22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM EUROPE. -latest Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. •Farther Seizures of Fenian Arms and Monitions in Ireland. farewell Banquet to Minister Bigelow. -Plan for the Eeorganization of the French Army to he Modified. Important Item of South American War Hews. Progress of Negotiations Betiroen tbe Pope and Victor Emanuel. Interesting Summary of Jfews by Steamer. FROM IMIMmi, Startling Developments in Dela tion to the New York Whiskey Frauds. The Wool Growers and Manufac turers Before the Senate Finance Committee, Correspondence in Reference to the Fenian Prisoners in Canada. ran (MIDI. ’Conviction and Scßtencc of the Pcniao, Thomas Madden. heller from Lynch, the Con- demned Prisoner. FROM MEXICO. jßumor that Cortinas and Canales Have Joined the Imperialists. Conflicting Statements as to the Whereabouts of Minister Campbell. €ojd Closed in New York at 1-33 3-4 FROM EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Dublin, December 31—1 o’clock. The seizures of arms ana munitions continues •gbroaghout Ireland. The Fenian warlike spirit appears to be dyiny ont, as vigorous measures to put down Fenian Ism -continue. Litecfool, Decembers!—Evening. The steamship Scotia arrived at Queenstown to day from New York, landed her malls and sailed fbrLtvaipool. London, December 31— Evening. The London Tftegraph asserts chat tho British Government is perfectly advised of the movements of Head Centre Stephens, and that he Is known to l>e In foreign territory, and th&t should be attempt to land in the British lel-ifi he would he apprehended before he bad itlme to execute hla mischievous designs. The ,Tdtgrai'U also denies reports that coffins filled l'with brcech-loading guns have been banted in Lowdow, December 21, ■ . Governor Wtight, the American Minister to iPrueela, has recovered his health. Schleswig ■Holstein U about tobc incorporated wltn Prussia. ixpoctakt soern axtricaw wait wxws. • T.osdos. DeCfjr.ber 31.—Th? mall steamer from YiU> Janeiro, November 21, has arrived at Sooth* arapton. Advices from the teat of war are Im port act. The Paramo*jana assaulted the Brazi lian defence: on the Xlh of October, tod were repulsed, leaving five hundred dead on the field. The Cr-zillan loss was email. The Ameri can Minister to Paraguay, Mr. Washborne, bad been landed alCoropalty by the United Suttee canboal Shamokin, which had returned to Mon tevideo, maxes. Pahis, December 91—Noon. The banquet to Minister Bigelow, yesterday, vra? m brilliant affair. Nothing of a political nature transpired. Mr. Bigelow retsrned thanks for the compli ed cut, and, in taking fhxtwclt of the French people, said that the new Minister, General Dix, •-would And no thorny questions to settle. £lt la bclived the plan to reorganize the army will ' be modified, lu consequence of its unpopularity. . Pabu, December 91. The Trench troops will all leave Mexico In March. ITAI.T. Son, December 91—p. m. It la aald that the speech of the King at Ibe opening of the Italian Parliament, baa greatly -pleased the Pope. . hi. Tonclll, the new Ambassador for the Italian OnrKmmmi, ho* held Lla first conference with and the progress toward an aßßs£b!hent‘ of all mailers at an isatte was marked. Some war qnicl. The Italian National Commit tal have issued an appeal to the people. In which they Inculcate caution against alsordcr. Lotni Foreign Markets. • London, December?!—noon. Consols—Opened at 93 fbr money. fiTocsa-mioots Central, TSjf; Erie, 48)f; United .States 5-30*, 73. Lxnszsd Oil—l* quoted as ruling lower, mmin-Unchacged. Liteci-001, December a—Noon. Cotton—FUady ; opened at ta t\d. Peovwos!— Dun and declined td. Bacon—3. lower. Axnmr, December 31—No jn. Fetsolecn—Unchanged. London, Decrmbu 21—j o'clock p. m. . Consols— Flxia at 90 fctr money. " ''Brocas—fulled Stales 5-Sa. 33V ; XQlnoli Central, 7*l Erl;. 49. LnmrooL, December3l—Noon. Cont-Sk LrmrrooL, December 3t—t p. m. Bales of cotton to-day, KUJW bale*. The Broken' Circular reports the aalet lor the week at 110,033 bales. Market closes at HJ*d fbr middling uplands, and roles more quiet. Limroot, Friday, December 31—p. m. The cotton market closes steadily at the rates noted At noon to-day. The sales amounted to 10,000 bales. Tbe breads tag, markst Rfcmehaaged. Mixed Western -coca ta atm quoted at SB*. Tbe petroleum market re main steady at previous rates. The market fbr tal low Is firmer with a alight advance in prices. MAxenESTZB, Friday, December 21—p. n. Trade at Manchester coo Hants good, and prices fbr cotton and yam. manufactured, are steady. London, Friday, December 31—p. m. The breadstuff* market is fins. The money market •centumif easy. Consols closed at BO for money. The market for American securities closed mead? at the fcllowtn* oOdal flgurea: United State* 5-93*, 73* ; Erie, 4S\ ; Ulin:ls Central, 78V- BY MAIL. Doubts Expressed as ts the Cessation of IlMtillties in Cao<lia-Tbe United states Dlanllor aiinnlonontoh—Nate tram the Creek Governncßi In ttelxiloa to (he Tnrklab Atrwcttlea In Cudla—Coneeariefi* to tbeJrtili* in Ttcnna—Treaty of Cota- Dfreelleltrrea Prance and Anatria—Ane* trlaa Artny and Navy to be Reorgnmxed- Anxlety In Regard to Aaatrian Troops In Besleo,Ac> Lokdos, December 5.—A Constantinople des -patch of the rah says that the alienee of the official papers of that city upon the war in Cao<Ua baa led people to doubt the pacification of the laUud. The struggle is thought to have begun anerbe twoentbe Candians and the Turk*, inasmuch aa tho Turkish Govermcnt is constantly sending troops and ammncltioo in that direction. The United States and Russia baring interfered in be half of the Candlan prisoners who had been con demned to be shot, tn a council of war. their sen .tcncea it la hoped will be commuted and a foil ■ pardon granted by the Snitan. ■ Lisdos, December L—the American monitor. Mtantonoaoh, at anchor lu the river Tagus, will leave m a few days for Cape Ilornor- This veas-l ts attracting a great deal ol attention, and is visit . ed dally by large crowds. Atbxxs, December B.—The Greek Cabinet baa aent a note to the European Governments, direct ing their attention to the atrocities committed by the 'Turks in the Island of Candla. Vnaraa, December 2.—Notwithstanding the re sistance ot the municipality of Vienna to the ad mission of the Jesuits Into that city, the Govern ment baa decided that a house belonging to the State should be placed at their disposal, to be used as a public college. YiryKA, December 3.—The treaty of commerce between France and Austria is to be ratified and signed in the course of the present month. Vxnttra, December 5.—A1l Austrian Iron-clads of small t\r% armed with small rifle pieces, are to be provided with larger Armstrong gnus. The whole Austrian army is to be reorganized so as to show advantageously in the coming spring. Vzmraa, December L—The official papers of 7i«V the situxtion of tbs Austrian rolnn in Aeuco hu cutcd •» ctucß anxiety «moog the Austrian people, that the Cabinet of v u-nca le cow tutoring into arrauEcmeuta with r ranee for carrying back the Austrian L-glon to a.trope in me same Teasels with the Preach t ' nc^l 1* *lw cruelty pnx‘.Uc«l by Mexlrin guerillas upon tne Austrian Lvglon, that tbe o»l --cci* ard eoidien of -hat corps have solemnly awora to shoot inch oiher, rather than suffer tacjoselyei to be captures. Vienna, December s.—ln s coatcll of naval officers, In which Admiral Tegrihoil, the victor of lifia, was present, a propotlnjn was Introduced toscud an Austrianfleelto the Calf of Mexico. The proposition «os reioeted by a larcc majority. Pram, December 4.—Several Catholic prieira ot Hungary have aimed a petition, adoi cased to the Hungarian Legislators, aakteg permission to many, such as wu used in the Catholic Church before tbe reign of Pope lllldobrard Gregory Vli I‘Aiaa. December S.—The French (lovem ueni has not received from Mexico a communication calculated to settle public opinion as to tbe con dition 01 afialre In that country. It has no other intoimaUon than thattranamited by telegraph Manure. December 8.-ln tbe which have jn«l taken place tor the nomlua-lou of depa tier In Catalonia, tbe candidates ol the Govern ment have carried all the votes, except in tbe city oi Barcelona, whore two Prorrcsaist candidates have been elected. FROM TTASHraCTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Washington, December 2t. Bmatrz maces nr new tohk. The Darling Committee, which visited New York to Investigate frauds upon the rercau •, has returned. Jt is nnderttood that th* Iranda brought to light by only a partial and snpe.fidal Investigation almost exceed belief, and the devel opments are startling in their character. The sin gle matter cf whiskey frands may bo thus summed up: Whiskey regularly breaded, but which has never paid a cent of tax. Is regularly sold on ’Change and In the atroekat from one dob lar and a quarter to ose dollar and seventy-lire cents per gallon. Distilleries of small capacitr have been secretlyfatarted In great numbers In all parts of the city—ln cellars ned garrets where from one to iwo barrels a day arc made. So great .s tbe demand for these small stills that the cop persmiths arc overrun with orders, and some of them had frua fifty to one hundred orders ahead. Men of high business standing are en gag. d In baying this Illicit whiskey with perfect impunity, Ihe Inspectors of whiskey and the in spectors of distilleries being many of them dt redly implicated, and many of ihcra have male fortunes In the few months alnco their appoint ment These men were si] recently appointed urderfhe auspices of the Johnson Clnb here, and many of them seem to bare been selected with •■peel'll reference to raising funds for political purposes. One man who had the disposal of tb . C GovCTß " eßt P«trof%ge, made m- 0W» i D two months by dealing In m«dt whiskey. Revenue agents and Collectors recently appointed and deeply implicated, had their places bought for them by dealers in »'hhkcy ofthc Johnson Club,acd generally speak- Sng. enormous enrns have beec paid on one hand to s< cure the appointment ol men who would either participate dUecUy or wink at frauds, and on tec other to raise money for these duba. Jt la believed that half tbe whiskey in bond In the city of New York, has been entered by first sccarin permteslon to withdraw It tor re-dbtiUing, and then filling the casks with water Instead. H u understood that the committee are satisfied lhat tbe present It ws cannot be enforced, and that they contemplate recommending a reduction of the tax to fifty ecu* a gallon, or tbe Imposition of a It cersc so great as to break np all small establish sects, or both. In the matter of tobacco, large frauds of this kind were discovered. A man’s stock la seized for false returns. He Is advised to consult a cer tain attorney H the ring. The attorney recora -ndsa compromise, and the parties divide the Tbe committee loreetleatlng th; frauds |„i hc Custom iloosc lu -NcivYork, heee aiecoeered etm moio eUrlug cua then tho.e g'rcn thoec, and many leaning Johnson men, and even the While House household, aie deeply Implicated. The wbifekcj interests In New York and throughout the country have been •telng every effort to secure tho removal of Conmksioncr Rollins, at he has stood in their way. A very large sum was raid'd to 4 bribe the Commission, hut the et- only been to Increase Its vigilance. Heavy frauds upon the revenue have been re ported at Cincinnati. The Commission will prob ably visit that place sometime after the holidays. TARIFF VAITSR9. The Senate Finance Commlitee held their first session npon the Tariff tils morning, and gave a long and patient hearing to the representatives of the National Association of Wool Growers and Wool Maonfactnrere. Messrs. Montgomery, of Ohio, and Garland, of Illinois, apppeared for tho wool growers, and MrasTi. llays, of Massachu setts, and Kingsbury, of Connecticut, for the man afaclurcre. These gcnllemen on the part of those they represent argued for|tbe following rates : Tic wool growers, in view of the immense im portation of wool from South America, where It ran be produced far below the cost la this coun try, should have a protection of tea cents, specific duty, and ten perjeeut ad valorem. The manufac turers, on their part, ask to be reimbursed for this duly on wool and to have a net protection asofe the Internal revenue tax ol twenty-five per cent, la all wool goods. STAMPED ENVELOPES. The Nesbitt contract for stamped envelopes for the Post Office Department baa been extended for a year w ithout advertisement, and the discovery of the fact is creating considerable comment. murder or mum me* is tbxas. Senator Wilson has been severely criticised Ibr Ids statement that two thousand freedmen had been mn-dcred In Texas dnrlcg lh-i past year. Senator elect Roberts from that State places the number at twenty-seven hundred, and declares that the persecution of the blacks Is so great tint throughout the State they are praying for the re establishment of slavery. DELAY IS THE PAYMENT OF BOUNTIES. It will be remembered that the charge was wide ly cliculat'd last summer that the bounties due soldiers were withheld for political effect alone, and that the report of Ihc Board called to examine ihc hill and reports plan for.payraent, was also purposely delayed for the same reason. In pop port of this view it now appears that the Pay De partment has set aside the rule* thus prepared, end Is settling each Individual case npoulisowi. (ucritß. vran, Tho Sarccon General has had prepared a beau tiful medal ofthe Lincoln General Hospital to this which Is designed for the Pans Exposi tion. customs nsenprs. Tho teceipls from custom* at the telow-named ports dnrmg the intervals given, were as follows: New York, from December Bth t • Ist?, Inclusive, {1,471,tt0.86: Boston, from December Bth to 15th, inclusive, {210,&54.41; Philadelphia, fro n| De cember Sih to 15th, Inclusive, {150,655.19; Balti more, from December 6ih to 15th, inclusive, {<*7,517.52; New Orleans, from December Ist to 7th. inclusive, {202,781.07; San Francisco, from November 10th to 17tb, inclusive, {131,783.09., auuTABT i not. Genera) Grant has ordered the Snperintendent of the Gecerai Recruiting Service to send, as eoon ns possible, 1,850 recruits to complete tbo organi sation of the seven Infantry regiments now scry ing In the Department of tha Tennessee. investigation. Tbe Hotim committee appointed to examine Into and report upon the contracts rocrttUy made by Charles Bogy, the Commissioner of Indian Af £»i«, bad a meetieg at the Capitol to-day, and ex amined the Commissioner and b!e chief clerk for the purpose of learning somethin? about the mat ter. It is charged that fraud wilt be discovered in connection with these contracts. CASE OP 08. WATSON. TOE XUBDEBEn. Ex-Gownor Letcher has held a consultation with the President aud Attorney General Stan hemr about the case of Dr. Watson, now being tried before a military comml sion In Richmond, Ya., charged with hilling a negro ta Rockbridge Consly. After Mine discharged by an examin ing court. Dr. Watson was rcarreeted by Older of General Schofield. On Wednes day a writ of hebea* carput was granted by Judge Meredith, of the Circuit Court of Virginia. This writ General Scnofleld refused to obey, and a court-martial mas convened for trial oftbc p.ljoucr. When the decision •of the Scpreme Court in the Indians conspiracy case was announced. Dr. Wat son demanded his release, but was refused on the ground that the decision was not applicable to bis case. It wa? then determined that Governor Uctchcr should visit Washington and lay the case before the President. The Attorney General expsessed the opinion that the case of Dr. Watson clearly falls witldn the decision made by the Supreme Court, and I- a stronger case than that from Indi ana. Dr. Watson bo# been iriea and acquitted by a court of competent Jurisdiction. The President sremised5 remised to lay the lade before the Cabinet to ay, and communicate his decision to Governor ■etcher to-morrow. Tux ratios prisoners is Canada—ornciAL COUBESrONDESCE, The following official correspondence In refer ence to the Fenian prisoners In Canada 1# fur nished for publication from the Statu Department: (TCLEGIUX.I TonoNTO, December Tib, 1503. Bon. W. 11. Seward: Fenian prisoners respited nnlll the 13th of March. (bfgnedl D. Thurston, United States ConsnL [inrzu.] United States Consulate, I TonoKTo. December 12, ISCd. | Hen. W. B. Seward, Wa bington: 1 have the honor to enclose herewith the odds! notification oftbc Sheriff of this county, that SU Excellency, the Governor General of these Pro vince*, had granted a respite until the 13th of March. 1H57, to the following prisoner#, to death on the 13th dsy of December, 1566. lUere follow name# of prisoners.] 1 am, with respect, etc., (Signed) D. TncErroN, U. S. Consul. Snzßinr'eOmcc, I Touokto, December 10,ISCfi, f Sra—l have the honor to inform yon that I bare this day received a communication from the As affiant Clerk of the Executive Council to the cflec t that it bad pleased His Excellency the Gov ernor Genera!, to order that (be sentence of death Esssed upon the following prisoners: Robert yeeh, John UcMaboo, William Slavln, John tjnlnn, and Thomas School, be postponed, and a respite granted until Wednesday, the locn day ol March seat. 1 have the honor to be, sir, your most obedient servant. (Signed) Filed W. Gnaws, Sheriff of York and Peel. To David Thurston, American Consol, Toronto. n&uoaa noexoanr qrxsnox. The Attorney General of Virginia has filed in court a petitiou selling forth the facu in respre* to territory tn dispute between Virginia and West Virginia, and praying that the counties of Berkley and Jefferson shall t>e decreed to be a part of. and under Jurisdiction of Virginia. It is alleged that these counties hive never complied with the provisions of the set authorizing them to be In cluded in the boundaries of West Virginia. The bill 1* made returnable February 20th next. THE XTBIUSEa 2UU. Mr. Sumner has carried his point, and Mr. Wade ha* found it impossible to secure the ad mission of Nebraska, with the obnoxious word “white” In her State Constitution. It Is probable a compromise may be effected, and that the state may be admitted with a promise that the legisla ture will erase the word '‘while” from too Consti tution. This will make all men equal there, be fore the law and at the ballot-boxes. .The Senators elect from Nebraska are confident that they will take their seats In January. __ rnroixxjt’a arrama n» xiinuth. Tre * rvedmen a Bureau has received a coaani ideation from Calvert County, Me,, stating that a colored roan named John Lox has been Indicted V U>« s™>* J “T IOT hubortnc DU children, -ho hid been hound, tail were lo him by Judge Bond, of Baltimore. The belt, reported intbcca«care that John was summoned hafore the Orphan’s Court early in 1935, for the purpose of btrtng his children apprenticed, widen be re fused to do. he being able to lake care of them himself. With thu tho court was satis fied, hut the wire of John was formerly a slave of Dr. James Duke, au9 a short time afterwards Duke bad John and fal» wife again summoned before the court. Tho father still refused to have his children bound, but, notwithstanding this, the court, it Is alleged, apprenticed them to Dr. Duke against the consent or the hither. Lox appealed to tne Criminal Court of Baltimore, and the children wore before Judge Bond on a writ of haitrat corpus, who ordered that they be delivered to their father. Duke then went before the grand Jury and had hua tndiclcl VOL. XX. for otilicirg his children from their master. Ho was heldi to ball tor his appearance'at the next terra of the court. A communication has also been received from the Superintendent at Annapolis, Maryland, prating mat several similar cases to tbe above have occurred in that vicinity. A number of ca*cj were before Judge bond, in Baltimore, a few days ago, who returned tbe children to their parent*, but tbe order ol the court was obeyed in but one care only, and attachments Lave been issued agslnrt the others. In one case Judge Magrader derided that ihe wjJt ofbl* conrt tookprecede ice cf the proceedings In tbe Criminal Court. The Superintendent aays the present state of the law is vtry perplexing. It should be decided whether a rcpleVln will hold In these cases. No children arc safe unices they are removed from (be county, several cases k now on hand have’been delayed t.y Ibe conn-cl for the master, but are now fixed tor trial on the?«lh lut. Petitions from ibe colored people for the release of their children are dally being sent to the Assistant Commissioner, as •ber assert the belUf that the General Assembly, which meets on the Ist of January, will legislate so as to make tbose Indentures legs]. TUX NEW TABUT BILL.’ Washington. November 21 —The Senate Fi nance Committee had a meeting at lbs Caoitol to-day, to commence coneiderailon’of the Tart? question, end will hold daily sessions daring the recess. Mr. Guthrie, a momberoflhecommlltee, is t’etalned at borne by indisposition, ibis com mittee baa before It the bill passed by tbe Qonse of Representatives on the tenth of July last, by a vote of ninety-six yeas to fifty-two nsr*. Ihiny flve not voting. It afoohas bclore it me draft ofa bill prepared by Mr. Wells, Spe cial Commbsloncr of Ibe Treasury Depart ment, as an amendment to the House bill. This tarifl; prepared by Mr. Wells, is un derstood to he a revenue tarlfi; giving protection to the Indu-iry ot the country, by admitting os tor aa possible raw materials fre;-, or with alight dnty, and taxing more heavily the manafactnied fabric. arum cotraz baa gone North to deMvcr bis lecture, embodying bis rtmlnistncea of his loonier from the Atlan tic to the Pacific. KTCBO BLTTIUOt IK THE DISTBICT. Since Congress has voted to allow the colored people the light of su«rege,ereat Interest In felt in the result of the election in Georgetown, which Is 10 take Platon the fourth Monday of February next, for a Mayor and eleven members of the board of Common Council. If the anffra'-e bill passed by Congress become a law tbe colored whom there is a large proportion here, will have considerable influence In choosing these municipal pfllcere. Alfred tee, colored. Is named or Mayor by tbe Radicals. «ON, EDWIN X. STANTON, fcecrctary of War, returned to the city last evenln and was at bis office this morning, where be was \ foiled by a large number ot nersooo. CABINET MEETING. VAiilASi HSAkUIU. A cabinet meetlngwts held at 12 o’clock, and the session continued for some time. All the members were present The conanltatfon was not of o« longduiaunnas usual. Being Cabinet day the Executive Mansion was free from ridtors ex cepuitoje who bad special a>po'n;mects with the rrceldcLt. imports and extorts. The monthly statement or exoons and imports is cot yet ready for publication Every possible ellort has been mad: to ini-arc promptness In the eollcclouof momh'v statistics of this character, hot the revenue olfire.-a of the Government are not yet sofllcicnlly Impressed with the require ments of the law to make returns promptly. In the last monthly report some of the most Impor tant ports of entry were omitted 6>r this reason. congressional coxxittxes. While most Senators and Representatives have gone home or taken an excursion for the holidays, a lumber of the working men In the leading com mittees have remained here for the purpose of preparing btuiness for the re-assembling of Con grew. IASS SALES. fcA.ltf PAUd. Retnrrs received a: the General Land Office show that SM.IM acres of the public lands were disposed of at the St. Clond, Minnesota, office durlrgthe month af November, 17.138 acres of w hich were taken under the Homestead Law for actual settlement and cultivation. The remainder va« I rested with Agricultural College scrip, and military warrants. internal revenue BECtins. The receipts from Internal Revenue to-day were SCiC.Tiff. BALTIMORE WHISKEY SEIZURE. 1l Itc case of whiskey seized at Baltimore for violation of the revenue law, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has referred parlies seeking its release to Collector Smith, at Baltimore, with antLonty to him to act in the premises. THE RECENT LOSS 07 GOVERNMENT FUNDS. The New York lime*' Washington special says: “An investigation Into the circumstances of an alleged loss ot £lo,oou os a New York train, last week, by Caleb l.you, Governor of Idauo, will take t ’ace in a lew cays. Governor Lyon asserts tha nclonged to the Government, and that be was JtL clog It here to deliver to the Secretary of the Treasury as Ihe balance due from him to the United States. Wny be should have carried the fund? about bis person, and especially whv ho should have taken the belt containing the money from his person in the cut, as bo says he did, re quires explanation.* 1 HIE MIfSOCBI TROUBLES. New Tons. December 31.— Tho Herald?* Wash ington special says: General Grant went to SU I-onls la>-t week on business of his own, when, finding political affaire in that State somewhat mixed and threatening, of his own volition as Gcci-tai-in-Cnfef of the armies be proceeded to make ruth disposition of forces in the Stato a« lu bis Judgment seemed proper and be>t colcalated to pttFcrve (be pence. No fresh troous were otdered into the State, nor wa* the army of occu pation in any manner Icc-oaaed. There are within the territorial limits of Mis soon about 5,100 troops at the outside, and prob ably loss. General Greet has his own reasons lor any new ditpoaPiun he has made of these, hnt itfccm* that in these dispositions bo has Inter feted with Governor Fletcher’s plans. For that he l« to be called to an account by the Senate. Tne President will he able to give the Senate but Unit* light on tho anbject. If any. Senators Uinderson and Brown, of Missouri, were la con puliation with the President on the subject this evening, hut left satisfied that the Adminis tration, at least, had no evil design against the Stale. BECCXTABT VEWAIID AITD SASTA AKKA. Ntw Voux, December 21.—Correspondence be tween Santa Anna and Ur. Sewwd has been printed. Upreseu’sno new feature other than the formal declaration of the Secretary of State that ibis Government declined to have official communication with any Mexican excepting the representative of the Juarez Government In Washington. SOUTBXBX SXKATOBS TB. BOUTHXBW tOTAU«TS, WasmwcTOK, December 21.—The Southern Senators now here express great Indignation at the memorial ol the Southern Loyalists, published this morning, and before leaving for their homes will reply to tho chargee made therein against the Southern people. INDIA* OUTRAGES OX TOT TEXAS TROJOTFR. Tbc President gave an aodicnce yesterday to Senator Robert*. of Texas, on the subject of a treaty ptoootod to be made to the Camaache In dians. Daring the war Senator Roberts stated that the ftouticr was well protected, as by law all persons Urine on the frontier wore exempt from military duly. Many resorted to the frontier to escape military service. When the war ceased these retimed home, and elnre then the frontier of Texas for many miles has been the scene ot the most revolting chanc ier. Outrages are being perpetrated bytbowid Caminchee. and, to arrest this, the Pre-ident has referred tbe whclc matter to the Indian Bureau, with a view to an early treaty with these Indisns. Tbe Governor of Texas makes the recast to be allowed to participate in tbe negotiation, that bo may impress this tribe with the fact that Texas Is a part of the United States, a fact the Camanchcs have never seemed to realize. TITE TAIUfT QUESTION Is now fairly foefoie the Senate Finance Commit toe, which willhold daily sessions uoon the sub ject. The Pennsylvania Iron interests, as also the representatives of the wool-grower* of the West, are lond In their expressions of disap proval of the tai lit project of Commissioner Wells. FROM CANADA. The Fenlnn Trial*—Tbamn* filndd'-n Cng. victed and Sentenced to be Hanged on the I.lth February—Trial of the Prisoner Smith Commenced—The Horan and On tario Canal Project— Detier from Lynch, ibe Condemned Fenian. SwcATsnroc, December 21—Evening. The -lodge Pronounced sentence ol death on Homes Madden to be hanged February 13’h. The prisoner betrayed no emotion except a sneering s'ulle. After be was removed the trial of Smith proceeded. Similar evidence was given lo that in Madden's case. Mr. Devlin left the case in the Judge's hands without addressing the Jury. The Judge changed the jury, who were locked op tor the night. Court adjourned till to morrow. Toronto, December SI.— I The Leader says: The able and elaborate speech of Gov cscor Bicss will do much towards con vincing ibe doubters of the desirability of un dertaking the ship canal. Henceforth Ihe project will be regarded by the majority of the pcop.e of Upper Canada as IndU pen«tble. The Western States will be most benefited, and It Is reasonable to look to them for consider able aid. Toronto, December 91.—The following letter was this evening sent to the reporter of the To ronto DoUy Ttltgranh : „ v _ . tonoNTO Jail, December Si. To the Fenian Brothi rhood and the friend# of Fenian prisoner# In New York City and vicinity: The undersigned has been inthoHzed by hU fel low prisoner# under emtccco of death, and those yet to be tried, to cantion their friends In New York City and vlanliy a rarest responding to the anneal made to them hr Col onel Roberts, President of the FeuUn Brother hood. for contributions toward procuring Christ mas dinners. This appeal might with propriety be made for panpers and conncts on Blackwell's Island, or some institution of the kind, bat It is a gross insult to the Irishmen held as political prisoners fat Canada. Never having re ceived any aid or assistance (ton Ttn'm headquarters during their long confinement in the Toronto JtU, they consider this lost appeal of President Roberts as adding Insult to nyury. They earnestly entreat their friends not now to outrage their feelings, and Uiat they may he spared this cruel humiliation. On behalf of. and by the requestor thirty-eight of my fellow prisoners. (Signed) Robebt Bross T.ntcn. 1 most cheerfully concur with -Mr. Lynch iu be half of the prisoners now tn this Jail tn nrotestlng against this instilling appeal of Colonel Roberts to citizens of New York for contribution* for a Christmas dinner for Fenian prisoners. and 1 farther consider it an insult to me personally. The Snsonere will not be the recipients ofa Christmas tnner trom any source. (Signed) Jomr Mciltnos. late Parish Priest, Anderson, I'dlana. FBOM MILWAUKEE. Wisconsin Union Religious Convention— Her. Dr- Dixon on the Theatres—Rev. Mr. Ijovc on the Opera—Final Action of the I'anvenilon on Aanseraents—They Condemn all bat Those Associated With an “Ideal Christian Ronr,” Arc. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Iribone.] Ilavitm, December SI. Last evening a Urge andionce was attracted bv he distinguished speakers who were announced to address the Wisconsin Union Religious Cdift ventton, and the moral questions which they were to treat. Rev. James Dtxon, D. D., of the Bap tist Church, Milwaukee, read an essay on the subject, 44 Can Christians, consistently with their professions, tender snppoittothe theatre!” He took radical grounds In the negative, and mal’i mired hi* position with Invireible argument and con vie cine appeal. Rev. W. D. Love real an essay on the opera. He opposed it on Ihe grounds of its evil tendencies and hurtful association*. When the resolutions of the Conven tion were brought before the body, for final action on all the great moral questions or the day. the Church of Wisconsin, as represcal.’d in this Convention, are one iu their opposition to mtcmperancc, including wine drinking In fis mildest tonne. Sabbath desecration, card playing, dancing, theatre and opera going on the part ol Christian*, and those amusements which, by evil associations, have become of doubtful expedien cy. The influence of the Convention will be f.-U by the Church, and as a stimulus to progress tn Uterine ef a purer morality and a higher ataadard of Christian character, the Convention is rega*d ed, even by those who were troubled with misgiv ings, aa a gratifying success, While tho Conven- Hon has been sincere In Its condemnation of vice, bre«tlie<l only kindness, sympathra-ia ore toward all classes. Ilcommended the high”* amurements which are associated with an Ideal Christian home. Thei Methodlat Church was ably represented by Ret.lLC. lllion. President of the Convention": Rev. GoorgeJFallon, of Milwaukee, and Itev. Dr. Mate, of Appleiou. The JtopU-l Church by Ret. ? r TTie Congregational bv Iter. Preai dcot Mcrriam, Her. Mr. Lane of Milwaukee, and Rev. Prof. Emerson of Beloit. Ihe Presbyterian by Itev Mr. Van Nest ot Genera. Tbe German Evangelical and Dntcb Iteformad Chnrch were also well represented. A commits of five, con ing of the Kct. to D. Laire, Iter. Dr. James' Dixon. Rev. O. Fallon, Rev. Mr. Van Nest, and Rev. Mr. bhaler. was appointed to consider the expediency of calling another Convcnlioa. Tbe game law I- being ngoronslv enforced to day. one man was fioed over thirty dollars fur prairie chickens found In hU possession. All pro vLlon stores buying such birds are fined two dol lars for each one found on Ulsprcmi-ea FROM MOSMOUTH. Action ot the Board •fTrastees of Monmouth College—Fair In Aldof ihe New Blaoonle ■ Ilnii. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Honxoctu, HI., December SI. The Board of Trustees of Moumonth College have just closed their winter session. The report of the President of the College shows the present session to be the moat successful since Its exist ence. There bare been in attendance this session li3 slndenla In the collegiate department, and 141 la the academical department. The Board adopt ed active measures to increase tbe endowm-nt fued, end appointed John M. Wallace, of New >ork CT.y. Sopcdctecdant of Ftnanco. Iter, J. A I’. McGaw, of South Henderson, Illinois. « tt . elected Vice President, and ftofeesor of the Eng ilfb Language and Literature. The Board granted President \\ allacc a leave of absence to visit tbe co’.egea of lhis country and Europe, and took action to defray bis expenses. The todies of this ciiy have been carrying on a fancy fair for the benefit of the Mason*, by way of fitting up their new bait, which, when flnDhca, will be one of the finest in the West. The eSorts of the ladles in this cau*e hare been crowned with complete snccc.-s. Tbe new Masonic Hall is filled to ovei flowing with rare specimens of handiwork, from a good comfortable bed qnilldown to a doll btby. Fine specimens of minting, drawing fancy good*, cabinet work, Ac,, are tost being converted into the filthy lucre by the tolr hands of tbe saleswomen. The receipts so far have been more than Ibe most easgoloe could wish. FROM ST. LOUIS. Warrant* laaaed by tjte United Mate* Com nlMitotT Aeain»t Colonel Jlantctincrj and kibera-TTbe Temperance dUveucDt- A Chance in the Orcanlzalion of the SooihwMt I’aetflc Uallroad-Tbc River- A New Colon? ol Rebel* tor Venezuela. [Special Despatch to (he Chicago Tribnue.] St. Louts, December 31. Warrants have been Issued by the United Slates Commissioner In this dly, for the arnat of Colonel Bacon Montgomery, commander of the militia in Ufnyetie .Comity, Dr. Cooley, Sheriff Adamson, and four other persona, on a charge of Instigating and participating In the recent crimes against the peaceable citizens ofthat county. Tbi wrrranta were Issued under the Civil Rights BUI passed at the latt session of Congress, the affidavits on which they were aaked for stating that the offend ers could not be arrested and tried In that county unrer the laws of the State, as they were 100 pow etfnl for ihc civil authorities. The warrants were given to the United States Marshal. Thomas B. Wallace, and he left on the train Wednesday for Lexington, toextente ibem. The offenders are to be brought to *L Louis, and examined before the United Slates Commissioner. The temperance movement Is meeting with In creased success here, and a new h»ir cosun f-'U.CtXi, is ahum to be commenced. " A change Is contemplated in tne organization of the Southwest Pacific Railway enterprise A boat lei* for Alton last night, and another is announced tc-nlcht for the filnou River. The harbor is nearly clear of Ice. Difficulties are re ported In tho navigation to Cairo, three boats being reported aground between that port and St. LouU. A new colony of rebels left for Venezuela yes terday. St. lons, December 21.—A letter In the Seen ir,g Jjfrpalch gives statcmenla In regard to affairs in Lexington. They recount some twenty outra ges said »o hove been commuted by Colonel Mont gomery’s militia, Including the robbery of ihe United States Express Company, attempted rob bery of the Fanners’ bank, wholesale arrest of citizens, and e.lsblUUlug and maintainin'- a reign ot terror. Tho principal Instigators of the troubles are said to be Dr. Cooley, Supervisor of Registration, and Ex-Sheriff Adamson. The statements also ssy since the spring of ISO there has been no armed resistance or obstruction to so Executive legal process, nor have the people failed or refused to respond to the summons of any civil officer. A number of the leading citizens of 5L Louis sent President Johnson a statement of the condi tion of afihins in Missouri, going back to last year, and embracing recent events, with the request that lie lay It before Congress, and ask for a com mittee to investigate matters in this State. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Savage Murder—Printers’ Festival oa Prattblm’s Uirtbday, «fcc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnno.) spnctcmxD, December 21. During yesterday afternoon two colored mss, named respectively Benjamin Joses and John Lewis, residing some distance north of this city, ?ol Into an altercation about ihe proprietorship of some wood tber hare bees catting. Jones ap parently gave op the contest and moved away, while Lewis stepped Into his house which was close by,procored a tnuskol, and, following Jones, ordered him to stand, and on hla refusal to do so, Lewis Hied hla son. killing Jones Instantly. The contents of the ban el entered the tace of the vic tim, mangling him in a mo«i horrible manner. Lewis was arrested and lodged in jail, while the coroner held sn Inquest, at which a verdict was ■endered according to these facts. The Printers' Union of Springfield de«lgn cele brating the anniversary of Franklin'* birth on the 17lh of January, hy a grand festival, banquet and ball, at the new hotel, the Leland House, by which name it ahall bo known hereafter. The assessment of Effingham County, for 1966. Is f1,C09,3&; gain eicc,‘ 18G5, f 55.676. FROM CINCINNATI# Movement for the Suppression of Gambling and Gilt Concert Swindling—Educational— Additional Police Force Asked for—School Library to be Established* (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,} Cutcnxan, December 3L The City Connell this afternoon referred an ur gent resolution to its committee on a law for the enforcement of the State laws against gift con certs, gift museums, and the likc,and against gam bling, which have been very common berc of late. The desire to suppress them is very strong, and It win be carried ont. AgamblarwasflnedfSnOand cost* yesterday in the Court of Common Pleas, and sent to Jail for three months. Georee B Hollister is re-elected Director of the McMicker University. Rev. Dr. Thomas at Day ton ts spoken of as the successor of tbe late Dr. McMnslin, in the chslrof theology oftho Chicago Theological Inet : tnte. General Edw. S. Noyes.has resigned bis office at City Attorney, to assume his duty aa Probate •Tadg.- as elected last fall, Qis successor Is □. A- Morrlll. Tbs Mayor asks the Connell for an addi tional police foice. Desavs l-a) patrols are cot snffldetitfor adlyofSSOjroOsonls. There are 116 miles of paved streeta and 190 miles of paved aide walks, and it Is impossible for that nnmbci of po licemen to patrol them properly. The d;y joins the School Dosrd in asking the Legislature for a special tax of one and onc-tcmb mills to establish a school library. FROM TEXAS. Emigration of Prcedmen—Congressmen In- ▼Red lo Tialt Galveston. Galveston. Texas, December Sl.—General Kid doo, in a special circular, baa promulgated the ne gotiations of the War Department in General Or ders. No. !*», for the emigration offrtedmen from one State to the other. He will consider it to be bis doty to do everything to promote the enter prise. The City Council lt»l evening adopted a resolu tion cordially inviting those distinguished gentle men. Ihe members of Congress abont visiting the South, to become the guests of the city and par take of Us hospitalities. Mayor Leonard and fire aldermen, assisted by a committee of the dtirens, headed by J.S. Snyder, were appointed to carer out the programme. The Governor U invited here to meet the Congressmen. Brownsville, December 19.—General H. Clav Davis, or Rio Grande Ctty, accidentally killed himself on the Sth instant, on a banting expedi tion, a lew miles from the ranches. Dsns was in company with several army officers. They were mo* tag over a rough road when the ambulance struck a stump and turned over. In the fall, the General's gun discharged Itself, the contents lodg ing In his Lips and abdomen. Be lived bat a few hours after. A movement on foot to present General Sedg wick with a testimonial for bis Interference on the other fide of the river, was dropped at his own requrat. bunmt, DecemberCL-Captaln Craig, Uni led States Assistant Commissioner of the rreeJ men, imprisoned at Segnne on a civil process, has Decs released byj force after tVje days’ in fii*onment by a detachment ofih- Forty-fifth and onlelh regiments of infantry, commanded by Captain Horn, marching from San Antonia. Craig ts now discharging hit dudes guarded by Lieu tenant Sutherland and elrtecn men of the Seven teenth regiment. GairrsTox, December 21.—The gunboat Winooski. from Term Crux, {poke the steamer Blackbird off Bnros, on the 20th. She reported that Marshal Bazalae had sent for Joates to con fer with him. lewis D. Campbell, United States Minister to Mexico, arrived here to-day on the United States fteamcr Blackbird, dited from Matamoras, and sailed Immediately on the steamer Matagorda for New Orleans, to confer with (Jencrals Sherman and Sheridan, and authorities at Washington. He reports Mexican affairs on the border in a very unsettled condition. The escape of Ortega trom surveillance at Brownsville created much excitement, sod would complicate afhlrs on the frontier. Captain trioar, Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau at Miltlctn, officially reports the murder of Capt Rickard, late of the Twelfth Cavalry, ny bis partner in planting, and calls urgently for troops and protection. MEXICO, tVlirmbeatsot Minister Campbell—Affair* at Slatamaraa Kamared Lbmw la the Liberal Cbbk— Evacuation of San Lais Polos! by the Imperialists- Gaivcsrov, Doc. 21.—Minister Campbell and bis Secretary of Legation are still at Brownsville, but will go to Monterey as soon aa practicable. On tbelSth. Canales and Cortina# left for Monterey. Escobedo left on the IPth, end before going be issued a decree declaring cu'l and void all laws and decrees made under the so-ca Hod Empire. This includes the acts of Carrajol and Canales.and entails great losses on the merchants, who had been forced to advance immense sums of money to both chieftains. it Is credited here that on the ITlh Canales pro nounced against Juare* and in favor of Ortega, and that tie Government of Tampico has done the same. A courier baa arrived with the new* that the Imperialists evacuated San LnlsFotoat, w hich was at once occupied by the Liberals. II I-also cnrrcnUy reported u>-rirht that Ca naira and Corlinaa attacked and captured Esco bedo. Ortega wDI cuter Mexico within ini days. Cortina with about five thousand men. and Canales with about three hundred, left Maia moras on the evening of the 15th for Monterey, with a vie* of taking part in the campaign Iu the Interior, and Escobedo and stafi left ou the l.th suddenly, as It was supposed Minister camp bell was to profit by the GtaeraT* escort to Moa terry tomcilJuarez. __ , , The Minister and Mr. Flttm, Secretary of Lega- CHICAGO. SATURDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1866 lion, were still here on (be 17th. la the evening It was rumored that E«cobedo h»d received intel ligence Unit Cortina and Canales had pronounced on the road against the Juarez Government, and in favor of Ortega. Yesterday a courier brought Intelligence that Cortina and Canales had attacked Escobedo cry miles from Matamoras, and cap tured himself and stah. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. Official Retain* of the Nevada Election—San Fionctaee Market*— Negotiation* lor the Introduction «f a Lute Force of Chinese Laborers—*>hock ol an naiento-BeaTr Mono. Sax Fiujrci>co, December 18 —Official returns of the Nevada election give Blaiadell, for Gov. ernot, 1,0-20 majority. Ashley, tor Congress, ?50 majority. Fifteen counties have been Indicted for making return* to Avery, for Assessor, Instead ofWgler. The does In each case were fixed at The San Francisco money market crows easier. Firel class paper discounted at one percent. 10,000 barms superior tloor will be sent da Panama to New York. Governor McCormick, of Arizona, came here at the request of the citizens of that Territory to ask aid to suppress the Indian raids. No chancre is wheat. Extreme quotations $1.90® Mining stocks closed—Savage, 1990; Oph!r,l7o; Empire, 110; Yellow Jacket, 12U3: Gotud & Curry. 69. Sax Fuascisco. December 19.—Negotiations arc Pending for the introduction from China of a large toree of laborers (or the Central Pacific Ball* road. The Arizona Legislature has petitioned Con gress to rtpea] the Jaw giving Pahale County to Nevada. Thrre was a shock of an earthquake at Sacra mento this morning. The gale last night is said io be the severest for ten years, and did considerable damage to the shipping and'wbarves. Wheat unchanged; stock here and now ship* ping, 700,1)00 sacks. Estimated quantity yet to come. 3,500,000 sacks. Choice lots shipping grade wool sold at 55c. FROM BOSTON. Attempt to Robibe Adams Express Money Wucoa—Dciult of a Clergyman—Breach of Contract-Cold Weather. Bom-os, Sec. 21.—An attempt la sapposed to hare been made lor three or fonr days to rob the money wagon of Adams Express Company. It .ras followed for several nights by three men on Us wayi-erwcen the railroad depot and the ex press office. The suspicions actons of the men caused the driver to call a policeman, who arrest ed two of them. Ibe other ran away. The two airested bad a annuity of red pepper in their pockets, which it is believed they intended to throw into the eyes of the driver at a convenient opportunity. iter. Sr. Alhro. of Cambridge, who was seized with an affection of the heart, while preaching In West Roxbary, on Sunday but, died yesleMay afternoon. ' In the case of James B Bea), of Boston, against Geo. 11. Stuart A*,Co., of Philadelphia, for breach of contract, to fnrnLh a quantity of cotton thread, Uled in the Snptrior Court, the jury, this morn ing, returned a verdict for the plaintiff for {ll.&U damages. At the Cambridge Observatory, at six o’clock this morning, the mercury was thirteen d* < 'rees below zero, in Rochester ten degrees below zero, and in other places in the vicinity of Boston from three to six degrees below zero; at Worcoiter the mercury was six dogrens delow zero. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Preliminary Business at the Riot Investi- gating Commit.ce. NewOuleass, December 20.—The Investigat ing Committee's Secretary is Instructed to obtain from Mayor Monroe the names of parties holding official positions In New Orleans by popntar elec tion or by appointment of the Mayor in August and Jnly last, and the names of the police force both regular and extra. The Mayor is respect fully requested liy the committee to give such aid If the premises as will enable them to obtain the Information required. JCzwOrLBAKs, December 21.—Governor Wells has issued requests to the clerks of the Criminal Courts tn the State to fnrnlsh him with a Hit of the criminal indictments on the dockets, from November. lEGU, to November, NkwOuixamcl Decembers!.—The Congression al Committee will commence their investigations to morrow at (he Si. Louis hotel. They expect to complete their work In about two we.ks. New Orleans, December 21.—General Sherman will leave for the West to morrow. The latest news from Brownsville says Minister Campbell has cone to Monterey, and will await there the coming of Juarez. FROM RALEIGH. Conflict Between Military and Civil Ao- Iborntea-Ailcmpt to Carry Oot the Old Wave Laws—Butted states Officers In dicted. Ralkigd, N. C., December Si.—Colonel Bam ford, commanding the United States military forces in North Carolina, Interfered and prevent ed the Sheriff irom indicting corporeal punish ment on a negro yesterday at Ralicgb. Jodga fowle ordered the indictment of all military offi cers concerned in the transaction. The negro «aa returned, after receiving eight lashes, when ■ toe soldiers lefl the ground. Indictments will be isssned against the officers. *lbe negto will be whipped to-day. Judge Towle has called on the Governor to carry out Inc laws of the Slate. WujawoTON. n.C„ December 21.—Lewis and Augustus Williams, freedmen, convicted at tbe October Snpcnor Court, ofbighnay robbery, were executed here to-day. FROM I! AT AN A, Favorable Reception of the President's aiemuute. NrvrYOBK, December 21.—Havana advices to the ICtb say that President Jodqsod's message made ft favorable Impression. Ibe principal tax on Millards has been abol ished. Sugar firm at 6‘i reals for No. li. Sixty day gold bills 7? H premium. FROM MEMPHIS. ot Plantations la Arkansa**-Scarcliy of Cnrreocy, drc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] UzxrEis, December 31. The Atchnetu favor* the cordial reception of the Congressional excursionists. Notwithstanding tho lousos of nearly every planter, land on the Arkansas River Is in demand at twelve to sixteen dollar* per acre for another year's lease. Currency was so scarce today that cotton buy ers olleiea five-day bills on New York at two per cent off. St. Laxarns Church is bolding a fair to raise funds to erect monuments and tablets to deceased rebel soldiers. TERRIBLE DISASTER. Two Women Burned to Death* [From tbs Eaton Rapid?, (Mich.) Journal.] One ot the most horrible calamities, such as death by fire, occurred in this place on Thursday last, by which the wife of william J. Huntington and a hired girl named Wilson, aged about nineteen years, were burned to such an extent as to'cause the death of the latter within the next twenty-four hours, and the life of Mrs. Huntington, at the present time of writing, (Saturday noon.) to bo despaired of. The particulars arc as follows: At about eleven o’clock lo the afternoon, Miss Wilson, tbc hired girl, started a fire in the kitchen stove for the purpose, as we understand, of preparing dinner. In the place of kindlings, to make haste In this work, she took a can ot kerosene oil and poured part of its contents on the wood, when suddenly a sheet of dames darted from the stove and, following np the stream of liquid from the can, set it on drc. Then fol lowed the bursting of the can, the burning liquid scattering over tbc room and over the clothing of the unfortunate girl. Her screams brought Mrs. Huntington in haste from the next room, who, seeing her in dames, grasped a pail of water for the pur pose of aiding her, but in passing by the stove she fell into a pool of horning fluid, which speedily enveloped her clothing In flames. Both then rushed out doors, frantic with pain, endeavoring to pat oat the flames by rolling upon the ground. [Mr. Huntington and another man near by rushed speedily to their rescue, in vain trying to tear the burn ing clothing from their bodies, and both horning their hands severely in the attempt. All unavailing! all vestiges of clothing ex cept the covering to the feet and small particles of cloth around the neck and shoulders of Mrs. U. were devoured by tho flames, and both [of the bodies horned to a blackened crisp. As we stated above. Miss Wilson died in great agony from the barns, about ten o’clock Friday morning. Mr*. Hunting ton seems to have been in leas pain, bnt most probably from the fact of sensi bility being more or less destroyed in the parts burned. At the time of the calamity, Mrs. Huntington WMcncimfr which rendered her situation the more criical, all hopes of her rfecoverv being given up by physi cians and friends, Mrs. Hnnlrcgton is the daughter of Mr. J. DeCouwey, of this place, aud in case of her death, of which there is no doubt, will leave a husband and three children, parents, brothers and sisters, and many other warm friends and relatives to moarn her sad fate. fHasonlc Notices, AT4ii5M® —There will be a Regular ■V A Meeting of the Chicago ConaclL Xo. 1. PrtacM of jCTiaaleta. at Blair Halt this (SATURDAY) E VEN IAL. at to clock. AO a caber* are reoaeated to be panctnally pretest. Wort. By order M. F, S. P. G. M. W. W. WINTEk, Secretary. MASONIC —The Regular Aimnal Com mtmicauon of Wm. B. Warren Lod«. Ko. 309. • i A.)U*lil be l eld at v Temnle- thi, ISiTDEDAT) EVENING, it JteiSS are requested to attend. D. W. CLARE. Jr. S^^ T °” C^VE - *■ * ytotograpts. TXT HE HE ARE YOU GOING SO .V I. FA>T. OLD MAX * (Sew Song.) l’m going downtoUBAXD a, 10SLakewt, 1 bewr Ihathefow redneed his pncee, and tny tricnd* are aaxloui to ic core the shadow etn the robstaooe Cade*. He take* Cartes de Yisite for Only $1.50 per Doz. TTOWTAaTtHE DIFFERENCE!— only ft A 0 p»r dosen. while other Ph-itographerscharM f 4 and fs. Don’t forget that be vaa the fir*: Art£t who took for hi* motto. *» Down with the Prim.’> “• POR IF I ONLY CAN SKEDAD- X DLL,” mgo itralchl np to Brand's Popnlar Art Gallery-, And get a dorm Carte* deVime lor only ONE dal. HTHE DAT OP EXTORTION HAS X PASSED—Ever? om ahonld remember that It was ocr old ana popular Photographer, HBAND ms Lake-«t,wbo wn.« the flr-t to take the right st»\a the HEIUJC’nONOFPHICES.and patronise hlma^oM* Caites deVisite, Only SLSO per Do^n ■PHOTOGRAPHS—U. S. Grant, the i People's Choke, but we cranlyonll an reWeoii yoo ham your Photographs taken at WEAVER BROS’. Cartes de Tisite, Only SLSO per Dos. c. W. rtOEESCE'o^uSr. 1 ’” 8 ' TiTSSS*. JHutcjbes anti Setoelrn. M° BE New Goods STILL THEY COME! TIE LATEST THE BEST ! CB PRESENTS, SUPERB AND BSADTIFDI. ANOTHER INVOICE OF THOSE mm ■WATCHES, DIRECT FROM GENEVA, MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER. Corbam aauulacturin? Co. umviiiooi, The Best Assortment Ever Tog-etliei- ! Call and See Them, at 117 LAKE-ST. MATSON & HOES. gPLENDID STOCK WATCHES JUST OPENED FOR HOLIDAY TRADE, ■ Ai Cnniij ncduccii rnccs, FRESH IMPORTATION OF WATCHES BY HUS IIROTIiIUCO, levellers and Silversmilhs, 142 Lake-st. A’so, keep a complete assortment of tbc CELE BRATED GORHAM PLATED WARE, Which they Oder lit n’t at as reasonable prices aa any other bouse In the country. Fancy Goods and Solid Silver Ware In great variety—all new and dtslrable patterns. JEWELRY. &C. OHHI3THIAB GOODS’ HODZDA7 CWODB BRIDAL PRESENTS! PRESENTATION DODDS! Comprising everythin; to be (bond lo a ffrit-da*« Jew elry store. AMERICAN AND CF.NEVA WATCHES. DIAMONDS Ud Prtclon • Stones «?t la every new and corcclvable ityie oi mounting. French Clocks. Bronze Vase*, Cups Ac. Solid silver Ware, the t>esi ttnoiimeni ever offered la Chtcaso. Plated OowH ol b» autlfol de'lgns and finish, equal to solid silver, being plated on Gorman silver, which has the appearance oi real silver and la quite a* datable. Ravine told theae cv-oda t*r the past year, or ever since they were first Introduced in the market we ran tuliy recommend them to our ru»tom<*r« Our Stock 1. 4<way« full and Complete. Wo pride ourrelre? in being aMs lo say t-' ucr customer*, that they will always find the very latent and most desirable good* eihl oiled l u o„.' stock ji soon as they arc prepared for market, a taeonatit prices, and from all the ieadlrc Cactiri-s. Thankfn- tor paattavrra, we ask acontlaca: t • t same, and an examination of our roods. MATSOI & HOES. *E£tantrh. TA/” ANTED—A tew experienced Can v v vsasers, to act as General A rents la Every Stale, In telling “HOME,” A RELIGIOUS BOOK FOR TUB FAMILY. Applicants must hare a small capital, and be able to crntrol the services of a number ot Agent*. We are "Spared to offer special inducements to the right men. Address H. E. FENTUN &-UQ.. Springfield. Na*s. A GENTS WATVrTTiD, By thePHCEMX LIFE INSURANCE CO., Ol Hart ford, throughout HUhoU. CHAS. D. LUKKY, Central A tent. SO LaSalle-st. A THOROUGHLY competent and ex pei traced man wants a silnsUon as BOOKKEEPER OR CASHIER. Cas civs latjaftctory city references. Addrvsa Box 6133. ■^JTJSICAL. A young man. a pianist, competes! in every respect, wlshea a position as .aievmaa to a ontclaseFisoo Wareroom. Best of refsecccs clyes. Addrcaa “MCSICAI*.” gECOND MILLER Wanted, tor the censor- Xon* seed apple taTeae thorooghlyondmtatdlng stooe drawing and BnDnt. A married man, dntron* of ob'aintnc a permanent •ituailon. preferred. Apply to “CHICAGO,’* Bx>m 13. So. N 6 LaSaLt-auorfr.O.Boi 771 840,000 TO isom ' WASTED—A fpertal or active partner, (active pre* fcrredj with the above asm. to Join a Successful and Lon? Established Jobbing House la thli dtr. The object being to la create tbe bartaeaa, which can be profitably dene on a caab basla. Addma Box 397, rtacag There aa Interview can be had- jfut Goobs. RUCTION PRICES, at CAYAIVNA & CO.’S, 133 HOUTH CLARK-BT. A larpe aaaortment at LADIES’ AND BENTS' FUSS Moat be aold within lea dan. AUo on hand. a ecm* plete and well-selected Uock of HATS and CAPS. T ADIES* FURS—A good assortment ot FIXE anXK ASD FITCH For tale at retail at wholesale price*. cntU the Ist of Jaauaiy. cjIBXKB * BROWN, failitars. COST. miLUNERT COODii AT COST. MILLINERY GOODS AT COST, LOOK OCT FOR BARGAINS. 103 Htatcsit, ©lotting. PRICES TV IN, BUY YOUE CLOTHES Where yon can bnythemthc Cheapest. AZili WHO HAVB CLOTHING or ANY DESCRIPTION XO BUY, Can Save fall 10 Per Cent By Calling at De Graff’s. Xo better assortment in the city, and Prices guaranteed to be the Lowest. I. DeGRAFF, Corner State and Randolph-sts. Eije Skating Season. SIDE S; X IT IKI. COMPI.IMEN TARY Grand Carnival and Promenade Concert This (Milurday) Evening* Finest array of Skating Talent In the City. A CORDIAL INVITATION 1* extended to Ticket Holder* ot the XVaba*h-av. Hint, the Washington, Central atdOcdro Parkt—tickets to ajove places will be only honored on presentation. aHE CHEAT UNIOI7 BAUD haro I>eeji enrncid, with s choice selection of mafic arranged ENFUfcSSLT FOB lilE OCCASION. THE FIhIBST SK.ITEBS la »he city will be present. The Great Gu Lawrence Stater, MR. J. POWERS, Is 'expected to arrive to-dsy, and will give a GRAND EXHIBITION. A FINER SHEET OF ICE HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN IN THE CUT. To the Gkateis and the Public this win he the Great est Treat of the Season. DON’T FAIL TO ATTEND. Uacdolph-at. CABS land you at the door. A c p For yonr Wife. H jx - —•— AA -w-, For yonr Son, 1 For yo«r Sister, o. O For yonr Brother, JL J) For yonr Friend. JjJL A Christmas Present A promoitveof plensnre, ft X health and longevity- A TICKET TO THE CENTRAL PARK! FINEST SHEET OF ICE EVER ON THE PARK. Opens to-night, with a Grand Carnival. SKATING PA UK Open Afternoon and Evening’. SPLENDID ICE, Full Great Western Light Guard Sand THIS liYENING. Boy a Season Ticket—aa elegant and acceptable riIIiISTMAS I’BESENT. Spates gKATES. DAPECS’ SKATES, GBNTZsSSESN’S SKATES, chxedhepts skates, For Christmas Gifts! AT JOHNSON’S Great WestcrnSkate Depot Comer State and Randolph»sts. SELECTED AND ORDERED PURPOSELY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. The Lontest and Most Elegant Stock In the country. !aac3Hllan’a New York Clubs, ALL SIZES. rpo THOSE WHO WANT GOOD SKATES! FULL ASSORTMENT OF PRATES AT IRE LOW- EbT PRICES. ENOCH WOODS, ISO LAKE-9T. 33iths, ER3IAN CANARIES, POLL PARROTS, THRUSHES, GOLD FISH ASD AQUARIA, And everyth leg in the Bird and Fl«h Use, which Is one Of the best pretexts as a Holiday Gift Cal] and see them. FEED KEMP FSB'S BIBD STORE, General Notices. pOK MILWAUKEE, TWO CREEKS, INTERMEDIATE PORTS. STEAMER SEABIHD, (Weather permitting) will leave for above pom. TOUCHING AT PT. WASHINGTON, SHEBOYGAN’ MANITOWOC AND TWO MYEKS, On this, Saturday, p. m., Dec. 22, Inst. ForFMtbter Passage apply at my office, below lloih-at. bridge. A. E. Goodrich. WLL THE GUARDIAN of the chll eraonte LATE GEO. IIOOS Please call at the office of the PUCK NIX LIFE, and re ceive the amount of hli poliry. *-,OX? Tbe LASPEBTZ POLICT. FOB 85,000, Is also doe, and I am ready to make payment. CU.tS. O. LCKEV, General Agent, SO LaSalle- it. u DAUL & MASON, GENERAL X AGENTS"—My attatlon la called to a very Ungcntlemnnly Advertisement, Over the atgnatom of the above named “General Agents.” 1 have bat to tarthat the statement referred to t* made and baled noon HIGH AUTHORITY, and I than Ukt pleasure la ahowieg the aame to AXx .VXD ALL PERSONS wbomaybescmdenuy tmere*ted to call at my office. >AM*L B. RAYMOND. General Agent ..Etna Lite insurance Co~ ot Hartford. Conm Office. 4 Loo ml*’ Block, corner ol Clark and booth Water-sts. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK, V> OF CHICAGO, Chicago, IJl_ Dec. S. ISC*. TBS AZ727TJAZ, SZSOTINO Of the Stockholders of this Bank, tor the election ol WwtejJjWlU be held at Its offire. TUESDAY. Janu ary Bth, lE6T. M. D. BCCHAXAX, Caaluer. TTNPARALLELED SCCCESS.-Acir cular cmanaUnc from Samuel D, Raymond, Gene* I? : A £!S tol ttie Lite Insurance Comolay, of Hartford. Corn-cortalcs a ttatement re-arilnts the Wash Inst ca Life Insurance Company. of\ew York. WHICH UE MUST KNOW It) IIS FALSE. PAUL ft Mason, General Agents. NUMBER 199, jFor tf)g S)irtaa|!B. QHRISTMAS AXD NEW YEAR’S HIM Ml ATNST77OBS PRICES, And hat prlcc«than •‘an be BOCGUT AT AUCTION. CALL AND EXAMINE. Corner of tVanhiocton and Clark. Smith Sr Miao'd UailtUns. GOT A. IJEWTS. QRAPHOTKOPE. Pictares for Holiday Presents, Of all kinds, and at cheap prices. PHOTOGRAPH OABSRT9, A new thing, are all the go. Call and sea them. RICE Ar ALLEN. 90 State-at. JOHN D. RICE, SneeeMor. JUST RECEIVED. NEW BOOKS. The largest rock of Eas’.Ub Juvenile Book* ever Icootht t. Chicago. Illustrated Booti tor Chrlatmu and New Year’s Gifts—the latest and best in the Lon don market. «TUST OFEKTBD, STREET. PEARSON & CO,, 101 Washington-.!. DEARBORN-ST. Albums at Cost. 150 Dearbore-at. CHAS. W. STEVENS. JJAVfc YODR PSCTCRES ER.EWESt AT XSO DEAUnoUIT-BT- 'J'OVS! TOTSj. TOTS! CLOSING ODt" AT COST, On accoont of *clas eat of bastne**. 183 1-2 Clark-st., paar Igoaroe. JfEEXCH MATERIALS FOR ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. Flower* Tor Parlor* and Christmas Trees. A. PONCBLET. 217 Indlana-au eait ol Nor h Clark-au The CTMtMt noreltr Of thease. It Is s pleanac sad rnleruinlntr ornament for the centre table. A mac* nUlccnt holiday pteotnt. “ C. WiIITACRB&VO. Sole Agent*. 98 Waih»ngton-«t. JJOLLDAT GOODS, at CAVAXXA & CO.’S, Hatters, 133 sotrrn ciauk st. Holiday Silk Uat»—Jtut the tbtntt lor a present. ■QSEPDL AND CHEAP Holiday Presents! norsE furnishing goods! HOME CONVENIENCES! DALTON & CO., 71 LAEE-ST. QHIiISTiIAS AND NEW Y GAB’S ill) SMS! XT STENT* Tona LV3I, TO CIjOSI] out : CALL AND EXAMINE, AT 58 MICHICAN-AV. E, B, LANDON, Agent. MATERIALS. Materials for Wax Flowers, Dccalcomanie, Mathematical Instruments, Mastic Frames am! Brackets, Engravings, Chromolithographs, Parlor Easels, And numerous other HOLIDAY GIFTS, JEVNE A- ALMINI’S, ISA and 15-1 Clark-st., PublU'-era Chicago Illustrated. MOBSTER, On Exhibition at 187 Randolph's!., SHERMAN HOUSE. An immense piece ot rough Meerschaum, ]ust lm- Sorted from Europe, with the largest, handsomest and t»t reltcUd stock of genuine Meerschaum Pipe* and Cigar Holders that has ever be»-n seen In this city or elsewhere. No Christmas pneecttoa gentleman will be more appreciated than cne ol these cne Meerschaum Pipes or Cigar Holders. E. HOFFMAN, 137 Eandolph-st.. Sherman noose. HUNKS, Talises, Travelling’ Bags, Ladies’ and Gents' Satchels, Children's Toy Tranks, &c. 61 opp. Sbrrnmn Tloaae, and Sl9 Clarkwl, WM. WRIGHT. pHESENTS FOIL GENTLEMEN, IDulools’, At iVlrs, 14S DKABBOHN-ST. Q. E 37 U I N E Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Ol our own Importation, at very low price*. BECK a WIBTH. 95 South Waur-is. patents. g £ C O It HAND STAMP, With Complete Sates for 13 Tears* NO TYPE SEITING—NO SOILED FINOEBS. Bates Changed in a Twinkling! SECOB IUND STAMP CO n gcatbctd corner of Kortt State and Michigan-it*. DREAD 3IISJNG AND KNEADING Jj.Ml CHINES—for i'aaillle*, Hotels, BeataoraaU JM Baler*, the no§l raJnaale lare&Uoa of the are. By the same acnoa the Bread is miiad tad kscAded thoroughly tad quickly, without the band* touching tie floor. Tbcy la*are crest ttrlnr of labor, perfect cleanllaen, certainty of rood bread, tad are cheap, Excltulve blate. County tad Town BUbU tor (tie, af fording t rare catace lor errat ralsi. vita email capi tal. Agent* wanted everywhere, and mo*t liberal fa* dotfisral 1 riven them. Apply pervocallr or tor letter to C. W. FuUBUSH, Agent, 4(i CongreM-«t, Boatoa, Mata, bead tor circular. riARD’S PATEKT MACHINZL Office and maaaiactory S 3 south Jefferson-it. Fat luforaaaoa and descrlroTe cl real at addre** E. B. CARD, 33 South Jefienoa-aL, Chicago. fljarttoarr, Jctohcs, &c. JJARDWARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lalie-St. The attention ol c'o*e buyers Is InTtW so oar com plete stock cf COOPERS*. MACHINISTS’ and CAR PENTERS'TOOLS. AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY snd BUILDERS' HARDWARE, direct from the best cftßo&rraren. We offer, ftbto, a complete assortment Of WOsTENHOLM’S POCKET CUTLERY. sPEAK A JACKSON'S SAWB. JOSEPH RODGKKS A SONS' SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUIUIS A SOTHEBY'S FILES, also SKATES ft&d Strap* cf every description. We also keep constantly on band foil cambers ot SCHOENBERGEB’S JUNIATA NAILS. C. D. Urea. Edw. Pbpoott. ~ S. BggcT*.m, Jlatinrtstip. MR. WM. HAMEL having withdrawn from the Cm ot _ , ERICKSON A HAMEL, The same is henceforth to be known ai SBZCSBON & A3HT7NI>BEIZ. . ERICKSON A AMOND3EN. Educational. HATHAWAY’S SCHOOL. Oniy eight cr ten more students caa be admit ted this term. Classes in commi'n and higher English Latin. French, Italian, Algebra. Geometry. Surveying BociSfeplnc. Ac. Evening elusoa in Italian,French “»*"■ Ajuto '“'-vf^ k ;,ii , axwiT, A.H- Pllaelp*! DYHItEN’FURTH’S COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Is the best bu«lce&« fetablKhxeat to tna vTeit,being theonlr oae CONDUCTED DT PRAC TICAL BUSINESS MEN. Fotntn language uaihL The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES respectively prepare youths tor a Buslneas or a Uol- Tertity Coarse. Ladles Seminary tost opened. ISoo&g for tj)c ijoltaaps. •py OLID AY HOODS! FINE ILLUSTRATED BOOKS. PRAYER BOOMD BIBLES In Elegant Binding'. SIHMUM In Fine Binding. ELEGANT WRITING DESKS, In- treat Variety. FINE STATIONERY STASEPED, . TO ORDER. COBO.PHiTCHJRD SCO.. S 3 L«llaC*St., TR£BXo2ff7 SOVBB. JJEAUTIFUL BOOKS FOR GIFTS. The largest and beat a?»ortm«nt ot Religions, Theological and Devotional BjDOBS in the Nortbwcat. Many ot tbem In tlegaat BIBLES, JSv. Te nj* rt ' tT * from tt « Terr cheap Banes of the Bible Society to the finest Oxford and London editions HYMN BOOfiJs, 01 every kind In general nae. . JUTENTL-Egl, In endlen variety, both old and new. ~£s£.J? oW,pm,,, ’ n » flfUs « AMERICAN TRACT SO. CIETIEB. PRESBYTERIAN BOARD, PRES. PUB LICATION COMMITTEE, MASS. S. s! SOCIETY B CARTER A BROTHERS. HENRY HOYT, and many other leading Rooms. Witt. O. SOZaZOSS. Rlusical C c 1 CHRISTMAS I C.IB/.VET OICG.I.VS, AT SOOT & CAST’S. Etfiant style*, from *73 to 11.000. cniusTJiais: LITTLE MELODEONS FOR CHILDREN, AT ROOT*!* CADVS. From ote to three octave*. Price t~ an octave, pIANOb. FOR THE HOLIDAYS, PIANOS WILL BK SOLD AT MANUFACTURERS’ PRICES. KVEUT INSTRUMENT WARRANTED. TATZiOS & FABLBra CELEBRATED ORGANS AND MELGDEONS, GUITABS, VIOLINS, FLUTES, ACCOKDEONS, dee., mpom-nn TITRW*t aonu All food* will be aold 25 per cent lesa than recnlar prlcrf. All aboold arall llicmaelvea ol the o:portnnltr now o&eied. J F. ZIEGFELD & CO , IS3 PearbonHit. y_J M. BIGGINS & CO. PIANO FORTES 2 EQUAL IK TONE. EQUAL IK TOUCH. EQUAL IK POWER, EQUdLIK DL’IIAHILITx, And twenty-five per cent better la economy than any other Plano Forte now male. THE H. M. HIGGINS & CO. PIANO la perfect in er«ry respect, and warranto-i lor are yeais. Saturation guaranteed, nr no tale. Please call and examine (or yourselves at the JUJLTIOTU SALESiBOOTIS, 117 Baudolph-wt., (under Col. Wood's Mus-mm.) OTSample copla of HIGGINS’ MUSICAL REVIEW will be sent free to any adorns, on application. Price 75 crats per year. The lost No. contains alx beautiful plecea of Muale. Itailroabs. PASSENGER DEPOT. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN AT) TiTJJE. The public Is Intormed that the NEW and ELEGANT PASSEUGEE DEPOT, Eltnated on the corner ol Van Boren and Sbertaaa-sU^ Is Sow Open for Business, AND FROM WHICH 4 Express Trains Will depart (or the East, as follows; Day Mall. Day Ez. Ugbtn’gEx. Night Ex. 4:15 A.M. 7:00 A.M. 3:15 P.M. 10:00P.M. Via Adrian. VlaAlrLme. Via Air Line. ViaAdrlan. One Train on Sunday, at 3:15 p. m. 5 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF Uliciiigan Cnntral Hatlroad TO NEW YORK. PASSENGERS TAKING THE 3:15 P. M. lightning Express HATE SLEEPING CABS THBOUGH TO CLEVELAND, WITHOUT CHANGE, SUPPER AT ELKHART, Aod arrive la New York at ? o’clock on monies of Second Bay. Change* are made, cn this lice, In Passenger Depots unnrpasled lor convenience and comfort In mi* coon- may be purchased, andaleeslng Car Berths reserved at General Office. 36 CLARK-ST. SaM*L C. HOUGH, Gen’: Westa Pus’r Ac*t. Chicago. December. 13C6. i3oots anli gifiocs. OIOBIX6 OUT ' ° SALS Ol a Large and Fine block ol BOOTS AND SHOES. Prtpiratory to « Dissolution of our Firm Ob the first ot January next. We Will Sell Out our Stock AT A GREAT REDUCTION From formt r prices. FARGO, BILL & CO-, 4S aad 30 Wftbft#b-*f Klines, liquors, &c. FOB THE HOLIDAYS. Just rewired, two fresh Importations ot the finest delicious Wines of Hungary. Their genuine quality guaranteed. PKICES MODERATE. Thofte who were disappointed in obtaining Totar w me*, on account ot their rapid sale, will please call as early as possible. BBECK, BOTtNEB Sc CO,, Direct Importers, 1-9 Sooth Gark, or ta the Homcsopatblc Drag Store, 147 South Gark. •Co latnt 'J’O REST— HOUSE, WITH BARN, In a pood locality. (West Side.) Inquire at 197 West Lake-mU, Chicago. T OASb ON CITY ZZSAZ* ESTATE. PARKER A LYMAN. Noa. 13 and 17 Portland Block, are now prepared to negotiate mortgages on real es tate in this city, through their correwondcstt la New York sad Dostqa. Btiplg-eilgrtif 3* JfASHIOMS DEMAND J. W. Bradley's Duplex fillip (OB DOUBLE SPRING) SKIRTS SUSS&3S •wUgfg three of.four ordinary s nrta m thrown m h QWICM. They combine tomtort durability > “■- STANDARD SKIK' OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by toe drfnslve eclc owners of the patait, WESTS, BRADLEY t CABT, 1 W«vhon»eicdoafT,9TChamb«reaad 79 sod fi ineJobfei'* TC:£ ' A2sc « Mwl » le * l eF>7 *he tel Bradley*# Duplex Elliptic Skirts, SjJrSS *=■» eracetnl Skirt worn, Fi late a. wholesale at m.mnCi«orer»’ prlc**. bv tiA FIELD. VALMtB AIAarSE. IIP. I IS. H 4 and 11Q Lak»»L. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex EUiptio Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are cusnrpataed. For art atwho&xale by _ JOHN V. FAKWEIL A Ct>L 4J. 44 ana 40 Wttaxb-av., Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, pie lightest. mr4rt**?c«tb!e and perfect Stlrt* taaA For sale at wboJcsafe. BOWEN BROS.. 19 and 91 Lake-vt. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beauty, comtort and durability soperforto an eto era. For sale a; wholesa^br TORRENCE. MANNING A COl, Bradley’s Buplex Elliptic Skirts, At wholesale, at nuuettaetarvrs’ price*. , KKiriL WOOD A CO, - M atd 14 UkMh. UMe«*a JLiljolcsalE £lotf) Rouses I£l2VT^B^Llsli , STEVEN’S & COMP’T. WHOLESALE CLOTH HOUSE. 64 & 66 jfncHieuuv ■ ,iv. iausinrss CTarJJs. -ROBSET -n- PATTEN, Glass Blower. AX Will Mend and P-cpalr Glaa-. china, Earthen! Bone. Irory, Mar. le Ornaments. Tors and FumUnrel SLTi’f/Til’iniVrV-'i 0 ; ?'.- vo,l r Tbp material MedlatlULlD GLAfetv, and can bceasilr tir sqt person, tor rale at :>Civnts s ootUe. All work wa£ ranted scaluit tot or cold water, acids sail oils, or ua par. Orders addit-'.*! throuru tbr ro»t Office will ns wire Immediate attention. Hire rtrwt and number. A CO., COSQ2SXSSZOK ICES CHANTS, Prrcbajc ltd sell FJoar. Grain. rmtiiinn. Dreaaai Hoes. *c. „ ”12 borm WAiEu-sr., Chicago. Hcifr nce-.SortbwfiUro National Bank. BROTHERS, 200 & 271 Ernst Watcr-st., MILWAUKEE. CEAS. H~EICE & CO., 211 & 213 South WateMt * CHICAGO, Prod nee Cotnmltslon Mere bants, Dealtn In Flour and Grain. Special attention given to tbe tale of Dreaaad uEcdftve* Cal 3 * ormarJtiE » and matkel report* tdr- PartlcnL-ir^attention" siren to Uie'isle DEESSED HOGS, Grain Rongfai and Sold on MaratM. DKAN A MANNINOTOJT. Office. 17 Chie •pyCBBARD & BUOWN, Storage, Forwarding and Commlaalca JIEnCII.tNTH, Red Warehonic. UrteHU. Red Wins, 31la. "pSTAELIpHED IN 185« L IT 11. LI AM LITTLE & CO., Commission Merchants, Fcr the Sale or Purchase ol Rraln, Floor, Seed*, Butler, Dreward H oca* Dried Frwtta and PravialoaN. Warehouse. 231 South Water-* t., CHICAGO. We refer to Merchant*' National Bank, or any ol m* old-esubibUed Banks or Merchants. 1 QOMSUSSION HOUSE OF GEO. A. WHEELER & CO., 31 CHAMBER OF COHHERCE, Give (pedal attention to consignments of DRESSED HOGS, And f&rnUh usual facilities therefor to an who applr. All orders tor ¥V * FLOUR, GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Receive our very best efforts to please. Property bought and held no margins, and sold here or In East etn or Southern market*. anti Coal. QET THE BEST. Hazelton Lehigh Goal For sale by thorns. carlo*<L or la lots to suit pnrtiu*- ers. We have a:i size,, carefully screened, ami led coa- Cdect that, upon trial, the EXCELLENT QUALITIES Of this particular and well-known mine win clre this Coal a preference over any other in mu market. l> ply to BLAKE, 3CASON Os CO.* « „ At Fulton Eleralor. Or U. HILL. 6 Weils-at. Depot. Y°nGHIOGHENT COAL CO, Office 17 Cfaamlwrol Commerce and center \Vf»t liinzlc and iJreea TocsUorh'ny, briar BUl&ndCaimelCoal. Mineral Bills? Cca 1 CocnelUTUle&adntatmrgh Coke. Gas Uurncts. NEW BURNER, THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The Tost and Best Inreatlon. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Glaas Chimney* dispensed with. A itcadfi brilliant Ushk ranal to f*. to bora ordinary Keroacoe. ADAPTABLE TO ANT LISP. To 800 is to bo Convinced*** XT State tod County Rhcbu lor tile by A. E. SLOAS* Adams House* Jfox Sale. T O,PORK PACKERS—For sale, cheap, 03C13 LARD TANKS (.WLson's pftteat), ta first- rate order. _ J. G. HAMILTON. Boon 7 Methodist Chorea Koefc. PEW No. 43, IN THE Third Presbyterian Church, FOR SALE LOW. A. R. A O. H. MILLER. Apply to SALE- 100 Barrels Pure Cider Tinegir, Nowonjiand. by CHAS. LEEDS 4 CO., 163 South J7OR SALE— ONE OFFICE DESK, ".a SSSJ?“ “=» * “.-a. 1«» JpOR SALE— -50 BABBHLS CISEB, Pore Juice, by CHARLES LEEDS A CO (Consignments. jitter, butter. FOR SALE, 1000 TUBS OBZO DAIRT Hffw»na In lau to sutburera. E. WHITE A CO., 141 South Water-tt, HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers, Commissions on car-load lota.iv per «vr,L VlQ^'is«e. A, "’* RIOH,f * CO -1 Jo k-a I<4o Rl&co-dt, comer ot Lasaiu* . 3-00

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