9 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Mart 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM EUROPE. Latest .Sews by Ocean Tele graph. 'The Christians in Thessaly to Secure fieligions Inde pendence. Aid irom Russia for the Suffer- ing Cretans, FROM WMIITON. Little Business Transacted in Congress Yesterday. Ho Decision Arrived at on the Question of Adjourn ment. Unsuccessful Attempt to Revive (he Reconstruction Com mittee. Another Effort to be Made for the Disposal of the Surplus Gov ernment Gold. Arrangements Being Perfected for the Protection of Overland Travel ■I EOH EUROPE. Bl OCtAJI tSLEGfi&PB. negotiations ron religious independence. London, March 8. Despatches from the East report that the Christians ic Thessaly have entered Into nego tiations xrith the Turks for securing their reli gious isdcptaccnce. aid ron rnx cbetahs. The Empress of Russia has sent £s3,ft'W to aid the fcufltriug Christians in Crete. DEATH OF CUAHLEB r. ECO WEE ; “AUTEBCa WABD.” CbailesF. Browne, better known as “Artemos Ward,” di=d airouUiampton yesterday. NUANCE. Pash?, March 6. Emile dc Glrardm has been fined 5,001 fraur' the ConecUomU Court Ur violation d M the press. Paris, March S. M. Gtrardiu appeals from the decision of the CourL 7&£ NOSITOB VtAKTONOMAW. , Liverpool, Starch S. The United States Iron-clad MiautODomab has balled for Port Mahon, Spain, steamer ACTHTHT- Queenstown, March S, The steamship Palmyra, from Ke* York, has arrived. Latest Forelyu OarKcls, rXXA>CIAL Losi>osr, March 7—E?cala-:. Ccatols, UclUrfß;*icMo».;4; Illinois Central, 77Ji ; Eric, Fua kkfoet, March 7. Unite.! States Leeds, 77tf. • London, March s—Noon. Consols to-da*, lor money ; 5-30 s, 73V; Illinois Central. 77;, ; ;Mc, 30. OOVIUIEECIAL. Ltvxepoou March 7—Evening. Cotton doted dull, with a declining i cadency; mid dling uplands, 13V<L .Tallow turn. Lit or pool, March 8. Cotton Brokets’ circular report* cotton market dar ing week dull *na inactive, and prices shown increav lag downward iUid* , oc>. oalts daring tic week, tCi.GCO bales. The market, to-d»y, opens quiet at the fo lowing quotations; Middling uplands, WHd; Or leans. l”>d. Estimated talcs. £.OOO bates. Prcaoa'.uha—Corn ceiling at 37s 3d for mixed West ern. Provisoes--S:eo<Jr and unchanged. Produce—Linseed olt unchanged sens*. rtiGM Tsr-Mi DeipiCi lo «;? ct '“ : >- 0 , * Washington, March 6. concuess—the Qczsn-' >!r or ADJocnvaiEtT. The question cf adjournu.’ 611 * aa,^ n ° r the action ycstaiuay in tne i;te Republican caucus, been dLcvsid to-day an, 131 mem bers of the lower branch <-f Congiess. project is to provide by concurrent rcsolUk. on for odjomrxairttJ three or four eedfied days. J* 3 T one cay in May, another in July, another in September, and another early in November, with the understanding that if no special reason exists lor coming together In May, u few memliere ehali assemble and adjourn to a pprciC**d day In July, aud If no legislation Is dcmandtdthen ’he same course rhali be pursu 'd; hut with a further understanding that If a quorum assembles on any day of the specified aud conclude- to go or. with the session the resolution am he modified and rescinded. rnorosz sr.r.ENADE to sunatou stonroN. A large number of ttcfneod* of Senator Mor ton assembled st the National lloici this evening lortbe purpose ol tendering him .1 congratulatory serenade, but shortly teforc the hour arrived a fire broke oat on the opposite ■ orucr, entirely do slroyirg the building formerly known as the Union Dote*. Four mrn worcklicd by the fall ing of the walls o! »h? burning building, and In consequence ot thCe accident t c serenade was postponed until to-morrow evening. NO3IZSATZON6. The President tent to the Send** to-day a con siderable cumber of nominations, among which were General G. W. Clarke, for Marshal of Iowa; William W. W il-on. Collector.: nd John H. Math ers, Aes-cteor os the Fourth District of Ohio; Jo seph W. Dwyer, formeily Pension Agent at Co- Inmbn*, Ohio, has been »e-appoftitcd a* d con firmed, rice K. L. Cos, father of unset Cox, re jected. coaaiifl'ioNEn or ikpian affairs. It is understood that the position ~f Commis sioner oflnuiim ACaire‘as leca tendered to ex- Congressman Kuykendall, of Illinois. UNSUCCESSFUL ATTE2FT TO CEVIVE THE BECON- The most important feature xn the Bouse pro ceedings of to-day was its action in refer ence to reappointing the Joint Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. Stevens endeavored to get !a a resolution ordering its continuance, but the Boasc refused a two-thirds vole, the result tiaad ng yeas BC, nays SO, being eleven less thsn two-third*. -The Republicans who voted in (be negative, or, in other words, against reviving the committee, were Ashley, of Nevada; Baker, Da we*, Griswold, Harding, iDgcrsoli, Judd, Laflm, Logan, Marriu, Pile, Pomeroy, Ranm, Smith, Stewart and YonUorn, of Missouri—l 7. COMUnXE ON FOKEIGN AFFAIRS. The action of the House 10-djy In ordering the appoinreu.nl of the Committee on Foreign AT fain is looked epon bymacy prominent mem bers as Indicating that all the committees of that body will ho ordered and rppointed next week, unices the Senate rl tn early day fixes upon the Ume of adjournment. SILLS nCTBODUCXS. Tho number of bills already introduced into the Senate this session i* thirty-five; Inta the House, seventeen. Tbe number tint have be come laws is two.viz: Appropriating tSO.UGQffor the Pnris Exposition, and one allowing members of Congress to be Tratteci of ice National Or phan Asylum. nircßucAS a.wmsAL is sew oulsasp. Ex-Govemor DaLu and other Jjyal gentlemen Lave perfected aironzemcnts for estahlLhin? a Republican paper at New Orleans, the first num ber of which wil be issneoon 'he 25th instant All parties interested in the project arc certified by Generals Butter and Banks as tried and true men, and the movement Is endorsed by Messrs. Ste vens, trade, Colfax, Howard.) Logaa.JShellabirgcr. and others. The name of me paper will he tne “New Orleans DrpwWiVon,” ana the capital Is suf ficient lo make it a diet-class journal ia every respect. FINANCE AND ATrUOnnATIONF. Tbe Senate Committee on Finance and Appro priations held an informal joint session this morn ing to consider the question relative to the distil ballon of bosineßS growing out or the appoint ment of ihe committee on appropriation*. THANKS TO CEOSOE rXAHOpr, The yeas and nays were called to-day for the first toe in the new Senate on the passage of the joint resolution extending the thm.ks of Coasre>3 lo George Peabody. Senators Grimes aud Tipton were the only members voting In the cc~ative Ttig niaaxouLD. The meet bitter and nnueldin~ member of the Virginia Senate who opposed Con von lion to reorganize under the sew itecuassractfon Law was Hebert Onjd, late rebel exchange Com .nussloner. OTXSLAjm TDiIVXX. Ihc Secretary 01 War has transmitted to th- Senate a copy or Gc» oral Sherman'* report on the subject of the protection of trains tn the Overland Ilontc, with copies ol the general or ders Issued by General Pope last year for the re gulation of travel across the plain*, lie gays these orders. with tome modification, wl'i be en forced the present year; lhav under them a vast amount of mcrcluntliM- and a great number of ncople-iastyear,passedaifciy to ihefr destina tion. For tucycar Dill he propo.-cs to apply the general rules laid down by General pope to the fonr pnnclp.il routes. FlrsU from Minnesota to Montana, via Porta Abercrombie, Wa*d worth, P.lcp, lierthcld, Buford and Jadilb, and Son Hirer, jvilhiwo new mtioos between Wadsworth and Bice. Second. tie Great Plane Home, by which per cent of the travel -0 Montana, Utah. Coiuori.ia and Colorado has hitherto done Incrcsßt'd proiecUoswßl be given to tf»e shorter jme *0 v irtii io City, trom Laramie rid Ports He ®°i Kearney, Ate. Tain. the Smoky iiill Route, lo Colorado, via Ports itileV, Uooker! c >„ ““ v Wallace, thence’ to Den ver City, louri’a. the Arkansas Route, from Kansas and Arkaotoe, via Porta -cnc Lai> pad. Dodge and Lyon, m tt Pairsatric, &c, to Port Onion and .New Mexico. He algo proposes to leave th- I’oel Caomandete a utt'e more lati tude ojjndgmcolas to Ihc strength of trains pa-s --ine out, as coj* and delay hive sometimes fe ptuted from boldln* trains till the requisite non her baa accumulate*, The order referred to re tiuired a military orpfliAxailon of all train* to the number of not less thai-thirty meuaad twenty ah travellers orehejd io atria zeepaael- bldtyfora faithful observance of the regulations laid down, asd treaties with Indian tribes through wboeeeonntrythey are paasinr. BSTXOTS BEOUUtHOTI. • The sew Internal Itcvenue Law requires ell In spectors to give bonds In the sun of *5.000. Anr Inspector, except those west of the Mississippi River, who docs dot file a satisfactory bond wib Ibe Commissioner by April Ist, will be ueemod vacated. Ibe revised bonded warehouse regulations ■require poods which are to be tracs* po;ted in bond to be transferred from the ware house to the place of shipment under Uie super vision of an officer, and requires an olllcer to ac company the spirits from the warcbonse to the j.lare of redlstillation orfrecUflcation. The Urns lor completing the transportation Is reduced to thirty days, and for producing proof of delivery lo fine* Q days Tbe time for completing redistil lulion or rectifying and return is reduced to ten days, in all cases the application for withdrawal Jo.- rectification must cc made by a duly Used rcctifficr, who most he a party to the bond. cosonnesioxAL eecess. According to present Indications congress will adjourn about a week hence until October. BEJEcnosa. 71iq Senate rejected tbe following nominations. Fufimaatera-~ Cbas. A. Wclsbro, Oshkosh. Wig.; Warren Barnhard- Independence, lows. Aetttsor Internal Ueztn us—J. W. MnuheTra, Fourth i)isiricl ot Ohio. rotas cui* A Washington special aaya that Mr. Price's res olution will he pressed next week, if passed It win compel the eale of $50,000,000 In coin. In the Senate mere is on indisposition to touch the floau cibl question at this time. Certain members will push next week a resolution to allow fifty percent of the tarill dalles to be paid in currency. JUSTIWCT POLICE. The lute Congress, while making an appropria tion lor the ealailes of the Metropolitan Police, provided that hereafter no person shall be ap pointed as a policeman or watchman who has not served in the army or nary of the trailed States, aud received an honorable discharge. DITOTV COSO*TKOLLEII OF TUB CUBUBNCT. Jo-in Jay Knor, of the Treasury Department, Is appointed Deputy Comptroller ot the Currency tn p.ace cf 11, K. Hnvlbnv. recently commissioned by the President as Comptroller ot the Currency. „ COSUBMED. The Senate confirmed J. M. Hendrick, Postmas tar at: Ottumwa, Icwa; Clarke Dunham, Bnrling t«n, Iowa; J. O. Monk, Watertown, WJa.; Thns. Moonlight, Collector of Internal Revenue, in Kansas; Jas. Armstrong, Second District. Iowa: GlllcttV. Stevenson, Fourth District, Ind.; W. W.Wlhon, Sixth District. Ohio. Ateeteors of'lnternal Revenue— Clias. A. Har rington. Nineteenth District, Ohio; Joseph Bow man, Filteenth Dlstiicl, Ind.; Elias IVrl-ht, filer enth District, Ohio; Geo. J. Berger, Fit h District. Illinois; Wm. B. Elliott, Third District, PcnasyP veiilu. TUB TAIUTT QUESTION. “The Speaker of the House having intimated that ihc aopomtracnt of a Tariff Committee wonld really oaurp the functions of the Commit tee of War* and Means, it is probable that the movement for such a committee will bo aban donee. The extreme tariff advocates refuse to coUfent to any proposition ol this kind unless they cac conu oi it. tee sttA?cnß. Washington, march B.—The President and Cob.uct are busily engaged in tho aeccasaiy pre paisilccs tor the execution of the MiU'.ary Gov ernment Bill for the South, NOMINATIONS. The President has sent to theSena'e a large number of nominations for tbe various offices. Many of those which remained unacted on when tn< last Congress closed have been agaic sent for coLf.iTnalion. As there are at least five hundred vacancies the rush of office seekers is tin usually tpir:U(L r unite iaxds fob sale. The Commissioner of the General Land Office basii.stniced the District Land Officer at Mena* tba. IVi?.. to proceed to Green Bay on the first of Siay and oficr at public auction, to the highest Didder, for each. the vacant lots, one hundred at.d tCTwity-tvo In number. In the laic Fort How jrd mene. No minimum -price is affixed, bat they are lobe sold subject to approvals hy the Fecn-'.nry ot the Interior. The Commissioner has jast;pprovedl2,in acres of land to the State of Minnesota, os school indemnity lands. destitution nr tue south. Wa.-uiscson, MarchS.—The statement of Gen eral Howard, Commissioner of the Frccdmeu's Rmc-iv,transmitted tothc Senate by the Secre l;.ry of iVar. states that £2.622 whiter aid 21.2U0 color-,d people in the South wiilneea food from some source b- fore the next crop can relieve thee-. The number of rations required for one moulliis 1,070,000, for five months, the probable lime required, 5,5£>.000. At 05 cent? per ration, Hu* cc'imatod cost will be £0,13-1,750. Of this bos already been appiwpritittn. £l.s(£-7ioio he provided, ** .«»tng The detlitule me »^ orUoncrt ag follow*; WThltce. Blacks. I’iigh.ia 2,500 g,SCO North Carolina 3.000 2.000 South Carolina 6,000 5.U00 Alahi/ma... 10,000 5.000 Florda 500 1.0 0 Georgia 7,500 sto Tennessee j,ooo I,OCO Mississippi i,BG2 2,058 Arkatu-as f,OOO 500 Louisiana 3'JO 2tW Since the report was drawn up a statement tma been received from the Assistant Commissioner anu Governor of Georgia, greatly exceeding the above amount, hut a large appropriation is not recommended for Georgiabefore aaottier estimate shall be made, based on a thorough inspection. rrCE AND LOSS OF LXTZ. Washington. March B.—A fue to-nlcht de stroyed the building on the southeast corner of i’etn-yivarla avcnueand Sixth street. The upper portion wes formerly occupied as the Central Hotel. The lower stories were the anetton rooms of Lull & Brothers, the office of the Aqnla Creek gamut d Company, and the basement as a restau rant. The bouse was worth, prohstuy. SV',W)CI or SbLUO-' 1 , on which there is an insurance. Six or seres persons It ia supposed were killed by the falling: walla, some of them being engaged at the time in removing fntMmrc fiora an adjoining house. Two dead bodies hare already biCU discovered: one of thtm that cl Mr. Mnhlerhass, agent of the Uenuiala Ictuscce Company. Digging and removal of the roles is going on at midnight to recover otter perwns missing, it is supposed that the flro was the v-oik of an lucendiary. COSGKESSIOXAt PROCEEDINGS. Washington, March 8. SENATE. The Chair submitted a communication from the Commissioner of Public Buildings, a?'«lng the apt.olutinrr of a joint committee to superin tend ihe expenditure for ’he improvement of the Executive Mansion, as provided lor iu the De cciency BUt; also, n communication from tho Sccritaiy cf War covering a comciuuicaiion f;oai Gci.nai Sherman, >efpecii'>gthe salctv of travel uvtrl-nd; also, n report from Gennril Howard on tue dof-titutbm in the Southern States. Petitions and memorials were presented from Arttu.ea®, and one irom Lonsi a, for appropria tion? for repairs of the Missis ippi levees. Itc fe'redto ilie Finance Committee. M*. THAVER preset ted a memorial from the Ncbra -k» Legislature for the erection of a bridge •iC»Oi s the Piaite Liver in continuation o' the v.u i:aiv Kra i from Flare Liver to Kansas: also, a joint tc-olution and memorial fora mall route, xe. /.II appropriately referred. Mr. iiOWE presented a joint resolution of the Wbcvustn Legi-lataic InsrucUng Senators from . «t t :.':c to vote for aid to the Northern Pacific R -> -fc:tcd. %,. r WILSON introduced a bill granting HUOPUHK'*"* or po"blic landato aid the public 1 5)001-- in tht Dlelric: of Columbia Keicrrco. Mr 'ntrodoccd a hill io amend the charter of the Naw«£l Asylum for Disabled 3oldSo e nnd allowing tnemb rt of Const ess to serve as direT lol ** Lc r errcd to the judiciary. , .. Mr iIENDELSON offered a resd}«Blon calling on the S?cic:aty ol War to communicu'e to the £ei.a:c whether armed expedition- Lave been sent again-tthe Indians in the Western Territories, and i' :C, under wnat orders and against what u iben. Mr. MORRILL introduced a joint resolution iprrc:iria;Kgsl-,o(Rirot the relief of freedmen and cettiluu* colored people ol the District. La-fed. Mi. SDMNEllcailed up the resolution of thanks lu Air. i eabody lor his munificent liberality in giving £2O‘J,OOO for educational purposes in the couth end directing th? President to cause a gold uu-dsl to bcst’.ock and presented to Mr. Peabody in the uomu of the American people Adopted— leas,3s mays 2; via: Grimes aruTipton. lit. WILbON called up a resolution to prevent the eu'e or use of spirituous liquors In the Capi tol building. Considered ana referred to the Committee on Public Buildings by a vote of 23 gaicstfil. Mr. CHANCIER introduced a bill for the con s'niciicn of a shiu canal around Niagara Fails. Hefei red to the Committee on Commerce. Jh bill to realties Alexandria to the District of Columbia was referred to the Judiciary Com mittee. Executive session. Adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. UPSON presented a joint resolution of the Michigan I.cgistcrc, asking an appropriation to improve the harbor at the mouth of the Kalama zoo RWcr. Referred. Air. DAVIS, from the Committee on Elections, reputed a resolution extending the time for tak ing testimony In tnc contested election coses of Delano and Moreau, m the Thlnecih Congres sional Disrrlctof Ohio. and Stewart cud Phelps, Thud District of Maijlaad, the former seventy five and the latter sixty days, which was adopted. Mr. WOOD asked leave to offer the following; 7?#r olved. That this House extend us sympathy to the people of Ireland In their present struggle for constitutional liberty- If the despotic Gov ernments of Europe shall be atowed to establish monarchical institutions in America, so should the United States foster and promote the exten sion of republican institutions in Europe. Mr. BHOOMALL objected; and there being alreadv pending since yesterday a motion to sus pend the rules, Mr. Wood was prevented making a similar motion. The motion to suspend the rule?, made yester day by Air. PRICE to eaahlo him to introduce a joint resolution to apply the suplua luaua in tho Treasury, over JR'.wxi.wO, to the redemption of comj-ouml interest notes, came up. The vote yea.*, W 5; nays. <O. Two-thirds not voting in the affirmative, ibe rules were not suspended. On motion ol Mr. FARNSWORTH, it was or acred that when the House adjourn to-day it ad journ to meet on Monday. Tee r-cnatc joint resolution, appropriating 450,0 0 additional to enable the people of the Cnitcd Ststes to participate in tho advantages of •Lc Laris Exposition, passed. The Senate Joint resolution ,-extending for five yuan Ihe time for completing the improvement of tl.c Fox'asd Wisconsin rivers, passed. Mr.BUiLEßifitroduccdajoint re-olatfon re calling the facts of the confiscation by the Con- Rdeiatcs of debts due by the Southern states to I-yai cii:ztiis; of the payment of ov-r halfatmi lion dollars proceeding from such confiscation to of New Orleans: the seizure by the General commanding tho United States army. Di-parmtenl ol the Gulf, of the balance re maining of that fund, £318,030, and payment of that amount Into the Treasury; providing for a Commission to hear and deter mine the claims of Northern creditors to shares in that i cm. and to distribute the same rotauly. Al •ir some discussion, in which Air. flatier stated fiat themccsr.ro had the entire approval of the :• errriaryot tin.- treasury, and accepted an amend m-n'. puggerted l»y Ur. UAUM. that the expenses of the Commi-sion he paid out of the fund, the ,< ini icsohtticu passed. Mr- Wfi.SON, cf Itwd. as Chairman of rfe Jodicia-y Commutes, offered a resolution mill gou the Fccrciaryol War to famish m iVncaCon relative to properly seized or taken i.es* -..-sion c f by the Government or its agents in 1 ccislars: also for the papers in uic cose of Kmncr&EacharJc. Adopted. Mr. ROBINSON eaked leave to introduce a joint refutation authorizing the Secretary ol me fieasnry to sell ihe surplus ofgold, and receive le gal-: culcr# at par for onties. Air HOOPER objected. Leave was given to have it prinled. Mr. COBB presented a joint resolution of the Wisconsin L-gn-laturo, asking an appropriation me?? in a’d of the construction ol ihe Northern Pacific Railroad. Mr. WOOD moved to suspend tne rules that he might introduce hta join' resole ion expressing syxnj-athy for the people of Ireland. The rules were suspended—yeas lo IS nays—and Ihe join; resolution introduced. Mr. WOOD moved ihe previous qaestlon.which not f-pcocretf—S-; agnluri 85. •Ji. BANKS moved ta icfcr the resolution lo the Commutes on Foreign Affairs, when appuint c: • Mr. Banks xfirorkea that the naked expres -01 sympathy for Ireiand amounted to very . 4 here was not a member of the House who did no. entertain that sentaa;nt as strongly as as tne gentleman from New York, but tbe resola lion was coupkdwlih other nnestlooj altecling . t ß i. o ,* be Co *fo ,r T, which should be eou stocred by the Committee on foreign Affairs. He should ask the House to Immediatejy aopoint that Committee by the breaker. •ihe question re.vrrlu- the roroltrion to that rcmmlttce was carried—yeas, us mays, ao, Mr. BANKS offered the lolioiviag- J}(tclvfd, That In view of evoutTtranspirin'* on the Northern frontier of tJ ie United Stal-e, 'it is expedient that Hie Standing Commute? on For eign Affairs shall he now appointed by the Sp-as cr foi the purpose of considering foreign rdi. ili.ns. Act’pted. Mr. STE\£NS moved the suspension ori iC icics so that he might mtroducea Joint r. eoiu t.->n rcappoln'ing the Committee o* Flßem on K .construction. R«jected—SC yeas, 50 nays, two tUids not voting ufflrmatively. After the tiansaction of some unimportant busi ness, the House adjourned till Monday. Bturdmr Awauinj; Requisition. Des Moines. March B.—A telegram was re ceived by the city authorities yesterday from the Major of ban Antonio, Texas, that ooeA-N. March v&a under arce:t ta that city to await the- YOL. XX. requisition of the Governor of this S’aio on the charge: of murdering a man named King, In the Major's office In this city, tn June, 1661. ifarsh Oed at the lime, and has not been heard from UU now*. Sheriff McCalls will leave here for him on Monday. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. ■Wisconsin. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, March 8. SENATE— totrsdax bvbnijio. Last evening a resolution was offered providing for submitting to the people on amendment to the Banking Law, prepared by the last cession of the Legislature. Bills were passed appropiiaung $53,000 for a Reform School, and to Incorpo rate the Dell Improvement Company at Ean Claire. ASSEMBLY— Thursday evening. A large number of bi'ls were introduced in the Assembly last evening, none of which ore ot special Importance. BEN A I’E—•TiaTtaOAT. A resolution ‘of thanks to the Milwaukee & Prairie DnCbicn Kailrcad Company, for n special train, and totbe citizens of AUittaukce for cour tcgUs and attention on the occasion of the visit to the funeral of Senator Hadley was adopted. A ref olntion waa adopted for the appointment oi a member of the Committee on State Adairs in place of Senator Hadley, and Senator F. O. Tborpo was appointed. Bills wexe introduced providing for certain work in the Wisconsin River, in changing the location of wing dams at Portage city; to author l*s the appointment of three Railroad Commission cis, to enable toe legislature to take Intelligent fiction In regard to complaints against the rail roads, and as io the condition of tne roads of thu State, and to rcpoit to the next Legislature; to Erovide for the ptuchascof a portrait of Abraham iuccln. ObebtUto aathorixe the issue of additional stock and consolidation with roads in lowa and Minnesota of the St. Paul Kalhoad, was taken up at eleven o'clock, and occupied the re mainder of the tcseioij, lasting till ten minutes past two i), in. Tnerewas considerable debate, Senators Fulton and Gary opposing tho bill, and Senators Clark and Wcob advocating it. The bill was dually passed in the aame shape as it was when ordered to a ihiid reading, February 15lb. ASSEMBLY— testeudat. Several resoimlots to amend the Constitution uerc rejected, the deposition of the Assembly be ing obviously In favor of retaining the t onstita> tionssitls until modified by a constitutional Convention rvgnlariy called. SeveiaUoc&TbiUßwere Introduced. There was a sharp cocirorcrey over the refer ence of the Senate bill (o incorporate the Improve ment and Dooming Company, authorizing a dam on the Chippewa Riv. r. between Mr. Fayette Alice, a friend of the hll>, who moved to refer to the Committee on Incorporations, and Hr. Pound, Who opposed the reference. The speaker bad suggested the CommlUcc on Lnmberand Manufactures as au appropriate refer ence. Mr. Allen’s motion was lost—ayes. 40: hocp,o2. Ihe bill was then referred to the Com mi'ice on Lumber and Manufactures. The Senate memorial to Congress for opc-uinw the Milwaukee Road horn Shawnee to Wausau was concurre-: it. Tee Assembly Bill making eight tburs a legal day’t work, was lost. lADim. [Special Despatch to li; uUoun Tribana-J Indianapolis, MarchS. SENATE. The House amendments to the Registry BU were not concurred in, and a Committee of Confer cnee was appointed. Tbe following bills passed. Appropriating £IO,OOO for the erection of a build* irg for felate offices and the Supreme Court. The House bill districting the State for judiciary pur pose?, and vbc Specific Appropriation Bills were passed. Resolutions continuing the appointment ot Joseph Orr, Alexander C. Downey and Charles t\ Coffin, Commissioners of the House ol Refuge, were unanimously adopted. A joint resolution were unanimously adopted, instructing the iudl -1 ana delegation In Congress to use their Influence to secure (be release of Rev. John -McMahon, serv ing out his sentence of life imprisonment la Can ada, fur participating lu the Fenian raid. HOUSE. The special Committees wn Corruption reported they bad tailed to leant anything that would crim inate any one. A resolution was adopted ap pointing a committee to eli in vacation to Inquire Into the delinquencies of railroads in the matter ol taxes and to report a bill providing fur the taxation ol ravlronds. 1 he Senate joint resolutions, directing the burn ing of the hills of broken and closed backhand the destruction ol tho plat eg for printing said hills now In Ihe State Auditor's office, and it fivorct an appropriation for the improvement of ine har bor at Michigan City, were passed. Tho Senate amendment to the joint resolution in regard to continuing the military claim agencies at Indian apolis and Washington, and appropriating fixe thousand dollars therefor, were con curred in. The Conference Committee on the Hegistry BUI was appointed. The following bills were passed: Taxing the railroad property; defining and punishing conspiracy; making specific appropriation*; 51 to 15; taxing shares of the National Banks; 71 to t'i; hut amenacdsoofi not to be construed to give muni duai corporations the right to levy a tax, and then passtd unanimously. Tee vote by which the Sen ate Temperance Bill was lost was reconsidered, and recommitted to a Special Committee of Five. 'I he joint resolutions were adopted instructing our Senators and icqucstlnc our licprescntatlves to use their iniluencc to have (be Government pay losses occasioned by the Morgan mid, and giving extra pay to soldiers who suffered In repel pris ons. MICHIGAN. ISj cclal Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Lansing, March 8. All important railroad legislation will go over till mrtweek. The Senate further postponed consideration of ihe vetoed hills till Wednesday. The Senate passed Mils appropriating $20,000 for building ii e Agricultural College: onevacailng tho Town thip of Fewablc; a bill making appropriation for the University. In the House the opinion of the Attorney General, affirming the right of the Legislature to pass enabling acis for railroads and pinuk roads, ana to confine voting therein to property tax rajcis, was presented. Bills providing for the regiftraUon.of births, deaths and marriages, and reorjanixing the Supreme Court, so us to estab lish a Cbiel Justiceship, passed. MINNESOTA. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Sr. Paul, Minn., March 8. The Legislature adjourned sms dte ibis noon, having completed its business In good shape. Many members hare already left for home, and nearly ali the remainder will leave in the morning. ibe Editorial Convention triumphed after afi, the bill having passed authorizing the puhltca tiou or the laws in the papers throughout the State; also allowing a charge ot twenty cents per description for publishing tax sale?. As usual, on the last day, a vast amount Of leg islation bos been done, and hills were rushed through with very little scrutiny. The session was Kngthy last night. misbotixif. St. Lons, March B.—The lower House of the Legislature passed, by a vote of UC to 8, a bill to restore Ihe stale credit by the payment or interest on Slate bonus, the hill appropriating $6D0.000 out of the Slate Treasury to pay interest falling due July, IEGT. and levies a tax of lour mills on the (be dollar to meet the accruing interest ticrcifici; also appropriates £1,000.000 of the sum due the Stabs by ibe Federal Government for the payment of over due coupons in the order in which they matured, on ihe first day of July, ISO 2, as last as said money is received from the Government. The remaining over due coupons, estimated st two and a half millions, will be taken np and new State six per cent bonds, bearing date January Ist, ISGS, is sued for them. The National Bank of Commerce of New York is made the agent of the State for the transaction of this business. The Senate baa made the bill a special order for Monday next. FEOMMADISOS. St, Paul Railroad Consolidation nut Passed—The Eight Hoar Bill Lost- Court matters. (Special Despatch to tho Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wis., March 8. The sharpest fight of the session, lasting some three boors in the Senate, took place on the St. Paul Consolidation Railroad Bill to-day. The re sult was the triumph of its friends by a close vote, and the passage of tho hill in the same shape as ordered to a third reading on Ipth of February. There were debt oi ten votes taken. The amend ment Mmiiinglnc consolidation to continuous co terminal lines running toward the Missouri River was injected by a vote of 11 to 17, on account of the latter clause, which prevented the consolida tion wjih the 'Winona & St. Peters Road, ibe amendment for the issue of six thousand shares of stock for the benefit of farm mortgages was lost— utoß'. Ibe atnecamenf prohibiting the consoli dation or .joining of flocks with the Prairie Du hien Road, or ai.y road consolidated therewith, was tamed by the casting vote of LicnteuantOov ersor Spoor, er, and the bill then passed—22 to 7. Subsequently the vote was reconsidered, Ibe Prairie du Chun amendment rejected— fourteen to f ixteen, and Ihe bill passed without it—thirteen to seventeen. An amendment was offered limiting consolida tions to continuous and coterminal roads, hut by unanimous consent was refused. Ibe Assembly turned a somerset on tbe Elght- Honi Bill, which was ordered to a third reading some dais ago, having to-day rejected it by forty t\o to fory-svveo, but Us friends propose to make another effort for It. A tint Is pending in the Supreme Court, to be argued to-morrow, ol the Ozaukee rioter?, against cx-Gcvernor Salomon, for false imprisonment at Camp Randall, appealed by plaintids from tho Milwaukee Circuit. FROM LOUISTILLE. Attempt nt JUgliway Robbery—Meet* lag of Colored People—A Dog Fleur. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] LoDisyjLLr, March fi. A daring allempt at highway robbery was made last night in fhe lower part of the city. William Kerry and Mike Shannon attacked a German named Frank Loop, and demanded his money, tic refused, and they fired several shots at him and beat him badly. The vil alus were both ar rested and held to auswerbelore Judge Craig this moraine. Tbe colored people held a large and entbusias tic meeting lust night Several distinguished persons, white and colored, addressed the meet ing. Resolutions cxpicseingsympuihy with their brethren in Tennessee were adopted. Michael O’Connel, who was arrested yesterday, tor an attempted rape upon a negro woman! wxs put under bonus to answer in the Police Court n>-dny. Tbe long (alked of dog fight between Petber- Icy V* 4 Pluck” and Dickinson's “Pncce,” for £IOO a side, came off to-night, ** Prince” winning alter a fight of one hour and seventeen minutes. FROM SrRLXGFIELD. Beflgnation and Appointment—Bc qntNltlon Kefoscd. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Spuingfeld, 111., March 8. Judec Starr, of the Twentieth Judicial Precinct, hns resigned, and the Governor has appointed Chas. li. Wood to fill the vacancy. A requisition irom Acting Governor Spiuk, of Dakota, on Gov ernor Oglesby, for the return of SUckncy to Dakota, was refused by Governor Oglesby on legal grounds. ° Gcorgla and tlie tcccoiutructlon Act* 8 —Governor Jenkins has loft for n athington to coubqh with the President *nd Congress m reference to the status of Geor gia under the recent enactments. Tie IRISH REBELLION. Latest Particulars of the Up rising by Atlantic Cable. Prevailing Impression that the Insurrection has Become General. Several Conflicts Reported Be tween the Insurgents and (be Government Troops. The Country Overrun with Irish Americans. British Troops being Forwarded from All Available Points, Proclamation of the Government of the Irish Republic. •London, March 7 Evening. Despatches received during the day from Dublin and Cork give tbe following particulars of the lust outbreak in Ireland: A fight look place Tuesday night at Talioght, about eight miles south of Dublin, between the armed police and a large hob? of Feniaca. One ol thelatter was killed, and five wounded. The police captured eighty prisoners, six loads of am munition, and up to 10-day over. 200 prisoners have been broughlinto Dublin. Ttw mala body ol Pcclans engaged in the fight retreated to the hills north of Dublin, with Lord Thralhnoix, commander of the British forces In Ireland, in vigorous pursuit. The Police Station at KUman, nineteen miles south of Limerick, Id tbe county of Munster, was attacked by 2J) Fcmonr, who were repulsed, leav ing three of their number dead on the field, and losing fourteen prisoners. The bartacks at Drogmore. county of Down, is the Lorlbj has been fired by an Incendiary and destroyed. The manager of the Union Bank, and the mes senger, have been shot. Reports from Dublin state that the Fenians ap pear well supplied with rations, and seem to have risen in all parts of Ireland. They attacked the coast guard stationed at Klllcguh, In the county of Glare, and took away their arms. Assaulta have been made upon the stations at Cary Fort, in Wicklow County, and that at Hally Cross, and the assailants supplied themselves with arms from all these places. Übo excitement in Tipperary is Intense. General Gleason is reported there. Dculin, March 7. Thirteen prisoners in all were taken at Lim erick. All quiet in this city to-day, and reports from Cork, Limerick and Waterford represent no apparent signs of disturbance there. London, March B—Evening. Lord Derby stated this evening that the railway trains arc again running between Dab/la and coik. London, March 7—Noon. Several Irish and English papers are received, and publish a proclamation purporting to como from the Government of the Irish UepuhUc. U declares that, after ages of outrage ana vain ap peals lb reason and Jnstice, they have at last re jolved to appeal to arms to recover the land from eurfdom and establish a National Union for pub lit safety and political freedom, and bring about tht consequent separation of tho Church and &ta'4. They appeal to republicans throughout the vorld for sympathy and support, Dopbun, Marchs. A ttavy storm prevailed in this vicinity night before last. Large quantities of snow (ell, and It is said the insurgents who took refuge in the mountains arc suffering severely Bom cold and exposure. Donohue, the leader of the Fenians at the fight at Tallaght, Las since died, aud three of hli com panions ate also dead. A police cotatabld bag t»cn killed by tho To nlani* in Cork. Bails on tberoada monlng into Waterford are tom up. Large quandcs of ammunition and materials for producingGreck fire have uecu discovered aud seizca by theeoldlers and police lu various parts of tho connUi. Lord oh, March S—Noon. Troops are being rapidly despatched to Ireland from nil availtolc points. London, March B --Evening, Despatches tom Dublin, Cork', and other parts of Ireland, rectivcd during the morning and af ternoon. give the following intelligence: A body of Fenian?, fifteen hundred strong, are reported tbres'cnlng the town ot Tipperary. The tioops had a battle with the insurgent troops, near KM&realns, County Limerick, and detesting them, killed one, wounded several, and took thlrtyprisoncis. Among the latter waa a Fenian Genera] Lanci. A force of rebels some 300 strong was also beat en by the solders at Clonmel. Several of the for mer were bflijd; eighteen prisoners taken “and a quantity of anus captured. The Fenians stripped the houses of guns and other weapons. Armed hands of men are moving through the counties of Clare, Tipperary and Limerick, and have frequent conflicts with the police. A Doctor Cleary Is reported killed at Killamack. Incendiary fires are frequent in the city and county of Limerick, The correspondent of the London 71 met says that Ireland Is foil of Irish Americans, and argues tint severe punishment in their cases Is imperea tfvcly necessary, hut be adds that it is difficult to apprehend them, for the people, though they give them no aid, refuse to betray them to the author ities. He stales that Colonel Dunn led the Irish in Ihe attack on station at Klllmallock. He con cludes by saying that the present rising is consid ered a failure In Dublin. How tho News la Received In New York— Pecuniary Aid Pouring In— The Enlisting Fever Renewed. New Yoke, March B.—The excitement among the Fenians here under the Irish news is immense. The headquarters arc thronged and a great num ber of Iriab-Amencaua have tendered pecuniary assistance to General Gleason, who m here, and not in Ireland. Several men booked to-day for the Fenian army. A public demonstration la (o be held on Monday. 10 b 0 etUl residing in ” <nb “ ,;,o 40 W “ 11 APVJCOES BY MAIL, llic Fenian Plan fop a SJmuUaneons military iTlovcmcnt Throughout Ire land-Poll account of the First Upris ing m county Kerry. (Dublin Correspondence (February 16) of the New York Herald.] 1-ocp before this reaches you the Cable will have Hashed an account of the Fenian riringin Ihe south of Ireland- The long expected rising has taken place at last. The Fenians have raised the stand ard of revolt, and fired the first shot on insb soil. The .molt Intense excitement aud alarm have prevailed for the last three days. Kerry, the counly of the far-famed garden of Ireland, has been the scene of operations. The mountains and glens of KUlarney, over which the tourist bos been want to stiay, have become the hivooac ground of the Insurgents. The beaute ous echoes ot Dunto, which hitherto but repeated soft notes awakened by (be guides, have taken up tbe hoarser cry of a pursuing army, and the mimic catnon, which many an American tourist will re member as arousing the reverberations of the bills, has given place to tbe more stem reality of the “ Armstrongs.” it appears that the council who bare lately ar rivtd irotn New York and taken the direction of Fenian affairs here decided that there should be a simultaneous rising in England and Ireland; tbe objf ct of ihe former being to collect the men from Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and other nmnniactaring towns, to attack Chester Castle, in which a large store of arms and ammunition was known to bs kept, only guarded by fourteen men, and then take possession of a steamboat and make for Dublin. Tho patties in the South, Ignorant of the failure of the Chester aud Dublin business, ro«c accord ing to agreement. The command was' assumed by General O’Connor, who has hem residing in the neighborhood of Cahlrdvces for some weeks. By hlf direction tho roads were taken possession or by bands of armed Fenians, toe telegraph wires to \ al< nda, and also those to Tralee were cat, and thus all communication from tho district was slopped. Having eecared Cahlrclvcm as a base of operations, O’Connor dcspaiched nis colleague. Captain Monarty, with full instructions to Ihe Bead Centre, in KUlarney. The even ing that Moriarty was to arrive tn KUloruey, an anonjmous letter was brought by a little barefooted girl to Mr. Galway, the agent of Lord Castlerosge, luionnlng him that Captain Moriarty, a Fenian agent, waa coming by Blonconl’a car from Cahirciveeo. The letter stated that the man would be knoan as Qaving a broken nose—(Moii arty bad bis nose Injured in the late American war). The car was met by the police four miles outside the town, and the Captain arrested. The papers found on him created an Immondty of alarm, asserting that be was to give the signal, that ibe hank was to he (be first place sacked, and then Lord Castlerossc’s mansion. Tbe news spread with rapidity, and in a few hours the whole county wasjap to fever heat ot ex citement. The gentry poured into the town with their families and valuables: the Railway Hotel was taken possession of by them, and a guard ot constabulary placed around it. As soon as O’Connor beard of the fatoofbla messenger be massed tbe Fenians and marched towards Kliiamey with the object of rescuing biro. On their way they attacked each police station they came to and took whatever arms and ammunition could he found, balttid not do in jur) to the men. They were Joined by several uands a!ong the road, so that tnelr numbers r racked sewn hundred In a few boars. At KclU, a small hamlet rimtlcs from Skibherecu they sacked the coast guard station, took all arms and objects likely to be useful in thur march. Tbe magis trates, sitting in solemn council at KUlarney, bearing of tho advance of this tonnidable body, and no troops yet arrived, despatched a mounted orderly to Killorglin, a small town some miles distant, to collect the constabulary. Another mounted mteseiger was despatched from Killorg -1 n for Cahirciveeo, but on the road ho was met by a party of tbe advancing Fenians, among whom, Uis asserted, was the Geneial. The man waa de- CHICAGO. SATURDAY. MARCH 9, 1867 sired to baud over bis despatches, bat revised, and was immediately shot b j one of the crowd. The despatches were taken, as also bis horse and anus, and the unfortunate man left weltering In blood by the roadside. He was subsequently assisted by a priest. Before tbe Fenian force conld reach Killarney troops arrived from Cork, and not bolus folly ormuJ, nor meeting the reinforcements expected from Dublin, tbe; tnrncd aside from Killarney towards Kenmare. Several hundred troops ar rived from Dublin In a few hours afterwards, and then pursuit was commenced. Cars were col lided to convey the troops in the direction of Hu.marc, but without leading to any collision or mutiny. The Fenians were well guided, and, although the greatest cifcrta were made to overtake them, all were unsuccessful, 'they passed in force (hiouch ibo gao of Dnnlo, dispersed over the loo>< ICbMountain.and Urns eluded the military. Several hundred troops surrounded Toomics wood last right under the direction of Mr. Her bert and o'her residents, and, although they knew that a party of Fenians was concealed there they could not catch a single man. Several times dur ing the night the gi-mrlcs Uhacd the Fenians con versing, but os It was dark it was deemed advisa ble not to pursue them til] aaylicht. TLc'ioouilrh Mountain overlooks the Lower Lake, and u is likely they will escape by boats, which (he people abo.it will readily supply if not 100 closely watched by the soldiers. On Tburs daynighi upwards ot fifteen hundred (soldiers, composed ot Infantry and artillery, were concen trated at Mallow, a point which commands the whole south of Ireland, from which troops could be poured at a very short notice to any district necessary. • They arc under command of Brigadier General Hot-lord. It was rumored last night that a rising would take place lu Dublin and Waterford early in tbe ensuing week: but the measures taken to meet seek go far to di. courage these ideas. Tbe mili tary in Dublin are air confined to barracks, and stand ready for a moment's notice—lnfantry, guns loaded; cavalry, booted and spurred. ’ihe Head Centre for Liverpool was arrested last night; also two American Colonels, Lawler and Uialy. They were all cngagoi in destroying treavtuahio documents at the time ofarroit. A boat from a man-of-war Ijlni outside Cahir clreen had been sent in with marines to asjlslin defence ottiio town. The Fcene or (Revolt* (London Correspondence (Feb. 10) of tie New Express.! It sc* ms the “Kingdom of Kerry” has been chosen by tbo Fenian leaders as (he scene of their , first attemptat insurrection. In some respects it cannot be denied that the ground is well sen.-cted, for ihero is no part of Ireland which oflora greater natural obstructions towards quelling on insur rection. and tr.vro is no district which affords greater facilities for the movements of rebate. In 1703, the hogs of Ulster were chosen as the open ing scene o* the bloody drama. In 1&19, the cabbage gardens of Tippers ry for the ridiculous fiasco. in ibC7 the fastnessca of the far southwest. The rising aopcats to be nt present confined to the peninsula lying between KenmarelUverand Bayahd Dingle •Gay. It does nut as yet extend to Cork, on the one side, or limerick, on the other. This penin sula Is about twenty miles wide at its broadest put,and about thirty-eight mites long at its great est Jongili. From Killamey, at one end,to Valen cia at the other, and fiont Kcmnarc to the town of Kiiiorglin, the peufnsula contains hardly anything tmlhich mountains and abrupt valley?. Oflbc high mountains ilacgilllcuddy’s Keeks are the but to the west of these are manv *-‘ J exceeding two thonsand feel In hci" v * f t vr. 55™™’-'° nwHeifW 8? tie eontuiuns •i- or these monniam chains, which rea deis the country favorable to the ac trns of insurrection, and unfavorable to troops. The roads arc very bad in comparison with those oj the rest of Ireland, bm, thoughfew in number, itey are. fairly adapted for the passage of troops, 'i be didlcnlty in bringing troops to bear, however. Is increased by llio almost enure absence of rail ways, which run on one side only to Dunmana way, in the County of Cork, by tiro nearest road

thirty miles from Kcnmarc, and on the other only loKillorncy, ihlrty-crghtmiles from Cahlrcincen, which appears to be a central point of tho move ment. if, however, the rising in Kerry is gene ral, the road from Kenmare to Killamey, which is one of the best roads In the country, wth afford an easy hatlfl for operations. FROM CISCLNSATI. Fatal Accident—A Murderer** Will— la mamlleld* Olxlo— Summary proceedings. Cincinnati. March B.—At a brewers' celebration near this city, yesterday, a young man named Kaiph Abel was Instantly killed by the bursting of a cannon. Gvoige Gael?, tho ringleader of the three con- ICfECd tnmilercts of James Tlugtacs, yesterday made a will, giving to Professor Kcickclen his bead, auer bis execution. Ho baa nut bees tried ycf. but intends to confesfi, and folly expects to be banged. In Mansfield, Ohio, on Wednesday evening, a public meeting was held, aud a vigilance com mittee organized lor tho purpose of ridding the place ol a tswann of thieves, plckoackeU and plunderers. A number of arrests were promptly made, and yesterday, at another meeting, the scoundrel* were brought in and exhibited to the cHzccs. after having their photographs taken lot a rogues' gallciy. Afterward, eeveu of them were escorU-a to the depot, and compelled to de part on the train, with the assurance of banging if they should return. The citizens resolved to sustain the “ Kcgulatore,” and notice has been given to all other disreputable characters to leave at otce. A resolution was adopted by the Chamber of Commerce tufa morning, to subscribe 1300,000 toward tutlduig tho Lexington & KlcUraoud Kali road blxty miles in length, connecting with the Rcoxvilic exunrion of the Louisville & Nash ville Road five miles south ol ill. Vernon, Bj. This new road wilt form the cheapest nnd short est line between Cincinnati and the entire South. At an adjourned meeting of the City Council 1. ■. j ,7 •- n. m., for the election of engineers of hiViio ijnnartm.'r*- Euoa G. Jlegrue waachosen Chi “.Dd iSSto wil W aoi slstauts. FROM THE PACIFIC COAST. marine Disasters—A Vls&rotis War Affalim the Hostile Indiana. San Francisco. March S.—Fcare ore entertained for the Ruslan bark Loais Knlfllcr, eighty days onl from Hong Kong for this port. A Victoria nclcgram says; Daring a heavy storm, the ships Mary Glover and Washington went ashore at Vancouver Island. The Washing ton was abandoned. The Mary Glover will be saved. A public meeting la proposed to bo held in Vic toria to consider tho propriety of petitioning for the admission of that Colony Into the British North American Confederation. The Idaho Advocate, of February 10th, save General Crook Is proaccnting the Indian war with great vieor, rotwßh«tandlng the winter season. The battle at stern Mountain sixty Indians were killed and thirty prisoners captured. The Boise Indians render material assistance. lEOS THE FAR WEST. Hfonfuzia tcghlatnrc—Fatal Affray— Indian Troubles In Colorado and New Mexico. St. I.ocis, March B.—Montana napora say that acting Governor Meagher has called on extra ses sion of the legislature to provide for an election of Delegate to Congress. A personal altercation between George Moore, of Ohio, and Professor Dodge and bis son, of New York, occurred at Oriflm Gulch, and the death or the former and the very severe wounding of the two latter. Donvcrpapcrs say that the Indians ore assuming a hostile attitude in the neighborhood of Fort Dodge, on the Arkansas itlver. New Mexican advices say thatlnfilan hostilities bare taken a new siart in the southern part of the Territory, and the militia have been ordered under arms. Weather damp and raw. FROM SEW YORK. Gilt KnterprheSapprcMed>liCsal Ten der Notes Liable to Taxation—Deser tion and Supposed Murder* JSew \oub, March B.—The “ Bankers’ and Met* chants’ iVcsetilation Enterprise”—Clark, Web* sicr <t Co-, bankers and mamgere—was ebarge of yesterday by the j>o)lo* clerks wftr« inlrty-lwo Yesterday, Presiding Justice Leonard, of the Supreme Court, decided that United Slates legal tender notes arc In law money, and as each are liable to taxation. Four soldiers deserted from Governor’s Island last night, after, it is supposed, mnidcrlng the man In charge oi the boat which they seined. FUO3I BUFFALO. Acatb oi a Hot«l Proprietor—Fire— Rtjectnl Office-Holders, Buttalo. March B.—T. T. Bloomer, of the Bloomer Hotel, died here yesterday afternoon. He had been Hi sometime. Tht malt bouse of Gilbert & Briggs was des troyed by Arc ycelerdny. The large' stock of grain was bndlv d mnged; loss about 981,000. President Johnson’s appointees hero for Post master, Assessor and Collector of Internal Reve nue, Laving been rejected by the Senate, have handed over their respective offices to their deputies. Proclamation or Governor Well*, of Louisiana. New Ouleans, March B.—Governor Wells has u eucd a Pi;cclamaiiofl£etUiiffforthUißt.‘ , Wherca3; congress has passed an act tot the mote efficient government oi the rebel States, which act is vow w* theielor, I, J. Madison Wells, Governor of the. Slate of Louisiana, hereby de clare said act to he In force In said State. All elections held from and after this date, either wr State, municipal or parochial authority, except In strict confcumlty to eecUon six, of said act of Congress, will be void and of no effect. All persona elected to office must be able to qualify under said law before they shall be allowed to en ter upon the duties of the same ” • Destructive Flood* In Virginia and East Tennessee, Matuow, Va.. March B.—The whole Virginia and Tennessee Valley has been visited min the heaviest fresbet within the memory of the oldest mbabi'act. The whole valley from Lynchburg to Chattanooga has been swept by swollen streams. It ramed Incessantly three days, from the 2d In stant, which, with the melting enow from the mountains, overflowed all the streams. The Virginia Ss Tennessee Railroad is badly damaged. The trains are all blockaded at this point, the bridges are swept away, and the deep cots filled with rocks and flirt. Two* bridges on the Ea?t Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, at Limestone Creek, and another at a point nearer Knoxville, are pone, and the road Is otherwise badly injured, 1c will be three or four days before all the trains run regularly. Ike country is badly damaged, fences. Douses and barns being washed away. The weather Is now clear and the streams all falling. Fast Hay In Massachusetts. Boston, March S.—l he Governor has appointed April 4lh as a day of testing and prayer. Failure of tlxo First National Bonk of Medina, Mew YorK. [From the Orleans (N. Y.) American.] The history of the First National Bank of Medina, and the cause of Us failure, Is not llattcrinc: to the managers ol the Institution, or the National banking system of the coun try. The amount of deposits was $52,000, and the assets $50,000. Among the depos itors was the County Treasurer, who nad $27,000 there, which the county will not lose. The deposits of the bank were used for speculation, by which $45,000 were lost, and the bank never really had any bottom. Organized on a nominal capital of $50,000, but a small proportion was owned by the bank. The President was chief owner,hold ing $45,000 of the stock, while five others held each SI,OOO. The Government securi ties deposited with the Comptroller of the Currency, as redemption tor the bills Issued, were borrowed and paid for by the currency received from the Comptroller! so that about §5,000 appears to be all the actual capital the concern ever bad above its debts. On such a caplialit is not strange that a crisis should at length overtake it. In New York, Correspondents understanding its condition, and having carried its rotten credit os long as was safe, were lucky enough to get their ledgers balanced by countv funds and closed down upon it. Of course it had to fail. WAIT BROTHERS Advertising A n’t* 186 Deorbornti,, receive .advertisements for all the leading papers throughout the United Slates and Canadas. ®l>c iJook fEtafce. JO LOVERS OP THE DRAMA. PLAYS. 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Office, Nos. 103,105,107 & 109 Dcarborn-sl E. m. COOPER Agent* Spring HATS. Onr Spring Styles arc Sow Kcady. BREWSTER, HATTER, Shaman House. STYLES. All tho Wowand Tasty Stylos of Hoad Dross for Young Men’s Wear. Brewster, Halter, Sherman House. TTc Imre all llio Styles Issued by this Celebrated Hatter, BREWSTER, HATTER, Sherman Home. (General Notices. 'J'HE Mechanism of the Nervous System MAY BE BEEN AT THE NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, pn RANDOLPH-STm corner of DEADDORX. j^OTICE. The Master Builders ana MonaUcturcrs arc re quested to meet ot Room No. G, UdSooic Temple, at 8 o'clock Saturday Evening Next, tocoLtldcrwhat actloaeball bo token In view of the Eight Hour Law passed by the Legislature at Its last session. Slum meats. “ VOuNG PEOPLE’S ENTER JL, TAiNilSNr,’ , comi.Ufigof Tableaux, Pantomimes & Old Folks’ Concert, TUESDAY ETEOTNO, March 12, AT THE SECOND UNI VERBALIST CHURCH, Comer of West Washington aid Sangamoa-sts. Tickets for sale at McCurdy * Co.’s, 31 Dear torn-st. street & Pearson's, l«l Wa?Llaglon-st. Kid dor & Co.’s, IM 1-atc-st., and at the Church on the evening of estemiement. sJi)OtOgtapsS. BASSETT’S Photograph Gallery, 114 SOUTH CIiABS-ST., Has been established over ten yearn, and daring that time million* of Pictures have occn dlstrlontcd trom Maine tc Georgia, and, with rare exceptions, all were entirely salisflud. Wo warrant all pictures, and guar antee perfect wthfuctlon. Oar Colored Pictures are unequalled In this country. lAO GRAND MATINEE I -1 AO A Beautlftal Exhibition of FORTE AITS IN OH. BRAND’S POPULIR GALLERY, EVERY DAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. OM Pictures made Jolt as good as though takes from life, by this process. Call and sec specimens. Porce lains greatly reduced. Cabinet Photos a specialty. gar cartes dc YUlic only fl.Ol) per dozen at 10S Latest. iiHasonte "Natters. IVTASONIC —Wo. B. Warren Lodge, i.TJL No. 209. &„ F. &A. M.—A regular communica tion oi this Lodge will beheld at their Hall, lo Ma sonic Temple, Thin (&>ntordny) Evening, at TX O’clock. Every member Is hereby notified to be present, as Dullness of importance will be brouebt before the Dodge. IRA a. YOUNGLOYEt’rfVM. jyjASONIC. A Special Communication of Cleveland Loleo No. 211 A. F. srd A. M., will bo held at their ball. No. S 2 West Raodolph-SL. this (SATURDAY! cveUng, at 7 o’clock. Worironw. 3i. Degree. By order of the 17. M. _ JOHN WHITLEY. Secretary. ■VTA-SONlC—Cceur de Lion Sovereign TU- Chapter Bose Croix dc H. R. D. M., will meet at rcculnr place ot convocation, this (SATURDAY) EVENTNu. o»7>j o’cleck precisely, fbr "Work. By order ot the M. W. and P. M. ED. OOODM.E, O. S. Humtcr. £DMBERI LUMBER! 70.000 ft. 'Willtotrood XiOffs. 50.000 ft. Basstvooa <* 30.000 ft. Ash •• 10.000 ft. Elm 4 << These Logs are lying In a mill-yard beside the track of the Michigan Southern Railroad, at Robing prairie Station, stxty.slx miles from Chicago, and can be sawed to order, and will bo sold low. COOttLBa & CO., Bolling Prairie, Indiana. iilotobcr. JHE HAZARD POWDER 00. Arc at all times tally stocked with Sporting, Mining and Blasting Powder. All orders tilled and forwarded promptly. V. A. MARSH <fc CO., Agents, iJinegat. T7LDER & iTAXFXELD—The only ex -1 tensive manufacturers of Pare Cider Vinegar in Chicago. Unrivalled for pickling and table use. Warranted. ®i)c Ska tins Season. SIDE KDTK. rUIiZ* BAND TO-NIGHT. THE FINEST ICE OF THE SEASON. Btntisttfi. rpEETH EXTRACTED A WITHOUT GAIN, BY TBE COLTON DENIAL ASSOCIATION, Roon»3, Times Building. ilSDearborn-st. Theyaie fresh and pare Nitron* Oxide, or LaugtilDg Gas, and g uarsnleo no pain or unpleasant after effect. gawwefr jFtttit. OANNED Fruits 0f all klodSf and of the Tory Best- Pickles Id Brin., 11l Brio,* Kit and'tiloMt also? counted, and count guaranteed. Jellies & Preserves In Tnmhlerst Bottles and by the Pound. Catsups & Sauces Ol all binds. In Gina* Kess and Brls , man ufacturers of the noted Fancy Decanter style Tomato Catsup. Grated Horseradish In Bottles and by tbe Gallon. We grate three times a week. Maple Sugar In small Cakes and Brief**. This wc are receiving daily from OHIO, and warrant pare and new. Canned Vegetables The beat Green Com, Peas. Tomatoes, Occ„ Arc., In tbe morsel. THOMS & CO., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers, No. 9 I South Water-st. g* Send nsyour orders. Uiaritmen’s Slnion. Hackmen’s Union, of Chicago, & lv S?.? &t, f etottw l' x *' ic ' bK U i ejr will do work for thctDlJowlngpriccs: Theatre or Opera nnd Ucearn. 9. north cf Twviflh-st on s.D., *onin ot Twc:Rh-«t... * ' sm H. D., south of ChiCfcgo-av,,.,,,,.,.,. '* saj N. I),nottb ol Chlcago-av ’ ?•}£ W. D, east cf Dtlateu-at JfS w.D^wmoioaistcd-st jjg Funerals* 8.D., north of Twelfth-st., to Qraceland.Jow or Gcrcan CuJh«J(c. S. D m toulb ot Twe fth-su, to Oraceland, Jew of Gem on Catholic yon 9. U., north or Twclfth-it., to calvary ’.'*** a"oo S. D- south of Tweaty-eecoad-su, to Calvary (OrltfaeporUncimletl) 9.00 \V. l)..ea»tor Kalstedftnd north of Twelftd-st to Oraceland. Jew or German Catholic 6XO VV.D-eastoi lialsted and north of Twelfth-st., to Calvary 8.00 W. D„ west ct Daisied and south of Twelltb-gt., toGra^aacd,Jewor German 7.00 W. D. west of Dalsted aodsaath of Twcllth-st., tocalvary 0.00 N. to Gracelacd, Jew Or German Cathode.... 800 N. Dm to Calvary 7XO Car Fnocrals. North ot Twelfth-et., cost of Dalsted, any part N, D g 00 To cars, all other places jxo Notice to (he Traveling Pnblle. Passengers can ndc from one depot to another, or to any bct*i, for tho same price as the vwulbiuca. 60 cents etch, ordinary b igpflge Include'. Prrsi-Ls coins to any other part of the city can rlda lor the totl'.w lug rates: Any dlttai.ee not • xcet dine cue mile. 50 cents each. Any distance exceeding one mile. $1X0; same fam ily orpirir.6ocents each. An> distance cxc> edit c two miles, glXO; airae Cun ily t.r tarty, 60 ceou* each. Citizens uni the public in general mo requested to ace timl tin: word *• Union" is on the carriages they employ- as none others belong to tnc Daymen's Union ol Cblcsio. Tlie public are cautioned not to pay any attention to any reocria that may be made in reiafd to this Hit of prices, forthc member*of the Union intend tolivoup to it. Any rctmal or misdemeanor on the part of any owner or driver should be repoi ted. wim bis number, to their office, Doom At McCormicfe'.y Building. FKoNGiS WAUttEX, President. PtTER JODnson, Treasurer. GKORQE W. roryg. Secretary. ffiSHatcljca. J HICK LING & CO.’S GREAT BAXIB OF WATCHES, ON THE POPULAR ONE PUIUBCCAN, Giving every patron a bondaoma and reliable Watch tor the low price of Ten Dollars, without recant to value, end not bo paid for nnleas perfectly is atulactory I soqsolld O oia ti&nUAffW.uc&e* f£9o io |7!Q 600 Muvlc Cased Gold Watcbea. AO to 600 500 Ladies’ WalcowL enamelled lOOto 9.0, I.OCO Gold Ilnnuus Chronometer Watches. 250t0 SOC 1.000 Gold Hunting Knglleh Levers JOOto 250 a.OOO Gold Hunting Duplex Watches 150 to SCO XCOOGaId Hnr tlug Atnorteas Watch M..... IOC to 23 0 5.000 Sliver Hunting Levers..... 50 to HO 5.000 Silver iiuctlnir Duplexes 73 to 350 SXOO Oo.d Laalw* Watches 50 to 850 iu,c<o Geld Hunting Lepinca 50 to 75 10.000 Miscellaneous Stiver Watches 50 to ICO 25.000 HonUog Stiver Watche5............... 25 to 50 30.0(0 Assorted Watches, alt kinds 10to 73 Every patron obtains a Watch by this arrangement, routing but no, white tt my t>6 worth 9730. No parti ality shown. MESSRS. J. HICKtINO * CO.’S GREAT AMER ICAS WATCH COMPANY, N. Y. City, wteh to In mediately dlspcie of the above tnagnlflceaistoOc. Cer '<ficat"S laming articles are placed In sealed envelopes. Uoldern arc enticed to the arfcles named on their cer> tiaeatc. npon payment ol Ten Hollars, whether it be a Watch worth frfo or ore worth lets. The return ol mjy jf our ctrtlflcates entitles you to the articles named thcreot. npon payment, irrespective ol Us worth, acd uno article valued leu than £lO is named on any car Uflcate, Uwill a*, once he ae*>a that this U no Loferj. •-ntt a atralKht&rward legitimate traiv*C«CZ. vhich maybe parUcipatedlo even cy themotCUsUdlcns! Aelaete Certificate will be seat by mall, post-paid, upon receipt of * ctfc, nvalor 91, eisvan (or 92, thirty tbreeaudvlcgontpicmlaafurtfi, slxty-elx and more valuable premium tor 910, one hundred and most su perb Watch for |IS. To agents or those wishing am* ploymert this Is a rare opportunity. UU a legitimate <y conducted basin css, duly authorized by the Oarers.* mcnbandopent-uiiemoßtcamalKmUny. TrymS AlfirtM J. HICEIINO A CO. 149 Broadway, Near P. Q„ City of Saw Yota. Soctetg iHerintgiS. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION. A meeting of the members ot the YOCNG HEN’S ASSOCIATION Will be held at. the Rooms, PORTLAND BLOCK, -ON SATUBDAY EVENING, March 9th, At 7# o'clock, tor the nomination of officers tor the ensuing year. By order of the President, Edwin Lze bbown. DENJ. F. GOYTON, Record lag Secretary. 2BEanteir. A gentleman WHO HAS HAD THEEE YEARS’ EXPERIENCE As Principal of a Massachusetts Grammar School. .Would like a Situation As teacher of a Country School in any part of the Western States. Best of references given. Address HENRY ALLEN, Chicago, 111. YST ANTED— YY To Invest 53,000 In ft partner»blp. Persons havlrg a maaoCictnring mercantile Interest to oifcr, please address ”8,” Trl boric office. ANTED—To Rent DOCK ANX> 'STAHX> HOOK, On the South Brooch, near city limits. Yard with switch li prcicrred. Address BOX ISST, Chicago. TJCrAKTiJiB—To Kent—Before the Ist f V Ql Slay next, A GOOD hWEXJXSQ HOUSE, Wltu modern irtprovements sod bam. Locationmtut be South Bide, nuith or Twenty-second-at. sod east of Waba*b-av. I’anies Laving a good boose tbat they wteb taken cate oi, and who ucstre tne rent paid promptly, will please address E. D. SMITH, ol Partridge & Smith, Dry Goods Jobbers, 64 and 66 Mtchlgac»av. JFor Sale. JJUSKS FOB SALE. 26 Tons of Husks For sale at a bargain. Inqnlro o| TBDE. WOLCOTT * CO.. 1J LaSallt-sU, or RIGHT A D(J>TON,37 Mlculgon-av. TO capitalists. A . MmwAtJXCT, March 4.1867. Having decided to relinquish btulness, wc offer our establishment tor sale. Our house was BBTABUBHBD IN 1846, fins b'cnln existence 21 years, acd la now plac'd on a safe, firm son permanent bub, and to men of capital who are desirous o t embarking in a PROFITABLE brand: ot trade (wholesale and Jobbing onlj) this pre sents a rare and valuable opportunity, our stock is foil, et-braces none but the most staple goods, and the business U In perfect running order. H. bos worth A: Wholesale Druggists. Milwaukee, W|s. BARRELS. Number I Whiskey Darrels, both Iron and Wood bound, FOR BALL. CHICAGO BARREL CO., No. 60 LaSaffe-st. Tj'OU SAUE—I,COO brla choice varieties JL Apples ; Butter—Choice Table, In tubs and Jaw: Fresh tomatoes, a delicious article, pot up la 1 ana tans, for sale at TO cents per gallon; 5,000 pieces baokid Gams, sugar cored, a choice article; l 000 pjocte Bnauiart Bactn, sugar cured, a .choice article. Ordeie solicited. e. WUTTE it CO.. . 141 Sooth Watcr^t. jyOR SALE— Shingle, Stave and Barrel Machinery, Comprisin' shingle mb is, Lead, eg min*, ablajfje sod beading Jointer*, staveJolnttnj. stave cutter?, o-aamg rutUHiers uno planers, equalising and enr-ott saws, *c. All new. cr our own manulactarc. anil warraaied- FULLEB & FQRD, 2jjg and 2.H4 Masisoa-st. JJARE CHANCE FOR MERCHANTS. FOE SALE; A CAREFULLY SELECTED STOCK. OF Dry Goods, Groceries, invoicing about f\2,OCO; si pvrchaaec wuhta & pail, aid lease oo store. Store located In a thrtrin» town a ehers distance from Chicago. Satisfactory ttZ sons sirea flw setting. For puucmar* Inquire or Commission WwckKU, S 3 LaSauVeU.^Jhic**©. NUMBER 273, fflacfu'iun;. D. EASTER, (Ixecesßor to Baiter, Gammon & Bawej 70S THE Marsh Harvester, Joseph Hall Threshing Machines AMO 80888 POWZBB, For the Western States, at tha old office, So. es SOUTH CAML-ST.) CHICAGO. dlotljing. J)E GRAFF'S OKBER DEPARTMENT. New and Elegant Designs Just Received. D. DIE GRAFF, Comer State ana BanJolph-sta. transportation. parqo & company’s FAST FREIGHT LINE. Omaha io Denver City, WELLS, FABGO & COMPANY having established, Is connection with their EXPRESS AND OVERLAND MAIL business, a FA?*T FREIGHT LlNEfrom DMA* HA TO DENVER CITY, connecting with toe AMERI CAN EXPRESS co., at Omaha, are now prepared to forward Freight of alt binds at vsar low bates. TIME AND FACILITIES UNEQUALLED. Frr Contracts or further trformaticn apply at the American Express company’s Omce, Chicago. Wells, Fargo & Co.’e Drafts on California, Payable in Gold or Currency, for sale at this office. Orders received for Telegraphic Transfer or Funds to the pacific Coast. Hanks anb Hankers. 'J'ILEE, ULLMAHN & CO., BANKERS Dealers in Government Securities, Gold, etc, Southwest Corner Lake and Clark-sts. As we ore able, through oar New York House, to loan large sums uN CALL, with Government Securi ties as collateral, we have determined to offer FOUR PER CENT per annum on DEPOSITS to be checked for at pleasure. Also, will Issue cerUdcateaot deposit bearing FIVE PER CENT Interest, for manor lett thirty cay* or over. Sevcn-iblrtyTreasuTy Notes of all series converted Into Q-20 BOFDS, on terms more favorable than to send to Washington. Gold, Stocks and Bonds bought and sold In New Fork by telegraph. JAB.r.ng.va. j.j.CTxaAS?:. jyo.g. vrggMw. $21005 aus «loaL J^ACKAWANNA COAL! We have For sale One Hundred Tons best Coni In market— bought at reduced rates* and to be sold accordingly. SLEEPER <&, CO, 73 STATB-ST. BEAD THIS. COAL AT SUMMER PSICESI We have a few hundred tons of best LACKAWANA and PITTSTON COAL more than will supply our cus comers, which we offer, delivered in any part of the city, at the following prices: House, Egg and large size** 812 per Tan* Chestnut ..11 " | MINING AND SUPPLY CO Insurance, pHCENIX, OF HARTFORD. THE AGENCY OF THE PHffiSIX ESS. CO., OF HARTFORD, Having been transferred from. HUBBARD «3fc HUNT TO HOLMES BRO. A HOLDEN, The undersigned are prepared to Issue and renew poli cies in this old, first cjaucoopaoy, at current rates. All losses In the PIKENIX, at this Agency, will be adjusted and paid here, without reference or delay. HOLMES 3SO. * HOXDHff, Agents, 118 laßaQe-st, Mercantile Building. Chicago, March *.1857. •Hailroohs. Chicago & alton railroad COMPANY. „ SuvnsisTJtXDt-Vi*s Omci,> Chicago, March 7,1361. { special mm The bridge at Wilmington recently earrlcd'away by thebcAvrfresheta,having been replaced, thePaien. ger and Freight Trains ot this Company wiu, on and after cate, run through without transfer between Chi caco nnc bt. Louis, on tegular advertised tim., The Mall Train lor bioomlnwon, BpringfleW, st. Louis, and intermediate oolsts, leaves Comoanv'B De> rot near MMlsoiy t. bridge, at 8:03 a. m.. and Night Express Train at 8;13 p. m. ROBEBT HALE. _ General superintendent Uemobals, REMOVAL. Eisendrath&Co., HAVE REMOVED TO THEIR NEW STORE, Tip. 97 South Water-st. Brick. ■pEEESKTLL MANUFACTURING A CO.’S best improved BRICE MACHINE, simple, cheap nrd durable; TEMPERING MACHINES, and sal machinery for mating brick. Machines to be seen, and all information gained, by calling co or addressing WHITING As WENTWORTH. P. O. BOX 2795, Chicago, IU. Q_ARD’U PATENT SBICH MACazniE!. Offieu and m&nnuctory 93 South Jefferaon-tt. For information ted desertpure circular addret* & B. GAHD. 44 jgRICK MACHINE." DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. _ Office. Room No. 3. 4T Ciarkst., Chicago. BRICK WORKS, Comer Halsted and Twenty-second-au. Office, No. a oas Block. A. j. knßelt. Proprietor. 3£«al Estate. pOR SALE—On the 111. Central R. R, A Hoase and Two Lou, i^;. o,D . rs ?o C4 is. Hard-waie, <tc..lSw&ated. Aspod locatlou lor boainesa. Uongo new and well hnllt. ItqulreoC HiXSBOLU A MAGNUS, 90 Wwtßan- Chicago, or BOV ET Maaea. 111. jFwaiuial. ■\TOTICE.—An instalment of fifty cents JLV npoo a ,aar« of stock In the Northwestern Flank Read Co.. Is called lor, to ba paid In to tas Treasurer on th* 30tn oi March next, at hu office. No. 93 sooth Civkut. By order of the Directors. Chicago, Feb, IS. isn. U. LULL, Sect. jßansas ianha. ~|~ ABGE RAT.v, oy KANSAS LANDS. OC?m5 ESEAY ’ a ” !J or .Mb, PUBLIC SALE At the Hdrldge Home, in the city of LAWBBMOE, SAMBAS, About 155,000 Acres of Laad, Situate la iba counties of Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Jefferson and Douglas, and known as toe “DELAWARE RESERVE.” These lands Uo directly on too mafn xino of too Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division The branch of the same Boad irom Leavenworth to X'-awrecce passu through them, and tbs railroad Iron SC. tools to Leavenworth runs along their Sastem boitltT. In. FtrUUty.Locatlon, and abundance ofTlmber and Watt', these Lancs are the r'LNtsT IN TUB STATE. By t,ha treaty with the Delaware* In IS®, thelaoi&n title to .the “Reserve” was extinguished, and sluce that daw m&cytotms have bees Improved, and churches, school ootuea, grist and saw mills erected, and many other tmpr.ivea.ena made thereon. The ciima *« of Kansas Is remarkably healthful, and to fermers and settlers these i*u>ls Oder Greater IncJnceotonrsthiui any others In tbo West. Also, at me sanro Place, Immediately after the dlspo* clUcn of toe above Lands, will be sold about 228,000 a\C3£S OP ZsAl?2>, Situate in toesoatoe.nitern pan o| the “sac and Fox tteservtV'intbe county etPfatilio. Kansas. Also; a large number cf TOWN LOTS and BLOCKS In toe towns ot Soith Lawrence, Tsnganaiie anil Perry. The sale will commence cn April 3d, 1567, and will continue from dav to day untu ail the lands above named bare been disposed SL The Lands will be of fered In tracts to suit purchasers. Terms or Sate—One-third a nd balance in two equal annual payments, with 5 per cent Interest there* on from date ol purchase. E. Hr. BABTHOItOTT, Agent. 3sa use JFuruf£i|)ing HOUSEKEEPERS, We manufacture All Kinds of Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Comforters, etc., etc. Just Arrived, All Kinds of Curtain Goods, And Trimmings, French, English, German & American Paper Hangings, And Decorations, At E.C. L. Faxon &Co., 74 & 76 Lake-st. ffiatgnts. 'J'O PAPER MANUFACTURERS. My attcntlcn has been called to a circular purporting to be irom one L. C. Woodruff, as Prrsidcntor the “ Hydrostatic Paper Company.” dated Niagara Faba, February Ist, IS6I, addressed to paper manufhrtnrors. alleging that the process cf bleaching paper pu>p 07 pneumatic pressure; ottered to the public by tee. M la a direct and positive infringement of the patent* and rights of the Hydrostatic Paper Company, and that my entire process is embraced In that ot the said Hy crostanccompaiy.and that they will prosecute for infrlcgemcnts all persons who atjempt to use the pneu matic process under grants irom me. Sncb statements, in the &coot the facts of the case, are absnrd, and. 1 rearet to be compelled to say, are maliciously lalse and libellous, and l shall hold the author or authors thereof to a strict accountability. In the meantime I leave tne merits ol tho question to ail men qual'fled to jodec. The majority of my patents, embraced In my “pro cess,” are anterior to any held by the “Hydrostatic Paper Company, and I have only to leave the public to say who are the infringers there:/. Ibavescomitted to most eminent counsel snch cf my patents as bear dales subsequent to, together with copies of the patents under which the Hydrostatic pa per Company claim their process, and alvo herewith the opinion of such counsel on tne Question cl Infringe ment. 0 That this question may bo properly understood. I will heie stale that the patents held by the Hydrostatic Paper Coirpany were asa’gned to them by tne patent ee B,>i«srs. ELI- Jones and D.S. FA BQUH ARSON and 1 am tot aware that tbelr so-called process 13 em braced tu any other patents whatever. My own process la embraced la net less than tea (10) different patents, and tne use or operation of the pneu matic pressure I do not regard absolutely necessary In working my process succefliluJy, either In the nm redaction of fibrous sabstanres to Paper palp, or In bleaching the same; but 1 ociliro the pnenmattc prin ciple tar superior to the hydrostatic, and will prove more successful, solar as either may be required. Respectfully, UaRKI-ON a. MEECB. Fort Edwards, N. r„ Feb. 30th, iS«7. r£o WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. As tlie attorney of HARRISON B. MESCH, I pro cured the several patecu tie now hnids for Improved Processes in \LeMamifactare of Paper Stock, And am familiar with each and ever; one of thorn. I Lave ai*o carefully trammed the patents Issued to Jones and Fatqnharion, one bearing date March nth. 1366, for an improved apparatus for bleaching of paper slots, and out dated June sth, 1863. for an Improved process of treaties wood, ctc« f«r tho manufacture cf paper pulp, These two are denominated the Hydro static Process. 1 have no UcsltAtum tu saying that none of the pro cesses patented hv Mr. MEBCH, or which he holds, and which constitute the MEECH PROCESS, So called, ora in any manner Identical with the Hydro static Process, nor do they tufting* the same. Two cl the patents held byilr.aleech arc these with which I have been connected as owner. The first was Issued tomyselfon my own app Icatlon, July mat,1366. It was fbr an improved process in the manufacture of pap»tnocfc. The othetlsraed to myself and ilarruoa B.Metch, ft,r an improvement In thebleachlrgof paper Each of these processes Involved the use of the pnbuetatic pnsanxmn, In the manner described ~ln each ct them re spectively. The useot pressure ass part ol sich pro cess, whether applied them respectively. The use ol Pleasure as a pan of such process, whether applied by steam, air, gas. water, or otherwise. Is cot patentable lathe present stated them; bat an Improved meth od cl applying such pressure may be the subject ot a patent. The Hydrostatic mode may be the subject ol a patent so jar as the same Is used and useful- So like wise maybe any other new and useful mode—as the pnenmatle. But »nch modesofpnxlcclngthe pressure are entirely dltunet from each other. Neither the Hy drostatic or Pneumatic process are patentable except as a new and nselol mode of obtaining a result, as such they are entirely distinct from, and independent o£ each other. I am well acquainted with the many processes In use fbr reducing straw, grass, etc, to a condition suitable lor the manufacture of paper, and I am clearlv of the opinion ihat the process practiced by Harrison B. Meecn, and known aa tne Ucech Process, is superior to any ether, if not the only one by which the grass*s can be successfully worked. That they can be worked by bis process, both profitably and success. Italy, I know. JOEL TIFFANY. Albany, February 20th, 1567. PATENT OFFlCES.—lnventors who wish to take out Letter* Patent are advised to aoonsei with MUNN A CO., Editors ot the Bcleotlfln Atrerlcar. who have prosecuted claims before the Patent Office formally twenty years. Thtlr American and European Patent Asencyas the mostenettsiveln the world. Charges less than any other reliable agency. A pamphlet, containing toll instructions to invent ors,lss«ntgratis. Address MUNN A CO„ business (Earns. P. MARSH, WHOLESALE DEALER IN. PORK, BEEF, LARD, AND SIttOKCD MEATS, IPO SOUTH WATER-ST. HTVBEBUSK PERCE & CO., who Bwtu* werebtt »soc«tatMlo Lake-st,have token 380 South Water-st., £fnw.s? wlH< !P eDWlWia «ock offrcab roods. We I supply, as heretofore, oi Coarse atd SHfi' y nt Meal. Farina, pearl Barley, Buckwheat, Graham am! Winter Wheat Flour, and all grades of Grana- etc. We take this opportunity to oar customers and to solicit a continuance of tneir n m wnflr ttetnute solicited. CoonlMto, Mer- Q S. HUTCHINS & CO, Commission Merchants, CH 1C AG O. Agents forT. Klngsiord A Sons* Oswego Starch. Holden & pendleTon, Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Hardwood and TVbitenciod Lumber. Office aon Tartf, aoi Scalh FrankllMC, bet. Vat Batch and Harmo . Chicago. p. o. i>ox 333 H. BTClliccut to EDUtJND fgSPUTGS. ffiatflbitm. Stoi^a. QAItOTVARc- * CUTLEitT. KURD, PHESCOTT&Cs 175 Xiabe-St. close Duyera a invited to oaream COOPERS’ MACHINISTS* aid CAR PESTLES* TOOLS, AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY and BUILDERb* HaKUWaHK, direct tromtne iwl mannactattra. We offer. else-, a cc-mxrieta assortment of WosTENHCLM'S POCKET CUTLERY, SPRABA JACKRON’a SAWS, JOSEPH RObOEHS> * SONS SCISSORS and RAZORS. STUBBS & EOXHERY’* FILES, also SKATES and Straps of every description. We also keen constantly on band fell numbers dJ SCHOENBERG ER’3 JUNIATA NAILS. C-B. BtriD. Enwr. PBncorr. S. vsarrxxu* Nctospapers. 44 ’yyEbTEBN MTENTOR," An Illustrated Weekly journal, devoted to Inventions, Mechanical Arts, Manufac tures and Practical Information, PDBLISnED BY JOHN B. TURCHUf & CO„ Solicitors oi Patents, Publishers asd Proprietors, 133 PEABBORN’.aT.. CHICAGO. <£l)lnah)ate. Haviland, churchman and KNGLAINI), 47 Jotm*st. New Yoric FRENCH CHINA. We tre receiving from our tactary in Prance richly decorated dinner, tea and toilet sew, rates, supply of white china. §bto eft SubaftiptCaaa. pROSPECTUS OP "The Chicago Fibre & Paper Co.” Capital Stock « - $500,000. Five Hundred Shares, SI,OOOZnA. Thi* Company baa been orgaolad under me General ot toe tute oi liUnoU, tor tks parpoas of aSAiia toettmogall kind*ot iTAPK&aad ißWtiil FIDOS P “TT**** *• the wiLU okass found ta tftl* vlrthlty ( B *T-at Bhuudacce. , T&* derttiootami tod uttllrtav ot attttt co» &"el3uSS£aSS' , * !1 “ i*™** “» STS. BAHRIiWS R. WEBKIT. of Fort Edwards. Kew York. Thts Company havtne {’“•''■haArtfrora Mr. ilctca an of tooaSd i*»fana tor thetbtowtDgStates.Dltoaia. yi.-S'U no. WUcootln.town and Mtantiota. areoowravoareif amount ol sub»crlpUoai iTi5 In Inviting nbiscrlpUoßS to this Stock, ve wool* rtste that the Ctopsny are sow toe owners ot toe BATAVIA PAPER Mrr.r.g Which are produdxg at the present time two (?) ton# per day of prut papßT. •This Mill has biAiuicss and water power of nsSclesc opacity, already creeled, a*d in roaclthra to receive two f.*j additional machine?. wsn*b Bare bees ordered, and it is tiUma’td can be puW to remains arvler on or before toe first day ol Say next, watch w[a increase the capacity »nd products cf tt» said Mills to atx «h tons per day; Uu»r, at too present marks* prises- DBonld jle.d tofhisLomptaya very sattstoctory profit. The future operation* ortnls Company contemplate tbe erection, or cot>solulat;awof other rmDs with tnetr enterprise, within the yctar. (.string tta ton amount of tnetr Stock, and which wUi ptsbably sort than doapieihelcresol&srslmate at product or Print, Manilla and TTrappin# papers* This Company haring procured a charter aom the Legislature of toe state of Dliaoia, locreaipig taetr capital to cue million of dollars,*.'? now nordantatur under their Charter privileges. Ins Stock Boom are uowcpeufor&ubicrtDtioato toeSu>c»,j: the otzteec of sla>sr?. DICKEKSON A SE'CHMAb'. 170 K*a- where allfartocr IntorcwulOQ as to toe pat etitf, prospects, Ac-, win begtvox In folcmrg our friends to subscribe to thJi stock; we believe »e are warranted In saving the* tola enter* prise promises an unparalleled retard of profit*, cum* f?areo with sty other manufacturtos Dostoce hereto* ore presented. THOMAS S. BICKEHSO3r> Fran. CIO vice Piea’t. (Formerly President Batavia paper MIHCo.) VfhL SAXSBBOUGH.SecY. I. K. W. SQKRHAK, Treasurer. gUBSCRIFTIOMS OF STOCK. CiTHE Sangamon Coal & Manufacturing COMPANY. Tbs boots are now open fbrsnbccrlplloooto the Ck». Iw Stock of this Company, and may be round- at me office of OSBoiCf. TfIuMFSON ± STEAD MAW. t* Cobb’s Building. DearborneL, wheto a oopy ofttre charter can be seen. The Capital stock Is £OO.OOO. Only IfMOO oi to« stick upon toe market, uf toil amount, IX.OOO ha# al resdy bren Uses In Sprimcfield. 111. An InveßbratloK will aatlaiy any ponou that U Is a safe, reliable and re* mas«r»live investment. Tbe veto oi coal Is sine feet In tolcknes?, and ot a superior quality. igro »i. uirgv Hmirkon ®Slf)tskej>. Address S. T. SUIT & CO, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY - . .63£Ccuarry Drnrelats can procure the above supe rior Whiskey la barrels and half barrel* from the prin cipal Wholesale Drug Houses- in Chicago. ilapct leangings. J JIAKUOTTE & CO. Furniture and ; Decoration. Aarceal and choicest a&iortmeat of French Imported Paper TTan^mggg OloUkladr. rt% ?? er ??? a * 3- 5 and 7 East Fonrth-st. KsW TOSK CITY. Liberal toms to the trade. agricultural implements. Jj'URaT & BRADLEY, MANUFACTURERS OF PLOWS, Sulky CnHiyalors, Sulky Hay Baku. Cornstalk Cutters, Held Boilers. Harrows, Scrapers, "Wheelbarrows, And other Agricultural Implements, A large assortment constantly on hand. Liberal dlj counls and inducements offered to Dealers. SEND FOB PARTICULARS. 17off. 56, 68 €0 & 62 Hort& Jeffers oa-dt.. CHICAGO* ILL. Educational. JJHDOLPH B. SCHULTZ, Practical Accountant, VTlll open, close and writs np Books la the nest expe muoDsasuaccurate manner; also,at'enos to adidat ing intricate and partnership accounts. All business matters entrusted to hi* charm will be attended to with strict cdelig’. Refers to several cf r the best houses In the city. Address In person or by letter, B.E. SCHULTZ, . 135 Chlcago-ar. K. B.—lnstruction will be given in German aa<. Bookkeeping. Q lass for GEU.ffAK INSTRUCTION. iC Ptofejeor of German Language and Literature connected with the Quackenbo* CwJcxlsie School is now forming afternoon and evening classes lor ladles and gentlemen. Terms £15.00 lor a conns of SO lea* sons. Apply at the Collegiate school. IBS and ina Cass-et between 9 a. m. and i p. m. Y OUNg LALIES’ institute, AT MAPLEWOOD. Pittsfield, Moss. The spring term commence* Uirefe. Mtbjtsst. For circular adorns Bev. C. V - . SP&AJZ* thePrtnclpal. JEnstahinss, 35tc. IJBE “FENIAN MART'SR.” Won, Catholic* 1 “ ERIK GO BRAGJJ." Just pnbUabcd, a splutdld Lithograph Portrait of tbs SSV. JOHN HIcHZAHOK, Catholic Priest now confined la tne Toronto Jail ax a Fenian Couvtct This Is the best seUlos Picture published. Sample sent by mat! for tOc. We want agent* everywhere. Address GOOD6FSED A CO.. 148 Lake-st., Chicago. Dissolution. TAtsSOLUTION.—The copaxtnershl Jv berctofbre existing between William SQI and Allen Clark, Sash and Door Manufacturer*, cans of FUk and Twecty.decond streets, is thl* day dls rolved by mutual consent Allen Clark assumes all debts against said firm Is autnorlzed to collect all demand*. _ WILLIAM ELLIS, Chicago. March Ist, 1567. at.t.kw ni.ARW, OF COPARTNER XJ snip,—lhe Copartnership heretofore exliOn? luuer the firm hMM cx LASAK * MORRIS. Uttla day dlatolrco, £. F, Lasak withdrawing from thofiniu- Elther of me parties are anVhbrUWi u u» »* - the arm in liquidation. e. v lahak - Chicago, Fep.1,1«67. T.AMOSBIB* The Hat, Cap and Far Basiaeas Connelly carried on under the firm of Lasak A Morris wm.be conducted the same as heretofore, at t&sou Z7o« 107 Randolph- rfc>. By the Snbicrlbrr, THOMAS B. MORRIS. Chicago. February l, 1567. — THE PIKH OP WOODRUFF & PATHS la this day dissolved by mutual consent. Either oartr la authorized to aetue the indebtedness ol MASON WOODRUFF, WM. PATNB. theo*db?MS* WUI68 conUafled WM.PATHS,at Si. E. comer Baafc-ac. Hrldee. March Ist. 1567. Stocfeljolhers’ iHwtfng. OF THE EQUITABLE IN \J SDEaSCE COMPANY OF CHICAGO. THE AKNUaL BZ/ZICTZOSr For Director* efthia Companywlli be bfld at the OSes of the Ccznpaty, southwest comer of Randolph and LaSalle-*;*., en TUESDAY, March 13,1367. B. W. PHILLIPS. Secretary. f\ FFICE MERCHANTS* SAVINGS, \J LOAN AND TRUST CO. , w _ cnzcido, Feh. A i»T- The Annual Meeting oX the stockholders of tne te chanta’ SaTinci. Loan and Trust Compaay.for the de» tlon of Trustees, will he he’d at the cOce of said Com pany, in Chicago, on MONDAY. Mwch «h. between the naara of IQ a.tn. and li m. L. J. UaSK. Caahiar. gtiomess. gCAMMON & LINCOLN, Attorneys and Connse-lors at Law, Boom No. 1, Marine Bask nr, CRAB. T. SCAMMON. ROBERT T. LINCOLN. A CARD. Mesas. SCAMMON * LINCOLN. Attorneys at law, Will hereafter collect my rents. Tenant* win Wtws them In the office heretofore occopied by John For sythe, Esq. Application (hr leuesmay be made ta them. J. YOUNG SCAMMON. March 4,1557. JFeel i. QROUND OIL CABLE Is the Cheapest Peed In the Market For stock of an kind*. Orders promptiysiiedtorcuk. by a. w. blatchfobp * co^* No. yo Ranh dl-ton^t. (Karts. Q.ET TOUR PAINTED SHOW CAROS At 84 DBABDOBN-ST. 800 m 4. Df Smlra.

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