3 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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from mum. Latest Despatches by Ck an Telegraph. Rumor (hat Napoleon Contem plates Calling a Grand European Congress; England to Preserve a Strict Neutrality in the Eastern , Question. Progress of the Revolution in Candia. Austria 'Will Make Concessions to Hungary. Serious Trouble Brewing Be tween Greece and Turkey. FROM ffASMGTOE New Year's Receptions by tbe President and Members of His Cabinet. Outlines of Commissioner Wells' Report and Accompanying Tariff Bill. Resolutions Favoring the Presi dent’s Impeachment to he In troduced on Monday. Internal Revenue Receipts Tester dar Nearly Tliree IliUtons o( Hollars, MEETING OF STATE LEGIS LATURES VESTBUMY. Extracts from Messams of the Yuiioits State Executives. FROM MEXICO, Active Preparations for the Em . harkaiior. of French Troops. Maximilian—His I-;volunta tary Movement Toward the Capital. Sold Clossd, in- Mew XTorii at 132 1-2. Fit 031 EUROPE. BV riiLLGU VPri .GREAT ERtTAIN. IjvEurooL, January 1. The eteamshlp IKxlo, from New Ymk Duceaibvr 13, has atrived. Londondcrct, January J. Tbe steamship Moravian, from Portland Decem ber 22, has at rived at Uiis pore to-day, and after lauding ter malls and de-patches, proceeded f«.* Liverpool^ London, January 1. 27»e /frreW of this morning uas an editorial Upon the stale of affairs at present existing be tween Turkey and Greece. In regard |t» riie po-i --tH.n taken by the Brilirb Government, |t says that Lrglond will present- d strict neutrality. Glasgow, January J. Tbc ApieVican ehtp President Fillmore, Captalu Luce, which sailed from this port on the ol N’ovembcrfor New York, has put hack to Moor LumbitEh, leaky. * Net*' Voric, Janua»j 1 Tbe IJtraUC* specials by ike cable -af Uk*. on at Saydcrbam palate broke ont at 2 "tiocji in Ibc aUtraoon. in tbe uorih «iuy, in tue diVotet* «o the tiopicul contnbatioas, ami fh- F":-ptian at;d Nun* veil court* are a’.oon £i'trotoil. Thetorhcm iowvri*lcfi saindinu. Tt c Cn: was after cmUiM<:.s .uul gi Uam exertions. The durnaire to t*u* bail ilng atd con tec!.* U estimated at *l,‘*o,o v. Lo;;uo.\, December di. ir js said tbatAJmiul of tac Atreritau nary, ija? asked permission of tils Government to transport ibe Cretan refugees iu a war steamer. Belfast, Ireland, January 2—Koon. KmeFor.iao.swac amalo'l to-ilar, ur.J arirn ami ammunition wae also captured. rni:;c£. Paris, January I. A rumor is cmreol that me Emperor Napoleon had decided to i-suc a call for r. grand ‘'engross of European monarch*, - obe held in this city during the forthcoming Wurid's Fair. 2> ibys of to-day refers to theiluca!cn:«ga«- pect of affairs between Greece and Turkey, and says that a rupture huween the two countries ts imminent. f The J fonitwr of to-day prints a telegram re ceived from the Amerirjfu Government, by cable, stating lbat French »c.-sels arriving ot porta ot the- United Mates will be placed upon the same foot ing in regard to the levying ol duties as American versels may be subjected to in French pom. The JJor.Vevr says that mis will render all vessels ar i irg.it French pons under the American flag ti s of dutiable collection. t Paths, January 2. 'TLt~ Uu>g of Prussia, bciieving that Freccb na val ctn=frucUon is the oest, has sent an officer*to Toulon to study it. Great agitation exists concerning the opening ot the French Chambers. It is said that the finance upon win show an excess of receipts over ex penses of about fifty million Jiancs. Pair*. January 2—Noon. Napoleon’s spct-ch to the Diplomatic Cot pa yesterday, was very pacific la tone. TUUKET. Constantikofle, December 31. In special despatches forwarded fiom fiance the Emperor Napoleon confidentially acd in a Iricurtly spirit advi-e- the P6rte to yield alt de meAds for reform In Government affairs, and the renre.-s ol lecai gricvauceo made oy the people of Servia. T he Emperor adds that the Turkish mlv*r ehonld try to pacify his Sciavonian subject*. The r-xrom mendations of Napoleon are likely to have con ‘■idcrahle tficcl. Advices Irom Candia announce that the Chris tian insurgents have been reinforced by volun teers Horn abropo. and are making active pro paralions for another fierce engagement with the Turkish troops. Florence. January i. Victor Emanuel, in hta speech to the diplomatic body to-day. cxptv&ed the belief that peace was likely for a long thoe, but still urged the reorgan ization, ou a better basis, of the Italian army. AL>TPIa. Vienna, Jonnary 2—Noon. It is reported that Austria will convoke the r.cw Uekhraih for the purpose of effecting a com promise with Hungary. TROUBLES IK GREECE. Trieste, December S^J. News dated Athens, 21. cays there was a cabi net crisis. Government affairs in Greece ere in a -troubled and excited condition. Money Is very scarce. News from Corfu dated 20lh December, is re ceiv’d. Advices state that four British war vessels took n provisions after being Tally filled cut, and sailed immediately for Candin. Th* Insurrection in Thesaaly, which it is suppor-cdl? fomented from , Greece, is progrei-elng rapidly. The Insurgents bavc-xamed a Greek Colonel named Kell, as their 5P *' leader. ‘“* Tejeste. Janoarv l. The King fcas accepted the resignation of bis Nimbler and appointed a new Cabinet COTTON SEED TOR ALGIEOfI. Algiers, December 23. The Colton Supply Administration Company of Algeria has received from New Orleans and South Cairiina, twenty hogsheads of sea Island and mid llir.g cotton s|ed, to be distributed gratuit ourij among the Inhabitants of Algiers. lAtCM Foreign Markers. London, January 1. TKday lias been observed as a holiday generally, C-»nsf-»* for money a*e qnoied at MX. American sccuntlefl quotatlous are- 5-Xi ; Ulmoy Central,MX; Erie. 46\. LirenpooL, January 1. , There have teen no tranoactioaa to-day la cotton preaieintis or produce- ’ London, January 2—Kooa. '**■' *y»r sols for money, *)>;; 5-20 s, 73x; HUaois Cea •trsl.SC. Ltvzbihjol. January 2—Nooa. Cp ten tn brisk demand at iSd. BY STEAMER, rtdci <^ nn * c o! ,I,e Bocont Aline Expiesfon nt Boinaley—New Line of Steamers Between -. and the Doited Staic»H'blct 4rffr yoluw »n the Italian Preposition to tbe ' i»apo—Tcxnpei of Ihe lireat Powers in lUr \ ic» «ord to the Holy See, etc. ifrwYoitK, January I,— 'The atcamcrs Perlerc, from Havre and Brest. 22d: Hrmea, irom Bremen ra Southampton, 17th; City of Washington, from IJvcrpool. 10th. and Queenstown, -Uih; ami Chicago and I-omslaaa, from Liverpool, ar lived to-day. Their news is mainly anticipated by the cabin. It i* reported that the Derby Cabinet is co«-ld emig the plan ot shelving the whole quest-on of reform for the next sermon o* Parliament. i be Barnsley explosion Is found to have been i cc.plotted by the leaving off the top ot tnc hlack fipitUV safety lamp, the flame of which must hare Ignited the pas. lie had con-* down to shoo tiro horses, aiid was found with sis head blown oit A dividend of four skilling* nn (bo pound baa been offered by the Vice Chancellor to the cr fi lters of Overoed, Gurney & Co. This will require about one million pound* sterling. The report of tne loss ol the steamer Golden Flctcc, wi'h all on b-'anl, was a wicked hoax. Arrangement* for the confederation oi the British provinces of North America had b?en settled, and will he introduced at the next ses sion of Parliament. The imperial guarantee is raided to four million pounds sterling. An iutcr-colomal line, to connect tbc Grand Tmnk Railroad with Halifax, can bo completed iu two years. The health of Napoleon is pood. The Annexation Committee of the Prns-t&n Deputies bad modified tbc treaty by which the Unkrof Oldenourg renounced nis claim to the succession of UoUtcln, and accepted instead a small portion of Holstein territory and a million of Ihafcts. A line of steamers between Germany, trla South ampton to (be United States, is sanctioned by the Prussian Government, and is to have the influ ence ot BUmark. Fateh of the seven steamers is to be capable of carrying one hundred first, one hundred second, and six hundred third class passengers, and one thousand tons of freight. Ibe chief points of the Italian proposition to the Hope arc believed to be as follows: Florence to be ine capital of Italy; the Garjinals to b« ap pointed I’nncas of the kingdom, and with their present salaries and guarantees; tbc inhabitants of pcntfdctal territory to declare be vote whether (ncy will become Italian subjects or remain nnaer tl ejurlsdlciion ot the Pope, and Home In ht an independent city under the absolute control ofthe Pope; the Pope to acknowledge Victor Hummel King of Paly, and to crown biro as such at Florence. This arrangement to lie only binding dut lop the pontificate ot tUc (invent Pope. The assertion is made on high authority that the leading poueis cfKuiope, except Russia, have re solved to lake measures for the preservation of the Holy See. Thu French Ambassador has declared that France would bold Italy responsible for any vio lation of the temporal power. Halifax, January I.—lbe* steamer China, from Liverpool, Na’urda}, December aid, and Queens town i3d. arrived here Ibis morning. No fuicher Fenian arrests uflmportancobad oc curred up to the China's departure. The total euh.-criptiou iu .England to fhc fund for the relict of Hie sufferers by the great tire at t’uebec. reached U3L»,WO, and It had been resolved <o dose the subscription lists. FROM WASHINGTON'. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Washington, Janna-y 1. NEW TEAR'S RECEPTION AT TOE WHITE HOUSE. The usual New Year reception of the Prcsldonr, members of his Cabinet and various oner digni taries, passed off harmoniously to-day. it was a noticeable lac; that the nurnuev of persons exiling upon the President, was smalLr than that of many pnvions years. The diplomatic corps was fnlly represented* The army officers probably num b-red about 3UO. but there were less than twemy tive naval officer;, who called upon hlj.Majcjty a fc■' mluctcs before 11 o'clock. The members if the diplomatic corps, in fnU court costume, many of them accompanied by their ladies, arrived and were shows to tae white parlor. At 11 o’clock the President's eccprloc commenced. First came tbc memoers of the diplomatic corps, among whom we noted Sir Fredeuck Bruce, the British Minister, accom panied by Frederick Antrobas and J, Hume Burnley, Egqrs., tbc Secretaries ot the Legation; Jl. Beiihcny, the French Minister; Semr Don Gabriel (iarciary Po-eara, tb-* Spanish Minister, uuu lady; Baron Von Gcrolr, the Prussian Minis ter, and lady: M. Walcbcmar de Bodisco, accom panied by hi? Private Secretary; Colonel Robert Jobuton, Mrs. Senator Pa'tereon, and Mrs. btorer. Colonel ilooic, Coloutl Long, and lady. Colonel Hives, and lady, and Colonel mad * their Hppcaiui.co In the bine parlor,nnd the Charge d'Aifalre of Russia, and lady; Baron N. W. Wel hnstcli, the Swedish Minister; Seaor Egeqnieli viutlerg, Cbarga d'Aflaire. of Costa Rica; J, Al, Ve.a, of liegation for Guatemala; SenorF. S. A?ta Barnegn, Charge d’ASaiis of Chili, and lady; San Romero, t':e .Mexican Miul-tet; Ger era) BuMojaris Jaigar, Minister from !h? Uni ted States of Colombia; M. Rocst Van Limmlng, the Holland Minister; Mr. Contagnlii, Charge d' Adairs ot Italy; together with u large nambur of aitachi.es of the various legations. I'Lcse were followed t>y Secieiary Stanton and lady; Secreta ry Rrowning and lady; Poftma<rer General thin dull, aiidAtiomey General Staniierry and lady, t hief .7iisl .ee Chase, Aseociaic JosUces Wagner, Nelfron, Grier, CliUord, Swuyne, Miller, Davis ut;o Field. Next came Associate Justices Fisher, Wylie cud Olin, ol Tl.c District Supreme Ca irt, who woie followed by tne members of the lotvj • ourt i f this Di.-tric, In a body. Then csitmt a nnmb-r of Senators and Represejitatlvcs, ••Kougwboiu were Senators Sherman, Johnson, rcohulc, Morgan and lady, Covvaa and Indy. ••ixot>, Stewart and lady, McDuugoll, Williams; i.’epresenlives Uarficid and lady, Wentworth and lady, NKlacli, Hill, of Indiana, and May-mud. Then Major Wallacb and lady. First .\T--iMuiil I’ofUnusier General SKluncr and Assist nnt Secict'jiy ol tbe Treasury Chandler. Next came the officers ofthe Navy and Jlarln? Corps, lx: uniform, who were prcscaited by Admiral Rad fold. Among them we noticed Admirals C. U. Davis, Stnbling and Smith; Commanders Jukina, Harwood utid Smith; Colouels :-ecliln, Nicholas and Graham, of Hie Marine Corps. Then followed the nTriccru cl the army, in umlonn, beaded byGeu «ml Grain, who, with General Thomas, presented the officers to ;Uc PiesTdcnt, among them General Canby end psaifi General Rucker, General Eckin, Gunerul Townsend, Snrgeou General Barnes (>narterma.-tur Gcnetnl Meigs, Paymaster General Brice. General Rickets, General Deaifleld>aud a large number of oh’.cuts of lower rank. The re •ccpiionoi the diplomatic corps. Judges and offi cer? terminated at twelve o'clock, at which time the gates were opened and the citizens received. But one colored man had the courage to call upon Andy, Al the President's reception, F. W. Moore, a member of ilm rebel Congress, from Kentucky, appeared wnb his wife, and wa? received by the President, among tbemcm b' is ot the picscnr loyal Congress. Perhaps It ;va- not generally known that the official motive •>f ihc riceplmn was intended ro loclndc members of Jeff. Dcvi»’ Congress, rt the same hour thaf the n>i« ign llliii-tcr?, ilemherdof Congresi and oth er dignitaries, were received,'-or many tnoro of tx.-c unrcpenuiil traitors might have made their vppearanev. Among Ibo other diirniUtiic** who received to tiny n.ay oc mcrlbnod the rolowiug: Postmas ter General Bandcll was v|,dLd between th -i imun? of ten and four o’clock by a number 01 For eign Ministers, a any and navy offl • err, and oilier*. Secretary ilc.’nl •odr, with hie lady, received a number of per sons during the day. becrclaiy Stanton, at ms* residence on K street, soar Fourteenth, re edved, between the horns of twelve and throe o’clock, and was visited by members of the cijilomatic corps. Secretary Crowntni' was vis ited by a number of persons. Attorney General ••i'd Mrs. Stanb-rry received at the Metropolitan Uotel. General Gram and bay, at their residence on I street, were visited by many army and navy ofllrcrs, Senators and members. prepared by D. A. Wells, is still kept secret A right of It Is refhsed to Fougrcssmon us well as newspaper men. This jealous silence respecting us provisions has already created the impression that iis provisions as a whole, are In favor of tnc importing interest, and arc hostile to the labor of the country. This impression is con firmed by a defiant declaration, publicly made by Vr. Weils yesterday, to a representative of rhe Western wool growers, who was urging upon him to • ustaln the arrangement made between the wool growers and wool manufacturers, and adopted by the House of llcprcscntaUves, in the bill, parsed by It last July; “ 1 will beat your measure, sir. You won’t succeed, sir. 1 wili pass my nill, and If 1 don't do U now, I will do it by amt by. The principle* of my bill will becmic the policy of the country. Your wool measure will be beat, sir.” Paris, January-1. Mr. Wells’ new Tanif Bill will bo reported in the Sinatcand House to-morrow, provided a quorum is present, for the sake of hat logit prtuted. The Senate Finance Comm Wee, however, has not finished He work upon the tariff, and nuny amend* aicnbswUl he proposed to this bill. Numerous delegation?, tcpresciuirg most of the principal in e res is ot the country, will he heard by the com lulttetvbeforc any final action i- taken by it. Although the evening tjnius brought a large nviaher of Congressmen, many arc detained bv ihc h orm, and the pronah'litics arc that no work ran be done by cither House to-morrow. The efforts to ooncal llio attempted departure Dt lieu. Seward from Annapolis on the pan of n.c President's papers here, and through other chanccU. Lave Leon very great. The trromidlng of the GiUyFburg. and the tillure of she Don to come to lime In taking her place, have, however, made those attempts rid;, colons, and added to the cariosity regarding the matter. The Government has succeeded Letter in concealing the object of the mission, it is -aid not to mean Mexico, and It Is reported that 1- rvclcrlck Seward took with him one million dol lar# It geld. ILLirOJS IHLI7ACV AGENCT. Colonel H. D. Cooke, Uv Illinois state Military Agent in this ctly, daring the month of December received 61U new claims of aohticra far boumv pensions, hack pay, Ac., besides which a large numltcr were settled, and thi many forwarded to the rla'mnnts. The business ol this office has In crease:i considerable with the Uh two month upwards of two thousand blanks and nearly two thousand letters wcresenl loso’rilcre. The (‘omroiseioncr of Penrions daring the month of December Iss: admitted 2,270 widow-', mother* \ ami orphans' claims, and rejected 1:13 of the same. The number of Invalid claims admit ted during the same period is l,5i);», and the num ber of the some lejectid-iyo. One Lnodred and twelve bounty land warrants, covcilng n,SGJ acres, weic issued dtmng the monvb. SETTLEMENT OT BOUTIIEIIN CLATXS. Ovir one mdliou dollars vras paid oat byJbe Treasury Department 'ast month to Southern claimants for cotton captured and confiscated by oar troops during the rebellion, which the .own ers allege was Illegally seized. UNITED STATES TREASURER ROBBED. Treasurer Spinner was robbed of hi« pocket book. containing fifty dollais, while In the crowd attending the reception of the President yester day. THE JANUABT 6TATEXENT OP TUE PCBUO DEBT is not yet ready for pnbllcalion, and will not be 1.-ened before the Ctb or Tin instint, i THE NEW TAUtrr BILL. ’ WAsniKCTOx, January 2,—The TariffCill to be presented from Ihe Finance Committee ol the Miatc to-morrow-will In al* probabliliy be adoit cn as a etfbstUmc for the Don-e bill parsed at the last session, it is understood that the Sj*-atc Finance Committee ate almost unanimous in fcvor of the now Mb, that accom- PhLTIDg the report of Commissioner V» vile will make a d-ep impression on the House and ihe country. Tne reponofilic (.'omolssioncrof Revenue, which accompanies tbe bill, reviews the Internal Revenue sysiom, the Customs system, and wants and interests ot the c«>nntty, a- preliminary to the examirauon ofthe question ofa tanfl. It adopts as, a basis the ro cognulon of agcneral demand for an increase of the pwaeot tariff, and an Inquiry as to the cause of that demand—this demand cannot be simply for revenue, because the exist ing tariff is more productive of revenue than any we have bad- it must be baaed ou Ue encour. oTUEi: iiEcnpxiojfs. THE SUBSTITfTE TARIFF the wells* TAntrr bill. ABOUT CONGRESS. THE 6ECUEII EXTEDITON. FENbION claujf. aomrr land warrants. VOL. XX. agcmcnl of the Industry of the country. The re port tben proceeds to a general purvey of the In dustrial Interests, particularly during tbc last year and generally for tbc past four years, and point* out the leading elements of prosperity. The disturbing elements oftbo war and its concomi tants are elaborately discussed, and the results pointed out to bo an extraordinary Increase In ibe prices of labor and commodities. The amount In the advance of labor and commodities as in almost every branch o! industrial occupation. The alh£t of this advance upon such occupations, trade, commerce tad navigation, is set forth in detail. The facts In this respect arc of a startling character, such as tbc count) y has been hitherto unprepared for. and as must necessarily malic a great deal of discussion in uomesuc, as well as commercial circles. Thu reports presents an analysis of the came 'ey which they arc pro duced, nnd takes the ground that the true remedy for the difficultie-! under which the country labors in this respect Is to be sought In the removal of the causes themselves, rather than an extensive increase of tariffaed farther inflation of currency. The Commissioner, in this respect, rccogmr.es the fact, that during the present de ranged stale of affairs, consequent upon the war. temporary measures of relief are needed, and he recommends a partial increase of the present (arid, bnt only to an extent not even ap proxlmallcg'tbat proposed in the Route bill now under consideration oy the Finance Committee of the Set ate. Ibercpott contains an elaborate and minute examination of each of tbc leasing industrial In terests cf the counliy—cotton, wool, Iron, coal, tail, lumber, &c., with tables of comparison ihowirg the effect of high prices on ail thej-u several interests. In many cases speci fic duties nave hern accurutulv calculated and mbstiluteu fored ralortm duties. The bill accompanying the report covers seven ty-aix pates quarto. and presents the •present tariff. the rates proposed by House Bill, and those proposed b> (be Commissioner of Revenue in parallel columns. As un e> Idvnce of the particularity with which tlx bill ha> been drawn in tbc single item of drugs there arc over throe thousand articles named. Tne rates of dmy throughout tbe whole bib have occzi fixed in reference to existing price*, the sources of supply, the amount u< conMimpiion ond-thc Ibe interests of home man nfactiues. Iliu bill 1? arranged so as to classify commodities, ai.d will be tound much more eon* vuMcnlfor icurcnce than any tariff which hits been nicseuted since IS4i. Assistant Sccictary of the Treasury Hanley I? stni very It! with plenro pnenmouia. liis illness b not. however, considered dangerous. CUBTONS RECEIPTS. The receipts for -customs lor the weak ending December kSdh were as follows: New York, si,rß6,U.-0: Baton, Piilladelphia. Baltimore, s&tJ.U>o.|/orUand, $10,00U; miAcellaneous, $48,000; lota), $1,718,000. COLD IR THE TREASURY. The ctnounl cf gold in the Treasury t'>-dnv i« Emety-iritc millkn* eight hundred thousand doi- Ibis, of which eighteen millions Is per cent nn certificates. The balance belongs to the (Govern ment. INTEREST RATABLE. The Treasury Is now disbarring the tea mil lions for Interest on debt* due January Ist, and the next statement will therefore show a ernsid craLJc redndtion in the amount of gold un hand. ARKANSAS DELEGATION. Washington, January i. T hc delegation from the legislature, of three Su. rrs aud six Uvprc sentnuve?, arrived here thL venlng. donators R. S. Gantt, John R. Fellows, and W. W. Wat kins, nnd Representatives John R. Bakin, Andrew Humor, HJ. Thomaa.-cn, R. C. Newluo, C. Gauso and S. P. Hughes, are tbe members of tn> committee. They arc sent by the legislature of Aikar.fnsto represent (he feelings and semi inerts ofthe people of the Stale, which, (hey claim, have hitherto been misrepresented nud mietindcralcod, and to ascertain the trnebiaius ofthe Suite, and the pruepccls and terms of re constmctKn and They will have an interview with the i’rcriueni to-morrow, if pos sible, end will personally present their case to Hie members of Gongics? oi bo'U paitiea- ILe Arkansas delegation failed to get an inter view with the President to-day, but will sec him to morrow. LILL TO FUEVENT TOAUDS ON THE QI‘ARTER3IA£ TED'S DEi-AirniENT. Owing to the iiumeiisu numt>er of fraudulent claims nrcsuutcrt In the Quartcima ter General’s office. General Meigs will recommend to Congress the passing oi un net providing for three comuis stocur? for each of the States, who shall ho d their sessions in the scveml Sialet-. and there re quire tbe claimants to appear in pureuu nnd iden tify themselves, as well or. cotaWGh ihuir claim hy oral testimony. * ; COMMANDANT OP FORT PHIL. KEARNEV REMOVED. Colonel Gairiogton who was in command of tbc post at Fort Phil. Kearney, at the recent m-ts sncie of nearly ahurdnd soldiers, lus’bccn ie lievi d, and will probably be ordered under arrest lor trial on charges of carelessness in the perform ance of his duty. It seems that th ; detacbmm: was cut off from all chances of retreat to the f »rt and overpowered. It Is claimed that Colonel Car rington could have prevented Hits. MEXICAN LOAN. New York, January 2.—A special from Wa«h iiigton to the Votn>p*r>ial says: Plan? are matur ing to passabili granting a Mexican loan. THE MUEDER OP VMON SOLDIEiIS IN, SOUTH CAROLINA. A special to the Jb«f says; The committee to investigate the murder of Union soldiers in South Carolina find Utile evidence against the authori ties. Secretary* Stanton assumes the entire -re r-ponsibillty, for public reasons, of the course taken by tbc Govciumect with the murderers. . THE IMPEACHMENT QUESTION. There is good authority for saying that a resolu tion directing the impeaenment of I'rerident John son will be offered in the Douse on Monday nex*, by Mr. Ariiley, of Ohio. The vote favoring in i.cachmenthas been closely convoked, and Us uli p.d? say th*y here no doubt of its passage. Tuc Urctiuent WHs to-day Lolified of the fact, and re plied that lie was intuely prepared to meet the i?sue. THE SIILRMAN-CANrCELL MISSION ABANDONED. New York, January 2.—Jbe C'jinm'rctal * Washington special ►ays the triicrmau-Cauiitheli nilssiuD lias been abandoned. Minisicr Campbell has tcccived leave to visit hU home lu Ohio, and General btieiman will be m Washington next week. -ITRLME COURT DECISION IN TUB DR. iICDJ Wasuisotox. January 2.—Exceptions are taken in tfce d-cWou of the iTliicf Justice in tse fist/iaj Cvijnis c3scoT J>r. Mudd. on the around thn* (he Mipremc Court decision m the case of ilillican wus applicable to Uie prisoners at Ujl* Dry i or ui^as. OlillEK rr.OM OENSUAL ODAirr. - Wapuuvcton. January s.-Ueneral Giant has Is tiled the tollowion itni>ortunt older: “The attention of commanding officers of de partment#, distiiclsand posts is called to the pro* viMcnsof the Uevi-cd Army Itee'uhuiuns, sene-* ol J5»-3, concernin'; the care and rcspomibilitj f« i public money,property ami accounts, ills the only ol e icb commandin'; oliiccr to amorce a Held economy in public expenses, and to correct irr. “maraud crttavat*atil expenses which ho mav discover, to see tliat all public property is proper ly cared for, end r.ot lost ami destroyed tbrous'i i.celcct; to cuicfally scrutinize all contracts'and cis-hurseuauts in accounts submitted for his an pi oval, and to sec that the public Interests arc In every way lalrly protected.^ ' ll.'. INT A AJ»I» THE CONaTITCTIOJfAL AMENDMENT. ''General McMullen. of Virginia, who arrived heic last evening, denies the tialementof Colonel tagar, annul the temper of rue Virginia Lcgirlatme. From what lie teamed in nictimorut m-think* the Constitutional Amendment will be jejccud umnl ; moiihlv. /UOL.T CONGRESSMEN. But few of the absent members of Concre-s have airived, and it is doubtful whether a quorum will be present at the opening to-morrow. srreutou t.-rcat. The Commissioner ot Agriculture has received troui Nebraska Terriloiy a sample of very supe rior while Mediterranean wheat, which was grown in that Tcniioty from seed otielnally received from the Agricultural Department. it is said to «»c very fine Duitugtbc last season 3'.),()0u bushels ol wi<cal were taised in a county wlm-a bus a population of .VX). Commissioner Newtuu will oSlaiu a Jot o r the wheat for distribution. . NO UMTOUS ALLOWED. The President Mas wry bury in his office to-dav. Necretary McCulloch bad an Interview with luin this ruoitiug. No other visitors were admitted. INTERNAL UFVCNITE UECEtFTP. The receipts irom an Internal Beveuue source to-day wen* •OU H I I'LTINO BTATIONAnT (or the Use of the internal lievenuc offices in Cali fornia imn the other Pacific States and Territories, were opened at tt>c Interna) Kevenne Bureau to day. Two bids were put in, but no award has been mare. LAND COMMISSIONER'S AFFAIRS. The CcmmisMumr Gcncial of the laril Office hfi a cummuLlcaifon from ihc burvtvor General of AiLioi.n and New Mexico, under date of Doc. nth, that a treaty had been entered into with the Dtputv Surveyor tor the establishment of base, principal meridian and standard parallels andex leneioi, of township Pne-s in Arizona. Tills wilt toim the necessary barij for the exten«ton of Government suru-y? over the region of country nouh uf GUc* Direr. The Commissioner of Uj*e General laind Office had advice to Dec. tt’tifrom the Surveyor General at Boise Cltv, Idaho. Great iutere.-t is reported as manifested in reference to survejt under the late mining law. SEW YOJIK LEfiISLATL'KE. (>i>vcnior'Fcntmi , i* TVlcsmuic to rhe Xctv York Ijfuix'iU'ire—lie Itccotumctuls the Adoption ol the Conslitniionnl Amend tr.cm-Tlte State Illlliifn-Tbc Governor*# Virus on the rnnnl Question. Albany, January l.—Governor Fenton was In auenrated to-day. Doth branched of ihe Legisla ture were organized. F. L. tolls, Uepnhlican, was elected speaker, and Luther Caldwell, Re publican, Clerk of ti e Assembly. A icdululion was oftcred In the Senate to ratify the Cov.tUiw.lot ai Amendment. Aidant. January 2.—The Governor's annual message, ocllvcied to me Legislature to-day,sayj: “It will Ve your high privilege in the name of the people of Iks Stale, to ratify Ihe Constitutional Amendment, which I transmit to yon to-day. i earnestly r, commend prompt action upon the propo;id Amendment. It scorns to ccnialn Just t:.e condition? of national safety Indispensable to a neintniicnt settlement." He soys during the mst year considerable pro gress Las I>ecn made In the work of retiring the circulation of tie few remaining banks doing business under the laws of the State. The* Governor demanded the most practical cctnomy and ictrcnchnpnlin every department of public expenditure. ihe sftatc debt is hardly short of fifty millions, and if to tbi- is added the county, down, and munici pal indebtedness the sum -iß~moro than doubled. On the first of January, iSCG.Ibc enrolled and or ganized force of the National Guard was slightly in txcess of 50,(Wmen. The Governor says there has hem a mat ked improvement in the National Guard organizations or the Ntaie during the past year in discipline and efficiency. He direct# at •option to the importance of breech-loaders, and says be has d» emed it a matter of anfhetent Itn communion' VtUrat> * a PP°' Dt ® eDI ofa military The ti venue from canal tolls the past year was RfMWSi. The Auditor of the Cana 1 ! DepSmaSl estimates that by the close of Ibo Ascii Tear tu IS< S, ihe whole debt contracted prior to iSIC will Lavcbcen paid orproMded for, and that the on lire liquidation of the genera] fnnd deb* of may be looked for in the vear isTi. The Erie Cat a 1 has row. and has bad since istiO, a tonnage earning capaci ly of LOONttyG of tons in cachdi tccilon. fcinco that time it has not been taxed at any p-riot! Ith business, or the transit ot boats canylnt* toLtage to exceed very little. It nny,scveEty-fivepcr centol that capacity. The Governor speaks of circumstances that have con spbed to nZisc charges for canal transportation, and the complaint thereof by the people ot the Western Stales,and says: “No portion o* our country can ask of ns- reasonable facilities which It J? net even more our Interest to grant. In this spirit, and with these views of date, n/» well a« t»c itv,lhe Represents live* ot the people In toe Legislature and In the Conv.ntbm will doubtless act upon this iropo-unt question. We can coo sit net one tnlargrd tier oflockaonthe Erie Canal irom tioe water to the Lakes which vjH admit the passage of vcs«oh propelled by steam, of 500 or CM) tons burden. U iravbc adro.tted that this is the probable extent of our ablliiv. n»lng the present line of our pub lic works. These vessels would carry three-fold the capacity of oar picsent two hundred canal beats, and make the round trip In half the time. \Tiih VCSBC.B of the description 1 have mentioned, propelled by steam, prominent engineers have estimated that the capacity ol the canal weald bo Increased to tons and the cost reduced fifty per coot. By estimates made In ISM and 1865 1 cannot place the cost at more 110,000,000 " The Governor suggests the propriety of build ,eg a new buve Capitol, which u U estimated would cost $10,000,000. A bin for the necessary appropriation for the purpose was Introduced in the Legislature to-day. MICHIGAN LEGISIjATUKE. I(h Organization—Election of Officers—ln duction ol the New stale Officers—Gov ernor Crnpo's niesHage— Reports ot the Kedrins Officers—Tbc “ Third tloosc.** [special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Lansing. Mich., Jannary 8. The Legislature convened to-day and each house perfected It* organization. Bon. P. D. Warner of Oakland County, was elected Speaker of the House, and N. B. Jones, of Ingham County, the Burner Clerk, was re-elected. S. M. Pratt, of fcetb-n County, vftt? chosen bergeanl-at-arms and A W. Hall, of I tgintrelon County. Enrolllmr and Engrossing Clerk. The credentials frem Wayne County were laid on the table. lu tnc Senate, Thos. H. Gieun, Secretary of the la>-l Senate, was re-elected without opposition. Capt. D. B. Pnnntou, of Branch County, was chosen Scrgeaut-iit-anns, and 11, W. Teller, of Hill-dale. Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk. The new Stole officers were inducted Into their several ufficesjerierday. GovernorCrapodellrera his message, in person, to the Legislature, in Joint conve- tion to-morrow morning at ten o’clock. The 1 reports of the retiflng State officers are ready for transmission. Tbc Treasurer's report shows a very healthy condition of the State finances. There is now in the T reasury about SCOU,OUU. The rail road interests in almost every part of the State ate already repiesentcd by members of the third :iOu; e. Lively times In these matters are In pros pect. MARYLAND. fit’ciiozof the Lealstmure—The Senatorial Coiufhl Drmocmiic Nouiiuatioo for ?|)i*nKcrol the lluu.se—Tone of (be Ad dresses of the Governor nod Lieutenant Governor. Annatoli-, Jannary 2.—The Legislature aasem- Mur. tc-flay. Tee Senatorial contest excites much interest. Members from the Eastern bhorc seem tKc : ded)y averse to a repeal ofthe laws requiring one United Slates Senator to be from that section. The Governor’s message will be delivered to morrow. Anpafous, Md„ January 2.—Tbc Democratic c&uvos noiiiitialed Oliver Miller, of Anne Arnndei cuuuiy, for Speaker, which is-equivalent loan cleciui-. LivulcnaiA Governor Cox, In addiesslng the Senate, said he tavored giving the right to ne groes tn testify lu court, without which their emancipation umountca to nothing. Governor Swann’s message will advise the calling of a Slate Convention to revise tbe Consti tution, and he opposes tbc adop:lon of the Cou ftttntioual Amendment, lie opposes negro suf frage or the elevating of that class to social or political equality. bALTnior.r, January 2.—Judge Martin, of the Supreme Court, issued a mandamus vo compel the School Corambbioners in Baltimore to use the ti xt hooks in the public schools prc»crii*ert by the ■ Siuic Board of Education, which alone has au thoiity. PESMSVLVASU. (;oTcrpor<:art(n*» JtCKHucc to the LeaUln* tore—Favorable Fitiuucinl Exhibit—The Gavi-runr ItecoumendH (he Adoption oi .the C’ouHilintioiiai Amendment- Uakuisritm, January 2,—Governor Geary has ditlvcrcct Lla mcfsage. Both brandies ol me L* gisluitm* organized with tbc oslicers agreed on in the Republican caucus. Philadelphia. January 2.—Governor Curtin's last message to the Legislature elves a flattering exhihli of S*atc finances. The public debt is -<J. r *,G22,t | v2, a decrease of nearly ?r»,f)<j(t,uoo In five years. He recommends the adoption of the Con stitutional Amendment, and says the doctrine tlm> tbc Southern Slates have a voice iu the question le monstrous. The power to make war in eup prc*slcn of rclvcllfon Includes, he say?, the power to dictate terms of peace and restoration. He declines the late rebel States to be with out Ittwlul goven-jnvnte,- and that it is the duty ot tip* gem-ral Gorcnimcm to them. Pvnm-vnanla is now supporting and educating S,UWoipnuu children ol soldiers. ruoa SEW YOKE. I’ntisimi NVmbiT orctmneos in na«iDONi l-ii-ntH—Molcu Kunil* ICccovured—Reward (titered lor u Olurdcrer—DiHUHtcrs Dutiug the cast Year—Stubbed on i*m t'lrrei-Comptroller’* IXimnteM for ibe Ftmuint; Veur—s?ctnl»Annual Hank Din- New York, January u.—There has cover been ■o many changes iu business firms os published to-day. Dry goods ore steady and unchanged. « 'ihu tTro’on water rests ate the largest ever re ceived in one year. They exceed SI,OuO,OMO. 'ibereport that Stephens is still here improb ably untrue. It is staled that Cap’nin O'Shea wa? taken for Stephens. The latter has not been here fur some w eeus. JD ware, N. J., January 2.—The Government rocuriile? stolen from the Mechanics’ Insurance Company, amounting to $7C,000, have just been recovered In Montreal, by negotiation wi;h tbc iiurg! rs. .The couipauv was unable to hold thorn fer waul of tes-timony, and was obliged to submit to their terms. Tbe Governor offers a reward of 15.000 for the ar.cst of the person who shot Mrs. Aaron Ward, Jr, lu her own hcdioom, last Monday night. ■J be reports ol disasters at sea for December show lhar forty-seven vessels were lost in various ways, or arc supposed to De lost, and In ISGB five hundred and seventy-seven were reported wrecked and missing. To-night, J. Ucnchcl, ~trb!lc walking through Fourth, near Wooster street, wes met hy an Individual who accused him of -odiKlngliis wife, drew a laige knife and planned It into the right breast of Dercho), indicting a fngb'iu". wound. 'Jlic assailant Immediately tied, lie is Inowatotbe suti'eier. who refuses to fell hi-name. The wounded m-n was convoyed to the city hospital. The »9iroaleol the Comptroller of the appro prlatSou tor the several department- of the cl«y govercmi nt, gives a total tf SU, •s?» 1 NH».53. New Voiik, January 2.—Tne ship Mermrr, ly up at Her No. 0, on the North River, wIM leave for Kti o:**! In a tew days, taking a full cargo of valuable consignments tor the i’arls exposition. 1 he c.mplemeut of the v< sscl is -100 toes. An examination was held to-day in the Su preme Court, before Judge Sutherland, tn the rate o* James li. Darnell vs. the Board of In r-pcctoie ol Regisuy, for refusing to receive bis vote. Ike lompbiraat tcs'if.od that ho was born In Ai unctl, Bristol Mano% Mawtai.d. Ills father ami motbci were bon there, cud he was of the opinion that his grandfather w.»s also bora la the n'lfif place. His father was a white man, bat his mother is darker Hjmi he. Judge Barnard, wh > had bun consulted In me c.i-e, maintained that there wjg no other wav of arri-inc at a d n ei*iou than by examining the ey es, nose, hair and feet ol me ecu plainam. iho case was adjournca lor a funuir hearing. New Tore. January I.—Tie reml-annual divi dfids of tlio New York hanks exhibit su m uros j erity. The highest In that of the Broadway, which announces twelve per cent. The Chatham comes nixt with eight per cent. Tradoaovu, seven Mid one-half per cent. The Par::, coven per nor. The other rates are six and live per cent respectively. The only one below these being the Phwnix, which pays four per cent. Of the savings banks the hast Kher yields the Inchest interest. The United States Trust Company anti the Fanners* l oan, pr-y each five per cent. The Union, four. Miinc quaiimly dlvfuccdsarc largo. The Bull's Head Bank pays four per cent, with two and a talfcxlia. Ttie Panama Ihitlroad. six per cent. T i c Hartjord am) New Haven and Fort Wayne, K'.vpectivcly, four and two and a half per ci-’JI. The l’silll<* .Mall which Ims recently paid u quar terly dividend of five pet cent, delights its stock holders wi h n handsome stock dividend. Nothing has- yet l>ecn heard ot Louis Fox. the hiltiard player, who nivtierionriy disappeared some weeks since from Kochcslci. His ineids DtTleve he has cither committed suicide or been murdered. ’Jbclossorthirty-fonrout of thirty-nine of the blnoiUd horses shipped at Liverpool bv Mr. Cam eiouln the steamer Helvetia, which armed to day, causes considerable feeling among turfmen. The disaster is attributed to'lbeir having been pi. cod on a steamer instead of a sailing vessel, ih'-ro was no insurance on the stuck. Tt-o hi Qv of the man who perished from cold and hnneer. on Sunday night, tn Washington avenue, Brooklyn, has been identified as that of Jehu l>urat.d, » native of Normandv, ajp'd tortr five 'cars. The tomt of Appeals has decided the Excb' J aw ccnstilutionai. and says the legislature the power to piobibit or suppress liquor traffic al together, if deemed ncces-ary. rKOM XE»V OKLEAXS. OdlctniH Summoned llrlorc the Kiot InvoMl* gutliu: Commit icc—Labors of the Commit lee Closed Yesterday, New Orleans, dscairy 2 —Collector Kellogg wa.-summoned before the TUot Committee yes ■erdoy, and again to-dav. Governor Well* was summoned before it to-day upon the snbject of the not, and Us coudtUou from hw ftawd-potnt. it is the InUmion of the committee to close their labors ihi- evening, and leave for Washington to nigM. The amount uf tcsQmony taken U vol nmnlous. The committee closed taking testimony to-dav. They have omitted taking the testimony of mariv uttnerscs who were before the Grand Jury, auS others whose names were fhrnUbed bv ih*e cite and State officers. In examining to-dav, Judge ’iheard. District .lodge, who holds under an ap pointment from Governors Hahn and Wells, their uncstious and rematks to him evidently showed that ihev had already decided >faat it>*ev could brook no statements which did pot show dfslor ahy to be the sentiment of the people. Jud’-e Ibeard, declaring that the people uve lovaland ihat the rights ol the Union men were respected, newas aeKtd it lie had been in the Coriedcratc service, to which be replied that he returned to his aihsiance in ISM This was ranch earlier ban many of ihe prosecuting witnesses. New Orleans. January 3.— Horace Greeley de- > dli cs, for want of time, to lecture before the Gal veston J.ifmul. T he Talapoosn leaves to-day, to convoy the Paul -Tone* to Pensacola, under the orders or Commo dore VSinriow. MEXICO. Preparations for the Embarkation of the French Troops—Maximilian and llts In* voiantarr piovcinem»—French Atvikeu Turned Over to the Libei-uls—The batter Party will Enter ihe C»ty ut Mexico upon the \\ ilbdrnwal of the French New York. January 2.—By the arrival of the Eagle, from Havana, 31Mb, interesting intelligence is received from Mexico. The steamer Florida left Vera Cruz on the ISth with 1.1(0 French troops, with full cargo of arms, ammunition, Ac. ' A French war vessel arrived at Vera Cruz on the U-th. irom New Orleans, wUh a Cable despatch fiom Napoleon, saying that all tne transports would arrive thi re in January, and that be expected all 1 Ik* Ficuch troops to 00 ou board In three weeks alter their arrival. Everything indicates that the French arc hasten- Irg the evacuation. Maximilian is at Puebla, on bis way to the dry of Mexico, and will duantlos remain til] after the d» partare of the F-enro, when he will proba bly attempt to leave. This will prove a hazardous step, as even his present friends—accomplices, os the Kt.tnffUf calls them—will turn upon him. Vers Cruz, and* in fact, the whole country, is ini. of rumors, and it Is difficult to get at the truth. The liberals are ready, the moment that Marshal Bazamc leaves the City of Mexico, to throw inF.Otm or HMJCfI troops. It is also reported that a Quantity of muskets have been condemned and ttcivtly sold to the Liberals, a* being n-eless to the Frccch, on account of the difficulties of uaurportaiioc 10 Vet a Cruz over the mountains. Marquua and Mirnmon arc trying to raise men and money, but without success, nor is it be lieved they will accomplish anything. The Ended Slates steamer (Vinooskl made n splcndidpaFsagc of six days from here to Tntapico and Vera Cruz. The French Admiral, Clom, vis ited her, ned salutes were exchanged. The Ilbaal* arc almost in pu-scssionofihe road from Mexico to Von Cruz. Rcdiicnez and Vciez have joined them. These will probably eater'be tame dav that Bazalue leaves. A por tion of one of Maximilian*# decree*- declares that all distinctions of r*ee and nations arc to »c abolished In bis army, aod'tbal the Anstro-Belgic icqlon may be paid off and dlaaolvid, bat tbal *\[ CHICAGO. THURSDAY. JANUARY 3. 1867. of item may cuter tie Mexican army; that those who do rot wish to do so shall be scot to .Europe at the expense of the State. New Ouleaxs, January 2.—General Sterling Price ard throe daughters nave arrived here from Comiova, Mexico. An Imperial Mexican decree of December 15th orders a new cnrcllment o' all estate, real and personal, to be taxed for the support of the Government, The taxes established oy decree of December 3d, In pursuance whereof this enroll* meet is ordered, must be paid within the drat ten mouths. Maximilian Is fully established at Puebla. The City Council presented an address welcoming him to the city. ' ‘•■e Cabinet Is still engaged on a new National v- egress, but no account of the deliberative* has yet been published. .The French Minister and Castlcnau were also at Puebla. A sanguinary conflict bad taken place at the bridge Oxtela between a small force of Imperial ists conducting a convoy, and 800 liberals, where* •in the former euiicred severely. Their Colonel was made prisoner, and a whole.company Is miss ing. The Imperialists bad captured and shot one Colonel Btavo and three other liberal chiefs. rnoji st. toms. The Weather nurt the River—New Bnildings —i*boi by IlteUwaymcn—Order Restored at l.cxiacton—r*ubscnpiioD Proposed for Old “Pop” Price—The Ssentiotlnl Contest. * Ibpeclal Despatch to the Chicago Trlbace.l St. Louis, January 2. The weather continues very cold. The mercury this evening is at 15/ The liver Is full of heavy ice. An ice gorge Is hourly expected. Business Is very oull. One thousand three hundred and forty-eight new btlck buildings were erected here during ISC6. - The Ijclede Flour Mills had a narrow escape from desu action bylire to-day. Chris. Ossmon, a German gardener, reluming borne iu the suburbs on Monday night, was shot by o highwayman and robbed. Order , has been restored In Lexington. The militia arc withdrawing. The scceeh organ, the Dally Time*, proposes to the citizens a subscription of SSO,(Xi) for Sterling iTice, who Is poor and needy. He has received several donations already from Missouri. The Conservatives in the Legislature have made overtures to certain Radicals to defeat Charles D. Drake for United States Senator, bat won’t vote ior Governor Fletcher. It is not probable that anything will come of the proposition, and the very tact ol its being made win strengthen Drake. St. Louie. January 2.—The Missouri Legisla ture met at Jeflersou City to-day, but transacted no business, except eu caring In the members. Charles H. Branscomb, the successful com petitor of Genera) Blair in the late election, i» most prominently t-pokcu of lor Speaker ot the House. Mr. Harris, of Callaway County, refused bis scat. Appearances arc that the county will be unrepresented, on account of Illegal registra tion of votes made, and the representative not being pioperly elected. FROM CUfCEttATI. Lessly Fire ilnrfos the Year ISO6-An OUl cer Übdiy Beaten by Rowdies—Jlortnar? Kenan lor ihe past Two itloutbs—Lecture by Horace t-recley—Formal Opening ol tbi* Great Suspension Bridge. (Special Dispatchto tbc Chicago Tribune.] Cincinnati, January 2. There were ninety-four buildings burned with loss during itOU, and sixty seven set on fire by accident or otherwise without material loss. Six rowdier, at a ball in Gyer’a Assembly Rooms, attached and belt Officer Btcht on New YcarV night. His head is badly injured, and his left hand shattered by a pistol bullet. The ruffians are in prison. Four hundred and nlnety-ulue deaths occurred iu November, ot which 1C? were from Asiatic cholera, three bundled and lour deaths occurred in December, oi which seventeen were irom the same uheasc. Horace Gm-iey lectured at Greenwood Hall to night to a large audience, on the “Issues and lessons ot the Civil War.” Ue favors negro fran chise, but novauceu no opinion n<>t already well known by newspaper readers. He waa warmly applauded, and will be followed by Frederics Douglass shnnlv. vveainci considerably moderated. Cincinnati. January 2.—The weather continues very cold, and navigation is still suspended. The great suspension bridge was formally opened to-day. A procession of vehicles, com prising ihe Adams, United States. American, and Merchants’ Unton Express wagons, and Geu eial Strader’s omnibusses, crossed the bridge about noon, headed by Mcnter’s bind. The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of people. New Year’s day was generally observed here. All the public ImTdingn, banks and busincs* hom-ts were closed. FROM MAUISOX, New YenrV Dny-Rtnnlon ol'tbc Fifteenth Wwoiihiu— Von*(* unit !*euiitncals— S-leum lu the cnpitol—FrcKentntlonH, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Maihsun, January 2, New Year’s was very generally observed here as a holiday by the snspenrion of business, the making of a largo number of calls, and various festivities. The reunion ottbe veterans and friends of the Fifteenth Wisconsin, or Scandinavian Regiment, New Year’s eve, passed off to the complete sitis faction of all c'-ncerncd. There wa* splendid supper, after which toa-ts were announced and :o-po. ded to a* follows : “ Thu Fifteenth Wisconsin Regiment.” Re sponded to by colonel Ole C. Johnson. “The memory ot Colonel David McKee and bis heroic comiades of the Fifteenth, who fell In de fence of their country.” Drank standing and In rilence. “Tbe State of Wisconsin.” Responded to by Governor i airrhlld. "'flu* women of Scandinavia.” Responded to by Major George Wilson, In the Scandinavian larcuagc. “'ike Army and Navy.” Responded to by Gen eral 'ibomas S. .Alien, Secretary of State. “Old N’oruaj.” Responded to by Professor Wilron, of the i/;n:£r(Kifrn, in the Scandinavian Innntmgc. “The Indies of tbc Supper Committee.” Re* •poi.oed lo«»y Colonel J. it Bull. “United Scandinavia.” Responded to In the ~ramrinavian language, by C. F. Solberg, Esq., of the /.//. hjuivtdt. “ihe ’Men who T-cd Us.” Responded to by Major General Willlch. 3 ’The rorgross Elect.” Responded to be lion. B. F. llopkfrs. member elect from Ibis dUtricL “Adjutant General ol Whconsm.” Responded to by Adjutant General James ii. Proudtoot. “’ihe American Flag.” Responded to by Uon. William E. ?mlth. state Treasurer. ‘Thel.ojal Pi ess.” Responded to by Horace Rnblcc, of tl*p State Journal. “Our Invited Guests.” Responded to by James Rupp. Esq. Avcrycoidlal letter from General Curtin was bvartily cheered. About one hundred veterans and two hundred others were present to partici pate In the festivities, which closed with a danse. St* am was got up lor the first time ycslerdav in the slt-am boating apparatus in tbc Capitol, now nearly complete, at a cost of aboul #2,5W. There were sundry New Year's presentations by the printers ot tho State Journal office to Johu Ilawkcs, lorcman of the office. iISOS ST. X’AUIi. Destructive Fire nt Minneapolis—Ban Over li> the Can.g • | Special Dee; ntch to the Chicago Tribnne.J St. Paul, Minn., January 2. Minneapolis has just suffered another severe •ire. It bioke out about 3 o’clock Sunday morn ing in the jJa'thj Chronicle office, and consumed ‘hat ana ten othirbitiioinge. The Chronicle Com pany loit $2,0 o. The total loss Is estimated at >T«kUP. and the insurance at SIO,OOO.

Notwithstanding Minneapolis has lost over SKO.iAri by fires the past scar, they have no fire en gine or any fire organization—not even as much ..e a bucket company. A muti mian a Billy Adams, while attempting to jump m. the train at Owatoma, this aftontoon. was run over by the cars, and both legs cut otT. Re is not expected to live. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Springfield Paying her Bonded Debt—Car slnrs-Dcndiy Assault, Etc.‘ [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune, j JsriujtGPiExm, January 2. Ti.e city of Springfield commenced to pay the Interest on her bonded debt to-day, amounting to SCS,t i f—sS.i i)? ot which w ill be paid .In New Yoik, S2O,CW In Hartford, and tbc balance In’hi? city. Car city would ?cem to be tbe resort of a garg ot burglars and robbers, who nightly purene u.clr hcllis-h avocation. Last night, about 9 o’cloc'r, ildwatd Taylot, Esq., one of our prominent citi zens, was attacked by one of these midnight mur derer? and struck on the head with an Iron biliv, which knocked him down. In spue of tbe blow, however, he rose and grappled with bis assail ant, and finally wrested the weapon from him, when Ihe villain tied. Mr. T. was so much stunned by tbc blow and subsequent scufilc. that be wo? unable to reach Lis home without aid. and he i? not yet restored to full consciousness, thonch bis speedy recovery la expecred. Such pastime is of nightly occurrence here, and if thC police cannot put a stop lu It we must have a vig ilance comruif.ee. that I? all. FROM LOGANSPOBT. Urvnnixmion of n Touns Men’s Beading Boom—New Years. Ac. (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Locanspout, Ind.. January 9. The Yourg Men's Readier Room, of this city, organized by the members of the Base Ball Club, was Inaugurated last night with appropriate and Interesting ceremonies. Rev. Dr. Post, Rev. Mr. Mendenhall. Professor Hughes, Judge R. U. Biddle. D. P. Baldwin, Esq., Me?«rs. and Hall of tbe Jovrnci «j a r/iaro$ s Mr. J. C. Mt-rtLim, and other? delivered interesting ad dresses. Tbe rooms of the Association were cowded with an intelligent and appreciative sn dience. Music, under the direction of Messrs. Guxe-JardHbe amaitur glee club, lent charms to’ tbc occasion. New Year'? day passed off quietly and pleas antly. ' FROM MILWAUKEE. Bndlv Frozen—Killed by Falling from a Building— Fatal Rnlirond Accident. [Special Despsich to the Chicago Tribune.] MtLWArKxz, January 9, A man named Owen Davis, from Racine, was fonnd nearly frozen to death in tbc basement of Chapin'? mill, on tb<^canal. Els hand? and feet were so badly frozen that tbe flesh had commenc es to drop off. Amputation will be necessary. A Norwegian named Terrier Kettlerv, was killed by falling from a building on the corner of Eliza beth and Clinton streets, on Monday. Geo. J.England.who resides o r i the South Side, wa? ran over and instantly killed last night by an engine on tbc Chicago Road. JFKO3I CAIRO. Death of a Wife—Suspicion that She was branded by Her Xlnsb«nd~*liooiltig Af fray—The Weather and the Hirers—The rtr-n-er Nnacntacß Sonk-Sase Ball Ball—Theatrical. special Despatch to ihc Chicago Tribune.] Caibo, 111., January 3, The wife of TTm. Uandly wasTund d;id 1 ited at her boarding house, this morning, under cir cumstance* indicating fool play. She bad the ap pearance ofhavingbeen strangled, jhebody was warm when discovered at 5 o’clock. Her boahandi >vho was with her during the night, is missing. A am enity occurred to-day between J. David, -•on and 11. M. HuUn. bortr citizens of Cairo, in which the former shot the latter in the head. The wound is not mortal. The weather is clear and cold: thermometer IS* thla morning; S3® at noon. Heavy Ice con tinues running oat of the Mississippi River, and has been coming out of the Ohio since dark last night, and U constantly Increasing. The Evans ville packet Quickstep is lard up here In conse quence. * the Mississippi la navigable below this point. {,■ The steamer Naugatuck annex a snag and sunk at St. Mary’s, Mississippi River, and la a total loss. No lives lost. The Independent Base Ball Club of Cairo gave their first annual ball at the SL Charles Hotel, on New Year’s eve, and bad a good time of it. New Years day was very dull. Frank A. Tannchill has assumed the manage* mem of the promises to present the legitimate drama. The Ather.ieum has been running as a “Varieties’* for some time past, and as such was “peteringout.” ... i’ROJI I'AHCCAU. Destructive Fire— Seven Storehouses slrot ed-Lots S9o.ooU~lnsurance 550.000 —List of Losses and lusarance. (Special Despatch oflhe Chicago Tribune.] Paducah, Ky., January 2. A destructive fire occurred In thla city on the morning ot the 2UI ultimo. Seven buildings, oc cupied as storehouses, with most of their con tents, were entirely consumed, entailing a loss of oiersso,tU). The hie broke out about one o'clock in the morning, In the drug store of Pnryear & Newman,osßioadwajbelow Market. The origin ot the fire is unknown. The losses and insurance arc as follows: L. S. Trimble, two buildings, loss f-,OW*, Insured in tre Meliopolitan for s:j.sou; Ileniy finders, two buildings, loss $6,000, insured in the Aims, FiCtO; D. D. Thompson, building, toes 52,‘t0. insured In the Homo, New Yotk, ; A. O. Wolfolk, iwo buildings, loss $7,50u, insured in ibq Borne, New York, fQ,bOU. The stocks in the fame were valued at somewhere about fc7,s6o—insured for about SSO,'XW, as fol lows: Pnryear & Newman, drugs, Alina, $8,000; John aiugufellcr, saloon. Metropolitan, $6,5U0; C. II Hitchcock, hats and furs, .-Etna, $8,000; Geo. Rcck, boots and shoes, Hartford, $111,01.11 ; S. N. Leonard, dry goods, -£ma, sl2,uou; J. MP/er, Jewelry. Alina. $7,500; Koaencramx, jewelry, loss no insurance; Bar A: Rankin, artists, loss $7,000. no Insurance; J. Harris, loss in books and papers «£OO, Do’lnsutance. THE CONGRESSIONAL EXCURSION ISTS. From Stevenson, Alabama, to Chattanooga —Courtesies to the Party on the Home. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune. I Stevenson, Ala., January 1. The excursion party of Congressmen arrived here safely at *J:2() p. m. The citizens of Hunts l ville, Malagas, gave them a splendid reception, ted many came with t»e party to this place. Speeches were made by the m distinguished mer. oi the parly, in which the kindest expres -ions occurred. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] . Chattanooga, January 1. The Congressional party aimed at me Crotch- Held House this evening ai Id The party was received kindly. President Calloway, in charge of the road from here to Knoxville, lur nhbed them with a fine supper at the (utchficld. Mr. Ben. T. Mckiiu, of the chatiancoga Road, received the party, and as the representative oi the people of Chattanooga, gave them a very kind treatment. Mr. Crutchfield, who was a thorough Unton man during the war, was pre.’em at the reception. Expressions from citizen- were generally in accordance with tnose of the Conservative mepibcrs of Congress. From Stevenson. Alabama, to this ping*, many citizens came aboard the irain, and the expressions of the mod of them were in favor of Hie Constitu tional Amendment. The reception at Huntsville, Alabama, was as cordial as any reception »m tin; roure, aud most of the citizens were well plea-ed with the compliments paid by the memue,. i,i the party to the citizens for their kindness. FROM ROSTOV. Celebration of Emancipation iDny—Female finite— Legislative—Yearly Statistics, Arc, Boston, January I.—The colored citizens of Boston aic celeMstiig emancipation day bv a grand parade ot colored soldiery, and a meeting lu Tiemoot Temple. At a meeting tn\s morning, speeches were made by Fred. Douglass, Redmond, and others, in sup port of ii'gro suftrage. Tins evening the Shaw Guards (colored! gave a grand ball at Faneuil Hall, to tbc Scbonler Guards (colored) of New Bedtord. which was attended by the e/tfi of the colored population. At the meeting this evening id tnoTremont Tem ple. u passage of aims occurred belwcec George ■Jtompson and O l„ Redmond, on account of some strictures made by Thompson on the denun ciation of Congress by’the latter in his speech, ’iboronsou subsequently disclaimed any intention of criticism and the difficulty wa* adjusted. Boston, January 2.—The girls employed as spinner? is tbc Roxbnry cotton mills arc on a smite against the reduction of wages. Tbe lion Moulders’- International Union assem bled In Convention here to-day. £ighty-fwo members arc present and expected to arrive from different part-- of the country. The session will continue tor a week. In the Legislature, James M. Stone was re-elcct od Speaker,and Win. Robinson te-slcetcd Clerk of the House to-day. Edward G. Walker, one of the colored Repre sentatives frem Charlestown, was appointed on one of the committees. General Napier, of the British army, sailed on the Jura for Europe to day. The cmontil of gold received for cos*oma atlbis port for the past year exceeds seventeen million dollars, four millions mote than for the year pre vious. Tbc Import* for the year amount to forty seven million and a quarter. During th- year one mi.lion and a half barrels of floor were re ceived, an excess of fifty thousand barrels over itCS. FEOJI LOUISVILLE. Kentucky Legislature Meets to-dnv—Delib erate Murder-'Ohio Klvcr Navigation suspended, Are. l.onsvtXLX, January 2.—The Kentucky Regis- Jutine meet* to-morrow noon. The Governor's n«c?facv i a important as inalcati-.ig the action of the bemsiuiure, and change of front of the so callta Cnton men. •Weppld Fromhartz shot and killed Maurice Ru dolph, on'lnesnay evening, near tho Greenland Kacmg I’r.rk, 11 was a deliberate mutder, caused by the deceased asking for money he owed him. Ihe weapon was a double barrelled shot gun, placed at ihe murdered man's back, and both vartel» discharged through his b--dy. The mur der is dill at large. George Podleruwfllro died In this city to-day from tbe effect? of an overdose of morphine ad ministered by himself. Louisville, January 2.—0. B. Duke was mor tally wounded at Mount Sterling, Monday, by William Barnes, whom he threatened to kill. No mail boats leave here to-morruw, on account cf tl e Posting ice. Navigation continues almost suspended. NORTH CAROLINA. Ilrutni Cncracc Upon a Woman In Greene County. RAtJ.icn. N. C., January I.—The colored popu lation celebrated :o-day, and were aTdress-d by Guvemor Worth, and others. They were quite otdtrlv and respectable A tuauied lady was violated in Greene Coanty :ast week in tin ob-encr of her husband. Five i.egrovs and one while man have been implicated a? principal? and accessories. The five negroe snd one white tu*n have been identified ao.i arc •w lull. Thctc ts great excitement among tbc people. FROM MEMPHIS. .TusiirableXiomieifle—Great Fire at Gicnn- da. Miss. lloirnts, January S.—William Bnrhan, who killed Ccuover Errickson, a few days str.ee, at Somerville, has been acquitted on the ground of jn : ;ifiablo homicide. . • A fire at Grenada. Miss., on Monday night,orlgl naring In Parker's drug store, destroyed the cast on portion of tho town. The following are the heaviest losers: Collins Eonse, stores of Colo nel ilcNomara, Geo. W. take, Locb Jt Fultz, 31. K. Master, and tbe headquarters of the Freed* men's Bureau, which were oartially insured. FKO3I I’IXTSBUKGH. Railroad Collision—Entire Train Burned— Two Lives Lost, with Others Scrlonsly Ibjnrcd. TrtTsnvccn, Jenaary 2.—On Mondav ovea’ng a colhticti occurred on tnc Wert Pcnnsrivanla Rail road. near tbc sleep grade BUlrsviUe intersection, between two loaded u neks and tho first passenger carcanslig a general ?aia?h. Ihe oil canght fire from the engine, and tbc entire tram was con •*nmcd. Tbe passengers escaped. James Walker, fireman, was instantly lulled: John Emerson, fa mily injured, since dead: alnlitn, baggageman, and two extra enrixeere were severely Injured; several others slightly. FROM RICHMOND, IND. (Destructive Fire—Loss 8150.000. fePLixarous. January I.—Afire at Richmond. Inti., this snotuing, destroyed Vauaeman, Reid A CVs. pork and grain warehouse, tbe Davlon & Western Railroad »’o’s. office,and WesKm'UtUoo TcUgroph Co'?, office. Vauneman, Reid & Co. had a large quantity of lard and wheat in store. I.o5? about 5R 0,100 ; but very little was Insured. Great Loss of Lite on the Baaed Steamers Fatt too. Sx. Ion?, January 9.—Late New Orleans pa pers say Coo to fOU persons were on the Fashion when she burned. About 1W were in the cabin; the remainder were negroes ruing to New Or leans on a holiday excursion. Most of them jumped overboard anddro-n*ed. !• Is said that not more lb*u eighty survivors arc accounted for, ;-nd that 2,700 bales of cotton were burned with the boat. Fcolono. PmiADrtrniA. January 2.—G<tja{ excitomcct wa? created to-rdght tn Fenian circles in tbt? city I>y a despatch fiom St. announcing tbe ac tive movement* of Stephens in Ireland. It i? genvrally believed here that active movements have taken place. Baa Over and Killed. St. Pact- Minn.. January 2.—A man named William Adam?, of Conucnnlsvlllc. Penn., wa? run over at Owatocna Statics yesterday afternoon, and killed. He slipped while attempting to jump on a moving train, and bad both hia legs cut offi He lived only about an hom after tbc accident. Cold Weather in Virginia. Kiccjiotvp, Ta., January 2.—Snow has been falling ail day, and .Lnsinwa suspended. Tbe James River is blockaded with ice from Richmond to the month of Warwick River. suivocnts «l Petroleum tram’ Pbiladciptna —Comparative Statistics. PniL&DßtrntA, January 2,—'The total ship ments of petroleum from Philadelphia for the year igrf>,; mounted lo 'rtkKri.OSS cations, valued at ♦n.274,591, against 12 032.931 gallons, valued ot $f>.44'.271, in Ittt, and 7,bC6,X0 gallons, valued at #4,291,724, In 18 4. A Midi S'j«t bvo Barelar. Newabe. N. J., January i.—Tnc house of Varon Ware. Jr., at Chuton, near ibe city lice, wa? irtcred hv a burelat last night, Mrs. Want, in alarming trie family, vra s shot .last below the breast—not dangerously. The burglar escaped nith some watches and * Iher plunder The Choierant St. Thomas. Nrw Yottx. Janiary 2.—hr *m st. ihomas there Is news that the coolers, although not it creasing, is not diminishing. Dp to the 13tb nit. one nun dred and seven more died, raising the total to 1* There la great distress, and several houses have bee.n opened for the gratuitous dis’nhmion of soup. The Captain General of Porto Btco has allowed vessels to come to certain ports of that island to obtain beef cattle. Action of the Radical Stale Convention In Arkansas. Mexphis, January 2—The Radicals of Arkan sas held a Convention at Fort Smith ou the 19th, which was largely attended. Resolutions were adopted calling on Congress to abolish the present State Government, endorsing the Constitutional Amendment, aim memorializing Congress to that eflect. Fire In Huntsville, Alabama, Xisavmx, January 2.—A Are at Huntsville, Alabama, on Saturday destroyed the due block of stoics on the north side ot the public square. Loss SIt3,COU. There was an insurance of about ?50,100. A number of negroes and other persons were arrested for stealing whilst the tire was pro gressing. THE MILLIGAN CASK. Military Commissions and Trial (>y Jury. Decision of the Supreme Coart of the fulled States. The opinion of the Supreme Court, in the ease P. Milligan, delivered by Mr. Justice Davis, and the separate opinion of Chief Justice Chase and Justices Wayne, Swayne, and Miller fill an entire page of the New York dailies. The following is the essence of the decision delivered by Judge Davis: ° It ie claimed that martial law cover* with Its broad mantle the proceedings of this military com mission. Ibe proposition la this: That In a time of war the commarder of an armed force, if la hU opinion the exigencies of the country demand it, :u.dot which be la to judge-, has the power, with in the lines of his military district, to suspend all civil right?, and their remedies were subie:t, citi zens as well as soldiers, to the rale oi his tclll. rod tlie exercise of bis lawful authority cannot he restrained, except by his superior of ficer or the President of ihe Uni ted htates. If this principle is sound to the extent claimed, then when war exists, lorcign or domestic, and the country Is subdi vided into Military Ut-oartmenis, for mere con venience, the commander oi one of them, can. if he chooses, with the approval of the Executive, substitute military force for aud to the ixdusiun efile laws, and punish all persons as he thinks proper, without fixed or curtain rates. The state ment of this proposition shows its importance: for if true republican government is a failure and . there is au end of liberty regulated bv law, mar tial law, established on such a oasts, destroys every guarantee of the Constitution and etlectualiy renders the military independent of and snpeilor to the civil power— the attempt to do which by the King of Great Britain was deemed by our fathers such an offence that they assigned it to the wot Id as one of the causes which Imjwlled them to declare their Independence. Civil lib erty and this kind of martial law cannot eudme together; the antagonism is irreconcilable, and In me conflict otic or the other must perish. This nation, as experience has proved, cannot always remain at peace, and has no right to expect that it will always have wise and humane rulers, sincerely attached to the prin ciples ol the Constitution. Wicked men, ambitious of power, with hatred of liberty and contempt of law, may fill the places occupied by Washington and Lincoln, aud If this right is conceded, and the calamities of war again befall ns, the dangers) to human life and Imerty am frichtlnl to contemplate. If our fathers had tailed to provide for jutt such a contingency, they would have been false to the trust reposed in ih. m. They knew, the history of ihe world toM them, the nation Ucy were foundin'-, be its «*Ti.-tence short or long, wonlcl be involved m war, ; - ow often or how long continued, human fore tight could net ell, a- d aat unlimited power wherever lodged at such a time, was specially Lezardour to freemen. For this and oihcrwoightv reason* they secured tuc inheritance they‘hail lotigbt to maintain, by Incorporating in a written Constitution the safeguards which time had proved were essential to ns preservation. Not one of the.-e salegunids can the President, or Congress, or tbc Jm tcliirv disturb, except the one concern ing the writ ot ha'u'Qg corpus. li is essential to the safety of every Govern ment that, m a great crisis like the one we have .ust lasstd through, there should be a power somewhere of suspending the writ of habeas cor~ j'us. In every wartheie are men of previously good cus’acicr nicked enough to counsel iheir fellow-citizen* to resist tbc meas ures deemed neccs:ary by a good Govern ment to sustain , its just authority and overthrow it* enemies; ana their Influence may lead to dangerous combination*. In Ihe emer gency of the times-au immediate public investiga tion according to law may not be possible, and yet the peril io the country may be 100 imminent to refer such persons to go at largo. Unques tionably, there 1* then an exigency which de mands that the Government, if it should see flt, lu the exercise cf a proper discretion, to make ar aels, should not he required to produce the per sons attested In answer io a writ of habeas cor pus. Ihe Constitution goes no further. H does uot eny after a writ of habeas corpus Is denied a citizen that he shall be tiled otherwise than oy the course oi common law. If it Had lut nded •bis result it wia easy, by the use of direct words, to have accomplished it. The Illustrious men who framed tn :t instrument were guardin'- ihe foundatioca of civil liberty against the abuses v‘- unlimited power. They were'full of wisdom, ana the le.-tons pl'hlslory informed them Uiat a rial by an established court, assisted by an Im punial jury, waa the only sure way of protecting the citizen against oppression and wrong. Know it-g this, they limited the suspension to one great r:ghl and left the rest loremainforererlavlolat.lc. But it is insisted that the safety of the country in time of war demands that ifus broad claim*foe. martini law shall be sustained. If thU were true, it could he well said thai a country preserved at ihe tucriCce of all the cardinal principles of liberty is not wont the tost of preservation. Happily ii it noise. It will t,c home in mind that this is i.ot tne question of the power to proclaim mar tial law when u«r exists in a community, and the xiiris and civil authorities are overthrown: nor it a question what pule a military commander -I the head of hi? erray can impose on States In rebellion to cripple iLcir resources and quell the insurrection. ihe jurisdiction claimed is mucb more extensive. Ifce ncccsrirics of the rebellion i.qniitd that tbe lovat States should l»c placed witiiin tbc limiis of cel lain military districts, ami oiniimiiideis appointed in them, and It i? urged that ibis, in- a military sense, oonstlinted them tbe theatre of military opera •ions: ana as in this case Indiana bad been and was again Ibreatcued mill invasion bv the enemy, tbe occasion was furnished to establish martial law. The conclusion does not follow from the premises that if armies were col.ected in Indiana they were to be employed in another locality “b**:e the laws were obstructed and tbe National autboiity disputed. On her soil there* was no hos tile foot. If once invaded, that occasion was a* an end, ana with it all pretext for martial law. Martial law cannot arise from a pretended Inva sion. The necessity must be actual and present; the invasion real, cuch as cdcctnaliy close* the courts and deposes the civil administration* It i? difficult to see how Ihe safety of the country required martial law In Indiana. If any of her citizens were plotting treason tbc power of arrest conid secure them uuul the Government was prepared for ih*-ir trial, when the court* were open and ready to try them. It was at easy to protect wimesre? b- fore a civil as a military tribunal, and as there could bo no wish to con vict except on sufficient legal evidence, snrclv an organized and established court was better aide to judge of this than a military tribunal composed of gentlemen not trained to tbc profession of law. H iollows4rom what has been said on this sub ject that there are occasions when martial rule can nc properly applieo. Ifinlorelcn Invasion or mil war the courts are actually closed, and It is .!ta po-siblc to administer criminal justice according to law. then on the theatre of aclon of military open.(Jon? where war retlly prevails there is a ncccb-Ity to tnnueb a substitute lor the civil aninotity thus overthrown to preserve tbe saivty of the army and society: and as no power is left bat tho military, it is : Rowed to govern by martial rule null] lilt* laws can bavt- ihtlr tree course. As necessity denies the inle, so it limits its duration ; for if Hi?** Government is continued after the courts are reinstated, it is agrees nsn pinion of jiower. MaruaJ rnle ran never « xln whore the courts are o on and in the proper and obstructed exercises c tb ir jniisdictlnn. It te also confined to the lo cality ol actual hostilities. Because during the late rebellion u could not have been enforced in Virginia, where tbo national authority was over turned and ihe courts driven out, it docs not fol low that It should ob’ato in Indiana, where that authority wa? never disputed and justice was ai wa j e administered. And so in the case of foreign Invasion, martial rule may become a necessity in one Slate when in another it would t>e “mere lawless violence.” ♦ ‘ » • *.• • • It Improper to say, although 3!tl!lgan’s trial and fcotivicuon by a .Military Commiyiion was Illegal, yet if guilty of the crime? imputed to him, and hi? emit had been ascertained by an established Comx r.nd impartial Jury, be deserved severe punishment. Open resManco to the measure? deemed necessary to ?cbdue n great rebellion, i>y Those xvho enjoy the protection of the Govern ment, and have not the excuse even of prejudice of section to plead in their lavor. la wicsea; bat that resistance become? an enormous crime when it assumes the fotm ol a secret political organiza tion, armed to oppose the laws, and which seeks by stealthy mean? to introduce (he ene mies of the country into peaceful communities, thereto light the torch of cml war, and thus overthrow the power of the United Slates. Con spiracies like these at such a Juncture are ex tremely p. tiloue, and those concerned In tuem arc donirerous enemies to their country, and should receive-the heavloat penalties of the law, as an example to deter others from similar crim italiondct-t. It Is said tbc severities of tire laws caused them; but t engross was obliged to enact severe law? to meet tbo crisis—and. as our highest civil duty is to serve our country when in dtnger, tbe late war ha? proved that rigorous law?, when accessary, will be cheerfully obeyed by a patriotic ptcple struggling to preserve the rich blessings of a free gov ernment. Tbc two remaining ques tion? is (bi? case must be answered In the nffiimnuve. Tbe suspension of the privilege of tbe writ of Aafr-c? coiyit doe? not enswendthe writ ItselC The wnt issnes as a matter of course, and on the return made to it Ihe Court decide? whether tbe party applying is decree the right of proceeding any lortncr with it. If the military •rial of Millicran was contrary to law, then he was entitled, cn tbe tacts stated in hi? petition, to be discharged from custody by tbe term? of theact of Congress ot March 3,ISS. Tbc provisions of t: l? law, having Vi-n considered in a previous part of this opinion, we wi.l nut restate tbc views there presented/ Milligan avers that be was a citizen cf Indiana, not in the ..milita ry or naval service. and was de tained in close confinement by order of the Presi ded from the £th day of October. ISC4, until tho second day of January, l£C5, when the Circuit c oart for the district of Indiana, witn a Grand’ Jury convened in session at Indianapolis, and aitcrward on the 27th of the same mouth adjourned wlthc-nt finding any indictment or presentment agamti him. If these averments are true—and u cir truth Is conceded for tho pnrpo cs of this case—lhe conn was required to liberate him on taking certain oaths prescribed by tbc law, and entering into recognizance for his good behavior. But it I? insisted that Milligan vas a prisoner of war, and therefore ex cluded from tbe privilege of tbe striate. It I? not ea?v to see how be can be treated as a prisoner of war when be lived in Indiana for tbc past twenty years, was arrested there, and nad not been dur itiglho late troubles a residert of any of the States in rebellion. If in Indiana he conspired wun bad men to assist tbc enemy, be t? punishable for it In the court? of Indiana; bat when tried for the ol fence be ctenot plead the rigbls of war. for he wo? not engaged in Icgat acts of hostility ag.unst the Government, ana only such person?,'when captured, ate prlsoneis of war. If he cannot en ioy the immunities attaching to the diameter of a put oner of war. how can he be subject to tbotr pains and penalties! This case, as well a, the ttrdrcd case ol Bowlc« and Horsey, was disposed ot at the last term, and tbe proper orders cn -o-ffl on recoid. TbCiCis, therriore, no addition al entry required. Vrr.TTTA. Bmn.—A meeting of Illinois soldiers and others in favor of organizing a mtlitla force, will be held (hie evening, in parlor No. 1, Tre out House, to hear the report of the committee • ppointed at a previous meeting, NUMBER 209, Opinions of Uw Press. fProm the Anamosa (Iowa) Eureka.) The Chicago Tbibcse.—The TnmcxE hac nev er trembled, shrank or faltered, and baa always been radical, decisive and onward In Its course. For ability It stands at tbe head of the press of Whoever desires the most able and fearless metropolitan journal this side of the Allccbanlcß should take the Chlcwo Taimrxß. We-havc exchanged with it for years, and know whereof we affirm. Strong men will here find a friend after their own heart, and weak men will and themselves strengthen'd. There is no paltry nambj-pamby about it. Take the Tbibcxe. IFrom the Belle Plaine (Iowa) TranscrioM Teh Chicago TnißvsE.—lt b a large paper, soil eaitca by an efficient corps of editors. In politics It U radical and always on the foreground, never afraid to herald to the . world. In coldest terms, the principles it advocates. By reading the adveitisement, we can easily see what it pro fesses, and we engage to say it will livenptoi's profession. fFrom the Claremont (Iowa) Ledger.) Chicago XntBCSE.—No paper in the West has exerted equal miluence over public sentiment ao other paper excels it a- a netes paper—nor has any paper been a mom fearless defender of cor rect principles in poliiiea. [From the Maqnokela (Iowa) Excelsior.) Chicago TmarxE.—lt gives ns pleasure to recommend this paper to oar nations, for, while wo sometimes, differ with it In the views it advances, for general information, news, commercial and market reports, we regard It as the best paper on our U>t of exchanges. In politics it is very radical; It Is not content with impaniaL It favors universal suffrage, and is tearless In the advocacy of wbii it believes. It comalne many interesting articles upon acri cnl'iue, manufactures, literature and science. All classes of out commnultv can find matters of interest and profit in its columns. [From tbe South Bend Register.) Chicago Tuxbo e.—i he prospectus of this lead ing Republican paper of the West will be found in this week's Mfjttin, and to that we refer our readers, Ac. TheTmocsE la too well and favor* ably known to require a lengthy notice Irom us Ua well-earned reputation for enterprise and abil- Uy will doubtless be sustained the coming year, and as it is one of the largest a* well as one of the best papers published. we expect to see us dren lation largely increased. ET'WAIT BROTHER*, AiUerrtslna Aa’l* 1-0 Drarbi>rn*Mi( receive advcrUHcmcuts for all lUe lending papers throughout the Doited Slates and Cananar. 3H)c grating gcason. 'Y^T'ABASHAY. BIKE! OPEN DA Y .VND EVESDfG FINEST ICE IN THE CITY. FULL BAND TO-SIGHT. SKATING PARK, OPEN AFTERNOON AND EVENING. Splendid Ken - Sheet of Icc. FULL Great Western Light Guard Baud IS THE EVENING. The ogden skating park is the envy of all Uie Park? ia the city. TVe have a MAGNIFICENT SHEET OF ICE! And we can Insure a good time to all. GO TO THE “OGLDER.” QENTRAL PARK Has a New Surface of ICE* HARD JSLX33 SOXiIB Open all Say and This Evening. t\7 est sIDE r i m is.: SPLENDID ice; GREAT UNION BAND. Xo-Mglit! To-Sightl Mr. J. Powers will appear! SSnnobals. I^EiIOVAL. Corn Exchange Bag Factor v= Wc have removed to onr old stand. £.83 South Water-st., Where all orders ■Killbcprunivdly wlled- hm, ASTEfi & GD. JJEiIOYAL. WHITE’S BAGGAGE AND PACKAGE EXPRESS COMPANY ARE KEHOTI.VG To their Blew and Commodious Oflices at 4H Stata-st.. where their patrons will Ctrl they have steered greatly extended facilities (dr the transaction of business. ffiaaiitrti. EXPERIENCED BUSINESS 31AJV, Coir.potent Bookkeeper, Cashier or Agent, wants a sit uailun at moderate s wary. Address •* J D,” Tribute Office. WANTED * TO FTOCHASE OE EEET. A good FRAME DWELLING. With modem Im* Dtovemenu. with lot from 23 to so lee: front. Most he w*st of t*nlon Park, on either Warren or Washington* ets„or Park-av. Address “VV p,*’ Trihnne office. TO WHOLESALE GROCERS—I want to purchase the STOCK AND TRADE Of a wholesale grocery business, lor cash. Address ••GROCER,” I’.O. Box 19. 2En ivent. 'J'O WHOLESALE MERCHANTS. Proposal* are incited for the rental for a tern of j ears 01 &fii>t-cls«a Five-Story Stone-Trout Store (8lxK0). which It Is proposed to*vyi darlocthccom- Irii season, on the t.i-t sided naba?h>av„between Handilph and Wasbinuton-its. Adore-?, Mating where on Interview maybe had. P.O. Boxggtl. TJ ARE CHANCE. TO RENT. Second Floor of 74 and 70 LnUo-*t. {3T Inquire on the premises. (General Notices. |JXIOX SCREW AND BOLT CO. Tbe books are now open torenb’crlptlon to stock In the Union Screw and Doll Company ct Cblcaco. at IIS Franklln-st* where a machine li in operation malinc screws on an entirely new principle. ATTENTION, SADDLERS! A SADDLE HAND cuj be oblalccd b, Ircinlrtnff ct o.t.shanton, Barry. Pike Comity, IIU /^ACTION.—AII persons are hereby V. /' cautioned ag.ltsl porchoElcz a note of hand tor ocehntdrrd and liftv dollars, cated abontthelfrth of October, is**, elven by the cncemsrned to and in Cwor ot Lcicnre Elclridpc.of Chicago, payable from thirty to nicety davstrom the *ald date, as we bare paid tbe •aid tote and hold the rocelot tor it. GANTT & YOUNG gECOfi HAND STAMP, With Complete Dates for 12 Tears* NO TYPE B SITING—KO SOILED FiKGEUa. Dates Changed in a Twinkling SECOR HAND STAMP CO., Office 73 Deorborn-st. T?LECTION NOTICE.—There will be X-J "r election of Directors for the COMMEKUIAL iKbURAKCt COMPANY, lor the ensnlngyear, on MONDAY, Jan. 7.1867. trom 10 to 12 o’ciick a.tm. At the Company's Office, 40 LaSall^st. J. FARMER, Sec*y. totsKotlrcs. pAY YODK TAXES. The Beal and Personal Taxes For State, County acd Town pnrprses, tot the yean ISS6, for the TOWN OP WEST CHlCAGO,aienow due, and can be paid at my office, on Corner 3. JACOB GROSS, Collector Town ot West Chicago. Slacking. BLACKING. Z. Y. X. W. 1890. DR. De VISHNU’S CELEBRATED WATER-PROOF BLACKING. BLACKING. BLACKING. BLACKING. BLACKING. The Best Preparation Extant Softening, Beautifying and Preserv ing tie Itatiifr» And Keeping tlio ITcet Dry. Manufactured and os Wholesale by LLOYD & TURNER, 155 South Clark-st, Chicago* Liberal ludncemcats to the Trade. Scud tor whole tale price list. IBosteri), yptions, See. FIK3I. SEIIW, CARTER & CO., 22 S.ASB-ST., Importers arid Jobbers or HOSIEEY, WHITE. GOO»§, Notions, Twines, Etc. THOMAS D. SEYMOUR, THOMAS B. CARTER, 1 Late with JAMES TWAMIET, f' Stic Agouti for Bigelow’s Celebrated EL” PAPER COLLARS! insurance. HIGH ACTHOIUTY.—We band vou for pubi'i aUon the enclosed circular.* .*• uressedtothc President of the WASHINGTON* LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, ot New YorK. It will ha Kcu that “HIE MU I UAL LIFE” lias promptly nckr.ow.tdp <1 It? error, and suppress'd n circular con. JaiLinz iLlp'tatemonts respcctlne oar Company, We contdder this fair and gentlemanly. Yours, trulv. „ w PAOt & MASON. Goa l Agents Washington Lifts Its. Co., Chicago. [ISCLOSCEE.] Omcß of the ilnrAL Line ixs. Co. or y. ) Bcoadwat. coe. I.tnsirrr-sr., v New Your. Dec. A WW. ) Crura Crrnn. Esq.-Dear Sir: Mr. Winslow has hapd<d me a mm ted circular, issued la oar oehait but without onr know.cdcc or auUw rlty, which contains nn pnlavorable mid Incorrect reference to roar Com* rnuT. it is the tlrst 1 bare seen ot this circular, and will s< c that it i? promptly supprewd. The accnt probably took the siaiemsnt from an early copy of a Western circular, which came to my notice a few w eeks ago, and which, knowing the stat-meat to he untrue, I caused to be suppressed toriUwilh. I trust you may nut be annoyed by luis m future. Your?, tmlr, (Signed) UICUAUD A. McCDRDT. gji;3igmncnt-j. NEW ORLEANS MOLASSES. 200 Brit. TColswc* just received di rect Trent New Orleans. Fox sale by or. ‘W. DOAN.ir. <te CO. QHOICE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR— By Single Barrel or Quantity. Freeh table batter (very nice), lo howls, Jan or tuba. For sale at No. South VTaier-st. UKE S H CODFISH, On consignment troni Boston, wctl frozen sad In good condition. Orders from the trade solicited. E. I*. MAlihli. 156 South Water St. , QKUDK SALTPETKE. 100 bBR9 best Equality CRUDE SALTPETRE, forinlcby SSIITH A'DWYEK. Wholesale Druggists. P 2 and 91 Laso«t. QA*H ADVANCES Bade on S i' meats of PROVISIONS & DRESSED HOGS To New Tort. Abo. os PROVISIONS IN STOKE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, CALTDETRE. ° CRUDE SALTPETRE, For Packers’use, torealehy JOSEPH B. PHELPS 13 Chamber of Commerce. \3ljotograpljßi. TUST SEE HERE!—Owing to many #| olonr easterners having numerous triends who iuetting tcady for holidays), were unable to eapp:y themst-ive-. with onr eleeaot cartea, during the mouth Just ended, wc shall, (tor their accomodation). coupons the redoc ed prices for a few days longer.' cartes, tIAU per dozen ; porcelain, 12.C0. proposals. y,~[ARBOR WORKS AT Grand Haven & Black Lake, mcniGAN. • OmCBSrpECnCTESI’IXr. E-NOtyXFB,IIARBOn( Ixreoviuients, I*akx Michigan. < Milwaukee. Wisconsin, January l« X 357. ( Sealed proposals, 1c duplicate, of the form furnished bv the will cc rece.ved at this olllee anti] ihcnsdaj-.tbc Hlh day ifFcbroary, is67,at Wm-for Improvina the harbors of Grata Haven and lilacs Lake. Michigan. . „ ... , . . The improvements at Grand Haven will consist ol 15.CU3 fed. nu re or less, of close piling to protect the sontL tank «.f the mer near toe entrance and an ex* tctMcn of the south pier for 600 feet ny cribs filled with the Improvements at mack Lake will be extensions of thepruwnt piers, MS feet in alt, a-d dredg ing Tbeiln.-uslns will be betweea the piers, ami tor placlnutbenew cribs, and will amount to 50,0-XI cubic ysres, more or l»?s. Plans and specifications are on file la the office, sud wilt be shown to all who wl-h to examine them for the purpose of estimating. T<>e rropceau will be separate tor each work, and for csfh class of material or labor for earn work. Bide will be rvcdvol lor a p«rt or lor the whole of'*llher work. The work to b" nnWiod hr October I, is®. Ttcse works will be let to the lowest mroaMbls bid* der, rcsrrvlnc to the United states the right to reject aav or all Mds. It'dclcrs are requested to be presect upon the opening of the bids. Tie duplicate proposals will be endorsed, enclosed In separate envelope?, and addressed to Major J. B. WHEELER, U. S. Engineers, Mliwaakce, Wl*. RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Lonsvrtts. CxscnnsiATi an) ) Lexes'Sto.n lUiLEOiD Office. > LonsTlLtt, Ky H Ifilh December, 13C5. J SEALED PROPOSALS wiU be recelvedat this once, oo the 3m January, 1b67, tor the graduaLon ani ma* poniT cl over seventy miles. (In mue sections,) of the Cincinnati Branch of tbl* railroad. The work is ofao unnsualiy desirable character fir rood contractors, ue line accessible by steamboat and turnpike, and the country fml ofsapolies. r-robtes will be ready for examinatlco on and alter 10th Jatcsry. ravavtts lor work done will be made mcnUny la cpsL' acd with the n>oa) reservation. K'lcrencvs vli) be required Dora contractors not per*om»ilv knftra, a-.d ihe Company rrftrvc the right to re'cct udv bids not deemed to their interest. I, M. ST. JOHH, ffiadjinenj. ■*“ OR'V ACACR3CAH FARM HULL. Grinds from five (5) to twelve (12) bushel* of Floor or Fiecptr hctir, with 2-fccrse power. Tte only iron Mill which resay ghinm ; all otcer Milts cur the Grain. PRICES f€o AND 9130. ADO, EMPIRE BELF-REGU LAYING WIND MILLS. “ PKIChB FROM s<s3 UPWARDS^ ry Western Depot, 46 West Lake-.t- Chicago. » K. OP.VIS. General Agent. iisncationsl. pHICAGO ACADEMY, ■Winter Term commences WEDNESDAY, Jan. S, 1367. GEO.ff. WOODWARD, Principal. MRS- A. B. WOODWARD. Freccptrets. jTor ti)g Q.EHUXITE MserschaumPipes&GigarHoiders ‘t sattncrst>!y. Notice of dissolution.—The firm cl GRAVES & IBVINB I? ibis day dissolved by limitation. Either partner haa pen ir Ui aluo the fim name in liquidation. ADDISOtf GRAVES. CHAHI.R.H J. IKVIMB. Chicago, Jaa. lit, 1367. 7H LaEeat Wctave this day formed a Copartnership under the name and siy.cof IRVINE, JONES & CO., and will continue the boitueis ot GRAVES «IBTISS. tot the prn.uit,al the oiu stand. 78 Xials.e>st, f Previous to REMOVAL tn February to No* 19 Lake-st, up stairs. - CHARLES J. IBVINB. 3JATHAKIEL a. JONHS, _ . EDWARD M.»RdPSOjfr Chicago. January 1,1567. J^ISSOLTJTIOX-' The Co-partu-nhlp heretofore existing between the undersigned. cnacr the same and style or SMITH & BLISS, 19 this day dissolved. WASHINGTON SMITH havtajr dbpo?cn of Ms interest to SAMUEL BLXss, who » oat ihonrcdtoclcseup the uceettled bnslnwol the lata flam and use the firm's name Id liaoidatins. WASHINGTON SMITH. „ &AMCZITBUS6. Cdicago, January Ist, 1567. Tbe undersigned will continue Ua Wholesale Grocery Business at the oM stand. 43 South Water-^t. Acknowledging the many favors of tne Mend* -at the late Atm of SMITH A BAIaS, he trust* m merit a con tinuacce of their trade. SAMUEL Rt r<.<. Chicago. Jooaary fet,iS6T. T^ISsOLTTTION. —The • Copartnership XJ Ol FARGO. BILL A CO. Is this dav <lUaalT.il by t* utaal consent. * Either partner isamhotUcd to receive or make cot- Unices One ns. Ibc books acd accoaau will rcmala at cor old f land. 4S ud AO VYabua-AT_ with oar auc rosors.Fargo,Falca A Co, to wh.-m uayraent la re quested. CHaS.B. FaRGO WM. A. BILL, ’ „ BENTiV D.FALES. January lamsct. SAM's M. FARGO. COPAKTiNERSm I?. The undersigned hate this day entered into copart, ccablp, under the rtnu natar of FXKQO. b'ALBS & cooler continuing tre bailees,* of WbolesaiciLuiaao. taring ana Jobbing of Hoots and Shoe*, at •IS aod 30 tvabasb*aT. CHAS. U.PARBO, HBNR7 D. SAU'L iL FARGO. j«ra*rrist.iS67. T'DISSOLUTION.—The Copartnership L/ heretofore existing under the name and »»le 5 &A-m:HLfE. WKI.LS & FAL-LKNEK, t*r<jcew» is this day dissolved be mutual cocieaL Either pariter rill »lgn la uauidatiou. M. L. SATTERLEE. E. S. TTELLifc^ 9. FAl'LK.Vfili. Chlcaco. Dec. 3151,1956. The noicrslgaed will coanaut the Wholwa-c Rr.ice. ry biutsns, oa sacccwcrs to th» Brmof Satt-r?«. wwi« A Faulkner, ucrttr the naire sr.tl styi** ot WELLS & FAFLKSEU.ftt the < lrt stand, So. fli Soath Wat»r el-, ft&d stall be bi»ppy t 5 n-cclre the patrotug.? so lib erally cnjcy«j by our late Urn. Omi-ik rrst*-viAilly m iIIIUcI nod carefully executed. E. S. WELL*. Chicago, Jaa. Ist. ISK. s. FAULKS EK. pvISSOLUTIOX.—The firm heretofore t. £ «Uung and»r Uie Lame tea siyloof KAWSOJT, BAKTLEIT & CO* la Ihl* rtav dl«*olrea t>r matakf cc-nscnc s. W. Bawsoj*, JOHN A. BARTLRTT, WILLIAM B. m>.->WRT.T., WILDER M. BUSH- Jan. l, iftT. The nnderslmcU have this day formed a copsrtnor y*>P under the name and «>lc ol BARI LETr. HOW £**L 4 BUM!.for the purpose ofciirrvim; oaacea eral Wholesale 800 l and Shoe buajrr**. at tb*,nM: Hand, JO Lake-fit. JOHN A. BARTLETT. WILLIAM B. ROSWELL. WILDER il. BUSH. JftC.l.tS67. JQItftOLUTION. The l>D«lne* heretofore carrl'd on bribe underalir-etl la U.lrtm.T, under the firm name ofGILUKRr, UF- X)IKE & CO., id this aay dissolved by limitation. CHAS. X U iLßKirr, GEO. W. I■ Plinth- __ GEO. FIELD. Also, the firm otrrmKP, FIELD A- CO„ doln» hßslaeiS Is St Locl«, is dissolved br limitation. GEO. TV. UPDIKE. RED. FIELD. C. J. GILUEUT, GEO. DAIN. The HiSlrcM In Chfeacn will hornrmmcM hr CM?. ** co * Field, under the arm name ofuiL -I'KltT A Kle-T.D, anrt m at Louis bv Geo. \V. Updike IMl.s’t CO A nctlef l!jtf Cnu canio ofUPIHRB, _j l n. J. IvILiAN T'thl'dar admitted a partner In onr business ns TMoiaalc ■ roettrs. EWING, SRISGS & CO. Chicago. January i. ;sut. QOrARTKESHIP NOTICE. W.M. CIIAUNLEThw an Interest with ns from lit wnRELER^a?. 31 '* 1 ' ln *? te ct °™- a£u - A - Chicago. January S, IJC7. UR. WIIIIAM (}. MEM) Is a member of onr firmirom this niE.U) A: IIIGCIN'9. January I.l'iST- QOFAKTKLKSiJiP NOTICE. Mr. TVM. p. BUMBLE I* admitted to an interestm oor Lou-;efrom and after Oils dale. CHAS. ISEAKIISLEEBKOXIiEKS & Co. Chicago, January l, ISC7. 'niSSOIXTIOa OP COPAKT.XER XJ suip. MR. B. H- GILLETT withdraws Ircm our Ann this day. GU-LEXT, TITUS & CO., Chicago, Jar. I. 1567. DcniStrg. a’EETH tXTUACTED- WITHOUT A. TAIN.by the ureoOittrottaOUdeGaa fi.oo Each. mealiest Gold Filing. -jyt Each, larger and more complicated S.OO iM.oo Destroying and Kcmovtce Nerve- m In'attnj: Licenced Tuoth, preparatory to Clime JJB SeparatliieTccth s*\4 I.CO removing Superficial Decay 50'* UO f’k-an>lm; Teeth a.S'V-i 5.00 Fllllne Norte Cavities, each iiO 1- MTttoc Pitot Teeth 4.1-0 4 5,00 fceia of Teeth ob Kuhbdr 13.OMiaO.QO SB. J. O. rdSKSWOBTS’S DENIAL KOOMS, UC RANCOLPH-ST., Opposite Col. Wood’s Museum. J y VIDEND. "The directors of ••The Commercial Nation*! Bank ol Chicago” have this Cay declared a semi annual <Ut- Idttid of tU per cent free of Government lax, piyaila on the second Tuesday of J.mua-y ie*t The traa-dcr boons will be closed until .lar.ni-r 10. t«fT. M. D. BUCHANAN. Cashier. AHA TO ON IM- O* )• 7 • \ f\ I \f PROVED REAL EoTAXB la tills dty. ln -‘-Bis cf *3.000 and upwards. cEo.n. nozEP, Real Estate and Loan Broker, 9S LaSallo-st. on CIT3T RSAX ESTATE. PARKER 4 LYMAN. No?. 1 .land IT Portland Black, are new prepared to mediate mortgage* on real es tate In this city, through their correspondent! la New Tor* and Boston. Business CarhK. Beal Estate Aseota, Kansas City, Buy and Sell Real Estate on Cash terms. Will send circulars, niapj,orothtrlnforn>aUoo,Qpcn application- Refer to Governor Tnos. C, Fletcher, of Mo- Secrc* tary of State Francis Rodman. glllTH & DEXTER, .PEO3UCE cosimssioir merchants, OFFICE AND WABEUOCSE.No. 10 Deartom-sU Chicago. Consignments respectfully solicited. TfSTABLIaHED IN 1838. IVILLIA2 LITTLE & CO., Commission For the Sale cr Pnfchaae ol Grain* Floor* Scrd«. Buffer, Deeded non* ilried Fruicwand Provtnion*. 'Warehouse, 231 South Water*st.*, CHICAGO. We reftr to Merchant?* National Bank, or any ot the Old-cslab tsped Hanks or Merchants. "\7[7ILLLAAIS, YOUNG & KAA3, V T tVholtfale Grocer?. No. 3-1 Rlvcr-ik* sole a cents for Harinzcr d; Jones* celebrated Fr-nch Mus tard. Wholesale dealers supplied at lowest New York price, adding freight. A FULL te~TOCg constantly kept on hand. QEO. H. ROZET, REAL ESTATE ASD LOAN BROKER, OS l^aa-alle-sst. Loans cecollatec on Ileal Estate. Bonds, Stocks. Warehouse KccelptM r«! other securities. ONE OP THE MOdT USEFUL IN VENTIONS OF THE AG E-TV M. U. Si£ITU'S GREAT WESTERS BAG HOLDER May he seen at tte CITY ”OT£L. State and Coasts RluhG for baio by the inventor. - pAKD'b PATENT ERICK XftACSmXL Office and manufactory 5a &Jath Jefferaoc-rt. P» Inlurmaacn and dtsertpure circular addrrsa r. K. GAKi), JJANK OP MONTREAL. KOIICE TO DEPOSITORS. In accordance with orevlccs Intimation* to the Do* e liters with the Chicago A sene* of this B vn«, the - ink baa cessed and ciscontmued it* Bar knur acd Do peeltbnelressin this city, and those Dep*«lnrj *bd nave not aireadv signed the requisite receipt tor their balances ore requested »o call and do so* sad recelvy their baikLCis. at their earliest conveaisace, at the of. mLH.FAT.K.^t. Chic. SO. Dec. 31,1553. Chief Engineer. ifot Salt, EOP.SES FOR SALE OF TOE GOIDDUST BREED, At Eden Stock Farm, rich; miles from the city ot Loolaville, Ky. Thtae hi-rsca include the to read that have challenged tic world tor sp.td and bottom, throcub “Wilkes 7 Spirit of the Times”; also, Lydi» GoUhlost* that won lorfelt ot Mongol a celebrated Bruno lu three race*; also, Matty GoldduiC. that won lortilt over ten ofrbebwt two year olds of Keatncky in th- toll cf IS©* and the noted style sad speed mares Sae GolddnsL Koa Golddcst. These, with many O tb s'', mate up the be*t and mo*t decant hit of trotters evtrotfcrwltcraaleln America. Xam now orwanr over 75 mare* annually cf the most improved croaes t>l Mortrans and thorough-breeds, and can supply tln cle and donble driving horses breed marc* or stal lions ot anr desired aces, at the shortest notice. TH net L.-ILIXiiCSSY.Jtt. -D 1 PKOPELLEH FOR SALE. The Prcpeiler Ottawa* rating Bl.aad beamy re* rahedln Ust, well touod and lacoodcop-ilii u oto fsrtdtni sale. For further particular* (necireof fenaioi WOODBURY. XQ OacM*t* -Merchants, patents. Banking

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