28 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Kasım 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Chicago tribune. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEB IK, 1800. THE NEWS. ‘ Tbe Washington Star, heretofore favoring lie President's peculiar view*, now Wrongly com mends the term* of settlement offered b« Con press to the Southern States. A Toronto despatch states that the entire regular force now in Canada w»u soon he distrib uted n polats on the frontier between Niagara and Windsor. There b at present a reserve fund of one bundredmilUon doltars In the public Treasury, eighty millions of which b in gold, and the bal ance In cols certificates. General Thomas, who bos just returned from a Southern trip, states that almost every Northern mao engaged in cotton planting has lostTuoucy. The Boston Traveller says the trade of that city the present year will reach the largest figure* ever known in the commercial history of theporu In the coastwise trade the receipts by steamers surpass those of any previous years. In Bcfcion the demand for dwellings Is so great that multitudes (lock at any notice of a va -cant tenement, and a bargain is quickly closed, 1b the hope peibaps of selling ofct at a »UU farther advance u> softie leas favored parties. A despatch from Boston nays; “Considera ble •xcUemeni exist* among the Lynn shoe manu facturers In consequence of the discovery ofa de tectivc from tbe Internal Revenue office among ihKc. A nnmber of firms have already been over haded for non<ompliance with the law." The herring fisheries of eastern Maine have proved highly profitable the present season, and the demand for labor lu them Is eo great as to cause agriculture In the vicinity to be much ne glected. Easlport, Lnbec, Cutler, and the neigh boring islands reap a heavy harvest from the fisheries. It is reported, that the cattle disease U raging with singular fatality in ail those counties of Kentucky where the Texas cattle, imported there during (he snmmer, have been horded. Thousands of native cablehave died, and the clti sms arc signing petitions to (be legislature to pass a law preventing the importation of Texas ca.tle into lie State. On some farms In Shelby County every head of caUie handled. The statement ‘'that Messrs. Scott, Thomp son. IVny, and other parties associated lathe couiTcchon of tbe Kansas branch of the Union Pacific i ailror.d, bare paid George Francis Txaio Cfi? thousand dollars of the three hundred and fifty thousand due him us commissions In earlier negotiations of that enterprise," la incor rect m every psiticnlar. .Not one dollar has ever been raid to George Francis Train by the gentle men referred to. The Commission formed to promote the Introduction of the metrical system into Austria has resumed Us *lltlngs at Vienna, under tao presidency of Baron de Borg. The reporter, M. d> Pmmcnilcr, concluded by recommending the complete adoption of the system which exists In France without change, in order (o thus Join tbe great metrical family ot Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Russia, a portion of Switzer land, and the United States. Yesterday’s Loi.don advices by Atlantic cable state that the Fenian U cubic* are Cast grow ing more serious, and hint that It is more than probable iLat an actual outbreak has already oc curred. The British Government is hurrying for ward troops to meet toe emergency, and a ccucral exotemest Is evident, both in England and Ire land. ...U ia now said that the English Cabinet, acting npon the imperative demand from Ur. Seward in regain to the Alabama claims, has con sented to reconsider its former decision, and that the matter now grands open for further discussion between the two Governments. The Richmond Examiner says ibc old stove made in England in the year 1770, and which has warmed the assembled wisdom of Virginia, to gether with venders of pcannta and apples for la 1 there many years, has been stationed in the vesti bule east ol the rotunda, and made presentable by a resting of black paint and varnish'. It will remain here, wc' understand, a relic of old colo nial tinier, and will, In fulnie yvftre, be the ob served of all observers. The Capitol is now wanred with a new-fashioned apparatus, which, v Ith doe te-i*ect to the old, we mast acknowledge to be a great improvement. Tne Bloomington Pantograph of lbe N 23d rays: “Tuesday evening, as a construction train cm the Illinois Central was on its way to Bloom ington, a terrible accident happened near the Kappa bridge, scar the line between Woodford and Mcl.ean It seems, a youth about sixteen yeai? ol age, Thomas McTagg by name, had been plajinlly sending with a comrade, both or them standing on as open platform car. McTaggwas stepping backwards, parrying some innocent cut* from hts friend, and in some manner stepped backward off the car. The car wheel pavn-d over bis bead, cutting oH the npper part as though It had been a piece of cornstalk, one of the train men instantly jntnp'*d oil. the train being travelling only six miles per boar, and ran back to Ihe poor boy, but he foiled him dead.” That well-known atati.Ucian, lion. Sam uel B. Buggies, made remarkable statements in bis speech at the Cyms Field banquetth" other Light. Speaking of onr railroads, be raid tney cost a la. gcr sum than had ever been expended in acy one century on the means of transportation. WebaveSd.Uoomii-s«.f railway which have cost 51,39','f0.U00. In Europe (here are 20,000, Which cost the ttnnnous sumol 5-'>,soo,(X>fl,Goo. The con- sanction ot railways in an old, cloaely-aettlcd country is ol course more expensive than in anew, while European roads ore more solidly and ner manmtly built. But the saving In tbe transporta tion of height and passengers amounts in oacb hemisphere lo $500,000,000 per annum. Mr.-Hag gles retimates the telegraphic Hues in this coun try at ‘AWO miles In length, and in Europe atCO,- 000. So that the New World decidedly leads the Old in it) facilities of coDmtmlcallon. The Ogk* Comity (III.) Jieporter of tile 22d, says: “A young man by the name of Eddie E. McArlhcr/son ot John McArthur, Esq., who re giucs some three miles north of Lindenwood, lost Ills life in a threshing machine, on Friday, Nq;, TembtT tf.th. Bo was I ceding the machine irtlh seme scatterings, while at work for Mr. and the wind blew his coat skirts against tbe (ambling rod. In some manner (it is not known how) »be coat wound aronnd tne rod, drawing him down on to the coupling. His left arm was broken in several places, and tbe pin In the coup ling cut aw ay the flesh under his arm, severing the artery. A messenger was despatched for his parents, meantime bis arm was bound op and he put into a wagon to go borne. Uc expired on the wav. jn-t a? his parents came up. It was a heart rending eight, tbe more eo, as this is tbs bird in stance of vio'.cvt death in the family. The young man was marly tlxlccn years of age and much beloved.” FROM CANADA. rnlti-i! Heir to & Large Fortune-Farther Aid lor tjoebre—lnspection oi Trooi**-No Derision In Kegard to n New Trial lor tho Condemned Fentons— Ooiemplaieil Con centration of Troops at Toronto. Toronto. November 27.—-1 he olji>6 of this TQonuug savs that a telegraph spi'CulslOr usmed 11. A. itogardns, now in this city, has fallen heir to through the death of relatives who hold an Intel eat lu the T unity Church property ia New \ ork. The claim is iu the bands ot Messrs, hciiujih, Srwsrd £ Griswold, W Now »Bfk city. tji-iBEc, November 27.—Five Imnarcd pounds sterling were received Uom Birmingham, hug lind. red one hundred pounds front tVvgcar lor tht rtluf of tnc s nfl’eters by the ljuebcc lire. # The Hoops at Ottawa were inspected by Major Vthviai i ind-ay this inomaig. , . , Tonuvto, November 27.—Aft decision has been given in the Court of Qatcn's liencli or Common picas to-dav, ns to granting the rule for new insis as nj pli»-d for by counsel of Fenians under sen* fence of death. . .... It is nano’cd that a heavy concentration, of troop# tn this city is about to commerce ui view of th* near nppioaeh of the l-i'h of Drcemoer, tbedavoftbe execution of the t fuian*. M«'X7itrAi~ November 27.—fbe Government has concluded to forward all the regular l oop* m the Province to the frontier between Niagara and has erected * new military ebed tn this city, watch was opened thl* morning to receive a Urge quantity of ammunition and gtm carnages besides a large amount ol military stores used by so army io 1..# fieid. A rumor is current in tU# city that I) Arcy Me* Gee Las resigned hi# position in the Ctbl c-. rime* visited the ia»l to-day with Comal Gen eral AvcrlU and b. DevPn, yoeeuV coawel. who found the prisoners confine-: lu very dark and dirty celts, crowded together without any regard to their health. There are two of the prisoners confined In tbo condemned .ells, and ai'owca only one m at a day. Through the exertions of the Consul Gemrai they were r.-lea*ed. Taeprls- Onets arc very hopotul and conflufcrl of being sc* Quitted, now that General Avenll lu» arrived, who has been onremlKlfig lu looking after them. The militia are lobe ordered out in tuts district to to cucid duly durtno the Dials The Canadian officials claim Hist James Stephens 1- ft New York on Saturday tor Uvcr pool, accompanied by a large military *Ud,woo were all disguised, blepnens was dressed in black ctUrrn> clothes, and bad whiskers snared clear from Ins poll. They were; accompaniedi by an llsglhh detective, who is hi„a lu the confi dence of the Dead Clditc. Associated pre-aa Telegraph Imbroallo-How the matter Krw Voub. Novemlnr z~.—lo Kdi'or*' The following pai cis were exchanged to-day between Mct?n>. lluhtead ana White, rcpiesoulhia the Western Associated Press on the one hand, and Ibe New York Associated Press mi the other. To the New York Aaeocuicd Press . Ihe Ex ecutive CcmmlUee ot itc W cittern Associated Press nroi*ose to set ne«* from ail parties who have news to sell, and to provide for Its uanstnls sion to their respective journal-. Tnoy propose to take the recnlar report of the Nevy York Mato pres* at Rnttalo. and provide for Us transmission to the various western chits. For this new* they wjil pav ihdr cqolublc proportion ot the cost of coik-ctum. ihey propose also to appoiat their own agent in New York to collect and bav al - news from all somew awesaibic to him. and to provide for the transmission of the same to the various cities. „ (burned) li- UitsTtio, Housce White, Executive Committee Western Associated P*'***: The members of the New York Aasoclalcd Press adopted. the folio win ■: Jl'tolT’-d, That the Associated Press of New York will permit uo newspaper iccepli'if it* news to enter Into any anatirtmeal with any rival organisation or orgmlrauons, and the ac ceptance of news from any sneta organisation or organizations w ill be considered as a withdrawal trom the privileges of the Association. There arc no indications that either party will abandon the positions assumed In the shove duett mesif. The point of disagreement Is that the Western gentlemen propose to buy ana publish all the news tbit Is to be bad, whether collected v-m- p r *i-» or the New Votk Association, or New York Association, however, will »v« no d-'-aUucs wth any body who deals wlOi Crate. A decision on the part of the Western gentlemen is expected November 2* —-The following resolution va* passed unanimously U s rawm” of the Philadelphia Assocla ed Pjejw, bed at the office of the SorU Anustoz* on riw I “ t ,* Ut(W , Uetolfd, Thai ibe Philadelphia Associated Pres* conliunc u> receive tbelrnewsfrom the New York Attoclalion ; and mat no paper oftheAaso cutlou »hal! receive or publish news furnished «»T any agent or combination actln ~ directly or Indi rectly ft onpodtiota to the New v ork press. iStecedl Wju-teo McMiciiaKL, *aij.neo; Chairman. Tbe’Tcbnasmwc Itallroad Grant. Wxsuntcrox. .Norembfr 27.—Itappcarelhat the Tfhuaiiui.rc Hall.-oad jrnmt was maoe m conndcraijon of jtoo,tt-0. Ihl* •‘nm oay a aicnrltr ven to h« to cowplUo« «lth the couai:lo»B of Ihe ™t. lVe*Ueni aaarea exrrcrrc» ercat confidence In the no' v»hirh Us member* ticrn<*i ». Grant, 'Xhc old company hue Irat all chance or favor by having applied to Maximilian for a renewal of their giant. PROM EUROPE. Yesterdav’s Advices by Atlantic Cable. The Alabama Case Reopened by by the British Government. The Fenian Troubles in Ireland Becoming Serious. Fears (hat an Actual Outbreak Has Already Occurred. The British Government Hurry ing Forward Troops. Downfall of the Mexican Empire Conceded hy the French. from \mmmi The President's Organ Commends the Terms of Settlement Of fered to . the South. One Hundred Millions of Gold and Coin Certificates in tiie Treasury. A New Postal Treaty with Great Britain. FROM CANADA. All the Regular Troops Ordered to the Niagara Frontier. How the Condemned Fenians Have Been Treated. FROM NEW YORK. Xlic City Journals on tile Consti- tutional Amendment; FKO3I EUROPE. Bv Cnble—The Case of the Privateer Ala bama Keconaldcrcdbythe British Govern ment—lncrease rf Fenian Excitement In Ireland—A J-erioas Outbreak Kc-orted— The British Government Unerring For ward Troops—The British Cabinet nnd the Alabama Claims—Dowolull ol the Mexican Em pi re A ck oowJedced. Ixindon, November 2C. A letter Is published In the Daily Knri to-day stating that the Govern ment has voluntarily reopened the case of (he priv ateer Alabama. Mr. Seward, on behalf of tbc American Government, demanded ibc settlement of the claims for damages by that vessel some twelve months *go. Havre, November 27—Noon.—The General Trans-Atlantic Company's steamer Pierre, which left Now York on the J7ib, arrived at this port cntly this morning. London, November 27— Noon.—The Fenian, troubles in Ireland have assumed considerable proportions, and there is no doubt that a serious outbreak .has occurred. Two regiments of Na tional troops were urgently ordered to Ireland yesterday, and transports were being prepared all last night at Portsmouth. A large detachment of marines were also sent over to Queenstown on (be war steamer Plymouth. A gunboat at Chat ham b.a been ordered to sail for Queenstown im mediately. Much alarm is felt at Cork and throughout Ireland generally. Tbc London TSmcs this morning believes that tho Chief Organizer Stephens will soon arrive on the scene, if he has not already. The Clobt editorially hints that a more serious trouble w th the United States Is really at the bot tom ot the Fenian outbreak. 1 ondon, November 27—Noon—A telegraph des patch was received yc-terday from Washington by the United Stales Uinletcrat Tans. It la believed that it relates to tbe Mexican question. The JUornlnq JJrrolct of to-day eaya that United States MinUt** Adams bag revived tbe Alabama case. A Cabinet meeting will soon bo held, when tbe case will receive the consideration which Us Importance deserves. London, November 27—Noon.—It la officially announced thiß tbe Government baa peremptorily refused tbgfnsc of tbc parka for trade reform demonstrations. November 27—Evening.—It la the settled cmivicliou in Government circles in this city that ihe Empire of Mexico la ended, ono that Maxi milian will eoou arrive here. Latest European Markets. London, November 51. A tcleeram trom Antwerp Ol this ilsy's d=»i« reruns the market for petroleum InacUtoai V 1» .1.0. i«. m»" "iss:”*.!.;«. There Is a firmer tone observable m the market for United Bute* 5-70 l*ot.ds this morning, and ha«fn«< h£. Kcn done tor 4>b at both 71Y and 7t. the latter Quotation heli g the one now current. Illln \U Central l v cent lower. Erie shares steady at Saturdays tatcf * litectool, November 37—Noon. Cotton—Market optas dull lial steady. Sales 10-day 9.ttu hates; middling uplands at opening quoted at without material change. .. London. November IT—Soon. Tlie money martet I* quiet. Consols for money open ai9C; UMUd States 5-X».VJ‘,; Eric, «; lUinoUcim tr*l* * B, ixMfpos, November 37—Evening. Consols eloreat TOY for money; United States 5-S3S, 7CL ; Illinois Central. 7S; Ene.W?*. i--—,i«- ’ LtvxßrooL, Novcmlnrr 27—Evening. Cctlon closci at U«d for mldddoc aplaods. W heat culcr. Pork declining. Br sieiuner—Proposed Amendment ol the Neutrality Laws-Ald for the Quebec So*- fcwrw-Thr Position ofSaxonj-Tbc i*al»eo • Authorities and Ucfornt fSmbcrlnew-Kc Mlution ol the I.i»rrpool Coitoo llrokem AFsoelnllon—inTeullon ol n New Needle (•bb— Emigration Iron* Liverpool lo Texas. New Youk, November fST.-Thc sWamer Scotia, from Uveroool, the nth and Queenstown the 13*, Siomirg H'rald advocates the con sidcrattot of ttie pendin- question between the United slum and Great IJntaln bv arbitration. Ibc Loudon 7\rn/e tavs: “Her Majesty errmt-W contemplates emboweling a commission fo Inouhe Into Ac neutrality laws, and to report wffi possibility of amending them so as tobring them into mor complete conformity with Inicr natlocal obligations. Ibis Inquiry will not pro duce future steps with regard to the adjustment ot the Alabama clilms, which arc still under con sideration by tbc Government, and must be cn- flood In bn- tu?the sufferers by the Quebec, flic bad IkicS started at Liverpool. The Loudon CLmte, OIDCPO- Uet, on the 10th, the MlnUtcThleclared In the mo-t positive manner that barony bad concluded no alliance vlih Austria oefore or danne the war Tbc Minister added that Saxooy bad fatlh fully observed the promise to that eliect. ifrlt Mam-, the Chief Commander of Police, had declined to make traffic arrangement- for the convenience 01 the trades tciormderooastraUon in london, on the 3d of December, and eipre-ecd lo a deputation bl* disapproval of bnnging great boolci of men Into crowded Ihoronchtare*. 1 be Liverpool Colton brokers had adonUd the following retoioiion: That U is the opinion of this Association that the wberi of cot-.on should, from and aftff Dec. i, !»•»«. {b’ly accent the responsibility with re#poctto fraudu- Icmlr and faU-clv packed, ditneged, or unmer chantable cotton, which has of late been so fre oii'-inly a mailer of dispute between buyers and sellers, and that abet that date claims for such returns should be allowed lor at the value of the sound cotton at the date of return. If such return be made, and the claim sent la within ten days and three months from tbc date of purchase. U was stated that tlf- Spant«h Government bad addressed tcprcfcnlatior.s to the Cabinet of Brus sels relation to the Spanish refugees ro-ldusc In tnat capital, declaring them to be encased In most open intrigues to disturb pubac order in tP A new needle pun has been invented, three pounds Uubter than tbc lormer. Tbc MiaMonomah is at Lisbon, en roi/f# for the Tint* announce* that iwocm!- grant ships,* wllh 'M emigrants, will speedily sail jrom that port for Ualvcsior, to be followed by another in a lew days. The passengers are mostly Scotch. _ __ FRO3IWASHISGTOX. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! WasutSGTOS, November 27, the rnsscu xntiSTtit at racer. Count Montholoo, the French Minister, has on two occasions wltbln a week stated positively that the only lofonraiion he had regarding the Camp tn'll-bberman mission was such as be was able to gather from the newspaper*. nos. T1UI). BTtTEtt uu.l. »«*w, c.th.*. Js very busily engaged In preparation for the work ol ihe coming session. He intends to bring for weidhie Enabling act at as early • day as W*«e* and also t-xpccts to press Ibe ConhscaUou biU, limited la It* epe t ations, but still swee,. Ing enough to prevent itc return ol land? assigned to free men, the estates upon which oar rics me, and some other classea of lauds in the hands ol leading rebels. cojnrtssioyxß nowxs has consented to the use of his name as acandldiw for nomination to Congress tn the Portsmootn, N. 11., District. The YVcsttru malls yesterday and to-day were again considerably behind. Evidences accumulate here dally to show that the postal system has fallen far behind the excel lent condition In which Mr. Dennison left them. BVrnVCLKC aSOCKO. •rto artic'c* ol the S!cr aia attracting touch at* tcuUon (o-Mghi. It econtslfce Idoi that (here It hardship In the terms demanded of the Pomh bj the North 5 that his to nr eho«« none a a mild and fraternal, and that it is riaicolons to arcae that the roDPtltntlon falls to give the victors In the Jatc war complete power over the terms of restor ation. tbe TTtcetos BcatAP. A ptior'* morcmcnt i. on tool lo rostoro Iho rtnslon Bnrcan to the Wat Dcpotlmcnl, o, .11 of It. bn.lno.. 1» nlrh Dial office, oil ot lu intonna lion come from 11, and tie rcpnrallon ot Urn l.« j Is coming mneO nnnocaearj complication and VOL. XX. delay, by which soldiers are made to suffer great inconveniences. POST omci CILOKOE9. The following cbsnges in Postmasters were made by the Postmaster General since the Sid Inst. O«lo May Hill, Adams County, James L. Rob ert, tic« S, McClure, resigned; Patriot, Gallea County, N. Clark, rl« L. D. Carter resigned; Wsynerrillc, Warren County. J.W. Irwin, rice P. E. Merritt resigned; Borden, Sdota County, b. Thompson, rice I). Coßtaan; Tilly, Sdota County, S. P. Cummins, rlc* L. Gilbert resigned. TVlsccnrin,—Randolph Centre, Columbia Coun ty, D. Finney, rice J. N. Bay, resigned; Cross Plains, Dane County, J. Boet, vice B. Blckhart, removed; LaFayettc, Chippewa County, J Bar- sum, rice J. H. Brown, resigned; Oxfordrilie, Rock County, George Eelmbalt, rice R. Sprague, removed; Star, Vernon County, Anaoa W. De Jean, viu C. W. Lawton, removed; New Salis bury, Harrison County, N.FoI&x, vice H, PUher, abandoned bis office; Concord, Tippecanoe Coun ty, J. McCaber, vice J. W. Potwio, resigned; Val ley City, Harrison County, C. VT. Lapp, vice G. \V. Booth, resigned. Colorado ItrrUory— Living Springs, Arranaboe County, C. L. Cait, Vice 0.8. Gonbarge resigned; Colorado City, El Faso County, c. IL Jones, tic* W. J. Baird resigned; Mills City, Clear Creek County, W. IL Hawkins, tries W. L. Stanley, Jr., resigned; Yalmonnt, Boulter County, Q. It. Eldrcd, tics T. J. Jones resigned. -t/lxonri Chilton Hall, SL Louis County. J. M. Ellery, tice A. Mugger removed; HannewcU, hheily County, A. B. 3 tiros, vice D. A. Withcrufl removed. CiU. 70S BCDVCTIOJt 07 TUX TAX OH COTTOH. The Washington special says: Prominent Southern men have urged Secretary McCulloch to nn ummend to Congress a redaction of the tax on cotton. THE CSTEACraZHT QCESTIOS. The Buffalo Comn.frdal Adcerdter says: We law private Intelligence from Washington that Had. Sl< tens has called a caucus of Republican numbcislo meet Thursday, to bring about con ceit ofacilon for Impcachtfg tbe President. Aoniccuvnai. uirnurrxrxTß at toe socra. W ofkiscto.v, D, C., November 27.—Judge Whitaker, of Louisiana, has been in this city lor some days on an important mission looking to a Row of capital Southward, and has succeeded io lu? cm Ire satisfaction, having conferred freely wi'h Noiibcin gentlemen now here. He leave* to-moirow for home to urge upon tbeSou'hany agitation ofthclr agricultural interests instead of political questions. ucixr to am. qarlav. Mr. La Relntrc, late of the State Department, has replied to the card of Mr. Harlan, publish'd lu He New York paper*. THE rUUIDEKT axn CiStXET. Washington, November 27.—Vfaere was no Cabinet meeting hc.’d tc-Uay. The various beads of Department!! are, however, attending singly at tic Executive office, in the order that they arc ei-nt fur by Ibc President. No other visitors are received by Uie President. ST. It CL ASSURASC*. Washington, November -7.—Ex-rebel General Edward,lohnson, bating been recently pardoned by (be IToeidctit, to-day called on Treasurer Spin ner for the payment of a check for fKXJ or t JCJ dt.e to btm on ttlcmeut a* a Major In the United Slates am yin W/l, jnst before hi Joined the army of the Confederacy, ihc 'treasurer refused the psjncnl in a manner which was anything bat pleasant to (he applciant. ream* w the tre.iwcrt. The Government has iu its Treasury about 51M>.fW,WU in gold ana coin certificate*. about 522,100,000 of (he latter. THE CONVERSION OP SEVEN -TUUmtS. Washington, November 27.—Parties desirous to convert eeven-Uiirticß into five-twenty coupon bunds, are reminded that all conversions on and aflti December i*twUi be made in five-twenties, Lairiuc iutcust Irom January Ist next, and in trap-mining or artjnsllt g their seven-thirties (hey will make op the interest according to lhal dan.*. the ruts id cut's annual message. Tn fhji C.lilnM majilllirr tKi. P.mlJah, 4 . Id the Cabinet meeting to-day. the President's rmssigc had a final reading, and was sent to the J winter. Copies will be ready to-morrow lor moli ng to the distant press. POSTAL TREATY wmt GREAT BRITAIN. New Yore. November 27.—P0-tmaster General Tlandall has finally agreed upon a postal treaty with Great Britain, ivbercby postages to and from are to be reduced lo twelve cents, (u be prepaid. Ihe postage Is to be collected and kept {by the Government where tbc letter is malted, and each side Is to keep what It gets. lUGUT or TOUXICNEIIS OOLDINO FRENCH PATENTS AT THE PARIS EXPOSITION. Commissioner General Beckwith, in a letter to tbc Secretary of Stale, dated November 7lh, says he addressed an tmjnlry to the Imperial Commis sion some time since concerning tbe legal right of foreigners bolding French patents for their Inven- Hots to exhibit and afterwards sell the foreign made products thus patented in Franco without forfeiture of tbe French patent The Imperial Comrohslon referred (he inquiry to the Mlnlaierof Commerce, and were Informed (bat In the opinion of the Government such exhibitions and sales, if duly authorized by tbe Minister of Commerce, would cot operate a foifelrare of patent tat tbe decision of quet lions touching each forfeiture be longed to the conns of law. FROM SEW YOKE. Mnnbrn of Congress—A Breakfast tel*cna tor Fessenden—ltrconstrnciion—lmpea- h* cient—Trial of Jeff, Davis—Ucrmid on Re construction—Uomcc Greeley Defines His Position—Tbe IVorld an the Mexican QnrMten-Sale of foal—Magnificent Me* uo;fp e»ho*ver»** Ow*/ »ln(nl»-Wiijttw hniuiifc [Special Despatch to the Cblcaro Tribune.] New York, November 27. A large number of Congressmen have arrived in this city, tn route to Washington. At a breakfast party this morning, at tbe residence of Senator Moican. lo Senator Fessenden, at which several dUthignlshcd Republican politicians wore present, tbc question of reconstruction was discussed at considerable length. It was generally admitted that tne impeachment of President Johnson should not be advocated, for tbe present, allcast, A speidy trial of Jed'. Davis was thought to bo an undoubtednecessity. . Thcif'rald olthis morning comes out boldly nt,o nienva that tho raliflcailou of the amendment hr ibc Slate* in >no Union is ample and safllcjeijl to give them force and etxci. In other words, the nTovrnd states and Terrltorieslarc snbjectto the wi lof the Vitales which remained true to tho Union, and legally have no voico in settling ihe terms ofreconstrtiction. Preparatory to star ing for a some weeks to jocm In Ihe West, Iloiace Greeley defines his posi tion at length iu this mornings rri’jvne. He says he is for ut.lvcTb.tl amnesty, so far as fear trom punishment is concerned, even though for the present Impartial suilragu should be resisted aud flC |n'commnitjDg on Ihe latv«t phase of tho Mexi can nnrttioD, the World has this remarkable paraciapb: ** If «c were really the untied nation wo seemed on the point ot becoming, France would have contrived no pretext for delay; but the coutlicl which has arisen between the Esccn live and I egtsla’Uc branches of our Government, and the prospect that the Nonlb, excluded from Us rights and tteated with haughty Insolence, will btcome again discontented and recalcitrant. Induces the French EntPoror to prolong hi-stay in Mexico, and watch the progress of our inter nal dissensions. It Congress anonld continue its comumellon* treatment of the bomb, and Us war fare on Uu- Ibfriilcnt, Napoleon mav treat our a-serthm of the Mouroe doc'rtoe with derision, and cither bnmllialo onr pretensions or draw ns I Into a war to snpporl them. Who coaid expect I Ihebonlhto uphold, In t> foreign war, a Govern -1 meet which bad tumid its subjects to submission i and rsclooed it trom unquestionable lights? I Fo:lv tboUr-cnd tons ot berantuu coat were sold » at auction 10-day. at from 53.7 S to yi.S5 per (on. ot 2,2tu pounds—a decline of fifty cents since Octo ! b< Tbc*EngUsh papers received here to-day by the i steam, r r-coila. arc filled with account- ol the ■ macMfirent meteoric ehowers in various parts of : (tteat Britain, on the night of thel llh. Thousands I ot meteors were centred In all parts of the 1 beavers, nnd tne display was of cxtraorditary 1 acd Marti eg brilliancy. Dift'erenl observers 1 courted as- manv asa«> meteors in a single mlnntc. i NotwjibslsndW the numerous seizures of } whhkcy on whub no Government lax bad been I pu d, and tbe dctermlnalton oi the Government ’ off eere to prosecute cvc«y Individual caught oe l fraudlng the revenue, the boslncssis etUI carried 1 on tn various part ot tne city. The arrest of var ious prou»ln«t»t parlies known to be cxten-lvely 1 engaged lo this business. i> was thought would la ; a measure break up tbe business, but such has not < been the case. The enoiuoud sums said to have , i>. er. made by the?c parties In tbe business would 1 appeal 10 have sib; ulated others, ami every day tome new hands take hold, dctormUml to tty their lock in tunning the pa untie, of Government de- I tecUvcs. There have been about a dozen tew l stills put up during the past w eek, but the detec tives nave kept so close a watch on the place that } opcralois have not dared lo pul tbcm iu opera -1 tiou. The Chilian rrivnteer Siclror Coodemned- Futtber Di-tlllerr srerrures-Cnlbnnded Knniorxnt trouble Between Fnclnod nnd illrxico-Saddrs l£l« tn Udd-Ursih ofa Veternol.'lnrtne Officer—The City Prcoa on the Consmntlonnl Amendment- NrwY’oiiK, November 2" —Judrt Betts del. cicd 6E Iciroitaut dcclfion yesterday, in the cas< of ike Chilian piivatecr, the Meteor, watch re ou‘ivd a verr clo'c analy-i* ol the points of act: tislttv. 'lbcargnmect establishes the dlsttocilor betw, in uauly sending ccul.-araud merchandise lo the market cf a bellrgmcnt, subject to tot chances cl capture, aud the fitting out of a vessel ip emir* direct!* from our port? agalrst a friend ly ration. ILe Meteor was ioodcmt.ed npou this ot the illegal distillery business to this nt\ still continue, and to-day additional dliUlitHce and a quantity of whiskey were seixca and confiscated. . . , Ifcc streets were full of all sort* of absurd rn mcie this afternoon, a* to the relations with fcng- Utd, Mexico, 4c., but thonghthese are preuy well understood to be the merest Inventions, the fcuculator* have used them with sncce-s 10 ran m, ujc piice of gold several per cent Pat tie* who bought to at last week ate now enabled to gill out at a handsome profit. , . •jte WcKetna-Chdian torpedo case was to-day l order ed to stand over till next term United States 1 t! Captain*' Abraham M. Brcvoorf. a well known I offeer of n-.ai*tct fortonr years past in command Of. the naval tecniliiw* rendezvous In this city, and for three jew previous in charge of the naval recruiting station at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, died in Brooklyn y.slerdiy morning, age* eichty-rcvcn years. He was forty-seven years to November 97.—The ITrtald of thl« morning argue? at length that the ratification of amo.dmcnis by the Stott; to toe Union (sample and suffielct.t to give then force and cfi«t, la otUc r words the recovered bfates and Territories arc rnhUct to the will of the Slates which re mained ur.e to the Union, and have no voice to fettlin'* tne terms cf reconstruction. It say*: DUcstcd of petty technicalities, quirks and quib bles. it is appan rt that three-fourths of the -•tales now represented In Congress are competent to make the pending Constlln lonul Amendment va«t and parcel of 'he Constitution, thei supreme Jar alike to the ontside and thetofldc Stves and Territories. This 1* the conclusion which we ua ooJttsnd w ill be acted upon by Congress. When three-tounhs or twenty-one of the twenty-six «taic now represented in Congress shall have rat ified the amendment, the Secretary ot Mate wilt be iconlrvc by an act i t Congress. Un-cessary, re Proclaim the ratification complete. Then while ttcTatlfcauoa may be held as the condition of *«p;bcn» representation, the amendment consum- Mlrd. will still be binding npou them as the an- Seme tow of the land, and Congress may enforce ft from Virgin to to lexas by appropriate legula. ire as YiW Territories. Thu la the solution ‘ ,1 21 w it,* exelnficd Star *. It is a solution i S -a f •»<« i tv Itc loval S»um to .apprevsljs ite ‘ KfSw.t.l the Isle vo-clled uoafMvri'c lia iph ell tte lefl.touoi.of CoavIMSBIK. ' C«mSS.nS. mmonTofFon Smw. ITv-oeW : qutsliCD, therefore, remainlrg to the exclaired State* is wbo’Ler they will make* \irtae of ne* 4 ccfslrv ard come forward to the ta'iflcatioa to i 1 order to participate to the President.*! e.-ntest of r js-p, or remain outside to be subjected to the tc:ms ol the amendment by the action ot the loyal * ! sure* and of Congo s*. . b • The 7\ti,ts of yesterday exhibited unmUUk. I able indications of taking the same posluou. The World of to-day eaya there Is a strong ten dency in the Republican party, as such, to do this. It then proceeds to argue against such a course. The Times, In alluding to the talk of Impeach ment, says the rumors of forcible resistance to such ar. attempt ore (imply absurd. A member of the House has a right to bring forward each a Proposition, and If It la sustained by two-thirds of the Mouse It must be sent to the Senate for trial. Neither tbe President, cor anybouy else, has any right to dmtmr-bf forcing resistance to such a step, cor b It easy. Indeed, to sec where such re sistance could begin. New Tons, November 2T.—The publication of tbe Deify JVVtrs has been suepcaaco. It is stated that It will hercalter be continued a* a weekly. “ FROM CUiuSXATI. Salclde-Tcrdlft (or Dunusi A L-title Miami Railroad—Attempt to Break Dp a Negro Conjtrccutloa—A Bloody Fight Ensues. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] CtxciKMATf, November 87. M, D. Fields, Esq, a lawyer of Louisville, Ky., committed suicide yesterday by shooting hUnself through tbe bead with a pistol. A verdict of four thousand dollars damages was rendered against tbe Little Miami Railroad Com pany, in the Court of Common Pleas, in favor of Thomas Stanton, wno lost a leg by accident on tbe road. Sam. Cooper, a notorious negro rowdy, of flam. Broil, Butler County, undertook to break np a colored congregation in that city last night. Toe males of the congregation resisted Cooper and his cane. A melee ensued, la which Cooper was mooed to the heart, and a number of people on both sides were badly cut with razors, which were fretly used. Unwarranted Cariosity, and what It Re *>n*tcd In-Cowbidins Affair—Application lor CozmnntatUn of temence—The Great Suspension Bridge Over the Ohio at cm* ctnrctl—Entire Disappearance ot the Cholera. Cincinnati. November 27.—0 n Saturday night, os Miss Lucille Western, the actress, was retiSng to bed at her room in the Nell House, Columbus. Ohio. »lie discovered male faces peeping over the transom of on adjoining room. Being nearly uleiobcd, she ran behind a screen, and did not at tempt to ring the bell, os that would reader an exposure of ter person necessary. She remained concealed for nearly an Lour, until her husband. Mr. Mead, strived. He immediately stationed a policeman and had the four inmates of the ad joining room arrested. They were all Eastern ccmmercial travellers, and their names are C-uta miu Bruce, S. K. and Charles 1- Stewart. of New York, and B-mjamln Peck, of Springfield, Mass. They were taken before the Mayor, but dismissed willionly a severe reprimand.as there is no taw rcaib:rr their offence. Allas Western's husband met Peck subi-eqm-nlly and spat in hi* face, an In suit that was not resented. A policeman named Underwood was cowhided in mis city laat night by a courtezan named Laura Gnilaxoan. She approached the policeman politely acd asked to see bis mace, lb* club was landed over, and the woman immediately produced acd applied the rawhide. An application ua* been made to Governor Cox to commote the sentence nS Smith, condemned to be banged in Fayette County, on Fridav next, for the murder of Gray. A decision Is not yet an nounced. Cincinnati, November 27.—The Great Suspen sion Bridge over (be Ohio lUver at Cincinnati, S,—2 feel long, will bo opened to pedestrians on Saturday. December 1, with appropriate ceremo nies. It Is the longest single span bridge in the w orld, cosing £2,000,00U. Kail way tracks are laid over it. The span, from centre to centre ol loners. UJI.CS7 feet. There is a project on foot to supply Cincinnati with pare water from the little Miami River, six mlies above the city. Ihe soi-d and rapid growth of (be city demands this enterprise. Thu cholera has entirely disappeared from the city. FROM ST. LOUIS. lodirrmcDt Aeninmt (be Diamond Robbers— Bobbers and Horse Thieves at Cheyenne— Political, Arc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Locis, November 27. The grand jnry have found two Indictments ggalnit Stewart and Sanders, the diamond rob bers—first, for stealing the box of Bose diamonds, and second, for stealing the 510,000 caskets. A special to the Htpubhccn says: We havo from the Northwest reports from Kearney that a band of robbers and horse thieves are operating on a large scale between Cottonwood and the Jauc tion. Tbc military and two vigilance committees are marching against them. Last week, two herds of cattle, corralled at St. Cosher, were stam peded and driven off by the Cheyennes, in fail view of the troops, who stood huddled an In a lamp, horrified and alarmed. The Democrat and A>tr« of this city denounce those leading Radicals who have lately been en deavoring to commit the party (o the new policy : of universal amnesty for universal enffrage. Tbev say that any Radical who shall sustain such a change of policy will be forever buried. Other leaning papers follow thefr trail, bitterly hostile to any each movement. St. Louis, November 27.—Loss of Scott, Cntljr A • it., by the fire at Kansas City, on Snudav, was bIOU.t'OCI. Insured for $40,000. FUOtt MILWAUKEE. Bnlclde—Funeral Honors by tbe Beard of *«<>•• V....U ounuu Ball. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, November ST. Amin by the name of Christian Eubc, hung himself m the lon of a cooper shop Id Ibe PTrE Hard. Drunkenness la supposed to be the cause The chamber of Commerce adjourned at the morning board to attend the funeral of Wm. C. Dcbsrd. late fiour Inspector for the Board of Tunic of ibis city. Desolations of condolence were al.-o passed. The steamer Milwaukee, of the Detroit and Milwaukee lino, has been libelled at Detroit for JH'.UW lor sinking the Lac La Belle In the Su Clair Hirer. Tbo bark Maria Martin, of Buffalo, has been tied no here by the United Stales Marshal to an. BTtv wj > tbc tone of SSJ.OOO for sinking the pro. peiiCf lcvc!ond some time since. A ball takes place to-niglUat the Kirby Douse, late Walker Uonse, which has been eu- Uigid and thoroughly repaired for a first class hold. FROM MEMPHIS. The Simtht-rn PrenbrUrlan Atnenblr In For«r oi Educunni* the Negro—Art>nn«an to I'nitiou tor a slime Government—dtao lirt?, rtc. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnne.l Motruts, November 27. The Southern General Assembly have adopted resolutions favoring the education of the negro, and the licensing of those qualified for local preachers, but not of ordaining them. The official copy of the Amended City Charter was received to-day, and Memphis bonds hsve advanced. The AVir Era, at Fort Smith, Arkansas, contains a rail, signed by a large cumber of Union men, for a convention to petition Congress that a Stale Government be organized on an exclusively ioya! basis. Tmde fair. Me*B pork f'il.OOSfcSO 00. Clear sides 16c. Choice nutter 33c. Egg;, 30c, Corn, fi.ia). Cotton, 31(23*:. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. *»ca Haloed Cottoo CSrovm (a ftbr Soclctr l»lnnd«—Uleb (Sold Discoveries—(lalilnr* ntn Wine crop—.Uorement In Aid or the Mexican Liberals. San FuancisCO, November 33.—A small lot of Sea Island cotton has arrived from Uatcu, Society I-latds. The Maple is ebon hot fine, silky and of excellent quality lor manufacturing purposes. Hie steamer Ortfiamc, Portland, arrived last night after a stormy passage, bringing Jio L.UK) In rreifCte. FotUasd papers report that new and rich dis coveries have been made near the month of Keo tana Klver. General Steele I* about to establish bti head quarter* at Portland. Ihc wine product ol Tuba County, Cal., Is es timated ibis year at tWOOO gallons. San Fc as cisco, November 36,—Placervllle, Cal., despatches of yesterday announce the dis covery ol a t ich golo bearing quart* ledge near that place. Unc thousand dollars worth of loose '-old was picked op near the surtace. Three miles of i.round wus Immediately taken up. lict.ryW. Corbett. Lmud States Senator elect Irof.i Oregon, arrived on Saturday. Collator Buggs, of Sacramento, baa recognized John liiglf-r as Legal A-wessor. Meetings arc being held here with the object of st-tdiiig aid to the Mexican Liberals. One hon di < d and seventeen names are now on the muster roll. The Western Colon Company’s bark Palmetto, from Gblslga, ha* anlvcd. FKOH TEXAS. Immigration—Soldier* Helping Themselves —lndian Trouble*. New Tons, November 27.—The TTorLTs Baln mor< special ray? ; The Kc» Orleans paper* re ceived this afternoon contain later date* from iexas. Inrge Bomber? of emigrant* were ponr lep into the interior of ihe state, a ponton of nnun were of loreigr birth, but the majority weiv from Kansas aniTMisvoari Tin indnx had earned building® to become very scarce, and In llnsk Conmy n was impossible to get oat ‘.timber fast cnongb to provide shelter for the newcomers. The Federal troops stationed at Waco were helving lbc«u*clve* by appropriating the horses o> the residents, which, once taken, were never recovered. Many cf the settler* In Montague had been driven ftotu their homes by the Indiana. FROM. MEXICO. TfaslnpcrallNS ngnln Defeated—A French Conduct* Pcliol by the Liberals—French Troops Waiting lor Transnortnlloo. Sar Ftuscisco. November 27.—The steamer America, from San Jm.n. anlvcd to-day. Colima. Mexico, advices to November 12th. say that General Kvgnles having been victorious over the ImpctialUti, under Mctndcz, In the State of Michocflns, now approaches Colima, expecting beauty and booty. Ih- Vicucli commander. Ber tbolin. who escorted a Conducta from Goaailara to ilanxlllc. with a praid of regulars. approa-bM to meet him at the bead of 130 men, bnt fell im duibosb near Colima ac.> was killed!, together with nearly all his officers. Gre«t consternation prevailed at Colima, us that place was defcnceWs. The Tdbcrals are reported to have committed great atrocities. The French forces would leave MoiutUQ as soon a* the eigh teen ships arrive now on the way from Europe with cargoes, which will yield duties amounting to JiCOv.WW. The French share, 20 per cent., b considered worth waiting for. FROM SOCTU AMERICA. Dcmorallxins Effect of the Late Defeat ot the Allies Against Pamcnar. New Yocs. November 27.—Advices (bom Para ettay stale Gut tbe defeat ot the slit** «t OarapxUi fcad caused a complete disunion among lb- lead* ct* oi tb« alliance. General Flore* bad been in Mm t» video rince the 2U;h ol September. General Nltire* b*d mcotitd l-nrn«a and 1-ft vrtbibs resi of W» army for Yhcerty. Re had related to avail himself of tbe Brazilian transports for conteyio" hU troops. FROM SASUVILLE. Dedth •rn«n. Cate Johnson. N'mmrr, November 21.—110 a Cave Johnson. Polk's Postmaster Gcncial. died amoxnot Fit* r.ay. at LU rraideuce at ClarkariHe. Fcun -ssee, acid revei-tytno. He served toarteen jeirsln Concret*.arqulrlnp a ttauonal reputation; was focr years President of tbe Bank of Tennessee CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1866.: under appointment from Governor, now Presi dent. Johnson; was, in IS6I, elected to the ntem otablc Concrete to consider the relations of Tea* nessec to the Union, which body, however, nevvr assembled; and was. In ISGC, cnoeen to the Slate Senate, butrclnsed the scat, because of the aid and comfort be bad extended to the rebellion. FKOX GEOBGIA. Provision for the Edacatfoa of Disabled Krtaei Soldiers—lmmigration Measures. New Yoke, November S7.~The VTorliTt Au gusta. Ga„ special says: “A bill has passed the Georgia legislature to provide every Georgia tot* dier, under thirty years of age, maimed in the military service, an education at the State DDi versity Dec, provided he will leach a Ulce lime alter leaving the University. “ A number of propositions encouraging immi gration are before the Georgia Legislature amorg these is one to repeal the law prohibiting aliens from bolding real estate. Resolutions In viting immigration were Introduced." FROM BALTIMORE* Decision In Retard ta Tax on Tobacco— Appropriation Called tor In Aid of Colored (Khoali. Bannaem, November 87.—Judge Giles, of the United Stalt a Circuit Conrt has decided that Ur. Oden Bovie was entitled to recover on the amount o£ taxes paid by him on the sales of tobacco grown in ISCB and I«CJ, as the Internal Revenue Act of ISCS did not authorise taxation on any produce atfincome which bad been grown pre vious to ISC4. An ordinance (s before the City Conndls appr> prlating *BU,UC in aid of the colored schools. FROX CAIRO. Sentence of Criminal*—Accidentally Mboc*-* Canto. riL, November 27.—Eleven criminals.' tried In the Aiexat.dna~Coanty Court, thU term, were sentenced to the SU‘e Penitentiary for (emu ranging from one to ten years. Of Ibis number six were white men. one a white woman, and four oecro men. til of whom have beeu sent forward. Charles Dali, a clerk in tho Cairo Post Office, while out banting yesterday, was accidentally shot in the calf of bis leg and the muscular por tion of bis thigh, causing a serious though, it la bqpec*, not dangerous wound. The weather has turned warm and rainy. Railroad diallers. Bittalo,’‘November 27.—The third nil on the Great Western Railroad., to enable cars on the New York Central and Michigan Central roads to rnnonlt, will be soon laid. The Great Western and other roads are then to tint on a through freight lice between New York and Boston and the West, to be known as the Dine lane. Ai-BAnt, November -7 —A meeting of tbeßoard of Directors of ibe New York Central Railroad Company was held here to-day. There ore ru mors that the Vanderbilt movement to seenre cen tre! of the road was checkmated, and that Bcastns Corning will be chosen President, and Wm. G. Fargo. Vice President. We leant from the best authority that nothing occurred at the meeting to jestify the statements, and that only the ordinary routine of business was transacted. Message of the Governor ot South Carolina. CotntßiA, S. C., November 27.—The Gover nor's message was laid beiore the Legislature to day. It tabes a gloomv view of the present con onion of affaire, and avnbutes tne depression of agriculture and hnstness in the state to the intole rance of her conquerors and urges that the white population should be stimulated to work by letting them >ec that labor Is honorable and idleness reprehensible. The Message Is mainly devoted to State afiairs. and says the result of the experiment ot fms labor has been highly encour aging under the circumstances. Itconcludesby re ferring to the Constitutional Amendment, which, bo says, neither the interest nor the honor of the State ni l allow her to ratify. Boston tfentiment In Kctard to the Proa)* dent'll Impeachment. Boston. November S7.—The Republican papers of this city are taking ground against the Im peachment of President John-on. Congress be ing master or the situation, they contend that so violent a step os Impeachment is wholly unneces sary, and they declare further that Massachusetts will not follow Butler in this matter, still, there arc large numbers of the party who would be clad to sec toe President disgraced by Impeachment. Gnu of these Is a minister In a leading church here, who yesterday prayed that God would re move our wicked rulers. New Jersey UepreMßtailres Elect. Tntsros, N. J., November 27.—The Senate can vassers met to-day and announced the following result: Congress, First Dutrlct. Moore 12.4U7; SJape (Dem.). IUOB. Second District, Haight (Dem.), 18,825; Newell (Rep.), 18,476. Thud Dutrlct. Sitgrcaves (Dem.), David son (Rep.l, 12,U53. Fourth District, Hill (Rep.), 13,861; Rogers (Dem.), 13,8®; Hurler (fadepea dem Dem.), 100. Fifth District, Halsey (Ken.), 12,776; Gilchrist (Conservative’, lI.SJ). C«*nitt-- cates ol election were then ordered to Wm. Moore of the First DUtnct, Cbas. Haight of the Second. Cbas. SUgreaves of the Third, John Hill of the Fourth, ana Geo. A. Halsey of the Fifth. Salt Abuloiu a llorse Railroad Company. Boston. November 24.—A suit for damages of two thousand dollars against the Metropolitan Horse Railroad Company, the pfaintltT la too ct«o having had his leg broken, on Sun day, by alleged carcb asnesa of Ibe conductor, was heard before the Supcnur Court to-day. The counsel for tho defence look the novel ground that the defendant cannot recover damages, as he was doing an ille gal act by travelling In the horse can ou tho Sab bath. The eonri reserved Us opinion. Philadelphia Items. Pdtcasclpuu, November 27.—The oUlcers cf the Interna! Revenue are diligently investigating Ibe frauds on thrr o«tvl was to day comtniueu ror ill* gaily 4bui.it). To-morrow afternoon the base call season m Philadelphia will close with a maud contest be tween picked nines, composed of players from the best clubs of this and other cllier. Pratt and Mc- Bride Will pitch. Coal hale. jjjnr Tore, November 27,—The t.ackawan». Delaware and Western Railroad Company. sold jo-duy 10,too tons of Scranton coil. The different varieties sold at a decline varying from 45 cent* to >1.40 per ton. The coal is delivered at Ellza bcibnon in ions of 3.340 pounds; lamp sold at an average of t-I.SO; steamboat, >1.25: grate, SL.9U; ectf, >4.05; store, >5.42; cbeslant, >X5v. Bala Ter a Defeated Candidate. ArorsTA, Me., November 27.—Eben F. Pills* burr, of Farmington, late Democratic candidate lor Governor of thla Slate, baa been appointed and received bis commission as Dulled States Tension Agent at thla city fn place of Cbarle* Pot ter, removed. Floor In Boston. New Tore. November 27.—A Boston special save the receipts of done at this port daring the past two weeks were 150,557 barrels, against .5.770 barrels daring the corresponding period In ItGS; vet in tbe face of this doubling ot the sup ply, prices arc far higher than then. Mutiny Amass Prisoner*, Bajcoon, Me., November 27.—This even tag an attack was made on Geo. W. Whitney, keeper of tbe Jail, by eight or ten of the prisoners, unring the melee one of the prisoners was severely shot in the shoulder. None of them escaped. WASHINGTON STUIiKT SEWER, A Neglected Doty on the Pan of the Board of Public World. A lat£C brick arch sewer extends the whol ?oc«b of Wert Washington street, from the rlv« to Leavitt street, which is within two blocks of Western avenoe—the city limits. Want of time or money cannot be alleged in ex cuse of the omission to extend it to the city Hm lir, because a sewer has been bniltfrom the pre sent terminus ol the Washington street work, n)ong Leavitt street south to Madison- Wbat was the need of that side sewer when there is scarcely a home and no impurities to drain? If the Wash ington street sewer had bfcn extended two blocks fmiher to Western avenoe it would there tap the fine stream of pure water, which for more than sixmonths in the year Cows from the vicinity of the Artesian Well, southwardly to the river. This stream of water coaid then be turned Into tbe Washington street sewer, and “slush” It or cleanse 1: ot all tbe im- Burbles U receives for the three miles of Us length, nndreds ofpretnisc*|irefdralaediflto that sewer, which is one of tbe lone cat and mostlraporuot In tbe City, and at Western avemte,barely two blocks beyond its present point of completion is a stream of water wbl&Plor months is large enough lo dnre a saw raUL But this obvions duty of tbe Board lias been tirglrcted, not by reason of over sight, because member* of the Police Board who are charred with the I‘abUc Health affair* have called the attention ol the Public Works Board to tbe necessity mat existed for extending tie Wash ington sewer to Western avenue. But their re commendation was treated with indifference If not loftv corKmpu Wc wish to call tbe amadou ol tbe Aldermen of the Tenth and Ninth Wards to til* matter, whose constituents are peculiarly tn lerwlvd In It. With the sewer exten<cd lo west ern avenoe. a very UlUe laoor and expense would suffice to divert all the overflow from tbe Artesian Wtll- into the Washington strecl *ewer. thereby relievin'* some hundreds of acres of out tots In the Tcrih Ward Iron being submerged as at piesesi. tTWAITBROTOERSidrenUIac Ag'ia IS6 receive advertisements far ml! the lending papers ibrnaabant the y plied Staten and Canaan--. Churationat. “V'OUSG LADIES’ SEMINARY, 1 titder the charge ot a competent preceptress, v»i»trd l>» ibe entire corps r>f professors of “ DYIiR ENH'KIO'S RDLCAHONALCOLLEuES.’* Every aecoaplUhtnent taught. nr lens* «!s pep quarter. . . . a; ply till 6 ncd 1 IS Randolph-st. CTDDEKIS, ATTENTION! JA§« WALKER Is fonrlti a CLA:»S TOR PHYSIOGNOMY. 89 Wasb- Icctoa-et. lie contuse* hi* examinations day and evening. saantrt. TO PACICETtS.—WauIed, a situation by a man ct twenty year** expvrlcnca In lilm mine and caring Hants In Belfast. Irc.snd; also.com> pcientlocut Bogs, or do central wort about a Pack ing Bonse. Apply to J. 9HEKRARD £ CO.. financial, JfOR SALE. A FEW SHARES OF Fourth National Bank Stock At a bargain. U called for sxoa. Apply to TYLER, TU3JAXS <fc CO.,’ 3»j CLARK-ST.. COB. LAKE. (Cofftc. TEA HOUSE. Mocha Coffee I Tbe De'iclons, Fragrant MOCH i Coffje, frrah n>a»t. ed ard ground thl» dav. expressly ur Thanksgiving. Don't UU to get a package, at Billions & Co.’s Tea noose* 171 X)carborn-6t«y corner of BZonroe* Uuhlicatious. Krto gEASONABLE BOOKS. COBB. PRiTGBIRDi& CO., 83 Lake-st.,. Chicago, SUPPtT TO THE tv ESTERS TBa.DE THE PUBLI- CATIONS OF MESSRS. TICKSOR & FIELDS, Boston, AT PUBLISHERS’ FSIUES. Recent Imqm Irons Ae Pran ol Messrs. Tlcknor ic Fields : THE VISION or sm LADNFAL. By J. U. LOWttn. iilastnmd. fuo. MAUD MULLER. By J. O.' Wurtekb. illustrated, taao. EVANGELINE. ByH-W.lcsarELLOw. Ulostrated. tun. WHITTIER'S PROSE WORKS. Sew Edition. 3 LONGFELLOW'S PBOSS WRITINGS. Sew Edition. StoU- t'AX LONGFELLOW'S POEMS.- Sew Edition, t vols. flhCO. THE BIGLOW PAPERS. -fecnnS Series. By Jans Bcaseu.Lvwxu, *lJ|^. RED-LETTER DATS. 6l Gain HaiCLTOS. IQos trsted. «lAO. THE DIAMOND TENNYSON. |L». THE PICTURE OF ST. JOHN. By BaTasn Tax ion. *2.00. CHARACTER AND CHARACTERISTIC MEN. By town I*.Wuirru. (L 75. AFLOAT |K THE FOREST. By Capt. Manta RziD. $1.73. FLOWEB-DE-LUCK. A new volume of Poems by Ld*«wjxow. (3.33. STORIES OF MANY LANDS. By Gd.CE GUIS WOOD. DAO. GRIFFITH GAUNT. By Cniam Rxadk. (1.00. CHURCH MUSIC BOOES, at tux U3wxsi micas. JUBILEE, PRAISE OF ZION, KEY NOTE, CHRISTIAN MINSTREL, SACRED MELODEON, NEW LUTE OF ZION, SHAWM, CTTHARA. HALLELUJAH. SOUTHERN MELODT. DIAPASON. NEW CABMINA SACRA. tr Address COBB, PRITCHARD & CO., CHICAGO. NEW BOOK. OF ADVEXTDiiE. Afloat Jr tf The Forest. By'bLsXXE REID. 1 rol,, IGnio. TTJUa Numeroos lUostra- Ilona. 81.75. Tbit volume possesses all those striking features tbich cave oaue Mayne Retd’s previous tales o! ad future so fascinating. The American Presbyterian stm “We know ol no clan of work, wnicta so surely. Instantly, and deeply m-uc upon the fancy ot Juvenile readers as those ol Mayue Ueld.” BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED. FLOWER-DE-LUCE. By W. U. Longfellow. Illustra ted. 17.35. STORIES OF MANY LANDS. By Grace Greenwood. Illustrated. (lAO. THE VISION OF SIR LAUNFAL. By J. U. Lowell Illustrated, (3JO. MAUD MULLER. By J. C. Whittier. Illustrated, jasa. EVANGELINE. By H. W. Longfellow. Illustrated. txic. WHITTIER'S PROSE WORKS, NcwedltlCU. JvolS. is.ro. LONGFELLOWS PROSE WRITINGS. New ediaoa. SvoU. (“AO. LONGFELLOWS POEMS. New edition. 4 vols. iioro. THE BIGLOW PAPERS. Second Series. By James Russell Lowell. 11.50. BED-LETTER DATS. By Gall Hamilton. Hlastta led. «lAO. * THE DIAMOND TENNYSON. (1.35. THE PICTURE OF ST. JOHN. By Bayard Paylor. (2. CHARACTER AND CHARACTERISTIC MEN. By Edwin P.WWpple. (1.73. For sale by all BonUaUcr*- Scut, postpam ctipt of pilceby-thePnbtl.ticrs, TlflUt.m» ■ ■ -- —, iiiwtwu The character ok jesus POR TRAYED. LITTLE, BROWN & CO., HO 'Woslxlnston.-et., Boston, rUBLISD THIS DAT, The Character of Jesus Portrayed A Biblical Essay, with an Appendix, i DT DU. DANIEL ECDENNEL, Profeasor Of Theology, Heidelberg, Translated from theThlrd German Edition, with Intro* dactlon and Notes, BT W. H. FULNESS, D. D. a > vols*» 12mo. Cloth, 84,50. TTOVf NEW TORE IS GOVERNED. BT JAMES PABTON*. Ti.u Ihorooch aM graphic erpoaaro of,the mUsov wtmrtt of the CUr ot New Tort, should be read by a'.l good ritUeoa It tsfull of fact* and stgi;e‘Mon» of th» btchwl sltmlflcaaco.whlch every t» »y should clear ly nti.fer.caiw. For«ale by all tbe tktckjWftJ. neat oostDild on receipt of price, by TICKS* R A FIELDS. Publishers. Boston. • amusements. ■VOUNOTIEN'S CHRISTIAN ASbO- X CIATIOS. BENEFIT CONCERTS! BENEFIT CONGESTS! 'ORATORIO OF ST, PAULI Kerer before performed la Cblearo, which win engage the comDued musical talent ol tr.e city. COURSE TO COMMFNCE WITH TWO MISCELLA NEOUS CONCERTS. IT SUSIE TRAVERSE, a Utile drt of line yew*, from the City of New Yo»t. whose voice I* remarkable fotjiaUtos and parity, wlu .ini at theOPENINU CON- Sell Monday Doc, 3d, Together with some of the be«t solo voices of oar city, wiU ahord a nch musical treat. Tickets for fall course, including reserved seats, three dollars; single tickets, one collar. (See item la local ; column.) ANNUAL BALL AND CONCERT or THE Chifogo -IforkißgiDca’s Association, WEDSESDAY, NOV. 2S, IS6G, IS TBE HEW .TUBHEE HAIL, KOBTH SIDE, Arranemena will be complete, so aa to satisfy all that may attend. A well organized club of singer* wlu be In attendance and de Iver several of the la»est ♦ones. ilnslebT the Great Union Band. ■jpsa? 1 *°- * gjKmi "“jagjgaitfemy jt>oop gfcirts gOJLETBISG SEW I TOE LATEST NOVELTY IS HOOP SKIRTS. “ The Gabriel Train.'’’ JUST RECEIVED AT ROSS & GOSSAGE’S, 167 and 169 Lake-st., A.n<l Selllnts at Low I»rloca«, fflusical || 3L HIGGINS & CO. PIANO FORTE§ ! LS And twenty*ave per rent better in economy tbaa any otter Plano Forte now made. THE H. M. HIGGINS & CO. PIfI.NO I* bertect ta every respect. and warranted tor Are year*. Sao&etton guaranteed, or no tale. Please call and nAe lor your.-ciTc*. at the SALESBOOTtSj 117 Itandelph-wt., (under Col. tVaod’s Mownra.) OTSaapk conlea o t BIGGIN SIMUSICAL BE VIE A" wia De >entirec W asy a«iire**,oo application. price 7i cents neryear. The laat No. contains tlx biautlfoi piece* of Music. jJijotograpljs. ONE DOLLAR AM) FIFTST CENTa. 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SALE. public notice la hereby given that 1 shall, as assignee of MOSER & WILD, oq Wednesday next, Novcmbet Sib, A. D-, 1566, at 10 o'clock a, m., upon the premise known asNos.S3«andSilS*sute«reet, lutbeclty of Chicago, sell at public auction, to the hUhett bid der, tor cash, the utensil*, fixtures and presses per UlnlEC to a lard oil manufactory, being 4-s presses aaJ the appurtenance* thereto. Chicago, KovembcrSi. 1?W!. THOMAS MILLER. Assignee. QAB LOAD WAGONS. A car lead of IS FARM WAGONS, VII on the WIDE TRACK, complete, with Top Boxes. IH'Oh'.eTrues and Neck Yokes, maaulacturci as th» badgvJ&uic.WorlU, at Kenosha, Wls„ tor tale by Zl BAIN, At Kenosha, Wisconsin. piNE LAND. i cferlbr ale S,OOO ACRES OF CHOICE X-.-A-I*JX3, »t a verr low cric». and on favorable term*. UUlo raipil in Oconto County. tUs„ convenient la water, and welt timbered. IwUMI In lots of I.WO acres or more. It l«convenient of acres* from anyoftae lake pom. or tILX MILLARD, _ New London. ffii. yartncrsW. O H. 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Box o<l7> cxo. m’xissxt. J. C. LSSLIX. Q.ILBERT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants FOR SALK AST) PURCHASE OP IXOTIE, GEAIH ACT PROVISIONS. Especial attention Riven to sale of DRESSED UOOS in Uw'.r kuod. OFFICE AKD WAREHOUSE, 163 TVashlngtoii»st«, L'Hlcago. (Consignments, TO GROCERS, &c., Wc offer at LOW PRICES a lex shipment* of good AI’ESTEUN CHEESE. *». ICO taml. aon.ES. a 111 south Water-st. \ PPLES ACT POTATOES. / \ 300 hrl,. lirecD Apple*; 130 tfl*. Dritrt Apple* : . , „ 10.OUt) ho*.»ench Blow and NcihanockPoUWei Bc„v,rt .re for ...r W „ „ ANt()S 4 co _ Commlsstoc Merchant*. lU7 >o3ta Water-*:. HOGS!! DBESSSD HOGS!! DHESSED HOGS!! Consignment* of Dreaded U os* will bare oar tuaal care.'ul attention. £lcneil PJatr*. Welsbt LUls nod Dally Slar hei Report* furnUhed free on request. Correspondence from old friend* and new invited. SHERMAN HALL & POPE, Commission Jlcrcliants 128 jacMrai jyjORE VALUABUE TEAK GOLD! Dr. Wadsworth’s Dry Up! FOR THE CATARRH! A perfect and speedy cat e tar till* loathsome d|*em In tt* wcr*t iorm. In every ca*e of Catarrh, severs 01 licet, the disease should he restored u soon a* posit hie tor it irtre* rise to hoamaee*. torches* In the wltd nine, dr; cough, ct.rot.ic udUmmatlon of the longs ollrlie»i,dollpaU ln the head, a Ith a *en»*tloa o a debt over the eyea, ion ot the senses of smellins anc taatuut. and rarloai palatal tear aisle afl-cUon*. Thett is not any mistake a'<oat the aoove remedr. and it maj te bad of the nthscriher, General Agent tor the Unitet SU«s and ShC RMS WOS, Providence. R. 1. For sale hr SMITH 4 DWYER. imuglfU, 92 i 94 Wholesale Aeent* tor Chlcseo. Collats BIGELOW & CO. PAPER COLLAB MANUFACTURERS, 201 A 203 SOUTH WATEK-ST., CHICAGO. The latest in the Northwest, Machinery Capable of Making 100,000 per Day. tttp. WHOLESALE JOBEISQ TRADE SUPPLIED CHIT. ffiair ilcstoraiibcs. VO MOKE BALDNESS OR GREI JJ> HAUL •.isvrrinn Rr«» TTiIP Calap TVm Retinm l ' “London Cray Halt Color Doea Restorer” “1 onCon Halt Color Restorer” -London Hair Hair Color not Restorer" -Lot don Hair Color Restorer” -Lotoon Restored Hair Color stain Restorer” “Lor«:oa Hair Coor Restorer” -locdon Tllhoct Hair Color or soil Insurer” -Loc'on Hair Color Restorer” "Lone on Dyeing. Hair Color anything. Restorer” H via matte tbe halt soft, glossy ana CeCOie. It wtT pr< serve the original color u old age. It vrtu pre sent the hair from Calling oil- U Kill care aJ dlstacea ot u.e scalp. UnlTScents a bottle, six bottles K. EoldbyaC leading *ad dealers In toilet ■ . dTXESUU SililH & DwVeh. Wholesale Aeesu, 92 utd !> t 1 <. htcago. ilantis. A LLWANTING FAK>:S—Goodiam jTA and weU-prtjTftl Frnit Land*—Bean tifUi aid Emlnc HtUemeaUf VISELASU d' mile* aoutb cl Pbt'adclpbla by railrcad. Popnl*t-pn incroaaed 3,0 C( people u four you*. Go d society. ech-ioU ard cbnrcbei; i,ot)orebartfa_pianted- Price, fa per aert, payable la four yews. Village lota tor b-nacaa and maicCacturen also for «ale. Climate mild—perfects heallby—aoll b-ctly lerUle. Improved PUsea aPo tot *ac- Addma CQAS. K. LASDlS.Proprietor, Vlt-s* land, S ear Jersey. P.bcra coctalnlng information id fr. e. From report ct Solon Robinson, Azncnlturai Editor of tbeTribune: “It la one cl tbe meal exten* tire fertile tracta In an atmoat levei po«lQon. and am*, able condition for plevant farnuxe. that me know of thl»*d»of tb» wyterp pratneo* 1 lousiness (Garbs. rp L. MORGAN & CO., * COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Foribe purchase and tale ot Grain, eioor,ProrWoc*, Ac. Particular attesuon paid to tbs sale of Ureeed Bogs. 13 laSsUml, Cbicafo, ffittijune’s prospectus. 1867 Prospectus xss? CHICAGO TRIBUNE. DAILY, TRIWEEKLY AND WEEKLY EDITIONS, TOTVOTEI) TO NEWS, COMMERCE, POLITICS, Agriculture, Manufactures, Literature and Science. TZHIE BEST IsTEWSPAPBE*. THE BEST POLITICAL PAPER, THE BEST COMMERCIAL PAPER, THE MOST VALUABLE FAMILY PAPEE, THELARGESTPAPERIN THE NORTHWEST. It Publishes More Telegraphic News, better Market Reports, more Interesting News, and a Greater Variety of Reliable and Useful Information than any other Paper in America. The cutesy o Twnrar. now arrtoachlng lu twenty-cm year. It recozalied a* the leading organ m<l ax» ponrnt ot the great, patriotic, dominant Republican party of iheNorthweau Hie Txmcw* uno ephemeral concern of doubtful duration, tut a permanently oatahttahedma'lrauou, nova and rapeeted throughout tbs Utlicd State*. Ita circulation exceed* the eomtlhed Uaoea of the other Chicago daltie*. Ita peat record aad care* r roar her pointed to with prtde mad pleaaure by to conductor*, since the Republican party was oegu sized, the Chicago Txmrxt baa atood by It, through enl a* veil aa good report t never In the rear, hot always In tie front, beckoning ttentmrd and ui-rnrrd; nerer faltering or weary, hut always hopes ai, earnest, tear leas. Its blow* hate fallen tncewantly on alarery, oil gt art by and treason. Doting the entire period at reunion It blew no ascertain blast*, hot aotmded the charge and cheered on the defender* ol troion.ro t« ututdetforta,assmlcc them of aglorlonatriumph fbrtte right as there ward of perseverance aadaicnflca And now, when the wicked rebellion l« crushed, the oligarchy conquered. and slavery abolished, the CM caco TBiursx tnalda that ILe legitimate fruits of oar victory shall not be yielded back to vanquished rebels by an apeaute Executive, who baa perfidiously betrayed tba loyal people who miniated him with Presi dential power*. The Txnrcxx open* a new campaign to secure to the Union an enduring peace, and s reconstruction baaed on the principle* of Equal Eights aud Exact Justice to All Men! It therefore advocate* Impartial Suffrage, irrespective of color or birthplace. Bight wrong* bo maa and no man" arl jhu an abridged or endangered by ilvlcg to every law-abiding mawn all hla rights. And no scheme ot reconstruction will prove latisfactory or enduring that denies equal civil aad political rights sad privileges to any ciaw of loyal citizens. No /Vm-<rol can oppose Impartial suffrage sod equal rights wttb* out shameful inconsistency aud itultiacailon. And the South can never be truly tree, prosperous or happy until all tu citizen* are recognized as equal before the lav, and equal tn mating the laws, which they must obey, regardless of color or position. The Chicago Txmrsx sincerely believes In the principles of the Declaration ot Independence, and Is then tore Earnest, m lla alms, impulses and endeavor*, and is confident ot witnessing, at an early day, the accept ance and adoption ot the beneficent doctrines of Republicanism In every section and subdivision of our cots bod country. The nadirs of the Tsinrcc will bear testimony that the policies It has opposed havo generally been discard ed; the measnns It has supported have nearly all been adopted, and that lu prediction} have been singularly verified. The teem of its lnouo.ee oe public affairs is. that It t> ponses what Is xiqiit, earnestly, and combats what is wsoso, boldly ; and the gla«s with which it sees Into the future Is Implicit rann la the power o Truth snd the ultimate triumph of the Right. A FIRST-CLASS NEWSPAPER. The Chicago Trinrs*. wh'le fearless in the exptewloo of tu opinions, aad patriotic in iu endeavors, alaj at being a HBsT-CLAFS NfcWhPAPEU. U brings the new* lotlc people of the Nonhweet several days jootcr than the papers of ihe seaboard, aad aurpas-ea all Ua contemporaries la the Northwest in every depart* Bint of news enterprise. u dticuMC* every subject of interest to Western mcn-morsl, political literary, commercial and flust dal. No Western merchant, banker, firmer, mechanic, drover or manuiacturer, can study his own Intirca at d'do without It. No farmer *h< uld sell a busbel ot wheat, corn, oats, or a p.tund of beet or pot* mthuul reading the TRIBUNE. no merchant should ictt bu goods without reading the TRIBUNE; no .rsacfsctnrcr 11» wares no mechanic the product of hi* hands, without first consulting U> weil-Uied accurate and xtlUal? commercial cclcmns. THE CONTENTS OE EACH EDITH 3, COMPLETE CURRENT HI STOUT ot the progress olevcnu.'wlth general news ol the day. Id-COITOtTS TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, containing th- Latest News from all parts, down totLe hour ot going to press. Bd—BEGCL/R CORRESPONDENCE from numet on* points in the bomb and the Capitals of tbc Western b f at«s Washington. New Fork, St. LouD, California, Kawaa, Canada,Great Brit ain, France, Germany and Itsly, besides occa »!ccal letters from many other points where interesting tews 1» transpiring. No other jour nal in the rouctry employs a larger or mers capable corpa of correspondent#. 4tt—ABLE EDITORIALS ou Political Topics, and all subject- ol current Interest, aad Reviews ci New Publications. OF THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. TERMS PAYABM: IK ADTAXCE: Daily, per annum, .112.00; iri-weeKiy, per annum, sb.oiT Weekly, per annum, $2.00. rBACTIOHAL PASTS OP TEE TEAS AT THE SAME RATES. Vcncnn remitting ana ordorloc five or more copies of either the TSI WKtK.LT or WEEKLY edition?, may retaintcupercent, oftboratwcrlptloa price a a acommbMou. Jlontr.br Draft, r.ipr«n«, 71om : r Order*, or In Recbtered Devten, mr.te-, . sent at ooz ri>k« Addrea* * k T r &ETs’X> FOB A ©MSCiaiTSN’ COPY. *noto ilomucr, Tn’enlrd May ’A O . Tbli 1* an article let aathlcs w.tb'at ruining. eept ta very dirty mace*. «Mc£ will require a very illght nth. and. nt like other preparation* "•• ef . ed , for ' like part<«e, wiij. act eot tu* ci*ftus* esre them truer wmtii thanordinary method*.wttt -ot the ouiil «esr a.d tear. gmtespou a* it by nacle, and soften, nj joakicg. ►: that rlulas I 3 ot-taarj ca**s tatlfele rerueve It. . ~, ... ... 11,1, powue • U prr;.%r«s tn accordance iclct.ec. at.il open a prc-ctf* >cn.;a* ... •£ feenred by letter* patent. It has been >ne rrrt .r • ..•a » Tear, and hi* proved Uaeit an unl v *r»al Ji- rio AMiiiiWise!, Artcnc the advantage claimed ar** the Pillowing, vlia {leaves all Up-expense of »o*P usually u*« on cot K uSrMM?oftt«l.!Kridr,Wl»r.«i4 •» tf Itl. WIE U»Ua!«aa Ulior MMraraMJtra kp&ssss sJ ccrtt ft f;r afhmily cJ tre or *U pewoni wll *. TiM-iM# cjinoTUid* have seen introduced to tt' n^euhlchhavcrott-xiit*cloth. cr tailed In rctnov l?~i>*Art.batkoextae «bc lntrin-tc fwDw.eo arEeie thryeonAdently proclaim It a* being 'dtp* SraSSS£S HOWE & STEVENS 3(jO BROADWAY, BUSTOS. Also, Manufacturers ot Family Dye Colors. For gal»by Grocer* and Dealers every where. mines, iilttuors, Sa. F 0 K THANKSGIVING. Hungarian Wines, direct DiPOirrATiojr. 3IESESI, SOyiDTOI (10 yean old)) kesselti, SZA3IOKAD.VYI. I>* LARGE OB SMALL QUANTITIES, BX . Breck, Rottner & Co, 129 South Clarh-at. proposals. CONTRACTORS, Tho attrition of Contractors U larlied to tte lettin; ofwoftontlia DEEFESISG OF THE ILIWOIS VfD aiCUIGiS CiNAI, On i!3ndar next. The Board will wcel-rc proposition* rot oi»y for the dolus of work, to cxwu't inronesotu ito period to oe allowed lor the completion of the Ca nal t ut fcr Coins any portion ol it carlos ,the pf.*ear »^ r - feed^l'el^ O. J. ROSE. WM. GOOUISO, XL B. iI^SOS. U« Board of PoaUc tVorla. 'giatbtoate, jjtoties, &c. JJAKDITAKii <t CDTLE.tT, fIURD, PRESCOTT ts GO., 175 Lalic-St. Tbe attention of c'ose borers uicrlt-dto onr com plete aloct of COOPERS’. iLAGUISIiTS’ acd CAR PEyTERS’TOOLS, AMERICAS TABLE and BUII.DEBb’HARDWARE, dlrvet fromth* w '“ tnanniarturera. Wc offer, aso. a o implet- ass-i-tnitc -OfWO**TESHOLM’S POCKET CUILEKI.Si’I.\«! I JACKSO.Vb BAWS. JOSEPH RODGERS i SONS’ SCISSORS and RAZORS, SICBUS 4: BOTHEUVs FTLES.dc. _ . _ Wn also tf»o constantly on bard fall numbers of C. B. Bmx>. Epm. Patsocm. 8. Bsctpaul. -]\to. riiASsnxojf pig moi\. DEWEI & Co>> 37 £lsgslmrf*sU OF THE ION OF THE TRIBUNE EMBRACE, -FULL REPORTS OF MEETINGS, whether Po litical. Religious, Agricultural, ElsmUoual rr -PROCEEDINOS OF CONGRESS aud State Leg islatures, important Speeches and lX.cometa. 7th—COMPLETE MARKET REPORTS, embracing every article the tamer or dealer can -xp*ct to find quoted tn a Newspaper. The TRIBUNS has achl-ved and maintained the highest repo* tation as a Commercial Paper. SIh—CAREFULLY PREPARED AQRICDLTDRAI* and mmncuLrußAL articles, by ** Karat,” and other able writers on the Fans and Garden. Kh-POKTRY. TALES. ANECDOTES, and Intemt ing Miscellany. TRIBUHE CO., Chicago, £ jHadjincrg. WOOLLY iIAKUFACTCItEBa WDOLLEH iCBIH. E. C. CUEVEI.AXD & CO, JUNCTION’ snop, WORCESTER, MASS., Marnfa.-tnri'rtGfWo'.llen Mxchinere. as follows t Card> Ui» Machine and spinning Jsols, from new and tna ; -tvef; patt<-»T.i; wool inoicr*. Wwlaui W**te Uuaw t'.a.Yart, spooler*.ana Yam Dressing atd Warpisw ivhlhes; Broad and Sirrur UliVhoUi •Ingleanß 1 ouMe aednet Broad and Na:r>w UrtiShißg Mactusss, NelveUn*. Witteylng atd lyt'rsDam Finishing M»* thltca. Bjdro Extractor* asdCloth Utitu iVaeruae*, llv.m-t'Mic atd Sr.r«« Ptmma, l're«» r!at» Heaters, itdlso Orindeta Itotarj Full me Itll'j - MUs, «iotti.Wti.dUz and McCain iteK Inn. Ire fc tutr-c*. Card tiflmb-r*. *c. Onr c.achlue* arc alt V. Mih-LiLtiai *a' trrcH o *! are warranted to M Vqoal ln«» respesk U' any machines made in tne Called suies. In addition to a%uve cnmtd machine* ot oarewk n *Vp. we arc prepared to ttrulih Crompton** LKrms. 1 ark*4 Wool-.oa T s shear*, Strel Kirg Bar Machines ,nd Ucr Pickers, Card CioUticp. ana manaCtctams* tndinc* emcraliy.at askerb* io*-*t price*.ana esa cnl'b ecrceetoitcrswUh machinery wrWootlen Mill* fcmpletp. with promptnes.*. and U a* prtcea ns any other oniiders. E. C. h_LA.\D, Worcester. Ma».. Oct, g. 1968. jl M. BASSETT. JjLRRITT & COUGHLI2T, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, SOITON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And "Woollcn Factory Findings* NewFactorie* furnished with Machinery, ShafUnsy Enslcfc*. Mans. hpectCcailoi>s, superintended* and caperttncv d workmen. ROLL cards Always on hand. COTTOS WARPS & CARD CLOTHCfS 01. U Until. CT* Second-band Machinery on hand, ft? sale cheap. fßatblr iLtaotks I akble MANTELS ! SLATE MANTELS! STONE MANTELS! 370 State-st. PtACEjXTOTnr. DUBABIUTT H. GA2DTEBDISGEE. lEngtabings OTSIUEN, WHOLESALE DEALER CT EHGR AVISICS AND PICTURE FRAMES, .' ETC., ETC. SEND FOE PRICE LISTS. 122 Dearborn-st.. Chicago, lIL JEoilrt articles. jTBDfS GENUINE.LUBECS. Wanted, forty tbonsatd people to pnrcluse tbe 05- tomtag articles: L■CBI?^S , GENULNK SI.OO PhaloL’s Sight Blooming Cereus, 90c Ji/wabury & Brown’s Oriental Tootb Piste, Me Foraa ea* ‘JI3 SonUt Clark-e*. B.H.IEATESWOETH & CO., Apo'bJcarle* and Chemists. •ii»A AAA ACHEaOFPD*EIiAjJ£D itHMUJU D» MKHIGAK FOB SAL&— Th^e V IA« »e« cwrfauy Miected wm£U* <*it oICiA ItactT Monctalt*. Applr t 9 ISral instate. (J. g. tTBSB. CmUilW*

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