15 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Haziran 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 26. BEAL ESTATE. THE FAN UMLAD ESTATE, AT WAUKEGAN, TO BE SOLD .A.T y^XJCTXOOSr, IN SPLENDID RESIDENCE LOTS, On Thursday, June 26. A GBAUD EXCURSION TRAIN will leave Chicago at 9 o’clock a. m., taking all who wish to attend the gale Free of Charge. A Lunch, will bo served on the ground. Waukegan, only 35 miles north of Chicago, is the oldest town in the State of Illinois. Her citizens are among the wealthiest; their elegant residences and grounds ore the ad miration of all who have seen them. The VAN RENSELAER ESTATE is the highest point in Lake County, over one hundred feet above Lake Michigan, and is the most beautiful Grove Property on the North Shore. As a place for residence "Waukegan has superior advantages in health, markets, and accessibility by rail and lake. Six daily trains stop each "way at Waukegan. Commutation Tickets only SIOO per annum. ■**-’, We extend a cordial invitation to our lady friends to join the Grand Excursion. Our Waukegan friends will give you a cordial greeting. WI. A. BUTTERS & CO., VALUABLE CORNER LOTS! ON Nrt CM-st end leteter-OT., TO BE SOLD AUOTIOIV, ON THE GROUND, On Monday Morning, June 16, AT 10X O’CLOCK. These Lots are most desirably lo cated for business or residences. Sewer,-water, and gas connections to each. lot. SALE POSITIVE. ISTO RESERVE BIX3S. Terms, 1-3 cash; balance 1 and 2 years. WSL A. BtTTTEBS & CO., Anctioneers. WHY Will people bny four miles south, on unpaved streets, at the' same prices that we can sell them property for in delightful localities on the North Side, within ten minutes’ walk of the Court House, where there. is gas, water, sewer, and Nicolson pavement ? See our list on Thirteenth Page. ¥.D, EEEFOOT & CO., 90 East Washington-st. For Sale AT A BARGAIN, (TP BOLD BOOK - }. Pour 10-Acre Blocks in the north west quarter of the southeast quar ter of Sec. 4, 30,13. This property lies south of Division-st., near the new Northwestern Car Shops, and is easy of access, either by railroad orprivate conveyance. CLARKE, LAYTON & 00., AGENTS, 120 LaSalle-st., Boom 2. FOR SALE, CiSP B acres on the southeast comer of Yinoennes-av. and Forty seventh-st., with house and all improvements. Terms to suit. CURB, LAYTON & C 0„ BVAIfSTOI! wmTi.S*** *• lo*’ figure, a re ry excellent house two blocks frosoSUtion, In a very desirable KP“®«ood. It has been newly refitted and is in per ha* 10 rooms, besides pantry and closets, jjjwleashpayment, balance on ©as/ terms. Also Im •cy™ »nd unimproved property in all parts of Evanston* 6REENLEAF A PAUL, Boom 13 Central Union Block, - Cor. Madison and Marketits. WILMETTE. *^*weferula in this beautiful suburb on the Lake *”J«s,aear Evanston, two medium-sized new houses. JgTOaisnt to depot. Terms very easy. Photographs ana isan* or houses may be seen at our office, UP~v4.Tr , GBEENLEAF A PAUL, Block, cor. Madison and Marbet-sta. FOR SAT.R Sintf s, WarraifftDii’s, & EsterSMors STEEL PENS, .AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Wffl. PAGE, HOME & CO., —-118 and 120 ITonroe-st., Chicago. - COAL. in market to be had at $6.00 pec T. B. EVANS. - SU Twenty-seoona-st. ME GLASSES at j. g. LANGGUTH’S, Optician. ; BStateet., between Waebington and KaadolpTl. -■ I | a M | DREXEL BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROVE-A7. LOTS, On Wednesday, June 18, 1873, Wo irlll offer at public auction, on the grounds, WEDNESDAY, June 18, 1873, at 8 )i o'clock, p. m., sharp, that fine grore block immediately north of Mr. James Stinson's fine residence, fronting east on Drezel Boulevard, and weston Cottage Grove-xr., between For ty-third and Forty-fourth-eta,, IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS, to the highest bidder, on the following terms, viz,: One sixth cash on day of sale, ona-slxth in 90 days, and the balanee.ln one and two years, interest at 8 per cent, pay able annually. THE SALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND PEREMP TORY, AND NO SIDE-BIDDING ALLOWED. This property is among the most beautiful and desirable esidence property in or around Chicago, and needs only to be seen to be admired. It is very choice for residence or investments. It is within three blocks of the Forty third-st. Station, on the L O. Hyde Park R. B, and within three blocks of the Cottage Grove hone-cars, and the Cottage Grove Dummy passes on the west line of the block. The Cottage Grove fronts are very desirable for either business or residence. SEWERS, GAS, AND WATER CONVENIENT. TITLE PERFECT. PrinU 6d abstracts will bo furnished each purchaser. Call on CIiABKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LaSalle-st, for plots and farther particulars. A FREE RIDE to and from the groan di on day of •ale, both by 111. O. R. R. and street-can. Tickets for same to be had at office of CLARKE, LAYTON GO. Train leaves LO.Ri R., foot of Lake-rt., at 8 o’clock p. m., sharp. Auctioneers. F. E. WESTFALI, Frea't SEDSET MTEBS, Cashier. TIE MEHCMTS’. FARMS', & MECHANICS’ SAVINGSBANK. Incorporated 188 L Commenced Business 1863t 75 South Clark-st,, Chicago, 62 Halsted-st., near Madison. exclusitolyTsatimss bahk. SDIIkXE! SAVINGS BANK, 105 CLARK-ST., Methodist Church Block. Six per cent interest allowed on deposits, payable semi* annually, July 1 and Jan. 1 in each year. GKO. SCOvILLE, President. Wm. Ktlstt Reed, Cashier. NOTE.—Until farther notice, any boy or girl calling at the Bank will be presented with a pass book free, and one dime deposited to his or her credit, which sum can be drawn out at pleasure. We hate Attorney* every whore, and collect the elate* of Wholesale Merchants and other* in any part of the country. No Attorney V foes in roita; tmtll collections are znado. FRASIEK’o MERCANTILE COLLECTION AGENCY. 146 Madison-st. WILLARD'S M&ldt Hat laMactor;, 72, 74= AND 76 MAMSON-ST. STT.K' ; To order, thalx»tm»de. $6.00 SILK, Second Quelltj, 6.00 SILK, 4.00 BEAVER, Mired, DreuHot. 6.00 NUTRA, Mired. Dree. Hot. 5.00 PEARL CASSIMERE W.OO PEARL C ASSIMERE iSvS. 5 0 t*r Mon’» and Youth’■ Soft Felt and Straw EaU at equally low price*. . empire parlor bedstead. WAKE ROOM EMPIRE PARLOR BEDSTEAD. An elegant piece of Furniture, convertible instantly into a luxurious Bed. Adapted to Parlor, Library, Dining-Eoom, Store, and Office. Occupies only one-fourth the space of a common bedstead* Seven styles—new designs. Prices, $25 to SIOO. Sold on in stallments of $lO a month, if desired. pnvrPTTTR PARLOR BEDSTEAD CO., (TRjfr77?oved to) 883 AVest Madigon-Bk__ SUMMER FASHIONS. arß«i x*. P. WYANT, 8S Twenty-fourtn at., opened on Monday, 9th lost., a beautiful and elegant selection of Patterns lor Redingotos, Polonaises, Overskirts, Basques, Ac., the latest Paris Novelties from Mine. A. Duval, im- Srterof Paris Fashions. 878 Broadway, New York. All s styles exhibited are all new and originaldesign* adopt ed by HE. A. DUVAL, 878 Broadway, New York, Importer of Paris Patterns and Dressmaking. Ladles vis iting Now York are invited to examine the charming prom enade and evening toilets just received, and received WO skly. Dressmaking done in the most approved Parisian style. Ladle© out of town can have perfect-fitting dresses made by sending waist and length ot sklrt. Material fur nished if required. Elegant fitting French Corsets. Or dets by mall promptly to.__Cbarggg_mgdgrftte lj> _ One More Week. OXiEABUTG-ODT SALE. Flowering Plants, 75 cent* per dozen; $5 per hundred. Large Plants half price. KTO"W BUY. Oieen-honies most be emptied. The land tor ule at a bargain. POOL’S (tAEBEH. 97 OaMey-st. Open Simday. BLANK BOOKS In largo variety retailed et wholoaale prices, AtL. BOHICK S CO.’S, 103 East jgadiaon-at. SOMETHING NEW! Berlin Photograph Burnisher. Mr. Mwher has pur chased Western Patent Photograph Burnisher, and take* groat pleasure in giving that beautiful poUah and finWi, -sopenortoanyporerisin, free of extra,chargt^ teme«. Duplicate REAL ESTATE. At 3 1-2 o’clock p. m., sharp. CLARK F!, LAYTON & CO. FINANCIAL. Opposite Old Court House. WEST SIDE OFFICE, IDICr- HATTERS AND FURRIERS. BY USING THE FASHIONS. PLANTS. STATIONERY, &o. PHOTOGRAPHS. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 1873-SIXTEEN PAGES. CARPETS. &o. CHEAP CARPETS! In order atm further to reduce itock, ALLEN & BUCKET Will continue the sale of those BODY BRUSSELS Oarpets At $1.65 per yard, For TEW DATS LONGER. Positively the CHEAPEST QOODS ever offered in the market. Also, 5,000 pieces MOSQUITO BARS, in all colors, to which the attention of Mer chants, Hotel-Keepers and others are invi ted, as we are prepared to furnish them at the lowest rates. BED AND CHIB OANO PIES, with Pink and White Lace or Bar, of every quality, made to order. ALLEN & MACKEY, No. 130 State-st., AND Monroe-st., opp. Palmer House. Carpets, CURTAIN GOODS, •Ajsno PAPER HANGINGS AT REDUCED PRICES. SPENCER H. PECK, 195 and 197 Wabash-av. t COR. HARRISON-ST.* CHINA, CROCKERY, See. Great Closing-Out Sale $40,000 WORTH OP Crockery, China, Glass, SILVER-PLATED WARE All best Quality of Goods, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. We must sell thin stock of goods before first of August, as other business engage ments require our attention. • Store to rent and fixtures for sale. H.M.KETCHDM&CO., 201 East Madison-st. TWO-BTOHT BRICK HOUSE for Bala on Warren-sv., between Ashland-av. and Pau lina-at. H. M. KETOHUHi 201 East MAdison-st. ■ EXCURSIONS. GRAND PLEASURE EXCURSIONS TO r.ATTFI SUPERIOR. taV» Superior People’s Line Steamer*, dock between Madison and Washinaton-eis. The magnificent low-pressure Steamer PEERLESS, Capt. AiUn Mclntyre, will, daring the rammer month* make excursion tripe to Duluth (head of Lake Superior), filing at all points on the tooth shore, and occasionally visiting the north shore, giving peewmget* ample time to view the great Iron, copper, and silver mines, and con necting at Dninth with railroads for all points West and Southwest. NO CATTLE CARRIED ON PEERLESS. TIME-TABLE. Leave Chicago. Leave Duluth, Jane 34, at sp. m. July 1.15. 29. July & 23. at 8 p. m. Aug. 13. 28. Aug. 6, IP, at 8 p. m. Sept. 9, 33. Sept. 3, 1* at 8 p. m. State-rooms secured ahead of time, and further In formation obtained by applying to LEOPOLD A AUSTRIAN, . 1 TO BENT. to rßjEasrT. Desirable basement office, arranged with counters, safes, and vaults, complete, suitable for a bank, broker, or commission house; all in perfect order. Apply to REA & COATES, 168 East Washington-st. Factor For M or Sals On the corner of Twentv-slxth-st. and Stewart-av., 00 feet front by 110 deep, built of brick, with engine. bofler, and wood working machinery, almost new, • This Is one of tbe most complete factories In the city, and as much ground can be had as is required* Inquire on the premises. BEST ROOM ON WEST SIDE FOB RENT, to one or two gentlemen, unfurnished, with out board. Select neighborhood, all modern appliances for comfort, private family, no other boarders, near horse cars, 13 minutes from centre. If It suits address GH, Carrier 0* Hotel Stores to Rent. Several fine stores, about 20x70 each, on Lake and Doer bo ru-sts.. under and opening into The CommereiaL Renta low. Q. F. WORK A CO.. 128 LeSalle-et. _ misc: SPIRIT PORTRAITS. Send name in full, age, and date of death, and receive likeness of spirit friends. Small pencil sketch. *3; large crayon picture, 8&; India tok do, $lO. All orders attend ed to on inclosing one-half the above amounts. A- H. DOUGLAS, Spirit Artist, Box 806. Chicago. N. B.—Old portraits restored and photographs copied. MATERIAL FOE, WINDOW SCREEN FRAMES At Hall’s Cabinet Moulding Factor, 28 Jeffeoon-st., between Lake and Randolph, upstairs. FRAMES TO ORDER. ANY ONE Leaving the dty for a few months, and having a firri-clais house to rent fnraehort time to 'sfiwt.’OiMi tenant,- may. apply to FURNITURE, B. F. Hollister A Co.’s, 133 fitato-st. LADES’ SUITS, POLONAISES, AISTD 1 Ladies’ Underwear and Infants’ Underwear, Infants’ Wardrobes and the celebrated Schiele Corsets. Misses’Embroidered Linen Suits in sizes from 6 to-14 years, $7 to sl2. Ladies’ Linen Suits from $5 to $25; new and stylish goods. very cheap. Batiste Suits from $lO to S3O; Lin en and Grass Cloth Polonaises from $4 to sls; Batiste Polonaises and Redingotes from $5 to sls. Linen Redingotes," Be Sega Red ingotes, sl2 to S2O, very stylish and cheap. Great reduction in Silk, Serge, Cashmere and Challis Suits. Wo are offering the balance of our Spring Stock of these goods at 60 cents on the dollar. Hama Lace Points and Sacques in great variety of patterns and shapes, at cheap prices. mmmt jiefeei, 36 East Washington-st., wins OHMS! Will open to-morrow (Mon day) ; new goods in Fine Watches, Medium Watches, and Low-Priced Watches. Also another large assortment of Gold Guard and Vest Chains at the same Low Prices. The best goods and the lowest prices. ; N. MATSON & CO., State and Monroe-sts. REMOVAL CHICAGO LOOKING GLASS HOUSE. JOSEPH KEITZ, MANTEL AM) PIER LOOKING GLASSES, Ornamental, Lanteue, and Portrait Frames, Plain and Carrel falnnt Monllinga, 258 State-st., Chicago, (Between Jackson and Van Bnren). Bepairing and' HAgjtidtTig done to order. liooldiig Qoaues and Pictures boxed, moved, or hung. . REMOVAL W. J. ONAHAN 112 & 114 Dearborn-st., Between Malison aM ¥asMon-sls„ vV nero he will transact a general business in real estate, attend to the collection of rents, payment of taiea, eto. ' REMOVAL. I have again gone back to near my old quarters, Nos. 69 and 61 Morket-st.. where I have better fboUities for doing business than ever before, and, thanklbl Ibr past favors, shall bo happy to see all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all. ' W. B. STANHABB. FIFTH NATIONAL BANK REMOVED TO NORTHWEST JORNER OP .LaSalle and WasMngton-sts. BRICK. ms. Wanted, 280 m good Brick, fnnnedirte delivery. lak** 131 and 133 Leke-rt. WANTED I A good Sheet Roll Turner. Inquire at 132 Dearbom-at.. Boom No. 8. OT ' OTTT,T- TAT TO ORDER ©SHIRTS! V SHIRT J From HARRIS k COBB, Ve—/ 1 in Sooth CUrk-et, - LADIES’ GOODS. REDMOm Quo door from State-at. WATCHES AKD CHAINS. REMOVALS. OP THE OLD Successor ts JEHKE7BOH & K.EPffi MANUFACTURER OF TTAW BEHOVED TO WANTED. SHIRTS. PAIN CURE. Mrs. Sr. Cleveland’s Great Remedy, THE Panariston Pain Cure. Nflrrouj Cure* Pick Headache Id Three Minute Caret Toothache , la One Mlante. Caret Kareehe la One Minute. Caret Bore Throat In TwoMlnatet. Cent Catarrh ....Id Twelve Dayt. Caret Colic and Cramp .....In FlreMlnuiet, Caret Neuralgia and Spinal Affection In Ten Dart. Caret Sore and Weak Eye#, In Fire Dayt. Caret Rheumatism Is Thirty Dayt. Cares Coogbs sad Colds, Cares Dlarrba?s sad Dysentery. Cures Perer sod Aguo Cares Pleurisy la Two Days* Caret Inflammation of tbe Kidneys, Id Oee Week. Cares Liver Comp’t and Palpi ta'n of tbe Heart la One Week. Care* Deafness la Ooe Heath* Caret Pllea In Twelve Days. Cures Erysipelas In Three Days, Cum Djipepiia to Twelro Days. It relieves Asthma aad Phthisis 1b ita aeremt forma, when ail else Ml*. It regulates aad equalises the circulation, fv thereby remorlng the causes of Pain and Disease. SotiS Prfci, SI.OO. literal Diiccat to tlaTrid®, MaSTTACTCRID AMD Solo ST A TAYLOR & CO., 341 W. Madison St. CHICAGO. ILZh FOR SALE BY ALL UgUGGISTS. FURNITURE. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO. FURNITURE HOUSE. Extensive Stock of Kick and Me dium FURNITURE! Of new and elegant designs and LOW PRICES. We particularly invite an examination ofourgoods, and hope no one will buy until they have examined our stock. SAMPSON, GILBERT & CO., 267 MD 269 ffABASMY. FASHIONABLE PUENITUEE. ¥.¥. STRONG FUMITUBE CO., 266 ana 268 WAEASH-AY., factory, 353 & 259 lest BaaMpl-st GENERAL NOTICES. BOARD OF TRADE Initiation Fee. The Initiation Fee for membership In the Hoard of Trade of the City of Chicago will, on and after July 1 , prox., be Increased from one hundred (100) dollars, the present rate, to two hundred and fifty (250) dollars. Applications for membership under the present fee should be made on or before Jane 25. Parties eligible to membership are only tboso who are real* dents of, or permanently doing business In, the city of Chicago. New members are required to pay the initiation fee and the annual assess* mont of the current fiscal year, or at present say one hundred and twonty»flve (125) dollars. By order of the Board. CHAP. RANDOLPH, Secretary. Chicago, Jnne 14k 1873. Hiirral! Hrarah! fortlelTthofJine. Then will be « Grand Celebration to commemorate the Battle of Banker Hill, at the Banker Hill Ale Vmulle, 127 Ariamafit-, eaetof Clark. This being the firateelobra tlon of the kind «tct given in the Wert, it ehonid be well attended. TAKE NOTICE! No peraon la anthortzed to make indohtedaeee for the BeUance Work* K5 South Canei-et., without the written order of W. A. Jamea, Roche A Spencer. All accoonta doe the Reliance Work, are to be collected only br W. A. Jamee, Roche A Spencer, AUCTION SALES. TO GENTLEMEN. Livery Men, ai Others. We shall sen, on TUESDAY MOBNZNG, June 17, at XO o'clock, in Bowen Bros.* Block, 15 and 17 East Bandolph-st., regardless or price, to close consignments, 25 NEW CARRIAGES, Open and Top Buggies, Phaetons, Democrat Wagons, and Harness. WE A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. RUBBER GOODS. E. B. PRESTON, 13S LAKE-ST., RUBBER Garden Hose and Fixtures, Gloves. Mats, Spittoons, Door Springs, Boots, and Clothing. LEATHER & RUBBER BELTING. Packing and Rubber Goods of all kinds. Best Quality and Lowest Prices. STEINWAYS' SPME MB. We desire to call the attention of those who still prefer a piano of the square form to STEINWAYS’ SQUARE GRANDS, with the new patented "Duplex Scale.” This Improvement adds immensely both to the power and even ness of tone, and makes tho STEINWAY SQUARE GRAND incomparably superior to any other Square Plano. STEII WAYS' SQUARES Sarpui tbe Square Pianos of all other manufacturers la all the essentials of a superior Instrument. .In T»o Days, ..In One Day. ..In Out Day. STEIBWAYS' NEW PARLOR GRAND Is another evidence of the extraordinary value of the ‘ ‘ Patent Duplex Scale.” It has ail the power, volume, and effectiveness of the former fall grand, while it is but 6 feel 8 inches long, precisely the length of the Square Plano, and has the farther advantage of the natural amt graceful form that no Square Piano can claim, while the price is within SSO of Steinways’ highest priced Square Plano. mmm Superb Uprights Are the most desirable Parlor Pianos now made. Their volume of lone Is of the most exquisite musical charac ter—pure, sympathetic, and perfectly pliable; while their capacity to long standing in tune is most remarkable, ex celling even the '‘Grand” and *‘ Squares, ” which hither to have stood without a rival in this rospec*. They are the only “Uprights“thathave stood the test of time and the severest of trials, and can therefore be conscientiously recommended. SMITH &NIXON, STATE AND MOMOE-STS. SMITH’S AMERICAN ORGANS! NEW STYLES! NEW CATALOGUE! NEW PRICES! 300 Organs now In store. All orders from dealers filled with dispatch. Also Grand. Square, and Upright Pianos for rsut or sale. W. W. KIMBALL, Gor. State and Adams-sts. TRANSPORTATION LINES. FREIGHT OFFICES OF BLUE LINE, MICHIGAN CENTRAL GMT WESTERN RAILWAYS. “DAVIS EEFBI6ERATOB CABS,’’ 67 Glark-st, cor. Randolph. Freight forwarded by Blue Line to and from Hew York, Boston, and Chicago, Without change of ears, tla Express Freight Trains. A. WATiTimQPQHP, Agent.. -Chicago, 8d Jane. 1873. . _ HAIR LUXURIANT. SKEPTICS An reepectfallj referred to Ur. J. K. HTTRPHY, Iniur um Broker, Room 87 Bryio Block, uul ■©• for theza mltm wbAi HAHN'S HAIR LUXURIANT pllihod on hie BALD HEAD In two month*, Millinery at Cost I AT O. -A» a-EXiITSTE-A-TPS, 517 "WABASH-AV. For tbs nszt ton dsn I trill tell all kinds of Laos Hats and Bonnets, together with a fins assortment of Flowers and Straw Goods, AT GOST* 0. A. OBLTNEAU, Attention, Sir Knights. Chicago Oommanderr, No. 19, K. T.—Stated conclave Monday evening, JunelA at 7:30 o’clock, for boainese and work on K. T. order. Vlilting Sir Knlghto courteously Reorder. The member* of Garden City Lodge, No. 141, A., P. A A M., are requested to attend the regular oommonlca tion, on Monday evening, June 16, to arrange for Picsdo. By order of the W. M., Joseph Bailer. J. W. BIOHFOHD, seo*y. A regular Stated Meeting of Excelsior Lodge No. S3, L O. of O. F., will be held on Tuesday evening next at their hall, Methodist Church Block, southeast corner of Wash ington and Clark-si. Initiation of candidates. Visitors Invited to attend. B. D. SHULL* Beo. JONATHAN DAVIS, N. Q. . Notice to the Bricklayers Of tb, O. O. A. B. Wo. L of CUopp. Tf> I ,V!, re to attend a regular meeting at Forrester*; Ball, 8a wea» Bandolph-st., oo Thursday evening June 19, for the nom- IniUonof offleon. B/orfeff nrgASOW| Notice. . Thor, will Ims mwrtta, of EtotWot BK. of K., on W(Klne«tUj oTenlni. Jono 18, ISO. ns sttsndsnoe BTEA-TER. g. B. 8. AU mmnlMts of tb. D. O. A. P. (Osrdm CTfjfodm) sttand tb.nextroplsrnntlw, bobfto D«rbom-«t.. on Tbsidsf Jon. 17, 1873, s. tmslnMs of grast importsnes will bs brought b«tof« t tb°y 1 ”5/ a fi AWTtnTJ, Tic, Pnsidest, MUSICAL. ALSO FOB TUB has aooom- MEETINGS. Masonic. I. O. of O. F. Plasterers. NUMBER 300. REAL ESTATE. The General Dullness of Busi ness Extends to Beal Estate. The Seduction in., the Cost of Building, and Its Probable Effects, Auction Sales of the Past Week and the Forthcoming Ones. Transfers for the Week. There has scarcely been bo doll a time in real estate business in the last throe years as at pres* ent. There is no special reason for this except hat It is the necessary reaction from the fever of speculative activity of two months or so ago. Speculation in real estate, like speculation in everything else, vibrates between the two extremes of feverish activity on the one hand, and reaction on the other. The decline in the volume of real estate business is- due simply to’ the temporary elimination of the speculative element. After a while it will revive, and the activity will probably be greater because it paused. There is still an active business in the sale of cheap lots for actual occupation. The increasing cheap ness of building is inducing many persona to buy ground and build homes now, who could not/ have done so at tho prices of last year. With brick at $6 per thousand and bricklayers* wages at 83 per day now, against 812 to sls’por thou sand and 85 per day for bricklayers at* this time last year, it must be apparent - that the cost of building hua been' greatly reduced. It would probably not be un reasonable to estimate that the average cost of good medium and first-class brick and stone front dwellings has been reduced 20 per cent* since last summer. Brick are likely to continue* cheap. The unusual demand for them last summer induced the establishment of many large yards and the use of im-’ proved machinery. Last year’s profits of tho proprietors of these are invested to m great extent In the machinery, tools, and loco-' tions. "When machinery of this kind stops or has to be moved it depreciates in value, and Uy prevent this the brick-makers will keep to work,' These circumstances are Influencing the ownorw of a good deal of inside business property to build it up now, notwithstanding the present surplus of stores and offices. The time wilt come when they will all be wanted, and, even if It should be longer coming than many expect, the saving in building now, as compared to say two years from now, when all the stores and offices now unoccupied will be filled up and the demand for more would have a tendency to increase the cost of buildmg, would amount to more than tho two years' rent, even if the buildings erected this summer should remain entirely empty during the intervening time. It was to be expect ed that in the rush and competition of building last summer the cost would be great ly increased, and that there would bo a surplus of unoccupied stores and offices now. The strug gle to rebuild as quickly as possible was, how ever, made necessary by the competition be tween owners of property in different parts of the . business quarter, to se cure the location of particular classes of trade, and the xcsult has proved that thm -waa the best policy. Business has gravitated back to nearlv the same locations occupied before tbe fire, only that tbe business district is larger than it was two years ago. The cheapness of building will also probably stimulate tbe improvement of more than the usual extent of inside residence property this summer. Bouts for a good medium class of dwellings are still very high, and, unless there is a large amount of building, will continue so. but even if there should be twice as much building in this line as appears to bo projected now, there is less danger of dwellings remain ing vacant than stores or offices. There is al ways somebody, in a city like this/ to occupy every dwelling at some rate of rent. Tbe in crease in the number of houses to rent seems to induce an increase of tenants, and, in fact, does draw strangers from other places who would otherwise be deterred from coming by the high rents. Sales of houses and lots of from $3,000 to SO,OOO, have been quite active. Acre property firm. There is considerable inquiry for property in the region of Brighton, and also south of it, on account of the new ’bus lines, and 3t£r. McCor mick's reaper-factory, and other manufacturing interests in that direction. Property on the line of the Chicago A Pacific Bailroad. and Chicago A St. Paul Bailroad, has advanced during the last year quite rapidly, and very extensive improvements have recently been. made in the region of Wicker Park. Messrs. A. 4L.8. Pierce have erected twenty two-story frame dwelling-houses on their addition near Mil waukee avenue. The pavement on this avenue is now being laid, and the cars will soon run to North avenue. Clarke, Layton A Co. sold at auction on the ground at Hyde Park, last Saturday, fifty-four lota, situated between Fifty-fourth and Fifty fifth streets, on Adams, Jefferson, arid Washing ton streets. The total sales amounted to $105,- 153.16, which is an average of about $53 per foot. Prices ranged from $44 to S6B per foot. Every lot sold was a bona-fide sale, the parties purchasing having complied with all the condi tions, and have made the first 'payment. The property was first-class, and those invest ing nave no doubt done welL Messrs. Clarke, Layton A Co. will also offer at public auction on the ground, June 18, at 3:30 o’clock p. zel, the choice residence and busi ness property situated on Droxel avenue boulevard and Cottage Grove avenue. This property on Drexel avenue varies from 250 to 332 feel in depth, situated joining James Stinson’s fine residence on the north. This prop erty is the most desirable residence property about Chicago, and parties proposing to invest should examine the advertisement in another column. Elison A Fester will sell at public auction, on the ground, eighty lots at Englewood, located between Sixty-eighth and Seventieth streets, within two blocks of the Normal School, on to morrow (Monday), June 16, commencing at 1 o'clock. On Thursday next the same parties will eell on the ground, at public auc tion, sixty-six lots of boulevard property fronting on Sacramento, Park, and Central Park boulevard, sale commencing at 3 o’clock. On Wednesday next the same parties will sell at public auction on the ground the real estate of the Chicago Land Company, which consists chiefly of river and canal frontage, docked and ready for use, located between the North Branch of the Chicago Biver and Ogden Canal; also, at the same time, a large number of vacant lots in the immediate vicinity adapted to business pur poses, ealo commencing at 10 o’clock a. m. This will bo the largest and moat important sale of real estate property that has ever occurred in Chicago, amounting in the aggregate to about $2000,000. C. C. Thayer & Co. sold at public auction, on last Tuesday, thirty lota situated on Milwaukee avenue and Humboldt boulevard. The price* ranged from $lO to $26 per front foot, terms one-third cash and balance in one, two, and three years. The day was unpleasant, but the sate is regarded as fair, but not as good as was expect ed. Lots fronting on Milwaukee avenue sold for from $lO to sls per foot, and from $lB ta $26 bn the boulevard. Among the sales recorded is that made by Fhinney & Lombard of entire block on north west comer West Einzie street and St, Louis

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