7 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Şubat 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM SUROPE. Latest News by Ocean Telegraph. Popular Feeling in Regard to 'he Queen’s Speech. Interest in the Reform Ques • lion Growing More Intense. Fresh Complications in Connec tion with the Eastern Question. PROM WASHINGTON. Ways and Moans Committee Unanimously Opposed to a Se duction of tiie Whiskey Tax. Central Wilson’s Report oq the Surrey of the Bock Island and lies Moines Bapids. Total Amount of the Fnhllc Debt on the Ist Inst., $2,543,349,748. CONGRESS. Senate—The President’s Recon struction Plan Introduced by Senator Dixon. Bill Introduced Piling the Time for Choice of Presidential Electors. House —Details of the Bill Report' cd from the Reconstruct ion Committee. Indian Appropriation Bill R& committed with In structions. FROM SPRLNGFISLD. Auother Railroad Bill Intro duccd by Senator Mack. Resolutions of Thanks to .the Soldiers and Sailors of Illinois. Outlines of the Bill for the la " corporation of the Ohioago Pooh Company. Feeling in Regard to the Re’ moval of the Capital. TlTrtiyttn KitfiVofrfl Pill Paftflfl/I m the Tennostoe Leg- islatura. FROM EUROPE. RY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. ruz quzxa's speech-bow rr was bxcextcd. London, February s. The Queen opened Parliament to-day In person. Tbe people manifested no enlbnilasm, neither were ibere any chvera tor the Prince of Wale*, 'the Queen’s subsequent return to Buckingham Palace trail even more dismal than the departure. Everybody was thoroughly soaked. Crjes of “Deform” erected the Queen aa she paaaed. The police behaved with great moderation or trouble would rave cnened, -as the crowd was rife for mischief. The central prediction la that this la 1 the laet Parilamcnithc Queen will open In person. Great preparations are making for a Reform demonstration on ttie mb. People say they will then show the Queen a precession worth aeelng. The bitterness of the popular feeling U uadis suited. Placards arc shown on the streets say lair, “Men without votes are serfs.” Every per sonal recard for the Qneen Is eclipsed by the Reform inrorc. The Qneen has resolved to ap pear moio4n public. A series of royal receptions is announced mass coxrucaTioxs w rax xsst. London. February B—Evening. Freeh complications are arising in tbe East. *1 be people or Servia are flying to arms against tbe Ottoman inle, while at Constantinople the parly in favor of peace is increasing in number and influence. Moreover It Is reported that the Viceroy of Egypt has sent an agent to ascertain whether the leading Powers (-f Europe would fa vor I If complete Independence of tbe sovereignty of the Porte. BAIUtOAD STOCK TOU RUSSIA. Loitdok, February 8; Roes trinane has received a contract from Rus sia to build cars ami locomotives for that Govern ment, Latest Foreign Markets, Limroot, February s—Evening. Cotton closed trregnUr and inactive, gale* 6,W0 bales. Manchester advices ate unfavorable. Market "heavy and prices lower. Dreadstnfis are generally less Ann, tending down -ward. Wheat declined 3d for Milwaukee red and Western. Market closes firmer. Floor declined Is lor W estern Scale. Com declined to 403 «bfd for mixed Western. LardQolst. Ch*esednlL Bed advanced hall crown. Petroleum doll. Loxno*. February s—Evening. Costal*. 9011-16. Erie closed at 39#; minolt Cen tral, 61; Culled States Mfia. 73 MS. FBOM WASniSeiOK. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Wabiixkqtok, February 6. BECoxsTOuenox. The Reconstruction Committee"* report gives grcs< satisfaction, the more from the fact tint the report was nearly unanimous on the put of the Union members, the only objection being to tbe method of leaning habeat corpus, as provided iu, the fourth section. Ihc bill comes np in the House the first thing* in the morning, and it is hoped a vote wQI be reached to-morrow. 1 un derstand that tbc measure has been vigorously urged by leading Generals. BEvonr or Tm-acnrrrorTin: suxocntaiurn)*. Ihe War Department, to-day, Uid before tbe Honee a copy of General Wilson's report on the survey of the Rock Island and DesMolne* Rapids. It is a long document and discusses all questions involved In tbe improvementot these Rapids In a clear and comprehensive manner. General Wil son tays, with reference to tbe DetUolnes Rapids, iba* tbe difficulty of navigation lies not ao much In tbe shallowness of tbe channel or thread of the current, as In tbe uneven css of tbe bottom, the In sufficient width and torturous direction, with the great velocity of cross winds and undercurrents. Tbs plan of excavating the channel would ho ex ceedingly difficult and wonld col accomplish all that Is demanded by commerce. Tbe construction of a continuous dam with locks across tbe entire stream, and various modifications of wing dams, sluices and chute* for camming tod deepening the thread of the current, have been suggested and carefully considered, but all re jected as Involving too many elements of uncer tainty, and as being more or leas experimental In tbclr character. He recommends tbe oonslrncUon of a canal along tbe lowa sbore, (bom Keokuk to a point Jost below Nashville, (be remainder of (be distance to be, overcome by using the natural channel atlbe upper chain. A through cut, WO feet wide, 6 feet deep and M9l feet long. will be necessary, and (be etiimaUd dimensions of the canal 4P: length, seven and elx-lentlii miles; surface width, three hundred (ret: depth at low vpter, six feel. It thonld run along the shore lo the bed of tbe river lor nearly, tho entire distance. The river embankment should bo made of earth, covrred inside and outside with rip raps of broken stone. Two lift locks and one guard lock will be re quired. lire estimated coat of (be canal at Mon trose lilaud la 13,300.000. which will bo reduced to about two millions aoveu hundred and thirty ttunsaud. >f the canal be made only fire feet deep. 'More Uian (wo-ihirds of the amount can tie profit .sbly expended before July, t*«3. (Icpcrul Wilson next considers the Rock lalsml Rapids. Here (be channel, be says. Is sufficiently •deep nearly everywhere, and only requires to be widened and atrargblrned, and occasionally deepened, lo order to seenre good navigation, lie recommends tbe adoption of a plan for ex cavation tbe channel by means of coder dams, j-übarjueoaa Mailing fil'd chiseling. The estimated coat of tbta work 1* eight hundred and thirteen thousand, alx hundred dollar*, while a canal round tbe Rapids wonld coat three millions. General Hnmphreys, Ohfel Engineer, to sub mitting hla report to tbo Secretary oi War, recom- mcUi tho adoption of tho Wilton pUa for In. ptOTlrctlio Iloclt lilted Rapid., I'ntainoolUu a plan rolaUto to tho Dot Jluta a Rapid? The report wal laid Wore tho Ilooao 0 .m .ll’.o on Cotnircrco aaaocn aa rteelrod, and the; hare altcadj aitrced to rotonmend !-• WHO. appro. prtaUon required for tho Rack I.land Ilapldi, and a vo. j conaldoratito po.Uon of that aaked tor the DetUolocs Rapids. Tnh wm.arr nr, ThoWaja and UcantUommlilM heart an tr enaent 10-daj amlint a todncUon of the taxon Ohlrliry. and arm prohaht, cloai tho nneitinn to. tnorroo, by ttnally fonaally dealdlhg actual the reduction, bnt In ttvor of more ntriegsut recoil* (loot for the collection of the doty. Tit* ornot Txximt mu, Tbo House amendment to tho bill regulating tho Prevldeat'A power ot appointmentand restore!, tektnc from btm Ibe right to remove Cabinet ofll cers, wae rejeced lit the Senate by e strong majority. Ibe Home muat cow recede or ask a Committee of ('Deference- rirxniKo the coxrotnn>s. The Finance Committee did not report a hill for funding compound Interest notea, aa was ox* peeled. They are amending it in some partlcu* lars, so as to prevent undue Inflation. bnt a ma jority are favorable to Ibe general principle of tho bill. The comroutcoare understood to be op* posed to the greenback resolution passed by the House on Monday, mens’ CULL BXBTTC* pit,?.. providing fbr competitive examination of all ap pointees, occupied the attention of the House about two hours this afternoon. It was then tabled by two majority, the vote being seventy yeas to sixty-eight nays. Mr. Jenckes at tbe tot moment changed his vote to the aC-rmstlve, and aa soon as the i«suU was announced .entered a motion to reconsider. Various gentlemen tried to get in a motion to table tbe reconsideration, bnt weed handsomely prevented by a little sharp parlla - mentary strategy,*nd Jenckes Anally withdrawals motion, eo as to allow tbe Reconstruction Com mittee to report. Dating a bnef wrangle over * Ibclr bill, he quietly gave notice that be would move a reconsideration at some future time. Ibis will bring the bill up for further action. case, wtluaxs « go’s om Bjrrxnraiß* heard before the, Cincinnati Police Court In December, has come up in another shape before tbe Postmaster General. Williams & Co. claimed some two thousand letters sent to their address, most of them containing money for prizes. Letters were detained because addressed to a firm which had no existence, and in spite of the efforts of several claim agents have been returned to the Dead Letter Office. De- Inded individuals who attempted to be swindled will receive ihelr mouey through that channel. A document filed. In thi Post Office Department ex poses the true character of the so-called firm of Williams & Co. nrusmur or xxxobs. General Grant, In a circular Just Issued, Bays: “ Hereafter, boys under the aze of twenty-one will not be enlisted, except for the purpose ot learning music, sod then only under authority from the Boperlnrudcnt of the Recruiting Ser vice, or the Adjutant General of the army, after tbo written consent ot the patents, guardian or caster has bees obtained.” . MEDICAL ISTOIIXATIOS WASTED. The Burgeon General requests surgeons to re port any, tacts, however slight, within Ibclr knowledge, lo reference to cases of amputation at the hip Joint to the military surgery ofthe war of tbe rebellion. TOE PUBLIC DECT. The Public Debt statement for the first of Feb rnaiy, which was Issued to-day, exhibits that the debt bearing coin interest has Increas' d 519,654,800 since tbe first of January. The debt bearing cur rency interest baa decreased 51V*00,700. The matured debt nut presented for payment lias decreased 5737,035, and (ha debt beailng no interest has increased 541,001,001 Tbe total debt, less cash In Iho Treasury, has In created 52,427,592. 3he amount of com in tbs Treasury has decreased S*SC,UC4.O6, and the amount of currency has increased 5179,433.51. DISCHARGE 07 TROOPS. The Thirty-eighth Colored Infantry has been or dered from Texas to Richmond, for final master and discharge. DIXON'S ABEND KENT. The ComUtnUona) Amendment presented to day by Senator Dixon Is substantially that agreed upon by the President and the rebel Governors. oEnxbad chant's last bioettlon. General Grant and wife gave their last reception tills evening. It was a perfect jam, of the moat brilliant kind. CONriRXATIONS AND REJECTIONS. The Senate confirmed about two hundred bre vet military promotions and a dozen civil nomi nations. Rejections of Assessors, Collectors, Ac., were numerous. Among (be confirmations were: Bart. Able, Collector of Internal Revenue, SU bonis; General Morgan h. Smith, Consul at Hon olulu; U. R. Uulbert, Comptroller of lira Cur rency ; Colonel D. W. Rico, Paymaster General. NXOBASXA. The report of the Committee on Federal Rela tions tn (he Nebraska legislature, to whom wss icfcircd a joint resolution trla'lvo to the act of Congress for tbe admission of tho Slate, has been received. The question Is discussed at length in the report, which conclude* as follows: "Your committee are unable to discover that any right or privilege now enjoyed by tho citizens of tho Territory Is In the least abridged by tho act to wbteh the roio- Unions refer.*' Tho committee making the report In composed of two Republicans and one Demo crat, hut U will be seen (boy aro unanimous, which shows tho sentiment of the peo ple and foreshadows tho action of tho Mate Legislature. Tho Territorial l«ogl«Uturo has aVo removed ill dlscrimhilloii from (ho taws <m account of race or color, ami has placed col ored children on thu same tooling with others lu regard to schools. itaek.B.'KßJWAllll'tff.MrißV’Mfffl'Stag Hotter, {a about (wrmtr-four Tears old. in Ids leltrihnaaynhn made Uhls apodal business to see how onr Government wjs officially represent (•o abroad, aud found It greatly misrepresent!"!, ai.d sa a patriot hn deemed It fils duty to Inform the Su'erftstrf ol Hrate of the fact, Hpnaklag of Mr. Motley, be calls him a ‘hmnnor nun,* who lowiUntly said be owed Ids position to Hn inner, anduotui JuU'ison, and endorsed Mr. rtumnnr's politics. Minister Hale, hu says, takes every op oortimity to ray that Congress is right and the President wrong. Mr. Murphr, Consul at Frank r.irl, ho calls a‘blatant Radical,* and *a tool of **ck. Chandler’s.' Ho stated that a majority of nur foreign imssiooa aro held bv Massachusetts Puritans, controlled by auchmeu as Phillips, Dul ler and Ctandler." WHAT IS THOUGHT OV THE JOHNSON PLAN OP RE- CONSTRUCTION. hawToBK, February 6.—Thu New York Tlmss* special says; “Southerners who expected their reconstruction plan would be acceptable to Con gress are much mistaken, for there ta an incon siderable number who win accept any modlflca hon of the Cons'ttntional Amendment, it will be submitted to the Reconstruction Committee to day. The letter sent by the Governors, with their plans, to tbc Southern Legislatures, while It re commends the adoption of the proposition, is de cidedly non-commxlal. Tbuy ear the acceptance would virtually cSccta compromise between the President and Congress, which thev consider de sirable. It ts known mat the President has tele graphed, aa a private citizen, to the Southern Lecialaiarrs, urging th**m to adopt this proposi tion. So far as beard from, the Soothers press are against the proposition.” tub public dbut. mb rbiiuu übiii. . Wasrinoton. Februaay fi.—The total amonnt of the public debt on. tbe Ist Instant, was siMa,s«,74iksfi. Of this $1,420,115,511.80 bears coin interest and $319,072,740 bears currency inter- tobacconist*’ COKTCmOS. Washington, February r>.—A Convention of Tobacconists a»sembled to-day and was tempora nly organized by appointing U. A. Mayo, of Rich mond. Chairman, and Alexander McDonald, of Lynchburg, {Secretary. Some debate occurred as to. whether tobacco, commission merchants were entitled to seats in tbe Convention, which resulted In their withdraw ing ; but subsequently tbe Committee on Creden tials reported in favor of their admission. The Convention then adjonrned until to-morrow. Delegates arc present from Richmond, Lynch burg, Petersburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Ko -v York, Brooklyn. Chicago, Cincinnati. Toledo, Pittsburgh and Kentocky, and other placoe. TO* tmUKCT TAX. The Ways and Means have voted al most unanimously against any reduction of*un taxon whiskey. CQXSQX IX A. J.'S FLAW. The President and bis friends have so changed the first section of the reconstruction plan agreed upon a few days ago. thst it now aimply declare* the ordinances of secession In Southern States null and void. Nows is hourly expected of the adoption of the plan by the Legislature of North Carolina. BASKHLTT SILL. The friends of the Bankrupt Bill will not prob ably have it called up until Senator Nye returns. rORTinCATIOS BILL. The new Fortification Appropriation Bill will be reported, bat any action on u this soeiion is doubtful. oovxjtxonAXExx. orsotrrn cabouxa, arrived to-qay. Dismission is said to relate lo ihe new reconstruction plan. TBEASDBT DIFACLTKU. In the recent robbery of the Treasury to the amoant or ZCO,COO, tbc defaulter Is said to have been a clerk named Lee, from New York. coxnnßATioxs. WAfumtCTOX, February 6.—The Senate Jo-dey confirmed the following appointments: Collect ors of Internal Revcnuc~Davia IJitier.Sih Dis trict of Illinois: Barton Abel. Ist District of Mis souri. MorganL.Smith, Consul at Honolulu; Holland K. iinriont. Comptroller of the Curren cy: Thomas O'Brien, Surveyor of Customs at wheeling: Edward W. Wynkoop. Agent of tbc Upper Arkansas Indians; Colonel Beni. W. Bryce, Paymaster Geteral of the United Males Army, with the rank of Bdfttdler General; Al fred Kilgore, Coned Slates Uleliict Attorney for Indiana; John E. Rosett, United States Dlstncl Attorney for the Southern District or Illinois; The following were aoaflrnted Major Generals by brevets Brigadier Gcreral Edgar M. Gregory, for battle of Five Forku: Brigadier General Tho*. I- Kane, battle of Gettysburg; Brigadier General Baribin E. Paine, for attack at Port Hudson; Brevet Brlgsdier General Dante! O. McCoUom. The Senate also confirmed a largo number of military appointments for gallant and meritorious service, among them me following: Colonels to be Brigadier Generals by brevet: Colonel DntT. A J. McKirb, S. B. Youtm, A. G. I-awrcnce, c. U.H'ot (er, A. G. King, Luther eiophcnson, Jr., John J. Gleeeon, Joseph Dick inson, John F. Anderson. Harry Graham, Alexander Van Schrader, U. M. Cist, O. P. Tbnmon, John MV. Burk, D. C. Anthony, S. P. Spaflbrd, Drsckerhoof, B. R. Bile*, Peter Frits, M. McEwen. E. U. Bcnlly, Thomas F. Wright, B. I*. Fisher, James Dnolap, Paul Frank, 0. A. Cabbaxn, John Marshall Brown, P.Sulli van, WUeon Barston, John b, Wilcox, W. Ely and William Amos. _ nxrxcnTD. The Senate rejected the following nominations of naval officers: J. L. Bwift,of Boston,Sunrovorof I'uttoms; William Wallis, of Baltimore; Isaac U. Warden, or Michigan, Register of the band Of fice at East Saginaw. United States District Attorneys—Moses Kelly, Northern District of Ohio; Charles 11, Mauro, Eastern District of Missouri; M. H. Perkins, Western District of Tennessee: Andrew T. Mc- Rwolds, Wo«tcrn DlsiiJct ot Michigan. T>. . n u&r K «wt 1 D- Moc. Northern District ofOhlo; .1. M. Walker. Iowa; William D. ?i bO i?AIV.^LV tc ? 1 V w(r,c A of Michigan; John G. Uarkhurst, Eastern lUsmci of Michigan: Samuel Walker, West Ylrgli is. Goll* ctors of Interns) Uovonno-11. W. Harriot*. lon. Third District Irdiana; llei.lstmn P. Coates Eleventh District Ohio*. James W. Prirclie’ Fourth District Ohio: Win. Hamilton, Peeomi District Missouri; J. W. OJovcr. fh.nl SS3SS Missouri; Tbomat T. Crittenden, Fifth Divine* Missouri. , „ . Collectors of Cnslomi-Hylranua U. llrinn-T Daimublc, Mas achoicUs; Darlas N. Couch Boston. . . „ Assessors of Internal, Rereone-Wmiam It. Wells, First District, Michigan; John K. cam tultigs. Fnu« lh District. Ohio: Tiioma* canning finm, rltih District. OUo; John Pitcher, First DMtlcl, Indians: William C Wilson, Eighth DU. ti fci« Indiana; James W. Ddridgc, Ninth Dia trie*, Indiana; Garland G, Draduead, KctvhUi Dlririct, kllssouil; Richard O. Vaughan, Hitth Dlslric, Missouri; W'lllram U, Hunter, Fourth District, Missouri; James A. Grierson, Hccond District, Missouri; A. A. Steele, Fourth District, Teutesaco; A. W. Urowu, Twelfth District, Illi nois : Abel Longworth, Hlxlh District, Illluots ; liaacJ. Ketthum, Tenth District, Illinois; Wil liam M. Chamber*, Seventh District, Illinois. rubuo uutt) aanaa. Returns received bv tbe Coamtasloner of the General land Office from the office at Menasha, Wts., show 4,(M0 acres public lauds ditpoiul of YOL. XX. during Jmnsry. a largo portion of which was lo caud with Agricultural Cohere scrip: the re mainder was taken up under the Homestead Law, sold for cash and located with military warrants. utexmons. Chief Justice Chase and Oen. Grant gave re< ccpUons to-night which were largely attended. smnxai. uetcxuc mcbpw. afUbWIAb a u, ua aaavM. «•« Tbe Receipts from Intents! Revenue were to day ff 1,358,715. COSGBESSIOSAI. I’ROCEEDIHGS. WasoxvoTOS. D. C., February C, SENATE. The CHAIR anhmltled a communication from Ibe President, transmluiog a letter of Mr. Me- Crackeu, whlcb drew forth (he Motley correspon dence. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Editions. Also, the report of tbe survey for an inter oocanlc through the isthmus of D&ricn. . Tabled. . Petitions were presented and referred. Including one for ibe charter of a National railroad between Washington and Ctnrlnnall. Hr. \yiLhON, from tbe Military Committee,re ported tbe Dill recently Introduced by him, pro. vlulng for a temporary Increase of pay for army officers. Ordered printed. Mr. DIXON offered the following, which he In tended to offer as an amendment to the pending Constitutional Amendment: WnxnxAs, At the last session of the Thirty ninth Congress, an amendment to the Constitu tion of the United Bute* was proposed to the Leg tslstnres of the several States, which said amend ment has not yet been ratified bv tbe States in which tbo rebeliten against the Doited States re cently prevailed; ana. Whebeas. There is reason to believe tbe fol lowing amendment to the Constitution of the Uidled Mates, would, If passed by Congress, bo ratified by the legislatures of said Btates; and. Wnxnsifl, There l» also reason to believe that the Constitutions of said Stares will soon be amended hytbe voluntary act ot the Legislatures and peo file thereof, by the adoptions! an article as fol owe: Article—. Every male diir.cn who has re sided in thixfctate tor one year and In Che county in which he offers to vote six months, immediate ly prccedlogtbe day of election, and can retd the Constitution of the United States In the English language and write his name, or who may be (be owner of $350 in taxable property, shall )>e entitled to vote at any elec tion lor Governor of the State, members of Ibe Legislature and all other officers elected by the people; Provided* That no person, by reason of (Us article, sbtll be excluded trora voting who has heretofore received tbe elec* (to franchise under the Constitution, and the laws of tbe Slate, or who at tbe time of the adoption of tb» amendment may be entitled to vole under said Constitution ard laws.. A’otr, Iherejore, in view of the above considera tion, and In tbe confident hope of an early and fraternal restoration of the Union, Betoltsd. That the following article he pro posed lo the legislatures of the several Stales as an amendment to the Constitution of the United Sister, wtlcc, when ratified by three-fourths of sad iTeglelatures, shall be valid as a part of said Confutation: # ▲UTICLS. Section 1. The Union under the Constitution shall be perpetual. Sec. V The public debt of the United States, authorized by law. shall ever be held sacred and Inviolate, but neither the United Slates nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation Incurred In aid ol the Insurrection or rebellion against (be United States. Sic. o, AH persons bom or naturalized in (he Untied States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, arc citizens of the United S'ates, and of the Stale in which they reside, and the citizen* of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges and Immunities of the citizens of tbe several Slates. No State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or any property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within Us Jurledic* Uoa tbe coca! protection of lbs laws. Sic, 4. Representatives shall be apportioned among (he several States according to their re spective numbers, counting the whole number bf persons In each State, ctcladlmrlndlans not taxed; oat w&cn any State shall, on account of race or color.or previous condition of servitude, deny the exercise of tbe elective franchise at any election for choice of electors for ■ President and Vico President of the United Stales, Iteprescntativos In Congress, mcmbeis ol ILo Legislature and other officers elected by tbe people, to any male Inhabi tant of such State being twenty-one years of age, and a citizen of the United States, then the entire class of persons so excluded from the elective franchise shall not be counted In tbe barfs of reorcfcnfatioo. No State shall require property Jualiflcatlocs for votes more that tho value of 500 m taxable property, nor as an educational qualification, more ednealinn than enough to trail the Constitution of the United States la the English language and write Ms own nime. Oirtnollon. tbe session of tho Uth was set apart for Iho consideration of bills from (ho Committee on Pensions. On motion of Mr. HOBS, tho President was In structed to communicate to the Heualn, if not •deemed Incompatible with the public Interest, copies of all correspondence not oervtolorc com muwcatedJa reference to grants of land to Ameri can citizens fur a rslltoau and telegraph across the Republic of Mexico. Mr. POJHBItOY introduced a bill to amend tbs act granting lauds to Kansas to aid In the con slritrilon of tho Southern Pacific Railroad amt Telegraph from Fort Ulloy to Fort UtnllU. He lmed, ♦ Mr.WiLANI) Introduced n bill fixing tho sala ries nf Judges of the Nupronu* Court in (fan Tor tllorlcs at 52,80 W. from April 1*1,18C7. Referred ti>thoJndlrla>y Committee. Mr. HUWNKu. from the Committee on Foreign Itrlallnns, teported, with amendments, the bill for the appointment of an additional Commis sioner to ilia I'ans J'.xporfilon, providing regula tions lor (hn government of the Hoard or Cum sonioiinu of Pra Unih-d HI jtoa. Mr. WILhON imrodnriod a oil) fixing Uie lime for rhoorfpg doctors of President aud Mrs Presi dent, which provides that hereafter aucb elec tor* shall bo appointed on (he second Tuesday of .October, but each Btate may, by law, provide for Iho filling of any vacancy. Provision is made, whet ever tbe office of Preside! and Vico President shall become vacant, for tbo election of elector* on the second Tuesday In October follow- I eg, provided that (wo months shall Intervene be tween (be dates of notification and elections: but If there be not the space of two mouths between Hie notification and the second Tuesday of Octo ber following, then If the term of JVexidenr and Vice President does not expire on the third of March succeeding, sneb election shall be held oa tba second Tucfoay ol October in tbo year follow ing. Referred to the Committee on tho J officiary, Mr. EDMUNDS called up tbobM to regulate tho tenure of office. Tho pending question was on the Rouse amendment to include Cabinet Min isters among those officers who may not be re moved without the consent of the Hcuatc. Mr, HOWE spoke in favor ol the amendment, contending that under tbc Constitution officers ot the Government could not he removed except on Impeachment. Ihe only questions that ought to be put to a candidate (or office were touching bia capacity Jor the position. Mr. JOHNSON spoke In opposition to the amendment, and advocated ihc right of the Presi dent to appoint and remove his Cabinet officers. Mr. DOOLITTLE spoke In a similar attain. Mr. BDt-KALEWopposed the amendment. Mr. SHERMAN doubted It» propriety, as under it the President would have to retain in office the Cabinet of bis predecessor until the Senate con consented to their temov&l, though they might be politically opposed to him. After Inrtf’cr debate Ihc amendment was re jected— 1” against©. Howe, Sumner, taco, Trumbull, Morrill, Wade, Pomeroy, WUsoa, Ramsey, Yates. Rosa, trars. Brown, Chandler, Crcswcll, Fogg, Fowler. Howard, Anthony, Foster. Nesmith, Bnckalew, Felmghnyaen,j Norton, Cattell, Grimes, Patterson, Conness, Harris, Poland, Cowan, Cendctson, Kiddle, Davis, HcndtlcVe, Saulsbnry, Duos, John job, Sherman, Doolittle, Kirkwood, Stewart, Fessenden. McDoncsll, Williams. So the Senate refused to career in the House amendment, and tfac subject moat po to a Com mittee of Conference. The Senate went Into Ex ecutive session and soon afterward adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. HENDERSON Introduced a Joint resolution for the snivcy of the boundary line between Idaho and Oregon. -Referred. The Indian Appropriation BUI. renorted last evening from the Committee of the Whole, came up as unfinished business, and gave rise to a live ly dlsensston between -Messrs. KASSON* cad WINDOW on tbc relative expenses of managing the Indians under the War Department and Inte rior Department. The debate was also Partici pated In by Messrs. MAYNARD. SCOFIELD, HENDERSON,'THAYER and BROMWXLL. Finally. Mr. THAYER moved to reconsider the vote by which the main question was ordered, to as to leave the bill open to a motion to recommit. Reconsidered, and .the House refused to order the main question. Mr. SCOFIELD moved to recommit the bill to the Committee oiuAppropiiaUon.<with instruc tions lo report back, excluding all appropriations not necessary to carry out the treaty stipulations or maintain the Indians. The motion was agreed to, and tbe bill recom mitted with instructions. Tbc SPEAKER presented a message from the President, transmitting a report from the Secre tary of State as to the blame now represented in Congress which had ratified the Constitutions! Amendment proposed by the Thlrtr-nlnth Con gress. Tbe Secretary reports authentic evidence of such notification received from Connecticut, Tennessee, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, West Virginia, Kansas and Missouri, and that a printed copy of the Joint resolution ratifying It had been received from New Hampshire. From Ihe Secretary of War with maps of har bors of Penlwalrr and P*re Marquette Referred. AJ-o a report hr the Chief of Engineers, cover ing Gen. Wilson's report of the surrey and Im provements of the rapids of Mississippi River. Prom the Secretary of tho Interior with the account of Indian agents and superintendents. Referred. Mr. bCIIENCK, from tbc Military Committee, reported bills, Ac .as follows: In reference to tbe publication of a work Ulus irstive of the Istc wsr. Tabled. The Uouse bill to amend the act of July SSth. DW, fixing the military pcaco establishment of iho United Slates was also tabled. The House bill, declaring aud fixing the rights ofTclunteerstspartof the army. The hill pro vide* that In computing tho length of service of army officer*, in order to determine whit allow ance of addillorai or longevity rations he 1* en titled to, and fixing the relative ranks of officer l , there shall be taken into account the time such officer actually served conlinoooriy or otherwise, as‘cemmlseloi>cd officer, cither in the regular or volunteer service, since Aoril 19, ISCI. Pawed Iho House bill to extend to general officers and officers on the retired list, the benefit of an addi tional ration for evert five years service, pasted. Tbe bill to amend an act establishing a National Asylum for disabled volunteer soldiers, so pro vides that the Directors nay retain their positions alter being elected members of Congress. Passed. Tho House Joint resolution donating to tho Stale ol Ohio the buildings, shvds. furniture, lumber, and other property of Camp Chase. Ohio, to he need In the erection of a Mate Asylum for Idiots, passed. The llonre Joint resolution for (bo reducing of (be military reservation ot Fort Riley, and to grant lands for bridge purposes to the BUlo of Kansas. pa**ed. Tbe llonse Joint resolution to pay Lieutenant John A. Hamlin, First (lieutenant of a Mtebigan cavalry regiment, bis pay as Hecocd Lieutenant from July, IPC3, to Marcb, 10C4. was pa*sel. Tbe Home Joint resolution to extend Jnrisdic* tlonlol tho Court of Claims lo cases of claims fur quartermaster's stores and subsistence supplies actually rmttifbed tu troops under Major General l-ewls Wallace, In command outing tbe Morgan raid in Ohio snd Indiana, In iwrt, was passed. Tt.c House Joint nwolntion for the payment of < ffirets and enlisted men attached to General Wil son s brigade, t*ho were not actually mustered into service on account of capture, or otherwise, pasted. v . Mr. HITOnRAVF.B reported a bill providing for the payment for horses lost by drowning, etc., tn Itaespoiuilon. Passed. * *’ ’ Mr. MARtSTON reported a bill recognizing the orcantKstlcn of the t-aptatn David D. IWiati* Com panv ot benuta In Tcnreasec, as if It had been reg ularly mustered into tho service. Fasted. The bill for tbe payment of bonntioa to the sol dtere of the Ooe-hnDdred and.Elgbty-eigblb Penn sylvania olnnieers, which was tabled; also, the bill to repeal the twelfth section of tho act of July 17th. 1862. to dodne and ray the emoluments of certain oncers of toe a>my, which passed, Mr. ANCON a. reported a bill amendatory of the bounty act of duly S 3. ISM. ao as to allow sot dlers who bad lost Ibclr discbaree* to makeowth of service. &c. t to tbe Second Auditor's Bureau. Passed; also, a bill authortzlogihe purchase from the Sac Francisco Society oithecrounds adjoining the Alleghany Arsenal at Pittsburgh, with the spring thereon, for $3,600. Passed. Mr. ROUSSEAU reported a bill lopay to Wal tec Whittaker the pay acd allowances aa Colonel of tbe sixth Kentucky Infantry, from September, 16C1, to January, 1852. Passed. Mr. DONNELLY Introduced a bill allowing transportation and bounty to soldiers discharged for the purpose of accepting civil service by order ol the Government Referred. Mr. BIJLINE gave notice that he would at tbe earliest opportunity call up the House bill to pay tbe loyal btates tor troops furnished. The Senate amendment to the Bouse bill de claring Its sense of tbe act restricting the jurisdic tion of (he Court of Claims, and providing for the payment of certain demands lor Quartermasters’ stores, were concurred m. The amendment to the House bill regu lating (be duties of the Clerk of the House was concurred In. Ibe House proceeded to the consideration of the but reported by Mr. Jenckes,from tbe Joint Select Committee on Retrenchment, to regulate the dvtl service of tbe United States. Mr. McKF.E moved an amendment to the tenth section, so as to render Ineligible to office those who voluntarily'aided or encouraged any Insur rection or rebellion against tbe Government of tbe United States. On motion ot itr. STEVENS the amendment vrts<ablcd—73 against 66. Mr. JENCKES changed his vote to aye, and moved a reconsideration of (he vote, bnt with drew u to allow the transaction of other business Mr. STEVENS reported the following from tbe Deconstruction Committee: A BILL to provide for the more efficient govern ment of the InsorrecUouary Btates. Wsxbxas, Tbe pretended State Governments of tbe late so-called Confederate States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Missis sippi, Alabama, Louisiana. Florida, Texas, and Ar kanras, were set no without the authority of Coo greasand without tbe sanction ofthe people; and Wiicbeas, The so pretended Governments af ford no adequate protection for Die or property, and encourage lawlessness and crime; and, Whebeas, It la necessary that peace and good order should be enforced m the so-called States until loyal State Governments be legally estab lished: therefore. Be U enacted. By the Senate and House of Rep rcseotailres, ic.. That the so-called Btates shall be divided Into military districts, and made sub ject to the military authority of the United Slates army hereinafter prescribed, and for that purpose Virginia shall constitute the First District, North Carolina and Booth Carolina the Second District, Georgia, Alabama end Florida the Third District. Mississippi and Arkansas the Fourth District, and Louisiana and Texas tbe Fifth District, Section 2. lh*l It chill bo ihe duty of the Gen eral ol the army to assign to the command of each of said districts an officer of the regular army not below the rank of Bricadier General, to detail suf ficient military force to enable each officer to perform his duties sod enforce his authority in ihu olstrlct to which be la assigned. Sec. 3. That it shall be the duty of each officer assigned as aforesaid to protect all persons in the rights of person and property, to suppress Insur rection and violence, ana to punish or cause to be punished all disturbers of toe public peace and criminal? ; and to this end be may ailow the civil tribunals to take turisdlclloh and try offenders, and when In his Judgment it may be necessary for the trial of offenders, he shall have power to or* canlzc military commissions or tribunals for that purpose, anything in the courts and taws of the so-called Stales to the contrary notwithstanding, sod all lerls'oUve, Judicial proceedings or pro* cesses to prevent or control the proceedings of eald military tribunals, and all Interference by said pretended State Governments with the exer cise oftbe military authority under this act shall be void and of no cfihcL btc. 4. That courts and Judicial officers of the United States shall not Issue writs of habeas corpus in behalf of persons lu military custody unless some commissioner or officer on duty m tte district wherein iho perron it detained shall endorse npon said petition a statement certifying upon honor that he has knowledge or information as to tbe causes and circumstances of tbe alleged detention, .and (hat ho believes (be same to be wtorefni. and farther, that be bmleres (he en dorsed petition la preferred In good tilth. In lur tbetancc of Justice, and not to binder or delay tbe punishment of crime. All persons pat order military arrest by virtue of this act, shall he tried without unnecessary delay, and uo cruel or nnusnsl punishment shall bo inflicted. Use. 5. No sentence of any Military Oommls slon or tribunal hereby anlhorlzvff, affecting tbe life or liberty of any person, shall bo executed until approvciMry tho superior officer In com mand or (bo district, and the laws and regula tion! for (be government of tbe army shall not be tffeced bv this act. except lu so for aa they conflict with its provisions. The bill was read twice and ordered prlfitsd. After some unimportant business the House adjourned. FROM SFRINOFIELD. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] HrnntQruttD, 111., February 0. senator back's TAmrr nan. In the Bcnslo this morning Mr, Mock reported his Railroad Tariff Rill, which is Just no land'bill at all, and recommended Us passage. Mr. Fuller moved to amend by substituting bis owe bill, which la substantially Ibo ont passed by tbo House yesterday. The amendment, on motion of Mr. Mack, was laid on the table by a vote of yeas uMi? (HifCtnrl'mrtlirsuanytrfj'viw.lo bill, except that tho SOper oont clause la tbs freight rates Is stricken out, leaving no provision for a specific reduction, and a clause is added providing tbit the freight rates shall aot be more from any given point on the line than from one{t«rmlnui to the other. Mr. Mack moved to lay Mr. Patton's amendment on tbe table. Lost—yeas 10, nays 13. Hath bills were then laid upon tho Übie aud made the special order for to-morrow. In (hit move ment Mr. Mack was floored, and he feels unpleas ant about tt. Tbe amendment will be kept out of the bands of tbe Railroad Committee, which (■etios to he a tomb for all proposed reforms do minded by tbe people. QCUTtONB OPPRIVtLXGK. After litis several gentlemen rose to questions of privilege. General McConnell defended him* self from the attack made upon him by tho Chi cago Journal, under the head of “Another. Oath- Bicaking Senator.” The venerable Senator de fended himself and bis comae In this matter In au able and convincing manner. Jn the course of bis remarks he made the point that tho pres ent Constitution contained no provision for making a new one, and that, as a matter of law and logic, the people had the right to catl a Con vention to make a new Constitution, whenever, in their Judgment, the necessities of the case re quired It. This is a strong ppint, and 1 hare not found the dm man to controvert it. Ur. Fort had some fault to find with the Chica go Tbibdnx b«can*e|lt said daring the Senatorial contest that Senators who were Instructed to vote lor Judge Trumbull, and voted for the secret ballot, bad disgraced themselves. He considered that In this he was treated unfairly. 1 will do Mr, Port the Jnstlce to say that during the entire Senatorial contest he never hesitated to declare his Intention to support Judge Trumbull. Severs! other gentlemen made personal ex planations. cosrtrmoa pob rax industrial collxcx loca- TIQH. The competitors Tor the Industrial Universitv are Champaign, Morgan, McLean and Logan counties. The proposition from Cass, when re duced to a cash value, amounts to shout the same thing, say three hundred thousand dollars. Cham paign Is fortunate In having a building ready for the school, sufficient for six hundred students, and can accommodate a much larger number o( day scholars. There is no time to be wasted in putting up thc.College, and no swindling contrac tors to be looked alter. Besides this, the location is central, and easy of access from all parts of ibe State, and is one of the richest agricultural coun ties of the State. There is a desire to divide the State institutions so as to do Justice to all parts of the State. Other bidders have made a great hue and cry against Champaign, but it is evident that the General Assembly wilt consult the interest of the whole people In lea lo cation. Just now the putting op of public build ings by the State is not popular, when the enor mous cost is taken into consideration. It Is pro bable that the subject will come up to-morrow in tho Senate on the report of the committee recom mending to locate at Champaign. As there is a genera] disposition to locate this institution out of the Influence of those who manage the present State Institutions, and to give preference to a new locality. It will surprise no one If the preference Is given to Champaign. rn* lobbt. The lobby Is very foil ro-day, and is the popu lar branch of the Genera) Assembly Chicago is very liberally represented. Abont every one of tbe Utter has an axe on hts ebonlder, or in bis satchel, which be expects to hare sharpened ac cording to his directions. Of cooree, many will be disappointed. naimoas covtouniTio*. Tho bill for the confirmation of tho consolida tion of the various roads which now form the Western Union Railroad Company, which passed the Home a few daya since, with an amendment offensive to the fneudaofthe bill, and was after wards reconsidered, waa reported back to-day, with that amendment stricken out. The bill will nrobablr again past in Its present shape. HOBT&WXaTXBX|AJ»OCUTXD CTtSSS. A bill was reported lo (be Boose this morning from the Senate lo incorporate the •Northwestern Associated mss. The corporators are John L. Wilson. Edward Russell, E. Emery. Edward L. Baker, and others. Tbe first section contains the usual corporate powers. Tbe object Is declared tube tbe procuring, dissemination andpaMtca lion of general nows through tbe newspapers oftbe Northwestern Stales, making use of the telegraph or otherwise, and employing such means and agencies as tne regulations of the corporation shall prescribe. The capital slock of (be corpora tion Is twenty thousand dollars, in •bares of twrnty-flve dollars. Tbe corporation is called to meet to Chicago, on or before tho first day of March next, aud all tbe dally newspaper publishers of the Northwest are Invited to be pres ent. These are tho principal features of tbe bill. unrxsxat. UDrßovzatajrr uru_ The largest part of the afternoon session was devoted to the ulscnssloo of the Internal Improve ment BUI. Speeches were made by Messrs. Eddy and Siaecy In favor of tho bill, and by Messrs. Darker, Bowycr and Dolan against 11. The com mittee then rose and reported, and asked leave to sit again. naaotmone. * General Fuller ottered the following resolutions in tbe gentle tbta afternoon, and they were obbdl monsly passed: JtfiolrrJ. by th* Stnaitantt Ilouitot Jtenrsosn tatltucf Jlllroti. That the thanks of all the peo ple of this HtaU are due, and are hereby tendered, to the soldiers and sailors irom lllloms In the Federal service, toe thrtr uUltngalshed services in bebatt of constitutional liberty and aclf-gov. vrnmr&n /Diotrrrt, That the aymnathy of the people of Illinois be, and Is hereby tendered to (bo vrldovs and orphans whose protrciora have Catleu in paid to ail disabled soldiers aud sailors of lb Sf»si(eerf, That a copy of these Joint resolutions be prepared, under tho direction of tho Govemor ot the ntavc, by the AdJotaot General, signed by earh of them and sealed With the seal ot ihe said Adjutant General s office, and preeen'nd to the honorably discharged soldier* uA sailors from CHICAGO. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7. 1867. Illinois. as an honors''!® testimonial oftUelt «er vice* tod itcrificea la (be public delcnc*. 1 . cmcAao hock courxxr. Mr. Shepard will to-morrow Introdoce a bill to Incorporate the Chicago Dock Company, with the usual corporate powers. J. Young Bcammon. William F. Coalbangb, Thomas Boyne, William Brow, James n. Bowen, James M. Wetter, Wil liam F. Wbitebonae, Charles H. Horn, David A. Gage. MSlnlleW, Fuller, MablonD. Ogden, and John V. Ayer are appointed Commissioners for the purpose snbscriptleoa, with power to open subscription books In Chicago and Sew York. The capital stock is fixed at five hundred thousand dollars. The bill gives the company power to enclose occupy such of the bed and waters of Lake Michi gan as He south of the south line of the Chicago River, east of the east Une of land owned by the Illinois Central Railroad, extending into the lake to a parallel Une with the east end of the north pier and extending south to Twelfth street -the entire lake front of Michigan avenue—'•ith power to construct such breakwaters, piers, wharves, moles, docks, canals, batlns, rail ways and warehouses, as may be deem ed necessary by the Board of Directors. The company are grantedpower to lease any por tion of these lands, piers, docks, to levy taxes, charge toll* and to go into a general trans portation business. The bill also provides that the company shall annually, after these works are completed, pay to the city of Chicago ten percent of their earnings, filler deducting ten per cent in terest on their investment, this ten per cent is to he paid lor the improvement of Chicago harbor; also, that the etty can take possession of all their works at the end of fifty years, on paying the cost and ten per cent Ictereit. TIXLXD TO MXZT. A meeting of tbe Senate Railroad Committee was called for to-night to hear sortie gentlemen from Chicago on the Warehouse BUI, hnt by some hocus poens operation of the Chairman 1 hear that the meeting did not take placo, TQe subject has not been before the Senate to-day, In any shape. TSX STATE CAPITAL quxmos is beginning to excite some Interest, and gentle* inea from numerous point* in the nxrsl districts begin to talk again in favor of removing U to Cbl* cago. I bare heard none of the Chicago delega tion «y anything shoot it, bat I bear that the otter made from that city two years ago to give the Union Park, worth a million of dollar?, and five (500,000 cash for the location, is still open for acceptance, and is a tempting offer; and if the people of Springfield do not manifest more liberality In the matter than they have here tofore shown, they may wake np some morning and find the capital ont of their roach. I may add that (be conduct of the immediate represen tative o» the Springfield people, Hr.Conkllug, In opposing In an offensive manner any proposi tion coming from the northern portion of tbe State looking to relief from the rail road monopolies is seriously dsmsglne the interests of Springfield in this nutter tux pans sou The Park Bill lobbyists hare bad eereral acces sions to their noaber daring tbe past tweaty-fosr hours. The exposal* which 1 made of the charter of the Chicago Public Park BUI, known as Smith's bill, baa settled Its huh. I don't thick It will ever get ont of the bands of the committee, Tbo only really honest bill that 1 have seen is the occ published in Chicago papers last week, and put Into the Senate on Monday. It baa been amended in several Im portant particulars, and la now In such shape that lean fee no chance for objection. 11 wu taken from the table, to-day, with another almost la the same terms, but exempting the Egandale proper ty, belonging io the Drezels or Philadelphia, fiom|the operations of the law, and was referred, ibis last bill Is a big swindle In favor of the Drezels. All the Cook County delegation sre for the honest bill. Introduced on Monday.* 1 can see no reason why it will not and should not pass. Tbe only real opposition comes from the Drexcl champions, sud I do not think their pile of greenbacks Is largo enough to defeat U. It would cot bo a bad notion, however, for the Chicago people to move at once, and with vigor, In the matter. surusiis count or illikois. Opinions hare just been filed lathe following cases argued al Mount Vernon, at the November term: Dickey el al. vs. Carter, affirmed; James et al. vs. Uambletoo et al, reversed and remanded; Allen vs. Coffl), reversed and remanded; Lucas vs. Lacompleto, reversed; Miller vs. Price, af firmed; Green et al. vs. Walker, affirmed; Hebert PeUock vs. Mathew McClukeo, af firmed. Alto, opinions have been filed In the following cases argued at Ot tawa at tho April term. ISfiftt Adams Express Company vs. Richard T. Haynes, reversed and remanded; Clly of Chicago vs. Storr, reversed snd remind'd; A. Campbell etal. vs. J. K. Me- Kalian it at., affirmed; Crotty vs. Mur risrny, reversed and remanded; John Nobun vs. Ole M. Orren, reversed and remanded ; William A. Butters vs. IMer v. llangh et al. vs. u. W. Itmasey et al., affirmsd; J*rs« ft. llarbl-on vs. Pykrtaiu dhook, affirmed; u. V, Harding w. Mary Larkin eltl., reversed and re manded ; Mary Larkin et il. va. Q. I', Harding,re versed and remanded. (Special Corroipondonco of tbo Chicago Trltmoa.l brnixuirmn, ill., February C, inn. A bill was introduced this morning with the following ponderous title, ll waa received with •htm's of laughter: “A Dill (or an Act to repeal an Act entitled ‘ An Act amendatory of an Act to authorize tbo Protestant Episcopal Chnrcn In U>o State of Illinois to raise a innd (or (he support of a Duhop, and to aid snperstmnsled ministers and the widows and children of deceased ministers, approved February 10, 18-tO,' approved February til, 1601; and to revive an actrentitled ‘An Act to authorize the Protestant Episcopal Cbnrch in the State of Illinois to raise a food for tbe support of a Bishop, and to aid, superannuated mlaiaten and the widows and children of deceased minis' ters, approved February 10,1819;' and to revive an Act entitled ‘An Act authorizing certain per sona bolding property in trust for tbe die of the Protcetaut Episcopal Cbnrch in tbe State of Illi nois to convey the same, approved January 21, ISSC.’ ’* llie following are the provisions of the hill, which do not cover quite as much paper as the title : Scctiok 1. Be it enacted. &c , That an Act cntl' tied “An Actamecoatory of an Act entitled ‘An Act to authorize the Protestant Episcopal Cbnrch in the State of Illinois, to raise a fond for tbe support of a filahop, and to aid superannuated ministers, and to aid widows and children ol deceased ministers, approved February 19, 1819.* approved February 21,iSfil,” be and the same is hereby repealed. Sxc. 2. That an Act entitled “ An Act to author, ize the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State ol Illinois to raise a (nod for tbe support of a Bishop and to aid superannuated ministers and tbe widows and children of deceased ministers, spproved February 10, IStV' be and the same is b«xcby revived. Sxc. 8. That an Act authorizing certain persons holding property In trust lor the use of the Pro testant Episcopal Church In the State of Illinois to convey the same, spproved January 2J, 1953, be and the same is hereby revived. Sxc. 4. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. This is “the same old coon" wblcn appeared in tbe House two years ago. under a less ponder* ous. but not less ambiguous title. It went to the Judiciary Committee then, and never was heard of again. It will share the same fttc now. 1 thoroughly exposed the character of the bill at that time and need not repeat tbe exposition. The Protestant Episcopal citizens of Illinois are familiar with the designs of this bill, and a large majority of them are against U now and always. TH£ STATE LEGISLATURES. ILLINOIS. [Spcdat Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sracrormj), IQ., February 6, SENATE, , rarmoNS. Mr. CHENEY presented the petition of cit izens of McLean County, urging the poisagc ol the Kastman Warehouse Bill. TUB BAXLCOAD BILL. Mr. MACS, from the Committee os Railroads, reported hack his Railroad Bill, with amendments, and recommended Its passage. Hr. FULLER moved as an amendment sub stantially the same bill that passed tha House yesterday. Hr. MACE moved to lay the amendment on tbe fable. Carried—Teas, 11; nays, 12. Hr. RATION oCfcrcd another hill as a subtil lute. Hr. SLACK moved to lay it os the table. Ttae motion waslo«t by yeas, 10: nays, 15. Hr. WOODSON moved to lay Mack's and Pit ton's bills and amendment* on the table, to bo printed for tbe Information of tbe Senate. Carried. . Conlderatlosof tbe subject made tbe special older for ten o'clock to-morrow. qux«rtox? or rumLXox. Mr. McCOKNELLroae to aqnemoa of privi lege. He read an article from tbe Calcago Epttting Journal, entitled ** Another Oath-Breaking Sena tor.wherein be was attacked for introducing a bUI in tbe Senate for amending me State Convl tniioo. He explained fbat be was Instructed to offer tbe bill by the Judiciary Committee, though be was not afraid to- assume tbe entire responsi bility of the transadion. He went on to defend the legality of tbe coone be had taken. Hr. KELLY also rose to a question of privilege, and read from tbe Chicago Timet an article beaded *• Briber* as a Burlnees.” He would say to ibe editor of the Times, tl be would point to any man who bad been bribed In the Lezukitnro. be would help to prosecute him. Ho denounced tbe imputation of bribery, so for as ho was con cerned, tt an In famous lie. » , Mr. FORT rose to a question of privilege. Tbe Chicago Tninras, during tbe Senatorial contest, bad charged Senators with disgracing themselves who voted lu Republican caucus for laying on the table a motion to vote by rtw coce. lie charac terised such attacks as uutair. It might be con sidered a late day to make this explanation, lie watted until this time In order to let angry paa •lons, engendered by (be contest, be allayed. Hr. GIIEEN rose to a question of privilege. Be had something to say of that Republican cau cus. lie voted lor Mr. Trumbull In tbatcancu*, and was kicked out of ti c caucus tor that very reason. Tbit was all he bad (o say. Adjourned until two p, to. AFTERNOON* SESSION—THE STATE CAPITAL. Mr. HBILY reported a bill from tbe Committee on Public Buildings, carrying out Ute vTowa ex press* d In hi* adjournment reflations. Tlic bill prondcs tor tbe Adjournment of tbe Senate on February 90tb. and reassembling on tbe first Monday m May. and appointing Commis sioners to visit Places, astlng large appropria tions. Sixty days arc to bo consumed In travel ling. and each member U to get tJRi lor ibo term. Every member of the Legislature Utobeou the comialPeo. Tbe bill was referred (o the Finance Commute? alter the Senate bad relaxed to lay it on tbe UMo. thanks to tui soLpiina. Mr. FDLLKU ofli'iod resolutions thanking Ihs solnlnrsoi Illinois la the late war for thetr heroic deeds on Uie battle-deld, and providing for the printing of Ure resolutions and tbe transmission of aeopy toevwy honorably discharged Illinois foldhr, as a testimonial or the btste to lu de fenders. Adopted, tux school lavi, „Tbe bUI to ptonde tor publishing cetUln dec! rbns on the Bchool Lair, tod other Jnfonml >n •toot schools, it the biale expense, hu called up aid pined. _ nnx. yon nztsv. The bill for relieving twenty-four gentlemen of uwreitce County from paying a bond ol ®5).000, cone up and passed. The persons relieved went hill to the amount mentioned for one Provost Aarsbal Stanton,who killed two men While trying t« arrest deserters, was arrested, and fled. OCBZnWATOIIUL APPOIimiXSTS. jThe Governor rent in the following nomlna tons: W. H, Green, of Alexander Comity: Calvin Gandy, ot Christian; Jesse W. More, of Macon; T, R. Leal, of Champaign: Jesso W. Fell, of Me wan County, and Dr. Ellas C. DoPuy, of Ste plcsson County, as members of the Board of Ed mailoo, to fill vacancies. BILLS BASKED. To amend the Game Law; to relieve tbe Sherifl ol Jefferson county from refunding to the State •LOOO elolen from him; to provide for the distri biuon through the State of tbe report*. Journal aid messages ot the 251 h General Assemoly ; to to protect the lives of minora at railroad stations hr fining them for going there without permis sion. BILLS CTTBODCCED. To incorporate tbe WascontaU and Lebanon R. R. Co.: to incorporate the Clayton and Whitehall X. R. Co.; to amend the act removing the county seat of Pnlaaxl county. Adjourned. DOUSE. rsTirros*. . “ . U IV.|O. A cumber of petitions for the passage Of East man a Warehouse BUI were received. vn.i r , nrrno»ccrD. Several blUs were Introduced and referred, box. passes. a niii fv,, - - * * - .it. iuij. r.TVTfcu. A bill was pasted regulating the time of holding the Circuit Court In the Fourth Judicial District. ' TBS FSStTZSTUBT CIATUS. The Senate bill appropriating for payment of the Penitentiary claims was taken no. Messrs. CHILDS, HDRLBCT, STACEY. BATES and others, spoke in favor of the claims, as Just and proper, and urged the immediate passage of tbe bill for the relief of the claimant*. The fact that the Joint Committee on the Penitentiary hare unanimously endorsed the bill was stated in favor of its final passage. A motion to order to a third reading at ibis time was. however, lost for want ot a three-fourths vote. nzroars or commas. ih.Avu,a vr .WAUAU. The standing committees reported a large num ber ot aula in routine course. ■Tbe select committee on tbe Oak Park Road Bill reported an amendment, referring tbe matter to tbe decision of the Cook County Board of Su pervisors. ran STAR GEOLOGICAL scarrr. The bill to increase the efficiency of the geo logical and mineralogies! earvey of tbe State was briefly dismissed and passed. Adjourned. AFTERNOON SESSION. boijjizsb' cozxias. The first special order of the day, tbe hill ap propriating 125,000 to the Soldiers' College at Fulton, was, on motion, made tbe special order for to-morrow at li a. m. PXSATS VXBBAQZB AJri> - were taken up and referred to the several appro priate committees. tux CAwax, quxsnoir. The House then went into Committee of the Whole on the canal question, Mr. DINSMOUR, of Whiteside. In the chair. Mr. EDDY spoke In defence of the blll,qnotlnea crest quantity of statistic? to prove tbe Immense advantages to be derived from the proposed iu- Einvemcnla. Be showed tbatnot less than one nnrired and thirty million bushels of grain were carried by the railroads into Chicago In tbe past year; that nearly the whole of this amount would be carried by water If the canals were built; that .the cost of freightage by rail was three and one-bslf times that by water; Inal the amount of freight carried may be calculated as increasing at the rate of twenty percent per an num. Not less than two millions per annum may be expected as tbo revenue from freights on the line of the Bock Island Improvement alone, even with tbe present development of the country, while we have all tbe great Northwest to back ns. In which not more than one acre la one hundred Is yet cultivated. As evidence of tbo profits be quoted the figures of theNevr York A Erie Canal, showing that up to tbo date of the last Canal Commissioners' report in New York, that canal bad cost but fifty-two and ,s half millions, and tbo expense of repairing and maintaining bad been but twelve and a half millions, while tbo total receipts from tolls bad been soventy-ono millions seven hundred thousand dollars. Tbe speaker revolted to tbe great natural advantages offering encour agement for tbo prosecution of tbo work, and showed how by approtilatious from the General Government and the thy of Chicago, tbe work Is to bo aided, and In con.lnrion appealed to mem bers not to kill the bill by clogging It wltu the weight of petty local measures. . Mr. PARKER glorifiedtheKankakoeniverand wanted it Inserted in the bill for Improvement, but was willing to compromise by allowing an amendment to be inserted In the bill giving the Commissioners the authority to Improve any men In the Stale which they might choose. Mr. BOWVEK expressed his horror of figures, lie did not believe that anything proven by figures could bo true, and however attractive-the canal scheme might be rendered by statistics, ho knew all such statistics weald In the lalare turn out to be glittering deceptions. They couldn't fool him I Ob, no t and the people of boulhern Illinois couldn't be fooled either I They know how it will increase their taxes. Oh, yes 1 and they wilt oof willingly pay a dollar for toe thing. They know bow it wilt belt (boy go for these Im provements. They know more will soon he re quited of them, and Urey don't belters In coo* UDiislly going on with those Improvements—this ■II the lime going ahead. Mr, 1)01.AN anvocated the claims of IbeWa barb, avowing at tho same lime that tie represented rtsrction which had bo Internal Improvements and no teiourc*s, and tsM rim whole scheme met with ills unqualified disapprobation, incuts now before the llunsv,‘culling off the first section after (he words, “lie hereafter adoplsd," merely admitting of the conlimiarinn of the Chi* caao and l-akalln Csiial Improvement. ’lira SPEAKER siamd that the first question be fore (he House wm Mr. ohlrloy'* amendment, making tbe'CowmUslon-rshiu* elective offices, one from «*sch Congressional District. Ur. KPLIiU moved a ■iiluiltme, striking out Gosernor, Kecrniary of hula, and Auditor, and empowering the Governor to appoint savua akll ffit and discreet persons as Commlsaioacrs, (he term of office to Im four years Mr. HUIRLEY accepted the anbitltote and withdrew his amendment. Mr. HAILEY renewed Mr. Shirley's amend ment m an amendment to Mr. Eider's substitute. Then Mr, BIUUI.KY Insisted upon bis own amendment. At Uilajnictnre points of order became mixed, and the tangle was only gotten out of by going on with the speeches. Mr. STAt F.V, of Bureau, spoke in favor of tho bill. Re reverted to the rapid growth of Illinois from 167,100 Inhabitants, poverty and no markets, InISSO, to tbe present, when she has two and a half millions of Inhabitants, with near fourteen million acres of improved lands, and her corn crop alone amounts to 177,000.000 bushels per annum. With reference to tbe claim that tbe trade to New Orleans and the Sooth Is »o Impor tant an Item, he showed that last year Dllnolsonly sent 2,19 a bushels of wheat and 80,000 barrels of Hour to New Orleans, while she sent 2.000,000 bushels of wheat and 1,187,000 barrels of flour lo New York. At this point. Hr. HCTRLBUT suggested that as It was getting late, it would be an injustice to Mr. Stacey, the chairman of the committee, to expect him to finish his argument this evening. He therefore moved that the committee rise, report progress anff ask leave to sit again to-morrow afternoon, thus gulag Hr. Stacey tbe floor at tbe specified time. The motion was agreed to. ajcottixb wancnorsE sill. Mr. KPI.ER obtained leave to introduce a ware house bill, which was referred. moTxcnox at badboad cnosscros. Hr. WARREN introduced a resolution Instruct ing the Committee on Railroads to inquire into the means of protecting lives and property at rail road crossings, and to report a bill thereon. Adopted. The bill fixing the fees of County Clerks in certain specified counties was passed. Adjourned. WISCONSIN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} . Madison, February 6. In tbe Senate, to-day, several petitions concern ing local matters were received. Senator Fnllon introduced a Joint resolution to amend section four of article eight of tbe Constitu tion; substantially that the State shall never con tract a public deb*, except that tbe Legislature shall provide by law that for every twenty miles of railroad operated by steam power, hereafter built and equipped, there shall be donated by the State to the company halloing the same SIOO,OOO. A debt may be created for that purpose, and bonds issued in addition thereto. Senator Fulton claims that the license money to be paid by railroads should be more than equal to the interest on the debts, and the protect would ultimately result In teduced taxation,besides opening valuable rail road communication. Bills were introduced to authorize the State University to invest its funds In Dana County bonds, to establish) the fees of Registers of Deeds, for recording marriages, and unimportant local bills. Bills were passed to amend chapter 506 of local laws of 18G6, relation to the Wisconsin Central Railroad: to provide for payment to the clerks of the Legislature; to provide for the distribution of school moneys in certain cases. Considerable time was spent on the bill for the assessment and collection of taxes. Adjourned. In the Assembly, several petitions were received for the repeal of the dog law. Hr. Johnson *s*resolntions looking*!© restrict ing railroads in their charge and forb'ddlag con solidation was considered, it was amended so as to Instruct tbe Committee on Railroads to re port one bill fixing urtlform rates, another to pro hibit consolidation of any railroads in the Stale, and was then adopted. Bills were Introduced to authorize the Secretary of State to purchase Supreme Court reports to exchange with other Slates; to amend, to modify and tot repeal dog laws; to amend the Uw regulating the fees of Justices of the* Peace; nuking further provision concerning railroads ; to repeal so much bT tbe laws of ISC6 as provides tor holdings Uw term of the Circuit Court tin Walworth County In the month of -Inly, and several other unimportant bills. The Senate memorials to Congress asking re imbursement for expenses Ircnm-d in tbe mailer of the Paris Exposition and for land grant aid to bnild a railroad ftpa Freeport. Illinois, to Madi son, Wisconsin, were concnrredtn. Tte Assembly bill to authorize counties and towns to aid the Green Bay «t Pepin Ralirosd was passed. Also hills to amend (be highway and bridge Uw, and half dozen local hills. The bill to repeat fast winter’s Uw which limits the number of employes about the Legislature was indefinitely postponed. Last evening tbo Assembly was in session to consider the Constitutional Amendment. General Hobart, member from Milwaukee,elected on the Democratic ticket, and Democratic candidate for Governor In 3865, made a lone speech In favor of the amendment. He was followed by Mr. Dyer, of Racine, on the same side. The House did aot come to a vote. The subject will be resumed tide evening, and probable disposed of. The Senatorial Railroad Committee have re ported against the adoption of a resolution look ing to tine appointment of a committee to con sider railroad matters In connection with the Leg tsUture of Illinois, - INDIANA, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trlbnnc.J iRPtAXATous, February 8., Tbe Kenato call (bowed thirty-nine members present. Ihc House Boiling Dill was taken up. Mr. Banns oSered an amendment giving the .Senate JurMlcliun Inslcvd of (be Criminal Court, and striking ont the emergency clause, which was laid <<u the table. Tbe bill was then read a (&<>d time. Hr. Mason moved that It he recommitted to the Judiciary Committee, with lasuncffoos to strike cut the emergency clause. After atoncthy discus sion ly blcln. Cravens and Ojfer lor the bill, and Hawk, 1 agent, Hanna, Cullen and .Lafaoo •gainst It, wMOti'j tnoilon was laM on theublo by SO to 18. The previous question was Iheu moved and stistali eu. On tbe passage of the bill the vote stood as follows x . Av«s—Messrs. Bellamy. Bennett, Bonham, Blown, Cason, Church, Cravens, Cnroback, Hyatt. Jaqncss, Miles, Noyce, ovler, Parris*. Rescan, Reynolds, Utcbtnoud, Robltuoo, Stein, Thompson. Ward. Wolcott—to. „ . Jtoa—Mea n. Barker, Bowman, Carton, Col. lon. FnjiUih. niftord, Usans, Boughlon. Uney, Huffman, Humphreys, L*», Mason, Kovlln, Smith, Htaggs. Taggart, Ttimer—W. This ta a strict part) vole, bat Gallon, Ropuh (lets, voting with too minority. Absent or cot voting—Hawk, Ulce, Sherrod, Terry, Vawter, Armstrong. In the Dome thirteen petiUon* were presented for t prohibitory liquor Jaw. The bill tor the protection of game was parted. A joint resolution wta ottered matrading oar Senators to vole arainst confirming any person nominated to office by the President. BnCHIGIN.' Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Laxstna, February 6. The following nominations of the Governor were confirmed in Joint Convention t John Robertson, Adjutant General; Orrin N. Gld dlnge, Quartermaster General; Russell A. Alger, Inspector General; Benjamin Pierson, Trustee Flint Asylum. - A large delegation arrived from Kalamazoo, to-nlchl, to look after the Interests of ’he vetoed bill. Tbeze la a strong probability of its passage over tbe veto. The affair creates more feeling than anything thus lar during the session. The senate Tax Extension Bill for Hancock, - Houghton County, was passed Tbs House resolution was adopted raising a a Joint Special Committee to inquire by what right the Detroit A Milwaukee BaUtoad Company exercises corporate powers. The Grand Rapids* Indiana KaDcotd Bill was passed. KANSAS. [Special Correspondence of me Chicago Tribune.] Topeka, Kansas, February 6. The Senate passed bUUfor the purchase of the Insane Asylum BuUdtng; to legalize tbe appraise ment of certain school lands In Doniphan County; providing for registration la certain cases; to enable Probate Judges toprintna&nlshed records of their predecessors; to legalize tbe acts of C. G. Fray while acting as Justice of the Peace; to amend the school law; to create a Board of mlml gratlon. The Bouse passed bins to amend tho school laws; to vacate the public square in tbe town of Pardee; prescribing the qualifications of sureties on effleial bonds; relating to the payment of judgments -m the District court; to amend the election law: to legalize the town plat of the town of Lonisvllie; to amend the code of civil procedure; to authorize the Com missioners of Morris County to complete the records of the Probate Court of said county; to relieve the destitute 'Wyandotte Indians; to amend the act to prevent firing of woods, marshes or prairies; to protect cattle from disease, AUo, the Bouse concurrent resolution to amend the Constitution, and strike ont the word “white." it was amended so as to strike out the word “male," and making Intelligence the basis of suffrage after IKO. TENNESSEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Nsanmix, February S. The friends of Equal Bights obtained a glorious victory to-day In the Tennessee House of Repre sentative*. The Suffrage BUI came up on its third' and last reading. Amendments to restore all per sons to the ballot-box immediately who {voted spalnst secession in Fcbroary, 1561, and to restore all others, except such as are excluded for hold ing office under the Constitutional Amendment passed by Congress, after 1670, were sncces-lvely voted down, and then tbe bill passed by 9s to 25. An amendment that It shall not be so construed as to permit negroes to sit on juries or bold ofllce was tacked on. This wilt probably be stricken out In the Senate, and It Is hoped lucre are enough good men in tbe Goose who will coocar.aadlhas bare Half groat measure eland unencumbered by extraneous matter, as it should. There was Immense applause la the House when tbe vote was announced. The Union men arc Jubilant to-night. IHAIAE. Acocbta, Me., February 6.—Tho Home has re futed to concur In the action of the Senate In amending the law to permit *whlto persona to In termarry with a negro, mulatto or Indian, by a vote of 45 yeas to 70 nays. ARKANSAS. Mxnrms, February 0 —'The Atalantftt't Little Rock, Arkansas, special says tho Legislature has untied a resolution appropriating f7Bto replace •lie funds of tbo General Government selxod by (he Convention at the time of secession. LOUISIANA. New OntKAHs February o.—Tho Louisiana House of Hcnrcavutatlves unanimously rejected the Constitutional Amendment to-day. The House unanimously concurred In tbe hill ca'llng the State Constitutional Convention. The bill now awaits the signature of the Governor to liccomo a law. I» 1? reported that tbe bill will be vetoed. Two nosocceißlul ballots were bad for United Stales Senator. FUO2I ST. LOUIS. Kansas Railroads lnsurance State* tiirttU Arrested Disastrous I'lrn- WrcckoftUo Lllllo fflartln—llrciiklng of tho Ico Gorges—Death of N. W, tirsliom-Armt of Robber*, (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) Bt. Louis, February B. Kanins City parlies represent that although they were unsuccessful In selling bonds In Chicago, they hive ncgoUnlctf Uic same In the Kant, and tho railroad mg their a'nuuaTruremYriCsTVhoiigh required by Iswtodosn. Failure to onset s penalty fur re losal prevent* Ihelr punishment. Julia Manley was arrested hmo to-day, on a re quisition trum Uiu Governor of Pennsylvania' on ■ charge of grand larceny. Tbo Missouri Glass Works wore destroyed by fire Hils wonting. Loss, »iu J»*ursccu. A fire occurred at Springfield, Mo., on Monday nlatat. resulting tu the total destruction ot one entire block on the public square, embracing the Colon lloUd, sAvurai .tores, ouesal-voB. the Union I‘rttt office, a large livery atablu, besides a num ber of families burned out. Loss, from liw.'wo to lio.ouo. The Bailie Martin, which a few days ago was reported sunk between here and Cairo, wllliprove a rotal loss, and in fact is already being wrecked. Most ot her cargo was removed to the shore lo a damaged condition, Tbe scene on the river below, at (he breaking op of the gorges. Is described by tho officers oi tbe boatslnst in as one of unequalled grandeur. In Ft. Geneve Bend, (be ico was plied upon the ?hore to tbe height of twenty feet. St. Louis, February 6.—N. W. Graham, former- Ira merchant at Culro, and SupennUsudout of Marine Transportation on tbo Mltslaaldpl River during the war, died at tho Sontheru Hotel In this dty, to-day. Johnny Grady, Charles Stewart and Tom Can non, all professional theivcs, have been arrested here, charged with being concerned In a recent bank robbery at New Orleans. They were taken Sontb mjlrrna, to-day, In charge of Officer Gray and DetectivoConnore, of ibis cry. ' fltOß DESMOUES. State Temperance League—Railroad Brldges-.U ovementa of Troop*—min eral islacoverlea—The Weather* Ac. (Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.} Du Moikcs. February 6. Tbe State Temperance League met here to-day. Toe attendance was alim. the roads being block aded in every direction, and delegatee could not reach here. Penaanet organization waa effeced as follows: J.W. Cottom, President; W.D. Henry, Councilor; A. S. Peterson, Secretary; Samncl Rankin, Treasurer. Ono Vice President was elected from each county In the State. Ar rangements were made for a vigorous campaign of the State. Tbe engineers of IheDes Moines Valley & Ce dar Rapids and Pacific railroads have been making founding? for their bridges to-day, across the tics Moines, in this city—both to be built tbe coming season. Several companies of troops passed through Connell Bluffs ou the 2d, on their way to the scene oftbe Indian troubles. Lead has been discovered m Fayette County. Parties arc boring for oil, with a prospect of sac cose, in I-ee County. The weather is warm. Sleighing is “played out." Des Moists, lowa, February 6.— A bold and daring highway robbery was committed about three miles from this city, on tbe Avon road, upon Hr. Wm. Voorbees, a book agent, by three highwaymen. While plodding along quietly, he was surprised by three men suddenly earning out of the brneb, right at his side. Two of them Im mediately dismounted without a word. One of them instantly seized Mr. Voorbees by the rlgbtann. ardthe other by theieTt.'Whlle the third one stayed on bis horse. Hr. V. demanded, “What does this mean?" “We want your money 1" tie told them he bad received so money. No reply was made to this, but one of the rnlSans struck his band down on Hr. Voorbees* pocket which con tained the pocketbook, thrust bis hand in and look it out. 1 hey then wanted to know If he had any more money. Tie told them be had not, when them let go their hold upon him, and, with out any further ado, mounted their horses and rode toward Indianola. Tbe vtillans were young men, though so closely muffled as to escape recog nition. All had fleet hones. FROM ST. PAUL. Slate Agricultural Society—State Fair— LegialaUvc Proceeding*—Sue. Benin. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) St. Paul, Minn- February 8. The annual meeting of the State Agricultural Society was heldTn the House of Representatives to-day, and Dr. Wann elected President, Charles Clark, Secretary, and W. L. Ames, Treasurer. Governor Marehahjand others addressed themeet tog. It was decided to bold the State Fair either on tbe lost of September or Ottt of October, bat tiie exact time ana place were left to tbe Executive committee. . . As usual after so excursion, legislative pro ceedings to-day were unimportant. The House discussed the proposition for striking the word “white" from our Constitution, but adjourned without action. _ Ss.«aa Dentil has engaged tbe Opera Honse for a six months’ season, commentin'? May Ist. Mr. Meyer, of Milwaukee, will be associated with her id the management. FROM HADIS OS. Debate on the Constitutional Amend* mens—General Hobart’s Speech* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) SLmisox, Wta., Febrn*rxfl» The debate on ibo Constitutional Amendment occupied the session of the Assembly last evening, and will be continued this evening. General 11, C, Hobart, elected aa fa Democrat from Milwaukee, created considerable sensation in Ibe Democratic ranks, and elicited tbe warm applause of tbe Union men, by a very able, logical and eloquent speech In favor of the proposed ComtltnUonal Amend ment and each section thereof. It was one of tno best speeches of tbe session. Uis Democratic friends bade him good-bye at its close. Mr. Classon. Independent Democrat, strongly endorsed General Hobart's views, and Hr. Dyer,of Uacme. Union, made a strong speech on the same tide, • Connecticut Ormucrutlc Bute Convoa* lion* lUntronn. February a.—At the Democratic State Convention to-day, lion, i* V. Waldo pre sided. Hop. J. English wav nomluatod for Gov ernor by acclamation. Tne otaer nominees are: I.(cnl*hat>t Governor, Ephraim tf. Hyde,* ffocre (ary of Htato, I/vrreUe K. Tease; Treasurer, Bd «»«d L. Mostly; ComolroMcr, JcsscO/ner. Tbe resoinUona adopted slain that there tv nothing In the way ol the harmonious working of our repnbllcan lustUntloua sivo the factloua course of • mutilated Congress- Peace and con cord can only he established by (he defeat of tbe liialcalsind the union of »U Conservatives. They rejoice In Ue recent decision of the Sopre-oe Court, vid under thank* to Trevldenl Joamon NUMBER 2ii, for bla manly course In resisting the unauthorised legWttlon roepietiog the rights of ibe Sutra. They alao favor the elght-bonr system. tod tbe tbouahlojr of the poll Us. Severs! speeches were midc.ono by Mr. English, and the Convention adjourned. FKOM LOUISVILLE. Ttae BXcndel Border Caee A Riot Among tbe Stevedores. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Louisville, February C. In tbe case of John A. Mendel, indicted fjr tbe murder of hii fbtber. in December last, la the Criminal Court, to-day, ttae Jury were-discharged. A row betwedl tbe Irish and negro stevedores, employed on toe levee, to-day, resulted in the Irish driving the negroes from their work and preventing their return. Several negroes were badly beaten. . THE NEW YORK RaILBOAB WAR. Commodore Tanderbllt’e Defence of the Action of tbe Hudson River Ballroad Company. 6.—Commodore Vander bilt was examined before Ibe Boose Railroad Committee yesterday, Beconsldeied tbe term!- nos of tbe Bndson River Road to be at Green* bush, and that ibe ferriage was free. Bebtd sold -all bis Central stock because be did not want to have anything to do with the new mon. lie had no confidence tn Mr. Keep's management, The Hud son badnever claimed more tban pro rata rate*, bat tbe Central wanted to nse tbe road only three or four months at those cafes, while tbe Hudson wanted them to use all Ibe year round. Be con sidered that from three to lour hundred ihon*asd dollan would have been only fair Tor the way in which they wonted to nse the Hudson. Bn son made tbe bnndred thousand dollar arrangement. Be disapproved of it, hot telt boned to abide by 1U The rescinding of their agreement with tbe Central was tbe cause of breaking connection. Be said he did not wish to punish anybody, nor injure the public Interests, oaf all be wanted was bis rights and rhe vindica tion of his principle. Tnls he was determined to , bare, and he regarded tbe law as too alow, when he had the power in his own hands to accomplish his purpose. Be bad not made the break until every means of conciliation were exhausted. He bad committees appointed to negotiate. He did not attend tbe meetings of tbe commJt’ce'even ings ; his evenings were devoted to whist, and not to business, and be aid not let business inter 'ere with tbe game. Qe bad rot now what suited him better tban tbe hundred thousand dollar*, if they live op to.tbeir agreement, lie owns one quarter of tbe Athens Road. Ills connection with that road was one of the foolish acts of bis life. He declined to elate bow mnch stock be held in tbe Hudson, and be did not know as ho bad a controlling interest. FROM SEW YORK. Death of the Wife of General Sickles —ncCracken Disowned—Demand for the Release of an Alleged Privateer— Action of the flrts insurance Com panies. JJrw York. February 6.—The wife of General Skklcf, abo became noted some years ego. died to-day. Charles O'Conor denies that McCracken is either a relative or acquaintance. The Colombian Minister made fortpal demand for the release of the K. R. Cnyler. An official Investigation into the matter of her seizure la progressing. Subscriptions to the Southern relief fnnd amonnts to f 17,000. Another descent upon a gambling house was made by the police, and the proprietor and eight gamblerswere arrested. The committee appointed by the Insurance companies to devise means for the prevention of flrrs recommended that no risks be taken on build ings used for (be general storage of cotton for less than six per cent per annum, unices competent watchmen. In sufficient numbers, be employed by the store keepers.day end night—the rate of in surance to be three per cent, on warehouse prop erty guarded against fire. FROM CANADA. Story or the fingllaU Demand for LstmarlDdo Healed—Large Gold Pitor- C«U NoimHUt. February 6.—The Government says the Cable despatch announcing that England bad demanded 1 junarlnds U Incorrect. What eno did demand was an explanation, which France Immediately Rate, and which was .satisfactory to Enclnnd. A forty-flvo ounce nnrgct from the Gilbert Ittvor Gold Alines vraa exhibited la tbu city to-day. Haw York, February o.—The Hew York Times’ Montreal special says: specials to the Government Organs here aononnee the expects* tlon that the Confederation Bill will pass tbo Im perial Parliament without opposition, before tbo dote of February. 'Canada* is the name re commended for tbo new nation by the delegates, hot the ultimate choice rent* with Her Alalcsty. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. The Netnda IcsliUturetoAak for ia< lirogllo. Bar Fitaßctsce, January fl.— A Joint memorial, asking CoiicroM lo extend tboinrlstltcilnn of the Hiaio of Nevada over Iho Tutrftory of Utah, ha* been Introduced li. the Navsoa Ltu/UlaUiro .lUe lot atenart, mat Hcproactitatlro Ashley will urge Cons’ess to act upon llieunesllon an requested by Nevada. A despatch from PUcervllls sava two sets of officers were clt clrd yesterday for Out I’lsco/vlllo A HrtC*nmrnlo Valley Hallroart, on* by the slock* boldcr«< ami the oilier by Wells, Fargo Jt Co., to whom tuo road was recently luoMragoil. mnrdfrrr Hansed. NonntiTow*, Pa. February rt.~J*col» T, Hsdooth wit oxrcimv) adorn vaon for tbs murder of Julia* Wochclo, a young German, in November Hu object was to obwm tho money belonging lo Wo* ctiele {n ciormany, and be wu deteetad by a letter wrllten to obtain It. lie died after tho delivery of a speech lo Qermin prole sling bit Innocence. Perllou* Navigation on tbeOhlo River, Cincinnati, February o.—The river is still full of boating Ice. A number of barret passed down in the Ice during the last twenty-fourhours. Reports Irom abovo and below reproicnt great deatractioD of property by the breaking up of the Ice. ConclDwlon of the Culver Trial, FtuKKUK, Pa., February o.—The trial of C. H Culver and James b. Austin was concluded to day. Tbe Jury, after a short absence, returned a verdict of not gullly, and tbat tbe prosecutor, John DaCleld, par Ibe costs. Tbe verdict was received with demonstrations of applause by the audience in court, and causes general rejoicing. Hurricane in Louisiana* New Okleanb, Febrnary 6.—A terrible hurri cane, on Febrnary Ist. swept over Ouachita River aud the adjoining parishes in Ibo neighborhood of I*me Bluffs, causing great destruction of property and loss of Lite. Ibe Inhabitants had to flee to the open fields for safety. Florida Confiscated LandL New Orleans, February C.—Official Informa tion from Femandlna. Florida, slate tnat the question at Issue, regarding tbe confiscation of lands, will remain in tlatu <juo uu’U tbe opening ot tbe United Stales District Court. Killed by a Falling Building* Balttnoue, February 6.—The walls of a build leg hi Holiday street fell to-day. Two laborers were killed and six injured. Summary Banging ora Horae Thief. Loclsvillx. Febrnary o.—At Danville. Ky., a horse thief named Trowbridge was taken from the Jail on Tuesday night and hong by a mob. mortuary* Boston, February o.—Henry Lee, a prominent citizen, doc J to-day, aged S 3 years. Funeral of Ex*Covemor Hunt, Buffalo, February 6.—Tbe fancral of cx-Gov ernor Bum took place at lx>ckport to-day. OBITUARY. General W. D. Wood, of St- died on the 3d Inst., in that city. He was a native of Pennsyl vania, but had resided in St Louis twenty years. For several years previous to the war he was Sec retary ol the bu Louis Citlren’a Insurance Com pany. In 1561 he was appointed on Governor Gamble’s staff wllb tbe rank of Colonel, and in ISC3 served In Arkansas, and Ih 1565 was promoted to a Brigadier Generalship. In 1566 be was elected President of the Occidental Insurance Company. Eon. Pltny Merrick, lately a Judge of the Su preme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, died in Boston on the 15th nIL, at the age of seventy-two. He graduated at Harvard College In 1314 and stndied law with Governor Lincoln at Worcester. In 1634 be was appointed Connty Attorney, and In 183 i District Attorney. In 1643 he was appointed Judge of Ibo Court of Common Pleas, resigning in 1319, and shortly after elected to Che State Senate. la ISSI he again accepted a seat on Ibo bench of the Com mon Fleas, and in iSSShe was appointed a Judge of tbe Supreme Bench In place ol the Don. Caleb Cushing* Judge Merrick was distinguished lor his urbanity and conrtesv, both In public and private life. Bis powers of conversation were great, and his Information unusually wide and various. Bp was for a few years an overseer of Harv ard College, and received there the degree of Doctor of I awa In 1833. Mrs. Emily Uactavisb. the daughter of Rich ard Canton, and granddaughter of Charles CsrrolL of Carrollton, one of the signers of the Declara tion of Independence, died on Saturday at bet residence in Baltimore, at the advanced age of seventy-four yean. Ura. Mictavtsh wu the sister of the late Marchioness of Wellesley, of Lady Stafford, and the Duchess of Leeds, the last named surviving her. Eerhnsbaud, the laio John Mactavisfa. Esq., was for many yean British Con sol ai Baltimore. Judge Ezekiel P. Chamber*, of Maryland, died at bis residence at Charlestown, la that State, on January SOth. Be was bora la Beat County, Maryland, in ITSB, and after graduating al Wash ington College, atudled taw, and was admitted to practice in !809. In 1522 be waa elected a State Senator, and in 1936 was tent by the Maryland Legislature to the Baited States Senate, eerrine for six years until 1&32, tad then by re-election until 1834, when be was appointed Chief Justice of the Second Judicial District of Maryland and a Judge of the Court of Appeals, lie held theeo positrons until I*sl, when tbe judiciary became elective. In 18&3 be «aa nQbred the position of Secretary of Iho Katy by President PDJniore, but declined the honor on account of Ht-bcallh. Since that time. Judge Chambers, (hough a decided Democrat af’cr the decline of the Whig party, has taken no active pari In politics. He was TP years old at the lime ot bis dea<b. and for neatly ball a century bad been one of the leading cltlacna o Maryland. trrwAlT UltOTlltiK*. Advertising Aai’» 130 Ur« rbjrnit« rrceivr ndvptturmpnt* for nil the lending pnprm threnaheut ibo Vutlr* Htaten nod (Inmutaji, . IBburattonal. T-TNIYEHBITV 0? NOTUE DAME, i I MJfUK DAME, INU,—The neu iron o| Uu» well-known Uitttibiion win comment* on uij riIUT OF kKOUCAUY. UtuCeoU, however, can<t.Ur al any time dnrloc the Tear. For Catalogue* and more • articular Infortna* Qoa app* to lur. l*iw‘u Cfjr Stating Season. TT^ZSTSIDBBINK MARTIN, The Great Acrobat and Gjrmnaat Skater, Qaifecci ftr Three Dm*. pMl°Z4un%ruC' foattof Contortion, ic, groat Ucloo Baad la attendance. Doors opwi au. Tlcaets M cent* each. TweadmUsioai charted oa coanmiailok tlefeti. QJOUT RAX, PARK. tnjagement for Two Sights Oslj 01 tbe Renowned Skater. MONS. GEO. LAFAX ETTE, Wht will ipmr each KmUc la hie dta. evil rale of navnißßU. SOB IO&Z9 ABB SAW. gKATINQ THIS EVENING OGDEN PARK. Tbe Postponed Mssquersde will take place Os Saturday Bweningj Feb. 9lh. fST Persons appearing la Costume will be admitted -free of charge. "Yy'ASHINGTON SKATING PARK. ICE IN SPLENDID CONDITION. Open This Afternoon and Evening. TYTABASH-AY. RINK. OPEN DAT AND EVENING Saturday, Benefit of Br. 2BcßZ*o7y tho Superintendent* 3Lu~ber. •j^XBIBEK! LUMBER! We bare a Large and Choice Stock of Lumber, Lath & Shingles, Which we otter to Country Dealers at prices which cannot fill to be satisfactory, (Or gvod assorted Qual ities. Our stock consists la pan ot Wide Ist. 3d and Sd Clear; Clear and 3d Clear Fluortas and Siding; Select and Common Stock and Box boards; Wide Saginaw Common Boards, Joists, Scantling, Timber, Ac. We have a large stock of 13, U. 16 and is-fect Fencing, which we offer low w tib other lumber. lir Orders solicited. Office and Yard on maeon’a Canal, In the new Lumber District. SCOTT a PDBTEB. ©Hooli anii Coal. COAL. $13.00 per Ton! I h«ve .about SO tons more Coal undisposed nl at BOBT LAW’S YARD, which 1 am lelUng at 113.00 per toe. It will be delivered anywhere inside city Umlis. Call on F. B. MARSHALL, ■ 13'd South Clark-St.* Room 13. CLOSING OUT From 3.000 to S.OOO Mu drat quality Eastern Bituminous Coal, In Quantities to gait pr haters. at greatly reduced rates. Offlee, Ko. S,W*..er’* nulMliur.OTcrKo.AOM Dearborn-si. WALHEK A CUTTING, Agts. IRjotogtapfjs. 108 ' ’ THA I- S6Ol • • 108 Being the nut Photographer In the city f> reduce fbe price of work. lam now prepare) to sta*. i> nr all fast action, std tire niycnttomcn unexcelled Carte* do Vlstte at only ft.oo per doren. Wo nmen sail la letting Children’* Pictures; Copying a speclaltr. Don’t mistake oaroe ornatu&er. E.L. URANti, IDS Ltte-sL A RT MATTERS—PHOTOGRAPHIC. Jt\ Having sorcocdsd Ih securing the eiclmlve #er. vices of PROF. W. O. MHLL. the •ralnaol Portrait Painter. 1 am now prepared to furnish worn in a man* ner not surpassed on the American Continent. Hr Call at 108 Lake-st. and are specimen*. R. L. BUASD. Pfop'r. fHasonlc Notices. ■\TASONIO—A Regular Commtmlcntlotv IVi of Ashlar Lodge. No. SOU,*.* A. U- wilt be Few at Blair Hail This (THURSDAY) ovoalnr, Fch. 7. At I o’clock. Brethren aro cordially Invited. IIKNUT TUCKKIt, Bec’y. jyjAbOHIC. A Uesular Commnnlcntlon of Cleveland LodsoNo. 711 A. K. ar<> A. will hpM at thetr bait, No. Hi west lUndolph st., UiU tTUUIUDAV) evn.lng, at 1 Wotkon 11. U. Perrro. MUSIC. GERMAN POPULAR hONUH.—Concordia: Anthology olUarman(’!■•• people) Sonia, foe Plano end Huns, by tkhobett. lUrnionta, supplement t« tn<* above. A te. uasraa, with (leman,Trench and Italian words. KIPII HUKffI.RH, j^nmuou MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. An Knillib lady, pnpll of lleru and Novsllo, desire* a elm or all young ladle* UttloUb in Vocal anil instru mental Music. Tor lermi, 4c., apply by letter, to Dot 31IIH. CPlrago. 3To JHent. rpo RENT— TIic most desirable Corner Store In the city, tad one other on Washlngton-st. Alia, one very cotumodioua office on am floor, and room *li»re, in bailh 4 Nixon's Block. Army to H. W. SEA, In Fancy Goods Bazaar, cor. Clara and Washington-sts. CClantrt. ANTED— . A Good, Energetic Travelling Man, Who lolly nnsentanas the Heavy Farm Machinery bo»lcc*a, and can furnish first-class references. Address, at once, ** FAKM MACHINERY," Chicago, Hilnolg. _ jfinancial. jyj'ONEY TO LOAN. 813.000 or B*JO,OOO, la one Loan, For three or five years, on good inside improved Beal Estate, at ten pu- cent semi-annual interest. WAITE 4 CLARKE. §25,000 T 0 LOAN Or JT tret-class Real Estate. Apply to nOZET 4 CUMMINGS, Beal Estate and Loan. Broker*, 98 LaSallxt. jyjXJNET TO LOAN OX LONG TIME On Improved Chicago Beal Estate* Apply to WRIGHT 4 TYRRELL, * Ko. 3 Metropolitan Block. Chlctgo. ©cnetal Notices. AND lIISSISSIEPI FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS, (Eastern Division.) I wish to purchase the above Bonds in any amount. Parties who bare surrendered their Bonds to the trus tee*, under the foreclosure, are advised that a farther ram is dae them, and their interests will be purchased or the sum dae collected by tbe ooderstgsed. J. A. CHAM, IMPORTANT TO GRAIN SHIPPERS AND CORK RAISERS.—Having, removed irom Magnolia to Pern, lli~ I am now preparer to furnish the celebrated 1U.15013 POWER CVBX-SHSLLEB; also; large Warehouse Fanning Hills. For farther intbnnatloa address me at Peru. lit. JAHEa YAUUfIK. QAS LIGHTING. Plan*, SpeciflcaiUna and Ecttnmtea *Ol Gasworks prepared and their erection superin tended. Drawings cl every description of apparatus made. w, b. muunteSbt, "j^OTICE.— The following letters from The Bank off Btontrealj To our care, will be delivered to tbe parties to whom they are addressed, on proper identification: D. McLean, John I Arson, P. Leolesty. S. tlrd. W. D. Kerr, Mrs. C. McArthur. A-Uectwlth, L.P mi liars. S. H. Dart, John Quia. - ’. C. Tinaler, Jaa. Thom son, it. W.Townsend, E. Wallwr. GEO. C. 14311 TEX Sc BRO , _ Bankers, 48 LaSaUe^t. ■^OTIOE. MB. C. S. HUTCHINS' Interest la our firm era tea on and alter this date. ■ J. W. STAKLEF 4 CO. Chicago, Feb. 3.1567. (Buglisf) Boofes T OKDON BOOKS. JAVWB & SSNBABZ, IMPOHTEES OP ENGLISH BOOKS, OLD ABI> SBW. 4, Cortlundt-et, !N, Y» prlceo Catalogue No. dhow ready, and unt tree o! chirre to any audmt. New Invoices troqucaily ar. tITIPK. jFcch. QROCND OIL CAKE is the CliPapest Feed la the Market Fer stock of all kind*. Orders urorohUyflllcd lor cash, by £. W. DLATUHFUfU) * CU, No. 70 Norm Clinton*!. BtiUlstrg, |jit. j. o. FAiiNßWonrn Mskr* no wtfra charge Mr Extracting Teeth without I’iiln, by tbe uh vi mucus Oxide Uai, Wien aruaclat Oar* are !ne*rted. „ 11« lUa-ioloh-eU, oppoaite Wood’s iluseira, *rl» nf Trcili on KUhlwr. *13.00. *30.00. Damns. rjAUD’S PATENT BBXOS BSAOniIMB. Ofllce and manametorT 33 South JnAnea-sL. FM Uuamsuoa aad dcecwv* ctrCT^*y?VpTN SB 8o«tk Jtflenoa'itn vunidSi Mmokala. JJEHOVAL. HIBBARD & SPENCER, lUPOBTE&a AND JOBBER* OP HARDWARE, Tin Plate and Cutlery, BrnBUnOVUS to 92 and 94 Michigan-ar. REMOVAL. BUHS27, HBO, ft CO. naTeßea«T«d their OAv t« If*. 11# (» thtllMt., «p>. Chanberef C»wew» TScto U^AbSAUHUSBTTS IN THE REBELLION. a record of the FositioD of tbo CojnraonwwsHhy And tbe services cf tbe LEADING STATESMEN. TITS MILITARY, vmr COLLEGES, AND THE PEOPLE, la tbe CITIL WAR or is&i-es. ByP.C.BnAsurrAdtbor of w Jo«pHne,"eta. r Thu important pnbUcauan has been prepared srlife tbe utmost care, and win be pronounced incomparably* tnemoat valuable local coombuttoa to tne burner et tbe Rebellion yet published. lu interest to every mm or daughter of M tuachoaetta, or. Indeed, of New Bor land, cannot be eaaggerated. It contains Eight SceeUPlate Esrrtviiai, Including Ukraesses ot THIRTY-TWO eminent civS tacs and military men. firms and deceases. Price, In cloth. &tSd; •baep,sASO; hill cal£ UAL. PUBLISHED DT SUBSCBIPTIOK. Copies sent by mail, pot taxe paid, on receipt of pries- GEO. C. BAKD 4 AVERT, Publishers. BOSTON, MASS. VB"" Agents wanted everywhere. Address GEO. A C. W. SHERWOOD. 103 Maduon-sx, Cates®*, Oareral Agent* (br tbs west. Sartustjsijlp. rvssonmoN of co farther- I I SHIP.—The partnenbln beratofore eristlse n -3er the atme ct .V. LDDIXGTOJf * CO., is this tfar eiuolrect by motoel coasent. All psrsons Indebted tv the On n *re regnwred to mate liajcctllste payment a* the office ol Ui« new firm. N. LTTDIKOTOTT. DANIEL WELLS. Jit*. A. <i. TAX SCO AJOL. CUcszo, Feb. I. 1957. The oaderrtscetl bite iMi d»y formed % copartaer iMp oadtr tbe name of S. IXTDIKGTOir & CO., To trawact» K«jer*i LnmbertMutse9«.M heretolkr& %i their old Turd, «t the Upper BorltactoQ Slip, with A Down Town ODce at SIS Month Wimmi. , NELSON DANIEL WELLS, J*l ISAAC STEPHEN SOW, AUGUSTUS C. BEOWIt. Chicago. Teh. 1> 1367. Dissolution of copahtneb bHlP.—The Copartnership heretofore pristine saner the name and style of HOLLIS & COHLY, Ko. lys State-su, vaa dtaaolved Jan. Uth, 1387, a ad 1 wliitot be reiponaib'e tor any debts Cllflord Coal? mar bare contracted from that date la tie earns of UOLLIS A COMLT. Chicago. Feb, s. IX7. OP COPARTNBH \J SHlP.—'The copartnenhlp heretofore uUthr between the undendgneo, under the Arm of WAL WORTH. BUSCIUCK A CO* Is this day diaeclrsd hr mntuai consent. The btulstss of the firm will be settled by their suc cessors, who will continue the business of the late aim at the old stand, !2IW Lake-st. J. J. WALWORTH. Chicago, Feb. 5,1367. U. E. DUSCUICB. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. The undersigned have thlidayftnnWaCeparttsp ship tinder'be firm name of WALWORTH, BTJSCHICK * CO., And wilt contlnnetbc tra*loea*ol the lale flnooftta r ,r er-»nu»,at 23.1 Lake-at- and allb« corner of Mloh t*ao and tiu: klln-ala. J. J. WALWORTH Q. B BUSQHICK, w. j. twoiho, juu.H fursb. Chicago. F 0.». IBff. TVSSOLUTION OF COPAUTNBR -1 / SHU* —The copartnership hem- Ibre exlsttose ba’wem John R. I<lcmq and Syiramxa Hallock, under the firm name o| JOUN R. IDESOH A CO., la dissolved by <he death of said John It. Ideaon. Tbo understated, bavina parcnaied the Interest of the late John P.fde«onlnttiella&f>ef *i*d Belt! nr trade, will combine the bnslans at the o d stand. Allelarm* arsinst a'd atl debts due late firm will (m settleai bw the undersigned. ATtVAHUS natttiCK, Borrlrlag Partner, ill Kaadotyh-et. Cl PARTNERSHIP NOTICE. Bylvanus Hallock baa this dav form'll a copartner ship with rrtah U, Wheeler,and win saceeed ta ife# d llnnberand belting bnalnisa e f John 11. tdosoa A COn at the old stand, under the stylo of arm oi ■ HALLOCK & WHEELER, n i nAPDOLmer. Chicago, HI . r>b. lit. I*T. T HAVE THIS DAY ASSOCIATED I with NI.UU WMIL uunwMivtv fAFih* awe. toe nets name ot U. n. UuTCULM A v». ftbroary t, 19CT, C. 8. UUtCIUH*. 0. 8. HUTCHINS ft CO., (ieacnl Prodaen CommlMton MortkMdi Agent* lor THE OSWEGO RTAUCII VAOTORY’, (T. Rlogifsrd 4 Rob, Uaanlaclursrs), ffo«. an and Sl3 South Water-it., Chicago. jFor Sale. HORSES FOB SALE OF THE GOLDDDST BREED, At Bdcn Stock Farm, eight milea (Tom the city at Louisville, Ky. These horica include the ten naM that bare challenged the world for speed and bottom, through M Wllke* Y Spirit of the Time*"; also, LjtQa tiolddoat, that von lorftlt ot Honnot’s celebratMt Drnno In three races; also, Matty GolddosC that worn ionrtt over ten oftbabest twoyearoldjoTKanhufev In the fall of 1863, and the noted style and speed ssare* Sne Golddoat, Ho#a Golddnat. These, vith many om en, makeup the bestand most elegant lot of trotter* ever offered tor tale In America, r am nov breeding over 73 mare* annually of the most Improved i~in—* ot Morgans and thorough-hreods, and can supply ste -61 e and double driving bone*, brood mares, or nai ona, ot ssy desired age*, at the ahortect notice, oetbCfrMtranet L. L. DOBBST. JS. TTRST-CLASS A DENTAIi OFFICE, Lease, fixtures and good will for sale. Thebeststaad la toe city ot Chicago. Has occnpied over to. ▼ears as a fint-ciaa* office. Address or inquire ot ’ J. C. DEAN. 141 Latowt- T> ARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS* * FOB SALE; A CABEFULLT SELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, <Lc„ Invoicing about }It,OCO; all purchased within a T’or 1 ait. and lease on store. Store located In a thriving town a abort distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea sons liven for selling. For ptrecnian inquire or B. V. KOBRINit Commission Merchant, S 3 La3*lle-«L. Chicago- AJOT SOLD—But will soD tie largest Xl *nd bast IlouL In the finest and moetthrmas dty within one hundred mile* ot Chf«ag>*. Anr *«e wishing to Invest twelve thousand dullar* wilt and a rare opportunity by calling on S.MCOARTT, at Au rora. ill. and rattstviDg themselves. Reference—lsaac Claflln. No. 93 Washlngmn-Bt. Business Carts, jypSSINGER & WRIGHTS CA.SSIIVIETIES. These standard American goods are made la a great variety of style*, and are all of superior quality and fin ish. Gentlemen ordering either entire salts or sl*sf* -garments will consult good taste, a* well as economy, by giving them the preference. For sale by the Ster caantTMlore m all parts of the country. PAYSON & Counsellors and Attornejs-at-Layf> 33 Dearborn-ab, Walker's Building. Chicago, Q LN. ABOU), Qkuqs Fatso*. Ohai. A. GciaoaT pr Attention given to Chancery, Common Law Criminal and Patent caaaa. IJaper Rangings. IIABCOTTE & CO., Purniture and Decoration. lLargest and choicest assortment at Frencli Imported Paper Hangings, Ot all kind*. W»rerooics,3. s and 7 EastFoorth-at., SEW TOET". CITT. blanks. gODNTIES. Official Blanks! We bare now for uUa the fbllovtac additional Doct or Blaoka, which bate ALL bees approved by Ui« L>o parteents: Soldier** Claim far Additional Bonnie, Widow's , “ •• ** Father** • »* *• ** Mother** •* •• * • Pamis* "(Jointly! ** u Guardian'* " “ A communication from Second AuiHof# om-.n, r* erring to eoftft* of our W»ak» »t tor eiaiataaueti, urn “ Th« IhniM s» d.ciJodty the b»t that have been pr»,«ntad to till Of fic o.” Beat prepaid on nett* dflhe m«ef, * P* panphlst* w.-auialag Pseetoo aid L>w* of WSA with iMtrocttoftJ ad t regulation* wet Agents on rtcMpt ot stamp so **y * copy Inclosed each JitWi of DUaH. Address TRIBUNE CO., Bl Clark***. Chicago.

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