20 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Kasım 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM EDROPi, Latest Advices by Atlantic Cable. Preparations in Spain in Anticipa tion of a Popular Uprising. Death of Don Miguel, Ex-King of Portugal. Circular from t!\e Italian Premier on the Roman Question. Spain and Cliili to Accept the 5 Mediation of France and England. FROM WASHINGTON. Further Surmises Regarding the President’s Future Course. . THE POPE'S RECENT ALLO- CATION. Italy’s Offences Against the Catholic Church. The Holy Father’s Defence in Behalf of His Civil Sovereignty. .. FROMlim. Spirited but Unsuccessful Attac on Matamoras. Death of the Liberal Genera Tapia, JJepoi't of 3laximil' ian ? s Abdication Denied.. • from mm. Release of Thirty-nine Penian Prisoners. FROM NEW YORK. Late and Important News from Dr Hall’s Arctic Ex pedition. FROM EUROPE. fiaaeiUD Wedding Festivities Closed—Fam* Inr in India Abating—Tho r-ponlsb Author 9 Ities Take £tr>.ns -n ensure* agnlsAt a Popular Outbreak—Death of Don .11 Israel, Ex*<;ov*roor of Portugal—Circular from the Italian Prime vifnisTer on-tbe Homan Question—r-patn and Chill Accept the Me* dlartoD of France and England—Lnrse Nsmbrrs of Fenians Arriving In Ireland, fct. Peteusbcbo, November IS.—Russian festiv ities have been suddenly stopped on account of the serious illness of toe Princess D&gtnar. Lotmos, November IS —Telegraphic despatches from Bombay report the tenure In India abating. Slauexp, November JR.—The Government of Spain is taking strong measures to prevent a threatened outbreak. Don Miguel is dead, F&oberce, November Iff.—Baron Rle&soli, Prime Minister of Uic Italian Government, has Issued a chcolar dtecouisglng the agitation of toe Roman vestion. 5c says Italy will be neutral and await to; eertaio titumph of her rights, Lisnojr, November 19.—Tbe report is confirmed tint Cnm«nd Peru have consented to accept toe EteHation of «k« Governments of France and tw-ioa. afccre are reporta la ttrcaUoonthat fighting b« *>cen renewed in Candia, __ Lcsroj.% if. :t that large num \«rs otPcalans have been nniving in Ireland trteWlf, and is well prepared to meet any rebel* ilocs movement. He Bcfonn demonstration in Edinburg, on Saturday w a large and Impoelng one. Bxnvtr, Kor ember 19.—1 t u positively stated that Sismazk trill soon resume tie active duties of vjucOee. Latest Enallah Markets* Lxmpoou November 19. * Omtox—Quiet and uuduusetd. Middling uplands Is quoted at lid. The sales to-day will reach lOCWW) bales. Lovros, November 19, Great fioods are devastating the counties ot Tort ,%nd Lancaster. Many lives have been lost by drown -ixz. Losrxw. November 19-aooa. C-itsols. SCV; United States Cve-twentlcs, TOtf; Illinois Central, 7SV:Krte,MJk- Lmraroou November 19—evening. The brcaditßflf market to-0«y baa been firm and ua* CVarpco. Corsets cloeea fcwUy at 90)f fbr money. The t£llo« luc are the closing quotations ot Amen* far f-rnrtJl.’f: Kclted State* trve-twcoile*. 785 ft iiusoh Central shares, Dr Mitil-The London Time* on Mr. Bright’s Visit to Ireland—Advice to the Irish Peo ple—Barbarous Treatment ot the Cretans by the Turks—The Cholera nt Palermo. New Youk, November 10.—The London Post ot the 19th instant ssya: “The Reform question ta again claiming consideration, and U remains to be seen If the mission which Mr. Bright has ful* V filled la Ireland will serve to impede ita resolu tion. Do that, however, a* It m»y, the Irish peo ple cannot hut he sensible that the Influence which they are urged to extend to the cause Mr. Bright is advocating should b" husbanded and guarded In i heir own IniefefU and not lightly e*- chanced for a political promise, which, as they w UJ nor fail to perceive, has yet to he endorsed by responsible statesmen.” _ ... c . , „ WisutsoTOx, November 19.—The Uajted States Corsul at Corea writes, under date of October 14, tothefSecrrtary of Stateas follows; Ibopethat out Government will be able In some way to con* SS«? toHie relief or the nnfortnnMc whn ore alrrsdy deurived of all provision made against the winter,‘and even In many ca es of any means cf obtftimeg a living, ibe barbarous severity of the Government forces is seen In the destruction not only of store* of provisions. the houses and Implements, and In many cares the vlnerarda of those whose only 0“«DM has teen to escape at the approach ot a *old!ertr whose humanity they have good If the charity of toe friends of humanity Is not Urge toward* the Cretans, thousands most perish Palermo says th ccl ‘ole ra at that dry has become epidemic, f fo ® “*92 Uwops landed, September 15, to October 1., it , was ot.lv In a sporadic form. The Consul learn thst on the mb, the official bulletin is marked 31 • cate? and 181 deaths. FROM Tf ASHIKGTOX* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] A WAnnhovos, November 19. rnrttDEirTui. TOhorveoSATtoss. The violent .huso of the Semocrete which tea tilled the Admiolrtrotlon popcee here for a weeh, eppeare to have foreahadotved fttt attempt on the part ot the President to ent loose treat them. The Coppeiheade have brea treated rrllU catwme cooluceß, both at the White Donee er.d io the Department., hot at the aamo time a number of leading rehcle ate cordially re ceived and counselled with. It eceme hnl a repe- UUoo of the Auput ConverUon farce, vrith the same deeleo, toremovethccdlomn hlch the.Cop perbeade have brought upon 'hs Jvtmton partj hv makii'C personal tone with n few of them, hut retaining both the rebela and dl Dm ocrata vrho have not ttndored thcm-clvee notorionrtf olmoadooe- The sthole alteotlon of Johosoh and his advisers la tnmedto the orpantotlon of tho ConeervaUve partlr for the prcsldenllal campaipt. no*. JOHN kOnatMET had a friendly Interview with the Preeidcnlto-day. . oernut ncxuSt The reports which hive been dreamed to crevte the Impretdon thnl Oenerel Sichlv. npprove, the policy ofThe I'residcct, nre vdthout fonmUlion. The Gcncrel has become convinced, by hh eipe ricccem Cbsrleeton. thd the CoosUtnUond Atnendmcnl U the most Just nod rations! basis ot reconstruction. sEvcrnt otno rnsnucr. An effort is already makini: lo displace El- Governor Pamnct SHilor ftom Dm Collectorshlp of the Seventh Ohio Dlmlct. The President and Mr Mccnlloeh Imth deny any possibility for the appointment, and both appear dl-posed to sneer at Millc- On Ihe olhcrhand, ad the Copperheadt here, while confounded and indignant at the ncs, treatment sshleh they receive, cannot snppress thetc admiration for the sublime Impudence thns f maalfnted. oct or PATitscr The Fierif.ent appears to be onto! paticace with all wbobave helped to erdtis Union me® agataist him. A committee from that contemptible jet of spies and treake. the Johnson Department Club, has spem Ksveral evenings ia the preslderits outer rooms without being admitted to the P**®' cuce of their oauettke. Their spotting of Radi cal clerks aud playing ih* rott of Informers In gen eral, seems only to have brought them to grief. A OXBfK*. The BejivhAnn this morning administers a cut- UnprehuVc to Mr. Spoonerand his brothers for | ttclr attempt to remove a fatmful and capable I offlccr.jmtwbeothe injury to the Revenue set- J vice would be greatest. J ~ jrtrrrao op cotoncD cttiiws. j A very large and enthusiastic mooting of me eolofed citizens ol the District was held here to night, to dUcuss the-best means to seenre suffrage. The principle speakers were Judge ndtnnnds. Sec retary n&n&a, and Colonel J. Blount. | coi mrrm macnoKai. cmncKcr. The et-'iinoijj tjoantily of counterfeit fractional currency in circulation, some of which Is so good n» to almost deceive the experts at the Ircayu-s. Lc« detectives to unusual activity, and last week a number of counterfeiter* with the plates fur printing fifty cent cunencv, and a large amount of the note* ready for circulation, were captured- - the cLKrtumr) post ornca. The fight over the Cleveland port Office appear* to be about over* and it seems certain that Major Joan Cools will obtain th- place. sscosn auditor. An effort is oi. foot to secn’e the removal of Second Auditor E. B. French, not because of any failure tofnllr discharge the duties of hU office, but because Mr. Jeffries, who stumped Maryland for Johnson, wants pay for bis services. erooazn AoiiS. Notwithstanding the discouragement* of the past week,the Spooner ring 10-nlghtclainatohare positive assurances that be will get Us thirty ptereaof silver. _ . • MfviTtnV PBOXtttU - fiUtM O PISTONS. ”o”mitr l'J.-Th - futementa ynde to-day by a number of the loading rapresen- St vc mcn ot both the Bepuolican and Democratic lend to confirm the few latimatioos that have leaked out from the recent consultations at tiie White House- that the President is o- the ore of a mod coup d'etat taat will gratify bis friends ■no bewilder Uls enemies. It is safe to conclude, at (he very least, that there la an earnest desire on both sides to settle upon some feasible plan of se curing nannoolott* action between Congress and the Executive in the future on the same subject. The New Votfc TWdime bis the following: "Mr. -Chare's first Interview with (the PrcalQcnt was merely to give the latter some opinions in judi cial matters, second interview was merely a friendly one. and Judge Chare took occasion to advise Hr. Johnson to depart from bis present policy, and urge the {southern legislatures to adopt tbe Constitutional Amendment as a final set tlement of the present ofCJcnUfea: that In case they objected lo the second and third clauses of tbe amet'dment, to compromise by substituting uni versal amnesty and impartial suffrage. Notonly bus Judge Chase urged this course on tbe Presi dent, but so also have several prominent men of bis own party trotn bo’h North and South,C. C. Cray among the latter. Whether these arguments ana tbe frets on which they arc based will change the course of the President, remains to be seen "A couple of Democratic Congressmen who lately conversed with Mr. Johnson state that bo has do Idea of altering his cresent policy, and claim that the elections have had no effect except to make bint more determined in fcteoM olau. They claim, with what truth Is uncertain, that he Insists that the people were hoodwinked and deluded, •ad will soon begin tq see their m«take and adopt hie views." The New York Tone* has the following; "Sir. Johnson has col Indicated bis purpose relative to the amnesty suffrage plan mentioned In (base des patches on Friday last, though the gentlemen who advocate the proposition represent that tbe President hat given them encourage incut to expect that be will adapt their suggestions substantially. If not exactly, lo theiorra they advise, Several newspaper cor respordenlshare endeavored loeidicadonhtof the existence of such a combination of the lead ing men for Uic purpose of Inducing tbe President to accept tbe proposition, and advise the Southern people as set forth in my de-patch. In order lo put at rest any such doubts, I am enabled to aay, bom personal knowledge, that such a combina tion doe* exist. A number of the gentlemen co operating in it bare bad Interview* with Mr. John sou, and they have been laboring in the miller for abut a month, visiting ana corresponding with influential men of the North and South." Tbe PotCt special says :‘‘Tbe facls'dlvnlged to day show there is little hope that tbe President • wilt recommendllmpartlalsmirage in hismes-age to Congress. He will stand with Mr. He- Callochlonfluancl.il questions. Several Republicans were removed from office last week. The CoTr.mfidore Washington special says: "It is confidently expected that the recoustrscuoa policy will bo amicably settled caily In the ap proaching session of Congress. Negotiations fjr that purpose arc in progress between the Presi dent and leading politicians of all panics in the North and Some. The basis ofsetOment will be unlverral sunrage * end general amnesty. He partially accedes to this proposition, but he in sists upon coDStiimlouai grounds, that the question of suffrage properly belong to the re spective States. wnTl« so tar averse to rmv action of Courref* spun that subject. If assurances can be obtained from Southern leaders of ihe speedy adoption ol universal snff. age.the President "ill waive bis objection*. The proposed basis of set tlement contemplate* the abandonment of the Constitutional Amendment ns a condition to southern representation." OVIt PRESENT ACTIVE KAVAL rODCI, The United States Hegister for 1567, complied by J. Dietcrm-ll nud not yet printed, show* that of CUI vessel* belong to our navy at the close of the war, 2DI were In the service last week. Aboo; all the useless vessels have been sold. On the list sow are fixty-ihri-c hos-clads, sis frigates and sixty-five ships of the has. Tbe Government makes the following classification, referring to size rather thau tbe quality of the vessels: Thirty one first-rate ships of war, C 56 guns; lorty-rlgnt second-rate ships ot war, frjfl guns; eighty IbSrJ rate ships of war. PSI guns; fonrlh-tatc snips of war, 830 guns. Tola] number vessels, 2DI; Jo Ibe first-rate, we understand, ore placed the vessels of 2,500 too* and over. UUVIUTT AND MUSCIA. MVJIU4iI MU 4LSWA. Among toe many visitors at the Presidential House to-dsy was John Morrissey. Congressman elect from the Fifth New Yotk District. BtntEKcnxxsT cojunrax A THbune Washington special says: "Notlhc least important report olthe approaching Congress may be looked for from the Special Committee on Itetrencbmcnt, appointed toward the close of the last session, with leave to sit and take testimony during the recess. The committee have bera hard at work curing a portion of toe vacation ■ period, and ts now lo session (n New lork. ASSISTANT CLXnKIXOCSX or nXPBESSSTATITES. Wasiuxotok, November ID.—Edward Dana, of Vermont, ha* been appointed Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives. PROMOTED. Commodore Craven has been appointed to the rank of Admiral, to date from October lOtb. ATPOIKTIfBJrr*. The President to-day aopolntcd D. M. I/nthcr man, of Tcanejsce.Cooimlsslouaron toe part of the United Plates to the Universal Exporinou to be held at Parte In 1567. HI 'hard Beal an, deputy postmaster at Ann Arbor, Mich. C-VITEU STATES SENATOR HABLAS to-nicht addressed a public meeting at the Fair building, Pennsylvania avenue. Uls aud itors were about equally divided be tween whites and blacks. Hu. tocm° was "The moral, political rand social slty of conferring suffrage on dti*»-ns of At f S descent throughout toe country. .Ug reau from speeches *si sWemente to show President of the United # th^t l jy tho*o favor of It. Ho expressed for who be no difficulty In Oa.com ™ J>ALT,,oor. The rresloeut Ras givvn direction* to« leave of ahsfxre for twenty-four hours would hCCTanted SSlMwons in the public otnartmente who fie- Fire to participate to-morrow in the laying of Ihe corncr-sioue of toe new Masonic Temple In Bal timore. xucvort'S BECEST ALLOCUTION Italr'* Offence* Atrutnnl the' Catholic Church—Civil Matrlace-Sopt>re»lon of Religions Corportuloos—The Fopo*a De~ fence in Behalf of Clrtl »*orcrelenry—The , Prayers of the FoliUfttl (arolud. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, November 19. The Pope'* allocution on the subject of Rome and Italy is a very remarkable manifesto, and pro* dneed a crest sensation, particularly In France. Tbo following Is the fall text: era-rcxEKT or giuxtascss. Vxjrauni* BuetureS: Wore than once, ven erable brethren, exercising oar apostolic office, vie have deplored either In oar published letters or in divers allocations delivered In your most august aaatmbly, the affilction which has bans for a longtime la Ifaijr over the afrits of oar very holy religion and the very grave insalts offered to a* and to the Holy See by the sab*Alpine Govern* mrar. Moreover, yoa most comprehend with what grief we are siezed now that w« see that GovcnmjcDMvllb a passion that Is Increasing every day. constantly attacking the Catholic Cnureh, its wholesome laws and ail iw sacred ministers; when we sec, alas) venerable bishops and the most virtuous deray, bo in secular and regular, and other most excellent Catholic citrons sent Into exile by that Government, without the 1-ast rcssrd for religion, JnsUcc or humanity, or thrown 'lnto prison, or condemned to forced residence, molested ro the mob unworthy manner, dioceses deprived of tbclr pastors, lo the great detriment of souls, virgins devoted to God taken away from their convents and red need to beggary, Goa s , temples riolaied. diocesan schools closed against the members of the dercy, the education of'C»th ollc youths taken out ol the pale of Christian dis cipline and confided to the professors otenan and ImomUes, and the patrimony of the Cbnrch usurped and sold. ctrtx. MiuntAas. That same Government, in contempt of ecclesi astical censures, and without paying the least re- | «rd to onr won just complaints, and those of our , venerable brethren, the Bishops in Italy, has sanc tioned simitar laws, totally conirarv to the Catb- | olic chnrcn, and Its doctrines and Us rights, and condemned by us, and it has not hesitated to pro mulgate a law respecting civil marriage, end it is . callwl. and quite contrary, not only to Catholic | doctrine, hut likewise to the well being ot oul society, such a law tramples under toot the dignity and sacrcdocss of marriage. It destroys it as an institution, and entourages a concubinage that is perfectly ecacdajoas. In fact, amsiriace cannot take place among the faithful without there being at the same lime a sacrament. U belongs* therefore, exclusively to tho CnurcUto decide on everything concerning the sacrament of marriage. i boltumsisq UXUQIOCS convoiUTiosa. Moreover that Government injuring in an evi dent manner the condition of those who make public profession ot religion? views, which have always bad and always will have force In God s Cbureh, and not rccognlsiag the very great advan tage oflbe regular orScrs. which, founded by men wd approved by the Holy Apostolic Fee, have in an e-nedal manner deserved the tfanksof the Christian Republic, civil and liter ■W by eo many glorious labors and so many nStul works, has not feared to sanction a , Suppressing throughout its en^tertltory.aU religious corporations of bo Ji sexes. It has appropriated ill their property and a great deal of other property belonging to the Cbasch, and h« ordered it tobe dlvlW. Bdoreenterin" Itfo oosscrelon of the Venetian provinces It did not Ecsitalc to extend thereto \be same laws, audit calcined. contrary to all law and justice, the total aberration and annihilation of 'ho convention which waa come to between us and oar very dear sol in Jesus Christ, t rands Joseph, £mpc ror of Biniir or thz emmea. Therefore talthful to the very serious duty of our Apostolic Ministry, we raise anew hi tout most august assembly, our voice on behalf of the religion oftheeburch, of its holy laws, the rfohts helourinc to the authority ol this chair of SU Peter, »ud with all our strength wc deplore and condemn all ard each of the things which contrary to the Church, its law and it? rtgnU.hare been de creed, done and attempted by the Sub-Alplce Government, and by all other subordinate authorises, ard by our Apostolic authority we abrogate and proclaim null and void, aud without force or effect all the aforesaid decrees and every thing that appertains to them, wo likewise bes theirauthors, who glory In *bonatneofChristians, to bear to mlud and seriously lo consider that they Lave unfortunately Inrun ed tho censures and the spiritual pain? tuflfered by the apostolic con etitnuon and the decrees ot the general cocnctls. upon whosoever should attack the right- of the Cbnrch. You know venerable brethren, that certain astute men op poaetts. and interpret In theic own sense the blestinrs which we rave to Italy, when assuredly w iibon any merit of nnr own. bat, thanks to tho irotmnetrehlc Judgment of God, wo spontaneously renounced tho words of pardon tnd peace out ot love for the people of tbiftTouilficM state, in truth lull of solicitude for the welfare and happi ness of the entire Sock, asking, os• oar jprtvers from God, the good of Italy. 'V« bcfoncht Him with fervor ana humility that hemlgoi deliver f her Jrom tho evils which afflicted her, and.that the roost prcciou- Rift of the Catholic faith f ™JS* 1 be all oowcrful In Italv, and that rectitude of AarityVmft all CUrlaMaa virtues might Coutlsh there mote and more. rnvrxn rou rrair’s btuviauTfCk. Once mofeio-dsvwe do not cease to send up our most fervent pravers to God, that in blacoou ness be would deign to remove from the Catholic people of Italy the many and great calamities 01 every kind, which are afflicting and assailing them through the fault of the goverrors of Italy, aaa In consequence of a multiform persecution, bat above all things wc beseech onr most merciful I<ord to add and fortlfyby his heavenly help the peo ple of Italy, in order th»t they may rcmamftrmand immutable in the Divine faith and in their rcli- cion, and that they may bo able with Christian fortitude to rapport and endnre so many miafor- ■ tones and evils. 1 ctro sovmtiGHTT.- Foolish, however, are those who on the strength of this CO not cease to demand of us. already de •naiied—and with the most manifest Injustice—of Svcrsl Provinces of onr Ponrtflcal territory, that %r C tbonld renounce oor civil sovereignty li.t ol Uit Apostolic J«o. So'.o'J Srerr one must see hour djObsl rad prejudicial to the Church is such a demand. By a singular arrangement of UWue Providence, as we have said on a lo«cr occasion. It hap pci cd that the Roman EnsbUc hav.ng fi!l«i and Seine divided Into many tangdoma and diverse States, the Roman PoinlfT in the mlust of such creat variety of kingdoms, and fe the ft*?*!.*** 9 of human society, was Invested with bis m\U sov etcWtv, m consequence of whfeh, never hetOo ■nblecttoany lay power, he exercises In entire fb city, tupitme au:hority and tl« Jnris ; (Ehxmso YOL. XX. diction over the Church which has been divinely confided to him by our Lord Jeens Christ and the faithful, with full tran quility of contdence and entire confidence obey ing the decrees, warnings anu orders of the Pon tiffs, submit themselves thereto without ever en tertaining the least suspicion thathls acts are sub ject to ibe will amfclmpuUeofany sovereign or any civil power, we cannot renounce ibe clyil powers established by tbe divine wisdom of Providence for the good of the Universal Church. We are bound, on toe contrary, to defend that Govern ment, and to protect the rights of that civil power, and to complain strongly of the usurpation of the provinces of thr Holy See, as wc have already done, and as we do now, remonstrating and protesting *o the utmost of our power. Krcrr one knows that the bishops of the Catholic world have never cca ed to defend with zeal, orally and in writing, our civil sove reignty and .hat of the Aposto’.le See, and all hit proclaimed tliai ibe sovereignty, especially to th kclnal condition of affairs In ibis world, is abso lute!. necessary to establish and defcfld the per fect liberty of ibe Homan Pontiff, who feeds w tbe Catholic flock, a liberty which is eo Intimately connected with the freedom of the entire Church. These same men feir not toco about crying everywhere that wcongatto reconcile ourselves with Italy—that is to ssy,wlth the enemies of our religion,who bossl themselves of having founded Italy. But bow can wc, the appointed champions and defenders ol oar most holy religion, and of tbe salutary doc trine of virtue and justice, who have to watch for tho salvation of all, march In concert with those who, not upholding the holy ooctrtnc and re toeing to hear the truth, keen themselves away from as, those wh ? would never condescend to grautoar desires nor to meet oar demands, to the ellcctlbat so manv dioceses of Italy, deprived of their pastoral consolation and protection should have their bishops. nw’xwrawcx fjjgxo. Would to Heaven that all those who eo vehe mently oppose the Church, us and this Apostolic bee, mining tneir regards and their souls to truth and justice, may oc enlightened onciforali, and thinking.of themselves, and looking to the good of the It eoula, moved by a holy repentance, may endeavor to come back to ns. Nothing would be more agreeable to us-dkan to go for ward to meet theta, following the example of our evangelical father, and to embrace them, rejoicing in the lord that bis children were dead, and ate aHveapain—that they went astray and have been found. ucsxnrs or uxtisiOH. Then, Indeed, it could ho seen that our venera ble religion, tho mother and the fruitful nurse of every virtue, aud the scourge of vice, conduces equally to the happiness of toe individual aud tbe wi Hare of all. where religion and her whole some doctrines prevail, there man necessarily flourish uprightness of manners. Integrity, peace, jnetice, charity, and all the virtues. There peo ple not afflicted with those .grievous calamities which unhappily weigh upon them wheresoe'er religion and Us doctrines arc not recognized, reruns or tue notr see. By the deplorable facts related summarily and with pain, and by tbe sad temporary events In Italy, everybody can easily roe and divine to wbai great perils thU Apostolic Sec w exposed, ana how U is Ibe mark ox the most bitter threats of rebellion, tbe hatred of anbeheveraand the anger of tbe enemies of Christs cress. On every side are continually heard frenzied voices which find an«cho in our desperate cue dir*, declaring that this city of Home miut share in ibis nnappy Italian perturbation aud rebellion —nay, muel become its Capital. J . heluxce cro.v coo. But God, who is rich In mercy, will, by Ills offi* ninotence, make tbe Impious counsels aud desires or our enemies fail. He will never permit this noble city, eo dear to n*. In which, out of HU great ana singular goodnea*. Ho has fixed ic chair of Peter, toe impregnable basis of HU divine faith and raWgfoo, to return to that unfor tunate condition rt> admirably described by our holy predecessor. Leo the Great, tn which she found herself, when lor the first time too Holy Prince of the Apostles entered this city, then mis tress of toe world. hesxonatios. As to ns, when deprived of almost all hu man assistance, Inllmol still to our mis sion and confiding in toe aid of Almighty God. we are ready to combat without fear, even to the, peril of our life, for the cause ot the Church divinely confided to os by tho Lord-Jeans Christ, aud, U need be, to remove thither, where we shall be able to exercise istfacberi manner oar supreme Apostolic mis sion. PRATER WTOKED. And seeing that In »uch a horrible tempest our best and os>y support most be prayer, we address ourselves to all the venerable brethren aud Bishops of the entire Catholic universe, to all toe Catholic clergy, and to all the children of toe Holy Mother Church who have never ceased to lavish on us such striking evidences of love and respect, and to come to our aid in our gravest trial* and those of toe Holy See. We bee of them more and more constantly wt:h faith, nope and chanty, to rHirer, to God tor the defeat ' Church and their return to the path of satiation , for lo avail ourselves of toe words of Chryaos *®L, TeP constitute* a powerful arm, a great gg'rfgTtSSore.«o McrUcm loirbor, « that, attentive and ore-seat ourselves before »hc Lord, gf“!rl fflioctdd, nl withool IcavlDS tke memory of our salvation. In too midst of the dren aucnlsh which afflicts us, we have a great consolation, knowing that God, when DU Chorea has no human support, effects marvellous pro dice* s, which manifest His Omnipotence and Qis divine hand, and come to perform tots truth, that too gates of Hell will never prevail against the Church, which will always remain immovable, triumphing over its enemies cmll too consumma tiouoftime. REGRETS. Bnt It Is exceedingly painful that It 1« not precisely determined that a nation i>ball always preserve the precious favor of onr divine frith and our religion. In truth there arc many who have kept taltbfnßy tbe deporft of the faith and the discipline of its manner, but, alas I they have been detached from the Rock upon which rests toe Churvh. and separated trom him who baa l>«an given tbe power to confirm tho brethren And fo Feed the sheep. Not agreeing among thcmrelvc*, «sd enveloped io the darkness ol error, they are la Ibe greatest danger as to their sal radon. APPEAL TO SOVSUDOSa. AftU. i U BVI And here we cannot abstain, by reason -of our mission, from adjuring, lo the name of the Lord, all Soverelf ns and oibcr Governors of States, to examine once for all. and carefully to consider the vciy exeat obligations they are under, to en deavor that love and respect for religion shall Id* crease among nations, and with all their strength to prevent the torch of . laiin from being extinguished among teem. Woe, then, to those sovereigns who, forgetan? that they are the ministers of God, anal! omit to worship when they could and ought. It Is for them to f.ar and tremble when through their wort, especially tfccy destroy the most precious treasure of the Catholic which it w Impossible to please God. When they shall be summoned before the tribunal of Christ for moat severe judgment, they shall see whit a dreadful thing it is to fall under the displeasure of the Ifv ing God, and to ted Ills strict Justice. COSCLUSIOV. Finally we cannot conbt, venerable brethren, witneasc* and companions of par labors, es pecially year excellent and irell-Known rdlgloa, vour piety and yoar deep love for Catholicism, that you w«U desire to nalte your fervent prayers to ours and to those of the whole church, and to earnestly convey to the great Father of merries in order that ihronch the merits of His only tion, our Lord Jesus Cbrit, ho „ would take pity on Italy, on all Europe, and on the entire world,and that by Ills Divine Omnipo tence Ho would cause that after the dcslrOcUon of all errors and the cessation of bitterness and perturbations. His Holy Church may enjoy liberty and peace ; that human society may be treed from the many evils that afflict tt.and that many na tions mar hr united in the Faith, and, acknowi> edrtag Ills Son, walk in the path ot the tard, producing frail in good works of every kind. FROM OMAHA. Robbery—Destructive Prairie Fire—Tench* cm’ Convention— Attempted tsmelde— Bnf* lalo noot—Removed to tin New Quarter*. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Oxana, November 19. The ifrjwWlcan of this city states that Captain W. D. Allison, of the lowa reservation of South ern Nebraska, was robbed of twenty-three hun dred dollars, by five men, on tho night of the 13th. They missed one thousand dollars that the Cap tain bad io bis pocket-book. A prairie fire destroyed a large quantity Of hay and grain In Palmyra Precinct, Otoe Coun’y, last Wednesday. One men saved bis house only by great exertion*. . _ The teachers of the Territory bold a Convention In the High School building at Nebraska City on thcSSdlnst. . . . B. Underhill, a clerk In the Quartermaster's of fice at Fort Kearney, attotnulod suicide last Thurs day bv shooting himself through the top of tho head with a revolver. The cause was dissipation. It Is thought he will recover. The second bnOlo hunt of the season is now or ganizing at Fort Kearney. The party go to the Kennhllcan River. , ....... The BcpuUtcoH establishment of this city has moved Into its new quarters at the splendid brick block just finished, on Doarlas street. It occupies the basement as a press room,whc«s tt haa three noocr prvss, run by one of Roger* caloric en gines. The second floor t* occupied by Us connt- Itc and cdnoilaUooas, and book bindery. The trftd floor bv Its composing room and Job room seven roems" In all. it is now the most complete and be-*t arranged printing establishment west Of Chicago and north of St Louis. FROM HES MOISES. Another Enoch Arden Cose With aTsrls* tion— State Arsenal— Attempted Murder andtl>acwt«lal bweidc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Dss Mocrxs, November 19. Unoch Arden baa reappeared in Des Moloes— only this time bo claimed his wife. Tennyson might hare derived some useful hluta from this care. It i« one of the events growing out of the war. Mr* Darleca, from the .eastern part of the State, went to tho war. and for three years bis wife heard nothing from him, roamed again and came to DesMolnes, putting np at the Atu rlcan llou«c. Last Saturday evening Barieett appeared upon the scene and maimed Ids wife. The tfl'aT wa* amlcaoly settled, and Mr. B. and Us vlfo left on the c*« this montlng Mr. Bunts, U-b second busoand, told, me the story mote tcnelv u-an any romancer e«rr thought or. liquor helped him. Sal-1 he: “Barlecn went to the war and got kldcd. i married Mrs, Barleeu. Saturday Uaucrn came hohic,and I gave my room Gcnetal Baker Is In town looking after State Arsenal matters. Uc Intends to have work op It resumed ou the opening ofernnE. About thifcbnudrcd of our citizens will goto Keokuk to-monow oiitrailroadoxcaralon.oain vltation of the Hauroad Company and tho city of K of rdflyriMe, bavins become enam ored wllh MUs Bull, of Oscaloosa, aud his suit being rejectee, aitempted ber life Twtorday, tnhls deeperailoc, and. being frustraled. took arsenic and was found dead lubls bed this morning. MEXICO. Affairs at Tamplea-Conßlct of Authority— racbia Tlcja Declared nn Open Pan - Spirited Attach an Jlwamoras-peath o the Llbrrnl General Tnpla-Maxlmlliah’a Cabinet Ministers to C-ntlnae la Offlee- Qts Health Improved by "«* *** Vot*b*»” _ Nrrv Tons. NormterlO.—Xhe ment has reeelved Information of tno arrlni of the Tallapoosa at from n® Tinnlm No foreign vessels of war wets OS the Svrrmrfsi the port of Tampico oo&e «ttof Ocio her, and only one American vessel in the harbor Tampico I* at present in command of Coloco Qoaez. with a force of SOO men. controlling cos toms tad enforcing payment of loan*- ite au thorities of Vleioria, thecapital of th*£££;£° not recognize those of Tampico, them guev tilts setae all good* found m toyte far the inte rior markets, despatched from Tampico Custom By letters from San Lola Potoei, it l« ascertained that Mejia and Daplro are to leave that place la the early part of November with an expeditionary foicc tor the recapture of Tampico, General Pavor, who has a force of 1,500 or 9.OCM men iu toe Bansteca, and Is now holding Tampico, has issued a prodaroaiion declariog Puebla Viejo open to foreign commerce, vrblcn it ts Icared will lead to : open hoetilitics between the forces under his com^ roaort and those under Colonel Gomez. tfndre this state of affair* the inhabitants of-Tampico are in constant dread of toe moet serious disorders, and a probability of the Indiscriminate plunder November 19.—A special received In New York reports a spirited attack on Mau moraaoptoeQto. Tbe akicmUhe* lasted several hours, the forces under General Tapia gaining, but distrusting Cortinaa, he did not tol'ow np bis success. Tho defender* lost twenty prisoners, and Colonel UlaX, their commander, was arrested for bad conduct on the field. Onthe night of the luth Tapia died ot cholera. This event will chance toe current of events. Tbe arrival ol Eacabado la reported. Yen Cm* dates to tbe 12th are received. At an extra meeting lo discuss the situation Max* imLlan’s ministers unanimously determined to continue In office without alteration. Maximilian a health had been greatly improved by bis recent tea voyage, which caused reports that he bad attempted to abandon the country. On the V-to be was still at Orizaba. FBOJt SEW YORK. The World on the Chicago Tlmes-Im no ty rant Tiding* from lull’s Expedition—More Helicaottflr John Franklin—designation of Street C'oumtMloner Cornell—stenaatlon Among the firaecrsttc I’olltielasii Ac, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tons, November 19. The World does not agree with the Chicago T\mtt ard Boston Pott , as to the necessity of im partial suffrage in order to save the Democratic party from dissolution. On tbe contrary, St argue* that the party continues to hold the key of the political situation, and icmarkas "The Uepubli can party control the machinery by which States maybe lawlessly excluded from Congress, and every hour that exclusion la prolonged under mines their own strength. -The Democratic party con’.rcl tho machinery by which constitutional amendments arc defeated. Beside the ten exclud ed butes which, led by Georgia, w Dl refuse assent to the Bump's amendments, and alone suffice to defeat them, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, States always loyal, will join la giving them their coup de grace. The poJiJ&al situation fs, there fore, a complete dead lock, ” Mr. Henry Grtonell has received the following letter containing important tidings from Hail's expedition to the Northern beas: New Losdox, November 16. Dean Sm: Tbe steam whaling bark Pioneer, Captain Ebenezer Morgan, from (he Northern Seas, arrived at this noil yesterday. As the ves sel f e u fo n-ith Mr. C. F. Hall, toe Arctic explorer, and yet Drought no letter from him to his friends in the CnUcdbtates. I forward you Captain Mor eau’s statement of his interview aud success wiih Mr. Hall in hi* researches among the natives or the norths'cst coast of Hudson's Bay. The Pio neer reached the bead of Itepnlsc Bay. north of River Welcome, ou tne Sfilh of July last. Here they met Mr. Ball and bis party of Esquimaux, *ll to good health, at that time engaged to fishing, ills faithful adherents, Joe and Hannah. (Esqui maux), who arc well, known to you, with some other natives of hi* family or troupe, Qc had at this time no while man in hta company. Mr. Hall was much affected again to meet familiar faces, and hear news from home. He had passed the winter very comfortably, being thoroughly inured to the Esquimaus mode of life, aud having, wlihbis resources, secured ample supplies of food at hu •ration. He bad killed one whale last Dill and an- , other this smmnfer, while mlacd deer were found In the greatest abundance. He had estab lished a great many depots of provisions, extend ing lar Into the interior, to be used In case of neces-ity. Last ►pring Ur. HaUmadeajonrner northwest toward Committee Day and King Wil liam's Land, but found the satires of that section eo treacherous and jealous that be was farced to return when vvl’hln one hundred miles of bis des tination. This aolmotaity and feud Is between tbe different famllKs and tribe- of the Esquimaux, jvbo all carry weapons secretly, and do not hesi tate to kill each other for any real or supposed In jury. borne of them threatened the life of Mr. Hall and Uiaiparty, and they were obliged lo turn back. Hr. flail has seemed a great many relics of tbe Franklin exploring expedition, together with eome Important documents which he be lieve* to have been penned by Captain Crazier, and has information of the location of others, which he is determined lo obtain, believing them to b* of much value toward clearing up tho mystery of the fate of the unfortunate survivors of the Erebus and Terror. ~, .. ... Mr. Hall U continually adding to his stock of information, and tho object of Tils search being further known amonc the natives, he U constantly gathering fresh {races aud now proofs to establish previously kno.\u facte. Among other things, ho has Lcardofthc location of a boat turned bottom up, under which arc the dead bodies of seventeen to twenty-five white men, with their bauds and feet alt cut oti. The natives claim that the mutilation wa* not done by them, hut by some of the white men who were wrecked, Ine tradition of the Esquimaux la that a rebellion broke out among the survivors, who were endeavoring] to reach Hudson's Buy, and that all but three were mur dered; that these three remained among tbe na tives, wotking their way toward white setuemeuts, bnt that they anally died before reaching them. Captain Morgan famished Hr. Hall such things, os he needed (torn his ship, and state* that two or three American whaling vessels will winter at Itepnlac Bay this season. Mr. Hall expressed his great gratitude and regard for those who had aided turn at home to undertake bis plana of dis covery. lie said that he was determined to carry ont bu plans if it could be done witnont too much expense, and conclude hU explorations In that quarter the ensuing year, lie wished .very much to organize a small party of sir or eight watte men, fully armed, to accompany him. He would (hen travel with impunity, and reach the utmost limit of his desires. It la not Im* pro'-ablc that such a party can be made up from the ship*' crews wintering there. Mr. Hail was preparing io send borne by the Pioneer many relics, bis juorasU, letter*, Ac. Tbs ship moved aosto fifty miles for a better whaling ground, folly intending to return to itcpuise B<v. but, owing to the Ice, was unable to do so. Inis will account for Uic fact that she did not bring anything from Mr. U. direct. Hoping that these items may prove of Interest to you, 1 remain very truly yours, Ac., . xuciußD H. Crurrxu The resignation of Street t'otamliwloricr Cor nell, in order io avoid removal lor maludminUtra- tio& of the office, has created an Immense eensa* tlon among Democratic politicians in this city. This change briars tbo machinery of corruption in Tammany Hall to a dead stop, and there la now a prospect of a thorough purification of that organ* tzaicn. Recent Stupendous Rerenne Frauds— Further Arrests— tlaraee tlrceley and the New York Senalorship— Dominican Con- bu (me. New York, November 19.—Large crowds collected at the Collector's office lu-day to learn wba* proceedings bad been taken In recard to the recent seizures oi several distiller ies, and the first of some of (be operators. From Information ot the United States Commissioner's office, Mr. llldcn, United States Inapccor, and Mr. John Devlin, a heavy operator, were arrested by Deputy Marshal Biggins. Tac accused were brosgnt "before Comlastosers Jones and New son, when they cave lull In the sum of S&kfiCO tor their appearance this moraine. The warrant for the arrest of Devllo was Issued by Commissioner .Tones, on the com* plaint of Frederick Cohen, a United States In* spector, who accuses him of having been guilty ot bribing another United States Inspector to de fraud the Government by branding liquor as hav ing paid Government duty, when no such duty had been paid. Tildcu Is charged with commit ting a similar ofcncc. The parties appeared betore Commissioners Joses and Newsoo this morning, when Tilden’s case was set down for a hearing on Saturday morning next, at tea o'clock, and Dev lin's case for the 37th. Horace Greeley writes the following to the edi tor of the Newburg Journal concerning the Sen atorshlp: ’ _ Omet or tux Tranra, ) ' New York. November 14,1966. ( Dsan Srea—lo your leader of the 12th instant yon say that 1 ought to make known my views and wishes with regatd to the United States Sen atortblp in prospect- J comply with your sugges tion. I shall certalcly accept the Sena tors hip, and endeavor to dh-chairge Its duties, should I be elected, and 1 shall be grateful to learn tuat our newly chosen legislature shall Judge me the man for the place. 1 believe this fully answers your requisition, and now allow me to add that should the members be importuned, or bniton-boled, or bored to vote for mo. or io any manner solici’ed to act otherwise In the premises than as their con victions of public duty shall dictate, it will not be theftullof Tours truly, Honan G&eklet. The Time endorses him for the position, in these words: “We shall be clad to sec Mr. Gree ley’s claims to the Senatorsmp, and bis qualifica tions for it recognized by the Legislature Just elected.” » By a resolution which was adopted by the Boird of Aldermen to-day the General Government U to be charged fI.WCUCO for the new post office site in the City Hall Paik. A new Consulate General has been established In thi* cfly. Collector Smvthe received official notice, this morning, from the Consulate de la Re public* Domini cans that J. W. Carrier assumes the duties of Consul General, his exeqnator hav ing been received from the President of the Uni ted Slates. , FROM QUISCT, The QnIBCT Herald Takes laaoe with the Chicago Times—Convert* to the Times’ Doctrine-Leasing a Ferry, *x. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Qcnrcr, November 18. The JZtreJd U out this morning in *& elaborate article taking issue with the Chicago Tlawi on the tiegro etiTrtUrc question. Bat the leaven la work* inp,and!tearol nan; Democrats who endorse the Thntt' article. Among others. Captain Thofl. VT. McPall, a leading and Influential member of the party, former}/ Circuit Clerk, and to whose exertions, more than any other man. Judge Thompson owes his nomination as the Copper* Johnson candidate for Congress in Ibis district. Captain MCFall openly avows his adherence to the new pollcyiaa indicated by the Captain Taylor, owner of the ferry-boat at Una point, has leased the boat tor three years, lor toihe unsettled condition of the market, but few toe contracts tare as yet been made. Itc weather is clear and beautiful. from SAsaraLE. Legislative—Report «f Committee an Else tloßs-Imnarttal rtoflraae, etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nasitvzxxx, Tenn., November 19. Itc Committee on Elections, after another In vestigation. reported to-day in &vor of the ad mission of Messrs. Breen and Lclyette,and the report was adopted by a unanimous vote. Cole man, of nbeiby. was excluded, not having taken the necessary oath- # 4 ,u.. Quite a little excitement was produced by the Intrcduction of a bill, by Mr, Slerctvfllc, pro viding for Impartial merage and universal am oetty. a did not receive tne customary courtesy of one passage, tut was promptly lab»ed bjawe oisstow. About an equal relative proportion of Radical* and Conservatives opposed its PM****, East Tennesseans going nearly solid against «- No quorum In the senate- FROM MEMPHIS. K'cction—lmpartial Ssflrsse I® Arkansas— Markets* <te. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Mmcrnts, November 19. An election Is ordered for representative from this county, rice Moor* resigned. The corner stone of a new Catholic Church was laid by Bishop Feehan yesterday. , .. _ r A idler received from the editor of the Port Smith *V«sp ATnr, says the loyalists In Western Arkansas will declare for warns*: Trade dull. New mc« porkf3l.ooas3i-b0; clear aides, 17c; butter, S&S&; eggs, ** cotum dub at te. . Wreck of on Pakaown Tcsaef. Wasnorcros, November 19.—Commander cooper, of the United Stale* ship Winooski, in formed the consul that the keeper of the light boose at ibe Bole In the Wall, told him that a vessri, or fragments of a vessel, broken up, was CHICAGO. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1866. found a f*w inilef from the Winooski, loaded with Iron and machinery for a saw-mill, dryfcjoods, and that he ioolc them to be Americana, from the laet of having fnntd two piece* of bunting, * (man part of the Union and a part of the stripe*, on tne broken and ragged part of Ihe rocks. The shipping mark on one pl»ce of the machinery was H- F. D. *he vessel was wrecked In the late her* Hcase of Oeiober, and no donbt all band* on board perishes, as five bodies were found on the beach. _ FBOM CANADA. Wholesale Discharge of Penlon Prlsenerr- TbrlrPaiuie to and Aniral at sjnsaen* aion Bridge. Tor.oirro, C. W., November 19.—0 n Saturday nleht tclrty-ntne Fenian prisoner* confined In the old jail were released from custody. Tbelrdla charge was conducted with each secrecy that it was only about any hour before their being tent away that the prisoner* themselves were made aware of the joyons tidings. They were faml-hed transportation to Sus pension Bridge, and a special train was provided by the Great Western Railroad. TbU drew np at ibe rear of the jail at 10 o'clock, and tbe men were saiely pot onboard under a gotten of twenty men, with a corporal and sergeant; un der charge of Lienlenant Harrison of tne Seven teenth Regiment. The prisoners received a good sapper at ihe station "before starting, and each was presented with a five dollar greenback. On reaching the Falla the Fetuant bade goodbye to the escort, giving three beany cheer* for the pberlfl, the governor of the Jail, and the jail on* Cl Thc jnty In the case of Week*, killed by an ac cident on the Grand Tronk Railway, on Friday, returned a verdict that Weeks came to his death by the train running off the track cear Brealaa Station, on the iCtb. caused by a broken rail, we farther find, and are of tbe opinion, that no blame rests with the Company tn the case. FBOU BALTIMORE. Horrible Murder bv iui lame Woman- Other Intended Victims Escape—Grand Masonic Demonstration to Take Place To-Day. Borrotonx, November 19.—A horrible afioir oc curred this afternoon at (he residence of Sir. jesso Maraden, on East Baltimore street. Mrs. George Clagg, a daughter of Mr. Marsden, resid tag «l(b his tamtly, while under the influence of a fit oi Insanity, attatktd her own children and those of her sister, Mrs. Charles Eicbmon, with a common lable knife, and cat the throat of a son, of Mrs. Eichmon, aged about fire years, ana then attempt the life of her youngest child, wounding It severely. She then endeavored to kill her eldest child, hot It escaped. The a£Dur produced an intense excitement In the neighborhood. The parties are highly twpcctabK Batruronx, November 13.—Great, preparations are making for the cejcmoules incident to the laying of the corner stone of tho new Masonic Temple to-morrow. Nomcroa* delegations have arrived from distant polnta, and others are ex pected. The Baltimore lodges have been making coiily arrangements in the way of new banners, regalia, Ac. Tho President, members of the Cab inet, and the Governor of the Mato hare been in vited to he present and view the ceremonies. U is expected that the President will reach here in an catly train to-morrow morning. FBOM TESEZUELA. A Bepnbllc Without a Government. Nxw Tons, November 19.—The Bercbl't Cara cas correspondent eaya: “Vcnernela is la a moat wretched state, and Is actually without * govern ment. When Mr. James mi-on, the American Minister, arrived, there was no one to present tas credentials to President Falcon, who had never acted aa President. He kept away from the Capi tal. and the person representing him was also ahs-nt when Mr. Wilson arrived at the Capital. Considerable discussion is going on hero Just n ow as t o the bee t means of improving the financial condition of the State. In fee meantime, busi ness is in a very bad wav. We hear of some dis astrooß laUnres by which Puerto Sallo sailers heavily.” FROM CINCINNATI. Annual meeting of the Northwestern Cnl- Tcrsaltst Conference—B4,ooo Subscribed Yesterday (or Lombard University, at Galesburg, lll.—Suicide. Cctcrsjun, November 19.—The exercises in connection with the annual merlin™ of the North western Conference of the UniverasUsts were con tinued at the Flynn Street Church yesterdaymorn- Ing. lU v. Vf. 11. Hyder, pastor of St. Idol's Church, in Chicago, delivered an Interesting ad dress on the gveat missionary and educational movements of the Unlvcnalist denomination, and the necessity which exists for the co-op eration of the Universalis! people in too denominational enterprises of the Conference- Prominent among these is the endowment of Lom bard University, at Galesburg, and on this theme the speaker kindled Into an euthaslim which re sulted in the Immediate subscription of onwards of (3,010 toward the endowment fond. This was increased to $4,00u at the evening service. A teamster, named John Gillian, committed suicide last night by jnmplitg Into the river at the fool of Vine street ilia wife was with him at the time, and his lost wordsJ“ / hcr were: “Good-bye, my dear, the Ohio HTver shall be my bed to-night.” FROM GALVESTON. General Onm Still at Bmim- Heavy BalDff—Tr»oi>* for the Oleslcaa Frontier. Goxvmtos, November ID.—General Ortega and S&rty remain at Braxos, guests with the common er cf the United States colored troops, and has algtiifled his Intention not to return to New Or leans. Heavy rains hare delayed the inland trains, and locuuollon Is performed on horseback. Fifteen hundred Federal troops leave for the Mexican frontier soon. Cbarnctertatle Letter (ken Garibaldi. New Yobk, November 19.—Garibaldi has writ ten the following letter lo M. Lorlgiola, who had communicated to him a plan for a rlfla meeting at Padna: Mt Dub Lobioiou: Bravo I I compliment G>n, and oUsh joa ererr »access for tha re*U**» an of yonr project. Toe people ibonld bo made to Bsdmusd once for all that mo carbine oosbC to 1« tbo gw pci of the nation, and that only when veil ezerciaed io the ose o( teat arm vnll they bo able to say* piondly, “We an lUliaoa." Con unn«“- and I will aid yon with ail mj power. Entirely« «*•— utretjjo&M, Eraicrmtion «r Precdmcn to l.lb«rl«« Jfnr Yens, November 19.—The Times corrca pendent gives some account of a party of 2TO free men. inclining inroiliM. who leave Columbia, S. C., on me gulp Yoeomda, for Liberia. They are to be accompanied by Miss Gregg, slater or the Confederate General, Morey Greg#, who has loqg wi-tiedto undertake a missionary enterprise to Africa. A second expedition Is talked of Tor next spring. A similar agnation is reported at Colum bos. us. The tiopposed Pslsonins Case lit Lonlavllle. Lonsvnxx, November 19.—Tbo coroner's Jury who examined the remains of Mrs. Hen Powell, report (bat no traces of pohon were found In her stomach, which consequent* It cxhonorites her bueband and every.one else from suspicion. The recent report of the arrest of Mr. Powc’l in reference to this matter was In correct. The Charleston JMcrcary Rtmnrrectcd» WAsnnfOTOx, November 19.—The Charleston Htrcvry was issued this morning for the first time since February, 1865. It admits, editorially, that the war annihilated the theory of State rights, and proposes to devote itself In future to the Internal development of Southern interests. Wlilnl .Harder. Savaxsatt, Go., November 19.—A citizen named Anemia* McLean was shot yesterday by* freed man In a dispute about ten cents. The verdict of the Jury waa wilful murder. Mertnarr* PnnADstfmA, November 19.—George B. Reese, one of the oldest dry poods Importers In this dty. died this morning. He was stay-seven yiarg old. trWAITOROTIIGRS Advertising Ag*l», 150 DrartMrn-etx receive advertisement* for all the tending papers tbranghont the United States and Canadas* Business Notices. rpo MASTER PRINTERS. The Employing Printers ol Chicago are requested to meet at the Office of Messrs. Horton & Leonard, 104 and 106 Bandolpb-tU ISIS AFTERNOON, TTESDAT, November noth, at 3 o’clock precisely. _ By order. TVTOTICE TO VESSEL OWNERS.— 1\ All those ha vine vessel* to tell wiU do. well to give u a call; we will attend to the Kiting and buying otntcn, and hope u> pi™ nausfactton. Your patronage KwpeclMUw.llcl.rtW ciImSTIIkS tco _ Boom 3 Liod’f Block. tundolph-st prides. fgUKnctg. CELXISG GOT. 56.000 WORTH 7 of ttus Richest and mo<t Fashionable French Millinery will be sold the rest Thirty Pay* wswdlji* of Ca#t, to close out shat branch ol oaslaea*. The PATTERN* PBEhhaod CLOAK pepwtjrents win be enlarged and made a specialty. Call eartr. at 14*2.UtartVup a lairs. j kirt>. n. a. J4La2ti.>. Eimratinnai TR FAULHABEU BEGS LEAVE TO lr L Inform hit tries!» and patrons tlia: be ha« Sited np a suite of Rooms at So. J3l Sooth Clartvt- near \Mmrnt- where he will resume W* Instruction la the Fnmrb and German Jannares. Hewui M«o itre lessona at the rwldctces of ht» pnptls If dea'.rM. Heal estate, -iAA AAA ACRES OF PINE LAND lUINvUU is MICHIGAN* FOR SALE.- These Ui a* were carefully and compute some of the larsest and beet tracta cast o: the Rocky Moos taint. Apply to R. T». WARP. •Detroit. Mich. hotels TERTIS HOUaE—Corner Van Buren #1 asd opposite the raicnlCcen: ae** rfrpot of tbc Michigan Soctbern mad the Chlcico & Bode lAia.**J nurro»dJ. Tt!» bouse. turtox c&oacrJ bandKha*be«nral*e<ito trade, and entirely led, refitted and refurnished. The proprietor*. h»rine bad lone experience in botel-fcwplnx. 7111 endeavor to mate this one of Use very b«t moderate price hoa»ea ta the cttT. Foard &co per day. . . A fcrw sij boarders caa be accommodated. Wrlantrt. ANTED—HELP. One or t»oUre taenia every cotuiXj oC tbe Weet, who are wtuiac to wort Bar * coze pen* tloa ot fSO per mo&Ui ud expesM*. cm oOdreM _ _ O. BOX BJg9, CMciga. EL JJLADDEHB V7AKTEIV— (Beovee and Calves.) POT a EiELE, S 3 SoaUi Chicago. CARD’S PATENT BRICK MACHINE, ThA fiARB PATENT BRICK MACHINE has been awarded the First Premium for BEST BRICK MACHINE at all the State and County Fairs (There Exhibited this Fall. It has received Eight State Fair First premiums, and b&e never felled to take First Premium wherever Exhibited. -It is of that claw wture tricks arc moulded direct trom me png mill or chamber, where ths clay Is tem pered. wUboot passicr through other processes. it is extremely compact In form, and has pat few details, and those not cf a complicated character.**—lEds. Scientific American.) . , In mly to uume-oos Inquiries concerning this Machine, heron arc set fbrth some ot the prominent tea* tores of itacosstroctloo, operation. Ac.: I. The « eight of the machine Is about two and a halt ton*. 3. Two horses work It with ease. .... . . _ 8. Acy namU.7 of machines desired can he run on one line of sbafUnr. by the application ol steam power. <. The capacity of each machine, by steam power, is from »J,OM to 80,000 bricks per day; by horse power, from Jt.ooo to 15,000. 5. it is substantially mode, and exceedingly simple in Its eons traction, 6. itnscsclsydtTecOy from the bank, wawr being need if cot saweieatly moist. _ „ 7. The machine temper* its own clav, presses it into the moulds, strikes the brick, lifts them from the mould*, and turns them on edge ready for removal. ... 8. Tbeclay used Is sortlfl. and under pressure so great, that the brick can bo hacked directly from the machine, risk of destroetsec by rain being obviated. ' . . , . 9. An the labor required lu making brick by this machine la to shovel In the clay, and remora the brick tor hackinks* they none from tho moulds. ... « . 10. (t p-qmres one man to shovel the clay, one boy to remove the brick to the truck, one boy to ran on the track, and one man to uses the brick.. . _ n It makf« one pre-sed brick, worth in market one-lhlrd more than common brick. U. Ko»fcDdlDgof the monks is required. . .... ' ij. xhf brick are moulded In mould* made either of steel or brass, permanently set In a revolving wheel. 11. 1 be price of the machine Is fI.OOO, exclusive of patent right. i* Yard Bights, exclusive Township and County Rights sold, as parties may desire. OFFICE OF E. R. GARB, 58 SOUTH JEFFEBSON-ST., r .n n ,a narrv~ r BRICK MACHINE. Chicago,OctoberSlit, 155 A TMiu u- MM»fVthat T b*ve been runnlngmy Patent Brick Machines In CblcagptnU season. Icimmeaeod njwcr, *ad the demand for the ortek so increased that I was compelled, la cider ll?2Sach ■ power, and, since men, I hare had tonr rntmlngoaone Una hf snsfrmg w P* day, aad.li the several tt\«fouof ire made tnoclar has had no preparation whatever, except, when taken from the hat k?mt !i too dr vto aad'w tt orou*-bly tempered, water Is thrown over It before it Is thrown Into “liu^aufi^ufrMUito shovel to 7 pat the brick lata the hack, where they aro ’“n.oSam'to Srtctfi «m .1.0 numtnlE . urn mem l. ttWT w torty men are employed exclusively la the manuiacture of my machines, which I have sparel no labor or SSJiSwtt?with Mr. E. R. and. I b*T« tWM l »Uru4 .od jj^aaettry. oprr... M . oi w. sss «di®<sSwhr. have used several hoLdred thousand of his brick, and do not hsttata to say that they are the best brick IQ ‘“VBSoie .bore.uwmthtol Mr. Quito he W'- AEIES cootr.raonMuoo,CSlcn. EAGLE WOBKS HASBFACXCEIS6 COttPAJtY. cmcAQo, September to, ifw. To^?im I c^l^^ba?^^ :^ C be«a engaged la the manufacture, tor the Inventor.of Oa«D*s P4 ***v fimS^cmc^acethelStticr^April tSGftTand while doing so. ■with our large ftcUllUa, have been.euUrcly unable to oupplv the dcinwid. having made about Tweaty-dve thousand Dollars worth of the Machines be tweenthe ism of April and the ith of Jane. Indeed, to great has been bemthe latfrucUonon the (frit seeing them at work,to all whobave Timed our shop.ihat Mr. Card_has In order to meet Ibe demand, to angago the »erylccfi cf several other fri this c«v. laouvludraent. thcscßtlckMachlnes are without a rival, ho simple la ccastractlon they can be opo rated by Mybodywlth lime or to skill or experience. 8o cheap eyv to They r«*lve the clay In Us native »tatefrom the back, and Cura out easily twenty tnouaamd weo^ooncK *'*“** . SOETHTFESXEBS JUXUFACTPBnfG This Is to ’certify that we have bees engaged In the manufacture of the Oaxo Buck Macmxe. and-durlnr •lx Thousand wwth of torn. As faraswc havebcara OmcE OF THE BOABD OF PCBUC WOEKS.^^^ Slifiro lo bo«Me te.«tnonr to Hie mm oaMiUo. ol mi trtet toreulM by roo to the city; which were maanlactarcd by Gate's P*tkst Bjicx iutrni jx. . Their contract with you ttu» season was tor two millions of those hricko. ftimiehed la this VTe find tba brick ot excelleat quality, and superior la strctgih and amoothnesj to tsy furtuaaea in mi* market, (Ve regard the machine aa one of much value, and know of no q^bo^aocuod. {Board of PObUcWdria. O. J. Bosh ) Vfc have nmhaatd the right of Kenton Connty Keatacky, tor Goan's Buck Moimctmand wrnowvan ning one bvueaia, and wlththls we areputung brtckln the kite, ready Stm sand. Wehave no doubt that with two or thru* machines running, (wnlcb we mthelalßot tlApaihenand. We know they ere better tto hrtAw thorccghly tempered, and forced Into the bras* mould# under heavy there matcnai "ffJSX’lif&'i'Silnocn.tm,MJoli.m e 6lmr«ri t Co.',r«M “/= l ISBfJSISSS la&r arecostlng^us fJAO per thousand Intheklia ready tor burning, without cotmtlns lose by weather or teams used.'* brick mad?by the Card Machine are worth, and will Mil la any market, thooMnd more thaabandmad.: brick, and it wiQ make them cheaper than any machine I I have n ado brick tore tor tweaty.Qvo yeare. a.x.anaraaM. TS™rt”nS'£siSfinaUi,ltlii«m«iiilscmcibylt,-ir,i««ilutJielie.tiMcM!ii! “4 ■-« H«« °'"' n '“° I ASDEESOS c BAXSAFOED. ArdUWB. by the Uaxn Macms x ara the best I have ever aeen manufactured la this part of tho «uatmtn evc£ par ticular, m to abnllding matenal. 1 <X.TQGTOit, AugustUlh,L9CO. , W T .October39.lS». of the Mih InsUnt, I would stole that I have been raumnfi toe oaon Bvtor Uacßcmin this rHr part of the summer, aadamatllirnnalngJtat this Hme. and 1 ctmilder a PtcytcT stcctcss as a Brick Machine, Sowell pleased aml.t&atl an otw mypva mS:e about me hundred thousand brick per day next ittmmer. lon can Judge of my fhlth In Uie^MicMnaby 1 “““ [From {A“I)SMShI ot oototo IM. mi THE OHIO STATE FATE. , OU p.rxjfT Brno: Machiw*.—lt m«a« tittle fflletenra wMtißjajJ.ssJiiSa£TS3 PjTtn lues SUCill.vw drew » Urge crowd ofvlalrer. .11 d.. lon*. It lll on wise, rewUto It Is the most complete machine of the kind in the worlih The hrtcfc a« ratM t o bemnoreofrom thsplatform, with edge#aasharp as aknife, nice enough to,*”,uKJd<nattsatlr 2!fSS!iSi”i I Sf.W£'Sfe. e o o sS.S£liss, M&n & st .t, Fairs It look the Flret and vas the of afl admtrer*. card's ~l^tS?-pS3= , !sic* ! : « O u d-.U«U»o.»dmntedtl..Q, and can aay they ate «e but brtrk over made In Chicago. Mcurtocm 111, Aogn« ", 1966. Mnrt onel.rse jrflr.of IcCßwleooroarmtcMrtJ- JJgMjfSMS'g,’Sg harelnst stopped burning another thl» ooTnlDxT I «aA a *S'lnck hareme came of being mo day. but cannot supply the demand for them. not srU a beat brick buildings crer ouut in Motunouin. msw to«ifat raoog. me single brick. Next spring! most get another w swam, wr a “3" r . niiJfE y. can't be beat, wo me brick will take the place ol the Milwaukee pressed oner. cuxros, June O, IS6A “fir’r'-tbe'raSee which I MUM of rod U. .rrttrtL rate of IS, SCO per day. It la a perfect success. and moit saperaede the old aryie orw**^^tveaveß. T bare, since the Ist of July, been In the employ of Mr. Card, as foreman of his brickyard, where I hare op. crated torn ol his Brick Machine*. not had the least expert cnee In brick making. but found prevtt us to commencing work for Mr. naa n« nan w« »casi « TC rat kilos containing E.E.GABD, ' CHICAGO. YLUKOK. PRICES REDUCED. n mii mbs CHEAP. Hunt, Barbour & Hale, 8, 5 * 7 LAKB-ST. » LLjIZES v lackawaista COAL. Wesuamtce foil weights. Order* from the country promptly died- CURTISS, Um & CO., 15 WEST MADISON, Chrpe r of CasaNst. f IAKD TO THE PCBLIC. VA— tna Weed -edoced. to asre maorliff to rcrnVr cf EUabcth »ad RlulMU. Barr chaws fcr bargains. & CO, forcer Peon* sod Kintlg-*t*^_ (Temple of fHttsic. T MUSWI 4 BOURX2QCE h! , s AUPLE ROOM to Borrow crmjnjt %l and the cboUeet tUtfs oi Imported lJuuor* aid Clpara. ji 0 , ifls Sontla Olarlc-st. JACESOX BBOS-, Proprietor*. LOH&WOBTffS WINE HOUSE, CINCINNATI etlfbnu* Wtt« «« »« «£® toy FDUB. LOUD * SMITH, ■•cl ttettzel, JUBTIH fe CO, 7 cumso. in* patent 13rick iHacljinc. 33rt> (Snobs. Coal. gOCNTIM. Official Blanks! •W« bare wrr Cor sate the fWlorlas additional Do®, ty which hare ALL been approved by'-be De partment* •, A communication from Second Auditor** Office, re errlae to copies of onr Slash* »oi erantuatlon. aaya: M Tho forms are decidedly the best that have bees presented to this Of fice*^ Sc2i prepaid ca receipt of the money* at |IJW pci Qolrr. _ A neat pamphlet, containing Pension and Bounty Laws ol 1565, with latest InstmcUon* and regulation! •mt Agents on receipt ol stamp to pay pottage. A copy inclosed with each package ol Blank!. Addrcaa ILiquors Ulanfcs Soldier's Claim for Addition*! Bounty, tt tdsw’s “ »* ♦ Father'* “ ** Mother’i ** P.rtn.f,’ “(Jololll) " " Rsartiao’s “ * TRIBUNE CO., 5t Clark-st., Chicago. jfatwing Eanbg. a IX tVANTING FARMS —GoodFann A »nd wen-proved Frnit Uoda-DeaaUfiil tad SiSrte lefcnr year*. Good *odety. *chooU mad SSSiSThIs'MS- tSSSySSSSgS cflAb. K. LAADIS. Prwpncwr, Vine- SStSew Jersey. Paper* conmnlnj taftraatluuct SZT From report 3 Solon Bo biaann. Agricultural Editor of the Tribune: ••Itla one ol the mert extea- SStfcrtUe tracts la an almost level poMnoa, and rail able condition P>r pleasant farm lac, that TT6 IDOW 0| ttu elds «£ His Wwtera PralXlc*. NUMBER 168. jaeblcal. TAR B. BEGNITZ, OF NEW TORE AND ST. LOUIS, The well-known jasMtloacr la PULMONARY Ml DMAS, Is about to vlalt CHICAGO, tn. Ibr the purpose of giving mollcal audiences, at the Tremont Bouse, Cosunesclcg WEDNESDAY - , the list of November, dally, from 9 a. m. till 4 p. a. Tbe Doctor’s reputation as family physician la New Fork, and hla superiority In Throat, Longs and Chronic Diseases, will render It superfluous to recommend bis new method of treatment, by mesns of his own new In struments, Ibr Inhalation and Fusuffistlon. Both In struments are not only approved by the leading phy sician* of this country and Europe, bat are well spoken of la theJfo/tatf oe<f Surgical fypyrt*r t of Philadel phia, (October Sd, 1965,) the leading medical journal ot this continent. Dr, S. never shows testimonials, as other advertising physicians are used to do, and be feels more sorry, that. aa specialty practitioner, be U bound to advertise. But the profusion, and the people In general will soon be convinced that he Differ* from othos. and first-class city references are at disposal tor this purpose. Personal examination is Decenary la all cases of Chronic Catarrh. Bronchitis, Asthma, Ulcers In the Throat, Nostrils, and in pulmonary diseases In genera]. The Doctor sever attends to doubcfhl eases, but he achieved results In cates which were denounced fatal byotner physicians. For the tint examination the psUentwUlcall before be has taken bis main meal. B. SEONTTZ. M. D* • Tremoat House. oa. m. till Ap. m. jy£ORE valuable THAN GOLD I Dr. Wadsworth's Dry Up! FOR THE CATARRH! A perfect and rpcerty cme for this laathMtnedUeaae. In iU wont form. In every cam or Catarrh, Kerens or light. the dl*ea*e should be remored as anoa ** po**t ble, for U five* rise to boaneneu, toreseu in the wind pipe. dry cough, chronic inCamm&tloa of the lanes, dizzlsa**. doD pain la the beat, wun a *en»«Uon ot weight over the eye*. loss or the s«a<cs of amcllme and taitlng, tod various palatal neuralgic aff*cUoo<. There U not tor mistake about the absve remedy, and It may t>e had of the aotiicrtber. General Agent for the United States and the Canada*. H. if. BCKRINGTCK. Providence. U. I. For aalebf SMITa ± DWYER. Druggists, 02 AU4 wbolnate A cents for coles co. ffiarttoart, “dobes, &£• JJO3IE MANUFACTURE. F.W.HATTHIE3SEN &HEBELER AT laSILLE, IN ILLINOIS, JJ!E BOUJ.TO £V£iiY ITEES FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS OF SHEET ZINC Superior to all imported. HARDWARE. HI, LIAM BLAIR & CO,, IMPORT BBS AST) WHOLESALE DEALERS IS Mini' inn. i 9 AND 181 RANDOLPH-ST., Ingthe Briggs Hjufc), CHICAGO. r (Admits QETLEUY. WOSTESHOIATS and W. £.BUTCHERS’ POCKET KNIVES, With a full assortment of «th*r flrst-clasa brand* ot Pocket a&d Table Ceil try. |u*t received ana for sale by WM. BLAIR A C 0„ • *l7O and ISI Baudolpb-Kt. F^® - be'casks BUTCHERS’ FILES, Attt'MTrfomlloral' :17b and tHt Rjvndo'pb-et, patents. ijhe new burner. MORE LIGHT! LIGHT! THE GREAT INTENTION. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. By the ate of tbU Darter. Oiaas Chimneys are en tirely etspensod with. tod t brilliant light ciren oat id t spreading let. similar to that of Gas. Tbs ordjoory Coal OU {Kerosene) of the shops uused. affording not only the CHEAPEST but the ilBSTUsbt that cto be prodcced from this great Illuminating agent. We cordially turtle erery one to eta tad witness far himself the operations oi this Darter, belts RUly aware that K To See Is to be Convinced.” The Darner it so eon*traded that It attaches to any COAL OIL LAMP, thus stria* the price « new one*.- huw lor sue. Apply to or A.. B. SLOAN. APA3IS nOCSK. iJartmatiip. WE HAVE THIS DAT SOLD OUR entire Interests in the stock and 50°*! *UI 01 the me Arm of POLLARD, DoANE ft C 0„ aad cheer fOUr recommend oat successors to the patronage or a liberal pabUc. JOHN K- {MILLARD, uuwat JBBQHfi B. POLLARD. Chicago, November V, iKd. notice; Wc bare this day formed a copartnership, coder the Cm name cf doaxe, peck & CO, To condnet the WHOLESALE GROCERY DUSISESh. at Nos. 93 and 59 Mlchlcmo-ar- where the easterners ul Pollard, Doane ft Co„ win find a complete stock of CWds and willing aalemea 10 wmo^ojW THOMAS a. DOANE, C. 1. FECK. C. C. CONNOLLY. ■pjISSOLimON OF PARTNERSHIP. The Partnership heretofore existing under the none and style of Phillips «Sb Davol, is tiU day dmolTedtnr tnntaalcoiaeat. _ . _ The baslnen of the ute flm win Pe settied opbyr. pmihp*.»h>aica* ta aathorljgd to oiettettroMnw Chicago, Kormberi:. IS6*. t>i» rabsGlber wlUcOßtouo tbc bwlsjw ol SSSSuiap «ulr».«>a *oUd» • continuance otttts patronage enjoyed ty the late firm. psnxiPS. 00-PAHTNEKSHIP. ME. CIUBXES WESOTI.U terras WKSBELL & HYMiB, Jewellers, 57 L.VKE-5T , e* the eld etsad under tbo Twtnoot Hotel, where they l feffSe pISS towcelre toelr lom«r pattoa* ao) cncoda. nro thk citizexs of oaipAgd I Tte cop*nEfnHs& of • Aum «*. ihr *i/t e»rt>t <u**oiTet. o H, KERFOOT & CO. j tanner comsuwtop*. &• FOOT t’CO.Kool Win BWon-.’S.IISISS* *■ *■ rasas*.- Sentistts. YTALIZED AJB OR NITROUS Oxide U used at Dr. Leiris 1 Dental Roams, * No. 05 W«lUitffton**fc To reader painless the extracting of thowsads of Teeth rpEETH EXTRACTED "*■ WITHOUT PAIN BT the TW nf “ Kircort OBPU" «t Booma, T 3 datk-rt- Prepared and administered by a PhTiidin. - - - Jluancial. ¥oket to loan. reasonable tertas, and <m short or long time, with gved real pftajo security. WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS, jfO. 9 Open Bouse, (Slotting. Q LOSING OUT SALE AT I STBTTBEIMBE 4 CO.’S, 74 and 76X>aba-st. TTarinr determined to cirwe our Chicago Bouse, we are sow ready to oiler oar ENTIRE STOCK of Ready-made Clothing, CLOTHS, BEAVEBS, Coatiugs, Doeskins, Cassiiuetes, TRIMMINGS, ETC., “ Amounting to $130,000, AT PRICES Much Below Dost or Present Value. For buyers comics Into this market. Ibis is a rare chance, xv e »*uu continue to sell at private sale tin til the 4th of December, when the balance ot Stock re maining on band will be sold oat at PUBLIC AUCTIOoS. Hating rented ont on* store, and compelled to give Etseaelcn Jan. L we are obliged to be through buire ti time. Hereafter our entire business will be carried on at 46 Whito-st., New York, Where we ahalLaa we have done Ibr some time back, carry on the Importing of Woollens and Many- facturini of Clothini AT WBOZ.SBAI»a, And be happy to meet our friends there at all times. J. STETTBEIMBA & GO., 74 and 76 Lake-st. N. B.—To CASH BUYERS, In particular, we wiß give great concessions. J- O R The People’s Benefit! GREAT EXCITEMENT Df TUB CLOTHING MARKET. GOODS SOLD Cheaper Than Ever! DICKSON, JANES & CO., AT THEIR STORED, Nos. 131 & 133 R4NDOLPH-ST., Are in receipt of a Liu ye Stock of WINTER CLOTHING! Which they offer to the public at Great* iy DEDUCED PRICES. Wepurcliawd LOW. and Intend to give our customer* the BENEFIT of our Rood lock. Oar stock of BEAPT-mADE ts complete In all Us detail*. In the line of OVER COATS, press surrs, business SUITS, we think wc can please all. Our Price* are Low, Wo sell Cheap. Incur CCSTOM DEPABTHE.XT wo cannot be excelled In Stylo, Quality or Price. An Inspection of oar stock and prices Insures a sale in every Instance. REMEMBER THE PLACE, 131 & 133Eandolph-st. SHEB3IAN HOUSE. DICKSON, JANES & 00, CLOTHING. . Wholesale and Retail. 2,800 Overcoats, - 3,000 Frock Coats, 2,600 Jackets, 3,000 Blouses, 3,000 Blankets, 4c. Kattmjea, Curled Hair, Roller Towel*, Ac. FRED. L. FAKE, 201 and 203 sOQth Watcr-st. ©Hholtsale doth ffiousses KIMBALL. STEVENS & COMFY. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE 64 & 66 JfIICHIG.IJT- JF ©ransjortation. T7OB GRAND HAVEN AND MUS- X* KICO.V.-TheswimeronroN willleareGood rteb’s dock, below BnutMt, bridge, tor Grand Ran-n and iloiiecon. on WEDNESDAY eveulig, November 21st, at 7 (/clock. A. E. GOODRICH. LINE. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN CHANGE 0 Y irat. WISTEK ARBANCBHBNT On »2d after MONDAT, Nor. «m, Par eager Train*- wille»T« nepot. corner Bamaon and Sherawa-ets., cmr thUr oaa, U loflowi; UoU, I Dm £*•**. I jr.r. £*’*». 1 -VJaW 4-43 ala. TOO a-ta. 1 3:15 P-m-i 1 "OOp-a. Vl* Adrian VUAirLiaeiViaAlrlJnel'l* Sdrtat tally deept I daily except (UUy eicep* rsoulaj*. 1 Ssciaya. 1 d*By. l**i. ± saa. -FOB TOLEDO, CLEVELAND, PTtTSBUBGH. OU2J pjHg, BUFFALO. JTKW TOKK. BOSTON. A>*D ALL POINTS EAST. Detroit Trains Learo at 4:43 a. m. ana 10:00 p.'nu Puwaetn ffctng tbe 305 p. to. trala b»n sapper at Eknait, and arme la se» yoilt on ooratns o t »«oao < *CB" Serttoe Car bertta and all latoraattoji RW® f* Qwnl Oflc£ 36 eauaote to Bbenoaa Bonse, sun, c. noma. General Western Passenger Agent. Jfot Sa^, PACKING house r FOR SALE, With capacity for slaughtering and packing about inn host per day. Baa two rood eteam tanka, kettles, coolers, Ac. AXIS, HCULBUT A CO., 40 Chamber ot Cconotfc “pOB SALE. Valuable Copper Mining lands Olf T.ATt-e SCPEBIOB. Tlie mdenleMd Is mclliorUwl to sen •wtlca »e Kaotie toe best oaufce Superior. E^lon. «w" l> * Bri aagig litmus. rpHE AXCEMCAXBDREAU FOR | UTERABY EKTEBENCE. *33 Nassati>dtn Now York, and Lrtenm» are invited to put themselves saws,* 1 * Supine Elliptic Skirts. Jj\ASHIONS DEMAND J. W, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic WE DOUBLE SPBETG) SKIRTS. TMT win not bend or break Ufce lha *ia** e •urtaxL bntwlll ever preserve their perfect and hwtitalthSi. where ihree or lour ordinary bam* *n UnnuSi U nsetesa. They combine comlhrt. dnrabilirramt economv with that elegance of shape which hmw the “DUPLEX KLLIrTIC" the *«• STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the exclusive manufscturers abd eole owners of the patent, WESTS, BRADLEY Sc CARY, Warehouse and Office. 97 Chambers sad 79 and Si Beode-et* New York. Also, at wholesale by the le*fr lag Jobbers. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* By Dr the moat popular and graceful Skirt worn. For sue at wholesale at nano£kctnrrr.*j<rlcevbr FI ELD, F ALMFJC * LEITER, IIP, US. 114 and lift Utwi. Chicago. 151 IAKE<ST, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* For Elegance and Economy are ntjnrpa>vd. For ala at wholesale by JOHN V. FARWELL A CO, 4*2.44 and 46 Wabash-av* Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* The lightest, most agreeable and peneet skirts made. Fcrsaleatwtoieaaie. BOWCf BROS. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* For beauty, comfort tad durability superior to aH ott ers. For sale si wholesale bv „ TORRENCE. MANNING A CO* Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* At wholesale, at manufacturers* prices. KBITS. WOOD A CO* 10. l*j »8J U Ut»«MaiatOw Hoots anh Sljocs. TJOOTS AN’D SHOES AT WHOLESALE. GREAT BARGAINS! We tre do» ottering cur Immense stock of BOOTS AND SHOES low. and many jtyles at greatly reduced price*. We manaiactnro tee ESICUSTOM-MAD E BOOTS la the West. Cash and abort time buyers wUI And It greatly ts (heir advantage to give as a call. f. M. DESDEBSOS & CO., 4, 6, and 8 Labo-srL, Oppoalte the Adam* House. pens, JOSEPH GILIOTTS bTEEL PENS, tl OP THE OLD STANDARD QUALITY JOSEPH OrDeactlptttß TRADEMARK: GiI.LOTT. Same and Duflg* WAUUVSTEO, anting Somber. SEW SERIES, good asp cheap, tna So. 7M toSo.i6l. JOSEPH with TRADE MASK: <:il.l.(lTT» DwUtMUns B 1831 ( S « IM NT. Somber*. The well brawn ounraxi. and number*, 303, 404, 170. SAX, . , bavmcbem gaumedbv other Sl'Uis we Jain la caaiioa the psblle in respect to tutd imitations. A*S FOBGaLOTTA .. CnAoTr*B p*w*. in »rcb vanity and style a* to sate every hind of hand-writing, lor sale to the trade by JOS. GIIiIiOTT «SS SONS, No. 01 Jebn«*t.« See York. HSWRY OffflW, Btlc Agent. business (Carts. MALTING COMPANY, Nos. 2 and 4 MicMgan-av., manufacturers of malt and Peal era far Barley and Bye. DT We Keep roamntly os band atnem ot Prtoa Rarity and Rje 3f»!t. which we are prepared to sell at Uiq lowtit market rate*. UNDERWOOD & CO., leaeral Commission Merchants, Cor. LaSalle and Washlngton-sta, CHICAGO. Give pcrUcoiar attention to both buying sad refuse Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. propertr bonght and held ca margin*. and told eUba la uu. or eaawra morfceM. %W~ Sixcl»: rales oi Commluton made to t&QHVU tomlnh tbrir own money fcr large purchase* ot prop erly to be trill to? sale by n*. P. L. tioderweod. Bon, tv. Caderirti- /“iASH PAID FOB Vj __ O. X. o. Nrw«esrer».P»a'phiets ua Waste Paper of all Woks, Colton and Wooilen Ham. -t.-Kk . at?«t tor to the city. J. E. pfiPllbO-Nt ft CO, 10-1 Ua.adg’ptv*t., opposite the Maaetoa. jJapct. rpHE “RECHEKCHN" PERFUMED Note Paper and -En velopes Are new For Sale by All tbe Flnw-elao* Booksellers nod Stationers. For sole to the Trade by HULBEET, WAT £ CO* New York- ©it, "famish anU JLeab. CHICAGO LEAD AND OIL WORKS, Son. 64, 66, 63 d; 70 North CUnton-ats, LEAP PIPE AND SHEET LEAD, DAB AND PIG LEAD, UN’SRED OIL, BOILED LIXSEED OH, USSEED nSAk PATENT DROP AND BUCK SHOT. Cash paid lor FLAX SPED AND OIL LEAD. OrdbES will receive prompt attention. B. VV. BLATCHPOBD 6c CO. FAIRBAM, PECK & CO., Ko. 194 Saatb Water Street, CUeuik Manufacturer* ol LAW) AND TALLOW OILS, STEAKIC UGHIS, Vaxeme and Tallow Candles Gen o*l Dealers tn Labrfeatlng aa<t Bamiar oils. jFot Good news for housekeep ers. GRAFTS’ CELEBRATED CARPET UAiiiiS. Old Carpets restored to their original beauty. Three Balia are warranted to remorc dirt. Rtraac, ttt. 4c-. and r«fc« the co'on u taey were »«es d ”^kukd^le,^““' c ' tnrea 07 !*lg Wat LaC-<C- cat-x*o. EL_ dfisi) ■DOSTOS FISH MARKET -WILL OPES NOVEMBER ixr. 100 3Ton opposite P*o. Fmb Sea Fiifc. Lake Fist. and Oy.tos, vto'.eUUt mud rsial!. Fresh Cod, Hacdoci. Umibat, E?ls. srnetta, Iticfccrti, Corned Cod amt Mackerti, Ac son. Smoked Salmon. Halibut, Fmnea month Woatera, Pickled Salmon, BaM ft Clamt, by cai:on or quart. Ac. Kia «trn selKtod l apre«l> lot toll! UK. i ifo mctilTh. (Cits Isotlcrs, K N ORDINANCE to authorize Thom- A. as, Wilcox A Co. to lay do*ru and of crate a raO road tract oaßa'cistre^t- Be U or&ti'ntd by ww Common Council r*f Ui* CUtf <if L That permission uhc*j granted to 3. W TSmat E. P. wili oX and A. B. Wilcox. composing * C«;i to ,£T down uut m*nv a r allwad track »•’ and during the to a ci 3ra ▼ear*, commoclng at apolnt on Bs-ti strefl oppoalte ibeeentre of an alley running north and aonth, haswesi noldra aadDwJgo «w«a, ana then:® wwt on the north «de of laid Bate* street to a point where the M_nfi will ronneetwitb the railway traces on Railroad avenue. Sxc 3. Said railroad tract shall be laid down in the sumocr and aa the Board of VnhUc Works c Isold city * 6 EwnA*?aid railroad tr&ik thall only he used «d ope rated for the purpose of enabling said Thomas, Wilcox A Co. carrying on their legitimate business. , , tic.t. This grant U made on the express ccndiuca that the add Thomas, Wilcox * Co. wuLu th e tlon of maid term of ttre year*, (unless otherwise <*aer~ ed by the Common Cotu.cU.) take cp lewine scmlnaa good cocdltica as u--m tae asms Wilcox A Co.atXl^ Jett to all general ordinance* nu« «-xi»U£K» 01 “** ■ sgassasfej Attest: A. H- Bocaox. City Ciers. *o«-w

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