3 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Chicago tribune. THURSDAY. JANUARY 3. ISCT. THE CITY. >'onTn Stab Missox.— The annual festival w s ll •occui ai the chapel, corner of Division and fccde- Trlck streets, this (Thursday) evening. CmciOO Ora-Hi.t ABrii-K.—The lady mana-era or the Asylum tie requested to meet al Ote Aw- Imn urlij O’clock IMs aflrrtioon. ’The rxECETTVE Coveittee of the Rock Hirer Conference Crunch Extension Soclclr mil meet at t".° o'clock p. m., al the oßceof the A’orWWern f /.rie'ter A-frocorr, today (ThunilaT.r Imnor lani buttress demands a full meeting. * * Geouge Tbussell’s Estate.— The sales bill or the personal property of the lato George Trnsseli was brought into the County Court yeaterdav The tale realized »5,94L50, upon the articles hcretoiore mentioned in the Tbibcxb. The ac count was auproved. Accidest. —A blacksmith in the employ of the North Chicago City Railway while getting off a car, yesterday, on North Clark street, fell beneath the car, and suffered fracture of one leg. He wsi immediately taken to the Hospital of lh» Sisters of Mercy, I kited States Comr.—The grand jnrv in Ibis court was cmpanneled yesterday. Judge Drum mond being brought to court in a carnage It S l iVf,i r w ?mbercd . lhat Judge was minted by a fail a few evenings since. He win not leave building until the session of the grand jury is brought to a close. Blowing Oct Gas.— . Tames Reynolds, a book keeper on Lake street, was nearly enffocated ou Monday night by blowing out Ihe gag m hie room, cn the corner of Central place and South 0° Tuesday morning he was di«- ? ° clP , ot bis friends iu a senseless con- y In Ume to Bnv - klm from an soda Watek, Stbits. Ac.-We call the atten tion of the trade to the peculiar advantages of fered by W. n. Iletcbin-oa &, Sons, No £ll \Ves-l Randolph street, Chicago, manufacturers of soda water, syrups, vinegar, elder, Ac Their * found to be pure, agrceaolc, and a. prices which cannot but commend TryrEUANCB.—A union temperance mocking "ill beheld in Rev. Dr. Humphrey’s church— F:rrt Tre-ibyierian—Waba«U avenue, near Con crc?s street, at half past sever, o’clock this eve ning. j "here will be speaking Thy several of oar ' po-tors, and by gentlemen from the Wa«hin"- t»nsn Home and the Secretary of the Union Re form Association. Tnion Scbew and Bolt Coepakt.—Wc call atu-mion to the advertisement of this company In i~ue. Books of subscription for stock arc now open at the office. No. 113 Franklin street, where one of the machines is in daily operation, -crews on an enltrclv new principle, much sirt ugor than by the old methods, more rapidlv, ar.J i-av;Lg a large amoort of metal. Panics ka\ trig laorey to invest eho- : J examine it. Boaed or Pl'elic Woek?.— The bnlldtne Kos. 25 cud 17 Wei!? street, is now beinc altered for tlie n>c of the Board of Public Works. The ex pectation is that the Board will be able to shift its quarter.- on this day week. The Improvement in relation to the city ofllccs will not slop here. The 1« s now nsed by the Mayor will be broken, and the c ity CUrk'e office will be devoted to his use, ti c rity Clerk taking the rooms now occupied bv th.‘Bu;ndoi Public Works. Arrnos and Covrusios.—We call the atten tion oi prutics Laving goods to di-po?c ot, to the e?tahli?l metit 01 Daniel Scott & Co., Auctioneers ara i\mr.:i??ion Merchants, No. I<U Lake street, Chicago. They advance cash on morchacdl-c runrlgncil to them for sale. Their regular sale d»x? are Tncsdavs Thursdays ami Saturdays, bo:>e?. carriages, f>ugg*es, being sold at the repository on the latter day. Thev also attend promptly jo ont-door sales. They* have some of Ike Pert references In the cltv. Railroad Accident.—On New Year's day, as a strek train hound for (his city, over the Chicago, Alton A £t. Louis Railroad, was approaching Brighton station, nysome unknown means five cjis were suddenly thrown off the track. The cars won- filled with cattle, which belonged to Mr. Ihiibie. a slock dealer. Two of the animals vcie instantly killed, while other* were «o seri ously injured that it wa* necessary to butcher then before naching the Stock Vards. Ko per son on the train was injured hv the accident. RrN Over.—This morning a poor German wo man. v hose came is unknown, was struck down by a « agon belonging to Kendall's Bakery at the southwest comer of Lake and Clark streets, officer O’Donnell immediately assisted the woman to the pavement, and when she had recovered item her fright and ascertained that no Injury had bfen snstaiuert she went on her way. The driver of the vehicle is rot deserving of cea?ure, as he was driving tlowly and gave warning to me wo man. A Narrow Escape.—On Monday last George Dice, rged ten years, and the only son of Henry Rice, Esq., of this city, met with quite a severe accident near the lime kilns west of Blue Island avenue, lie was driving one of hts father’s teams, and by some im-haj». let one of the rems fall. In ica. brag foiward to catch it, the boy fell, cm thing in the tug*. Tne horses became fright «in dai d ran, hut the hoy hung on until exhaust ed, when he fell on the ice, striking his head. Butts v.l,«*eic pa?«-ert over his head an-i hack. On r.< dicsl examination it was found that not a bone b; il been biokco, but the poo; boy was terribly tinned. t-AfoniNc Gas.—Dr. Colton, the founder of the -*vw York Colton Denial Association, and the originator of the anesthetic use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas, has been invited by leading den ti?ri ol this city to give a lecture upan Itsamns ing ofVcts and wonderful auxsthetic powers, with a Gvinor-tnitiou of the same by actual administra tion to ucrsv.n*, in the pteseuce of the an citnet’. snch as he liar given to large audiences m the Cooper Institute. Previous to the public let-tore and exhibition be will give a free cnl r lasrmert on Saturday afternoon next, to which only ladles will be admitted. White’s Baggage Espbess CokPANt. —ln cuTirg attention to the card oi removal of White’s Baggage and Package Express Company, pub lished on the first page, we may remind the pub lic that *• White’s” 1= pioneer of baggage ex pres? companies in this city, and .Its proprietors have labored since its establishment, now more than a ><-ar ag<*. to secure every taclliiv for the uani-:!ciir.u of pntflic business. We dount not Prat the people of Chicago will continue to extend I al paJiorr.ge r'liriiig ihe coming year which the company h a - enjoy, d hitherto. They arc la rm;r?e o: lemovt) from their old stand opposite th- Trimcnt, to new and fine odices at No. 4"* OEirrAiif.—A telegram receivedyesfrday aftcr rooii fn.ra St. Paul, Minn., conveyed the sad = id:rg os the death of Major Charles Dosmer, «’i;ited state- Army. For the past three or four mouth?, th-j Major bad been residing In St. Paul, in cou.vavy with his mother, Mrs. O K. Dosmer, of this cit», for the purpose of recruiting his hcTtlrh, übicn was broken by active Venice in the Dcpnrtmi nr of the Gn.f. during the late rebellion, three or four week- since, his friends here r.rd ;it the East were gratified to learn that bo was r(rnv. i ii;g, thonch slowly. A relips**, however, Kt iv.—proving fatal. His family is well known in Chicago, and tae annonneemen: of his dcccise v. ill be received with sorrow by their many di iei.d-. The remains will leave SB Paul for this Uty. io-d:-y. Sini-iou Blank Books.—A beautiful spocl r. i t, (>n>lai:kbook binding, about the most elabo rate we have ever seen, is now on exhibition In the rale-room of the Garden City Printing and riark-rnok Company, No. rj? Lake street, by '■tom the set has been executed for tbs Grand Cf rv of the Ancient ami Accepted Scottish Rite, of Illinois. Ihe two principal books arc the Hook of Gold, - ’ or record Wole, anl th* "Ca-h Account," each a large six quire volume ic full gilt and cisl*orate finish, gotten up under the rnpeivj-ion ot Mr. Gcoige E. Ahern, one of the members ot the firm- The two book* are val ued at and ns samples of the binder's art, a;c well worth in>ptctii,g. Ti:r, t'ncAGo “ Poet.’'—The readers of the Chi c ;go daily pr*-a» cannot fail to notice that the en leipri-irg Chicago EcuArg Pott U uniformly alp-ad of it.- contemporary—we cannot say *• rival 1 ’ —the Jo .n.ol. Yesterday’s issue furnished bat ore in a long unbroken senes of instance* of its znari.td superiority in at! that constitutes a real i.tw>pjipcr. While the Journal had hm one col umn ot ickgrapnlc despatches, the Pot' had no fe-.- *I) mi five, embracing a column of Cable news, the Prt-idvni’a New Year reception, and impor tant despatches trom all parts of the world, which lie ./'■i-n ct badjuot. It were a work of supercro .'.•a::on v. eummcßo the P‘tf to tbo-c who read an aUtur.non paper, its rapidly swelling snh«crip f:».r. li-t arc advertising patronagu show that toe I■ 1*31« ts that teaming that It i* th* evecingpaper * l t;>- aty. the New York monopoly has rc tiueedthe .• , jvr„ol u* very much the condition ot the chanty hoy. whose tom to feed cams only after i tticrs had dined, and whose food then con sisted of the scrap- left by the gnests. l‘i r«=t ntation.— The croptoycs of the North w- stvin <-iass Company on New Year'* morning TR'-: in a body at the residence of Mr. Henry Sion, "mp-rintendi-nt of that Company, appa n j.tly on a New Ytar'* calL.bat, greatly to Mr. Sloan*.- surpri-e, th*. call ended bv one of the li;-dy. V*i 11. M. Rooney, in a neat and appro-, j-rlate syn ecL, prr-aeittiug to Mr Sloan. In behalf cl tb- t !i)T lcy* e, a magnificent gold watch, appro j.ijjitcty Inscribed, as d friendly testimonial trurn th- dor or*. But Mr. Sloan was still more sur p; i-cri uficr the prcsmtalioo, when Mr*. Sloan m vU-dhvr husband and the bwlyof some sixtv cmplt.yc- ot th<‘ (Hass Company to the dining un lor retr*>bmcni-. where, by dint of remark ?>!• iicr, t cfioria of the bon chold. a bountiful r.j.d sUT-tpluots 6 tepa«lLad been spread, awaiting the' party. Allog«lher the affair was a neatly xnanag* d’and handsome surprise, and, although Mr. SI can rrldes himself upon nrdersranding whati- going en aronr-d him, he admits that be d'-c-j got rcac'ti' know what it all mean* yet. New 1 caji’a PnESENrs.--Sergeant John A. Gat'd, or thcvollcc force, acd In charge of the North avenue sab-station, was presented with a fire gold star on New Year** day. JotmS. Quinn, Ki-q., n-ade tin' prctfuta.loii speech. Captaii. Hickey, cf the Fjjvt Precinct Police force, all men nr>d«r bis command, jitunkt-jin- rom* 1 seventy, s.il.e Armory,aiidgave them n cood sapper. A pleasant time was passed \>v ;i\l. Ofllcir Bowse, of the North Market Station, was pji-serutd with a gold pen hy his comrade*. i‘r. Onrlc- ilafters, clerk lu Oru»*wick'a I3l\. ijird Hall, wok ine*cmed with a gold ring and one 1-m. Cud dollar? Sa greenbacks by hi# Wends. Mr. George £. Ahem made the presentation speech- Mr. John C. Hope, foreman of Messrs. Wall work A: Bnrblck's machine *hop. was presented cn New YcaiV D»y. by his frtlow workmen, with a handsome gold vest chain, worth (liJO. Jttr. *.‘La»len ItcGlnlay made tbc presentation speech to vbicb the iccipicnt neatly responded. George n. trench. of the Biggs Bouse, happy recipient oi a one thousand dollar greenback, by hie numerous friend- ai the hotel a ►ubsianiial acknowledgment of bis worth as a host. HmvAi —An interesting revival lias been going on for a couple of we*ks past, in the Illinois Mis sion School, ou Illinois street, between Wells aud la fcallc streets. The average attendance every evening is from one hundred ai.d seveutj-dve to two hundred, and from fifteen to" twenty people are converted esch evening. The Bible class Is one of the mam feature* of the ech* ol Twen'y-five new members were add ed to It last Sunday, most of. them being seamen. A meeting is bcla every evening, ana a great deal of interest is manifested by the congrega tion. Mr. D. L. Moody Is the SMiperinicndent. Lnt m bis absence Mr. C. M. Mortoiipre*i4cs, ana Cells the congregation vhat they ought to do. ■**- 'Uskns.Tj ~i-o makes it bis business to visit the saloons'and cheap boarding houses in the North Division, every afternoon, and request those whom he finds there to come u> the Mission in work’ln which the officers of the Mission err tugged, is one which commends itself to overvvvell-w Isher to humanity, and It Is to be honed that there who sow ibe pondered will reap which their labor* entitle them to. f;csU,«rmehs h *h._ NEK YEAR’S DAY. Ho>r it was spent iu Chicago—Mnkin falls- A Card—Holiday Purchases. “Will, ord hew did yon spend Ne * Year's ParY’ On themomingof the second of Januar* this 19 th* question, propounded with a variety of rleasasitoues.io which a strange variety of re. Fpomts may be heard. It was the happiest of alt Jicw •> cat’s, it was the dullest that ever was seen. There was lota of fun, ana there was no lan at ail It was a beautiful No * Yaw’s day, h was wretch edly cold, it was not a day to ventaroontln.it was just Hie kind of weather for makm» cal a It was, in abort, as all New Year’s Days have been while the present method of marking (he ili-»ht of time remains in Tomkins thinks ft was the saddest day he ever passed. Tomkins sal hv the stove all day roasting Lis feet nf. cehher made nor received any visits and went to bed before twelve. We would not wish to take him a« an anthont?. We wonid raibcr trust ihc report of Jones, who looks hall etupifled lor want of sh op, whose heavy eyelid* ar. rather jaded hul still jollv aspect tell of a night of feastin'' and mirth. Ii * pays It was a “gay old time all over,’ 1 and no doubt It waa so in bis rase. It all depends upon how von feel We fashion the woild according to our own moods and if our digestive organs happen to be In good* order—on important consideration on the first day ol the yeai—with purse lull and friends plenty (Important at all times,) the holiday id likely so bo a happy one. To those whose duty It Is to observe rather than participate In these cclcbratlon.Mhf festival ofNew Year’s Day termed to be gaily and heartily cn t.TodUitobyallclasscs of people throughout lb-* cUv. Outwardly it wore a general aspect of hilarity’ ork was suspended, and all stores were closed. No,not all. Alike barbers'shops in the early part of the day on immense amount of chlo was u-«ptd, lb»'.ciDs the preliminary alep io mtliimr calls. «iib dean shaven laces, well whisked over coats, shining boots, and hair pasted around the forehead in the approved festoon, a tidy throng of people were to be seen emerging from the palaces of delight all ready “made up” for discharging the first duty of the New Year, the pood old custom of eating and drinking at every noose hut your own. Everybody was at home on Juesday, that is, evoi vhody was out visiilug. One « ould not wish altogether to dhpense with these pleasant hospitalities of the first 0 { Ja~na ry, yet they are after all something ofabo-C a fact which many sensible people a*e quite- free, to ■ admit “between you and me.” • Of course it is the duty of everyone to be enthusiastic on this I festive occasion, and Is not yoc--enthusiasm put 1 to a severe test sometimes In the course of a dav as. tor imdance, wheu you are Invited to partake of awing of turkey tor the flfiy-flm time? And docsn tit seem rather a penance than a pleasure for the unfortunate wives and daughters who must stay at home all day Instead of goln" to the parka or the theatres, where all the sport rs to be had? An ingenious and cuter* prising youth of Ibis city hit upon a bril liant scheme tor >avlng time ar.d trouble, which will at once recommend Itself to all New Year visitors for the future. Like many other callers, he felt’naiurally enough, apprehensive le»t alter enjoying a hundred ho>pita«ile-, Includin'' c“~‘ r ogg, o haziness of Ideas might supervene In uucinga corrcspo’.dimr haziness of expression to prevent uncharitable misconstructions. and preserve the morning freshness or his devised a «trd. This card contains a choice of Nc i Y ear's Day remarks, all needful inquiries, original observations, and personal in* formation. l?orl*-« benefit of the public wc quote (by permission ot the author) a few specimens; “ W ish yon a happy New Year.” “ A fine day this ror calling.” “ Had many calls ?” “1-adics seem to be all looking well.” “Blu to the opera?” “ How did von enjoy it?” “ Have made quite a number of calls myself ” “Beautiful weather! Bin out skating?” “ Have quite a number of jnoic calls to make.” “Met somefnends of yours to-day.” “ Think it will snow again before long ?” “Yea. Sleighing Is a nice amusement.” “New Year’s day’s quite an institution.” “Aw ;/toir.” 14 B. While Ihebcarer Is taking refreshments, answers to the above can be written nut." Wbit an Immense savins of time win thus be found by those gentlemen who hive to boast of their forty calls or a forenoon, and at how small an expense net your hundred cards printed— von can always net a tuati of inielleU who will assist yon in the composition—and you have a perfect system of calling made easy. Ibis was not, however, the most prominent feature of Ibelvew Yeai's celebration. Wing of turkey and a little toncrco did not constitute all the enjoyment. In the afternoon the outdoor amusements came in for their share. The thea tres were crowded to overflowing, and the skating parka presorted a lively ana stirring appearance. At the Central.' phere perhaps the most elaborate preparations nad been made, an Itnmenso crowd collected. A brilliant display of fireworks took place in ihe evening, with a variety of spec tacular attractions which made the carnival pass on in a joyful manner- The Washington Park and the West Side Rink had numerous visitors all day and evening. - indeed, skating appeared to be one of the most notable features of the day's fes tivities. At the Washington a grand New Year's ftte was given, at which the Great Western Light Guard Band assisted. A fine display of fireworks enlivened the spoil at the Ogden Park, ttyilch was largely patronized by the Nortbslders. It Is gratifying to record that while every nee enjoyod to the fall the happy celebration of the rvew iear’s Day, there was no unseemly tumults or rows in the streets. All passed off In a quiet, pleasant manner, and very few druuken people were to be seen. The amount of money expanded in this citv dur ing the past two weeks for holiday gifts Is much larger than any one would imagine, without some datafrom which to estimate. During this period the streets and stores have swarmed with people of all ages and both sexes, with money burning in their pockets which they were anxious to expend in presents to friends and relations. The venders of the countless varieties of aiilcles suitable for gifts were not slow to lake advantage of the glowot geuetosity which was so generally dif fused, and the showy and tempting array In windows, shelves and cases, furnished ample opportunities for selection. ‘The wealthy who lavished th-ir thousands on piano?, diamonds, watches and furs, those in comfortable circum stances who fell able to afford th-lr tens and fifties for books, silverware and smaller valuables; and the poor or limited in moans, who spent their carefully raved earnings In trinket-, toys, and various .inexpensive tokens of friendship, all these helped 10 swell the stream of currency which flowed into the bauds ot rejoicing tradesmen. These latter generally boar testimony to the liberality with which ili* y nave been patronized, and ray that, notwithstanding a somewhat dull condition of genera! bu-iness, their talcs have been equal to, i undlu some cases greater thaw those of previous years. Those who have been most liberal in artverli>n g have had the largos! receipts. The five leading articles of holiday goods aro jewelry, books, furs, musical instruments and the comprehensive class called “notions.” Of :he»-e the sales may be estimated as follows: Jewelry, by thirty dealers .$250.^00 I*ur«. bv ten dealers so.ouo Musical instruments, by eight dealers WJ.tuK) Books by thirty-six dealers 151,000 Notions, by forty aca’.cre 05,000 Total $ IT 1,1 MX) Or neatly half a mfllioii dolhirs paid to these Avc I’laseca of dealers alone. One jewelry firm state their sales for the two weeks ni *si»,t 01) ; one mu >ic house estimates theirs at »t3,(RH) or #2o.o'Jfi; one tiotion bouse at f 13,000, and several otbers give nearly equal figures, bm, as man> oi the e«- tabllshcicnis arc much smaller, the 11 -urcs. named a ill probably give a fair estimate. Then mast be considered the thousands spent, for dry g‘>ods, hats, bonnets, clothing, fruits, oysters, ami other articles, ail of which purcuases were vastly increased, if noi cans« d, ny the holiday festiviJies, aud we shall find the startling total of ■ft least a million of dollars paid and received within a small circuit on our principal streets in about twelve days, ior articles more of luxury aud ornament than of real necessity. The house of Giles, Brothers & Co.. No. 113 Lake street, was one of the most extensively pat ronized in the city during the holiday sra-on, and their largo stock of jewelry, plate, watches, Ac., suffered heavily from the inroads made by their friends. We will not Institute comparisons which might be deemed invidious, tmtwo opine there arc few houses in the United Stales, still hss in Chicago, whose holiday sales would aver age eight thousand dollars daily through the sea ron. The fact speaks volumes of popular apprecia tion ol this house, one of?tbe oldest m the city, aud one which needs not to fear rivalry. It l-» bnl justice to them to say, that while their sales wnmd have swept oat a stock of ordinary magnitude, fticy have still left a belter assortment than many dealers began the season with. Another heavily patronized firm was that of Morse, Roddm A Bamilion, well-known, though comparsrivri/ recent iu tbeir advent. MNETEENfU ILLINOIS IN FAN'- TItV. Mm Anutial Reunion or tUc Veteran Club. The Veteran Club of the Nineteenth Illinois In :*an!ry gave their first animal festival at the Briggs House last night, having selected very ap propriately the anniversary of the Daule of stone iiver, at whic'i thir gallant regiment responded »o the anxious cal), when the fight was •>ice*t, “Who’ll save tho leftp’wltb the wild v Large, so celebrated insongand story, that swept •tke a whirlwind through the ranks ol the enemy, and si.afctu-d victory out of the jaws of defeat. About oi.c hundred returned heroes and their ladies—assembled in the spacious dining hall of the hotel, and soon after nine the round ot the viol and the triupiog of to *t began, «r.d continued, tvltb IlMe imermtsriou, Hit early morning. The laoies were (as usual) charmingly dressed in ail the colors of the rainbow; the gen •temcn were gallant and polite, and at! went merry as a marriage bell, or a marriageable belle. In the course of the evening an interesting his tory of the regiment was read by Mr. Joseph S. Johnson, formerly Orderly Sergeant of Company K. H detailed the varied experience of the Nineteenth from it* enlistment through the battles of Stone River, Cbickamangua, Mission Ridge, it'eftbca. and other fletee engagements, in which ihey won tor themselves a name. up to tho time f then muster out. A letter was read by Mr. Stewart from General Ncg'.ey, commander of the division in winch the i-gimcnt served, dated Pftlshnrgh, December M**. expressing his regret at being nnaMc to h.* end giving a vivid pictuie of the tight at ■done Rives. Mr. William Christian read a abort not*' from ■ •ei.cntl Tmchln, Brigade Commander, regretting Ms Inability to be present on account ot sickness •n bis family. Th*- song, “Who’ll Save the was then -ung in flue style by William M. Smith, who was creed, by lh>* toneut of applause which followed, *-» repeat it, to tho great satisfaction of the an .licrce. ( apir.tn Norman D. Caf.c'lc next read an origi nal ik cm descriptive ol a battle, which eon *a*ncd reany fine passages, and was welt delivered. y.r. William Net In?, the Drum Major of the rog intent, performed upon the drum a very vivid rep ivsentation of the sound of musketry, descriptive of the battle of Stone River, and the floor wa» then r; sum« d by the audience. Atx.n; uudtilghi sapper was served in a stylo of e'ccucre and taste—material and lesthetlcal—iu which iLe Briggs House has no superiors. Mr. French, t f the nonsc. in partlcnlar exerted him i-lf to make everything pa e s oil pleasantly and -ucccttbd perfectly. The delicate game, the oy te-s. t’ e sweet-meats, the magnificent snowy •yrsimds of cake and the varied 'dessert were all ultnirvQ ano a good shareof them eaten, aad then ».e cl-c*-it'il strains ot the band hurst out again .ird the happy company whhled through “tho r-’azv” fra few shrrt hours and went home with deesant recollections of the Nineteenth and it* •Mel annual festival. A Bold BonnotT.—Yesterday afiemoon a lad : f ten or twelve j car?, named John Wooden, had collected the cr.m of eighty-two dollars at the -tore of Botnnm Brothers, at the corner of Lake -trretand Michigan avenne, and was about put ting U in bts pocket when the money was sud denly snatched from bis hand by a young man, «ho made rapid *tr!des for the street. The hoy nihbcil after him, crying “ stop thief, stop thief,” and in a very little linw there was a very exciting ' tliase engaged in by hall % hundred people. The fellow ran In the direction of the Richmond House, and being very closely beret, tossed the roll of money Into a door-yard and “pnllcd cut ” again, lie was first collated by Mr. Sabine Bar ron, end was held until Officer Crane came to take him before the Police Coart. The money was recovered, and belongs to Mr. Johnson, a dealer to skates on Randolph street, by whom the resolnt* Master Wooden was employed. The thief's name Is Bngh Dnfiy, and be 1* seventeen years old. He was Immediately committed in ball of $1,500. “ Mzdhth ” Offences.—Charles Pinkham, a mas of snmeroDs whiskers and long hair, with an atr of pert ct case and erlf-consciousDcss, was bronght before the Police Court yesterday after noon charged with larceny. At tbehou-.eofKaly Crooker, No. 256 Clark street, there bad been de posited a satchel.by Mrs. Charity Pinkham. the alleged wife of the prisoner, with strict injunc tions to deliver It to so one. Mr. Pnik ham milled for It. He wished to gel come papers from it which belonged to him. lie was denied that privilege, and later is the oay he called again, and getting the satchel in his hand started away. At thi* point in the revelations at the Police Court some explanation seemed ncecs r»rf. Mr. Pinkham modestly inquired If he might defend his own care. The request being granted he waa obsequiously thankful, and “started in.” Hh* wife inlvnnplcd lo ear that be called him elf n Miznrcre medium, u pQrouulogl.it and a preach er. \Cf-. bo enirt, bn was a phrenologist at time*, and hy profusion a proaciiT,—saying »t much as bibs cxulains h|« -nslncM relations to Noddy IJo’mn. lie said this lady bad made a contract with blm aud had ucrpcd lo 1 •are him. He was now pnbllshlnga mot,-hJy 7 C‘ho calbU -The N-w Bible "• Inter, n'liied the wlfe)—thc Brel nnmbcr of which Is pnMI-liod. Ills wife bad goao for herself ns a travelling trance medium. Uw regular lniHnoj'n row was to lecture In beball of the Millenium ard the Coming Man. A gentle mar present was permitted to ask blm gravel* If bis wife bad. m her Irene; condition, ever seen lie Ootrl-g Man. The idea ee-mcti to s:tlkc the eU.c cal brain of-the phrenologist as c , l ’{' r * c ’ *>nt Mr*. I*. enjoyed It hugely,and laughed till she was red In the tace. Mr. Pinkham for twenty year* past, bad lived most of the umoin *' aa h ran cisco, but It bad been his mission nr rate l;> travel and lecture, The ca«e was continued for lurthcr eaamiimti >n this afternoon In bail of flve hundred dollars. Al daciousburglabt. Drugging and llobblng—The Victim Almost Killed. One of the boldest and most atrocious robberies occurred in this city on Now Year’s night that has taken place In manymontbs. The house eltnat-d at No. SbT Wabash avenue is occupied upon the lower floor by a family, and the upper rooms aie icnteo to young men for imMoirs P ne . of these room- was by James M. fcmlth. Upon retiring to b-;d on j blni, ° distinctly remembers having locked his door as usual. but on hiskwak ening yesterday morning be discovered that the door to his apart mint was standing wH«* ow ? Pbytical sensations seemed .. Paralyzed, his memory was clouded, his limns ached, and be was utterly con founded at being unable to recall any circum stances which could possibly hate wrought such re.-ulw. After several Incffl-clnal efforts, he final ly succeeded in dressing hlrosell, and, upon feel ing In bis pockets, he tound that he had been robbeu of a gold watch and chain w orth rts m money, and various checks and notes in three different pocket hooks, had been taken. Just outbide the door of his room was found a towel which had been saturated with chloroform,’ w- V cLiiv, ozec 6, *V .The room occupied by Mr. Smith communicates wlih an apartment I rx)Tiling the street by tolding doors, wh’ch, at the n— e * wctc sjpMaled lw» or throe J oeb e 3 j® would *v^. m «•« «ne villainous robber bad used the chloroform £0 effectually as to feel '‘utlrely n ccure that Mr. Kmiih was beyond all conscious ness, ana had then monnlcd the bed and stood upon the back of the apparently Hfoic»d man to take a survey of the nett room tbrongh the crack between the foldin'* doors. there is no other way of ac conniing iortre distinct Impression of a boot heel which was lift upon the back of .Mr. Smith and the lameness resulting from It. Olher <W llemcu occupied adjacent rooms, hot neither they or the lamily in the lower rooms heard nnv unusual soi.nds in the house during the the supposition is that the robber was previous ly secreted In the apartment, and that the manner of executing the deed was entirely premeditated A AILS limn NTS. OrritA.—The old and favorite opera of Norma was given on New YcarV Night to a large audi ence. The cast was. in some respects, an nnfor tuqateonc. Ifwe could have had Suslnl InpUce of CoikW as Oroveso; Irlre instead ol Errant as Pcllio, and Pain Strakosch instead of Canlssa as Adnlgisa, the cast uonld have been "really strengthened, and the general performance would have been much more effective. As It was tho ‘nlerprctution \va« weak and uneven. The last™, mentation also suffered much from unevenness The orchvstra is badly balanced. The brasses and reeds greatly outnumbered the string so *WI. e ? ,jsa^tllc vi °bnß In paesagoa where they t-bffbhl have been very effective, were almost In anciiMo. Ghicni made up a Terr excellent Nonna, Her action was clnetc, dlsnlacd and arllsUc, and her amglncgood, almost trilhont exception, especially in the aura Mm, the A/ M,,S nrornu. In which sijc cx<-cnt d Homo very neat Mins, and ber part in the CmtiH Tiio. Caoissa, aUhoncl. She merig SSS tor her accuracy and consdcntou? endeavorto do ovt rjlhinc well, u- entirely unfilled for each l i cav^« rolps 1,8 /. d . n,^f,a As .ZctUna, both in rraiiiavoioand Don Juan, andas the cobbler’s m Crlppino. she acquits herself admirably us indud.i-I.cd-.es in ad lltrht roles rcnulnnc rapid exicmiun, or the hmnorou-, arch and cun. nine n. dramatic elects. But lor Adalgi-a she is not fitted cither vocally, dramatically or naturally Her personation 1- of necessity forced, and stmmvd ocyond natural limit*, and her small though penetratlm; voice, has not aslncle traffic elemci't in it. Xu the first duo wim Chios! An r ft/a to} v,hor score running jn the alto register, she appeared to some auvaulairc. but in the "rand duo -him Acme, tliero was a painful lack Of com, ’atcia-ss, fulness and harmony. J!r»:u : Is also light for the role of Poll io, and l;It cf-nsiu.it use of *hc chest voice made many of hi? tfiotts seem hard and forced. Collett! did well only in one instance (Ait 11.', Scene IV) Thectionir* s in the main were very well done, espccmlly these of the opening scenes, and the orchestra showed some improvement after leav ing the fireteci, which was badly plavcd, which with such familiar music as -Norma, is almost Inexcusable. Joist evening the opera of Fra Diavolo with Its fresh, crisp, sparkling um-ic, was given, but under the treatment it received the music was an% thing but cm*|i or sparkling. The opera was evidently unfamiliar to most of the artist- and as a consequence, it narrowly escaped being an utter tarturc. It»re, with the exc.plion of an occa- Gionai fine tone in his high register, san** very tamely and carelessly, and seemingly without the slightest conception of the tempo. Mad. Sim kotch was so weak in voice that but tew tones ’ could be heard at all. Ardavani’s Englishman was absolutely stupid. Cauissa made the only tolerable personation of the evenfii", and even she seemed to share the prevailing tameness. The two robbers, Collctti and Sarti, did them selves no Justice; the latter being too sick to do more than walk through his part. The choruses were a relief, as they were very fairly taken. The orchestra was better bal at-ced than on tne evening previous, but the location of the reeds among the brasses is abso lately talal n the instrument! cilecL however well the orcbe-tia may play. As a whole, the production was very unsatis factory. \\ c are surprised that the opera should have been included in (he repertoire, al all, when there arc enough tliat the troupe can do well. We hone to hoar a better performance this evening, unon which occasion Veroi’s superb opera of “Krnam” will be given. The M.enneuchou.— One of the pleasantest fes tivals of the season was that chon by the Ger manic Matnncrchor on New Year’s eve at their handsome tooms In Lombard Block. A wit brilliant patty was present, both of ladies and gentlemen, and singing a Christmas and New »ear’s tno, dancing, aim good social feel ii-g made up the night's programme; for tin* fes tivity did not break op no»il an early hour in the morning of the New Year. The society sau** several cho:U-c?,among them Abt’?: Wasser Rose, amt ftotck'fi leaver before the battle. Mi-sMa cai Ihv and Mr. Schultze sang a duo from Attila in excellent style. Macanhv. the leading soprano al the Church of the Holy Name, has a very rich, round, powerful voice, and knows itow to use it. Miss Frankeubcrg also sang a duo with Miss Macartuy. This lady has a con tralto voice of remarkable depth and resonance. She is a new comer, and a welcome addition to the amateur musical talent of the city Mr. Schnilr.c sang the oil known tenor aria from Cnspino. Alter the mnsic, tfao festival tree, hung with gifts of every description, humorous, useful and valuable, and shining with tapers, were the centre ot attraction, The gifts were numbered and drawn by lot, and unbounded merriment cn«ned as the lucky parlies reciived their g |f w . At midnight a very plea*lng pre sentation took place. Mr. Batntka. conductor of the Society, rcceiulcg a splendid chronometer with heavy chain attached, being the gilt of the .Varnmcber, as a testimonial of his musical aod social excellence. The presentation speech was made by Mr. Knyecr, Vice President of the So ciety, and was answered very happily by the re cipient. After this Uancingwas commenced and continued unift daylight. The rising sun looked in upon the close of one of the most pleasant par ties of the season, enjoyed as only Germans know how to enjoy themselves. Good holiday bills were presented at the theatres on New Yeai’s Day, and the attendance both at the matinees and evening performances, was such a- are only seen on holidays. McVickeu’s Theatre.—l -ast evening the play Of “Lilian May vr Arris’ and Actress” was pre sented with Mts Johanna Clausscnns •* Lilian May,” in which she sang some charming songs in her own Inimitable stvlc. To-night Miss Clausscu takes U<t first benefit In Chicago. In the play of “ The Yonng Scapegrace.” A German comedy will also bo glvan entitled "Lott is? Tod/." m which Miss CUttsscn will be supported Lj members of the German dramatic comnanv. MrsEri*,—The I airy extravaganza or “For tunio” v-fll tie ujvcw at the Museum during the remainder of ibe week. ftLlUilllitiV. VI lllk IM VIV. Skating.—All the parks and rinks arc open Ibis evening. The Railroad Clerks' Association will give another of their agreeable sociables tins evening in Washington Dali, entrance from Chamber of Commerce court. The Sunktprig “iliot.” —“Cap.” Hyman, An nie Stafford Hyman, Lou. I** 1 ** Wallace, and George Egglcs’or., were finally csnu? ,nC(l flt the Police Court yesterday afternoon npou charge of riot at the “ opening dance ” at a bote.' known aa SnnnyMde. about two weeks ago. A gei.V' ral . ac ‘ count of this afijir has already been publish*/* the TmnuNE. At the examination yesterday ttierv* was tome very strong suennug upon Dotn sides, bnt not of the character reported to have oc curred at the “party.” “Mrs.” McMa-iers alleged that tho received the lie from Louisa Wallace, smd retorted with a similar expression. Tnc usual indirect allusions to the degraded character cf maternal “ narieuts** were also current expres sions. Then Louisa struck Ellen. Then Ellen crabbed her by the nose. Toon she grabbed ELen by the hair. Then Annie “ pitched in,” her husband standing by without Interference. Than Geo. Kgcle-ton hit her. after which she waa strick en to the floor ana dragged -ome dUtanci to a daikroom, pushed in and locked in for nnhour or two. Wiinegses upon the other -Ide stated that Ellen was crank, and spoke in most vile dispar agement of the diameter of Annie Stafford llv roan. They said the scrimmage was between El- Itu and Louisa, and that Annie was not present. It was fun for the boy* to gee 'em fight for a "bite, but lor the credit of the house it was gooa stopped. There did not seem to be safllck-nt evi dence in the rase to warrant the holding of the panic* for trial npon the charge of riot, and they were dUcharged. FtncALAiras.—An alarm of fire was sounded Tuesday evening th>m box No. 71, but tho engines could flud nfllhing to “ put out.” A little later there was an alarm sounded from box No. S£t, oc casioned by •» small fire (caused by overheating the ftimate), in tho First Free-Will BaplW Church, at the corner of Fonth Room and Jack son streets. The lo*s was frilling. Thi- location seem* to bean object of special malignity with the fire flerd- It will be ? emcmb.*rea that the congregation erected a chnrch npon this spot, which was dedicated on Thanksgiving day In lSGs,rnnght fire about an hour and a half after it was closed, and horned to the ground. Wl‘b commendable energy, the member* of the church erected tho present edifice, which was dodictlcd on thanksgiving day cfiSGG. The alarm sonndid between four and five o’clock yesterday afternoon from box No. *27, was Jalsc. Beu.-.iofb Notice.—Dally morning prayer meetings will be held during the whole of next week, under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association, In the Methodist Church Clock, corner of Clark and Washington streets.'- The large room of the church will l>e thrown open from 0 to in o'clock each morning, and the fcmccswill he conducted by clergymen ot the uvfivivnt religious denominations of the city. Much interest attaches to these meetings. and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Is confidently ex* peeled. The whole Christian world will be en gaged dmine next week In prayer. Will not i.brlstians'of Chicago be up and doing? “Nowis the accepted lime; now is the day of salvation. AU.E3ED Tnerr or Monet.—Charloi W. Kent w as arraigned at the Police Court yesterday morn ing, charged with stealing about S7O In money, a knife, a pocket book and bunch of keys from bis room-mate, George E. Gardiner, at No. 47S State street. Both panics ate employe* ot the Mer chants' Union Express Company, acd occupy an apartment with two others- It was alleged that the articles were taken on Sunday night, but tbc vvidci.ee elicited was almost entirely of a circam sianttat character. The case was continued far farther examination on Friday morning, Kent being required to give bail of SSOO. An Extensive Ilucent.—John W. McPherson, a colored man, was arraigned before Justice Mllli kco yesterday afternoon charged with the larceny ol a blsck stlk velvet vest, a black dre-ts coat, two 1 aim of pants, a (500 Government bond, and an acceptance upon tbc Unior» Exprres Company for (too— all ’he property of Mr. Albert Wianer, who rooms a' Nos. lo and 18 Dearborn street. There articles were missed on Monday afternoon abont fooi o'clock, and about half an boor beiore that McPherson was seen to leave the room with t package oi consldrrableaize under bit *ro. A servant girl employed on the premises, named Mary Jane Phllbun, saw the man and asked him übat he had. Qe told her that if she would say nothing about It he would give her $lO. These staicmenls she teetifieil to yesterdav. McPhccaon was committed fortrlsl In had of SI,SOO. . Michanjck' Ikbtttut*.— A regular mertlmr'of the Mrcoanlcs’lnstitutc was hold on Monday even- Ing. In Room No. 3, Masonic Temple. Mr. James Bany presided. A large number, of candidates for membership were elected, and forty names proposed. The Library Committee reported that ‘hey had called upon Judge Van U. Higgins, and K. o. Asay and A H. Burley, Ehqs.. ana ihal these gentlemen expressed their •ymnathy with the of• torts of the Institute, and promised io return the books in their possession as soon as the median ic* had secured a suitable repository. On motion of Mr. Jenkins, a vote of tbanka was »xleuded lo these gemiemen for their generosity towards the Mechanics' Institute. The Library Committee was instructed lo present the resolution to the gentlemen. The meeting adjourned to meet on Tuesday. January Bth. J Pobqert. —Thomas Slorcan, an inmate of the Marine Hospital, was short of fu»ids which ho needed to to indalgc In some little New Year’s luxuries, and conceived the happy idea of writing an order upon a private individual to whose care was entrusted greenbacks belonging to John Hawkins, another Inmate of the Hospital. The order requested the payment to the hewer of three doliais, which was necessary to procure new lining for a coal. The counterfeit John Haw kina said bja feet were getting teller, and he should he out in a few days. The forgery was de tected, and Thomas was arrested. At the Police Coni I on Mew Year’s morning he was required to' give bad for |SOO for bis appearance at the Re corder’s Court. A Soirvnnn,—A very pleasant affair occurred at Ibc Bnrnam & Richardson Manufictnrlag Com pany’s Works, on Jefferson street, yesterday, Mr. E. n. Rice, the foreman of the shops, being made the recipient of a splendid American watch, at the bands nf bis tellow-cmployes. The presenta tion was made by Mr. George Swift, the address and reply beingmtde In fitting terms. The Witch Is inscribed, “Presented to K H. Klee, by the em ployes of the Barnnm & Richardson Manufac turing Company, January 2, The gill is a characteristic sign of the good feeling which pre vails among the numerous employes of the Com pany. * Soediebs* Bocktt.— Wg invite the attention of all who arc entitled to 1100 additional bounty,and have not applied for it, to the following letter: 4 Earlvilic, December 31,15C6. Colonel J. W. Boyden, 02 ta &i ,,e street, Chica go : My discharge, which yon forwarded to Wash ington, 1 have just received, with check for my #IOO additional bounty. Yours respectfully, , ~ , Joel farter, Bale Sergeant Company I, Fourth Illinois Cav alry. Colonel Boyden Is authorized by the Govern ment to torward claims of ail who have oot yet applied for tbclr bounty. His office is 92 La Salle street. T,OCAL MATTEES. Dr. Sibbct can be cousulted for nll db eases of iLc hair and scaip. Cures warranted Rooms In Mlller’c Block, corner of Randolph and Clark strode. Entrance No. 7G Clark street. Tlio tnvat charm of 3Xetculfftt» Great Rheumatic Remedy lies In the small quantity necessary to effect a cure. One dose (“forty drops’) gives instant relief, and thrice repeated, seldom mils to restore the entl'crer to perfect health. Loud & hurra, Agents. Tax notice— Notice in hereby given that Ihe State and Connty taxes of Horth Chicago nrc now due, and must be paid at the office of the Collector, Room No. i? Übllch Block. North Clark street. Wit. s. Swajt, Collector. Tfaroat AflcctlouM—A Physician writ* |ng from Ncwiaue, New York, speaking of the beneficial cuvets resulting Irom the nse of “ilrovnV Bronchial Troches,” save: “For allevi atlng that horrid Irritation only felt by Ihote who liavcfcur.eicdfrom any Bronchial Attecilon. and for Hoarseness and bore Throat too, I am free to confess (though I am anil. D.) they answer all yon claim lor them.’* To avoid disappointment, he sure to obtain the genuine “Brown's Bronchial Troches.** Marsdcn’s Pcclora aim foi 'Vfroop ing Cough. A Snrc Pile Cure.—Or* Gilbert’s Pile instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Scot t.y mall on receipt or *l. Circulars free, bold by druggists. Agents wanted every where. Address J. B. Romaine. Manager. No STS Broadway. New York " Constitution Water.—A Certain Cure for Diadetis, and all Diseases op the Kidnets. Sold by all Druggists. Depot 46 CUff-sr., N. Y. “ Formodenia” Tooth Panic preserves the teeth, preventing decay, making them white and beautiful. It is free from all injurious sub stances. It is used and recommended by the best demists. Manufactured solely by Caswell, Mack A Co., New York, bold by all druggists. ■■ We would Mir to every mother who has a suffering child, go at once and procure a bottle of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. It will relieve the little one immediately, wifi allay nit pain, softens the gums, reduces inflammation, n inflates the bowels, and cures wind colic. By relieving the child from pain, it allows it quiet, natural sleep, and comforts the mother. Itch! Scratch J! —Boyd’s Medicated Cream cutes itch, scratches, and ali skin diseases. Ills neat, pleasant.aromatic, safe and certain: specially adapted to children. Sold by all drug gists. ' * Colgate Sc Co.’s Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may be ob tained of all drnggists and fancy goods dealers. Reuter’s Telegrams. To the Enitor of the New York World : Sib Several Incorrect statements have recently been circulated by the pntflic press on the subject of Reuter’s Telegraph Cable. More particularly the position of the Prussian Government towards the new line has been represented by srmc papers in nn altogether erroneous light, and an authentic recount oi the real state of matters may noktherc tore, he devoid of Interest. The concession granted to me by the late Hano • erian government for laying down and working a submarine telegraph Hue between England ana Hanover was confirmed by the Prussian govern ment so far bock as the beginning of August last. It appeared subsequently that some modifications in the concession affecting the working of the line were considered desirable. Both the Prussian Telegraph Administration and Renter** Telegram Company displayed ibc nt moft readmes* to cflcct these modifications )iy mutual agreement. The original concession re mains, however, unchanged in ll- cs-enllal points, while several additions, highly advantageous to Reuter** Company, have been Introduced. Reuter's telegraph cable and the Hud lines connected with It were not constrccted simply wlm the view of adding one more stew line to those already existing, but was specialty de-mnod to introduce ft tew system In telegraphic comma nlration—ihaf, namely, of international through telegraphy. The telegraphic connection hitherto subsisting between Great Britain and Germany was con ducted by a rircuiion* route through France, Bel-. glum ai.d Holland, whll» by Reuter's cable direct communication la ests dished between England, * Prussia, ono the rest of Germany. Another dlsad« vantage (o which the Anglo-German leleciapblc communication has hitherto been subjected, is the great oelay freqnemlv arising from the nece«- sily for transferring and re-telegraphing messages at various stations. To obviate this incon venient and . alien serious los* of time Reuter’s Tclcgiam Companv carries four wl-cs connected with the cable at Nordccney. through Emden and Oldenburg to Bre men, whence two wires arc to he carried on to Hamburg, and the remaining tvo to Hanover. The Prussian Telegraph Adralu'9tratto , i has en gaged to carry through to Berlin one of the two wiles teimluating at Hanover. As the wire* above mentioned no* destined for the exclusive use of the Anglo-Ucnaan telegraphic correspon dence, messages from London to Berlin, Ham burg. Bremen, &c, ami met rrrso, maybe’ele- Sned direct through without any loss of time, on an average, in a very lew* minutes. The value and importance of this new telegraph line arc much enhanced, since the cable, which contains four wires, is of-the beet manufacture, and the land lines in connection with Rare at tached to double posts, in order to heller resist the attacks of wind and weather. The line will he opened to the public In a few days. I am, sir, your obedient servant, London, December 13. Julius Reuter. 'j lie contract for two years, entered Hto by the Renter Telegram Company, of London, and. the United States & European Telegraph News Asso ciation. was executed on the part or the former at London on the I<tb ultimo, and confirmed, by Mr. P. U. Craig, General Agent ot the latter, on the Sd instant. ■lt will go Into effect a* soon as the cable despatch announcing the final execution of the contract teaches Lon don. The benefits to tbepres* of tho United States taking news despatches of the United States and European News Association wfjl be tnlly appreciated by the following facts; Every newspaper in Loudon and in fact in all parts of England ami even on the Continent, relies exclu sively upon the Renter Telegram Company for all Important European and foreign news by Telegraph, aud no other party in or out of London can- without resorting to thelt, obtain posses-ion of t ht latest iiitclljgencc furnished hr the Reuter Telegram' Company until aflerthe publication of the London Jt’d American papers connected with the Reuter iu England and the United Slates aud European New* Association. SHOCKING TIUGEDT. Sntcfdo of Captntn llobert CS. Vt'cllcu, a Nephew of Secretary Wellew, at C*io»> lenbury, «'t. LFtom the Hartloid Times ot Saturday.) We were shocked to hear of the suicide of Captain Robert G. Welles. late of the regular army aud eldest surviving son of lion. Thaddous Welles,of nephew of Secretary Welles. The rosh*act was com milted at a few inimtlc* before six o'clock last evening, in Uis father’s library. Mr. Welles sal reading hls -eveiiin" newspaper, whin Robert, who had been conversing with him, exhibited a pistol. His lather remon strated against carrying such a weapon, and asked his son to give It to him. The latter declined, though in co unfriend ly spirit. Suddenly approaching his father, he Dung Ids left arm around his neck and kissed him, when, with the single cxclaroa tion, “Farewell, father!” he sank back into a chair, put the pistol to bis head, and fired—all *o quickly, that his father, though springing up to arrest him, was unable'to prevent it. The ball passed through Captain W.’s head, immediately back of the right temple, coming out just above the left car, and, striking a book in the library, fell flattened upon the floor. Captain W. continued to breathe for an hour and a quarter after- the act, but was at no time cocectous. By this shocking occurrence Mr. W.’s fam ily are plunged Into the deepest affliction and grief. Last summer Mr. W.’s eldest son Samuel, was killed by the explosion of a steam engine at Marc Island, Califomia.wbilc engaged in the capacity of engineer, in di recting an important work there. lie was much esteemed by cvetybody who knew him, and to the family his loss was a blow more severe than can well be told. It is be lieved bv Mr- W. that this fresh affliction was occasioned by his son's melancholy over the untimely loss of his brother. Ife had been observed to be low-spirited much of the time since that distressing occurrence. At the burning of tbc church in Glaston bury, on Sunday, be had taken cold In ren dering assistance, and bad since smlered from constipation and wakefulness, getting no sleep on Thursday night. His mother yesterday noticed and spoke of an alarming appearance in his eyes; but he seemed so rational and pleasant, and had conversed so well of his deceased brother, whose letters be bad been reading, that bis father was less alarmed abont him. On seeing the pistol be told his son that it made him nervous, and that he feared he might do something with it to be dreaded, “for,” be added, “you have of late been subject to depressed turns, and you may not know what you would dg.” Immediately after occurred the shocking result. Captain Welles was just twenty-four years old. lie served with marked credit in the regular army* where he gained hi* rank, and resigned not long after the close of the war. Be wasa young man of uncommon talents, and everybody esteemed him. The family oro overwhelmed by ibis fresh and crushing affliction. CHICAGO IN 1866. THE GHICA6O POST OFFICE. Statistics of Naturalization. THF tfIICAUO POST OFFICE, The business of oar Postal Department shows on Increase last year over the business of 1865 of fibom one third In all the Drnartracnta Chicago bow ranks second of all the dues in the Union in the number of letters passim* though the Post Office, third in the nnmber of letters delivered and fottilh in the amount of money orders. These tacts sufficiently show the proarot magnitude of IheisstitnUoß. the rapid Increase of which is a very sere Indication of the wondrous crowd* and rnterpriee of the city. There are over one hun dred and sixty men employed m the varloua de partments. The Eastern” room for the sorting of letters going East (a under the charge of Mr. JL ii. Welch, and employs ten tn*n. The "Western” room ‘■ngag a twenty men and is under the charge of .1. snewatt and L. A. Beebe. The distribution of newspapers Is condncted in the same room as the “throwing * department, by R. J. Blattnell. The "opening room," whore the bats are opened and the lett a re sorted out, employ." three men nnder the charge of H. Birschfeldt. The stamplog department ia nnder the charge of P. £. Jocknick. and employs three clerks. Seven men ana three laoles are cn ga ’cd In the "general delivery” department, and the “box delivery” employs Ten men under Mr. J. r. Oram. , Tbc carriers* system Is rapidly superseding the * poxdeU vcr y”buslDefiß. It was inaugurated ou tbe A!I§ ÜBt *i I ?'^*S n< l^^ ,caff0 * ias ®l re *dy risen to tbo third rank In the United States lu the deliv ery of letters. Forty-seven carriers and seven clerks arc employed tn this important denari menL the-rapid Increase In the business of which may be seen from the following statistics: Daring the first six months of the carriers* sys tem the returns were as follows: 3 Mail Idlers delivered, 369.803; drop letters do fcfc P “ POrS drops The statistics tor IrCfi, from January to October are as follows: y * “-E o*3 rt? £= %£ p a| DiIE - 3- 3- f-3 ft II 1= :s- l| F*£s p- ; S p«o Jan- Isk 2is“aT !B,fe 42.53 » February... .243.T16 31.059 JI.SM Wggf Wawb 271,577 Sfijll 50,833 Sl?050 ir nl .555.6J9 23,570 46 SB 217 -ffia May 300,694 23,929 4.5,519 230.098 Jnite ‘it9,lSl 21,005 48,723 229 258 July 2HS,fIi«S V 2,340 49,243 259,95 ti August 300,501 f.'JPJ 33,758 252,053 September ...290,143 J 1,231 51,050 242,390 October It is noteworthy that this department of our postal system has made a considerable advance over that of Boston in the last six months On the first of July. Boston employed fifty carriers to ourfortv-flve. In Way, we delivered 3(K',O 0 let ters to ihelr 278,538, making 22,180 more letters de -I’vercdby five less carriers, in April. Boston bad 2W,1.;8 letters delivered. to our 253,675. In Octo ber we carried 336,453 their £02,155, matin'* a gain ol 42.708 over Boston in six months. ** ibe following stadstlca show the amount of business done for the whole year: Number of mail Idlers delivered 3,570.513 Number of local letters delivered 357119 Number of newspapers. Ac., delivered.. 606,713 Number ot letters collected.. 2,841 950 Money orders issued, y Money orders paid * 21*023 t9ale ot stamps... % 291 931 Sale of stamped envelopes z 303^000 The sale of stamps and envelopes for the year 3800 amounted to about $132,000. 'ttjere are “ ibtoww” dailybags newspaper mad, S,roo city circulars, and s,noa transient ctr- S n l? re .* number of lock pouches despatched daily Is 220; paper bags, 450. Thirty-three malls arc received and despatched by the post office each day. Colonel R. A. Gilmore ba e recently been ap pointed as Postmaster, rice Samuel Hoard, Esq. NATURALIZATIONS* Ite total number of foreigners naturalized in Ihe courts located in this city, for tho years 1565 and IfcOi, wa: os lollowa: United Stale* Courts. circuit Coart bup«nor Conn Recorder's Court Total No. of persona naturalized .. 405 740 Increase in 1806 275 And the powers and principalities, the authority oi which was disavowed in 16CC lor the future, w ere as follows: C o 05 t- H ■“ II I I 2 c ° 1* i S 2 o » ? a. § o g •12 2 = :•\ a § Allcnherg. *3 *2 Austria 0 1 8 15 Anhalt 1 .. 2 3 Baden 8 3 8 19 Bavjria 12 2 6 80 Bremen 3 .. g Brunswick 1 .. 3 4 Bclcium .. 2 2 Canada 4 .. .. 4 Denmark 2 3 4 y £ r »"P' 8 1 6 15 Franktorl 1 1 Great Britain .0 63 51 159 299 Hat over 9 2 25 35 Holland .. 4 - 1 1 g Hamburg. 8 , 4 7 Hesse Cased 4 .. 8 12 Hesse Dnimstndt 8 1 8 17 Hesse Hamburg 1 .. .. j Holstein 1 .. i*' o Sate.;.:;.:::;; -i 5 Isle of Man 1 1 MccMenhurg 4 4 Mecb. PcUwcrin 81 8 8 12 Slccb. Strehlz 1 1 Nassau 8 14 New Brunswick.,.. .. 1 l Nor*.-ay. Polaco,. Prussia.. Russia.., Sardinia. 11 .. 4 15 1 1 62 22 35 119 .... 11 1 1 ~ 'i j Sucdcn 1 9 11 21 4i Saxony Scfavj arzlmrg ... Sax Meioninsen. Saxe-Weimar.... Saxe-Cohnri;..... Switzerland >achln Weioier . Wurtembtug.... 4 13 8 1 1 1 .. 1 2 ....82 .. .. 22 1 .. 3 4 1 1 5 1 5 0 Tolal. ... 7 259 104 310 first PAPsna. The following number of foreigners declared tlu-ir liitciitJODa In our courts, hercallcr to be* come cUb.cne; United Slates Courts Circuit Court Sit] cilor Court Recorder’s Court.... Total each year 1,554 1,010 Decrease ya-'C. 211 The decrease in (be number of declarations of Ir.iMtltou filed Is accounted for by the fact that by the recent act of Congress, service in the army has Itccn allowed to take the place of prior dec laration. Under this rule ot law there were, dur ing the few days preceding the election of. Last November. 219 admis-lona to the rights of citizen ship, in all the Courts, and a number proportion ately large in the month of October. 7 he following is (be total number ol declarations of intention filed In ail the courts, showing the principality anojpower the authority of which it Is proposed to throw oil: C « 5J *3 »g| § I £ J 5 jr S. g 2O° 2 S a g a • =• ? 2 « 2 I ~ 2* m •: : f 5 § Austria 3 3 25 SI Altcrbcrg 3 3 Bavaria 6 .. £1 27 Baden 13 13 Bremen 1 1 Brunswick 3 S Denmark 6 3 10 ID France 2 14 5 Greit Britain 3 111 61 131 802 Hanover 10 .. S 3 43 Hamburg 3 8 Hesse Cas-sol B 1 13 19 He*ec Darmstadt 1 .. 14 15 Holland 2 8 9 13 Holstein 14 14 I ttbeck .... 2 2 Mcfb. Schwcrcln 11 3 32 03 Mich. Ftrclitz .... 2 2 Nassau S S Noiway 29 16 9 W Oldenburg 2 .. 3 5 Prussia 24 10 ISO 214 i’nsfia 1 .. 4 5 Sase-Wclmar 5 5 Sase-Cobnrc 2 2 Schleswig H . 1 2 ~ 3 Sweden 14 24 Bt 92 Switrerinnd 3 .. 10 13 Scbwair.bnrsT ibid « C fchwarzburtfS. saxony Waldcck Wnrtctaburg... 1 .. 4 5 ..11 1 1 16 18 Total each court.. 4 335 12S 646 1,013 COMMON COUNCIL. [OFFICIAL REPORT.] *** •Special Heeling, Chicago, January 2, ISG7. Prtt'nt— lUs Honor, iho Major, and Aldermen Knickerl’ocUcr. Carter. D’Wolf, Wicker. Barrclt, Wthuarth, Finnucan, Wallwork, Moore, ?cUnlcr, Fiisbie, Uaiicrty, Tolcott, Woodard, Bjxby, Uus rfll, AckbofT. Engel, Sbackford, ikw* *on. Clark, O’Sullivan. Abfifnt— Alderman Cox, Calkin?, Kann. Hatch, iloldcn, Hum ley, rroudfoot, Fraoxen, Knh. The Clerk read the call for the mo:tlog, which, on motion o> Aid. Clark, was Placed on file. Etronrs op selxct coxwtttees. Aid. Sbucktord, of the Select Committee, to whom had been referred those proposed amend mentp to the City Charter which referred to ’‘Tax Commissioner** and arfessmenw, submitted a re port recommending the adoption of certain amendments AM. Wicker moved that the report be Accepted and placed on file, aod The motion prevailed. CO»2HTTEE OP TTTE WHOLE. Aid. Talcott moved that the Council go into Conimiuco o> the Whole on‘the proposed amend* raent* to the Citv Charter. The motion prevailed, and the Council resolved itself into Committee of the Whole, Aid. Wood* -.ltd in the chair. After sitting, the committee rose, and through lls chairman. Aid. Woodard; reported progress, ami asked leave to sit agan. AM. Clare moved that the report be accepted, iitd leave to sit again granted, and The motion prevailed. AnJotmrnreer. Aid. P’Wolfmovod that the Council do now ad* joum until to-morrow evening January 3d, ISST, at o'clock. 1 he motion prevailed, and . The Council stood adjourned. A. 11. BODMAN, City Clerk. Labcentks.—At the Police Court yesterday morning, Andrew Smith wot committed for trial in ball of foOO. for stealing a pair of boots from a store at No. 3IS State street. On Monday night a buffalo robe was taken from a horeo on Randolph street, and subsequently toend in the possion of John Miller, at a saloon on West Randolph street. Miller said he bad ouned it three months, but offered It to the po liceman who arrested him if he would let him go. The robe belonged to Warren's livery stable, on Van Burcn street. At the Police Court yesterday rooming. Miller was committed Cor trial in ball of .§SOO. - rea -rya Markets bv Telegraph. New York Markets. Nsw Yobs, January 3. Cotton—'Very firm, at 35c for middling, and SC£c for Orleans. Floc«-5®10c better, with an Increased local d<v jr and. gale? of extra State at t1Q.7UU3.23; Ohio, *11.23 (313.40; trade braids, SIASO(*IS.7O; bouthcro, shade firmer. Grain—'Wheat i£3e higher, with a moderate bush n< ts. hales • l £L39<s.3.iC for No. 2 Ultwaakec, and $3.10 for No. S Milwaukee. Bye—Western. $1.23. Cora 1c belter, with sales ot mixed Western at 11.12 V in store, andsl.l4«H4)f afleat. Oats arm, with sales at G3£€3c for Wtswra. FBovuioN&~Fork irregular and unsettled, at SIO,OOO fur old, clewing at $1950, cash; s2oUas2iAo tor now, and fIG,9C@I7.N) for urtme. Beef basis heavy. Co: meats quiet at 92XCc for stioaldcrs. and tor hams. Bacon UnlL Lard Ormer, with sales at USf disc. PETroLsm—Steady at 19c for crude. Ocxfissn Uocs— Western, Ba*Kc> LAIER NEW YOttKMAttKET*. [Sped*! Despatch to the Chicago Tmnne.) New York. January 3. DUSADfcTCTTO. Flour-More de-lre to sell; but grain la Qrm*r and com buoyant, slcce ’Chance. rxonatoaa. . • I*ork closed doll. Now Western. $31.00, regular, and ouend atfil 00 for January, and $31.33 for February, nooa. Receipts, S.MO. Market dull at 7c. ♦ FanoDTs. Smalll ftilpmmu ol com u Liverpool it 3 pence by sail, and 4 pence half-penny by steamer. 1 OCOCZBtXS. 'XSLSg* I*- 1 *- Slllwtmiceo Market, tSpectal Despatch to the Chicago Trtbure.l 30JSV* wnh”b l ’“‘ <1 ”‘ et ' J ic“ebj’'.t *i(U2jf, wlih buyers at 13.9daiD.00-, country double toiT** at W- 37 * 910 - 53 * * aU >™ j2 ouy ut Gaais—Wheat better. Sales 9a. m. Board &*» hr. 2«wm Board—Sales 5100 bn. at *2.lSlorKb. 11914933 01 toj*?- 2 '* l ***}*'” No. 3 and *1.639170 foTrJ jected. Cora quiet—Soles 1,400 bu at ®c tor new’ la store. Oats advancing—Sales 3.4Co»at4ss<6c lorNo R / e Ana-Sales I,ooobu.at9lctorNolandBte lor PnoTtnoss—Firmer. Sales 500 brls m«s no*. |ISJO; 100 tea sweet pickled hams at 10c; 100 brls prime lard at 12c; SO tes No. lat 10*C. DnaesED Boos—Firm Rl|SiOa7.2o. Lms Boos—Unchanged at $3.75(<5.90. REC ™T~ I -“° brls Sour *> ’■«« bo wh-el; }.» bn corn; 600bn rye; 3,000 dressed bog., , “ biupxßis-MMlbrHßoor ■, I,ooobu wheel. PIObC7 and Smelt, la Neir York. Jlmow-Slaulr en P cent o?c»a?“• ” bTtELI-vti—(.mltl at ILIr. 1 iou-. aba°eteta?«i r £j, P ““ S “ aKUl dn3to us*. GoveesMrjrrt—A shade firmer. bTpcxs—Closed lower.and heavy. vAn U-H1 Nomwestern p1d.... 82v Eric.................... (ki}j j Toledo |. I2i4d tnik Ohio certificate! . ?;v 111. Central i2ik JIV. U.Td..TT f?*' GovrcskENTS—Rather better. ■*' Coupon 6aof'ai..it)79loi‘f | 11eg.5-sC»offit IPS i * 40 ».,^ e , C ?S2:f' 17, .* iyß Btockß * though not active, hhye a decidedly strong tone. Some leading stocks overtold, and It Is presumed that the him side Is strong enough to control prices. New York Central advanced 2 percent, supposed on oner aUons by a successful party In tue tale election. Got. er; menu are quiet and depressed. Money la mouer ■iS!ow”l9S9K?‘“ SM ' emlSa Cincinnati Marker. y. r , , Ccjciknatl January 2. to^ on: '” F m * bnt unchanged; superfine at |9M~« . higher; No. 1 springat |2.10; do win <’°tn» rattle lorsnelled in cle 9Qlel,at for- No.l. Byeflnner; No. I utslAß@l.2o. Barley unchanged. dDfj n pah^“ Fim at 20cln toad * no demand for It, Hoot—Rather dull; f7.40c%7.65 net, but closed firm fUcclpls. \XAi lor two days, ibe Price Current uircii the total rreclpts lor the week at 43.000. and fo ni«^ e ?i? n * f?’ 000 * «R>lMl«S,000 last season. lQ ROy ' l demand at $.0.00, andlard at 12c. There Is a sp-calatlve demand tor both theecartlclcs from outside partus. Bulk meats firmer, but the demand is light. Green meats nrm* V c iS or »hnuldtr*,Sc for sldw and 9kc for bams! bat holders, as a rule, art* V hlcuer. ohi Geockbtts—Unchanged. Cotton— Finn, at ai®Kc tormlddllnr. JlcseraET—Exchange steady, at I-IP p cent discount Spar. Money scarce, and tn demand. Gold 152. New Orleans Market. Cojft'ON— Unchanged. Low middling mWdllngSSJfc. Receiptss3Xl balos. Export* none Otocxctw-Sugar advanced to 13c for Louisiana, lMklns lD,crior * «® l6c s prime to Fwct—Active. SaperfinegilAO: extra|i2J>iati oo Chai.t—Corn in ctod demand. Oats Tjcil Sc. tiav firmer at S7!.tua2R,». ‘-»d.«3c. uay Feovistox^—-Pork *22.50. Bacon dull, shonldere Wife: sides 12*<ai5c. Lard doll at 12*®l3cf fa?r°lO®ioJc. In KOOd dcmood * leaf S<3.loc; WimKfeY—Unchanged at *2.40. GoLi^Sitf -NcW YorK exch:mco *®* discount. KeW T ° tk nnchan E ed * Liverpool, 18C5. ISCG. 7 1 SI 2*9 172 101 252 310 Buffalo Market. Buffalo, January 2. Ftorfi—fll.OOffir white Ohio. Geains—<,«ulet. Provisions-Perk, #20.60. Lard. 13c. Oiiei+ed Uoo»-Average 2SO Os, #8,00; 500 S 9 aver agr,r*.u. REcnprs—Wheat, 3.TC4 hu; barley, bn. St. Louis llarkct. St. Louis, January 2. Geaes—Wheat firm; nothing doing; holders ot choice Wheat ask #3.00. Corn dull, at “o®Uc. Oats lower; »Q 62c. Wuifkut—Dell; #8.23. s i ON !rßof>h’rm; #2O-50. delivered at Cairo, and #19.50 delivered at the opening of navigation. Plato hams, KN(818c • dear sides. 13 XfzUc ; shoulders, 12U® 135,'c. Lard nominal. 13k c for keg. If oo f—Active and better, at #CAO®O.73. Cotton—Bett-r, at so@3ic. Nashville Cotton Market. „ .. . Nashville,January?. Colton market active, with sales of 33* baits at ws &XC* HARRIED. In thl»rliy,.lannary Ist. by Rev. e. j. Ooo.lsp«,-*d. Mr.E.L.t.OWtNand Sirs. JURY M.IiALEY, all of Lhlcaco. In this city, January Vd. hv Rov. E. J.G' , odsm*e,l. w T. BUBGE&S, Esq., and Miss MAGGIE C. DAVIS, a'l of Chicago. In this city. January Ist, at the re«Mcnc«of S. p. Pladdcn, Mr. A. 51. BORLAND and MU« FLOR ENCE L. AUBOIT. loth of Cincinnati. Ctncinsatl and Cleveland papers nlei'e copy, and mall papers to •• A. M. Dorland, care SL Charles Hotel. New Orleans.” At Franklin Grove. 11l- January Ist by the Rev. Mr. Phelos. Dr. S. a. GIllsWOLI) and MBs OLIVE ll danchtcr of the Into David Ncy, Esq., of Genesee Coun* ty, N. T» At the residence ol Dr. J. L. Deeper, near Massillon. Ohio. November £Tlh, Captain EDWARD WAKDELL. ol HitrlFon, T- and Jllss EMILY V. ABBOiT.of Massillon. R*v.W. R. Honih’ower. JOHN W. PRLW. formerly of this city, an i GRACE C. CLOSE, of Patterson, J. _ln this city. Dec. 21th. by. Uev. J. v>. Healy, of the Taherrarle Church, at the residence ot 0./l. GUe*. >sq M ADDISON O. RANDALL, 01 Chicago, and SIH I.DCIBE a. UUITEKWORin, ot Sparta, Wf». No cards. DlEfii In this city. January 1. 18C7. LOUISA, wife of laaar Brown, and daughter of me late Joseph Wilde, aged SI years and 8 rnuudm. Funeral from the residence of her mother, 205 South Peorla-st., on Friday. January 4, at tl o’clock a. ra. In this city, on the In Inst., at her late residence, Mrs. MARY ELLb WORTH, la the Mat year ol her age. Funeral will taka place at 12 o’clcck to-day. at IM Ewiog-st. Friends ot the deceased arc invited to at tend. JBSS. ISCO. 8 4 711 23T» . CO 128 475 610 In this ritv. December 29tb. IFW, of Inflammatory c»onp. TRACT L. MARSH, aged 7yean 3 months and 11 oays. In this city, on theSd lust.. ANDBEASLEUOCZKY. Hungarian <xlle. After having fought dnrlrc the revelation fbr the Independence ol Hungary, he came to this country, and icughl three ytars In the Union army for the tame prtnclp es. came home a cripple, ana died yes. terd»y. His funeral will take place from his resi dence, IS4 Bine Islaofl-av., Ibis atlernooo at 3 o'clock. The public are requested to attend. Sift 3=ntcrpttsc3. TO THE PUBLIC. A GREAT AND RARE CHANCE! NEW YEAR’S GIFTS WORTH $5,500! MB. CHADWICK, deslroni of giving the patrons o/ the Variety Theatre, and the public lu general,a grate ful nefcnov Icocuicni for past uatronacc, 011-rs the fol lowing VALUABLE AND BEAUTIFUL GIFTS: His wldc.y-known celebrated trotting BLACK MATCH TSAIK. Buggy and Harness, AND SPLENDID Gold Hunting Watch and Chain, VALUED AT £3,300. Tickets Five Uollars Bach, Which admits the bearer tc the Variety Theatre tet tin cs. making the tickets only the actual charge of tec acmlsfiieus. Eleven Hundred Tickets Only Issued. METHOD OF DISPOSING OF THE MAGNIFICENT GUTS: As great dissatisfaction ha> ever been lelt at drawlne for gifts, the prizes will be disposed of by Throwing Dice, the three highest thrown to take the CELIt- DBATKD TROTTING MATCH TEAM, and Iht lowest t; rce thrown to Uke the SPLENDID GuLD HUNTING WATCH AN D CHAIN. The public will at once per ceive the method ol disposing of the gilts docs away with every doubt of deception. The following gentletnvn will guarantee that all the proceedings are conducted la the most fair and honor able mat uer To give all ample time to avail themselves of the ad tnlsetoT* the tickets will he issued January 2d, 1567, the Raffle to Id he place FRIDAY, February Ist, ls'67, at 10 oVle.rk a.m.. 2udec.r*.luue until the rtfu are disposed of. I*ObSESMON GIVEN AT ONUB AFTER THE OWNERS OF THE GIFTS ABE KNOWN. C2 f “ A clear title gusT.wteed to the property. FLOYD HIGGINS, 1,. HEED. Tlckfta for idle at 78 bv FLOYD HIG GINS. ar.d H 7 Wsba»h-av., by L. BE£D. and at the Vanny Theatre. , . Ttie SlatcU Team to be seen at Hlcelns* Liable: the Watch and Chain on exhibition at Mayo's Jewelry Store.corner- f Clark and Waihlcttoa-srs. auction Sales RUCTION. Tuesday, Jancary Slli, lS67,at 10 a. m. Clearing Out Sate of HATS, CAPS AND FURS, Without Reserve. We arc Instructed by Mess nr ROSENFELS BROS., who arc rolrlog from the retail trade, to sell at tsetr store. 164 Lake-st.. comer of LaSalle, all their larg** and valuable stock o( Hats, Caps, Gloves, Ladles* and Gcnilen.c&’a furs, &e- 4c. Good? on view on M.mrtay morning. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO-, Auctioneers. RUCTION. THURSDAY, Jan. lOtb, 1557. at 1C a. m. Furniture. Pier Glasses, Carpets, China, Bohemian anti Parian Ware. Wearc ln»teacted hy the tnamf.vctureri to tell, with out rrs-rve, arour rooms. 10 1 Lake-st,. the Pillowing assortment of Cbicaso-maue furniture. comprising j-srlor Suites ol seven piece* ca-h, to Walnut, uag »ad Mahogany. covered with Green Silt. Silk Hep and Silk Tcrrv; Bedroom Suite*, ol three pieces each, in Mahog any.'Oak and Walnut. Hair-CloUj Sofa*. Lounges. Wash-land*. Chairs. Msrble-T*'? and other Centre Ta ble?, Whatnots of all dtsci Ipltona. Sprl-g, Hair, Corr sad Gras* Matrassesßrn»*?l». Kldderralnster.lngraln and Velvet Pile Carpets. Wer Glaeaes la heavy gilt frames, round, square and oval. 4c. Aho. Per brie Hawk, direct from France via Montreal. ca?ks white and colored Parian Ware, fancy a««ort meutof Chita, GUI Ware and Bohemian dataware. **TbeAuctlo neev* would call tue especial attention of the Chicago public to this sale of home-made Furni ture. as being, for design and workmanship, tar beyond what la usually oflered In this city. ta SCOTT 4 CO- Auctioneers. Q.ILBERT & SASIPaON. ’ lIESRHT FURNITURE, Carpets, SUver-Platod Ware and Hoasehold Goods at auction, On FT.rnAI MOBXISG. Juror «».«t!» Vclort. we will sell at "nr ealesr Kjtns. 47 and 40 De irbora Jt* a large and e»ee*nt assortment of ttfdi roand rich furniture Kt parKr, chamber and dining room, including several nrh oil va ' n ° l J.„ ® JS, parlor set, t-rwacl*. 3-ply and lurraln do; oval French- ate mirrors; damask curtains, crockery, bidding, stoves, Ac. PILDEgr a SAMPSON. Anctloowg A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchant, PALMER’S BLOCK, rtu it «49 basdolfh-st. 33usmgss gt^gneeg. P'OR SALE—An micrcst in a leading ■ * caale Brag Douse, having a lar-o trad* In iSa,S2S£S&. One or the imefl saloons “, r ,f*|s* *raiiklla-3t.. between Randolph and Lake, tip Stairs. Inquire fur JOHN FIERER/ oai - 3,ce * pOK SALE—Drug Store—Slock and I furniture, flrsbelats and ircah, being all new with- MdUZrja. i^tya?‘r* r " so “ f “ P 55, S-LE—A saloon, fixtures, &c., SKSa sia oynt:c Fifi.S AJ i; E ~’ rlle ®ntire Inmttnre of a dnwit 0 iL? b sr =»ln. and the home to Itqnlreat lay Dearboro-su, J. M.RgYNOLOS. toturcs flnd *ls ?, 4rcc tr *de. to one of the largest w<tsr erncities. If the party pirtlcsliriritMiPM •, r ..■ BSS^*6*«hSWS F9?L S^ E—neal, y new two-story Lincoln. Immediate possession Mven TBONiaS*?? Stt SS* C 0 A a K fnl% o . T ?S^o 3 p o^: 'C'OU SALE—A Rare Chance—An old .? published buMoets, half block ol Post Office Bouse, lease of k>t. A man with small canitAi c«n oa&'olS2° m “d" 1111 - dtwr u> fo^SSSI a , ? rcat bargain, one 1 of <n ?. rtdeJlrhM* and best Mtuatef eatlnghnnaeq 170 U SALE —*2SO will buy a h:ilt inter- Sox Sale. TT OT? SALE— Schooner Essex. Grain t£t. TT°R SALE—Prop. “ Genesee ClueL” o MJj ,n,!Wl) '‘ tro!t * s *lcM«ar. ClwAt, Ton ”4.S\lg*d measurement. 3M- Anply tu WM. E. W rt ß- A r * or to Harris & tmo„ S 4 Lunibar»?t M Chicago. F3R SALE—Cheap— Wood received viu (Tflcago aad Great Eastern Btllroad. Rrd o£ ry “."Ow® Wood, from f 9 to ?l§ a® t Tf.FAO.' V * r " 100 s " m sanotuton-tu I7OR SAJ.E—Office occupied bv Kirbv, Carpenter & Co., North Side, near Newberrv’s K|. evator, two stories hlah, suitable tordwel’lng tor small lamtly. Also, fiuall frame bam and sheds attach'd. t>ALE Tho shelvme, counters, l lease and fixtures of a grocery store, well located. applf a *C‘ nier of Mlchigan-av. and Twenty* se«na-?t. (Coal office). Between the boars of 10 and U SALE —\\ anted—A Book lor the 1 of all peraens wishing to b-iv or ,' , 9. u ‘U n 5? to ** removed, mav be found a' my offir» With n.c. Morey *t °.. R*»i Estate Agent-. N'o. S Metropolitan Hall, free to all. Also. I have a Patent Apparatus for removing Coiucw and racdiara.«lt»d DwomLcs.wlthoat Injury to plastering. Barns and small balWlrcs removed on trucx*. veer rie*,r» J. S. McINTIRE, residence CSC ¥ P ' Fjll SALE—Vessels—Christian & Co. have now on hand a number of v«n»ii to ■ell. Ail rnosehavlntr vessels for sale will do well to give ns a call. Room 3. Llud's Btock. Rancolnh-st. bridge. TTOI! SALE—Two splendid and test sole J leather travelling trunks, one new sole leather vnme. one ol the be t Am. guitars. entlrelv new* six fine black and colored cent, clothing*, one splendid microscope, maenlflrlne Otl times, one eenuln“ M-«r- Bcbarnn pipe, worth #.0.00. win be sold for less* than one half their teal value, at No. 31 Mlchtgan-n amusements, QKOSEY’S OPERA HOUSE, EVENING, January r s at S o'clock. Ninth faubsrrlpticu Night i f theienowned GUIOKI AND SUSINi ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY. Max Stxaeosch. VerdVs grand oscra, .n four acta, ERNANI. Mcfidames Ghloi... Signers Irfre, Uarra and Suslnl to the principal roles. FULL CUOBUS AND OBCnSSTBA. Musical Director and Conductor..,, ..Signor Nicolao T>v r i l; A , tV/;sv o ; Enm- intr,>- m .lVc A ™“ K c iVw. CHtK4 * ltUh " lr “^ P r ln.sDo=nM 4.Saturday, January 3, at2p.m.-GraodGala Matinee FUA DIAVOLO. Admission to, Matinee. #1 to all parts of tho house. Sects secured without extra charge.* c VICKEKV£ theatre. JIcYICKEK & MTEKS MANAGEU?. FIRST BENEFITIN'CHICAGO OF M’LLEJOBAN** A CT.AFSSEN. j. Who win appear hoih In Encll-h and German, sup ported by members of the (Wman Comvauy. 1 hurfclay, iut YOUNG SCAPEGOAT. 1 iH 1 M’dc Johanna Clansscn To conclude with th< German Comedy, enililea „ , . LOTT IST TODT. J ’ eflHuea Hans (with songs) M’lio Clanwn Rest 3ine«i,. r Saturday—Bcoedt ol Mr. G. B. Waldron. Sa > urtlay—'M’iiq Claussen Matinee. jyj cVIOKE irs THEATRE. Extra Benefit of O. B. Waldron. OTHELLO. Mr. Frank Monroe as Mrs. «Vwcll na Mis* Gertrude Docg*« as. G. B. Waldron aa. Saturday Ercnlng-, Jan. 3th. QOL. WO OH’S HITS EH 11. Cbl.J. R. WOOD ....Proprietor Director of Amuscratnts F. K. AIKEN blage Manager THUS. BARRY Grand revival of another Mn<enm Drama, with lu former ere»t cast Last nicht hut two ol FOBfUNiO, received with shouts of laughter. Tils (Thursday) evening. .Jan. 3d, will be performJd the grand lonianfc drama of a DON C.tSAR DE RAZAN. To conclcde with the great Fairy Spectacle of EOUTUNIO. Saturday afternoon, Grand Matinee. £AUGHING GAS. DR. COLTON, Who originated the anesthetic use of NITROUS OX IDF GAs lor the extraction ol toetn, will, upon the invitation ot a number of prominent Dentists of Chi cago, deliver a LECTURE upvn the gas, with A GRAND EXHIBITION Of Its novel and nmn«ing etlofts when Inhaled In small doses, and It? beaatlfnl anesthetic powers when In haled in Jarre dorrs. Preliminary to the Put lie Exhibition. Df. Colton will give a LECTURE AXD EXTEKTAIXHEXT ros X.ADIBS ohi.7, AT THE OPERA HOUSE MUSIC HALL. Saturday Afternoon, Jan. 3. Dr. Colton will endravor to render the occasion In structive and amusing to all who attend. Twelve Ladles will Inhale the Gas. ' Advipmos Fuse. Doors open at t—to commence at 2 o'clock. None but ladles admitted. Entrance cu Statc-et. JIRAKCH OP THE New York Museum of Anatomy, WXTKOWeRY HALL, 170 Clark-fit,, corner of Monroe. This Important and hlehlv instructive Mnseura ooa. tain? WONDERS OF CREATION from the first mouth, Mlumturc Wonders of the World, os also Beauties of Osteology, Myology, Dermatology, And in fact every department of Medical Science. The Student, the Physician, the Naturalist, the Man of Business, the man of Leisure, mlcht essay la vam where tbi-v cooM spend a mere profitable hiar. open for gcnticineu only irom 9 o. m. till 10 p. m. Admls»lcn?d cents. ATATUEE UNVEILED I il At the BRANCH of the Wow TTork lYZusoom of Anatomy^ Wltkowsky Hall, J7G South Clark-st., corner ol M:-nroe. C INGING aC^OOLS—The second term O of Mr. DYES Singing School commences Next Thursday Evening, Jan* 3d, At bis halt. In the Methodist Church Block, corner of Clark and WaMiiceton-ets. Juvenile School, on Satur day moraine. Jan. stlu at 9 o’clock. lousiness Garbs. 'J'HE BOSTON FISH MARKET, 100 Klonroc-St., opposite Post Office, Is the place to get all kinds of Salt Water and Lake Fish AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Shall have through th* winter. Fresh CoL Haddock, Halibut. Erl?, Smelts, Lobsters, Clams, Ac.. 4c.: all ,krrd«of rmofcedFish,such as Sa mor. Halibut, Fin nan H&ddirt, Yarmouth Bloaters, kits of the best se lected and Mc?« Vcckore), Hallhul Fins Tongues sod Sounds ever lonnd In Chu ago. A. RYDER, r T'HE ANNUAL RENTING OF PEWS 1. ct the South Congregational Caurcb, will take place cu THURSDAY EVENING. Jan. 0, at 7* o'clock. Annual meeting of the Society, Monday evening, Jon. »th. 'j’HE lake & bodlet Portable Circular Saw Mills. PORTABLE STEAM ENQUTES, Shingle Machines, Corn Mills and Shafting, Wood working Machinery. LANK A; TIODLEY, Corner ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants lor descriptive circulars wlUsprctfy the machinery they r.ecJ. agSSteMnxsu ISlanks. JJOCNTIES. Official Blanks! We have now for sale the lollowlng additional Boun ty Blanks, which have ALL been approved by the De partments-. Soldier's Claim for Additional Bounty, Widow’* 44 44 44 Father's 44 44 “ Mother's 44 41 44 Purents’ 44 (jointly) 44 44 Gnardian’s 44 44 44 A communication from Second Auditor's Office, re erring to copies of our Blanks sent for examination, says: u The forms are decidedly the best that haye been presented to this Of fice?” Sent prepaid on receipt of the mocey, at SI.OO per quire. * A neat pamphlet, oontalnlog Pension and Bounty Law*ot ISG6, with latest Instructions and regulations sent Agents on receipt ot stamp to pay postage. A copy trclosed with each package of Blanks. Address TRIBUNE CO., 61 Clark-st. Chicago. STo 'Kcnt—lgmiscjs,- TOHKNT —li'yon want to Tjny a hnnsc, 0 homo or lot, c»J >: cur ol imiagghua: off " i ° R - oEo::aE TO RENT—House, and complete sod nw) for s»V at a bargain. Prltre, between ? abaa It “ni'traa i?v3. Ea “ I!srrlion -“ t - Or Inr Sale—a new two „on West tnnS?M «, w l4Bl Improvement*. Ram low* inquire at Room .» cobt> s BaTlntor. l*dg Dcarb yrn-?t. r P < J KIiNT—A new house, two-storyand T lth 811 m ? ficr ' 3 Improvement*, near «f^, te i , t.i.T C u n:s modpr ? te - Inqolro at donblo dblotkwcstol * orUl on .uj. T 0 KiSJNT—SomhSide. Good comfirt eloict h^ e, *^ c * ; ii? A! sa*a«*t, lour roams, cjoici*. wocd-heti, Ac. inquire at tt-4 Ale^n-Vr-it T o ™£ T r£ n , ice c °ttaae home, No. u i h D«Olaloes-at_ containing 6 ronma UOI.IIEASo.SD TO RENT—House of 7 rooms, for S3O .X peT Kotln, and on* of 9 rooms, eo-vl ’staVe «is per month, on booth side. PfnER3H[MP, 92 Man- 'TO| , house containiua 8 rooms, . M 73 kontb Adams-st„ and * Dartci for eale. Inquire on the premise*. 7i} booth Adaaa-st. T* o RENT—Cottage of 4 rooms, Sl2 tier tDlo°Bt? Ih ’ ltfS w rtght-«. Inqmre at 14 T OK F T-A new cottage on Jackson, JL nrar Iloyne-st, bctce room*. nintrlM. nM«N , n arris .t Mr., p. i-uatts. 100 sooTa q?rS»”- ix - T9JS?^?^“ 011 the No «h Side, several T 9. s^OI 7 frame house, »A rt a cood location, abcut live minutes’ tra'lr tp in! Ctcrl II toee. and auout fTCO woYto gale. Inquire at 3SI North l.aSallp-st. W lor gio tvciit—tiooms. T° ?? N T““* A - furnished parlor AsKmre^i!: ,ble f ° r =“«^en. P Ap Pl y T'O RENT-A ,e "- rooms, at 123 West A Racdolph-et. Inquire In store. T° RENT—A iornished room. Aonlv X at g4GOhlo-ot. ■“■tW T?„ a^f\wi T ? e "I!!* 1 P an of house T 0 RENT —A furnished lodnnar room, luqnl^ea 0 ! l iffiT la lbe r Brock. TO RENT—Room &7 Reynolds’ Block. Y Fnrnltnre forsake. Inquire at 176 Clarbst. T'O RENT—Furnished rooms, at ITS A. Cllnton-stM between Adams and Jacksoc-su. T° RENT—A suite of lour nice room-, iail£at aSis£& cfe-n. tUb!e n?r a rapßcl4ble TO It ENT—Desk room. Inquire at sec* undrf Miller's Jewelry Store, corner i iark and RandolPh-st*. 'T'O KENT—One mom on second floor, i SHRandolph-et.. suitable fora sleeping room. Apply at Office of YOWG AMERICA COLLAR CO., on fame floor. ’ TO RENT—A neat, front, famished lodging room for one or two gentlemen. R“om lurnlsheCwUn stove and gas. At Mate-st. * r PO RENT—Two rooms and closet, $7 ; A 3 rooms ST; 3 rooms, large. JS per month. In ad- west of Eliza ~>nh fco lacnt-Storcs, ©{gees. TO RENT— bteam power and rooms to rent, rear of 7 4 Randolph-*!., Conrt-place, onno i'ff t /Si by T l 6 JVttm ncn S“ APP’-V to A. WOBDE*J P & <.0..crL.1. lOUD.on the preslvt*. • HPO RENT—One-half of a store on South Adj r srr; s , l ,-i n o l l ? i 'i,.y r - T l “ IK ■ >» «*> TO RENT—A desirable suite of front offices, at No. 1 f»S Ramtolph-st. Applr to Ufc.or.OE M. Ulbll, 161 Randolph st.. Room 12. T) RENT—btore or oflice, admirably adapted to the banklm*. itsn*nncc, real estate conimt tioc, n.nslc, or other flrst-olass hostnesc. Lone b-: l? e. low rent, water, safe, &c. Apply at j 67 South •Director. Tlcal instate-Chi). mpftOVED. 1j OR SALE—House, with marble from, on Mlchlgnn-av.. sonth ot Twelflh-st.; 26v feet on wabash-av., north ofTwe'tth-tUM feet on Prairie •rfe'2H*«^S t ’HV'Vr rs . t,Bt *; fe€l 0:1 Inrtiana-av., Twtntlctli-st.; ifn feet on Indiana av,, between Twenty, tjdfd fthd Twenty-fourth-* ts. A- J. Real Estate Office, No. 7 Melrcpolltan itlock. SAl^E—House and lot, northeast i« t,cw o 2uv.°i.- or Jfs 8 *. Dd nn? oo-8la- The hou«e isncw.uun gas ard water ta, seven room* and *lx £n°«?2 s ” 1 ’ ( 'n , r r! ';! fie . ,o ’ rfr Partis suitable tor a store! and to. small family la rear of store. Inonlre on the premises. 177 North Wclls-at. 11. D. KtENTG. F")!? SALE—On ilichlgan-av., a sp’en did rcwbrlcjtreslrtcoce, with all the modem im provement*. and nr.t a woman killer. Parlors, stttlnz rcoro, library, rttnm* room, kitchen, pantrvand closers all cn the first floor, and a splendid ham and Ice hon*c. For further Icformatlon. inquire at SO I 3Uchlgan-av. SALE—A new two-storv frame dwelling home of 11 tuoma (wtthlotSO'foettrodt). trick fonnuatlop, bath room, hot aod cold water, water ck,set.rlMrrn g*-. marble mantles, with bam. Inquire at ?*l> Soqth l!iici»er-«L T?OR SALE—A desirable house, with 9 X rooms. I prc«*re, china rl.wt, «lnk room, marble mantels, water, gas. A-e„ together wtthSV vearJliasu ol lot. Inquire op the premises, 773 Wabash-av. FOR SALE—A fine residence lot on Wabash-av., between Twelfth and Thirteenth-*!. l.otffiAlu to lane planked alley: cast from, and in every respect on-olihe ch<>h *-t lots on the avenue. App.y lo OLINGEIt >t WALLEIt, SO Woshlagtoa-st., rooms 3 and a .Dcsdeaona Kmc la Othello OU SAJjE—First class marble front rreiilcntie on Wahash-av., near Marble iront mlCciice on near Tnirtc-nth-sL. with larec lot. IJon*c and Lot oti Indiana-av. neat t .urth**t. Apply to OLINGER A WALLER, i>o Ma*hington-st., rooms 1 and 2. T?OR bALE—House and lot No. 40 Monroo-st.. lot MVvlOd feet, bitween Mate-«t. and Wahflfh-aT. Frier onlv f 12^C0—one of the moat cen tral and dtslruhlu pieces of prooerfv in market, and eerlHlrdy one i.f the cheapest. Nicholson pavement lo bo laid In the Fpring—already paid for in advance. Title pcrieet. WaRREN & GOODUICS, Ileal Estate Brokers, 125 Pcarboru-st.. Room ‘-J. T7OR SALE—A new two-slory and I.' ba<rnur.t brick house of 11 rooms, bot *acd cold wapr, water closets, bathrooms, msrhlo mantels,*etc., wil I’t. with ban. <>u Wabash-av..near r*cnncth-«t. TIIoMAS lb SNYDER <t CO., Real instate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan block. I?OR SALE—House and lot—One for ' sl.l to, one for 23,150, one for S?„SSO. one for $l,lOO —all onoe South Mde; one on the West side for SI.MO. PETER MUMP. 02 Monrnett. CMUPUi»VE», FOR SALE—If imornved soon, lots for s2lf each on lone time and near Inrsecvrp. ANo lota for $l5O each, thrifVQnnrteisot a tulle Inside city U»4t*. J»F. STftRR, 12-t Randolph-st.. room i. FOR SALE—bI leet on Ua!umet-ay., extending SCO feet to the lake, with j good Loose; orcol HIS.OOO. A. J. AVEheil, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block. T?OR SALE—Lots on long time, near P State and Tblrty-tlrst-sts. Abe. on Indiana, Michigan at.rt Wahash«avs.» near Driving Parc. 11. O. STONE, 10? Stalt-M. FOR SALE—III2xI72 feet, comer ot Wshash-ar. and nanbar<:-conrt. at the low price •rfs3?o per front foot. Terms liberal. Title perfect. WARREN « OOOLUUUII, U-M Estate Brokers, 125 Dearborn-si.. Room 2. T7OR SALE—At a decided bargain, lot l 1 50x135 feet, northwest corner of Jackson and Trtn chcstcr-e*?. IDOMAS D. SNToER ft CO , Beal Es tate Attests, No. 4 Metropolitan Mock, FOH SALE—At a decided bargain, lot :0x123 feet, northwest corner of Jackson and Wll* fhester-sts. TTIOMAS P. SXTDER ft CO., Seal Es tate Agents, Ko. 4 Metropolitan Block. ijoavaiug, T3OARDING—AtSEIdndge-court, Two JJ snltesof Ront ntfanitshpd rooV.fi, with closet?, blo olc furnished room, suitable for two gentlemen. Terms moderate T3OARDING—Three gentlemen board -1 > ere can he accommodated at .'MI Stste-st., In a private loudly, where there are hnt lew boarders. Pleasant rooms; flr»t-cla;8 board. T>OARDING—A pleasant room with 1J beard can he bad at 266 West Rando'pli-SL Tbe street rare paa» the door. Reference repaired. BOARDING —One large furnished room lor gentleman and wife and one small room suitable for r.nrs** and child with flr-t-cla.?3 board on the Wot Side. Reference required. Address, with terms. 11 C S." Tribune office. BOARDING A few gentlemen can bave good day board, at 1 1 6 state-st. TJOAKDING—Good board and lodging 13 can be bad lor two gentlemen, at No. SI SsoutV Adams-ft. Also, go'*! Trent room to rent. T) CARDING—I hare a trout room, lur- J) ilshvd. to rent. wl*h bed. to a gentleman and wife. Address No. 17 it Twcnty-tblrd-sU furnished trout room, | > With gas. fire, aito. two day boarders wanted. Private tamliy. CaU at 1 1 0 North I>tarborn-st. • T) CARDING— A gentleman and his 1 > wile.ortwn*lrL']c£CDtlemco.CMO und a pleasant font parlor, Pith board. In a private lamily. at 671 Stale. BOARDING —A small lamily haye dc slrable rooms cn first floor, to let with board suits-lef-r gftticman and wge, or single ccrtiemen Apply at Michlgso-av. . T>OARDING—Good rooms and board. 1 J Also, (*ar boarders wanted, at the BRIGGS HOUSE No. 2,8 S Monroe at. T>OARDJNG—Splendid rooms, tarnish- I I ed or unfurnished, can be obtained with flm-class beard, at 140 Fourtb-av. A capita, place for stu dt pts. with all conveniences to stucy at night. BOARDING— A nice and well furnished front room to rent, with l<o ird. to two gentlemen, or gentleman and wife, at 113 West Adams. T>OAUI)ING —One or two pentlemen I * deslrons of a comlortsble home, with excellent loard and elegant rooms, in a rc«£n.-ctiblc Candiy on Wabaeh-av . not *ar irom Post Office. Beet references reqcircd. Address •-C." Fox 2,370. T>OARDING One large tarnished i~> room, fcltable for gentleman and wi'e or two single gentlemen; also, one Finnic room to rent, with V.ard. at 74 Jackson-st., two block! tooth of the Post ooce. ■QOARDING —Two gentlemen who will ll room t- cether can find a eood room ami first-class b' *td,al US State-st. stove furnished. If desired. Also, i oom lor one gentleman. "DCARDING —In a private tamily. A 1J pirasact furnished rcom fbr single gentleman, at 33 South Gre< n-§:. T> CARDEN G—For gentlemen, m a pri -1) valefamllv; hoard first-class location very fine, at ‘i39 in;pfclf->U two blocks from State-fit. Bridge. ISoarh SKHantch. T>OARD—Forman and wife, with two I> rooms. In private fsmllv. where there are no other boarder*, cn south bide, "between Van Buren and Eighteenth-fit. State terms. AodrwsP.O. D0x3030. TJOARD —By a gentleman and w*fe; a If suite of rooms, with board, on the West side, la the vicinity cl the I’srt. Address, with references, stating terms, p. Q. Box 265. TJOAHD— Bv a gentleman, wife, and 1> child three years old, ina urivate Ihmlly.ur »h*re there are but few other boardm. and where plenty ol rcom and something of home comforts can be had. on reasonable terrrj. South Side pre erred, and best re lerences furnished. Address •* W,” Tribune cfllcc, lor three daya. glvlnglocafloc, tenni, etc. X?OARD—Two respectable young ladies fl desire board In a respectable lamllv. Best of re frreners given. Terms moderate. Address “M A S,** Tnbnne office. • T>OAHD —A nicely tarnished suite of fl iront rooms, with board, for gentlemau aad tnlc. South Side preierred. Address, lor three days, •* F,” Trlbanc T>OARD —A young man ol quiet dispo r» giiloi, wishes a pleasant room and good board, at moderate ratf-s. In a private family where there ore few or no other boarders. South side preferred. Ad dress, stating location, “ R L W.” Tribune office. (Eou'cspoubence ggaautctr. /^iOBUEsPONDENOE —Wanted—Two Vj vonngeentFwUh l» correspond with auunllm itednnß.berofyocngladles. ObjecL ftm and mutual lrnrrDT» r tnent. Address HARBx JIAZSLTON sad ARTHUR CATION", Box 763 ggaantcu-jggig j^elp. BIHIKREEPEUS, !«4LE!iRI£N 4c, *\V ANTED—Salesmen who can cn* slw^ri* p 7i?sW*' Call on or m-me» fi. l*«-t Mala-st.. Dapogae, X)Wft. —A S travelhnc sales- lt} V Bookkeeper. Address, location TS7 ANTED—A gentleman who is thor- T » ouchly icqualnt'd with aclverttnin snd coccti y pspera-oce who la already;canned ?iS c ? l> . i ‘J l £ r £. two l,oars eftCll •evening. troi?to mSr at til 3 East Madison-?t.. Dp Stall*. ' T\rANTED—A lirst-class salesman in »,* the wholesale grocery bu-lnoa. Xooc ?f p ) 3^Scei)Ttbc ** haT ” , P * food acquaintance w«ii the Jobbing Iradeof the Northwest, Address tor three day*, with real name, “ B,” Tribune office. w W ANTED—Saleswoman. One haying < ’S p £, rl £? ]p trimmings and fancy dry good?. ACdrfMP.o.cor 63. with »lerencea. Ac. W ANTED—A young man. as copyist, vl *,. MQBt be eiperieoonlaatfwrlte a first-rate hand. PraweT6Q24 apply * - At3dreßa ’ w,lb P.Q. "Wf ANTED—A smart, active hov, 15 or v?,,1 of are. la a commlsslou'hn^ae's. 5«K c ° drt - J - H - SMIIa - 4S W ANTED—A smart man, to do col » ? leulng and writing, One that can deooult cm « ko™ si. WANTED— A smart, active hov, about 15 or 16, to tend office. Mn»t write a good hand hunei ffiS th partnW ' Addrtss “MECCHAST.” Tfl- W-AkiTED —Two eapciienred sales foT ore Kx B&jgf mlUl ° tr J' WANTED—A storeman—Suitable tor an unction store. Apoiy.wlth ref-rences. thl« Cen 9 401112 °’ clocit * at 1118 auction store 164 TBADES. Xtr ANTED—Miller. One that can .1 • .comeweil recommended with a caoltaiof fl.-CO to that he wnuoTcstm the mtlliee busl* ness, cn can find a good sltaatiMi brail, dressing ’MILLING ItPsIXEbS,” Tribune office. * T\r A : NT£D—Miller, ol mst class abili s.T;miw n. c i ,to V c . har , ie Qt & 4-nm mill. Must he temperate. Apply, with reference, at ’IS Ulcblgan-er. TAXCUAUY A UURLDPRT. \\7 ANTED—^lmmediately Two first _ \J horscehoera. to whom liberal wages a-nl pf raiment cmnlormcnt win be siren. Apply at once t° «T» W. ILEWITT Jackvjn, Mlchlgaiu WANTED—A competent man, as fore blb-? 411 * l l ll foondry. Also.Sgood moulders,and m ?i l t£ > attend a cuoalo. Inquire at .^Chi^ago M;Uia£ictor s'' 33 South Jefler- W ANTED—Watchmaker. One who is T * » RO?d workman and can give »ood rilerencc. Jo co Jo a Place ISO mile* from uhicago. addlv to LYON A HEALY. 1 IQ Waai.”gtogSg PP 5 ANTED—A good brass moulder. An- T t ply at Mad Eon-at.. 3d floor. 1 W ANTED—An'vrctnteclnral dranehts* * • ..“•?/ Ouewhn H competent can have a perms cefit situation. Apply to T. V. WADSKIER. Archl tret, Cobh a EcllUog, )26.V Dearboro.rt. 'WT ANTED —1 or 5 bovs to learn map J} coloring: aho, a cood stencil eolorer and shader, at 21S Monroe-?t, South Side. Sggantch—jpamale jpglp. SAMSSWQgntSf. X£U)K2, WANTED—A governess. A ladv ac* ' J „ ni*lomed to rood society, between thlrtv and forty, capable of teaching English and mnstc, can And a home In a private famllv. Salary |rOO. Ad-ircss with lartlcuiars. -S L IV* Tribune office. HOCSE NEIIV.INTS*. \\T ANTED—A woman to wash and ,|«>n 'wo days in the week, and ro do chamber tr«l^w*e*Aba-DCi 25 tfc ? Mn-cJa a private family. HiS r^°L ' gJ - VC -^^'TED—Girls of everv nationality, * ? * x nouc« »nd cnoahle, C; »n und good homes an 1 Rood waRCf, at Mrs. WKIITAKER’S Office. 228 Chi- corner L»Satle-st u * r "° L “ l ANTED—S dming room nirls, 1 wo- T > man cook, 3 chambcrmaids,at Wright's ttitcl. WANTED —At *HO West Wasnincton* «*•*." *0 rto eeneral housework. Good wait* pale. Proloiani prtlerrcd. “ W/’ANTED —A girl for housework. ~XX M . osl • ?I*ss^ A,l,er and troncr. Good wares given. Apply at South Stale st. "WT ANTED—At 210 Ontario st, a mrl f T to do dining room work. Ketefcnce required. T\7 ANTED—A German or American ? » woman, who Is a good cock, washer and troncr. Toonenctd apply on'o«» tncy arc competed and reUa ble. Inquire at 93 Dearborn-st., Ist ttoor. W 7 ANTED—A good cook, washer and TT Ironer in a private family; German elrl pre lerreq; at 173 Micbißan-av. W f ANTED—A first-class laundress and w v cock, lo such a one. a Rood hom«» and good pay will pe riven. None others need apply. 170 South fraagamon-st. * y 1 T\7ANT£D—An aclivc gnl, to do cen >T eral honsework. A Germanor Norwegian pre- UPX t U.” fl^ hlacnolrc Q olredt o b « done. Apply at «I»YS West Harri.-on st. \\T ANTED—A cood girl to do housc- I work laasmaui&mlly.' Apply at 95 w«t "TXT ANTED—Two good girls, a cook » and dining room girt, at aaft llllaois-al. T\ T ANTED—A Gemmu girl lo cook, TT wash and Iron, to a private family. Apply, withrelcrcncc. at 43 »arr!s>i-et., rear Wabwh-.iv. Wi ANTED Two good, comricteni > T clrls to take orders, an.-t wait on Uhl.* in a rt*. Apt ly at Falace Ha.l. 13a Death jrn-st. rEmplujimcnt Stgcntlcs. WANTED—Live men, to sell patent T ? machlce lor grinding knlre* scissor*, shears, reaper krlrts and all kinds of ederd twls. Sell* m every house, fancry, s* op, hotel, saloon, steamboat, vessel, at ail r- Hton* of the ye r. Grinds one or both shire at »amc time. I)‘n’t wear oat or eet out ol o*der. A child can urc 1». Men arc making tram flOtofldO pep day. Send retail price. f3.r<o tor sample. FULLER *v CO.. i;i3 South Clark st., Kotm 16. Two stamps for reply. * W'AN TED— This Day —3oo men to > > work or. levee at $43 per uumth anil board; 25a laborei-s for Madison. at f 1.50 per day and board. ANo, 23 seed wofd thcppr-rf fltrtd-hgd. Apply at IQQ aiadNua-st., Boom -1. TA/ ANTED This Day —ls wood V® chopper* for Michigan, free transportation: SO men fi r.Mcmphis, #1.50 per d»y annd board. Apply at Koi.ir 3. l-ind’e Block. Randolphtt. Bridge- ATI RANTED —Immediately, 33C men lor V* Missouri. Tennessee. lowa, Jlkbuma. an Ito S°o£‘J2.y?* vases clvcn. Apply to I‘ARbIIALL & bMITH. 12> booth Clarb tt., Room 11. WANTED —3 salesmen, 3 solicitors, 1 V > barierder. 3 canvassers, tf insurance agents, l cooper, 2 shoemakirn. 2 ivm bands, and 3SQ laborers. Apply to PAKSHaLL A .SMITH, No. 12S South Clark'St, Rocrc 11. By mail enclose 3 stamps. T\ T ANTED—Mon seeking employment > > to apply to PARS H ALL ± SMITH, 12’SSomh Clark. Room 11. and secure good paving situations. Applicants by mall enclose two stamps. \\ T ANTED 404 men to go Sonth. T » Ware* $43 to SSO per month and hoard. Also, men tarnished with cmplovm*.pt la the city. Call at Uoem2l.No. 127 SoothClark-sU ‘V7T r ANTED—AII persons looking lor TT employment to c»ll at Room 21. No. 127 Soot’! Clark-ft. furnished on short notice. \\T AKTED—Young men in the conn- T T try, wUhlne to obtain 'Dilations. inch a* boot- Keeper?, salesmen, collector.*. expressmen, clerks, brakesimn. &c.. to applr at 134 Dearborn-st., Ilooni 2, oraddress M. E. JONES ft 1:0,, Bos 2040 end slog ten cents, for fall particulars. \\T ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 1 » » colltctor. 3 brapemen, 2 firemen, I pcrie ■, a drivers. 4 scents, 3 entrv e’erks, 3 Conductor*. Apply at 134 Dcarborn-sU Room 2. T^/'ANTiiiD— 3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 t v saWmcn, 1 conductor, 2 broVcmcn. I fireman, 1 porter,sdr!vm. 2 ejprtssmen. Arrival Room 13. Fullerton Block. 02 Dearborn-s*. Applicants by mail address J. M, MOOUE ft C 0„ Box 1707, enclosing 10 cents for reply. \\T ANTED —Young men id the coun- V t try, wl-hlr.c to obtain situation such a? boote keepers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex* pjessnicn. d-c-Ac.. tu apply at R-ysm 1.1 Pnllerton Bloch. DiS I)earb>rn-st..oraddre«sJ. M.MDOREfiCO., Box 1707, enclosing ton cents, for tall particulars. WJ ANTED—Bookkeepers, cleiks, sales- V » men. porters, drivers, bartenders, mechantcs, laborers, canvassers. and at] wishing sitna tiers, to apply at EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, SiS Dear born-st,, Hoorn 2. Appl’cantAby malt enclose 10 cents. T\TANTED —1,000 men to go tjoutb, ▼ t w#ccs fii to fM a month and board. Also, rail road m»n. and all wanting employment. Apply at 13«5 Sooth ciark-st. Room -T. (SSJantcb-ftlisccllanecuig TTTANTED—-A number of good btisi- V» n*fs men, to establish ln : nr.icce Asendes In Northern Ohio and Indiana. AdJrc.-a pox g.oSK. Clevvlatd. Ohio. TTTANTED —To sell an interest m a * t manniactnrks bmlne-s to a party who has had experlt’ace and Is willing to travel selling goods. A party who can commami six thousand dollars cash capital can K-arr* of a very proCtable investment by qddr.gfelng Lock Box 69, Cincinnati. Ohio. WANTED —Intormation—Ot Mrs S. T.TIMBER, formerlv lll»s Britton, who resided in Chicago one year ago. Her aunt baa alcd, leaving her a larve property, and anyone knowing her orei rnt reslderce wl-l confer a favor by sending U to TOWELS & JONEb. attorneys, 16 Wall-sL, New Tors. • TXT AN TED—To Purchase—From fit- V» teen to twenty thousand dollars worth ot drv goedsand clothing, fir apart c»»h and balance in res) estate and other property. In New York Plate, at a flourishing Tillage within forty rods of the N. T. A E. B. R. A rare Ityestm-nt to make tnon*y. Inquire of or address N. W. GOODMAN. 67 Lake-st- Chicago. WJ ANTED—Every lady to know tnat V> ehecaageta recipe lor making the Celebrated Union Wattune Fluid, the cost nottoexeced a cents rer gallon, by enclosing so cents ana addressing I„ OLMSIED. fcjrscuso, T. Satisfaction guaranteed tr all, or the money will be refunded. Agents wanted. W J ANTED—The subscriber has SIO,OOO |» to J15.U00 cash, which he wishes to Invest In real relate. Address, with rescriptlsn of property, ♦■INVESTMENT," Tribane offlee. ANTED—I have money to loan on V V Improved city pronerty. Itflf South Clart-st-, Room 8. H.»H. UAAFF. . TV7"ANTED—All who are in want ol V> weatherstrip or robber moulding to call ana teccore, beforepurchasing. Wehavetae best la the market. Acerts wanted evetywhue. A-U. BROWN A CO.. Itf S Lakeer. TXT'ANTED—Persons wishing to know V V the loture aboard address the Greatest astrolc- Glet In the world. Enclose fl, with a soe**unen ot wri ting, to Macanie DUPONT. Drawer 6tf97. Chicago. Try ANTED—Good, energetic men to V V send two stamps for circulars, specimens of wore, drawings, 4e„ cf cur new patent. Business light, genteel and guaranteed highly profitable. Re member this la no humbug. Capital required *3. MOR TIMER A CO.. IS!) Dtarbora-st., up stairs, or ad dress P. O. Box 307. PLANTED —a smart youth, 17 to 18, T T that knows the city well. Apply at 184 West lake-st. TXT ANTED—A home in a Christian Y\ family for a good American boy, ol 10years, where tccan nave at opportunity of going to school, ard at ether time* to make himself useful abont the bunse. Please address "L iV’ Tnbnac omcc. ‘ a&antrh—Eo Kent. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A good flourimr v V mill; with two or three run ol stone, near a ratT road, for one or n-ore 5 ear*. Address WM. A. HL I »S, SigelP. 0., Will County. 1U- giving particulars. TXTANTED—To Rent—A small room, V f wlthitnvc, lor a single mar. 10 minutes wain from the Court House. Address DRUGGIST BASSE, 421 Atcher-road. TXTANTED—To Rent—l 3 A No. 1 VV dwellings, north of Uarrlson-sb, and east 01 Clark. Possession between now and Ist ot May. Rsot advanced to secart lease. Also, bonus lor good leases. Hocsffl and rcoma to rent on the West Side. Can at Koomtf.No.4S South Clark-«t., this week.* WT AN TED—To Kent—2 or 3 desirable Vv rooms, fnrnlihed or ontamh'hed, with board. Mast be in pleasant loeatlcn.Addresg P.0.80x 1833. TA7 ANTED—’To rent—Room, furnish- V\ (d or unturnlshed. without board, within 13 mlnuuswalk ot Court House, by gcntlcmaa and his wlfp. Address, stating term*. “Alt, Tribune office. pianos. 1 TOR SALE —Cheap—One Piano-easel Melodcon. 4 stons. In good order. Price *IOO. One Cabinet OrpiWaoWas*. | ato». Price fa. Apply at BUTTON 4 BUBKITTS, 177 Lake-it. Situations &*aantt». JIAtES. C ITU ATT ON—Wanted—-By fi yonz^B K 3 manwbo U notatratd ta worSr. Good glTea. Pleaseaddrt3»E£XßTLOlfta, irtOCaecace. SITUATION—Wanted— - V-_J chants—l command a larye trade; vita torse ac quaintance and best rtccmmeuiaticns, Salary tEsob jccu Dry rooda cr croerrie?. Address. Jan. Ist and ad,-H Hmel. “* SITUATION—Wanted—As bookkeeper)!!# clerk, by a competent and reliable woo.vrboS* ** qnnllflcti to fill» situation of tic*: or n?«soantbnWr Baertncea sallalaetory. Address Bax 6£3£- 9.0, C Vltf ATION—W anted—By a conroc SSiftWiSth **»»*. J ClTUATlON—Wanted—Bv a venae . tD A rta P ectsb,e P rlvate& “ I, . r - t o tate are-* ?52 dQ eaorea to pat for hi* hoard «nd to to * school. AddreM“B AT” tribune offlea. WITUATJON-Wanted-A good boofc to get iwES* Jl b^, 9 50=0 boor » to "P«*. would Uks T?r.'V^?f" , l P,P° st ° r accoo-itt to arrange. Tenaa tept-eTate. Address B.ADAliS,9ljyw in<n^«^t, J^\y^ATlON—Wanted—By a thrrnngh eoce Si seTea years* ciperl- SSt to commission bnsto-ga. WUI bSeoHM. 'AMrOHCLAKK,Trt- IPSff&ssssssta OITDATION-Wauted-By an Amen- O can man and wl/b. the man to do chores around the house, the woman to VtoSSJJSi • housework or cooking. Addrtas nika~tSSSs office, for one wef k. * snomw CITTATIOX-Wantcd-As coachmao', KJ for some thilstlan gentleman. by a highly rwneet nian (an amerlcan). ’the best of fa it I. hed. 1 understand the care ot horses thoroughly hating bad many years <t experience; er wonl.j frr a gentleman about the house and harm ffu-* gWect: a heme wanted for the winter. Add A»?c? Tribune office, or C. 51. HILLIKEK, yiles. Mich. CITUATION —Wanted—A situation •# salesman or light porter by s rellahie youncman ofcood habliaand address. Goodre/er erce given. Addrtst ~A. A ” Tribune Office!!** fehiai.es. CiTDATION— Wanted —By a young" _/-.w d - v :J rhci . c,n ciT - Rood reft recce, as Qcrk fa » "sb boa!c * Adcre “’ *«»-. CITUATION-Wantcd-A wet nurse. O Apply at3l3 Ohlo-st. “ CITUATION-Wanted-By a enmp^ CmiA'llONS—Wanted —By two re ,V^f« tab, e cirstrom Philadelphia: one ai cook and theoiher as second girl. Apply at 54 W Madison^t. OlTDATlON—Wanted—To~do second wort, or art as Bearr.strcs3.be a youecladT who na* good common sense and not afraid of work. Ad— dm*, or apply to “HU,” 9.1 Adamwt. 0 SITUATION—Wanted—Bv a tirst-das* K. 7 hotel cook. A situation cither - la the cltr or roußtrr. Can be found at Mr*. BATES’ Washington-st-. irom 9a.m. to 5 p. to. CUD ATlON—Wanted—Bv a respecta- L 7 bio Encllsh elrl, to dote wine anH chamber sortr, Ha*a Slneer Macliln*. Apply at Mn. D. PRATT**, r« PORIUM, 15Q south ClflJk-stT PM ATT&.EII- Wanted —Bv a vonn? S^?.S r 5 * r J S M “*• 8 " 77 Sljtntts Mantes. AGENTS— Wanted—An acent to can „Ta£*Chicagofor “Abbott’.*Lire* off.elTeal hleh**st rC ?i‘? J Kl or ' ,llhiCrinCr "- PeWwSw.* iA^--i Cl ? n ' lsslt ' a will he Riven to a person of abll- BUyße-V 73 ciSV-.u °°‘ oUier °' M ” P,,lr - S - 3 AGENTS —Wanted—Experienced bock and engravtne canvassers, to whom a large ul rV?£a^ Ion * lu 04l(1 * Addreas CHAttLB* BILL. 143 Sooth Chicago, m. A GENTS—Wanted— *lso Wc want f*nlvt?i rols to MU the BARTLETT BEWIKOMV Si^ ES * P n . r t e J23.C0. Those willlnc to work for «lklpc E" aonui win aadrrss. with «tamp. PAGE RROTH- OhTo’. Gcneril -Accats, Philadelphia. or Toledo, AGENTS —Wanted—$200 per month TvAV^mvw 1 IMPROVE!) BAirTLKTT hi-ItXNFI. Price reduce*! long-nt*. \rt -I*l** DELOSS & CO., 16S Dearborn-st.. Clilcvro, A GENTS—AN anted—slso rer month, rt? l J O .* 1 ** RC<i f«taal«. ta *el! tfce r.KNTT- I^AP^i ON s,KNiS E FAMILY SKWISG M ACIIIXE. mvontlcn of the ace. ptp ejis. J”””"- Aadr-;.. SECHUbI AGENTS —Wanted—$3,500 to $3,000 a year. A Rood rharce to make money. An .vvnt is wanted in every town tn the CLton 10 mannru'inre and sell an article ofconsamptton In 'v P rvbmilv (*aa bo manolaeloretl 10 the asenfa new ; oocumiby copyright, sale as u r2?5 *. co Cttmcopto>done. For pirtnnil irs addrM 3ffiV^V B aßiSsSia£ r rgtafc - LOCIS \ GENTb—Wanted—Price S 2 5 0 jt\ •Lloyd’s Great Map,” “Tn* rsnin Stato 5»?i v 17 s f iiT Tbr** maps la one. and the chcapes. map in the world, fine acent hav h»t ordered Pity Maps after two dajs canvas. lu* (•ba>t> PATnrorir Cn.\rrroT AsiKiitc-v *or,t fkke with cV‘ e , 1 5.’! p * GOOUaPEU) * CO, l ls Lake- Chicago. AGENTS Wanted Farmers’ boys, T- witter, to Stli “Crowell improved Scissor* ana Kt tie Sharpener*.” Sample and circular-* sent tap 50 cents. G. W. CROWELL i CO.. Clevc and. O. AGENTS —Wanted—lOU men can have steady employment for the winter by cn-mirtnztn NEVV AMERICAN HEAT REGULATOR. Bnsice** light and ptca*am. I’roflts saece*s gnarantced. Addrcw* or call upon 1. LATHROF. .Ih., Kfom bo. Iti Church utoek. Chl cr.co. 111, or Boom No. 4 Lyman’s Block. Clev«Laod. Unto. * A GENTS—Wanted—For the HISTO -AX,. ry oe TDE RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS OFTIIE WORIP.- ip!endld?T Flßstmtm with flao steel poitrait* of eminent Divines of the van-ins sect* The work l«iu»t iron, vhe pres*, aiid caar.oi tall to meet with a ready sale. It *h- - uh» be in rv«-rv library. Wa want an au<-ut it each ccunrv. Send *or circular* Art t Wcaro.Su 1 : EIi,iICCL,RDr * CO ’ A GENTS —Wanted—For “CHRIST ,*». AND THE TWELVE; or *cen-s ivnd KveaU In the Life 01 enr fcavl'-ur.” By Ur. j. o. H.>t i-,vr». ? n, i? Pr .2f. of Lincoln,” ‘Biller Sweet,” “(JoM |o*L Ttmcthyqjtfrmi.’s Letter*.” dur. a worked this character, edlred by tbl* favorite author. wBl b« want'd in every lamlly. Timothy Tllcon-b’9 wor»a axe always welcomed. I want ovperhmr-vt and 'per .ei^;t‘7:ch,cis ra " cni,aE;f *»* A GENTS WANTED—For BAR ~t\ REITS LIFE OF LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic work yet published. President Lincoln haviPahlmse-f furnished for this work nlooe. tho tarts ot Id* early life. We are < -ir-ruic agents, b©. slrra a very Knoljit of premiums. a higher commission than can bo atP-rdeit by any other house in the West. Address J.?.. GOODMAN A CO., Publishers, 3 Ca»- lout Bouse Place, Chlcaso, 111. A GENTS—Wanted—For THE AME FA“IEIt-S DORSE BOOK, 6j BobOT Stewart,M.D, V. S-, embodying the rcsnli*of twaAr years of onsrttal InvrsturatJoß. The o‘bers fur Asmts, as It appeals to »h*ne>'e«stlcs and sc’f-lntcrcrt of a very large, wealth® and mteilbwnt £l*w?,vl. e . T £ , T community. Apply to or ad,ires- S. s. A GENTS Wanted For Frank 11. Moore’s ntw work “'WOMEN OF THE WAR.” baya the Chicago Evening Journal: It is, m the noblest a gallery ot beauty, and we earr the author the grateful work he has performed. It all re-ds like a romance. The story of the war can never he well told without the story olthe wont*-n is told It.—Th- people want It. Itsc.ls snhnditly. For lull particulars call c.r address B. C. TREAT 117 booth <.lar<-'..L. Chicago. AGENTS —'Wanted—To fell a new, hlirnfj mtererttnc ar.*l rlch r emb«I!l-.h-d work THE PKIOKIAL BPOK OF ANECDOTE*ANB IN CIDENTS OF THE REHELLIUN.cI vfl. military, niTil and domestic, embraetnc the most brilllAnt amlre narkab’e events of the great American enttiut. he fatrlotjr. po’Plcal. romantic, hararroa*. and. trnelcaf. a beautiful rovaj octavo volanj*-. pace* and rrtr SCO engraving. ThU work la ®ne <» tbe finest production! of the ace. and the most popular book of thewar. Over I*.o> 0 roelea ordered the first two mcnhs. Attests aftnaklnc lar*e salts, and say U is the beat boot they ever sold* F B rr ßCtl , c A cen J* w,n flntl 1 £ to tbetr Interest to cni»« the s»le rf this lastaeuins bc-fc. Erclnstv terrtto- D" “ I * r ?£ cl :P!* n 1 ' S!_° r - elver. Address J. A. STOP ct> ~ lo2 Washincton.au Ujlcacc.ll^Dot iiNTb—Want'll—To se!! a tin lop , article. Belle even' where, with ordinary talk* ln . e ; w ETer 7 P’wne** requires it. Combi''--* utility with buyer 3 own advertisement of soeclal Inf rr-'ts. Has no competitor. I# a perfect novMty rn the rnltat States—only one manufaciory vet estaMlshed. Tnoa* Mads already sold nn«l clvlne complete satHtartlon. Opens up.au entire new fletd far atrents, nf al ca. pad ties. Consumptlrncorietatt ami ircroa-lnc- Sccul stamp* lor cireolare. Canwier’s sample-outfit sent frre, by express, for ♦1.‘15 remitted to tr. Address or call on TUGS. DEBJtV & Ct*., l«tf Lakc-dt., Chicago, Partners ®saaiHfh>~^ T3AKTNER—Wanted—A No. 1 business I roan, with a capital of SffO. to take a half interest PARTNER —'Wanted—A man of good hnslnc-s farnltv with a small capital, ta loin th<* navcrtlKcrln*profitablebnslnwa. Call on or addreu F. MrUOXOCGU.QO LaSaile- ! >t..Boom 3 or3Uttreu PARTNER tvanted —An active or BFCcial partner In an established om mi«siop house, doing a sale, sure, tlret class oavlmr bcfinffs. Ten to i6.-enty.rve thousand dollars n? qulred, Address “W, W. IV.” Tribune Office. T3ARTNER—Wanted—A young man. J w lUi $153 to capital, who wishes f<> e* gage la a light, profitable baalness, to call at Sti Dearborn-fit- Kooro g. up stairs. No risks to run. fHacf)iner». T7OR SAXE—Three 8-horse power up* J 1 right cnclnss; also six horizontal engines, 8,13 ard 13-hnree power. Larger or smaller enskea rnr nlßhed with or wlthont boilers. 12,15,16 and 30-horse tubular and locomotive boilers for sols, best make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-worklcg machinery. Iron Biancre. belting, saws, flies. Ac. Machinery Depot, ja earborn-3t„ Chicago. GREENLEE BROS. & CO, FOR SALE—Portable Encmes —4, 6. 8.10.12,15.20. 85 and SC-horso power, new- and second-hand: one 20 end one 13-horse power. Second hand stationary Engines and Bol'ers, Portable Saw mills. Woodworth planers and Matchers. Shingle Mills and Wood-working Machinery. Power Corn Shelters, Small Pam MUIs. Iron Feed Mills. Shtfilmr. Pnlltos and Elevator Machinery bnllt to order. RICHARDS* IRON WOBKS.I9O and 19tf W-tahlngton-st. FOR bALE—A second-hand Buckley folding machine—ln good cc-dltlcn. price. SIOO. Apply to the TRIBUTE. COMPANY. T?OR SALE—IO,I3 and 14-horse porta r 1 bleEnclnw and'Hollers—very low, by GIitFFIN BROTHERS. 1 .IS South Watcr-su SEjorscs, (Carriages, Jcc. "TXTAN TED—To Purchase A horse, V • net to exceed In pnee, fIOO. Apply to - GEO. WATSON, butcher, comer polk and ftneker-^u. PDR SALE—A span of black horses, yeong, en.all and la good order for fiimilrcar r) age team. Also, one large draught horse (1,2i0 d»>, suitable for anv work. Also, a good express wagna tor one or two corses. Apply at 197 West Lake-sc. TWO MULES, harness and wagon tor' sale. Inquire at 33 West Uake-st. licit auh jTotttfg. TOsT— A yeliow Fox Terrier Dog, ears j *nd tad cropped. Return him. and receive a tin er*i reward and owner’s, thanks, to tf9Q 3Uto-si., where yon can nqy Boots and >hr»-s at b«if price, or less than you could before the war. T OST—A Plaid Kersey Horse Blanket, Li trimmed with blue, marked** U.S. Ex. Co.. N’o. IS. S.” Whoever will rerurn the same to me will be liberally rewarded. S. H. KNIGHT. T ObT—On Saturday, December 29th, a Li large Neoioncdlana dog. fr.'m house cn corner of Reuben and Jacksoo-fits. color black, with white breast. The finder will be liberally rewards! by re turn!.- ethe same to the heme above named, or to No. 88 Wastungtcin-st!, Room 1. r OST—On Sunday, a Red Cow, white JL i star and white under belly, about six years old. The Under will he liberally rexsrdeU by returning fc> 714 Wahash-av. LOST —On the -31st of December, be tween 3SS State-st. and -I- B. Snay’s dry goods note, a r ueb Fur Co’.lar. A liberal vewanl wiU be paid to the flndcr.il returned to 3SS up stairs. f TTOUND—On Wabash av„ January 2d, T a package containing kid cloves and veil. Owner can have It by arplr lug at Frei.il t Auilitor’s Offlee C- B. 40 foot of Socih WatsMt.. and paying for thl* advertisement. Strasci’ ana Stolen. CTOLNN—From the front ot C 3 ClarK O st., a dark bay horse and t-»p buggy, blanket a- 1 baHalo robe. Buggy had one bow of top troke?* one obonbrotro. both bound up with cord. lwi;lp*T flOfbrrecovervoftbo same and apptehouicuoft&d (hleU J> Q, airiVBELLi 167 Baaoolph-st,

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