4 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM WASHINGTON. Report of ihe Special Commis sioner of the Revenue. Proposed Changes lin the Tariff! Detailed Statement of Mr. Wells’ BUI. Engineer’s Report on the Chi cago Harbor Improve ment. COMM Senate Action on the Nebraska 'Bill Postponed Till Monday. House Bill and Substitute Offered to Facilitate the Formation of Southern State Gov ernments, Bill Introduced to Reorganize (he Militia in the Slates and Territories. Ml EDROPE. Lest Evening’s Despatches by Ocean Telegraph. PrcDch Troops Will Quit Mexico by Hie Ist of March. ft Call to Arms by the Rev olutionary Commitlee in Rome. . Spanish Iron-Clads Ordered to the Pacific. The Cretans Experience a Serious Defeat. aSGGonts of Proceedings in the Various State Legislatures. New York and Ohio Notify the Constitutional Amendment. rnox TTA.SUI3GTON. [Special Despatch to (be Chicago T«ihnne.l Washington. January 3. proposed changes in tuetajusp. The follouire aic the principal eUtwjet in the train piopo.-ed by the bill of Coujinto?ioaer W.-Us: SECAR, SPICES, WINES. IIQtrOM, TOBACCO AND Cir. Ans. Present Duly. Prop'd Dalv. Chicory, root -ic V> ib 5c V? 2> C'oLory. "round ,’c y H> fie y 3) -i:i:rjr :.ot above >-o. Pi.-Gc y D) y 2) t-eirur above No. Id and . » ot above No. 13 3;jC c?Jb 3li' Sum above No 15 and i-oifibove No. ih> lc TMb 4«;cy2> Sugar above No. 2d 5c V A S'.cVlb Pimento ,15c ? J !b l-icyjb Pimento, ground IPe i? Ib Uc VI 2> GU'tiir, rent.. *>, , ..5c V © (jjt.cer. grotto i~'\ Sc V lb ir«c t> lb Cocoa and cho* <*. -'•.....Tc y 2> Cc \> fl> Spirit#, all i;iijdr..'ftcciit iii" brandy co ''iniiig 5" per ct or lets f al cohol. and ou cordials, liqueurs and bitters courihiin" spirits, of all Muds .i ~..T2~V>yg«l fi9«al Coloring for brandy s<iyct • CTllci V.'inc* of ail kinds c»n-12”ci 23 7 4 more Mian >Ct to f I Cc-J SVC y gal r r *• V' rt oj al'*rpjo» j «3^?c^ J gal ( Bottles Glled with spirit i:uua liquors of all Sflutr.uns :uj:;«trt» not otherwise ptxrlilcl. ?iVs*l »Btcra, V.nottle to..i.di<snt» not more i.b.u: *-re fur. - Sc&2s j? Ct 73c P dot: Niiuersl water?, y l»pi'e t-omsiinlnc more than oi.r tm.t Se&SStfet fl.CC^ldoz COTTON AND HASLTACTCOES OP COTTON. Plain woven cotton poods Including drill#, pcans, silcsias. and ' other twilled fnb- ica,in ttio-brown, prey cr nn- Veacbed couuitionvool exceeding Kkl threads lo ihc equate Inch, nurt exceeding in weight 5 ounces V* square yard. sc\Jaqyi) and ti‘4e. v 4c P sq yd v •« Vstjydj 5d I7ainif colored. elaircd. painted or minted 51ic t? so yd) 4»tcV «*q vd and 30 Vj- aad 1U y cent J cent I’incr or lighter goods of like Cc*cnpibir., not exceeding auO thteada tc the square inch, iu ir.obrnvTU, grew or un hicachcc coaditiou.. 5c V sqyd) and Ci -3c, ygq yd to vj 1 V 15 sq yd f .rJceach 3c each Plaint! bleached. If olcachcd. Jfcolorcd, slalocd i.c .SJiC Vsqjdl; and so |?V ■ „ cent ) ip rincrorHi:b'u}rpoodsof Vlk«- description, cx cvediuir JMi ihrease to I!;'- f-rjtiarc 'neb. if col ored. Waited, painted cr primed t*) 7?4c T* e<l yd &20 V vd and cent .M; other cotton poods cclci by yard or niece cotapusitg twills over four leaved, sattetn, petns, nets, lappet and jFCfjnard made fab rics- , damasked and He rn ed fubtlcs, cord*, btaveru.ei*s velvet?, velveteens, and fabrics embroidered in loom not otherwise provid* d for tn the brown, crey or unbleached condi tion : 35cent 5c *i soyd All, if bleached, colored, iGc *q. yd plained, ic 35?? ct 1&S0??ct TionatJ. lhat ifthodn lies imposed npoa xnannloctores of cotton Included in the lour lore? oin? classes, shall amount, npon brown. f rey, or unbleached altric?, tolc-s than 30 per cent aii then the cate Modi be flfscsied a» 3J per cent; npon bleac'ien fabrics to lea? than tWH per cent cd valorem, theu the dntv shall be as sessed at SCM Per cent cd tclorem; upon col- ~ , oied. stained, painted, or printed laorfcs to lees tl an 35 per cent, then the dnty shall be a-sf-essed at 05 per cent Citclorem. "* Si>°oi Ml'M. wntilE-,, title V doz jngSfCrdiSOrlMJ... fisspet {ijojlcl I** F doz j t>c DM doz additioDul irci-y1?... .i c[ ci Cotton yams In any fora not • beyond •- tingles, coaiser Ilian j 20c ?Ih & %o flu. 40 perct (30?« - -Cotton yams not coarser .vx-h-ir .So. 50, nor liner J 30c J2> A ’u and vants liner than 1 40 c \p E) & in the c--. 7b ~40 j? ct 1 30 yct Trreadnoruourd and coiiOuyam where all? l«o or more strands Z*_ are mlstco together, if composed ol single yarns of numbers Me?fbcinj2ocTMhd; coarser than No. 5b.. f & 30? ct l3o|Jci Cotton Thread if com posed of single yams pot coarser than An. 50 j 30c Ih ft £ uor finer than No. 7»» ..40 ?ct (30 pet •Cotton thread If com posed of single yam, j4oc?C>& finer than Ko. 7U 40 ?ct (20 pct Colton hosiery, shirts, drawers. stockings, forty, glove*, and allJs-sg. jlOc? m bullied goods ( cu (40Pet Cotton, webbing, tapes, galloon®. bindings, clznps, trimmings, and braid: •• 25? ct 50? cl Cot’on edgings, Insort- embroideries,and onfall embio'derien of every material (except tllU'.of whic- the cm* rr broidery Is. the chief value. not oihcrwise provided for 23Ibct 40? ct cotton manufacture* * not olbenvite provided for. 35 40? cl On dll manataeinrea of cotton mixed mih. other material, lu which co’lon is the chief valne, thi -i' "Mine duties as provided for similar manufacture* o**ed wholly of cotton. icxurersfcwooL aan» JiaxuracrnnES or wool. it wools hair ol the alpaca, goat and other ~<e animals, frball be divided Into threeclaasse. Class l.~Ulcrfdag Hoof*.—Merino, me-tlxa, '■netz, or tueUa woola, or other wools of merino blood; Down clothing wools ; and wool i of like chsractcr; and also inclnding wools not dealg naicd In classes S and 8. Class v.— L'on,CnnQ Wools. —Leicester, CoU wold, Lincolnshire, Down combing wool*, Canada long wools, or other like combine wools, ol Eng lish blood ; and alao all hair of the alpaca goat, and other like animals. Class Z—C'atjiei and other similar Weals— 3och aa DronskoL, native Sooth America, Cordova, Val paraiso, nnd native Smyrna, wools of ut class, on-present proposed washed, value whereof at lost place whence ex ported Is 24 eta or less _ . __ tfttl 806 c Other wools of the 1->1 dais unchanged. Wool* of 24 data, tin washed, and hair of at raca. coat and ©therllsc y » uke animals UlO Pci 6ctfß> Wools of 2d class, no washed, Tiiltic whereof at last place whence ex ported exceed 15c V 2>.B®Cc $3 B> 6c slb Woolen tag*, shoddy, mongo and waste 3c ?J t> 6: 9 u> Woollen clothes, broad cloth?, cloakings, ca;- slmercs, ladles* cloth, doeskins, tricots, and nil lulled or fetted goods, woolen shawls, Hancgla. and all maun factnres madewhollyor in part or wool notlßlcsS> I23cy!b otherwisespecified... .|&4osct 4&4oyct Blankets and w oollen, or worsted yams, value not exceeding 40 cents J 24c ylb 110 cfl B> .. f&2sVct 1& 4U pet Blankets valued at more than 40cis, and not ex- [24c ylb 115 cx* lb cciMUan fOcuyib... . f&3O Vcl j& 4U Vct Blankets valimd at more tt'Rn 40 ct», end not ex-1 *1 lc V? Tb 1 23c V»b cecdlntt 60 cusy !b f A 301? ct 1 & -to ct Blankets valued at more 1 24c yib &J3oc y lb & than b 0 els per lb j 3ii C t | 40 set. I iSc^tsqyd Porting 50 yet f&4uyci Bre-s goods and Italian cloths, value not ex-j 4c ft «q yd] 4c?} ?q yd Cceoinc2oc*4 s ,,vd ...| & 25 x* ct ] £4(l yet Dn>s goods and Italian cloitn, value exceeding ICcy eq yd Cc ysq yd j £3jyct ildyct AM such roods averaging ]2sc VJjh£ 4 oz and over, V an yd. 40 W ct J 20c ylb & 20c ** ft & Hosiery andhnltpootls..! SO Vet | 40yct Data amt caps, clothing, ! wearing apparel, bal-J2lc ylb £ (25c :3 !b £ moral shirts 1 40 Vet 1 I3«ct Wcbhina?, belting', 1 v cords, bindings,braids, j -l!3c y lb £ ~*<■ , 30? et ■( iOßct hringc?, gimp. ia«se!s, uimmiags, headncU, J 94c ylb £ buttons 14U05Uprct Co«ct Aubxtfson and Auxmlo- Ftvrcirpcts SOcVyard 50 Vet Oil silk cloth 50 Vet .00 Vet FILH AKD SILK SI XX LTACTCUEa, llibbor.?, nettings, gal • loon?, tiimlings,braids, fringe?, gimps, trim mings, fancy buttons, co> d.>, n«.-ck-tics, - col lar*, scarfs 33060 yet 60yet max, naxr, jute, Ere., and wakupactcubs 711£U£t>7. Flax tin nancfectured *l3y ton lIU y ton Flax hackled, or dressed. live *l3yton 850yton Hemps 890 V ton rias straw 8 1V ton low or hemp fio V ton 85V ton Jele, c.nm&nulnctnred, •Ssal grass, ai-d other vci etable fibres not otherwise pro Tided fur ...floyton 8 s^ton Manufactures of Msal giag SO Vet Brown or bleached lin en?, dues canvass pad dings, cot .bottoms, bmXape, drills, coat ings, brown Hollands, blay linens, Spanish linens, diaper, dam asks, crash, handker chiefs, lawx, or other goods of rlax, hemp or jute not otherwise pro vided for C 0035 sct S 5 VCt Cordage and rope, un tarrea 3tjcra??lb Bctaflft Cordage and rope, Ma nilla ajicUyib Sclavs •Jute, hemp, or cocoa 1 t3cVeq yd matting, and car-eqyd-{ and peting. ) ( SO cl Matting macs of ha-s or licift n wood hurk..... SO 13 ct 13 ct Hiiciid and twines, ofall) I scf}Tb hiniir, valued at SdcorV and less per foot \ ( S 3 ct *1 breed and twine®, of all j I 10c VB> kinds«ralttodaiurcrsbcV and •and lc-8 than <l-V 4b.. I | 30cl rbicnd and twine?, of a«I i ( 13c V lb hinds, talucd at more V4O \l ct 4 nod than fl 9 **■ ) ( SO Vet ?.ebVs»’gs. tapvi, bind ings, gimps, trimm ings, auc braids 10 V el 50 \l ct. Ji.c:; A.VD STEEL AXD rtAXCrACTtHES TdEUEOr. Util Ivor, c it-*. orwroughuSS y ion §C \1 lon Iron in stabs, blooms, ’lmps or oihcr forms, less finished Unan barn end more advanced than pig iron, exempt ca?*ing? ....i'filb Iron robed ar ham mered, comonsiug ilal bars t ot h>4 than fJ inch nor more than 0 ir.cho- 5 wide, nor more than 2 Ilc’icsthick ...Ictflb Hi c D ib *• lees than 1 inch ard more than fi Indies wide am than r; inches ai d moic than 2 inches Hick l*ici?!b l? 4 'c t? lb l:vj, bur? or rods, round cr square, not lass than "j Inch nor more ’ban g lr.?he« diameter nr squat e 1c t? lb y !b lea? than v inch and more than 2 lu.:ho> diameter or square l?£c t? 2) l»ic 2> luci rod? end wire rods lets Ilian i'io. I'. wire gange Nail rod?, slit or rolled, ana all elh iron IHc yJh 9}ic ? tt* Oval, half oval, ami half umud Iron 33 yet 2,Ucytb Hoop, baud, and scroll iron, thinner than No. 6. ai.d not thinner ltun No. 14, wire gnagc..-.l!s yet S s 'c ylb 'lbinncrtbsts No. 1 y ct 2»Jc y lb PMc iron, not thinner than No. in w ct l2£c y » rbcel or plate Iron, thln n r thep No. Is. and not thinner than 3s<>. w 'c y 2> TliinQ’Ttban No. S 2, S: iiol thinner than No. 2 MU ct 2’sc "p & Thinner than No. 2J..'.1i y ct Sc y E> foa?.fd nnd pclLhcd ■*lieft Iron 3V ct T* a Iron hoop* 35 y ct 3}*c y a iron rolled or hsmurrcd in elmper, anti ancle lion 7..35 ‘f? cl 2cy a I.’niJroiicl split*** bars..., Hailrmu! fro*.'-, bog point-. a:.<l side bars, €*r non r Of ster! Iron v, not mote than J.i irrhiiidhnieicr, nor le>;» Isom No. IC w;rj I 2c “4 Tl> Csc?Mb t*naj:e f and Vclj anil 15Vcl i.esa in sucP-anNn. !(5 and rot !»•?« Ilian Xo. j 3*SC lb (-Ic slb -*ire j antlir>>lcl*t andls^ci than N*o.2-“, wirej Sl}** Vlb jscn T. truage j Iron or steel wire rope made of wire over Iso. Ittwiregnago..... 39 ?>ci 6c 9 b Iron or steel wire rope made of wire lose than No. iCaod notices than N’0.25 35 Tel Tc*?® Iron or t-tccl wire rope made of wire less than No. 23 35 v* ct 8c ?Mb < .:«ivaniavil iron wire rope i£c addlioml. hoc wire doth Sj Vet Id Vet Wire spiral furniture ftprtaga ..... 85 t?ct scsMt> Iron o! any fire or des cription not cuumera led elsewhere 33 s>C*. 3^C^3> Cliatn-. made of wire, or rods lefs than *i inch diameter and not less that. No. i' wire image. 3c V2> 4c Vlb 4 h-ss It an No. ft .S 5 pci Ccyib Wrought iron iva«hcre, nut*. bolts, and rivets. 2c V 2’4C V P> W.onjbt Iron hinres.... 2J4c p!b 3c 2> Wr .ugM iron board nails und rpibes and rails ir.;:dv of wire 2JicfMb 3c 5Mb tialvaidzed Ivor- and Iron coated with alnc 2«4c 52 Tb Sc 9Tb Horse s*ud ;n iloi P h0e»...33 \i cl 2c yib Screws two inche* or over in length..., PC Vlb 7cV3» “ les« tuan two inch.*-* lie "J ib lOc ]) lb Vcrrcl? ol cr.?« Iron, and irons, sad iron?, & loves end stove plate- 2j*c 52 H» 12*c 5? ?> <*!nrcd, tinned or cnao nielefl cast iron hollow ware ... 3}Jc V2> -*Hc V Tinned and enamelled wroncht iron hollow vaic ~..,3Hc?21b Glic V Tb Cast Iron steam, gas wa ter pipe 3tic V3> All iron castings not 01U cnvfge provided f0r...50 VCt 35 5? cl Puddled and bll-tercd steel, and all s;eel oth er iban cast *r shear fc‘.eci.cou,pn? < *d of rods or bars Inch la diaiu eler, ax.es, tire and . pans of machinery irrglneß..... ~..2>icVTb 8c 5Mb Pad and t-bcar steel, composed of rods or bars above % inch la diameter, axles, tire end parts of machinery forging*. valued at Tc 5c lb or less 2*<c ?Mb 4c \Mb “valued at above «cj 3«B»ic* V(4l4c 9 lb V lb and 10 J and 10 V IMb I Vet | c; Steel rods and wire rods, not exceeding % tnen in, diameter, and not less) 2Jsc 5? 5* (3J4e 52 m than ■* Inch tn dlame-> and 23 < and la tor »»ct I Vet 44 lets tun J ,4 - loca ta dt-12«-»c 5? 2\t4c 71 TS V and2oVi audio \3 amvter \ ct | ct Steel wire, not less than 1214 c tt. (Gc 53 lb V uudSOi’i ami 23 V i ct (c; i’4c sq Yd >!4c \* t-q vd sod tlcrnl No. If, wire mace... Metal nade from Dca?e incr cr pneumatic pro* cefp, except railway bats Hallway hors made by or pnoamatle prooca and elect rail* *vay lan f*a»t steel ear wheel*.... Steel tarricce ppnnc?-. .Steel railway frog;*, crow bat* ami •lcdCfDioitlde.4s cl S)i P2> CrirUme and'hat Bi**cll jue^lha&d wite tlattcned I 15 *?ct < 10 * r 'ct rrnp* cut mttp JOc sft ISc It Mill, ph and dr.‘ c tswe, »ict over 0 ipcbca W*dc Mill, |>Uacd rtra^faWß. over !t Inch*'* wide .2Pe •* ft Ssc T 1 ft Ilanrt ftv* not over dozj tl m do* &. inches In i & SO yct | SO f? ct nat:<l savw over 9J locli-j $1 5* dj*j $1.50 ?*iloz c« in length I &30Fctl &?o«ct jOcfr lb jfcj &:*?»& Squares fonnewnrinc... i Co?lct i 33?? ct Needles 2S ?*' ct 30 |J ct TaUp- callciy, butcher knives, &c 33 “(?ct 49 ISocs 45cl $1,50 Vdor Siccl costing Padlocks end other Jrcks 85 Wet 45tfct General hardware 83 ¥» ct 45 ct Fire-arms 35 $ ct 45 W ct Flax machinery Free 2U*JcV Copper ore B Vet jOpcl] Kcgulns of copper f» Vet. 21*r*ct Copper In pigs. B*4c V Tb -lc y D • opr-cr sheeting for vcf- Fcl? B«Scis , p!b 8 CM 7Mb Old copper 14 cts fMb 9 cl- Vlb Copper manufactures direct Krnrs In pigs .15 Nct 25 ct Old brass 5 7>ct 15 riel Biot* manufactures 35 7? cl 40 Vet load in pigs 2ctaVlb 2li cts tMb Lead in sheets, pipe or ■ Lead manufactures 35 Vet 40 Vet ccwitr 85V ct SctsaO Ffwiertoanurtctures... 25 V cl 4071 a grV'tantimony 30 V ct *5.00 V ton s•*«*»} ct 40 cts Wlb Manufactures of tin 35 M ct 40 « cl Xinc in pigs ijj cts VTb 9eu |Mh 7loc In sheets.. 3 eta V to Zinc manufactures 35 Vet 40 net Types nnd type meta1...83 V ct 33 S ct Old type free 2 cts n & Oplnm Morphia..., VOL. XX. Present Duly. Prop'd Duty. fnlciupt yj V ct 25 eta V Tt» Quicksilver 15 V c» Sets Vlb Camphor, crude 30 eta Vlb 15 eta Vlb Camphor, refined ' 4ft eta VD> 2 t eta VB> Juniper berries 10D ct 2 eta Vlb CaaloroU ..SlVgal 75eta Peal Coal oil 20 V ct ID eta V eal Whale oil 20 fi ct ay eta Vgal Putty i»4cwplb Sets iMb RotTo ..2oyct Sew fiXb Sago st * rch { ’and afs? tt 1 5 ct * *®* Oxide ofrinc, dry l2fcsVlb 2ctsyib Oxide of zinc, Rronnd...l2£ eta VS> 5 eta V a Batrs a* Vet 40V« Baskets 05 V ct 40 V ct Buttons :»i V ct 40 V ct Corks «... 50 V ct 40 V ct Eyelets 35 Vet 40 V ct Palm leaf fans Ict each *j ct oAch Laces of cotton or flax, woven 35 yet 40 yet Cutled hair foe beds ...20 yet 30 Vet Haircloths 30 Vet- 45c V aq.yd Hoop eklrta 85 V ct 40 V ct India rubber g00d5......35 V cl 40 v ct Suspenders .....35 V ct 50 V ct Oilcloth luVct 43c V aqyd “ ** Bilk 50Vet ou-Vet ’Statuary 10 V ct SO V ct Pins 35 Vet 40 Vet Umbrellas and parasols .35 V ct 60 V ct Watches 25 V ct 30 V cl Chronometers 10 V ct 30 V ct Whips 33 V ct 40 V ct Window class 14c Vlb 84c VB> Manufactures of leather .35 V ct -10 V ct bhuminous coal .$1.23 V (on 50c V ton Burr %touce. (hushed....2(l V ct 23 V ct Marble manufactures....SO V ct 75 V ct Ilcoks 25 V ct 30c V B> Bonks re-printed from books first printed In the United States 25 Vet 40c I? lb i .Ma«ar.inea 25Vet lOcVlb Music .’.sdfj'ct s.' tf ct AGIiICCXTUBAL TRODUCTS, ETC. Horses and males 20 y ct ’ JlO y head I'attlo .20#ct V head and swire 201) ct 50c \1 bead Fruit nod vegetables....lo y ct 10c V bu Broom con, * « Aimer.. 4c£lb - SeJllb Floor Dried fruits.. Melt.... Potatoes. Wheat .20c a bu 10c ?bu Timber 20 ? ct ic ? cab a Pice lumber ...20?ct ?2?M Blocks So?ct 10? ct I.Blb 20 yet 10 wet Shlngl s 35 ? ct CCc?M Bose dust.. free 10? ct Clocks 85 ? ct 40 Vet Agricultural Implera’nts.-So ? ct 10 ? ct Beeswax 20 ? ct free Bleaching powder? 30? ct • free Indian corn 10 ? cl free Com mea1..... ..to ? ct free Firewood...... 2»?ct tree Gutla percta 10 ?ct free Hoofs and horns .10 Vet free India nibher. 1U ? cl free Ivory 10 ?ct Iree I,- ng . s>.? ct free Mast? and spars 20 ?ct , free o»k bark . 10 Vet free I'otasb .20? cl tree railroad tic l ,20? ct • fire Sponges. 20? cl free SulDhnr, crude... . ...?n?tou free Ship thal er 20 ? ct free hound timber .20 ? ct free Tin 15 V cl free Esorxtcu’a nci'unr ox the Chicago uaubou m- The Secretary of War communicated to the I!ou*c to-day the report of Major J. B. Wheeler, r-f the Corps of Exigiuicie, ou Chicago harbor, jMs report shows the necessity ot a bridge 000 feel aduUlonal u> the north pier, hut the work-tow Veen poplponcd until the working season this spring. Thccoutract for the work is awarded to ,1.31. Corse, of Chicago, the lowest bMdor, and the hoed, 110,000. haa Peru signed, tor its faithful nerfo-manre. The estimated cost of lbeuo.-k is ; present This estimate U ciih being thirty-two feet long, thirty feet wide ard twcMy-eight feel high. Soundings -how ar average depth of water on a line with the direc tion of the north pier as follows: first two hundred led, twenty-six and a half feet; next one hundred feet, twenty-one fc-1 deep: n*»si flf-y feet, twenty-two lect deep, and the regaining two hundred and fifty feet, over twenty-three f.-oi deep. The report aava there Is no for building a eonti; pier. ’ The object In having par allel piers Is to confine the volume of water poor lug om of the river, and make use of the enrrent to scour cm and maintain the channel.- Such an attempt with the Chicago River would he useless, there being no jn-rccptihle current. raoTEcnos to the oveuland woittes. *lljo Secretary of War communicated to the Hout-e to-day the report of General Grant relative to the iHotectlrw of the overland routes. and tlio uecLfetly tor an Increase of the Hcgnlat Army, (iemml Grant docs not think uny force would prevent occasional inroads and opposes an in crease of tUc army. THE CONGRESSIONAL EXCmSIONISTS after their arrival here tbU mortdng, held a meet imr ami pass-d a series of rwMuUous, returning thanks to the authorities and citizens of the sev » ral Southern cities lu which they htd bcciTenter talced. LAIE INDIAN MAPSACnES, • Tltc Cojr-.wu»ioner of Indian Aifatrs makes ■nitti n application for the Investigation of the re •out massacre. He Knva that it measures a»c not ttl:> r. to avert It. U will lead to a general Indian varwi’h tfcr wild tribes of that section. The.reports circulated through pome of the As sociated Press panow of a list purporting to be the names 01 pardoned Confederates, Is grossly In correct. The President and Attorney tlcncnvl are nint h annoyed hv the mnulhorl/.edand erroneous r-nbliraupa. A partial list sras sent to the House to-day. Washington, January 3.—The Arkansas dele* cation bad an acrccablc interview with t!.e Presi dent io*rtuv. To-tnorriiW Uvy will meet tbs Cabi net and General Grant. They have no proposi itor s to make and no anlhomy to accept any. Mr. Bncc. rommisetoccrof the Indian Bnrcan, claims that the charges against him were made by foreign importers became h*» made the award* exclusively for American goods. sac;??-, sue y s> fewatoi: waijc and nis sorrnEUN tout. Washington, January 3.—Most of (he Con* cietMotm excurslonW* were in their scats to day. Mr. Wade was surrounded by Senators nbent Ills present stains, and how much he was d* moralized !>y hl« Southern tour. Mr. Wadi* said he had been mo«t kindly and conr- .nc « 2. 2«jc V to .-is yet <c tt 3> leons'y treated. Said be nad talked to the Southern people plainer than he had ever spoken lr the Senate, proposition to TEnnironiALizE tub state of Washington, January 3.—The Joint resolution pnbinitu d to the House to-day provided for four Tcnitoital Governments lor the lato State of I‘csas. In be call'd Brazoria, Brans, Sabine and J.incoln. to be organized on the principles of the other Territories—the pnhlic land of the Slate to be declared the properly of the United Stales. IMPORTANT XT TRITE. It Is positively affirmed that the test case a» to whether Alabama U a State lu the Union. vnU bo ‘decided by tic Supreme Court In the affirmative. THE COMMITTEE ON RECONSTRUCTION will, li Js understood, report against the proposl* lion ofiV'iln? to Southern States admission with* on! further conditions on the adoption of tbe Coo* i-tUutioiud Amendment. THE POSTAL TELEORAPtI BILE. Washington. January 3 —Washington specials pretend to slate the mission of the United States ‘•tcamcr Bon, with Assistant Sect clary Seward ami Admiral Porter aboard. The Il'rald says she Is in iind to St. Thomas, West Indies, which island i.r. Seward is to purchase for a United States naval depot. The Tiints say* the dcstina* 1 j« n is ilavtJ, and the Bay of Pamatia Is to be pnr < based for a naval station; and the Tribune** y* Assistant Secretary ScwardV mission is to con* vry :o Napoleon despatohep csplanatoryor Secre tly Seward's cable mrssag**. 1b« probability is that rov.c of the correspondents l;no*.v the object ct she mission, but are engaged In guess work. a et’EMimmox. Wasiukctow, January S. —David Mctjnecn, n vltlnvu of Chicago, lias vent a memorial to Con gress covcilng forty pages, asking that slavery i c re-estabb-bfd in all the States ami Territories oftbe Culled Stabs. »rrtcr of the otccNTsurnEVE corur peci^iox. to V “UK. January3.—A Washington special -ay* Gvii.-mJ Grant had an Interview with Secre tary Stanton, on Wednesday, upon the esci t ot the icceat decision of the Supreme Court, upon mili tary commissions. It renders the Fro*.*dmen'B Ilnrcan and Civil Tll>»fcts hills nullities, and while It Is allowed to stand, ordets will he Issued to prevent any conflict ot authority under it. ills anttcinaled’that souse highly important legMa* jirn. sr*tt«l and prospective, will he overruled hy ti»c ol the Supreme Court, npon ropr*' scnlative cases now pending betore that tribunal Business ot the Lonslwlllc Post Office— Keatnclty War Claim to be Paid- Bond- Stolen. Despatch to the Chicago Tribune LorisvuxE, January 3. .Dnrlng Decemhcr,.over ono hundred thousand lexers and papers were delivered In IhU dty.rand nearly six'y thousand taken up by the local col lectors. The Kentuckywar claim of over two millions of dollars, is to he paid by the Foiled States very shortly. A strong effort will ho made by tho Legislature to remove lh« capital to I-omsrille. Ii will proba bly fail, aa the party wishing Us removal, whllfc powerful enough to secure u, is divided. O. B. Duke, killed ai ?Jt. Sterling by William Barnes, on Monday, will be hurled at Frankfort to-day. Duke had killed six men within eighteen months. Twodl.CCObonds, eno Logan Conn tv bond, No. IS3. and one J-omsTiUc * Nashville Itallroad bond. No. f 5. were stolen at Smith’a Station, from Mrs. Bamhndgc. Sc lb .. . ic Vtb .45 ct 3a ?th ..45 V ct Ccyth Dentil of nit Aliened .71 all nobbcr-Fiir* liver Development* Concerning: the Mttv I'lmJTraged y—The Bmllrwof Tivo oiihoTlriltip Fonud-Board of Trade Anunui Flection. , (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribcne.l St Tan., Minn.. January 3. The City Council last evening re-cleclcd J* W. Met lm.d City Assessor. The committee to whom the difficulty between the Gas Company and the city was entrusted, now offer to light the streets at six dollars per thou sand. A young man named George VT. Tomer was ar rested bv the U. S. Slarshtl. a few week* aco. In Baltimore, for robbing mails In this State. Be was brought to Ibis city aud confined In Jail, but bis disgrace so affected him that he died yester day. Be protested that he was innocent to tho last. The bodies of two men, who were butchered at New Blm, wore found node? the ice tn the Minne sota Ritcr. most barbaronslr mutilated. Camp bell bad fifteen wounds, eight ol which were fatal, and his right band was cut off a: the wrist, and bis right lee at the knee. I.lscomb bad eighteen wounds, nine of which ware fatal. An inquest is now being bold at Mankato, and prominent citi zens of New Ulm ara implicated. Theannnal meeting of the Ooird of Trade was held this afternoon, and the follow-lug officers were rc-tleclod: Prrtidant, I). IV* Ingersol]; Secretary. W. P. Combs; Treasurer, n. K, laylor. tlwUkTrlr Across the Atlantic—Winter Navigation of tlio Si. Lawrence— i'alnful Railroad Accident. Moirrnxxi, G. E January 3.—The ship Rosanthc. heavily laden, has made a trip from Qmbcc, C. E., to Glasgow, Scotland, In fittecn do>B. The Quebec Board of Trade report that they deem the winter navigation of (be St Lawrence met possible; but insurance could not be effect id- During tbc months of January, February and March, the high rate of Insurance would make it Impracticable, liaraszs, U. W., January 3.—A passenger .rLSOtf'ft *2.00 3to ,£LBosoe *2.00 sox .20? ct 10? ct . 5 eta ?lb 3c ? ‘ft .sMliJct SI? ton .2fl?Ct 30 ?ct ,25c ft bn Ibc ?. bu mOVEMLKT. *83,10t, each appropriation, based on PABDONED COSPEOKKATEB. THE ARKANSAS DELEGATION. TEXAS. FROM LOUISVILLE. FROM ST. PAUL. FROM CANADA. train colng West on the Grand Trank Railroad, ran oil Ihe track in conscQuenrr ol a broken rail The Post Office car was smashed. The conductor made a narrow escape. One oassenger was wedged by tbc broken timber* and cut oat with an ax. FROM EUROPE. BI OCEAN TEIECKIPU. on cat bhitaix. I/Osao.T, January 3. Advice? from Senla arc of an extremely war ike nature. Qcetottowv January 3. The steamship City of Now York arrived Ibis allcrnoon, and sailed for Uvcrpool, Coves, January 3. Tte steamship Bremen sailed for New York to day. Arooa» tcrpaEseogers were some American Yachlrmeij. THE CUETANE CXFESIEKCE A SEBIOU3 DEFEAT, CosatAjmsoriE, January 3. Iho Porte has received news from Western Crete, stating that a heavy battle has been fought between the Turkish army and the Cretans, which resulted in a total defeat of the Utter, 200 Cretans being killed, and the whole army tied iu disorder to the sea, where the greater number of the rem nant embarked on vessels for safety. FOANCE. Paws, Thursday. January S—Noon. The Moniteur to-day announces that the entire body of French troops will aurcly leave Mexico by the first of Match, ACfiTUtA, Vienna, January 3—Noon. The Austrian Government has called a special session of (he Reichsralb, to consider tbe novation of amending tbc Constitution. Home, January 3—Moon. The Revolutionary Committee here have issued a proclamation call a? for as early rising of the people against the authorities, and is favor ol In corporation with the Italian Kingdom. fipAix. Madrid, Thursday, JanaaryJJ—Noon. Marshall Serrano has been arrested, It is sup posed for complicity in ih: lato plot for an Insarv rcction. Madbid. January 2. The eiesmer Tornado, captured some mouths ago off the coast of Spain, on suspicion ofibclne a privateer, baa been condemned ai a lawful pr>ac. Pour more Iroo-clada will be scut to tbe Pacific. Latest Forelcn market*. London, January 3—Moon. Consol* raster at 93# for money; S-3Cs, 73#. Closing prices; 5-2*, 73; DUnols Central, B2#. London, January s—Moon. Money market castor. Consols cloo .-d at 90 V- Ltvekpcol, January 3—Moon Gotten firm at for middling uplaads. 6E( OXD DOrATCTI. jAVEcroon, January 3. Markciactlve; ad; anted #d. Litebi o it, January 3. Jtockaorcraln Breadstuff* adranffojf. Pc >7«qoj has advanced ; rertnwl. Is 7d. Losnorf, J iauary 3—2 p. tn. Erccdstnffij flrmer. Littepool. January 3— Noon, •ale# or cotton 10-cay, IB.OW bale*. I itehtool, January 2. Sates of qotton to-day, 20,000 bales. Lo.vuos, January S—Evealng. Ccn#ol« closed at 90>f for money; L'. S. Jk2oi, 73V: Littbpool, January 3. The cotton market continued firm and moderately •■'live during the «tay, the sates reaching 13,000 hales; iiidd-lRg upland*, l.v,U V b. The market for Aaurjcan breadstuff# Is quite firm ruh a upward trrdenry. . ' L’.veumoi, January The produce market ts steady. Rice ts tinner and ipwurd. Cl' M'l.A TIER. roinmonfKor the French Protn on Tie. Snvcrd’ft Famonn Despatch to the Emperor Napoleon—Power*Conferred LvUietit ruiun Federal Coiutltuiinn— AQalni In Spifln—fieneral O’Donuell • licluick the Pusltiua of Prime mm l-trr. Paws. December ©.-The diplomatic docn mrr.t« rvl«tivc lo the Mexican qne*-»ion rcccirly pablidud, lirvc produced a painful Impression upon all cla».«e?. Their tone is considered dls rouncoup In the extreme, oud surprise U foil that the French Kmpcror end his advisers lot it pass unnoticed. The last despatch of Mr. Seward is regarded as deliberate!/ oUenstvc. It proves to Uic French people that, not content with subject- Injr them lo the humiliation of decsmphi? trom Mexico, the United States wish to insult them. 'Hie Journal ties l)>haU es/s that It has received a translation of the tran.-.Alantic despatch sent on the 23d of November to the French Govern* mvnt, complaining of the delay m the embarka tion of the first Detachment of Frcncn troou?. The D*ha\» pays: “Wc do not know whether tlie text of imp document be correct or not. All that we discover Is that the President, In disaccord with the American rcofdo, seeks to rerain popularity by violence of J.in?ua'*e. Hcrxijr, December 20.—Tlic Federal Coo«titn tion under discussion in the Germanic Conference embraces all questions of commerce and Mon. Hie Confederate Connell and the repce-en* tatives of the nation aro to exercise the l“'MHla tivc powers. The Crown of Prussia will direct the Confederation. The Federal power will de clare war. conclude treaties and appoint ambas sador*. Ihe Kin? of Prussia is to bo supreme commander of the forces on land and sea, and is authorized to make preparations far war. The harbors of Kid and Jadbe arc declared Federal ports of war. Madrid, Dec»mb«r 22.—The Queen of Spain has osrred to rc-anpot-.it General O'Donnell Cbiei of l*:e Cabinet, bat tha latler will not accept ‘he position uideas he Is authorized to convoke the conatlruenCJ Cortez, lo remodel the Govern ment. MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE. RraAlmr of il»c Governor?* nwaRC- Appolnuncnt of Officers Contested Ivlcctfnn fascs Decided, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] I-AN«r«o, .Tana ary 3. Governor Crapo Is seriously ill, being nuablo to leave Ms room Ills m j*sige wag read to the two Houses to-day. in Joint convention, by his Private SccTctarr. it fr j -rptfa? d cimcnt, bnt Is a clear and fnll expo *lfi«»n cf the affairs and Interests ol tbe Slate. While his Mews in regard to railroad lard grant* and swamp land roads fail to roe«t wlih unanimous approbation, vet he discusses these and alt other questions with fairness and ability. Henry A. Sleeper, of Galesburg, has received the appolntmt'ui of Assistant Secretary of the .'■enflte, and Dexter Horton, of Fentonrllle, that of Assistin' Sergcant-at-Arm* In the same bodv. Si nnter Shelby presented the pelitlon of George S. Smi’h, of the tirst Senatonal District, Wayne Connty. rnmosthg the scat of Pant Giles, on the ground of informality In rhe election. The House summarilv disposed of the contested election cases from Wayne Conntv. The bare fc'cd frond perpetrated by the Copperhead Board of Connty Canvassers was so transparent that even the Johtisonhcs on the Selecl Comml tee ap pointed *« investigate and report on the -mailer, admitted it except In the case of one contestant. Clmuncey Strong, of Kalamazoo, ha? received •he appointment of Clerk of tho House. KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. Belli Ilonw* Adjourned for Want ofa Qni>nnn. ■.Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Fi:\xKronr, Ky., January 3. The l.eghlctnrc met to-day. Fifty-two mem bers of the House of Kcprescn'ativcs and fonrtecn Senators only were present- There helm: no quorum, the legislature adjourned nntl! iO o’clock to-morrow. MISSOURI LEGISLATURE* Presiding Officers Elected by Both Houses—Governor’s Jlcssojgc to be De livered To-day. JepTEnsox Citt, Mo, Jamiary a.—The Senate organized to-day hr me election of David Bon i.-m, of Ar.dicw County, as President, pro ttm-; Colonel Dyer, of Pike County, as Secretary. In the Douse, Mr. Harlan was elected Speaker, he receiving ft) votes out of IIS cast. Mr, Doan* was clio.-cn *'hlcf Clerk—all Uadicals. The organisation will be complied to-morrow, when the'Uoyernor’a message will he delivered. DELAWARE LEGISLATURE, Governor Sanlubury’a SlcMaso-lle Opposes tlio Constitutional Amend ment. Wumwgtos, Pel.. Jatmary 3.—The LoeUlainrc orcanl*(*d yesterday, ;.nd Gorernor Sanl*barj*s mcssace wac read to-day. It discusses State mat ters In general, but deprecates the adoption of the Con«{imtlons! Amendment- Ho think* its re jection la demanded by crery consideration or jus tice, patriotism and humanity. OHIO LEGISLATURE. Constitutional Amendment naitfiedby the Sennie-Ucwolnilon Offered lu Fa vor of Impartial Suffrage. Ciscixkati. January 3.—ln the Ohio Legisla ture te-day the Senate adopted the Constitutional Amendment—yeas 21, nays A resolution was referred to the Committee on Fcdeial Relations requesting Ohio Senators am! Representative* in Congress to cast their votes against the admission of any part of the territory lately in rebellion nt:tll a snrielert number o‘f Stales Rave adopted the Constitutional Amend ment. in the Bouse a resolution to amend the Consti tution so as to confer the elective franchi-e with out di.-tinclion of sex or color, was ordered to be printed. PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE* Joint Resolution Adopted In Favor of the WeliN Turin* Bill. Hajirwih-TSo, r .Tj*im-“try 3.—The election for United States Senator I* fixed for the l.'th A Joint resolution has been adopted, asking for the by Congicss of the tariff bill now be fore the United States Senate. The New York Senate Ratltle* tbc Con- Ktitniional Amendment. Auusr, Januaiy 3.—The Senate has ratified the Constitutional Amendment. FROM SFRISUFIBU), Ui. Arrival of .Rcntbcis of tbc i.osUlature mid Ollier reltbrhtci-Thc. lulled Stjitw Senatorial contest. Srunrcrirtn, 111.. January 3.—The members of tbc General Ass-imbty arc anivieg in the State capital in laige numbers, and labiug np their tjunricri* for the svason. _ Senators Mack and Basbuell, and Rcprc*cnla tallvcs Rate?, Eider, snd other?, paid their re spect* to the Govcrnot this morning. United Staler Senator Yates, General John A. Logan, General John M. Palmer, and Gtnerai J inpircotf, mo also In town, and staying at the belaud Ho cl. The Senatorial question is now the all-absorb ing topic, and the process oi manipulation has fairly commenced. .Any speculation yet, how ever, as to tbc ultimate realm would be noth pre mature and unreliable. All the candidates have warm and persistent friends, ami the contest bide fair to bo animated and Interesting. At the rvgmar weekly meeting of the Spring- CHICAGO. FRIDAY. JANUARY 4. 1867. field Post G. A. R., held la«t evening, the follow* Jag named officers wore elected for thef enduing six months: Poet Commander, General F. 8 .Mather: Senior Vice Post Commandery, Captain A. A. North, Jr.; Vice Poet Commandury, Can rain C, W. JoUnsoo; Adjutant. Captain F. I. Bean; Quartermaster, Colonel S. M. Phillips. The following assessments for 1566 have been filed at the office of tho Auditor of Public Accounts since last report: Bureau County. $1,759,176, a ruin since ISCS of $10,Ml; Scott County, $1,713,1*1, a loss Of 111.471. FROM ST. LOUIS. Sensational Story—Railroad matters— CoDiiterfeiters Arrested—The Weath er* Ac* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,] St. Lons, January 3. The Conservatives have a sensational story of the seizure of a train on the Pacific Railroad list night, and robbing all the male passengers, by a company of Governor Fletcher's militia, return in': from the occupation of Lexington. Every passenger. It is said, was robbed. The conductor telegraphed to Jefferson City the above particu lar*. but wbco the train reached Jefferson no notice of the alleged outrage was taken. The other side say (but one negro and one white man Mas robbed of $230 by parties returning from the Plains. The statement of the whole affair has been sent to the Government. A Kansas City despatch, dated yesterday, says Colonel Waterman, contractor, commences work to-day on the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Galves ton Railroad. Extensive preparations have been made to push their work radidly. Immense quan tities of timber and stock are being delivered on both sides of the Missouri River for the bridge at this place. A large force Is at work on the North Missouri Railroad within eight of town, also on the tunnel near Liberty Landing. Three counterfeiters, named Russell, Nlcman and Warren, were captured on Monday, near Sul phur Springs, in Jefferson County, by a couple of United Slates Deputy Marshals. The prisoners, who belonged to an a gang of countcrteitcra, were brought up to this city and lodged In jail. Clinton Burbridge. heretofore mentioned In connection with tho vagrancy prosecution, baa been rearrested. Weather milder. River still open, though the icc la very thick. I'BOM MADISOS. Wisconsin Supreme Court Decisions— Resolution Adopted at « Meetlns of tbe Veteran Scandinavians—Normal Scboo! Regents Appointed, etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnne.l Madison, Wis., January 3. The Supreme Court met to-day and announced eighteen decisions of no general interest, and ad journed to the next regular term, which begins January 6th, when the calendar will be taken up, beginning with the Seventh Circuit. The following resolution was unanimously adopted at the meeting of Scandinavian veterans of the fifteenth Regiment, the publication ot which Is requested in theTmni'NS: Heiolrfd, That while we deeply lament the loss of onr beloved leader, the gallant Colonel Hans C Heg, and the many patriotic dead who as our comrades in arms went forth under his gallant lead to ao service in the glorious cause of right and constitutional liberty, and whose sacred dust row commingles with tbe soil of the great Rcpno- Hc that they helped to save from anarchy and an nihilation, sill it is a consolation to remember that their death was not in vain—that their Gov eremeut, to save which they laid down their lives, purged of'he accursed and degrading defect of human slavery, lives, with such vitality as will canre it to go down to posterity as an em blem of bmnnn wisdom and statesmanlike sa gacity; and that whf.'e we mourn with profound sorrow over the stern necessity which requited the sacrifice on their country's altar, of so many noble and brave men. still we will strive to cm nlatc thHr virtue and patriotism, and we will hold our lives as a debt due to onr country and to the noble cause ot human liberty—a debt that we t>te willing to pay by pouring out as o ir com lades did,our life-blood when the good of our country shall require it. The Governor nas appointed Hon. W. E Smith, of fox Lake; J. f. Thomas, of Sncbovgan. nr.d Henry Lives, of Oshkosh, Regents of Normal School. The two former are reappointed, and the latter takes tbe place of £llas Chapman, of Milwaukee. The ThX Commissioners lirtencd to an argu ment, this morning, by Judge Byror Paine, mak ing some strong points against the constitution ality and policy of taxing shares of National Uauks. v Atwood Sc Itnhlco, of tho Statt Journal arc now State printers.' The monthly statement of the condition of tho WUcm>in banks, shows 0n1y5113,005 circulation outstanding. FROM MILWAUKEE. Thrown From a Wagon—One Person Killed and Another Badly Injured, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Mii.waveee, January .1, Yesterday afternoon, Mr. WUdc, a German, living near this city, was seriously injured by being thrown from bis vehicle by his horse taking* fright. Mr. David Hackc, another German, suc ceeded in capturing the horac, and driving bark, the animal again became frightened, throwing Mr. Jfackc out of the vehicle, aiid Instantly killing him. FROM LAWRENCE. SSiiftlncMStatlKtld* of Hie City of l<car> rnworih—Largo Yield of Wheat Oar* ins the Vast Season. [Fpccial to the Chicago Tribune.] l.Awnrxcc, Ilafl pas. January 3. The Leavenworth Z?w/A*'i;i publishes an lntere«t tnp r«um< of t'n** hu*sn«* of Leavenworth for tnc past year, ihc population of the city la b - :\veen Iwcniy-dve and thirty thousand. It has gbc dally newspapers. Manufacturing has more than doubled during Ihe past year, amounting In the aggregate to twomllllocs of dollars. The whole tale drvcoode trade to flve millions; grocery trade, fire millions; lienor trade, eight hundred thou sand; Indian pood?,four hundred and seventy-five ihuosand; bides and fars. live hundred thousand: cattle, live hundred thousand; freighting busi ness. two million seven hundred and fifty thou sand. The total retail sale trade reaches a fraud aggregate of twenty-one million one hundred and i iri-ty thousand. The V'fli'e joi/rr.o/pnblUhos accounts from dif ferent parts of the State, showing the average amount of wheat raised the past season to the acre to be upwards of thirty bushels. Wheat is row soiling at potatoes, £2.00 per bushel; boner, per pound. -.The weather has been clear lor several days, and modciatclycold. FROM Li SALLE. Fatal Accident la tbc La Salic Compa< ny’s Coal nines, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tiibttne.l Lx Salle, January 8. One of tbo pushers In the shaft of the La Suite Cca) Mining Company of this city, was klllci to dvr. by the clschargo of a blast. The miners working the room into which be pushed biscar liadju-t lighted the fuse, and came out as be went in with hfs car. They cried Arc, bat from aml«- nndoistandlng cf tbc call, or an Idea that they wore joking him. be ran his car on Into the room jp.st as tin* blast .sploded. He leaves n wife and three children. FROHNKW ORLEANS. ifonTf Snow Sforni—Valnc of Foreign TV I new by tlxe Government dur- Inn tlir Pom Year—FrXcc of Heal Ca lcic in Lotibtlnna—Work of the Blot invoMlgntlon Committee. N'rw Orleans. January S.—Snow fell last night o the depth of two Inches. This is the fir®t heavy snow storm since 1552. Nvav Orleans, January a,—A peddler named OkVJn. of the PcrOEiccnth Regulars, -was danger ouslvcnt tn the throat by a razor in tbe hand? of Charles Donohue, private i» the same regiment. Tbo tragedy occurred at Sheridan's Headquarters. The value of foreign wines seized during tbo present year by the United State? Treasury at thl« port, and for which, fifty suits are now pending In tbe District Coarl bet we ?n shippers and the Gov ernment. amonma fr nearly i-i("*,000. Prices for real estate in Louisiana are improv ing In spbc of the fact that there have been and still are a great many suits foreclosing mortgages and collection of claims. In most cases property 1? bringing Its ft\U value, wban a year ago hardly flfiv percent of It could be got at forcea sale. New Orleans, January 3.—The Congressional Committee did not leave until to-night on taelr return, being detained to inquire as to alleged Custom House frauds. The result was blgMv complimentary to Collector Kellogg, bh the testimony exonerated him from all nlame. No charge of fraud or official mismanagement was preferred. Id reference to the riot, 160 witnesses were ex amined. 50 of whom were selected by a committee of citizens. The testimony when written trill wake 2,w.J pages of legal cjp. FROM NEW YORK. ThcExoi«f,awtolM StrictlyEnforcM —Action of tho Chamber of Com merce Excitement In the Gold Room, Etc, New York, January 3.— Superintendent Ken nedy hr 9 triJtiert the strict enforcement of the ex cise law, which has been long in abeyance. At a meeting of ibeChamber of Commerce, Mr. I.owe resinned the Presidency of that body. A resolution was offered, recommending the President and Congress to strengthen the repub lican Government of Mexico by temporary aid, naval and national, after lie departure of the Ficncb. The resolution was tabled. Great excitement prevailed In tho gold room, to-day, over tbc report (bat the President was to be impeached. Cold rose rapidly for a few minutes. and subsequently receded. J. B. late General in the Confederal a»tnv, h; e vrived hetj from Mexico. Ntw Ycck, January 3.—lhe correspondence between Governor Weiis, of Louisiana, and Gen eral Sheridan Is published. Governor Wvits, it appears, requested General Sheridan to enforce General Grant’s order No. 41, and punish the rioters ny military commission. Gcoeial Sheridan replied that he would when be thought H necessary. KANSAS. Probable Choice for Officers of the Leg islature—The Pulled Mates Senatorial Question. St. Lons. January 3 —The Democrat'» Tope ka (Kansas) special says thrft John A. Morton, of Topeka, w ill be Clerk of the House, and A. P. Ranks, of Lawrence, Secretary of the Senate. The prominent canolnales for Speaker aro W. \V. Upilegrafl, Speaker of the first State Legislature. J. K. Goodwin and Colonel Plumb. The Sena torial question will probably not he carried Into the election for Speaker. Mr. Pomctby has arrived and gone earnestly to. work. Tbc certainty of bis reflection has caused thr aspirants lot the short term to bo anxious to make crmblnntions with him. hot be declines all overtures. About forty members of tbe Leglsla tnre hare been In the army, and they are deter mined to eUct Shouteer lor the short term. Major Ross, the present Incumbent, has the in side track. FROM CINCINNATI. Report of tl»o Adjutant General of Ohio —Death of an Old Citizen The h rather. CiKcnofATT, January 3.— I The anmnl report of the Adtmnnt G-ucral of Ohio shows that the State of Ohio farnlshtd ton thousand eight hun dred and eleven men in excess of ail calls by the General Government during tbe.war. The total war expenses of tho State during the war was elxlj-four million eight hundred and six ly-seven thousand dollars. A fire at Cnnnclton, Ind., on Sunday night, destroyed a brewery, three or four „ o re. nod se'erai dwelling*. Loss estimated at s3'»,o*io. Ransom Taft, an old citizen, and father ?”w d^,^ 1 ? n2 e Taft, of the Cinclnuatl supreme Cocrt, died in this city on New Year's day. The weather continues very cold, and naviga tion is still suspended. The thermometer at J o clock this morning, stood at 10 degrees above zero. ° COSGRESSIOSAL PROCEEDINGS. SENATE. _ .... , Wasulsciox. January 3. wTn C ~ » B tj Pr«PM«dby Commissioner W v! crvvPD ef 2 rc l J> e &«nale. Referred. rJSf.U-? MNER ottered a resolution directing the to in q®lre if any legislation is necessary to prevent the sale of persona into elaycjy as punishment. Adopted. t"a«™ C ni.;a“ lkd atuntio “ «o ce. of mi. Mr. JOEhsON presented a memorial from the citizens of Louisiana lor assistance io repair the le'cca. to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. slain aR proented a resolution Instruct* ujethe JndictaryConuxUlleeto hqr.lriU farther legislaJoD is t ecnsiaiy to prevent the enslave meol of Indians In New Mexico- or auy evetem-of peonage. Sir. Sumner said it was carried to a 8 «- officew wero was ]ald over till Monday. Mr. IRDMBULL moved io take up tbc-resolu lion to reconsider the vote passing a bill to make an extra allowance to the Milwaukee and Hock Liver Canal Company, of Wisconsin, over and above the amount recommended by tho Commis sioner of the’Land Office. After much discussion thr motion was nol agreed to. The bill to repeal the thirteenth section of the coni station BUI was called up aad postponed. - The Senate then adjourned. HOUSE. WAsniXGTOK, January 3. Home assembled this forenoon. Mr. t\ ells’ Tariff Bill was presented, fhe regular order was Stevens' bill for the re construction of the rebellions States, and was read by sections. Mr. Bingham made an effort to ariesl us consideration. Mr. BTEVENS advocated immediate action, in wTt v * ecislon of the Supreme Comt, unlcu, be said, be would not pronounce as in uunoua as tho Drcd Scott case. Congress must do something to proteetthe loval men from the barbarism of thei south, or be held responsible to the civilized world. Tfe KfJ,” akin E ; “opropriatlon for tbe support or the Military Academy for the year was made tbe special order for Monday. Mr. WENTWORTH asked leave to introduce a rceolation that the Jaaiciary Committee be in sirncted to report what tseasares can be taken to prevent the Supreme Court from discharging the assassins ofPresident Lincoln. Mr. ELDHIUGE objected. The resolution of Mr. HUBBARD, that this House will not consent to pay for property de stroyed by the Union army during tno rebellion, was laid over. Mr. PAINE, of Wisconsin, introduced a bill for tbe reorganisation of, the militia. In the States aim Ttrntorica. It provides that all able bodied citizens over eighteen years of age shall been rolled within sixty days of the passage of the bill. 1c alto provides for a National Guard of two real mente in each Congressional District. Among the qualifications Is that of loyalty. The officers to be elected by the troops and commissioned by the Governors. The latter shall exercise authori ty over ihe National Guard, and that no State be permitted to organize any otbertroops. No Gov ernor shall exercise authority over troops unless be bas taken Jthe} iron-clad oatb. Congress may oruer the National Guard m o service to repel in vasion or suppress Insurrection; also to aid ii. the execution of the lawsol any Sta’os, and the suppression of Insurrection therein, at the request 01 tue 1 eclslatnre ot such Slate. Kefbsai to subjects the offenders to penalty as deser ters. It provides that the National Guard shall become part ot iht Regular Army in lime of war. Bill referred. Mr. BLNDY introduced a joint resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Terri tories, to establish tour Tcrriiorial Governments for tbe so-called State of Texas. The preamble recites that the inhabitants forfeited their rights by their rebellious conduct. They are still dis loyal, and by lawless nets, ontrages on Union men and treedmen have justly earned a name sucgestlvcoflbc penal colony ot tbe world. The blu provides that all sales of laud heretofore to disloyal persons should t»e null and void. The House then proceeded as the first business in order Jo the conslaciation of the bill reported by Mr. Stevens, Apiil ath, Irom tho Joint Select Committee on ReconMrucifon to provide lor restoring to the Slates lately In Insurrection ttndi full political rights, the question being on tbe f übsihuie proposed therefor by Mr. Stevens, on the lt»tb December, 18W5, • Mr. BINGHAM made a point oforder that a l * the eighth ttciiou provided foi admission of rebel Slates on" compliance with the conditions pre rcrlbed. it must he referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. Tbe Speaker overruled the point, as that hid has been reported from Iho.'committee, and wa a uetore the House, subject to amendment. Mr. bTEVENb maoe a motion to amend the third section by taking the power to appoint Elec tion V'Ommlss'oners lor the districts lately In re bellion, irom Congress and giving it to tbe Su preme Court of the District of Columbia. He said: lam very anxious that this bill shall bo pro ccedtd with until Aral action Is reached. I desire that this Homo should come to same conclu sion what la to he done with the rebel States. T his becomes more aud more necessary every day * and the late decision of the Supremo Court of the United Slates baa rendered immediate action of Congress upon the question of establishing governments m the rebel States ab<*(T lately indispensable. That deck-ion. tnongh in tcims, peibap? not so infamous as the Dred Scott decision, ia yet far more danrerons and dis astrous in Its opeialion on the lives and liber ties of tbe loyal men of this country. Thatde cu-ion has taken away iho protection of everf loyal man. black or white, who resides there That decision has uneheaihcd the dagger of the assassin and put It to the throat of every man who dares to proclaim himself, now or hereafter alojal Union mau. If that decision be true, -hen never were any men in sucb terrible peril, as our loyal brethren In the South, white and black, whether originally residing there or not. Mr. Speaker, mdess Congress proceed at once to do something to protect these people from ibe barbarian horde who are daily murderin'* them, black and white, aud putting them into sicrel graves, hundreds and thousands of the loyal colored people will proceed atonco to nke action. I beseech you, and every man who loves liberty, whether we are not liabla to the world for our cowardice, tor our seeming want ot ability to no it. Uls lor these reasons that I insist in going on with the consideration of this bill. Virdt* is an act to leave to the men In the bouthem States, nr near as I can discrimi nate then., to form governments and ro put them into loyal hands, that theym.iy protect themselves from the outrages that I speak of. No one o; onr Generals commanding Departments in the Slate* lately in rebellion dare now to render this deci sion. One ofthe most atrocious rebels, - Dr. Watson, has been released under Jins decision. For the J*cei reasonslt becomes ail the morenecessary that v> c should promptly lake measures to pul a stop to there atrocities and protect the loyal people of the Suuth. Mr. SI EVENS proceeded to read a written argument in support of the bill. Ho described the condition of attalr? at the South,and said out rages were committed by the late rebels upon loyal meu, while and blade, and that the country in which such a state of things could exist, was not a true icpubhc. Twenty years ago he had denounced one Government as a despotism, !«*- cacse under ft then, twenty millions of white men enslaved four millions of black men, and he pronounced ft no nearer a true republic now than it was then. The freedom of a government did not depend upon the quality of its laws, but upon the power having authority to en act them; and no Government could be free that did not allow all its citizens to participate in the mating aid the execution of Its laws. Tberewere degrees In tyranny, and generally the larger the number of the rubra the more criiel (he despol bm. Congress was bound, by every considera tion ofhoj.oraud policy, to prefect loyal people at tic boulh. All obstacles standing to. the wav of such action must be removed. The President was Ccmmarder-ir-Chlef of the army, but Con gress vas las commander, and ho was compelled in obey. He and bis minion® must li-am that ours is net a Government of kings and satraps, tut a Government of the poop e for the people- At the ,-ovclnslon of Mr. Mevens* AMU.KV, or Ohio,offercd a substitute. Uwa* ordered printed. The House then wen' into Committee of the Whole on the President's Message. Mr. Grlnnell. being entitled to the floor, yield ed to Mi. KELtJiV.ot Pa., who made an elaborate speech, criticising in detail the recent report of the Secretary or the Treasury. He said the policy of rapid contrac’lon, and attempt at an early resumption cf specie payments, wouM end xu the bankruptcy of individual corporation? and States, and possibly that of the National Govern ment. Mr. PIKE, of Maine, next addressed tbc House and protested against Congress pledging itself to admit Representatives from the South on their ratifying tbe Constitutional Amendment. He wished to judge of each Stale separator, and if they treated tbe freedaten properly he wonld vote lot their adctl-slou; but they gave no indi cations of it. The only plan left them in liis opinion was to lake one or two Slates and estab lish In them governments founded on universal scilrage- Mr. HOLMES next addressed the House in a tadlcal speech on tbc reconstruction of the South ern States. Mr. WENTWORTH, of Illinois, offered the fol lowing. w bich was adoptc :: retolud. That tbe Secretary of War he request cd to communicate to this House what progress In* 1 een made id the survey of the Rock and Illi nois Hirers ordered at the last session of this Cci press. and the names of the officers to whom «ald surveys have been entrusted. On motion, the Home then adjourned until Fri day at 12 o'clock. FROM BOSTON. nictHne in Aid of|he Suffering Cretans —ReUglpat Freedom. Bostok, January S.—A public meeting will he held to this city on Monday in aid of the suffering women and children of the Cretans. A Jew. named Simon S. Barry, keeper of a clear store, was tried and acqnitted In the So pieme Conn, to-day, on a charge of violating the Mtndav law. by keeping hi? shop oner. The Court decided that fat was not amenable for doing business on the Christian Sabbath when he had already kept the Jewish Sabbath. THE METHODIST CHURCH SOUTH. Proposition to Change Ila Name JDe* tented. Ricraroxc, Vs., January B,—Returns from twen ty-three Conferences of the Sonth Methodist Church show that tbc proposition to change the name is defeated- The Late .Bassacre of Troops on the Plains. IXAVtswonru, Kansas, January C.—From ad vices received, tt appears that the troops massamd tear FortPah. Kearney, did not make the attack, but were smprised by The Indians. The attack was made before daylight. The Cheyennes and Siouxs arc said to have combined for a war against the whites. Coal Sale In Near Yorlc. New Yoke. January 3.—At the auction sale of coal prices were lower. Steamer coal. 4 ST: imnp,t3.75G3.95; crate, $5.15@5.00; egr, sr-.104j5.t1>; stove, SSAS(SG.OO; chestnut, 52.30® Working Force to tw* Increased on the. <»oit(hxrc*t Pacific Railroad. New Yoke, January 3.—The Southwest Pacific Railroad Company, to-day, forwarded instruc tions to their contractors to increase their force to 1.5C0 nil'll, on tbe work of construction west of the Gf.sconade River. Libel Salt. vr»THts. January 3.—J. Eaiiski has sued-lhe Arnte am) CV-n.raerdof for 525,000 damage?, tor publishing a statement that he had sot fire to his store. Necrology of IBG6. [From the Now York Evening Post.) The death-roll of tho year Includes many namea distimoiahed inpolil ies, In the church "n onlhoS® nod to art. We note a few of “rhe nrnha o£ the authors tayc beea Fredrika Bremer died at Stock* thinned. holm early in the year; Jared Sparks at Cambridge in March; Joseph Mery in France in June; Count Gnrowaki at Washington in May; and Gararni at Paris in November. Among the dead statesmen and political leaders arc Daniel S. Dickinson, Lewis Cass, John Vanßuren, Elijah F. Pnrdy, Moses F. Odell, Jaau Humphrey, Senators Fool and Wright, and Commodore Stockton. Prince Eetcrhazy died at Ratisbon In May, and Mar quis d’Azeglto In Italy in January, la Octo ber. M. Thoavcnel closed his long and active career in France. Gordon Camming, the famous llou-hrmter, was accidentally killed in Scotland in March. Professor Henry D. Rogers, a dis tinguished saranf, also died in Scotland In May. John Ross, chief of the Cherokee Nation, died at Washington In August. The sculptor Gibson died in Italy in Janu ary, seventy-live years old ; and Sir Charles Eastlake, President of the British Royal Academy, died at Pisa just as the new year came in. The most prominent clergymen who have died during the year are Drs. Gumming and Piee of the Roman Catholic Church; Dr. Kllphalet Nott. President of Union College; Dr. Dawks, of this city; Dr. Whewcll, and Rev. John Keblc in England; and u Father Front,” In Paris—the last-named better known by his pseudonym than by hU proper name of Mahony. General Scott died at West Point on the 20th ol May. Admiral Parela, commander of the Spanish fleet In the Pacific, commit* ted suicide. John S. Rarer, the horse-tamer, died in Ohio In October. Robert B. Miuturn, one of our loading merchants, died on the flth of January ; Gerard Halleck at New Haven In the same month; Simeon Draper and Police Inspector Carpenter in Novem ber; and General S-R-Curtis in December. FROM BOSTON. Tbfi Llqnor law-Tbe Small dealers Prosecute the Hotels—An Odd Trio of Culprits—A Refractory Jury'— The Soldiers* monument—The Gn>< Ques tion, and a Gas Explosion—School Discipline— Flocctnfj Statistics—The Kew magazine— The Banka Affair— Tito Storm In New England* (Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Boston. Mass., December Si). Ever since the foundation of the constabu lary system in this Stale, two years ago, tbe officers of the force have been striving to suppress the retail sale of liquor,which Is here a criminal offencc,*by prosecuting the small groceries and groggeries in the cities and in the rural districts. The large hotels, at the bars of which a very large part of the drinking is done, have not once beenjinter tered with; their gains hove been increased by the losses of their lessor and poorer neighbors; and indeed the Chief Constable has avowed his purpose ofleaving these pow erful establishments alone until that remote period when tbe traffic shall be suppressed everywhere else, on the theory that he must begin somewhere, and that less gross intoxi cation can be traced to these than to the bars of a lower grade. Naturally this coarse has not been especially gratifying to those numerous small dealers la liquors, who hare been exposed to great annoyance and ex pt-nscs devouring all their profits by the con stant complaints of tbe constabulary, while men who had pot rich from the same begin nings were allowed to cuimnit the same of- lujoe with impunity. At lust they have al lowed their wrath to take ‘form in a j radical and very peculiar protest. A iVw d.»ys ngo a tonual complaint was made in tho. Municipal Court at the In -lance of one of these minor rum sellers, backed up by others of the same kidney, ‘gainst tbe proprietors of three of our prin dpal hotels—Parker’s. Young’s und the Re vere House, clanging each 'of them with •inainlalnlrur a liquor nuisance.” The ledge readily issued the writ, which was served indue .form, and on Thursday tha three wealthy and substantial gentlemen complained of, Harvey J. Parker, George Youn" and William Brigham, appeared in the characterof prisoners at the bar. They all pleaded guilty without a blush, and were each sentenced to pay a fine of SSO and costs, to be imprisoned for three months in the House of Correction, and to give bonds in the sum of SI,OOO not to offend again in the same way. The sight of the three tolling in the Penitentiary would he a rare one indeed, but it* is not to be granted to the curious yet, for the whole trio prompt ly appealed from the decision, and were hound over to appear before a higher court at a coming term. Each gentleman found willing and sufficient bondsmen in the other. two: and so the case goes over, with the multitude of others like it on the docket, to await the decision of the Supreme Court of the United Slates as to the constilutionalitv of the law under which it occurs. Meanwhile the constables arc active In all parts of the State, making prosecutions in earnest, and scarcely a day goes by without the announcement of the seizure of ibou -ar.ds of dollars’ worth of liquor in Spring field, or Worcester, or some other of the minor cities. Sometimes a disaffected Jury man blocks the wheels of the law, and in a week or two'ago, alter repeat* ••n disagreements In liquor cases where the evidence left no possibility of doubt as to he tacts, the presidium judge took the uu .;»ud course of dismissing the whole jury, uhich contained two stubborn members, with a fen- remarks as to the enormity of neb conduct, and proceeding with the rest •»f the business of the term with one jury only. THE SOLDIERS’ MONUMENT. Tbc agitation of the Soldiers’ Monument question has pone on for another week in the City Council, with the usual accompani ments of editorials and communications on the subject in the papers. The committee on the subject reported on Friday evening to the City Council, with a recommendation that the additional amount called for,sGo,ooo, making SIOO,OOO in all, should be appropri ated in spite of the remonstrances. The Council voted on the appropriation after a long debate, and it stood twenty to nine teen ; so by the decision of the presiding officer that a two-thirds vote was necessary, the extra appropriation was lost ; but there is some discussion as to the correctness of this ruling, some authorities main taining that only the original appropriation required the two-tbmis majority. Uv the present prospect. I suppose the matter will go over to the new City Government, which comes into power in a week or so. GAS MATTERS. The other subject which has lately en gaged the attention of the Dosion legisla \-rs—the question of and assumption by the gity of the manufacture and supplying of gas •.o the inhabitants—has been settled by the vloj-tion of an order for the appointment of -i city inspector of metres, whose duty it -hall be to investigate all complaints of consumers as to incorrect measurement or unjust charge*; and for the creation ..f a commission to examine into the wh<*lc matter during the next two years, at he cud of which time the citizens shall de cide by a yea and nay vote whether or not the city shall assume the responsibility of providing its people with gas, as it now does with water. The serenity ot last Snnday morning was disturbed by the penetrating odor of escaping gas, which arose from the ?cwere into the cellars of the whole neigh borhood of the South End ; and after a :ew hours of this annoyance, while everybody was searching for the leak, the Sabbath qui et was broken by a tremendous explosion, which knocked several people down, and otherwise had various unpleasant consequen ce®, and was heard all over the city. It proved that theie was a large leak In one of the main subterranean pipes, through which :hc gas was pouring into a sewer, where it ignited. wmrriNG ix schools. That odd collection of people with hob bles, the Boston Social Science Association, has been giving its attention lately to the subject of corporal punishment in'schools, which most of the hobbyists agree in con demning as a practice, though' several of them admit that it cannot be entirely done :iwav with to advantage while juvenile na ture remains what it Is. People generally imagine that there is hardly any flogging in i lie model Boston schools, bnt one member . fthe School Committee stated in one of these social science meetings, that daring the lost nine months nearly fourteen thou sand cases of whipping—ln exact numbers 13.744—had been reported by the teachers, that in many of the instances the punishment was very severe. The sc£° ol committee held one of their regular meetings the next evening, and the member who had made public the whipping •Ifllistics wasTCtfidcd by some of his col* leagues tor the..indiscretion. A vote was taken on the order abolishing corporal pun ishment in the Boston public schools, and •he prop«»sitlon was negatived, but a rale was adopted prohibiting the whipping of girls without the advice and consent of the master of the district. LiiyUßT. The new magazine, A'oiiAcm Lights, has at tast made its appearance, after a good deal of injurious delay. . The first number -bows some promise, but certainly not enough to insure success without rapid'im provement in future. The title-page, to be gin with, is old-fashioned and hideous, and Mrs. Howe, who writes the •‘.Saluta tion,’* ought, instead of being an editor, to be put under very rigid editorial super vision, for her style is most vicious and stilted, and too much of it would be death to any new enterprise. Her poem which follows, on Bachel and Ris’orl, is a good specimen of her worst and harshest manner. The rest of the number is better—the anony mous novel beginning well, FIU Hugh Lud low’s story being clever and magazlmsh, Petroleum V. Kasby—adding an element of 'popularity, although be dpcs not shine In mere humor as he docs in political satire, and “The Contributors’ Club,’’ a convcrsa rional department after the “Nodes Am brrsian®” model, promising to be t. pleasant feature. The periodical is to appear weekly, and Us conductors will soon have a chance to show whether this is the best or the worst they can do. VARIOUS MATTERS. A pilot-boat launched here a few days ago was christened the Edwin Booth. Some of General Banks’s fricnds ? alarmed for the ultimate effect in the District of tho report of the Portland Investigating ‘Com mittee, are endeavoring to get belief for a report that the “ extraordinary conduct ” of the General in. Maine wa« owing to a dose of opium rather than of whiskey; but the de fence Is & very slim one, and will gain nothing NUMBER 210, but ridicule for a cause of which certainlv the leas said the better for its defenders. The inventor of a new device for making safes flre-proot by a system of Interior pi ocs containing water, which is converted by heat into steam, and keeps the books, papers and money cool and secure for honrs and days, has been testing his method here by baking safes over a tire, and, os I am informed, has met with entire success In the ordeal. We are reading, with that complacent in tcrest which comes from personal exomo tion, of the terrible storm which has Inter rupted travel all around us, while here It came only in twenty-four hours of rain. West of Springfield all the way to Buffalo we hear of two feet of snow, drifted some times to the depth of ten and twelve feet, and the trains from New York and Albany come in four or five hours late, or do not come at all. The most serious result of the storm seems to be the wreck of the Sound steamer Commodore, which by great good fortune and good management wa-*’ not attended with the of life that seemed imminent and would have carried bereave ment into hundreds of New England homes. Revere, Japanese Stadenta at a XastmchOMtu Academy, (From the SpriDcfteld (Mass.) Republican.] We noticed last week the arrival in this city ofsix Japanese students on their way to Monsou Academy.' Thev ore sent to this country by the Prince of Satsuma one of the most..powerful and enlightened of the eighteen princes of Japan,'and their object Is to acquire a knowledge of our language, and the brandies of a scientific and practical education. They expect to remain in this country five or alx years, or longer, if neces sary, in order to become proficient in the studies which they wish to pursue. Three of them are young men, and the others are not far from thirty years of age. They are sill connected with the army of Prince Satsu ma, in which they official rank. Their names are Ashuani, Shimada, Hismats, Kudo, Obara nod Yoshida, and thev have already acquired some knowledge of our lan guage. The arrival of these strangers from Japan shows that this remote country is no longer to be secluded from Intercourse with the Western nations. They have,not been con nected with the mission schools in Japan but the advice of one of the missionaries, Kev. Samuel R. Brown, was solicited by the .Government of the country in retard to the best mode of introducing them to the schools of the United States. Mr. Brown, now a mis sionary of the Dutch Reformed Church at Yokohama, was formely in charge of the Morrison school at Hong Kong, and on his re turn to this country be brought with him three Chinese youths, who were several years at the Monson Academv. Their names were Wong SWnp. Yung Wing, and Wong Fun 1 The first of these, Shing, after a residence of two years, returned to China, where he has been connected with the office of the Chim -Vail as an editor and translator, and lately be has been called to take charge of an im portant, school at Shanghai. Yung Wing, af ter a residence of four years at Monson, en tered Yale College, where he graduated in 1554. He was distinguished In college for his attainments in English literature, and won several prizes for composition. Alter his re turned to China he wasa successful merchant, and in ISO 4 he was sent to this country as an agent of the Chinese Government, with an important commission. His nephew, Yung Sum Yow, is now in Monson Academv. Wong Fun fitted for college at Monson, and entered Edinburgh University, in accordance with the wishes of his patron, Mr. Shortrcdc, a native ofScotland. BROTH EHS, Advertising As’ia 12tt Dent-born-at.• rceeite advertisement* for nil the- lending papers throughout the United s*tnte» nnd Carmona, Cj)£ Skating fsfason. ■^fASHINGTON SKATING PARK. Open this Afternoon & Evening. SPLENDID NEW SHEET OF ICE. Great Western Light Guard Baud iu the Evening. EST SIDE ZR/ZUNT ZEZ. SPLENDBS) ICE. OPEN ALL DAY AND EVENING. I.ook oat lor ftlons. LAFAYETTE la a few Jays. OGDEN SKATING EARK IS the envy of all the Parka In the city. We bare* MAGNIFICENT SHEET OF ICE! And wc can Injure a good time to el!. GO TO THE “ OGDEN.” 'Y^ T ABASH-AT. RINK! SPLENDID ICE: SPLENDID TIME I Open all Day and Etciilb?. CHEAT TOXOM BAWD TO-NIGHT QHICAGO SKATING CLUB. Thesnnnnl meeMnpof theClnb for tho election of cOlcem a-llt l*e bclc at theTrcmont House, ihl-* eve uing. Everymem'ber is capped to he present. D. ». LOOKIN'LAND, Cor, secretary. General Notices. *Yyr ESTJICs STE R PEESBYTEEIAN CHUSCH, PBOF. SWING, Pastor. The ANNUAL RENTAL OF PEWS will take p’acc Saturday, 5tU Instant, From 8 to 10 a. tn. sad Irom 7 to 9 p. tn, pEWS IN THE CALTARTPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Her. Edwara A. Pierce. Pastor, will be let this eve ning. The Trustees will receive bids for a choice. ■psriox SCREW AND BOLT CO. The books arc now open for subscription to stock la the rnion Screw and Bolt Como&ny ol Chicago, at US Franklin-ft., where a machine U In operation matins ferewg on an entirely a»w principle. T7LECTION NOTICE—There will he _Tj *n election of Dlro tor* for Ibe COMMEKtIAL INSURANCE. COMPANY, for the ensuing year. on MONDAY, Jan. 7,1967. trom 10 to 13 o’clock a.nu At the Company’s Office, 46 LaSalle-st. J. FARMER. Sec ’y. jfmit, ©inters anti Jellies, AGENCY PRICE BROS., BALXmoUB, Fresh Can Frnit. Cove Oysters, And Jellies. IN STORE AND FOB SALS, 1,000 CASK* CA’f FHtTIT. A.OOO I'A>ES COVE OYSTERS, 300 CA?*KS JELLIES, in (Hass. The atore good* are aiiofthe beat qoalltlM, sod warranted by the manniactorcra and agent*. Jobbers* orders »o*lclted. __ WENTWOBIIT. HIBBARD A FRENCH, 113 Klnzle sc, Chicago, lIL ffljatosrapjjs. A PHOTOGRAPH OP JOHN n. SURRATT, the last of the conspirators against the late President Llnco o. photographed from the one in the possession ot the War Department, (the only one now in exis tence.) sent to any address, with a biography oi bis :tle, for twenty-five cents ard two rcduamps. Address F. O. Box C 7 6 Washington. D.c. rjpHE BALL KBITS I! 0 LUNG. BRAND, at 10S I.afce-st., was the flr s t nan In the West to reduce the Price of picture*. Remember this, and In patronizing him oe sure of GOOD 'WORK. Cartes de Vliite f 1.50 per dozen. Porcelains, g’A. TT'ULSWORTH ZOUAVES. ATTEN- Xv TIONJ Every member ol this corps Is hereby notified to boat their Armory, (Old Board of Trade Ha)',) in till dress uniform, on FRIDAY EVENING, the Ith Instant, at S o'clock. By order of E. L. BRAND, Captain. JHusital. PIANO-FORTE INSTRUCTION.— Two rr three Ladles or Gentlemen, who may do sire to learn to plav the Plano, bat who are engaged coring tLv day, can receive EVENING INSTRUCTION on moderate terms, by addressing "S. SV Box anaa. ffiJiJoob anh ffioal. TTARD COAL. ( BEBTTCTIO 3V. I have 100 Tons LACKAWANA AND SCRANTON COAL, at Kobert Law’s Yard, bought this lommer, which I will sell at «SJO, delivered. Can. thU nay. at the office of CHAS,BILL. lU* South Clark-st n Boom X 3. hosiers, Notions, &c. E\V iiiiii. SEYMOUR, CARTER & 00,, 22 ZA3E-ST., Importers and. Jobbers of HOSIERY, WHITE GOODS, Notions, Twines, Soaps, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Etc. Sole Agents for Bigelow’s Celebrated “STAR” PAPER COLLARS I THOMAS H, SEYMOVH, THOMAS B. CARTER,' Late with J-J. V. Farwell JAMES TWAMLEY, / * Co. Rcuiobals. OF REMOVAL. MESSRS. WATERBURY & CHRIMES, TAILORS, Hate removed FROM 14S TO 146 DEARBOEH-ST. JgEMOVAL- Com Exchange Bag Factory. Wc have removed to oar old stand. £.83 South Water-st. Whtrc all orders will be promptly oiled- BART, ASTEH & 80. aiaanttfr. "RANTED TO PURCHASE. A House anil Lot on tlio Sonth Siilo, Or on West WaablngMU-st. from 112/00 to $15,000. WARREN * GOODRtrn. Beal Estate Grokere, 12.1 Dearbora-cC.U-wing. EXPERIENCED HUSINESSf 3XAX, Coir pot, t.t Gooktcepcr. Cashier or Agent, waatsaslt unllun at moderate sMlarv. Addr»n**J P.’* Tribune oibev. * Hustncss ffiathp. UNDERWOOD & CO., General Commission Merchants, Cor, LaSalle and Wasbfagfon.stk, CHICAGO. Giro particular attention to both boyinr: and selltai Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork. Lard, Beef, Tallow. property boosbt and held os ma x&as, and sold eUbo l& tub or Eastern markets. jy Special rates ot Comtntnlea made to those wbl tnmbb Uidr own money for larce purchase ol prop erty to be bold tor sale by os. I*» L Ccricrtraodi Con. w.Ccdenroodi QILBEHT & FIELD, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (Successors to Gilbert, I'pdlko & C o',} 10 3 Waelilnglon-st. cn&s. J. GILBERT. GEO.FIELD MALTING COMPANY, Eos. 2 and 4 Kichigan-av., ITlantifactßrcn* of nalt and P«olcn in Barter and Bjo. W»* keep coEstantiy oa hand stacks st Prime Kurtry and Uyc Malt, w hich we are prepared to sell at tee lowist market fatoe. Q_ILB£RT UPDIKE General Commission Merchants fOB SALE AKD PURCHASE OF rrouE, gbaih and provisions. Efp> rial attention plTen to f tie cf DRESSED 0009 m Uieir season. OFFICE ASD "WAREHOUSE, IG3 Washington-sU, CMcsgo. QASE & BALIS KcnlEdintcAspntf. Kansan City, Mo- t pnv ntd Sell Keal Estate on Cash terras. Will send circular*, traps, or otherlnlhrsatlou, npon application, Refer to Governor Thos. C. Fictcbcr, of Mo., Secre taryrfplat** Francis Redman. gtockjjolfrcrg’ fHcctiuga. rpnK LUMBERMAN’S INSURANCE J CoMrANY.—TIiP Annual Meetlneofthe Stock holders for the election of Directors ot thl-* Como my. will heli'ld at the Office ot the Company, 70 LaSalle et.,ou MONDAY, the 7th day ol January, 1567, At 3 P. to. THOMAS GOODMAN. S«sT. CTOCKHOLDEUS’ MEETING.—The Cj Stocfclio'dera of the noimrw«s>TEKu packet co. Arc b-rpl>? i.o’Ujtd U.al ibulr Anna*! Meetlnc wilt l>< held at Hit tv.mrany*!* Offli-c. In Dubuque, cn Wedctu dar. JSUi Joe., 1967. at u oV 'ook n. m. «EO. A. DLASCEAKD, Secretary. DPboqoe, 10th liec„l£66. OTOCKBOLDERS’ MEETING.—The O ?torkho!dfre of ihe Nnnhwmcrn Union Pnrlsct Comonny Are heieby notified that lhe:r Anneal MA'tmj will be held at the Sherman nocse, Chicago, os Tuesday, ISlh Jaa.,lSC7, at Jloviock a. m. GEO. A. BLANCHARD. Secretary. DubßQqe.lOth DfC.. ISfIC. _ (gitg Kotircg. pAT TOUR TAXES. The Real and Personal Taxes For Slate. Cocnty and Town pnrpostn. for the year ISOP. T r the TOWN OF WEST CHICAGO, aienow dae. and can bo paid at my oiUce, <>a Corner Randolph and Canal»sts., Room No. 11. JACOB GROSS, Collector Town o! West Chicago. tburafionaJ PRINCIPAL WANTED. VTANTED-A PRINCIPAL for the HIGH SCHOOL ' AT STEELING, Hi. jfote but the bout need app y. and most come ttc!l recoumunocd, Cali at room 46 Briggs Home, until Friday evtning at 1 o’clock*, alter that adarea* A- A. TEBRSIL, Cleric of Board, Sterling. Rl. pIUCAGO ACADEMY, tvtnter Tern commences WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2,15C7. GEO. T. WOODWARD, Principal. SIRS. A, R. WOODWARD. Pre-fptrsrs. J^OTICE. THE DIRECTORS OF THE 9 Insnrauee Co. of Chicago* declared a six month** dividend ot fire percent on Its camtai. tree ot Government tax, payable on and after ttre lun tnit. The Transfer Bootes will be closed Iron the fifth to the iCih Instant inclusive. By order ol the Board. „ Va. B. ROLLO, Secretary. *r\IVIDEKD. The directors of ‘•The Commercial National Bask ol Chicago” have this oav declared a seml-acnoat div idend of six per cent, free of Government tax,p»y»hle on the second Tuesday of January text- The transfer boons will be closed until .7 ALii-irrl Q.13E7. M. D. DLCHANAN. Cashier. AQ{r AAA TO LOA3* ON DI- PROVED BEAL ESTATE In this toms cf 53.0C5 and upwards. GEO. n. KOZET, Real Estate and loan Broker, 9S LaSaUe-at. T CANS ON CZT7 BZSAZf ESTATE. PARKER * LYMAN. Nos. 15 and 17 Portland Block, are new preparethto negotiate mortgage* on real es tate in this city, through their correspondents in New York and Bottom _ jfax ti)c iaaiaags. Q.ENUINE fWeerscliaum Pipes & Cigar Holders Ol onr own Importation, at very lowprtrea. U BECK A WIDTH. 03 Sooth Watef-it. JFor Sale. T> 1 PKOPDLLEK fob SAII^E. The PrcpeilCT Ottawa, rating 81, and heiTtlr re oalrwltnl)©,well tbuadand In goodcondltlonT!* of fmdlor eale- For further particulars Lnnulraof iMta rot IYARBRN 6 WOODBURY, !• CaaaUt. BuploHlgticSefrts. JpASHIOHB DEMAND J. W. Bradley’s Dnplex Elliptic (OB DOUBLE SPSDTQ) SKIRTS. j. i v^°°p asMaa' where three or &n titrawn <SS u niclcaa. The73HV^Qr durability aaA STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIOSABLE WDW.D. At wholesale by the taclnaira mirnii.ftr..... 9CIe owners of the patent. "WESTS, BRADLEY * CAST, Warehouse usd najf?, py chambers sal yj» aal Rv >cw ToriL. Auo. at njry% lag Jobber*. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic SKrts, By far the meet popular an,? sraceiat Scirttroru. m calc at vrtichssah! at nunaCtciarer,’ pric*M. hr 110,1 IS. 114 am! 216 Cblcago, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For EJecaoce acd Econctnr are cn*nrp.wd Foe ate at wholesale by joHif V. FAKWBLL Jk CO_ 4‘A 44 and 46 Wacaab-ay., Chicago. Bradley’s Daplex Elliptic Skirts The iKrhtcsf. meat acreeahle aad periot stlrti Forjjle at wholesale. Bov-SN* BROst^" Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirts, For beaatr. comfort acd durability superior to an eri. Forsale at wholesale br 35 LaXe-et. and 39 Wabaah-ay., Coicaeo, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt* At wholesale, at manufacturers* price*, KEITH, WOOD A COL 10, Hi and 14 L*ke-aL,Chiea*o. fEladjmrrr). M ERR ITT & COUGHLIN^ INDIA.WOUS, ISDUAA DEALERS Cl COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Woollen Factory Findings* New Factories fornlalied with ilacblcery, Shafttac* Kcclne*. Flans. frptciflcaliOLS, Saptrlnteiidenta add eapenenced workmen. ROLL CARDS Always oq band. COTXOX WARPS & CARD CIOTHIXR 01 all beds. ty Second-band Machinery oa hand, for aaler^^r 'J'O WOOLLEN iIANLFACTUREKS. vomm mini. NE, C. CLBTTJX-AJS’D A: CO., JUNCTION SHOP, WORCESTER, 51A5S, Matnfoctcrerj of TTcfUen Machinery aa loHowt* Carrtlr.cMncWnf»arul Splonln? Jacks, from nt-w hdC Improved pattern*: Wc«l Pidkera. Wool and Waato Dusters, Tarn Spooler*, and Yam Dreaainsacd Warp ing Machine*; 11 road and Narrow Gig*. bothamele and conrle acting; Kxondsnd Narrow Unwhiii Xv chmea, Vclv«.tine, »Uc*yV , e and Petersham Flalsa- Machines. Hydro iitractora and Cloth Vmnc Machines, Hydro»'atle and Screw rtnucs, l*rc»* Plate Heaters, tndleo Grinders. Rotary. FnUtn> Mill*. Waab MlllMJloth. Winding ana Meurtnus Machines. slid* Ileal Trunins Engine*. Card Grinder*, ao. Onr machine* are an in Mihetactloi and aapertor Iron foam* t, and are warranted to he equ»l tc every respect to any machine* made Is the Untied States. In addition J j above named machine* cf oar owb woke, w care prepared to furnish Crmcplon’a Loom*. 2*ark« & W oolsoc a Shears, Steel Hlnr Bnr U.rchlca* and Onr Picker.*. Card fotliins, aid maaoCiCJarem’ •‘r:'ia=.« neutrally. at maker*’ iuweat prl. te. and .'an i. «■. 1-*. -.nr euatouers with machinery for Woollsj ?.!■!!>. corn: ’ Ic. with promptness, and at a* fvrorsnie ; rices at a: • other tmiMcra. E. C. CLEVELAND. J.C.&USON. tv,-rr«» Oet. W, j M. HASshTT. Danncrst;!?. TAISSOLUTIOX OF COPARTNER- I * SHU'.—Hie copartner «btp lieretoiore exlattn* l?twprii ilt<* n: S. I*. r.MITKK, t* ibla tiny dlwolTcrt br limitation. tUJp.r partner 1* authorized to»ltrn thi firm uameta tha aetUemat,t cf Uai oi tin* vud firm. ItOfcV.-KLL C.vnrEH, SAMUKL P. C.VtfTEB, E. U. lILNCRLEI. CLlcapj, Jan. 1,1567. Notice of Copartnership. . ThennrJer»J2ne<l.*ncc' , Mori to R. &S. P. CARTER* bare this day entered Into a c«p*rts'nl>in tcr*tba t rat taction of a GENERAL O 'MMiSbIUN vJiUS* JNEsS, under the Crm name and style of CdBTBB, HINCKLEY & CO. 537* Office No. 7 Chamber of ComiaWce Bolldleff. SAMUEL P. CARTER, E. 1L HINCKLEY, CITES FAUCrSaON. CMcaeo.Jsn. t. IM7. A. W. iIcCHTRE- /CHANGE of FIRM.—X have this day V ’ aasoclatedwUHire In bne'neis. Col. W. AOG, UAT and c. 34. HOWE, under thaflrranatne of B-V. itonni-ss * co. b. r. kcubins. Chicago, J*b. J, 16«7. NEW FIRH. The nadrrelmtd have this dsr formed a copartner ship tor the parpose of dome a General ConittLwroa hu*Uii»B, sutler the same of E. V. BOBBINS & CO., Afl't l*y girlrs <losr attention to Imalaest, acd ftlr rf(*al«tr,wehot)o toarenrra Ill«cral ahareof patronage. rsr Particular attanilca plren to filling ordexa la I a cuke*. oflJce S 2 L a S a llp_st, B. V. nOBBTNS, w. Ai G. n\r7 c. it. uo we. CWca«o. Jan. 1,1967. pARTKEU A W A-'W TED. An active orstoflal partner In an established com ciheioDbor*e.dolcga sal**, mre. first flaw pajinj? business. Tea to twenty-fire thousand dollar* re quited. Addivss M W. W. w." Tribute Office. Dissolution.— The copartnership hercinfon.* existing nnd-r the mine and style of SATIKL'bfcE. WELLS & FAULKNEU, Wholesale itrocers, is this day dissolved br inutaal consent. Either partner will »lfO Is liquidation. M. 1- s vTTETJLEE, E.S.VTKLLS. S. FAULIvNBB. Chlcaao. pec. Slit, issn. The ooCenfscM will continue the Wholeia’e Groce ry hnilseta, as eatcesecn to tn« firm of Satterlee. IN cits & Faulkner, nndrr the Case and style ot WELLS * FACLKNER, *1 the eld stand. N->. «1 Sonttt Water* ft., and ihail be happr to receive the patronage so lib erally epKyt-d lif our late Arm. Orders re»Do>- [fully Ikitfd atd rarrlnllr execut'd. E. S. WELL?. Cblcap?. Jan. Ut. l--v 7. S. FAULRFER. DISSOLUTION.—IThe 1 The brm^hcrctofor® pj'stiji? wnrt»r the* tame *rd sty:eo< KAWsOJf* BARTLETT & CO„ Is thU <lar cU**olv«i by mutjm Cotatnu S. W. ll AWs-oS . JOHN A. BARTLKTT, WILLIAM B. WILDER M. BtTSU. Jan. 1,1967. Thenodmlctied bar* this day for Ted a copartner »h«p ucdT the tame and attic ot BARILETI, UOSW ELL & trsif.for the purpose of carryluc on a sev eral Vl;olr«5le Boot aid shoe hosiers*. at the old stand, 30 Lafce 6t. JOBS A. BAHTLETT. fYIUJAM H. KOSWELL, WILDEU 51. BL'SH. Jas.USg;. JpjIi.^OLUTION. Th? brs'.nes heretofore etrrtM ca bvth» andet*tg~cA »n Chirac, osder lisa firm name of GILBERT, uF DIKE ft CO., la IhU aay dissolved by Uciltailoa. CHAS. J. GILBERT. gko. w. upoirk, GEO. HELD. A’so. the firm of UPPIKP - . FIELD * CO., dotaff holiness li SC L»ato, 19 dissolved nr limitation. GYO.W.rPDIKB. GEO. FIELD. C. J. GILBERT, GEO. BAIN. 7tebnsir,e>« laddered will tit ecnMnncrt by Cbas. .T. Gilbert and Geo. Field, nndcr the firm came of GIL BERT * FIELD, and tn 51 Lmtla by-Geo. W. Uodlka nno Geo. Bain, antler the Arm name of DFDIKR, BAIN * CO. • WM. CSABKLEY ha* an laterestwlth ns from tat January. No change in style cf firm. GEO. A. WHEELER ft CO. Chicago. Janoary 3, ISC7. ■^OTICB. MR. TOlUil G. MEAD Is a amber of our Crstfrom this dale. ME VD <Sr HIGGINS. January 1. 1567. QOPAKTjSTEKSHIP notice. Hr. wit. P. HUMBLE is admitted to an interacts oar hooietrom and sßerthls date. CHAS. BEABDSLEE BROTILEBS & Co. Chicago, January 1,15G7. TMBSOLUTION or COPARTNER ±J SHIP. .•* MB. B. B. GIL LETT withdraws train oar firm this d*v. GILLETT, TITUS & CO* Chicago. Jan. HBg». Coi-sismnnus. TfcRESSED HOGs;.—WE GIVE PAR -1 J TICCI-AR ATTENTION toth* sale of bread Ilr-fB-and alwsvs tee that each Hoe Is correctly weigh ed. Advances liberally made on ihlDmena. WelgnC Jliw and sterctK furnished when desired. Office No, S 2 I.a**alie-fir. E. V. BOBBINS A CO. QHOICE buckwheat flour— . By Single Barrel or Quantity.' Fretb table hotter (very nice). In rolls. Jars or tuts. For sale at No. 338 Sooth Water-st. PEISfI CODFISH, On cnnslf nr ent trom Boston, well frozen and Is good condluoa. Orders from the trade solicited. c £. P. MARSH. 15Q SgnUt Water »C. QASH ADVANCES Hade ou Shipments of PROVISIONS & DRESSED BOSS To New Tcrir. Also, on PROVISIONS IN STORE. JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber of Commerce- caltfetre. • CBtJEE SAiTPETHB, F<t Packers’ esc, lorsalc by JOSEPH B. PHELPS, 13 Chamber cf Commerce. patents. p AKD’S PATENT Office and oanutactorr 33 South Jegbraoc-sU For Inftrmauoa and descriptive as ——• —'

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