17 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Haziran 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 26. REAL ESTATE. SALE 03? IHB VAN EENSELAER ESTATE, AT WAUKEGAN. 100 SPIIDISIDEHCBIOTS .A.T AtTOTION, Thursday Morning, June 26. A GRAND EXCURSION TRAIN will loavo Chicago at 9 o’clock a. m;, taking all who wish to attend the sale Free of Charge. A Lunch will be spread on tho ground. Waukegan is tho oldest town In tho State of Illinois. Her citizens arc among.tho wealthiest; their elegant residences and grounds ore tho ad miration of aU who have seen them. Tho VAN EENSELAER ESTATE is the highest point in Lake County, over one hundred feet above Lake Michigan, and is tho most beautiful Grove Property on the North Shore, As a place for residence Waukegan has superior advantages in health, markets, and accessibility by rail and lake. Six daily trains stop at Waukegan. Commutation Tickets only SIOO per annum. * We extend, a cordial invitation to our friends to join the Grand Excur sion. Waukegan will give you a cordial greeting. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers. IM Aill Sllß DREIEL BOULEVARD COTTAGE GROVE-AV. lots; On 'Wednesday, June 18, 1873, At 31-2 o’clock p. m., sharp. Wo will olTor at pablio auction, on the ground*, WEDNESDAY, Juno IS, 1873, at BX o’clock p. m.. •harp, that fino grove block Immediately north of Mr. James Stinson’s fino residence, fronting oastoaDroiol Boulevard, and west on Cottage Qrovo-ar., between For* ty-tblrd and Forty-fonrtb-sts., IN FIFTY-FOOT LOTS, totbeblghoatbidder, on tbo following term*, vis.: Ono ■lUh cash on day®/sale, or»-*l*th In 90 days, and the balance In ono and two yean, interest at 8 por cent, pay* ■bio annually. THE SALE WILL BE BONA FIDE AND PEREMP TORY, AND NO SIDE-BIDDINO ALLOWED. This property la among tbo moat beautiful and doilrablo taldonoe property In or around Ohioogo, and need* only Co bo loon to be admired. It I* very choice for rosldonoo or Investments. It is within throo blocks of tbo Forty* tbtrd>it. Station, on tbo I. O. Hydo Park R. R , and within throe blocks of tbo Cottage Orovo horso-cars, and the Oottago Grove Dummy passes on tho west line of tho block. Tho Cottage Grovo frente are very desirable for either business or rosldonoo. SEWEBS, OAB, AND WATER CONVENIENT, TITLE PERFECT. Print ed abstracts will bo furnished each purchaser. Call on CLARKE, LAYTON & CO., 120 LaSallo-st., for plots and further particulars. A FREE RIDE to and from the grounds on day of sale, both by HI. 0. R. R. and atreot-oan. Ticket* for samo to bo bad at ofDoo of CLARKE, LAYTON CO. Train loaroa I. O. R. R., foot of Lako>st., at 3 o’clock p. xa., sharp. CLARKE, LAYTON & CO. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots in Nor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. AGEE PROPERTY. Cash Required, $6,000. Two Excellent Bargains. SAYLES & WALKER, 140 LiiSnlle-st. WILMETTE, BWo have for sale In this beautiful suburb on the Lako shore, near Evanston, two modlum-sizod now houses, onrenlont to depot. 1 onus very easy. Photographs sod plans of bouses xusy be seen at our otfloe. . QUEENLBAF A PAUL, oor. Madisonand Markot-ats. WIRE WINDOW SCREENS, Wire Screens, roit noons and windows. At tho oldest House in tho business, a*. W. X>- KEllil jß-2- Sc 880., 88 Madlaon-at*, Tribune Building. rn GTS. PER SQ, FOOT /II ForWalnut*framedßcreons; 260 U. forfitalned. HI | Flower Hiande, wholesale and retail and all .111 kinds of Wire Work. |ll | SMITH A DURKART. v v SB OLAHK-ST. SHIPPING TAOS. M DENNISON’S PATENT SHIPPING TAGS. Over 200 millions have boon used within the past 10 yuan, without complaint of loss by the tag becoming dotaohod. All Express Companies uso thorn. 8ol«l_by_ Prlntorw and fitntlonora Eyorywheri* MEETINGS. Masonic. A.bUr lodjr, No, M, A. F. and A. M. Regular ,nd .pnual ooniraunlcatlun till. (Tuo.da,) arming, at 7K o oluolii at tliolr hall In Alatumo iuiupla, corner of tlal ■ tod and Randoliib.il la. Ilu.lncu of ovonlnii, Uliollon of Offloora and-paymont of duoi. All mamlnn .ta ro. Qunled to lio pnmnt. O. 11, OllANll, Son. Masonic. Covonsnt Lodge. No. 626, A., P. A A. M. Special Communication Ibis (Tuesday) evening, June 17. <v r . InUilanHall. Ib 7 Kinrto*st.. for work on Third Degree. Visiting bretbien cordially Invltod. By order W. M* ___ B. Q. PITKIN, Soo’y. Attention, Sir Kniehtst Apollo Commandory, No. I, K. T. fltated Conclave this (Tuesday) evening, at B o'clock, at Hull, IM Twenty* •ocond*st. Dullness. Visiting Hlr Knights courteously invited. By order of the E. C. A Vi W. LOOK#, BtWfllw. COAL. COAL. E. L. HEDSTROM & GO, Minors and Skippers of and Scalers in MtH Coal, And Dealers in OHIO, INDIANA, AND ILLINOIS SOFT GOALS. (Agent for the Clay Connty and Morris [Block] Goal Cos. of Brazil, lad). Hato new afloat and for aals tbs followln* cargoo* I Sohr. RISING STAR, Fair Haven, 460.07 tons Rango. Bcbr. MONTBRKV. Fair Haven. 460 ton# Qrato.. Bohr. PfiNBAUKBB, Buffalo, 881 tana Range. Bohr. LA FRRINIUK, Bnffato, 7i>4 tons lUdro. Bohr. LILLIIC PARSONS. Fair Haven, 600 tons Grata. Bohr. OAMDXN, Buffalo, 403 tons Range, 814 tons Ghost* nut. Chicago Office, 71 Washington-st. YABDB—North Branob, cor. Klniiejrad Klngnbary-flts, Booth Branob) foot Bast Bixtoonth-st, IF* Ratal! orders promptly and carefully filled. HORATIO PRATT, AGENT FOR CHICAGO. Principal Eastern Office, Buffalo, N. T. LAKB SHIPPING POINTS-Bnffalo, N. Y.; Fair Haven (on Lake Ontario). COB LIVER OIL. "WXXiXjSOUT’S , CARBOLATED COD LIVER OIL la a Specific and Radical Curo for CONSUMPTION AID SOEOFUIOUS DISEASES. Remember tbo name, “WlUson’a Oarbolatod Ood Ctvor Oil.” It oomos la largo wedge-abaped bottles, bearing tbo Inventor's signature* and la said by tbo boat Druggists. Prepared by J. H. Willson, 83 Jolm-at,, H, Y, For asls by all Druggists. Western Agents: nUBLBUT k KDBALL. Chicago. RICHARDSON A CO.. ‘Bt. Lonla. Mo. THE DENVER MIRROR. Ikons Knur. This, the only Sunday News paper published in Colorado, (edited by S. G. Fowler, for merly of Chicago), tells all about Colorado, its industries and resources, with valuable hints to intending emigrants or investors. $3 per year. Sub scriptions may he sent direct to G. FOWLER, Denver, Colo rado, or through THE WEST ERN NEWS COMPANY, 48 & 44 Randolph-st., Chicago. AUCTION SALES. TO GENTLEMEN, Livery Men, ai Olliers. We shall soil, on TUESDAY' MORNING, June 17, at 10 o'clock, In Bowen Bros.* Block, 16 and 17 East Randolph-st., regardless of price, to close consignments, 26 NEW CARRIAGES, Open and Top Buggies, Phaetons, Democrat Wagons, and Harness, WE A. BUTTERS S 00., Auctioneers. REMOVALS. O’BRIEN’S iff EfOlM REMOVED TO 204 & 206 Wabasb-av., SOUTHEAST CORNER ADABIS-BT. REMOVAL. I have again gone book to near my old quarter*, Noa. 60 and 01 Market'Bt., where I have better foollitiee for doing business than ever before, and, thankful for past favors, shall be happy to boo all old friends and many new, and guarantee satisfaction to all. W* B. BTAUNAKD. FINANCIAL. MONEY TO LOAN On flrst-olaea Chicago Real Batata. Largo sums at D per cent on Improved property. MSAP A COB, 153 LaSalle st. IDIGr. We have Attorneys everywhere, and collect tho claims of Wbolesslo Merchants ami others in any part of the country. No Attorney’s fees In suits: no charges until collections are, made. KUASIKU'H MERCANTILE COLLECTION AQENOY. H9 MadUop it. MEDICAL. Dr. de Castro, 71 Washinglon-st., N. If. corner of Dearborn. Diseases of the HEAP. THROAT, and LUNQH treated by a spool*! system, endorsed by a large number of Cbloego’a best clttseny, to whom the Dr. rulers, DENTISTRY. M. B. JOHNSON, DENTIST, 80 UAlli,on.>t.i cpp«Allv XllblUlf B(tUdlof, UNDERWEAR. UNDERWEAR. We have a largo stock of Bummer Merinos, Angola Flannels, 811k, Lisle Thread. Joan, Xiinon, Jaoonot, &o„ in lino goods at bottom prices. Hosiery. Our >took contains about twenty varieties of fine goods for Mon's wear, adapted to the season, at unusually low prices. NEDKWEAR. We have a very rich and select stock now, and replenish every month. LIEN COLLARS AND CUFFS. Tho greatest variety of styles ever offered in Fine Goods. Handling larger quantities of extra fine goods for Men's Wear than any other Arm, wo buy at closer figures, and do sell at cor respondingly loss prices. WILSON BROS., S. B. Oor. State and Washington-sts.; “Ar oade-oourt, Olark-st., south of Madison-st., Chicago. Hike's Opera House, Hourth-et., Cincin nati. GENERAL NOTICES. BOARD OF TRADE Initiation Fee. The Initiation Foo for membership In tbo Board of Tmdo of the City of Obtcnjco will, on and after July I, pros., be increased from otto hundred (100) dollars, the present rate, to two hundred and 11 fly (850) dollars. Applications for membership under tbo present foo should bo made on or before Jono 85. Parties eligible to membership aro only those who arc resi dents of* or permanently doing business In, the city of Chicago. Bow members aro required to pay tbo Initiation foo and the annual assess* meat of the current fiscal year, or at present say ono hundred and twonty-ave (185) dollars. By order of tbo Board, OHAS*. RANDOLPH, Secretary. Chicago, June 14,1873. TO THE TRAVELING PUBLIC. F. PARMELEE & CO., Omiis Line & Bwp Express. Office, 166 Dearbom-st., Obioago. Having Jncroasod oar facilities, wo aro now prepared to dollvor baggago to and from all parts of tho olty, and wo make It a specialty to dollvor baggage promptly and with as little delay as possible. To prevent confusion at (ho depots, passengers, by giv ing tbolr obooka to our agent on the trains, need not have any furthor trouble of 1U reaching Its proper destination. Passengers delivered to and from Hotel* and Railroads. Orders promptly attended to by leaving word at our ofllee. Office of the Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago, JOKE 16, 1073. PUBLIC IsTOTXCB la hereby glron that a special meeting of the Stookbold on of tho Interstate Industrial Exposition of Chicago will bo bold at tbo offlco of said Corporation, No. 87 Wash* •Ington-at., la tbo city of Oblcago, on TUESDAY, tbo 16th day of July, 1673, at 4 o'clock p, m., for tbo parpoto of submitting to a roto of aald Stockholder* tbo question of laoro&tlog tho capital a took of aald Corporation so that tho aotno iball bo two hundred and fifty thousand dollar*. By order of the Directors. JOHN P. REYNOLDS, Secretary of Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago. TAKE NOTICE! W» person is authorised to make purchases, or incur any indebtedness for tho Reliance Works, 878 Sooth Oauabst.. without tbo written order of W. A. James. Roche A Spencer. All accounts due tho Reliance Works aro to bo oollootod only by W, A. James. Rocbo A Spencer. LACES. RIBBONS, &o. Horlit Notice to Labs! Great Bargains WILL SB OFFBEBD THIS WEEK. REAL LACES. ALL KINDS OF RIBBONS. WHITE EMBROIDERIES. FANS AND JEWELRY. ON ACCOUNT OF MY REMOVAL, G. MENDELSON, East Madison and FranMin-ste. FOR SALE. SCRAP BOOKS, For Newspaper Guttings, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CULVER, PAGE, HOME & CO., “ FISH.” Tackle of til kinds for Fishing—Rods. Linos, Balt, Dios, Baskets, and every possible appliance for the sportsman. BIGOB, BPENOBRAOO., 835 Wsbash-ar. MARINE GLASSES AT J, O. LANQQUTII’S, Optician, 83 fllato-st,. between Washington and Randolph. STOVES, RANGES, &o. jBO'^'^STTOKT’S HEATING FURNACES! “Oar Favorite" Ranges, “Tho Cabinet” Cook Stove, llnlllmoro Ileatera, Heating Stoves, Tuttlo dt Hulluy’a Ilegiaiers, iVo. Those goods are tho vary best manufactured, and are reliable fu every respect. Tho BOYNTON FURNACE has no equal. Ovory 60 different altos and kinds for heal* lug buildings of every description. Healing and vonti* luting promptly attended to. Bstlmatoa made on abort notice. Wo Invite tho atteotlou of dealers and those wanting aporfoet working furnace or cooking arrange* incut to caD and son us or semi for circulars. BUBS A BROWN, Ci Lako st.. Chicago. HOTEL. ANDERSON’S HOTEL ON TUB EUROPEAN PLAN. Mil Side Madlson-sl, bet. Cleric and LaSalle, Rooms $1 to |3 per day, RestaurantopenfroaSa. m. to an. JUT fIISHMisM- CHICAGO, TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1873. WASHINGTON. All the Archives of the Secret His tory of the Rebellion • Stolen. A Plea for the Resumption of the Franking Privi lege. Report of the Texas Border Corarais sion—lndian and Mexican Raids. What a Eiokapoo Chief Coolly Told’One of the Com missioners. Probability of the flanging of a Dozen 'Special VievaUh to Tho Chicago Tribune . GREAT LOSS OF STATE PATERS. Washington, Juno 16.—Some timo ago It was charged, and afterwards demonstrated, that the records of the Duoll Court-Martial wore ab stracted from tho War Department. Within a few days it has boon discovered that all tho archives in tho War Deportment pertaining to tho secret history ol the rebellion have boon stolon. When this was done, or by whom, is not known. Tho lato Secretary Stanton, during bis administration of tho War Office, filed away a largo number of private loiters and tele grams, tho existence of which was known to two or* throe persons besides himself. They related to courts-martial, tho conduct of prominent officers of tho army, the intrigues of politicians and military aspirants and tho rascality of Government contractors, and tho ways and moans nsod to influence tho President of tho United States in overruling tho decisions of tho Secretory of War. In those cases,' a gen tleman whoso position made him familiar with those documents, says many men, who woro connected with the army and who havosinco figured in public life, will retain their character more securely with those records out of tho roach of scrutiny. It Is known that they woro all in tho War Office when Stanton retired.' Ho had thorn systematically briefed and stowed away in a safe place, and had ho lived and re mained In public life, they would probably havo figured largely in preventing the appointment of men to office who have since shown that they wero no better fitted for tho Civil Service than they woro for positions of trust and high com mand in tho army. Those private archives cov ered a period of timo from the first battle of Dull Bun down to tho surrender of Loo’s army. They embraced orders for courts-martial, with their findings, some of them sentencing the offenders to be shot, and other records of which tho people woro igno rant. It is said that a gentleman connected with the War Department during tho rebellion, through whoso hands all those matters passed, took copies of them, and will use them in writ ing the secret history of tho war. TUEASUIIV OinoULAB. An important circular will bo issued by the Treasury to-morrow or 'Wednesday to.ofilccre of the customs in regard to reports of fines, penal ties, and forfeitures said to ho mode to District Attorneys under the act of March 3, 1873, amendatory of 800. 7 of tho act of July 18. 1806. Tho Secretary of tho Treasury submitted a draft of tho circular to tho Attorney- General .for hla decision os to the propriety of issuing it, aud roquostod that in tho .'vent of a. favorable decision, instructions bo issued to tho several District-Attorneys, directing them to institute no legal proceedings whore the pen alties insured under tho customs revenue laws, ate voluntarily paid, or in case of seizure of property not exceeding SSOO In value, as pro vided for in tho aot of July, 1866, or in cases of tho seizure of goods nob exceeding in valuo SI,OOO, which may bo released by tho Collector of Customs with tho sanction of the Treasury De partment, under the fifth section of tho aot to prevent and punish frauds upon tho Govern ment, passed Aug. 3, 1863. Simultaneously with tho issuance of this cir cular by tho Treasury Deportment, the Depart ment of Justice wiQ issue one to the District Attorneys, embracing the provisions of tho former, and instructing them as suggested by the Secretary of the Treasury. TUB SHANKING PBIYILEOB. An estimate mako by a prominent officer hero of tbo cost of abolishing tbo frank ing privilege on tbo let of next month, demonstrates tho foot that between $700,000 and $1,000,000 will bo expended in supplying Federal officers with scales on which to weigh tboir mail matter, and for print ing circulars of instruction, and engraving and forwarding postage stamps, etc., to offices at distant points. It is calculated that at most tbo abuso of tbo franking privilege involved an ex penditure by tbo Government of not exceeding $300,000 per yoar t and that, aftor supplying tbo wants of the various Federal departments and such individuals as may bo ontltlod to postage stamps at Government expense, it will be found that there will bo no saving to tho Government by tbo abolition of tho privilege. But ou tbo otbor band, It Is said, there will bo a loss the first year of from SIOO,OOO to $700,000. Groat stress will bo laid upon the above recital at tbo next session of Congress, wbon an effort to rovlve tbo frank ing privilege is to be made. THE HUBS IAN MISSION. Ex-Gov. Jewell is expected boro dally to re ceive his final instructions as Minister, prepara tory to bis departure for Itussia on tbo Sd prox. THE MODOO QUESTION. * No official dispatohoa have boon received at the War Deportment with reference to the Court or Military Commission to bo convened for tbo trial of Oapt. Jack andhia band. Gen. Sherman la of tbo opinion that Con. Darla will order tho Commission to immediately assemble, and that a portion of the troops will bo removed to Fort Klamath, in Oregon, to remain at that poet until the fate of the Modoca has been determined. The remaining companies will bo returned to various garlsona In California and Oregon. It is probable that ton or twelve of tho rod skins will bo executed, as sufficient witnesses cau bo bad on the part of tho Government to prove that ton of tho Modocs participated in the Oauby murder, and throe in tho Sherwood killing. Tho Commission will bo governed by tho military code, which oes not require the proving of malice on tho part of the offenders, nut merely (ho establish mg of the fact that they wore present and aided and abetted in the murders. The sentence will probably be hanging by tbo nook, it not being the impression among tho military men that a soldiers fate of shooting will bo accorded those outlaws. {To the Associated Press,] THE POLARIS EXPEDITION. Washington, Juno 10.—Commander Green has boon ordered to the command of the vessel to be dispatched for tho discovery and relief of tho Polaris, with Lieutenant-Commander White as Executive Officer. Tho Secretary Is making tbo selection of a vessel suitable for Arotio navi gation. Efforts are being made to start tho ex pedition early In July. The Juniata is taking out her guns, and provisioning for a voyage of inquiry, and may leave tho lose of this week. APPOINTED. ’ James Corning has boon appointed Internal Bovouue Storekeeper for the First District of Missouri. TUB TEXAS BORDER COMMISSION. The Commission to inquire into the outrages on tbo Texas border arrived heio this morning, and had an Interview with Secretary Fish during the day. They deny tho reports that tho Toxans make roidadnto Mexico, and say there is noth ing thereto induce them to plunder their pov erty-stricken neighbors. All our citizens care for is protection in their persons and property against invasions from tho Mexicans and In dlwia. £ftor tho Coumtaaioun’B wt Modocs. np the lUo ' Ontario to take testimony, tbo Mexicans on tbo lower part of that river crossed, ami began their thiev ing operations, for whlob they wore pursued and chastised by Col. McKenzie. The Texas Login- Inturo instituted an inquiry into the Mexican and Indian wrongs upon citizens of that State, when some of the moss respectable residents of Nue ces Volley wont to Austin and gave stronger tes timony than they bad previously given before the Commission. Tbo Commissioners represent the amount of damages, diroot and consequen tial, to those who have Buffered by those raids, at between $50,000,000 and SCO,UOO.OOO. Five hundred petitions, in the way of complaint, with spoauloations wbfo presented to the Com missioners, and those wore supported by 1,000 affidavits. Many of tbo petitioners and affiants are represented to bo men of fine education and of the most respectable character. As to the Klckapoos, it is supposed ihoro are not more than 200 warriors of them altogether. One of the old Chiefs, referring to tbo proposi tion of tbo United Slates to the Klckapoos to go back on the reservation, said to a Commisioucr os follows: Wo would have hut a small patch of ground, and could net mnko raids on other rcsorvatious. Hero wo are supported by tbo Mexican Government, which not only supplies n« with provisions, but given us money, ami, when wo wont to go to Texas, tbo Mexican mer chants amt planters supply tui with horsos, guns, and ammunition and provisions, that wo may make our broad, and wo pay thorn from what wo capture. Uo eldoo. wo have a good country aud lino climate, many privileges, and tho whole Texas border to raid on. The Commissiouors think that if tbo captives taken by Col, McKenzie should bo restored to tbo Itickapoos, they would bo no more inclined to return to tbo United Stales than they are now, aud bonce they doubt tho propriety of complying with their requests. Tho Secretary of tho Interior will take no Jircaont action on tho telegraphic request of thb tickapoo Commissioners, except to refer It to tho Secretary of War, with tho suggestion that ho confer with tho Secretary of State on tho subject. New York, Juno 10.— A Washington special says that the Mexican Border Investigating Com mittee have returned to that oity, to prepare their report. They have been engaged con stantly since Jan. 10, and have hoard evidence in dOO coses, and have received, in addition, 1,800 ox parte affidavits. Several women and children who had escaped from tho Indians appeared be fore tbo Commissioners and told the story of their terrible sufferings. Tho Comanchos are said to bo mainly engaged in tho business of stealing and selling the children and women of tho white settlers, while tho Klckapoos and Lipans, and Mexicans disguised as such, chiefly confine themselves to cattio stealing. The raids of those people are so frequent that stock-rais ing within 200 miles of tho Rio Grande has boon well-nigh abandoned. MADISON. Decision in n Libel Suit—-The Janes villo “ Gazette mulcted in tUo Sum of SI,IOO. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Madison, Wis., Juno 10.— The libel suit of Whitney vs. the Janesville Gazette Printing Company ended to-day by a verdict of $l,lOO for plaintiff, a jeweller, of New York, who claimed SIO,OOO. - Judge Davis, in his charge to tho jury, summed up tho article causing tho ac tion as follows : “It sots out with a serious af fray, Inwhicb tho plaintiff and one Tompkins wore concerned, which was not to tho credit of the plaintiff, in tho opinion of tho writer, and which produced great excitement in tho community of Janesville. Tho writer then says that this man Whitney, the plaintiff in the action, has figured rather con spicuously for some timo past to tho disadvan tage of tho business interests of Janesville, and then proceeds to give an account of WUitnoy’a dealings with S. 0. Spaulding, Mr. Doroll, W. L. Gooklns, and Tompkins, upon whom the as sault wus made, aud after stating that Tomp kins, while Whitney was absent, locked tho store door to prevent Whitney from packing up the goods until oomo sort of a settlement was effected, says this was tho occasion of tho assault which produced groat excitement for a timo, as tho sympathies of tho pnblio aro with tho victims of this professional swindler. Tho ar ticle winds up as follows: “ Mr. Whitney is a resident of Now York City, and has his quarters in Broadway. Wo understand that hfs ways aro not os light as are those of good and honest men.” Tbo account given by tbo writer of tbo occa sion and circumstances attending this assault and battory aro not complained of, and the evi dence relating thereto offered by tbo defendant was excluded by tbo Court as not pertinent to the issue. This account is an item of local nowojand, if correctly given, could not bo com plained of. Tbo Judge ignored tbo basto and excitement in which the article was written and printed, and tbo statement on wbiob its charge was maintained was based, and excluded any evidence of an offer to publish any state ment Mr. Whitney obese to mako in regard to tbo matter, and to rotraet any unwarranted charge* Ho says a publication without justifica tion of another by exposing him to hatred or contempt is libel. The effect of words used,. whether they aro criminal or not, if thoy import, or thoy may bo fairly understood by tboso who. read thorn as directly calculated to degrade tbo man in tbo estimation of bis acquaint ances, and to injuro bis business charac ter. they aro in themselves actionable, ana.do not roquiro proof of malico, or that any special damage has resulted from their publica tion. To say of a person that bo is a profoslonal swindler, is actionable, because every ouo would understand that tbo accusation was that bo made a practice of defrauding others by impo sition or artifice. Tbo Judge bold that tbo charge of general swindling ana dishonest prac tices by plantiff has not been sustained,*noitbor has any dishonest dealings been shown with any one, unless with Qookins, in regard to which tbo evidence was con flicting. Plaintiff is presumed to bo of good character until tbo contrary is shown, and tbo burdon of proof is ou tbo defendant. There was conflicting evidence as to his general reputation. It is understood, despite tbo ebargo of tho Judge, that two of tbo jury woro against award ing any damages, believing tbo plaintiff bad no reputation to lose, wbilo,otbors woro for allow ing tbo whole sum claimed as an oxumplo. Tho sum awarded was a compromise. Some of tbo members of tbo jury who bod boon candidates for office, and then suffered by tbo words of tbo press, took this occasion to wreak revenge, say ing it would teach a lesson to tbo paper boro which bad libeled them when candidates by as sorting that tbolr opponents bad superior quali fications. , .. .. This coso, and tbo rulings in regard .to it, will probably rocoivo some attention from the Wis consin Editorial Convention mooting at LaOrosso to-morrow. Wisconsin Stnto University. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Madison, Juno 10.— Tho University Com mencement exorcises began yesterday, with a Baccalaureate sermon by President. Tworably, his proposition being, “ Wisdom , demands that life bo developed according to tbo teachings of God," showing tbo advantages of thus govern ing life. lie claimed tbo following: Tho Di vino guidance is tbo highest honor, evolving tbo Divino thought in our characters and lives; makes available to us tho Immeasurable re sources of life. Developed in obedience to tiio teachings of God, it will bo a Joyous success to guide the life hero, by God’s will, and secure tho illimitable future. Ho exhorted graduates to bo loaders, reformers, and upbuildors, to throw their influence for tho brightest and purest thought. Hon. S. Q. By on, of Milwaukoo, addressed tho law class to-night. Tho Commencement exor cises occur on Thursday. There wore twenty two graduates, no ladies. Tltv Cholern. Memphis, Tonn., Juno 10.—Tho weather has boon very unfavorable for tho improvement of tho health of tho oily, ns during tho night mer cury fell 12 degrees, and to-day it was raining. Tho interments to-uay wore nineteen, fifteen of whom died of cholera andoholora-infautum. Tho City Council this afternoon passed an ordinance establishing a Board of Health. Nashville, Tonn.. Juno 10.— Thirty-two in terments aro reported from tho prevailing disease slnoo Saturday. A largo percentage of those attacked got wolf. Sunday was considered uu especially fatal day, as largo dinners aro oaten on this day. Tho deaths aro nearlyaii colored. Cincinnati, 0., Juno 10.—Tho post forty oigUt hours have developed thepccooueo hero of casta resembling cholera. Throe fatal cases, and tbroo ca«6« not fatal, part of which had oil the symptoms of cholera, within tills period, wore reported at the regular mooting! of the Academy of Medicine to-night. The (unonneo mont In tho papers this morning of a fatal oasoi having ohnlora.Bymptomß, created no excitement ' whatever during tho day, tho citizens generally not apprehending tho prevalence of cholera as an epidemic during this season. WALL STREET. Roviow of the Money, Gtolflj flond* Slock, anil Produce Markets* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,' New Youk, Juno 10.—Money was In oxorsslvo supply, And, Attar landing on call at 4 to 5 per cant, .closed up cany at 3 percent! Prime die counts nro quoted at oto 6 per cent, The banks are buying paper freely/ but confining tboir pur abases to that 'which does not run over four mouths, preferring to lend on call at nominal rates rather than.to tie their funds up through the autumn. Bo general, however, is the foar.of a recurrence In tho coming autumn of the severe stringency which blighted mercantile interests from November up to May last, that every One in business Is pursuing a conservative course, and It Is possible that trouble this fall will be averted by this early preparation. Business was unusually dull ou tho Stock Ex chango to-day, and tho transaotious scarcely up to tho average. Tho changes wore generally very slight, and in tho main lower. Prices do dinedX to In early dealings, and later recovered, but tho market again became weak lu tho afternoon, and touched tho lowest point of tho day. Tho movement in Western union last week, which was attributed to opera tions of Commodore Vanderbilt, doos not con tinue, and there appeared to be no onojn tho market to-day who cared to take tho load. Or ders from outside parties wore very scarce, for tho reason that tho general impression seems to bo that tho prices of loading stocks ought to go lower than oven tho lowest point of lost, week before o bull move ment can bo. maintained. In reference to tho contemplated consolidation of Interest be tween tho Ohiaago A Northwestern and tho Mil waukee A St. Paul Roods, It is now stated that tho matter is hold in abeyance until tho return from Europe of largo stockholders, representing the Gorman interest. Meanwhile the change in tho Presidency of tho ilist-uamod road remains unsettled; It is thought, howovor, that it would not be for tho interest of tho Northwestern to bo incorporated as a more link in the Trans-Con tinental Trunk Lino, and that the boua Ode stockholders will strenuously object. * ‘ GOLD. Sacculation in gold -was again very much mixed. The short Interest is large, consequent upon tho many sftloo of Saturday, but iho boars are without' .a bold loader and uncertain what' to • do. • Thd ■ nows by cable from London ia rather encouraging than otherwise,'for it shows that to-day tho Bank of England has gained 41212,000 in bullion. At iho same timo the sixty-day rato for sterling ad vanced to 109# in this market. - Tho lattor movement is renewing tho hopes of the hulls that specie shipments might bo resumed. nouns. Governments wore lower* Only a small busi ness was done, however, as holders wore not disposed to offer any important amount at tho deolino. There Was an unusually wide difference between the bidding, and asking prices in somo cases at times daring tho day. - • PRODUCE. ’ Flour was Tory dull and lower for moat spring wheat and low and medium winter wheat extras. The largo arrivals n* tho larger ports contlnuo to oxert a depressing Influence. Prices wore irreg ular. Sales, 0,400 barrels; receipts, 18,008 bar rels. Irregular and common qualities of spring wheat wore quite hoar/, and choice only com manded attention at extreme figures. -Shippers, In the absence of freight-room, hold off, and tho millers purchased sparingly, winter ruled very dull, hut was not pressed on tho market.' Sales, 88.000 bushels ; receipts, 201,372 bushels. Pork was quiet- but Arm. Now moss, in tho jobbing way, is quoted ai about sl6.B7£*< For future delivery no sales for Juno or July, but 250 brls woro reported for August at slG,B7><*- In out meats a limited business was done, and prices ruled generally steady. Bales: 50 tea pickled hams at 18c, and dry-salted shoulders at 7>f@7Kc. Pickled hams, in tes, are quoted at 10@18e, as to quality. Receipts, 708 pkgs. Bacon was rather, quot, ond prices unset tled. Long clear is quoted at BW’@BWo, 'the lower figures bid s short clear, B>£@B%o. Lord ruled quiet but steady; Western, 8.%@90 for Juno; city. 100 tea sold at B%c. For future delivery tbo busi ness was Limited to July at 0 l-lti@{%o, ond August at 0 5-10. Receipts, 207 pkgs. THE COTTON MARKET. At the Cotton Exchange to-day there was con siderable fooling of uneasiness, the market being very strong at the advance, i! the market con tinued to go up, it is stated that many of the weaker dealers will have to suspend, an occur rence which is daily expected. The short sales have boon extremely heavy, and there is not ono lenth the amount of cotton hero to cover them. HORRID TRAGEDY, An Entire Family murdered By the Father’* Brother* Belfast, Me., Juno 10*—Almon Gordon and his wifo and child wore found murdered in bed at Thorndike, 18 miles from here, this morning. A brother of Gordon has been 'arrested on sus picion. A dispute about a piece of property is said to bo tho cause. LATER. Belfast. Mo., Juno 10.—Tho following addi tional particulars of tho Thorndike murder have been elicited; John Gordon, a man 70 years old, had recently convoyed to his sou, Almond M,, his farm, worth $5,000, taking back a mortgage for life lor tho support of himself and wife. Tho other sou, John T., was dissatisfied with tho arrangement, and probably thought that, by tho death of his brother and family, the property would fall to him. This is tho only motive thus fat assigned. At tho time of tho murder the' old people wore absent on a visit. Tho inmates of the house wove tho murdered man, Almon M„ aged 26; Emma A., his wife, aged 22; their children, Ira 8., aged 0 ; a little girl, aged 17 mouths; Anna, a niece, aged 9; John T, tho brother, and a hired man. About 3 o’clock a. m. the latter was awakened by tho shrieks of tho little boy. and ho immedi ately discovered that the bouse was on ilco. lie informed tho neighbors, and tho flames wore extinguished without much damage. Tho bodies of the father, mother, and infant, who occupied tho same hod, wero soon found, man gled and scorched, as to bo hardly,recognizable. Tho little boy, who slept la a crib in tho samo room, was severely wounded, but may survive. Tho bloody deed was evidently committed with au ax, which was found on the premises. The wounds of tho throe murdered persons wore in flicted on tho head, and must have caused in stant death. Tho brother, John T., was arrest ed on suspicion. lie is 28 years old, a farm laborer, and unmarried. Ho maiutalus a sullen indifference, refusing to answer any questions, but saying that at the proper time ho will defend himself. Tho Ooronor held an inquest this afternoon. Tho prisoner will probably bo ar raigned before tho Police Court of this city to morrow. 'JTlie Ucunio Quomion In Waukegan* Waukegan, 111., Juno 10.—Mayor Williams has vetoed the recent ordinances passed by the Com mon Council of this city, fixing the license of saloon-keepers at SOOO, and those of grocers at SSOO. Ho takes tho ground that if liquor-selling is right, and for tho interests of tho city, poor men, as well os rich, should have tho privilege of license, and that tho amoimts fixed in the pro posed ordinances discriminate in favor of those whoso pecuniary ability would enable them to pay for licenses. But ho furthermore takoa tho ground that tho Common Council has tho power to regulate and prohibit tbo liquor traffic, aud that if, as is generally conceded, the traffic Is an aotual detriment to tho peooe and morality of tho community, ho suggests whether It is not tho duty of the Council to refuse ail licenses, and thus virtually abolish tho traffic. This gives rise to the question of License or No License. Telegraphic llrevities* D. O. Mills has resigned his position of Presi dent of the Bank ot California. James Oldfield was murdered at Palisade, Nev.. by Audlst, who stabbed his victim eight or ton times, in tho presence of his wifo. Three Buasians, representing 800 of their oguntryawu, liat? beta prgipegllng la Certo NUMBER 302. ' ! ■ Jjft lowa, for a suitable location for Gordo Ooi ahomo.' tnr • • , The Wd °.jn Coal Company, operating tliroo mllos [Albia, Monroo County, lowa, hnvo BtmoU a nil o lot four inch voin of coal at a depth of 110 fool £3 • A ypnng' m nby ibo name of llonry Cutler, In trying to r 2 ? vo noin'o driftwood from a data, near Claris w , lowa, foil into tbo water and waa drownod. I £ 1 unti. yoßtcl M r. wan attended liy a largo numbof of citizens,' jiudlng the Chamber of Oommerca bi a body. Two p&intors, named John Cbarloßwortb and Vrtbdorworf, ’ working 'yesterday on a scaffold. BUBnOndod mitsido abnilditigl in Olovoland, foil a dfutanco of twenty , foot, and both - woro oo rlouuly injured. • A triangular fight, two men and one woman,, came off lu Wonona, Illi, yesterday. One of tho men had lived witu hor'/or throe years, and offeredher $1,240 to .go. hook. • She took $75 from.him, ana went with tho other man. - r About throe weeks since, Joe Woods, colored, ■ravished a while woman, a widow,- and knocked bar on v the hendwith on - ax, in Rutherford County, Toun.- On Saturday night, a patty of fifty mon took Woods and hungliira. The lady has died. The State of lowa has no touts or cannon for now companies or Fourth of July celebrations. The guns in tho Slate's possesuion have boon distributed long since, and no more requisitions will bo raado for artillery from the United States for some time to come. s Ou Sunday there was a grand; picnlo of tho Gorman Turner Societies from all. the towns along tho Illinois A Michigan Canal froiuJoilol to Pom, at Utica, In Pookham’s beautiful grove north of tho village. Throe hundred persona aloud went from Ottawa bu a canal-hoot. Our Dodson, Ohio, special says that, on Sun day evening, while two daughters of John Booraorshine, aged respectively 8 and 10 years, wore looking for their cow on the road about two miles from hero, and not ovor a half mile from tho house, the younger girl was assaulted by a young man named George Donnell, and brutally outraged. The older gin ran homo and informed her parents that Donnell was killing hor sister, Airs. Boomorshlno arrived at tho scouo of tho outrage, gun in hand, to shoot tho fiend, butDon noll had fled, lie was arrested soon after, plead guilty, and not procuring bail was sent to jail. SPRINGFIELD. Restored to Citizenship»lllness oft Judge Treat Tlio Railroad Com* mission* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. * Spihnofield, ill., Juno 10.—Tho Governorhao to-day restored to citizenship Charles Warner, of Coles County, and Joseph Kessler, of Iro quois, both of whom wore, convicted of larceny and have served a term in tho Penitentiary. Judge 8. 11. Treat, of tho United States Court for iho'Southern District of this State, was seized with paralysis while at St. Paul's Church last night. Ho is somewhat bettor to-day, but unable to attend to tho duties of hlsposition, Tho members of tho Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commission will moot at the Pacific Hotel In Chicago, to-morrow, when • tho mattes of grain inspection will bo considered. WEATHER AND WATER. it AVcnthor Report. 3uiCAao, June 1(3—10:18 p. m. irta bavo boon received from' 1 below; , .: • ... < JJttr 4 \Titr\ IWnd. f U'cdMer. War Ropartmoi Tbo following ropoi tho plocoa mentioned Station, 1018., brink, 07 Calm. Breckinridge Buffalo.... Chicago... Cleveland. Cincinnati Davenport Denver.... 681 N.E., Hgbt. 70|N, E., contlo. 7l);S. Weight. 81 Calm. 70 8., fivflh. ClilE.. frcab. 48 Calm.- Detroit.... Duluth.... Keokuk.... La Croono. Milwaukee Omaln. ... 7fljoaim. 70 N., fjcnllo, (10 N..frcdh. 78 Crlrn, R., light. • N, E,, fresh, a., gentle, W., gentle. St. Patil. Toledo,, Vaobtou.. Cboyuuuo. rnOBABIMTIES. Washington, Juno I(s. —For Now England, in creasing cloudiness and occasional rain areas to night, hut winds veering to westerly and north erly on Tuesday, with clear and clearing weath er, and probable rain. For the Middle States, light to fresh westerly and northerly winds, and clear or partly cloudy weather on Tuesday, For the Lower Lake Bogion. winds gradually shift ing to, easterly and southerly on Tuesday, with clear or partly cloudy weather. For the South Atlantic and Gulf States, cast of the Mississippi, generally cloudy weather, rain areas, and light to fresh southwesterly and southeasterly winds. Prom the Ohio Valley and Missouri to the Upper Lakes, diminishing pressure, easterly to south erly winds, and clear or partly oloudy weather. For the Northwest, easterly to southerly winds, and diminishing pressure. For Tennessee and Kentucky, partly oloudy weather, and occasional rain areas on Tuesday; STAGE OF WATER. Daily report of the stage of water; with changes in the twenty four hours ending 3 p. m., Juno IC. 1873; CHANGES, . ABOVE now WATEII. j FalK St. r»u1...., Fort Benton 7 ft, 9 In. 2 Itf. Omaha 12 ft. 9 in. 0 iu.‘ Davenport ....12 ft. 0 in. 2 in Leavenworth 4 ft. 1 In. I. Keokuk 14 ft. 4in 2la Cairo 27 ft. 10 lu Bt. Louis 24 ft. 2 In 6 In. PUtsbnrg 4 ft. 0 In 4 in. Cincinnati 12 ft. 0 In. 3 in.l Louisville 4 ft. 10 In. 6 in.! Memphis 22 ft. 3 in. 4 In. Shreveport 27 ft. 3 In • Nashville 9 ft. 0 In. 0 in.' •NowOrloans 2 ft, 5 In. 2 in.' Yaugton 0 ft. *0 In Vicksburg 24 ft. 6 in.! 4 in. Marietta .| I P •Bolow high water mark of 1871. FIRES. Serious Destruction of Property In Various Places. Little Book, Ark., Juno 16.—The Court- House, with nil the records of Qroon County.was destroyed by fire on tho night of tho 12th inst. Bt. Louis, Juno 10.—A supposed incendiary flro at Mexico, Mo., yesterday, destroyed seven frame stores, involving a loss of about $30,000. Tho insurance is not seated. New York, Juno 10.—AU tho club stables at tho Fleetwood Course wore burned early yester day morning, and two horses of local celebrity woro lost. Special Diamtch to The Chicago Trtßtm*. Janesville, Wia., Juno 10. —At Albany, on Sunday evening, a flro broko out, about 2 o’clock, between tho stores of E. B. Nobles and Jaboz Dolson, doatroyhig thorn both, with por tlona of thoir ooutouta. Throe other business buildings belonging to Mr. Dolson and James Campbell wore also burned, and it was only by extraordinary exertions that tho mill and store of Warren Bros, wore saved. Tho loss is in tho neighborhood of $50,000, on which there is but little Insurance. . „ . ~. , Uxdiudoe, Out., June 10.— A flro to-night de stroyed tho Anglo-American Hotel, Crawfords livery-stable, McDonald's jowolry-slore, and a number of dwellings, together with a largo stock of lumber and coruwooa. Loss, $40,000 j Insur ance not stated. _ ~ . San Francisco, Juno 10.—The candle factory on Sixteenth street was destroyed by Are thi* afternoon. Tho total loan oxceoda SIO,OOO, VICE-PRESIDENT WILSON. Ulh Serious Illness* New York, Juno Boston letter of tho Springfield jfomWican says : “ There has boon much anxiety during the past week among the few who have known tho facts concerning tho alarming illnoos of Vice-President Wilson. His attack was followed by partial deafness and partial blindness, and tlio general character of ms symptoms was such ns to threaten a loss of Ids power and activity, if not of his life, lie it now improving, but is by no moans out of danger. Ho has boon sojuming in Boston foi some weeks under tho care of Dr. E. H. Clarice, and has seen very tow of his friends. His in cessant labors in tho past election, followed by tbo strain and anxiety of last winter, and ac companied by a good deal of work on his anti slavery history, aro regarded as tho immediate gcCAfiiOU gf lus present Illness. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear, Clear. Clear. Clear. Clear.- Fair. Clear. - Pair,' Clear, *

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