26 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE COURTS. The Republic Insurance Company— An lowa Decision^ Oonnter-Affidavita in the Alleged Jury Tampering Case, Conclusion of tho Notorious Hlgli- Tvlncs Suit* Bankruptcy Mattora—Tho Courts in Brief—Hew Suits, : The question of tho possession, of. Jurisdiction by tho United States Circuit Courts in tho matter ■bf'suits brought by an Assignee in Bankruptcy mppolntod ln another district, whorb such As signoo is a citizen of another Btato and the do yond&nt ls a cillzon of a State whoro tho action is brought, and tho amount la dispute exceeds iho sum of SSOO j and of tho jurisdiction of tho Btato and Federal courts, as affooted by tho Bankrupt oct, was settled in tho United; States Court, of Dos Moines, 1a.,, on Friday laeL' ; Tho cases of tho Republic Lifo Insurance Company woro called several days ago la that court, ond 1 in the qaso of Fayeon, Assignee, v. Dietz, tho. counsel for tho defense made a motion .to dis-; miss tho case for want of Jurisdlotlon. This' action was ono of over 100, similar in character, I brought to recover tho amounts of unpaid as acssmonta upon stock hold by them. in . tlio Republic Insurance Company. Judgo Dillon eald that, tinder tho olroumstences of the oaso, iho jurisdiction of tho Court plainly existed, j .unless It bo takou away by the provisions of tho .Bankruptcy. act. It is claimed that the jurisdic tion of oithor tho United States Circuit Courts' or the States Courts is taken away, as a neces sary or implied effect of the jurisdiction which ,is conferred by the Bankrupt act upon tho United States District Courts. It is claimed, as e necessary and legitimate conclusion, from tho 'establishment of bankrupt courts with plenary .jurisdiction throughout the States, and the pro scribing tho Circuit Courts .certain .specific powers in bankruptcy proceedings, ' that all jurisdiction in bankruptcy cases should bo exclusively in Iho bankruptcy courts, except so far as ins 1 Bankrupt act ex pressly confers such jurisdiction upon iho Oir ' cuit Court. The Court, upon the bestoonsldora . tion bo had been able to give the view that' tho ' District Court had exclusive jurisdiction in all ac . tions relating to tho collection of the assets of . estates, and in all other actions concerning the estate, except so far as a concurrent jurisdiction ' Is invested in tho Circuit Courts in a limited number of cases, had not boon ablo to roach tho - conclusion that it was a sound ono. The Court mentioned the following reasons for sustaining tho jurisdiction of tho Circuit Courts in actions ouch as the ono iu question, and dismissed de fendant’s motion: ' 1. This Court, whore tho Jurisdiction arising from citizenship exists, is a court of full common law and equity powers. In this action,’tho requisite cit izenship does exist, and tho cause of action Is not ouo crested by the Bankrupt act, hut is essentially a com: mon law action to enforce a contract against the de fendant. It is true that the Assignee claims title under proceedings in bankruptcy, much like an executor un der proceedings In tho Probate Court, but this docs not inako the action, properly viewed, a proceeding in bankruptcy. With the consent, and under the direc tion of the proper bankruptcy court, there was no rceson why an action like this should not be enforced either iu the State Court or In this Court, as may be deemed most expedient. Essentially U does not differ from actions of which both classes of courts constantly toko cognizance, as part of their original and rightful jurisdictloa, •• 2. Tho argument against the Jurisdiction of this Court derives all its force from the supposed exclusive jurisdiction of the District Courts, and that auch Juris diction is exclusive, both of tho State Courts and of this court, except to tlio limited extent mentioned in' Iho second section of the act. If Congress bad Intended by tho first section of the act to make the jurisdiction of tho District Courts ex clusive in the collection of assets and to deprive all other courts of Jurisdiction over any action by or •gainst Assignees In Bankruptcy,lt would have been as •aay as It would have been natural to employ language to oxyreaa iblv putpoee. But It will bo observed that the word erclusttc u descriptive of tb» l**w«iiictlon is pot only not used, hat scorns to u*r« been carctiiuj‘ •voided. 8. That the State Courts are not deprived ot juris diction In ordinary common law and equity suits, aim ply because brought by tho Assignee In Bankruptcy, is ' » proposition that has tho support of many well-rea soned adjudications made both under the Bankrupt act of 1841 and tho present act. And if those coflrts msy exercise a concurrent jur isdiction In any event, it would seem to be in cases where tbo Assignee with tho consontor concurrence of tbo Bankruptcy Court resorted to them for the ordi nary purpose of collecting the assets of the estate. 1 Assummgtbo decisions in favor of the concurrent' Jurisdiction of the State courts In certain classes of action by Assignees in Bankruptcy to bo correct, It . would be an 'anomalous result, and one which we can hardly suppose Congress intended, viz: That tho State* courts should exorcise their general concurrent Juris diction, if tho Assignee should desire to reeort to them, 4. The jurisdiction of this Court under the Judiciary act Is plain.’ Repeals by- implication oro' not favored. Jurisdiction plainly conferred upon one court cannot bo taken away by mere affirmative legislation confer ring like, jurisdiction upon another court. ALLEGED TAMPEBn«J WITH A JTJRYUAIf. A few days since wo published tho particulars of allegations contained in the affidavits of par ties interested in tho plaintiff side of the case of Martin v. Day, which charged a Bailiff of Judge Rogers’ court with tampering with a juryman. Messrs. Bout & Black, counsels fortho defend ant In that suit, will produce in rebuttal the affi davits of tho Bailiffs in tho coart, and also of ono of the jurymen, the allegations of which ora particularly interesting. Tho affi davit of John Humphrey, ono of tho Bailiffs of the court, sets forth that ho, togethor.with N. O. Hill, hod charge of tho jury in the; case of Martin „v. Bay, but ho . 'is not certain whether he had them In-, charge .after their retirement to consider their verdict; decs not remember taking a juryman from the jury room, but may have taken one-£o a room oppo site Judge Tree’s court, at tho end of the pas sago, as is customary; does not remember tak ing cigars to tho jury, bub it is customary to do so when tho jurymen provide tho money: de nies calling out to tho juror, “ Come out, I want to talk to you ; M did not talk to a juror concern ing the caao ; or seek to influence the jury in any way; the witnesses had no right to stand round tho jarr-room; thinkitisprobablohemay have ordered such loungers to stand away; ac knowledges to having taken a drink with one or two jurymen, who wore old acquaintances, but denies that he drank with tho defendant Day, or at his expense; never conversed with Day about tho trial. . ; N. 0, Hill and John Pant, Bailiffs of the same court, make affidavits similar in allegation to Uie above. , . , : Jeremiah Day. the defendant in the salt, do mes influencing the Jury; says ho spoke to no iaryman on the trial; may have spoken to Humphrey, he being on acquaintance; denies treating the jury or Bailiffs during the trial; treated the jury aftor tho verdict; after treating the Jury, one of them called him aside and tola him that a man named Brown had offered him 60 cents to dooldo in favor of plaintiff; does not remember the name of tho juror, but thinks U was Deunis; the juror did not toll him who Brown was that made him tho magnificent offer. tub u niQiiwixza ” sdit. la Judge Booth’s room, the whole of last week was occupied in the hearing of the case of Mon Brothers v. Phillips & Carmichael, in which suit plaintiffs sought to recover the value of; 100 barrels of highwlncs. In June, 1870, plaintiffs, who ore dlstulers at Oquawka, 111., sold, on 'the Board of Trade, through their brother Wallace, to Wilson Ames & Co., of Chicago, 200 barrels of hlghwincs to bo delivered about the 20th of July following, throe days’notice to be given. The responsibility of both Wallace, tholr agont, and Ames, tho purchaser, being unknown to them, and Philips and Carmichael having already sold highwlncs for plaintiffs for over 12 years, and they having oouildenco In their re sponsibility. after their agent hod made said sale, employed Phillips & Carmichael to attend to the getting up of the contract of sale, and tho delivery of the wines under the contract, dis charging tholr agent, who effected the sale, from doing anything further in tho contract, and stat ing at tho time to Phillips & Carmichael that they preferred paying a double commission for tho additional security. Previous to tho 10th of July thereafter, tho niglmlnos of plaintiff woro destroyed iby uro, and thereupon plaintiffs re quired defendants, when culled upon for the de livery of tho wines, to purchase and deliver them to Amos, at that time the price of wines having fallen. Since tho contract of sale, plaintiff re quested Wallace to have Amos put up an additional margin, and having become satisilod that Amos would not do so, and apprehending difficulty at the time, informed Carmichael one of the defendants, of Amos' action, and of his apprehension of trouble arising therefrom { and told him not to let him have a dollar’s worth of Wines until ho had received the money, which Allegation defendant denies In bis evidence.' .Phillips A Carmichael, on tho lCthofJuly.ro tcolvou a.iioltoO from Amos to doUvor tho high -1 winoß'. and bn'tho IHthho did deliver 100 barrels, j but without Toooivlng nay ihorofpr. Next day, Amos was found, to bo Insolvent, and oh that i day ho pledged tho wines to tho 1 TJhion 'National Dank’ .for : nearly .atho value thereof, shipped CO barrels upon tho Michigan ; Control, and bad.tho remaining 60 barrels taken to tho 'dopbt' 4o bb'iUiippoa aloe/ Both lots woro !taken iby Phillips & Cannlchaol, who ro ploviod them by a suit ngainst tlip railroad com paby,' which defended on tho'ground that tho bank hod> a Hon upon tho goods, and, suoh do fopso proving successful, retained tho wines to tho extent or tho bauUVclaim. ’ Tho dofondants Insisted, 1 ., upon tho trial, that upon tho custom prevailing iu Chicago at tho, timo of delivering tho wines, they ,had until tho day after delivery hpbn which to make collection for plaintiff, and that, i Amoß;haviug failed; next day, tboy woro not bound to account to plaintiffs for tho yaiuo Of the articles,'and that plaintiff had not glvod ifiatruottons with , regard to not dolivorlng .with out prepayment, Tho. Court rosorved Lis de cision in tho caCo.' 0, M. Harris for plaintiff; Qoudy and Chandler for defendant. ■■,. oiiuiinal ooonx items. . Tlio North Evanston quo warranto oaso camo Up in the Criminal 'Court Saturday .morning, on amotion by defendants, to quash tho informa tion .filed by tho relator, on tho ground'that tho petition asked for leave to fiio an Information against several • parties ■. defendant, and tho In formation filed lu court was against but one of tho“ defendants,’'Fulton, the Provident of the Board of Trustoos. ! Tho motion was . overruled, ( aud oxconllons taken by tho dofondants. Tho throb men, O’Qrady, Flynn: and McNama ra, tho particulars of .whoso brutal assault upon ono Charles Smith wo published In Saturday's Tuiddne, filed aa apnoaranco in the court; and; rouowod tho boll Tho - oaso was. thon sot for: ,trial on Tuesday next, , ... I . The Hlckoy-Lonorgan contempt case was dls- t posed of by Judgo Booth Saturday. . ; -ITHE OOimrO IN BRIEF, in tho Superior-Court, Biohard D..Moore baa filed hie bill Against Mnmarot M., and James E., ■ Ray, asking for tho establishment and oonfirma- : tlon of his title to thot port of tho E. Vof 8. E. #of Soo. 9, T. 40, N. R. 13, E. of SP.K com-, mending at tho northwest comer of said' E. Y of; i said 8. E: Y of ; sold See. B, ; tUonco running E., ,20. rods, thence. 6. 60 rods, thence W. 20 rods, thence N. ‘ 80 rods to place of be ginning, containing ton acres more or loss, . excepting a strip. of land GO foot wldo running ' across said tract owned by tho Chicago, Milwau kee & St/ Paul Railroad Company; also, except ing a strip of land muniug along tho whplo oast ’ slao of said tract 7 links iu width. Tho National Bank of Chicago filo a kill in assumpsit against tho members of tbo firm of Hawkins. Willard & Go./ claiming $20,000 dam* egos. Tno action -is brought upon tbroo prom isory notes, tbo first dated 12tU of April, 1872, for 61,250 ; tho sccona.datod Slay 10, 1872, for $2,000; tho third dated July 0, 1872, for $5,000, all payable • with Interest, after maturity, at tho rate of 10 per cont per annum. William Bovo,,Robert F. Wallace, and William O. Warren filo in tho Olrcuit Court a petition for mechanics' lion on tho Ogdon House. on tho northwest comer of Franklin and East Waahing ton-strooto. Complainant'alleges that at tho in stance of one N. Cameron, agent for John King, Jr., proprietor of sold .-hotel, purchased from complainant 188 iborrola of llmo, at $1 abarrcl. for which the defendant agreed to; pay at tho currant market price for tho material, no contract os to prico being made.; that complainant mado out hlB bill at $1 a barrel, which defendant acknowledged to be a fair prico, and agreed to pay tho said hill; that' other per sons Besides J.' King,' Jr. } , claim a title to tho Ogdon House, wherefore complainant asks that the- Court will discover and disclose who oro tho actual proprietors .of tho houso and tho land on whlcb it is built; also, what .incumbrances, if any. aroon tho property, and who are tho parties holding subh lions ; and that complainants have a mechanics' lien upon tho property of $l6B. In tho matter of. Fetor M. Livingston ot al., bankrupts, on order was entered approving or Assignee's sale of farm stock. In the matter of Chorion 8. Cbollor. bankrupt, an order was entered approving the Assignee’s sale of stock, etc. In tho matter of Wm. Weitzol. bankrupt, an order was entered approving of tho solo of aes .perato accounts. . . In tho matter of H. E. Hubbard, at tho second meeting of creditors a dividend of 12 per cont was declared. , In the Circuit Court tbo Chicago, Danvillo & Tincetmosßallroad Company filo a petition for right of way over tho following property, with the owners of which, Mary and Daniel Clancy, they are unable to agree as to its value: Lot 17,- In Block 7, Carpenter's Addition to Chicago. Leopold Oolm files his praecipe in trespass on tho case, m tuo Superior, ouuu, ugninei Oanrv B. Tiffany, W. S. Culton; Goo. F. MoKuight, tho Allomanla Insurance Company, and tho Mollvillo' Insurance Company. Some timo shico petitioner’s place was burned down, aud ho, having it- in sured in tho Mellvillo Insurance Company, ob tained the amount of his policies. Some time after ho was arrested in Omaha, ot their instance, and brought for trial to Chioaco. Ho was ac ocquitod, and in the present action he Books to recover SIO,OOO damages for folso arrest and im prisonment. The Mechanics' Bank filo a pnccipo in tho Su preme Court against ‘.Frank R. Hawthorne, ThomasiWiUard.and Volnoy E. Boscoo, In a plea of assumpsit; damages $20,000. 1 Harriott E, - Baylos files a pnccipo in assump sit in the OirouitCourt against Edmund F. Hazle ton and Sidney B. Andrews ; damages 6 2,000. NEW SUITS. Tux Bopbiwob Cotut.—l3,sl2—Richard B. Mooro v. Margaret M. Bay ct al.; polltiou to establish and confirm title. 43,513—Th0 Mechanics’ National Bank of Chicago ▼. Frank R. .Hawkins,; Thomas It. Willard, snd.Volney E. Roecoe. partners doing business under the name' of Hawkins, Willard'& Co;: assumpsit, $30,000. 43.BU—Albert E. Banks v/ Tho Chicago H Michigan Lake Shore - Railroad Company; tres pass on the caaou SSOO. 43,516— Leopold . Cohn v. Hen ry 8. Tiffany, the AUemanla Insurance Company, the Millville Insurance Company; trespass ou tho case, SIO,OOO. -43.816—Moses A. Thayer v. Christian Thiel mann; petition for mechanic’s lien on 8. }4 of Lot 17, Butterfield’s Addition to Chicago, being fifty feet front , on Clybourno avenue and running bock full depth of said.Lot 17, and the theatre erected thereon. 43,817 People ox relatione. Thomas Lyndon v. ‘John L. Hancock et ah; petition for habeas carpus for the body of Ella Lyndon, petitioner’s wife. 43,818—5.L. Sellers et al. y,' Henry Fiaggln j confession of Judgment, HSWO. ' Tne Cmourr Court.—7.oCs—William Kerr & Co. v. John King, Jr.; petition for mechanic's lion on the Ogdon House, {IBB, 7.oCo—Harriet O. Sayles v. Ed mund F. Hazolton and Sidney B. Andrews; assump sit, $2,000.' 7,057— Appeal. 7,ooß—Samuel P. Lorch v. Frank Lorch ot ah; assumpsit. SSOO. 7,000, 7,070 Appeals. 7,o7l—Chicago, Danville & Vincennes Rail road Company v. Mary and Daniel Olancey; petition for right of way. 7,072—J0hn J. Brown v. James E. Cole;.debt, SBSO. 7,073-’4—Appeal. THE SUPREME COURT. Ottawa, HI., May 24.—Tho following causes have been decided and opinions filed In tho office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court to date: 15. Walsh v. The People. Reversed and remanded: dissenting opinion by Scott, J. 11. First National Bank of Monmonth y. Whitman ct al. Reversed and remanded. 81. McCormick v. Huso. Reversed and remanded. 52. Rurson v. Dow et aL Decree affirmed. 84. Harding v. Rockford, Rock Island & fit; Louis Railroad Company et al. Decree reversed, with direc tions. . 87. Hubbard v. Rogers. Affirmed. ' 104. Harris y. Whitmore. Reversed and re manded. 130. Spellman ot a), v, Mathewson ot aI. Af firmed. 130. Johnson t. Von Eetller. Reversed and re manded. 146. Gtuart y. Hamilton. Reversed and remanded. 264, Wilson et aJ. r. Marlow. Reversed and re* manded. 178, Robey v. City of Chicago, AfQnned. 100. Tyler ot al. v. Daniels et aU Reversed and re* manded, with leave. 108, Smith v. Ooodall et al. Decree affirmed and 'bill discharged. > 313. Freeman et al. v. Freeman. Affirmed. 319. Comstock v. Bosscau et al. Affirmed. 331. lirobetou v. Cahill, Reversed and remanded. 335. Hearth v.Rhodes. Affirmed. . . 344. City of Dixon v. Raker. Reversed and re* mandod. 350. Commissioner of Highwaya of Torklown r. Banker etal. Reversed. 380. McQiU v. Compton. Reversed and remanded, 238. Hall v. Jarvis et al. Affirmed and modified. 290, Wormloy v. Gregg. Affirmed. 801. Doohla .v. Deenls, Decree reversed and re* manded. 616. Shelton v. Franklin. Reversed. 821. Roil 0t al. v. Healy et al. Reversed and re manded. 833. Nelson et al. v. Smith. Reversed and re manded. 836. Maxon et al. v. Dressier.' Reversed and re* manded. 843. Wood v. Tucker ot al. Affirmed, 846. Wiley et al. v. Ewalt. Decree reversed and bill discharged. 852. Kingsbury v. Buckner ot al. Decree reversed and remanded. 872. Lafayette, B. & M. Railway Company v. Winslow et al. Reversed and remanded. 874. Russell v. Keeler. Affirmed. 377. Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company V. Hack, Affirmed, 376. Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company v. Tyler. Affirmed. - 871). Chicago, Rock Inland it Pacific Railroad Com pany v. Fiahur. Affirmed. , 361. O’Conner v. Leddy, Reversed and remanded. 883, Goodwin v. Goodwin, Affirmed. > 386. Hughes ot al. v. Washington, Exlr. ' Decree re versed and remanded. 887. Hughes et al. ▼. Washington, Extr, Decree reversed and remanded. 831. Uazclbtoker ▼, Qoodfellow. Reversed and re* .manded. ■' 893, filokmore v, Harding. Decree affirmed, THE CIUCAHO UAiliX liIIBUiNE: MOJNJDAy, MAY - 415. The People.extol. Chicago ti lowa Railroad Company v. Chapman ct nl. Mandamus rofiuioil. , 428. Kennedy v. Kennedy, Rovonod and remanded. 430. Wells v. City of'Chlcagi, Reversed and re manded. . . 437. Wolf ot nl. v, Ogdon, administrator. Decree reversed and rertiamlcd, -n r 471, Bangor otal, v, City of Chicago, Reversed and remanded. LOUISIANA. Tho CouKTOfislonnl Excursloii Party • Ilorcil byttio Kellogg: and ItlcEnory I'action«»'riio Fort St* Plilllp Cnnnl Scliomc—Tito Custom-Honse Ring anil tho I'owlng: Swindle—SypUor unci AVnrmotli—Tho President’* Pro . clamntlon—How ft Is Regarded* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. New Onr.rANt), May' 24.—Tho ‘Congressional parly returned from the month of the river at Ba. m., and leave by apodal train for the North at 4 p. m. Tho partisans of both .Kellogg and McEoory are doing all they ‘ know to gain adherents among’ the Congressmen, and tboy have bo far succeeded that a few Representatives will remain over and partake of tho private hospitalities of Kellogg, Warmolh, Mo- Enory, and other pollUdans. None ot the Congress-: men have committed themselves to .an espousal of either aide, . hut they , listen eagerly to all statements in order totake action in tho next Congress, and nearly all the' Representatives are pledged, to support the Fortßt; I’hlllp Canal scheme. It la Judged.feasible, (hero be ing only ono loch requisite, and the remainder of (ho work consists of more excavating, except at tho'mouUi of the river, where somo Jetties are to ho put up. Tho : cost will ho SO,OOO, DUO to $7,003,000. An uttompt is mado to load this simple scheme;with all sorts or Ira-' provououts, estimated to cost nearly $30,000,000 lu tho ‘aggregate, hut the Congressmen aro unanimous that '■the scheme will not hoar loading with anything else. Tho present channels wero 17 feet deep, and can be kopthy tho present; appropriations at u convenient depth of SO foot,. hut tho Government dredging officers 'complain that tno Tow-Boat Company,'.which: is’ Bald - to ho owned by the Ouslora-lloufloriug, with. Grant’s brolhcr-lu-law, Casey, at their head, deliberately run ships ashore. .When they aro forced to' tow them In, they protend there In no water. Wien they can avoid towing Ihctn in they do so, preferring to lot them stick lu the mud - uuilllho tugs aro called to tow them off into port, at tho rato of SI,OOO per hour. The offi ' ccra say they can keep up a constant depth of, 20 foot, hut, with auch a game, as this going on, it is practi cally useless to do so. They therefore favor tho canal. Borne anger was displayed by the friends of tho Tow-Boat Company at those candid disclos ures, hut Lieut, •; Glynn, MaJ, Howell, . and Oapt. Davis did not flinch. A pilot testified that ho bed run a vessel ashore by orders, so ns. to se cure tho SI,OOO per hour for tho .Tow-Boat Company. Mr.' Syphon ono of Kellogg’s members or Con gress, and cx-Gov.dVarraoth, yealerday evening, had a sharp battle of words on l>oard tho boat, and an ex change of pistol shots was momentarily expected. Sypher charged Warmoth with having peepatratod the biggest steals in Louisiana over known, and Warmoth retorted that Sypher was; mad because ho did not bovoa band 1u.,. Doth parties are deluging’ the Congressmen, who listen a groat deal sad say nothing,.with political ad dresses, Tracts, and pamphlets. i No effect whatever was produced by Grant’s procla mation. It Is regarded as having been insisted on by Senator Carpenter, ■ and 1 Senator Car penter - is ' regarded as a man who has stated views boro that are In direct opposition to tho views bo' expressed to his constituents In 'Wisconfin. Tho pcoplo have lost faith in him, and speak of him as ono who is as ready to do Grant’s bid ding ae any of the Radicals. Ho certainly seems here to bo hand-ln-glovo with Kellogg, If alt that Is said bo true, and his published utterances are exactly what' one would not have expected of him. No language can describe tho bitter feeling boro. Nearly to a man tho. merchants, traders, and better classes insist that their choice, and the cuolco of tho «10, was MoEnery, and they angrily denounce tho ral Government for interfering. They say that if Graut would withdrawals troops, they would settle tholr own affairs themselves inside of tou hours, f To the Associated I‘rest,] New Orleans, May 21.—The Evening''Timet- has tho following: At 8 o’clock In tho morning, tho timo appointed for tho departure of tho Bollc Lou ou her trip to tho passes with tho Congressional delegation and their friends, passengers by twos and throes walked up tho stages of this boat. They gathered in largo numbers on the forward dock to await tho coming of others who were to make up tho full complement of tho oxcurclon party. By 0 n. m. all tho Otm- Sesemen. all tbo wicker baskets, with uum rs labelled on them, and all tho Ico and their fixings, wero safely aboard; tbo mate shouted out in hoarse tones: “ Cast looso your head lines 1” and, with two or (hreo snorts from her cscaptvpipcs, tho floating palace hacked out from tho wharf, her cannon pealed forth a farewell salute, tho baud hurst forth with a triumphant air, tho thousands on tbo whnrf waved and cheered, and th? boat, turning her bead up the utream, after passing the long line of shipping which lines our wharves xtp to Jackson n licet, enrvodround into tho strong current of the middle, and nought tho mouth of tbo groat river which boars tho wealth and tho bounty of tho earth from tho mountains, (o tho soa. A peal of artillery saluted tho oxcurhlonlsta sa they wont by tho United States barracks, aud was stlij being flred when Uio swift ■ steamer reached the earth works of tho old battle-ground and tho monument of tho gallant Pnckoolumi, all of which were kindly pointed out and eagerly sought by tho strangers. The great caae.nclOii, tllu banana oud orangu graven, all had their charms for tho visitors, for tUosighte of the growth of a semi-tropic clime were very interesting to men who hsdeomo from tho great states ot the West, whore, although a generous soil brings the harvest, tbo days of verdure are more limited in number. They seemed especially Interested in what was formerly tho resi dence of Judah I>. Benjamin, on tho Belie Ohnsno plantation, now owned by Mr, Stackhouse, and they spoke of tho glory tho expatriated statesmen is gaining by his talent in another laud. This place is one of (ho finest in tho State, and the beautiful dwelling nnd grounds are calculated (o excite the admiration of all who behold them. Jesuit'# Beud, ouotof llio great ricc-produclug din* trlcts of Louisiana, next occupied their attention, and occasioned much comment from our vlsUoru, ■who looked at the green fields and made comparisons bo tween the enormous financial returns of this product and tho wheat of .the Northwest. Passing these, the boat Booh 'reached Myrtle Grove, which the band sainted with the old sweet air, v “.Ilomo Sweet Home,” ao a tribute to those who are living there. The mag* nlflcont rotate of Mr. Bradlsh Johnson attracted a groat deal of attention, and the neat, trim fields of these ' plantations showed ■ many on what a grand scalo .. sugar was formerly cultivated in this State, for in old times all tho places were like fhcee. -The far-famed plantation of Mr.' Lawrence, at Magnolia, had been anxiously inquired after by the Congressmen; who had heard in other States of this place, and wore very desirous of seeing It. They wero not disappointed, for coon Us immense green fields of cane burst on the view, and many were tho exclamations of ,delight with which Its first appear ance was greeted. In the big fields wore four locomotive engines, dragging ponderous steam-plows through the soil, besides many other great objects, such as tho sugar-house,-which is a- massive building, and the orange-grove, which the Sicilian fruit-sellers say is tho largest fn tho world. Tho men from tho great Western farm country wero specially- lutorcalcd in tho steam plows and their moaning exclamation when they saw them was, "Thatmeans business." At Magnolia tho boat rounded to, and took on board the Hon. Effingham Lawrence, who was most enthusi astically received and warmly greeted by all on board. Passed Uio rice fields and rlco mills of Polulo Ala Hacbo, the boat proceeded .ou her way tIU Ports Jackson and Bt. Philip wore In sight. Tho frowning guns in those grim fortifications recalled the ’ smoke and flame they hurled forth in our civil War, but tho old rebels and tho Northern Congressmen laughed and told stories of the war, which showed that those on hoard were at least reunited. ■ ...... II MAW m. IVWi IUUUIIIU. The great object oflnterest on the trip was thd silo of the Fort St. Philip Canal, which has already been surveyed. When the small building that makes the proposed beginning of the work hove la sight tho duck was thronged by those who were anx ious to boo oven tho markings of this great scheme. • The Congressmen of the West looked at the narrow strip of low alluvial which bars the great river from tho deep waters of the gulf, and seemed to see at' once the groat importance of the project. They spoke of the feasibility and cheapness of - cutting through this narrow nook, and foretold the great results accruing' from It to the great valley. They wore Infused’with ardor at the prospect of having on unobstructed outlet for the pent-up . granaries of tho West. They seemed to enter into the project with heart, hood, and soul and one especially was so much carried away os to ssy, " We will moke New Orleans and St. Louis yet the great rivals of New York, and ten yean will see the fullfilmont of this prophesy." After arriving at the proposed route of this canal, and stopping there long enough for all parties to make their observations, tho boat started again ou her trip to Pass Al Ontre. Before reaching their destination the gong sounded for dinner, tho viands and wine of which were In keeping with other hos pitalities extended on the occasion of this distinguished visit. Tho excursionists dis cussed tho topics of tho day with the merits of pom pous roast-beef and turkey, while their appetites wore superinduced by the fresh, balmy gulf breezes which had.boen blowing all day. The substantial salads and liquids of life occupied them for some time, and tho feast was truly one of reason, while the after-feast had an abundant flow of soul and kindly sentiment. Tho champagne sparkling In many goblets with tho sparkle of wit and repartee for, a long time kept the company full of life, humor, and happiness. Even* poor Joke was at ono lime respected, and even rehlis ed, because all parties hod an excessively klndlyfooling toward each other. But tho bounteous feast was ot last brought to a close. Those who wane able to over come the somniferous Influence of a good dinner loft tho Bello at tho Pass Al’Ontre Station, where she had stopped, and, embarking ou the " Beautiful Creole," sought the open gulf beyond tho bar. With an inspir ing air. the band bade farewell foe a while to those who chose to remain, aud the more lively excursionists sought deep waters outside the bar. Tho sound of the surf and tho life-giving soo-hreozo seemed to impart now vigor to these dwellers on the laud, while with a foaming bow tho swift steamer cleft the green waves. Everybody was Interested In tho dim lines of smoko whk*h were rising far at sea below the horizon, and whore now and thou a dark stcamcror tow passed, Tho hand gave a lively greeting as they glided by, lu her course tho Creole passed near the dredge boat E. B, Bayous, which was hard at work dredging out the channel. Those who had often heard of this vessel and her operations for tho benefit of commerce wore particularly inter ested In watching her removing tho mud. The Orcolo, after running a short distance out to nua/roturnod to the bar, which tho steamer Alabama was Groaning at the time. Soundings were taken lu going aurossfor the benefit of the excurslouUU, who soomod surprised at the depth of tho water. Then np tho Puss by the Ught-houio, Rtamllug like a grim sentinel on tho laud, she wondcu her way back to the boat, which was quietly swaitiug her return. The Creole transferred the passengers who had gone out to tho bar baak to (ho Bello Leo at 7 n.m.. and the Utter steamer, backing out of tho Pass A I’Ohtre wharf, slatted oh tho homeward 'bound trip; Shortly after Bupnor, a convention was called In the ladies cabin, wfifeb consisted of all tho members of lbs Congressional delegation and many distinguished citizens of New Orleans. Tho meeting was called to order with Mayor wilts in tho chair, anu Wta addressed by J. U. Oglesby, Esq., and Judgo Ken nerd, who demonstrated nil tho advantages of tho Mis sissippi •' export > route. ‘ over > all. . by . .rail and . canal ■ commercial Hues -in tho coun try. They • brought up figures and ; facts to eubstautiaU) their assertions, ona then how cheaply this Bt. Philip Canal could bo excavated, and how a vessel of any draught or tonnage would * thou ho ablo to come to our port, while now the bar obstructions kept heavy vessels from coining in, and ■thus- occa sioned n’ great scarcity of export tonnage of New Or leans. After our cltixens bad expressed: their views on tho subject of the necessity of thts canal, iho immense ad vantages it would bring to tho West, tho Congressmen of many Slates wore called, on, and each gave his opinion on tho scheme lu a short speech. More than twenty Congressmen of tho West and South, mon of influence and standing, took (ho floor, and all enter tained tho same opinion as - to tho necessity of this canal. : They condemned the legislation of the Govern ment for so long neglecting tho Mississippi River, and said that os tho lost Congress Just appropriated $1,000,000 to paving to tho streets of Washington with asphallum and wood, that it should at least pay $0,000,000 to > the■. completion of a scheme i which was of paramount importance 'l6 tho whole Western and Southern . country. l They said that ■ Eastern railroad mouopolista hml crushed tho’products of tho West too 1 long, and that 1 ,tbo fact of not finding a route for exporting their pro- • duco was getting to bo a. question of starvation with the Immense population of those States; ‘that a qunu . Uty of grain had boon burnt during ths past. year be cause it would not pay (ho cost of transportation ; that ;tbls was tho route that tho God of Nature had marked out as tho outlet to tho groat granaries of tho West, and down this route the groin was bound to< - come, -They, hinted that if tho mon Of tho East could 1 find no better way of spending iholr power than dec orating tho Capital and big seaboard towD9,thoy would combine with (he South and move tho Government 1 Capital and all to Bt. Louis, where It would. bo hotter carred/or. They said that Now Orleans was destined 1 to’ bocomo the groat city of tho continent, and that .no i.city i in; the world possessed so many natural advantages. They intended, to a man, to ’ bring this matter of giving tho Mississippi a deep out let before Congress at its next session, and force action upon it. They bad 1 all decided ’to give It their firm support, and somo said that, if $30,000,000 woro neces sary to this, they would demand it from the National ’ Government, as a right of tho West. 'Tho Kanawha and tho : Savannah canal routen wero thou' discussed,- hut this of tho-Mississippi they . considered of . paramount • Importance to all others. They said that Mexico and the Antilles woro templing objects that wero waiting for us to step In and Uko them, and relieve them from their miser able Government; and that, with tho accession of those, Now Orleans. would be their groat port of ox i change. Major Howell, United States Engineer, was called upon to give his views, aud express his opinion as to tho feasibility of tho project; also to stato , tho result of his survey. This gentleman clearly Illustrated the feasibility of tuo scheme. Ho told them that the proposed -connection of the canal with the Mississippi was six miles below Fort St. Philip, and it would have to 1m dug nearly out to tho Breton Island channel, whoro thcro was thirty feet of water at low tide. Ho also explained, tho manner in which tho banks wore to be kept from being washed la.'Uo stated - that a groat objection had been mado to tho project on tho supposition that tho ground below was not Arm enough to boar tho foundation of the locks, . hut recent boring bos discovered a splendid base whereupon tho foundation could be Before the Convention adjourned Mayor Willz read the dningatlon an Invitation extended them by the Mayor of viotnburg, to visit that city, which was de clined. Gen; Hayes then made an eloquent speech to tlio Convention, after which, at l a. in., the members Lo ing much wearied, it adjourned. The Committee of Arrangements have done every thing in their power to render tho trip agreeable to tho excursionists, and, if tho faces of all are Indices to their feelings, every one has enjoyed hlmneir to tho fullest extent. Great hopes are expressed by all parties in the re sults of this ocular demonstration to members of Con. gress of tho state of our channel, and they say, coat what it may, they are going to help us along overy way. New Tons, May, 24.—A Now Orleans (La.) special says: "Ex-Gov. Warmoth bos begun a suit for ' libel against tho editor and pro-, prietor of the 1 New Orleans Times, and fixed his deranges at $3£,000. Tho article complained of was printed on tho iDth Jnst., ami accused Warmoth of having become a creditor to tho Missis sippi It Mexican Gulf Ship Canal Company to the amount of $45,000 through ills olUclal action as Gov ernor.” The Now Orloans ikpuMi’can announces, editorially, Judge Dureff’s dotenninatlon to resign, and recom mends that be bo given a foreign mission. Washington, May 24.—Tho Attorney-General this morning received a dispatch stating that the Supremo Court of Louisiana hat Just decided two cases of con test for office under tho "Intrusion act. 1 * and in both cases tho legality of tho officers holding under tho Keliopj Government was sustained. WASHINGTON, Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tfihnnt, crvin seuvioe hefoum. Washington, D. C., May 24.—A special Cabinet meeting was hold to-day, at which the Civil Sendee Advisory Board was present to consider the question of Civil Snrvira Rnform iu rotation to the govern mental departments hero. A majority of tho members of the Board are In favor of a system of rules and regulations which will ignore alt other considerations save fitness for tho various departmental positions. Buch a system pays no respect to locality, to relationship, or to political influences. It sim ply insists upon a set of rules, moral, in (effectual, and physical, .which, when compiled with on the part of tho applicant, settles his appointment beyond tho reach of further considera tion. Tho only restriction in this direction is to so distribute tho appointments that (his city and imme diate vicinity will not appropriate a disproportionate share of the clerkships. Tho same restrictions will not apply to the States generally. The; discussion on this subject to-day lasted nearly an hour, and was en tirely informal. Tho President simply asked those members of tho Cabinet and of tbo Advisory* Board present, to submit their views In a conversational manner. There was no especial opposition to the plan proposed, and from this it is in ferred that if tbo Advisory ’ Board make a report Is favor of, their new views, that it will meet with no opposition on tho part of the Govern ment. 'lt is proposed' to do away with the require ment wnioh now neccsaltato..that candidates from the various sections of tho country should all come hero to pass examinations for clerkships. The suggestion is that committees bo appointed, who shall bo located at convenient points, and who shall pass upon the qualifications of aspirants for departmental positions. [3b Mis Associated iYcss.] WAaimtOTON, May 21.—Tbo balances in tbn Treasury ,of tbo United States at the close of business to-day were: Currency, $4,371,600; special deposits of Icgul tendore for the redemption of certificates of deposit. $28,000,000; coin, $75,103,277, including $26,139,100 in coin certificates:, outstanding logaMondors, $356,- 665,028. OOUHT-ItAHTIAW . A general court-martial is appointed to meet at Ringgold barracks, Texas, Juno 6, for tho trial of First.Lieut, Charles T. Davis, Tenth Infantry, First Lieut. Ucniy F. Leggett, Twenty-Fourth Infantry, and such others as may bo ordered before it. First Llout. O. S. Hooper ’ has been detached from the revenue steamer Hamilton, at Wilmington, Del., and ordered to tho Fessenden, at Detroit. A FINANCIAL GAUSUD. - Tho report that tho Secretary of the Treasury has ordered. Che transfer of $2,000,000 of gold from Ban . Francisco to Washington is untrue. On tho contrary, the Treasury is short of greenbacks, and as the Gov ernment has accommodations for $9,000,000 of gold in San Francisco, where now there are only some $4,500,- 000, and tho now greenbacks In circulation on the Padflo. coast do. not require replacement, no present probability exists of any tranofer being ordered either way,- ; BAILnOAD LAND GHAUT. The Secretary of tlio' Interior has overruled the ajv plication of the McGregor & Missouri River Railroad Company for a reversal of his decision recently given In favor of tho 8U Paul & Sioux City Railway Com pany involving a title to certain lands covered by overlapping land grants. The President baa appointed Darius Sullivan as Postmaster at Clinton, Mo. ' Heavy Land Slide* PiTtßDtmon, May 24.—A heavy and serious land slide baa occurred on the PUteburgh & OonnellaviUo Railroad, in a deep out near Southampton, 23 miles west of Oumberland. The first fall of earth and rocks took place on Saturday last, another on Tuesday, and ban boon falling at Intervals since, and the track la now covered to the depth of 60 feet and for a dis tance of 10 or 100 foot. A large force of men has boon at work day end night building around the cut a tem porary tracki which was completed to-day. Crime in Now England, Horton, May 34.—Jamoa 0. Coo to-day filed a de nial of the charge that ho has made fraudulent con veyances to baffle nls creditors, and the case will go to the Jury next week. James w, Eldridgo, of Korth Harwlck, has been bold for trial on the charge of committing an assault on his father from which ho died, Wagner, the alleged Isle of Shoals murderer, was arralned at Alfred, Me., to-day, and pleaded not guilty. Uo also entered a plea of a want of Jurisdiction. The Labor Question* PnovrnrHoii, R. 1., May 24.—1n Woonsocket the Toa*lloiir Committee navo advised tho factory opera tive* to return to work. Tho strike may bo regarded as ended. Nkw Yonv, May 24.—The Carpenters’ Society has given notice that Its members will only work night oure on end after Monday next. This action of tho ionrneymen carpenters in waiting unlit the plans of lUildlngH for the year arc made out, and then striking Unless their demands for tho enforcement of the eight* hour eyatom Is compiled with, is strongly condemned by the *' bosses.” business is said to bu very dull, and employers assort that they will uot yield to the do main!. They say they can bettor afford to bo Idle than can the men, and tuoy will see who can hold out tho long est. The Journeymen who aro about to strike aro nolle as fixed In lliolr determination. The meeting of the employers on June 13, at the Cooper Union, was Intended to effect o compromise, but the carpenters say they will accept none. The Newark manufacturers complain that their or ders sro not half eo largo as usual at this Reason. They have kept on their regular complement of operatives. but ft reduction In time will bo necessary after the 4th of July, and eome of them talk of discontinuing nil work until order* for the foil trade begin to arrive. The hat, shoo,' Jewelry, carriage, and saddlery people fed tbo depression moat. SPRINGFIELD. TUo National Agricultural Coitfl-ross— Fourteenth lleglmont Reunion-* ■ FantonciN-Important JOoclalon* Special l)ttipaleh to The Chicago Tribune. - BrniworiELD, 111., May 24.—Tbo National Agricul tural Congress meets In ludlnnapolio on next Tuesday, tho 27th lust., and will continue In session for three days. This society was originally organized In 1870 nt Jackson, Miss., for the purpose of • advancing the agrt cultural lutorcols of (ho. Southern Stales, Its last sonslons wore hold in 1871 at NnnhviUo, and 1873 at 81. Louis, where Us charier was made na tional. J. P, Reynolds, of this Slate, was at tbo last session elected President. He, together with Emory Oobb and A. M. Garland, of tills State are delegates from our Stale Hoard of Agriculture to tbo Congress, W. 0. Flagg and 11. M. Smith, President and Secretary of tbo Farmers* Association of this Stale, are also del egates. Tho proceedings will bo looked to with inter est, os gentlemen prominent In tho ogrlcultural Inter ests of (ho United States will bo present, and shapo tbo action of tho Congress, Tho reunion of the Fourteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry In thin city to-dny was n very pleasant affair. About fifty of the original members of tho regiment were In attendance. They woro received by Gov. Hovorldgo in tho Representatives Troll, from which place they visited Oak Rldgoaud partook of a lunch. Gov. Palmer, tho first Colonel of tuo regiment, gave an historical account of tho service of (bo regiment, which was listened to with interest. This evening Gov. Palmer gave ft collation to all the members of tbo regiment at bis house, whore each fought Ids battles over. The occasion wan a very enjoyable one. Gov. Rovorldgo to-day pardoned from (ho Peniten tiary George Rico, sentenced for seven years for rob bery In 1870. by tho Recorder's Court of Cook County. - An Important suit has Just been settled boro to-day. In 1871 the City of Springfield levied a water, gas. and sower lax. The various churches of tbo city ana tho Settle Stuart Institute refused to pay It, on tho ground that it was a general tax, and they woro consequently exempt under tho law. Tho Collector brought suit to recover judgment against the property, - but Judge Croak, of tho County Court, decided (hat tho defense was good; that tho tax was general, and could not bo collected from tho churches and the Institute. DES MOINES. Probable IHurdor—Damages Awarded •»>iUtiil»lSobbor ArroMted* Special Dinpatch to The Chicago Tribune, ' Ces Moines, May 24.—'Tho Coroner's Inquest In the case of John Hunter, found dead on the bock Island Railroad bridge, hut adjourned over till Monday. Tho opinion that ho was murdered and then placed on tho track Is general, and more proofs of this Mere ad duced to-day. In tho United States Circuit Court, to-day, in tho case of Ames vs. Tho Milwaukee ft St. Paul Railroad, tho Jury awarded tho plaintiff $4,000 damages. Tho suit was brought by the plaintiff for damages to his wife by an accident, resulting in a miscarriage. Dubuque, lowa, May 24. —Antony Myers, charged with tho murder of Michael Duffoy at Now Albln, lowa, a few weeks ago, was examined at Lansing, in ttila State, yesterday, and bound over In the sum, of SO,OOO for trial on tho 21st of June. O. E. Tutllo, a clerk in tho Orosco (Iowa) Poat-Offico, was to-day aarosted by special Mall Agent Van Leuven for rifling a registered letter directed to Wlndom, Minn., of S3O, on the 27th of Mnrub lost. NEW YORK. Tunneling: the lHucUoii—British Sea* mou—Libel Smlt—TrUlu’s Cauc—lUac» Donnell) the Alleged English Forger —’Vnclillug—lmmigration—Fire Sta tlatlcN. NewYomr, May 24.—A proposition has boon inado In tho Now York Legislature to tunnel tho Hudson River, so ns to admit of tho passage of railway trains from New Jersey and Now York without change of bulk, \ -. To-day being tho Qfty-fourth anniversary of tho birthday of • Queen Victoria, flags were displayed by tho British shipping In p»rt, and a salute was fired. Mr. Archibald, the British Consul at this port, says that the stories Vcontly circulated about hla having a pecuniary lUcrcst Ju the shipping and discharging of British Bmmon wero started by shipping agents, who, under thoregulallons established by him, are prevented from practicing their former Impositions. Oliver Charllck, declining a nomination for Presi dent of tho new Police Board, was dioeeu Treasurer. Tho JSccnini 7 Post having spoken of Mr. Obarlick Ju what ho regards as a libelous manner, bo has begun suit against tho proprietors, laying hit damages at SIO,OOO. • Tho remains of tho late Minister Orr will be received hero by tho Frcc-Musons. Judge Fanchor to-day granted nn order requiring tho Sheriff to produce Uoorgo Frauds Train before him on Wednesday next, to inquire into his sanity. Among tho papers submitted to Judge Fanchor, on which tbo order was granted, was one from Train, in which bo insists ho is perfectly sane; is a person of liberal - education, and of groat mental capacity and force; tho owner of a million dollars landed estate In Omaha; a hundred thousand dollar one in Council Bluffs, and a live thousand dollar one in Columbus, Neb.; that lie has a valid claim fora million dollars against tho Union Pacific Railroad Company, and an other of $300,000 ocalust tho Kansas Pacltio Railroad, and that tbo recent verdict of “uot guilty on the ground of insanity*’debars him from signing papers 1 of tho. "Credit Fonder of America,” of which ho Is President, Now writs of habeas corpus and certiorari have been obtained in Iho case of George MacDonnell, charged with complicity In tho Batik of England forgeries, and are made returnable before Judge Blatchford, on Wednesday next. Tho object of obtaining tho now writs Is said to bo to secure two chances for MncDon noil’s discharge, and to enable nn appeal to tho United States Supremo Court, if necessary. A story is current that tho clerks In tbo District At torney’s office have boon assigned to the duty of ascer taining tho social and business status of the citizens summoned to act as Jurors In tho Tweed caso on Tuesday next. The Royal Western Yacht Club of Ireland baa invited tho Now York Yacht Club to participate in their annual regatta at Queenstown, July 30. The special prlzo la n cup presented by Queen Victoria, From tho Ist April to tho 10th May, present year, 00,501 immigrants landed at this port. ' Seventeen thousand arrived during tho past week. During tho year ending April SO, 1873, there were 1,017 flies In this city; amount of losses adjusted, $34,000,037; total amount of Insurance on property damaged, $14,890,034. Uout.-Gov. lleury U. Holt, of Michigan, sailed for Europe to-day. Killed ills Daiiplifcor* Memphis. May 24.— Frank Donuts, a cook on tho river, residing at No. 00 Hill street, found his daughter Fanny, - aged 10, in a house of iIT-f&mo to-day. After taking her homo ho began to boat her. Suddenly she staggered and fell against a sowing machine, and in. a few minutes expired. An inquest was hold and a verdict rendered that she came to her dvath from blows indicted by her father.' Dennis surrendered to tho po lice and was Jailed. TO RENT. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in tho Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults. English Tile Floors through out the Building, Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- cation. W. 0. DOW, Room SI Tribune Building. DISSOLUTION NOTICES. DISSOLUTION. The firm heretofore oxlstlug umlor the uamo of Davila and Ronnobls was dissolved (May S3) by mutual consent William O, Retinoid* will continue tho business. JOHN 11. DAVLIN, WM. Q. RKNNQLDB. DISSOLUTION. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm naiuoof I), F. Chase A Uro., Is dissolved by mutual con« sent. Tho books and accounts will be kept at ilia office of Chase A i’atu (our successors). No. 511 Arcbur-nv., who are authorized to collect uud settle all debts due the late firm, which must ho paid at once. J). F. GIIAHK. Chicago, Mayl, Iniß. 11. W. OUAtiti. OOPARTNEKSHIP. The undersigned have entered into copartnership under thu firm name of Chase A Pate (ns successors to I>. F. Chaso A Uro.), and removed to No. 511 Arohur-nv. (9 blocks west of llalitud-st.}, whore they will continue tho lumber business In all Us braohus. fl. W. CIIAWK, Chicago- May 1, ls7H. U. H. PATIC. BUSINESS GARBS. 0. H. LAWRENCE & 00., PROVISION AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NKW OIUiKANS, I,A. AMUSEMENTS. AIKEN'S THEATRE. Last week of tho Spring Reason,'an<t lait appearance of ~ tuu celebrated IjATTRA KEH3STB AND HER EXCELLENT COMBINATION. Monday Rvanlog and or ory ovoalnjt until further no tice, also Wednesday ami Saturday Matinees. first pro. auction m Chicago of the suooosaful drama, written ex pressly (or MUa Koono, entitled 1 1 1 Hunted Down; or, Tlie Two lives of Mary Lelgti. ‘ Friday—BENEFIT OF LAURA KRKNIJ. ■ ■ HOOLEY’S THEATRE. ■ BEST COMPANY IN AMltlltOA. • ANOTHER NEW PLAY I Monday, May 20, during tluj week and Wednesday and Haturday Mnttnoos, Bart ley OampheU’o powerful American Drama, THROUGH FIRE ! With an Unapproachable Cast and Entire Now Scenery, N. B,—Owing to the elabornto preparation necessary to {lmproper production of “The Gentle Savage," It hna boon nnaroldably postponed fora fow daya longer; It will positively bo tbo next norclty. In preparation; '‘Hinnko." MoYIOKEB'S THEATBE, Last Week of the Scnson! Last. Nights of Edwin Adamsl EVEny Evjmi.vn and, Saturday maiinhk, ENOCHAE.DEMI .New and Beautiful RcOnory. Novel. Mechanical KlTeols. Next week—TUß KATIE PUTNAM COMBINATION. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Ualstod-at., near Madison. THIRD SUCCESSFUL WEEK OF THF, GRAND COMBINBTION FROM THE THEATBE OOMIQUB, Broadway, N. Y, Entire change ovory Mohday and Thursday. THE TUBE TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 27-A Raco for a nnras of SIUO. between M. J. Toamny’s a. m. MAYFLOWER, W. Oglesby's b.m. PRAIRIE QUEEN, audWm. Ba. kor'ar. g. 111(311 FLYER; to bo run on tbo half-mile track on Arohor-av,, two miles vtoat of Brighton, at tbo place known as MURPHY’S TAVERN. Milo boats, boat two out of throo. OCEAN NAVIGATION. STATE LINE STEAMSHIP COMPANY. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BEL FAST AND LONDONDERRY. These elegant now steamers will sail from Slate Lino Plor. Fatten Ferry,.Brooklyn, N. Y, ataafollws; VIRGINIA. B.MXJ tons Wednesday, .Juno 11. PENNSYLVANIA, 9,6C0 tons...4..Wednesday, Juno 26. GEORGIA, 9.600t0ns ~ .Wednesday. July 9. Fortnightly thereafter. AUSTIN BALDWIN k 00.^ Btoeragfl oQlbo, «Bro^n , fV? Bt0 ‘ dW ’ ALLAN LINE Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. First-class Steamships, Unsurpassed for Sped and Comfort, running on the Shortest Sea Routes between EUROPE AND AMERICA RATESOP PASSAGE: CABIN ob low a* by any other FIRST-CLASS LINES. Return ticket* at great reduction, BIBKRAOR Tickets either to or from Europe, also at lowest rates, and through to point* In tbo Weil lower than by other lines. RATES OF FREIGHT; Tariff arranged on all classes Merchandise from Liver pool or Glasgow TflUOUQlito Chicago. Forothcr Information, or freight contracts, apply attho Company's QtUco, 73 and 74 LoSallo-st. ■ ALLAN A 00., Agonta. MTOIAL m. Sailing from Now York for Quoonslown and Liverpool every Saturday, and for London direct o very fortnight. Calm Passage SBO, S9O, anil SIOO Gnrrency. Excursion Tickets at favorrj’lo rates. Intending paa songors should tosko early application fur berths. _ ... HTEHUAOIC, 829.00 currency. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, ortxmdou, $31.00 currency. ’ 1 Passengers booked to or from German and Scandlaa vian points at low rates. The Steamships of this lino are the largest In the trade. Drafts on Great Britain, Ireland, and Dio Continent. WIHJAJI JtACALISTER, „ .. . _ Oon’l Western Agent, Northeast comer Clark and Ilandolph-sta. (opposite new Miomuiu House), Chicago. CDNAED MAIL LINE. ESTABLISHED 1840- Stoam DctivccuNewYoi % Boston, and Liverpool. .May 28 .Juno 4 ■Juno XI Calabria, Parthin,, Samaria. ..Mar 24 I Java... ..MarSl Cuba., .Juno 7 ( Scotia And from Boston every Taosdar. Cabin Passage, SBO, 8100 and 8130, Gold. Pa L &a £ o - SMoutroncy. Passengors and freight R?oh?r».V#,?U«n “i nL pft . rtß ?* Europe at lowest rates.. SlgbtUrafUon Groat Britain, Ireland, and the Continent. P. U. DU VKawilT, Gon’) West'n Agent, Sailing twice a week from Now Vork, and oarirlnv nss. songorslo All Parts of Groat Britain. Ireland. Continental Europe, and the Mediterranean. Cabin (tom 846 • Kteer. ago, British and Irish porta east. ®t»i west, s£3. Oontl noutal port* same aa other rogularllnee. All payable tn U. H. ourronoy. Apply for full Information at tuo Com. pany's offices. No. 7 Bowling Qroon, NowYotk, and N. B. corner LaSaiio and Madlson-sts., Chicago. HENDERSON BROTHERS, Agents. FLORIDA WATER, IMPERISHABLE FRAGEAEE! lURBATFuffIifS CELEBRATED HIAITEB. The rlohcat, moat hating, yet moat'delicate of all Per famea, for nao on tho HANDKERCHIEF, At the TOILET, And in tho BATH. As (hero aro imitations and counterfoils, always ask for tho Florida Wntsr which has on tho bottle, on tho label, and on tho pamphlet, tho names of AIUItIIAY tk IiANDIAN* without which none Is genuine. For sale by all Perfumers, Druggists, anil Dealers lu Fancy Goods. COAX. Goal Beduced. Wo soil Lackawanna at $10; Briar Hill, Kirkland Grata, Wabash and Illinois Goal, and all kinds of Wabash-av. and Madison-st. MEBICAL CARDS. DR. C. BIGELOW CONFIDENTIAL PHYSICIAN. <M BUto-st., Chicago, It is wall known hr all readers of the papers, that Dr O. Bigelow U the oldest established physician In Chicago. Bclonoo and exnprloncß have mado Dr. B. tbs most ro. Downed HI KOIALIHI of the age. honored by the press, esteemed of the highest medical attainments by all the vtM ifw /»iwi?s °r r trip t l a * r ' h doTotod TWENTY YEAUH Ui HIS LIFE In perfecting remedies that will 1 IVws^V« na? I *. a I CMCfI of OUUONIO AND SPECIAL i>loKAoli.n in both Boxes. consultation piuck. separate parlors fiKlf} °“ U n fipnUBSPONUKNOB SSaßimj&fc N A^ ?teto■!lt! t<,n, ■ * Dr. Kean, 3QO South Clark-st., Chicago, ®°*>fldontlally consulted, jiorsonalJy or by mall, free ot clbarge. on all chronic or nervous diseases. rauta cursor no 0Ul * pby * loUn lH tllo *** " Uo wnr “ QU U ,&W%ZIV°' e ° o “ n, ‘- Hunior. DR. A. G. OLIN, oliruhlu, aitd iiervous disoasos In both sexes. Rend two stanips for Medical Treatise. Full information.. Con* simailpn free. Correspondence confidential. Hoparato reuuu (or ladles andseutlooioa. Board, attendance, oto. FINANCIAL. LAKE SHOEE & MICHIGAN SODTHBRN RAILWAY COMPANY. NEW SINKING FUND BONDS, COUPON AND REGISTERED. $6,000,000. lloncTa Duo Oct • I* 1882, vvlfh Intercut at Seven per Cent, payable BcmUamumlly, April ami October, at tbo ofllco of tbo Uplnn Trust Co. of Now York. SOOO,OOO, or Ton per Gent of tbo Loan, to be retired annually by tbo Sinking Fund, Conpon Foods 0f... >.51,000 eneb. Registered Fonda of SI,OOO, $6,000 and SIO,OOO caob. Prioo, 94 and Accrued Interest. ROBINSON, CEASE & CD. ba,3ste:ee.s, Up. 18 Broad-st., KTew York, UNDERWEAR. raniim Spring and Summer Merinos, An gola Flannels, Silk, Lisle Thread, Joan, Linen, Jaooonot, &a., in line goods, at bottom prloos. WILSON BROS., B. E. cor. of Slafo and Washington**!*., J nKi„«„« "Arcado Court,” Olnrk-st., south of Madison, j Uhlcago. And Plko’a Opora House. Cincinnati. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTI Spring Arrangement. Kxplahatiok op Reference M eoptfld. * Sunday oxcoptod. 1 M rlvo Sunday at 8:00 o, in. 6 Dally. MICHIGAN CENTRAL A GREAT ■ Dej>ot, foil t\f lake it ..and fa Tiektt qfflce, 76 Canat-it,, cot Maiirs.—t Satardayox. londay ozcoptod. I At- WESTERN RAILROADS 'oot V lieenty*eeond‘H tmtrqf .VadUon, Mall Ma main and air lino) Day Express Jackson Accommodation......... Atlantic Express Night Express INDIANAPOLIS VIA VB1U) ROAD. Ma 11... Night Expre55.,.;,.,... GRAND RAPIDS and pkntwater. Morning Express Night Express....... * 6:30 a m. *9:00 «. m. fi 3:33 p. m. ( 5:15 p. m. T*o:oop.m. * 6:80 a. m. 19:10 p. m. 9,00 a. tn. 19:10 p.m. O. WENTV iral Passont UKNRY i 1 Qom CHICAGO & ALTON R Chicago, Alton <t St, Louie Tltrou (J lo.) nets ehort rouleSrom Chieag Depot, Weet Side, near MadUon-tt RAILROAD. 119 ft Li ne, am jo to Kan*iu‘ if. bridge. Bt. Louts A Springfield Express, via Main Lino , Kansas City Fast Express, via Jacksonville, 111., and Louisi ana, M 0.,... Wonona, Laoon, Washington Ex f press (Western Division.) ollot A Dwight Aooomo'dntlon. t. Louis A Springfield Lightning Express, via Main Lino, andalso via Jacksonville Division....... Kansas Cifr Express, via Jack sonville, 111., A Louisiana, Mo.. JefTorson City Express Peoria, Keokuk A Burl’n Ex * 9:15 a. in. • 9;18 n. m. • 4:10 p. m. * 4 ;IQ p. ta. H9:oop. m. ITfliOOp. m. U9;oop. ra. • 9:00r. m. Dally, via Main Lino, and dai Jacksonville Division, it Dally, i except Monday, via Jacksonville : lly except Saturday, via via Main Lino, and doily Division. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & SI t'nfon Depot, corner .Vadhon and 03 Souln Clark-tl, , oppoeite Shermi Milwaukee, St. Paul A Mlnneap ollsDay Express Milwaukee A Pralrlo dn Olden Mall and Express.. Milwaukee, Bt, Paul A Mlnneap oils Night Express •9:00 a. m. 1 4:30 p, m. 19:0Q p. m. CHICAGO. BURLINGTON &C Depete—tonl t\f Lakeat., /ndfonc and Cnnol and Sixteenth.sU. Jfoute, JVo. K'J 6'/urA~-it., and q( ti lUINCY RAILROAD. vny v and Klxltenlh-ri,, Ticket offices ir» Sriggt Itpvtt. Leave. Arrive. ' 7:45 a. m. 7:45 a. m. * 9:10 a. m. '10:00 a. tn. * 8:15 p. m. * 4:30 p. m. * 1:45 p. in. * 6:30 p, m. 1.00 p. m, t 0:C0p. m. tll:00p. m. *11:00 a. m. * 6:15 p. m. Ottawa and Stroatur Passenger. Dnbnque and Hlom CUy Exp.., Pacific Fast Lino. Galesburg Passong*or! !.*!!.! I’*!!* Mendota A Ottawa Pasaonger... Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger Aurora Passenger (Sunday).,.,. Dubuque A Sioux City Exp Pacific Night Express,.....”.!! Downer’s Grove Accommodation Downers Grovo Accommodation ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD. JJtpol fool of Lakesl, and fool of T\ctn(u-*4eon Office*, 121. Jlamlnlph-at., neur Clark, and comsr of Maditon, St. Louis Express St. Louis Fast Lino Cairo Mail Cairo Express Springfield Express Springfield Express Dnbuqno A Sioux City Ex. Dubnquo A Sioux City Ex. Effingham Passenger Kankakee Passenger Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods {}ydo Park and Oak Woods Hjdo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hydo Park and Oak Woods Hyde Park and Oak Woods * 8:25 a. m. t 8:15 p. m, * 8:25 a. m. t B:15p. m, * 8:25 a. m. 18:16 p. m. 4 9:15 a. m. t 9:00 p. m. * P:lsp. m. *ll slop, m, * 6:10 a. m. * 7:10 a. m. { 9:00 a. ra, $13:10 p. m, * 8:00 p. ra. * 4:30 p. m. 5:15 p. m. * 6:10 p. ra. *ll;10p. ra. CHICApO & NORTHWEST! Ticket office, corner liandolph and . Jladiton-tl, ERN RAILRi AaSaJ(e-*(., < Pacific Fast Lino Dubuque Day Ex. via Clinton... Pacific Night Express... Dubuque Night Ex, via Clinton. Freeport A Dubnquo Express.... Freeport A Dubuque Express.... Milwaukee Mall,. Milwaukee Express..* Milwaukee Posseugor Milwaukee Passenger (daily)..., Owen ilay Express .... St. Paul Express Oreo a Bay Express St. Paul Express.. *10:15 a. m. It) :16 a. m. 110:45 p. ra. 10:45 p. m. * 9:15 a. m. * 9:15 p. m, * 8:00 a. m. * 9:30 a. m. * 5:00 p. m, {11:00 p. tn. 9:40 a. m. •lojlo a. tn. * 9:00p, m. 19:30 p. m. CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & 4 Depot, corner qf Uarriton and Sfl, S3 ir««l Madieo PACIFIC RAILROAD, Wmoiwrt. TicJctl office. Leave. | Arrive. 'I0:IC a. m. • BM6p. ra . IMP. m. • fiiioa, ra . tl0:00p. m. t 7SOU a. m. jlOsOOp.m. | 7:00 a. m. Omsbs, Lcaroaw’thAAtchlson Ex Fern Acoonunodatlon . Night Kipross..,. Leavenworth A Atchison Express niSF S H °BE & MICKIQAN SOUTHERN RAILROAD. .SAmnon-il,. 2tc**| effieeM ’ <MOa * m - 7i Atlantic Kxproß»!*vla Air'uVjo!! * 646 n* S’ * J '-WS'S 1 : 4 l South Chicago Accommodation.. laioo In. 10, ] CHICAGO, DANVILLE & VINCENNES RAILROAD rcustwjer Ihnol at l\ C «#•«.•/ r«,w. », , mt **uwu, not and /Hnxic~Ut. c * Depot, j* a, “ i "«*«< ■#« 168 111 Leave. ~~j Arrive. ' E‘M»;iiTo'yTi:;^vr;,: ?ijgg: S;|: j’ITTSBURtM. FOR I WAYNE & CHICAGO RAILROAD. Day Kinross..,.. « ~ Paclflo Expreu.. ar l; VJ? n * lri * J Valparaiso CHCAGO & PACIFIC RAILROAD !«aaSsk,;a Ilosclln Accommodation in« er Accommodation. lUver Park Accommodation. CH'CA D. through Arriveat U huflaiiniiollV * ■ Jiff}** *“• S * ; « P. m Atrire«t omcinpgti S: to ;• » i : OF TRAINS. Leave, Arrive, 1 8:46 p. m, ' 8:00 p. ra, jl0:20a. ra. 8:00 a. ra. m. *8:43 p. m. *6:30 am. 8:00 p. m: *G:OOa. m. /ORTH, tor Agent. irtXoufitan't Oily. Union Leave. Arrive, •8:10 p. ta. * 8:10 p. m, • 8:10 p. m. * 9:10 a. m. U7:30 p. tn. P7:30 a. m. 7:?Oa. m. 8:10 p. m PAUL RAILWAY. Canal.tit,; I'irJcet Office m IToute, and at Depot. Arrive , /-cave. 17:20 a. m. •11:20 a. m. 4.15 p. m. BKX)p. m. 2:18 p. mi 8:15 p. m. 8:00 p. wi 9:55 a. m> 8:15 a. m. 8:55 a. ra. 9:55 a. in* 7:00 a. m. : 6:00 a. ra -5:50p. m. 7:18 a. m. n d-tt. Tiekti 75 CdnaUit,, Leave, Arrive. * 8:30 p. m. * 7:55 a. ra. * 4:46 p. m. * 7:55 a. ra. * 4:45 p. m. * 7:56 a. ra. * 2:00 p. m. t 7:00 a. m. * 9:00 a. m. * 9:30. a. ra. * BHBa. ra. * 7:45 a. ra. * 8:40 a. ra. * 9:20 a. in. {10:30 a. m. { 1:45 p. m 4 6:20 p. ui. * 6:55 p. m. * 7;40p. ra. lOAD. and 31 IT«t Leave, Arrive. * 8:16 p. m. 8:15 p. ra. £6:30 a. m. 6:30 a. m. * 2;00p. m. * 7:00 a. ra. *10:15 a. ra. * 4:00 p. m. * 7:40 p. m. 4 6:00 a. m. 4 7:00 p. m. 6.OUp, m, * 6:50 a. m. t 0:20 a. m. Leave, Arrive, 9:IX) p, tu. 8:00 p. m. 8:00 a. m. i<i:3oa. m. 9'A'ja. iu, in. Leave, Arrin. f7s3op. m. [ 6:JOa. m. rSsixia.m. ! dsiop. m. tn. Leave, Arrive. Jiloa.m. 1-15 n.m, UJ;SI n.m. JS-IMU. 7:31 n. i,

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