13 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 7

13 Haziran 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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CITY REAL ESTATE, 'On BALIt-BY'^^oFmECl^SSTtn)ErE J born.». t • ■•■•-'■ \n . ~.. w ft. botwoon Blxtoontb and KlahtceuUi-eUj SSiC par foot, nil cuh. Boat bargain in luo tuirkati * i ~i . ■ - , , SIIOIUOANjAY.-jSOilfR ft. batwomi Twenty-Ufth and *.SsPftfl?t h *2 t A i sss» iw foot,- M ouh. < ■ “ .. i .r*?® ft. east front betwaon Thlrtr-elxth •ml Tblrty-MTouth-aU. Alro, Mfoct front near Thirty. aeooud-at. JpOlt BALB~npotT»....-- F SAM-nRaiDHNOK LOTS—7OOXI7B RKRT ON *■ URAn>&T. (city limits) out of nod near Grand Uoulo tard, in ion to aalt tmtohaaors, at low iirlaos and on ox tromoly easy tonus • tlio attention of capitalists ana build ■ra Is particularly callod to this, property i- ionfc tlmo will to aired, and separate morfeMoapn caou ‘loti illlo per* foot. J.'IWAiAB WAnitßNTlSCbtraborofOonmioroo. WOn SALE—GOOD LOTS ON TUB FOLLOWING X 1 strooU: State, Uumiido, Butterfield, Arnold, Garl baldl, Hanover, Bailor, Wallace, Bummer, Winter, Mur ray, a&d Ualstod; also on Wentworth, Shnniaff, Portland and Btowart-avs; also on Alexander, 1 Twenty-fourth, Twonty-tlxtb, Twenttsovanth, Twenty-clahth, Napoleon, Twenty-ulnth, Karl, Thirtieth, llsvsn. Tnlily-flrivThir ty-second. Thirty-third. Thirty-fifth. Thirty-sixth, Thirty. sevontb, Footalao,and Thlm : olgbth‘*t«i - Title perfect. Wnrranty deeds, A Tory small payment down, five year's time, 6 nor cent Interest. No agincy business, Apply to owner, ALBERT CRANE, 678Wabaab-ay.fr ; ... F'“ OH SALK—LINCOLN PARKr-LOTS PRoimNQ Fnllorloniay., Raolno?arJ Fnunbnt-K..'And Webster av. .In tho neighborhood of Lincoln Park? street railway FOB .SALE-OENTnAL PARK-LOTS FACING Washington, Lake, MAdlsdn. Monrooj’Adams.'Jaok-* •on, and Fulton-sta.,‘and Parkj Warren, and California, 5T!:». l,o ii ~oen Woslorn-av. and .Central Park, at from j976t092.000 each on easy terms. Apply to \TM. I SI KBRFOOTA Oot.-QQ aiufgWashlngtOn-st? * WOR, SALE-WEST - TWELFTII-ST.—WE HAVE X; jost mado a Subdlytslodof tho'Block bounded, by West Twollthf- SamnaoD,-Robey, and Hoyno-sls„apdwo are prepared to sell lota on Olthoi' of thoso streets choapV eft ohsy torraß;~Twemff.Bt.*‘orboulevard UIM and Is nnoly maeadamlrod.. Parties puroh&slnir lota on It now can bo sure of Toallrlngn handanmo profit from their Investment.. Apply ®W. D. KERFOOT A 00.,.W East . Wasblngton-5t.... 1 } 1 (\r x c-.; /.= WOR SALK—ATt A ,B DESIRABLE A 1 roiluonoo, 1119 Ihdlana-av., containing 14 rooms, band aotnq*saloon* porlorr oonscrvalory, biicKstoro-rooim two bath-rooms, hot and- oold'Wator aU through iho'bease, froscowl .colllngs. painUd walls, .plata glass windows, ote.; atm There is’also a'fino bam otl iho premises, ‘ana everything Is In .perfect repalft i Possession-given .at any time. OaTl between 4to Aon any dardnrlng the week. F‘ OR SALE—OHEAE—OCTCjUJON-ITRO NT,. BRICK rostdonoo, 2 stories and basomqnt, ’.lO rooms, lee 39 foot front 1 oxoollcntlooation; Westßldoi 91M100.' -HENRY WALLER, JR.. 66 Baat Wasblngton-at., Room 4. I POR BALE-MANUPAOTURINO PROPERTY, 183 X ' 265 foot on Twonty-sooond-st.rtiorthtSost corner of Allport-st, Also othsr pieces. HENRY WALLER, BeSast.Wasblogton.sL, Room 4. . .... •tfORSALR-FRAMB HOUSES—MAKSnFIRLD.AV., X nearOoiigroes-st. (Trior); 2 stories. Building lots taken la pari payment.. ■ • - Uarrison-at., westofOakloy; 8 stories; $3,605. Lot In* tide fire limit* taken la exchange. - - • Wilcox*st., noar.GampboU*av.; $3,800. . . near Egan-av. •, cottage -very cheap. PBNRYWALIJSR, JR.. Room 4. BO.Waahington-st. POR SALE-CHOICE LOTS UPON HARSTED, Emerald, Daihlell, Buddau,- Arnold, State, Twenty* lovonth,' ThlrtyHhlrd,-Thirty-fourth; ana Thirty-seventh* tta. Alio upon Wontw(iTth, AroUor, and Egan-ava.-Small payment down. Fire years, 6 per coot. HENRY W. DHIPMAN, 163 Monroost. - ~ ■pOR SALE—SI,6OO—A BARGAIN, NEW la-BOOM ■J? 'cottage wllbAn four blocks of Union Park, TRUSS* DELLA BROWN, 176 West Madlson-at; - IjIORSALB-O. A N.W.LOTS, BETWEEN CENTRAL] 7. Park.and O. :and N,W..oar shops, a non-roildent owner, will soil Tory cheap. Alto, Boulevard lota, and lota I near Boulevard. Free ride, ears or carriage. • PHINNEYj A LOMBARD, 166 LaSallo-st. . .. .1 ■ . j .TJIOR SAXE—COTTAGE AND LOT. ON TWENTY-1 ; X olghth-st.:price, $1,600; mustbo sold.' TRUESpELL ABITOWN. 176 West Madlaon-st. i fTIOR SALE—AT A GREAT BARGAIN, ON MONTH*' X lynaymonts, two now bouses, 10 rooms,' on Taylor-sU,’ near Oampboll-av. • Inquire at 186 South 01ark*st.,'la; bank; '• •> . . •< T?OR SALE-LOTS ON MILWAUKEE, FULLER-! X too, Humboldt, Boulevard, and Annltagp*avs..'at low fiamroa for a few days. O. O. THAYERAuO., 188,Rost Madison-st. For sale-house no loomis st., has been painted and' oalsominod this month, and is ready for Immediate occupancy. ' House 79 Honoro street; immediate posseaslon given. OHAOE A ABELL, 181 Poarborn-Bt., Honoro Block. FOR BALE-HOUSES 990 WEST MONROE-ST. AND 861 WajTon-av. Possoulon given on thirty dart’ no lloo.- OHAOE A A DELL,. IST Doarbom-st., Honoro block. ' For sale-new subdivision, corner ful* lorton and Kimball-ava.; lot very low and on long (imo; no cash wanted from parties who will build,. LAI& KIN A JENK3, 146 LsSallo-st. " IOR SALE-SOD: FRONT ON TWELFTH-ST. X Boulevard, 152>4 ft to alloy. Lota on Oyprosa*st., Ash* land-av., Ohoetnut. Olivo, Robey, Taylor, and all itreeta pnrth of Twolfth-at., between Roboy*st. and Ogdon-av. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, Room 9. 149 LsSalLv-st. POR SALE-NEW FIRST-CLASS COTTAGE, pleasantly situated near Robey and Polk-sta: monthly payments. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL A BATES, Room 9, 149 LaßaUe-st* . i • : For sale-at a bargain, a new cottage, "with lot, on Erio-st., between Robey-and-Hoynot forma very easy. S. M. MILLARD, ISC Olark-st., Room 6. T?OR SALE-NEW HOUSE OP 10 ROOMS, ONMON- X, ,rt».Bt,,ncarColilomia-av., with'lot 25x131. -Price, w KROFtr 6 tann* j monthly payments if, desired. S. l?OH SALE—A NEW COTTAGE ON THE WEST X ' Hldo containing 7 rooms; location good, only two blocks from tbo Randolph-st. car*, and 8 yoara’ loans, for $1,650: terms easy.. Apply to STOOPS A BLAIR, 173 East Madlson-at. ; T?OR SALE-HOUSE AND LOT NO. 105 OENTRB JD av., brick house; only s7.ooofor this week. J. ESAIAS WARItEN, IB Chamber of Oommorco. *|?OR SALE —DOUGLAS PARK—IMS ACRES, A' fronting oast on Douglaa Park, northwest corner of Douglas Park and Douglas Park Boulevard. SNYDER ALEE, 14 Nixon’s Building, northeast corner of Monroo ■ftadLaSallo-sts. JilOR SALK-AT HALF ITS VALUE. LOT NEAR . Contra! Park, between Jackson and Van Buron-cts.j must bo sold at ouen to clooo an estate. SMITH, WOOD A CO., 163 LaSalle-st. ■ ■ » . FOR SALE-MUST BE SOLD WITHIN TWO DAYS —Slots noar cornurof Mllwaukco and Wostorh-avs. Inquire 169 North llalitod-st., up-stairs. .'»/ - ' ' FOR SALE— STORE AND HOUSE ON West Mndlson-st., lot 24x135:Price. $2,600: SMW cash, balance long time. J. 8. GOULD, llSDoarbom-at; For salr-a small partly-furnished house, roomy ami convenient ;.with toasool land for tho ensuing year: situation very sunny, pleasant, and respect* ohlo, m>ar Union Park; urioo, SI,OOO cash. Address OWNER, 60 North Sheldon-at. - ■* • ' • > Ip OR SALE-LOTS IN WISNER’i MILWAUKEB • av. Addition', corner Dlvorsoy-st., noar depot, arte sian well, public school, park, ond boulevard, and omni bus lino; title' perfect; prices low: longtime; ground high, streets mans and ornamontod with trees; Improving rapidly. Call at our office and toko a free riclo to sco those lota. WIENER BROS., Room 12, 145 South Olork-st. : FOR BALE—AN ELEGANT NEW COTTAGE* bouso with bay window, and corner lot, in a flrat-clasa location; price, S4,UK). M. MAUOHAN.RoomSI Koapor Block, northeast corner Clark and Washlngton-sts. POR SALE-ON EASY TKRMS-OR EXCHANGE forvacant lot—Gothic house of 8 rooms, lot 26x126, at Wicker Park.' near North and Mllwaokoo-avs. OHAS. It. HOLMES A CO., 71 Doarborn-et. : TJIOR SALE—THREE FINE COTTAGES ON SOUTH *■' . &!l l .9u < ; hoa .P.u2iJli on monthly payments, near can. SHANNON A TRIPPE, northeast corner Washington and Olark-sts., basement. FOR BUILDING AND LOT ON THE corner of Mlohlgan-av, and Congress-st. Can bo had at a great bargain. As a first-class family botol, with Its magnificent vlow and pleasure grounds in front for obil* drffn. it would bo a groat success. J. ESAIAS WAR* HEN, IB Chamber of Commerce. ' Tjlor sale-oentre-av., house and lot 105, X 1 throe-story and basement homo, only SO,BOO if taken atonco; a genuine sacrifice. J. ESAIAS WARREN, IS Chamber of Commerce. . ; For salb-a two-story fraaib with brick basement bouso, No. 79 Abordoon-st.: all modern fot . n- FOB SALE—SHBRMAN-6T.—SS FEET OPPOSITE Michigan Southern Depot. iWbltlng-et., near La* Bsllo-st.. 48 foot, cheap. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 Laßallo-sU ' For sale—a new houses, 8 rooms bach, „°n yearly or quarterly payment*. WM. P. JONES. 202 LaSallft-st. . ■ ■.' • COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. FOR SALB-FABbf, WITH COAL LANDS: FARM of 340 acres, within ono mllo of railroad station, with every indication of coal on tho premises, a good spring of water, and well adapted for a stook farm; can be ox* changed for a stock of boots and shoes, clothing, or gro ceries. Apply to THOMAS E. JOUUDAN, Mondota. For balb-a farm op km aorbs, with im proromonte. InDolavan, Tazowoll County, 111. {land gf tbo boat quality: tonne of sale very cany. Apply to PROKIIAM A BROwN, Room 43, Reaper Block, corner of Olark and Washlngton-sls. FOR. SALE-1,280 ACRES IN A BODY, M MILES from Chicago: price, $13.60 per aoroskm railroad time. Apply to OlßSOir A ÜbSMBlt. 116 EMt ' • FOR BALE-IN THE BEAUTIFUL AND TIIRIV-, • ing CUy of Elgin, 111., a new bouse, with largo lot, 60*120, and barn. The bonao Is two stones high/ and con-- Ulna 11 rooms and plenty of oloseta. It is built In mod era stylo, and for convenience cannot bo excelled. It la centrally lucatod.ln a very desirable neighborhood. The Krleo will bo moderate and terms Üboral. For partleu rs Inquire of or address AIRS. M. A. BINGHAM.' V. O. lliit iM. PUIn TH * REAL ESTATE WANTED. TITANTED-W TO 160 ACRES OP LAND. NORXH- J1 ' wostornorthof theolty, and In UookCounty. It, pood not be near railroad. Address I*. 0. Box 47. WANTED-TO PURCHASE—IQ TO 30 ACRES FOR * subdivision, for which will pay part cash and a fine suburban residence. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 LaSallo-st.- - j ■ . • r ■ ■ , TyANTED—PROPERTY' IN THE VICINITY OF. (T South Chicago and Calumet Lake. LEONARD A VAN ORWUM, if Methodist Church Block, ■ *nrANTED—FOR A CASH CUSTOMER, A GOOD IT house on one of tbo aveonns, worth from SIO,OOO to $12,000. J. 11. KEELER, 146 Clarkst*. corner Madison. "lir ANTED—CENTRAL BUSINESS PROPERTY: IT will assume Inoumbrauoes. Good residence and paying leaseholds (orfarta property, S. W. SEA A CO,, lot Mouroo-st. ..... HOUSEHOLD . GOODS. pOR HALE-FURNITURE AND CONTENTS OP A P‘ .For further Information apply to D.< S. WAIIRJEN, Yankton, D. T. , The empire parlor bedstead—surpasses all. An ologant iilooo of furniture, convertible 1 in stantly into a luxurious bed: sovon stylos: all sizes: adapted to parlor, library, dining-room, office, and store. Occupies only one-fourth the spaoo ol a common bed stead. Kmiblosyou to live genteelly In one room.. Prices $35, SBB. s».’ tW. ftioo. Sold on Install monts If desired. EMPIRE PAICLCR BEDSTEAD COMPANY, (removed to> No. tttCl West .Mrdimm.ht. • TO LEASE. rpOXRANE—EAST IMADIBON-BT.—NINETV-NINIC J. years' lease, PrOhoesD will'bo received at tlin real estate office of Philip Myers & Co,, Room 18 Major Block, nnllltha 31st day of Juno, for a ninety-nine years’lease of tbo lot-fronting on Madlsou-at.. bulwoou Major Block and 11. O. Slone’s building. Particulars nude kuown on •i'l'lloatloa at said office. JOHN V. FAUWELL, N. S. BOUTON, PHILIP MYERS. ’ SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE. TjUMI' SALH—OAKrWOOD’j BODfjRVAItDI JUST J3 'Math- of city limits ( the oonoeo(1nfc link' bbttveen Grand and Drexot boulevards,. Beyond question (bis will bo Uio most attractive, elegant, nnd convenient thor- Rnghfaro. nlnnlag cast ant?-, west*.lying SbutbAf tho oily mU«. tl oan soli6o-foot loti on'.tnU oonlovardi either north or'south Jfronto, Qrtin<l ,l)onlovard and Vlnocunos-aT., nt low prices and mi easy tomis. Xmr building or Investment nothing enporinr can bo found. Tho locality la extremely bonutlfUl, -and will commend Iteolf to any matt of taste.' As an Invealinont it cannot fall to Imprsss ovary man of Judgment. - There la nothing to compare with It. cither as an Investment or plaoe of residence, an assertion l am-oonvlnoed tliat-llmo will verify. J( BSAIAB WAItRRN, 18 Obambor-of Com luoroe. tron SAI,E-80MB VEUY DESmABUT Atiltlt X'. .tracts at Washington Kali Uts. • • - ■■■;■■ -40 acres on the rldgo opposite Olltlon, and on Western andiLyon»-ars» 40aote« ot» Lyods.av.. ridge and grove. 120 tchis ln¥oo; 88, > Dt,*lß,*rt(lgo'aoa gravo.- - * - 1M acres in 800. 111, 87, 18, rldgo and grove. See. tW,87, { 14» adJomlna.Vlnoonnes-road Ad; jio acres In See. 00,'87,18, J,i*| n £• q - 1 186 Hast Madlson-st. FOR 8A LIS—SOUTH- PAllK—O6O’ STONY Islnnd-av.. fronting tbo Park, near Flfty-snvontU-st. GHAQKAAJ3ELlvl&4Dosrborn*t>,. Honoro Block. -1 WQR BALE—CfdUNKLL—ONE-THIRD OF A BLOCK X 1 . north of tho Watch Factory, And near the Church,’ at » bargain. QUACK A AIiELL, 181 Do&rbbm-st.', Hon oro Block. _ • IBOR BALE—BOUTH FIVE ; aoro blocks on easy terms. Deferred payments can ho so arranged as to help purchaser very-much In reselling. QUACK A ABELL, Poarbom-at.. Honoro UlAck. EOR fiALK-SIOO-WILL BUY;A, BEAUTIFUI/ LOT AtDMnlainos,'ono.blook from depot; they wlH.doublo Hi yaluo this summers only 910 down and 85 a month until paid. .IRA BROWN, 143La80110-Bt., Room 4. >-r WOR SALB-AT ENGLEWOOD—6 LOTS IN A JDp body.tm'Fifty-soTonth-ati'fot ft?2o e&oh, /two blocks ftomstatlon; 48trains peydays faroSeontr. •Aflnoehaucq for aovoral who. can buy -.together and BAvn rstallor’a proHts.'o Qotqo and' nee - thorn. .0, I D. • GRIFFIN,; m MadUon-et.»-corottfolark.’’ ’’ F“ OR BAldtribnOlOE SUBURBANXOTB ON. THE f MliwAukpo,RAllTray; r six. miles distant, and twenty tnltfotes'xide.Md Olybtrara’s Addition,to Katonawood. • Those, lota ara.lald out 60x169 foot on 80 foot streets, and will bo'suld npoa easy terms, at rrom.9Mo.ta 8700 por lot. Tho facilities fat aoocis to and from tbo city—tbo desir ability of tho laud—if'belug hlghYnd thoroughly draluod —tlio nroximUy'to first-class Improvements, onutohos, pobool»,,snd society, commend tnl« property as tho host at tho priao now.ln,^tho market/ . v . « Comparison ohaUongedl < Tho attention of tha Indua trioas—tho thrllty—tbo.caullont—ls called to those lots as altos for homesteads or Investments. Call, for a printed abstract and plot, upon ROBERT GREER, &( LaSnllo-et., Room 9. For salb—at a baroain-by GOLDEN a FREBHWATERB, 66South Olark-st.; Roomlfi: ' AD acres in Soo. 11, 88, 18 . 40 acres hi See.’ 15, 89.13.. J !'■ 40aorosln8eo. 86,88,13. >' 10 acres In 800. 23, 89, 18. 10 Acres In Sec. 17, 89,14. 6acres In 800.15, 89,13. ..fi acres In 800. 1, {9,13. . EOR - SALE—LOTS AT NORTHWESTERN' CAR shops,,very low.one-alxth'cash,. balance la 4 year*. RKIN. A JENKS, 146La8aUs*»t. ■' FOR i BALTt-NEW COTTAGE, 0 ROOMS AND Bi acres good dry Implored land; naif mile from depot. 1 at-Hobart.-on-Fort-Wayne'Rallroad, 82 miles from Ohf* I csiro j prlco $525 cash, SIOO balance In sl2 per month. ■ Ulllce days, . Friday, Wednesday, and. Monday, J. I KARLp,'owner, Room S, 153 r ' 1 F)R SALE-BEST LOTS IN NORTH EVANSTON—' Am building 8 aturoa and 10 homos. Carpenters, - W*? and oaaona wanted, O. L.JENK3, fl4ALa*| POR < BALE—ENGLEWOOD—THE MOST.. DESIR-' able suburb in Oook County. We have tomo very de*. Blrable lots in the Normal School Subdivision at reason, ablpprieea and easy terms. WHITTLESEY, BUNNELL I A.BATBS > .Room9, lOLaSalle-at. : TJtOR SALE—AT OAK PARK AND RIDQKLAND, ‘ X several nice bonaos; also groat variety of vacant lots property. , A. T. HEMINGWAY, RoomM* 149 I-CIOR BALE-LOTS IN EVANSTON; 83 FEET FRONT, X 1 by 160 deep, for $326; terms, $lO monthly payments,! or one-fourth oasb,'> balance to 1, a, and 3 years. Those' lota are within llvo blocks of depot, two from railroad.. Ootqo,* froo of expense, and aoo the improvements and In*, t ducomoifta 1 am- offering. ROBERT COMMONS. 142 1 LaSallo-st, * ' < " ‘ FOR SALE-6 ACRES FRONTmOON DRKXEL-AV. and 6 acres fronting on South Pa>k. at a bargain, i . 10 acres Just south of city limits, fronting on asowerod street; a very desirable place to subdivide. Can be bought atabargaln. THOS. A. HELL, 12S -i ' ■pOR SALE —OR EXCHANGE— AT NORWOOD X Park—One of tbs Cbuloost 10 aero blocks. 80 mlnmoa* ride from -Ohjoago. J. R. STANLEY. 190 Doarbom-st. TpOE SALE-SEVERAL HOUSES AT iIYDEPARK; X l . one for SB,OOO, S6OO cash; ono for, 818,000, ample gronnds, barn. <so,, near depot; also vacant lots la Uydo Park. Kenwood, and Egandala. ULIUOB A BOND, 87 Dcarborn*st. - k ' IROR BALE-TEN ACRES IN S. B. H SCO. 20. 40, X 14, fronting on tho Green Bay road? SNYDER A 14 Nixon Building, northeast corner Monroe and FOR SALE-DESIRABLE NEW RESIDENCES AT Auburn, on Rook Island Railroad, noar Englewood and Normal school. These houses are lane and conven ient, and will bo sold with 60 or 100 foot of ground at low prices and on terms to suit. Atibom. la a beautiful aubdl* Tlslotvhandsomely improved with trees, sidewalks, grad ed streets, oto.. etc. Dost of railroad facilities.. Lota on, easy tongs. SMITH, WOOD A 00., 163 LaSaUest. [' TTIQR SALE—OR EXCHANGE FOR SMALL FARM— X. N«w house and apod lot, near tho boulayord cntranco to Contral Park. OLAFLIN BROS. A CO., No. 181 La* Ssll»*st» ' ’ i CIOR SALE-WANTED, A HORSE AS PIHST PAY. X' montonhalLaoro lot, Washington Heights, S7OO. bal* ance 6 years at 6 per cent. O, W. DEAN, No. 133 South Olark-st, ; ' - - . TDOR SALE-LAKE FOREST-FINE RESIDENCE X 1 sites at from wsoe to sl,Coo per sure: nleo a number of roßldoncos. CANFIELD A MATTE36N,' CO LaSalle-su FOR , SALE—EVANSTON ROAD-143X215 FEF.T corner Ivanhoo-st.: will bo told oboap. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 00 LaSallO-at. OB LOTS ON Sfxly-socond-st.. near Wallace, also a well-built and convenient houso. CANFIELD A MATTESON, 60 La* •Sallo-st* TROR BALE-10 ACRES IN N. W. HOP BEO. M. X' 39,16. at S6OO less por aero than other property is of. forod at in samo vicinity. Offered for a fow day* only. P. A. BROWN A D. HORTON, Baal Estate Agents, ISO Denrborn-at. . . ■. .i . 1 •. . i TBOR SALE—HUMBOLDT PARK LOT, ONE OF X' tho most valuable lots fronting this bountiful park: 60(160; will bo sold cheap. Apply to U. J. GOODRICH, 12SDuatborn*st. > i , For bale-in hvanston, a beautiful new bouso of 8 rooms, good collar, laundry, bath-room; oto,, on choico'lot; nice location. Four houses in North Evanston and ono in Gloncoo, at low figures. Also tbroo bouses to rent in North Evanston,at sl6. S2O, and $26 per month. Lots in any of tho places named for sale cheap, and lumber furnished thoso who will build.' Terms lor bouses, ono-ilfth cosh, bnl&nco in monthly or yearly pay* moots, and lots on still hotter terms. Call at my office In Evanston, or Room 8,163 Monroo-st. O. E. BROWNE. POR SALE—EVANSTON PROPERTY—HOUSES, lota, and acres; oall at our offico, 173 Madlson-st., and got a list of nur property in tho Evanston Real Estate Nows, published by u». L. O. PITNEH A SON. ; For bale**good lots, at sieo to S3OO each. near depot, at Norwood Park: terms, sl6 down, ana $6 a month afterward. WILSON, PEftlOU i CO.l 'Room 6, No. 183 Clark-tt. ' ' ‘ ’ i For bale-desirable lots and acre* tracts at Montrose at prices affording a margin; no proporty.prasonU bettor prospects, or enjoys bettor faclli lloa for oasy, quick, and cheap aocoss. For particulars apply to REA A COATES, ICaWasbington-et. TBOR SALE-THIRTY COTTAGES ANDTWO-STORY X'' houses at Bnglowood on easy terms* Apply to .TlL* LOTSON BROS., 373 and 274 Stata-at. ■ FOR SALE-LOTS NEAR - CENTRAL PARK AND now car works of O. A N. W. R. R. Oo , at low [rlooa and on terms to suit purchasers. 8. W. KUOFF, 46 LaSalle-st., Room 14. » f POR SALE—WABASH*AV„ 82X170, ALL GROVE, oast front, 3 blocks from station afEnglowood. Go with os and boo property at this growing suburb; 66 pas* sengortrains. HUIBURD A CO., 206LaSaUo*Bt. - TBOR SALE-AT ENGLEWOOD, 80, 10 OR X* X* aoro lots at big bargains; also handsomO gtevo prop erty noar Flfty-nlntb-at. HULBURD A 00.. 2C6La- BaUo-st. • . . j OB SALE-2 ACRES OF LAND IN SCHOOL SBO* tlon, noar MadUon-st., ata bargain if taken .this Week. WHIPPLE A OLARKSON, HO Month Olark-Bt. 1 FOB SALE-SOUTH KVANSTON-RIDGE LOTS, . grave lots, elosO to depot, public school, oto;*nrioo low, psymeoUoaay. CHASE A ADAMS. 20 Bryan Uiook. POR SALE-LOTS ADJACENT TO NEW OAR shops O. A N. W. R. R., on reasonable terms of pay. mont. Office onon from 7to 8 o'olook In the evening. A. C..ODELL, Room IQ, 123Dearbom-sU , : v i Fob sale-two blocks 4« . acres each*' * short distance west of Northwestern car-shops, eon venlout .to depot*HENRY'WALLEB, Jr., 86 East Washington-st,, Room 4. . FOR BALK-AT RA.VENSWOOD—A rDESIRABLE dwelllng-honso of 6 rooms, pood brick collar, furnace, hard and soft water.' Lot 142x163 foot.omamonted with (tuitaudabado trees. Apply to ROBERT GREER, 81 LaSalle-st., Room 2. • 1 ■ PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTER. -X ost In a woll-ostabllshod hardware basinets lathis' city, capital required $7,000 or $8,000; a rare opportunity, forany one desiring to ombark ln this bnalueas. Inquire of JAMES M. HORTON, of the firm of Wm. Blair A Do;, 176 Lako-st. PARTNER WANTED —WITH A CAPITAL OF X 'about $7,000, In an established business. Address* for two days, J 11, Tribune office. . ' ; PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE A HALF INTBR- X ost in a soda and mineral water factory,; Address F. 74, Tribune office, , '. - i PARTNER WANTED—WITH $5,000 GASH OR BK- X ourlty to handle with the advertiser the Western agonoy of an Eastern manufacture already.lntroduced, boro. Address U 69, Tribune office. *-'■ ■ PARTNER WANTED-A LIVE MAN WITH AO tlvo brain, not afraid to work, and S6OO cash, can join mein business, retail cash, established and pays well.’ No particulars by letter, iRo/oroncoa exchanged, Ad dross D, Oarrlor 86. • J PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKE HALF INTEREST In a nloe bowling saloon, just ready to open. 83 West sdlson-st. PARTNER WANTED—EITHER ACTIVE’ OR SI- X lent, with $3,000.t0 $4,000 In a good, paylug business. Best of references given. Address P 83, Tribune office.: PARTNER WANTED—A GOOD BUSINESS MAN that can furnish from $4,000 to $5,000 cash to join the advertiser in a legitimate manufacturing business in •Chicago that will pay from SIO,OOO to $20,000 per annum, Thl* la duo of the best ohancoo fur a man that rouans Lull oosanow.offcred. . Address P 83. Tribune office, PARTNER WANTUDr-I WANT A PARTNER IM- X mediately with $350 ready cash. Como prepared to go to work. *ltls a sure thing and big pay. 73 East Mail son-si., Room 7« > , PARTNER WANTUD-A YOUNG MAN WITH S6OO, X —to join the advertiser, who has SI,OOO, to open a tea and coffee store. Address TRA, Room 31, Metropolitan Block. • ■ • . INFORMATION. WANTED. TNFOBMATION WANTED Off JOHN OQQIir.AN, X who loft his homo at No. 76 Upnor Mann-»t.. Toxtoln Park. Llverttool, England, and arrived in Now York Jan. 31, 1868. When last heara from, Jane 10, 1861, at Wal nut Grove, Sacramento Oonnty. Oalifomia. ho wga going under the assumed pameof Alfred Newton. If-said In dividual will uomiuunioale with his mother, brotners or. •Utors. or with his slater Mary Ann Coghlao, la rellghm Sti|or Mary of Saint Clare, Saint Mery's Convent, Noire Dame Post-Office, Salut Joseph County, Indiana. Uni ted States of Amerios, ho will hear something to Ills ad-- vantage. Any Inl'urmallon concerning him, under either name, dead or alive, will ho thankfully received by either of too above parties. THE CHICAGO fcAltY FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1873. .BUSINESS CHANCES. A- FnWT-OtABB' nOAKDINO-nOUBE,! NOW POJ J.\. Ing amdd btuinesSt located in the heart of tho city,, fqr salo( this Is a raid onanoo fnr (lie Rent patty, as It U to totaled.that It'oahnol /oil In doing aflm>oUsa hnslnsu. Addtaaa WiW< Tribuneoflee,-.-. fr..;.-/ Z : ■ ; ■. i T A' LATicmNcrMHfinoirlg6itimatbimsikußa XL openings on haqd fortuen with SBOO to $10,000.,, In* vesUgaUen solicited./J.B. KIMBALL, 120 JPsArboriUt. AHAIUC OIIANOE k6h A MAN THAT,CAN FOSS ulnh $1.500 to $3,0U0 cash to iccarff a business In Ohloiv go that is tlrat-olass and will pay from 88.000 to 8»;000 per annum. Oallto*(Uyatß«x»pia > dlßPoari)orn*st» n. , ,i A’NEXTENSIVU FAMILY GROCERY FOR SALIC. XXSaios/yoari/, 9M,WO; profits, glfyOMj'stopfc, fixtures,, hones, otcr., 96.600; Tonne. ifcl.OuodMhi 92.606 notes, no bonus. ‘ • A ranrohanoe.Apply immeoUtel/to MoPiInR BON A Washlngtqn-st. ■ r. : ■ ■■■,•■ ■ , „ . : A'l LOUGINQ BOUSBIN BAN PHANOISOO>OIt -/I. sale. >Afineoontrallooatlon. •containing liQrooms,. wlthaweli-ostablUliDd For furtliorjnfomatlon and' particulars‘address O, O. MOXLISV', Real' Estates No. aMMontgomory-st., Ban Francisco, tfal. . i!» ; A RESTAUnANT IN A GOOD BUBINEBB LOCAL tty for salo at a bargain* tbo hours of 8 and 12, at 108 or IQS.Wost Ramlolph-at. A CLERK WANTED WHO OAN COMMAND 93, WO oash.-good security for the loan, and a salary of SB, 600 a year: situation permanent, For particulars address R 88, Tribune office.-*-'-' A DAnaAiN-Tnß RATtNn house, at urand J\ llapldil Mloh.vlsfot B&fo, Address P, O. Box 1298,- Urand-Itaptds, Mich.., • •,-*•/•> t. , • ~ ■ .... - *1— ‘ ril---‘Jjidx ■ -J ■^‘v* A FINB BOOT AND /.BHOH JITORK FOR .SALE UMu'°*S *° r $- M P* * r - ft od • part real ohtato, at A FIRBT-OLABS, CONFECTIONERY FOR ’BALE; a rare cuanco to make money. Address B 85, 'Tribune OtBOQ. ; - • :! ■! '■ r.v .. i.’ii..,.' 1 ‘A ; OROOHRY- STORE FOR- BALE; LOCATION ifX'finiUelass; good stock; borso and wagon all oomplotoi Apply 69 West UaniiQ|ph.at., Room,B. ■.. u < / n t\ RESTAURANT -AND 89 LODpINO ROOMS ; ATr x\. taoliodi a hotel of 89-rqbms, nsar railroad depot, lor salo.' * Also fine bonnUng-house of 61 rooms, doing a splon dld bntlaoat has M hoarders. Also a nloo family groaory, vary cheap. . R. ICEJiNBDV.jUS Clark-ot., Roams 26 and 87»-r ~ . . -• ! Bakery for sale, a rare oranob for a llvo’ man;. ovorytldog In good order, end doing a good ‘business.' • -Apply iott' the'premises. CLARK A McOOV, 27 Blue laland-av. , • - ISrUO STORE FOR'BALB IKONB OF THE BEST JL/towns la Indianafpopulatlon B,6oo|'qnly'throo drug storaf.. For partloulars. ismi*,- Ao.. oall. on or .address Dr. Q. U. nENDBIIHON. 112WostMadl»on-«t. - . OR/ BALE—CHEAP—OR "TRADE—THE BEST gontlost hono ln the olty.' topbuggy and harness. EOR BALE-SALOON ANDi BOARDINQ-HOUSH, ■wlthieaso, nndrUoatiM for next yaart house earn oe comroodato 85 boarders j furnlturo, and all drigpOd run ning order; Twill soU'flbeAp.for cashi’reason’foo sailing, going to llvo In the aeon try.' >Oall at 157 South Oanal-st. lor a few days. <. ;-it c FOR SAUt-A rGOOD-PAYINO . BILLIARD AND umplo room, oaw. et Side.' Will bo. told cheap for .cash., Address P 75, Tribune, office. ,v • i •; ; ,171 OR SALK—&ALOON, WITH TWO YEARS’LEASE; J’ trill sell cheap for,each;'-Apply 123 North:Wolla-gt. ROGERS, ATTENTION—WE KNOW OF A RARE \JT etfaneo for an experienced retail grocer with a mod or* ate capital;- IRUBSDELL A BROWN, 176 WoatMadl-j •on*Bt.; ... ...... /3.ROOBRT; STORE i FOR: i SALE;. FRESH NEW . u stock, worth 88,600. - Address R 81, Tribune .office*. i TTA.V BARN. PRESSES, AND ORABBXAND, Tp-i JU. aether or, separately, one yoar br’lonior; terms Tory ‘favorable. J; J M; STEWART, Boa Wwt dnul«oiy*at. •*• * I ‘TCTGUSETSALdON, AND FIXTURESFOIt'SA LE Xloheap: the best location in tbo city, near the now City I Hall. No. 183 Adams4t,vorNoiS7’Wast'Bandolph*at., in' thegaloon. *... ■ • ... .•••> . T OnalNO-HODSE ON' SOlAn , SIDE. PAYING, XJwoI), for sale for $l5O. None.butn»P»ctablo parties,l •moaning bnfeinosa, -need*.apply;** F.- O. i VtMKJJNO, -Boom 16,126 Dearborn***. i I. ■■ -I .- »■■!{• MEA® MARKET TOR SAEE-6TOOK AND WxT, turps of onoofthebeilt vowel l markets In the city. l Apply on premises, 810 West Twcnty-aeoond-at. - ■ , 1 VfBROHANTiTAILORING BUSINESS FOR SALK: J.U. ettabUsbed 1858, doing a good cash trade. Stock small,' rent low.'location good; bo bonus; poor health tba came of tolling. /AddroesßSa/Trlboneofflce* ■ , EAT AND VEGETABLE'MARKET TOR SALU obcap for easbt oWner' basbnainess abroad; one of tho best locations on Btato*at.. with all appliance! ;‘all In order, with good trade.'' Iff East Madison-st., Rooms. 1 XTSW YORK—LEASE AND* FURNITURE OP A Xi firtt-claas Broadway betel for salo. Address B n, BUtlonP, Now. York. - _* T> EBTAURANT, WITH SALOON. FOR SALE AT A XV bargain. Apply (o JOHN BSOHER. 431 Sontb Co nsist. , ■ QTEAM FLOURING MILL FOR SALE CHEAP, HAS O 7 run of stone, now engthb of ample power in good nr* dor; is In a town of 9,000 people; 'good local trade; ship ping. facilities, two Eastern railroads and Mississippi llivor. Terms easy. Address or call on F. L. UNDER* WOOD, Moaoatine, lows. • ' QiLOON AND LIQUORS #OR BALII AT PDBUO O auction, at Bsa>4 South Gl&rk-st., Jane 13, at II o’clock a. m< CALOON AND BOARDING-HOUSE FOR SALE p within half a blockof the Rolling Mill. Apply at 48 Itawson-st.- • 1 .. . . . SALOON LEASE AND FIXTURES^NO. 173 CLARK* at. for sale cheap, or would take partner** ■ fFHB STOCK. GOOD WILL, AND FIXTURES OP X. a finely-paying restaurant, with large ladioa* trade, to ono of tbo best locations in the city, for oalo; or would• E refer to toll a half Interest to a good mad. Parties sbak* ig investment ahoald avail themsotveA of this opportu nity. Full particulars at our office, WM. H. SAMPSON A CO., 144 Laßalle*st., Otl! Block. . TO APltnaoN tthois to join the ■ subscriber in a firat-olass billiard ball aud oaloon.a who can command 83.000, con realize SIO,OOO par year;, buslnosa already oitabliihod. Address R 67. TribaniH offloa.' rnoBACOo route doing m a day. with A bone. wagon, and barnosa and 120 Jan. BOILVIN A CO., 46 Booth Clark-aL man good will and fixtures op a well* A p*yingdothingandmt>rohant*laHoring business in a cboa location In toe cily,with or without stock. For par* lloulan inquire at tho offico of H. A. KOUN A BROTII EU3, 10, 12, 14 Lako-st. • . 'djonn will buy my half interest, if tjpAJUU ' taken' to*day, In a business clearing S6OO por month. G. HALL, 16 South Oanal-st. . • .. Oft n n WILL BUY HALF INTEREST, INCLUDING •PUyu two horses buggy, and harness, in wolUpaying established business. Ollier business presses mo to. soil. Rofor’to Richard Wauds. - FRANK .W. lOUAFFEK; Manager Builders* Eiohange.'l33Lnßallo-at. , ■ : CCIA nnn IN CASH AND a person who is i?llf.UvU willing to put his shoulder to tho wheel, I will guarantee a fortune. Iwillgivo undoubted security for tho money. This is a monopoly soourod to mo by tho U. 8. Government, and I only require tho capital and tho . man to mako us both rich. Address R 89, Tribune office. LOST AND FOUND. LOST— FROM369 OTIIO*ST.« ONE LIGHT BROWN sky torrior dog. . $2 reward it returned to 1159 Obfo-st. LOST —A GOLD LOOKET, CONTAINING Pic ture! of a lady and two air la. Tho findor will bo snltably rewarded by leaving tho tamo at tho office of tho Evening Post; • - - ••• Lost— a gold and enamel looket, of more value to tho loaor than tho finder. A liberal ro* ward will .bo paid for lla return to 103 Washlngton-st., Room 6, LOST-WKDNESDAY EVENING, A BLACK TER-' rlor slut with fow whlto bain ou breast; answers to tho name of Nolllo; rowan! paid on returning hor to 185' Kaat Monroo-st.. up-stain. P. OQFRIQHT. T OST-ON THE HTH, A POCKET-BOOK CON* XJ taming a small sum of money and two promissory notes. The findor will bo rewarded by returning It to 73 Sampson-st, RODOLPHNELSON. OSTEON SATURDAY, ON THE SOUTH OU WEST ' Sido, an abstract of tltlo, belonging to A. Camoron. The findor will be rewarded by returning it te 001. Stuart”! at B. MYERS A OQ. t 868 and 870 East Hadiaon-st. T OST-A PACKAGE. CONTAINING SILK PLUSH XJ for batten' use. Tho finder, by leaving tho aamo at OAVANNA'S hat factory, UiSouth : 01ant*st., will bo Jiborally rowardod. i T OST—A DARK BROWN COW, WHITE STRIPE XJ and spots on back; ono horn ehortsr titan tho other. A good ro«r«rd will bo paid for her return to M West Piviston-st. ... .. i T OaT-S6O REWARD, AND NO QUESTIONS ASK* XJ od. for tbo return of my watch and pockotbook, lust Thursday evening;- Watch mado by Henri Louie Man-' tills, of Loolo. Pookotbook nothing of valno to any ono' ercopt owner. .Number of watch. 3,770. Return to J. • 8. COLBY, R. I. ticket office, 83 West Madlsou-t. > mAKEN UP-TWO SMALL BAY HORSES .AIJD-' X one bar mare, which tbo owner can have by calling at the old Barnard-farm, noar the B.'no Island dummy , track and Traopy-av., and paying obarges. - * . ffIAKEN UP-AT CORNER BLBTON-AV. X Snow-st., 2 black nones and one bay mare; (he owner , c^r^ e JollN LVOli iToff SOK REWARD—STRAYED, JUNK to, DARK P •Pi/w bay or brown mare, white spot in forehead, whlto . •pot on left shotudor, and white bind foot: Is about ICJtf. hands blab. The abovo reward will bo paid on return twf THEODORE EDDINGTON, 780 Pottage QroTO-av. ; Q \Kf\ REWARD-STRAYED PROM 8M WASHINQ-J tiiOKJ ton-st,. Jane 6. a stjllah, dark bay borso, 10" bands high, weight I,up pounds, bad on a blanket,, baiter, and chain attached. The aboro reward will bo £»ld to tbo finder for returning to Urn owner, D. S*| Q*Pi(\ REWARD-LOST, ON LAST WEDNESDAY' «pu tf throe weeks, a gold watob with lie owner’s name, Inscribed on Us Inner ease. The finder will receive the* above reward by returning same to No* 133 South Dc*-t plalnee-st., and no questions asked. ' . ■ AGENTS WANTED. A GENTS WANTED—FOR DfQBRSOLL'S LIFE OF 1 a Horsoe Greeley, justroady; also, for our other popu lar subscription books; oome and aoo our new plana and . Inducements. Union Publishing Company. 835 Wabasha »r„ Chicago. , ( , Agents wanted-to.sell our new but ton-hole outtor, noodle-threading tblrablo. and other now artloles. WEastMadison-sl.. Roomß. - Agents wanted-men and women op en-' torprlso and business sagacity are making $lO to S2O a, < day selling our great household , artloles. Tbo best • chance ovor offered those with a small cash capital. Anywhere from $lO to SIOO will answer, knmim.r. CO., 86 West Lako-st. Agents wantkd-for cram's .beautiful] map of the United States and World; can be sold ItT every house. Also, now and ornemontal State ra'ape, re ligious and political charts, - lithographs, photographs, eto. Bond for now- circular, ana see Indtioomenta toi agents. OEOROB F. ORAM. 66 Lak»et7. OhloagoV ■ 1 AO} .NTS WANTED-TO SELL PATENTED blnatlon Inkstand, as every business man wants it, at the office of OLmB A KUHN, 140 Monroe-sti, Room 6. . . Agents wanted—to'sell “show oardet lu .country towns. A. STEUPEI* 7 Y&Vt Ea*. dolph-sc., Chicago. , . , BUILDING MATERIAL. Foil BALE—BUILDING MATERIAL-ABOUT 20,0a> pressed brick and a fine lot of out stone, suitable for basement, .tonewalls, windowsills, steps, eto., at auc tion, Friday, Juno 18, at 13;30,p.m.,0n corner Plorsoo and Plno-sU,, north of water-works. North Side: to bo add irltllQutteaanra. O. Ul-PlW(j6tT. ‘ i WANTED— BUILDING . MATERIAL EITHER brlokorlnmber. Inozohange for wetl-located real estate. .BROWN A uORrON/Jtea) Estate Agents,: 160 Doarborn-st. . ■ PERSONAL. PBRSONAL—BMMA KELLEY, THERE IS A LET tcr (rum New Yutk, wltb money In it. for too: come ane get It at once; STREET. • 1 PUHBONAL-J. D. MURRAY WILL PLB.AQE CALL or send bis address to 896 Aroher-ar. T > ' HOARDING AND LODGING. •i-i t ■ . f too -AnnnpEiis-BT. debt looatios west UjO ( Bldo*-Bh&dy, froefroiu dost; homo largo, now, and evftty. sUmmor comfortl bait' table; an' ologaob bomof choice rooms, 1 on suite or single | a single lady can uo ie« eomrtodated." Terms from g?,’ b -■ , •A 'a“ MOROAN.Sf.. NltAll WAfiHINa. lon—Two elegant and. nicely fnrntaltod rooms; plgnsant, cool, and ooay, with excellent board. - ■ An.\ SOUTH . PEOUIA-BT.—TWO NICJE UNFUR- I. nUhed, front rooms, with Or without board; no other,boarders.. •. - y ,, 1 _ Jt*o SOUTH MOROAN-BT.—TOlr RENT," WITH I A board, a largo front room, convenient for l two por. eons i will bs lot oboap to penoanont occupants; also sin glo rooms. ■ - • f OK SOUTH MOROAN-BT., NEAR MADISON OU Furnished rooms, with board, on suite >or alnglo, hoo»o first-class, with modern Improvements. ' iQ /l WARREN Ay.. CORNER WOOD-BT.-FUR* and unfurnished front rooms, with closets, on Arst and second floor*. Tlioso ore unusually pleasant rooms for married couples (terms moderate j ono - blook only from Madtoon-st. butte OF XOD 'rooms;*' week f farniibpd rocrafor twoot four gentlemen lor $6 per wonk. Day-board flrat-Olass., 1n o irUar jaoksoh-st. - ebont, p Anton, JL | A • with bedrooms; centrally located, pleasant looa- UoutforoUbod, with ot without board; ,and at reasonable charges. . v ■ ‘ ' 1 ' ' ' ono WEST WABHXNGTON-ST.—LARGE COM AVO fortobly furnished front rooms, fine floor, to rent, with board, to gentleman and wife. ■■. - ■ ‘ ■ • ■ - fjOO WEST., rtONItOE-BT.-r.AIIGE ‘ FKOKT AAA rroomforgontloman:Bnd wife or 3 gontlomon; first-class board. Modem finprovomonts. Also/ bom to rent. . non WEST-WASHINQTON-QT. - ELEGANTLY furnished front and back rooms,* single or on kulto'f' vHthboard; to permanent parties price mads satis* ■faotoryt'.t.il u ji(i ‘ i ■': •J ■i ? ]QAQ WEST MONROE-BT.,> NKAR.I MORGAN— OU,t/< 'iLamo'fumlslipd.room -adjoining, bath-room, wllh boardi'or twd small rooms, also furnished; several tablo-bOardors can be accommodated. 1! • /Q/1Q FULTON-ST,-THREE VERY PLEASANT OtcO twime,! with board; all modom Improvomenta; now brick houso. ..i, !.• AQQ LAKQ.ST.—BOARD, WITH PLEASANT TOO room, oHOporwooki also a few day boarders wanted. ~. , ■ > r . ; . KQQ WEST ADAMS-3T,—BOARD, WITH ROOMS; t«/a/pfurolsbed or unfurnished, stogie- or 'on enlte, for' gentlomeo and their wive* or slnglogontlomoii, whom tboi comforts of a home may be enjoyed. Address P 78. Trib* ’ ■nnootfloo. -. . { . - ■ | AHzL adams-st.^onbblock west opunioni UyT Park, two elegant front suites, on first andeoe end floort, with board. - - ■ * ■* 1 rpwdtdUNa' men Can secure a nice large 1 X' room and good plain hd/tru In a private family on tbo' -West Bide, Address P 60, Tribune office.. - i _ . ■ ' South Side* AO 'HUBBARD-COURT NHW ' BOARDING-. tu limm, first-class board with rooms, $4 to $5.50 por, .week, witbnaebf plano;day-board, s4.v ; y-. . . • ■ ; An' AMD 41 HDBB ABD.doURT - FURNISHED jc | rooms, with or without board. Day boarders ao commodatod., ~ . . , , , • • .1 *1 Q AND ISO TIURD-AV.. NEAR HARRISON-ST,— XXO Several nlcoly furnished rooms with board; also • day b6ard-ats6 perweek. - • ■ - • •■ ■» -•. ! ? ’ MIOHIG AN-AV. PLEASANT FRONT room - with beard for single gentleman; also,' I • largo, front room fpr.two; in quiet family.:.; QQG - MIOHIOAN-AV.- DESIRARLK ROOMS, wvVi >. newly furnished, to rent, with board; sultablo ° r ■* OntlomO ' Il ‘ Botaronooa '£££», OR UNFUR -•XUt/’ nlshod rooms to rent with or without‘board; Tennt moderate. - >.< naa miohioan-av.-a large front and VvU roar room,;fmnlshsd, with board, for gents and Wirot, or two gonte. Also day board. . KQ7 WABABH-AV.—BACK PARLOR TO RENT t/U | - with hoard; also front room on second floor, va cancy for two yoong ladles.— - ■ ■ ■■- u ... . 7ftQ,WABABn.AV,-FDRNIBHED- FRONT ROOM I Up to-rank with or without board, sultablo for four gentlemen. .Terms roaaonablo. ■ ■ Q97 WABASH.AV.-FURNISnED ROOMS, EN I suite or alnglo: terms roaaonablo; tablo board , eta accommodated. . • t 1 (VI WABASH-AV.-VERT PLBASANE ROOMS, XwJ.U on aulta or alnglo, famlahod or unfurnished, with board. ■ - • TT. '. * 1 nqn Waßasr-av. . (FRORENOK-PtAOB) - XvUU : Large, airy, ploaoantfnmUhod room*, alnglo or en suite,-for families or singlo portions: houso baa all the modem improvement*; location tbo finest In tho city; llrory and boarding stable in tho rear. Can accommodate : govern day boardors.. - .. ■ , . _ ■; • 1 MA. WABASH-AV.-A SUITE OP FRONT IV I u; rooms, with largo closet attached; alao, a large pack room, unfurnlahod, with or without board. • : i’IQA INDIAN A-AV., NEAR TWENTY-BIGHTH XXOU at.—Plooaant rooms and board for four gentle men. . . ( 1 n nroiANA.AVI-PIEABANT ROOMS, FUR JLOJ.V nlshod or unfurnished, with board. - ; ■ fIOTTAOE GROVE, NEAR FAIRVIEW STATION— Doairablo rooms, unfurnished except earpot, with board, Addroas R 80,' Tribune office, ; > MICHIQAN-AV,, NEAR BIXTEENTH-ST. (NO i boarding house)— Two genteel conplo and two young men can have elegant fumuhod roomewHhAl board.' House has Just been furnished. No other boarders; pripoe moderate. Address U 33. Tribune office, i rpWO GENTLEMEN GAN HAVE A PLEASANT X . room, with board. - furnished or unfurnished (not a, boarding-house), marble front, Wabash*av., near, Twen-' ty-sixth-et. Only those need apply who aro willing to pay . woll for flrat-olaas accommodations. <• P 92, Tribuno of fice. STATES HOTEL-ELEGANT SITUATION,, (j,. eoDTcnlont to tbo business partoftbo oily, aud as a family residence Is unoqualcd. First-claw tablo accom modation. Transient-, guests 63 per day. -Permanent boarders reasonable rates. Situated at comer Thirty firat-at. and Coltaco Qrovo-ar. UUOKICR A HAWLEY, ■ Proprietors. D. Little,' Manager. - ' North Side. Ono SKDWIOK-ST.-TUK VERY PLACE THIS ZjvO imumer. cool, ami pleasant rooms, Kith good board; $8 a week. Country. A LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, WITH • board, at Englewood: largo, shady groimdasirrlvato ftmflly; 80 (rains daily each way. Address P 78, Tribune oltiro. . i . . ■ BOARD WANTED. BOARD-BY A LADY. BOARD AND ROOM, IN A private family on the west Side, near tho street cars.' Address, stating torma aud location, R 23, Tribune otßeu.. BOARD-BY' GENTLEMAN, ON NORTH SIDE, convenient to Rush-st. bridge. Address, stating lo cation and toms, 1* 69, Tribune office. •DOARD-A SUITE OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS, XA with board, for self, wlfo, and . two children. Ad* dross P 81, Yrihuno otlloo. "DOARD-A SINQLEGENTLEMAN WANTS BOARD XX.ln » pleasant locality whoro them aro fow boarders; handsomely famished front room preferred. Address O. COHEN, Gardner Honao. ■ ■ • BOARD-AND ROOM BY a GENTLEMAN ON West Side in a house of modem Improvements; lato dinners. - Address J 20. Tribune ottioo. HORSES AND CARRIAGES. And for fear bomb persons may forget tbo plaoo to buy or soil borsos, buggies, and harness, will merely mention that It is 261 Stato-sU Splendid de mand for good driving borsos and second-hand buggies. Just received, a lofty bay team, 17 bands; 1 pair of blacks .extra nice; pair of moles., double oxtra. Como and boo D*g boy or soil, at tbo salo-stablos of BRAD- A BLACK BUGGY HORSE. 7 YEARS OLD. GOOD traveler, and Tory stylish, for sale, at 37 East Kin xlo-st. A GREAT VARIETY OF CARRIAGES, ROOK aways, baronobos, slide-seats, phaetons, top and open buggies. 37 and 29 South OHqton-at. H. B. HILL. riARRUGES-HAYDB 4 O’BRIEN HAVE-ON ly hand, and aro constantly manufacturing, first-class driving and family buggies; also aovoral second-hand bug files which will bo sold cheap for cash. Garden City Car riage Works, 7ffl and 783 Btato-«t. ■OUB 810 OABT-HOBSES Foil sale cheap! SOO, $75, and S9O a piece; ono for 825. At 747 Woat leblgan-sU TBOUR PAIR FINE OOAOH HORSES AND FOUR X* Pair fine single hones Just from tho country forsalo at ROOT A VAN NORT WICK'S Livery Stable, 43 Four toonth.st. FOR SALE—A SPLENDID SET OF DOUBLE CAR riage harness, very cheap. Apply at 808 Oaiial-at.^ TjIOR SALE—A HANDSOME FAMILY CARRIAGE, J Inqairo at 106 West Randolph-st. . For sale-black mare. 0 years old, 00 an A Tenßroeke top buggy, ud biraMi. Rig nearly now. Can bo bought very low If taken to-Jay; alio basket phaeton, ohoap. At BASSETT’S, ISHnnuon-oourt. Fob salr-a path op' matohud horses, suitable foe a family carriage, at 699 West Lako-at. fORSALE-A GOOD WORKING TEAM OF ROAN horses { also wagon and harness. Inquire at 7H Sedg.' Wlok-st. OR BALB-A DAPPLED-BAY HORSE, WITH buggy, cheap. W. F. JQNEB/203 LaSallo-st. FOR SALE—lumber team complete, cheap tor cash. Inquire 120 North Oaual-st. . FOR SALE—CHEAP, A GENTLEMAN'S driving* horse. Applyatbaminrcarof 7UMtohlgan-av. For bale or exchange-open and top buggies, business and Concord wagons, phaetons, do. Carriages and buggies to let without hues os. J, It. BROOKMAN, 190 Ywonty-socond-st. ■ . ■ tjTQR SALE—A NICE GENTLE MARE. WELL Jj broke, single or double, and aafo for a lady to drive. Can trot bettor than 8 mlnntos. At M. O. wILBUUA BRO.'B, ,167 and 168 Mloblgan-av. T7IAMILY CARRIAGES, JUMP-BEAT DUOOIEH, JL’ and phaetons, at Eastern factory prloos. 10 and la WeaUtandolpUsC near tbobridge. 11. J. EDWARDH. For want op room, i offer for sale at a bargain one light road wagon, two buslneas wagons, one oppress, and ono delivery wagon, all warranted, at 833 Cottage Qrovo-av. , riOOD PASTURAGE FOR HORSES AT STONY i VT Island farm, in Hyde Pork; 01 porwoek. E. O. CLARK, ■pOOKAWAYS, PHAETONS, JSLIDE-SEATS, TOP J-b and open buggiea, oto.. In groat variety, for sale at low prices. 837 Stato-lt. P. L. SMITH. •WANTED-TO BUY, CHEAP FOR CASH, A tv. stylish buggy, phaeton; which has boon bufllitlo naed. : Osll at Room id. 133 LaSallo-st. : - WANTED— A GOOD HORSE, HARNESS. AND rwo.tiXV 0 ' cheap foroash. ’CallatW if^jCT ANTED—TO PURCHASE A HORSE. BUGGY. '‘YJf and harness; will trade a good lot. IIOILVIN A. KIQ., 48 South Olark-st, , . __ ‘IXTANTED—HOME TEAMS FOR RAILWAY WORK; t Vt, must below foroash. IIOILVIN A 0(3., 48 South Olark-st. 1 !\ATANTED—TO BUY CHEAP FOR CASH—A PAIR Itt woll-matchud horses and family carriage; would buy !fb(»rsps wlthoat oarrlaga. Address it 73, Tribune ottico._ MACHINERY. v tpOß BALE-SECOND-HAND PORTABLE, UP iJ. 1 right, and tubular boilers, portable ami stationary im agines: ono Buckeye engine and boiler. Chicago Steam jooller Works, 68 Mlotugan-st. . . ; . ITtOU BALE-A FIRST-CLASH ENGINE, NEW, JL' lain.xiain, Apply Chicago Steam Engine Works, •gafhsasl comer Mlohlgaa and Fraokiin-sta. TO RENT-HOUSES. ay., game block. ■ fpO RBNT-IN' A VERY DESIRABLE LOCATION. X KM North i Doatborn-st., .bnn S-story anil baenmodc brisk dwelling, IS rooms; •with .oloiols and modom itn* pruvomont"} For private roridonoo only. Apply to M. BOANLAN, 7 South Olilrk-wt. _ fl’O nENT-K? WAIlAmi-AV., NEAII TWENTY- X soormd-iit.,»*«totyfrftnlD house, containing 13 rooms; hot and cold water, laundry, Ao, MEAD, A (JOE, 163 LaHalla-et. , . ‘ , rpO RENT-NEW O-BTORY FRAME IIOUSK, 6 X rooms, south front, ttfl West Monroa-nt., olosO to Western-av. Rent low to doalrablo tenant. -Apply to JOHN WEST, 891 West Monroo-nt., next door to tho above. - , • 310 RENT-HOTEL ON THE CORNER OP FIFTH* .'av.iand Adams-st., containing 66 room?, Including bath-room, water closets, laundry, hot and cold water. Apply to owner on tho morotsos. TO ; RENT—HOTTBR—IS NORTH OARPKNTER-BT.; •U rooms. newly .papered, 8G0; also lOC9 Wobaah-av., gOO. R. 0. COLBACO., IMLaßallo st, ... , riio RENT—DWELLING 221 NORTH, OLARK*RT., (1, -X'roems. water, nnduafl fixtures; Inaldd blinds. Apply ; .to H. H. FLEMING, Room It, ■ mo RENT—A .BiilOK-HOUSIS"OF 10 KOQMS. 7IOT X , and cold baths, northeast cor; Tbreop add, Van Bu- ■ renew; ImiuireatiSoThroop-st;? nio ni!NT- 7 ON NonTii (rinßtou a hotel, thiji •X splendid,four-storyand'basomont stoop-front build-] log, «Jby 103 foot, situated on tho southeast duninr of, iNcwth Wells and Mlohlgan-sts. Apply to E. A. JACOBS, -* EiaOHElt, Ho. M NSrth 'rpOIRENT-IIOUSE OF 23 ROOMS IN WEST T>l-i I X I - 1 vision, ’for a term of four years from last May, 1873. ■ J. a.QOULD, llGDoarborp-Bt. . 1 ifPO RENT—HOUSE AND BARN ON i WARREN JL. av... It) norfoot order; cheap to a good tenant. J. I ;B. GOUtD. H9Doarbnm-st. , » i.mo RENT—QOTTAQR OFfl ROOMS ON TWENTY* 1 X nlnlb-st,, botwwm Wabash*av and Stato-st. J. 8. • GOULD, llODoarborn-st. ,i , ■ rpO RENT—IO.ROOM FURNISHED IIOUSK. 10 X boardors; fumllurofor salo. 1 17BState-at., lUiom 13.: TO RENT-HOUSE AND LOT 410 WABASH-AV.,! lot 40t170,-cood bam, at a moderate rontte rosponsl- 1 ■ bio parties.- -No others need apply, j. KtiAIAS WAlt*. REN, 18 Chamber of Oomrooroe. , . . • . i TO'; RENT-HOUSE. TO3 -MADISON-ST., ' CORNER' Lincoln} .7.rocnis, bath room,"Pantry,' ahd olosots. Woll atrangod; - Inquire at Stero. 1 - z 1 1 ■<\ I mo RE^T—HOUSES—TWO-STORY TTR AMB; 'lO X rooms i good repair: Nos. BL2flah<l2B'niiriy*sOTenUi-l ‘st.; noarEllls-ftT. B.<E. WELLS. 168 Doarbum-et* j ) TO RENT—NEW COTTAGE. SIX ROOMS, WATER,! andbArnttenmlnateB 1 walk from Union Park; $20.; V. W. DEAN. 183 South Olark-«t. . '. ( rpO RENT—7-ROOM HOUSE ON WEST WABHING- X ton-st., ,-noar Woslom-av. D, LEONARD; Roam lyMotbodlsi Church Block. ■ ■ • TO RENT—COTTAGE OP 0 ROOMS, ; ATTIO floored, near Van Buren-st. cant $25 por month,.D, LEONARD, Room 11, Methodist Church Block. 1 TO RENT—3 i STORY HOUSE, WARRRN-AV,; $35 por month; store, with 8 rooms, MadUon-et., sio| 8-room ,tenement, Maulson-st,, $35; G-rrtom tenement, MadliOh-st.; $23; fine largo homo, Madlson-st., SSO; 2 tenements on Van Unron-at., .SBO each; 2 story Jjouso, Adams-st., $10: Klnxlo-flt. store, $25. Apply to CAMP BELL BRua., iSlMadtson-at., cor. Clark. fTO HOUSE, . FIRST-CLASS 'X -In every respoot, and all modern Improvements. Ap ply at 3SB Cnloogo-av., mwt of Oiark-st. ; Suburban. TO. RENT—AT OAK PARK-NICE COTTAGE, double parlors, 6 room?, good woll, chtorn, and collar. Rent cheap. Apply to A. T. HEMINGWAY, Room SC. 148LaSauo-st.• 4.. :. . mo RENT—OR FOR BALR-AT WINNETKA, 40 X minutes' rldo, Milwaukee Railroad, homo lu rooms, barn, tlvoacrcnof cardan, fruit trees, evergreens, shrub oto. - Call atvH Dearborn-et.. Room hi. •» TO BENT—ROOMS. TO RENT—IF YOU WANT COMFORT AND ELR- X ganco go and scouro a room at tbo St. Elmo, 85 and 87 Doarborn-st. Ohargea reasonable. r RENT—A • SUITE OF FRONT ROOMS FUR nlahod or nnfurnlshsdj (will not ho lot for house hooping); also a good barn. Apply at 126 Wairon-av. rpO RENT- 487 WEST MADISON-BT. - HAND- X soma front rooms, for gonllomon or families, furnish ed or-not, wither, wltbont board.. . . . rpo BENir - FUBNISURD rooms at euro. X poan Hotel, 78 South Ilalsted-st., opposite Academy Theatre, at sls and S3O por month, and tbrao rooms at residence 20 Booth Green-st., at $8 and $lO. Inquire at office 76 South Halstod-st. ■ ' ' * O RENT FURNISHED FRONT SUITE OP rooms, iultahlo for two or throo gentlemen,' No. 20 Cougress-st., one. door east of Wabaah-ay. Apply In fflurthwtory. - ■ TO RENT-A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, NICE- Iy furnished for gontlomon; also nloo single room. 543 Woosh-ar. mO RENT—AT 160 WEST ADAMS-BT. A NICE BACK ‘X' parlor on tint floor, eno room up-stalro, and a very . comfortable baaomant-yoom—all fumuhod—with or with out board. TO RENT-UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FlßST class table, at 4MMlchlg»o &y. .X TO RENT-SIX NICE ROOMS ON WEST MADL son-st., near Roboy-sL Rent low to a good tenant. R. KENNEDY, X4fi Olark-at., Rooms 28 and 27. 1 rpO RENT-FIVE NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, X complete for housekeeping, flret floor of msldoncu 1448 Pralrlo-ar. Rent till Aug. 16, 1878. L. G. BRAIN ARP, Room 17, 183 East Aladlsoo-st. . TO RENT-A FIRST, FLOOR SUITABLE FOR housokoeplng. Apply at 112 M South Jeffouon-at. TO RENT-TO A BMAJJ, FAMILY~OP ADULTS, tbo.lowor floor of 817 Fulton-st; 6 rooms, pantry, olos* ertOj water; houso uowly finished; rent, S3O. Apply up* rno RENT-41 KianTKKNTH-ST.—NICK PLEAS . X sat rooms, with or wltbont board, Id a private family, Dostrablo location. ' Taring roaaonablo. mo RRNT-4 OH 6 ROOMS, WITH CLOSETS, X suitable) for light housekeeping. Inquire at 178 Wost Lako-st. TO RENT-VERY NICE ROOMS AT 874 MICHIGAN, av; would board ouooouplo. . TO RENT-BLF.OANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SlN glyandon suite, ntHoooru Itlook, corner Aloutuaaud : Dearburn-ota. Apply at Room IW. . T~ 0 R~ENT—TWO PLEASANTPURN'ISIIED ROOMS; also.ono unfurnished room, with or without board.. at 263 West Madlaori-st. fflO RENT—NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, SINGLE X or on suite, from $lB to S4O: No. 161 South Olark-si., - botwoouMadtaoa and Monroe, Room 11. i * fro RENT—NICELY FURNISHED OR UNFUR. X Dished rooms. 161 Madlson-flt., Rohm 23. , .. . TO RENT-A SUITE OFT WO NiOELYFURNISHED front rooms, wltholosot. 69Tivouty-socond-st., near Pralrio-ar. • • - fno RRNT—NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, AT 031. X Wabaah-av. Terms Tory low. • ■ '• ' TO RENT-ROOMS ON WAUAHII-AV., FOR QKN tlomanandiadytoollcointhomoroingforiady. Ad dross R 64, Tribune office. i alO RENT-3 FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS AT M , South Morgan-st., near Madison. : TO RENT-FOUR OR SIX PLEASANT ROOMS, pantry and olosots, water in kltobon. just calclmluod, 'cheap, to a small family. Apply 193 South'Wood-st.. niO RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WITH- X ont board, at 80 Abordoeu-st. 310 RENT-298 FULTON-ST., SUITE OF ROOMS ON . ground floor, suitable and convenient for housekeep ing; to man and wife only. • •• • ; ffiO RENT—A NIOELY-FURNISHED FRONT ROOM X ■ togontlcman. 930 Wabaah-av., near tho Post-Office. TO RENT-331 MIGHIOAN-AV.—A FRONT SUITE of rooms to. throe or four gentlemen at a reasonable price. . ■ i rno BENT-2 OR 8 WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, X gas and bath; good location, IW West Jackaoa-st., posr HaUtod. • • • . TO RENT-STORES. OFFICES, &o. TO RENT-FINE OFFICE AND DICSK-ROOM, FIRST floor,corner bulldlog. Apply to E. E. RYAN A CO., 810 LaSallo-et. . -• - - ’ TO RENT-OHEAPEST OFFICE LN TOWN, SMALL, cheerful, and furnished; vault and closets. Also dosk-room. 163 Monroo-st., Room 3. TO RENT—WELL-LIGHTED’ OFFICES AND TWO lofts, 20x116, on Statc-st.. opposite Pahuor Hotel, cboftp. Inquire at Room 4, 178Stato-st. ffiO RENT—BASEMENT 153 RANDOLPH-ST., NEAR X comer LaSallo, n fow doors from Sherman House. W. J. DAVIS, 146 MadUon-at. rpO RENT-HALF OF STOUR 119 EAST RAN 'X dolph-st., near Clark. Doslrablolocation. Alsodosk room. Apply on promises. WANTED—TO BENT. WANTED— TO RENT—A STORE SUITABLE FOR a furniture utoro ;»tnaU lint Hour and largo oDDor floors. A. L. CHOOSER, 631 Slato-at. \\7ANTED—TO RENT—A DOUSE CONVENIENT TT to care, In good location. Address, stating Improve ments nudprloo, It 85, Tribune olllco. WANTED-TO RENT-A DOUSE OP 6 OR 7 rooms; rent not to exceed SSS. Address R 30, Trib une ofHoe. WANTED-TO RENT—IMMEDIATELY. 8 OR' 4 rooms, suitable for houeokooplng; no children, Ad dross, stating tonne, R37, Tribune otneo. ■ WANTED-TO RENT - A SMALL HOUSE OR cottage, convenient to streetcars; state location and rent.. Rod, Tribune office, WANTED-TO RENT—A SMALL STORE, WITH T f ono or two good show-windows, for a retail Imalaoas, In a busy part of city,' A place with 4 or 6 rooms for house* hooping, attached, would bo preferable. Address, with full particulars, RETAIL STOKE, Tribune olllco. WANTED-TO RENT-ROOM WITH OR WITHOUT TT board for soli and wife. Address, slating toms. R 80, Trtbuno oiUoo. i SEWING MACHINES. A LARGE LOT OF SECOND-HAND SEWINO-MA chines, nearly new, embracing tho Singer. Whoolor 'A Wilson, Howo. Grover A Bakor, and all tbo leading machines, for eato very aheap, by tho Domestic Sowing- Machine Company, at 74 State-ut. Persons about to buy any of the above kinds will llnd hero a bargain. Grover a baker's Bb"wino-maoiiineh-okn. oral olQoe, 160 Sloto at,;. branch othoo, 973 Wabash av. Persons having old Grover A Uakor aewlug-maohlnoa uninvited to call and boo tho now Improvements, and bear something to their advantage. OINUKU OFFICE OF A. J. MKLOKEIIT. 218 SOUTH Halstod-st. Machines sold on monthly Installments. Upon evenings. MUIR NEW FLORENCE HEWING MACIIINE-WH A call special attention to recent improvements made lu thoMorouco, also to tbo now and elegant stylos of uusua added to our list. To moot tbo views of those preforrlng (machine feeding tho work away from tho operator, wu avomadaNoa. 18 and 14, which combine tho desirable features to bo found In mnobluea made by others, with all tlio peculiar eiooltouolos of tho Florence, WM. 11. SHARP A CO., Qoucral Agents, 864 Stato-at., Chicago. WHEELER A WILSON SEWINO-MAWIfTESTTHR now improved, sold nr rented on easy monthly nay nionts. BUfINIIAM & FLANNERY, City Agents, oitico 16S Stato-at. . (3?f A WORTUOF ATTACHMENTS GIVEN AWAY SiHtata°i? VCry pnnion A sawing machine at MUSICAL. fIRGANS AND MELODUONB TUNED AND RE- V paired, at the organ factory, 63 East Indlana-st, W ANTED—TO PURCHASE A PIANO FORTE; aoutiUs to fsstewLr*" m ”“°' WANTBD--MALE HEiP. . . Bookkeepers* Clerk*. Etc. WANTED-SALESMAN-BY A* BOSTON BOOT .nnd shoe Jobbing house, a salesman tvlth an estab lished trado In Wlodoiula and Minnesota, and also one for Southern lona and Nobraskat .Address Box 3,6&4, Boston, Mass. • ! • , * \y-ANTKU-A YOITNO MAN 01' ABOUT IB IN A VY clgftr and sample room. Inquire at 86 North Olark-st, : • V WANTKD-BOOKKREPER IN A WHOLESALE liquor otoro jono who nnUaratanda nuking Govern ment returns. Address, la own hand-writing, R 68, Tribuneoltloo. ' ' • wanted;-two good german dry goods 'VY salesmen at 854 Dlvlslonat. • WANTED— A DRY G(SOD3 CLERKS ONE WHO '< ' speaks French preferred, at U. ROSENTHAL'S,. mi Bluo lalond-av.' ■ , , I WANTED— A' GOOD SALESMAN FOR THE CITY. nt-123 Weal TWclfUuit.. ' f ratios*, - ' • , WANTED-A COMPETED FOREMAN. OARPEN- Vr ter, wages #5 per days' Abe 49 or M'llrat-class Joiners i and carpoiitor-j to mirk on National Bonk and other build-' -IngSi In Marquette. Mich. Steady work and the lilghont wages paid. Apply to ALFRED QUEEN, Architect, •d0.,-Marquette, Mich. - I WANTED— A FOREMAN TO TAKE CHARGE OF a furniture factory In Chicago, Must bonotlvo, In* gonlnua, capable of estimating oorroolly, undnratand irm- 1 oblnoty, and thoroughly poatod in.tho manufacture of the, .latest stylosof furniture. Good salary ttald. Only tlreU; class mechanics need apply... Address R 11, Tribune of-, flee. ; ( \AT ANTED - FIRST-CLASS FINISHERS FOR VY blaokamlth shops, three Urit-clads trimtueti'On light, ■worktcrtnklAnt oihpmytrUmt and good - wages to good'work 'tncn> HALL-a BARTLETT. Rockford, 11L • \\T ANTED - IftTKifiDIATELY A FTRSTiOLAS’Si VY carriage Irfnrnibrat BROWN A MEYERS' Carriage; Shops,' Aurora,' HI. ; : T . 1 TITANTED-TWO GOOD JOURNEYMEN HOUSK-i VY paintors. L. OJ WRIGHT, PrtdlWd, 111. • i W ANTED-AT.. NORTH EVANSTON... OARPRN- WANTED— TO.. PHOTOGRAPHERS -.A . .FJRBT- ClaisnQgaUvarqtoncblag artUt, lady or oontloman. Address at onoo, stating terms,. Ac., Tjobk>Box Ifi, tomwa, lowa. ’ '; "'' 1 -|' * ■ TSTANTBD—6..EXPERIENCED UPHOLSTERERS; WANTED— A.OOAT’AND A VEST-MAKKR: BEST prices paid... Inquire of T. Fi raILUPS, 10'Madl flon-at. NoTrtshPooa apply. ■■ i ~ , WANTED— A..FIRST-OLABS'. AMERIO AN CAR pen tor. to rnt in window* and door-soroons; a slondy Job and big pay. Apply at Iluildon' ExohathfO.. 183 LaSallo-et.', bbtwddh 8 and 0 a.th. | - WANIEDf-tA .GOOD FRESH ROY WHO CAN make hjs forms ready, at Q. W. ZBlOElt’S printing oflloo; 65 North OUrki-at7 V *TtTANTED—A- BOY-VO RUN A. GORDON PRESS, V T ono who has- bad experience preferred... A. perma nent situation..-Apply *t 46 Bait Harrison-5t.... ; WANTED- IMMEDIATELY, 1 TWO GOOD PAT VV item-makers-at JOHN B.'GAVINISPattern and Model-Works,.corner Lake and Jefferson-gU, , , ; \y ANTED—A- FIIIBT-OLAB3 MB*.!' COOK. AP. 1 t f ply thls<Friday} morning at office pf Lake Forest Ho tel Company,.ltOLaSallo-st. * j I WANTED-A- ■ GOOD DAhliKll--FOII ■ STEADY 'work. • Apply at 640 West Lake-st. WANTED-ONE GOOD OARRIAGBPAINTER.XO IT tAke cbAtftO’of shop: also,-one-ftnrt*o!ass -trimmer. MILLAR-A PARSONS, IM-Wost-Washingtoa-sU-• ; - BRING brushes. ready lor work, 9 a. m., at 74 East Twelfth* it., o. j>'iikiß3>i . •. i ~. 4 ‘ 1 W ANTED - A BLACKSMITH WHO UNDER* TT stands horso-shoolng.and wagon repairing at 265 Oot* iago OroTJ-av. • * *■ ; WANTED-T WO JOURNEYMEN BARBERS; GOOD wage* and steady employment will bo given. Apply at lßXTwenty.aocond.at;, up stain.' OABANO; ; TXT ANTED—A PAINTER TO TAKE CHARGE OF Y T work; ono that eon letter, will finda steady Job and good pay. Address P 79, Irilmno office. r< WANTED-A GOOD MAN COOK, COLORED preferred, at Firo*Proof Dining Room, 145 East Mon* roo-st. ‘ i ; WANTED-ONE FUtST-OLASS MAN TO rCn"a tt Smith's patent sticking machine; Ouo first-class mao to run a circular saw. At JOHN MoEWEN’B,-343 North Wolls-st. ' . „ i. . ANTED-A GOOD JOURNEYMAN BARBER AT 787 Wabash-av.; also a colored boy. .• ~ - WANTED—BEFORE 10 A. M., A THOROUGH OAS TT fitter at M. A* Thayer’s Furnace and Range Rooms, . KglStato-sU . s’ Employment Aconolos. TXT ANTED—I SALESMEN, ff MEN FOR LIGHT VT work In tho city, loss wmUl hands; also 1 man for office work. 176 Stato-st., Room 13. XW ANTED—COO LABORERS TO WOBR ON RAIL . VT roads, farms,-saw-mills, Uo-ehoppors, ofo., at good wages and steady employment. Apply to CHRISTIAN A BING, No. 1 Sooth Olarit-st. TIT ANTED—22B RAILROADMEN AND 10 FOR _vr station work, dry sandworki 0 saw-mill hands.. 89, West Randolph-st., Rooms. ■ WANTED-IOORAILROAD MEN. ALSO SAW-MILL and farm hands. Apply at 40 West Randolph-st., Rooml. - , WANTED— 100 GOOD RAILROADMEN TO LEAVE to-day for Indiana: also,' wood-choppers and saw mill hands Aplenty of station work at big prices. Apply at 259 East Randolph-st., Lind Block. O. V. SNELL, Agent. WANTED— 300 MEN FOR THE UM.TUIOHU railroad; free fare;'wa‘Boßisl.7Bi hfiard'B3.6o: plenty of statiun work at good prices; ‘'ANDERSON <k 00., 15 South Canal*st. MiaooUonoonsi \xrANTBD-MEN-BIGGEST CHANGE EVER OP- T r foro<! to make mono;.. A /armor oloarod $63 in une week. Ono young man mtdo $77 In throe days, above* all expenses, If you want to raako money, don't fall to call at 99 Bast Madlaon-st.. Room 6. WANTED— THREE LABORERS AT 213 MONROE-* at.. at7a.,m. sharp., SWAN. CLARK A CO. • WANTED-80LIC1T0R3 AND AGENTS FOR THE "Penn Mutual Lifo Ina. C0.,"0f Philadelphia, In Northern Illinois. Office, 85 Washlngton-st;, Chicago. TITANTED—A YOUNG MAN FROM 16 TO 20 YEARS, .YY one acquainted with the stationery business; alsoa' aolloltor. Apply at 70 Dearborn-st. • ■ ■ ' : TXT ANTED—AN INTELLIGENT BOY (ABOUT 16 tt year# of age), to mako himself useful in a commission office. Address, in handwriting of applicant (with refer- 1 cuco), R, care of Carrier No. 16. • -- TITAN TED—A GOOD, STEADY MAN .TO ENGAGE Vr permanently in a good catablUbod ca&h business, *ltbsHX) capital. 178 Stato-sU. Room 12, . - - TXTANTED—ONE GOOD DINING-ROOM BOY, AT Y Y Bayloy's Hotel, 623 Stalest. - Ono that can come well recommended. - - TXTANTED-MEN IN OITY AND COUNTRY TO YY know that we have tba best soiling goods in the city, and offer these with small capital the boat chaaoo to make money on tho emollost capital. Wo aro solo agents -for Prof, Henry's non-explosivo for kerosene oil. Costs 8 cents; soils for 25 cents. - A. RAY, Room 8, 25 West Lako-st. ; i ■\XTANTED-AT EVERETT HOUSE RESTAURANT, YY 21S WostMadison-et., two colored, boya as waiters. Call to-day. • •' 1 TIT ANTED—A BOY IN A HARDWARE STORE:' Y Y must bo an American, intelligent, live at homo, and have good recommendations. Wil. A A. W, WHEE LER, 315 Stato-at. , . • ■ ANTED—CANVASSERS THAT HANDLE OUR it goods mako from $22 to sf>o per week.. Goods sell on hlgiit. A. M. RICHARDSON. HO Madlson-st, WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domostios*. WANTED-A GOOD, CAPABLE COOK, WASHER, VT andlronor. Apply at 85 Grovoland-park, opposite Chicago University. City references required. , . , - WANTED— GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON* or. Apply at3BB Miobtgan-av, i , WANTED-FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, A good, strong, neat- competent girl. • Gorman or Scandinavian;family small. Inqalroatlal wabpansoh-av. WANTED-A GIRL FOR A SMALL FAMILY OP two persons. '1212 Pralrio-av. i WANTED—A. GIRL TO COOK; WASH, AND Yi iron. Roforonccs required, 29Indlana-av., fourth homo south of Thlrteonth-st- ‘ .• , ' YXTANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL Y Y housework in a private family of throe; - good wages. No. 856 North Sodgwlok-at,, op stairs. 1 . WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work at No. 47 Mlllor-st. YXTNNTBP-A GOOD NURSE GIRL TOR A CHILD YY a year old; must bo strong, willing, and well recommended.' Apply Immediately at 183 KUlsav., south of Waupanseh-av. Wanted - a NOHBB onii, german or it Swede, at 1-11 Twcnty-slxth-st,, botweoa Wabash and Mlohigan-ava. t WANTED -A GOOD, COMPETENT QUID, OH woman, to do gouoral homework for a small pri vate family. Apply at i«5 Lako-av. • i WANTED COOK IN A FAMILY Off TWO: VT Swodlahor Gorman preferred. Call at 137 Twenty ■Uth-st. : W AKTBD ” A young GIRL IN a SMALL FAMILY T T to help do general housework and take care of chil dren; wages,.s3.6o. 4SsFulton-at. .. ,• WANTED-A, GOOD COOK, WASHER, (AND 1 F irpnor, to go to Lake Forest for the summer. Call at 187 South Bangamon-at. WANTED— A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. Call at 460 West Washtngton-st. WANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OP A BABY? at 200 Aahland-av. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work. Mtist ho a good 000k, and noil recommended; Apply,lmmediately, at 133 EllU-av.,south of Wahpansoh. W Ai< TIJD-A VIRST-OLAS3 DINING ROOM GIRL: if competent to lake charge at tho BlgolowHomo, 9i3 Wabaah-av, , WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND it Iroiier, to goto Kvanstou: email family, and good wagns. Inquire at »». LuSallo-st., Ant tloor. 11, WANTED-A COMPETENT .SEWING GIRL,. AT dross-making. Apply at 105 Twenly-seoond-st, ; • WANTED— A GOOD GIRL,‘NOT HUSH, TO TAKE oaro nf children and make horsolf useful. Apply at 100 Douglas-plaoo. . . , ‘ ' . Tlf ANTED—GOOD GIRL FOR QENEUAL HOUSE, 11 work at IM South Murgan-st. 1 1 ■ • > \\T ANTKU-AGIHL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK ■ 1 for family of four. CalUt M 6 ButtorUqld-st. , I WANTED-A GIRL WHO CAN COOK. WASH, and Iron, can Imd a good homo In a small family, fid chVroforoncos Nono nood who cannot fprnlsh good WANTED twelve first-class dining ' > In a hotel Just oponlhg. Call botwoen 9 and Ip this merging, No. 5 WoslMadUoa-at., Roams.‘ , TirAhTBD-AOOODOUII, IfOH QHNDRAMIUUHIS, \ • work In a small private family. Apply for two days at 1130ladlana-sv. - • WANTED-A good FEMALE RESTAURANT, if cook; Apply at onco, ac 653 State-st. ‘ • • 1 1 “ TSTANTEDr-A GOOD oTut TO ASSIST IN GEN- T 1 oral honaowork; must be a good washer and Ironer; Apuly at3aaixUumth-st.». .< : m , GENERAL SERVANT FORA good place and liberal iragss, at 77, South Sgagawon. at., three Jours from MsdUop. r , WANTKIC-a GIRLS, ONE FOR AND one fur second girl In boarding house. Call at 131 and IM Waat Madiioa-il. WANTED—FEMALE HELP. Domoatlos—Conttnnod. WANTBD-A GOOD, RELIABLE GIRL TO COOK, .VV .wash, and front Oonnan, Swede, or Boolcb. Apply at 74QMIoblgan»ar. •. , ANfKD-A GOOD GIRL FOR IRVING PARK* WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER, AND IRON. VY or. Also a nurse girl. Inquire for two days at ttiO Mlchlgan-ar. ' ; WANTED— A GOOD GIRL TO DO SECOND WORK] Flrst-olais treatment.. SSI West Washlngton-st. WANTED— A GIRL TO OOOIC AND WASH*} MUST -btt competent and well recommended. Apply atet9 WeatAdanls-at. < ■ ■ - Seamstresses* TTfANT ED-ONE FIRST-CLASS WHEELER A VV WILSON operator, with machine, at IIOTOUKIN, PALMER A CO.’H. IBTand 189 Slato-st. _____ TSTANTED—A GOOD SHIRT AND BUTTON-HOLD VY maker,'at tbo Oriental Shirt Factory, 420 West Ran* dolnh-at. * WANTED— THREE FIRST-CLASS SEAMSTRESS* oa this morning at 8C! North Olark-at. WANTED— APPRENTICE GIRLS, TO LEARN TUB dressmaking business. Apply at 211 Parlc-av. '.TITANTED—THREW 1 FIRST-CLASS SHIRT IRON* Vr ore and two waahwomon, at tho Hutchinson Laundry, Ml Wabasb-av. - - > . . WANTED— FIRST-CLASS SHIRT, COLLAR, AND vest Ironors, Lrlday morning, at Anderson's Steam Laundry, Htato-st. and Bldridge-court. HoTtsokooDors. TtTANTED—A LADY BO YEARS OLD TO GO TO YV Nohrnaka os housekeeper for widower la hotel. Ap ply at 1,000 Stato-at., up-aUira, TIT ANTED—AN OLDISH WOMAN AS HOUSE . VV keeper, and to do cutting and and sowing on.boya* clothes on a Rlnpor machine; wages, $4; place porman* ont. AddroaeltO, Tribune office. . Nnrfioa. WANTED-IMMEDIATBLY-AT NO. 0 BRYANT, av., aoulli of Douglas-placo, a Gonnan or American girl from 12 to 16 years of ago to act aa nutflO'glrL WANTED GERMAN . AND SCANDINAVIAN V.T girls for private families and hotels, at 8U Mllwau koo-av. ;no fees. . ■ 1 ■ - "TATANTED—GOOD- WOMAN TO TAKE CHARGE VV ,'dioteManndry; another to take charge linen room; also ohambormalds and washerwomen. Apply at MRS. BATES'OOIoo, No. 10 Peek-court. . . ■, ; WANTED— IMMEDIATELY. FORTIIE COUNTRY, . Ilrstand second cook, splendid wages: 1 laundry. 1 chamber, 4 dining-room rlrls In one hotel. ‘IWS Wabasn av, t Mre. BALK AM'S Otllce. i ■ TOTANTED—FOR LAKE FOREST AND HIGHLAND TT Park, first-class pastry oookand laundress, 1 Ironir, 8 washer*. 3 dishwashers,* and vegetable cook.lmmediate* ly. 446 Wabash-av., up-stalrs,; do foes. > , ; T&isooUnnoonn; "WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED FEMALE PASTRY J,r cook foe* a restaurant. THOMSON’S, 81' South Olark-at. : WANTED— SEVERAL LADIES FOR.CITY AND everywhere In tho country to Mil two excellent toilet articles and r robber goods for I&dlos;;Q20a week la litllo.effort, Sample* Xroo. MRS. J, PALMER, 'Room 8,25 West Lnkn-st. ~ ' SITUATIONS WAITED— MAIjE. Bookkeepers, Glories. &o. SITUATION. WANTED—PERMANENT—AT MOD •mto lalary, as eopvlnt or correspondent olnrk, or any wsneotable Indoor omplqymonf; will loan employer SIOO. Address P 81, Trlbuno 00100. (SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENGLISHMAN. kJ< aged £B, where good intellectual ability, gentlemanly address, and unimpeachable character will secure him an opportunity of an introduction to tho business life Of Obi* csgq. Address Bor 2225. Evanston, 111, CIT CAT ION WANPED-BYA YOUNG MAN, Afi VJ clerk in a grocery store; has had live roars’export* •nc(v and speaks German;-English, and Scandinavian, and can bring good references. Address P W, Trlbuno omoo. • , QITUATION WA'NTED—AS CLERK IN A GRO* K3 opty store, by a young man (Swede); has some export* •nco In the business; is willing to work for small salary. Addross P93, Jrlbuno office. • SITUATION WANTED—AS BOOKKEEPER OR kJ cashier, by a thoroughly competent man, 4 years’ ox* portonco.- Best of city references. Willing to loan AtcO or S6OO to his employer on good security. AddrcssPro. Tribune omoo. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO yj la doalrous of learning tho grocery business. Wage* no object. Beet of references given. P 73. Trlbuno office. CITUATION WANTED—IN A BOOT AND SHOE, kJ grocoiT, or harihrsro store, by a young man of steady habits. Addross JJ 0, or call at 201 West Taylor-str^ CITUATION WANTED AS OLERS IN A kJ irroocry, by a young man of three years’ oxperioneoj wouldn’t mind delivering occasionally. Address P 81. Trlbuno otfleo. . . ’ Trades. CITUATION WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL PAINT* P or and cralnor in Chicago. - Addross CANADIAN, Post-office Box ICS, Goderich, Ontario. CITUATION WANTED-TO TAKE CHARGE OP kl boring, sinking, drifting, the making of self-acting Incline puinos, or any branch of mining, oxcopt survey ing by ono who Is thoroughly versed; has a good, thorough practical knowledge of ventilation, likewise ot carbonic and hydrogen gases: well versed In working veins of coal from 18 inches to 30 feat thick: first-class reference. Ad. dress TBOS. OHBBSMAN, Mlnonk, Woodford County, CJITDATION WANTED-BY A GRADUATE. OF A k) civil onglnooring Institute, who Is a practical carpen ter, as foreman, or to help, either architects, civil ongin eore, or surroyore. Speaks French and English, and tins boon a foreman oa Imtldlng before. Salary expected, moderate. Address J. .PRIMBAU, Chicago P. O. SITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MALE O oook In hotel or restaurant; warfns not leas titan 820 per week. Address P 77, Tribune odloo. CITUATION WANTED—BY A FIRST-CLASS MIL* O lor and stono-drossor. Beat of reforoncos. Address 1166, Tribune office. . Ooooiimon.’Tcamstors. &o, QITUATIONB WANTED—BY MAN AND WIFE; HD O la s nrst-olasa coachman; the an cook or Inamdresa; boat city ro/oroncos. Addrosaßfl.l, Tribune offioo. Miscellaneous, SITUATIONS WANTED—ADVERTISER AND SIS* kJ tor, Just arrived from Dublin, seek employment of any sortlnahotel;.would bo found activo and intelligent; will give two tnonfba for board and lodging. Addrooa ROBERT CAMPBELL, Trlbuno office" Auarooa SITUATION IWANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED roan, to take cat© of farm or stocks understands tho SITUATION WANTED-AS PORTER IN A WHOLE kJ sale store, by a Scandinavian, with good roforoucca; would prefer grocery business. Address OT, 75 MUwau koo-av. SITUATION WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG kJ m&n (English) doslros a permanent situation tn any reasonable capacity; good references. S. N., Liverpool House. Sherman-st.. Chicago. SITUATIONS WANTED—FEMALE Domestics. CITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE O % young lady in a small private family; kitchen or sue* ondwork; can bo soon at 241 West Taylor-st., to-day. CITUATION WANTED-AS SECOND GIRL TO DO O general housework by a Gorman girL Apply at 76 Hast Soporior-st. QITDATION WANTED-FOR A LADY WITH A O boy 2M vear* old In a small private family. Apply at 859 Twonty-hrat-et. - SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOM* an, as cook in a private boarding-house, with refer. ence. Ploobo call at 760 State-st. CITUATIONB WANTKD-BY TWO GERMAN PRO- O testant girls, ono as cook, and tho other as second or nurse girls can oomo well recommended. Call immodia tely at M Nowborry-av., near West Twolfth-st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO O do second work and take card of children. CallotNo. IH3 Brown-fit. SITUATION WANTED -TO DO GENERAL housework in a 'small private family; good roforanoo. Apply at 273 Burnsido-st., rear. t SITUATION XVANTED —AS COOK, WASHER, and Ironer in a private family. Apply at 65 Myr lek-av. CITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT TIDY GIRL ■ O to do housework in a small plrvato family. Inquire at 430 Arohcr-av. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A GOOD GIRL WHO Is willing to loam to do general housework In a small private family, or second work. Call for two days 292 West Adams-st. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG SWEDISH girl, to do second work, or general housework la a small family. Please call at 289 West Wsshlugton-st. Honsokoouers. SITUATION WANTED—BY A RESPECTABLE widow lad; of rollnoment as honsokoopur for a widow er or bachelor; bo objection to leaving the city 5 can give tho boat of references. Address R 83, Tribnne office. SITUATION WANTED-AR HOUSEKEEPER IN O hotel or gentleman's family? references exchanged; good wage*required., Address RBl, Tribunooffloo. QITUATION WANTED-BY A LADY AS HOUSE* p keeper In hotel or private family, or ai companion at home or abroad. Iloatol roforoncoa. Address P 71, Tdb 'one office. • QITUATION WANTED—DOR A LADY WITH A O little boy as a housekeeper. Apply at 239 Twenty flrst.st. ■■ TO EXCHANGE. mO EXCHANGE—AN ELEGANTNEWRESIDENOR, X near Van Buron-at. and Ashland-av., for good build* lag Iota; small cash payment. JACOB 0. MAGILL, bl and 83 South Clark-st. niO EXOHANQE-ANICE RESIDENCE ON PH AI- X Ho-ar., lor an Interest in a livery busluesa. CIIAS It. HOLMES AGO,, 71 Doarbornst. __ rpo eXohanok-stook diiv goods, oul>- J. carlo*, etc., in town of 6,000, near city; also lino bml 'Doss block worth 1150,000: will take Improved farm or ally property. SHANNON A TiIIPPE, nurtheast corner Washington aodOlark-sta., basement. I'O EXCHANGE—A GOOD FARM FOR A HOUSE, ■ rented or unroutod; will mako liberal cash payment. JACOB O. MAGILL. • TO EXCHANGE—OOTTAOH AND 8 ACRES OF highly Improved ground full of fruit, Honors, and •urubbory. It. lUHNNEUY, 115 Clark-st., Rooms <id and 37. hfO EXCHANGE—FOR A FARM—.GOOD OITY AND I suburban property, rapidly luoroaslnir la valtio: alto a good residence in Chicago, 11. KENNISDY, 145 Clark* st.. Rooms 39 and fl7.' ■■ • ' ■ ■ rpO EXCHANGE-FOR ACRE PROPERTY-A FINK X store, well routed; location (Irst-oUss. JACOB C. MAGILL. 3! and 83 South Clark-st. niO EXdHANQn-VALUABLIC REAL ESTATE TOR * VAN OKNUM ' 11 CLAIRVOYANTS. vuaspussmsassf^^ DIVORCES. rn*Y°IWKB OBTAINED FOR CAUSES. ALL LAW business attended to. BUSH, 517 South Clark-st. DIVOROE3-LKOALLY OUTAtNED-FETATrEU dooroo. Hoandal avoided. Nino years' praotico In uio 90urt« of Chicago. Address P. O. Boa UU7. 7

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