6 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Şubat 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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K FROM BUM. latest News by Atlantic Telegraph. Speech of the British Qic.ti at the Re-Opening of Parliament. favorable Allusion to the American War Claims- An Extension of the Elective Franchise Recommend ed, &c., &c> FROM WASHINGTON. Outlines of Mr. Bingham’s Eeconstruhtion Bill. The New Plan Proposed hy the President and His South ern Advisers. CONGRESS. Senate—Defeat of the Bankrupl Bill by a Vote of 22 Against 20. Passaic of a Bill to Prevent the PuTuicm of Rebel Claims. Enthusiastic Reception of Gen eral Sheridan in the House. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Final Passage of the Railroad Bi in the House. Ayes SC-Nays 25. Probable Fate of the Ware, house Bill in the Senate Committee. The 28lh Instant Fixed for the Day of Adjournment. So Private Bills to be Received After Thursday Next. rUOM ECBOPE. DY OCEAN TELEGRIPn QUIES TICTOIUA'e SPEECH AT THE OPENING or rAULLAXENT: London, Pcbrnary 5. Ihe following Is the speech made by the Queen it the reopening of the Imperial Parliament to day: Mr Loans—ln again recurring to your advice and assistance I am happy lo Inform you that my relations whh foreign poivcrs arc on a friendly ind satisfactory foottng. I hope that the war In which Prussia, Austria and Italy have been cn -raged m*j lead to the establishment of a durable peace in Europe. Bttiuosf wrru tui csirro states. I I have Kugge«ted to the Government of the I Vuted Sta’es a mode by which the questions I pending between the two countries arising oat of J the civil war may receive an amicable aolutlou.and | nb'ch. met, as 1 -c spirit, win remove all grounds of possible nbuilraml'T S , aril ptomolc t,UUon« (JT cor dial Irlctdehip. tuc sorrvn AxmtCAK wau. I TJ:ewarbet«e»B Spalc-and the Republics of rhiliai.d Pi ru still continues, the good ofllccs of 1 •av Gnrcwmmt, In conjnuction with that of the Emperor ot the French, having failed to effect a rccoiciliatlfr. If, cither by agreement with the latiicsliejisclve**, or by the mediation of other '-Icodl* Powers, peace should be restored, the which 1 have had la view will be equally ■iltalicd. TUB CRETAN tSSUIUIECTION. Tie dlrconlenl otevailrac in rant ot the prov ot the Tmki.-h Empite bat broken ont m ac f.Hotnmction in Crete. In common with mt diet the Kmperor of tbe French and tbe tmperor it lin'enia, I have abrtnlncd ttom any active tater l-rcrcc la there Internal ditlnrbancei, bnt joint eftort. have been directed to bnnrfnir nboM Im- O'ovtd p lation? between the Porte and Us Chrla ::*an .objects not inconsistent with the tovereutn g;"h:solth«*SnVan. • rovrnnof.-mr or nasnu in rKvnriunH. The nrotrarlcd negotiation, which arose out of tl e acceptance hv pilnce Cbarlea of Hobennollcrn. pf tbe Govcroorthlp of the Daonblau Principali ties have beer happily terminated by an arrange ment which has been .sanctioned by the concur roncc of all the Powers parties to the treaty of COLONIAL RELATIONS, llrtolutlor.? m isvor of a more intimate union of tbc Province of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, have been parsed by their icveral LcgHainres, and delegates dnly authorized, representing all classes ol colonial parly and opinion, have concurred in conditions upon which such an union may be best effected 5n accordance with their wishes, and a Mil wUI be submitted to you which, by the coo fOlidation ol colonial Interests and resources, will jt' e itrcugtb to th** sovereign Provinces as mem bers 1/ me same Empire, and animated hT feel- TUE TiMSI is ISDIA. ol'oyalty to tbe same sovereign. Tflth d*pp Borrow that the calamity of (aomfpresECd heavily on my subjects In some paiU cl, India. Instructions were Issued :o mj favenuaent In that country to cake tb utmost exertions to mltlgute .‘be dUlrel which prevailed during the autumn | oflasi yea! The blessing of an abundant harvest ha«fin«e tat time Improved the condition ofino sufcri::dt:icts. TUE EEXIUt TROUBLES. The ancvering efforts and nupcrnpulous asser* ti-'ne treasonable consplratow.bave, during the , iBB m excited tbe hopes of some disaffected J-m, In Ireland, and the apprehensions of the lovt population, hut the firm and tern- Jr, exercise of the powers entrusted to and the hostility manifested ; ° e t tbe consplrscy by men of all classes tireeds. have gr. ally tended to restore public tnd bare rendered hopeless any at w tot”“h .he ,-ener.lttm.qnimy. imul t?TOU will, consequently, be enabled to dis- with the continuance of any exceptional (.Illation for ibatpattof my dominions. cnotxna nsiTATto*, ao. ■ acknowledge, with deep thankfulness to Al- Khtrsod. t'.e , SaSSaafesas 1 J’f ■ d lll “'”r,toU0 0 n SSSU. SI lei atteoUoOjo tnose aanltaiT nicnroe which « shown to betbo lictprevcnl.Uve. , 0 , or the t> 1 K b ;"'” p ": U “"“l'b?ee direct the pure and* l 0 ioqoirc into the best ,! " I '°' r ™ rm ,p.otly secnrlnn such a snpplr lor o“LmSSe, and for the principal town. In the f'S cddistricts oltheKlmrdom. or TDEUorsror Cowaone-I have for tho cnanli.it year to he strectcd the call w- Te been prepared with a laid I** o ” nonl j and the requirements of dot retard to economy “ ln c l,e the public service. mo j crm tc expenditure cal wnr ready “ recondition of my soldiers toil uflaj° thtTfoaidstlon of an efflei.e. army or reserve. Tour aUoutlon T° ™t U ‘V°t P roodorred LL frSf^Sii.oilSc.“oj “ “s“«re of political power, ehaU freely extend tte uttlre franchise. I THE LABOB QCISTIOX. -s-heonent occnrrcncc of dlsaßrcoment hc . of labor, and their workmen, tacerfhocmpl I ° .nsydne and pnhHcloas, '■=•* as Is allseed, to acta of ‘ Li i?and violence! baa Iqdoced me to Issue a '“'T Vo Inonlte into and report on conllsalon o q Cnlolll ln d other tt, IS“S«Ui« of worklDfftncn or employers. rocMes. _ rt soy improvement of tho power to sopßc J i w m ,a e ...tor their benefluAppucau jodor Eojnlr? cßccllre. I have tnaary Jo mal. , fl yo u for extension to 4t ted hlllsto '^ c „ ”.Vrrovl.lon. of f«lory oe trades v. royal commission, on a “ W ,“S.TSrSII4» “4 for the better ternployment of mirr )M lhot , , cU SaSiSrSS!? women and «M •» td, ' l ”l>' l ;l rf^ B „ii i!rr nui.xx. he MhdmoJ of U« new lll ' B * tlßC,t- traded tnj serious attention. Coraplsmts art made (hat the aopplv of seamen l« doßclent, and pro* visions for their health and discipline impelled. Mea-nros will be submitted to you with a view to increase the efficiency of this important seivlce. I have tibicrver with satisfaction the relaxation introduced into the Navigation Laws ol France. 1 have expres-sed to the Kmperor my readmes# to enhmit to Parliament a proposal for the extinc tion. on equitable tcims, of exemption from local charges on shipping which are etlll enjoyed by a limited number of Individual# in | British porta, and bare, in anticipation, | ol this step already admitted British ships to the I advantages of the new law, A bill upon this sub ject will forthwith be laid before you. ntusr ron tuc nxinnoaca. A hill mil also be submitted for making oron sion for the arrangement of the affair# of railroad companies, which are unable to meet tholt en gagements. m n« nim-nffn. cororrio* 01* the pooh to be ncrnorxu. Measures will bo submitted to you far improv ing the management of the sick audotnerpoor in the metropolis, and for rc-dlairlbutlon of some of the charges for relief therein. AMENDMENT orVAntOCS LAWS BBCOMMBNDBD. Your arteution will also bo called to an amend ment ol the law ot bankruptcy, to a consolidation ol tno courts of probate and divorce and admi ralty and to the means of disposing with greater despatch and Irequency the Increasing business In the courts of common law and at the assizes. ir.ISU LANDLORDS AND TENANTS. The relations between landlord and tenant In Itcland have engaged my attention, and ablil will be laid before yon which, without Interfering with -jtebts of property, will offer direct encouragement to occupiers of land to improve Ibelr holdings, and provide a simple mode of obtaining coropcn catlou for pciroanent Improvements. I commend tp your careful consideration tb-se and other measures which will be brought before von. and 1 pray that your labors may. under the I blessings of Providence, conduce to the prosper -1 iiy of «he country and happiness of mypcople. C VXITED STATES SYMPATHY ACKNOWLEDGED. New Yobs, February 5. The Greek Consul ol this city has just received I the following despatch by Atlantic Telegraph: I UvnurooL, February A. I The Hellenic community ol Liverpool request I yon to tender their grateful thank* to the Boston I and New York committees and American people I for their sympathy In behalf of the destitute faml- I lies of Cretans fighting lor liberty. I ITALY. 1.0HD05, February 5. Adtlra from Florence elate tint the llallan Church Las been defeated. —Latest Foreign Market*. Ccttos opened very Cull and irregular, at Ha'pence. London, Febrnaiy s—Noon. Cot sole advance! to 93 U-M. Erie alv*ncedto»X- Uutcd Stairs S-SOs uncharged. FEON WASUISGTOS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago WAsniKQTOK, February 5. Tar pbebidext’s kewlt-tledcxd flax. Tbe result of the consultations of Southern men with the President, very properly appeared Oral in the Richmond papers. It can be stated positively that the propositions were discussed in Cabinet meeting, and agreed to by a majority. Secretary Stanton does not approve. The President also gave the Southerners to understand that their am nesty should also jorm the clement of a plan or provision for preventing their payment lor staves, which was purposely omitted, as was the clause giving Congress power to enforce the amendment. The matter has caused no excite ment. The only effect appears to be to strengthen the friends of the Congressional amendment. I Congress will yield nothing on acconut of Uiis I proposition, which, instead of astonishing any | one fell dead the moment It was announced. The Richmond Krujmrer presents its objections to the measure, and thinks the use of the terms I •*in^u^eclion ,1 and “rebellion” disrespectful. It contends that the clause regarding the debt in curred by the insurrection or rebellion does not 1 apply to the Confederate debt. I Fou'rocoxnto ceroirr op tub jiEcossrnucTios I CO3OHTTEI, I The opinion Is gaining ground that the Recon- I etrurtlon Committee will report, and that the I main feature will be a bill providing for tbe pro- I tvctlcn of all persons in their rights of person I and property. As has been already stated, such 1 s bill bos been dr aad by Mr. Bingham, which pro- I vidcs lent, until the Stales whoso relations to the I Union are still practically discoatinned Iby rebellion shall be fully restored and I duly represented, (he President shall, without I delay, tborugh the Secretary of War provide rules I and regulations for the full protection ol all per- I sons, and cutorcc the same by military authority, 1 andebsll prohibit by military orders the Infliction I of any cruel or unusual punishment, or from d?ny -1 tng cltlr.ens of the United States therein any of the I rights or Immunities of citizens of the United I Slate*, orfrom inflicting ony other or greater pen j ally upon blacks than the Uws prescribes for I whiles (or the same offence*, and that no civil I courts shall have jurisdiction In any matters I named. tui SEBix apinrr nr sicnxoro. A messenger arrived from Richmond last even toe io consult General Schoileld regarding an Insult to the troops stationed aro'ind lbat city. 1< appears that while a email body of troops were marching through the town, on their way to the camp on Saturday, the Inmates ofa private house, occupied by the principal rebel family, displayed a rend dag from the windows on approach of the soldiers, and greeted th-m with Jeers, and taunt* ing them with the total loss of power. General It. b. Granger, in command In Sch iflcld’fl absence, at diet determined to arrest the whole party occu to Inc the honee, but, reflecting that tinder the President's orders, and decision of the Supreme Court, the military nas no further power In the South, except to act under the orders of rebel courts be decided to send a repoit to General >choflcld. The latter was greatly Incenied, and detet mined to leave for Richmond ai cncc. an alabaxa eorroir case. Shoitly previous to the aorrender, 80,000 bales ofConfederate cotton at Marlon, Alabama, were placed atehc dfcnosajol Dick Taylor to pay his foopK, aca the gold was furnished one A.K. Shepherd, rebel Quartermaster, from Alabama, , by parties In Memphis, then In possession of the I Feomal force*, to exchange tor thiscolton*. After I the surrender this cotton was seised, sent to New York, and sold on Government account. I ttccentlv l-cwls E. Faisons, late Provisional 1 Governor of Alabama, os atrent of Sbephtrd,hsa I obtained Treasury warrants In payment for si to bales of this cotton atclgnty dollars per 1 tale, amounting to #1,410.000. Senator Wilson 1 has Introduced a resolution to-day Inquiring into I ibis case, and other cotton transactions of a slol- I tar character. xnMT xpriror itiATio?? mix. Tlic concluding section of the Appropriation Hill, reported from tin- committee la the llonse this morning, and made the special order for next week, I* b«th novel and Important. It provides that the headquarters of the arm? -hall be at Washington; that all orders re lating to military operations, even when made ny tbe President and tho Secretary of War, shall be issued through the General of the army; tbataGencral shall not be removed, eus perded, relieved Irom command or assigned to duly elsewhere than at headquarters without the approval of the Senate; that all orders Issued contrarr to tbe requirement® of this section ehal hennllandroid,and anyofficer issuing anchor dcre shall be deemed guilty of a rolsdsmcanor. viiws or rnoMisEirr xjuct omegas. Genet at Shetman has been ordered to Washing* ion With his arrival the views of all the leading army officers will be known. Those now here or who have lately lelt can be relied upon as In fall sjmpathty with tho loyal citizens. IKTEACmtEXT TESTMOVT. The‘lndiciary Committee Is very busy taking evidence on the Impeachment investigation. To morrow a very Important witness will be ex amined, and the fact- to which he will testify are considered as affording a key to the whole in quiry. afpeopmatioss yon new arsenals. The Army Bill contains an appropriation for various arsenals, as follows; Rock Island, tCSsSOO; SU Louis, *55,000; Leavenworth, $15,000; IndlanapolU, J16:»,6»; Columbus, $1C3,653; Allegheny, ssl,ooo. . OTHZB ATPnOPniATIOSS. The amount named lor the Bureau or Refugees and Frecdmen U lh;ee million cJchthundredandthtr ty-elxthousand three hundred dollars; lor sol diers' and Bailors’ artificial limbs, seventy thous and dollars. custox nocsr txrrsnoiTioKa. Tbc House Committee on Public Expenditures will report this week the result of their inresUca lions Into tbc aflalra of the Boston Custom House under Collector Goodrich, and probably next week on Ibe New York Custom Bouse under SmjUie and Lis predecessor*. The Utter report wQI con tain some startling facts, showing how Johnson i has been prenova ted through appolnlmenls to, I and rcmoTsl from, office. I uxcErnox op G&Airr ax© snxnniax. iiufl vi " The *ccne In the Bouse this morning, during the rial! ol Gvnetale Grant and Sberluaa, was very cntbnsUsUc. Ike Utter was cheered loudly and heartily when he ascended the Speaker’* platform, and again at the close of his brief and modest response. XOMTXATIOSB. ovuste inw moaning a larsc* batch of nominations. It is understood that none are of special Importance, and that onlte a number are postmaster*. yrjmiso coxroirjtP ismirt >otu. The bill for lttn<Ung compound Interest notes, ei i to by leadlnc banter* and endorsed by Secretary McCulloch, will probably be reported irom the Finance Commute* to-morrow. TUB TOUTiriCATtOS BILL. nas killed Intbo House this mornlnc, by the de cisive vote of fcT to W. It appropriated an sggre* "«tc of *1.930,M0, and waa similar to the hill j passed last year. The probabilities are that a new ' bill will be bronchi forward next week. BBCOKSTBCCTIOX. Tbe Joint Committee on Rccon-tnictlon mocti again to-morrow mornlnc. and will take np the oneetlon of reporting some new reconstruction scheme in earnest. Mach private cancu-smg has been going on fbr tbe last three days, and many -careful Republican Congressmen believe the Com mlitce will acrcc to report a bill. A PETACLTBIt. A. W. Lee, clerk In tbe loan branch of the Treasury, who wa* appointed from NewYorr, disappeared a wtek ago hut Saturday, with be tween thirty and forty thoniand dollars In Seven- Thirty notes, Issued In August. l&U. It Is under stood he has been taking these notes daring the last two months from receipt* by mall and ezprea*. Uo wa* traced to Baltl mote, where be registered himself a* ..John Rodger*.*’ It 1* not believed bo ha* left the country yet. Uo served in the army tor some time, but tinder an assumed name. Id this connection U may 1* recalled that thirty thousand dollar* was taken from the Loan Office I , ome ihnc ago. which ha* never been traced. I (hough one bchtodcr U now on ball, awaiting I trial, which will perhaps never occur, for lack of evidence. Tbe comtnoolcallon relative to hallonal Dank taxes .nit to tbe Homo till! afternoon by Scent tar. McCulloch contained littlo now matter, tu flrnrcß hrlnir mainly InDcp.rlmonl report, of the pact two year.. Uo aaya that. alalomcnt aooiv as the antonnl of taxoa paid by N.tlonal Banblas Aacoclationa to tbo Silica In which .they are loca ted la home prepared hy the Comptroller of the will aoon ho Uld before th. n she W«y«»nd Metna Commltleo hire doally concluded* to glre fniUtcr eonaldcraUoit to tba YOL. XX question of reducing whiskey taxes. To-day t-iey called Special Commissioner Wells to give Inc argument in layer of redaction. To-morrow they will hear the argument on tbe other side. There is no reason for supposing they will agree to a re duction. . . General Warren arrived liens from the West, to day, and will go before the Senate Post Office Committee to give his views and advice relative to hiidging the Mississippi Kher. Tbe fate of 1 the Clinton bridge scheme depends to some ex- I tend on what be may say. 1 TUX BAKKWJTT SILL. Tbe action of the .Senate, this evening, on the Bankrupt Bill, shows that its passage by that body Is by no means-certain. There was considerable chancing of votes during tbe call of the roll, and the actual position of three or four Senator* la doubtful. The final vote was 22 nays, -0 ayes, snd Mr. Wilson at once moved a reconsideration. Tbe fi lends of the hill think It will pass to-mor row by one or two majority. a. j.V cossTtrcnosai. amendment. The New York 2lm«' Washington special says: “Tbe following Is the amendment to the Consti tution which the Southerners in Washington and ite President have agreed to: “AnriCLt 14— Sec-nos I.—Ko State has a right to secede, nor baa the Federal Government the ri"ht to eject a state or deprive it of represents- TTc"£°lfe“Dnitca SUM debt .hill be held eacrtd ud InvlolHf, fit the "’’S' £ ,bt B| “ U Dulled Suits, and innj.-cl '^“rt'hUanti '.rfeJuice. Lire, Uncnj ud KcptoacnuUon .hall b. based on me nmabera, 9 any°oMt# vofin", then those excluded shall not be connled in the oasis of representation. _ “ Also the following to be part of tbe ConstUu a? IffiSSIK in omits be cLtiiled to vote; prodded, that no persu has heretofore voted shall be excluded from vot ing.’ ” _ nrvExrz rnox national bakes. Washington, February 5.—A communication from the Secretary of the Treasury to the House shows the total amount paid by National Banking Associations, as>etnl-aunual dnly, accruing prior to Jnlv Ist. 18G»S, to be S7.“tf>,sSo 11. and. as Inter nal Revenue taxes to Jmv 81st, IS«6, inclusive, s*;ti24 (»64.4G. The dutv fot six months prececd ng January let, 1567, cannot be stated, as Ills In process ri’cnib.clion. TEXAN INDEETEDNXfiS. The Secretary also states to the House that of the debts due \»y the United States lo Texas pre vious to the rebellion, f.*ni,oho of the principal of tbe Texan Indemnity bonds remained unpaid, with an unknown amount of Interest coupons. Of these bonds sixty-one are In the department where they were deposited by an agent of the late ITovlslouftl Governor of tbe State. None of the remaining three hundred and ten are believed lo ,be in possession of the Stale authori ties or elder their control. By act of Congress, approved February' 29th, 1555, an ap propriation was made for the payment lo sncli of the creditors ofthe Stale of Texas as arc compre hetded in the act of September 9th. ISQ3. Thl* aptuonnatton, which remains unexpended, Is f lll.BbC. The Treasure Department has no In tormarion as to wbat money or stores wen* taken by ibe Slate of Texas from the Confederate au thorities ou the breaking up ol the Confederacy, and no such money or properly has been account ed lor by tbo Stale with the Department. An pgrnt of the Department scUcd from on agent of the State and shipped to New \ork on account of the United Stales one hundred and five bales ol Confederate cotton, which ta tbe only properly realized by the Department from the source mentioned In the resolution of the House. DENTED. _ _ Official despatches are received at the war De rartiDetit, ftallnc there is no t*uth mtb« report that flftv men were killed by Cheyenne Indiana beyond Fort Wallace. J eeksiok office. An effort la now being made by the Commb* eioncr of Pensions to have Congress pass an act authorizing him to Increase the clerical force ot the pension office. VOTE OK Jtn. OKIKKELL*fI CT7RREKCT TtSSOLUTIOK. Washington. Pebrnary ft.—The following b the vote or the Hotisc »eaterday on ordering the mala qnwtlon on Crlnncll’e resolution fra Inst reducing the amount of outstanding V nl»cd bUtes legal tenders: * TTI«. Alll-on. Hijm, Orth, Anderson. Henderson, Afliley. Illeby, Patterson, «aV*y mu. p;ania. Keaman, llnbhard, Randall. Blrctam, HohoeiUofNcw Uosa, low York, Sawyer, Biomwell. Qubbell.of Ohio.Fchcuck, Bncklred, InccnsoU, Shellabargcr, Hnudy. Julian, Sloan, Cluh, of Ohio, Kelly, SfnTEStl Clarke, of Kan- Kelso, ’ ... Koontz, Stokes, i'ol>o, Kuykendall, Taylor, <'ook Lawrence, Thayer, criioni, Leftwltch, JhomM. Franck n,'fr(*e« Loan. Thornton, Drlanu,' Lomrycar, Trowbridge, Demine. Lynch, pSSefij, Marshall, VsnAcrnam. Dnnioct, Mtrslou, VilS?! 11 * Fnrlestcv. Marvin, garner, KSlWonh. M.jir.rd, Fargo bar, McClurg. Indiana, sau. sas;* sas: ri iiss. 'vii-;s°:o r r& 2SJ£ R W wS&t. NATS, , ** MIi!T. Finch. Nicholson, Amo, Garfield. £ot?l I, Arcona, 010-ibrocncr, Frlhom, llaldwln, Hardlnc, FOg, gSfe. U*«. Bergen, Hoiran, Raymond, Btdwell, Holme*, Ritter, Dlalne. Hooper. J toners, Bontwcll, Hotchkiss, KoWos, Bover. Uurlbnt, Scoflcld. Biandecce, Humphrey, |hanklin, Broomall, Hnnicr, Campbell, Jcnckcs, Trimble, Conklin?, Kelcbam, Van llons^N.Y., rHAnfr Lafiln. ''ard. a* t», I)aT?i, r> Lawrence, Pa., Ward, Ky., Dawes, iJißliind, Washhume, Denison, Mcßuer, Mass., Dedcc. Moorhead. Wentworth, Eldndgc, MmlU. Wlnfleld-M Eliot, Kihlack, The resolution was then adopted without oui vision. CU>US COSTTUCTB. Was ms ctos, February s.—The renort of the ,j OU g e committee on Indian Attain Is to the effect that there la no evidence of fraud or corruption In the Icttlnc of those contracts. and that the Honse should leaded the resolution which directs the Secretary of the Interior to suspend the execution of them. The report of the minority. Messrs. Dart. Cloth, Henderson and Van Horn, la that the contract* should be set aside aa unjust, and that Instead of awards made by the Indian Commis sioner a contract for Ante l *? 6 * clvcn to G. A. Evans, of Philadelphia, and forjtho second and third classes to Stillman Bros., of Sew York. , I IASS PATESTB. The Comtniss loner Gencial of the Land Office has transmitted to the Governor o! lowa fly* patent# for swamp indemnity lands, ircated with special certificate?, »os. id,, 51, oi,M and 57, etn* bracing In the aggregate ~56S acres. yenuc eases to be wxtooiiawk, Ihe Commissioner, pursuant to Instructions from the See clary of the Interior, larreparinc orders to the Land Officers at Springfield. Mo., u> withdraw the lands along the line o 7 the Atlantic & Pacific Hadroad, from Springfield, Mo., to the nealcm boundary of THE COSOTEU TRtAI- . Sanford Conover was arraigned before the Cnm leal Conrt 10-dav, on a charge of perjury In hi, evidence before the Judiciary Commtttccin thy matter of Jed. Davis'complicity in the plot for the assassination ot Mr. Lincoln. the ru.vDDto nnx. A , The Senate Finance Committee to-day adopted ino bill proposed bvtho leading bankers of the connm. vdtn the ctulorrcmcnt of the SecteUry of the Treasury, for the fending of compound inter est notes. purir.E mox icx. . _I Much dam arc Is reported In Georgetowni by_tha hwakincS of the ice, which was twelve to four thick' Wharveswereoverflowed, and C frSSu[«\^^Uo^ t seriously damaged, large sections having been i F«. of the Washington channel, »d the current ts running over the flam at a ftrtal Ing down tlmbcraof thebndgv, «c. ooav of Ice and ilmher la blockeu np at the Eleventh •trccl wharf. The water came into the cltv canal with a in*h, and suddenly raised over the banka, filling the cellars on the aonth side ol the avenue, cam lag away timber from the canal banka, and doing considerable damage. .£ d ”P atc ? h f S??J Harper** Fcity annonnccs that the water there Is subsiding. Vo him has been done, and bridges and all arc safe. FTvrt scram. ~ . 4 , The fifth State dinner of the President tooV I place this even!"* rtwosAL. 1 Oorcmor Sharkey will leave for home la a few daVe, and ills s&ld Govcnior Parsons Hill soon follow. VALUABLE 3CAF. . w The Commissioner of the General Land Office ha« completed an elegant and comprehensive mip of the United States, showing the exact locality of the various mines and mineral products ot the country, with the offices of the surveyor* and reg ister* of the land offices. coKvrmiox or wteuxst-beauiko irons. Wamiinotob, FvbrnaryS.—The Senate Flnan i cial Committee took this morning favorable action I on the bill converting Interest-bearing note* into I hoed* to be held as ageretveby the banks, as was { predicted some time since In this correspondence. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. On motion of Mr. MORRILL, the Secretary of I War was asked If General Sherman has issued any 1 ordets for toe protection of train* crossing the I Plain*; ifso, what was their nature. I On motion ol Mr. SUMNER. the Naval Commit- I tee was Instructed to Inquire Into the manage- I mcnlof the navy yard in Charlestown, and espe- 1 dally whether any *bip* have been sent loses I rcantly with rotten limbers endangenng their I “Sn motion of Mr. KIBKWOOn, the Military I Committer wa. loatrticlcd to ln ,J u , lr '"s*''i'f'li lion was necessary for tbe relief of discharged I soldiers who bad lost their paper*, and report by I bI Mr r iIMJMCCLL called np the bill providing I that the net of Congress for paying war claim* I »ball not be construed to provide tor such claims In rcbclStaU*. An exception la made I I of loyal cllUcn* of Tennessee, I An amendment wa* agreed to Including West 1 I Vlrclnla in the exception. ... , I Mr JOHNSON moved to except all Stale* and ] I Districts which In December. IPK. weic nnderthe I r*.nUol of the United States mllllary authorities, I and remained so during the war. I Disagreed to. and Iho bill passed. It goes to I U »• Uonss for concnrrcnce in tnc ametidaionts. Mr. GRIMES. from the Committee; on,>»«! I APahs, icoorud with an amendment the bill dc- I tlcluc the rank of Admiral and other staff officer* I In the navy, and creating volunteer officer* ol Uio I naval and marine service who may be transfer- I 1 rrdto the regular service, with sea service per- I I fornud aa volunteer officers. I I Ur. FEbSLNDKN, from the Committee on I Finance, reported with verbal amendments the I Invalid Pension mil. It appropriate* JC3.SSn.ono. I Ur. TRUMBULL Introduced a bill to enable 1 Stale* to select swamp and overflowed land* I within their limit*, omitted, to be selected under I get of September Ist. IMU. Rclcrjed. I Ur. WII.SON Introduced the following: I Retolrtd. That the Secretary of the Treasury be * toqmred to report, fur tbe Ooa* nXAXCUL. ere**, what amount ■ f mousy receive l ! from sales of cotton or other property was turned over to the Treasury Department under the several laws of Congress, and what deposition was made of the same;'whether any money baa been paid or refunded to tto claimants; if >o. the names of each claimant*, the amount* paid, nndcr what aulboiltg of law, and npoa what evidence. MjIhendERSON Introduced a bill to provide for the construction of a military and post.road Irom Galveston to Fort Gibson. Indian Territory, wiib a branch to Little Bock, Arkansas. The bill crania the right of way over public lands, and re oolres Government to Isaue to the company JHUO.WXJ In United Stales bonds for every twenty rollefl of sale road 1 aid. and a double track when to rnnmle order, deferred to Committee on the Pacific Kallroad. The Bankrupt BUI waa taken up. Mr. Howard’s amendment to strike out the thirty-seventh section was amended and then re jCOnd motion of Mr. FOGG, the provision was struck ont of the thirteenth section which fixes the number olvot-.a of creditors necessary for a C **F«v?Tal amendments were offered and rejected. On motion of Mr. EDMUNDS.a proviso was adopted that all citizens of the United petitioners to be declared bank nipt, shall file an oath of allegiance with the petition. On motion of Mr. HENDERSON, the minimum of Indebtedness lor which voluntary bankruptcy maybe instituted was fixed at fI,OOO Instead of am as in the House bill. The bill was then taken ont of Committee of the Whole and reported to the Senate. On motion of Mr. SUUNEIt, the provision that no dbebtree to a debtor whoso assets do not pay fifty cevts within a Tear from the passage of this act. shall be granted, unless with the written con sent of a majority of creditors In numbers and value, was stricken out. . .... . , After dlacnsrion thevote op the bIU wastak.o Chandler, Howard, Corneas, Howe, Dixon. Johnson, Doolittle, Mc"ongall, Edmonds, Monran, Fessenden, Morton, Poster, Poland, KATS. Brown, Henderson, Sherman. Bnckalcw, Hcndrteks, Trumbull, Cracln, Kirkwood, Wade, Davis. Lane. Willey, Fo"?, Momll, Williams, Fowler, Patterson, Wilson, • Saulshury, Yates—2S. Harris/ So the bill was lost • Mr. HARRIS originally rotcC-a We afflmam*. hat changed bis vote for the purpose ?* enabling him to enter a motion to reconsider. The Senate adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. WINDOM, from the Committee on Indian Afialrs, made a report on Ihe investigation Into ibe recent Jelling of cont'tcta for Indian roods, which, with a minority report, was ordered primed. Mr. WILSON, of lowa, asked leave to offer a resolution Instructing tbc Committee of Ways and Means to report ino Tariff Bill, as amended by ibe Senate, to exhibit the rates imposed on tr tides nnder the taild in force tbelat ol April. Jb6l, and tbe Ist of January, ISfiS. with those pro* posed by the noose bill No. 1,“1S, as amended by tbe Senate. Mr. JENCKES objected. Mr SUUENUK interropted the proceedings b? announcing the presence In tbe lloose of General Tbit. Sheridan, and moving a recess cl five min utes that the General might be presented to the House. The motion was unanimously agreed to, and the Speaker proceeded to that portion of tbc ball wheie tbe General stood, with General Graftt, and csconccl them to tbe Speaker's chair amidst the plaudits of Ihe members, and presented General Sheridan personally to the House in these terms: Gextleuen op the House op Kcfbssexta tivzs:—lt affords me peculiar pleasure by yonr orderto introduce <o you General Phil. Sheri dan, ol tbe United Stales Army. While this countiy will remember In the heart of hearts of Jail Us loyal people the achievements on fields of dan gcraud death of Its glorious defenders, they never can forget who was Crave amoec the bravest, trne amou** ‘he truest, and the recollection of whose derds wllUumvu so long as history exists. I ptc'int to you Genera! Philip Sbendan. [Ap plause from floor and galleries.! Ihe Speakerlhen piesenlcd to General Sheridan each member personally. Bu?inci*s resumed. , _ , A lomt resolution parsed, giving to Samnal Pown’ng, one ol the last surviving soldiers ol ihe Devolution au additional pension of per year, fiomScplembei last. . _ ... , Mr. STEVENS, from the Committee on Appro priations, reported ibe Army Appropriation Bib, which was made the special order lor next Satur di flie SPEAKER appointed Mr. Campbell to fill the vacancy on lhe Pont Ofllcc Committee, caused by the death of Mr. Johnson. „ . 7 On motion of Mr. CAMPBMs the Postmaster General was requested to report an opmton rvla tlrctothe erection of a bnUdlns InNMhrtlle for n Post Office, the Federal Conns and the custom D On motion of Mr. DARLING, the Committee on the District of Colombia was directed to confer with (be Secretary ofthe loterlorastothe propriety ot building a jail for the District, and report a W Mr. BANKS presented the correspondence nf the Slate Department with the Government of Brazil in reference to the death of President Lin* C °A , i«Ul*paifcd to provide for the Issue of certifi cate of service to officers and soldiers of the vol unteers, neatly engraved on parenmenf, and their lenal representatives to bo entitled to a certificate tn case of the death of the person entitled to it; also a bill donating a portion of the Fort Leaven worth military reservation for the exclusive use of a public road, also bill to authorize the payment of prize money to the officers and en listed men or the signal corps of the army who served on Forragnl's fleet In the Mobile Boy en- passaged some Mils °C * Pji*?;*® character, the House went Into Committee of the Whole on the President’s annual message. Mr. HOOPER spoke on the financial question. The Indian Appropriation Bill came up. It cov ers a llttte over t*o and a ball millions of dollars fbc mil contains a provision that no moneys or annnlties shall bo paid to auv tribe inho=>Ulliles against the Government or citizens of Inc Ucl.ed motion of Mr. BRADFORD, of Colorado, a proviso was added to tbe paragraph making ap appropriation for expenses of tbe Indian superin tendent in Colorado, that no part of it should be distributed by Alexander Cnmmlngs. the present Snncrlotcndent ol Indian affairs in that I emtory. By Mr. HOOPER, of Utah, that an appropria tion for the incidental expenses ol the Indian ser vice of that Territory be Increased from f 13,000 to **Uic°cointnßice rose and reported the bill. The SPEAKER presented Executive documents * B From'tbe Secretary of the Interior, In relation to accounts of the State of Texas w*h the United States. Laid on the table. , , From the Secretary of the Treasury, relative to the amount of taxes paid br the National Banking Association to the United States annually, and to the several Slates. , . Fiom the Secretary of the Interior, conceralne the massacre of United States troops by the Indi ans near Fort Phil. Kearney. All referred. Mr. FINCK, from the Post Office Committee, reported that there was no legislation necessary to allow members of the present Congress to cx excise the franking privilege until the first day of December next. Adjourned. WasnuroTOX, D. C., February SENATE. CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6. 1867. Pomeroy, Ramsey, Ross, Stewart, Sumner, Van Winkle-20. FROM SPRINGFIELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnhune.l Springfield, February 5. TIT* lUtUOAD TAIlirT BILL PASSED. The railroad Tariff BUI came up In the noose this mornlnp as a special order, the question being on the passage ot the bill repotted by General Unrlbut from the Railroad Committee. Mr. Conk llnc offered a resolution striking oat the sections ol the bill which possess any force. Upon his reso lotion he rehearsed a portion of the speech which he has Mrherto delivered on several occasions in defence of the sacred rights of chartered monopo lies. Mr. Conkllae nttere his opinions la an oiacular and dogmatic manner, and treats all who oppose him as very small fry. He Insisted that the popular clamor against railroad monopolies I was one in which the people sometimes indulge, I and that a hrlrfpeiiod would bring them to their I senses again. General finrlbut followed in a powerful eperc'o to reply to Sir. Cockling, lie thoronchly demolished the fatoc law and logic of that gentleman. The speech la universally ac knowledged to he the strongest ot the session. At the conclusion ot his speech he was warmly I applauded. Mr. Parker followed General Bnrl -1 hut briefly. It being one o clock, lie Bonse ad -1 loamcd, without taking a rote. The subject was taken nr again in Ihc afternoon. The qneiUon I was token on the amendments offered by Mr. 1 Cohklihg and others, and they were voted down I—arcs 52: nocs,29. The result was a strict party 1 rote, with the exception that Alexander, Conk- I lino. Griggs, Bay and Yeager, Republicans, voted tstlnrt laying lie amcodmcnta on the table. An I additional section was adopted to the effect ttal I if, by lie jndcmeM of tie Supreme Comt of tht! •itiite or of tie United States, anj of theic re strictions hereby impoaed .boil be held inopem dec and told aeto exlsUnß corporation!, toon «ncb restrictions to the eame effect and extent ehell be inoperable as to roads chartered. At thla point Conhlleo •»•!” rebeaned I i mi. tpier spoke for twenty minutes I without saying anything. The question was I flnilly reached, ordering the bill to a third read* I mg. When Mr. Taylor's name was called, under I I the privilege of explaining his vote he made a j I speech against the bill. The bill was ordered to I 1 a third reading by a vote of fifty-three to thirty* I I two. Five of the Cook County delegation voted I I for ordering the bill to a third reading, and two j I against it—'Taylor and Shepard. The question or j I tho final passage of the bill was then ordered. I I The opponents of the bill then Inaagnratcd a I filibustering siege, which lasted two hours, when I the question was reached and tho bill passed— I ayes fifty-six, noes twenty-five. All of the Cook I County dcltgatlon voted for the bill except Shep- I art. All the Republicans voted for the bIU except ! I Alexander, Conklin?, Day, Shepard, and Yeager. I ibis is a defeat which the monopolists did 1 not tnllclpste, and do not feel pleasant I about U. This bill will cow go to I the Senate, where the responsibility of its future j will rest. If that body shall refuse to grant the I relief which the people demand, they will know I how to deal with 11s members when they come I before them lor t v cir support. urrxnXAi. nmtornterr box. The special order for two o'clock this afternoon, the consideration of the Internal Improvement Dill, was postponed unlit to-morrow afternoon, in order to pat through the Railroad Bill. The wails of (be House are tapestried with maps, charts, profiles, Ac., of the proposed canal im provements. tu* waninovax mix—rro rnrsrxr snare. Tho Senate Railroad Committee had a meeting this evening, and agreed to report back tbe Ware house Dill to-morrow, but so emasculated that its vitality is completely destroyed. In this shape it will doubtless pass the Senate, ior U U so entirety unoflcnslve to the warehousemen that they will not take tho trouble to oppose It. The money of the warehousemen haa done ihc work, and they are jnbllanl over their victory. tux uamtoan sox. Ibo tame commit!!, alio atrreed to report bsrk tbe Railroad Tariff Dill. ThU l! al.o elttppcd o( it. endenej by reason of tbe atneodmeus nbldt Slack bas plltd on lu It H very scnctally con clcdod that a majority ot Ute Seoatora hare aold ont to Uta monopolUtt, and If any measure look- Intt to rclbnn coca Utrooßh that body, it will be tn andt shape aa to compldelf dcatroy lu eld , dency. rasaaox or Tim Binxoan box bt tux nocsx. Jodco Fuller's bin miniating railroad fteigbu, adapted and improred in some resjv-ct, by General Hurlbut. was PUt thronch the Hoot e to-cay oa the last Uns/by the overwhelming majority of W yeas against J • The opponents of the Mil filibustered for a couple of hours to prevent a vote and stave on dtclaivo action, and 1 regret lo be oblMed to state that Mr. Taylor, of the Cook gation, was one of the most active and "bluer opponents of - the bill In the House, though, for eome IcEcrulable reason, be voted for the billi « *« final passage. Mr. Shephard, of Cook County, Mruggled hard to get the bill recommitted, for the alleged purpose of striking out the clause In relation lo the twelve hours’ notice lobe given to the consignees of grain, and, falling to “”7 his point, he vomd against the wj»®* e b, J; Farmer Corwin, the Speaker, gave Utile aid or c-msiort to the flfcbuetcrs, bat nU<» . p *f sharply against them, and materially aided m bringing the House to a test vole. THE LOBBY »tc *n their glory 10-nichL as now U their oppor (unity to mate bay. Now comes the tug ot war In the Scfale. It will only be neccsaary to bay or bambooale »blrtccn votes to defeat the bill. Under tbe lawyer quibble of protecting the vested rights of monopolies, the lobby claim that the requisite number of Senators can take abetter and sacrifice the rights of the people. A strong majority In ibe House, fresh from the people, and chosen with special reference to personal honesty, are determined to make the responsibility of defeat jog measures of vital interest to tbe people ol Illinois rest exclusively with the Senate. , QpntniT. n manor's smeu. The speech of General Hnribnt on tbe R-rfroad Hill was a splendid piece ol oratory. Tne deliv ery was superb, the argument convincing anlMte •.fT.ct very great. He utterly demolished and tore to tbreds the flimsy sophistries and pettifogging quibbles of COTCLIR, or BAHOJLVO9, who la the special champion of nfonopollea and reeled rights rrrrut the people and equal rights. He has nndcrtaken the job of securing a three million appropriation for a i.«w State Boose for the benefit a MCH * of Springfield contractors, jobbers and specula* Ifbe wants to make Irlends for his throe trillion scheme, it might be well lor him to abate ji mc of his hostility to measures of great public oiility ard necessity, ilels not helping the new stalc Uouse by the coarro be is pursuing. Tire -WAKESOCBE BILL. xc'ynvit Bill, having fallen Into the r.»flt;«,j«J 5 alhe Senate, who propose hands of Us enemies. WM Introduced either to sink or emascn.» to ft into tie House this forenoon, at. .. carefnllv ■ road Committee, where It will be mo, ca J”JJJ i examined In detail, and all of-Its bearing. , • feels closely studied. It will be amended In the J direction of improving ita efficiency and useful ness, and lo this end tbc judicious j friends of this great measure arc j invited to confer with the committee. It la re ported that an able committee of Chicago grain merchants will be here lu a day or two, to suggest some improvements lo the bill. Their adneeand opinion will be received with respect, and will Unvo meeb weight with the committee. Alter waiting for a reasonable length of time for the action of the Senate on the bill before them, the Uonsc Committee reported it back as amended and perfected, and Its friends are sanguine of being able to put U on its final, pas eage. and of carrying it as triumphantly as was done with the bill to-day, regulating and limiting [ the charges of railroad corporations. The bit! 1 wditbengoto the Senate for final action, where Us fate, to eay the least. Is extremely doubtful, although the lobby declare that Us decisive defeat there is entirely certain. They ask, with a tuecr, “Can the friends of the bill oversize the pile of the railroads V' 1 hey ask the same question In respect to the Warehouse Bill. Senator Mack, of Kankakee, la cool, smiling, complaisant, but immensely active. | He is the Senate leader and fugleman of the mo nopolt-U, and is loud on vested rights. lie ex presses the utmost confidence lu being able lo d.ift at both the warehouse oud the Railroad bills, and claims that hla constituents fully support and endorse him in bis course, and that in his advocacy of monopoly and hos tility to the Interests of the people, he Is solely actuated by an exalted sense of pub lic duly. He is wasting none of bis precious lime, this session, hie friends assert, on sneb small game as penitentiary contracts and things of that sort, but U devoting his great mind to larger objects. His re-election at the bands of a delighted and grateful, constituency,« deemed a ccrtalntv, unless they reserve him for a more ex alted elation, eay United Plates Sena tor, or some other high office suitable lo bla tal ents, self-sacrifice and singleness of purpose. Tire EAST ST. LOCIS WABinOCBE DILL. The East St. Louis Warehouse and Cattle Yard ] BiU went through too House today with feeble opposition. It is evened that that groat monop oly, the Wiggins Ferry Company, who own all the river grant, utterly refuse to sell a foot of IL By this bill the company aro authorized to con demn one ihon.and feet of river front In the city of East hi- Louis, for the erection of elevators «ad the uses of toe cattle yard*. (Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] SrniNarxKLD, February 5,1567. The Republican members of the General As sembly bold a caucus last evening at the State library. The attendance was full, and the har mony marked and pleasant, lion. Franklin Cor wln Speaker of the Uonso of Representatives, presided, and E. 8. Taylor, Esq., Representative from Cock, acted as Secretary. rural. aiuotnixxxxT. The first business bronchi before the caucus was 10 determine the day when the General As sembly will adjourn tin* die. Various proposi tions were offered, but the caucus finally decided by a largely preponderating Tote, that the final adjournment should take place on Term day, the 2Mh inst. A resolution oflered to tato a recess for three dsys next week, was defeated. This Rives about ten days additional legislation, and wlllienable the General Assembly to exercise more care than usual in the 'disposition of their business. One of the factious HcpTiblican Senators has declared that the con- I piltntional six weeks Is ample time In which to I complete the business, and bo don't,, believe that I a constitutional quorum can be kept together after the expiration of tfcaltlmc. J think he Is mis taken; that the wish ts father to the thought. This Senator Is running the monopolists gener- I ally It wlll'add considtrably to me expense ac count of that class ol gentlemen 10 extend the 1 session ten or twelve days. Hence the anxiety o! 1 the Senator to relieve his friends from the addl- I ttonal heavy responsibility which the extension I will impose. TUS ATTOBTIOKITENT. The next qnca' lon bronchi before the caucus * u the apportionment of the Slate Into Senato rial and KepresentaUvc districts. A gentleman well versed In these matters was requested to pre pare an apportionment, which he did. The fol lowing is the result of his labors: eZSATOIUAL DISTUtCti—BASIS 55,060. 0 s ‘i—Alexander Pulaski- Massac, Johnson, Gallatin, Saline, Wll- S3,*® 2—Hamilton. Wabash. Edwards, Wayne, Clay. Richland, While. Uwrencc { .....S6,f£3 s—Union, Jackson, Randolph, Mohr o6 ---. Franklin, Jefferson.... ......sajfio 4- Washington, Clinton, Marion, Fayette, Bond. 5 Madison. SU Clair ••• • C—Jersey, Calhoun, Green, fccott, Pikc.....*«,3£rJ “—Macoupin, Montgomery, Shelby. Chris tian ........ •..33,fr.i s—Effingham, Jasper, Cumberland, Craw ford, Clark. Edgar ..,,,84,493 P—Coles. Douglas. Champaign, Vermillion.

Moultrie 59,973 10—Mcl-ean. DcWltt, Tazewell, Platt 83,015 II t-aßcamon, Logan, Macon .83,465 12— Menard, Cass, Schuyler, Morgan and 8r0wn...... TT.813 13— Adams, Hancock... • —• -&L7SI U—McDonough, Henderson, Mercer, War ren 75,326 15—Knox, Fulton, Mason g.*a , tf—Pcotla. SUrk. Bureau .. ••••?•>«* I?—llenrv Hock Island. Whiteside... 83,665 I S—Marshall .Putnam, LaSalle, Kendall.. .92,297 l?Hwoodfori, Livingston, Ford, Iroquois, 20-J(?DatSiS.’ Stephenson, CamU and^^ I 2a—North Chicago St'SS 24— West Chicago....••••;•• I 25— South Chicago and Will Sl, * 9J I HZPnSSIXTATIVI DIaTTUCTS. Ninaty U I I« 3 a I— Alexander. Pulaski, Massac, John* son. Williamson - « 5-JtckMo', PcVl.'Fnmilii slsa ton « C-Uaroilloo.JeSerson.-. ■ ■ • • • 1 , 7—Wsyte, Edwards. Wabasu, ( SS w'afne and Edwards 1 jj® Wabash and Lawrence J I*-S2 P—Clay. 1 Ij’SS y—Randolph. Monroe I SMli* 10-St. Clair •» J&ji ll Madison ? * *4**2; 13— Marlon } J|«g2 14— Fayette, Efllncbam 1 S-JS 13—Jasper, Crawford 1 16— Clark; Cumberland J 17— Coles, Edgar. Donglas ? |WI» 1 fl-*S III — Christian * U*fS 90—Montgomery * iS’iif 22—Jersey and Calhoun 1 S3—Green and Scott | 24-Pike \ 95—Adams * jHS 2<t—Brown, Schuyler, Casa .9 40.Cfi| 97—Mjsou and Menard } 9S— Morgan \ "-Si til—Safigaaon aud Logan •» oo,‘*j 3ii— Macon \ 91,'^i 31 -lie Will and .1 ».»3 .-K—Champaign J ;*•**» aj—'Vermillion..... \ 34—Iroquois and Ford *••21 U-»cCun. •’ s*™ SS-Tuc.'ll ,■■■■■ * “.**> (OrMcL«jnandTa*cwcll3.) 57—Xiviugitcn and LaSallo. . 3 *t,U3 (Or Livingston one, I7,SOOjmd la lAiie t«T), w,M3.) 39—Woodford, Putnam. Marsbali and Bureau... * T9.55-* ;3i—Pious ano Stark .9 61,964 •HL-Knox and Fulton 3 41—McDet.onsb ....1 26.W9 a*—Hancock. Henderson, barren B 65.500 43 Mercer ud Rock Island 9 6JU9O 44 Henry... * 45 Whiteside } JJ-J9S 4t—Leo • 47—Oclt,M» ... ..1 >5,954 46 CarrolL Stepbeuson.j.. * 43,7i7 (Or Cat toll one, StaphetLKnt . one, 99«96L) <9—Jo Daviess 1 60—Wtnoebago (with Boone 1, 30,221)..1 55,5*1 Cl—DeKalb (with Boone 5,82.774) 1 fiS—McHenry (with Boone 2,34,777)....! —.077 S'!—l*ke 1 js,t)WJ 51—Kane and DuPape * 47 t l5O (Or Kane 2, 2h570, DoPagc 1. 15,180.) . .. ... 65—Kendall and Grncdy I U**” GC—Will and Kankakee.. , W 55,684 <or, Will one, one. 16,096.) , „ 57—South Chicago and town# ...3 «.*» 6J-lVcit Chicago Uid town* 8 7»,4** 59—North Chicago and towns 8 T-n*** lt>i scheme was, after discussion, referred to a joint committee of the caucus, coopojed of members of the two Houses. They will thor oughly examlse It; make such changes or emen dations as their judgment may suggested re port it to the caucus on Saturday evening next. Of the merits of the proposed apportionment 1 bare nothing to say, but will leave it to the good i tense of the intelligent readers of the Tuibcsx I to determine Its merits. 1 may add, that I heard [ revenl members of the caucus commend Us | details. eosmrunojui. cosnanox. The question of a Ccnstitntlonal Convention then came np, on a resolution offered by Ur. Sedgwick, of Mercer, recognising the fact that the fall for a Convention made In 1359, was still of binding force, from the fact that the work of the Convention which assembled under U In 13ft, was rejected by the people. Mr. Qorlbnt offered a substitute to theefifecl that the mode pointed out in the present Constitution (or altering or amend’ ing it, bad nothin? to do with the making of a nete Constitution; that there was no provision In the present Constitution for making a new one; -*a matter of constitutional authority. -A right to call a Con vention to ,fnakc a new one, whenever they should elect to do eo. The question was debated by Senator Metcalf and Representatives Conkllng, Bonn, Bond, Uinsmoor stnd others. The first four named gentlemen were for adhering to the regular forms laid down in the Constitution, while Mr. Densmoor and one or two others insisted npon the right of the people to call a Convention and make a Constitution when ever a majority chose to do eo. Without taking any action, the further consideration of the subject was postponed until next Saturday, if l should form a judgment upon the tenor of the debate last night, I should say that the probabili ties are against the adoption of what la usually termed the *• short cut” In calling a Constitutional Convention. TUE STATE LEKISLATDKES. ILLINOIS. [Ppcdal Eteps~» to the Chlcaeo Tribtrat.l SpawotTtxD, »'.l„ February 5. HODSE. rrmioss, A ncmbCf of petitions for the passage 6t - Warehouse bill were recaved and referred, and several bills ol mere local interest were Intro duced. HZ POUTS OP STAKDISCJ coHXimna. Standing committees made reports of many blllf on thetr ronllae course toward their passage, and tbeirecommendaiioi.s of tber committees were in all cases followed by the House'. ■pvt port iSTHonrcnos op piutaTE Brins. A resolution was adopted that no tills of a pri vate nature be introduced after Thursday next. EAST ST. LOUIS WAUXIIOUSE ECU The Mil lor the Incorporation of an Elcvawr Warcbonee and Slock Yard Company In-East St. Louis, Mas reported back favorably oy tbe Com mittee on Corporations, and elicited some aw i Cn Mr.°YEAGER opposed It, and moved Its refer ence to the Committee on Judiciary, on Ihe ground I that U gave the company the right to condemn for their own uses' and to monopolize some twenty- Unce and a quarter acre? of valuable laud In the heart of Ihe city. ... ... tMI Mr. SHIRLEY spoke In favor of tbe hill, point- I 100 out the necessities existing for greater facili i ties tor grain transportation from the southern | portion of ibe State. I * Tbe motion to refer was lost. The hill was put I upon Ita passage, and was passed by >1 ayes to ■ I nave. I TUT. RAIIHOAD BOX. The 'pedal order of the hour, Honso Bill No. 415, was then taken op. A bill tor an act to assert the control of the State} over Jrailroad corporations, to fix the rates of rrelght.aiidto prevent extortions. It baa already been published n Mr ll wmiEllS offered an f amendment for the appointment of Railway Commimlonera. Mr. CONKUNG offered an amendment to the amendment, which couMstcd In the erclsion of ever? section in the hill which might bo of’ the slightest service In controlling railroads—ln fact, entirely emasculating the bill, in support of hie struggle for Un railroads, Mr. Coukliijg spoke at i length ofthe vested rights of corporations. Mr. HURLBUT responded In an able speech. In which he presented every ppsatble legal point tn the case, sustaining his position that the rights of the Individual citizen were higher and of greater Imnortancc than those of corporations, and quoted a number of decisions of the Supreme Conti sustaining this position. He also snowed . the fatuity of any trui-i In competing lines for jvf reduction of tariffs, sketching the manner In which these lines were Irvariably bought up by more powerful monopolies, in conc*usion be warned members that public feeling was en tirely andpowcrfullv enlisted in behalf ol the pro nosed measures ol restriction, and.that, P®* r ? [\U a« the railroad monopolists might be, and de* armlueP as were their amfierents to sustain their wstedngbts of plunder, they must inevitably be crushed by the weight of popular opinion, the in* ' C Mr!V?\n^^n^aiso ll^ peke In behalf of the bill. AOJourncil. FrE|n .oos SESSION. The Canal Bill fpcclnl order mi postponed, a order to continue the consideration of the iuu r °Mr. BI |IbRLBUT moved to lay the pending amendments by Withers and Conkllng on the table. Carried by 52 ayes to 29 nays. >tr. ALEXANDER offered an amendment strik ing out all referring to railroad companies hereaf ter to be incorporated! also applying the action ol this law definitely to companies now in exist- GREEN. of DeWltt, offered a eabaUtnte for this amendment, embodying the same prin plce. and fmihcr provldinrthat If by any decis ion of the Courts this law is deemed on corporations now In existence, it shall also be noil and void a a respects new ones. Substitute adopted by Mares •oWpays. Mr. CONKMNO thought It wo aid be unjust to cot down jail road cr.arccs to so great an extent as proposed by theblll twenty-five per ccnU-when the companies have to pay so much for labor and 111 The bill was ordered to the third reading by a vote of 52 ayes to HSnoe?. , . A filibustering motion foradjournmectwas tost that the bill bennt npon Us final passage, and on this demanded the pre '"*M? rt»l»ed the question of order, that suspension of the roles was necessary before decided against (he point ol WARREN appealed from the decision, and on the apncal demanded the ayes and nocs. I ° The &FEAH.ER waa sustained by 7T to 3. ! From ibis time on, the minority. monofwhich seemed to be on the south side of tbe Uonsc, strove by filibustering motions to create delay. Motions to adjourn, to recommit, appeals from the Speaker’s decisions, calls of toe Uoose, ayes and nocs, on excosal from voting, points ol order, etc., were piled In one after another, mountain high, upon the original motion. Finally, after nearly three hour* of struggle, the previous motion was ordered by 61 to • Even then a motion wsa made to reconsider, and this was tabled by 6' to 7. Then a motion was made to commit, and this 1»cli»a decided cot of o'dcr. an appeal was taken and lost. At last all fllllhaa teilngfalled. The vote on Ihe final passageof the bill wa* taken, and resulted In 57 ares to -lopes. Ihe record of the members on this important oncstlon was, by this vote, fixed as follows: H ATM. Mien, Gray, Pierce," Ballev, Green, of Jo Da-Pope, Bald™, „*!«», , Reynold!, Bales, Green, of De-Ryon, Bond, Witt. Sellers, Bowrer, GrtffSf, ’ Bmner, Hampton, Shirley, Bunn. Hanson, bineer, Cassell, Eewett. Smith, Childs? ' Hurlbut, Stacey, Clemens, Johnson, Stage, rintr Jones, Stevenson, Coe, * - King, Btrawn, Collins, Leavitt, Taylor, Cox, McGalllatd, Thompson, Dtnsmoor, Metz, True, Eddy, Moore, Wakeman, Enoch. Oilman, Webber, Farrell, Parker, Mr. Speaker. Funk, Payne, Total—s 7. BOSS. Alexander. Fond*, Macklln, •Beetley, Fox, Morphy, Caser. Gre«r, XWefl, Con Ming, Hanna, (Sharp, Cornwell, Harlan, Shepard, Dennis. Hay. Warren, Dolan, Hollowhuib, Withers, E ? e ul *4 Kc,pPl Tcapar. Mr EPLER moved to amend the title of the bill .rtw to taad_>*Ar-BUI for an Act to Assert the ControTof Batlroada over the Stale of Illinois, and to table the amend- to reconsider tho vote reeved to lay the motion on the “gSrled, To* CIXIX cm. The Cacal BUI vu made the special order for •30 p. m. to-morrow. The House then ad^nroed. tii* rinmxjmacr apfsoimiAnojir. aftet dlirotinc of a lot 0! routine bnslness* IsSSißssaffli&fea SsSBESS 8 ?: : ■a**®**"** “JIERS S totcd ’ "SSSiS MSSSSI” » tic M,rr?RT T oSl3°npV£S£« S" nffiw, cmbi.clnc the nimM. rr>ld,no," cm military career of llllnoia eolliera In the I war. I waa opposed lo epcndln? B 9 | m?Mr tor lh» »"n>o« Ol prerolit. Ac timcil tbc lroto Sonia pto'ldc (or 10c orpbin. or <br poldlcrr. nod Irnre 10 ibe rotmo. tbc publico Jon o, iV£i”wSf& nod WESCOTT .c'.d .bo Seontn ndioorord UIl 3 p.m. SESSION-. Btua urrnoDCcan. *■. nrnvld* for ibt tocstiuß of park* in tbc to«. p oi SoJib?Vorth wd Wcat l CUe>o>; to pt event the Importation of *nd abeep into thla State; In repeal the Registry Act. Xturanr histoht. tl .„«#w« The House resolution relative to prtntlnes.J»o tolamw ol a book to p« ROtt« QP from ifae 1 records of the Adjutant Generali Odea, waa 1 U SS I ScCOKKELLoewed an amendment tba thtt the rate of Slate tax bo raised to ten cena on the dollar lo pay the expenses of pnbiisMn? and distributing the book and for paying other appropriations of this Legislature. - Mr. MACK offered another amendment. The whole subject was then referred to the Com* mlttce on Military Affairs. OJOUBCB. .. . A motion to take np Hqnse messages on a third reading drew out a discussion as to the constitu tionality of passing bills In an omnibus. Messrs. BKILY andHUNXEIt protested against it »s being wrong- ■ ... it Mr. COUHS doubted the sincerity of the gentle* men. They had tailed to protest against the om nibus plan heretofore, atd bad takeu advantage ofit to get their own hills through. Mr. REILT denied the imputation, and wentla to a vindication ol his conduct as a Senator. Mr. MACE defended the omnibus system of pa-ting bills from the imputation of nnconstitu tionality. The motion to take np House messages was finally adopted. A vast amount of talk was then bad as to whether all MU* should be read at length. When the first bill, a local one, was call * MrffcUNTER insisted that It should be read at Urge, which was done. BOX SIOXXD. A message was received from the Governor that be had signed tbo bill appropriating money to represent Illinois at tbo Pans Exposition. Sir. HUNTER offered a resolution setting fbnh that section of the Constitution which provides that bills shall be read at large on three different days unless In ca*ea of opener, and that no ester pency has arisen for passing bills without reading lt The resolution was laid on the table'after con* slderable debate—yeas. 118; nays, 5, ovxinra mu. passed. Seventy-six House bills tyete then pollute an omnibus and passed. Amonv them are the fol lowing: To incorporate the Evansville & Cairo Packet Company; to incorporate the Whiteside Peat & Mining Company; to remove the county scat of Cass County; to allow Jeisey County to levy a special ux; to allow McDonough Connty to make on appropriation for a Soldiers’ Home; to allow Kendall County to borrow money; to bnlld a soldiers monument in Kane Connty; to repeal the increas ed fees of certain officer* in SL Clair County; to incorporate the Alton Horticultural Society; lo Incorporate the Washingtonian Home, of Chicago. Adjourned. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbuoe.l Masuox, February 5. SENATE. A report was received from the Secretary of State showing the Slate tax paid on law gait* for 1861 to he two tnoneand five hundred and forty-five debars. and for iSf*s to be two thousand nine bun « • ••••i *pven dollars, and for ISWto he two thousand nine hundred ar,d Bills were Introduced to appropriate ou: 01 General Fund to the Stale University ten thousand d °Ser”tor Ikouxe, from the JudlciairCoramUtcc, reported a bill m favor of paying Daniel Baxter three thousand six hundred and suiy-one dollars and thirty-two cents, for work on the old Temlo- has presented this claim regularly for the last twenty years, and has failed in getting an appropriation every time. , . Ihc Committee on Banks reported that all Na ’ Banks ol the State were Indetanltoffhe oftax due from them for IMSB, amounting * twenty ot them fortho tax of ISM, ImmHnd tf, «5,W0-in all ?07,850 ; also ata’lng ?!*■?thc*Asfcci«o.t* "here National Banka were l^MOlwa 4 by* la”*” “^lng^the *&?*£. c rras Gnvcrcmem- .tid llul no P< r taken to enforce the collection of said lax. int IgSrt™i to,« bi " <9>™T’uL.k 3 r the collection of taxes dne from National Banka Sembij Ml .nlhotiiliie the of Dane County to levy a tax of ‘ Norroarsshool at Monghton, “[l Al»o, the till allowing reixirtera tor Uu. daily pa pera ten doilara In postacj*^atampf. AbsEalinil. . . Bills were Introduced authorizing’theL»W°wJ: . ment of a phonographic reporter for Ihe Fir- and Second District Circuit CourM; to amedd he Registry Law of ISM; to revise the charter of the Monroe & Stale Line Railroad Company; to au thorized Board of Public Works sen Assessor* 1 in Milwaukee; toauthorize the trustees of Racine College to accent bequests, Ac.; to provide tor holning Normal lustlmtes; for a brfdgt across the Wisconsin River at Botconel; a bill relative to grading the tlrccla In Milwaukee City, ojdscveral °Tbebill*to increase the salary of Judge? of the Supreme Court was amended ao as to nia-tc tne salary {3,ECU, and then ordered to a third reading. INDIANA. [Special Despatch lo the Chicago Trihone.l Isdianapoup, February 5. SENATE. The Honse tW to prevent quonrra-hrcaklng was taken np. Mr. Uawk presented a minority report. Mr. Stein moved to concur in too majority re- P °Mr. Mason moved that the report and bill Ho on the table. . The vote —3 to at—showed no quorum ' oling. A call of the Senate showed 3d senators present. The absentees were sent for, when one was found, which made a quorum. The vote to lay on the table was lost—ll to 2t. 1 ho majority report was then concurred 10. Ou motion of Mr. Stein, the bill was made the medal order for to-morrow at two o'clock. The report of the committee to procure rooms for State otUcere was made the special order for were reported from committees and C ° Atterlronsidcrable discussion too Committee on Ivi-htsand Privileges were instructed to report the Soldiers’ Home Bill as soon as practicable. The Senate bill amending the act fortho incor poration of cities, authorizing City councils to make appropriations for internal improvements on petition of a majority of the taxpayers, ,)a icwbills were introduced providing forthe lo cation of four agricultural colleges at Indianapo lis, Crawfordsvlllc, GreencaslKs and Blooming- l °A menage from the Governor was received, urclns ’be necessity for Immediate action to re lieve the necessities of the Soldiers Home, an nocnctne that he bad drawn from the Soldiers Hcdc! Fund to the extent of 51,R00. This action was ratified. HOUSE. . , . Bills wcrepat on their first readies andreferrea, ZniCUIGAN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribnce.j Lapsing, February 3. SENATE. A message was received from the Governor, ve toing the hill legalizing the lesne of bonds by Kalamazoo and Portage in aid of the Kalamazoo and Schoolcraft Itallroad. The veto creates more •tlr than anvthinc since the commoneement of the •*te-lon. and U regarded as Indicating the purpose of the Governor to subject all railroad bills to a rigid ordeal. . _ No bills passed the^Penate. The Battle Creek School Bill was reported on fa- °Among the bills passed was a bill for the collec tion of damages against water craft; the Grand Ksplds «Jt Indiana Itallroad BUI was agreed to in Committee of the Whole, without amendment, by a decided vote. ~ TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicaeo Tribune.] Nasuvn.tr, January 5. The Snffrar® Bill came up on Us third reading in tbe'Qonse to-day, and W. J. Smith offered the present Franchise law, with the word “white” stricken out, as a substitute. This was adopted. Various amendments were offered, amongst oth ers one by John Lelliett. embodying the Horace Greeley doctrine of universal amne’ty and univer sal suffrage, which was promptly tabled by a vote of 43 to‘-M. An amendment offered by Mr. Taylor, of Carter, that the bill should not be in ten reted so as to permit negroe? to hold office or •Ti cn juries, caused great confusion, amidst which the House adjourned. The friends of the measure universally saner themselves to be baffled and divided by their op ponents. Nevertheless, I think the bU will pass t °The r Jeporta West Tennessee represent the rebel reign of terror as continuing, and several Union men have been driven and threatened with death because they refuse to flct memorials acalnst the loyal Militia Bill now before the Leg islature. Letters have been received here from ration* prominent Union members of Congress, declaring that all eye* ate turned on Tennessee, and exhorting the Union men to carry through the Suffrage Bill and other measures necessary for seeming the safety and kiyalty of the State. KANSAS. [Special Despatch to th* Chicago Tribune.] Topeka, February 5. The Senate haa passed bills to authorize the ap pointment of a stenographer for this Judicial Dis trict ;to amend the school law; to aid the State Agricultural College; to amend the act fixing the fees of county officers; to punish fraudulent sig natures; to protect the lives of personsUfaveUlng on railroads; to credit counties with certain taxes: authorizing the transcribing of the ♦ax sale records of Douglas County, to amend the astray law; donating taws one on the town tile Of Qnlndaro and the r reedmen s Universal; to compile the school laws; to pro vide for recording soldiers* discharges; to amend the act concerning habitual drunkards; to amend the act relative to the jurisdiction of Justices of the Petce; to amend the Tax Law. The henatc also adopted, fey unanimous rote, the concurrent resolution asking a committee to InTeaUcate the charges of corruption and bribery in the recent Senatorial election. The House passed an act to change and regulate the boundaries of Wilson County. A committee was appointed in the Senate to in quire Into the recent Indian massacre, and what legislation, if any, b needed to prevent such atrocities. LOUISIANA, Kiw OnLtiJTB, February 4.—The Special Bouse Committee ha* reported a bill calling lor a State Contention to alter and amend the Stale Consti ratior It provide# that the election be held on the second Monday In April, and If the people decide In favor ol the Convention It *haU a#«em- Keen the first Monday In May. The bill passed the House be a more than four-fifths vote. hul l I I* expected the Governor will veto it. Should he So bo. the bill will pass by more than two-thlrda. ALABATIA. vatteovtut February t, - -The Alabama Ter* the bill granting the Slatn aid of ftp.ouo pcr mile for extending the Decatur Railroad to Nashville. HARYLJND. ntTTtvnnc February I.—The Itouee of Dele* nUCTtoinj piled the uennte bill repeal,ns tbc Hnltlmore fclljr Elecoon Blll.coMeqneaHj. Ibcie "t* b o o'l”A°n°o 0n problbluns the *ale of colored convicts, and It U now a law. ihe City Council hat postponed until the llrsl Monday in September the ordinance providing far the education ofcbtldrcnof colored parenU. RHODE ISLAND. tH,nrmrxn February s.—Tbc Senate to-day Ctonali’UticMl Amendment, wllb two dl.,,utto“ Tbc U ° M ° 17111 P rol ”> bl * ■rtcptu Ihl? __ 825,000 T 0 LOAN Q a rirst-olnss Tteol Estate, . , . lIOZET A CCMJUSQS. APPU I&I E*t*ts tad Loan tracer*. OM LaSaUeat^ jy£ONTSY TO LO-&STC)N LOKG TIME On Improved Chicago Real Estate. ».,»jssas6ss®fe- NUMBER 243, gTf)g grating Season. A MERIC AN SSiTISC MBMAMBNt To be held at the Washington Skating Park. Chicago, cn Monday and Tuesday, Feb. Uth and Ifth, Is>>i at I o'clock p. ta. Oxer One Thousand Dollars ia Frizes! Tbls Tocznsnent will, without doubt, be tbs most Interesting and exciting that baa erer enlisted tbs edutis ofskuteis In thT* country. Already all the tavorite skaters ol this city, and several renowned la tne East, bare entered their name* fir the contests, and It Is calculated that there will be not less than to.-ty competitors (ladles aad gentlemen), who will display ntbrtr intricate and graceful evolution*, ricating in ta perfection—“tbo- very poetry ot motion"—uud white *• They float, they float, I.Ue a tally beat, - O’er crystal cold and clear"— WIH be Inspired to greater eflbrts by tbe soul-stlrring and unsurpassed music ot the Great Western Light Guard Band, Which will be present on both daysol tbe Tournament, jn full force, and add to tbe pleasure ot the occasion. Residents of tbe clUca and towns adjacent to Chicago should take adventist of tbisopportnnlty of seelnsttae Best Skaters in America, In their most wonderful teats, and bearing tbe Best Band In the Country, At she same tune. Admiwlon to tbe Tournament, 3? IF X Y CENTS. tf-Tle privileges of Season Tickets will be p«ded on both nays of the Tournament. OKAND BALLOON ASCENSION ! Brilliant Display of Fireworks! ENTERTAINMENT EXTRAORDINARY Forthc Benefit ®f the Maiim:ep,thli»(Wedne»» da>) EveoloSt Feb* Gtb. IOONB. GSO. LATATHTTU, Tbc renowned ArtlsUc Skater, will appear, W£nher with a host of other Stars. dancing in the Ham Building at 9 L i p. cl nr The entertainment lor thl* occasion U np regardless ot expense, and for Beauty and Grandeur cannot be mrpaised. -yy-EbT SIDE RDTK. KT, The Great Acrobat and Gymnast Skater, non been Encased for Three Days. This evening, at S o’clock p. m , he will give an Exhibition of hta great Zouave Drill, Dancing, FeiU of Cortottlen. 4e. Grvai Colon Band In attendance. IXion cpcc at 7. Tteaeu 50 cents each- Two admbatona charged on commutation ticket*. SKATING PARK ICE IN SPLENDID CONDITION. Open This Afternoon and Evening. XKf ABASH-AV. RINK. " SPLENDID ICE. G BEAT EKION U-AJVI> AT THE CAKNIVAI» THIS EVENTSO. CSift iSntcrptiscs. I^-ELLEYo GRAND NORTH AMERICAN PRIZE CONCERT, TO HATE M3lf OITES AT THE Wabash-av. Eini, Chicago, Illinois, BATUKDAT, Jtn. Wtb, 1367, POSTPONED, Th* aaleosttcketohaaboea 1 amcnsc, and without a pamlid <w tu« Continent. Fire Hundred Thousand Tickets Issued —Only a few remain unsold. The Hook* win be kept open a short time longer,, la order to complete the sale of every ticket before the d ”w?wS?o«aSSt DUtribntlou oltho Nineteenth Century, end most Succeastul Enterprise of the kind erer inaugurated in tae world. Capital Prize 830,000 lu. Grccnbaolcs! 230.000 Valuable Gift*. Tallied nt Hall o atlllloo Dollar*. lacluillns 100.000 Dollar* ia Urceobaclt*. Will be presented to ticket holders. Every other Ticket Draws a Prize The lime of Concert will be published lothls and all principal paper* of the United state* in a tew day*. ffiVto *I.OO each: five for «I M : ten for I JM. All wanticg titans should order them at once Money by Uralt, r. O. Order, Exprea.*, or In I-cgU tcicd Letters, may be s«*nl at our rise. • All communications should be addressed to A. A. KELLE? & CO., 103 Randolph**!., Chicago. 111. General Notice?. CARD. While travelling throueh'Nortbem Indiana, via the Chicago A Great Eastern BalUoad, which, by the way, la speedily destined lo be one ol the greatest Railways In the Western country, we bad occasion to headquar ter for a few days at the Eatine House and Hotel at Crown Point, kept by the courteous and enterprising L. D. Erancn, Esq- This Eatlne House Is unquestion ably the oasis ot comfort and plenty and on the Rail roads of the Western Prairies. The travellers who may chance to partake of the liberal spread of well prepared refreshments famished at said house, or the home comfort* of the Hotel department, cannot toll lo feel tb*t their lot has fallen in pleasant places. A TRAVELLER. •po RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. Omcc Lorrvnxr, crrcnorin axd i Lrsnff»Tos Uailooad. V Loctsviu-k, January W«t, 1947.) la consequence of the snow, the time for examining work on the Cincinnati Branch of this Boad Is extend*! tmlll February 15th, when the letting will take place as prfTioosly advertised. L u Sl _ JonN% Chief Bndaeer. TO REAL ESTATE OWNERS—The advertiser wishes to find some real estate owner wuowlU SUIT'D BUS & COTTAQB Of abont seven room*, on an arranecmcnt of monihlr payments. or a->y other easy term*, as mar be »£«*« anon. Should like the lot not less man Street trout. Location desired, on the Slae. (Sonthot r altos, east of Union Park and north of Van Dnren-st. pre ferred.) Address ■VTOTICE.—The following letters from X The Bank of rdontrool, To cor core, will tw Mlwttrt to a; pwrMe* w wtom Uiey are addrrvcd. on proper IdmllficiaUflD: D- McL«**n, Jotin I-arson, P.Lenlestr, S.LlPrt, W. I> Kerr, Mr*. C. McArthor. A. L.P-UU 9. M. Dirt, John Qnlnn. C.Tlntler. Jaa.Ttojn son, B. W. Toircwsd, E. Walter. GEO. C. SMITH & n«o., Daoltera. -IS lASaile-st. NOTICE. ME. C. S. HTJTCHIHS’ -interest la cor firm ceases on and after this date. .J. tV. STAJiLET * CO. Cblcaso, Feb. 5. 1567. Q.TIOUND OIL CAKE is the Cheapest Feed in the Market nr .u** of .11 Ortg. Ko.7oßortbCUnton.st. 2UKooH anti Coal. 'T'BAVERSE BAT WOOD ! AT REDUCED PRICES, CT" It U the best Wood broatht to thU market. BEST LACKAWANA COAL! By Ton or Car-load- CURTIS, OttOWlt Az CO.. 15 y«t Madl*on-»t. VOTIQHIOGHEKy COAL & COKE X co., Office 17 Clumber ot Comrarrcc. nod corn-r Wa*t Rl*-7le ana Grrcn-oU. Coal at redncco price*. l>htk.vl.*rlcawann».Tonchl<»chne». Briar HUI. Erie, ciuwtana Mineral 15d«c, inttiMraU and ConrwtU- Till* foke. AMEo « CO. tou Oralquill? Eastern Bituminous Coal, .A scit pnrcbMer*. at crcatly redoeed !f£ J'~ WLKEIItCimLNII. AW. IHasonlt Notices. UTASONIO—A Spcdal Convocation o( if I Corinthian Chap***. No. «, U. A. Sl-wlll h® fr/idln KllvlDOlns 11*11, corner of North Dotibora !SdFi!UlMu” lSu irfED!iESDATj KVESISU, «t 7M o'clock, FOK WORK OS B. A. D. Twton «cooiuwr SMmJ< Bw{UrJi T<sreto Hntlicatfong. fjHK OALAXY fob FEBRUARY 18, 1867, Co&ulna the first InitUlm'Ht ot the now WAITING FOR TBS VERDICT. Bj Rebecca Harding Baris, Author of “Lift In the iroa MllU,’’ “Marxret Howth," etc. With lllaatrntleoa by Ilcnncaay. TBB GALAXY also contains: THE KBW ELECTBIC UOHT. By B. K. Browne, M 1). (WunOve lllustrations.) HARMONIOUS EfffECTs. By Maria Louisa PooL EXPERIMENTS WITH THE hONNET. By Arthur WORDBANDTHEIRUSP-S. Pyßlchanl Grant White, WITH A VOLUME OF KEaTS. By Dr.T.W.Parsom. THE CLATEBINGS. By Anttenj TroUo» GIVING BACK THE FLOWER. By Sarah 1L B. Platt. JOHN HOSE. By William L. Stone. CONUNDRUMS Bv George Waietaan. THE SILENT LOVER. B/Edward H. Home. FROWN NOT. By Mftrrwaislogham. _ TOE CRT FROM THE STTDIOS. By aarcnccCoot. NAPOLEON'S PRIVATE CABINET. By U.A-DcHJe. WOO KNO WETH ? By Ini D. CoolDrtth. NEBULAE. By the Editor. Tie price el THE GALAXY la S 3 a year; S 3 lor six months; six copies one year.fS. Slng’c copies, 30 cents. Address W. C. A F. P.CHuuCH, 39 park-row, New York. fJO LAWiERi. ABBOTT’S DIGEST: CoTTinrlslße tbe Adjudications of all Courts of the State ot Kew York; tocetner with tbe Statutes of General Application, from the ear.lest period to tbe year L»«. Volame VII. Is now Beady. This supplement covers the period trout AULT. 1863, to JANUARY, 1867. It embraces ail the Kepoita aid General Statutes published alact the com pletion ot the first supplement, and down to tbe com meccano t of tbe present year. A NEW AND VALUABLE FEATURE. In ordtr to relieve tbe Inconvenience which lawyers fled In using a nicest with supplement*, tbe Messrs. Abbott, In the promt volame, have placed, as the com mencement cf each ttt’e or subject, as index to -am. CASU ON THAT TITLK OB SUBJECT, I* StTUKB OF TIIX PKXCXDISO SIX TOtmXS. t. _ ... . . Compared with alno«t anrLaw Book published within the past two or three yeara-Sh* amount of val uable maUer. site and number of paper, hind- Us Ac-bring considered—mtsvolume Utbo CHEAP- EvT which has been recently offered to the Local pr> UaslunT E. B. MTEBS * CHANDLP.B, law bookseller* *nrt Publishers, ?*7 Wastln&ton^t. ®ar.n£tst)lp. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNER SHiP.—The copartnership heretofore betweer the nnderslcne». undfrihe flrtn « »v WORTH. BrscniCK * CO., Is this day dissolved by C 1 at lh** firm will be settled by their jrat cessors. * ho * 111 continue the business of the late trt at the old aund, -2 J 3 La*c-*t. A {. w oTrriu Chicago, Feb. 3,156 T. G. E. BCSCHICIL COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. The undertlmed have this day formed a ahlp coder 'be firm ns me of WAIWOSTH, BUSCHICK & CO., And will continue tte bn-laes? ot the late rtraofthe Mae tame, at 22.1 LaSe-sU. a&a at i&^orccrofMlrn '«“»• k i SSS 1 ' W. J. T'VOIHG, JgUS FCUSE. Chicago, Feb. 5.1?5«. T HAYE THIS DAT ASSOCIATED I wttb me MR. WM. H. BItOWSING. lo: the par i,c of dome buslne.s. under the Arm name ot C. b. UUTCUI>» * c „,% rcQrss February 1. 1567. C. S. ULltut^b. C. S. HTTTCHINS & Co. t (federal Produce romml**lon Merchant* AgcnU lor THE OSWEGO STARCH FACTORY (T. Klnpsford A bon, ManuUctorers). Ko#. 211 and 213 South Water-flt., Chicago. DISSOLUTION OP CO PARTS EH-’ SHIP.—The copartnership herclciore existing nicer the name and style ot HAGILL & LATHAM, Was dmolTcd by actual cooseat on ito Slstday ol act! all debts due the lale CtawUJ be aetUed at tbe oiice of c. J. MAGILL, Comer or W«U»*adaooih w*iyp «j C. J. MMULU A.J. LATIiAV ffiabana iLottccg. JIOTAL HAVANA LOTTERY. Official Drawing, January —,1837. »w*p Kft Prize. Ko. Prize. No- Prlxf- NC; Prize. 267..1100* 7601..|500 14631...5100 19911..4500 .7?tS , '*vs >Bll mo 7766...W0 1104....400 19W2...WMJ WB.MO 75JC...200 14653....M0 10036.. . m £*«•••••£• 60S ICO 7951...5(D 14663..,.4M 19113...300 2^£...«» 7M .JOO W01...40)11754....501 19101..1ft>0 715 500 R151...200 1V419....40J 19L»»,..4iX1 J»>1.1...W 7r< ‘mo 6136...600 14821....50U 191«Vj...M'0 ->U3...f00 ♦Of* MO 6K9^..W0 148M....2C0 19191...*d;W15...aW •ut two 8116 ..200 200 WU78...4<W 3010..A0- W».». •>,,/ 3f\) li'<u3....tCo 19W1...503 265HV..400 iw —«8 iSS;.;;iS»..« tnr| MO 8249...M0 14931....400 13-40...iM 3w»b...300 wio:::mo sw?::** mts....an »*«...*» iiii oqo 15<13....5D0 SWitl.. AO **S..-Ww li07’!lC00 551...200 1506?....200 79158... WW 1711 i*o 5J51...400 15090....500 2O«- 5 «..10W 3p-0J..10J0 iTsa too 1W6...400 PC3...WC 151C1....100 *«>...1» 1819...200 M62...400 U5j1....500 W21...1M im-i gn u** XO 1J!t!3„,.1M JOftO.-liW Imo i-|a cyn *«0 15J15....400 26561...J00 1*75i...H3 i ::: i B£fc SS:;;:« SS-SSi !§S.dB SS:;’:S! 5iS:;iS SS-'Si iOofl**'-ICO 9777...H0 1M5U...4WJ JUH..JW 37J53...3ft) SU.g!.*WO ®tyll..i'CO 16*173... 4iO JVM7...430 771.1...M0 Sin *VO 9879...2V0 155t11....300 21115.,.400 27U5...400 SlU***4oo 9922..itX0 1t731....150 3iWn.AU) • ♦499... WW s!m;::ioo t00"....™ «*»..•» 31S0 2(0 11(93.. AO 15>i,...20U 2UJ7.. JWJ **?•“■-fS i**l7 ICO 10109...W0 15020....5(0 21516...M0 27T0..J00 *>&; »co itrtW MO IWI-.l'vO 31511...100 275A...W gfc.«! K“.wo *»*•••■«» 5371...2CU 10233...290 16012....40* 21561...4U 27979...W0 ■lll4 uvi ion7...ujfl H5U1....40) *1715,,1000 tW6...Wj SBll***2tO 19276...4(0 1(341....400 21735...206 25106... W) »“S***2Co 10311...500 1H217....2C0 21821...200 28193.,.W UXU3 SCO 16C53....M0 21970...406 251j0,,.2C0 SSfcSo *o»...jw 4(U3 'JjO It U1...200 163»i0....400 220K1...100 Z'ISI.. AO Sfcsoo }cw.:ao ir4«....ax 45L3 11X0 105’8...400 1*»472....40D 2TJ*...20) 153<1...1«j !»S;;.ao !ra...3M ißia.—fflo jsa.. jm «•<;» ICO 10801...500 16576....WH 32A*»„..R0 j*—i' *"«> 10>iv 403 166474..,,100 2*261..10M 25734.,A0 IS3" 400 11004 AO 16758! 500 722J0...M0 2fC<UOnWI ius***4CO lllS*..!** ICSJJ....W 22U9.. AD 301...100 «■*s..,4Co 1)511..10(0 16737...-4 CO 2M1..3W 4SC? 200 11(31.,,200 16504..,.5W) 22*59.,.4*) £4'{9**vSS 11515 30 1(f<M....200 22793..,20) iSj”M 113 S .100 16W3....3M 2eW..I'JOO 29097...10U 4*4■(’"•'0011396!'..(00 16’/.'9....U0 2rW3...MM 291*3.-.ISO J.vsj'“-XO Sj 16i»j7....500 2rf13...tt0 2W19...331 1 MSI'.’.WO 7K M 0 23W1..A0 39W1...3M S®” - 30 11791...UD now....«f* anm...Mo ««o-s« 4916.. 11K.1...200 179h5....200 sifl"*'‘io UvitS 200 17c79....70c 531*«2...200 23> - f(...J00 5317**!M0 200 17151....200 27219. .MO 2W16...29) 11977“’200 1W2....111 21W...5W :SMtl...4m iM34 -SUU...IW SjS-YiS Jm.-.'.-ioo mi. ...no jwn...»i woK...iro Vm“ VC 12*13..10(0 17273....40.1 2ti28.. AO .Sfct*i...J9o I.—iwm .(Vi ir(is.„.sC 21167...201 3I. h >*...l9J &S—IS *-«0 170T....M0 2119?.,.200 30271...t00 IsesSS tsw::i» m.J! 5311.. WO 1&W...400 17110....2(0 Sll‘£>.,.So9 fu) "jio 1K.7...JC0 rno’•'Cfl ivw law 17510....400 21814...M0 30913.. JW SS 175U....W0 JMC7...400 33J77...J00 13177 JCO 17545....t00 a4M9..:000 31001...«» 131 M 809 17M....100 26071... 100 31157... WC S! MO 17711....400 33U3...5C0 3H13..A0 Sg”‘2o iw WO 17911....204 23119..A0 31271... MW ££r*?CO KSK W x5»....JCfl 2317-1...215 3U79...W1 rS“*SM «n« I 306 1?1«....40n Men..looo 310>..1000 ll!s7. «0 ISS7I .20J 73261..1000 3U71...2W “ao W 5K 155V...1000 2i{75...200 ;1U47...M0 rsm *n XM75.. .100 2M52...4C0 31500...500 sifi**2Con«»' AO 18455...A0 257T1...200 31581...j00 **2M 13-7S’!!to WM...JM 23747...W0 31W0..A0 4CO Srt* 4W i5a?4....400 25HC8...300 31718...W0 »c« 18WT....500 25W9...1 o 31T1X..A0 IIW <SS l-TSS.IOOuCO 26107...200 .11316.. AO 2S” jSiV'V' • 200 2>S»J.--M0 3P1«...400 2v-” fflft t<C6...,500 25C1...200 .51373...‘."W 7576***100 14512!!!«0 1W13....2C0 26241.,.5W 31M1...2W as" jn hcoi^w AFPHOXIUATIOS PHIZES. gg-»5Sg gg-lg g.-iS lill-S IS? •••’mo rakrilw Sra...wi ats...»n Hiw-s* ran.;;;sM wa...U um- JO> -am... ao T>ntP* mid la cold. Information fam»«h*T.. The hlßh^Tratal paid for Doubloons and all kinds of Gold VTOlfiniu New Tors, ani Call* de U Ualwna Mo. 10!r. Uavatn, Cuba. _ Autistic photography, AT FASSETTS GALLERY, P. II LAWSON*, Station A. Post Office. 114 South Clark-st. t,_ _ KinitlSc dliroTerr In wvnlpolatlen, we are .mSu.ute ncmVn cf Lair, and reproduce l&em with UTe-mte SffSPffi SgSSSKS « ssssssva Instruments, Chemicals, *-y- M f p&wttcan be iw in hi* Boom* M ;;£ anA will be pleaded to meet a-l of hi* Si.n»rm»'feiw!» «“■ H"‘l!ra’oroUl erwise. ■pRESH COD, HADDOCK AND HBSaiNO, Bfcelte-l <ml on cotulgoment “^“^L'S^EB. ISJ' Sonta Watef-at. pOTATOES, p O T -A.T O ES : CHOICE PEACH BLOW POTATOES, For aale in quantity* to «alt purcluaca. JUST RECEIVED. rasas cQDrien, rasas sadbocb, 7HSBS CUBS, raSSH SXaOUNDBHS. S3T Stsd fcr Price*. Order* tiled per Eiprei*. “VT ORTH WESTERN FEMALE COL LCOVi Fifteen fcddmoiUl ho«riUvr» can bo accamood*^ Apply tua.» U W n , jjyoßbK, A. M. TfIRST-OLASS * DENTIL OFFICE, I/feae,flxtarr«>adcoo4vlll for tale. Tbebeatamt Int&edtrot Chicago. Uu b*ea occupied or%r m TMI. U . tnWl— ° g ”j. kTI uSuU JpOR SALE. To Contractors and Lumbermen. 400,900 feet, bum ounre, ot HEWED TBSBEE ASD LOGS, From SO fMt to W ftet tad orsr, witt&la torSettr talldloff. Impure of T> ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. ■ FOR SAXE; A CAEEFULLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, Aft* Invoicing about 111,000; *'l porrhased within aynir t»»t; sad lease on store. Store located la athrtviac town a abort distance from Chicago. r*a •oos given tor seLlcg. For ptrucoltfs Icqulre^M^ Ccmmloloa Merchant. 8g LaSallVsU. Chicago. TVTOT BOLD—But will sell the largest il and heat ITotrl. in ard moetthrmac city within one hundred mllM ot Chicago. An* one wuMnc to Invest twelve thousand dollars will find a rare opportunity by caßtcc cn S.McCATtTT, at Aa ron. 111. and saflstjlnrthemaelve*. Uefarcnce—lsaac ClaCln. No> 93 Washlngtog-au JJESIOVAL. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WiNSLOW, BOWEN BROTHEBS. Dty Goods, Notions, Woollens AND CROCKERY 15, 17, 13 AND 21 RANDOLPH-ST^ Where we will be pleased to see our old friends aaA the trade C tccra l^TEy> WHITMAN A WINSLOW. JJESIOYAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, Tin Plate and Cutlery, 92 and 91 Ulicliigan-ar. REMOVAL. ETTHSEY, BSO. & CO. □axe Removed their Office to sa. 116 I** Snllcst.. opp. Chamber of Commerce. pLAbTIC SLATE ROOFING. A TEST OF FIFE TEARS hM demonstrated the •npertorlJT ot tats material over every oilier now known. A masllc-l: atUpU lU<ll to every ih»pe sad slope, from fiat to prrremticalar. covering the whole root wlthoat scam or Joint. Non-cotnbaaUblo—lt la not the mean* of de*troytng your property* hat ct nrotcctlrelt. nor cold, no mat ter bow iLttoee, can compel U t> expand or contract. Imrervloos—water cor evea iinrm, caa penetrate vr u.— He it- riHitcayiny-tlmc and the element* only natuxe and i %trct it. To sum up the whom matter, ttu met thta-y*r than aar oC:«r.EOoJ material, «ad bett« loan too meal exreoilre. u , .. „ _. Ibe sew Yor* Tnbnn* la ipeatlnr or It uji*.“W« cos»ld«r tola invention the «re«»m boon ot Ui««e. ft Tbu /IfTtnir*- Vluft ot the American ImUlate pxa roontetoe Inventiononecf too meet Important e»ae d *For T Uet»*a''t year we have been eneased lajmotdytnc tbu mater.*: to toe people ot Hianow and and from Use many Uniterm* tc*Uteonla>< now on at* toonr offla-. wel«lwarranted la aayia*. lo Ure aatufactl&n. i3f)Otograpl)st. Atd a'l the appliances of ite Art. eoßSigmnmtg. DATIS3, BTONfi & CO*, 161 Sooth Wator-*t* GEO. 11. I’ARF. 09 South 'totcr-tt. £Sncatlonal. jpor gait. THORNK Se CO, Qrave-iL, toot of Sereatoeath. Rmohals. SUCCESSORS TO ws have asaovao OUE STOCK OF TO BOWEN’S BUILDING, XiU*oniEßS AND JOBBERS OF HARDWARE, Have REMOVED to -Hoofing Fire, Water and Frost Proof, HOOFING TiH-T. and also lh« bp*p SHEATITtN# S^“.K‘o b w C «°a “« T c sssr oaWHOM.tSs T MOSD. 9S LaS>Uo-»l~ Chicago, PL galciils. J-JECKEK BUOTUEKS, So. 01 BLfcECKtfB-»T*» NEW YOSK, TO THE PUBLIC. A careful and nflletai tM«h m »Ue at «« SI'S "pES” FOKTE9 «u cTer rtw s?«m sySEfeSoSSrS*^ Mew cur. TUe public mwatadiy eaml< 3rd s*aic»t bnjinc any latent Maoo o®t bavins been maptuactored by DECKER BROTHERS. H 0.91 Blwrkcf-st.KevToft. And nottarina on tbe trr.n plate on tb« left tud *3c, in raucd-lcttcrt. the word*. DECKER D HOT HERS’ 73TEST, JUNE, ISO. pARD’S PATENT EBICK MACHINE. OtSce ud manutaetory 33 Boat* JeTereoc-et. P«f Information ead dceolpura S3 South Jeffgseu-«t_ Chicago ffiarbtoau, gtoncs, LARGE STOCK. Hot Air Registers and Ventilators. Hot Air Registers and Ventilators. ALSO, BarstowN New Cooking Ranges. Barstow’s New Cooking Ranges. BANBi* BBO*. S 3 Maor—t- JJAUDWARB A CUTLERY. HURD, PRESCOTT&Co 175 liakc-St, Th-attention otclcse buyers iitnvUMto our cob* cmw art BUILDER*' iIaHDWABK, direct trem the be* saWS. JOSEPH RODGEKS a, >w»s SCISSORS ana RAZORS.. STCDUS * FILES, also SKATES and Strap# cf every description. We a’.v> keen constantly on band full cumber* ol SCnOENPEIUiEICS JUNIATA NAILS. C. B. aOD. Er>w. I > H**COTT__JL_HggT>AI^ EJHinhota Glass. J avillard fox. WINDOW GLASS. 2 0 3 laeie-st. 15oots & Sijoes pilF BOOTS! CALF BOOTS! Price List in fall In Journal of Commerce an 1 Com mercial Free Press. CBAPIM. 141 Ktmix. TTIP BOOTS! KIP BOOTS! $43 FSB DOZEN. Price tl.l to ran to Journal ol Commerce ud Cent meicUlFieePrei*. E . cHAPCw Ml KtoSc-rt. Uusinrss ffiatus QILBEUT & Field, GZHX2AL CO3QHSSIOS KEECHAKTB, (Successors to Gilbert, UpOllcs 103 Waslilnßt° n “ flt * n <vS. J. GU-DEUT. QEO.miJ HASoOU & CO. ccxamxasioK ihehosakxb For purchase and gale ot Gauntry Prodace, 197 Souil* Water—l« A RSOLD, PAYaOS & GREGORY, * Counsellors and AMornejs-at-law, a « Dcatbora-M, V7.1»fl Crin-tcal and Patent cud. astottising agents. NOTICE TO advertisers. Wc lire ylcawd tn snncnrfo tlv't wc “Chain* AKrtrtJjr CUtCISIiATI «J uJ«Sd la a=J atm iltra.ll3,orco»l« B o f iolfuv-rn or paper in the Eastern, illdiU.<itrcoDt ft-«s Is tit*,at»hortnotice mOI caroincr^ of aJlnewjpapef»ar> *<otXrtrerttw. tbs **^lc* t *^ c v ac ?®?^hS?p < r>VKSTIo.S3. w.vl*B - tU« dwirotw ofJbajtgC th*JJJii<ko *b any acctloo ot CH MEIICHAJCDIfcK bU “ pl /, 3 call at •M United States « »m *•«*»■» onr office, wbern any ( J^l c r aE *rf, rate*, term#. Ac. r ( t^rt.l 00C.57 t“onuuN,<w CO.. L y-.Tn’.ref Ad'-rUdst Dfntistnj, -p»K. J. U. lAU>'S" ORTH aminilturai l-iuplentcnts. t ,lov;s CO, M*aal*curtrt.

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