7 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3

7 Şubat 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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astounding prison revela tions. (ibocktoe Jktnlopaifnu {ti the Sonth*’ cm luduot PrlMn-Blebtr OA«ea uf (kurvy-Tbelr TeetH Dropplaj out at Tbcir :*wrai«. _. , _ (Fiom Ibe New Albany, Ind., Commercial. Feb. C.J We understand tUal the Legislature Will l>c asked to lease out the Southern prison Instead of continuing to manage itthrough a Warden. This movement b«ut led to an inquiry Into the former treatment of- the prisoners under the last lessee, Mr. Samuel 11. Patterson, of .Jeffersonville. The facts elicited under oath nru such as to exclio the profOßtidcsl sensation in this community .and in fact, In the whole country. Patterson leased the prison In ISSQ for ten years, and the manner in which ho treated the convicts is shown by the affidavit* ol Fielding JL Carr. Fianklln Potter, John R. Shadburnc CharlesJ. Keller, Frank Doford, and William Works. ■ Fielding IL .Carr swears that he was a prison guard for seven years, during the lime that Patterson had charge ol the prison * that the prisoner* were Improperly fed and clothed; that on one Patterson ted them on a quantity of damaged pork, bought from the remains cf a lot partiallv destroyed by the burning of a pork house In Louisville. This pork wag kept mull It was soured, and given afterwards to the men to cat. As a consequence of eating this Im pure food there occurred over seventy cases of scurvy. The teeth of many of the men dropped ont, and their legs became much swollen and black up to and above their knees. Several dled'trom the effects of the disease, and many left the prison in conse quence of it, unable to make their living. . Mr. Carr states that alter the State, la 1856, assumed possession of the prison, be was appointed First Assistant or Deputy Warden. Vegetable food was then fed to the convicts, the effect of which was to relieve them of the disease. The above facts arc also sworn to by Franklin Potter, who was a guard under Pu Henson's regime. John It. Sbadburo, who was a guard, and assisted Warden Miller In receiving the prison from Patterson, swears that when Miller came in there were over sixty eases of scurvy among the prisoners. Their teeth'wore fall lug out, aim their legs black. In the hos pital the men would actually pick their teeth out and throw them away. The hospital of the prison smelled os though filled with de cs vingcorpscs; and the prison generally was in a bad condition. Charles J. Keller, another guard, corrobo rates the above, and says that on one occa sion, just after Patterson's lease expired, and while the convicts were yet suffering from the effects of the scurvy,’ he gave one ol them a tomato which he was unable to cat, and in bis attempting to do so all his upper and lower front teeth fell out. Both Shad burn* and Keller state that they so sympa thized with these sufferers that they con tributed out of tbeir own funds to their re lief. It is the concurrent testimony of seve ral witnesses that such was the diseased con dition of these poor creatures' limbs that im pressions made upon them would lost for hours afterwards. One prisoner whose lime bad expired went ont of the prison upon his bands and knees. Affidavits of these facts are before the members of the Legislature and will un doubtedly Induce them to institute the most rigid censors bin over the future management ol the Stale's Prisons. ISHCJIAS TEEAISIEST OF A GUILD. A. Little Girt Terribly Abused by ber l*orent»-' , J'lic Cliild-s Xlauda Uurued &«aPunldinicnt* [From the Colombo* (Ohio] .loorrjat, Feb. 4.] Mrs. Fenny Blackburn, a resident of Mid dletown, was arrested on Saturday tor inhu manly whipping or beating ber child, a little girl six or seven years of age. This punish ment was not the result of a single flt of rase, but the child had been mistreated by both father and mother fur two or three weeks. The neighbors had frequently protested, but had only met with insult from the parents. On Saturday morning the cries of the child brought the police to the rescue. The woman was arrested and taken to the City Prison, and the child piv. n Into the care ol some of the ladies living near. The woman at the Mayor’s office made no defence, hut said that she punished the child to “make it mind.” She was careful, when asked her name, to emphasize "Jf«. Fanny Blackburn.” She spoke no word in explana tion orin palliation of her crime. When the officer reported that the child would die in & few minutes, she showed no sign of emotion. Ilor faced seemed that of a person much abused, and with no proper appreciation of the crime attached to the inhuman abuse of her child. She walked into the cell at the City Prison In a calm matter-of-fact way. and scarcely heeded the expression of the officer that he must hurry away for a physician. Dr. Qclmick first visited the child, and afterwards Dr. .Boyle. The legs, arras and body ol the child were bruised, as though beaten by a heavy stick or club, and upon the body there were one or two severe cuts, and a very severe cut upon the head, amount ing almost to a fracture of the skull. Ttic bands bad been held to the hot stove until severely burned. On both sides of each hand there were bad looking blisters, and the mother admitted that she had. resulted to this burning of the child’s hands as a mode of punishment, but that she "didn’t know the stove was so hot. * 1 When the Marshal and other officers en tered the room, the little girl sprang from them, but when she was assured of their kindness she was almost delirious la her manner of expressing her thankfulness. She seemed absolutely insane upon the subject of being whipped. Later in the day, her father, Thomas J. Blackburn, who was not nuctc ue waa cuijnuycu *nauu use or boiue unwarranted and Insulting expressions in re* card to the ladles in whoso charge the girl bad been placed, and two or three young, fellow?, sons of the ladies re-, ferred to, proceeded to ‘•■trouucc” him after the most approved style. 'The police inter fered, and ns it was learned that he had abused the child as much as bis wife, and as the feeling against lb«m both was very bit ter, be was arrested and token to the cala boose. Tbe child, In the afternoon, was taken to the St. Francis Hospital, at the Medical Col* lego, and hopes were yesterday entertained that it would recover, bat with u deformed body and a weakened mind. The feeling against Blackbnm and bis wife In Middle town was of such a character that a prompt arrest saved them perhaps from a worse Cite. The facts in tbe case afford their own com ment. Tho parties will have an examination hcibtc the ilavor to-day. AS ATROCIOUS OUTRAGE. Attempted Rape on a Little Girl only Nino Years of Age. (From the Louisville (Ky.) Journal, February 6.J A printer ramed Shoemaker, of German parentage but a native of Si. Louis, who for merly worked in the Vofksblatt office, but several months ago enlisted in the United States service, was on Sunday afternoon guilty of one of the most atrocious attempts at rape it bos been our disagreeable duty to record. What adds to the infamy of the deed—aside from the tender years of bis vic tim, (she being only nine years old)—is the fact that she was the daughter of,a gentle man and lady who had often befriended him, received him into their house and treated him as one of the family. The particulars of the damning deed, as related to us yesterday evening by the parents of the little creature, arc as follows; Johnlicnselnmn is a German of perhaps forty-five years; bos been for a number of years in verv delicate health, aud has man aged to subsist bis little family by keeping a ttnall grocery at No. 106 Preston street, be tween Main and Market. Hta family con sists of bimself. wife, and little daughter. Shoemaker, while engaged upon the ToLta- Wo//, waa a frequent visitor at the house, and so excellent was bis pilvate character, co faultless was bis conduct, that the Hen selmaua began to look upon him almost in the light of a eon. After bis enlistment ho still continued visiting them, and on several occasions borrowed books of Mr. Hcnsel man, which betook with him around to his room at the recruiting nation on Main street, where he was on duty. On Sunday even ing he paid them a visit, and on leaving, told Mr. llcnsclman that if ho -would allow bis little daughter to.go around to his room with him, bo would send the books back by her, as be bad forgotten to bring them with him, and It would save him a walk back. The father, not dreaming that the demon meditated wrong to the mile girl, allowed her to accompany him. When he reached bis room he locked the door, throw the little girl upon the floor, and attempted to out rage her person. Alter keeping her locked in with him from about 3 until hilf after 4 o'clock, in which time he terribly bruised the poor child’s body, but failed to accom plish his fell purpose, her screams attracted tbc attention of two or three soldiers io ano t her part of the Louse, who went to the door, and, finding it locked, bursted it open. The sight that greeted their eyes was the.poor child lying upon the floor in a paroxysm of fright and tears, battered and braised, while a search for the author of the diabolical outrage revealed Shoemaker hidden under the bed. The Uttlc girl was sent home to her pa rents, to whom she revealed the treatment she had been subjected to by Shoemaker. Bcr tathfer Immediately sought the aid of the police in bringing the villain to justice, but he made himself scarce on Sunday Yesterday morning, however, that InOeTaU-' gable guardian of the city’s morals,” John Fntsch, discovered, captured, aud lodged him In the Ftrrt street Station House. When captured, U was discovered that ha-had en listed into the United States service under the name of August Idndcmaun. Horning of a Cbarcta at Ltxineton, Ky. [Lexington Correspondence (February S) of the Loauville Joarasl.j This morning about fonro’cloclcthe roof of the Baptist Church on Short street, was dls. covered to be on Arc, and by six o’clock the fierce and rapid-spreading. flames had com* pletcd ihclr work of rolo, only the bare walla and dismantled tower remaining as wrecks of wfaat was but yesterday the most beauti ful church edifice in our city. The fire was the result of carelessness. It is said that the tinners yesterday were engaged in making some repairs on the tin is thought that sparks from their ft mace must have se cured lodgment In the woodwork beneath the tin. where It smouldered until this morning,- having gained sufficient headway, it burst through. The steam flre-enginc was present aud at work, but the feeble stream it threw did not for a moment arrest the rcpld progress of the devouring element. This is a sad. sad misfortune to the Baptist ■ denomination in this city, and they have the cordial, sincere sympathy of all in our com- The budding was an ornament to .Lexington, and had been completed but a year or two. at a cost of fSS.OOO, It will be remembered that the same congregation was visited by a similar disaster seven or eight years ago. when their new church on Hill street. In which they had been worship ping only a year, was swept away by fire. Presentation of James Gordon nan nett, Jr., to tbe Emperor Napoleon. [Taxis Correspondence of the New York Gerald] I gave you in my last loiter a list of the Americana to be presented. Tl e on jy -charge made in this Was tbe addition of the name of Mr. James Gordon Bennett, Jr., who only arrived in Faria a day or two before the 4*ll. Upon bla name being forwarded by the Minister a court response was imene- dialely received, end durlnc Iho ownlmr Mr Bcnuclt was me n^, d . CO^S"“ tlo " 8 rrom '»'» Mijes. A, 1 , 10 Emperor and Empress In- EcnUtlon ccrcmony. Xam^D *' alu * tho w» l i. l V fcU kno f n thal the Emperor baa ex* SmwW,? ° nilte r«t £ thoT.QU A® recent yacht race across the Atlantic JJjJ, ll P® v **l4 In tho International S t ?, ta , ke 4 P ,ac « nt Cherbourg h[& Ma J e ! t 3’ will bo present,and n mfAV iD f a curiosity to sec the “ c 0n lJO«d «f her. On Wednesday creclni? both ho and tho Em irtss bad an opportunity of expressing tho taken In tho matter* and both did ao in the kindest and most amiable manner. The Empress came 'smiling along the lino, and upon reaching Mr. Bennett* and hearing -the name 44 Henrietta** pronounced, her M.t jesty addressed Mr. Bennett In French at flrat, which she afterwards changed into Luelish. ** Was ft very dangerous, your voyage ?” asked her Majesty.- - s • Mr. Benne t .replied, that It probably seemed nure dangerous to those who board and read of it than it did to those- on board, to which the Empress replied that she should not feel inclined to take such a trip • but hoped to pay a visit to the yacht. Mr. Bennett expressed his thanks: and then the Empress said, with one of her kind ex pressions ol countenance: . - 44 1 am sorry for those poor men who were lost on the Fleetwing, and for their fiuni- Hep.” Mr. Bennett replied that all that could be was dune to save them, and that all deeply regretted the misfortune. But of the long list of persons presented— numbering twenty six—Mr. Bennett and Pro fessor Morse, to whom the Emperor made some complimentary remarks, were tbe only persons to whom cither the Emperor or Em press addressed any remarks. After the pro- Ecnlatlon, in tbe ball room, the Empress ad dressed a few words to Afbiw Fuller, a young lady from Buffalo, as she was bclag escorted by Dr. Evans to the supper room. When bis Majesty passed down tbe line of Americans who were to be presented, in about tbe middle of which stood Mr. Ben nett, General Diz-prescnted him to the Em peror as the winner of the great yacht race. "Ah,” said the Emperor, In English, "I have been very ranch Interested in it, and congratulate yon, sir. upon your success. TVas it not rather a hold experiment ? *“A11 experiments are hold,' your Majesty,” replied Mr. Bennett. The Emperor smiled one of his grim, sphjnx-llke smiles, and looked at Sir. Ben nett os if half doubting whether he had not received a valuable suggestion with a valua ble moral, from the yachtmar*. and passed in apparently a meditative mood. SUPUE3IE CODUT OF ILLINOIS. Decisions* The lollowinß decisions hythc Supreme Coort of this Stale are reported by Norman L. Freeman, Eeq., Kcpoiter of the Court: josh m'kab ts. n. N.tiEAijjrr aq. [April Term, ISGfij 1. CnascmT—Jurisdiction. where a court of equity has Jnrlsulciion,and the General Assembly confers similar jnriMicilon on a court of law. It docs not deprive the former of its jurisdiction un tees u Is eo declared. 2. Saatn. Coarts of equity hire jariidlctioa in dependent ot the statute, to afford relief by sub jectitg equitable titles, interests, aud assets, to tbe satisiacilOQ of a Judgment at lair, when eze* cntlon lias been returned no property found. And the act authorizing tbe sale of an interest in the real estate order execution at law held by the debtor, under a bond, covenant, contract, or as mortgagor or mortgagee, did not take .away the prior jurisdiction of a court of equity, bat the remedy Irecamo concurrent. 3. I’LCamxoa—ln equity It Is not grounds'of demurrer that la some matters in the bul a portion of >bc defendants have no interest. ifcßScnUai to the aduuclbtrailon of complete justice, they are not impertinent, and no objection can be taken on that crouud. 4. Biu/— pray/r for rdlef. Where there Is a gtncnfl prayer for relief m a bill any appropriate ic.icf may be granted, although the special prayer cannot be giu&tod. K. r. I.A3BEX re. EDWJUID w. aarcani, [April Term, »SGG.j 1. PiXAsrsoF ak» Evidence— allegations end proofs. AH matcual comments In a declaration mc-t, under the general issue, be proved to entitle aplalnthTto recover. a. Bam:. When a plaintiff own? that he la ready and trilling to perform his part of ih? contract containing mutual and dependent conditions, a failure on bis pan to prove a readiness will lie fatal to a recovery. A m«*re notice. that Jae la ready to perform, without showing his ability to do so. will not suffice. 8. foNTOACT— nc I aion, When a parly bad pur chased a large ijuaclily of gialn, to be delivered during the mouth at a stipulated price, and a few day- after upon its Declining in market, be noti fied tbc buyer that be muet have a margin to cover (bo decline, or be would sell, and it was relnsM upon tbo grounds that it was not provided for by tbc contract, and be sold the grain. Ibis was a ro* cision of tbc contract, and the seller could ml re new it by offering to deliver other grain on the last day of ttc month. 4. Same. If be rightfully rescinded the con tract. bo would in that case be entitled to recover the damages be sustained, to be measured by tbc lofß on tue grain at the lime it was sold. CIIAIU.CS 6. 20008 ET AE. TB. KILEB OLCOTT [ApriI Term, IStO.] 1. AnttEranrr- proof nrcrttary to admit If in etldcUCt. Where ft appears that the diUerentpar ties signed aniclea ol association for a backing firm, at difierent times, and where It appears that one of Ibe parties signed his name tp too prelimi nary articles, paid the calls on his subscription for stock, this is sufficient proof to authorise the aniclea to be road in evidence. • %. Etxdemce —ante canovnting to aimhtion*. Where a party pays Ms stock, accepts a director* ship, and advitca lit relation to the easiness of a baukli e MsOciaDOß, be thereby renders himself liable tor the debts of the concern. U. limi —variance from (Ac pltadingt. ■ When individuals arc *ncd,aud they aredweribed in tbs declaration as a firm, and It appears that they did business In that firm name, it Is not a variance, even If they ore described in their articles of asso ciation by a different flan name. The name in whirhUmvcon^f^* f _ r 1. Equrrr—nuisance, Injunction. Where the thing complained of is a nuisance in itaell, equity will mterpoee fo stay Irreparable mlseblcl; and will, if necessary, form and submit an issue to a jury, permit’ins the injunction to remain In force pccdlugthe Isaac, But when the thine may or may no*, be a nuisance ovine to circumstances, then the court will refuse to interpose until the matter baa been settled at law. 2. ftvißSTtcE—mWlc <rtf»ncfion. Whoa the thing complained of is only a public nuisance, tho court of equity will not lotcrolerc to restrain the imity. and Uieafminutlim of the value of property is i.ot ground to Interpose by Injunction, as au action on the case will he for compensation. 0. Eqcirt— rtintdy at law. There may bo cases of nuisance when courts of equity will lake ju«t9* diction, but is with great caution. And particularly to when there Is a remedy at law. And the court seldom if c\er exercises its power to abate a nuisance, tin'll it bas been regularly found by a jmy. 4. IScibiscz — indictment. in cases of a public nuisance an Indictment lies to abate It and punish ihe offender. And It must'appear that the thing to be creeled will b-j a nuisance before the court «1H afford preventive relief by Injunction; 5. Siiuz—dangerou* errc'ont. Where erections arc necessarily dangerous to life or property, as a powder mill or magazine, a court or equity might interpose for the safety of the community. But überc It la but an inconvenience, no matter how great, a court of equity would have no right to In terpose. 6. QiomrAT — oburveiion. * Where the nuisance ie an obstruction to a hlchway.thc remedy is cum* pletoatlavT,acddocsnol usually call foclhe in* terposttiou of a court of equity. C. Z~ SICDOFF ET C. n. DUD LET BT Jkl* fAprll Term, ISuC]' ♦ 1. P-inrsziisinr— nhat cont’Mut4», As « gen eral rule the participation la the profits of a busi nefs by one person with others, renders him a partner, and jointly liable for the,contracts of the firm ; bat there Is no absolute role of lanr making bun a partner, but it is a presumption which may be controlled by the circumstances. % B lMS—contract of partnership. The Inten tion of the parlies most control as Between them selves, as it docs in all others. But when s parly bolus himsclt oar to the world as a partner by act? or declarations, bo will bo estopped from denying that he occupies the relation no has as sumed. S. Save— oarement vnder tehlc/l the • jtortUe mV.—When two firms eater into an agreement mat one stall fnrnhh a sum or money lo he used in the business of 4he - other firm, and to receive one-third of tho profits arising from the use of the money, and tho agreement contained a stinulatios.that the firm advancing the tnunry should in no event be liable for the acts of the other firm, either as partners or otherwise, this old not constitute the two firms poitscre as between tLemeelvcs or as to third per sons. 4. Sun— declaration* or acte to create liability. When the firm stipulating by their contract to furnish the money against all liability; neither signs tbc notes sued on, or docs qny act or ears anything indicating that they ate partners with the other fins, a Joint liability -wilt sot bo pre sumed. 6. Evidexcx— of partn*rt3tip. 'Where a firm of substitute brokers rent of a Ann or bankers a pari of their business house for which they pay rent and ftiroUh their owo fUeh fights, *fcc, cod do business In the room adjoining aud opening Into tho bank —Held, that these circumstances do nut raise apt esnmpuon that partnership exists between the ttto firms. the cor or cuicago vs. juugauct powers. {April Term, 1800.] • 1. Vntnicr— negliatnoe. When a question of fact it faljly presented to a jury and the evidence Is contflctlnr, the verdict will not be disturbed. In this case the question of negligence was eo left to the Jury, ai.d the finding is not dutorbtd. 2. Crrr-Jla&tJi'y for not lighting a ; bridge. Abridge over a stream crowing a street Is as much a portion of the street as any other. And what the dry Is authorized to levy ami collect a tax (or Unhung street*. It imposes the dniy to properlr the bridge as apart of tne street. 3. Necuosxce— lnniffcieniiightionlfu bridge. The question whether the lights on tac bridge on the night of the accident, to protect persons pass* log over It from accident. Is for the Jury. So o( the question whether the deceased exercised prn dcticcand proper diligence. 4. Enntaci:—x<cuntory cosdUlon of plaintiff. In an action, under the statute, against a corpora tion to recover damages, where a person has been Injured or killed by the negdgenoe of the corporation or its servants it Is not improper to show the pecuniary circumstances ot the per. on lor whose benefit the entt is brought. 5. Error* ex— of farmer aeddentt. In such a sntt it Is not Improper to admit crldimeo that another person recently bcfoic the act complained of, bad met with a similar accident, at the same place and from the like csnsc. as tending to show negligence on the uati of the city. (£ Sjums —adimtHonehy litecuyouOloritlet. A preamble adopted by the City Council, rctlUng that persons had lost Ihelr uvea on the cartons bridges in the city, near the time ot the accident, by reason of their being Insufficiently lighted, and the want of other proper protections, and a resolution appointing a committee to examine and report whether belter means for protecting thcdtlscns cannot bo adopted, were admissible as tending to show negligence, as also knowledge that the bridges In their condition at the time .were not safe. ■ i LAW INTELLIGENCE. | Action in Divorce Coses—Criminal Business—Default Day—lmpor tant Salts Commenced—Judg ments—New Suits, etc. The Clrcrli Court Is not In session. The new snite were; Cbaunoey C. Wilkinson vy. George WbUbeck, case, damages laid at 1 10,000. Hugh JL Daria ve. C, Slucter and Christopher Pctnneyer; assumpsit, $3,000 damages. John Borrows against Mary Ann Borrows; bill for divorce. The parties trere married ia fan ark County, Canada West, December sitt. i&K, the maiden name of the defendant being Blackburn. Ue charges desertion In December iwi. Be also charges adultery and bla fOrgtveness and then seta up other and recent acts of adultery, Alfred Booth sued the Telegraph Company to cafe, laying hia damages at SIO,OOO, Francis Cerny vs. Henry Koeocr, eoj>Uu, In an action of trespass for an assault. In the branch of the Superior Court, preaided over by Judge Jameson, a reference oilLe dlvorea anil or Martha Forces against George Forces trma The dower suit of Gainer acalnst Boynton was ended by a decree. , . _ • _ . Ibe case of Enoch Allen against Jyhn W. and Mary Jpne Lamhlec was tried by a Jury. TUto waa an injunction proceeding, the defendants being restrained from Injuring oc tearing down or interfering with complainant's poi-ea#lon or lota is, 19.20 and si. C. J. Bull's subdivision, of block!, Davis'Addition. TbeJury found lorthe plaintiff. ' ' • , In the common law branch of (hfa Court, Mr. JoßlicoCary itresldtrff, a large amount of col* IfcUon tuEUiCBB *as acted upon. DefaalU and jDOEDicnla were entered In Ibe following eases : C’-orceline Voßbnrgh *b. Ilntnphrey A. Jackson: amnopßii: hidgmeiil SI.M9.W. tVldlsm IMVbJJb et sl.rs.Jerrls Cox; aaanmMll: Judgment *2.(CI 10. ’ Fi rdb.auc s.W mslow ct al.vs. Patrick McLaugh lin: amiuiPKU; Judgment S2O .*.90. Joby K. Bentley elali va. William T.U Nathan ». Hopktus j aaaatnpMt; Judgment Tbe same vp.WQUam T.and U Nathan Donkins: at mupslu jnd K iutiit t1.41U.80. Edwarc K. Roctra et ale. vs. Ezekiel B. Smith: , A_ Grldiey vs. Tabor GrldJej;'asKumpait; de tain of fabor and Judgment for iU.639.9J. A. Gridley vs- Pred. D. Tabor: assumpsit: Judmenl : XoniaF&izerva. Robert Borrows; assumpsit; judgment llfcS.TO, • , * Clurb a W. Kimball v*. 0-!orga Bliss and Addi* ton Avery; default acd case dismissed. John held, Jr. ct sb vs/Nclson Kllam: Judg ment Ci-a.Uu. Ptvpbcn W. Rau«om et al. vs- Benjamin J. Boyn ton < asFQTnm-Ii; judgment $38043. tlctirieUu Be Pclgrom et al. va. Joseph B. Pat- . lam; assumpsit; judgment «8l 14. TV or & Gridley. ct al. va. William Alrd; as sumpsit: jndcment^iTAU. Tbe same v-. Thomas Brennan and Thomas Ffnk-n ; assumpsit; judgment, 21X43. William N. Strong vs. James C. Henderson and Bcxjttmn F. Moseley; allschmeol; Judgment, 22.ltiu.ES,andeondiuonaljndgmcot against Wil liam F. Beecher, and Thomas S. Parker, gar nJfhcts. Nathan Ebendrath et al. vs. H. U. Bowen; as Mimnsll; judgment, SIIXSO Fred. Jewett et al. vs. Joan Lacey; assumpsit judgment, iiw.&o. Bluiun Held et al. vs, James Meloy; assumpsit; jadcmcit, $233.92. James M. Smith et al. vs. the same; assumpsit - Judgment, $220.53. •lames r. Dalton vs. Wm. D. Bodenhamer; as turnutt; inogmcnl 2177.47. Henry B. Metcall vs. Andrew W. Bllgh; assump sit: judgment 2X13.00. OuLu U Rogers vs. Cornelius Russell and H. P Stockton, set. fa. to revive Judgment for 2214.33 Selvey K. Blodgett et al. vs. Alonzo Harvey. FraudsDnrvey and Thomas Darla; assumpsit; Judgmi-nt 2475 81. Ellas T. Watkins vs- TUchard T. GUI; aaamnp elt: Jadnaem 11,188.97. In W. Case bec John W. Savin T». Frank J. Howes; &E»nmpgiU S-aiuucl Slyers cl al. vs. Arthur McGuire ; as* inmpfll. Ecm7C.Hanon7etala.rs. J. George Alexan der ; aeeniDpKU; Jodgment,T£S. A. d. Bucktcr ct als. tb. Edward F. Mullen; assumpsit; judgment, tGSG.KT'. Eul'Ouo Laßar et &L va. John and W. H. Horn; attachment; Judgment. tiM/JS., ilobert D.-McFarlaoo vs. Philip ilcany et al.; assumpsit; Judgment against Meaoy, $172.53. Benjamin F, Webster ct ala. ve. Deteas 11. Smith atd James 11. Sears; assumpsit; judg m*-ni, HU 41. Hahnemann Insurance Company vs. Gaylord 3). XJccoc; assumpsit. In the jirocecdibtrs against Leopold Waeyera beim by Joseph K. WeUcl el als.. In which a Co pts* Issued, amotion to discharge the nail was denied. The cue of Charles Deciding ct a), vs. George J. Uhl. commenced December 11th last, was dla mUEcd. The cape of John C. Mealmannrs. The Commer cial losnsai.ce Company, of Chicago, mentioned Yesterday,, is atill on trial. The Court made a finding in the ewe of Abra ham H&k dale. vs.Nathm Schultz, assumpsit, iu favor of the plalnUOa, for $107.84. John Mother confessed lodgment In favor of Uaj.lcl Nickels for $145. The new salts la ibis coart were: George C. and Charles A!. Smith vb. William if. Bebbou. Attachment on an alleged Indebtedness or «c,ua.B3. CLailcs A>pun)pisit. Damages, $1,500. Minnie Scholia vs. Kail Schultz. Bill for dl voice. Tbe parties* were mimed In ISI'J, in Ger many. ibe charge la mat be has io Chicago com* mittid firmest adulter; with one Mary Morgan. • WJJl'araliau v‘. August Kircboff. Ejectment for thn e inches o! land of ninety feet depth oi lot 1«, Watic’esubrivlsloa. In the County Court tbe executor's bond In the estate of Edmund Aluen was approved. . June Whitney v.asapproved to administer on the estate of Samuel Whitney, under a bond of ?H)0. Elizabeth Elvey was appointed guardian of Elia C. Aptrly on bond of&LU-jd. Cnmlral business will be taken up in the Re corder's Ccnrt this day; tbe call will include tbe the following cases: Dcwatl Campbell, larceny. Charles G. Higgins, Jobbery. John Crawiord, larceny. Jofcpbir.c Hudson. larceny. Valentino Beslcirc, assault. Tbomaa Hickey, et al., assault. Jennie iiortsell. kctplng lewd bouse. Thomas Ityan. et at., larceny. The Grand Jury has returned twenty-three true bills. Tbe divorce snlt of John Henry C. Nopnan against Elizabeth, his wife, was referred to the Muter. • FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, MONETARY. Wednesday Etexiko, February 6. Oct local Money market presents no new fea tures. Tbc demand for discounts and renewals is quite active, and at some of the bouses H is, reported urgent. Paper Is still scmtlnir.cd with seventy, and none but the best names, backed by the most unexceptional collaterals, find accommo dation. There is no change in tbc rates of Inter est. Ibe demand for Exchange is active and in excess of the enpply. Round lots were placed between banks at 25®35 cents premium, and at these figures there was comparatively little to bo bad. Some of the banks arc shipping currency. The counter rates are steady at par buying and 1-10 premium selling. Flour was firm, bat loss active. Wheat ac raneed Com opened easier, but dosed strong ana a shade higher. Oats were less active and a shade easier. Rye was rally 1c bolter. Bar ley was dull. Dressed Doga were s®loc better. Frontons wero dal), bat held with considerable flrmutss,' Seeds were steady. Gold was irregular to-day, opening at 136£, de clining to ISGHi and closing at 137»£. The follow ing quotations were received by Boyd Bros., gold broken: lU2O *. m WOX 115:15 p. m.. 10:25 a. m 13G*j 112:45 p. m . ii:wa.*ia jbutj I "cup. m.. lUlsa. m 136 K) 3:00 p.m.. 11:45a.m lX‘i | hOOp.m.. Here the market «aa dull at ISs©l37?4—closing attbc upper figure. Silver ttm nominal at 125© ISO, buying— the tipper figure for large. ' Government Securities were a shade lower to* day. The following shows the closing prices of ronflij, compared wuh those of the three prcrloas days ® a.- g 3 so g ? ? 3 ■ Q. FlXaoor’Sl 1075£ lU7JK 109« 10S« Five-Twenties', ’O2 lo*jf 1074 108’: 1084 Five-Twenties,'64 106 106 H 10»'>»4 liXjss Flu-Twenties, 'CS Tcn-Foiiles . 'J3*£ 100 U It 0« 1004 Sevcn-Ttlrtiv#, Abr 10424 103« 103*4 105>4 Seven-thirties, J0dc....J04*» 103 105>k 1034 Peveif-Tblitics, Joly l(M*i 105 105 U 10Su New Five-Twenties, IDo.S jfrj’j 101^ The Stock Ust.was a shade better, and on the second call the feeling was quite strong. New York Central wav higher. Konhwcstern ad* vacccd a on common and l*j on preferred. West ern Union Telegraph advanced «g. The following .shows the quotations of to-day, compared with the two previous days: ■ Moo., Toes. Wod. lit M lit 14 lit 3d .. _ B’d, B’d. B'd. B*d- B’d B’d. K.T. Ce0........1M* 102 v 103 10l»f 101 V 108 bne(ccm) »w eoj* sow ssx ssw wv U. 6. (com) 73j? 74* 73* 73V H? 73V C.&IHtU.... WV 84V S4* fijjf JQ% WV Bock Islands 9Sv .99* »m W 94* C.&N.W S7s S3* 34* ' 37* 87W 37V C.&N.W., pW... <»v cay eix o P.FI.W.&C WH W* 99* *8« 97« 99* Quicksilver 39 38V S 3 89)? 39 89 w. Ufilon Ttl «j* «2 « , 44* .44 V «X C.*A.(crm).....l«V US* IWJ< IW lUU 115 Dor.* Quincy... .129* 131 100 iso 130 iso hi. Centra1........Hß* 103 107 V 107 V ICS I(H Hudson lUver.,..\79)i 133* 128* 139 129 127 V 111. Central .11 tv 1& 11S?C 114 V lUV UtV P.&Bead MS* IW IC5* KB IWV 101* Here there was a good demand for Govern meats, and the market was firm, though the amount on the market la light, and brokers find considerable difficulty in filling orders. We quote: QOVZBKVEXT SKCOIUTIEfi—CHICAGO BASKET. Buying. - Selling. U. S. Sixes, of 1881.; 103 lost* U. 8. 5-20 a, ISG2 ..103 10g£ *O. S. 5-SOs, ISM aoou 106* U. S, MOS, 18C5 .lOfifc 100* U. S. 6-20*, small 105&1(R U. 8. 10-40*, large 100?* 100« D.S.W-iOe, email ioa« C. 7-30*. lotteries...... ~..105 ' 105 k tT, 5.7-30 s, Sd series 104?$ 102 k D. 8d scries ..IMS fosk U. S. 7-50% small 1W« Compound, June, 1361. 116*4 44 July, i5m......;. .110 41 Aug, ISM ÜBtf 44 Oct., ISM IMK 44 Dec., ISM ÜB>4 44 • May, 1365 li* 4 * Angv, 1P65 nc« . 44 ’ Sept., 1865 110 44 OCL, 1805 109J4 Tbo Second National Bank quotes Govern meets as Follows: Coup., *81..108 .. 5-St) coup., (large)....lo6HQloß &■»> coup., email). ..105 (£lO7 10-40 • coop. (lBroe)....l00KO ... 10-40 coup., email) ~.lC2»i© ... 7-30*, Local Stocks are doll lnp quotations T'SQs<enull>lOiK'(d .... June Coup., July “ 44 ..116 Aug. 44 44 Oct. 44 tt ..1144 Dec. 44 44 ..118H May 4 » 1865. .1114 Ang. 44 « ~UOH Sept. 44 44 ..110 Oct 44 44 ..100« id nominal at the foltow- Chicago City Ts. Cook County Vs Chamber of Commerce. —The Boston Bulletin eays; 44 Oar banks In Boston ate again overloaded with email Ya'lonal notes, and again are these bills being sold at a discount. We only wl«b the blockade would continue long enough to lead to a renewed agitation o( the redemption question. This ia« matter which must be attended sooner or later. We see no advanlage in a postpone-' meet of Ua consideration. New York meda are scarce, and command a email premium," The Philadelphia Ledger observes; 44 There Is no material change to notice in the rates for money, (hough there Is within a day or t»orather more willingness to lend, wltbiess strUreccy as to the quality of the collateral. Oa cal)# In large sums, with Government collateral, 6 per cent Is accepted, and on miscellaneous secu rities 7 percent Paper that U not acknowledged as drat rises is out of favor, and roles from Bto 13 per cent per annum discount —Statements of deposits and coinage at the Stint of Che United States, Philadelphia, daring the month of January, i$G?: deposits. 'Valae. Gold Deposit* from all sourceb... SBBS,'>SS.‘S silver Deposits, including purchases... n,w*.os Total Deposits SS9«,6iWI COIXAQK. Gold colsage .... bllur coimro . Copper coinage ~.*2/43.130.3* . 131,900.00 Total .*1,1*2,0i3^1 —•'lheMew Vork£2{ppLupi*«;remarks: Money ts abradant, but there la no relaxation from the Mrh rates or interest hitherto ohUlntur. Miscellaneous collaterals are accepted as security at 7 per cent, while Go.erwnenl Securities are ac commodated at 6 per cent. Disco outs are eUU lather slow at 7 per cent tor strictly flrawlaae names, up to B®oper cent for those Tees known or not quite so highly esteemed. We quote: w • ■ Per cenlper annum. Loans on calL stock accnrttlca Ca ' ~ **<»Da - Do boml and mortgage. V.V.V.V.V.V.’. 7® 8 Prime endorsed bDD, 00day5....,; “<5 s Do do 3©4 months s® 9 Finfjdaas staple naxnea Sit 9 Other good bills .. 104M2 —The New York Braid ears s After the recent experience of the Bank of North America, the basks are Justified inrefualoc certifi cations beyond the amount to the credit of the diawcrsof the checks, and (he practice of certify, ing almost Indiscriminately should never have become to general as i* has. It is obvious that the system places the money of the depositors as well as the interests of the stockholders, to some extent, in Jeopardy: and the competition for business among the city backs should not be al lowed to override their discretion. There are many cood houses to whom this accommodation mar tn moderation with aalety be extended; bat there an* others who receive It who are entitled (o it neither on the ground of rsaponslbUlty nor probity. —the complaint u stll general among foreign hankers oi New York, wbo receive dally quota* lion* of seenrtUce from Jxmdon of tbe wide lu*:- curacy Of ll»a Cable rcyurU furnUbed to the press. A foreign backer senda oa tbe following: To (be Editors of (be ComtaoxUl Advertiser: For sorcrsl days pe*t tbo press qitoUUoot of F|ve.7vebly l*onda in London bare been tinder end Batl«ajs materially op<r ibe actu«l Lo.doo price''. Does any one desire to advance the price of gold and stock* 1 Tbla morning Fire Twentl'a aie quoin below tie actual Loudon price, with Tin quotations for railways. Hare railway* Ua cllntsl to l«ondonf A. U. C. —lie Cincinnati C’ottffur.'lolsaje: The discount maria icmab.s close, but tbo symptoms oi a more nmiorUblo condition of thuic*. as to money, become craduilly more marked. Ac. cejrc'd custom, rs' paper Is resarded ai aUll worth JOCi 1 * per cent., and select, and aa blgb as 31c for good. —'lie gold valuta oi tbe Import entries of for eign merchandise at New York, emce July I, Ifcwi. the beginning of tbe current A-cal year, are offleUly (to Jan. 1) and ieml-oi!lclullj (since! re ported as follows—the entries ot foreign specie being omitted: • J Uly *81,55,8201 Jem. 8 .*4,140,071 Accost. £3 015,423 Jan. 10 7,002.131 Pent ember... BU6B -,61C I Jan. * 0 4,829,3 a October £3.83 MED 1 Jan. £0 3,618,970 November.... 19,907,917 Feb. 8 4,307,960 December ... 19.500,0911 Total amco July 1 Against same time last year.. „ Decrease since July t 27,187,175 • -The currency value of the Exports of domestic produce and miscellaneous goods from New York, -including ft-reign articles re-exported, since July LIBGS, are as follows, the figures being officially reported to January l,by mouths,and slue* semi officially, by weeks: July. $13,482,463 December,...511.413,537 August 22,923£10 •T&unsryO.... 3,716,634 Seotember... 11,071,333 January 15... 4,355,iiiS October 14,813,835 January XL.. $,734,191 November . 18.iti4,(ie5 January 30... 3,310,976 Total aluco Jclyl Againstsame time lost rear. Decrease since July! f 15,75T,6&8 Gold, February 2,1867.' 13CH U cent Gold, February 8,1866. ~139J£ |t cent The exports of Gold and Silver from New York have been as follows since January 1: July. f.8£3U459 January 5.... f 4,119,071 Auppat 1,637,851 January 12... • 7,061,191 September... January 1a... &29.33&.1 October 1,463,450 JannarySe .. 670,169 November... 3,766,630 February 2. . 655,098 1 December.... 19.500,Cbl Total since July 1 ....... Against same time last year Increase since Jaljl $5,15J,950 The deliveries of California Gold* at NewTock since July I: July 15,115,8431 December..ss4 Avgust 0,012,951 (.Tan. 11....... 874.731 Scutember..... 2,833,102 i Jan. 21 521,950 Octolter :i,744,7L7 Jan. 51.... 1,075,595 November 2,94(J,C3T ) —— . Totalsince July 1 t27.CH. 9.3 Against same time last year Increascalnee July! {19.531,253 The following are tbe Customs,Receipts In Gold at New York and the sums or Cold Interest on the Public Debt paid out at tbe New York office of tbe IreaaniT of Uie United Slates since J oly 1, ia»: Customs Received. July.. 111,617,373 August. 12,700,091 i Sep.ember... 12,474,070' October 11,607,6371 November.... 8,(67,5311 December.,- 5,324,076 January 0,630,831 February 2... 063,000 Total f73,435,G"9 To date, ISCO. 70.614,561 New York flock Market. Cl Of Iter rices for cash. February 6, tSCT, received by Joseph il. Lyons & Co., Brokers Ist Do. :dlld N.T Ccnttal.,lol# KB Erie (c0m.).... 58j*' MX M.S. (c0m.)... 73*< Tax C.&141U...... BJW &l«3 HfC* bland.... 38 »v C. &N.W 3TIJ- S7£ Doprdemd... C 7 CBvl P.. Ft. W.&C. SBK QoiccsUrcr.... 33 S 3 W.U.TeI 44* C.4A.(com,).U4k Hi B. A OUICCT...ISO ISO Micft.CettraU.lM 109 Hudson Utver.ia 137 k 111. Centra).....ll4k H4* l’.& Iteaclog,.lP4S( 104Js C. 113 V T.& Waboeh... Board, (tend. COMMERCIAL. Wr»SMDiT Evekbo, f cbtntry 6,15G7. The following tables show the receipts and ship ments of Produce during tbc past twenty-four hoars; HECXIPTB PAST TWISTWOPP DOUDB, 1807. ISCG. Floor, brls 6,201 a. 215 Wheat, bu 7,330 27.Cn Corn, btt B.WW 15,773 Oats, bo a,SOO U,S-t> Rye, bo 1,410 723 Barley, bn., . . 2,350 .... Grass Seed, t»« 1,700 74,025 Broom Com, B>s ; 200 Cored Meat, lbs 8,450 317.211 Pork, .brls 3,'J52 5W LawU&s 1.. 4Q&X) 115,470 0 allow, Jbe 51,060 3,615 Butter. &>s J5.U33 - lU,UK D. Uoev, No 2,020 1,0-il lire Uoca. No 3,777 4,031 Cattle, No Wl 327 Hides, &e 120,650 52,007 11. Wines, brla! Wool, lbs I.umber, m... ShiDCICB. 18... Bumaam past TwssTT-rocn notnts. Flour, brla Wheat, b 0.... . Com, bn Rye, 1m Barley, bu ... . Grass Seed,lbs... Broom Com, lbs. Cured Meats, tb5..................311170 321,119 Post, brla 770 557 Urd, fi)6 .....115,513 151,032 Tallow, tts 17,900 5,607 Butter, Sib 3,650 4,500 Bead Uogs, No 455 live Hosts. N 0....... 761 .. . ....185k r^Sgf .;..l37H ....ITTJf CalUc. No 125 DUrbwiwsa, brla -T ■"~"33 Wool, lbs 29,310 6,013 Lumber, m - 403 464 Shingles, m 651 150 lAlb, m. SO i 'l9 Sail, bils.. 857 : 712 n.OOB AND OQAIK IN STOCK. The following table, complied from the,official reports ol the Warehousemen to the Secretary of the Board of Trade, exhibit the amount of drain in etorc In this city on las*t Saturday, as compared with the anioont In store at the same date last ■year: „ , 1567,. 1853. Flour, brie 03,484 55,;i0T Wbeet, Ira 677,751 I,175,0»l Com, bn 653,133 4311733 UaU.liii 1 633.333 813,313 ItJC, Ira. 17.6,371 ,114,1)03 The Provision market vraa very dal], and not enough was dona to establish values. Mess Ports was generally held at *19.00 for the best brands, at which figure we note a sale of IW brls, but standard was ofilrcd at f 15.75, finding bnyo.-a. humps told in a small way at $14.75. Sweet Pickled Hams were steady, with sales of 210 tea at lltfrUHc. Unlit ilea's were quiet, with sales ol SO, uco Iba Clear Sides on private terms — eince understood to bo loose, flreen Meats. were quiet, with sales ofEams at 10c fromSlaugh* ttfrd. and 0?»c from OrcaeedHocs. Lard was doll, Ihouph held with considerable firmness. Holders of Prime Steam asked llX@l2c, with no buyer* over 11-yc. A lot of 178 tea Country Kettle at 15c. Grease was firm, with sales of 150 tes at 10c tor White, and Brown. Dressed iloga were 6210 c better on heavy « eights, with sales at fT3C®B,OO-closlng al $7.33 and $7.f5 dividing onfiUOlbe. ' Whlekey was negleeied and nominal at 22223 c for Bonded. There is no legitimate trade in the free article. . The Floor market was flna, bnt the demand was less active. About 2,800 brls changed hands at 118.00 for Wbtto Winters; {11.Mai1.75 for Bed Winters ; 110.002U.60 for Spring Extras ; {7.60 for Spring Supers ; {6.00&6.30 for Rye and {7.60 for Buckwheat. There was a fair speculative demand for No. ShPrtng Wheat, and the market was H@Hc, No. 1 Spring was full and almost neglected. There was sotbleg doing In Rejected. The sales foot np CS,CCO tin at {2.14 for No. 1, and {l.S*K<3*l,B9l( for ho. fi-bolh regular—closing at for Ihe latter. Com opened tame and a shade easier, but sub* eeanemly a strong speculative demand sprang np and the market dosed firm and a trifle stronger. We note sales of 97,000 bu at 732-Soc for No. 1; CSHc for No. 2, and 54252 c for Rejected—closing firm at7Bj£©SocforNo. 1. .. ' Oats were easier and less active, with sales at for No. 2—closing at the Inside figure. Bye was in fair demand and folly 1c belter, with sales at 83c for No. 1. iresb; 90290J4C for do, Win ter, and 90c for. No. 2, fresh. • - -. Barley was dull, with a few transactions at 70c for No. 2, tn R. I.; 45c for Rejected. andCoc2sl.3* lor sample lots. Seeds were In steady demand and firm, with sales at 13.7523.06 for Timothy and {7.7328.00f0i Clover. The following despatches were read on ’Change to-day ; _ .. Hiw Tons, February 6. • Flour s®loc belter; quiet at 5J0.15ai1.65. Wheat unsealed; nominal at Corn quitt ano firm at 91.13 in store. Oats stronger at MfiCJHe. Pork lower at *19.75 for Oldf and fso,sf*H for hew. lard dull but steady, flops firm at 5a.2550.50. Gold IST. Buying. Selling. . 99 10(1 HO BP* .91 tATCn. Floor tame. Wheat unsettled. Corn strong at *1.134. Oats firm. Forks shade firmer. Whis key quiet at So@slc, At the afternoon Board the leading Grain mar kets were anil, closing at *1.994 for No. 2 Spring. No. 1 Com was firm at 79KC- Provisions were In active aid nominally unchanged. Bail road Freights declined 10c per 100 the on 4th class goods to New York, Boston and Philadelphia— taking eftect to-morrow (Thursday.) The Cattle market opened active and buoyant, and moet of (he sates were made at a alight ad* vance. bat later, under liberal arrivals, trade slackened e little, and prices fell back to about SatordaVt quotation*, at which the market cloaca steady. Sales embrace 1,100 head, at f 1.00&T33 for common mixed tots, to very extra State Steers. Ihe receipts were 2,415 heed. .The market tor live Hogs opened a little quiet in the morning, but soon became active, and an* dcr a strong demand, both for shipment and on local account, prices experienced an advance of 5 QlOe. The pens werejdeartd at tor common to very choice liogv. The receipts were -s,SS4brad. ‘ . Ktw York Brm<UiHd« Market. [Fiore the liibone of Monday.] Flora xxd UiAL—Tbo heavy tad depressed leeling which nor floor market toe week prior to ocrlsrt baa been lolloweahr crrattr anxiety to sell, scdls »omcgrade* so crrat has bees the prewire to rratice that wry lanre cooc»«*lons fhare beea made: this baa grcsUr uusutied the market, ana nticc*»t tiara have been quite Dominsl—this U doe cnieCy to tb« n. ore etna gent money market. The lotto* to this branch of trade hare been Terr largo, while few coo emcer* hare profited by U. Ine fact Is, the supply of tumdauuttthrvuaboaiihoooantrr I* to limited too «. pectapcrmsnent decline, a-d cannot fail to prtKtrate all ihelacusinsl Intel cat* cf the country. To-day the raartat was ateadier; the low and medium craaea ahaw an the baalteoa has been only to a moderate extent. Tbe sale* were s,*£U brl* at -10.10 lor anpemne bi*K; tar extra do: T9.0MtU.45 lor the low grade* ot tt esters extra; SU.SO UlJJofortmtrto choice do; for shipping Ohio; lII.OOWIJ.H for trade do; and SlS.loAl6.id for St, Lotus extra*. Canadian floor la held with more Cra.ccw.bnt i* net tut aeave; aale* of sso brtoat to bend, and tor trade end Qtmlly -extraa. Soothers floor U arm, hot cot actlte t sale* otMO brts at IO.IQ£ 15.00 for common to utr extra BalUmorc and country. and fbr trade and Otmlly extra*. Eye flocru itiong and In fair demand; aalca of *7O brl* at PLDQOkjo, Com meal !* nna and In 'talr demand; sale* cf ah] brl* at for jersey andramslraala; for Mirth’s uatorlc.and njoior Branrty«lae. ttuckw&eal flour It m fit f demand at S3£\%iSs Mr K 0 fca, Gaxis—The' depression and heaviness In onr wheat isarket previously adTcru-d to has. during the past week, brortd eren more marked. The impression with capitalists that there 1* room tor a decline of twenty Percent in the price ot breadstuff*, ».r that it is only safe to advance one-half their present value, j a v<*rv erroneous one. Mans well4nlormod me*chanta, with. In alew dsyspsst, nxTe»h'twn adlspoalUon to par chase tor investment, regarding tbepn-srat pncoet wheat tctt lew. from the fact of our last eroo bets* folly ctUKfrro busheia ihort ot an averace,b«Uuuie I present eonfliaou of the market, tad olibe nuances ol tbecow.Uy t *tj lew of our reader* m»y credit this «*• tlm»te.7miwe*r<-concert f> await further. d*y".o> metU;titne alinewiil demomtrate it: t*>«a®cha« fo price* ol wheat has failed to induce export* rn> to operate, owing to tbo unfavorable advlcca Iron* Europe. And the part week La* be*-n a vary gloomy otto for bcl.ier* of wheat; nut **lt if al*ay* darb-at ißaUrtforodar.* On 'CHUM wero w»a more tine to the market, tMXt holder* not Seine OUpoica to •ell. Balnof 7.W bo No.3Chicago Aid 7.000 ho amber State on private terms, been In fair demand for the trade, bat tnebnrtnetefir etportbaa twt be-n laree; we hear, however, of far ther ccuflderable •hlomeni* from tost hand*, r®- doctiuf our a lock to aoout 2.100X00 bn. and uoiser* of choice quallUr* cvlnc* more steadiness. closing Heady with a fair dmnand. Sale* Of IWR &“ ?» lUi lbr Canada Wert **trer,** *nd 7SC for tnlcnor Western. ItarleT mail U quiet at 11.30.4 l Sb o*tt bate ocen freely offered. and coder a a ore atriogest money market and the lea emoar#o, price* hate do e4lrtd«ctoelPCf however. wtih more flrmneaa and to fair demand; »alf* oi 41,M0 bu at 53467 c W ortara. in store; ftk464Mc tor now do, afloat; eTaMc •for Jersey. and 7Sc for Stale. Kre U dull but hrtn, fair* of IMCO ho at f IXSjMW for Stale and Canadian. In hot d, on private term*. Indian corn b»f been a>l P.‘ parautely quiet, the arrival* of new nave increased aul a»iu iinfaToraVie nea » • from EuropA * inrlber advance in trrlght*, continual ;oa atructlona in • our barter, and a more auing*at money, market, have ircrwed .the deelre to tell, and to do *o a large abate went ha* beau made. The cold weather baa rrea'iy retarded butlcett. cuttlOff otf tlie Eaatem trade ami adding much to me deprcnlon; wUtaretornof aiw weather we look lor a more active trade and more Snares. Wcbarerodncedooratxk ilnce m? flrit oi Janoarv to about COCO.COO bushels, and at the rolaced price* current we look Ibr a more rapid depletion, toe present month cloiinc better and more active, the a®- ellietn freights stimnlating the export demand; aalea O.COO bnibela at tunaiXS tor new yellow Jtney-, Ai.©;<u»too-s forWeit.ru mixed in store, and ILU® IX2 for do steal. .$153,172,833 105,300,008 Be view at the California GrninTnide* San Fxascisoo. December SMB<?- Recti pu of grain and flour (California product only), at tht port 01 ban FnacUco; „ . Wheat. Barley. 10C-B. sacks. 109-3.sackSL From June 30 to Dec SI, 1360 U6.M ***.“* “ 44 25n....-j,tASOJ sw.^? “ 44 150....J.53M61 CWJH 44 - 44 19M 397,377 291.731 44 “ ISO 1.356,715 . gB4« “ “ 1806.*...i«,ca 875,®; Oats. Float. IDO-S.bcti. bit*. From JuneSO toDec.Sl, 15C0.,... 303,702 77.077 “ “ ISQ S 60.(91 76.1 M ** “ ISM 122, CT 93458 “ - 1963 273,797 »» 44 ** ISM 133,160 47,10 44 44 1565 195417 BM* 44 25C6..... 3354 W * 326.(90 Dy this too wIU perceive that, thus Ur, oar receipt* of wteat and Sour this season have been Car In treeas of any previous one. Indeed the quantity of these two staples reaching the city rinrinp* tne put lU months largely exceeds those of any previous year Blare Call* forma became a wheat producing country. The re* edpta of barley and oats show so material adraooe on tauc or previous seasons; tbelaw price* ruling here, ever slue harvest, oflerlag so Inducement to farmers to forward their surplus, and the activity in the wheat market doling the past tour months having fully em< ployed the csirylngcaiicity of the fleet oi smalt res* ocu by which oar market u (applied with grsla. onr exTwtna during the same p»rlod, compared with former years, hate been as follows: i-ap.-u* os g'aln ann nonr (CaUfornlaproduct oulj) from the port of San Francisco: _ . Wheat. D axley. From July 1— _ i«.» sacks. 100-8. sacks. UCOIo JUteSO,IS«I 316.7*1 44 IS»3 .1457,7(3 XUU IS*3 44 16JU. 9>IMl 4i2W Jb«» 44 ISfJ 44 UC6 , 1366 to Dee. Sh ISG6 (sis mouths) .1,003,031 1W»1 „ . Oats. Floor. PVnm JoJy l— sacks. ICO-B next. ISCOto JUccSO, 1361. 13UMI 173.6 k! i?n 44 • iso-.... •• i«3*a Ki. 601 44 Itei. 39415 UW33 IM3 44 IS&h. 65491 155.T0 ISM 44 1W S4U 62.111 IWS. „ 1666 115.H13 219357 lt6st-' Dee.Sl. I>s6(Sl*months). 61.U7 160455 By this It will be perenved that during the past Ax months we hare exported more wheat than la any previous year, our exports of fljurhave alto been comparatively very large, while in barley and oats a regular proportion has best) preserved. tVnr*T-lry redeem* lionr to wheat, the total quan tity exported since the ban est amounts to 190,000 tons. This amount would have been largely increased oat lor the want of suitable tormaie to relieve ns of oar surplus. It is a fact worthy ol note that while our product of grain U yearly Increasing. our wants of general merchandise from abroad are diminishing; and the want of tonnage to take from us our increased yearly product act* as a very serious obstacle to the prosperity of the agricul tural interest ofthe State. Thtre can be no question that San Francisco l* fast becoming the no,; promt ncnl loading port oi the Pacific coast: afaet to which we beg leave to call the attattloa jf ship o mere la the • Atlantic Maw* and Europe. The freight engagemeuta for Atlantic and foreign ports at the port of ban Fran* cisco, trom January Ist to December 31st, 1666, amount ed to 22a,00J registered tom, an increase of 16,000 regis tered tons over the engagements cf the vear 1555. In our circular of March 29th last, me surplus of wheat which would be probably available for export. was estimated at 201.U00 tons. Ol this surplus 10),ODU tons have been already shipped, leaving the balance of ltd,Coo tons In the bands of farmers; but it is more than likely that the actual surplnsof this year's croo still re maining amount* to i3S.CtW was. This quantity can be - bhlppoaiftcrmagc can be hart, and the farmers can bo Induced to part with their eisln. should thesotsoo continue as proplMons for another fall harvest as Ithas commenced, present holder* wlllUsely oe Induced to sell; but, unfortunately tor the good of the country, ihc prees ofthe etare is often too persistent lo advising farmers to hold on to their crops, wnea u is evidently Ihclr beet interest to sell. Thu gratuitous advice, flat* CerincailUsto the hepw of the farm*rs, is too fre quently adopted by them to their detriment. Our exports to China during the past four’months have been verr tight, and the quotations for both Sour aocl wheat rallegat Bong Kong tor some time past. Indicate that we cannot look to China to take any large portion of cur surplus of wheat except allow prices. The Istnt accounts from Australia represent ihclr growing crop os very promising. The chances of any demand from that quarter are consequently ex ceedingly meagre. The present season has thus for been very favorable for plowing and sreclng, but it lias yet too cooa to Judge of the breadth of land to be cultivated, or to make any etoimato of the probable surplus ct grain. Should the weather continue tavorsbie a much greater extent ot land win be sown: but bow the prospective Urge crop can ever oe shipped to a foreign marktt must remain a problem yet to be «olvcd.. It Is to be hot ed that should freights continue to rule low in China and the £ut Indies, shipowner* will orccr their vessels to come to Ban Francisco, if heed be, in ballast; for If the season continues at all favorable, we shall need thred hundred tnousaml tons of shlp/dug to move the wheat crop ajone, afttrnext season. .$109J>00,146 327,237,851 .$19,003,580 . 11,814,630 Gold Inter est Paid. July $3,873,373 August, 336,785 September-... 2,634,552 October 218.121 November.... 14.788,261 December..., 1,722,406 January 7,4J5,W5 February 2;.. C2,UOU Total .SSJKvVA To dale, 1853. 89,053,437 Ist Dil. 21 Dd U. s. 6 v cent Bonds. 1851...106H 108 k D. 5.6 9cts-» coup. ’C....ICSJ< 106 k B. 3. i p el 5-30 Coup.. *61....106.K 106 k U. B. 6 V ct 5-2 J Coup., ’63....106K 106 k V. cent 1040# .100 k WO* Treas.73-10,1st aeries 105* 105 V U.B.JHUI aeries lOStf 105 k U. s. 7 3-10, 3d .103 k t»k asok IStk •crina.... Am. Gold. iy; 2d Board, strong. Die market lor wheat at the close la dull, tonnage being scarce, and the veat&er very utfiarorable fur any extended operations. We quote good stunning parcels at (15331.90 V lO3 Its. Bablxt—The exports of barley daring tbe past six months hare been very Umtted, aud prices have ruled uniformly low. Australia, which has been the only market open to ns under the prevalent scarcity of tan* cage, has taken ftmr-Qfth* of our total exports, which have amounted 10 U2.C00 Backs only. Toe available surplus now in the country cacnot tall short of 40.000 tOLs. • With lower ratea of freight a large portion of this would no doubt be shipped to New lork. We quote brea’ery fJ.OO; fecdVZXc «• 100 &>*. Oats—'l he exports or oau from June 33th to De cember 81st have amount*! to 81,000 «acn,almc it all of which wentto Australia. ThecropofthU year is lar ger and ol better quality tiian that of i£6i-6 The stock remain txg on osnd arallanle f or export 1« call niaU-d to he IZ.UMi tone.. Good samples are selling at (i-MfioOba. fuicn—Kiports during the six Imooths have been ICO.CCO bids. We quote; Superfine, hf. sacks. V bih, superfinr, qr. sacka, V hrl.. ti-STV; extra, hf. sacks. 9 hrl. *6.W: extra, or. sacks, f brl batw. hf. sacks. v bakers qr. sacks, y .■ari.. lor etandard brands; lowcxxraaes areQuotabU*»l 23 cents V DrU l«a>. 49 91 I,MO 5,030 13 23 230 310 Uftft. 1366. 4.070 1 7SI 1,605 2.370 900 1,766 23,623 10,073 210 Boston Floor market. [From the shipping list.] Tbc receipts of floor for the week hare beca 15.15 J brl», Including all kinds, against 13,669 hr Is for the cor responding week of 1366. ln« ex pom for the tamo timetotvebeea I.46°brlt, of which 2» brl* Were to ilayU, sad the balance to coastwise ports TMre con tinue* to be a Tory doll feeling for floor, th*: trade par. chasing only In small lots to suppiy immediate wants, and to effect any considerable sale* lower pnc« wanld have to be submitted to. Bolder*. however, are not urging aales and In consequence very little change n.i» takes place. The receipts arc moderate for the season, bat (he limited demand since thelst ot January has somewhat disappointed holders, and if buyers con tinua to keep ont of the market lor any length of time, ■ U most tend to turtherdeprefs prices. We quote s ties of western superflne at common extras at extras and caolce bakers red wheat prandial |13.5(&ia.90; and cood and choice. Including Opnci'cc, Oblo and Michigan, at iILOJ® 15 78 per brl, favorite branda Michigan selling at the latter rate. mmols and Southern Ohio extras have been keeling at anJouti6.no • per brl. including good and choice brands. St. Loul* floor* la yer7 Qojet, «ood and choice brands are hebfirom lU-COfai. JO oer brl. as to quality and brand, hut ills difficult to get over fl6Jo«n.« per brl for the best brands. In Canada flour very Buie has been dona, common extra* arc nominally t7.«.VSBJO per brl. cold, in bond, and white wheat brands rang* from ttUMcA 13.50 per brl. currency. In southern floor nouuagot anc cocfeqncncc has been dose, and prices ot tb >lce Baltimore brands are notnltaliy pcrTirl Com meal is doll, with moderate aales at *5.5025.75 for good shipping brands. In rye door the tales have been counted to ‘mail lole at |T.£»iS 00 per brl for common and extra. Buckwheat it dun at 4jj0.23.75 per 103 ss The receipt of dressed hops daring the week were i.Pa) head, a large lai me off compared with the re* empu or me week previous ti alao with thoie of the corresponding week 1n1566. The demand during the week lias been largely speculative forthlpmenl to ncit York, where there bu been a wide margin between that market and this. Anion* the lots sect to New aorkbavebacaeome belonging to city packers, who calculate on replacing their shipments at lower ortcea The week's rales have bean about 5,000 head, at prices considerably In advancs of those of last week. The range of prices daring the week has been 53.7ajt9.00 for plgj. toy Western, and 9&87M5!).50 for btate. the oatiide tgnrea obtained yesterday ami to day for small parcels and Western and state. The market tor port has not varied materially Flora oar .ait. The arrivals have been air and there la a denial'll from the trade. The sales have been at P*tmc; tM.30&22.50 lor moss; and tlUott73.Co for clear, cam.. Brer remains the same. Mock light and demand moderate from toe trade. The tale* have been at f IB.Oaa'JO for met*; WUto2LOO for extra men; anu K 3 maaoo tor tamlly. Lard Is a shade easier, with a lair demand. The sides hare been « XSVBISEC *ft in bits ana tee. as to qSuy. JRS oMtu tea hesd and gnt laro told at I7\c ? a, cun Emotedlanware in good demand, and have been id* Hpcat UgigHc V The stock herds veiy small llogs are nrmer and have been la better demand, with Uxla > a * «>»ic. The following shows the export* of Provisions for the two weeks ending Jannarj X, from New York, and January 36 for all other porta: To Great Conti* Other n , a . Britain. cent. Ports. Poik, hrls...; 1,856 440 Q,SW Bacon. 4c., 8e......1.641,500 146,100 35?200 Laid, lbs... 1,720,700 003,(500 731 SOO Bolter, 0)9.. 157,700 .... 51 SOtf Cheese, Bs 2.237.200 .... 19'«« Seeds Id Philadelphia—February 4, Clorerseed is scarce; no all sales are miking at mm &I.A. the latter rate lor prime, timothy ranges at from t3.T7ttt.oo. aad flaxieed at T* ovf« ™ b ** TUB CHICAUO LIVESTOCK. 3tABRKT. _ Oittc* of ras Datlt Tram, > • wzDXxm&AT Grsnso. Fcbruary-e,^*;— Tie CoUowtrg table i&ovi the dally receipt! mad shipments cf Uve Stoat during the week op to this evening as reported by the Secretary ot the Down Stock Yard Company : Sunday and Monday. f, 4 **!? n °&M Tnejaoy TOT 5.777 t:t Wednesday. 7,(13 i,toe Total... liss S Ireeif - kCB IXS3I I«S1 Week before last. ..,.1,77# H,V7i 377 The receipts to-day were by the following route* : “S' ByßufUegton.VOh!... »Koad. 763 BrSLUuie.M'c ' 10ad.... o< ui By Koniiwe*t«t. . x<6 73i « By Hock lalaoa tctul. ..... tu 1.0(0 sis liAIBB. ' -tta sjsj u« The shipments to-day, and tot the week op ts;thu evmlag.were: CalUe. Ho». Sheep. Sunday tad Monday 7til . .... Ittidiy W edueeday........... Total 781 .... Siuae time tut week. • <7 Weckbetbre last. .... .... tales to-day,« entered at the different Scnie-boujes, wereasfbßows: Cattle. Han. Sheen. At Illinois Central Beale aw iiS« .... At Burlington Scale. 41S 3.100 331 At Alloa Scale 563 sen Atsotthwincrn-5ca1e........ HO 5Sj .... T0ta1..,..'...;,... UW 5,493 «| BEEF ChTILE—The weather was delightful, and buyers were out in considerable toroe. There war an abundant supply of stock In the pens, and trade, though not particularly brisk, exhibited a very de cided improvement In thl* rapeet over the two or three preceding day*. The quality of the offering* did not differ essentially from Ibrmer arrivals; the proportion of common and medium descriptions, being, as heretofore, largely In the ascendent, and largely,too, in ezceas of the demand, The »h«TKlfr ot the demand was sub*tanUal.y the same a*.that noted in our previous reports. There was a good heatthydnquiry for shipping Deeres, and holders of good first ted second dies Steers, and good to choice Con, experienced little dtißenlty to realizing at toll rate*. For good butcher's Cattla there waaalsoatalr demand, but common and Inferior stock was sadly neglected, and sates dragged heavily, with prices barely sus tained.-Thtre was abetter inquiry dir new ant'-* Cows than at any time during the past mouth, and had they been In the marks! reedy sale would hare been leuud, and at good price*. Too tw were off-ring to establbhreliable quotation*, hencewe quote them ncminalatf33.olwS3.Cu tor common to choice grades. Veal Calves- were In request, and the few tn the market were quickly taken up ai-fjjOciSjo for common to prime Veals. Transactions to-day em brace 1.100 bend, which were divided between ship pers, city bntchett and feeders, at price* ranging from

SUOakCOIbr common to good batchers' yio^ W 0 lor commas to good stock Slow*, and |kSOS6.73 for »\tr to prime shipping Beeves. Toward the close, u. dec the liberal arrivals, the feeling was not ao strong, and «houW the receipts for U-morrow be a* large a* thote ol to-day U la not unlikely that price* may reced* iMUjwbV, Dressed Horn at Albany, Boston Provision Market. Exports of l*rofislon». The following arc the ICin om Steen, uq averazuie 200 M 1 rv*tS ?T.»6.7>a7X0 r^S?^r e, “ Coct3 « woll fatted, Andy- j Ft?ir (iradd-iifr BteerrlVn fair ip • >-rO6 Xa, iu. 5^535.13 *—Jilcdiain bicer* and food | i»fenor— uebl and thin Coe* aiol btoert, r«OKbamicoar»e.BTera«la*72Cl»soo»», CATIXE SALES TO-DAT. ^ d Steer*, averaging J,C6J Lighters1 head fair rongbUh Steer*, averaging 2,077 sa.ieaatd watered, at tbXO. medium bteen, Averaging IXlsft», w® £•*•«»» SS.SO. _} l ?f.tven head prime shippingSUera,*7trading 1J224 &r,cnca(a,atio.s«i<. fJ 1 » ny ’ toUr bMa extrk Blceva, avenging 1.400 B*, at ft choice shipping Sleexi, areragtng i,S3O prime shipping Steer*,; averaging sixteen brad prime shipping •’Steen, averaging 1,700 Da.atf6Xo. • Forty-acvon bead good smooth shipping Steer*, av •e» a*mg as. at s«xq. • Seventeen brad good straight tmooth Steen, aver* amagixasa # ,aifi.io. • • Eighteen head fair botcher** stock, avenging 1,025 ft*, at f*.63 S . beventeeu head good botebera* stock, averaging 2,«ha*,at*Mo. .... Fifteen head good butcher** Cattle, avenging 1.100 as, at (&.UI. UOtiS—Tiade opened a Utile ahKk In the mominr, bat later la the day buyers took hold sharp, and, oader. a gocd, healthy competition. the pest were cleared at an advance oi s&iOc oa the cioeln* rates of yesterday; The offering* vers divided between ituppen and oaek era, thoueh the great bolkwaa taken by packers. Sales somber 9200 bead at H.10@6.40 for common to fair lota, averaging from 157 to *9O Bs, and t420&6.75 (or good to prime Hoga, averaging Cram 365 to 950 fit. A few. choice lota were ciosea ont at an advance ot &aiOc on the above range. 800 BALES TO-DAY. jjo. Ar. Price. 49 good even lot .963 |6L3Q ISmtdsnm bacon Hogs ..,...,210 6JS 90 prime tat Bogs 309 f 1.70 SOS pood even lot SSI fi.63 64 good tat even Hoes .337 6.60 U 0 lair coar>e lot- ....314 MIX 61 tStdlam lot. 7* aame qualltT.*. 640 MiairHoga-... .265 6.35 42 coarse uneven lot 4SS 64J 60 lair bacon grade* „...17* 640 5? coed bacon Hot* 157 6.40 76 hlr bacon lot. ...145 640 MtalMtogs .219 6.40 SCO prime erra Hoc* .395 6.75 6J common light flog* ...171 645 71 same quality 191 6.05 65 tame quality...., 19S - 6.10 6j medium bacon Hoc* .199 620 Usama quality..... 233 640 74 taxaeqoamy ..190 640 67 median! lot .....207 6.75 Sti meolum Hogs..., .....210 640 63 tame quality .....453 643 110 talr even lot. .210 640 •0 Kiod &t Qoa- • 49 goca cren 38 choice SHEEP—Therewas little doing In this department ot the Live Stock market to-day. There was a liberal anpply in the pens, but the demand was limited, and holders tound It next to Impossible to greet tales at prevtons prices. Aside Irom bead which were taken on local i ccounu no fairs were reported, and the mar ket may be quoted almost nominal at|L33&VD tor common to choice cradea. Good to choice mutton qualities are about the only descriptions inquired Or. \Ve note the following sales: •So. Ar. Price. TO lair lot. 93 5 a iw good mutton sheep no sao ICO • i^lX CHICAGO DAIII SIABEET. AU tolegrf Grain reported (n JAts market report ore made on the basis 0/ winter (4c) itorage, unten clhericite erprttied. Tna>sesrur Evwrso, February 6,1587. FHEIUIIT? 5 —Uiii-toAD Fukights—Dp«s«d Does aresrc lower to New York ami Heston, and Widower to Albany. TTe revise oar nlti. Hie following U tbe Joint land on tue Eattem toads: 51 4tb Drs’d rates from Chicago to— class, class. Flour. Hoes. Buffalo, N. Y S 3 47J< 90 S 3 Toronto. C.W C 3 47* 93 73 Montreal, C.E..... IJO 83 1A) U6J >ibanj,N. Y IXO 9.'X UB JJ& New Yoik... 1.a3 80 1.80 iXi Boston ana Albany. 1.35 Uj LM 1.35 Bosto&Tta Oraua Trunk 1.33 95 1.90 1.35 j’ortlam riaGrauaTnu.6 1.90 IAS Phniwc’pbls..... 1.15 A 1.70 1.13 Baltimore U 5 » i.TO ms fllUbnrcn... 70 W J.OO 70 CICTo and, Ohio 43 35 70 51 Jeffersonville, led 45 33 70 Citctnnati, Ohio IS S 3 66 43 Fl.OLlt—Uecclved, 6.3ul btls; shipped,‘4.o7o hrls. The market was quiet, and prices rated Arm.' Sales wtreasfolioas: wuitr 'SVtXTrrs—uo brls not named at J13.C0; Urn kiSTMs—btO brls “Vlct-.i" at 112X0 delivered at Detroit; 100 brls not named at sn.7i; 50 brls do atdlAO; Srerso Kxtbas—l,ooo brls not named at (11A0 ;wo brU do at f 10.75 ; 100 oris '‘Garnett’s Ex> celsior” at (10.75; ISO brls not named at (10.63* \ UN brlsdo atIICAO; 100 brls do at f 10.12* ; 100 brls do at J10.C0; Epeu'Q Scpeeb—Wo brls hot tamed at (7AO; tTE Fieri:—loo brls at (6.301 2W hrla do at (6JO; 300 brls do at (6.C0: Ui ckwukat Fuocb—* brls at |7AO. WII bat— Hectare*!, 7,330 ba : shipped, 1.663 ba. Market advanced b@Vc on No. 2 hprlne. bales were: 4TObnNo.lStrtogat(2.ll(rcsuUr); 30,000 ba No. 2 at (I 89* t S.CWJ bn eo at *l.Bß* 1 SO.WO ba do at |I,S9; S,CW bn do at (!.»*— closing at fI.S'.JHQI.aO* tor the latur. CO UN—Received, P,«O bo; chipped, cone. Market a shade timer althe close. bales were: 10,003b0 So. lat K)c; • CO,COO' bn do at 79j<c; 5.000 bn do at 79kc; S.IOO bn doat 790:3,00060 So.3&t6BHO* 1)000 bu Ili- JfctfU ftt&SS'c: 4.U00 t>Q do at 15c; 1,300 bu do at s|*c; scvbu do aiwHe; gXCOhQ do at lie—closing firm at 7V\G*cforNo.l. OATS*—Kectlved, s,BCoba; shipped, none. Market a shade racier, bale* were: 15,010 bn No. 2 at 4lc; C.COO bn do at 40^c; bu do at iOJfc—closing at the IntlCe figure. RYE— Received, 1,410 ha; shipped.9oo ba. Market firmer and ic better, sale* were: Buo bttNo. 1 (troth! at Kc ; 800 bu do (winter) at 90>»c; 41X1 ba do at wc; 40) bn No. 2 (ft >*n) u 90c. IIA R LEV—Received, 2AM bn ; shipped, 1,750 bu. Market dull. Bale*were: 410buJ»0.2 <K. I.)at«0e; 400 bo IWocted at 43c; 44 bags by sample at \ 49u be at9oc: 40)bn state. t A l.(’OUOi<—Nominal at |4.SOa4.W. B«lAN—bales were: 10 tons at fUJX). JlltOU.ll CORN—DoII ana nominally unchanged. llKAN**—Are selling at f1.75<a2.50. bale of 5 bags Medium at <1.73. llMTTEU—Received,ls,o3otbs; chipped,3,6so As. The maiket present# the same general natures os pre viously noted. About the only Itooiry la tor choice table quotations, common descriptions are doll and Tu«Jwi«i. We Quote: _ Cnolce to Dairy .23 @23 c Uo.dTub 20 oil c Common Firkin U c Frlme firkin .72 ttil c BAKU ISU—The market is veiy quiet, with no change lo pnrrs. Wc condone toqaoteas Mlowa; Kailonal a, S bn, teamlcas linen (40.00 Union A, do do 40.00 Illinois A. do do ... 58.n0 Corn Exchange S&ou Start a, cotton seamless '. 68.00 Lewiston A, do ... 6koo Atidro*opgin do GKO. ilcavcr mi us- is ; .'.....1 ;SHfi- do ... 1 ..61JW do 63JM 3® «w» bacoStaea and §*su HldgeWocd, do 55 00 tspiuigflcld..., GUDDNS WM Burlaps, 4 bn,No. 1.. .. • jam Empire Ctty. M 1... 4^oo CliEEs-E—There is no improvement to note In the general character of the market. The demand la cam fned chiefly to prime goods for flJlmg navi order* from the country. We make no change In our quota- New Vorlt Factory (genuine) .18 ai# e toctorraiuxols) m,§ii c Hamburg...., 16 : ®I7 c Mfcttcrn State*. . ..........U »1| c cetera Reserve. .........14-1415 c “Tonne America” ; oaj c Cl# a I t—i ■ in good request and steady, uxl com nor .ftUvcly cm, at the price* clnn below, Etim— Brookfield iMJtt do 0nubr...... nxo CiATEbASD-BTlar Hin nxo do Mineral Ridge in oj GO Willow Bank ; mj* do Tunne1......................... ujo ChlPlwa loioo Riotabure is.® Lump Lehigh 15X0316.00 Lackawaoa, prepared 1400 tcranton 11 no Fitumn *. um Illinois 6XO® £U» do on track SXO® 6.00 Tongbi&ahfnv i» 00 COFFEE-Tradewas atoacy.wlth but few buyers in town. We quote: .. UlO, cornu on to Uir...... ....26 «26Uc Rto, geed to prime .‘iSXMtHc Rto. prime to choice. vfcoac CUUPEItAOE—Market inactive. Sales were: at fl JO delivered: 93 do at |i-2D delivered; i,ooC 00 at. EIIKK-The supply U light, and under n good local dt-mind dealers were holding Ann y at the advance noted yoterdav. Sale* range at S3&3jc for strictly choice, and ::eJ9c for limed Erg». Fit I" ITS AND MITS*—’Trade U moderate, and pure* steady and unchanged. We continue to onote aa lollowa: UAMV fil.lig Apples. Fbrt Lcxlols, Malaga Cranberries, w orl.. Ci an berries, cultivated DBZED netTS. Fits, drum Figs, cartoons Can l*eacbee,*ip Apples, new. Peaches, halves and quarters........ Peaches, pared ....*. Blackbemrs,oew, P ft........ liupbenles. new, p a.. Cherries, pitted Eldeiheniea, 4» ft Haistns, layers liaiilh*. Valencia, Snrdltes, K boxes Sardines, H boxes. AJcoade, h»M shelled Alir.Oßrts, son atrtled....... AlicomU, paper »helled.... I’CUkUU. V ft.'WUXEIOgtOO. Brazil NuU FllbctW. Krertb Walnut*. u<r...„. Kapt«* Walnut* Perns. until and largt.. Uic*cry bu... O'CSttuU, 9 bn.,- 7.10 a &00 Fl!»ll— l lrado la etacnaat, and quotation* are of Mule raise, TL* ctcclu are ample, and pncee are not reznartanir fins. The tallowlm ere Uie nominal rate*: WhUeflih,Xo.LJfbrl. 7.5 0 “ Trent. Xo.J, ybr/. lofts 5.25 **. 5*0.1 XW tSOs 4.73 Mackerel. So. l, U btl. new... iloo*il» M Xo. V. sir) M.a3iWfl •• ttmlly.il J»br1.......:. 9.UU9.25 “ * extra um,£ £hrl ligtgu^ *• Xo.l, kits.new.ia«s in “ fimllr.ints 2.9«}A Codflfh, Bantfciro fti iwvsaoo “ George's Bank BJOjt 9.00 Hik» SJftA 100 Bvrrtegs.dned.No.l. V box ML* u •* scaled . Rxs fi Labrador Barters, V brl 115ftj*ll.w “ M Xhrl -150 a 175 Norwegian Herrings. K% V brl 18J0 * *• M’sJPbrl H 6« KtlßH—Ssles were SB Mint it <3jjo®i.go; 500 Muskrat atattZlc. FKATREKf*—SsJcof too si Lire Geese at 75c. («REAMS—Market firm. Sale* were:. 100 tre* White at 10c: Mtrcs Yellow alBkC, , Hl*s»*TVlXK?* —Kocelrfd. 46 oris;shipped,2 brla. Market dull aad nominal at aaaase tor flooded. IlOPH—ArefclUtgat Eastern, andS£o 60c Itr West era. DRESSED UOG'*-B«xtxeU 18X; shipped, 03. Market s®ioc better 00 heart weights, sales were: 63 areragtei; ate B* at. <3,00 a “ 776 as at...... 7.75 aw *• xo cs at. ....... ?.£o 10 •* 170 BS 7.30 *» lav Bi a«JU BdlTlffsosTO bs at |7 jo sad *.75 51“ Mo Bt st 7JO sad 7.T0 53 M SOD Be St. 7JD Sttd 7.65 ISS “ aoo bs at 7JO and 7.60 —cleric* at |73} sod I".®. IIA a—l» quiet, snd for Pressed Timothy prices are easier. Prairie on wagons, owing to the limited quan tity arrlrlnr. I* held more Qraly. The following art the prices coneat: wnotrasut psicu. Timothy, rolled and beater pressed <13.00314 W Timothy, loose pressed CUOaUJO Prairie, beater pressed t 20.W4U.00 rrran. raters. Tlicothy, roller and bearer {treated ...tKJOjI.JO Timothy, luorearetwd l6.txX4tßJ» mine, roller sad beater pressed lUtaAU.OO Praine. laom ob wacomdellTerod 9JA2ID4X) I* 111 Bs*—Received, JW.fCO fts; iblpped, none, lb ere li a ccod demand on (tripping account and the receipt*. Which are light, are readily taKen op, though the central recline la caster. We quote: Green Butchers’ ft #Jtfc - ■ -- ySn Uitto Own Ca1f...... »» *■ Ktp, Grets, called 14 sl3 c Dry ntnlTtrlmmed IT (4tSlfc Dry Sailed. tna*xsed.. JU<SUS>|C Uran Sat ed, oart cared 9*915 e IKON AND STEEL.—'Ttoeewasontya&lr mor*. ncaitoCejlD ttu department of trade. and price* werecw*rfy. We repeat qaotaUoal: Common Bar... . .3J<® 5Vc Uom Shoe Iron . 6\e» <Vo HttTf Bard 3 9 *Sc Hoop ana Lletat Band. . e Boesdaiia totauT »*«* »Wc 0ti1.... s*a «2c Half Oral and Ball Bcnad s*® 6jje steet Iron, common <!a(4 .... Extra Brandi ; • *» Steel Iron, palranlred, 17x3 .33 <A .... fitoeetiron,cbarcoal 9 Ik* .... Stcrt iron, Joalat*. Ncnray Nall Kod» ....It ®l;V* Plow steel, German. 13 ®l4 e How Steel, cast. ®l| « Spring aao Die Steel, FncUet.. .11 913 e Tool Can Steel, ordinary alzea W e Tool Can Sled. Amman • c BU»to«4 ~ 2®S 0 Uaola, Koi. 9 and 16, » C Hnn'a. Axxu,lnonalitj; 913 c Unwsa,Aßu,l*tQaalln,*»n«t Ql» c Crutla, Are..td qnalitT. V ctect. ttll e LEATHER—Remain* qnlet. tool price* are ncady and Arm at quoutlooa. We repaatour list: BULLOCK. „ . City Harneca, V suaebter, Sole, 6. $ Sta 40 Buffalo Coen try Harness sir* S 3 Slao«bter, Sole, Line,* to 43£ 44 Ctoicaw No. I-. 40® 43 Kip, medium, * Slaacbtcr, Sote, to! ÜB®l£o CWcaffoNo.3,. 3W 37 Call. V to IJtOI.CU Boeno* Ariel.... 39® 40 Upper, V f 001.... 3T» *1 Orinoco 5010..... 373 33 c. nntry Upper... 33® 35 Orinoco, good. Cellar, V fij01.... 19® 24 ..damagea,...... SKJ 5? • oi*. - Plaughter, Bole.. Ua u French Call, 51 • Barueu, f ft.... tb* 46 as .3J 037.35 Upper.. seta S 3 French Cali. 36 i Kip. ho. I, me- »r^..T:.T:....W033.1l rfinm UO9IJO French Cxi£,Lo- 1 Kip, bio. I, molnca.Fdox33dSA3o.oo heavy,. saatdb . i LUSlilEk-Tnilo txlay waa brUk, and prices rulca Crtn.at the folio wire quotations: Leman- Fuat Clear,!, iu.lv and slnch V m IMXfrjOXO M. 00 AM JO Third Clear, inch 60J8.J65X0 Hr*l and fewoad Clear Flooring. to- •• evrtcr joußh, the same a* Second clear wide... „ 5a.00a55.Cff Common Flooring, t0nth....... 35^0^57.00 matched and Dr« M-d CoumonFlojrtne. if?Wbed and Dressed a inch Common ftoortre. S6XoaS*.n vtrst and Becccd Clear Sluing; together. 30U1.a3J.i30 FtrrtComaonDmsed biding-.....-. ;J,«*£15.00 Wacon-Uox Boards, select, fi Inch and upwards. .. Abtoek Board, is inches aojoafflJjo DStocjcCcardMlicches «6j>o^cr7Ji) Common Boards. JoUia, Bcanilln*,F«nc ing. and Small Timber, 13 to IS leet , b-BF 31X101333.10 Jolataasd Scantling,VO, 33 and 24 feet. ...28X0330.00 JcbtU and Scantling . -23P3 hmaacai—a or star seared Shingle*..... <vr AoraurSewrd entnglcs. SXftS SXO Ko.lbawedbtlnclea.... ZMA uoo uvrii-Per m in yards 5.00 By ctr-lctd by Northwestern BalUoad. 111 *°y yard* hero can can be ♦witched, or any aepot: A or StarSaw eo Shingles,by car-load, on trmex 4X&3 <XO A-or star bhaved bhlcsrlca. by car-load. ontrack....*. Sawed Shlnglff, by car-load, on tract.....; ..1.... tB 7ir^®w car-lead added when transferred. Which charge follows the Shingle* to freight bUL _ , • sacrouacAsnaao. TcJctaea*—Five whtnfUi to be two lachoa in thick* nets. Lenpth—Sixteen leches. Bsnds-Twenty laches. Coarw*—r*ca tr-Are al BT AU* A*D TINKERS* STOCK.—Bad nc» to-asy was modersteir actne, and prices were firmly maintained. We Quote: TCf. * Box Tin Fists, X C LsrjieFig* 37 bmsUFis>.„ ss Bsrlla , “O"--.wo flouiu iiiaA. Barlla s»- ito6 .u . co?ni. 7. 8 and 9 u Metallic at boos-., la 10 and u.- « Copper Bottom 85 U. ....it Erarlrra oxer 10 Bs., 43 IS and Ik. 15 6heet,i4toi6ct„... 45 isandiC..,. 16 Tinnlsga.** 10 17......... n . „ aannmtsTAL. IS ....is tit quality SO 19 jl Antimony 2D 20.. as so Fence Wire. 10 NA] Lb—Trade to-day was i lack, and prices were y libdtu perceptible chance. We continue to quote: i 6d 7.a 13d, One b1eed5........ 945 | 60.. 7.50 < 9d. One bluedw. 4045 I 4d 7.751 Cat 5p1kau........... 7.35 '■ Bd. ............. 845 1 CUncbed Set 9.2 S OILS—The general marka exhibit* little life, tad lor moat descrlpUoca quotations are altogether nonit* sal. There la a moderate Inquiry IbrLuueedOlLand the advance of yesterday was well untamed, we quote: LmiCtdOU 4 ©1.40 linstea Oil, boiled. ©1.45 Olive OIL ©l6O W hale Oil. W. B. 44a©1.t0 Laid Oil, metra. ,r,wfoi,2s •Lard Oil, So. 1 Winter.. .1,150,120 Lard on, Wo. 2 winter M lJtt©t.io Bank OH. round lots i.isqi.-m Machine OU 4-«5»l.i0- Sperm Oil, W.B (4340 Lubricating Oil M©LOQ Castor OH ..... ...34*03.50 SeatifootOti 140*140 CARBON UIL-la qule*, with prtcessteady and unchanged: Carbon. 9 car Joed 4Sc Cat bon. email lota joq Benzole 46c PROVIMUXS-Becelvcd, 5,430 »§CoredMtala. l.ttd orb Fork, aid 16493 aaLird; shipped, 9(3,170 as Cured Meats, 770 brla Pork, and 112.M3 &• Lard. Me** Pork—Dull. Bales were: 110 brls at *19.00. ICctmpA—Sales were:iu brls at *11.75. btrect Pickled llama—sales were: 50 tea at like: la tee at uc ;75 brli tn salt at |3C.oe. I.rten 111 cate—Sales were: 3C,«30 as Qamsft.b.) at 10c ; SO.WXI &s do (d. b.) at 9MC. Lard—Dull. Balts were: 1.3 brls Country Sew tied at lie. POULTRY— Sales Include’6* doz Dresso 1 Chick, ens at $451: 1 box at 84 25 ; t3doztrwhats4.oo;l2 doe at $2.00; 8 doz at 92.00; ICO as Dressed Turkeys at IGct 1 100 as do at »c; ibrl at 15c; 1 i rl at 14c. s*<lOA AND tfALURATUSs—The market Is 1 Sul et. We quote: 1 abblU’f Metlidral I?Y©l3 c •• Pure 12k9US|e 1 Pelstd’s chemical ~...1iw@13 c - Healthy Ui»®ltHc '• Pore llXfetUke 1 KUGAKS—Tbc general markett'Mlay wa»rather qultt, and owing to the advance in gold price* were hm». We repeat quotation: Cuba 13*013 Sfc Porto Rico IS ©l4 Uc N.Y.Rebned, Powdered and Granulated...t»>»»©i6Vc Wefte A .U.'smUXC Circle A I&HC-iuSe Wktte B ......U;<©Ckc Extra C. lltf&llxe Yellow C. 1} ©l3 e Oxnaid C 10VU11 c Oxnard C, extra .U^ailVc New Orleans prime. I4*©n*c New Orleanstatr... 14 ©like SYRUPY—The market is firm aid prion remain nnchatgi'd. We quote: New VorkSyrepß $ 60*145 Yellow Drips *. 140.4140 Cuba Mr1aaee5................ ................ Tij* 85 Porto Rico 80© S 5 Sew Urleanr.. Tdll.oo Philadelphia Bee Ulve 60© 70 Chlcaeo Uedncry, Amber 1.004145 Cbiraxo Rtflntry. Holden ou© so Cbicaqo RrflQtrr, Sugar Uotue 75© 85 s*ALT-RecclTed. none; shipped. 559 brls. The genera) market Is moderately a-lire and prices are w Uhout change. Sale of 210 oris at 82 55 delivered: New Pine $245 Coarse. 2.53 „ CDPPDL Metallic AT Ho mi.... S 3 Copper Bottom as Braden oxer ID B».. is Sheet, Hto 160 t...., <5 Tifinlߣl. M u ajamir KZTAL. .214 6.50 .155 6JO Ground A1um....... Turk’s Island, bags. Greer a Solar. Dairy, with tacks 5.00 Dairy, without sacks 3.73 toociroO. 1.700 Ess; shipped. &3i9 at. Tiit tnaikol was moderately active and prices were without essential chance. Sales Include: 8 bici Clo atf?.0O: Whapsdoat *7.66; 3 hags do at*7.73;75 haps timothy at $1.(6:374 bass do at $3-00; 300 bass do at * J.B7jtf; 33 bast do at |2X) - . 30 ban do at $3.73. TEAS'—Ttere I* no Tlsible chanzo to note In the Kentral character oi the market. Prices are without cuaege. We continue to quote: Tools Dyson, superior to fine, V ft f 1.1531.45 go extra to cho.ce, V a i.6d£l.Si7 Imperial, superior toflne, ¥ o UOju.M do extra to choice. ¥ » 1J5.a1.90 Gunpowder, superior to hue, V ft 1.1041.G0 do extra to choice, 9 ft IJdc^l.SJ Japan, natural leal, fine to extra One. V a.... IXaaI.U do do ficeioehoice,sMb do -do colored, $ ft lAV*I.2O TOBACCO—There Is tcarcely any movement in this department or trade, and under ample stocks, prices lor the more common varieties are by no means hrm. on round lota liberal concesaloss may generally 1* obtained. We make no chance in our quotations FIBS CUT CHZWISO— Che ice, . Medium....- Common Buoxtao Tuoaoco— Virginia's Favorite. Choice... JUedlQtu Common Btcms .... Plco Tobacco— • Eoyai citizen Farmers’ DedghU. Choice IHack, sound 73 3 Si Medium 70 <4 73 Kavics 80 Virginia 30* aud as. ao ca 60 Flonncer* 73 (4 st WOOD—The demand .is light, but, with no surplus stock on hand, dealers csneraliy are holding tolerably flrtn at our quotations, which are as billows: Maple, V cord, delivers. $13.5021360 Maple. V cord, in yard 11.50313.50 Hcecb, f cord, delivered lOJOatliO • Beech, $ cord. In yard. 96M13.50 Ulckory, V cord .. UAO^IIJO ISailroabH. A HRIVAL AJtD DEPiUITJRE OP XX TRAIN'S. Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO AND BORTQ WESTERN RAILROAD—OBAHA. pacific tuns—depot south wells street. __ , Leave. Arrive. Omaha Fast line *8;1J a. m. *7:to p m, Omaha Kicbt Expiess... 7:83 p.m. JG:00 a. m. Dizou Passenger........ -tuOp.m. 11:10a.m. PBZEPOOT USE, Freeport I'oseeccer. Freepon Paseeapvt. Rocklord, Fox RWeraadSiaieLlne... *4:00 p.m. *11:10 4.10. Geneva and .Elgin Fas* sender. Wisconsin division—depot conxen op «*w*£ - AND SJNZIB BTBBET. Diy Express *9:00 a. m. •&300.m. Nlchl Express *4:30 p.m. *5; 15 a.m. JacesvtUe Accommod n. *s;3op.m. *i3s p. m. Woodstock Accommoa’n ,8:00p.m. »a:2'j a. m. inWil’Uß SITUIOS—DEPOT COSNEB OP CANAL AND KINZIR BTtUEET. Day Express .... SfcOOa.m. 12:00 n. Boeehm, Calvary and Evanston ... 1:30p.m. 3:10p.m. Night Express 4:00 p.m. Staop.m. Kenosha Accommod'n... 4:40 p. m. 9:43 a. m. Wankeear. Aceommod’n. 5:30 p.m. &30 a. m. Milwaukee Accommod’n. 11:45p.m. &30a.m CiEO. i- Dcklat, lien*! Sop’C. B. F. Patjucs, General Agent, *S.(M a 6.C0 9.00 «iooo 13.00 0(15.00 13J0 21 ® 25 SO ft 85 a a 29 . 4-65 OS 4.75 9 MU . 1« « 19 . 43 & 45 . S 3 ® S 3 . M f* M . M « 66 15 M 16 . 4.65 « 4.75 . 18 (A 19 20 £ 24 . S 3 9 40 •ICBJfIAK iTORBAL EAftJWAD— OKIO* uASOt. TO Cl OJ tAXX BTBUT. MondneExpress *s:ooa,m. *B-45 p.m. Day Express *7:008.0. •itffflp. m. Sven tag Express I&3U p. m.i*liuo p. m. Express }*3:4sp.m. psSaa. m. CINCINNATI AND LOCIfIVTLLS THAIS?. Morning Express *7:00 a. m. *111:5*3 a. bu Night Expreia 3*oo p, m. *|l;00 p. a. MICHIGAN SOCTSEKN AND ill SHORE LDtS—DR. TOT COSSTB TAN RUUXN AND BEZBIUN kTSSETP. TDLBDO UNT. Mall *l:lsa.m. *&ssp.re. Day Express *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. tt New Tort Express JttSp. m, -flfcaop. a Nlghtßrpresj i*HkTOp.m. *ti:noa. m BITSOIT X.TKR. Mall *4:45 8.13. t6:Coa.m, Night Express jiawp.m. *3:53 p. m. KTaBBSBSB. ICHT WATNB AND CBICAQO. Hall *l:2oa.m. fcuo o.m. Express ... *7;ooa.m. a.m. Fast line. 8:15 p. m. 7:10 p. Express.... . ...•lICCOop. nu 11:00p.m a <3 u 38 » 45 50 £ 53 U (i IS a » » 17 » 18 71 (* 2J a 5 3i K a SC 3.00 9 350 JtSJMOI* CKRTRAX- Day Passenger *9£o a. fit. nusu p. a. Night Passenger jlfcOtl p. m. *6:45 a. m. Kankakee Aeconmod*n. •■cUSp.xa. *9:25 a. m. Hyde Park and Oak Wood *O2O a. nu *T:4S a. m. 44 44 •13:10 p.m. *!RS3 a.m. 41 44 44 .... •3:30p.m. •lssop.it, “ 44 “ •5:55p.m. *7:23p,m CSIdQO. BCBZIBaTOB AHD QCIHDT. Day Express and Mail... *<fetoa. m. •9:00 p. m. Gale/bure Passenger.. . *8:00 p. to. •-UW p. m. Aurora *s2op. n. •D'OOa.xa. Night Sxpresa {llOO Dld'ht t£so a. a, CHICAGO ARB IT. U>Ut&. ixpre&e and M«n 8:05 a. a. SUS p. a. Night Express 9:15 p.m. 5:50 a-m. Toilet and Wilmington Accommodation I*oo p.m. 9:45 a.m. CHICAGO AKB 63SAT RASTBBB—(U.T* ORriKHAJ: 418 LQt»)—RTI.WAPXHX HAHSOAH RRTOt, OCB. cabal axo kuisu run. Oay Express. 6:3D8.m. 1025 p. m. Sight Erprws 9:00 p. a, iSOp.rn, /OB IHOIAKATOUS, lOg.tTILXJ ABB CtKOKKATT. Oay Express 6:33 a. m. IlfcSS p. to. Sight Express 920p.m- 9;50 a. m. Columbus Express. 6:30a.m. 10:55 p.m. “ ** fcDOp.xa. &50 a. n. i-aaaing Accommodation Baa a. a. 9:00 a.m, “ 44 5:15 p.m. fiction, m. CHICAGO, ROCS IStAXS ART) TAdTIC hailboab. Day ExpresßandMaO... •920a.m. •i3op. m. SlchtSxpreaa - 12:00p.m. *5:45 a. m. 'ouet Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *9:40 an. •Sunday excepted. t Monday excepted, tawnrday excepted. CKTOB STOCK TARO TO» TABZX. . Leave Hadieoo Street. Leave Stock Tarda. 6:30 a, m. 7:40 jum. 8:30 .t. m. 6:10 t.m. 10:00 a. m, 11:30..... Ato. 1190 ..p, m. 120 p. m -5:20. m. -tOO p. tn. 145 p.m. 3:40 .p.a, BCBBAT TRAINS. fcSO A.m.l fcS5 1020 .a. in, 11:45 1220 p. m. I MO 420 ~..p.m. | 5x5 The following lathe new table for the arrive and departure of mans from the Chicago Post Office for the winter, and sow hi force: MAILS CLOSH. T. O. CHICAGO, ILL. MAILS ABRITR. a. m. p. m. a. so. p. m. .... ±00....U1ch. South. B- 8.. .... i±3o .... ai5..„ 44 44 “ *55 .... 1220 m u 44 44 .. &00 11:00 . 1100 m Mich. Ccatralß.lt. is.oo 3:15.... 44 44 44 6:00 &15 V,’., T.,. 12:91 .... 8:15 . “ “ •* 7:10 .... 12:00 m w 44 * .. 6:00 11:00 12:CO 4:80 ...GreatEasternß. R.. Bcßo ifcoo 12:CO f7:SP..,.Kew Albany £ Salem &30 xi:0O 6:10 7:45....Ga1ena Railroad 8:io aw 13:00 0:00..,.Dix0n Air line 6:00 fcjo 12:00 SCO....Hocklelxsd Railroad 5:45 8:90 18rtO &00....C..8.& Qolocyß. R, 5:50 9:00 Bao 3:Co....s*orthvrwiem k. R.. 5:15 6:30 &(*)' 2:4s....wnnanbee Railroad. 11:30 Br2o 13:00 7:45 Illinois Central R. R. 7:00 9:00 LWO 7:O(J„..St. Look Railroad... 5:85 &IS HOST. A- GILMORB. P. M. JHusical. jy£USICAL. Mr. WALTER H. MEADE, Quite rtcmtty from Enrcpe. and pnpU ol Its fLnt ma»* *tent girts imuncUon la Uio CUUTIVATIOa OP THE VOICE, ( EDclhb.Tmcband lUJan Liacaagw, Declamation aid KlccnCoo. _ umi. lnt«tiewi. at Boot ft Cadr'l asd Ljon ft Heal}** ilaac Storea* - Wtelda Ub a position u or Leader la Cborcb Cbolr, Fluid Bxtnct Bnebn Is pleauat la tost* sm ctfor.troe from aii‘iniotiooi properties, atd laansdlsio la lu action. t i»r. Thomson* Proprietor of(he Medical ud Surgical institute, itn booth Clarx-sl, has Oostod mi iwmo; venereal dis ease with nEpTxc*tf»t«o success tor nearly forty yuars. SpcrmatorrhA* and impotence treated vuh the baoni at return. Particulars of the institute end the Quid* matted fr w to Uf address. p. O. Box 73. Chicago. Illinois. I nmtaood and TooUsftal Vigor 1 Am egainsd by Belmbold's Extra Dacha. , Stuttered Coutlnitlona Keetorod by Hclnbold’a latnc» Dacha. Helm bold’s Extract Bachn 1 Gives health and vigor to the Iran 9 and bloom to the canid cheek. Debility U aceompamedbymany aurtn- Ing symptom*. and tf do treatment Is submitted to, copswnpUoo, insanity. or eoilep’le ut» ensue. Raving the ctnflifonceof the public and the medical fscmtj at Ur/e. is the lost reliable physician is the city for chronic o*rvons and- sexual diseases. Call at hie office, 17P (tooth clartML corner of Monroe. Rooms separata. Consattoioa free. P.0.80x 154. Bis guide xo health, published moathfy, sent frea to an} address. Talcs xao more Unpleasant and Unsafe Remedies for unpleasant acd tianperuas i*ii>un Use ■Htlmbold'e Extract Bocfau and improved Bose Wash. The fiiorjrof Oaa la Strcnstlu Therefore, the nervous and debilitated should imme diately use Belabours Extract Bnchn. A Ready and Conclusive Test OtthepropertKsorße'.mbolc s Fluid (extract Bachu vlUbet comparison wjin those set forth In the United £ la tea Dispensatory. Enfeebled and Delicate Conaimtloas, Ot both sexes, use Helmbold*# Extract Bachu. It will plve brisk and energetic footings and enable ;oa to sleep well. j zero.. lit quality, cask. .uw in quality, meet. u 5ia5.....:;. u Baum wzks. M M “The wonaertm progress otMeaica.sci«ae( M—% during the past «a years only, mates i;pos- W ML Mble for the conscientious Physician «o de- TT dare, now, that CosTOima is as car- TiiXLT ctjxxd aa in hrmuttni ?fewr, and u cxr- Tiunr m'uiii) as Small -ft*."— fist. Cbariu J £ing,JL.£).LL.ZL, ac. ERG’S PEEP ABED PBESCRIPTIOS. Made from the Preemption of Rev. CHAS.K.KIFO M. D. LL. D., etc, for the prevention and Cere at CONSUMPTION (TN ns MOST ADVANCED STAGES.) Fcrtho Radical Cure of ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS. Ca TAKE EL sod all affections of the LUNGS. THROAT iM AIR PASSAGES; fbr and rmvmuntt of the NERVOUS SYSTEM; tor DUordr. ol the BLOOD t tail tor all functional Duardert of th- A tome cl sod hovel*. U ImmtttiauJf Increase* Its ttrength and deepen, the color ofthepale o*ooo. It iolalhoS the Chilli an; /brer, and diminishes the Expectoration. It rlccir tt< night ncetiu, always. la from men torouriemaavi The appetite Is at once mriooraUd, and the patient ro pljiy gauuJtftk: the cough, andtheJUß cuitbreaoi in a are speedily relieved; the sleep becocaca calm aof refreshing; the rroctalicnu reaular and uniform ALL IDE GENERAL SYMPTOMS Op COS SUMP TIOS. ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS, *C_ DISAPPRat. WITH A REALLY ASTONISHING RAPIDITY. The PRESCRIPTION should he &Md in every cast There the physician prescribes “Oocaa Mccrctße.* “Toma," i«os, acids, Bask. Qccrutz, Cap Ltm Oil, Wbcjcxt, ACn and In every DUeaec. by wiutsv zx six* xxotra. Uz which there is exhibited any ore ormoreot the following r»Y3IPTO>Is t Difficult or Irregular Breathing. 'Lem ot Breath Congh. trailing ot Tleah. Right Hweau. Bleeding froir the Longs. Lots of Strength. Loss 01 Appetite, Genera Debility, Debility of Pregnancy and Sun lag, Flyini Palm through the Shoulders, Cheat. Pace or Limbs, Ssnralgla. acttooi Headache, Kerrom Prostration Nerrone Irritation. Gtddlnesa or Dizziness, Exceaaivt Paleness, Bore throat, Drowsiness, Sleeplessness, Dys pepsia, Soar Stomach. “Bears Bans,” Oppression 01 Sinking of tbe Stomach before or after eating. Coasd* pall on, KemlUent Fever, Ac-, Am, and upkcuixt li all Female Disorders or Uterine Irregularities, such a 1 Difficult, Painful, £apßre»»«d, Scatty, Excessive, D* layed. premature or t*o frequent Menstruation. £taie»eai» From Patlraw, Arc. “Your Prescription raved my daushter’s lift, a at has saved me hundreds of dollar*.—Bsv. E. kxts, Bunsen, JJ. T. “ tv« bios God fcr the benefit ire bare received frerr your Prepand Prescription."—Her. P. Pxxxosnnt Sloesburg, Penn. “Everyone to ▼bom I have recommended it ha*ba> efi ted much by its use."— Uev. C. I>. Jons, Racing Wl». Brets flora*. Avtob Place, s. V.—la the early pan oi February, 15®, 1 tu eutftnse ffom a violent congtt. or which 1 had been treated donna six months pr* Ylooily without tcncflu l bid .YlpAt-SiCfoU wmet completely proa trued me. in tna evening. botrsenes would come on. which woald prevail znefrom sneak ing above a whisper. I bad tn«e bad two attack! o bleeding from the lungs. My family Phyttdan asaorac methathaooald do bo mere fcrtce. 7 wn growler rapidly worse, a&d pad been compelled to leave bon* ness tor nearly two months. All my symptoms icdi eated, unmistakably, the presence ol COStuTSII'TIOS. In the beginning of February, Me. h»kt kuoxs. Traoawrerof U« Anitncan Bi W» Sxtny, presented me with a bottle or the PREPARED PKEaClUprion. In a (few days my appetite 1 bad entirely forty returned: within a week, my coach baa almost left me; and In lew than two weeks the \ioht‘Sicea]» wen broken up. Th-ncrJorwanil regaioed*tmunb rapidly. ■ and ant now recnlarly attending to tny duties as ciort to the AMERICAN BIBLE bOcitTY, tnwbeio em ployment 1 bavo been nine years. 1 am now caj'ytni goodhealth. Your PUKSCBUTIOK affected aCURjt when my friends despaired of ray recovery. . , .. TUOS. J. COSQEB. **l have bad Nsavora Ob Spasmodic asms* foi elevoi years. Ourldc the last six year* I bare neva bad an uninterrupted night’s reet. It often seemed U me that I would die before I could get air into mj lungs. I suffered so greatly from ‘shortness of breath, that I was compelled to take frequent reeta la walking from my residence to my place of business, •• Thenlahtbetorelobtained the‘PREPARED PKK> SCRIPTION* was the wont I ever pasted. On obtain lug the remedy. 1 tooc a teupoonfol at noon and agate at night, and slept all night without waking. 1 bavt xot tiau x svokxx sic nr’a tut sixes. • • • • ] have now completely recovered my strength and epic, its, an dam not at all afflicted with ‘ thortoeasor oraatb.' 1 shall be clad to hare any one afflicted with Asthma call and see ms, EZRA C. LANQDOS, _ “ho.Sti fourth-sL, New York.*’ The “PREPARED PRESCRIPTION” U pat up in s »l bottle. *nd IssoldbyßUSs & SHARP, 144 Lake st. i BUCK, D 3 nart-sC; J. PARSONS A CO., 41 Clark-at.; DCUIC A STOREY. 93 Randolpb-et Wholesale A vents for Chicago. HU BDRSQAMS A VAN SBAACK, and by Druggists centrally, or orden may be addressed to the Sole ivoprletors. USOaB Q. MOSES A CO., 37 New York. Cos* saltation Ikes. A Circular, containing pacncccaa oy xaxt casks successfully treated, will bo seat tree, by mail, to all who will write for it 3.0333.10 150 .41.15 eiio .. l.<o MJ.I3 .. -80 iS 90 .. 53 & V ... a ®LW ... 23 W 30 ... 21 <3 35, .. 19 t# 33 JOSEPH THE SECOHD AHD HIS COURT. BV MIW. MCHLUACn. D. APPLETON* & CO., 4J3 and 113 Broadway, New York, and Q Q 80 » <3 73 IJD US.OO ; Sf. C. GKIGGS «K C’U. j Publish this day, ' JOSEPH n. Am HIS COHET. With Illustrations. Itol-Bvo. Paper Ccvcrr, |LS3; CTott^lUO. [Frsta the Kew folk Dally Times.] The history of the InUod action of Un, Muh'bseVs ■ works into this country |j at osee canotu sad tntereat , R>K. Whielhewarwatln proere#*. a lady ot Mobile received by or oof the ru-amer* which tueceeaed in running the blockade, a copy ot “Jcaeph 11. sad Di» , Coon.” She had the enterprise to translate it and a puh'.Uhtr at Mobile, Alabama, we believe, brought It oct. Although poorly primed, anc oa diner paper, ]t . had an extensive ral*. both ou account of Its mtrln.lc I merits tea became of the scarcity of readlnz matter ; in the South. Coplta of the work afterward found . their way to the North, and attracted the attention of lexers of light literature of the more substantial son. Shortly alter. Messrs. Appleton J: 00. determined to , republish all of Mrs. Mnhlbvh’s productions, and, 1 comtLecetos but smooth or two aeo with Frederick 1 th'Great and His Court.*’now follow up that rolume WHh*’Tbe Merchant cl Berlin-”. ; MBS. MCULUACH evidently does not aim to teach ■ history through the medium or fiction. She simply ! uses the material that It places ready to her land Be cause it is available, and also lor the reason that to some readers, tare* ostensibly founded upon fact arc i morecntertaluioctbin which are purclyticu tlous. In FREDERICK THE G HEAT she exaggerated 1 Ihefsnlmor vlrtuceof her leading charsct-rs to suit her own pnrpo-cs. and Itecaonu she thereby heightened the Interest ol hernarretlve; and tu the MERCHANT ; OF BERLIN she takes the same license, although to I an extent the l**s perceptible, because the actor* in -1 trodneed are not so prominent in history, and are therefore less popularly frown. There Is, however. Quite ecoush os accuracy tu her de.locations to give her work* decided vane aa picture* or the periods in which their scenes are respectively laid, and she, moreover, writes with a vigor so decidedly masculine that numerous critic* hive made the very natural mis take of rnpposlcg tue writer to be a man-a delusion which she apparently aims to taster by announcing herself simply as L. MUULBACH upon the title-page oi her works. •10:00 p.m. *3:10 a. m. *9:00 a. m. *3:10 p. m. •5:30p.m. *&45 a.m. X>. APPLETON & CO, FREDERICK THE GREAT AKD HIS COURT. Historical Romance. By Mu. L-Munibacb. Trans * laled trom tbe German by Mrs. Chapman Coleman and her Daughters. 1 voL, U mo. 431 pages, cloth. $2. THE MERCHANT OF BERLIN. An HHtorleal Kovel. By L. Muhlbach. author ot ** Frederick tbe Great and His Court.” Translat'd from the Ger- man by Amory Coffin, M. D. ivoUlSmo. Cloth. IF - Either of the above sent tree by mall on receipt ot price. p OVEHNiTENT SALE. The property known as the “GOVERNMENT TAK KEBT AND STEAM SAWMILL,*' witascT enty-five acres of land, near SAK „ . . _ ANTONIO. tBaS. Sealed Propoeau, Jn duplicate, wiQ be received up to the tint day ot March, 1367, for tbe purchase of a acres ot land, unorc or Icm). together wlta the build ings Qectod thereon, and toe apportenancea appertain ing, that ts to aay: oSETASNEUT.cuntalnlng twelve blone Ume Vata, FIFTY-TWO WOODEN VATS, SEVEN* STONE POOLS, and capable of tanning I&.LCO hides per aaenm: ONE STEAM SAWMlLL.capable STOVE C BUi^DIKQ S ° 4 Lnmbcrd * u y ; O!fS S4 »ALL The above property Is situated about two miles above ban Antonio, on the San Antotuo River, and the water is condncted to tbe establishment by a race of hewn stone laid In cemc&L lir u bwuc wu in icuuiu The itnd was pcrcased and tmproremests made by the late so-caded Coniederato GTvemment, and are estimated to have costfUo,ooU in gold. The property has been under lease tor the year 1966, at a monthly rent of 8300, payable In advance, a se cured mie in tee simple will be given by the U. S.Gov ernment. Proposals win be marked “Proposals ror aorero* mtnt Tannery and Sawmill," and addressed to 1 J. C. KLDDOO, Bvt. Maj. Gen. Ass’t Com’r Barren B. F.& A. L, Galveston. Tcxar. T AND SALK—The undersigned will a j offer at AUCTION, at the north diKirol the Co art Home la Chicago, UU-. at 14 o’clock a. nu Saturday, the 9th of February, Proviso. If sot previously sold at private sale, the E. V of S. W. jx.t5ec.14.41 5.,13E., situate aboat one mils and a hau west of Evituun, and twelve north of Chi. cajjo. Cook Coonty. UL, containing eighty acre*, more . About fifty-five or sixty acres of this tract are heav. lly timbered, the remainder la prairie, whlie addl tlonai inducements are fbnnd la its proximity to the beaotilnl little railroad and Use shot e town ol Evans ton and the gw at city of Chicago, in reference to * place ol residence, the facility ot sale and delivery of the Umber and the products ot the sail generally, ry Terms of sale published me day of sale. Persons desiring to purchase this laud at private sale win direct their communications to the undersigned. Box No. 325, Macomb, HI. B. L. SOMMEBS, Aeent lor W. W. Corcoran. .. ..A Q. Am. JgLAIIt & JEFFERSON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, OFFICE, 304 FBOMT-ST., iw.wrmtsos.j MEMPHIS, TONS. Liberal cash advancements made on '*™ > «t<r-tnenti. QEST. HATTEN & CO, Wholesale ConunifsEcn KcrcaantA No. 50 aioGoo-tit*, Between?ande-ro~) pgsmta. oulobadc. MR N. B. CRytjLKR who has been gjrinr instruction In Elocuacn, with marked sutco*. to many of our Collegia and Seminaries through this State, completes a course at Wheaton College to day. where an interesting class ot .about one hundred baa been dally duus during the past two weeks, with decided Improvement. This evening the Professor will give a Public Beading at the College Chapel. • TfiIRBANKS’ STANDARD Irt . SCALES./1.-1 or all sms. FAXBBANSS, GBEBNLEAF & 236 A S‘AB Lakwu, Chicago.. Special Kottteg. , Ur. Uixelvti iHcuicinal. ■Neb) lluljlications. 39 AND 41 LAKE-ST., BY MUb. L. MUULBACQ. Have Just Published S. 0. GRIGGS & CO,, 39 nod 41 Lake-*t< (Gofacrnment gate. Hanb at auction. Business Cams. (General Notices. Stales. ffropgsate,. P UOrOSALS FOR ARilV* TRANS POBTATIOH. ~ r . QuasmxasTn Gnmai/a Orrtci, l _WA*aworo», D. C„ Januaryls,lSs7.: J Sff.AT.Ep fhdpusaxh wIU b» weired at u»* office tuxui it o’clock m., oo the sfcto ol Feomary. uwl, toi me transportation of Ulntarr Supplies annus the coatOßMagg April , ln# 97 * *** C3 ‘ Ua * ***«“ 3L ttODIK*No,L ' Errom Fort Mephereoo, Nebraska Territory, «r each »M,y be determined apoa aariag to# rev on epmfthe breach of the Union raoincTLd imm, west or from Fori Laramie, Dakota Ter tihiPw I* “ arc now or u; be es tnd^iosdS^ T .?Tl ,0, 7 b'Wassa. we* of ioo«J. i?mn I SIASSSSL la >*• i«£ttofy of Monuua, south of. *be Territory of Dakota. weft of j*Btece. In-tbe Territory of fdssei soato la made 40 dfgrccs, Including, b necessary, Denrar FromFortßUey.Stated*K*a uj.orinch aif« tfortag tftev ra t£?*ums£ FvilSc Billrau, L D., to any poets or dtnob that ir* LOW CTCIT b. ..UI.U-bM li U»fiUuTSr “SS. J? in the Terr Uory of Colored », south of latitude id ii*. kree*c»affh,«a<l h>Fort Calou,Kew Mexico,or other depotthat may he oramatea la that Territory. ttaS any e ther point or points oc the route. “ „_ „ BODTE So. 3. Fran Fort Union or each other depot u may be estabh&hed la the Territory of Use Mexico, tan «*u or stations that are, or may be esiabtisbM m that Territory, and to inch posts or stations os mar be designated in the Territory ol Arttona, arm ii u> e state of Texts west oflocntudr las degrees. 110UPE No. 4. From St. Paul, MiontsoU, to sttcb posts as an now or may be otabusned in the state at Minnesota, and to that portion of Dakota Territory lying east ot the lihwonrl River, The weight to be'transported during the year win cot txcred 00 Route No. 1, M.OnXOOU pound*: on Boate No. 3.30.000.(00 potmdsten IfeateNo.9.B,ooo4oo poands, and <mHoatoNo.<,3Aoo.«oponads. Proposals wui be mads Ibr each ronie separately. Didder* will state the rate per luO pounds ptrioo Elks, ai which they will ttanspurllhe stares In each mouther toe year, beginning April Ist, 1357, and end* Ing March SI, 1S«. - * Bidders should cite thstr nsn.es In mu, as well as their places of residence, and each proposal cnoold be accompanied by a bond in thcro 1 ot ten thousand 1118,06) dollars, siesta by twocraora responsible per* sots, guaranteeing that m care a contract ts awarded for the route mentioned! in the pro»osal to the party propcslßg.thecontraetwia m scejjled and entered into, and /rood and sufficient security tarnished hr Uld party Is accordance with the terms of this adrar tisement. The contractor wm bo require** to give bonds to toe fbliowltc amounts: On Konte N0. 1, *350,000. On Rod le No. a, atkOUX On Bonte Mo. s, 100.00 a. . Os Bonte Mo. 4. iO.OOO - evidence of the loyally and so'vencyoi WMdader asd person offered as security will be re- Propoeals muat be endorsed “Proposal* tor Army Transportation on Bonte Mo. 1,3,3, or4.*• the ca»« may be, and •acne will he ememued ohless they tuny_comply with the requirements of this adrenise* tpent. The party to vhdm an award ts made mart be pr» pared to execute the contract at once, ana to Klee the required bonds tor the tmuhtnl partarruance ot tne con* tract. The right to reject any and all bids that miy be ottered U reacrrcil. The ccntractor on each route must be to readiness tor terrlce by the lit day of April. 1667, and will be re quired to harem place of buslsese. or agency, at which he may be communicate! witonrompily and readily for Bonte Ko. l, at Omaha, N, T. i tor luuteSo.3, at Fort Rtiey. Kansas; tor Houle No. A at Fort Union, Mew Mexico; for Route No i. at Saint Paul, Minne sota. oral seen other p:lnt fbr each ot the several Bcutca as may be Indicated as toe starting point of the route. Blank lent* showing the conditions ot tbs contract to be entered Into tor each roots, can be had on app 1* cauon at this others, or at the oQlce of the Quartern:as ter at New York Saint Loots. Fort Leavenworth, Omaha, Santa Fe and Fort bsclllng, and mu*t accom pany and be a part ol the proposals. By order of too Quartermaster General. „ . ALKNANDEB BL1S& Brevet Colonel and Are’; Quartermaster U. S. A. Proposals for a bridge at VAS BORES SThEET. Oma or tb« Boas» or Ptbuo wouts, ) „ , . Chicago. February 3, XIS 67. I 6«Ued proposals wm be received by the Bawd os Public Worts, at their office, Booms Iso*, i and 2, second CcorJ lies. 13 and IT Wells s.rect. uaui u a. xn., batorday. February ibuj, for the latino down of the present bndjje crossing the goutn Branch nf Chicago lUver at Van Bores street, and replacing the same with a new biloee, Including the necessary chances la the centre pier, and the abutments approaches, according to plana mad specincatiODs to be on file at said otfice on and after February am, Proposals most be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal lor Van Boren Street BrSdce,*’and be accompanied with the usual Odd bond, with sure lies, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the rttnt to reject any bid not In accordance with the conditions ol this advertisement, or.to reject all bids, sod no proposalwtU be accosted unless Uie party oflcrlnc It shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be has the necessary skill, ex perience, eucrcy and ability for domrf the work, U trustworthy, and has suificlest pccumary resources,* J.Q, G.NDELE, FUKO. hKTZ, O. J. KUSB. Beard of Public Worts. HARBOR WORRa AT GRAND UA VKS and Black Lake, MicMgas. OmcsScmtNTusLia EsuisKamHASsoaC .. larcovucssrs, Lass Uicma as. < MtLWArEr*. tViAcoMtn, Jancarr UIS6T. f sealed proposals, la duplicate, of the firm tarnished by ibe undersigned, will fee rcce.ved at this office until Thursday, the Uth day of February, 1867, at U m-, for Improving the harbors of Grand Haven and Blacs Lake, Michigan. The improvements at Grand Haven will constat a lMOofe«t,mrre or less, of close piling to protect the tooth bank of the river near tne eatiaace and an ex* tension of the sooth pier (hr €OO feet byertbs filled with •tone.. The Improvements at Black Lake will be extensions of the present piers, 512 runman feet la an, anddredr log. The dredging will be between tne pier*, aul to placing thenew cribs, and mil amount to M.&xi caau yar<u>, more or le*s. Puns and specifications are on ole in the office, aco will be shown to all who wish to examine them far tu pnrpcsa of estimating. The proposals will be separate *br each work, aadfor each class of material or labor fur each work. BWi wIU be received tor a part or for the whole of either work. The work to be finished by October 1. ISM. These works will be let to the lowest responsible hid der, reserving to the united htales the right to reject assy or all bids. Bidder* are requested to be presect open the opening of the bids. The duplicate proposals will he endorsed, enclosed (a scDarate envelopes, and addressed to p MLAJOKJ.B. WHEELER, O. 3, Engineers, Milwaukee, Wls. •PROPOSALS FOR CAST IRON X WATER PIPES. „ i__ • urneb or tub Roans or Public Wonns, > Chicago, Feb. ux IM7. i Sealed propones will be received by the Board el Pabde Works, at their office. No*. 15 and 17 Wells* si., anti! 11 a. ta. Satan]*;. Xe&raary £Jd. fjr lhade livery at the dock ot the board, in said city, of ono thousand (LKO) tons ot Cast Iron Water Pipe*, of 4.6 and 8 larbo internal diameter, according to spoclCca- Hoes on file at said office. Theripeswillbesoblectelioatest pressure of3o Sound* pertquare inch. must be uniform m talcums*, entity and texture, andot a good quality cfcasttroc, so as to cut and drill well. Delivery n* commence at. the opening of spring navigation, and be completed by July mb. The pices will be twelve (12) lectlote. and weigh ro ipectlvdy.for 4,6 and B-loch pipe*, 390, 410. acd COO OOttmlkßnrh. ... A salable number cf branches, caps. eTuves, tapers, Ac., will be required frr said pipe I. Bid* rhou d state the price for the straight pipes, and also for me speoal castings. PrcpoiaiaTnustbeaddreesod to the Board of Public Worts,endorsed “PrgpoiaiforCastlroaWaterPipes," anc be accompanied with the tuna! |290 bond, with sureties, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the right to reject any bid not in accordance with too conations of this advertisement, or tor Heel aU Wds, and so proposal will be accept* d unless me party offering it shall give evidence satisfac tory to the Board that be baa the necessary skill, experience, energy and ability fbr doing thewotk la trustworthy, aadhassutSclect wooreea , FEED. LFTTZ^ O. J. HOSBtJ Board of Public Works. OP THE SRP'T OF CON \J bTBUCTION OF TUB V. A COURT HOUi-S. , .. BruraomxD, 111.. January 31.1867. Pealed Proposals wfli be received at the office of tbe Superintend tut of the CVS. Court House, now erecting at pprlsgtield, RU until 13 •'‘clock m 9m. ISt., for all toe exterior cut stone work or the above building, trom the basement np. to be deitveied on the premises. Drawings ot the work, showing dltoeasians, deslsn and extent of U, may bo teen asd exaiffinad for estlaaunc, at my office, or by application at thr Cus tom House* at Chicago, lb., and SC Louis. Mi. Proposals must comorm ta ail respects to the re quirements of the plans acd specifications, aud will include the price foi the wto.e of the ashlar, and the whole of the dressing*, la separate item*. me Depart ment reserving the right to award the contract for tue dress Ides and ashlar separately. Proposals win also be received at the office of the underiigced tor lartiebltg all the stock recmrtd tor the above cot stonework. Including the ashiar. ready sawed, to be delivered on the car* at tno oepot, to tne city of Springfield, from the Ist day ot May forward, and la suco quantities as will be required by the Su perintendent. Proposals will also be received at my office for set ting the above cut stone work In the wall, including all cramp*. anchors, stagings, etc., accotdl&mto plan* and specifliatloas. Payments to be made monthly, upon the delivery ardaccepUobecf the ttoae or wore, deducting tea (10) cent, until the final completion ot the con- All bid* mart be accompanied by the bond of two responsible persons. In tue snts of 13.UU1, for the cut stone wore, ts-OOt, for the rough stone, and 8-.003 for tetusc me stone, that tee bidder will accept and per form tbeconttactif awarded to bun. the sufficiency ot the security to be certifli d to by the Colltctur of Inter- Lai Revenue for tne District. The tnedermnst accotnpary hla bid with a sample of ibr stone be propo*ce to tarnish. ■ x inchre cube, and showing the various styles ct hammering pro pvecd, as also a spilt or rougn taee; Itmust tw plainly marled with the initials of the parties asd the caaeot the quarry trom which obtained. The Department reserves the right to robot any or all bids it It be deemed for the Interest of tie Govern ment so to do, and no bid will be coo-ldered that does □ot conform to the requirement ot this adverttrem-nt. Proposal* ahonid be inclosed in a sealed envelope. Indorsed “Proposals for cut stone work,” “Proposals for rough stone/’ or “Proposals for setting stone.” as the cue mar b*\ and addres»ed to A. Schwartz. Super intendent U. S. court Rouse. Sprlngdeld. Illinois. A. SCHWARTZ. Superintendent. Citß Kottccs. QiKDINAISCE. rkbzab. On the 6th day ot Octobc*, I>s, an ordi nal ce was passed by the Common Connell of the Ore ot Chicago, granting to “Tbe Lake View Avenue Com pany*’ the right ot way ooe hundred and fitty feet wide Lut and adjacent to the present high water mark ot Lake Michigan, ccmmendtc at the south Hoc of the eounds used aid known as the Chicago City Ceme ry, oo North avenue, and running thence along the •bote ot Lake Michigan to Asylum place, and com xatadog at FuLertou avenue and running along-sold sbore to the nc nb line of the S. £. k, t. 40. S. 1L H E. ot the 3d t*. M., npoa certain coodltlona named In fold ordltaoce; that one of the conditions of said ordinance was that the said Lake Avenne Company should, on or before the first day of AngasL 1566. make and eomplrte in good order a road across said property at least nlty fret wide; sad Woxxkas, bald Lake Aresoe Company has foiled and neglected to comply with tbe provisions aforesaid, and has also foiled ana neglected to comply with the other ercvlalocs of the tala ordinance: therefore. Beit ordained by the Common Council of f*« CU'J qf Cafcopt* .* Sxcnox l. Thst tbe aaldorcmaaee, entitled “Aa'Or “diLaccr concernmc the right of way ot the Lake “View Avcnce Company.” pa*«ed October 5. 136!, be and tbe same is hereby repealed. Sic. i. This oraioaccetnantakeeffectandbetnloree Dr m and aßer due publication thereof. Parsed Jan iStb. 1967. Approved J an. JBth, 1961. J. B, BICE, Major. Aueat: A. H. Boost**', City Clerk. NOTICE.—State ol Illinois. County of Cook—«j. Cm couxerot’a Orrox Cotet Hcrrss, > Boon No. 14, Chicago. February Ith. 1367. 5 Pnbhc notice u hereby given that the following de scribed Warrants hare been placed In my hands tor collection, to wit: 'Warrant Mo. 541. Sonth—Dated February 1, 1567, and usnrd tor lie coßseSoa ol a special levied lor sidewalk cccstructed on tee east tide of Wabvh avenne. between Eighteenth and Twentieth streets. Wat rant Me. M 2, Scnth—Dated February 1,1367, and issued Ibr tie Collection of a special awwameot levied lor reconstructing sidewalk on the East Ude of State tlrwt, between Foorteenlh and Mxtronlh streets. Warrant No. W 3, South—Dat'd Feoruary L 1367. and Issued tor t-e collection of a special assessment leviol lor reconstructing sidewalk on east side ot Wazmh avenue, between Twentieth (SCthj mid Twenty-ant (Zi*C streets. , . W arrant Mo.Ml, Sooth—Dated February 1.1557, tad leaned tar the collection of a • pedal assessment levied tar constructing of sidewalk on wear sideofWapaah avenue, between Fourteenth filth)and bixMathOSth) # Warrant Mo. 785, West-Dated February 1.1*57. and Issued for the collection of a sperfal assessment levied tar constructing and recce structlci sidewalk <m south aide ol Sampson street. In bampaoa * Greene’s Audi- U warrant*K<TCfi, West—Dated February 1,15G7, and Issued for the collection ot a special aa«ca*meat levied for constructing sidewalk on Centre iveaue, between Harrison sweet and lyJer street. Warrant No. 757. West—Dated February 1,1367. and Iseued tar the collection of a special assessment levied -tar constructing sidewalk on east aloe of Johnston street, between Taylor and Xwe.Uh streets. Warrant No. 788, Weat—Dated February 1,1967. and lisuea fur the collecucnct a special assessment levied for constructing and reconstructing sidewalks on Cath* erlre sweet, SalsUd street, and on Wright street. In Canal Trustees’ subdivision of H.W. v. bee. 31. a, U. Warrant Mo. IBS. Weal—Dated Februarr 1.1567, and Issued lor itie collection of a special assessment levied IVI icccutnicubg sidewalk on sonlh side ot Twcßih (rftb) street. - All pencos Interested in said above special asaos njcnts »it min»»ted to make immediate payment at my occts. in. default ofroeh pajmens the said assets men. a will be collected at the cost and expense ol person* liable therrfor. . A. IL BKALU, City Collector. IQaic 3Dj)c. J>ATCHBLOR’B HAIR DYE, _ «r!ent!td Hair Dye u tie Beet to the world, harmless, reliable. Instantaneous; the oulr Perfect Dye. No dUapppliitmenU No ridiculous tints, bat trae to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH* ELOR. sola cy DmcglAta and Perfume:*. Factory. SI Barclay-aU, New York. Pintos. piows. PLOWS. BOD BREAKING FLOWS and all varletlei of Stab* bZeandDoable ©hßvrl Flow* maaotaciored and tar *#ie“y JOHN DSMfi.Sf, DUOo, JHrtftalr aßDTO^xwrnp OP ' * :r SICKNESS COMES, Read Aliy thing OK TOR SUBJECT OF DISEASE. In the year 15W, the writer of this article embarked la the Dane Bcesnse In the efty of Philadelphia, but tor the last is yean moat of hit tine has been occupied la the manufacture ot the various Solid and Ftnid Ex tracts. The most prominent, and to which he desra to call the particular attention of the Faculty and the Public, are ihe Extract Bachu sad the Extract Saras* partita, both of which an highly concentrated prep*- ttanaof the ingredients entering Into their composi tion. . One bottle cf the Fluid Extract Buchu ot Sarsa parilla la tuny equal in strength to cue gallon ot tba syrup or deeoettoo, as usually mads, sad hundreds e* druggist* thtodghout the country have adopted it la making their syrups of this name, undone table-spoon ful, added to a pint ol water. Is tuny equal to the cele brated Lisbon Diet Drink, so much used lu former year* to purify, tnrfdk Ui£ blood, and iiouii/g ta« complexion. In attention to my remedies, I wish It distinctly understood that they axe not Pateux Medicines, mcsl of which are compounded by persona too ignorant to read a physician's simplest proscrip tion. much leas competent to prepare pharmaceutical preparation*. These persons advertise. This 1 sox compelled to do to bring my name before the people. In conversation on various occasions I have been as tonished at remarks similar to the following, sad thess made In many cases by persona cf no ordinary intelli gence—to wit: that the medicine business U the most profitable—Oß that U necessary Is to advertise. Thou* ands hare embarked with such ideas, and millions bats been expended In bringing them before the public. The result of such accumulated errors la, that when brought to the tcst.'laektng merit, they have been short-lived. Bow few, of the many thousands embarking, are com pelled to abandon the business la a few years, entirely bankrupt! Look back fifty years, and bow tew bare been successful: Ask th» *nsoa of tbelrsnccaa*. and you will find my statement, la regard to merit, correct. The Science of Medicine, Uka the Doric column, should cta&dafmpfe, pure and mnjttUc, haring_/he< for ttabatla, induction tufclts pillar, sod truth atone (or lu capital. 1 contend there la no business requiring thus quail fieaUons more. The medicines are brought in contast with Druggists everywhere. lam also weD aware that persona Raton in this manner—that which may benefit one may be of no advantage to another. How mistaken the idea! A Diuretic for one, a Diuretic for an. A Narcotic for one, a NarcoCC tor aIL A Purgative for one, a purgative for all. Just as much so as wbuletom* food for one la whole some lood for an, with to more difference Uun that some constitutions require more than others, and that persons la disease an given to despondency—expect- Irg la a lew days or weeks, and perhaps wUh a single bottle of medicine, to bo restored to health. If not to youth and beauty. These persona rarely recover, locking palletce, and considering a few dollars ex pended for the benefit ol their health a waste of money. Xbc!e(ant€ persons may have been years Inbreaxing down ttuor constitutions, and probably expended thou sands ol C> Uan In areas and dissipation, and think nothing cf it. Such forget that GOOD HEALTH IS TRUE WEALTH. With upwards of SO.OOO recommendatory Utters and . unsolicited certificates, I have never resorted to their publication. la this case I sbaD, however, append s few remarks, trusting they may be appreciated. ■ I am to the afflicted and sutferieg humanity. Their Humble Servant, HTT. HELMBOLD. Ma&utactnrer of Helmbold*s Genuine Preparation* (From the Philadelphia Ledger.] UnmiiLPßii, July 13. 1553. Onr esteemed friend aad-fellow-eitireu, Mr. H. T Helmbold, in&rms as thatbecootemphttearemoTlngto the city ot New York, with a view of calargiug hla baalness. We have hem acquainted with him for up wards ot ten years; have been plesued with hla Integ rity and lair dealing. Commencing in a small way, hU articles mustpoeseas merit to Insarethasnccesabs . haa mat with, ana from ant unnanmi artth him iua confidenUy speak that wc do not believe he is a matt who would with to impose on any one, much lesa tha afflicted, ahd really in oar long business experience as an advertising medium we have never heard ot IM success of any medicine without merit; [From the Philadelphia evening Bulletin ot Jane soti. 1364.) We are gratified to bear of‘the continued succeaa la Kew York of our townsman, Mr. IB T. Helmbold, Druggist. Qis store, next .the Metropolitan Hotel, ta 28 fttt front,z>o leet deep, and firestones in height It la certainly a grand rere M lttmfnt t anfl tpcntai favoz*’ ably ot the merit ot his arUcps. He retains bis office and laboratory In this city, which are also model <a> tablishmenu of their class. [From the largest Man ala during Chemists m tha World.) I «m acquainted with Mr. H. T. Helmboid; he ooco ples the drug store opposite toy rettdence. and was suc cessful to cocductiiig tne business Where others tug not been equally so before Urn. I bare been favorably Impressed with his character enterprise. WM. WEIGaTMAK, Finn of Powzss A Wcinimujr. Manufacturing Chem ists, Ninth and Philadelphia. (Remarks from Chemical Analysis.) After a careful analysis of Delmbold's.Preparatlocs, they enjoy our utmost confidence. We consider them safe and reliable. KEY EE ItS f, TATS*. Philadelphia, June 12th, 1360. HJSLMBOLD’S Fluid Extract Buchu A posture and specific remedy fordUeayv ot tbe mad- Cer, Kidney*. Gravel, Dropsy. The utmost confidence can be reposed In us curative powers In above diseases, also in restoring the exhausted powers of nature which are accompanied by so many alarming symptoms among which will be found Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or forebodings of evil; In fact, universal Lassitude, Pros tration, asd inability to enter Into- the enjoyment* oC society. It no remedy la used in such eases. Consump tion or Insanity ensues. Visit our hospitals, asylaxa and prisons, and be convinced. The reader must ojo beaware, however slight maybethesttack it is sure .to affect hla bodily health, happiness, and that ot his posterity. Helmbold’s Extract Buchu will give you brisk and energetic feellngx, enable yon to sleep well, and la mote strengthening than any of tee Freptrw tlona of Bark or Iron. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU AKD IMPEOYED EOSE WASH, Com diseases arising Cron babies ot divination asd imprudence*, allay log pain and inflammation, anil tar which those tmpieaiant and daEgeroos remedies art frequently used. It euros at little expense. Utile or no t-l,*np«> m diet, no Inconvenience. and no exposure. All Uu* above diseases require the ala of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT OF BUCHII Is the Great Diuretic. HELMBOLD’S EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA Cures scrofula. Sale Rheum, Scald or Son Head. Tet ter, Pimples on the face, Erysipelas, and croptlocs cf whatever nature on the lace or skla, purging ont the humors which make disease, enriching the Blood, and BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. Bow to use th*se remedies so ax to grttrs staa a per fect core: la all diseases except those arniag from hahUs of disaitatloa or imprudences, use the Extract Buchtt. la these use the Extract Bachu and Bom Wash, la Humors on the taea, or any and every pork ol the body, use Extract Sarsaparilla, applying w Pim ples ami External Hamors or Eruption*,* Improved Dose Wash. Wholesome toad recommended m all tne above diseases. Instead of restricted, avoiding aB fatty and high seasoned toed, and acldalous and stlnulatlre drinks. In recent cases, a cure » effected in an aston ishingly short perlod,buttn psses ot long standing It , I* better to purchaaoahalfdoaeahottJes, and use faith fully according to explicit directions, la whichcaso I am enabled to guarantee a perfect euro. Direct letter* to HHLMBOLIFS Drug sndCbemlert Warehouse, 294 Broadway, New Tort.next Hrtro pclttaa Hotel, or HELMBOLD’S Medical Depot, 10-4 Scata Tvuth-cL, Assaobly Balldinp, Phlladelphta. PeaoribeqmptoaisinMlcomnugifartir.i. Sold by alinragslsls Ercryirtiere. BEWABE OF COUNTERFEITS. U> Otkcc.