28 Ağustos 1864 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Ağustos 1864 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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€l)iraga SUNDAX, AUGUST £B, IBdt •Han IffceUnc»“Cfn, odn%r« An poSDtmcnt** Gen. Oglfitbj willspeak as follows: Anrrrs,.. August 27 gy«5»o»t: «* woctoodc Augusts- Kockfoni. Sept. a. Fret port.... . ........sJptA Odena...; V .Bcpt;s. Mo : Scpt.6. Dixon.... ... «. 8f»»t 7. . Stating.. •• ...-Scat. 8. Maas meetings wiU be hold at each of the above places, « r * The Lombards 'will be present to sing. ron* soutnrußa.. colpax»s ap ..Foutnsm . ' Plymouth, Indiana Tuesday, 80th— i n,' m. htcdaryvilta Wednesday, Slst—l p.m. ItPßS&alacr cr.Thnrsday, Ist—l p. m. Kent Friday, 3d— l p, m. yonUcdlo.... <v . Saturday, Od—l p. XL i>E*Foribniaxamß bast. The Copperheads arc greatly exercised at the “despotism ll ot‘Mr. Lincoln 1 * course in inviting tbo loyal.people of Louisiana, Ar kansas and Tennessee to form .State govern ments, which they say were designed to cast electoral rrftfcs for him for Prcsideat, Sup pose he had not authorised nuy .such embryo State governments, would not the same par lies have accused him of despotism in gov endue those Slatcsby tbe military arm alone? But he must cither govcm tbem by the mili tary arm or authorise them to assist in gov erning themselves through a State govern -meat. Therefore, according to the Copper faCa's, Mr. Lincoln being placed la adllfimma be re he must either do or not do apartlcn- Isr thing, is n despot if he dors It and a ty rent if ..docs notl. Bo to iorm such a State government he must either writ tilt a/' majority cf the people wire loyal, or allow s less number, not ex ceeding eayone-terth, to inaugurate It Had' •be taken the former course. It would have "been equivalent to preventing all State gov ernment, and ruling them with the military : arm alone, lor a majority of the people of those States .are, or wore, notoriously dis loyal. He look the latter, and'it is de nounced as despotic.- Here,'again, which ever of-lhc two courses he had taken.would have been equally despotic in the eyes of the Coyprrbcntfg.- "flnt-tt to said' tieodght not tV claim that these States. shall vote bn the question of his own' re-election. Xu fact/he has msde no such claim, anti has nothing to uy as to whether those States shall, so vote or not, By proclamation ho hss v stated that the question of recognizing such Slate governments wjs one for Con gress alone, not for him, to decide. election from those States; hlne tenths of the voters of those Slates would vole the Ducorratio ticket if at home, for they ate rebels out and ont Here again, therefore, we do not' see bnt Mr. Lincoln would have been equally open id tbe. charge of despot ism whether he had permitted these Demo cratic States to vote or prevented them from voting. But it may be aald he Imposes catbs on them which prevent Democrats from voUig. Dls Oatiß'are such as any bnt one who has bten or intends to oe a rebel could take. Here again Air. Lincoln’s despotic tendencies were equally Involuntary, for h*»d he permitted tbo rebels to vote they would outvote the Unionists and he would have been compelled to Ignore tbe result of their votitg, which would be eminently despotic, and sow that he has prevented them from voting be is still more a despot. Hog re mcrkablo that any should still eortlvu to tell the trie of Lincoln's wondrous .despotism! BXTSA OIZif«T S ttITJDL “Exha BUiy* Smith, of. Virginia, la alive and well, at Chicago, —a veritable delegate at large from Dixie to the Chicago • Couven • tios. , The skeptical Thomases of Chicago / have 44 thixifcl lheir hands infco r hls had pat their fingers into the priri»s of his nails,” which being interpreted, siguifictb that they have slapped him enthe bock and shared with him the genial cocktail/and like the apostles of old, they have believed In his presence if not in his mlaslon. He comes as a reinforcement to the Peace Men,that device, like Stonewall Jackson b: axing down from* the Valley ot the Shenandoah,* and, alas, on'the same er rand—to defeat ‘ little Mac.” Again the Hero oi the Cnickahotnlny has met the reh elsj and—heis theirs; for now'that the reb els ate msestag fr.eh men on hlsweakpolnt, . who does not know that if “extra. Billy” Is not chough, Howell'Cobb, Stephens, Davis, or everß. E. Lee himself will arrive and the ■ “great defeated” must qnaiL 'Extra Billy says that Little- Mac must hot be nominated—that the Booth demand an. oat and oat pstce roan—untainted by participation in the war, ' and that if such an one be nominated the .. States ot Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida will, upon the announcement of ' Lis nomination, officially declare through & convention their Intention to return to the Union in case he shall ho elected, and npon his diction they will revoke thetr ordinances ■ of secession and of union with the Confede racy, and will pass an ordinance ot reunion with the United States. This Is ell very sweet and taking. How much Is it really worth? *• Extra Billy” Is a very goad re presentative cf the Peace party of theSonth. That he and -a fe w others at tae Sooth might,, desire that such a plan of reunion should succeed we may believe. Bat th# Peace men i of the South have heretofore had little, ■ if any, real power. What ’ are, ’ Extra BQly’s credentials ‘from tae States in question? "What security can he given for the performance of his pledge? .His party la‘not tn the ascendency in either of the States in question. How cm be' be responsible, for themanneriu .which Conventions in'the States mentioned, would votel The promise which he mikes must he performed, if at all, by that class who have been Rebels from the start Da they authorize such a proposition ? If the rebels will agree to return to the Union in case a'peace man shall be nominated, they ” wifi have ho difficulty in finding a peace man. The terms Include all we'bavc been - fighting for, and tbi-y might as safely nomi nate Mr. Lincoln as Vallaudlgham. on those terms. Bntalas, Wehave as ytt many reasons ' to believe the rebels would not, and none to believe <bat they would, offer any such terms, • We ■ believe Jeff Davis would tell those who proposed thus to eeecdo from the -Confederacy, as he told NoithCarolina, that though they had, Urn nadcnlanlo right to se cede, yet that the momc-.t they Joined the Union,; they . became enemies of the Confederacy, and though he could not con stitutionally' coerce them, he chonld march leto and subdue them to the extent of bis power, as he would any other power which shculd-dtdare war against the Confederacy. * Sectarian Is toomuchof a sham to be tried on more than once with effect. ; Still wc would he glad to believe there is some truth and * authority In the story of “Extra Billy” Smith, and that'he is a mau of toojmuch ’ "character to be the intentional agent, of a potty political swindle The dispatch by telegraph that'an stml from the authorities of Georgia to Washing* ' ten (It-true) might give additional serious c- seta tO;Hr.SmlthV mission., ' TBB' Probably there -win notbelniheupproach ving Chicago Convention throe men, all told, -to whom the rebels did not look for aid and _ moral -endorsement when they inaugurated ; the present lebtliion.^ Their hope was lound od on the principles and past policies and pledges of the Democratic party. It is equal* ly probable that there are not three among ; them til who have not, instead of fulfilling 'this hope, betrayed it, by pledging themselves ’ to a vigorous prosecution of ihe war till the • -.last armed rebel should ho eabdaed,and by wearing Mr.Llncoln, from the stamp and . ... ; through the press, that they would cordially, and firmly support and sustain the war to a 1 triumphant conclusion. By the blessing of God, this war, now In Its third year, has pro * greased more rapidly and brilliantly and suc cessfully toward the ehdjbrigioally proposed - ’...thanany > waf'liuhlstoiy'involving so ’ ~ .efforts and bn solaige’a scale. At. the out. _ set It needed but that these men. and their- fellows sbqnid have'kept their previous* * South,.to have* "-- '.averted the war altogether, and to have se cured peaceable secession; and now it needs ... but thatthey sbsll keep their pledges to the. ' GovemmehVlosccaroaflrnilyre-established _ Union. The stability and wisdom which. . , guide their.political career.are illustrated by' KJr. the resdinesa with which . they justified the South In rebelling, Wore 'she had attempted IMn.theheartiness with‘which they called for cberdoii'ae scon as sho had followed their advice, and in .tbs consistent, effohs ,v .*ince oaf e to prevent the s coercion'they, at vfiret demanded. ’ ■ ; ■ ' ; • < , r .. r They.now propose immedktopeiee though l * knowing it cannot "be h»d without dissolving the Union,-and-*et claim to'advocate the Union also, though knowing they lean not .maintain It without -war. They win oppose tbs draft and place In nomloatJpd. hTm who' to recommend It, , They wIU de ■* s,ji 'claie that the subjugation of-the South' •- 7 > (whlehtbeyoncedeman^edyWasneverpoMl :**r . hie,-and will condemn Lincoln because that '/whichwis Inltself Impossible he hu failed * to .*They will atiribute ilr.’ ‘' Lincoln’s fsllOTci6‘ the seltcUon of Incompe tent men and the adoption oifnadeqtiate' measure*, yet will nominate for President him with whom Lincoln failed, upon the conservative platform which Lincoln site two jc«n trillaucuiloi. It the pUtform ehell be for war. If the Union cannot otter v,lao be preserved, it will endorse the main policy of Llncoln’a Admlniatratlon and commit its candidate to bis came. If the platform sbsll be for disunion, if peace cm not otter-lie bo obtained, it will endorse aabsts&tiallf the rebellion and Jed: Davis. If it gives forth no certain sound on cither of these vital pdlnts.'bnt asks the people to vote for one whose peace claims arise only ont of bis defeats fa batlle, and whoso laurels as a warrior rest on the brows of his enemies, then for the first time ehail we be able to perceive the Quixotic enterprise of Lincoln, ■and the Rosinantish .character of thgßopnh. Mean party in the hnmUiatleg.fact that both are cntcrlrg upon a political campaign against artidmtH, In whichdefcatts absurd and victory scarcely less rldicnloua :' ‘ Cgr Dick Richardson commenced his ha raegne In Brjan nail with this ehtmefullj lyiig declaration: “ Wneawo committed “this country to the administration of Mr. “ Lincoln, it was the greatest and most prea -‘-‘peious country on.the face cf the globe/-’ . ’Whether drank or 60ber,’the old dema gogue knew that lie uttered a palpable false hcoj. .‘“When this country'was committed to tbo administration of Ur. Lincoln” it was rent in twain’by the party to which the speaker belongs. • • - . When Mr. Lincoln was inaugurated he oued two governments in .full blast: .Bu chanan at the head of one and Davis at the brad of thu other. He found two constitu tions in force, tbcPederal and Confederate. He found eight States folly seceded, three more almost out, and two more preparing to follow the eleven elopers. He found halt the territory of tho United States in the hands of the Confederates, with their Capital cstab; lished at Montgomery. ; He found tab-insurgent Government busy organiairg an army and :a navy, building forts, drilling troops and collecting taxes. Be found the armories and arsenal* of the Federal Govorr.inintplnndcred of their con tents,and the treasury robbed of Us last doUir ■ Such was the “prosperous condition of the country 1 ’ when Mr. Lincoln took the oath of office. The democratic party had'scuttled and plundered the ship of State. The Union 'was dissolved as far as it , was In . tbo ... power .of that party to dissolve it'bcfore 'Mr, Lincoln be come President. ? When ho entered the White House he found awaiting him three plenopo tcut&rlea from Jell, Davis to negotiate a cbm mcrclaltreaty in bcbalt of the “Southern Confcoeracy I" They did not deign to ask for recognition of rebel Independence, They considered that already settled. Such was the Uticu work of this “glorious democrat-1 lc” party,*, and now tbo leadens of the north ern wing ask lo be restored to power la order that they may complete their scheme of disunion by establishing a North Western: Confederacy on the ruins of the old Union. Who Oomme&ced Uie War, [From the OmanoaU Enquirer, April IS, leCl,} ■ The Southern army commenced the attack' .upon Fort Sumter, and before any hostile demonstration had been made upon them They broke, the slotaa quo which has a > long prevailed, atdupon them..clearly rests the immediate respontlbUlt} strife which fcos been inauguratedK ihcy are the in firet breaking?Ke peace, and, ,V»ai receive the indignant, conderanatiou of every patriot The onus of&ult they cenoot shake c-ff * * If war and bloodshed rage throughout the land, our sympathies will be with the stars and stripes. nai« &’ecUng : at Syc&morc. The people ot De Kutb couutyare to have a gn&d mate meeting at Sjcamorc to dij (Monday) the 291b. • Major-General Orieaby,' -Union candidate for Governor, and William Bros?, candidate lor Lieutenant Governor, 1 with other eminent speakers, will be present to flderccE the meeting. The Lombards will (•leg, and a capital time may be confidently .expected. '‘V ” ; Qaexlt*. If Dan Voorheea Is a mac of peace, what docs he want of r twenty thousand rifles ? 1 If Mr. Dodd, of Ineianapolls, a delegate to the Chicago ‘Convention, laVmau of peace, what docs he went of thirty thousand re volvers?- _ , j is *a specimen of Rlchirdaon’a Brj an Hall- speech: “-Mr * Lincoln has had * wilder his command, for the sake of restor ** ingihe Uhlon/3,500,000 men, and of these * “500,CG0 sleep In their graves, 500,000 are dis “ abled, and a million more are destroyed and “lost; I .’-Here axe two millions of men “de stroyed and lost,” according to the veracious Senator! The records show that not to.ex ceed 200,000 sleep in their graves; of disabled the number dofs not exceed 150,009. Agrcat majority of those wounded are not perma nently disabled. Most of the sick get wolL Richardson states the loss sustained by the Union side In killed, disabled and “ destroy-' ed” at two millions, when in point of fact the number Is lees than one fifth of what he asserts. But his whole harangue was made np of exaggerations and lies equally will and - reckless. He paid not tbo slightest regard to truth or probability. -This “ tear horse of Democracy” rode rough shod over fact, de cency. and patriotism, sloshing at them right audlclt, end discharging at them volleys of dirt and falsehood. He is a pretty specimen for a &viofcr, truly. y3?TenifiDdo Wood. in hlsPayton speech, said In the presence of Vultondlgham, and relative to the South: “Her people cannot be conquered, no nutter bow wise your ctatc«mcn, bow akUifnl yonr generals. -Tee thing Lincoln has attempted cannot be dime. No change of policy, no military strategy. no wue Btatcemanriup, can give yon tuc ce*s.ir This of course acquits Lincoln of alt charges of Incompetencyor want oi states* mansbip. If he has failed In accomplishing an Impossibility, all others, would have failed equally. Bat the truth is wnat these Copperheads claim to. regard as impossible will prevent Us entire accomplishment. The Democrats cannot urge that Lincoln ever in the wtfr policy, for nine-tenth's of ‘tbtm were,. on the bombard ment of Sumter m lU'favor, , including Fernando Wood, who then In public ad dresses pledged to -Lincoln “the lost dollar end (be lost man 1 * ior the suppression of the rebellion. XST U , Wo repeat a former solemn asseveration Tub Dzxccuact or Chicago vox hats a rozx suction on a tabs nouT."- CUcaffo Times. So will the Republicans of Chicago have a free election orairtc fight. We bellevo all ‘Americans everywhere will assert their right to a free, election or a tree fight, if a free elcc tlCh were endangered or a free fight were necessary to obtain it. Bat who or whit threatens the freedom, of the approaching election? Nothing and nobody. All mea know that there will he a perfectly free elec tion. But, suppose you have n free election, will 3bu abide by It, or will you still insist, 'ns.did jour “Democratic 11 brethren four years ago, on having the free fight also? Touwcnt Into a free election then, and were ‘beaten. .Ton then rebelled in every State which youbsd the power to control. Ton arc now going Into another free election. Will yen abide by it? Or are these advance cries indicative of yonr intention first to yolc, and thou If again outvoted torebri ? OI’.M.McCI.ELIiASi «»> AKBI. TUlUl’AtaCElj re. tetter from Gen* flXedfellan to Gen. Ordvrlnc Uie tmit of the Xboxt land Lrgiataturc* , . [COKFIDEKTIILj ZbcasqeaßTKna Auer or ua Potohac. ) WAnjusioroH, Sept. 13,1831. i MaJ. Gca. N. P. luu, U. 8. a. , General: Aiicrfoll consultation with the Fresidtnt, Secretaries or State, War, &c, it' has been decided to effect too operation pro* josed forlUelTtb. Arrangements hare been made to hare n government Meitner at An* capolls to receive the prisoners and carry tbtm to their destination. Some four or fire uf the chief men in the c flair arc to be amsted to-day. When they meet on the 17th yon will please bare every* Uncgpreparcd to arresttnewholepsrtj, and ho sure that none escape. It Is understood that yon will amuse with Gcr.Dixanti Gor. Seffud ut'. It has beta Intimated tome that the mcct logmlght take place on the lath; please be prepared.’ 1 would be gUd to barc you ad vise me frequently of yoarorrsngements ia record to this very important mat*er. • II it is euccesetnllT carried oat, it. will go far toward brcoklig the back-bone of the re- 4 billion. It will probably bo well to bare a special train quietly prepared to tike the prisoners to Anoapoifc ' _ Heave this exceedingly Importaotaffilr to r ycur tact and dlfcfci ion—tbe absolute neces sity bl.tccrecy and success. "WlUi the higU "est regard, 1 am, my dear General, your sin cere mend. -" ' Qkobob B. MoClbioAk, - 4 ‘ f-llsj. Geo. IT. 8. A. r;6ctht2othof the same month .Qta Me- Clellan'stnl ihs.follo c log dispatch: ; A 2b-36|Gw.ib«l».* HaWyou anymore o( our frlendrto send from .Frederick to Annapolis? , Plea*e an swer atotec. ' I wish to know' on account of ordering offbeat.— . . r. JHii 'Gtn, BlcClellan. .... Commedlngon ibc foregoing, C. Chancoy Bnrr, on InflnentUTKe »Tork “Democratic’. lender ssy aln his “ Oid Guard 1 ' for “Ue.mogWi»gl.y calls the victims'of hlr despotic deeds • “cur fritnds 1” la that a ' record Ibr a man to go before the DamocAcy -with, as a nominee for President, in a cam paign Ter freedom f . If the legislature of a ..sovereign State may be plunged Into a hu tileby rtheFedtral Government, then there is an end to the .syefem established by oar. existence of the Democratic parly u a Brand from the btginnlcg. By the Constltatlon andlawßoftbeSUte of Harvland, that act is punishable with death.” THE M’GLELIAN COMVEHTION “CSIOS COS SERT HIVE ASSOCIATION”— BESBIOS IS BETAS DILL—SPEECQH —BtBCOHBE ORGANIZATION TDEY SUUISATK BcCLELLAN ' - BESOLETIOSS SO VICE PRESIDENT. Kcplyof Hon John ffobtvrorlh to ihc Sophistry of Vallan* (IfH hnm-Triaiuphant ft*x posni'c of Copperhead ‘Disunion Pcnco fallaeleM, FABTIAX Hit OP BELEGATfB TO THE CUSVENIIOL Ojß MONDAY. The.acdeot and honorah’c fraternity of sore heads aud fotine, me vitreous formations thft bare maintained tbe even tenor of Lboir fray, uu dhmavod by the wreck ol matter and the crash of worlds going on everywhere around them—the anttqcaicd, old-faehlonvd Union Conservative Ns. Dotal Convention, assembled at JJrjan Bah nboat noon, on Saturday, In obedience to the following call * - - . co«i*TAmrz XATiosit. osrvssrioß •• TLe Ui lot couervatvc h'aiic-kt Coaventnn »tn lybtlr.mtbeCiiTOt l!Mc%to, LM.oa SxnSaS? tha VfsfflsKffrsysja? Aiianmaot Ui«liDit'''ih 4 a»a«b3bo «».. pu.moom KCntll] ot.l*MoS*im.o|S”si?. I,™ 1 ,™ to .Mux. trect’etionot . no. Aoml:lAritui !!? wil.u.HDlioUi«OjTo,Bmti« umU MMirjftim fiT.nc:.!rnm,um ptTiietostocnrcai^rnnoßalHh 1 nil.., n-o m.ntd to .n.oo, M msfSwu"?“» MS: BuS^ f PrtUcinia6d v,c ® tbo osited tb«Oosia!t!eoaad memberjoftiiA Saticatl'ceavcctics. #WOIIM tshsod] ■ A fi. fiT.WIS« before wl.thln n year have the loatlam o this iFovemeat held mecdogs-rooe at Ciaclnoatf Dtc-JV:fcC3,aad the other at v Pbdadeloh!a. Feb AteachoftbewmeetlnKaanexprwdlon was carried -favorable to Ue -great man and «m. ncLlly toccMsicl told:er. George B. McClellan, for l*vi^lT or - Cdnpacl1 ’ FnUy three hurdred nf these iolemn-Tiaaced Rcntlanen etscmblcd at Bryan Hall at the aoDoiu’- cd bout. The faces of each exhibited aaannsar enccol alhoroofiii apbfcoUuoa of (heimoomafTi of ibe boar. They might liave opened their ee«- tloa with pray er, they didrt’L * -■ kotahiss.- s We well-known UghU la the re- MMOS<aml political world la tbo nody ol the the plattontu Amoaztho lat tt‘rwere Amor KendaJij onco Peatinae'cr-Qeaenl or.tbctTUieddute#;anotbc fl«t who troa-h-il upon the Inviolability of tbo pubii: mills, lo ecarch ont incendiary pablitaUoos -Aba'jtlon ThlsmsDagalshcdunhU- ihomve. Then tberewas A,B.-Norton, of Tsim. a Inug grey bearded, cadivcrona looSnc Sondisra laiiKct-; Leslie Coomb?, ©C Kentucky, once a lead lue Union t\ hig poliUclan, who loudly Oclievea tic nn-t-Ue of Uenrv nay dep-nds from bis saoal den: Ex-Go ernor Wm, B, Campbell, ol Tennes see, the man deprived or bis exrcotive chair.when Andy Johnson was made Mi Itary Ooveroor of that rebellions State; Boa. Damllum Pope, Paul B, SLlpman and Senator firmer, ofKentacky. all ol the alive breed log ana h*cro whipping ailatocn cy; B.F. Stevens. J. A.lI immond and Hiram Set ■conm,- all •mall -potatoes .except tbe last* Scott Osrrieon aid Uunr-Jamea of Ohio, AND .lealab Hyndurr, of New Tork. How tbe redoubt able Byodcn happened to gee lota tbit respectable crowd,L amyetcry. Ticrcwcrono prospect- uf a row there, aud be certalcly could not have n teoded to kick up one, IBs miisloo was undoub;- caly to emilntcrXutle HcC the Cooserra ttvcCo&Tcmlnn. and bad the p-mderoas assembly not been of his way of Uilnklui;, oar reporter would not have been answ.raHc for consequences AIIOS KEMUT.T., Amoa Kendall tottered into the Cbslr at tbe ar eolntcd hour, and R. F. Stevens, Secretary of Iho Uou Canreirative Katloosl Convention, raid tbe cill. The Cbalmiaa nud«a platitod-.noss aortol a speech, Tie main purxort or wa’.cb wa«. tnat this Couvtunon me, in all'rcepecta, a Union conven- Uttu, and Independent of party dictation. B.; pro poi-cd tint tbey t-bould «et »be;r new as a flint to tberccoc-iructloQot tbe Union noon the basts ol ar amf-ndcu ConttUuuoo, and give up all other par>3 lesacs. COXHXTSEC OK OROAKIZATIOK. H. K. Horton, of ilassschn-ctif, tooted tho ap pointment ut a Committee on Organ nation, Tela motion prevailed ntm eat, The Chairman read out from a list that had been written oat previous to tbc assembling of the Convention, the mllotrlmr names: n.E.norioa, oi MafloachnsiUs; John H.Jame*. of Olno; Hiram Ketcbum, of New Tor It; John T ; ... Slew 2 rt r3* o 1 ll lDo13 : E. Hutchinson, of sllssoari: John Sr Taiwan of Kentucky: C •Mvndcth of crilfonin; Edward Chnrch of tf ew Jiney: E. Be .Mortimer of MmncsoU r K. B' J*ay ofTcxtr; J.B.ColerovcofMlss a-i, and J. utvanej.of lows. .T beta appointments bv tbj rresidem were confirmed by tbc convention. coaaiirras ohux*olutio:oi. linilla amen!—A, B. Norton q( Texas—the longhaired one—thou movco too appointment of . a Committee on Resolutions. Tms motion or:» vailtd also, whereupon. the President appointed the folio aiug: , %. Gen. A.B, Norton of Tents; P, W. Brenanof • Tennessee; Paul R. shlpid*a of Kwnchy D. H.TurLey of Illinois; J. p. Fulrroth or NewTork: 3. £. Iteed of Wisconsin; H. W. Uobltisoa ol Ms«- Mchnvetis; .William Smith of Ohio; Alfred of New Jencv; A, 7. Harrison of Indiana; D JD. dobnaoft.aiirorsu; J, If, .Cidgroveol iHsroorl; ■ £ Bo -Mortimer of Minnesota: E. P, Host of North Carolina; C. D. Eaton of Worlds; b. T. S*ce of Georgia; M J, Koontz of Pennsylvania, cud Stanley O. Wright, of —:—. «*“•»«•»»» There eppelmmedta were teuaflrmcd by 'the convention. . ,-t J. A. Hammond moved that* the rules of the House ot ficprencntatlvM be adopted an the mica (or the guidance of this body in ita deliberation*. Thl* motion recalled one vote and was declared tarried. EiMABKS or OON. Z£SLTE COOXC9, O T KSXTOOKX. 3be preliminary bariLcss of the Convention tboffbciCK BOllsfaclorilr drapotod of, there was a load call forJAtile Cooalm. of Kentucky. Bowloir and suullnc, this dlsuncnfrhod loratl appeared be fore the Convention. lie Said he could not enetk at this time, as he was to apeak at length to the people on another occasion. A very little salt, be safe, was necessity to dire bacon, and he verity believed that this little convention was the sale of the Nation. Ifsavec atal', It would be throsgb their ptmvctfnc cflbrra aon their lofty patriotism. At one time he had thought that he would be will ing to let Marsacimsfct'a and Soa.h Carolina go,— the one to A’rlci and the other to the devil; bat on consideration he bad corc<adcd that he tad a little hrerest in both, and be would be dsmned If he would not have them both. BEafAUKS or JCDQB CIMFaBLL. Judge Campbell, of Tennessee, was called for and came upon the platform. So said he was . here tram Tennessee, the most abased, outraged, and down-trodden portion of the country. Tae Slate was groaning under’he moat terrible mili tary' desjtttism, more erne] than had over heloro distinguished any nation or people, lie : said be had stood against rebellion from the bo plimtng, end bcetoodveoeUli. Yet ho conic! not avoid tympalhirlnu with the terrible persecutions of these people. The people of the South had been trodden npon liko - worms, and It was nat strange that they tamed against their porsenttors. Blood enough bss been entiled In this cruel war. In the n»me of God, let thin blood letting cease. Let ns offer them terms of peace, and let this w-r stop just now and hero. He said the people or the Sontbare willing to come baeka&n iato the Ua ©unprovided they coold be restored to the r 010 time condition. Ills own boose was caanmd by niggers with arms fn their hands, while wUUe men were not allowed,to nave a gnu or an ounce uf ammunition. Females were altogether nupro'cct ed, andvirtno waaattbe mercy of losland oppor tnnlty. The people of thoSoaih will never sabmlt ; to the policy of tne present administration so long as grass prows or water rans. 110 said what' •he knew was God’s truth. Young men were con ttnnonriy leaving the South sad enlfrtio > In the rebel aimy.sni they were righting wlcn a decree of desperation unknown in history. This policy wh ct west tinging widespread rain and uesola. tlonlnits tram moat ce.tse. The'cmAjcatlon aad negro Jpohey most bo abandoned. There mast he an universal amnesty proclaimed, and' leidt rs and nwrie Will come back. Until ibis was done they woi’d cot lay down their armsanlceocc taclr rcorilioa. , RCMARKS OP GC2T. A. C WOKTOg, OT TEXAS. Pen Nortcn, the lorn: haired one, wag loudly cal;j for. lie presented himself, but said ho should make no tj:«i ch on that occasion. Nercr- Uiuie?a ho wa* ei*H«tod heart and soul In this movetnet-t, and beloved that the country could only he saved by c gnu-rai upiiein? of the people. They would Uo this with a leader la favor of t:e rights cf the States;and a soldier who had proved bla fidelity to the Constitution. Do was as certain of the vnccesa of the Demoerstlc Partr as be was that the idea of November would come arotmrt. Tto nmes were t-rrihle but ihc clouda aco the dmuesa would soon be I fteo. rmd the glorious enn ol Democracy would speedily shine forth in ucdlmlnlshad brilliancy ai>d h.anty. Tic man ct th« choice or the Convention that will assemble cn Moadaj.wil ha the next President of tbe Onltcd B;aw—Abraham Africa nus, and all the Abolitionists this aide ot belt to the coutran, rndwithitandliu. WUu tula elegant sentiment. thcloopdialred one concluded. ’ • Tto CouTCbllou then adjourned until half-pist twop.ta. . ; ** AFTEItNOON SESSION. The attendance w.i» iX'Teared hr the aeceaMnn of the dldinsciehed Wabash C, Oomj and Vir tloia YlcCouaa. with oihcr extra notables too tetfocs to mention. ' The Secretary ashed the meeting to favor him wltbtho list oi. committees; it had b.*en stoics derive the vacation, aud unless u con'd ha re stored, their morning sew lon was a bootless one ‘ He looked longingly era the reporters, .hot they antwered not a word. It was suggested by a wag that ench things ate liable tobeetd«a<ooie»2loi«. The Convenuon was called to order at half-put two o'clock. TbeCommlUoeonOrKanUiiian sab muted their report; tbe tallowing eent'emon the nominees lor office tn tbe Convention: _ iYerfden#—Hen. Amos KeadaU, of Datrict of Colombia, ♦ -Firsiy«idriJf/-HoD. n. J. Gardner. Mass.* Hon. John T. Stewart. III.; 800. John B. BaiUn! New York; Prof. W. it Wedcewood.lL f.j T Vv ' Maizes. N. J.; Horace Kctcbum, Jr., Hon. W. j. Fiesjr. Ohio; John Q. Shsnkiin, K»q M Ind ; Hon. B. B. Morris. Chicago; Col. John □ James. Ohio * Ges.T.lkPrice, Uo.z.Otn. Leslie Combs, Ky : Hon W. B, Campbell, Tern.: 800. L. D/Kvao*! Texas: A. PHce,fi«q., Cab: Judge Orton, Wis.; Ben,N. Leverroz. Iowa; Adam Belneman. Pa. Sfcrttarfe*— B,¥. Stereos, John A. Hammond, Jothnalsaacs. ’ The npoi t was cdoplcd. • The Pzeudtntancocticed that tbe occasion was a solemn one, and it would be appropriate that the prrceecinrr beopcr.cdwlihnrajer/ JRev, A. w. Fre»-ican o:3>ml prayer,’ _Tbc Frttiont wnoHi not make a lengthy Speech, but cocM nut resist the impuiee to say a taw words on the pros; nets ot the convention. Be was In some respects a peace maa: first; be was for noire among uumsclvet. ■Ho dld-not come as the advo. cate ofanyperdcularmrm, but is the advocate of peace, first, among aj the*o who oppose the pre*> ent Administration, ard‘*econdly, between the' twosedloasof our dlimctea roatizj. Be thought tbe time was tast approaching worn* the minds ot tbe people North ana South woald Incline to throw aside pardon and prejudice and heed the voice of reason. Tbs Coostltatlon hid been violated North and South. We must come tack to that Constitution. The people ol the present da; were no wiser than the people who penned that Constitution, and probably • could not amend it. They must go lor Union and 'peace on the basis of the Constl’ntion. That was to be attainable by the election of snitabo men. for President and vice President But there arc - some unconditional peace men; he did not think it was wise to agitate that question now, nor would any one oi mose peace men dare toodvosate a sep> trtilon lor the sake of peace. They were for the UpteniLd the Constitution* it was. They would resist to the last extremity the attempt io subtext the lundamental principles on which tno Constltn- Uvn ofthe Statca testa. The Constitution -of the United States knows no such thine as a United States voter, ar<l the Government has no right to step outside of Its bounds to dictate wio shall ex- I erase the right ol suffrage tn the States, It was of nonsetoUlkabout now till the power at Wash ington were displaced, rnd he would counsel all • to unite Ibr that purpose. The admmtsuattonnow nltrg being displaced they would be able ones more to embrace as brotka-s and proclaim r*ire • throughout this distracted conutxr. ne had here tofore said enough to rend him to the Tbrtusas, and he bad sometimes thought ba could better serve bis country by going ifarro. The Committee of which he was a member had agreed to noise on General George B. McClellan (cheering) as the only arallsb'e candidate: the one who woetd bring or der out ot chaos, and oi.ite ail the JarrUg elements tor peace. Ue did not know McClellan, nor did 'many clher members of the Committee, but he and they believed that IT McClellan's plans bad no' been interfered with, the war would have been flu* tt-bea within two fears. It was not Intended at ?i eshingtcn that Mac ebonld take Richmond. . The speaker then tcdohictl in a rather leacthy defense of McClcUan’e conduct while on the Fcnm sntii. Be then askea them if iheir liberties were Inva ded, would they not defend them at the peril of iheir uv£t* Most they bo c'orcrord bv vo‘e3 mao nlhriuredlntlo meltc gesa cl States, where tbo new-fledye 1 vo*o s would not dire to vote for any hocy cse thin thenomlnecof tnepower who gave them their vet*. Tec dawn waa approaching, andjhe counrtllefl them not to defer iho rislnu of tie dsy-atar by talking or acting violence They mutt not ho beaten at the ballot box by votes out of bastard Staten, the offspring of an ape and an Abclli'onbti. The Secretary read the Hit of delegates from tbo qimrent States, embracing;delegate* iron P!o:l --ca, Qrorgla, Texas, (a dozen) Kentucky and Tea nesiec. The Convention seemed very anxious to *ct the ramccol all those in attendance, mat their nn “fries! aticngih might be duly paraded before ths public. IKOLCnuSS. . The committee on resolutions reported asfoj: lows, the different sections being received with applacac, asread: The AdmlnUtrailon, in disregard of the Constitution, baa proc’aimcd its Mhcsioa to a lincoi policy alike destrnctive to tbo liberties of the people, Iho Integrity of the States, and the rights rceemd to them, aedcaienlated notonlv to Impel thei election No th awl ponih to inu*nolaa hie war, bat to tilcg Unindal ruin upon all, and has proven its want ol disposition, and niter isa biliiy.to acmmister tbo UoV'-rnmeac in the solrlt orit*ronndere,and * .WiiEncas, lik iDcuxnbent upon all Nitioail / and all dolegatcs and poUtlcii bodies, to resw-a the wishes ol the people and‘ dcr<tdthdrrb-Ms,aod ■ ' WmaiEAa, Cay asaembied inNa uonal Conventluu fordo*!’ cr 4 t.on, amlaucb action aa mil most tenr to mute tho conferva'D-e c’e. mentalnorpo-Mon to tho ft-tltctioa of Mr Lin. coin, ond the ccr.uvuar.ceof his policy; and Wnmnuia, TKo jeoplu of the whulj coactrr have an tbo old Union and a Joet mterrtt in Bunker HM and Mount Vonion, which they witlneviT»-armulcr,Uierufurs. Thctvc wiU maintain the Union and the Comtllutior. . - , JitKlud. Second. That tho only peaceful eolitl lion of exßum; evts Uo> thrunAh the at tram meled escrciac ot onr elective rights at the coming Contention: the disappointment of tbo present Administration and Its policy, and tbe gatrsntea to ail tbo people of tixe States of their constitn- Uccftl rights by the elcetiun of a President noon whose integrity, pntrlotizxn and ability the coon try can safely tdy. Awfred, Third, That tto declaration ofSoath cin haGtrs. and the recent annonuesment of Mr Lincoln, of the only condition upon which thav will respectively listen to terms of poaco are silks impracticable atd dtrofiatoiy to the intelligeoca of ibe Amer.-can ncoplv, raid that In oppaaftlon thereto we are In lavor of the eirUtst peace at- IsJnnhlc on tbe basis of the CoDstllntion and th- Union. BatloJ. Toirth—Thit we conenr la the so tionof the union National Coarentfoo. held at iLCewmdoice Hall lu ihe city of PhUsdelphla on tnc j.3d of December, 13- 3, and relteratioi* the nomination l»y the people of Gen. Qeo. fi. McClcl. Lan, we respoctiolly recommend to the onsid-m. tlou of Iho National Democratic Coavcntion hU name with that of cx-Gov. W.B. Campbell, uf neeacp, as the most suitable persons lor P/e f asdTlce President now bofure the people, heller inu that tbeir triumph and election la certain and will remit iu immediate peace with tberestu-atlon pi tbe uoycrnmcxit, and in case of their nomina tion by that body we pledge the cordial and united support of tbo conscrvativu men of the coaatrv in tbeir Stale clocterlal ticketo. w 1 *° J?cfc/rfd—iTfib. 'Dial the services of oar sol diers in tbe field, and tho sufferings of those lin ga’feUins in prison can only be compensated fur bv the sympathy of onr people, ami the succesafni and tartv termination, of their mutual ©fforu in an honorable peace, and tbe re-union of. onr Con fcdcTocy without a eiar blotted or- a a trine iromonrnailonalrnslgn. . ; PFCBOU3. - u . _ Mr. napkins, ol New Tort, morad to ammd bv striking cm tbe name of *V\ P. Campbell, of Ten irate. They hrd met at a most import tm „nort They btdall come Ihm diOcretif stale, all or whom had cent them to rapport lorFrealdantthil great General and statesman. Geoipu B. UcOlel. 6n,1ml tbejltaa notthoaplitor a nomlncofor Vico President. He hiloorcd Mr. Campbell, bat did not ttnnt to do any tbio; which would mllllare •rarest success. Do would prefer old flnmcill so ■ lidliy James GulLric. H. wsnted'slso tossy thatwc mu-tbave an honorable peare.notoij wldch would make to tingle with shame the chrcleor himsdlor children. They mnet nnlte on hlcOfcllan. to pot down the moat torrent ad ministration that over dieted. Ho did not want reareat noyprice. Ho wasforapro.ccuaon of the war It too South would not male earn terms ns should be honorable. Tbev must nerer torrut that Lincoln ans a minority rreeldrnt. Ha knew th.t thrte-lotinhv of the defecates to the conyen-' lion of Monoay meet were fer George D. McClel- JSO. ilr. Cnrraa.of Tonnceyce. Fccon'lcd the naola- Uon. /.»« Incudof Campbell, be would roaodl htoooylblnß that wonld tenet 10 duttirn toe Sir aony of the Convcnium on Mondsr next. Thar brd plenty of cceniU-n who would store to tsko every advantages create dirWon io their rants. Snt 55,?!.”? 1 .““"'•’•‘“taco wbo weald offer to Inc South that they ehonld come book into the Vnion, negroes and all, it they wanted to come They were IcjWatlng tor the white mao, not tho negro. A rartlanan of Missouri had a few sa?cefetlons to make; be cordially endorsed tho noble and pat* rioilc resolutions, ami tfhehad had a voice ia t>eir production he would hare taken precl&elr tho same views. But ho would not hare raised a controversy. 8«U1 a they owed much to tbo noble mm ot the Border Btates who bad suffered much, prominent among whom stood W.P Cm-, bell. »-e hoped tho gentleman would withdraw lie motion to amend, and substitute that “we here bync ruinate t\, p, Campbell,or any otherUnlon man whom the Convention of llonday next mar agree to nominate. - - - , Tbe gc&tieman from New York did not think ™v , ?£? p £ I ‘ l,l l n waa , calcolalcd U do road. Did be think so ho would gladly accede to tbs r£ qnert stole Jcotton wae not aimed *t CamjpbdLbal against tbe principle. The enemies of Mc&eiian arero wsminc ibcm to do such a tbiac “a tola and be wished, to cbedcmaio them,, TJujt would be .twj triad on Monday to be able to **£ Ihaitbra ConT«i>tt<m bad. £eut«a to £»£,£££ tentative* or tbe Is real Democratic party. p Hou Janie* Guthrie wasted no honor, nor did hiaSts'euf Kentucky. Bnc they do want a change of Administration, and they would hare It* if he read the sigts ot the times aright, tholr President woo.d be George B. McClellan, and the Conr> ntion of Monday next wual-i not neua their aid to oom> iratn him. The Urm dctermlnstton of a people to assert its rights sttbo ballot-box coaid nut biprc rented Iroia being carried oat. Ue trusted ther was no man who wanted office for hie own sake only for the good ut hie eoontty. * Mr, Gntbne said that as tbe nomination for the office of President had been siren to the Democ ratic, It woe no more than rknt and just. that the nomination for the second office, should be long to the great Coobervative Whig party. Gen. Leslie Coombs said he was an Old Lino Whi?, and stood in the shoes of Henry Clay As a representative of tbe Whig party, ho wished to ray Umi the Whigs war ted no office. TnoyoaJy wanted to saro the country. Mon were nothing * principle# evcijtblnc. His address was later al crccdwllh the nsaol mnoant of protanltv add oD-cnrlly. * Gen. A. B. Norton—tbe long-haired one—as the Cbaiiman of the Committee on Resolutions said, the Committee war- nnaulaioae in tbelrsnpport of tbcrcsolntions. They »11 desire to place m nomi nation Ex-Governor Camptnil, of Tennessee, that they might be able to contrast his high-minded patriotism and portly of character with the record . and character ol Lincoln's miserable satrap and petty tiraot, Andy Johneoa. He said tbit the only object of tnis-couaerraUre morementwas to ' aid the Democratic National Contention, that in any event tbe members of this Convention wonh! tnrimrt their candidate. Mb advised nnlry and harmony. They wonidnomlaate Little Mac. lie raid that in 18iu.be was on ullra Whir, and ho didn't taro n damn who knew It, GorTcampbril hadnottongbt to hare luaname presented to the Convention. - • Ex-Gov. Campbell then withdrew his name as candidate for Vic* President, a step be had loa" been wllitnc to ute If it would promote the "teat object the Convention has in rlew. " Hod. Jolm B. HssWu, ot Now York, wished the Convculoa distinctly to understand that In the motion he bad made, to strike ont the name of Hon William D. Campbell, bo was actuated by uo unfriendly IctUium towards that gentleman The resolution was then modiaed, bo a* to omit ell qkdUou ol candidates for the Vico Presidency They were then adopted as a whole. Hoo..)ohuß. ilosklo, of New York, moved the presentation ot the resolutions as adopted to tho National Conventlm. This crenrolled and the Convention th'.r, with cheers fbr McClellan. Leslie Coombs and Gov. Campbell, adjourned. at the call ol the President. ' « UUI - 'JOHN WENTWORTH ON VaLLANBIGUAM ' The follpwlm; report or the reply ol Hon. John enrwcith to Vollondlgharn, made a: the rather lea la the Comt Home tihue, oa frlaay ereoloe. wa* inadvertently uinuttd irun our report in Sat* unloj’Mftue. On-the rtUruaent of Vallacdiaham from tho steps, ifcecroßO cillcd for “Loa*; Ji-hn,*’ “Wont* vnrtb”—'the iwo names being pyiioatmoja in (’Ul csgu tarourlaaaopmntoo Police Commissioner- Mr. Wentnoith appeared oa the eland, amid mu h cbeerirp, arc tala: BI am pleased with the opportunity which yoor cabnffoidi* me to lay my own vio\rd,uf public noli* cy and public attain bciore you; anK la *o dome I Untt I thall not be deemed an Intruder, fori wosld cot thrnrltnyself beforeyou uor preu or views upon ut; willing caw. 4 It has long been a part of my pdlUital ethics tbattbetrui method of dtacusslns public affairs was lor tbe pres son &-ns to po lugctbtr before tho people. In every public address for th- ia*t yens of my 111* I hard enforced the contcinc-sof this ut dtTstsndn e. 1 tbcrcloroTcqucsciheatlcDion ofaQ. fori am no patty roan lam divined to the partlzan car of no class, no interest, f.o organization: to my country - and to my connirj clone do I owe fealty and render . homage. I (cto that country. It cortorcd a« in my yontb. Übonortd me Limy manhood, and noir wbtnlbavo passed tbe meridian of life I lore to rcipcnrt to any cod to plead in her behalf., {Ap pause.] As we cast oar eyes over the tied and wltncsstbe tears that everywhere nreraU, and the Cancers tbatnow environ tho republic, the hMrt ol tho patriot sinks with doubt and dread. War. with all Ita dread calamities lollowuu* m its train. It convulsing the nation. The artof arms baa suc ceeded Ibeponalta ot peace, and nearly amlUlon of men confront caca other in battle array. -Amid' tbe botrors of war we naturally look and loos for peace.' Theiatbtraand mothers of Chicago, whose sons axe braving tbe hazards of battle and tbe perils of Chaise, I eng for peace. The wires of Illinois, whose husbands hare perished and rue perishing in the terribe string*, tend up their dally prayers for the cessation of the strife. Aly own wish and hope is for peace My regret when the maddened traitors o: sonth Caro lita fired upon tbeKatiunal ensign and forced the Federal aninontylntoa confiict,«asnotmore keen snd polanent than my Joy will be deep and ew< et when ibey lay down .their anas and ems tbe warfare thfy then so wickedly, foolishly and devil ■ iehly leansnraud. This is the peace for which we hope, for which we pray, for which wejfpAf, Tai* struggle Is like every conflict that has ever since time began, snd If ire would hare a tormina, -txonoithet ungglewe must eonqner. Tbe road to victory it tbe road to peace It is to this alter nativetbatwe arc driven—a shameitU rurrtnder. or a certain tzlomphantlaatlng victory, and conse quently peace. ' I bare listened with srevt interest to the elo* 3 cent end well-conridcred remarks of that-neca vily democratic champion who ba«ju» addressed yon irom tbe stand. X hare heard elm bewalMu fetling. toothing terms, the existence and coatin nance of this war.* 1 In terms of In. deration be has isvozn) acamsttbe Federal Ad> mluiitrstlon for tee part it has bad to act in tbe bloody drama. Bat while be was that depriestmg wsrsnd violence,llMeoedin vain for one simile brealb of mnscre, one word of rsproof from his lips, of tbove who fleat madly unchained the ugly dtmon, and Jcr loose tbe storm of deadly bate. Why wan not the vlala of his wrath paired upon tbe brad of the tnlsmocs Beauregard, and tbn • in*ntg» ait gavirnmi-nt at Montgomery, who bttely trained, their cannon upon a dudcl Coating tberatlocal (lag asd-sbea the first blood la this trite rial fight? Kota Federal enn bad been fired, not an act o hosting committed wbuatbe rebel lions chief acting sa. Secretary of War for a rebel government ulqizapoid the 'aulorder. •* Open fire ntfS Fort Snmpter.” Tbna tbo strife be*ao. Hat this denunciator of war, this oeorecator of strife, this mettennor ct peace, in bis speech to nlcht, running through nearly an hour and a half, had not one word of denunciation and reproof-for thocewbo before Godard man are gnluyof its commcn cancel. •Why this omission, why this studied silence on the pan ol Mr. VaUvndlgham? Why are ids in. Tactions directed solely to the General Gov ernment wblcb when . a<vailed only ihrn attacked} Dors Ur. Va.Jsndlcbamwlsh 10be on dcrstoOd that the act of tns traitors In epeslnff’the stile ss not woitby of censure, while the set of the Government in opposing fbrea ta force is entitled to »a boor's temperate denunciation f | v - - .Idrawnonncbstlt&iic xaferenccsmysslf. lar- TBifnnotthopur.ty orhoßestyofhWmottvee, bat 1 submit that these things are wortfavof remem. brancr. if yoo,my'tncnd, areqaleUymirchlog alonsMbe street, and are brutally assaulted and fight back as becomes a msxu would ton not say to the mm who denounce you lor striking hick, bat bad no wordaof ceuenrefor yonrasaal-ant—would : jon not say to him, lack “ that hewa yonr ene* ?y®bdwca*d bare tossed op his bat at your de feat. Nor would the inference bo nojntt. My P<*ce iritnds, if iho Bepabltcanaaboaldastall junr authoring here tonight «n& fire on your ossoin hlace, would yon be responsible for the fight that noolo'eosac, and bow wonld yon obtain peace T bjMacailng the sqoaro or enforcing respect for Bat Mr. Va'lsodlsham tcllaus to accept peace, to stop fighting, and negotiate for a reronstraction. oDVwewautno “roconatruction.** The old con ttroctlot—the Union as It was and tbo Constltn tion as it Is—the construction of Washington, Jef fcooti and Madison—is n’t we desire* under that government we lived and prospered and ware hap-, py. Under It the West crew ap. ezpaodsd, peo pled with millions of men, aud under It Caicsgo rose to be tbo pr.de of the SorlUwut and glory of the continent: and when a man tilts to a*c about reconstruction, or praleaofanev Umoa, I mark him as an enemy ofsny couutrj and the robber uf my children. Toe o:d union, with Its elorious memories. Its unfulfilled.‘ hopes, its history tlsstn- neon every patre with words and d/edfl of deal bless glory al bind mo to toe old union and csu*e cm to abbor Iho name of recon struction. I would soy to ibe gentleman from Ohio and those who think wl»h him “In GoTs name say no more about leconairactlon.’’ fiat slaking every other consideration, forgetting all otbtr motives ’moved by no oti»eplaipnlse,l« jour real, your efforts, and jonr energies all be ; d.rrcted to the maintenance of the old cnn-tUn lion. That Is hallowed ly tbo memory of Wash- the motions history of ear revolatknary ►txnppie aco dearer by far fs it to tw and oar chil dren than any new-fancied combination that can be batched by ssy convention. It Is rarely that soy Goon corse* out of a convention, and the pro* IHueu convention of the Etatcs both rebel and loy .1 is ibe moat onprombtos ol the entire brow. If we warn pence then let us conquer. IftbeSoaib watt peace let Item lay down their arms uud erase war. Then will I be willing to ocal with ibcmjc-tiy and guncrondv. Then will 1 try tc f«ri,ct the rivers of Northern blood they have shed in tbeir nubuly stmaglc for shverr. Then wilt I try tu forget the tbousnsds they bare slain, the homes of the bervoved, the hopes they have crash eo, and the ceana they have broken. Bat white an arm uieiO* a tabre. while the Oourtltationis de fied am toe laws I-limbed to scorn, I will upbod il:c Mjilm-lty whoso solemnnath was that tb-r Con* ftiiu'teD should be nrurtrvod and tfaolaws main taktd. But Vellacdlsbam told yon that the Government could neverba hclu together by coercive (ored. that power farongbtto apply upon the unrnlyconld never reduce them to obedience* Was tnera ever * greater heresy uttered by tbo mmb of man. No coerdonl ‘ gentle men, the coercive power of Government latte i-nly safety and salvation of society. No Government, no community can exist an boar without it. It was the weakness of the articles of the old confederation that they coofered.no coer cive power, and the statesmen ol that day saw the pressing necessity oftbo new Constitution. Take to.day from municipal and governmental organiza tion the power-of coercion and society goes at once into anarchy,, aud chaos. The weak wonld become. .the modern prey of the strong, acd might would indeed become nebt, I bare been . told “ that there arc tlose who woaW disturb the qafet of the gath ering in this city. We, the authorities of the city, coerce them Into respect for taw. Sorely you should tot denounce coercion. That gloriooa old war horse of Democracy, General Jackson, from wfaote bps * inhaled the pare inspi ration or Democracy, and at whose feet 1 rtcJvod ' the drat lestoo* ! of political and cr.vsnnntntal duty was gloriously free Irani this modern heresy. Bh> celebrated procla mation against tbonuiliflers, in which “ coercion** gleamed acd glb-lcned-ln every line, will give him a name ahd an immortality in history, when the mallencra and • denunciators of his oolicy shall havemen forgotten. I therefore stand for General Jackeonontt sgalt-stYaUaadighan WiPyonstind fir Vailandig’aain an j araiuot General Jaoknoa? fiat 1 will nut pre«« the matter iarther. The at tectum yon have given me fills mu with cratltnd?, acd leads me to hope that :bc canvas will not be muked bv such oigotry at-d intolerance ss ueasily attend political campafgrs. Our interests arcone our bulges ' are identical. Let ns there fre meet . and dfrccss this matter, in u spirit 'of ftattrati Iqvh, god good will How from the interchange of opinion, and together we will reap the rlca harvest ot wealth aud glory that awaits car country. Ai the chil dren of ncommon destiny the pathway cfonr pro gress should to marked by no sbamelal blcxer irgs, no ianlcgs. no discord. Differ we m iy— difi'erwo mint But the difference may ne honest, and the n*soeUtion(not unfriendly, nut arm in *rm t -two by two, Jet w< pa»h on m the nee or civ- Itmiionaud prosresa. and reach the summit ot greatness ana clorj a proud example of a free, enbgbtcuvd, «»nd tolerant people, woo lovo Unlun, Liticr'y, and Law; y bo, when tbslc ctiunuy was asrailcd. defended it, and when treason reared Be bloody banner, beu it beck, and banded down to posterity the rich legacy ot their fathers.. BCLCGITfiH. Tbo following la a partial lUt o! delegilos and nl.craal w to ibe CoDVr-uiion: OAtirosH ▲. Dol.gv.cs PlrU.tr. Welbrrrii. ■\\tlKr. Do* my. Semple, biyrt. Scrry. SUptcDi. cosjrtcncur. District. Delegate* «t latrc. j.. Baron. 3..Wjq. u.Ciararva. • 2..Ch*rte* lw 4..Gsorce Taylor. Da ezMiet. I jiUicrE.Brir. a..ne2ctickt» Allen. C, * ttanorr. T. a. eurnus. ?..KA.E»lcwm. 4.. *llll*sl*- f»ylor. Imc Article. ■ Kohaa HltebcacS llks &Ccte»ppolcMhn!ro*3i«lt«m*; e «. mfT*icr or off raim rjchgat ft. Hon.AttO#K»nft»ii, ' D.C.r,»Trdocj f Hcc.O*-»rie<Mtt!x-n, t.J.Sdot, T.B.fcWHt*. Le»Unh*a«. WUiiaut Fiidb. John B. U’eelde. j»n>t» A. Wife, .J'hapardr. Cb»rle* K. Allen, M!> hid Tfiountoo. Eico** B. TOllUmt, . . C. ilyerZilJcx. 1 JcliaF.Btnle, □ tISOTB. n«U*»le» at Largs. Alternates. JcbPD. Gates .'W M.Jaoarn. jobs M. Dengue Gerr/te W. Wall. B. A. Bncana*ler h.K »Xk-j. 8, p.V&TtlialL..-. B.s.PreUrniaa. O.D.FicaUa.,, 8. P. Thorpe. VeltrSwcn H. W.Uiiliojf. Dirt. iieleeaics., Alternate*. 1.. W- Fuller.,.,.Lambert Prar. B.Ofaoia«W John C. Garlind. 2, A. H.Km«?ton *UlamPiicei j. 8 tickner.... Thomas Booties. .. s Shorn an. Jr. ....'...Samuel Strawder. - ■ J.B.Bo'iUi n«orM 1). Beau. 4.. KMrßend..,>,.„Deßxuaetniui. AxroPa Utf0n^,........ w, Oatta. - 5. . w.0’8rvn........ Tbomaa MeOee. JoMiceSirca noorgeDcnt. 6.. J«. Mnrrsj John Tsomiwon. TjOvtl6tem*«rt »P. ▲. Artutronjr. J-.hn Garrard. • Jra. Boam«. .-...l'iiHi? Mter. P KpCy*» Samuel MaxwelL Ylreli ilickc*. A. w. uiiier. Jy B, Been. - t9.n.*Tcre ........Bdwara Laming. 10.. T. F. Bond. Betmt W. Oitu F. Wpodiciu 11.. John W Hunltt. John Schofield.. a. U. Ctrlniaa. 1" A Watt* R J. Smith. R P. T*r*cy..... W, T, Brawn. 18.. H Green...,. Charles K McDowell, J>.hnD Rlcbieon Cburlej Bnmeit. iitszama. P(ir:siN>tUri!e. Alternates. nnr.Jrs.E McDonald tallas lUn Hlcli»r, Hen .ian.ee SI. Hanna Don. .Tohn I’ettJu n--p. Wm.K-Mbiacfc..nm. Jamc« W. UeQaff. Hon A P. Ed*eru,iu..yaamcl A. IT Ml. DUt. D-iecsus. „ Alternates. 1.. T. W6lt’la*«y . ; ...S.K. Holcomb, tulle'*. Dobbin* ......Geo. E. QieeDe. 2.. 2p»rts - Hamilton Smltb. Jrbo L. Menansli A. SI Buck. McEwfen, Sr Ivanna Macvll’e. Meco S' leld*., Tcot. Armjtroos. 4.. Levy , 'f H. DodJ. Jcbr S.taoph*H .lam. aß.Foley. ?..i are Develm C.Oaot Wn». ApoDcat*,... „E«Pi*mao. cap. ccnfloitl B W. cooper. H H.Hodd , w.Ji. 7 .TobnO D*vu Vetvillß McSer, Anrtv Kmrpbrct! Stephen G. Barton. 8 «upm!C. Wilson A.Sarealer. K.F.Lw**e ....J.C. Applegate. 9.. A. Tarlor ,„,...w.B Loacbbndce. H»r*ce C0rbin.........J0hn0. Waiter. 10 Baud H. colerlck C. w. tseeluy. K. V. l-r-ne s. w. Sprott, 11 I. ". tlilllcau Hswton Barren. David Sltxdabaker.... Howard Coe, _ . IOWA. Helesates at Larce, A.CDodpe, • D.O. Finch, J.F-Bate>* J. U. Morphy. BJSt Dtlecate*. Blit. Delctatea. 1., 4.. U. Mictel. Win I’ctieison Paaitoenoa 3.. Furney. 3..M. Mcllemy. L. i/tu-tm. B. Porte. ?..ueo G<ay. fl..J.corfJtr. H. RcsatlL n£, B. Potter. SASAIS. Delegates. W. C.McDcweTl. L, B. Wheat, Wiitont&aiton. H. J. StncWlea. onecThunlo*. J.F, Tailor. • lUL. 1 . Btlasvlta »t n*rge. D. GnltrlJ. J.K. Underwood, j. V.UoMcioa, M oatr*rd. DUr. udrystes. But. Buirtcau*. 1. 3. K Tticmrtou, 4..F.1-. Marahdi. S.p. Coape. J. w. Menrles. 5.. P. Mcmtry, 7..il.H.n*abtr. ' j. B XWtr. T. W. V.MQan. 5.. 'Miknm. fi..B.B,VanwinUC. ■ DfcvtdKlnj:. J.W. Loitc. p. B»iM nr- 9.. J. <?. Bake. S.B item*?, W, L. Luaworlh. 5.. rope. . ' J. B. fcnalUb. . 3UXHB. Ddr(tiu»a;Lnrco. Gcib&ta L.BoyiAou. JcUa tV. Dane. »xu.P. Ualces, nicaird D. Hice. Dur. Vziecaus, J)Ut. Velpipixf. 1.. b. B. Limeo. a. watte, jo , epa TiUrma. 4..M*«clio* Hm*ry. 3.. Btuj Huctoa. Ptilio Cierk. 6„v7qb. n. Stmctoa. 5., James 11. Talbot. '.be above apporct tbelr ovn Atwnutea. x-unbasD. tidcgaus. ger. liett. * Ho*. Isaai D. Jocta. vtfsicsmem. - Alienates. JCt4«U O. &btKHt..... ..OllTE' Sl< ptl.'O*, ' luuc Uatli*......*«»« Geo. tV. Bentley, - K u.BHCb M ....r. ....O S-Ojupesier. jfi.l). Ibompico Cbartee iirebser. {M'CfcUi. Alternate*. :,.«.B.raia:ey. -Alex’? Baxter. ; U bwtlt K. Tv A les, C..C»t«b StttKiti .oiexV Lincoln, James 51«?olto K.s£.Cl»tr, a.,Jo»basD.«el J.M. *l£jtaaa, . Ger.J.*>DU- ..........Bcrl.Deao, ♦..Vichsel Dohe.'ty....„.D.l>. Kelly, , K a cbsffe.* Win Uexrmy, f..W». P. >cnl»et<i.b-B. Uih‘r, S epoffuid Thompson, £.T. Bsilt ••••>••• •t'.-AB. pulion. V..A, •i 0 *? Vr ty n A J. Uuiow, -B..oJwa Dtd«r*ocd....{|enry A. Al^icb, . Gtcre* HoOrcj. U U »..r.w Chattoct. Hvpeart, T.«>i( Boentt... ~..w.ii nuer, iO-Ptmcs*Allen • l>toben M0b1e.;... v --J°s? Boile * JIICJUOAW. Delegates atLarj;*. - JcblS-Burr. vi.?S5"iSsS; A.C.B.lawm, m „,^t aal>i - >ow ,S=:?sJSS&B, - BtfctXbn P.UrM t) »te. John A. p*p St*m ' U.T.WeIM* Dlf. • PrlcXAttf. - mu' 4ll *? I** 1 *** 1 * I. C.H,Bcrr>. S.coie, s± o.hS **cnmuw e tdr»h»B, ■ "&§■&«■ jz&sr***- SdlCtU*; _ „ OJiiltaCrlMJCo. . O.C.Tn.t-e. a i^rSS® l7 * nr » it.ii a. i*. rone* LJ v’Sn Jime»C.Kdw»rdr. -;ci?iu?rurVbb«i 1.. n fr n *ri # i?.£r* T7.K.CUik. **• ?»;?r^T l rfM«n • 3.F. V«-i r uiS?^X eD ' ■ ofir *>&» OnDot. s./SSS'u'tTpnw. . Jotaaß.C*!?.- r-*SK5ivf r * 7.. wco £i% t 42513£; _ S.S.McGrt>Lli» Col.KP*nott. »• A rtf Dvif - VC.’ * W.B'jhlßruj. C.S.XaitoD. A.J. Popputou, L, EL Ctoa'lei, J. B. Dcnaett. • ■ xm* j• ■ * ' Piitttei»tL*fgg. 2i^ o^ e . Dlte^°^SS , i»- •..BsxyM Pmce»* ; Ttea P. Baatolpb, . • • *jicd* x xaho. _ Dtt,< • rcMSinr. 8,,< - rciu^SSJ?;! g!^sßK' ,w “‘ OT gewssa:-. iSSscLemnee.. . IWo. n Allen.- The above appoint their own alternates, , - wiscosaor. '• TeltzateaaklArct* -* Q.'H.PaoI. - - Smith. CtattetlwClukr,' U.it cojaitj,. • ► , > .Thoe.ralTQT* , _ S*S*® 18 2 V,, i S.'.Joha Wlnanf. 5..K-ar saw, « j hv>e. 1 J« gather. 8,.£0.»501f, • .w. r.Qiaioyay. Pule Often* T.P.ronexa, Delegates at Large. nttcroabw. Horatio Seymour, A'ouzo U. p i.o. JostahT.MUtcr. Isaac Bat ts. hh lin W. Kurt. AegtuUkdmo&t. George Ue>c&. ” : A, G. Thompfen. J7..W. J. Averin. 3.>sml. O Mini).. D.l?La'nb - - . Y«rrn.......l9;.AlfredCUrSr, 4.. 5.9, Wcrrit. JamesMrUshor.-p.-..M L.li.Drove. B..Oawsld Ottsndorfcr... W. J.S k lneer. ItnaHni Pijnn Sl..J.T.ttcngea, SJshn Koliy ~ a.J HfeSrv Rltrn ~..?3 P. T. Fan child • 7 Michael Cornell. MiUard Jrbe»ton. LnieF. Ccriana t3..yvecerl.-x Oy*u, 8.. MeSfon .... J.A.Griire. - ’ Gideon J, i ucker.....,74..Vr.T.Reaioslar. i 9. B»nncl J. Tiicen E. %(. Anasrson. , Thtroa* McSpedcn... S3 BF.aiuo'. 10.. A. D.C' nger. Ho. Cbemebro. W.Rndioia St J.J.Tajrkr. XI..E. A Biewrter D.P.Mwr. Geo. Bennett .n..M.BChamuU!n. 13 Anriewa L.A.w a .rt, * ,»b. thamberlaln S3..u.K.Cbate’>, 15.. W. Howler. Jacoo Haidiobnrgb...?) Waablrgtoa llant. K..AaaiaJ. I'uikcr—*.. L.S maver. K. P. i11uxan....... Otn*oo, 15 J.Jthsyer..... .. .... A. F. Lan ui-e. B. Dfcrli ....31..J.C.Ocwreanx. 10.. A.O. Baod e.O.Ulner. Tne is instructed to cast the thirty-Three vt uocrKrw Ycrk.pD ail (jupstioo*. Mnnnlt.BU'i in ecccrdtcce with tbo viewer a majirt’.y of mo o-ie* gates. OHIO. DMegatea avLarre. Wi liam Allen. AU-.nO.Thnrmto. Oio. li. Vcoiletcn.' Kates P. Rean-r. Kit. D argues. - /* 8..C.L Tati-ndlgham.... Chriropher ITa:hei. 4 John L. Wjmcr D«vid u«sdeaoack. M. iUztir........ C. W-Cawan. o..CiiUCB A. Wld.e. J.&LTrtatMt. 7. S. S.o;.* ~9. Meoary, N. 8 Jchh V.Glessncr... -- Beytoe y..ClJ6r.>a lowers ...... A. U. Jackson. H..K.8. .. BlWlßOetpa. jl DavloC. Vares .. . ~.WiUi»a Newman. 15..-MS.K«WI:c«n E.B, Olds. 15.. Morgan . ....Ch»Tlc*Fo.lsU, . 1 '..Tbcr.<os j, Kenny J. a. E tilt is..J K.Mvrm rvi'-M. 10.. w.stambisab ... J.II. Conlat. 17.. McUrrzor ..., . 11. v/»Uace. w. men ... .....w* o -r, ritmparry. • 19.. a. W.GUffwL. oaraoi*. D.surk, .Trff Howell, L.B. Bljibee, > J. tVblteaker, . IV.XcluUui, N.T.Cntwn. rSSXSTLTXSLS. ' « ' Delegates at Laree- Cco.G,W.Cast, . ■ Hon.|A. - Packer, • Hon W.Dlclet, W.V. Uctirsth. Bist. Delsgatsa Disc Delegate. 1 ... S.U.Ring, . iS ~„JohnP Maans, Dr. Geo Nebingor, D. Lowenbcxv. 2 ...V7m.M.Ihl9V- U .... Hamilton Alrteks. 6. w, ir«ia. Tsomaa Sower. 9 ....VVuilsmCnrtlß. U ....Peter A. Weller. Ftmun Arnold H. O.VgOlf. 4 W.W. Bnrnell. 18 ....TL J,9:anl. 18. Ctiln. ll.P.Mvere. 5 ... H.P.Hoe*. 17 ,„.1L Bmcs P-trlkln. O. W Carrigsn Daniel Si. Doll. 6 ..AJ D.BtU». 13 ....John ll.Orris. Bm-vM.Hunter. > -*j Strphon Fierce. 7 ... J. n.firlnioo, 19 L.L'ob>)rtoo. J%C. Bestty. JamcaK.K'ur. . 8 „ J.G Jones. . U .../f.B Ssarlght. . WUhsm Bosen’hxtiL joLnL«Uu * 9 ... llecrse HcEsy A. Wade. W, a, Wallace. 10 rt. Hnglu-B. 12 -... W. n P*cc«ts9d. Dr.' C. B.Gicnisger. Samne) P.Kisa. 11... Philip Johmon. 23 A.MoCouocßh. Csrliooßomeit. F. ontcotson. t« ... ChMlee Decnlk 2f , R. W. Jones. A. J. Garrctson. B.d.WhssnJ vasacscT. Delecates at Large. ■ Alternates.- 11. D. smith..... .N. H. A-nlcgion, 1-8 rartrlCge A|«T.llcL*n3, John Cam... .A.U. nming. T.D, BeCfiUa J,II, VTeevs Distiict. Delszates. Alteioatos—. - i„lease Mel>aulcis......3olm McKoogb, • . A.M- Hn|)rg...;....E B.Wn-bc. 2.. M Dlekty .....Itcryrv N. WoitbSO, Ge-'rgo Watbbnrn...P.G.stlnn-r, 9.. 11. Boiftllfy ...J.J tieavUt, lw G. Bopklnson L. C. Untier. arise rnoposED Annus* • TICE. Wbwi the Behel Press Say About It. TbcDemocraUc delegates to the Conrsa lion ficcm to he ummimoufl in Uvor of un armistice aitlx UlO rebels. It U the burden of all the speeches thus far made. Auaanis lice may be a plank in their platform. Bat It takes two to make a bargain, llow c.n an arralfctlcc.be mace unices the rebels con sent? ■Wb&trffiurance can the Convention give The vortrs that on armistice can bo elected, except on t- ram wholly lti-i<Jmiasibl»j? Head tbe following on tbe subject from tbo leading rebel organ: tcb Aixcnsn jjanance. From tbe Richmond Examiner. An?. IT. It seems to be nearly certitn that a proposal wDI soon be made to ns from «*ome quarwr, etthor from Litcoln or the Chicago Democratic r.tonccitlon, to anvnt to tn armistice, or simple coaiution ot hos tilities. to allow of negotiations “for peace and rc* union,” aad lor fruit alone. A Now York most urgently advhes L. acorn hioised to take tho Initiative In this, in order “to disarm and eilcnco the demoralizin' peace lactldh at the Nonh: 1 ' be canEe It shrewoiy uneaten that such .armistice and negotiations wqald be refused This is merely a* move to take Itac wind out of the Democratic sail. Whether Lincoln la to make each a proposal now, or whether the Democrat* are to carry tn their candidate expreiry that ho may mate it— from whomsoever u rnsy come, rr is wftoLrr i.v -asnissaiu.7l. II tbe North desires to have negotia tions for minion entered npon at all, M alt troops and blockading JUet* be withdrawn and the right Of teemion formally and then ne gotiation would be at lease possible. If thsy Innte n? to negotiate on any other footing, oar only ra tional answer wonld ne another blow at ths heart of Ttnneylvania. We are not likely to consider the question ol reunion with a sword banging by a hair over our beads: and It such a proposal be made, we shall only conclude that It means war, and endless war, notil one nation or tbo other shall be subjugated or extirpated. Gentlemen of - the Copperhead National Convention.'are yon willing to conclude. ;<n armistice with the rebels on those terms? FINANCIAL AND WfIfeBBCUL, ffloNf?T4ar. Satckdat Stoking, Aug. 37,18<M. The money market to-day was gaiety and bast* ness was partially neglected In consequence mainly of tbe decline In gold. The supply of currency was therefore quite sufficient to meet the demand, «nd_the regular bankers discounted freely at 10 percent. Exchange is very quiet, the supply being still greater than tbe demand. Tbe bankers are gencr ally buying six Account and selling at H dis count ; but # tfacy are selling to each other freely at X discount. Gold took a sudden drop to-dsy—opening at £53, falling as low bp 218, and clrelng at 2*7, wttb rn« more since the date of the IbSt quotation of It» being a low as 242. Various reasons hare boon assigned lor this decline, among which arc—the prospect of nominating the “Gravedigger” at the Copperhead Convention—tbo sending ol Peaca Commissioners to Richmond—tho report that Georgia had asked to bo admitted Into the Colon —and the last and most likely, that Grant had gained a decided victory In Virginia. On’Change, a sound Democrat of the old school gave his rea son for the decline to be, that all per. fchent” gentlemen bad left Wall street to attend the Chicago Convention, and without their pres ence there, cold could not possibly bo kept up. The tallowing arc the quotations received from New York to-day by James Boyd, cold-broker: AtJO 5.r0.'. £53 At 13 s. m 250 “10:15 a, m 252# “1 p.m.. “10:80 “ JJS2 “1:80 “ . “11 “ ......251 “2:15 “ . .2 ON “ 2:80 “ .250# “11:15 “ “ 11:40 “ The folio wine is the New York Stock Market, August 97, os received by G. P. Saltonsmll & Co., Commission Stock and Born! Brokers, 21 Clark street, Chicago: Utß'd.2dD’d. N.T. C 13S# .... C,«i N. W.,,., SSH .... CAN,W(pfdj. SON Erie (com;....mw .... htlc(o.'d). ns# .... c.*l» inn ..... M. 8. (com)... 8V it. B.ictn)....i4.'K .... p.r.w,kc..iuS .... N. IS*# .... C. & A. (com.).ES C.& A. (p:c)...91 2 nx .... Irtß'd. Udß’d. Quicksilver... a># .... C.*.T~ »:2 .... Hudson Btver.itCK .... Hi. Cent .... 11UJ V cent war to»o pose*.. .... U S. 8 p cent 5-34 ecasoas.tiS .... U. S, 6 9 cent boras 1331...109# .... U S-tS- o re»»- nrf Not-.* ..litV U B.lyr- certf; «3' ; Amerlo'agold.lta# . .... , No 3d Bosnl Saturday. coansnouii, Saturday Evxsroo, Ang. 27,18 ■!. The receipts and shipments for the past 91 boors were as follow*: * BSCUTTS AXD EIHP RESTS PAST 94 SOURS. Received. Shipped. ... 4,-9 l iTJQ 51,737 19,700 ... 31.SMJ flB,S7t ..37.3 4 145,223 ... 11.670 ... 0,203 ... 25,423 1-3,800 ... 31.063 ... 6 ,714 53,890 ... S,MO .... ...31,818 ... 1,960 .... Floor Wheat Com Oats Hje B»tlcj Grass Seed.. Fuuc Seed... Cared Meats, Lard Tallow Wool Hogs Csulo Bides Bfeb wines.. Sail 8utUr....... 3,0 C« ' 01 ...... 20,470 40,273 RTS* °SI .«„—79 ( 854 '83400 There vu a good attendance bn 'Change* hat owing to the general dull* 0 • of the *nd the reception of Major-General Bosecrmns, busmen was light. The floor market ruled exceedingly quiet—the demand being lees active, and bat little disposi tion on the put of holders to press sales. There *e to material change to note in prices however— the sales amounting to bnt 1,200 brls, at SIU3K® MATH for white winter extras, *10.60 for red win ter extras, and SIO.OOOIO 75 for spring extras. Wheat was very doll, and we note a decline In prices of Sc per bathe! on winter andsosc oa spring grades. Abont 32,000 bathe’s winter wheat were cold at $246 for No. 1 red; $2400341 for No. 3 red;andslo3forNo.Sspring—the market clo sing quiet at S2AOO3AI for No. 3 red. The sales of springwbeat amounted to about ICO,OCO bushels, at $2.06 lor No. 1 spring, $1.9303.00 for No. 3 spring; andsl.£Sot’.GOior rejected spring—dosing dull at $3.05 for No. 1 and SI.96OLSBK for No; «. Com was sleo fiat, and prices fell SHc per bushel, with sales of mboatßo,ooo ha at 51.8101.82 forNoi; SL33H® l£ofbrNo3; and $146 for Begened—the market dosing quiet at fI.SBKQI.B9 fer No 8. Oats n ere jtfc lower, and le> i active, with sales of «\OOO bushels, at 6TO6*Xe tor No-1; and 650 65# for NoS-closlng steady at 6*3672* for No 3, andGSVforNoS, Bye was In fair demand and steady at ' $l,BlO IS* for No 1, and $1.8331.34 for No s—with ealea .of 53.000 burhels. At the close tbo' market was steady at $1.36 for No 1, and $1.83 for No i. Barley fell 6010 c bushel, with sain of about 10,000 bushels, at $21003.15 for No 3 in store— the market closing quiet at $2400943. • Bighwines fell Sc $ gallon, only 100 brls haying been told* at $1.76. r Grain Fretgbts were steady at B#c for wheat and Setorcorntoßufiblo. . InGrocerica-lhoirfttkethas continued*moder. attractive. The leading siaplcaaco'in (klr eup ply. . Prices role very firm, but with no change on previous quotations. . Cheese la stm In cmaUtecdpt Hamburg la dim st Mo3!e, and Western Beeervo st 930SSc per lb. The supply of Bard Coal continues very limited,' and thoroughly insufficient' for the present de>: masd. Dealers ore bolding very dim st f93 00>aud Lehighats3loo 9 t00.., ..V . • , • Wbiteflah srein slmost.nominal receipt; the market Is active, and prices rule - firm at tho ad vance noted yesterday.- Trout are in moderate de mand and. firmer, hot without quotable change. Codfish in nominal supply ; market very'firm, with aa upward tendency. ' Green traits are generally yetyactiTe; excepting Apples; aU other descriptions are in good supply, and tolerably steady at our present quotations. Apples are In Inadequate receipt, and prlces’.havD further advanced COc®sl.CO $ bri. Clime and Poultry are considerably more ac tive, owing to the largo influx of visitors to this city. Prices have already- advanced dos, with a limited and inadequate supply- -■ Carbon Oil ic more active, and prices are firmer, with a strong upward tendency. Wo atlU quote Ix-st While Oil at 85@98c 9 gal. - - Wool continues very active and firm* Choice ilcecc Wool Is selling at $1.05, and several hold' - < rs havu withdrawn their stocks from the In anticipation of higher prices-bolng obtained. ' in Beef Cattle there has been note activity iatbe ysrdt owlrg (o Qoveisment Cattle being again la ertnaad. filtered aalet daring the £ay3,iS7bs>d.at ASSW6.HB chiefly at )4X:«1C0 per im oa. InHrgathemerkct has been moderately active* ccdfinnatnrtvlonsqnotatloni. Entered beta at tß.7sdlD.Ca. chiefly at tdJWaioM gross- • ' • UTSS. In the afltraoon there was no disposition to epar :tc,anC tUegenural a&rketa were dnit and on, ac:ount pl the decline In gold. No 3 spring wheat waj fffdred at (1.93 wllbont bnysra* Coio.oatsahdbigbwlaiflweieneglscted. .. Agrlcsltaml Crops of Hewßaslaad* (From tho Portland Price Current, iSo.] The eronghwbieh baa pervaded tbe cocctiv has bun tenous’jr felt in Hew dczltna; hat tbe damaxe tr ah>trrsT ce cahor the naolci ot thu section has not been »o great as the ezaigeratad accsn is fro a canicnUriy csrnsed'.oesiltiFa wnni- tj,vatbo cono try tompreso. liar and potatoes and dairy oromets art th« ndteipal arrlcnitntal reliavce ot N*>w lend fencerj. rhebav crop bss bein scented a der cucnattaecfe uoucca'ly’fevoreD’e. Owtnc to tha. at ncckbim: Utme in tba trrlv pu«t ot tbe season, tbs' E-a'»wes at-llset aod cane forward vlgS’OUßir.baar trg a heavier crc pv on toe average to tie aero, fhe et tuc hsvieg seisin pmed «Uh ccarcely a day’s In rerinplOD -hen, bny coaid 00i be maio. Iho (oatiznlcg dren bfc admonubod Cirmfrs that they cut ' cxctditc m-ir bay nn tr ine, and the, result I*i a ■ crop safely honied Ibicrtha' the avcing«product. Ihe quility ot ths bay, alio, <s rood, toe onlv damage cast would no f>a*iaintc to this direction—tue fnilur* ot tbo second et< p stothni rrmg up otuefellfeed—hsabosaaap. psir'»vcrlfd by pervacine ard psnstretios ia<ea, vbtcli-havo cztru-dcd throngbone New Hnzi-ca. Therr ti to c:prrnetinon /-niertemsd eooe-srnlng the qvartxr of oslr. prodnee. It will rather axosed than Ml Lelow tte average of the hut years, sod the price of batter ana chr-e»e- in a ralropcnmirket, undrrfrrt competition, ought, very cccticersb-y from the nigh d«nras mat now prevail. Tbe rotatocropm New Qa'npsUtrs and'Vcnconthassoireredextre.mtly, andflelis that' were early riautee navnpa^eeibeso&dthnperiod whensnjtoped acrop curbs realized, fintlamr p arifttiona, and they In inds ibrea-qnan-n «t ibh whrlo.an* in a condition to bn-lmmen>:ly beoefiitrd by tbo recent nirsrtblO/weatbQr, ana thetigb we mail not have even a good average yield, thert vlll be ro po a’oe famine. The recreaseu *»oc tcmptionncr.nrrhe blsbp’tees thitarsn'waakiid, wiU.ultecniltmatwo menths lorg r, leaveaaup. nly ofooisrotson thstctofOct-b.-reiost to any <o licavolaaxor years, iho grain crops of tblassstion bsvccevtsi beta of mach ascoantin acimaercM pcln* of view, ex«vptiei- Indian corn, «?bl h looks welt and promises well, lee e*clv vart-tlea h*r<* ►uffc’frt,wcl-b makes grec co»n eenreo aadhi«*is hut Their nfferlng in no w&y aif'da ths general d-H crop. Tho jltic «illbs a mooexataaverage. Oats ana wheat wtll also give a rao*e?i;te averago yield. Onicts, a large and prominent product cf K:w Gnc lona promises cnexiraorclnary yield. New fork Wool Markst-Ang. S3* Ti c demand lias fa Isn ctf. The extraorainar j heavy receipts cause "avers to bom otf in easocta'-lcn of lew tr cricer. tnit they are wed anpeorted. Late asl-s amoun-io 20 ,Uoa» lor flip, and si.t’ai.ifi fer eosrsp. bevvy Dl-tkatatc: lO.OOJnrunl.cdat (tAu» .13,reclafijos LvmDf, Wcftfi.'V): 15,0(.u a» CaUfoxr-ti, for l urrr. and €sCi6«c ftr fair cuncltion. Foreign Wools aruquittbut vcryflnr. - rittebanr nnd PcDosylraata Wool Trade* jrremiaaPUtibnr* C:mtae’rclal,2Ctb.l It may be imonstfcg 1 oUiowsomctlilin cf tho orc durt cf thu vaionblfl tuple to onx Siat-. Pecnayi- Vasia always lia» udq 6UU maim th« r-patv.ioa iir la tbe Ucitoa Suits aiJs.,he ay, v. atbiostcQ, Uc»vcr, Groan. F-yct.c aad rare cf Ituilr-r ctmnil«j oioducs 0&3 wools :TbO balance <T ci>r occouc* «yt*>c 01 tbs in&uoutim croda o musilr rredMn acd esaree wool*. There is no wool of c:n ccqnfacovrocra 10Kast'.xa Veansjlvaata. fils col ored.to tbo Western out ot the Sti'e. OtiriMe ■wool* art-o: the most pat*-lilfoJ, axi'.bec Rebrova that iba» of s*ay other dl»T*c? of th« eamo Ms \ our tutdtuuatdcoaoo Id gea. rraiy rleacer, freo troaa K.c-iuc, low, otd aU UparuUs ami wo->la ofiJw teito turlby prewn mto West. Tbacl’pcf P*-m> b\ l' aitia icr this year bat pr» tty reach ctuni:- aha cs. Ihe price will average v*.xy nearly A.euaU i>urt of vhe cl»p*»B tsfcm ear ts lathe ?*a»3 atlStoS 1 , (san<!9 co.lmtu wonlanot camorU*i one-foami cf thecliect car S ate Oor wonl* w*re boaahc by aul fvrxcfaac of tiuca'acturcr# ann aea:er« iram the hatr. Still we l-.aro our dealers bero h'7 tbncfonrins ot a rthmrn oa «h:ir owaa-.rooat, Tbr;e is ccla bs tbcs?lo tbstr*cle B«j.-eTrorab*y toor or Are tiuoorea •hms*nd txmnd*. mostly ti.t iI-bc-'b. £on-etbhitc loU mnaic la the coua’ry la second betdi. Too dtp cl oor S*atß wmlaQatctuyaboat f<tnal to fotme sett?, and natwitntta ■ 1105 we vnt oat a larco numoer ofrheep toe p«ac v»»*i to the Wesiim Slate:, tbo production about keeps up the mock. ■ St liftttlu littmbcr WnrßctAatmst S*3 t Tbe ircfltfs by river norm* llepis: week ti&ve t»en only otic «tiposwaTar<oftJ> ,iU ’So: froat Ctur man & Tr.rrp* mne, which gees loco tinr o«a yards. TLrr*. havehe*** uof.kscnt elwdic*ttiia neck. Eccclpta tip railroad are •* l&v aat far hi •tw-ce.”c» '.be h’ch j.rtce cf freights operates as a p-naleatwrco. Lntti bQ>tSb*i Kliscriscarce, and Urrly to be more a* tbe Jiw B‘4ffs or wstsr preriats rafts tso.v nritatoelop loui’.i>-s.’ Tsrarrlasar firm,atfallowing fUure»r Fimcltor.B l.COor.ct.. .. *TOOW%7V« Becoaado “ «WKs&a3. , «i Tt}l*d do boards and icccltg as^iMtU-iO 6br»it*cc.. 23. rjja’O HrnbPiaaV 2IOCM?-*0 Jfilw, U It as * under Mcecai'Uo •lojtt.lS itncdover n.ou^bOOJ Flooring,s conn rate, urease >.... .... fhOWsMO HidlCff, Bro na * 3L3 0 FqcaroTimber,aMortcdlcpftbr. .. io, r-red.W fcbltglifl, Aflitvcd • p A tawed 6.50® “ HO. 2 BAWfcd .. 1.-ia 4jn I.etb, neril 7 s'a Coder fenu. Pcs .. ..... tojMasuAO . Allegheny Cattle Busiscm durlrg tbe wc*k »as call The mas beire limited, ttq ratf a we e saneraiiy nnohaicci. «oebuttoue of reem ttrjr ts now economic tbe at* tcnUon ol i*ll Denies to order t-> avoid tb« draft from eprearlnr; vet mwta-s d>at let «id t» abi* to cl»sr inelf. .TtmonlytTaasiottooi Out cams nader oar roiico wftie ifce foliovrce: aaimscy ormi rnm. •T. O- HujllncfroU SS bead at 55.5 V J.Phrmr- M 18" 4.97. li. AtVCOd ** 29 “ 2.10. A.Atwood *• 20 *• 4,»J. O. Herman “ 46 “ - S,W. •I.tirabanx “ 1* *• 4,r0, D. Kldrt *• 17 ** 4„0. stark* & Tovrrmao told Bi brad tit »c.n?«*7.ox L.KotebiTOarnldlS cradnt (SiO^IGSO. J, wolt rot** 17 nrad at f6 fO. * Sanr—Tho offering were limited; sties of 409 brad bv M. Drake M 75. rbesbU nteniß w'estamoan'edto 3,400 head, llcoa—'lt-rcw«( noting done vro-tny ofnotics; a tew bean cnly were diipotcd of at J.upjrcwt. CaiCAGO LU nB<E BlAltliET. SjLItTLDAT Evening. Aue. 27. I®ol. •■LUMBER-Received yesterday, 2,615,' uo feet. Tin Dtsmtlsgencialiy active, a&dvery Aim, wlOian upward tendency. Receipts bare b* en more Übor.il with s laree number of cargoes In th* market. SHlNGLES—Received yrsterdav, 12.V03. Istrocd dfxntnr, with a email and Inadequate supply. Mivrbj; ILmar preview quotations. LfLTn—Rcctlvcd yesterday,4f(*,oy placet In bet ter demand, and very Arm at ft OC3L2S It 1.0.0 pcj. cargo sales to dat. Part cargo sclirAlnwick, from Grand River,sold byiitsb & Fuller,so,o'oliet raftol lumber.Hatrlps, at ,sc, balii.ee of cargo. 3ln plank, at |l7jos cargo rebrTelegraph, from Moakeeoa, TrsesdMl’a tllll TO,* too feet lumber hoards ‘.nd strips, at S2J.O’; cs-oo tehr’Wm.Scltb, from Grand Rlver.sold byO.Braws* ter,4 , .,Co:fceMambcr, KatripJ, at *2..09; ca.-go aibr ntr'Edc'le, fTcmaanitowoc.iold by McDonald, 6 V COOfeet lumber, all stnns, at 122.00; cargo esbrQ p. Potter, from Muskegon, sola by Jontuon, 82/0) feet lumber, H »’rl pt, at 122.0) j Lath, 69,000 pcs at SL2S. The following are tbe yard prices: tcbeb-First Clear, \> 31 :50.0C^*5/< Btcoad Clear. V M„ 4W.®53/o Tttni clear, V M <&CJX Btoc* Booros. sinoasi/'o Bci or select Boards 3?.oCtoi\u Codiidod &*&rca.,... .. sac'.&u.ro 2iJKv>'2t.rC Callß.'&rdr .- ....a.sao rmt Clear i'loorine, roasa «sXC©s»,uo Secccrt Clear Common Floormr.rjaah... S3Jttd3>U) BITtOR. clear, cruttod 2».&«33.'0 beccna Clear : 92j oqh co lornmcnao... ................. SUO^iiOO LorcJon*w„ ilO^sct Shaved BbtnslCf, A. v M 3 r<a 0.71 hlifcTert SaiEgler. J 4.6;tt 4.X Shaved stiupio-.star.. 5 rv« fu CeaarSbitele*..... BMM»B.7s Sawrv Beatles.A 573*5 SCO baved Bblcftca 7.0.1 5,73 *2lß# .210# .310 hath, VU«J oca. PcsU.V Pickets.... aecany Etmosn aiAaiiET. CEVI SV roa THE TTBEK KID CTO AUQC3T 31. , The rcc»lot* coatlnne Urge and lumber Is rccama* IsUcg intte tnTtk*t. Tbe ncCK>lkmd9oncowbeobt»ißM. t'utl sad L.*.kt it* uliueie very tu*h. ibonsn » uule easier teTtasa-e reoorted from Bwialo. Prleee hare not adrat.cu >o tortr lat Incr. ased ccet of hat art h-ld»ttli‘ lumefl.orts as bef re iD«msotSlr.:9 i> it. Tbee&tesbare beenßilr.wltha larecatteraauee o: buyers. Tbe rereUts of tbe Erie and CbempUtn C»n*U dot.se the luted week la Aaga&t in tae vbais aim’d. Wire os follows; Uo«Q8 fiT-d Shinties, Timber, Sf&vcs. 6caut»l»r.lt. M c ft. tbs. .. lif4. .... ».*6b9S9 *8 f.COO 4,^1.-43 The receipts by tbs Erie snd Champlain cheats, fr.nj tbe opener of narration to Aar. 23, la tbo ytazenatrea wet. u follows; Koarcsand Shmales* Timber, Suvc*, ScstlDee.tt. 21. c. ft. as. iti,i;ua J4,ui 0i.r.0 w.sm.toi IHU .....r.7,*O4.KiS 11,781 217,0:9 iS The current prices are as folio w>; Pice, clear. 73 Hi 150.0C390.M Floe, fourth quality, V *i .a&spo Pice,teccs,v M .gwen Ptme,coedbcx. PM .... social MX) floe, common box, &3> w CUO^tS.-o P ce, clap board, smp«, p H M *'<H<Bo. 0 Fine, tally pl*ak, IV. U Uch each.... ... 108**0 .53 Flne.irliyplank,l«, iClncb.fuca K.4630MS Pice, tali? plan* ,lM,*coond quality,each OMi«ao>us Pjbo,tally piaok,is,«aUß,esca easiaois. Ptie, tally bcarar, good, each ■- Pise*ts!iy hoard*, second quality, each.. (05330455 Pmt, tally boards, cal.*, each 00.73*0030 CHICAGO OATTJUB 3IABKET, For the Week Ending Antaac 27, 1801. Bamnnar Eyxsxso, August 37, iss u The receipts of best Cattle and L*.vo dogs at the V varlca* yards tn the ettr, tor the week ending t> day,compare as fallows with the previous %t«Uy recelpfeaince July3.lS44s Beeves, Scgs, Week ead’rgAnr.s7 . 57.« a •WeeieaolruAug.2o . ia.723 >eft encmx An*. 13 ... 4.SW ?.<ri w«k ceding Aug. 6 .....7/iS 8,517 Wcckencicg JulvSO sash 6,ai W<et€aoter Jaly 83. *&i 7.145 Wees ending July 16. 3, 03 12.5J1 WftckcnomgJa y 9 .......AJS7 i7.ua Wcexending Jsly 2 . 5,909 ii,U5 BATzs or ramesT ox ura srocs ynox cmci so to SXTSOIT Cattle. *7ce*l> IX »f. Ulse.Cent, aodMlC*.Enlarge can...HBOC 2^c r»ncf SID t«j» 88c UKilgan Central, (mill can. ...» 500!, esc to Bcmxo 09 siTi'sa'noT bbtms. ViciuCtpt. atdMlch. 8 n Urm can.. fM/C Oc CfenofsOftet...... ..... ... 85.00 as Michigan Central. ra&Tl can..,, 83.M Me Fortwayne can,»ttoes..., 9LJO 530 PitU.,F£.Wayß9&C.carfof2«lboC..*SdC6 55c £»ish.Bouthern,larsec*r*,.....„.,„.„ 9'.ao tsc do can of lot feet. .81.00 ssc Bates to Dunkirk *5.00 «car lass than to Buffalo, «b*n (hpiped by all rail. Bites to Dunkirk foe 9 100 At leu than to Buffalo, -when ihipped by all raiL BEEF CATTLE. Tae total receipts of Beef Cattle at the vsricnu jejis In the city, during the week radios to-rsy, according to the dally rstnrns poited on ’Chance, smeunt to 6,919 head. This is 2.103 bead lew than were received laat week, and B£CB bead mors Cban the zeedpta cf the coirespendtsc week of laat year. The eaily receipts at tne various yards oospore -icnowt Monday. V£J .Tuesday... - M 29* mm Wecotcday. Thursday. Trldsy Saturday ......... Total! . —W Tbe gt&eral icpply tftmnr the week haa been acre limited. Shipping Cattle bars been rearto and btlotr. tbeeemsjid. Pitee* haTseonasiiTunUX beenOnscr, vlth as advance of 9j<o 9 19- Sk, The- completion ' of exMttiff Government ccnttecte some dare aloes completely checked the demand tor median eredee: ol caills, There tsi been another Oorenunoatcon, tract the market today, which ha* con. ■Menhir increased the demand, tsooyh without any tfnp»QTmm»etp pr«?noßaqnntatinna ~ Preylomlythe pilrdM] potehaMt had been made by ipocolaton • a£a decline of&oc9 lto»tosthe qnbtationa of Uf t gatur< ay. Hie folowlas mo do quotation* o' tb* market Ibis cvtnlnjt and compared wltb last Saturday cvcalijt: ctostaro quotations. This week. Lmi -wee'*. Prime to extra qua1itie5..'...(5.0997.13;$ ss.ooa ICO . Medlntn to prime <ionimes....4.7saS.iS s.;s3s.ft Common to medium aaallties.UiO'gJ.CJ ’iZZ&iXi . Satcbdat Etkuso, Aug. 27.—The market dutla;; the ptmclpal pan or the veekmas characterized by more lh»o tonal dodoes* aed inactivity. This was mainly aMrttn'abln to tbs absence of the w ual gov erns ett coairacterp.for irhom tbs reteat snpply bad bocaspeciallf adapted. The receipts op to Thursday ypic yer3>ebt of ail descriptions ofato3k;wben ttedelcieoey was ftDly made op by a larcc quantity ’onoedlom stock beiss; brought in. As tbs govern* • neat esntrae'e bod been'cut some days tbero wetc do legitimate boytrs la tbe market and sales wore only eJTcot«lbv of Keen tbc Quotations of tba previous Saturday,and entirely to speculators. am oimx baxzsto>dat. e-neia. . • EoW Ko. at. Prlca BfOiK's * C0..i..La110n..... is 770 do Tarter * Mlco.ej 80 1554 .... ovrrdoff.... .... do ~..170 ins 4.n Gteennamo ta us goa Wollt. ........£eU/ 157 u«4 475 BtB&s Qyiran 10 jgj wicker* Co 115 ns* s.kjk IKcsMtlal. la pds a.15 .jlcTbcnon 4* ing 5.75 ■WnUmJt&M. _ 00 13 r.73 5.23 liTtstsiaii..'. .finder 1T..... ri jcig .... Btn« .... 17 »1 do OO 10 Kt 4.59 Cioir .T«cm»a 28 nn i.na O. Ariamr .. .li lri? «.» do ... ....Webb*Kelly.. .1500 4,51 co do IS 1103 4.8.K do ....... do ....... IS l?U 4.73 flO AO ..S3 1174 4.75. AO do £0 3fts 4.37K j.Ormiry.. do .57 ass 4,9.1 do ....***• do J8 ]Ktt 1.94 do .... ~,.l»aHwv «... 13. is 1 ttn do .... O’Mdj 21 Tei 4,(>0 Peterson .Martin... 10 3<2l • s m C0x....... ... ...Dooelao ...28 mi 4*5 M»stc a! 9»5 4Vi 0'**!?...., Cfybart.. 12 93? 501 witter Bnraa... It stb g«« Jacob? HUey 19 j'-o a .mif Frye * Co Bot er 12 do ........ 00 .... si JIM s TTU j.AdRBM wctb*K-nr...!iP2 i&v -|~r do 6! imi |‘»l j.Adauil.i fo S3 Ml *’*nu- Hall do js «T» Mtt'bscb ~ /*9ocb .. is 3*l 1j? Coo-ey&EKrldgeO’Mftlley... .I‘ 1. 14 <& I’U Poll Maintcb,. js J7,. Wyatt........ Vrnncs 40 nj-, 425 ,T A-'inrt... . M>ro cb .14 0,3 2 m Batch HfcJi.no ,5 •?« ?*S PH??. co?icy 2! §s* i*s Shi pardscn Jiechan 19 *=» 2ii Shermau II 4; F..O*MnUey g<l t M i jV» VccMmu. .... Campbell.if or lo* CO ........ 9 fs a 4-. BOOS.—The total receipts of If **rs ttthc vanora yard?, during the wcefccctlis/ iz i&v. a'conm-ro the d«Oy tfctmtspctVd on ’Cbaa-o.ancoat to ;Vo head. Thlalef KUtoadlesjUianwero r'csiTeftli."- ve*k,»ns?,*il bead more than therefMjb of tin ccmsvt-ufllfg wees ofiastjcar. Tte Catty receipts at tai rarlous firt* ccrawre ai foIIOWBi ifendir. . Tut»d*yV.V.V.V’. ' WeCnetoay.., ....... Tlmiiifcj , *•*■*?•?•*_ Si Fsia*T .. ... ». - ; , ... 1.335 T0ta1...... : ..T*» The supply o' i»b'FPlo* grades thraogh th« week Uia been veryiunlt-d: ot cxlr* gM.doa tb'j-e hivebitn ncrc.the best received were hof second quaimca. AUhotuh the demand for these hßslwvariro-oiu* large one, stljlihe eopply haabsea liud*qaate, aid faVt price* have consequently beea principal sales made darjar t:cwoftX: Gregory * Uaitlcgs to I). '‘fatxal.uo Lead Illinois steer*, avarsplne u?l ar, at Urwahsuinto-u. Wstxal. Slhe*d MU&oail steers. avetac!rpi«sj tt »it W»3j v.sllworkrfc Mallory to ac IMaoli steers. avenging i,tw as*, t! Jacobs to Mallory, It Lead low* s-.rrrs.ar (ra:lncl.l7l! at,at |O.J3; Obernd rfto MjsPhvTsoc. 91 hiadcxtristecrj.ayersphg 1,175 Ss, at, 59/r; M->. cune to Mallory. C*2 bead lowasteerr. 07, at S7J2J* ; nickolls * Bro.to jiolacd * Co., .ol b-ad flll»ole?tee:s, av it agios 1.21S os, stSiAt*; J-i e Advxs to AVicSer - Co n 7fi Don't Illinois »;er r», av*'- o*k2 l.tl? Df.st fn.TC; John Adaas t>at.Otaro, .1 Le»rt nmols tt-er*, i,:so as, Su.wirt roTTouiC'y. 27 bted prime Tlinotr sierra, »v cr-BrngV.lifi os, at 97 o‘.¥ ?IK Os. Ttr re were in the yards ltd* morels?, inolaitae v a ?tccip7«4.flo day, atom »90v bead of Boefjitt s. The cxtiamecullteos which Lad existed during the pre. teeing part cf iho wceC. was tosirwaa*. dispelled by tfco fact that Webb Jb Kel y were again In the umbel, with 3 brsn new ccb'toct for the array. T-bse who tad for several csjf over without any porches* rs to he locnd.wire n-wnrly prepared not p only 10 sell,! ut to obtain o:d prices f:r ihetr Mocr: tbe tontier was cccorcp'l*bed, hot there was co Im provement* D prices tobe gained. Th« cnieed salt i Jnr'iop the day to’.V.S? head per ICC C>B, chi. fly »: ri.ias.-C --fTOtte ate about BfO head of clock left cvsrlnttu yaife th'i evening nrr-Id. Mcclaib Cattle bU‘Ut>le lor the army sreaealu la goed demand fer sc-meCayatocome. Shipping cat tle >.re tl*o active ar.d flrr at the abivc go. tsilenf. Thsis bar-hteo. a mere limited supply durioa ih« pnpl wee-: with >Mlfi differcnca la iha cemand »hichliccprtviras‘y txlxiffl. The market has con sequently h.ca dnrei. ard ca extra grades we acre an acvancc oo the quo* atlans of la*t Saturday's nur k*tofsfc pcrVOtbs. Thefijllowinq atetheclcsim: qnt tattoos of the market this cvanlmr, and C3tnp»red with last weed closing rxTcsa. Ttla week. Last w*ek. Prin-etoeitift..- iwpaio.w swsamen Mtdlnm to prime............ H-ttSO 933 K.n& 9/.0 Common to mwUnm... 70C'i?.?5 T.oa*j sis Saturday xvxsxxo, au*.27. The market dor* tar the week hss, with a considerable falling off In thearprly. beta mote active, acd onr quotatioia show an advarco ot Me oa artrae qaoutiora on th« week. ThedemsLdhas hocnlathehuncs of a few shippers only, whose purchases for the Eastern nu'< heir, are made here almost every ray to tfao rt*r. The ebaveheeano sprcnlotcrs, no.cntsLKr*. hat simply the remlar demand of regular havers. tirh: Hogs are very doll, add bed mach better be Rapt h»ck for a while, as aaytMoc like a larger supply, would Inevitably redare prices ceps'derablr. Fat, heavy tloge. are chiefly wanted, and for these, ai the above quotations shew, there is an active demand. There were tn the yards this moralcg about Jtou hoes. Inducing tbe receipt* of *o*day. The maiktit bar bf»n much the same as daring the previous dirt cf the reck, prices continu'ns Ann aed unp*'anre3, at yrst-rday’sauitatlo's. Kctercd sales. 1373 hesd at s3.7taiC CO, chiefly at su.CttMO.CO per 1(0 a s. ttilm. r.uyfis. . Ho. at p.ic*. O.Adsm* llon tier..... l o iro jjijj di ..i- . . do 8? i:j 9'■ tvtliwort & M... do »7 in O.fs Fftrt* —,... do 175 »,73 Jim* Allmon... ...... 6' 191 9:5 do •. do: *3 181 0 IS Armdd; CO 62 131 J».?5 do - <t isi p.ir. ileaim-D W.JL THden..... M 172 9 7r. r?fcrfte ; . L do ifi jtT p.TO J. UHaittj. Tlefcer ns 30 a.ra do TC.Smllh 173 17* 13.00 Ccrti* ....PhlUlM <8 ' Sil j,i. CD TliAyrrUroo \UJ. Smith .13.* in? jo.‘o frtrajtora „...5Ja110»y...,. srt 2<3 U.ffl Or<y . ..UamU f3 IS6 9.33 V Ilhams Tohry. 51 518 10.25 fchenL»a,H-&r.CicaEocl£.. t8 231 10.53 CHICAGO DULI MARKET. All talcs of Grain reported In this market report arson a basis of ie storage per bushel, u’Jvs otherwise f lazed. Four ii sold delivered unless othencUe stated. Satuboat Etooko, An*. 71. ISW. PREI« UTS—UBAin Pastoa s -Steady. Too rspnj creeds to-ftcy were:—'Toßcftalo:—BirJc Cur cf Chicago, vltb vtiat at OHc; sebra. Ma*y CoHisa ecu Naiad. wilt corn, at bs. To tJ»w*oo:-ScJir. EisMl. with wheat (to load at .Milwaukee) at 15Kc. •• Lake *si> Kail ”F&»ioutß—Ttera u no ebasgs in rates. - "We anot*: Flcnr to Dm,or, hkc and rail n.dV* Finn* to Torlf.laKa ana rail I £(* FicTip’oceioKeff l'or«, Uka aairau, V tv cs«, ProTiMCLtioN.T.ft'l water, ¥ ICO a no* Ficnrto <eoDtreal,»il watrr .... 6s*. Pert toMootreal, all w«ter ..; 9^ F.curusMctceaj.'laSUrma 7Xi.. Pork tollootrEa'.viaSsrßU..,,. i.icct Flour to Portland, via damla 1.t.cj... Flcortoßo'Oi.vU Sara** ...... .. Ficorie Bnlf*To aM lake .. - FjLH.aoio FnEiame—There Is no change la ri'ei. We quote: . Fourth Claw. Floor. To PewTcrS,*n o« 1.20 •* tail and Lake Ere r»o i.sc to Poston, all rail .. 0.95 x,so ** . rail and Lake Srto .........,9.55 *7O ToPfrtlßno.nllrall q*q ijm ToMcbtrtal all ralL, 03' 1,73 foßnbale, all rail . . s.ijv 931 „ " , lallaodLakoßrlo .............037H O.W To Baltimore, ail rail 160 Tol’biiadftUb'e.ai' W1....... «... o£o 1.03 Ft#«*UK-Bc-c»TT it to-flav. *.t9l brM: brta.. Marsi t qoitt cot without tnasarU! ceatue Jnp ICiB, Bat«* we**; ffmxt Wjsr»n Kxtbas— S 0 brl-QMnry«*Csß-l ” atSUSTHiSOCbrIa “Legal su Utf. Bbd 'Vjsteb Kxtris -?(» brs •*Ken»coa” at tio 59 Sparse Ermas—loo oris “ tro'fetfa at <1913: HO iwu ••KAokav-e City’* at »1« GS; It 0 btla** Ow»eo -, *T ttOOQ; 4t bill •' Globe** a*JiaCs; 2S brU “,iatksor» Co.” at 5’050. Spbiso SrpErnsE-10Q bus -Buckeye*' at |9 50 ; 32 brls "Mi'iltl *»l 1925. 118 aX-io t rsßrca fa bulk at <34 Co oo track. V HEAT'-ReceiTeo to-Cay.U.TsS Du; ahlsped Ig,* Iftbu. .M»nrtT«r,ooll one declined 2c on winter ard r®fc 1-v er oorprlne cracee. Sales te-day were .VIKTEE Wn*ATl2f OTORR—tCOboKo- I Rea at <4.16; 18/OJ rn Kc. 2 Bed at ii.il; Tto-i pa doluro'-llv In a. D.&00.V) at 12.1C;yio bo Reacted Balttjie*. pprieo Wheat is StoRE-fi-StO b:t No.iSancz at SI 15; 27.( CO bo No. 3 Spring at |2JO; i.VO bodont 11MK: Js.CoObnrtit at <1.99: SOM bndo *1.53 V: It.W no da at si!8;:o/o0bo Rejected Sortse at *l-90; 1,0 0 bo do at si 89 7bo xsarsnt clositr doll at 32. Pai.il for No-5 uec Winter, and at *:.9B3i9ni for No t Sptir». 1,0 u pr—Rfcetred to d« v, 3LS« bo; shipped, 25175 bo. Market dull and 2j*c lower. Saltsto-aavvere: Coes is ktoue—f,t* ophNo 1 Cote at *1.32; (Lfni ca do at 5..81H: 5,«0 bo Co at SL81: 33.00 a huNoi Coro atSi-K 1 ; is.Oitbudo at <>•&•<<: fi/iobrido at e1.39; s,Uobodoat»l.aX;2,rio ba K*J*ewd Corn at —tie market cViins heavy at SL3I for Nol and »I.s2J«%lj:BftTNo2. OATb-Received to day. 51.261 bn; sbloped. R5.13S bn. ilarret lets active and He lower. Sae«to-dav were: &/C4tn Not Oataftt ClKc: 15/00 bn do at 61Vc; 4.UU bo do st 61c; 1 ,*o)bu No 2 Oats atßlHc; 35.tn bn do »t C Vc: 9/(0 cn do a*. Cc—market cio*- tsv oal«tat67£6>HcforNulOAU. R»E— Beceiyeoto-aa>, bo: shipped, ntr.e. Manet steady and qo’ft. Sales today were: bo No. 1 Kycmatoreat St C 7* it, r OO bn do atSl.9>: r.Orr Pa N0.3 Bye at Si C; P. 009 bo do at *2 87; 409 bo >«S(P bn 00 at <134; too bn Rejected l.*yt at fl.sl—the market elodme steady at SL3C for No land Sl-S3f n ?No 5. OOA , . Ba»al*wY-Breelred to-dsy, 9,391 bn: ibtppad, sene. &l»rtetnn»«.ttJtoa*dsa>c« lower. Salsi to* Car«ere;-B*BLwr nr Sror*— baNosSarier 1,510 bn co at»»If; bo B«ler at |L9S - clo*ingqnlet»t S3.IC(MUfox No 3. AL.t'UaaLr-N-nilnal dn:et »t *3.5*3353 B gallon. BOTTEB—Estotrei today, 79.551 aa- ihlpped to-cry.SiHoß?- Marset less active and easier, bat •> HbcotanymaterialoecUce. Weqoote: . PilmeDa<r*,tDcrocasaud tnba........ ~...%.4’QitQ Shipplnr Rotter. In firkins tOdttc. Gre-te Batter. bale* to-day were: ISkegsJtme Hntter attic: 100 *ep.»Voicc*t<3<*:7l kegs prime at tic;Bl kexsat «(c; 3 ktea at waste. (* 5.03 It.OfftlS 01 BAGGING—In lair demand, with a moderate cnnuiy Gialn and Oat bats are especially acute c net alien* Ann and unchanged We «ioote Stark, A *HS Monitor A. vamlew.., l£p Hampd?nE,et*mle» ac ■wavtrlyA. teamlees 1M CbacakoA.aeaitleas Lctewocd A * ®« Mitcleater A.iewed lines «• c.rtKjcbabteA.sewcd linen .<* Extra heavy A *” 2? Exccluor. li juppUe City, sewed Uaen |J Garden Cny. aewed Uscn .... « Boilapa, feur Da... •* • fcarba. » _ “ l.two.btj.-.j, S flour Sack*. Kbrla’eotton. “•*]<“ |i *• « wo*** «* Masknvery firm at ptetious rat«*. vreQUote. R.mnnn.... £1 ®r*S _ BhDDBTK* m a,] a WfEtefonti«Te S <*» c ’/tifwrjjff. Market*crtTßana Arm a* prtM&t quotations. ffoqnote. fl «ft 0 c»pe,»»/ 4 cs c JUt*,OO, In mate .& IS c BiC'&lrtocoed. g „ r»— .oortto prime ««♦«»*:;- ,w**aa. M n **' VaalTenppiy. ana T*ry mm: prtTioo*. qaoU-toM. We K°nt~grr>okttel»l» • .......... S3 US RaUltOlL tHHMKMM.tWMMMM.. O.CQ s =—••• - ».er .................... 39.00 {.lmaU .. EUtiß—Tbe oarketls 1b sa«U supply. and owinc, tome lam inflict of Tutors, the dnsudhu tn creased. 'Trices an hijrber. Bales to-dar harTir : De«in>ade»tlß«?9cper<k». ; ' '7 FISH-WBtwmalnTerTUsltadntßßtr. - w%r- : totaeuTe snoflraßt preTtoui.Qaotitlous. Tenor Is note Halted receipt with a betterdemand. Pnc*s flncer but tmchangeo. uaczbbvl tn lair sapply fttd steady. Luui iau Ttr _ S *” teD “ «• poawhltettan.tif brie fas &i»a l»o I Trent. Lf hris ** •*■»••• Mo »»<« Ko 2 iron;, hi NpiMM»:irei.new - *ao &S So t Ateec*rci,naw.m aria******** •♦••♦lo.ss aiu» Koi»i«c*crei.newiut? r ' , \ U Us* r * s * Tsa arv S*.::::::~ £*» M3)ii| gitn Family Aiacle?*!. tifbrti * *w Swiss Codflao. George*! Bank,« im a*l £•?? «4so cc'Cih,Bdn&.?fico »,om ao.aj So I Prlttt nerrjiy, flbor .. --99 «9.s a«3leaUcnto«#,s»hoxl;.. *—'•••♦♦... <p ft ft £-SI!SSfe u f:;;r U SSffi^aafa^y^Kaasss T«m«oc» sac Water IfccSetnSS^K RV. prcci Aim tt «!u f|r«n AprleP.«) fcrCaii %SsS* ’ Wo Cff<U Ap , '*!?|» t N l)r),4t retail e??® 888 Green Apple*, « tn Vt rM-ir L?iH nz *-*- WCa 7Jt» LtßK.Bti.ViniiT v'Ci ’ cootaa *— »0 a «to Lemotu,£icUy,¥ tox * cn Om«_S,«fJ»s... **| nr) TuMtoin. * t£ bu'KxT* i**slMQ WRlrrMClcn»,9lta n Pcojp.P buht. l3Jai?xo gtbulsg Crobp.rert’ajietV ?15» <Xf i>Rip.n paniTw'p;,-;r;‘ - sj» Ctlpt.ißitbftMi iieV«ieasrrt tZ *J. a .™ T null m. 9&i upus -' 'nkWapiasK*^ AvpV-#,s-'-viii#n- y n UnpftrM [’»3r,fcp?.hijV»« xtrtdrtac&ta...... ' ** U.fl tor ISTs 68 00 ironic*. V a.... - fJS a-jj Ab Aittcnttjjlisro. v » *J » *b r> ••• ? <1 » I'PMj.BoUiDifca.p a •• * a n Birilriej.Wvfc'.,,, is E»ro:a;#.ausr»tit. <3 (a sa Pr.srlo CtfcfcrsV Vf« i™ .^-•i'** 3 n tnor; a T>Plr. If >.' V- mr.iW4 Hr J VSJtf V; 2 /^ 5 ? «• *cx «aap?y. 2Jarl>t lircf«d MchS^L ar o- tl . l 5, 3i!qa - t ® frc&tunl ltd c*>y at pr«*»*t wffS2L A - T t— ,v v. . ■waoL*9»wp I si atß oa3 * *' re, JQojes £*=* fty.beatf t pru««a... T»rttay Icok prcf.co. Titac’fcy.looftv Wwrle.locserpixscd.. TfcchytersrjKeS 3>-cihj-.>ofKpr-uJS;’ «;-K«a>!n - »««nu« Jr ? rra*?etf Pr*me,iooec.. . is>«:*.£3 MMS^assU& Om'2 l)rr?4lt*c.ftiau J «| ‘ Dry «for t ry|majed..-„.,.’„' 4 *i; <s® c f»M> GitxuSUrej,triaoed...*.***' i~ §'3 c bntuii. l 2J?* rlr Rcn7 * ftn*3 ins.xjfj E£T»'o' s S'^ls"«M^.3o-e...’.»a!s -cSS*? ‘—♦£’lp, s *s! Bnaaos *yr*a scg^c 3lfngbtcr.Sclc....rsg*2c* French Calf. 3A ' llaricr*.ito.sntisec o* * iiyn.. KIP. Ko In,. rr.ach C S&'CP Si3s T - fll, bt . fc metres,vdox -1 teavy.t tndat.u eu, ix'.ro.a’n m - r ’«cb c£i C J ‘ T ’ ,W French Sep. l.t molses.v soc f-S 5 V** \y • v- 2 - 25 dorado <* o:x French Calf. 77 I. , Bir»?spflat.ic.w 4 i-.g Fn=srm 81 Ot .... r-AVAL. Si.mK-la oifdrraie desnod an* V%£s. p - : ‘* '** ** pr ' ,ll - M ««*aSc fer:::::: IS™*.*"* •§** :.:^K -•• S £,'3 ? "•* 1 Am. UemcSo 2 * Ua..r i ftztactU,i.,. S<*. t-1,- It«i Hfin-rru.U s. ,«rr r££Z ?t/.l I-?—?r flr ri-r: m t!.»aU firai %t rr°f j -t n*i'- * r ** ,:t^c OVtr rvfti. 1-YxoCCo ? tf--. s-. f.l, *d, :.b'i51 *;•&- 5;.:,: ;;-£5 - - ‘»r* ”’i‘j :»m• a'Scim - a" v,r \< -, *• rT»vl u- <n..r « k ..-n ifa. -re ar.o Lrm »tt'eiirtisfn3*«lc.- . V.eooo:.- s H-Uti> Lci'.i (rtf • i” v *l•-? o’ire M..J.U [ J’ii vbS'rOi’J * » ..,- ' ... jjt Ai lum ou ..... £ ?* L*nt»'}». rnrr’.enT .... :.#s £ .v.vlir*o»- l.ii finu SUcrr.OK.... ft: ei * r. N.T.'pf •. tO»: a~. 's*io- o:». • - ;?) >'• i fth-tt'“U .... .. ~ . .. * CAJtIiON «. VTr-tS more and rt r ti .- U'.dftcf. ItevJuO? nu .tv tirssarr caiv Whn» Oh, l 9 tolls it*l. ty’rvr l .'^aS3.- V fc:J gfatt 0.1, rt« do trio— do r.mrole do qo ' SCC d-i SSc «>NIOS? i rearMvcrr. *•» t pn*-i» cot.Kntmirr'orer. v *c cole a decii- e r.t :*c v t> i on jfd'rs ''•quoi-'iois <«9oui>tniw>toa* > i)p<il£ st vi.rgS fM {I ini, *.\c in »to:c at 7 ha. POTaTOEw-at*- a»ll. Ja I pat veppl?. -vri* COo»l*i.ma^ilp : ice« tuv-- furm..riidva&e*<i:e 9 tu r.n jirTl«*rep,uo'atlPts. w*« qnote: Pot*v««, V tm....... P. V ri .. 3,'.5 3 tj.i POCI.THV—Tie aa»a«t la cctsldsrab’y m'ce rc.lv*-, tuira. t« tti* larue a'.c-RSOt nrinter# m ib» Ci*y to tb«; O’arettmu. Wi quote *-!•» "* *4.*fCH.SC ?• doz lor lire Glvcßen*. PHOTIUIUS -V-M*Ba Post—fcotDln-d at irO'Pji 41 K Laud—Firm. 3al.*:- ICO tea p:ucr> eteani *v gtLT Rcc>lrtd Vi 2 brl»: shipped, 931 b.ls, M-a-t&t steadyardscCve. Wequctc: Cous« ... - O ccnd Solar J*»ry. wiihMcVs wtta ;ot Foariar—Tora> lsJ«mf, P Urouttl Alam. p r*r.*c ........ SiOst.fib SsTes to dav were;—S,D7> ur;« Dotreadc Fist Sait at srjv crUve/*U on c^r«. SsTSEojs—lJec-iT'd tod«y. 2 ,t2O as Gr-aa Seed: ibirpeC. l ftf as Grass Seed Received, Si, fa pj Klsxeved. flax dssz>—ln Sams tabs.*: cbnte* at ft on Tiaornv srxp— :obr»*cccdoJ *3.70: Mbc* dossjjti E>D«AU>Tna «mt rbsage.nt prevloa#. qaoiati m■ Trwo is tolera hiv active, with a llmiledscppty. TCe quote: Cuba... .. st era X*ortrß!co , -ji lc SV A A Priian? ......... „ ... S> «3S H V.rcQned.powderedau«i sTanalatrd ....stw«aaiv tKWtt A 3 V circle a Kji r» B. -•29*»35?'k 3VMM. B ...,;-aVS PnrsC* ??hfi*33v rc‘'cw c t*»¥ r; *i.’4 SYItUC-In talr denisnL ;»na fl iu at urevoas quotvtl oa We quote: N. Y.Syrup?.-.. |* -Wai.io rub«M<.ia?a*s ia Jf-wO/le*o* oeircrop... ... l.llzi io itbla Bee SiT»i ... >,>KV|* cs fcWCES-Market Ttty Art, Tlth a IJ-.ii:cj’c?- me:o. Wequste: A::lDlrt,?ft k <:«»?!» 00 Cloye*.. .. n 3: Eo’okm. s‘««v2 25 I’cpper &|. 5; S,aI»EKATITw—Io fair t-1100? arm »no accbuEictd. We aucto: • EiD* In’* pure ~..11 a IHc do rest... .........'.2 <c.i‘xe De Latd'spurc .. i9\fei>-vc da h»ilir .... n a He do cbecncal -2 ,2iiVc TkA—li*rtretqul?t,brt very firm, t»Kb ttnan wsrdtecdercy. ibrrt* Is a**ir Wequwe - ca ,tc do eopcnortofl-ie, p a i.v ©:?« da extra to <*bo’‘:e, 9 Imperial, superior <c-Qc**. pa> .......t.13 tAiJXi do rxira to cbsice. P a „2.;0 Gcopoy;ce/,SQDvru:rto nn>«, a wrO) do extra to chore**, P B Japan, natural leaf.flt a t> ex.fi.e,p a.i.23 a .as 00 00 flnest to choice, p auso t*vn OoicEg.in.'enTtoCae,? a I.lc ai»i do extia to choice, p B ..... jjjs a .20 Sctjchorce.P a... ........i.ps em TALtu\V>Becc'ved. Mio aa. Masxet acilre and iu restricted supply. We quote: am > Cl yPacfctrt....... . ,13 ©— Conn<rw ..... .... ifiv i«v 7u!tAGC(f— lKrtet quiet bat reryflraxatnreseai oootatlo. a. *?e oucte: risa tux cmrwx=o xonxcco— Cto-ce....... ... Micuom CoanioQ SXCSTHO TOBACCO— Ch. ice........ ....... 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