3 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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nonnt of property Insured where an Increase of . -sk has cotbcin tn.ly and properly estimated. 1 *atis to ray, in large bniljmgK where new occn - tnie arc being admitted. Formerly inis was a bject of cnreinl investigation, and became an tcmial part of the contract. To some extent, present, I: l« Ignored. » fltttm’. t bs** been made during the pa*t rear, re-organization of ihc rnderwriter- 4 ' A*?o* «4Jon, to systematize the In*arance' bn*me«s ®f U\i« city, 'the organisation dlf’d «>nl in l>sl. ■Otaicc the past year U ha« been revived. As yet, . a majority of tbc rompanle* represented la oar jki-’.y by ibVlr agencies, havenotjoin-uib'* ajsocls- - I iinortanec, “ only to fnsuicrs, bnt to tho vt-n public woo g ibe insured. Their object- is not simply •- regulate existing tarid*. but also to ejoacly )iUtilie the *»•. ibe ri«- ojsnxaio by trance companies. ard to adopt rules and rce tiros v i-h regard to them, ’nicy stand, as ll re, acne:d beiwe-n (he insurer and Insured, .cv would regulate ’ tbc bnrtness or the com- that ai.rofltaldc result wonla ensue, 'and a* tt-c same time strengthen them so that la tLrtr stren-th the public at large would I* benefited. rte in-Utnllon ehoald be tnoron ,, hlv supported. It underwrites the whole bv 'lues-*. ’ it gives additional value,strength, aui character fo the insurance interest. ll Is worthy of the most cordial support .. .. The immense amoent ol building which has ac companied the increase of the city, has conse qcentiv added much to the insurance fcucrost. The total cumber of insurance companies located and rvr:e-cctc - In Chicago la 124. OJ these, there are >2 arc and marine companies, 37 life Insurance companies, and 5 accident companies—a'l represented by agcils. Included In tuese there are thirteen fire and marine rompaale?, two life companies and one accident company, which are local cd here, and in which our citizens arc the stockholders. . . In cUrcing over the list we herewith append, It Sll be seen that ibe foreign companies bear a il-tle?crrcd reputation tor iheir solid- substan tial character. Many of them have not only ac quired a venerable name lor their age, bn* are entitled to that respect which is dne to substan tial merit. Our “home” companies are too well smown to nccdespecial comment.- The names connected with their Hoard of Direction is a snfll cicnt guarantee of their stability. they are not onlv sound and substantial, bi-t loandednmra real capital, artnallv paid in. and fully responsible for all the ri‘ks they underlain. The Tear >«ict eloeed has beyn. In o p- cuniarj sense, 'a disastrous one to tbe tu-arance as we have already stated. Elsewhere it win he ftown the probable amount paid cat tor looses incurred bv Are. has bren less dne to s» tho«e results growing oat of carelessness, dJ.-aonch In a commercial sente there has ocen, doebttc-ss, mure causes for'areon. _* Uf * I- snrav.ee has fuUv kept pare with tne ■ growth and piesp.-nty of the city. Itls boom in- almc-: universal. All classes of the commit- I;l v, Horn ibe highest to the lowest, are pervaded ■will: its importance, and a 4 a coureqncncc have \er> generally and practically shown their appro ’The following is a list of the companies dolcg buskers In this city. accident insurance companies. National Travellers’, New Yck, 1.. C. Hall. Ntw York Accidental, New *ork, Paul & Cblcagn.OrriUe Page. Travellers* Hartford, s. M. Moore & Co. Providence, Holmes & Co. • LOCAL TIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES. Firemms’. Chicago, S. P. Walker. Citizens’, Chirac*'. E. U- Tomlinson. Commercial, Chicago. Z. Farmer. Gauleu Citv, Chicago. 11. U. Brown. Globe, Chicago. John Janes. Home Mutual. Chicago, J. M- Cutler. Equitable. Chicago. B. W, PhllUnS. Lr.nb(’:manV. t'hicag'. T. L. Miller. Mercantile Mutual, Chicago. A. Cutler. Merci ants, Chicago, W. E. Hollo. Mutual Secciitv. Chicago. M. Kimball. Republic. Chicago, O. W.lßsrrvtt. m . Traocis’ Fire Sc vanne, Chicago, }H . T- Atwater. LOCAL LI IT CoarAJJltf. Northwestern Mutual, Chifciiro, C. B. DolrnM. Provident i.ifc. t'hic.’EO, H. A. Calkins. rcr.Ei>;N n::c and SAisrfE companies. “cderwriicrs Agency, iFire) New York; Loril* 'I, New York; Mercantile, New Yorkjßcgo •, Nlw York: Com Exchance, New York; V:x. ihooU.u. .lame* *fc Havis. tfurd Merchants’ and Connecucut Insar* cotEn-mii-. HtrtiorJ; Springfield Insurance ccativ Mu-*-.; Ilnoe Insurance > nnnv* New Barca; Irvine Insurance Compa . New York, S M. « oorc & Co. Mutual Insurance Company, Alton, 111. A. Ili-Vueai'. r 'ortincn;al. Market and L-ifayetfe Insurance ‘T'lpaiue--. Now Yo/1:; C;tv Fire InsttrauceCom* .::.v Ua’tfotd. U. W. Phillips A Co. ,I'jr.a, Fi'i nix. North American and New Entr ai d insurance Compsnle-, Hanford, uuown'd iDMinnppCoiapncv of North America, Plr'a : ■mpiii-'. Norwich Insurance Company. Norwich, tet. ' liolmps & l«ro. „ , ir. -c ircr.oliJaa Insurance Company, New York, - ' r t‘i li'vrcv i i'o "" in>nr-ucc Company, Buffalo; Scenrity p.i.cu k oiujuujy i,niailEe dep't), New loik E. PcorKPcnria. 111. .1. K,. Murphy. Suit insurance lonipany, Cleveland. »>m.OI colt. or jir.d Atlantic Insurance Companies, New Tork. ’i. Atwater £ Co. Lamar zi d Amu i- an EsrbasOC Uomoaoics.Ncw York, It 11. .iorcau £ Co. Crirnii*rci- Insurance Company, Albany; Hope Imuis;Lcc I'ompany, I’roviCiec-: Buckeye Ininr atc. Company, dert-lana. H. H- Brown. I’Ktiiam Insurance Company. Uamord. J\. E. ttcnri'T Insurance Company (Crc dep'i), Now You;. if. U. VouWaireuen.J ?. aoi) Baltic and Extuanpc nisunvnw* Com* p sL ic-. iciv York; Nan/urar.-itl,E'lU taMc, and Arici tcanjusurai-ce Companies, Providence. I*. Nctv Er~lnm! Mutual Marine and American In •crar.ce CiiJiifonit*!*, Boston; North American, j>c-‘Mor. .Etna a d Humboldt Insnrnnce Com rsDie-. New York: Enterprise Insurance Com* psnv, Cincinnati. I. F. Hobson >te Co. Firenuti'e and Becknrin Insurance Companies, New Veil.; Albany city lufuraoe* Company, Ajbar.r; Mc-cantik Insurance Company, Non Vmk. Her drick. 1 read-*ay* Co. Burak'* Insurance Company, Uiuulo; totnmer* clal and Cleveland Insurance Companies, Cleve -d. C. Hinckley A Co. ami Condon and Globe Insurance Compel-V, New Y’otk. Wmxcn A' Hnl/ct. liu-rnuiiouul, Arctic and Maadard Insnra'cc Comj.ar.les, N* w Yosk; JNoridence Washlnclon and McrchauV Insurance Companies, Prortdeaco. T. L. Miller. Home. Manhattan. and Howard Insurance Com* park s, NeW Virk. A. C. Inwi*. New York and Vonke«s Insurance Company, New Ycr-; CupPa! 1 ity In-uranca Company, Alkanr; Insurance Company, bpnn"- £r!u. 111. 'leak «fc F shcr. FOUEION I.IFE INSfBAXCE COJXPAKfEfI. Atlantic ilnlnrd Lif-. Albany,«. 11. Beebe, liuk'kire, ri-tt-cld. Ms*?., it. 11. Jordan & Co. Brooklyn, Brooklyn. James « lUvis. Charter Oak. Jlaru'a.M. Vt. U Bells- Connecticut General. II iritord, w. I*. Bsrnnta. Mutual, Hmtioid, b. M. Moore EcuitaKo, Now Yod:, L-C Wilder. G-uerc! 1 ile. Hartford, .Tame 4 Watrman. Globe Mutual, Nw Vork,.L K. l/sonard. Great Wc-tjn. Life, Poner Bros. Gcaidian, Now York. IHal). Hahnemann, riiil.idelntua, G. D. Beet).*. Eome/hrooklyn, -I. M. M*yk»*r. Inti rrafria!. London, L. C. Hall. John Hancock Mmual, 80-ton, U. K.Thom: irV.fTl>orii.r. Sew Vor!;, 11. F. .;ota«on. ' 'TX*. jabuttan Lite. New 1.1 - 'lill'J - - . -3C ■ 44 Mutual, Bii-lon, \\. T. Brcws.-r. “f uni i.eaeu-. X. •>.. T. B. Bryan. ' a -.tual LUv. New u. Croukhltc. zf I**'- uonal (.iit*, Wrnpu.t, i>. Goodwm. teSwEng'and Mnt -ii. .io-ion. B. W. PUttUps. New .lor-oy Mainer. i -'c » i-aer. York, New Yon., O. I*. Curran. iSIh Ai.:rr ican, Nov York.;!. I). Blake. Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, Dclen " Penn Mutual. Philadelphia. W. F. DeWolt Phcenlv Mnuisil, ’.'ouneciivut. U.Lockcy. Secnrltv Lite, Now Y0H.,.1 IL Knapp. Stale rintnal. Wore for, I . Nmirse. St. Muunl.M. Loal*. !1. Gilbrrt. Haiti d Mate-. New oi*-. W• D. Bab’.rcti. Universal Life, New Yelk, Smith, Life. New Yo»k, Paul & MaeOJ Widows' atd o-.phaus*, I. D. Parker. sill; presidents xew year’s v RECEPTION. The Visitors nt the Exectnlro MnttslO' Who They Were, Wlmt They WuiC, u How Tliry.Wortlt. WasrusoTOK, .January I.— Notwrb*»an*'ni lb-- Inclemency of tuo weather, the r. co.Uion fll jUecuttvc Mansion was the mo*l brill! ;nl o’ New Year's n-ccptions. The streets wcic filled with jrtlied -unw and tjusti, and pedestrians were glmor-t entirely excluded from cililng, hot at an ca -jv If>ui liie carriage- commenced earning to wet*' the Executive Mansion to go tbrasgh the loriJiulitics cf a New Year's Call. With the and diplomats the call was eJe -n• i;«: vo! ceremony ; with the raa-623 If was ere o 1 tVling, dutv, or carioeliy. The Pres ident looked nMj>uaUT well. lie was habited as -f .J ir-i i; >!r.i- '*-">i! i Jont, in a salt of r)lacU,pre c i-'-* tv w~witi?v m receiving his dally vls • *f‘ 'O’i l-i? I**f■ wa- stationed Judge U. S. Goad ' United Stares Marshal of the District of Co dM -, n .Ua. who was supported by Deputy Marshak j’jnllii;'* 1 . Jo whom the ulace and name of almost c-\ L -t' dciiir-'t) of the District, male, and female. - eniUely familiar, L'pou l*»e right. and little retir'd h-blnd th ; Pre c idc-it. wete Li; v lintmV-’.c daughters, Mrs Stover and Mrs. •Senator J , r. ,, er c ou, supported on the loft l)T Major 1* 11. v r«;:;ch, the lira—honored ma-tor of . cuh monies upon such occa.'l-jas. who acted 8s NtM.or. introducing the guests l-» the ladies ot the • •resident".- household, ihc reception was in the tilue loom. Mis. Stover arid M.s. I'a't-irson w*!*t: r iairilv. but exquisitely di --ed. .Mrs. Stover v.nrc a t-ladt °iiU die? 1 - with clo«e fliUag basque, trimmed o». the cuts and «;di*i sof t-a-que and no*- f-,n ol skirt with I*l a** sip; applique, vitli small black braid In a very elabo rate ar.d tasteful pattern ot leases and vines. Mrs. Ihittei hiu also wore a black silk, with tight fitting ba-que, braided with fine vsln'o luuid in the same pattern as her sl-rier, Mrs. Stover. Hulh ol these ladle* wore plain liaen CO.l.'irs and mourning luoochee anil ear-ring*. TCev were supported oy Miss Stover, a bright rirl’of sixteen summer?, and a gisler-m-law of gtover. She wav dressed very plainly, In a and bice bil'm braided with white silk, trimmed wIUi white bugle*. Her hair wa* ’dighl frizzled in front am yathered into a neat roll the ba-1;, by n band of nine cord. She wore a topaz brooch arid ear riO'^ 1 , and a delicate ‘•sprig” of jcssam'nc later hair. With iMuD-n-. urcoritCloUS prace, *he moved through the loom likcadreHmoi po ryx that may not be written or told. Mrs. Stover wore her hair »lich'lv frizzled in front and behind «• the bacV, with a c.-o-s of braids, and a simple while japorica was the only ornament. Mrs. I’at torson a hair was fathered In several *• vert leap nils at Uic back, end was relieved bya“sprlg" If n-s-amine on the 101 l mcc. To the right and rear of M p . Johnson were the pe tlemen of hi* ftftHi. aecrelary, etc., all In undress military uni- J°hripOTi, dr., wa® nl?o prc«ent,ln his tintform. At eleven o'cltux the reception ■ftt**an bv the entranceof the dignitaries. First VnTrmg'hcsc came Sir Frederick Druce, British in th** full regalia of his oT.ce, attended hv Frederick Arirobn- and .T. Unmu Barclay, Secretaries ot legation, with collars anrt calls covered with a profusion of gold lace. Ibis dele rttion was followed by M. Dcrihuucy, Froucb vtnifter, and bis suite; then came £>nor I'on G.-i'-ncl - Grechny Tas- Sra Enron Von G fruit, th” Pmsalan • . Mini«U’r. and his Indy: M. Waldcmar BodUco, d’Adairs of Uu>sia. and his lady, attended > s*fc‘ v ; D ce Itaalsof and M. B'»dls.-« and sister. sVk N alc.-ef and M. Bodlsco arc attaches of '‘i ivjogtiinD. The gentlemen oftbolcsa .cT*f7-- -ci ■ in lullvcrajia, and the ladle* richlv and ‘-A -1 Vivll' utlited. Tl«w»*'wx*rc followed by Itaron . eddersb d?. the Swedish .Minister. Gnllcweiz. '’■’■tnarpe d'AH.-lrs of Costa Kica, J. W, Vila, • m eretury of l/tpatmD of Guatemala* lenor r. Asia, Rnmatrc, Charge d’Affairs of ChJli, flt.tl lady; benor Komcro, Minister of the 'licpublicof Mexico, with hlsmottier end sister, and Fcr.or Mur-cUal, Secretary of I s;gatlou; Gen eral Solgar, Minister l.’oin the United Ftatcs of Colombia: D. Brnn, llayiian Secretary of llon t ,M- Von LimJ'tirg, Minister Irom the Nether liiul't Mr. Caiigtagaiil. -barge U'Auairs ol Italy, stsd a numcjou* suite of attaches nod members of legation. All. woie their hoooiary, aul were and elaborately orna moiled nr.ilotros. Consplrnons amorje. the laiii r of there visitors was the lovely wife c f tie Chilian charge «l*Aff«irs. >he was auli'iitnn maemfiecu blu- /civet robe, with a lor" i.-alt. which was hojuc by a small page in livetv. Immediately after the uj mlwrs of the Di'doiretsc Corps came menibetr ot the Cabinet, %ccreta v Stanton with i» . v . an lady. Secretary . itrowntii'' w ith two _youD3 ladles, one of whom daughter. These lad:*s aMracu-dauen- T , m only by their graceiol demeanor, - t,iu ’ oj i;-rlr attire, which was a plain black wmvaujf cress, with UppeU and mtd D r *-ngora vool. Poitm-oater Gene: at TTandall, AfJomcy General Ftanberry, S-rretary <n tbc'C fotiualiijes on account of domestic alilic -I‘cms. Alter the mcmlrers of Urn Cabinet, came ii»e Judges of the Supreme Court, beaded by >bicf Juet'cc Cbat-e; next came Senators and : a»ATr llie officer? of the army and mvy. "itvflvc o’clock citizens were received, and •ccpueujvßS more numerously attended <b«n HA. THE GREAT GALE. kon of the Steamer commodore on Lone island Sound—An Awful Storm undo «»ruuheu Among llie ra^waciTm [Fiomthc New Yoik World, Dec, 2?.] THE IMII’AItTITiin. On Thursday lust, the 27th lost., at 4 p. m., the steamer Commodore sailed fiom Pier IS, K. it., for Slouingion.with about eighty pas sengers. Including the crew, there were on hoard 100 souls, all told. A steady breeze was blowing from the west as the vessel started, which continued, with no apparent increase in violence, until lull* past nine o'clock, when it turned into a strong nor'- wester, and Gradually grew in violence until 10 o’clock. Then it was that tuc gale broke forth In all its furv, the wind tearing the rig cine of the tWs and pendant masts Into shreds as it whirled by the vessel. Noalarm up to that moment had been created among , the passengers by the unlooked-for violence of the storm, although the waves had begun to roll mountains high, and every gust of wind as it tore Us way through every chink , uud crevice of the vessel, seemed to threaten 1 Ikt immediate destruction. She crcakcdand trembled at everv point, sunk now Into the deep hollow made by an onward speeding wave and the one that hastened, with a roar, in its seething track. Yet she rose again and again, with the waves making a clean sweep over her bows, and sped on before the wind as before. But this was not to last long. The wind grew llcrccr at every moment, and the sea rose higher and higher as the roaring of its ruin-dealing ai-ettor grew louder. Fulkner’s Lights were slaUtcd,and|the steamer wnssteady before the ■wind. The lights were passed, and then, as if the combined elements hud but waited till the last glimmer of a friendly lamp should have been left behind In the darkness, the tempest reached its climax. As It grew darker, the keen north wind redoubled its furv, and the night grow on wPh black and dbhml looks. A biller storm of sleet, sharp, dense, and icy cold, swept the decks, and burst in the trembling windows. The smoke slacks, shaken beyond endurance, fell crash ing to the deck, one toppling over into the waves, which, spun around like a reed by the billows, disappeared in an Instant. The vessel reeled and staggered in the blast. life on ucvrn. The moment of danger had really come. As the captain hurried to the wheel-house to assist the pilot in keeping the vessel to the wind a tremendous sea struck her with a force that seemed to..loosen every beam In her hull, and with a lurch she broached to in :hc trough of the sea and lay at the mercy of the waves. The captain, and the pilot in. the wheel-house, strove, with the strength that men arc giltcd with when the striving is between death and lile, to set her rigbt.a but all to no purpose. The sea had struck the blow that broke her strength to resist its power, and like a huge log she lay. the bullet of every wave, ana the plavthing of every blast of wind. Mas the helm put turd to port, the sea spun the hull to seaward ; was she put before the wind, the blast would strike her staiboard Sow; and again would the helm prove unavailing. Still, with the de tciminatlon of despair, the engineer stood by his engines, and, with a low pressure of steam in the boilers, they were made to work slowly, even while the waves dashed over the decks and carried the chairs from his very door; while the stmboard bow was crushed in, the bulwarks wrenched into frag ments, and the hog-frame shattered by wind and wave, and scattered in a thousand pieces over the waters around. A TERItIBLC SCENE. As the limbers of the vessel creaked more fearfully, and the rushing of the waters be l<-w became more distinct above decks, as they stove in the starboard bows, the word was passed from month to mouth that the vessel had sprung aleak and was fast filling. The scene, ns this terrible intelligence Hash ed m ioss the mind oi each individual, was tcnible iu the extreme. To know that the steamer!::}* at the mercy of the waves, uncon trollable,obeying neither engine nor helm, was indeed a horror in Us-lf, but to hear tbit ainidaU the dashing of waters ami howling of winds, with a sky so dark overhead that the eye could scarcely scan an object at the distance of a few feel outside, added to the ' general despair a hundredfold. Every pas- j singer of tiic cabin, as well us of the deck, was assembled iu the saloon: some were in their nightclothes, others half dresred, while others bad but their bedclothes 1 wiappcd around them to cover their { rtcmi-nndcness. The women clung to the | men, Irionds and strangers alike, while ; the men, wUhblauched cheeks,andcycslhal 1 scenitd.icady to start'out of their sockets with terror, ran to and fro, wringing Vhtnr | hands. In anguish. Despair was pictured on I even* countenance. Somaol the men fell to 1 cur.-lug their fate like madmen, others to weeping like children, while others, mostly women, fell on their knees calling aloud iu pisiyer for Leaven to come to th'-ir aid. And then, amid this terrible scene, came an ad junct of horror that made the whole two-fold morcHcrrible in all Us surroundings. The crew,’who, wiili but one or two exceptions, when thesea first broke into the lower decks, bud entered the bar-room and drank them m-Ivcs into intoxication, now came tumbling into the saloon amid the terrified passengers, and, heedless of theoidersof their olHcers, threw \ heins«’lvca on the vacated berths. In this terrible emergency, while one or two of the crew were working strenuously at the pump#, a call was made lor volunteers to as fti;t iu working the vessel, to which several men responded with alacrity. Fine! fire! Just as the drunken crew bad entered tbe berths a suddfcn pitching of the vessel over turned one of the lumps in the passage-ways causing the light floor to Ignite in one part of the vessel. A passenger, terrified at the Mj:ht, cried out that the vessel was on fire. “Fire!*’ “Fire!” rang out from every part oi the cabin, and amid the shrieks of the terrified women and the yells of the men, a ruth was wade fur the doors; but, fortunate- Iv, before the struggling mass could reach •be outside platforms, a counter cry stopped them in their headlong speed to certain death. The fire was but slight, &ud was <OOll extinguished. iioi'its or anxiety. In the meantime, while in the saloon all was terror and dirtnay. Captain Curtis at be wheel, wiili the pilot and oth*»r ollkcri .{ the boat, aided by certain of the pas;cn »crs. were doing their utmost to reach the Hong Is’urnl shore, widen at the first mo. uci-l of the broaching to of the vessel was Millie twelve miles in the distance. For four mortal hoars, fraught with all the horrors if an expectant ami stidd-n death t» every <oul on board, did these men work, and the parsenger.- in the saloon rave and pray and weep and imprecate in despair. Finally, at half past two o'clock yesterday morning, by dint of humoring the storm —now letting the vessel stai d the full force of the tem pest, now under slow pressure of steam, with the pumps ali working to keep the boat afloat—she gradually diifted within four miles of the shore, oil' Horton’s Point, when ihe anchor was dropped, and fortunately held last. The water waselxallow where the stop was made, and by keeping the pnmps oom tuntli working, the Ivwit was held to her position until daylight, when the anchor was vnt and she dotted within a mile of the shore, where she stood fast ou a sandbar. AM. SAFE. At half past 7 o’clock one of the lifeboats, of wbicli there were two on board, was low crciT. Twenty persons sprang Into her and succeeded in’reaching the land in safety, although ail but three jumped out of the boat into the water when near the shore, leaving her in the hards of persons who were unable to manage her in the breakers. The second boat was then low ered, and after reaching the first boat, took a line to the shore, which was made fast, and by this means the two boats were made to pass and repass from the vessel to the shore until every soul was landed. The passengers were then made comfortable in private hou-cs at the Toint. At ten o’clock the majority took the train at 'Peconic Sta tion, for Hunter's Feint, and arrived in this city about lour o'clock yesterday afternoon. FROM OHIO. Opening of ihe Suite ol Governor Cox’h MiHsasc, CnrciNNATi. January - —Tii.> Otio Legislature in extra »e?sK>n convened at 10 o'clock to-day. Governor Cox's message is quite lengthy, and >rcats pnncipally ol Stale nfiairs. The finances of the State arc represented to be in a flourishing condition, ’i he balance In the State Treasury on November lS:h was over $1,120.0:0, The total amount co.lccted on the tax duplicates for the nart year «as over f20.050,0i ; f1. Thc«S:ate d-ibl «.n Nulicmber loth was $12,0 SJHXI, The Com r lss:oner? of the sinking fund have paid r.od rl-rharmd dmlng the past year over jt Ufj7,U)ii, and the payments .to ho made ov them during the present month will reduce the total debt tuallulc over $1,311 OOC. Dating Ih* tour yar> to conic. f5.511.n00 of the debt and interest will become pnyaole, hnt its discharge will re quire no additional taxation. i he total valuation of property In th« State sub ject to taxation In IWT i<» equal tc about ore t*cr cent on the whole onts'anding State debt. The finances of the State were never In as favorable a contrition ns now, nud the State's credit in the market D not surpassed by that of anv other State or Go*c.-nnsent in the world. lire benevolent lus;ltuih<cs of the State are represented to he in good condition, and con ducted with proper economy. The Governor says that the record of Ohio sol drcri»,ei.ii.icd during the vmr, has been comnlct cd, and be recommend- the propriety of follow. :rg the example of nca.lr all other States in pab Kshing ai d making available to t c world, the only complete and evidence of patriotic efforts of rhe State in Che swat national strangle. In speakim? of national ntv.»;r«, the Governor 50vs of the Constitutional Amendment: “It contains piovl-dons v.iilc". In the wisdom of the National L'-fslslatare,* aic necessary to secure permanent pCnee throughout the country, and to attest the roost nalpablc evil* remaining In those States which, without such corrertien, would en danger the national safety, and he a lasting source nf irritation and strife. Several ol the states have already ratlfi>.dthc Amendment, but I de-ply regret that it ras been reject-tl by several of tho=e whose ratification would do mo-i to make the measure the promise and beginning of that full settlement ol oar internal dlss. usious for which we all long. lam not without hope that a mature con-ideiatlon and calm reflection will convince even those who have rejected the proposal, that justice, rfcht and a wise self-io'crcat alike dictate a iecouiidi ration of the matb r and a different decision.” FROM HAVANA. The Financial Panic Over. KewVoijk, January 2.—Havana letters to De cember 20Ui stale that the financial panic has al most entirely abated. The Banco £*pa>jnol pahl out the flrtl day of the run <UOt»,<XW in gold, and then reduced its payments to $250,00(1 per dav, in •accordance with 'authorization Irom the Captain General. All the banks, except Rossl*r & Co., bad resumed payment, and it was tupposed that the latter was hopelessly Insolvent. FROM RICHMOND, TA. Rebel Indignation Akuibhl Juden Cn'cr — .lliilinrr Chance* —Celebration of “ Emancipation Day.” IticnnoKi). .TaiiUsry L—Considerable Indiana blow Is t'spivssed here that Judge Underwood bliould be allowed to hold the olhcc of District •luJg«*,v.bt:nbc is, at the eamc lime. United States s<TihUn elect. General Grant has telegraphed to send the Eleventh ami Twentieth regiments to ei.me other point. These are nil the urinary around Rich mond. General Schofield replied, asking that one regiment might be slailonru bore. The weather is very Inclement. The ground Is covered with snow The ca»s on the city railroad are »sia up. Sleiphtnc Is fine. Then-gro population arc celebrating the third anniversary of the emancipatlor proclamation to day. All colored ml-itary and civil societies, with delegatee from Petersburg, Unnvllic and Msu chct ter. all tu tall teaalla, with bauds of music, marched to Capbo) Square, rbc address was de livered by Rev. Mr. llunnlmlt. He’ douounced Governor Plerponl and the Slate Legislature. He paid be onlr wished treedmon' were In Congress, si«l they would establish Provisional Govern ments in all the Southern States. The celebra tion pasted oIT without any breach of ibe peace. FKOBI SAVANNAH. ExvlfMon of ibr Dol'cr or (be Steamer KrliPhV'Tbr Entire Crew Supponcd 10 bo Eotti—A tsunm Tag Founders at Sea. Kavasnad, Ga., Jan. I.—The steamer Eclipse, Captain Carter, running between Savannah and Augusta, exploded her boiler on the down trip fiom Augusta, twenty-four miles from Savannah, on Friday. Nothing has been heard of the crew, who ore supposed to ha%o been killed, the ateamcr is a trial wreck and sunk in the middle ot the river. The steam tng Islander, from Baltimore, wan foundered In a terrific galo off the Carolina coast. The crew were saved. FROM COLORADO. The CammlDß* Party Utterly Demoralized -HJoTcmor t’ammtom bned lor 830,000 hr <;bi>coit. bx. Louts, January I.—The Denver AVwa of tbeSSd nlUßaya that Cummings' parly in the Lccislatnro la utterly demoralized. A teit oath in either Douse would show them in snch email minority they dare notrlsk a trial. No anti-State resolution has been offered. George M. Chllcott. delegate elect, sued Governor (Jammings tor fSO.OOO, for withholding bis certificate of election alter the Territorial Board of Canvassers bad Declared him e]ec:cd. Ibere are eminent counsel on both sides, but Uis not known when the case will be tried. A NEW CHURCH. Tlic ttJelfenon Park Presbyterian,” In answer to a call published In these columns,' a number of members of orthodox churches, and ©there, me*, on New Year’s Day In the Livingston Reformed Dutch Chorch on the corner of Sanga mon and Monroe streets, for the purpose oforgan- Izing an Old School Presbyterian Church In the West Division ol the city. Bcv. E. Erskine, editor of the SorUiicee'.ern was chosaa Chairman, andiir. W. J. Hanna Secretary. The following preamble and resolutions were of fered and approved: Whereas, In the Providence of God the way seems to be opened in the West Division of Chi cago, to form a Presbyterian Church (O. b.l; ana whereas, A number of members or orthodox churches, desiring to be formed inlo an Old School Presbyterian Chmch have met for that purpose on Ibis day,'therefore ifrsocutf, first—That we whose names are here unto appended, do peliiion the JTeshytery of Chi cago, U. b, to form ns into a chuich, O. »., to be called the Jefierbon Park Presbyterian Church, to be under the care of sail Presnyiery. This resolution was then signed by some forty two per on*. The following was then oflered: ifeso/red, second— I Thai we now prrcccd to the election of seven Trustees whom we authorize to act as a committee, procure on ecclesiastical oiganlzation fiom the Old school Presoyteriau Ctmrrn, a civil incorporation pursuant (o the law* ot this state—to rent a temporary place of worelilp, and to request Rev. Robert Patterson, D.D.. to supply the pulpit with a view to pas toral settlement. Messrs. J. Cngblon, Hugh Templeton, Dr. J. P. Bose, John Rankin, William Meglad-, William G. Holmes, and A. B. Clark were chosen said Trustees. „ Uftolted. third—That Messrs. J. Cnghton, W. J. Hunns, John Rankin, 1). UUI, P. Sinclair, George Halkct aud Rev, S. Hair, he appointed a Building Committee, whose duty it shall be to secure a lot in a sniable place for a Presbyterian church, secure a plan lor a church building, aud ascertain the probable expense of erecting the same, and report the same to the Church for their consideration. ji’esolcfd, fonrlh—That Rev. S. Hair, W. McCal- Ima, John Cnghton, the Board of Trustees and Parlor, be a committee to solicit donations for the purchase of a lot, oriole, that may &e selected, and to nay for the building to be erected thereon. On motion. It was voted to have the minutes published m the Norttiweetern Preehytenan and the Chicago Dally Tuibune. After returning a vote of thanks to the Chair man. the meeting adjourned, subject to the call of the Board of Trustee:*. The Fiust Scotch Presbyterian congregation has puicbascd a lot 50x126 feet, on the southeast coiner or Sangamon and Adams streets, for $3,*50 cash. Plans for a frame church, with basement, 41x33 feet, have been made by A. Baner. Accordin'? to plans the audience mom will seat 513. Co-t of erection, about $14,100, Including lot, say SIB,OOO. IV.eWldiigwlllbe commenced as early m the spring as the mother will permit. Next Sabbath at half-past aoren o'clock n. m., Her. Archibald Slcßlarmifl will preach in the Guile language. In St George’s Hall, 220 Sooth Clark itrect, Alt the Scotch Highlanders ol Chi cago arc cordially invited. COMMON COUNCIL. IOFFICIAL PEPOIiT.] Special STeetingr, Chicago, DccomTjer 31, ISOO. Preedit— HU Donor the Miyor, and Aldermen Knickeihocicr, Cox. Caller, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett. Wilmanh, Calkins, Hatch, Moure. Schn ler, Frtebli*. Talent, Woodard, Baby, Iloldcn, Bussell, AcbkofT, Gs*t(kld. Praozen, Huh, Shack lord, Lawson, Clark, O'Sullivan. Jbs*nt— Aldermen Kann, Finnnean, Wallwork, Kofferty, Huntley, Proudfoot, Kneel. JUNLTES. Aid. Knickerbocker moved (hat the minutes of the Tcgnlkr meeting, held December ITth; the ad journed regular meetings held December 20, 21, and 27; the special rootling held December 2S, and the adjourned special meeting held Decem ber Sy, be approved without being read. qcajidiax or ncroiui ten jot.; The Mayor announced that in consequence of tin* death of Colonel Henry Smith, there was h vacancy in the Board of Guardians of the Kclorra School, and nominated as a member of such Board, to till said vacancy, Hamilton B. Bogue. Aid. Ackbod moved that the appointment he confirmed, and the motion prevailed. ri-TITIONfi ANP COXXUXICATIONS. Rctnorstnmre of ptoperly-lioiders against onen irc a street in Bloch 21, between Asylum place and Sophia street, and between Sedgwick and Uurllmt etrccte, was. on motion of Alii. Lawson, Deferred to Committee on Streets and Alloys, n. i>. ■ 4 ,csa . llcmonslroncc of proptrly-owncr against curb ing and rci.-lng to grade Chicago avenue, trom North Clark street to the North Brauch, was, on motion of Aid. l-awsoc. Befit red to Committee on Streets and Alleys, Petition of George Wctterland tor the refunding of taxes, was, on motiou of Aid. Talcott, Bcfcired to the Comptroller. Tctition of J. 11. Ucdsic. for the refunding of taxes, was, on motion of Aid. Talcott, Deferred to the Comptroller. Communication from Brevet Brigadier General C. 11. Hoyt, Chivf CJ. M. Dept, oi the Lake*, was, on motion of Aid. 1-awsou, Accepud and placed «u file. Otlk ial bond ot William Zschocke, Constable of Sev< nth Ward, , , Aid, Knickerbocker moved that the bond be approved. Carried. l\ Htloti of O zlas Hart for freo peddlers license. Aid. Wicker moved dial the prayer of the peti tion be granted. The ui« tlon prevailed. Petition of Charlotte Walker for free license to I:eu* a restaurant. AW. Talenti moved that the petitioner bare leave to withdraw. Canted. Petitions of 1. 11. reason and rearson & Wricht, tor abatement of laxes, were, on motion vf Aid. Calking Hefcnea to the Comptroller. IVi! mntf George S. Kimberley for the vaca tion of a portion of Tyler street, in block 13 ». S. Addlilor, was. on motion of Aid. Talcott Kcfemdto Committee on Streets ana Alleys, CcromnnlcflUon from 1<odl!o, I<owcll & Co. in relation 1 o their contract for worn on the Illinois & Michigan Canal, was, on motion of Aid. Carter, Kefeired to Committee on Finance. Petition of John Williams for the ’ranker of a liquor license,wae ; on motion of Alderman Law: Jtc fen ed to the -Mayor with power to act. Aid. Knickerbocker presented a communica tion covering the fallowing order: . Oid<r«l, That the Board of Public Works are hereby icqncstco to report an ordinance and otl irate to the Connell, at its next meeting, for fill ing and planking the alloy In block 42, original town of Chicago; saW improvement having been long since petitioned for by & number of the pionertv-ownen* in sntd block. AW. Uuh moved that the order be passed. Car- of Andrew Nelson and Fred. linnzic as Clerks and Inspectors of Flection In the Six teenth Ward, were, on motion ofA'derman Claris, I‘cfviicd to CommUtcc on Finance. nxronrs op public omeens. Tl'C Board of Public Works presented a report on «hc petition of property-holders, asking that Chicago avenue, trora North Clark street to the bridge, lie macadamized instead of paved wllh wooden blocks, which, on motion of Alderman Lawson,was • „ , Hefei-red to Committee on Streets and Alleys, North Division. _ , , , The Ueerd of Police presented a report in re lation to the organiza’ion and pay of the F*re Department, which, on motion of AW. u'Wolf, V. US Referred tothc Corporation Counsel with Instruc tions to prepare an ordinance thereon, to be acted upon with the proposed amendments to the of standing committees. Aid. Woodard, of the Committee on School to whom bad been referred Ihe petition of owners uf lenses in block 1-42, S. S. Addition, sub mitted a report recommending the passage of ou appended order. Aid. Calkins moved to concur in the report and pats the order. Aid. Talcott. demanded the nyes and noes, and the motion of Aid. Calkins prevailed, ana the order was passed by the following vole; Ayes—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wuir, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmartb. Calkins, Hatch, Moore, tchulet, Friable, Ta’cotr, Wood aid, Blsbv, Holden, Kuesril, Ackboff, Gastfield, Franzen, llnb, Shackford, Lawson, Clark, O’dul livan-25. None. The tollowlng l“4hc order as passed: Ortimd % That the City Cotnotroller bo author ized to receive the taxes on the Improvements, and interest* in leases In Ute premises, onsa’d block In fell payment for the city tax tnoreon, for the rear iftti: aud if the Assessor has not ap praised said Improvement? -cd interests, then tho C’on.piiollt*r tuav.add forty per cent to the ap praisal for the year icG5, ihe same to constitute ihe appraisal lor 1&56. iiaupor Axn sumacs. \ld. Clark, of tic Committee on Harbor and Bridges, presentee a communication, covering •*ci lain orders, and asked their pa«sngc. Aid. D'Wolt moved that.the orders be passed. The motion picvailcd, ana ihe orders were unanimously. , The foUowicg are the orders as passed? Oidtud. Tt.it the Boaid of Public Works he requested to furnish this Council with a stav went efthe different appropriations. made from Itime to lime by ibis Council In tho genera! tax bills, and whether said aunropnatloi sarc In such condition as to insure. without further legislation by this Council, lire construction of a new bridge at Twelfth street. Ord-rfd /Vr.V.'r, That tho Board of Public Works bo requested to furm-h this I'onncll with a statement of such facts as will show why Ihe necessary ►tops have not been taken for the con struction of a bridge at Chicago avenue. OnltfiCl J-'urf/ifr. Tbat the Board of Public Works report to this Connell, as soon as conve nient, p an* and specifications, with estimated cost, for the ol a new pivot bridge at Adams street. jvnxcusr. Aid Knickerbocker, of the Committee on Jadi clarv, to whom had been referred a preamble and tcso'lnllois, effeted by Aid. Barrett, December 17, I>C«, in relation to eight bouts being a legal day’s work, sumnibted a report, recommending ttc passage of the resolutions, as amended by the Comroitwc. , AUI. Wicker moved to concur in the report and pn»-s the rosulutloDß as amended, The motion prevailed, and the resolutions were passed by the following vote: A»ei—Abl. Knickerbocker. Carter, DWolf, Wicker. Barrett, Wilmartb. Moore. Sonnier,, Frls bit,’ Woodard, Bixby, Holder*, unssell, AckhoiT. Gaetflvld, Franzen,* ilnb, Shackford, Lawson. Clark, O’Sullivan—2l. . . A’c/s—Aid. Cox, Calkins, Hatch. Talcott—J. ihe following are the resolutlousas passed : Kaclttd, That the City Clerk be, and be la hereby Juslrnctcd to send a certified copy of the aforesaid resolution to the legislature as soon as U assembles. (If he ha* not already done so,i and y,V*o/r*2, Thai the City Clerk ht also ingiructcd to remind tho Board of Public Works of the resolution adopted by this Council, (it he ha? not done to already.) relative to the employment oi all persons on the basis of eight bouts’labor for each day. wTiAUVEB A?n> rrsuo onotncns. Aid. Bixbv, from the Committee on wharves and Public Grounds, to whom had been referred a resolution in relation to establishing a large pitbhc Park, submitted a report recommending that the resolution be not passed. Aid. Carter moved to concur to uo report, and the motion prevailed. Also, of the some committee, to whom had been refer red a preamble and resolution In relation to es tablishing a Park or Boulevard encompassing the city, submitted a report adverse to the passage of the preamble and resolution. Aid. lawbod moved that the report, as well as Ihe preamble and resolution to which it had re- Icr< ncc, be placed on file, and Tbc motion prevailed. LICEKSM. Aid. Wicker, of the Committee on Licenses, to whom had been referred the petition of I hos. Sny der for a freopcddli-i’s license, submitted a report recommending that the prayer of the petition be granted. Aid. Huh moved to concur in the report, and The mutton prevailed. Also, oftheeame committee-, to whom had been refer red tbc petition of I*. Noonan for a ir- c peddler’s license, submitted a report recommending that (be prayer of the petition bo granted. Aid. Knickerbocker moved to concur In the re port, and • The motion prevailed. ameers and alt-ets, a. d. Aid. Carter, of the Committee on Streets and Alleys, 8. D., to whom had been referred a resort and ordinance for opening Franklin street, from Madison to Adams street, unbimlted a report re mmordlng the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Ciark moved to concur in the report and pars the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Ay*t— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter, D’wolf, Wicker, Barrett. WUmarth, Calkins, notch. Moore, Schuler, Friable, Talcoll, Wood ard, Eixby. liolde*), Hassell, AcKhofT, Gastfleld, Franzcn. «uh, Lawson. Clark, O'Sullivan—Hi. Abes—None. of the same committee, to wWm had been referred a report ard ordinance for curbing, filling and macadamizing booth Market street, trom Madison to Van Boren street, submitted a report, recom mending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Clark moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. Ihe motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: Avtt— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D‘Wolf, Wicker, Baneit,Wllmarth, Calkins, Uatcli, Moore, Schuler, Frfsble, TalcoU, Woodard. Blxby, Hol den, Bussell, AckhotT. Gastfield, Fcanzeu, Boh, Law-on, Clark, O’Sullivan—24. yoee— None. STREETS AND AI-LETS, K. D. Aid. Clark, of the Committee on Streets and Alleys, N. D., to whom had been referred a report ; and ordinance for planking alley In Block 15, Wo’- colt's Addition to Chicago, submitted a report, recommending the passage of the ordlnar.ee. Aid. Talcott moved to concur La (he report and pass (he ordinance. Hit* motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vote: _ Aid. Knickerbocker, Cor, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett,Wilmarth, Calkins, Hatch, Moore, Schuler, Filable, Talcott, Woodard, Blxby, Hol den, Itue&elL AckholL Gfltlflcld, hraiizsu, Bull, Lawson, Clark, O'Sullivan—*.4. Acre—None. Aid. Franzer, of iho same committee, to whom bad been referred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the notth side of Menomonee aticvt, from Sedgwick street to Lariabce street, submit ted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Knli moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was pasted by the lollowlng vole: __ Ay?*—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter.D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wllznartli. «alkfi.s. Hatch, Moore, Scbnlcr, triable. Talcott, Woodard, Blxby, Holden. Bussell, Ackhofl, GasJlcld, X'ranzen, Rub, Tav.eon, Clark, O’Sullivan—2l, Awes—None, Also, of the fame committee, to whom bad been re* furred a report and ordinance lor a sidewalk on ibe south hide or Wisconsin street, irom Clark street to Lsrnbcc street, submitted a report recommending tbe pa-sage of the ordinance. Aid. Clark moted to concur in the report and pass th«* ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the folloulng vote: Av«—Aid. Kulcheruockcr. Cox, rarter.D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wiimarlb. Calkins, Batch, ilooie, Schuler, Friable, Talcott, Woodard, Buby, Bolden, Hassell, AckhotT, Gastllcld, Franzen, Ituh, Igiwson, Clark, O'Sullivan— Aoee—Kcce. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the north side of Willow street, from lialsted street to She Hi eld avenue, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Huh moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. The motion picvaUcd,and the ordinance passed by the following vote: Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker, Barrett. WUmarth, Caluirs. Hatch, Moore, h'cliuler. Frlsble. Talcott, Woodard. Bit bv, Boldin, Bussell, Arklort, Garfield, Franzen, Hub, Jjiwson, Clark, O’Sullivan—2-1. Abes—None. * Also, of the same commltt-c, to whom had been re fenea a petition for opening an alley in D. 19, C. T. Sun. of See. 14, and keeping eame clear of obstructions, submitted a report »ecom mcrdlng that the prayer of the petition be grouted. , . . Aid, Claik moved to concur in the report. Car ried. BTEXETB AND AtIXTS. W. D. Aid. Moore, of tho Committee on Streets and Alievs, W. I) , to whom bad been referred a re monstrance against Hoisted street ImurovetncuU, submitted a report adverse to said remonstrance. Ala. Knickerbocker moved to coucur m the re port, and T be motion prevailed. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re tired a reoort and ordinance forJUling. grading and planking alleys In south naif Block 0-t, north west Quarter Section Si. J 19,1-1, submitted a report, recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Hub moved to coucur in the report and part- the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed bv thcfullowing vote: Ayce~~ Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D'Wolf; Wicker, BarrcU.WHniarth,Calkins, Uatcti, Moore, Schuler, Friable, Talcolt. Woodard. Ulxby, Bolden, HnftcU, Ackhoiu GoMfleJd, Frauzen, link, j/iw?on, Clark, O'Sullivan—-1. A«ss—Kone. ' Aid. Oastfield, of the same committer, to whom bad been referred a report ami ordinance for a sidewalk on the cast side of May street, from In diana street to Second street, submitted a report recommending the passage ot the ordinance. Aid. Ackhoir moved to concur in the icport and pass the ordinance The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was parsed by the following vole: A yes— Aid. Knickei bockor. Cox, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, WUmarth, Calkins, Batch, Moore, tclmler, Frisbm, Talcott, Woodard, Bix bv. Bolden, Hassell, AckhotT, Gasifleld, Franzen, lihh, Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—2l. Hoe 6— None. Also, of the same committee, to whom bad been referred u report uud ordinance fora sidewalk on the west side of May street from Secoud f treat lo Chicago avenue, submitted a report recommending tho passage of the ordinance. Aid. Talcott moved to concur In the report and puss the ordinance. The motion pievaiVo, and the ordinance was nassid l*v the following vote: Av*6~- Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, < 'ruler, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmarlli, Calkin.-, Batch, Moore, Pchulcr, Frlsble, Talcott, vVoodam, Itlxby, Hol den, Bussell, Ackhofl. Gasifleld, Franzen, Ituh, Lawson, Clark, O'Sullivan—2l. A'oes—'None. Aid. Frlsble, of the same committee, to whom had bren referred a icport and ordnance fora sidewalk on the smith .-ido of We-u Taylor street, from Loomis street to Tallin street, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordi nance. Aid. Woodard moved to concnr In the report and pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed bv Jhc following vote: Ates—Aid, Knickerbocker, Cox, Carlcr, D’Wolf. . Wicker, Barrett, Hatch, Moore, Schuler, Fiisble, Talent*, Woodard, BixPy, IXol den, Ru»-sell, Ackhoff, Oa.lflcld, Franzen, Hub, tawson, Clark, O'Sullivan—2l. Xoti —Acre. Abo, of the «smc comml’tcc. t d whom had been referred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the west sid*- of Loomi* sCeci, from Mitchell street to Catbciloe street,-übmlstcd a report recommend lug the voyage of tLe ordinance. AW. l-’ri?\>l*' «v ved to concur in tho report and pa-s the ordnance. . , The. motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed bv the following vote: Knickerbocker, Cjx, Carter, D'Wolf, Wicker, Barrett Wllmarth, Calkins Batch, Moore, Schuler. Prisbic, Woodard, Blxhy, Holden, Hassell, Ackboft Coal field, Franzen, Hub, Lawson, Clark, O’Sul livan—Cl. Jfoet— Xonc. ol ihe same cotnmltlc-, to whom had been re* forrcd a report ami oidinance for sidewalks on both shivs of Waller street, from Twelfth strict to Maxwell street, submitted a report recommending the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Wicker moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. , The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the following vole: Ayts—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Witmanb, Calkins, llatch, Moore. Schuler, Friable, Talcott, Woodard, Blxbv, Holden, Russell, AckhoS. Gast- Ctld, Franzcn, Huh, Lawson, Clark, O’jSdl ilvaw—2l. A'ors—None. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the west side ofLoonus sticet, Irom Taylor street to Twelfth street, submitted a report recommead log the passage of the ordinance. Aid Wicker moved to concur in the report and pass the ordinance. . . The motion prevailed, and the ordtnancc was passed by the following vote.: ~ Avt*~ A»d. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, Wilmartb, Calkins. Hatch, Moore, Schuler, Frlsble. Talcott, Woodard, Bixbv. Holden, Russell. Ackhuil*. Oasttlcld, Fran sen. Huh. l-aweon. Clark, O’SulUvau—*2l. Xoet— None. • of the same committee, to whom had been re tim'd si report nud ordinance for a sidewalk on the north side of Rebecca street, from Blue Island avenue to Ijtlln street, submitted a report re commending the passage of the ordinance. Alu Scbuier moved to concur In the report and pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was rasr-edby the following vote: _ . jy, (— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Barrett, WilmartU, Catkin?, Hatch, Aloaie. Schalcr, Frisbic, Talcott, Woodard, Bix bv, Holden. Rwscll, Ackboff, Gartfield, Frauzcu, Rnh, I awson. Clark, o‘Suiliiua—24. A’c*t— Konc. Also. of the feme committee, to whom hail been re* furred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the north side of Kansas street, Irom Loomis street to lafleor street, submitted a report recom mi cdinc the passage of the ordinance. Aid. Schnlcr moved to concur in the report and pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was pasfidhv the lollowlmr vote: Aytt— Aid. Knlckethockcr,Cos,Ca.ter,l> wolf. Wicker, Barrett. Wilinarib, Calkins, Hatch. Moore. Scbnler, Flisbie. TalcoM, Woodard, Bix bv. Holden, KiisfcH, Ackhotl, Gastfleld, Fronzen, Hub, lawson, Clark, O’Snluvan—2l. A'(/«e— Kone. of the same committee, to whom had been re ferred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk onlbc west side of Morgan street, from Hamsun street jo Folk street, snbmhted a report recomtaendins the passage of the ordinance. , Aid. Knickerbocker moved to concur in the re port and pass »hc ordinance. The motion prevail'd, and the ordinance was passed bv the following vote: „ Knickerbocker. Cor, Carter, D’Woit, Wicker. Barrett, Wilmanb, Calkins. Ufticb. Moore, r-cbulcr, Prtshle. Talcott, Woodard, Brx hv. Bolden, Kussctl, AckhotS, Ga-ifleld, Franzcn, Rnb, Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—it, A<vi—Kone. of Ihe* earn© committee. to whom had been re ferred a report and ordfu3*-,co for* sidewalk on iLe east fide o! Centre awnne, iron) Blue Island sTcijne to West Sixteenth hired, submitted a re port recnmmcud'nr iho passage of the ordinance. Aid. Wicker uwved lo concur in the report aud pass the ordinance. . , « The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by the ,, 1 —Aid. Knlckerbockcr.Cor. Cartcr.D'Wolf, Widcer, Barrett,\Vi!tnarlta,Calkin?, Hatch. Moore, Schuler, Kristie, Tnlcotl. Woodard, lilxby. Hol der Knesdl, AckhntJ, tfastflcld, Franzen, Rah, Iju'SOD, C’ark, O'Snlhvan—24. JYixs—l'ione. Also, , of the same committee, to whom bad been referred n report and oidinancc tor a sidewalk on the west side of Ibroop street, from Hastings street to i Blue Island avenue, submitted a report rccom- , mending the passage of tbc ordinance. I Ald.Wo'dnrd moved to concur in the report atd pass the ordinance. The motion prevailed, and the ordinance was patsed by the tallowing vote: Rx.ickcrbocl.cr, Cox, Carter,D Wolf, Wider. Barrett, WUmann, Calkins, Batch,. ilooie, Schuler. FtUbic. Tatcott, Woodard, Bix br Holden, Husecll, Ackbott. Uastflclfl, Franzes, Hub, l.aw>o", Clark, O'Snllivan—24. AVea —None. Aid. Woodard, of Ibc same committee, to whom bad been refiTtcd a report and ordinance fo: a sidewalk on the cast side of Throop street, from Jackson street to Van Cures street, submitted a report recommending tbc passage of the ordl- I Aid! Woodard moved to eonenr in the report and pass the ordinance. Tbc motion prevailed, and the ordinance was passed by Ifce following vole: _ * Ayn—Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker, Harrell, WllmfiJlh, Calkins, Haleb, Metre, Schuler, Friable, TaJeotf, Woodard. Dix l.v, Holden, Dii-sclt. Ac»bolT, Gajtflcld, Fraosen, ifnb. Lawyer, Clark, O'Sullivnu—24. ATypa-Noce. Also, of the same committee, to whom had been referred a report and utdlna* co for a sidewalk ou the west tide of Luuinla street, Irom Monroe street to Jack* sou street, pnbmittcd a report recommendin': the pBSPBc* of the ordinance. Aid. Woodard moved to concnr in the report and pane the ordinance. _ Tin-motion prevailed, and the ordinance wia passed by the follow Ins vote: _ Ayu— Aid- Knickerbocker. Cox. Carter, D* Wolf, Wlckrr, Barrett, Wllmartb, Calklna, Haleb, Moore, Schuler, Friable, TaJcott, Woodard, Bisby, Holden, Russell, Ackhoff. Gaatfield, Frauzen, Rub. La* sou, Lbark, O’aulUvan—24. Hot»~ None. of (be same committee, to trtiomhad been referred a report and ordinance for a sidewalk on the eonin side of Fulton street, ftom Reuben street to Paulina street, submtUed a report recommendin'; the paasarc of the ordinance. Aid. WWcer moved to concur la the report and para ibe ordinance. Tie motion prevailed, and the ordinance was pawed by Ibe rollotnnffvote: Aver—Alfl. Knickerbocker. Cox, Carter, D’Wolf, Wicker. Barrett. Wllmartb, Calkins, Botch. Moore, Sehuiar, Friable, lalcolt, Wood ard, Blxbv, Holden, Kcu'ell, AcbkoS, GastflclJ, Fraazcu.'Roh,Lawson, Clark, O’Sullivan—2l. None. rrmic bciloikob. Aid. Carter, of the Committee on Pnbll; Build to whom bad been referred a commnolca- Uo*j from the Board of Public Works in relation to renting forthelr nso the rooms sltua'e at No. 15 and n South Wills street, known m *• Geo. Smith’s Ban*,” submitted a report that the Board i bo au'.hoiizfd to reel tamo, and that the leaola- 1 tlosi reported by the Board be passed. AH. (Park moved to concur lu the report and pass the resolution. f i ho motion prevailed, and the report was con coired In and iho resolution passed, by the fol lowing vole: Ayff~ Aid Knickerbocker, Cos, Carter, D’wolf, Wicker, Barrett. Calkins, iloore, Schuler. Fns bie, Tslcott, Eixbv, Uoldcn. Russell, Ackhod* Caelfleld, Franzen, Rah, Lawson, Clark, O’Snlll- Va jVb«—Aid- Wllmarth, Hatch, Woodard—3. The rci-olntlon. as pa«od. Is as follows: Resolution authorising the Board of Public Wo»ks torvrt anofilcc. , lUeolad, ilint the Board of Public Work? are hereby anthortzed hv the Common Coancll to rent, for the use of their department, the building Xot*. V> and 17 Wells street, the first find second floors (excepting room No. 5, and the vault and ciu-e's connected therewith,) to be rented until May Ist next, at a rent not exceeding forty*alx hnudred dollars (51,COO) per annum, and the en tlro building, (excepting room No. 5,2 d floor, as above) to be rented from May Ist next, for a tune not exceeding thiec year?, at the nvtc of six tbou ?and dollar? ncr year; Protid'tf, That the rent la cither case shall not commence until the necessary repairs on said building shall have been com* plclcd, , ADJO T JI»»EKT. AM, Kuh moved that the Connell donowad- The motion prevailed, and the Council stood adjourned. A. E. DODMAN, City CleiU. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL MO.NETARS Wednesday Evening, January 2,1877. There was more activity at ibe discount houses to-day, consequent upon tbc intervention of a holiday. Money continues lisht, and the general features of tbc market present uo change. The banks are confining their favors to the best cus tomers. All others are Ignored. In the open market discounts command per cent per month, according to the standing of Ibe signa ture*. There was rather more exchange oft'eriiui to-day, and the market waa scarcely eo firm. Sales were made between banks at par (?&40 cents premium— closing at about 25 cent 1 * prem. The connter rates were btcady at par buying and 1-10 premium scll- inp. The Commercial National Bank has declared a Fcmi-ancn.il dividend ol six per cent, free of Gov* eminent tax, payable on the Bth of January. On the Produce Exchange the markets were film, and in some instances higher. Floor was strong But quiet. Wheat advanced 2G3c on No. l.andl&SconNo.SSprlog. Com wasHchigh er. Oats declined ?4©’iC. Rye was l©2c better. Barley was quiet but firm. Whiskey was dull. Provisions were firm, ilees Pork advanced 35c. Tjrd was more active and firmer. Groceries wese dull. Wool was neclcctod. Dressed Hogs closed abont the same as ou Monday. Gold was a shade ofV to-day. It opened In New York at 133 and closed at 133?». The fbl lowing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., poldfbroKeia: IDS 3n. to 133 IMW I33’i a. to I 1:35 p.m vn?i Iftir.u. n KJ2«i 2:00p. m 132?£ 11:00 a. in 10-i? 4 ! aawp.m V.2U Jljloa m Kri?i 3:15 p. to 13-;» H:SCa. to IKfil -1:00 li-m VHH gdlcrc the market was quiet at 132©122!J buying —the inside figure at the close, bilver was nomi nal aV!22Sf,!2?. ■Jl.c Public Fends opened dull and lower, lint UiO Second Board rallied and dosed a trifle better ilmn on Monday. The following shows the closing prices in New York to-day, compared Tith those of the three previous days: Fri. Sat. Mon. Wed. Stxcs of’Sl 11U* 110* 110* 107 s Five-Twenties, ’•* 103* M3* loti* 101* I'lvo-Twcutlea* 'Ol 101* 101* 103* 103* Five-Twenties. *C3 101* U‘l* 103* 103* len-Forlics 03* 93* 99* 9J* Seven-Thirties, Ann...» IW>* .... lot* 103* Scvci.-Tlili dta. June.... 101* l(U?i 101* 101* Scven-Tolrties, July. ...11>1* IW* IM* 101* •Esdhldcud. Here the market was active Imt firm. VTo quote: covEurraENT fcECCiuriEa —Chicago kabket. Bunn;;. Selling. Ifd^ lOr.H itC’i .non lusji , 81S09 of ISSI. ,C*SUs. 1564.... ..Vi's, 19W.... ,5--. Us. I«i3 ... C.ti.ttfG»(tiuam UU*,4 U. S. JMft* (large) UO!S 01*2 U. S. 10-tl* (small). 1W U. S. 7-lte, Ist series 101SX 105 U. S. 7-ai's, 2d aetles .-.10114 10?? U.S. 7-‘>os.3d series.... Ul‘4 IJIJ U S. 7*2(h? (soail) IWJi Compound , June, ISO I .....no ** duly, iau ww t “ Aug., 15*-t 115 “ Oc., is'i-j in Dec., ISC4 K 3 •* 915v,1955 1 IV/a 44 Aug., 15fiS 1U) 44 Sept,. 1005 l’b'ls » 4 oct„ua 109 Qlie following quotations lor the Public Sect titles are given by the Second National Bank: Coupons. IS3I IW?4 ) June romp.. 1901. AV> 5--.0 Coupons. 1 duly “ '* large Ang “ u ..IVS S-di Coupons, ) Oct “ “ ••H-j tmill ® I lice " Jl-lttCoap.,largo., ift?* ! iluy ‘ « JBjs..im» ;o-l0 Coup., small.lol ?i I Aug “ “ ..ll^ T-SO large.. 304« i | Sept “ “ ..109H r~msma-1.. lUJU 1 Oct ik “..109 ] ocol stocks arc dull and nominal. We quote: Baying. Selling. Chicago City Ti? «9 JIM CookX'o. Vb ....... 93*,i 97 ChambcrofCommcrce 95 96 _/The New York 7’Hf>nn#«:»:\ys; “Changes arc announced in stock houses winch indicate a dis astrous year. One concern, with an orislnil cap ital of a minion in cold, has been reconstructed minus the capital—which has been distriome'i in the street.” This is a brlefbulmostnpl commen tary on much of the business of the past year—in meirhnndise a-* well ns in stacks. —TLc Philadelphia Ledger remarks; , , The money market continue* active. Capital is In good demand from speculative borrowers, and also fbr purposes of legitimate business. Call loans arc icadily placed on stock collaterals at 7 per cent., and upon Government securities In ! lame suras a’ C per rent. First-ciass commercial paper at short dale is taken at 7®S per cent, per amnui discount. _ —The Now York Shtj'plnff Hat says t The demand tor money continues active for the settlement of the annual balances. The rate at which the bulk of business Is done on call is 7i* j cent, with limited exceptions at f»'.o s s. Dis counts taupe from 7 to SV cut for first-class sig natures, while second-class names range from 9 to 12 cent, the latter meeting with limited cur rency. We quote: Per cent per annum. Loans on call, stock securities d’iSb 7 ) LoaLSoncali. bond and mortgage..: Prime endorsed bills. o*i days 7 ® S Pcime endorsed bills, 3® 1 roonlhs S (5® « r irst-class single names S Ci 9 Other good bills 9 (ft 12 —The New York Jovral of vommfre* in allud ing to ihc proposition made to exchange the Five- Twenties now held in Europe for five percents payable in England and Germany, says: Inreciudto the recent proposition of the Sec retary, It is understood by those who are behind the scenes that be is filming cbicilyto aid in the establishment of a large American house In Lon don. at whose bead-he shall stand, stepping oat oftbe Treasury Department in dno time for that purpose. The manipulation of a few honored millions of United States bonds while the ex cuaime was in progress, the further sale of such as might be sent abroad for that purpose, nr.d tho annual disbursement abroad of the funds to mod the accruing interest, would together famish an Immense business to each a hou-e, and establish it permanently as a represen tative of American financial interests. The plan of exchange proposed is to make the 5 per cent bonds mote acceptable than the five-twenties,first, by having the Interest in a fore’gn cmrency, and ratable abroad, and secondly, by extending the time in which the principal would bo irredeema ble. Oor readers l*no *n that we are opposed to snv finch issue, and wo shon’d regard the whole arrangement of sterling bonds to be provided for abroad, as a national humiliation, but this Is a guisrionabom which there may bo an honest dif ference of opinion. _■The gold value? of the Import entries forfor eign merchandise at New York einco Jan. t, 1366, the beginning of the current calendar year, are officially (to December l) and eemi-offlcially (since) reported ns follows—the entries of loroign specie being omitted: January t5W,937,0.*9 February... . 30,529,130 March........ 23»919,d5Q April 24,‘-75,75l May 25.12a.-J74 June t?,612,103 July StkSOiSSf. August 25.615.423. Total to dale since January 1 Against same time last year. Increase to date September... r ~f 53,618 October jm,35>?,020 November.... 1t\9J7,9i7 December S.. 4,d1%253 December IS. 8,012,577 December 22. 0,421.693 December S 3. 2,426,194 — 7ho currency valno of the exports ot domes tlcprcdncr and mlsccllaneons goods from Now York, Including foreign articles re-exported, since Jftmaty I,ISCG, arc at follows, the figures being ofildally reported to December 1, by months, and since scml-officlally, by weeks: September.. .$11,971,323 October 14,812313 November... 13,93(«09S Dec. 5 3,430.393 Dec. 12 8,191.410 OCC. 19 4,031,372 Dec. 26 3,031.610 January. $20,iu*.2"7 February 17.133,617 Slarcb 95,ii6!?,?i7 April SWIM* V av J3.ia2.ST3 June . JO,aa,-»« July.... 31130,169 Anccst 22.U2S 010 , Total to date since Jan. Against same time J 500.... Increase since Jan. 1 ? 15,"15.*U Gold. Dec. 2n, ISC6 133*j pceot. Gold, Dec. 80, JSCS 14432 $3 cent. The exports of gold and silver from New York have been as follows since Janaary 1: January. 12.70fi.3351 September....! 831,530 February 1,807,030 i October 1,4 0.453 Jlaidi 1,015,0331 November..... 3,76*1,630 Anrtl... 555.573 I Dec. 8 57u,5'J6 Jljvy 25,744,1041 Dec. IS 1,518,553 June 15,800,038 | Dec. 22 2.VK2'sfi July. 5.821,45? I Dee. 99 1,072,100 Ancnst 1,557,351 | Total to date since Jannary 1 862,194,015 Against same time 1865 20,062,670 Increase since January 1 $32,331,313 The deliveries ofSrdd from California at New York, since Jannary I,lsCC,bavo been as follows: January $2,554,263 August. $6,012,051 February 3,683,181 September..,. 2.695,102 March 3,f 67,533 October 3.74-.737 Anili 1,531,721 November..... •2. ( U>,337 May 3,753,155 Dec. 3 1 % 13«.0» June 2.159,420 Dec. 4... ..... tW 113 July 5,115,848 Dec. 29 1.41V291 Total to date since January 1 $t»,1iu.706 Lgblnsl same time last year.. 50.050.ifr4 Increase since Jannary 1 $21,433,673 .The fotlowmc are the Customs receipts In gold at New York and the sums of cold Interest Q n the public debt paid out at the New York olEco of the Treasury of the TToli Jaunary I,ISGfi; Customs Received. • Gold Interest Paid. January E]S,4CU,t/& January .. „$ 5,7J3,n50 February,.... 12,013,7710 February 430,0'JP March 11,153,954 March. 8,658.329 Ap>H H.OtfVill April.... 137,35 i Slay 11,456,7(73 May 10.10.Via5 Juno 0,707,030 June 628.152 Julv 11,017.1179 July G,S7.I,a;S Aognst ii»,7P--,(Ki4 August 35!».76» September... ia,lTl,*'7Q September-... 2,030,532 0ct0ber...... 11,507,05? October 815,141 November. . 8,087,5*1 November... 11,785,201 December 1. 214,000 December 1. 147,0*) December 8. 1,4ff1.0C0 December 8. 535,003 December 15. 1,532,0*) December 15. 331.000 December *9. 1,058,00'» December S 3. 301.000 December 29. 1,4 i 8,000 Diccmber 89. 221.800 Tola! £129.961,017 Total £14,429,171 To date.lß‘s. 102, KM,Ptc To date, 1305. 40.10t.279 -fhefolloaluff La the statement of the Bank of Fogiand for the week endin'* December 12: main: pepartmuxt. Notes 15tued....£33,437,703 Oovcrnm’t i>sbt£'.lAts.tW Olh»r Securities 3,931,999 Gold Cola acd Bullion 17.497.W3 £34,497,700 BASXZSQ DKPAETXMT. Prpprle'U* capl- Government se- , n „ta] £«,5Kl000 curm**........£13.0n.?7? Ke?V, SJI7.RT) Other aecarltle.B 19,^'h‘IJ Public depoMtg. 7 r *W.l»l SV.tes 13,40 J^-X» OUur depositi,. Gold and silver _ _ Seven «j«v and coin other bills 491.203 £ 15.10j.es SU.IO3.CS The return, compared with that for the previous treet, shows the following changes; Clrcnlanion isane, £33,437.71)0 Inc. £271,310 Circulation active 22.0XL733 Dec. otO.SM) Pnbllc deposits 7,323,211 Inc. 553.173 Other deposits 13,123,531 Inc. C3I.CSI Government securities in hanking depart* ment 13,011,'KS Inc. 51.933 Other securities in bank ing department 10,633,741 Inc. 210,1*37 Coin and bullion in both departments 18.531,471 Inc. 314,127 Seven day and other r bills 431.26 S Dec. lI.‘»M The rest 3,247.633 loc. 5.613 , Notes In reserve 10,433,9i3 Inc, .630,720 I Total reserve (nolesand c"lu) In banking de partment 11,137,676 lac. 033,237 —The return of the Bank of France shows iV«* fallowing changes Coin and BelUon Bills Discounted Government Deposit* Notes in Chcnls'tou. Private Deposit/*, Advances. COrniEBCllL, Wenxsdat Evesiso, January 3.15'.7. The tollowing tables 'how the receipts and ship ments of Produce during the past forty-eight tours: CECUPTS rACT 70BTT-EXOBT HOUHS. Floor, brls. Wheat, bu. Com, bu Oat-, bn Kye, bu Barky, bu....... Grass seed, lb*.. Broom Corn, lbs. Cured Meat, lbs. Beef, hris Pork, brls, lard. Ibs Tallow, Ibs Butter, Tbs Bref-sed Hoes, No. Live Hogs, No. . < attle, No Hides, tbs IHgbvrlncs, brls. Wool, lbs lumber, m. Shinties, m. Lath, m. .. past FoniT-zioiiT nouns. Flour, brls Wheat, bn Com, bu Oats, bn Rve, bn Bailty. bn Gross Seed, lhs. Brcom Com. the. O'ircd Meals, 15s. Beef, brl* Pork, bits 1 ard, Its Tallow, fhs. Bnltcr, IT-p. I>. Kopi*. N 0... LivoEbgs, No., Cattle, No Hides. 17b H. Wines, hrlt*. Wool, B>s lumber,; m Sdlrglcs, m, Lath, m..... Salt, hrls .. Salt. Lacs.. The market for .Mess Pork opened rather buoy ant, and an advance of 25c was obtained* but at the close the market was dnlJ.with freo sellers bat no buyer?, at the Improvement. Wo note tales oll,osobrls at SlS.sotelfl.CO. cash; $13.73. sober January, and f ln.tH), seller 10—closing with tree sellers at $19.00, buyers offering SI'.TS for best biands. There was no movement In Prime Mess' or Extra Prime Pork, and quotations arc nomi colly unchanced. Green Meats were steady, with sale? at SJitftrTjc lor Hams from Ores-ea and 9$ '.tJpC from Slaughtered Hogs. Shoulders sold at S-li&Cc from Slaughtered Uogs. Lard was more active and firmer, with sales at 12c for kettle dried; for steam, and ll*jc for old. Rough Sides sold to the extent of 20,1)09 lbs at Sc, loose—£o days in salt. There was nothing do ing In English Meats, and the market may uc qnolcd nominal at 9l«c for Oumberlamls, and 9Hc for Short Klh. Grease sold at Sife for Yellow. Dressed Hogs opened a shade higher, but closed slow. Sales were made at a range of su,To @7.20— closing at $ti.80&7.00 for good lots, divid ing on 200 tbs. Whiskey was dull, with sales of 200 brls in bond at 23c. Free Whiskey Is entirely nominal at *v:o. ?lourwas quiet lint finn, with sales of I,TOO brig at so,73'<3ii.no for Spring Extra*, jyid 55.33ft9.23 lor Supers. There wa- no movement lu Winter smiles. Ihorcwaaon active milling demand for No. 1 Spline Wheat, ami the market advanced 2ft3c. No. 2 Spring opened strong and 2c better, but anbFcqueotly receded 1c and closed dull. Sales of rfl.OO’* bn were made at $3.20 lor No. I in It. I.: cC-lilftilu for do Regular; $2.00 for No, 2 In A. D. & Co.; Sl.WJftl.iW lor do Regular, and Sl.COft 1.03 for Rejected Spring—closing Arm at $3.17® 2 IS for No. l, and dull at $1.03 for No. 2 in regular bouses. Com was quiet but lie higher, with sales of 30,0t'iibn at No. 1; OJe for No. 2 anil KQs2*£c for Rejected. Oats declined with transactions at IIJ4 S-;2’/ s t lor No. 2—closing at 410 ll^c. Rye was in better demand and 102 c higher, with sales at 82091 c lor No. 1. Thcro was no movement In No. 2. Barley was firm, with sales at ti3®C3c for No. •- •ir>c for Kejfctcd. and 005575 c for sample lots. * Tbf lollowlog dctipuiches were read on 'Change to-day Hour firm and quiet nt?9.ao£hll.’io. Whe.lt qnlet and steady at ,52 2302.13. Corn tcaw at tl.110t.ll!* In store, and SM-I01.I4!* afloat. Oais heavy at(sloC3c. Pork lower at Lard quiet and steady, Uogs unletatfS.o*!*. Stock ot Pork 57,0 Cu brls, and iieef 23,(Ji0 brfs. Gold 132« j. Floor firmer. Wheal strong. Corn firmer at «?l. 1101.12!, In store. Oats firm. Old Pork weak. New Western 52L31H- LATKR. Jn the afternoon there was for English Meats, and the market was firm with sales of 100 boxes Cumberland at S«*c; 200 boxes Short Ulb at *J*4c; SCO bores Snort Cleir at 104 c; MO boxes Long Cat Hams at 10c. There was noth ing doing in Pork or Lard. Wheat and Corn were quiet and unchanged. Wheat Shipments from Minnesota in IS6O* [From ’V <*t. Paul Pre-?.] Wc hare now obtained from our correspondents nearly complete Hatl-tics of the amonnt of wheat arid •floor exported DomMinnesota during tnecurrouiy-ar, or ratter (luting the seven anil a half month) of utviga lion which form the shipplugseason. The following I* a general recapltnlatton of the atuuitnis sftlpp?! from each point, the statements being tn every case taken front the shippers’ books, except at two or three minor points, where the amount Is so small os to be hardly appreciable In the central total. There Is but oae Item necessary to complete the table, which we have as yet been unable to obtain, ml that t? ih- amount shipped direct from pilot* on ih* Minnesota River above Mcndota, and sot accounted fir on the books of the St. Pan! shippers. Most ot the wheat from that valley passes through St. Paul and appears lathe amount ol shipment* from this p’acc stated below ; but a ccnMderahle quantity. which wc emulate at about 550.1x0 bushels was snipped direct front points on the Minnesota River, toaluiy during the season ol high water: asioot or worst axi> rr.orr pouted rno u mlvne soTa L\ laec. Wheat and Flour Parrels Bushels reduced Floor. Wn*at. to Wheat. Mcndota, M. C. R, R... 49.C62 81\uJa 525.;ai2 Mcrdots. 51. V. 11. elev 13J/AEI 133.11*3 St. Paul 59,473 4C8,«0 7t*.010 I’trcPcnd... iSktOO 13,090 Newport, cst....*« .... <O,OIO IW.COO Point Mi’fSS ItS.'JW Lakeland tfi’SiS Afioi.tst .... lO.ora 10.000 Stillwater. 3.40 12,7ri8 30,(93 Htettnaa. SWS3 W9.3K 1.053.513 Red Wire Ut 1.C61.9C7 1,335.(7)7 Lake Cltv 63:.01 652.0. M Read’s landing. 3.131 1«,0» 135,05 WnbaMiaw 5.T32 502.W9 315.C<3 Mtr.yfUva .... 2uC,OOQ 3&\U33 Wltcca. *3.130 3.XW.757 La Crescent 1.610 3U.000 30 Mmthcrc M. R. H. .... S3.OM 33,000 Brownsville 422,000 «2,0» From othsr points,* esti mated* Total .222,00 9,017,133 Add amcunl from Min nesota River direct. _ estimated 20,000 230,009 The last itftn of 250.000 bushels,estimated as the amount el wh-at shipped direct from points la the Minnesota valley, we bedeve to be approximately cor net, bur, a* we nave no present means of verifying It bcsocdtheioo*edatalun.l>hedlrotn Minnesota river towns, wc prefer to state It separately from the general table, though wc do cot hesitate to Include It In the central aggregate, as given la the following— arauraßr. Flcnr.brls .....moo Wheat. hn S,W,*i3 Wheat ai d Soar reduced to wheat, bn 9;'h».,iyj Frcm the shore statement. tt appears that Minnesota has exported, donnz the past rear, over nine sad a a car ter million t.n>ncl# oi wheat. ouowm or wsuut psoarmo?;. It is safe to ray that the history of no partotthl* coot'ccat exhibits so tnamllons a crowth In the p*o dactlrn and exportation of wheat u> Minnesota. The rt markable adaptation of onr soil and climate to the prooucll'-n of cotnparatlrelr certata and abundant crops of th’s cfresi has bad the effect of turning oar acncn'.tnre almost wholly in thi* direction. ir n ost other of the grain-crowing States, wheat Is a rcry uncertain cropv and the average yi<la from vei r »o>ear cocs not exceed six bushels per acre in Illinois, ten bnsr ds in lowaand twdre In Ohio; bat. in Minnesota. an arerace of nearly twenty basaels ter acre may be sslelc relied on. In li>9. onr aver* ace yield was nineteen Irashclstwr acre; tu !•*«. twen tv-two ba«hels. Wo hare no record ot tho arcraze Vleldf rwwe a* sneee**ire rears, thanks to a foolish legislature : bet In ISA the Pew avfftatscd the »r --eran. yield to be about 21 bushels per acre. Thb year, untoharvest time,the crep was evenmoretnaznlfl cent than id the prerKns year, bat when toe herrest had already commccced, and onr tinners were feast ine their eyes on the splendid prospect of a yield ot twcnir-fivc bushel* per acre, no imUmeiy and lore condoned min storm >et In. which nearly mined the crop.jvThc yield was hardly two-thirds the average. But the n»nu of a lons senes ot heary yields. With a general exetnotion from rust, oil* dew. blight, and other climatic casualties as well as from the Insect eaenlrs which assail this plant«. other Stales, has teen to mate wheat almost onrsoie*srlcnlturalstap'e,and ft's safe to estimate that nearly two-thirds of onr tlbcd area is In this crop. We nave not smßclent data at hand to estimate the ex ranslon of our Ull-d area In 1565, nor to state with ac curacy the average yield, and we therefore refrain from any statement urd'T this head atpreseot. la us# the total wheat crop of Minnesota was 2,t7u415. In iS3 It was over 10.' oo,coo. i his year, ow- Uz to causes already stated. U is constderab-y less than I last year, ptcbably somewhere near eight mlldon ; bushel*. ,5291,317,530 . 2M,2SC.ZU .5 73,574,459 .$133,323,539 , 171,979,333 0 GEorrni orTnE-wmuTnuna. Bnt there is no mere strtldae Uiiwtratton of the rapid I crowth of wheat prcdaotloa In Mlnneiom taan the fact tbit, while in ISSB Minnesota Imported bread to ; teed her tmiricraat popo!ati», ia jlsol \ Terrs alter, she exported 9.W7.153 bushels of wheat, Inclodlnc &>,uC5 barrels of flour, cround alh»r own mlllsTto reed the oopnl*o'»n of other Siree • that tine,the growth ct her wheat trade is indicated by the DUowtng compsrtMn: tided. harvested. exported. ,~a . . ..151.972 SAT 4.113 53,625 .,»<■,«» s^g ,6 or wumVlarwpwcC a js»ddeai more than a third, uds year,wasworn thecrepofWß, rLQCTI . An intercstise and smlicant Item in our table u tholarse amount of wheat-over a million bushete- led States since •hipped la the lorn of floor, of which 22J.0G barrel* were export'd. Last year the whole animat ot Soar exported was HOJW barrel!. The probability Is that inafiw yean marly our whole xrop wl.l be m'-huraclortil Inn dour at our own mills, and snipped 8.81 la this acre economical tons. Rlllwnuuee Produce Trade. The foliowintr table vitt show the receipts and ship* menu of leadltg articles for 1565 and Lm3, by railroad a.d lake: ISO. IMS. Flour 559.771 437.*! Wheat 12.045. CW W.9U.i5« Oats fSt.m 1.W.T0 cora...:.:::..;:::::::::: ::: m** Rye ....... . 134,160 58.533 Dai ey 1 OA£ »1.«1 Bean* EiHD 9,444 Pen* • 10.9 W , W» Bn? tar 1,300,n8l 1,®«.a70 HldfS 115.0 M 15t,1»5 Wr 0] IVm.'OO 1,35*5.05® Dressed hosre 83,900 Llvebies - 8,013 *l,Ml Cattle •-'0.1T7 12.443 Bairs • «T>.K» SU*£» Powtocsh-- 110,000 110«8-*0 SlUr * ETB * If*. 1566.1 FJour. WTA73 • 711.594 wrest..:. iuatu Oats.. ... Cora 71.W3 4.93.712 Bye 5U«t 2SSAI2 Barer »A 97 I®.**® Rear.!. 9AM 10,572 Butter 1,795,740 1.611.659 Hides 84.449 45.W7 Wool M76.SW 1.6W.0U Pressed bogs 4.C04 2,4*9 Ilvcbocs... _W“ tattle 2,141 £34,497 703 Hag? i*OUtOC9. New York Uro*enr Market. IFroro the Shipping List] C^nrE—rio remain* dull, but prices are b lead rat the rtf need rate of the early part of the week; the Bales embrace sevaral parcels per steamer North America. In all 5.275 bass, ordinary to prime al ctnts coin. In bond. The demand fir .lava and India detC'lpUoi's U also very limited. and wa have only tc notice 1.300 bass Lauuayra. h*foro our mostly cents gold; and £OO ilaracalbo, at a price not fade t ul»‘ le. bcoAE—l here Is a steady moderate demand for rate, ar d the business l» at out as larce as usual at the cl'»o r. vear. Gold has fhrtherdocllnedollttlc, hutlt UashadiltileornocmctuponlhemarKet. andwe re tain onr former qa-'lallous of 9VA9.SC for lair, and Vc for coed refined, we nottre that 100 hhds and s. b» are going forward to Liverpool per steamer. Dcflcedi' (inlet; hardltjfftlf*: soft white and yellow lasviHC- Ihe sales of raw are tAllhbds Cuba at 9Vi4loJ<c; 120 brlsrtoatue; 167hhdsPorto Hlco at K.VaUc, and 52J bxs Havana at 9VSlOv,c, laos. . Teas—A moderate demand from the local trade con tinues. and the market remains la substantially the fame position as noted la onr last. A few odd lota have been closed cot at Irregular and low price*, but larce lines ot O donc and other standard descriptions could scarce!) be bought upon as tavorable terms as thev could have been a frrtnlcht fl?o, notwithstand ing ttc lower points for sold. This slightly lmprove<l tone of the market Is due to the comparatively hlel rest abroad, the conviction that little pr no chance is m be made Iptherurltf, and the confident expectation of* speedy revival f f trade after the clo-e of the holt dav sraren. The oHysaleof any magnitude that has transpired Is 1.100 half chest* nncolo'ed Japan. In land, fromfirst hands, tor export to Canada, on terms withheld. .Inc. £ s9c,nno .Inc. fi-iT/Ho .Inc. 82,iw .Dec. n-J.S'.io .Inc. 1,W0» .Inc. b,OOU TheOjwrirr cf jcsterdaysays; **Tno box market was vcrv quiet, with meagre re*etpn since Saturday, ncd all the city packers excepting two have virtually rlcfrd for ttr *eawi. The parkin? acro»> the river at Tsonvllie by Thomas J. Martin & Soa. and at New AlVsnr by the two packing tonso there, will probably contitoeoperations lor a coapie of weeks to come. Therrevaiilnrt rates f rhog-t are6!< to 6yc ?ro»s at the pens, with receipts of nb -ut 2.» hies to-day bv rail roads. The provision market has as->amed a firmer tone, though trar.sacUota are limited, wtth a Rood demand for future delivery. The slanebtcr today and to cats snnis up as follows: Packer*. Killed today. Previously, inpea. O. V. Thomas & Co 900 2T.WO Hamilton & Dro 21,275 .... 1 j6C. ISIS , 3,102 G.2H3 . 7.930 49,790 .IS 075 4*2,3 ifi . 10,571 79,151 725 6.511 J . 5,553 4t» .142,930 103,23) . 2,553 tl\o3o . 1,900 131,210 31 . SSfi 519 . 200 5“,703 . ... 25207 , 590 20’ons . 6,3 H 11,002 . ... 14,530 . 65.003 810,890 . 607 130 . 2,000 13,100 . 03 113 naiiimuu u HtiiJits, Hutlinau &Co 1&SC0 dosed Dnnran. Floyd & Co SoO 3^15 OWfICT * Co 15J03 ClOifO Wm. Jarvis* Co, irert.Lleb...... ... T.J. Martic. & Son. Xcw Albany Tf'tal U3O Total receipts to date 10,919 CHICAGO CATTi.E UAttKET. ’ nmci op tub Daily Teiuutc, i 3Ved>em»at ETKjrixu. Jaanary 2. J RECEIPTS—The receipts to-day and fjr the wcik op to this ever leg were: Came. Hogs. Sheep. Sunday anrtMcnd*y(aoretums).. (nn return*) Wednesday 239 9.6>| .... 8,510 S,SVS 6,730 8,117 a,s3i 1,313 wn 325 470 Sl,l£S W,«M ■ The Stock trams to-day were very late, and when our reporter left the- yards at 7 o'clock this evening tnerc weronbrnt 100 cars mt unloaded, which nrcuot in cluded Id the receipts saven auove. The receipts, as far as returned, were as follows: Cattle. Hoes. Sheep. ByC„B. & Q- Road 77 5.535 .... r.vlmnvHCentra. Itoad 43 9-V) .... By C. A B. 1. Rood I£T* 950 .... By C, «!:>’. W.ltoad 3 2.029 .309,1(0 must) , R« 797 . 33,XM 80,310 2.151 94,431 9.970 n,;70 2,235 501 .... 1.223 .159, It>S 60.1HJ0 . 178 I*o2 . 1,070 33.312 . 711 441 Total. V3O 9,G31 There were no shipment? rctnrned up to 7 o'clock this cTtrlap. T3»e following were the entered sale? to do; 107 isl 33 33 715 JEW 500 Cattle. Hon. Sheep. At Illinois Cfcctral Scale. at 2.»M AtC.. « S-'i* At Altos Sfenie .... 413 At C. & S. 'V. Scale 15 JAM CATTLE—It ha* town an extremely qnlet day lor this class ol Sleek, In fact there was not sales enough to present a fair rangeof prices. Sellers, however, owing to tlie meagre receipts, advanced their views 13.31ie per ICO bs on good shipping Steers and I0&:3c on me dlum to good Butchers'StOvk. The only really good, drove on sale were 53 toad State Steers, from Fulton Coucty, which the owners (Springer & Gorham) were enable to sell at their figures and will irytho chances East. Wc nolo the following sales t Hicks to Moore. 18 choice Cows, oil cars, averaging 1 "Go as at j 63.00 per head. Meehan bought Ti bead'fair Steers, averaging 1.Q61 aw. a* K»3 00 ptrhcaa. Springer* Gorham to Grffn*»anm 19 head medium Steer*, averaging t>s. nt per head. Keenan* Flnleyio >l»ers , l‘» heal medium mixed Cows 81 .«] suers. averaging 9TI tt, at |1.75. Green bought Vi head Cuws, averaging 1,109 fits, at averaging 1,C50 16 5, at (t.ti&. Trc market dosed quiet but firm at tie toll D wing range: l-rlme to choice Beeves (nominal) Fair to g00d......... Common tf medium Infrilor uibwd lots. IloCsS—'The market opened brisk at fQ.33ati.tS for ErofitocbolccMisoftß.' to 400 »« hverases. and $3,6» for cornnon to fhlr lot* of ISO to 2SO us aver rjjcs and over. Later In the day* bowerer, nncler an ticipation that the receipts to-morrow would be suffl clciitl}*larse»noti{slj to prodnee a reaction in price#, buyers to some extent, withdrew from the market, which had the effect cfscndlnplprlcoe down&3lsc onall pradc*. Sales were Ko. Av. Price. Keenan &F. to Turpin a« 27i 6.13 KHran *K to Turpin..., Ki £1 6.15 Cn. to Chapman ... 90 ;rr» c.-a .loci* Hoimli A Co. to f'rasln A Co. M 253 . 6.1’%' .•one*. lloimli * Co. to Crasrln & C.». 52 2v; 6.2) .loc'P. Hotmh & Co. to Crania <t Co. fi» 2j6 6.20 lircaer 4- X. to Flint *l* 213 2*o 6.1) V to Craßln urCo KO KM 6.t5 1 Sc-vclto Cracm &C-J 61 SM 6.23 Hop,-Ins 10 IViLtlfor *0 3T7 0.23 CHICAGO DA It A’ MaICKET .11/ tales of Grain rfffirtfrt 1 « thin market ret,or • <t:> mul, on th <* lash of xclnter (4c) storage, unless tJlf„rici*eerj.re**' <l. Wri)\ - nsp\T Evbmno. January 2. ISC7. PUBUinT>-R.'ii.!;->.vi» KiißiiiUTS—lnc fcU:w« ing Is the Joint tarlil on the Eastern roads: Rates Irom Chicago to— class. clas*. Floor. Rofr*. EQrtftl n , N. T........... ...... 68 47. V 95 SO Mortrett. C. t UQ 93 l.iO 1.64 1 Albanv,N.Y ICO 9ltf 1.11 1.10 New tori; 1-15 90 1.50 , Ilostrnand Albanv...... 1-S5 93 193 1.60 lioFton n'a Gratd Tiank. 1-35 95 1.90 1.60 I rmiamt tto Grumi Trunk .... 3.10 i.« 1 HiMa:Ml’lila U 5 63 1.7 U 1.40 V-HhltnoTC 1-ij « 1.70 i« j OUwUtul, Ohio 4* S 3 70 55 ; ,hlT.rsonvlllo. Iml 45 34 70 ... t’lnrlrra'l. Uhl” 45 S 3 65 (3 : FIAICU— Recmed,S,W2 brls: shmped. SAW brU. I Market «::«j!dr. Sale-wt-re: Shbino Extras—loo brls not named. at fti.rejiw brls do atf 1!.0J;1()0 nrls “Cros- ; set-” atf ll.lXh 150 brl* “Amber lowa’* at #ll 00; 100 brls ; not tnrnrdat SH'.97V; WOhnsdoit 910.57 V; WO brls <!•> nt $10.M); 2TP brls do at $10.73; Wbrts rt<» at #10.73 ; ICO brio*Garnett’s KiceMor" at #10.75:100 brls not I named at 910.50; 130 brls do at $10.90: 100 brls do at 1 #?.75; Srnisis sn acs—so brls not named at $9.33; 100 I r aT—ilet-elved, 7 s S3u bn* shinned 6.730 ba. ; Market advanced 3£"c on >O.l spring. No. 7 opened 2c belter but f-li bark ir. snu closed dull. Sates ■ were; tOO bn No. lat $220, Rock Island: 3.000 ba do at K.U-: l.'.V-Obu doutr2.ll: 6001 mdo at #2.lf>V: 4.”'0 bu conts2 16(locular); bO.COObu N0.2at#1.91; s.oWha ! do at ll.IWi; S,C(O bu dy at $1.33V; S.PW bu do at #1.93 1 (rccu&f); ivO bu do at {3-tO, A. D. & Co.; HWhnllc ' lectrd r.t $1.65; l.r-CO bu do at si.W>-clostnc Onn at I 1 t.m2.lS fee No, 1 and dull at §1.93 tor No, 2 Spring. C'OltN—Received, 1.1,075 bn; shinned, none. -Mar -1 kit abiut Vo better. Sale* «ere: 3.SM ba No. I at 7:,u r; 17 090 bn do at 75c; j.CDObn do at 74 Vc; l. r >oo bn No.sitbOc; erobu iWectcd ats2Vc; 500 bu do at slc; 4>61m«10 on track ntM-c. Olt***—ReccUeil.lt-,574bn: shipp'd, 1.312 bu. Mar* ki t declined '.<• Vo. were: wi) bn No. 2at 4,’Vc; 6' clado at 4"c: 15.000 bn do at 41 Vc; 3.000 ba do at 4l»tc; WsOOO bu d«j 3141 vc— closing with buyers at 41c, a-'uscUtrpnt4l\c. . ... ... ■ u \ E—Uccclvcd, 723 bn : shipped, nene. MarkeUf? 2c richer. Sales were: JOl bu No. I at9Jc;3,ooo bu u«>a;aic:foOl)ud.>MU:vc:3.oO3bu I*o at 9’c. HA It I,KV—Ib-clved, WKJbn; slupiicd, 430 bu. Marilt quiet but steadr. Sab-s wer*': I.IW 1m No- 2 at Csc s S.MO im do at «c; 400 on Rejected at 15c; 111 baesbv sampU*. aITSc ;123b'»cs at 6oc. * I.COIIO I.—Thtrc h* little domg, and the market 1 I* n n troj a* #4 *•(? 1.60. 1 llUAN—Market quietatav’.OOQTU.po. I 111100.11 CO UN—'There Is very little demamhand I tljcr.-.atsel It dull at #loo.frXi2oo.Co. .. 1 litAN?*— Areicling In small lots at | HrTT’Elt-Cludi-eßatrv Is In cood demaadand firm. C. mmc.n cr;»:cs cnll. Sales were: ol keg* at ! I4c: 6CO3S Itollat2V:; l.noo 68 at 29c. Weqnotc: ; Cboin* Dairy t*»l C 1 Good Tub £ 1 Con.oipn Firkin-.-. ® i-nruc c New Tore, January 2. RAUCUMS--Thc market Is quiet at previous rates. Wcc.ntinne to quote: „ Nall, nal A. 3 bu, wanitws linen ?«.C0 I rion A. 5 bu. do 2rffi Illinois A. 2 bu. do C.rn Exchange it-K Mark A, cottot seamless Ltwuton A. do iifK Atdr.sccggtn, do American, do 3{*r{ nearer Mills, do PittsCrtrt «o 2? - 55 P.nn Mills, do «•“ Fort Pitt, do Mtgo, do if-S taco, lltvn and cotton S*?s Ku,‘ N0.'i!;....: mjw csrrlrc Cltv 40OW f'-nEKSt-ihc market Is qnlet, but as there IsnO' su* pins stock. prices are well maintained. We quote: New Tort Factory (genuine) IS £|9 C Factory •*? £“ * western Mates.... *♦ $ ••Yftnr.e America ,•.».,♦.»*•••••••• ..••••••♦ . c rOA L—Tb'rc is an active consumptive demand. auc the niaikft Is finnatoarOgore*: t }>« oo Om:tbv. Cntvm.Asr—Pnar HW.... JMS do Mineral Rldce J®-™ So Widow Dank W.oa do Tunnel lg-™ GSf'L&a;;: Uckawana. prcpamL. f«?Bten *..;.v.v.v.v.v.v.v;.v. iI:S ffj”.? 1 aoo do’on track Tl'e mVtkctisVn'i.’and on nio we abode c.rrquotVlciisJfc. Javais ‘Klcfcointnnn to ‘lovilaT^c Rio. rood to rrlmf” JT^Anue ?5 45; 500 port: barrel* at PlllTT-’AN»°\nV??-TrV!c I,U« MttTC.«. lr~to the close ot tile hoddays, bat prices show no srJiMavtoft. .f&tS & 4JO ..IjV Cl C-M ..10.00 an oo ..10.1X3 (32X00 ~13.00 @30.00 £&;• I*”""*.!!...! » a * Csnrcd’r’cacbM, V (Jos. 3 » cans <| 4 ’^ qniitcw IS 2 I'McbCf. partd S 3 35 j«3ackbcrrJi>,e«w.P £? <? S Rns.l>Unlcf,acxr,? v» <£ •* CT.rrrJO. rifted «*>!/>* V 6 ,d ® ItAtMn*. ityerj........ *vs g A icondsharJ shelled ® f? 4|UoDa*.M.ft!hCll«l.. ; fl ® H A'n.ruf’s. rarer Celled ® » » IVancts, V Jft’S J| nil haßllelivrattnts. IS S |i Sarlrsivamnts. “ g « man?, email and Urge •?» S <lB SuS Trej'.Ko. 5Si IH , M.citt.-,no. I,hh» : v m « ftmuy. > S on * *• Kc.l.fcl». new *• faisttr. W®. ♦••••• 2Xy| codm.-nj,... v 100»• ••• “g s?' Uermsi!(ixiW.2«o.t t P bos g *» w» T» Arpl». Pbrl otaTces Havana, V IjG...i< Lemons it Cr»r berms ■wild Cfiaberrtet. cmUvabd... . ‘sl’SH 93.W9 Louisville Hoc AlurKci. 17,15? n.o» 3,700 TOO 7,6i0 eco . S.OVS.'B . i.2Va.1.55 . 2.73*iU2,Y labrador Herring, P brl -I ,I ’9£ M H2 - “ Wbrls W»®fJs Norwegian “ k'«, P brl lf-9J “ •* M’s, V brl 14-eO *3 R EA*»E—Sales were: 30 tea Yellow at BYc. HHi HW|AB*»—Received. W 7 hrts; shlppel.lTS br.s. Market-lull. Sale*wcre:,Soobrlsmbondat2si*. lU>r£-Uarket quiet ats7@Coc lor Eastern, and M £sscfor Western. IIA v -lie market 1* doll, (hough (hero Is bo chance la values. We continue to uncle: WHOLESALE PHICK3. Timothy, rolleranc neater pressed f15.J«14.59 Timothy. loose pr-»ed , ‘'£c-' l, fs ITairie, beater prerved 10.00*11X0 Timothy, roller and beater pressed 1C.009J9.00 Timothr.iooae pre*sed ... *‘*9?- 4, ?*25 Pralile, roller and heater pressed 11.00313.00 Imtne. IcoMicnwogOD. delivered tu» #13.00 HlDES*—Received.6B.6oS »9: shipped. 139.163 Os. Market onn, with a good shipping inquiry. We quote: Ocod 6jf@ ?XC Green Salted, trimmed 9MWIO e 6wn Calf 19 «1» o Kip. Green Salted 1* <s*ls « Dry Plat, trimmed . 16,a@17 c Pry Salted, trimmed It 6*13 c Green Salted, part cured. 9 9J<c DBE**EJ> HOlis>—Received. 3.711; shipped, 2JSS. Market opened firmer but closed about thssamo ns on Monday, s-alcs were: „ „ S 3 averaging 599 as. at 53 “ 294 »?, at, J. 31 SI •* 523 Be. at 7.3) 72 “ 2M ‘*l3 co “ SDO 7.U 54 •* SCO DS.at. 7.15 S 6 310 710 62 ** ... tte.at. »-1* 55 « * 275 BS, at. 7JO 40 * 255 BS, at 7.10 27 *• 223 Ba, at 709 27 “ ... O.M 863 “ ... BS.at f. 75 7 ** 125 675 i 54 dividing on 500 as. at- *«.75 anU7.i2jf 1 57 •• 20aas, at. 6*5 and ..10 1 115 •* 300 as, at 6**o and 7.10 153 “ fiOO bp, at 6-bO and 7.10 t liO *• aro db. at €.» and 7.03 I 90 M 2C0B«, at.. 6.1><1 aud 7.0« 1 ICO ” 200 BS. at 0.55 and 7.00 I 103 300 BP, at 6.60 and 7.(0 777 “ 200 as, at - 6.73 and 7.00 1 —closing at 56.5 u and 27.00, dividing on W> »i for good I lots. . IRON AND STEEL—Trade is moderately active, < and price? are stead; at the following quotation?: Common Bar 5Yk 6Y Horse Shoe Iron 7!f 36Y i Heavy Band T^fiaif Hoop ato Usht Banu 7V.3U* Round and Square 1 Oral 6id 7k Hall Oval and Usll lioond 7 Q ; Sheet Iron, ermmoa. Its ; Sncet Iren, Galvanized, 17x23 .'29 (A Sheet Iron, charcoal 9Y<2 . Sheet Iron. Jurtaia H'if&lS Norwav Nail Reds 13 @ls Plow Steel. German @l4 PluV Steel, cast 17 @if Spring aid Tire Steel, English ....14 ©U Tocl Cast Steel, ordinary sizes 28 Q3O , Tool Cast fctceL American @25 "Blistered Sled W ®3fl Russia, Nos. 9 and 16 2S @29 Ku&la, A tubist quality, V t-dl-. feUl husflß. Ruseis. ad. 2d quality, V sheet @2l LEATHER—is qalcc and unchanged. Wc quote: HEMLOCK. City Harness, 9 Slaughter, Sole. Cfta 40 Bmlalo * 40@ 43 Countrv harness 3t-s 36 Slaughter, Sole, lane, V - 42© 44 Chicago. Na. 1. 40® 42 Kip. medium, * . Slaughter, Sole, al l.l\aL2o Chicago. NO. 3. St© S 7 Calf, V B 1J0@1.60 Bueuos Ajrea.... 39* 40 t*ri*er, F 100 t... 2A3 30 Orinoco, so'e.... 37© 33 Counter Upper.. 33« 25 Orinoco, goad. Collar, v f00t.... Si® 21 danaged 31® 32 OxK. 1 Slaughter Sole.. 5-7© 51 French Calt Si \ Harness, 1* 4(k< 4t> »s 2.1(k52J3 Upper 3C@ 341 French Calf, S 6 Kip. No. L me- J tt 4 2J9®2.W dintn i.iO®lJO French Celt Le- _ Rip. No. 1. { motnes > frdoz^o.oo®9].o3 fcciw.,........ SS®l.lC I Lt'9'l BEK—Bnrinesa Is doll, and prices are steady aUhMdiowmg rates: ... . Ll;ism.n—First Clear, 1, IJf.lJf «idainch ij m f60.0Q@65.00 Second Clear. 1. l)rf, IJf and 3 inch 55.W@60.09 TOW Clear, inch?..... 50.00®5W» First and Second Clear Flooring, tegeth* | er, rough, the same a* Second Clear I wide...?... 5P.00@35.t0 Common Flooring, rough 3j-0^37.W Matched and dressed Common Fl<>oring.. 40.00@t3.00 Matched and dressed S-lnch Common Flooring * S6.CQ@S3.OO First and Second Clear Sldlrig, together.. 50.0iW>MO First common Dressed biding 33.0Q@23.C0 Wagon-box Boards, select, 15-ltch and up- .. wards SS.WV@I2.OO A Stock Boards, i2-lncb« ZV.o3».pfr.C3 11 stock Board*. 12-tnchcs 26-W@27.00 Common Boards. Joists, Scantling. Fccc lii'-. and Small Timber. 12 to 16 feet long, * 5t.0aa22.00 Joists Mrt Scantling, 30. ii and JI led CS.W^dO.CJ Snisr.trs—A or Star Shaved Shingles -IAI AorStarSawed Shingles S.Ofta 5J3 NO-1 Sawed Shingles tUSO© 3.00 LAVit-I*cr m in yards 3 3.00 liv car-loud t*y Northwestern Railroad, “delivered in anv v»rd where cars can he svluLcrt.crany depot: AorStarSawed tblnglc«,hv car-load, on track 3.75® 4.00 A, or Star Shaved Shingles by car-load, on track 4-50 No. 1 Saw id sttngli* bv car-load, on Tbrec'uolVan*’a *M.V-ios»d* added* whim' transferred, which charge follows the Shingles in freight bill. SHINGLE BTANDXCP. TWckncs*—Five shingles to be two Inches mthlci* n< Le*tgth—Sixteen Inches. • Bands— Twmty Iccbe?. * SBM72 r !ST.)CK-Th. to m*nd 1* moderately active, and prices rule steady. Wc WS TIN. I ZWC. . Box Tin Plate, I C 11st quality, cask 13* . 10x14 ........|15.r0 Ist quality, sheet 14 limiftr::. 57 sub 14 . t Small Pigs 5S mnanx wins, • ! Bar’l in »> J. 5 . rorpETR. <, Sand 9 U . Metallic Al’Bona... S 3 lu and 11 IS 1 1 gffi.Tc 0 "di"-v. § p[iv.v";;r;r.-.: * I SUeetlngs.Utolbor. 45 Jsandl6 16 7 1 TlLDlngs—• J* •*? : I lURBIT METAL. 1» U , Ist quality J® *^l 1• 1 Fte *!!! 30 Fence Stnpies i 6 1 NAILS*—The market is steady. Wc revise quota ° Sm’ioW, V kc ? ,J_W PJ-v-vj-y S»-2 8 c,, 7.75 3d, fine blued 9.»a c,, "*' .... S.W 2d,flnebincd 10.73 C S ‘8.25 Cut Spike* 7.23 b ;;;; s.n> 'much Net ws 1 OILS—Are quiet. We quote; ~ Iyv _, LllmhH Oil 1 l,ms«dl>ll,l)cncd b-.LjJ onve OB , d ( 9H>ale OIL "Lard Oil,extra.... 4 t Lard MU, No. 1 »,ln.cr I Lard Oil, No. 8 winter J ! * I Bat k Oil. round tot*. I ' o3^M? I Ma. bin* Oil. round 10t5.... s I sperm Oil. W. 8., round lots vPfgt * I Castor Oil 1 I QiL I,uLtU»*. a atei N . - . . i-rees* oi ilif r*.! ItntlN <lll.—* li«* oemnii'* 10 ■<> vi uic ■ snpnlv and the market 16 firm at our quotations: J Carbon* carload Carbon, an oil let? wo-c ; f&VclvrtV LW* IM CurM*Mcats: 3 Wh“ Im"«4MM Larrt. Shipped, .“01*,HI D 8 3 * atcMA l»«r».—MiirKot23c better. t*i«-H'igdnll. Sales were: TTCbrls fti #«>.»; 510 hmat *lB.Vr, xfi br.« New i Votk Met* at f1?.73; Itw brU Chicago at ft&SO, ca«h: ’ vwi bpia seller 10. at fia.f-O; SSO hrls. seller .laanary. at v fS.T^loelnewith sellm ecnofallyn-klog?l9.W.wllh ' Sverv limited inquiry at tor best bramjs. i; r n„. illrala—Sale? were: Hams (s. h.) at svr • 1 cot dc i>. h.N at 9c; 1,303 do (<l. U.l at Sjiic . 3,000 r 1 do(d.lOol8V ,; 2,ncopieccsShou!dcr.»(s.h.)at'?c; TOO 1 unri••p'cCO Cs do (». ti.) at s*c. i * Bonkb >*irtca—bales were; Gd,obl B 8 20 days la 1 6a i^nrrt—Mure active ana firmer. Sales were: SDltcs 1 Keltic dn«l at 12c; 200 tr« prime Steam at Il\c:l00 I ; lev at JINc; 60 tes Old at U*c; SO tes Country Nettled j lt l’Olf'l.TßV AND RAJIE-aH*™,! O, 1 ’" 2 Tirfs.rd clilcknis st f2/0: G dor do at Jl.»or 13*loi ! 511 a?»f: 1 Sop U«G«s »t ,10.*0!»; ss Dnssrf Turkovs at 11cs n>« do at d > at l.c, 1 brl at 15c: Udoz Prairie nilekens at Ldoz do • ■*. "‘i* *0 (if), do fit 1,3^018 dor do at set,.s: 6 *,oz i KnnUts’at 50c; r» doz do at 70c; Sddoz Qualls at t 1.75: | 6 I 9 OI>A° AN s fl'-A I.EIt ATCS.-The market rules < steady. ■WeqirolP; tsvfflis c 1 “"J 1 "'* Kfc c ‘ ni '-v.v"' “ pore , general leaturc-* of the market are , tbo same as previously reported. Thcstjoas are light, , ; araprlcrsßprilnii.a..allows-. c 1 ( tOioa..■ • ** IJ'i'iiVlV* j 1 \ o! y o litanid, i'owdcred and Granulated..l •White A kH&Ka® ’ Circle A tjS55ia H S I i Whiter. hWv? i i Trt*nn-r V.V.V.".V.V/.V/.V/.’.V.*.*...’.V.•'.'.U , C : oiSmc::::::. 'S x S5i.-S : Oxnard U extra 11 «n.»c | *i V »i'P^_The market Is dnjh prices are weak, ' ' and freely shaded on roum: lots. We quote: : >ew York Syrups » ! Yellow mips , s? ; porlo S£,JS • New Orleans Philadelphia Per Hive. ,Sv5,S cwcapo, ' .4 «. p Itoosc TVit S 5 1 js \ |,x_ Hecelvpdrnone: shlppei!, 715 brl*. Market steady. No sales reported. 0 . New Tine s"£i Coarse 0 Crowd Alum rlyfrj) Tnrks’ Island, hags Ground Solar rjj: Palry, with sacks S-iS i p,lrv. . a " J . 1 'TEAS—The demand Is moderate, ami prices arc YouucnylomtnSorto^e.V^^ 1 Imperial, wiww tonne. V I*S»IS do extra to choice. V Gunpowder, inpertor to fine, E ft y cJv»t S *do extra to choice, E B I.w«t.gß : Japan,natural leaf, fine to extra fine.* »... I.WM.2D ; Co do fine to chdec, l*B }*ssJ-35 . do do co'ored, * t.*»31.50 I taIjUIW—In Ibc nhserce ofacrrcpone<l ■*nVs • we qr"tc the market nominal at tor country OI TOBACGO—Tifc demand Ulight, andlhcroaiket Is qm« t at our quotations; CI “'K«ra TOBACC °“ ft.ls flI/O : I ChokeV.V/V.V.V... I.W rt 1.15 ; B|S i : i S « i • i Medium ?i S I Coumon Stems 19 023 i pnro Tonxcco— _ „ ] Loyal *» g S Farmers’ Pcllpbt..... ® “ Naiursl Leaf. !•» Half Bright “ ftl.» I Choice D.ack, H>md •» £-2? I Medium 2* g 5 t Common s§J| S l Navies SM? S I VlrclrlalO* and as ® ™ I Flounders u Cs s> • \\ OOD—IMn moderate demand and Heady, at the | price* given below: Maple, V cord, delivered tyrSaU'iS [ Maple, b cord, w yartb;. Ike* h, V cord, delivered U*Swi? m Ewh. V cert. In yard 1 ntrknrr V cord. . li-Ou^lS.iv ) a uOOY.-ReccVved, 2,r00 bs: shipped., k9»* I tctdnU and nominally nor-hanged. aaaatdjES anti jEtoclrs. American (Waltham) Watches. Dealer* In Watches iron; all pari* ol the country are reminded that the ondereipned keep a fn’.l assortment of Waltham Watches, In gold and silver cases, con stantly on band. Dante reductions in the prices cf movements and cases have rocenfy been made, and the Internal Revenue Tax Is no longer charged to cus tomers. The pood repute bercc far and near by tte manufac tures ol the Waltham company, makes tt needles* fsr the asents to nrpe thetr claims to pencral patrotage, or to do more than caution the public acalnst spurious and Inferior Watches with ■which tho markets are flooded. Every Waltham Watch, of whatever class, Is warranted by special certificate, which should in all cases be demanded- H OBBIS S & APPL’ET OX, Asents of tlie American TYatcli Co., 15*3 Hrondway» K. Y. TMSbOLXJTION.—The business hereto- b, .4- br JOBS .tour 1...0ff1g-1-rls CM, 344 bomb Watcr.l. JUSTLN HOLMES. JTossrs. 30H5 S. BREWER & CO. Will cr.clinne toe Comml-sion in Chicago, and solicit cotsiynmcntJ of i*rodnce. &<?• •TMESOLDTION.—The copartnership tj b.ietofcreexlstlneooder.the ArmMmaw VAN Ml™ * HL.SET u ooasea *- DAVID HENRY. Theuadcnlenedwlll continue the bnslncw ot deal ritJS AND LIdUOB3, AT THE OLD STAND, HO* 30 STATE-BTm And they a:one are authorized tosettlei aU cmims and a “* a “ *“ Snrdal nticr^. Dr, Jameii Formerly of Janes' Lock Hospital, Cuitom Hoase-s*., New Orleans, and lor the last six yean located ia Chi* cage, lithe ONLY SPECIALIST In the treatment ef SYPHILIS, SPEC tIATOBCBCEA, And every species ct PRIVATE DISORDERS That is acknowledged by the medical profession and the press of tbc country to be competent, safe and reliable. Dr. James con be consulted at his office and parlors. 01 and 03 £acpo!ph**t., corner of Dearborn-sL, Chicago,,!!!., nearly opposite his cld office, from 9a. m. to Sp. m. Separate room?, and .-oasaltatloas eoa* fldential. Wanted* Witbln 10 davi, fic.owo, capital to fiimiih stock to sup* ply the demand f?r Dr. Butt's Excelsior Llriiceat and NcrcrFaillng Pills, as the great remedies lor Cholera aud Fever and Ague and Congestion ot tne Brain—tho fen ucetroyrra ot m«n during ibe yean* ljd7 and IS&L Call at or address DB. COABLEa BUTT, 370 South ClorkHt., Cbleat 0,111. Dr. Thomson, Proprietor of the Meihcalaud surgical Institute, 17S Sonih Clark-SL, ba» ueau-d ail of venereal dis* ca»e with uarrcctdeateJ success Ur nearly Urty years, bpenaatorriuca and impotence treated with the hapot* cst results. Particulars of the IcsMtute and the Guide mailed tree to any address. P. O. Box 73, Chicago. Illinois. Irr. Hlgelow, Raving the eccflccncc ot the put 11c and the mcdiea. tscolty at large. Is the tnoit reliable physician la the city for chronic nervous and seru*i d‘.sca*es. Call ai his office, 179 South Clark-su correr of Mocrce. Rooms separate. Consultation free. P.0.80x 154. His guide to health, published monthly, sect free tc anv address. Cin) "Notices rVR DIKAKCE, vnjmxAS, The city ta ranloly extending around and beyond the old City and Catholic cemeteries. In the North Division; And Whereas. Tt-cconllna-mre of the custom ot Interment* in tuese cemeteries cannot fall to be prejudicial to the health ot the vicinity,.**.well as to Ibe p neral health of the city ot Chicago; there lore, as »»aaltary measure. Be n oritaiueJ by Vu Common Cbancß Of fAtf Cttv c SECTioSrI. Tha* hercalt-r it shall be unlawful for any pervonor lersorn* to oary any body or bodies u tlther of thecemetcncs in the North Division ot the Cltv of Chicago or within the corporate brails or tala city, cr to deposit ary such body or bodies la any fault In said cemeteries, or wlthm the limits of said a tEc.S. Any person who shall vlol«te tho provisions ot tbl* crdinaT.ee shall be liable to aftoeof one hundred dollar* lor each acd every suen violation. gxc. Z. All ordinances or parts oi ordinance* hereto fore passed, which mav be in conflict with this ordi nance, are hereby repealed. . , _ hrc. 4. This ordinance thali b« la full force and effect from ard after Us passage aud due pub.tcatiou. Pasted, Dec, V3, I3CC. Approved. Dec. 2t,1;C6. J. B. RICE, Siavor. Attest; A. H. Dopvas. City Clerk. PKOFOSALS FOB AN IRON BRIDGE. _ OFFICE OF TOE BOXED OP PVUUC WflCKa, > Cuicaoo. December 19.1566. ) Sealed proposals will be received by the Board ci Pnb le Works, at thtlr Otllcc, until lla.ci. TuomUt. Januarv stb, lor tbc construction, compl-w? and ready foru-e.'ot an Iron Bridge over North Water *lrett, at tta Intetseciton with North Wells street. Bldcers nrr lEvlted to subs It their o*n p;an* and specification*, subject to the conditions stated below. The bnilgowill hxvc a span of eighty (S 3) feet be tween abutments. There win be two roadway?, each twenty (20) feet wide m the clear, -ind two sidewalk* lor tool travel, cich eight (sh feet wide la the clear. The floor beams wt I be ot 1 beam iron, say seven (•> inches wide.placed two ('4> icet apart from centre to centre. The hand-railing win be'ofcast iron. Ogee pattern. Ore (3) Inche* wide, and the balusters win be of wrought Iron, one (I) Inch square. Posts.»« wrought Iron, one and cce-balf (IJ£> inches square, will tw placed debt <S) fret apart, wherever these posts come the floor beams will project outside of the sidewalk two <V> feet to afford opportunity tor bracing the posts securely. Thehndee must support with safrtvthe weight ol one bU'.dxcd and twenty-five (123) pounds to each suptrtclal loot of the floor snrtve oi tho roan way. In HCdltlon to tbc vdght of the structure ItselC Ibe brldcc mutt be planned In such a manner and with sneb dimensions that the tensile strain ou tho wr >: -M iron parts shall not exceed at the rale of ten taom.in i (1P.000) pounds per square inch under the effect of maximum load. . . ..... Proposal*, p.ans and specifications are al*o invited lor said bridge, built a* ahove. excepting that la the centre the bridge shall besupnerted by iron columns resting cn stone lonnrtatt .ns in the street beliw, the columns bring capped by on iron glrdsr roanlac cross* wisent the bridge. . „ IToposais mad bo acdres-'cd tolha Board ot Public Works, endorsed " Iteopoaal for Iron Bridge,” an 1 be acconipvu'ed wtih the usua' fiGO bond, wlta surelics; tob*. Apniovtd by the Board, . „ ... The lioard reserve the right to rcj 'Ct aay bid not it accordance with the conditions ot this advcrtlscmitL or to re!e?t all bleu, and no propo«al win be accepted unless the p*-rty otfcnng li shall give evtuence satisfac torv to the Boanl that be has the necessary skill, expe rience. energy and blfllllv for d-lng il»o work, is trust worthy, ana has sufficient pccunterg r^j-nrecs.^ ‘f'ukd! letz, O. J. ROSE Board of PobHc Work*. liusinrsa tfarhs. I>LAIR & JEFFERSOK, CO3l JIISStON 111 Hit CSV ANTS) OFFICE, 204 KbOST-sr., j.T.tit*nt. 1 .llEilPtllS, TENN, J. W. Jllfe-VKCSOS. ) Stir. »!«-«*». , i r.. Literal ca>h sdvarcctncnts road* on conslpnme'.it. batten & CO., Wbolesale Conuaissicn Wo. 150 McOaa-flt. BtVween F andG-9A*ml DENVER, CCI/lIiADM. tjblssed“ hogs I AND WEIGHT LHW Furnished gratis. Highest market prices i-tj.jraat-.eci Prompt retores nnde. CorrMjwrtde ce lclti'd. 1 V KEDMOhD & Corn’s M-rrh'tj. \Vashtngt.«n-<t.. Chtcxgc.l'.l. smigcsaig- OiFICE OP THE SrPERINTENO ESI OF CONSTUL’CTION OF TH*5 g. S. UT fIOrSE. Sonocfltld, Illinois, Dec. 10 ISfif. Neacdprcpotslswll! he retcivcc at the o..lccc S 3 llunee -no Post office, now er-c-tag. Diawlnc* of th. work, showing dimtnstous, deslcn atu ixt-nt of u. iwrbcfm. and ‘jxaml'ed tarea’.tr'aMng or by application at *be Custom Tl n«i **t lllicols, CU.cl ira*l. Ohio, Pittshorgh, Penrsyivanta. and Bt! Louis, Mi <a oo;i. Too patterns far capital’ nmst bcsuttmlttcd to lie Snpetlniec.lc'.t for htiore casting, aod IkxU and lops ot colnams ard oi.as ters must be planed true. All sound, of ev*-n thickness, sharp arrts*cs a.d S'copu taces. and the ornairertatton mu«t rc of senennr r.nl«L The price.tncludicgtrcichland dc Ivery.must be give*, in srora ami the who:c ol the wor* ran-i p<s to Spriuctl* Idhy or before the Ist "I March, ISo., nil's must fcc accompanied hv ahead ot two respoc* alhleparticf, u» ibcfnraof #UKo. that the bidder wi: tvrtotm thvcoctract If award- >i to hi’n. _ . . rust l>» addressed to A.Schwartz. Saperlct*nd ent of the new Crnrt House at Scrtngflel.L Idlnol', sac ISailtoaus. RAJXKOA3 TIME TARIiil Oia.'AaO AKi> NOI.VHV’S.itShN—^HK7O? 002. ma W4TNS xsc K2NQV, Depart. Ard;*:. r*ry EiT.rcf* ’•17:00 s. C. p. n>. Nluht Exti:c.-‘3 p. ifi. ♦3:43 a. tz. JmS.nii Accommod’a *V6‘td-t ic- * ' ’ VmiiCN. Filins find '*Jd:ir llapldt *?:la a. 13. “2u {*. m. Felton anfl lotva d-/*0 a. in. Frecpon at>d Dnnletil.- •.tola. in. 3:HOa. m. ativi Dunlcit'r. *10:00*. sn. tu Bock : ford and Fos Hirer •rsaOp.xa. Jk’Jin. Genevasetf Slpte * a:»q.n. a>TirA7»w DrvpjicF" Ksorc«..-. •'■ton a. tn. •Sr-tp.a. ?.snr .*4:0) p. 2:. •lid’m. Nk-bt AccoamiudatcE s;a a. m, E-xoshii Arc.otn*'jO<l*n,.. 4:40 p. c- 0:-,a a. ru. MTaiikccat AccoramosFc. L’TOp.c. s;j(i a. &, ■ BoftWM, Cslvars, me Evanston ... L3op.is. i exempted. tSaioroxys cicep* d, I Oloodajs cscectM. . ' filfiflCAS CASTBXL C.X.V? >*»»' FCCV ! OVJ bVf.2«?. I Siomsog EIPKS! '3:* s- »• ’ s -£ p- =*• Exnrea" •»:CUa.H. •I’A-kp. r-_ I IvJnipJ F.*pic»s j&»p.b:.;*Hs Cy* i 1j p. m. —c. m I nNCtXN-SVI AKD LOr.SVfLLS »AafS. | tf.omln» Express “* •n-r? n ~ v i N!*-bt Express ja:oop. •lI.OC p. di’ ? u.3XFsomtrefiakt» auc sbct« .-a. POT COEH3R TAN Lt-liEN AND 53XETAE ST£ZiK. TOX-SDO LIMS. _ v.cu *4:l3a.r!. imvEipicsj •s?» ! >- iii -r,us;rs Ke* York- Eipnt! JSP'f *feoc?‘ 5' NWs: Expree; p. s. 'uw-i. i? " 3ETAOIT , „ . .... .... *4mse.su tfcOiVa. s». V%VEspres* JifcOOp.o. *sttp,u. * "i-iTTtncauS, TOii* wins «DCa.-*M, JjS* 4 - 1 ?- SJ-'S.' •?:00a.ia. .... 2:15p. b- ":Wp.n ..." .•* fcOOn.Ta. ltl!!>p. e. rrV*TTfQrr. jsthai.. „ javlfwKnacf ,T£S *-=■ *1?.? ?'S' JdkOOp.C.. a ' ®* Ujdsr I’ark ana a- a. £ g* u »» *3£op.*rt* •l:sTp.n. t. it u *5;33d. C- •’“Mp.S BCSIOICWJ* ASIPCTOCI. rsyf.spn.-8s and Maa..- *?*?£• E|' sfchiWi^'••-•-■•••• t s;sy -- n - CHIOiOO .Ac IT.VIUIS. Capccs. and-Mall S'? 0 - 0 - SS^-S- NiSl-.Exi.Kta ftisp.m. 5.50 a.- loßct md Wlßnlmrtoc n-j..- Accommodation... ..tßio._ JWJ »•-- CHICAGO A*m 6B2AT ?AsT^> *jk satleoao prrcr, cot. 10:55 p.m. vflht&nre” . 0:00p.m. 3:50 p.m. vmma*»r> <rogw»«. nU Panto*? 0-3-1 am. 10:.t5 p m fjor^- Orfmlmßtpw*.... . *»£=• ‘jgStS i aasijnr Accommodation 9:55 a. m- ‘olo a. c. u ' “ c s;mi c ts cmcAso.'nocK island and pacitic badjioas. Pay ExpressandMall... •s:uoa.m ,^ : ?9P - Sl2ta depress 11 * Joliet Accommodation.. s V\—, nA •Sunday exempted. tMonday excvptija, matuidaj BXCCDtC<l ’uiflO!* STOCK TABD Tms TAStK. • Leave Madison Street. Leave Stoc« i arda. C;3O a.m. JsJD ££ g;3O fl.m. «U 0 **!•“’ IP<CO .a.m- UwQ ™* 12:30 p. w. 1:30 ♦•.. in ...D. Cl. d. *«.• BCKDATTHAT>a. a * B HiSS 10:20 a-ffl P-" 1 * I ***• 4soo -p. m. I 5.15.. Espivgf*... Fus-t line, Exnrees.. Arrlwa* and Departure of 31all*. The following is the new table for the arrival and departure of mails from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and now In force: ■w.TTqctosa. v. o. chicaoo,nx. xansauuitk. a.m. Sg.M’.,.liich. south. R.B ij~”9 “ “• V- Clod ifico ;;;; J|SSmw..cv»wiii ; i« ;; .... 2:00.... Pitts. &SU Wayne I*3o •••• ,1m m “ “ ‘•• fc66 llico H M H I 8:30 3-00 Northwestern Tt, R.. gS &a) &UO....im»aoteeMlro*a. SjS goo 'tOo.:..SuLula Railroad... B;» *« attocness. JOHN FOKSTTiIE, ATTORNEY-A.T-IiAW, Eeal Estate anil Gatlectioa Igaat, 153 Brnidolph-st., opposite Court House* Chicago, Illinois. Icfftrmy (ervlrea In buying, seßlaj, leasing and taking general care and management of teal testate. Is negotiating loans cl money, and in making o’lcrtlon* of ail aim's. Titles examined, taxes paid, (pirticular attention being given to special asscsimauu), convey ances of all kinds prepared, rots and other tUauads collected. I will alio attend to business in the Prohate Court. When ceaired I will act as trustee la eases where trust deeds are gives to secure loans o( money. I confine mypell exetnslve'y to this clast of business, la which t have had great experience, and, as to my competency snd Integrity, 1 refer especially to Uon-J. Young Scammoo, (whoso large and varied privets butiaesa has been under my charge for many years), an 1 to tha p ntleses named below, (all or whom have authorizes tnc to cse their same-), and to the Bankers, Lawya s. Merchants, and Real Estate Men ot Chicago gejjrally. JOHN FORSYTHE* Chicago, Jsnuury 1,13C7. K EFEBENCES. Hob J Young rscammon, Chicago. Ron vtarkfu tuner, Chicago* ClovcrnortVm Hros-j. Cbicasa. Han Ji B Judd, lute IIS Minister to .Pru» sin, Chicago. Hon Tbomon Drummond. Judge of U O Court. Chicago. flan Waller B Scares. lute Judge of (be Su*~ preme 4'oort of liliunis. Chicago. Hon Edwin t Lamed, late C S District dt* lorucv. Chicago. (ion Snmuci W Fuller, Chicago. E B -7lcCogg. E«q~ Chicago, 91 II Ogden. Esq., Chicago. S F Rale. Ei*q., Chicago. W F Cootbaaah. Prea’t Union Natlfs* nl Bank. Chicago. Solomon A. Smith. E«t.. President slejv chants 1 saTlogs, l.oon and Trust Company* Chicago. Soh-raon starges* Sons, Baatters, Chieogow Hon P W I'hondler. Boston, 9lns«. Sampson Uced.Evj, B miod, llass. Ilnn Bo B Ogden, 37 Broadway, Xevr York. Hon Cyras H McCormick. 40 Mew York. lion Charles Batler, Id WalUst., New York. Aaron J VondcrtKicl. Esq.,lilfl Broadway* New York* T J S Flint. Esq.. 33 Braadwav, New York- Onrt Blannlnctnrlng Co., 243 and 342 r l*cnTl«!»i..Ncw York. Charles llacaicster. E«q.. Phllnddohia. Messrs Wm I. Ewing & Ci~ Si. boats, .Ha. Messrt 1> A January d’Ca. Si. Loafs, Mo. J II Hankln, Esq., Sc. Coals. .Vlo. J O Broadbrnd. Esq-. Sr. Louis. 910. Joseph C Bailer. Prcs’i Lafaycne Bank* Cincinnati, Ohio. 9tcsars Forsjth Bros, dk Co.* Pittsburgh* Pit. Ittfsar* John J House & Bros.* pm»- burir* l*a. [Messrs H T Kennedy dr Bra., Pitt abash. nirssrs Zn; dr Co.* Stable Iron Works, Put»hanih« fa. p*nim>el Cnssedny, En» LonlsTllle, Ky. W C lltiC. Lnolsttilr, KV. Win Garvin. Esq., Looisvllle, Ky. James U f»bermm». Eaq.. .'Uiitvnnkcc, Win* N (* WtOSIOW, IwH|.* |)Dtl>l o. N. V. It li Winslow. Esq, CkTt’lnod. Ohio. JobnN Orawmond.ELnq., Treasurer of the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railway Toledo, Ohio. Hon Judge of Court ol U S, Blaomlnstnu. 1 tl. IloglHl Browning. s*ecmar» of Henan* ment of the Interior. »Vn«hmcion. I). C. Hon Lyman Trnmbult. US Senator. Chi* earn, ill. Hon sntuncl n Trent, Judge of the IT S Com t, Sptinr Geld* 111. Jacob Bunn, Emi , Danker, Springfield. Hi. Col John Williams, President First Na tional Bank. Springfield, 111. Hon O C skinner. Into Judge of the Su preme Court ol Illinois. Quincy, ttl. Heart Corwitb, K*q • Banker, li’aießO. HI, llou Jesse I. Williams. F«n Wayne, Ind. lion Joel Parker. Cambridge, Hass. 11 m Hock, r*q. 31 I>* talent. Hass. HonThos3l Edwards, 31 «\ Keene, N ll* Samuel J I’ndcrblil. fc«q , Jcrlch<», N Y- Klrl’urdT Haines, Sr., Esq.* Elizabeth, New Jersey. s (Iradr. Esq-, Cashier ol National Bank t.f c:i V»nnnin. it heeling. IV Vo. Sosnue’. •» Walker, Esq-, Covington, Ky. jV C.VillJ. MECHANICS' NATIONAL BANK OF CHICAGO, John Forsythe.occnplcda confidential relation In my batlioi, for mare than fourteen years. He was with me. la my Ixw office, Car many years, and tad almost exclusive charge ot mr ml estate and private tnstccss. leasing my property, collecting rents, pnylrp taxes, Ac., &c. During the years IS3* to ISPO, inclusive, while 1 was In Europe, he bad entire charge of my real estate and private business, and attended to the same with a fldol* IT. promptness and accuracy which left nothin;; far ther to be desired lu those particulars. lam very sorry to lose hli exclusive services. No belter or more talthtal agent can be found. I recast* r.ieud him in the most unqualified manner to all who may have occasion for bis services. J. YOUNG SCAMUON. fHcoiral A DVEKTISEJUiST.—TVe have groat _t\ fij.,cc?s in the cure ot Rheumatism. Neuralgia, rcrofuN, Sore Eyes, Vertigo. Colic, Dlarrhma, Kltlner • nd Bulicns DU'eascs, and plica cf twenty years’ sund tpg. DBS. LEWIS & DANIELS, 155 SopthClarh-BL,Roomar*’hiea i SO. \KJ IIY 'WILL YOU SUFFER y\ KIDNE r DISEASE. GOUT, GRAVE* KUE'JiIAXIoM. GONORRHEA, Ac, wnea SMOLANJAEB’S EXTRACT BU€s£l] Will cure you pcnaaueniiy. Ladies Should Vsn Xi. tnce only One Dollar. Sold by Q. J»COVIL, Agent cr Cbicaga and vicinity. ‘inj “Thu woncertul progress ot M-aicai *a«oc dailnc the;>u-t tU i, far* cniy.makrs Ispoa* ff si blblo for Iheconsclcniions Pay*lciaa Wde -a - dare, now, that Coxscxptio.v Is as era- TAt«rLr ctrsro «o /n termittmt Ferer, and u c*Sr TAiJfLY rns r rxriD as Small PoxS—litT. Cbartm. S Kliic, St. D. tl~ D- *lc. KISO’S PTtEfABEI) PRESCRIPTION, Made from the Prescription of Rev. CRAB. E. KIS6, M. lj. td„ U.,c'-c.,£oc thti Prevention and Core ot COISTSU MIPTIOIST ON ITS MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) For the Cure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CA TAUiiU. k'-.iiall wtfettmt* of U>e LUNGS.TUROAT* and A] B PASSAGES ; for natural and Special Dt r(Tiiff*n>‘nr* <TitIeNERVOUS SYSTEM; tor Dirorden ofthcßLuOD tand/crnl! f'unnionat Disorder* ol the s'tomcrft and i/OTreiJ. , . . * u (7,1 iurdU3i.lt/ increase# the urmgifi and deepest* •L no,hr oft be pale on>od. It suMoefc the Chill* sad .■it. r and diminishes the £/L«ctorati<.n. It dt-ffcj Vie Jiisftr *trr<il*, always, ta from ew> io/oarhen date. ifc • <n.i>t!i> U •tonce iaci«>/rta»<i, and o*e patient m j ill" rala..fl*ih ; the rough. and to edljurtUbretiU* lu'/nrHAiwedny relieved; Uwt sleep becomes calm and ffreshlviri the eraci </fion« r.-juljr and unifuntt. AI L THE GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF CONSUME IIO\ ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, ic- DISAPPEAR Willi A REALLY' •SToNISiUNG RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should be naed in every case where the physician proscribes ••Cocoa Mettcms,* w XcMCS,”iroN, Acids, Babk. Ocueise, Cod Ltvxs, OIL, WnDKET. .tc n :md In every Disease, by wqatxv* et name ksows. In which tb*re I* etaltilted any one or more ot the fallowing !• V.TIPTOU** I Difficult or irregular Breaming, I*?sks ol Breath, Cough. TYasUncol FMb, NUhi Sweats, Blcadlngfrom the I nro» L'“* of Strength. Lobs ri Aoreilie, General DebUltv, Debility ol Pregnancy and NarMcg, Flylay Pain-t’lrouch the Shoulders. Chest, Face or Limbs, Neuralgia, Nervous Hcadarbe, Nervoui Prostraaon, Nervous Irrllailon, Glddluau or Dizziness, Excessive P»lcee.-«, Sere throat. Drowsiness, £lscple»s=ea*, Dya nonsta.Sonr stom»< lu “Heart Bare,” Oppreaslonor Hcklu 1 ' of the Stomach Before or after eating. ConsO [..UlnurEemlttont Fever, &c-*c~ and «spbclallt tn all Female Disorders or Uterine Irrwnilantle*, such *■ iiiCrult, painful, feuppresseo. Scanty, Excessive, D*- laved, premature or wo fr*tiucnt Menstruation. e»lnlcmeni* From Partem**, Arc. •‘Year l*rt a crlptton saved my danghtw’s life, and has baved me hundreds of dollars.—Rev. E. Hux?B ki the benefit we have received Dora your Prepared prescription.”—Bcv. P. PxßMaetSM, rcco-^oi'Mll6J.6® •.Titol much By Its use. —Rev. C. D. Jorna, Raclaa, Hots*. Asroßptacs. V*n ul F» Bryan, 1>G5. 1 was auitencv from a violent cooea,. or which 1 had been treated during vlonaly without tenefit. I nad A ff.it siceate wtueA cotnt'Uteiy prostrated me- in the eves imr, noarsenea wouldcotneon,walcnwould prevent Ing above a wmsper. 1 bod theei tod two attarAirg tlcertliig from tne longs. My family aasursd me that, be aonld do no more for tee, Xw« growls* ratTdlv wotsc, ard nod been compelled to leave barf for nearly two month*. All tog ated,°nnmlswlsably, the presence ol CON A MPTION. “ >Le beelunlag o? FebrnafT. Mil Übsbt ttsutt Tr,aaurtrthe JsibO Scci'tv, presenta m.il.ra^ttleoruirpßEPlßEDMlEsdElPTlOH. It, a few days my appetlie (widen I had entirely to£X returned: within a we-lc, my ccoeb tai. almost felt S-; nndm li-Vtoaa two weeks iheMaMS'C'jD* wct« brekfu op. I regalnedatreneth rapidly, atd am cow rcaplarlV attending to ny, duties as clock to thcAMEIiICAN BIBLE Sv.CIETT, la whose eta niovment I have been nine yean. I am cow entojda* ?cSd hMlih. ToorPBESCRIPnOS eflectedaCUMS as ’^^‘Ubosass. “I have had NiEvous os Spassodxc A.«rrHaa te eleven vear*. Durldg the last six years 1 bare never had an^uninterrupted nlcaf* rest. It often seemed » me that I would die b'fbre I could get air Into my lunps. J suffered so rn»t& from‘shormess of breaa, Jhat I was cumcelled to take Cwnect rests Inwaltm* frou. my residence to my place of _ “The debt before I churned the PBEPABH) SCRIPTIO.V wa« the wont I everra3«ed. ms the remedy, 1 toot a at . at uUiLt, and slept all night without * “^2 xoi ual) aßHOKEXxicnr’s have now completely Itp. and am novatall afflicted with Asthma I shall be glad to have any o*^»- t ®^“^ aa * call and u Y^S.” sct-DB for Chicago, HU BURNHAMS * v\ v skaACK. and by Druggists generall?, of. onl« nTv to the Sofe Proprietor*, Nif&KS* ar COETLASDT-ST« New York. iitaiioa free. A Clreulaa. coatalnloz pi-imcrCLaa v\st encccjsfully treated, will be sect free, by malU to all who will write for It. fßair lacstoratibe. THE GRATE3T AKD WORST LOOK HAIR Hair Color Restorer ur'SrV'fln Resume- Its ' Hair Co'or Restorer “Lctivoa Hair Color Restorer pSotTw Color Restorer- B {ta°?ae Hair Color Bcstor>>t -119 V e ‘ Hair Color Restorer" rot dve th* Hair, but acts as a stimalantsnd as** Scftla * tolf ssStß APWTER. WEdesale Agents. .a. m. .a. m. ,p. m. .n.m. 15anfts anh bankers. QTOCKHOLDEBS' sy^TING.— The o ananal meeting ct of the FIFTH mVcUnSwlli be hem aattej D ® c ®'“***®" 50’iSlalie-sn, Chicago, between uus hour? oTUka. e p. m* ■fueidaf) January Stlu 1867* • ISAAC Q. LOMBARD, Casblar, Chicago, Dec. Vb* IS& Dretmber 3\, 1^”.

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