7 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Mart 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM WASHINGTON, No Business of Importance in Congress Yesterday. Resolution Offered in (be Senate to Bemorc ibe Alexandria City Officers. -Personal Explanations of Senators inßelationto the Hew York Custom House Frauds, The Republican Caucus Tote to Adjonru from Monday Next, Till the Bth of May. The Impeachment Committee to Sit During the Recess. Chances of tlie Colorado Bill in the Present Congress, Probable Chairmen of the Prominent Senate Com mittees. flbMract of tlie New Law for In creasing Ihe Pay of Army Officers. Appropriations for Western Elver and Harbor Improvements. Present Total of the Public Debt $-2,690,587,289.19. Action of I lie Dairymen’s Conven <i«i at Rockford, Illinois. The Canadians Preparing for Another Fenian Raid. FIIOSI "WASHING TON. fSpccial Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribane.l WAsmsoioir, March G. CONGRESS. Each house of Congress was in scss'on but Lull an Lour to day. The bill for tbe ad mission of Colorado was introduced in ibe Senate, and an effort was unsuccessfully made in the Uouse to get a reference of the Tariff Bill to a new committee. It was evi dent, fiom the temper of both bodies, that there is not yet much disposition to take up general legislation. It Is probable, how ever, that the session wilt lost twelve or fourteen davsfmore, at least, as the Senile must remain to act on a large number of nominations, and the President has said that Lc will not call an extra session of that body. THE IMPEACHMENT QUESTION. The Republican caucus this evening was largely attended, about one hundred and twenty members being present. Mr. Banks presided, and Mr. Ferry, ol Michigan, was Secretary. The session was earnest and lively, but in the main harmonious. Mr. Covcde offered a resolution creating a committee of thirteen, to be appointed •by the Speaker, of which tbe present Judiciary Committee should form a part, to jirosccute the impeachment investigatioe. The resolution passed, instructing the Judi ciary Committee, when appointed, to pro ■cced with the investigation of the charges against the President, and to sit during the recess of Congress. On motion of Mr. Stevens, it was agreed, by eighty to thirty-seven, that when Con gress takes a recess it will be to meet on the eighth day ol M»y. for the purpose of hear ing the report ol the Judiciary Committee acting thereon, a-d also to perform such legislation as may then be uece«sary. The resolutions were then passed—so to ol—to take a recess on Monday next till the Bth of May. The scheme covered by the Covodc resolu tifea was broached in a caucus of about twenty Republicans this morning, Butler being tbe head in in in the cruller. It tailed in this small body, how ever, and the result to-night is considered a most signal defeat for Butler. THE PAY OF ARMV OFFICERS. The following is an abstract of the new law for a l-.rupurary increase cf pay o: army officers, etc.: 5-ecJioti one provides that, for two rears from Juiv Ist, IPC9. all officers below Major General shall be psid an a-ldiiion of thirty-three and one thud per cent to the present, pay nroner, and the pay and emolument of all field and other mounted cGiccrr shall hereafter be tbe same ns the present pay of cavalry oUlcre o! like grades. Section two continues tae present increased pay of private solders for three Tears from Angus! Su, i-w. Section three allows the commutation of rations at cost prices on the settlement of the accounts of all enlistee men of the army, navy nod marine corps, who died while held as prj-oners of war in the rebel State*, orwlrr. having been so held, have died or may die subsequent to release, to be paid on order to the widow, c'-ildrca, parents, brothers nnd sisters. Section fonr repeals the law under which the Assistant Secretary of War wai unpointed. Sccilon five makes pe.'t-ona who served three years as vo'mjtei-r ecrucons or assistant sur geons eligible tor promotion to the grade of Cap tains. Section sis strike* the word white out of all United State* Militia law?. Section seven giver* Post t-hipltin* <lie rank or Captain, and provides t&at. they shall be hereaPcr appointed by trie i*res!dcni, with tbe advice and consent of the Senate, a*id pots a I army Chap lains on the same toouzig a* other army officers, with rcsucc; to tenure of office, retirement, al lowance for reulce and pensions. Section eight provide* that in ary case where persons cni.-li-o to receive payment of bounty un der tbe provi-iea* o; say law ehall make applica tion theicior, or ulu-tv such an application shad be mane by ill•.* proper representatives of sach pen-ons, being deceased, and the discharge of such person has linen loet. it shall be competent for accounting officers to lien of the actual pTOduciicil of such discharge, proof of the actual lor? of iLe fame; and second, any proof of its if see end cnMrnts, icgethcr with proof of tbe idvnaty of »Lc claimant or person dccea-cd. Section nine give- general officers and officers oniherou. rd Lt additional rations for every five years service. nnrußLicAX caucus. Republican Senators -will hold a final em eus to-morrow morning, to arrange the standing committees of the Senate. CE-lIRMAKSHms OF COMMITTEES. Sir. Fessenden positively declines serving again as Chaiiniau of the Finance Commit tee, or even asChaiimanof the new Commit tee on Appropriations. He finds that the arduous labors of the last sis years have ma terially Injured his health, and thinks, more over, that his long service at the head of the most impoitaut committee ol Congress en titles him now to a somewhat easier posi tion. It is probable he will take the chair manship of the Committee on Public Build ings and Grounds, end tbe second place -on some other committee-. Mr. Sherman will be advanced to the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, and Governor Merrill, of Maine, will be at the head of the Commit tees on Appropriation. Mr. Snmnerremains at the bead ol Foreign Relation*; Mr. Wil son, the Military; Trumbull, the Judiciary; Grimes, the Isaval Affair*; Tates, or Harlan, on Territories. Mr. Grimes was pressed to lake the head of tbe Committee on Appro priations, but rclused. AITROFEIATIONS FOR WESTERN’ BIVER AND HARBOR IMPROVEMENTS. The law making appropriations for the im provement of rivers and harbors has the fal lowing among other items: Improvement of the Ohio River, one hundred thousand dol lars ; improvement of the month o' the Mis sissippi River, two hundred thousand dol lars ; bui-ding and operating two dredges and snag boats, to be u:Cd on the Mississippi River, belween Fort Snelling and Rock Island Rapids, ninety-six thousand dol lars ; improving iavsga‘lon at Rock Island Rapids, two hundred thousand dollars; improving the navigation at Dcs Moines Rapids, according to such plan as the Secretary of tVar shall” on the report of the Board of Engineers, ap prove, live hundred thousand dollars ;pro zided, however, that any canals that may be constructed around said Des Moines or lower rapids of the Mississippi River, shall be and forever remain free to the navigation and commerce of said river, and no tolls shall ever be collected thereon. APPROPRIATIONS FOB WESTERN LIGHT* HOUSES. The new law lor building light-houses makes the following appropriations: For Trowbridge Point, in Thunder Bay, Mich., ten thousand dollars; for Mendota, Lake Superior, Mich., fourteen thousand dollars; for Pigeon River, Lake Superior, Minn., fif teen thousand dollars. LAWS I'ROMULGATED. The State Department officially promul gates the Military Reconstruction Bill, and the Tenure of Office Bill, as having become laws by their passage over the vetoes. PAV AND PERQUISITES of REVENUE OFFICERS. An act passed just previous to the ad journment of the last Congress, and approv ed March 2d, makes great havoc In the fees of Collectors of Customs. The act provides that from the proceeds of flues, etc., in curred by violating the revenue laws, la case of forfeiture, of imported merchandise amounting to fire hundred dollars and upwards, there shall be de ducted an amount equivalent to tho duties In coin, which is to be credited to the accounts of the Collector as duties received, and the residue to ht distributed bj the Secretary of the Treasury, one half to the United States, one-fourth to the in former and the remaining one-fourth t-> he equally divided between the Collector, Na val Officer and Surveyor. THE PUBLIC DEBT. P°Wic debt Etatement”show3 the total ** e 52|®*0»58<.25D.19, The amount Jd the Treasury is as follows: £ oln * $107,371,031.12 Carrier 53,255^3337 IJILL TOE THE ADMISSION OP COLORADO. WASHINGTON, March o.—The bill intro duced in the Senate to-day by Air. Harlan for the admission of Colorado is substantially the Edmunds Amendment Bill to enforce the terms of the present. Territorial Equal Suffrage Law of Congress, and reserving the right to enforce it and the Civil Rights Law in the State. The changes in the Senate and House since the last Congress leave little doubt In. the Ininds of the friends of Colorado that the State will be admitted at an carlv day. They say the vote on last Friday cUd not show the real strength of the bill, as there would have been three more votes for, and one less against it, if such votes would have been necessary to carry the measure, making the real strength thirty-two against seventeen. COMMANDERS UNDER THE RECONSTRUCTION n.T A 0 of commandants to the five districts, nndcr the Reconstruction Bill, was considered in the Cabinet yestor t* 2 ?- A complete list was not decided upon, but it is understood General Schofield wUI have the first, including Virginia, and Han the filth, including Louisiana and n^? UInE>rCXTS 0P TlrE "WOOL TARIFF BILL. The wool tariff requires that the Secretary of the Treasury shall select stan dard samples of the wools named and de posit them In the various Custom Houses, it is found that the wool growers and manu facturers are not prepared to furnish these samples, and the Secretary will be obliged to send to Europe for them, and it will bo two or three months before they can be ob tained, and any wool passed the Custom Hocsos. The law is also so loosely drawn that the Department has not yet been able o determine whether it allects (roods In bend. INDIAN* SETTLEMENT IN* NEBRASKA, heiuins of the survey of the southern part of the Omaha Indian Reservation, situated on the Missouri River, in the extreme narl of Nebraska, have been received by the’Com missioner of the General Land Office, show the Ontsiia Reservation has been amced into tbe northern and southern por npas, under the treaty of March Cth. 1805 Inc former has been sold to the United *ial.e, and is lobe occupied by the Wione nagocs, utd the latter by the Omahas. to be msscfsed in severally assigning to each head cf a family one hundred and sixty acres, and to each male person, sxlecn years ot age and upwards, a tract not tx cccding forty acres. White persons are not allowed to reside on thejreservation except such us are in the employ of the United States, without written permission of *- ; e Superintendent of Indian Affairs or Spe cial Agent of the reservation. Theallotment ofiapd to the Omahas will be made for the exclusive use and benefit of themselves and heirs. Said tiacts shall not be alienated by lease or otherwise disposed of except to the united States, or to other members of the tribe. The Executive Mansion was thronged to-day with members, Senators, office-seek ers and politicians. GENERAL LIPPINCOTT who was recently elected Doorkeeper of the Horse of Representatives, will not make any changer of Importance among Ills snbordr rales until the close of the present session. Meanwhile, somr- of the employes arc striv ing to be retained, while hundreds of others are making applications for appointments. NOMINATIONS. An hour after the Senate adjourned, the Private Secretary of the President brought to the Capitol a large number of nominations, principally postmasters and army and navy officers, for the action of that body. It is calculated that three or four hundred vacan cies under the various branches of tbe Gov ernment are to be filled before the adjourn ment of the senate. INFORMAL CAUCUSES. Several private conferences of the Repnb licaumembers of tbe Douse were held to day, at ore of which Generals Butler and Logan were present, advocating, it is said, the appointment of a special committee to pursue the impeachment of the President. The Ohio delegation had a conference to day, but the subject of their deliberations is not known, further than It referred to what business should be transacted during tbe present session. The New York delegation at their confer ence recommended mat the Impeachment question he referred to a special committee u» be composed of seven members, and the late Judiciary Committee, and bo returned to the present House. The views of these several parties will be urged upon the cau cus to night, at which it will be deter mined whether the standing committees shall now be appointed, or whether this stall be dote only alter the elections in the Northern States shall have been held. The probability is that the appointment of com mittees will be postponed, excepting a specially instructed one on the question of impeachment. PROBABLE LENGTH OF THE SESSION. It is lire opinion of members that this session will not continue more than a week finger, aid that a recess until May will be ;akin; but as to this there cannot beany certainty ut-ril this caucus decides. DIPLOMATIC. 2ne'V 1 ork, March 15.— Tho Iferald pub *;shi6 a circular from Secretary Seward, cated Dc-.tmbor last, inviting Spain and the South American republics to unite in a Pe-.ce Conference at Washington, April ls f , ;;i d suggesting that the President be an rimmed to appoint some neutral power as umpire for thearrangemont of the differences r* spi-ciing international laws and courtesies, wLhoul, however, interfering with terms upon between the interested powers. It is stated that the Chilian Government will confer with her allies oefore accepting the * Topoalrioi), but it is probable it will be finally occupied. ■* CON GW LSSIOSAL PROCEEDINGS. Wastti Kcxox, March 4. SENATE. Mr. RAMSEY presented a petition for the inprcvi-rucnt. of the Minnesota River. Mr. HARLAN presented a ]>etUion for an appropriation for the erection ot a post of* tieu at Keokuk. Ordered to lie on the table until the committees ure formed. Mr. RAMSEY introduced a resolution call ins on tne Secretary of the Interior to com municate a copy of tbe report of Brigadier General Simpson on the Pacific Railroad and its hranchcsr Adopted. Mr. SHERMAN called up the resolution trem the House for the appointment of a joint committee of three Senators and three Representatives to revise and fix the pay of officers of the two Houses. Agreed to. Mr. ANTHONY introduced a concurrent resolution to continue tbe joint committee ou retrenchment. Agreed to. Mr. ANTHONY introduced a resolution to add to the Standing Committee of the Sen ate, the Committee on Appropriations, to consist of seven members. Agreed to. Mr. DOOLITTLE said : Jlu. Tiiesicent: On Monday evening a news paper waa placed in my bonds in widen 1 find a report of a committee of the last House of Repre tenlatives. submitted by Ur. Halbard, of New York, which demands notice at my bands. 11 mis me with surprise and indigna tion. Without any notice to me, witbontcal'inz ou me for any explanation, this report by inference, and not by direct charge, by icnemlu, not by positive averment, endeavors to create the impression that 1 received or agreed to receive 55,ti00 or tome other pecuniary or other profit ft om Mr. fcmvibe. Collector of tne port of New York. This charge, whether made directly or by implication, whether sought to be sustained by prod orinaecdois absolutely and unquali fiedly fcltc, aid from whatever source it come?, I pronounce it a ba*e falsehood, a vile and cowaiuly slander. 1 go farther, sir, and ray that in the hundreds and perhaps thousands of cased in which, during tbe ten years i have beec m this body, my recommenda tion has been sought and obtained, there Is not a single Instance in which any kind ot pecuniary consideration of Hie value of one rent wa* ever expected or received, directly orindirectly, by me. I Lave yet to see that man on this earth who would dsre to look me In tbe luce and make fuch tn oiler. Upon this and all otter mat ters 1 am ready to meet the most reaichlsg scrutiny. So much for myself. Bat my dnty is rot yet done. The good t.sme of my son ha* b-.cn callo-l in question on this subject. I prepared a statement to submit to the -cnatc, bnt as 1 am told the 'esllmony is not -.11 published 1 shall therefore withhold it. Mean time 1 will only say when the truth is fully known there will be found nothing to icflect on his char acter as a soldier or as a citizen. Mr. PATTERSON said: ifr.lUjiEirixr: in locking over tbcpapcrel see Ism Involved ic the same charges that ire made again*! tt>c Senator from Wisconsin, that of baving j rccivdd f5.tX.-J from Mr. Sa;ylhc. I will dis j.Ofe Ll'ihls question la a verv few woids. There is no direct charge made.* it is an intended choree. All I have got to say isll is falsc-fakc In its crsrge. lake in its intentions, lalsc in its isn cndr.ts. lutvcr received a copper from Mr. Su-yihe. If the Senate will permit me to say so, I vlll t oj it is false ns bell. Mr. IIARLAN introduced a bill to admit Colorado, and gave notice of a bill to con struct a Xiiililaiv aud freight railroad from the Mississippi Kivcr to the Atlantic coast. Sir. HENDRICKS introduced a joint reso lution construing and giving effect to the joint rcrtlulion lor the relief of the State of Wisconsin, as passed In 3504. This resolu tion passed theSenatein February, butfailed to get through the House. Mr. SUMNER, according to previous no tice. Introduced a bill to provide a republi can form of government for tbe late rebel lious States. It provides forthc re-establish ment of civil government on the basis of loyal voters. Ordered to be printed and to lie on the tabic until the committees arc formed. Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill increasing the fees < f Marshals and Clerks of the United Stales District and Circuit Courts 50 per cent over the present rates, and for other purposes. Ordered printed. Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill to pre scribes oath to maintain a republican form of government, which prescribes lhat every person in any State except Tennessee, lately declared to be in rebellion, shall before he shall he allowed to vote or hold ofiicc, take oath or affirmation to maintain a Republican form of government in the State of which he is an inhabitant, and in the United States, will rccaguize the Indissoluble unity of the Republic, and discountenance all ef forts to break away or secede from ihc Union. That he will give his influence to sustain the national currency, and dis countenance repudiation of the war debt of tbe United States and payment of the rebel debt, or any claim for loss of slaves; and to discountenance and resist all laws makin" distinction on account of race or color. He will give his support to education and the diffusion of knowledge in the public schools opeu to all aud any person. If he luisify such oath to he deemed guilty of perjury, uud subject to the penalties therefor and ren dered incapable of holding office. Ordered to lie on the table until tbe com. nltlecs arc appointed. Mr. HARLAN Introduced a bill to consol idatethe Southern and Central Indian Super intecdency.and certain Indian Agencies, and create an Indian Supcrintendeocy for the Territory of Idaho. Ordered printed. Mr. WILSON introduced the following, which was ordered printed ; A joint resolu tion, declaring that the municipal officers of YOL. XX. Alexandria hare refused to obey and execute lue laws of the United States; therefore, be Jieioir-fd, «fc.. That the nmnldoal offices of that city are hereby declared vacated, and the persons exercising the authority of said offices or who exercise the authority of the ramo shall, on conviction, he imprisoned for not less than one year and pay a line of cot less than SIOO. Mr. SUMNER called up the joint rcsolu uonin relation to the Paris Exposition, without action the Senate adjourned. HOUSE, .Mr. STEVENS presented the credentials of Mr. HOOPER, Delegate from Utah, who look the oath. Rev. Mr. BOYNTON, also took the oath of office. The first business in order was a motion to suspend tbe rules pending adjournment Yesterday, in order to permit Mr. PRICE to introduce a bill amendatory of the National Corrcncy Act. The bill prohibits banking associations from withdrawing either on ac count of dividends or otherwise, any portion of their capital, and from ranking divi dends greater than their net profits. The House refused to suspend the rules and therefore the bill was not Introduced. T THOMAS presented the petition of J. «• fetewart, contesting the scat of Mr. Phelps, of Maryland. Referred to the Com mittee on elections. Resolutions were offered as follows: By Mr. Brooks, directing the Secretary of the Treasury to make personal inquiries into the seizure of Champagne wines, made by the Custom House in Xbo4, referred to in tho recent report of the Committee on Public Expenditures, and cause all such prosecu tions to be discontinued, if in his opinion the shippers or Importers have not been gmlty of wilful ncelcct or iutention to de fraud the revenue. Laid over. By Mr. HULBURD, directing the Secretary of the Treasury to furnish statements show mg what number of Collectors of Customs Naval Ofljcere, Surveyors, Inspectors of Cus toms, Aids to the Revenue and other offi cers have been removed since the third of March, 1600, and the increased compensation paid to their successors, Ac. Adopted. Mr. WARD, reciting the statement mafic by an ex-member of the Cabiiiut Blair m a public speech at Baltimore, that the testimony given on behalf of the Government on the assassination trials was suborned, and that Mrs. Surratt was convicted and executed without any evi dence ol her guilt, and directing the appoint mem ol a select committee of three to ex amine thoroughly into such charge and re port thereon, with authority to send for per sons and i apers, and sit during the recess. Several objections and suggestions bein" i£ ar il withdrew the resolution. ” Mr- WARD, providing lor a select committee of five to examine the practical operation of the existing law for the collec lion of customs, and to suggest amendments that shall secure revenue to the Treasury, re duce the fees and emolument of Collectors, Naval Officers and Surveyors, and protect Importers from oppression and unjust exac tions. The resolution went over. By Mr. MOORHEAD, referring the Tariff Bill of the Thirty-ninth Congress, with the pending amendments, to the Committee of Wavs and Means, when appointed, without action. Adjourned. FROM SPRINGFIELD. Legislative Clerical Bumlocss Completed -BilU Approved Hill* Fulling to Fomj—Commlssloncrii Appointed—Tlie Internal Improvement Act-Inaugur ation of llie lllmoiN Soldier*’.College— Fo&tponcmcnt of tlie Annual Stale Fair. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) SrnworsiD, in., March Q. The officers and clerks of the Senate and House completed their labors this evening, and will leave for their homes to-night! Overth.ee hundred bills yet remain unap proved by the Governor. Tbe following, among other important bills, have been to-cay signed by the Gover nor: “An Act to amend an act relative to limited partnerships; to incorporate the Pe oria «S:W estern Railroad Company; to amend the act in relation to tbe Illinois'’Agricultur al College; to incorporate the Cairo & Vin cennes Railroad Company; to annul the Chicago Historical Society charter. Among the bills of local Interest which failed to pass at tbe recent session of the Legislature were a bill for an act to enable the city of Quincy to provide for public grounds, and a bill for an act to legalize the two per cent bounty fund tax of the city of Quincy. Under tbe provisions of an act to establish a Home for the Children of Deceased Soldiers, the Governor to-dny appointed the follow ing Commissioners to locale tbe Home,viz: Dr. H. C. Johns, Decatur; Colonel Nathaniel Niios, Belleville : Major James M. Bcardsly, Rock island; Colonel Thomas H. Marshall, Charleston: Major J. H. Mayborn, Geneva, Kane County. The last session of the LegU. Jature made a liberal appropriation for this object, and as soon as the location is made by the Commissioners, the Trustees will proceed to erect tire buildings. Tire location will be made at ythe Jpoint offering the best advantages for the institution, cither in cash or real estate. The Governor Is preparing to proceed to Washington at an early day in behalf o!' tbe Canal and River Improvement in compli ance with the provisions ot this act. The institution known as the Illinois Sol diers’ College and Monumental Home, was organized in this city to-duy, under the pro visions of the new charter, by electing Colonel John Williams, President; Hon. J. S. Bradford, Vice President; Dr. S. H. Melvin, Treasurer, and J. G. White, of Quiucy, Secretary. The Slate Fair which was to hold its annual session this year at Quincy, beginning Sep tember 23d, has been postponed by the Di rectors until September 30th. The Young Men’s Christian Association was organized in this city last evening, elect ing General T. S. Mather, President. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. INDIANA. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] iNDiAHATOLts, March (5. SENATE. The following bills were passed : Estab lishing the Twenty-third Common Pleas District in Boone and Clinton Counties; a Joint resolution establishing two military agencies for the collection of soldiers claims, appropriating five thousand dollars for the purpose—37 to 1; amending the assessment act, extending the time for returns by the Assessor; establishing criminal Courts in Latyctie, Ft. Wayne and Richmond ; approv ing the action of the Auditor of State in the case of the defaulting Treasurer of Pulaski County. The House amendments to the House of Refuge bill, were concurred in. The Temperance Committee reported the whole number of petitioners for total prohi bition at ten thousand four hundred and six. The bill for tlae consolidation of railroads was amended so as to strike out Its retroac tive provisions, and tbenj-ejected—lS to 25. HOUSE, The following bills passed : Aopropriat ing eight thousand dollars annually to the State University; providing for a House of Refuge for juvenile oflenders—so to 30; making general appropriations—Oi to 18; legalizing the action of the State Equalization Board in eightcccn bundled and sixty-four, defining whit moneys shall he received for taxes; providing lor the purchase of the paper used for public printing by tbe Secretary of State; regulat llng the prices of freights on railroads— G 2 to 12; providing for the con solidation oi railroads; providing a penalty for forging accounts. The bill providing for the payment of out standing Internal Improvements Bonds, after being amended so as to apply to tbe bonds held by tbe General Government alone, was indefinitely postponed—s 2to 5)0. ItIIRIIIGtN. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] I-axbixg, March C. Tbe report of the Committee of Confer ence rn the Convention hill was presented m both Houses to day, on the basis tele graphed yesterday, and was concurred In by the Senate and tabled in the House. The Republican State Convention for nom* inatlon of Judge of the Supremo Court and Regents of the University, meets here to morrow. The Senate farther postponed the consid oration of tho vetoed Railroad bill till Friday. The bill establishing a State road in Van Buren County was tabled. Bills were passed to authorize local aid to a railroad from St. Clair River to the India na Slate line ; creating County Superinten dents of Schools; to provide for the re platting the city of Coldwatcr. The Reuse passed a bin to amend the charter of Niles. A resolution offered that the Legislature adjourn on the 21st instant, lies over under the rule. FROM CANADA. Another Fenian Bold Looked For—Fe nian Letters Intercepted—Government Preparations Tor Defence—Tlte Con federatiou.Scliezne. etc. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Tobokto, C. W.. March 0. It is said that tho Government has re ceived information from detectives in the States that the Fenians intend making a raid shortly, and are making extensive pre parations quietly. A letter to a Fenian In this city was recently intercepted, and posi tive information of an intended raid found therein. Tho Government arc quietly preparing, and orders have been given for the assem bling of 2,000 volunteers in the Niagara Dis trict, where the former raid was made. Barracks arc now prepared, and it is ex pected that orders for the troops to move ibere will be issued in a few days. The “Queen’s Own” will form a part of the force. Major General Stistcd, commander of this aUtrict, recently hlntedjto his forces that they might have fighting to do before long. Three more regiments of regulars are ex pected to arrive here in the spring, when the total force of yegulars will be SO.OOD. Confederation is all the talk here now. Tbe Upper Canadians arc unanimously in favoro! it, while in the Lower Provinces there Is considerable opposition. The can- SJ«s e !£ reo i r S d 7 l “° fleld for Parlia nient, though the elections are not expected before August. * There is no truth la the reports that a “craber of the Royal Family will be our The Huron and Ontario project is getting on well. A large amount has already been subscribed. * DAIIiniES’S COSTEHHON AT BOCKfOKD. Meeting of the Dairymen of Winneba go and Adjoining Counties— Pro gramme of Business Adopted—lnter esting and Instructive Speeches by Messrs. W. G. King, C. tv. Hart feldtj and Others. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Rockford, 111., March 6. A Convention of the dairymen of Winne bago and adjoining counties assembled at the Court House in this city, this morning at 10 o’clock, in pursuance to a call made through tbe public press. The attendance was very fair, with an anticipated accession of num bers in the afternoon. Tbe Convention was called to order by Hon. Anson G. Miller, on whose nomination Hon. T. C. Bronson, of Winnebago, was cho sen President; Dr. A. Hammond, of Winne bag°i Vice President; E. H. Griggs and Charles Brayden, Secretaries. Sir. Bronson briefly returned thanks. A committee consisting of W.G. King R. J. Cross, C. A. Murtfeldt, Geo. H. Mari ner and Samuel Cunningham were appointed to propose a programme ol business for the action of the Convention. Adjourned until 2 o’clock. AFTERNOON SESSION. The committee appointed to report a nro crammeof order of business made the 'fol lowing report: Ist. Opening address ; 2d. The heat brand of cows ler the dairy, and the best manage ment of them ; 3d. The best manner of mak ing, curing and keeping butter ; 4th. What la required In quality, packages, &c., in order to secure the best market price for butter, and hen* to correct injurious errors. Thursday.— First, address; second, the best manner of making, curing and keeping cheese ; third, arc cheese factories in North ern Illinois likely to prove profitable invest ments?; fourth, best manner of cultivatin'*- tame grasses, and best grasses fora farm. The programme was adopted. Hr. Eldiidge, of W 1 scoDain, was made a * ice President ol the Convention ; also John James, of Ogle County, The attendance this’aflcmoon was largely increased, including a number of ladies. W. G. King. Esq.‘, of Rockford, who is uni versally recognized as the pioneer dairyman m Winnebago County, and in fact In North ern Illinois, then read a long practical and interesting address, which will be found on the inside of this paper. Mr. C. W. Murtfeldt, of Rockford, an ox perlenced agriculturist and orchardist. then read an essay upon dairy cattle, grasses and pasturage, which was listened to with atten tion. It contained many important and in structive facts and suggestions upon thesub jects named. He said ; “If wc examine the naps oftho Halted Slates, wc And the region North of the 40th parallel in dicated by climate and soil as that pan of the State best adapted to the products ot the dairy. Ihc best portions olthis section are such as arc favorable to Ike growth of cereals and grasses, being at the fame lime well watered. The southernmost portion of tucso legion arc heller adapted to the manufacture of cheese than of butter. Accordingly, Northern Illinois embraced that eccUcu favorable to dal ivjrg. Mr. Murtfeldt tben pave a true history of farm ing ;p this region. Do then piocecdcd to lav down certain rules for carrying on the dairy: Always treat your cows gently; lose not your bmper under any provocallon; let your milking ‘•c dote evenly ua to motion, takingone back and one forward teat. Be pure to have your hands dc«n «hm your pail is lull. Carry it to the mllk ipom immediately and strain It Into lb. pans. Milk and cream want air, and though sitonp breezes arc to be avoided, as it lords to make the cream hard and leathery The milk >oom and cellar should be perfectly clean and sweet, free from all vegelabl -s, pork meats or other odors to effect them. There Is nothing more efficient Iliac while-wash. The temperature ol the room should be between alxty and seventy; if it goes much higher the milk tours before ail the cream throws up, and If lower it takes longcrfor tbe cream to rise and injuriously aflectr the quality. When churned,the cream should oc at mly-two degrees temperature. The use of a thermometer is very necessary. Ho would not Lave butter produced in le‘9 than twenty minutes. The butter milk should be perfectly separated from the butler. Another Important part Is salting. Oneonnceof the best of the Liverpool blown salt to the pound of butter U nearest right. ir. Murtfeldt coincided In Mr. King's views on Crkins, &c. Mr. Murtfeldt ILcn gave his views on tho best cons for dairy purpose?, and gave his piefercnco for the Alderney s. Agood dairy cow should have a small, clean head, wavy, clear and tapering Lorca, mild, intelligent. open eyes, show ing tnt tiltlc ol the whites, small lore parts, ribs well spread, giving a roomy barrel, large hind t«rs®, '••n Jovaion«.d udder- wittaonk being fleshy, reaching far front under the hcriy, with the teats medium size, and wide apart, tblc* but soft hide, covered with a thick silky coat of hair. Her skin thould be yellow, and bor color anything bnt pure white or black. Sir. M. closed by giving Lis views on the feeding of cattle. John James, of Ogle, pave his own expe rience in making butter lor the past twenty five years: In early years our Illinois butter was held In low repute. He tried to convince bis neighbors that there was a dircrence between good butter and poor butter, but did not succeed until he met Mr. King, who had just addressed them, lie laid down certain rules tn milking cows. In the first place, never Irritate a cow or beat it; Uraakcs the milk feverish. Uniformity of milking was neces sary. In tbe summcrcowsshould be milked early in the morning and lalo in the evening. He milked his cows on Sunday, and insisted that r.o barm was done. He preferred to hare men to milk, because they were stronger. He Insisted upon tuilformily In churning, not 100 fast nr too slow. Butter would always come. At the same time, milk differs according to the condition of the cows. Butter that took a long while in com ing he would not mix with other batter, but sell it Tor create. In working batter, it should be done by Land, and continue it until all the butter milk is out. In laying down butter, always put a cloth upon the top. covered with salt. Never wash butter. He endorsed Mr. King's remarks In regard to the kind of salt to be used, that is the Liverpool Ashton salt. He used hap hazard cows, and did not believe in fancy high I-ricea cows: does nol'know what breed his cows arc He picks them out according to their good points. Hu thought Northern Illi nois well calculated for the dairy basl near’, and be thought U more profitable than almost any olher .agricultural pursuit, Mr. Murtfeldt offered the following reso lution ; Jtnolcfd, That it Is the sense of this Convention that uis belter lo use water id expelling butter milk from new made butter. Mr. King deemed washing butter unne cessary. lie never could distinguish that It Improved by washing, and this was the gen eral impression among dairymen In Duchess County. The sentiment in Orange Countv is divided. Mr. Murtfeldt felt convinced that hatter was improved hy washing, and related his experience to prove it. If you sell your but ter immediately, washing is not necessary; but if you kept it a considerable time he deemed it necessary. Mr. Brown, of Burritt, was opposed to the dash churn because it did not make so good butter. He was in favor of washing butter. His experience Ladled him to this opinion. He commended the Ashton salt. lie was in favor of packing the butter at the dairy. If packed at the groceries the reputation of the butter was destroyed. John Jones,of Cherry Valley,a large cheese dairyman, cave his voice In favor of washing butter. All of his experience was in favor of it. He spoke of tbe breed of cows. His ex perience was In favor of the Ayrshire. They possess a gentleness which no other stock manifests. They require less training to bring them into subjugation. Mr. Rlgg, of Seward, was against washing butler. His experience was that butter that had been washed did not keep so long as that which had not. All that wasuccessary was to get the butler milk out of the butter, and when you Lave done this it is all that’s necessary. Mr. Jones thought that In the summer, when JJlhe Ihntter is that cold water by hardening the butter aided, lu that way in expelling the buttermilk. Mr. Eldridgc, of Afton, Wisconsin, said in making butter you must Ime good cows, and a good wife. In the first place use noth ing but a tin pail to milk in, and use noth ing but a dash churn. lie would use coo! spring water In expelling butter milk, and not put U away until it is salted. He en dorsed what Mr. Eing said in re gard to salt and salting. He in sislcd that for keeping butter for a long of lime, it should be washed. It was necessary to have soft and pure water. Much of the water in the West was hard and unflt to use for washing the butter, and did it more harm than good. Mr. King offered a substitute for Mr. Mart feldt’s resolution as follows : Jteeolzed* That it is the sense of tills Convention lhat It is immaterial whether butter is worked in water or worked without water, provided the baiter milk Is ifaorouchly espriled. Tbe substitute was rejected. Mr. Jones then offered another substitute os follows: Jtrtolxzd, That It is essential to extract all the hatter milk from the butler,snd that washing it In pure cold water is the heat process for doing so. The substitute was adopted. FROM DETROIT. Escape of a Convict—Eight-Hour League Victory-A Veto Endorsed— Murder—A .smuggler Arrested—A Chicago Firm implicated. Detroit, March 6.—A convict named Charles Rice made his escape from the State Prison yesterday by scaling the east wall, and at last accounts had not been recap tured. The Eight Hour League carried the char ter election at lonia this week. The Republican Convention of Newaygo County passed resolutions warmly endorsing the late railroad veto of Governor Crapo. A man named Grunnell, residing m the town of Richland, was brutally murdered on the 3d instant, by persons unknown. His head was much bruised and cut, appearing as if beaten with steel knuckles. The body was brought to Carrolton, where his son-in law resides. It was supposed that the de ceased had money about his person, bat it subsequently appeared that he had none. He had been living alone for some time pro vioustothe murder. His body was found about a mile from his house, by the side of thcroad. A short time since the revenue officer of this city received information that a large quantity of smuggled nutmegs were received oaily by McClaaaney & Co., a firm in Chi- CHICAGO, THURSDAY. MARCH 7, 1867, capo. The officers at onco went to work ana ascertained that the goods were shipped al Huron by an express messenger, named Mara, in the employ of the Canadian -Express Company, who smuggled them across the river, claiming that they were through freight. As soon as this fact was Mara was watched and arrested in this city. He acknowledged to have been en ffased in the illicit traffic for some time past, t»mii that he had sent to the firm three tbon sand pounds of nutmegs. Mara was taken tojau, and will bo presented to the Grand Jury at its present session. FKOJt SI. LOUIS. Suicide of a Prominent Steamboat* Hi an—A Clover Piece of Detective Strategy— I p word* of Tblrty-oeven XbotuandvDollan In Stolen money He turned to tbo government* [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Louis, March U. Captain Ash Hopkins, a well-known steamboat-man, died at daylight this morn ing, from the effects of a pistol wonnd pur posely Inflicted by hia own hand. He has been sick for some time past, and suffered from a temporary derangement of mind. At twelve o’clock yesterday, while in his own room on Fourth street, opposite the Court House, In a supposed fit of temporary In sanity, he drew from his coat pocket a small pistol, and placing the muzzle to his right temple, pulled the trigger, and the leaden and lata) messenger entered his brain. He lingered in a state of unconsciousness until daylight this morning. The capture by the Treasury Department of the robber Lee, and the recovery of nearly the entire amount of bonds stolen from the Government, was a clever piece of detective strategy. Major Cousins, his captor, sus pected Lee from meeting him on the street, and tracking him. on steamboats ami else where, and Anally cornered him at the Plant ers’ Hotel In St. Louis. lie took a room aud watched him. Yesterday morning a cham bermaid was instructed to call the oc cupant of No. 50. After repeated calls he rose, dressed himself and eventually un locked the door, whereupon the Major walked in, no longer the mule shipper, but a United States olllcer. He at once accused Miller, or rather Lee, of being a counter feiter, with a view of getting a look at what money he might have. Lee denied the charge. He stated that ho was an auction eer from New York. The Major insisted on examining his effects, and at last succeeded in getting into his trunk Under some wearing apparel was discovered a big pile of bonds and greenbacks. Then the' detective told Lee he was a prisoner, the very man ho had been looking lor and he bad suspected him to be. The prisoner made no resistance, and at once acknowledged his gallt, seemingly scarce dissatisfied at the turn things had taken. A. TV. Lee is a man about 56 years of age, of distinguished and polished bearing. He is wbut one would term a well-bred gentle man. He stated that he first took small bums of money; and the amounts becoming larger, tbe suspicions of the Chief Clerk and others were aroused. At length, convinced that exposure imist ensue, on Saturday night, January 2(Uh, he took a large pack age of bonds, though until counted by an expert from the Sub-Treasury in this city yesterday he was not aware how much he had taken. He went to Pittsburgh where he succeeded in changing some -$5,000 to greenbacks. From there he went down to New Orleans, coming back to Memphis im mediately, and from Memphis to St. Louis, on the steamer Marble City. After remaining here a day or two at the time, he went to Peoria, 111. Returning again to this city, ho observed the Marble City lying at the wharf, and meeting with such precious good usage on board the boat be again took passage on her to Memphis and return, and It was on his last arrival in St. Lonls on Monday, the 4th, that he made the acquaintance of the mule shipper. He said he had contem plated a trip across the Plains, and with this view had purchased a fine telescope, com pass, etc. The bonds captured with Lee amounted to $37,155, which was nropcrly secured, scaled and forwarded to ’Washing ton by express yesterday. St. Louis, March o.—The malt bouse of Tiuker Brothers & Co., containing about six thousand dollars’ worth of malt, was burned this evening. Loss $10,030; fhlly Insured. Snow has fallen here since three p. m., and still continues. Weather mild. FROM LOUISVHL E. All Fra ofHorseStcallug—Stilts Against Union .Tien Dismissed—Shouting Cu«* Tl»c Floods, [Special Despatchjto the Chicago Tribune.] Louisville, March G. Horse stealing Is now a peculiar institu tion in Kentucky. An organized baud of h-jiec-tmuvcs, last Vrttiay, ruadc a raid into Lincoln County, iratheretl a drove of horses, and made off. The Sheriff armed fifteen men and pursued the thieves. Coming upon an ambuscade of armed men, the posse had to retreat. Only one murder and one attempted mur der to-day. Quite a number of suits brought by rebels against Union officers, for damages commit ted by Union troops during the war, were dismissed in the United' States District Court. A street car conductor and driver had an altercation about time to-day. and the driver dangerously shot the conductor. The water Is rising rapidly in the houses on the levee. The Rolling Mill has stopped work on account of higli water. FROM ST. PAUL. Veto :tlcA*acc from Governor Marshall —Border Trial,

[Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] St. Paul, Minn., March 0. As intimated in my despatch of yester day, Governor Marshall sent in a message to the Senate vetoing the Normal School Bill, on the ground that it was an excessive ap propriation, and a greater burden than should he Imposed upon a young State. Do does not object to an appropriation of $60,000 for the First Normal School at Winona, and a bill to that effect was accordingly introduced and passed. The examination of Ilawkea for the mur der of his wife is likely to continue for some time. Several Important witnesses arc still absent. FROM MADISON. Recommended for Judicial Ilonors- PoioniQc Army Keunlon—Funeral of Senator Hadley. (Fpcclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wie., March 0. A card is published to-night, signed by < ighty Republican members of tbe Legisla ture, recommending Judge Orsamus Cole as eminently worthy their support for re-clec improving the navigation at Rock Island tion as Associate Justice of the Saprcme Court. A considerable number of Wisconsin sol diers who served in the Potomac Army, have arrived to participate in the reunion which takes place this evening, but the gathering will not be as large as was anticipated. Most of the members of the Legislature went to Milwaukee to attend the funeral ol Senator Hadley. FROM NEW YORK. Nomination for Naval Officer—Collector Smytlie’ft Account of New Stork Cum- tom Bonne a flairs. New York, March d.—A Washington des patch says it is rumored that Colonel A. M. Wood, ol Brooklyn, will be nominated to the Senate to-morrow for Naval Onicer of New York. Steamers City of Antwerp from Liverpool, and Celia from London, arrived to-day. No news. Collector Smythe has addressed a letter to the President, which will be published to morrow, affirming that the New York Cus tom House was never more economically, purely and cfliciently administered than by him. Further reforms and economies will be accomplished os fast as pracitcable. He has weeded out incorapetency, ignorance, In temperance and vice from It, and filled the vacancies with competent and honest men from both political parties, and men of no politics. The business of the Custom Bouse has steadily increased, but the necessary expenditure has not in creased one-fifth of what the House Com mittee of Public Expenditures report. The general order of business was first placed In the hands of E. C. Johnson & Co., without payment, agreement or understanding as to any profits they might make, and was subse quently transferred to Myers & Smith; also without payment, agreement or understand ing, expressed or Implied, with orders to reduce their charges to a basis satis factory to the merchants. But one complaint, and that trivial, has been made from that day to this. Mr. Smyihe repeats that he never received one dollar from this source In any form, di rectly or indirectly, and of course never dis tributed what he never received. It appears from a letter that Mr. Smythc, satisfied with -his other emoluments, once formed a purpose of distributing the whole amount of profits on general orders among certain friends, with portions reserved to protect clerks against electioneering assess ments, but this purpose, as he testified under oath to the committee, was unknown to most, and never was executed, but dispelled from his mind. FROM MEMPHIS. Severe Snow Storm —Steamer Sunk— Convention ol General Ticket Agents —Paving Contract to Cnicago Parlies —consternation on Account of tbe New metropolitan Police Bill. Memphis, March 6.— A severe snow storm prevailed last night, and boats were com pelted to tic np. The steamer Liberty No. 2 left here last evening lor Louisville. When twenty-five miles above tbe city she was caught in the storm, struck a log aft of the wheel house, and knocked a hole in her hull. She sunk In seven feet of water. No lives lost. She can be raised. The Belle went to her as- rw?ti? V 1 w “ or P iD £- She was owned by rtfJSSt i ®: and valued at $30,009. gmffirf. ! R 1116 Ne^T ort Underwriters’ for kJ? n S£?» of Liverpool, $15,000: na, SIO,OOO. The Belle, of St. Louis, brought » pwsongera back to this city. " thenSl^o! 0 ? of General Ticket Agents of nn^Fi 1 4 c ?i Sta^ 8 and Canada arrived to-day fj? *S° Be Ue from St. Louis, convened at !Sn 9 ay< ? 80 Hotel, and elected as officers for e°*uing year, B. P. Patrick, of Chicago" P TnvW t M 9 en | ral B °y&, Vice President! & Co., of Chicago, are f?£ ded thQ c ° ntract ' t>7 the City Council. mpSf T» Veral f tre ®tfi with Nicholson pave- Bom* contract amounts to two mil. The new Metropolitan Police Bill, which has passed its second reading at Nashville Is creating a panic amongst the tax pavers! There Is great consternation In view of the lnf«mon f bill. The citizens boWlTp™ “t aßninst _ i In nn able nrtlclVTo-duT. dellcs Brownlow and Ills rump Legislature. MEXICO. A Successful ProteatfromAmcrlcaii CIII -of £x-Bebel Lead era-Acapulco Abandoned by the im. pcriolisu—Another Liberal Victory. New York, March 6.— The Herald's ilexi f?s««? l lf s^ )nae n t sa Z S: “ TUe American nnnriiu, 1 Cr S* f as Protested against quartering French troops upon resident Americans. One American citizen was ar rested for refusing to supply quarters when called upon. The protest dually had some cUect, and the quartering was discontinued. Ifibam Harris. Tennessee’s ex-Governor and ex-Confederato, had gone to Havana! where, It is supposed, be Is to meet Brcck- Mason, Slidell Benjamin and oth- • Sax Francisco, March o— Acapulco was abandoned by the Imperialists February 19th, who were taken to San Bias by the iicnch frigate Victoria. Three French war vessels remain in the harbor of Acapulco but bold a neutral position. The greatest order and coulldenec prevail among the people. The town will not be formally oc cupied by the Republicans until the depart ure of the French vessels. 1 General Alverez, wAh -1,003 troops marched from Cuernavaca on the 2Ut Feb ruary for the city of Mexico, Intending to joioGcneial Diaz, who was already in°the valley of Mexico. Teluca, the capital ol i he State of Mexico bnvimr bcc-n occupied hy the Liberals, Gen eral Tarva, the Imperialist, was sent to re capture it. About seven leagues from the city of Mexico ho was met by the forces un der General iranclsco Velez, who complete ly defeated the Imperialists. New York, March s.—The Herald'd Mexi cam correspondent says: “In regard to the fate of Ortega, now a prisoner in the hands of Juarez, the chances are good for his being bhot as a deserter, though lie may be tried convicted and pardoned when it is found how futile his revolutionary efforts rcallv are.” J Washington, March s.—a letter dated Vera Cruz, February 22, received by the Mexican Legation in Washington, says Gen eral Diaz has thrown a part of his army be tween Mexico and Puebla, and communica tion is now very Irregular. For ten days past we have receded no males from any where west of Orizaba. The telegraph lines are cut. The French left Puebla on the 16th, and a rumor is In circulation that General Diaz has captured the city. The Imperialists report that they obtained two victories over the Liberals, one a-'alust Corona, at Atenqniqne, the other against Curavajal, atiGuanajuato. Very little credit Is given to the rumors, and they uro thought to be circulated by the Imperialists to keep up the spirit of their men, who are becoming more demoralized every day. * RECOSSTIitfCriOJu Action of tbe Virginia Legislature on ilio ConcretHloual Proposition-Gov ernor Plerpoinfa llccommcndatlon Finds Little Favor. New Yoke, March 6.—Governor Plcrpoint, in his message to the Virginia Legislature, convened in extra session to consider the Military Reconstruction Bill, alter alluding to tbe manner in which Virginia was forced into the secession movement against the will of a majority sf the people, reviews the history of the pist two years, during which lime the Southern people had, unwisely, conducted themselves in the most offensive manner. lie regrets the rejection of the Constitutional Amendment, and alludes to a confiscation act following the rejection of the proposition now offered. He wishes to es cape this danger. Three-fourths of the peo ple of Virginia were well-flisposed people and the cause of Irritation proceeded from a few. He therefore urges the acceptance of the situation, and the adoption of the course marked out in the measure just adonted by Congress . The reading of the message was listened to with the deepest attention. Tur ner sustained It iu an effective speech. Other speeches were made on tho snmo side, but the House adjourned without action. The New York Times' Washington special says: “Private advices from Kichmond In dicate the rejection of Governor Pierpolnt’s recommendation to the Legislature to adopt the Reconstruction measure. Resolutions had been introduced recommending such a course, and referred to the Committee on I'ort ign Relations. A caucus had decided against the proposition.” FROM CINCINNATI. Arrest of Whisker Distillers—National ISonkH to Pay State Taxes. Cincinnati, March o.—John Schwab and John Hegler. manufacturers of whiskey, were arrested yesterday by the Assessor of the Second District, for defrauding the Gov ernment of the tax due on manufactured spirits to the amonnt of thirty thousand dollars. Cincinnati, March G.— The Supreme Court of Ohio has decided that National Banks in this State must pay the same rate ol taxes as other banks, under the State laws. FROM SOUTH AMERICA. BcMstance to Taxation—Lack of Har mony Between Clilli and Peru—Fejoo Inlanders to be Punlnlicd. New York, March G.— The Herald's ChU lau correspondence says : “ Tho English and French Ministers have advised their countrymen to refuse payment of the con tributions that have been ordered to be forced by the Chilian Government. “There appears to be a lack of hearty sympathy between Fernand Chili. “The United Stales steamer Toscarora has gone to the Fejcc Islands to pnnisb the ravages for barbarities on American sea men.” FROM BOSTON. Tbe National Bank Trouble—Burning: of a Ctaurcb. Boston, March G.—lt Is announced that Chief Justice Allen, of the Superior Court, has resigned. It is now said that the First National Bank of Newton has not paid checks accepted by its Cashier, and may wind up without great loss. The Methodist Episcopal Church in Tem ple street was damaged by fire this evening to the amount of $15,000; insured for $3,000. TbcFloodatnTenncmcc and Georgia. Nashville, March o.— The rains have washed away one hundred feet of the trestle work on the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad at Running Water, and the bridge aftbc foot of Raccoon mountain, besides do ing other damage. This will blockade the road for two weeks, and prevent the trans mission of freight south. Chattanooga, March 6.—Four days of etoim, and the bridges down in all dlrec tioiw. The bridge ol the Nashville and Chat tanooga Railroad at Whiteside Station, 110 feet destroyed. Communication North and East is entirely cut off. The bridge over the Tennessee River at this place is entirely car ried off. It is 900 yards long. Tho country flooded. Impcncliment of missoarl Judges.} St. Louis, March s.—The trial of Judge Moody, of the St. Louis Circuit Court, be fore the Joint session of the Legislature to day resulted in finding the respondent guilty of both chargee and specifications. The Im peachment Committee will probably report articles of impeachment against Judges Tutt and Burkhart the same as those reported against Judge King, whose trial will com mence on Saturday next. Cato of Attempted Kidnapping. Fortress Monroe, March 4.—Considera ble excitement was created at Norfolk on Saturday from tbe attempt of a schooner Cnotain to kidnap & young colored boy. The Captain was arrested by order of the Mayor and held for trial. The next Indiana State Fair, Indianapolis, March 6.—The State Board of Agriculture isin session to-day, to revise the premium list. The next State Fair will probably be held at Torre Haute, as the citi zens of that place have subscribed nearly $7,000 for it. Suicide, Boston, March O.—J. 8. Clement, recently head of | the diy goods firm of Clemeut, Tasker & Co., to-day committed suicide by taking laudanum. He had previously ex hibited sings of insanity. Telegraphic. Buffalo, March o.—The Provincial Tele graph Company has been purchased by the Montreal Company, which now controls the entire telegraphic business to and through Canada. Irish Wires Down-No Cable News. New York, March G.—Despatches from Heart’s Content report the Cable working splendidly, but the Irish wires are down, probably in consequence of a sto'rm. I/O*B of a Steamer and Several Uves by Fire. Charleston, March o.—The steamer Manhattan has arrived with the officers and part of the crew and passengers of the steamer Andatnala, from New Tork to Charleston, bornod oil C-'pe Hatteras Sun day evening. Tho vessel and cargo are a total loss. A number of persons are missing, supposed to be lost. The hose carriage intended as a present from New Tork firemen to the Columbia firemen was aboard. Charleston, March o.— The following passengers of the steamer Andalusia, which was destroyed by fire on Sunday night off Cape Hatteras, are known to bo saved: Thomas C. Nelson, Augusta, Geo.; Bernard F. Burns, New Tork; Mrs. Rosa Burns, New Tork; Mrs. Margaret Dixon, Charleston; George W. Ward and Conway Bonsco. W. J. Pease, of New Tork, and three gen tlemen whose names are unknown, passen gers, and Patrick Herman, fireman, are missing, and it la supposed they arc lost. EV~tVAIT BKOTHEItb Adterils'na Ajpta 120 receive advertisements tor all the leadintr papers throasheut the Called States and Canadas. Society ifleetings. Y oung MEN'S ASSOCIATION. A meeting of the members ot the TOONS MEN’S ASSOCIATION Will be held at the Rooms, PORTLAND IJLOCK, -ON SATURDAY EVEXIKG, March 9th, AtTtfo’fclocV', ior the nomination of offleera tor tte casting year. By order of the President, Edwis Lx* Beowtt. BEXJ. F. COTTON, Secretary. 33anfes nnlr Uanfters. 'JVELEI!, tTLLMANN & CO., BANKERS Dealers in Government Securities, Gold.etr. Soathveat Corner Lake and Clark-sts. As we are able, through oar New York House, to loan larce sums ON CALL, with Government Securi ties as collateral, we have determined to offer FOUR TER CENT per annum on DEPOSITS to be checked for at pleasure. Also, will Issue certificates ol deposit bearing FIVE PER CENT interest, for money Jelt thirty Cays cr over. Beven-lhlrty Treasury Notes of all series converted Into 5-20 BONDS, on terms more favorable than to feud to Wsrhlngtoo. Gold, Slocks ami Bondi bought amt sold In New Fork by telegraph. 33tj) CSoofrs. J7IRE 1 FIRE I FIRE! $20,000 WORTH Dnnin.cd Dress Trimmings, Laces, Embroi deries, Notions, Milliner;, Hosiery and Gloves, ■WILL BE SOLD AT A GREAT SACRIFICE I ROSENAU BROS., 171 LAKE-ST. shore, we wish to stale mat we has e opeacd om New Store, flp LAKE-hT. ISxprcss (ttomparaes. 'J'HE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAPITA!, - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Onr Merchants and Manufacturers, CARRIES BY EXfltE*?, Money, Valua bles, Freight and Parcels, aver more than 13,000 miles ol Express Line, at just and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex press Shippers, andean be made permanent onlyhy ibclr’libcral patronage. This we hope ie merit and receive. Office, Hos, 103,105,107 & 103 Dcarborn-st H. 3g. CODPBa Agent. itailroaus. Chicago & alton railroad COMPANY, SCPEUi.vrRSDK?rr's office, > Chicago, March 7, !307. f SPICIAI NOTICE. The bridge at Wllmlcgtoa recently carried away by ibe heavy fresheU, haring be:n replaced, tha Pa>B«n -eer and Freight Trains ol this Company will, oa and hCcr cate, rnr through without trasaler between Chi ta eo and bt. Louis, on regular advertised time. The Mall Tram tor bioomlagton, Seim gfleld, st. Louis, and ittertnedlate points. Daves Company’s De tot. near Msdlson-st. bridge, at b:OS a.m., and Night Express Train at 0:13 p. m. ROBEirr HALE. General Superintendent. &i)otograpl)s. 'J'IME IS MONEY I Save your Time and Money By going at once to FASSETT’S, And have year picture made la the newest style ol the Photographic Art. Strangers visiting the city will do well to caliheftre learn g. Oallery, Xl4, South Clark-st, (General 'Notices. A CARD.—I desire, through the medi um ol your voidable paper, to acknowledge the receipt of Fitly Dollars ot the Travellers’ Insurance Company, OF CHICAGO. Compensation for two weeks’ Inlnrv received daring a recent trip to the East. I have also mono appllcv Mod to tho ITovlilent Insulates Company cf Chicago for ccmpcnratloQ for said Injuries, and been rclascd. 1 rav for this ndvertl‘emcnt. G. Chicago. March C. 1567. (Consignments ON CONSIGNMENT AND FOR SALE, Western Reserve OEIO DRIES APPLES. C. 8. HUTCHINS A CO„ . Commission Merchants, 211 and 213 South Wattr-at. Host. L O&T - On Friday last, worn 210 West Adamwt., & light brown bl.Bfinanl Dog. about one year old, answers to ihenameof •■Mlnco.” Whoever will return him or rive iLlortr.atjon leading to tils recovery, will re ceive a liberal reward. L. DE GRAFT. CMeaco. March 5.1867. Estate. ■ORAL EaTATE.—Notice. The snbscri- XV herbal opened an office at No. 107 Twenty-sec cmTst .lor tte rale of Real Estate, for Renting Houses, Coilectltg Ikzts, Negotiating Loans, etc. ho hopes hy prompt: ess In basinets to receive a share of tha patronage ot the citizens in this part ol the city. JAB. T. ALLEN. ffieaanWJ. A nAaAaAa.—Any good boose wanting Xjl the services oi a riBB7-cs*Aeß omcß ihaw Wbo bas an extensive acquaintance with tbe Western trade, la Invited t» address _ - SOOTH WATEB-ST„" Trtbnne Office. T’O BUILDERS and BKICKMAKERS. X WANTED, A PARTNER, With a capital, to develop a fine bed ol clay. The machine, with steam power, will turn on* from 23,000 to CO.OCO bricks per day; with horso power, from 10,000 to 15.000. A very large profit cat be rea'lzcrt. Address •*G," careot C. □. waterman. Solicitor, 110 Artamo. gt., Chicago. T/TT ANTED— XO BORROW 1 3.000 on flrst-clasi Improved City Beal Estate. Ad mesa Bor 1C63, Chicago, 111. TX 7*ANTED—To Rent—Before tbe Ist VV of May next, A GOOD DWELLING HOUSE, With modem Improvements and ham. Locatlonmnst be South Side, north of Twenty-sccoad-st. and cast of Wabasb-av. Parties having a good house that they wish taken cate ot, and wbo uesire tbe rent paid promptly, will please address E. B. 6MITD, ol Partridge A Smith, Dry Goods Jobbery, G 4 aadGGlUcblgan-av. INSURANCE —Will pay 105 ior a few shares Merchants’ Insurance Co. Stock, C. B. GOODYEAR, ‘At Chamber ol Commerce. jyjONEY T O IrOAN On long time, on Chicago ixprovcdßeal Estate. Ap ply to WEIGHT A TYRRELL. A Metropolitan Block. XTOTICE.—An instalment ot fitly cents JLI upon a share ofetock la tbe Northwestern Plant Woad Co., is cared lor, to be paid In to tns Treasurer on tbe 30th ol March -ext, at his tuflee. No. 53 Booth C.ark-sV. 1 By order of the Directors, _ Chicago, fcb. 13,130 T. U. LULL, Sec’y. NUMBER 271. unreal. jyjpDIOAL AMD ELECTRICAL institute; Established for the Treatment and Curoof CHRONIC DISEASES! CROSBY'S BUILDING, S 4 and SO State-at# At the Institute, cay be toned, bcslttar the remedies and long etperiencecf the general prseti* H“cr, elaborate Electrical means. The Electro-Tner mai bath we atms to be superior to any yet invented, and directing thicnrreuti, and is cne of the most cfflcadoca Baths In nee.- And co ° nd€ J Jt I bar Us power In arresting Colds o?her e ßatbI°* 1 °* * oca * congejuon Is sot surpswed oy any No one remedy la used to the exclusion ot another*. The system cf practical* to meet lheexlg«acYof>the case with an appropriate rsmedy which iclecco sad experience harefnniUhedfbrthe suffertng patient. Prominent among the diseases treated are; Nervosa Dlscascr.Paliy, Neuralgia,' Btreumattsm. ScrofalAJLnd- Oeneral Debility, Dla esses of the Lungs and aesrtloA tarrh and Bronchitis, Urer, Spleen and Kidneys, and Diseases of Women mid ChlldremT JUSTIN HAYB9, M. D., Hgfldeat-Phyalcisi. Dourton ffiSSfjiskrg. Address S. T. SHIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. Druggists can procore the above scm. la barrel* ana half barrels irom the prla cipal Wholesale Drug Homes la Chicago. v 18 sKetnobals. JJEMOYAL. R. ABBEY & CO., Wholesale Dealers la Ohio Stone Ware, Gloss Ware, &c., Haveremovedtbelrstocklrom 1395al 141. to the more commodious Warehouse, 120 and 131 North*Watcivst., cor. LaSalle, WMt of old stand, where, with Increased MOTtS , SSrS,*e. pr ' p "“ ““““fprawUJ » «*1 ?»? ** to sf SH:? Pana Ixlß,ora for sale. Chicago, Feb. 33,1567. R. ABBEY & CO. JJEMOTAL. Eisendrath & Co,, BATE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW STORE. Wo. 9 7 South Water-st. JJEMOVAI,. . HALL, KIMBARK & GO. HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW STORE, NOS, SO, 82 & 8i MICHIGAN-AT,, Ju»t Sooth of Lnlte«st. gitansportattow. FARGO & COMPANY’S FAST FREIGHT LINE. Omaha to Jenver City. WELLS. FARGO & COMPANY having esUWishad, In COltcctica with their tXPRESS AND OVERLAND MAlLbnitucss. a FAST FREIGHT LINE from OMA- U A TO DENVER CTTV, connecting with tbo AMKRi- CAN EXPRESS CO- at Omaha, o:u now prepared to forward Freight of all kinds AT VSB7 LOW HATSB. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED. For Contracts or tnrther Information apply at the American Express Company’s Ofilcc, Chicago. Wsllsi Fargo & Co.’s Drafts on California* Fa} able in Gold cr Currency, for sale at this office. Orders received lor Telegraphic Transfer of Funds to the Pacific Coast. dfurniture. gg RANDOLPH-ST. PIKE & CAVAN N A. Furniture, BEDDING AKD FEATHERS Educational. /HLASS FOB \i T>. .REKMAN INHTRUCTIOIf. The Professor of German Language and Literature connected with the Qnackenbos Coilcglitc School Is now forming afternoon aod evening classes lor ladies and gentlemen. Terras {13.00 lor a course of SO i«. sons. Apply at the Collegiate School, IDS and 110 Cass-si. between 9 a.m. and i p. m. JJUDOLPH E. SCHULTZ, Practical Accountant, Will open, close and write np Books In the most expe ditions and accurate manner; also, at'ends to adjust ing Intricate and partnership accounts. All business matters entrusted to his charge will be attendedJo with strict oddity* Holers to several ol the best houses In the city. Address la person or by letter, B. E. SCHULTZ, »r « , _ . 133 Chlcagcnar. _ti. u.—instxnctlon will be given In German ned Bookkeeping. yomiG LALiES’ INSTITUTE, AT MAPLEWOOD, PlttsflEW.ilass, The spring term commence* March lUh^lSgt.^For circularsdoresa Bev. Ci V. SPKAO. fflJHoo® an® ffioal. J^ACKAWANNA COAL 2 We have for sale One Hundred Tans best Coal la marnot—bnagbt at rcdaced rates, and to be sold nccordtngly. , SZ.BBFEB &, CO., 73 STATE-ST. J>EAO THIS. COAL AT SUMMER PRICES! TVe hare a few hundred tons ot best LACK AWANA and PITTKTON COAL more than will supply o ir cos' tomera, which we cCer, delivered m any part of the city, at the following prices: Bonne, Eeg and large sizes, 813 per Ten, Cbestnnt 11 »• j MINING AND SUPPLY CO„ BenftettE, npEETH EXTRACTED JL „ WITHOUT PAIN. BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION. Who originated the anreithetlc use of Nitrous Oxide Gas. and have given it to over 30,0(0 patients for t&s extraction c( teeth, without an accident. They guar antee no pain. Come to headquarters, Bmbs 3 it 4 Times Bonding. 118 Dcarborn-at. JHacSinecg, AMES’ Celebrated Portable and Stationary steam engines. allnUes. Superlot to all others. (J. L. RICE & CO., Chicago: SMITH & BIGGS, St. Louis. Mo.: WJI. P. FOVeT, Milwaukee: JAMES JESKS, Detroit, agents. Call or send lor circular. ®lje Spring Stgle. SPRING STYLES OF HATS—IB67. The new ana beautiful Spring Style of Silk Hats For young men. Also, the regular Broadway Style. FULLER fyOire them a call. -"Untiring. ' gPRIMG, 18C7: The mMt CHASTE aid HOSZST Stoti of GOODS FOR GENTS’ USE Erer thovn la too West, is sow opening a; ELY'S, Cor. of Washington and Dearborn-sis, Many of these Goods are of oar OWN Imports- N.B.—<snr stock of Fnrntahlag Goods la betog re gealshed with lie CHOICEST and NEWEST article* ttU Mae. The Umt and FULLEST esßortmeat o t CSfflt#’ PEfE GloTCSln th« entire West. Shirts to OEDEE oi superior QUALITY and FIT. ELY, Woollen Draper, Tailor and Gents’Outfitter, OHXOA&O. J)E GRAFF’S , ORDER DEPJRTiUENT. lew and Elegant Designs Just Received. L, DE GHAPF, Comer State and- Handolpfe^sts. gatents. 'J' O'PAPER JfASTDFACTDKERS My atcatloa has beer relied to a circular pirooxtfhr P* WooaruiL as President of the uydroteatlc Paper Company.” dated si.vcara Fa3s. '* addres,w l to paper maaafiictarerC alleging last the process cC Meachlng paper polo 0* pneumatic-pressure, ottered totlw pnbllc bya« “Is a* olrect and psslltre Infrinprmens of the pttents and" rights of Un byilrostaUc Paper Company, and that . my cnttieprocese U embraced In that of tfis »«i/w nr. i : wn prooecote for ln£cicgement»Rll persona whe twjampt to nae tea pneu matic process under grants iron roc. 170 SniAsUttrtt'Wts.lntheCieeat thedetsof the case. iro'Vr regret to be ocmpellrd to isf, are mallclonaly laLe ana libellous..aedt shall hour the author or anthers thereof to a strict arcountablllty. In themcaatlmcl I«rc toe merlWof the ou-atlom to ail men qasl'flrd MtJsCgtr. ** Tpc majority of my pitccts. etr.hrsced la ay“rro eess,’ areontrricr io any held b? the “ Uydrostaac f?F"v t/ °“ r ?F r 5 =?? 1 tore only u» leave the public to soy who are the I&frlsgejs there;/. y I hsvesutmutted-to most eminent eot&r*el cf my patents as pear dates subsequent to. together wit t cuptM of the patents under which the UjdroaUttc ra-- ffi?nri?* , ” 1,1 v c, '‘ , J nU,l!lrproCtfi3 * e »ttf»vo herewith the opinion cf such counsel ou tbe question cl lnfrU"’e- That this question say be properly understood. I will heieetato thatthepateua held by.tha dydroatatic Paper Ccapanv acre assigned to tbemby me oatent ceihUswa; H.I-JONIiS and D. £. FA RQCB ARSON and lam not avar< that tceirso-callel process iaem> braced la any ether patents whatever. - Sty owa-prcceig is embraced in n-.-t ie« than tan CIO) different patents, and tae use or operation of tac pacn matie pretsure I do not regard absolutely ne-e-sirr la woriln^nw-process smteaituily, either In too nrn mincuou cb fibrous substances to paper polo, or In bleaching the same; bat Z* the pneumatic prin ciple tar supenor to the hydrostatic, and will prore more succetslul. solar as either tnaylio required. _ .§CsPec<f u ‘ly. „ a. MEECH. Fort Edwards, h, Y- Feh. 33th, 'J'O WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. As the attorney of HARRISON B. MESCH. I pro. cured the several patents he now holds fop ImproTCd Processes In tie Mannfactnro of Paper Stock, And am famlltarwltb each and every one of them. I cave also cvrcfolly examined the patents issued to Jones and Farquharvon. one bearing date March nth. lsC6,forap Improved apparatus for bleaching of n»ner stertt, and one dated June stb. ISCS, for aa Improved process of treating wood, etc- for the manufacture of rape? two are denominated tno Bydro- I have no habitation lo Mylae that noao of the pro cesses patented br Mr. MEECaf or which, he holSl and which constitute the MEECH PROCESS, So caned, arc In any manner Identical with the Hydro static Process, nor do tney Infringe the same. 9 1 0,6 bdd byllr, Ueech are those with . l h * vc hecacoanected as owner. Thefirstwsa . to myself on try own application, July 3’st,ls6S. It was lor an improved process In the nmnnCscture of pagir ttocX. The otherisaued to myself and Ilameoa BjMcech, fer an Improvement In the bleachlngof piper iadi of these pioceasea Involved the nse of the PNEUMATIC PBSBauaa, tfc®, manner described la each, of them re ipccuvely. The n«eot pressure as a port ol sich pro coj, whether applied them respectively. The use ot pressure as a part of such process, whether anplled by fit*®. ®lr, gas, water, or otherwise, la not patenttble la theprreentslateoltbeart; but an improved metu od cl applying such pressure may be tho subject of a patent. The Hydrostatic mode may be the subject rf a patents© lar a* the same Is used and useful. So like wise may be any other new and useful mode—os the pneumatic. But such modes of producing the pressure - are entirely dliturtfrom each other. Neither the Hy drostatic or Pneumatic process are patentable except as anew and useful mode of obtaining aremlt. as such they are entirely dlstlact from, aid independent of, each other. 1 am well acquainted with tho many processes la use for reducing straw, grass, etc-toa condition suitable lor the manoiacture of papery acd I ilH 1 ® ®pl r, l° n *hat the process practiced by Harrison B. Meech, and known as tie Meech Procesi Is superior to any cthtr, if not the only one by which the graasra can be sneersalullr worked. That they can be worked by Ms process, both profliably and succcos ftllly, I know. JOEL TIFFANY Albany, February mb. 1867. ' r ur jMCUb.—lhvcu*.« e 1 wish to take oct letters Patent are ad ds el to cmmeel with MCKU * CO., Editors cl the Scl'lncae Atrcricar, who Lave prosemt-d claltna a dare tac Patent office for n'arty twenty jer.rs. Thsir Ataeticai and European Patent Aeencyls the rooat ts'.tn.-lvetr the world. Charges lcs» thin oteer reliant# agency. A pamphlet, cci.talnlr£ 101 l lojtmctlsna to invent, or?, is sentgradi. Aihlrtts MDJCT ft SO.. 37 Parr-ma.NgyYcra. SARD'S PATENT > beish once atd macuiactcry ;>,i ocui. laa> rattles tad drscrlptttre circular address S. R. BA an, 03 Sooth JeSersoc.sa. Ch ley a. J=nr Salt. npo capitalists. J MrLvrArsrz, March t. 13>*. Haring decided to relinquish badness, wc ulTsr oar establishment lor salt Our house was ESTABLISHED let 1345, Has been in existence H year*, and li ncnrpts-adoaa safe, firm ana permanent basis, and to mea or capital who ore cciiroas of embartmsr In a. PROFITABLE branch ol trade (wbolcsileand jcbblnz only) thi« pre ssr tea rare and valuable optonanlty. Oar stock Is fan, esbraces none bat the most staple roods, and the business is in perfect rant ins order. 11. BOS WURTH Jfc SONS. TTholssale Dragttets, Milwaukee, WU. ■VTOTICE TO PRINTERS —Any one J.T wishing to purchase a flrsr-cl&f* weekly paper published in ihe cut. that will pat asd pit will* will cull at Bootes 111 and 3-1 McCormick’s Building, coreer Dearborn ana Bacdolph-sts. Tee proprietor bu business elsewhere that demands his attention,and will make the moat larotablo terms to an Immediate pnichaier. BARRELS. Xumber i WU»kcy Barrels, both Iron and Wood bound, FOB BALE. CHICAGO BARREL CO., Ko. 90 LaSalle-at. T?OR SALE—I,CCO brla choice vaiieties A Apples; BntUr—Choice Table. In tabs and Jars; Fwh Tomatoes, a delicious article, put op In 1 and 8-gal cans, for sale at 70 cents per gallon; 1,000 nieces Smoked Hama, sugar cured, a choice article; 1.000 pieces Bnamstßactn, sugar cored, a choice article. Orders solicited. a. WHYTE * CO., _____ 141 booth Water-tt. HORSES FOR SALE OF THE GOIDDUST BREED, _ At Eden Stock Farm, eight miles from the city cl Louisville, Ky. These horses Include the tea bead that have challenged the world for speed and bottom, through “Wilke? Spirit of the Times”; also, Lydia Golddnst, that won lor&lt ol Monnofa celebrated Bmpo In three races; Matty Golddnst, that woe loiftlt oyer ten of the best two year olds of Kentucky JP the Cul of ISB9, and the noted style and speed mares Sue Golddnst, Bom Golddnst. These, with many oth ers, make up the best and most elegant lot cf trotters ever offered lor sale In America, ram now breeding over 73 mares annually of the most Improved crosses ol Morgans and thorough-breeds, and can supply aln ale and double driving horses, brood mares, or stol ons, of any desired ages, at the shortest notice. QC4b66-26t th net L. L. DORSET, JB. J'OR SALE—The best Retail Wood and Coal Business In the city. We also oHfcr cor stock of Wood and Coal at REDUCED PRICES, To close oat the same. CVBTISS, DKOW.V & CO„ JPOR SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, ComprtUnn sMujile mllis, heading mills, shingle and beadingjointen, stave Jolcten. stave cattery esadinr rtnndtrsand planers, canalizing and cut-on saws, Ac. Ailncw.of our own mamztactnre. and warranted. FULLEB A FOUD, 282 and Madison-St. JJABE CHANCE FOK MEKCHANTS. FOE SALE; A CABEFULLT SKLECTKD STOCK OF Dry Goads, Groceries, Ac. Invoicing shoat IU.OCO; all pnrebased within a year tail, ard lease on itcre. Store located in a thriving town a abort distance from Chicago. Satisfactory rea> tone given for tclilcz. For parbcnlan inquire of „ E. V. BOBBINS. Ccsimlsaion Merchant. S 3 LaSalle-ah, Chicago. Agricultural Jhnplemcnte. jpUEbX & BRADLEY, MsNUFACrUBEKS OF PLOWS, Sulky Cultivators, Sulky Hay Rakes, Cornstalk Cutters, Field Rollers, Harrows, Scrapers, Wheelbarrows, And other Agricultural Implements. A large assortment constantly on hand. Liberal dls oonta and inducements offered to Dealers. SEND FOB PARTICULARS. Hoa. 66, 68 60 ft 62 North Jeffersoa-aL. CHICAGO. ILL. sJaper flangings. MAKOOTTE & CO., Furniture and Decoration. [Largest and choicest assortment ol French Imported Paper Hangings, 01 all kinds. Warerooms. 3.5 and 7 East Fourth-St. NEW YOBS CITY. Liberal lama to the trade. JFeeb. pROUND OIL CA.K.B Is the Cheapest Feed in the Market For stock Of oil kinds. Orders promptlyfllledlorcoah, by B.W. BLATCETFOHDjA CO- Mo, TO North CUa»a-at. Stock Subscription*. pKOSraCTUS OP\; “Die Chicago Fibre Ah^erCo." Capital Stock - - $506,000. Tito Hundred Shores, SI,OOO Rub, , £o®P*ay s*«o orgaalwd under the Ooiuk ~ J£? 2S2£?£P & s*»* * ad otntxla* ot rack mk MB. QABBISOX n. MK*CH. of Fort Bdwarda. New York. Tbl# Com:«nv»TwT.«- purehaaed from Mr. Me«wcfi all of m*«a P S?lrs72£ faetbhpw!ngStatca.to-wU: miaou.ißifflg tan, Wiaeoiu Inflows and Minnesota. aniimrm^a SSStiZF** “ nOQ3t °* Jamming subsCrlollona to Oils Stock, wa m«a state that the Company are now toe owner* at >*» BATAVIA PAPER MTLT.g^ Which are prodadßjr st the present ttaa two m toaw per day of print paper. This Si 111 has txiUdmw end water power of soundest capacity, already erected, and la condition to reeviro ; two (l) additional machines; which bare beta ordered, and ills esttaaiedcao be pnf In runaiag order oa or hefbre the Am day of Slay next, which will increase the capacity aadprodett* of t&waaid Mills ta six (€) toss per day; that, at the present market pricer, should yield to this Company a v try satisfactory profit, The future operation* of lula Company eootemplatw the erection, or consolidating of oi her mills with taetr enterprise, within me present year. l«sn!ag tow ftm amount of their Slock. »pd which via prohahlrmonv than double the foregoing estimate ot product of Frist, Manilla and WrappL - !? Paper*. This Company having procured a charter from tha LesUlature of the State of Cltsola, lucre ■minx thdr capital to one mllljon of dollars, are now re oryaaliinc under their Charter privileges. The Stock Boohs »r® enwepen fcranhserlption to theStoe*;at th-ff Offices of Atom. DICKERSON ± SHERMAN, 1 7© Baa oolph-sL, where allfonher Information as to the pat* “»*• Pfow***, Ae., wui be gives. In rollclUcß our Wends to subscribe to this Stock, wnoeuerewe are warranted Is savlne this‘eaters re«rn of profit*,, c®*- tou other manufacturing Ccxmess he.TCt^ THO3CAS Sr DICKERSON, Preset Gift B. MOSS, Vice Pxes’t. CTonncily Prealdeapßatayta Paper SIB Ce.| T7IL HAKSBBOCGH.Sec'y. f. N. W. SHERMAN, Treainrer, gtTBSCEIFTIOMS OF STOCK IS THB Sangamon Coal & Manafaciurag COMPANr. SS 22. w °P fn for «ufcscrtp«c=s to die Csth Iwl Stock ot IhirCampany. and may be found at - office crGSIiOKN. §SSS-S!i , fc I ’“ rlom4t - The Capital Stock Is tSOO.OOO. Only MfcOM of fim ttccKQpoD the market. OfthU amount, rwioo has ai «a?7 bra taken In Sortnelleld. in. Anlnreitigaifoa uill satisfy any pen on that it Is a safe, rcbatlcacd n»> “nDfritiTemvtatmfat. The vela o: coal Is ntoefcek to .hietmeas, and cl a superior quality. IEO. IT. LtIORT Insurance. JpECENIX, OP HARTFORD.. THE AG3SCT OF THE PIKEXIX 15S. CO., OF HABTFOKD, Having been transferred from HUBBAHD & HUNT TO HOLMES BRO. & HOLDER, ‘UffiNlSiatthis Ageecy, will btx adjusted and paid here, wKnout reference or delay. HOLMES BSO. & HOLDEH, Agents^* eatamWch 2 Ucrc ““» n°Hdi«& Mgschitimt. T> I M9 L E rI P N °® COPARTNER SHIP.—The Copartnership heretofore ODdCTthenrm narap-of LASAK A MOKBIS. 1* Uda F^wnSiV 1 »‘U»«lrawlnk from the thm. tltaer of the partita are authorized to use the ti«nf of the firm in tlanldatlou. e. f. LASae Chicago, FcD.J,1067. T. a, wikhm Ilie Hal, Gap and Fnr Business Formerly carrisd oa under the firm of T.«»«v- ahforrfa Staitf* 0011x1116,0(1 the same as heretofore, at the Old No* 107 Baadolph-at*, By the Snbacrlbfr, THOMAS B. MOBBIg. Chicago. February 1.1367. JQjIiSOLDTION. THE FIRM OF WOODEtJEF & PATHE la this day dlsaolTCtl by motnal consent. EjlberMrt»- isauthonzedtosetoo thelndebtedueas ol J MASON WOODRUFF* WM.PATKB. * T!w» business will be continued by Wil. PAias. ati the o*d stand, fii E. corner Bridge, March Ist. 1557. IMSSOLirnON’ nu PAwrjariwmar ci/?ffeala tSe anrawaie bailneir.ai 43 Sula-ac, U bireby dusalfcd by matoai ccd«*b^ P. WAHNEK, TVip.TAM i>. GIBSOKI March IikISCT. COPARTNERSHIP. TbeocderMgncdbaTe this day lormed a copartner* shin lor carrying on the General Hardware business, at 43 Siatosu oarer the name of E. M. DANIELS ft. CO. E. M. DANIELS. March Ist. 1657. WH-TTAM D. GIRSON. npHE COPARTNERSHIP HERETO* -L fere eritagg bgtween the cndcrslgced, tha Btty\VS 4j SUTTON, Is this day dissolved by mutual eonssut. SAM. BKOVTN, fpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS _L Caylorc.ed a coi>ortmr»blp, lor tbcpornoseol ccntlnn|ngtbilgtiits*£iirmshlns buslaes*. at 84 ana 80 Praie—t. under tbcflfm name and »trle of BAIL. BROWN ft CO. SAM. BROWN. „ „ JOS. T. BROWN, JO, Chicago. February 3,1567. TMSSOLUTION.—The firm of B. Fe _L/drrleia A Co. Is this day dissolved by nntnal con sent. Tb* business will be continued. at neretortwr. br E. >t. AUHSIELN, who alone Is o alsnm liquidation. B. FEDERLKHT, E. M. ARNSTKIX. Ncs 74 A 76 Laie-st. Chicago, March-lst. ISCT« — The copartnership I f heretofore existing neder the Arm name of atJB liARD ft JID2JX haa this day Deendlssolvedbj mataal consent. Signed: March Ist, 1567. O. S. ITTIBBAED. CB&H. U. HUNT. COPABTHSHSSZF. The undersigned hare formed a copartnership under the flm name of HUNT* UUODWIN. incceodlng ta the business cl the laic Ann of nabbard & Utmt. Signed; CTIAS. n. HUNT, JO-N'ATHiN UOuDWDf. Jz. March Ist, 1867. ffiopartnetsftip. ■\rOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP.— J. 1 Tte onecnlened hare this day formed a Co panrerjhip under the came mdtiyle ofEATOS’, ma- GUIHE & CO., for the pnryose ol conUnmne the Inui andGlasavue bualneia here loft) re done hr K. F. M2n hiLL. at 71 ana 73 Bandolph-st. S. B. KATOX, O. F. MAnnißg, H. S. BBOWif. OilCSgo.Feb.2l.lS67. Having disposed of mj hnslnesa to Messrs. y aculte* Co„ 1 take pleasure In recommending them. t> the confidence and patronage of my friends, and so i ciilor them the same liberal eastern that bos i. Ten to me. N. F. ugßßif.t --_ Chicago. Ftb. 21, 1867. Easiness (Earns. A RGILLO WORKb The ArgiHo jCjl. Works, at Carbon Gilt 1 ; Bock Island County, m. munlactare Yellow. Bocklnsham and Stoneware. Terra Cotta tor building, drain pipe, and „ , KI B E Btt 1 ts*l£ , all of which they sell cheaper iteana bo bonght at saw other raannflactory tn the united stated. Holden & pendleton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers la Hardwood and Wbitewood Lumber. Office and Yard, 304 Sooth Franklln-tU bet. Via Bnreirandflarmor,Chicago. P. O. box 2330. CTT'BUIa cot to order, m ISAAC g. HOLDEN. JH. EDMUND y vnun im 33rick. PSEE SKILL MAXDFAOTTJRING CO.'S best improved BRICK MACHINE, simple, cnesp and durable; TEMPERING MACHINES. «mt all machinery for making brick. Machines to be seen, and all information pained, by calling on or addrnatne WHITING Sc WE.NTIVOBTH. P. O. Box 3793. Chicago, HI. “T)KICK MACHINE," DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Qglce. Room No. 3. 47 Clatk-it., Chicago. jj^AGAZINE brick works. Comer Battled and Twcaty-socond-ats, Office, No. 3 Otis Block. A. J. KNISELT, attomess. gCAMMON & LINCOLN, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Boom No. 1, Marins Bank Building, Chicago, in, CHAB.T. SCAMMON. BODEITT T.LtNCOLN. A CARD. Messrs. BCAMMON & LINCOLN, Attorneys at; Law, Win bemfler collect my rents. Tminu irffl flrul them m the office heretofore occupied hy JotmFjc ejnhc. Esq. Application for leueainay be made t-> then;. w # J.TODNO bCAM HON. March 4.1557. StorttfHJtters’ fHceting. OFFICE OF THE EQUITABLE JK SUEANCE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. TBS ANNUAL ZULSC7ZOXT For Director! cftbla Company will be held at the office of the Company, aoathweat corner of Randolph ««<* LaSaUMts'cn TUESDAY. March 13. B. W. PHILLIPS, Secretary. OFFICE MERCHANTS’ SAVINGS, LOAN AND TRUST CO. Chicago, Feb. 9.1907. The Annual Meeting ot the Stcctholders of ue Mer chants* Savings. Loan and Trust Company.for the elec tion of Trustees, win be held at the offlre of said Com rany. In Chicago, on MONDAY. Marcn lib, between the hours or 10 a.o. and 13 m. L. J.OaOS. (Crackers. QRACKER3; /E rated Crackers. The only original and genuine j&atsd Cracker wen cl New York con behad at A. FOLLANSBSS* CO.’S Mammcih Steam Cracker Institution. 499 and. 301 Maxa-st., Milwaukee. Merchants and others who have not used these Una voces should send tor samples. Alio. Assorted Bax Crackers, neatly put up 5,8,10, U and 30 bounds, for flm-eiass retail lrade_ Address. A> mi.LANsBaK A cu.« 55.499 nd j}Ql Msm su Uuwaokae..