26 Eylül 1864 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Eylül 1864 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

<rpenal Notices. S. T.-IWO.-I. pertCß* •■’flu-ccnwyhabits troubles with weaznem, fcoritudf, palpitation of the bean, tack of appetite, distress trier eating, torpid ijtct, constipation, Ac, e*crve to tuficr If they win not »ry the celebrated rmTATIOS BITTCBS, Which arenow recommendea by the tughestmedlea authorities, and warranted-to 'produce as IMME DIATE beneficial effect. They arc cacbdQogly agree tble, perfectly pure, and must snpercoeiTall other-tonics Vherce healthy, gentleetlnmianur required. They pnniy, strenfethweno tnvtrorete. Thoy.create a healthy appetite. They-are antidote to change or water and diet.* They oyercome effect*, of dissipation and late hours. They strengthen the system andrenbren the mind. / They prevent miasmatic and Intermittent ferera. • They purify the breath and acidity ol ike stomach. They curt Dyspepsia and Constipation. They cure Diarrhea and Cholera Morbus.^ They cure I.ivei Ouxp'alnt and Nervous Headache. They make the treat .ttronc, the 'a&gald brilliant, Sftd are cihaostro uaitur’a Ttatorer., They are composed of the celfUrcirc falisaya baric, winter forces, fapearms, roots cud herbs all prewrod to per. lectly pure Bt. Crolr mm. ror pammlnn, see circa- ’ t£n aad testimonials around e*cl* bottle. Beware ol importer*. Xzazoiire every Puttie. Bcu that It baa ear private (7. S. Stamp omnutiiated over the cork, with plantation scene, and our denature on. L fine steel plate aide label. See that our bottle is not. cfilled with EPunions and dclctcrods stuff. Any per on pretoadla# cu te'.> Plantation Bitten by the gallon in Bulk, is an imposter. Any person Imitating this els. amount, steamboats and country storee.- P. H. DRAKE A 00., ferS-YTCT-frc TEAM VQ Broadway. H.T. Unrimled FOR CEEAPKffSS AND QHAIITT IB “MATHEWft’ VCNETIAN Uilß OW which has been before the ouduc for ikurly ’’ A QUARTER CP A and is nxdTcrtally epsrored “THlS Halß DTE" Is manufactured bjapccularproceaawblchrcadfTJil “IMMES6UBABLT BOPEblOU’’' to anything to shape ot “A DTB,“ sow or ever before the pooole. Bolng complete to “ONE BOFoLB," roprepsr&tlouls rtQulref.wolch greatly slmplifles the ar»Hci. lon. In aelag'-hle Dye. jojayoicinat •• dvs/t, oiirrv" appeamce by which dyed heir and whitkera itadlij rccogione*. waen an imcrior mcicle has baen °****" price, rirrr certs peb bottle," which ccD-oina double tea dye to those usually sold foroacdollar. Bold bya’J «»nxi»i*a. SU.lii£\Vß,Gciicrai ojrant.l2 OoldcUkew Also, Manufacturer of MaTnzwa* Ansioa Hats Grots, the toft hair dr-nine luuie m iargebot ties, price &0 ct nta.. *u»-oUS Sa at wAPi* Hnlr Dye : Hair Wye! ! BA.rHEIX)a’4 ceiefcr.ua HAIR LY« 18 inx E«I ix ut wold. The < nu iuuiuM. raoaana R»li- Anns P>e knows. Tb;« •Blend o Qilr Of* taPsrfact —Chinese Hmj, Bony cr ©rey Hvr mitoatly. te a GLOfrr »na NaTcx x. oeows, vnnentlnlar lag tii« Dm or stalni&c the fcLin, if.eemg tie Heir Salt aad b< uuilfol; imjvartj fre*b Titrtitv. irsgoentiy reitorpr lie priitin* color end rectifies me ill effects l Had hyce. The Ginatne U iicn«d Vfnxu.* A. Bachoi/>k, cl! •toe's era m*»ie l»lt»tl.ni,aii«ie*aid be avddto. Sold h» »'l Druggisti, Ac. factor! 81 EarcUyitrort, New Tort. Batchclet’e New Tvtle’ Cresmjor T)rc*«lnv tie Bair, s tti 6331 lynwAWs j In it*o Tear l§ls Hr. Mathews Orel prepared the VKNETIAM HATH PVB; since that time it r.ai n*vc otjd by ihontanaa. and m no instance twit tailed togiveentireaads* taction Tc e VKSTFTI an DTK in the cheap, rt in the world. Uprl-cli only Fir.; oenta, and each ooilic contains eubl* th;: quantity of r>einUicwcti*anUyßß.dfbrßL. Tee VEbkrlt.li DTK In waraseiHfu uot toinjure thehan cr tie • c~.ii. ic the • , .u*«e' degrt e. The VENETIAN r VE work* with r&JldlT end cer- Sjaity.tur uwlr r. qni-n zno orep*r%t , on whatever. The VENETIAN DVk |.r- dnc*»any*.i*de that may l-<edbdrcd—ca« mat will no* f«de crock cr wash ont —one ton is &r r*fp enenr »• Hu hair IWeIL For sale by a I droixlsTH. jFtlre cents. A. Ue-wal Aetnc, is ©old attest, m ATfifi *>' f 5 ARNICA HAIR CLOSn.lbebtalliairdreiaiLC to ore la larce bot* ties* pnow Kc. jy-M-MMcfa-y haw * - IMJcn—(*l«*morrbo;«lsJ —Piles* Tbe AtuuaUbQ bpocinc for f Uts u now well known r.j t>« m.-tt qi needy the chore com* puioteyrrc-'t'. l-li*anocQoaunpractlcA Acaae vlFuefc in »sj fjrrn CHnerwcd* »rlsl teat it will n#t perc:6Ucr- I .‘ cnr*. in fine'ind U i» the standard rejsMy. i'6*mntft new. Application extemsL Try It, LOBDA’SMlla.SShatestri.tt.Chloaco.Qcneial I>r. James. Formrsris cl Jama*’ ouxm donas attest, Dear Orjitani, La., otamiroro in now pmmancav }y locr-tefl at H hnnOolph aoet. * Uhnol*. Spsenl«.ininetfe*uauitoi Old Ca*ojrio, Jdsncu* dial. BCMTOLsra and klsca ot Blood bvd fasr oj a CuxTAOtOca Vsars* nxxL enraa Uiera wlmnot rosorttnc to Merc*rf,lOPiD»,Tm*yan, »rrm«r or anr rolacn, baiwia a hxcTßAuxsr.. a rodrrnrx oems tor all bnsnori and o:&--c p»ie:,n. Oxaamo tVszHKTHS, aarb hi Acmnal Weaksesa, 2>octarsnl and ntmr&l rrmaaltna, broeptat on by shut; ai the ayet«r* carte M.«ycrctiof , e J excess or eutei;s« boredmunac lost oMnenory. coa* raaton, cep.-eselon. 4lmnee6. (*uo clteu tixci Insanity, with otaer c-pl*.rMe e&:n «i 'y-picxs, treated and radically enreo by ar »Tt6iila> mnb'x..eancgmncli time and expense. GU e*., tonorrhea. 6ulctnre, and aUdlseaampacu-ur te tt* r* % r-nyatenarme, W ct the WOS' fiOr.BXCUE CLASb, where Cie bloo.''has h* omt poyned, producing nlotchei os the rm.ll «rei<*rv blistere, pain* In ths bs&d and boaes, clcors** d ttroat, ooae. llmfc: and body, acrotuia, a: eadlow number of snferlan. . „ . 3>r.Jact» itrecom-..«p*ua t>> ti.% generally of be South, he mecliwl fnrulty, *lc f.rof-ssjr»ofmed* •icslceUtyfi etc. Tt-osc airicte: ehonld apply Immfr Stately, a’-d be cored >4 Ib. si terrtcle <iu>?aeea. Sem*mbez.Dr.J»aiti’Of'cr arc Fanora arc atßs Saidfliph, between 6t*.f and Otaroom atreeta. ■ Oftica ©pcd from 9a m. niitll 1* p. m. coostutatloos conflCentiel. ~ ecu css-i6t l>r. Bigelow, CenfideatltlPi-ji’.ciM, tfc.it ri' o Bt-Lo^ls.Mo.J Ckß beocnmlud KtmecHc«, i 73 son:b Clark airret rtnwifeaSai’liitsMßi of n prlratc and delicate catn*e, la br’.& rexer, watch fee treats with tmyarade:ed teccesi. lix>m«upar*le, where LMiasafid © s :ti- > m«nc« coesuit the Doctor with the ttrtcteat priTLCT. OfGcehouzs from 9A. U. tOSF. U.; gufcCaji id to 2 a.M CommonleitlOtu confidential. Centtutat'ccstret. Ai.dress F-O.Bor 564. Eoclesctwcstarupsasdr to Health. From the Doctor's ion? cTperi’Cot In Hospital and piirtie practice. heD afcle t and wUlgaar* snioa. ported cnrti fer aU r hioaic 'Mieases In their most sewre and compilentec atagaa, in army abort tmt, without tne me cl Mcrcory. Ysur wen «nff»nng-ffotß self abuse ardifiTlted to call- Apmectcnre VMraot*A Female ureeoltf** ties atterdan* cn Fahwtr, Menstruation orperaoni tannpoßT obarmeticps tom*maze,ebon'd call at once and be cured, Best of city references ai to ability and ancceea anzs-pg2-80t Motiam frailty, or PHY CIOLOGICAL RKSILLKCagg., tiutlia be read byeverybody, Jt treats on. aadtaowe bow.theerll recalls arising early abase and unhappy con* •auloalier s»wT wKb a eor« jnetaOd e! ir.r the ms-rlate aut«. Sold by Dr. U. A. BAUBOW, Dm Dleeckcr street. New Tort. Frlca. 25 centa. Stall©* free To be also ol H. SCO* -e-tU MBnndolps utrset.Cbl car 0,111-; 880, Of ELMO. «;£Ai* * COUBDBN. corner u«in and \ reels. pfcoria. nu IScots ar.b jrtjors. 1864~ FAII, TfTAJDE - lsM RAWSOS & BARTLETT, S3 L»t» Sane, Chicseo, 111., Few offer for safe OKK O P TSE LABGEfiT STOCKS OF BOOTS ASIA SHOES £rer brou-fct to tUi market. In tfcese Umei of high price* »e bellere tb»t THE BEST OOOuS *EE THE CHEAPEST* M*d bare Mjicciee pur pall Stock with cepe&el reference to Cbi* fact. Particular attention li rolled to our CUSTOM* UADB BOOTp, which c*,k >tot a* xxoxllm. EXTRA blZlits A SFKCIAUTV. au3-p*3Atf u • JgOOTS AKD SHOES. REMOVAL: HAIJj, SOUTHWIGE & 00., BDCCE£SOUS TO BENEDICT HALL & CC„ Bare removed to Noi. 384 & 386 Broadway. FJBBT DOOX* ABOVE WBI-l* f *.•„ NI2W YORK. Vt hare greatly enlarged cur nacwactcriiig desarv ■sent* acokov nave constantly on hand a vary Large oca of floe eewed work ot our own manufacture, to vkick ve jDTlie tb* attontioi. of Western merchants. Wo make all the lutes* suy*** oi Men’s, Boys’ and Tenths’ Calf Sewed Boots, eaimoraU, Ceogrese Gait* rn cod Deckle Shoes, as veil u Ladies’, Mlssee’ead Chlldrca’B Morocco, Glove Kic and Laron* wort—all machine sswoo and the very best quality ox {roods. lyas*paii«t Simcatlonat. TDLn, V. ILD. KB*. E. P. -WH.UB XsprerArcdto recciveafew additional pupßs Iween heac<*sr7aig it, to be educated with her daughters at Idlewilt. Tt-e ichsol year wui begin BenlOnbsr 15th. AddressWoodnsOrangsCo.iß.T. sngl-si» Xm-ZLW&T-u Homoepathjc medical COLLEGE OF PEKUBTLYAUIA. Fb'laie!- pMa. ScMion of beeioi Ocjow 10. Factm »T-r Heirlßff. M-1>; Ad. Llppe.U-U-jH 2? Cnsra eerTi. D !c7&. Bane! M. D.;Q k. Starkey K. p : P. lyitopp. M. P : 0- Eeertcaa, U. © ; rr»f £gsr c ’ EtzSii±s - *• p - p t s&. l j&£!fS rt mHE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL JL will re open with every advantage for the in* etracuon of youth. en the . - aa . First Monday of geptember, 1864. Hichut’-rtierencea given. ADpiicstiontobe made nt 8M Chlcaro avenue, tear Ru*b swwt__ ‘ Dfta aclSaieMwb OKI B6« uPACEENBOB., Brags anb ffibcmtcals. T H. REED & CO., # IMPOBTERS AND JOBBERS OF DRUGS AND CHEMICALS S9 L&ke-st, Chicaso, 111, AT.BO. DEAL LARGELY IN f?atnta« yiatt, Bnrnluc Oils, Kerooene, Bnwpmtiiprii Stock, Slum* {kcnueis 9 Goode, A: Cm Which we offer at pticei favorable to Western Mer< rv*rrj and Manufacturers. J-JLiam, it* Pearl street, H, S-l _ E, A- Hunmu*. Chictko. , I seU*m*V4 J^IfeTILLERY ron sa.xixi, A Dletllb-rr and M acres of Land for said at Das* ■wllie. VermiuioDcoiiniT.il!. cmacicrof bonsblMO bushels per day. cattle Barrs to i«td itOoneadof cattle and two lietfi oi bori ; in c üb»iet* order. jnrtlUciy bnUtocts brtck.iS6t»r4st6eS wide, four storiesbleb, wKb uouerL-wUea and enpceroocQat tached. capacity of mem* smdcH bore, fire feet Ftrcte.wttii U*t3c fiv-wiieel, aad four run of Berra. 4H laet diameter. Mi l f «»rtu2 cf tne iau*«; imoro re seat*. Eight cyll= d " Bailers ,«o feet lonz, se itches diameter. Also, small «rtifie» power, for ■wortlTC pumps,Ac- iwo new Math rubs, oowir eroDcrtd. pm up last L Atet. a buck boiiem* for filling h’jrhwiaee, emte, *r SO by 80 foe\ one story hch : a mod two blory bnck dwVucg 5 a pew two i orj fra:t. ,« r»v 40, ut a bfcJdlnf notire, with two C3Cpirebapt,Cipicuj of iiStlKttilM Ki l b-orcu „ ‘ Ai«n. two copper AICO t oI Skills, ci,aclty of each lliQce’l'oi». with 2f-V'jse collar to rue earn*. T.t-e woi wWptV bn'Jt in IMU fofl m>,a.l in complete or* dfr par.l« wibh tore ‘be lmrn«r. and ertUac TteMj works ere located on me IQ*u roa*. in one of tbe !>» at regions fc- cheap comin.tie mat*, coal can be now eontrartefiLJor at ft per ton, delivered at tbe woika Cooptrare can be e rtup to m l ood edvauiaga. AnrpAHOD wlinxsaucu a prop erty, will do went 3 c*veit an eramlfiftUozu Our price tor tbe whole of 1» $• IW.TO. Tort pnt np Arply to IK WIN A MO'IET, BO*rd otTrode or v. RpdSOAO A BONd.DtP vllte. Vt.rt.llHon county. 111. Corn Crib* for cribbing IW.CIO baahcla. •e3l-«3lSktwtAK ' T?IFTO NATIONAL BANK OF X 1 CHICAGO. Capital No. SO Kueet. U. S. DEPOSITORY & FISCAL AGENT. BUBECKIPriOK? BBCSTFKD FOB 7*30 Loan and 10*10 (iield Sear* <pg Donas, ISAAC O.LCMBAML JCCIAH LOMBARD, pigj 3m Ctshler. president. 'T£HY. ASSOUAN N &TIOJH AJEi BANK O? CHICAGO. - This Bank haying complied with all the pmylsliau of the lew, will on the tth of July instant, communJ* basin ess in Its Danila* 'vffice, 151CarUc Kitt Ealclngj J. TOUNG oCAMMOh. President, SBHJAMiif VpAaiL Yice-Pre«*E, - ' fAKT, f. w. Jn h oJCTCashler. _ • ; maSUST inCFAETWEtT.I uma or cownoLu* rr su ctsuttot. > CffCcniHiM, it bar ooea made to appear that Tht Meet Rides’ Eatiosal Bark ©■ oticageTinthecityOi CUcajro, inths County of uookanc gtateoflllinols. tos been duly oirualxed noccr and according to the reqclrcsostc of tht Actej ccnmn. esriuod “An Act to provide a Rationu Currency, aecured by a pledge of United Bcattt bocds.andto provide for the rtrcuiaticr andredamption theirci,'* apnrerec June 1.1564, anuhu complied wnc all tr.e orcviainntoi said Act recurred compiled writ before com* menctnathebaatnesiof irankinf uioer said Act, t<ow therefore, 1. HUGH IfoCULLOCH, Comp» Trollsr cf the Currency, do hereby certify that Tha Mechanics’ bation&i Bank of Chicuo, to at City <c Chicago, is theCorxty o' acd itate of DUaola, ■Js anthorlxed to commence th* buSlneM of BasUcg under the Act aforesaid. k „ , In teatimony whereof. ay. hand seal of office this twenty-eiebt day ctf ddgh ucculEoch, jyt-m573-SiE ______ Comptroller of the Currency. t?IRST NATIONAL BANK J? OF CHICAGO, Southwest corner Lake and Clari-at*. eAPIXAXs paid to. • - - SCOC,CM>C. E.*AIKKH. President. * GUiX*. M. RiCKKßaoar. Vloe-Prest, K. E.BxaißTkp, Caehlu. listen an rouK. «^jOSTAK’S YEB9HIV ESTEB3ECVATOBS. •• COSTABB " EXTEKMINATORS. iGtid. “ COS PAR’S " FXIERMtKATOBS, EXtEKMiNATORB. “ COSTAE’S '* KEIKBSStNAfOKO. EXTER tf IN A vORS. “ COSTAR’S " £Xr«RMIKdTOCS. EXTERUINArOiS. •* COSTAR’S ” EXIEUttiH*TtJH3. FXTKBMI <ATOriS. “ COSTAE’S " £XT£BfIIKAT«it£S. UXTCKMIhAroITS. ' * COSTAE’S " EX RRMI^aTORS. EX r EUMIKaTORB. •* COSTAE’S »’ AXTEKM IN aTOHS. EXTERMINATORS, . u 'COSTAE'S ’’ £XI S-KtilK&TOns. KyTKRMINATOIU. “ COSTAE’S ” EXTEKMINaTOHS. . EXTERMINATORS. “ COSTAE'S EXTERN IN n'ORS. EXTEIUIKaTOBI, ‘•COSTAE’S’’ EXTERMINATORS, EXTER •ISAToEi. • COSTAE'S " EXTCUMIN aTORt. EXTERMINATORS, “COBTAE’S" EXTERUINaIOIfS. EX TERM IN* TORS. “ COSTAE S ”. BXTRRtiINATORS. EXThBMINAIOiiS. " •OSTAE’S KXTERJJI ■•AT «S. . _ EXTK -t yIN ATOUS". * COSTAE’S * BX TER MINA TO RS. EX TER H fNATOKS. *• COSTAB’S " EXTERMINATORS. _ EXTKMMIMAI'OR*. ** COSTAE’S ” EXTEHMINAT K5, BITE 4M15 ATORd. For Bats» Bice’ Baaclies. Ants* Bcd*Bags* Fleas. Bletba in Furs and Woolens* Insects oa Plants* Fowls, Animals* etc* “ 15 years esttbllshed la K. T. Cltr. M Only Infallible remedies faiown.** V Free from fedsona ” ** Not dangtrcni to the Bma&n Family n “ Bati come oat of their holts to diA” IT Sold by all Dragglstf ererywhere gF~!!! Sswazx 1! lof all wo - teleai Imitations. 44 Cbctar’a Depot, No. 4£lßro*kWij. BOLD BT H. BCOVIL, LOBO A SMITH. ITJLLEH, FINCH A FULLER. J. H. USED A CO., SMITH A DWTEB. 2URKMAU A VAN BOHA&.CK, And All Dietgiati (Whaiesite and KctsU) AC CtiIQAGO. ILL. tep2friH>st a w&sali TRADE. KEITH, FAXON & 00., * JOBBERS OF h-axs,cas»s s Ladles’ and'' Gents’ Furs, Skating- Caps, Bnckskin 6loodfi t Umbrellas, Mill INERY &ND STRiWSOOBS, WOOL HOOD 3 AM) KNIT GOODS, And all the new Kyle* of ladies* Straw, Felt and Beaver Hats, We hays now m store the LARGEST and MOST ATTRACTIVE stock of above Goods ever broazbt to this market, and vita the ilruiri «f early pnr> theses for cash, before tbs recent advance, we art prepared to ofier et ode at prices that HU ds& cem< petition, tarn or west. Our Glove and Mitten Department has bed oai special attention* end ecsprlsM an ÜBSUBPASSES oesertment of Bock, False aid Kid. AU dealers In-oor line vrtll fli d It ler their inters* to es amine our goods and priest before purchasing elsewhere. I r Prompt and personal attention elren to erdort KEITH, FAXON 3c CO., 45 and 47 Lake-st., Chicago, aeS q«72 sztii 139 Z)UaKE STREET, NEW YORK. !okm t. mmn son & co., Successors to MAKTO & BUGS., (Formerly of St. Louis and Chicago,) Manufacture nndkeep apennsu nent assortment of CLOTHING-. aeft*v<S&-8m T7YE, EAK, THROAT AND XU LUNGS. MEDICAL INSTITUTE, At 149 South Clark Street, For the especial treatment of all chronic diseases which appertain to the EYE, EAR, THROAT AND LUNGS. . R, B.—Efrtftt for yeart studied Anatomically. Pfiyslologicalfy and PatnoiomcaUy all diseases of the above mentioned organs, together with all xauowabt dzfbaszs ot a tumefied character, such as cancer, Ac., X am enabled to warrant a perfect cure ofall curable diseases- Otfieeatlis&out&cmi street. P.o.Bcx2iM,Cbica?e,in. D Macrae, M. D., Surgeon and Physician. scll-qSTMn Formerly oi the C. a. Army. PIC IRON. 000 tons No. 1 Lake Pnprrior Charcoal. 100 tons No. 2 Lake Superior Charcoal* 300 Sons No. 1 Franklin. 150 tons Ro. 2 Franklin. 100 tons (Vo. 2 Taberg. 500 lons No. 1 IDasslllon. 100 tons No. 2 AXaseUlott. 500 tons No, 1 Scotch* 2,500 tons Lump LehlshCoal. selected fot foundry nseT TOR BALK IN LOTS TO BUTT. A. B. MT.F.KEB, foot North Market street, sst JgVEREIT HOUSE, UNION SQUABE, H. T. Tie nnderslgned bee resparunlly to inlora tbeli trieeda aod the public that, after the 34tn of Angwt the above house will be conducted on the EtBOPEAR PLAN, Meals being served a tacorfe. The houze baa beer thoroughly renovated-and we'aro now prepared tc let spartments if r the Winter. y v “ The location, the size and comfort of the room* ea this hotel are unsurpassed. “ w C.H. KEUKEB ft W. B. BORROWS. September 8. IBM. sc: giß-MU* 0 H. DE FOREST & C0 n HOOP SKIRTS Manufacturers and Jobbers, S4 T, ATTTC STREET, 84 (Bee GILT SEIBT. opposite Trcmont Bouse.) Offer to the trade a Urge itoek of their own aatn* lacture. If e have also a large stock of Hosiery, Yams, Corsets, ajr> osais STAPLE N OTIONB. purchaeed early,WS offet indneemenu to Coah Buyer*. selk-qSST-lTtts J^EMOYaL, 11. & R. B. Whit cmcre & Co., liave removed to their New Store, Nos. 11 & 13 Lake St., Cobb’s Block, scS*;Cs?*2w Royal- Prussian co*r. 6ULATE. 47'Clark Street. B. CLABSSKNIUS. CoutuL Letter Box 4SC3, Chicago. BL atS-gCi-au* HIGHEST CASH PRICES JL paid for OLD NEWfiPAFEBS, PAMPHLETS, BOObk, eliber printed or srzlttzn on* aid W4AZ FAFABoi nveirVftrrtutloe- _ , rA!SH PAin FOF EAG9 *. PETMBOKB, M Battdwlph Street tribune. MOJtDAT, SEPTEMBER 20,1501. LIST OF LETTERS “LFTOBS ITCMAiNING UNCLAIMED In the PostOtTccatChicaco. State cf Illinois, on tbeSUh day of September, is«i. S2T “To obtain any of these letters, the'applicant rcuFt caillor ‘AjyrtBTXSED irrms/gIM tne 4aw of thu list, ana cent for advernslcs. x not called for wltbit oaa nosth. they wilt be scot to the Dead Letterorece. ' ET“ Letters are not advertised notU they hare re tnainea In the office ona weak. . —- •‘L DIRECT letters plainly to tho street andnum her. as veil as the post office and Slate “ 2. HEAD letter* with the writer’# PosT-OFFica and Statx, stbcst and scamas, aka them plainly with fall name, and request the arswore to bc-direct ec accordingly. - “ 3. Lcttera to stranger* dr irtmsleal rial tors in a town or city, whose special address may be unknown, should be marked, in the lower left-hand comer, with the word * Transient.* “ i. Pnacz the postage stamp on the tfpkx stout* tuxn corner, ana lsatz space between the stamp anddirecUorrforpo&T-KASKnra without Interfering with the writing. - “N, B.—A REQUEST for the RETURN of a letter to the writer, u unclaimed within St days or leas, written or printed with toe writer’s xams, post of fice, and State, across the toft hand end of the en velope, on ti.9 lace side, will La compiled with at the naail prepaid rate of postage, payable wben tholes ter ,i delivered to the writer. —See. 28, Law cf 193, LADIES* LIST. A Adame Hattie Andexsrn Jolla ml/a Adams V tales An»le Eleanor bm Aoarne Mfeciemrs- Anarrson U-rr Lon Acklan.l Altocmlaa AnSFracnPaulmrs AikenWmSißia AtsiaeoaS C mra AJceiuyLßnira Atchesoa Jana miss Alton Edward mr* Arnett Chas A mra Alien Fbrrwcod mrs ArerFJoeephiae buss Allen O limn Alien GeoMmre B Brooks Mery miss ' Bamtr Mary mrs Burst Catherine mUs Barrett Josephine mrs BiTanCaihcrlocmlfa *'Barte Lydia M mus Bracley Lenutc miss - Bartley Mavymra Belied Annie L mrs Bartley Batnec mrs Bowen C mta Basteeer Amvntidmn Burden Vic mrs Barth Era mlaa Bryant Jrnme miss Beach Emma miss Baboon Csrolinemitß Brars<ey Ba<ah mrs Baron Fannie E mxs Belford Brldgvt^ BallßascocfcsUa Becker tfargaraion Bnrle? Phehe mlea Btck Mattie mrs Bunker E AV mrs • Bui ton Anna art Billow EUle*mlis Bnrect Era miss Buber Scrhmrt Barchart Lucy Barber Mollle mr* Born Anastasia miss Banter Marcaret E intis Batow H#nnettanira Bsinnm John mrs - a. C ChSDßan Jsne mrs Church U M min* Cavßitagb Alice "»««■ chmretton Franklin B mra CtuißhAuii Clayton mis CiomerOathßrinemn CearerMß miss culrcr Clara mra , CTaeson Ann mra Culver Clara mrs Chinptazs Ch«mbcr»iD J Mmra- Clark Helen mrs Calalia*: Mary muß - Clark H mrs Cady Melliit mn Clark Cecelia miss Calhbtn A.ice mis Cierd Sarah ml*s Camu os Waiter mrs CiaTkL&mre' L. CampCellEllzaA mrs i Cole Mmnte mus CancugMary * Colima Margaret miss Canncnljlzrie J miss Cene Mary mrs Cannon ELen mra Connolly Ana mra Caid Loretta L mis 2 Ctnroy Bridget mrs ‘ carley.Loulsamua Conley Margaret mrs Carle Emma nufa Ceacedine Anaamra Caipenter Jobs- Q miss Cooler Kate mrs Carle Anna miss CootHloa mrs enroll Ellen mbs Oooa Augusta mlsa Coiuth Mary alss Corbot Mary Ann mrs Carter Georgs Anna mlsa Casriove Klien mrs (Towle E 6 mrs • Gorier Cbarlei an CaitTAim mrs Cotter James B mra CaiEelmanEPzsbethmn Ccrt'iMartia Amn Caa-y SUrgatetE tolas Ccte# Barah mra Cary Jana miea Cov-ly Jfnnte miss Cater Joseph mrs Coltoa Mary tnlay CaMnaxUasora Crocker.tames mrs Caton Carrie ELies Croma Eatemr* Cavanach Eileamlss crowles Bridget mrs CtambeillnChastozs Crowell M Amis - Champion Clara miss Crocker Ham- mrs Cban-rlto Faille E miss contra Jacob S mrs Chapman Sate mn Cutter S*rah E mra Chillrey Ellen M mrs Cumberland Eunlra mrs Church S*iah Amn Dnridn Brtdrct mra Demass Fannie Etnlss* tcl.s Delantalne Alary E Dooca> Joanna miss Dickermas Emma mrt Darling Loson Dixon Mary mist Daley Elizatiein Dinner Anosmias Daniels Geo sib Dnva'ls Mary cm Dalton Ellas ' DeUlnsndm C u mist Daapbtn Eazt mis Dno line Mary A "i« DagsetteFAnua Dean E lza mra Baton Hairlet mrs Donnelly jane ™i«« Dovall Matilda mrs Doaohoe Kmtna mUa DaTldscnAbnerLmrs! DoaohneFlorcaceD / ©avis C E cn Dorcan Bossy migi 3 Dam K!ln C miss Douglas Mary Davis rheo M mra Drake Un>y Jane mrs Darla Lacy dm Doroeor xnri -Daley Clara mips Downing Nellie M mra Desnfcnrth Phiille mra Doyle Mircaret m(H Dewar Lizzie mre Doibar Armenia F miaa Boat Amelia mu . Dosham Edward mra uevany Brtdgamiss miss B FUawartb DenrleUaC mlssEc&n Elm Eary Jc» prise mua Eldon E M mra Baiirmza _ RilenwojdAßmlas EastnairßFmn EHeiger Betsey mra l»dw»rdi Msry mrs JrtwoodKate miaa 2 Elizabeth mrs El’ta Marion mlu Kdwnrna Ida sue Emneoa J mlae Edreiton 11 6 mra Encle Sasanns mrs Ergttt Jcsephine mles Fitch Eliza mra Kem»ghteey Mary mrs Finley Mary G - Fitzpatrick James mra Fiehuoc Annie H ForaJttme Fliher EyeUoe ** Palien John C mrs ' Finch Sarah mis Fsaaettß W tors FliydWßmra FarrewonhZ A mra Flarell George H mrs Fennell Mary mis . Fotterflopa* B mrs Ftrgeson Mary Ana *’* Fowler Sarah J mri Fi-ramaad Mvry Feiw Baras mra FllkiisMarlamr* Brey ilaxr ran F:tn Ann mis Fxancli Lizzie S Ficpmra Fuller Beticy J FUchHelcnAmn Finn ffm Bmra G Gardner LlbhJe Gloyer Z w ran fJalhctr Annie Gleason Anma Gallup Sophia Gleason Zoe GalicwayUß- OcoawioeaJle Gsilman Fiandsois Gootfjoh- Mary Gale John mis GooawlaJios Ganftey E Izabeth mri Gorman Gaidlser mri- Gore G W mrs GaylonSlizaAmn “ GormasAmra esaasitTir. eteyfiss.*'.^. Giavey Jolla M mis Grry Jennie o • n 'GainsCatherines Greet C A OKsajinSaroa Onffin Rota GtCJtnvr Ellen Green Emma J Girard Elizabeth Oran well C D mrs Gibbs E S mrs Gomel Laey Giancy Margaret ' Groom KK mra. fl , HlckaLccy Hedllck Atn&ada llcamuMaryE Hartcsn Saiab Boston Mary DeoberH a mrs HnLUxan TV B mri littchcccx Eliza U Hall Mary J&ce Boze Louise BailLlbhle Her Rate mra Hsrsaaa M mrs Began a B mrs .Hanlngton Jennie HorbrooK Elizabeth ton Harper Emma Doilass mra '•» HarrirgtoD Arrllla Holmes E'<iza mra BtrdligAbby Honeyford Mary HstrJiiE Vary Jane Hotchkiss u*ry A llairlsop j»ceC HctfordEJmn Hart Kittle G Horan Kate. Bait Mbit Hopklo«Ellmrs jJartmsnT. mra Bcwe Gertmde mrs Baaelton T O mra HoweEilzamrt BaywsrdAlmira Emn Howe Saymn BeywoodCA Hagb Owen mrs Days Msry J Hackle .J*hn mn Hsywccd Marian KsU-c 6 mn Heaccck B M mrs Hoot Madam. HtrlyMary Hunter Anna mrs Hcalyßieollla Ann Incerttl l Isbie Matilda IretOMre mn Inman A Jansen Lizzie Joaeslda JaciFon Mary E mrs Janes mrs It col JcanlnzriianaC Jcnea Missouri * Jeffrie*fbailtr mrs Johnson Caroline tnrt Jenncss I.culsa Johnston EUza mrs Jewett Liraß Johnson fiai ah A mUi K KcrlrJclUA Klnrlnxnn Ease Anna „ Eerily B a mrs Kbffer Frances Kenney Catherine Keanfleld Chat mra Kenney Mary Ann K»nde>bau Marvret Kenneay Sarah mrs Eace Mbit Jans Eileoyne Mary Eenttt iiildcet Kufeathen Ulchaelmn Eanet Anna EUpoyio Catherine Kefeoe Bridget M Xleaae Minnie L Keane* Anna " Kindle BfcrahSmra Kebkn Bridget mr» KhoocAdi* Kelsey ilzrrmn Kirkjaan Lncy Won Keßcjrc Sellle C Kuu ey flor&ce mn Kelly K*te Kitsia&re Btella Kelly Margret an KimuMzrtret Kelly .lalla Kirchoff Lizzie C KtUj J wnei mn Lawirc Cbarlett miss Leonard Daniel Q mn LynchNeUlemla Lindsly Gi, mrs Leary Mary mr* Lyebush Sophia mn Lactan Melvlna mIES Lincoln Vancy Jane mrs Lacy J&ymt mrs . . Lasson Laura mra Lsbbart Julia min Long Uvgtie rain Ltnran Mary mbs i*n|fy Erica mus Lbhley Atm B mm Long Mary mtai Lanems Bridget; miss Loosing Melliia mis* Laurence Elizabeth mlgg Lay Mary miss Latimer Gain mb* Lumbart Lizzie AmlH Lonlsne Martha mr* UnnJosey mrs Leanis Wljmira mn Lyhal Lizzie miss Lee Polly mm e Leoa AII mra Lee Minerva II mbs Lions Susan ora * Lewis L Q Mary oIAE Madsen Maty miss Horry Mary mrs MacklizleJlsry hmrs Merany Oelamrs Maaiecn Jenme 1! mbs klerckeU JH mrs Maloney mrs Aloodey Cordelia mrs Males Lucinda mrs Morn Kate miss Manson Maggie mis* Mory Aimedamlsa Hart ball Kate M mIM Morey Tcomas mrs Mmton wargretmiss 'Morns A A mrs Mory A mrs Morgan Margret mrs Morse Fannie miss ■ Morgan Marv mrs Mimn Daniel mrs Mortsoo Nellie mrs Martin Isabel! Mrs Morten Geo’gle mrs Msttenon Mary mbs Morse O miss Uaihewß Annie mrs Monmney M A mrs Maihtw C mis Morse Philip mrs May Nicolas mrs Moulton Lizie Ann Maulcby Llzia Amiss Mess Isabel mbs Mcacbum Ida miss Moore Carrie mrs Merrill Lizzie mlsa - VooraJueXmlH Meffisrole Peter mn More K V miss - Mergmcaiher Mary mbs Moore Cbas E mrs Miller Orl a D nut Moon Abby miss M 111tr Margret mrs Mllha'l Ellen mrs Miller Dame B mrs Maseb Cornelia mrs ' Michel Übtre mrs Mono Llz»y mra Michaels Sarah mis Mniesdy Fair.cz mrs Mule BUaOks MulUVia Leydia A mrs Mimiimies Murry T mra Millln Maggie mist' Maruny/Eate Amiss __ Mllti-rOatberlnzam Meers Marv mrs 'Mltchlo Jcbanab&ia ' Mavnord John mra MitctornNarxdetcm MUocy Lome truss Milltrbee Elizabeth mrs I • Me- ' McCall Elizabeth Amn McDonald Mary Ann mus M cAn ca Laura mrs ' McLaugoUWmmn McGrath Francis B mbs McDerrltt Monraret mis* McAitter Lizzie mi» McGlnne Alice tan McAuley Harriet mbs MeGiathPannlßmUs - mcau Margaret xust McDregory Migsie mus McCarty Ann mis McGee M J mrs McCann Mary Am mrs - McK.ec G*oP mrs MeClean Eliza miss . McLeod K tars McCUary EUzenuss McLaugolln nusaa mra McCloey Mary A mus HcLancy Henry mrs McClesgArufemiss * MowaiterCom WcHpllan Dr Samuel mrs McMahanLouiSa Rmies McComas AliceLmiss McM&nanMary mbs McClarran Katy mis* McHali Catheriu miss . McCaenKaty miss Jane mb* Katcn Mary G miss Nixon Alice miss ’ Nsre A Mary miss' Norton Norton miss NaltllMary mis’ Nauru Albert mra Nelson Chariot mn Norman Annie mis Nason B’-nry tors • Noyes Eliza A mbs Newton PZmenaßinre . Nottingham Clara mrs N.l e mrs • Rowland J mn Nickels wmmn *•" NaleJauemr* Nichols John zme Narse Mary mra - O O'MsMa Mazy mrs O’Sullivan Din mrs . ©’Neal Julia mtes OuerbentNclUeßmljs O’Baia Be?ile mrs • Otonan EUzabeth mua O'Dcmbnch Andrew mrs Otis Mary amn O’Cbsncr Mary mils Ovcrtnro Emily Amlts O’HsndDmrs Ooercath Mary mra O’Blataß Lizzie Con oohiey Jcisle O mra . o’?tine catnexln mrs oieyChasmn ' O’Biibo Aritia miti Oazley Anna mn P Patterson Thomas mrs Penney Bell J miss yaimer its W mrs PUtln Louisa mlsa Palnur Fanny B Cnri Pierce Je&nlt< miss ParukeJohnmri PierceaPmn -Parker a Lars PoolTcirwamiss Patterson Elizabeth mn Pole Mary BUS Pamin Marv mus PcpeATmn Paeebailddcliaßmre Pate Nettle Mmisi , . patch 6 L mrs Foust Simeon mrs ■Penrcie Agnes mn ~ Powen Katy J miss PetryßSuits Powers Mary Lmis* Petrie Ellen nrt PraitEllamrs PeClbone Cbas O mn Press Mary mn Pitu& Autie nm Preatiss L'zzle mn pilbniy Amanda mrs Pratt ileivln* mrs Panerman £ nrie are Pierce Ellen J mn ' Platt Sarahs mis \ putnam Anna mn Q ’ • Oultlrv Annamits Quinlan Mary Ann miss Quinn Maria faits Boe Cathezin mrs ' v Eobertsan John 0 mrs Ilocen Eunice nfi*i BUiy Patrick mn Bice DtJtJambs Haberts Frank miffl Kiteblson Lydia mrt Bcgsrs Lncy Umbs • Kateon Lncy mbs itcgcrs Solus A mbs jitper Mottle m:ss llocbe Baonab miss HaynerHLmrs itochweli BelbnmiM ibsmeMsiymtn Boot Amelia mrs Ready Mary miss Keif Batt B miss . HeploTgU Peter Bmn Bourke Margret mn Rsran Mary miss Rowley Jane mra Reycords Adaltnemn. Bockwls O T mrs Keynoits Maria mbs > u-'-unda Elicy mn Ketie Sarah mbs. Ryder Chariot mn Bead Elizabeth mbs Ruder MM mrs Real Hue miss ItusifcU Fanny A mbs r.iLfy LvdlaLmrf* Ravel- Margret miss Rifah&ik Emily mn Ro«*«ai Mary J tabs : Binlty Jane N mrs : Kuir<r Marymlu imiey Mrrgsrtt £mi s IjsdFubui 8 fihennan Mini le mfss Smith Augusta miss Bhrp.ro Daniel mbs Bclth AD mis Bcrcbart Arnambs Smith Btrah A miss * Sbacley Mary mbs Smith Maiy e mbs Bhannese 7 M ary miss §SJU MiryAga es mil a Ptiinf>l Til Tllfr* 777 . ..' pqiaerTtlle Jccrlutaiia Emiih Alice mrs Bant* flatti® mrs elctip esrsb A mra springer Maggie an . Bmltb Jfclia.inlrt Fplrcor b.mri Baldwick frtdrtckmlai Spauttrom limn Bawyer Hannah Tibbetts Spread Hannah mra mib S'Aitwe*'lieri,tzzte -iim 'FawytTKlizs mra Stanford lHri„* mrs • Bel mill tathctln nus • B:ortcr J c«eph mn SchoCtid utomre ... rteomtsUome mug teveJiKacmrs BteMJtxrcn Elizabeth mlsi Barr.ourC Birrs . BtewmMarrLmr# PbddctJ Ann* J mn Stewart Nctne on BUepoatdllailoliuts Bterret* ArmHmra - t-hoStli Thereto mlaa - Stevens Frank mra - BhinntrSarymiM Bi *watt Jaa e F ous Shrimsaiuj miss Etephtns JoMphloe mra ” B>m< ris W f ms Story Margaret mra Blmr tonLe» hot Stoppnn Mary Ann airs ' BriiolaTJffcamr«3 mrs BHnr.rT Lizzie i* , im StreoU-O D-mra Skt.« Sarah ml?a . SUdinFlmamr* . Etiiiey Mails nura Bwlfin mn Set oa orary A ml?s Sw tetf-y "Emily dmiss . Slcccm* Ma«*e L mis Spaa Lizzie J miss Emiib JcrmcEmL* TrplUnMejcWmji Tiompidn ’* r raus M nms Tam.e J« w.-cmist TtcroaM * mis llunse J C m.s ThcmptonLarimbs Ttcpt*e JcnilemUs • Thompeen Cataer ; nni; i - Trnnball Marie k sill Thomas. Wmror» '‘•ytor Duncan mra .Thorpo-tnFitz Jnmoamra Ta.b*»wMmn Taca VllatUdimljj Ta’lor Ernram mra Tcole ElUn mis* TapltnA Cm*. Tauratr name x mn Ttc cm Btiiabclh bub A mn Tbirp o S mrs - Tract Wn mn Tiiiman Margrrt tots Trimmer Paebe A rui ' -■TimrenDSoAMors - Tucker Basso \nn Tbtmicu Attella Amur TtreU Harry mra TaylerAdella mis Tocker Albert mrs Trowbridge Famy S mrs Tuoba Famy mn Dmabce WelUe mil* Y’stin Ana miss V Vail Mara L mis Viet Mary 8 mrs Van rattan Elza oiis Vewhsnpy Deny mrs Tai Arman mrs Vinton alary mn •W ■ Whalen Sella mrs Whlti Mary A M mis ~ veian.fi It amiss whit^Liatemis* Waiteßeruy w xu»- WhUacerßaiat ml«. Walt her Emily mn >*hitnoy Jane mra walker Bmm&tcnn • :Whiiak-.r, Prudence mrs Waling Mary miss . wpitnty vary oi-e Wolcott JH,nm Whitman Louisa miss Waxen Arytl mis White Maggie mis WanfnPkeb*Amlse- WibnrlUmet mrs « WardßTrnb Eailymrs WiiHag'onHarriet mra, ‘ Wtntwcrth Sarah mire . Whips Curie mra Ward Eliza mm Wilcox Kiizabe-h mra Walker Laura Bell miss wienttnau Lute mis WaymanLyulamis* Wit>n»g«ii Elies mra Wale man CL as mrs * Witchery fialUc mis waters taibrrmlsß wine nimeca J mis WeshturnMary mrs' WiaransMarytnls* Weeks Annie mis Williams Macule misi Webb Cbas mra Williams C Arms Weder Bno mis Wilson U G son WtucilbnoSmra Win on James mn Weicatbrsnkmrs Wllaoamri , Wtßum J U mi a Wilsca Bw K mlw •Wczrotcmxa WUeenLlrlomuß - . Wettßoxaaamia Wald Amoltamls Waist atm miaz WarU Uarliu mlai Wal»b Uarcret mra ' WooaanSfiLmra Wbeacan Hattie E mra Wood Baatian mn Wilier&J m’ra Wrtabt Celia mra Wheeler Janotan WriebtAlmira mra ’ White Jem le W mra WriKbt Lizzie mis White Jutta miss WricbtOetilla'Amra Whitaker Delim'w Wriant Nancy mlaa Whitlockßatile mra Welds Jaue mlia •Wbite Ella £ miss GENTLEMENS LIST. AmadtußH Alford E 8 ctpt AhrentH&co Austin Jotn .ArdrtssElH Andenoi j S Adams Elias AleattJß Aim AWbeclockAldrlCpc Alfred Allen J 8 ALOeison A Me- Alff-ro Frank M - Adatonleaso O A]lhter - AnflrcWk SamoelAldrich JuF- Abram A Kslck- Adams SlUs W A idem Jo» phi' erboeker - Atherton kranli Archer John W 2 Avery Norman ' M Allen Walter Alexander N Allen Sherman 2 Adams W H capt Arthurs Nlcools Allay Sami 6 ■ Ayexs WmT Ay eis Nexron Arnold Frank Adams W A rev AcaeAF&co Andrew Thom Alien W Aron A Adams Geo 3 Aldrich Mortimer Avery Cbas Allnm Thoi It Allcn'L S 2 Arris CUntrn Adams Geo F AUenUlrelßZ Attosaon Cbas Abbetsomlbos -AlerantJerL 2 AfhbyCW ~ Ashton The*rt*reArnold Montcom- AUnewCF’ ALenGf.oMB cry AepellChrs J- Alien Thos Arnold Z W AriPfte&d i bss AnrersozTtTeo Aeams S F ACameCyios '^Andersenll Bldwel! Asstto Beard Jodih - Barren Blchtrd'J PeecbAzUA . Billings Wm F CallArdEdwto ‘ BciecnO Black WU Bsoao Edwin F Beaal’eicT Blanchard W M Diirs Tboa Blood CL Blackman Wal- Baldwin Thos* Bmxcale*CC UrS •• Base Una Bear ell Cb&aO Barney WmH Barnett GW Bills Cfcaa Barns Michael Barry Heat Qeo Blakeacn Chas BiglewM A Baker Henry Bitter Chas B*il Metres Barber Q L BcuaeUJ KeamLM Barrett J BS»nBanl«lF Beean major Barrett JP Bubo? Isniel M Blackwell mr Barnett Thos Mack DA BoalllHQtCT Bales John B Blanchard Bod* Boone Ileal Qcoßßailsy John - lie Booth Wm Barrett John, Bedcoa Bay John L Baiiey Jonathan Benson £6 Bcnghtca Barton B • Bellamy Went A _ Bartlett WmM BfbtJ Bates Wb TIH BakerWD Benjamin Franolsßarnard D B Baldwin w K A Baiawl i At&cr Barmts MsckK Beers Samuel Bailey A 8 Burton Marcos Biniccp Baxtsoel LBoker A M Bash Miles BtldeaTbeoW EBsaher Aithony Barbsr Jar - BlcQreu Geo n . Htioghn Allied B iss Sidney KInLH 6 . Bate Art* nr BenteyOeo Blactser Jacob JBirnhy Benjß BscciiA 11 Besngrahd capt Barnes A H Uirt A W * JII Babcock Chas L 2 Bianon AH Bfersns J n Batnee Chas Btrc And. enrj Berthoid J R Chaa OBUt Good* Btllcn Jcbn Parrtck Bentley John BMletcdiClm Biack-ecpOC Btnaonrev John BayatdKdyrard Bellamy a Beckwith Jnojr Barker Bnos VutuLn v Blodgett Gns Butn-tt si A D.-u ca A U Broomer a B Brantcc Taos Brown JtfH Bramiord Aeo Brewster Geo wit own UeWltt Bercherst AHredßothwell 000 TV BydoileAO F " Brip/sQHarzardUnTftßarsßrd BeUfbrdKJ Bocbme Herman Bnntoiton Andw Brazier A co Bradbury Henry Uokd A U Brady Wm wa BnmelaadCarlß Brewiter & Van Broomfield Jsi BacUnrjsmPhllo Eor* - Bonin Jas Bailor P*tk Borland AJ dr Bother Jaa- BarrooiihsCaas Brewster 1 bo? P Boilea Jas Bittoo Franklin Boyle Chester E Bodei Jas -.Man's 1 L BoarkePatE Bryce John Bueil LU BiotbersCT Brennan John Burioozb Frank Bolee C W Brlea John • -Barklil T li BreaaCbasW Bristol W W Bunco Gao W Braovlvut . Becfor* Wfllls BoJer Horace 30CUJ Pills Bolter Malt oy a J Bowen C Bones Lawrence Ba.UU rfonry Browntoc Porter BowmarPV BaekiandJas? - Bcseit Don Brooks Lf Joel L Brocks DC BratosroM Berdan Juo BrttitanßC BortlceMH Barton Wm ftrcdan Bcbt BcemsnMichl Bntta Wm Brotsun Ensicretßremoer Alex Bocbar wn F , M „ . BnrkJohn -ButlerWmM BowenEraetns Brown Wm- Home Wm bewabh h I. Brownr»-£*T. llarntarAL Bowen U 8 Brown TK capt Borfiern Brnnner Victor Brown Robert Boras Elwd Brooks Henry L Holmes Barns JnoKL Brewster SD Brownßiftory ByoneJssA Brownley Sami H Brown Chas & eo Baras John B-indlev Thos Brown HnobardCHcrke Henry Bryant Geo J Brown B Bake rtios Benton Thos 2 Brown Jas K Brjwn Earl C Boweralhoi C Campbell capt G Cesnsa T S Clary Dsnnis Vf Cameron Geo Clark Daniel O Clark llent T B Carrlzan Thee B Ciiamoers llobt Ctsstord John O easy Toes Cura Stewart M - Carpenter Geo WCarner Geo Cltae Q B CbambtzUne J M Cappelen H A Ciapp Geo H Callahan Jere Ceßoyßeary . Clapp TW Clark John Calnurlan . Clark Thos E (adyßeech carroUßDO ' COaseHectorß Camp O 8 Carew J il Clark nabtrt CaityAJ CastlcanJohi CtuilUarrvT Cwlifr Alex Ca*ey John ff Chapman H S Camphtil A Ball Catlm Josepa Cbese Ira O ■ ey Carter John Chapman Jerome Cannaran Peter cocnei Josn H Cancan Chaa H Cavaaaancb Wm Clark Jt* Calull±*cttr calder Wm ChanJasebL Cato Ct aa £ Cstrmcell Wm H CUi£ J ton H CailPatrltk CalderciptWm CbidManJobn CatsldT Patrick Canmr C uToid John Gaboon LJ camcrsncolk - Clark Jonathan P' CaowailaderE caceMlcbaJ Cleary John Castle coi Kdw C Coabin Aoiasa Chapman John L Colwell EB CblTcsßß Champl'D L L CaidcrKmeetE Chapman Air C CuacaiLeon Campbell t> Cbampextam aL Cba?an mr Camolos Frank Chl dere Abram \ Caller Wallace cmn Frans H Clanreace Oratlo Coats N C - ‘ Caivcr feattnel L CnnisJß Cameion Bamsv Clapp P C Colby captE A Carrsebtr Prask Cheer o* Croi* Pcney campoeUGeoC CberctCA . Co«erCC Cam Thos Cleveland CbasHcolLss John C*vnaoc' , tTbcfl Clara C C CnakiesJotn. ■ Camobtll O A co C:arkD W Coyle Thos CrawtmdThos Coaaollr Thus CojornLLetpl Ccolbj mr Conley Hoah Cox W Moms CoravirOQ ComptonHenry ComtekL'nderM Cotton Allen Covey B O Corel! LA . Coker N -Cenlasßagh Cross Aibertispl Coi bridge Alb't S'olanboan'iarrleCaUer Asa n Commas Brvsn Ccle Barry U Crowell A-ChlUs Covike* hardy Connell James Crapssn FMJio W Coburn CK Cola James ft Crawloid Porter ComanPsrmer -CcnreenJames CornsC Coi My Pat -*■* conoall Jhcocs Cartice Dan Coes CO Cold James R Cnshman David) Ccnion Pat*k ’ Contad s A Cmo Dailey Conley Fbibp . CookJM Cum sham RAJ CcnioyPat'K Cooney James Crowell S\m fl CcpelacdCP Corbett James Curtis KT CsrwtntliasM Cochrane Jas W cnnn Geo W Corwin D Collins Jamss - Cmran Henry CotkieyDsnl Cochran John cnitonW Cooke JIT Ccllm Jenn Cams James - Cooke Edward 3 Covdl ft mF i Corsler James Collect Bandy GoggeweU Wm Crow Jas U Colls Fincher Co'tmsWD . CrossleyJisP Copeland ueo Corostt W W ' Curtins JTa co Coirp'on G W Cobb Weiden P Crafc John CokellnTLoi Ctnneri Michael Cashing N T dr Cook Ueo M Conlan LaurenccC'sllen W J znal CorrwellT crpt ColemanMF . CongerßPj-JH D . * 'Dillon WIT DavJsHenryS DovallAlvln3 D.rtey John Dana J W ■ Dntinß Davits Arthur B Davis Jacob Dancau On» W Dax.forth Abner Dietz J G DonavanPatk Denszs Bcxil Dans Jss D Dreassr D * rev Dawson A M Davis J F Doseubursh B Debrsatftco DtllcnJobn * Dur*l Edvard DsaigranAL Decker John DoddßW Dennett®*! B Dickson JobnF Dollar Francis Daugherty Peter Dickenson John Dolan Ea n Deeoer Phillip Dowd John Doolittle Geo W DaUn# Daniel Decamp John 9 • Duimaze G A Dodge Daniel Danabey John A Downs Gee a ■ DsibDcnltl D> lap John. Dnro T M Docks BJcbmondOovia Wm DoratyThos DicketeonUß Davis WmQ DavisXbotE Dement KC DaegstfWßcaptOunpheyOeo W Dleieodyßobt Deme’crW- DannHogh Derby Kobt M D-twy W H DoosHenry Davis Reuben Davidson Wm B Dwyer Jas Deßabtlst tuebd Dalle? Wm Driscoll Jerem’h Davfoo Bamllt Davidson WoF DonevsnJerem'n DimondFraucUMDavldioa Wai*r HDonham J K Davu Ferdln’d C Denonab tllebl Doyle J S capt Diskette Geo J Dawson Mlcbi 2 Douglas John Daei Geo Dlmlck L capt Donepin Wa DfJourds? Ttm’yDonchester W-JDorf«iVm Dlcgmsn Henry C Rent Doris si Tenre Henry PrucollJobn Doyle Martin C •Deal Barry Duron Brysn Dnnn M Deal Henry Drake Anthony Dodge Manley C. Davy Hamilton BDoig Andrew Emeu A Co Bdwarfls B . Eddy John , . , Bibs cndiCW Kastman Frank Kodicotc John B Awards ft Ever Evarts Geo U - - Emerson Jo«epb Edgarton Anstm Bdgarton G H ■ Evans John W Edwards Olivet EvrnsGO . Emeries John W EverettCbasß EmersonTH ' Swings Wm Eaton SS& co Eaecly Isaac. Ebens Wm SriußF EssterJP Emerson LB&to Edwards E N EuonJ M "*• Edwaics Father Earlßobt Eaton Jas M rev FUia s Brldgbam E&rl Jcsepn S 3 FarfellTHllent Talley James Foleam Edvard Fay ABA S D Klialnger. J M Foot* Rtchd W Fitzpatrick Bar- Fergnt Joseph' Fobes E A tbolomew Field John 0 Fanning Francis •FalyOsmerW Flnlßy Wm : , FurchingP Flenßß Fcbbod Wm - Floyd Sami A Ferris ChasL Farrell Wm / Friend Geo Fleldlse C WAcoFtnserzar Freeman Geo Fllk A H Fillmore Lcnls 0 Ford Thoe H FlttsCbasH Fager Lake • FoukHE Fayette ChssL FaxrMeczo Flagg Henry Fairchild Chaa Felton WmLorenFtie James FenissCcasM Pillion E Fredencka John FrrnsChssM FalrMUton .YE Flelouc Dennis FarensMA - rnricmg Jaffles TlshcrDave Fos» Alfred E Fo/re J I Fiich EawerdM Frost, or Post, A Fogg Jcdsdlah Farr Eddie Tooillsson Fey Ira Fannon Robt D French A Keith Foster Josenh FasleyEdward FamzeanNelson FimerJobnß FajtroacF W * Fuller John S FUmsonF • - Ford Oliver 8 Florence Wm Fair Fred W FUetwoodChat Fry Wm • FslmoL Tl* Frost Cbas H . -Flack Wm :FarnswrrthGco Fcyg Ci as . Frank Lewis Fitch OHcci Fltt&erCbas • Friole? Leopold Fellows Thos FioraP • Furlong La Finney Geo Fiynn eatk Fosa Mania S Fsyjß _ Flscer James H Gartner ELH Oalilgaa JD J GolnanK W Geoife AP Game:! Ira Gregory EawdM Gallagher Mlfbl Gl'cbrlatwaaM Gr*er Samael Centner & Idat-GlaesJesE GomtFreat tbtwi Gifford John- Gross Sami Gieeson Oliver * Gahol Jobs Ground Fred Giles Albert W - OirtzJobn S GlibberCG ■ Garrlcb Jno Gcjoley SB GabmlleCbaaD Gibbs Jno • Goodwin GeaE Gilson Chaß ■ GlkesWmM r'GowcaThoa Gardner Paul QaylortLWUbetHfinppen Tboe Gardner C Gfl-patrtck W'm FOray Hoch Gesar Cbaa Olea tta * Sea .Godfrey HC GayCbasU Gardner L Ooodncb nenryC OleeprD Geary Juppe ’• Gxlppen Homer Givens EC GlfloiDcs iianhalGoaM n B GeoiceF Gilieis mr. Gordon JB Glaflfo Frank M Gallagher Mlchl OrlppenJM Gene Georges Gro.bWE -GooorlchJA&co Gala Tboa Gutman, DarnettQrecn J D GtcrgertyTT <fc co OomtoleyJH George ibecdcre Green. Forrest AGoodseii J b Gardner Geo co GrahmJJ Garoln Thca Gobag&n AnthaySGaiter Josspb .GabrtelOeoW Gray AW- - Grc.-1 Josspb GardnerGeoTS GraveaPMlo 6<la.ftJso Gallagher ibos* Gone? Cheater Q >Ub*u Joseph Gardner Geo B Griffin Chas - Graham Wm GlilGeotva Goer Pack Greens w m a GUionOW GrcffColvm— Gnffin IV H Gilbert V S Gooorich O A 3 - Grady Wm ii Q‘la Htnrlcb ■ Goodwin D 8 Milton- Grover Worsen Graiton-W E’, Quay John Gould LC __ •7 11.'.,-- Harbut Andrew Baeemsn Daniel Hanson C u Baviland AlpbensHaleEllas - HaiaonH c. ' Hairy FT ; BnrdC Haswatd A D •’ HeMara GeoT capHuttbensAMercv HtTtlaCSi • Henderson Henry Hopkuu Horace Batbwav Cbaa S&1 Henry . Heaidine Bedwln Howe cllntcn B Jnll H W Mnntinston a dr Haywood ntnnagei.ton « H HcdgeaHß Sammariy Cbaa Hale H £ Helena U aracrE • Hecneesj James Holmes Huxni-. 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H-pper Jaa Hkkey Cata BallvtD bas Hueliagton Ira rlilahaid* Jamie- Hmuoo Peter HopslnaJ- •» Hetty < H Howe IS col HilHJerry H espt HmihChaiK Hoffman J Honzmaa John Uammcnd iiayld Howard Uarrey Hull i D Lab I) A HCCgcxGJ IccmollGeorge Ib’tson Jchnß Ingraham WT £enry Irpraa George a Jennlngß Wm R Jackson JA t JonwPiaak Jcctaw Jscksan Jb-cd tioaesJameaP Jamison N O Jactaoa W U-iam Jones Thomas Jamuoawiniam JohiaoaH W. JcntaHarry JccridbaWuiUmJobmo bJ') JoaeaJß .)aliao John Johnsos Joseph JoaaeJM Juarcy Jchfirsn 1C JejealssscP JcnoireaPiank JohnaooMartin J®ne«JosephT Janes CbailuP Johmsu Wailte Jones WiUmm Jackson CF JonesF E „ KcllpCornelius KlmbalSottS KencnJoieph • Klr rEkilllD. . Kerch Frank A Kelly John gflyOU • EoneJH KingJoieplv; Kiniey B F Kuns Jeias- KUchell John K SempAloah Kilos JH KaratyThoi Kuntuh&E Blrney Horace KransMicbl Hcsilrg A . Kennedy HC F Kramer M J hitched AlfreAKoeken Henry Keb* Mile* hen KnJehtCeo K-.ttneriia Klee & LltzmbcrKeplar r klmea M*i«n cer Koines Thomas Kfnr Liaratce 1 Keith Albert ■ SUoler K r icktihoc’er mr KJnmpbN E- - • KnUhtOHDH. Wn»cy «VmH Kelly JIB Kane Geo Kelly Wm KurperCP * Kenny TJ KimmeltWoi Riolc C Kelso Jza M v Klrkman Wm G Keye* Patrick KeoikslejJeromeKlag Wm I>-. -Kane Patrick’ .• D Kcdcr V/m ErelgO w Kimball J K KUken B KkteDCO Kenctrd JF&esKmer PhiUlp- KtmcsllhH EuuiSJdo&co KeuhHD KlivlnDhud KoibehaJnoC] KenlonOso Kelly ltd F Kethen Joan ~ Kaaneron It ~ . LyxranKß.. LloidLouls L««rtnTb»ma* Lorencg N - Lcckrood Mon-LcCtaoThoaF Ludlow & Mitch- tea J Ltior Francis n ell Lurk Michael Li on Gocre p Lester, Young ALatun Theodore Lechtesberger J cos Lamb John D&co LycnAH ’ LedouxJobn Lutrasp Henry Loyfllnra Ludi* Harry LecemateJ ■ ioocer Peter Leonardo A LumirdJC Ljons Ccarlcs Leach Albert H Lanaoy James Lawrence ChasßLtsht Aua-in Lamb James R Lcwit-y.tbas 3 Land Charles Lsue Jemoi II '■ LvcerkerFfi LaatCalrmA Lana way John Lsmaafiß . Law PS Laser Jos Loom) a 8 M Leonard Charles Lcerr John 1 LockwcokHH- Levyß • LioJoieohS Lcpamhos LeechCbarles LaueJohall Lowrey Geo L Leroy Adlerd Levy Joseph Lyzn James Lake CO • L'ttieJobaT Letts B espt Liner Hebert Lenh> r W H Loom JM i Laogdon Ella* LUtie Wm B Lynch James Lancaa cr Heea Lament WAR LombMd JG 2 Lamb Edward V Legate Wm P * Lynch Jehu - Laaard BH - Laaeet Wm Lbrkp JosephH Leecn Dayil Lambert Wm : Lyle Jehu Larenx tratdJ Leanard y Lonttli John LcmolnsJ E Lca:y MS * LyanWm • Lacy Fred N * Lavin Ulchaal Love M H ' Lerch Samuel P Lmklater Ma^uus Lcng Wm Lee Frederick F Lent L D Inner JG Merrill NH MercbelJobn MoolyßenJA Martin Warrick: Mackey John Mo:dy a Appietn Mssioce li UayaonJcba Moore AH -ilnnn 1 he* Muncer John 31 Xcras Nelnon MamuJasi MacxJolm Honor A F Mhiltoßjlcn - MaronJcfca M,JbsAbner . KarsbaU r. p Morooa Wm ' ■ Mo.T» Chas D .MalcruKP ’ Mather P . Uco.e Dally S MunjchJohn MahonyWm Merer E B MahcnrJohn - Mallory Wm U Morns Ernlysne MaiUtri:F.sh Mallory L 8 Morrell FrankH May A HathawsjMatthews rcvmrMoaroeFrank2 Msher Nathan Manln Michael MsrseGebAv Marsh a McrranL MtrrucaQeo Merrill NS Mann ML Honour A K Manrow or Morroa Thos G Mathews B Mahan Michael Monoa UcO G M«U Chas D Mackaboau mr Morse Geo 6 - Metitr Chas Mitchell MauhewMoikham Tiros Uaxeelcns C L Miller W T Mori jrd A co f T ManhCC MernttOrnn MoreGc* Mason CD Moral? Michael Moreaa Hearr Mahon D Miles Chas E Maroa Henry Maxwell Richard Miller C Moser J K E 2 Macon Edward Micac & MlfchellM:r»n Jos Maristt Ulchard/MilUr Sz Sens Morzso J L" MattetonEoe K Miller. Parsons AMnrray J B MaitlnliobtL HeajS Morgan J.iaF Maynard SW MHeyJas* Mant-rJas Mather 8 H Miamet ValentineModae J it Martini MUton Henry J MorptayJutmS - Meeker Francis HMfller Heixy C Morris Jobi MsnioraPN MUieoJuif Morns Jos O MarclocGco A MixJß Morpky Jnocapt MeadTbcoW MlrarJas Motor AO Merrill Geo Z1 Mitchell Jas Muxoby Jor 2 MeanTLcs MlxcnryJobo UoolCerJobnD Mead Toco W MlnMckWJ Morton Joha A . Mtnsetmaul Mi'cbcll Wza M Morpivvvil UushaUGfoC Miller Wm C Moore WaD Mtrqaee Henry Mitchell Wallace iOssson wm Mrara Henry Miller walur Morphy W ■ M*licrrH Miller Moses MouaamLS Marneljt Itaae Miller SI Mooroydr Mss Barry A MolrOocey Tboi Mooroe or Marshall Henry Mozley vV It Moraca Michael McrriU fl M C Morto Ch*a W Morpby-UtUliow Mason J«i espt. - M»ore Chaa i Malilaoanev Mkh Mather JII HTrmn Dominick Mo'pry Mlchell Mairoey Jaa Moore D 6 Mors M P- MartiaJP VortanchOeo MorebooasLP Martin Jas M Morphy AGS Malm Qeo B Mcrnll J F " Molhollao Thos TMayer Wm C Manlner Jacob Jr file McClffin Samuel McCoinuchlAciiOhicc»rt&r Jotm MeDaophUnPatkMcCarthy lta-McKl»n«a John U ' mood. McKeleyJobo McDermott Sd> MccnrscyßalpbwoPorlsrd John ward 3 McCorjfnodaleDJMcCoanoUle Jo- McyrelhDtnnis McPoprsonDanlel sspo McGorryJcho -McQUlanE MoOulreJohn Um otmtek A-LeoMcVtckar Frank MeAnly Jeon Mf Giecor Alex McEem mtPrankMcOreyor John Mcl)eannloarch*MfK»y G A ' - McGinnis WmG llsld . McNutt Geo A McCarty Wm McCormick £er McA Geo Mc'tareWJ nsrw McHttaeyMM Mcllraia Win McCoy Ardrew McElvalaeJD MoCrealr Michael McPherson Pr.ttr McCsne James McUonoughMlchl Patk McllsnsstJC McDorasla Mlebl MrEillzoU Pat McCt lyeyr'JamesMcEwtoic Lewis McNeliy.cbarley MtOryte James McCaiTreyMichl McCann Dennis McKindieyJA McQrezor Mai- McCiareEA MrOpbadcen Jas cotab McElwstneß T UeUalomr McCnbe H.P McKclley James Pi Nolan PJ Newall Edward Fate John rev Nlonamon Alva-NlxionT Newett Joseph rah NslePS Ncaiwp FewrlsAPred BewttnEW • wewellWmA FewcombA L NodsnHenry K Naso* WmA NickeLß AbrahaaNeogtnt Jam** —Nye Milton Klchoisoa Path 'Neman Timothy Nash Mar rla -- NocnPcter Nioiram Nowmaa U Neob&sPC2 NixeaJasS NormluU - Nash Chad A 9 Nnzenl Jaa Newcemerdr NcnmristcrCbos JohnNn«ent Jas H NayRU Borland* Newcomer John Newton Ensign Owen Michael • O'Danahno Flor. O'Connor John G OmarracMlcb cncs O’Konrka John O'Dcncboe P J Oven G O’Brlne John o’Briep Bernard 0->horae GeoW A)’Bn-a W W O'DotohueA OwaaTC f OBinyWn OttMllctC O’DoaehneTlmoO’Mera Wm •rtt Philip 2 _ thy , - OrtWmC ' u’RjanCDß Ouetine JBJndgeOs'oro Wm O’Hara Daniel OdtllJW Otosms Wm Olepbant B D Oiler J B O'Neil M O’Neill mr > - Phillips WM 2 * Parkins Wm L" Pelmbark Daniel PaUci6on& Mil- Peas Jason PUtt E L ler • . Perkins Jeu'e Pratt B W Pendleton ChasAPetmJo*nM ’PomeroyEL PiielpiL S Ptfttxidn John '. Porters W Palmer A K captSFhillipi Joo Agst Preston S M Pcstlee Abram Peoples Jobs .Pierce Free Perry A 6 Peny Jc.hu H Price FJ Phlmcs A D Perry John Prentice Geo B Perry Nelson Pettis John Pian»*n*ffhom»iN PetreeOoiasdo Palmer wmianx Porter HF deal Phillips N A Pecs W H Potw Henry PccS Daniel Palmer HellUn Prichard Hugh A' PuwpherEK PbliiippsWC Pops Jacob PatrsnPerdmacdFattoft capt pise James Painter Frank J LeonrdWPhlster John P Paul Geo Pmillos Lawson- PickettCA' PbeiosßH Pike EII PmatJoha Pentwairr QeoAlPope J p capt Polloes John Parks GH Plummer BazfordPlke Joseoh H •PearsonsQeoC A Pitkin Joshua Parks GtO Prescott Billy Pierson J L Parker fitrpben Pratt BP Platt JL- Pbelns FJ& co I’omercw bros Pika Jas H Pecfc'HS mtdn Pitta A V PiomlerWos Fiat* Henry • Pomroy ft bro •, Pnrsiance w Pane* Henry PmttOP . PomsmWDtco Perry H W Prlyat Abraham Potter Wifford Feline Henry Pierce Peter Pierce M&co Palmer JaajeaptPoodeAfi Power Lewis Pbelos Thomas Postteon Andrew Porter Melvin L PtTllneJMdr Prince Chas Pillanlient Perry Ira CononnPale Plcny Pocoek John H PtarlJH . _ bninn Pat Qnmn M C QnUUman Mich Quaid Mich 3 It Renton Dcgal Klcb James W Rowe Cho* A Reed A Ittoy James . BootLD '"w* RcnroidaW Bmcer.iGW Rnsseli Rlc'iardD Benne A Chamh* tuebardson rev J Rockwell Sidney? i<n Itaffeny James RooinscnS Read capt John -Rhodes J H KaggThoaG Biebards JoelahCßejnolds J C Roades Gso BeedltGtoC RansonJß’ RukedtGW Deere N B 2 Reichardt W Jn- Roberts eco P iieogUsdNW Una RowxeyOeoW RcoroDlentAm* Richardson J8 Koo^eraTtiog brosoM - - Repsss Jerome ■ RobinsonGeoP RlchmanuP Roney A eu John Roach T Bl ey Cbas Reynolds John MRodlinaG^o' miev Patrick. Ralph John B Boxers Harry 2 Reads DWC . BidgleyJonaN Robertson Henry BlceTJ Rearcon John Rose JW *■ Reeve Betah Baibbone jobnWKaplne .1 B itannard Ptedericitock Jcsiphß Rowan James ReQnaEP Bead John Hosenbarg Joo . Raymond F A Bieknts B 1C RoaehorrooshJoi Kay Frank Rldole M W . Rounds Geo Richardson Sam* Bswley Webster Rowean John neiH BamseyWmM KnsseUJohnL Reynolds Tboa 'H'cbardsWm aiMmoo-dohn Rowley John E Ring Wm F RncKlfß Wp A BeiieGcoA Ranclndr Hnjr<ie* Was SC Ryan Tboa H Ralph wm . Root W W laccardson G A Rntuncapt RodgaraWm Kendall Thoe Rossßobf RoisWG Bead G H Roach Wm 800 s W S RtlryGeoE RamsryAJ Row»t Wm BtdmondOeo B.l&nd Anthony Ronna Michael' Reedßoirce Rnisellbics Robinson J R Bafftmcroß U1 Boacae CoraellnsßohcrtsW "Hk KneCL Eyan Michael a Bailor O P -BcottJaaes • BparrStephen scales Clarence Shackleford J 8 Smith Frederick BCCU A J Baylo Joaikh Smith Q Tader ficbott Anthony Sheldon jei’meßSorendo Geo W Biiw A y KfiolUtt Johaß Btrots Xavier . rty Bhutts John Smith F B B&nnceir Olivet Smith John 2. Bloat Qcp W Rarkeit Alex’d’r SChOflSld Jahtt BthUOtt G-O fiiSneCQ Iwcs John P Smith Ora? L Band Cnr* In fiavago J*hn BiloreoaT M iharoe ChU M Bbsrpe Joseph ESnyder Geo K lanfort C B Bandwioa Wm LBaaders Hfl 3 Sanford DWG Bhtrwooa WC- sonthwick Sami ?te{Sid Daniel Bheppyrd J - Bmita Geo Q skreoetd Desire Bewau M W Smith Geo a Baigcnt £ S Bhinnon UlchaelSnath H J fchteldifiam’l B SScctt Milton SmUk Hrmry C- a snmterßL . BnencanL. Sxltb Herbert A saleßß. .SUntsnyWH Bmay Joseph SthiVTcrßG sißmcndAM SouiJonh Sale? fiamnel BlaytonWß fimltnJohuD Seatonß smith JM Benctant John EcavUle SamuelfiSioes Allan Spade Joseph snow 8 W smith Anthony JSiaxpion Josiph SanfordGeo. BhinkAitred Cain 2 Rtirvf-tv TW i Minay Nicholas Bno Jshn 7 shnidan Geo ABooo Pctrr Bl'lcisn Juhn Bbexiasa ueo ,6 g^ ied j e j C t»riea spsic JosephE Shbwnsh&n Timfitmonds C N £bry John oihv BpencerChasA SbannonJH ButweßHJ fiai'thfstec BauthWm Ihackleton ThcsSpencerPS BmltaMA _ - thonrd* Pevella Smith Wc'wad Sorttßer M P S SmithD W Saycrra Mder fl Simmers J Q Scare -I A BtecatiL stone jd Im.tbL 8 ' stallord 3 fiteveiaon Jamas ftmith .in B Star SB Story J M Slack ilirfin swlltSC BsCyrJosD sSltt, EdSondrStarregt 6 H Steuer John H jtra stevensStllman StlnardJohnfl StrtJn Jamei Stacey TbeoE Stet-h-ns John BrowellJohn steosonOeo BtewartJeun » siatten Martin Stevens tree John StnaUßF btewartlhomas StapletonJnoA StebhlnsNelson BtcneH Starke? Joy j stfffortO'A BGphecA Hiram Lseater Jos L staev A Wilder Swtneco H ' Sveony jno a W Stanly Rlc-ard H-»nUiTan Wa- . . * ISt/dj nniiell Sttcl.Wm a Biareai Henr? Swinhira Wm IShvan Peter - Erannont Edw’aSttckneT W C • Btercuon WC O ftftVM Dwlfiht Stowers James Snilayin oapt , B jSSiSSSu stean.. 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Gardra Cltv Feotegraph Gallery....Wester*' Engravine Co....Chlcag» u:aas Works EditorNorinwes’ern Advocate ....Union Lire Trass Co,...6ctconcr U B Grant. - tF* Office open from Ist of April to Ist of Novem ber trots*! s. m. till Sp. m. From November Ist till April ut. trom 8 o. u. Ud Bp. a, and on Sundays Hum 8 a. nr. to lOuS a. m. J. L B2RIPPB, P.U. IDE Wall IN MERICI. A Letter on Southern In dependence, - IMTBEESTIira EEJIASK3 OH IHE CtpaiiG ELECTION. BY GOLD WIN SMITH. Editors Chicago Tribone: A pamphlet of seventy-six pages, publish ed early in this year, by Macmillan & Co. of Lor don, and entitled “ A letter on Boathem Independence, n basjnflt been sent znobja gentleman In Canada, wb* Is hlmself thOT ongbly loyal to our ideas and institutions. I do not remember that this pamphlet has been noticed in the Tribune, or any extracts printed from it. Sat apart from the interest excited by the Tislt of lts distinguished au thor to this country, the work so is full of strong and telling things about our country, our Government, and the conduct of the war that X have ventured to make large cxtfacU fiom It, sure that they will be welcome to tltauaanda of readers of the TninUNE. The letter is written to a member 'of the Southern Independence Association in Eng land, at the time that body—for it cannot be credited with a eoul—was trying to get the Coniederate iroa-clads out of the Mersey,, and after painting out the danger of involv ing England In a war with us ifßhe evil at tempt should- the author says: >“Bnt perhaps you think that because’the Americans have already a 'war upon their hands they will tamely submit 1,0 see their ships burned and tbeir commas destroyed by vesaels cruising fr*m the- yorts of ea ally. -If the Commonwealth has men of spirit, and men who know their duty, at her head, rather -than see her suffer such dis honor they will see her in an honorable grave.” * v He tLcn diecussee the'great points in tie conduct of the war, end in what the war means. There is perhaps not mnch in these discussions that has not been said already in the better class of our newspapers and re views, bnt coming as these words-do from one of'the most learned of living English men, the man who fills the chair of history In her most notable university, they come to ub -with a new weight amLpower, WHY HE, FEELS A DEEP INTEREST IN US. “My reason for leeling a deep interest in the American Common wealth is -this; I think that the aim ot all social effort and as piration Is to produce a' community in •which every member shall folly share In the benefits oi the social union. It la an open question whether the mass ot the peasantry in England have at all shared in the increase of wealth and comfort that has come to the middle and upper classes in the last three hundred! years. Certainly they have not shared’in anything like a fair proportion. Many of them are Mill in a state of brutal Ig norance and misery, and of the vice which ignorance and mlseryiprodncea; millions of our laborers live constantly on the brink of pauperism, nearly one million of them are actually paupers. They go through their file without hope; the only shelter for their old age alter a life of toll is the workhonse; they aie in destitution. Any physician who has been much among the poor wilhlcll ypa that numbers of their children die in their inl&ncy - for the want-of proper food and v clothing.- Wealth and luxury such as the world never saw arc in the palaces of oar nobles and merchants, bat hanger and the horrible diseases .that attend hunger ore at the palace gates. V " “Now In. the American Commonwealth, partly I grant by the bounty of nature, bat partly also by her institutions, this poverty of the masses, has been removed. The Amer ican laborer is to a great extent prosperous an cl happy. Be bos do fear of dying in the work house, or of seeing starvation round bis death bed. If he is Industrious and fru gal be his all the world before him, and hope cheers him on. Of the fact that the laborer Is more prosperous in the free States than In vast emigration. that has gone on unabated in the midst of the civil war da conclusive proof. The number of,emigrants is so great that it will go fiuvtoward making up in. the North for the loss of-lile, according to a rational estimate, of that loss, though not according to the estimate of our teachers in England who set down all the Northern soldiers whose term has expired, as killed. WHAT he THINKS WE HATE DONE. <tJ The American Commonwealtn has, in part, at least, solved a great problem for humanity. The full rights or citizenship have been conferred on a whole people, and’ yet public order and pioperty are fairly se cure. American -institutions have attained to that best stamp ot excellence, the attach ment ol a perfectly free people; and we have learned from them how a people, when mod erately educated, will obey authority they have themselves bestowed, and reverence laws they have themselves enacted; The charge of carrying on the war by Irish and German mercenaries has been cast upon- the Federals by an aristocracy Whose armies have been filled with Irish, decoyed Into an aliembcrvice, and, with Germans, bought up Ukh.cattle in the shambles; but the truth fs American, -gpldlers, generally, are the' lighting • men, if they are fighting with out medals, without ribbons, and with out thelash. There has been a good deal of drafting, but there has also been a great deal of volunteering, and the armies are, to a great extent, citizen armies such as no Gov ernment, not deeply rooted in the affections' of its people, has at its command. - OCR MILITARY CAPACITY. ** Military power is thought by many to be tlie great test of the excellence of political Institutions If this be so no, nation in his tory has ever, by its own resources,-kept armies so large, so well appointed, and bit well supplied, for so long a time, m the field; and I doubt whether EurojJb could show-a nobler soldier in any part of military charac ter and dirty than General Grant. The nation has risen, idler terrible defeat, elastic and in domitable. its darkest' hour it has never lost confidence In itself. It has wisely stood - by Us Government, though its Government • was not always wise. It has not passed votes of want of confidence in ministers just ''Struggling out of their early difficulties, and in the middle of a war. No commander has been removed until he has really failed, in which esse Commonwealths consider the safety of the soldier, «• well as the feelings of the General. Personal ambi tion has in the main been held in check.* We have always been told ihatjhe men'ot intel lect and refinement in America stood alooi from politics In sullen disaffection; but dar ing this straggle,’with the ‘rail-splitter* lor a President, tney have equaled or surpassed the rest of the community in devotion to the * common cause. And the President, chosen ontoftbenmsa of lbe people and not called to meet a terrible emergency, has yet met _the most terrible of all emergencies with sense and self-possession—as wen, perhaps, as it would he met by any European sever- eicrix or suksajin I could name. Xt tlia out set Umittuwsa (rigUuui amount o£ corrup tion nod treason, but it seems ti me abated as Uitt face of tbe people has grows bterntr. Great emiirg ei i cied bring out all that is coble and a)l that i? bue IB mia, and the ba£tnt:fs U npt to appear first. 4. THE CONDUCT OP TUB WAS, “In tbia war, generally speaking, personal liberty'haa been bccuit} to a degree uaeqaii- Jco In bo great an extremity, to a jrreater fle* greo than it was la England under Pitt, In an txtreaiitj far less learful, -Tho ‘tyrsal Lincoln will very likely be ro elected by the free sndrvses of the oppressed people, ot so many of them as bavcßurvired his gullioiiae. As tot the Constitution, It has never been in danger for a moment; except In the eyes of that Southern party .who thought that Mc- Clellan. of all men la the world, was to play Ihe partof Bonaparte. Tna love of liberty among the Americans is strong, and capable of itslatlig forces that have shipwrecked the liberties of otntr nations The truth is, (hat beneath the troubled surface of general pol itics there has always boeaat wortt the quiet and healthy influence of tholocal institutions which p»ve really formed the political char acter ol the people. There has boca'no tea d«ncy'to relapse into the sabre sway. The Eoldlere-have retained all' the sentiments of citizens. This ungovernable moss has shown at need strong instincts of self-government and self control. Xacono reieooiordisdatn icgltinship with this people. As far as I can ste, they aroitme Anglo-Saxons, la a burning .vessel between sea and fire,- but' still, mas ters of themselves. 5. bumanitt of THE wab. •“I confidently .-assert that this civil war La* .been, so iar, bn the part of the North, .without exception, the most humane In his tory. ■ Excesses have been committed by the Fucvrsl armies; they are-commlUed by all uxmics in the country. Excesses ot the most horrible kind were committed by our own ftimlee on these very scenes. Con federate property - bps been destroyed by Federals on land, while Federal property was being destroyed in a way peculiarly bar barous by the Confederates at sea. But wc have heard of no denial of quarter to, add n» maltreatment of, Confederate prisoners; and assistance'has been given, without dis tinction, to the wounded' on both sides. The riots and maesacies in. New York were_ charged on Northern ferocity. They were - got up in the interest of ihd South by South tin-agents, and they were perpetrated by Irish rowdies, fresh, as most of the rowdy ieih Is. irom the miegoverament of other countries. . SOME WORDS OP OHEEB. “And now I ask whether In that storm tost veesel, wWch t with straining planks aad in imminent danger of Wreck) holds ou her .course, there may not .be as I firmly believe there is, something in which humanity his an interest, and wnich no man would wil lingly gee perish.. Emancipation la now the policy of the n.tlon. The slaveowner Is pouring out his hlocd and bringing ruin on his country for a cause which be has told us .in w#rds that made our ears tlooie is the best on earth—the Cause of slavery.’ Like Dantoh he has looked his crime in the face and done It, and his, eifrontery has lout a kind of blade majesty to his cause. These are not the dajs of 801 l Hun. Adversity has done its work. The force and genius of the American nffiion has been fairly thrown into the war, it» beet mgp, gelected by a process terribly searching, are at the head of its armies, and those armies are composed of sien whose bone and sinews are British, who form In the British Uae and go into action with the British cheer, and this great com munity of labor beara in it with all Us fanlts something not nncared tor in the coun cil* of-Providence and which Providence will not willingly let die”— There are some extracts taken here and there from this weighty and eloquent argu ■ ment. They arc the words of a man well able -to sneak-for us, and of us. And a maa speaking so bravely and truly may well be welcome wherever he -shall go In our great free West. ■ R. C. JHemcinal. DH. HIBKS* SYPHILITI G CURE Tbhf E3a£SeLso Is m Sale and SkdJcai Core tor Syphilis 1a tne raiauTi Secondary anil Tortlosp itajytla, sod Is Ibsmost laportam Oledlcai Ills* eovery «f the KlhoteondTceiiary. From time msmemerlal there has existed a aßiarve '•lttnaeo«Uz:ou S£XOIL kISEABB, oaiisd Mf. PiHJB, welch SsycsSs apoq a ipseiaKacjs, that el a diiiaetyikUS, which la capsela eiaKaauisiex by ixecnlaWea. * JA MAJLXO* BYPJmJTIC Cl BE is ue leuo which has ever heex duesvered that fnMj CIAS BTPBIUTIC and VLNAtfiAL OISfiaSSS la all their varied aas csayUswted loreu. aad caor osshly eradleats tha dlseus Crsoi me -xMow • This deaecoeuvs diseaae, waieh has baSHme skm eroor ant csalaeat yhyddlas. aas nHed ML* LlOkStobs PnKATVK ACATSo! •r to *ar mi »r«irable existeoso whljs hie Uste£ is as readily cored by v”iOS—ITX ABLY TABS B£MEDY-aaaoycthar ODCPLK FOBAmdiiMe! 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SCOYILIJL Whole sale Asent, Cblcase. .. aa«?S*p33Wt-ls 3&eomnsi §IOO REWARD fob & usdxczsb that wa.ii cube COUGHS, KFLDENZi, TICKLING ia.tLc TOEOIT, WHOOPING COUfilT Or Relieve Consumptive Coughs, AB QUICK AJ COE’S £OIIOO BUSH. OTEK 50,000 BOTTLES Have been Mid In Its native town, sadnotaMngia tntla? c« ol is* failure U known. We hive, la oar pesa-edoa, any quantity of certiS cater, seme of Uem irem EfiUKEET, PHYSICIAIT3, Who bare used itln tbelr practice, and given It the preeminence ovtr aa? Giber compound. It iats i*t Drj op a Congl! Bntleosens It, »uto enable tba patient to expec torate freely. TWO OR THREE DOSES Kin InT»iIal»ly Core TicUiag in the Ibioat A HALF BOTTLE bis often completely eared the sort “Stubborn Cough, And yet, thonch it is so rare aid speeds In Us •Dera tion, it in perfectly harmless, being purely vegetable. It Uvery agreeable to th« Uste.andmiybi admin- Ist-rsd U children of any age. In esses oi CROUP we will gmarantes a curs If taken in season,. No Family Shoold be Witbont It, I! is within the reach oall, ths price being ONLY 40 CENTS, • Act Ran Investment and thorough trill does not 11 brrkup” tha above ffatrraeat, the monaywtllbe xßlindid. Ife sa> tblsksowisg i<s merits, ana (feel cenflieat that one trial wtUucora lor it a betas in ctbtj fesmibold. Do nctwaste away with Combing when so null an lrTe*tntett will core yon. It may fee bad of any re«p*ttable Ozxuelat in tow. who «nll (aralafe yoa wlm a circular •( gemuiie certificates at cmras it baa ■ads. tar soli by Drnggiau ejeiywhcr*. C. O. CLARK & G0. f Proprietors, NEW HAYSK. CONK. LYOfSPERIODMLJROP, LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS. lws rawwaiOAL b>»ps. LION’S PERIODICAL DROPS, THE GREAT FEMALE 9MEDT. TEE GREAT FEMALE BBIGCDII, THB GREAT FEMALE BRUKD7, ARE NATURE'S GREAT RESTORER, ARE NATURES «KAT KBTOML ARE HATUBS’B GREAT RESTORER, And always remove OBSTRUCTIONS ®? NATUBB. OBsn*#ria« of nature, of nature. Being a idsatidcallj prepared FLUID PREPARATION, FLUID PREPARATION, FLU® PREPARATION, " THEY ABE BETTER VUS PILLS, THEY ARE BCTTSt TMAIf FK.LS, TRET ARE BITTER THAN PJSLLS, And are, In the most obstinate caees. SOBS TO DO GOOD, SDRS TO DO GOOD, S.UES TO DO GOOD, AND CANNOT DO HARM ANB CAEKQT DO HARH. AND CANNOT SO eaqm, LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS Are safs at all times, except daring pregnancy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS. Observe carefully tbs directions around each bottle. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS Are so “got up ceaponnd’* to Impose upon aubll— credulity, but me prescription of Dr. John L.Lyem row practicing physician la Sew Harm, Ct.. at W3 Ctappsl street, woo gnarantaes tbalr efficacy, will all c-rrsspoademce concerning them. ud aQ other ipeeiainiei and fire particular direction* for au private olaeases ana female complaints, person ally or by mail _p!;. Jcha L Lj-oa’i discovery, known m LTOS’3 FIRIODICiL DJtOPS lor females, stand before the public to-cay, superior aa a- d'ureue, unsurpassed aa aijMclf c, fer tbs cure oi all harrassmg female com plvl* j, compounded from a formulatbat u tbs result •f bla ester *We exparUnce end by him guaranteed to remove all Irregularities or sapprsued nature. and warrmited safe a; all tlmsr. except when tn certain illuatlpa* particularly explained la tbe dlrecMsas around ear o bottle, wbicb ell eboald carefully read too under stand. . * LT«R»S--PERIODICAL DROPS coot but a trifle, sadtaeir worth. in comparison totbeir cost. Is like gold to land. , rector Lyonaaki you wbo are lakerlng from Irre fulamics will yen not make one triaTof hisrS ne wueCv Pei logical Drepi, wbicb be warraata will satisfy ?—ln every Instance. , LYON’S PhIU«DICAL DROPS are sold byDrux. gists eT*rywbere,ln clt*. village, and country. as il ter bottle, or all orderaft mail win be promptly at . met to »y DR. JOHN S LTU« V JTdwSDm, Ct. LORD & SMITH, Wholesale Druggiitf, 23 Ltko street, Cilcaze. EL. General Western Agents. CID^IR/IKI’S BISTUiLBO EESTOHATIVE FOB THIHAIB ' BESTOBES OR FADED HAIR TO ITS NATURAL COLOR. CLASS'S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOB THE HAIR, •nraly eradicates Daadmir. J CLARK’S DISTIL LED ' RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, PrerentN its Falling ox. CLASS’S DISTILLED /RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, fteacotsa Ua Natural and Healthy ttrowtt. CLAES’S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, Causes the Hair tarrow ok Bald Heads, where the rootsareneieatlreTydcad. insnsncaset. nothing will doit. CLASS’S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, Is smote Luxuriant Dressier. a little one rats I Uhe lt,it»»*ea mrtialrleel •osefttndsbtty." CLASS’S DIITQXKD RESTORATIVE FOR THE "HAIR, Contains no dirty sediment to tie sbaken up before use, CLASS’S DISTILLED u* RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, * * Is a Clear, Transparent Fluid—c«l tains no OU—li sot a Dye, arnicas no deleterious properties, CLARE’S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOR-TEEE HAIR, Is delightfully Ferfamed, and deea not ton rancid la warm ..weather* CLASS’S DISTILLED ... RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, la ite only perfect Brewing and Eestorerof color combined. CLARK’S DISTILLEp RESTORATIVE HAIR, Is scientifically prepared, coals only n per bottle, and is sore to £l?e satisfaction. Give,it a Trial. Bf*For sale by .Druggists generally, in city and country, C. 6. CLARK £ GO,, PBOPEIEIOE3. ■ sew hates, .... corrar. G-onoral Depot, 23 Lake-st., Chicago. SSt-SS™ * sea>tfe»S9iit«w*is Se <Emirrartor«. TO CONT.PAC ,rOR3 QTrA«T27ntAan»N Oyrroß,t - cjlmi*vOUOtAß. Uu.Sept.tt.y Veiled PrcpeialslaanpUcraar® mTt'Maa4yfl| Tva lecnrrw d» t*B uTi"' fUgaod, is hi* o*T.ee ta Cftdp Poielae. 111-.aaU 12 4 .JUtiDA,T£tho3ofi d« 01 I'M, ttt farmsWUf tx&oer cor;*set * t-sit In.a fife*, do , leeanei tor riairtnrsraaßt of ▼• a er’Worvsitnwn? D.u !•§. Ilf ,oi»: iottow* tt »etc, tor® and th'cWsi ot Caittn ra- Ttt: ivta leet-Sinch cors Ca< tach talc*. Xt .. —9 •* *• - ** « ** •* 1 —S Inch T coinecu :na tcrddoch pip*. 5 —* Bead*. 4 U'oa*. mils-and fswfft . . .. _ lemja - -• „ 7coiuicUci*,nta3inchoranob. 3 -J ** Plc*» 2 —« *• fUf.rer. 4 Fn«Plaf»-5 isek oqCcu 3 ' —sinch teosneettohj. • 2 —S *• B'eem. To oe csit lo ItPsvxuuf 12 feet eath.vlih salt wd fHDON Jul «, to Ofc d.*thf DtSEAO'illtWOt CU'IKMJ ratrr i’»bt, inbeot \o * eare.n: ic»6M:»l»ato to t?»»iaty tae • bicazo Cl y WatM kauoapicr, at tOd nxpsntaof CJtU»Cttf t It-t* tia same p Citnee as reqa’rcd cl p o t» Ct a rcUUra tiao now it weir iheotjot ''dicko,, ■fobereivtret intfun t-fti.tr-aysir^ra:aa<&■ o! cc&lrici.vt Camp D»u<lsß, lli. t froc ofcAtrfs Caccessttr* ii&J-is »lU-bo trei»*r*4>o eater into rutin t'rtrac*. t»»h >n iniDC'Cat eiyn »bt •*««?• ance of»b«iX oiae. &*ch bit* u>a;t DiiD uc f-lio*! gforaa: . r-accD'crix»r beio-> piojcss tofonasaanjloa ll?<i to the OVitea S T a'ea at the QiarartnaasGex** ixpar.nent at Cixj> uohsUs, 11 ugreao yto tk« Icj-qi ol jeox adfer4i«atat ia»l'la-- fToooiais for army mpp i*i. dated StpiecantrVßih, isfi. taatoft* tenir* articles, tiz: at cesTs per pom 4, and plelro on* »el? 2»»» eater into a written contract with ttiu Hut t< a »tateu wuh gcol apprr;voaseca*lac«, wlthti t-e 6-ace of d*ii alter b iaf notified iba; tasbtd «““"¥“ eh „ f Otm-ASTT. Wa tae nndeisirncd, rtaldesta cf .la the county ct ■ Bta eof ■ ■, Hereby Jjtntiyaad ttmtlli ccTtiaat with loeUci.-JdStttb*,andaa\r asteelt caa-th-i lorcectr* Didol »a accepted, that hocrthcywill ■ itbm &v«taat« aßcrUe *.-©ep tnauo of the laid Did execute the extract for th« tame' with rood atd solßcknC lars ics, In a inn eqnrt toone-Utrd 0‘ the «mocnt o: the .(ntract, '• p.iftitin the vortc o ftinush tae article! In (xatcnmty to the terms of arrerttsessat, dated i . croff attl- h the eld wm male. Atd «n cos* 9»ii tbalijf.it to aster Into a coo tract as a(. tee jn*wntee to cats peed t**« CiUerrsces thoaCJilObCit ie?pcn>l& e bi<idir.or the person to oben the cottrt-*t ma? ae avaicel. etrvnncd'Tcnrband.'tani s:al>, f [sajuJ this Ob? cf iwt. S (saaul The tm< cislrred rc*f rre* the right to rejec; any or all 613si»reamed mnirascsane. Bios 9ii l he < c>rta'n« Ur the entire quantityro- QelredtobeinmisDeconiy. .. Pajmenti betnadeat snehtlxea and !b lack f&nda ae may be ptotSk* by tbo Deraitneat. , , Propcsalß xreitb- cedmatd ’•ProxwaN fbrCart* ten fn» water ■Wsrlt*,’’ and •ddwaed to oapt. CUAP.LEd QOODiIAK, A.M M., at Cam? OOnclai. lillcole. Aij roribtr UJotCRUon desired wiUbs tlTsm aa appnc»nonto CSAttLU3 QUODMAH. »ea*is“i*lot . Capt.ana k. Q. JC. IWMirw, V .y-« » A QDARTARMAS JX TEE’S OFFICE, Rcck Island, ru Bept,i7,t3«. SEALED PROPOSaLA In dupUcati are invited, ana will bo received by the under argued at Me offlee. In Bock Inland. 111., uatil FtUUAIf. U m.. 30th day oc Sapiautter. IBM.' for fumubing, nade; contrecvJßW hunt red UiooA&Dd baiter Biturolacui Coal, to be do* Uvcredt)etwe«nihe Ist end Stst October, isst; and lerthe months cf Noveao-r and Daajmber, tags, and January and Febrnaiy. ;SCd,forty thoosaae bull* •la per month, nukes other ansa ordered hp-ths Qnar- * ■ term aster C'JrSiral, or other proper authority. to •• delivered a; iiock laUhd Barracks. Illinois, or •• tM Government switch, conjuncted Oicharge. Bldawltlbeenienamedfor the quaitlty require* wryisciy, or f-.rtbo quantity required each aooth. Successful bidders «a ho prepared to eater into written contract*, with ecod am smllcient iscaruy, immediately oi lha acceptance oftaelr bids. •„ Each bid meat bo lt, the foUowiaxfOnn: The mb* -.'r-hars hereby propose to fomuhaad dellvertotho 4b - Qu<xtc'naa»;«r'j D'pjt at Root Staodjlils. .«'ret-n,7 »• '»« tlseraent inviting proposals im sopplles, da.o* Sept 17to, ill:- fdbowjiz article*. .**♦ r~7T pledge to m:o a wr.«-n contract - United States, wl»b cord and aporored within tho space of &ve days after being notified taa* tho bldhaa oem i-c«*eo T *d. _ • FORM OP GUARANTY. m We, the xwidcnt* of la the Couni; ot —— Bute or uer«by jointly and saw •r*uy covmaitwlrh the United ata as ana eua-antew meuao ib* foreto'se Md of —be accepted, that ho ft they will wi bin—days after the ac»' coptacce oi tlio raid bio. erceutJ tho contract for tea same with aoed and iafllciaat.Mua‘ie»,lnaaamfujaa4 t» ore-Unro cf the amount cf *hscon»ract, to perform thawert or Innthhtbe articles properediaconformuw to iheti»m* of advertisement dated the IBU. wil der which* be Id waamsdeiasd in rase said —abaft ftU to cttoricfo rot tract as aforesal j, we gunraate* to make sood the difference between the offer ey the said ~nd t*e next lowest respondole bid der, or the person to whom the contract may bo awarded. Given nrder my hand end seal- this, day Of ,MM- [B*4L] The nhderslcned receives the right to reject any or -all bids, if deemed unreasonable. Bids will bean* - terainedfcr the entire qoanut* reonirad, or sepa rably. Payment win be made upon the complstlrn of each contract, if reads monthly, and entire-quantity de* Uvered. In gach funds as may be prorlced by the paremect. . Proposals mopl to endorsed “ Proposals fonCoal/* and adiressed to Cape. B. F. Reno, A. Q. iL, at Book L*iaid, lb. - , • Aay lurtherlEformstloa desired, wRI be qtren, oa appliettlos to B. r* RBNO, - &epU9-aU7-li: Capt A A.A.Q.H. 'PROPOSALS FOR $50,000 SEW JL BRaGEßonds. ISf>JM)O Water BonAs aad9isi9> Short klnniapa' Bends uf t; e vity of Chisago. Cixr CcairTKObixa's Opnci. > cbicaow. seot. iitn, taw. s BEaLFI) PKOpos&Ls will b* received attntseilca ona; Monoay, beatember i6'h. as It whew the same will oe *pnoUcy ooem.a imt wa whole os any part of Fifty Thousand velars (|!0,900) of Sew eiage bonds ct the aenominatun oi one thansand dollars each, dated July y*rt, iSdt.-asd p«Mb.emNew Torn twen’y-ronr tears art*r taetroatn, with coapcu lor interest sttho rate of a*vej (7) gor coai. per as* sum, payable Semi- ant aa ly in New York. . Aiuitlag tnnofsprovliibuior -heir rsaamptioa- Also, icr ths wDcTa or «By part ef Ninety-Eight Ttonsaea Veilars (JVB.ct.ai ct Benda of one tSbsand dollars eaoc, pij fcbw In tf«w York July Ist, nSSTwuh couoooi lor in toe rata oftevea (t> per cent per anaaaa. t>av»bla amd-auaually. For these bonus tne faith or w;e city Ij pledged, andtaxM tionxe-QuireibvUwii necoasrj. £he wai%r ream are ais« spe-oally aporopna'ed. v which last year yielded a surplus ef «U3,iso >U arter paying interest «n the vaicr debt, and are anil iocroasts^. Also, for Fifteen rhmuard no lonaurdapaihOßd# payable Dec, Ist. ISiP.lii Now N_ork, ofdho same de nomination srd mteraat eemvaunusiiy at (7) ■' percent. Asuuiarfanaunrovidedfortharedeiap lien ci the>e bonds also. The prepceala wir. iceclfy the Sind anoamount ilrcd.and pncnbld per stuG.uo thereof. and tbe place or celivfrr, whether Chicago or new YorK. The par sons whose proposals are accaptea will recelrs mfor xatienof the sacsat tfifscace, or at tbs office ot Heasrs. Duncm. Sherman a Co„ Sew KorJC, aj may be CesisnatPd m thetrproposais «rherethay wlUbe re quired ta depots? wratn Are dart after toe op*mag ot tcs proposals tie anus swarded to them rtsseo •Urely, with the prewmma thereon. ana the inter eat accrued tram July lit to tba time of dapoai? of pay ment. Bonds wlh be delivered m Cncace.flept.ftta, atd in New Torn BeptembeafiTtb, at the place afore laid to tbe prtllcs entitled tG Cheat. Back proprial mould be scaled, and endorsed "Prepaaala far City Ucnd»," and addreasedto ibe on deraiesed. where the parties are not known to bin ebonld contain references. Tbe Comptroller r«ie.-vct, u usual, the right to re ject as? or all tbe bids. IT tbe pahile interest* should reauirelt. 9 8. HAYEt, —tMIVMOt ~* CitT Comptroller. AI; U ABLE FA3M FOR SALE.- A Ftna oflt3acres, iltrated In Christian county Illinois, about aixt> rods rom tae Depot at Bo— notd, on the Terre Haute and St, Loon Railroad feur mi es weft ct 1*.9 inaction with tba 1 Hails Ccn trel. TtUallgood arable land, and all uuor calk" nation, and well fenced. It baa upon U a largo wal brnit licuae. completely ini abac, worth at least |UM. Also,about SCO reach Trees, Apple Orchard, and • cooavtn-ttj ofsmnili rmT«,a I labouring. Iteaa oiDCJ rare and- excellent toclal* achool and church prlvilrccs. Tbe wbole 1* Offered for JIO.WO, . FctXurthtr particulars adorns B. B. HAWLfY, ie2l-s5-iS-St Rosamond, ChrUtlaacounty.il!. A TLAKTIC * 9HSAT WEST- A KOI BAIL WAT smu AkiAnflm-twD Through nw grains —tween CA7IUSD AXrh wtZw gas— elect May is, ihSA KKO TUlk TAKOGCSI liflQb • i«T« OlUTdtMd IL MO A. K.* aftd JA»F. MJf -" Sta « N Carry at .....toy.*. ■ » mba.b. *• Salamanca fcis r. x. *• mia.m " StrwYorkat. ife— a.x« - » mf.x. Harußßore. u—vaHawYorkaL. %oe*A.x, ** MOfp»S> Arrive Cl err land at. n. . . Up.i, g*jH, eCODUAH, 6Cb*ral Ticket Ag^C^rreaMd. BOYS’ AND.YOUTHS’ FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING IN ORE-A. T VARIETY 'AT LOWB9T PRICES. Parent* sro Invited to examine our stock btftxe purchasing. WH. BIRTLRPT, *' * isi and its Randolph street, sbannnn House. BeSJ-faEOTZw XTEW PATRIOTIC MUSIC'' X” BOOS. THE TRUMPET CP FREEDOM, A Collection of Rational and Patriotic Sengs, Dueta Tnoa and Quartets, comprising RALLYING 608Q9, CAMP SUNOS, S CAYALRTSOHSS. MARCHING 6CKGB, Battle 30nq3, VIC3UKT fIONOS. - HOMS SORGS^Ae. Being tbebestcoreetlon of War bangs published for tfie Soldier* la the Field andtbelr irlesd* at boatat Price cent*, on receipt of which it will be sent posa paid.- Sold by all Music Dealers and BoOS—Uers. MITKB BITSOFT A CO., ealSnCMtsoo PHIUetUEs, Beetea, T>RASS STENCIL ALPHABETS. Air At. J. METCALF ftCO. _ SO. 201 DNIOII STIuaTrBOROB, MAS*, rbe cnly mmnaiactarers m tua United bum*. «r Bn* Alphifiet* sM Figures, (• any great extent «v la an variety. Sold it wholesale at tba Ignrwar CaM !?*£■•. Also, tbe beep of ntDEijffliJswicm cult* Stencil DIM nd il Madaß ■jggytoe*. o* or,Sar %SSJSii* IFHE IfcEJNLET OIL COM- A PANT.—Not me 99 Dmnaaw X*. i. ■ _ Nmr tobk, aeotsmber st&. lait. •• Tba Truster* of tte McKiai*y Od Company, bm declared a dividend of THtiEE Per Cent, (eat «r u* net earning* oi the company, foe the month of am nst.) payable cn o annul at tbaofflea of lha caaaan. 8) Jeon itreet. New York, to abareboldera of reeara at the clo*o of buiiaeae this day. ic2S-*755« WALTE2S E. LAWTON, Treasursr. SPRTJAKCE, PRS 13 ms Ro. 54 Latailn street, Mefropol H.Spau-iaca, 1 n J. W. POBTOIT, I kJ. Clawson. , < A. HOMTTMJ, • I J.B.Paxsroir, - J I. KSTON A CO, CRCHASTW, aiuaa Black, CbJcaca. f H. A. Hoxsm * OOb I ho. II {So. Commercial rtragl ( »r. Latna t geStfSMa SAA ARTILLERY HORSES tFvfvf WANTED. 0771 C! OS ASSISTANT QViffnflSTll,) i 05TH HUNDRED AND SECTY-FIVa (1W) DQT. LAPS each Mill ba paid tor all Artillery Horn* that paaa inspection at toe UOTerament fltablta, ta tat, city, after to-oay. Said Bories to be tonnd In an particulars, weiv broken, lulllaflcab, from fifteen (i 5) toalxtaen (lO bands tlgh. from fire (5) to noa (9) yeara old, sad well adapted la everyway for AiUHary purpoaec Fob* axe* will ba received. Payment made la Certificate* of Indebtedness flow seven (7) Ber»ea or mcra. - By orcerof CcL JAMES A. ERCT, Cble! PfrftDl* Tutoa 014.6. Department. c. HAT. MlJ'qKs'3ir Capt. and a. Q. M, Artillery horsss WASTED. • Assistant Qaißmim's Oyyicx. > _ * . , Cmaaeo.m.btptn, issTf I wjsa to purchase, in open mar rat, Artlßerv Horses, for woleb I will pay #155 ta check on United Sffteß Treuarj iorC,r»lfi cates of Inde&teSaisJtoc raiSS-iUMu'*" coraS Tbay dark, colors, soundln all particulars. tttpna, quick and active, welt uroacn andwaaxw to barniaa, tiLjood fla»h and condition, from a®? 00) years old, net ina thaw fifteen and ? bands blab, and each horse to welch nod lc« than tea bntdrtd and fifty OOM) poanU?* * wVSISRSf ,ou o< mu W Of over. n ß is S^JP 0 * JAB,A. ICKlft. CALift ebarielstD. Q*H Q.O. J. M?BrBaiD3HAW, SCl7fllSß-lfit Clpt>aAQ*if. Doctor de bonnefond. from Paris, and vs daughter, ufbrm resyact* fully, tbs gentleman and ladies or cbjoaco,that »*«» kave tbe mieotloi* to give soma Fteaca lesaana. Tiw yariona learnlnc Hits Da boibo ors % after naaatca elabt yeara m tba oast Bcnaola of Paria, aadtbezeal ptnocs who may confkrtoce. Address Post Oflcs Box 4017, or XIV No - Sniuci. <. as,. w'atnenx, Vic** Coaaoi of France. Hlcblcaa -tfjlt, Dr Henrotin, Vice cot aol of Safrlna, Borta WeTS 5 *«-weu#, Bdl«» of tbs Co£s>a>eul ; MriFredla. Lake sweet. aafiaOloa

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