14 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Chicago Cribmu. FRIUAT, DECEMBEB H. 1565. tfItSTERN iSMFCIATBO I*3llss*, At their session yesterday, the Western Awoc:alct! Frose, by * vole of to 3, de clared their independence of the New York iiionO|*jJv. Formally adopting and confirm ing the resent action of Ueasrs. Halstead and White, of the Executive Committee, In New York- Henceforth the Western Press will he the managers of their own affaire, subject to the dictation of nobody. They will provide for the collection and transmis sion cf th< ir own telegraph news, and will introduce a republican form of government amonc the newspapers of the West. Prob •ably the action taken yesterday will hare an imimrtunt influence upon the preas of the United States outside of New York, By vindicating their own rights, and establish ing competition In thocollection oftelegraph news, they have liberated tbc Press of tbe country from an Intolerable despotism and strangulation, which can never bo rclmposed upon them. FROM WADKEGAS. Dcittrn cllve Fire and l*w of ot Dicwltuon mock «rad other Baildmw* ovcrftSO.OOO-Ca»l*in lltram.lla* svblb t’friibM IB the Fiamea. [Special Despatch to the Cbkago Tribune.} Wackegav, December 11. The mort de-trnctive fixe which bar vlsvUd this -it- fo- twelve 'ears occurred last night at half »a»t iwcvle o’Jock. It broke out io the orlck | building known as the Dickinson Block, and | rased for fire or six hours. The lire is supposed ' to have oiicinaud from * detective One. connect- the eating boose of Mr. C. G. Duel. Dlckin-oq Block ts a three-story building, and \s owned by the Merchants’ Company, ct yonr taiy. valued at f XWK and w ci\ids»ntotime apartments or ►tore?, ua in. cronod floor. Mr. Bncl oeenpic* the cast room on the r round, as a saloon, billiard hall aod eating hou«e. Oli establishment consisted of a very elaborate ►’bur," three BrunKWStktnnUrd tables, and an extensive eatingboose, rained at «DW. ah ds-lrovcd. Insured In the Uome tud riiQ-r.iv companies of Harltord ,rd Kerr York for f 3,50- Dunning ve-tthc lire next attacked the agar and tobacco factory of Dcnoif, hr on A Co- In tnorame block. This firm also occupied the i slory. consigl tos of eight rcoms, t* * «te»t t«toty, where iMcntr-Are bards were employed making cigars, end a’dor.on’oors and girls as strippers, were coa fjantr at work. The cel'ar ot the budding was tilled wttbliaranaaia naliveleaf tobacco. This li.m wUI lose, at least, «3,WX). Insured for Xl’.cflrm is wealthy, and as soon as ar ranmrmtnU can be made, their hand? will be •'lvor wort:. The west More in this block was occupied 1.» A. I*. Yard, clothing and furnishing /roc* yr. Ya> d loses SI3U, and has no Insurance. £ large portion or his stock was saved»n adanv , s~en condition. This block was not up in ÜBS. by D. O. Did luran, Esq., and -Dickinson Hall,” occupying tins enllre tulrd story, and the most <3e»er'cd.y popular public hall In the city, Is de- before the wind, next trapped the brick building occapled by Oaae * Brown, and entirely destroyed It. Tho bund ln~ naa owned by William V. Case, of Ihu city, wffo is now in New York bnylng his winter Block of "oods It* cctnal value was f6,TO). Case A Brown were dry coeds and prow? dealers, and their stock Is valued at insared lor £ •) | *“ IbeVccor.d story of this building was occapled hr JicEirr. Blodgett, Dploa A Williams, ettor neve They are heavy losers, inasmuch as* their fine library, valned at tS.OW> f.j.d o9:cc furniture, ns well aa c.erka’ bedding and closing, is mostly dcsirojed and they have no insurant.., •;Uik iron pate «aa thrown from Ui sccoad story «r>»dow, and the valuable contents t-aved. Tinanv A Lucas, hardware merchact-h al though net entirely burned oat, the t>ac« poruon or their More containing an extensive .inantlty or t»w,'ves and small wate, is much injured by water, and damaged by lb hook ana ladder companies 5a their caeirioD? to save the bmtdieg. The 1 >ss cf this Jinn In damaged goods and building is abcat $3,1)00. Insured In the Underwriters. lie dames, seeming unsatisfied with their work oC netlrucUuu. cficcted a lodging la the boot, shoe and clothing house of B. S. 1,. Dach fWcr. *1 tie exertions of the Fire Depart* mem, however, caved tots hniMing, hat the rtocL was more or less Injured. Mr.Bschel dir’elops is estimated at sK«,for which he Is lb lly insured in the Merchant*’of Chicago. The rear portion ui tl,.* hrok store of G. S. Wheeler A «,0.. adjoining Mr. Batcbflder, next took Are. bn: the cdoits ot Tonent llnsins Company subdued the flames The loss of this Ann la not heavy, as their block vva* entirely removed before the store caught fire. The above U an accurate acconnl of the damage done, buildings burned. Ac , and the total Jo*s o 1 * all parties who are snCcrors will not no less than JoO.UW. it Is the melancholy duty of yonr correspondent toinform you. through you tbc pnb!ic. of the dea!b of Contain-Hiram M. Hngnnin. Canlaln Hngncln settled In ymraty, with his family. In •few. When i” Icago wasbnt a town, be was its corporal Prceideat. lie was formerly ona cf tic mo-: exfersive coutrociora on tie Illinois fn nnf, .and bulll the l‘ght hoa»e pier In your city. His son. iliram, Jr., is « member of the Arm of •I 34. W. icnes, sta'iocere,d2 and 44 Dearborn flrcrt, and bis sou-in-law—Mr. Gllttert—was cnrhlft of the old Commercial Bank of Chlcaro. Captain Uccunln settled In Waukegan la 1511. fsture which time he has resided here. When tbc Are broke one, ho was seen inside of the building, in room No. 3, tccoDd sU-rr, wliti a pail of water, and In Va«tcalng to throw its contents on the Are he fell through a trap, and was precipitated *o the cellar below. Fhonty afterward the wails of thn buUd irg fell In, and Captain Hngnnin was bv led be neath toe buraliig rains. He was sixty-sight vearaoferr. A pans of men under Street Com jntstloccr l*:l-ln-d, and many of our citixsn*, are laboring lalthtiill. to disinter remain? shon'd there be anv portion of them nudestroyc-l, anu a Crccngiu. is constantly kept ‘*pl lytnj” on tho burning wa-s of rams. At this hoar, hair past two o’clock |>- tn n nothing has been dis covered of the robbing mao. <3aptain ITigntim, respected »rd bdored, his death will be denlored brnendrods of warm frieoas, and though his grave bv unmarked by a marble tablet, hta mem «.rv and poo t deed* as a psbllc man will be none the Ir-s levered. Forever got e, voung and old cca but rpcak of him kindly. He loaves aoeno jry bchli.d Mm. Ill* daoebter, Mn*. Marla Gil bert, oi ibi- city, and family, have tbo heart,ell svrrnairy of the entire commnnity. .... * Th-' iusn.anc- companies who are principal los er* arc as follow*: Uorae, New York; Manhat tan. New York ; Pluenlx, xUtlford; Merchants', -i Picago. . fliOM LOUISTILLE. fior Srlinri f«p Colored Children - Train licbl-trs. Indicted—Total Loaanl a steamer tmr: eiN-CniDcs of Jadje Lynch, iSpttial Lcjpatch tq the Uilcaro Tribune.] Wtstoxe, December 11 1 he yrrccjmeov Bn»’CS2 hie rented the building on the corner of Eighteenth and Magirine streets, tot ascbcclfor colored children. 250 scholar* wrU attend ihevchooU Cotorrl Until, Deputy ravmaslcr, ha* leavet of ■absence extuud-.-db) General 8 homa* to the IbtU firm'd Jury at Fr*nkUa,*Ky., have found -trnc bill* kcaimt tho robbers of the train on the 3*otd*vlU«& Ntriivillc Railroad. They wxl hi U lbe filingvery eightfeel ctl stcambodt water on ibe fads. Weather wet and sunk on Wednesday night, is iwetkle- badly aa she settle*. She will prove an cuitre loss. Ilvr carco will be cawed nnlojnrea, ■arhihc exception of the apple* In the hold. The wHk and whiskey i* unhurt. Two model barges verc alongside yeriurday. taking oiTher cargo, v.htch amounted to over 600 tons, of which only I ‘&De* middling cotton at 23a 31c. Hogs advanced to c KOj£, wjth ■ahj* °f •?,<OO. lleccpts, and 4,600 killed. To*al Ann tendency upward; no W ]m Sal&«* of tobacco firmer extent common In-s which are loner. The crop coming lu la In- t.vpch ha* been bolding high court in Mreccf County. One man baa been luinged, and fiticcn person* were otdvrcd to leave the county or suffer a similar fat c. IHO3IIXUIASATOLIS. Ta* and Revenue tStatlttlto-Taiml Somber d £cbonl Children In the rtty—Rrocrai Uraa<-<!old Weather and Fine "-katins. tbpcctal Despatch to the Cnlcago Tribune.l Ixnuxarou*, December 13. Ttc following U the yearly assessment of pro perty in the city: Real estate, f 10,1*6,555; Im pTovcmcnlv, *6,372,415; peraonal property, $c,319.CC4. Total, Thu total smoant «f taxes assessed on this valuation for city pur poses IB fU5.712.32. The assessments and collections ol Internal 'Revenue in ibis district ‘ortho yearcoding Jane 30th. 1966, were over half amllllon dollar*. Ike total number of children attending the Enblic school* of tho city during the mouth end- Dccetrbcr 7. was about three thousand. General Cract, accompanied by his *on. was ia the city for some bouia thia morning, on his way to Mattoon, Illinois. Mies Annie Hvatl, tome time past a leading lady at the Metropolitan Theatre, ui retired from the stage, and gone East. Weather very cold and skating al the rare -Bdn»e five tbonund of oar citizen* «ere out ex cicltlng In that way this afternoon. FROM STRING FIELD, FropeaUlonloCoaTejr the Illinois Soldiers Callc&c to the Maie-OCicUl Foie for Con * crtMins will be Anotnerd l»-d«T --r&pedsl Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlbnne-l 1 fircntomxD. December 19. The Rev. Doctors Elliott, Forrester and Leon „.a Trostcce of Use Illinois Soldiers' College and Muitarr Academy at Felton. l.Haols, bsd an ln twrtewwltbthe Governor to-day, the subject of conveying of ihailnslitution with vhepropcrtT attached to iU amounting to the vslocorfSWWOO. with ao endowment fond of SSUXtktQ to bo used thereby as a col fere far disabled toldlm and a borne far the orphan* ol soldiers, or In the event of ttlMdea nSbeSc feasible, to secure annuall apprepna mb*Wb the Stale to maintain andsappoitlt n.r the«e tiurr.o«w under its present mansco The“nblect is one of much interest, a* U Sftxti the soldiers and orphans of the Scale, and Km before tbs approaching legislature; Sd Ula eopposed that unless a more atrepiabL Bmleet t'prcwmtod, that this ottx nny be Uvor- ShtjMmjScrodhytheLcglslatorß In accordance Rw members of Congress. »i the Utc ejection, will b- canvassed to nSrSrtithe Governor and the State oJUccrs. SSTtbc mult announced by Executive procla matioc. ___ fEOSI SOETH CABOLISA. Adlcn-Tbc Suspension of Cor poreal Punishment. T?»rrrnn December 13.—The Howard amend ..iSvfvraa rejected to-day by the North Carolina «r»i I, ina for lb rcs««loa «. Tt« Hum TOletorltoratlflcalion ni 10: lorll.njeolm,W. T vfJbUtaro will trnd Hirer Connlnioan, to ffl-Urnloii u> confer wiO. (hr wnhorilic. It. Sl/drato ttc mllltorrorder .nipcodnii:Hie la- corporeal pnnlshmenl by the courts of fh?S°t°c. gKcSo? Worth, the bran Commie iv?T.?r select* bis associate Commissioners. December M.-The balnea* *r Court was suspended to-day. In °* Sf” /f-n order of General bfckles for- of corporeal punishment on bidding c.«»« i«n*s prescribed It for certain hUrt whlto. Coa.Hcr.Mc rrdtement prevails here on the subject. The SSSratea will meet to-morrow to consider what mcuoo Ja peceaaaty- M PEKIAU PRITATEEBS. The Estelle Not the Only Fenian T«wel Afloat—Fean for the Incoming Steamship December 18.—A Boston special rrivl’tc;r Ketoll. 1. not U.. onljf c»!.rl.li>td tor Uw BnlUh left Liverpool for BMltol on U>° HI instant Bomb Carolina A uric* Ua ' a _ Columbia, 8- C., December lA-Tae to-daypusch a bill to accept the donation of land lor an Agricultural College. FROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. Russia Proposes a European Qjn gress in Belation to the Christians in Turkey. - Terrible Colliery Explosion-Three Luiiilml Pervious Killed. Full Particulars of the Shock- ing Catastrophe. Maximilian Reported to be in a State of Indecision. Hie North German Slates Hold a .Conference in Berlin, Dec. 15th. PROM WASHINGTON. Tlic Colorado Bill to Come up in the Senate To-Day. Temper of Congress in Regard to the Contraction of the Currency. Wem Tariff BUI Provides for a Six [Cent Duty on Foreign Wool. [lon. Thad. Stevens Recommended for the Pennsylvania JSenatorsliip. COMB. The District Suffrage Bill Passed in the Senate, Yeas, 32—Hays, 13. House Bill Introduced to Establish Civil Government in Berth Carolina. Debate in (he House on the General Appropriation Bill, Official Advices from tbe Jiio Grande. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE AT WAUKEGAN. One Person Buried in the Ruins. FROM EUROPE* Dr Atlantic Cable—Russia Pronwen a Ron* pran Congress Relative to tnc Christians in Turner— Diplomatic Aareement between Itnlrand Rome—TVrii'-le Colliery Explo sion—3oo Persons Killed and \Toanded —Tec Empress Eugenic to Vl«t Rome—The .lioolttnr Reports Maximilian as Uudectd* eil as to Furore yiovcmrots—The North German States to Hold a Conference In .Berlin. December 15—Additional Arrests of Fenians, St. PcTEnsntnto, December 13.—Russia has proposed a general finroneau Confereuci relative to tee position of tbe Christians in Trurkcy. Flouexce. December 13—Noon.—'The Italian Ambassador to Rome baa concluded a diplomatic agicvmcnt highly favorable to U&lv. By an explosion at a cri*txj at’Barnsley, BDO pmont \iarobnm killed and wounded. detec tires hire discovered a Ism*** col* lection of Fenians at Unit. The Corcmtncnl has taken measure* to anppteaa them. ranis, December IS-Noon.—fhc Empress Ba scule I- ehortl> to make a visit to Horn*, rams, December 18—Noon.—'The ifonitrar of morning imbH-Lcs a plan for the roorg*nua lion of the Trench army. Ixsnos, Thursday Evening.—Qnecn Isabella, of Spain, is on a visit to this capital and guest of the Queen. Pants, Thursday Evening.—Tba Sfonittur an uonncca that the Emperor Maximilian la etlll In Mexico, and Is undecided as to future movements. Enact, Thursday.—The North German States will bold a conference In this city December IMh. Ijvxnroon. Thursdsy.—lt Is stated tbit a num ber or additional arrests of supposed Fenian* have been made in Ireland. I.OSDOX, Tb art day.—The steamship Bolivar will be delivered to the Colombian Government, -•'hose agent ha* established their right to her, and It being also proven that she was not deslrocd for the Fenians. LATEB, Farther Patticolnm Concerning the Ter rible Colliery Explosion-ICnutsre Threat* rned Between Turkey and Greece. Etc. T.oxmk, Thursday, December 18—Evening.— The following additional particulars of the ex pio«'on at Eamsby. have been received: Tbc pit where (be explosion occurred Is two Lundrcu and fifty yards In depth, whb lateral ex cavations ‘or nearly two miles. Some three hun dred pcsons were in tbc mine at tbo time, nearly all of whom were killed. Forty dead bodies have been counted within a space of 17U feet A very few smlerers have been roe cued in a shock ing stale of mntilation, and there ta no hope that any more can be gotten ont alive. Thu excite ment In the vicinity is of a most painful nature. Eigttr of tbc dead had been taken oat thi* morning, when the second explosion occurred, and a portion of the rescuing parties who were still in the pit Is thooght to have perished. CoxßTAxnxorL*, December 18.— Adairs be tween Tnrkcy and Greece arc In a critical posi tion, and a rupture of diplomatic relations Is anticipated. Loxdox, Thursday, December 18,—The Faria UoT,\:tur publishes a despatch from Mexico, signed by General# Baxaint and Ctaiclnau, urg irg the immediate despatch of transport* to take Ike French troops away from Mexico. Luteal English Market*. Loxnos, December 15—Noon. FiiMXCun-Cocsola ssjf tbr money; 5-SOa, 7t} Erie, Liviitfoou.Deeetaber is—Noon. Ccttoa stcadr and nnchangedt uplands, ttjfd. Lokpox. December IX Telegrams trom Fra’kfbrt iuxl Am»:crd&m of this date retort a quiet feeling ta United State* bonds, sai price* arc rather wrak la the turmcr cltv; 75)4 waa bid Lr the Uaue of IWt. and 75X waa otked. LtTTKFoou December IS—Evcalar. The tallow market la firm and without change In market U firmer, hot no actual adraaee U noted; sates of refined at la «dF tradoc. bosnox. December U—LVeotnc. FrxavciAt—Consols ckwed at Six tor money, tbs tcltowlor ate tbe cluitcc nitre* tor Am-flraaMcart* ties; J-toa, 71: Erie, <Tj»; ullnoU Central. 7»s. FBO3I TVASIUSGTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WaamsoTox. December IS. crsazxcr ooxnuonov. Tbe members of tbe Ways and Means Commit tee appear to be about equally divided upon the subject of contracting the currency. Tbe proba bDixy Is that the committee will adhere to the present monthly rate of contraction. Mr. McCnl loch's plan U for a more rapid contraction, hut the committee will hardly report i& Caror of such a comae, as the temper of the Boose Is such that were the matter to come up in that shape a strong attempt would be made to withhold t&e power to withdraw even four millions per month. The opposition of the House to contraction Is quite marked. BAAS CttCTXATIOX. It seems improbable that there will bo anr meas ure passed by the House looking to as increase of thv circulation. There seems to be a desire to take from the Secretary the power to tamper vrith the currency, nor do they believe in his use o( the currency to regulate prices. In short the indications are that the House will favor the finan cial policy of the Treasurer. IXCOSX Til AJO> SCATS WAB DXBTS. The report of Mr. nnihouse, of New York, in regard to settle g apart the revenue tax lor the paying of State war debts, has been made pnb> Uc. ■ It attracts much attention and causes a good deal of dlscnwlon in Cougreselonal circle#. The concluding portion, after au argument in favor of arranging for the payment of the war debt*, is as follows t •* Should tbo policy of providing for the war d« bts ot the States be favorably regarded by Coa ercss. It would not be impossible to devise some nar in which it could be fairly and equitably ac complished. A plan, which appears free from any lonsidable difficulties, is that relinquishing to ine States some particular source of revenue now nndtr the control of the General Government, to be appropriated and used by the Stales for this ernre-a object. In this mode there appears to be rodlilicet tax that could more properly be devot ed to Ihl# purpose than that on Incomes. Uit lUtscS'a tax cornea wlihia the meaning Sfthe term “ indited” as used IntheConitlta- UonTandlt “direct” it should be enforced under thernicof apportionment instead of Iflcladed Ip a avetem of Internal duties laid in the rule of nn|. f.irriliv The receipt# from this source forth® K year «ding Juno 3Wh.IBM, amount to a stun sufficient W accomplish the oh YOL. XX. ject in view, and jet not larger than ran Id be spared without seriously Impairing_tha National resources. It Is confidently believed they would still be ample for the wants of the Government without this particular tax, and if not its joss wonld be supplied by the annual increase of other revenues, or the system could bo extended so as to embrace new subjects. In ibe practical working of the plan, titatei that contracted no debts dor- Inc the «ar or have already paid them, would be able lo discontinue the tax altogether, and thus aSord present-and substantial relief to the tax payers. Oilers not so favorably situated, would nave to continue it for a longer or shorter penod. according to the amount of thtir outstanding debts. ultimately It might be reduced ip three percent, relieving people in Stares so situated from a portion of tbelr burden, and providing ror a more rapid payment of their debts on a dimin ished rale ot taxation. .... “ jn ccnclnsiou. It may be observed tbit the par ticular plan proposed Involves neither as assump tion of any of the liabilities of the States, nor-heir payment tn any form by the Culled States. bach elate would pay us own obligations from the property of Its own citizens, and tbe Genual Cor ciniDvnt would simply suspend the cxcrcue of Its Jurlidictlon over a single source of revenae, that It m'ght be appropriated by the b’ales c or the purpose specified. It Is doubtful wnether. with the currency In a natural circulation, any revenue that can be drawn tram taxes levied on the value •! real and personal property, will more than sulllce to meet the ordinary ex penses of the Stale Government, and pay the debts they have contracted for objects of state concern. Taxes cf this dercrlptlou bear unequal ly on land which pays the larger portion, and thus reach an interest which cannot ba depressed •without auccung the propery ot all, outers. Should the state.’ extend their concurrent Jurisdic tion over the ndd of Internal taxation, they wou'd be entering on a domain already occupied by an o-ber power, which may find ll necessary or ex l>cdlcnt hereafter to Include In Us ay-icms new sources of revenue, asd l*i case of conflict assert the supremacy of 1U own laws and regulations. It appears href, thcr, that this virtual partition of resource* should be respected at least until the wants of the General Government arc supplied. But meanwhile the Plate Governments should pot be compel!* dto par, byadtreettax oolhevalae of propetty, which would fall heavily on real estate, dtb's contracted to sustain the military op erations cf the General Government, and therefore strictly national tn thelf character.” “cost or rvniAH xxrEomoxs. The Secretary of War baa wot to the House a tabular and (Mailed statement showing tbe cost of tbe Indian expeditions for the suppression ol hostilities to the years iSM and JSCS. It shows that the Quartermaster's Department expended fD,1J0.572 In l-iOL and *19,2(3,850 in 1*65. The Subsistence I)epailment expended *IS£U,TH to 1£«, and f8W.J55.40 In Jbdl.and the pay depart ment expended *505,953.93 in iSdt, and $1,132,512.*d inl£oo. rmnoKs ron nsrxAcmnarr. Up (o the piuent time foar separate petitions for the impeachment of the President have been presented. They were all from the West, and bore an aggregate of a boat two hundred and fifty names. CONTESTED ELECTION. Tbe House Committee on Elections bus, as yet. but one contested seat case on its calendar for this eeejon, vlt, : of Thomas against Arocll, of Tennessee. They beard the plea of Sir. Thomas tills morning. , covixKXEXT ci-Aors ron covtoxbatb prop- XSTT. It has transpired that thoOoTerntnentbaa pend* log In Kurland and France suits amounting to about *2u,(iCo COO for tbe recovery of Confederate property claimed by otbt-r parties, and tbe House to-dsy granted the State Department a considera ble sum of money with which to prosecute these salts to a conclusion. coscuessiosal evctjos. The Committee on Elections hare agreed to report a bill providing that hereafter tbe Congressional Elections shall be held on tbe some day in all the Slates, to wit: on the Tuesday after tbe first Mon day In November In lb>V<, and every second yew thmafter. Tblalstheday on which a majority of the Northern Slates now hold the election. Pro vision will be made la another bill for those States which have not chosen members to the Fortieth Congress. COLTDAT AIUOCnJOOEST. The concurrent resolution for recess from De- cember SCib to January Sd, which passed tbs House this morning hr 103 t 0.51, will meet eerlou* opposition In tbe Senate, and its passage by that body la not at all certain. the mew TAmrr bux. FpecUl Commissioner Weils baa Us tariff about completed. He is expected to reach here from New Voik with it )u print early next week. The only one of bis recommendations yet known Is that be favors a six cent duty on wool to place of tbe present rates. HEW ORXXAXB IKV LSI 10ATXKU COXWmi. The Special Committee to investigate the New Orleans riot began their work to-day. They have summoned several gentlemen who were In tbat cliyatthe time the riot took place, and will bear their evidence before filing there. While tbo General Appropriation Bill was under dlfcn-sion In tbe House to-day, Mr. Stevens, tbe Chairman of the Committee on Appropriation*, paid a bleb compliment to the financial manage ment of the State Department, lie declared tbat In the opinion of hi* committee, it * affairs had been managed with more economy than those of any other Department. rofKsrtvAxu rrxATon, Colonel Forrey tai written a lette; Qr «ln« 1U publican members yf the l ligislatnre to unite upon Hen. Stevens for Senator. The contest be- tween Cottiu and Cameron seems to be turning principally npon tbe relative amount of funds nbicb each can control. Meantime, while tbo con- irat goes on there la a very a irons more being mule on the port of the Radicals of the State to act them ho<b aside and take op Mr. Stevens, Governor Hear? if raid to favor this. FAfsaot or toe stmucr BcrraaoE mix. 'I he protracted struggle in Congress oror the suffrage in the District of Columbia Is practically ceded, ar.d at the next election in Wnuhtugton all colored men will be voters. The bill passed by the Senate this evening provides for universal anf (rugn without respect to race or color. In this icspectttdoesnoi differ from tho bill passed b> the House last winter. It la more strincent, Uonever, tt«n that measure, in that it provides for the registration of all voters, and disfranchises not only all men who left here to aid the rebels, bnt also all who resided here and openly sympa- tblzcd vilb (he rcl*ls. The debate was continued till a Isle hoar, the attendance In the gallery bc mg very good, and a large number of the mem l*ers of tbc House being on the fioor daring the later part of the session. • tens vote. Tbo vote on the passage was thirty-two yeas to thirteen nay*. The latter being Messrs. Bncka- lew, Cowan, Davis, Dixon, Doolittle, Foster. Hen dricks, Nesmith. Norton, Patterson, Riddle, Stale bury and VanWlcklc. zrrrcr cr tub eexits. Ihere was some cicltcmer.l.bat no applause, on the announcement of tho vote. Mr, Foster was very argent for an educational qualification and cenid not favor universal suffrage. ritoerccn or nut box. fit mx none. Tbc bill ha* yet to oe acted upon by the House, t nill probably be reached on Monday, and as its principles have been so ofen aflirmod hr that body it ia expected that not much time will be spent over the bill. Tbc vote of the Senate assures its postage over the expected veto. so crux us roar omexa. The Postmaster General has decided to discon- tinue all Post Office* in the Southern States, where late Fostina*tcre tail toiaake returns of the mosey end stamps in their bands at the beginning of the war. Very few old offices in Southern States have yet been re-opened, and except where special ap plication I* made no more will be for some lime to come. Daring the present week IS6 offices in North Carolina were discontinued. Only three thousand cf the eight thousand offices in that State bare been rc- opened: wrsrmx tost oitice cnaxcEa. The following change* in Postmasters In the West were made by Postmaster General Randall dm Ing tbe present week: J/kAifar —Gcddo, St. Clair County, N. Potter, vice A. Farwell, resigned; White lake, Oakland County, Buchanan, resigned. OAtc— RcesevlUc. Clinton County, R. Merrl- n eatber, vie* W. R. Cntrer, resigned; WRcy Sta tion, Darke Coosty, E. M. Thurston, vice Marlin, declined. JUinoit— Lisbon, Kendall Conntr, W. W. Gif ford, vice 3, F. Moore, removed; Dclarao, Taze well County, L. S. Cheevcr, vice S. Van Hayne, removed; Kntabt's Grove, St. Clair Coosty, S. Gouidy, vice C. Boal, dccllced ; Falrwcaiber, J. W.Eber, vice E. Luioer, realgned; Hurricane, Montgomery County. R. White, vice 3. A. Harris ictigced; Neanga, Cumberland County, B. Clem- •eta, vice F. M- Crodmao. resigned; Pesolncl, Champaign County. J- Heckle, vice A.H. Stephen ;oa,resigned; Savannah, Carroll County, S. N. Stoddard. Tice P. Sargent, resigned. TTUcoimu—Weecoda, Grant County, A. T>ler, vice Hus A, Harris, resigned. A’ebruaia—Florence, Douglas County, G. W. Peck, vice 9. W. Turner, deceased; Pitttamoulh, J. W, Marshall, vice E. W. Hutchinson, removed ; Wallace, Dodge County, Q. C. Canfield, vice W. Cottrell. declined. 2hnnfiota~JtSenon, Win on* County, W. B, Blmetaid, Tice 8. Turner, resigned: Lydia. B. F. Squire, vice 8. 8. Whlpps, resign »d; Maple Glenn, Scott Connly, John Thornton, vice J. K. Skinner, missed; St. Lawrence, Scott County, H. T. Baxter, vice W. H. Stodder. re moved ; Redwood Falls, Redwood County, s. C. Rooluicr, rice L. M. Baker, resided; Prince ton, MlHctac County, B. F. Whitney, vice D. £. Godding, removed: Kincaton, Meeker County, S. Whitney, vice H. Ball, re- i moved; Cambridge, Isanti, j. Conoco, vice S. Eougts, resigned; Champlain, F. Thorndike, vice B. H. Mfßer, realised; Caledonia, Houston Coun ty, W. W. Pan bur, vice J. U. Prentiss, left the State;- Goodune Centre, Goodhue County, O. Gleason, nee J.V.B. Bailey, resigned; Stanton. Goodhue County,— Vinton, vice E. S- Bailey, removed; Wastedo, Goodhue County, J, Stone, rice E. 8. Sargent, removed; Clark Grove, Freeborn County, J. Ncltou, vice M. H. Chamberlain, resigned; Gene va, ivarbom County, Kettlcon, vice C. 1L Mclnure, i«rgned; Ashhaud, Dodge County, IL Fuller, nee C, D. TnthlU, declined; Hampton, Dakota County, 11. H. Baxter, vice A. J. Strctter, resigned; Crow Wing, Crow Wing County. A. Matey, sen., vice J. W. Peake, resigned; Garden City, Blue Earth County, S. Williams, vice S. C. Clark, resigned. Colorado— Cush Creek, Labe County, J. Hutch- Itsoo vice W. V. Kroil, falictl to bond. VlcJt— Peimburg, MUlard County, 8. H. Rob cits, vice E. Klnp, declined. AVvcda— Silver City, Lyon County, W, Benton, ncc J. A. Benhtm, resigned. l<nre— Cpton, Van Bureu County, U. T. Patton, vice J. M. SlcCauce,resigned; Blnggold,Ring gold County, S. A. Glass, vice J. T. Memli, re signed; Crystal, Lucas County, W. Nelson, vice K, Felton, resigned. aiutcsr or ewtrconTus. A’special inspector at UauUm, Marne, reports the arrest of two cotoriouaamngzlcrs, who have tong defied the law, while engaged la transport. leg a large amount of gooda (Tom near Bruns wick, which they designed to smuggle la free of duty. ctana AiLowxn. The claims of C. F. Dumont against the Govern ment for the loss the steamer Baton Rouge, sunk In 1882, by orders of General Grant, have been al lowed. BAjQuntao. On tbe Invitation of Mr. Edward Jordon, Solic itor of the Treasury Department, the principal Ohio men In the Capital met at bis resident?, and were very handsomely entertained. Ibe Con gressional delegation of the btate were nearlv all present, while the Judiciary, and Ibe leading po sitions In tbe Departments, and lawyers of tbe State practicing In tbe District, were fullv repre sented. Tbe IcuULlaos in tbe city were also en tertained by Judge Wright, of Loganaport. most of the Congressmen from that Slate being present. trm» rao» coloszl rou*rr. Was macros, December 13.—Colonel J. W. Forney writes s letter to-day to Don. Wilmer WonhJorloD, declining to be & candidate for United b'tatea Senator, rice Senator Cowan. While thas 0 criming, Colonel Forney says, “With no dtspo-lUon to underrate others. I am free to say I thick the election of Bon. Tbaddcas Stereos as successor to Mr. Cowan, would promote lasting harmony In oar political household, and would anooeelionably secure to the State and the cation a champion of those great principles ot nalchlcis experience, integrity and courage.” Bocimxa to coLonro moors. In answer to an Inquiry nude by Co’oari C. D. Pennlbacker, Military Aged of tbc stale of Ken tucky, under date or December 3d, is6B, whether sr not, nndcr any law or decision, colored troops ire entitled to bounty who enlisted from the I'Jth if June, IS&i, to the 4th of July, 1561, the Second comptroller made the following repl/: No pro vision has been made for lbs colored persona en listing in the mteiral above named. The J.dnl resolution of June 15th, ISW, aa amendea by the joint resolution of July 20th, 190 C, provides that where nothing appears on the muster or on record to show that a colored soldier was not a free man at the date aforesaid, the I9tb of April, 196’, under the pro vblonsof the fourth section ol the act making appropriations for the support ol the army for iheyear enalng the 30th of dune, I«CR, the pro snmpuon shall be that too person was fr-.e. This fourth secUonln the act otdano 13, 1801. elves to colored soldiers who bad at that date been mus tered into service, the pay. bounty, etc., allowed to them by tbe laws existing at the time of their enlistment, and authorized the Attorney Gen- General to determine any question of law ati-lag under this provision. The Attorney General, Mr. Bates, oo the 14th of July, ISfii, decided that the same pay, bounty and cloth me are allowed by law to colored soldiers, free on the l!ho C* April. 1861, mastered into tbe service between December 1, 19*1, and June IG, 1 sW, as arc allowed to white soldiers of like arm* of (he service. Applying this exposition of the law, giving the claimants under the Joint resola- i lion of Juno 15, id'iG. tbe benefit ot a presumption o) freedom on tbe Vilh Of April. 1901, a hiatus still exists, and no bounty £An be allowed to a colored soldier enlisting between,Juno 15 and Jotj 4, igw. The law of the last named date, calling out tbo National fortes, making no discrimination on account of color, except by order of the President, who la empow ered by the eecund flection of tha act of June 1* 1861, to ellow In the di3«rrflt States and parts of States, person* or color who jhatt hereafter be mnstcred into the military service 6? States, a bounty to each not exceeding' ono hun dred dollars, no order has been Issued mT-T 00 j bbShly baa been paid under thalfrectlon. M*Tmr£ Fierros; The House Committee on Elections will have ir to-day the only case of the session. It I) Thomas acaacst Arncll, tbo present member from one of tbe Tennessee districts. Aracll Is a Itadlcal and Thomas a Johnson man. ‘t he latter claims that the election of Arnell was illegal, be cause of the nncoastimtionallty of tbe present registry law of Tennessee, preventing rebels trom voting. The decision will be very impor tant, became it will form a precedent for several similar case which will come up in the next Cou- Rreaa. ACTIOS OF THE SOCTUXUX T.OTAMBTS. At a meeting cf tbr Soctbmi l/>y.iUnv last even ing, ihomss J. Durant, awed as President. An nodress was adopted which Ignores the present Southern Governments and propose* that the Stales be reduced to a territorial condition out of w hich new States are jo be created by Coogro**, H:c latter to provldeConstituions for thsta repub iicant'ln form, 'ibis programme la tube urged immediately. A nf iv nevESCB UtT. Wasiiixotos, December The Secretary of tbe Ticaaury has prepared a bill -to be submitted to Congress, which embraces a ireneral customs revenue law, and is designed to supersede ati other laws on that subject, amt to manage all necessary nrovb-lons tor (be regulation of the foreign and coasting trade, the assignment and collection ot dntics on merchandise Imported from foreign countries, and maUera Immediately pertatng thereto. The Stcr of this evening says the report that a pardon will be offered to John H. Surratt, on con d tlon that bo testify against others, la untrue. Any testimony riven by him mint be voluntary on Lis part, and with the understanding that bo does not thereby save bis neck. heavt hobbert. This morclngacentiemaa reported to the police headquarter* tbat ho was robbed of tn.OoOon tbe train which arrived from New York this morn ing. lie stated that be bad his money in bis belt around hl« valet, but it becoming nncomfortab'e, look It off and told it under bis bead, after which he tell asleep. The belt waa four d empty this morning by the loser near hla scat In tbo car. sosnaATiosa. WAsmjtnTOW, December 18.—The New York /Aroftf, with its nsnal accnracy, slates to-day (bat In executive session yesterday the Senate confirmed General Dlx’a and other diplomatic appointments, when lu tact (be senate baa net had an Executive ses sion since the commencement of tbo present »»■ ■lm. Tb* nmniiii'Uuii were sent In by tbe Preel* cent but no action was bad upon them. A number of coriclar appointments and bicvot promotions of volunteer officers and a few m tbo regular army were soul to the Senate yesterday by the besent In along list of Internal revenue assessors at d collectors appointed daring recess. MEXICO. Otficlnl Advlm from the Rln Rntnde - The RrvaMlrani Unanimous lor Jaarrr-Reo* crnl trliermas and Minister Campbell En It aim. frr niaiamoras. Wasntxciox, December 13.—A despatch re ceived last night from Sheridan, dated New Or leans, rays: 1 telegraphed last evening of the good condi tion of uilairs on the Rio Grande. The act of . C edcwtck gave rise to no complication, in fact, Escobedo called on me to ask me nor to bold him responsible for it. The Canales faction having been submerged, 1 was enabled to release Ortega upon Escobedo promising be would look out for bun. Not a city or Slate in Mexico takes Issue against tho ,1 cares Government. On my return 1 nu t Sht rn an at Brazos Santiago. He was <n ruulewitii Campbell, for Matsmoras. FROM SEW TORE. Death «f a Member of the Itarbldc Family bate Manufacturer r»nr<t for Damages— Rumor that Major Hodman will soon Resign. New Yens. December Ik—Don Agnrtln G. Itutbide. sou of the former Emperor of Mexico, died at the Clarendon Hotel, In this city, Tues day, of Bright's disease of the kidneys. HU re mains will be taken to Philadelphia, by hi* brother, Don Angel itarbldc, and interred on Wednesday. _ „ . A atm 1* In progress in tbo Supreme Coart, of William A. Sanborn, banner, residing In Stirling. 111, against t-Paa C. Herring, to recover stolen in iKk nom a safe manufactured by Herring. Reports of the meditated resignation of Mayor Hoffman are again current, but cannot be tract-d to an antln ntic eottrcc. He nominated Uoo. Wil liam McMnrrav to the Aloermea for Street Com missioner to-day. The rejection of several of bis nomination* is alleged as tho cause of the ramor •llndod to. __ m New Vouc. December lA—The -4nfl-.S?cr*’cry Stoatfurd advises the election of Fred. Douglas* 10 the denote, now that Greeley baa been shoved off the track. _ .. , ILe cold snap continues. The weather Is colder ard the atmosphere Is clear and bright. The slating U flrst-clo#*. _ Two steamer* sailed to-day foe Vert Crux to take French troops to France. New Yoss, December in.—At a mecllcg of the Executive CommPtee of the National Board of Underwriters, to-dar. a despatch was received trcmJ B. Barnett, of Cincinnati, urging efforts to get the N.‘\v York arson laws adopted by other states- A rceolntlon was adopted looking thereto. A resolution In favor of abolishing the system of paving looses before the caoecs of fires arc satisfactorily ascertained, was adopted. Ibe organization of a local board in Chicago was ordeicd. The city of Miragoarc, in ibe Island of Uaytl, Las been entirely destroyed by fire. FROM ST. LOUIS. Proclamation from Governor Fleieher- Biverlicmo—Advance en Misaenri Bond*! Ctc, __ (Special Despatch to the Chloco Tribune.] St. Loci*. December 13. Governor Flcether bu lasned a special procla mation to the cilUena of Lafayette tad Jackson counties, la which be states that three counties nUI bo required to pa; the expense of maiutain lac.tbe troops be has called oat. The opinion appears to crow that the ice will gorge *hta season, first at a sew dyke on or oear the chain between this point and Alton, leaving oar harbor clear of ice and nnfntcmtplcd navigation southward through the winter. lilmoia boats are quitting; boala, barges and wharf-boat* are »ech* inc witter qnartcr*. and the Mississippi Valley Barge line goes, or has gone to Cairo. Missouri bonds have advanced to ninety-five cents on account of the demand for the first install ments cn the purchase of the iron Mountain ItaU res'* Tbc fcteral of Mr. K. Pasdull, of the EfpvbO* eca, wOl be Urfieljrttteaded bjr neixliaata and old cltUcos. From New Orleans. J»rw Osuaxa, December 13.—The frigate Sus quehanna is expected at any moment at the mouth of the river, with Sherman and Campbell. Gen eral Sheridan has sent a despatch boat to the passes to meet and bring then up to the cuy. or WAIT BBOTBSHtS Adv enisins Aa’t* 126 DrwrtwnH«tM receive advertiseeicata for all the leading paprn tbrouaboat (he rolled States a»d Oannwns. _ jHasowic. Tl TASONIC.—The members ol Washlng iii ton Chapter. No. C, R. A, M„ are hereby notified to tetadappearat their hathtai* (.FnJij) create;:, at TV o’clofC. to attend the Annual Convocation tor the election of officers and payment of dao*. By order oi the it. E. U. r. * WM. PaDELFORD. Jr, Secretary. (UMantra. A T.ATYV, experienced in- teaching. J A and qa.Mincd to ln»truet is higher Englah.Frecrtj, Latin ana mute. WISHES A BITTJATXoW la a tebool or famfir- Also a Frvaeh lafly, lately frem ram, Wtshea a situation to teach the i repeh Isnrnspe. AdJren 21 North May-ax OITUATIOK WANTED—In a meal O market, - , By a Practiced Batcher of Experience* Csb famish the beat of reeommendatlijn* from former *mpiuycta. AddrcMEDWAUlJ^LOAN^nockfiiriLlll. ?ital Estate. pon SALE—Cottage Groves TWO DESIRABLE RESIDENCES, With cbolrelota la the Grove, three mlnnfcs ■ hu= the rortc c*r». the Hyde Part SXJn v It FoesaiebT goWAKD MARTIN, \j. ay Fullerton Block. HDctrtOflMk CHICAGO, FRIDAY, DECEMBER U, 1866. amusements. QOMPLIMENTART TESTIMON LAX. OLIVER TWIST, CUAB. DICUDNB’ BIABTHIIPIBO3 Written In the early bloom ofbl* genius—while hi* prufrcelcn of reporter brought Mm (happily for the world, ud whet l* besntifal mil.) la daily coatae. with linage scenes end strange men sad string* man ners—the story of Oliver Twist devetope* mire strong ly than any other of Dickens'works. tan p*mio tor picture, mat large ud loTinghutaanlty, that ueep'jm patny with unman suffering, aad all mails »*J noble, however poor aad lowly. on this earth, which has to*de hi* name in tboajaoilj ofhoa«ebold*, a name of ableating, andstamped time* the mist caru-tsl chimplon sow living or fonliy life nod virtu*. nod the eternal toe of selfishness and vice- Lin* before aught ot bt« found a home In print, LITTLE PAUL, and LIT TLE SELL, and LI PTLE OLIVER, bad fouad a home In MsMchuirt,aadthe*ehe warmed warm ed them until the r.rc caught the mind, the mindtiuch ed the heart, and forth sprang a story—a story foil of all those sad tamps be had met in bis dally walks ot life. Full of quaint foades and genial figure*. Tall of •mall ante) voices and IttUe merry belli, aod ch*crtnl, crackling fires. FULL OKPOOBLITTLE CHILDREN CAST HOPELESSLY ON cOLD. COLD STREETS; aadol oerra and Fiends in human shape, who beat them and kept them hard at worth At the first dramatic representation of “Oarer Twist,” sires at ihe Paviilnn Theatre London, la May. J*s£ f lelc inn says: “ boxe of the author's friends cried. * Look, gentlemen, the man Is a villain, but It Is naturefor all that;’and the youiur critics of the ace. the clersa, apprentice*. *£-, called it low aad foil c-groanlng.” To which Dlckeas. In as Introduction l> the third edition of the north alluding to mensural ness of the character ol “Nancy.” remarks: “It Is useless to dIMU'S whether the character of th* girl seems natural cr unnatoraL probable or Improbable, right or wrung, it is tel'*- Every man who his watched these melancholy tSadrs of life knows it to b* so. Suggested to mv mind tong ago—long btfore I dealt In fiction—by w hat 1 often saw and read ot. in ac tusl life around me, I have, for years, tracked It through many ptofilinteaidnoU:,me ways, and found It still the same. From the first Introduction ofthktpoir wretch (Nancy hjke*) to her laying her bloody head ufon the robbrt a breast, ttero U not nn. word exazee rated or overwrought. It is emphatically God's truth, for It U the truth u« leave* In such depraved and mise rable brea»ts; the tnpe yet lingering b»hind; the last talr dr>p of water at the bottom ol the drled-an, wood chokrdwell. It Involves the best aad worst shades ot our common nstnre, amch of Its ust leet hues, and something of Its most beautiful. It U a contradiction, an anomaly, an app*r*ut impieslblllty, but It Is a Term. lan clad lohavchad itdoubted. for In that circumstance f find a suflcient ai'oranco tnst U needM to be told.” Ibosltwtil be seen In this drama. Its treat original, who, verbally speaking, may be termed akin to Uccarth, has raised a beacon on the basis of truth to warn the erring, guide the Inexperienced, In struct the Ignorant to avoid the shoals by which they an surrounded, and forcibly inculcate the gnat aural lesson that vice, bower prosperous for a time, will aocccc or later meet with punishment and disgrace, while virtue, whatever may bo Its trials and tempta tions. will ultimately secure a Just reward. LUCILLE WESTERN SANC¥ SYKES, THE CHARACTER WHICH CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN DAS HADE FAMOUS. to .lughu, AT CHOSBTS OPSBA HOVSa. LUCILLE TTESTEBN’3 FABSWELL B2WSFIT. SECURE YOUR SEATS. Eijc gftating Reason, QPEN AFTERNOON AND EVEN WASHINGTON SKATING PARK. LIGHT GUARD BAND IN ATTENDANCE THIS EVENIN3. The Bandolph-«u car* land yon at the Farit, tad the Madiaoo-iU car* wIUUn one block. GRAND CARNIVAL, SATURDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING. 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Also, Cardigan Skating Jackets Wc mmtlcn above a ftw of our Beary Winter Good* and price*, k Web. fbr STYLE, QUALITY, HAKE and PRICE, we defy competition. Call asd tee oor Good* beftre bnj ins. sad un from |5 to fSS on as outtt, get tbe BEST HIDE Cloth ing la the City, at t. E. NEWM k BRO’S. An opportunity not to be LCST COMPETITIQH DEFIED! THE HEAVY FAILURES At New York hare given P. I. HUSS4NDER, 129 CLARK-ST., An opportunity to offer to the public a Magnificent Stock Winter Clothing Coexceptionably Low Prices. The Rode computesa FINE SELECTION ME MS, WHICH FOB 6TSTLB, WOBEMANSHIP, DURABILITY, ion* F RICES, CANNOT BE EQUALLED. F. J. HUSSANDER, ISO CL.UIE-ST- CHICAGO* Stoics, &c. J F. RATHBONE & CO.’S ALBANY STOYES AT WHOLESALE. A tall pwomrert now tm hand, Catalogues and price lira fcrnldhed on application. GRANGE SAUD, Jr., Amt. MP7 Lakwet. T'kIDNT 1 TELL TOU SO?—That I J BBAXD Um*tlßg better work *t ehaioef rote* toaster other :oao la theba*ii«>. Slip in ud m tl» PHOTOS Df OlL—Jott toe ttln* ftr tiUldrta. Cartes de TUlte, Only $1.50 per Dozen, At lO&LikC-K. Ollofliing, -pIRST IN THE FIELD. Overcoats! Overcoats! Overcoats! AT AT AT SSSii 54 Deaibein-si,, 54 54 Dearborn-si, 54 54 Deaioorn-sl, 54 Who aro noir reoelvlnjj 'And. olTcrlne tlielr SPLENDID STOCK OF FALL AND wi“r E R CLOTHING 40 Gents’ fCHISDIII GOODS. IT BAS BEEN Proved and Acknowledged THAT THEIE GOODS ABE SUPERIOR IN WORKMANSHIP TO AMY Merchant Tailor Work IN THIS CITY. McGURDY & GO., 54 Dearborn-st. Q.REAT CONSIGNMENT from BOSTON OF IMIEHSTS Clothing! OF ALL GRADES A m PRICES. Have Just Received a $20,000 STOCK, To be Sold at 25 PERCENT LOWER PRICES Than we have known In five years. NotrUtbo time for tlKncwho would make a. little money go a great ways. Tbls CLOTHING trill be told much LOTTED tbafi It can be fotmd In (be city, at EDWARD LOCKE & CO.’S Boys’ Clothing Store, 74 Eandolph-st, Old Chicago Timet Otflee- Hanging. PRESTON * KEAN, (Saceessors to Sertpps, Preston * Bean.) BANK.ER.S AND DEALERS IN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, 4,7 South Clarlc-st.» but and sell Land Warrants & College Scrip. ®ait Hestoratibcs, BALDNESS OR GREY “London Hair Color Does Restorer* “Loanee Hair Color Restorer" “Loedon n«ir Hair Color not Restorer" “l-oidon Hair Color B-itorer^ “Cordon Bettered Hair Color ttaln Restorer" -Cordon Hair Coor . Restorer" “london wlQioat Hair Color or Mil Restrrer** “Lon'Wa Hair Color , Restorer" “Lemfcra Dicing. Hair Color anything. Bettorer" UwiiiTnatelhehalsactfLgloasya&dfiexlbke. It win prsaervethe original color to old arc. It will pretest the hair from faniDf off. It will core a I diseases of tn« acaln. Oaly’aee&taahotUe.tlxhottleaft told hr all leading drnegUta and dealers in toilet ar ticles. SMITH A DWYER. Wholesale Agent*, 9S and 94 Chicago. trusses. X BEAD, TK AFFMCTED. Wear ToaroWTTnraee. with toelr &lUtl&es«aad chif- IDS, let lUe, or to® BAKU BUBBKB TUOB6, and be cored, lie&reaces &oa Ike mo*t eminent tarzeou Itreo. Pamphlet free, L b. skelkt *cum laeanacivHt, NUMBER 191. dotting. AT HAND. DOWN THEY GO. A DISCOUNT OF tO PER CENT FROM REGULAR PRICES ON CLOTHING OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT DeG raff’s Clothing House, Corner State and Randolph-^, THE LARGEST STOCK ATiD BEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITV. In making thia REDUCTIOH, my easterners will secure greater Bar gains than are to be obtained else where, and enable me to make room for a Mammoth Spring Stock. All in need of Winter Clothing of AST DESCEIPTIOS, wfll find it nmch to their interest to favor my Establishment with a vilit before pur chasing elsewhere. I. DcGRAFJP, Comer State and Randolph-sts. JFot Sale. 'J'O PRINTERS AND EDITORS. A DAILY EVENING PAPER FOR feJAJL/E. A one third, two third or entire Interest In a well established iMirf RrenlnK l*apep. located In n flonrleh- Ids W.rt-tn city, u offered f.r «ale at a low trice, the present proprltiore wlihloe to latest la anotV-r bail ecu. TLe paper I* Eepobllcan In pollUcJ. Advert!*- Inz and rnbeolption natrona*** UrjK. Address **SE A,” Tribune offloe. lor particular a. \ WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS IN THIS CITY Tl leldlcg3opercent,wjvoolwMts stocs or ctusge >f(uMun. for uleebe*]. C ALE OF UNCLAIMED PROPERTY. O Kottre Is hereby ciren th*ttbe nadcnlrsed will idl at Public Auction, it 3 o'clock p. ra.. on the ISth flay of pecmher, JW6, at the Poller* Hetdauaners, In the city «r Cblrmeo. one unclaimed Bar Uorte. JOHN KELSON, Cnstoatan of Stolen Property. Deadq'rs Police pep*t, Chicago. lIL, Dec. 11,1566. T?OK BALE, ICE TOOLS. By ALBERT D- DOVET. TfOR SALE, o.v co.nmssio*. Fine Connecticut Seed Tobacco. Wrappers and Fillers, Crop 1S«. Abo, a Cue stock rf Tobacco, Clears, Pipes, Ac., lor sale by PAIWER. MAUSU A CO„ O Dearborn-st, Chicago, Consignments. HOGS. Dressed Hogs. We aptln oFer ocr scrrlcrt to parties shipping DBESSKO DOGS to tbit market. For reference we re frr to those veto have consigned to na cartas the past flee res sot a. stencil Plate* and We!;ht Lists ftmished free of charge, BATES, STOKE 4c CO^ A tPLES! APPLES! 1,000 WINTER APPLES For sale, Is quantities to nit pnrchascrs, bj BATES, STONE &. CO.. 151 sorrn ivitek-st. QILBEET UPDIKE 4; CO., General Commission Merchants FOB SALE ASD PUB CHASE OF IXOTTE, GB MS AND PBOVISIONa Esptelai itteaoos tint to Ule Of DKES3ZD HOQb OFFICE ASP WAHKHOCSE. IC3 TV osUnjrtcm-st,* Chicago. ■FOR CHICAGO. DRESSED HOGS. C'-pslrameats cfPrcased Hojewill recetTO oar close attcntlcs, and frets our iocs experience and uteasire trace in that Use, we think we cas glre saUalacUoa to coosljnort. TEy cs , TET ug j, rr Stencil Plate*. Weight Llsta, and dally market report* fun Übfd to kUlpptn free oo application. E.latUib<M iaa. K. HANSOM St CO« 197 Sonta Wgicr-eL, Chicago. Foe prompt returns, send toys DRESSED HOGS To DAVID BUEL ft CO., 1,-, it-, coicsro. qeessed hogs .Usual Facilities to Slippers. iaS tad 140 Elnrc-d*- cfmer ct Ltasue. patents. O KEATEST INVENTION OP THE U age. Hunter’s Fence Post. - «rd other Patents, Canvasser* waa'ed. CHAfi. ATWOOD, General and s»ote AreaLUty Hotel, Chi cago. PEAT.— Paines in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin or Indiana, wSj dedre ta bay State wippta ijr Leets* Slate Fair Premium'Feat Machine) win find * party ready to arfnnee -cney ftr on> lonrthfihlrdorhalf Interest ta eltberonecrall th«; A Company can more than clear themwlvei tteTri:ycaMnmictiactdrc.and ruHEUiIO BATTERIES. —We have I last received a small Invclce of the newly In rented Thermo Batteries, Prodcctof the Gflvsnlc Current by beat. Instead of ns-os acna. foster, jc.. a co.’S, Opticians, 46 Clsrk-st. p ARD’S patent BBICH MACHINE. nfPce and nantUactory 33 South Jefferaotrtt. FO 3.1 Booth Jegerun-st- Chicago. (Goal yOCGHIOGHESTT COAL CO., Office IT Gbimterel Commetce eeJcoreer w nod UTttn« To3«M«g!ieaT. Briar BUI, Cased. sUaerri.BW*e Co al 'VoiSeilsTUlc uni Coke. AM£s4go4 ffiaatrijts, Siatmmßs, Jctoelrs, &r. A. H. MILLER, Corner of Randolph and Clark-sts., JEWELLER AND SILVERSMITH. Christmas Presents Of the Richest and Most Beautiful Descriptions. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, Pure Silver Wares of the Latest Patterns. Nickel Silver-plated Goods of the Newest Designs. SETTING GF PRECIOUS GEMS A SPECIALTY. All work of the kind bclnjr done under my own super vision, In. my Factory oyer the Store* AGENT FOE TEE CET.T.BEATED PATEK, PIISLLIPPE & CO. WATCHES. BBOMBSa, CX.OCEB, TANS, OPEEA GX.A3SII3, SANSS, DBBSIU'* cases, vsniiro desks. MUSIC BOXES, Ace.. Ace. iHctdjtnrrg. WOOLLEN JIANUFACTURESti. woollen mmm. E. c. CLBVELAM) jfc CO H JUNCTION SHOP, WOUCEiiTEU. UA3S-, Manufacturer? of Woollen Maruneir. w lollop; Car dh.e Maclil ue» and Spinning JaOu, trom new and Improve p-tienw; Wool Ptcaera. Tool and WiuK | boaters rim Snoolera, and Tara Drmij; and Warn ing M .Ai'noa, broad and Narruw Ola*. both *Vnat« ft "/nioaMe settag; broad and Narrow B-vshlo:: Ma* eUnrs. Velveting, wUnyl'J* tad HoUti toe Machine*! Ufdro utcactora and Cloth Wjlai Machines. ntuioratle and Screw Pmsca I*rri? llv* J^Sss^rasaaffw "gSutflo. to rtOTJ Lo?S n»ake.wearrj.“ M - S te«l Btai Bar Mvhlne* «vt? & Woolio&V 5..-7 manaC.ctareri* - ’ Card Cdtrim*. _ * ran nSrfiSp* at caiera- lowest anw», tnmffionr wj,t ’ w W-vii-x MlITs complete. Wi.. 1 at o.< favorj:i,e prices as any Mherfemi-.-T*- j c’2wi7<*^^* Woreeatcr. Mala-Oct. aa, !«««. J M*. BASSKTT. INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA "JJ us )F.ALBBS 1)] COTTON AND. WOOUEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* New Factories foralihed with Machinery. SUaTUnr, Fnsloe*, lliu, bfectucations, tjoptrlateadfiau and eipmenceil workmen. BOLL CAHSS Always on band. COTTON WARPS & CARD dOTHINfI hind*. Second-hand Machinery on hand, for sale cheap. sKuWcr (Goohs. JJTJBBEK CLOTHING CO. WAREHOUSES NEW YORK, CHICAGO AND SAN FRANCISCO. F. AI. A W. A. SHEPARD, Ajts. S 3 L\K&ST., CHICAGO. We hare on hand a lUI Uae of RUBBERGOODS, Comprising Clothing, Plano Carers, Boots and Shoes, Brills, Toys, Combs, Druggists’ and Stationers’ Goods, Rich Jewelry and Fancy Bobber Goods FDR THE HOLIDAY TRADE. Price* »aaie u la K<*w York. faints anh ©ils g FECIAL NOTICE. PAINTS, WIS, GLASS. The aut«rn*'cr» announce to thetf frlcflda asd the public, that the) hare taken the store at No. 127 South Water-st., Where they offer an aceltet assortment ofC»nia their lUic, at the LOWEST CASH PKIOSS. HOOKERS & GO. Uusiuess Carhs J H. FERRELL & CO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS For the tale and purchase ot Furs, Hides and Pelts. Conslanttenti and ordtrs solicited and PROMPTLY ATTEMiBU TO. Comspondcflcereaaettod. J. H. FERRELL. & CO., CHICAGO, UNDERWOOD & DO., General Commission Kerchanls, Cor. LaSalle and Hashlaston-sfs, CHICAGO. Glre pirttcttlar attcctloo to beta bnyl~; and renin* Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork ; Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and beW oa margins. *oW t«be taQiU orEastcrs marfcti. tr Special rates ot CcjtmiMlca made to ttoae wa «nrnf»h tbelr osFB money tor large pnrcba»ei d pros ertj lobe beiO tor sale by s». P. L. Cmlenraoa. Ben. w. Coderwaoa ~YY YETIl'i VANDERVOOBT MALTING COMPANY, Hos. 2 and 4 JCdugan-av., Slaxiaiketnreni of alt and Xteaien la Harley and Bye* rsr*yy e xerp Msiuetl; on hand itich 01 Print pJrtey and Bye Malt. which we are prepared to sell »• teelowtatmarvetrates. __ jfoi tije f^olfaaßS. -p|-OLID AY GOODS. The Choicest Collection la the city for aaie by ALKEET H. no VET, 194 Lake-st. C KATING PARKS OPEN. EAR MUFFS, AT SCOTT. DAVISON A.CO_ 13(> LakMt. gEATING GLOVEs SCARLET AND WHITE MERINO SCOTT. DAVISON a CO- 136 Lake-st. -YrrooL mdfflers, "wool WHISTLETS, SCOTT. DAVISOX A CO., 13tf lake-st. KOREd, I-AP nCBES A27S BS4WX.S, AT SCOTT. DAVISON' A C 0„ 130 Late-it. TTOLIDAT GOODS. SKATES, BEATES. Gold Fish, Taney Flower-Pots, Wreaths, Dried Flow era, Moa*«a and Renan* ts. JONES, ft t.i vw-finn « BKADLT. 139 and 161 Lata-st. Business 'Notices, AGENTLENAN, who for the last fit teen jean has been connected, as clerk and active nurture, with one efit* cldwtlmportlcr Window Gla*s Boom* in the East, wishes to as arrange ment with some party who caa command acaoital or (50,ax>or upwards, for the porpoee of carrying on the WINDOW GLASS BUSINESS. He 15 perfectly ftmlUtr with the it torelaa source* of snrpfy. aadwltb tlie irmoactartag baaiaeae In Uda coaauy. Aaj cac dtaulas w «ab«£ la tbc abort diacr as special or attire partner, cay Cad It for Bl* latercat to addrtu, immediately, bqs sift*, Bq cmb P. 0. JEWELRY. jffnc dFurniture. PURA'ITCRE— For the HOLIDAYS. Tic moat complete (lock 0( mm, CHAMBER, LIBRARY DIMWG-KOOM Furniture, FEEHGH KARUFACTURE. t Wr nrt> aim In rwctpt of new lmp<*«aiTon* from EUftOPßof SILKB, REP?*, TERRTH, FRENCH ATSIPErs EMBROIDERED COYEiiS of colors* patterns and sitlm which ui! not be Found Elsewhere in the City. - Tlavlos remodelled oar three lane Sbeir Rooms* wc bow offer t<i (be public the above* with a genera) uock or Rich, Staple and Common Slvles of Furniture i-T NEW YORK! PRICES, ihtch are lower than ore offend by ur tber house in the Weal. navtoE a larce atock on hand, we are de termined to offer mteH Indwemenla u will reduce It before tbo lot of January next, re-» sardleoa o t cool. W. W. STEONGr, 203 Bandolph-st. 203 JJUKNITUBE! Good and Cheap, HUGH ALEXANDER, 170 EAKE-ST. 15“ rar'or, Übrarr, Odcc tnd Chamber Farnlcare AT LOWEST I’WCES. fHciutal A FEW FACTS For the consideration of ail who «cf» front A«nm», laflernra, Cronp. W&oopls; Coach. SplttlDtp oi blood, pals la the Side or Cheat, Bronchitis, ud ail dn eases oi the Lon** and Throat. .lUBSDEN’S PECTOBIL BA I*3l Has been used with unvarying success la over a tall* Item ca*c». and haa net with the warmest eulogies frost, ploslclaos. clergymen. aad taflerera from the mborw clseases. u can oc proved by over 1.000 unsolicited tea- UjuolUls now on file In oar office. A trial It all that !.- vkedi ant! a cum will be guaranteed to all who sut ler from any of the a bore complaints. The prooj la wltnin the reach of all. and it become* a trattar ot scif-intcrt-st tn these •utlems to test the accuracy oT these assertions. Tbooaaada hare tested It, and am now kealthy. Unns witnesses to the wooderfiU effloci of this truly meritorious preparation. tvant cfspace prevents our giving la full but a (few at the many carta ejected. _ “ BwxirtTW, Oct. J*. 190. *• I fbotd more relief from tulng Pectoral Balm In my oi»ea*e—asthma—than from any other preparation I ever "wi. - WM. TOUXGBLOOD." “ KATAt ASTLtTf. Pini-\PELnnA.NOT. O. •• i think, is a dry like this, where so many are ferine at this season with coughs, colds, and eronihlal disease*. ItwonWbe to your mtemt to introduce pec toral llalni. as I f«l satisfied It should be In tbs hands of alltc^erert. 44 H. R LESLIE. V. 8. S." “ Szw rone, JoJ j C. »• I purchased a bottle cl Pectoral Balm, uu tooxoe aEaotevprwithefeebnc* or trantade I areto jon, mrr recovery Immediate, although preriooly riven over Dr m; pa,»lcl«u.a* Incurable. P J V “HEMiS - TREDGXMOrn'OM.'* • “Bo*ros.Oct.2,lßfiß. ** Pretloo* to natnz your Pectoral Balm. 1 had (atm every: reparation I h«*ra of without relict I Haro dm*l bnf (href boitle*. and all r> mptosa of my agonl* rlEff complaint—aathtaa—have disappeared. •* WM.BBUWNINI*. Conductor C. B. K,** •• New Ton. An-. 7.ia«. •* For the benefit ol all who hare or are suffering trrm hrvnchUl dlftase*. Hen to add my ie«Hm nr t-> the eSturr of Mars-l"-!!’! Pectoral Balm. a« t ro.a*ilcr H gu ttin'nniy thing that aiTed mr life whtnwcaecvt to a Hteletoo aad on the verse of taejr’are. -MAKOABET THROCRMORTON.9I3 slr.h-aT.** DULVHAUb ± VAN SCHAACK. WboleJaPr AccnU lor the ScKtbvat. SMITH & I>WT£lt Whalcatla and Retail Aaenta aad orazztTta In Chicago. Clothes fHauglrr. fJ-HE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Deaf. T* will l« «• itte ttae re— qalrtd with heated Irons* It slrn a rwa and brilliancy of lantre to Ilceo*. lapoMl* hie to be obtained from heated Iron*. NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL. Ko Hotel. launder. Botanrant, Boartlcy House. Hospital or private Family can asbrd to be wlthowa one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CIOTHS. IT SAVES MONET. IT SAVES FtTKL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For pamphlet*, contalnls* fall detcrlpttan of ma chine. tddrms AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 149,131 aadl33Fsttai-au,CMcajo,HL, Or J. ft RICE. 161 Lake-K. AScroscnc ©U Cumcr. A SEW BURNER. A THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! He last and Best Invention, Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. u» bum ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO ANY LA3IP. it y 0 g co is to bo Conwiacad.’* SUte and Coonty BUhta tor tale by A* K. SLOAN, Adams Home* General In oilers* GIVER IN Decaleomanle and Wax Flowers. otdm lor Christmas and New Tear's Pass- ENTS promptly attended to by MISS JOSES, as State-st.. am door south of Polk-ss, np-sUlra. JpiNE KINDLINGS FOR SAIE BY THE LORD, At thft Nortli Pier Planlag SHIy« fßmsrbamn Q.ENUIXE MeeischaumFipes&Cigat Holders 01 QBj own IgporUaon, U rery low pciea. - 9JKK ft TOBXB» W.Sotun TMmU

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