24 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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iHl)icaga tribune. THURSDAY, JAKUARY 24, IS6T. THE CITY. Tua Bor Foconns.—lnobedlrncctoa raqulsl lion from the Governor t f Wisconsin spin the Governor of Illinois, the boy forgers, Albert S. Dean and Frank £ Marlin, hare been removed to LaCrOite, Wisconsin, for trial. Pour roam.--At the Police Court yesterday af ternoon, Anthony Hondell arid Ludwig Thleben, charged wlih arson, were held for fnrlbor exami nation until next Thursday—Mandril in ball of f3,00P, and Thiebeu In {5,000. Rjctttal Meetings.— A scries of very Intercsl mgneetirgs are in progress in the First United Brethren Church, comer of Clinton and Wilson stree’s. Vertices conducted by the pastor; Rev. E. A. VanSant. Alleged Labcest.—Louis Labes, charred with stealing about {IOO worth of clothing from Joseph Zeineechek. with whom he had been a delinquent boarder at Xo. 214 Randolph street, was examined yesterday morning at the Police C-mrt. The case was continued until the 80tb lost.. In ball of S3OO. ** Tub Mas of tub Would.”—A lecture on this subject will bo delivered this evening lb Unity Church, on the corner of Chicago avenne and Beat bom street, by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The original treatment of his subjects by Mr. Emerson is so well known that a large and appreciative au dience will, we doubt not, greet him. Bast Oft the Track.— An early incoming train on the Chicago, BoTliuglon & Quincy Road ran off the track near Downer's Grove yesterday morning. The accident was occasioned by a broken rail, and caused the detention of five trains loaded-with stock, wilch did not arrive here till la*e in the afternoon. PartiT in Uswo KmosESE.—So many death*, and other accidents not fatal, have reunited from the explosion of kerosene lamps, that (he ques tion is almost universally asked. “la there no way of preventing 111” The advertisement of Mr. Ben. Jennings on onr first page la worthy of consideration by those using kerosene. He has been long in tbe oil and lamp business, and ought to be well posted is the matter. Boabd or Prune TVonss.—The contract for building the new via duel over Kmzlo street, at XTells street, was awarded on Friday morning to L. E. Trucsdell & Co., of Belvtdcrc, 111. The contract price of the work Is ten thousand five hundred dollars. The bridge will be of iron, with wooden floor beams, about eighty fe*'l m length, and of sufficient height to permit the passage of trains beneath. Mr. W P. Tucker, ol the Briggs Bouse, became the security for the contractors. Raiuroan ArcrneKT.—The train which lea De troit for Chirazo at it o'clock on .Monday rooro ipgmct with araiber serious aeddent when about three miles on the other side of Ana Arbor. The two hind axles oi the tender broke, and threw the train completely offthc track, but did no damaee to any of the seventy or tighty passengers ou board. The damage to property was about J 20.000. Tbe train armed In Chicago at 6 o clock yesterday morning—five hours behind time. AVZKICSK PXTEKTS, Ac., IK F.CHOPZ.—MCSSTS. Blanchard & McKean, two well known gentlemen, the former lor many years past Secretary of the Illinois and Mississippi Blver Packet Company, have decided to open an agency in Paris for the Introduction of American patents ana msnatac mes In Europe. Tbc want of such an agency has Itng been felt, especially elrc- the preparations b r the great Exposition at Paris. It corud not be better supplied than by these gentlemen. jSee rbclr advertisement. CosornrrD fob Thial.—Mlss Emma Jackson, whose retd name Is Mlhssa Moore, residing on North Green street, was yestdday rooming ar raigned before Jnslicc Milikcn and committed for trial rn bail of SSOO. Her awest for ibe laromyof "old rings l was mentioned In yesterday'sTuibukx. One of the rings, valued at *ll, wa-* stolen yester day rooming from tbe store of I. B. Emmons, at 77’Clark sheet, where t-bc called to examine the stock with the ostensible view of making a pur chase. Krcrrrrn fits Bzsam.—Oa Tuesday evening, us tt ijdr and gentleman were passim: op State ptreel, near the comer of Polk, returning from *• bee's*' Opera House, a miserable street loalcr had the impudence to eject from hw month a large sized stream of tobacco juice upon the Irdy's dnss. Bcr escort turned immediately upon the rowdy, and seining him by the collar gave him a very wooiesome ‘yhresnlng” noon the spot. There aie n good tna- y uuwhlnped rascals of the genus mentioned infesting the city, and a few such salutary pniiianmcnts would go far towards keeping them in check. STrwanr. —Now that the verdict has been ren dered in the case of Stewart vs. Stewart, there la no harm tn stating the popular ooinion on the natter. Nine out of ten of those who read the evidence conceded that Mrs. Stewart (-'Jllas Smith, if yon please,” as she said to Mr, Teamed.) was not entitled to a decree of divorce on her bill. It belne a false Issne; but that the ad duced by the dcience was enough to gain for her twenty divorces. If the piainlllfhid charged what the defendant proved teejnrywonld Have ojvcn her a verdict without leaving their seals. Uxd Hot Duaw It.—Among tbc many who were overwhelmed with (be congratulations of their Wends in regard to drawing the Opera House was Thomas Gough, the well-known silver plater, Ho. 113 Soti'b Clark street, and the rumor quickly took the snapejibatbobad intended to abandon bis business. Neither of the reports were true. Mr. Gough has not drawn t v .e optra House, ar.d will therefore continue his business; talced he baa jUfl largely extended his facilities for serving his numerous patrons, and will now be nblc to fill all tndor promptly, In his usual satisfactory style of workmanship. Ovni-omciou?.— Yesterday morning iwo po licemen were on their beats cu State street at the comer of Sixteenth, when one of them named Kenney conceived himself to be loanitcd by a car penter named Francis J. Kelly, whowasatwoik on a building ther were passing. Kelly was un derstood to say—“ See them d—d policemen.” The officers tnmed. and Kenney alleges that ho asked Keller If be wanted anything. Othcrwords followed, and Kenney subsequently entering the building was trdervd ont. He arrested Kelley and bronchi him before the Police Courtycsierday afternoon, where he was discharged. Ke’iey was very indignant at having been obliged to occupy “ a felon’s cell.” Kenney was quite too sensitive and ranch too fast in making tne arrest, but nevcrUclcssitlßWOl pleat ant to he cursed when a man is endeavoring to mind his own business. Pigeon Shooting.— Yesterday afternoon a large number ol sportsmen ol Chicago assembled on the open prairie, near Stage House, beyond the north • em city limits, to witness a pigeon shooting match between Mr. Robert Kenny and Mr. Robert Cobh, both of this citv. The match wa« for (besom of 51C0. The person killing the greatest onmi*er of biros out «f twenty-five to he declared Uie winner. The result was In favor of air. Cobb, who killed fifteen birds, to Mr. Kenny’s ten. Mr. Cobb was declared the winner. The amateurs of Chicago then c osed a march lor a poise ot S2O. The contestants were Mr. Al lison and Mr. Barnes. Mr. AM-na killed six blids om of ten, while Mr. Barnes brought dorm only four. The afiair was marked hr the best of pood reeling tbrougbont the entire time, and the t voitfiiiin tetanicaio the city at a late hour well pleased with the altcrnoon eoteilalument. A tjEWOcs Accident.—About nine o'clock yes lorcay trorniag, a colored expressman, named \tiUU Smith, was thrown from hi* wagon, on State street, between Harrison and Van Barcn, and so severely injured as to render his recovery quite doubtful. He seemed to have fallen heavily upon his left fcbonia-T. in front of the wagon, which afunvarda passed over him. Several per eons immcoutclv went to his aid. He was groan lug, and whm tai-edto an upright position ulood firmed copiously from his left car. Uponreeov ingbls speech be was de’lrlous. and though in clined to talk loudly and boisterously. hw lan guage was without any sense or reason. Ucwas conveyed to the Armory, where the.attendance of Dr. Blake, the County Physician, was procured. He expressed tbc opinion tha» Smith's Irtemal injuries bad caused delirium, and advise*! that he be immediately removed to the hospital. An empty bottle was found In the man’s pocket, which at first was supposed to have contained whiskey, bnt a man accustomed to Chicago whisker smelled at It. and alter a few moments’ i-eficctlon pronounced it to be kerosene. A DniTAL Patient.—Ycslciday afternoon there was a pitiful exhibition at (be Police Court. A little tolored boy, aboot nine years old, adopted into tbc family of Mrs. Polly Caldwell, residing on Griswold street, bad been punished so severe ly with a whip or raw-hide as to leave expose 1 places two inches In length which were not ret tieoleo. tbc blood from which bad saturated his clo'hing. A scar upon his wrt-1. partially healed, he said was made by his father i meaning Mr.CiOd well) with a piece of rope; bat the brui'cs and an hraicd wounds upon bis bend, and an ugly gash across bla breast, be alleged, were in tie by bis mother, who, be s a ated. bad “licked” him a good many Umca. The adopting mother was ar rested and brought before Jus.lce Stmtevoiit yes terday afternoon, blip said that last summer when eh*- was over in Missouri she found a family who bad “a bull lot o’ chilVen,” and ibis boy was passed over to her. though she never wanted bl*n. She whipped him for stealing. Her neighbors put him up to steal, and ebc whipped him for it. The child was tent Ui the Homs for Urn I’rumdle**, and the passionate and cruel colored woman was fined $25 and sentenced to sixty days at the Bridewell. I-ASii: Tirjsjfri..—Dull and Cotvan arc rapidly pushing their work ton aril completion. The whole excavation is now lined, except the eider where the chamber* wvre dug. in a abort timctbtswoikwlUbe finished when Mr. Ches hrougb, the CHy Engineer, wlllsabjectthcwhole work In a severe hydraulic test to did, if possible, any weak place* rcmaiMcg. Ihe city authorities arc now engaged tn finish ing the main pate shaft. Tfata Is stationed mid way between the engine honao and (be tuiinoi shaft. ita depth U about Uitrty-flvu feet, *i d con m ctr with the tunnel chart by a dntt which la now nearly completed. From the giio ;maft three other drill* will be run, one to the olu pump; one to the new one now bon# bntU; the third |* in tended ford proposed pump tube minuted south of the old one. In caan of any accldc.t which may occur to tho Lake 1 onnil.n email tuim-l ia to be buiH from the cate ahatl to tiw take, *n a* to aopply the dir with water during the rime occu pied In repamng the tunnel. Th»m? no a improve- Incuts will be in working order by the loiirth of In order that the people may not he deprived of the pure and v holo-crac wrer promised hv the tunnel, a temporary shaft la now lidos ann’j. ui connect wl»b the tunnel near the chore Thla temporary abaft it pula Us proponed i>o>iuon to tSat connection may be made with the pnsenr pumping arrangements without Interfering any wtib the new work* under construction on all aides. , Sext to BniDrwxu- —The suspended floe of *IOO against James H. Bingham, who wa« ro ar rested on Tuesday afternoon, wa* ordered to be enforced jMtcifiay moraißc, »nd Ike jonnj mm nn- taken to Ihe Bridewell, where. If hla ra-cally ehnnmeaf doeenolle come maencraccommodate hlmwrth mean, of eeeape, he will have an onpcd ulnitT lo eindy the pracUcal rraula of tho cm- Sijicnt agency bualnesa for nearly aeeen moitha° Irusletd of when he had ample lime, chance, and the leniency of See tor Colne, he concocted a new .win'lle, aod Kd col the thine well atarted when he waa ar- Srlc<r On Hon6y he Tlaited the otllce nf Mcrare. llalcdj Co.. In room No. 41, Ixrmharo Block, and made an errancement wnh rhem to bnr their office fixtures and furniture, Ihebifgain to be completed atd the money to be paid rosier day morning at ten o’clock. He elated h»« n iroe to be James Cooper,-and that hc«as expecting money from hi* uncle, who was a member of the Wisconsin Legls'atnrc. Bingham's next more *raa to Insert sn advertisement in the morutug papers wauling "a business man to lake choree of one of the best offices in tho city. Mn*r make a deposit as security. Apply to Bale * Co., Roomf 41, Lombard Block." in consequence of this the office ot the gentlemen named was besaged daring Tuesday aod yesterday morning by a score or two of applicants for the situation. It was doubtless a part of Bmgtsm’* plan to be present at the office to meet the victims, but bis Inten tions were thwarted and eveiythlnc was in con fusion. Hale & Co., could not understand it, ami one of tbe firm, suspecting a swindle of some sort, reported the whole .matter at the Centra! Station yesterday morning, there to learn that Mr. Cooper was Mr. Bingham, and (hat Mr. EIn»» . baoi for ois many tram-gresslous ws» . • • II the Bndevttli. RISTDRI. Her Soqo&2 ra ,«araace in Chicago. The Dnuna or Bary Sin&rl* Madame Biston'a second appearance lo Chi- cago was greeted by even a Isrger audience than her first—the upper circle, as well as every olher available corner of the Opera Home, being filled to overflowing. The receipts ol the evening were the largest that ever fell to her for one perform- auce In her entire dramatic experience. In Eorone or Amerce. Hence, if ahe has left aa something to think of in the memory of her matchlo-s delineation of Mary Stuart, ahe has tqbsfantfal reasons to believe that she Is appreci ated In Chicago. U ras remarked by many persons who saw Hlflort in Medea that they did not recognise in Mary Stuart tho same person who flamed before them as the Greek sorcerea* the previous night. These two characters may be said to represent the opposite poles of the tragic art. To turn from one to the other, and leave no trace of the trans ition, la the crucial test of the great actress. The features of«Mcdca are not recognised in the fea- lutes of Mary Stuart—yet they are both the features of Ristori. History and art have pre served (o ns the lineaments of (he Queen of Scots, and Bistort has absorbed them. As on absolute portraiture, physically, not diamatlcally. oi Mary Stuart,Rialorl’e "make- up" is remarkable. Ibis is a faculty not often observed in the actress. Some enthusiastic ad mirers of Miss Kellogg Insist that her "makc-np” is a&Uhful portrait ot MargnerUc in "Faust,” and regard it as something very wonderful. Bnt In her case it was purely Imitative—the result cf the study of Kanlbach’s picture. Bistort's por trait srowe out of her mental conception of the character of Mary Stuart, her ap preciation of (be youthfal crime?, the mature struggles, and the final contrition of the unhappy woman. The study of a picture on can- vas, or mere historical word-painting, would not suffice to produce this wonderful similarity. II is not alone the comctnesj of costume to the small- dt detail, the historical crucifix, the golden hair, not even the exactness of age, but It is the identi cal lace ol lif.Tj, terrible in its wrath, worn and secined with suturing, and yet sweet in its pt-ace- ful resignation and conscious Innocence of tbc crimes laid to her charge. This physical re semblance is especially noticeable through out the last act and goes far towards producing that solemnity of feeling which it vets an audience to the seats when, under ordinary circumstances, every one is making preparations for departure. Bistort's exquisitely modulated voice and her marve’lous rapidity and exactness of facial ex pression arc two important adjunctsto tha finish of her representations. With her ib*ro Is no need of beating and sawing the air. or raving like a Pythoness, to prodace effects. Her voice, natu rally neb, clear end sonorous, runs the gamut of the i asslons with musical precision—ls terri ble in denunciation, rapid la narration, gentle as the cooing of a dove, or fall of tears in passages of sentiment and pathos. The play of expression on her bee is kaleidoscopic, always varying and a* delicately graded us the play of light and shadow to suit tbe changes of expression In tbe text. Her lips and eyes speak without words, and Interpret tbe meaning of the text. Equally effective, in a physical influence, arc her stage walk and r-tatueeqne poses, not always so das-leal as rliofec of Rsrbel, but always full of meaning and force, and Intensified by those sweeps and carves of tbc atm, and that diction of the band, so diffi cult to attain without stiffness or appearance ol affectation. Madame Bistort's representation of Mary Stuart baa been so recently noticed at length in .he commas of the Tttuums, and com pared with (hat of her great rival, Ra chel, that It Is unnecessary to recount the re markable eilect® produced by her denunciatinnof Elixab* th in the park of Folherlngay, her tearful parting from her attendants, her penitential con fession to Melville, bcrscornftrl repulsion of Lei cester, and the touching pathos which sue infuses into tbe entire drama, it is fitting, however, that tome mention should be made of the company which supports her In her American tour, and which constitutes, as it were, the frame In which ebe is the perfect picture. The persona composing Jt were evidently carefully cbosuiby her, not from any dramatic brilliancy they exhibit, but rather to secure evenness and nnlfonoUj tu action, and a strictly congruous la* terpretation of the text. We have never before t-cen a dramatic company where the action was so evenly distributed. The most important end the lea; t important rot't are equally well done, and the dramatis persona might exchange characters nltt'ont material detriment. They arc rather good renders than good actors. Their elocution is, without exception, admirable. Every voice is clear and distinct, so that every tone is audible all ov< r the house—a matter o( ex treme vocal difficulty in talking, as was witnessed during the Kean season and other theatrical sea sons, when half the actors were inaudible beyond the parquette. With this troupe, however, there is no such difficulty. Ever? voice can be distinct- ly heard* even in the most distant parts dr the lob* blcs, and this, joined to very clear pronunciation, renders it quite easy to followtbe text, and make jt a pleasure to listen to them, even though the important adjunct of good action Is wanting. The moat important role next to Mary Is Elizabeth, sustained byAntoniclta Cottln. It is a trying role, and one which calls for the exercise of strong passionate powers. Collin's deilnea ’ion was not spirited enough where power was required, and lacked that arrogant Imperiousness which was especially characteristic of Elizabeth. In Its general effect also there was alack of the English element. It was too much Italianized, by no means a short coming peculiar to this actress, as only great genius like that of Rxatori or Bacbcl can succeed in denationalizing the actor and merge the player in the character. While this cannot ho attributed to the actress In question as a fault still it detracted mnch from the general cilectlvcncss ot the role. In the park scene, in which, by the by, amost Indicrona anachronlun occurred, making Von Weber the Court composer and introducing her to the mnslc of the Hunter's chornsof Dtr Freinc/iut:, she bore herself re marhably well, especially considering that she was overshadowed by the consummate action of Bistort. Leicester was badly cast, the actor seeming to hare little conception of the role, walking through toe acts wlih provoking coolness (a fruit which was equally noticed in the Leicester whom Ba chel brought to this country), and laughing and chatline with those on the stage—a habit which, wc presume. Is as reprehensible in Italian as In English. That may be the style ot the theatres of M ilau and Naples, bnt It is usually classed as out ot taste and propriety on the American stage. The ftmuus Interview between Leicester and Morti mer, which Is almost as powerful, dramatically, as that between Mary and Elizabeth was rendered very commonplace by ihc seemingly studied indiScrcnc of Glccb. Carbom added some interest to it by bis Due reading, but be was weak for the rofr, and It consequently fell rather tame ly, v heress It should hare been given with power, as. Bistort docs not appear In the act. and the whole burden tails upon Leicester and Mortimer. It was simply a reading of tbo dialogue in the same monotonous tones, without any shading, and without that robust manliness and ironical repar tee appertaining to the same, lbs Invariably lachrymose tone of Mortimer—a sort of dramatic tremolo— was also tedious to the ear. and yet It was pastableby the side of Leicester's coldness, as there were occasional glimpses of spirit. The rolea of Melville, Talbot and Panlct were very fairly taken, especially that of Talbot (Ce enre Rtsloil), who dressed his character with ex treme good <astc, and acted U with a quiet digni ty which was very pleasing. The female rolf* were very well filled. We have rlready spoken of Cottln as Elizabeth. The part of Anna, the attendant of Mary, was admira bly In keeping, both in costume and action, with Histon, and in her stage presence seemed almost the shadow ol the Queen, moving about with qui etness, and always acting naturally and modestly. In the last scone she was very effective, and her "tier at the farewell was simulated so admirably as to seem well nigh real. All the attendants did remarkably well in this scene, and added much to the mumble. As we have said before, there was no brilliant action on the part 01 any of the minor players, bnt their evenness of representation, ad mirable dressing, afid thorough knowledge ol the rtage business, made the whole play move on smoothly, and when (be curtain fell, with Bistort as the centre o f the tableau bidding a mate fare well to her attendants, there were many moist eyes in (ho sndieccc. Not a person rose until tbo curtain fell. A moment's pause and tbo honsc rang with applause. Klstoi! appeared before (be curtain and received a real oration, even the la dies joining by waving handkerchiefs. And thus rnded (be matchless representation of Mary •tuart. TO-NIGHT—ELIZABETH. The play atnouneed for 10-night Is Elizabeth, me of Riston's greatest characters. Tbc follow lug Is Elisabeth lady ilowain... kadyltmlctgh... Mora Ijimbrun, Kstex Ituileigb lIOHBtd . Mendoza Davison Hacop.. Drake.. Uiideon. It Is n Utile singular tbal with a lib so full ot dramatic materia), no English dramatist has given nsa play wbb Elizabeth as the central figure. Ihe great wit* of England flourished In her (lav. The create*! Intellects of any age were attendants on h«r court. Borne of the mostemlr.ent military and naval names lo English history gained celeb rity lu her canre; while for comedy and tragedy; tor court scandal and diplomatic intrigue; lor hypocrisy. Jealousy and passion; for war. rapine and minder; no reign In the history of any na tion baa fumbned such abundant material for the dramatist, out of which lo weave plots and coun terplots abounding lo the most thrilling dramatic riloaliocs and replete with interest. It was left for a» Italian, I’aulo Giacometti, lo eciae upon ibwe materials and adapt them lor the stage. But, apparently bewildered by the mass of mile rial In bis banas, he has given us a play without unity, and even without a plot. Each act may be considered a different play, eomplcty In itsdfand Independent of the rest The playwright baa sim ply tented upon detached incidents In the life of Elizabeth, any one of which is sufficient for a play, and has presented them without my attempt at binding them together with even ihe thinnest thread of a plot. For instance, in the first act we have Elizabeth tn what may be called her “scenes;” quarrels with Lady Howard for pralalng Spenser’s Falfje Queen; with Bacon tor praising Shakspearc; with Lady Burleigh over the Book of Job; with, the Ambassador of Boland for talking Latin In her presence, and eo on. Tho act turns upon the petition Of Bacon to have Sbakspeare's Henry VIII. played, and the librettist in tracing the in terviews displays a very keen insight Into Eliza beth's ever-changing, contradictory and splenetic disposition. In Act 11. we have the abrupt dismissal of the Spanish Ambassador, the presentation of the royal signet to Essex, the interview with James of Scotland, the execution of Mary Stuart, and the return of Sir Francis Drake from bis Spanish rc coonolesancc. In Act 111., the fete lo honor of the dispersal and destruction of the Armada, and the sentence ol Essex. In Act IV., the execution oiEsrex. In Act V., the death scene. The reader will at once sco that there is not the slightestsos / ixir: r f v r 'V >t lo all this, hut yet tho play, or 1 ; . ’t. v ‘f,'*piaticinterest. Ifrep • 'v, and la the p-Jndpal gesaaa «.. " UUi—■ o. her eventful life. It c** *• 1 ...i the oppoitailtlss for display of thehlghe-1 | powers, forthepersotmlon of the eplem, Ihtlo'rp, the passions, hales, remorse, dJipatr and dea'h rf Elisabeth; Elisabeth in her prime, fall cf Inwaid power ai<d arrogance, and Elisabeth in her old nge, haggard, decrepit, remoraefol, ib: .'victim oi epretrea, and BUllholdlugfasllo thxtprid. a* d vanity vblch were the bane of hir life. The i-lay •boom's in all shore paulom whlih are cal culated to exhibit the foil rango of Bistort's po»- eie, and therefore we look to a performance .which will produce a decided Benfit!on,erca xzion* pronounced than her classical personation of Medea or thrilling picture of the Queen ot Scots. , To-morrow evening, Monlanelira tragedy of Camma, written for Bltiori, wilt be (riven. THE GRAIN TRAFFIC. Another Bill to Rcpnlato Warehouses and the Storage of Grain in Chicago. The following is the copy of a second bill to regulate the warehousing of grain la Chicago, watch was introduced In the Illinois General Assembly yesterday, by Senator Ward, of Chi cago. It Is understood (bat this bill originated among those members of the Board of Trade who are opposed to the passage of the b! 11ntro duced by Senator Eastman, and published In the TnnitmK l*at Friday morning: A ItU for an act regulating Me wirehovslng of train In Odccgo: xenon 1. Be it enacted by the people of llli doip represented in General Assembly, That hereafter any person or persons whose business It !e to store grain In balk, belonging to alaercnt owners, and who shall in any wav mingle such gram oi diflercnt owners, in the city of Chicago, eta.l he deemed a "public warehouse” keeper, within the meaning or ihia act, and shall be sab* feet to the following regulations: SBC. 2. Any person desiring to keep a "public warehouse” a the clcr of Cnlcago shall file an tp- 1 plication with the Judge of the Coonty Court of Cook County, ecttlnc forth the name or names of the person or persona desiring to keep such "public warehouse,” and the place In said city where it is to be kept; whereopon the said Judge shall is sue a license to such person or persons to keep anch " pnbile warehouse.” and wlibonr such licence no "public warehouse” shall be permitted in said city. And In case any keeper of each "public warehouse” is convicted before ony couitinrald city of n-lallng any of the provi sions of this act, snch license shall bo revoked by said Judge; and without each license, or after ancli license ebull have been revoked. If any person or persona are found keeping such "public warehouse.” they shall, upon con* tiction. pay a fine ot not less than tion, nor more than sbt-O. for each day each Ims luces is prose* cotcQ without such license. • btc. S. J< shall be lawful for all such keepers of public warehouses dub licensed to receive and store grain In balk, ami issue warehouse receipts lor the same, such receipts specifying the kind. . grade, and quantity of snch grain, and the dateow which it was received into store; which receipts shall specify that the grain so held in store is dc* llvtrameon the order (to be endorsed on snch receipt), of the party from whom or for whose ac coniilsnch grain was received. And the proper endorsement of stub receipt cither in blank or by special endorsement shall bo deemed a valid trans fer of ownership tn each grain, It being the inten tion to make such receipts negotiable In the same manner and to the same extent as bills of ex change oi promissory notes now are. Sxo. A. The grade of grain s-> stored In said "punlic warehouse” shallbedetenatned by classi fication and Inspection, by persona appointed to su< b service by competent authority ui said city of Chlcaco. the fees of meb inspector being here by made a lien upon grain so Inspected, and col lectable iu behalf ol such Inspector of the owner nf said grain, or bis agent, before warehouse receipts shall lie tanned 'or such »ralo. And it shall be unlawful for any keeper of a “public warehouse” In cal'! diy of Chicago to receive into store any grain in bulk without the same being first iu- I spectedby each duly appointed Inspector; and I upon the withdrawal of grain from store the per- 1 ton lor whnsc account such grain is being with drawn shall have the right to demand that it be inspected out by such authorized inspector, the inspectut'sfecsbeing paid by the party tor whose account such grain is being delivered from store. The decision of me said Inspector as to the cor rectness of *begradc of grain proposed to be de livered shall be subject to appcil to the authority irom whence he received Uts appointment. Sec. 5. In case any person cm pi *yed ns iospec* tor of grain shall be guilty of collusion with any “ public warehouse” keeper, owner of grain, or otW person, by which any grain to be Inspected shall oe given a higher or lower grade than is piopcr for it by the rules of such inspection, sncti inspector, and such other petson a J may have, been guilty of such collusion, shall be deem ed guilty o> a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be flm d not less than one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, and maybe imprisoned tn the county Jail not more than thirty days, at the discretion ot the court hetore whom such conviction shall be had. And any person convicted of an attempt to bribe any such inspec tor, or by any Improper means seek to influence such inspector in the performance of his duties, shall be deemed gmlty of a misdemeanor, ond shall be fined, or imprisoned, or both, asprovided in: hie section. Sec. e. Any person or persons Keeping a “pub lie warehouse'* in said city of Chicago shall, at ail times aunne business boars, permit an exnml natiou of any rraio stored therein, by any owner of 6iich cram or any person interested therein. And any person authorized to inspect or grade pialn shall bare the right, daring bnsiness boars, to visit and examine all bins of each warehouse and the grain stored therein. Sec. 7. All warehouse receipts issued to the owners or grain stored la nay such “public ware house" shall bo consecutively numbered, and no two receipts braring the same number shall be issued by or from any “public warehouse" dur ing the same calendar year; nor shall any beeper ot a warehouse issue to any person any second receipt for ary grain in store while aay former or other receipt for the same grain, or any part thereof, shall be out ptardtog or uncancelled. And no warehouse re ceipt shall be issued except upon the delivery of giain in store for which such receipt is issued; nor shall any receipt bo issued to any person for a greater amount of grain than such person shall bare delivered Into store at the time ol issuing such receipt; nor shall any receipt be re-leaned on which emu has once been delivered; nor shall any receipt be Issued, unit es the gram for which »>uch receipt is issued shall be actually in store. In the warehouse ol the party issnlugsuch receipt, in said dtv of Chicago, and under bis or their control at the lime such receipt Is issued. And every receipt when once eut rendered, and the grain for wnlch it was Issued shall have been de livered. ?hall be cancelled, and shall never there after be pnt in circulation: Provided, In case satisfactory proof shall be made to any keeper of such warehouse that any receipt once issued has beou lost or destroyed, a dupli cate receipt of Uko tenor and date may be issued, but such duplicate receipt shall have written acoss its lace in distinct 1 Iters the word “ Dupli cate." And any person who shall vio'aio any ot the provisions of this section, or who shall nego- I tiate, or pot in circulation, any warehouse receipt irtncd in vlola'lon of any ot Utiprovlaloua of this act. knotting the same to be fraudulent in Us character, snail be deemed guilty of a leioay, and on conviction thereof shall be fined In a sum not less than one thousand, nor more than five thou sand. dollars: or may be imprisoned in tbe peni tentiary not less than one, nor more than five vests, or both, at the discretion of the court be fore whom tmeb conviction may be had. Src. H. The rale of charges for storage on grain received into such “public warehouses” shall not be advanced from any established rtandard, with out at least one month’e notice having been given by publication in somedally ncwspapcrpahUshcd in said citv of Chicago, ano no advance shall ap i,lv to grain instore at the time any advance may go into effect: P oild«7, Tlatln case It shall bo found that with proper care and handling, any tram stored In each “ public warehouses” Is dam aging l>y beating, it may be subject to an addi tional charge not executing double the ordinary rates, public notice being given of such damage and such increased rate ol charges, for at least tw o w eeks pi tor to such charge gotng Into utfect. Sec 0. There shall be placed in every “public warehouse," in a conspicuous place, a directory I avtnc upon it the number of each bln in such homeland the grade and kind of grain In each Mu dc-ignated opposite to sued number, and each bln shall be properly numbered in a convenient and conspicuous manner. And it shall be the duty of the duly appointed Inspector to see that all grain received into store in the several ware houses is placed in bins set apart for Ua appro priate kind and grade, and there snail be no as sortieg of grades for the purpose or raising the avetace quality of bins, out gram of tbe same kind and grade shall be placed in bins together. Ky grain unco inspected into store shall he chanced in grade by any process of cleaning, mixing. orrtrjlng;bntln every case shall be de livered for tbe grade Into which It was originally inspected Into store: Protititii, Itshaii be lawful for any warehouse keeper, at the request of the owner of any lot of grain, to mix, dry or clean any grdn belonging to such owner, and to place tho same in a separate bin, subject to the order and disposition ol such owner; but before any grain shall be so cleaned, dried, or mixed, any ware house receipt for such grain that may have been issued shall be surrendered and cancelled, and thereafter no varchouse receipt shall be issued for such grata without stating upon its face that snth grain bns been so cleaned* dried or mixed, nor shall snch grain be delivered upon any oth er receipt than the one that any be Issued for it. Sec. lb. Any “ public warehouse ” keeper who shall bo gutty of mixing the different grad-’i* of grain, or of selecting or cansing to be selected choice lots ol grain of any particular grade for tho purpose of changing the grade thereof, or of placing tie same In special bins separate and apart from grain of the same grade, save upon tbe application of the owner of each grain; or shall be entity of changing or causing to be chanced Die grade of any grain while under his control, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall he fined not less than one thousand nor more than five thousand dollars, or maybe Impiis oned in the county tall not less than ten nor more than sixty days, or noth. Sec. 11. All persons keeping “ public ware houses” in said ettr of Chicago shall permit any duly authorized inspectorof grain to examine ard estimate tho quantitv of grain in their respec tive v arrhonscs, at Icastonco in each weex, and It shall be tho duty of such inspector to report to llicchicfiuspccior of grain for said city (If each there be) tbe amount and grade m the several homes, tome end that the satd chief Inspector may compile a weekly statement of the aggregate ' quantity of grain in said city; such estimate of quantity maybe compared by such Inspector with me result as shown by the books of such watc* home, to tbe end that correctness may be cslab* lUt cd in sneb weekly statement: Prond*d that no such inspector shall communicate to any other Screen than such chief It specter, at sacb ware* onsc keener, tho result of his estimate, under a I penalty of immediate dismissal from office. t*Kc, 12, Tbe owner of any grain, brbimsclfor his agent, shall have the right, at nil limes, to ex* amtno and t» si the scales by winch any grata is proposed to bo weighed, cither f.»r receipt from, or delivery to. him by any “public warehouse” kcet cr of said rlty, and in case any inaccuracy is suspected, may demand that the public sealer of weights fball test the said scales ; when, if they are round correct, ho sha'l pay the fees of such srahr: or, If found incorrect, said fees shall be paid by tho warehouse keeper. Adelaide Uistori Antotdetia Cottm .... Virginia Ca-a'l Adclc Gtammsrtiiti .... Giacomo Glech ..... CcMto Rlstorl Ceaarc Pllla ...ntuvanuiLssaoro Glo. Maria Borgbl ...Ccsare Mancht Ululio BuU Frederica Verxura THE OPERA lIOtSE, Sir. Lee and the ffle»*cn(ter—Trie Great Prize on Uonsback, Ifany modern ballad-monger la tn want of a subject, w can suggest one on which he might exercise bis muse with credit And if it he any encouragement to UiC adventurous bard, we will venture to assure him that half the world will lis ten to hla lay. There is even a chance that he will immoitaitze himself. There arc severs! equestrian Jour ncvH which have been made memorable by tbe strong-winged musjc/it the pool, Tho ecu- HeCowperwas acarcciwJdQhwn to the world till be tan? of the immortal Gubta—bow he went far tber than he intended and came safe home again. Mazeppa'e terrific ride was the theme of oac ot Byron's greatest poems, and a is still an attrae- Uvc spectacle on the stage, even when enacted by a bait nude female on a tatte steed, trotUng up op and down a wooden plank. Robert Browning slogs m stirring verse “how they brought the poor! news from Ghent to Aix, Tennyson wrote of the ride of tbe six hundred; and (at a considerable interval) oar own ihomas Bncbanan Read has won some applause by hts ballad ot Sheridan's Ride. The “solitary horse man '* of G. P. R. X. V. 7. James Is sorely a fa miliar figure in erery youthful imagination, and romneb did bchannlthc mind of that volumin ous romancer that he conld never (ell a story without him. .. . ... But the ride of all other* Which deserves to be snug in this heroic age is the ride of that “ faithful man,” who on Wednesday morning carried tbe good newt from St. tanls lo Entire dnßodicr. Imagine the excitement of the people olSt. J-onl* when the telegram from Mr. Crosby armed announcing the name of the man who won tbe Opera Douse I “ Pat a faithful man on horseback.” said the message of light, “and hare him notify the holder of number r>B,Clt) that be has drawn it. Lose not a moment." Now then tor a fleet steed and a faithful man) »• Go call a horse and let a horse be called. And let the man that calleth be the caller; And ra bis calunc let bun nothing call But horsel horse! hors el oh for a horse ye gods." Tbe Met d la brought forth, the latlnfal man snnng* to (be stlrrnp, and amid the cheers or tho Assembled multitude be gallops away into toe midnight. _ , . Kot being a Byron or a Browning we will not attatu} tto picture that frantic rids ihron/h Ure desen. A»»nmlng lost tl>e rider was In very deed a" ta' hf U man ”we are bound to believe that be "lon no a moment I 'on hie war,; tbat be nev<u oner ar.led by a wayside ton to soille, bat tha : )f>t<-'lh‘ fji-nm the entire Opera House upon h!a back, and ——"paired not In his race Till hv BU.oa b .uic -x. n. t«e's door In that loxe do -cited place." j We ere told ii<ai the whole of Baadolph County contains Jost fifteen Inhabitants, including Mr. A B.l*e,t\bol* now at the laoment of which ire write, lying atetpedla the balmy dews of slam bcr. liP.e dreaming perhsps tost a magnificent edifice la nubmg towards him on horseback at the talc ot sixty ".ue» an h nir. In such a " ;»onu tons solitude” *le eft el steed* seldom roam, wbatzDQot hare been the wonder and cunsierna lion of the scattered eoulera to see (hi* "laithfal man,” like Death on the pale horse, scouring 'hr plain In the dim grey dawn. ’ How rudely most the slumbers of manj an Innocent sleeper hive : been broken by that foaming a teed, as •* Through many a startled hamlet Thundered his flying feel." Finally, imagine toe Hate of society in Prairie da B ocher, when It Is aroused at throe o'clock m the morning by the impetuous tramping of horse's (set, when the steed falls down exhausted at the door of A.B.Lee, and the "lalsbrol man." sinking Is a swoon at the feetoflboasumlabedLee, gasps forth the tidings “He Opera House Is yours I" If there was a saloon in Prairie da Rocher, surely there was a rush upon it that morning. And surely the faith ful ana the fleet were well rewarded for their faithfulness. Ho tri-gram has yet announced to the world the name of this carrier of gmid tidings. The world being finally satisfied as to the questions, "Who is Ur. Leo?" and "Was Mr. Ice the winner?” now asks with an Inlereti quilt a? absorbing, "Who la the faithful man; who with bis steed to the detect fled frantic and far f" We cannot tell bis name, his lineage, his place of birth or early tratnlug. That be is a trusty horseman we may all aver, and each Indl nldnal may echo the sentiment of Gilpin's bio grapher: “ When he next doth ride a race, May 1 be there to sec.” THE STEWART *DIVORCE CASE. The Salt Concluded—-The Defendant Pronounced Not Guilty* TUB CARRIAGE STILE IN FORCE, Prospect*of Farther Litigation. Tbe long lasting Stewart divorce case is, for tbc present, at an end. The Jurors, nfrer lemain ing tn their room for about eighteen hour*, yes terday came into court with a finding that Hart L. Stewart, tbc oefeat'ant, is “ not guilty.” During the torenoon there were knots of per sons assembled ahom tbc court room, anxious to btar tbe result. The delay of tbe finding being so prolonged, it gave time for guesting on the part of the hncecrs-on, and many oets wore made upon the result, the odds being largely io favor of a disagreement. When the common law branch, picsiotd over by Judge Gary, con vened, the main room of this court was crowded. There wop not so large a crowd as met in tbe same room w-bllc the evidence was being delivered, or the arguments were bdpgmade, but there were a sufficient number of people to gtve so mneb annoyance to those Inclined to pursue (he even tenor of .business that it was found ncccs ary to inform them, n llh a view to teat the necessity ol their pretence, that the divorce case bad gone elsewhere. Hereupon the an«cmbled ••rac-uis-and-bobtßlV' quit the presence with more haste than decorum, and were seen outside anx iously Inquiring for “the** jury room, homo few found inclr way Into Judge Jameson’s room, and there they sat until the usual nooning salutation was given them to dear the coutt room. At about ball put two it pleased the Jurors to knock at Ibe dour which separated them from the comt room. There were then but a low persons, friends of the defendant, preswr. The | counsel in the care hsd long since departed, the 1 defendant was making excursions between the court house and bis attorneys* office: the com* plainant was probably at home: the Judge was on the bench, but the liatluT* who held the kevwcre, alter antcht’s unrest. seeking exercise in thohall. They exhibited impnlence for a rest which they had so long thwarted, and they exercised their mnscnlar force In demonstration of their feelings Tb**y hammered at the barrier to their liberty an* til ibe Judge himself found it prndent to descend from bis seat and bid (heir angry strokes bo still. The proper bailiff came, and the door was opened, ard now U was found that the jury had taken lime by the forelock; they did not want to be kept in their place of sa'cly and seclu* elon bevond the need of law, and they vet. having agreed upon It. had to sign their verdict This occupied some time, even longer than was reqnl ed to bring representative counsel on both sides, a motley group of trial bearers and readers, and the delcnoant. Tbejurorauowcamcin. They had been well fed during the boars of their deliberation, but their beds had been hard. A one-legged mao, who lost his limb upon a battle field, was proba bly the only one oftbem all who had appreciated the luxury of a wooden bench when tued for pur poses of rest The others, young aud old, part ners in business, and father and sun (and all ot these we* e of the eleven). In their unkempt and unwashed condition presented anything bat the appearance they would aim at when visiting their wives after a lengthened absence. Their names were called over by the clerk, as is n<ual, and (be verdict was given. The motley crowdfscattered itseli through the door, into the hall, and set up a clapping and a stamping which would have done justice, in the amount of its noise, to a much larger crowd. The tidings soon spread through all the rooms of the Com t House. . The verdict was variously received. A majority of the members of the bar denounced Has an oat- I race, hnt some few others expressed their gratlfl- 1 cation at the result. Some oi these had *• private griefs.** which they spoke of in this contrctlon, referring to the complainant’s counsel. Thcont t-ldc public seemed to he pleased; some found Immuultv In the veidlct for their short-comings. hot many the matter In the light oi unseen evidence that a yet undeveloped cause bad Drought about the separa tion which, existing to the exclusion of the hus band horn htd andnoard, he might seek sympa thy in his sni rows in the society of others,without suspicion ol wrong. Not a few learnedly argued npon the instructions "f the Court, and declared the jnry to have been biased. Amore rational solntion ct the natter was made by some charitable persons. They bad beard, in argument, that a cross bill had been filed, iu which the defendant seeks a divorce on the ground ol desertion without justifiable cause: aud under this the parties may obtain the end sought in this without the cop-action of the morale of the crime alleged against him. Tbishappcned to he tho view expressed by one or two of ibe jurors when their deliberation closed, and it is the probable . cause of so many who were iu favor of the hill. wheeling 'ound to procare their Uncratioa. The next consideration is Low the case stands. The motion for the new trial will probably be turned, unless before tbe time of Us bearing the TTtv, Bart L. Stewart obtains a role npon the laic complaliant that she shall answer his cross bill In this answer, if sbe cares for farther litbation, *ne will naturally set np cause In the matters specified by her in her conversations with Mrs Dr. Humphrey and E. C. Earned. Esq,, and de fence to the bill In the alleged adulteries charged m the origins! proceeding, with ench other acta as she can expert to prove. Should such an answer he made the whole coarse of Stewart's married life must he tnily Developed, and scandal lovers will again b-ve a treat, inasmuch as those inuendnes must be proved or disproved, and another jury will eh npon tbe question ot infidelity. Another course may be to carry the matter to tbe tmpieiae Court. There have been many ques tions of law decided daring the late trial, and some of them might be propounded enoneousby tbe Justices of onr higher tribunals. It would be sincular u In so lone a cause Judge Jameson had not once ened in judgment, and if, to the preju dice of the complainant he has so done, th-'rc is ft fair chance tor a further hearing of tbo Stewart divorce case. LAW INTELLIGENCE. Confessions of Jndcment -Divorce (Jrnnled for Crime Willi a Broth* cr-iu-Law—Probate Business. In tbe Circuit Court, before Judge Williams, in tbe foreclosure pioocding of Abram Eshccman against Anna Price and others, tbe default of tbe delendentwas entered, and judgment given for (3.161.G0. Tbe action on tbe case of Marie Macart against Fmnnd U. Stiles, to recover fur Injuries received fiom an alleged warrantee ot a circus horse, was revived, the default entered a few days since be- ing set aside by agreement. The bill of Minnie Shulz against Carl Sbolx was dismissed. The action on tbe case of Maria E. Jewell against the Illinois Central Railroad Company, of ancbni standing, is on trial. The new anils were: Marlin Cech vs* Joseph Smldt ct ai. Case. Chicago Fireman's Insurance Company vs. John H. Pollard. Confession of Judgment for fl.-1M.17. Illinois Mutual Fire Insutancc Company vs. George J. Teaser. Assumpsit. Damages laid at (500. Martin Bvcrson vs. Ira F. Benson. Assumpsit. Damages laid at 1110. Joseph U. Huntington and Frank F. Dunbar contessed Judgment In lavor of Harvey M. Soule ct ah, lor sues 71. The business of the common law branch of the Superior Court was ns follows: Wilbur F. Storey and Henry D.Chandler vs. Ch icago Ale and Mail Company. Dismissed. Horace Eaton v*. Charles waiUer. Assampslt, on a note dated at Detail, April 1-1,1836, for (MUI, at one year. On trial. Judge Jameson was enabled to return to tbo prosccntlon of the ordinary business of the Chan cery branch of tbe Court Id the matter of the bill of VV. Irvine Culver ve. James B. >nlllvin ct al a property suit, the default of Jamrr B. Sullivan wa* entered and a refcreuce of tbe case was bad In his case to Scott, Master, bis co-icspondcn'sbcingminors, John U. Tnomp son was appointed (bar guardian tu tbe cause The divorce bill of Daniel Tuttle ogalnst his niio Maty, recently mentioned, was referred to bcotU Master. A decr.-e In the Injunction suit of Horatio Un derwood against Oliver Upplncott, laud? argued in this court. Involving a partnership disagree ment, was recotdcd. Ino Courl finds an indebt edness of (13,119.63 and costs, and decrees a con veyance lo the complainant ot the packing bouse onllaiMto street. A decree of fotedoscure was made in (bo case of W. \V. Robinson guardian, against Bamuel j. Walker and others, lb'* Indebtedness la fßSls.ffk and the property affected 1* the undi vided half of cast hair of northeast quarter of southeast quarter of section town ranee 13 cast, ami the undivided half of blocks 121, I ts, ISA. ISi and Id*, in Canaiport. Anson v*. Amanda M.lmtehard. Divorce. The hill in this case was filed October ISlh. • ISifl, scltirg up adultery with Orrln 1) Bnrcbird. at many times. between the year* IWB and KSM. TheMaster’* report And* that the panic* Intermarried In the town oi Bloom. Bchohari**. N. Y„ In 36-l-t, where they re sided together until four year* ago, when a rent ration took place, the complainant subsequently coming lo this cut, where be his liver! upward of a year, ’ihe adultery is also proved, as charred, upon <hc testimony of Orrln Unrcuird. a lire stock dealer of this city, who stated that be bad known the parties about twenty year*. Ho says. In relation to the criminal aci*: “Their renaratipn was caused by the adultery of the defendant- The complainant received Information of such adultery last Delete ssld separation, and baa continued to live reparatc from the defendant ever since. I in formed ibo com piaicaot ot the fact of such adultery at the time; be bad been told before that she had been gntHy of adolteiy* and came tn me to know IfU was true, and 1 told him that It was Tn* de fendant bad been guilty of adultery several limes daring the eight years previous to tbclr separa tum. 1 know, of my own knowledge, of the de fendant having illicit Intercourse several times since their marriage with a man not bor husband." A decree was rendered. Six suits in aranmpeil were commenced In District Court, a* lollowa; Adams, Gibbs A Co. vs. B. F. Greeno * Co. Damages laid at fH®, Jobe B. Ipeatm * Co. vs. Christian I* Wyle. Pamagis laid at 1500. Henry W. Kreip ct al. vs. Christian Easting. Damage* laid at fl,ooo. Bloom* Werner vs. Guy A. Lewis. Damages 14 Kilicn and Daniel Blum va. Valen tine Wlndteh. Panacea laid at SSOO. John H. Summons vs. GUlctt * Faxon. Damages laid at SI«UW . . . ►amaecalald si SI,IWO . . , _ Eduud l<ocVc conletscd Judgment In favor of 11. n. W. Jocke for SI.CoT.TS; In favor of W. H.P. Kollos for fl.Oi’J.&O, audio favor of Clark & Bcao for $-137,P9. A . _ , Thomas Slorson sues Id ejectment to take pos ition of »he southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of evcllou 22, lowa, 59 north, of range 13, Two actions of debt were commenced by the Coroner tor the use of Alfred A. Ayers, against John B. 1 backer, and Andrew McNaLy. Tbo debt Is alledgcd at 5400, and the damages laid at the same sum. The other Is a ease again H Hiram Cash by Tltne Hemrotagway. liebl $9 wOJ, and damages laid at SSOO. An Injunction Ireaed against Leon Straus and Gonltcb F. Lclhbrandt, at the salt of Pocah Llebhrandt. The Injunction is to restrain the payment ol money received upon a sale, ana to enioln a suit to recover from Sttana such money. in Action on tbe cue,™ rammeocßl by Krtcfip and tiretdratb against VTonli. The pioceedinc la on the allegation of false pretences, it being charged that defendant gave tn the pur chase of goods the ficticious name of U L Fouvett. luubui «>r gtWHt* Aui.'uubtd 10 jUJ.io, in the Co ntr CourCflardaer 8. Bettor vat ap- Ked gnardtaa ot fiber L. Wilkinson, under ofVOO. The estate of Edward Ryan wav declared settled, excepting M to a legacy to Michael Byin. Itae e«ato of P, D. Aujr w«» d ctaroa cio«ed. John D. Smith was appointed ndmtninratordv bo/.lt nor. of the esuts or Lewis Lawrence, under abondoUlWkO. •lumvsCUnton was placed nndet the guardian ebio of ibotnas M array, who rare a bond for ROD. Ibeltecorder’sCimrispentaonsyilay. Michael Brflle, indicted fur larceny, vru balled npun bla plea ot not guilty. t , . Jeaac rhsekmao, chained wilh anon, pleaded not irsiltT, and bailed m the ram of sMu>. Jotm O. No:kl. on trial for larceny, on Tuesday, was found cuß:y of sti-aling to the value ot bits, md Me sentence was fixed atone year in the fen ’ Indicted for larceny, eu tried an>* found gniily of alerting ttSO; bit punishment war assessed at one and a half 3 ears m the Peal* for receiving stolen propety.waa tried and acquitted. , ~ . Calvin Johnson charted with larceny w«i found, Smith -was found guilty of larceny, the ptopertybei* grained atfli. He was ordered to be sent to Joliet lot one year. A not pro* waa entered in the case of Mark Tl coney forla»caacy. . George Wilson for larceny was found entity, and hta term of Imprisonment assessed at eight teen months. . .„ . John Petty for larceny waa balled. Samuel Daley tor robbery waa tried for larceny, ard the jury ia out. INDIAN CHIEFS. A Pflccallon on the War to Wash- Ingtoiu A delegation of twenty-one chiefs and warriors of thoWahoeton and bissiUm bands of bloox Indiana arrived In this city about noon yesterday from the northers part of Minnesota, on their way io Washington. They are under the charge of Major Joseph It, Browne, Benjamin Thompson, Esq., Special Agent; C. B. Mix, Esq., Assistant Acrnt, and Anson Brown and entries Crawford, Interpreters. The objector their visit to Washington is to negotiate a treaty for the right ot wav through the Indian territory to Fori Benton and Montana, which they undertake to protect acamst the hostile tribes. Among the wairlors composing this friendly delegation ore, ' Gabriel liennlie, the head Chief; Scarlet Flume, head Chief of the Sisslruns; Ahklpa, Chief ot 'he Wahpetooe; Oyehduga, Chid of the light Band on the Big Stone take; Waebeecohan Maya, Chief of one of the sub-divisions of Standing Buffalo's band; Other Day, TwoSlara. Two Shoes, Pretty Coy. Scarlet Crow, Scarlet Eagle, Ecshe-tn-krya, leba-wa.nke, Wa-kan-to, l*an Man.Wa-lndl-u-pi du-to, fcan-o-na, Ho-ke-no-wok-ta. IWa-lndl-yo-ya, and oilier melnd’ons names foil ol u linked sweet* ness long drawn out.” , ~ Neatly all of these warriors and chiefs have been in active service, ana during the trouble* of ioWond ’CS, when they were employed as econts, they did the Stare some service in see‘ring the ncace of the frontier. Uenville.Aklpa, Two blare, mill Other Day were among the lony-five lodges übo opposed the outbreak of IBtti. They never joined Ibe hostile camp, and took every means to their powerto prevent the massacre. During their brlcfstayln this d*y, ibe delcga* lion pul np at the Union House, wbere they wore visited by a number of citizens. The majorfy of them are rather good looking Indians, tbarls, they arenot quite so repulsive in appearance as tfis* generality ot redskins who pass this way. Thot were neatly and plainly attired. In ordinary civi lized costume, and bat for their taciturn manners might have passed fora company of swarlby-vie* aged farmers. The party left by ibe Chicago, Httbburgh and Fort Wayne Railroad in the after* noon. Noon Day Prayer IHmUdc. The meetings which have been increasing In numbers and deepening in interest since the ‘•Week of Prayer.” were even more largely at tended yesterday than on the preceding day. and the spirit of tbo meeting gave indication of such a condition of interest pervadlng.»hc hearts of (he Christian people of oor city as has long been hoped ard prayed for. Jlojor D. W. Whittier presided at the meeting and, after singing acd prayer, read from toe fourth chapter of Ephesians. lie then remarked that the plainest teachings ofihe Bible is the erUteuce ofa divine spirit, thf JJoly Sinrtf. by virtue of which Cbrtjiians at tain to any degree of spiritual life, and approxi mate to the life of Christ. The mlspion of the Uoly Spirit is to the Christiana guide into tnc deeper and toller things of a divine life, and all Chris tians should beanie bow they resist the gentle wooinga of Ibis heavenly messenger. To those who are leading an nngodly life the Holy Spirit comes to convince them of their danger and to lead them Into the oaths of tmilty. and to Christ. To all those befoicblm, who had not made prr* tonal pielv a matter of serious consideration, ho earnestly appealed to strive not against the Spirit that would lead them to the only form tain of sal vation lor lost and tailed humanity. 7he meeting then being thrown open to any who might wish to participate, Mr. Morton said that when bo reflected that the Holy Spirit bad followed him for years and bad at last 1* d him to Christ, and a life ot happiness, be did not despair of the worst man who might be found in the haunts of vice and misery In our city. A little mote than a year ago he was in this city a misera ble drunkard and gambler. With no religions teachings in bis youth, be had gone ont at the early age of four een as an apprentice to tbe printers trade, and bad been led away by all tbe vices which such a life is heir to. Enlisting in tbe army be spent lour years there, giving way to all tbe icmoiatlons incident to that Ire. In coming to this city he had thrown himself into the whirl pool of dissipation, hat at last had been taken by the band by srme kind Christian men, and was now not only restored to bis manhood, but had given ids heart and hta life to the cau-e of Christ and hon anby Ur, M.waa followed by Rev. N. D. Williamson and others In some very pcrllocnt remaiks. Tbo deepest solemnity prevaded the whole meeting, and many expressed a desire for the prayers of a Christian people. The morning meeting rvlamed Its canal interest, and was led by inthlUKing, Esq. _ After reading the 11th chapter of Hebrews, Mr. R. said that uo cavil could be made over this chapter. It Is stamped with each Irresistible evi dences of the power of faith in Ood that, the most infidel heart must yield assent to its teachings if carefully considered. A report was riven of the mechanics’ daily prayer meeting In tbe West Division, w bicb was organized in toe Eagle Works about the middle of last summer, and which had been the means of ranch good. Tbe morning and t.ooo-day Uriottrocetlugv are held in the andieuce room of the M. E. Church, corner of Clark and Washing! m streets, fiom 9 to 10 o'clock a. m ,and from 12 m. to 12:10 p. m. All are welcome. AnC»IsnEMTS. McVtcKEn’e Tiixatbs.—Mr. Charles Dillon ap peared last night’as ■* Lear,” in the tragedy of that name, lo a fnll home. To-night “ Othello," ot The Moor of Venice.'* Mcsstm,—A crowded house erected “Every* body's Friend ** at the matinee or yesterday. In the evening u The Serious Family ’* was present ed in a manner much more efieciire than usual. Dillon’s ‘Aminaaab Sleet was Immense; Aiken’s Captain Maguire a capital tut, and McManus’ “Chattra” a beautiful piece of acting. The same piece (o-nlcbi. bKanso. —1 be present mild weather is every* thing that could be desired by the Bleating con* mm uv— a most nnmorons element lo this city— and unasbeenerjoyedto Its full. -The different ice tracts In the city, called parks, or rinks, were all crowded last evening with merry groups, sod countless couples, all busily engaged In the one effort to pertonn the grand glissade movement. Masquerades are all the rage. The Wabash Avenue Rink will be open to-dar and evening to the merry maskers, acu the Washington Park will be the scene of a grand Masquerade and fancy costume carnival to-night; while at the Ogden neatly three hundred maskers and tome thou* sands of spectators enjoyed themselves highly last evening. , % . ... The sixth annual school children's carnival, free to children of the public schools of the city, will be given on Saturday at (Qe Washington. Ailsa Kellie Dean, one of the boast skatresses In the States and Callle Curtis, opi-ned last even* log at the Central. Messrs. Powerrs and lafayelte, the well known skaters, appeared at the West Side Rink last evening, ana astonished a large attendance by their almost superhuman exhibitions of skill. Important Law Case. Wc noticed the commencement of a suit in ejectment against the occupants of Garret Block in the United Stales Circuit Court lately. It grows out of the decision referred to In the following letter: To the Ediiorofthc Chicago Tribune 1 have been requested to make mention through your column* ot the decision in iheStipremc Court of the case of Bigelow ct al. vs. L&wrecce. With vonr permission z will briefly state the caec and Iho decision. In I*3l, Messrs. Gage, Parmeiee & Bigelow bor* rowed of Daniel lawrencefso,cno with which to erect Garret Block; they agreeing to repay the money in Gvo yean with ten per cent interest, ana giving a bond for two per cent additional interest. For security they gave Lawrence a war* rantee deed of Garret Block property, and he pave back his agreement to recovery upon repay ment. They paid the interest for a time, and then refused to pay cither principal or Interest In furtherance oi their Intention to evade payment, they filed a bill in chancery in I*3, representing that 1-awrcrcc bad agreed to sell tflem the land absolutely for $30,000.4c, but that he was unable to make the title goon to them,and for this reason they prayed, that they having made valuable Im provements on the land, he should be enjoined trom ejecting them from (be property, or collect ing any part of the money, &c. Lawrence answered that the transaction was a loan and moitgago; that they wambled the title to him; that Inc money was all doe; that they bad absolutely refused to pay it- Bo Ibea filed his cross-bill for a foreclosure and decree for The money. To this complainants pleaded usury, «£c. While toe suit was pending, Blrclow, a brother in-law of 1 awrencc, possessing the confidence of lAwtence. Induced the latter to receive from him ►omo f>j9,500. about oou quarter of what was duo, and to release him (D'gelow)from Iho remainder, representing that this would not release his co? debtors. This being done. Bigelow. Uage & Par mclco filed tbclr supplemental bill, setting up that Lawrence bad made a settlement and releas ed at] the parties by the release which was set oat, and prayed a decree that the debt was discharged. The release expressly reserved the rights of law tenet* against the other parties, and limited Us operation lo Bigelow. lAwrcnce replied to thlr that Ihc release was 6rocared from him under circumstances of fraud, c also raised tbe question of law whether a re lease in such laugnago would in equity operate to discharge *U. Tuo Court bctow.lu a very able decision by Judge Wilson, found alt the facts, as well as decided ail the legal questions, in Law* rcnce’s tavor, and domed him his money under process In that salt; ol eonrso refusing all relief tic complainants prayed, ...... Ihc hupicme Court, upon appeal, decided that the i onrt below was correct in refusing teller to ibe complainants upon either their original or -upplementat bill; out erred lo not dismissing the cross-bill and the original and supplemental bills, it held the tr«nsactto:i a mortgage and loan: the release corrupted with fraud; and that la.vrnnce was entitled to bis money; but dismissed the cross-hiiL On the law. they held that a release lo words purporting to reserve rights against one Joint debtor, and yet releasing ano’ber of the joint debtors, wooid operate lo law to release all, dung and affirming tbe case of Rice v*. Webster. 19 ills.; 531. They held that the release in question did not discharge tbe complainants, because the transaction was not fair and honest. They say: “To permit this re lease to bo set op wooid he unconsclonaXt t la* fittUaoie and vpjatr. Tbe complainants baring fritrnn by Ibeir own pleadings and proofs that tbdr defence la tainted and corrupted by loeqnity and Injustice. • • • their bill acd supplemen tal bill should have been dismUecd.aod Lawrence lelt to puisne his remedy at Uw by ejectment, un less complainants shall pay.lhe money which they owe him. The Court below did right In refusing relief to appellants." * An important question was ralscdnpon the con struction of tbe interest laws ot ’45 and ’43, and tbe law of ’57 repealing the law of forfeltanres and penalties for usnry. The views of Jodge Wilson bcrcon are to be found in tbe decision published In the Chicago TVnet December 19. 18C5. Counsel for Lawrence contended that he was entitled to ten per cent Interest opon.the stat utes, as the Supreme Court have appeared also lo decide in Matthias rs. Cooke. 31 ills., K). As the Court did not think proper to decide the

question in this case, (he profession will wait fur . their views thereon with Interest. Upon what etoned the Court dismissed Law rence’s ooss-bUL and referred him to a circuitous action, to which they seem to ear there Is no lair and honest defence, when they had jurisdiction oi the matter at tbe instance ot the complainants, and when Lawrence was asking only such relief as wasjof-equitable jurisdiction,X *., foreclosure, does not appear from ihcdedslou. Youre, £c., URimz* A. Ghiqout, Counsel (or Mr. lawrencc. Chicago, Jan. S 3, ISaX Tux collections. To the Editor of the Chicago Tribune; permit me to enter my protest agaiost the shamefully dilatory manner in which business la done at the City Collector's Office, In the Court House. I called there yesterday to pat a tax, and walled about an hour. Wnenlarrired there were three persons ahead of mo In me line; trhco I left twoofihemwere stillvaluer, u* 1 leftwltboat being able to yet my bill. Oaring this time the clerks were inside me railing, laughing, uiksng, Joking a*d smoking, t.; bl • i *-n iu m fact that many persona wire weiil g to nav heir taxes. tOcnsaiv. Foncz> Aoanr—Mary Mnrraj wh> I* ncsrl; certain to be airerted &a loon t- bee a gel drunk aflergetting outorßrtde«eU. w«s ft ed {3O vea te'flsy morning, whichgives hi.-a lealy home for three months, at the corner 01 Polk a id Wells street. LOCAL MATTERS. Itlsntlmatrd that Owe million belnsr* are dally inhering from varlins dt«eases ot the throat and long*, and one-fifth annually die fiotn consumption. With inch evidence before ns doee U no* strike the observing mind, that sc-ence with her many appliances, coolo arrest each fearful mortality ? So Mr, nothing ha-* been discovered equal to Harrden’s Pectoral Balm, which has proved successful In the treatment of all bronchial diseases For sale by all drngulats. Bcnunuws & Chicago, Illinois, general agents for the Northwest. For Cooelut Colds, and Throat Db< orders use “Brown’s Bronchial Troches,” hiving proved their efficacy by a teat of many years. The Troches are highly recommended and prescribed by physicians and surgeons in the army. Those exposed to sndden changes should always bo sup plied with “The Troches,”as they give prompt relief “ Formodcnta” Tooth Paste preserves the teeth, preventing decay, making them white and beantifal. Jits free from all Injurious sub stances. It Is used and recommended by the best dcntlfila. Manufactured solely by Caewen, Macs & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. Onr Infant boa bvcn brought safely through the ethical period of teething by the sole aid of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. We ad* we all parents to procure It. —Mittiitlppi Bap- It corrects acidity oflhe stomach, relieves wind colic, regnUtes the hov.els. and. by giving rest and health tothechlid. comforts the mother. A Hare Pile onre.-Ur. fill be Ft’s Pile Instrument positively cores the worst cases of piles. Sent by mall on receipt of Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wonted every* where. Address J. B, Domains, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. NewYsrk Financial News* New Yobs. January 23. xokzt. The money market Is Quiet and steady at per cent. ronztox zxcuaxoe. Bier ling excbangedoll, at 109®1C9X. HOLD. Gold lover, opening at iB3Vf, aecilnlne to 131 X, ad vancing to and doting at ISIX* oovzcxuuxrs. Government stocks dull and drooping. FSEIOIITB Frelabtsto Liverpool firmer, with engagements of 40,0(0 bn cum and 6gc per sailing vessel. There was an unsettled fee mg in the money market toward the closed banklcg hours* owing to the Stock Exchatpe failure aid heavy decline instocks. The events of to-day have induced caution, and collateral* are cloaely scrutinized, ihe decline in valuta at the stock Exchange wiU undoubtedly causa ashtfttsz of loans, nut aajet the effect has not been thirty felt The report that secretary McCulloch win resign tnrass Randall's bib Is naiacd, Is not gcneraliv credited. The pmlinglmpcachrornt against the President, and ths continued contraction ot the currency, tend to depress botlnm. HOLD. The gold market closed op firmly at IM.V- OOVZBXXKXTB. Government securities heavy and lower: Coupons *BI....IDTVQIOTY! Coupons, new Coupons tune I0l>tf®10t»l Coupon* I Ten Forties.... Coupons 'G5....105K&107H | EI6CKI.IAXEOCJB STOCKS At thelait stock market generally firmer and quite active ta some ahaio>, CLOSDfO PRICES. HMAMni .. . 9if<a. 'Jfi Mlrh •*. Tit*at 711/ Ohio certs 24 X Mlcb. S 7t*® 7<* w. g t « im&oi* oeat....ua*&m* N. Y. .... Pittsburgh...... wxca A Hn- awta* Rl VIH&97H Ucd'OP 123U«136 N. W. 40*« 40* Readies IC2S«IC2* Preferred .... 77*® 77* Eric afterward® rose to 66*, which stiffened the whole UsU COAL SCARES. A firm, understood to be acting in behalf.of a cllqu* In Cumberland Coal, unanla to meet its engagements i Inllare wa® announced. Camber'aod flat tasted wUdiy duihea.m.—at il a. m. 44 was bid for, and Masked; later, SO was bid, and 57 asked. M&TSO BUSSES. Tbe mining Met nrm on Dea Molnc*. LaCrossc and Gold Bill: rest ui tbe market neavy and low>r. espe cially on Gregory and Quartz Hill—Gregory 1373; Co ryuomCOS- Gold Bill, 450; Quartz Bill, 435; Dei iiolr.e®. 230; Lacrosse. ito. Tbe Produce markets. NEW YORK. New Toss, January 33. Cotton-Half a cent lower. Sales 1,700 bales of mldatlcp upUvds at 33H®s»\'c. Flonr—Dull and dropping. Receipts. 3J56 brl*. Salesß.ocebrls; quotations nnchangea—cl'scd|.quiet, holder® not Disposed to accept lower prices. Whiskey—homiest. Wheat—Doll, tendency in buyers* favor, no receipts or sales. Rye—Qnlet ai d drooping. Barley—Steady, 95c being tffered for good Canada Western in bond. Corn—X>ull and le lower. Receipts I,oob ba. Sales 29,(00 bn unsound mixed atfl.li&l.JS !o store; sound aQiai Jl.’bk; dooflrred in store at fi.io. Oath—Dull and droootne. Receipt* 6,100 bo. Sales ISjdco, bu Western si K&ac; State, 6S(<sC9c- Hops—Finn. Leather—Firm. Wool—Firm, bat Quiet. Sales 55,000 lbs domestic fleece at4S(*C3c. Groceries—Steady ard unchanged. FoiroleQtn-Qoleu Grade at aw : reflnod ftgste. Pork—Dull and lower. sales 3JJO tons at PjO.2s® 21.18 for new men. eloping at (21.00 for Western; U9.2SQl9^T7lorold tQess,»ndclosloeat (19.3! cash; anode 75@17.00 Mr prime, also (17.90. New measat (21.57@31.30, sellers and buyers February and Reel—Heavy. Balee39o hrls at previous prices. Beef bans steady. &1e«2301b5ai(38A0@33.50. Bacon—Quiet. CotM'au—DolL Sales 185 packages at fat shoulders, and 10312 c tor hams. Dmifd Hor*—Steady at BV«S.'2C for Western. Bard—Dull and heavy. Bales 460 brls at 12J<(313cfor old, andl33UV.fornew. Better and Cnecse- Firm. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J Milwaukee, January 33. Floor—Market entirely nominal; tales of XX city spring at *10.62>f@U.75; country brands at 910.25® 10A0: choice X Slb.00; no shipping demand. Wheat—Doll. Morning board—sales of 3,300 bo; Noon board—tales ot 30.000 ha at 92.Ud2.tS lor No. I instore; 91.W@W»X for N 0.2 In store; 1.90X33.01, s. o. February; 91.95& •• o. ail moutb; 91.78£1.t9 for No. 3 In store; 91.39, e.o. February. Oats—Closed weak; sales of 3,000 bu at HX@43cfor No. 3 In store. Corn—Unchanged; galea of 400 ho, new shelled In store, at 63c* Bye— Weak: sales of 400 bn at 87c for No. 3in store. Provisions—Dull and lower; extra prime pork at *ISAO; prime lard 12®l3J<c. Dmsed Dogs—Dull and lower: sales of pood aver ages 11 #7.0097.55. Sundries—Potatoes, 90c f bn; green peas. *1.73 * bu; turkeys, 16c; chickens, lie: geese, 7c; roll butter, ilc; salted hides, UKc« Receipts—Boo brls floor, 16.600 bn wheat, LSOObu oats, 4.0T0 bu corn, 700 bn rye, 2£C 0 dressed boss, bhlpments—3Jsoo brts flour. bn wheat. ST. LOUIS. St. Lons. January 33. Cotton—Dull, at 30c lor middling. Flour— Sllghuv easier; spring super6S.73in9.73; fall , do *9.50fi»3.5: apt log extra *lO 00910.75; fill do *lO JO I (s>l.2S; soring oonble extra sU.or@ls.oO: fall do *ll.OO <*1X00; choice do and treble extra, #13.33914.30 {fancy *15.00@;6.c0. Wheat—Finn, bat business smalt: No. 3 spring *L2S; prime and ct old? flJC<i2.io; lair and good fall f 3.6ft# 3.7>; primed-*t3.'>3£4Bs; choice f23>^3.oC. Corn—Firmer, at "iaijtKc lor mixed and yellow; BK3 82c tur while. Oats—Firmer and Weber at G&aRSc. Prorudons-Flnn, 11 cm pork f 19,50®30.00 fbr March auu April delivery, ana *3.00@20.23 Immediate deliv ery. Cat Meats S*c. Shoulders, packed, drv salt i.ams, clear tide*, lie, etty. Shoulders held at ’"tiacon—Supply limited. Country clear side* and Etaln bams IBc. City shoulder*, loose, 10c. packed lc. Clear slots, loose, ISc, packed I3KOI3XC. Lard—Firmer and higher. Prime kettle in traand hr I»UVc. Choice city feme V!}(« tn tcs.l3j<@UHc la brU and keg*, i*9i3J<c prime ana choice country la kegs. _ __ Boss-Holders ask *6.3®7.00. Buyer* offer *6.75 and under, bales MO heavy made at $6.80. The num per cot to date Is lAs,oi>o. Whiskey—Dull and unsettled at *3.10(33.15. CINCINNATI. Cikctjwatl January 33. Flour—ln moderate local demand, at #9.60910.50 for superfine, and *ll.OO to *11.50 fbr trade and fancy brands. Wheat—Dull, but prices are not lower. 63.3593A0 (hr spring and winter. Core—ft held btsber, owing to a light supply. Ear S3@36c; shelled6lo62o, oaU —Firm and in good demand at 539530 tor No. 1. Bye—ls held at *1.30. hut this rate Uvc above the views of buyers, Bar ey—ln moderate demand. Whiskey—Dull. No demand. It can be bought at 35c, Cotton—Dull, and prices nominal. Hogs—Crotcd rather ooil, and prices a shade easier. *7-501*7.90 covered the whole range paid. Mess Fora—Dull; less demand, and more disposition to sell, at 43Di0@71.00 for city. ~ Dnlk Meats—Dull. Shoulders 7\c; sides SVc, and tJre»n Meatt—Dull at but little demand. . . „ Lanl—Unliaii*»<9l3xc; tot ranch demand. Bead and ant could have been bouebt at H>sc. ~, Butter and Cheese unchanged. The latter held very firmly at HXAisc. Kegs—soe, and the supply light. Hold va\-«131. No change in the money market. PHILADELPHIA. Puu.at>su>nta, January 33. Trade dnl). . _ . Flour—Tends downward; Northwestern*!! 30313.00. , Wheat—Nnmltal. Con—Active; sale* LOCO bu new yellow at tIJXJ. Date—Slionc, ats7<?t3Bc. live—Street* at tt.ouaLSS, Wnitkcy—Nominal BALTIMORE, Saltiwocc, January 23. Coffee—Rio Arm: cargo prices, in bond. Flour—Pull aIU nominal. Wheat—No aides or receipts. „ _ Corn—White *1.03. and yellow Mjk.OOc. snear—Mrenl at lOKOIO.VC lor Cuba rcflnlag. and prwcrjT. All descriptions ot hog product Arm. at better prices, exet pt lard. « hlrh is steady atIJWc for city. c over seed-Scarce and firm at*S.,Vj9.CiO. Whisker—still irregular, at H.TNjMi—the latter tor city and Western. NEW ORLEANS, Nrw oblsaks, January 33. Cotton-Faslcr. with talc* ol kW bates** 81c tor low middling, and 53c tor middling. receipts, tfiol halo?; experts, none. . . ... , sugar—ln acute demand, with sales of ftlr at ItH 9 MoiMN*-*atM of lair at 61963 c, and prime to C^F?on^ra^o*^r *upoJflnc at *l3 3391330, and extra at Oats—Active, at M@looc. lU>—Firm, at 83c . rotk-Ftm. at *33.009*4-50. Bacon—None ottering. I But Vmnl bank sterling 46; Sew York ■ "{ntSS.’S S« T«SW)«; .K.m.r r.c. New York Grocery market* lepvcial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Nxw Yoax. January 13. s'offre— Finn ftr prime quadUcs. Rio. ffidSUtfet Maralcatbo. aidttc. Sugar steady. Fair to prime gro cery, lO,\»USic. New York Breadstnflh market. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Now Yoax, January 21 Flour—Medium and high grade sold tram 100 8c lower. Tbe gentrol feeling is very weak. Wheat-Offered lower but no buyers. Corn, cats and barley very fiat. Foreign Freight*. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Kxw Yon, January 33. Freights to Liverpool—By sail, 48.003 bu corn and barley at 6,Vd* NewTork Live Stock market. {Special Despatch to ibe ChicagoTribune.] Nrw Toxc. January 23. Dog*—Nominally unchanged. No receipts. Near York Provision market. [Special Dcspitch to the Chicago Tribune.] N'rw Yoax, January 23. Pork—Cloied dull at S2IXO. All hog prodacu dull. New York Dry Goode market. Nrw Yoex. January 33. In the dry goods market there la little or oo improve mSu The ousts css U cooanod to the pressing wants of buyers. No change la price*. Galveston Cotton market. Galttstox, January 38. Cotton— Market very quiet. Low mldddng oomlnal “dJi£S3fSS ■■■M.ttiri.tisaw saw FrandKO Mining Stocks, Sax Fsaa CISCO, January 33. JSgIL— ISOlCbrito IB Yeiio. f® I upsir...... ui CroVnPora l - ...lion I Tender, 51 Pittsburgh, Petroleum Market. Prrcsacnou. January *3. The oil trade «h?»t D eery doll. One sale of cmde, free on board car* here. Sales 5. KAnria five oil ar 49WC. Seoul lotsofcood brands aelUßg at tittle. No demand fbr naptha or real doom. atllKlblk la mu city, on the Slat instant, by Bev. j.ir.Lart aoreTMr. &6bKBT SIXOX »4 Mill ELIZABETH 'ALLEN. ill of Ctlcayo. ■' ' • IB D. In VermllltoD J onrMOCooatT, < B.T»osiredaesday. January 16ib. MARYANN, widow of Braga* Bod mas. deceased, and mother« A. H. Bodmat, Bsq n CUf Clerfc. aged 60 years. - Id tbU city, on the 3M Itstant, LtILo MIC, infitat danrtter of ManrlreW. and Hattie C. Briggs, aged ten meutha and ei.vea day*. „ .. , j*tv cral from residence. No. 13S BootkPeorli-iw o • Tbinday. »Uh Icrt., at it a. m. Fnendapt iheUall are Invited to attend further notice. amusements. T> 16T OR1—Crosby’s Opera House. JX DIRECTOR. J.GBAO. This (TBDBSDAT) evening, Jan. ;i-Thlrd Rlatorl Night, hkTH, OF EH6LAin)i ADELAIDE EIBIOBI as FUZABBTH To-morrow (Prld*y) Imi nlr"t of tbe season—Bene fit of Madame Adelaide Bistort. on which occasion will be presented Montacelll’s celebrated trage Jy, *'CAanHA»»> Becelred with great ectbnstasm In New York, and selected for UadatseEi»ton's ro-etUre in New Tort in April on her frrea ell appearance® for Europe. Saturday afternoon at 1 o’clockfdoora open at 13!0 Bisroßl MATINEE and last appearance of Madame Bistort. EISTOHI as MABT STUABT Beserxed tr&ts, f 220. Beats in Boxes, $£ General admission, fl JO. Family Circle, «S cents. w OL. WOOD’S MUSEUM . J. H. WOOD Proprlctoj Director of Amusements. " blase Manager Unprecedented Comic Attraction*! The New Com' edv. hr Charles Mathews, and the Great Moseam Spe cialty, both rec-lred with shoots of laughter. Com s erce at a V MI ore 9. This (Thoixlay) erenlng, Jan. 31th. for the fifth time In tt is citr, the rew Comedy ol WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN, To eooclode with the SERIOUS FAMILY, Ss'tirnar afternoon— Grand Matinee. TOE HUGUENOT G iPTAIX Is tn rehearsal. ]yj c YI OK E U*S THEATRE McVTCKI Engagement of the celebrated tragedian. ME. GHAELE& DIIXON, THURSDAY—Shakspeare’s Tragedy of OTBSZiZtO, Oe. THE MOOR OP VENICE. Ol HELLO Mr. CH AS. DILLON Saturday Grand Uattnse—'“Macbeth.” in rehearsal, “Betpbesor, me Mountebank,” and Lord Pynu'a Tragedy ot •* Werner.” LECTURE -will be given by RALPH WALDO EMERSON, In UNITY CBURcH.cornerofChlcaco-av.andNorih Dearbora-st., THURSDAY EVENING, Jao. 01th. Subject—“ The Man of the Woild.” TICKKTB—SO Cent* each, may bo bad at the Book store of 8. C. OIUGGS & Ud., and at J. tt. WALSH'S Newsroom. ■rafITKOWSKY HALL, *' BRANCH OP TUB New York Museum of Anatomy, ■WITKOWSB.T HALL, 1.76 Clark*U, corner of Monroe. Tbit Important tod hlehlv instructive Mascara ooc • tains WONORR3 OF CREATION (ram the first mouth, Miniature Wonder® of (be World, as also Beauties of Osfeolojry, Myology, Dermatology, And is fine every department of Hedies' Science. Tbe Student, the Fhyolaan. the Naturalist, the Han of Business, the man of Leisure, might east? la vam where they con Id spend a more pronuble hnnr. Open for gentlemen only trom 9 a. m. till 10 p. m. Admission JO cent*. rpEB CHICAGO TUUN GKMEINDE 1 resuecUnlly announce to their friends and ps> Iron® that their GRAND MASQUERADE win come off On MONDAY, February -1. At their spacious hall on North Clark-*!., ahov* Cht cacoav. COMMITTEE. Poll Pro era Trine will be announced. _ N. B. Sale of reserved seat* will commence Wednes day. Jan. 23d. at 10 a. m-. at the BaiL QROSBTS MUoIO HALL. CBICAGO CALEDONIAN CLUB, Second Grand Annual Sail. Tbe Cblct Cbteftal’S acd Clansmen of the Chicago Caledonua Club rtapect tolly announce to their fellow-citizens ol Chicago mat the _ SECOND GBAND ANNUAL SAIL of the Club will take place at CfO'bys Music Union FRIDAY EVENING. JANUARY 77. 1567. (Anniversary of Bums* birthday.) Music by Gieat Western Light Guard Baud. Tickets. (3 each, admitting a gentleman and ladles, can be bod of any of the officers and members of the Every preparation has been made to makctbls the crest ball of the season. u ROBERT HEBVET, Chief. Wy. M. Dale. Secretary. Chicago. January 7, lS6r. auction Sales SCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, J 64 LakMt.l cor. UMlle ( Chicago. Cub advanced on Merchandise confided for sale. Ont-dooT sales promptly attended to. A UCTlON—Wednesday, Jan. 23d, 1807 il —Special Bale of Velvet Pile, Brussels. Tapestry, KlddeimeUtcr, Two and Three-Ply. Ins rain and Felt CARPETING, Oil Cloths, Stove Roes. Hearth Bogs. Mata, &e* about too rolls. The largest and most vared assort* meat ever offered in this market. W*» are I* strutted bythetmtorters toscil the atwve large assortment of ifrcs. Mata. &c„ Ca’pct*. Oil Cloth*, &c, amount which wjb bo found the choicest d signs and patterns extant, selected expressly for this mars«U bale at 10 a. n M sharp. DANTBL SCOTT * CO- Anet’rs- Goods on view Moi day. At Ifrl Lake-st. RUCTION, Friday Jan. £5. A lot or ladies’ bsU, ttyles." till and party drefMs, direct from parla. DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneer*. QILBEUT & SAMPoO-N Elegant assortment of second-hand and new Fnmitnrc, Carpets, Mirrors, Silrcr- Plated Show Case, &e., AT AUCTION, At our salesrooms, 47 acd 40 Dcarborn-st. on Fri day, January ‘flUk at 10 o’clock, consleitnc of a large aSfOtttnet t ofrich andmedlum Chamber So.lea, Parlor Suites, In half doth and reps, with atm"*levcry klr*d of furniture for parlor, chamber a--d dining rooms Parlor, bedroom and stair Carpets. mar He and other Mirrors;ote largo Silver-plated Show Case, together with a general assortment of household good*. „ GILBERT* SAMPSON. Auctioneers. BALE On Thnreday t Jan* 34, At our Salesrooms, 73, 77 and 70 WeUs-*t,near Kandolph-st. A large assortment of flue Ingrain and Throe-PJy Carpets. Oil Cloths, 4c., together with toe Furniture ot a private family—Feather Beds, Bedding. Croce cry, Glassware, 4c.,4c. J. HBA.NSY * CO., Auctioneer*. IT* Regular sates of Furniture, Ac-. on Uonday'aod Thursday of each week. Goods ot all mods taken on storage. A. BUTTEKS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission Merchants 44 4s 4BRASDOLPH-ST.. Between Stalest, and Wabash-av., Hold regular sales, at thdr salesrooms, ot DRT GOODS, CLOTBTNQ. BOOTS, SHOES. &C-, Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CARPETS, 4c., every SATURDAY. STo Rent. HALL, Smith & Nixon’s Bniiding, On Washtngton-st., opposite the Court Bouse. The shove ITril l» on the second floor, and I* well ar ranged for CONCERTS, LECTURES, EXHIBITIONS and BAl.t-S. Has Croat and private entrances. Can I* had on REASONABLE TERMS' Apply at the Hall. sUal Estate—<Eouuttß* FOR SALE—The subscriber offers for sale bis residence In Elgin. It Is pleasantly situ ated. One targe natural thade trees, good garden, fruit trees, well and cistern. 4c.: 1* cunvrnlenl to the Elgin Academy; Is considered the handsome*! place to Elgin. Price 15.000; SI,OOO down, balance on ilms, U di sired. ATbPfal'llsriuntf>raijcv»h down. Apply or adores* L. H. YaRWOOD. or consult U.S.YAU WOOD. 106 Wa«hlpgt>n-«k, Chicago. F)R SALE—Farm, contamme 40 acres, under good cultivation, well divided Into ttllarc. mowing aoa pasture, »ll wrli lencod, good house. One cellar, stabling, wells, stock water. large bearing or chard ot cnolce fruit, plums, pears, small fruit*. 4c„ In short a flue coxy ptace-shon’d be seen to bo properly estimated. A»*o to acres adjMnlnctne above, all for <j.nro. Would be sold separate OP toreth-r. Twoaerns of timber. Address T. S. CLOUGH, West Paw Paw. Lee County. 18. rroK SALE—A farm ol 160 acres, -with- F Id one mile of railroad atalton. And 17 ©lira from Chirac©. well watered, ffO'-rt pnildlnc*. over sou frail trrra. and »locked wild row*. Will rellwlta or with out raws. AIM. A4O terra adjolnlnc the above. Id low to ault purrtiaarra. Apply at 155 Ktmie-»t. iHacijincts. FOU SAI.E—Or Trade—3 double Hue » feet, 40 Inch ahell holler* and 3 30home powe' enrtnra, locclher with the work* of a Llnwd Oil MUlTand Flat Mathlnery. all for rale, aratelr. fbr ra*h nr de»lr*ble laoda. Addreu «- u. CASTLE, Sandwich. 11U TpOR SALE—Three 8-horse power tip F rtebt encinM: a>*o ilx horUootal eaclnra, vIC 5d Urcer or raailer cubed With or withont bourn. 13.15, W tubular and locomotlro txil'ert fbr *%le, beat make. Alao one 4-roller Union Richer wdPlaaiDa Machine. Sawn ilia, barrel andwood-worktoc machinery, iroc nianrn. belUnir, aawa, (lira. Ar, Macbtncrr Depot. OBEKSLEK BKOS. * CO. TOK SALE—rnrtable Engines—4, 6. F 8. to, 13,15,30, 25 and Sf-horie power, new and •econo-handi mew and one St-horae power, bewnd band Stationary Enctnra «d Saw mllla, Woodworth pianera and Uatchen-SMbclo MIIU and Wood-worktce Machinery. Power Corn Shelter*. SM nSiMHuflSm FwlMlltt. aurUTOPnllia and Elevator Machinery bnllt to order. HICQARDS IHON WORKS. 190 acd 193 WMbinctoo-et. F3U SALE—A second-hand Buckley foldlnc machine—in rood condition. Price, $4«. Apply to the TIUBtJyB COMPANY. Fl)B SALE—IO,I2 and U-lxorse porta ble Rnrlnc* aod BotlM*-rey low, by QBlFfU* BROTH! TTOK SALE—The entire machinery of r » firat-claas QoortOß mill, of four ram of 4 foot Wfi>, large bolt of fonr real*. separate smat mill, seven scales, tu the * bafUnjr, nod three water whwis. All of ihi» machltciT Is of the very best, TTe wish to fell It to pat paper machinery l n - P*irtle3 wishing such rha* cluienvm do well to make application immediately, as we will dispose of It re nr scon. For loft)rmaUon apply to FBIESD, FOX & CO., Lockland, OMo. TTOR SALE—Portable and stationary 1; erglcea, 4, 6. 8,10.12.15 ard » horse oowef; Put nam Machine Co. Laibea—f >nr 12 feet bed, 31 lacn: one 13 fiethec.ss Inch; oneSfcct bed, 20 loch; one JO ffeet I>m* 20 inch; one 13 fbet bed, Minch; ones feet DM, 13 lerh: three 6 fe* Ihe Vl6 Inch; three 4 S lect bed, 11 inch swirc—all screw cutting engine latbest two oprtebt tlrlllf; two Iron planer*; two planer and matchtrs; one snrfacer. Also, all kind* of machinery. pnmn«, t-eltme and bote. C. L. KICE A CO., ID and 21 jjearbonwt. rpHE LANE & LODLEV Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAM EHQETEBI Shingle Machines. Corn Mills and Shafting, Wood* working Machinery. „ LANK & BODL.EY, Corner ot Jchn and Cincinnati. Applicants lor descflpttre etrcolars wtu tie auchlnery they qsi** r ggSSJleWpii* - «to atm-Jeouaes. T'O BENT—Three new iwo-siorj 1 (Jw«mtgbon*«,Sot, 138, IflO Ifl'lNorfa Ift gtD-U. Apply toOODEKTfLBiIWOOD *OO., lafutoft r 1 ’ O KENT—Nr. 10 CoUigejiUce. nctr 1 eornerof CotUgeQrore-av. andXh-rty-nnut, dow boose, eight rooms, hydrant water; hu a fin* vif« cf the take aid Chicago ha-bo*. tn per manth. T. 9.. FITCH. Boom 2. IH7 Pearhon-n ®o &ent—B-ooms. Py RENT—And furniture lor sale — Twot feely fortlsbed rooms, within two mlauteV walk ol the Post Office, suitable tor a mao and wir* to aeephousetn. or two single cents to keep “old safbt* bait” in—dl-bea, cookme ntenM-s, stoves &c- AC. for turther oarUcn ara, call at 176 booth CUrk-tL, or 157 Dearborn-at. / T'o RENT—Boom suitable (hr one or X two gentlemen, with cr without board, lo a pH. ▼ate French family. Address “A F,” ttox 13S, Chicago. TO BENT—A good suite ottiont of fices at 16S RAnd'lph-«t. Apply to GRORQEM. HIGH. 164 Esadolph-st.. Room I*l, r) BENT—A nicely fannsbed and comfortable room, suitable fbr twosiaclereatle. ien. at 13 Sonth op stairs, pear Randolph. TO RENT—A state of front rooms, and fnrnirarsfor sale, all new. Appiyto Room 13 Fullerton Block, betweea 10 and 13 a. m. and 3 and 4 p. m.. or addresa BoxSOIQ. T 3 RENT— Pleasant and desirable rat nished rooms, one front room suitable for eeutie trcn-coaTctteatto business. App.y at 22SK State st. References required. TO RENT—Two tarnished rooms, with stores, to rent, with or withont board, at No. 90 6ooth JeffeHoa-st. rpo RENT—One or lour rooms in the 1 brlCKballctneSo. 107 Statist. There U turni tore In them which can be oarebased very cheap by toe tenant, tf he desires to. or will be rented unfurnished. Apply at Boom 3, 10? Sta’-e-st. TO RENT—A front room, nicelv tar nished, can be seen by applying at Ko. 1 I S Mon roe-sL, pear Post Office. Ty RENT With board, two tront rooms, >altableforeentlemeaanlthctrwlyft<.nr elneie ncnUemen, at 239 UUnoIMU, near North biate-st. RENT— RlcganUy tnmished rooms, i wither without Board,ats4 Fourth-ay. Pay boarders can alio be accommodated on reasonable tana. T'O RENT— Three convenient rooms, 1' with tarnlture fbr sale. Rentfll.oO. 136 West second door. Ithos. rabbt .MANAGE! T'O RENT New and handsomely 1. inrnlshed rooms in a desirable location on Mich lgan-av. Address P. O. Box 705. Co Ivrnt-Storfs, ©ffirrs.Sfc XC) RENT—One-half of d store on South Clark-sL, In the v<ry beat location in the city. rresP.O Box 305. TO RENl—Bnck &tore No. 27a South Watcr-st. IcqaltccnthepwaUes. npo RENT—Nice store and dwelling, J. No. ]7O south Wclls-sL, with shelving, counters, ga*.Ac. ApplvtnOWL R. U. EUQURS.T? Ddftt l>ota-«L. room 22.3 rd Boor, T} RENT —A frott office in Masonic Temple building, npf-talra, room No. 10. one of the het-t ard ok-at ctntriu offices In the city. Apply at room 11,87 Dcarborn-st. TO RENT—Store, with fixtures and lease lor sale, to a splendid location. Will ba«old at a bargain, ror particular* address Box 309. Chicago. rpO RENT—Large and well lighted lofts 1. with steam power lor beatlrg and derating. Rent moderate. Apply 10 IRVIN E, JONES & CO„ 7 S Lake-st. TO RENT—Lease lor sale—Lease of tonr-atory and bawest brick store, now oren piwl as a wholesale drnc store. Apply on the premises toWSLP. HARRIS. & CO„B7 South Water-n. r po RENT—Office room on first floor I and storage. Inquire ol WM. LITTLE & CO., 331 South Waicr-aU T) RENT—Part of an office m a defera ble location. Office desk for salt Arplyat No. 1 Hilliard's Block, corner Clartc and South Watcr-sts TO RENT—Whole or part of a new store cornering on Clark--t., between M>n*oa and Lakc-sts.: f.V) per month. Stau for what waited. Address, “THOMAS.- Trlbnr.e Office. aaaanteb—®o Htut. TXTANTED—To Kent—By Ist ot Mar, ft a first class cottage, with six to right rooms, css, water. Ac., must be on. or rail of Clarß-st, and north oi Ohio. * Any one Having ot.ch can bud a res- tenant by addressing “H.” P. o. Drawei TXTANTED—To Rem—A dwelling V> house con’alnlng nine or ten rooms, within fifteen minutes’ walk of Court House. Would not ob ject to bay a portion of the furniture. Addruw Room B 3 Matt*son Home. "XX7ANTED—To Went—A lumberyard, Vv on South Bratch. with 100 to 150 f*et doc 1 ;- PossesMonwantrdhv istof April or Ist of May. Ad drets P.0.80x 13H. TXTANTED—To Kent—Small cottage, V V we;l located. Have co children. Rent SCJ (o s3l rcr month. Address I*. O. Box 1668. Lvcal instate—fflitg. F)R SAJ^E—lfyonwanl to buy a house, rent a hom*. or 6 eTI s house and lot, call at onr office. Great inducements always olferlng. UEOIUiK & WILLIAMS, 7 Booth CMik-tt. TTOK SAT.fi—A desirable residence, No. 1? 383 Icdtana-sL, North Side, next to corner of Ca.'Nt. within flvemlnntcs walk ol Lake-st. Lot 50 feet trout, running back to a wide planked alley.wvb goodbara. The house nas hot mid cold water, bath room and water closet, up stairs. A new Littlefield tnrnace. parlor, sitting room, dining room and kitchen oa first floor, luqulieat 89 Sooth Water-st. f'OR SALE—House and Lot on West Fnlton-eL, near Robey—Lot 3 by 131, witn ecod two-story frame boose. 8 moms—Tor sale for *2.750, for a few days. A. J* AVEBELL, Beal Edttale Office, No. 7 Mctropolltsn Block. TTOR SALE—House and lot on Prairie- T sv..iiear B. B. CHAMBERS. 17 Reynolds’ Block. T?OR SALE—A twostnry house and T lot 41*130. for SI.SOP. Also, a large assortmentof choice Improved snd unimproved property, farsr, *tc. Tbo«s having hon-CA tn rent will fine u to Vn-lr mlvaa taceto give os a call. YOUNG & ROWLEY, 100 Madlson-sL T7OR SALE—By Alonzo Bennett, Real X 1 Estate Agent, Room No. 1 Tates’ Building, cor ner orßaodolph and CanaVsu.—a new two-story frame house, ot 15 rooms brick buemcnL water, pas, bath room. 4c., built In ttu* best style, with all modern im provements, on Peoria-st.. near Van Buren. J/jt Wby »25 tcet. Terms easy. Also, an unimproved lot, 25 by li3 lect, on Twelith-st., between Throop and Loomis. Price low. Terms easy. FDR SALE —J>nsc and mmitnre ota new hotel: also one-half Interest in a hotel withm ote block frem Court House; store and residence above oh Stattsst, north of Van Bnten; an A No. 1 restaurant on Dearborn-si.; a grocery on South Side; two-sicry house on North Sid*. with brick cellar, cieten, barn, AC.; nn A No. 1 bosrdloe home, I-oxides other improved and unimproved property to all parts of the rlty. GILBERT 4 BENEDICT, 132 C»ark-*t.. R'om 7. r?OR SAJjE—On 'Waslungton-st.. 60 r fret west of Robey, fronting north—l choice lots—HO feet on Washington, for sale, for a short time otUv, at <4O per foot, cash. GCO. H> HIUGINaON, Real Estate office. No. 7 Metropolitan Block. F'OR SALE—Valuable Clark Street Property—ll by 135 Let, to a good alley, on Clare, near Madison street. E. Q. CUiISdNGS. Ro- m 19. No. 133 South Clark street. FOU SALE—SB leet on Miclngan-nv., near BlßbtecDih-st.*, too fret on corner of Prairte for fifteen, if taken this week; f>o feeton ITairle-sv. cearTwentleth-st. B, B.CHAM BERS, 17 Reynolds* Slock. r?OU SALE—Two very desirable lots | -< on Dougli*-plac*. nearUnlver«ltv. Two lot* on West Sladl*on,bitw(cu Boyne and Robey, tctt cheap. Lots on Washington and Warrea, near Oakley, at a bargain. Fifty feet on neap Rush. J.D. HARVEY, 7o LaSalle-st. TTOK SALE—Lots on Michigan, Wa- I 1 bash and Indlana-av*.. north and sonth of Twen ty-slxth-et. Al»o, on Burnside and Wentwnrib-tvs.,; on Harmon a&d Wal&ut-sts. AKTEGR4BOYDEN, SIOMatMt. Buglncss (Stianccs. FOB SALE—Daily Newspaper—One ot the proprietors of a Kcpubllcan daily newspaper, situated ta a thriving town of twenty-two thousand Inhabitants, desire* to sell bis interest, which is a controlling one. In consequence of other business en casements. The paper has a bindery and Job office con nected with It, and ail departments are paring well. Dally circulation over l-VD—We»*fy over 3,000. Ad cret* “J P J," Tnbnne office. T7OB SALE—At Almonk, 111., a good JP store and stock of hardware, with tin-shop at tached. Apply soon. The above establishment is lo a first-rate country, and Is doing a good business. ADDIS 4 ANDRUS. BALE—Millinery stock. An old established bouse, with large trade. Population ILfMi. Tbi* l< a chance seldom found. AddnasO. W. 4J. M. WETHEItBLL, Chicago, or J. N. AVERY, Oshkosh. Wlfl. F)K BALE—Oce-lhird interest in a good paying manufacturing business. Front, 35 per cent, .hmail capital required. Address O. M. FECTOKY. Tribune Office. TT'OU SALE—Store Allures, shelyinj:, r 1 with drawers and glass cases. Apply 91 Baa dolph-st. F>R SALE— Odc first clnss • snloon, fixture*, 4c., on SJUth Side, dnlog a good busi new. This win be sold cheap for cash. Good reasons lor selling. Apply at Room 4,IQU Madiam-st. FOB SALE—Lcnsc, slock and fixtures ofam*»l and veg» table market for tale. Rent low. Good rramns fbr seOlng. GEORGE P. WRIGUT, 513 stalest. EOU SALE—Fust-cliiss eating house. So. I*2l Dearborn-*!. For particular# Inquire fat WMUIEN « OOODIUCII, 123 Pcirborn-st. F-on SALE—Slock and llilnres of an established toanutketnrlre busmw*.. paring a bamboroe profit, well located. For particulars apply toT.H. BKIFIELDACO.. IQF.O. Block. F'OH SALE—Prop. “ Genesee Chief,” now lying At Detroit. Michigan. Q»m A 3. Top* nsec (old measurement), Si. APPIT Jo.JfJ*. WML HINF.H, Detroit. Mlcb., or to UAItUIS A UKO.. M Lamberost.. Chicago. F)K sale—Schooner A. G. Morey, rates A 2. IW bn capacity s schooner tteaodlßv visn.raUft A 2, tJTocO ba capacity; scnoocer lUcloe, rate#B l. I3.i(»bucaraeity; »cuooocr 8. O. Andrews, rates 81. 1 t.wo bn capacity; »chooter Wtn. F. Allen, tausni.lNoU»buc*DscttTs brig City of BrK rates it •i. j;5 a lumber on lew tt«n (1 fb*t of water. Ineauore vpsMsareaiiUiduplD Chicago alter, and for sale by c.J. maOILL, comer ofWeUs and booth Water. »f» M Chicago. 111. 170 R SALF —Schooner Kate Richmond, P a. 3: 1.VK0 bosh grain, or lS3ro lumber. 6cbr. Baipb Campbell, It. l; tftJM bush grain.or 230 ta lam. her. ELKINS A MERRILL. tTOR SALE—Cheap—One set Fair* P hanks* Sca'es. ft tons. CUTITISa, BBOTTN * CD., 13 West Mad Isom t. ... T?OK SALE—IS bales ol superior shoo I 1 thread—lo, ft atrt tt. Wawtil sell very tow to close conslgcmenl. GItAFFUN 8R05.4 BALL. 1— Sooth Wellast. _ r?OR SALE—Houses and lots, sa'oons P andlwardlug bouses, rwunrontfc fanns. Also, houses to rent, cbesp, by CBPI >}IA A * c tateand Vessel Agcitiltoom 3 Ltnds Block, Ban doipbstbrlcge. LOST— A pocket-book containing about ;» fc s Aid«SS?'reS.mrt by IMTlng u at Trlbose Office. T OST—Between Palmer's Store and I j Wriehi*s.aP*lrof Gold Spectacle#. The Under vWbesntubo rewarded It left at Tribune office. lOsT —$10 Reward—An 8-caratßroocb, j set with red cortellft, either in the Boose, in going to tbe corner of Wells and Tbevnder will receive the above reward by returning me same to tae mbune office. T OST —$10 Reward—From 1013 Stale* I ,«i - dark red. medium sized milch cow, la good «S3er Lad considerable manure on b#r bind quarters, •ltd the rlcbt lore te*t a little snorter than the others. Any person leaving information where she can be fhutid win receive the above reward, and no questions ;"k«d. C. W. PIERCE. tO-i3 SUte st. Strageg anc Stolen. OTRATED—From tbe corner ot Hoisted O *nd Meagber-n*., one bay mate, one bl act mare • and one small hayborse; haa oa bndtes halter#. IM tinder will be liberally rewarded oynoUprtog tts owner of then whereabonls, at the corner ot Halated and Meagber-flta. STRAYED— On Friday last, irom 135 CooiidgMU. a small dark biown mare, vrtth white spot on tall. Anv one returnlni her. or I earing Jnfcr nation at the abOTC a cub ess. wU be ÜbtreUy re warded. bovkkbepbbs, uusmn *C- Wf ANTED—A competent man to sn , V „ pwlutend the maautacttrloc department of ■ lord oil, soip aqd candle manufactory. Extra ta ducemeoiswtUbeotrered a man who jWoromhir an d*rst»r-da »he who eboMaau. Betereocei reowred. ■ddress the Lord oil and Candle Maeitfactui- Ijjjj CoV’ Toitoo, Ohio. XX7ANTK£>—Salesman—A. choice sita- V> atloaforamaoof eiDjrienee and the nrrht metal. Canonoraddre9«SAlfFOßD*KEWCOilSE, 184 Maln-aU, Duouque, lowa. TXT ANTED—Business men—Who can VV et gage permaneaLT to acta* salesmen and conduct cotieapondctce. inquire of or address, B. H. CURBON, 135 pear bo nut. Chicago. TXT ANTED—A good practical miller, YV with capita’, to take solntercstiaamtUlnCtl. csco. To a rasa or the right stamp, a rare chawm la offirtd. For further particulars app’y to HE.\B\ OSBORK. Beal Iterate Aren I, 61 Clark-st. TXT ANTED —A good practical man, Y? who ha* hsdexpenei.ee la assorting lam *r and caa take rbarg. of a inmber yard, at Llt’le Boer. Arkansas. G<v c refcreacu repaired. Inquire of J. W. PPTI.EB. 42 sed 44 Sta’e-«t. TXT ANTED—An active intelligent and VV tore#lboy In an liinranca office, one who de sires to remain permanently, tod whose parents re side fa the city preferred, and must be well recom mended. Address, la own hand writer, statlnrsze. residence, “C. D.” csre Tribute Office, orerloas to the Mth ln*t, ana replies, U any, will be made throach theFost Office. TXT AN TED A trst class solicitor. VV AdrtrfTs,with references, “E. 31. J. n Box 6194. Chicago. TXTANTED—A young man that can > V write a good hand to take care ol a set of bcoksand keep nun’s time. O-o that caa wort si the carpenter bustuefs to Hit up ume, ana that is sat afraid ol work. Sacha min can find «leady employ meat h? applying to J. CLARK & BRo., & rear ol 199 Clafk-sl. IITIPBUFED. UM!BPUOV6U. jf or Sale. 3Lo£t ana jpomOr. gtelanteo—jttair fggty. agdantch-jFrntate %?elp. HUISE SEUVANTif. TX /'ANTED —Girl to do general house- V? wrrkla a small fsmlly. Good wanes to a eood girl. Inquire at 600 Carrou-st. ~ TX/'ANIED—A cir] to do nonr-ework. Vs Apply at 610 "Wahash-aT. No Irish need TXT ANTED—A respectable, tidy efrl, V V that can wash. Iron and cook well, can find a first rate place at 195 Ontanoet. TXT ANTED— Girl to do housework in V V a small family. German prtlemd. Waxes fSSOawcck. Appiy 199 Warren-st. \X7 ANTED—A good girl ti* do kitchen YV werk. Tooncwnols smart and active citod ws~<B will he given. Apply immediately at 741 >V nt Lske-st. between Lincoln and Robey. German «>r Norwegian preferred. \\T ANTED—A smart, active girl—Ger- V i man or Ametlcan-l-j do chamve work In a private family. KomnctM apply noic-» competent and »ell recommcLdvo. Inquire at 93 Dcarborn-st,, uni door. . TXT ANTED—A good girl to do general V \ housework. German orNorwejdsn preferrsd. Good wane*. %50 South Pitta st. fXTANTED—A good reliable girl to do Vv general housework. apply at 13 Uanam coort. TXTANTED—A competent pin tt> do Tv concra) housework, in a f*mlly of three. Ref erences reqnired. 7111 Wsbasb-av. TXT ANTED—A good girl to do general VV homework. Apply at ll ?onib Qrcco-st. TTTANTED—GirI lor cooking ami di- V V nine room work;aho, a girl from li to it rear* of ace, to make her home In the family, at 89 \an Dnrea-st. • Simplest;**, Slgmcicg. TXT"ANTED— Voungmen in the coun- V v trv. wishing to obtain i ItoaUons, such as book keepers. salesmen, collector*. einr*ta»ree% clerkf, hrakwmtn,ftc., ftc.to apply at 131 Dcarborn-st., K.-oir. 2, rraddre*- M. P. JONES * CO.. Box 3010. end, fling ten cents, for inn particular*. TXTANTED—2 assistant bookkeepers, 1 T V coLictor, 3 brasemen, 3 firemen, 1 porter. * drivers. 4 agents, 3 entry clerks, 3 cocductrr*. Apply at 131 Ptarborr-s’-. Rrom 2- TXTANTED —IO wood choppers, 1 coop- V v er. 75 railroad men. perrtar. T> at $1.50 aedboant; also, men t> go sonlh ut sil and board, and a I others out employment applvto SHAIL& SMITH. 138 South Uarksr.. Room U. By mail enclose 10 cents for full particulars. WANTED Good choppers to cut logs. Free transportation. lw men at $3 per day. men to go South, Ac. Apply at 100 Maolson-sL, Room 4. XX7ANTED—I,OOO men tp co south. V » Wages $45 to •SSrO per mouth and 03ftnl;al»o, choppers, railroad men, and all waa Jng employment. Apply at 133 Clark-sU Room 3. aSlanteii—iHiscEliancoug, XX / ANTED—Day boarder?, ait Gilbert’s VV Dining Booms. 46&nd48Clsrk-«L,thebsst place to board in the city. X XT ANTED—To inform our old patrons VV and the public generally, that we have re-es tablished onr sash, door and blind factory at 97 North Fracklln-aL, sod are prepared to fill oro-r» on short notice. Send for our new price Ust, WM. WISDOM 4J-OS. XX/ ANTED—Soldiers interested to call V V and see germne checks receivod In payment el additional SIOO bounty. Advances made on goad claims. A.GOODBlcH.Attorneys;Law,l36 Dear* WANTED —100 men, with cash cap)- tai of SSO tos3tD, to engage In abtx loess that will pay $5 to $lO per day. Sera red by two patents. Has norompeUttcn, ana is the only article cf the kind ever offered for sale. Every family wants from two to a dozes. ralL or address, with "U-no, J. H. NASON, 132 South Clsrk-sL, Boom 9, Chicago. 11. TXTANTED—iSy a voude lady irom the VY Kssta home laa private family, where there are so other boarders. Best of references. Adarrsa “W H B,“ Bo* 300. WANTED— To borrow —*3,000, tor two years, on good security outside the City, Address C. WILLIAMS, Drawer 63 *B. Chicago. WANTED —Dry goods, clothing, boots and sltoes, and other merchandise. MuA be cnesp. Parties wishing to quit business, from a*y came, Jn city or country, can close ont their stocks ccnfiocnUalfy. JOHN HEMPHILL, P. O. Bo» 2876, XX7ANTED—Pediers—Everywhere to V \ send lor circular and tern.* ot a new article that evtrybody want*. and on which the profits are tco per cent. Addme, cLCloslng atamp, P. O. Box 0133, Chicago. \\T ANTED—A number ot good boa- V » ress men to establish Insurance Ag-nclei In Ohio sod Indiana. Address P. vi. Box 2.159, Cleve land, Ohio. WT ANTED—AII persons wishing the VV original recipe for ball's ceictmiM j-Jctijao Ualr Bencwcr, to enclose |1 to Dr, C. A. FARWELL. P.O.Drawcrs99l, Chicago, who will return it by mstl. WT ANTED—Every one to send lor our V V fl; e albums. Albnro containing Stt card photo graphs of American statesmen—prico $273. Album coi taming 100 photographs of American GeteraU, SIjO. Aliuro conUiolDp 133 photographs at noted Methodist ministers, $1 AO.- All sect cn receipt of $3, or«*pa»ati)y by express or malL Address 4. C. TANCE 4 CO.. Chuago. HI, \\T ANTED—SISO per rancid warrant V V ed—active person?, ladles or gentlemen, every where, lor al or travelling to introduce anew tnven tirn Jnst out, fully equal t; the sewing machine and cl general utility. Those who wart business call early. Can be sevn for a tew days only at No. 47 TVcst Wa*blogton-§t., cur. of Clinton— r, W. Datlc’s boarding house. FRANKLIN T. BROWN, Travelling At cat. XXTANTED—Any one wishing to torn V a real estate, houses, or any good available property Into a cash naylog business give ns a call and get aNo.l bargain. ISSLake-st., A. C. BROWN 4 CO. TXT ANTED —To purchase lor cash, a VV collage house, on Sid*, six f» euhl rcoa*: east ot Wabvh-av. and north of Thirty first it. Addtesa “M. H. G." Tribune Office. \%J ANTED Males and temales that V r bare $3 to $lO. to Invest la a good pavtngbn<i new. Call, craddre**. with stamp. Dr. bTBVENS, 122 Sonth Clark-gL, Booms 1 and 2, Chicago. TXT ANTED hatients to have their VV teeto extracted and artificial teeth Inserted at their own mld> nee. thus avoiding all inconvenience*. Consultation calls made tree. Wore guaranteed aa represented. Terms easy and sstlsfsciory. Address, for call, M Q. w. H.” Drawer 9206. Chicago. XXTANTED—Immediately* six or eight VV good men, Inlbl* city, to sell a new patent arti cle, In treat demand. and something that everybody wants. Any man can male $5 per day and upwards. Call on or address JOhN GUNNELL. 204 Bait Kin zlc-tU comer North Dearborn, Chicago, 111. WANTED — w e«md baud office railing. Apply to GUDDES 4 HALE, Room 24 Mor neon's Building. TXT AN TED—ToJighmmg rod dealers. Vi Experienced accnts to sell the mostperf-Tt rod In nse. None except those having expelecce in this ora «lmliar business need apply. Address "Copper Scroll lightning Rod Co.” Freeport* IU. TXf ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy V V woman. If yon want to learn all theL*tcrca ol yonr past and future life, the taowlfder of wmch tnav save vnurear* if sorrow and care, don t fill to consult the G>w>y PslmlsL, CousaJutlon, one dollar. Residence 370 pouth ctark-st. TUT anted—Parties Imnng honsesand W lots lorent or sell to call on CHRISTIAN 4 coj Beal Estate and Vessel Agents. Room d Lmd s Block. Raadolph-st. bridge. XX7ANTED—A man who wishes to es- V\ tabllsh hlroseirto a good business, and whi has two or three hutdreddi*l>ar» to luvejt, wLI find Hlo his advantage to add eas “IL S. T, Tribune Office, static g where and when a meeting can be had. TTrANTED—To bnvorrent a first-class \ \ house on Wabash or Mlrbknn-avs, cot higher op than flarrlson-rt. Would not reject Ui taalog a fur nished house ltd lb* *r*tof May and bosnl Uio own er*. Tbe lw*t or city refrrcnc** given. Address, wim location and price, M st J," 350 Wt«l sU>llson-st., Chicago. _ partners gg-lantca. PARTNER— Wanted—bpecml Partner, to invest from FMjCO to 110.000 for flveytmts. tui winch onMhUd of the profits of ft safe busluc*#, which hat tioen six yesrefsialiJlsftM Ir CLlchiai.ti 1 bealvtn. Adams •* UOOD INVESTMENT," I ribaue office. Chi* CftgO. OARTNER—Wanted—ln tbc manulac* I taring business. The good# sre to general use. All r&n he sold, and • profit ot |to per dtjr required to buy half interest and furnish sufficient c»tv Ital will beftUOO. Bmluess entlrjj.y witfc ro«enaat» at wholesale. call at 134 lUndJlpa-st..ttoou» 1. "DARTNER—Wanted—In a well estnb- X «shed business,with Evi^ioith* ror particulars Inquire 01N.8.1U1 I I.Et^«outa west corner of Clark and WsaiimctoE.su. Boom PARTNER —Wonted—TVUh three X>r ro?ri.a»e.rt «;««..SlS f » , ? e S«f A'ffi btmneueala the city- Address ». O, Tribune Office. - - AllTNEß—Wanted—ln a manufoc rorlLC business. To a good man. wl«h fUMOcap. tSisi* arare tbance. Apply at 2XI Latent. Partner —wanted —a pood bust ness man, to take balf a Interest la a good, sate ana permanent ouslre.r. that will nay IVKJ per month, wared.lSOO. Caliat 210 state*!. ■OARTNER Wanted ln an estab I llehetl bneloess. centrsUy located, rMUIHog small rarltal.lfappllsdliursouo. T. H. DELFIKLD 10P.6. BiocK. OARTNER —Wanted—With Irom X »lJCetoss,ooorcad7ca*t, tocneagelnaflretclafS BuVatanttal businr»s. On-s acquainted wnh thF drag trade pref.Trcd. Address **R/* Pox 3909. Uhleago. PARTNER— Wanted—To .loin the ad vertiaer in a light manufacturlmr basinets in trl* city. No competition, no r)*g. Capital required, SIOO. ACdress ** J K.** TrlPcae ofllce. ComspontiTßCT guSlantcft. OORRESPONDENOE—Wanted To V, Msdles of wit, amiability good sense. Thi ad vertiser having just arnvtd from a rorclgn country. bclngaacnUtcfctiftager,ananearly drad with eoatu, would lice to fbrm the acquaintance of one or more ladles pcs«e«edrt the above quMUJcations. Object— a companion to attend opera*, bails, tb« theatre, ulelgh rlrtfm Ac. Address, with perfect confidence, GOA*. LAFiITE, pirate. Box R9O. nORRESPONDENCE—Wanted— By I ; a young fellow with <ome young ladles In town and country for fun and its attendant consequences. Addrrfs **JB. O. F .V Drawer 6038. Chlcagu i[iMi^^ fUnrses, Carriages, Sc. TTOR SALE—A two-horse box sleigh P onbobt—ln good order. Inquire at WRIGHT Mtoa. stable, cor. North btata and Kenzle-BM. TTOR SALE—Sleighs, sleighs—Brainard h i. .Ailing hi# fine Portland alelghaat cost. Call iSdsw theS at hit Curiase Eooma, 195 StatMU Chicago. D.PRAINABD. ONE OK TWO heavy Draught Horses 1 tor aale cheaps one second-ban! rce KCOtd-batdDray. Apply wA. S. IUILSY, sootk vest comer of Mamet and \ aa Barca »u. j&ttiuumwß mum*. IULKS. CITDATION —R anted—By a practical jj mcer ojurrt-ciasa aMiro»«; can funnah the v*-* if iruni im iMlßilmr Casae of leaving nreaenroi*^,, bciler* expif din* and mlil total wreck. Caabrurh ' Ikc ad miller. Address Box 94* Auburn, Co-.lod. OITUATION—Wanted—As clerk of kl light porter ias grocery store. CanftirnUhdtf reftreceea. <dddrea» g C B,‘* 1 this office. w CITDATION— Wanted—By a yonne lO nan instock clerk ta soma wholesale boose; has had tome experience le the tloUilnr bo*lne-r. caa cr me well recommended. Address “C. E, Tribune Office. . CITDATION—Wanted—In a retail er»- O c«rMore,hr STOODgman who has served ftree yc»rs IntboanuT. Thcbeffiof city referencegiven. Address Box4t»S. - SITUATION—Wanted—By s graduate w) of Toronto'CiilTemtT. boldine tbahl* he-1 honor?, tccladlrg the Mathematical Medal, desires as curare* meet #t teacher tu a blrh school or academy, or as sc* c onnt*at la art office er.hans.or In any situation where ahUltyaßdiategrltywUlbeasprecJat'd. The highest sad shl ItTfrom the Pre>l afO'Md rredeasor. of Toronto University, and most ol the prcmlnest irleods of education la Canada West. AddressEDwAß FRISPY.M.A.,Chicago. SITUATION— Wanted—As clerk, as sistant b-okkerper, cr bookkeeper- Has had ex perience In the grain anc prodace oaslness. Address *» j M," Trtbcpe office. F£9ALKfi. CIIUATION—’Wanted—A jonng lady O wt«hes a sltnstloa lor sewing in a private faraUy. Ko objections to booseworr. B»*tof r-ferencss ulvca. Please address Immediately w Hiss A V.” West Breach Post office. SITUATION —Wanted—By a tirst claims coot,lu*ptlvate fAn.Hr or a flrat-cliu boirdlux nense. Cali at M4l North Weilt-st. QITDATIONi—Wanted —By two girl?, O one as cook and the other to do chamber work, booth bide preferred. Apply at 376 South Joderscu- CITUATION —Wanted—To ao general ij housework lor a small private lamlly— I Smih sub prelenrd. Address 114 Wlng-eL. comer of Jetfefsoo. SITUATION —Wanted—In city orcoun trr. as pastry cook. Is well qualified to dll any pia:e la Apply st 156 cr ad dress Rex tvt)-l5 agents asaantep. A GENTS—Wanted—s2,soo to SO,OOO a XX. year. A cocil tlia-ceto mate money. Anaxout is waetrd in every v.wn lathe Umoa to manufactaie and sell an article of dally consumption in every fami ly. ( as be manufactured in the arent's dwchlnr. It is entlr&y new. Scent’d by copyneht. Sale a* p~- manent as flour. Ko fliUnz up ta be done. For fan particulars address, with stamp enclosed fur return. LOUIs COBLFKTZ. Middletown, Maryland. A GEIITS—Wanted—THE AMERI t\ can* cuntuct. ahi tort of the gukati REBELLION. I.T Uoiuc* Gbxxlxt, is nowcomplvt? in two Tolumes. and ready for delivery. Actum w antea m every town In the wett. As*me having the right to deliver rol. 11. are requested fi send in their order* immediately. GEO. A C. W. BBEEWOOD. 105 Madlson.su CDlcago. 111. A GENTS—Wanted—To canvass that >V great Picture. ‘•‘WHO’S BERN HERS SINCfS GONE.” Send stamp tot cliculsrto m. O’BRIEN, Chicago. 111. AGENTS— Wanted—3op 4 termers m each conntv In the West, to encase la a M-mu-a psyng trom SIOO to $139 per month, from now anlil spnnir. Address ZEIGLEn, McCCEDY & cO_ tom* hard Block. Chicago. lU. A GENTa—Wanted—’To take orders lor J-\ one new work “CHRIST AND THETWELVK.” Edited by 9t. J. O. Holland, solhor of the “I/fe o's Lincoln, “Timothy “Bitter Sweet," Ac. Beanuftolly Illustrated- A cents already In the QcM re tskine Oom so to ICOorcers per wrek. No other hook now published sells 9 - rspiciy. Largest rotrmlssuina given to agents. Fcr terns and territory, applv to CHARLES BILL. V.S3 booth Clnrk-sU. Chicago, til. A GEN To—Wanted—Male and female, a to sell a new article In great demand that every "* latruly wants. (| per day made without leaving home. Travelling agents can make trom $3 to $lO per day - without Intcri renco with other rraflness. Tre article * thews far iUelf. Sample*. with terms and particulars ot the bnslnrst, sent fer a cents. Address IL W. CHAPPELL. Drawer 6333. Chicago. A GENTS—Wauled—ss per dav guar x\ aotred or money refunded. Apply at once top. LATHBOP, JB-, Office No. 16 M. E-tbmch Slock, Clara go. or Office No. 4 Lymaa’s Slock. Cleveland. O. AGENTS —Wanted—New book. The* Clack Crock, a most wonderful hlstorv now be ing performed with immense success In all the priori pie theatres throngbont rho United Slates—sample sent on receipt ot M cent* free by mall, by U. C. LAX DON. 58 Mlchlgan-av. -y AGENTS; —Wanted—To - sell a senes ot I’rlats, which fbrbeanty ct design and eflertlvo coloring surpass anything In market. To Wctnre Deal ers this U an opwiriunity never otfered before. Wj f:carutcr to tell M percent lower than aayothcr Qr nsa u the city. C.rcnlar now ready. Call onor a-t.lrcs J. GEiIMELL, LubcgraPher and PnbiUher, 133 Ran cto corner of Clark. A GENTs—"Wanted —In all parts of the jT\ country, to sell “THE HISTORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN” and the “OVERTHROW OF SLAVERY,” In ore toI„ ol« ver 700 pagrs. By Hotu LN. Arnctci. late member of CtDgre»s. a*d lor over twenty yea.** a confidential trlend ot Mr. Lincoln. This work has $ Just been completed, and will meets want frit byev. cry inrelllgtnl citizen. 'lt presents fratnrrs which have not appeared In any other work. The Daily Cbroalcle. of Washlneton, lays: “It win assume a characterandhcld a place beyond anything yet pro duced.'* For territory acd toms, addrus the pap- Ushejs, CLARKE * Chicago, AGENTB— Warned—In every County for Raymond's life < I Lincoln. All reading men know thl< to be tha moat complete and best vet published, and it conveqncntly meets with the moat ready sale. Also several other good books fbr agents. B. M. SHERWOOD, 107 Monfoe-st, Chicago. A GENTb—Wanted—Teachers pretcr t\ red—ln every conntr, to sell Carol'* Outline Mans, for Schools. Series No. 3 are now pnollshed. and from their snp«tloc merits and low price, win meet with a large sale. Addrvwt B. M. SHERWOOD, 4 107 Moaroe-SL, Chicago, naming territory desired. A GENTS— Wanted Price *2,50 J\ UNITED STATES CONTINENT IN 1900-three Maps m <re and the chespest Map in the wotld. LLOYD'S NEW GREAT REPUBLIC and th« GRAND PATRIOTIC CHART op AMERICA, SENT FREE with the map. POSITIVELT the cheapest and moat saleable maps lb tb* wor <L Address tiOUDSI'EED & CO- 14S Lak*-»L, Chicago. AGENTS— Wanted—For BARRETS LIFE OP LINCOLN. The best, most complete and authentic work yet published. President Lincoln hating hJmfti fftjrDlined ibr this work alone, the isetsothia early life. We are effmeg agrntt, he sire/ a very fine lilt ct premium!, a higher como-isstoo than can be afforded hy any other house la the Wet. Address J. S. GOODMAN* CO., mbUshere, 3 Cns tom Cause Place, Chicago. Hi. AGENTS— Wanted—For THE A3IE RICAN FXRMEH’S HORSE BOOK, by Robert btewaru UJ) « V. S.> ett codling me rwolW of twenty years of ongtcal lorratjganon, The book above all otters fbr Agent*, as It appeal to the teoecslUe* and actMalcrwt ol a very sarge- wealthy and tute-ltge&t eta-* la every community- Asplytoor artnosi J. 8. GOODMAN 4 Co., pahUahem, 3 Custom Uruse-place, Cnicago, E?, \ GENTc—Wasted—ln every town and il city mlPtnots.Wlsccniln, Mich-Indiana, Ohio, lowa.Mu-cfS’tft. Mfrs* urt. Kansas and Nebraska. to *•’! the IN STAN IANEOOS WINDOW CLEANER and MAGIC POLISH. Till* new and wonderful preparr ttcn.aa thousands of purchaser* dorms the past fcv werka will testify, works ’lke a charm; cleanup win dow*. show-ca«r*. dc- wlthontrosp or not water, dust or litter, fo with comparatively no labor: anc lm panlne amat Instanily sn unsurpassed polish to all metal*. 3lr your neighbor* will want It a« Fionas H thevsoelt. Try the sale In yonr vicinity. Ther- is no fuk. and iabok m.-rrrs. loelrae immediate!* ‘js cert* for sample and frrms to G. M. SMITH 4 CO.. 77 reartoin-st.; Chicago; »t U la Wisconsin, to DR RANT A SCOTT. Milwaukee. General Agents for that State. (i at this oc t for referem e.) AGENT!?— Wanted—A splendid oppor tunlly to make money. Any lady or gentleman c«n make from $3 to W per day at their own homes, lu either town or country. Jnclcfe IS cents for sample and circular. Address Me-t»rs. ORMOND 4 HUGHES, r. O, Box 18, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—With small capi tal. tor a light money-mating business a» home, suitable ter ladles and gentlemen bavins a Uttl* spire l*tne. An agent to Michigan reports S3O profit In na f a day. Addres-.wtthstampforpapers. R. WAYVELL, 47 Lcanard U.ock, Chicago. A GENTS—Wanted—To sell ihe Waite _r\ wire Clothes Line In every Towc and Court; In the Uolt*d States. Can clear ?to to |2l per day. Ad dress METALLIC CLOTHE* LINK CO.. 92 f'eaeca st. Cleveland. AGENTS— Wanted—Traveling- In the country, can hear of a very eatable article, lo tax* on cou-mission.by applying atBS South Wells-at. foaming, T>OARDING —A tew more genllemen JL> can obtain good board at So. .11 SDutb Grecant. Gentleman and wife can also be accommodated. T>OARDING—One lanre unfurnished JD front room and a large fbraf‘h*d room, *nltable for two gentlemen, or certiemsu and wife, ran b« <t>- ul&ed.wUb first class at 2MI HU&utvst. North Division. T^OAKDING—To rent, with board, an O nnfUrnuhcd front parlor. lit with ras: aLo. a Jarce and pieisai t front chamber. Day boarders wat ted. Inqulrrat 433 South Clark-st. T)OAKDING —A room soitaWe for two J » gentlemen, wlln stove. Apply at 233 IlUaots-st. I 4 OAUDING—One Dice room, with the i J comforts of a home, tunable fur a gentleman and wife, or *lne(e gentfrmen. Alar, a few day boarders. AppJyat297 Michigan-«t. T)OARDJNG —An DEturnished tront X J room, a!fo neatly furnished room* with first class board in a private Ihmliy, at 170 South Cllntoa ■w BOARDING —Nicely rornlahoci rooms toiett, with board, suitable fbr famLW: also, a vacatcrfarcßepcLtletnao. Boose I* Qr«tslass. and 1* hntdsomety luroul.td. 534 Wabash-av., corner of Eighteen tt-st. BOARDING —Two or tnrcccemlemcuT or man and wife, can bcacrommodaled with mod iicanl and first-class rooms in private family, at 139 BOARDING— A large tonus! ed room, with r]o*et and grate, suitable lor two or three crntlcraeo. can b* obtain'd, with board, at No. 303 between Buaii and Cass-sta. IJiOAKDINQ—A furnished room, with I ? gas and store, luttahle 'or « geollecnan and wlfa ot Wu pcnUvmcn. Apply at 174 Wat WasMng toc-el. BOAitDJNG— One (met room, fur nished. suitable ft>r weoncmau i aU jr l £! 4 * r «- single rcrnji. fartDbeo. sud a ftew day boarder# cun bo accommodated at U 3 Mlchlgan-ar.; also.afew l*dy bonders. • T>OABDlNG—American Exchange Ho -13 rel. comer ot North Wei’s sod Water*aU., Nlcho -17, KUs. I'roortelor. Wanted, 60 boarder*. Fir»t elas* srcommodatli’is on rho moil reaionsblo terms. Day toard. >4 per week. BOARDING— A lannsbed from room to rent, % !th board, at 1 j 3 Wabash-ar. TIOARDING—A pleasant room suitable 1) for a gentleman aid lady; also, a room tor two young men, can be bad. with board, at SU6 West Ran dolth-tt. Reference* required. TJ CARDING—At 8 Eldridge conrt, one J) suite of tront rooms on second floor, with hot and corn water and closets. Kcfcrences nxc&aoged. TJOARDING —A room suitable lor a sin- X 3 gl* gentltmsn. within two blocks ot the Port Of fic<*. with board. Is private finally. tail at 16£ Statist. T> CARDlNG—Gentlemen wishing good II board in a prlvatn fair I’v and very pleasant loci' hop. can find such at 339 UllnoU-st, two blocks from Statc-ft. bridge. T> CARDING—Two gentlemen who will* I 1 room Hce»her can And a good room acd brairt st USSiate-sU.on'y one Week from the tost otnee. - lloatb ®2aanteb. BOARD— By a young lady in a respect able private Amlly, where there U a plnao. Un coupled references elves. Address, a. once, W, Inbutccfllce,staling terms. BOARD —And comfortable room by a married lady, doing husiuws J a „** e neon Michluan-av. Compensation UDerau Andreas “PUB,"Tribune ogee. •_ TJOABD —A young gentleman desires a 1) famished room »od bo*sJ ta Ag3 T **® imrre theie aieno bcardcry. Best ofrrffepence# given. Address, statins locaUty and tenna. “E.’i'.O. Box asm. T>OAKD—Ayotmcgentlonan from New f) \ortc would like board with a plcrsint nrtraXa {7aUj for a abort time. Beftraices given. Addrea* XJOARX)—In a nimtc bunny Inr a gen -15 ttous uiawn*. hruipr* j—“Jy’gS'y beard and fnrntsbcd room u^*-eat Addieas, stoUng term# and locattaa. **JONa», £rt bane office, - _ - tVoard—First-clftfs board and room street of city cars. In cnlttratol t»m- So ladles, and no other gentlemen I want a home, aud congenial comOru reeeu’e and respoctfahy a»« a r.spens?- ; e ’AiMVtooJi/oBr,” iffien, CfgfC. ___^—— personal. ■i° yxjfrgsriaadaggsff EKSONAL —Fifteen minutes to 3 o'clMt-yra. or mat .iter. F. «'