6 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4

6 Mart 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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(Eljicaso tribune. tVEDSESDAT, MARCH 6, 1867. THE CITY. St. Patrick.—A meeting of the SL. Patrick So* clttywilibe held this (Wednesday) evening, at o’clock, in parlor No. 1 Trcmont House, CoKTtsrEP.—The cases of Horn and Gofer, charged with conspiracy to defrand, In the dls* pcsal of $30,000 worth of Buena Vista County, lowa, bonds, was called atthe Police Conn.yes terday afternoon. The case of Horn was con* tinned ten days, and that of Gofer till next Tues day. FnttiiHO as Isrurr.—An Infant female babe was found on Sunday evening on the floor of the store of a grocer named Ross, doing business at No. 175}$ West Randolph street. The little strange*-, only a lew days old, was taken into Mr. Ross’family and kindly cared for. ILj parentage has not been ascertained. Paiktikcs.—We refer oar readers to the adver* tisemeat, under the beading of *‘For bale,” of three choice paintings, executed in Rome by first masters, to pc sold cheap. They are, Tbe Mag dalene, Joseph and Child, and Southern View ol Rome, They will be sold together or separately. lit ape Marks.—Tbe decision with reference to property in trade marks, reported in the Tntncirs a few days ago, was delivered in ihc Supreme Court of the State of New York, not Pennsylva nia, as slated. Burnet's Battxht.—The base of the monn mtn’. In memory of the fallen members of this battery company, has been finished, and paid for. fast evening tbe aicbitectwas instructed hr the Battcrv Association to pel up tbe three next sec tions. ior which $475 was voted, the work to be completed as soon as possible. Hon ron tub Fkisrplesb. -The regular monthly meeting of the Managers of the Home for tbe Friendless will be held this afternoon at 24 o'clock, at the Home. Urgent business will come before the meeting. Ills earnestly desired that every member of ihc Board will be present. Aucnox.—Jones. Berthaner & Co„ No. 79 Lake street, up stair?, will, or. Friday rooming and af ternoon, dispose of ibclr entire stock of plated ware at auction, ’consisting of tot sets, cake bas ket*, castors, ice pitchers, waiters, cans, goblets, Ac . all of their own manufacture, and every arti cle warranted to be the best of plate. The goods are on display, and an Inspection is solicited. AcmctXTUiui. Societv.—The regular weekly meeting of-tbc Cook Connty Agricultural Society w&* held yesterday afternoon, at the office of the JVohie farmer; the Picsidcni in the chair. An interesting paper on dairies and dairy produce «».« presented ov Mr. Gauzcil, ard the subject of milk and how ’to produce Inc best quality was thoroughly discussed. The meeting adjourned till Tuesday nex'. The Coroner's Income.—Dmltg the month of February Coroner Wagner's receipts from bis office, over the expenses of the witnesses, jury men. undertaker, Ac., amounted to the som of £115". Unless mote murders, suicides, end sud den deaths occur during the remainder of the year, the total receipts of the office or Coroner v ill not enable the Doctor to purchase his own salt, nor oaUJor his fiery steed during the next winter. Smash Up.—lnst evening the driver of an ex press wagon, andol a “hack” came tn collision with their vehicles at the comer of West Madison and Morgan streets. This test of the relative t-rrenrth resulted In favor ol the express wagon, snditfcll totbe “hack” to be demolished to quite a serious extent. No one, fortunately, was injured, and the drivers alter au exchange of sen timent* collected the remnants and separated. “Shortt” Cunningham.—'Wc are assured that William Cunningham, called “Shorty,” not on ac count of his being a thief, but by his railroad fel low workers in consequence of his diminutive sire, is not the bad character he was represented to be when in ihc Police Court on Monday la«t. He has been oat of employment this winter eira piv bf-cansc unable lo procure work, and has nev cr’essodated with the bad characters generally characterized as vagrants. Burglaries.—Thieves seem to be on the ram page again. Od Monday night Farrcnsteln's jew elry store was entered, and robbed of watches, rings, chains, A c.. »o ttc value of 53"0. # Ontnepame nlghrlhe oyelns establishment of Jouls Buckboldt, on State «trecl, was robbed of about KflO wonh ot clothing and other goods, which Lad been received op. the premises to un dergo the process of dyeing, cleaning and repair ing. The Pnoaas Insurance Comtant.—Messrs. Holmes Bros. A Holden have recently succeeded to the agency of the Pbcenls Insurance Company of Htrtfoid, and will issue and renew policies in th«* standard company at favorable rates. The S^ccnis-has an enviable reputation ior prompl- Xiots in adjusting losses, and the arrangement with tbe aWve-menUoued agent- is sneo paymints will be made here without the delay of reference. The office Is in the Mctcamilc Btiiid iig No. HSLafaiic street. Chamber op Commerce,—The annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Association, for the election of officers, was held yesterday afternoon in the office of Colonel R. M. Hough, Coamher of Commerce building. 'Jhe folio-'ing are the offi cers elected: President—R, M. Hough. Vice President—Daniel N. Jone. ; Directors—J. 1« Hancock, P. L. Underwood, J. M. Richards. (Jeorue O, Walker. I.yman Blair. V. A-Turpin, William Siurgcs. Wesley Hunger, J. W. Townc, S. A- Smith, J- P. Brooks. Carpeting.—'We call attention to the advertise mem of Messrs. Allen A Mackey in another col umn. These gentlemen do one of tue largest business In their line in the country ont of New York city. Their annual sales excerd £1,500,010. Their present stock is enormous. We understand they do not intend to advance the price of their goods al once, on account of the passage of the tariff on wool, but will continue their February prices until they are obliged to replenish their stock at more advanced rates. CrncurATiOKl he Journal of yesterday «ays: “ We beg leave lo slate uiat our city circulation exceeds that of the Thicuke largely, su<l that we never had so many subscribers on oar hooks be lore as now." The “marines” vrill swallow that whopper. The city circulation alone, ofthc Tribune, far ex ceeds that of the entire edition of the Conserva tive concern- As the Journal never had “many subscribers on its books,” it matters little wheth er It has hall a dozen more or less now than for merly. Let it compare city circulations with its Radical evening ilval, and not make itself a laughing-nock, as Isdoss by measuring its Tom Thumb circulation with the tens of thousands of copies soldhy the morrliig Tribune. A Youthful SnorurrEa.—The New York World of the 2d instant says: “On Thursday evening Joseph Llzinsky, nineteen years of age, entered the store of George W. Welsh, No Sll Greenwich street, and wished to purchase a gold rl-*ip- A case of gold chains was exhibited to Xazinsky, and while he was examining the goods ore of the chains, valued at $49, disappeared. Marshal Z. Crane, the clerk who was waiting on Lfztnsky, accused him of the thelt, when the lat ter pulled the chain and ran into the street. He was overtaken and arrested by Mr. Crane, wbo delivered him over to Detective Filley,of the Third Precinct. On searching him, a lady's gold enamelled watch and chain attached, a pair of solid gold sleeve-buttons, and other small articles, were round. Liz lusty, wbo is a native of Chica go, and has been in this etty hot a few dare, wts committed for trial by Justice Hogan, in default ot $1,00(1 ball. He is said to have wealthy rela tives in Chicago.” Ah Old Contidekcx Man.—Charles Mitlerd, formerly notorious as a confidence man In this city, and a fellow ot “ Old Mott,” whose death was lamented two years ago by all thlefdom, was brought before the Police Court yesterday after noon, charged with vagrancy. Milferd Is an elder ly man. snd as “ ’amble” as Uriah Heep. He has a wife in the city, and alter a year's absence, about three weeks ago be catno back here on a visit, and was just on the point of departure when a “ fly cop” arrested him. There was little evidence against him. except that be was never known lo work when in the city; was always ready to play the confidence game for an amount as loir as a dollar, if he could not do belter, and that be bad several suspended fines against him. Ills coun sel stated that Mlllerd had recently given so much attention to drii.k as to quite destroy bis abilities in the line of confidence, to which, latterly, be had paid no attention. Oo Mtllcnl’s promising to leave town immediately he was discharged. The Reform School Law.—The amendments to the chatter of this Institution made hy the Legislature of this year, have been received in Chicago. By these power Is given, in case of com mfunetits bioughtm question by proceedings in habeas corpus, t hat amendments to the mittimus may be made to conform the record to the facts. 3'nfs LIU also gives it as a matter of right to pa rent- and guardians to place cnildrcn under their control in tte Institution by permission of the Board of Guardians, subject always lo the regula tions ol the school. It is proposed, bowever.tbat in such cases the parent or guardian should pay the expenses of the child. Further, the bill prescribes a punishment, as in the case of a misdemeanor, for aiding in the es cape of any inmate of the institution. 2»o much of the former act as created a Commis sioner of the Reform benool is repealed. The act provides for the examination of Reform School cases by the Judges of the Superior and Circuit Courts. A Tinner? House.— Symptoms of some strange disorder, probably of a similar nature to that m bleb afflicts the canine race, have made their ap pearance m other circles of the four-looted crea tion. Yesterday afternoon a horse attempted to make a beast, or, i other, a man of himself. That the noblest and gentlest of animals should dis grace his race by descending to a basement for liquor. is a circumstance to oe lamented, particu larly In a creature who has been Immortalized In the Book ol Job. lie was attached to an express wagon, and migbt have been seen standing, appa rently very peaceable, in LaSalle street. Ail at once a whim seized him. He started off at full speed, and made straight for the door of Peter Mac farlanc's saloon. As the wagon was too bulky to follow, the animal, after a desperate struggle, freed himself from tbc traces and rushed bn’diy into the saloon, not even waittngfor tbc door to be opened. Tbc bar-tenders and the customers were consid erably disconcerted by the intrusion; and, as the horse could not explain bis wants, be was cun ducted to the street again without a “smile.” IBE KELLY GIFT CONGEST SCHE9B. We have received nearly a hundred letters with in the past two weeks, all asking about the Gift Concert advertised by A. A. Kelly & Co., to bo given la Janaary last. The burden of tbelr matter Is “What do you know about it.” Wc anawer: We; know nothing of it, further (ban that ihe drawing has not yet taken place, and there are probably bat very few people here who expect that there will be a distribution of prizes. Tbc chances are decidedly against that method of winding np tbc business. Tbe tacta in tbe case are simply that Kelly has not been seen in the city for tome weeks, and is probably absent from it, no one kuovvlng when be will return. To (bat numerous class who ask ua to lei) them if we think that Kelly is honest, wc have only to say that the business ot selling tickets Id a lot tery sebeme has been declared bylaw to be wrong. Ot bis persona] honesty we cannot speak, but our leaders canpeibaps answer the question to their owu Intense dissatisfaction, it requires a very long etretch ol confidence in human nature to be- Ueieatuan bonett who wilfully and Knowingly set kb to make money by breaking the law. f ° e honid bo foatid gaU/blo enough , dol!a w to meuof whom they professedly intending to ?L l I evr| nca at the expense of the many, and Mho have do restraint agamst placing themselves in that enviable Position Itl« tcfv difficult sympathize with onesVSg they discover themselves to be cubs; the best wo can do le to hope mat they wilt have a time more sense In future. As a general rule it i* B afe to ex pect that the man wLo entrusts a perfect stranger with fits money without sscuuirr will bo a loser by tbe transaction, and gift conceit swindles and other confidence games daily furnish ground for that btlieC UW INTELLi^iiCE. Divorce Proceedings—Another Decree Opened—A Contested Csse in Which Bigamy Is Charged hy the Cross Bill. Criminal Bmlneaa—JndcmeDti «ns - ft'ew Salia. The business of the several courts Is progress* log speedily to the making of long recards. Tbe United States Circuit Conn has not yet got into running order with a Jury, but within a day or two trials will commence. CIBC CUT COUHT. The presiding officer of the Court is busily en gagtdin deliberating upon the cases submitted which need to be decided before the Supreme Court term commences, The business yesterday was: JohnWoodslde ct al. vs. Thomas BUgh. As* snmpsit- Judgment heretofore rendered set aside, and judgment for (1170.47. Jonn 8. Litric vs. Peter Avll. Appeal dls* missed. Joseph H. Lathrop vs. Edwin ilaskin. Plain* tiff remits SIM and judgmen' given for |250. George W. Gage cl al, vs. William M. Derby et al. Referred. The new suits were: A UC ilVn o U«u ~ V, V . Henry W. Austin ctal. vs. J. 3L Clawson, of Taylorsville, Illinois. Assumpsit to recover (412.53, alleged to be dne on open account. Charles Ricssc et al. vs. Turner & Sidway Lea* ther Company. Assumpsit. Damages sL.lioo. George B. Kane vs. Charles Lowrey, John W. Rico and Gcotgc Miller. Assumpsit. Damages (SKI. BCTEIIIOII COURT. The following order was made In th: common law branch ol this Court, to take effect this morn ing ; “Hereafter, when the progress of the Court on the trial calendar has not kept up with the origi nal telling ol the causes thereon, the cat], from day lo day, will embrace arisen cases each day, if the Court is solar behind the original setting, un til the call overtakes the original setting of tbe cases.” The business of this branch of the Court was as follows: James Ecrsley vs. Ephraim Colborne. Defend ant's appeal from a decision in forcible entry and detainer. New bond to be filed. William Watner, Coroner, for the use of John Darling vs. Josiah Willard, Samuel A. Kean. Gysbcrl DeClercq. Debt, verdict rendered Feb ruary bib, for plaintiff. Debt. $1,000; damages, six cents. New trial denied, and Judgment. MaxScbwclzervs. James M. Morrison et al. Trespass. Role on plaintiff to file bond for costs bv Friday morning. 'Charles U. Beckwith vs. A. W. PUts. Attach ment. Motion to quash tbe writ denied. William F. Oebrom vs. Lemuel A. Oabrom. As sumpsit, commenced December Sd. Submitted to Conrt;flnding for plaintiff, and judgment for SI,BOO. Henry Llebcnstciu vs. John B. Taylor. As sumpsit; commenced,December 13lh. Submitted lo the Court Friday for plaintiff and judgment lor $195.50. John Clark ct al. vs. J. W. Jones. Assumpsit commenced December 7. Submitted to the Court, verdict lor plaintiff and Judgment forjlld. John J. O’ReUey vs. William Goggln. Assump sit, commenced December Bth. Default and Judg ment lor $3Ol. Dennison P. Groves vs. James Buchanan and John M. Raymond. Assumpsit, commenced De cember 11. On trial. The following was the business before Judge Jameson: Benjamin F. Mathews vs. Amos Tompkins and Joseph Sinclair and wife. Bill filed December 20th. Default entered and set aside. Elizabeth and Henry Deveriil vs. The same hill. Ordered that complainant pay £33.33 rent due, into Court. John Schneider vs. Charles Sheer and John Ryan. BUI for injunction. Default and reference. Alonzo E. Kmgfley vs. Fhccbe B. Kingsley. BUI for divorce. J-eave to defendant to answer in ten days. The hill in this case was filed by if. D.’Brown, attorney. June 29ib, ISGt>. The bill sit np a legal residence in this State, with a mar tinge in the State ofNcw Hampshire, on me 4th day of July. 1841, the defendent then bearing the name of Burtis. The charge made in the hill is unjustifiable desertion. Summons issued and publication was made. Yesterday the defendant made application for alimony. In this petition sbe alleges that she bad a good and sufficient defence to the aclioc; but that she is unable for want of means to support hcrsc.f or carry on the litigation, fcbe. therefore prays, her husband having real estate, valued at about £4,G00 and an annual income of about $1.21i0, be ordered to pay her maintenance and solicitors fees. At me same time sbe comes in and ashs leave to answer, stating that the summons inribe case was never terved upon her, and that she never entered her appearance in the cause, but that there was a publication in an evening paper which she did not sec, that she might not receive actual notice of (he pendency of the proceeding until after the deciee was rendered at the September term. Sue states also that she was a non-resident, and as such without .notice. The decree was opened and leave given to the wife to answer. B)man Ellis, vs. William Gray et als. Action in relation to real estate. Referred to a master. Henry Jariciscfa vs. Anna S. Jackisch. Bill for divorce, filed November 5. on the ground 01 de sertion. Default entered on service by publi cation. James B. Casey ct al. vs. Thomas Groeraud Samuel J. Walker. Petition for partition. De cree end commissioners appointed. MstUlde Von Glabn vs. Hfdchrand August Von Glabn. Divorce. Decree lor alimony, as mentioned yesterday recorded, and appeal allowed on a bond ot |7.( 00 to be filed within ten days. Charles Hardy vs. Mary A. Hardy et at. Bill filed February 22ct. Referred to Master. Mary A. Grocndvcke v.«. Asa I’. Grocnclrcke. Bill lor divorce. Rule on Sheriff of Warrcu Coun ty to return writ of injunction. This is somewhat :.n unusual order. The facts of the case, as staled on the paper--, are thus: ThebiUwas filed Janu ary i2d, last, on the ground of extreme and re pented cruelty, with the allegation ot his owner ship of property foa considerable amoun*. any dis posal ofv.bich was asked lo be enjoined with awrlt ol fit fx<ct to picvcnt the from leaving this State. The papers went to tic Sheriff of Warren County. ulio letumcd that defendant gave bond ot Su.(XK, as ordered, conditioned as (be statute directs In such esses, signed by him stlf and William 1. Dlcksor. Oo tne 4ih of Feb ruary this return was amended to show that de icndant bad been, on the giving of such bond, rc uasedfiom custody. On the following day com- Elamant asked alimony, and the Court awarded er tICQ as counsel fees, with a monthlymalrjte nance of SSO. Thifaefeadanl then answered, de nvirg the legality of the marriage by Rev. Dr. Tiffany. He states that the complainant passed by the name of Mary A. French, or Mary A. Grant, but was tbe lawful wife of John T. Connors, which fact was unknown to him. He also denied her allegation ot wife-JiVc conduct, alleging that she made his life miserable. He sets np that July •21st, 15G4. she Jett bis house In Washington Coun ty. lowa, and filed n bill tor divorce, setting up the causes heiein stated, which petition was dis missed. Jlu relation to his acquaintance with her, he says being 51 years of age and wortn ?SG,OOO, and she being 2* of age, and he believing her to be virtuous and amiable, and the widow of Geoipe M French, from whom she had been divorced, be engaged himself to her and supposed be married her: and then exciting her self by tbe use of morphine, she recit'd 10 him acts of her life, confessing to fornication and adultery. TLe result of this was a temporary ab sence on her part, ending fn hu forgiving the un even tenor of her former course. He also denies the owners! ip ol property to the extent alleged by the complainant, ana that be is about to Have lb? State ot lo dispose or bis means. On thesamc day he filed acres* blit settingup the facts as alleged above. Yesterday motion was allowed, and a call made on the Sheriff of Wanen County to return the injunction writ, 01 which, in a letter, be said: “it is lost or stop n or misplaced, someway, after it was served, and be fore I made the return on same.” The new suits in this court were aa follows; Patrick Gillespie va. Mary A. Hardy. Attach ment. Ihealiecalionofthe affidavit u that de fendant has fraudulently disposed ol her properly. The indchtcdne-s sworn lo Is $292.10. Jeßcfte A. Klnzie vs. The Chicago Refining Company ct al. Petition for dower. In continua- Uon of the suits commenced during March last. Tcrtiua W. Wadsworth ct al. vs. Lyman M. Cad* wellctal. Assumpsit. Damages. 51,20). William F. Weld vs. James il. Kees. Confes sion ofjadcmcnt for $3,013.67. William A. Reason vs. Klrcn Cash. Petition for mechanics' Hen to the amount ol $250. on pro petryon the southwest comer of Indiana avenue and Thlrly-first street. City or Chicago va. Hugh Gamty. Appeal from a Police Court fine of SIOO and costs, assessed against defendant as a vagrant. Michael Madson va. [homos G. Hanson. As sumpsit. Damages SSOO. COUNTT COURT. Henry D. P. Hmeer vs. Gustav Coators. De iendant in < nstody found not guilty of refusal to deliver ptopui ly on execution, and discharged as Insolvent. RECORDER'S COURT. The business of this Court was as follows: Louisa Marin Mormon vs. Chari.** A. Morrison. Bill for divorce. Default and refciencc Alexander W. Corliss vs. Eliza L. Corliss. Same order. Ernestine C. L M. Scbiarbanm vs. Frederick C. H. £. SchlarOaum. Same order. City of Chicago vs. George DoualiL-on. Appeal. Dismissed with procedendo. Leander Read vs. Abn- r Allen et al. Assnmp sir. Change of venue to Circuit Court. Edward Granger. Indicted fur cheating. Pica of not guilty. SUICIDE. 1 Laborer Strangles Himself in a Fit of Mental Depression. Early yesterday morning some of the workmen In Sands’ cooper yard, near the comer ol Pine and Hinsdale streets, while proceeding to their labor, perceived the dead body of a man lying on the ground near one of the main entrance gates. The body was recognized as that of Charles Sveusdcn. who bad been employed in the yards, and suspi cions were entertained that a murder had been committed. Inlormation was Immediately sent io Coroner Wagner, wbo held an inquest on the remains. Thu facts elicited at the investigation ore as follows: The deceased wa* twenty-n!no years of ape, and a native of Denmark. Sixteen months ago He left his own conn try, and emigrated to Chicago, where be baa since resided. He has been engaged as a laborer in Sands’ Brewery. Three months ago be was discharged from the Brewery* and being an. able to procure work in Chicago, went to Wiscon sin. While travelling intbat State, be met with a railroad accident, by which be was seriously in jured in the knee, and he has since sntlered from the effects. This crippled, be returned to Chicago, and was admitted into the Catholic Hospital on Schiller street. At this place he remained until Monday evening, when, as a convalescent, be left and obtained shelter within Hr. Nicholas Kline, no old friend residing on Hinsdale street. Woen Ur. tiveneden came to Mr. Kline’s it was noticed by the family that be was In de pressed spirits. He was beard to state that, hav ing become a cripple, he was unable to gain his own living, and knew not what to do. At an early honr on Monday evening the family retired, as did Hr. Svcnsdcn. About 4 o'clock on Tuesday morning be arose and went out. Xbc family, suspecting that all was notright, arose and began a search. The lake shore and every nook and comer, as they thought, was insnccted, but nothing could be seen or beard of the missing About 7 o'clock, as the workmen employed in Hands' cooper vards were beginning work, they discovered the body lying on the ground near one of tbe main entrance gates. The ne vs soon spread, and on Mr. Kline's visiting the body,Tio re cognized it as that of the man who bad been at bis house during tbe night. Around his neck was tightly drawn part of a comforter, tbc remainder being tied to a cross-beam that stretched from one post to another, about four feet above tbe gate. Tbe deceased, without doubt, had climbed to tbe top of the gale, tied one end of tbe com forter about the beam, tbe other about bis neck. Then jumping off, the comforter bad broken cither ny the force of tbe fall, or the struggles, caused by strangulation, and tbe man bad fallen to the ground. Tbe neck may have been dislo cated, as tbc face seemed as if death had come easily. Tbe only unnatural appearance was tbc blue coloring in the face. Tbe deceased was of medium size, weighing about one hundred and forty pounds, with sandy hair and wbUkcrs. Hia dress was poor, and bis limbs spoke plainly of long sickness. Tbc jury, without retiring, rendered theifallow- Ing verdict: “ That tbc deceased came to bis death on tbe momlogol the sth day of March. ISU7, by com muting suicide by hanging himse f near ihe south east comer ot Pine and Hinsdale street 9 , in the City of Chicago, County of Cook, while In a slate of great mental dcprcselon.” The county officers took charge of the body, sod conveyed it to tbe Dead House for interment. Police, Fire and Health.— The regular semi weekiy meeting of the Board of Police, Fire and Health Commissioners was held in their rooms, at tbc Central Station, yesterday afternoon. Present—T. B. Brown. Esq., President; Commis sioner Gnnd, and tbc heads of the several depart ments. The Health Officer stated that a large number of dead doga were already lying about the streets', m consequence of the recent dogmatical order of the Havur, and requested authority to procure teams roffident to carry off the bodies tor burial. He was duly authorized to make the necessary provision. The resignation of Assistant Health Officer 8. W. White was received aud accepted. A communication was received from Jacob Bright, David Wteneburger and others, com plaining that a loigo number of express wagons were usually stationed at the northwest corner of Bandolph and Carroll streets. though only one is allowed by law—and aakin* mat the nuisance be abated. The petition was referred to the Supcr- Intecdent of Police. * A petition wm received from KicUau Nicli lotu, complaining that while ho waa anSaring from an accident resulting in the coarse of his only, bis badge of office ai a policeman was taken away from him. and that be was dismissed from the force, without cause, by Captain Ken nedy. it appeared, however, thathe was merely a special patrolman, who conid properly be die* missed by (bo captain of the force, and that hie neglect of duty bad authorized the action. The commncication was'aid upon the table, * Tie Board then adjourned. MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR. A Chicago Han Found Dead In Boone, lowa—Foul Play Suspected* A despatch was received on Monday afternoon from Coroner Qorberson, of Boone, Blown, ad dressed to Mr. - H. A. Schlaer, 130 Franklin street, informing tbe latter that a man registering his name at tbe hotel as V. Rosser, had committed suicide by cutting his throat. A letter irom Mr. schliier, lonnd in the pocket of the deceased, led to tne knowledge that be came from Chicago, and was on bis way to visit some friends In lowa. Ifae circumstances attending bis death would seem to indicate, however, that he fell, not by his own hand, but that ho was murdered by a gang of ruffians. 1 d Rnsser was a brass moulder by trade, and re sided with nis wife and lonr children, at No. 20 Green Bay street. Chicago. On Thursday last he left ibis city for the purpose of visiting relatives In lowa, and with a view to find employment there and a home for his family. Ho was pro vided with six hundred dollars, and bad been pro mised mean* to famish a house should bo decide on settling there. On Saturday, the day preced ing his death, he wiolc a letter from Montana, lowa, to bis brother, Henry Rnsser, in (bis city, givingan account of hla Journey, and staving that e had met with a gang of rowdies who assaulted him. He was atabbed and shot at several times, but aoccetded in escaping (Tom the ruffians with out any serious Injury. The letter closed by a promise to bo home on Wednesday, and la a post script ho added, “I must watch my chances.” The Coroner's despatch announcing the startling fact (bat he had committed suicide was at first re aecived by the fiitmly with Incredulity. The de ceased had been a man of temperate habits, and in his conduct he bad never exhibited the slight est disposition to commit a rash action. Ue was an excellent workman and waa strongly attached •to his lamlly for whose sake he had left the city to seek more remunerative employment. There la every reason to believe that nla death was ac complished by rowdies. Hla brother has gone to Boone for thc'parposc of making an investiga tion and bringing the body to Chicago. TUB DOG BATTUE. The Excitement Yesterday— RTectloz of the Persecuted Ones—The Reso lutions. The dog-days began this year a little earlier than usual— they commenced yesterday. It was not, however, the period ol do? supremacy which was then begun, hat the epoch of dog destruc tion. If the work of the police, now so happily begun, be but falthlnlly carried oat, the greater and leaser dogs will be swept alike from earth and heaven, and Bootes* hounds to-boot. leaving the poor bears to travel their eternal round in peace, free from the dogging to which their foot steps have been subjected ever aiucc Arctorna was elevated to the skies. There was walling in dogdom yesterday. Curs and pets, pointers and Newfoundlanders, were alike sunjects of the dread visitation. The plague was upon them, and they were all spotted. That which was their meat was also their poison, one dog being in this particular case equal to two men, as the same thing may be meat to one man and poison to another, according to the old pro veib. The whole race was extinguished yester day, and if we may believe the reports of the valorous officials, not one was left behind to wag bis simple tail or nj.hold it to the delectation of hu friends. A few may be found on the streets to day, spnmg up like so many Phmnlxca, from the ashes of those who went out in a blaze of glory yesterday. Tterewas a sorrowful meeting last night in Bridgeport. That pan of the city was nnvlsited yesterday by the destroying angels, and the dogs were therefore alive at nJgbrfaJJ. One of the canine ra*c, marc unfortunate than the rest, had been if.'inig awhile near the corner ol Thud avenue and Twelfth street, and saw a fellow dog if ke j. piece of the poisoned meat, aud die of its eCects within ten minutes. To be forewarned uus 10 be toreanned. He took the alarm, aud posting off to Bridgeport called a meeting of his race to consider the impending doom. They mot in a vacant lot on the Archer road, not tar from Twenty-second street, and the night air was filled with tnclr dismal yelps—sorrowful forebod ings of the morrow’s doom. The met ring was called to order by the black ai.a tan whose good fortune U was to see aud thus avoid the sorrow of an early death, lie de veloped a sbost fail—a tale of woe—such a tale os has been told. He moved, waggishly, that an old maid's pet, a sky-tcrricr. be appointed to the chair, to lecetve reports iromtuc np-towu dis tricts. A howl of discontent followed the announce ment of this motion. A well-bred greyhound, the properly of Mr. S—of avenue, who had escaped bolhlhcpenally of a muzzle and the hor ror of death—who ran from poisoned meat, he havKp been Irom yonth up clothed m pnrple and larcd sumptuously every day, moved lo amend, to appoint himself to the post of honor. The In dignant bowls which ensued wete not sap mossed until a Newfoundland pun, the last of hta race, claimed the office by virtue of bis woes. A caucus was held, and Mr. N. F. l-audwas elcclcd. Mr. N. F. Land staled the object of the meeting to be 1 0 receive the reports by tied course™. from the up-town districts «uh a view to tn? expres sion of the sentiments of the canine race up ntho subject ol the raid lately ordered, and more lately made and yet iu course. A pugnacious purp of the species terrier of the laud of Skye, objected lo die language 01 th-r chair. He was about to appeal to the assembly to de pose Mr. N. F. Land, when Mr. Blood Hound, a late resident of a Southern clime, claimed the floor to a question of order. Refusing to recognize an equality among the lace, be desired to be elevated to a higher post than that of loukcr-on. To meet the emergency, Mr. Small Poodle, a dog ot French dosteut, moved tie appointment of several Vies?, This the meeting would not hearken to. Tbev harked and howled until Mr. R. Hound,resentfully placing his tail or w bat wss left of it after tbe suf fuiings ol a tedtons warfare, sedately between bis liindemostlegs, wont forth, as was subsequently learned, to meet a miserable death. His dlsapuearaucc was hardly notic'd, far the honest vaten-doc’s bark was heard land a mes sage was received. It came express and was as follows: “Pointers* nose intruded into the meeting of the street Cotnmßsionpi-s. Appropriation asked lo canv of the oodles of ihe oead.” They" who have,*n the momeuts of superstitions cxcilemeM, listened to the bowl whicu at mid night a faithful bound sends up, When, as was fome time believed, he presaged death in the house he refused to enter, cati|ooiy appreciate the ilefpalrirg “yowl” which rent the air. But the grief was not all expressed when ;berc came in a yelping enr, heaving with the pangs ol indigested poison, lie was shunned by his fellov s, but hts dying words were beard, say lug, “Bridgeport,your sarcloary,your place of uope. will to-morrow he invaded.” There were no longer wagging tails; heads fell hcneaib the breasts, ana tor a time a solemn silence reigned. The weight of woe was not yet complete, for yet another message came, by a verita ble son of “Old Dog Trsv.” announcing that the field was strewn wib the bodies ol the dead aim the dyiug, whi e the ordi nary silence of Ihe city was disturbed by the dis tressing cries which Issued from the burning stomachs of poisoned pups. Message aficriunteagc was received. Along the leit flank—Blue Island avenue—tac carnage was repotted to be very severe. Five dogs were re potted as lying in the pangs of death on the Laflln tract. The vacant lots m Wolcott’s addition were represented us being covered wi'h the slam. The bodies of regiments of cuts were said to float up on the waters ol the Chicago slough, and many were reported to have rushed lo the lake to prove a good character in respect lo the indictment of hydrophobia by lasting o! the water which became their grate. 1 be meeting was brought to a stand-still by the announccmeit that the enemy was nigh. The bowling, end the ycllfog.und the barbing, aud the growllrg.and the haying all endtd.wbenthcchalr man harked forth in (cues that betokened the sor row gnawing at his heart, his desire that calm de liberation should characterize tne meeting. A yellow spotted animal, of an unknown breed, now proposed the adoption of the following pre amble and resolutions: Whereas, An Ul-hredptip has, by his prema ture insanity, brought tear upon b>s race, bv reason of biting a child that never injured him, and by thus causing Us death : therefore. Resolved, That the cor Is denounced and out lawed from the community of dogs; and, Whereas, The Mayor has exercised an author ity said to bo vested in bim by the laws of man but adverse to the laws of nature, which permit as io he bora, traircd.kicked and kept; therefore, Jiet&lced, That we protest against the enact ment of laws which deprive the the creatures of nnturc of life, liberty and the pursuit of happi ness; and. Whereas, We decline to be muzzled; there fore, Jlesolted, We will mizzle. The resolutions were unanimously adopted, and the meeting adjourned amid solemn silcnc*. A noticeable fact fn connection with (be con cluding ceremony was, that many of the curs sought homes in bouses where muzzles might be expected to be found. A few, however, of those wbo stuck onl to obey the purport of the lost resolutions weic overtaken and slain. A9HISEMBNTS. McVicker’s Theatre.—An extra Matinee per formance will be given this afternoon lor the ben efit of Air. R. D. Curtis, the doorkeeper. The bill comprises *• The Honeymoon,” In which Mr. B. Macaulcy has consented to appear, and “Jumbo Jam,” which introduces Captain Ed. Went. In the evening, Shatoua O'Brien. Museum.— 1 14 The Hidden Hand ”at the Matinee, and “The Huguenot Captain” and “The two Polls” in the evening. Opera House.— will appear (bis evening In the “Female Detective,” introducing some of her favorite dances and banjo solos. Coliseum.—Air. James Robinson, &c. A Quartette or Roques. —Hugh Qarrity, John Crawford, Jim Caton and Pat Kingamni r all notorious confidence men. and recognized among thieves for their talent in “doing” the ‘•Hats,” were fined SUM each yesterday morning at the Police Court Tub Wboko Ticket.— A gentleman named James H. Ela, cn bis way from Bloomington, Illinois, to Lisbon, New Hampshire, visited an office on Lake street, not far from the Adams House, where railroad tickets are sold, and nego tiated for the purchase of a ticket to White River Junction, New Hampshire via the Michigan Cen tral, Niagara Falls, Syracuse, Rome, Watertown, House's Point, and the Vermont central Road. Returning to the office a short time afterward ho gave the cictk, Robert Fleming, the money agreed upon, and received some coupon tickets in an envelope. Upon looking at them he found that they nere by a different route, most of the way. from the one be had selected. They would convey him to Detroit by tbc Michigan Central, and thence by the Grand Trunk Road to Prescott, Ogdcnsbnrgb, Rouse’s Point and White River Junction. As Hr. Ela wished particularly to go by tbc other route, desiring to stop over a diy or two at Syracuse, be tmmrdtateiy desired a cor rection of the supposed mistake. Fleming said that he did not attach any importance to this choice of routes when be first called, and declined an even exchange. After considerable talk, Hr. Eladelt the office and caused (he arrest of Flem ing lor obtaining money under false pretences. He was brought before Justice HiiKkcn yesterday afternoon. Hr. Ela stated, in addition to the facts already given, that Fleming offered to ex change Mm tickets over the route he de tiicd to travel upon bis payment of a - difference ol five dollars, or he wonld exenange tickets on tbe same routes as far as Rome, even. Fleming Hated that be offered to mskc the exchange upon his (Ela’s) paying him tbe difference in fare through Central New York, whatever it might be. Fleming’s counsel asked Hr. tla to specify each prominent point that bo had mentioned to Fleming as tbe ronto be wanted to travel, and, further, if be was positive about it, and was sure that he mentioned Syracuse and Roirc, and whether this conversation occurred at tbc first or second interview. This led finally to the repetition of the first question. This cross examination of the witness soon caused him to say that he “thought” instead of that be “kucw,” and by a repetition of bis numerous questions, and adding to tbc confusion of the witness by mixing bis recollection of the two Inter views, it was not long before Ur. Ela said be was not positive whether be mentioned Syracuse or not. While his mind mbs still in a state of obfuscation on the subject, Fleming bad witnesses testifying to bis good char acter, that be was receiving a regular salary, and that no one knew aught against him. It was stated, however, that the office in ques tion aclls tickets only la the interests of the Grand Trunk Road, the clerk being instructed to (ell people who desire tickets lorE astern points by other ronle* that they do not keep then, but to make sale of ■ ticket by the Grana Trank if he can. • In the opinion of Justice MDllken the oncer* tamty, or want of posilivenesa, of the witness on the point of his expressed preference or routes, was such that be was sot warranted in flnlag the prisoner, and Fleming was discharged with a lit* Ue wholesome advice. LOOM. MATTERS. Tbe Great Discovery—Smith’* “In* stantaneous Window Cleaner and Marie Polish,” positively deans and polishes glass ana all metals without soap or hot water, dnst or Utter, and o!* most without labor. Calliorltat grocery, drug and notion stores or at the manufactory, 103 Dearborn street, opposite the Postoffice. Four boxes sent ptvpoUf to any part of the country for SI. Deal* era, send for terms. They are very liberal, the article is extremely salable, and we pay all charges for transportation. G. M. Smith & Co., Proprle* torsr | A Care at last.—All Uioae who are suffering from Rheumatism can bo restored to Seriect health by taking a lew doses of Metcaj.f‘B nziT lI&BUKATio Remedy. Lord & Smith, Agents, Itrh. positively cared in from twelve to forty-eight hours by the use of Swayno’s Oint ment. A core guaranteed. Soldbyall druggists. Wholesale by Burnhams & Van Scnaack. A Warning: so loung Ladles—(Can tlon I)—A lady ol this city became to all appear ances suddenly iff. A physician being called, it was found that she bad been using one of the many articles advertised for improving the com* Blcxlon, known as King's Cold Cream Soap, pon inquiry it was found that the oriicfr bad made such an improvement In her appearance that she actually fainted with Joy after using it. All exclaim, ** Uow toft and white it leaves the Atin /” “ At tong at I can get it PU never ate powder!!" Sold In Chicago by Dyche & Story, 93 Randolph street; Buck, I® Clark street; wholesale and re tail by Smith & Dwyer. Ask yoar draggist for it. Belief and Ueaitn to Xonr Children. —Mrs. Window’s soothing Syrup, for Children, relieves the child from pain, invigorates tbe stom ach and bowels, corrects acidity and wind colic. Perfectly safe in all cases, as millions of mothers can testily. Thlry-flve cents a bottle. Offices. 46 Dey street. New York, and 205 High Holborn, London, England. The Benoword flalrroyaat Slaters’ National Cancer Institute and Magnetic Inflmary, 365 Wabash avenue. Instantaneous cures of many diseases, by the healing power. Patients cured of cancer, consumption, asthma, rheuma tism and other diseases, can be seen daily. Itch! Scratch!! —Boyd’* TYledlcatcd Cream cores itch, scra'chce, and al) skin diseases. It la neat, pleasant, aromatic, safe and certain specially adapted to children. Sold by all drag pets. . Colgate Sc Co.’s Winter Soap.—Re commended for chapped hands and for general toilet use during cold weather. It may be ob tained ol all druggists and fancy goods dealers. Juniper Tar Soap cares chapped bands, salt rheum, pimples, and all cutaneous af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by caswzll, Mack & Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. The Franklin Brick machine. Justly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great strength,' ana immense compressing power, is guaranteed, with eight men ana two horses, to self-temper the clay, and make 3,000 to B,COO elegant bricks per hour. J. B. Renick, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York, Room 23. MARKETS .BY TELEGRAPH. New York Financial News. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.l New Tobe. March 5. The stock market ojened weak, and rapidly de clined. On call there was great pressure to sell at a flltht advance, but the market soon broke again under sales of cash stock, wlih much distrust, and a general decline ellipse. Erie (common), Michigan Southern, Chicago & Northwestern (preferred), and Philadelphia & Reading being the weakest. There were rumors of hanks selling stocks, with the expectation of an in vestigation irom Washington. Pacific Mall declined to 125, with great excitement. At the 1 o’clock call the market became morcittady,bat was again weak at the S£o Board, with a ttrong pressure to sell, but to buying except on shorts. There li no “oulT’ element left, and probably wo will see lower prices. • Money Is rather more active, bat with greater scrutiny. Governments are weak. Gold opened higher, hat closed heavy at 13Gft. 6 per cent being paid ft>r carrying. At u>e 6 o’clock Board New York Central was steady at 100 ft; Eric (common), 59ft; Michigan Southern 75ft ; Chicago & Korlhwc.tcm (common), 32ft ; Chi cage & Northwestern (preferred), 69ft; fuck Island 92ft ; Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago, P2ft. [Associated Preis Report.] NONET. Money market rather more active at 6 p ccutoncall. ronnux exchange. Sterling dull at 103 ft gold tor bills. GOLD. Gold lower, opening at uwft and closing at 13Cft. GOVERNMENTS. Government stocks dull aud a shade lower. RATED. HAILWATB. The Stock Exchargc was very weak on the railway list this forci-cou, and there was an average decline of one Y* cent, with Increased activity. Ene was the great feature, nun sold dewn f>W. Alter the regular cull there was an advance of ft®.ft P cent, but the market was unsettled OOTEBNMENT SECCBniES. Government securities dull and luwet, except lor new 5-.0 bonds and 7-30 notes, which were firm aud in moderate request. BomSB STATE STOCKS. Generally drill, although the blddt >ff prices on Mis w,ml bonus were raised from the lowest point of yes terday. Steam e blp shares very much depressed. Coal stocks arc firm oq Wllieabatre and Central, bat otherwise ur.chaticcd. in the afternoon the ceneral m arket was weak, with strong procure to sell, and a decline of l@7c on the average, I while Northwestern preferred was a per cent lower. Fricca closeo rattier more steady. PHICEa at set p. at. American Gold 130 ft@136ft Mich sou ‘Oft® Tift CihtncrU 25ftt* Sift lll.Cen lU>ft'.*m* W. O.Tcl 41 ® 41)1 Pittsburgh 79ft® 79ft N. Y. Central..lOOVWHWft Toledo 11««®U7 Th-lc 52ft® 52ft Bock liland.... 92ft® Bnepfd 70 <4 7l Northwestern.. 33ft® 33ft Hcatfsg. 101 t.tldlft N.W. pfd 59ft® 59ft M.C 107 ®lo7ft- Fort Wayne.... 9Jft® uoaxr. Mocey market unchanged. Gold heavy to the clcse. Gash gold loaned from fiat to 5 per cent for carrying. OOTMBNMBSTS. Closing price*: Ucc’d. *BJ lOTKAllfift I 5-20 conns •65..106ft®10t>ft Ccupouq*«!....ltSftwlH'V 10 40 res’d 97ft® 98ft 5-20 rigM,’62...R7ft®lo*ft I August7-3us....U»s!ft®loti 5-30 coupe, '&4..lV7ft®lo7ft I Judc7-30s KAftltflOJft minimi an ABBS. Mining shares market somewhat nuietilcd during tiic day, auu friqurnt ItDCtuatlous oh active, stocr. Quartz Hill opeted at 409®fU and declined to 333, bat rvctjvered to 4to®4Cs aat close, tnls stoca being grad ually absoroed by strong parUer. Gold Hill active; ’argely ch’alttP at420®425 Columbia, steady at 2JOa L,c)slolnn, weak; offered at UO. Consolidated Gregory, stronger; rose to 113. Tlio Produce irinriielz. MILWAUKEE. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Milwaukee, March}. Flour—Firm, active and lOaiSc higher. Sales of 2,000 brls at $12.t5 ‘or choice XX winter; $10.75 for River side XX; $10.50 for amber XX; 10.15 for Forget-me-not XX; $9A*.jf6»9.70 lor X ; $7.50 fur superfine; |4.W for Inferior No. 2. V boat—TftlOc higher. Morning board inlet, 12/00 cr Dials, and noon board sales 23,000 centals, at $3.07 for No. lin store; $3.4533.51 for No. 2 .do: $Ui seller's option next week; $3.11 for No. 3 la store; SLSJ lor condemned In store. OaU—Steady. Sales of CSO centals at $1.(0 for No. 2. Com—Steady. Sales of 700 centals at $1.43 for old No I, and $1.39 for new shelled. * Hyc—Steady. Sales al 40) centals at $1.75 for No. 1 In store. Provtri nns—Advancing. Met s Pork—s2o 00. Dressed Hoea—Firm, at $7.7338.25. Receipts—l.ooo brU flour, 2,000 centals wheat, 500 do oats, 2,000 do com, 200 do rye, 5(0 do barley, 100 dressed boss. Shipment®—2.WX) brls floor, 2,700 centals wheat, 55 br!s and 2 tea pork. NEW YORK. New Toek, March 5. Ashes—Qnlet and unchanged. Cotton—Dull; scarcely so firm. Sales 1,300 bales at 31c for middling uplands. Fleur—Receipts 11.437 barrels. Market doll and heavy lor common.-and firm for mcdlnm and good grides, hales 6 000 harm sat SSAO@9.7O fur super Que Stale; $8.M@9.73 for Bnp*nine Western; $9,753.10.75 for extra Western; $10.80312.00 fur choice do: $10.30 @IIXO fur shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio, and f11.55@1v.50 for trade brands, the marxet closing bteaoy. Whl-key—Quiet and uncharged. No receipts. Wheal—Market rules heavy. Sales 39.800 bushels at $2.21@2.W for Ho. 2 Chicago; $2 20@2.23 for No. 2 Milwaukee; ffi.SA2.93 for white Canada. Rye—Steady. Sales 10A09 bushels at $1.16@1.16Jf for Western, and $1 A 3 for Slate. Barley—without decided change. Sales 3,300 bush, els at 90@92c fer Canada West In bond, and 11.00 fur two rowed State. Barley Malt-Dub. Corn—Receipts 21,000 bushels: an. ket 3d3c better and more active, bales 113,000 bn»aeli at $1.95«31.tl for mixed Western In store; sU3@i.li afloat, aud ll.lOfc far sew white Southern. Oats—'Receipts 2.9oobaabel*,wlthoot change. Sales 46,000 bushels at 59@C3c for western; Cs@o6 for now Ohio. Rice—Dull. Cotfee—Octet. Sales 300 bag* Maracaibo at 17Jf. Sugar—Firm. Sale 800 barrels Cubaatsll@li. Molasses—Quiet. Linoleum—A shade firmer at 17>f@19Xc for crude; 27(429 for refined In bond. Hops—Quiet and unchanged at S3@37c lor new. Pork—Firm and more active. Sales 7,350 bar rels at $2i.T2@22 00 for new Mess; closing at $23.00 lor Western; f30.25A20.75 for old mees; $16,736*17.35 for Srime, and tl9 25@30.50 for prime mess; alto 3.450 arrets new mess at $U.75@21.00, seller and buyer March ana Am U. Beef—Steady. Sales 56 barrels at about previous prices. Tierce Beef—Steady. Sales 210 tierces at S2SJSO@ 32.75 for prime mesa;s33.oo@36.r>o lor Indiana Beef Hama—Firmer. Sales 230 barrels at S3IOO@ 37.75. Bacon—Quiet. Sales were 510 boxes atlo¥AloXe lor CuDbrtlaods, lOK&lOjfc for lone rlobra, UJ4C for short ribbed, and 12@lv«c for short clear. Cat Meats—Firm. Sales were: 570 pxgs at 9®llc for shoulders, and u V@l3,vc for hams. Dressed Bops—unchanged, at 9tfc for Western, and losellc for city. Lard—Heavy. Sales were: 570 brls at 12@12*c ftr. old. and 2fiV@t Sector new, Butter-Dull and hcsvt at 12@20c for Ohio. Cheese—Quiet at 15319 c. latest—s r.M. I.lfc 4 is a r.^. riour—fic lowerfor common grades, and steady for medium grades. Wheat—Quiet with prices in Qtvor of buyers. Bye—Firmer; Western, buyers f 1.15, sellers $2.18. Barley—Quiet and steady. Corn—Very firm, but quiet, in consequence of the decline In gold and very heavy feeling In sterling. Western mixed, $1.08@1.11 V. and $1.13. Gate—Dull, at 59&63C for western. Private despatches from Liverpool to-day quote Western mixed corn In good demand for Ireland at 37s 3d per quarter, an advance of one shilling per quarter. Beef—Active at Jail prices. Bacon—Quiet, at lov@i(txc for Cumberland mid dles. Lard—l2.v@l3c for fblr to prime, pork—Market firmer and more active. Sales 500 brls new Western mess on private terms, and 800 brls do at 522.15@33.5i, tbe latter figures bid fur more, but held firmly at $22.37*. LOUISVILLE. . Louisville. March 5. Tobacco—sales of 16D hhds at full rates: light lags to medium leaf, t3.9WaiS.SO. Flour—Super, $9.75. Grain—Wheat, prime, $3.83: corn, la balk, 68@70c; oats.C3@C3c; rye,|l-S5. Groccnea—Rio coffee, Air, 25c; Kew Orleans sugar, prime, t«Rc. Provisions—Mess pork, $50.75, and firm; lard, in tlTces, I3*c; bulk shoulders, 8c Dactcd; bacon shoal- Prepacked; clear sides, 13*c. Whiskey—Raw, $3.23. CINCINNATI. __ CiNOijrx Ait, March 5. Floor—Unchanged, with a limited local demand. Wheat-Quiet at (2.45@2.50 for No. I spring, and |2.87@2.90 for winter. Corn—Dull, but priors not lower; shelled, 63c; ear, 57c, and shelled in tacks 76c. Oats—s2c l«r No. l. , Bye—Firm; $1.54<%1.35 for No. 1. Barley—Dml; $1.50@1.55 for foil; $1.03@1.20 for No. land spring. Cotton—Dull and prices nominal at 27@3Sc for mid dling. No demand. Whiskey—Finn; Me In bond. Mess Fork—Firmer, and best city brands held at S2UjO: sales ol second class city at $2050. and coun try (30.23. . .. Bulk Moats—Closlrg at 7Y« 9k and lOJfc for should era. sides and clear .-Ides; hams. »o*(aio*c. Bacon—Fima*; shoulders, 9Kc; sides, 10Jf, llVand 12 ‘ic. Lard—Finn; sales of 1,300 tc*. delivered at points In the interior, at!3c; city is held at l2H@l2*c, but not salsble at batter than I3ifc. Butter and cheese—Unchanged. B*gs—l6@l7c. , . Cloverseed—(S.7s; timothy, $3.30@3.43; f1ax,52503 *2.40, . Gold-1375157W bnj log. Eschange—Easter; par btylng, and 1-10 premium set Uc. ■ 6T. LOUIS* _ , „ . . Bt. Louis, March 5. Tobacco— Unchanged. Cotton—Quiet at 37c for middling and 27VS2S: for strict do. fiemo—Dull at t'.TS for choice old tmdreised. Fionr—Quiet: low ervlai doll and lover. Super, $8.75010.00; extra. $1V.(0@10.23; Usable do, SU4»O@ 14 25. Wheat—Dull and heavy for spring, and firm for fill. Common to choice spring, s3Ai@3£l; coolce Call. (3.W S Ccrn—Better; iUGaISO. Oats—Dull at ft JO@2.W. Mesa Fork—Advanced to (20.00@20.5J. Bacon—stlQ at JJK@l2*c for clear sides; 9*c (or shoulders, aoi 13c for sugsr-corel bams. £4rtt-*lmcru«beU bilker, »tiuf9isjfe. ~ Whiskey—Unsettled t sale* rnamly Kept private. BUFFALO. Flow—Quiet; «mmH tale* No.l *pnag|U.»fti!.so. Wlie*t-in fair milling request. Sale* car loads of white Canada |L7S per cental; Amber Canada 5t.23 percental ; Canada spilag <XBS per cental; white Kca tucky ISA per cental, ail-per sample. Corn Octet. Bales car lota now Toledo about <LiS; •W mixed Western unsalable. OaO-FTJTn. Sales 40.0(0 centals at <LS«, Barley—Don at I2.W9U®. Bye—Neglected. Hlghwlw—Hoolaal. Pork-New mess firmer. bnt quiet; hold at <21.25. Lard—Quiet. Bales 13fti3c}<. MEMPHIS, „.. __ _ Uekvro. Utrch 5. Cotton—3>nn and heavy, with middling at*7ft<3c. Corn—tLOlftl.os. Oat»-73ft80r. Bay-taCa&sa-oa. Bran— ttJXQSQjn. Pork-<JI.OCift22JX). Balk meats, 9XftUVc; ronnd canvassed sugar-curedham?, 18919 c; plain, I7aißc; clear tides, itkc. •**<** Lard—lS&UKe. Ergs—»c: hntter. 90(3 35c. No change In other markets. New York BrendstafTa Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Yobs, March 5. Breadstuff*—Demand Improved at the close, sod only unsound floor sold at any concession, wheat going off briskly. Ccrn—Closed flat at tl.io lo store. Oats—Good Western in large demand. New York Provision market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tobk, March 5. Pork—Receipts light and prices buoyant—closing at <22.81, with small sales. Other bog products In full supply, bnt steady. New York Grocery Market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Tobk, March 5. CclTce—Finn, notwithstanding the decline la gold. Bio 23ft/Bc. tugar—Easier, with large rales, bnt no quotable de cline. Fair to prime grocery llftlltfc. Molaws—Very active. Muscovado 52®55c; Porto RlcoGsft7sc; New Orleans BC®9oe. Weekly Exports from New York, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tnouse-l New Toes. March 5. Exports past week—l3,ooo brls flour; 133,000 bn corn 83.000 bu barley; 3,4(0 brls pork; 1*250,000 fis bacon 838.000 11>8 lord. New York Dry Good* market. „ New Yobs. March 5. Cotton goods less animated. Prints |u fair request, but not lively. Prices generally pretty steady. Agents not disposed to make day further codccmlocb on stan dard goods. Buyers from tbo interior purchase spar ingly. and lobhent consequeatly only bay accordiog to the limited requirements. The wool market bos already Ml the effect ol the tar iff. and prices have advanced 5 cents per pound, and will go higher. The tariff on domestic goods is not yet visibly felt. Foreign good! are sold higher, bat, as stocks are large, the advance is not yet marked. BnOolo Live stock Market, Ucvpalo, March 5. The unfavorable news from Now York has little or no effect upon this market, which still rules active at former quotations. The receipts to-day are rather light, but the cattle are the best received at theas yards since the Chrhtmas market. Most ot the lots nave already changed hands. Market rates: best quality.firco®l6.oo, part heavy. Oxen eood. |B.lk'ft9.caif: crime, •fll.ooftu.oo. Fat Caltlo and Steers—ts.3sft7.73; fair, <9.50*11.00 Cows and heifers—Js.ooft6.so. Receipts, 951 ( head; shipped, shoeo—Market improving and firm at a considerable advance. Prices ranze from (5 50@7.6,>v. Receipts, <<o brad; shipped by New Tort Centra!, *O3 head; by Erie Rail toad, 191 head. Hoc Market—The market rules very dull, and un favorable news from the Cast has brought aoout a do cllu* In rates. Hoss are quoted as follows, according toqcallw: Prime heavy, (7.25<a7.37V; ordinary and R’OCV, Receipts, 800 head; shipped, 1,591 head. Cambridge Live Stock market. CxMßßtnoe, February 5. Cattle—Receipts, Cls. Market firm; prices fnliy bus talced; quality equally as good *a last week, bales of extra at *13.0041100; first quality. (njatsiSJO: sec ond quality, f iojoato.73; third quality, f9Jo@lo.oo. Sheep and Ijimha— Receipts, 1,417. No material change m prices: 4@Bc. Sna Francisco mining Slocks. Sax Francisco. March 5. Mining stocks: .20(01 Chollar 219 . 7*jo I ilphtr 213 . 47» 1 Legal tenders 733,* S ivnge yellow Jacket. Gould & Curry. Pittsburgh Petroleum market. PmemiEQU, March 5, Oil market to-day without any features of Interest. Price? have a downward tendency. Offers to sell light oil were made nt 6V@6\c, but no buyers. Smith’s Ferry oil Is Quoted at lac, packages Included; small sales were made at that price. Refined inborn!, con tinues quiet. Reports f*otn the East arc still unfa vorable. Small sales tree all were made at lOQUc, Naphtha dull and neglected. RIABBIED, In this elly, 4th Instant, at the residence ol W. W. Bfone, Ego..bylP*v. J. W. Hcaly, of the Tabernacle Church, GEORGE 8. PITKIN and MARION A. RAT TRAP. all of Chicago. No cards. in (his city, March tth, at tno house of n. D, Falos. SWOh’o-st., by Profe*»oi Swing, WILLIAMS. WAR RKN and Miss SOPHIA W. FALEB, both ot this city. In thU city, March slh, at the rtSideCce of the brine’s mother, by the Rev. Robert •.‘ollyer, Mr. W. S. sEAV FRN6 ana Miss FRANKIE B. PAUMELBE- No cards. At St. M«rh'» Church. Philadelphia. Pa., February TSlh by Hev. Ge rge Leed*. D.T), J. SIDNEY MITCH KLL, M. I). of this city, and Miss HELEN S., daughter OfJOiph Leeds. Esq., ot I‘hlladeliihls. iuiio, At Hudson, Wisconsin, on Thursday last In his 3llhjcar, ofcocst-raptlon. Captain B. Lyle Wvls worth, late Quancniia'ier In the Army or the Poto mac, and eldest son of B. S. Wadsworth, of this city. The deceased was for a tlm* a member of the Chicago Mercantile nailery, ard will be remembered by his fcllow-Ruldlcts as one whose valor, self-sacrifice, mod cstv and courtesy made him ft universal fsvorl’c. His early death will bring Borrow not only to a large circle of relation*, hut to everyone who was ever honored by tls friendship. ON THE DEATH OF C\PTAIN E. LYLE WADS- WORFU. Will he return no more i Ah I no sad home, fur thou art dcaolate; 'TU Egypt's ui-guUh cry, her Ur-t born dead. Then loog not for him by the opening door, Nor think to meet him by tbc evening fire. Nor turn so w isiful at his vacant chair. Nor la God's bouse with me:k form bending low, E'er hope to find him In his place again. Forth at his country’s call the slender boy btcppi-d out into ber rsuk?. an arm-.d man! The blot-and goid without—a hero’s h»art within, Tbc dearuing cannonade, thebmionet’s Hash. The hot shell falling round with hues of bell! Wild shrieks, deep groans, red blood appalled him not. In moving cloqui ecc bis actions said: I lire, m> country, or 1 die (hr thee I Re perished, not in battle, but disease Left her Injected arrow in his breast, 'those ar-siant rankling? drove him from his borne To seek for health amid primeval pines. The young deer inew him In their green retreat. And wild birds fluttered round Anil streams unsung by bard, with spin* music, softly kDsed hi? teet. Mid the lull bough, heaven’s own blue eye looked down With angel glances wooing him to come 1 But one foe more. And then young warrior Is thy battle done! Down the dsrk vale be went to meet grim Death. The cold damps on his btew, and fluttering heart, When oh ! the wrapt, tnctfab c surprise, Ht<Ml into Sav.or’s ouislretciird arms. To rest forever 1 America beloved 1 receive another darling to thy Oh kingly nation 1 by thy hallowed dead, I charge thee, bear that prophet voice of old, Let no man take thy crown f _ Chicago. March 5,15C7. M. A. W■ C. financial. OYERNBIENT RONDS. CAPITA!*, $1,000,000. Hcrcliants’ Savings, Loan & Trust Co., Southwest corner of Lake and Dcarborn-sta. S. A. SMITH. Prea’L W. E.DOGGETT, VlroPr-s’l. L. J. O AGE, Casb’r. CO AS. IIENBOTIN, Asi’t CasU’r. This Bank la now prepared Cu the conversion of Seven-Thirties Into Five-Twenty Bonds of the new Bonds of every description bought and sob*. amusements. jyj" cYICK Elt * S THEATRE. MCViCKEU A MYKUS MANAGERS. LAST WEEK OF UR. I»AN DBS’ANT AND LIT- TI.E MAC. Wednesday, the great drama of SHAMUS O’DIUEN, tbeßonldßoy ot Glcngall. Shamua O'Brien fwtlh srng, “The Green Above the Red.’*> Ur. Dan Bryant. Kit Dorns (with a Ruction Jig) Little Mac. To conclude with the IRISH BAHON. Barney O’Toole (with Irish Jig) Mr. Dan Bryant. Little Mac as the Monkey. Wednesday Afternoon, grand Extra Matinee, for the Benefit of the Doorkeeper, MR. D. R. CURTIS. THE nONEYOIOON. Duke Araoza Mr. B. Macauley. Supported by the entire Company. Essence of Old Vlrglnny To conclude with the Farce of JUMBO JUM. .Capt. Ed. Went jumbo Jam Saturday—Dan Bryant Matinee. {-JROSBY'S OPEKA HOUSE, McWADD A RIDDELL Lrasccs and Managers WM. 6. WARREN Treasurer Unabated success. Third night ot little LOTTA.! Wednesday Evening, March 6th, 1867. the new and startling Flay, In three acts, entitled THE FEMALE DETECTIVE. Lottaln five dlflerent characters, with Songs and Dances. To conclude with the Musical Comedietta of JENNY LIND. Jenny Lcathcriungs, with Song and Banjo Solo, Miss Lotto. To-morrow, IRELAND AS IT IS, Look out fur 1,11 TLB NELL. Lotla Matinee Saturday Afternoon. ■yARIETY THEATRE. Tlili and every evening until farther notice, will bo presented the great One Thousand Dollar Prize Drama In three acts, entitled Tetari the Adventurer; or, The Steed of Modena, Received everywhere in the Eastern cities with ad miration and eclat. Miss FLORENCE TEMPLE Will Introduce her trained steed FIRE FLY, In new trick feats and startling situations. Look out for BELL UPON EARTH. OOL. WO 00*8 MUSEUM, . J. □. WOOD Proprietor Director of Amusements F. E. AIKEN Stage Manager TQOS. BARRY Great Attractions, noon and nlgbt. This, Wednesday afternoon, at tbs Grand Matinee, at if past 2 o’clock, will be prrfermid the great Ledger drama ot tbs HID DEN HAND, received with great applause. In the evening, at a If before 8, the new sensational drama ot the HUGUENOT CAPTAIN, produced with splendid scenery, costumes, novel machinery, decorations, and a gnat cast. To conclude with the roaring larce of the TWO BOLTS. Friday, Mr. Ihoa. Barry’s Benefit. MAN AND WIFE Is In preparation, with a great cast.' FKQ7ES DEEP and DANGEROUS GAME,soon. TTTONDER OF WONDERS, and Na- V V tore unveiled, at the Branch ol the New York Museum of Anatomy, only. Imporlant Lectures dally. Those unable to attend may receive them by enclosing 10 cents and addressing Secretary of Museum, 96 Kandolph-it. Malt Dee. JUST ADDED. The Celebrated Little Ocrtn, At tbe Branch ot the SEW YOKE MUSEUM OF ANATOMY Metropolitan gymnastic CLUB. An adjourned meeting of the above Club will be heldatthelr rooms In Elnzlo Ball onTlmrsdiy even ing. March »th, at half past ? o’clock. An attendance of a i the members la desired, as there Is business of importance to traniset.

TiTinEgat:. T>URB 1 CIDER YTVEGAR, Warranted pure, and topresfrve pieties. Largest works of thetltd 1c the United States. w •■ . - CHAKLE3G. B. PBUSSINQ. 339 and 341 Stat&BU. Caicaro- Educational, T ASFT-L FEMALE SEMINARY, I j AUBTJBNDALB. MASS.. Ten miles trom Boston. Pour year*’ Classical Courts. Frecch. Mtnic, Painting, prominent. Caretm drill In all Eogitsh Branches. Spring term begins March 3lsl. Mumjjjum.WK.nni. CHis , w . CDsmHo . isoacmng. "DOABDING—Two or tour young gen- X) tlcnen or a gentleman and wUh can be accommo dated with rooms and board at 143 Wabash-ar* If applied for <w,mwn»wiy. DOARDING—A tew gentlemen can find r> a good opportanlty to practice the French lan* guaee,by ta*lnr their board in a flnt-e'ass French family, at 204llUnolast. A few day boarders can aiao be accommodated. DOARDlNG—Qnodaccommodationsfbr is two Rsntiemeo and tbdr wires or tingle gentle men. at 3SB fast Waahlngton-st. Also, day boarders wasted. =• "DOARDING—Two gentlemen desirous ■ J cl a comfortable home, excellent board, with a large Item room, in a respectable family. Hying on Waoash-av., not far from Post Office. references repaired. Address*o."P.O.Box 1330. BOARDING —Furnished rooms suitable lor gentlemen and tbeU wlvsa, or single gentle men. to rent with board, at 74 Jackson-sU, two clocks sontb ot Post Office. DOARDING—A fine parlor lo let with 11 board, on first floor, In good brick block; also a large room and closet oo second floor, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or the two might accommodate a small family. Deferences exchanged, at 363 West MaaiiQE-tt. IJOARDING— A gentleman and his _> wife, or a lew single crntlemcn.cai be accommo dated with board and pleasant rooms, at 81 Adams st. Also, cne or two day boarders. "DOARDING—One handsome suite of IT' rooms will be let toseiher or separate, with Urit board, for a B*nuetnao ami wife or single gentle men. Apply at 397 Michlgan-st. "DOARDING —A pleasant front room, fl with one small room adjoining, with board, may behadatNo.<i:{Thlrd-aV, where the comforts ol a home may oe enjoyed. DOARDINQ —Fora lady who can como fl well recommended, and will room with another lady, can bo had wltMn two blocks of the PostOfllce,at <3 .to per week, by addressing “A B," Tribune office. "D OARDING—In a private family a for- D nlsbcd room suitable f»r a gcntlemsu and wife or two single gentlemen with board, at 53 South Qreen-st. BOARDING —Front room tor rent with board, furnished or unfurnished, suitable fur two gentlemen or gentleman and wlte, at 37 Plne-st, cor nerofOhlo. Reference required. BOARDING —Comfortable rooms and good board at moderate prices at 118 Stste-sL, one clock from the Post Office. BOARDING— A lew day boarder and toems for gentlemen at 34 East Washlngton-aU DOARDING —Neatly tarnished rooms. 1 Jwlth first-class board. In a private family, at 170 South Cllnton-st. BOARDING —Two tront rooms, to ac commodate gentlemen and wives or single gen* tlemeo.at 157 South JeffersonsL, one block from CUnton-et. cars. Terms moderate. HJoatb aSKantrtr. DOARD —By a single yonng gentleman, O with furnished or nulonJshed room, between Eighteenth and Twenty-sccond sts, and east of State. Address 11 U A H,** Tribune office. BOARD —By a small tomily tor the summer, commencing about Ist of April, at some point cn the Chicago Sc Milwaukee Railroad, not below Wauketrar.or on the Galena Road at Elgin or this side. Would take a tarnished honse. Satisfactory reference given. Address Chicago P, Q. Box 0423. BOARD— A young gentleman desires a pleasant room, with board. In a pllvate umlly, on the West Side. Address Box 197. Post Office. BOARD— Two youmr men desire a per manent home in ft private family. West Side pre ferred. References exchanged. Adams “T U," Trib une office. *DOARD—And nicely furnished room. Ij in a private family, by a young gentleman and bis wife. Wot Side deferred. Addtess.ataUnz terms and location. ** U.” Box 2306. JFov gale. FOR SALE—At Kankakee, 111., on the Illinois Central Railroad, a stock of hardware and tinners’ materials. The owner wishes to retire from business, on account of ill health, and wilt lease the store lor a term of years. There are six rooms above the store, and a good basement with three rooms. Located in the centre part of the city. A rare chance fora party with some means. For further particulars address ’•Pan." p.O. Box 111, Kankakee,lll. FOR SALE —At the Lake Tunnel—One fO hone power engine and upright tubular boiler, one 20 horse power engine and upright tooular bolter. OuelShoiee power enginejandapngnttabular holler. These ciuldlo and boilers are new, have been In use but a very short time. 31,125 leet T rail, welshing 33 as. to the yard. 1 large tan for ventilation, M. M. Alden's patent, built cxpre-sly for this work. 3 fit c, well-broken j oung mules. 3 pumps and 3 seta Improved hoisting apparatus and gearing. 25 cars, capacity I cubic yard. A large, lot of tools. A lot of timber and lumber. Also, the buildings, ibcds, outhouses, Ac., connected with the Lake Tunuel- A lot of cast and wrought scrap Iron. IIOU. A GO WAN. Contractors. Office, chore shaft Lake Tunnel. F)U SALE—The tow-boat “Fiancis Usher,” of about 300 tons; 20-ltch cyllnd;r, Gfect stroke. Aim. two locomotive engines, ot 20 and 21 tons: 4 lectßji inch gauge. C. T. FRANCIS, aup’t. No. 1 CUy Building, at. Louis. Mo. FOR SALE—Set parlor furnilure and one secretary, wardrobe, largo lot books aud pic torts, bed tr.d and bedding, clothes, window shades, mnrbb-tcp table, larccnnd small mirror. wa?h stands, lint racks, lacccurtaim, trunks, clock : also, ono smill sate; all for sale cheap. Apply at Room 21 No. 132 South C’JnJk-et. FOU SALE—At onc-lhml onjrinnl enpt, three first-class ptmllncs—Virgin Mary. Joseph and Son. and South View of Rome, executed by the best artists In Home. Must be soi-t, the owner being compelled to part with them under pecuniary dlthcul tics. Apply 6. S., Tribune office. FOU SALE—Two hundred ban els Ohio apples, choice varieties, at 13 State-st. Just re ceived by EATON it COOK. Commission Merchants. T?OR SALE—Or Rent —Houses and lots JT In all parts of the city. Call at our office It yon want to boy, rent or sill. 130 south Clark-su, room trOR SALE—S2,OOO worth of merchan- X 1 dl«e to trade for 80 acres ofllliuMs Und and cash. “B,” Box 41-1. F)R SALE —At the Cbicfigo Driving Park, second-hand’umber, consisting of board?, Joists, scantling, etc- all thoroughly seasoned. Also the buildings known SB “Floral Hall’’ and “Fouth Anplthcatre.” Inquire ol C. A. FORaYTUE, on the grounds. FOR SAIJ3 —A newly patented tug and propeller wheel, having very saoerforadvantsge*. A sure furtnee to the rlznt man. Last year's sales be fore patent issued, very satisfactory. Cal* lor parilcu lars onS. W. ska, Fancy Goods Bazaar, IQ lClaak-tt. P)R SALE—76 numbers (complete) of Duvcknlck’s History ol the War for the Union Illmtnued, bv Cnappel. Snb»<'rlptlnn price |l9—wl'l be sold lor (15. Apply to VV. 11. STICKNEY, No. 17 North Clark-sL, at 3 p. m. FOR SALE—Patent tight, an article useful In every family. Raving purchased the right on Hathaway Magtc Match Box and Self-lighter, In the Slates of Illinois, lowa. Wisconsin. Indiana and Ohio, we offer lor sale, State and county rights on said patent. No competition. Small capital and prefitst remunerative. Apply to ALLIN & POS TON. Wo. 2 Smith A Nixon Building. gjttaaeb anfl Stolen. OTRAYED—Or Stolen—llo Reward— O On tho'-JSib of February. a larjre red and white Cow. with large born*, about II years old, and elves some 10 qnarta of milk per day. The above reward win be paid for her retarn to US6 West Adams-st, ISAAC H. HOLDEN. CTOLEN —From Thos. F. Buckley’s O stable, at s.ll West Tarlor-f t.. a email bay horaa. ffianog. TO RENT—Pianos, Organs and Melo deons; also, new and second-hand Pianos for sac on time payments, received in Installment?. W. W. SIMBALL. 63 Waehtnctoa-ftt. auction Sales, ■yy iL A. BUTTERS & CO., Auctioneers & Commission SJerchant* 44 A 46 BANIIOLPII-BT*. Between State-st. and Wabash-av., Holdregular sales, at their salesrooms, ox DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. BOOTS. SHOES, AC., Every WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY. FURNITURE, CAHPEfS. Ac., every SATURDAY SALE. Fine Custom Made (Nothing, Arc. AT AUCTION. .On WEDNESDAY. March 6th, at 9j< o'clock, at Bat ters’ salesrooms, 44 and 46 Kandolph-st. Tlie stock consists of abont (30,000 worth ol the best class of Custom Made Clothing, C>olhs and Famish ing Goods, being the entire stock of a merchant tailor. Bale positive, without reserve, for cash. By order of the assignees. Wll. A. BUTTERS & CO- Auctioneers. .Little Mas, QAA PIECES ALL-WOOL CASSI- OvU MERES AND BROADCLOTHS AT AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY, March Cth. at 10 o’clock, at Bat ters’ Salesrooms,44 snd4H Itandolph-st. WM. A. BUTTERS & CO- Anct's. QTAPLE dry GOODS, Prints, Mns kj Uns, Flannels, Jeans, Stripes, Cloths, Casdlmcres, Yankee Notions, &c M AT AUCTION, On Thursday, March 7, atOW o'clock, at Butters’sales rooms, 44 and 46 Uandolph-si. WM. A. UU i tERS A Co., Auctioneers. JJANIEL SCOTT & CO M AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 164 cor* LaHalle, Chicago* Cash advanced on Merchandise consigned for side. Out-door sales promptly attended to. J3I. REYNOLDS, Auctioneer, • _ „ 127 DKAituORK-ST, Fells, at 1123 Indiana at* ON THURSDAY, MARCH?, AT 10 O’CLOCK, Bonssbold Furniture. Brussels and other Carpet* Mar ble-top Tables. Chain, Tables, Bureaus, Crockery, and a general assortment ot flnt-claes Fomltnre. OJLBERT AND SAMPSON, VJ ... General Anctloneers. 47 and 49 Dearboro-st. We shall sell at Auction. at onr Salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearbprn-au on WEDNESDAY, March Cth, at 10 o'cloclr, a largo and bcantllul collection of STUFFED BIRDS, Preserved by Ur. J. B. Galbraith, of New York. The Mllectlon embraces a largo variety ol the handsomest Birds trom the WEST INDIES and SOUTH AMERICA, arranged on sprays and under glass shades. This bcautißil collection will be on exhibition on Monday until the sale. GILDERf A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. (GILBERT & SAMPSON, \JT General Auctioneers. 47 ana 49 Dearborn-81. New afld second-hand Furniture, Piano, Cabinet Organ, Etc., AT AUCTION, On FRIDAY, March 8, at ID o'clock, at our salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-sL, consisting of a general as sortment ot Household Furniture, Plano and Cabinet Organ. Also, a very auparlor asiortment ot Chamber and I'arlor setts. Including a large assortment ot Par lor, Diningroom and Bedroom Furniture. GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auctioneers. O.ILBEET & SAMPSON, VjT Library of about 300 volf. miscellaneous hooks: also, 5 gold watches, at auction, on TUESDAY, March Bth, at 10 o’clocK, at our Salesrooms, 47 and 49 Dearborn-st. GILBERT A SAMPSON. Auctioneers. jptotjtjuUttetg' jHeetiwg. "\T ORTH WESTERN GLASS COM- PANT. At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the North westers Glass Company, held on tne llth day of Feb ruary, ISE7, it was ordered, that a meeting of the block holders of aald Company be held at the office ol tbe Company, No. 348 South Water-et„ Chicago, On Saturday, March 9lb, 1867, At 2 o’clock p. m., at which Otr e and place a proposi tion will be submitted to said meeting, tbit the capital stock ol saKLCompany bo diminished to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. N. LUDINGTON, J. FaKR. Jh_ J. ÜBDILL. , A. P. KELLEY. W. H. KRETSINQBB, P. B. SUUiiWAY, M. TALCOTT. Directors. ioato fHills, 35nginc«, &c. rj>HE LAUD A iiODLEY Portable Circular Saw Mills, PORTABLE STEAK EKOIHES, Shingle com Mills and Eh ailing. Wood- working Machinery. LANS Oc BODIiKY, Comer ot John and Water-sta., ClhdncaU. Applicants lor descriptive circulars will specify the machinery they acid. BSDel4pxsa ®s &ent=»ouses. npO Ret4 T—Two-stoiy Dwelling House X He. MB New berry-«t- near C. B. AQ. 8.8.. In dSlm ot FEBBY * bom, west and DgMomtaat. Bridge. T) RENT—The two-stoiy and base ment marb'e-Iront Boose. No. 508 West Lake at* Donttngoe Untoo-park. CalataaiFulton-sL, lor particulars. rrO RENT—A new Collage, with ten X rooms and all modem Improvements, at 114 North Paulina-rt. ' TO KENT—Cottage house No. 335 Ty ler-st* corner Ccutre-ar* Are rooms and closets, water in Ms#*!—, inquire ot C. J. gnaws, earner AcSama and Canatata. rpo RENT—House 110 Sontta Sangamon* X at., rent f» a month. In advance. 3. w. SEA, lo4cum-tt. rro RENT—A tarnished house, with X modem Improvements and In ntee repair. In qube at the floor. 923 Michigan-av* nnt In the row sooth ol Twcnty-flUhit. . rpo RENT—Neat house, 801 West Mad- X Ison-st, 1 rooms, gas, water and hath room, la nermet order. Possession Immediately. GOOOWIL- Ll£ A CO* 163 Madison, corner LaSalle. RENT—Two-sloiy house, fire l rooms. Inquire at Ko, 8 South Aan-st* cor. Ban- Iph. Beat <35 per month. r PO RENT—An elegant and commodi- X. cos residence. Large, beaotUol grounds, barn, all modern Improvements. Kent reasonable. Posses* slonimmediate. T.ti.BELFIELD A CO* Boom 10. Post Office block. TO RENT—On Michigan-av., near Jackson-st* a handsome residence, with fnrnlture or sale, possession given at anytime. Apply at 101 South Clark-st. TO RENT—Furnished honse—A desi rable hou»e, fu robbed throughout, In a choice ocatlon on theNonh Side, for six months or longer. Bent <lls per month. Address P.0.80x 230. TO RENT—Cottage house No. 325 West Monrooet. Bent <25 pet month. <305 worth ol miDltarc for sale. XO RENT—Honse, 1122 ImUana-av., and furniture for sale—B rooms, only <3O a month, cheapest bargain over ottered In the city. Will be sold at auction on Thursday, unless disposed ol before at private sale. For particulars. Inquire on the prem ises, or at 137 South Dearboru-sL TO KENT—A honse on Monroe-st., near Clark, suitable fbr a orat-class boarding bouse— rent low-wim furniture fbr sale cheap, for particu lars, call at 433 State-at. RENT —Furnished honse. Apply X at 346 Cbicago-av* between 10 and 13 a. m. Possession given Imtncaiatcly. 'T'O RENT—Font tenements, 2,4, 5 and 1 6 rooms, cheap, in advance. Inquire at 340 Bubbord-st* west cl Elizabeth sC ISent—lSeotns. TO RENT—Twenty separate nntor nlahed rooms, at 17 North WcJs-«t. TO RENT—A tarnished room, suitable lor two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, at 178 C Inton-it* between Adams and Jackson-sts* cheap, j RENT—A tarnished tront room, X clOMt and stove, soluble lor one or two gentle men: also, one single room, famished, without board. Terms very reasonable. Reference required. Apply at 77 Jaekson-at. . 'T’O RENT—E'umlslied lodgings, wrth- I out board, to gentlemen only. Pleasant room*, with closets and gas. kept la order to rent on reason able terms. Apply at 35 Mlcblgan-av. r PO RENT—Pleasant furnished rooms I and one front room, suitable for gentlemen, at M26x Btate-st* convemeat to boalatss. TO RENT—One or two rooms, furnish ed, three minutes’ walk from Post Office, with gas. Apply at 89 Adama-at. TO REI^T—A furnished room, suitable for one or two RcnUnm'D, one block from Pos umce.atfipcr week. Apply at 9a Adams-st. TO RENT—A tumiahed front room, at 83 Ttilrd-ay. TO RENT—A double, back room, on Dearborn-al., and furniture for sale low to meet liabilities. Call at 99 Madlson-et., tbr particulars. TO KENT—A room on first floor, suit- I able for gentleman and wife or twogoetle-nen. Will be vacated last of present weft, at 266 West Randolph, corner Sangamon. Good references re quired. TO RENT—Three pleasant rooms ou the West Side, lor housekeeping, to two persons only, of tidy habits. Apply at 209 Fultoost. TO RENT—Three rooms, No. 128 West Bandolph-st. Inquire In store. r f , o RENT—And furniture lor sale, 1 cheap. Room 29, No. 114 Dcarbom-st. Call between 7 and 8 this evening. UnU-Stcrcs, ©tstss.&r r T , O RENT—For a term of five years, a J wtll-fnrnished hotel, wllli large yard and barn, sufficient lor 30 horses, sheds, Ac., situated on Statc-st„ b*tween Twentieth and Twcuty-nrststs.. Known as tbc Washingtrn Qotcl. to a good tenant, who Is wining to purchase the fixture* atm furniture. No others n-ed apply. Inquire at IG4 Randolph-sU, Hocm 3. LEON SfRADS & CO. T O RENT—Desk room in a central front I office. Desk furnished, if required. GOODWIL LS! & CO., 1412 Madhon-st., corner LaSalle. TO RENT—Dock property, on the South Branch, on long lease and liberal terms, suitable for coat. lumber and wood yards, or for tnauu lacturing. GLO. V, BYRD, No. 100 Randolph-**.. Room 8. THO RENT—A basement room, suitable .1 fhr a barking office or Insurance bislne»s,l2bv fo feet, located at 12(1 Washlceloß-st., opposite Court Rouse, with large vault, water, gas. etc. Apply to JOHN SCANLAN. on the prcmHta. TORENT— Store No. 144 Madison-st. Possession given at once. H. O. STONE, 107 State-et. rpO RENT—From May Ist, the tbree -1 story and basement bnck building No. 10? btnte-st., reserving one room. n. o. STONE, 107 State-bt. TO RENT —The new five-story and basement brick ctore. No. 86 Mlcbiean-av., 30 by Liifeet, Iroutlng west on Michigan, and cast on Cen tral-ovs., tlnlshtd complete, and ran be occupied oy two tenants. WASHINGTON SMITH. XO RENT—The Fplcndid store and basement. No. 33 Lake-st., cor. Wabash-av, ly to GEO. A. TRUMAN. 33 Lake-st. TO RENT—Store 100 Monroe-sL, two dcors west from Post Office, excellent front, water, gas. vault, Ac. HentflOO; fixture* (JOO. Apply at 167 Soatfl Ciark-sL TO RENT —To Bakers—A store 55 Bine Tsland-av., suitable for a bakcrv, with bouse over bake-shop, bam. Ac. Aoplyto33 Blue Island-ay. sS2aattte»--®o JXent. TX7ANTPD—To Rent—By a prompl- V V paying icoaut, a small cottage, or six or seven rooms, cn tne Soutb side and coDvcnfenl to the Tribune otiue. Either furnished or onlurnlshcd. Address “L E G," Tribune office. \^7ANTED— I To Rent—3 or 4 Rooms V V on the Snith Side, north ol Harrison and south ol Cardolpb-st.. by a man and wife without children. Addnst, staling localkn and terms, “OWE,” Box 3033, TXTANTED—To Rent—For a young VV lady attending school, a pleasant room aim boaid, with a privateCimUy. Address "A C L,” Tri bune office. TXT ANTED—To Rent—A neat dwell- VV lng. containing abont 8 roams, on the South Side, between Clarkst. and Wabash-av. Parlies bar. leg such and desiring a gord. prompt paying tenant, wtil address D. UNTnRMEYEB, 109 Lake-st. TXT ANTED—To Bent —A luinished. V V room In some public building. with an enhance from the street. Address J. H. WILLIAM** Drawer 6319- TXT ANTED—To Rent—A small bouse V * or rooms suitable for housekeeping for a small family. Mast be within ten mlnates' walk from the Central Depot, and moderate rent. Address “BF a," Tribune office. \\T ANTED—To Rent—House suitable V * for small family. Muatbe near tbestrect cars and wtthfn twenty mlnates walk of pistjofflee. Mast contain pot less than eight or ten rooms. State rent. Address P. O. Box I?Q4. W 'ANTED—To Rent—A furnished house tor ft small tomily Immediately. Addrae “J. P.,*’ Trlbone office. \\f ANTED—To Rent—A Store near V V the corner ol Clark and South Water-ats. U necesr ary.possession need not be given uufl May Ist. Ad-iress “CUE," West Side P. <3~ stating terms, lo cation, etc. TXTANTED—To Rent—A small House, V V or 4or 5 rooms soluble for housekeeping, con venient to business. Address, stating location and terms, PERKINS BROS., 67 RandolpU-at. WANTED —To Rent—A House suita ble lor a boarding house. Would buy some furniture. Afldrtes WEBBER A WILSON, Boom 18 Reynolds* Block. TXT ANTED—To Rent lmmediately, V V by a prompt paving tenant, a cottage of 4or a rooms. Address, slating terms and location, "J Q E," Tribune office. TXTANTED —To Rent—A furnished Y v single room. South Side preferred. Refer ences given. Address "R.” Box 430, far two days, sutlngterms. partners ffliaantgb. "PARTNER—Wanted —An enereetic JL man. with S3OO, to take a half Interest In an es tablished business, paying s large profit. Apply at SPEER A BEO.’S. IQT Sooth Clark. "PARTNER—Wanted—A man acquaint- JT ed with the lumber business, with trom 13.100 to (10,000. Address P.0.80x 2050. PARTNER—Wonted— Competent to X . take charge of and run a carriage manufacturing puslncss in a thriving city on the Mississippi River. To a man who can put In a few thousand dollars an opportunity Is offered to st«p into a well-eslabllshsd business, running 90 hands. An energetic, reliable middle-aged man more of an object than the amount ot capital. Best of references given and required. Address "CARRIAGE MANUFACTURER," Tribune office. "PARTNER—'Wanted—A person with a JET cash capital of |3,d00, to encage la themenatso tnreof an article to which a fortune will be made. Addreas •‘ALLEN." Tribune office. PARTNER—Wanted —With from SBOO X to 11,000 to encage in a Commission business In provision and produce. A rare chance. No risk to ron. Address ”L S B," Trlbnna office. Chicago, HL PARTNER —Wanted—With a cash cap -1 Ifal of |20,000 to *30.000 to enter a basinets well established. An active business man preferred. In* quite of T. H. BELFIELD & CO., 10 P. O. Block. PARTNER—Wanted—ln a profitable JL boslnwa requiring from three to five thousand dollars capital. T. U. BELFIELD A CO., Beal Estate ■Agents, 10 P. O. Block. PARTNER— Wanted—In a drag and grocery store In a lively manufacturing village In Wisconsin. Capital required, *5,000. Undoubted reference given and required. Address for three days, “M. P. IL," PrlggA House. PARTNER—Wanted—ln a good, esiao- X lished busliees. Only |?to capital required. Ap ply to JONES. BUNDY A TAYLOtt, No. 13 Melho diet Chmch Block. gorges, Carriages, Sec. "XT'OR BALE—A span of bay mares in X 1 loal, close matched, 6 and 8 years old, sound every way. weighs to-day over 3.000 pounds. Apply to or acdr.ss J. M. WATTS, 173* South Water sL. Chi cago, m. F>R SALS—A top Buggy,nearly new. Can be see aat 379 Wabash-av., in bam. Price T?OR SALE—No. 1 family Horse, quiet I and sound. Trot In three minutes. Apply at 1143 Wabash-av. 1?OR SALE—A pair of black camace A hor-ca, young and sound. A second hand family carriage, also a single and doable silver plated bar ness, will be sold altogether or separately. Address P. O. box 1930. F}R SALE—One pair Morgan mares, tlx years old, weighs 1,100 pounds each, and as fine unvers and as good steeds in harness as any In this country, at 164 West Laco-st. \\T ANTED—A good family Horse, har- VV ness, robe, blanket and buggy—a top buggy preferred. Apply at 46 upstairs. T?OK SALE—Two good horses and one X fine young mule. Will exchange fbr lumber or coal. Apply at 34 and 36 West op stairs. • iloet anb jFounfr. LOST —From 280 Illinois- st, on Tues day afternoon, a Black and Tan Terrier Pan, about 8 months old. Bad on, when last seen, a Ger man silver collar, with two nvet boles, bat no padlock attached; answers fc> tbe same ol ”Oyp." Bas no hair on under aide ol neck. A liberal reward will be paid on his return to the above number, or to 93 Washing to n-st. T OST—On either Huron or North Li State-et, a coral hoop ear-ring. The Onder will be rewarnedby leaving It at 339 ladlana-st. Heal gatate-gttg.. infsoru. FDR SALE— By 'Warren & Goodrich— As elegant manSs fronton Mlchlg*n-av., sear T A C two£iory house, and lot. No. SBB Wsbaah-sr., n A* twoeiory 'and biS cm ect brick bouse north of Twelfib-st. ... A commodious brick hooso on Hichigaa-ar., be tween Twenty-A{lh-«adTweoty-*iiih-sm. w • . Hcuse and. tot. soutacaat corner ol WabatMT. ana Hamoa-c3urt.lot4exKireet. , , 1B „ . , Honaeandlet, snjjinlig do. south, lot i&xaO feet. residence; No. 414'Wabaih-ar.. near Hob bard-court.- • - .. A desirable throe stonr brick house, northwest cor ner Jack*oa-*t.*ad Wabaahar. . . M A valuable feur-Hory store onSouthW*teMk,No. 33. Nos. 886.888.890 and 899 Mlchlgaa-ar. Also, Nos. 1124 and 1130 Indiana ar„ between Twenty-fourth and Tweniy-QUh-at*., with large, lots, bams, etc* from HSOO to |w»o eKh. Bach on easy linns. Two new bouses oa Wabash-ar* Just completed, a little north of Twcnty-ulLth-st. Lota 36CM each. each, If taken at once. Nos. ISIS and 1 A three-story brick building. No. 131 Fourth-ar,, at the merely nominal price of A two-atory brick bmltUng, No. 183 do., 0n1y13,000, on liberal terms. «r House and lot. No. 39 Thlrd-av., tA3CO. Aneiesantbouseln Cottag: Grove, with large lot 100 leetaquare-a beautiful place. _ House and lot. Ko. 40 Monroe-at, lot 33x109 feet. Also,numerous houses and lota In the North and WeitJjlTiaiocs,at>ow prices and on easy terms. WAR BEN A GOODRICH, Beal Estate Brokers, 123 Dear bom-et, Boom 2. F)R SALE—By Arthur & Boyden, Real Estate Brokers, 210 SUte-sL, _ two story and basement brick oa Wabash-ar., and lot for less than co»c. A desirable residence of ten rooms, water, sewer, cat. and lot, on Wabash-av.. for 13.500. On East Adams-sL, two sluiy house, ten rooms, for t&O. No. 357 West new collage, six rooms, wa ter sewer, gas, and lot, lor 13.000, and Its a. decided bargain. Five two story houses on Twenty.fiftn-aL, in good order, with lots, all for SS.OOO. Collage on West Msdl»oa-st.. now renting tor 130 per month, with Ibur years lease ol ground, all tot <650. T7OR SALE—In J. H. Reeder’s Real Es- JL_ tate offlee, 129 South Clark-sf: Four story brick building and lot ou Elorie-st, near Ruib-sc: cheap. Store, with dwelling above, on South Clark at, be tween Hamson and with leaso of lot. Only *I3OO. Five two-atory framehouses, often roomseaeh, with brick basements and lots, cn sear lisy-st. Two-story house often rooms and good vegetable cellar, barn and lot 30x125—0n Warreu-aL, near Union andbtsjmcntbrick booses on JeCenon park. Tvo-story brick house of nine rooms oa lotSSxioo oa Foarth-ave. _ Cottage and lease ollot onPeorla-st., near Yaoßoren st.: cheap. Cottage and lot on Pearaon-eu, North side; cheap. *2,600. Also, a large number of cottages and large houses and lots la various parts oi the city. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es tate Agent*, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new frame houses, ol debt rooms each, water and gas, marble mantels, and lots No. 663 and 6&t West Wash ington-st., near Lincoln. TTOH SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real C Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two nearly new two-story and basement brick booses, of nine rooms, hot and cold water, water closets, bath, marble mactels.etc M and lots on Aeam>-«t_ between Throop and Loomis, fronting Jefferson Parc. Fried *CJCO. Trraa of payment made easy, F}R SALE—A desirable brick boose, with modern improvements, marble mantels, good cellar, barn, Ac. Baa 11 rcoms. no basement. Inquire on the premises. 178Thlid av. F)R bALE—To lawyers, doctors, cler gymen, bookkeepers and professional men—Three vi ry genteel homes, with gas ant water and all mod em improvement#. Noe. 1238. 1240 and 1242 Pralrie-ay. The lot* arc 29x180 to a 16-font a'ley, with good barns. Also, first class bouse, 1230 Prauie-av., with lot 50x190. and all modem Improvements. Also, dit twe-story bongo on Wabasb-av_ near Twenty* elgbtb-st. The above will all be sola cheap and on good time. ELLIOTT ANTHONY, 77 Dearbim-st. TTOR SALE—By A. C. Stcdman & Co., JL: Boom4,Cobb , «Bolldlngl28 Dearborn-st. HOUbES AND LOTS. OnMlchigon-ar.near Artams-st, stone front, (33.000. On Wabash-av. near Slxteenth-st. east front, one third down, balance on time, at 8 per cent. Price, *20,0(0. on pralrle-ar, between Twmty-attb and Twenty sixth-eu, new, at a oorgaln, *X3OO. Ccttagc and lot on Asytam-place and Orchard-st. E 00. BOUSES ON LEASED LAND. CD Ftate. near Monroe-sL, (900. No. 333 West Lake-aL, elghtyeara* lease, *2,000. On Prairle-av, near Twenty-nloth-st. On Thlrtlelh-flt. between Michigan and Indianvav. On Thlrty-flrat-st. between Michigan and Imllaaaav. Al 9 and lota mail partaofthe city. F}R SALE—New house on Pcoria-st., backoflhecborch,coinerofWashlugtoa-flt. Ap piy onpremises. T?OR SALE—House and lot 53 South C Green-st- between Washington and Uadlson-sts. Housecomains 10 rcoms, besides bath room, closets, marble mantic, gas. sewer, etc. Possession given May or immediately, by taking part of furniture, which win be offered at reasonable prices. Apply at 1(13 West Lakp-Bt TTOR bALE— X! RESIDENCES. TTwo two-story and basement bri'-fcand frame houses on A new and handsomely f-irnlshed dwel ling on Pralile-ave., ccarfSlxteenth having a fine view ofthe lake; 117.C00. Brick bouse on Calumet-avc- with lot 400 feet deep. One otlhe finest residences In Cblcsgo. Two-stoty and basement brick bouse. No. 20 Wll lord-place. This house b&sjust been thoroughly paint eo ana U In excellent repair. Framehonseandlot,No.Bll West Lake-st. Easy terms. Frame boese and lot on Fulton-sL, near Bcnben-st.- (S.fOO. 'l7 ree frame dwellings with good lots on Icdlana-st., between Stale and Rush 813. cheap. O. S. UUBBABD, Jr.. 33 Dearbcrn-it. FOR SALE—A nice cottage and lot. Boose well built and In perfect order, 5 ro*>ms, water In klti-ben. Ice house, new cellar and other enn venlenccs. LotvUxidO. Call and ace tho premises, 110 Wtst n*ar MHwaukee-av. T7*OR SALE—Twohoufesand lot?, $1,250 I? each. large and desirable, in Kenosha, TTu. Ap ply to a. Y, PKANDE, Kenosha. Wls. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new teat frame bouse ot clgbt rooms, water and gas, bath, Ac., at No. 35 Adq-st., bet seen Lake and Fulton, T?OR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Es -1? late Agents No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a new two-stcry atd bn«emcnt brick house, ot eleven rooms, modem Improvements, and lot with barn, on Wabash av. tear Twentlcth-st, 170 R SALE—At a exeat bargain, small C heure acd lot, on AsyTum-place, comer of Or ebard-at. Must be sold. Icqnlre on premises. J7OK SALE—A cottage and barn on t 1 leased lot, clone to street can, cheap. Apply on the premises. 43 Plerce-st. I?OH SALE—A well finished cottage a 1 containing 7 rooms, pantry and closet, with lot TOxlfti n. Price J 3.300. Inquire on the premises, No. 333 Fulton-st. Not for rent. EOR SALE—The elegant residence cor ner Wab&Jh-av. and Pcck-conrt, No. 411 Ws i-av. The hon els first-clase, with all the modem Improvements. The lot Is TO feet front on Wabash-av. by IC7 ffect deep to a3O feet alley. Half or more of the purchase money on time. If desired. C. B. HOSMtB. 110 Baadolph-at. X?OR SALE—A splendid two-story and X. basement brick house, with French root on West Monroe-BL, W fbet Irani, with furnace, bells, speak ing-tubes, bath room, 4c. U.C.MOBEr* CO., Beal Estate Brokers, 8 Metropolitan Block. I7OR SALE—A two story and basement JL hense, No. 83l}< Park-av., with 9 rooms, sewer, Ac. Lot 22VX125 fcei. Price KSOO-H.OOO cash, bal ance l, 2 atu 3 years. Possession immediate; title per- JjeL Also. tho two adjoining bouses. Nos. 231 and game price and terms; possession Msy Ist. These bouses are new and In good oraer. between Hoync and LeavUt-<t«. WABREN A GOODRICH, 123 Dearborn-st., Boom 8. TT'OR SALE—Or Kent—A first class X lhrce-«tory and basement brick house, with all modem Improvement*, and brick ham attached, alwut three blocks Horn State-st. bridge, on ttjeNorth bide. Apply at REES & ATEES. No. 10 Crosby Opera Home, or 249 lliinotut. VNIMPBOVB9. T?OR SALE—Eligible business and resi -1 deuce property, in the three divisions of the city; also. choice tracts ot land In and adjoining the city. T. WRIGHT. T. LYMAN.Agent, 17 Portland Block I? OR SALE—Fonr corner lots and nine . irside lots on Sangamon. Peoria and 6re a one house and lot on Green-st: two 3A feet lots on Green-Bt. T. F. B:LDWIN, 104 Bandolph-eC FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, lots suitable for manufacturing purposes. CO by ISO lect on Fnlum-su, near Union. 92 by 100 feet on Mlcblgsn-su hear Market. W py in) feet on Canal-8t„ near Harrison. TO by 190 feet on Adams-at„ near Market. FOR SALE—By G. 8. Hubbard, Jr., 53 Dearborn-su. Boom 3. BUSINESS PROPERTY. Three story and basement brick honso and lot, 26)fx 91’lect, front on Dearborn Park, on Washlngtou-st, in p* rfcct order and repair. 40ftet on State-st. north of Vaußuren, 35 feet on Clark-st, north of Monroe. TOO feet on Clark st, north of Van Boren. 98 feet on Uooroe-n. near Post Office. £0 feet on Madlson-et, near Wells, with brick building acd u frame houses. Brick store on Dearborn-st. 6u feet on Washington-st, east of Franklin. f?OB SALE—lmproved city real estate A In tho West Division. Also suburban property, a bargain in five and ten acre lots. J. H.BELETELD A CO„ 10 P. 0. Block. F)R SALE-By G. S. Hubbard, Jr., 53 Dearbom-et_ 100x180 teet cn near Twenty-second-st. 100x180 feet on Mlcbtgan-av., near Slxteenth-st. 6SnBO feet on Pratne-av., near Etshtcenth-st. 100x360 tee t cn corner Twnjiy-Dfih-flt. 100x180 feet on Wabash-av., comer Twenty-hfth-st. Lotsfrontlngpn Union ard Jefferson Parks, Reuben, West Adams, West Madison. Fulton, and Carroll-sts., comprising some ol the most eligible building sites in tbe West Division. FDR SALE—A fine property in the Ashland Second Addition East of lioboy-sL, at prices below tne current rates. O. S. RUBBAHD, Jr_ 53 Dearborn-st. T?OR SALE—Thirteen acres on West I? Lake-el-one-balf mile beyond the limit*, and a number of block* suitable lor subdivision In tae West Division. Also a large list or ontsldo property, at very lew prices. G. 6. HUDBABD. Jr., 33 Dear* born-st. jHactinetg. 17OR SALE—Three 8-horse power np r right engines; six horizontal engines, 8/1C and U-bone power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 12, ts, 16 and 20-horae tubular and locomotive boilers for sale, best make. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery. Iron planers, belong, laws, files, Ac. Machinery Depot, 09 Pearborn-sU, Chicago. GREENLEE BEOS, ft CO. l?OR SALE—Portable engines and boil r era. 10 to 20-borae sower, at very low prices, by QBIFFIN BSOSh 116 LaSallost, opposite Chamner ol Commerce. |?OR SALE—A second-hand Buckley 1? folding machine—ln good condition. Price, SIOO. Apply to the TKIBUHB COMPANY. T?OR SALE—Portable engines, station* f ary and on wheels, 10 and 12-horse power, on hand and tor sals at low prices, by THE PESHTIGO CO-, North Water-eL, North Pier. FOR SALE—H. M. Ames" portable and stationary engines, from 4 to 35-horse powen also, Pntxam Machine Co.’s tools; two 12-feet bed W- Inch, twolo-fl»etb«l2oand 22-Inch, one 8-ftet MM J®* inch, cne Meet bed M-lnch swing; a U screw-cutasg engine lathes; three nprl-ht drill*, two Iron plyerit. bolt cutters, saw mills, shingle mills, two Woodworth planers and matchers, Farrar’s me, hose, files, Ac., 4c. C. L. KICK ft CO., 19 and 21 Dearborn-st. X7OR SALE—Woodworth Planing and J? Matching Machines of different stylreanf sizes; one 21-tnch Snr&cer; a InU saaor t m ent ° f-J as 0, Door and Blind Machinery, Moulding Machines, Wood Lathes, Scroll Saws, Bepawing Machines, Saw irbora, a. • *i(o, machinery for iron work—Engine StK». Planers, Upright Drills, Marrlmaa’a Patent Bolt Cutters, Davis’Fatort 801 l Headers, Bralnard’s patent vises—all at manufacturer*’ prices, might ad ded*° Ctirnlare , seDl on application. v MEBRUIAN ft WSIQBT, 14 Well»st. F)RSALE— A superior low pressure engine, 30-Inch cylinder and 4-fcet strike, tn splen did running order, with shaft 9 inches In diameter and fly-wheel 20 fret, welching about 7 tons. This esgite isof fufflcleutcapscltr to drive the largest elevator, and Is particularly adapted to a mill eaptbleof making 400 barrels of floor per day. We offer the above at the low price of I7AOO. Fortnrthsr particulars. ItQolre ot DATEB. WHALING A CO-State Mil 8, Chicago, or. yupßhKY, bTEVENS ft CO., Milwaukee, Wls. FDR SALE—A new first-class Portable Engine, of 16 or 18-borse power. Will be sold at a great sacrifice. For further particulars Inquire at Room 4, Lind’s Block, corner Randolph and Man et ■ts., Chicago. Personal. ■PERSONAL—Wanted, some person to X adopt a beautiful little girl, one montn old. Sat isfactory references given. For canicular*. Inouru at 283 South Clark-st. T>EHBONAL—Two young men ol pleas- X log address desire correspondence wl'.a any arnn- Serofyeooe ladles. Object, fun a-d tmpfoyemrat. Address GUT CABLINGTON and HENRI LE MONT. So mo as ox, 11L Kaaota-tfiale Self. BMEillflUt lUMMSto* TXT ANTED—An energetic man with YV AlfiO to <SOO, to mxag* ia a money making butt* sett. Will bear strict investi atlas. Aonly at 194 South r>»tt-rt.. Boom 3. Crom » a. m. to 3 p. m. \\r ANTED—A yonng man who is YV thoroughly acquainted with tbe book, news paper sad periodica) business. Apply at 81 Dear oom-st. i • TBAOEB. IX7ANTED—3 coppersmiths and 2 YY brass flalibeta. at FUIXAGER A SMBEtU’S Brass Foundry, cctaer Random -aad Dcsplalom-sts. JSantei-female &tlp. BOOSB ÜBTARISi XX7ANTED —A middle aged Girl to take YV. charge of* child* year old. None need apply but those who hate bsd experience and ere well rec oamqided. Apply immediately at 333 Oclo-st. TXT ANTED—One good (Jock at Cattle W Fair Hotel, Union Stock yards. IX7 ANTED —An experienced and VV thoroughly competent Nurse, to lake cxroot snUlant. Good city reference* required. Apply at 640 Mlchlgan-ar. XX7 ANTED—A girl to do geneial housc- VV work In a smaU family. OnothatlsweU qual ified and can com* well recommended, can make ap plication at 64 Clark-sL, from 10 a. m. tofp. m. on Wednesday. f TXTANTED—At 1206 Wabash-ar., a Y V good cook, washer and Ironer. Also, nurse, and ona that can run a Whselsr Sewing Machine. W/ ANTED—A competent girl to cook, VY wash avd Iron, In a small private lamllr. Ger man or Norwegian preftrred. CaU at 43 Barrtson-«t. near Wabaih-av. IX7ANTED —Immediately—A good girl W for dining room work and a good cook, slusl bring city references. 309 Mlchlgan-ave. Come .to kp^mentdoor. XX7 ANTED—At Palace Hall Restaurant. YY 153 Dearborn-st, a flntandseoondcookand dish-washer. XX / ANTED—A first-class girl .to cook, YV wash and Iron, wait on the table. Ac. To a good girl good wages will be paid. Cali, with rfiler encca atllONorthDearborn-Bt. WANTED— Immediately—A girl to print at Brand's Art Gallery, lOSLako-at. WJ ANTED Girl Competent and VV willing to do work. Preference given to Irish girls, inquire at No. 4 Waahlngton-st. XXT ANTED—Immediately, a wet nurse. VV Apply at SC7K Mlchlgsp-av. \\f ANTED—A good, reliable cirU who V V uederstends general housework, fsr a small femllyon Wabash-av. Irish not wanted. References required. Apply at4nLaSallMt-np*lalr*. Smpitifflnent agents. XX/ ANTED—This day, 100 men to work V V on gravel and construction train* on Rallrcad. Good wages paid. Fzee transportation. Apply at Boom 4. \\T ANTED—Young men in the r couu* VV try wUblcg to obtain situations, aach as book keepers. clerks. collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex* pteston. to apply at Boom 13 FnlWton Block. 92 Dearbom-sl- or address J. M. MOO HE & CO-, Box 1707. encloaluc 10 cents tor fall particulars. l l/ANTED-S assistant bookkeepers, 2 VV salesmen,! conductor. 2 braksmen,l fireman.! porter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Apply at Room 13. Fullerton Block. 92 Dearborn-st, Applicants or mail address J. hi. MOORE & CO- Box 1707. e:closing 10 cents for reply. . _ fflJHanteiß-iKlgceUanwiis. TAT"ANTED—IB,OOO to SIO,OOO worth of VV bools and sboea.cJotblnff orgrocarlea, for which will be paid store and lot, *3,100, bringing in *330 rent; |2 CCorealestate bcnda-brinclnglalO per cent; *LSW cash. Address T. EDWARDS, Box 1606. \A/ANTED —It sold low, a News and V V Stationery Depot. In a good location, or whrre the custom la remunerative and permanent, and capa ble of extension- Address 133 North Claik-at. WT ANTED—A good second-hand ten- VV passenger omnibus. Narrow track preferred. Address p. o. Sox 315. Qshkcab. Wl». \\i ANTED—To lease lor a lenn ot ten VV years, a building 50x100; one suitable for man uCanturtug purpose*. Address **J B C,” t»ox 1737, V\ /' ANTED—Every one to call and cx- VV amine WICKHAM’S BUPOLAB ALARM. State, county and city rights for sale- Terms to suit all. Also, single alarms tor a«le. Can be sren In op eration at our office, 133 Deatoora-sU, Boom 11, op stairs, Chicago, ill. TTTANTED—Scwinx Machine. A good VV second-hand Grover A Baker’s with 07*8. stltrb. or Singer’s Improved. Address Immediately, p. Q. Box 353. Chicago. Wf ANTED—Good girls, with referen- VV ce*, for cooks and general housework. Ap ply to Mrs. WIHTTJKER’S office. 22« Chleago-svc. TXTANTED—Two German or Noiwe- V V glan sir’s, onecompelent to do general house wort and the other as nurse and second girl. Apply »t 275 lodiana-Bt. \\f ANTED—A small stock ot dry VV goods.groceries, or aoliuos. Will pay psrt cash ard balance gotxl persona) property or real es tate. •* Vf H.” box 41tf- TXTANTED—To trade merchandise tor VV s horse andbnsgy.orwtiltroae a new Plano lor the same. ”H,” Box 41-1. TXTANTED Everybody wants it! VV Gives periect satisfaction, or money returned. Free from bnmbug. Sample sent tor 4tc. Address A. R. JAMES & CO n care Box 3-tw. Fort Wayog. Ind. TXT ANTED—Eveiy one to know that VV we have (frost prof-n. Storage lor 10.000 bris. GEBBTE.DANFOBD.Js., Boom 2, No. 4S South TXTANTED—To invest, bj~a and V V steady man. *1.(00 In some good paying busi ness, in or out ot Chieago;or would loan that sum where hla services would be available. Would not object to keep books a part of tbe time, but active wot kla the object. No patent rights agency need ap ply, satisfactory references given. Piea-e state kind of business, and address H. DUNBAR, Chicago b». O. VAT"ANTED—lmmediately, a lew eood VV LUe Insurance Solicitors, to whom very'libe ral inducements will be oiferei. Experienced men preferred. Apply, 10 to Ig a.m. and 3to 4 p.m.. at Boom 7, Mercantile Building- TXTANTED—A man with two to four VV thousand dol'ars to Invest in a cood manufac turing business. Call at 2G North see ood floor, between 8 and Hi a. m. and from 2 to 4 p. m. TXTANTED —To buy a two-stoiy irame V V House, store front preferred, to be moved (on the North Sloe). Apply at 21GElnxle-»t. FDR SALE—A saloon on the level wibt the stmt, near the Post Office, cheap rent. Pay* Ing f!5 per day. Must be sold on account rf dlfficnlrv tor (SCO. A good chance tor soao man. Call at State-st. . "TXT ANTED—I -want to buy an interest YY In a good paying business, dry goods preferred, as I have had tenvesra’experlencelaFbUadelphla. Address ’•GEORGE,” Tribune office. TX7ANTED—lllinois and lowa lands— V Y We wish to purchase a few thonrand acree of unimproved land at a low figure for cash or its cqnlva. lent. No swampland wanted. DICKENSON A WEB STER. 98 WasUngton-st. XXT ANTED—At A. J. Mills & Co.’s YY BReal Estate office, 130 South Clark-st, room 7, he uses in all parts cf the city to rent. \\T ANTED—Furnished room with two YV bedsandparlbo«rd by two gentlemen. Dl rect letters “A. G.," Tribune office. V\/ ANTED—Every one to know that YV we have an article that tells everywhere. Something new. QuieK sales acd large profits. Calf anasee It at 130 South room 7. Huslnesg etianeee. FOR SALE—Valuable Mill Property— One among the best steam flouring mills m South ern lowa, containing three run of four-teet burrs, en gine and boiler la good order, merchant and custom bolts cf the best—no better in o«e. The mill is all Is good repair, and In a good location. Water and tael in abundance. For further particulars, address WiL SHARP A SON. Fairfield, lowa. ’ FIR SALE—Steam flour and gnst mill, cn easy term*, CCW’ doing a good custom and local trade, situated at a railroad crcssiuiiP Indiana. For caU npon or address aANCHETt si ?2t BONNET, No. 8, or J.T. NOTE, No. US Manefreh, Chicago. FOR BALE—A steam sawmill at Green Bay, WU., In perfect and complete running order capable of sawing six million feet of lumber during iheieasomandacmlrablyl oca ted fbr the handling an shipment of lumber both by railroad and lake—raL road running past the property, and a good dock on the place, with all conveniences for shipment by lake In addition to the mill, there are between three and five million feetfof logs on band, ready for Immediate oprratlcn. The whole for sale at low figures. For terms and further Information, address or Ineulra W. A. MOWRY, 106 South Water-sL, Chicago. FOR SALE—At 121-2 per cent discount, for cash, stock of dry goods, ready made clothing, hats and caps, boots and shoes, groceries, crockery ana glassware, wine, wine plants. For particulars, call on or address N. A. EATON, 104 West Twelflh-fIL, Chi cago. IU.. for 30 days. T7OR SALE—A macniflcent hotel for 4 lea»e, and all the furniture, complete, for sale — doing a first-rate burlness, located on the Mls-'iulppl River. An extra chance. Inquire at 147 South Wa ter st.. Chicago. TT’OR SALE—Cheap, a first-class treat* J? and pastry bakery. Teams and everything com plete,wlth an old established trade often thousand dollars per month. Address “P. B-," P, O. Box bi Chicago, HL FDR SALE—Hotel, desirably located, having from 50 to 60 boarders and trom *0 to 100 transient guests. Bulk logs, tarnitnre, loti, yards and stables for 913.0C0. Address JOHN W. MEBBITT. WUatagtoa, 111. FDR SALE—A confectionery store, do ing a good business, will besold cheap. Apply to a. GOWEZASSB, 174 State-st. FOR SALE—Lease, stock and fixtures of a well established boot and shoe store. The owners having gone East, will sell cheap. Capital about nine to twelve hundred dollars. Inquire ol DBA BBOWN, 28 Mllwaukee-av. 170 R SALE—One of the most public r and best located saloons la the city, lor one half once, as the owner has other has Iccss to attend to. Inqnire at No. 87 Sooth Clark-st- In basement. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate A cents. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two nearly new two-story and basement brlctUbouiee of 9 rooms each, hot and cold water, water closets, bath, marble mantles, and lota, on between Thrcop and Loomis, fronting Jefferson Park. Price, each* Terns of payment made easy. FOR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents, No. 4 Metropolitan Dloc», a frame noose of 10 rooms, water and gas. No. 320 Warren sc, near Lincoln. F)lt SALE—One of the best floor, feed and grocer; stores lo the city. For particulars, address A. X„ Tribune OCtce. |7OR SALE—A warehouse and eleva- J 1 tor, eighty-five miles west of Chicago, one of the best locations for grain buying In the State. A. C. BBOWN ft CQ-. 128 Lake-st. FOR SALE—A grocery store on the West Side. S3AOO, Including borso and wagon. Address “T W,” Tnbone otfice. FOB SALE—The stock, fixtures and good will of • first-class book, stationery and news store at South Bend, Ind. This Is a rare chance, in a live manufacturing lo»n of 8,000, about 100 miles from Chicago* Apply to J. H. WALSH, corner Ma/ll son and Dcarborn-ats., or address T. M. SQERRIFf, Mies, Mich. T?OR SALE—HaIf or whole interest in P an established ladles’ and gents* restaurant, un dergoing improvements: will soon be one 01 the moit elegant in tbs city. A business ot several tnonaand dollars per month can be realized at large profits. Caa bepnrcbasrdatoce-thlrd less than any similar prop erty. ms the parties are confined to other business. GILBERT ft BEN EDICT. 138 Boom 9. FDR SALE —Stock goods and fixtures, $6,000 to @,OOO. or exchange for real estate In or near city- a. W. SEA, Fancy Goods Bazaar, corner Clark and Washington. F)R SALE—ss,ooo—Ktve thousand dol lar will buy the stock, fixtures aid good will of a very desirable grocery bosineas. excellent location. In beat business portion of the city, cash trade, retail anojobblcg. Am going into wno.esale exclusively. Address P.O. Drawer 5H7'2, giving real name and where interview caa be had. 6 FDR SALE—The popular btJliard hall Of Lafaj ette, Ind., situated In the new Opera and rost Office building, containing mpr Millard tables, together with am tmes, and a live years’ lease- D® l ?** fSS’SZSJiiX. to $:o dally. R-iwn fbr nn For further particular*, arid/fc-s OPERA BILLIARD HA IX. Bor 34.-S. Law etts. lad. TTOR SALE—One of the best located r ulocus In the city. *b» SJ, Ibr oae-nalf price, a* OTa nSnwr haa other Bo*la*u to attend 13. Inquire of SS%SiS ft bbSIdICT. 13-5 Clart-sL. Room?. FOB SALE—The stock and lease ot a roner grocery. A good chance for a man with a jleaoltal. Inquire at the store, corner Maxwell and Waller-SM. OR &A 1E —Parties desiring to pur ebase an Interest in a good paving mosle bou«e In Chicago will pnaae address ~MualC,” Tribune office. |7*OR SALE—Hotel —A new brick four- X story hotel. Lease and tornlture Ibr Bale. AU new. about seventy rooms. In one of the best business clues oa lbs Mississippi River. Wisconsin aide. For further particulars call on A. O STEDMAN. RMm 4, Cobb’s Building, 1 36 Dearbornsk, Chicago, in. Sttaaiums asunms. aiLsm QITUATION—AVanted, by a man who kJ onderstaada gardeclnr and tae cafe *t bona*. Good raerenec. Address “MMc,’’ 113 North Cla*k- QITUATIOS—Wanted. by a German, ‘ L_7 as coachman and to do general work tki bouse, man EngUihtamlly. Address “ L T. n Titbuae ofllco. QITUATION —Wanted, as bookkeeper, O by an experienced accotraUnt,wuo was lately dis rngaged in that capacity. Undoubted nty references givee. Address **J K,** Box !294.rMi-« g o < QITUATION—Wanted, m a wholesale Oor retail business. UsdaretsadsSermaa,a&dhas bad several years* exaerlcnce m Mcmes*. Waxes not so much clan object at steady employment, cur ref erence giTßi. it required. Address “G K,” Trtnuns office. QITUATION —Wan r ed—By a young O maa 54 years of see. Inabniiceas bouse, Wbers Sc can make himself generally useful. Has 13 years bud nets experience m Philadelphia. Can furnish reference. Address **C E.** Tribune office. QITUATiON —Wanted, in a store, as O salesman, or any capacity where by apnllcatwa and industry permanent employment and lair salary can be secured, by a married man who has had expe rience to the grocery, clothing, and cana r furnishing trades. City resetences given. Address, fbr six days. T. CATN, care F. O. Box 17. QITUATION —Wanted, by a youngmar- O ried man, la a Publishing boose or Insurance ot fice, or as clerk, copvlit, or accountant. Addresa W. L. WALTON, care Enamell & Annin, 198 Staa-sC QITUATION Wanted, by a youbg k_l man. in the butchering basinets; one who under stand the cutting up in a llu branches. Apply at SOD Twenty-Uftv-it. B. DORMAN. FEWALBB, QITUATION—Wanted— By a, young O lady, a homo in a prirato family, where I caa teach drawing, music, and the eumrnon EadUh branches. In lemaceratioa for the same. Address ** MISS E. C.” Tribune office. QITUATION —Wanted, tor two girls, O cnrtodocockangandiheothfr to do second work. Apply fbr three days at 2?1 Hnron-sk, North Side. QITUATION —Wanted, as lady's maid, nurse or seamstress, in a respectable family, by a Prrtestant woman. Please address, staling wages ana particulars. Miss SCB. 337 States t. QITUATION —Wanted, as wet nurse, by Q a young Swedish woman. Apply at 313 Cass-st. QITUATiON—Wanted, by a good girl. O to do housework In a small family. Apply at 42S Lakes:., comer of Reubea. QITUATION —Wanted, by a respectable 0 middle-aged widow, tr taka rbarge of aa Infant. 01 take care of children and sew. Would make herself generally useful. Kest of city teference riven. Caliat 189 near Van Boren. gITDATION— Warned—By a lady, a heme In a private Amily. Understands dresemak and sewing of all kinds. Can use sewing machine. ; tiling to make bersell agreeably useful (or a small remuneration. Best rt reference rfvea; Address, for three days, J. E. WELL, Tnhcne office. QITUATION —Wanted, as second girl Q Apply sc 66 Onto-sU for two days. QITUATION —Wanted, as seamstress O acd up stairs gi‘l. Is willing t'lmake bemlt gu erally nsetul. Apply st 228 South Dwp'-alueast. Hgmts ffiHantrh. A GENTS—TVan ted —To selJ, by sub jt\, ecrlpttoo, a new wore, now ready. THE LOST C AISE. the oolv cOlclal southern history of the war. by Edvard A. Pollard. of Virginia, la one largo royal octavo volume of nearly SCO pages, and containing more matter than any 1,200 paced history now before thepubde. The wort U meeting with an imstnue aale. Over 20,000 ordered In advance of publication. The Peoria Democrat says: “in many respects It hi* no equal In American history. It wit be on the shelves and read by every scholar and historian.” N. p. WH'Js said: “Ills In fhet both an epic poem and % drama— the grandest epic ever written upon the grandest drama ever acted.” No intelligent, right-tmukicgman. what ever be his politics, can aflort to be without this work.” An agent In Bock Connty. WU- writes: “I havejust received prospectus. and have already token flvesubscTlbers." Another: “Hare called on toerper sons and sold three books.” One agent’s commission for nice honn’canvass was over *6O. Another sow 120 in two weeks. Another 43 In three days. Oar term* are nowhere excelled. Addrea*, atonceX. W. LILLET, Publisher. 20 Reynolds’ Block, Chicago. lIL AGENTS —Wasted—To ecu a new work Just l»«ued, ••Farragnt and onr Naval Com manders." or “OUR NAVT DURING THE REHEL LION.” By the wotld-renowred historian, Hon. J.T. Hkxdlxt. The only work on the navy now published. Comprising popular biographies ot oor natal heroes, acdacomplce history ol naval warfare, from tta origin up to the present time. On a largo volume, handsomely Illustrated on steel. No work ever pub lished is receiving higher commendations from the press. In connection with this work agents can take orders for nve of Headier ’* standard worza of our own EUbllcatioos. Our term 1 * are nowoere excelled, erd for circulars riving particulars. Address C. W. LILLET, Publisher. 20 Reynolds* Clock, Chicago, AGENTS— Wanted—For “ T? OMAN’S WOBK IN TBS CIVIL WAR” This work, prepared under (be sanction and approval <u trie Cnitec states Sanitary Comixissloa, thv Western SaMtary Coranmsiun and the Cnmtian Commission, will be the no?: complete sod Interesting work ot tbe kind published, it will contain sketches of newly two hundred ladies, notice* ef about four hundred ethers, anda Just tribute to lbs thousands of heroic** Those names are unknown. Members of Aid Societies and other intelligent persona are desired to act as - agents. Good. CL-nretlc agents can make from SIM io *l.’or«r month. Address ZEU.LER, McCUBDY 4 CQ„ Lombard Block. Chicago, 111. A GENTo— W anted—Majc ard lemaie JrA to sell anew article la great aemand that every family wants. *4 per daymadewltb-jut lowing home Travelling agents- can make from *5 to #2O per day without interference with other im'ineas. Tee artlc t shows for Itself, samples, with terms and ptrucula-r ot the business, sent for a cents. Adtirass B. W. CHAPPELL. Drawer U 533. Chicago, IIL AGENTp —Wanted—To engace in tbe salfof "THE BISTORT OF ABBXITAU UN LOLN AND Tilt OVUBTintOW OF SLAVEBT.” It cne vol. octavo, cf 7J6 pages. By Bon. I. MT. Arnold over twenty yean i ccnfldentlal friend of Mr. Lincoln. This importai' work was unaettaken three years ago with the ap proval of Mr. Lincoln, and Is just Dined. It is al ready «e - llng as rapidly a# tt® publishers have b*»i able to fill orders. Tbe first edition sold in twent* days. Fcr full Cacnptlon, opinions of leading paper and men, and term*, address tbe publishers, CLABKI <t »Q and 82 washlngtoa-st.Chicago. 4 GENTS—Wanted—Experienced first class canvas»ers. and ladle*, fix SKINGTON’S PRAYER AT VALLEY FOROH; n new and mognlhcenW steel engraving; price, S3A3 Ess peculiar rrecommendatlons which cause it to > admired by every American, of whatever sector party Agents everywhere are meeting with unparalleled sacr cess. Publishers’ hignest commission given. Ad drets. 3. H. BoYPEN. 73 Clarg-aL. Chicago, »»- AGENTS —TV anted Gentlemen an* ladle* throughout the United State* for on new Book, “LIVES ofthe PRESIDENTS,” from Wg»k Ington to Johnson, by J. S. C- Aboott, the rreit blab mn. Complete in one large volume, superbly ll’m Mated with steel engravings, among which are pxt Malts of the seventeen President*, bstUei scenes, eh This is tbe only workef the kind yet oobHsbed. an atlords to experienced agents a rare opportunity t make money with a splendid book, andno compec tloD. Exclusive lemlory and publishers’ highest can mission irtTcn. Books readv for delivery now. S. t COTDEN, 73 Clark-etl, Cb-Cozo, 111 ~ A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a dar. Ft teen anlcle3 1" Agents. O. T.'GAftSl Blddeiord. Maine. AGENTS —Wanted—500 Asents wan’ ;j cd In a new business. H. B. SQAW, Alfre* i; Maine. II A GENTS—W anted—sl2s per tnnnt* acd rmenfjr*. Address BBAW A GLARE SEP ING MACHINE CO M uiddelord. yalna A GENT&—Wanted, everywhere, to st; i XX Patent White Wire Clothes Linas. CaamaVei' j to |3O per day. Addrraa “Metaiio Clothss Lin» Co.. 98 Seneca-st.. Cleveland, A GENTS—Wanted—For the very nor ■' XX nlarbcok “WOMEN OP TH WAIL” Bv fnr. J Mcore. handsome volume, beautifully Ilia > trated, one ot the moat interesting bpoksolll < Ladles aj well as gentlemen are having gier r Pieces* selling this work. For an agency call on« j address R.C.TREAT. 117 South .Clark-BL. Chlcag- ; A GENTS—Wanted—Both male an |- XjLlbmale,to sell our new Prize Stationery packac - 'I Sell* readily everywhere. Agents make Bom eight «| ten dollars per day. Send stamp for particular* • jt J3IGBT A CO., Kcom 87 Beynclds' Block, or D< I 2038, Chicago. ■: Agents —wanted—with $5 to si !i capital, tor a desirable and permanent i: Baking bnslnrrf jat home. Energetic agents a -i Cleartrom S4O lo(6ooerweek. No compemtoa ai .1 no risk. Ladles, gentlemen, clergymen, teachei » lancers, mechanics—everybody having spare tire ll call on or address, with stamp lor papers, R. WA 1 ELL, 47 Lombard Block, Chicago. jj A GENTS—Wan led—ln every TowiV sTrr *SJ P Clergymen. Teachers, btuden tj and Ladles who tan dorote all or a part or their tis ■! to the work, to act as agents la a newaadpayn (I business, tryit. Send stamp for fhlilniormatlo l- B. A. CAMPBELL, 331 South Clark-st., Chicago. I) *1 4 GENTS—Wanted “ The Pictori i! POOR OP ANECDOTES AND INCIDENTS C f WAB. Warranted the most attractre, w ihg book one Pays largest profits and gives lx satisfaction when dedvered. Agents make «30 to ti .! Per week, as we witl prove. Address SIODDAI ' « A GENTS—W ante d—Benevolence.-;! XX. Samples lent free. Recommended by flnt-cla M newspapers and leading citizens. Ad absolute neci'! slty to every Intelligent man of woman, and can l sold by any person. Address, GOODSI’EED iCI i 148 sL. Chicago. > Ural Sstatr—©aunttg, j FOR SALE—In the city of Waukega 13 large, fine brisk residences—ample ground roo: good barns, water, and everything in fiae eondlllonl beamtfUl homes. Frame hense. 2 lots, on Gnnd-ar. Frame honse acd barn on UUI-st. 4’I«U9 dVUQ UU IWU U4I OUilll. Bome and one acre ol land, on Qrand-av. House and two lots, on Coaat n. Two large new residences, cn corner of Wsshlngti and Wfsttw-, bouse, bam acd two lots, on Geneva-s together with a list ot nineteen other residences, ran Inz from CCOO to tIvAOO. Most of the above booseshv good ceEarr, we)u and df teres, and fruit on the 10. which are 66x132 tot, and are ottered on favorah terms, sod cheap. I have also amt of twenty-one Farms, near Wank gu, with good improvements, containing from SO 310 aoes.'each ranging from |23 lo fSO per acre. A home form cl 81V acres, 3 miles from depot, wl good bnlidlcgs, fences, orchard, timber, Am, |SO » acre, part cosh, balance InlaadSyeors. immedla possession given. Two commutation trains, morning and evening, ball tare. Apply at the Waukegan Best Estate Agency oi O. UNCOIJf. * F)R hALE—lllinois Stock F: r u i acres, all Improved, near Joliet. HL, 30 miles in’-; Chicago, known as tbs **.loces Farm,” valued 1.- *50,000. Mast be sold at a sacrifice to close an eaut* For particulars address MATTOCKS ft MASON. F. <■•- Box 1969. Chicago. 11l- T7OR SALE—A hum ol 160 acres, wifi* r In one mile of a railroad station and 17 miles tro \ Chicago. Wellwat-red,g3odballalngv,over VOfro' trees, and stocked with cows. WQI sell with or wit v out cow*. Also. 6® acres adjoining the above, tn lot to salt purchasers. Apply at 135 Kmaetc. t FDR SALE—Farm—One ot the bc s farms, of 120 acres, tn Cook Count?, situate in tl*. Townot Lyons, 16 ml'esfrom the Coart (loose In O' caeo, and 3K miles from Hinsdale, on the Chicaz! Itnrilrgton 4 Quincy Railroad; SO acres of fine gror; 400 choice beam* anple trees, cbeirles and other irs.* 4c~ school and churches convenient, Anyooewis* log to purchase alarm will do well to t&l*. s It will bear Inspection, and win tn sold at a barrik Apply to A. DORATHY, 53 Pearborn-sL, Boom 6-. Tj'Oß SALE—A fine grain and X 1 farm of about 300 acres, in take County. SO mi:’ from Chicago. _.Pleaty of wood and water. Asply 1 O.A.SFBiyQßg.No.9MsfropolJt»aaioek. j FOR SALE—Four eighty acre tracts 4 choice Cmnlne land In Kankakee Co.; htoh route prairie, soli excellent. Situated in a well settle neighborhood, and within seven miles ot Gardner si] *lou on Sr. Loots Katlroad; one-four'll mile from _ Office; will tell together or otherwise. Can be M chreo ana on liberal terms. S. Q. KAKFOOT ft CO No. 71 Dearborn-st. . J T?OR SALE—Several desirable thru Jj 50 to lOCO acres each; Wto !00 miles from Chlcai* »to |ls per a«re. Also, fine prairie lands; sio to 1. peracre. Nobetter in theWe*t. Well located ne* railroads. J. W. UEDENBEBO, 14 Lombard Bloc’ near Post Office. 1 TPOR SALE— Farm on Galena R. R., or> X* mils fro® Rldott station, fbnr miles west 01 Pei tonics, wsaaes, two booses, a fins bara,Umb«r.H. Ids water, and U one of the best stock thrma In UUto4 wiiiop solo at S3O per acre, ttd Is a bargain. D. < I»gx rsONB,IIB Bandolph-sL. Chlcaeo. 1 FOR SALE—I6O acres good fannir' land, in Delaware Conntv. lowa. It Is la a jr*- BfttiemfPt,7n.iles from railroad and coontr Price saoo. Adcreia IOWA, TrP’nne ogee. ; FOR bALE—Cheap home. Farm Sebastopol. Door County, Wla.; 80 acre«, co>i I boose, stable, large out-door cellar, ISacieaimrror and Ifenccd, 5 acres cl meadow, large mapla snear l chard in running order. Good plare Ibr cetttnJ -’ cord wood. Pilce $9tQ- loqulre at QEOBUS ; FOSS’S, 6CO South Halated-st. , l?OR SALE—IOI-4 acres, in Sec X only lli miles west of the city limits, at abet. Mcrlflce. OnJy*3.oCOlfU«eathlswset.ontbei'iW leg terms— ii cash, balance U a and S years, at 8 i cent lotrrest. or st£oo cash. This la scarcely m l than half what tbc adjacent property Is held at, M. be »old immediately. Title perfect. WABBESt GOODRICH, Iga Dearburn-su Boom 3. i 17OR SALE—Or to Lease —A well c X proved farm of 330 acre*. 20 miles from cl will take part Q. 3. UUUBAI F)R &ALE—3 CO acres of land, fire mU wist cl dry. well adapted fbr cow aiq stock I tarage. sto per acre Easy payments. 401 acres gnoa land, or several tracts, near Mot Statlor oa Illinois Cestrai BaUroaX ih Will Cooz Only sls per acre; great Bargain aW several fsrroa. well Improved, near raUway low figures. O. a. FUSION, No. 4 botlth ft N Building.