26 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6

26 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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6 MONEY AND COMMERCE MONETARY. Saturday Evkntno, May 24. There boa boon a gradual progress toward ease In tbo local money market daring tbo past week. Borne of tbo banks that bavo a largo lino of mercantile accounts bavo experienced an extremely -active demand for money, but, H has boon mainly from merchants whoso capital is small l in comparison to their business and who. are consequently al ways hard-up. Aside from this tboro has been scarcely as much demand for money at ■omo of the banks as they would like, and in »6mo quarters mouoy is offered freely on collat erals at 10 per cent, and on call oven at 8 per cent. Tbo business In local stocks has boon un usually small for tbo last two weeks. In oases whero parties bavo boon obliged to port with city railway, which pays 20 per cent, and eomo of the bank stocks wblob pay from 12 to 15 per cent, fair prices bavo been ob tained, but, on tho whole, there was bat little done. Exchange was Armor to-day at. 250 por SI,OOO premium. , The clearings of tho Chicago banka for tho week wore Clearing*. Balance*. 14,201, 580.05 $409,751.89 8,670,808,39 368,654.79 3,212,407.64 269,612.13 8,070,302.07 812,821.04 .8,005,668.31 371,613.66 8,033,870.70 841,208.81 Date, Monday Tticadny.,., Wednesday Thursday.. Friday... Saturday The following quotatlona of local stocks are furnished by Moaara. Hammond & Gage t Bid, Asked. ■Tint National Bank. 150 ... Third National Bank I*o Fifth NaUonal 80nk...... ... Commercial National Bank.. 140 145 Merchants’ NaUonal Bank 200 ... Gorman National Bank. 125 130 Manufacturers’National 8ank..,,..... 10j 116 Northwestern NaUonal Bank.. 220 ... Com Exchange National Bank 120 125 City NaUonal Bank 146 • • • Cook County NaUonal Bank 100 101 National Bank of Illinois..'.; 112 ... NaUonal Bank of Commerce 104 lio Chlt»go City MWiij 160 105 West Division Kaliway 180 1«0 North Division Kailway 08 . 100 tuUman Palace Oar. 112 V • Elgin Watch Company 105 110 Chicago Gas-Light and Coke Company. 108 110 Chamber of Commerce 95 ... Traders’ Ins. Co 100 ... LOCAL STOCK AND BOND MABKET, • Messrs. Lunt, Preston & Kean quote as fol lows this afternoon t Buying. . Belling . 6-20* of ' 62 no*# no;* 6-20flof’C4 11C« HO,** 6-20* of 'OS 118)1* 118,S 6-20* of *OS. Jan. and July 110)? 110)2 6-209 of '67, Jan. and July 121)? 121 6-20a'of *CB, Jon. and July 120 120)? 1040b...... :.iuy, ii*« tJ. 8.6 a (new Issue) 116# 116# Gold (full weight) .118 118# Gold Coupons 118 118# Gold Exchange. 118# Sterling Exchange 100#®110# Northern Pacific Gold 7-30s .... 100 & int. Chicago City 7s Oo# k int. Cook County 7s 09# tint. Illinois County and Township 10s 96(308 100 a war 1812 178 139 130 a war 1812.-. 136 143 160b, not war 1813 *......176 187 120b, not war 1812 -..133 HO Agricultural College Land Scrip 185 New York, May 24.—Money was easy on coll to-day, and ranged from 7 to 6 per cent. Legal-tenders outstanding. $66,365,000; a decrease since last Saturday of $146,000. Foreign exchange was lower, with actual business at -108# to 108# for prime banker’s CO days, and 109# to 109# for sight. Customs receipts, $314,207. Gold waa active, with a further advance. Tho price ranged from 118# to 113#, and cloned at 118# to 113#. The rates paid for carrying were 4, 6, 2, and ; S per cent. Tho back statement is unfavorable, and shows a net loss of $890,800 In tho legal reserve. The statement waa a general disappointment to tho street. Tho honks as a whole now have $4,070,416 above the 05 por . cent required by law. Tho percentage of reserve to ' the total liabllltcs Is 27.03 for the National banks, 34,46 for the Stale banks, and 20.72 for tho banka in the aggregate. . Gold clearances, $135,709,000. The Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day SIOO,OOO, The Treasury operations for tho week at the New - York office included the disbursement of $924,000 gold for Interest, and $18,700 in tho redemption of C- 1 20 bonds, and tbo receipt of $2,300,312 for customs. The • Treasury also sold $1,000,000 gold, and bought $600,000 bonds. Part of tho gold was paid for in legal tender notes, which probably explains tho decrease In tho bank statement. Government bonds closed strong at tho highest quo tations of the week. The dullness which characterized the stock specula ' ilon during the week was more marked to-day. Aside ' from a few shares the changes were very small.. The ' Exchange had but a slim attendance of brokers, and - the market at times wss neglected. The bank state . -menthad little effect on prices. The largest dealings ■ were in Pacific Mall, which fell off from is y % to 45, ad - vsneed to 45#. ana sold at 45#Q45# at the dose. Western Union declined from 85# to 84#, with the latest transactions at intermediate' quotations. Erie was dull at 63#®53063#, and tbo changes in the re mainder of the list were only # to #, the latter fluctu ation being exceptional. Sterling, 10%. aOTSUKUE Coupons, >Bl 12% 6-208 of .’62 116# > Coupons,» 64 ..... ..11% ■ Coupons, *65 118# Coupons, *66 (now).. .110# STATE : Missourls... 03# Tenncsecee, old 81 Tennossees, new......80# Virginias, n0w........50 '' BTOI . Canton.... 08 | • ‘Western Union 8% i Quicksilver 40# I ; AdaasExpress...... 03 ■ Wells Fargo 80 American' Express... 67 United States Ex.... 70 Pacific Mall 45# New York Central... 100# Erie....;... 63# Er10pfd...73 Harlem 120# Harlem pfd.. 130 Michigan Central. ...103 . Pittsburgh 87 Northwestern... 75 Northwestern pfd.,.. 84 Book Island 107# - N.- J. Central 105# St. Paul..; 54 cur nouns. Coupons '67. 121# Coupons, *6B 120# 10-408 114# Currency 6b 116 New 55.., 116# BONDS. Virginias, old ..43 North Carolln&a, 01d..28# North Carolina*, n0w.16 Straulpfd... 72# Wabaah ;... 68# Wabash pfd 83 Fort Wayne 03 Terra Haute 16 Terre Haute pfd 40 Chicago & Alton 109 Chicago It Alton pfd.llo Ohio 1c Mississippi.. 41# 0., O. k 0 88. C., 13, & Q 109 Lake 5h0re.....,.,., 00# Indiana Central...... 30# Illinois Central HR Union Pacific 30#. Union Pacific bonds. 66# Central Pacific bonds,lo2#‘ Del. Lack. & Wostcrn.lo3# Hartford4t Erie...,. 9# REAL ESTATE. Tho volume of business in tool estate baa been smaller during tho past week than tho previous one, and it is probable that as far as largo trans actions in acres'and in suburban lands generally are concerned, the heaviest business is over. The advent of pleasanter weather, and probably also tho drawing of a large number of strangers here to the Jubilee on tho sth of next mouth, will help to revive speculation and investment to some extent. But for tho rest of the summer the sale of property will consist more largely of transactions in small lots for actual occupation by the purchasers. Tho volume of business la therefore likely to be smaller, but of a ■ moro legitimate character than during the • last throe months. As mentioned last week, the quarters whore there is tho great est activity in tho purchase of lots at from SSOO to $1,600 each are around tho 'Western limits of building improvements all tho way from tho district around Humboldt Park around to tho Btook Yards and down to Englewood. Tho latter place Is growing with wonderful rapidity, and a long, scattering hue of fifty or sixty new woodon cottages is being pushed northward between Hoi sted street and tho Book Island Ballroad, to moot another similar ono that is bolng pushed south ward from tho vicinity of tho Stock Yards. Those two lines of improvemontwill soon meet about tho Fifty-fifth street boulevard—which, by tho way, Is being Improved with a fine graveled roadway Into tho Town of Lako—so that a year hence tho lino of building improvements will bo continu ous all the way, and Englewood will seem much less remote and disconnected with tho city than now. Following tho line of the suburban trains on tho Fort Wayne and Michigan Southern Ball roads tho lino of improvements is also progress ing southeastward toward Cornell to moot thoro another lino that is following tho suburban trains of tbo Illinois Central down from Hydo Park* Between tho two linos of im provement mooting at Cornell thero is a narrow strip of property averaging nearly half a mile wide, extending from near Thirty first street south to Seventy-fifth street, and lying next west of the South Park and Boule vards, that has not improved much, because tho land is owned by capitalists Who lirvo held it lot tbo Investment. But this spring tboro ore ta xations of A BUTEHIOR CLASS OP IMTnoVEMENTfI beginning In tho whole of this district. Tho most northern portion of it lies between Thirty first and Thirty-fifth streets, and extends oast and west from Forrest avenue to Cottage Qrovo avenue. In this area not loss than fifty good brick and stone-front dwellings have boon erected within tho past year, and wo heat of as many- more of oven a bettor class to bo erected there this ! summer. Among them are tUd following for : which tho contracts have boon lot, and building will begin within a week or two : Nino brown etono octagon fronts, each twtf stories and basement, on tho northeast comer of llhodos avenue and Thirfcv-third street. Three marble fronts on Thirty-third street' (north front), cast of Cottage Grove'avenue. Two marble fronts on Vernon avenue (for merly Colfax avenue), nt Thirty-fourth street. Two marble fronts on BouthPnrkjivonue, fifty foot south of Thirty-second street. Two marble fronts on Calumet avenue, just south of Thirty-second street. Four two-story and basement bricks on For-- rost avenue, just north of Thirty-second street. Besides tho above, a number of, single houses' of tho same, or oven a bettor class, will bo in process of erection in tbo same vicinity this summer. Thirty-first street has' boon ordered paved from State street to Cottage Grove, and bids fair to become a business street, which will divide the neighborhood in question from the one north of it. ■ Further eoutb, Mr. H. E. Pickett has made arrangemonte for building twonty-two handsome stone-front dwellings on Prairie avenue, north of Thirty-ninth street. On the Grand Boulevard Messrs. Allen A Bart lett (buildoru) have bought 75 foot oast front lust eouth of Forly-aocond atroot, at 9200 nor front foot, and are to build tbore throe very uuo brown stone fronts to cost over 920,000 each. On Michigan avenue, 125 foot south of Fortieth street, Mr. W. 11. Doroy has sold a lot on the west side of tho street at 9185 per front foot, on which tho purchasers are under contract to build this summer. OK Tim NORTH BIDE the activity in sales of lots and in improve ments is confined to the “ burnt district,” and north of that is nearly all west of Clark atroot.. The decision of the Court on Friday in favor of the Lincoln Park assessments does not bv any moons settle tho question. The par ties who aro contesting this assessment are firmly convinced that tho assessment is not only illegal, but that there is “ a ring ” in it. How much foundation there may bo for this we do not presume to say, but it is at least apparent that tho opponents of tho scheme moan to fight it out on that lino, and will carry the case up to tho Supremo Court. THE OHIO AGO LAND COMPANY aro soiling a groat many lota in tholr now subdi vision just south of tho Northwestern car-shops, and thoro will bo a groat deal of improvement in that direction this spring independent of what tho Northwestern Railroad Company and tho Xiand Oompany.wlll do on thoir own account. THE WILMINGTON A IiACON BATLBOAD COMPANY whoso lino was mentioned a few weeks Ago as a possible connoctiug ono with a proposed lino through the centre of tbo Town of Cicero to tho 0., B. & Q. R. R. at tho junction of Twelfth and Rockwell streets, have, wo understand, mado proposals to tho Chicago Land Company lor a right-of-way directly north from about tho lino of Jackson street through tho coutro of tho south half of Sec. 10, and part of Beo. 15. to a junction with tbo Northwestern Railroad at the now oar shops. IMPROVEMENTS ON MILWAUKEE AVENUE. Tho paving of Milwaukee avenue, from Divis ion street to North avonuo, so long contemplat ed, will bo commenced about June 1, and com pleted by tbo Ist of August. As tbo paving pro- Sroßsoa, tho horse railroad company will lay own a donhlo track lino, and will run their cars to North avonuo. CENTRAL BUSINESS PROPERTY is not very easy to dispose of just at present. It is apparent to everybody that for tho immediate wants of irado, there la more than enough fine stores, and there is no inducement to build more just now, except in tho most cen tral. locations. It is plain that State street from Randolph to that magnificent piece of architecture, tho Palmer House, is to bo tho retail street par excellence of Chicago. But tho location of the Palmer House iu connection with, those of the Matteson and tho Gardner is likely' to tarn tho lino ol firet-claae retail buelnoes Into Wabash avenue, south of Monroe street ; and from there to Harrison street, the fine class of improvement already made on Wabash avonuo insures Its being tho next most desirable quar ter to tho port of State street above mentioned, for first-class retail trade. Messrs. Fhlnuoy & Lombard sold,' a few days since, a lot 20% feet front by 171 foot deep, on Michigan avonuo. noar Madison street, at $1,237.50 per front loot. Tho total price was $83,000, of which $2,000 was paid in cash and $13,000 in Calumet River property, leaving SIB,OOO to ho adjusted iusome other way. The above parties have also sold ton acres lying directly wostof Lombard A Sawyer’s Doug las Park Addition, between Ogden avonuo and Twenty-second strpot, just west of Douglas Park, for $28,000. ACRES. Among many other solos by tho aero, aro tho following recent ones: Eighty acres—sold by Messrs. Snyder & Lee in the N. W, # °* Sec. 6» Town of. Cicero, being ono milo northeast of Harlem Station, at SI,OOO nor acre. This price is above tho cash value, but It is understood that the consideration is largely in other property. Wo hear also of the sale of 20 acres in tho N. W. )£of See. 24, SO, 12. situated milo south of Haas' Park; consideration, SOOO nor aero. Tho purchaser sold this property before ho had his contract for $750 per acre. H. E. Picket bought of James E. Tyler 20 acres on tho north side of Harrison street, mile west of tho city limits; consideration, $2,600 per aero. L. Hodges sold 80 acres, being in B.of See. 'l2, 41,12, situated about %of a milo from Park Bidgo; consideration, S2OO per acre. A OUIUODS INCIDENT of tho unexpected acquirement of money by tho rise in value of real estate in this city transpired this week. At the time It. K. Swift,»tho banker, failed hero in 1858, an Irish laborer had SBOO in .thebank. Ho could get nothing olso for his' money than a deed from Mr. Swift for 20 acres of land several miles southwest of Brighton. It was not salable at any price, but thoman thought It was hotter than nothing. So ho kept it and Eaid taxes on it from year to year. Lately ho ad begun to think it would sell for something, ho did not know what. A few weeks ago lie placed it for sale in tho hands of Mr. W. D. Kor foot, who astonished him. and almost took his breath away by informing him, last Thurs day, that ho had*sold it for SB,OOO, The following Is tbe total amount of city and sub urban property transferred during tbe week ending Saturday, Alay 24 : City property. No. of bolob, 161: consideration, 1890.600. North of city limits, No. of Boles, 7; consideration, $10,050. South of city limits,. No. of Bales, 32 ; consideration, $87,130, West of city limits, No. of Bales, 3 ; consideration, $10,250. Total sales, 203; total consideration, $998,042. - COMMERCIAL. Batohday Evekiuo, May 24. The following wore tho receipts and shipments of tho leading articles of produce in Chicago daring tho past twenty-four hours, and for tho corresponding date ono year ago: Flour, brls ...I 7,6C5| 6,090 4,760 6,377 wheat, bu i 63,470 23.295 18,763 77,618 Corn bu 04,6401 214,643 - 24,453 808,468 . Oats, bu 77,8301 110,820 105,137 13,697 Bye, bu 1,739 6,604 827 4,220 Barley, bu 1.800 3,000 1,223 3,200 Grass seed, ft a 46,750 62,230 7,735 18,733 Flax seed, tbs 1,300 I *.... Broom corn, 1b«.... 10,800 i 28,280 16,730 Cured meats, 1b5.... 0,400 62,020 480,676 346,043 Beef, brls... 2 66 Pork, brla 282 850 Lard, lbs 7,600 8,140 268,760 28,313 Tallow, lbs 10,680 36,140 43,505 Butter. 11*8 ,01,501 67,470 11,400 43,325 Dressed hogs, No,. Live bogs, N0.,... 6.6C2 8,837 10,223 7,043 Cattle, No 2,642 2,316 3,334 3,766 fibcop, No 1,080 611 166 Hides, lbs 78,074 89,820 110,335 89,210 Ulghwlnou, brla.... 4C5 in 311 120 Wool, ft* 02,010 103,030 16,250 83,625 Potatoes, bu 3,490 3,355 • 1,694 734 Lumber, mft 4,391 3,060 2,780 1,684 Shingles, m 1,-oo 8,000 i,<;ui 1,740 Lath, m 344 218 308 8.7 Salt, brla 2,236 1,454 2,109 ■Withdrawn from store on Friday for city consumption : 0,291 bucom ; 0,716 bn oats; CliO bu ryo ; 600 bu barley. Withdrawn for do dur ing tbo past week t 6,189 bu wheat; 22,8H bn com; 21,700 bu oats; 3,176 bu ryo; 11,812bu barley. Tbo following groin Ims boon Inspected Into store ibis morning, up to 10 o'clock : 05 cars wheat; 171 cars com; 11,800 bu No. 2do by canal; 63 cars oats; 4 cars ryo. Total (303 care), 141,000 bu. _ £ho foiltwihg fforo tup receipts and shipments THE CHICAGO GAILY TRIBUNE: MONDAY, MAY 26, 1873. of broadstuffs and slock at ibis point'dnring tho week ending with this morning, and for oorro . spending weeks ending ns dated i REOr.IPTS. i . Maj) 24, JfrtvlT, MW 25, 1873. 1873/ 1872. ..... 48,962 63,843 87,104 ..... 61,46!) 71,334 72,605 BitirMrsTtf. .... 411,088 064,728 187,209 ..... 46,630 52,-445 48,709 ... ..10,464 10,572 14,033 Flour, lirlu Wheat, lm Gotu, Vm...,.. Ofltn, 1m....... Ujo, 1m....... Parley, 1m..... Live hogs, No. OnlUe, No Flour, brio Wheat, 1m......... Com, lm , Ofttn, 1m........... Tlyo, lm I7nrloy,lm Live boon, N0..... Cattle, No A good many people arc asking why more wheat la now going to Milwaukee than coming to Chicago, for some time past. Tbo reason is simple, but sufficient. The roads which carry grain to Milwaukee take It at a reduced rate from all points which are also connected with Chicago; so that, in most cases, tho cost of shipping and selling in Milwaukee is loss than tho simple oost'of shipment to this city. Those who know this foot ask tho question, l{ Cannot tho grain bo carried to Chicago at prices, that will pay to deliver It in Milwaukee Tho physical answer to this question is “Yea?" but there is an impediment in tho writ that has thus far operated as a moral impossibility. This, how ever, is only ono of several cases in which Chi cago is discriminated against by tbo railroads. A committee was appointed by tho- Board of Trado, some time ago, to investigate and re port in regard to tboso things, but no good has yet come of it. It is understood that an effort is being fnado to collect tho fees for tho inspection of grain through tho railroad companies, instead of through warehouses, tho latter being tbo more general way now. Tho difference between tho two plans is simply that tho railroad oollootion will secure tbo funds when tho service is per formed : while tho warehouse oollootion la not made till the grain is taken oufeof store. . • THE MARKETS. , There was n little more lifo in tho produce markets to-day, and a firmer tono all round, though twenty-four hours had elapsed without a storm. The business was, however, chiefly speculative, cash lots of produce not being' mentioned some times for a quarter of an hour together. Tho shipping movement was slow; but it is usually so on Saturday. The mass of operators did not soora to build much upon a continuance of fino weather. TUo inquiry for white and colored staple cot tons, and for seasonable dross goods. vraa_allglit ly more active than on previous days of tho week, but aside from ibis tbo movement was sluggish, and in most departments there was an apparent lack of firmness. Groceries were gen erally quiet, and, if wo except coffees, syrups, and spices, the quoted prices were only indiffer ently sustained. There was fair activity in tho butter market, and tho prices current earlier in the week wore uniformly well sustained. 'Within the past few days there has boon noticeable improvement in tho quality of tho offerings, a liberal proportion of that now coming forward being grass batter of good flavor, and yellow. Sales wore chiefly at 18@25c, though small lots of strictly choice at 20@270 was obtainable. Bagging remains quiet at 2Q%0 for Stark, 850 for Ludlow, 84>£o for Lewiston, and 82o* for American. • No now features woro developed la connection with tho choose, canned goods, and dried fruit markets, trade ruling dull at tho prices current yesterday. Fish continuoa’aclivo ami firm. Most descriptions are in light stock, and tho tendency in cod and fat mackerel is slightly in an upward*direction. Tbo bay market was in much the same condition’ ns noted in previous reports, pressed descrip tions mooting' with a good demand at firm prices. As farmers are now busy with their’ planting, there is only a moderate amount com ing, in, and dealers predict continued high prices. Tbo bide trade was dull, neither local nor outside tanners seeming inclined to operate to any largo extent, bub . the moderate stocks in storo and tbo continued light receipts stimulate holders, ■ and prices were fully maintained. Pip-iron was quoted dull and easier. Tobacco, paints, and paper stock sold at about former quotations. Tho oil mar ket was reasonably active, with prices un changed: Carbon at linseed at SI.OO @1.02, extra lard at 75c, wnalo at 870, and turpentine at 57@G80. Linseed is ntrong, with an advancing tendency. Lord oil is weak. Tho lumber trade continues active and tho market firm, especially for cargoes afloat. Met als, tinners’ stock, ana iron were in moderate re quest ; there was no quotable change in prices. The demand for building materials is improving somewhat under tbo influence of fine weather. Prices ore without” material change, though rather easy for common brick and lime. Thoro woro no now features to nolo in connection with tho wool market. Tho Western mills are buying old wool in small quantities, and tho stocks aro quite low, Tho now clip has hardly commenced to come forward. It is thought that prices will bo from B@6o lower than the present rates for old wool. Hops and broom com are without perceptible change: tho former ore quiet, while broom com is meeting with the usual demand, tho good grades being scarce and firm. There was very little doing in seeds, excepting Hunga rian and millet, which wore in moderate request at reduced prices. Poultry was in liberal supply but slow of sale, and prices ruled’weak and lower. Eggs woro oetlvo at closing quite firm. Green fruits, vegetables, and potatoes woro without particular change. Lake freights were dull, but nominally firm at tbo advanced quotations of Friday, both carriers and shippers holding off.' Several vessels ar rived in port last evening and this morning, but shippers wore indisposed to take hold till tho vessels ore ready to load, as tbo foot might work to their disadvantage. Carriers asked Co for com, and 7c for wheat, by sail, to Buffalo, and and for coni and wheat to Oswego or Kingston. Through freights to Boston, by lake and sail, quoted at 250 via Buffalo, and 2Co via Ogdonsburgb. Only one vessel was chartered to carry grain from this port, at $1,200 for tbo cargo of corn and oats; amount not slated. Highwines wore quiet, bat strong, at ad vance: 010 was bid, and 01>£o asked; Bales wero limited to ouo lot, which was differently re ported to bo 50 or 100 brls at 010 per gallon. Provisions wero znoro active and stronger, the recent severe drop having brought out • several speculative buyers, who thought it safe to take hold at tbo decline; added to which, bogs woro less plenty and higher, while other markets woro firmer than heretofore. Moss pork advanced . 360 per brl from tho reduced quotations of. last evening, and closed a shade easier. Lard was 200 per 100 lbs higher, being in’ good demand, but quiet, as buyers wore not generally prepared to meet tbo views of holders. Heats wero in somo demand for tiio Southern trade at tbo recent reduction in terms. The market closed at the following range of prices: Moss pork, cash or seller May, $15.00; do seller June, $15.00@15.G5; do seller July, SIG.OO@IO.IO ; do seller August, SIG.2G@ 10.80; lard, cash or seller May, $8.00; do seller Juno, $8.00@8.05; do seller July, $8.90(5)8.95; summer lard, $7.87K@8.00; do without package, $7.50. Bwootpickledbamsqnotodatlo@l2o. Dry salted moats quotable for shoulders; B@B%o for short ribs;- and for short clear. Boxed shoulders, Eng lish meats, 8)/@8%o for short ribs; B>£@B%o for short clear. Bacon is qnotod at 7#o for shoul ders: o>/o for clear ribs: o>£o for short clear, and 18@14>£o for hams, all packed. Moss beef, $9.00@9.25; extra mess do, $10.00(5)10.25; beef ham5,528.00(5)29.60, City tallow, 7*s*@3o; grease quotable at Bales wore reported of 750 brls moss pork, seller Dune, at $16.75; 1,000 brls do at $15.70 ; 1,000 brls do at $16.05 ; 500 brls do at $15.00 ; 500 brls do seller July at $lO.lO ; 5,000 brls do ' at SIO,OO ; 250 brls do at $15.90 ; 600 brls do at $15.85; 1,000 brls do sel ler August at $10.25; 60 tes lard (choice) at $8.75 ; 70 tea do at $8.50 ; 50 tes do at $6.40 ; 250 tea do seller July at $8,00; 200 tea do at $6.85; 200,000 lbs short ribs, seller July, nt B>£o ; 50 tea sweet pickled bams (15 lbs) at 120 ; 200 tes do (10 lbs) at UKo. Tbo Daily Commei'dal licporl gives tho fol lowing as the shipments of provisions from ibis city for tbo week ending Hay 22, 1870, and since Nov. 1, 1872 ; also comparative figmea : I'ork, Lord, Hum* Should'rt Middles, hr I*. let, let, Ibt, Iht, W’k edg May. 23 1,180 401 9,240 828,183 Homo w00k.8,832 J,&'3 1,509 638,400 719,600 Hlnco Nov. 1/79. 191,819 166,543.04,350 87,994,414 U9.77H.WJ3 Hamo time *7l-72. 88,097 t61,&a!C4, 076 BQ.ofc9.Wl 06,651,913 The shipments in detail were os follows: Shoulders, bxs; short rib, 82 bis; short clear, 68 bis: long clear, 167 bis: long rlb,74bxs; Oumbcrlamls, 4 bis; Strotfords, 335 but; HUffordshire, 10 bis; South Staffordshire, 80 bxs ; long iiauis, 367 bxs t Blnuiug ham, 111 bxs; Irish cut, 83 bxs ; bacon. 108 bxs; Stallordshlroharas, 32bxs;clear backs, Obxs; bellies, 4 bxs; middles, 60 bxs; Belfast tongues, fi bxs: Preston haras. 6 bxs; pigs tongues, 25 bxs: beef haras, 100 bris; beef, 363 brls; tallow, 260 brls; grease, 117 brls; shoulders, 3 tea ; middles,2o3 bxs. Flour was very quiet, being in email demand, but holders insisted on full former prices, in view of tbo Armor fooling In wheat. There woa not much offering. Bran was steady. Baloa wore reported of 200 brie white tviutor extras on pri vate tonne; 100 brio spring extras at so.B7>£; 100 brie do at $0.65; 700 brls do on private tonne; 200 brls euporAnos at $4.75; 100 mis do CUom of the Ocean) at ®d.26: jfyQ brie ryg Hcm »r city ita; CBO do dur -1,814 bn ,812 bu ; (Bolott) at $4.40; 100 brls do on private terms, j Total 1,700 brla. Also 20 tons bran itt $9.00 on i track, and CO brla Win dried com meal at $2.06. t l Tho following wore tho quotations at tho. oloeo j : Fair to choice white winter extras. f 011.00 < !Red whiter extras...; 7.00 ® 8.60 • Goodtocholcosprlngextraa.... 0.26 0 7.60 ; Low to medium, 1 0-00 @O.OO iMlnncootas (patent) ■ »•* *.OO @ll.OO , Good t6 fancy Minnesota O* R O 0 8.00 * Spring B*oo 0 0.00 ; Rye flour LBS @4.40 ; ißran... ®»M • @ 0.76 ■\Vhoat waa rather more active in options and Bottlomont. and atrongor, tho bulk of tho trad ing being dono at tho outside pricoa of lilday. Tho market waa weak early, because Liverpool waa reported dull; but tho fatOßt telegrams from ; that city quoted wheat closing Id higher, with a Sood demand that brought out buyora,nnfl tho erannd continued good though Now York waa quoted quiet and rather lame, and our receipts , wore considerably In excess of tho shipments. Tho fact la, a good many operators are beginning :tb fear there will bo a aquoozo in Juno If not in May; as tho market la largely oversold, and MU , waukoo 1b drawing all tho wheat she can to hor eolf, by moans of reduced freights from all points whoro sbe competes with Chicago. Honco, the margin of 2@2%0 In favor of.-cash wheat over eoilor Juno waa maintained, 1 though tho current month closes with tho coming week; and sollor Juno wan strong aa compared with op tions for delivery farther in tho future. Thera wore also a good many puta out, which expired by limitation to-day, and that was another reason for keeping up prices. ; There was a moderate demand for car lots, but little doing In regular, tho latter not being offered. Seller Juno olrorod at $1.20%, and advanced steadily to $1.27%. eased down to $1.27, rose to $1.27%* and dosed at $1.27%. Regular No. 2 spring sold at $1.28%@1.29%, closing at the outside, and strictly fresh receipts dosed at $1.29%@1.00. Seller July sold at $1.25%@ 1.20%, sollor August at $1,210)1.22, and sollor tho year at $1.14@1.15. No. 1 spring! was quiet and steady at $1.80%; No. 3 spring was In fair demand at $1.18%@1.19 ; and rejected do dull at SI.OO. Oaah sales wore reported of 2,400 bu No. 1 spriog at $1.80%; 1,200 bo No. 2 spring (hard) at $1.80.; 1,600 ba do at $1.29% ; 11,000 till do (part bard) at $1.29% ; 15,000 bn- do at $1.20; 6,000 bu do at $1.28% ; 10,000 ba do at $1.28%; 16,000 ba do at $1.28%; 800 ba No. 8 spring at $1.19 : 4,400 bu do at $1,18%; 2,400 budo at $1.18%; 1,200 ba rojoctod spring at SI.OO ; 400 bu by .sample at'sl.Bo, Total, 71,000 ba. Corn was quiet but firm,l and very atoady at an average advance of %(o>%o per bu, there bo ing not mnch demand, and comparatively littlo offering. Now York was dull, and our shipments woro lighter, bat tho certainty of unfavorable eemditiona for tho noxt crop caused holders to ask higher prices, and to bo Independent about soiling at that. Then buyers hold back, and both sides took a breathing spell. Tho shippers did not caro to operate, aa they wore waiting for. a downward tom In freights. Holler Juno opened at 88%0, declined to 98% c, advanced to B9o,*and closed at 38%@39c. • Holler July sold at 42@42%c. and sollor August at 43%@44%c, both closing with firm holders at the outside. Regular' No. 2 coin, or sollor the month,. sold at 08@' 88%0, and strictly fresh receipts wore firm at 60c. Cash sales wore reported of 10,800 bu No.! 2at 89c; 24,000 hu do (bettor than regular) at 88% c { 16,000 bu do at 88% c; 25,000 bu do at C8%o; 10,000 bu do at 88%o; 10,000 bn do at 88o; 6.800 bu do at 89o.afloat; 10,800 bn rejected at 30c; 400 bu cars at BSo. Total, 117,800 bu. ; • Oats wore very quiet at about tho samo rango of prices os on Friday. There waa almost. no demand for cash lots, and but littlo for options, except for about half .an hour. Tho offoctof big receipts hero was counteracted by larger shipments, and a firmer tone reported from Now York. Boiler Juno was quoted at 81%@320, seller .July at 88%@38%0, and seller tho month at 81%@31%c, all closing at medium figures. ■ Cash sales wore reported of 1,800 hu (fresh receipts) at 320 ; 6,000 bn do at 81% : 3,000 bu rejected at 29%0; 8,000 bn do at 29%0; 600 bu . do at 290; COO bu by sample at 870 600 bu do at SGo ; 600 bu do at S4o; 1,200 bu do at S2c. Total, 18,000 bu. ~, . v Bye was dull and %o lower: quotable at 68% @o9o,—tho outside m favorite houses. .Halos woro restricted to 800 bu No. 2 (A,, D. <fc Co’s.) at 68%0. _ Barley was dull, and nominally unchanged. In tho absence of transactions for several days, it is impossible to give figures that maj T- bo depended upon ; but we quote tho market at 70@80c for No. 2; 64@6f»0 for No. 8, and 45@C0c for reject ed,—the inside in tho Rook Island Eldvator, and the outside in tho Armour, Dole & Co. and Cen tral Elevators. Cash solos woro limited to 400 bu by sample at oso. The telegraph informs us that not loss than twelve firms, who had formed a combination to control tho Western lumber market, have failed, with total liabilities of $9,000,000. Three of these firms are located in Chicago, one in Cleveland, and tho rest iu.Now York Hlato. INSPECTION OP LUMBER. At the annual meeting of tho Chicago Lum bermen’s Exchange, hold in March last, tho rules of inspoctioh for lumborsold by cargo were changed so as to bo identical with tho grades piled up by the loading yard firms of this city. A “ school of practice ” was established, with ! lumber taken from the plica of one of tho lead ing yards of the city ; but tho near approach of ' the opening of navigation, and tho stormy weather, did not give sufficient time for the examination of all tho Inspectors (about 100) in tho city; but some twenty or more qualified themselves and obtained ! certificates. Tins is tho beginning of a syste matic and uniform mode of transacting tho im ! mouse lumber business of this city, and it is < hoped by tho trade that tho plan may bo in gen eral practice noxt season. By reference to our quotations, it will bo soon that a cargo of mill [ run lumber was sold under the now rules on ; Saturday, being, wo believe, the first green mill mn stock soul in this manner this season, \ although several sales of dears have boon made . on that basis. LATEST. In the afternoon wheat and corn wore In mod erate demand, closing the same as on ’Change. Ko. 2 spring uold at 61.27> ! h@1.27% ; seller Juno closing at sl.27X* Corn sold at SBX@UOo Bailor Juno, closing at the outside ; seller July; and 4A%0 seller August. Other grain and provisions wore quiet and unchanged. Lake freights were inactive. CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Saturday Evkniko, May 34, ALCOHOL—Was Id fair request, and Arm at $1,820 1.87 for 04 per cent proof. DEANS AND DBAS—'The Inquiry continues light. Hand-picked beans oro scarce. Other grades are in moderate supply. Wo repeat: Choice hand-picked navies. $2.5003.00; do mediums. $2.4002.45; inferior grades, $1.2603.00; green poos (In brio), $1.40(31.60; yellow do (in bags), $1.25, BUTTEK—Nothing now of Importance ocoorrod in the butter market. Choice grades are a little moto plentiful, and were, perhaps, a trifle easier, though sales were effected at the same range as on yesterday. Local consumers bought freely, as did also shippers, at the annexed quotations: Strictly choice dairy, 24® 270 • medium to good, 18®23o; inferior to common, 10® 17c. BAGGING—Waa quoted quiet at unchanged prices. Wo repeat our list aa follows: Stark, SWVoj Lud low, 360; Lewiston, 34#0; American, 82o; Amoskeag, 82uor ottsrCreek, 81o; burlapbags,4 aud Shu, 90® 23c; gunnies, single, 17@18o; do double, 28020 c; wool sacks, f17J40, . . , BllOOil COltN—The movement In good corn con tinues fair, aud the market Is Armor for the highest grades. The lowest grades are abundant and dull. Below are the prices current: No. 1 stock brain, 6® 6Vo; N0.9d0, 3>4@40; No. 3 d0,303Jf0 I Inside green, 8U(240 ;do red Up, 3(340; do pale and red, 203J*0. BUILDING MATERIALS—Were in light moderate request at the prices given below: Stucco. $3.60(3)2.75; New York stucco, casting, $3.7604.00: superfine do, $3.6004.00; Portland cement, $0.6007.60 per brl; Itosendale cement, $3.25(33,60; Utica, Louisville, and Akrou cement, $3.00 per brl; marble dust, $3.25 «3 60 : lime In bulk, 85c@$1.00; lime (brls), $U0Q1.25 nor brl: white sand, per hrl, $1.75(32.00; plas tering hair, per bu, 40060 c ; fire brick, per 1,000, t4O 00(300.00 ; building brick (common), SB.OO ; sewer brick. $12.00013.00 { country brick, $12.00, deliv ered: St. Louis hydraulic pressed, $45.00, del. ; Milwaukee pressed, $32.60, del.; do common,sl4.oo; llaciue pressed, $30.00, del.; do common, $14.00; Hillsdale. $25.00, del.; Indiana pressed, $22.00024.00: do common, $13.00 ; Excelsior pressed, No. 1 and 2, $20.00030.00 del. 5 flro clay, per brl, $3.00, or 410 00 per ton. The following la the list of prices per box of 60 feet for domestic wlndo.w glass, from which a rcducUou of 46 and S per cent is made to dealers First JJoubb quality, strength, 7xlo to g.7fi V.OO BxU to 8.10 12.00 12x18 to 16x20 jJ'JJ 18x81 to }VJJ M 20x28 to IJ ‘™ JJ'JJj BC OHKEsKrbo supply continues to improve both In duality and In quantity, ami, although prices arc still wesh and declining, the situation of tUu market la more satisfactory to both buyers and aollcra. Follow ing are the prices current: New York factory, now, 13@14o; Elgin factory, 13014 c: Ohio factory, now, 11013 c; Western factory, wow, li@l Jc. COAL —Prices were without quotable change, rang ing as follows: B h. lump, $13.00: prepared, aid do* Lackawanna, $10.00; Erie, SIO,OO, Uriur mll,°sio.OO; Wnlnut UUI, ll6.oolitoMburg.lMoj Cherry Mine. $3.00: Hocking Volley, tU.UO j tu- coal, $10.00; Indiana block, 10.00; Kirk -2SSanK-Wißlnonli, 18.1)0: Wllmlng!™. W.qo. COOl’KllAaU—looker’s good. were lu moderate ro q„„ot end etoudy, I’lour barrele met with » llaht ete.dy doimuid l Wo queto • 1 ork Iter- X »i.3®1.9»i “«d Ucteea, V-“»0WO5 Wllleky Urrele, $1.00®2.10; Hour barrele, SOfeSSo; Jioik slayes. rough, $17.00(320.00; do bucked or eawed, $30.00(320.00; tierce elevee, rough, do bucked or .owed, $J5,00®2«.00; wblaky otayoa, rough, $31.00(330.00; do bqekrd, $20.00(332.00: Hour jUvoe, jo.ooailjW j otalo ttijUt beading, 7(880 nor 'set: float hoop polos, $14.00016.00 per a; pork amt tlorco poles, $30.00036.00 i>or ra. ECKJB—Were, in active request it llX®l2o, clonlug ' Arm at 13013X0. ’ Bales comprise SO cases at 12j/o j 600 doz at Wo: 0,000 doz at U>io. • FBATHEII&-rThe arrivals continue light and tho ! demand good. Obolco live geese feathers sell readily at tho outside prloes, Wo quote: Prime to choice Ilvo . gecso at 70(9773, from first nsnds; Jobbing prices, B2® «6o for assorted feathers; mixed feathers, 45®700; chicken, B@loo. -FISH—Met with a good demand, and (bo market ; maintain!) tho flnp lone (lint has characterized It for several weeks past. Blocks .of all tlonn nro light, wo quote: No. 1 wblloflsh, x hr), |0.87W®7.00; No. 3 do, $0.76; Ho. 1 ebon mackerel X hr), $11,60011.25 ; No. 1 Lay, $9.00© 0.33 j No. 3 mackerel. Wbrl, $7.7608.00; No. 1 shore kits, $1.6301.00; bank codfish, per 100 )!>s, $0.0000,35; George’s codfish, $0.7607.00 ; Labrador herring, split! brls, $0.0000.60; do X brl, $4.7606.00; Labrador ' herring, round, brl, $8,0008.60; do v brl, $4,360 4.60; box herring No. 1, 28030 c; box herring, scaled, 8O0U7o; Columbia River salmon, X brls, $10.00010.36. FRUITS AND NUTS—An easy feeling prevailed In this market, many descriptions selling at n concession from tho quoted prices. Trade continues * quiet. Wo repeat our list: ' Fonr-fON Dales, B®oo ; flgs, drums, 11014o; figs, box, 14X®RJo: Turkey prunes, OW01Oo; rololns, $2.6002.60'; Zanlo cur rants. 7XOBc. Doukstio —Aldcn apples, 18020 c; Michigan do, 607o; Western do, RQftxo: Bouthorn do, 405 c: peaches, pared, 17010 c: poaches, halves, 6® OXo; do, mixed, blackberries, BXO raspberries, 40041 c; pitted cherries, 320240. Nuts l — Filberts, 14016 c; almonds, Torrogona, 31023 c; Naples walnuts, 21025 c; Brazils, 10011 c; pecans, Il0l3e; African peanuts, oX@7o; Wilmington pea puts, 708 c;' Tennessee peanuts, 4w®Cc. GROCERIES—Coffees wore Ann at yesterday’s ad vance, and syrups, molasses, and sptccs also were hold with considerable firmness, but with those exceptions the quoted prices were only indifferently sustained. Sugars remain weak and unsettled. We repeat our list: ‘ ‘ Bi Oahu. Soda—7X@BXc. CorvKtß—Mocha, 83033X°? O. G. Java, 27X@ 28Xo; Java, No. 3, 20M@270; fancy Bio, 24X0 36c; choice do, 24‘4:@24^0; prime Rio, 24@34>f0; flood do, common do, 23JX@230; rooti ng do, 21X0220; Singapore, 24X@24X<s; Costa Rica, fancy, 20033X0; do, prime, 34X021X0* Mar acaibo, 23x024c. ' Oakdlks—elar, full weight, 20020X0; fitcarino, full weight, 1C01CXO; do short weight, 14014 X C, Rice—Paint, SVQBXoj Rangoon, 7X® B °s Caro lina, BX@o° • Louisiana, 808Xo. Booarb—Patent cut loaf, 13013X0; crushed, pow dered, and granulated, HX®l3c; A, standard, 10# QUO; do No. 3, 10X@10Xo; B, lOX0l9Xo; ex tra o, 10X010X0; O No. a. 10X010X0; yellow O, lox •@10Xo: choice brown, ll)X@lu,Xo; prime do, OX® OXo: fair do, 0X0UXo; choice molasses sugar, ox 010X0; fair do, OXQOX°t New Orleans sugar, choice, oX®l°Xc; do prime, OXQOXo; do fair, 00 9Xo« common, 7Xoßxc. ' bTßUPS—Diamond drips, $1.3101.35; silver drips extra fine, 70073 c; good sugar-house syrup, 46©480: extra do, cO066o; New Orleans molasses, choice, 60' 083 c; do prime. 7307 Bo; do common, 06070 a; Porto ’ Rico molasses, cuolcc, 65003 c; common mohascs, 80 •@36c. Balcratus—Common to host. o®loo. Bi'ioks—Allspice, 17018 c ; cloves, 37038o; cassia,; 88@40o; pepper, 33X024X0; nutmegs, $1.2601.30; ginger, pure, 28030 c; do No. 1, 2O026o; do No, 3,10 ©loo. Soaps—Frcnclj mottled, OXO3XO* German mottled, 0X00X0; Golden West, 60O>;c; White Lily, o%©, OXo; White Rose, OX®3X°J brown Windsor, 4XO; *Xo J pnhn, C@CXo; Savon imperial, OXO3X°* BTARon—Gloss, O.XQlOo; corn, 0®ilo; laundry, 00 7c; common, 6x®oo, GREEN FRUlT—Lemons and oranges are In good demand and Ann. Apples are more plenty and rath,or Blow. Pineapples are In largo supply, and sell at irregular prices, those' In good condition bringing $3.0004.60 par doz. Strawberries continue scarce, . Apples, good to choice, $4,0000.00 per brl from store.' Lemons, $3.0009.00. Oranges, $8.00010.00. Pine apples, $3,0004.450 per dos. Bananas, $3.0007.00 per buuch. 'Gooseberries, 12X®140 per quart. Straw berries, 40076 c. ■ HOPS—The market Is unchanged. Wo quote: Com ■ men to choice Western at 36045 c. HAY—Pressed hay continues in good request at very fuU prices. Receipts ore expected to continue light until farmers are through with their planting, and until than pricoa will no doubt rulo com : paratlvcly high. Wo quota wholesale! prices paid .by dealers, ns follows, cars to contain 20,000 lbs; Oh Track—Timothy, hooter pressed, $10.00017.00; timothy, loose pressed, $16.50010.60; prairie pressed, $13.00013.60. On Waugh—'Timothy, loose, slo.oo© 17.60; prairie, loose, $14.00010.00, For delivery of pressed, $1.0001.60, according to distance. HIDES—Some sales woro reported at lOQllo for green cured, hut buyers generally seemed unwilling to Ray over DOIQO. There wan only a small amount or trading, oud we make no change In our quotations; Green city butchers’; 7o; green cured .light, .10X0» do heavy, oX°i perl cured, O@9X C 1 green calf, 100 15Xc; vealklp, PiX@l3o; dry calf, 340; dry kip, 31c t dry salted, 10017 c; dry flint, 10© SOo; ' long-haired kip, 10X°« deacon skins, 40036 c; grubby, scored, cut. or otherwise damaged two-tlilrds price. IRON AND STEEL—Tho market coutinues moder ately active. There was no quotable change In prices: iron 4 4-lUO 4 8-10 rates Horse-shoe iron C @0 8-10 rales Plato iron, common tank C% 0 7 rates Russia irou 200210 rates Russia Iron, No. 1 stained 180 lb Norway Iron 9 0 ®Xo \pl lb Norway nail rods . @loa \? lb Gormou plowstocl 11 * @l2o lb English cast plow steel 12 (gisxo American tool steel 17X ®lßo Vlb Cliromo tool steel 18 @2O lb EnglUh too!steel ..21X o‘-U rules English spring r-tcol 11 c»I2Xo rates LEATHER—BusUxcss was firm at fair and un changed prices. Wo continue to quote: HEMLOCK. City harness 4> 39® 41 ' Country harness.... / ' 3(l® 38 Line, city, 7? 1b.... 41® 43 Kip, ft lb Co@ 1,10 Kip. veals 85® I.l*o City upper, No, - 00 Oily upper, No, 2, ft ft 25® 27 Country upper, No. 1 25® 27 Collar, ft ft 20® 23 Calf, city 1.20® 1.40 Galf.country... I.lo® 1.25 Rough upper, standard. Rough upper damaged. Buffalo slaughter solo.. “B. A,” solo Kip Harness. French ca1f,J0d0t....... French calf, Lomoiue... French calf. 24 to 36 lbs. French kip. 60 to 100 tbs I.lo® 1.G5 METALS AND TINNERS’ STOCK—Were quiet and unchanged. Wo continue to quota: Tin Plate—lC, 10x14, $15.C0; do, 12x12, $16.60; do,. 14x20, $10.00; do, rooting, 10, $14.60; do, 20x28, $30.00. Piq Tin—Largo, 470; small, 430: bar. 440. Sheet Zinc—Pull casks, llo; half casks, ll#oU#c; less quantity, ll#o; slab, 9c. Sheet Ibon—No. 24, 6#o rates. • Galvanized Iron—No. JCO2O, 16c ; No. 22024, ICo; No. 29®20,170; No. 27,18o; No. 28,200. A discount of 20 per cent is made from the list. Coppxn—Copper bottoms, 43c; braziers, over 12 lbs, 470; tinned copper, 430. wiitE—2 to 6, 8c; 6, 8, and 0,10 c; 10 to 11, llo; 13, 31#o; 13 and 14,12#c; IS and 10, lie; 17,15 c; 18, 16o; 19,10o; 20, 20o; full bundle, 15 per cent dis count ; fence wire, 7#c; by cur load. 7#c. NAILS—Wore In good demand attho annexed rates : 10®C0d, per keg, $5.12# rates; 8d do, $5.37# : Od do, $6.62# ; 4d do, $0.00; 3d do, $0.02,# ;. Sd do, fine, $8.12# ; 2d do, $8.37#: clinch, $7,00. NAVAL STOKES—There was no particular change. The demand Is fair, end prices steady, as follows : Manilla rope, ft lb, lC®17o; sisal rope, ft lb, 16®17o; hemp sash cord, ft lb. 20®3c3; marline, y lb, 20@2'20; tarred rope, ft lb, 10017 c; oakum, M bale, $5.0000,50; pitch, per brl, $0.0007.00; tar, ft hrl, $5.6000.00. - OlLS—Naphtha was quoted o'shado lower, with which exception there wore no appreciable changes In prices of goods In this line. There Is a very firm tone In the market for linseed, and dealers anticipate an early advance. Lard remains weak. We quote: Carbon, 19® 10#o; extra lard oil, 750; No.l, 70o; No. 2, Cso;.lin seed, raw, $1.00; do boiled, $1.05; whale, 87o: sperm,- $3,0002.10; neats foot, oil. strictly pure, $1.10; do extra, 90o; do No. 1,76 a; bank, oil, 7Qo; straits, 750; elephant oil, 05o; turpentine, 67058 c; naphtha, 03 gravity, 19020 c; naphtha, common. 10017 c, PAINTS, COLORS, AND POTTY—Were in good demand at former quotations; WHITE DEAD. Strictly pure.. Fancy brands, Genuine Vellio Montague, American,... oonovs. Maeury’s railroad c010n........ Palace cor colors in llocholie ochre English Vcn. rod English orange mineral. Pittsburgh orange mineral...... English rod lead.. American red load English Tormllion, per lb Scarlet vcrmiUou Faria white. Whiting I’UTTI, In bulk. lu bladder* H?*o4 o PIG-IRON—The market was dull and easy, wo now mtoto: Scotch (according to brand), $03,00 (300.00: Tuscarawas, $01.00: Massillon, sol.oo{ Lake Superior. $58.00050.00 j Chicago stouu coal, $57.00; Missouri stouo coni, $57,00068.00. POULTRY—The poultry market vmn dull. The offer* inga were quite largo, but there was very HUlo wanted, and dealers wore willing to accept lower prices in order to dispose of their consignments. Chickens sold at $3.60(91.00 for old and $3.0003.00 for spring. Turkeys wore weak at 12012*tfo. Bales include 1 coop choice turkeys at Ho; 2 coops at 12jtfc; 3 coops at 12o; 16 coopo chickens at $4.00: 4coops at $3,6003.75 ; 4 coops spring ut $3,0003,00. POTATOES—Choice poachblowa meet with a good do muud ut D 00570. Nowhmlatoea are more plenty, and a further decline Is noted, Bales to-dny ranged from $3.00 for small to $4.60 and $5.00 por brl. Bales include 1 car choice peuchblows at 00a delivered; 1 cur at 660; 1 car at 600 on track. BALT—Dealers report an improved demand, tbo fine and higher grades being mostly wanted. Thu supply of tUcso grades is light hero as well us else where. Wo quote: Onondaga aud Saginaw, lino, $3.1)0; ordinary coarse, <2.00; coarse Diamond 0, $3,35 ; ground solar, $3.35; dairy, without bugs, $0.50; dairy, with bogs, |1.C0<£4.76; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.60; ground alum, $3.3U(g3.40 ; Turk's Island, $3.00. SEEDS—Timothy was in light request, though hold firmly, as there Is no great amount on huud. Clover was nominal. Hungarian uud millet met with a mod erate inquiry, both being about Co lower, and weak, .Timothy soul at $3,75 and $1.25 for fair and prime. Hungarian, good to prime, ut s!.lo@s!.2Qj millet at COo. Sides wore reported of 10 bags prime timothy at 11.35:13 boss fair do at $3.79:41 baas lUx at £1.70: [OS bags poor at SI.OO ; 105 bags Hungarian nt $1.20 : *IOO bans prime at fl.10; 01 bags good at $1.10; 30 1 bags choice millet at 800. _ .. i TEAB—Remain quiet at about former rales, Follow ling are tbo quotations: Young hyson ( common to fair, ■ 4R(5650; do good, C0@70o; do ohoico to extra 'flue, 03c@$l,10: common to lino old Uyson, 700060} common Imperial. 00®00o: good to choice do, 3Oco ' $1.10; lino to good gunpowder, 70c051.10 {choice, sl.lO fd.2ot extra, $1.3001.40; choice to extra loaf Japan, ic0$l.OO; fair to good do, 05@70a: common do I.”® 145e; colored natural leaf Japan, CBQCOo; common to flue Oolong. OOQlBo; good, 56@QCo; choice to extra, 85C051.00. , ■ TOUACCO—PrIcon are Arm as follows: Ciirwino—Fine Out*-Extra. 76086 c; choice, 06@ 78o; common, 660 600; poor, 40@00o« Pluo—Natural leaf, 70@80o; half bright, C0@70o; black, sound, 43@66c, Smoking—Choice, 33035c{ medium, 00032 c; com mon bloiub, 97020 c. WOOD—Gontlnuca quiet amt weak. At some of tho yards orders wore being blind nt a reduction of 60c per cord. Wo quote t Dench, $9.60; maple, $10.60; hick ory, $11,60; alnba, 10.00 delivered. VEGETABLES--Fresh offerings sold readily at about Friday’s prices. Wo quoto : s Peas, $4.00 per 1m; string beans, $3,00@4.00 per box; cucumbers, 76c@ SI,OO per doz; now onions, $7.6000.00 porbrl; doper dor, 25030 a; spinach, $1.7602,00 per brl; radishes, 16025(1; squash, 7@loo per lb; asparagus, 60c @sl.2S; pis plant. l@2<rfo par lb ; lettuce, 23060 c per dor; cahlwgo, $2.0002.26,u0rd05; turnips, 30050 c per dor; hoots at $3.76 per hi..' WOOL—Tho market was quiet and unchanged. Now wool la coming in slowly. The stocks of old ore very low, and Western manufacturers wo now purchasing to keen their mills running. Present prices arc Bua talncd by tho Western demand, aa tho Eastern matkota are relatively lower than ours. Wo quote old wool aa follows | Tub, washed, extra medium...,. .81®550 Tnb,wnhed, common to fair.... ,48<3820 Common dingy 46@470 Flocco, washed, XftXX, light 43®400 Fleece, washed, X&XX, dingy.. 40@44o 1 Fleece, washed; medium light 43®450 Fleece, washed, medium dingy ..87(£420 Fleece, unwashed, XfcXX,ln good condition....3oQ32o Fleece, unwashed, coarse to medium 80®350 Fleece, unwashed, coarse, and dingy 27030 c Super, pulled 88@430 Extra, pulled...; 38@440 Hurry wool 6010 c Imb. Trlcoa for now wool arc from 3Q50 lower than tho above. CHICAGO LIVE-STOCK MARKET. Review tor the 'Wcolc Ending Sattu> day ETOiilug, May 24. Batukoax Kvehino, May 24, The receipts of live stock during Uio week have been as follows: Monday... Tuesday Wednesday .Thursday Friday Saturday. Total 17,028 40,010 5,170 Last week 22.070 72,723 Week Iwforo last 16,680 . 63,782 1,469 Since Jan. 1,1873 301,058 1,711,691 149,133 Same period iu 1872 254,630 1,171,277 169,281 increase 60,432 640,014 Decrease 11,148 Shipments wore os follows: Recreate Monday.,.* Tuesday..., Wednesday. Thursday,, Friday Total. Last week, Week before lust • •..•18,’538 61',043 243 CATTLE—Nothing bos occurred In this department of tbo live stock market since our last weakly review worthy of special mention. Steadily fair activity bos characterized the demand both from local and outside buyers, and the supply, though (Including the stale cattle left over from the previous week) amounting to acme 19.000 head, has readily been absorbed, and at very full prices. With the exception ot New "i’ork, which has ruled a Jtfo lower, tbo Eastern markets have not boon subjected to any material fluctuation in prices, and shippers have kept tho yards well cleared of suitable lots at $4.7503.16 for common to medium grades of from' 1,030 to 1,250 lbs average, and at $5.2500.00 for good to extra steers of from 1,150 to 1,600 lbs average. A few extra fetched $0.12J4®8.25, and In iwoortbreo Instances oven higher figures wore paid, hut tho number of transfers at over $3.80 comparatively was small. There Is as yot no noticeable deterioration in tho quality of tho offer* logs, (ho bulk for tho past four weeks or more can* slating of well-matured well-fatted steers of from 1.160 to 1,450 lbs average. Tho scarcity >of tho descriptions of stock usually sought after by tho city trade, noted lost week, is still a feature of tho market, and prices of such continue to rule disproportionately high in con sequence. Hut tho season is near at hand when tho supply of butchers' cattlo may bo expected to exliibit a largo Increase, and a marked reduction from tbo relatively high prices now preva lent must inevitably follow. Stock .steers, also, aro scarce, but tboro la not at present an active demand, and tho market Is more lu buyers' favor. Tho supply of new milch cows Is fair, at about former rates, sales making at $25.00045,00 per head far poor to choice, with occasionally a buyer at a higher figure for something especially desirable. Vow calve* re main dull at low prices, poor to medium selling at fcI.OOQI.OO, and good to choice at $4.2505.25. Only a moderate number of Texas cattlo have arrived, and those sold chiefly at $4.5005.00 for common to choice droves, wintered North. To-day tho market was active and Arm. Shippers, as well as city butchers, bought liberally, and lu not a few instances 10015 c advance on tho prices current earlier In tho week was realized. Sales were reported at $3.5000.40, with thobulkatss.ooos.76. QUOTATIONS, Extra—Graded steers averaging 1,100 Its and upwards ; $5.9000.25 Gltolco Beeves—line, fat, well formed 3 year to 6 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,450 lbs 8.6006.75 Good Beeves—Well-fattened, finely formed steers, averaging 1,200 to 1,300 lbs 6,2506.60 Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver aging 1,100 to 1,250 lbs 4.8005.15 Butchers' Stock—Common to fair steers, and good to oxtra cows, for city slaughter, averaging 800 to 1,100 lbs '4.00@5.00 Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent 1 flesh, averaging 100 to 1,080 lbs 3.7504.00 Inferior—Light and thin cows, heifers, stags, hulls, and scallawog 5teer5......... 8.0003.76 Cattle—Texas, Northern wintered.......... 4.0004.60 Cattle—Corn-fed Texas 4.6006.33' . 11008—The receipts during the past week have been 49,240, against 72,723 last week, ana 63,732 wock’boforo last. Since Jan. 1 the arrivaie have been 1.711,891, 1 against 1.171,217 to same date last year—an increase of 640,614. The market opened dull and lower, and bos favored buyers throughout, until to-day,- when,. under the small receipts, a somewhat firmer feeling was manifested. The lowest point reached was $4.60@ 4.60, and within this range a majority of thohogs changed hands. . To-day the light receipt gave' sellers the advantage, and buyers were compelled to pay a shade higher prices the day’s sales snowing on average advance of Co. There was quite an active competition, and the major portion of the receipts were taken os fast as unloaded, at $4.f1004.75‘f0r common to medium, and ot $4.80(34.05 forgoodlocholco. The pens arc empty. The following transactions fairly reflcctjtho market: . noo SALES. JVo, Av, Priee.\!fo. Av. Price. .Vo, Av. Price, CO 204 $4.85 160 193 60 188 4.90 72 175 , 4.90 66 221 4.85 . . 63 . 198 .4.80 49 190 4.80 47 192 4.80 48 324 4,80 C 9 180 4.63 .24 190 4.70 .. 108 280 4.83 164 200 4.87# 61 240 4.76 63 239 4.80 78 172 4.80 78 172 4.80 33 160 4.60 45 251 4.80 60 248 4.60 CO 250 4.05 63 . 225 4.82# 43 210 4.90 60 261 4.90 168 171 4.65 41 122 4.25 25 179 4.75 112 203 4.77# 83 183 4.85 67 181 4.85 62 225 4.80 45 207 4.75 100 216 4.90 40 200 4.75 Cl 246 4.80 64 204 495 .30 280 4.60 47 200 4.85 . 63 102 4.65 65 213 4.85 36 310 3.75 49 220 4.90 63 187 4.80 41 228 4.80 40 213 4.80 48 280 4.05 63 180 4,00 60 220 4.90 67 198 4.95 SHEEP—A quiet fooling has prevailed in this depart ment of the market, the demand being moderate and mainly of a local character. With light receipts, how ever, sellers wore enabled to sustain prices, at $3,600 4.50 for poor to medium, and at $4.7505.40 for good to choice shorn. Woolod sheep have sold at55.60@7,00 for common to best. Lambs are in demand at $3,00 04.50, ~ 30® 35 .. 370 30 .. 330 37 30® .83 1.35® 1.45 75® 1.10 40® 45 66.00® 00.00 00.00080.00 . 1.C50 9.50 .$11.00011.60 . 9.00010.60 14.50 11.60012.00 Satubdat Evening, May 24. There was nn active dcmautl for lumber this mora ine, ami about 10 cargoes were disposed of by noon. Prices rule about the sdmo as on Friday, Joist uud scantling selling at SIO.OO, and boards and strips at $U.76®10.75. Lath remain steady at $3.60, and shingles sold at $3.00. lu the afternoon quite a fleet, arrived, hut, the day bolug Saturday, most of the buy ers had B9no away, and Uioro was not much trading. A cargo from Grand lUvor, consisting of 100 m mill run lumber, was sold under the now Inspection rules adopted Inst March; first, second, and third clear thick sold at SOB.OO ; do Inch at $33.00 ; first and second clear strips at $30.00, and flooring at $14.00@28.t)0. Following aro the sales; barge Wolverine, from Grand Haven, CC2 m A shingles, at $3.00. Cargo schr Harriot Ann, from White Lake, 40 m common Inch at $11.60; 40 m coarse piece stuff at $10,00; 15 m lath at $3.60. Cargo barge Mary Amanda, front Grand Haven, 188 m ft strips and boards at $16.60; 21 m lath at $3.60.. Car go scow Marlon Dixon, 70 m ft common mixed at $10.35. Cargo schr It. Crawford, from Manistee, ion m ft,2o ft and over,at $13.00; 80 mft Joist and scantling at $10.60. Cargo schr 9. bates, from Manistee, deck-load 8-inch on contract; 104 m ft joist and scantling ut $10,75. Cargo schr Walhalla. from Manistee, 110 mft Joist and scantling and fihorl timber at $10.60. Cargo schr J, M. Forrest, from Manistee, 170 m ft. Joist and scantling and short timber at $10.60. Cargo sebr Jesse Phillips, from Manistee, 180 mft mixed, at $11.76 for Inch, and $10.35 for 2- inch. Cargo schr belle, flrom Mouialco, 115 mft Joist and scantling at $10.50. Cargo schr St. Peter, from Manistee, 115 m ft Joint and scantling at $10.60. Cargo schr Foelorl.i, from Manistee, 320 m ft Joist uud scantling at $10.50, Manlsteo tally. Cargo schr Hub bard, from Ludington, 100 m ft boards and strips at $10,76. Cargo brig I. M. Hill, from Manistee, 65 mft timber at $13.00; 131 mft Joist uud scantling ut $10.60. Cargo schr Kate K, Howard, from Ludington, 35 m ft strips and - boards at $13.60; 75 m ft Joist oud scantling at $10.50, and lath at $3.50. Cargo nchr Lind, from Oruud lUvor, 100 m mill run, under hispoclion, first, second, and third clear (hick at $38.00; tlrst, second, bnd tliinl clear Inch at $33.00; thick selects, $38.00; Inch selects, $24.00: common, $10.50; cull, $7.00; first and second clear strips, $30,00; A flooring, $38.00; U flooring, $21.00; 0 flooring, $14,00; fencing, $10.60; cull, $7.00. .0.60@10.60®12.50 S.^Q^d Mantutco, so.oo(<>:J.'is j f; Ocoulu. t3,Wffl4.oUl Menomiuw. ti.oWi9,ao. r Pentwater, $2.76; While Lake, $3.6003.75; Grand Ha you, $3,00. Tho marled ruled active and steady for most deacrlp* > Ilona, common building lumber being particularly In i good demand, Hardwood was In fair request and ; steady. Wo repeat Plrat clear. Second clear, 1 Inch to 9 Inch.. Third clcnr, 1 inch. Third clear, thick Clear flooring, lot and 2d together, rough 40.00 @49.00 Clear aiding, island 9d together.,,,, 23.00 @94.00 Common aiding 20.00 @91.00 Common flooring, dressed, flrst 31.00 @30.00 Oommoil flooring, dressed,nccond.... 98.00 @30.00 Wagon-box boarilß, sotocted, 14 inches and upward ...» 37.00 @40,00 A stock b0ard5....... 80.00 @38.00 B slock h0ard5....... 90.00 . @28.00 Ostock hoards.., Common boards, Joint, scantling, small Umber, fencing, i etc., 10 foot nud under. 18.00 @14.00' Joint and scantling, 18 t024 feet,,,,., 16,00 @20.00 Picket5,anuar0.................. 14.00 @16.00' Pickets, flat , 12.00 @IB.OO Cedar pouts, split ".. 14.00 @13.00 Cedar posts, round 17.00 @26.00 1/ftlh ...... 8.00 ® 8.60 1 No. 1 flawed shingles 1.00 @ 3.00 1 Aorfitor * 8.60 @8.75 BUlurlcs on track S.l3#@ 8.37# No. 1 n&wed..... 1.26 @1.60 Throe dollars per ear to bo added whoa transferred, Which charge follows the Hhlnglcn. Thickness—Five shingles to bo two inches la thick* none. Black-Walnut Counters, tIOO.OOQtBO.OO ; dear, tCS.OOQ7O.OO; common. tlO.OOQSO.OO; cull. $30.00 A 85.00 ; flooring, tfIO.OOQOO.OO. . Aeli—Clear. $30.00®(0.00; common, $20.00(^25.00 1 cult, $12.00Q16.00 ; flooring, |30.00Q40.Q0. * Oak—Clear, $50.00@40.00; common, $20.00025.00s OUll, $12.00019.00. ' ’ Hickory—Clear,- $33.00@45.00; common, $25,000 85.00 ; culh 112.00Q18.00. ' Jtaplo—Clear, $30.00(240.00: common, $20.00030.00t cull, $10.00016.00. ’ - Clear, $50.00@00.00; common, $25.00Q Cherry—Clear. I5O.OO0CO.OO: common. $35,000 35.00 } cult, Sia.iW@lo.oO. Wliltowood—Clear, S30.00@40.00; common. $20.00 090.00; cull, $10.00016.00. Wogon Stock—Hickory axles, per set, $1.0001.60 s wagon poles, each, 460650; box boards, $35.00040.00. PORT OF CHICAGO. ARRIVED 110724. Bohr Wm Croslhwalto, Erie, 720 tons coal. Dark Kate Darley, Erie, 725 tons coal. Bark James Sawyer, Erie, 1,102 tons coaL Dark Pensaukco, Buffalo, 050 tons coal. Schr Montpelier, Cleveland, COO tons coal. Sclir Geo. W. Davis, Cleveland, 606-tonn coal. Bchr J. H. Btranch, Manistee, ISO m lumber. Brig Gladiator, Manistee, 140 m lumber. ■ Schr It. B, Campbell, Manistee. 280 m lumber, fichr Cornelia, Menominee, 215 m lumber. 30 m lath. Schr Col. 11. 0. Ucg, Portage Lake, ISO m lumber, 60 u lath. Barge W. Burn, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Prop B. W. Blanchard, Buffalo, 08 brls salt, 100 brls apples and sundries. '■ Bchr Petrol, Muskegon, 160 m lumber.' Schr A. Pluggor, Muskegon, 65 m lumber. Prop Ira Chaffee, Baugatuck, 20 m lumber, 20 bozos fish. Scow Trio, Saugatuok, 75 m lumber. Schr Fanny A Floy, Baugatuck, 80 ra lumber. - Scow Beloit, 'White Lake. 100 m lumber. Schr It. Hewlett, White Lake, ICS ra lumber. Bchr O. E. Howard, Ludington, 100 m lumber^ Bchr Cecilia, Ludlugtou, 175 m lumber. Scow D. R. Owen, Ludiugton, 120 m lumber. Schr Pilgrim, Ludington, 150 m lumber. Bark Uuaclllu, Buffalo, CSO tons coal. Prop Inter-Ocean, Buffalo, no cargo. ' Bchr Ironsides, Buffalo, 401 torn* coal. Bark Lafrenler, Buffalo, 705 tons coal. Schr American Union, Buffalo; 700 tons coal, Schr Rouse Simmons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Bohr Kate Lyons, Muskegon, 200 m lumber. Bchr Curlew, Muskegon, 180 zn lumber. 10 m lath. Schr B. B. Hubbard, Ludington, 05 ra lumber. Barge Mercury, Lualugton, 230 m lumber. Schr Jcsslo Phelps, Manistee, 180 m lumber. Schr St. Peter, Mauls 100, 120 m lumber. Bcbr Bello, Manistee, 110 ra lumber. Bohr J, M, Forrest, Maulstoo, ICO ra lumber. Schr Fontana, Manistee, 230 to lumber. Bchr Walballa, Maulstoo, 105 m lumber. Scow Flora, Baugatuck, 80 m lumber. Bark Cleveland, Menominee, 100 m lumber, 3,000 oo posts. , da) Bchr John P. March, Buffalo, 745 tons coal. Schr Mocking Bird, Buffalo. 700 tons coal. Dark Hans Crocker, Poußaukeo, 280 m lumber, 120 m Cntlk. Hop), Sheep. (3,310 11,800 401 2,005 6,010 708 2,7/34 0,708 ' 1,284 3,817 11,774 1,200 2,642 . 0,002 1,080 COO 8,600 740 Cattle, Ilogg, Sheep; 2,290 c,4gj 2,383 7,403 3.433 0,710 681 3,247 7,880 8,431 10,323 103 88,607 740 52,212 870 13,078 18,009 latb, . . Schr Havana, Oswego, COO tons coal. Bchr Ada Mcaiio, Cleveland, COS tons coal. Bohr J. B. Wilbur, Erie, 710 tons coal. ‘ Schr Florence, Pontwalcr, 76 m lumber. 10 m UUk Schr Kitty Grout, Baugatuck, 70 m lumber. bchr Minnesota, Menominee, 130 m lumber, 300 O lath. Schr Whirlwind, Ludlngton, 110 m lumber. Schr O. R. Johnson, Baugatuck, 120 m lumber Bchr Harriot Ann, White Lake, 80 m lumber. Brig J. M, HILL ManlntflA, 185 m lumber. Bchr 8. Bates, Manistee, 144 m lumber. Bohr S. B. Sheppard, Cedar River, 175 m lambow* Bchr AuUroa. Ludlugton, 120 m lumber. Brig D, B. Filer, Menominee, 370 m lumber. Brig Eldorado, Menominee, 476 m lumber. Barge Wolverine, Grand Haven, 100 m lumber. Barge Mary Amanda, Grand Haven, 200 m lumber. Prop Badger State, Buffalo, 1,103 brla sugar, 25 bfigl rlco. Bohr Lizzie Book, St. Joseph, 65 m lumber. Bchr Clipper City, Muskegon, 125 m lumber. * Bchr Gamo Cock, Muskegon, 170 m lumber. Scow Marlon Dixon, White Lake, 75 m lumber. CLEARED............ .... .Majj 24, LUMBER. AT TUB TAnDfl, 10.00 @20,00 13.00 @15.00 Length—Sixteen Inches. HARDWOOD. MARINE. Prop Nashua, Ogdensburgh. 4,087 bu corn, 70 pkgs lard 18 bags seed, 14 pkgs butter. Bchr Rival, Kingston, 14,306 bu wheat. Barge Sweepstakes, Kingston, 12,074 bu wheat. LAKE FREIGHTS. There was no change. Agents are asking 6o for com and o#©7o for wheat to Buffalo. Also at 12#@13#o to Kingston. The charters made were: Schr Skylark, corn and oats to Erie, at $1,200 for the cargo. The props Russia and Blanchard were reported to-day for oats to Buffalo, on private terms. From Milwaukee to Buffalo, the prop Japan, wheat, through rate, and schr Hoisted, wheat at 7c. MISCELLANEOUS. A dispatch received to-day states that the break hx the canal Las been repaired. —Thif props Uurd and Peerless left Marquette on Friday for Chicago with full cargoes. —The scow Trio lost her boat la the gale Friday morning. , . , Xho schr Delaware Is now on tbo stocks. The work of repairing her is now fairly under way, and it is thought that she will bo ready for business In about three weeks. —A new schooner Is being bntlt at Bay City. Her carrying capacity will be about 300 mft of lumber. frbe schr Grace Murray, with iron ore for Cleve land, Is ashore on Charity Shoals, making considerable water. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETINGS. , NOTICE Is hereby given that amootlng of the stockholders of tho ■ Peninsular Railway OompanywlU bo bold at tbo office of tho Company in tho City of Battle Creek, State of Michigan, on tbo 80th day of July, 1878, at 2 o’clock p. m., for the purpose of submitting to said stockholders, for thotr sanction or rojootlon, an agreement made and entered into by and between tbo Dlrootore of tho Peninsular Railway Company and tho Directors of tbo Fort Huron 3s. Lake Michigan Railroad Company for the consolidation of, said two companies Into one corporation. M. S. BRACKETT, Secretary. Dated May SO, 1873. i ti OPPICE OP GMeap, Boot isM & Pacific RAILROAD COMPA3STY. April SR. 1878. The annual meetingof tho Stockholders of the Chicago, Rock Island A I’uolllo Railroad Company, for tho oloolion of Directors, pursuant to law. and the transaction of such otbor business as may come before them, will bo hold at the office of tile Company, in tho City of Chicago, on Wednesday, tho 4th day of Juno next, at 11 o'clock a. m. nounesuoy, UlU^uaj JQllN F> T &A O y, President. F. H. TOWS, SeorcUry. • Stockholders’ Meeting. Notice is hereby ciron (hat the annual meeting o( tbs Stockholder* of Chicago South branch Dock Company, for tho election of Directors of said Company, will be hold at tho oflico of said Company, No. 623 wabash-av., in tho City of Olilcago, at 10 a. ni., Wednesday, Juno 4, A. D. 1878. E. O. MASON, Secretary of Chicago South branch Dock Company. SCALES. PAISBANKS’, *T~t{ STANDARD 1/ SCALES BLi-=— r.l OF ALL SIZES. Jaggßßfe^9gArßl3AJfK8 t MOIIBB &OO jpw ill AND 113 LAKE-BT. FRACTIONAL CURRENCY. $5 Packages o:p MCTIOHL CUERBNGY FOR SALE ATI TRIBUNE OFFICE, ,$59.00 065.00 . 47.00 ■ @60.00 . 00.00..@40.00 . 43.00 @40.00

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