9 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Chicago tribune. EUNDAV, DECEMBER 9. 18M. 188 NhWS. There is said to be roach dissatisfaction •expressed by the Canadians on account of the reepitsl of the condemned Fenian prisoners. The Treasury yesterday held gold to the -amount of TOc,TSi.OOO, of which 122,000,0*) are held m cold certificates. Disbursements of the Treasury on account of the various Departments, last week, am >nntsd 10 f4,«4,2t51. The amount of Internal revenue received thus far during the present fiscal Tear U reported at ' * The aggrecate amount of National Bank 'currency now In circulation is given at *W,f12,939. The Orleans theatre and ball-room, loca ted in Ihc Second District, built in isn, was burned at six o'clock jesUrday morning. Lots heavy; partly insured- A Washington despatch states that the m* Gold Pale Bill will probably be favorably re ported on by the Finance Committees of noth bouses of Congress. General W. D. Whipple, Chief of General Thomas' has returned from a Southern in specting tour, and reports the feeling against the Noith and Northerners dally growing worse. The Secretary of the Treasury has slgnl tied his Inter lion of sending a complete set of American coins and specimens of our national weights and measures to the Paris Exposition. Hr. Seward and the President, It is said, dlCer in (heir foreign policies, and the Secretary disclaimed to M. dc Montholon any responsibility for the language of the Message la regard to the action of France. The meltcr of the United States Hint bas ma<fe a discovery which will save the Govern - meat 12.500 out of every million converted from gold dust into coin, ihe new process win not bo made public. Hr. Brumhack, of Louisville, who lost hla ' wife and daughter by cholera, has sued the city corporation for damages In the earn of $25,000, alleging that if the atm Is in his vicinity had be-ta properly ciadcd no deaths wou:d have occurred. A lad; has gone into the freighting bosl. sees from Nebraska City, which place she Jen last Tuesday with a train of five wagons, which ahi owns and conducts ber*elf,for Denver. She re ceived the freight, hired the hands, and bowed the loading of the wagons. The latest Atlantic Cable despatches say • the reply ol the Emperor Napoleon to Mr. Bc ward's recent despatch in relation lo Mcxtea is of a reassuring character. The report is again dam- Isted by the English papers >hat a dissension bas recently sprung up in the English Cabinet on the Reform question. There has been ranch discussion ont of Congress upon a hill to abrogate Stole Govern ments In the South The opponents of the mess nre are confident that they can defeat It in the SrenaTe, where a two-thirds vote over the veto cwuid rot be received. The Norfolk Virginian estimates that the present cotlou crop grown In Greenville, Sussex, • fconthamptoi. and Brunswick coantle*, Mrg’nia will amount 10 10. OM bales; Dall&x, Warren, Ftanklin, Granville, Northampton, Edgecombe and Wilson counties. North Carolina, will pro* doec 80,000 bales. At the charter election in Hudson, N. T., cc the sth, the whole Republicm Ucke' was elected, with lb? exception of one Alderman and Assessor, by an overwhelming majority. Hoys* vadt, for Mv or, ha-, nearly five hundred majority. Union pain over November election lour hundred ana ninety-nine. Colorado Jewett, always ingenious me morializes Congress to declare Hannibal Hamlin President of the Celled States Ho areuoi that the second election of Mr. Lincoln was not consti tutional, as eleven of the States did not appoint elector*, and that Mr. Humlte h -Ids over, as Mr. Utcoln would have done, in th; absence of a legal successor. We infer from this argument that Mr. Jewett withdraws his support from An drew Johnson. It Is announced from Baltimore that some ot the Republican journals of Western Maryland, owing to the dltfcrerccs of political opinion h> tween the people of that section and th ’ rest of the State, are adrocatuig a division of Maryland Into two States, or else the annexation of tho Western Congressional District, now represented by Eon. French* Thomas, to Western Virginia. The opinions of the people of Eastern Maryland upon this pi eject, however, are not staled. An Alabama, correspondent say»] that the bill recently Introduced m«o lbs lower Bouse of the Stale Legislature providing for qualified n gxo anCrace, although it was bid on the table, is sig nificant of a great change In public sentiment A prominent member of the Legislature stated that the bill could be pa*acd if any assurances were given that Its passage would insure the read■<>{*• sion of Alai>ama. The ultra Union men arc more opposed to universal snttrage than the old seces sionists. A Western Georjria correspondent says that, ulnce the elections North, tbe people of that por tion of the State are making rw their minds to a submission to the will of the majority. Xheircon dnet towards Union men bos changed decidedly for tbe Letter. They ncqulc.*ce cheerfully in the plan for tbo education <.f the negro, and devote their best energies to retrieving their ruined ror tnnee, and are cooperating heartily In the erection cf mauulaclorlc* and railroad?. The cotion aud core crops have been a failure, ai d planters unJ vcr-tlly complain of tbe laziness of the negroes. The making of wind >w and b*t e g’.as- at Pittsburgh gives cmpio.miQt to 13M men and boys, whose annual wngrs amount to $1,393,316. Tbe amount of slllria coasumed U 2<3,U93 tons.and It i« chiefly brought from Missouri. The annual value of the manufactured Is estimated at 53,100,000. These reports ara of the window and bottle glass work aiwiie, and do not include the nineteen Lint gins factories, wmch are valued at ff1,335,U0, pay weekly wages ■mounting io £U).UaI. and annually consume 2,033,800 bushels cosh employ 2,q>4 hands, and make $2,000,000 worth of slasfeware. There is now but one Revolutionary soldier luFCtilieduo the :■ Us of the Pension OBcc—Sam uel Downing, who cnll.-l:d from Carroll Comity, New Hampshire. but who non* resides at Edin burg, In Saratoga Comity, Now York. In ISSI there were sixty-three officers and soldiers of the Devolution on ih" pension roll;, of whom four* tom resided in the Southern States, and have not ticce been heard iiom. In 18© there were.but thirty survivor* of the forty-nine residing lu 'he Northern Plates. Jn 1553therewer«bnte!gble?n; in 28C1 but three. Dm since then William Hutch ins, of Maine, and Lemuel Cook, of New York, hare died, leaving bat one survivor of that patri otic host which Washington commanded. general Grunt has of late been more ont anokut than usual on political subjects, says toe Washington cuiierpondcut of the Boston Aieft* ■titer. and has given pretty foil expression to fata view* on reconstruction. In recent conversations with ex-rebels be ha* plainly told them that they mistook their position; that they had openlymade warnpon the Government, had beende'eated In their appeal to arms, aod that they were now on parole; that the rights they talked about had been forfeited by their treason, and their return to their former position In the Government lay in the band* of Congress; but If the persisted In rejecting the amendment to the Constitution they would only have to go fa: ther *nd fare worse. The Portland Prise Current complains of the dirastrono influences end serin* damsjea to the meichsote of Portland, »bo have bal large consignments of flour and corn on the way from the West, tor <he past t»o or th ee months, by tne Grand Trunk Rail way. Thousand* ol dollars worth of capital, it «axf. 1* Uckcdnp In property tba' cannot be made atallabls to oar merchants, through the inability of the Grand Trunk Ball way to fulfil]its contracts; and give reasonable dispatch to piodncc received by them for trans portation to matkeL Keeping such Immense quantities of freight piled up In store cnttl It de preciates In value, and the pancnee of the con* eigneefc is exhausted io fruitless efforts to get It, oi to learn when they nay expect the delivery ot the property, for woich they are daily suffering the loss of customer* that have ca.*t them the labor of a lifeline to obtain, and upon wboss Trade they were relying for remateranon for their capital mked in the Investment —Is a serious loss io them. FRO3I MEXICO. Bansr that the United States ‘Troops Have tteerawed the fits (Ji-nnrfe—Canales’ riar> reader of UlMnmeras i- Eocebede—Latest Official Advices—The Rebel t.eoersi 21(diI taan Appli*-* tor Pardon. Galtxstos, December 7.—li t* reported that the American troops have returned to 8.-oomivitle from MaUmora-. Galvcstox, December C.—The Rio Grande CuttrUr of December 2d save: At t>ve'.ve o'clock last night Canales surrendered Matamora* tr» Es cobedo. He had joevionriy received a commnat <atlon tbai be might surrender nlmself, forces and «ity to the United Mates aus&oritios. He pre. tarred to surrender to E-cobedo. VTabhus&tok, December B—No offidsl Info; xnatlon has been received by the Govern ment in reference to the occniwtiloa of Malamoras by Fedgwick. The last official infttmatioc io reference to Ihe afi'ilr L> m a letter of Sheridan, announcing bis intention to procova toßtonnsvilie to relieve Sed;wlck fro.) command If he bad *o far •-zreededhU antha-ity os to take poas *«ion of Mammons. Orden emanated from beadquAricrs b-re for tbe arrest of Sedgwick. All that has itetm done hts been ap proved, with what is propo'co to be done ily Bherld*", who at tbo latest aoconnts waa at Brownsville. A letter trom the rebr] Geno'al Dlnd otn, da’r-i -Carious, Ucxico.haibeesrceiived by ihe Ptjm deni, astng the Excnillvc pardon. Ihe le ter ■Sires s Oolefnl account of the water’s health aci nltuatkm It I* not probable that the nardo-twiil be named, alihoagh Hindman may W parole 1 with permission to return to the United Stitea ■Under certain restrictions. Wasmsortm. December B,—lt Is hinted that the Teeent action of oar Government relative to Mex ico is rrraided a.-* nnlllfyli.* the compact trim and V -o vie- el by Napoleon. K*w Oultaks. December 8 —Both ihe Ortega wnd Jnarcs lacUon« in aiexiee roiid *mn General Hdgwick'a occupation of Vsi*roorai. Several officers bclonmnc to ibe DdUs! were Id erJtedTh Slatamora; on the td. « n i ..usb.-ioa-'o to the Ope Ilondn-d and Fourteenth ci»lo*etin UnUj was beaten to death by aoaeot Cortina"’ Fifteen men belonging to the nldm m , e w much spoket. of li t mon-h, jrure Med bv the District Conn at Brownsville, * n d sentenced to ocrmyctn confinement in the pcnilnjUi-r Mccri and Ms army were expected to attack Matamorae about New Tcar'e Day. New Ortxxaxs, December a.—The news from the lUo Grande Is thought to todicsta laalscabl* horltltty to American Intervention la the adiVe of Mexico, and that any efitt of toe kind would caosc a more nnited opposition tha > Is now mad' l against French Intervention or the Empire. FROM KANSAS CITY. IsCfDAaHfla Canteesed—An Anemot to r*wlnaie Varloen Icsaranee Cam.anlrn, KajrsasCrrr. Mo . Decemb r a.—John la hi* preTmlnan nxaminaUon b*fo>r the Recorder •to-day, made a full roufe*sjon In r-’-»ird to bn-n- In? tor hoa e o» Scott. Curie- & Co. November isth. Scott chsrges hi* r»nn% WeP.om, w|m planning end executing the died. Goods aud boxes were arranged crosswise oo the floor, atvi terpentine va« pbnivda'nru. Tinr had a In of private fobacro t*i tne balUlng. losirn t for flv* or slothonsand dollars; also procured other policies, vrifch seotl was not aware of ull after the fl-e. Fcolt was atrald to ezoow the maUir, knovleg Welb&tn to 1-e a desperate man, and If be Called to prove anything woald los..- bH life. Theex imlneiion was cootluned till Monday. Snow fell to-day. mill EUROPE. Latest Despatches by Allan- tic Cable. Farther Reports of Dissension in the British Cabinet. Enmor That a New Beform Bill has been Agreed Upon. The Fenian Agitation on the Increase. Additional Troops Ordered to Ireland. PM SmiGTON. The Gold Sale Bill Likely to Become a Law. The Conover Perjury Case Again Before the Courts. FROM MEXICO. Latest Advices from the Rio Grande. I Feeling Manifested Toward American Officers. The Rebel General Hindman AppUes for Executive Par don. FROM CANADA. Dissatisfaction Expressed at the Hospital of the Fenian Prisoners. FEO3I EUBOPE. I*T Atlantic Cable—Reported Amicable Des patches from Napoleon to the United Slates Government—Repot i>-d Dissensions in tho British Cabinet Reiterated. lovruroot, December 3.—The steamship Per sia from New York has arrived at Queenstown. Pants, December 8 —lt is staled that the French Government has rent the necessary despatches to the United Slates Government in regard to the Mexican question. Loxnos, Decembers.—lt is reitera’ed ia the va rlous cities that dissensions have occurred to the Derby Cabinet on the Reform question. LATKtt. The Ratasred Trouble In tbe British Cabl net-The Fenian Agnation on theluereaso —Additional Troopa Ordered to Ireland. Kmsncßon, Saturday, December B.—The •Scotsman insists that Ironoles exist In the Derby Cabinet and that Disraeli ha« threatened to rcflgn tbe Chancellors tiip of the Exchequer unless tbe Government accepted of a reform bill liber*! in Us character. It then adds that Earl Derby yielded to Disraeli's demands, and that a ministerial criels'was thus avoided. Pams, December B .—la France says that the Emperor MaiimClan has sen* despatches to the y hypi clans who arc attending his wife, to meet him ot Gibraltar within a short period. hosDojr, December B.—Tbe Fenian agitation In Ireland is increasing, and another body of troops las been ordered to leave here Immediately, in c.tiding two regiments of cavalry. InteM English Markets. _ Lcvbipuol. December 8. Lottos— Firm ; middling uplands at lid. UtzaWTcyrs—Unchanged. __ LosDOS, December B—Noon- Consol* at tiv tor money; b-ms, 71; Brrle; 46 g; Xlff. .o» ta.tral.7«W. FBOa WASKINGTOS. fbpedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Was insures. Decembers. nzvxKfuacwAno muniv. Ihe much talked of interview of Secretary Sew ard with Tbad. Stevens was not of a political character, b it was solely regarding certain appro priations far the State Department, which most be made by the Stevens Committee. ncumuiTiioßi sicnoiTßOunn. Mr. Shellabarger "HI early next week more the ol a commntee to investigate all matter* connected with the setting aside of the Ualiimorc Police Commissioners. guamd aiurr of tux nxrcbuc. No. ii of the ureal JfrpuUtc, published iu this city, contains an official report ot the pro* 'codings of the Convention of the Ora&d Army of tic Republic, held at Indianapolis, Indiana, in cluding the new Constitution and the resolutions. nrrcmraL BzvEirvs user ms. The receipt* ot the Government from Interna! revenue since the comsunccmeut of the present d.-cal year, June 30th, amount to $tM,248,435j>9, " arronintnrrs. The President haa appointed John P. McGrath, nf Missouri, and Wm. EL Johnson, of Ohio, Pay masters of the Army, under the new Ar ray Rill. The former was appointed on the rec ommendation of Frank Blair, and the latter on that of Attorney General blaeberry. The Presi dent ha* also appointed N. W. Brown, at present I'cpmy Paymaster General, and Daniel McClure, of Indiana, Assistant Paymaster Generals, under the new Army Bill. TBxaontT n teams rauncr?. The disbursements of the Treasury on account >f the several named Departments daring the week ending to day, were as follows: War De partment. Navy Department, $517,376; Interior Department, J56,3G9; total, £4.231,310. itATioKat, baxk cunaxxcr. Tbc Acting Comptroller of the Currency, during the week ending to-day. Issued National w»wv currency to the amount of ££56,672, wiring the total sum issued up to dates293,&Sft,93l,from which .urn should be deducted $3,673,333, being the amount of National Bank currency returned and cancelled, which leaves the total circulation of national bank currency at the present date $£37,812,309. action or tot eomtxnx loyalists. Wamiuigtox. December B.— At a meeting of the Southern loyalist*, last night, there was au ani mated discussion on the subject of reconstruction, the territorial plan meeting with much favor A bill on this basis will soon !« submitted to Coa r-css, stating that that body would fail to do m duty if It hesitated to declare the existing Mate Governments in the South nullities, and demand- lug that Congress shall establish new Govern ments through ibe old Union moo of the South. Among tbe submitted wa» one pro viding that Congress shall appoint a commission to prepare a Constitution for each of tbe South ern Mates, which, after approval by Congress, should be submitted to the people. XtUTABT ASTLlrtf. New Tobk, December A—The C-tmm*rriaT4 special says the National Military Asylum Board haa decided relocate an asylum at Milwaukee, aud another In Ohio. AUXISSIOX OF XXW STATES. The Senate wilt paas over the President’s veto the act* admitting Colorado and Nvbra-ka as Pta’cs, although benator* Sumner, Crimea, .and [rerbaps two or three other Republican Senator* will oppose them. TBS OOTTOX TAX. Tbc Senate Committee on Finance will hear ar guments to favor of the repeal of the cotton tax at an early day, hot the chances are that no change w in be made. CUTXBSmSBT ACTIOX IB BKBALF OF AS AH unarm mu*. Wasiuxotos. December S.—Prominent Fenian* here bavlngpeutloned the Government in behalf ol Colonel Meauy. arrested In England, a reply va* been made that measure* have been taken w oleh will conbtlcss secure his release. none vetoes ucpkctzo. WAsmxoToK. December S.—lt la considered o-rtaln that the President will veto the bill cre ating the Department of Internal Revenue, if U should )w naaeed. Ihe bill abrogating the South ern blate Governments. If passed, wlu be sorely vetoed. w*w mtuii octcats wasniscTos, December S.—There are doobta wkeiber Kelley's Qoose bill ro create a Department of Internal Revenue, which alma to take Ihe con* trol of the revenue from the Treasury, can become a lew. It la at present In the bands of the Ways and Meat’s Committee. Sven U reported npon fivo.tbly and passed by Congress. U will be cer rain to receive the Executive veto. There U an impression that U will be smothered la com* mlUec. sntonsD roßoniß. wasmxcTOK. December S.—Rumors are prev a icni that a series ot foreeries, perpetrated by a deik In the office of tbe Third Auditor, harjbeen discovered. It U said, In a number of cases. the clerk Implicated baa endorsed as correct, dual lowed claims, and claims re]ec:ed b. the proper accounting officer, so endorsed, have beeu pissed. Cc then lorged powers of attorney for the same to a firm in tala city, amt drew the money. Tbe axnunnt of ibe forgone# ia only about 82,00) as far as La? been a-cerUlncd. Mott orihoclaimi thus Ratted are what are known a< horse claim r, and irfrom one hundred and fifty to two baidrrd dollars. It te understood Inal the money has been i cfunded by the mends of the culprit, USDUUS, Bctnivt received at tha General Land Office show «he disposals of public laoda la the moalb of November sreto the extent of IT.G4S acres at the Brownavllic, Nebraska, office, acres of *hich were takes for actual settlement under tbe Homestead law; and at tbe Irontoa, Missouri, office, of 38,010 acres, «1,65 t of which were select* edby tbe Slate ol Missouri u« der tbe act donating Jarda to each Stales and Territories esnurpro vide college for the benefit of the agricauaral aufl mechanic arts. COLO IS THE THEAS7BT. Tb* to-day held the amount of V% 7 r. K ° r " blc!l nt,O«XJ,OOO are held on gol I certificates. MTBITJ TO BS ISSDXD. Wn Pates** win oe tasaed from the Patent Office f rthe present w eh. _ at Tin wait a nona yntte a number of Senators and Representative* aerestthe While House to-day, and, hid inte.. views with tbe Provident. There were tie usual munperot ordinary visitors, who exhlb.led tbe r Ureal patlecco and persistence in seeking Inter views with the Executive. JtATteXAI. SAKS RCCkITISS. *lhere baa been but a trifling ch-orr in th« amount of aecurttleaheld hr the Treasurer of lb- OLltca Eutca lor the circulation of tha Nations nuenoxAL crußtxcr. Fractional currency redeemed and cancelled, rccilvcd from the printers, £ As,m shipped to National Banks, f*-O,3C;t; to the As- VOL. XX. Blatant Treasurer at New\ork, BlUQ,rxtt; to the Assistant Treasurer at Philadelphia, S,OO,UM. XX EXXOUEBITIOX. The account telegraphed North of the bursUnz cl the hydrostatic presses to the Treasury Depart ment is a gross exaggeration of a simple acd dett, an accioeot so unimportant that the agent of the United tittles and European News Associa tion. alTer inquiry Into the facte,didoot consider it worth telegraphing. THE SDUIE nuens. IIU. U&'UI9& JJU9VD. The S[ ccfa] Oomwittec to fnveilizate frauds ni.on the revenue, will bold their echelon ia thU city for some time, and then visit Cincinnati. TUB COUUTTUS TU DSTESTIOXTB SOUTHEUX OCT- nxozs. The Fpectaf Committee ot the Now Orleans riot leave here about the middle of the coming week. The Special ('ommtttee to investigate tbe hilling of three Union soldiers ia South Carolina w ill bold sessions In this city, bang empowered to send lor persons and papers. THE BXLTIICOBX ELZCTIOS mXtTDS. It is sot yet determined that the Committee on Ejections, Datrea, of Massachusetts. Chsirnuc, wHI vI»U Baltimore to Investigate tbe charges of Executive Interference in the late cleetton in that city. THX COLD CXLX wive, WxsmxcTox, December B.—Tbe hill authoriz ing the public tale by the Treasury Department ot t«o millions of cold every Monday In New "Vork, will be adopted Ly tbe committee la one or both Bouses. The sales are to have prominent notice in one-principal paper In each of the twelve principal dries. The proceeds therefrom wl.I be Invested in interest-bearing bonds of the United States. OEVEBXI. STKAXCX. The whole subject ot finance will sooa be token up by tbe Ways and Means C.mmiltee; also the question of repeal of the tax noon cotton, which has i«een so powerfully urged. There Is reason to believe that Congtesa will be Induced to abolish tbe tax. 7h< re seems to tea decided opposition on tbe part of COKgtces to adopt any measures looking loan undne haste In the payment of the public debt on resumption ot specie payments. FRO* CINCINNATI. A Wall Prostrated by tbe Wind-Several Persons Fatally Injured—A Burslar Prsv ed Inranc* Arc. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] Ctaconran, December 8. A gale of wind swept through the city to-dsy, and hi Its course overturned a five-story wall of a new building on Filth street, and carrying with it tec or twelve woikmen. George Woodellick was so Liaised in the breast and abdomen that bis death ensued. Patrick Dooly had tala leg and arm broken, and Berman Schneider will piooabty die of his injuries. Thi iron vane was blown from the tower of the Bloodnood liigh School, and fell tbrongh the root, but no one was In the bunding at the time ot Its fall. * Richard Hargrave, a young men placed on trial for burglary, jc'trrtij, was found to be insane, w hen the Jury rendered a v*idlct of acquittal, aud he was sent to ihe Lunatic Asylum. Mr. P. J. Thayer, late Po«tm»re% received an ovation at Turner Hall 10-nicht. Spirited radical speeches were made. In which Ills Accldcncy, President Johnson received a thorough cursing In the choicest but most emphatic German ana English. Demise of a Newspaper— Heavy Mortgage— Texas Cottle In Ohio—Back Conversion— Miovvcru—Wind-Partial Full of a Build ing—Workman Fatally Injured- CtscxxvaTt, December B.—i be Color*i CliUm, a weekly newspaper devoted to the interests of colored Americans, which has been published In this city for three years, bv a few colored men. has been dbrontteuei lor the want of support. A mortgage from the Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern Company to Israel M. Sherman, of Boston, was left at the Recorder's office yesterday. There ate {2,000 In revenue stamps on the Instrument, the consideration being £2,000.000. Two tbon*aod head of Texas cattle reached Co lumbus, Ohio, on Wednesday and Thursday. The herd numbered four thousand when It 101 l Texas, and loet about one-half by disease and accident on the way. Ihe Mahoning County Bank, at Youngstown. Ohio, gives notice of lie conversion into a Naum ol Bank. Scvcisl sbowere, with heavy wind, vltilod tho city this morning, and. at about* ten o'clock, part of the west wall of Slevtn’snew building, on Flfiti street, near Vine, was blown down. Injuring three bricklayers. One of them. Geo. Wcthctly. is fatally hart. . —— /FBOM MADISOS. Barslufl*na Attempt —Violent ritonn—(inn vnsq far Officered the New Legislature. [Special Despatch W the Chicago Tribune.] Masiaoir, Decembers. Burgtcua continue their operations Inthesepsrts. Ramsey A Campbell were the victims hist night, their hardware store barks been broken Into and fine cutlery and other goods, worth SSOO, carried o£ It ia supposed that a due baa been obtained to the robbers. There vias a hard storm hero last night, with rain, till near morning, when it turned to snow with a tioßnt gale of wind and continued till auernoqj, when It cleared up. An ondnUned Dame b inding was blown down by the wind. Ridir.crd. the forgo-*, remains In jail for lack of £4,110 bail. The canvass for officers of tbe next Legislature begins to be animated. U. D. Barron, of Polk, the Speaker of lart winter, and Angus Ccmeroc, ol LaCrosse. »re,il:c principal candidates tor bpeaker ot tlm Assembly, while there are numer ous caLdidaUs for substantial offices, particularly for Sergeant-al-Ana* in both booses. FEOM ST. 10DIS. BBthnbochen Fleeing for Safety—lnternal Umme Receipts. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lome, December 8. A special from Jefferson City says there cou lisses to be an exodni of rebel* and bushwhack ers ftem Lexington. They bare become alarmed at ILc piospect of being overhauled. J. n, Ughtner, Collector of St. Lonia, haa paid into the Treasury will in the last week $2tf>,327 on «cu out of the revenne. Collectors In all parts of the State arc cow paying up rapidly. FROM ST. PAUL. A New Assessor of Internal Revenue— Bail* ness Dull and M ember Lovely. (bpeclal Despatch to the Cnlcago Tribune.] St. Pacm, December 8. Colonel Wood ha* received bis commission as Asrersor of Internal Revenue in this district. He proposes to remove the office to Minneapolis, notwithstanding two-thirds of the entire business of ihe district comes from 81 Paul. Ibis week bss been dull in cveiy re*pcct, ex cept the weather, which ha* been very mild and pleasant, being all that any one could desire. IHE COSO FEB PERJURY CASE. Argument Before Judge Fisher Upon De* marrerto the Indictment. Wasboiqtos, December a In the case of Conover, upon argument of the demurrer to the Indictment, the prisoner was brought lu o conrtbefore Judge Flaber this morn ing. ihe accused is quite a floe looking mao, an parently twenty-six or f.renty-eigbt y arsold, six n-vt high, oval bee. blue eye* and dark hair. Mr. Hooding, fortbc prisoner, after briefly reciting a hbtorv of the case, proceeded to argue the de murrer to the indictment filed yesterday, taking the following grounds: First. The Itiue on which the evidence ot defendant was given was so immaterial issue. The so-called depositions were rut depositions, and were not affidavits, e\ en the Judge Advocate, General Holt, bavins no authority to administer au oath. If false they would not have auproited the charge of perjury, and, therefore, anything said as to their truth or faUtty would not support the charge. The said depositions were never swore to, and could >,u have been evidence. The defendant was sworn to testify as to the truth or falsity of .aid depositions, and as to the truth or falsity ot Hate's statement, which was altogether about raid depositions, all of which Was immaterial to the inquiry authorized to be made. Sccand. Ad mitting said deposition* were proper and legiti mate evidence, the Court does not expressly state that they were admitted as evidence la the In- Spending, which omission cannot be sup in thejlndlcuncnu Third. The first and sec ond assign treats of prrjnry are repugnauhthe first alleging that the defendant denied litre's state ment, and Ibe second (bat be denies It In the main. Fourth. A* to the second assignment, the defendant says in substance that a part of Bare'* .tatementls true,and* part net true. Ibe In dictment should ettontihe part about which the f Ue statement b nude for proper certainty. Both the first and second questions are too general to support the charge of perjury. Fifth. Fbat the defendant has reason to aoubt, or docs doubt, Is Immaterial a* an abstract question. The fact that the answer forestall* farther inquiry Into ibe bets does not make U perjury, Hts doubts and icasona to doubt are millers of personal opinion, not even professional opinion, which sfoco Is admirable a* evidence, and Id which ctrjury can seldom I ever be sustained. Mrih. The ssld deposition* or at least contents, should be set out in the indictment for proper certaiuty. The defendant may desire and be sblv to prove the truthfulness of the said deposi tions. aod that he bad no reason to doubt and cld rot doubt their truth fulness. The history recited by Sir. Goodlft: Is to the elfcct that. After the trial of the conspirator*. Judge Dolt took certain affidavit! lending u> tm* plicate JcfL Davis la the conspiracy. Among ether*. Joseph A. Boare and Joseph A. Snivel, which are alleged to hare been prepared by the scented; that one o! the standlogcommUtees of the Boom of Eeorcsentatlvca, the Ju diciary, was charged to inquire i to the alleged connection; that Fare and Snivel appeared before aald cotnmlueo and testified that the affidavit made by them were false, and Conover al<o appeared before the com* n.lttec and made oath that tho facta In these affi davits were true. In addition to the grounds taken In the above, Mr. Gooding con* tended that the responsibility of Judge Bolt, who bad no authority to administer a< a: in oath, and the eo-tilled depositions imoQßted to nothing but ordinary conversation?, quoting from ibe first of “ Hawkins' Pleas of the Crown,” pace, SU. If Bolt could administer an oath, Conover should be farther Indicted for sab* orn&Uon to pe»Jnry. Be read Cram "Eussell on Crime*,*’tol. S, parag-aph 311, to show that an affidavit taken beiore a magistrate 'o bo used be fore a ComxnltUe of toe House of Represents tires, although Od«c. It did not support tfce allegation of perjury. Instead ol throwing srlde tbc depositions, and asking Boare what be knew about the facts, they asked whether what wis cet forth lu the alleged afildavli was true. Mr. Gooding proceeded o read from tbs In dictment, notion? the anomaly of a witness being railed to testify 10 the truth ofhU own deposition. He took the cronod that the ques tions by the Committee were too general. Tie Committee asked Conover for an o] ini on which they should hare nude op them rclvts. The indictment Is defective in that, al though the depositions were received In evidence, it la not stated that they wciu received as to IhU Inquiry, i Ur. Gooding also read the law anhoririug the 1 cl simian of me committees In Congress to ad minuter catbt, and raised the objection ih«t the i Jaw was defective, inasmuch as It did not declare I „ fcb o swearing befoi e a committee to be a ciiai!. Ibe District Attorney followed on the other .tdr, and said that fat the sake of a reamed. , iida-niinc that Jadcc Doll did not bare authorby <o sdmlnUter an oath, yet be did contend that the accrued made before th** committee false stale r. e&ta vrilMly and maliciously. He read from rrightlv the case under which tbo Indictment Is f.nid, which provide* that the Speaker of th* Lonsc, Chairman of Committees may administer • aits, and anj pcisou sweating falsely shall be deemed gniJly ol pcijnry. He fi*>i proceeded to tlicr ss the meaning of the word perjury, aud con tended that was a proceeding before.* ajndlclal tri bunal. not that commlUee rufeneo to a jtt dic'al tribunal! Judge Fuher said be would like to bear the question as to wuetber ?he House of Repr*>*enla lives had authotlty to order the said In quiry; whether It was not an inviston of the Judiciary Dcpntmcnt by one House of Congress, and contrary to the distribution of powets by the ConstttntJon. He remarked that the question was Inc’udeil to rhe point of Mr. Govdng as to the statute, and it was on the disposition of which the whole case would turn. The District Attorney remarked that he would like to have time to investigate the question, and the argument was contlnucuj FROM SPRINGFIELD. Ctrcniar from the Adjutant Genera), Grand Army el the Republic. arstxartZLD. December B.—The following dr catar bas been Issued to the members of the Army of the Republic; rtnrt-rm □xanquasrsiis UrpaxrxrxT or Ixuxois, \ Gnaxs Atucr or vox Republic, I „ Adjltaxt Gesxjul’s Orncx, f SrnmonxtD, IIL, December 8.13d8. J la cotnpUsnce with s r> solution passed by a Con vention of tbe Grand Army of the Kepnblle, held at BprtwrfieM, HI.. July 12,1901, the following pre amble and resolutions, adopted thereby, are pub -11/bed for tbe information of the command: Wnzßzas, Tbe anthoriiiea of many counties or our State have levied a tax upon ns. and upon the widows and orphans of our comrades, who gave their 'lves in defence of our country, (o pay men to enter the army at the dost of tht tear, and to perform the doty that was due from all ci'Utnt cJLie, In the support of (he Cries; be It therefore Retolttd, That the men who could cot or would not render the duty they owed to their country, should pay for i&elr own substitutes. Mttolted, Test la our opinion it is tbe duly of our next legislature to pass the necessary laws to enable the county authorities to refund all t.rea for tbe payment of bounties that bavebecn or may hercaftt-r be collected Irum <he widows or minor orphans of soldiers, and from soldiers who have 1 Lot received larce bounties. Knotted. That a committee of one from each Concessional District, and two from tbe State at 1 large, be appointed U> memorialize the next Legis lature upon this subject, and to procure the pas sage of the nec6<Bary acts to carry out the objects stated tn tne foregoing resolutions. The followirg named comrades wen appointed a* the committee: State at large. General I. N. Davnle, Colonel J. NcNnlla. First District, Colonel 1L IT. Bauch : Second District, Major General 8. A.Hurlbut; third District, General 1. C. Smith: Fourth Dis trict, General W. A. Schmitt; Fifth District, Colonel B. O. Irrcreoll; Sixth District, Colonel Henry lagan ; Seventh District, Colonel J. C. i'ogh; Eighth District, Major B. P. Stephenson ; Ninth District, General E. C. JJpplncott; Tenth District, Colonel E. P. Smith ; Eleventh District General Janus S. Martin: Twelfth District. Colonel N. Niles; Thirteenth District, Major Gen eial John A. Logan. By order of Major General J. M. Palmer, Com manding Department. C. Webbed, Adjutant General. FKOM ISWAJiAPOLES. Indiana Banking Item —Attacked by Doge, htvusxroua, December S.—The forthcoming renort of the Auditor of this State will abow that tnerc arc but three backs continuing business un der the Free Backlog law of 1855, vl*.; The Bank of Salem, at New Albany; Bank of Salem, at Sa lem; and Bank cf Paoli, at Paoll—having an ag gregate circulation of £13,911. “ Nine banks are closing under the two years' no tice required by law. Their aggregate orculaUon la £-3,331, Nineteen hanks. Including several which had a circulation approximating {IOO,OOO each, two years ago, have reduced Ihelr rlrcolatloa to a very small amount, and bavu withdrawn their seenri- tics txom the office ot tho Treasurer oi State. The amount of-Tree bank" circulation outstanding on the lit of April, 1865, was $1,29.1,730. and on tic 31st of October of the present year there was but fTJkTTO—showing a reduction during eighteen months of £l,Sis**o. The business of tbo Bank Department is grsdn all v winding up, and at the end of two years more. If Government greenbacks and National Banks do not subside, will probably become a nutter of documentary history. Tbo Secretary of state has issued certificates of the election of Congressmen, Including Holman, whose election it is thought will be contested. A man turned Pope was attacked by a savage dog this morning about five o'clock, and badly Injured. The Ccsb waa completely tors off his aim and hand. Tbe lati J cgl«lature made an appropriation of tfi.nyi to nay Sheriff's mileage for transporting f loes to the Penitentiary. This appropriation has been • xhanricd.and no vouchers can be paid until arother appropriation is made. We were la to red with a thunder storm last eight, and consequently it is becoming very cold. FBOSIKOKFOLK.VA. Distressing Steamboat Accident—Three Per son* K«Hed and Eighteen or Twenty Wounded. Nonroix, Va., December B.—lt is our painful duly to record a distressing accident which oc culted at the mouth of the Rappahannock, this morning at three o'clock, onboard steamer Kribo. plying between this city and Baltimore. The steam chest exploded, blowing out eleven stay bolts. The rush of steam was so groat that three colored coal passers were killed,aud from eighteen to twenty or the passengers wounded, two of them so seriously that they will probably die Tbe following is a list of the wounded as fkr as ascertained: R. s. Osborne, Oxford, N. C. f seriously; Wo, McGee, Noriolk, slightly; Major Carter, u. 3. A., painfully: Wm. Wilson, engineer, serious!?: than. A. Reeder, Chief Engineer,painfully; Ju. Davis, Newark, N. J., curiously; John Roman, ditto; Stephen 8. Bares, ditto; John Thomas, waiter, ditto; Berman M, Bo Us, fireman, mor tally. Mr. S. Honey, one of tbe engineers of the boat, Is spoken of as having acted most heroically Is coiling ofl the steam, otherwise the dlstiutar might nave been far a cre appalling. Tbe conces sion was so violent as to blow out a great part of tbe neper works on tbe starboard aide, to t*isl the iron pillars, aud break tho heavy beams. Tbe kindest attention was paid the a offerers bv the officer* of tbe boat. The accident U attrib uted to a defective construction ot the steam chest, which waa put up with stays instead of socket bolts, and the culpable' neglect of the In spectors, who bad overlooked this defect. FROM SEW YORE. Probable Does of the Straiasblp Britannia —Nomination Rejected—Stave Vessel Coi* drained—Shipment of Articles for the Parts Exposition. Nkw Tons, Decembers.—The steamship Brlt auula, from Glasgow, Is now thirty-four days out, and it U feared she has been lost She htd a iarce number of paseeugen. At a meeting of the Board of Aldermen yester day the Mayors nomination of Edward B. Hart, for the office of btrevt Commissioner, was re jected by a vote of nine to six. Judge Benedict, of tho Haired Stale* District Coart. yesterday ordered the condemnation and sale by default of the bark Kate, an alleged slaver. Proceedings against the vessel com menced !□ July, 2MU, and were carried by an ap peal lo tne Superior Court, which affirmed the condemnation. The second steamer for Ihe San Prandsco, Ja pan and China Mail Line, the Celestial Empire was bunched, to be ready March Ist. The Government has commenced suit for the recovery of *50,100 from John Devlin, the prin cipal operator In (be Brooklyn distillery frauds. Since Wednesday lour or five schooner load* of freight have been removed from the wreck of the steamship Scotland, off Sandy Hook. The agents ci the insurance companies hope to save the ship. The ship Hopewell cleared to-day for Havre, with Stri boxes of articles for the Paris Expoal tlm. Tho packet ship Mercury b waiting to re ceive tho remaining article* accepted for Che Exhi bition. FROM CAIRO. Horrid Tragedy—A Mother Attempts to Marder her Children and Destroy Her* self. Caiuo, 111., December B.—A terrible tragedy occurred in a bouse In the rear of a brewery cn Eighth street, a: fen o'clock this moruiog. A woman named Liberman, wife o! an employe In Uiobiewery,attempted to murder her two chil dren, barku.g them in a horriblv manner with an axe: then cutting her own throat in a most shocking manner, almost severing her head from ibe body. The boy will probably die. it is hoped the girl win recover. >*o cause I* a«slgned for this dreadful act. It Is stated that the woman and her husband bad lived agreeably and hap pily together. The surroundings, however, would cot it dlcate much happiness. It is probable, on tbe contrary, that only squalid misery roxronoded the family. The affair is being Investigated by the proper authorities. FROM CANADA. The Respited Fenian Prisoners—Excite-, went Coeeeralnsthe Madoc (Sold Mines— DisMilnfaettaa Expressed ox (he Respite sf the Fenians. Tonoirro, December S.—Lynch, McM-hon. and the other Fenians read the new* of their three month*’ respite with manifest relief. Ihe excitement about tbe Madoc gold fields continues. Indication? ot very rich fields exist thirty to fifty miles in extent. MokthealDecembers.—The guard of honor before tbe hold of the American Consul-General at Sweeteburr excite* great comment Ottawa, C, W„ December B,—Much dlssatls fkctioa is expressed at the respite granted the Ftniana Fears are entertained that the Fenian* In this ridnuy intend burning the Parliament buildings. Tbe authorities are on the look out. FROM SOrm AMERICA. War PiTiarntloai In Brasil—The Lon ot the Allln Id the Rrceai Dade. Ksw Yon*, December B.—The U'rauTi Bio Janeiro «r respondent says that warlike prepsra- Uona are mating in all haale. Beemiiiog and enlisting ires being poshed at every point and the draft was going on in the dly. Ihe Arge: tine k«a at Corapalty tm 2,073- Ihe whole aided loss was 4,023. Inpsrsn bait tor Dsiiasts. Bamwonx, December B.—Mr. Joseph Hankey. an extensive coal dealer of this dty, a few days ago Instituted proceeding? in tbe enperior Coart against Ibe Baltimore £ Ohio Railroad, to recover damage* laid at fSItXO (or tbe alleged appropri ation ot several honored tone of coal belonging to him. at various limes, while In eranril over tbe rosd, and for which tbe company decline to make adequate compensation. At tho aoe of said ap propriation coal was worth twelve ana fourteen dollar? per tor. Ibe company efiered to ram bone Mr. Hanker at the rate of £I.SQ per ton. ana subsequently at lr>’in ?2 50 io S 3 per ton. which Is less than tbs <-.gltml cost of the coal Cn the tcfn-al of Mr. llankey to accept these of fer?, it \< al'eg'd that the President of the com pany gave dlrr-iimis to the agent or other em ployes of the company rot to famish cars for the transportation of coal fur the pUinili. and alto prohibited the nse of cars io the other persona who wished to carry coal to the wharf of Mr. lltnkey few shipment Mr. Banker further alleges that It baa been the constant custom of the company to take the same course as was panned towards him with other coni dealers who, because they were In the power of the company, inlmmted thereto He Is deter mined to tost before the court whether the com pany have legal right to do so. Pnawrd Canal Imprareneata New York, December S —lt U proposed. In or der to provide fur the rapid increase of Western prodoce. to enlarge one tier ot all the locks on the Erie Canal, so as to pa«s boars of tlx hundred tons burden, moved oy steam Ihe extension of the Chenango Ca.is U rapidly progressing, with e prospect of giving free access from the Interior of this Sute to tbs: Pennsylvania coal regions, a year from n»Tt spring. Csrssreal Panlihmeat In North Carolina. Ealxicq, December S.—Governor Worth re ceived an order from General Slckl *a prohibiting the iiiClcuoo of corpotal punishment by the Coarts of North Carolina. Tbe Governor Is Iq correspondence with the President about I - . Workat the Pennsylvania Coal yiloea. ' Krw Yon*, December B.—The Philadelphia Sort!* Niwmcon says of the coal trade: Ihe ton nage Ihu week from Schuylkill indicates a pretty CHICAGO. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1866. pctml cuftH D-IoD of mining operations in that region. and Ite gravity hereafter reacrdns Port ’Richmond be ore the reopening of the trade, *lll in all probability be light. The Le high icgica la mao sendlcg very little coal to market. There the tnrpcnaion Is, we understand, rather moregeneral than is the Schuylkill. Georgia LeaUtamre. Mnxzpoenux, Ga., December B,—Tbe Senate baa rejected tbe Ilonse i ill, prohibiting railroads fruui.runiiing cars on Sunday.and passed the act to aid tl< Gnflu. Railroad. The Douse repealed the twenty cents a gall n tax on liquors. Both House* will adjourn on the J4tb. Alabama and tbe Cenatlinltonal Attend* meat. Moktcokxet. December B.— The Gover nor, upon the adjournment of tbe Legislative, was complimented hr the members. Ho spoke of tbeir rejection of tbe Con Urational Amendment aa a finality, and tbe eaiii. people would ratify tieir actum. bleatscr Ezelealoa and Ltas of Life. Biltixocr, December 6.—'The steamer Kelso, of ibe tine between Baltimore and Norfolk, ex ploded ter boiler last nlgbt, off Wolf Trap Light, while on berway to Fortress Monroe. It Is said three persons were killed and a number ecalded, and that the vend was sunk. Railroad Collision—Htx Persons Injorcd. Ptrsbcbob, December &—Yesterday evening the up train from AUczbany City, on the Western Fenr-sylvania Railroad, collided with a special train,contaiofngtbe Board of Directors of iheTeen sylvanla Railroad, one mP«r above National. Six persona were badly Injured— two ate not expected 10 live. „ „ Bpede bblpttentß. *" Nxw sons, Uctetubcr h.—btenners Germania and City of Boston to-dsj took specie. Jobs hitekel. Riemiojn). December B.—John Mitchell haa formed an editorial connection with the iHspofeA. Bad of the Printer* 1 Mriae I* Hllwailue (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Mn.wacxxx, December 8.

The printers’ etnke ended to-day. the publish era acceding lo toe demands of the strikers. THE PARIS EXPOSITION. Display, of Specimens at the Uliiiols Central Dallroad—Samplcs of West ern Prodoce—The Goods Beady for Shipment. Oarzmm’s Project for an Indian Dele- galloD. Tbe extensive preparation* which have been in progress for some time past throughout the vari ous Western States, to send lo tbe Paris Exposi tion specimens of Western produce and manufac ture, are now completed, and tbe goods are ready for shipment to New York. Chicago was made ibe central place of deposit for tbe State of 1111- nols, acd the LUnoi* Central Railroad Company I enacted the use of tiiclr depot as a temporary re ceptacle for the various articles. A visit to tbe offices of the Land Department revrsls at present an abundance of all kinds ol produce, represent irg tbe mineral and agricultural wealth of Illi nois, Its industry and Its development in every branch of progress. Our worthy Alderman, C. C P. lioldeo. Esq., the land salesman of Ibe road, towliomwaseoirn.tcdtbe task of assorting and arrarglzg the specimens, has bestowed every pos sible ere ra the proper fulfillment of this arduous duty, baring tbe articles all correctiv labelled, and packed into the rates which will be shipped early in tbe week for New York, Aroongtbc specimens of various kinds ofproduce now at the Land Department, we observed a van collection of samples representing the agricultural development of the West—corn, barley, rye, oats, wheats of various kinds, sorghum, Chinese sugar cane, broom corn, surprise oats, and cotton, both In the raw state and manufactured. Tbe Illinois Central Railroad Company have themselves con tributed an immense variety of specimens which will prove of great interest to tbe Europeans. There are bottled samples of soli from the Illi nois Cenual r> ad. buttle* of grain* from various portions of tbe State, case* of pork, neef and bams, and a variety of articlea too multifarious to be enumerated. In addition to the specimens from onr own Side there ere a variety from other Western crates which bare been forwarded to Chicago fur shipment. Minerals of all kinds from Michigan Wisconsin and lowa, Including all tne forma tions, with copper, lead and iron, bnilding alone, cement, and mmble from lowa City, coals from Danville. DnQuoin. Italic and other parts. Tae collection is a very comprehensive one and will serve to convey some idea to for eigners of <he wealth and indnatrlal progress of the Great Northwest. The show of agricultural Implements. It snonld be mentioned, which was anticipated to be very complete, falls considerably short of wfaat we were led to expect. We note tbat one of (he famous SchntQer wagons Is among the Chicago specimens. In connection with the subject we may mention the existence of a very interesting projectfor send* lug a few specimens of the aborigines to tne great Exposition—a few real, live Indians, who win t mbtlees be regarded In Europe by the mats of the people with more cmiosiiy than all the minerals and imp'etnents nut together. The scheme wia originated byP. T. Bonrnro, Esq„ of New York, os Com-uluioner for Connecticut, who Is now in this city, and has »>een token np and carried Into effect by 3. £5, Derby, the United States Commissioner. As soon as It was understood that arruigeme&ts could be made in Parts forthn accommodation of outride exhibitions, Mr. Barn am, with bis usual enterprise, conceived the Idea of sending over a few good specimens of oar original native redskins, a?id prepared to expend a considerable sum of money for (be purpose. He communicated on the subject with Mr. Derby, and a scheme was proposed to send over a group of Indians without calling for tnv appropriation of public money or public subscription. Commissioner Rowland, who represents vat loua tiutes and Territories of the Northwest, acting on the suggestions of Mi-Bar* nam, took hold of the project; and a plan was soon de* eloped to seed a delegation of Indian tribes to the Exposition tor pnrpos a of scientific study and the gratification of the Europeans. From a letter address-d by Mr. Rowland to Mr. Barnmn on (be subject, we learn that arruege aicnta have been made to collect and forward about thirty picked men from the tribes known as the fclonx, Dakotab and Chlppewaa, consisting of sav twentv men, five sqna«rs and Jhelrrblidren. h here will be selected mtb great ran-, their physique, their habits, as well ss parity of blood rcceinng the utmost coofiaeratlon. They will be accompanied by three Interpreters and one medicine man, under the con'roi aadcare of an experienced agent. It is proposed that they -hall carry with them a variety of goods o* their own manufacture, and will probably exhlbl l on the grounds of the Champ de Mars. A suitable space may be apportioned ontdoe of the Exposi tion building tor the erection of their wigwams. This Interesting party will probably embark for Parts abont the 10th of March. It Is very de sirable that such a representation should be made, and i be project will oonblless receive the most fa vorable consideration from the Imperial Com missioner, In order to secure the fnlleat benefits to the Indians aid to those who bars undertaken the risk. We understand that Mr. Barntun. see ing bis suggestions so aMy earned out, baa re linquished nls connection with the project. OUR BRIDEWELL. Visit by the Grand Jury of the Be cordcr’s Court—What they Saw- Condition of the Prisoners* Tbe Presentment of ttae Jory* Tbe Grand Jury of the Recorder’* Court yester day visited the City Bridewell. The special reason ol their going was that Mr. Recorder Van Boren bad charged them. In relation to that Insti tution, that the complaint made of the condition of the County Jail is more In the Bridewell fh»» in the jail. The jurors, upon arriving at the Bridewell, fonnd there present Alderman Lawson, of the Bridewell Committee, that gentleman paving one of hi* frequent visile to (bis charge, but they did not flnd’Mr. Knerr, the warden, that gentle man being engaged in the purchase of supplies “down town,” An examination of the entire In ■Ucation was made. It was agreed that* neces sity exists for an Institution where regular labor can be placed at the bands of tbe Inmates, for at present, beyond (be catung of wood necessary to best the establishment and some other paollc buildings, the washing ot the dremsn*. clothing, and tbe maintenance of cleanliness In the Bridewell -and the offices of the Police Department, there is nothing for thejone hundred and forty-eight convicted vagrants and drunkards to do. They, since the sixth diy of October, hare rejoiced in compilative Idleness, for on that day tbe supply or stone gave out and the natural labor of Chicago wu-flne-ptyera ceased. The building* connected wl*h the Bride will were examined with a scru tiny, evidently prompted by the belief that something would be fonnd to tas tily It. Some of the jurors evidently ejected lo see vermin peregrinating in the cell*, ana mount ing tbe wafk, batfhey were disappointed- Ercrr thtag was clean, and the Testimony taken was to the effect that this was so extra mnLhniest put npcm the rickety old shanties which are so railed against. The Grand Jury took especial interest in (he examination vt tbe female wards. They tOcre iaw tony-eix women Is uniform, dean in dress and clean ol face, amusing themselves a* best they might, doing nothing when permission to talk «*e not girea them. The occasion was, howenr, lo fame cited A bo]l ft *v, pjr each mem ber o! the party was beset with questions and widi (tatemcvtß, the result of all or which was that rote of thoee in (he Chapel hal. whenaraa joruy of them thocgfctchef ought 'o be where they are, hot each thought that ue courrc of Jus Ice had been InteTupted to procure for them a letisth of Iccarerrst on against which they chafe whue uedergotag it, but which, seek rag or not seeking, they accept again so cheer fully. Of these U was found that aonu twenty hare daring four year- pa>*e-l without these walls, no space of tunc exceeding twenty four hours. A few of the wotnen were enraged a tewing npon the ttnCewell unlfwrn*. i few of the men were cooking. Another lot of women were w»«hhur. A majority of til tie Inmates weie In a ctale of peaceful idleneM, frj-a which they. prohaMy. themaelref woola have bees relieved, had they the choice and the dty the meaua. One encasement which came a little later oecnpie't their he rty at tention. Dinner was terved at noon tn the Bridewell pass. Ihe cmser did not, how ever, engross only the attention of the maU>o.'ors. Id it a majority of the members n the Grind Jury foend concern. The store, the means of cooking, the pots and nans, the reeemari'* ot the food, and the pork, beans ard bread, all uud-Twent in* spection. One luror thought the dinner ehou'd sotyel be served—the bears need twenty minutes more of a speedy boll; some doubted the pro* prlctj oflhe extra cooking, ted several tested the net oy •ppioprliJing to themselves a good tbare of the beans and bread. The tegular In mates settled the dlflcnlty by aproleat a~ais<t delay, and bacon, beans and bread passed lor view of the palxe of these without complaint, and with, in some Instances, the result of an evident desire for more. The quantify seemed, however to be generally aufflcleoi, is a tew Instances ex cessive, and thns the mot hungry were supplied from the turploj of their neighbors. An institution which, next to the dlim«r, drew forth attention, was the *‘shower bath.'* rb'u shoeer bath U a penitentiary touch, and it vraa looked npon br the luror» with much horror K box of the blight or a tall mao, closing tightly open hinges, in thr comer of a room, coalncj the reft actoty individual. Tims »>cxel up. upon pt, bead Is supported to fall a trickling atrea a from a tank above it seemed to ail to be a nunim. ment ro avoid and to be avoided In application Coon The minds of some of the Jurors there was anrvidrntiLtentbm to complain—the poor box wocld tindonbiedly have been li dieted had not u beentcstlCed to that the box was rusty on U« hinges: that the water never fell, ana that no prisoner had, during tour years, been placed with, ifjis loads. Upon the return of the Jury to lie Court, the lo.iuwina preceotmeot wu nudej **in accordance with Ina tractions of you* Honor the Grand Jury hare visited and examin'd tb» L "tt7 Brtdee-cU and now would respectfully antmlt the follrwlnr tacti : Tbe Grand Jury had before them Alderman Iver Lawson, Chairman In tin. Common Council ot inc Committee on the Bride well. With directress and frankness Alderman InueoQ described the present condition, and stated the numerous embarasemeuta of lae Institution. He informed the Grand Jury of the proceeding* of tbe Common Council, looking to a speedy correction of all the evil* which now affect this branch of the monlclpal government, and enumerated ►evcral reasons wb? It has nliheno bren impossible to tails fy the requirements of humanity at the came lime that Justice baa been done lo ©Senders. Tbe Common Council voted toe-ectanew and cotnmodloo* Bridewell. Tbe question oflucsUonwastben debated. Much delay occurred us consequence, but the Grand Jury are unable to find Just canse for censure lu such de lay—taprsclally when tbe Importance of localise ibe Bridewell at the best possible point Is coatld esed. Ten acres of land were at last purchased, lyts? near tbe canal and three-quarters of a mile southwest ot Bridgeport. A very competent axebllect, Mr. Van Odell, was enraged by Aider man Taken, chairman In the Common Coun cil of the Special Comcuilee. on tbe new Bridewell. <o make ibo necessary plans and specifications, and tbe Grand Jury learn with satisfaction that Ur. Van Osdell wiu be able to submit bis work at the next regular meeting of the Common Council. There would, then, appear to be no cood reason wny the new Bridewell, which will be built on the beat modem plan, should not be commenced early la the soring, and vigorously pros- cmed to completion. The Grand Jury are unanimously of tbe opinion that under existing dicnmaUncas, and while the present Bridewell Is need, no material improvements are seeded. They found all things cleanly and la order. Ibe keeper, Ur- Geoigs Kntrr, certainly approves himself a competent officer.” IDE GIMBLEBS. Tbe Traeaell Estate and Reputation. The sale of Use personal property of the Tru sell Mtate on Friday, and the prices brought as compared wuh the Intrinsic values, may well be a matter of comment with reflecting people. George Truescll was a well-known gambler, and possess ing more than tbe ordinary degree of personal and social ntractiona and "business integrity” preva lent in men of ‘bla profesalon, be was re sided by hi* associates as a representative man whom they delighted to honor, and whose ex : ample was worthy ot all emulation—not by them sehcs.batby tbe world at large. It was Owing to tiii; fed. and that of hla tragical death at the band of hla mistress, that tbe properly whten had been his was so eagerly sought for; but In his death, as in bu life, bu he not left a legacy ot pernicious Influence to the community! Ilia In ilceiitill position among his class only ex tended the danseroiiK and corrupting In fluence of bis profession. Of those who flecked to the sale of hU effects, nonlilll not be Interesting to knew where tbeir tnonev came from, and bow few of them earned 1! in an none* I anu reputable manner! With a gam bler money U nothing uuleas it brings him per ernal pleasure—unless It pauders to some whim. ;*acy. appetite or paaslon. When his own selfish ness Is lully snUifle-', the gambler ia iudiffirent to the rest of the world. He laughs at its miseries and scorns its morals. It George Trussel was an exception, where are his friends wbojmagclry and praise hla tirtneg; Was Geoigo ibe man to have fufft-red bu para mour to be Incarcerated in a tail until this time without making tbe “lightest effort to precure her hall? MnlJie Trussel was at one lime, Ills alleged, ni« most intimate friend ami comjanUn. in,a lit of mad Jealousy stie shut him ; but there seems not a spark of sympathy f>r her from those who eagerly paid douulo its value for any memento of one whom sbe loved more than ibey did. The baneful influence of tbe gamblers of this dry is only second Co (hat of the booses oftil fame. It was only recently that a young mao, moving in ibe first circles of society, was found to be ao intimate associate of the most dcs perate gamblers to onr midst—a fact which was peifectly astounding to some, who supposed themselves to be bis Intimate acquaintances. WUbiu the p&a* three months, a young man who was receiving a iff>etal salary, embezzled fV’OO ol his employer's money to pay a debt" of bonor," contracted at one of the gambling bell* in this dly. But few Instances of the seductive tempta tions to crime, engendered by gambling, ever reach the public car, ns compared with the num ber which ate constantly transpiring. Innocent young men are first " roped in," through tbeir so cial and convivial bablis, to associate with loose who are worse, and by degrees they become tally ronreioas that they are risking tbeir altuations ana their mural stand ing in a better circle of acquaintance. But Ibe allnrtng haunts they secretly visit have msriiold attractions to them, not least of which 1* ibe barard of exposure Incurred In an evil boar :hcr borrow money of tbeir companions—more money than they can replace from tbeir salaries. Tbedebtwascieatcd in hours of excitement at tbe gaming table, when to have abruptly left tbdr friends would bate seemed weak and unmanly. To meet with them subsequently without paying tl cm, would biand them with dishonor. To sbtm tbeir society would subject them to the dan ger of being v lolled at tbeir places of business by min whom tbeir employers would at once remark upon as gamblers, oud point plainly to a tacit ad mission of their ascociatio's. In tbla dilemma comes rathe temptation lo steal. For a long tunc it Is resisted, but at la*t they Call. The gamblers of, this dlyfunfortunat ly, fill fsr below ibe mvk in imitating the better qualities of tfce "ma«trt"G orco Tnwoell. Monrofthem. not content with fleecing men naturally inclined to be hneest, of their money, fill their pones with tbe rents received from women wbobsy them most exorbitant price e for room' and build ings lo rervo another branch of the Devil's inter ests. From two to five times the usual price of rent Is paid by these wretched women into tbe bands or tbeir merciless landlords, that they m«y carry on their vAe traffic. Thefr bouses arc sometimes "polled* 1 bv tbe police authorities, ard they are fined (35, ISO or (too. Urjihleto p»y it, they apply for aid to the gam bler*, wbo get tin in out of tbeir troubles by re cclrli'g a bonus Taiytng from (33 to SSO, accord ing fo the amount their victims can possibly be made to obligate themselves to pay. Prom tbe gambler •* Cap," and those of bu class on Wells ftreet, thronen Monroe and Randolph streets, to those gamblers wbo were nrond of the ac quaintance of George Trussel, there is only a dliu-retjre in degree, not In kind. Aft seek to lire In tbe world without honest labor, and bare ■ deal t to acquire money for tbe sole purpose of gratifying tbeir individual pleas urc'. A love of any viruefor its own sake, a respect tor the bonor of women, or an unalloyed friendship (n the hour of adversity, never ebarae leme the career of the gambler. If George Troa sel. the ehlninglight among them, possessed any of these virtues. It Is much to be regretted that they could sot have been pre-erved in some sub stantia) shape to have be<m disposed of to bis so lid out friends at lb* sale on Friday, as the most useful souvenirs whicn could have been left them. If the demand for them bad been at ail (h prooor nor lo the want, we mlrttt hope fo? a very marked reform In Ibis class of leeches upva community. IDATBinONML ADVERTISE* DENTS* Calls For Correspondence—Fools and Beenes. The column of a dally paper headed “Corres pondence Wanted” furnishes an Interesting art], cle of mental food for the digestion ol the phllos opher. Although the topics presented for reflec tion are not of the moat practical or Improving character, they show op quite brilliantly the sen timental and verdant stdeot the number* /if all acts ana both sexes who take thr pains to air (hemseh cs before the public. The great majority •if ibe proper*!* for “correrponaence” come from »of-hesdea youths “between the ages of slxtoej aid iwcnty-oiit,** who Men anch gushingnames .-a ••IlaTTy Seymour,** “Clarence Le Vere. ,r “Arch- Lsld Mortimer.” “Mind,” “ill! 11 cent," and ••Henrietta Isabcl'e.” *1 here romaoic creatarea are generally impressed with tbe idea Hat there Is an aching void In their : extensive oosoa*, which the ulnuanlive world cai.nut fltlj that until their “ affinities” are fonnd they are alone and friendless. And so they stray Into tbe oewspaoers with their stereofvped phrase, “olxecifan, love, and matrimony,” and clo*e op with the pleasing suggestion, “photos exchang cd.” When age has brought wisdom to these Uck-a-dalsical beings, the reading of these early ptrfo.marce* will answer the purpose of an emetic, and thus prove valuable as a substitute fur a pbysioan’i* prescriptions. Then there la a mature, bat hardly leas weakly tint of a-plrauta for comapondcnce. who apeak of “ I'latooic aneedon ” and “ mutual Improve ment” One of this claaa, who signs the languid name of “ Estelle.” wants to form an culstolatory acquaintance with some gentleman. x ‘£rne and Ui.d,” who does sot own a nunared feet nor spor i diamonds on the stmt.” Observe tbe Un common* rhyme which shows the lady to be one of talutc’e poet*. Her objection to centipedes i certaialy natural, and her dislike to the pnblic dt.«p<ay of expensive jewelry hints at tbe modesty tea n-dnemest other taste. “ A lady with a prac tical view of lift” announces her willingness “ to form tbe acquaintance ot a isidd'e-aged gentle man of means;” in abns nese-Uke way that savors more ot Mammon than ot Copid. The number of voutg cecilemen “with plenty of time asd mosey,” who strangely lack tbe acquaintances which that happy condition wo ibi naturally be tuppored to bring, and seek to remedy the want through the mails, la singularly large. If the turpiua time, which they undouhiedly hare, were employed lo increase their limited stock of com mon sense, their means and information, which a-e Invariably email, might be conalaembly in created. This valuable hint, for which no charge U made, will apply to all the “fasonaJng young pent*,” M r*T young men,” “romantic school gitW “interesting widow**” and “gentlemen of ample means” who rash into print foi “fto,” “love,” “matrimony,” or “the consequences.” If the “photos” of ail ad- Teitlscrs of this kind could be collected, tbe majority would find appropriate places in (be rogues* or fools* galleries, cut while most of the** notices are prompted by Immoral and di-bocest motive*, some are merely tbe result ol an Id e cunotliv, or lore ot amusement. without any objections tie Intentions, aad a few ana from realty noneat individuals, who take this method of obtaining wives. Their wants would mo-e properly appear under the bead of “Farmers waited*.” , . „ A specimen of Una lonajfdf class of applicants miles bis desires mown to the Tsnuxt in a l»Cer, which w« publish herewith, orwtr'iw et iUmhr\ without eha-g*. Any tody “not Imch," who derives‘to communicate with the honest n ]■ drd German, can lean hU name and address at this office. r**. “ . - . Jiov.fi, lififi. Tribune Office, Off a -erman tidy not ontsr $5 or over 83 ys of age uant> a petmunent Hose 1* able to do sewing work and nnoersund Housekeeping snoot good character because! have 4 children Ihs youngest I* 7 of *-« I am a Widower tbe work alatso tutirl because it Is to b.-lp to do only to conlrole them ana tobeco.ueeuiy. , .... A Widow german or sum others notlmca of reaper tabV Character not to pat this in paper if tnerts only a cal by yoa 1 want correspondence. Itniyyoma ■ —■■ - i am a Cabinet maker have a ahop mlselt” A Smxbt Goa.—The New Tork Mtpenamt tft> so itna of new* aboot a girths this dry which ■n-JTI 1* of interest to our reader*: M Mzu Fannie Paine, who U bat thirteen yean eld h**.ucceVaj la»U performed the dunes of ?*fm£fter In the Eastf Worts KanoXacrurin* tun»D*nj. la Chicago. io ihe entire satisfaction of all conceroM. la eight montha of th» year ate will bareraid onlabout about a quarter of a mU lion dollar-, krapln? the. lime sheets, PW-roll. atd a private account-boo* with and tor rack of ibree to iour hurd.ee men employed. She re c«-l\M the money weekly fiom 'be bank to Uw amount of *i.O»lo f6.«tW, can lea the transaction « f ravin- all tbe men (brooch, and settles and n-atei her balances »l h the cashier. She knows evc-yman n the csiaolb-hnei.:, tbe force belnc dhliled ltd® eleven departments, etch harm- it* rest cnsthJc foreman, ?ho commands a salary <u yttllpcr arnum. thing itromme lessons each week and steads an errata* eour«e*t a com mercial coil ge, where tu has a scholarship. Sor cocs ibl- produce any overstrain ot her Intellect. She Is intis* most robust and rigorous health, i.erer ha» a cay’s sickness, and stands ten hours tjtli day at ter desk.*' Eear-idmlnl i)(blcren ratted la the Ocean Qo»ea on sticnliT for San Foadsco, to Ute ub new conn and. f'~- Meteorological, The following is (be Meteorological Record of tacwcck ending Saturday, Decaber Sib, 1830, as kept by J. Q. Langgnth, Jr., Optician, No. 115 Randolph street. The temperature la taken in :be shade. The direction and force of tbe wind* are given approximately, with the barometric alti tudes—the small letters being the Initials of the words ‘'high,” "breeze,” "gentle." "veering." "rain," "enow." ‘♦moist atmosphere,” and "dry:" TimuioxErxs. Klebt sy TUln to ”*“■ r F^sf' S: fP'Il P Si sx,-m -50n..., M ii si 1 S 8 (1 ( M0D.....54 1 44 S 46 6 46 6 Tues....». 04 sa 1 47 6 44 a Wed... .23 Cl 43 5 <7 • 47 6 .C« Ttn 54 t 43" 7 SO 8 SO 8 C Prl SI 0 Si 1 41 4 46 f I .633 Sat St 0 43 5 ( lp.m. 8X am. Date. Mercy. 77104. Mery. Wind. Mery. Wln-i. Eon B.SJS.IU 29.16 BB.EA. 0.14 E^.T_H Mon J 834 e.lnr. JSJt E.tu. 2&9t SLg.r Tu»-.-.»J 3 W«L.....39.12 ft-W-g"-*- 73.40 Ejua-T. 49.40 N.K.E45 Thn 39 33 B,id.*.t. »J 5 E.B.BJC. S.W.* Frt BA4 S.B.W.T. 39.14 S.Ejna. 39.06 BJ&.T Sat. 45.96 &B.W.T. 39X8 WJus. Tbe record la Incomplete, owing to an accident. Tbe rain of the past three days is given collec tively. Tennessee' Oomrreaalonat Belegatiob. According to the Nashville Press anti Ttnus, the Tennessee delegation In Congress stands thus, politically: _ BESATS. J. 6. Fowler (Republican), for negro (suffrage. D. T. Patteraon (Jotansoulte), against negro suf frage. norsz or nrrftgsEXTxnvxa. W. B. Stakes (Republican), for negro suffrage. J. H. Hawkins (Republican), for negro aoflrage. 8. M. Arnell (Republican), tor negro enfirage. Horace Maynard (Republican), for negro suf- B, Campbell (Jobnsonlte), against negro suffrage. John Leftwlcb (Johnsonile), against negro suf frage. N.G. Taylor (Jobnsonlte), against negro snf lidward Cooper (JohnsonUe), against negto suf ttag®. Total—for negro suffrage, 5; against negro suf frage, 5. Mr Amell U decidedly opposed to tbe nufvertal suffrage and amnesty scheme. t»“WAITimOTnER>4, Advertldns As'ib ISO DrarbiirMln receive advertisement, for all the leading paper* throughout tbe Culled State, and Canaaos. I3rg (GoohS. pOB THE (IOLID AY TRADE Great- Bargains mmmm 167 & 169 Lake-st, Silk and Wool Valencias, For 25 Cts., COST, SO CTS. TO JALPOBT, 111 ram. MS, For 66 i Cts. Extra Qnalit;, all Wool Empress and Merinos, For 75 cts,, 871-2 cts. and sl. 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From S 3 to 30 per cent can he eared at 83 DEABBORN-ST, On areonnt of the Jarre Increase of the wholesale trade. Importation of mQ'tcal instrument*, and conse quently want ot room, the uederMecod arc compelled to oOtr the above mentioned inducements to the poo lie, el vice, at the sane time, all usual guaranties in retard to the exeel!*t ee cf ihc-r ln«tmmraf as bcloro. Please call and examine, at S 2 Pcarhom-«t. BtOX,TBa at WUBLITZIIB. PIANOS FOR THE nOLIDA.o Ail perron* dtulrnlng to surprise their frletda or gratify themselves wits a superb STEINWAY or good Pltno. at lower price*, previous to Jane ary Ut. should tend us their older* soon, as oar stock is rapidly drawing and will certainly prove Insufficient lor the txDiffdeinind. SMITH & NIXON, Clark and Washington-*!*., and In Cincinnati. ■\fKS. H. P. STOWELL desires a lim it I lied number of pupils for Instruction on the nano Forte. Particular attention given to those do ilrous of commercing the study of music. For partle* nlarscaJ) at SI 7 SUie-»t. gaaiucs, ILiquors, &c. HUNGARIAN WINES. DIRECT IMPORTATIONS. 31E5851, SOSBIOIi (40 yean old,) SOPHOim, (32 yean old,) NESRELTT, SZA3XOBADNTT, In Large or Small Quantities, A NETT IMPORTATION OF J n '' imported p*r He’sebel and Palmerston, and now on the road, will be for sale in a few daya by BRICK, HOTIHEft & CO., 129 South Clach-st. jFurtiisljing (Scobs ■OEDDING AND WINDOW SHADES, Damaged by Fire and Water, FOR SALE AT BARGAINS. Also, an kir.AS ol NEW BEDDING AND LOUNGES JAKES BTOHAH 4 CO.’S (Coal, JJUY YOUR COAL AT HOLBROOK & PARKER’S, 64 Ringsbnry-sl., coi. Indiana. POST OFFICE DRAWER 3517. qSXIT COAL! COAL! J.L. HATHA WAT. dealer la Hard and Soft Coal Office and Yard*. •<t Market-*!., near Randolph. Coal dtllrarm promptly aad la good oroer to all paruof the dtr. jfot Sale, JPOR SALE.' Cairo of G&n? Sawed Strips and Boards, at oar dock. Mwon’i Canal. CLTLta, *U.t»ECK * CO., IQt NorthCaaaMr. Attell-estbalished CAiH BBS- EfESS la thU city for sale, tearing 33 1-3 Per Cent Profit, And eo waste stock or change of fiwhlcns. For partic ulars sddresa **CASH.** XtUitdc odce. ■pOR SALE, ON' COJIMrXwIOW, Fine fonnecJteut feed Tchaccr. Wrapper and nferj. Crop 1564. Al*o. a fine stock of Tobacco. Clear*, Piper, Ac., Ur sale by PABKEIi. MABaa A CO., 6 Peartwrc-ae ♦ Chicago. jtjatbtoatt. Stones, Set. TyO. 1 MASSILLON PIG IRON. DEWET & CO., 27 Kiossburj-st. ffieersetjaum ffipcs Q.ENEINE Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Of put o» a importance, at rery I- w price*. PECS fc WIRTH. 93 Sooth Water st. patents. *RREAD MIXING AND KNEADING MACHTNE-’i-for Families Hotels. BoataaraaU atdßaktra,thc mo*t valuable Invention of the ace. By the same action tbe Ktead U mixed and kneaded ttorwgbly «ta quickl*. without the hands touching tteCour. 1 hey Insure erval Having of labor, perfect cleanliness, certainty of good bread, and are cheap. Exclusive Slate. County and Town RLhts for n’r,af fbrdlc e a rare rnaoce tor crest saint, with small capi ta,’. Agent* wanted everywhere, and most liberal In ducement* given them. Apply personally or hr lett-r toC.W. FORBUbQ, Agent, 4(J Coagresa-rt, Boston. Maas. Send tor circular. /SARD’S PATENT u bbicu maenraa Office and manulaetory 33 Sooth JetTeraon-et. Fa Inlomation aaddeeodpove circular addma K. B. CARD. 33 Soath Jefferauo-ih. Chicago. aianbs. A LLTVANTING PARKS—Good ham J\ and well-proved Fruit Lar.tf«—Deiatlfai iu | Cnvln* rttu«Tacnt* f VIXELAJJD mile* watt 1 Fbi’adelpblabyrailrtad. Fopulattra .acreiaed 9,C0 jwopl*’ ti (bar yesre. Go-’d KOfj. «cbirj* arc eburch-e; l.b’oorcbartapiaaird. F?w.fa per acrv payable In (oarycars. VlU«t« iota tor b iia** am matolbctnrtrtalwfbr *ale. CUmatc mild—perlecti healthy-** U h ghly lerUle. lapnivei W*ce* alac w ur. Addma CHAS. R. LASuIS. prepnetir,Ylie land.?fcw Jersey. p.n-raoictaJDlnginfor'carloeee;t fr-e. From teport cl Bo'm R>bln»'a,Amcttltors' Editor of the Tribune: k *ltU cue cl the men «ztei> alvedErtUetraea in an almost lave, pb-luon.aad »ai*- able conditioner plea»antUrmisg, lest w* know 0( Cdi nan of ttts Wettera Pralnea.'’ £&atrt)ES ana Jjtinelrg. QHBIfiTMAS GOODS. HOLIDAY PRESENTS PRESENTATION SETS, WATCHES, ' DIAMONDS, SOLID SILVER SETS, Ac. W. M. & J. B. MAYO, jewelers, No. 101 Sooth flark-St,, Chicago BaapeetfitUr Intbm the public that ther hare added to treir Block of rich acd elegant JEVtTLKT. DIA MONDS and SILVAJJ WARE*aiapirt aS£rte«»o£ SIEVEB-FX.ATED WABC, Slanatacinrcd by tbe Gorham Manufacturing Co., (Trade Marfc) goruam mfgco. •EILVEBSiIirnS. OF proved kxce. k. l This ware I* the drat of theldnd overproduced In this fooßtij, anal* deettned to Iranian any made brßk- Joaton, of Birmingham. Dlrnti. of rbeiheld, or Ctrta toCe. of ParH. In quality of metal, plating. variety of otenat ocmgns mod flnuh, we commend it to favorable consideration. prepared to rjpply the reqMmaenli of fkarf llr*» hotel*, *c., at maDotactarer** rate* the rv%t ot trattportalloncnlyaddco. We cherl*h a Kadable prtde la being the Ictrodncers of Uicm tood-s m thej meet a watt loop (Wl by aa #oc» of rated taste, to wbooe good opinion ronafe we are indented. * ***^ These goods, we claim, are !n perfect hiramor wltt thebeanitfai arts which wehavealmedto embody la. all oar production* of Jewelry acd Silverware. jMPORTtN'G JEWELRS. CUES BROTHER & «»., No. 142 Lake>st., CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. Have gotten ap a splendid lot or fine American and Geneva WATCHES, Comprising Many Sew and IJniqno Styles of Cases. OfthPircwnmaEnfkctcre.ineha* Flee i.Lccr Engraved, Enameil-d, Patent Magic Pen dint wlndJm?, etc. FINE TIME PIECES, Sf I in Gold Bracelets and Finger Bings* MANUFACTURERS OP SILVER WARE AND Solid Gold Jewelry. Chided Ten and Trte-a-Tetc sets, Cup*. Gob let*! Lrus. La-lo*. Nankin Blugt. Ac.; tew Grecian axnl Medallion Pattern Preserve, J»Uy. Ice Cnan aad Sotar Spoon*. Knit e* and Forks. ic„ out up in floe style Ibr preaenu and keepsakes. A variety or OPERA GLASSES, FRISCH CLOCKS. RICHLY PI.ATED WARE. JEWEL CASES. <t€„ AC. FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. IValer* trmn *nm-ncdlnc town* win fta-1 oar •tocf ol valuable Watch*. Clock* and Jewelry Material tctj complete. and aiwsy. u ,ow as caa i>« b m«ht ot manoactnrera aad Importers (having their orßcea la Skating )3arkg. SKATING PARK. THE FIRST IN THE FIELD. SEASON TICKETS Are now tor sale at the following convenient places: STREET. PEARSON* A CO.. 101 Waahlagtonwt. A. H. HOYET, 191 Lake, MEN SON*. EKIN'KEK A CI.ABEE, HO JEWETT A BUTLER. IS Lake. BAHNUM DRO*., coiner Lake and Michigan-ay. TRIBUNE OFFICE. KINSLEY'S. opera House, BOOT A C.IDY. Opera Home. J. H. JOHNSON'S Skate Depot, soatheart cornerot Randolph and State. JOHN R. WALES, comer Dearborn and Madison. EI)W. ELY. comer Dearborn and Washington. AND AT TUE PARK. PRICES. Gentlemen p wp Boj* ABE On application to the Director*, a liberal redaction win be made to happy father* blessed with a goodly ntjmben of “ olive branches." faints anti ©Us. g FECIAL SOTICE. PALMS, (HIS, GLASS. The enWrlbera aaooance lo their friends aad Uta pnbliCt that they hire taken the sure at No. 121 South Water-st., Where they offer an excellent assortment of Goods 1b their UtiT, at the LOWEST CASH FBICES. HOOBEES & CO. ISanks anti bankers. CTOCKHOLDEBS’ 31EETTNG.—! The O annual meeting of the Stockholder of the FIFTH NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO For the election of Director*, ud to transact say of er business that may lavfaiiv came beforo (be Jneetlmr, wUi be bela at the oSceofeaM Bank. So. 30 Lafialk-su, Chicago, between the boor* of 10 a. m and 4 p.m.. Tuesday, January Bth. ISC7. I*AAG G. LOMBARD. CmMs. Uusinrss (Curbs ■y-yTETH & VANDEIiTOOKT MALTING COMPANY, Hos. 2 and 4 MicMgan-av^ Slannfaetarers of Tlalt and Dealers la Barley and Bye. gy We keep constantly on hand tVKka a prime E»rl«y and Kj e Malt, which we ate prepared to mQ «C me Icwtst market raw. CTORAGt*—The undersigned are pre- O pared to do a GENERAL STORAGE BUSINESS, On liberal terms, at te*ir Wiretinns-, cn MirtcWt, bctweeaMa.lUotanltVMhrrt.ir.. flartnftstiq^ 00 PAHTNEUSEIP NOTICE. 1 Jonh BROOKS baa this day retired from thm fcmet WM.B.TUUh'U* CO. The bu»lbe* Of alacinrlrg Plows and Sulky Cultirators Will be continued after this data under the earns aa& siyle of Ilapgeod, Yonna dt Co. CRAS. n. EAPGOOD, wti.». rorso. GEO. H. HCQHTOH. Chicago, Dee. 1»C13C8. Consignments. QREStED HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers. Cotcmlnlcea oa car-toad lots, iv per cent. A- M. WBIGHT A CO_ T3S and 140 Stone^t.c^meroi 525,000 TO 310 Of, On 'Real Rstate GEO. H. BOZST, 9S LnSnUmtk