25 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Haziran 1873 tarihli Chicago Daily Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOLUME 26. BEAXi ESTATE. SECOND M Mil a OB’ CLARKE, LAYTON & CO, OF CHOICE BOULEVARD -AONJ-JD ton PARK LOTS We will liold another BONA FIDE sale of Drexel Boulevard and South Park lots On Thursday, June 26, AT 4= O'CLOCK P. M. On the Grounds. This first piece to be sold consists of 13 choice lots at the corner of Drexel Boulevard mdthe entrance of said Boulevard to the South Park. If any residence property in Chicago will ever be worth SI,OOO per front foot (which is only one-third of the prices of giniilsr property on Pifth-av. and Central Park, New xork City), this certainly will be the property. It commands one of the very finest views on the Pork, looking, as it does, cp Breiel Boulevard and out on the finished portion of the South Park. The second tract to be sold is a five acre tract fronting east on Drexel Boulevard and west on Cottage Qrove-av., corner of Porty nintb-sfc., and is subdivided into lots of 50 by 300 feet to an alley on Drexel Boulevard, and 60 bylß7 feet to an alley on Cottage Grove sv. This is also very choice property, being within one block of the entrance to the Park. 'TERMS OP BAIiE--Ono-Bixth cosh down on the d&y of enle, one-sixth 00 days, bal ance 1,2 and 3 years at 8 per cent interest per annum. Free transportation to and from the crountis. Tickets, plats, and all needed in formation by applying: at the office of Clarke, Layton & Co., 120 Laoalle-st. Title perfect. Printed abstracts furnished each purchaser. CLARKE, UTTONftGOL 120 LA SALLE-ST. IMPOETMTsSALE OF VALUABLE BffIMOPEBTY We are authorized by ELIJAH SMITH, Esq., Trus tee, to receive sealed proposals for the purchase ol 48 feet hunt by 190 feet deep, situated on Michigan-a v., be trees M&ulson and Monroe-sts., described as follows: B. Xcf Lot 8, and the north 8 feet of Lot 9, la Block 1, Frictional Section 15 Addition to Chicago, Cook County, ELL Purchaser to assume mortgage of $20,000, doe five ysara from Jan. 1, IS7S, with semi-annual interest; bal ance k down, and 1, 2, and 3 years, with 8 por cent Inter est. Said proposals will be received for ten days, to the S7th instant inclusive, and will be opened on the 28th and asted upon. Capitalists should give tbu their attention, as the property must positively be sold. Direct proposals to ELIJAH SMITH, Trustee, care of Eliscn A roster 87 Market-st. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF ATTRACTIVE REAL ESTATE, To take pUco cn WEDIfESDA'S', Juno 25, at 1 O’clock p. zn., at the north door, near est LaSalle-st, of the Court-House, comer of Adams and ItaSalle-sts. At this sals will be offered IK acres of ground, with •rath frontage of 136 feet on Madiion-et., ana north front* tie of 135 feet on Warren-av., situate 3K miles from the Court-Home (about 500 feet east of CalifornJa-av.) Also 72 feet*south front on‘ Madl*on-*t. # between Oak- WJ-st. and Westcrn-av. Also 31 feet south front on Loko-st., about 100 feet east oi Oikler-et, Attazniog present incumbrance*, the terms of sale are cash, and balance in three equal annual pay orau. This sale will bo bona fide and peremptory; no we-blddiag will be allowed. Regardless of the sacrifice, uie estate will be closed ont at the above-mentioned time see Place. For further information in regard to abetracta Mi incumbrances, call on POTWIN A CORBY, Real Estate Dealers, 119 Franklin-rt. tETOH, HOMES. GEO. SUMMERS, 188 East Madison-st., Room 4, is now selling splendid lots inNor wood Park on MONTHLY PAYMENTS, also offers assist ance in the erection of dwellings. LAKE NAVIGATION. GOODRICH’S STEAMERS hrEadne, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, etc., daily, Bandays excepted, 9a. m. Saturday Excur- Bon Boat for Milwaukee, etc., do’n’t leave un tO 8 p. m, for Grand Haven, Grand Eapids, Muskegon, Spring Lake, Frdfport, Manistee, etc., daily, Sundays excepted, 7 p. m, for St Joseph, Daily, Sundays excepted, 10 *• m. Saturdays, Boat don't leave until 11 P-m. YorSreen Bay Ports, Monday, Wednesday, and at 7p. m. Wednesday's Boat goes to feanala. for buffalo, And Intermediate Points. txkfo?CHlNA.Captain Dickson, from Ccta Frldar. Jins 28. <k|£l Comnanj 1 . Steamer ST. LOUIS. Eondolph-ot- brfds.. Steamer BADGER 01 NertJl Do“boni arri-j Paaaago Tlckete. applj at 75 Canal-.!-, A, A. SAMPLE, Passenger Agent. wanted. TTr^ ED ’- AGENT^- 575 ‘ Inf 20 Per month, everywhere, to sell one W H °.!j t E3o ** tieeful article* erer in routed f 8 f*®*® 4 In ereiy family. Bead for Circa* I | Address, BECOME A CO., Chicago, HI. LOTTERY. t * JB Daily Combination Lottery; “ d VlflSoath darkest.: SjShcsS-y «°rtb-ar.. £2 West Madisen-et., a nd RESORT. *«• wa#1 * "■ 40, B. MILLIKEN, Port- WATCHES. HUB WATCHES, We have the largest assortment of Fine Watches in the West, which we are selling at remarkably low prices. We have just received another large invoice of GOLD GUARD CHAIN'S. N. MATSON & GO., STATE & ffiONBOE-STS. STOVES. RANGES. &c. Warren nanp First w B Am'.lns. Premium B9 Ss2 1371. Donble Berated Oreo, Warming Clneet, BroHlne Door, render Guard, Damping and Shaking Orate, Direct Draft FULLER, WARREN A CO., Ifonofecturers, Troy, N. T. S2AKCS HOUSES—Nev 7c?k, CUroUnd and Chicago* Diamond & RUBY FURNACES. A JAMES A. LAWBOS, Patentee, For Heating Churches, School Houses, Public Build tags and Private Residences. FITLIEB, WARREN & CO., ’ Monofactareri, Troy, IV. Y. BRANCH SOUSSS-Kev Y«rk, Clerelind &nd Chicago. STEWAR TOVES. 1873 Pattern. Fob Salb bt FULLER WARREN A CO., sSand 60 Lake-st., Chicago. Also a full assortment of Stoves. TO RENT. OFFICES. A few Very Desirable Offices are offered for rent in the Trib une Building. Single or in suites. Witn and without Vaults, English Tile Moors through out the Building. Elevator running during all business hours. These Offices are not equaled in the city. The best for all classes of business requiring a central lo- W. C. DOW, Boom 21 Tribune Building. cation. WATER BALANCE ELEVATORS. SAFETY We think the people have a right to know whether the Elevators thoyndoou daily are ABSOLUTELY SAFE, or whether they are liable to fall at any time. That those interested may know opoo what their safety depends, we propose a PUBLIC TEST of the safety apparatus upon all Elevators, before a Committee of Experts, to be ap pointed by the Mayor or Chief Engineer of the city, or any one elae of equal standing. We CHALLENGE Any and all manufacturers of Steam Elevators to submit their most perfect machines to such a test, and are ready, at any and all times, to test our WATER ELEVA TORS In the same way. If our challenge is not accepted within a reasonable time we will satisfy any one (even a manufacturer of Steam Elevators) that it la IMPOSSI BLE, under any circumstances (by breaking all our six ropes, or otherwise), to let one of our Elevators fall two inches. If we do not make Elevators that cannot fall, we will make no more, as we claim that the safety of paesen* 1 gen is the very first requisite of any Elevator. WM. B. HALE A CO., Manufacturers of Water Balance Elevators. FINANCIAL. P, B. IWt. EHHEY MTEES, Cashier TIE KBCMTS’, FARMERS’, & KIMS’ SAVK6SBABK. Incorporated 1861. Commenoed Badness 1863. 75 South Glark-st,, Chicago, Opposite Old Court Hours. WEST SIDE OFFICE, 62 Halsted-st., near Madison. EXCLUSIYELYASAYINfiS BANK. KOUNTZE BROTHERS, Bankers, New York, issue Circular Notes, and Letters of Credit on the Union Bank of London, available in all parts of the world. WOVEN WIR E MATTRESS. jr/ 9 YOUR LIFE IS SPENT IN BED. You get the. Most Comfort by using PETERS’ IMPROVED Woven Wire Mattress. An Improvement over all other/. gold by dealers In Furniture and Bedding. WHITTLES KY^PETERS, 120 LaSalle4t.i 3dDoorN.of3ladiMn. WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY. GET THE BEST. f Ulster's Milted Dictionary. 10,000 Words and Meanings Not In Other Dictionaries. 3,000 Engravings i 1840 Pages Quarto. Price, 812. Gl&d to add my tosttnocy io its favor. E, . , Pree’t Walker, of Harvard. ▼cry scholar knows Ita Tains. . W. H. Prescott, the Historian, 1 1 ihe most complete Dictionary of the Language. l>r, Scotland, re best guide of students of oar language. ~, Jon* (J. Whittier. LT® will tmaamlt his name to latest posterity. II Chancellor Kent, fTtymologlcal part corp&Mee anything by earlier laborers. k-t George Bancroft. TJ earing relation to Language Princinia does to Philoso* Phy. , 4l . £lihu Bvrritt. L'lceia all others In defining scientific terms. JJ * President Hitchcock. So far as I know, best defining Dictionary. Horace Harm. rnake it altogether* the torpaaslng work. -I .Snort, the English OrOueptft, A necessity for ©very Intelligent family, student, teach er, and professional man. what Library la complete without the best hngliah Dictionary ? Published byG.dfcC. BEBRSIAM, Springfield. Mm. Sold by all 800 keel! on. Illustrated Editions Webster’s Scboo] Dictionaries. Webster’s Primary School Dictionary, 204 Engravings. u Common School tl 274 “ u High School u 297 “ H Academic a 344 u u Counting House M with numerous illus trations and many valuable tables cot to be found else where. by IVISON, B] 00., Now Fork and Chicago. P" Stdd everywhere. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK. SECURITY FROM 1,098 BY ROBBERY EIRE, OR ACCIDENT. THE FIDELITY Savings Bank AND Safe Depository, In their new Fire-Proof Building, 143, 145 & 147 Handolph-st., Receive for safe keeping to their GREAT FIRE AND BURGLAR.PROOF SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS (among the best la the world, haring cost over one hundred thousand dollars). Coupon Bonds, Securities, Family Plate, Coin, Deeds, Wills, and Valuables of every de scription. Abo, rent Safe* In their Vaults at from #lO to SSO a rear, according to sire. TRUSTS OF EVERY KIND RECEIVED AND wtw- CUTED. Interest jLUowed on Savings Deposits. JORjj O. HAfN£3, President. REMOVAL. ZREIsAO’V’.A-L.- f.d.cossitt&co., Wholesale Grocers, Have removed to their rOBMEB LOCATION, 102 & 104 Michigan-av. Comer of Bandolph-st. FOR SALE. GOLD PENS, HOLDERS, and PENCILS, am nil, in t n. 118 and 120 Monroe-st.. Chicago, 4TH J"U Xj IT. TENTS, TENTS, AND HAMMOCKS FOE SALE Oil HIRE. Cam pin* parties. family picnics, banting *r fishing' Farties, camp meetings. parties going into the country or a brief period, will and it muon cheaper and pleasant er to have a hotel of their own, pitched upon the bank of some lovely lake or running stream, enjoying nature's recreation, when using outfits aa famished by GOVERN* WENT GOODS DEPOT. ISS and 137 Eaet Lake-st., Chi* cago. IU. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. REFRIGERATORS, ICE BOXES, WATER FILTERS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, AT LOW PRICES. PAXjTONT tb CO., 80 & 82 BAITDOXiPH-ST.. near State. GENERAL NOTICES. TAKEN From Hoisted and Eandolph-sts., a Bay Horse, lame in front root. Box Top Buggy, with wheels striped with yellow. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the above to union-st. Station, West Side. CHICAGO HOCK COMPANY. OmcK, 156 East WAgHuroTow-er., Room I,) Chicago, Jobs 85, 1872. * The annual meeting of the stockholder* of the Chicago Dock Company, for the election of Director* and the transaction of such other basin ea* aa oar eoma before the meeting, will be held at the office of the Company, No. 156 East Washington, Room 1, In the oily of Chicago, HI., on Tuesday, July 8, 1873, at s -JO o’clock p. m. medical. OMHAIIC AD ADEAL DBffIDHL EE. AUGUST FEEULEE, 41 South Clark-* t., Booms 9 and 10, opposite the Sherman House, Chicago. Office hours—9 to Ida. m., 9to 3 p.m. SHIRTS. IT WTLIi PAY TO OBDEB SHIRTS! HARRIS' V shirt; From MEETINGS. Masonic. Regular communication of Blaney Lodge. No. 971. A. F. AA. M., will be held in Orient dsy) evening, at 8 o*olook.‘ E. Q* BQWZEJt. Sec. Attention Sir Knights. Stated conclave of St, Bernard Commandoiy, No. 35, K, T.. this (Wednesday) evening, at 7W © clock. Bad ness of Importance, and work on the Order of K. T* By Older of tha E. O. J 0 diqkBBSON, Eooordor. CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, 1873. Formal Resignation of the Margall Ministry in Colonial Affairs in the British Par- Madrid, June 24. —The Government troops have defeated the united bands of Carlists of Elio, Dorrtfcarry and Olio. The insurgents lost sixty killed and 300 wounded. Tho troops under Nouvillaa defeated the C&r liata on Friday laet, inflicting a severe loss. Barcelona, June 24.— About twenty-five sol diers of the garrison, when drunk yesterday, came in conflict with tho townspeople of Barce iomta, a suburb, and a severe fight followed, in which weapons were used-on both eides. Sev eral soldiers were arrested. Farther fightinc is feared. Madrid, June 24.—1n the Cortes, last night, Senor Pi y Margall made a formal announcement of the resignation of the Ministry, and asked for time to form a new Cabinet, the programme of which he said would bo “liberty, order, and justice." I, TAYLOR A The debate on the policy of the Government was postponed until Friday. Senor Caatelar declared that he accepted for himself and his political friends the responsibil ity for the acts of the late Cabinet. The Government baa introduced a bill abolish ing the Spanish legation at the Vatican. The Cortes rejected a proposal for the reduc tion of the principal and interest of the public debt. Senor Marfan, intendenta of the ©i-Qneon Isabella, and Gen. Caballero de Bodas, have ar rived in Lisbon. Bayonne, June 24.—There is a rumor that tho Carlisle have captured Gen. Nouvillaa, Tho Core of Santa Cruz has ordered tho pros titutes to leave Guipuzcoa on pain of death if they remain after a certain time. New York, June 24.—The London Telegraph of the 12th says; As the result of the sup posed clerical character of tho new Government in France, the Vienna papers giro credence to a report of the conclusion of a treaty of alliance between Germany and Italy, In the meantime M. Foamier, French Minister at the Italian Court, whose sympathies with Italy are well known, is retained in office, as’if to indicate that there is no change in tne foreign policy of France to give color to such an alliance. Paris, June 24.—The deputies of the Left, at a meeting to-day, adopted a resolution inviting M. Qrovy, late President of the Assembly, to draw up a declaration of principles and policy aa tne rallying-point for all parties of tho Op position. The Municipality of Paris have refused to vote the granting of money for expenses of the re ception of the Shah of Persia, The festivities will consequently take place at Versailles. Versailles, Juno 24.—There was a stormy de bate in the Assembly to-day on an order issued by the Prefect of the Department of the Rhone,' prohibiting civil burials after the hour of 7 in the morning. A motion made by the Left con demning the Prefect’s act was rejected by a large majority. Lo?n>oy, June 24.—A review of 7.000 troops was held by Queen Victoria, at Windsor Parle, this afternoon, in honor of the Shah of Persia. The weather was showery, but the crowds of spectator* were enormous. After a series of brilliant maneuvres, the troops formed in lino and marched by the Queen and Shah. Among the distinguished persons who assisted at the re* view were the Prince and Princess of Wales, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Loopold, the Duke of Cambridge, Princess Beatrice, the Czaro witch and his wife, the Princess Dagmar. In the House of Commons to-day, Heighesson, Under-Secretory for the Colonial Department, moved the second reading of the Canada Loan Guarantee bill. He .explained that tho money to be raised by loon has to be appropriated for the construction of the Pacific Hallway. He praised the Canadian people for their publio spirit and loyalty, ana denied that the guarantees for the loan had been arranged for any political reason in connection with the Treaty or Washington or the fisheries. Sir Charles Dilke denounced the vicious sys tem of guaranteeing enterprises and works for which colonies were not yet fit. Ho insisted that the guarantee of the bill under consideration was in the nature of a bribe for the concessions Canada bad made in regard to the fisheries, so that the provisions of the Treaty of Washington might be executed. He pronounced the Pacific Hallway a gigantic Par liamentary job, and concluded by moving that the second reading of the bill be postponed six months. After speeches for and against the bill by oth er members, Mr. Gladstone rose and rebutted the charges made by Sir Charles Dilke. The proposed guarantee, he said, had no connection whatever with the Treaty of Washington. Ac tion on the bill Had been purposely delayed until that treaty - was set tled. The object of the measure was not to give Canada so much hush-money, hut to recognize a just demand she had on England in the Fenian raids on her territory. Canada h*d suffered on England’s account, and Canada had elected to cancel the debt we owed her in this way. The original motion for the second reading was then carried, 117 to 15. GERMANY. Berlin, June 24.— 1n the German Parliament, yesterday, Minister Delbruck and Von Moltke made speeches against the Korth Sea and Baltic Canal enterprise. New Yobs, June 24.—A Constantinople special says a treaty has been concluded between the Khedive and the Sultan for mutual protection, by which the former in case of the invasion of Turkey, agrees to provide 150,000 troops. Havana, June 24.—A report comes from Puer to Principe that a duel has been fought between Bangui!! and Vincent Garcia, on account of the former assuming command in chief of the revo lutionary forces. Halifax, June 24.—The body of Henry M. Wellington, of Boston, has been recovered from the wreck of the Atlantic. Schemecradr,.N. X., Juno 24.—The express train from Weston, on the New York Central .Railroad, due in this city at 5:40 last evening, ran into a freight train on a side-track, west of this city, demolishing several freight cars and the engine of the passenger train, and killing Romlin Hamlin, and severely injuring J. X. Wicks, the brakeznan of the freight train ; also injuring the engineer and fireman of the pas senger train. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Trilnmc. HARRIS k COBB. 11l Sooth Clark-.t. Union City, lad., Juno 24.—Absalom Fleming, for many years a resident of this city, while crossing the track at a point one mile cast of town, in a wagon, was ran over by the southern bonnd train at 3:15 this afternoon, and instantly killed, as also was his horse. His nephew, a boy about 12 years old, who was with him at the time, had an arm broken. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribunt, Bocefobd, HI.. Jane 24.—A fatal accident happened on the Chicago & Northwestern BaQ roaa last night, about a mile east of the city. A boy living at Belvidere was coming into this FOREIGN. Treaty Offensive and Defensive Between Turkey and Egypt. Paris Refuses to Provide Public Fes tivities for the Shah of Persia. Spain. liament. SPAIN. FRANCE. GREAT BRITAIN. TURKEY CUBA, CANADA, Railroad Accident. city, nding on the top of an extra freight train, ■when he accidentally fell between two care; and nearly the whole train passed over, killing him instantly. Portions of his limbs wore found scattered about at a distance of some half-mile apart. AU the fragments that could be found were boxed, up and sent to his home in Bel videre. . POLITICAL Formation of a Farmers 9 Party in - McLean County. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Bloomington, HI., Juno 24.—-The convention of the members of the Executive Committee of the McLean Connty Farmers’ Club, held in this city to-day, has just finished its labors. Tho meeting has been a most important one in all respects. It has been decided to organize a “ Farmers’ Party,” to caU & convention for the purpose of nominating candidates for the elec tion of tho fall. The time of bolding tho nomi nating convention baa been loft to a special committee of seven. One delegate will bo ad mitted from each club. Grange, mechanical and industrial organization, now formed, and an additional delegate for each fifty members. lowa State Republican Convention. Special JJiepatch to The Chicago Tribune, Des iloDfza, lowa, June 24. —The prospect now ia that the Republican State[Conveution, to bo hold m this city to-morrow, will be larger than has been anticipated. The strife over the .Lieutenant-Governorship is calling out the friends of the opposing candidates. The pros pect is said to be good, however, for the nom ination of Pyaart on the first formal ballot. A majority of the delegates present are members of Granges, and a strong platform will be adopted. Xlio iflttiburgh Democrats* Pittsburgh, Pa.. Juno 24.—At tho Democratic County Convetion to-day, in the afternoon ses sion, more than half the delegates withdrew on account of the action of the Chairman. The rest of tho Convention continned in session and made a shew of nominating delegates to tho State Convention, which meets at Wilkesbaire, Aug. 27. Convention of the Friends of Temper once and the Sabbath* Albany, N. Y., June 24, — A convention of the friends of Temperance and the Sabbath organ ized here to-day, with N. J. Groo in the Chair. After remarks by different members, in which there was a very general expression of disap pointment at the course of the Republican ma jority in the late Legislature, tho Convention took a reooas till 2 o’clock. One hundred and flfty-flve delegates were present. After recess the Committee on Business re ported a resolution which declare that tho Li cense laws ought to be abolished; that a law prohibiting the liquor traffic ought to be en acted ; that the Constitution should be so amended as to prohibit the enactment of License laws, and that the temperance people of the State will use the best efforts to secure these ends. The resolutions also regard the veto by Gov. Dix of tho Prohibition bill aa a direct violation of the plighted faith of the Republican party, and unworthy the ex ecutive head of the State, and say that some of tho leaders of the Republican party, who advised the Governor to veto the Local Prohibition bill, and others who were indifferent, notwithstand ing the pledges of the Republican party, deserve the indignant rebuke of the temperance men of the State for tboir duplicity and treachery to wards those to whom they were Indebted for success in tho last political campaign. A resolution was also adopted that the State Temperance Committee be authorized to call a State Couvention prior to tho let of October next to complete plans for political action at the fall election, and that the' Committee be in efcracted to perfect a most thorough or ganization in the severed districts, by local alliances, conventions, or otherwise, in order to secure tho election of thoroughly reliable friends of prohibition to the next Senate and Assembly; and we also rec ommend that a property pledge be embodied in the Constitution of our alliances for assess ment in order to prosecute all violations of the present laws. A resolution was offered proposing an Inde pendent Temperance party, which elicited a long debate but was rejected. Adjourned sine die. NEW YORK, More of the Ring gwlndleri—Heavy Forgeries—Funereal—The Walworth Cose—miscellaneous News* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune , New Yobk, Jane 28.—1n the Walworth mur der case to-day, the counsel for tho defense foreshadowed their tactics by declining to ob ject to the jurymen colled, thus throwing the burden of challenging on the prosecution. The committee appointed by tho Donnorumma Association, an Italian organization, are making good progress in their efforts for the protection of the Italian children of both sexes who are now traveling our streets as itinerant musicians. A petition is being circulated, receiving numer ous signatures, asking the Government of the United States for active measures for the sup pression of this most infamous traffic, carried on by vagabonds, who kidnap the children in Italian cities and bring them here to lead lives of wretchedness and crime. The great question with the agitators of the movement is, How is the abuse to be remedied ? It is con ceded that the Government cannot take official cognizance of the evil without materially alter ing tho Immigration laws, and a plan for a new law is now being drawn up by Mr. Monacacie and several other prominent Italian residents of New York. The rooms of the Importers* and Grocers* Board of Trade wore formally opened this after noon. [To the Associated Press,'} New Yobk, June 24.—Warrants for tho arrest of the late ring officials who were recently in dicted have been placed in tho hands of Super intendent ilataell, and they will probably bo served to-day. The trialjof young Walworth for shooting his father commenced in the Court of Oyer and Terminer to-day. Tho court-room was crowded. Tho mother and two younger brother# of the defendant sat near him; also the Bov. Mr. Backhouse, the husband of the sister of Mrs. Walworth, and several other friends. Thomas Caman. Pluneas C. Kingsland, and two others named Hoe and Monahan, have been arrested under the recent ring indictments. They are ready to give bail The indictment against Thomas Coman for bribery is set forth in three counts, charging him with putting in a forged warrant for $55,664.53. knowing it to bo a false warrant, as the work boa not been done, and, in consideration of 5 per cent of the amoant { be certified it. The indictments found against Thomas W. Hoe and Peter Monahan for felony charge them with obtaining signatures to written in struments by means of false pretenses, by plao ing the signature of Mayor A. Oakey Hall to a county warrant for furnishing stationery, Ac., to the office of the Receiver of Taxes. They were each bailed in $5,000. Fhineas C. Kingsland is charged with the for gery of three bills on the Broadway National Bank, one for $12,982, another for $25,663, and the remaining one for $33,063, on Jan. 14,1871. Tho bills purported to be signed by Richard Connolly, Comptroller, and countersigned by A. Oakey Hall, and Joseph B. Young, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The funeral of Ex-Supt. John A, Kennedy took place this afternoon. The Central Method ist Church, in which the funeral services were held, was too small to admit the entire number of those who, by ibeir presence, paid the last tribute of respect to the memory of their de parted friend. There were representatives from the Odd Fellows, Masons, police, ex-police, Mutual Aid, and other organizations, while friends, associates, and acquaintances of Mr. Kennedy and his family were out in large num bers. After services at the church the pro cession marched from Seventh avenue through Fourteenth street to Broadway, down Broadway to Grand street, to the East Hiver, where, having crossed, the remains were convevod to Cypress Hill Cemetery, where the last rites were celebrated by Chaplain Weeks, of the Odd Fellows. A delegation from the Union League Club and the Tammany Society also at tended the funeral. An attempt was made yesterday in Broome street to rob two boys proceeding to the Manu facturers* and Traderr Bank, with a deposit of $950 from Ridley & Son. Two men assaulted and threw pepper on them, but the thieves jumped into a wagon, and flea minus the booty. The funeral of Lewis Tappon was largely at- twt t* tended at Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, to-day. Mr. Beecher officiated. Proviouß to the services at the church, the relatives of the deceased had taken a ioafe look at the remains at hia late residence. At the commencement of his laat illness, Mr. Tappan requested that bis funeral should be as unostentatious and as qnlet as possible, and, in compliance with this request, it was decided that the pall-bearers be dispensed with. Yesterday morning a meeting of the col ored clergymen of Brooklyn was held, at which appropriate resolutions were adopted relative to the death of Mr. Tappan. William Y. Lambert, a enrb-stone broker ar rested recently for having in hia possession a Toledo city bond, has been committed for trial. The suit of the Rockford, Rock Island & St. Louis Railroad against Henry H. Boody, former Treasurer, to recover $311,000, funds alleged to have been misappropriated, was before the Court to-doy on motion of the defendant to vacate attachment and order of arrest. The decision is reserved. Frank Havers traw was so dreadfully beaten, on tho comer of Sixteenth street and First avenue, last night, that ho has since died. There were several assailants, but tho actual murderer is supposed to bo one Larkina, whose where abouts are yet unknown. WEATHER AND WATER. War Department Weather Report. LOCAL. OBSERVATION, Chicago, June 24, 1873. Hour of ob- 2 35 5 Direction and s-5 £ •creation, ;5 2; force Of trind. 2 a $ c:r»3p. m.... 130.02 82107 8. W.. fresh. ....Cloudy. 11:16 a. m....{30,04 87 55jE., gentle. .... Cloudy. 2:00 p. m....|30,06 74 72 N. E., freak. ....Cloudy. 3:53 p. m....130.07 60 ..IN., brisk. .... Foggy. 9:00 p. ta.... 30.G2 65 89 N., fresh Clear. 10:18 p. m [30.12 64 83jN., fresh Clear. Tuesday, June 24—10:18 p. m. -Station. Bar. Tkr\ Wind* Rain Weather , Breckin’rgo 29.80 73) 9. E., fresh. ...Fair. Buffalo.... 30.09 66* N. E.,fre*h. ...Cloudy. Cairo 30.07 83 Calm. ... Fair. Cheyenne... 29.891 63 W., gentle, ...Fair. Chicago.... 30.12 64 N., fresh, ...Clear. Cincinnati . 30.13 75 8., fresh. .65 Thresfng. Cleveland. 30.07, 69 N. E., gentle. 1.98 Fair. Davenport,. 29.69 87! Calm. ...(Clear. Denver 29.881 72 S., gentle. ... (Clear. Detroit 30,03 66 N, gentle.; 1.85 Fair. Duluth 30.09 49 Calm. ..-Foggy. Escanabe... 30.13 62 N., brisk. ...Clear. Ft. Garry.. 29.72 74 9., brisk. ... Threat’ng. Keokuk .... 29.88 84 S. gentle. ...Fair. LaCrosso... 30.11 80 8. E., gentle. ... Fair. Marquette.. 30.20 62 Calm. ...Foggy, Milwaukee.. 30.14 69 N., fresh. ...Fair. Omaha 29.91 83 S. E n fresh, ... Fair. Pembina.... 29.81 69 8. E.. light. .03 Light rain. St. Paul.... 29.90 79 E., gentle. ...Clear. Toledo 30.07 70 8. £., gentle. .09 Cloudy. PROBABILITIES, Washington, Juno 24.—For New England, on Wednesday, gentle and fresh northerly to east erly winds and partly cloudy weather are proba ble, with possibly light rain over the southern gDrtion. For the Miodle States and Lower Lake egion, gentle to freeh and occasional brisk winds, mostly from the north and west, gener ally cloudy weather and rain areas. For the South Atlantic States, gentle and fresh winds, mostly from the southwest and south east, partly cloudy weather and occasional rain areas. For the Upper Lake Region, winds veering easterly and southerly, rising temperature, and partly cloudy weather during Wednesday. For tne Northwest, falling barometer, fresh and brisk easterly and souther ly winds, and probably-increasing cloudiness. For the Gulf States, east of the Mississippi, partly cloudy weather, light to fresh winds. From Tennessee northward over the Ohio Valley, partly cloudy weather and occasional rain areas. STAGE OF WATEB. Daily report of the stage of water, with changes In the twenty four hours ending 3 p. m., June 24, 1873: ABOVE LOW OHAKOES. Cairo 26 ft. 10 in. !... | 8 in. Cincinnati 7 ft. 0 In I 6 in, Davenport 11 ft. 3 in. j 1 in. Fort Sully.. 10 ft. 10 in 9 In. Keokuk 11 ft. 8 in 4 in. Leavenworth 11 ft. 6 In. 1 in Louisville 4 ft. 7ln 1 in. Marietta 3 ft, 0 in. J 2 In. Memphis 22 ft, 6 In, 1 in. Nashville 8 ft. 10 in. 1 ft. 3in •New Orleans 2 ft, 11 in. 3 in. Omaha 14 ft. 5 In. 6 In Pittsburgh.. 2 ft. 6 in Shreveport 27 fl. Bin St, Louis 23 ft. 11 in St. Paul 11 ffc. 4ln 4 in. Vicksburg 34 ft, 6 in 6 In. Yankton (14 ft. 4 in. 2 in. •Below high water mark of 197 L W. 8. Kaufman, Observer, Boom 78 Major Block, Chicago. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. LaSalle, June 24.—This has been the hottest day of tbe season so far, the thermometer stand ing at noon at 100 degrees. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Spbinofield, June 24.—The mercury stood at 104 in the shade to-day at noon. FIRES. Destruction of Property in Various Places, Cincinnati, June 24.—The following is a list of insurance on Dr. Thomas* tobacco warehouse, at Covington, Ky., which was destroyed by fire lost night: Royal, of Liverpool, 85,000; Impe rial, of London, $10,000; Franklin, Philadel phia, $5,000; Clay, of Newport, Ky., 85,000; Enterprise, of Cincinnati, 610,000; (Commercial, of Cincinnati, 85,000; Union, National, and Queen, each 85,000. Reading, Pa., June 24.—A fire broke out early this morning in the main building of Thomas Jackson’s rope-walk, destroying a coal-shed and 200 feet of the rope-walk. The lose is $55,000; insurance, $25,000, in local companies. London, June 24.—The announcement yester day that the Bute docks, at Cardiff, Wales, were burning, was incorrect. The fire was in a build ing adjacent. Detroit, June 24.—The fires in the woods in the north of the State have been extinguished by the recent rains, but several millions of feet of logs are reported as being destroyed. New Yore, June 24.—A Syracuse dispatch an nounces the burning of the old unoccupied State Armory by an incendiary. Loss unknown. Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune. Detboit, June 24.—The total loss by the burning at the Saleebtzrg lumber-mill and salt worts ot C. M. Smith A Co., of Chicago, is now given at $60,000, with an insurance of $30,000, id Chicago companies. The mill will be at once rebuilt. Cincinnati, 0., Jane 24. —Dispatches received from various points from Lake Erie to the Ohio River show storms of rain and wind thin after noon and evening. The manner in which tho telegraph wires have been working indicates that the disturbance has extended over consider able territory. In some places damage to the growing stops is feared. Railroad Ifewii St. Louis, June 24, —Through trains to Han nibal, Mo., over the Missouri, Kansas A Texas Railroad, commenced running yesterday. Indianapolis, Ind., June 24.—1t is rumored in railroad circles to-day that the Indian apolis, Peru A Chicago Railroad will pass into the hands of the Pittsburgh, Cin cinnati A St. Louis Railroad Company, New Yobk, June 24.—The Illinois Central Railroad has declared a dividend of 5 per cent, payable July 1. The Board of Directors of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company elected the following Directors: Oliver Ames, North Easton, Mass.; Arias Bailey, White Cloud, Kansas ; Frederick Billings, Woodstock, Vt.; E. P. Bishop, Bridge port, Conn.; William H. Coffin, New Yoric; Uriel Crocker, Boston, Mass.; George S. Curtis, Boston, Mass.; W. R. Garrison, New York; Francis B. Hayes. Boston, Mass.; Charles J. Morrill, Boston, Maes.; Andrew Pierce, Jr., New’ York •, Joseph Seligman, New York; Andrew Y. Stout, New York. A Perjurer Punished* Providence, June 24.—Joseph Perry, of New York, who pleaded guilty to perjury in the Jumel estate case, was sentenced to four years in the State Prison, and fined $lO, Obituary* New Yobk, June 24.—Stacy B. Collins, for merly a prominent book-seller, died on Monday, agod 83. NUMBER 310. WASHINGTON. The National Banks Called Upon for Their Condition, June 15. Interesting Excerpts from the Monthly Agricultural Report. The Cotton, Wheat, and Corn Crops. Special Dievatch to The Chicago Tribune* THE VIENNA COaOCSSIONEHS. Washington, Jnn© 24.—The American Com missioners to the Vienna Exposition, who were suspended by Secretary Fish, are determined that the matter shall not end for the present with the State Department. They assert that gross injustice has been done them, and that they have had no opportunity to vindicate them selves. It is probable they will make common cause, and, under the management of Gen. Van Boren, Chief Commissioner, they will znako a raid upon Secretary Pish in Congress. The lat ter will come before that body in the form of & resolution calling upon the President for all tho correspondence on the subject in the possession of tho Government, together with tho facta and circumstances, connected with the case. Van Boron’s friends allege that this corre spondence, if mado public, will show that the removal' of the Commissioners was the result of a plot on the part of Fisk and Jonn Jay, Minister at Vienna, to get rid of Van Boren, and that there is no evidence, other than the mere assertion of Jay, to prove that there is any truth in tho charges preferred. Tho whole trouble Is said to have grown out of an old personal quarrel between Jay and Van Boren, before the former was appointed Minister to Austria. Van Boren appears to have many warm friends among the New York, New Jersey, and New England Congressmen, and the controversy promises to be bitter, if not interesting. It is likclv to re sult in the publication of the official correspond ence, so that the people will be able to j'udge for themselves. SPANISH EMANCIPATION. Nearly a year ago the Secretary of State re ceived a cfispatch from Minister Sickles an nouncing that the then King of Spain, Amadeus, bad signed regulations enforcing the emancipa tion m Cuba and Porto Rico. It was sup posed that this was done in deference to the repeated and argent request of oar Govern ment for reform in this direction. Hitherto the Spanish Government has failed to cany oat its promises, and Secretary Fish is beginning to despair of any practical results in Cuba from the emancipation act. It has been discovered that before the time when it was supposed the Emancipation edict would take effect, nearly all the slaves in Porto Rico were sent to Cuba and sold- The feeling between the United States and Cuba is not of the most friendly character, and it is stat ed that within a short time a sharp correspon dence has passed, wherein Secretary Fish took occasion to call the attention of the Spanish authorities to tbe fact that, after tbe lapse of a year, they have failed to do what they promised, and that the patienco of the people and the Government of the United States is nearly exhausted. The reply of Spain ► la awaited with much interest. THE COLFAX BOND BOBBEBT. A thoroughly reliable gentleman of this city, who professes to be acquainted with all the de tails of the Colfax bond robbery of last winter, asserted publicly to-day that he had a complete description of &Q tbe securities, the number cf the bonds and their amounts. Ac., taken from the late Vice-President’s trunk, and that they amounted to nearly SIOO,OOO. He farther states that the securities had been recovered, and all but SIO,OOO of them were returned to Colfax. MONEY-OBDEB OFFICES. Of the 203 new money-order offices that are tc be established as such by tbe Post-Office Department on the 7th of July, seven will be In Ohio, eight in Indiana, thirty-three in Illinois, ten in Missouri, twenty two in Michigan, eleven in Wisconsin, and six teen in lowa. This will increase the total num ber of money-order post-offices to 3,0(30, being slightly less than the aggregate increase last year. [To the Associated Press, J NATIONAL BANKS. Washington, June 24. —The Comptroller of the Currency has called for a statement of the con dition of the National Banka at the close of busi ness on Friday, June 15. THE BEVENUE, Five hundred and ninety-eight gaugers' bills for May, under the new schedule of fee?, show average earnings of $£.93 per day, the gaugers in the cities earning generally £6 per day. In the rural districts, traveling expenses were paid in addition. There are usually about 709 bills each mouth, or that many gaugers employed. The following gaugers were appointed to-day: William S. Robinson. Fifth Ohio District; An toine Danange, Eighth Illinois District. AGRICULTURAL REPORT, The official report of the Agricultural Bureau on the wheat crop shows a large increase ol acreage over last year, with good prospects fox more than the average yield per acre. BANK DIVIDEND. The Comptroller of the Currency has declared a dividend of 40 per cent in favor of the credit ors of the Atlantic National Bank, New York, payable July 1: also, a second dividend to the creditors of the First National Bank of Nevada, Austin, making in all a dividend of 65 per cent. THE CROPS- The official report of the Agricultural Bureau just issued, shows the average increase of cot ton acreage over last year nearly 12 per cent. The present condition of the crop stands as fol lows : Florida, 2 per cent abovo the annual average. All the others fail be low, viz: "Virginia and Alabama, 7 per coni: North Carolina, 15; South Carolina, 12; Georgia and Louisiana, C ; Mississippi and Ar kansas, 8 ; Texas, 14 ; and Tennessee, 10. The acreage cultivated will fall considerably below that planted. The weather generally during the last week in May was favorable, and there was a hopeful prospect that the condition of the crop would rapidly improve, The worms and "cater pillars have made an early appearance at various points, and are causing considerable apprehen sion of destructive voyages. No estimate of the crop is made. The statistical returns of corn completed to June 1 do not include the area and condition, for the reason that it is too early, but the foot-notes of the correspondence show that the planting of com in most Sections of the country has been much retarded by the excessively wet and cold weather, and that the pests which usually thrive in such weather, the cut-worms, have commenced extensive operations, and threaten to greatly damage the crop. FUZE DELITEBT. The Postmaster-Gen eral to-day issued an order for the establishment of the free delivery system at Dubuque, la., with three carriers, ser vice to begin July 1. MONTANA WAB CLAIMS. In the matter of the misunderstanding which has arisen relative to the Montana Indian war claims, it is stated by the Acting Second Comptroller that, after the investigation bad and the explanation made, be is satisfied that Butterfiela is entirely innocent of any wrong intention or wrong-doing in the premises, but that it resulted from a combination of ad verse circumstances, and was purely-, accidental. Severe Storms* Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune, Zanesville, 0., June 24.—A heavy rain storm, accompanied by severe lightning, passed over our city this evening. The residences of Charles Depow, A- W. Train, Geo. L, Shinaack, and others were more or less damaged. Several chimneys were blown off. The streets were flooded with water, and for a time the lightning flashed almost incessantly. Several rumors are afloat as to damage done in the country, but as yet nothing reliable has been received. Cincinnati, June 24.— A special from Spring field, 0., says that during the storm there at 1 o’clock last night, lightning struck tho spire of the English Lutheran Church and set it on fire. John Powell, foreman, attempted to ascend the interior of the spire, with a hose, when a block of timber fell on his bead, crushing his skull, and killing him instantly.

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