29 Ağustos 1864 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2

29 Ağustos 1864 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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jSljicaga tribune. MONDAI, AtJGDBT 29. IBG*. BcCUlLaN’a tRUKR-aS AD- Vl»£« ooBitClON, ‘‘CsCttPA. THiMfraND AOOLIvIOV, Weptt'Jlfh Lt- ew’tb, und call the attCQ lion of i»ic rea-er to McClellan’s letter from Earris'Vr Lauding, which is noweir cuUUdb tbi Po*icy DcmocriU, vs McCM- Uti'p platform nnd therefore their platform. Wedetdre toamll the attention of toe Peace men to i»s coerc.ob'Bui; ot the pnwlavcr# Democrats, lo 'l« •liotiilonlsa', In. whifil) il went t« advance of Mr. Llocolo; aod of all disunion Di-bh'Chlnto ftt Unionism laU'McChllan «»**» t0 « that “the C-tn-fltn 1 -"* 1 irlres him, (.Abraham lincolf) full po.-'cr to determine npoa a civil ar»o pulley, covering the "hole . ground ofouru«tl<M*al truuMo,”. (including, ot course, the sUvery Question. “ And to di rect Uic wtM*lc course otnational affairs!” (Wbatepm'd re more dtspottc? -The Prcsi dentdldlw pwt wha» McOlellrn said lie had the right lo 00. apd lo‘! UcClellau’s friends bim > m.\irp( r imtl a tjnml!! 2<iL Beany* let no* political facUon(pcace pi* *>) nor miHUty hbc the prcwat cbec^<* to Grant, and Sueiauo) te:tiaf 4 ™ r r*' ii W enforce ** (Lot \* t compro tnlse oi* cbncUuic' hat to xxroncc!) “the cqotlop ration of. the laws ot the United Slate® mjk * u tb * : I,BOnWl ,BO nW of ercry State,*’ 3d t Ai«h. ‘Ufeb McUltillaa says 'Uhcreiato h- fw’tSrk *’ <S «&** fc" we are to remt DibL-r tba *■ Mr- Lincoln has made no at tempt loabol la lbe of slavery, hut only to umi Uu * orfm tks glcvis in. ce>- ain mvlQh 18 precisely what McClcl so rccorarjtaidn. Hoe«.va: “the BIGOT' v enimcntio appropriate p'raiancnily to Jos . owv ®er?ice claims to al&Tu labor ihnutd be «, ****& If the ow ier is loyal to should bo -a I° r hie tlaree; if net, not ” lint McCl#4 endorses the ex pulsion of UU principle tils BIGHT “TO ALL SLAVES totthin Thus wouexxo May dmzssiok vrm, ** suon State.” This is prnoi&dy what a?i, Llecwla lire months afterward did hy Us-’ocianution of emancipation. And tt.is poitt v c G!oUaa (has ccdurbcd aad recoaic*>n 1° ad toucg upon ground of “‘*a Wt*ry ««• am y," (the pbr«eq waa ,<v * from McClellan** I.tier into Lin??! P ra * cliiQtUoa); tleUiellaD also cudwat 6 a® cn.iiiiiOitnuil t.uA c oJfSxn v-ujv-.a, a d pur* raded by the ii>finriiCt*B of Chrtst&ffc 7 and : freedom (Jrccdoiu of the niggsr!! !y nc& BB f® I that all truly loyal men should *opoct\ ** VcCMlan tons cntborieea lb in aiv.V.r* j dctouice all -ho oppose the a as ui»ix>tai. He also says *it lutghv-ba humbly hoped that It would commend itseV* to *J Vtc A.linifffit’j." Compare' wlfcr* these points of McClellan, the pUraseolo*# T of Mr.‘ Lincoln'* proclamation, which'** adopted McClellan** hragnage sa follows; 4 * Andnpon’tuii act, tlucercl; bellovci t> be an *ct a:' jtuxue, warranted by tha •lipi'H vr-ilitury r>eert*i(y t I ievoke tbe consldtrate Juduint-ntof m.nkiad, and the gracious favor ot AlcdgUty God " Who docs net tec thst Mr. Lincoln could not have copied not only McClelUu’e views but his very lauenave so closely, nultsa be had bad this llarrtton Ldudlng abolition Utter belorc Mm at tbe time? 4 f h. McClt-Jifiti fnrtheF recom meads “ con cs&irbUooti of military power,** which re cummuKatloo the President has fu’ly edopud itua carried out, IVe now hare oar armies •* trait iy collected Into masses and brought to boar on tho armies o' the Oon fedcrv.V. States” and we arc looking to see the rebel armies 4 thoroughly deleK t fld** as the mean* recommended b; McClellan of causing “the political tlructare which they support to eoon ccbte to eiUt ** Wc hav« a “Com msndcrin-Cbict”—Grant, who possesses not only the ** confldei-ce of the President but of thewbblccotulry.** McClolUn “did not *<k that place for himself.** What he did not ask he could not complain If he did not get. Who can aav ou tlr te f«cts that McC;cU«a is not a pare Llneolnit*- advocate of all the pol icies for which too Copperheads condemn Lincoln, via.: 'c.-erdon, emancipation and “usuipsliou’*—lf Lincoln has usurped, for all that Lincoln hoe done, McClellan in ad tance called on him to do in a solemn ap peal made when McCl*-lian conceived him* evil to be on the “ brink of eternity;** ited In which hoe.id to Lincoln that these powers “muni .now be assumed and exercised by you or onr cause will be lost ** SXTB4 CILLt BMTH, “Extia Billy” Smith, of Virginia, U alive and well, at Chicago.—a veritable delegate at large’(torn Unde to the Chicago Conven- tion. Tbe skeptical Thomases of Chicago have “ thrust their bends into his side, and put their fingers into the prims of his nails,** which being interpreted, eu’ftifieth that they have slapped him 1 n the back and. shared with him cental cocktail, and like the apostles of old, tiny have believed In his presence if not in his mission. He' com* saa a reinforcement to tbe Peace L!en, ttatlast rebel device, like Stonewall Jackeou Waring down from tbe Valley of the Sbehat-diiub, and. alas, cn the same er rand—to dcuut *lllllO Mac.” Agon the. Eero ol the CMckabomlry has met tho reb ela. and—be *a inelra; for now that thereb da arc xnoieKe fr t*h men ob bis weak point, wbo does not know tbit if “extra BUI?” la cut ettuo. h, liuwcU Coob, or cverli. E. Le* himself will arrive and the “gnat dele.'trd” most quaiL Extra Billy tays that Little Mac n.nflt not be nominated —that the South deinund an v oat and oat v p;ace uia; nntaluud by participation In the war, and that Ueach an one bo noa.luated the Siatee of Georgia. Virginia, North Carolina and Florida *lll, upon the announcement of > ) ia nomination, oiilclalJy declare through a convection ibtlr intention to return to the in esse he shall be elected, anti upon his cl ctlflu they will revoke their ordinances of secession end of union with the Confede racy, cud ill ;>tiES an ordinance cl reunion with the United Statec. This is silvery sweet and taking. How much is it'really worth? ‘Extni Billy” is & very good re presentative of the Peace party of the South. That be and a few otb-rs at tae South might desire that tnch a plan of reunion sbdsld succeed*- wo may believe. But the Peace nirn ot the South here heretofore had i)ttle, if any, real power. What are Evtra Billy’s credentials fro '.a toe States in., .question? What security can be green for the performance of his pledge?" Els prrty ia not in the ascendency in either of the States in question. How can he ho responsible for tbe maancrin which Conventions in the States mentioned, would vote! Tbo promise which he mikes must be performed, if at all, by that class who have tieen lebels from the atart. Do 'tej authorize tneh a proposition? If the rcbcla will agree to return to the Union In caeo a peace man shall be nominated, they will have no difficulty in finding a peace man. The terms include all we have been fighting for, and they might as safely nomi nate Mr. Lincoln ta Vailanoigbam. on those terms. Bat alas, we have aa yet many reaeona to believe tbe rebels would not, aadnona to believe that they would, offer any such terms. We bdievo Jeff Devis would tell those who proposed thus to secede from the Confederacy, as he told Sotth Carolina, that though they had the undeniable right to se cede yet that tee moment they joined tbe Union, they became enemies of the Confederacy, and though be could not cou stUntionsDy coerce them, bo should march into and subdue thorn to the extent of his power, as ho would any other power which should declare war against the Confederacy. Secession iatooxnuchof u sham to be tried on more than once witn effect. Still wc ,-ould be clad to believe there is same trntb -and authority in the story of “Extra Billy’! Smith, and that he is a man of too mneb character to be tbe Intentional agent of a potty politics! swindle Tbe dispatch by telegraph that an emissary has been aeuf from tbe authorities of Georgia to Washing ten (if true) might give additional serious ncee to Mr. Smith’s mission. TBE CONVEhTW.V-COSStSrnV:i.i Probably there will not be intbccpproacb in" Chicago Convention three men, ail told, lowborn the rebels did not look for all and moral endorsement when they Inaugurated the present Tchtillen. Their hope was found ed on the principles and past policies and pledgee of the Democratic party. It is equal ly probable that there are not throe among them alt who have not, instead of fnifilUng this hope, betray ed it, by pledging themselves • to a vigorous prosecution of the war till tbe last armed,rebel should be subdued, and by assuring Mr Lincoln, from the stump and tbiough the pmaa, that they would cordially and firmly support and sustain tbe war to a • triumphant conclusion. By the blessinjg of God, this war, now in its third year, has pro gressed more tepidly and nrlUtt„tly and suc cessfully toward the end originally proposed than any war in history involving EO efforts and on aa large a scale. At the onL set it needed hut that these men and their fellows* 1 should have kept their previous Democratic faith with tho South, to have averted the war altogether, and to have se cured peaceable secession; and now it needs ' w that they shell keep their pledges to the Government, to secure a Union. The etabtllty end vrtsdom Whitt snide tiejr political career are JUnsfrated hy the readiness with which they Justified the South In-rohelllnE, before who hsd attempted it, in the heartiness with which they called for coercion ns s.on as she had followed tbtlradvice, and iu the consistent efforts elnce n a tto prevent the coercion they at first demanded. The? uo» propose I mmedlatc peace though tnowfmi l> caniiut r»c h«d without dissolving the Utlen, and jet claim to advocate the Union also, ibooch knowing they can not maintain It without war They will oppose the draft and piece in nomination him who waa first to recommend iu They will de clftin th-*i the subjugation of the South (whld-lh-y rnce demon *eo) was never possi ble, and win condemn Lincoln because that which w; e in itself impossible he has failed to accomplish. They will attribute itr. Lincoln’s failure to tbu selection of incompe tent men and the adoption ot Inadequate measures, jet wul nominate for President him with wcom Lincoln failed, upon the conservative platform which Lmcola ai'c r two jcan» trial oUcarded. If the platform shall be for war if the Uulon cannot other wise be preserved, it will codor«t* the main policy of Lincoln’s Administration and commit its candidate to hU causa. , If the platform shall be for disunion, if peace can*. notoUcr* h-c he obtained, it Will endorse substantially the rebellion and Jed Davis. If !l gives forth no certain sound on either of these vital points, bat asks the people to vote for one whose peace claims arise only out of his defeats in battle, and whose -laurels as a warrior rest on tne brows of his enemies, then for the first time shall we he able to ptrctiye fhw Quixotic enterprise of Lincoln, and the IloElnanlteh character of the Repub lican jarly In the humiliating, fact that both ore cntfriig npoh a political' campaign against a vlrdmill In which defeat is absurd and victory scarcely lyes ridiculous gg* Dick Blchardaon commenced bis ha ;nu>guo in Brj an Hall with this shamefully lyirg declaration: wo committed •• this countr> to the administration of Mr. 4t Lincoln, it woe the greatest and most pros perous country on the face of the globe.*' ■Whether drunk or eob-T, the old dema gogue knew that he uttered a palpable false hood. t4 Wbcn this country Wiis committed to th« administration of Mr. Lincoln" it was rent in twain-; by the party’to which the speaker belongs. When Mr. Lincoln was inaugurated be ound two governments In fall blast: Bu chanan at the bead of 00c and Davis at the head of theother. He found two constitu tions !n force, the Federal and Confederate. He found eight States folly seceded, three more almost out-, and two mere preparing to folio*.? the eleven elopers. He found ball the tf-rritoiy of the United States In the hands of the Confederates, with their Capital cstab. Ushcd at Montgomery. He found this insurgent Government- busy organizing an army and a navy, building forts, drilling troops aud collecting taxes. He found tbe armories and arsenals 61 the "edtral Governin'ntplundered of their coa 'it«,«Gdthe ireasuryrobDedoflUlastdollir uch was the “prosperous condition of the itry" when Mr. Lincoln took tho-oath of OS***. • Tbe deir,ocr4 tic party had scuttled plundered the. chip ot State. Union vas dissolve i as far a5 "?l- was in the power of that poiiftS ciesolve it before Mr. Ltceoln be Mmc'drot iWcnt * Wheuheentered tbe VVhite HoubC'hei oand &»tilmg him three plenopo tcntarl*e*>i m 10 negotiate a com merclallrMu ‘- v ln buLttU of lbe “Southern Cobfeiocrten Tht T dld DOt deign to ask for recognition iof rebel They conaidtrcd ' already s-tt’.ed. Such was the ZTr.frifl worik of this “glorious democrat ic"pariy; aod'e. ow *ha Itodera ot the north ern wing csfr to restored to power in order that they rsa v complete their scheme of disunion by encsi a North Western Confederacy on-' tfce i rnios of me old Union. bho CoTjasce need ttie Wan [From the Cmciwatih nqtVcr, April 23,!»3.] The Southern ermy t omacnceu the attack upon Fort Sumter*. arc 1 bstore any hostile demonstration bee * made upon them. They broke the y winch has so long prevailed, and upon tbta <n clearly rests the immediate responsibility Norths blood; strife which has been Tney are tbo Bficrceeors in flrrt breuith 15 the-peace, and will receive the indignant condemnation of every patriot. The onus of. fault they cannot shake off * * If vrarawlbloodahwl rage throughout the laud, our eja apathies Trill be w.Ui the stars and stripes. . QOU&S* If Dan Voorhecs is a-man -of peaesv "yrhat does he want of twenty thousand rifts ? If Mr. Dodd, of Indianapolis, a delegate’ to the Chicago Convention,, is & man of pesos, what does he went of thirty thousand re volvers ? . . ‘Wood, In his Dayton speech, said In the presence of Vallandigham, and rdstlve to the South: “Her people caunut be conqaerei, no astter how wlee vonr statesmen, bow ulcUifal yoax ucnenslfi. Tte Uiiiiß-LiDColn baa attamoiad wonot be done. No chuugc of policy, do military fetratecy, no wise et&usuian&hip, c*n give you »ao- CC6». ,P This of course acquits Lincoln of all chaiges of incompetency or wait of elites- - niatifcblp. If be has lulled in accomplishing an impossibility, ali others would have lolled equally. But the truth Is wh»t these Copperheads claim to regard a« impossible has already, In the opinion of all our most reliable men, been la great part accomplished, and nothing but the op position of these veiy Copperheads will prevent Its entire accomplishment. Tbe Democrats cannot urge that Lincoln ever cmd in adopting the war policy, for nint-tenths of them were, on tbe bomoird ment of Sumter :n its favor, including Fernando Weed, who then in public ad dresses pledged to Lincoln “the last dollar ami tbe h'bl man” lor tbe suppression of the rebellion., c^* a \Te repeat a former solemn asseveration The Dfxociuct op Chicago wilt, savs a fuse tixcTiosf on a plum piaifT.’’ —Chicago Tune*. So will the Bepnblicans of Chicago havo a free election or a free fight We believe all Americans eveiy where will assert their right to a free election or a free fight. If a free elec tion were endangered or a free fight were necessary to obtain it Bat. wbo or whit threatens the freedom of the approaching election? Nothing and nobody. All men know that there will be a perfectly free elec tion. But, suppose you have a free election, will you abide by it, or will you sti»l insist, as did your ♦‘Democratic” brethren four years ago, on having the free fight also? Yen went into a free election then, and were beaten. You ihca rebelled in every Stale wnich-youhad the power to control. You ere now gclnjf’ into another frfc election. Will you abide by it ? Or are these advance cries indicative of your intention first to vole, end then If again outvoted to rebsl? QES. HIcCLPXIyAK O* ABW ** TILAAfcV iiCtter from Gen, HcOltllao to Gen. lp»ak*s orderins tl&« arrest or Uxo ISunlaud iii gihlature. [CONFIDENTIAL.! HEADQTiaiu EB3 Army or tub Potohac, Washington, Sept. 12,1*51. j 2J«j. Gen. N. P. Banks, U. S. a , Geoeiol: Alicrfall consultation with the President, Secrciarltß of State, War, &c , it hae been decide© to effect the operation pro rosed for the 17th. Arrangements have bsen niade to have a governcoctit aieimer at An napolis to receive the prisoners and carry teem to their destination. Some four or live of the chief men in the pflatr are to be arrested to-day. When they meet on the X7th you will please have every thing prepared to arrest tue whole parly, and be cure that none escape. - It is understood that you will arrange with ; Gen.DixandGov.SewaidtbeMioauio/Krc'.d/. It hafi been intimated to me that the meet ing might take place on the 14th; please be prepared. I would be glad to have you ad vise mefreouentiy of your arrangements In regard to this very important matter. II it is successlully carried out, It will go far toward breaking the back-bone of the re bellion. It will probably be well t j hare a special train quietly prepared to tike the prisoners to Annapolis. A A I leave this exceedingly Important amir to your tact and discretion—the absolute neces sity of secrecy and success. With the high est regard, I am, my de*r General, your sin cere ixicnd, Gfoeqe B. McClellan, Maj. Geo. U. B. A. Os the 29th of the same month Gen Mc- Clellan sent the folio wing dispatch: 2b Jfoj.-Cen. SaitJcs: Have von any more of our friends to send from Frederick to Annapolis? Please an swer at orcc. Iwlsh to know on account of ordering oif boat Jfisf- Gen. McClellan. Commenting on iho foregoing, C. Chaucey Burr, an influential New York “Democratic 1 leader says in his “OH Guard' 1 * for August: «He mockingly calls the victims of his despotic deeds “our friends I” Is that a record for a man to go before the Detnocricy with as a nominee for President, in a cam paign fer freedom? If the legislature ot a poverel* , n State msy be plunged into a hos tile by the Federal Government, then there is an end to the system established by our fathers. If tneb ft dted was'not ft c-une, the islatu.ee of tie Dtmocr.ti : par£ is a fraud ■ from the beginning- By the Constitutlun and laws of the Slate of Maryland, that act is punishable with death.” peaches* TLc New York i/rra’d says: Theconsnmp tion of peaches In this city is immense dar ing the present season. As many as.forty five thousand baskets drop in among as daily from an parts. From Camden al?ne wo have a daily supply often thousandbaskets of tho rnddleßt and jnclest kinds. The principal producer up to the present time is tho little State ot Dda ware. .New Jersey, like a good co ®fhgttp next week. The mure the merrier Let us have plenty of peaches, and let them be sold cheap. Fears, apples and plums arc also abundant. Mo.-LrLLAN’a LKLTbK .10 PEESI9SNT LlfcOOLc*. He Adrocales Emancipation a< a Military Necessity and as «e --ing Consiitniional and l'ons*miive. RKD COHFISQATiOH AS A HEOESSiT?. And a Concentration of Military Power to Put Itown toe EebeUian* When lie B<be! Armies are Thoronsh'y I)f- CeCuttd, be Says Uie Eebcllloo mil Cckc to Exist. H faytthat Slaves Sashing Military Pit ttctioß Should Ecotivo it. Hbadquab rrca Amur or tub Potomac, ) , Cast abas Hahbjboh‘6 Landro. Vu., V July 7,1802. ) ‘Mir. President,—Ton have been fully in formed tbit to? rebel army is In onr front, with th“ purpose of overwhelming ub by at ticking onr position or reducing ub by blocking onr river communications I cau uot but regard onr position eg critic U, atd IVnrncttly otelre, in view of possible con tingeccicF, to lay oefore your Excellency for yoiirprlvu'c coialdt-ration, my general views . coLCMuitg the cxietiog state of the rebel lion, although they ao not strictly reU'o to the situation ot this army, or strictly come within scope of my -1 duties. These Tle« a amount to couvictluns, and arc deeply impressed upon my mind and hcirU Our cause most never be abandoned; ids the came of free inttUatlazts and self-gov eminent. The Coustitntlun and tbe Union must he preferred, whatever may bo tbeco.'t in. time, treasure or blued. If secession is successful, otW desolations are clearly to bo seen in the future. Let neither military disaster, political faction, or lorefga war shake your settled purpose to enforce tie cqnsl operation of the la =3 of the United Siotea upon tbe psoile of every Statu. Tht time has cotr.e when the Government must dttcrrr-int tipon a cirU and miiUiry policy cover, iig the whole, ground uf our national trouble. The res; oislblllt; of determining'declaring at d supporting such civil ana military pull ey, and directing the whole eou s eofnatuioal ttfjair* in record to the rcbtilion vnuit mw be tie turned aid ere* need by jou, or our cause will be lost. The Con*4tution git'a you power sufficient even for the present terriole exi gency. This rebellion has assumed the character oi war; ».e such it should bo regarded; end it sbuuld be conducted npuu the h'gbest pibciples kno*n to Christian clviiizi tion. It should not be a war looking to the subjugation of the people of any State in ary event. <x should not be at all a war upon population, out sgniubt armed forces and political organiza tions. Neither confiscation of property, po litical executions .of peisous, ur>Uoritl or ganization of States, or forcible abolUlou of slavery should be couti mpiuted for umo meufc. Id prosecuting tbe war; all wiv-ite property and unarmed persons should be strictly protected, *ubjcct only to the n of military ojwctioi-p. All private property taken tor military use should bo paid or re ceipted for; pillage onad warlo should bs treaud as high crimes; all utUKC'Seary trea pees sternly prohibited, and ofi’-nstve demeanor by the military toward citizens promptly rebuked. Military arrests etr.-uld not be tolerated, except in places where as live hostilities exlsr, and oaths not required by enactments coDstilncicuauy male, should be neither demundt d nor recelv. d. Miiitiry government ehonld br couQued to the pre serration of public order sad me protect! in of political rhibta. Military povveretjould not be allowed to interfere »»itn the relations of servitude, either by enp porting or impairing tbe authority of master, except lor suppressing disorder, as in oth.r cases. Slaves contraband macr the act of Congress, si'kiivg military protection tfu-vld re*:«vc it. The rit,ht of the govtrzrmentto appropriate peni-an-.nvy to Its own service, claims to slave labor, ehould be. oe-irtcfif and the right of the owner to com per-fcatloatberefor should be recognized. This principle might li extended, upon ground* of n.iluary f.ccemiiy &x>£t security, to alI/TUB SLATES WITBIK A PAirtCULAB* STATE, THUS wokezko srxNUinssiON m *vch State; and m Missouri, perhaps in Western Virginia also, and possibly* even in Maryland, me expe diency of such a mcasurc'ls only a question of time. A sjetem of-policy thus ' conttitutiotuil and ; con*m-after ar.v pervaded by the influence of &<rufuim/pand fmocm would receive the support o! almost all truly, 1,/pul »« f n, would deeply impresstihe rebel masses and all for eign natlcus, sad Uxnicht be humbly hoped thetit would CTtnmena lts?lf to the favor of the Almighty. Ualerelhe prl2cipl?s governing the future conduct of. our* surcgele shall be made known and &pp;evid, the effort to obtain requisite forces will be IrulGws. A declara tion of radical views, especially ut>ou sUv ciy, will rapidly disintegrate oar present aru'iss. Thepolicy of the must bp sap porteiby eotfcet>ir*ti<r.9 Of ?oihtanj power. The national forces aboald ocfr bo dtap*r«od fit ezpi*dUA»z-B, occuparfioo, and nu- Tuerura aratee, bat aboald be uutiuiy cxkcted into wcmm, jf*d brought t* bear upon tne amiUs if the- Conjtoeiate Stat&. Those- am-ies thor ovgr.ly deeded, the pfJUical structure which they support would fiOOfi-cmc to eri*t In carrjhs??ont any system of policy which you nay for£>« yoa will requirer. Coyv tuvuier (Grant) of tbe army; one who poe* kmci yirsr confidence , (Grunt) uniLrstiidt you r iftetct, (Gram) and v-hc*&eofHpcUi.t to execute your orJcrs (Gen. Gnat) by directing the military-forces of tbe cation, to the accou- TUehmcnt of the objeem - by you •proposed, do not* ask that place for nu&clf, X am willUg to serve yoa in such position, as you may assign me, and 1 will do so ca- faitufally as ever subordinate served snperinri I m«y be on the brink of eternity, and ns 1 hope for forgiveness from my Maker, I have written ibis letter with sincerity towards you and from love of my conatr/. Very respectfully your obelfe.nl servt, G. B McCi.elulst,- Maj Gcu.Com. His Excelltncy A Lntcona, President. THE: P&OPASBH AStMUS- tigs. Tv lias Iho Bcbcl JTrstss- About Xt. TbeDcmocratic delegates to the Conven tion seem to be unanimous In favor ol an armistice with the rebels. It Is the Durden ol all the speeches thus tar mode. Aa&'mts lice may be a plonk in their platform. But It takes two to make a bargain, flow cm an armistice be male unices the rebels con sent? What assurance can tbs Convention give the touts that an armistice can be effected* except on vma wholly Inedmise-ibly ? Rcii the loliow ing on tho subject from. the leading, rebel organ: tub Axtscun AnansncE. Freto tlia Klchmecd Ex-ialner, An?. 17. It ?ten»s to be nearly certain that a proposal xH Boon be made to ua from some quarter, cither from Lb. coin cr tbc Chicago DaruKr-ili': Contention to aert ut to i n armifctlcc, cr simple cessation o: bus* tUUles. to allow oi negotiations “for peace and re* union,” and lor tna; alone. A New York paper cost urgently udvhes LncoiuhUßecif to t<Uio the initiative in thi#, lu order **W> .disarm and alienee the fitmoraUzli E peace taction at the Nonh;" be cause It shrewdy cues-ea tuat each annistice&Dd negotiation* would be refused This U merely & : move to take tbc wind out of tbc Democrat!-: Bull. Whether Lincoln Is to make such a. proposal now, or whether the Democrat* are (o carry tn their candlaate exprus y that he may. make it— from whomsoever u mjy come, it is waoi.Tr is- JtT 'p, It tbc North desires to have uceotis lions lor reunion entered upon at ah, let all tsoap* and blockading feete be it Widtatta and Uu right of eeceseion formally and then ne gotiation weald bo at least possible. If they invite ns tu negotiate on eny other fouling, our only ra tional answer would no another biota at the heart of Pinn&Jtcnia, We are not likely to consider tbc qm silon of reunion with n awordbanging by a hair over our beads: and it such a proposal bo maoe, wc shall only conclude that It means war, and endless war. until one nation dr the other shall be subjugsted or extirpated. Gentlemen of the Copperhead National Convention, are yon willing to conclude an armistice with the rebels on those terms? Arkansas* • Editors Tribune: Mv attention has been called to an article In tbe organ of JeffDavis, a taper published in this city, called the Tifnc*. of this morning’s Issue, in regard to tbe situation in Arkaasaa, which is calcu lated to mislead the public in reference to the real condition of allairs there, and 1 beg to notice it. . .. ... It is not true, as stated, that “secessionists are masters of marly the entire State.” Much tbe largest portion of the Slate is to day under Federal rule. The headquarters of Gen. Steele, commanding the Federal troop?, is at Little Bock, the cipltal; a bri gade of his forces occupy Pine fifty miles lower, on the Arkansas River Another occupies DuvaU’s Bluff, on "Whits River, a division occupies Forts Smith and Van Ba ton, on the extreme Western bolder. Hel ena is also held. Thus, more than two thirds of tbe State is not only in possession of, hat governed by Federal authority. ' Gen. Price, at the h*. ad of the rebel army, is at Camden, on the Ouachita River, down ncarthc Louisiana audTexas border, anda few guerillas are straggling ab.ut through por tions of the State, stealing horses,• &c. Tbls is the “situation.” as I understand it, and being a citizen of Arkansas, and having frequent letters from reliable persons there, I think I am belter prepare* to give a true statement of affairs in Arkansas than this rebel sympathizer, ot tbe “celebrated Tuner,” a paper in great favor down In Dixie. , A CiTiza? op Ankassas. August 27,1804: CSjT The Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederate States is under an Indictment for gambling at faro tables. The Examiner of the 17th says that if all the money that has pissed through his bands at these tables was his own, Ms friends can congratulate him on the possession of a most ample pri vate fortune. it seems to he » fact that a United States greenback that has been torn or muti lated will only be received for the represen tative value of the portion remaining. If one-half of a $lO note Is gone, It will be received for but $5; one fourth, $7.50, and so on. TRE COMING CONVEMTIBN. A fitr Foil of DenosrMj—Tlit Mtfidba Suck F.uilf; In lie Market—ftaf Visitors —Pcnoaal Skeithts— A Timm ®!T the track--- Etllroid Yolleg, Sen Ont-flis ffrlontls Let off Wirc-wortß, niiUTale -l>hnt they frmo a&d X>ld—aide MivWS, THE I«VIKCIBL« CLUB IlOO»lS-CAP. T/ilfi Nn»li>ukkp? utUVcks ' tll UMiLFuK A bflficClL IN FRONT OF THE SHERMAN HOUSS-VIO LENT TIRADES—THE ANQE«# OF FEACr—BONFIRES AND RUCE EPS—GOING MAD. Tte attendance upon the groat Copperhead NulloDul rosvemion Is honrly gaining m proper, tienr. Every train tha*. roaches or* citr is bdeu wl h enthnelaatle believers in the priociolcs »* the nr-w gospel. If there be no lot op in 'hi- extrabr dlnaiy.lt flix of strangers qcict peaceable uini will lose theirldentity. The hot tie are fn'.l, the atrects are full. Chicago has not had such a visitation since—wo do n-it know when. The Convention proper has oof yt convrnid, hut tho/preliminary work is In a for ward Elate of completion. Caucusing ami wire pulling tre at tbeir culmtoatlou and if “in ths moltltcdo of ccueseller* them Is wisdom,*’ then may the “great part" rvst eecars lu the belief that their wntk«lU hcfrnUfal. ifay It not bo tbst too many pby&lcians will kill Hie palkntr PROGRESS OF SENTIMENT. The McClellan men were not ao buoyant on Sat. nrday as they wire on Friday; nor were they ao buoyant on Friday cs on pertinacity and d< termination of the Peace men are tilling upon them. Had the Peace mnn tba money at their command - which tbe Pulley men boast o', and really have, McClellan, would be no where. A man of far more talent and ability as' a statesman, viz: Pendleton, of Ohio, if he had half the mt-ane at hla command thst is wielded by Me < KlWa supporters, ha woald distance the latter in the race. In met Little Mac is run by the “ bloated aristocrats" of the democratic party. Ee is the cardidutc of the money-br**kers of Wall street and tbe great railroad coiporadousjof Now York and New Esgloid. Tho democratic piry needtoboa>t In Jefferson and HaOleon’a time?, that it was tho pour man's party. It denounced banks and corporations bitterly uud nucosaiagiy Now, how is the mlgh»y fallen 7 It Is controlled by Austrian Jew haukerg, like Belmont, and cod fish aristocrats and ral.way kings, liko Dean Rich mend. The glory hath departed from it; Never In the history 0! any party in this country wsp so much money expened to influence, oy ont fideprettnre.a de iberstivo body as attbUCun rentlon. Tbo thine is done, too, uauloihlogly. Tbr rnvrlii-c* «.i tbo shoddy artstccracr have no modestt In their demeanor. They ara inch an exhibldon of political dcUaadury was never ultncsstd. Tbequevtiun arises, howls the rendidate ever to repay bit eapporers for tha money thev are cxpenouiT for him? If bo only bludftbe treasury in the proportion that bis Iriinflsblceo forlitm.tbcconeequ n os 10 the conn try will beicarlal. Tbe peace men co up ambit’Xrly 01 this debauchery ot the paity by tho advocates of At the same Umo they see In it a means iff furthering thtir o«»n ends and arc cot iln« tcißs even day from tbe shoddy aristocrats Isvonible to their mends of tbcSouio. Thr-uter inuidferencemar-ifo-tedby menyof iheMcClelan men os to wheihtnheir candida'e Is to rnu uii a peace plcifcim. cr stay platform at all, Is a very bad liiO-csitau ot the public cooscieoc;. Tbe Democratic pony, once so particular as respected its jihri'orm, is now rc-Jnced to a mere fuciiun, anptrtnt y dej»endent upon the hrecth ot oncmau fur ifs existence. Tbo McClel lan n-en, perte, who are In a large majority ont-lde the delegations, coucider the democratic at tbe project dsy e: tlrcly m the person of Gecvß. .McOifßau. He is t3e part?. A mw foo e on Saturday, of the War Democratic ttripe (Ibereore euuuchoi.ibt'Tn to the Democratic perty to tUi a seven by nine village ‘>cnoui-hon-'e) r thcncht that they eaw the commg man In ihe per son cf Gta tfix of New Yorkr Go*l hi In them, poor some; there is as much caonco 01 bfs b-jing t-umujiitcd bv the htreileg pca.e v.rew why ar« here to complete tbe commenced by tbo SuutMm traitors at Charleston, a* o* ihc Angol Oatrlel receiving ibiidistinenisbedhoaor. Taere i«too much enrnes-nees in the mauucc in wtnea Get. Dlxia h Ipliy to carry 00 tbe*»'«ir loptonau thete peace-makers end p »id mluions of Jew b in*.-' era si n railway moa'*otul*'?. It Otx ects a vote, it will wry much emprise us. This i( a pea x couvenilon-s pttxeat uny price. Tbo word stares 500 from the face uf evcjy delegate you meet l is Impressed on ovesy thiog cottueclod” With U. It la tho open stsaroo to the heart of every genuine Democrat in the Uutteo orate* to-day. The peucc men Leva got the armistice riank to ttart on. Tnie they eonskkr as equlvoi-.nt-io rac* ornition. or at Icaet 1 to the abandonment of the war. Stop the war for o month, say they, and it wit never be returned a-.-aln. Xu this tbxy ore honest. The anuistlc* plank is tho plaolt for rhtm. Let them seniretbia to Jeff. Davis, and bo win take care of tbe balance. Tbe proposition of dtac Richmond—to whfptbe South if theyccald net be coaxed baca—is laughed at. bnt la objected to as intuiting lo a gnat and chivalrous people; Tint is the mam objection? Ae a matter of met it amounts to not bin?, nut rvo- matter ol etiquette' a groat deal. They say it ivnot gentlemanly, but ou the contrary the part of aimlly to threaten, ea penally our equals. In fact' the peace meu de-. Nor are any tt-me of reeu* structiou to isrdfcfloed. A tenon! declaration la favor of tho Union aod Constitution will not be objected to in tho platform by JeJ. Davir£ Co. The staiemcxt to an that Illinois Wifconslnand Minnesotaarcin- favor oiMcCiel }bh mi a war platform, will ben* matter of news to thedelrgateelrrm these Statco/The first choice of llllnoir is not SeClt-Uan. As to a war platform there le-not a-cerpural’a cuvrd- of de egaies from tho?s-Tfcrtc Sciijs in faror ot it; ’• The great point of oifflcnliy to -be overcome by tbe p:atfarm makers is tr-at It cUa 1 nut squint a ( . therecocnitlon of tbe South, at Thfcaametimcthat R rba.) notpraconsee against it. The peice men are satlafisd if i t tench of peace ore left to be set tled hereafter. Give u? the armliTaccc, they say, and talk about terms afterwards. BeiaonX-of N«w.tork, cull* the Convention to O'Cer at St- o'clock, and comri» s«jtauar, of New To»k, will bo permanent Chairman. Bishop Hopbine, ot Vermont, will open wltn prayer. 'ihe Vice Pieridcucy remains as yosi.-nUv. It ipclslmeo b» Keatcckv. but Ex-Go~,Campl>ell, or Tenttefiie.'iSMrocpJynrpecl _ Ti» :otail exhibition at Bryan uiU co Saturday Tra* very We thought t&e old Whig nrd Native American parties were dead and barfed long, long oca: bat hero was old .Vmos Keudail acting the pan of resurrectionist to them, and tha'.toa ar tr he had years bpo uelpcd to fclll and lay them In the crave. It was a giu**tly slaht to fic Geuen-1 Jackson's Post Matter general mak- Inc over the remnant ol the party* of C;*y outt Webster to tho minions of Jeff, Davis Jb Co. Bat wber* wes there ever a chance lor the old Know Nothing party to play Into the band* of the secee piouiepi that ib*-y dm nut Tinprove? True to their liiCrailroble itstlacs, they galvann»d the old concern into life lor a lew brief movants, on Sat tnoay last, in order uticu nu-re to do toe bidilia? of pru-rfavwy maiHfiesbrs and wor-iaa-wh.ppers, and thne re-eauct the infamy ol tfccir lived ion* after thsy had given op the ghost, at least to all cutward appeannee. As the ilcCieUan stock goes dowx.She Seymour stock goes up. Tho iriends of the laWeraro work* - ing quitlly, but surely. Let Srymoatand P<*oilt ti-u coalesce and they will make a tusm that can easily pull cither through the convention with perfect eaee. . - Fenwmoo Wood was introduced to the Wiscon sin delegation vesterday. Oneot toe delegation rctaarktd tout Wli-conem was for .peace, but the di-Wtalicm nai not saneQed bow it could be oo tamed. Hr. Wood replied, “ Gentlemen, wc ctn hare no peace except through an armistice and a national contention Let the Democratic Cunven tion.adoptone resolution embracing ibeeopropc sUluns, and we will be succe? sicLwitb any ciudi date. After the armistice e invention is called, Ist . It decide upon the ittins of pmce.” This was r->. ecived wna much favor by ihx Wisconsin dele gatee. LATER. Tie paacs men last nght iJulaed positively thatMcWcliau I* a “dead cocxia ihe pit’that tiny hava got hlia by the throat; that lie nxy t-;*t a majority on the first forma! ballot, bat thitha never can cel the two third to .ft cholcatoLil tb.it he never will banocuucied, bcimoarie the mieg star.. He foiled thepoaco men osco on a tlrno whoa ha protr 1-eJ, basaoh- Bcquenily rafu-cc. to pot tbo 'itat« of New YdsJua arn-si apposition to the General Government. They deserted him lor VMllnßuishseD, bctnlnea hie arrive in this city the? tarn been «rala co qai4iJnjrw:w:hitr,ond tv!3j to rtoah: oo xvjJilng, urjon bis ac*lu setting hfr’Ao'fnuht wUh them >o Give him Ibeir eopport. railing to fled their fa veiite, ihe rolicy susu will tarn to Seymour as their second cheih?,. and St . would not he. at all surprising wcreibe State ofNew Yptfc to get tho candidate. It is in her power to 0030, if she mnnt*o* adroitly atd who over: secured? NcwYor* pchitcianH of Trent of tset and Too- cca-t dltH cnlty with the McClellan m*n ie thch.au the bhr puns in the Conversion are nstnrolly at bcirt tculiist an upstart podticiau like him. They will never take a shr,uldar strop man, a* ion® as a ci vilian, of their own act, 1a ** to tbo foiu,” The Peace Men rpiko a very stems point on the Policy Men in this. way. They soy that it would never do to nominate a man whose only recom mendation is, tbit be Imbrncd.hla hands in the blood of hla Southern hrelhicn—kldsd so many thousands of Democrat*. They say chat there. .is ao poe«*abla coxresooudence between the proposed platform and the proposed candlastu It the Democracy really want, peace,, ray they, let ‘-ivm show tho South that they aro sincere, andprcaeatapsacc-man on a peace plat* form. The pcaca men have a torch-light procession to night. They claim that the outsiders here so far only represent the scum of the Eastern cities; that tonight they wMahow that the yeomanry of the country. East and West, are for peace. The Ohio delegation have put Vaiandlghcjnon the committee on resolutions. AUOrST EELMOKT. Confessedly at the head of the city derogation etancs the name of August Belmont. Ho is s Ger man by birth, hut many years a residual or New York. He is a banker, belcnga to & class of weal thy and liberal democrats, and “shells out 11 liber ally whenever party exigencies require it. lie Is nade much of by Inltjo Mac- ana in the event of hie election, would receive the tender of adm class foreign mission. He is an early and faithful adherent of Little Mac's cause. Mr. Belmont ts a snail, dark complexionetl man', with Jewish cast offeatnres, Bpeaka with a decided German accent, and limps from the effect ofa wound received in n duel some vests ago. Be Is the chairman of mo National Democratic Committee, appointed in 1860. XEQAZ. DmnXIGESCE* Hen. C. L. Vallandisbam has been cmcifled anew, if wc may believe the report that circulates onite opmly upon the streets or our city. It ta Mid that the proprietor of an unliquidated hotel account for §2,600, contracted by tha distinguished exile white sojourning in the Queen's dominions, I* lo town, end that thebt 1 bos been placed iu ‘he hands ol an eminent legal firm. We cannot vouch foribe correctness of theinmor, , On Saturday Talhndighsm’a tneods introduced hm to Dean Richmond, onu the former while arc ln<» hie claims upon the party, alluded to his record during the years 1€« and 1663, when the Dean cut him short by raying—”-Damn your long record— no man now needs a record more ttam a week old. Val. subsided. WHI3KT. TtewhUiy market Is dreidfully excited, and fatbtonable drinks at popular saloons are golns up with fearful rapidity. We quote nr »ndy smiahea and sherry cobblers at ihlrty cents, and llrm ily Monday two driuka for a dollar Will be the tariff, eentlenun. It is consoling to know, when we reflect upon this rapid appreciation in tte prices of liquids, that tbe* e rebelltouE-dleunioc- pt-at*' whisky-drinkers nrccorarilxUm: itelr money to pay the interest ttx Ibe public debt, which by and by they propose to repudiate. ZSTQA BIU.T BJUTH. TWs gentleman, once a member of Congress from VlrenJn, la t*ald to have arrived In this city, as bearer ot propositions from the Virginia rcoeis to ihtirNoiinern allies. It Is said that for two davshehas been dotelea with the donations from the Western States. The prop be mutes art: isu Aeeueralarmistice for 90 days; Sd. A National Convention; Bd, The nomination ol JUlleio Fillmore. He says that if these propo eitlot s are acceded to, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida will come bock Into the Union witoin nlnetv days, and that they will be speedily follow ed by "Vlislniaand Alabama. He says the South will not treat with Lincoln. Bo and ols friends are against McClellan, but 1' Fillmore cannotbe nom inated, they will accept him. provided they ajnee to an armistice and a National Convention. Me* dtiiiTi has tbe respect and gratitude of the Sooth, rornia. KAILBOj A vote was taken on he linrliDßtea t!mln that t veiling* The trun wai ahead* coming into the strived on Satorday e' largely filled with Ccpp< Convention: McClellan... - 85 Pierce.... * Tfilhadighem ...16 Ji-ff Dnl* . 3 Hotalio Seymour 35 Liucoiu Tboe.H, Seymour.... 6 Fremont w Fillmore 21 8ai1er...,.....-.-..! Anti-McClellan Ceps, 83, majority tor Mac. a close nipping. . notv CLOEQB F. TT APT WAS pgUOATgD TOTHS emOAOO COSVE»TIO», Tbo “Democratic* Territorial Convention or Nelnu-ka, among other delegate*! te JL*£J5~ Klc« ey, a German, to co to Ch cag»». bit! proxy to a merchant In Omaha, oy the same of AicGcuib, fnrttndoilsrv, bat J. ®^. r a&uthtr ccl-'eaie, had prooitstd Blckey a pcoxr to O. F. Tratx.—McGrath rclhscd U yUc way. ana to Train was sent for, Mofun tcK itke accom modating Tram, because be bad prunu-sUto c-do* nae a-large number of Irish In 'hcTewltory lo wi tk on the e«b'*ni terminus o. me Facldc Railroad, ono lima cid the pari* Mcueata.lield our, tu dss b la-t ro-or*. George F/auel-i raid - ho be d—o 11 iboT thonld lave « flnclo In-howo, un lets bo Wha sent to Chicago.” Thw pressure was too gieat—McGvarh gave way, and that Is how Gctiige Franc!* Tn\ln came to Chics-oas a dele ca;e to the Copperhead Genre* t on INTHEEVENIN4 • . Tho Democracy were jubileni on ..atuniay eve nil pend vxco* utngiy ii.quaciou#. It wa Uk.on the streets, talk lu cviry ball wberc they coo d pair* an entrance, talk everywhere, rhero. wa» fomot ody to taik to.'. Tbe street# o» leant were There was ptfcutj.oinu.se. STCJ-EILAS DUMOSSmATIOS. ThoTiltnlsamiadmlrfn-O' McCU-hßU—the grave digger—lad mtbiT the advantage *u point of po sition nnd old their cc&t to take full a'lvonu.je of I*. Thty mec-injhc unernoonin.Bryau U-iU.ami B iccecdcd In nominating him wltbniu opposition Th*r- wes n neces.-arv ftco, or be would hive.oad un nomirat on a: ait Friday fnMrcnnnccd croA‘- lug “Email >:y decrceSi and beantnu ly los-.” Gmy redded on ifikb-g «|mc by the forctoct, and {hotel inc a crai-d ralimu ton mertlnjf id advance; that ; ianilitTiccrAffrchotceasHproilmirury to cr-im mine him down the throal# of tnelr brother, rnc tiofifts-. Tb it th**«Utmut was in bsdttstc, neol escite ro i-crynse, “itxcibe jcuth meu of *hc p ir ty have mTcr bet-n lemarkahle for the display of good. £c4j£u. Evjd their martir, Vatlindigiutn, bad not the audacity to come (orword till fairly draeced forth by bis friend*. The McO'elhm men gathered In coh?I(!srablo numbers in the evening. It waa evident that they had determined on maktn? a grand effort at efTacc- Ing an iionorlog dcmoi-slration—one which should awe the opposition Into rabxmsrloo. Thbt U thev forte—the jeadiicidea Impressed upon tbom by their bell-wetbrr as tho only chu'.co of buccesi. It renuins to benscertaioea how far tbe; urn ahl« to accomplish (ho darling object of their ambition. t c denjonatmion wis Intended to -be a mig niCcent one, end it cuccecdcd In title: that n uoy one were in the dark or to thsrceuU of tho com ing convention, tney threw /»ySf on trie sahj-XL Ihc Court Uousc railings, icaido iLenqunre wcro stedded round with fias» of thoilcOleim geaus.. each one sdpp led wbh an oil lump, tho cautcnts c>l wht-h mightVrecac the wheels of the preaWen tial cir on its usseiiiC to the .White Hom-e. The norih section of the square w«a with what was intended to bean imposing-galaxy of light A huge gallows was erected, aud-. thero on was tnlncd coU. on coti of eas pioo, with, leu forming tbe name ot McCiellia. au sbanclngthat bets “our only hope,” ami other verbiil tokens of abjcrtsuhtniHslua to tbccomlsu one. ■ Then tbe fireworks were admirably symtmU cal of tho past progress of tbe grave digger, wao “went n]i like a rueket and catno down like a stick" remaining in iunomlnlons darkness till he ftreck a "bloo I ght” In the publicstion oi his previous hrslory oi G.B. McO'ollaa,and uis wua doriulmledeedi*. They wond have done well on (he gars Jets, only the figarce refused to be exhibited. The biu would no: bcrn,aadtte au tvmhcd were forced to content- themarivos wl .u the aforesaid rockets, which, Itwaaohssrvcd, were largclv of the serpent kind, and fi led the night air wllh fiery imsg*H«l (be Coppomnaa* Too failure of the jets was, bonefer, by an adv ditlocal supply of tea of the windy kind, tbe rpr&kmg being resumed wbenrit wai found ibntihsir light was gone out In Uarkuead—a irutb ful foreshadowing of their dvfeut in November. Tbe crowd was decidedly an ecthu3l~<siie ouo. Tbero was a cnntinnnaj* -houtiug tif> ihnmgb : tbe whole time of the mcotrag, were answered stfnro they Wi-re art, and thcnppliafe roncmiiy emne in at the middle of the sentence. But tbouudiSQce was sail-fl-rt. Ttiat wa*agre-it thing (o tc accomplished. Well it was that eot 4'« Ve a tblcg ahuald plvaeo them. f7uutd time their desires wcr« alwsys as easily Mtlt&eil, It is tJnpmar that muco as the ctf.vd proton to bate Ahohilomsia, it could nn cutaiouc witao-it Aboliili.n music. "Johnßrowu’a cody’ naetbo first tuno plQ3ed bvthe band, and * 4 Kxnudom iJota leg" followed. VTv condole with then?in tho pov erty of their muslca? re periury. CUOOBCfS Ji CHaIK.HAV, Dr. Stereos,' of N. X, called the mn.ctin? to or-- <Jar. and paid he bad tbe honor of j'itrodocmj SStjor Shcrmar, who woald preside crcr too mrettns, mid as*td tbo«i» tu tavor of 1114 nnoiinii* tlon lo »oj aye. The notion treviUc'l. [Some- Umt* mtu arc thofccn flrut,oud nominated after, vrarcte.l Mr. Sherman called themee’lag to order, nnd lu troclncert Gei.trnl L*-sllo Coombs, who spoke ano> stantlaflj as follow#; trzF.cn or oEHrscn oooxns. Fd ms Citizen* ry Horth Africa: faiv mornsniD only to have your attention. Au u!d roldltr a-ka tbia of yon al. t*oys.. i a.-k it iu tho named an old rolaier, anil 7* bare a right to caU m 3 self an old so diet. Eight vw .r» ngo I bad lb<r honor of stressing you m this- ci y. D-.ugias waytbeo one of your great leaders, [Chccrs.i Hr spoke of tha grtat program that bsd been reads since bis firs* visit, when 1 this country was d’icd wi‘b Indiums, and of tho manic rapidity with which' Chicago bad Incomeaitrcntmelropnla. He said be had Imtf to ft e great c>u.v*sks. but tho last grcttrad cl»ang*«wa* t>> see the ncud of brother drawn against brother. Ohr Southern bretbrex, order the lead of a mad ambition, are now endeavoring ‘ Id- dissever this Union; Inaw long before It esae the Inevitable rernlt of ifcemad liwaridamof the North. I told . the people bvru eight years ago that civil war W4?. coming upon us. It has cutnc, 1 bara-ve'.a the bs* cinnlrg audlcxpcct to teethe end I shah lire to see this strife endwi, and the bones nt fraternity cementing uongain. It can only be Juno by the reunion of- all opposed to this mall administration. After the e)pct.io> of Lin con I wvnt to Washlugioa- and I told bim I would-support ulru vote for him. If bo would be governed by the Con stitution. He ualdbo wonk, out nc ha*noc been. Twoof my eoos-m-iawbave been eugsrodlo tbU war. I have tarnished my fa'l ©apply comm and mssns.- Ism tired of sma war. we know noth- Inx about ibo war here. Had you seen what I hive feta yon would know eemelhlng about it, X have held fluvea. bn7 eight years ugo I-cmaaci pittli tl.em. I would ntot »ilow aoj - otUsr man to eniai.cipaUi them- fur mo. (Cheers.) I IcR my famUy ucflfr the- prutextiou ot au oi&nc*ijatca slave There IsaofasHof men who ciil tis Cop perheads, btaiuse wothiuk ihti.wblt--rnonas iiood- as the ns«jo. (Laughter;) Doc? noyoae doubt that : despoiitm has taken cbtri'eot inn country? Do we-note&othem uudcrmiolntf the towtrof theTeapleof liberty? Idouotoome beis-to auvcrr.M tbe clvlms of any man, but to speak against thadsepottm of any or alt men. As to m>selC 1 am uu. Old Line Cay Vtot?. I wu3 bom a Wnlg,v.and-cai eoing to die a 7/hlg. iChrers.] 1 navw voted for a Deaiocfit,.boc if 3 on. nominsto tbo right kind of a man. I anv go ing to vine fcrhlm. I Cheers.] I havobrcn.assei! if we will have an..t'iecti»n in Kentucky.. 1-b.ive told them ye*. Aro you going to rots?. I toid them yi-f, that J 'had a knife -in my* pockety and three score and-tcu years behind me, cnd thnsl was going lo vote,or tile. (Load cheers.] And bet lucky will vote, and will give fifty uocenod majority. [Renewed cheers. fcptnklng rf ihe negro he said: A will work tor bulfusn uchrm-a white man cur. utford to, sml whetever tbaro any su-iau, if you .don’t watch him, you will d&tlbim layingin it. IChcew.J We must rave a restoration ofthiipn as tncy were. Each men Tacs: be allowed to kiss his ewe wife, but go other mon-’e wife. And each wumsc may whip her own child.. Bet no cun meet kies mother loan’s wife, imiino woman murl-whlpanv other wumau’s child.. I mean no Ststumascinccr luc with the ri/hts-of any other Btate, . LCbocra.] erjTtcn or e r. peciuks. 0. E. Perrlno was next introduced ani.Tcoko as follows : We d;d not-come bore to speeir to men b» tbc acre, but oue : would snpuoso thet this was aurmietlou. We hire met here to coaudor the condlt.on of our country, many of ns-trcm that section dlvidedby an imaginary lino,, known ns Mt?on*e and Dgvoo’s line. We have corao hero to consider wbether.wo have a country, and rights; whether we c»u lilt u> oar voices tor constitution al debts. Alhpaitioare rallying icrva common, country. is to be determined wheth er we arc focxercUe our rights nnfirr.-msrtial iaw % or at lha iwlr.t of jayuaetn,. 1 think wo are to have feaa speech, a- free and a Iced' .country after tba next elfction. [Cheer?.] We will grind uowa all who would tramplonpoitour rlabta. support the Govunnient, but wo wiU not ssi*port Llncnm and hie odrulnlsrw.'.ian. [Load cheers.] IV© are coinc to Ist them know that while wo submitted to the suae?ntloik of the writ of fialtsas r <rpu-> and the nmxxjlr p of car presses, wn did it because we wire tolithat the abject was tho mstoratlon uf the Union, Bna we have been deceived. Oureue mu-r have hnmaaitdthoinselve%aad wa are going to lakß.thepous'-acniout of .'their hoods. We arc going to elect another ra-«n, nnd shat man will he brcrgpß. HnC'.cllan. [lsariiac uhserc. When •ho is l iec'ctl we will so to our erring brethren, with tha aUvabrarch. ofpeaceiu oxrt hand -ma the Implements of war m the - iihcr.-dnd will propose to take them book and give tl-yn. all their Conatlta-. ilunal rjihts. [L<>ud Cheer?.] We, the people of theKciUj,sre Loin; to cninrl. the buuuer which, has htu-artvi dond by day and. tho pillar ol hre-by nichh; anil wc will hacaa fait election ora Ires fghi, l Load Cheers.. Thu ablest* place far .-a. man to dta la when he dies lor man.. Ua said they, wers tel ifehat there in tho damacrstlc party, bat said the cmia-wae. wita tneadmlivieira iion paitr, Jund that tho sboddy cootractcrshid hcUcrloox to themselves. The crisis Is wltLitbam, Come up and put down tba rebellion, ewe one founiry, and Jet elartry, take care of itseX [Ap plause.) Letrseay to thwa Btnlca, come back with a’l your rivhid, and naLray U> them as Abrahcm the L, ' and Abraham the. List [cheers] has ?cJd, tnat a yon can come hack if yso will give np your slaves. LCheers. Websyn b&CA told that the heath had no ' resources, that their soldiers are nakei.anc-unfcd. , 11 they fight so. well without anything to cot or wear, what in God s- name will Become of ua If : they ever get anything to wear and oat. [Loud Checn.l Beenid that LUtoln already fciliaaecnte, and that Hre. Lincoln made him sleep on.the back stdo of the bed against the will, for faar he would u© gobbled nj»—[cheers]—but ilra* Davis kc Jeff. pJccp cn the lore side’ and run around loo*o. [Laughter and renewed cheers.) We ask that tho people shell bow down to the will ol the people, and they have willed that George B. McClellan shall be sominatedand elected, tlmmanae cheers.] Thi-n we believe, one by 09c. the stars will come backnpes our banner, and believe that that con cern at Washington will be hurled. [Oncers ] We are coing to come out here in Illinois and nu furl onr banner, and aek the people of Hhuols to wipe oid the EUin of Having helped elect Lincoln, ami cuoshoi him to the shades of Springfield [Applacte,] Coniinvc-i on Fourth Page, Majob-Gzserji. HoSSCBAHa OS ’XJIUSqB.—On Saturday the loyal Board o I Trade experienced a freshening relic/, as welcome as it wag unexpect ed, "by the presence in their midst of the gallant hero und thorough' Union man, ilaJor-Gouerol Bopccrana. The foul taporine* of treason and h&te which car citizens have been compelled to inhale for the past two days, at almost every afreet corner, bad lea many ol our morchauta to despair of ever bung able again to appreciate the value of pure air; but line a green leaf, in a desert. the loyalhreau.li/gaoloQeof “the bravest of the brave,” brought them to their senses. Such a spontaneous burst of enthusiasm tna rarely. If evetbeen witnessed In our city. Although it was “bi>h ’Changf,” business was Immediately set aside, and as the gallant hero proceeded from the Secretary's office, n lane was immediately opened forhlm, and he croceeded modestly to the Prcu* deal’s desk, where be waa intnxrucu, in *ne mifistoi a perfectwhulwind of cbeoi*. - At first the body of the merchants preheat did mu appreciate the fact of hie presence. Thav saw arfunassuminggentleman, dressed plainly in ciLl zOjs’ clones, and some feared Itmhrat oa somem Ujb copperhead dignMarice who was shout to ad dress.! hem, and they held their hrenthfin suspense —but the moment Ucq. Roaecrans waiannounced IheirenttuMaamknewno'honnda. ;! And then the brevity and fitness of his speech, Bud his cordial “God bless you”—aid the ncal apology he made for bciai lonnd city at sucho time, 'when nobody but scrni-chinrs were ezpeered—aL combined, made the roenbers of the Board feel as If they had got a new Ifase qi life, and after it was til over, they congratulated each other on being present, and enjoying!the unex- Bosccrans was introduced by Colonel J. D.Tucker; bespoke as fo lows: I /“Gentlemen —1 came Into the city by accident and I had no Intention of appearing be»ore you. at yuen a time (laughter and loud cbccra) s. but tl yon will keep it secret till ten o’clock to-nlghl IwiU be out of the way. I thank yon tor this kmq re ception. The name of the Chicago Boaui of Trace 1* not new to me—it la well known by our-gaUant rsoldiers, and we often hear of Is at the fmat. Ton arc a great heart which throbs and poUatcs with the cause oi the Union, and yon are dot aware how much good yon have done by your almost un exampled patriouam. Ton have girfc a great blow for your country. Goo dims you n nnw&fcf *fi» HONKTiftY. Saiuhdat Bvzjro,o, An?. 27,186 L Tbe money market to-day w»s quiet, and bast ccst> was psrtlullj neglected in consequence mainly of tbe decline In gold. Tbs supply of currency was ibtrcio«t quite (nflcltnt to sect tho demand, and the reguat bankers discounted freely at 10 percent. Fx hMig»> Is very quiet, the supply being atlU gtcslei th*o the demand. The bankers arc gener ally buying vt x di-count and selling at }i dis count ; but they are eedlng to each other freely at tfdbconnt.^ Gold tooc a sudden drop to-day—opening at2>% falling os low n? 215. ano c « sing at 7.7, wi-.h m nion* since tbe da*e m toe hat qnotatloo of Its bi-lu? a low os 213. Varous resigns have been assigned tor this amoas wh*ch are—tbe prospect oi nominating ttiO**Gravediggei M at the Coppmbrad Convention—tbo-saudlcg oi Peao CommlßSioncrs to llichmood— tbo report that Georgia bed aekrd t« b3_ admi'tcd Into f e Union —Sod the iakt and m«-st likely, that Grant had pained n decided victory in Virginia. On ’Oluage, asonnd Democrat of the oil achoo'gave his ha son fur tbe decline to.he, that all the “shout per bijcLt" gohOeibm had left Wall street to attend llic Chicago Ccnvcti'icn, and'without their pres ence there, gold could not pr-ssiVy be rept up. . Tha l«>llowlng «rr the quotmoha received from Now York to-day by James Boyd, cold-broker: AtlOe. r0.../;.-.: 263 At la** a. m....250 •* !R:1Ca.m;...iV.2:2,S “1 p.m..: tisv “ lt':3U “ ...:.;£53 “3:33 *‘ 510 V “ II “ 351 v, 2;15 m “ lislS “ 2 0-i “2:30 “ ...217 “ill; 40 “ . .;2.*ox * Tho following la the Now York Stock Msrke*, Acgnet 27, as received by G. V. S-iltonstall & Co., Commission Stock cod Bond Brokers, Si O.ark street, Chicago: lit B'a. id B’tJ, n. 7-C.....L..198M .... 1 Qa'cksflrer i.-ys. k • •. v„ H .... 1 fiodw.n River.ir&yj .... 111. Csot .... IU.6T ctfnt war C.& N. C.AN.W (pf23. ESN ... | Eile (c0m,... Itoß .... 1 hrle(u'd) HOJfi' ....I ,0. a IV. 11. H' .... M. 8. (com)... 9\ .... M. s. (yt ) . ~’4>K w.. F. 7. W,& 0..H1Y .... bl. ti A&X .... ■ v. & ‘A.- (com ).68 C.&. A.(pa)...bl .... B. 1 v ..... •••*- 111.Cent.SQllp. 3}g .... H.StQ. . .. 137« .... , iiiiKct-lstncarChcavj. -to«a hoed-.. VS U S C Pc-nt 5-2= e;>u»009.113 ' IT. B, 6 O c>!US . , boa-'B 1831...t0fi 17 S.W- 0 re*B- nr>• Notes ..I.lL* U B.lyr eertf. 35 Amcric’u gald.?4d( No Sit Board Sslurday. o«aiif«Bci4£. Satitcdat Btokiko, Aug. 27, 18M.‘ Tb« receipts and shipments for tho past were "bb follows: ' BKOBIITS AKD SQTPXEKTa rAaTSIHOTOS, jwceived. Shipped. *l,oi *3,7*30 W. 737 19,^00 81616 21,871 87.5 i 143,535 I’.fiTO 9.'£M 23,420 12,800 21.030 6,714 licur. Wheat Pic Burlev .. . Giftrp Seed. 'Fias Seed Cored Meats l.ard 55,890 T-Jiiow .. 2,9-10 .... Wivil . Sl,8!8 .... Hoca 1.900 . .... Caule 8,035 94 Hides ... : 29,470 40,275 UiffliFlnea 50 123 Salt .... Js*r? _*5L W,BM Butter. There tiM a good attendance on 'Change, bat owing tothecencml dnnne*BOi the markets and the reception of Major-General Qoecczaua, btismana wasllcht. The boar market rated exceedingly quiet—the demand being Ices active, and bnt httle disposi tion ou tbe pert of holders to press ec-ba. There la no materiel change to note'in prices however— tbe sake funonmissr to tut 3,200-brla, at {JHJitf (<£ l?’.ST y v for white wider extras, $10.50 furred win ter extras, and £IO.CD@IO 75 for spring extras. . Wheat was very dull. and we no>c a decline in prices cf Sc per buebsl on winter and 5(t?.5c on spring grades. About oS.tCO bathe 9 winter Wheat were suit! at 52.R5 forNo, 1 red; $2.10(5)2.11 for No. 3 red; and J-.'.OCfor No. 3 spring—the market do- qolet at $2.12f2»2.11 for No. 2 red. Tbe sales of coring wheat amounted to about I<o,oo bushels* at $2.t5 lor. No. 1 spring, $1.9:3(5)2.00 for No. 3 fprir-g; aid $1.60® 1.00 lor rejected spring—closing: anil at $2.05 lor No. 1 and sfi.9B<®l.9B# for No. 2. Corn was also bat, and prices Mi 2#c per bn-bel, with sales of stoat £o,ti'o bn at $1.31 <6,1.32 forNol; sl.2iV® l.fOfcrNoS; and si;y>fur Rejected—tbs market clceing quiet nc $1.25#(5)1;29 for No 3. Oats * ere He lowtr, and lose active, with sales of W*,OCO barbels, at 67(557#c for No 1; and C 5& far No 2—closing steady at for No 1, and CE 1C for No 2, Rte was m Mr demand and steady at $1.28® 1.37f0rN01, «nd $1.32@1.&4f0rN0 2—with sales of 23.CW bufhels. At the close tbe market was steady atsl.SsXorKo l,and for No 2. liurii y fell SQiCc $ bushel, with smlss of about 10;CC-0 bushel.-, at fc9.106b2.16 for r No 3- in store— the market closing quiet at $2.10®2.12. n-.sbwloea Ml Sc 9 gallon, cnJyTOO bria having Itee'n sold h551.76. Grain Fmgbts were steady for wheat and 6-xfor corn to Buffalo. In Groceries the market has contlancd moder ately active. The leading slapl»e-ar<bin lair saj)-' ply* - Prices rale very find, but with no ch&oge on prcvlone quotations. - CBceee !i> etlll in email receipt, Hamburg h firm ' at 21^2!c, and Western Reserve at 2atli2Sc per 2>. The supply of Hard Coal contlnnoe very limited, and thorouchly lusufilclcnt fur the present de mand; • Dealers are holding very firm at S2O.COi and Lcbi t rb*at $22.03 & ten.: Wlitefisb are In almost nominaV receipt: tbe crrk?4 is active, and prices rale firm-at tho ad vance noted yesterday. Tront are la mod'erate de innud and firmer, bnt without qactsblo chnoeo. Codfisivln noioiaaVeupply; market Tory firm, with an upward tendency. Green finite are generally very active;- excepting Apples; all other descriptions are In goodsupply, and tolerably atendvat our present qcotatlane. Apples arc in Inadequate receipt, and pricesJhavo further advanced &)c(&SI.CO y brJ. Cams and Poultry ore considerably-more ac tive, owing t6 the largo influx of visitors lo this •city. Prices have already advanced COS)73e t? -dor, with a limited and inadequate supply. Carbon Oil la more active, and prices vxe firmer, wl»h » strong upward tendency. Wo still quote bc?t While Oil at 95Q8Sc 9 gal • Wool continues very active and flrmi CUcdco FJtccc Wool Is selling at $t.G5, aud several Sold •<rs have withdrawn their stocks from the market, :Jc anticipation of higher prices being obtained. In B«a'Cattle there has been more activny in the owlcgtoOcveinjnent Cattle being ?sa!u !a -ot-msnd. Ettcrsd sales dorms tho day ?,137 head,at cMetlj at par 100 as. In n« gs tho market has been moderately actlva B'dnnaai pr«v!aua qnntatlonf. H ad at ?5.t:-3WJ:'A chiefly at M-CO£IOXO £rt>a> L.ATEIL Id the af.eraoon there was no disposition. to opir atr,aa«: the gcaer*! nmrkaia wsre exceedingly dull and b? ivy, on account ottlie decline la gold. No 'i sprio.T.whestwas • ffered at $1.96 wLfcdtit buyers cats ahd highwlces were neglected. CHICAGO LU nUKE MARBBT. Batusdat Emrao. Aug. 57,1561. LTJMBSH-Becelveu yMterd»r,i,Ols,if«feet. Ths market is geae»aLy active, and very Cim, wUUsn upward undency. Receipts have b?ss more llboral. witb-u laxas number of cargoes In :h* market. aaiNOLES—Received yeaterdaT,l2.,CW. Incocd drm»nc, with a small and tnodequite supply. Bmke; thru' ut previous quotations. LlTß—necelved yesterday, ICO,OOf pl-ces. In bsfi tiT.demand, and very firm nt $10C3L25 91,0.0 pcs. , CAKOOSAL2S TO-DAT. Pert caipasrlir Alnwick. from Grand River, "oil hy.litch.4 Fuller,CO.t/01-'etrafted lumber, "4 strips,’ at r N\ balance of cargo, Bln plank, et JL7j 0 5 cargo cchrTciegraph,fromMuskoxou,TrnesdMl’a Mill 73,. «0 feet lumber hoards and strips, at 813.0 caceo cn'hr Üb. Smith, from Grand niver,soll t»y O. Brows -ter, fee lumber, >4 strips, at $3-.9) i ca.*o B.hr .BlrcndaUe.fr&w Manitowoc, sold l»y McDonald, 6*.- ' coafect mmher, all etnas, at $83.00; .cargo schr O T. Pester, from Muskegon, eolahy Johusm, !>},' 0) (cct lumber, H *rlM, at 522.03; Lath, C3.3C0 pcs as $tS& ThstcilowlngarelhoyardprlCM:: " Tcmna—First Clear, V M : ....T.’ftXCft'SXO GeCOQd Clear.P M 43-o^4iSa!o Taira Clear, V M. CASa.M StocsCooros S&Ctrf-Sixo • ' Bci or select Beards.. ST.OOaV'JKJ Commonßoarcs SOix^’txu Fcneitg., 2Mshu2l.S<J • mu 11041(1/-..;.- ta-Roo First Claar Floortmr.roasa iiCo',ft3n.or... Secoso Clear Flooring, rosxh... 10.00x40 00 ' Common Flocnnv, rough 3XP039! CO Siaiojr,c;esr.'creased- ..' 3UJr«23. ? 0 Second Clear :.. WacgMiw common co 21.^0^2100 LontfJoiSW..... 2JlX(*lßtts Shaved Shinnies, A. V M.... S J-<3 3.75 Stared Sblcgles, no. f- 4.8: a 4XO Staved srlaela*, Star- s7.v3e.r-4j Ct-usr Shingles * 8 iwja s.TS Sawe.*Shingles, A 5 733 0.04 Sawed Solnc.’ca Ka. 1. ATS Lath, W I.WO pcs O ? l/«. UX%WM Pickets 17^,0(313X1 ■New York XToal Market—ADg. £5, The demand has fa lan off. The extraor.Unary haavy receipt" causa rnreia to bom off In expectation of lower prices, out thay are wed supported. Lato tulc-a amountto sa.'.ouvsaDomaatis Klecee, a? tl.tc«jil 10 for flue, and for ctoiup, Inclu-iiojr bevvy BiorkatMc: lOjXOu&aonUadat Lemns, 93c@»1.00s 15,r<0 ah California, 4705-0 for Parry, and fSSSTcmr fair condition. Foreign Wools are quiet hut very firm * CHICAGO CATTL.K NAS.KBT, For the Week lEndlnar Ancusc 3?> 1S&1* SATtfnnAvEvmaso, Ausost S7, ISM. The rccelpty of Beef Cattle and L;vo Hogs at the vcrloas yatds in tha city, tor the week ending to day, cempire as follows with the previous weekly receipts since July 3,15fr1: Weekending Aur.27. \7etu eaoibic Aug.il> 13,«3 v- cesc engine An*. 13 - 7*^3 Weekending Aug. 6 »7£o 6^*7 WfetenejLKJalrSO 303 a MU weekends* July *» .....*,9TJ ,2»i2? Wta* ending Jcl? 18 g, O IWfl Wnelr enaing Jn-y 9 &1W 17,158 Wccc tndir.B July 2 t»,tpb or zasiear ox lira erocs pbojc cszcaooto D2XEOIT CaUls. Hogs 9 m &s. Mica. Ceat. andHlch.8 H large cars... »a»OQ sec r«»of«W bom Me U*j±lgan?€Dtnl,EzasUcsn........i. M MB »c TO TV7PALO C 9 SVB?KKBIOS DBTDOB. Mlch.Cwst. asditlch. 8., lance cars.. | - gc Carsof bO'est. KLOO f®a Kicbicat' Central, small cats ■ iW.M wc ••ort 'ffajtacars.SMleet... BLW 68a , TOPrvTSBUBO. Pitta .Ft. W3jne&C.carsof2Siftet..tMX3 Eo Kicb.Soutbem, lanre earn.... ...... He do can of 20C feet &UX> 53c Rates to DnokVk *5.00 B ear l&aa than to BtUTalo, Tshen ahpjped bv all rail. - . „ . bates to Dmkirk 2KC p 109 SB Ices than to Buffalo, when shipped by ad ran. . BEEF CVTTLB. The total receipts of Beef CatUa at the various in the cry, during the week ending to-dar, according :o wo d-ily uwrni posted on ’Chanae, amount ts head. this la 2,103 hcadleu than *ere received last week, and 3,303 head more than tte receipts of tbe ccrreepcndmzwesk of last year. Tbe etily receipts at tae various Tarda compare as follows; „ . _ Becalats. Monday 1/27 Tuesday..; Wednesday. Thursday... Kildav Saturday... Total .. . The general supply fiunnz the week has been mere limited, Shipping Cattlotavsbeea scarce and below the cam and. Prices have consequent!! been firmer, with an advance of 13Kc¥ it' as. Tbe completion of existing Government contracts some days since completely checked the demand lor medium grades otcaitie, There has been another GoTQrsmc&t coo* to-u*v. which ha*eoi< ei.ierably lucreavd tho taoogv gftaoat ; 07 ImtioTvmrst la prcr'ona quotations. Prarlou'ly tbs pitD-to-l paiehaws ban boon mads by speedsters sta dccllaa of tCc V liOns on tbs quotations of !«** B*lur. ay. ~ ibfc •i-lawlrc arc tbe quotations o' tba awxkcj •f pv*nnc and compared lail Saturday evtnltg: CLOSXSO QUOTA.TIO3S. TMswset. Lwlwcsk Prime io extra qnalllle*... Mu TfO Meulnu to prims iinalltles ...4 TSf&S 73 4 WAITS Common to nudmm • BAirunAT Ktebeig, Ang. 57.—Tie market dailni thepnccipt) pert of the week was charactemrd by ir<rr*tb*n usual daUnrss a'd lnsc i»ity. This vis mainly a Wtmablato the ansedee of n’ua) gov er. c 111 cca'ra.-tu«,for irti.-m tb# re’Oat anpoly bad teio sprcisilf adapted. Tbe recel.-tanu to Toursday snr ve-y Jjgtit cf i'll dtscripticaa of tto?k; when fi« defciexcy waafuuvmads op by a Isrso quantity of n cdlnm stock lurlfp bvoogbi la. Asthegovorn nrnt c* ctiac abac breu cut some days there were no l ijiimste tny rslntbe market and e*l?s wereo •!; 1 d by » decline of 5Cr on the qaotaM'-ne of tba trvvlcuaSa'ordsy.nnJesUrily tospecu’atJre. Tceeuyulyof (hippinggrades throughihs wcekhu b*er very Haclud; of extra gp*.t*« ner?,tbs Iks: received were bat secondqualituv Alibcn*b the demand for iheje hisbMnfwfroma wrs« ode.sdil the supply hasbtoa laad-qaile r aid. fu:; prices have conscqueutly been luitatned Tbcfobo9>!oA are tha principal sales made darlur tccwick: Gregcry 6 Ha:tings to O. Valia!,UO b-'d stectt, averagine LW» »», at gt.ls. Gmnbscmio « Walxal, Blb»ad Mliaouri stoarsl averseicr ;at 1 5 -' 5 ! VbßworkA Mallory to | .m,,i iSbesc lilnolssti»e*r, nveragtnsi.lHns' ntft'-.i; Jecche to Ma lory. 11 hcaa lows s»e-ra.av niilnci.iW a4.atsß.Ms Obein-1 rf to MicPScraoa Mbtsd extraßteere.avcrsglcg 1.175 as,at ss.7Mi* ccdo to Usllory. S3 head lowa steer*, averaging I J-t --ap.atSi.i?^; Mckclla & Bto.tc Uolard i Co.. 101 h«soUllro!9»t<erß.aruKlnsi.?lßaß.»tSß4i*; Jo* { e Arams to Wicker * Co* 76 boat Xllhnis stem, avor apira I,HS a?,at 86.7 C; John Adams to At. Clara, ti beau l lmo.’S 1 leers, averaging I,*Bo Be, et 54,74 Bvwimolloase y, 37 hb«d prino LUaolr s:esrs. av cr-R'ng‘,l'S B?» at $• hi iR ?t»v as. < Tl* rewcreinihei&rdsttlsmorulug.lnclallaeCa reccp'B ti to dsy.abOQl rWhoniof Datf Jut e. fhs cxirotne '.mlcsts which Lai existed daring tbe pro.' ceb l log part of ths wrey, was jomswaat ciispdltd bv the fact .tha*. Webb. & K«iy . wete again- In the market, with a bran ce«v ccn’irtct for "the army.'.Toss who had for several dsj-betnhcWing stock over any (urchasrra tobtrloccd. wtte n-jwjutjy pie>arednoi only to sell, but - to obtain oidp*lseafcr their itoer; t‘e former wssaccomp Ished.bnt there was no tm pmvemectcn prices Vo bo gained. ‘ Tbceute tbe dsy auionst 103,137 head at 9£.33@h.i2U per iCffDs, if. t®iuO. There ar» about 5-V head of stock left over laths jpice tfc'S evenlcgnißold.. - Ueoium Cattle suitable for tbe army are stain in gocddemandforsozsedayatooome, Bhippmr cat* t:c arc active ana flra. a: the abuve qa^taiisns. m«> CAtnas-aaimaTO-OxT, Seller* Baitra. JTo. At, Price Brunei *Co Lnltoa. 'is 770 i do Turter A Aico.ei SO- IM4 .... O'er doff. .... do ....170 km 4.11 **a«cjiocß..„....Crrcnbaum fts us sOO Wollf. ....Kelly IST 1t54 4.15 K-.ua* flyman lo i.jd 4.25 Is. * ait*.... Wicker* C0.,...J15 1W 6.:3J< Rcsctllial 31»rO 19 MS 5.15 n.A.am#-.-...►MeFSco a 44 ins. .B/.5 ik &H. do ' 19 ItTS 543 i<vKtcan.. .*udecff. it io’.s .... Bill* ■ .... 17 931 4.« do ;; do • Ift" 9« - 440 Cials Frteuwn 23 u« 4.«JK G.Adamr ZUeler . .. .14,1 m 5.50 do Wuhb*Keicr....lis. uoa 44" cu do 13 1193 4.61*4 do do IS 1713 4.13 00 00 ' .53 Ills 4.75 do do SO IPiS 4.8 J.OfHJler. do .'«1 83 3 4.91 do ....■*** 00 ™.., IS JD3I 4.91 do Keller. 19 E37 4.W do O’ilaly. 23 IC4 4.b0 Peteisok. ..Mania,,.-;....... io- IMJ . o.M CC2 Douglas .....25 911 4.43.. SNaie ~..C*9'* ,rS2 913 441 OVfclv. CJybnrr. V. 19 SSI 5 ft) winter ....... ..Unraa .. 14 874 . S.US*. ■> Jane be Jliley 19 8-0 sU7*s Foe* Co But er n irs s.P) ■’dO- OO .... 31 1120 5.57K J.ACSEB Vcbb * 5011y....ia 104 4. 5 , hoc. 1cy..... .. .. CO 5? I«4 4.13 j. AdbSil CO ........ 85 Kn 4.3714 KnH.. . .....I. do ....... 18 BM 4 « .. P>9Ch -• 18 913 4.40 Coo:cj&Bl!rl<fge.CV*il*Kcy. 1* 3*7 B.M - t011..., ....Jrtarb»eu.,, 18 . «{ 4,«0 Wyatt... ..... Frank® 40 5W 4.25 . M*r» ck 14 W3- 4.50 Batch . ....Me-hna ~. . ~.,16 853 4.0) Pint. Conley. 31 lir B*3 Sh’Wdeon,, bienban.. -19 873* 8.^5 BUrau ffal'MO'JWHf 20 4.M Yrcthani.,..,. Campbell JJ 89T 4 ft! Xlnpfce*. . ...... do- 9 AW 475 DOUB-— 11:o total reraise of n.-*jta st the -fftrlona vnrds during «be wcekeodirtr 10-day, accor-iagto 4 the d*ilyj€tu«.»o«iEdon*Cbanie,Bm , 'UDt?o t,HQ '.bpftfl. This 1j 5 384 bond lew than were receiTedlwt »ire*k,t'fidß, ll bead mots- that tberecelf.ta ofthe srmapenateg wee* oflaetiear. Tbe daily receipts at tbe yarioos yarua compare eg Allotra: 85109 Bcceio»s. Ktxdiv. .......v—.-—... T.og Tuesday - I£> - OSf J? Baurcay *.033 Total There bat teen a mere limited anppr? fiortne tha pnst weej; with iPtle difference la tho Oemasd TBe market has cot- Kqntatly b«en flnner. aad on aatro- grades we note so advance on the quotations oi last Saturday’s mar keiofHe per ROtts. The following’ore tbe doßlng qu:Utl9ntof*ho market thta evenlsg,-and compared' with IsXt week: This week- -Lector set Prtire to extra SMteiMS *9JKain so Medium to prime..*........... k23 3.:> 8 d.to Ccttmon to medium. 70o®8-'J5' 7.o>> a 23 Sattupat xvrwxxo, Ac*.2T. The market dnr. Irsrtbr weak bap, with Bcocaldcrabletalllos off la tLo supply., been more oenve, aid cor show an adroree ot 2Sc on prime qusTaUona on the week. Tbedcmscdhas been lathe bsnee ofa few shippers only, whore purchases for tbe Eastern mar ket*, are mace here almost every • ay m the year. Tlifi ebavebeen no speculator?, no r-atslderr, but >lmp’y te'e regular demand of reonl-trbururs. Liebt Bogs are very dull, and had tbccu better ba kept back fer a while, aeanythins hue a larsar supply, vonM fncvltebly reduce prlcce cocs’dsrablv. Fat, heavy Bess, are chiefly wanted, sad tor these, os the above quotation? «hcw, there lean active dsmsr.d. x here wer»ln tbe yards this morning: about l£oo bee?, luclOulsg tbe rßceipta ° f to*dar. Tbe aittlnt much tho same ss dnrlnc the previous dus of the week, prices cootinnina firm aod onebaozoi, a'yoet-rday’s-ouotAtlo'S. Entered sales, ’3T3 head Hi (r.75@10 60, ohlefiy at per IC9 Dd. Sellers. Buyers. No. at F.ic«. G. Adams .Huntley .10- ro ja.w d* .... . do « ir> 9*o W»lwork&H;— do S7 171 9.J3 3»trr ...... do 175 IK 8.73 Jin** .....AUeit0n......... fit 191 9 1 di do; « 131 9 75 Ar0.1rt....... co S3 131 9.75 AlUt 1(4.*.•.... WW *«..«••• M>JA n nkisy do *x isi 0.15 M. TUden 85- 1W 9.73 Cj.rs© do : 88- s-vj lo.sa J. G’lutey. Ilcf**ur .lis 7b s.sso go W. Smith i 73 -m la.oo Cnrlia.... ....Phtlllss ........... <8 733 Brcf UnJ. Smith IJt n»7 io.<o tfiAbom Ma110ry........... 5S 2<-3 10.83 G.'ry Darrell 63 m 0.7» V'liimos ~l'obey CIS 10.23 Sherman, IL & P.&iennock tS- 231 10.31 CSICAOO DiILK HUI2&ET* AH sales of Grain reported in VUs market report are on a bade of tic storage vsr - hushei, u Uess otherwise stated. J?. our is sold delivered ttnlus otherwise stated. Satuudat Kvnxnro, Ac*. 97.15 W. FFEl^UTS—lism Faaion-s-Steady. Toe rspßceaentatooay were;—‘to Buffaloßark City cfCbicago, with wheat at 83* c; sebra. Maiy Comna ana >aiad. wt-h corn, at Bc. To O-waao:—Bear. £m?n. wiih wheat (to load at Milwanksa) at 15?<c. «• Lake *vz> Kail ‘’FaaieirrQ—Tlisra biao chinga in rates. Woqnote: Floortnßas.or.lase asdraft....,.,. ...,..,lA'to3 Flour to New Ycrk.lose and nil prcvu.iocstoNeir Yore, taka ana roll,.? 109 &» 653,... Provision* to N. Y.Bll voter, 9 100 B. 60a .. Fleer to KcnlreoJ.ail Peri toMontfm!. »01 w»tcr Q-a .. F.eor to Montreal, viaSwnla 703.... Pork to Montreal, via Sarnia, Ll'® ... Flour Portland,via darnla.... ivt'®.... Floor to Br>?»on, via Sarnia ...... I.HV-J ... ■Flcono Snlislo all lake ... Railroad FusxoETb—There !s no change la rates. ■We Quote: Foortu cum*. Floor. To Hew Tort', an ran *-*- ~*o«5 ,1.7 c •• rallaadL&ka Ena 1..,..0.50 i.® ToUoetoa.all rub,.... 0 91 a .so ran suet Lake Frio 0.53 170 To Portland,all r011..... . 0.90 2.W To Montreal all rail..., OJP 1,10 foßnilalo.ail ml. 0.13JJ OSK •• • tall and LakcErte.............,.0-T7j< 0.73 To Bsltiroorf, ml rail o.sft 1(0 ToPliha<lelenu,al« r»U.,.. ....... 0.80 I.® to*dav. 4.'01 fcrlj; sblppbd, •V>oo bile; 3Ur>f t quirt out wltbca; nate.ial cornua lop'lc.p. Ssirs white WiErsu Extbas— -8 0 ba» Quine* “CsaUa” at 81327JS t 300 brio “ Lctil T**iufc*’*ot BU-12J*. Rxd WistxeExraiafl bra “KcbAOOd” as sio SO Spbxho Exveas—lOO bris u Ciof?eu*a Best’* Hfrb'ls“Kank*s ■•unity’* a\ #3* ns; 1> c brieOw« ko’*at Bia® ; 43 brld “ Glnbe” nt41363;23 brM “Jackson Co.” at S‘QSO. Si*atso Sejispjme—loo bns * , Buc&Qjfi ,, at 82 50; 31 bite M afrdel’atßo23. - t sb Pma In fault »t Mi CO on track’. V*llEA't’‘~R<c«MVAdU>day l 4J.7Sis)ba{ snipped !<}.- .7Cebu. v«rj dull at a declined 2c on »lnt*r and 1> ver 00 cprts? grades. Soles tc-iay wen : .Wijmec wn*ATi» tsroßS-iCOfanHo. 1 Rsu at 42.16* 1%5W fao Ho. 2 Hkl ril S3.il ; 7€(K» fan D.&Co.’a) at i3.18j 800 faa Rejected Bat a: 42,02. spni2»o wnaxTiH. &.ORV—bo No. 19pnr.it at j> 0.-i; Sff.cwnm H0.2 Sprtmr as tlJsC;.i.oco bu do at 4LP9K; 43.000b00n at Jl.M:sooobadoßt-98J»; 11,000 ciud/at S) ‘S;lo,fWbu Rejected Soria: at fl.S0;1.0 0 bo do at $18» Tie market clOßine doll at >?. 0&2.1 I for Ho. 3 ued Winter, and at Bi.3S@ia3ji. for Ho. 3 6pnr?« Receive 1 today,SlJMs bn; shipped,26,773 bo. Market dull and 2>*c lower. Sales to-osy were: Comr ix feToKX—I.OC 0 too Ho 1 Corn at 51.33; 6J 09 Da do at S..SIJ<; bu do at 84.51: 39,00 ft bn So 1 Corn at Si.so; 16.TM* bo do at 81-2-JM; (WO bo do at 51.39* S.tlObO do at 11J235?; 2,!t0 bo Reacted Corn at 81.23 —tie marSetcl.-rln* heavy at f1.31 for Hoi and 41.r8KfiUd ft r Ho 2. OATb-Itfft&xvedto day, 87J2&1 bo sbloped, 143,223 bu. wart et lets active and )$o lower. 6a‘«* so-aar were: saxCJrn Hoi Oatsat 67Kc; C7Kc: 4 tiOSU do at C7c: i,£GUbo So 3 Oats at 65Kc; 23 icc no do at Mlrfc; inti quiet at674tfftXdforNolOata. IbYE-Itcceivco ioKia> fc Ji.s<o bo; shipped, acne. Martel steady and qoiet. Sales today were: t.203 bo Na 1 Kje m store at 4t37* n.roo bo do at 1 «Cta Hn.3 Rje at 8l S4; 9,000 bo do at 1183* 4® bo bu do at SI 31; 100 bo Pejoctad Bve at fI.V! —ibe maikPi steady at |L33 for Ho laedSlJSfnrHo 3. KeCfclved to-day,' 9,203 bO; shipped, B'oe. SurSetunsttilfiti ard lower. RalM to> cav wereUaKZ.st ts Stocx—3.SCo baHoaEßticy or an ft < 3/00 bn do at 5313 <* ♦awObn do at 3LU ; 1 Stftbu do*tt> 10;ijsa. bo Rejected Bailey etJLOJ— the mai k.*t closing qoiet at 82.100313 for Ho i. AlrCOUtiLf-Sttolual and qoiet St 15353353 9 peilon. BBTTEH— Eecelyed to day, 73.831 Oa: thlep?d to*d«y,£3,uo&e. Marset leas active and euier,bas wltncotaty materialceclloe. We quota; BiltEeDa-’rslucrocysand tube Sbrotlre Rotter, Inflrkms M 4ft^42c Urease Butter Bales tc-day were: 13 keys June aotwrrasllc: 100 2tg?'botceat4?e; 71 kess prime at He; 31 kexsat <Cc; 3 teCTatߣ®S9c. • . _ . •• BAUUIHCS—IO demand, with a moderate supply. Uialn and Oat bass are especially active rrtvicar quotation* firm and unchanged wo quota stark, a Bua Snares, Hogs, no. iTd. ...8,400 E7J133 Mosl'.or A. 8eam1e55............ liacpdtn E, seamlew Vtvetly A. leamlew Clucaeo A, Lorewocd A , ifjncrdrrtj A, sewed liner arnEjchaEsoA,sewed linen.. Exoa heavy A,.... EanleA... ' t3 Escehlor O ErcpueClty.Bß-wedlUuai ...» go Garctn City, sewed linen - ■» Dollar?, four bn...' ~ fS Goanits. live ba..«.»••»••••••• 70 “ icnr Im 68 ** two bu. <3 flonr3sc4h,HbrlfCOttoa...,.,. £5 .. .. £ .. ureiu. u 65 •» tj « c0tt0n...... as •* “ « “ paw* f7 50@«.c0 .« 4. aao Y’oo! ucavr *2.a Ct}E k .“*K- t:ei,,, P ,! im*D, wlih & tilr demand. Marin. v«r? arm at previous raua, Wa quote: Bkmonrr 31 @35 e TV*9t«n*Res€rre a @;s c VfKsrnSTaKA.... OOFVKE-InfAL-snnnlr. Market active annum at prc«Dt quotations. Wequctet C#pe,»b.- 47 @53 Q j-va.OO.inzaa 60 cG3 o lUc.nlrto eocd 53 @53 0 n-n.yfmd to PJimC,.M S3 a 5« O coAL—il&rlret'aunply. and very asm ; hutv»un no ebanne oaprerioua quotoilona. Wts onoie: gw*—Brookfield... fin 00 do 0nn>97......-. u 19.00 CLXTXLiSJ>—Dnarllifl.... aa.oo do Mineral Riega.. 15.00 do Vr UIOW BAIUC. 15.00 Bleeeburjr. *..... 14.00 Lnmo Lehigh.............. 33 00 Laclcavans, prepend. 20.C0 Bcranscn. 23.6* Ptttstou**" 20.M mmols .... e.ecaiu » supply,sad otnog CLO9IX9 TOTCXS. 800 ?AhU TODAT. 1.20 >• ... fic . Lsa forte uflux cf vis'toft, 'he id. c >ll 0. Pnc« are btgbrc. sales to<ar hir og tcm- ade»riSo «cp»rr. i. ... FiSU Win-jnsatnrer*ll’lfedmjolr. Jl%r kr* »cutb »ao firm »c pr*-*iou» aoo*a»l m» Ti ut i n troif Ito lied leceipc with ■* patter comacd. P«c*» Snrer bet OfChaond MiCni’L in fair saoolr &so «*»*y. a odviss ▼ »r acarco, firmer sc jrtftatqa«.tk»iOi». aoauote: _ _ Kcl fc t>tt£ib,tuDni,.,4. I3tf W® aris 3 0 M&SS UO3 h! PTls BXO fti 6-SCi No L Tnut hi t>ru 7.00 07 99 Nc3 irent,lu *t ! t-ao ®6TS Nc 1 m»ch:pJ.bcw bt Sri* i«.k auca Ros arfc 9.CT a*so Not tfar'sfrvl.a-w.hl hrj.larta. 7.3d Ud>w NoiiJncfctiM.itv ki’j a.ua &?as K 3 *«ek'ttel,nsv «j:s. 225 mi' 3 »Jt* -oc «i 25 2*ac#erfl, w hrt» <*sjv CooPfh. G«otsfi’> as 95*1 a Oja CC C«H. So* I'imo H*»r R» <s W H.'nir.a P10t..,,,. , tj q gj tic»Jtc lierrngt. round. 160 a9>o KolLtAc Hmict ... . 6te a^is So7ia>«n*7rtnr 975 USO-* GKIEn FitUITS —Apptiß la snail mwoly. J »t »t so l?p». a orm »i b an «o*a < t<.pnt *l(a car pr> ccT.-tal prices of c oties apo m. Lauo*»«ai> f Srsois.a 'kicptad Cntic.t prrTi-Mi* Q'mun»oa 7* WkT«p J£pJO «i. larga anpply ..ad n»*. cL-cttfi pßiczxnMti te»y«m*n ao* iira*ai«t sap p:», pneft mm at »* it pc* b»»>et Waqno l -: Giua apples,* brl.a wno e*aj- 3 4:« d «tPi. Grrt-n AirJm P o I,at T*ta»i. aatlßg.... aar« 7.ta Gictr Aro **. P c?J, at retail, coosao*.,. • 0 & SvO L»m- r-*,iff*i.ch *» bor 3.\r**‘occ S>a on«',Bici:;,9 box fO.oi'«7SJ< ?ra:c?o, n .. 130«**lvC cnwsoe*.P hfbtt box..*.. itta 7 **»i*r.Mrf. n», V 7to i*L5 m*.o« Tea t P -0« t'f S(B-'tIS>- t'jbj. cerUrtet.,., >.Bs* U6 FAUXTa-ipPuS Td T?lt *miTl ?3-, ccJpt,»*« Prlcf* am ea» tin cracge<s. Pb«cpe9 In rtty emsll amply Market ft o? aip'.'wnCqcotftJior*. Fo**'f?s Faorrslaai«w*. e.*#ti t.qiufcL Pilcea dim and We ouc-»e: - ADTl»i»,Src*4lfnJ,p a Arpe'. .Mi<mzsn t-nd Ohio. AppW.N.T.....—- UtpsrM P-acbM.tairoi. A *rtdPfa.b>«.. Toostov raom. I?fclfiitß i*. K, V bo*.. Cimante 9 & FJgB-foif:sß,9 a.... ATseai,*orv,9» ~ AlsrDd«,bir‘:.li o.„. PTtiteA."i«f?»b,» 9i.,, i*e*te.Bobf!6lan, 9 a.. B>n'lDe3, selTfr Btrda*».nn«rter« . .. liAffiK— Pr»irte CbicJcnai am in emal eooptr. Ua)k*t a,fr* iw'iyp, •DlTerTfl'tnat it2s43.}Sf) .|.»* 11/ Y—fnioißT Bat la «a»U sxn Jn»4eqa»te supply' Martc* Om ft'4mirb«:ged. 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Floub—Holders Armor, but layers do sot take bold freely, and market dull* Bales of 10b bxla single extra atBiO.C9; <Gdodcats'o.Cß; 120 do- doable extra at 11C.16, inspected, doable{heaa,llned.and delivered; SCoCodoabl<i-eztrnaS2o 73; and 53S do do for Uth SepUtßterd*llT6ry r at tU.4O V teL Gsxnt—Wheat market steady aad firm, with sales ol43eackaatpoorFa!latSl.Bs;:!£soo falrandgood at t?.tc<33.! 3; a 35 do prime and strictly prime at J2..0 Cl do choice at|217;43 do, anna large lob of choicest S3.SS; and 150 s&bka at private sale. Corn; t patulatlve tnovetn* nt prodacedlarge advance In prices*, tales ol 35 sacks y»Cuw andSCS do white nt <140; 2,413 do mixed and yellow at IL50; bo,in store nt3l-52j<; and 3,400 do white at SLSS? busts! 0«t*; market bcoyant and ]j?eh!gher j sales of 2*300 sacks at Wc delivered, and Cs)ot do la various lets at 32}je-B bushel. Barley ana Sye; nothing transpired In either. Paovisicrss-Pcrk and Lard, nothing reported. Bacon; sales of 30 casksc*at side*at32a V&- Wairsr—Market Arm, and small sales ah 2130 )t galtn. Gbocbbixs—Theburlaess from first hands la small; prlcss ar#2t to 18c tor raw LonlMaaa Sngar; 52 to 55c |orskimminss to ebotse Bio Cotfee: 163*0 9 & for Bice, and Si.CO to HJU 9 gallon for ifolnsaes. llltnolsand hich/fas Cuai, Bbipg xtcst, Eatnrday, Attf. 3I p. m. Clksbbd—Watsaloo- LaraUetClyds.Seneou; O&n nbe,Ottawa: Alabama, L»aal’e,93.SsSfeet lumber. ABafVXD-D. Hess. Lemoot, 43 yards diaeaalou stone; Conveyance, Lemon t, 43 yards dimension stone; Lady Franklin, Lescot, 80 yards rubble stone Investigator, Lemont,S9yards rcbble stone; Auto* • ps, on corn. 20,7E0 mi seeds; Oneida, Otj tows, to oaf#,9o bu barley,93oJ As seeds, 1,23 Bs tallow: Baltimore. Lasallo, 119 tens coaL BaifoxroßT.Saturday, August 37—0 p. a CLBAnxn-RcUance, Morris, 58163 leetlambe*; H G.Looffils.Lt-moat; D Bean, do; Investigator, do Lady Franklin, do; Conva,-»nce.‘*o. Ab^itib—Mcna'ch, Mmo:ka Landing, -ijsCO bn oats, 3/M bn cam: Cavugs, Lockouts, s,soj an com. Bota-Of thoereptrted eletxeo there are bow here walling fr.i tetms iti following beats; Aiscons. Baton, Waterloo, Clyde, Alabama, Polar Star. Vessbla Passed Detroit* [SpeclA Dispatch to the Chtcazol'ribanc.) Hstboit, Bata: day, Ang. 5* HP-Sthr _ . . Bows—SchiaMechitlc. Yonng Arctic*. Maple Leaf, AOnccnJlc.Cocpa.-, Platt, Tonng Qol* umbia, Emplio EeU7, mliniut. Gom, Abl:- ciat.Looy C*s;k, Lcmers, Flying Clcod* Won—yonhwcit. New York Money Market, Nsw Tons. Saturday, Aug. 37. NMlkn. rornlK at 250 and • etl:o!neta»9&3L B'tvanclag to and oecUticg to 3lSh> aavanci£g to 31334 and STOOM—QuHt, U, 8. 6a*Bl,COUpbU9, roQoc.t 112; 73. TnaMUT Bol<a ( .Pat>.« • UXAlUfitt.lii Oswwe ranrseu TLOTn--.i>,,n . * ~v« ’*go. ae J araaT. Aarffirt ST. o*i£*Z».. n ai xmcLAtmiL IcwtrT - " BcAt 40 com quiet and nominally L*SX FntC3T*_t)u’!. Haoaio maf«cu FLnrm-Qoiat ® tlrFA «». e&mrtar. Aa«. 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Pint?, tore* ♦ M 2i3 »j6jn 2i 030200 LB&<3'9 03 17Xra!8 V Pua.fro.'dbOT. V M fe>.‘fc>*i'.Co line; comsroo box, Sf M SUiteS* • Foe,cln* board, snip*. 9 >1 &5-*Ctt<S}. « Pi:e.iaUypUaV,lJ<-U t ca each ... i 0 5j 0 ST Hte,tally plank, !$?, ieiDCh,ft-.c*. K::tKW.4« PlSf,t»j'»plao , l}(,aco«:S(lquiitit?,tach 0 .il*«*od.4S Pine, tsUs,esca u»3l'Jo-sr pi-o,tallyboaric, g:od, **ch ... c Plne.raliV board*. »*cood quaJ;y, ooch.. :as3j|i}i JS Pine, tally board;, ooleach 0C43,C0a8 3&A.RX N iu“Lil’c* T. FOtti- d«i]OA««. AUKIVPD Ane. 97. rtxcrHAT Two KiTfrs.*ac<irtss. SSI. t suiva Jie-,TfOfc«l, Givod >iOp(iJ Tmeitdrll, Wil-or, v CHtegou, H) raluaJOcr* Fn p C’«f of "raojson, H ree. Vtfqn*»4te,«ncam«. - Fjot-Uah-»wr. I a-«K*y. BuIT-1 j. iacm*3. Pj« p Foxnmac, OhMi-to, Fmtli'O. aaadr.ea. rmp fdio, Bub*. UufcU} siHKno. Picod liCaM'B ).L4(*>9 Adr.ja, raolrift. p-np Melos eh.Q 4-oca.iaj-rrte*. la afVthao i2an,*7l*rr?-:aa<3.S2 tnnscrat. Bor.-. T-b o FaoaU3,itoo.e, ore- n B-.y-3Ji.rr Mt*. S£ lpl.tr. 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Conviacca ol ihs csrrec*n<»M oC these views. Jayne’s Sanative Fills Are teccmm&i ded vim ‘”it zr.- a ;e»t t oil lance, os. periarcehavlra demonat alcdthtsi to be f«r Bupetl or tossy other* Is nw. baa* m-ra mtld. prampt, enfeaod cmioxm m titlr operation. while turn; tb»moo v»*t*cr»Ur cut ’a requited, and patient# may eat and cries a# utoaL A*i win net impair tb.m aaihc* areso combined aito ctMolvel. iheaou-acb. ItesmiUdiMtaaKyarcal ttrae #• and ft ntly Isxsvlto, bat la large dmu «a’ actively cathartic, &e«n.»l&g the T»hoi» almeotary can«*lfMD all tnt vd,lrrtts.ißg aoafaeal marten . Tor O') ScBP9IA, tbca* Pills ape rei ly an tavaln. &bl{ aillcloigradoaby vtanstag aovl tated mere* tiona el the Stomach and Lmr, and prndcci&.< biclthy action la thoaa tmsorait orisons. la cuss of loa« staadicß.acor* will be mars sii.ell’f e*ett ed by ai’Dj, in conjunction with lt>a rills, eih-r JAhstß/S ALTBRaiIVB or TOSXC ViSSuIFVOB, according to Cixeo''> c’-s Tot Liver Complaint, Gsut» Janndlee, of tbo Bladdtr and Bldaoys, Fever?, ftcrvonahcM, Dlseurfi of the SUn,. Impurity of the Uood.aicS Btaoache. Co. uveac?*. Pees, Feraio Disease*, and BUI ns Affection'. tta»a fißi have proved them selves eminently. inccmftil. All that la aakedior them la a lair trial. Tee Baaatwe fills-acd all Dr. D Jayne A Sen's Family Medicine# ate told In Caleaso by Fuller* Fircb it Fullir, P A 2Z. M. Booahr, Lord A aamh. Burnham A Smith, acd by druggists aeoerally. "Watch tbs Bjaltb or Tors Csultbss,—Worms are a prolific scores of tlcxsess 'a cn»l<:rea. They are seldom iree from them, and by taalr inltatloa aQ other dii eases are aggravated. ConraJaloc*, as ■well sa S". Yl.aV Dance, bays been saperlntuced by them, and deaih has bet & caused la extrema esses. Whenever the symptoms arc-a&eerrec.snch. »■ ciitnrbed sleep, grinding of tie teeth.Qf chins of the note, weakness cf the bowels, slow fs.rer, varla bio appetite, fetid breath,. *hcnl<J3>e resorted to without delay. Ut* an tire! 7 harmless. Is readily taken by children effec oally C ts*r;ys Worms, and by Its toms- acll.o ln?tzcratoo the whole system, Sold by dnt/gtsSs everywhere. aug-Ap9so-3tx*w sa.jp _ Hr. Strickland's PHa K«me<<y tu cozed thousands of tbs went cares cf Blind and SlseilogPtlea. it yivua immediate relirf aco jikcUa portuusat cure. TrytU directly. It Is warranted to caro- ler sale by alidragnUtr. General Depot, OBut Fourth street, Cincinnati. O. ZL BCOTX Lt.s. Whole, sals agent, Chicago. aag2S*>smid» Havana lojteei. na%iS?*til*i so^[!-(i l «^ro,ow ; v n . S2'c»»diew ho o«w * B**0; N0.3731 as.CCO. Prizes cashed #to information lor- JtohedV TAFLOB&ca.Pvikr*. „ »n37 pTU Stia 16-Wall meet 2t. 3. PjhUfUdALS FOKN&VT SIT£ WOB 2IABIN* HOSPITAL AT THIS POET. I'srron Horss, Cntcaao. aug istb. 13k In pnrinanoi 01 thn act oj Congress, soommna J«n« 38ih, iFß»,*»ntiio:Utnxth« ‘‘Purrhss* of a a»w sr a mot# eligible *l'o 1 x a Narino HoaoPal to oc •tear Chlc»>oon. n tcti-roishcre&v riven tnatarmosa-f, will ha :«relv»i at trrtll -I'-VY, » •evsathcay cf S*p?eai tjtoii icr ike puz&csea ct taa Hosoi?a>. Th*s«t the slctni!? «'f I Vi*w,nor t*rtber scuta than Hyde Park, Ip use they most ro* be !**♦ than tur#» ftti.re.to.rcrn.oia U», l!n »er«J5 ““SlSl .c.iiit 11.TC a fun as j n- L»>« 6m.t« iBTHKS ifi' OaUiXM. inl6o«a !lt T W. POTTiS. ” • coaxusioN aaat«is». MK Hontt T-y-yilllNilßS. —Wanted, a good tbismkb , , bnsra*ss in vliwaukse- Good wasea Ad> £S*a“k^isSduw*m« s . Wi 9-- aos-p^lw .mucesosa oo C 8

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