11 Şubat 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Şubat 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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H WASHINGTON, The Report of the New Orleans Investigating Committee to be Presented To-daj. Provisions of General Banks’ Re- construction Bill. tllie New lulernal Revenue Tax Bill-Some of Its Pro mi oent Features. .Interesting Statistics from the Report of the Commis sioner of Agriculture. lATE NEWS FROM CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA. 'Great Destruction of Pro perty by Freshets in New England. (Disastrous Fires in St.Josepli Mb., Mobile, file., and Belize, La. FISOM >TAKIUmm)M. |t*pcclAl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J * WAammiTON. February 1(1. Hie Hccrcfarv of War. In evidence In fore one of i'.r t'ongreaalotial cotmntHeea, cxproaavd Me view* upon llit* decision of tho Hupieinu Court In thelnUana conspiracy ann a as fnllowat “ibo- Here that Million i*aa pioputly convicted. lam of Die opinion that a Ini" exposition of Hie Inw of Hil* country, ami ol every olliur civilised country of the slobe, Jnslllles rue In aaylnj (hat trials, cnvlclltins amt aet.lciicoa by military tribunals were perfectly Icsal, 1 do not tlitnk the decMnu In Hie Mlllla n rato la Jiiilillcd by any principle ol taw by any ctvll jrovernmmil on earth. It la wholly tnconatstnnt wilb Ilia protection of persona In tmlllaty acr'lre, or with Iho preservation ol ponce mid mfot) In any mala In ItiMinecUoi/' rttr. nrroiir nr tub saw oAlkanm committkk. I 1 be New Orloatia Committee have finished their rrpoit. and will lay It bolero the House to-morrow It lb- opportunity la given. The document Is over mm hundred tnannanlpl pages In length, intermit not only a full nanatlveof the «l>*l ami n'li ndlbd riieninalancea, lint a careful statement r.sp'vHng Ilia pn‘Ti,l condition of houMana *i ||i*j h 111 a|ao, tia has Wen bereiofoto alalod, In Ibta correspondence, puncnl a bill for Hid tpivni lut-iK of the Mulct, till MtbataiiDO of which, na f.iiully agreed upon, Is as follows t A (Inventor (iltd Provisional Council of nine perrons, to lie appointed by the Treat dent, with the advice and consent of the Henute, from among the citizens ol the Mato nut disqualified by connection with re hellion, rite Governor, with the consent of tho Council, shall appoint all Stale officers. who .hall hold office hit their successors are elected hy the people. An ekcllon shall be held, on blank day, for executive and legislative officers of Slate, who shall hola office one year. Electors shall be male rHzcUh who can lake the lest oath and have lived in tho State cnc year. Persona who cannot take that oath, but who never voluntarily countenanced j i hellion or served It except a* pri vate soldiers in regular warfare, may be- come electors upon proof of tbeso facta, p-.fore a United States Coart, No distinction among eleclors on account of race or color U allowed. The registration of voters, and lime aod manner of holding elections, will be provided | foriotbe mles made by tbc Secretary of War. Th**. military commander of the Stale will be given authority to enforce and execute tbc laws, and if the officer decline or neglect to do so, the' people will elect members of a Constitutional Convention which most frame a Constitution recognizing the supremacy ot the General Gov ernment, and perpetuate the union of the States under that Government, and most guarantee equal ity of lights, legal and political, without regard to race or color. Laws passed by the Legislature must be appioved by Congress till the blste Is restored to representation. Caul so restored the Slate shall have one delegate in Congress. The 1)111 meets the warm approval ol leading Republi cans in the t« o houses. Thu evidence taken hy :(ke committee has been pat in print, and makes ra volume of over 500 pages. a cojrcnxskiojvxi. tcxficsjuice souiltx. Fitly or sixty member* of Congress lm even ing organized a Temperance Society, Senator Wil son, President: Senator Willey, Vice President, «nd Messrs. Yafrt. Pomeroy, Colfax, Perfaam and Price ou tho Executive Committee. The society Is holdings public meeung this evening. Gen eral Howard, Senator Wilson, and others are speaking. THE COLOBAOO BILL. It Is not cortnn w hen the Colorado Bill and veto will be taken up; but It ia proposed to vole Uil* week on tbe passage of the bill by two-thirds. Tbe Senate seems donblfal, as it I* understood seven or eight Republicans will vole against It. AH APPENDIX to the Slate Department Report for 1661 makes a primed volume of about «3 pages, and consist* entirely of matters relating to the assasslnatjon of Mr. Lincoln. Tins TAX AXD TAIUfT BILLS. I The Ways and Means Committee expect to finish the Tax BUI at their meeting to-morrow morning j and report during the day. It l» understood that tbc rates on tobacco arc unchanged. They are vorkln" on the Tariff Bill end hope t> report that by Ibnisdaj-. The duties on sugar* and coi «on manufactures will bo slightly Itcreascd over thutc in the Senate I*lll. | nKPOI.TTO CKPAVOIIABLT. The House Committee on Commerce hav*- agiutd to report. against allowing llho petition for U.e of some sixty foreign built vea s-ch, and also against Increasing the pay of In epvtlors of Customs. BENATK carers. TLc caucus Ic elect a President of the Senate w ill ptobablv dc held this week. Tho opinion Is general that Wade will be elected. a connscnoN. Mr. lawience, of Ohio, spoke in favor of the Military Dill of the Reconstruction Committee, instead of against It, as repotted by the Asso ciated Press. isnxrtN.it. ncTEKcr nxcEirrs. Ibo icccipls ot Internal llorenno jcaterdaj were STT2.SSI. TKAsaicnons or mo TMieraT lI "“ rT,,nIT Tm Fractional cotren™'risSeji bjTreamror rtipmelulwifi!^ •me rltllifom£i^"b^ SS&ssa; ’Sr3ml”r .o C01U...0 smbwfa S?£H£^3sE£ "/3 ■&-s^si;sss~s all Blue#, wagons, drays • u^«2i,, £ml« c nVif* jrt« * U»ti feno inert for flighting P'“* Done*. Hnllcr and rhrese to he free from U*. A bttSA'Stis rss s^^.i.'S.i«« ]' l ?i*SS or S l«llo» I. t.ol equivalent 10 UK H2..mL iborelrom. Tlio till «l«o motoiiq ill receipts lb ..... | 0 reduce Ibo labor ol juSrseow. A H‘ e dalle* of the lu, ® m r^J;^’ n ’ l ii bureau The lax «tn be removed from mated i!ow bat the Stamp Is to be attached for matchu. SSS « Star packages, bottle*. *e, «e«J •nintnd Trhfre Uiclr COUtCOtS OT® tIXOU. *MB S 3^ I S!Sl3i , a!ir&ll7iSa.S sa , ?i^^<^ , Sc o &ssis r wSttsnS SSiSfZfSoiprSwod. Ibo us on cm nw - placed at the nnform rate of one cent Pcrpcmnrt. The lax remain* the fame on liquors or dlsMUca spinf. bu*.th-license lor duilljing fc “ from HOUto fMO. Thct-ix reUtln? to dlsnUtlion Irora crape •, apples and peaches Is Q °chaace, bat brandy made from grapes Is to be fifty cents per gallon. . ruvi The income tax Is to he on amount* oxer *l,w, and a’ the nriform rate ol five per cent, Jnc rent, tax* a. insurance and repairs of all binds are to be taken oat or Income;, so la effect the in* come is to oe exempt to an average amount of addition there Is a new provision for the col lection of the tax on spirits, of an Iron-clad char acter. Where the present taw says a fine or Im prisonment, the bill visit* both on tbo convicted I offenders, and where It says the imprisonment j shall not exceed two or three yean, the bill pro • Mdea the Imprisonment shall not be leas than two or three years nor more than four. Other sections have been added to proven: fraud, seeb as the following: Where an article it offered for sale at less than the amount of tax, tiie fact Is to be regarded as prlma facie evidence that It has not paid tax, and is therefore enbject to stlxurc.” ■ HXPOBT ornrz COVXIMIOXES OF XQ4ICn.TDBE, Ibe report ofthe Commissioner of Atrricaltare for January contains an elaborate compilation of ' statls’lcs and wages offaim labor throughout the connu-r. bleed on oriolnal relume Tlie evetie. rale of vine of irnlte labor, wilbonl board, I £23 per monlb; US 50 rrllb board; areiae; rate of Irtedmon’e labor, till: "lib board rnmlibod. sy.TI. The 1 lehest rate for any State la in C*U fomla. which pays abonl fits. Maxiaetaasatta pays next highest; &3. The average rate for the Eariero States li *2*.*); m theMlddleStates. the Prtc« of labor vince isk) is about flflypcrcsai, n."* 81 * I .*®™* f'-hrnary io.—T"« iotlo«rin* «r* H sSJrS°Einti he ft COnß,rarion Bm nr^pofoa 1 WmSJIt. » recites met __i^ * B j J fonn Covcrntnen! has been or- MiJSiJi. In ih? l 2 t * Ba * one of ,he Sul «* latel y *° region, which never bis beea recognised Iw ttWSX'J 1 * hi ' lne r » u «* to secure the rights of ~ij 1 08 0r Protection aptlnsl disloyal n» r . to public interest; and H -»» Toe condition of Ihe country Imper ott'vlj demands a ja»t administration m this and otherinsnrjw.i Statea; ana wbebkas. There is reason to believe that with •® CO P election aa the General Government may nnblfullT extern to the people of Louisiana, they will be able to establish and. maintain loribcn selves oqntllT the rights affirmed by the Declara tion of Independence, and guaranteed by the : ConctltnUon to all people of the United autre I forever. I The . first section provide?, first, for the creation ol three Commisaioneis, one designated hr the Senate, one t>r the Hon-c, and an officer of the army to be designated by the head- of the War department. to 'proceed immediately to Lould fits and establish a civil government ins repub lican form, on tho basis heroin specified. Second. It provides for the register of allloral male citizens twenty-cue rears ofageand upwards, without distinction of race, color or former con dition of slavery, six mouths resident In the State, heretofore exercised the right ot siuTrage, or served In the army ornavy ol tie Dniled Stales, or possess real or pcrtonal estate to the value ol sliw, who a»c able to contribute by taxation to the support of the Government, or can read or wtite. Citi xtc* so registered shall have the right to vote for acu cates to a Constitutional Convention. Third. Excludes from suflrtge ail who hare taker oath os members of Congress, officers of the Vnlttd States army, member ola State Legisla tare, or Executive or Judiclalofllcer of any State, msnpnortlhe CoustitnUon of the United Stales, tnd subsequently eugage-i In rebellion, given aid ard cotufori thereto, or voted lor anv act ol seeoi* stop. Lut Consrces, by a vote of two-thirds ol each house, may remove sneb disability. Fourth. The C« mmlsstoncrv are empowered and dltecied to call an election of registered voters, qualified under this act, not less than thirty days notice bciuj given, under such regu lallons aslljcy eh*ll deem necessary or expedient, fur the choice of drlesatus to a Convoation for the adoption of a Conslltutlnn. The Convention shall cousist ol the sanu number of members as the most numerous branch of the Legislature pro vloiii* to ralHlilon. T&o Convention shill meet at the time designated by the Commissioners. Fifth. lleglstcrcd voters, and all elected in office node* lids act. tie requited Iq tike the IcstoaiU. If lh.* Commissioners, orofficeis of registration, be tatlsfied that any person ha* falsely or fmodu* h'Otljr taken the tcs-l oath, his name shall bo siiJcKcti from the registry. The Convention, when dnlp organized, shall submit to its members, first, tho question of tho acceptance ol itiU act as s (asls lor th« restoration of civil government In l-oulslana; second, the ratification ol tbcConsli- tntlnnal Amendment proposed to the legislatures orthoseveial States by the fhlrty-nlnlh Uongro**, •ml If the same ho accented and milled, the Con vcuilon shall proceed to form n Statu Uonslutn ilm—(he Coni'lluilon to be submitted to the t'•tl*lcted voters under lids act. and. If ratinim by « in-Jonty of thrlcrxl fntn*, to be suomlUca to i’oninwss; and, if approved, to he declared the t ‘otisriiullo'i of the Hlntu oi I<unt*iana Ti e Military Commander ol the Department Is ‘.utihorixid to declare mat Hal law In certain cm- Migmch's. and mo military lore*! to snilaln rite iH tum of Uie foiuml»"loncis In malntninltig pub lic i.enie. All public olllco's, or person* In aottiorlty, by wbuiu*oevrr appointed, a<e ri-tjiiiM <1 to render to the UnmmWtonura. or ofUM'i'a R|>polnted liv limn, or In pursuance of ibiir onlers. sikli aid antnar be neroi*ary to ae* *‘iiM‘ tbo oblecls cotilempluteu. Military nmcci# am and relinked on tbe complaint ol tlm t'otninlsslatirra or odlrors, etc., to arrusi, pun* Lb l>> floe or ImpiDonnutil, any person who shall be gull'y «if any ofl- nco iu*nln*t tbe public peace, or person* in authority under thl* ad—Oieex* I vi.m sto im pain by (be United Hlalrs nod tolin i imrsed bv tlm Hlalo, HcciHih'two apiiroprtnlea tbo amount required to entry tbit a>t Into mb ct. niOM CHAMVAIUN. Vi-ll oflho-Joint Committee of the Two floiiM-H lor tho Loeniloii of tho liuina la fail Hulter*lty llloomliiuton ntirt Mim olii to ho Visited To«dii} | nmlChl* oiiKo 'I o-morrow, , IBp'-eiai DiipaUb to Hie iJldrace'lnbiins.l OitAMrAPiN, Pehninry It. The hprrlnl Joint Committee of ihe two hoil-es •if (be iieioral Assembly, appolnlcd tovlattHin saibni* lohiis Mhldi have odored bids (nr thn Inca* Mon «if the lotlusirlnl ifslvorsily, Jell Hprlngfluld this min nlng rI h o'clock, In n special (rntn secured for that |itir|iuH(*. In addition iu llio Joint (him inllUo, composed at Henalom UlilUumlen, Thick ncy, Fatten, Fort and Hollr, mid Rvprusema lived Enoch, llolluwbtish, Htrawn, Punk, Ih üßcly, Hlagc, Hanson, Udell, Bruner and liar* lun, _« largo number of other Representatives, Senators aim Invited guest*, numbering Inall full scv«ntj-tivc, were added to the | arty. A pleasant nmol four hours, brought the party to Cham* pulgn,mlk-io ■ sumptuous cllnmr, at the Doans lloi.tr. awaited Ilium. Atlur dinner, a caravan of vehicles being in waiting, the entire party paid a visit to the Champaign Institute, a large cud substantial edifice, midway bo t\«c<n Champaign and Urbana. An hoar I -.'os exhauticd In'lonking through the building I from hasunent to attic. The examination hy the committee was critical, and tho resnll satisfac tory. Alter which Senators Holly, and Represen tatives Shirley and Griggs responded to urgent calls for a speech. Senator Kelly tried to bo hu titnionr, and only fulled for lack of capacity. Shirley was funny, as be always is. In bis moat serious moods. Mr. Griggs' remarks were to the point at issue between tho vai lons towns which are seeking to secure the prize supposed to he contained In the proposed Industrial University. At the con clusion oMhcte ceremonies, the crowed retained to the Dotnc House, where the remainder of the afu moon, up to six o'clock, was-passed In social converse with the citizens of Champaign, a largo number of whom were ladlev. At the last hour named tbe party started on ilulr return to Springfield, where they I undoubtedly arrived at a late hour. Tbe exenr- I -ion In every respect was a pleasant one, and the I investigations of the committee were highly satis- factory. On Monday (he committee will visit Lincoln and Bloomington, two competing points for the Industrial University, and on the following day wilt extend their Investigations to yonr city. Jacksonville will probably be tbe ' last place visited. There was bat one drawo-ck to the pleasure of tbe visit to Champaign*,' and that was tbc Intensc-coldncss of the weather, the thermometer was below zero all day. INDIANA LEGISLATURE. ISpcdal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iNDiAKArous, Ind M February 9. SENATE. A joint resolution was Introduced asking onr United Slates Senators lo vote agaln«t ihe confir mation of officers appointed by the President du ring Ibc intermission of the Senate. Eighteen new bills were Introduced, one of vvt.lch was for a legislative apportionment, and another authorizing the I’rcsident of the Senate .o act as Governor and Lieutenant Governor. A number of Uonsc nllls on first reading and Scraic bills on second reading, were considered. HOUSE. Bills were Introduced providing that Intoxicating Honors should not be sold in less quantities than a ouarr. except for medical and mechanical pur poses: to erttblish Surrogate Courts In each county; providing for the sale of University Mmare, and authorizing the Auditor or State to draw un the Treasurer In certain owes where roewey has not been appropriated by the General A No m bminess of general importance In either t>ranch, and both Tionics adjourned, after the momiEg session, to Monday afternoon. FROM NASIIYILLE, Lnrgc Union incellne —Bosolutlons AdoptcdiFavoringthc Uc-Nomlnatlon ofGovcrnor llrownlow—An Interest luc Case—A Court Adjourned {Special Despatch lo the Chicago Trlbnne.] Nasumns, February 10. A Jarpc Cnton meetinc was held In the Fenian Hall to appoint delegates for ibis county to the State Union Convention which meets on thettd lost. Resolution* in favor of the re-nomination nf Governor Rrownlow, and endorsing colored entl>agc« were unanimously adopted. A deeply interesting ease Is now In hand In the Executive OOlce. Sometime since A. C, Hickey, I iuicilt a captain In the rebel army, was elected Attorney General lor the Eleventh Jndidal Tils trici of Tennessee. Oleonrse Hrownlow refused to commission him. llickcv Is about to snoont a «ilt of tnandamut to compel the Governor to sign bis commission. It will no aniQ*lmr to sceptic means by which a Conservative committee will compel old nrowiilow to »mmh slon a rebel ofllcor and 1 couadently predict that there is none either losloe or onteldc of Tennessee that coo accomplish the lob. The Legislative proceedings on Saturday were U J*urtce Thomas N. Frailer, on account of his Impeachment by the Mouse it lloproscnUilTßs. has adjourned iho Criminal Conrt until the next I toctilar term, commencing on the first Monday of I Apiil. FUOM CEMII.VU AMERICA, Drath of Hip I’nltnl SUtM ('-annul «t l*amintn-Tlie Truubln* of our ftiln* 1 \%U-r tu llnffoU'l'tiP r«nW< mid Cation ( ro|tn—Condition of AflVilm In Contn L»lp IwplUrintc on ilio Trntiklt Home AbMtlnir. VntiK, Fsbruary in—The Ocean Qaeou LiotirM 111 trr*(Htn>. Wilitom It. Ultir, Untied Htatca Consul at Pad** n> Artrlr<'« from Hocola Mat* that the American Mti Uirr, Hurtiin, !>■•> maid no prlllpmenl of liu dlßUuliy with lh« KxpcuHvp, amt was almut to Iravn (tip capital for lh« coast, to await InMrur* (tons from hla HoTsn.iopnt. Hr cotnpialus of a lari, oi cornU's? to hlmseli amt other lorclrn !.un- Uirta hv Nonjtirra, and evidently supran to have tlif best ol Hie dispute. r l tie semis of Hie Columbian Government at Pa nama ana As|iluwall, are ordered to laUe exact na a. a« follow*: Toial milehl oi walls transport cd over 'be Isthmus; number of passengers, iiuo-itUy ol money and treasure, and total weight of cargo. As moat cargoes of steamura are measurement Roods, It te pieiuraed they moat be all weighed over. A bank Is to be established In OnaU'mala, capi tal IT),100,000. The coffee crop there ta about the .aii.f «)> Urt year. That ol cochineal will be great er by foar-linbs. Tbc cotton crop of ban Salvador is destroyed by wonnaand rains. The yield wli be not over I,'iX) bales. Five vessels are expected at Acalutta tu load codec, cigars and tobacco. President Bneraa' message represents the conn* try as piaccfnl and prosperous. The balance of rash on band la and a lair prospect of the nnblic debt being paid off. • I The rcvolation In Mcaragna baa been «np * f lhe epidemic on Ibo Transit Rente la dtsapeir* Pur, tboacb It la reported that 100 United btates troops died of the disease, which made It* appearance in Oranads, Rivas and Managua. Steamers are to be prohibited from touching at Revalgo. or else be subjected to onarantine at Pnnta Arenas, and other ports. Ibe Costa Rican Government has concluded to contract with John C. Fremont, .Tames W. Nye and others for the construction of a railroad from liman Bay, on the Atlantic, to Caledra, onlbe l> filneral O. W. Lawrence has been well received ■« United States Minister to Costa Itlea. Abody ol StesU. ol the order of sin Francisco, emigrated to Costa Rica In borember, have rsssSSijSssassß FROM ST. LOUIS. Barring of a Ears* Pork Honao at 51. joscph-lxmsraorihe Insurance Com ponles-Snlt for Mamacea-KaUroaU iteform In tlie Lieglalaiiire Blver News. Ft loos, February 10.—Tlte largo pork house ol D. linger it Co., In SI. Joseph, with alt Us con tents, was destroyed oy fire yearerday morning. Tno meat destroyed Is Timed at 8»,W0, covered by [insurance. The balldlag was valued at Cljimgxx YOL. XX (35,000, partially insured. Th; folio log companies are the principal losen: Pbcrnlx. of Hartford, fIG.Wi; Putnam, of Uaillord, 13,500; Manhattan, (5,u00; London and Liverpool, (10,000; Hartford, ol Um* lord, (-,700; Lonllard, |n,lo<); .Etna. of Hari* ford 15,000; Metropolitan. Jb.uOO; Arctic, (5.000 . Fbamx, New York, j3li00; other companies to smaller amounts. The aggregate of insurance amounts to (**l,ooo. The lire ia believed to tic toe work of an Incendiary. The JlfjhbUccn'i tit. Joseph special soya that Isaac Roeenthal, who was tri.*d tor attempting to blow up his store, in that city, with gunpowder, has commenced unit against John Dcmond, tae owner of the building, f„r twenty thousand dil lars, damages alleging that Dcmond arranged the whole plot to compel him (Rosenthal) to vacate the ptemixee. General Bradshaw. late candidate for County Collector for Buchanan County, has brought suit against W. M bhennan, County clerk, for viola tion of the law In throwing outlcvai votes enough, In the late election, loeli.ctbb own party und:- dntc. General Bradshaw claims SIO,OOO damages. Resolutions were Introduced in tbo btaie ben ale yesterday declaring all railroad consolidations In this Stale, which have out been approved by the General Assembly, mill and void, and calling for the passage of a law to tcgnlate freight and passenger rates, and for the protection of the rights of the people. A bill was Introduced In the Home to prohibit during TVxss cattle through this Stale, on the mound that they bring contagious diseases wild Uu-in. Ihe river Is still filling, with plenty of water to Uflltn. The weather has moderated lumewbat, hid U still quiie cold, and the prospects fora siici-dy jcsuninilon ot navigation In the Illinois and Upper Wlesls-lpoi are deterred. .Irrmd, Saturday— Belle Memphis, Memphis; Coimnunwcatih. New Orleans; Ruth. New Ur leans; Adam Jacobi, Memphis; Jennie Lewis, New Oilcans. Viiorinl, Sahirdov • Deer tadge, Memphis; /.mm VMiltc, Nashville; Bee ana barge*, New Oilcans ; Attn.-*, White River. Huniloy— W. .1. Lewi*, New Orleans; Welcome, Vicksburg; Mary tv. Forsyth, New Or* !• ins; Luluglob^lcks’-uig. FROM NIIW YORK. Am-alnl Ait Vlolullon of (ho Ltiw Atintiml LoMcrle*— Flro—lininblrraAr riaiHl-Ourloiia lileetrleul I’hniomn* uu—Wrrrk ortho whip DitMhliiic Wave. Nr.w VoiiK. Kobninty K».—'l lie ateitnor Ocean (pitin, «hh Han Pranclacu Oalca to the Mill nil., baa antved. Ileniy A. Von Dalauni, (.'lnk of the l.adlcs* < InoltabM Pah, bed ticeu arrested on a charitu ol riolnllon of tba la** nunlnai lotteries. *J be Oileiiml ronttacloia for Hie tolred'ldlon of Hie Mto Alaiin Teb urai'li. Imre i|Hßtrel) el na to the proceeds ol Hie Invention, and an inlnnillrm iib' ii tl« nc* t« iu be pen] nul by one of the pir* ilea. corpotaHuii corruption la amunff liedeU'Mbimlits piuOilie't, A fltu at bo. a i.lnerly street last night, .do slrojirt pi oner ly vaoted nl f HMHNI. H. llernaieln A Hon, musicalliialrmnrnt denlura, lo«t fl'Vwn, and Hairireity Urns., dealera in drugs, flbnou A Ur tinnti till) Him killed brr broihor the other ■la\ In ftomurol, h«i admitted In ball In Hie atnti offWi-o. . . . . A ifp»rrnJ win mutr upon »itvcral tiro hanks l»sl night, nttd rlrypti airostcd. The ImpletiHitu imp prill'd. tt Is tlionght the slocks mid money at wlilfh Mr. I ninny wm robhul on aslrevl cnr, will tin ro* lO'IIKI. ftixi lltiinlism, wlio hm aticn eonvlrU’d of simmllng, millo Hisiu pflson.ntirt imMonrd In a nmitiiri that ralse-t much Indignation, tin* been ntn siert again on a charge of swindling. 1 lm Vli/icr* special m)n Hut prominent Radical Hnislins uipriis I lie opinion that Ihn vuto of the L'oloimlo Ailmisilon Hill will b« sustained, A thunderbolt of Minding vmdiois# Irnsl from llu; clouds last night, while Iho rain was poirlmr ihioo m torrents, and the darkness was so gieat as lo inulo tt Impossible to ico arroaa tha »li eel s. Church spires unrt Imltdinifa wore lor an Instant rendered plainly visible, in Hid I'larr. It was followed by a heavy shock of thunder, which seemingly made (he earth lock as m an earllnjuako A altnliar phuoomvuon oc cuned Saturday lilßht week. 'i hr ship Dashing Wavr, of Boston, Captain Corleton, fain Baurrsncipco November Ist et'uc’i on the shoal* near Harnegat on the night of the tth, came ofTaoon alter, leaking badly, and wav euh'equcDily lowed to Southwest Stilt, whore, tho leak gaining rapidly, she sunk a', seven o'clock thin morning lu five fathom*. The officers and crew have urnved In ibis cjp-. CHEAT FRESHETS IN NEW ENG LAND. Great Destruction of Properly—Dams mills and Bridges Swept Away—Tbc Dumac*-* in Rhode Islapd Hwtlmnicd at s2oo,ooo—Loss lu Connecticut) $150)000. PnoviPEKCE, R. 1., February 10.—A heavy rain storm to-night caused a freshet in all mill streams, surpassing anything of tbe kind since 163?. Dams and bridges arc carried away in various parts ol tbe Slate, and many mills. Tbc loss by good m ibis vicinity may reach 1200,000. Konwicu. Conn., February it).—The heavy mine on Saturday caused the Sbetucket and Thames at this place to overflow the lower part of the city. Thu track of the New Lonoon, North eastern & Worcester Kallroid line ia sub zLC'ccd. 1 mins have been compelled to land paFxmgers at AllynV Point, where they take b'camca. Many dams and bridge* in this vicinity are earned aw ay. The damage done (o mills In this vlcinltv amounts to at least $150,000. FROM THE GULF. Tlic Town . of.JflaHie Pastroycd by Fire—movements of KUulstcr Camp bu!l—l>cetractive Fire at mobile. New OW.BAHB, February 10.—Tbc town ot nall7,c,BtbooiimeflP&B» month, was destroyed bv fire thi* mcming. L se SGO,Ot)U, and a number of families are rendered homeless. lion. L. D. Campbell, Minister to Mexico, left this evening for a ebon visit to his family iu Ohio, some of whom are sick. This city being bl* tern notary residence, be expected to return In a few oa>s, and awaits IcatrncUoQs from tbe State De nanmeui as to Mexican affairs. Mobile, February 10.—A destructive fire oc curred to-night on the corner of Commerce and Su liools streets, burning the stores occupied by J. Jones, liquor dealer; Landis, Yonng Js Co., grocers; Ogletree & Co.. John E. Curran A Co., and Hudson, Byron & Co., cotton factors. Los* SIOO,OOO. FROM PHILADELPHIA. Burn lug of a Brewery—l co in tbc Dela ware Broken Up. PnoADELTniA, February 10.—The brewery of C. littcDvcr, comer ot bevcntcenth and Hamilton ftn eta, was named thu morning. A large quan tity of Peer and mall were destroyed. Lota esti mated at $90,C00; insured, SIB,OOO. The ice in tbc Delaware has broken no a n d Town to the Jersey shore. Eighty vessels an chored at Newcastle, will bo np to-morrow. FROM CANADA. Application for New Trials for Two of the Fenian Prisoners Discount Rates. TonoKTO, C. VT., February lO.—To-day Mr. McKturle made application in tho Court of Bench for new trials in the cases of Kcn tedy and McGrath. Fenians convicted at the last Assizes. The Judges have the application under consideration, auo will give Judgment early next week. Ottawa, C. W., February 10.—Tho discount on American invoices for the ensuing week is twen ly-six per cent. Arrived. New Yobr, February in.—'The steamer Aus tralasian. from Liverpool, Is below. A Belief BUI Psued by Hie North Car olina Legislature. Riixion, N. C.. February 6.—The Legislature, to-day.: assed tbc Relief Rill. It slaves off pay ment of a debt twelve months. Fir** In Hutland. Vt, Hrn-Ann. Vt., Febrnary 10.—-The steam saw mill ami adjoining buildings connected with (be marble works of Sheldon Slasson, West Hutland, were drstroved br fire (bla rnomlnp. Lots to $30,(100; Insured for f 1",000. The gas wutke ol (be Holland Gas lonhl Comoanr were destroyed by fire this morning. Lota (-1,1X0; in* sored. Train Urlilml Tint*. AtnAKT, February 10,—The Hudson Hirer llailroad (rain. One hero about one o'clock Ibis momlne, was behind time several hoar* because of the cars rutitlOK off ihe trarks. In consequence of the slippery condition or the rails. Hie cars ration at two or three points, but nobody was tojnicd. I'lre In Baltimore—A UoatCttHUMl and Mix Persona DrowtiPd. ItAt.miong, February lt».—Tlif chemical works of Wes Me. Havlcteon A- ('n. were destroyed by fire liir morning. Lom tiu.oaii. Insurance f In riiv others. A I*ca\t northwest slotm act In on Haturday, during which a boil tapslted In the harbor and six pvtsuha wete dro.nrd. I’amculars of the disaster and names of ilia victim* ate not yet i«crrtali>cd. Tho Went her mul tno (lotiillHon of Ilic lilver* nl PltUbttruh. l'iTT*Mi'nait. February 10.—A fold (Hasting rain fill yesterday iui to flyn o'clock, whim It changed to ball, shortly after 10 snow, which eon* ununi through the night. Thlj morning there •«• about lour Inches on a leyel, The bub winds which iircrallnd during lb# nlcbl drifted It Into huge piles along the roada. Tbe weather la very cold. Tho river has risen some under (he Infloercaof Saint day's rain, and the pter marks indicate about rttbt and a half feet In the Monongahela. Freights are plenty and prlcra good, and boata I -in* leaving with good loads. The New York left | for Cairo and fit. Lout*. The Allegheny Hiver •welled slightly, but there la oo prospects of o resumption ot navigation. A Correction. Drrnorr, February 10.—Hie statement recently leU-giaphtn iron Now York Intimating that na»- »enscr trams behind time were not permitted by the Customs Officers to cross at fintpenalon Bridge, to officially contradicted. There to no in* rermption whatever to the passage of train* over be bridge, and no examination of the bass*re of ihtonch passenger* since the completion of the third rati on the Great Western, making the gnage the same aa on the connecting roada. i Steeping cars are run from here direct to I Rochester. The through freight. Blue Une, over I this route to proving a valuable auxiliary to the rations roads concerned In the rapid transmis sion of freight, The cars ire transported across the river at this point and forwarded without de lla v by mesne of the Immense iron steamer Great I Western, constructed especially for the convey- I ance of tqo Bine Line cars. Tee boat carries I eighteen loaded cars, and readily force* her way I through the heavy ice with which the river to I sometimes filled. PASSING COUN I EBPHIT ICIONEY, A Bcgnlar “Hand” Arrested at lata Work. That portion of the police force represented by Sergeant Good and his active squad of men whose quartets are at North Avenue Sab-Station, were on Friday night successful in bringing to Justice one ola nest of scamps engaged In tbenetarlnns banners ol counterfeiting, within one hoar after s complaint was lodg' d at the station. The cir cumstances In connection with the a Hair, so far as tbev have been gathtred, are nearly as follows: About eight o'clock on Friday evening a young man giving the name of William liovrard, an cn- I glccor, residing on Klnxlc street, went to the I .>rocvr> store of F.ugonc Dufly, at No. SIS li tribal I -ucct, where he called lor some candles. Alter bey were pnl op for him. be oflered in payment s 1 ten dolls; note upon the Floor City National Bank of Rochester, New York, receiving in exchange (9 5-1 in good money. He then loft the etorc, and was next seen at the gro cery of George Zerlngable, aitcated at the corner of Mohawk and Linden street*. At this store be lonnd some moch coveted arti cles, hnt tin; merchant did not like the hill pre sented, which was another note ot the same de nomination on the same bank aa the one offered at Bull *V. Ilupairouaze was, therefore, respect* fully declined. In the meantime. Ur. Duffy bad satisfied himself beyond a doubt that the note be had lecuvcd irom the stranger was a countortelt, and be quickly reported it at North Avenne Sta tion. Correctly supposing that a persistent raid was being made upon placer of business by some iudnst'ious person in “shoving the queer," Ser geant Gund si once put hla men on track ol the scamp, tn h the happiest results. At the grocery etorc of a Ur. Dcitech, located at the comer of Latahce and Division streets, officer Ilogar. found Mr. Howatd impatiently awaiting the slow muttons of a clerk who was doing up another pound ofcandles for bis customer. Can dles seem to have been a weakness with Howard. u.v* rctui u« * c u,vu .. "vault,.■ mi.u . and It ts prune facia evidence that be make* light of the counterfeiting hnsluesa. Annlhcr counter feit ten dollar hill lay noon the counter trying to look honest and momentarily expecting to pasa Into the drawer hi exchange for genuine green backs. Howard was in a hurry as be was going to a ball, and would bo late. When Uiextßlccrcamein and cast a glance at the situation he knew his man. and " made for him "at once. Howard started back and ottompt* ed to jump though a window, at the same time making a half concealed motion lu throwing away anolherof the ten dollar bogus notes. Hogan had no idea of losing hleprlsoner.jnd straightway knocked him down, after which he secured and conveyed ».lm to the HUTon. The prisoner had In his pockets a tevolvci and a hunch of keys, lie Urea the w< apon pail war from Ida pock<T once, but the moduli was observed and he was thwarted in Ids hiuouv inieidton. ihe spnilotn hank notrs o fin Hi to the (luce tiadcrnivp, hs alcutho one cast upon the door by the gullly man. are all upon the Flour CUy No* tloual Bunk, ol Rochester, New Yuik, and each hears ihi 1 same numiKir, "77.5J 5 ." Tbo bill ot* feted nt Jimlv’e wim much belter executed than either of Uu 1 others, and fur that reason was prob ably ao’ocpd to lest (he success ol Iho undertak ing. ThU is farther corroborated by the fad, as Hlivrwards tcnicmbcrml by pintles in the store I hat •vi u men were standing outside whan llowan waa (molt ir. and tl.al upon going out lie Julrei ilirtiffund the llirre wen! away together. Tbo purported alvi.aluri 1 of (ho President, upon tha«e bills. In Ihe low ot rlglil hand corner is very Mack and t< arsvly done. and that of the cashier is writ- Mi with miserable ink, leaving a very Indistinct latiuession. It nuy be safely proanmod (bat Ibis in bi< outciupplng of an oxUnstvu gang of conn terfelti is, f or whose dopicdarinua rim publ'c slimiTil t>e actively on Ihe lookout. Howard wa* examined m tlm I’otkv Uonrt on Mntimhy moru log, and held lot hint lu ball of 9 •• I’HRSONAL ” AIIVKRTINKMUNTH, A (Jlonro nl their <?hnrnrter And Menu- Hi(t— imum'lhoiiiil IMlnnltona—l.ovo Histories Tho Love-horn \% idovva of <lileauo-M»y Wooers* Mtitl Hold—A Pew Unsamples, To tunny rcmlcin Ox* most altracllvc, If not al* way* Iminiillvo corner, ofi nowapapci, I* tbnl inoflM tihlfl square which nestles half bashfully In Ihi* mlNerMslnif columns, tlovol*»d lo “I'crso* Almost hidden amurnc Mm crowd „r biMnrss cauls, II I" auto to capth ale Mm *7* hy point) myrtle charm which la uoulalnnd In lira i»mli<r hints, mill within, nn«l want* there tutalih* Hy revealed. ’1 tune delicate Intimations and 111- lie mu <j| domestic Injury: these longings of lonely widows: these artless confessions, whis pered simeptlthnsly mio the imohc ear 5 those tweut heckoldngs lo llio Unit of matrimonial hlld, liumi a sterol faiclnallou. As through some mysterious keyhole. Ihsy seonj to afljmi ua a liliu.iiko Into forbidden chambers. Tender ae creis are slyly disclosed. Hometlmei. It way be, wild boart' histories are unconsciously wrlltou Inthcao enigmatical communication*. Troanecta of unspeakaTde happiness arc temptingly held out to more who slum to seek for Uln an open way, end often Uie young and innocent arc led a strange dance alter this will o’ the wisp. Wo nicak oftbat class of “Personals’ which ap tear to bear ilio impress of alnccrlty. As to the f» (•ciiUcmen who ikrtre to make the acquaintance of idvumm widows lor fun,” or the “ ladies of ro tinea tartc who wish to correspond with gentlemen t odtminc similar qualities,” ortho hundreds of “widow* effort*,” whose object ta to .“pa a lone hour*” with gentlemen of pood character, ocninoy knows that they ore for the rnoainm unreVhlcs, having 1.0 local habitation. Oabcra sealn have too much ot an air of vulgar Impu dence to attract much notice, such aa • a vounp fellow who wants to correspond with seme ladies, for fan.” Some arc almplr absurd and too manifestly a “get up on the part of some Idle person lor private amusement, to command attention, while Uic ap t>cal* from agonized parents to prodigal sous will only be observed bv the Individuals to whom they ar Advertf*cmenla for “board lo a refpedaMo family.” although they do not properly nooe nn der the bead of ocwonal, mav be noticed in this connection as affording In the replies evoked a sirnucc Insight Into the atate of society. An hon >,t tcckcr for a quiet boarding bouse *ho takes this method of hunt ine it up, will be Ailed with wonder ano dismay at the formidable array of love-lorn widowt who nl once lav alcgc to hU heart, uc will never try that method a second time, tie wauled simply food, shelter and comfort, and be hold he is assailed with an Infinite wail from deso late hearts, touching aopcale.and simpering hints. •* with a view to matrimony.” Out of ten replica lo snch an advertisement one may aafelycalcnlate on at least nine baling reference to matrimonial prospect*. A bashful man will naturally, shrink from the responsibility ne might lucnr In answering such communica tions. He will rather tly lu 'despair to a betel, Llcb nrices. and loneliness, hla imagination filled with a wotnl picture of desolate hearths and charming widow a of forty who wish to pass lonely h °Perbaps the most Interesting class of “person ola ” aie to be found among those which convey Utile love histones, ano set us a pondering over their meaning. As for in-tance in the following, selected at random: “Will M. 8., who corresponded with E. 8., commencing June IPUi, ISCS, relieve her by writ ing to btr tnc cause of bts strange silence, and be a rnend.tf nothing more ?” _ _ Berc is a dainty piece of sentimentalism. E. B Is evidently in earnest. She la Just beginning to oft[ D her first experience of the truth that men arc car deceivers—“one foot oo sea and one on fhorc.” There Is a mild, resigned, uncomplain ing sadness in this appeal which must touch the heart of 11. 8., “it tl be made of penetrable fluff.” We fear, however, that she will never thus succeed In regaining his affections. Wo know very well the cause of his strange alienee, and E. B. knows it, too, or she would never have dreamed of suggesting friend fbln as an amendment to Uie original motion. And wonld the be content with mere friendship, and nothing morel Ot course she wouldn 1. This is simply a trap to ensnare him again, which M. B. set* through at a glance. Ihey commenced corresponding on the lam or Juno. They ceased corresponding rom—well, say the ISth of DLcembcr. Six months Is a long term for the couac of true love to run smooth—on paper. E. D. has probably dis covered by this time that there Is nothing alter all so efficient and preservative In atfdts of the heart as presence, nor of aonl only, but cf real flesh and blood. The communion ol two souls la a venr charming thing to talk about, but an extremely vague, unsubstantial thing In practical life. Ill* Jnnlter embracing a cloud. M. 8., who Is at bot tom a eooa-hcancd.! well-meaning, though *ome what too autcepUble, fellow, weut Into thf* corre spondence with mori honest intent. He really loved if jj or tbonchl he did, which was about the same thing, and every letter of his was burdened with honied word*, the very sweetest he could find. Poor E. B. hoarded them as *0 many piotnltßory notes. But all the while 11 Is v- ry certain (hat the divine flame Is flickering out In the heart of M. B. for lack of fuel. And now ra*fes between hi* fancy and this phantom of an v B. some new fair vision of mortal beauty, and E. B. goes out like a taper light This Is the cause ot hls etrnnee silence. E. B, who la doub.- less a reader of bninbourue, might have known love turns creep when one tarns gray: This year knows nothin? ot last year; To-morrow hss no more to say *To ycsteiflay." . .„ _ “Andbe i rrteni. if nothing morel” The no- Uiettr, hut rather dwindling hope so sentimentally Implied in U-at disjunctive ctmjunrUon is charac teristic. We nrpncly inspect that E. B. la a young school roam of very lender ace whom papa had belter keep a slinrp eye npon. fcbe would do will to attend the skating parka frequently, and as far as M. D. is concerned, rest assured that ho will never sat isfactorily csplam himself and “relieve her. Here Is one of a difllTeul character, which might be from one of Dundreary's countrymen. He would ftrtn take the fair sexbrstorro, and tomakc victory sure, he boldly slvns tils names ‘‘To ladles ol Wtr. Amiability and Good Sense. -The advertiser having Just arrived Item a for elcn country, bclnjr an entire stranger, and nearly dead with enrol, would like to form tie acquaint ance of one or more ladies, possessed of the above •inallflcaitons. object, a companion to attend op • ras, baits, theatres, riclghridc*. Ac. Address, confidence, Cnxs. l»Anm, pirate, **%s te la something highly refreshing tn the Idea nl a Mtatr dying with rnnwt. and looking put for tdraslra companions to “attend’ rlcighiidcs. What a sensation must tbl* blood-tliDsiy mretyncr who atipteciales wit, amiability, Ac., bate created In those t'o’lie elides In which he aspired to tnlt ule I Are we to flgute him •• some monster of ferocious aspect wtui wild hair and shaggy beard! or la he a gay Duval or lied Horn, combining tho graces ot refined aodely with Hie rcfhlc»a daring of the ouMaw? Thja bold announcement ot hU rharaclor and a'ms la calculated to daraln certain fair render* of Byron, m whose eyea lie wilt appear a* aome ( onrad the Corsair, or a dark-browed Ura still opeu to the tnltnrnrc of “ibe sorter itaine. 1 He hw “ •**»* the fullness of rsltrty" in foreign lands, and ao. after slicking Ids *htr»t for tdood on the high reis, he cornea to (ha cjueen ollha Weal In search of wit, amiability and good aanaa. Hotnantlc younf | ntiasca will, of courae, approach such a hero “with nerftetconfidence.” . ...... | What will they « ay, on the other baud, lo the | “ccnUeman of mldole age, moderate means, a i lover of the fine arts.*- etc., etc .who wants to I correspond w!th“ayonng lady of pleasing ad dress. good tamlly, a loving disposition,” etc., etc ana who promises “to treat them with con fidence, and give satisfactory reasons why,” etc.? TMs individual la altogether 100 serious, too sol emn and too lonc-windcd to attain success. They will turn np their noses at btm. Some advertisers take a peculiar pleasure tn adding insult to injury, by first affronting her In some public place and then asking her to call up on him privately that he may explain why he did »o For example t »• Will the lady who rode np in the last (11:45} Madtson-si. ear on Friday evening please send her addrees to the gentleman who etood directly in ftonl of her, and whom she discovered in the act ol staring nf’elv at b*r? *E.C. W. Is tt to supposed that tho permission to send her address to him will atone for ibe act of rude ness? Or did he In the first place tterc at her with a view to Inveigling her into a correspond- slrce* ear* present numerous opportunities for the opening of a flirtation. Occasionally ills the lady who take* the Initiative: . . . “Will the gentleman who assisted a lady from the car corner ot Dcsplalnet and Uadlson streets. Sabbath evening, please send address to H. E. F-, I “wwran'bJW *»4 oil"P°” ter too. H ha, a perfect ilrtt to Ml dtrceUj In lore with her, tor It la evident front thta that ehe la auock. The person! who inactied the following evl- , dently wants to extend the circle of his acquala- U * WW the lady who met with a disaster at the Opera Douse drawing yesterday send her address to H. L., drawer 6355.’ , , . , We can Infoim R. I*, who the lady is, and where be msv find her. She exists everywhere, trom the lakes to the Unit, and trom the Atlantic to the Pacific, extent In the village of Prairie da Kocher. Her name is eof Mrs. A. H. Lee. If K. L. would onlv nut a faithful man on horseback, be might qnlcKjj ob'ain Udloca ot her. H And now contrast these mealy-mouthed, coy, sentimental whispering*, with the blunt, ont s|)Oken frankness ol the following from a Cook wife wanted—By a middle-aged man and a farmer. All letters treated confidentially. Ad dirsa Box 7ST, I emont. Cook County, 111,” There is no beating abont the Loan here. Our honest tamer Is tasting money fast but be finds lhat something else is wanting, Uc has reached a CHICAGO, MONDAY, FEBRUARY H, 1867. time of IKe when love-making amusement. He requites about his boms government, order, economy, comlort. >ot to nut too fine a point upon IL he wants a wife, and he says so In fionest baxoi.. He knows the value ol the article and Is wUln. to pays pood price. lie would just saytbeaame ihtnp if be wanted a pood cow. or a secondhand threshing machine. . , w»i— llcic is one which may stand for repreietxauve of a very extensive class: . , h . ‘•The lady dressed in bloc, who rclurntd the compliments of a gentleman from her wlno* *lp the rear of.- street to the rear of will confer an everlasting favor upon anwaeiil atimiier by tendering her address to Captali But being ol a strictly private ant boilaeai character, they ofler no material for i reatrk. There is something extremely pnzxllng in Uk for luwirg vague description of a woman: • “ Hilary, a Scotch Ctrl, who once went to asm* burg with a family, ia still In the city, wit she call at street, or send her address! A Scotch girl polug to Hamburg In a ma rtmtw nlal way, must be a circumstance of rare an 4 re markable ocenrrut ce. It she turns oat to have conn twice to Hamburg she Is not the sort or per son wc took her to be, and Is probably ol urine Ol the “ Tonus ladle* who answered their adtnl* iei> erect loir* At the matinee with opera tpae* anil pocket bamlKefchiet,” nod w ho are Invited t* «• fotd said admirer an opportunity of becoramt ac* qnaln'ed, Ac., we mlcbt pswnt a mnltitude oT «*• ampler, but the e abject wan'd lead ns too farina mJcht become unpleasantly "personal.” »> o »tH break oiT here, and b are the reader to mom at leieure on the hint* thrown oat from day to day. THE ACSTUIAfI 3USSIOS. Tito Soward-IBcCracken Corrospon- deuce* The follntrlnß papers were laid before the *cttnt« on Wcdueaduy: fo tin* President s - , . *1 br Farmery ot Htate. to whom mi referred hu tesululhm ot the Henato of the Sd re* ,in< sting the President to communicate to that hc.dv, If lu hi* opinion not Incompatible with (he initjlic Interest, ti copy of the letter on which the M'Ctrlary ot sum founded Lie recent Inutilrlos ■ddrraacA (o Mr. Motley, .Minister of the United -Pairs et Vienna, with regatd to tile reported con* .Mention and opinions. and to furnlab (be name nl (lie writer ot stub totter, has tbo honor to lay before the President a transcript of the paper re* fcircd to. Wiluam 11. Hawanu. DerAtiTVRNt or Hran. i WaaniNuTon, February J, 1817. f dfora* 11. McVuKkm, to tut I’ratdtnt of th« U,.Urda!<t«t{ Pauis. llorr.L MAimtuc, October*!. PM. Mn. Pußeiiiree: I hive traveled a good dual In l.mnpo durl'ts thu lait year, and had occasion tu M-e ainnelhini of our Ministers end Consuls In curious coon'Ho*. A largo majority of lima* whom I tmil with were utterly boitlle to you and your Bduitiililrnilnn, and expressed that hostility m an open and nCenslve a manner ■■ to astonish American Itavolers and to leave a very bad Im passion on liu opeaiie who wore present. Tula ■taa poillcultrlr true of thoio from the Now Eng* linn males, of whom a largo majority of our for* eitfti frptesentaihrs seem lu he composed, and a very ImtlUcicnt art they are, Individually and col* * W.Vorloy, MlnUter «i Vlrnoa, does not pro* lend to conceal hU " Ul*gust,” aa he atyiea It do* uantly.nl your whole conduct. . . . _ , Having hciMiiitipninh’d excluslvaly hy Charles Hnnitier. hr aiiplaiida him and lila revoluilonary dnctmira, do*iu»lrg American democracy, and piorlnlma loudly Hint nil English nobleman la the nindi'l nt humnn ix'ifiTtinii. ’( hern U not in all Europe a morn ilminngh tlunkev, or a more on* Ameiicnn fimrllnnary. lie idle every travolur tlini Mitnnvi la . nunly JtullQml, amt (hat you have dcaeru d >"tu prnelptesliieoin«non wlilijlr. rtrUHtd, wlmheiayata Imp dually degraded. . At Fianklor; ilm consul, Murphy, who U aald to lm\r cleared more Hun unn humtrea thousand I dollara through hla office, declared repeatedly ihat the ihnutot Inn friend,Each.Chandler, would I he nmdu good, mid ought to he, hy your Impeach* mi nt; and thu Is notorlnu*. and a public acanaal. the fellow himself la vulgar, ignorant, and un* woithy, and la one of Chandlur’a tool*. link. at* Madrid, condemned your course -In a maUgnant.nißrnt;r to various Americana, and eo did Moirla at Cunatautinoplo. Some ot my friends who went to Morroco, heard Mr. Moth, at Tan* glut, rail vlohrtlv and aharoofully ogainst yon. paying he was ready lorellie from suchacoi cern. Purry, at Tunln, was equally offensive in hi.- language. There arc many others in the ram-) hoal, and it Is time that better men wore appoint*, cd, men who wul, at least, reapeetthe President ted iho dignity of hla office. Haoicallim of the woret sort makes war on you and your friends nnder every pretext, and yet the instrument* of that faction are blatant all over Europe in condemnation of both. It Is a shame and a stigma to permit this Idnger. Massachu setts ecems to monopolize a lion's share of the consulates, and Boston has no less than three first nilasloue —Messrs. Adame, Burlingame and Motley. . C Is no other part of onr country to be considered worthy of notice} Hast General Butler. Phillips nou Chandler, and the like, engross all the honors I for their satellites ! 1 wont nothing at yonr hands I of any sort; bnt fit and decent men ebouldbesent 1 abroad who will not aJanrier the Chief Executive and Uie (ioverLUient. The Consul at Genoa It a common drunkard ana a dlecracc to Uie coni.irr. When sober bo abates tbo President Intbo bearing of everybody. Re spectable Americans are very much mortified bj toe ntesencc of such unworthy persons to place* of tiusi and responsibility, and Tew like the task ol letting Ibetr experience be Known as 1 bare done. There are hundreds who know more, but prefer to remain FllenL Bloat respectfully, uao. W. McCuacxkiv, of New York. A friend will deliver the not personally. Horace Greedy & Co. The following placard has been posted np in the principal streets of New York, and m supposed to have some relation to the uiw Tariff Bill: HORACE GREEDY & CO Give notice tail they have opened a 2TCW BTORI, No. 1111 First avenue. where they have lor sate a complete assortment of articles required by the public, and beg leave to say that the patriotic portion of the community will have an opportunity at their store to carry oot their principles. Greedy 4 Co.'s experience In the business is not very great. nor is there capi tal large enough to enable them to offer their goods at the prices at which their neighbors will furnish them; bat If the public will pay them only tIVEXTT PEH CEKT. more than their merchandise Is worth, and will do this for twenty years or so, they believe that nt tbe end of thai time they will he able to fanmh goods nt their real value. They beg to call their attention to the following articles: si'gaii—rnoai locisiaka. This article would be sold at a lower price bat that the frost cuts off every third crop, and oi course the value of the lost crop most be pa id for •>y those who co ns am o the other two. As ibis Is tbe mere effect of a climate over which the plan ters have no control, the patriotic of &H classes, both ilch and poor, will not bcsltate to contribute to make np this loss to the planters. THREAP 1 ,pf the Wllllmantic manufactory, at the cost of I only a few pernles a epool over the imported I thread—sosmali a difference tbautunotfoitby I the needlewoman, while to that newly starred company it brings the pennies In, and prevents the gold going out CIOTOQfO, BLA2VEEI9, ETC., will be famished at not more than doable the price of similar aiticlea from abroad, which dif feret-ce I* not paid by those who buy of Greedy ft Co„ as they are ready to prove. Greedy A Co. have to state tbst in 1790 Ur. Greedy's great grandfather brought a “ respecta ble capital" into the business, welch was contin ued by Mr. Graody’s grandfather, father, and now by himself. Greedy A Co. are sony to have to Male lhat British importers are vet “enabled to I make lion at fll.W a too loss than It can bo turn- : tubed here," and that, notwithstanding thellbcral extra prices paid by their customers to them and to their pndeccasora for eighty years m older to sustain this business they tro com ttchedto ash them to pay them a still higher ex tra price if they will do eo. Greedy A Co. do not i de-ratr of being able at some tntnre day to anp* I ay Iron at the same rate that others do. They ad- I mlttlntr customers have already waited a long tunc for the fulfilment of similar promises made heretofore, but ask farther Indulgence. Future advertisements will contain farther par ticulars of Uicedy ft Co.'e system of business. Aiianllme, all their men who are not otherwise engaged will be set to hoisting a bucket np and down a well in order that American Industry may find lull employment „ I Remember h timber One, One, One, One. I N. it.—No connection with tbe store at the cor- I ner of Sprnce street. The nrntcriona Diplomatic .Hlmloq to the Wc»t luales. [Washington Dlipatch (Fob. C) to the New York llerald I Mr. F. W. Seward, Assistant Secretary of Slate, returned to the city yesterday, alter an absence of about three weeks on some business, the object of which as ret remains n profound secret. It will be remembered that on Christmas night the Gettysburg grounded on a bar near Annapolis, and nltco. Hon being called to her predicament, It was discovered that Mr. Seward was on board, together with a gentleman employed In the State Department as a translator of Fiench and Spanish, and that the strong box of the vessel contained an unusually large quantity of specie. When these facts were made public, various coiOcrlurcs and surmises were made as to the object of tho expedition. Among these numerous guesses, and the one which seemed most probable, was that made by your correspondent, which designated the island of Sl-Thomasas the destination of Mr. Seward, and preliminary measures to ho taken for the purchase thereof A»r a naval alallou far the United Slate* his object. Whether this U a HUP solution oftho mystery remain* yet to bo seen shut It we do not possess the Island of St. Thomas before the first of Jan* nary next, U will bo a matter of surprise to i many who are aware of the Ideas of tho Secretary of State In recant to« lliei accumu lation of valuable properly. Mr. Seward Is now busily engaged In makingout a report of his expedition, which will shortly be sub milled to the Secretory of State forhtsap, proval, and then be sent to the President. A letter dated St. Domingo city. January 34, gives an account of tho mysterious mis sion of AsslftantSecretary Seward and Rear Admiral D. D. Porter. The writer .tales that the Gettysburg arrived there on the IJth of January, with Frederick Seward .Assistant Secretary of State, and Rear Admiral D. D Porter, on board. The object of the visit waa to effect a treaty with that Government for the purchase of naval privileges on tho island. Tho Gettysburg wastosail for the United States on the day of writing, and it waa currently reported there that the mission was a falinrc. The UI success of the enterprise was owing, ns was believed on the Island, to the tact that the power to conclude the treaty was Intrusted to an tncpmpetcct man. The person to whom this snthoAty• was m trusted la a man by the name of Smith, from Pennsylvania, who la a tool of John 11. For ney and how he succeeded in securing his appointment as a plenipotentiary agent ex cites no little surprise, as it was known there ihal the name ofGeneral Caseneau had been US o the Senate by the Praldeat. There was no donbt entertained there, however, Ihal the mission bad tailed completely. the death penalty. Execution of a Murderer at NorrUtovm, Pennsylvania. lSoirlsto.ro (P«.,l Cotroroondcnro (FebraKT 6) L of the New York Herald.] Joseph Haddopp, or as last known, Jacob F Haddopp, was executed about noon to day lor the murder of Julius Worhole. a vonng German, in November. 1555. His ob ject was to obtain money belonging to Wsr hcle in Germany, and he was delected by a letter written to obtain it. The prisoner previous to his execution ap- pcared penitent, and spent most of his tlm in prayer, and he made profession of th Catholic religion. He was one of the rcvola tlonists In IMS, and served In the same com pany Trith General SlgcL During the late rebellion in this country ho served under General Sigel again, About on hour before his death he walked up and down his cell with a priest, in military style, and endear* ored to divert his mind. ~ As the hour draw near for the execution be became dejected and weak, and liquor was administered to keep him up. The prison was surrounded by a great number ol people, and considerable excitement existed throughout the town. Tickets of admission were issued to a number of persons by the Sheriff, and the jail yard was considerably crowded. , An enterprising individual was encaged in selling athulaslon tickets at three dollars each. The prisoner was pale, but seemed ro» ‘lgned to bis fate. The drop fell .at fifteen minutes before twelve o’clock. The body quivered and convulsed fur ten minutes, and motion ceased alter he had hung twenty minutes. lie was then pronounced dead, and the body was cot down. The prisoner made a speech on the scaffold and declared that he was innocent. lie was a native oflhc same section of country where Aulon Probst, the wholesale murderer, was born. 110 was about forty-six years of ago and a native of liaden. lie was a married man, bis wife residing at Heading, Pa. The crime wan committed on the night ol November Itfth, IWS. During that year there arrived In the city of Philadelphia a young German named Julius Wurhelc, n book-hlader ny trade, native of the kingdom i»f Wuitcmlurg. Soon alter tils arrival there be made the acquaintance of an unknown man,and Julios Worhele shortly after left bis »usl place of employment in Philadelphia In company with said unknown man, lor parts unknown. . . Hugh lirognn, a gentleman living nt present in Horsham township, Montgomery LTotintv* in September, H'm, purchased of Hr. Tledimm u Inrm hi Montgomery town* »liip. in tlm sniim county, about three miles (rntn Uwj nedd station. He obtained pus* session ol the limn and commenced Its culil* vailoti, hut no one lived noon it at the time. On Monday afternoon, November'-*7, Mr. Iliogan vMtid liiu farm. In front of the burn there was a pile of straw about ten (eel in hcluht, and to remove this Mr. Ilrogai* had enunged a mini who hud accompanied him. While doing this thev came upon the body of n man which had been entirely eon* ecalcd by the straw. The body was lying upon the hack, the head being elevated about two ft'§el above the feel. The left-hand, which was placed upon the stomach, was covered with blood. The face was so smeared with blood and elialf that ll was Impossible at the lime to tell whether the murdered man was while or black. On (he foteheud there was a fracture of the skull about two liK'liri and a half In width, n|ipnr* ctitly Ibllk'lcd by n blunt lindruinorit. ami sultlrlciit of Itself to ciuimi death. In mi* dttloii tbl* Iho ham! bone was broken. mul I bn left eye bud been knocked Inund entirely dUnppeared. The body bud also revolved n brnUn under Him left urni* About twenty* llv« ytutlk from tlm body wa««buli coiwumnl nimfle, and at twice Inal dlMunco rt bottle j bni these wen* tlm only evidence* or any* thing unusual bating tnhnn place near the Imrn, there bid iik no oilier signs of murder or violence upon the promises. hroRTiNO. A Challenge to Dexter. Tbe Turf, Field and Farm print* (be ml low liif!Iiif! rbullenuo from Mr. 1.. U, Dorsey, of Kentucky, to the owner of the famous Hot tlng-borse Dexter: •• I will trot Dexter three races next fall, with the pet of my horse Gold Dust, us fol lows : 1 will trot him mile beats, best three lu live, for 11,000, half forfeit, two mile beats, us above, and three mile heats, as above, to road wagons, UW pounds weight, two men of not lees than 145 each In wagon, the party who trots the youngest horse to nnmc truck und day of trotting I will give all the money to my poor working men if 1 win. The owncroi Dexter can dispose of hU os he pleases, In ease he is so fortunate as to beat me; or. If he will grant my horses supe rior In strength and endurance, 1 might trot one, or two, or three races on the above terms In harness. This proposition is open for acceptance for thirty days. If accepted, the money can be placed in any bank where the races arc named to come otr as soon as the agreement to trot is signed. 1 ’ TXko Antiquity of Billiards* The Hilliard Cue for February contains an Interesting article on tbe ‘'Antiquity of Bil liards, 1 ' In which is the following letter from Judge Catou, ex-Chlcf Justice of the Su preme Court of Illinois: ‘•Orrawil HI., January a, 18C7. “Michael Phelan, Esq.—Dear blr: I take the liberty of calling your attention to a Sastucc in the English translation, by ’Reilly, of the Abbe MacGeorghegan’s ‘His tory of Ireland,* page 83, as furnishing pret ty authentic evidence that the game of bll- Hards was In use, at least in Ireland, nearly a thousand years before tbe return of tbc Knights Templars to Europe from the first crusade, which you give, in your admirable work on Billiards, as the first authentic date of the introduction of thcgarac into Europe. I Our author on the page referred to, as he says, | ‘merely to show the singular tastes of those i early times/ ulvcs the substance of the Will of CathlreMorc, a sub-klrgof Ireland, who reltmcd over tbe district of Leinster, and who died in the year A. D. 148. I quote ; •To Diimoth he bequeathed fifty billiard tables of brass, with the pools and cues of the same material ; ten Trlc-Tracs of esqui* site workmanship ; twelve chess boards with chessmen.’ By the way, can you Inform me what is * Tric-Trac V Does Drydcn refer to it when be says, * Play at Trie and lose tbc Indies’—as we would say, ‘ Play at pin and lose a kingdom/ to show a violent contrast? I confesslo feeling much interested in being cairled back more than ‘seventeen hundred I years and shown the amusements of a people | so far removed from the centres of civillza- tion, though undoubtedly more learned and refined than any other of the northern na tions. Here we find them practicing billiards and chess; which can interest those only of cultivated minds and tastes. Yours, truly, “ J. D. Caton.” Ihe I>erbj*. The Turfy Field and Farm, in reply to the I query of a correspondent, publishes the fol- 1 lowing concerning the Derby races and the I Derby course: I “Derby, name of race held annually at I Epsom. Surrey, England, founded 1» *U by the I Eari of Derby, and called the Oaks, after his I country seat. This and the St. Leger may I with justice be considered the most popular I and attractive races In that country. The I Dcrbv day Is the Wednesday* previous to I Whitsuntide. The Derby course is exactly a I mile and a half, In the form of a horseshoe. I : Tbe first half mile Is ascent, second half I I level, and the third slight descent. The cel- I 1 ebralrd Bt. Leger stakes had their origin In I 1770, when we find In reference to the Racing I Calendar for that year, that a sweepstakes of 25 gs. each, for three year old colts, Bst.; fll- I I lies 7»t 121 b, two mile dash, was run for on I the24thof September of that year. But It 1 was not until 1778 that this race was an- I nounccd la the Racing Calendar as tbo St. 1 Leger stakes. Colonel St. Leger, who lived I at that period at Park Hill. near Doncaster, 1 suggested the Idea of running annually for a I sweepstakes on the above terms and condl- 1 I tlona. At a dinner on the entry day, 1V77, at I I the Red Lion Inn, Doncaster, the Marquis of I Rockingham bciig In the chair, this race I was named by that nobleman, the SI. Leger, I In compliment to Its founder, tbe Colonel. In 1832. the stakes were altered to GO sots. 1 each, half forfeit, the present weight being. I for colts, Bst. Uu>. and fillies Bst. BTb; the I owner of second horse receiving 100 sovs. I out of stakes. The course Is flat, and Is one I mile, seven lurlongs and seventy yards in I circumference. Handicap Is the apportion* I irg of such weight to each horse entered in I a race by persons selected for the purpose, I so as to equalize their chances of success. I Hurdles are movable fences put up across a race course, usually composed of poles or I plunks. Their height Is altered, according 1 to the option of the Judges. Lexington is I thoroughbred. Penalty not to accumulate. I The horse winning not to Incur extra weight I mr doing so. Weller weight, the heaviest I racing weight.** LOUD I'IIKsTKUFIELI) 1 Olio of lliolrrllrld'a Ilnpublliliod (.ctlcrii | From the London Atbenrum,] The name of the person to whom word Cbeett-rtUld addressed the following letter j does not appear, but the epistle U Interest* I ing as a confession of the writer's want ol taftb in floe ladles ami at# piece providence * rest>ccilog a domestic scandal, Into the par* i tlculars of which there Is no need to Inquire l minutely at the present distance of tlmetrom ' the unpleasant occurrences: 1 ••Bmcwirarn, Jnl/ jelStb, 1762. r “Sn.—When yon communicated to me too teller \ which you bad received from the AnlflW, rclanve j to our Kinsman, It gave tne great l , locked upon my Lora’s conduct to be merely the ptlUtlryof aue mao, and 1 was persuaded that If there was any coquetry on the part of the lady (for that I always auppoae). It was at moat an in nocent piece of vanity. But bow was I astonished and concerned when, about aw«k. i _>su 1 caved a long letter from the SniffW.by wbldtlt ( appeared that there bad been an oi letters and pictures, the usual and seldom distant lotenmsers of what cannot he restored. 1 beg* ged pardon of myselL and have not yet {gwvcn myiclffor having made an exception In favor of the laoy to tkc general have long bad of fine women. I will show yon the knight’s letter when I have the pleasure or seeing yon. Upon that 1 wrote Mm a very long letter, begging of him to keep that disagreeable iiftalr an umo’able secret, and to live with the lady just as be need to in th* davfimft Inc to Mth the many disagreeable and fatal con sequences. If the atlkir should transpire, to which letter 1 have not had, and from the J Ume couW not have, any answer: hut I doubt not U w«ll he made pnkllc in Italy, by. this he I rascally Abbe Grant, and that It wUI fpon he known here, 1 really bcUwo that that most consummate puppy and uu pitaclplcd jackanapes, the fady> elder brother, contributed a good deal tc thls aplrtt of if no worse: lor I have been told, and I have pood reason to think it is une. that he has uldß»|* lldy, with the cosy air ol an that he bad told his slater when she was going aoroad It w as absolutely necessary that she Your camion to the knight concerning his eating and dnnklnp among a nation of assasslps and poisoners was a very prudent, and P* rb *Pf necessary one, 1 coolers I dread some accident of that kind. When I see yon next, we will talk this matter over fu'ly, which I own gives me much uneasiness upon many accounts, i am extremely obliged to you for the receipt which you suit me. and 1 ought to have ackuowi* ledgeultsconei. Ihaveyetnid no occasion to male vse of It, as my pains have not liter eased, though I car not sav that they are diminished; but as my h<ad and stomach are better bowman they hare bern for sometime, Ichoo»c to bear* little pstn rather than lake anythin? that may bap pen to disturb their present rood nmnor. 1 am in all possible esteem and regard, your most faiihlhiacd bumble eenrasW CHsmTirnOD. P. S. I return yon enclosed the letter to the Abbe, that yon may destroy it yourself, and to be enrf that it la destroyed. The passage omitted from this copy is withheld because it Is unfit for publication. Upon the whrle, we are inclined to think that Chesterfield has met with less than bare justice from a posterity that owe him no small debt of good will and gratitude. Not content with blaming him, upon very Insufficient evidence, for deficiency in quali ties to which belaid no special claim, and for bis injurious action in demoralizing young people by pages which ho never meant them to read. Indignant censors, whose lives do not Qualify them to stone sinners, arc often heard to condemn him for faults that cannot be fairly laid at his door. The “Letters,’* no doubt, contain many precepts that are dangerous, and some that arc abominable. Coming Irom a writer who lived in times when the Christian virtues were oat of fashion, and In a class that knew nothing about self-sacrifice or high purpose, they relied the frivolity and selfishness ot a vicious and faithless period. Unqucßllonablv a mao might realize Ches terfield's ideal of a perfect gentleman so far as that ideal can be ascertained from the epis tles, and yet conceal beneath his veneering of refinement the viler wood of which libertines, ruffians and sneaks arc made. All this may be granted : ami yet it Is Impossible to believe that Chesterfield was the uuaralablc and beatliess crea tine that the caricaturist would have us believe him. The man who made the art ul pleasing his continual study may have been marked by meanness and wicked pro* penalties, by vanity amt love ul self} but he must have possessed many lovable qualities. Again, the Known facts of his domestic life disptovu the accusation of hcarticssnuss. The very “Utters" which supply the materials for the charge are are also It* re futation. The allectlnimtu solicitude which they dlspiar Ibr a eon—the offspring of a dishonorable and sinful connection, a sou Mlioincveii kindly men woild linvo dis owned without compunction to long as they provided lor his education and prosperous outset In a humble way of life—ls conclusive proof thirl he was a man of tenderness and true reeling as well asof tuslo and accomplishments. How many hither* wlio exclaim against Chesterfield's Imuio. rnllty do us much for their law ml heirs? Ho also, In old ago—when natures that In their voutli and prime niAtilfestcd generous (input ’i-lveticss arc too often nipped l»v the frost of tnorosUy and discontent—he displayed the same paternal fondness, took similar trouble, for his godson and distant kinsman, L'ldltp Ml null ope. (bu llllle IciloW who inherited Ids wealth and honor. Hveti (ho disap pointment which he experienced from the boorishness and unlUial conduct of Ids tile ultimate soil did not take from him Dm poaer and inclination to basy himself about Dm nurture and happiness of Die litlle buy to whom he addressed the let ins on “Tim ArC of I'lcaMiig.*' When re ineiiilimiice is made of Dm scandalous rela tions Dial notoriously existed In thn eight eenth century between fathers and sons,lords in possession and next heirs, within the high estcircle* of English society, it Is not 100 miieh to say that, wt least In one respect. Chcidcrlleld was a model of virtue as well us of puliloness to ids contemporaries. Moreover, it wo undertook to write Cites lerficld’s vlmllea’iun, wo should say much about the usefulness and beneficial conse quences of his example in un age when men of rank could openly violate rules >i decency without losing social caste, when sola could bu men of fort, and people of quality were often prodigies of boister ous vulgarity. Chesterfield’s pen did something for ns in producing a collection of epistles from which every student ol literature derives enjoyment. But he did far more for his own time and the next bun dred’years in reclaiming high society from i stale of tavern savagery, and in giving us a school of manners which, notwithstanding its mannerism and obvious artificiality, has not been followed by a belter. What man of the world docs not experience gratifica tion on encountering one of those few men of the retiring generation who can be stalely without displaying hauteur, cordial without making noisy dcmonslrn tlons of friendliness, urhane to Inferiors with out a suggestion of condescension, calm to . equals, but In no degree frigid, complaisant to those greater than themselves, but never obsequious? These courtly and thorough gentlemen, yearly becoming more rare, are usually spoken of as “ men of the old school,” though it would be more correct to call ibera •* men of Chesterfield’s schooland such is the charm of their exhilarating graciousnccs that we never meet them without gladness, and never part from them without a sigh for he repulsive Iciness of the new mode. THE UNITED STATES SENATE. Zta Height, Weight, Cheat, Head, and Age. I From the Boston Saturday Evenmc Gazette.] Mr. Frank Cowan, eon of the Pennsylvania Senator who Isn’t going out as Minister to Austria, the President and his European spy . to the contrary notwithstanding, nas pre pared and published a table of the physical characteristics of the members of the Senate as It stood on the Ist of last July. It Is a sucircstlve table, and I shall give you mate rial for some study and comparison 11 I bring A into the Gazette columns. The paper Is as lollows. neiehu W'gbt.Chest.Hcad. Ace. Ft. In. Lob. Inch. Inch. Yrt.Jls.Di. Anthony 5,11* 192 41 22 51 a nrownf. 5.0* 119 33* 22* 40 I 3 Bcckalcw 5,09* 129 84 22* 44 6 3 '•'tandlcr 6,01* 208 . 41* 22* 52 G 21 Clark 6,00* 1M 35* 23 SO 8 7 Conn* SB 5,06*4 166 39 23 43 823 cowan 6.03* 196 40 22 50 912 Oracle 6,69* 177 89* 23* 45 4 28 Creawell 5,09* 201 41* 23* 37 7 13 Davis 5,05* 127* 36 23 64 9 21 Dixon 5,10* 175 40 23* 51 10 26 Doolittle 5.10* 200 41 23* 51 5 23 Edznondß 143 55* 22* 33 5 Fessenden....6.lo 130 S3* 22* 59 8 15 Foster 5.11* 140 33 23 59 7 9 r.rtmcß 6.11* 101 87* 24 49 811 Guthrie 0,02 220* 42* 22* 73 62b Hants 6,01* 219 42* 23 ht 11 Hcnocrson....6,ol 132* 3j* 22* 39 • 15 Hendrick# 5,09* 175 39* 23* 48 981 Howard ..5,09* 206 42* 23* 60 11 21 Howe 6,9054 ICS* S 3 23* 50 I 7 .lohnson SJOS 1*70*4 35* 23* W Kirkwood 6,11* 172 87* 22* 52 6 11 Une.of 1td..5,11* 142 84 21 55 4 7 Lane, of Kan.,5,11 - 140 BS* 28 52 0 9 Mc1)0nga11....5,06* 131 37 21 43 . 22 Morgan 6.01* 202* 12 21 55 4 28 Morrill 5,0854 152 36* 22* 52 I 2S Nesmith 5,t9* 200 41* 24 45 11 6 jjorton 5,07* 149 58 22 87 2 13 ktc...::::.:..5v0* m* 42 «* m p « I’clard 5,09* 163 3S* 23* 50 8 pomcn-y 5,09 222 44 24 50 523 Kair.sey s.lf* 211* 41 S 3 SO 921 Kiddle 5,09* 117 82* 23 43 . 5 SttUlsbury ....5,11* 183 88* 23 jG 0 M Hiermen.. ..6,02* 1j” 85 23 43 121 Snrtcue 5,CSj* H 6 81 22* 34 9 19 Stewart 6,01*4 187 40 23 38 10 22 Sumner 6,03* 2bl« 39* Si 55 5 23 Tinmlioll 5,10* 150 35* 22 52 9 19 VanWlnkle...s,o7* 284 43 24 57 10 24 Wade 5,08* 183 41* 23 59 8 4 Willey 0,01 IC2* » 23* M 8 13 William# 6,01 178 40 * 22* 43 8 8 Wlbon 6,10 190* 40* 82* 64 4 15 Ya^.V.V.s,o9* 153 36 23 49 5 13 Averages....MOW 171 H ©M 51 11 14 The tallest member of tbe Senate lost July, as will be seen, was Mr. Cowan, the shortest Mr. Davis, while fourteen were over six feet In height. The heaviest member was Mr. VanWlnklc, whoso 234 pounds make him no more popular than Mr. Riddle, who was the lightest, and weighed but 117. Phrenolo gists who find so much meat lor their theory or science In the size of the brain, may bal ance the 24 Inches of Mr. VanWlnklc against Hie 21 of Governor Lane, or the 22 of Judge Trumbull against the 24 of Sir. Nesmith, or Uic23Wof Mr. Fessenden against the 24 of i Mr. Ronicrnv. or the 22H ol Oral* Brown I against the 'J3K of Mr. Dixon. To* Palcu or A&MwatoK .to m* Fnaacn KxuinmoK.—Tbo oOlclal details of the prices for atltnlMiob to the fotbcomlog Exhibition have been tmhlldiod. The “ Exposition Unlvcraellv " con • tits of the Palace itself. the tlvdrn. stitl the iftral annexe of the Island# of lilllanconrl and Besson tickets, ladles, f 111 senltetnea, llii. For the opening da/,94. Prom the Ist to 'ho Mb of each month wo dill/ admission will he >1: on othrrdats.un lotwelve oriock, iw«niy etuis s after i»rlvo o'clock, forty rente itrkeis roar also he bad for ll.#'. Ihe Exhibition «111 close on tbs 8l»t of October. A Ills (lame of Checker*. Prtra tie Wlimlastou (III.) Independent,Fehru 6.) , . , A game, or scries of wu» played In thla city un Wednesday lust, between Belli Turner, of tI»U dly, istili Dnxberry, of La fiallo, lor fl.Ouo— stakes |MO each. The one having nine games first was to be declared the winner. The match was played at the Stewart House, with H. McNulty and George J. Scott, of this city, and George Young, of La Salle, as referees. Turner won nine games and Dux berry two. There were two draw games, making thirteen In all, when Turner, having the first nine, was declared the winner. About *4.000, besides the stakes, changed hands on this match. Everything passed off very pleasantly during the progress of the Times, and the loser submitted with good grace to his fate. The whole thirteen games occupied only about four hours, the players moving with remarkable rapidly. BedQCtlon In Prostitution In New Sort [From the New York Tribune, February 4.] The information for which application was made to the police, as to the number of prostitutes and of prostitution-houses in the city, is being compiled by the police, and the report will be made la a few days. It is expected, also, that the Sanitary Depart ment of the Boardof Health will have a re port In readiness at the meeting of Than dft*fhe police authorities again unite in the opinion of the most of those who have exam ined the subject, that this evil cannot be wholly eradicated by statutes, ud that its regulation is the most that can be effected »t present. The Commissioners will make cer tain recommendations, among which tne lot lowlng are perhaps the mosi tmportant: _ i. That every person plying the trade of a prostitute shall be licensed, any person vio lating this requirement to be subject to a heavy fine or-Imprisonment. This require ment must effect a great reduction to the •lumber of public lewd woman, there being many now pursuing this calling who would no unwilling to put themselves on record «J public and avowed prostitute*. -. That any •roperly-owner leasing any building for pnr i>o4s of prostitution shall be subject to a fine of not loss than |SOO (probably for each NUMBER 248. time complaint is made and proved against the boose.) The Mexican Shawl Dance, In certain Parisian ballets there is intro duced a so-called shawl dance, the effects being produced by the graceful wavings of shawls and scarfs. By the late accounts from Mexico it would appear that President Juarcx has participated In a not dissimilar festivity. HU recent journey from Chihua hua to Durango led him through a number of the smaller towns of Mexico, where the icople, impoverished by war, were unable o provide the means to build triumphal arches and expensive drapery, by way of ex jresslng their enthusiasm at his arrival: so .he women ot the town colle:ted all their gayly colored shawls, and with them adorned their houses and balconies somewhat in the old Venetian stylo. A similar incident was witnessed in our own country at the time of President Lin coln's death, when black veils and shawls served in the poorer country districts as mourning drapery. Juarez passed along these sbawl-deckcd streets like a triumphal conqueror. In every village banquets were prepared and genuine welcome was ready. Ills whole party com prised less than a hundred people, and ho could have been easily captured by Impe rialist troops bad any been In that vicinity. It seems highly probable that the Mexican President will continue his shawl dance un molested until lie gracefully pirouettes into Mexico City M bal we Breathe In Crowded Theatres, Some one has been making an analysts lately of the air wc brentho m a theatre or other close-home, containing a tlmiUuod or mote persons. lb carried into a ttioitre, at leu o'clock at nlgtit, a bottle of Icc, placed on 0 plate, and tiien collected the vapor, which lapidly condensed on the outside of the bottle and llowcd down on to the plate. At llrst this vajMtr thus uollectcd hml the smell, the taste, and, so far as could be do- Iciiiiliiccl, every chemical quality belonging to the waters ol the most deadly Hirer marshes. Under the microscope this water was at llrst clear, but soon, that is to say tn u week, It was louiul to lie lull of line mil inalcuhv, A little later on these itnlnmlcuho hud grown, and tho big ones were seen pur* suing oud devouring the little ones, Stilt later on, at the cud of two mouths, the water was Illicit with nulumtculie, various forms were seen, and still tho work of destruction was going on. At last, hut three hideous monsters were seen—microscopic monsters, of course, silico they were contained In it drop of water—and these were still llghlim: to see which could devour tho other* A. the end of three months the water became clear and miasmatic again. Itotlla 111 KrW York. ; Prom (tut New York World, February A.) KoM hi’urnllllcnlloM ofnloru-kcepornlt may hp tniil Hint llm v U Hint there will bo n fttll In llitM'rlfo ol thin chou or rental*. In and around \Vull at rod llmro will ho hut iniiiMlillrrptu'p. Broken*' oHleea now vary from 1*4,000 to|l,<x«) per tinmiin. Tim Board ol Broker* pay r4V"V l"T year for tlmlr ebamber, which U 7«)x.»0 ibet. Tim Trinity Building, on Broadway, next to Trinity church vnrtl la now rented for llm mormon* mini of $1*0,1)00, or ovor elghtjMlvo percent on It* coal. Tim runt of a aecond clna* olllco lion* la 11,000. Tim hulltllni; wu* eroded In IKVJ, ut n coat uml when oponotl let for about |3O,tXK) per year. Of course no reduction I* untlclputed In tho cast) of such building* ft* these ; uml all llm stores on Broadway uml other* of the principal btreeU will probably ho let nothing below the present rates. But the rent* of small retail houses‘will, no doubt, come down. fjrUAIT UttOTllKllr*. Aitvnrtlftlna Aui's I‘iU l)enrbjm«»l., reertvo nitvertinrinentft lor nil the leudiua pnprne ibrauuUout the (initcd f»lnlp««uil <;aandiui. fttasomc Notices. ■\TASOKlC.—Attention, Sir Knights. I\| Afiiitrlsl Conclave of Chicago Comntanrtcry.N.i. 19,"K. T.. will bcbenMt their Any.urn, No. SC West lUr.Uolph-et.,thu (.MONDAY) evening. February Üb, afJH oMock. for tlrl l. lly order of UieE. C. w. U, EUAK. E. C. JOHN WHITLEY. Recorder. ©culist. TySEA&ES OF THE EYE. "Dr. WALK KB bai, doring the past fifteen yoar*, ex* t»ftfliTeiy practiced OPHTHALMIC AKD ACRAL SURGERF in all lu tranche*. „. Office 117 So nth Clar t-it„ Chicago. .-{Financial. $25,000 TO LoAit ' On Flrst-olass Heal Estate. Apply to ROZET & CUMMINGS, n*iO KztatJ Eroxera. OH LaSalle st. iHußital. CUI’EKIOU MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. An English Isay, pupil of Hertz and Novello, desires a eUvacf six young ladles toflnltta In Vocal andlnatru mental Music, For terms, dc., apply by lelter.toßox 21»S Chicago. dFccti , 'N ROUND OIL t. AK.E is tbe Cheapest Fe»*d In the Market Fcr stock of all kinds. Orders prometiy tilled tor cash, si r Ol »U am t w BLATCHFORP d CO., ’ No. 70 North CUaton-et. fßacijinerj). AMES’ Celebrated portable and stationary ENGINES. STEAM all sizes. Superior to all others. SMITH d HIGGS, St. Louts. Mo.; WM.P. H'»VEY. Milwaukee; JAMES JENKS, Detroit: C. L. RICE d CO., Chicago, Agents. Call or send for circular. iEOttcatlonal. TTNIVERSITF OF NOTRE DAME, i I NOTRE DAME, IND.—The next term ol this well-known imtltntlon will commence on the FIRST OF FEBBUAHT. Students, bowercr, can ent»r at any time during the tear. For Catalogues and more particular Informa tion apply to Iter. W. CORBY. S. 8.C., Prca'L fjatinetgtjlp. rMSfcOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. I / The partnership heretotore existing under the Arm name of E.U.4J. C. GUTHRIE, is tfito t»a» dia •tlvcd by mutual coisent. E. D. GUTHKIK. Chicago, Fcb.»,lS67. J. C, GUTHRIE- The undersigned will continue the Commission Business, TVlih office at f»o. 3S Chamber of Commerce, and be plenreil to (111 orders tor ptuxbuo of Flour, Grain, Pr~ Thl»D«. Dlahwlnw, *c, t'plcago. Ktb. IS6T ,ifnr (Scone JpDRSAND HIDES. Wo Arc raying the Highest Prices ITCH ALL KIjSTDS Agents Wanted to Purchase* J« 11. FERBELL Ac CO t , Commission Merchants, OFFICE 34 Pf*fbom-»t M Chicago. instruction. p-KEB EVENING GLASS. TMCIICAL INSTRUCTIONS OF.UM A.N* OnMonday, Wedowday nn*t PrJ.Ujfefninst* 'of Mi »rf», m mvbd o'clock, In Hryant * *U«Uu»'« LM* ’VhP » ; Ut» will b« nndr-f Uj« ctiar«? oM’folV'iorO. AiiUmf of “Cam**'«t»'• Nf« Vr, , j n *2 frni Ar/* alwl ffoft'H‘ol A. F. WJljfuUkl. WCMJUy *B <>&<:< r in the I’rnulan army. . A genera* 21211 antes. 1 IKLP OKFKHKD l-’UKK 1 rou a rnwwEr.KK Offleraitti *lorf, hr • pff»Oß of rnliahi* character, nun hr for ocruMtuan In irnoreuca to ld,l"nn*» i liiUn.il« with ilf) Kixxli. AdOiw* to-day, *• JAMM X," Vriliune oit|c«. I'O LUMDEIIJIEN— The advertiser, haring * large experltncn In the trade. ana an extmaire aenuatLtaure In city ana com* try. % Ultra to arrange with a i»art» who can furnish Ur Ininber or rs(<tial to eiocW a flr»t-cl!v« ynrl. None bnt a ftrst-da**nn*lce»i desired. Addms I*. O. uox Mtooa anc crdal. npRAVhUHE BAY WOOD 2 A.T REDUCED PlllCES jjr 11 is the best Woodbroosbt wibls market. BEST IACKAWANA COAL! By Ton or Car-load. CCaTWi BROWS & CO.. vt ’ ia West Madison^. 'V'OTJGHIOGHEST COAL & COKE JL co. Office 17 Chamber ol Commerce, ul wraer West Friar Hill. Erie, H.u^gt.^CongtU niiexoke^^_____ Ulwegat. BARREL of vinegar ebok a BXJsrrBX. op corn, The distiller takes from a bosh/i or com 4 gallons whi >tcy—enough Tor a barrel rlaecar. The Got* eminent claims W tax to help pay for kUUng rebels. My process leaves the vbl«kr,yta the beer and takes out the gluten albumen and ail organic matter, giving a clear wash Ibr the making spirnnd vto ecartorlt-s thantc«ot' J p rr gallon for materials and larx-r. IBeeTtlbttnsß'.hPebruaryJ. To soohowtodo It call at 45 g!tatc«St. v j. T, ALOSKi Ben’ll gElie jSfeaiing Seagaw. MEBICAM SKATING TOURNAMENT TO BE HELD AT THE Washington Skating Pack, To-day and To-morrow, MOEDAT AEH TUESDAY. One Thonsand Dollars in Prizes! All the Best Skat-rs In the country hsre entered thTlrnamesss competitors,and ißtsTourasmcutwni undoubtedly be the most successful and Interesting that Las ever taken place In America. MONDAY, T.tnnßS’ CONTEST, rovitnenclDg at * p. m., after which will l '® l take place tne BOYS 9 contest TUESDAY, GILLS’ CONTEST, COMNENO IMS AT SIN AFTER WHICH GENTLEMEN’S CONTEST. iTIIE ENTIRE GREAT WESTB.RX LIGHT GUARD DAXD Has been secured, and will be present on both days, to ado to the pleasureoft’P** l * l4 '™* OwAnc to the Itrnmme a’vperss. attendant on an Rtv tertalnment of this cwcnatiKlr. the PMvllrpw of sea son Tickets will be ew»p(9>ded on both days ot tn< Tournament. ADMISSION, TO Ati, FIFTY (TESTS, ClTMUrdo!rh--t. C.T. Ur. JOO .1' Hi. r.rk.‘ Cars land |on within a block o. n. QGDEN SKATING PARK. Good Skating on the Ogden Park. A (*tIKET OP NEW IIIK.' BO BVATWO PAY AND WIGHT. VyABAriH/.V. KINK. ' MomUy KrrnlDV. list tppmanre ot MARTIN, In Id. Acrub.t, Urmtutst snd X-mnvs Perfjntinucs. sitlwi by 3IIHH LLUNAItI). IN MKUbI HV, UtI.M’KVINRs AND DANIiNU. t yuarnatns* l*f lbs Orsiel Uomlc Mu* uu>f»o. to t.ki» I'l.rn on luxilsy siuulliS licit. EaT ell)E HUNK. niKMIAV KVKXINII, A Grand Bntortninmont Wilt 'a* slvrti to those who Intend to wuncs. tho Dm iiftinrijl. _ adi. inn BBATsna. Wlm lutp mlah’rrd their naan* Uif uld Tournament util hr wiiiniilt'O Mink, and can Mav« Om Iwnelit ut tin Hi. <| tlitrl i.f j. p Id tin* Wnfl.l to tuacllee l>l*»H. amusement*. I'.TUOCOI.ITAN CJYMNAW’nO Cr^UM, IK-I, (Nil and |hHKlli«t*a«. lll'KN DAY AND F.TBMNIJ. Claaa Ririrlanfroin I toSandtrom Tittle AD t». m. 11..1 will i old luma Hi all buir*. _ Mcuilxaiblpa Ulilll Met’. I.l*o. ft. v t.. a. KtiUMKNUV. UurwrtnhmdtnL ivoofing. phAbTIC SLATE ROOFING A TEST OF FITE VRAItS baa demonstrated the ■apcrtorttT ot tbu materiel over every otter now known. Aaaatlc—lt edapu lUcll to every ilupo mi) •lore, from Cel to perpendicular. coverlnc the whole root without item or Joint. Nou-comlia»Hblo—it U net the mean# of amoving uour property. bat of f rotetilne H. Non*eipau*ire—nett nor cold, no met* er bow Intense, cen compel It to upend or contract. Imrerrlouf—water nor even *1 earn, can penetrate or diitolTe it. Undecayinc—tlme andtheelemeotaonly mature end ported It. To turn up Uw whole matter, U u Fire, TVatcr and Frost Proor, mad Ii cAropcr than any olfier.good material, anil better tnaa the most expensive. The h’ew York TYthunr la ipcAtlne of tt »ay»:"We consider thl* invention the greauet boon o( tnoage.*' The /tinner'* Club ol the American IntUltue pro* conncethe Invention one of the mntt Important ever discovered. ■ . For Ue pact yearwe have been engaged In nupnlytng this material to the people ol lllmou and Wwoonda, and from the many nattering ttetlmoaiau now on me In our office, ve ted warranted in laying, to their ea- Uieiatls Action. HOOFING FELT, tad also the new EBRATHINO FELT need tor lining hollaing*. atd COAL TAR. con* sunily on band at invent market rales. Ortolan sent on application, and for right!. Apply to •cu» uuawuv u. WUITAC^E 4 HAVUOND. OH LaSalie-at- Chicago, >IL 33atmtB. STREETS CLEAN. Smith’s Celebrated Street Sweeping Machines Furnished to Corporations, Contractors and others, on reasonable terms. Tbese useful Sweepers are constructed in sites to be opeisled by hard-.abor or by horse-power. Each ma chine warranted to perform Its wore thoroughly, on any street. Price *ICO and upward*, according to sire, patent Rights fOr sale. For particulars, dc-. addrtsi U. A. smith, patentee and General Acral, Oil Chrstnutst^ Philadelphia. LIGHT. GAS CONDENSING BURNERS. Barrs without chimney, smoke or smells is adapted to any Lamp. Call and see It at 43 SUte-st. BROTHERS, No. 01 HLIiECKEII-WT., NEW YORK. TO THE PUBLIC. A careful and cfflclsl search made at the United Stale* Patent OtUc« In Washington hai prosed that no PATENT FOR AN IMPROVEMENT IN PIANO FORTES was ertr granted by the United states to any person by the name cf Decker. KXcEPf To fll£ JEMIthRS of the Ann of DECKER BROTHERS, ot. <ew Tone City. The rub’tc ase, iherelore, repeatedly camp ned sgatrit buying any Decker Patent Piano not baring been manutactured by DECKER BROTHERS. No. 91 Bleecker-st., New York. And not hartne on the ir r n plate on the left hand side, in raised letters, the words. DECKER D ROT HERS* PATENT, JUNE, 1»B. ptARD’S PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office and oannactotr .13 South Jetfersor-tt. Ft* InlDnoatlon and deaertpura clrcula^wldrw*^^^ S 3 South Jefferaop-sU Chicagt. (General Koticce. AIT.. S. M. PASbETT will {Eire Mi ANNUAL RECEPTION, At hIJ Fhotocr»pb Room«.on Tuesday Evening, February U* The public are Invited. J. C. QgTHIUR.iI pi AS LIGHTING. Ptnnm Hpeclflcailons nnd Estimates 01 Gasworks prepared and their erection »op^rin- SSI”- v " wu * , “ " e ' r w:n!'Ci"sTrsf-V7 Inspector People** Oai Co- West Chicago. "VTOTICE.—Tbc following letters from **■ The Bank of Montreal, To oar care, win be delivered to Uie partle* to whom they arc addreiied, oa proper Ideatlflcattuo t I). McLean. John l-arson, P.Lenlepty. B.tlcd, W. D KerrrMre.C. McArihar. A. HecawUh, L. I MU- UartfS. M. Dart, John Wnlnn. C.TUuler. Jaa. Thom son. it. W. Townsend. S. Walker. OEO. 1% H.tllTII Ac niltl i flanker*. 4S Laßallo-it. TMPOHTANT TO QIIAIN BIIIFHErib as|> COUN MAISBUB.*-Hatln« f*moTf*l Iwni aUo, urKP Waretumio ranttln* Mi U. . ... For mrihrr nUmamoa . LMNOIP BTOCK FARSI FOR BALE , . —MU AC rr*, It'l IttprovM. IlfAf John'. llj;» ® JBl'r* row chiraati. known M Him ’ Joinw Kahii. v»luo;l*l M.uoc. i«t K-tij At t aactmee to titao •& ■'or virUtttUn, uiar*** MATTOril* A: MAMO.N, I*. O. Hoc HHlU.Cnicftzo. 111. T> ARE CHANCE FOU MEUOBANTB. •“ FOB SALE; A CAIIKFULLT fIELECTED STOCK OF Dry Goods, Groceries, dec.. iK'ssfi.ss'a. w.' •on. rum ISr .tI.M- For p.ftcjO^ljgol™ Cc m m U*lottM£Trttnt^J2^*SsUMU^hlC4ZO^ g-toc&ijolbcrs faceting. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TBCST CO. ~ _ „ Cmcieo, Feb. 9,15C7. Tbe Annual McetlceoAtbe Stockholders of the Mer chant** sarins*. Loan uxl Treat Company, for the elec* lion of Trotter*. wlltht held at tbe office of said Com pac>.lnCblra;o,on MONDAY. March tth, betweea the hours oflOa.m. and It m. L. J. GaBE. Cashier. JJR. J. 0. £ABKBWOBTH Makes no extra charge lor Extracting Teeth without Pain, by the uw cl Jiltraus unde Gas, wheaartincUi one* are Inserted. unwcuucim .... 116 Rancoloh-tU, opposite Wood * Museum. Setircf Teeth on Knbber. H2JO. 53Q.30- IVEIT ENGLAND CHURCH— THE FIRST SALE OP PENVS liom i a, m» to s mm anticultutal Implements. tit nWS AND SCXKi" CULTIVA TE TX„lrsoi*mrto .1 other.. Ftr« prraloo tn?flS]rtal overall conpouwn ttu« sßkss& A Few Words of Couoi Sewm. How ttw there nwwh# ire not sahjMl U tion of the lungi or rmplretary orxsos, wba, bf MQ> lectisg premonitory lymoionu. scfravate tha pl&lst, natti «o—talks. ia ,bafa, csulac aaa prcMblo torture of me paUset. ud anxiety m4«»- Mi to mends. “ Only a cola!" “A. sUyak ton throttl” is the beedleas remark of may wbaareifr Yes ;'** Only scold.’* was tte Uion<bt2M><B> preseloii of thousands whoa death baa marked O. kw P sorewmud-ronanßed I should be the motto »•> erer In the minds od aU .object to Coughs. Colds, Gto tarrb,or Infloenxa. Words of advice should be hooded by all mflcnc* from Bronchitis, Conaaru^ non. Belief Is within their reach; tad. tl negi.ired, tatal conseqameee ensue—a lite of misery—a djf hourly struggle tot existence. A contest la which tow can be bat one victor—Death 1 Does It not appal the stroajceet mtsd to thlakoCtod result caused by nefflect 7 Then why delay / WbM excuse can be ot&red. when timely warmac la seasdM In your ears ? When the -dangert Is pointed oat. Why not avoid it? Masson's pxcrom* Baui bashed* nsed with success in nearly amlUloa of ctsee, and is endorsed By the Medical Faculty as the most frtmjO and efflcaciuus remedy that sctenOfle reretreh has *!► corsrtd, to relieve and cars on eases ot Cough*. CsM Influenza, and Coumapaon, IT tie ease ts set beyond all hope. Bvm when the inflerer I* to tne lastrtacaa. Be will find relief by oauuc tßls preparation. Ose bot tle will convince tne most Incredulous. Uul the merits ot this preparation are by no means exaxieratad ; la ftet—fall nr short of the eulogies bestowed upon It by.. thousands who have been eared by its timely ase. A guarantee accompanies each bottle, and dealers are to* itrncted In every Instance tp refund the money. when this preparation Cilia to rctKve. Prepared by T. W. MABSDEN, 457 Broadway, New York, and for sale by all Dnutzisu. Pnoa d perbotUc. BURN HAMS A VAN SCUAACR. Wbois sale DrncgUts, Chicago, Dl., General Agents tot dto Northwest. For sale hr SMITH A DWYER. JDuplrx Elliptic Ssfelrts. J\AfcHIOAS DEMAND ‘J. W. HUADLKY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRTS. Tfrsjr wilt not Bond or Break* LUr* lbs wore •pilrtr l . wit will ever preserve thrtr poiflrt atrt beatithni where thnw of lour onn. nary Skitts are thrown nsUl*- m uw iwi. T:iry cos- Miif comfbrv dnisMMty tt:U sranomrwnh tntt e’a- Wnc** <>l ibsse wiilcti hss a ado Uifl “ DUIT.KA ELLtP I? 1 tbs STANDARD SKIRT OF THE FASHIONABLE WORLD. |l~l.nirai St*lc« llrmlliVe INriMHI,*, for Drra«fiuiil tlradlei’* h.lll’UßArt TUAIIx lor Ktpblum DrfH. At *kiMr«lr hr Ui* aicltulrs maatUastorars a*A sols owohi uf the painti. WKHTH, UUADIiHT * CART, Waffhoamand Offlr*, HT Ctiaml'rf* a*wt 1 W and HI lleadoat., haw Vink. Aiw, at whotaaala by tM had* ns joliiwfi. Bradley'! Duplex Elliptic Skirt*, Hr lar Hu* imatpotmiar anti (fwvlti Bairtwnfu. Fgf .. •ih.im.i. .1 w[«l? A "i;siWtt\V. t««. Bradley’* Duplex Elliptic Skirts, rot Kluane* rlid Beoß-tay at* iiuirtrM*yd, f«» «U« atwliokaaia hi . . Joltff V, FAltWKl.h AWE, Bradley'i Duplex Elliptic Hldni, Thn lUhirti, moat aer«tihie am y-r*H-»uitu r or »aia at wlolrtala. m»W*S IMuim. lOaiultl Uhaiu,t‘htra«e. Dradley'i Duplex Elliptlo SXIrU, For lipauiy, coirfiirt ana durability »«p»n u to all e(V ara. For *ain ai trlioinaal" by * TUltllak'eT. MANKIND A CO.. j|3 Uh»«i. and UP Wacafth ar. Cnicaio. Bradley'! Duplex Elliptlo Blclrti, At wholnaala, at roamoarmirorV nrtra*. KKltll. Wl«\» A CO Bradley'! Duplex Elliptlo Skirt* •'or iftlrt at Uanufactnrfra* New York price*. hr bEVUUUU, CAHTHIt A CO„ Mu. ’J'A L>to-«C JYOUKTU.S. Official Blanks! VTr hnrc now fcr iol» tbs lollAtrtar adittUfloAi Bou> ty Dlaokx, wblcb b»ve A.LL beta by U« D* pirtacata: Soldier** Claim for Additional Widow** ** M Father** “ mother** ** Parent*’ “ (:*ardlan’* “ AccnucnalcatlOßtroca Sacotd AnUtar"! OSav r« erring to oop>o* of ear Blanks sent ter egaaraatme, •aji: 44 The forms are decidedly the beat that have been presented to this Of fice.” tcr.t prepaid an receipt of tha money, at »UM per quire. A neat pamphlet, containing Pension end Boatv Low* ol ISM, with latest instructions sad regulaaoaa MDt Affects on receipt of stamp to pay postage. A copy Inclosed with each package of Blanks. Alto- TRIBUNE CO., 51 Clark-st. Chicago. j^MERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE It will do It la OBCKsarier »h« (Ibb* aalred with famed Irons. It glses a gist ond brilliancy of lustre to linens. lmpo«A» fate to be obtained front heated troaa. NO EXPENSE POE FUEL. No Hotel, Laundry, Restaurant. Boarding Hospital or ITlrate family can afford to he without IT SAVES TIME- IT SAVER CLOTOT*. IT SAVES MONET. IT SAVES FLEL. XT SAVES LAOOB. IT SAVES HEALTH. For pampblett, containing Bill description of a* chine, address jfor Sale. Scntistrg. «>ale of ctos. genital. ocIaTSS-Kt t lew-net ton DOL’DIE SrniSU) Ulanfca. “ (Jointly) 14 <glotj)ES iHangler. Irons Clothes Without Heat AMERICAN CLOTHES MANGLE CO., 140, 111 and 133 Fulter-st, Chicago. liL, Or J. R. ERIC. 161 T-akivst. Humber. 1 IMUEItI LUMBER! Wehave a Large and Choice Stock a t lumber, lath & Shingles, Which we olLr to Cooatrr Dealer* « price* which eancottailtobe satisfactory. Dr good aa»orted ll «or stock consists la part ol WldeliUJd M Cl«ar; Clear and id Clear Floorln* od BUliuir; Select and CoEtuon Stock and Uor hoards; Wtoe Saflnaw C< omon hoards, JoUts, Scvntllng. liniher. ae. . tTe bare a large stork of IJ. IA lo and 19-tbsl Fencing, which we oner low witbothcr lumber. ir- Order* loltcited. UOlco nod Yard on JMcsno’s ranal, la the new Lumber District. SCOTT A PORTER. jttjatmuats, Stobcß. Set. J.jAIIDWAItE Jfc GTITLEKY. HURD, PRESCOTT &Ca 175 Lako-St. ...irr .v.i;s u ,?r j:--; r M" I , i.wticU» , tuol.»i amkhK-an taiilk * n :i l»I IL I’V. II»* nA UI>>VA Uk, .l!r«;i Ifomurijj fi/.Ka, ai»o hKATM ana mrap* of •»*ry anonpttoa. u'n ai*«> kero rutmunrtjr on hand fill ean&trvol HaiokMPkicuetrn ju.niata naiu. C. it. Hem. Knw. nt»*wirr.__jKjwg»*»A» iSHSlueas ®ati»c Q ILIiEItT & Field, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT*, (SucctMon to Gilbert, Updike * Co*) 10 3 Washlna ton-it. LDAS. J. GU.QKBT. UEO. FHOJ IGHT & D UNTON. Storage, forwarding and commission merchant*, toe the purcha.o and sale of all kinds of country prodoe*. and give opeclal attention to sale ot , Broom Corn* Hlshwlnri. prcaaea Hoc* and Live Stock* Alio agents ftir aala of SAGINAW SALT. _ 5. 8.-Onr rate* of communionjare thoie hr the Board ot Trade, trom which wo-do notrarr. Const gnatect* solicited. —^ IScal 35state. •pOK SALE — MTCniOAS ATESCB LOTS. lIOU6O ftel. £o« lt Y‘S' r ”r ttSotSSS'S'slMl l-wculj-MoajmL VKE. EMI T t?or sale— Ty Snyder* Lee, ■■&js&&3fesxsr n *- _ aßinloto ©lass. WILLARD FOX. WINDOW CLASS. 2 0 3 I.AKE-ST.

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