24 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Cljicaga ®ribmu-. MONDAY. DECEMBER 34. 1506. THE KBITS. P The Emperor of Brazil has emancipated all a slaves. The President has pardoned 0. F. Sfcmln ger, JcffDsviH* Secretary of the Treasury. Minister Campbell arrived in New Orleans yesterday. Twenty-one lives have been lost by lire In New York City within the last two weens. The Treasury at present holds $01,923,314 in cold, fIE,'(TU,74O of which is In certificate*. Imports of the week at the port of New York were 5Ti.550.0n0, of which dry pond* were. s££3o,ooo end central merchandise 5U.033.00X . A Convention of colored soldiers and sai lors will be held in Philadelphia, January 8. Its object is to seek equality before the law. The total amount of National Bank cur rency now in circulation is reported at $89(3,807,669. jFivc-TwciiUcfi dosed In London last even logatTOU. The latest quotation lor cold in New York is given at 133 g. At Franconia, in Northern New Hamp el-hire, the mercury Indicated twenty-nine degrees below aero at noon yesterday. Disbursements of the Treasury to tbc va rious Departments of the Government daring the jiast week amounted to $1,6T4,931. - ' General Sherman and Minister Campbell are expected in Washington in a few days, their search for tne Juarez Government having proved & failure. Tbc New York Board of Fire Commission ers have decided to continue lor six mouths longer the reward of one thousand dollars for the detec tion and conviction of an incendiary. Steamers took out from New York yester day, SISS,OuO m specie. One million and a half of specie arrived in the steamer Ocean Queen from Aspinwall. - At a meeting held Id Benton County, Ark., on tbe S«th uIU, to appoint delegates to the Union State Convention, a resolution was passed 4 * in favor ot universal suffrage, rebels excluded.** A large saw mill and agricultural implement factory, at Canton, lowa, owned by George W. TrumbolL were destroyed by fire on the 19th last. Loss, $30,030. „ " On the ITlhinst. theT>oQcr of a sawmill si French Lick, Iud M exploded, completely de molishing the mill, and killed two brotben named Wlnycorf pnprielora of the nflL.. ~ *- “Otr Aioiicmy Musi, a man named Byers committed sMdde at Columbia, Michigan, by taking str>canine. fatal deed vas tbc fact that Lc bad been detected in a theft. Negotiations are la progress for the in troduction of a large force of Chinese laborers, to be employed in the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. * A fire at Ripley, Ohio, on Saturday, de stroyed the dry goods stored George R. Dixon, banking house o! J. Reynolds & Co, aud dwell ing houses adjoining. Secretory Seward bas selected the State GcztiU y published at Austin, Texas, to publish tbc United Slates laws. The editor of the GaztUt was Private Secretary to Jeff. Davis daring tbe re bullion. Tbe paper is strongly rebel. Colonel. Montgomery, commander of the Missouri State Militia at Lexington during tbc troubles at that place, bas been arrested, ny order of tbe United States Commissioner of tbe Dis trict Tbe Methodist Church South has ceased to exist. Tbc requisite number of votes bos been obtained for tbe ’‘change of name,*’ and we must speak hereafter of tbc Methodist Episcopal Church. Lay delegation has also been carried. At tbc Fenian trials in Canada yesterday, tbe jury disagreed in tbe case of Smith, the vote standing eleven for acquittal and one lot convic tion. In tbo case of Tem-nce McDonald, the jury, after being out several hours, returned a verdict of acquittal. By Atlantic Cable we learn that peace meetings ate being held In various parts of Ire land. Ills now thought that the British Govern ment will exp. rience little farther trouble from tbe Fontana..*.There is a rumor of another conspira cy being discovered in Madrid, of which tue lately retat£*4'3*&cral Prim is the prune mover. . wells of Crenelle and Pussy, France, noweiuit volumes of steam; the temper ature of the waters, which rise from the ocp'h of two thousand three hundred feet, reaching eighty- Are degrees Fahrenheit, while that of the at mosphere at the sunace by night is only thirty-Avc or thirty-six. The budget of expenditure of the city of Pari* In 1652 was CC,000,000 francs. In 18G5 it rose to 2111,00 ,000 Irenes, and in the present year there will again be au increase. In 1652, tbe interest of the debt was only 7.000,(00 francs: in 1536,16,500,003 francs are required lor this purpose. The Hartford Cburixnf says that Orison Blunt has a great passion for diamonds, and wean not less man (50,000 worth on his person. Be has $20,000 worth in his watch. lie is a very plain man, dresses very much ma a carman, yet he Is great on diamonds, and will hunt a brilliant gem w Ith extraordinary real. Hon. James Semple, one of tbe original settler? of Alton, many years since United States Senator from this State, and afterward Minister to Bogota, died at Jerecy Landing, Jersey County, on Friday last For several years previous to ius death, be entirely withdrew hlmseli from active pamdpaliou in the political contests of tbe day. Advices from -Mexico say that Max, has determined not to abdicate yet. He bos Issued a proclamation fora Congress of the Mexican peo ple to consider the condition of the country. Ten milions of money and forty thousand men had been raised to support and defend the Empire. The French Lave declared for nun-hiterreutlon. 1 1...1 * <>ur W uvlui);lou dj»eviai says, au KUciapi ■jias bean nidr by cerulu pmict to Indnce bo ala "Welch mono to retrain from lesUrriug against t'umiU. like luflocnces will also be brought to bear on the other witnesses. Enough, however, has already benn exposed to warrant the belief that if these men can be induced to testify to the whole tmtu, the mysteries of the asrasstnailoo will oe exposed. lu tbc ca*c of the murderer, Dr. UTaUon, ol Virginia, Ibe President has seen fit to atssolve the Williaiy Commtaelon oetore whom be was to be tried. The President's action is based upon a decision nf Attorney General Stanbarry, wherein tbsl officer has decided that the casts In point is luby covered by the recent -decision ot fhe Sn pitme Court JO regard to the Bowies-MUligau uinl. In one of the .great dobs in Paris there has l>ecn a desperate gambling bout which lasted twelve hours on each of three successive days. The plsyeis were a young Russian and a Turkish Grand tlegneur, both very rich. The first night cost tbe Russian 350,000 francs; the following day he regained2o.doofrancs; the following night be again lost these 20,000 bancs and 250,* iw more. Rossis then gave in, and withdrew from the com bat. with a net loss of 400,000 francs. At Minneapolis, a few days ago, two girls, aged ten nod fourteen years, were kidnapped in the street, while on their way to church, and the most thorough search has since failed to discover their whereabouts. A letter has reached the mother, purporting to come from her former has* band, saying that he had taken the children, as they were his, and would keep them safe, bat she could never see them again. Toe affair has created great excitement in Minneapolis. Our despatches by the Cable deny the ex istence of any difficulties between Roasla and Austria, Their relations. In alt respects, are most friendly. Belgium and Holland are at variance concerning the Scheldt. By steamer, we learn that the English Government officials are fre quently “ sold** by eioriea that Stephens has land ed at different points on the coast. All of the suspected Irish regiments are transported to Eng land and the colonies. By steamer we bare intelligence of a terri ble disaster in Candla. The Turks, 1,300 strong, bombarded tbc convent of Arcadian, containing lU7 men and 312 women, lor two days. After breaching tbc wa'ls, the Turks poared Into the court of the convent, when a monk fired the mag azine, killing 2,(XXJ Turks, wounding a large num ber more, and killing 15S Cretan men and SS6 women. In revenge, the Turks burned seven Cretan tillages, for which the Cretans have burned twenty-eeven Turkish villages. The Baltimore Commercial says that the prosperity of that dty at the present time Is “or prcccdcnted.*' Last year there were 720 building permits isened, including those foe renovations and repairs. The returns for this year np to the present time show that 1,318 permits have been issued, of which over 1,000 were for new build ings. Tbc leading business streets, Baltimore, Hanover and Oay, show great improvements in architecture, while the suburbs are rapidly filling np with dwelling booses. Lafayette Square, it Is sold, uso changed for one wbo knew It!nits former days wonld not recognize the place. TbeJort Scott ifonttor says that one firm £g^fiM«i«c» v -hare tawed, at their mill* on tbtuxwood, daring'the past rammer rad till, otw sir hundred thousand feet of lumber, be tide* thousands of lath and shingles, moat of which “bar been need in the conrtrncnon of build ings for Immigrant* on the central lands of Kan ;u. They have filled bills for over two bondred bouse* on these lands alone. We call this pretty good business for one min; and u also shows that the country is rapidly filling up with sub* elantlal farmers. There are five or six other lum ber mills in the county. The ownership of Wolf Island in the Mis sissippi has long ocen In dispute between Ken tucky andUUsourt, and the question has on seve ja! occasions engaged the attention of Co Egress. The late John o. Crittenden took the matter in hand in ibBS, but no'hing came ol 1l The special phase which the dispute now presents Is an at tempt to detetmineon which side of the hi and the main channel ol the Mississippi has been for the greater number Of years. For this purpose the deposition* of old steamboat men and pilots have been obtained, and It is thought that they will be submitted (o Congress at an early day. Abandonlna tbr Old Monopoly. CnaCLZsTOX. December _ 23.—Ibe Charleston JVVtrs has abandoned the Nss York Associated Press monopoly, and hereafter will take us tele grams from the United States & European Nows Association. ConuxniJuS. C., December 23.—The Sou'/t Caro- Hjtiariy the State organ, has termed a connection for telegraphic news with the United States £ European Piers Association, and discarded the .Associated Pre* monopoly. Lighting (he Streets all Night. New Yobs, December 23.—The committee of the Common Connell have a‘certalned it will Set about *575,000 to light the sweets ad nlgbt- Soutdonble the cost under the old system. 3tSrearc 15,600 gas afreet lamps in New lork •Olty. Heavy Bobbery, P-ncmiu, December 22,—The .tore of Wll iiam n Cochran A Co., 324 Walnut street, was bSS'lntelSaWbt, and lie borglare Sfljbed the safe of fM.OOO in Government bonds and se curities. mm milliner Campbell la New Orloaaa. Kr«- Omausa. Deccmbn 2A-Mlnlater Camp bell'arrtved WHiay trnm BrownarUle, »la Gal v 06 ion. Arstved. „ , v __ v nl rc. December 83.—Ibe rlearner Helve tla, from Liverpool on the Olbt arrived to-night. FROM EUROPE. Friendly Relations Be ■ tween Russia and Austria. Belgium and Holland at Issue oa Scheldt Hatters. The Fenian Disturb- ances. FROM CMDIi.- Terrible Disaster in a Cretan Convent. Two Thousand Turks, 158 Cretan Men and 286 Women Killed. Seven Cretan and Twenty-Seven , Turkish Tillages Burned. PROM WASHINGTON. Tampering with the Witnesses in the Surratt Case. Jeff. Davis’ Secretary of the Treasury Pardoned. Fire at Eipley, OMo—Loss, $75,000. MINISTER CAMPBELL AT NEW ORLEANS. Emperor of Brazil Emancipates Uis Slaves. FROM MEXICO. WnriTniliaTi Determines not to Abdicate —Calls a Mexican Congress, FROM EUROPE BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. csxaT Entrant. Ltvzhpoou, gSnndar* Decamber 83. 1 he steamship Manhattan, from New York Dec. 12th, arrived at Queenstown to-day r~ BTTCSIA. - St.Pxtxbsbcbg, Sunday, December S 3. Tbe St. Petersburg Journal, in an editorial, em phatically denies the report that BnssUandAustda are at variance on any subject, and asserts strongly that their relations are in all respects of a most friendly character. BSLcnnc. Borsann, Sunday, December S 3. Tbe old differences concerning tbe Scheldt have been renewed, and the Govern ments of Belgium and BniiuwH 4 are at open issue ou the subject. An at tempt is, however, being made to eettle the ques tion by diplomacy. rutrssu. Btutor, Sunday, December S 3. Tbe Upper Hours of the Prnsaian Diet have agreed to tbe budget, as amended by tho lower breueb. The Upper Bonse has also passed the bm for the annexation of tbe Duchies. AusnaA. Tiexjca, December S3—Evening. General Menabrea is expected here again as Min ister from Italy. Ills anticipated that a Hunga rian ministry will scon be appointed. - . surra mm ww. Pams, December S3—Evening. Tbe Ewise army I* to be armed wish Qreeefa-load jug riLys tho, Ass .-mbljr EoWag vateft. in.rn.nriQ StiUi, - -» CAKDtA. ~ - . A . . 7mm, December 23. Tbe Turkish fleet In <*««*««« voters has been larg. ly increased. Tbe insurrection xk Candia is I*l nometns crushed,andfartberflghtmgls stated to have occurred. Forclra Mariuta Ltvkepool, Sunday, December W. In consequence of the Chrlatmas holldars there will ue so commercial transactions uctll Wedaetday. Loiiwx. Sunday. Dccemuer 23. The Stock Exchange has cloicd until Wednesday. BY STEA'nEK. the (■ovcrnmeotOnieials-BarrU ending ihe Public Powoer—fflidniafat «ieet« lues lor Pnli and Exercise setlll Csntlnae id Ireland, &c. New Yons. December 23.—A Dublin letter to the Sunday Aries says the Government officials are frequently sold by stories that Stephens has lauded at different points on the coast, keeping troops and gunboats constantly ou the move. Phomiz Park, in which is situated the Govern ment powder magazine, has been surrounded by heavily manned earthworks and palisades. Troops are continually arriving from England and suspected Irish regiments are transnorted to Eng land and tne colonies. Despite all exertions of the authorities, midnight meetings for drill and exucise ore held all over Ireland, and (he people evidently are awaiting Stephens’ arrival to rise, in ephe of the great odds against them. • FEOM (VASHIKGTION. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribmie.l Wosbixotox, December S 3. TEFTMOST IS TUX SCIUIATT CISE. An attempt has been made by certain parties to Induce Louis Welchman, to refrain from testifying against Surratt Strenuous e£orts are expected, to prevail cither the witness or the one who ex posed Surratt in Europe, from idling all they know of this matter. Enough, however, has al ready transpired to warrant the belief that If these men can be Induced to testify freely, that the whole mystery of the assassination will be un folded. ronxraTHcns* sat. Forefathers* Day was celebrated in this dty last evening, by a dinner and social entertainment, given by the ladies of the First Congregational Church. Itwaa largely attended. Chief Justice Chase, and a number of Congressmen, were pre sent, while an of the Departments were repre seated. PAnnose. The President is continuing tbc work of pardon ing Jeff. Davis* Cabinet O. F. Memlnger, Secre tory of tbc rebel Treasury, baa obtained his pa pers. His pardon was recommended by ilon. W. H. Seward, lion. Henry Stanberry, David Dud ley Field, of New York, General Ccrsham Mott, ex-Govemor* Parker, Vroom and Olden, of New Jersey, whom one of the President's papers, with out naming them, style the leading representative men ol tbc Northern States. a nmxL patxb Appomrxi) pcblzbuzb or the LAWS. The State Department has selected the Slate Gazette, published at Austin, Texas, to publish the laws asd treaties of tbc United States. It is charged that the editor of this paper was Private Secretary to Jeffi Davis till 18W, when be received a better place from Davis' hands, and that his pa to-day strongly rebel. The new French Minister, Count Bertbmy, baa arrived. The Supreme Court has adjourned UU Wedncs day next. WAStnsnros, Deoemlier 23.—The President has pardoned ex-Governor Fletcher, of Arkansas, on tbc recommendation of the Attorney General. trmniT. Chief JuFllce Carter gave hie decision In the cases of Joriah Bacon w. Thomas G. mn« ftt id Henry Goodyear r«. V. A. Dally, to-day. In these cases complaisant of the former being own er ol the Cummings’ patent, and the latter of the . Goodyear Patent, ashed for an Injunction enjoin ing the defendant* from using vulcanized rubber for making arrlfldai sums and plates for teeth. He denies the injunction in the second, subject to removal at any time when the parties shall give reasonable securities for the payment of com plairanu for such use as thev may make of it. cntm.ruros CRranuibio oomnnzs. The Select Committee appointed by tbe House of Representatives. ol which Hon. Mr. Pike, of Maine. Is Chairman, to proceed to Charleston, s. C., and inquire into the dremnstanees relative to the late murder, will leave Monday for Charles ton to commence their Investigation*. kew mrxen wansrzn. Tbe new French Minister, ilontieur (not Count) Beithemy, arrived here Uila evening. Tbe Marquis dc Montholon leaves to-morrow for Sew York, en route lor Paris. SSCttSEO. General Ward, of Ohio, bos declined the ap pointment of Commissioner to settle the claims of West Virginia against the United States, as It would conflict with bis office as District Attorney THE TEST OATH. .... 41 ,1 VA 444. It is understood the decision in tbe test oath case, in the Supreme Coirt, Is made np, as was announced a few days ego, but as there will be no ftvcilou of the court on Monday, its delivery Is not expected until tbe Monday following. „ XEXICAM qfESTJOH. Nothing new Las transpired in relation to the Mexican question. Tbe Government U awaiting advices from Minister Campbell. nronn ixii mroxtrs. Tl'C statement of the exports and imports for November is not vet ready. The delay i* owln to tbe failure of the officers of Customs to nuke tbe necessary return*. tux icnuan count has adjourned over from Friday last to Wednes day next- FBOM SPKIKC FIELD. The Wcnlher—AaKwmenl of Can. Connlr. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] Srnzscrmj), December 23. Tbe usual January (haw would seem to have an ticipated itself this season. Since the middle of the past week tbe weather has been Increasingly humid, but readied its climax last night A rain storm set In e*dy in the evening, and continued - PORT!^^ VOL. XX. incessantly through the night. The streets end loads an-ntieily impassable, and onr city is in the mo?t deplorable condition. The appearances this evening, boaevtr, Indicate a frost, which may for a time emancipate ns from the dominion of mr.d. The assessment of Cass County for 1666 is $2£7V-C2, which is a loss in one rear of $36,331. FROM CAIRO. Operations of a Confidence Swindler. [special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Coibo, Decembers*. Something over a week ago, a man calling him e«lf fimedley, appeared on a train on the Missis sippi Central Railroad, representing himself as route agent, assumed authority over the moll agents on the route, giving orders, &c., to each ao extent os to frighten them nearly out of their wits. On his arrival at Jackson he proceeded to the post office, and did something, playing the confidence game In connection with it, so as to deceive the Postmaster so far (hat, for some four days he bad fail control of the office, and even had the keys in his possession a goon part of the time, learning from toe Postmaster how the mails were conducted ou different routes leading in and out of Jackson. During this time he stopped at the hotel in Jackson, and was making arrange ments with the landlord, whose name was Oar land, to purchase the hotel. The bargain was consummated, with the exception that no greenbacks baa as yet changed hands. All this time he claimed to hail from New Gileses. On Friday evening he presented the landlord with a small check on the New Orleans hank, eavlug the bank in Jackson would cash it In the morning: Lis money was all in the bank; he wished to go to Memphis, and would return iu the evening. Uetaissed the train by some ml#- bap. and proceeded back to what U called Irish ton u. In me rear of 'be city. The check was pre tccivd «t ih« and payment* refused. They ki.ew nothing of the mao. Search was made and Uj whereabouts discovered about noon, and ar restcdaid searched, aod papers.fonod with him representing him as a life Insurance agent from Mettphls. lie was examined on Monday, pro nounced guilty ana requested to give hall or he committed to jail to await hta trial. On his way to jail be escaped from the officer, and yet Is at large. His carpet-sack tell behind, on examina tion, was foutd to contain drafts of different post offices in the South, and the to ds usually carried by those roving vagabonds generally. FROA ROCK ISLAM). Destructive Fire—Loss 810.009—Supposed tobethoWork of an Incendiary—The Ca na* Convention—The >Vember—The River Open* Arc. (b pedal Despatch to the Chicago Tribese.] Bock Glamd, 111., December 22, ls6L gJAbonl half-past four o'clock thiS morning a Are was discovered in the shoe store of John Brock man, on UUnols street, opposite the Bock Island House, nluch was totally destroyed, with 11s con tents, cornu nnicating to tho Eureka saloon, owned by Cole & Mnllck, burning It out completely, and telling Are to the adjoining building, owned by hire. B. F. Barrett, occupied by H. li. Mayo as a dry goods store, and Mrs. McCorkendale as a millinery establishment. Loss on buildings arid stock about $10,(U). The firemen were promptly on hand and did good service, assisted by the strain Are engine Uncle bam, from the Arsenal. Ihe Are was undoubtedly the work of an lucec diary. From Messrs. Buford, Copp «fc Shaw, insu rance agents of this dty, 1 learn the following facts: Brockman was insured on his building and slock lor $5,000, divided as follows; J2,50J m Phamlx, ofHartlord, and S£,UUU in International, of New York, on stock, with (500 in the MilropolltanofNewVorkon building. Messrs. Kale & Mullen were insured in tbe .Etna for *OOO, and *350 In the North American of Hartford, on saloon building and billiard table*. Mrs. Barren’s loss on building is covered by Insurance in the “Illinois Mutual.” H. 11. Mayo's damage u removing Mock and loss of goods Is cnuddeiaole, but is lull) covered by Insurance in the “Home" and “HarUom.” Mr*. McCorken dale loses by Arc and removing stock, but cov ered by Insurance in the “Security” Insurance Company of New York. Great Interest Is manifested In the comug “Canal Convention,” which meets in city ou Thursday, the 27ih Inst, and it la to be hoped that some decided action will be taken on tola all important subject. Great preparation is going on with ft view of making tbe Convention.a suc cess. Ihe weather Is Quite mild and pleasant, much more like spring than winter. Tbe river is open, and tbe ferry boat has bees making regular trips all tbe week, with a prospect ol no interruption until after the holidays. FEOH CISCKSATI. Fire in Ripley, Ohio—Loss 875,000—Insured 883,000. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} CatasKAu, December 23. A Are broke oat at an early boor yesterday morning In Ripley, Ohio, In the dry goods store of George Dixon, completely destroying It, Loss S3S.OU); insurance $20,000, in Home, jEtna and Underwriters. J. Bcynolds & Co.'s banking borne and adjoining dwellings, were also de stroyed. Loss, tic,ooo; insured, $15,030. The books are believed to be safe In the vault. FBQM MEXICO.! Nizbeitlsa Determine* Not to Abdicate— Itniti a l e rwciamat*ea far a Pespie** fc»a* qrc— jpea and l|arty Now Yock. December 88.—The steamer Mexico, from Vera Crux the Cft/t. bos arrived. ihe Timet' City Ji atxlco' despatch of tbe IStb siysihst Maximilian has determined not to abdi cate Just yet, and had issued a proclamation for a Congress of ihe Mexican people, to 'consider further tbe government of the country. The Empire bas been divided into four divi sions, with Generals Nedoria, Mejia, Mlramou aid Morquese in command. Maximilian has changed his headquarters to Puebla. Ten millions of dollars andforty thousand men have been raised to defend and - support the Em pire. The French bare declared for oon-interventios, ana seined the customs at Vera Cruz. FROM. SEW TORE, Arrest of Gamblers—From Sooth America— Tbe Pfcbt at t'eijalr-Ueleat of the Bra* zUians—Emperor of Brazil Emancipates hts Maves—Fire at Erie, N. Y.—The Trial of Immannde at Parrs. New Yobk, December 23.—William McGaun' and Robert Chambers were, yesterday, jailed, in default of ten thousand dollars oai), charged with defrauding B. Moeeiy of eight thousand dollars at faro. Rio Janeiro letters of November Suh stite rh«t no further collisions have occurred between the Paraguayans and Brazilians. In the fight of Oc tober Stub, at Feijnly, the Brazilians sallied out from the lort, but were surrounded and cut np badly, losing 500 killed and wounded, besides numerous prisoners. Tbe gunboat Faran Bay was badly damaged by the Paraguayans on Octo ber 29tb, and was compelled to run ashore to pre vent sinking. It is elated that three more iron clads have Joined the Brazilian fleet. Tbe Emperor of Brazil has emancipated all bis slaves. The United States gunboat Sbamokin bad reached Cnmscer with Minister Washhnme and suite on board, They landed, and were provided with an escort to the capital oi Paraguay. The mediation proposed by Chill and Bolivia had been refused by the Argentine Government. A Valparaiso letter of November 17th, says that the bark Fanny, of New London, with eighteen Parrott guns on board for the Cnilian Government is forty days over doe. Fl\e more whiskey distilleries were seised yes terday in this dty. Tbe'stesmer Santiago, from Greytown, with Caltornia passengers, has arrived. Twelve ocean steamers left here yesterday for different parts of the world, taking an aggregate of 700 passengers and cargoes valued at over *5,000.000. Christ's Church at Erie. New York, was burned on Friday night. Loss SO,OOO. The last Paris papers give particulars of the trial of Lamlrandr. wno robbed the bank ofPolci icre. He was sen let ced to ten yean imprisonment. Lamirande stated that New York lawyers kept 1-51,000 francs, nearly ail be hadinbispossession. Die counsel restored 110,000 francs in court,'the whereabouts of which they had discovered with out his knowledge. The prisonerbad previously declined to answer where bis money was, as it would, be said, compromise Innocent parties. Hu counsel declined to tell where be obtained money. CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSIONISTS. Their Arrlvwl at Chattanooga—Their Be ccplion—Committee from Nashville* Are. Cuattanoooa* December S3.—The Congres sional delegation arrived here this evening. At five a. m. a committee met them at Athene, ninety mdcs above here. On their arrival they were met by Ihe Reception Committee. Rooms were pro vided at the Critcbfield Bouse, and after a few hours rest, the delegation was formally received hy the Mayor. . After breakfast, carriages were provided, and a part of the delegation went to Lookout Moun tain, aid part to the National Cemetery. The visitors at both places were highly delighted. At noon the entire party embarked on the steamer Mary Byrd, and sailed down the river to see the natural curiosity, where the riverforcesltsway throoghtiie mountain. On returning, they were met by the delegation from Nashville, consisting of W. Malt Brown, Mayor, R. B. Cheatham, and other prominent citi zens. At night the excursion party were feted. They leave for Nashville to-morrow morning. FROM CASDIA. A Convent Blown np bra Cretan Plonk— Two Tboosand Turks Killed and a Large Mimbcr Wounded—l3tt Cretan Men Killed und tiSG f Women—Seven Cretan Tillages Darned and Twenty«S*evcn Turkish. New Yobs, December S3.—Mail advices from Candia give detailed accounts of the disaster to the Turks at the convent of Arcadion. Tbs con vent contained MOsonla, including 341 women and children, leaving 197 men to defend il against Mustapba Pacha's army of 12,000. The Cretans tefused to surrender, and the Turks bombarded the convent two days and nights. Afrcr breaking ibe walls, the Turk* proceeded to the coart of the convent, when a monk fired a magazine, burling Christian end Turk into the air. Two thousand Turks were killed and a large number wounded. Only tblrty-mnc men and sixty women and child ren of the garrison were left alive. Over a thous and wounded- The Turks burned seven Cretan villages, in revenge for which the Cretans homed twenty-seven Turkish villages. FBOM GALTFSTON. Galveston Railroad—Cotton, Sx. a&xvEsrox. December 22.—Ibe first raQ of the Galveston City Railroad was laid to-day, tbe Mayor, City Council, Aldermen and others offi ciating. The*eteamer Blackbird, which brought Minister Campbell, returns to Brazos this evening. Tbe receipts of cotton for the weekhave been 5.U7S bale*. Total cotton receipts from tbe first of September this season, 41,014 bales. A well- Informed person estimates the cotton cron of Texas at not ices than 150,000 bales. * FEOM BUFFALO. Falling of a Wall—The Snore Blockade. Burraxo, December 23.—A portion of the watt of Court tiireet Wa.kel f e U u£d a y? BeSjsS day, no one was injured. 1 “ TbeßnOUo A Erie Railroad has been for the past two days blockaded wiib snow at Westfield. Passenger trains from Chicago on Thursday were detained until to day. There were at one time collected sixteen passenger coaches, six express and fonr baggage cars and three locomotives. There are now doe here twelve freight trains. In- Cloding 116 cars carrying stock. Fires In Philadelphia. PraLODZLPma, December —.—Fires occurred this evening at Balia’s Brewery, above Qlrard av enue, and in a brewery on Vine street, between Third and Fourth streets. No particulars have been obtained. FRO 31 EUROPE. More About the Arrest of Sur- ratt THE WORERTGUEX’S DEMOXSTRA- TIOS IS LOS’DOS. Difficulties iu Hie Tory Cabinet. Tbc Arrest of Surratt—Tbe English Authorities at fflalta Refuse to Inter fere—Surratt’s Informer and Hla He ■>rnrd. „ ... y [Naples Coitßjqgndeßce ofst he London Times.] . The receipt oia Mf the American Consu late in this city last evening, from the United States aatnorlties iu Malta, compels me to advert to a subject which may create tome uneasiness. Surratt, cue of the conspirators against the late Pi ttSdeui Lincoln, has been lor ten mouths or more in the service of the Pope lathe regiment ot /SouavM, bat quilling it and dying from Home, he arrived In Naples about a fuiUughlsince, wear ing the uniform of-thoZouaves. Ou Sunday, the 16ib,the American Consol received a telegram from bis colleague In Home, to the effect thatthesyi-di#- crU Walters was none other than Surratt,and order ing bis immediate arrest, immediately application was made to the police of Naples, acd every possi ble CacLity afforded, but it waa found they were tco late, and that the criminal had storied the night before by the Liverpool screw Tripoli for Malta and Alexandria. The telegraph was then put lu communication with Malta, and duccdous were given to the Consul-General of the United States in that island to arrest Walters immedi ately on bis arrival. A letter received at the American Consulate only last evening states that tbe Tripoli tonened at Malta early on Monday morning, the lOlh; that the Consul immediately applied for powers to arrest Surratt; that no an swer was reinnjed till lost before the boor of the departure of the Tripoli for Alexandria; and that tbe answer was in the negative, on the ground of there being no authority for doing uo. Telegrams have, therefore, be;n sent from the United States represenk'Uvcs iu» Rome, Naples, and Malm to the Consul iu Alexandria, and as vessels from Livetpool undergo a quarantine In that city, it Is fully expected that Surratt will there he captur ed. On what grounds tbe British authorities In Malta declined toact Is not known, and it would Le premature, therefore, to express any opinion on the subject; but tbe mere fact of their havin'* dccilncd bas crca'ed the worst possible feeling in the mines of American agents. The Consul at Malta expresses the opinion that It was by “ a mere legal quibble’* tbe bead and front ot the conspiracy was permitted to escape; and here 1 have heard tbe refusal ot tbe British authorities to act contrasted with the readiness which was shown InAmericatogtve up Muller. It must, however, be dear to every dispassionate person that there Is not tbe slightest parallel between the two cases. In that o* Muller tbe American authorities had been applied to some days before his arrival, and all the forms observed which the Treaty of Extradition required; in tbe present case a telegram only conveyed the information and demand. 1 have reason to believe that a despatch has hem already sent off to Mr. Seward couched in the strongest terms, and’as Americana arc disposed to regard almoet every act, word and thought of England as being hostile to them some difficulty may be expected. From the sympathy and iudfgualion which were expressed In England at the time of tbe aa-assination of Mr. Lincoln, and which were os deeply felt and expressed by every Euclhfaman on tbe Coutincnt with whom 1 came In contact, tbe Americans ought to feel that there can be no disposition on our part to screen from Justice any one who was implicated la that heinous crime. Naples, November 89.—Since writing my last letter 1 have received the following details of the adventures of Surratt since his arrival in Italy. About ten months ago he entered the Pontifical service, and was drafted Into the Flllb company of Zouaves. Without the knowledge of either of them, a young man who bad been educated, together with Surratt, In the College of Maryland, also entered tbe i ame service, and was enrolled in the Fourth company of tbe Zouaves. Having been quartered hi different places they bad never met, but about six mcnihVago both companies were sent to the same locality to execute some manoeuvre against the brigands. On its completion they met, and his companion addressed Surratt by name. Drawing him aside, tbe latter Informed him be was now known only a* John Watson. A day or two afterwards the companion, professing to be disgusted at serring with assassins, sought out General King, American Minister at Borne, and told him the whole afialr. On being assured that there was no mistake as to tue identity of Surratt, the General desired the Informer to remain quiet, said he should ssk his Government for instruc tions, and held out promise of a reward. Tne American Government, in reply, deshed their Minis.'cr to secure Surratt, and General Kingcallcd on Cardinal Autoaelil and begged to know rbether, in the event of bis Identifying Surratt and nuhiugto arrest him, his Eminence would penult It. The Cardinal replied that, though no treaty of extradition existed between the two countries, they were In a position (o do u they Ilkid, and cooad have no desire to ehelter assas sins: bilUbomßjt consult LU Holiness. Tnf*e days later his Errlaence sent for General King, and showed him fhe orcers for the md ou uia own reapers ■lull rr »n«rf«ni <oeeom : maodtcg.oAecT wt vellelrl direc'riii* to secure Surratt, who was/atrestrd at Vallrcovsa. Tcongh guarded by fivw Zouaves he managed to throw nlmself into „ deep ravine, thus imhmor upon himself aqy ire injuries, the marks of which he boie on >ils arrival in Naples, and. as Vallecorra Is only two or three miles from the • frontier, easily crossed it. Here be was arrested by the Custom House authorities as having no ptSeport and oemgtn the Pontifical uni form, but was Bboitly rchased. On learning these facts. General King,it is said.felt aggrieved! and stated that be bad not requested bis Eminence to arrest him, bat had only asked lor powers to dosofn the event of the demand bdnomade. He Immediately communicated with Mr. Marsh, the American Minister at Florence, bat Mr. Marsh was feting It at Venice with the King, and on Mr. Marshs retnru, and calling on the Minister lor Foreign Atlairs, be found that Uls Excellency was doing tbe same. This much was lost, bat the Secretary promised ivciy assistance, adding that though hnrratt were arrested be felt assured his Government wonld not giro him np except on the condition of hia life being spired. This much was decided on Thursday, Ihe ISUilnsL, but as Mr. bwan, the American Consul, did not re alve any desnatch urging him to act nntil jhe 18th, it was toj hie, as the bird had flown. To there details l may add that General Kirg cave the informer $250 lu gold, and held out tue promised reward ol *IO.OOO more on the arrest being effected. If the American Gov etrtrentls really desirous of securing its man. I am disposed to believe that It Is with a view to pro cure evidence of the complicity of Mr. Jefferson Davis in the conspiracy against President Lincoln, and evidence or that or any other crime might, perhaps, be easily famished by a man who aban doned his own mother and left her to be boaged * at the same time It would almost appear, from the bqanng ol some of the diplomatic agents, that the Government would have been glad bad,the subject not been revived. Certain It Is that J have heard Americana express a regret that, as poor Lincoln's death had been amply avenged. Surratt bad not been left alone, to bear about with him bis own punishment. The Workingmen's Demonstration In London. (From the Pall Mall Gazette, December 4.] The Reform demonstration has passed from tbc stage of anticipation to that of history, audits measure has been very carefully taken by trained observers. The result appears to be thatabont 23,000 thoroughly respectable and well conducted men cared enough about the question of Reform, and bad sufficient sympathy with those who ar ranged the procession, to give np a day's work lor the purpose of marening about four miles through muddy streets on a rather mUavorablo wfntePs day. This is the plain prose of the whole transaction, but It would bo wrong to yield to the temptation which the difference between the promises and the performances of the Reformers certainly holds oat to underrate the value of the meeting, and to treat it as a failure. Tall Ulk is the characteristic Infirmity ol half educated minds, and the managers of such a meeting take as naturally to boasts about 200,0 u0* men as the excited speakers at an open air meet ing take to sweeping denunciations of all sorts of things and persons whom they really have no rea son whatever for denouncing. To indace 2-3,U00 thoroughly respectable, perfectly sober, and well conducted men to come forward and testify qni eUy and respectfully, but still decidedly, to their political views is no smalt thing. Fewpeople coma have looked at yesterday's procession without feeling that so rar as outward appearances and demeanor went, the men who composed it were as will qualified to ezpreea an opinion upon political subjects as members of most other classes of society, and no one wonld fill to observe that they were as different a class of men from the roughs and black guards who at one point of the procession tried to interfere with them for their own characteristic objects as the members of different species. There were, in a word, an excellent specimen of the respectable mechanics and laborers who form the largett pore of the imputation, and it would be a mistake to anppoao that the members of ihe same class who did not Join In the procession «ere on that account incufierent to Its objects. London and the neighborhood, no donbt, contain many thousand reformers among the mechanics and laborers, wbo saw no connection between walking m a procession and getting an extension of the snQVagc. The evert. In short, justifies, tbongb it does not deepen, the Impression which ha c been steadily gaining ground in all dlrec lons since the close ol the session, that the unenfran chised classes really are in earnest about Reform, and mean to nee all peaceable means to get IL Reported Resignation of Mr, Disraeli, (Loudon Correspondence of the Scotsman.] A rumor rs current at the dubs, and credited in well-informed political circles, that differences in the Cabitet on the question of a new Befurxn bill have come to a beau, and that Ur. Disraeli’s resig nation Is at the present moment In the Hands of I.ord Derby. The absence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer from the Cabinet Conacilon Thurs day was certain (o excite remark. A colorable pretext had to be found; audtwoorthiee days tro. with full knowledge that a meeting of the Cabinet was to be held ou Thursday. Ur. Disraeli left town on a visit to the Duke ot Wellington at Suathfieldsaye. The moai generally accepted, and at the same time most probable version of Ur. Disraeli's resignation is, that a considerable minority of the Cabinet objected. In the first in stance, to the Introduction of a Ecform M'l at all nest sear lon, and that two or three Cabinet Conn dls were held before the Chancellor of the Ex chequer was able to carry his point, and Induce bis colleagues to to bring In a bill as soon as Parliament meets** The principles ol the bin having come to bcdiscuased.the leaderuf the Gov emmei tin the Housed Commons is said to have astonished and alaimed bis colleagues, by the boldness and extent of his views. He protested against bringing In a weak and unsntlsfictory rep etition ol ibe Derby bill of 1859, and wished to outflank the whole Opposition by proposing a wider, and. In seme resi»ects, a more democratic measnre (ban that proposed by Ur. Gladstone last year. It Is said that Ur. Disraeli is in favor of a scheme of household sofflare in towns. He would give up borongbs to democracy, promising bis party, by the way, more successes under the new suffrage than they dream of. In (be hope of consoling landlord Influence In coun ties, be uonld eliminate small towns from coun ties and give a £2O county qualification. All the accounts agree that the Chancellor of the Ex chequer has been stoutly opposed throughout by the nigh Tory section m the Cabinet. Humors have been current that General Peel first opposed the Introduction of a Bclorm bill at all, and then tendered bis resignation, which be has consented, on Lord Derby's personal appeal, not to press for the moment. It Is added that General Peel has been persistently supported by Lord Cranbome, between whom and Ur. Disraeli there has never been a feeling more cordial than that of hollow civility. Lord Cranbome doubtless sees In Mr. viTrffH \ reform another Instance of SySSASSi Peel and Lord Cranbome; while Lord bum. CHICAGO. MONDAY, DECEMBER 1866. ley. Sir J, PaUngton. aud Blr S. Nortncote are said to range themselves on the side of tbc Chan cellor of the Exchequer. The Premier’s political sympathies arc nnaoubtraly with the Tory sec tion of his Cabinet. As chief of the party, how ever, it has been his duty to consider the party consequences of a disruption among.its leaders as well as the particular measuresbefore the Cabi net fie bas, therefore, hesitated to range himself against Mr. Disraeli, and ho bas been in all pro bability supported by what may be termed bis peisonal followers lc tbe Upper Bouse—tbe Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Malmesbury, and the Earl of Carnarvon. The - rumor at tbe Carltm Club Is that If Mr. Disraeli should resign. General Peel will load the Conservatives in the House of Commons, with Lord Cranbome second in command. Lord Stan ley, it is hoped, may be Induced by a feeling of loyally to the head of bb house, to remain in the Government In this event the present Secretary of State for India will succeed Mr. Disraeli as Minister of Finance. Many of tbn out-and-out Tories would rather see the party led by General Peel with tbo flag of “No surrender,’* than wit ness another of Mr. Disraeli’s flank movements. I cntcitaln very imio doubt that the Chancollorof the Exchequer's scheme was discussed at tbe Cabi net during nls absence on ifaunday. He Is, with out question, right In reiuslng to take charge of a timid,vacillating, half-hearted measure, which can satisfy no one, and which will be scouted by the House ot Commons. Tbc general Impression is Umt he is necessary for the party, and bas now attained a position of influence and authority which w ill enable him to make hla own term*, and become the true leader of the Conservative party. Mr. Disraeli is said to be tired of the policy of ne gation and obstruction. Should Lora Derby and uiai Cabinet agree to adopt Mr. Diuraeli’K Helorm bill, you may expect to hear of the resignation of General Peel, Lord Cracborne, ami one or two olhirmcmbet s of the Illiberal section of the admin istration. TERRIBLE TORNADO IN TEXAS, Loss of Life—Destruction of Property— masonic Institute utterly Destroyed— Fonr of me Students Killed. (From the Henderson (Texas) Times, Decembers.] Ou Wednesday, the sth, a tornado of great violence passed over this place in a north easterly direction committing terrible havoc in its course. It was 150 to 200 yards In width. From Information received, It must have formed about four miles southwest of town. About 12 o’clock m., clouds from southeast and northwest, of an unusually threatening character, were observed ap proaching each other. They met at half Sast twelve. The violence was great at Dr. lair’s plantation, one and a halt miles southwest of town; all the buildings were torn down and scattered, except tbe main dwelling, it being rather In the edge of tbe current, was not seriously damaged. Tim bers and everything iu its course were swept away. Several buildings lu the suburbs of town were blown down. Passing over the graveyard, the enclosures of the graves, tombs, &c., were much dam aged. The Hicks’ shop, a two-story build ing on the street leading out toward Belle* vieWjWas utterly destroyed. The residence of J.YV. Harris was considerably damaged. The nest building In its course was the Ma sonic Institute, which was near the centre of the current. This was a largo two-story brick building. In a moment alter the tor nado struck it It was u mass of ruins. The lower story was occupied as the male depart ment of the Institute, and the upper us a lodge and chapter room. A number of Ma sons who bud been attending the lectures of Companion Van Vleck, Ibe Grand Lecturer of the Grand Chapter of the Slate of Texas, had left the lodge room only about twenty minutes before. The Institution had been at intermission about thirty minutes, and many of the students, fortunately, had not returned from their dinners. Twenty-three were in and arotmd the building when it fell, ail of whom, with one exception, were more or less injured. The lifeless bodies of four were taken from the rnlns—John Crow, Robert Stith, Nelson Parr and Arthur Stcd man. The scene around the ruins, after the full of the building, wc have neither the lan guage nor heart to describe. The report that immediately went out was that ail the boys were killed —bow it happened other wise it is hard to understand. Nearly every family in town either had a son there or one on his way from dinner. The distress may possibly be imagined, but no words can por tray It. In the course of an hour all were removed from the ruins except Arthur Sted man ; bis body was not found until the next morning, though the labors of the many collected were continued nnrcmittedly day and night. In this connection we cannot forbear to mention the noble conduct of the freedmen of this community. Of course, in such a case .every, one is expected to do Lis duty, and compliments are out of place, bat the freedmen did ,more than was to be ex- 1 pectcd, and positively refused auy remunera tion, though they worked night and day, much of the time In. the rain, till the last body was found; About fifty yards to the west of the Insti tute, the red (fence occupied by Mr. Myer, the stage-driver on the Marshall road, was utterly destroyed. /Fbefwife of Mr. Mycr, her infant child, and a Miss'Morgan were in the bouse. Miss Morgan and aha child wore killed; Mrs. Myor escaped unbbrt. . • Among .the intqtcstiog phenomena-ecu-' reeled with tba-Aornado was u red fiery 1 streak, which appeared to be the centre <& the current, and surrounded by dark clouds of smoke. The tornado went in a continued whirl, and was denominated a “screw storm.” Advertising Ag*i« 126 Denrbora-st., receive advertisements tor all the leading papcti throughout the (Jolted Stales and Canadas. jtfrtDßpapeciS. r PKLNTBK& AND PUBLISHERS. FOR SALE, OnecfthemcwtextenMve and best adapted establish ments for Newspaper. Book and Job Printing in the South or bontbwest, known as tho “NASIITJLLE UNION” OFFICE. The Newspaper Press Is one of the largest and fastest cylinders taunt. It not disposed of by the Ist of Jana ary, 18(17, u would be rented, as the proprietors are abtnt dissolving copartnership. Terms made known on application to BECKETT, BROWNE, HANKS & CO., Lock Box 102. Nashville, lenn. £>Uishs- gLEIGHS. SLEIGHS! 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Merchant*, and Maaulaclurera: The Twentieth Volume of Bradstreet’s Improved Com mercial Reports, win be ready tor delivery to subscribers on or about January Ist nest, for oovloua reasons we have been usnsuiui'y careful in onr revisions for the forthcoming Issue, and have added a much larger number of uew places and new names than In any other previous edl• iloo, especially Cress Roads and all MINOR TRAD ING POINTS. In Short, BRADSTREET’S PE CULIAR SYSTEM has been thoroughly carried out, making their work an INDISPENSABLE auxiliary to all business men. “TIKOENTLEMANIT adyer- Ij TISEUENI,” Mr/samnel B. Raymond, A cent ot the j£tna Life Inmates Company of Hartford. Conn.. applies the tt-ovewordstoour refutation of the false and Inju rious statement made by him regarding the Watblng ton Life Insnrance Company of New York. The Stock holders of the Washington hare never received, and under the peovisions or its cuaeteb never can re ceive, anyiportion of the profits of the Company’s busi ness. Legal Interest on its capital stock, payable seml-annuaLy, is all that th«y can receive, and all statements to the contrary are made from gross m- SOFANC* or ISIIXTIOSAJ. KIS&XPKXSENTA'nON. We have jet to learn that it U “otcentlcmanly" to contra dict a faliehood. FADL4MASON, General Agents. UNTIES. I’crrocseiitltled to bounty under act of July29lh, 16C6. will do well to apply tor the same at once. Appli cations received by the undersigned. Fees. $5.00. Ad vances made on approved claims. JAMES A. DICK -1N&ON. Anthorlrea AcenhOS Wasblngton-St, Chicago. 3&arfctoare, JStobcs, JJARDWARE & CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 Lakc-St. The attention ot close buyers Is lavtL-d to our cbm* pletc stock cf COOPERS’, MACHINISTS’ atd CAB PESTERS* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERS and BUILDERS* HARDWARE, direct from the best manufacturers. We offer, also, a complete assortment of WOSTENHOLM’S POCKET CUTLERY, SPEAR A JACKSON’S SAWS, JOSEPH RODGERS 4 SONS* SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS 4 COT DEBT'S FILES, also SKATES and Straps of every description. We also keep constantly on hand full numbers ol SCUOfcNEEBGEE’S JUNIATA KAILS. C« B. atnto. Eow. Pmscon. 8. Bhettjtaix rrm PLATE AND TESTfERS’ GOODS. I am now prepared to sell my damaged goods, cash on delivery of goods. E. AbdlET MEABS, Comer Hal; ted ana Corroll-sts. patents. rj.AKD’3 PATENT BBICB MACHINE. Office am, mafliitoctorr 33 Scats Jeffersoii-rt. Fot Information and descriptive circular wUrm 93 South Jefiertou-tL, Chicago. NUMBER 201. ©lotfjiag. PRICES WIN. BUY YOUR CIOIEES Where you can bay tkeathe Cheapest. ALL WHO HAVE CLOTHING OF ANY DESCRIPTION TO BUY, Cai Save fall 10 Per Cent By Calling at De Graff’s. Vo better assortment in tbeeify, and Prices guaranteed to be the Lowest, 1. DefiRAFF, Corner State and Sandolph-sts. QHEISTMAS. BOYS’ CLOTHING BOYS’ Overcoats! OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, BOYS’ SCHOOL SUITS Of Deary Serricable Material, FROM §8 UPWARDS. BOYS’ Dress Suits A very Large Assortment of Fancy Casaimeras and Cloth Suits. The moat acceptable Pre sent that can m made a Boy, is a SUIT OR OVERCOAT. The Lowest Prices and Best Assortment at I) c GBAFF’S, Comer State and Baadolph-sts. Consignments. 10,000 POraDS DRESSED TURKEYS, For sale by J.D. BKIKNEB £ CO., Commission Iter chants, E 0.206 Kinzle-sL, Chicago, 111. T>TJTT£R, butter. FOR SALE. 1000 TUBS OBZO SAZH7 BUTTBB In lota to salt buyers. E. WHYTE £ CO., 141 Soath Water-et. jytESSED HOGS Usual Facilities to Skippers. CoEunOslona 0= Mr-load lot* IX ©as iSurnets. A NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! The last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Burner. Gians Chimneys dispensed, with. A steadyp brilliant light, equal to gu. to born ordinary Kerosene, ADAPTABLE TO ANT LAMP. “To Bee is to be Convinced.” PT State and County Bights ler gale by A. It. SLOAN, Adams Rouse. (Elotljes jflanglet. /JiHE AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE Irons Clothes Without Heat. It will do It la one-quarter the time re* qaired mtb heated Irons, It gives a g>osa and brilliancy of lustre to linens, Imposal* blc to be obtained from heated Irons, NO EXPENSE FOE FUEL, No Hotel, Laundry, Bestaorant, Boarding Boose, Hospital or Private Family con afford to be without one. IT SAVES TIME. IT SAVES CLOTHS. IT SAVES MONEY. IT SAVES FUEL. IT SAVES LABOR. IT SAVES HEALTH. For psmphleu, containing foil description ol nu* chine, address AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 149,131 and 133 Fnltot-sL, Chicago, UL, Or J. iL BICE, 1 «1 Lake-st. ffatnte, oils ana (Glass QHICAGO GLASS GILDING CO., Manntacturera of R. R. BULLETIN BOARDS, And Glass Adiertisingr Tablets, JDroi? labels, of every description, Ornamental Jars, &c. All kinds and varieties of SIGN PAINTING. Oft ICE AND STOKE SHADES MADE AND LETTERED TO ORDER. Call and examine onr stock and samples. Orders from tbe country will meet with prompt attention. 6S.tlouruc-a(„ near tbo Post Office, Chicago* GEO. N. DCTCHER. T. 6. HELLER, Proprietors. L. K. FATCHELDER, SapertitcmUnt. T. 8. HELt.tr. Sec. and Tress. gitoridjolScts’ jHeetings. STOCKHOLDERS’ MEETING.—The Stockholders of the NORTHWFSTERN PACKET CO. Are hereby notined that their Annual Meeting will be held at the Company's Office, In Dabnqne, on Wednes day, 16lb Jan., ISfi*. at U o’clock a. m. GEO. A. BLANCHARD, Secretary. Dubuque, 10th Dec.. 1866. Stockholders* seetikg.—The Stockholders of the • '•,* Norlbwealern Unisu Packet CampaoT Are hereby notified mat m«rA«iaal MeeuacwlU be held at me Sherman Qooae, CMcaco. on Tuesday. Ulh Jaiu,lSC7 f at U o’clock a. m. GKO, A. ULANCHABD. Secretary* Dubnqiie, lOUi Ikc., ISW, - J aaatdies, Bianumas, Jctoelis, Sit. A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER! BOU’T ATTEMPT A. Merry Christmas tnifcnwl tke icw arrirali ofKew WITCHES, Hi aad Sttrer fioods at GILES BRO.dCO’S, 142 LAKE-ST. GOUt IS SICUXUO, ASO GOODS OFFEBE D AT COLD AT PAR PRICES. Elegant American and Geneva Watches, ' lUe Largf*t Stock W«I of Sew York. DIAMONDS AND PRECIOUS STONES. ' Silver Ware and Solid Gold Jewelry. \ ¥ U LL, PEARL BRIDAL ..-sixsj Biohly Chased Tea and Tete-a-Tete Sets, Cape, Goblets, Urns, ladles. Kapkin Bings, Kew Greian and Medallion Pattern, Preserve, Jelly, Ice Cream and Sngar Spoons, Knives and Porks, &c., pnt np in fine style for Presents and Keepsakes A variety of OPEBA GLASSES, DRESSING CASES, JEWEL CASES, Pans, &c. French Clocks, Bichly Plated Ware, Ac., &c., FOR HOLIDAY PRESEIVTS, Or Birthday and Wedding Gifts. jfine Jp DRNITUKE—For the HOLIDAYS. The most complete stock ot PARLOR, CHAMBER, LIBRARY DINING-ROOM Furniture, FRENCH MANUFACTURE. We are aMo In receipt of new Importation.* from EUROPE of SILK.9,ICEP*S TER It VS, FRENCH STRIPE?*, EUBROTDEKHr> COVERS, of colors, pattern* and styles which Camiot be Found Elsewhere in the City. Having remodelled ear three large Show Booms, we now offer to the public the above, with a general stock of Rich, Staple and Common Styles of Furniture AT NEW YORK PRICES, which are lower than are odhead- by a mr ether hooee la (he Week. Having a large otech ea hand, we are de* tevanned te iter each Indaeeaenta a a will redace It before the Ist of Janaary nezs, tardlesa of cool. W. W. STRONG, 203 Handel] ifinairal. jyjUaICAL GOODS, SUITABLE FOB HOLIDAY GIFTS ! THE BURDETT ORBANB, In cases ol Oak. Bofewood ami Walnut, paneled or elegantly carved; also. In Ebony, richly glided and ornamented. Prices ranging from JICO to 11,0.0. .. MUSICAL BOXES, Of Swiss manufacture, playing from tjo to twenty airs, m plain and rlclily inlaid cases, ranging la price from f s to sum. GUITARS, Of oar own and lorelgn manufacture—a magnffleent aaeortment at prices ranging tram |3 to jioo. MUSICAL WORKS, In a variety of elegant and costly bindings. LYON & HEALY, Clark aad WaaMngton-sts., CHICAGO. QHRISTMAS PRESENTS. The great demand for Holiday Gifts has almost ex* haurted oar stock, bat by recant arrivals we still have TWu magnificent STEINWAY Grand and Fire beantifnl Stein way Square Pianos. Abo, a good assortment of new medium and low priced Pianos ol different makes Also, second hand Pianos, at 1550, 1530. $300,1130. $190.5100. |UO and $135, takes In exchange, bo that we bopeauilto be able to sou all tastes. SMITH & NIXON, Comer Clark and Washington-sta. MUSIC. “ Where are yon going so Fast, Old Man t” A beautiful Song and Chorus. Price, 30 cents. The Old Musician and his Harp. CnoETS. Bring my harp to me again. Let me sing a gentle Strain- Let me hear Its chords once more. Ere 1 pais to yon brlgnt shore. Price. SO cents. The above Song and Chorus will be found In the January number of HIOOISV Musical Ravtsw. PublUbeu every month, by H. M. HIG GINS. 117 Randoiph-st. <5 cents for one year. P C I * CHKISTMAS ! C.IBMJVE T ORGAN'S, - AT OAST’S. Elegant styles, from sl3 to ILOOO. CHBISTIIAS I LITTLE MELODEONS FOR CHILDREN, AT BOOT £ CADY’S. From one to three octavo. Price |7 an octave. ffClooli ana ffioal. QET THE BEST. Kazelfon Lehigh Coal For rale by the pen. carload, or In lota to salt jmrebas eis. We hav#all sizes, catefttiiy screened.and led con fidcr t that, upon trial, tbe EXCELLENT QUALITIES Of this particular and well-known mine will give this Coal a preference over any other in this market. Ap- POr t 0 DLAKE, »IA»ON 4; CO.» At Fulton Elevator. Or H. HILL. 0 Well A-st. Depot. COAL CO., Office 17 Chamber of Commerce and corner West Klozle and IJreen, Tonthlechrar. HriarniUandCannelCoal fIOJO Mineral Bldae C*a» WM Connetisvllle and Pittsburgh Cote. 55,000 TO LOIX, In soma of $2,000 or 93,000. on city real eititt jecnrttr. CLAUKaOXft VAX bOUAACK, T OAKS OK CZT7 HPAT. ESTATE. PARKER ft LTMAX, No*. 13 and 17 Portland mock, ate now prepared to negotiate mortgagee on real o*» ute la mi* city, ttuoagb meir cotreeooQdqtu la Xev loikaad Boewa,. , CHATELAINES, business «Carsg. QILBERT UPDIKE & CO., General Commission Merchants FOB SALE AND PURCHASE OF FIOXT2, GB AIN ASD PEOYISIOH9L Especial attention given to sale of DBESSED BOOS la tneir season. OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE. XG3 Wasbington-st., jjlilcago. yy IGHT&DCNTOM. Storage. forwarding and commission merchants, tor the purchase sad sale cf all hinds oC country produce and cite especial attention to sals ol Broom Com, lllshtvLncM. Urcsoedlloca ana Lire Stock. Also agents far sale of SAGINAW SAIT. N. B.—Onrrateaofcommission arethoseestabllabed by the Board of Trade, txom which we do not vary. Consignments solicited. jy kessed hogs. Dressed Hogs. We again offer our services to parties shipping DREEbLO HOGS to this market, for reference we re fer to those who have consigned to as daring the dm* fire season. Stencil plates and Weight Lists fiumlibed free ot charge. BATES, STONE A CO* 131 SOUTH WATER-gT. QOjUTXISSION HOUSE OP GEO. A. WHEELER & 00., SI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Give special attention to consignments of PRESSED HOGS, And furnish usual facilities iherelor to all who annlr. All orders tor FLOUB, GRAIN AND PBOTX9IONS Deceive oor very best efforts to pleaie. Piupeitf bought and held on margins, and sold here or la Kast ern or Southern market.-*. JHartiiners. LERITT & COIGHLIN, INVMSAPOUS, etmaha. COTT9B MB WOOLLEN HiCHDfHET, And Woollen Factory Findings. smr ftunistacd vita Machinery Shaft in*. £&>!&•*?« I iacA. bpecHcaiiom, buptrlsleodacU aaa 203. BOLL CAKDS Alvays oa band. COITOS WAEPS & CAED CLOTHHQ 0( nil kinds. QT Second-hand Machinery on hand, tor nle chaay. 'J'O WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. WOOLLEK MtlilElT. E. C. CLEVEIiAND CO, JUNCTION SHOP, WORCESTER, U4M., Manufacturers of Woollen 'Machinery, m JoOuvsr Carding Machine* and Spinning Jacks, tna nav nut improved patterns: Wool Pleura. Wool awl VaMm Dusters. Yam Spooler*, and Tara Dfosafcig aad Wn. Ing Machines; Uroad aud harrow Ulna. both WMM acdaonole acting; broad and Narrow Brua£lagmt chines, Velveting, wltaeytug and rttiliem rinNm log Machines, fijdro Extractor* and Cloth PrytH Machines, Hydrostatic and Screw Presses, Press nata Heaters, Indigo Grinders. Rotary fulling Min«. Wash Mill*. Cloth, Winding ami Measuring Machines, Rest Taming Engines, Card Grinders, etc. Our machines are all In substantial and superior Iron {Tames, and are warranted to be equal In gray respect to any machines made In the United States. In addition to above named machines of oar ova nuke, we are prepared to furnlsa Crompton's Looms. Parks £ Woe Ison's Shears, Steel Ring Bar MtMtw and Bur Pickers, Card Clothing, and maoufhetoma* endings generally, at makers- lowest prices, and cm furuuo oar customer* with machinery fbr WooUev Mills, complete, with proroptnessijutd at as Ihvorauv prices as any other builder*. S. C. CLEVELAND, Worcester. Oct. 33.1565. j*M.™sSff^ > Unots anb SJoes. gOOTS AND SHOES.; THE EMPRESS, THE JOSEPHnan Largest Stock Dt THE NORTHWEST. BULLOCK BROS., 110 Lakc-rt. iHebical. 1 Few Words of Common Sense. How ftw there are who are not subject tosomeaflßa* Hon of the longs or respiratory organs, who, byjMn> lecang premonitory symptoms, aggravate the plaint, until disease strike* Its shafts, causing - presfllble torture of the patient, and anxiety and tress to friends. “Only a cola I” *A slight m throat I ” Is the heedless remark of many when so af fected. Yes; " Only a cold,” was the thoughtless ex pression of thousands whom death has p>r kts prey. Forewarned—Forearmed I should be the motto {off erer lathe minds ot all soh|ect to Coughs, Cold*. Ca tarrh,or Influenza. Word* of advtce should be heeded by all tasenng from Asthma, BreachlHs, rv»n— roq. Belief Is within their reach; «n»t, u negleetot* atal conseqneaeee ensue—a lUe of misery—a dally, hourly struggle for existence. A contest Is which ttwrv can be but one victor—Death 2 Does It not appal tbe strongest tnlad to Utlok of QM result caused by neglect? T&en whydelay/ Wbak excuse can be oße red, wben timely warning lx In your ears 7 Wben the tdaszerf lx pointed oat. wtj nolarold it? Mamdets Fxctobal RxVw has bee* need with success In nearly amlUloo of cases, and te endorsed by tbe Medical Faculty as tbo most prompt and efficacious remedy that art endue research baa dls covered, to relieve and core all cases ot Coughs. Inflaenza. and Consumption, IT the ease u not beyond all hope. Even wben tbe suflerer la in tbo last stage*, be will find relief by tiling this preparation. One bot tle will convince tbe most incndalons. that tbe raent* ot this preparation are by no meana exaggerated ; la. ftcl—Call fer short of tbe eolocles bestowed upon itby thousands wbo have been cored by Its timely ate. a guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealers are ta>> Btrncted In every Instance to refkmd tbe money, vte* this preparation Cilia to relieve. Prepared by T. W. MARSDEN, 457 Broadway, New York, and fbr sale by all Druggist*. Price; JL perbotUe. BURNHAMS A YANSCHAACK, Wboto sale Drngglsts, Chicago, HU General Agents Ibr tba Northwest. For sale by SMITH & DW7SB, SKutoct Goons. RUBBER CLOTHING CO. SEW YOKE, CfllCiCO ASD SIS FEiSCISCB. F. 31. & ST. A. SHEPARD, Agts. S 3 LAKE.ST., CHICAGO. We have on hand a fbu line of RUBBER GOODS, Comprising ClotUn?, Piano Corera, Boots and Sixes, Balls, Toys, Combs, Brnggists* aad Stationers’ Goods, Bich Jewelry and Faaey Bnkter Goods FU TK HOLIDAY TRADE. PilcaitK&eaa taKewTort, ocla7S3-3gt Itew-aet

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