tho wool market is quiet;, tho stocks are light, and only a moderate west ern demand exists. Now wool is coming in sparingly. All tho grades of broom corn except tho very lowest are fairly active at tho’ruling rates.. Seeds wore quiet and unchanged. The demand for oranges, lemons, and choice apples ■continues active, and prices are ruling quite strong,•whllo pineapples, being in largo supply, aro lower. Choice varieties of potatoes wore m Seed request and firm, but common lots wore nil. Thoro was a fair inquiry for poultry on lo cal account, and, owing to light offerings, prices ruled strong for all choice stock. Eggs wore in largo supply and easier. Highwinos woro active and steady, being In good demand at tho quotation of the post few days. Sales wore reported of 450 brls at SOjtfo per gallon, which included all the offerings. Tho market closed strong, in sympathy with the .tone of the latest Now York advices. Lake freights wore q\iiot, but reported a shade • firmer, shippers being quite willing to pay yes terday’s rates, but would not pay moro, while carriers generally asked advance. A total of five charters was reported (not including two to go to Milwaukee for loads}, which will carry only 54,000 bu wheat, 44,000 nu corn, and 15,000 bu oats. Bail rates wore on corn, and 6o on wheat, bid, to Buffalo, and 120 for corn and for wheat to Kingston or Oswego. Through freights to Now York by lake and rail wore quoted at 270 for wheat, 25c for com, and 160 for oats. Com to Portland, 27c. A comparison of tho grain charters reported, with tho marine list of clearances, shows that several vessels have boon contracted for which woro not reported till they took out their clearance papers. Tho rea son for this is, probably, the fact that tho agents of those vessels aro also insurance agents, and wished to avoid tho competition of other agents in effecting insurance upon tho cargoes. Provisions woro dull and weak, in sympathy with tho market for live hogs, in which prices wore again lower, owing to big receipts. There was a fair amount of trading in mess pork, but it was ohiefiy in tbo way of turning over from June into July, at an established decline of somo 400 per brl, though there was a bettor disposition to take hold near tho close, at the lower figures. Lard was nominally strong at the opening, owing t? tho advance in gold, which aftbots it as an ar ticle of export; but owners could not holdup against the weakness In pork, and conceded Co f>or 100 Ihs. Moats wore dull and Ko per lb owor. The market closed at tho following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May, $10.05 (">10.10; do seller Juno, $10.10@10.15i do seller July. $10,550)10.60; do seller August, $17,000) 17.20; lard, cash or seller May, $8,950)9.00 : do seller Juno, $9.00; do seller July. $9.250)9.80; summer lard, $8.50; do without package, SB.OO. Sweet ploklcd hams quoted at Dry 2H!i2iS?5 l *!. <lU ? lßbl . 0 at lorshouldors; for for short ribs; and for short clear. Boxed shoulders. 6%@oW Eug. lish meats, for short ribs; B>tf@9o for short clear. Bacon is quoted at 7#o for ahoul doW«J!?#/?r/le.ar rI S for short clear, and 13@14>$o for hams, alt packed. Moos hoof $0.000)9.25; extra moss do, $10,000)10.25 1 beef hams, $28@20.50. Oily tallow, 7%@60; grease quotable at Bales wore reported of 500 brlfl mess pork at SIO.OOI 600 brls do seller June (lost evening) at $10.40; 500 brls do at $16.20; 2,250 brls do at $10.10; 1,000 brls do seller July at $16,60; J#ooo bris do at $10.55; 600 'brio do at $10.50; •250 * tea lard Boiler Juno (last' evening) nt $0,10; 250 les do at $9.00} 200 tea do editor JdlV'ht $0.35; 100,000'Iba abort ribs sollor. Juno, {mat evening) at 8%o;' 100,000 lbs do July (laet evening) at Oo s 0D tea owoot plcklod lifttile (20 IbbV at 100 | 100 noxca spring: cured cut liatnn at llo; '* ■ ■ Flour was moro active, and olrong at yester day's quotallons, in sympathy with a firmer tone In Now .York, and an advance in wheat hero. Thoro was agood dcmand.both frorashlppora and local dealers, and several lots-wore bought to arrivo, nemo of the stocks being so low that or ders could not bo filled ou tho • spot; Thoro was a hotter inquiry for good brands of spring extras than Heretofore, though low gtndCs wore also, wanted on Canadian account. Dran was steady. Bales wore reported of 100 brls. white winter ex tras ou private terms; 20 brls rod winters at $7.50 { 200 brls spring extras (Lockport Hy draulic) at $7.50 : 500 brls do (part Athlete) at $7.00: 100 brls do at $0.75: 000brls do at $0.60;. 200 brls do nt $0.50 ; 2,000 brjs do on privato terms) 200 brls Birring suporfinoa at $4.25 ;. 800 brls do nt $4.00: 00 brls do at $3.50; 100 brls ryo flour on private terms, Total, 4,050 brls. Also. 20 lons bran at $10.50 on track; 00 tons do at $11.25 delivered; 10 tons middling at $12.00 at mill; and COO brls corn moaVat $2.40. The following wero tho quotations at tho close t Fair to choice white winter extras $ 8.60 Bed winter extras. 7.00 Good to choice spring extras 0.10 Low to medium 4.75 Minnesotan (patent)...... Good to fancy Minnesota. Spring suporflnea... Bye flour Bran Wheat was moderately aoilvo and irregular, averaging lo higher than yesterday. Liverpool was quoted Id por 100 lbs higher, and Now York was a shade firmer, while tho shipments aro so much In excess of the receipts that tho next weekly statement will show a largo reduction of stocks In store. Thoro was loss demand for shipment than tho average of tho past week, but a fair amount was taken for that purpose, and thoro wore several buying orders for next month from oulnldo. There did not appear to bo much long buying on local account, but tho short In terest took hold rather freely, and tho continued existence of tho discrimination in pilco of cash wheat o.vor seller Juno proves that tho May shorts aro not all covered yet, while it also indi cates thac receipts aro expected to increase next month, with moro settled weather.; and cash wheat will probably bo relatively higher than* options for somo time to como. Seller Juno opened at advanced to declined to sl.3oKi»nd closed flrraorat $1.30%. Seller the month was quiet at closing at. $1.01%, Regular No. 2 spring sold as high as $1.82%, closing at $1.81%@1.32; thoro was a discrimination of about %o per bu in favor of fresh receipts over regular. No 1 spring was ; active at si.Sß(a)l.So. No 3 spring was in fair demand at $1.22@1.22%. Rejected spring was inactive. Seller tho year was quoted at $1.15 bid, and $1.1G% asked. Cash sales wore re-, ported of 2.ooUun No. 1 spring at $1.38; 80,000 undo at $1.88@1.89; 5,200 bu No. 2 spring (part hard) at $1.82%; 21,000 bu at $1.82; 10.000 bu do at $1.81%; 46,000 bu do' at $1;31%; 15.000 bu do nt $1.81%: 8,000 bu No. 3 spring at $1.22%; 5,000 bu do at $1.22. Total, 188,400 bu. BUIPMCNTB, 6,483. 14,372 310,760 01,053 400 9,420 74,084 0,857 300,258 849,908 79,803 400 5,708 08,880 26,200 28,650 421,870 622 692 82,020 318,140 142 69,880 0,270 16,134 11,176 8,873 .29,400 60,120 201 43,470 2,045 1,475 9,980 220 116,090 4,172 2,008 2,082 GO Com was active and steady, but lo lower,- though reported otrongor in Now York, while the reported shipments from this city wore tho largest of tho season, and tho reported receipts, Were only fair. Tho more settled weather was tho principal cause of tho doclino, as it brought out numerous orders to sell on country account, and caused some local holders to offer com free ly, in anticipation of lower prices following big receipts. There is no doubt that, if the weather, should sot in fine, a great deal of com would come in that has boon looked up tightly m fear of a poor yield tho next harvest. It is reported,, however, that a good deal of tho com will bo of • low grade, as much loss care has boon taken of it than usual, owing to low prices,' and some, is yet standing in tho fields, ungathorod, from tho last crop. Thoro was a moro active shipping demand than for two or three days past, all the offerings being freely taken at. tho decline. Seller Juno opened at ad vanced to and declined to at tho close. Seller July sold at •12%@43jJ£0, and seller August at 44(ffi44)£o, tho latter closing at Boiler tho month, or regular No. 2. sold at 30£g(g> 40c, and strictly fresh receipts at 40@10#c, both closing at tho inside. Cash sales wore reported’ of 3,600 bu No. 2 at 40#o ; 27,200 bu do at 400 ; 55.000 bu do at 39T£o ; 20,600 bu do at 895f0 ; 15.000 bu do 8,600 bu rejected at 3S#o ; 400 bu do at 380. Total, 145,800 bu. Oats wore more active In options and loss so in cash lota, which wore but little wanted. Prices wore irregular over a small rouge, aver aging a trifle lower than . yesterday. Seller Juno opened at 83Xo. advanced to 33% c, and closed at 83% c, Roller ’ July sola early ut declined to and closed at 35% c. Regular No. 2 closed at Cash sales were reported of CQO bu at 33&0 ; 14,800 bu at 330 ; 1.200 bu at 32% c ; 10,300 bu at 82%0 ; 1,800 bu rejected at Uo%o ; 600 bu by sample at 31c. Total, 35,200 bu. Rye was catbor moro active 'at an unchanged price. Sales wore reported of 2,400 bu No. 2at • The receipts and demand aro both light, and have been so for several weeks past. Barley was almost lifeless, nothing being wanted except a few sample lots. Tho market for graded barley was nominally unchanged. No. 2in tho Rock Island was quoted all tho way. from 710>760, and in other houses at 8O0)83o ; No. 3 quoted at 650)68o, and rojoctod at 45@500. Cash sales woro limited to 400 bu rojoctod at 490; 400 bu by sample at SI.OO, and 200 bu do at BQ@ 95c. Total, 1,000 bu. DDTTEU AND CHEESE, Tho Now York Daily Bulletin says : “It will, doubtless, surprise evou the members of this trado themselves, when wo state that the value of tho receipts or butler for tbo lost year, at Now York alone, amounts to $20,000,000, and choose to over $12,000,000, while wheat was only $26,- 900,000 ; corn, $24,000,000 ; cut moats, about $12,000,000, aud lard, $8,000,000 : showing that tho provision and groin trades, which have boon given such prominence above tbo butter and cheese trade as to almost wholly ignore tho lat ter, aro scarcely of greater importance than but ter and cheese." COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION. Monthly Report No. 6 of thoßnroau of Statistics is in press. It contains tho statistics of. our for eign trade for tho month ended Doc. 31, 1872, and for tho calendar year ended tho same, com pared with tho corresponding periods of 1871, The Chief of the Bureau fiuuisuoa tho following synopsis: DomrMictX- I'triod), import!. port! (*;>«. Foreign ec c(« cnuiM) ports. Month ended Doo.Bl, 1873...... $40,122,866 $63,654,687 $1,753,703 Mouth ended Doo.SI, I*7l 89,370,840 47.863,669 1.636,618 Twelve months cmd od Doo. 81, 1872.... 677,144,679 614,438,789 35,086,083 Twelve months end ed Deo. 81, 1871.... 689,916.614 510,994,601 56,797.967 Tho total valuo of foreign commodities re maining in warehouse Deo. 31, 1872, was $68.- 109.026, against $68,003,932, Doo. 81,1871. From tho ahovo It will bo observed that daring tho year oudod Doc. 81, 1872, the" imports ex ceeded tho domestic and foreign exports com bined, to tho amount of $94,271,775, whilo for tho corresponding period of 1871 the excess of imports over exports was $52,076,962. The portions of our foreign trado, consisting of merchandise and of specie and bullion, re spectively, during tho coloudar years 1872 and 1871, woro as follows; Dom«Nc«x- Merchandise 1872 $665,963,676 $463,143,663 $16,694,893 Specie uud bull ion . 1873 31,163,004 93,295,236 8,391,688 Merchandise 1671 673, 111, 199 446,66-1,260 14,7*3,859 Hneolo aud bull- i * ’loo.. 1671 1g.8M.418j 66,431,313 13.000,188 Tho amounts of tho fore* and other land vehicles, am foreign vessels, respectively, years 1872 and 1871, wore as Land vehicles.... American vessels. Foreign vessels... Land vehicles,.... American vessels. Foreign vessels... During tho year total foreign tradi foreign vohholh, au< Tho number and in tho foreign tradi during tho tVolyo i as compared with t 1871, were as folloi ENTKBED. CLEANED, A’o, 3Wk, J\’o, Tom, (1873.. American v«iola.,, < <1871.. 11,068 8,700,C01 10,661 3,770.279 (1873.. 19,190 7,610,801 19,2)8 7,403,725 Foreign veiioli 4 Thla report contains aUUuttcu of Immigration for tho quarter ended Doo. 81. 1872. Tho total number of Immigrants waa 88,227, of -whom 60,- 720 void m»loH and 88,403 females. Of thoue. 21,107 were under 16 years of ago; 63**20,10 and THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE; SATURDAY, MAY J7, 1873. ' : L- - i-t • : V ■ * • I -' ■» -1A ■ - _J @ll,OO & e.GO & 7.00 @ 6.75 @ll.OO ($ 8.00 & 6.00 & 4.40 @ll.OO jgoing carried in oars m in Amoricau and ■, during tbo calendar follows: Domestic ex ports (mix- foreign ex «t values), port*. Imports, 1879. $ 6,420,962 108,679,266 422,093.783 itn. $ 8,663,480’ 7,037,618 14,406,090 ibi. ■ $ ly, 081,141 183,618, tm 476 512,367 1871. 2,430,628 8,609,033 16,819.295 6,723,890 173,061,66(1 883,010,626 1f1.W9.7M IW, 1117,690 401,817.670 rly 72 per cent of kho. in vessels wan in por cent in 1871. ’ of voesoltj engaged' entered and cleared' ided Deo. 31, 1872, iponding period of 1872, Dear) lo carried id over C 8 x I tonnage c lo widen oi moutliß oui tllO COITOB] »WB J under 40 j 14,040,40 yflaw uraga and nvor. - 'The' principal countries from which they came wore s England, 14,229 'i Irolabd. oMt\ Bcollond.2,848 1 : Warns, 103 1 aorraatiy, 07,033 J Außtrl», 1,203 j Sweden, v 7,080 \ Norway*. 000 j DonmArk, 400 i Netherlands: 235 ; Belgium,. 324 j Switzerland, 004 } Franco, 4,090 s Spain, 203 : Italy, 8,125 s‘ Hungary; 787; China, 1,248 jo Canada, - 0,140 i Nova Scotia, 088. They represent -220 different oocupfttiono, cloßHiflod na i Professional, 058 r skilled, 0,303 ( miscellaneous* 27,870 1 not stated,■ 2,463 ; without occupation (mainly * women ana children), 48,007. ■ ! • 1 ■ liATßfli*. Whont wriß'Dotlvo in tbo afternoon, and ad vanced ftfo ; ‘No. 3 Bold at $1.02#(®1.82% aollor tho month, and $1.80K(3>1.01% sollor Juno/tho latter closing at 61.81%. Oofawaaln moderate demand at 40“£(a)41o sollor Jono, closing at' i0)io, and 430 sollor Ju1y44%0 sollor August.’ lu provisions Bales of moss pork include COO brie at $10.70 seller July? 260 too lard at so.oo‘ sollor Juno; 260 tea do at $0.20 sollor July; 760 too do. at $0.25 sollor July. Other grain and provisions wore quiet and unchanged. CHICAGO DAILY- MARKET. Faioat Eveitiho, May 10. , ALCOHOL—'Wu fairly active at (1.70(<|1.84 for 04 per cent proof. - BROOM CORN--All grades excepting the Tory low* , ect are moving with conaldcrahlo freedom, ami, the' receipts being light, stocks aro becoming smaller. Choice Mo. 1 hurl la out of (bo market, ana It is bo* Roved that there Is very little, if buy. In tho country to come In.' Prices aro oi follows: No. 1 stock braid. C08>fo; N0.3d0,8>f040; No. 3 do, o@3><o; inside green, 8#04o; do red Up, 3040; do pale and rod, 30 AND PEAB—The demand for beans la chiefly: of a local character, tho supply except of oholco names Is fair. Peas aro m light request. Wo quote: Choice hand-picked navies, (2.5003,60: do mediums. (3.400 2.45; inferior grades, (1.2503.00: green poos (in brls), (1.4001.60: yellow do (In bags), (1.25. BUILDING MATERIALS—Trade In nU materials la rather alack, though some dealers report a tolerably fair inquiry. Common brick la eosynt (8.00; Uis said that now brick will bo In tho market In about (on days, and dealers aro offering to make contracts at . $7,600 7.75. Other matorial/1 are unchanged. Wo quote : .Stuo*. co, (2.6003.75 { Now York stucco, casting, (3.7604.00 suporilno do. $3.6004.00 ; Portland content, (0.600 7.60 pot brl; Roaendalo cement, (3.2503.50; Utl*. ca, Louisville, and Akron content, $3.00 per brl: marble duat, (3.2508.00 { lime in bulk, 85c@(1.00; lime (bxin), (1.25 per brl; white Bond,per brl. (1.75 @2.00; plastering hair, per bu, 40@S0o ; fire brick, per 1,000, (40.00@00.00! building brick 1 (common), (8.00; sower brick, (13.00018.00: country brick, • (13.00, delivered;. Bt. Louts hydraulic preosod, (46.00, del.; Milwaukee pressed, (32,60, -del.; do common, (14.00; Racluo pressed,' (30.00, del.; do common, (14.00; SlUsdMo, (35.00, del.; Indiana pressed, (22.00 024.00; do common,. (12.00 ; .Excelsior l pressed, , No. 1 and 2, (20.00080,00 del.; flro clay, per brl, (3.00, or (10.00 per ton. The following la the list or prices per box of 60 feet for domestic window glees, from which a reduction of .45 and ( per cent ismadolo dealers: First Double Quality. . stremth. 0.76 0.00 .. 0.10 ' 33.00 ~0.26 10.00 ~ 11.00 10.00 13.00 7xlo to Bxlo, Bxl4 to 10x15. 12x18 to 30x20; 18x23 to 18x30. 20x28 to 24x30, 30x00 to 40x00. BUTTER—Very little change was noticeable In this market. There was only a-moderate Inquiry, either from local or outside buyers, aUd sales dragged heavily - at the quoted prices, we repeat our list as follows j Strictly choice dairy, packed, 25028 c; i medium to good, 20®330; Inferior to common, 9018 c, ■ BAGGING—Was quiet and without quotable change in values. Grain bags continue easy, in sympathy with the raw material, but other goods Jn the, list are steady. Tallowing are the ruling prices : Stark, 37c ; , Ludlow, • 35c; Lewiston, American, 93X0: Amoedeag, 83>£o; Otter Crook, 04c; burlap bags. 4 and 6 bu, 20@220; gaunlos, single, 17018 c; do double, 28 @290; wool socks, C2Mo. J , ‘ ■ CHEESE—Lowgraaos are plenty, and sell at reduced rates, thoro being only a limited demand-for such. - Flno goods aro still scarce, ,We quote: Now York fac tory, now, 14015 c; Ohio factory, new, 11013X0; West* cm factory, now, ll®l3Xo. ' COAL—Trices range the same 'as -on the preceding days of the week.: Only a small demand exists. Wq' quote: Loulgh, lump, $12.00; prepared,sl2.oo ;> Lack-, awanna. $10.00: Erie, $10.00; Briar Hill, $10.00; Wal nut Hill, $10.00; Blosaburg, $10.00; Cherry Mine,. $9.00;' Hocking Valley, $9.00; Indiana ennuol coal, .$10.00: Indiana block, $9.00: Kirkland grate,.so,oo; • Mlucnic, $3.00; Wilmington, $6.00. COOTERAQE—FIour and whisky barrels ore In light. but steady • demand at the quoted prices, Packcra' goods are quiet. Coopers'stock is coming in rather more freely, 'Wo repeat: Pork barrels, $1.2501.35;' lard ttorcca. $1.6001,70; whisky barrels, $1,0002.10; flour barrels, 60065 c; pork staves, rough, $17,000, 20.00; do bucked or sawed, $20,00023.00; tierce btaros, rough, $20.00023.00; do bucked or sawed, $25,000 28.00; whisky staves, rough, S2i.oo@Qß.oo; do bucked, $00.00033.00; flour staves, $0,00011.00; drelo flour heading, 7@Bo per sot; flour hoop poles, $14.00015.00 pur m; pork and ttorco poles, $30.00033.00 per ni. • EGOS—Owing to liberal receipts sud.a light local demand, prices were X° lower.. 'Bales include 270 eases and 600 doz at 13c; IjBCO doz at FEATHERS—There was no change. The receipts of goenu feathers are a trifle larger, but. the quoted prices are as yet sustained. Superior grades are unchanged. Wo quote: Prime to choice’ lire geese at 73®70Ci’ from' first bauds: Jobbing prices, 78®850 for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 40005 c; chicken, G@Bo, -FlSH—Business continues good, snd (ho market was again quoted steady and firm. Wo' repeat .our list as follows: No. 1 whlteflsh, X brl,. $7.00; No. 2 do, $0.75; No. 1 shore mackerel/ iK hrl, $11.00011.25; No, 1 bay, $9,0009.25; No. 2 mackerel, X b*L $7.7608.00; No. 1 shorn kits, $1.6501.90; bank codfish, per 100 lbs. $0.0000,25;.■ George's codfish, $6.7507.00; . Labrador herring, split,' brls, $9.0009,50; do X brl. $4.7505.00; Labrador herring, round,.brl, $8.0008.60; do X hr], $4,260 4.50; box herring No. 1, 28030 a; borherring, scaled 1 86037 c; Columbia lUvor salmon, X brls, $10.00010.26. FRUITS AND NUTS—A fair number of mail orders. were received,'and local retailers were also buying with some freedom, but tho general market is still lacking in activity, and prices are not being hold with a re markable degree of firmness. Following aro dm quota tions: Fobeion—Dates, 809o; , figs, drums, 110 14o; figs, box! 14X®10Xo; Turkey prunes, 9X@10o; raisins, $2.6002.70; Zanto currants, 7*foßwo. Do mestic—Alden apples, 18020 c; Michigan do, C®7o; Western do, 600 c; Southern do, 408o; peaches, ■ pared. I7@19o; peaches, halves, 6@6Xo* do, mixed, ■ 4X@6X°; blackberries, - BX@9Xo: raspberries, 400 41c; pitted obcrrics t 220240, Nuts—Filberts, 14015 c; almonds, Tcrragono, 2i@230; Naples walnuts, 24025 c; Brazils, 10X01 iXo; pecans, 11012Vc; African pea nuts, 5^070; Wilmington peanuts, 7Q8o; Tennessee peanuts, 4Xoto« GROCERIES—A liberal movement was witnessed In staple articles, but side goods were quiet. No changes were noted in prices, coffees, sugars, rice, soaps, and 1 .spices remaining Ann, while candles, soaps, molasses, etc., wore rather easy. Below are the quotations: Bi Conn. Bona— 1 7k@8*fc. Ooffxw—Mocbn. 82X033X0; O. G. Java, 27X0 38.^0; Java, No. 3, 20X026X0; ■ fancy Rio, 24X0 34Xc{ choice do, 24®34X0; prime Rio. 23X0?4c; good do, 23X023X0, common do, 32®32X0; roast ing do, 20X<S'R«o; Singapore, 23V@24xc; Costa' Rica, fancy, 24X036Xc; do, prime, 24X024X0; Mar acaibo, 23X0240. Candles—otar, Full weight, 20@20Xo‘; sleorino, full weight, 1601GXO*, do short weight, 14014X0. Rxoz—Patna,BX@BXo; Rangoon,-7X080; Caro lina, 8X@0o; Louisiana, 808 XC. Bugam—Patent cut loaf, 13X018X 0 ; crushed, powdered, and granulated, 12®12Xc; A, standard,. UXOUXo; do No. 2.11011X0; B. 11011X0 ; ex tra O,10X®Uo; 0N0.,3. WXOIOXoj yellow C,IOX @lOxo; choice brown, lOX@iOXo; prime do, 9XO lUo; fair do, 9X09X0: choice molasses sugar, 10 01OXo; fait do, UXOOXCI New Orleans sugar, choice, 10010X0: do prime, 9X09X0; do fair, 00 9X C *. common, SOBXO. Bthups— Diamond drips, $1,3301,85; silver drips extra fine, 720760; good sugar-bouse syrup, 45018 c: extra do, 60005 c; Mow Orleans molasses, choice, 83 @83o; do prime. 75®80o; do common, C507Oo; Porto Rico molasses, ouoJco, S60OSo; common molasses, 33 0400. . : Salwutds—Common to best, 0010 c, Spicks— Allspice, 17@l8o; ■ cloves. 37035 a ; essoin, 88040 c; pepper, S3)£o24Vq; nutmegs, $1.2501.30: ginger, pure, 2803Oo; do No. i, 20025 c; do No. 2,10 010 c. . .. . Boars—French motllod,Ov@C*/o; German mottled. 7KQ7K° ; Onldou W«at, 4qcko ♦ WUIU Idly, ova 0j£o; While Bose, j , brown Windsor, 4WO 4>tfo ; palm, C@fl)tfo; Savon Imperial, . Stahou—Gloss, 9><®looj corn, 0011 c; laundry, 00 7o; common, 6jtf@Co, GREEN FRUITS— Pineapples are 60c per doz lower, owing to larger offerings. Messina lemons are now 2 noted at SB.OO, and both oranges and lemons are very rm. Choice apples are scarce and Arm .at S4IOOO 0.00 per brl. Cranberries are unchanged ; the supply is being rapidly reduced.. Wo quote; - Apples, common to fair, $1.0009.00; good to choice,' $4,0000.00 per brl from store; cranberries {cultivated) at $8.00012.00 per brl; Palermo lemons at $7,0007.60 per box: Mes slna do at SB.OO {Palermo oranges, $0.0007.00; Messina do, $7.0008.00. Pineapples. $9.6004.00 per doz. Banan as, $9.0007.00 per bunch. Strawberries were In the market, and sold at 050890 per quart; gooseberries ot aoc. . HOPS—Tho market wa a without sssentlal change. Wa continue to quote s Prime to *oholco at 40015 c; fair to good, 23@350, HAY—X’rloea wero without decided decline, though reported easier all arouud. Tho receipts oxceod the demand, nud the toucloncy.le to lower rates, both for' loose cud prepared descriptions. Wo quote wholesale prices paid by dealers, as follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs: On Tuaok—Timothy, beater pressed, $18,60@10,50 ; timothy, loose pressed, $14.60 @16.50: prairio pressed, $12,W@13.00. on Wagon —Timothy, loose, $10,00(317.00 ; prairie, loose, $14.00 @IO.OO. Tor delivery of pressed, |1,00@1.60, accord ing to distance. HIDES—Met with a little more Inquiry, and wore steady at tho quotations following: Groan city butch ers’, 7o; green cured light, J do heavy, OVWtfo? part cured, DQTtf c; groeu calf, IDQISWo; veal kip, 12>g'@iao; dry calf, ado j dry kip, aio: dry salted, 16@170l dry hint, ll)@ 20o: long-haired kip, luxe; doocou skins, 40@650; grubby, scored, out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds price. IRON AND BTEEL—A fair amount of business woa transacted, the rates given below being generally ad hered to. especially for imported goods. Wo quote: ir0n.,.., * *-lOQ * 8-lt)rales -- - ■ ' •0 0 Bill) *•»- liorse-Bhoo Iron. 0 . 0 &*lUratea Plato Iron, comiuontaub. ........ 0# Ci 7 rates Itussla ir0n....... 30&31o rates llusak iron, No. 1 sUluotl 180 p lb Norway Iron 0 0 o>jo ylb Norway nail rods.... W (£lo° lb Gorman plowsleel..... U (£l3o English cast plow 5t001.......* .13 %) lb American tool stool. .17# 0180 plb Chrome tool 5tte1................18 (£3O V lb English tool slid 31tf @23 . ratea English soring steel .....U rates EilATliiiil—iVo continue to auot©: nuiMOK, City harness Country harness. Lino, city, W 11j Rip, w n> KSp, veals City upper, No, 1, V ft,.. City upper, No. 3, ft... Country upper, No. 1,,.. Collar, ft Calf, city.... Calf, country.. .. Rough upper, aiaudtvrd,, Rough upper damaged.. Buffalo daughter 501e.,, “B. A," sole M»9 ).« KU' 78(5*1,10 Harness. 40m\ 45 French clf.lodot. CS.OOMOO.OO French catf, Lcmolno.; C0.00@80.00 French calf, 34 to SO 1b5..., 1.08(5 260 French hip, 80 to 100 lbs l.lQfa l*ns METALS AND TINNERS' STOOK-Thero waa Only a moderate amount of trading In thin department, the annexed prices being generally sustained: Tin Plate— lo, 10x14, IIR.CO ; do, 12*12. fIO.BO 5 do, 14*20. ’ $10,00; do, roofing, 10, |U,6O: do. 20x28 130.00. * * , I’m Tin—Largo, 42c; email, 430; bar, 440. Burst Zino—Full casks; Ho; half casks, UVAILVc: loan qutmlUy, 11 Wo; nlab, Oe. ' ' Burst Iron—No. 24, owe ratco. Galvanized Iron—No. 10(320, IBo ; No. 22@24, Iflo : No. 25®2f1, 17c; No. 27,18o; No. 2«, 20c. A tUsconal or 15 per cent la made from tho lint. Ooppia—Copper bottoms, 45@480; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 43c. Wint—2 16 6. 8c; C, 8, and 0, IQo; 10 to 11, 110 s 12. ll#cj 19 and 14,12)fo; 15nmll0, 14o; 17,16o: 18 ICo; 10, lOo; 20, 20c; full bundle, 16 per cent dis count : fence wire, 7tfc; by cur load, 7j<c. NAILS—Tbe demand, though fair, la not urgent,and on this, account there Is considerable competition among dealers. Following la the range of prices : 3OOOOd, per keg, (5.2505.37X’ rales; 8d do, (5.600 8.02)tf ; fid do, (5.7605.87# 5 4d do, 3d do, (0.7500.67# ;3d do, fine, (8.2308.07#; 2d do, (8.80 08.02#; clinch, lota. NAVAL STORES—Trade continnca sallnfaclorlly active at tho prices following: Manilla rope, 16, 18©17 c;. sisal rope, lb, lC@17o; hemp snub cord, 7? lb, 2O023o; marline, tg ft, 2U@22c; tarred rope, ft ft, 10017 c; oakum, V bale, $5.0000.60; pitch, per bri, .(0.0007.00; Ur, brl, (5.6006.00. OlLS—Trade was good to-day, ami nearly every thing In tho list was Arm, Quotations remain un changed as IoIIowb: Carbon, 19#®200; extra lard oil, 78o; No. 1, 70o; No, 3, 05o; Ilnaccd, raw, $1.00; do boiled. (1.05; whale, 87o|' eperm, (2.0002.10; ncala foot oil, strictly pure, (I.iO; do extra, Ode; do No. 1,76 c; bankoll, 70o; straits, 76c; elephant, oil, 05o; turpentine, 69000; naphtha, 03 gravity, 2O021o; naphtha, common. 10018 c, PAINTS, COLORS, AND PUTTY—There was moro doing than for some time past, and tho quoted prices , wore generally adhered to: WHITE LEAD. Btriollypure,. Fancy brands, Genuine Vclllo Montague. American. Masory’s railroad colon. Palace oar colors in c0n5.....*, Itochcllo ochre English Yen..red....... English orange mineral Pittsburgh orange mineral English red loan American red lend,. English vcrmiUlou, per 1b..... Scarlet vcrmlUlon. Paris white....... /Whiting 31.00 46.00 purer. In bulk BXO3X° In bladders BXO4 o : PIG IRON—Tho annexed prices were being realized: Bcotchfaccordlng to brand), $62.00067.00 ;Tiißcarawas, $61.00: Massillon, $61.00; Lake Superior, $58.000 60.00; Chicago stone coal, $57,00; Missouri stone cool, $57.00 058.00. POULTRY—Was In good request and firm. Tho re ceipts continue light, Bates comprise 8 coops turkeys at 16c: 1 coop do at 17c : 2 coops flprlng chickens at $6.00, 11 coops chickens at $5.50; 20 coops do nt $5.25 ;28 coops do at $6.00; 1 coop do at $4.76 ; 1 coop ducks at $1.00.. POTATOES—The demand continues good far choice lots, and pcachhlows were a shade higher; mixed lots ofo slow. Now potatoes sold at $7.00 per brl. Sales in clude 3 brls now at $7.00; 2 cam choice pcachblows at 53c ; 1 car nt 51o; 2 cars at 50c, all on track; 1 car at ;430 ; 1 car mixed nt 330, on track. - SEEDS—Were in light request at about former . prices. Timothy Is ecurcc, and quotable at $3,600 4.20, the latter for very choice seed ; $4.00 la about the 'price for'prime; Hungarian was nominal at $1.35® 1.40; mlllot at $1,095*1.10, Sales were reported of 16 bags timothy at $3.60; 16 bags fair at $3.75 ;10 bags at $3.85 ;10 bags at $3.90; 8 bags clover ut $4.99 ;16 bags . millet at $1.05 ; 18 bags at SI.OO. SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS—Were In fair de mand on local and Interior account. A'discount of from 16030 per cent Is made from tho list rales. SALT—Tho demand la light, and > prices arc about (ho same. Wo quote: Onondaga and Saginaw, flno, $2.00; ordinary coarse. $2.00: coarse Diamond 0, $2.25; ground solar, $2.25; dairy, without’ bags, $3.60; dairy, with bags, $4.6004.75; Ashton dairy, per Back, $5.00; ground slum)* $2.8002.40; Turk's Island, $2.00. TEAS—Continue easy, fair orders being filled at'a concession from quotations : Young Hyson, common to fair, 46095 c; do good, 60@70o; do choice tonxtra ■fine, $1.0001.10; common to flue old Hyeou, 70095 c; coramou Imperial, 60065 c; good to choice do, boc@ $1.10; flno to good gunpowder, 70c@$l.l0; choice, $1,15 @1.20: extra, $1.3501.45; choice to oxtra leaf Japan, 90cQ$i,00; fair to good do, 70080 c; common do 420 460; colored natural leaf japan, 55005 c; common to flno Oolong, 35®450; good, Gs@Csc; choice to extra, 85c@$l,00. TOBACCO—Was quoted Arm and unchanged: Chewing— Flno Out—Extra. 76085 c; choice, 650 75c; common, 55®600; poor, 40®50c. Plug—Natural leaf, 75@80o; naif bright, 00070 c; black, sound, 45055 c. Smoking— Choice, 33035 c; medium, 80032 c; com mon stems, 27029 c. WOOD—Tho demand continues active, bnt tho re ceipts ore liberal and prices are less firm than at tho beginning of the week: Beech, $10.00; maple, $11.00; hickory, $12.00; stabs, SO.OO, delivered. I Fresh offerings were active at the annexed prices : Green peas, $2.60@3.00per bu; string beans, $3.0004.00 per bu ; cucumbers, (I.oo® 1,60 per doz; now onions, SB.OO per brl; do. per doz, 25©400; spinach, $2,0003.00 per brl; radishes, 25@50c; squash, 10012X0 per lb; asparagus, white, -7&c0|l.OO : do green, $1.2501.60; pie pb«t,l>;o3o per lb ; lettuce, 95060 c per doz; cabbage, $3.00 per doz. WOOL—The demand for old wool la light, and en tirely ou 'Westcra account. The receipts of now wool bovo boon very light bo fur. The quotations below are for old wool* It is believed that tbo now clip will rule 3060 lower. Manufacturers East havo suffered heav ily the past year by Are and very poor marltctD, aud their goods aro now very* dull and low. We quote : Tub, washed, extra medium..... 510550 Tub, washed, common to fair 450520 Common dingy 450470 Fleece, washed, X4XX, light 43®4f10 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy,. 400440 Fleece, washed, medium light 43(g450 FJeoco, washed, medium dingy...... 370420 Fleece,unwashed, X&XX,in good condition..., 300320 Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 300350 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy ;..270300 Super, pulled 38(3430 Extra, pulled • 880440 Burry wool s©loo less. <* WOODEN WARE AND BROOMS—The demand Us moderate. Thcro was no quotable change in prices, ,though they are being shaded to some extent. Wo repeal: ,Two-hoop pails, $2,30 per dor.; 3-hoop do, $2.00• 3-hoop dairy, $4.25; extra do, $4.75; extra chccso tubs. $10.00: No. I tubs, $11.50; No. 3 do, $10.00; No. 3 do, $9.00; tubs, 3 in nest, $2,05; koolors, 6 in nest, $1.75; half-bushel measures, plain, $3.75 nor doz; do iron bound, $4.50; peek measures, plain, $2.00; do, iron boand, $3.70 • churns, No. 1, $11.00; do, No. 2, $10.00; do, No. 0, $9.00; do, No, 4. $6.00 per do/.; headed 'clothespins, $1,1001,26 per box; washboards, $2,350 12.60 pur doz; - barrel covers, $3.0003.00 ; • knnuukiue, $3.0003,00 per rack; butter tubs, oak, oln nest, $1.05; do, ash, 3ln nest, $1.10; broom handles, $12.00010.00 per m; No. 1 brooms, $3.76; No. 3 do, $2.2503.60; do, common, $1.7603,00. BAILBOAD FREIGHTS—Wo Chicago to New York. ............ Boston phlladelphlo and Baltimore. Blltflburoli Albany Buffalo... Cleveland Washington.. .■ Wheeling, W.Vo Wilmington, Bel Alexandria. Norfolk, Va Wilmington, N. O Savannah, un CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. FmcAY Evening, May 10. Tberecclpta of live stock since Saturday have bom aa follows: Monday.... Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday.. Friday Total Shipment* were a* /allows Monday,... Tuesday,... Wednesday Thursday.. Total 11,783 81,010 870 OATTLK—Tho general featuron of tlilu market wore not essentially different from those prevalent on yes terday ami Wednesday, Hatchers' stuff, stackers, mul fut puny steers, aucU as urn usually sought nftor by WUsburch and Cleveland buyers, readily sold at former rate*, (bo demand for tbeao descriptions being f:ood, while (bo supply was light; Prices of good a extra steers of from 1.200 to 1,100 Its average woro weak and irregular. New York and Uoatou buyers, into whoso bands these grades principally go, had (heir orders well filled, and did nut euro to make further considerable purchases, save whore Inducements wo>o field out la tho shape of concessions; Tho highest price obtained was ffl.OO, and this In but two Jmtuicop, Ihougfi the offerings embraced several droves that were In every respect flrsUctase,’ Jesse Adame sold 10 ’ head, averaging 1,413 lbs, at (0.00, and another bunch, averaging 1,440 ilia, was disposed of at the same figure, with which exceptions nothing fetched over $5,80, and very few over $3.00. Butchers' cattle sold at $3,600 6,00 for inferior to good lots, and stock steers at $4,000 6.00, according to quality. The market closed quiet. 3!)0 ,41 .... 300 'OB ... -41& 43 ... 000 1.10 ... 850 1.30 .... 290 DO .... 36(3 37 ... 360 87 200 93 ... ].3o(s 1.40 ... 1.100 3.28 ... -1)0(3 38 ... 370 SO ... 330 37 ... 800 S3 QUOTATIONS.’ ; ExtrA—Graded steers averaging 1,40 - lbs and upwards ............. $5,8000.10 Choice llcovca—Fine, fat, well formed 3 year to n year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,180 lbs 5.5005.73 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,800 lbs 5.2505.40 Medium Grades—-Steers in fair fleah, aver aging 1.100 to 1,260 lbs 4.8005.15 'Butchers’ Block— Common to fair steers, and good to extra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs 4.0005.00 Block Cattle—Common cattle, In docent flesh, averaging 700 to 1,080 lbs JU506.00. ■ Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, Blags, bulls, and scatlawng (dear*. 3.0003.75 Gallic—'Texas, Northern wintered 4.0001.00 Caltlo—Corn-fed Texas 4.0005.15 CATTLE BALES, 2\o, Av. Price. 17 good deem ,1,20 a $3.35 32 choice Rlccta 1,053 6,75 00 good steers .1,208 5.50 80 good Btoern 1,4117 D.GO ' 10 extra steers 1,803 6.00 31 stock steers 1,080 4.75 IB extra ulcers 1,420 '6.80 04 good steers 1,110 6.30 43 good ulcers 1,171 6.40 17 cholcoßlccrs.... 1,803 6.G0 17ffttstccrs..., 1,187 6.40 ' 33 good steers, .1,301 6.15 17 good steers, 1,143 6.20 35 medium steers 1,247 6.12)4 18 fat pony steers 1,073 6.31)4 17 smooth steers 1,1C9 • 6.46 48goodBtccrB 1,210 ‘ 6.30 17 good steer 6.45 80 Texas steers 4.75 01 choice steers 1 276 6.66 40 good steers 1 ,302 6.35 61 good sloers 1,250 6.40 10 choice steers 1 822 6.65 21 smooth fleshy steers 1,181 6,00 11 oxen 1.681 8.12)4 88 good steers 1,277 6.16 70 choice steers 1,284 6.55 40 choice steers 1,217 C.60 30 good Bloom. J,5W3 6.45 14 roughjsh stocra 1,684 6.40 30 medium steers ; 1,200- , 6.13)4 SOgoodatcers ...,1,248 5.40 33 good stocra 1,024 6.12)4 15 choice ulcers 1,398 • 6.76 14 good steer* 1,377 6.65 . 16 good steers 313 535 28 good steers i,250 6.50 16 good steer 6.60 10 good steers 1,310 .6.37)4 141 extra steers 440 ’ 0.00 19 slock steers ...... .1,048 6.00 ’’ ISoxlrasteers..... ..1,283 6,75 23 stockors «06 4.05 10 extra steers... .1.413 C.OO ■IIOQS—The receipts wore much smaller than on yesterday or Wednesday, but the supply actually on sale was considerably larger thsn on' either of the pre ceding days of tho week, os,in addition to the fresh re ceipts, there were some 16,000 stalo hogs. At all events, tho supply greatly exceeded the wants of the trade, and holders found It necessary to make still further concessions, tho avemgo reduction being a strong 6c. With two or three exceptions nothing fetched over $6.00, while by fur the larger' portion chang ed hands at $4,8004.05, Tho extreme range was C14.76@5.16. At tho outside figure P. J. Unlllgan bought of Keenan A Co., for Bam uol Alierton, five car-loads, or 207 head. This was a somewhat remarkable transaction, particularly at this season of tho year, when tho “ sorting ” process is so rigidly carried out. Among tho five loads there were no dead ones, no stags, or piggy-sows, and not a sin gle hog was thrown out. It was tho finest drove offered hero for many weeks. Tho market closed dull ot $4.75 @4.80 for pour to common: at $4.8504.00 for medium, and at $4.9506.03 for good to choice. .(11.00011.60 . 9.00010.60 14.60 11.60012.00 .0.60@10.R0@12.G0 3.60® 3.16 jVo. Av. Price. 62 223 $1.95 111 254 4.87 X .C 6 206 4.75 66 234 4.85 54 219 4.60 45 238 4.76 56 209 4.95 68 210 4.85 44 189 4.85 20 206 4.95 33 222 4.03 207 234 5.15 114 195 5.00 68 210 6.00 64 200 4.90 61 230 4.05 67 230 4.95 40 251 4.95 60 220 4.80 CO 204 4.90 63 ■ 198 6.00 SHEET—Tho supply was again scant, and prices wore nominally higher, tho offerings proving altogether inadequate to tho demaud. Wo quote poor to common at $3.6004.00; medium at $4.2504.50, and good to choice at $4.7605.40. Lambs arc salable at $2.6004.50 for poor to best. Fhidat Evening, May 16. Tho lumber market opoucu ucuvu uu» tnuumig, uuu all tho cargoes offering were disposed of before noon. The arrivals through tho day were light, bnt tbo car goes sold readily utmost as soon as they touched tho docks. The advance In prices noted yesterday Is fully sustained, Joists and scantling selling at $10.25010.50; boards and strips at $11,60012,60; lath at $2.50; shin gles at $3.00. The following calcs were reported : Cargo schr Hubbard, from Lmtluglou, 90 m ft mixed nt $10.25 for 3-luch, and nt $11.25 for Inch: cargo schr Honest John, from M’mislee, 97,000 ft jolat and scantling nt $10,50; cargo schr Gamecock, from Muskegon,lCO mft common boards and fencing at $11.00; 63 m lath at $2.60 ; cargo schr Rosa Bello, from Manistee (Reitz Mill), 115 mft joist and scantling at $10.50; 20 m ft hoards and strips at $11.50; CO m shingles at $3.00; cargo scow Sea Bird, from Man istee, 140 m ft Joist and scantling at $10.50; cargo schr Georgs L. Heaver, from Manistee. 150 m ft Joist and scantling at (10.37 X; cargo schr Sinai, from Ludingtou, 110 m ft Joist and scantling at $10.25; cargo barge Mars, from Ludlugton, 110 m ft strips and boards at $12.50, 50 m ft Joist and scanning nt $10.25,125 m lath at $2.60; cargo cchr Nellie Church, from Frankfort, 120 mft mixed at $10.25 for 2-luch, and at $11.60 for Inch. Manistee. $3.00@3.25; Ludlngton, $3.00; Mnslco- Ron,. $2.50; Oconto, 53.75®4.00; Menominee, $3.00: I'outwator, $3.75(^3.00; WWto Lake, $3.75; Grand Haven, $3.50. Trade continues fairly active, the demand "being mostly for the common grades of lumber. Hardwood is In fair request and steady. Wo continue to quoto .First clear .152.00 @55.00 Second clear, 1 inch to 3 inch 47.00 @60.00 Third clear, 1 inch 38.00 @40.00 Third clear, thick 49.00 First and second clear Hearing,togeth er, rough 40,00 @42.00 First and second clear siding, to gether..... Common siding Common flooring, dressed, flrst.«... Common flooring, dressed, second... Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 inchci and upward A stock hoards J..j B stock hoards Gstock b0ard5......... Common boards Joist, scantling, small timber, etc., 10 feet aud under.. Fencing Joist and eoantliug, 18 to 24 feet, Pickets, square Pickets, flat Cedar posts, split...,, Cedar posts, round,., Lath Lath, ou track No. 1 sawed shingles A or Star. Bhiugloa on track. No. 1 sawed...... Umio to Three dollars per car to bo added whou trauufoi'ccd, which charge follows the shlugley. . Tlilchucae—Pivo ohiuglcs to he two inches in thick ness. Cq HI m 2 «♦ SIS' s» » r 1-3 : £j? fli sa M** gS PI IS I’ STS i a !To 111 Length—Sixteen inches. JIAIIDWOOD, ' Black-Walnut Counters, $100.000150.00; clear, 105,00076.00; common, $10.00000.00; cull, SOO,OOO 85.00; Jlooriug, $50.00000.00. , Ash—Clear, $00.00010.00; common, $20.00025,00: CUll, $12.00016.00 ; flooring, $30.00040.00. Oak—Clear, $30.00@40.00: common, $20.00025.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00, • Hickory— Clear, $35.00015,00: common, $25,000 35.00 ; cull, $12.00018.00. Maple—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $20.00030.00: cull, slo.oo® 16.00. Butternut—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00. Cherry—Clear, $50.00000.00; common, $25,000 85.00 : cull, $12.00018.00. Wlillowood—Clear, $30.00040.00: common, $20.00 @30.00; cull, $10.00015.00. Wagon Slock—Hickory axles, por sot, sl.oo®l,fio ; Wugou poles, each, 45@550 ; box boards, $35.00040.00. ARUIVED.,... May 10. Stnir Oswegatchlo, Ogdonsburgb, 015- pcs marble, 01 pkgs Utb, 33 boxes mcrchaudlsc, 130 tons clay stone, 3 ougluos and boilers, ami sundries. Prop Java, Hudalo, 1,060 pkgs groceries, 20 pkgs wool, 100 brls dried apples, ficbr G. L. Beaver. Manistee, 160 m lumber, Schr Jeuulc, Manistee. 000 m shingles, Bohv Hello brown, Jacksouport, 2,218 telegraph poles. 2,500 posts. Bchr W, If, Willard, X.ud!ngton, 100 ra lumber, Hargo Alars, I.udlngtou, 20u m lumber. Bchr Two Brothers, Menominee, 183 m lumber. Schr Hepubllc, Oswego, 707 tons coal. Hargo Active, Peabllgo, 830 rn lumber. Kobe Kbcuewr, AUnapue. 2,616 railroad ties, Bchv H. Drake, Bt, Joseph, 65 m lumber*. UfhrTri.Color, Holland, 81 m staves. Bchr A. L. Andrews, Erie, 000 tons coal. Bcbr Ethan Alien, Bunmlco, 223 m lumber. Bcow BoutU Haven. Houth Haven, 000 ralroad ties, 80 m lumber, 48 m timber. Barge O. F. Allen, Grand Haven, 106 m lumber. Hargo Apprentice Hoy, Grand Haven, 220 m lumber. Hargo (J. O, D., Gram! Haven, 300 m lumber. Bchr Honest John, Manistee, 00 m lumber. Bohr Wallmlla, Manistee, 110 m lumber. Hcbr McDonald, Manistee, 170 m luinht-r. Schr llosa Hello, Manistee, 120 m lumber. Mohr \v, Jones, Muskegon, 130 m lumber. Hi‘hr Kiiarsnge, Muskegon, 180 m lumbur.; Bchr Game Cook, Muskegon, 170 m lumber. Cattle, lions. Sheep, 6,157 ' 8,704 373 4,035 14,018 010 4,300 17,080 880 4,000 15,280 601 1,750 7,500 231 .20,202 01,093 Cattle, Ilona, sheen. 3,8118 0,700 170 . 0,003 T,IM 3,030 0,308 200 , 3,783 11,170 .Ye, Av, Price. 62 339 $5.05 *Yo. Av, Price. 08 203 $5.00 30' SCO 6.00 60 195 6,00 81 150 4.85 62 184 4,85 61 330 6.00 63 196 4.90 46 194 4.90 66 103 4.00 40 228 4.90 42 'l9l 4.85 66 184 4.85 65 202 4.95 65 103 4.60 65 196 4.86 53 227 4.90 46 196 4.00 45 197 4.90 61 227 4.85 61 200 4.90 62 174 5.00 57 279 4.90 55 240 4.90 62 222 4.90 58 180 4.95 61 500 5.00 52 242 4.80 60 243 4.80 65 174 4.00 50 202 4.90 60 224 4.00 51 300 4.05 115 211 4.95 128 210 4.95 62 160 5.00 69 184 5.00 64 241 5.00 26 312 4.C5 42 200 6.00 64 103 ' 5.00 40 230 6.10 LUMBER. FREIGHTS. AT THE TAUDS, .. 23.00 @24.00 .. 20.00 @22.00 .. 31.00 @30.90 ..‘28.00 @30.00 :s 37.00 046,00 37.00 @40.00 28.00 @30.&0 10.00 @20.00 13.00 @15.00 13.00 @14.00 13.00 @14.00 15.03 @20.00 14.00 @15.00 13.00 @15.00' •14.00 @IB.OO 17.00 @25,00 3.25 @ 3.50 2.78 0 3.00 1.50 @ 2.00 3.50 @ 8.75 3.12tf 0 3.25 1.25 @ 1.50 MARINE. PORT OF CHICAGO. , Scow Boa Bird. Maniatoe, 140 m 1 timber. ißclir While Cloud, Manlateo, 150 m lumber. Bark M. Grob l Manialco;i2o m lumber, ' Behr'Anlaraa, Ijudlnglon, 110 m lumber,' , Prop B, O. Baldwin, IJscnnaba, G2O lonn Iron ore, : Barge Golden Harvest, Grand Uuvcu, 200 m lumber.: flobr Arrow, Holland, 1,800 railroad (lea; ‘ ■ . Hchr G. Ellen, Olay Banka, BCO m‘ shingles. . f J ; i ' \t. Scow J. A. Johnson, Saugatuck, 00 m .lumber. 368 m , i shingles,; ..... . Bohr Marr Nan, Green Bay. 00 m lumber. ; * Rchr Guide, fit, Joseph, B0 m lumber. .. •’ . . •• • j Bcbr u. 8. Grant, Jncfesouport, 0,000 cedar posts, 870 telegraph polos, * 'Bcow Nellie Church, Frankfort, 100 m. lumbtir. • • '*■ Bcbr Col. U. O. Hog, I'orlngo Lake, 160 m lumber, SO , mpefl lath. ißchrß. 0. Crawford, Menominee, 803 m lumber, fiobr Menominee, Grcou Bay, 100 (oua pig Iron, 860 m r shingles. . Btirgo J. J. Bronson, Menominee, 260 m lumber, 9,000' posla. • ' -i . : Cargo Ellen Williams, Menominee. 280 rq lumber. . Barge Elmira, Menominee, 370 m lumber. Prop Favorite, Menominee, light, • ' Bark Donaldson, Menominee, 400 m lumber, SO m t lath. . CLEARED May 16. • Bchr Thomas P, Sheldon, Buffalo, 43,081 bu wheat. Bark Onondaga, Buffalo, 05.600 bu coni. Prop Vanderbilt, Buffalo, 05,180 bu wheat,- 020 brUr flour, 180 bags timothy need. •' Bohr Queen of Iho Lakes, Kingston, 14,070 bu wheat, Bchr Ihomos Mott, Marquette,- 6.600 bu oats, 3S ton* hay, MO b&gR feed. Bchr Mary Elizabeth, Detroit, 31,000 bu corn. Schr P. 8. March, Buffalo, 36,340 bu corn. Bark Favorite, Buffalo, 33,000 bu corn. Schr D, O. Foot, Kingston, 23,233 bu wheat, Prop East, Goderich, 12,417 bu wheat, 4,103 bu oat*. ; 1,088 bu corn. ’ Bark E. Corning, Ruffnlo, 70.000 bu oats; Bark Olono, Buffalo, 21,600 Im com. Bchr Jennie, Sheboygan, 7,417 bu corn. LAKE FREIGHTS. Rates by sail to Buffalo are quotable atav/asa for corn, aud C@0«o for wheat, with carriers Arm at the outside rates. The charters reported wore: Schr A. > cor B°» coru and oats, to Cleveland, fo* 913,000. Prop Last Saginaw, to Goderich, coru throunh to Portland at 27c, to arrive. To Sanila—Props 8.1). Caldwell, City of Detroit, and barge Guiding Star, to arrive, wheat through. Props Vi, M. Tweed and Janie* Fink, Jr., wheat fram Milwaukee to Buffalo at 7a. TUa »chp A. Mo»ber was chartered fop pig Iron from Green Bay to Cleveland at $2.76 por.ton. , MISCELLANEOUS. Bailors’ wages are $1,75@2.00 per iiay, " —Tbo full-size canal sciir A* L. Andrews, Jnst bnllb by Talley Bros., of Toledo, is now In port. Her capa city Is 93,000 bu of coni. The Andrews Is commanded by Copt, r, Boland. Tbo Captain and Mr. A. L. Andrews ate owners of ihe vessel. —Oil Monday evening tho steamer Maud struck on a rock in tlio Lachlno Itaplds. causing a tola! wreck. The passengers were lauded safely. —Tiio new schr Oroßtliwaito takes salt from Bay City to Chicago at 250 per brl. 9 —Tho steamer Keweenaw reached Eoglo Harbor on Tuesday last. She found no chance to land this side ol that port, as the south side of Lake Superior was full of Ice. On her return she will call at Marnnolto. —lho propeller Michigan, lato of the N. T. Co. Uno. which has been lying at Detroit since last fall, baa been retired from that lino of steamers. She la being dis mantled of her cabins, and Is to bo converted Into a barge, Thu Michigan has boon 21 years in service. With moderate overhauling she can bo made of use foe a considerable time longer. —Tho number of steam and sail vessels employed on tho Escanaba routo will not vary far from 100. and all aro of tholargor clasaof vessels. Should tho business on this ihoaoughfaro require It, others will bo added thereto on Uio shortest possible notice, —Detroit Tribune, —Tho steamer Arizona, raised at tho Flats on Wed nesday, has not yet been lowed down to Detroit, but will bo ns soon os Another steam pump, which has been sent forward, has been got into operation. —A Buffalo exchange says tbo shallow places to Blackwell Canal liavo boon promptly dredged out, so that a week ago tho schooner Lucinda Van Valkcuhurg comb through from Messrs. Blnkca’ coal-dock at tbs upper end, drawing 13/tf feet. Tho obstructions nl tho upper cud of tho canal, which have long been I source of annoyance to vessel men, aro to ho removed. —Tho Ico on Lake Huron extends from Harrlsvillo to Forcstvillo nud Into tho bay,vessels bound for Saginaw and Bay ports having to go around It, as it is difficult to work a passage through. —Tho following is a careful estimate of tho tonnage which passed through tho rivers between Lakes Huron and Erie during 1872: Tho tonnage capacity going westward was 7,077,200 lona, mid that moving east ward 7,852,800; total of 18,829.800 tons. Thcro aro In commission on tho northern lakes. 0,!U7 vocscls, which includes steamers, sail cruft, and barges. _ A greater proportion of these vessels pass, during tho season ot navigation, through tho strnlto and rivers. Some'of theso vessels aro flttcd with masts 171 feet in height, while a largo majority havo spars upwards of 150 foes from tho keelson to tuo truck of tho tallest spar, mak ing allowance in each Instance for tho measurement of tho mast-head. —Detroit Tribune, OCEAN NAVIGATION. CUN&BD Mil LINE. HSTABLISHBD 1840. Steam Between Now York, Boston, and Liverpool. FROM NEW YORK*. , May 171 Russia ]\lfty 211 Jata May 3l| Cuba And from Boston every Tuesday, Gubin PnsHOBC, 980, SlOQnnd 8130, Gold Steerage Passage. 820 currency. Passengers ond freight bonked to and trom all parts of Europe nt lowest rates. SistitDraftauii Great Britain. Ireland, and tho Continent. P. U. DU VJSRNJST, tion’l Wost’n Amnt. K. W. ctr. Clark and Rdudolph-sts. Batavia., Calabria. Baribin.. ALLAH LINE EM-Ocean Steamsl Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Speed and Comfort, miming on the Shortest Sea Koutes between EUROPE AED AMERICA RATES OF PASSAGE: CABIN na low as by any oilier FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return tickets at great reduction, STEERAGE Tickets either to or from Enronq. also at lowest rates, ami through to points iu tbo West lower than by other lines. • RATES OF FREIGHT: Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver* pool or Glasgow THROUGH to Chicago. For other information, or freight contracts, apply at tho Company's Olllco, 72 and 71 Lasallu-st. ALLAN & CO., Agoats. EOS EUROPE. imm um ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. WIU sail from Now York ns follows: CITY OP WASHINGTON..,.Thursday, May 25, 2P. M. CITY OK ANTWERP Saturday, Mny3L 3P. M, CITY OP LIMERICK Thursday, May 2S», 8 A. M. CITY OP LONHON Saturday, Aluv 31, l> A. M. And each succeeding SATURDAY and THURSDAY, from Pier No. 45, North River. Cldlihi I’xiM.snKO* SBJS nml SIOO Gold* Sloorago, to British Ports., $30.00 Currency, Steerage, to Gorman Porte 35.C0 Currency. Stoemgo, to Urumou or Scaudinavlan Porte 88.00 Currency. SIGHT HRAbTS forsnlo nt low rales. FRANCIS O. BROWN, General Western Agent, 80 South MniKot-at., Chicago. rlMNco Railing tirleo a wook from Now York, and carrying pas* iongera to all part# of Great llrltaln. Ireland, Continental Europe, and tno Mediterranean. Cabin /rom Sioor »ro, ilrUlsli and Iclali ports oast, itjW, wo»t, s3il. QoatU nuntal port* name rh other roculavllncs. All payable to U. 8. currency. Apply tor full Information at tue Com* pany’a ottioc*. No. 7 Howling Green. Now York, oudN, K. corner LaSalle and Madiaon-ste.. Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agenta. STATE LIE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEIh EAST AND LONDONDERRY. These elegant now utesmera will sail from State Una Pier. Pulton Parry, Brooklyn, N. Y, on &s follwa; PENNSYLVANIA, 9,600t0n5......,.W0dneadny, May?. GEORGIA, 2.500 tons Wednesday, Juuei. VIRGINIA, ‘J,WIO t0ua.,,.. ..Wodnuaday, June 18. I'etlnighliy thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN «k CO., AKonlt, 72 Broadway, N. Y, Steerage office, 40 Broadway, N. V. _ LEGAL. Insolvent Act of 1869. Canada, Province of Ontario, County of Wentworth: la the County Court <it tUo County of Wentworth: In tho matter of Thinr.ia Thomson, trading under the ttnino, style, anutirmufihuuia* Thomson & Co., an In solvent. . . . _ , On tho slxlloonth, day of June next, tho undoraf*nod wlllttpiily to (hodudtfo of the said Court for a dlachanrd under the said out. * Dated at the city of Hamilton, In tho County of Wont wuith, IhUliratdityof -May. In the year of our Lord ou« thousand oliftit hundred and aerunly-thruo. t .THOM Art THOMSON, CHEOMO. Another NowClumo! ' THE MORNING CALL A beautiful auburbon ulolutn of a .ary roay obe.k and brUhl-oyoU llttlo girl malting anoatly vlalt to tbo flower Uardomtlventoeacli cualemecby M " w Tho Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea'do.. U8 West Wft»hlnstoii-»t. and 188 Tweutyi-oconaiu t .May SI .May S3 .June 4