25 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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€lilcago tribune. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 25. 1866. TUB NEWS. Gold closed In New York yesterday at It l» asserted, on what is deemed reliable authority ,Uul no more Government troops will be ordered Sooth except in case of actual not lo tboee States. ■ The (act is now apparent at Washington that a lure majority of the members of the Douse of Itcprceentatrecs la in favor of Sir. McCulloch's theory of finance. The Congressional excursionists had a good reception at Katbrille yesterday. A splendid baa* qnet waa tendered teem, the speeches at whichare given in brief in our Nashville despatch. It is now said that Dr. Uudd, the assassin atloa ccnsplrotor, will be released from hi! con finement at the Dry Tortuga*, and brought to Washington, where he will have a new trial before a civil court. A terrible conflagration occurred at Vicks burg, vcsterday. Over one hondicd buildings were burned, and twelve peisons perished In the mla-. Ihe loss la estimated at over two millions of dollars. . , . , . Our Washington despatch contains an In teresting account of a collision between a United States gntiban and a whale. In which the levia than of the deep most decidedly got the worst of the encounter. Ex-Govcraor Hahn, of Louisiana, Is at St. l/jui*. recovering from the effects of severe Injn- j ries received from being overtimed In a carriage at Fort Filey, last fall, while riding with a party of Pacific Railroad excursionist*. As sooo as be is able, he will proceed to Washington to add bis testimony to the New Orleans massacre before the Congressional Committee.' Late Slcxican advices assert that a gen eral state of Insurrection existed at UaUmores. Escobedo bad been put to death by Canales. Tbe embarkation of the French troopa nsd com menced, and the French merchants at Uatamoras and other points were leaving the country as bit ns possible, oh account of the entire absence of protection to tbclr Interests. Four negroes, convicted of larceny, were sold at and lon In Annapolis,Maryland,a few days since. The first negro pul np bid upon himself and succeeded in purchasing his own body at the small sum of thirty-seven dollars. Another was rold al thirty-five dollars, and the remain? two sold al a like snm. The Sheriff conducting the sale was ordered under arrest soon after the trans atilon. Bv Atlantic cable we have the following I items: Italian vessels bad been ordered to Turk- I rib ualcrt- ills intimated that the Pope loals I much disfavor on ihe proposals of Italy for I a settlement of the dlfl-cnUlcs now erLstrog be- j tw cen himselt and Victor Emanuel. John IL Sur ratt. the Assassination conspirator. Is no* actu ally on hl« way to Ibis country on board a Unite ! £talc* gnnboat. The recent death of Don Miguel of Porta gal his -attracted but little attention, in May, 3K4, he signed tbe capli elation of Evora, slipnlat -It-g for a pension of £Lf) OO piv atnnm and bis | private property. He afferwaid* lived at Rome and Vienna, and £nr ll y at the t-astle of Bronn bach, near Werlhcic, in tbe Grand Du'by of Baden. In ISSI he married a Germau princess, and became the father of eixdaughters and a sou. These were all loom eno christened onPortugoese ground, brought from Portugal; bat U Iv no: Iflauyribcy will ever have an opportnnity ofvindi caring ibrirpriteuslous to the Portuguese crown, f'ii.r.dcd on a precaution so trivial and yet so characteristic. In the Legislature of Alabama, last week, an amendment was offered by Mr. Brooks, of Lowndes, conferring su*ragc np r m ever/ male poson twenr-one years of age, who o>vnst*o Lr.t.On-d dollais’ worth of “properly, wh» can write legihty. and read the State aud t'mUniu-d States Constitution, and who rtia'J have resided Iu tbe State one year, and six month* in nc coun ty, preceding the election in which b ■ offers his vole. Provided that no perron who now ha* ibe rlci.t of franchise shall be deprived ot It by tbe operation of tbo amendment. Toe proposition vn-laid on lh« tabic by a vote of elxty-nine to eighteen. • . FROM NASHVILLE. *sr*Dd Banquet lo tbe C-»uirrc*«lonal Excnr tOnniFiß—ripecebra Delivered on tbc Occa mod—A Comminuting at tbe llndtcat and Rebel E’umcot— Chapter of Murder*. [Pjiccljl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l Nashville, December 21. Ibe citizens of Na-bvlllc to-night gave a baa* «jcoi to the Congressional excursionists, who were invited by the dty authorities at the solicitation o: many of the mcs-l promltcntcllUens of the city. Adods those tvfao insisted noon the city authori ties inviting the delegation of Congressmen to ‘epend a day in Naibviile, were some of the moat prominent Generals In tbe rebel army. General* ClioaUiam end Maatiy responded to toasts, Gca era] Howard was pre-ent, and also responded in eloquent language to a toast. Aoont S o'clock ibe party. consisting of nearly S-'K) guests, were seated at tie table. The spacious dining ball oftne St. Cloud Uutel was c.-orrrtod. Hnttmen* were at the door and lost outside who could not enter. Over fifty ladies accompanvlng the excursionists were preseiit, moat of whom were the wives and daughters ol ConT-eismeo. Many of the most prominent (amillea lu the conn* t>y urreir.TUt-d to iccompauy the excursion piny, ana nil Lad gentlemen and lady r?prc.-?atailvo» a the feast,. After partnkrig of the substantial*. Senator Foster rei-oouded to the toast: Tooxtr Ttnncutee frltmU. For ibclr hospitality end numerous kindnesses wc extend oar heart ; (banks. His remarks were made m a nappy vein, and w* re loudly applauded. ' „ t-cnauir Wade, of 6hio, «a> called upon to v.xnon** u> the tap**-‘•'*■‘l- He remarked in not*- stance that «Diic be bad always odd that tbo kind o: measures, consistent with oar safety as a na tii n, should bu- ••Headed to tbo Southern people, be Lad not as yet found in bis bouthsm tour such <rprc‘ilc»i* ol love for tne Union as would Justify L:m In deviating from the course tint be bad marked cot at the beginning of this session of Coi grere Thore; wfco bad pjiliclpatcd in the rebellion . JiiHcrd this u-tiilmnl, while tbc Unionists ap *i:2andvd. Senator Ramsay was next ca|rd for. and after s floim of checis. finally responded. UU speech, fie announced to dart with, would be a short one. The mth and manner of the fciv word* spoken Is that be desired ibe res'ora'Jon of the Union op a bc-re confident witn the safety of tbe nation. He vented no mnru rroe’.l-on*. lie wanted the peo ple of the South to accept os the condition* of dnVut ai>d surrender omy* those point* irat the i: r ue of war had dvldcd.iind rctn-a to tba ai«*r. In'- *t of states rpou such conditions as thatde ci'lon lojxited. lion. Jno. 1, llioma* next respond rt. ||.» is fruui Mnrylano. and snofeecotonllrneatailljr of the pcr-ple of Icune-s'-a for their hospitality. A pa.-: <f bi> ivmirts *-roaeucd decidedly of r«;t>vU«m. i-ctiator )«&«■. ot Indiana, was called noon, and itijide ai> cloqrr! t r ply. We canool do j istlce to the rppich :n a despatch. Ue hoped that tbeaugcl ot peace, with her g-ldcu wings, wonld irladdun the tand which the scourge of war bad dammed with desolation, lie complimented the people of Nashville for thnr hospitality, and alluded in eloquent tributes to the spirit of the people who wen* striving to recover from t*.o cause* qiu-uccs of their defeat. Ex-Governor Neil Brown made a lone, well wonted, hut somewhat dry and tedious sps-ch. The rocvliiie wa* adt'roraed also by General How aid Keir, of Indiana; General Manny, l*to ol the rebel ami); Klri.rn >n, of Nashville; General B.P. Cheatham, bite of the rebel army; % Matt Brown, Mayor of Nashville, and Laflln, ol New k ork. ibe afislr was very sncmsSitul of Its Bind. Ex* rebels and Radicals shook band* at the clo<c of the meeting, which broke up with the heal of feel ing on sil sides. . . . , .... Nasortux, December SI.—A fire broke onl this motels'* at the corner of Church and McCreary etc, cts, which turned two houses ana part of ao o.ncr. Fully Injured. . . . A ce"ro was killed yesterday near Antioch, debt miles from Nashville, ehot by a while man whom be attempted to «ob. Another wa* lulled xiear Brci.iwood byn whltsmm be assaulted. Charles Farris wa? shot and badly wonudedat Huntsville, Alabama. Friday, by a maniac. Marshal Douglass arrested «n Jackson County, Alabama, last week, L. G Mear, charged w ith violation of the Civil Rights bill In puiriUElng iiecdmcn told by order of couth FKOM YICKSBDRU. TeiTtfle Conflagmtton—One Hundred Band ing* Destroyed and Twelve i’emon» l’en*h —Goss Estimated mi Two .Ualllons-Fartlal List at Ibe s-nflerers, VxcK’Buno, December 21.—A terrific conflagra tion broke out In Moms Block, comer Clay street and Front leree, at eight p. xa. la«t night, which destroyed the entire block of tblr y uonscs; ttescc to tbe nlock bounded by the lercc. Clay, Mulberry and Crawlord streets, tbo entire block of thirty-three houses; tlicn can ot Muborry street, between Ctoriord and Clay i-trcrta, to Washington street, thirteen houses; Ihcncc mih - comer of Washington and Crawford street*, four three-story brick stores; then spread to the comer *of Mulberry aid Crawford streets, burning lea bo ite. t'cslars shanties, Ac . la ail about ooe hun dred butldinga, of which tfitrly-eigbi vvero large bile* stores. .• Two white cht’dren and four negroes rerlshei la the Carnes, blx negroes were IctU.-d by tccl dent, an,* one hundred families rendered house leas. Tbe origin of ttac fire was tbe result of caicbs*- xtcsi xn Meyers' room of lbebnilli"g. Tbe euecis were cronded wrh goods and d&rit Tbe greatest credit t? due Generals Wont and Dudley acd Ihrir men for tuelr enperbnmaa effarts so snbdce tbe flames and prevent pillage. Five or eix buildings were Mows up to otrc*t the :iro yjie*s of (he flames. Ibe theatre banding, cathsdral, city backs ana telegraph oOve escapee, the former badly dam .aped. The heavens were Utsmii.at.-d for miles Tba total loss is roughly estimated at about two millions; about one-fourth Insured. The following la a partial list of the entlsrers* F. D. Wad*worth,atoTe»aadhollow ware: Jaones SavuniniltL trait dealer; F- td. Bradley, watch maker; J. C. Eripa A Co., clothing; Join love * Hobart, dry t oods; Corwin Sweet, turdwa>« mid crockcrr, who tbo lost a Cvc->lory dwelling; Fmlth A Parsons, wholesale dry gooda and env * v carles; G. H. Young A Co., wholesale gruectiea; •V 'Washington Kail bulla lug; Cowan A Horning, groceries; Elliott. Hoggins A Co., dry ■goods; itofhcblid A Frtsbie, auction roots; W. il. Passmore A Co. and John G. Ycl«cr A Co., furniture dealers; 8. KothcbUd, dry goods; H. B Bracer, turner; A. Mathews, two small dwelling*: Peter Oa«ey, wholesale grocer aoJ comiulsslon merchant; Wra. E. Gom A <‘o., Wetla A Green. J. I- Ov borne A Co., McNamara A Flanagan. Duwiag, Brining A Glloort. two brick stores; \7csler A .J.CoStr. gcnsm'.ths: O'Hara A Bros., C. J. Ed airdA Bhawrer A I'ailock, A. L. Jaq ie'b, John son A Tomkiti. \V. LL Hartman, and numerous . others ot less Imnor ance. The- fire raged till daylight. Pbmulr Fire Company No. 2 !o«t their engine. Kcrthcr particulais to-niubt. FI!or NEW ORLEANS. Tlr Ci)Bgrtwloniil Investigating Committee -mpuntloßs lor tbe Reception of the > i!«Btmi«»»*i Exearsitnlsti- N«w Untxaxs, December 21.—80 n. ItcoJ. M. •Boyer, third member of the Comrre-slonal Riot \ 't? 1 ? a 7 i ' etl In the rrnnboat Winooski, S rbich anchored opposite the dty. lll !L!. t f #m ® rOebon> ’ 4 y t- LonU packet, had J: *? burned this morning. party damaged. Lots. fTS.frj-i; m . <reO. Tbstoalwna owned ny the Cap ■■ ssrs£? < - ,d «.e .. committee of S 5?/* 41 . President of theT*-£ b F “ c ’* t «beo at Jackson or Wls£ls»lpjii, an( j escort them lo this dty. 100 FROJI PHILADELPHIA. Dnvalnc ofa Brevrerv. Lom 8100.000. bj or/ ‘ s^ ■ bushels malt, two thousand bush- I dfWOKd!’ "' J Wo b3rTela o rb «rwcre FROM EUROPE. Latest Despatches hy Ocean Telegraph. Italian Vessels Ordered to Turk ish Waters, The Pope Refuses to Entertain Propositions from Italy. Sailing of Surratt for the Unit- ed Stales. FROM WASHINGTON, Object of Secretary McCulloch’s Visit to New York. Dr. Mndd, the Conspirator, to Rare a Civil Trial. FROM MEXICO. A. General Insurrection at Matamcr’as. General Escobedo Put to Death by Canales. TERRIBLE CONFLAGRATION AT VICKSBURG. Twelve Lives Lost and One Hun dred Buildings Burned. Loss Estimated at Two Millions of Dollars. from cm Two More of the Fenian Pris oners Discharged. Grand Banquet to the Congression al Excursionists at Nashville. Gold Glosad in New York at 133 1-4. FROM EUROPE. BI OCEAN TELEGRAPH, Flounce, Dccembe^23. A portion of tbe Italian fleet has been ordered to rctdezrons.in Torkbh waters, (o await orders, üblch are soon to be issued, regarding the Indem nity to be mode on tbc Turkish Government, for tbe proceeding* In the cue of the steamer SL Ibotnos. itOKX. December S 3, little disposition Is shown by tbe Pope to cn ertatn Ibe proposition mtde by tbe Italian Gov ernment, and His Holiness Is said to have re pelled Napoleon's advice, who favors tbo Italian plan. umao or bcnnarr ron rat übttsp states. Malta. December SI. Tbe American Consul here has received the news that tbo Amenc in gunboat Swatara baa it ft Alexandria to-da* for the Dcited Stale i with Sur latl on board. cheat bbitatk. Loboob. December St. easiness Is a'- a total stand-still In coo'e-petce of ibe Christmas holidays. Tbe Stock Exchange, the Bank ol England, aud most of the prominent mercantile boasts are closefr until Wednesday, there Is no political %crrs of interest. Livebpool, December Sl—p. m. Nothing his been done In the coitou or other markets to-day. Bu*inesi Is also suspended at Manrheatcr, Birmingham and other commercial •■mires. FROM WASHINGTON, [bpcclal Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune. Washibotob. December HABEAS COBPCT TO BEIEABE DB HUDD. It is publicly stated here tbit Jualicu Wayuo, of the Supiemc Court, will render a decision iu the matter of ttao application for a writ of hibatt rotyvt to release Dr. Mndd from confinement at •be Dry Torhtras, and trill grant the writ bringing Mcdd before a civil court (or trial. It is supposed •hat similar wri's will be sued lo the cases of >parglcr, Arnold nud O'lumgbbD. While Repub licans are greatly disappointed at ibe turn of af fairs In the Supreme Court, they are certain that a new trial Ir. ibeae cases will not (ail lo throw much additional light upon the assas'ina'ion. Even strong Johnson mia de clare themselves very sorry that tola question, and (hat of the test oath, should bare come np so soon for decision by the Supreme Court, and they ad mit that a setting aside of the test oath wonld change the whole aspect of the reconstruction question. •• nucAO and BtTrcu’’ Randall's cHßimfis OkQTIKfI, Toe following Is Postmaster General Randall's Christmas greeting to the persons and commnni icj- named. These Western changes were made In four days: Xtcligan— Clark City, Monroe County, c. Bow <•1*, fie* J. C. Clark; Coopeisvtile, OtrawaCounty, o. Dovey. rice W. D. Wilson, re moved; Copper Falla Ml*.**, Sewecnaw Cocnty, D. T* Ra'fleld. Tie* n. («lb*on. u-igi cd; Tuscola County, T. Atwood, rlc' 1). N. EltiUi, resigned; Frarer, Mrcomb • r-nnty, J. Chevalier, aktr O. Bablky, resigned: eamestown, Ottawa County, E. Gibbs, ties W. D. Kl»by,resigned; Fitchburg, Ingham County. J. I*. Uawley, tier J. W. Whalton, resigned; Ore Usibor, Huron County, D. IJgbtball. rice H. Kusdeil, resigned; PerrlnsviUe, Wayne County. T. R. Vather a. Her O. resigned. Ohto.— Uarrieou JuncUon, Ilamllton County, J. BntJer, rice J. Dowling, teslgued; Bloom, Wood County, B, P.' Emerson, rice J. D. Breasen. re signed ; Drusells, Geauga County- A. O. Kent, rice E. French, resigned; Havana, Huron Coanty, ,T. L. Ransom, vice 8. >l. Owet, resigned; Onlonopo’is, Auglaize County, W. Ba ker, rtce it. c. Layton, removed ; Townsend, San dusky County, A. C. Lyon, tier W. R. Monger, deceased; Winter station,Sandusky County, T. H. Burkhart, Her F. -Hawatds, removed; Mal vern, Carroll County. *E. ParUier, rice W. P. Spratto. declined; Jcfierson, Ashtabula County, C. L. Burkwclk A. Warren, resigned; Hona tou,Shelby County, J.S.Grillls, ric«E. E W.Ortfflt, Scbondler, Her A. Yease), moved away; Rush Run, Jefferson County, J. Li ten, Jr., (ice R. J4ten, resigned: Sardb, Monroe County, M, Brennan, vies B. D. Trimble, mimed: Tally, Van Wert County, Stamm, tics J. Pettit, toJgned; Ava, Nolle County, N. G. Wallar, rice B, An'enon, 'resign'd. n*<sconsiit.-Waa‘oma, Waushara Coanty.|D. Lucketby, not A. D. Mclntyre; West Milton, Rock County, Miss F.S.Ballc-, tics A. JO. Bar dick; Rock Prairie, Hock Count', J. M. Dsrns, rice J. D. Crosby, lestgned; Cook«ril’e, Reck Cotmu, C. B. Woodbury, t!e* B. 8. Hc-xie, re signed; Unioa, Rock County, J. B, Wiley, vies Mt». L. k. Wirren, resigned ; West Bend, Wash ington County, W. Wlgbtmsn, Vice J. Potter, Jr., rcelgned; \ xrtinla, Vernon County, S.C. Lincoln, rfer W. S. Putdy, Greenville, OoU csmle County, U Penot. rice 8. Cole?, terigned; Onalasta, la Crosse Ccnnty.J. Chsdwlck, tice C. O. Martin, resigned; New Amslerdsm. La Crosse Coanty, D. M. Tccnstra, He* A . Spangler, left the place; Alden’f Comers, DaneCouair J. Chavet, tice A. Halley, reslgred; GardenTaU«v Jackson County, Mrs. Q. J. Johnston, Her A, j' Martin resigned. * ’ h.dlcjta,— Hlly Dale, Perry Corny, W. Cover Hc< R. C. Fl-mir g, resigned; West llami VUu! Gibson Contiy, J. Rawing?, tier J. Vaughn, do. ceased jWoortcrtown, Scott County, J- D. McFad den, rice B. H. Wart, resigned; Tampico, Jack son County, J. p. Leach, rice J. B. Chadwick, resigned; RaglcsvUle, Daviess County, A Uogle, rice W. Webster. resigned; Oakland City, Gibson County, W. L. Ixster, rice J.lB. Johnson, resigned;,Mod Tick, Jefierson County. Mr*. IL Barber, tlce W. Kelly, rc-lyncd; Ulllc River, Allen County, D. Bonnell| rice J. P. Belle, resigned; JanMvlUe,Bartbolnmew Cenrty. P. W. Noland, rice H.W. Gilbert, resign ed; Bradford, Barrleon County, N. IL Born, rice Mi?. A. Kmc. resigned: Foster’s Ridge, Perry •County, W. Fo?t;r, rice A. Foster, resigned. JUincu.— Annawan, Ueory County, M. M.Lareb, r tee J. F. Person, resigned; Dona's Point, Chris tian County. K. Bell, rice F. Payne, resigned; Bristol, Kendall County. 11. T. Beely, rice T. L.I Seely, resigned; Camden Mills, Rock Island County. T. R. Kerr, rice B. L. Medley, resigned; lU'tlnden, FranClin Conn tv. A- Rice, rice If. H. llaneb, re-lgned; Bongola, Vi ion County, W. W. Palmer, rice E. Leaven worth, resigned; Bcanokc. Woodward County, " b -Coblay. rice Rift resigned: Rosefleld, Perry '- oa rice R. P. Clark, resigned; Mari on, W Hilton county, 8. Cover, rice N. J. Cnl vett,rc.lgnM. Frew ioa, I-aSaHc County, W. J. Wright, rice a. nizam, declined; Schaumbeig, Ccok , - 11. IloCbJ.n, tLv D. Mint, de clined; Firm ma, v LcSallc Connli, B. Hit y.tV,d« U-Biscloc, Med to EClboode; CU p DJO VOL. XX. City, Clay County. R. E, Duffi vice J. O. Me- n Schooley, deceased. • ZFronmterrs coktoartto xaw. f It appears that Mr, Johnson haa appointed finite t a number of civilians to positions in the army, ' when the law provides that they shall be filled t by regulars or volunteers. There la much feeling r on the subject. tux DzrurnmrTß * dosed very early to-day. <rnz coKonxsamr, i with few exceptions, arc absent. i kebuy ciuubtkas. 1 A clear, warm night, and active preparations * for to-morrow, promise a merry Christmas. 2 TBX KtSSINO QOVXIUniEKT FUKPS. ] • Ibc Xepubliam* referring to Governor Lyon, of 1 Idaho, losing (47,000 in a sleeping car, says It Is a matter oi publicity that ibe Government baa at t different times, advanced him (100,OCA'iu bis ca- < parity of Snpermleodcnl of Indian Affairs of Ida- i Lo, of which cc baa given no account whatever, sod that he will have to pay tbc Government that iud, as well as the t*T/<CO stolen COXKISSIONEB smos. A strong pressure is being brought to hear to j remove Mr. Newton, Commissioner of Agricul ture, and If tbe President should disregard It. Congress will Ugisiatc him out. T3£ OSS TAX. F-fforto will be made by representatives of the leading gas companies of the country to secure a repeal ol the provision of The Internal Revenue law which prohibits companies Rom charging the Government tax on gas to consumers, after the first of Apr!) next. baltmobe election thouble*. It is rumored here that the Maryland LegHa ture will, soon after Itsmeettngnert month, order an Investigation into the conduct of Judge Bond, of Baltimore, regarding the Police (kmunuslonera' troubles object or kb. K’ctntxocn's visit to new fork. New' Volk, December 41.—A Washington spe cihl says one object of Secretary McCulloch's vb'ttoNcw Torkis to ascertain the tone of pub lic opinion oo the appoiotmem of a naval officer for that port Mr. McCulloch will also consult »-lth financiers in reference to Important financial subjects. IVON KASTERS AND WOOL onOWEB* ate becoming anxious about tbe f-itc of tbe tariff which was passed by the last House, and they are preparing to ex rta formidable pressure on tbe r-’ccale. Henry McAllister, Jr., Secretary of tbe Jronsn** Site! Aesoclailo-j. has called a meeting ol that bony here on tbe ICtb of January, when tbc wool IntetesU will be represented. items of ArruorntsTiox. Tbc first bill which bos become a law at tbc present sossion of Congress Is one U> supply the . deOcletdes in the apprqprialions for the year end ing Jnnc next. Tbc following arc two of the Items: For public prin ing. Including paper, and tor tbc contingent exp-.nsea o! for eign intercourse, (250,000. ■moors nr the -orrnrns states. Ills staled that the Prcsidci.l will hereafter ro fuse tbe nse of troops for Southern Stales except in case of riot. Til's action was founded upon tbc recent decision of the United Stales Supreme Court. ‘ AKOran STATEKEST. Mndd, Spangler and McLaughlin, tbe assassina tion conspirators, will be brongbt from their pris on, at Dry rottngos. for trial by civil court. It is understood Judge Wayne will grant the wnL TDK ASSASSINATION CONSPISATOUS. The writ for the release of the assassination conspirators will rot be granted. The recent de cision relative to military commission does not apply In this esse. tue Timrr^rEsnos. Washington, December 21.—The Senate Com mittee on Finance to-day beard an argument fiotn the Marquis do Cliam’jouruc, a grandson of Lafayette, in favor of certain changes In the manner of collecting the tariff doty on certain French articles of merchandise- Learningarom li e Secretary of the Treasury that Commissioner Wells will Jay bis report bclore theta on Wednci day next, the committee adjourned nntil then. distributing post office cans. On tbc first of January the Distributing Post Office rara will be nm on tho day trains between ibis city and New Yoik, and this city and Rich mond. These arc provided with tbe patent ar rangement lor receiving and distributing mall bags without slopping the trains. banquet to ixcroi:APrrrna and jouiotausts. t Washington, December 21 —Tbe United States and Lnropcan Association guvo a splendid outer talomcTtto-nlcht to the editors, telegraphers and correspordenls 1° this city. Speeches were made, witundwlno alike sparkled, and congratulations were passed over toe splendid success of the Untied btaU s and European Association. naval rrrx. Washington, December 2 L—Commander J. M. Bradford, of tbe United States steamer Reeaca, under date November 33, repo.ts tbc arrival of that vessel at Pcrnambnco, Brazil, where he would remain for ten days for repair*. In rendioc down the top-sail yards, tbo-leg of the coxswain, Thomas Nelson, was badly fractured and It would be necessary lo leave him In charge of the Consul, to be sent home, when able to d navel. Officer* were in good health, a* alao were tbe crew, with a few exceptions. ’ LAND SALES. , _ * Returns received at tbe General Land Office for r the month of November from local offices at . I reverse City, Michigan, show* that 13,507 acres of tbe public land* were disposed of during that month, acres ol which were taken under the Homestead law for actual ecttlemeat a&d cal trillion. soern pacittc bqcaduob. Tbe Navy Depaitmcnl has received a communi cation from Hrar-Adiuiral J. A. Dahlcren, dated December iSib, ai-nouccteg tliat be had on that dayrellevcd-Reer Admiral Pearson.iceommaud of the South Pacific Sqnadroo. At tha* lime lh«re was no United Stales ship there bnt tbe atoreablp Jamestown, south atxaxtic sqcApnoß. Rear-Admiral »8. W. Gordon, commanding tbe Somh Atlantic Squadron, reports from ttlo de Janeiro to tbe Navy Department tbe movements of tbe squadron since bis previous despatch. Toe Juniata railed on tbe Ub of November for Uabla, end would return to Rio de Janeiro about De cember Ist. Tbe Niptic sailed for Samos Novem ber Gtb, and retained on tbe lotb. - Tbe Pensacola arrived at Ibo do Janeiro ontbeS h of November, and would sail November 23th for Valpaiai'O. On the Iflh of November Ibe hbamokir, with Mfnl-ter Washburns on l>oard, went up tbe Parana, and when last beard from was atc’cnlcnlcs, which place she was to leave November ‘h'.th. The Monccacy sailed ou Novemberileffor the Cape ol Good Hope. Tbe slortboneeon the Enrbados Islands would be ready to receive tbe stores ot the Onward about tbe 2*ib of December, after which she would proceed to ibe river with act) tons of coal, and thence to tbe United States, the Admiral was to proceed o Montevideo on the Cag-.-hip Broo lyu on tbe 2Gtb of November. ' BOBTII ATLSBTIC SQVADBON. Reat-Adm-ral Pa'm?r. commanding the Norib Alio - t*c ?rniad;on, rcp ir,e - the 2Jst instant. his anhnlatSavannah, Georgia, where he proposes to remain a week. cidui srrrtr covraacrs. The Committee ol Icvestlgation into the recent award of contracts in the Indian Bureau, have adjourned ihcjr sittings until January 18. Tuey have crtnpleied, probably, the taking of evidence, but the decision at which they have arrived is an br own. Commissioner Cbgg claims that the ‘‘.Trees acalnrt him are made from interested mo tives by parties whose combinations for imposing upon atm cheating the Government and the Indi at.* he has broken np. collision wrrn a wttalx. Coxrmsnder Simpson of the U. 8. steamer Mo hican reports from Cura, Braall, Nov. Tib, the arrival ot iiu» verst tat that place. He states that on the afternoon oflhe 30th nit., when off the r*cn coc Giaods, 100 tnlt-s cast of Maranbam, the back of a largo fish was seen about a cable's length Irom the ship, and incllntd diagonally towards her. a few moments afterwards the engines sud denly slopped. Steam was sbwt off, rvid a hurried examination made, bnt no cans® could be dis covered for the remarkable result, st* am was again trmed on, ‘out the engines could -iPtbc foTcetl ahead. At this time several pool* ot blood wen* seen to n*c to the surface of the wa ter under the stem. After a few moments. It was dtreovered that a large black fish, or whale, had been caught between Uie prnpeilor and frame. The f beck ol the ccci'io was very great and rendred it necessary (0 slop several times oaring the follow ing twenty*fonr hours to screw na all parts of the rM’lii**, thnsexhlbltlDC the jar it bad received. No farther in’mry seemed to have been done. BV6INCBS AT THE CArttAL. »heic were Icra than the n«nal number of rialt ois Ir attendance at the White Hon«e to-dar. and nothing of public Intere.** transpired there. Al most everybody here Is making preparations (or a merry Christmas. Little attention has been di teefrd to cltrer public or private business to-day. The Treasnrv Department was closed, bv order of the Secretary, at ten o'clock a. m.. until Friday morning; the other Departments wore open as usual, nut aniclpations of Christmas reunions, aca Christmas fesimtie* were the themes of geae tal comment and Interest mws olpham, or texas, who was suspected of complicity In the plot to , bunt Norlbcro cities during the war. and who, it 1-* said, recommended the chemist tbit Proposed 10 xnaautactnrc the tr.Cammablc compound to be used in that operation, passed through thisdtv Inerpr.ito some »wo weelra since, hut was obliged to make himself known to some of his old friends 10 obtain means to reach bis home in Texas. Strce the close of the war. he has been in Mexico. TUB CtnUICTCT QUESTION. It Is d’rtlnclly m>dcrsto>*d that a large and fixed majority of tbe House Committee on Banking and Cuircncy, are opposed to any further in nation of the currency, and are determined to stand firmly by the recommendations of tbe Secretary of t><c Treasury. They consider fat be has wrought the whole snbicct with care and superior opportunities for information, ard are willing to accord pre-eminence to k!s conclusions. Ami iotliy are aGo in bvorof having ontv one kind of Federal paper currency, and opposed to tbe Issue of the National Bank*. MEXICO. Result of the latr Mission of Gherman and Campbell—leisure «l Imperial Treasure by (be French—Departure of French Troops— Open Wap Between Maximilian and Ba xatnc—Escobedo Fni to Heath by Canale*— A General Inaarrectlen at Matamoras. New York, December SL—lmmediately after the withdrawal of the French, which win lake clscc before the -81st of March, Joarex will transfer his seat of Government to a point which we are sot at liberty to xutme at present. “That point.'’ said gbenntn, “L tv a nmitaty man. consider well chosen, ihelr • rure plane have been laid before me, and l consider tbem, on the whole, judicious and prudent. Ihcn, la ibe event of a fragment of Imperial power remaining, the Üblted Slates iruops will be marched over ibe Rio Grande, to rupport lus rex, and Minister Campbell will re imn to Mexico to resume official relations with thePcpubllc,” bbermao sard, **We ate nowln posvcsslou of tbe plana ot the Jnarex Government, and (hey know what we mean to do. All that the United states namfto «e? Is a strong, united Govern xr.eiit.” The New Orleans special yesterday ssy*: While tbe mission o( Sbenaanacd Campbell 1 as not achieved all which was expected, U has by no means proved a failure. They din not bind st Vcn Crux, for the reason that they did not want to hold any Intercourse nlihltie Imponal autbomles, but proceeded to Tampico ana Matacioras. where they net a reore ycttalhccf Jnaree. and the result Is that a defi nite and Joint plan of action has been determined cn between the Cubed States and the Republic of 1° the 40th from Vert Cruz, has been re- trtMwc” 614 h4ve Mbeed *200.003 of Imperial **** ’ailed with *®0,003. French Govern mmtand the rest to culactis. One thousand French troops hare sailed for Correspondence from Vera Cm* u tn the 11th tnd from Otlssbt lo the I2th. a Wniin .il.m.J bsd arrived at Vera Crus with2Wu§“ „‘ le Ad J quantity of gatpowder. A spedslcaurUp tn GiccralCastlcnau bad also arrived. to The Custom Uonso was sclxed by the Freoeh «« ' bc a=d «hcn MammUlan prweamdauord£ for |sD,n(ll( was cut received. rtlc ‘ Jacob Thompson was at Vera { JMax!mlllan lel\ Orizaba on the 12th for the cap- Mlramon bad fled to avoid arrest. , —? rt ls r2 b,< fkilcd In bis efforts to raise money fertte Dmiirror. The war between the Enpcroraod Baxalnehad {•ecctne o]>en and avmved. ti*i,>j>TOK, December 2L—Tbe United States guuLcat TaiUha?see,Captain UcCalmJostarrtvei trom Brazos, left yesterday, hhe brings Intelli gttce Hat Canales lad Lung lUcobvdo; time not mentioned. Ortega has retired to the interior, bo vcndpun-cIL t Nsw OnxxaJfs, December 2L—Officers of the Susquehanna say statements of the civilities of the French authorities, are entirely untrue, She was foi bidden to approach nearer Vera Crux than Vtrd island. Minister Campbell casern he coaid not proceed to Jnarci rln Malaatoris, hot will reach bun in forty days. General Sherman will probably leave this allir noon for St. 1-onls via the river. He called on Governor Wells yesterday. Galtistoj., December 11.—The news Is that IjcoinCo ban been murdered by Ca’ialc*. A gen eral insnnertloa of all panics occurred at Mata mens on the capture or Escorted©. aid Canale*, as the ou]v repretcatallve of Ortega, bad Eao tKdu potto death on the forenoon ot the Slat, and assumed command Uimwll. P.-eparatlon* for a reveal fight were mailing, and chaos ruled the henr In Uaianioras. •J huTdllabas.-e brongbt tbc Brownsville Courur lotbcS’sL The chief news was theescape of Onega, to the interior, ju»t as the ToPaluuse was about to leave. A t Icgram amounted the hanging of Escobedo. The report was believed by the commander at Brazos. Nrw ©cleans, Dercmbcr2L—lt la reported oo good authority, to-night, that Minister Campbell intends p« hence to St. Louis, and thence to Santa Pe, New Mexico, oo uis way to Chihua hua. Durango or wherever else President Juarez la lo be found, belue satisfied that the adherents of Ortega now bold*, and will continue to hold all the conn’ry on the lower Rio Grande, Gen eral Sherman does not hesitate to exprea* bis want o< confidence in the consistency and fidelity ol all the Mexican Liberal leaden. On tbemoruliur of the ISlh, 1000 French troops commenced embarking at Vera Cruz for Franco. Nearly all commerce la the Interior U paralyzed for want ol protection. Tbe French merchants are selling out and going home. Several French transports rcccntiv arrived at Vera Cruz. Let Lojfltt, the French organ at the city of Mex ico, suspended on the 10th. FROM ST. LOUIS. The Bnsbwhmcklmr Trsnbln-Slore Offered (ban are Wanted—The Rebels Promlaloa Better Behavior—(Hr. Van Horn** Sent in Congress to be Contested— Knllraad Matters—Bold Bobbery—River News* Arc. Imperial Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.] St. Louis, December 3L So many militia companies have been offered to Governor Flelcbtr to repress the dtriayalty m La f-yetto and Bay Counties, that tbe Governor la compelled lo re(U*e further tenders. There are two accepted compaaiea in this city waiting orders to bo mustered in. The rebel- In Lafayette are promising every thing shall be done to repress bushwhacking, provided tbe troops are withdrawn. There is a steady exodus of rebels, despite Lae late season, to Texas. Judge Birch has notified Colonel Tan Horn of his intention to contest bis seat in the Fortieth Congress. Considerable excitement exists in Hannibal, caused by the removal of railroad offices lo Wen Qali cy, and the evident intention to use tbe road between Hannibal and Palmyra as a branch onlv. An opposition road, to connect with tbeNortb Mis souri, is talked of. It is currcnl’y reported that a contract is pending by which tbe North Missouri Road will abandon toe project of bridging tbe Mleslfsipoi at SL Charles, and for fa ao eastern connection with tbe Terre Dante Road below Al ton, the two roads jointly agreeing to build over the Mississippi at that point, so that cars can be run fiom cast to west without change. One night last week two men, evidently white men with blackened faces, went to the residence of V. R. Pitts, some six miles trom Glasgow, on the Roanoke road, and presenting pivoK robbed the ucuroes of all the money and jewelry they had. There arc no white persons on tae place, Mr. Pitta living In St. 1/Oula. Wea’bcr slightly cooler to-day, but clear. Tbe nvcrls rising slowly. Tbe Mississippi 1* open nearly to Keoknk, a very unusual ctrcamMancc at thl* season. . Delegates have been-appointed to the grand Mississippi Valley Convention, to be aeld here In February. br. Tiioxab, December 24.—The Democrat'* Jtfictson City special funhbes Ibc ‘allowing des patch: “ WAsnntoroK, December 83. “To Governor Fletcher; “ Order* tending United States troops to Laity* file County were countermanded on tho receipt of yonr despatch. (Sign'd) U. S. Ghaut.” Kansas Citt. Mo , December 81.—Two compa nies nf U’.iiod Slate* troops which were ordered to Lexington a few days since, passed through berc to-day on tbcu return to Fori Leavenworth. FROM MADISOK: Republican Literary and Rrnmasllc Amocl alien—Christmas Prenent* t« the rioldtera Orphan*—Hkmtnff RInK B om Dowd—Thl Weather— Ur-erected. [special Despatch to the Chicago THbune.} Mapibob, Wls. December 24. The lint meeting of the Bepobllcan literary and Gymnastic Association, recently formed here, and sew numbering about 230 members, the ob ject of which is mental and physical col lure and social recreation, was held on Saturday evening, ••>ben an able address teas delivered by Horace linblee. of tbe StaU Journal. Christmas premises to he a general holiday to morrow. A Santa Claus dinner will be given tbe soldieis* orphans <t tbe Home, by the people of IbU city, and their Christmas tree wib bo abun dantly supplied with presents bv iho benevolent people nt dllTerenl parts of the State. Toe .hating rink, partly built here, blew down last night, and the attempt to build one has been abandoned. 1 It was warm and foggy Saturday and mild yes terday, bnt things froze up again last uight, with a very light fall of suow. Tbs Governor his brrrelted Sercclnt Ang. Klein, of Company A. Eigfatecrtb Regiment, rank ing from August SS, 16*11, for conspicuous bravery in tbe battles of the Potomac army. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Opening of nn “Opera Haase”—Advent of Chrlstmaa-Ommlttcd far Murder—Assess- Best «f?*chorler County. (Special Despatch to the Ch'crgo Tribune.] SpnctGFtxLD. December 24. Oar new Opera iloose, heretofore known as Rudolph's Qall, opened this evening under very promising auspices. The play of the evening Is (be drama of “Eustacbe Candln.” J. D. Dudley, of New York, lathe principle persoaatvr. George J. Deaglcs, late of St Lout*, (s the manager. line ancicnco b large and brilliant. The blowing of penny whistles and miniature trumpets, end other Juvenile warlike demonstra tions In l*o strccli. indiente the near approach of a happy Cl rtsMns?, while 'he cani*y and toy shops arc llterallv bcflocvd by Indulgent mothers and aflccuotiate aunts, indicatory that the little ones at t ome v ill not *0 Uirappoislcd in their expected visit from good old Santa Clans. Beniamin Jones, the colored map who murdered Joseph l-cwis, another colored man, a day or two ago. has been committed fur trial at the next term oftfce Circuit Court. The arrcsimcnl of Fchnyler County for 1968 Is 12.466,255- train since 1965 $1(13.409. FBOX DBS MOINES. Accident to ut Editor—Commission la tbo Itcsßiar Army—The Weather. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Des Mouse*, December 2t A. S. Bailey, jr., editor and proprietor of the Wlmesheik AqjuWli'Cß. met with a sad accident a lew days since. While tunning the power press, his right hand was caught In the machinery, and three fingers curbed almost to pieces. General J. A. Williamson, of this city, has Just received, nm elicited, a commission as ueutcuant i.cicnilir. the regular army. Tliu weather is mild and cloudv, and almost two <ncbes of mud and water in the streets. FROM CAIRO. Editorial Chance-The Weather. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Caibo, 111. December 24. H. Clay Bradsby has taken editorial charge of B-c Cairo Democrat . Mr. Bradsby etlUed the Democrat at a time previous to its consolidation with tbe Cairo Timet, Is an able newspaper man and correspondent, and bis connection with It again will no doubt add much to the Interest of (bat Journal. The weather is clondy and gloomy. Ther mometer 40. FROM CINCINNATI. Damaging Ptre-LoM 825,000, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribute.] Cincinnati, December 21. Tbe boot tod shoe stock of H. Apple A Co., on Third street, amounting to $40,000, was damaged by fire to tbe extent of from (20,000 to SB,OOO to night. Stock insured for £O,OOO in the Mechanics* A Manuftctaierr’, Flremxn't, ard *h» Franklin. Fire at Dlaomincton. (Special Despatch tithe CMcagj Tribune.] Elookuiutok, ID., Deatnbsr -:4. Tbe Prairie City Boom of ttiU city, was partly destroyed by Arc this aitersoov at 8 o’clxk. lb: building is owned by Franklin Finer* jt, and was occupied by J. N'elklns a« a boarding binse. Loss aboat *4.000. Folly ln«r.red. FROM CANADA. The Fenian Trials—Beamlgnment of be> D*nmd an a Charce sf Kabberr—Twa More Prisoners Discharged—A Christmas lunner for the Prisoners* SwzxTßßmo. December 94.—1 n tbc court this mornlpg, McDonald, who was acquitted on Sat urday charged with levjlrgwar, »w again placed at the bar for robbing a person on the tth of June of thirty cents. Ibe Jury retired to consider the verdict, and the case of Cornelius Owen was proceeded with. Atone o'clock the Grand Jury brought In a true Pill against John Crawford, for committing acts of hostility against Her Majesty. Owen’s rase was abandoned, and the prisoner dis charged. Crawford was then arraigned. The court adjourned till seven o'clock to hear the verdict in McDonald'# care. The Jury not agreeing. the court HU ten a. m, Wednesday Tbc jury are doomed to a lock-up over Christina*. Ur. Devlin ha« rone to Montreal, and lelt an order for a CbrL uuas dinner tor the prisoners. FROM OITC3IWA, IOWA. Beds of a Wardered Stan Discovered—Maser tbe Incentive to the Blooey Deed—The Body a«t Identified. Orrcvwa. lowa, December 44.—A man was found last evening, five miles aonta of this city, in the woods.murdered t>y tome unknown party, lie was shot in the back part of the head, the ball pasting 1 brooch his rap, which was burned by the powder, indicating the dose proximity of Tbe weapon of 'the.. murderer. It is rap* fosrd lo have been a pistol or revolver shot, pon his person were found orders from a mer chant tu Unenlle, Mo, to merchants in this dly for goods. Ite orders indicated that he left Line vQk ellh about *I.OOO, WO of it being in gold. Tbetaoiiey is missing, arid also u his team. Tbe wagon was found secreted In the wood near hit hoOv. Bis name Is not positively krown. rue hodv will be retained nrlll saii-ttelory informs tiutTu obtained in regard to bis Ideality. Weslter warm andToggy, CUISESE PIRATES. Murder at the raptvin of an American 1e«- st'-Nsrrow Kecape el the 1 esoel trem De ktnciieg. Ssk December 21.—China dates to Octoiier 6, ?»y mat tbc brlgaolit.e Lulwn, of War ren, Khcoe l.Ucd, bad ber Captain murdered oy puttee, vbo fliat tammaged the vesad and ebo CHICAGO. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 25. 1866. Captain Hawes, who was sluing with his wife and criit’rcn on the sofa In >be cabin. A tram was laid to blow op tbe vessel, but tbe crew succeeded in saving her. | FKOM StW YOKE. Bank Taxes it be Refunded—Damage* Be* Reovercd—Government Officers Dabbllna lo Stocks—Mint by a Barslar. New Yolk, December 2 L—Tbe Bond of Super visors to day anopted a resolution repaying Uifl taxc» collected in error from tbe different bank* in ibi* cny, »o the amount of one and a quarter million dollar*. ih<* widow Cccblas, in a legal action, recov ered FV-SO as Indemnity for the loss of ber bns li&dq, who was killed by being thrown from tbe plsUorm ol on: of tbe Second avenue horse care. New Voek, December 24.—1 tla rnmoied tbJ evening teat tbe i ecmt perturbation in tbe money market, which has been attributed lo illicit prac tice on tbe part of some of onr bank officers, act ing in coMusioa with leading ‘tick specniators and with one or mure officials connected with tome of ibc department* al Washiurton, will be ciidc tbc subject ol an investigation Imm.dialely aficr the reassembling of Congress. Mr Jnrtb. of the Open Board of Brokers, was faiaiiy shot In hla own boose, by a bnrgizr, on fitmdlur night. FKOM (JDINCY, ELL. The New Railroad Bridge Arrow the 311s*» laslppi. Qutxct, IT!., December 41.— The bridge acr.i** tbe Mississippi attbri point is finally settled It is to cross tbe river about a half a mile north of tbe present Chicago, Burlington A. Quincy Railroad freight depot. That portion which crosses tbe bridge is to be of wood, and bniit twelve feet above bigb-water mark, with a draw eighty feel long. The main mperslrncturc will bo of the same height* built of iron, and strike Ihe Missouri shore a short distance above the present ferry landing. Tbe general plan of the main structure will conform to the act of Congress under which it in built, and will, when dune, be a very Imposing structure. The company are now building pile drivers, advertising for timber, atone, etc., and Intend to push it forward as fast aa possible. FKOM BUFFALO. A neartle*a Case of Pockei«Plcklnc—Gen* eroo* Act of Railroad Men. Buffalo, December 91.—A ladr with a child, hound for Dubuque, lowa, bad her pocket picked at Bochcrteron Saturday of ber passage neket, baggage checks, and (32 in money. A purse waa made np b* tho railroad employes at Buffalo, and the waa forwarded to Dnboqttc. Destructive Fire at Ripley, Ohio. CotcntNATi, December |94 —A fire at Ripley, Ohm. on Saturday, destroyed the dry goods store 0? George IL Dixon. Lora. (3S,UuO; insured for (20,000. Tbe barking bouse of J. Reynolds £ Co. waa also burned, loss, (4,000; insured for (J. 500. bcveral adjoining buildings were damaged. £ooth Carolina Ixnrislatarr. f Ralxioit. N. C., December 24.—1 n the South arolln* House of Representatives the insolvent debtors' bill has been so ftamed as to secure a homestead of 100 acres with the bouse attached thereto, and In that form it passed. A Rich (tuning Company. St Lons, Decemt>cr24.—The Denver Setct of tbc 15th, says a solid ma*s of concentrated quartz veins, "1W fc*t «Ide. length n:t determined, ha? Just been discovered on James Creek, six mll-a from tbe ba.*e of the mountains, in a region abounding in coal and water. Tho quartz is on a-nal)y rich lupoid, silv-r. copper, and galena. FBOM TVASUISGTOX. Tbc New Orleans Railroad Excursion— Prospective Good Dinners—Good Slsds —Tlie Question or Impeachment—Pre liminary inquiries to an Impeach ment movement already Began— Worth and Ills Works and Wishes. [From Oar Own Correspondent] | Washington, December 2U, ISfIC.3 The principal feature of the recess ou which Congress to-day enters wlil be the proud railroad excursion to New Orleans, In which some thirty or forty members take part. -It has two purposes, viz., to advertise the new through line route, and to show Congressmen the best side of Southern life. It will, no doubt, accomplish the desired ob jects, and be a very pleasant affair into the bargain. I have heard some persons express the opinion that tbo party may have trouble before they pet back. I think that appre

hension on their score is wholly unwarranted. The excursion is under Southern auspices, and every possible endeavor will be made to secure not alone the safety, bat the com fort and enjoyment of the entire party. It is highly desirable that our Northern Con gressmen should have a more Intimate ac quaintance with Southern life and manners. Read ever so many books, study the news papers as you will, the peculiar and dis tinctive current of thought, and feeling and desire of the South, atdistlngulshcd from the North, is very likely to elude your observa tion end comprehension till yon have seen it with your own eyes. lam glad, therefore, that these Northern gentlemen are going to New Orleans. I wish their trip were to bo one i-f twomonthsinsteadoftwo weeks; each day' of it, even then, would bo worth more to the country than their Congressional pay. For we shall have no % true Union till you can go into Alabama and express your senti ments Just as freely os a citizen of Mobile can cow come Into Illinois and ex press his. And this excursion will do some thing—not much, probably, but something— to break dewn the Southern wall of parti tion, atm I’?]? North and South to a better understanding of each other, and ol the gravity of the situation. IMPEACHING THE PRESIDENT. Ton cannot fall to have noticed how near the House came on Monday to ordering the appointment of a committee to inquire into the necessity of impeaching the President, The Ashley proposition said nothing about the Executive—it was entirely general in its terms, but everybody knew the mark at which it was aimed. The vote on suspending the piles to allow the introduction of the rcfolulioß, was, ye is, 63; nays, 41); —the affirmative vote being less than the requisite two-thlros. It Is worth observing that though the vote showed a large apparent majoritv of those pretent in favor of the proposed Inquiry, this is by no mean a majority of the tml House. It would be unsafe, therefore, to argue from this vote that the House will, at some future time, pass the resolation. I should have regarded its passage last Monday, nr, indeed, on anv day of this week, as a most unfortunate circumstance. And for two reasons, i. e., the time formaklngthe proposed Inquiry has,not come, and Mr. Ashley is, of all men in the House, oncofthe most unfit to make it when the time docs c mi. The Toledo member la an earnest and agreeable gentleman, and, on the whole, a valuable member of Congress. Ho is gen crally in bis scat, always votes as a Radical, and Is personally a peacemaker. Bu* if be has a single qualification for the first, or even for the third or fourth position, on an Impeach ment committee, U has escaped my five years’ observation of the man. And in sav ing this, I only say what I should say of four-fifths of the Republican members of the lower branch of Congress. Indeed, lam not sure that there a score of men in this body,, who arc fit to be entrusted with the work foreshadowed in this suddenly proposed resolution. The impeachment of a President would be the gravest and most serious event In our history. The nation must come to such an act in no fit of passion or party reeling. Even the preliminary steps ought to be taken witb wisdom and tie utmost sobriety: and the inlthtory proceedings should bo conducted by men Impressed with tfce solemnity of their won:. It Is speaking entirely within bounds to say that Mr. Ashley is not a man in whose lodg ment and far-seeing wisdom the country would have confidence. Therefore, it will he a very serious mistake to go into this in quiry at any time on his motion, unless It be clearly understood that the Speaker is left entirely free to select the committee in his best judgment. If be is so left, I feel confi dent that Mr. Ashley will not be on the com mittee. I said that the timefor making theproposed formal inquiries has not yet come. I may as well state that the question of an impeachment has been much dis cussed in private Congressional circles. Dozens of fourth-rate and shallow-brained members have declared that the case against the President is already patent. This is the froth of men who have no proper conception of the gravity of an’ impeachment—it Is of a niece with that talkofslxyeara ago, wherein it was again and again predicted that the re bellion was such a small matter It would blow over In ninety days. Onr best and wisest men do not so hastily and flip, pantlv commit themselves. Yet, I may say that Congress has entered upon an inquiry Into the acts of the President already. The New Orleans Inquiry, the Sooth Caro lina tnndrer Inqnlry,thc Southern railroads in quiry, the confiscated lands Inquiry, the pen non rolls inquiry—these Investigations all tend to- one end. viz.; to show whether the President-- has, in the matters named, been guilty of high crimes and mis demeanors. The senate must Indirectly if not directly, inquire Into his use or abase of the power of removal and appointment. Here, now, are six separate inquiries. Vot MTcn mrmbm. W orn Hty, are maklmr them. L, t m f 3 p(i,6-re l x)rls. Let as 's' h . O^e^LJIT° rd T J r ‘ lns: the President will stand therein. Then will be the time. If ever, to move for a formal committee on impeachment. -THE NORTH CARCU-UtVtfcjmTlON. We have 1 two •* delegations' 1 of North Car ollnlans now in the city. The mission of ex-Governor Holden and hla associates is well known. I doubt not he would like to be chosen as Governor of the State at the first election held under the new Constitution to be fbrmed by the Conven tion authorized In his reconstruction bill Somehow, his conversation always has a n-»r* sonal twang-as If he was forever lookin out for the interest of W. W. Holden Th? minion of Governor Worth and fals asswt ates isonepartoflJtflalandtwo parts semi-’ official. Officially they want a revocation of General Sickles 1 order forbidding corporeal punishment. hcmi-officlally they wanLflrst to break down Holden’s movement, anu s.w% end, to make note of the spirit toward the Sooths™ States! ThcrhsTed? lirered their.officii! messaireto thePrSdent sa? S'W They hare probably nr R cd v.ort acaltist tho tioldto schem^f"' . they have loodlj and foreibly declaim against It in private. They are dmblless *omewhat infoimed by this time (fjr they have been here five days) of the Congres sional temper toward the South generally, and toward North Caro-lna particularly. The Governor and bis associates did a wise thing In coming up here. Of course they oughtn’t to get a revocation of tbe Sickles order. 1 hope they'll make plaiu the fact that the Holden bill should not pass without some material modifications. They are not likely to show that its essential feature, a new Stale Government, found cd on impartial suffrage, is either wrong or Impolitic. I have satisfaction in knowing that they have seen a good many Republican Congressmen while here. I think they have been everywhere courteously re ceived. lam sure they will return homo with tbe conviction that Congress is not going to give them any easier terms than the Constitutional Amendment. I doubt not tbe President has told them that bis policy was not condemned in the recent elections; but unless they arc much more stupid than any one here supposes them to be, tney have not flitted to discover that be Is without In fluence in the North,-and especially In Con gress. Israel. THE OCEAN YACHT RACE. One ol trie Veaeela Seen ofT George’* Banl:*—Tbe Teasel Supposed to be trie Henrietta—Narrow Escape From a Collision. RFrom ihe N. T. World, Dec. 22.] The slip American Congreoo,which arrived al iblfl port yesterday from Loudon, reporta having seen a yacht some 450 miles from Sandy Hook, 120 miles east of St. George’s Bank, off Nantucket, Malue.on tbe morning oi Tuesday, the 15th. She was lyiug-to un der a balance reef mainsail and Jib, with her head to the eastward. She was not able to distinguish her name or see her signals, if any. THE HENRIETTA would appear to undoubtedly be the yacht secu thus. On leaving Sandy Hook on tbe 11th she took an E. S. E., the others taking a S. S. E. consc. This will readily account for the other yachts not being seen, as one day’s sailing xm such coussss would place a long distance between her and either the Fleet wing or the Vesta- For the first day or so that'the yachts were seen out the weather was favorable, tbe wind being with tbe Hen rietta. Captain Richard, of tbc brie Ara bian, reported a few days since, It will be remembered, that on the ISlh, instant he sighted a yacht displaying a blue flag, in latitude 40:80, longitude 00:50. It was argued from ibis that tbc y&cbt was the Henrietta, am) that she was making for tbe cnlf stream, a&d a very wise thing to do. This news ‘‘two days later” would seem to further denote the yacht seen by Captain Richard to be the same aa that seen by the American Congress, and she the Henrietta to a dead certainty. Supposing her to have, on tbc evening of the ISlh, encountered tbc rough weather met by Captain Page, of tbe American Congress, she could not have made much better way, and her position as dc fcrilcd would appear not only a possible but a very probable one. THE CAPTAIN’S STATEMENT. As any matter relating to the absent yachts must be of Interest, we publish Captain Page’s statement. At o’clock on the morning of tbe 15tb, while afeout one hundred and twenty miles cost of George’s Bank, we observed a yacht which we supposed to have come from New York. She appeared in eight suddenly, not having previously been dlscernablc in the heavy ruotc tlortit ip hkh prevailed. A heavy gait was blowing at the time, hut the yacht appeared to be ably managed. She was lay iog-tnondcra balance reef mainsail and jib, with her heed to the eastward. Under the circumstances, ihe seamanship displayed by bercommacdcr was excellent. Those on boafd who had seen the Henri etta supposed the yacht before ns waa that vessel, as she answered to her description. She had a short topmast and was otherwise like the Henrietta. NABBOW ESCAPE FROM A COLLISION. When we first noticed the yacht she was about three ship’s lengths from us, while we were running at about eleven knots an boar. A collision at the moment seemed almost in evitable, but we succeeded lu passing her by some distance. The chance at the moment her escaping been run down by us seemed very small indeed. There was no time to exchange signals or Inquire the name of the vessel, as wo were all engaged In the ctTort to clear the yacht and avoid a cob lUlon. Besides, the snow was blinding, and fell In ffakes so large and so thickly as to ob struct onr vision. A terrific calc was blow, log from the northwest at the time. Had the American Congress been os badly man. aged as the steamer Scotland, the loss ot the yacht, which ever she was, would have been a foregone conclusion. THE STEWARD'S STATEMENT. The steward of the ship American Con gress. who paid particular attention to the yacht, states she was cither the Henrietta or the Flcctwing. Tnose on board) he said, were engaged in the attempt to prevent a collision with the American Congress. His belief that the vessel was one of the yachts competing in the race from New York to the Isle of Wight, was confirmed by the fact that no pilot boats, one of which she must other wise have been, proceed out sc far on the ocean. A TOrcn PASSAGE. Up to the time the American Congress saw the yacht she had had some very rough weather. The cold was so Intense that some of her crew were frost bitten, The jale In which she was in on sighting her was most terrific, and rough wedlucr marked her passage from that time til) she arrived at this port. From this it will be seen that no good, easy time has been spent by the adventurous jachlmcn since leaving here, now ten days since. At the rate the yacht had gone, and meeting with similar weather, the passage. If made at all, and of that there are donbts. could scarcely he effected in less than thirty days from the date of sailing, or,- in other words, they would not reach the Needles much before the 10th of January. It is not, however, to he expected that the weather would continue for so long a time without some change. There is no question but that the other two yachts have suffered more from the effect of the gale than the one seen by tbo American Congress, as from the course they took they would have to stand its full fury. Let us hope that despite the antagonism of the elements they may have a very merry Christ mas and a trnlv happy New Year, and the latter not far away from their destination. A BEGGARED MILLIONAIRE I lie Romance of a Poor Young !Uan— “lies? Come, Ka*y-.Go”-KxempUH catlonoftbe Old Adage* [Freni ifcc Plttebnreh Commercial, December 51. j Last week a brief item chronicleiLtlie sale of the Slcelo Farm, on Oil Creek, for taxes due tic Government, started on its vovage on the sea of newspaperdotn. The para graph will doubtless be read by many with out a second thought, but those few lines might easily form the text for a discourse as lengthy as the moral law. It is hardly an exaggeration to state that wherever petro leum is known, the name of “Johnny Steele,” the young prince oi Venango Coun ty, bos been heard, while the accounts of bis apparently boundless wealth and reck less expenditures, were told in hundreds of pages. Soon after the sale of the farm, the closing act, • brief history of the same may not be entirely without Interest, which the Crawford Journal thus narrates: This farm, more generally known “on the creek” as the widow McCliatock farm. Is immediately opposite the flourish log little town of Rouscville, and wa« among the first of the oil producing farms of the valley. Early m ISG3, the Van Slyke well on this (arm. was struck, and flowed for some time at the rate ofii.WO barreloperday,and several wells, yielding from 200 to 800 barrels, were struck *at sub sequent periods. Besides these, there were many smaller wells, and the territory though sadly mismanaged, is still regarded as among the best In the oil region, Xu ISO 4 widow McCliatock died from ibe effects of hums received while kindling a fire with crude oil. At*this time, the average dally income from the landed Interest of the farm' was $2,000, and by her will, the property, with all her possessions in money, was left, : without reservation, to her adopted son. John W. Steele, then abonc twenty years of age. In the iron safe.where the old lady kept her money, was found $1.10,000, two thirds of the amount in greenbacks and the balance in gold. Mrs. McClintock was hard ly cold b her coffin before young Steele, who appears to have had nothing naturally vfsclons in her composition, was surrounded bv a set of varopyres, who clung to him as long at be had a dollar remaining. The young millionaire's bead was evidently turned by his good fortune, as has been that of many ao older man who made made bis “pile inoß,” and he was of the impression that his money would accumulate rapidly unless it was actually thrown away, and throw it away be did. Many of the stories concerning bis career In New York and Phila delphia tavor strongly of fiction, and wonld not be credited, were they not sowell au the/.ticaied. Wine, women, horses, faro, and gestral debauchery made a wreck of that primely fortune, and in twenty mqaths Johnny Steele squandered two millions of dollars. Hon. Jno. Morrissey, M. C-, “ weuttlrongh" him at faro to the amount of $100,(00 m two nights; he bought high priced turn outs, aud alter driving them an nour or two gave them away ; equipped a large mlcetrel troupe, and presented each a diamond pin aud ring, and kept abort him besides, two or three men who were robbing him day after day. Ho is now Cllitr the honorable position door keeper for Skiff «fe Gaylord’s minstrels, the company he organized, and i*» to nse a very expressfre but not strictly classical phrase, completer “olaycd out.” . , . The wealth'obialned by those who worked so asaidnausly to effect Steele's rain, gave little pernanent benefit to Its possessors. : The persen most brazen and chiefly instru mental inbringing about tbc present condi tion of amirs, was the notorious Seth Slo cum, whe hung around this city several weeks last snmmer. He was worth at one time ovcrsloo,ooo, which he had “ captured” from Steele, and laid aside for a rainy dav, but w hei the latter’s money vanish ed, this amount soon took noto Itself wings. sndhcUU present known among his old associates as a “dead beat.” At last ac counts, Slocum was Incarcerated in the lail of a neighboring county for various breaches of the peice, and was unable to obtain ball in the sun of SSOO. Exemplifications these of tho old adage, ‘‘easy come, easy go,” or the other, “fools and their money are soon parted.” Terrible murder In New Orleans. MoDlle Advertiser.] NswOqlxaxs, December 16,1808. Since the Grqenville tmgedy of last year, we have had no murder so shocking and so ter rible as that which occurred two or three nights ago on Magazine street. A younggir l , Elizabeth Hendricks, whose parents reside at Maudcville, acroec the lake, was boarding iu tbc city and attending school. She ap- S care to have been much admired by Mr. [cLlnn and his femily, with whom she had been boarding, and, in fact, to have been a favorite with her schoolmates. She re tired Saturday night about 11 o’clock, after sitting with the family, engaged iu sewing] In the morning one of the family rapped at -her door, but received to response. Upon going Into the other room and mentioning the circum ' stance, Sire. McLlnn said they hadbetter let her sleep, as she was up Utc the night be fore, ana might be tired. Later, however, as she did not appear, they rapped again, and not hearing any sound, Mrs. McLlnn looked over the door and saw blood upon the floor. Tbe door was then broken open with an axe and the unfortunate drl was fbnod insensi ble, but still living. There was a large gash on the back of her bead, and a smoothing iron, stained with blood, which was lying near, was tbe weapon used by the assassin. Miss Hendricks never recovered her sensibili ty, and died In a few hours. Tbe bouse is a low one-story building, the window of tbc room in which the girl slept opening upon an alley way. Some few things were miss ing. but strange to say, although Mr. McLlnn’s clothing was hanging In the room, nothing but female clothing was taken. There were some tracks discovered in tbe brick dust in tbe alley showing a very small and narrow foot, like a lady’s gaiter. The assassin entered the window uodonbtedly, hot there are some singular circumstances connected with the affair. If the blow was given while Miss Hendricks was in bed. how came she to be lying near tbc door ? If she was struck when trying to give the alarm, how w&a It that no voice was heard by the family, who slept in the adjoining room separated by a thin partition ? The youg girl was known to have no Intimate associates, and there can be no imaginable reasons given for the pcrpetratioQ of the crime. Some of the facts seem to show that the deed was com mitted by a woman, as for instance, the use of a smoothing Iron, the size of the tracks outside, and the theft of only women’s cloth ing. when there were some very good suitsof gentlemen’s clothing banging by the female garments. On the other "hand, it seems al most impossible that a woman could have climbed into tbc alley-way, aod Into the window. Naturally" this affair has created a vast amount of excitement. A critical ex amination by medical men showed that no violence baa been committed other then the blow upon the head, and heucc it must be Interred that robbery was tbc object of tbc assassin, and tbc murder unpremeditated. It is a terrible crime, and It has created a sense of insecurity almost throughout the entire city. The police arc making every effort to discover the murderer. Silica in Com-Stofifc*.—M. Pierre, in a Me moir to the French Academy of Sciences, says some people have supposed that corn be comes laid because of the weakness of the stalk from the absence of silica, but chemi cal analysis dee i nt.l show a deficiency of silica. Obseiving that com on poor land was rarely laid, he concludes that the Malkg In general give wav In consequence of on over development of leaves. 77ir liardne** of Silver. —M. Mathcy, assay e • at Loc’a, ba« shown that the hardness of which carvers in silver sometimes complain ! s not owing to the presence of tin, lead, or any other metal, but U solely due to the high temperature al which the silver is cast. By letting tbe crucible cool, until a slight solid crust is formed on tbe surface of tbc fused metal, and costing at that moment, a *oft silver with a brilliant cut is obtained. A AVtr Text far lodine. —M. Carey Lea of Philadelphia has successfully used chro mates In bringing about tbc starch reaction iu tbe presence of iodine in extremely small quantities. For Instance, lo a solution of iodine of potassium, so dilute that the addi tion of nitric acid or starch produces no per ceptible effect, by the further addition of a single drop of a dilute solution of the bi chromate of potash. Instantly produces tbe well known change of color. CW"WAIT OROTnER-S Advertising As'nt ISO receive ndvertlaeoieotß ’or nit the lending papers tbreogboat the Tolled States and Cannons. art association. 'J'HE OPEKA HOUSE ART GALLERY ■WILL BE OPEN EVERY EVENING During the Holidays. THE GREAT PAINTING, “THE RECOGNITION,” IS STILL ON EXHIBITION, Free to Certificate Holders. jsetoing fflarijlncs Q.EE AT Volcanic Eruption. THE iETNA Hu again opened Us crater, and Is throwing furth SEWING MACHINES 'll the greatest practical utility aid mo<t beanttial l;-ler s, tr> pirate c* crybodr, b>lh rl-:h and poor. Per -.c;.y re.table. Call aud see them, at 07 WABHINGTOX-BT. G 230. a. rOZ»TS, Gen-ral Agent. Pj)otograp!)&, 108 ’ ’ ■ ‘ ’ 108 Christmas. BRAND'S PnnTOCR&ro GALLERY (1 Oh* Lake sC). wlil be open the entire day, frr the ac commodation of cc.‘tomers. Cartes de Thite, $1.50 per dozen. TJHOTOGRAPHS OF THE GREAT JT NORTH AMERICAS U AsTODON. found 65 feet Sflow the snrfrce ot tac earth, aal Bold by Prof. Haiti of Yale Collece. to be one-third larger than anr knows >rima», will be sent to ary ad«lr*ss on the receipt ot twecij-are ceru and stamp. Every one Interested In rolecre, and the worders of tht* c-milneot ye in* aco. »nc*old have one Address FEBGTSON A UANVILLE. 177 Rlrer-eL, Troy. S. T. fcElantrn pAKTNER WANTED WITH FROM $40,000 TO $60,000, T« canape Id ooe o( the beet Vanmactones in this city. The pnteat partner* to furnish* like amoett. The profits at i resect pr ce* will areraze 90 p<t cent. Ar*crcaa. with real name,“BO W,*' Tribuneoffice. iHasonir Koticcs. \l AfiONlC—Blanev lodge, No. 271, F. AI andA. M. The A&E&ai Communication m this lod:e will be held tn Apollo Commandery A*y;na (Masonic Timple), TO-MOKkOW (Wednesday) KVB* MNG.atT* o'c'oer. It u expected tbat ever* m»m <r of the Lodge will bepff***nt. unMr.e-s—Election -.totßc-rr. J. P. C. WHITNEY. Sccretaty. dfot Sale. 1 PROPELLER FOR SALE The Propeller Ouawa, rating 81. and heavily re ; sired la DO, well frord and lu good coa '.liloi ti of 'ertd lor tale. >or fonber psrtbular* maatre of WARBES A WOODBURY, 10 CanaMt. Heal Estate, ORTH DEAREORX-ST. FOR SALE, Two itarte* esefa. frame built, ttoae louartatlcn. zood cellar, hot sed cold water. Both house* are Id aa ex rcllfct Hate ol repair*. Caa be sold V'trthrr or sepa rately. For particular* apple to WBIGHT & TTB KF-LL. 5 Metropolitan mock. Cclcago. 3300 ts anU Yy B GOTLAND. FASniOSABLR DOOTMAKEB, rRIGGS* HOUSE, 33 South WelU-it-. Chicago. Be pain neatly done. . . ' _ Cent*’ sieemhanm Pipes covered by W. p ISestaurant three cheers for a good I CDRISTHA3 BOAST BEEF AND PLUM PUD DING, at the SHAKSPEARE RLSTAIJRAST, 111 EMI Madlson-st. WM. SCOTLAND. Pypnerpr. £hucational. DTHhENFURTirS COJDIEROIAL COLLEGE U the be»tbn-tce» esubluh-ceet in tn* Weit.belrc the cslr one CONDUCTED BY PRAC TICAL BUSINESS VEN. Forein laocoacnsuQrbt. The EDUCATIONAL AND CLASSICAL COLLEGES rcspecuvely prepare youths frr a BnelseM or a Uni versity Course. Loins S Mutuary lot opened. NUMBER 202. ®|)e Skating Season, SIDE RIN K ! CHRISTMAS! Mirth and Merriment! ODDISH ODEiST! OPEN! DAY AXD EVENING. GREAT UNION BAND, AT 2 O’CLOCK P. M. CARNIVAL! CARNIVAL! CARNIVAL SPECTATORS! SPECTATORS SKATEBS! SKATERS 1 SKO.TEBS Attend I Attend I Attend! QRAND CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL A.L3L, DAY. WASHINGTON SKATING PARK SPLENDID ICE! SPLENDID ICE! a SPLENDID ICE! Full Great Western Light Guard Band all Day! BAND ALL DAY ! BAND ALL DAY I BAND ALL DAY I Full Great Western Light Guard Band all the Evening! BANS AIL THE EVENING I BAND ALL THE EVENING! BAND ALL THE EVENING M3T The Ice has formed in the most beautiful man ner, smooth, clear, and sufficiently hard to please an who may desire to enjoya ' CHRISTMAS ON ICE! Raudoipb*«t. Cars land yon at the Park— Madison**!. Cara within a bioca at It. XT' Refreshments can he obtained In the elegant Re freshment Ha!) of the Park Building during the enure day. "Y^ABASH-AV. RINK. ! 8,0 0 0 PERSONS Arc wild with excitement because THERINK OPENS OPENS OPENS TO-DA2 - ! In all its magnificence. Come to (lie CARNIVAL this Afternoon and Evening, and en- joy a Skate, or behold the Grace and Beanty of onr City. QENTRAL PARK, Merry Christmas! CRffi'D tJHMViI, Afternoon and Evening. FULL BAND, FINE ICE, GRAND MAGNESIUM LIGHT. Finest Park in the City. fHcctinga, /CHICAGO, Dec. 28, 1866—Notice is " > hereby given that the regular annual mettlng of the stockholders o: the First National Bank of Chicago, For the election of Directors for the rem!*.* year, win he held st the cfllce of the Bang. on TCE-*»DAV, JAMTAttY Sib, 1567, Between the boars of 19 a. m. and t p. a. c. R. FIELD. Cashier. VTOTICE—The annual meeting of the i. v CHICAGO WEST DIVISION KAILWAT COM* PAST, for the election of Directors. Ac.. will be held at the oSG-e of the Company. Garrett Block, on TUES DAY. Jauuan Sth, at a o’clock p. m. WM. a. QVISGTOy. Secretary. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK, OF CHICAGO, Chicago, 111., Dee. 3,13 M. 983 AJJCTAI* StfiBTZKO Of the Stockholder* of this Bank, tor tbe election ol Dlrecwr*. will be held as Its otllce. TUESDAY. Janu ary 6th, lae?. M.D. BUCHAN AN. Cashier. partners!) Ip. ■J-hISSOLUTION. The partnership I 9 hervtotbre existing under the name and style of WX. U. SHARP A CO„ was dissolved on December L 11*4, ly mutual consent. All business of the late firm will be ictted at 100 Washltgtou-at. _ was. a. SHARP. Dec. 34,1866. W. H. VALENTINE. Henatter.crden tor the Florence, Extras, Am, fbr Mlsrrscfa and Wisconsin (except Lafayette. Groan ant Kenosha Counties, m the Utter btate. also, Ottawa and Kent CoonUesTMlehlfu),will be fined by WM. H. VALENTINE A CO- 410 Milwaukee*!- Milwaukee. Order* from the retnaltdrr of th»Territory wm be addressed to WM. H. SHARP « CO„ 100 WsihlDgtoawL, Chicago. agents. GENTS WANTED, ByttePHtEXlX LIFE WSUKASCE • CO, o! JUrt ford, thronjbca: liunoli. CHAE. D. LAKST, Geoem! Agent. SO lAEaHe-at. jgarUtpate. Stoats, See. rpET PLATE AND TINNERS’ GOODS. 1 hodov prepared to sell my damaged eoode, caah cn delivery ol foods. E. AEBI&T MSAB3. Comer Babted ana Carrou-sts. tfje QHRISTMAS PREtiENTa the great demand tor Holiday OtAa bee almort ex* nock, tat t>7 newt amnliTe tuilture TWO TTl«|Tllflfnt STEINWAY And Fire Beautiful StelnwaT Square Pianos. P nS3ASSS a oi*SSSS‘i I S“’ r “•«»“ SMITH * MIXON, Cotbct Clark and Wtahingtornt*. QHOICE CONFEUTIOKERT. CANDIES Tor CHRISTMAS. Cream CANDIES, Plum Puddlna GANDIES, Cocoanul: CANDIES, Pure CANDIES, And BEST In tho CITY, Janies C. Simm’s, 128 Dearborn-St. jTJOLIDAT PRESENTS. What more appropriate Gift could be made than one of u.e vastly ctlebratcd ELLIPTIC LOCK-STITCH Sewing Machines ? CTFee Testimonial*, .n JIOUEY & SHAW, Sole Agents, 9*i East Washington**!., Chicago. TESTIMONIALS?.—Tte<t Family or General ManoCic tnrtng Machine.—L. E. Walraveu, Upholsterer, curtain Manufacturer,etc,No. 6t£ Urcuut;,says: •• After thoroughly testing the various first-clast Sealng Ma chine* in my manufactory. 1 greatly prefer the Elliptic Lock EUtcn Machine, which alone baa given mo perfect satisfaction. The special excellencies tor which I can recommend this machine, arc cax*. and I'ghmees of op eration: rpted: beauty and strength of stitch: econo my of thread; great simplicity and thoroughness ol construction, and cotseqccat non-llabihty to derange ment, tewing with oniiorm perf-*cilon upon the itgat cet or heaviest material, at d wtthoat solltn c the thread or work with oil, (the wore* of the machine being Covered). 1 consider it unequalled for family or gene ral roanniartnrlng purp '•en. —4 New Tort world. TESTIMONIALS.—A Perfect dewing Machine.-Mrs. J. W.Wslklna, of Brooklyn,write*; “After an expe rience r f tonr yean with the Elliptic, and considerable with otlu r flr»t-cU«» machines. I deem U bat Justice to jour ncmtrable machine to state, that I consider it not to aU others at a tamlly machine, bnt M a peril clSewing Machine la every respect, p?r # '”’m ing.as U does. S’) ranldly, nol<el<3try and perfectly, every possible variety Of family tew leg. and wltnal «q wcnoei fully simple snd easy to opefate that a child can use U without difficulty. 1 cannot tsy too much la without Breaking a Needle.—Mrs. U. K. Decker, of Jersey city, writes: •• I have used one of yoar E'llpUe hewing Machines cocitantly over lire years, on every kind ol work, without even breaking a needle or paring • dollar Ibr repairs, and I consider it a marvel cfslm pllcltv ana perfection/* • Q. E N U I N E Meerschaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Ol oar own Importation. at very low prt ret. BECK A WIICTH. 93 South Water-st. DEARBORN-ST. Albums at Cost. 130 Dearborn-st. CHAS. W. STEVENS. JJAVETOUR PFCTVnSS mJs7fE® AT ISO DBAHBOZUV-BT. ipRUNKS, Tallscs, Trarcllinj Bags, Ladies' and Gents’ Satchels, Children’s Trunks, &c, 61 opjk Sherman House* and 210 South Clnrk-et. WM. WRIGHT. SIOXSTER, On Exhibition at 187RondolpIi-st., 6HERUAX BOUSE. An Imoenje pJeec ot much SleeraehatHD, la*t lm- D oo\ Europe, wttb the larcett. handsomest and beet klkuu »t»"-Cir 0* seanlne Mcencbaom Mpea and Clear Holders that baa ever dm aeen lottaia cltror eUcuhcre. NoCbrlatmaspresesttoaecnUemas will be s.ore appreciated than cne oi tboae coe Heericbantu hi pc* or Clear Holden. E. HOPF3IAN, 137 Eandolpb-sU, Sherman Home. RTlbTb’ MATERIALS. Materials for If ax Flowers, Decalcomonle, Mathematical Inslrnmont®, Bostic Frames and Brackets, Engravings, Chromolithoyraph-s, Parlor Easels, And nosnou >tber HOLIDAY GIFTS, JET>'E d; A I. MINI’S. 13 i and 13-1 Clark-SU Publisher* Chicago Illustrated. iHusical. GOODS, SUITABLE roa HOLIDAY GIFTS! THE BURDETT ORGANS, In case* ol Oak. Bo«ewoo-1 and Walnut, paneled or elegantly carvel; al* i. la EO*>ny. richly elided and ornamented. Prloci ranging tjta flO to|i,«.o. MUSICAL BOXES, Of Swlii tr.nanfacinrc. rlsytng trom two to twenty air*, in plain and richly inlaid cates, fanning la price O-gmWtojOO. a v GUITARS, Of onr own and foreign manufacture—a magnificent anortment at prices ranging trom fi to fIOO. MUSICAL WORKS. In a Tartety of elegant and costly bindings. LYOJf & HEALY, Clark and WasMngton-sts., CHICAGO. MTJ6U' “ Where are yon going so Fast, Old Man r A beautiful Sons *nd Chorus. Price, 30 cents. The Old Musician. and his Harp. Cbosub. Bring ay harp to me azatn. Let me sins a gentle strain** Let me hear IU chords once more. Ere 1 pats to yon hrtgnt shore. Price. 90 cuts. The above Song and Chora* will he toned In the Jatnarr number of Hieoivs* Mrsicai, Kuuw. Publt.hed every month, by H- M. HIO* GINs. 117 Randolph*!. a rents for one year. 82,000 iSk£ OAN 0N LONG TVM. e. UOT.BBN, Attorney at Law. No. 100 Madlwn-sL, Chicago. CP~N<tary Public. 85,000 TO TO AN, In toms of (2,000 or cn city real estate security. CLARKSON A YAK bCHAACK. ' jQOANS ON CZTT SSAZ* B9TATB. PARKER A LTMAIT. No*. 13 and 17 Portland Block, are now prepared to negotiate mortgages on real ea ute In this city, through their correspondents in Hew York and Boston patents. RUBBER MOULDING.-—We are pre pared to supply customer*- with >ur New Rubber moulding. It Is the best thing ever oßered tor Doors and Win dows. A. C. BROWN A CO- IMS Lakß-St. gECOR HAND STAMP, With Complete Sates fop U Tears. SO TYPE SEITIKG—NO SOILED FUTQESS. Dales Changed in a Twinkling £ECOR HAND STAMP CO, Southeast corner of North Bute and MirhigaTMif. Q.AKD’o PATENT ilbich machine. Otßce and masiilactory 53 Scots JeScraoMt. Tot uCarmatloa aad d**crtpUTc circular address E. B. OARD. 33 Soatli Chicago. eowstgnmnrts. PartLcnlar attention glTentpthssaleof DRESSED HOGS, Grata ttaaahi bb4 Sold ea Warni— DEAS A CCce. 17 Exchange-rUce. Chicago. J^UTTER —Hall’s celebrated DAIRY BUTTER, LnJaj«,C>rfanii:r tue. An extra cholc* lot jut ra ce tv ai, WearesanpUed weetlr vita this'*otf*r. J. SBEHRABD A CO-. *JI9 Sonth Waaret. QUESTED HOGS Usual Facilities to Shippers* Corjatanlcns on car-load lots, ijf per cent. . A. M. WRIGHT A CO- «tw aart 140 Slane-tt. career ot BttplcHSUiptic glim. Jj'AiHIO.NB DEMAND J. V. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic (OB DOUBLE BPMNQ) SKIRTS. They will not bend or break Uk** the *in* e iprtua. tr.twill ever preriiTCthelr pert.'Ct and beaatuufihaalS where •tree or foar ordinary Skirls are thrown uldc V wvUrae. Tier combine comfort, durability am fmoomT v«ib that eiecaaceof ibano wbicb baa tLe-DCBLEI KLUFIUTIba STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. At wholesale by the exeltmlTe manuuctsren aztf •ole owners of the patent. WESTS, BRADLEY & CART, Wereboaee end Offlee, 97 Chambers and 79 and Si Bead* kL, New Tork. Also, at wholesale by tbs lra» teg Jobber*. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic SHrti, atar the most popular and graeetni Skirt worm Ttw i at Wholesale at manntaetarer< > prteee.br FIELD. PALMBB AlSiriß. 110.117.114 and 118 Lakpsc. Chicago. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For Elegance and Economy are ULiorpaevd. For alt atwholetaie by JOHN V. FA K WELL A CO -4*4.44 and 40 Wabash-ar., Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, The lightest, most agreeable and pertcct Skirt* aMi Ftr tale at wholesale. boWES BEOS, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skir For beauty, comfort and durability superior Id I era. For sale at wholesale bv TOUUENCE. MANNING A C Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Sim r> At wholesale, at manufacturers’ prices. KRTTH. WOOD AO 10. I’d and 1 iLake-sh. Chic ISusincsß fi!taru«. QEO. H. ROZET, S; “ REALESTATF* AND LOAN BROK »; OS i>nh*nlle-nt. Loans negotiated on Keal Estate. Roods, Si Wartboase Receipts. and other aecontiiai. ■ESTABLISHED Df 185 ft, ‘ LI WILLLUI LITTLE & CO., Commission Merchants Fc t the Sale or Purchase ol llntlti. Flour, Seeds, Batter, Dressed B c? lined FnluiodPrsTistons. ■Warehouse, 331 South. W»ter-«L, CHICA •*' reterio Merchants’ National Bank, or any j old-csub ULtd Hanks or Merchants. "Yy-TITH & YANDERVOORT HALTING COMPAN Nos. 3 and 4 Michigau-av., Oamtfaeinrers of malt mod Dealer ••i Barley and Bye. XT We keep constantly on hand stocks cl I Barley and Bye Malt, which we are prepared to* >. tne low*st market rates. UNDERWOOD & HI., General Commission Merchas Cor. LaSalle and Washington-® CHICAGO* Give particular attention to both buying and aeC: Crain, Flour, Seeds, Po.-c, Lard, Beef, Tallow, Property bought and held on margins, and told«. i-* . In this or Eastern markets. »y Special rates ot CommDaloa made to thos** •' •- tnml«h their own money ftr large purchases ct pn > erty to be held tbr sale by us. P. U Caderwad. Bee. ".Tndefan SiSooii anti (goal. QET THE BEST. Haze'ion Lehigh Coal ForfftJfibytt&feß. carload. Cr^nJots tc «alt porrhaa era. WehavTallaUc*.careftUJyMTb» , o‘<*»adi«lcoo- Cdex I that, upon trial, the EXCELLENT QUALITIES Cf this particular asd vell-fcroos m!ao will sire this Goal a preference over aar other ux tala marttt. Pr ° BLAKE. IMAM)X & CO* „ At Fulton Elevator. Or H. HILL, C WelV«t. Depot. Y OCQHi OGHE2rr GOAL CO.. Offlct 17 Chamber a! Commerce and center Went Klnzle and limn. Toußblschmy, briar ni)land laanelCoal SQJO Ulocnl Older Com l Ml CooseidTlUe and Pltabcrgh Coke.- gEvansponatton. IJ-HE WOODWORTH & BARTON OVEKLAKD Transportation Line! Are now arrrartd to forward all classes of Freight, from ibrtr Warehouse at Norm Plane Station, tbs present lemlnua of the Union Pacific liolway. By Mcle or Cattle Trains, To tbe Territories of COLORADO, UTAH AND HONIARA. Mark Freisht ’’Care W.ifc B, O. T. Line. (Imoha, Neb.” Tbrorgh bin# cf ladle? from Chicago to any point la tb* abore remurte*. will be gltvn w*-en d* Mrtd. for rates or otter infonx anon, spplr at (be General Office ol tbe Company. No. 234 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, Or to Q.B AEGIS, Agent, Ko. 33 Clnrk-it. Chicago. <sas 33urncrs. A NEW BURNER. THE BRILLIANT LIGHT! LIGHT! Tbe Last and Best Invention. Patent Kerosene Oil Gas Sumer. Clim Chimneys ulipenKd with. A steady, brilliant Jlcbt, equal to gas, to bun ordinary Kerosene. ADAPTABLE TO ANT LAMP. <c To Bee is to bo Convinced.* I W“ State and County Rights for sale by Am B. SLOIX, Adorns Boose. General 'Notices. 6-JJITOEOTLEMAXLY ADVER- VrTcamcel a. Raymond. Agent ot the ..Etna Lite lctarai.ee Company of QarUord. tvim- applies the si ore words to oor refutation of the fii« nod Into* rites statement made by him recanting the Wsihing vs LL'e Insurance Company of New York. The Stock holder* of tbe Washington hare never received. and nndet the psoviuoss or trs ctutm never can rs c* rre, *cyip<.rtlcn of the proflu of the Comoany’s busi ness. Legal Interest on Its capital stoat, parable semi-annual y. is an that th-y can receive, an - 1 all itasements to tbe contrary are made trotn aroet 10- xotasex or utTSSiinsaz. wissrygisEXT*Tto». We hav* jet to l*arn that It is ‘mncvr.tlrrnauly*’ to contra dict a fkUehood. PAUL & MASON. General Agro*»- J^OUNTIES. iJ2 Err mV* ,tI, W to «*«■ *rt of July Sth. l£f«.wlll co W*n to apply lor thetarn* atone*. AppS cations received by the undersigned'. Fro* ij.CO. AA- Tancca made on approved claims. JAMES A. DICK INSON. Authorized Agent, 08 Washington*!. Chicago. proposals. Oryxes or tqx Bqatd or Public Woks, > . Cnrcico. Decf-ater 15. IS6*. t will be received by the Board ct Fub-lc Works, at their Ot2ce. until 11 a. m. Tuesday, January eth. (or the coestruedoo. compute and rwlv for me, ot an Iron Bridge over North Water street, at }ta intersection with North Well* street. Bidders are Invited to subs It thrlr own plana «M (pcclficatlanx. subject to tbe conditions tuted below. . The bridge will hare a span of eighty (FO) fbet be twe*a abutments. There win be two roadways, each twenty CO) feet vide in the clear, and two sidewalks lor loot travel, each eight (3; fret w Ide in the rlear. The floor beams will be of I bean Iron, say seven (T> Inches wide, placed two (3) lent anan fromceatre to centre. The hand-ralilng win be of cast Iron similar to the bridge over West Water ttr-et. on Madison sir»et. Tne bndse mest support with safety tho * eight of one bn* dred «twi twenty-eve (135) pounds to each superficial lout of the floor sumce ot the rows, way. Proposals. plans and *pec<2eaUons are also Invited tor said brldce, bail: a» a&ore. excepting (a t&e centre the brldce »bal« bexspoorted by iron wij-... m state romulatuns m the street bel ,w. y> 0 roltncis bele* capped by an Iron cirdsr runnier erne*. » tse ct the brldce. X'ropoaais mett be addressed to {bo Board ot Pchfir V.crfe»,endorsed••Propoaal Ibr Iron Bridgeta «rcmpio'ed with the usna tSMbond, with aareUaC to he aptroyrd byttc Board. ,BtU8 ' The Board wort ibe right to retort any bid not ta atcordttcowUbUje condTaonj cf ttu aiyertlirmxf or to reject an blca, and no proposal will cctess the pjrtycflcnng U shall me trry to tbe Board ibat he baa tbe necessary iMIL rlrace, energy and ability ft>r ck in? the wort, if SSt aoriLj, ana bat suocleut pecuniary resoorrstT J. O. QfN DEIJt, mzi). LE7Z. o. j. bosk. Board ot Public Warts. de£-m IRON

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