16 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Mart 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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properly chargeable to real estate especially benefited by such improvement. and hoiv much thereof rosy be nrooerir fhirjp. able toard paid ont of the ge£er£ VuV or out ofibe proceeds ol any general tax antborizsd 10 be Jo« led by said city. Having reported on each application and recommending that the Improve- Snent be roadc, or disapprovin'; ol the doing of It, as jg provided for In the above mentioned act, the Common may then, in cither case, order thcoolEgof sncli work or the matins of such public improvement, after having first obtained from said Board an estimate of the expense there of; and shall In such order specify what amount of tald cglunatcd exjieu-eeLiull be assessed upon the properly dcrined specially beneSlsd, and yvhat amentt b, chargtabic to and pall In of tbc proceeds ofthe general land or oat of the proceeds of anv general tax authorized to be levied by said city. fate. iz. .no Alderman a hall, dorm? his con* llouat.ee ia office, receive any compensation for hl> fcivlccf. or bo appointed to or competent to hold onv office, the emolument? of which arc paid from ‘he city treasury, or paid by fees. In pur suance of any act or ordln-ncp 01 the Common Council, auo no member of ne Common Coun cil, oroihcr dry officer, shall be direefy, or in directly ir.tcrc'tfrt In anv contract, the espens® or considt-ralion of which Is tobe paid nnder any ordinancj orre?olai.‘-ti oi ibe Common Connell Sec. 16. ’J be p0w...: f assessment conferred bv section lof the act amendatory of the Revised Chartci of said cfy approved February n 3SCo. 18 hereby extended to apd made to include the laying or relaying of any pas or water sendee pipe, to be paid lor wholly or in part by special moment, and ihe dolcrofwhkfi i, wftUn toe authori y ana d scr.ticm of the .ounldpal.covera- Ts^.V 51 Commissioner of tbe Jlocrd of I übhc Works *hal! assess the amount r tbc Common Conncil to “I? 1 * fo T “T Pucb improvement, of tbe proceedings thereto, anon ?l ,atc them deemed specially benefited by such Improrcmcnt in proportion as nearly as mar be to tbe benefit resulting therein. - . ‘, EC ;>‘ Ip case it shall bcreiffcr be determined a decision that any of the improvements aujionzcd by law, or by this act, 10 be be done or made by the city cannot bs paid for in whole, or "V soccial a-ecssm'mt for benefit, men it enaU be lawful for the Common Connell, and they are hereby authorized to levy and collect taxes for finch purposes on all tne property assessed In said city lor laxslon for general revenue purposes. CUAPTER HI.—BOARD OF POLICE. Section 1. The Board of Police. In their annual estimate cl police expends, made 10 the City Comptroller, shall. If in their judgment the nubile weal requires IL recommend to the Common F£S D 2lL£ cc^ u 5 dltJ ? n!lt Police patrolmen, and also such additional number of sergeants, not sweeting Xwujtv, as may be necessary. £ec. 2. lb 1 * Common Conncil mav, on such recommendation of said Board.provide by ordin aace i°r sneb increase of the psttol force: Pro ii?ff* 4 *?j’ !rrer * H fchall require thr-'p-fonrlhs of a ‘L h^ -)I d . c ™ CE , to pass !-ucb ordinance, \ oU ; be lakes by ayes and nocs, anden- Icred on the records of the Conrcil ? oard ° r Commissioners l devote their entire tin-c. if rconlsitc, to the duties of thetr office, and‘ball receive an annual ftL lar^, of "V 1 P*. 8 , tta ? 92-50 U, to bifls-'dhrtoe Common Connell. The fannerintendent of’ Po <-Cr»£iiallvW^re an “nnal salary of not less than r e,,nt J hu P«riotei;dent stall receive *n Biincal Raliiry of not less tnan 52,3 n). Each ifrFif.'V rcce!re an anunal salary o£i*ot less than fI.SLO per ai cam. Each Sergeant and policeman detailed os de'ertlves shall receive an annnal salan- ot not less than gi.a.t). Eacn shall receive an annual salary o! not thee nor more than fhctuf. the amount to be fixed hy ihe ooa*d of Police Commkgion- J«e concurrence ot the Common Coan -5; 1 !- baifl salaries so to be fixed, shall not be In any SpS ySJ*'® 4 ° r dlmll!l9b,i:i duri ®S the mam- ®° aT< * of Police Commissioners “f/. c?J ploy EC . CWFa: 7 dfirks - and a* their an wii a r a 7' x ? Vf paid out ° r the Police laud. , '.v olllawfal for ine person deals rated hy the Board as the custodian or depositary 9?J l °}? n to sell the same, after due nd- Urc.ot public auction, nnder and pursuant to eneb general orders and regulations as the Board of I oßccfiliaii prescribe. The proceeds of such f. a O l^ ia< ?, r - dpduc £ :j ” lbecost of storage, udver- ] l *i ns A «n k B A a ’ ,n cas ~ of animav, Qieir heap shall be paid over to me President of aafd Board, to be by him l aid into the cite treasury, to rs«^ r^ it i ofl i jepol, ?i n / a and he4llb i“saraace fend, as already provided by law. tb *‘l bo unlawful f.ir any person ?»£. cr «V Ja . , i a ol s cer or patrolman to wear a star, or o’l er similar deuce like that of a police °f DOt ICSS tban 825 uor es ' _ _ _ rius depaetxent. Src. .. The Fire Marshal, the Assistant Fire Marshal-, the members ot the Board of Police £ ( V I,berfi of the Fir«- Department a? the W™°w oI . lcc may designate aid appoint. «hall Be Fire V.aiUcn?, and shall have and exeic.sc all thenahts and powers, and shall perform all tne dn » V ov \ conlerred, cxemsed, imposed or re quired by law of Fire Wardens. Tbc Fire Wa*- ?~£f. are t A p l building. or phec or places, for the pur pose of ascertaining whether the same is or arclu a sate condition, and, if not, to direct or caa«e the same to he made so. tat Sec. S. The Common Cornell may, inthaan nna aip ?P m:iou bill, bya vote of two-thirds of ail the Aldermen authorised to be elected to b* taken by eyes and noes, and entered npon the s £ c 9°S. n ?M’ °5 «« recommendation of the Boa* d of Police, fit the salaries of the members oi me Fire Department at not excecd lr£Um’ollo'vinn sums respectively Pl . r atmata; Fire Marshal, $3,000; First Assistant Fi*o Mar lt Secord Assistant Fire Marshal, SI.»kXI: third Assistant Fire Marshal, Sl.ijQ • Muprccra of fire engines. foremen of companies, f 1.203; fire policemen, $SHkj, and Tvatclnst’ti of tuene booses. |“2O. Sec 9. The Board of Police are hereby empow ered to 'emulate the construction ofchlmncya. and to compel ihe clcaalng thereof; to prevent the setting up or construction or boilers, stores, ovens, or other things. in such a miuuur as to oe dangcruu?; toproHolt the deposit of ashes in nn sale places; to rognJaie the carrying on of man ulaciones dangerous in causing or promoting fires; to regulate or prohibit the «alc or nee of fireworks in said city: to nine or _ demolish any bnildiag, wall or erection which, by reason of fire or any other cause, may become dangerous to ha-nan lif* or health, or tend to extend a conflagration. ®ec. 10. The Board of Police are hereby au thorized to establish, by order or resolution CTfldes lr. the office of Asiistait Fire Marshal*. to be known as First, Second and Third Assistant Fire Marshals. Sec. 11. 11 shall be the duty of Ihe said Assist ants, If in their power, to attend ail the tire* hap pening m any division of the citv, and in case of the absence of ihe Fire Marshal a: anr fire, it shall be the duty of the First Assistant to take charge oi the organization, and b» shall hire and exercise all -ne powers of the Fire Marshal; and in case of the absence of both Ihe Fire Marshal ard First Assistant, the Second Asn«iant shall have and exertase the duties and powers o! Fire Marshal; and tn case of the absenc? of the Mar shal and First and Secord Aash-tanls. the Third Assistant shall be invested *ith the powers nod perform the dmics of Fire Marshal. Sec. 15. TJe Board o! Police 1227, two-third* of the Common Cooral cause the ordi nary repairs of fire cmrines, flic apparatus, and of tbe are alarm telegraph, to he done In any shop beloricinr to said city, and r'ortlm purpose may employ additional mechanics and provide addi tional tools and machinery, if absolutely re quired. Sec. JC. The Police Commissioners ol the city of Chicago, are hereby authorized and required to make en investigation into the origin of every fire occurring In said dtv, and lor that purpose thy are tn-icny invested with the sjtne powers and jcrisuictiOQ as are now possessed by the Police Justices of said city. Sec. id. It shall be the duly of the Common Council, upon the recommendation of the Cm cago Bea*-tl of Underwriters, to appoint a qualified voter of ihe city of Chicago, when so recomncnd-d bv eaid Board ol Cndi rvrriters, whose c’nty Jt shall be :o act with the B-»ard of Police Commis sioners of said city In all matters relating to the organization, government, appointment and dis cipline of the Fire Department In eaid city. The person appointed shad have the sane powers and nutborilv m reference to the Fire Department as Is now by Jaw conferred upon the several members of said Board of Police Commissioner.*, bnt he shall have no authority or right to act as a mem ber of said Board for any other purpose than, that herein specified. Pec. 15. Tbe person so appointed shall hold his office for cne year from t-c date thereof, and nntll his sncccseor is qualified ana appointed, unless sooner icmovcd hy the said Common Council Siocthe recommendation of lb: paid Board of cderwritcri. and tic shall take Hie same oath, and make and execute the same bond 10 ‘aid city, tn tbe same manner as the several members of said Board of Police Commlpdoner* are now re quired by law to do, and be shall under the di rection of the Common Council and the said Chi cago Board of Underwriters devote bis exclusive attention to the ictirest ot the s ;!d Fire Depart ment. fcre. IG. Tli** salary of the appointed a? herein provided, shall be fixed, at the time of such appointment, by the said Board of Under writers, end the salary so rteje;mined upon shall be paid by rhe sold Board of Underwriters in equal monthly payments, and uo other or addi tlonal compensation phah be aliened oy the Com mon Council to said Commissioner for services rendered, tu accordance with the provisl ns of thi- act, nor s'-all the city lu any event, be liable to raid Commissioner for lib compensation for such imices. Sec. 17. When snch appointment Is made by the Common Council, the person so appointed, upon taking the prescribed oat** ard filing the bond re quired by this act, shall be deemed legally quali fied, and shall at one-* enter upon ihc discharge of bb duties as a member of said Board of Police Commissioners in maiteis only pertaining to the Fire Department of said ci‘y. Sec. 18. In case of cither the death, resignation, or removal of the person so appointed, lac Com mon Council shall fill th-« vacancy Ic the same manner as herein provided for the appointment thereof. Sec. jy. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. Sec. SO. In addition to the teport now required to be made by the Police Com missioners to the Common Council, they shall make to tae : aid Coun cil annually, a report of the number anti location of ail fires occurring during each month In the year; the character of the building; for what nur po-citsed; the amount of insurance on build ings and cotrenb, wito such other facts and prac tical suggestions ar they may deem beneficial. CHATTER IV—BOARD OF HEALTH. BectjoKl. The Major of the city of Chicago, with six other persons to he appointed on the pa-- Eane ol ibl-act by the Judges of the Sapericr Court of Chicago, each ofwtiou) rhall be a resi dent of raid city, artd thr** ofu b-ca, and no more, shall be physician*. shall constitute the Eoaui of Uealth of the city of Chicago. Said Board of Health feUaß. at d th're Is heieby conlirred oa Esic Board eUcb powern and duties as niav b.- necessary to proruoie or preserve the safety or health of thedtv or improve us sanitary condition. Sec. 2. Said Board ufllcvltn may enact each hj lawt, rules and regulations ua It may deem advis able. la harmony with -he provisions and objects ol this act and all acts the object of which is to ptomole and prcseive the health, safoty, and taimary conoition oi the city, now existing or that may heic.tlter be passed, not inconsistent Tdlh tic Constitution or laws nf this S'ate, lor tbs regulation of the action of said Board, Its officers and ar«*n*s, in the disc: urge of Its and their unties, and for the regulation of t?ic citizens or public, rnd Irora time to time may alter, amend or annul, the tame. Sec. S. The six members appointed os herein provided shall be divided into three cla«-es • the Cftl class shall hold office for two years; the sec end dai- Jo* lonryears, and ib? third class for six years; ana they snail determine by l it at the Cr*t meeting of said Board which two of them shall cold ottlce tor the respective hrm* of two year'. four and six yta-s. Vacancies occurring in the tald Board b,. the expiration of ihe term of office or each class shall be filled bv appointment bv the Judges oi the Superior'Court ot Chicago fVfu * J cais; , . vacancy caused ijy c i iV r v i « #l *., «* l -'r-aiion or death shall be fil.cd in like manner tor th- nnsrpired term. The members of said Board apnokttd a» herein prond» d. shall receive an anneal ««Urv «r not less lLan K‘o, to be fired i.y the Common Council. Before entering upon the dmles of their office, they shall take tlr- oa!h prescribed for S’atc officer I»j tlic Constitution of the -tat- and they shall also give bonds lo the said chri-J p, t . gum of ?2S.WW each. conditioned lor tho'laiihriii performance of their duties as member* of the -Hoard of Health under the provisions or this act, said bonds to be approved bv the Jucgcs ol the Saoenor Court of Chicago, null riled Mru their oath of office in tbc office of iho * itv Clerk. Arid In case of failure to comply with the requirements os tins section, prior to the first meeting of said Board, the office of such ffiemb'T, ro falling «o lake the prescribed oath and give a bond, shall be deemed vacant, and shall be filled a* in this act provided. The member* of the Board of Uraltn may be removed from office for like cause, audio like manner, os the Board o. Police orofthe members of the Board of Pub lic Wcrkp. bzc.4. It.-hallbe tbe duty of the Board or licalih. on or before Uic fi'oi Mondav of Airil in each vear. to report !n writing tbe condition of rue ucalth licpartuiert, aud a statement of the : ke licalth Board for the year, to the Common Council. E «- 5, T . ti - fald Hurd of Health shall m"Ct at theofirceot tbe Mayor °f the city of Chicago, 011 , or be.ore the first Monday of Ann] s»cst, and organize by the tlec'bm i,f one cumber President and by appointin'* a competent person to be Sccrcu.y ofsald Board! and the successive Pre-idcais of% a ld if„?d Sf Health shall be annually elected from fcmc-n --bers thereof. The Secretary shall kecjacorKrt and complete record of alt the act*. doln~/an-t procecdlcgn ol said Board; he shall receive an annual salary to be fixed by tne Board, and shall bold office durmg the pleasure of said Board but shall not be a member thereof. ’ Sec. G. The Board of Police thill appoint each additional police patrolmen to he subject to the ■ ralce and rtralnlions oftlie Police Deportment as the Doard of Healib may Irom lime to time in "A*"'. '? S? Retailed ae a aanlury saiad b s„ r ”'“ h o , o i°X tbc hcalu t 'and, the iJamh of * f 1* 6 haU be the duty of the Board of Ecallh to prepare and snomit to the Comptroller on or nuforc the first day of May in eve-? voir an estimate of the whole cost and emen«ia of for and maintaining the Health Depart* city darlnfe thy current fiscal wSSSh* r atofita!lbe ,ald> b y faid Comptroller, Jjf?** Council with bis annual esll- S 2" fn * ±h .t Con “non Conndl may p.o . t «»on“t fo required in the , laT f to be laid on said dtv. Said Sioii e £« b s*i ? e . pasd into Iho cliy treasury, and .. f4,^c health fund,” and shall bo ‘* or e *llh purposes on the warrant of *H 1 ‘ City Comptroller, which shall be countersign* ?*_ s the President or acting President of the boaidof Health. ibe warrant of the Comp'.rol ler shall not be drawn on said fund eicentoatne certificate of the President or acting President of said Board of Health. Me. S. In ease ol pcstilenre or epidemic dis ease, or or danger irom anticipated or impendin'* pes Jltnce or epidemic disease, or In case the tan" itary ct edition of the city sbnrild be of such a character as to "arrant It. it shall be ice dnty of the said Board of Health to take such measures and to do. and order, and cause to be donesucb acts for the preservation of the public health (though not herein, or clse- oUienvise authorized). as It may. In fo°den!acd declaie ttc wabUc safety and health sec. i>. The Comnon Council, for the purpose ?hP^. r r°oVf. d for . ! Uie contingency mentioned in rLn^^ ? , 011 ’ mir order the Mayor and Comptroller to borrow a suihcient amount to J3 V £n,« ncb . cxtrfio !?! lnar y lot a space not “epedfeg the close of the next an mcipal year, which sum. together wl-h ttc tnter b^nu7ir c .l dded t 0 016 ataoa nt authorized to braSdtbcrcta' nilt ee,l,:ral ,ai lov ?' and ™- SSM'WSS ordinances of the city, or any of the by-law=. ruka orregulations ot the Board of ilealih, 'n addition to existing penalties, shall be subject to a fine ofnotleas than five dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, and on failure to nromntlv ? a E l &L 6 i me \. ma J’ bti Jn the County Jal!, Bridewell, or House of Coirectlon. as In failure to pay a fine, or such person may be both fined and Imprisoned, In the discre tion of the Court or Magistrate. » ,awe » 0r thercot relating to (he Health Department of the city of Chicago now l?^ or 5 c . ,n / othlcone J 6l , e . ,l{wi,b tWs act, are con* mued *n force, and all powers therein coulerrcd on the present Board of Health, not inconsistent n e J.fm! ll e?i rebe . reb ?conferred on the Board of Stf 85 provided for in »«•« act. Prot\at<J y that nothing Ic iMa act con- Bl {s l» be c P as in any manner giving asPollf«frt!?mf o , rnealthfln y Power or control mit'oi^c O SS 'S?SSiSi aau! Po,ico 1 CHAPTER V.—COMMON COUNCIL. j r'^ CTtO \ I i. I ? Je Coi on>on Council of tne city of shall have power, by ordinance* 3 , °P rpt «it the Imennent of the dead wilhir. Ibe present or future limits of the city Second-- To provide for the vacation of the ecv erlea s l, V ß i lo c, ,*y by tbc Pnrchase and of the titles of Jot owners, or olh i(?l* r «~T 0 pnrehaso grounds and erect thereon y, ,»? IL. and provide lor tbc pavment thereof , Ee " ofiat| o? of'the bonds of levy and collection of taxes, *> "Oth; Trotnd'd. that no I:,u J. on y onevtar exceed two mills on the dodar on the assessed value of the real and SSs« , t‘h“ l l££ u ‘ cci '- r ’“"“ laioMe 1110 JhurrA-To provide lor the Inspedlon and rc gnlplion of stationary steam engines and boilers. J ijrti—l o appropriate not exceedinff Sin 000 in any one ycarlrom the city treasury for celebrating ibe Fourth of July, for funeral occasions, ana lo defray the expenses of entertaining official v sit ora of elstcr dnes: Troti&d, downer, inch order or apntpnnauon shall be passed only bv C J o i es °x of the Aldermen elected, mclrvote to be entered by ayes and noea on the records of the Common Conudl. tu-J*— lo prescribe, regulate and control the manner and speed of all boaS? crafts end vessels, parsing the bridges over the Chicago River and its branches. cr me iwZ r £ n7ir?i« CWjtr u. 1103 rc srtile tho construe building, chimneys and stacks, and to prctent &ud prohibit the erection or maln’enance of any insecure or uu:.afc builaings stack uall KSff®* inE3 * Id ci, - r ’ 2cd STciS&to JbalcmenL *** Pf ° de for cause ihe seizure and deslruction tain ied or unwholesome m m 4 n,, . cr * T cgetablcs. frui* or provisions. . l o»nthorlzcihe m-eof the streets and alleys la said cuy l»y raifroad companies, or citv railway companies, for the purpose of laykg tracks am. running cars thereon: Provided, hoic erer, permission, or amhority shall not t e iJnl CD^ uor A such grant or »£ mission already given u« extended. nnle«s by vote at least ot tbretsfuarths of all the Alder mcc elected, such votes lo bo entered by ayes and i be . rccordfl ofthe Conncil: andVorfd«f, fur f/<rr,thatno grant, consent, contract or ner mls-lon heretoMre given or made, or hereafter to Thai! in beex'ended Vi' biu 011 L year of the expiration of soch granf, consent, comrac: or permission • and Pro cfdrti. jvnher, that In case of a veto by the Mayor, any such grantor permission shall receive £wT£i ea » o , r , tblc |‘’ foart h e <>f all the Aldermen pomton* 0 takc eLccr 88 an act or law of the cor- TtnU l—To direcl, regulate and prohibit the loca tion and management of homes lor of gunpowder, or other combustible material, wlinm one mile of the limlti) thereof. £7tr,nf/i—To declare that it shall he unlawful £° rar £ iheatre, church, L-chool house, or ' on I lung of'any kind whatsoever, to be n«ed lor < the aescin jlagc of people, unless the same L< pro- 1 vided with ample means for the safe and speedy 1 epees of the persons therein assembled in can: ol 1 alarm. TtrOJth— To control, regulate or prohibit the use of steam whistles within the limits of the thirteenth —To provide for the borrowin'*, trom time to time, a earn of monev not exceedin'* five bnndrrd thousand dollars in the to pay existing debts incurred by said city for *ew enige works, ana to increase the sewerage works of said dir: iTcrided, hoic.zrr, the said loan or Jeans shall be made insula conformity wlih the provl-lons of chapter sixteen of the act of ISO 3. to which this is an amendment. Fourteenth— To direct and require the Board of Public works to ler the cleaning of the tlrcetal leys. lanes and highways, or ordinary repairs on jdc same, or any portion or part thereat, to to iho lowest reliable and responsible bidder or bidders. The said Icblnc and contracts to be In alt respects governed by the prov-sions of the Jaw in regard to the bitting of contracts for improving the streets: iVontfed, hoicwr. it shall require two-thirds of all the A’dermen elected to pas* any such ordinance, such vote to be taken by'ayet, and novs, and entered on the records of the Coan- Fifteenth— To direct and authorize the Board of Health to let the ecaveauer work, night or day, or both, to ihe low*?! reliable and rcspoimole bidder or bidders, or in caseap.opcr contract cannot be made, to authorize said Board to do bald work. Such ieumg »o be governed in all respects as nearly as may be by the provisions of the charter in reference to the lening of street Improvements. S-ffrenth —To regulate or prohibit the carrying cr v.eanng by any person under his clothes, or concealed about Lis peison. any pistol or colt, or rluncsLol. or cross knuckles, or knuckles of lead, brass or other metal, or bo«ie knife, dirk Uulfc, ur dirk tr dagger, or any other dangerous or deadly weapoi s. and to provide for the sale or confiscation oi such weapons. S-X'vteeuih —To sell or otherwise dispose of any grounds hcietofotc purchased lor a Bndewell or House oi Corrector.. E>ih\*fuih— To purchase groueds cither within or witi out the corporate limits of said city, and erect Hie necessary buildings thereon for a City Brinewcll cr House of Correction. yireteenTh— To provide for the payment of the same by the levy and collection of taxes, or the . .y ..V —“ W..VWVU V. y.CS) Vi iUU issue and negotiation of bonds, or partly by both. Tuei-fl*th —To adopt all necessary rales and regulations for Ihe government of said institution, ana the proper discipline of Ihe inmates thereof, and also to purchase ail materials, tools and ma chinery necesaery to secure the most beneficial results from the labor of said Inmates. 'JvrrujfreT— To require tbe Superintendent Warden or Eecper to keep such boon or books of account as shall foily and in detail show all tbe receipt* and expenditures of said institution, and to require a report of the condition thereof from umc to nine. Ttcenly-seeotid— The Common Connell shall havcpoweMorcqtiireth'‘Cnnrdof Police Com mhsioners to detail a sufficient number of men fiom the police force of the city to take charge of •he public pounds cfihc city, and to properly en force ti:e oonnd ordinances thereof, and to pro vide lor the election of one or more pound-keep er?, and to provide for the payment of such pound-keepers, el’herbv salary or fee?, or partly hr noth, and to make ail necestarv rules end regu lations for the enforcement of any pound ordi nance of said city. Ttcenty-U,ird —To allow dummies or steam en gines to be used on the street railways of said aty, by ordinance and contract with said railway companies, and to direct the kind ot dummies to be used,the tune and si>eed of running the same, and the price at which passengers shall be con veyed: Provided, the fare on such railways shall not exceed four cents for each passenger whom the present or fntmc limits of said city, nor ex ceeding eight cents from any point within snch limits to any point not moic than three miles out side such limits; also at any time to order a total or partial oiscontlnnance of the nsc of such dummies and steam engines in said city: Provided, also, that it eba 1 ! require three-fourths ot all the Alder men electee to pass snch ordinance or make any such contract. And Provided, farther, thit no privilege to n?c or run dummies or steam engines or ether then horse motive power shall be allowed npon any street or borce railway except ih« party orpartiis. company or corporations asking for snch privilege shall first enter into and execute an Irrevocable contract with the city of Chicago, with approved bond is a sum not less than 1 1111,000. to forever thereafter give and pay over into the cliy treasury at the end of each ard cv* ry month one-fifth of earh and every fare collected by said company, party or corporation, fiom pei son* or pa«?engers earned or transposed, over sa : d railway and for ticket and commntaaon. Such monthly statements lobe accompanied by a sworn s'atcmviit ot the President or Secretary ol the company showing the ac'nal amount re ceived during the mouth by them for tares, ticket.-, <IT commutations, and tue books of said party, company or corporation to be thereafter at all times open to inspection by anv only author ized city official. TiC'i'ty-founU— That tlie Common Council eball nave the power and auihiirily.lo regulate and con* irol the stani'Mering ©fall animals in the city or within four miles thereof, invaded for consump tion or expos, d «or sale in the cl-v, and to enforce by ncdiiiomd orchjarces any regulation, con tract or Jaw heretofore* made on the aubj set. ‘fwaity fifih— J o adjust and settle with property owners any dilerenccs allying by reason of any rLsnrce made in the doch lines by the Council, on ihv Chicago Blvcr or its tranche, if la us ciEcrctlon the-rame muy be'deemed just and pro- pC% Tafrty-f.Tlh-t To make, publish, ordMn. aramd ai;u rcpc:tl nil sncb ordinances, by-laws and police regrlaiious. net conlraryio the Constitution of this Slate, for the good government ami order of the city, and the ir.dc and commerce thereof. a° may bo necessary or expedient to carryimo effect the powers vested in the Common Connell, or of any officer of said city, by this net, and enforce observance of all rube, ordinances, bj-laws, po lice, sanitary and other regulations made >ii pursuance ui this ad. or the act to which ibis is an amendment, the amendments thereto, or any other act concerning said city, by pniilel'xucn:, line or imprisonment in tse Bride well or Uonsc cf Correction, or bo*b, in the dis cretion of the Mapistrste or Court before which cnmic'ion may be had: Pro tid'd, Aowtrer, such fine shall not exceed five hundred dollars, cor the impriM-muent two years. j'ii fu'ij-Acttn’h.— To prohibit the oiling of Inm btx within the fire limbs by a vote o! two-thirds of all U.c Aicirmcu elected. cuArrßii yl— Suction 1. Whemnorary permit shall beissued by •he board of Public WorLg, granting to any person or corporation the use or occnpaucv of nov atixit, alley or highway. or part thereof, for but.ding purposes, (or this, deposhing therein of material, or other proper purpose, said Board shall take from eneft person or corpo-a t.on a hood, in an adequate amount, with Vfl? soocl,5 oocl , 01 d sufficient sureties, con ,. H int , sucll person or corporation Sr.* H e for any ami all damage? occasioned n».rt m u '° or oc cnpuJlon,or resulting therefrom. f 3 01 recovery at d judgment Slntoi or M ?. I .° ,ra3r ”l ! - ‘■•'“■•'■tos on ol per- Slch'rc.yjt *' .f c K . ncll or occnpa Ion" or wuicu rcsoifeo therchom, wheic due notice of the pendency oi such BU |t tas been c?v?m such judgment shall be conclusive, not only ns to the damages recovered, bat as 1o the liability of the pony orcorporatlcnana sureties 4T,U ‘*J 01 luc Sxc. 2. Whenever in aayci-c inin-t e h*n sustained by any Individual. In coufccqncnce cf an v defect In or obstruction upon aay »i<?" C aU: atoa* Hie premises o r a non-resident oxr.cr. rrW,. rf,,is it is hereby declared to he to fcei-p the sam« at all times, in a good and thorough state of rennir and a suit for damages he commenced n-ain<i mo city, the city of Chicago miy attveh surh premises and hold tne same to abide tnc payment In the case, and in case of a judg ment l-elng hod tbereior against the cilv, the city may proceed under such attachment against said premises in the same manner as pro vided by law for creditors against aon-re.-ldont debtors, and the judgment against the city shall be jnimafacu s'lancc 10 such suit or proceed ing: Procidfd, ftouvjrr, that such non-resident owners may, by filing a bond as fa other cases of attachment, obtain a release of aneb premise* from such attachment, and la case of such owner desiring a release of such premises before the determination of cuch suit against the city, be may do bo upon giving aud executing his bond, with security, iohe approved by the Mayor, for the amount of damage claimed. conditioned to told harmless against whatever judgment mar be rendered In the case. J>£c 3 Whenever any Board or officer of the city shall let ary work or Improvement, which eboll require the dinging up, use or occupancy of asyalrcet, aUey.nlphwaj, or naoiic ground/ of eafd city there shatfbo Inserted in said contracts substantial covenants requiring snch contralto? duiing the night Umc, to pnt and maintain each . b .®f ri ? ra lights as will etfecuialjy prevent the bappenifg of any accident In conse qnence of snch digging up, nee or occupancy of said Btreel alley. LWhvTay' or publfc grounds, lor which the dry &gtnlm flahll erneritSf^ U hs«°n herCoTcnilDls ond conditions as epienence has or nay prove necessary to save thn city harmless from carnages. And alio to nro* d !j?' l D sneb contract’, that me party contrac in" f “f.** °® e or occupancy of the alree , alley.highway or public grounds, or tvblrh may result ibereftom, or which may result from cii?nw eIcBSIICeB i.’ f F,tcll contractor, ale agents, employes, or workmen. s Whenever any work or improvement is let by contract to any person or persons firm ?J.J? )rp ?. rattou ' the Board or offleeri or tba effi , Idling the i-am-e ehall. In all ca'es, rate a bond from such person, persons, oT firm or corporation, wUh good and aufficlcat sure- Uec, In ruci amonnt as shall not only ho adequate w lr sure the performance of the work in the time and manner required In snch contrail but also to save, and indemnify, and keen hS* less the said city against ml liabilities menu, costs and espouses which maySfJ'pfflf* come against said city. In consequent * th* granting of such contract, or which mar inMJI w ee result from the carelessS or ne T -& n^ a m I>cr£oa> , flrm or corporation, or W or '& agents, employes or workm’n m Vn respeer whatever : and In every Rnri. where judgment is recovered agam/t tK“irh£ reason of the carelessness or of P£*? n ' orcorporation so contraelS"?or hfs* their or Us agents, employes or workmen aiii nr^i° e R ot?ce u haß b « n Riven of &iTpes&eacJ oftuch suit, such judgment shall he conrinilvJ depuhee. after confirma’ion by the Connell nmt hi^/TH Ukcn the oath roqulred to he takSn by the Clerk, may, In case of the sickness nr oh h? : Taw ftl o C r C l e n r ? ,P rtI fonnan 1110 duUes Impo-ed r u a ,?T-. ordlnanceor the city, on said No ordinance shall be finally adontod by Cnm 2£ n .£Si , * c I™*!' the frame snail K h(Jn cn rroFScabjlhceietk. antes ollenelse onPred by tbiee-lonrlhs of all toe Aldermen elected ei cept such order, and ordinances as are sent to tho Loaned by the Boarder Public Worki, r£ S“ U ' Paid for by special receive a salary of not less lbfcStA”oSdf. Ib “ t3 ’ s;i0 ' ,0^“ Sec. «. Tlic Clerk shall record all orders and or dlcm.cea passed by the Common Connell' 3 In a proper boob or books, with proper indeiffl’ and transcripts from such bookS, Wfled g* hfm under the corporate seal, shah be evidenced in conms and places in Jik’e manner^«if the otto nals were produced. v.* S i r -- 7 v£ vc lT oldiflaa ce, resolution, order or by law ofthe Common Council may be read in evidence rn all courts and legal proceedings from l!i>.i2 ,, h oeor i or,ll ? a ;u ccs ortoV* pub lithed, by order of the said Common Conncil u liLout any proof of »hc passage or publication thereof • but such publication shall only be prima .facte evidence of Us passage, or that the same pSper?" r publisllea ln “>« corporation pewa- Sec. S. All Land Surveyors, licensed bv the Boarder roMrcWorlrata p™»« oration aM“i.vo“,r'Sne %SSSTu, '‘-je'vithin the county of Cook as Ihry may barn within Umcny of Chicago, and like elfcet and va ®. idity shall be given in uitlr act-, plats and Jnr veys as are or may be given lo those ofthe County Sec! 9. So much of section 25 of chapter VI. of section 11. of chapter X, of section 11 of chapter Xlli, of section 13 of chapter SV, of the Rov/ied Charter ol said city, approved Fcbrnary iffi 18&1 and so much of section 23 of an act annrov#rf February IC.ISCS. entitled -AiSt to amSTS act entitled‘An Act to reduce the Chartcrot the «£ « Chicago, and the, several actT amend atoty thereof. Into one act, and to revise the same, approved February 18, 1803. os requires the warrants therein described to bo eoutJfreigned by tho President or acting Presl dent of the Board of Ponlrc Works, the President or acting President of the Board of Police the President of the Board of Education. Iho Preal £f®f °Ly*ce President of the Board 0/ Goardlans ol the Heform fachool. and by the President of the Board of Police mid the Mayor, be and the same Is hereby repealed ““ Sec. 111. That the latter clause of section 1C chapter XIX, of the Revised Charter, approved iebrnary IS, ISC3, be and the same is hereby so amended as to read as follows: “Fifteen cents shall be taxed to each lot against which lodgment ■u,I en w cd ’ flv J c cent * 10 Clerk’s and tal ” fccs ’ tyn ccnta for advertising notice Sec. 11. In case of a vacancy occurring In any 0 «£®.» rea l£s hy 111 8 fiCt * Mayor shaii, by and with the advice and consent of the Council, fill the same forlhe nnerpired time, if the same he sot otherwise herein provided for. I-*-,® 0 :. 12 ' °/ now owned by the city In section tvcnly-ecven (27) in tounship forty (30) ™ c « fonneen cast, in Cook County, shall a « d form a p art of, Lincoln Park, 5Srt r K* e^ B,I * , ? eofconcccsll, « to* “»« will! said Park, the city may acquire, by purchase, pift. or condemnation. a atrip of land not exceeding three hundred feet in width, lying between satd land and laid Park, and In c S f ?t £ 8 nt j C6far 3 con 3cmn, the proceeding* shall be conducted according to the provisions of the chaitcr In relation to condemning lanes for elieets; but the damages allowed shall be wholly paid by taxation on the taxable property |q the town of >orth Chicago or by voluntary con mbntioß. bec. 1.1. The proceedings, notices and ordl- Eances ofsa d chy and the departments thereof shall lie rnblished hi the newspaper printed in ite German language having the largest dally cir culation in said city as lolly as they are now re quired to be published In the corporation nows paper: that In no judicial or other proceeding shall the publication In such German paper be'callcd In question, either as lo the fact ol Its publication or to corrcctimss thereof. CHAPIUt VII.—SCHOOLS. Section 1. The Common Connell shall have power when requested by the Board of Ednci tiou, /irW—Erect, purchase orhire buildings suitable for school houses, and keen the same in repair. .SrCOfttf— Buy and lease sites (or school houses aro keep the same in repair. 'JVitrd— Furnish schools with the necessary fix tures, Inrnilure and apparatus. Fourth— Establish, support and maintain schools, and supply the inadequacy of the School Fund for the payment o( the city teachers, erec tion and fencing school buildings from school tazes. Sec. 2. The Board of Education shall lay off and divide the city into school districts, and from lime to time alter or subdivide the same, or create new ones, as circumstances may require. Sec. 3. The Common Council shall have power annually to levy and collect a school tax, in cluding the. amount levied for a Mokln<* fund, not cxcccuins five mills on tne dollar on the assessed value on all real and per sonal estate In the city made taxable by the laws of this Hate, to mr.ct the expenses of purchasing grounds for school houses, erecting ann repairing tchod houses, supporting and malutainlo'* schools, and payment of interest on school bonds, and the Board of Education are hereby amtao>tz*d, unless prohibited by the Common Council, to continue the public schools notwithstanding any deficiency in the ap propriation and lax levied tor that purpose In any year; and to provide for the expense incurred, the Comptroller may, with the sanction of the Mayor and Finance Committee of the Common Connell, borrow the necessary money, which shall be re paid out of the school tax lorthe next year. Stc. 4. The Superintendent of Public Schools aboil receive ench annual salary as shall be fixed by the Board of Educalioo, at the time of fixing twchcrs’l-alaries each year, which shall not be Increased or dimlnlthed thereafter during the year. Sec. 5. The Common Council shall bare the power, and is hereby authorized to provide by ordinance for Issuing and negotiating ihe bonds of the ciiy of Chicago, payable, principle and lu tere-t, in Kow York, in ivcnly years from date, and bearing interest at a raie not exceeding seven per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, to an smonnt r.ot exceeding Arc hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of purchasing and Improving school grounds, and erecting or constructing school bouses. Said bonds shall be In the ordinary form of bonds of said city, and shall he issued in denominations of Uve hundred or ouc thousand dollars each, ns the Mayor and Comptroller may deem lor the beet interest of the dry, and an annual tax of not exceeding one fouirh of one mill on ihe dollar, on the assessed value of all taxable real and persona! estate in said city, shall be levied and collected as a sinking feed to pay such bond? at their matu rity, and for the payment of such bonds a? may have been previously issued for schools or school purposes. Such sinking fond when collected shall be Invested first m school bonds, snd if these cannot be obtained, then in city bond*. Sec. C. It shall be the duty of tho Common Connell to provide for the issuing of as many of sale bonds as ihe Board ofHducntion may require front time to time, and the proceeds of slid bonds when sold, shall be held as other school rands and only paid ont for permanent purchases or im provements of school grounds, and the construc tion of new school buildings. Sec. 7. The Board of Education shall have power to confer the usual collegiate degrees, whenever they shall deem It best lor the educa tional intercuts ol the city, and to prescribe the neccsscry or proper roles lor the same. Sto. 8. Ihe Board of Education shall elect, biennially, a clerk, whose office shall be denomi nated “ Clerk of the Board of Education,” and whose salary shall be fixed annually by f aid Board. The duties of said Clerk of the Board of Education shall consist of keeping tho records and minutes of the Board, end to be official iu-i slgtiatrre must be attached to them on the books end rccoids of the Board. He shall also take ceuerai charge of the rooms of the Board, and tho property contained therein. slc. fl. The Common Council is empowered to establish evening schools, the same to be nuder the control of the Board of Education, and the funds fur their support to bo raised by special appropriation by ihe Common Connell. brc. ip. All laws or parts of laws conflicting or Inconsistent Tilth these amendments arc hereby repealed. &xc. it. Tins act shall be in force irom ard aflo: Approved, ilarcb IKli. I be a public act and shall ir it" passpge. . 1&-7. mmm and commercial BIOHETAEY. Fnrnir Ensure, March 15. The speculative mania for operating In Bread stuffs and Provisions, which his been developed witlln the past two or three days has largely In creased iho volume of freeh paper oficring for dis count. This movement the basks are very reluc faii to foster, and no paper, unless short-dated and backed by undoubted collaterals, finds favor. The feverish feeling now prevailing In Eastern financial points ; the want of a settled policy on the part cf the Treasury Department, and the “close communion" manner in which the Gov ernment finances arc managed, tend to make bankers as well as other capitoll-is exceedingly cautious,and there is no inclination to extend dis count lines to aid the present speculative “spurt,” which baa taken hold of the prominent articles of Produce. For all legitimate business Money is ccmlonably easy at 10 per cent. In the open maikUMocey is plenty at I©lJ4per centfler mouth for good on'side denatures. Tne speculative movement In Produce has caused a cessation of shipments—resulting in a scarcity of Exchange. The demand was greatly In excess of the supply, and sellers found no diffi culty in realinirg 20@4tl cents premium for round lots. Pome of the houses were obliged to ship currency. The counter rales were firm at par baying, and 1-10 premium. Floor was held higher—checking the activity. Wheat advanced Sc, but closed tame, and the Im provement was not sustained. Corn opened slrorg and advanced but fell back to 2»c. Oat? were lca« active and a trlfio easier. Bye was buoyant, and advanced B®loc. Barley was S's, !c beter. Mess Pork was McGJI.CO higher." Laid was firmer. Bulk Meats quiet, but firm. Gold was n shade" easier. The market opened at 13*‘4, declined to 131, and closed at 131 Jg. The following quolatiouß were received by Boyd Bros,, gold broker?: iCstjo a. m. b'tlS a. m. IbfOa.m. 11:15a.m. 11:30 a. m. 11:15 a. m. •l"ni 12:00 m 131 .l-S-lrC hWOp. m 13l« .134 2:00p. m 131}* •151 &13 p. m 134Ji .Ivl S:00p. m 131 .131 3:3’Jp. m .’..1344 Hete the market was quiet, with Icm Inquiry. The bankers were baying at IS3KGI3I-clojlu~ atlbe Inside figure. Silver was doll at 125 baying Five-Twenties of VI declined U on the Second Board, The other Securities were unchanged The following show* the closing prices to*day, compared with the three previous days ; Tacs, Wed. fhar. Prl. im iSIf }S?| Ton-Forties vis' 517 s| 97*! <j-2 Aogmt.iOos 105*4. 105 k i(jj3 Sevcn-li.lflies. July ...lOS 1 * jor,is jnjff 1051? New Five-Twenlics 106*£ 100*$ 106? s IbCv Here the market was steady, withagood demand, we quote; * . comraaiEHX flEounmEs—ciucaoo habket. U.S.S.IM. ofissi ““S'?- : s "te- Ufcift’ilS 10S « i i®» U. fa. 6-.Xs, ISCt toy 1 |o;t? U. S. 5-309,18C5 107*4 I(7^ ,C3an d’tHJ (new)....loT>ai I 10394 S^Sr 1 ..........103 * U. 10->oa, large 9734 974. }>. S. HWC*; small . .. . 97* TT* c‘ -IS 9 *} 5* ec r iM WS!S lOSa? hl* 2d series US 1(15*1 C* 5* ** penfcß 105 lUSU U. P. .-30 s. small lOJsfQlOStt .... Compcnnds, Jnne, iS'tt... . i»7^ “ Jniy, iso* iicu ;;;; * Ang..isw lie . Oct., l?M 115 41 Dec., 1601 114 44 May, 1605 112 Any., 1865 mu 44 faepu, 16(3... no*? ■ 4 Oct., 1805 110 Local Securities were steady and unchanged* ITic brokers arc buying at the following rales: CWm-oCltyTs . Bnj: S e - Cook County 7s »iC*f Chamber of Commerce 93 * The New lork Tribune, In Its mania for rcsntnp tion of specie, contraction of the currency, a hleher tariff, and a universal smash up generally, grows petulant and rnshea Into billingsgate. The Government is accused of repudiation, and to those who are In ffivor of letting the currency ulonc—thercby preventing a universal financial revulsion—H. G. applies the graceful and eupho nious name of "financial hammers.” In Mon day’s THfitme, IL Q., In an article, " Repudiation in Practice,” sharply reproves the Government for not redeeming Ha 44 greenback” notes, or re edving them In exchange at par for 5-20 gold bearing bonds, according to tho face of the note, and the.following endorsement on its back; I “y* rr P ) States or Auntica.—This note is a l e s5 l 2 c ?» aer for . aJl dcbw > Public and private, ex ccpt dalles on Imports and interest on the public debt, and is exchangeable far United States six per cent twenty years’ bonds, redeemable at the pleasure of tho United States after five years.” The five-twcnly bonds alluded to as exchanges hie lor the "greenbacks” are quoted six to ckht per cent premiom-that is, they sell at ins to 103 in "greenback” currency. Under this state of facts, the Tribune asks "Does the Government refuse to fulfil the stipulation printed on the back of its notes?” And after charging Ihe practice of tho Government as one of swindling. It calls the attention of Congress 44 to this apparently repadl filed promise.” The Philadelphia Ledger puts a " clincher on this snarl of tho Irlbune, in this wrl-o: “Now, had the Tribune been a IltUc mote careful In its nso of epithets, and taken time to reforto the law of March 3, ISC::, authorizing the said not-a, In tho third section thereof he would have aiscov cred that the right to sB exchange notes for bonds ceased and determined if not presented on or be fore the Ist day of Jnly, 1803. The Government, ihcrelore, is not now bound to exchange bond' tor, tho roles.” —lhe New York Shipping List remarks; "The Money market is in a rather more comfortable position than at tho close of last week. The rul ing rate for call loans is C f? cent, with exceptions nt 6®71? per cent. High grades of business pa per are discounted at 7$ cent, with some special signatures at G@tiVt $ cent, and other fair names at 7J4®9 per cent, according to date. We quote: loan. on <*ll. Stock occurmS“ C ?.!. P " 5 “lT' v‘* tone! ami morlgaee —ch 7 Prime endorsed bills, CO Uaja c ©7 ", “ 3 and 4 months ...7 at 8 First class slnelc names ?!/«* <■ Other cood bi 115.... 9 ©lO •The Boston Adieriieer observes’ Money still condones in good demand, bat Uic supply appears lo be ample to meet the ordinary requirements of business, and first-class borro-v --ers, or those hav'rjjfiallsractory security to otter, generally find little difficulty In getting money on favorable terms. Tbecrcdltot those whoso bnsl. ness is so much extended that their paper is met within every direction. Is viewed with more orlesa distrust, and higher rates are generally charged by such purchasers os are williug to lake their paper under each circumstances. An oc cat-tonal largo lailnre serves io excite in-' created discrimination In regard to the character of notes offering, and to confirm rihe wisdom of the views of those who hove al*vnvs pursued a cautious policy, while administerin'* perhaps a dear-bought lesson of experience to others who have oven less watchful or moro anxious to do a profitable business. Rales remain without essential alteration, although the market Is reported caricr !n some quariers. ihe banks are getting C&7 per cent from their customers on dlfcoun’a ol goed business paper, and doing more or less in outside paper, generally at hl-her rales. On the street commcrcfal paper U stfii in good supply, and rates take the naiml wide uccuiding to the character of the paper and the necessity of lie sellers. —The Secretary of iho Treasury has issued the following circular. Intended to check the abuses growing out of the Custom House cartage sys- Theastot DETAunreirT, March 8 ~s nl .: , .*'n incfoS ß complaints have been made that Collectors of Customs at certain points have conferred upon favorites the privilege of carlln** toatd Iromihc public and bonded warehouse*, imported merchandise, and excluded merchants* caitncn who desired to cart their emoloyere’ merchandise; thetcfore. In order to avoid such complainra in fntnrc, you arc herewi-.h instructed toconfoim to the following regulations of this Department in conferring the privilege of lighter ing, carting and Graying imported merchauifl-e at your port; Whenever any lighterman, carman or drayman shall make application for the privilege of lighter ing, carting, or draylng any merenandise im ported into the United stares, from the vessel} or vehicles in which Imported to public or bonded warehouses, general order or appraiser's store, and to convey snch merchandise to Ihe place of deposit specified In the permit, you are ln;retiy authorized and directed lo allow such ll uhtei mao, carman or drayman to perform the said service on conal lon that he shall enter into bond with sufficient emetics, to the satMactioa of ihe Collector of the Fort end ihls Department, fur the faithful d*scbarge of his duties; and ihe same ptivilege shall be extended to any merchant’s caiman, lighterman, or drayman, on condition that be shall enter into bonds, with sufficient sureties, to the eatifaction of the Collector and this Department, (or the laithiul performance of bis Unties, one or which sureties shall be iho puny by whom enchcarman, lighterman or dray man may be employed. Hcou McCulloch, Secretary of the Prcssory. The Supremo Conn of Ohio hive decidep that shares of National Bank stock are consid ered as property amenable to asscssmcLt for taxa tion under State authority, without abatement for such part of the stocky as may he invested in Government bonds. The merchants of Louisville have got a new hall for the use ol the Board of Trade of that *y- it was opened on Wednesday with great —The Newport Journal of Commerce says s We learned yesterday of a large failure at Provl deuce, libode Island. The firm la Orray Taft & Cc. Mr. Orrav Taft, the senior, died some time since, leaving a property valued at one and a half milliona of dollars. The business of manufactur ing cotton goods, Ac., had been continued m the same firm name by Ldward F. ond Cyras Taft, who ate said to have speculated largely in print clotls and other goods. They have also com menced the erection of a large cotton mill and houses for occupation of operatives. Their in debtedness Is said to be one snd a half million* of dollars. Creditors 10 the amount of three-fourths to scvcu-cizhtlis of the whole are said to hold se curities, but If they were given In view of Insol vency the transfer, under the Bankrupt Law, is void. The firm has made au assignment. —The blew York Timet says: “ The shipments of cotton Dorn this port during the week ending last evening were to the enormous amount of over 55,(Cfl bales, of the currency value of nearly £3JSSO,GCU. Of these shipments, over 13,000 bales were to Liverpool, nearly 2.300 bales to Bremen, and over 1,700 bates to Havre. Tbe exports from the port thus far in the current cotton year reach nearly 210,000 bales, and from all tbe ports of the country they exceed seven hundred and fifty thousand bales, or more than fifty per cent of tbe reported receipts at the shipping ports, in the same period, ibe latest mull advices make the available sup ply at all the ports about gixhttndred and twenty live thousand bales, which, at the average value of each bale of the cotton exports from this port, through iho past week, represents over ninety millions in lawful money. COMMEECIAI. Fhidat Eveswo, March ID. The follpwirg tables show ihc receipts and ship ments of Produce daring the post twenty-four boars: nrcEirra past tsvxhtt-folu norms. JBCT. 1830. 3.097 5.732 4.802 5.250 0,330 3,591 ■J3I 1,110 210 221 Floor, brls.... Wheat, centals. Coni, centals.. Oa'e, centals... Rye, centals... Dailey, centals. Grcsu beed, lb?.- Brootn Cora, ftp. Cured Meats, Its, Beef, brls Pork, brls. Lard, 1b?..... Tallow, Its Battery Ids D. IIo"P, N 0... Live liocre, No.. CulUc,No Rides. It s Hipbwines, brls. Wool, lb? Lumber, m SMcglep, m Lath, pcs smmasTs past Twrsxr*roun norms, 1607. ISO). 2,502 3,372 2,721 G,‘.'23 1,233 1,400 173 Flonr. brls. ... Wheat, centals. Corn, ten tale.. Oats, centals... Bye. centals..,. 632 631 73,805 C 1,258 16,130 20,540 410,2 U 019,035 «24 1,050 1,027 752 35,081 81,377 19,017 24,1)17 .... 22,090 imiiey, ceclflla Grare Seeds, 16b. Broom Coro, lbs Cured Meats, lb? Beef, l.rla Pork, brls Lard, It? Tallow, B)? Butter, Its Dressed Hoes, No 400 . Live Dorrs, No 2,207 83J E?S lc ’5 0 m «3 Idcs.ffif. 51.970 llighwuies.brls cl 219 Wool, a* 8.510 18,781 Lumber, m -731 750 Shingles, ra 818 873 hair, brls 42c 413 Ibc more favorable advices from New York caused afirmepjfccling In the market for Mess Pork ami prices advanced 6Cc@Bi.oo. At the extreme improvement there was little to be bad. ns holders generally withdrew their stocks lor higher figures. We note sales of 7,150 brls at 521 50 cash and 522.00 buyer? March and April. Atthecloscthcre were tree havers of standard brands at 521,50, bnt tbere were no sellers below $22.00. Prime Mess Pork was In good demand at an advance of 50c, with light sales at slo.uo, at which there was none to he had at the close. Extra Prime was firm, with galea of 230 brls at $10.50. Humps were In good demand, and firm with sales of some SOO brls at Ste.OOtfJlT.OO—the tipper figure for a lot of extra heavy. Bacon Mama sold to the extent of 100,003 lbs Sugar Cured and Canvassed at 15c loose, sel ler Ajiril. Bulk Meats were quiet bat firm,! with sales of Cnmbcrlscda fll fl&c act! Shoulders at 8c both loose—the latter weighed out of sweet pickle. The mtiket may be quoted firm, at Sc for Shoulder?, for Cumberlanda 10c fur Bough Sides; ll)*ic tor Short Bib; and 11c for Clear. Lard was quiet bnt firm, with sales of3i2icflatl2*iftl2isCfor prime; 12c for old; anjiUSc for country Steam. At the close tier; were buyers of choice brands at 12?;c. bat no sel lers below 12>jc. Grease was firm, with sales at lO&c for White, and 6-Uc for a mixed lot of Biown and Yellow. Dressed Hops were Inactive, and little belter than nominal at {8.£0®9.00. Tlicre wag no movement in Whiskey, and the market Is perfectly lifeless. The nominal quota tions arc 25c for Bonded,' and {2.20 for Free. There was a good demand for Floor, bat the advanced pretensions of holders checked theac- tlvllj, though id some Instances an Improvement of li©ific iru obtained. We note sales of 5,200 brls at $18.50©16.25 for While Winters; $12.00 Ibr Red Winters; f!0.25©12.00 lor Spring Extras; ?8.«>©9.00 for pprirp Sopers; $7.00 for Bye; and $0.09 for Buckwheat. 1 here was a /airly active speculative demand Tor No. 2 Spring Wheat, and the market advanced 2c, hot subsequently a reaction set in, prices fell off 3c, and the market closed lame. No. 1 was scarce and In fair shipping request at an advance of 2c. Rejected was quiet and unchanged. About T»,CCO bu changed hanup at ?2.33®2.37 for No. 1; s2,o3®au6 for No. 2, and $1.7C®1.&3 for Rejected Spring-closing tame at Si CC for No. 2. The market for No. 3 Corn opened strong and ocllve, and an advance of 3®l;sc wa? obtained, hnt the second New York despatch proving less favorable, caused a desire to-reallae, aud values fell off *s©?ic. For Rejected there was a good speculative demand, and the market advanced l@Usc. No. 2 Corn was oulet but Arm. The sales foot up £20,000 bn at S2®3lc for No. 3; 7-1® Tsc for No. 2, and 63®704c for Rejected—closing quiet at SStjSSSIjC for No. 1 in store. Oats were less active, and at the close the market was a shade ca?lor. We report sales of 12,000 bn at -17®-17}jc for fresh and 4i®4s3£c for winter re ceipts of No. 3—closing at 43@ l5J4c for the latter. There was an active speculative movement in Rye, and the market advanced 6® 10c with sales at 51.31©1.2l fol No. 3 and sl.lO for No. 2—clos ing at $1.20 for fresh and SI.IS foe Winter receipts ot No. l. Barley was in good shipping demand and Ihc market Improved 3®4c with sales at 72®“3c for No. 2as to location; Co®C2c for Rejected and 65c®$L10 for Sample lota. Seeds were active at a slight decline on Tim othy ; bnt others were firm and unchanged. We note sales at 5 2.50® 2.90 for Timothy; 57.87JJ®9.00 for Clover and $2.M®3.10 for Flax. Tallow was firm, with sales of 200 pkgs City Bn'chcrs’ at 10c, and small lota of Country at 9*4 ©3-U'c. The following telegrams were read on ’Change: New York, March 15. Flonr 10®15c heifer, 59 95®11.25. Wheat firmer at 52.35tf12.43. Corn heller aod quiet at 51.13 m store. Oat* stronger at G5®G35. Pork betier and Palnh cat Lard firmer at 13@KJUc. Whiskey firm at 33c. Gold 13155. ZATEO. Flour closes lame. Wheat quiet bat Arm. Com lower and salable at sl.lO. Oats heavy. Pork firmer at f 33 50. lard firm. LATCH. In the afternoon the Grain markets were qnlct. Cora closed tolerably firm at 63j$c,andNo. 2 Spring was steady at f2.o3®2.M>s. Provisions were quiet bnt firm, with sales of 200 tierces Lardatl2jsc. CaiUe were active and buoyant; all offerings wore closed out at $5,00@3.05 for common to extra erados. Received, COS. Hots active apt! ll)&lschigher. Received, 2,252. Entered sales, 2,799,at $0 M®7.50, CHICAGO LIVE STOCK MARKET. Office of tiie Daily Teirool > I eidat Eyesi so, March 15. J Tlic tallowing table show* the dally receipts mid shipments oi Llvo Stock daring the week, up to this cvenlng.ns reported by ito Secretary of the Union Stock Yard Company: Snnrtay and Monday. Tuesday Wednesday Hum day Friday... _ T<,tal 0.017 13,001 3.022 Thorccelpw to-day were by the following ronlej; Cattle. lloct. Sheep. 49 170 2ts By Illinois Central. iiy Burllrctoii i- QnUicr Road..!! s!5 i on? J|>' Louis & Alt”Q Road as 7si ‘Jot l.y Nortbwtistero Road 141 573 4& * ll> Rnck Ifcland Cfoad 2M “iK BrMttsburgh&Ft. WsjTwßoad. 5S Total J>2y!3 717 The elnprncata to-day. and for the week up to this venlntr, were: hnnday and Monday. Tuesday Wecnoday Tburertay Friday... fat 5,713 8,523 2.251 itcloUowlEi were thoiLlpmcnu tj-day; Caul**, UORB. Shwp. ci .... -ao 1,118 330 300 427 By Mlehlsen Central H. R.... By Michigan Southern j:. u.. By Pittsburgh & Ft. W. It. K. Total 1.031 1,50 I.XCO Sales to-day. as entered at the flitterent Scale-homcs reroasiollowa: AtUllioUCratnl bcale C ‘“i c " 11 1”' “"A "S MS | AtNcrthwestern Scale 2li Total 731 BKEB CATTLE—The weather was tine, fond/under favorable Eastern advice-*, and with a light supply of stock in the sale pens the market opened buoyant. The attendance was not so large as on the two prccallng days, bat the ccmaml was sufficiently active to readily absorb all the olferirgi, ard under a good healthy com petition tnc Improvement of yesterday and thoday lieforc. was thoroughly sustained. Indeed,for com to prime stipple* stock, tor which the demand was par* ticolarly bosk, holders were, la most instances, en abled to realize a farther advsnee of 10«15c per ICO ns The reported talc* loot up 781 head. These were di vided between shippers, teeders, psekers, and city batchers at J3.Od«CXO lor common to medium • 10,35 0L25 for fair Vo good. and*7.ri®B.QS for prime to ex txa. The pens are empty and the market closes firmer at the quotations given below : „ , „ CLOSING i'HICKS. Estra /Jecrcf-Fme, fat, wen formed, 4 to 6 year old fcU-ers, and avtrajnng 1,300 Bs and upwards " h * «• Prtmt! JietrrM— Good, well fatted,* Andy- ® B,W foim-d Stem, averairtnz from 1,100 to I.ICO B», au... /«ir CrotXr*—Fair Strera, tn lair flesh,'af* ciacing as. at .. 6Aoa7f» 3f>iltum Ooit— Medium Sleers and rood * ' * Stock Common cattle In decent fiesta, aycr»zlDeßW3l.oU)»s, at 4.mb»3 7s Inftrior— Lie lit and thin Caws and steer?, S.TViIWJ CATTLE SALES TO-DAY. Nineteen head extra smooth Illinois Steers, nrer. aelnr i,»o Be. oir cars, at $i OS. oiccrs, arer b* oncs£?“ SWOT * »Tera(Hac u» l.»a U aJ! O^'ra“ d a‘t I? 1 “ ,lUppln * Steers, wn#ag Elcbtcen head cood fa*t butchers' Cows, arera-lap I.ICOBe, c-ll care, at f5.“3. •» Nu-o head rougu Steers and Cows, ayerarlns l.ioo Bt, f*d and watered, at |5.7a. H K ' thin Cows, arerartiiK 903 Bs,o!T watered O MfC !£ aj:h ° Icn ' WOOBs,fedaad l,S l i?;i™J.!‘.'aU?Sa” C Q^eraKto, 155 B l » 7 at X s7^o a pr,n ‘ e Cat Bblppla2 Stem, averaging i^.«iSi!J"cW,l7So' ,h ®w»s IKKiS—Tli** market opened actlro In the morula?, and owing lotto light supply la the pens, pneea rap- IdlyaaTaaced |» 100 fts, and at this Improve raent the pens were cleared. Soms 2,300 head changed hands at a range of f0.50A7.U0 for common to lair lots, . and #7.15(5,7.50 for good to prime Hogs. The market closcallrmattheaboTerangeel price*. Wo note the following transactions: „ HOO SALES TO-DAT. *•0. Ay PrlpA IC4 medium lleht Hogs fs.Qv 55 prime iat Ilog» 2.U r ««'• 63 good ettn lot 223 f’s 74 common nreven lot U 2 glao 66 same quality j; m <3 medium coarse lot 172 am • 63 earn*onalltr «'-n a i»ir lUht lot *...150 bHo 64 coarse uneven Hois 190 am 57 lair lot jct c’sq r 7 lair light iiogs tffi c.g© - 66 crame nreven lot 1W «<« 79 same quality Id c. 93 55 same aridity j«H goo 56 goert even Jot 7jy> 32 lair fat lot ai 7.00 4? prime fat Hoes i^O 77 goertcree iot 7.u0 63 Face quality 193 7 m 34 BOOd fat 10t.....; ...2S fg 41 good creu lot -'m *8 roucb mixed lot 'id e'm •:a good even lot 71. SHEEP—The market was active and llrm at yester day's prices. AH orlcrloe were readily taken up at #5.51(5:7.75. gales include the following: No. At p,|.. 37 good mutton Sheep .as' #7 « 91 medium lot S r,‘Jv MSfffS? 1 * COar “ ,ot —M 5.50 Mftlr lot fi 7« 222 good let 1.....110 ?!« CHICAGO DAILY MARKET. Alt snu* rtf Grain r*&>rUd in thlt market report r/ viaae on the batinof tcinrer(4c) ttorage, unless theriche esjirasted. Fiudat EvEjriMtj. March 15.1567.

FKEll.llT.S— iuiumati FUEtnurs—Arc 10c lower on Kourin t ime. The following la the tarllToflho Losuid lioous: Rates Irom Clilcago to— class. clom. Flour. Hogs! Bufialo.N-V « 61V Jtiif fa Toronto. 1 W 9 rag 37* w r, Montreal, C. E lA3 in t .0 <>t Albany. N-Y 1.10 67* LOU ijl New T«.rk 1,13 70 Ijn i*',2 Boston ci« Albany L 23 73 iao « Boston r ln Grand Trunk IJJ3 75 1.53 PorUandrfo Grand Trunk .. .. 1.50 rhladelphta 1.05 65 ijbj {« Bniutnote 1.05 63 1-n n Pittsburgh 1 « « li g Clcvtlnro. Ohio 45 27J4 53 ?7 Jctrmonvllie. Ind 41 is" ?n 47 ClDClnuatl. Ohio 43 SO CO *■» Tifo. l /V l f ;- U r? tL ‘ c , elTt ?’ : V 6Q7 brli; 2,832 brls. ihcrcw aa a moderate Inquiry tor choice brands of bprlnc l-.xtiss to-day, and for such the market ruled fnS S$ rt ‘ D C | 3' hm. ano. m Fomo Instances an advanco of lO&Kc waa cbiained, alUiougb. in gensral, dealers were obtatnlig yesterday's ontalde figures, bales eo-braco the following* White Winicbs—23o hrls ‘•lmperial’(ClarLaville,M*.) at #16.25; 60 brls not named at flfi.CO; 00 brls “Veranda” at #15.23; 100 bf b .not named at #13.00; 100 brls do at SUAO; so brls “G- Idea btfaf” at $13.50; Red Wtnteis—^2oo brls not nurnM at #12.00; Spnnra Extuas—too brls “tole’b Alterable” at #13.00; 2.0 brls “ Uater, Whaling C. al #15.C0; COO brls “Torrid Zona” ntsUwo, 200b'h“Lockpotluydrauilc” alfu.23• no briß . Expclskr” at <11.25; ito brls not namerlat #11.25; 100 brls do at #11.20 ;1W hrla “ Rim l.cilv’s Choice” at <11.20 :lui br : snot namt.il at 1H.12«* 600 brls do #11.10; TOO brls do at $11.00; 70 brVdo irt #lOX7k; ISO brls co at $10.75; UO brls do a»$10 100 brls do atfiPAO; 200 brls do at $10.13; 100 brls do al # 10A>: Uxsovkd—lCO brls cot named at #10.73 • Hpclvo Sci'F.ss—lCO brls tot named at #9.00; ioo b-Is do at #8.20; 100 trls do at $3.23; 100 brls do at #3 00* U*4- BorsD—ss brls not named at #3.00; Rve flopr-ioq brls at #7.25; 330 brls do at S7XO; Bcckwhlvt^Pnorn -15 brls at <6 00; Coen Mead-5 tops roareo at #3O M \VllEAT—Received 4,662 c-ntai*; fhipped f "‘79l centals. Market 3c blgbtr on No. 1 Sprlo~, iTo 3 opeitd ttrong.and advance*! 2c, but subseauentiv fell back Ic—closing lame, gales w«re: 2,000 bn No 1 at#2.37; s,9Cobucoat#2A3; 2,C00 bu No. 2 (frMh) at #2.00; 5.000 bn do (regular) at $2.01*; 33,1/0 bn do at #2.01: 5,C(0 bn do at #2.03:3.U00 bu Ih-Jected at #l^3: 400 ba do at fI.TG-clOslng tame at #2 Ulfor No 5. CDRN—Received,6,^ocentals; shlpp.'(Ll.9SS cen* lals. Market advanced IQIV(r. aubsequently broke down and 101 l back N®iVc. Sale* were: KVOOObuVo. 1 P- 000 !? a «° al £l \ /c ! 60,003 bn do at S3Vc; 30,(60 bn do at 83c; 5,000 be N0.2»175c: 2,C00 budoat 74c; 4,0(0 Lu Reject'd at 70*c; 14,0u0 bn do at 7Jc: 2.000 bu do at 69c 5 -100 bu do at 69kc: S.CCO bu do at (^—closing at 63KSS3VC for No. £ ’ ’ OATS—Lwclreu,9h centals; fihlppFd.none. M»r --v-S. 1 t Sales were: fitohu N0..a147KC; l^Ocbu do at J«He;6oobu float 47c t fresh:* IS.COO bu/o aurvVc: 20.000 b-i do at 45Vc; S.OOoVn doai <sc (wlKter)-clotlnc at lor the Uttar. ,HY E—RccelveOip centals ; 6hlpp«?J. TW centals. Market advanced B@loc. - SM bn vn t ?ldH; IP.?* burtoif«uo ; “.CMbSrtoat#l.lß;3.osobu 59A t J? ! i 5;4 .’?. 0^?, S l> al W*«; 2-100 ba done #1.11; |.«O ba do at #1.13; WOP hu do at $1.12; 3,000 bu do at «.ll;4Mbu N 0.2 at ll.io-closlng lira at JldiOfor firesh and #I.IS for winter receipts ol No. 1. DA It LLY—Received. 6U centals; shipped, SS3 ccntsls. Market advanced aj4c. galea were : 2.001 hu No. 3 ILL at 63c; S-ObudoatMc; 400 bu do A.H.&Co. at He; J.TfO bn do. Central, at 7sc; 600 bit doa:7sc ;LSM LU do at 74c; .X!fobn do dt 73c; 2,(03 bado nt72c;B'Jo bn Rejected a* 6?c: 5,100 bn do at 60c; 56 bags by wim ple at «,10; 400 bu do at 90c; 800 ba do at 80c; 2,400 bu do at i->c; 100 bu do at Coc—closing firm at outside pners. A LCOllOlj—Nomina! attf-KVIt.SS. llEAX^—Market Ready. Sales were: 16 bags Navy at #2.75; 2lxlf at # ».70; 7 bags at $2.25. fo?r alVllVoO t <>,t? ’ — ' Marl:ct tJu «* £alcs ot 8 t3ns 63,517 51,351 .... 18,112 03,250 119,461 71 750 10,608 -10,500 19,820 12,017 ■1,270 11,535 403 137 2,515 2.023 1,594 2.553 59,732 51,930 225 50 12,520 2,980 , 87 21 1,005 1,005 .... 200,009 Thedcomd fur prime Table Bolter continues good, nr.dprice* arc sell sustained. Cimmon and Interior diecrlptlrns rrmaln very cull, with an eiccsstv« sap. ply In the market. Prlcesnre unchanged, as foil'wa: Choice Dairy ; »32ac GccxiTuh 1 30*2Jc Co u: mon Firkin ]oc*l3c 'prime Firkin tM32Sc IIA(J(SINt;—The market presents ronewteatnre worthy ef hole. Trade 1» still limited, bat la antici pation cr Increased actlTlty by and by, dealers are tok-j ably Arm In their views, and on small orders, are generally demanding full rates. We quote: National A. 2 on, seamless lines $30.00 Union A. 2 bn, do 53.00 lllluols A. 2 bo, do 36.10 Corn Exchange 09.00 Htsrk A, cotton scamlcs l M.OO LcwletownA. do . • 61.00 Androscoggin, do American do Bcnrcr Mills, do H«sb*W 8, do Penn Mil's, do Fort Pitt, do Sligo, do haco, linen and cattcn - 53 00' Kldgtwood, linen and cotton 50.00 Spimgheld 53.001 Gunnies 26.00 Burlaps, 4 bu, No. 1 O&aajW Eflplre Cltv 40.00 4’llEE*E—The market is pretty active, and under icduced stocks prices arc stilt at qustatlons, with I rether an uptrard tcnwncf. We repeat oar list as W Kerr Tot* Factory (gcnoiae) «*, - Factory (IQiDola) 1...'." §5 c Hamborc... <• ou e Western SU»ea * 1? >ffS ® Western ftesenre. SK? r “Tounjr America" .............,*. W x e l ’«»a L—U as in coed demand, aadlcr soft varieties tbcmaiketnilco firm at full rate*. Friea changed, ard we continue to quote* “ a Ert*—Hrooßte d do Ormsbr. CurfEtAai>—Briar Hill do JUtertl itjdce... do Willow Hank.,.. Co Tonne: Chippewa, Uloesnnrp. I.utEpLeliJch ’■ Lackawanna, prepared.... Scrnnton Plttson n, do° :s o- c.ooaa.oo J K -Tbe ?i*rtet w«i> f.iif'r octree, and pnesa 7®?® Qnstabty unclaimed. Wc repeat quotatbrns: Kje. eoo<j n prime c Bio. nnnie toch-1w.... I, as rSMWe ““ftet continues dull. and «>e nnrhmged. Ko rale* reported. t*<jiSi’£T7fc' , J eu '. a . e £ aD f?*" atl filing at a range of chldly at jrc ANll NOT!*—ThPrewas &n active la- lo-diy,nD<x ttemarket rnipri steady and Ann at prcrlocs rates. Prices □nctmngcd, and we continue t> quote ocnex fkctts. a sjn T.T3 & S.OO « .' 13.00 ©23XO _ ___ DCIED FECITB. Tnrkev Prune?, new French Francs, new Fljf, arums Firs, cartoons Uatcs Canned pcacnes, p doz 3 & cans. Apples, new i'eacht s, halves and quarters. Peaches, pared Uluutbcrries, new, * a..., Raspberries, new, 1? a...., Cherries, pitted Kldcrtcrnes, ?» d Raisin?, seedless. 50 a tees, Sordines, X boxes. Sardines. S boxes.. Apples, p brl Leu.ons, ilaalns., Orange*, p box... Cranberries, V brl. Almondi, Lard-ihclicd 22 a ot Almonds Eolt-shelleil .-s » « Almonds. paper-shelled m ea \i PeannM,Wllmlncton, V bu SC fts 4.C0 Brazil Kola zt ra 01 Filberts ft % H r reach Walnnts. new..,. ot ST i; Naples Waltunß M <a 21 Pecans. smaU and lar«c 5a & Hickory Nats 3.M g g £ Cbtstnnts, fttm r, on S Pl-11-Pcalcrs report a fairly active demand, and, with no snrplns stuck oa hand, arc coldlnr their coods UCFI Previous rates. We conllnne to unole : k Whltcnth, No. I, X brl ; $ rva 7 no Whlteflsb. No i. X brl eio2 6 7a 43s? ?« frout, No.iSbn ..I!.":.;:::;:. \*sfa Mackerel, No. 1, £ brl, new ..lOAbaiu 75 Mackerel, N 0.2, X br1................... . 100K41C 21 Mackerel, tkmlly, * X brl ! "I” . ooS^Sn Mackerel, extra D.esu, V U brl 11.50 *ll po Mackerel, extra mess, v kit aSa aS Mackerel, No. 1. kits new 2 sSa 2 ca MacSerel. family. klta ?ftiS .j*S rcrirish. Hank. * ICO ft 7 ooia 75» Codflsh, decree's Bank 7.58 s!oo n0ke................................. r nfiM * •« Hermes dried. No. 1, p box 'sSa a Herrings, sntled 7S* 7a Labrador Ucrrlncs. 1> brl .‘lO-DOaIOAO ISUKASK—Markct Arm, Sales were: 2Strcs Whits at ltj,c: 22 ires Brown ami fellow at B*fc. nn«myiNE*~l(eeelTM 725 i, r is; shipped M *• **«» H OPS—Arc Idling at C5370c for Eaitere. and 60a <2 <tar Western. IIA Th«- market was quiet, but Crm at the rami jf prices given below: . Timothy, roller and neater pressed *M.o>a 15.00 Timothy, loo'eprtssco HJHr.ai3.S3 TraliK neater proved . !oSSiI.« EBTAIL PEICBS. Timothy, roller an-! water pressed t;7.tQais o r l Imothy, loose pressed 17.10*19 00 Prairie, roller aed beoter presstd HJV<£isj.3 Prairie. imreon delivered I ’OCUII 03 II sOE**—Received. f 9,133 db; shipp'd, mne. The demand was good, and the arrivals w-rc im-lilr ab sorbed at onr quotations. Green Batchers’ aides are taken at onc-tln tdoO. U c quote: Oretn Botchm* a-•« o Ur . Green Sallee, trimmed e Green Ca1f..... ail c Kip Grtir, sailed h am c nry Mint,trimmed is r%i3!<c Dryba'trd, trimmed 14^<5sl3yc Green Salted, nartenrod loyfoinsr IKON AND STEEL—The market continues umi, and as the stocks arc becoming much reduced prices ate very firm, as follows* ' Common Bar. Cattle. Hoes, Shtcp. ... 3B 780 4.118 J.sao ...2.088 S.JI3 &» ...1,203 2.333 CCJ ... 003 2.262 717 Hot te 6hce Iron Heavy Hand, Hoop ami Llcht Baud. Hound aud Square Oval Cade. Hogs. Sh*cp. 73 328 l.fiJJ 1.7G6 Mil 2.512 jyt* SCS I.U>l Qall Oval and Halt KonnJ,*,'.'.*. Sheet Iron, common.... Kxtra Brands Khet-t lion, galvanized gh»ei Iron, charcoal. 76 sheet Ircc. Juniata. 56 Norway Nall Ucde Mow btee’, German Mow steel, cast Spring ann Tire Steel, English., 100 l Cast Steel, ordinary sizes,. Too! Cast Steel, American Blistered Steel I I.ti-HOClt—Business in the yards to-dayw-stdrlr active, and prices were flrmly maintained. We con tinue ro <i»ole: LcMnra—First Clear, I. IK, IK and 2 lach,^ Tlurd Ocar, Inch MOd^sado First and Second Clear, Flooring, to gether. roach, the same aa Second Cltarwtno. 50.fra!5.00 Common flooring. rough S 5 00'OS7 00 Matched and Dressed Common Flooring. 10 OOurf-'eo Matched and Dressed 8-inch Common ■ v Flooring S«.FO?'bm First ann Second Clear Siding together.. 80 00 tr/oj !• irsl Common Dressed Siding -• o-> Wagon Box Boards. select, 15-inch and upwards JWAflai’Xa « c, tcc S .V 011 ? 9 * 18 ,ochc * SO.UO^jj.OO B Stock Boards, ll inches 26 no Common Beards, Joists. Scantling. Fenc- *' ' Ing, and small Timber. 11 to 10 ftet Ion; joutiaia'KamTlnKrii’w.’a aad'sifeeV a^Ct^su.M Joisia and Scar tltnw « m EoraGr.es— \ or Stir Sbaved Sbinolcs i jn A or Star Sawed Sdilcclc* 5 00a 3 so Ho. IKawed bblnglcs SAto 3’m Lath—Per in Id yard sm By car-load by Northwesters Ilallrosd. flcllrcn d In nay yard where cars can bo swl'diutar acy depot, Acr Sur Sawed SliWCle*. i>y toad, on track n m A or Star Shared Shingles, by car-load, ~ootrack 3.73* 400 No. l Sawed Shingle*. iy car-load, on track iv) Three dollars a car-lead added when tranafsreed ftaleb charge follows tho Shingle* In freight bill. * _, , EuisoLzaraNiiaKo. ; Thickness—Fire snirgiea to be two Inched la thick- Length—Sixteen Inches. HanCb—'Twenty Ucboe. Coursei*—Twcnty-nre. I.EATfI Elt—Trade is picking cp sharp, mii with moderate ftneks on hard dealers are generally ind®!- ine npon foil prlees. Wo quote the market firm at tiin folio wing range: City norneai 9> b * ST3 40 trurtry llsmers Sf<« S 3 Line. V B 41 Kip, medium. N B 80AL20 Calfi V B 1.40fi1.i0 Upper, Ufoot... Sty* SI Country Upper., SS(* 2 Collar, V 100 t..., 2SC4 si Slaughter. 501 e... 51 French Calf. Si Harness, f» 4f*a IS fis.. Llftal2s Upper. Kip, No. 1, mo- 05..... aXftMK) •dual UOei.2o French Calfl let- Kip, No. 1, raoincs, V hcarr. 83(3110 f tor .M) OOaM.OO MAPLK HUOa It—ls to liberal supply, and in de mana at a rarpoofl6oe£!c for very common to prime qualities In small cake*. •lETAUM AND TINNERS* STOCK-Thera was a (air degree of aLtmation In the market, and dealers firm la their slews at the quotations: „ „ trt. nntoirr wtb*. Box Tin Platen IC 1 to B n ,10x11 $15.00 7,8 and 9 Large rigs 37 luscdll j# Small Fig* sy 13 is Bar Tin 53 13 and 14 13 .. . comm. IS and 16 Metallic Al’ Botin. S 3 17 i? Copper Bottom 55 19 u HrnZlcrs over IDEs. 43 19 Shoot.UlolSoz... S 3 20 *“ ■>» llanlngF 10 Fence Wire IIAVBITUETAL. ECOSIXS, Ist Quality S 3 No*. Died 16. 25Q5$ Antimony.. 50 American, Int quad ilte Solder 30 Uy. V sheet...... 19 , . , zinc. American, Ist qua]- Jat quality,cask 13* Ity, bd1........ 13 Ist quality,elicit 111 Amsrican.Sdqual bib*v:*u* «•••; 13 1 ity, v«uecu ic N AlLS—Dealer? rcportaful. trade fur this season or tho year, borne houses me asking full prices, while outers wou'd shade prices la order to tiled talcs. Wo continue to quote: 10 to to ?> keg fTCO 2<l #9.93 6d 7.25 Sd, Use blued 9.35 "•J 7.50 2d, fine blued .10.73 t'l 7.73 (hit Spike* 7.23 od» 8.35 Clinched Net 9AI OI t,»—There was ■ fkU Inquiry to-day for standard oil?, andnrlcca were generally firm at previous Quota tions. We repeat our list, aa,follows: Linseed Oil flAaaiJO bol,ctl “ 1^1.60 Olive Oil <a2JU Whale on. w. u ut&ija Lard OH, extra ..." Jd Lard Oil, No. IWLiter 1 1021J3 Lard Oil, No. 2 Winter 1.U3.3L10 Bank OH. round lots j <1 m Back OH, strait? L3U*IJS Machine OH . : oaSuo Sperm OH, W.B ftXM Lubricating OH 5C5i1,09 CAUDON Oil.—Was In lair request, and. as the stocks are being gradually worked down, holders are Qrmer in their Tlews. The following are the current Carlton, V car load. Carbon, small low. Benzole. lllllll'll"'"""""""""' komIc P If O VISIONS-RrcelTCd, tiya Ds Connl 51c-W*, 71 Ini* PorkapatflLGiß BsLard ; shipped, #l6ijßi as Cured brls Beef, 1.027 brla Pork. aod7n.9rii as Kurd, alcsit rork-Market advanced 50c@#l.00. biles were: rtp brls at #21.50 eath; so brl * on p. t.; nco brla A Primp nie-HHl'nrk-Sftleswero: 06 brls at $19.00. At this figure there was a good Inquiry, but none to ho had. or!?? 1 ,” 1 Pork—Market firmer. Sales were: 200 brls at $16.50. . ItmnpH—Sites were: 301 brl* atsl6.Co; 50 brls Ex tra Heavy at #i;.co. Dulk Itlcats—Market quiet, but firm. Saleswera: 20.U0 D« Cntnl-erlandsat 9*c; 15,(00 Ds 6.P. ghoul dera a, Bc—both loots. ~nrd—Market arm. bnt qnlct—buyers and scllcra ipart. bales were: 50 trrs at iajfc; ootrcsat ia«»c: 73 frt a Old at 12c; 17b trca Country at At the dote there were no sellers below 12^c—hovers offering mic lor choice brands. Bacon Hums—Sale* were: 100.000 lbs S. C. and Catvasten at 15c, loose, seller April. I'OBLTltv—The market was moderately active, and pilccs wcreflmly maintained. Sales Iccmdc tnc lollowinc: DueisEd CmcsExa—3 doz at *3.50; 9do at *5.00; 2J* do at *4.73; 3doat f 1.00; Debased Tceseth —7l!»bb ante {Contest 76c. " BIJG A il»—Trade wad steady, and prices were firm at the following quotations: Cnba Vi':<%\3Vc Porto lllco MVftl l3c N; Y. Hcflncd, Powered and Granulated....lCk-aiOve White A lljfjrljVe CircleA 7&vilV;c WhltcK Is«^i3>fc KxjraC c leiiow c ccia c Oxnard C C Oxnard C, extra..... llu-HlVc New Orleans price liv^if-vc New OilcmSlsir if 31|^c !*V B UP-*—Were in only talr Inquiry, and prices w* rc steady. Wc continue to quote: Heston Amber New York Syrups * COiLlj Yellow Drips 1.13-31.20 Cnba Mniaascs 75® « Pcno lllco so» 83 New Orleans MAI.OO Philadelphia Uco Blvc oca 70 Cpicago KeOncry, Amber J.00a1.15 ChlcaEftßeflDery. Golden go - .? DO Chlcsco ittflmry.Sncrar House Tia hO KOIIA AM) SALKRATIJS-Tte market fer both these articles tconticnca dull, andjirlcot are noml* Daily nnchanecd. we quote; Babbitt's Medicinal !3V®I3VC “ J. nrc T— oeiajfo . a Chemical. c ncaithy ia oiauc “ Puie 11 fjiiuc SAI.T— deceived, none; shipped, 420 brls. The market was moderately active, and prices ruled Arm. WcqnMc: New Fine .5 btvx Coarse... .. *j'S Delano’ Ground Alum Ground tolar lurk'd Island, tag' Dairy, wllh sacks a , Dalrr. without sscrs Deemed, 13,617 Os; Hupped, 73,'05 &*. The market was active and with thu exception or a slight cccllnc In Timothy, prices were qnatably un changed. tales Include the following; Tivomr— -41. hacsntf2.9o; 478 do at «.85;197 do at r.'.SO; Gj dp at 12.75; 30 do at *1.70; 30 do at ;95d0 at «ico ; 43 f dlrt yL , d 3 fUJO; Clotsb—€ bags Mammoth at 19.(0; 20 bushels do at (9.0 y; 53 hags at(3.23:15 brls at fH.CO; 10 bags at fS.CO; 2,»d0 at $7.37 w ; Flax—m . TEAS*—business to-day was rath: r slack. and bat ftw country merchants were In the city. Trlcta arc steady as follows : Young Hyson, superior to fine, 9 tt (1.203,1.55 Young Hyson, extra to choice, V D> I.TOjti.CO Imperial, superior to fine, V B 1.10a1.w Imperial,extra to choice.?* B 1.£5ij2.00 Gunpowder, superior to line V B i.ior<ei co Gunpowder, extra to choice, B l-Sjghoo •Tar an. natural leaf, hue to extra fine, JIB.. 1 OVtl It Japan, natural leaf, fine to choice, V B Japan, natural leaf, colored. V IB 1.3V.41.10 TA LLOIV —Market firm. Salcj were; 200 brls Utybnlchm’ at 10c. A few small lots ol Country sold nt9t<i>9*fc. TOHACCO—There Is very little doing in this branch of trade, but as the stocks, both h-re sud-at other points, ore low, prices are wall todaiaed, nod for prime goods the ftcllne Is decidedly Arm. The follow ing arc the prices cnricnt: FINE CUT CUE\VISO. I Medium.. . l.nX£l.lS} Common. Extra.. Choice. BiIOKINO TOBACCO. Virginia’s Favor- | Medium 21323 c lie. SSctftSlJU] Common Stem? ...19£L>c Choice aseaocl 60.00 GO i'O 60.09 €2.00 CJJO 61.10 10.C0 , PLUG TOBACCO. Loyal Citizen.... 7*astc Medium 0073: Farmer’s Delight <v*ft7te Common So:a“3c Natural Leaf ...fi.inou.so Navies 55*733 Hair 8r1rht..... TOtI.OO Virgin*.-! ICs & T?5*tSPc Flounders. T4^7oc WOOD—'The market remains quiet, hat steady and Ann at the prices given below: Alapic. cuio, delivered.... JliSOftlSAO Maple, V cord, in yard- 1L50605J30 Deecb, cord, delivered a 9.t0 Beech, cord, In yard. @ 9.C0 formerly cf James* Lode Hospital, Custom Boose-tu, New Orleans, established sod c'ndncted by bla for is years, ter the last six years located in Chicago, is the only pbjtlclaa that has made the irettmcal U Srcret Diseases a specialty that la endorsed by the medical profession sad the press. 111.03 lUM n.co TD.OJ 10.00 IC.OO 10J) UJOQ Dr. Robert Slotglnr.fer 90 years a praclllleuer of medicine In New Orkacs, cajs: “To many pcrwss bavins applied t> ms tor-treat ment, suifenna from tUseara such as Or, James makes it his special provli.ee to core, X hare recoin •mrttfed them to him,and In no case Has hedlsap* ‘I pointed cither myf elf or natlcna” . Ihe eminent Dr. Elchanuon, ot Texas, editor of the .VL«*5L CI J **??• MJ 1 *: “We have known Dr. James of es Custom HoQf>gt, New Orleans, por-onallv, tor a tnrab*r of years, and thathebaen-rfectiy and per .. niaayperaoes ot elironlo diseases tbm bad battled the skill of most eminent piysl- W.T. Dowdalt, Esq., editor and proprietor of the Peoria (ill.) ► atlonal Democrat, says, hr his paper oi Feb. 14,1667: We take pleasure in referring to Dr. Jam-s. of Chl esco, who we do tol tm-ltatn to recommend »♦ being the most skilful rpcclsllit In the coonur." Dr, James can be consulted at his office serf parlors, 03 Randolph st., corner of Dearbern-st.. from 9 a. m. toßp.m. Separate rooms and consultations strictly eoaddentlal. P. O. Box C 9«, Chicago. Take no more Onpleosant and Onrafe .ttem«dles for unpleasant and daige*ous diseased Use lidnbohTß Extract Dacha and Improved Koie Wash. 21 ft 23 K» ft a) 27 ft 23 30 ft 33 » & 25 4.03 ® 4.:3 o (.a u% 16 a io 45 (4 43 31 ft 32 00 ft CS 65 ft CO 15 ft IQ 9.50 ft 10.43 «l ft 21 33 ft 40 Harlngjust srrivrd In Cliieaco aa the sole agent ibr Mrs. Ellen Dexter’s Ahdnmlao Dtcrlae Sipporier. Would respectfully call tUo attention of ladies rudenne from Utcnno Complaints in any way. to examine and try ttis Supporter. All physicians wnohaveeiamlnfd it, give It a derided nreferrtcc over all others. It be ing constructed without sprints, whalebone or stiff, ce-s. reiders it comfortable to the wearer, nod elves perfect test to the parts aff-xted. Ladies to see them will phase leave their names and No. ol their residence at me Dine Store ol j. D. Paine, on the cor ner ol Monroe and Btate-sts. Mrs. B. will remain in the city a few weeks, and will call at their homes. If deslrco. and deliver and adjust them. A Ready and Conclusive Te*t OJ the propertlrs ot Helmbnld’s Plaid Extract Bncho v JU fie a comparison with those set forth la the United States Dispensatory. Water Cure.—A Health Establishment, At Columbus, Ohio, locate! three miles from the city. A superior retreat for Invalids snfferlnc trom chronic dliease; baa been la operationfonrtcen years. AddiCea W. SHEPARD. M. I>. Enfeebled and Delicate constitution*! Cl both sexes, use Htlmbold's Extract Bncho. It will •ietq>*wcU energetic fastings and enable yoo to Chevalier’s Lite for the Hair poittlvely restores gray •l? lr 118 odalnal colorant! yonthlul beauty; imparts lire ar.d strength to the weakest htlr; stops its lailim: oat at once: keeps the head clean; Is anpsrslelod us a balrdre*suic. Sold by all ernrysta and twhloiable liftlrdrcaiers, and at my oltlce. No. f i Broadway SARAH A. CHEVALIER, M. D. The Glory of Han Is Strength* the nervous nod debilitated should Imme diately nee llelmooid’s Extract Bncho. By using Dr. Franc's receipt for the cure of the Donor rbjra. will cure In a l slac«. from lto 15 days. Be celpt seat on the arrival oi 13.00 (Medicine cose «l.i Aodrcsa I*. O. Box 1530. Chicago, 111. * * Tbo Only medicine In tbe World TtAt L« warranted a Baro and i'crfect Core for all kinds of FILES, LEPKO3V, SCKOFtJLA. SALT RHEtTiI, mid all Disorders of the Ski", la foWLK*j> and IIUMOB CUBE. ftny of none who do not refund the money In every css? of failure. For Internal and ex ternal ns*. j,o failure for elsht years In Piles or Ha mors. llXOaltottie. Isold ererywhere. ■ raantU'Od and Yotuiifol Visor Aret es&lned by Qtliiibald’t Extra Bncba. airt«. A. 01. Nlcholm The went Mttncilc Doctreas ami wonderful Clairvoy tpt. All MrjtcriiMtllaCio3til,ana all dtstns*a ccrcdln tUelr wont Junta. Bbcchallenges ite world lor any one else to do what slio can. For further reference rlrenlara. Call on or address Mrs. A. M. NICHOLS. 07 Harnson-s, Chicago, 11L s'.'fit S.YC 6?4 - vt ->lc 6 M 6,'fC CS.-tll C 5 *K 9*c 5*(4 6*c 3*04 C.',C Helmbold’s Huid Extract Uaclm la pleasant in tuts and odor, free from all injurious properties, and immediate a iu action. Dr. TbonMoii' Proprietor of the Medical and Surgical Institute, ITS Sonth CUrtr-st., baa treated all terms cf venereal dis ease with unprecedented aucccae lor nearlytorty years, gpematorrbaa and impotence treated with the happl est it*alts. Particulars of the Institute and the Golds mailed tree to any addrtaa. P. o. Box 72. Chicago, • ...c •IS M 23 c • ...c .iUmu c •iivmvc .13 MU c •17 Mis C .ISJtfaß C •28 c«: 0 c ,22 CtjS o Hclmbcld’s Extract Baclm i health and vigor to the frame and bloom to the I cheek. Debility Is accompanied by many alarm* I'mpioma, and if no treatment Is submitted to. itnpUoa. Insanity, or eplleplle a’ta ensue. Gives pallid be sj'i sons m Hr, Bigelow, Having the coafldeaceof the puojc ana the medical faculty at large, is the moat rcliaab; phyneiaa In the ctty ror chronic nervous and --xu-tl olaeaaw. Call at m« office, 179 boutn Clark-,:. corner <•{ Moaroe. Booms separate. ConsuJtstto-. tree. P.0.D01 I.VI, uls gulae to health, published monthly, sent free te any Bddre«e.' Oonstllntioiu Ksatored by HelmboUTs Extract Uncho. 'J'HREAD J. & P. COATS’ Best Six-Cord Cabled THREAD. JOM & nUGfI AUCHINCLOSS, Sole Agents in Sew York. blancbter, Buf- 43® 13 Slaughter, Chicago, No. X.’ ijr; u Slauehter, Kola, Clilcaco. No. a. St* 37 Buenos Ayroa... 'S** 34 Orinoco 501 e.... 3lw 34 Orinoco, r-xkl, damaged 31® 3 P'oll SALE. APOUHDET, MACHINE SHOP. AND PLASING iniLL, AT WATTKEOAN, ILLINOIS. ■Well supplied with suitable patterns and flasks, in* rtudlncfLßP tlzcs or stationary Engine*. Barndoor Kail Patterns, Kiosks, and shop-right of Leonard's Patent Seamless Thlmole Skeins. Good and suitable machinery ior HclHiing. XbeFUnSog Mill has Matcher, Snrfaecr and Re-saw- I3K complete machinery ior sash. blind*. dcoM.&c. Wmbcsold low lor prompt par. Apply to TIFFANY<fcLUCAS.at Waukegan. rf^ATJTION.—The public are cautioned \ * against ncccllatlng a Check, Certified on the Hat of February last, 03 the Hanover National Dank. New York, For Fourtcenlhonaand Pour Hundred a-dbli. n-100 Dollari.slgnul T. L.Taylordsltecd.whichisarorretT. New Yore, March 11. fsß7. I'ilSBiKKS 1 fx3T STANDARD Jf*i, SCALES./i. ■L op alt, mats. FAIBBANEB, GHEEKLEAF& 32H A 228 Chicago. TTILL’i HAIK DYE—SO Cents—Black JJL or Brown—lnstantaneous, natural, durable, beautiful. The best and cheapest In use. Contains as P?il c . h ,%,?? »ar dollar sUo. HILL’S ARCTIC, or ALT. HEALING OINTMENT, reliable lor gen-rel ointment Sruggim John-et, New York. Sold by all ■OATCHELOR’S HAIR Di’E. This splendid H&lr Dye Is the best lu the world. Hamlcae. reliable. Instantaneous; tbe only Perfect Dye. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints, but true to nature. Genuine signed WILLIAM A. BATCH* ELOK. BoldbyDmegisu and perfumers. Factory. Wl ntrclar-eL. New York. '* Aiemsb 1 ' A ' ND DEPAKTtIRfi OF Winter Arrangement. CHICAGO AND NOKTmVBSTXItN RMLnOAD—COOSCIL BLVITS AND OXAHA LINE—DEPOT NQBTQ WELLS BTBEET. Omaha FmL Lise Omaha Night Express. Dixon Passenger...... Freeport I'aesesge:.. Freeport Passenger, KodUord, Elgin, Fox ItivcrandStateLloe... *4:OOp.m. *11:10 a, m. Geneva and Elgin Pas* senger. *5;-‘Jop.m. *8:15 a.m. Wisconsin Division—depot council op canal Day Express; *5:00 n.m. *6:30 o.m. NlcbtKxpresa *4:30 p.m. *s:l3a.m. Janesville Accocinodn. *s;3Up.ia. *2:35p.m. Woodstock Accommoa’n .3;00 p.m. *421) a. nj, Milwaukee Division—depot council op canal Day Express 5:00 a.m. 12:00 m. Roseblh, Calvary and Evanston 1:30 p.m. 3:40p.m. Night Express 4:oUp.m. B:3Wp.m. Kenosha Accommod’n... 4:40p.m. 0:45a.m WankCTttc Accommod’n. 5:30 p. m. &5G a. m* Milwaukee Accotnmod’n. 11:45 p. m. s:3't a. m Geo. Dunlap, Gen’l Snp’t. B. P. Patrick, General Passenger Agent, KICDIBAS CENTRAL PAIL3WA:.)—UNJOU i'SPOV, 7005 A«MV< MUUH 1 Boning Express. Day Express Evening Express. Sight Express.... CDiONKATI AND LOU36TILLB m&9, .•rToniaT Express *7:00 a. m. *10:55 a. m.’ Night Express... 15:00p. m. *1I:K p. m. BICKIOAH BOTJXHBftK AND All BBOHA LINC—DE POT CC3NKU VAN BUUCN AND BBAHNr.SI BTBJISW, Day Express New York Express. Night Express Day Express *7:00 a. a. tII;CU a. m. Night ixprees Jlfcw, 1 p. m, *6:55 u. m, FKT-acaaa, yos* watas ahu oeioa»o. Mail *»;2oa.ni. 6:CO a.m. Sxprcs:* *i:Coa.rs. li£o a.m. Fast Use,. 3:15p.m. 7:40 p.m Exproe. . *110:00 p. n. ll;00p. m Day Pasacngar. *&2O a. n. *10:30 p. a, I’Mjcnge/ 110:00 p. m. *0:45 a. m. Konkaket Acconnod’a. *4:03 p.m. **l) a, a. Uy<i« Park and Oak Wood *C:M a. m. *T:?3 a. a, “ “ u *i2:ifjp,m. *0:53 sue. “ “ “ .... *3:Bop. n. *1:50p.B« “ ** “ *3:55 p. m. *7;-J0 p. a CHICAGO. BTBUaSfOH AHD QDDTOr. Day Sxpresaand Ma 11... *3:2oa.m. *9:oop. m. fialeeburg Passenger.. . *3;oop.m. *4.00 p. a. Anrora.- *;:oop.m. *9-no a. cu .$7.10(23 15 . 2.63 . 0 Kigbt£zpreaa Szprcst and Mail 6:03 a. n. 8:45 p. a. Nlsrht Express VtiSp.n. 5:50 a.m. Toilet and Wiiminptca AcrotmnodaCon 4:oop.n> £k4£ a.m. CHICAGO AKA GREAT niBJUSK— (LAW CITCiIfJIAtI AUt LtS*}—JUIWArXM QAILEOA3 EZTO7, COS. JUMSIS 81823 M. DayExnreee .... C:3oa.n. 10:55 p.n*. Night Expresa 9:00 p.m. 3:50 p.m. -*Oii TKAIAKATOIdS, LOTim/i AHA CTHCU^ATI. DayExprese G:3ya.m. 19:55 p. c. Nlrrht Erprt«a 9:00 p.m. 8:30 a. m Colombo* Express &30a.m. 10:53 p. n:, “ u 9:00 p. n. &30 a. c. Lansing Accommodation 9:53 a. m. 9:00 a. a. w &isp. c. 6t<Jo p. s. CdCAOO, BOCK ISLAND AHA PACIFIC aAttliOAD. Day Erprfe-j and Ma 11... *9:09 a-m. *5:30p.f1. Mqbt Express . 12:00 p. n. *5:45 a.m. Jolitt Accommodation.. 4:40p.m. *9t4U a.n» . ’Sunday excepted. tHonday excepted, jEArc.*daj zeeptea. . .wao?c .55it7jC UKIOM STOCK TABS TOUC TABLE. Leave Madison Street Leave Stock Terds. fcnn a. m. 7:10 a. zu 8;W. a. m. 9:10 '..a. n. jppecfol ISToiicgs. Dr. James, ITT. C. Baker, Bcautlfal iluir. Save $50.00 grijreaa. jfor Sale. (General Notices. Scales. %air 33ge. Kailroabs. I-eave. Arrive. . *B;Jj a. m. *7:20 p. m. .. 7:80 p.m. $0:00 a. m. ■hofip. m. 11:10 a.m. >nr linz. •10:00 p. m. *3:10 a. m. •9:00 a. m. *llO p. m. AND EXNZIZ BTBCET. AND muz STREET. •5:00 a. m. *8:45 p. n. *7:00 a. m. *11:00 p. n. m. 1*9:43 p. m. J3:25 a. n. rciaso tom. •7:00 a.m. *11:00 p. m 3:15 p.m. tl2:Sop. n ...Plftoop.su *C;COa. n jyaraoif lots. iTjiT natfraai* tia.oo cid'ht two a. n. CHICAGO ASS ST. LOUS. ii:su... 1-30... 4:00.. 5:40;.. thainb. 9:33... 11:45... M 0... 5:15... ....a.m. ....p. m. ...p. m. ...p. m. StJBSAT ....a. m.| ....a.m. ~,.p. m. I n. I ... turn. pm. pm. Jmswancc. STATEMENT. Liverpool and London and Globs HfSUEAUCE COMP ANT. OFFICE, No. 84 L iSiLLE-ST,, BOOM ?fo. Tl, FTBBT FLOOR, warren *so knight, General Agents lor Northwestern State*. W* WAHSSJITj Hosidcct SZtmag’er* A copy ol a statement cf the condition ortho Liver* pool am London and Globe itaorcncL* Company, os the thirty-flrst day cf Deer mber, I?**, made to the Auditor ot Public Accounts of the State of Illinois, pursuant to the statute of that Slste-catltled -‘An Act to regulate the Agencies cf Insurance Companies not Incorporated by the Stale of lUiacfs,’’ approved February Uih. XMS. NAAIE AND LOCATION. The name of tbe Company is the Liverpool and Lon don acd Globe Inenraace Ccmpnny. Tbe Company it located at Liverpool, England. Branch in tho Stale ot New Fork, New Fcrk City. CAPITAL. The amconr of its Capital StocS anthor- Ired is suxe, ooo, at f> to the £ Is fIWWOOOXO The amount of Its Capital Stoci paid op U, in p3W i,R3,’SOH) "Willi Surplus, la geld . 13^K3X$}.0O ASSETS IN THE UNITED STATES. Cash os hand sad la the hands of Agents or ether persons Real Estate, nnlr cumbered.................. Bonds owned by the Company as per Touchers accompanying-how secured, aad the rateol interest thereon,.to-wit; Amount. MktValne. Unlted&tatei 5 per seat 10-40 Sords t1d,C00.09 fIP.COO.Ofr United States 6 per cent MO Bonds 432,000.00 772,100.00 San Francisco City aad County C aad 7 per cent Bonds, 501d...36.5W.75 46,692.33 "Virginia State C per cent Register* Bonds 50.000X0 2LSBLSO Total Bonds Debts due the Company, secured by Mort gage on Beal Estate Debts otherwise secured, as per Touchers accompanying..... Debts lor tfremlams. All other securities. Assets of the Company In the U. 8...., ?1.53i,004.47 LIABILITIES IN THE UNITED STATES^ The amount ol liabilities due or not due to banks or other creditors of the Compa ny - none Loesesod]at(edaiiddoe none Loises adjusted and not due..... none Louts unadjusted and losses In-suspense waiting for Ibrtbw proof. 153,857.37 AilotherelalmsagaluctheCoapany..... none Total lislllltlss | 155,597.37 MISCELLANEOUS IN THE UNITED STATES. The greatest amount lesured In any one risk 1s ac cording to circumstances. The greatest amount allowedby the rulesol the Com pany to be Insured la any one city, town or Tillage—ns rule. The greatest amount allowed to bo insured in any one block. Deed of i cttlement on Ole; [CBIOCUL.] Certificate to Expire on the 31st day of Jon-- nary, 1868. AcorroE'a Cvfice, State op Illinois. ? anusarnao, February slb, 1667. j Whcrcai, The Liverpool and London and Globe In-- snronce Company. Branch located at New York, In the State of New York, has nled in this office a statement of the condition oi lu afiain, as required by “ An act to regulate the agencies cl Insurance Companies not incorporated by the Slate of Illinois," approved Feb ruary 14,1865, and an act amendatory thereto, approved- January 22,1857; and whereas, said Company bufor* Dished satisfactory evidence that It Is possessed ot the required amount of capital Invested In stocks mortgages, and bas filed In this office a written instru- ■ ment, signed by the President ami Secretary thereof, appointing Wm.Warrenaad Robert Knight,compet ing the firm ol Wairen i-Knlght, ol Chicago, its agents for the transaction of the business ol eald Compaay,- and inJlyacd unreservedly authorizing;them to ac knowledge service ol process for and on behalf ol said. Company, consenting that service of process upon them, the said agents, shall be taken and held to be as valid as U served upon the Company, and waiving an claim of error by reason ot such service,- Now, therefore, In purs nance ol tbe provisions oi the act* aforesaid. I, Orlia.H. Miner. Auditor of Public Accounts cf the State of Illinois, do hereby certify thnt the said Wm. Warren and Robert Knight, mmprt.tnp the firm of Warren & Knight, of Chicago, .are author ized us agents lor Uto fold Company, to transact tbe business of insurance In this State, until tbo tulrty-flrst day of January, in the year clentcen hundred andelx tj-clght, so tar as they may be legally empowered so to do by said Company. In testimony wbsreof, I have hereunto subscribed my name, ard affixed theses! cl my office, at Springfield, this fifth day ol February, A. D. 1867. O. 11. MINER, Auditor P. A. ©ceau Steamers. GRAND • EX CUR SIGN TO TUB FAS IS EXPOSITION. The new and first-class ocoan-golcg Ironotsauuhlp s,ootons-burthen, 6TZPa3x.WniTß.llr, Commander, will maha an excursion from, Now York to Havre and back, sailing Cron Bier 15,North River, on Wednesday, April.l7, at IS o’clock M„, taking passengers for Prxlf, London and Bremen. Ka- Qa l re OD Jone 5. giving pas- Eurooc hoIJIDK Excursion Tickets, about six weeks In ibis magnificent Steamship Isdlvldel Into wsfrr tlch,compartments, sod bas nccr.newiy furnished and tlfgamiy lined nn expressly for this- voyage. The Bayaca will Old? carry arabdass passengers. An experienced Surgeon on board. * Z3f~ A foil Band ofMuslc will be attached to the ship. ..£T lce rajbsge, in carreacy,. to Havre tiao and* *175. according to size d etoto-rcoo. To Havre and return *«iC and JSCOt according-to size of state room. For EorUur paiilcutara and passage, apply to tho Agent*. MURKAT, FERkIS A CO _ , ’ 6‘i Soatfa«gt.. New York. Chicago** 5 * A S £Dtof Merchants’ Onion Express, Co., y OKDON ADD MEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. PgMge to London or Brest, *llO, *73, and *3O, cor- ticket* at reduced rates, available for six \ V . n V- P ? ED ’ Cant. Bluings, IromNew Tort. MarchlGlh. Atalaata, - Plnkham, “ •• March 30th. K “ •* “■ April b“. Leila. ** Geaoell, “ •• April a7th. The new and elsganl British Iron Steamship ffn. Pena will IcavePlor No. 3, North River, New Yonr! at l2^° t ‘’ caUin * 4t81c9t * 0n Saturday, March 16th l.nni further notice, all the Steamers of this Hue will call at Brest to land passengers. Tickets sold through by rail to Paris, at 25 percent leu than rega- Freight will be taken and through bin* cl lading Snnklrfc^ a7rC ‘ BotUrdam* Amsterdam and „t'or passage apply to CHAS. A- WHITNEY, 2K Breadway, N. Y- cr to JAMES WARRAi;^. „ . . . . 31 l>earbom-st_ Chicago. For freight apply at s<t Souih-sl.. N. Y. 80 QTEAiISHIP GKRAT JiASTEBH, O CARRYING THE UNI FED STATES MAILS. *rv« -c* Ahdbbs<«i», Commander. w 755121“? “Company ol Charterers” of the r.RF^T with soectal relerence to this regularly between New Fork and Brest, asfol. . DVATISQ HXW TCCK. LXA.VDQ RKZJT. ..April 9 [ Saturday April 27 Thursday May 16 Tue* day. ...MM aKe i Tuesday Ju;ysu Saturday... Xap “i Thursday...., sept.« Tn=»day. .‘..Oct l Eatnrdav Oct. J 9 [Thursday . Nov 7 SMSRfS»£“' •*=■ »»-Sl3gsS Kt tick* te lor the home pasiage Litucd at a reduction of *2o to passengers returning previous to August. _ l assunccrs can be famished on board with railroad tickets from Brest to Faria at tho reduced rated sin *n fcrQrst«!atsaDd*7Ao lor second-claa*. betegaredno. non 01 a per cent entOTtaiaiciTmitiouDlc t-S of Baggage a lowed to each passenger, vcuoicikct Lettere ol credit issued lor England and the Contl- For passage applv in Chicago atlheKnropesn Agency. 51 James War rack. Agent, where plans cf tho cabins may be seenned henna secured; also, to WellslFapiro A Co- 04 Broadway. N. Y.. or to tko Am. and ufa Ex. press Co.’s, at their various a “ pAOtgO MSB. STEAJISHIP COM- Tirnorßa i,tne, TO CAIiIFORjjta, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, Via Pannmn ZCallroacU m o7fo No. 4 '£ Noitb Elver, foot ofCa at t 3 o clock noon, aa follows: Mjucli 1-RJSING STAR—Cant. TV. G. Fnrber con. neillne with GOLDEN CITY. Capt. WaSCaT’ Wn Hatch 11—HENRY CIIAUNCEY, Capt. A. G Orav cotnectinc with MONTANA, Gaps. Sntton U ' Uroy * March a '~CCEAN (JUEEN, Capt. T. A. Harris, con* with CON&TITtrfION, Capt. Ca?erly. “ A l l, tench at Acapnlco; those ot the first !2?.rt lBl «S 0 ? Dec iSLJ 4aD i ma Wltb Moaners for Sooth an£ * Mth l" or Centra! American, porta, ana those of first tonch at Mammilla. pepartnreof nth each month connects with new eleam lint from Fansmato Australia acdNewZealand. ■ °f March IM6C7, win connect with the Co®, rammer. (WLpfeoo. to leave San Francisco ior Yokohama and Qodc Kong, on Aprils, 1367. •M .ItS&KSg;*'' '‘ L ° M “ lS '- SMl ' ta “ paa?a " e Uefcets and all farther Information apply a i *£® °% e ® n the wharf, toot of Cahal-st, North Riv er. New York. F. K. BABY. Azenu r Or a tthcGeneral Westerni Agmcy. m Dearbore-it., Chicago. JAMES w ARRACK. Agent. T '0 VISITORS TO THE PARIS EXHIBITION. Parties intending visit Europe this year, en have state-rooms secured f. r the months ol April May June and July, by making timely application to ttw under islOTttL rlans of the cabins 01 the REGULAR M VIL SXSA* 151 ? 1 ** 6 ’ also cf the magnificent QKEaT K\sT tlOT, can bo viewed, and berths chosen, at my olfics ■ Ihe advantages, In comfort and safety, ol fravtiiino 67 ItsllEOCl.Ali LINES, nonlraM Vo tSaffi stead o/ by a crowded excursion steamer, are ohrlnn* BODJils TltiP llCivElii, either w e °lr {nL'itahimlcr Scjtla.m en route, nrst-clas?, to Parts and bacs, vwj from S“3D to «C 0 In ct rrency. and are good lor 6 and K months, and 4?ne«r by special arrangement. Second cabin. to France direct, calyfiso currency, round trip, single tickets, first class, lor |UO to «iO. v ' Apply, personally or by mail, at General European & American, ble&mshlp Agency, 51 Dearbora-su Cal- JAS. W\RKACK. fjhucaiitmai. T ASELL FEMALE SEMINARY, JL-J , AUBITBKDaLE. MASS., * Tcnmllps from Boston. Four yrars' Classical Conrs*. French. Music, Palatine. prominent Caramt drill to au -njjiijb Branch°i. 6pmc term behind Marca aut. lumber United to Fifty. Xdares* CHA.S. T 7. CgSHIKG. proposals. 'J'O CONTRACTORS. rt'opoeltkns will berec»lTKl for the c.:ostrn--llon of tsloh•oK'^ C S^li.S o ,Ul ft J ‘^,,* , “*“ BtU - e »«' CKTO, TQE 10xn OF APRIL, I^7. pirt°lM. CS wU ‘ Se tolllWciTd ** not made by mpocalble By order *•* ' Bridge Ccr i? 1 lbe oi Director! of the LonlsrlUo .mpaiy. ALBKUT Fl.n'K; Chief £pgii)>><»r. lousiness fflatfcg. Q.EST, HATTBN & CO., Wacle»l3 fiosanlision Kersacatc. wo. 50 MoGaa-citn [BttwccoF aa£G-jU] DENVER, COLORADO. Central pacific Uailrnan IJ-HE CENTRAL PACIFIC R. R. GO. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hun dred Miles of their Hoad, from Sacramento, California, to within 12 MHea of the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, con tinue to offer for sale, their FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS, Issued in With the Act* of Congrrae and the aws of the State of California, npoa the division ot their read located la the State of CaWbmta, and ex tending one hendrod and fifty-six miles from Sacra ternto City to the California State line. Tbe Bonce have Thirty Years to raa from Jaly 1 ISSS, and are sccnrcd by a iTEST MOUTGAGS, Constituting an absolute prior Hen on the portion of Road above named, with oil the Rights, Franchises, Equipments, &c«, pertaining thereto. 331,510:46 K7.-C2.Sa The amount of these First Mortgage Bondi to be i fasued per mile is limited by law to the amount of Bulled States Bonds alio wed sod Issued to ala lbs con struction of the Bold, and the Mortgage by which they are second is DEC'LAttED’BY ACT OP CON* Gif BUS TO CONSTITUTE A LFEN PRIOR. AND SUPERIOR TO THAT OF THE UNITED STATE'* GOVERNMENT. Interest at the rate of Sli Per Cent per'Aonam, pay able semi-annually, on the First icys of Janaary and July.. Principal andlotcmt payable In ss,mss 833£00.00 none 8,73UC none UNITED STATES GOLD COIF. In the dry of NrwTork. The price of the Bonds Is Qzed for the per cent; and accrued Interest rrom January Ist In Cur rency, tee Company reserving the right to odvoasetho price whenever it Is tbdr Interest to dceo. The Hu&d forms the Western part of the ' TOT/VXJT TIUJ3STS Of the Great National Pacific EailroaJ, Acthorlred, adopted and aided by- THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. It runs through- the-bcart of tt’s richest and mo*: populous section ol the State of California, connecting the Extensive Mining Regions of Nevada* Utah and Idaho, With Sacraments and the Pacific Coast, iromwheoc* their supplies mist bo drawn; and the RtmHw of the j portion already running arc very heavy, and largely la, ■ excess of the Interest upon tho Company’s Bonds. J Having been fur some time fhmillar with die. opera ; Uouicf tho Central Pacific Railroad Company, we are satisfied that they are conducted with rare ability and I prudence, and that the energetic aud economical* man- J agementof the Company’s afialrs entitles them to the confidence of capitalists and of the public. Wb have j carefully investigated the progress, resources 1 and prospects of the Road,and have the fullest confidence i In Its success, and in the value and stability* ol the ■ Company’s securities. Tho attention ot Trustees of . Estates, InstltutloDS, and indlvldoa’s deslrlc ' a long, sath and rt muaeraUve Investment, Is especially Invited to these First Mwtgago Bonds. Orders may be forwarded to us direct, or through the principal Banka and Bankers In all parts ol the | country. i Remittances may bs made In Drafts on New York, In LcgahTeoder Notes, National Bank NolM, or other funds current la this city, and the Bonds will bs lor wardedtosa7cddres3b7Eipre3S,lreecichargo. In qulrles tor further particulars, by man or otherwise,, will receive punctual attention. FISK & HATCH, Banters and Dealers inGoi’tSocarities,. N0..3 NASSAD-ST, TUT. K. B.—All kinds of Government Securities received nt the foil market, price to exchange* Cw the above Bondi. Abo, Cr'AlltlesciiMlons of Government TSocarl-. tics kept constantly on band* and Bonsbt, bold orExchanncd- Coin, and D»S,Coupoos. bought, sold aid collected. received on liberal ject so check at slslit. made throughout the country. Stocks and Bonds bought and tcld st the Stock Exchange, on con:mission, for cub,. |7*t*pcclni Attentionslvvniotbo Exchange ol bETEN-TnillTV NOTES ofall the Merles far tbe New FITE-T«#BST if BOND* of 3fiHs, os the most favorable terms. SSll)itC: iLcaa, QLDtST WHITS LEAS> And Oil Establishment in the- Missis sippi Talley. //& limSIIiHED fa 18371 Cl | 10 M@® SEMITES §ll \A 1851. a&/ CHARLES K. TICKERS, Secretary. THOMAS EICHESON, PreaWfflL COLLIER CO.’S MANUFACTURES • can sal* bt FULLER. FINCH * FULLER. RWff 18CflS^ And all Wholesale DtugStista. Citg_Notjces> /CORPORATION NOTICE. \J Omci or xnz Boaco or Pcruo Woess.) Chicago, Marca 13. 1967. f CommonCcancilolthoCltycf Chicago „M oxd«cd that the eighteen toot alky fanning east «u,d went In b.ock US, Scbeol hcctloa addition to Cbl* wio %,°f32l«L and extended, e ?M *° meet, making the pa^tcl to ’ ITIMd MO leet north frets the north line of Monroe street. .^5?,?' Ij l. reaa ; a ! a oecting held by the Commluloa* ersoftbaßcardolPablic WorSA at thrlrofflce v oi 10 2f^S c A£L,“* on Fr:j, »y. March S, 1367, for the m.-uriny tor said Improvement. «ald assess* was declared by said Commissioners to ba agreed made hi them, which action was smaoquent *Jlsr, 1 rcco-.sldercd oy thnm, and the Ssc»Bi?aS onnie<l tor 1116 pQrpoße completing said Nowtbcreiore, public notice is hereby riven to ail lath rested that said adjourned mtetlng of the cr Public Worn win be i-w2M. RI J2iESi s . o*l 0 * 1 ( SP ? uu ”> 111 bonding Nos. is asd n Mljfrltv, on tbe23d dayof March. A. D, 1867, at the boor of ten o clock, a. Tn to assess tho that will bo sustained, ud benedw the coats of tba oroceedlugs, by ot TOCh work and themakLg d said contemplated Improvement. Ui The general description of the land to be condemned *i I ? D , c / , ? s . d about 9 o*s wide, from the sontn cdS 2 f ,’bb Id £ol AssessoFs Division ot lot 1 and E. X lot 3, block 18. Scb'.olSection adoltloato Chicago: a atno ol laud about S feet wide, from the lootu end of the F cßt P art ®t lot 3; a strip of JandabontdicctwHo from the south side cl sub lots 8 and 9 ol lots 1 and 2 • a strip d laud about JCJ fret wide from the n rlh end o i I® 1 the mi t half cf los a, and a strip cfland about 12 lee; wide from the north end ot the west bilf ll i? l 9lS t * 7lUf,l8 ‘ aU toMocklH, School Section addiUon to Chicago. J. O. GINUKLE. FRED. LETzT^ Commlsiloners of the Board dFabiic^Vorfcg Proposals for repairs op STREET LAMPS. Omcz or the BoAimopPcuticWoEss 7 - . . Chicago. March lltlutlSCT. f pi?KH* e «7 1>n y >sa ***. be received by thcßcard ot daT U “J 111 11 »• Wedn«- iT.Jv.SIS? ls ?* f 'i r keePl , »qia repair all the street dty, jfrota April Ut. ISCT. to Apnj Ist, isee, inclndlnp tbe replsclac of any which may be entirely destroyed dorlnir the yiSr. accordlne to flp«dflcatlOß» on Die at sold office. > according Proponto must be addresiod to iho Board of Public “Pro pc sals for street lAape. Md bo accompanied with the ostial |2CO bond. with anretief, to be approved by the Board. The Board reserve the rfcht to reject any and all plQß.aT:dno proposal will be acceptorfnrlcis the party offering it shaft-give evidence, Batlelsclory to the l>oard, that be has the necessary a*dU, experience, en ergy aud ability for doing, the wort u trustworthy and has sum elect pecuniary resources. J. O. GDJDRLE, Fitiiu. ijfrz. ;• r: o. J. ROSE. Bcarj or Public Works. PKOPOBALS POU A BUIOK hCUOOL noDSB. Ovnas or the Boacd of Public Wobks. > _ . . ... . Chicago, Marta 7.1357. ( Sealed Proposals will be received by the Beard cl Public Works, at their Office. nstll 11a. ra.. Wedne*. rt*.Marcb»l«,ft^tl»ecoutructtcaofatock&SSi accorolnsr to clans and specifications co 3le at the oillce of A. Bauer. Architect. .IT stre«? The building will be loir stones blah, and will m lotaad at or n»ar the corner of Dcaplalnea and De n?oe. ” tießsarrt 0[ Education auaSfdctcr* ®; .5° nff * tt? masonry, the palatine ard SW/* or ,b - e»p« tp r. R-«y be 'ld for icparatc'v or the proposal maybe made for the bnHalnccoin! ine nolnc ail lbs Talons kinds of work.* 00111 rropcali mos t be adJrtwcd to th: Board of Public froposat for Exlct School Bnlid wnV .?!??,, be accomratlod with the cso.il oocd, sureties, to be approved by the Board. * “* ..lill. BcaM reserT « the nefct to reject any bid not in woordance with the conditions of m-s advertisement, or to reject all bids, ana no proposal win t* accepted unices the party oilertmt it atoll clve evidence aatis •lactoiy t> the Bono tbat be has tba nece«*ary p'qll eiDenence.tneraraid ability for doing the Work. Is tiustyjortny, and has sufficient pecuniary resourcM. J O. GIVDRLE, FRED. LBIZ, O. J. BOSE. 10t Board of Public Works. Proclamation. Ma.son's Ojticz, CnicAQo,) ‘ . ifarcb 24, 1577. > I'Otiee is nfrebyclventtat all mrcnzzii*! t! -gs found rnsnitrat large wltbm tee city ofCblca-o. after iIOM)AT, March 4tc, i»67, will be destroyed. Al.ct= A UDITOK’S OPFIUJb), ILLINOIS. -Xi. _ . apmomto, March 12. l>o7. Notice Is hereby given, in t whereas tha "McLean County Bank.” located at Bloomlastir. Illinois. h*» 81«1 la Wla cf'cea bond,an teqnlred by the provisions ot an.' act entitled “An act Co amend tbe general oank las law, so sa to permit the withdrawal of securities in certain cates.” approved Feb. S 3, JKC7. Th-refare. nol'rs the holders of circulating note* ot said oanle shill present the fame Air redemption within Are years from this date, at tnls office, or In too City of Chicago, or at the Counter of said Bank,' they will he barred from tt cetvmz redemption thereof. Said note* will be redeemed in the City of Chicago at the M'chantci* Na tional Bank, and at the Office of the Marine Company. Q. IL MINSK, Auditor. |_J ■KIiHBOLD’S BUOHO. BUGHU. From Dispensatory of tb* United States. DIOSMA CfiENATA. BUCIIU LEAVES. PROPERTIES. Their odar fs strong, diffusive, and somewhat m< latic. tfidr taste bitterish, and snalsgoos to mint. MEDICAL PROPERTIES AND USES. Boebu Leaves an generally sSanlant, with a pso liar tendency to the Ustnasr Ouqams, producing dla- rests, and, like ether similar medicines, i,i * ||> y diaphoresis, when ctre; action. They are siren In complaints cf the Crfnary Crying stobaa travel, Chronic Catarrh of tba Bladder, Morbid Irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, Disease of the Prostrate and Deten tion or Incontinence of Urine, From ’■ a loss ot tons In-the ports concerned la Its im catiota. The remedy has also been recommended g Chronic Bhenmaflsm, Cota neons Aafeotions, and Dropsj, fielmi 1 ) old’s Extract Bscka Is used by person? from theater of 13 toß,aad»a« 35 to- 53, or lathe decline or change otltM; after Ca> flncmenicr Labor Ft ins; Bed-wettta* la chUdrta. In Affectionspeculiarto Females, Tbs EXTRACT BtTC'liU Is onojoalled by *"y OW’ remedy, as la CHoroais or Eetentiaa, irregularity, Painfat. ness cr Suppression ofCuatomaryEraa- uatioaa, Xflcerated or Sdtirraos State of the Uterus, leor cmhea or Whites, liseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, GEiTEL.4 DBOPSICiI SWELLEIM. This medicine Increases the power of Digartton, «■< excites the Absorbents Into healthy tr tMB tbe Watery or Calseroos depositions, and aH Paib ural Enlargements are reduced, as .well as FA me- Tcflimmatioa, HELMOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU Ha* oared every case cf DIABETES in which It has beta given. Irritation of the Heck of the Bladder, and Inflammation of the Kidney*, Ulceration of the Kidneys asS Bladder, Retention of Urine* Dii eases of the Prostrate Gland, Stoat in the Bladdery Calculus, Grarei Brick-dust Deposit, and Ifncns or Milky Discharges, and for Ss£m* hied and Delicate Constitutions* of Doth Sexes, Attend »i with the Ibllowlag symptoma IndHpcaUloa to Exertion, Less cl Power,Lon cry, Dlfflcalty cl Breathing, Weak Karts, Tm bins. Horror d Disease, Wakelhlnesa, Dimnvs ot Vlilon, pain in the Back. Hot BaaMw Flushing ot the Body, Dryness cf the Skin, Eruption on tha Face, FaDM Ccgatraar.ee, Universal Laael- tods of tho Muscular Byx> tem, etc- etc. BEUIBOLD’S EXTRACT BUCHU IS DDERETIC AND BLOOD PURIFYING, And rare* all diseases arising tram Uxaxn of masm- icy, Excesses ash Ibpbuhxscm is Lin, tw»i!»ew of Tint Blcoh. &c., superseding Copabla la affecaoms for which It Is used, such as Gosobxbsa, Gumx of long standing, and STramno diseases, used in connection with Holmbold’s Bose Wash. SOLD AT HELUIBOLD’S DRUG AND CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE 594 BBOADWAT, And by Druggists Everywhere. ASK FOR HELMBOLB’S Take no Other. Beware of Conaterffeita Caror this mods of