19 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4

19 Mart 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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(Eljifago tribune. TDESDAT, MAECH IS. 1807. THE CITY. L’OnsxnvATXun. —We notice that the directors of the French Journal published in Uui city, an nounce their intention to makf It a semi-week r after the Ant of Anrll. This Is an evidence of vitality quite encouraging. Under the new an ppicee there Is every prospect of a flattering suc cess. The Yocho Mm’s LrrxnanT Socott will meet this (Tuesday) evening, at the Circuit Court room, to discuss the following resolution: “ Betolstd, That Corgreee, by resolution, should extend sym pathy to ibe Fenians tn Ireland.” AIB native; Uerbet and Lee; negative, UcCausland and Good speed. All Idvera of debate arc invited. Fbtx Exhibition. —Proiessor R. P. Hamilton, tbe renowned{borac-tamer, has succeeded in rent ing the kankee Robinson Amphitheatre, on Slate street, for this week, and will give free lec tures and exhibitions with his trick horses and ponies each day, at two o'clock in tbe afternoon and seven in tbe evening. He Invites parties to iske in wild horses and tee how easily he can tame them. - ASthief.— On Friday the mechanicejcmplored at Ibe Mechanic*-’ Dry Dock (McGill £ Co.) stmek werk to tbo number of ab-'ut thirty, and are etUl onL TLcyul'ege as tbclr reason that tbe firm is employing a man not a member of the Union, and they will not work with him. ihe employers claim that be is a first-class workman, aud noted for his industry and integrity; they refuse to be dictated to by ibe workmen. Goccn's Lectuee. —The announcement that John B. Gough will lecture to-ulghlat the Opera House, on “Facta and Fiction,’ "Brill be sufficient to call together a large audience. This will be the last of the present course of lectures before the Young Men’s Association. Mr. Gough states that <ii}« is probably the last lecture which be will deliver in the West The tickets are goieg off rapidly. Peesokai,.—David Runnion and J. H. Martin, two old residents of Chicago, have taken the en tire building No. 155 Dearborn street, and on the ground floor have fitted up one of the neatest restaurants in the city, to which is attached a last eating stand, a novelty of convenience m Chicago. Jut-l opposite the posioflice, it will be acceptable to bnrdreds of Imt-Sness men on Dearborn, Clark, Madison, Monroe and Slate streets, as well as the old friends ol the proprietors. Opened to-day at noon. Budwis’b Chicago Railboad Gcm e.—This useful publication for March is at hand. It is handsomely arranged and printed, and contains full time tables ut the leading roads m the West, a larce number of advertisements and much enter taining reading matter. Some ten thousand copies arc distributed gratuitously on the trains coming into this city, and new arrangements have been mad'' to o*isurc it! distribution through the news agents on all the roads, so that it will be seen at once to constitute a very valuable medium by which advertisers may reach the public. Seeioub Accidekt.—About half-past ten o’clock last evening, a lady, whose name was not ascer tained, stepped into a bole occasioned by the careless or accidental removal of a portion of the curb stone. In tront of Miller’s jewelry store, at the comer of Clark and itaudolph streets. The sndoen and unlocked for accident resulted in hreaklnga limb. Friends who accompanied her immediately assist)*! ber to a carnage, when she was conveyed home ard surgical attendance pro cmed. The Vote rou Tat Commjssioneu.—Tbc vole In the Common Council on the choice of C. N. Bolden, Esq,, as Tax Commissioner, waa: Ayet— Aid. Knickerbocker, Cox. Carter, Wicker, Wilmarth-Finnncan, Hatch. Waltwork, Moore, Schuler. Woouaro, Birby. Holden, Huntley. Proodtoot, Fraczen, Rub, Lawson, Clark and O’Sullivan—2o. Jv’ayf—Ajd. D’VVoU, Calkins, Rafferty, Talcotl, Ackhoffans Shacklord—C. Absent— Aid. Barrett, Kano, Friable, Russell, Gaslfield and Etgel-C. Pacific & Atlantic Teleobath Cokpakt.— We call the attention of our readers to the prospectus ol tbc Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph Company of the United States, published in another column. It is intended to make the line a Western enterprise; the corporation is now woikmg to all the Eastern cities, and has extend ed some distance West; it will presently reach every point in the whole Northwest, where It proposes to icdcce the ra’es fifty per cent. The line is anti-monopoly, and tbc shares of twenty live dollars cannot be transferred to other corpo rations exc'TJtby consent of three-fourths of th stockholders. “The Disposition.”— Mr. Sheppard’s leclnr.* on this subject will be repeated on Thursday even ing next in the Opera House, under the auspice of the Yourg Men’s Christian Association. lu •-■B first-class composition. inU of hnmor, sarcasm ana incident, and should draw a full house. Th; Oratorio of St Paul wilt not be given, as an nounced, and we are requested to say that tlcke for the Oratorio win be redeemed at the lick office of the Opera Hume in reserved seats fo this lecture, one ticket to the Oratorio bein good fur two tickets to ibe lermre, or at the offic ot the Young M< n’s Christian Association in money, at the option of >he holders. Rev. Dr.. Dunne,—his highly respected cler gyman, who was detained by illness for several weeks at Bloomington, reached Chicago on Fri day evening last. Though very feeble, be waa present and took part in the Imposing religious services at M. Patrick’s < hurcti on Sunday last, bn* that evening was again prostrated. Yester day be was so very ill as to compel his physicians to deny access to any visitors. Dr. Donne stands very high among the most able and respected clergy ot this city, and the intelligence of his por tracted illness wiii be received with profound re- Eel tlironchont the State among lho=e *ho enjoy g acquaintance. Theßicexko Mujider.—Yesterday tbe exami nation of Black asdSticknej on the charge of murdering Sicking was beard before Judge Drummond, the testimony takeu before United States Commissioner Hoyne being remitted to him for action. Btlckncy waa admi’tcd to bail in tbe eum of f 10,000,10 atsw*.r any indictment that might be lonnn agamsi him by the District Court of tbe Second District of Dakota Territory, and the Marebal of lb s Dntriri waa iD?lrncted to de liver Black into the cnslony of tbe Uarsbal of that Territory. Warrants bad been l-sneabya Com mies oner in Dakota for the srnet of noth Black and SUckney, but the Coart was influenced some what in bis action by the rertimony elicited be fore the Commissioner, and therefore allowed Stickney to endeavor to secure bill, which he suc ceeded In doing late in the afternoon, and was set allibeity. Fntz ojr West Take Sxnrrr.—A little after 0 o'clock last evening an alarm rnrg irom box No. C 9, which -was occasioned by the discovery of fire In the nppcr-eloxy of\o. 74 West Lake street, occupied by Frank Cunningham in the manufac ture of horse collars. Ibe origin of the Are is un known, and Its wmk of dett< notion was confined to tbe room in which it l»egan. bat tbe damage by water was <onside:able. Mr. Cnnmoebanrs stock of leather and machinery was damaged to the extnl ot S2.OU , it u c-nmated. upon which there is a partial insurance in the “ Firemen’s” of this city. Tbe building wa« a double one, two stories, of brick, standing by itself, and owned by H A. Punt who. wiih <-is family lived ootbc second floor of No. 76. Tbe damage to tils furntnre by water, and to tbe building was about S2OO. which i« covered by Insurance George N. Nichols, a commission merchant on the first floor of No.* 74, and M. lauterbach. & Inrnltnre cealer, in tbe adjacent room of No. 7C, had their goods some whatinjnred by water, but both are fnllyinsnxcd. The Dasux's Wood-Sawiho Machine.—This is a novel and very ingenious invention which may properly be classed with tbe popular sewing and mowing machines a-j most emphatically a labor-saver. We have seen it in operation, and are struck with its simplicity aud adaptation to the many purposes for which a taw is needed. A grindstone attached serves also as tbe balance wheel. The machine is easily operated, portable —not weighing over ninety-five pounds— and with It one man cun ent into short stove lengths from fire to eight cords of wood per day. At this rale a farmer or housekeeper wonld save more than the price of a machine in one year. Tbe retail price has been established by parties owning territory in tbe East at S3O complete which gives the manufacturer a large profit. Mejor Thorp, who owns the right for the Western Staus, has a machine in operation at Boom 4 > Metropolitan Block, where be will dispose of County or State rights, or make arrangement-, fur sannfactnricg tbe saw !o the West. We can cheerfully commend this invention as a really valuable one, and advise those looking for a pro fitable investment or employment to call and ex amine it. Cethhtd to Death.—Yesterday morning, at nine o’clock, Christian Warner, a laborer in the “round bouse” of the Chicago & Bock Island Railroad, situated near the corner of Clark and Twelfth streets, met with an accident which re sulted in death alter a very short tunc. For two yean Mr. Wnrsler had been engaged in the Rock Island engine bouse as a helper, and yesterday, in company with an engineer, was endeavoring to uncouple an engine from its tender. With the aid of a bar they succeeded in separating them nearly a foot. Wars ter then went under the en gine to draw a key from a bolt, and lor some un known reason railed his bead between the engine and tender. Ahead of this engine weie three others, the first endeav oring to pull tbe others out of the house. Worker had given orders lor the engineer of the first engine to move, and then went right back the length of three engines and commenced to work nnoenbe last engine wlthon*. giving any other instructions, ibe engineer In endeavoring to start bis tram, consisting of tour engines, re versed the engine, and caused the engine and tender to come together, crusbtnd the back por tion of Wnrster’s head between the two. Warn ing was Immediately given and tbe man taken out. He lived only a few moments. The deceased was carried to his residence. No. 2C3 Fourth ave nue, where an inquest was held in tbe atternoon The Jury returned a verdict ol “accidental death.” The deceased was twenty-eight yearn old, and leaves a lamily who were dependent on him for support. COnaiERCIAL LIIEtUTrBE. Aproverb may generally be termed the essence ol a subject or science—the embodiment of its leading idea, in the tersest possible form. “Necessity is the mother of invention” briefly indicates an existence of the universal law that every demand will create its o-ra supply. Advertising has always been an acknowledged necessity of trade, and a truly prolific mother of invention she has pioved. Ever since the introduction of newspapers, wit and humor, talent and genius, tact and suill have been employed, “regardless of expense,” in de vising the most attractive and effectual ways and means of acqnamlicg the public with tbe exist ence and excellence of what it desires or should W bethcr advertising bas yet attained the dignity or a science may be an open question. As an art it has made almost every other art a tributary to l*s excellence. Poetry ha? contributed her charms, palming her fascinations, sculpture her attrac tions, music her enchantments, eloquence her powers. Tbe skill and perseverance displaced in the exploitation of inexhaustible resource- ny ibis branch ofindusuy would furnish the materials for an instructive and entertaining volume. In this field of enterprise American inventive skill has attained a world-wide renown. It has here been carried larthen on the way to perfec tion. Combination!: of unconClcting interests for mu *tnal advertising have lorg been in vogue. In Chicago, where tbe merchants are especially dis tinguished for Iricndlr competition and profuse ad vertising, trade orculara have been ahund-uu. An outgrowth and improvement upon ihl* sys tem is the “Chicago WnoiPcale Trane Review,” published by James S. Yaruali, Esq., of this city, the fi at number of which ia just loaned, it pur ports to be oie organ ana exponent of the waole sale trade and merchants of Chicago, and has u guaranteed circulation of 10,000 copies. It is o quartoelre, commas twenty-four pages: tbe pa per and the tvpe are excellent; a map of the a-y a Joins the Hue page, and numerous cuts of su perior beauty ornament tbe interior. In Judicious ness of arrangement, typographical execution, ability, interest and variety ol its editorial, it is ficihaps unequalled in this kind of commercial Ueraiure. suua-iuv. Betides the 'numerous advertisements, all of which are elegantly displayed, u ; “ Review” con tains interesting and valuaole readme matter enough to fIU a moderate sized volume. Tbe ag gregate sales in each department ia given, and the wholesale business of the city during tbe past year Is estimated at $5j0,u00,000. Jbe “ Review ” u Bt-mi-amiual, and euire'y devoted lo the wh -le sale trade interests. All the leading houses, and they only, are represented. ST. PATRICK’S DAT. The Celebration ol Yesterday—barge ard Imposing Procession—The Fenians and Benevolent Assoeiations. Tbe St Patrick Society—Dinner at the Tremont—Toasts—Ad dresses, &c. The Knights of St Patrick—Banquet at the Biiggs House —Speeches hy Prominent Citizens. Observance of the Bay in Other Large Cities. Next to the Immortal Fourth of July there is no day of the year which produces so much excite ment in the streets of Chicago as the seventeenth of March, the anniversary of the day on which 8L Patrick first saw the light On that occasion our Irish citizens make their annual display. Fathers, mothers, sisters, cousins, families by tens and cozens, come trooping forth to join the proces sions and honor the day. As it feu upon a Sanoay this year, ihe celebration was therciore postponed nil yerteraay. The maiy thousands ot onr citi zens who claim the Green Isle as their fatherland, and tbe other thousands whose parents are native Hibernians, though they themselves were bom on American soil, awako early with great anticipa tions irom the long-looked for celebration. The anniversary of the birth of Ireland’s patron Saint, the great apostle who is credited with evangeliz ing tbe land and sweeping from it forever the wUo’.e race of noxiuns serpenis, is the chief day of the year to all Irishmen, women and children. Probably not a small proportion of ibum have any very clear Idea of the origin of the day they celebrate, to cay nothing of tbe correct date of tue Saint’s appearance, about which the best histo rians oitier. But they understand it as their great national holiday, and its coming is always the signal of a tuspension of labor as far as possible, a general turn oat on the streets la holiday at tire, and a rousing ball at night, continued far into the next day. In a meteorological point of view, the middle of March is not a favorable time for out-door demon strations of any kind. The vernal equinox is al most invariably accompanied by cold bleak winds ami drenching showers, so that it hay become a proverb among the disappointed Hibernians that it always rains on Sl Patrick's Day. This time, however, the weather was more propitious. Pm- Tins withheld his torrents, and tbe son sbone out dear and cheerfully. But tbe air was sharp and the cool wind piucbec the noses ot the long pro cession, and xmmb:o the fingers ot drummers and lifers, and reddened the cheeks of the dames and damsels who trooped along in fond admiration of their martial sons and lovers and brotuera Yet a pouring rain or blinding enow etoim. or a bitterly frosty air could not have checked the enthusiasm or prevented the turnout this year- Universal Interest was called out by tbe Fenian exrtement, and the rivalry caused by a division of effort in tbo &L Patrick Society, while the handsome military display of the new Fenian regiment, uniformed and armed as if for a purpose far beyond a mere day’s dis play, was an unusual addition to tbs ordinary civic display, bbortas nas been the time emce the close oi our civil w ar. it nas begun to be an unfamiliar thing to hear the tramp of armed men, and sec the gMlcr 01 muskets and the bright coli rs of uniforms on our streets, aud the parade of this little regiment ot Irishmen, many ol whom learned how to shoulder arms in the Union army, brought to mind the etimug enlistment days of 'a. From cariy morn till about the hour of noon the carnal portion oitbe aty was inundated by the Irish eieicnL “SL Patrick's Day in the morn ing” was announced bv a variety of brass bauds as they marched to the place of rendezvous, dram ming up recruits by the way. As was expected, the demonstration was much more general than on any prev ous day, and no; only was tbe proces sion luller, but a much greater number of citizens tamed out to witness u. The Fenians mastered in grea’ lorce, and their mill’ary organizations made quite an imposing,display, while all the more prominent societies joined in the celebra tion. The procession was formed on Market street about ten o'clock in the forenoon, and alter nearly half an hour occupied in alsiioslng of the torces which were under command of Redmond Sheri dan, the Marshal of the day, it proceeded eastward on Lake street to Michigan avenu a , and thence along toe principal thoroughfares of the city in the following ORDER 07 FB OCXS SION. ChlcfMarebat—Redmond Sheridan. Aids—James Bnrse, John H. Domln, John P. Foicy, P. Sherry, P. Nicholson, and Fraukßclew. Dana. Military Escort—First Regiment Fenian Volun teers. Colonel Cosgrove, Commandant, Hibernian Benevolent Society. Marshal—John Moore. Band- Roman Catholic Temperance Society. Marshal—Robert Wilmotc. Bond. Uiilted Sons of Erin Benevolent Society. Marshal—T. Condon. Bacd. Laborers' Benevolent Society. Marshal—P. Healey. Bond. Father Matthew Temperance B:cevolenl Sociely. Marshal. Baud. N. U. R, C. Temperance Benevolent Society. Marshal—Daniel Gallery. Band. St. Bridget’* Temperance Society. Bridgeport. Citizens on Foot and oj Horseback. It was quite a hiilliant turn out, and represented In the procession atone probably over twelve hundred Irish citizens, not count ing the myriads who formed the tail to the comet, Ibe military made a very Im posing appearance at the head of the procession, with their well burnished arms, and their gay banceis fluttering in tue breeze. Foremost among the civic societies came the Catholic Total Abstin ence Society, preceaed by a band of music and wl'b a goodly number uf members, all wearing the badges of their order. The Hibernian Benevolent Society came next, followed by a band of children; then the United Si.ns of Erin, the So ciety of Laborers, the Father Matthew Total Ab stinence Society, and others. A body of cavalry, numbering eighty horses, two mules and a small pony brought op the rear. With tne exception of tbc boys who carried the spirit-stirring drums, and the men who assisted in conveying the ban ners, every one appeared lo enjoy the demonstra tion. li wascerteuily one of toe finest and most extensive displays ever seen here upon si. Pat rick’s Day. ST. PATRICK’S SOCIETY, The third anniversary bmqnet of the St. Pat rick’s Society was given at the Tremont House last night. About one hundred and forty gentle men gathered in the parlors of the hotel, and spent a short time in making and renewing ac quaintances until nine o'clock, when, to the music of ibe Great Western Band, they died into tbe dining nail, wbercan elegant banquet was spread. Amorgthe decorations ot the table were a Chi nese temple, Irish castle, flower rase, fruit bas ket, wooden fountain, veil pyramid,lrish Goddess of Liberty, «£c, Ibe hall was handsomely decorated with flags bearing the Stars and Stripes, and in front of the President was a lime box containing “Irish soil and shamrock.” Tbe table at the head of the hall was occupied by ibe prodding officer, Koger J. Broas, Esq., and distinguished guesta. On the right eat Bev. father Bole*, Bev. Father Bnrkc, Bev. Dr. Me- Mullen, Dr. N.S. Dans, Colonel B. A. Gilmore and General bidley. Onthcolber band was Judge J. B. Bradwell. , Bev. Father Sullivan, J. C. Bore, Esq., Hugh ' .McAlister, Esq., General McArthur, General O. L. Manr, and General Poiillps. Tbe Divine blessing was invoked by Bev. Father Boles, and the enmptnom repast was then ois enssed. while the strains of tbe band added to tbe pleasure and good feeling of the hour. At about balf-past ten the cloth was removed, and the intellectual feast of the evening began wluh the toast, ‘The day we celebrate.” The band struck up “St. Patrick’s Day.” after which tbe Presided, Boger J. Broas, Egq., re sponded. He said: Tnedaywe celebrate is the annlveisary of Ireland’s great apostle. It tells os bowtbe people of Ireland gained a victory by submitting to the teachings of tbat religion which Patrick came to establish, and to plant those seeds of liberty which many of tbe people haw died in defending. Tbe religion of tbe ancient Irish people waa Paganism. Tney wor shipped the woeds, the mountains and the groves, ’i hr speaker then gave an account of the life of Patrick. Wc, he said, have exchanged oar island borne to become citizens of this free and giortone country, and in whatever situation wc may be placed, there are none in this broad Republic wbo, while loving their native land as we do, are more loyal to Hus our adopted country. (Applause] there Is not one wbo»e heart does not warm when be re calls tbe youthful days when be went forth to pluck from its native rock the green shamrock. Though now Ireland is humbled in the dust, her eons look with pride upon the monuments of her undent learning and greatness. She cultivated learning and science, and endowed many schools and collegia. Might they not hope, he asked, that their loved land mightbeoncc strain restored to take her place among tbe great galaxy of na ilers I Tbe second toast was “ The President of the United States.” Air: “Dali Columbia.” Bes ponte by Colonel James A. Briggs. He said tbat there was agreat deal of “ Hall Colombia” in that toast, lor In tbe time when trouble was darkest no man stood firmer by his country than Andrew Johnson. [Applause.) Tennessee, beaded by him, held (be Union of tbe States together. The principles of free govemmentare being glorified, and the day is not tar distant when if ws are tme to onreehes, to manhood, true to God, in Europe where there are Kings there wilt be Presidents, where there arc Parliaments mere will he Con gresses. (Applause.] There is noirisbman wbo has not hope lor his country. On I what a conutryis this for the wtutc man, and thank God. lor the black man—for ail men without distinction of creed or race. (Ap plause.) The widow of the poor Irishmen wbo fell in battle may fay to her boy : “My son, go up to tbe public schools, fit yourself for yonr place in life, and yon may live to be tbe President of me United States.” He trusted tnat ere long Ire land. too, would be free. (Applause.) At some rot distant day some Irishman, a descendant of the O’Connor. now In the county Kerry, might bo elected President of the United States. [Ap plause.] Tbe next toast was “The Hierarchy and Clergy ot Ireland.” Air: “Soggarth Aroon. Besponse by Bev. Dr. McMullen. He said he would men tion some of the characteristics of the hierarchy. Tbev have taken charge of the religions interests of the people In times of great trial. They have helped them to hold on lo that faith that was first adopted when St. Patrick came as the apostle of Ireland. They most have been a leameu and de voted body of men, identified with the interests of the people, or they could pot have secured their reverence and attachment. These relations being retamed gives them some claim to the title of true nohUity. The separation of people from tbe clergy bas been somewhat mooted. This be claimed to be a family matter. The clergy have said tbat this sew political movement is a foreign enemy, introdneed to rankle and produce discord among them. _ . , The clergy bare said to the Fenians, “We are with yon in principle, but this method which yon aie taking Is wrong, and we wifi not countenance 1L” Tbe members of the press have done much to extend this family qnairel out into the public gaze. WhenlrlshmendodifierlheymaKcagreat oeal of noise about it. Bat If this world will let them alone it will be found that this trouble will soon be setuee, they know not how. Tbe Irish clergy are with the people and of tbe people, and to scpaiatc them from the people Is to separate ibe people Irom themselves. Wbm the straggle for liberty lake 4 the right form tbe ArcbbUnop and the clergy will bid it God-speed. In the future a* In tbe past the Irish clergy have been and will be with the Irish people, and no contingency can separate them. (Applause.] William J. Onaoon, E?q.. announced that as there was another body of Irishmen assembled in another part of the city, aid as there should be the most cordial feeling among Irishmen, be sug gested that tbe Choir ebomd appoint a committee to wait on them, and inform them tbat tbe utmost good feeling was felt by this representation of the M. Patrick's Society towards them. (Applause.] Tbe Chair appointed as each committee Messrs. Onabon, Coneley and O’Hara. The next toast was “Ireland.” A’r “Garry owen.” Desponded to byß. G. Caulfield. Esq. He said: It wyuld be vain iq him to say that be did not feel honored in being called upon to re spond to this toast. Uewaapiond to say that ho war the son of an Irish man and an Irish woman, lie stood th<-re to represent his native land, aud be loved her history, he cloned in her vinaes, and be would stand by her in her adversities. They all claim to he Irishmen, thongh they stand up:mLe soil of America, and if an oppirtnniiy was civen them no one would raise an a>m to free her quicker than the Irish boys who were born on tbe soil of Amer ira. (Applause.) Why should they not love her? She was tie home of science and literature ages ago. Sbe gladly received the true religion of God, which St. Patrick brought ho*, and when the good seed was sown slu- brought forth an abundant harvest While all else was dark and gloom around there was a light to which the persecuted of olber lands could fly. and tney fled there from Germany and Denmark, and other countries, aud tbete they were educated to go forth as mUeloua ties into the world. Around tbe shamrock clus ter more gloncs than be told. Patilckplucked a leal of that plant once and pointing to the leaves Mid, ulbtn are three leaves to there are three persons la the God-head and yet one. That plant u the emb>m of Deity. For seven centuries tbe people have lived under' the bitfrrett persecutions,but they bare noire* ceded from one of the pare doctrines that de scended to them from the apostle*; and Whlreve* the Irishmen coea to-day hia roUsioo and his patriotism are one. These holy memories cluster them wherever they go. xbey loyal to the green flag, and the flap of their adopted country, and they go on (o victory ord ath. fo-day Ihe laws of England and ’he laws of the United States have sprung from Ireland. The right of trial by Jury was taken Irom Ihe Irish Connituaon, and from there they have come to ns. Whyshoold not the Irishman be proud of bis native hnd f There Is one thing that Is dearer than alt else to (he Irishman, aud that is the liberty of Ireland. I&p --*? Be 'l long for the stay when she shall arise from her and shine bright as of old. [Applause.] The next toast was “The Army and Navy of ihe United Stater.” Airs; ‘“The Sur Spangled Ban ner” and “The Bold Soldier Boy.” Response by Colonel 11. W. Smith. lie said he suspected that he bad been drafli*d for this occasion, and thus had got into a predicament The army and mvy attended the birth of oar country, they have at tended her ever since, and have brought her through many trials, and because of this, thank God. we have a country. [Applause.! Because of ihe army and the navy wecave civil liberty and free institutions, lor which we may thank God, our army and navy. [Applause.] Ur. McGuire then smur "Colombia, the Gem of Ihe Ocean,” the audience joining in the chorus. The next toast was “Ireland and America.” Response by Rev. Mr. Flanigan. It had been said that the Irish people came over with a spade as a badge, but it was not eo. Ireland had been a' school and a refuge for other people, and those who have come over here on account of the perse cutions of (heir own land, had come with the true t&itb, and they had come also to teach It to the people of other lands. The next toast was “ The Poets and Orators of Ireland.” Air—“ The Minstrel Boy.” Response by Crock L. McVicar. Esq. Hit speech was a (tiling one, and elicited loud applause. The committee appointed by the Knights of SL Patrick, consisting of Captain J.H. Keating, C, F. Tienele and Dr. Lee, came In and ex* ptcesed Ihe cordial feeling of that body in their brethren of the SL Patrick Society. Ihe lateness of thehonrnrcvcntsadetailcdrc* port of the further (oasts which were as follows: Song—“ Ob Erin, roy country.” Mr. Nelson. “1 be land of our birth ana the home of oar adoption.” Air—“ The Land of the West.” Responded to byJ. J. Pttzgihbon, who spoke : glowingly oftho qnallllcs of the country they had left, and the beauties and advantages of the chosen homo of the Irishman la America. He thanked God that there was a bright speck on the horizon of Ireland, which would ere long break out into a blaze of radiant light, making old Ire land indeed the “homo of the free.” •‘rbe City of Chicago, the Metropolis of the West.” Air “Opera House Polka.” Response by 0. F. Bonflcid. Esq. ‘The Bench and the Bar.” Air, “The Rogue’s Match.” Response by Hon. G. van Buren. “The Patriots and Statesmen of Ireland.” Air, “Where’o the Slave so Lowly." Response hy John T. Molten. “The Press.” Air—“ Sec the Conquering Hero comes.” Response by J. W. Sbeahaa, Esq. “Oar Sister Societies.” Air—National Medley. Response by Presidents of Sister Societies. “Fraternity of Nationalities.” Air—National Medley. Respondedjo by H. Greenebanm. “Woman.” Air—“ Love’s Young Dream.” Alter volunteer toasts, the assembly dispersed at an'early hour of the morning—all agreeing that the anniversary banquet of Ine St. PaTick’s So ciety had been a most bapp» and successful analr —long to he remembered with pleasure. ENIGBTS OF ST. PATRICK. The Knights of 6t. Patrick gave their first ban quet last evening at the Briggs Home. This is comparatively a new orcanizadon, having be*-n formed at a meeting held at the BrlggeHousa on the evening of the 12th instant,when a constitution waa adopted. Its objects, as set forth in this docu ment. arc >ounite in a common oondoi fraternity the scattered elements of tbc Irish race duelling on this continent, to preserve Ibe traditions or their native land, and its grand Urirg idea of ulti mate independence, and to perpetuate among their countrymen in America the principles and character of their race, their social qualities, patriotism, love of justice and hatred ot despotism. It is not a secret organization, and the discussion ol religious or political ques tions, or any allusions thcicto arc not permitted at »he meetings. It Is proposed to celebrate each recurring anniversary of M. Patrick’s Day sn a social and intellectual manner, ana lu a spirit consistent with the principles of the Association, and for the purpose an annual dinner will be giv en, the arrangements for whiebjare intruded to the banos of an executive committee. Tbc Associa tion is open to all men of Irish birth, parentage or proclivities who shall he proposed for memner* ship at the quarterly meetings. Thefollowingare the officers ol the Association: President—P. T. Sherlock. First Vice President—Goorgo H. Walker. Second Vice President—James Campbell. Treasurer—James McGarry. Recording Secretary—A. Parker. C orrespondieg Secrelary—John J. Murphy. The tnangoral banquet was given iu the dining hall of toe Briggs Bouse last evening. About one nundrcif guests were present, Including some of our most prominent citizens. The company marched Into the hall about ten o’clock, preceded by a baud of music led by Mr. George Stevens, and took their places at the festive board. The banquet was got up in the most tasteful manner, by Messrs. Tucker & French, and the or naments pieaentcd some very neb and elaborate designs. On the first table there was a represent ation of on ancient Irish tower, surmounted by an image of St. Patrick, and to Ihe right and left of this stooo confectionery pedestals, one represent ing the harp of Erin, ana the other the figure of “Orannalic.” Alter the viands had been disponed of, tho President of the Society, P. T. Sherlock, Esq., rose and spoke as follows: Gentlemen: Kn»chts of St Patrick and friends who commingle wilh us, whether like St. Patrick bimseli*’to the manor come or of the macor bom, 1 ’ in the name of tbc most generous of Irish hosts, the founder of Irish hospitality. 1 give you all tho “Cead mlele faire,” (one hundred thousand welcomes,) to the festive board ot Ireland’s patron saint, [Applause.] A saint of the olden time, when Christianity, like tho cloak of St. Bridget, was ample enough to cover all God's cre ation ; whose patriotic chanty was bound less enough to claim all mankind for his con gregation. It is to do honor to such a prelate, to perpetuate and ’‘keep for ever green id our beaus” the memory of such a saint that we are this night a-scmbleu, the smallest, weakest, and most recent link in the chain which to-day and every recurring at. Patrick’s Day encircles the earth, and binds the Cett e hearts in a tnp'e baud ot memory, love and hope. [Applause.] And while we meet in cele bration oi the merits of St. Patrick, let ns never forget to imitate his manners his Christian for bearance, his brotherly love, and bis nntincg ex ertion in the cause of tenth and jnsclicc. Con quering by peace arguing by similitude and converting oy persuasion, never askiugl-om others what their conviction should not yield, and never yielding to others what onr honest convictions cannot approve. In inch a spirit has this branch, the Knights of St. Patrick, been established, and in such a spirit may It, and every snch organiza tion, live, multiply and prosper. Again, 1 give yon the k 'Vfaan\Ulf faille." [ Applause.! Band—“ The Harp that once in Tara’s Hall.’* Tbe Chairman then gave tie first regular toast of the evening—“ The day wo celebrate, eud all who honor It.” Music—“ St. Patrick’s Day.” Captain Keating responded to the toa a L He said tbe Knights St. Patrick of old were men of tried fidelity, patriotism and honor, and every irishman who was here 10-dar to honor tbe mem ory of St. Patrick was as devoted to his country as those heroes of the olden time. He thought the day would yet come when America would as sist Ireland in the struggle for independence as (be Irish had assisted America in her bear of trial. Mr. James Miller, from Mcntana, snug a song. Tbe Secretary then read letters 01 apology from Governor Oglesby and Mayor Bice, and from tbe President of the Sew York S'. Patrick’s Society. Ibe Chairman then gave the second regular toastoftbc evening, “100 United States.” Music—“ Hail Columbia.” lion. J. B. Bradwell responded. It gave him pleasure to be present and address them on this occasion. He was not sure which United Stales was meant, whether tbe United States of Ger many, the United States of Irlcand, or tbe United States of America, f Laughter.) As be was more familiat with the latter, be supposed they were re ferred to, and would say in tbe first place that it was a great country, the greatest country under the sun, having the biggest lakes, the big gest rivers ana having pnt down the biggest rebellion that ever came to pass. There is cot an Irishman but his a deep interest in tbe United States, its Constitution and Its laws. Many have drawn tbe sword in their defence, and they have drawn it bravely, lie never beard of an Irish coward, and be would say of them that they will fight If they get a chance. Tbe United States is a great country, and it is not done growing. It was made lor one Government. When God framed the continent, with Its mighty rivers, great lakes, and its lofty mountains, be meant tbat it should be controlled by one power, and the United States should contro leverylncb of territory fromtho Gulf to the Psclfic. He was glad to meet so many Knights of St, Patrick, but he waa sorry tbat judge Arrington, the old man eloquent, bad not arrived to respond to the toast, wmch he was so well Qualified to do, and left him (Judge Brad well) to reply to bla favorite toast of tbe ladies, whom be loved so dearly. [Applause.] Mr.Page,of McVlcker’sTheatre,sung “Molly Bawn.” Mr. W. J. Onahan, Mr. Dan. O’Hara and Mr. Phil. Conley here entered tbe banquet ball, from the St. Patrick’s Society, and were received with loud applause. The list of regular toasts waa temporarily sus pended by Judge Bradwell, who proposed as a toast, “ Sl Patrick’s Society and its Delegation.” Mr. Onahan responded lo tbe welcome and tbe toaat. He said tbe Sons of SU Patrick and tbe Knights of St. Patrick were united in ono com mon sentiment, the love of their native land, in spired by Jhl- common sentiment, they stand to gether, devoted to the old traditions and faiths which they cherish so dearly. Between these as sociations there should be ouly a generous rival ry in our celebration, and be and his associates had come here to-night to prove tbat there is no division of feeling, and tbat it is devotion to the Old Land that has brought all together. *ihe following regular toasts were then drank and responded to: “ Our Native Land,” BcsDondcd toby Hon. W. W. O'Brien. “ The 8 tatc of Illinois.” Responded to by Hon. E. Tanßtfren. “ Tbe Memory of tbe Dead.” Drank in science. “Ibe City of Chicago. ' Responded to by Gen eral Hasbrouck Davis. “Onr Sister Societies,” Responded to by Rob ert Hervcy, Esq. “The Poets and Poetry ot Ireland.” Respond ed to by Jobn S. Quin. Esq. “Tbe lanics.” Responded lo by Dr. J. McAl lister. “Tbe Press.” At the conclusion of tbe regular toas’s volun teers were in oidcr, and tbe festivities were pro longed till at a late boar. BALLS. Besides the banquets given at the Tremont and the Briggs Honse, there was a general state of festivltT throughout the city last evening. The Hibernian Benevolent Society gave a grand ball at the Crosby Music Hall which was well at tended. At the Old Board af Trade Hall a ball was given by the Logan Circle of (bcFenian Brotherhood, which proved to be a very agreeable gathering. The Klckbam Circle, of Bridgeport, gave a ball at tbe Iron Clad Hall, and the Thomas Davis Cir cle gave ano.her at the New Turner Hall on Twelith stroel. NEW YORK. New Youk. March 18.—St. Patrick’s Day was quite patriotically celebrated by tbe Irish, and with (be exception of an unfortunate riot this afternoon, which by tbe cfficlencyof the police, aided by the efforts of tbe principal leaders, was summarily squelched, everything passed oil*pleas antly. A large number of societies paraded, and tbe procession in this city numbered about 10, 000 men, beaded by the Sixty-ninth Regiment. There were forty-four bands of music tn ibe procession, which was reviewed by Mayor Hodman and members of tbe Council, Mr. Maguire, of the British Parlia ment, and an immense crowd of spectators. There was a large procession lu Brooklyn, but we hear of no riot there. / The Kmgbts of SU Patrick and other organiza tions are celebrating to-night by banquets, ora tion*, &c New Youk, March IS.—During the passage of tbe procession of Irish societies to-day, a truck man In endeavoring to remove bis team from the route according to orders from tbe police, tbe members of one society deeming his motion 100 slow, made a serious attackjon him. The police endeavored to protect the truckman, h ben the Irish attached them, driving them ofl. Being rein forced tbe police endeavored to make some ar rests, when they were attacked by a large mass of Irish, wbo seriously wounded some fifteen ol tbe o Ulcere. Larger reinforcements arrivingto succor the po lice, lie assailants withdrew. Later in the day several oftbc rioters were taken out ol the procession to the station bouse. The above took place on East Broadway. As the police were arresting a rioter two officers were, badly Injured. One oftbc Irish Marshals, named Clark, was arrested for attempting to kill a po liceman with a sword. Captain Helme, of the police, was badly wounded. All sorts of weapons were used by the Irish, including bludgeons, cluba, swords, pistole, muskets, &c. BUFFALO. Buffalo. March 18.—A drlrlng snow storm prevented the celebration ol St, Patrick's day to ony extent. President Roberts and Senator Mor rison addressed an audience at St. James' Hall last evening. Money was subscribed, and about fitly younc men enrolled tnemaclTe> to cross tne border with Ibe Irish army. Buffalo, March 18.—'ibe second Fenian da* sonstratlor, which was Intended to hare taken place to-night in this city, was postponed, ovlng to President Roberta having been suddenly ca'led lo New York _ , The meeting addressed by him at 8L dame* Hall waa large and enthusiastic, and the denunciation ofßishop Timonfir a violation of the Sabbath In holding a. aecuUr meeting. The parade of the Fenian mUltwy company through the streets to-day. and departure for ij t rgara Falls to attend a ball, created great excite ment on the Canadian sloe. ....... Bn Halo is full of Canadian eples, watching the Fenians. Nothing unusual, however, has occur* red. TORONTO. TonoNto, March is, — Sl Patrick’s Day passed off here without a celebration. Bishop Lyncb preached at the Cathedral, and expressed his B leisure that the procession bad been Abandoned, c said Ibe Canadian waa ihe freest Government In the wond, and was confident no Irishman in the country would fail to stand op for the Gov ernment li a necessity arose. CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, March li—SL Patrick’s Dsy was celebrated yesterday with uncommon spirit. Six companies ofFcnian infantry and one of cavalry, fully armed acd equipped, paraded the streets, creating v great stir among the Iri*h population. The civic procession was over a mile long. Many German Catholic societies joined iL General O'Nell, of Fort Erie notoriety, happened to be m the city, and addressed the Fenians from the bal cony ol the Burnet House. * SAN FRANCISCO. Sak Francisco. March 18.— The Irish citizens of San Francisco 10-day celebrated tbo anniversary of SL Patrick's Day by a large civic aud military procession. BOSTON . Boston, March 18.—St. Patrick’s Day was cele brated enthusiastically. RETURN OF BISHOP WHITEHOUSE. General Deception by the Clergy and laity of bis Diocese. Last evening, in Trinity Church, a large nam bei of the clergy and laity of the Episcopal Church of Chicago, with some from olbcr places, congre gated to extend to Right Rev. John Henry White boose,Bishop of the Dioccsc of Illinois, a welcome upon the occasion of his return from his wander ings in the old world. A special sendee hadheen arranged for the occasion, and, albeit there was mcludid in It, the order for dslir evening prater, or the greater portion of it, there were additions made to render that solemn service more impres sive. The exercises of the occasion were opened hr THE PnOCEBSIOK. This was made in about the lollowlog order: Rev. 11. W. Beers, Church of the Ascension. Rot. Clinton Locke. Grace Cbntch. Rev. J. H. Cole, St. Luke's. Kev! J. B. Duflleld, Chaplain. Rev. Jacob Brcdbnrg, St. Ansgariua Church. Rev. C. £. Chaney, Christ Church. Rev. V. C. Kelley, Trinity Church. Itev. E. C. Porter, St. James’ Church. Kev. H. Russell Jones, Church of the Atonement. Rev. H. N. Bishop, SU John’s Church. Rev. K. B. Tuttle, St. Mark's Churcu. Rev. Ur. Green, of Chicago. Kev. Mr. DeEovcn, of Racine. Itev. Dr. Parkers. Rev. Messrs, Osborne, Street, Snyder, Cowpcr and Knowles, or distant parishes. The clergy were, of coarse, habited in tho robes of office Indicating their standing and rontc in the clerical order, tho Bishop himself bearing the scarlet hood or his newOzon order. The march through the main aisle to tbc chan cel was accompanied by choral mnslc, the excel lent choirs 01 the Church of (he Asccnsioo, of Trinity, and the Cathedral uniting In singing Psalm 20. which, appropriately to the occasion, opens with the words “ Iho Lord hear thee in the aay of trouble; the Name of the God of Jacob deendthee; send Ihco bclu frmn the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Ziou.' r Tbe clergy hav ing assumed seats, THE SEBTICEfi. Evening prayer was proceeded with, the decle nsion of absolution being made by theßisoop. Ihe pealterfor the day, “Dominos rcjniavit” and “Dena nltionum” waa displaced. In the stead of these psalms were sung, antlphonally, the L psalm, the xv. end the xcl. The lessons of the occasion were taken from Isaiah Ixl. chapter, and I. Timothy, ill. chapter, i. to vlii, verse. Ibe first was read by Rev. Mr. Kelley, the assistant rector of the church, the office of Christ and the power of the Savior being the subject matter of the selection. The canticle succeeding the reading of the lesson was “Bonum est conflien” (Pe. 92). The second lesson con tained that portion of Paul’s letter to Timothy, wbetein he states bow Bishops should be qualified. This waa read by Rev. Mr. Porter. The canticle following It was the “rcnsmisereaiur" (Ps. 67). The usual or der of prayer was then concluded, the prayer be ing offered by Rev. E. B. Tattle. After singing the twenty-seventh hymn. DECLAHATION AND RESOLUTION. Rev. B. W. Been, Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, Introduced to the Bishop to present the resolutions of the clergy and laity, Albert E. Neeley, E»q., who read the following declaration and resolution: We. the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Illi nois, being advised of Ihe safe return of tho Right Reverend Heniy John Whitehonsc, D. D„ LLD., D. D. Oxon„ desire to record in this perma nent form our deep thankfulness to Him who alone “spreadest out tho Heavens" and “rulest the raging of tho sea" for having returned to us oar Bishop after so long an absence We further desire in the pre-cnca of all the people and speaking lor them as well os for ourselves, to tender him a hearty welcome home, and to express onr pleasure at again seeing him in onr midst. Recognizing him as onr chief bead and shep herd, we offer onr earnest sympa'by and prayers in the trials and labors of the Episcopate. We pledge ourselves to a hearty support ol the insti tutions of the Diocese which center in him, and we wish to do all we can to make bis Episcopate a great and marked one for our Church. Wo re joice that he has been able to do so much m the great cause of Catholic noity, and In the just con sideration accorded him m Sweden. Russia, France, Spain and Italy, hut especially In tuo honors which onr Mother Church of Eng land has heaped upon him. In all this we have felt an equal satisfaction with himself, because the peculiar and deserved distinctions couiencd oo our Bishop reflect credit on tho dio cese of which be is the bead, and oi which we, its members, may be justly prond. We, therefore, in conclusion, most respectfully present the fol lowing resolution, as embodying tbc sentiments of the great majority of onr fellow-chnrcbmen: lletoltid. That our Bishop is welcome home; that we are heartily glad to have this opportunity of meeting him once more and extending a cor dial and public welcome, and that we pray God to prosper all his labors for the good of our beloved Church. vuiuuii addresses. Rev. Clinton 1-ockc then, on behalf of tbe clergy, expressed bis gratification that ho had beunchoneu oa the mouln-plcce 01 too clergy, lie spoke of tbe rejoicings of his order at tbe course of the Bishop tn foreign lands, and espe cially congratulated tno subject of tbe eulogy upon his exertions la aid ol epiritnat unity, lie represented the prosperous condition of the Church lu this Diocese, which, during the ab sence of its bead, had grown not only is the established churches, but to tbe increase of churches to the extent of four. The discourse was almost entirely general, excepting when it referred again to the words of welcome which closed (be speech. L. B. Oils, Esq, In behalf of the laity, then said: lu hehalt of the laity of the city of Chicago—l think 1 may also say of tbe Diocese of Illinois—l rise (o speak a few words tn reapec' to tbe sentl mi nla embraced in the resolution which baa been read, to expres- my coocnrrence In tbe sentiments and fec’ings there expressed, as well as in the no ble words which have been spoken by tbe rev erend clergyman who baa preceded me. The laity also bid you welcome home to yonr own diocese. Oar bcarts have been warmed, irom time to lime, during yonr song absence, on reading the accounts that nave come to ns, by tbe distinguished consideration with which you have everywhere been received in foreign lands: by the officials of our Mother Cnurch in England and at Oxtord, that greatest seat of the world’s learning, also in Denmark, Sweden, Borne. France, Italy and Spain. This, I think, should be considered by your triends nere, as compliments to yonrselfpersonal. for yonr high attainments and worth as well as evidence of tbe great resp< ct entertained abtoad for the American church of which you were so able a representa tive. I congratulate you, sir, on the splendid op portunities you have enjoyed of visiting thole noble old cathedrals andcburcbcs and holy places in England, celebrated by a long line of Arch bishops and Bishops and holy men wbo have ministered there and rejoice, air. that you are a Blfhop In tbe branch of that great Anglican com munion founded in apostolic times witn ua scrip ture and uniform liturgy, its splendid services destined I trust to become still more splendid at a time not far from ns. You return at a time of great In terest In the church, not only !□ your own diocese but throughout the whole laud. The missionary and church extension spirit bas been roused witn a zeal and fervor unknown lu oar history. Inter esting questions as lo beautifying our form of worship ate being temperately discussed, tending I humbly trust to the giory of God and the exten sion of bis church. For this and many other reasons we welcome you back to yonr own diocesan field of labor, that wo may again look to yon as the chief shepherd of the fold lor tbat good council and spiritual advice to which wc have been long accustomed ,lhat we of tbe laity, joining hands with our brethren of the clergy and yoursell, standing shoulder to ehontder, may work for our Blessed Master and < be Holy Chnrcb, working while it is day, for the night cometh in which no roan can woik. Tbe Bishop responded in language nearly sim ilar to that which be used on Sabbath, when reply ing to the address of welcome at the Cathedral. He expressed himself as overpowered by the oc casion : be lelt as perhaps no man ever felt. Ho felt, if be gave vent to his inclinations, be should tall upon bis knees before God, aud in silent adoration thank Him fur this proof of His mercy and Dls grace. He knew not how lo commence an address on this occasion. Looking around upon those present, bis heart kindled with delight to feel what a spectacle Is presented to God of our ad hering grace. He knew bow little bis deserts metred this hour, but he knew that it was the sympathy of a people for Christ’s work tbat brought here standing the present congregation. Among all the honors cast upon him in all bis coarse,, he took the pledge of sustaining him In the execution of bis work to he the greatest. To have such co-opera tion in fighting the fight of tbe Lord was to make him proud by tendering the greatest honor a ser vant of Christ could have. He bad across tbe broad waters watched the progress of the church of his diocese. Beyond the ocean be had beard' of the devotion, the good works and the unity of bis flock, and so great seemed the results of which be beard that he at times almost felt aad to think how poor be could have labored whose absence was so little missed. The Reverend sneaker then briefly advened to the bright day dawning in the old land, to tbe bringing into the fellowship of tbe ebareb tbe dLmnu-d fractions ot Spanish religion. In Italy ibe emancipation of the people was being followed by tbe opening of a way to the iclonnation of the Eoman Catholic Chnrcb. The same Is shown m the intercommunion of tbe Anglican with the Church of the Norsemen. And, foilber. be had ibis morn ing opened the invitation from tbe Archbishop of > antcrbnry. to attend on the 24th day of Septem ber next, at Lambeth, a convocation of the Bish ops ot (be Anglican Church. This he considered to be one of Inc mostjnarked events in the histo ry of tbe Church since the Reformation, for It is to produce a divine unity in the Church for which all tbe world may well prav. Tbe almost special interference of Providence bed been exhibited in the work of the conaireic lion of a boose oi worship In Paris, and be bad ibe happiness of feeling secure beyond tbe possi bility of any reasonable contingency that a chnrcb will bo established In that city daring tbe great Exposition, where services will be hold by tbe ministers of the Anglican Church. All these mat ters be referred to as exhibiting a widespread uni ty, In producing which he hoped ho had been an agent In tbe hand of God. In these lew results he thought there was enough Indeed to gladden all hearts, in view of the united strength of the Anglican Church, and the centre It presents for the reformation of the dlECentlent bodies. In conclusion, he expressed bis especial thanks for the occasion—>he privilege be enjoyed in this fuerence and place, the more ro os be was made oylul by the pledge of support In bis ministry. The Doxology waa then sung by the congrega tion, and then with the blessing of peace, deliv ered by the Bishop, they dispersed. Chicago Acabzxt or Desidk.— A meeting of this Association was held last evening in Room No. 10 Reynolds’ Block. Mr. S. Woodman, who was elected President of the Association at their first raceme, staled, tost as some complaint Lad been made by certain members concerning hi? election as President bo wished to state that be was willing that anything should he done for the Welfare ol the Society, and he requested that the members should at »hia meeting confirm or reject bis late election. Ur. 0. Peck was called to ibe chair, when a lengthy discussion followed relating to the choice of President. Ur. 8. Woodman tendered hU resignation, which was accepted. Oc motion, the Association thcnprocecdcd to an election, which resulted in the choice of Ur. S. Woodman. Ueesrs. H. C. Ford, J. 11. S. Reed. P. M. Alrolnl, j. p. AiUln, P. F. R«ed, L. B. Jacobs, D. P Biee lon, Edwin llcakip, B. C. Sfaotwell. G. 11. Adlx. Charles A. Kvane, r. Cook and J. W. Wood were elected members of the Association. ihe Association then proceeded to oneleclioa for two Co ns dimes, which retailed la (be choice of Mum. 11. C. Ford end P. M. AlmloL Ur. P, M, Altninl otiered the Art Gallery of Messrs. Jerne A Almlm, No. 19 and 1M Clark street, as a place lor meeting and of exhibition, to the Society; free of charge. The offer was unanimously accepted, and a vote of thank* re turned to the Arm for their kindness. Ur. J. F. Gooktns offered the following: Setolted* That we *rtona the congratulations of tbla body to on; brother “Bohemians 1 ' on the successful Inauguration of their Association, car* tied. Meant. Chambers, Ford, Peek, Btnkcrt, Beed. Eddy. Davidson and Cook were appointed to drill bj-laws to the Constitution, On motion, a vote of thaw were extended to Ur. Olio Knlrech for the uae of hli room. The Academy of Design then mdjoumedto meet one month from date in the gallery of Uoasra. Jevne A Almlnl, Noe. IS and 154 Clark street. ASIHSEMEBTS. Bisronx will open here on the 38th instant; her programme ta as follows: Tneaday, Elisabeth; Wednesday, Judith and Holofemes; Friday, Marie Stewart; Saturday, Bistort matinee. An gelo and Macbeth will probably follow. Museum— “ The Follies of a Night 1 ' and the “ Dumb Belle 11 will be given this evening for the second time. Tbey are exquisite pieces. McVickeb'a—“Macbeth* to-night. Phiuiamiosio—The Philharmonic Society will give a concert at the Opera House on Saturday evening next. Miss Mam, Mr. Lewis and Mr. BnreholTwiilbetbesolo performers, while Bee thoven's symphony In £ Flat will bo the leading orchestral attiaction. AKOTBXB SPIBXTUAL iIUKDUQ.—A COUpIC Of spiritualistic Jugglers, who have been bolding forth for some time past in this city at No. 285 South Clark street, were put to the blnah rather effectually last evening. The usual dark circle manifestations were in progress among a group of tbe faithful, when suddenly one of the number—Mr. Jameson—lit a bunch of matches, and the light shone on the mediums in the act of waving the guitar over the heads of tbe watchers, firm thrumming It with their fingers. It fenced- Uss to say that the expose was a crushing one. We eboold have supposed that tbe imposture has been exposed often enough to make it Impossi ble to gather a crowd of a dozen believers In ••physical manifestations' 1 into one place, but, like the gift concert enterprises and o'ber things of that ilk, they still find dupe?, and probably always will, at feast till that imposition is ran out by some greater one. A Shameful Outbade.—A man named Hiram Buringame was brought before Justice Mlillkeu yesteiday morning charged with the Infamous ctlme of attempting to outrage a little girl four years old, the daughter of Mre. Gmilie Slroobnrg, residing at No. 535 Clark street. From the mother's statements. It appears that the child, on Friday afternoon, was sent into the street to play, and It is alleged that Buringame Induced the child to go into a Darn a little distance away, under the pretence ot showing her tbe dog, and that his base conduct caused the child to scream and run to her mother crying. Buringame was held for further examination this afternoon in bail of 81,600. Emrato Claes ih Qeixmak.— A new class for practical exercise sod conversation in the Ger man language will be opened at Bryant ft Sirat ton’s College on Wednesday evening of this week, at seven o’clock. Business men who wish to acquire this very Important language will And bexe every facility for so doing. Connxcnow.- Ihc name of the veterinary sur geon who attended the horse attacked by hydro phobia, as mentioned in these colnmns yesterday, is Poor cl, not Sarin, as reported. LOCAL MATTERS., A Specific for Throat Diseases.—*‘Jly communication with tho world Is very much en larged by the Lozenge wblch 1 now carry always In my pocket; that trouble In my throat (for which the ‘Troches’ are a specific), having made me often a mere whisperer.” N. P. Willis. Dr. Steven** 122 South Clark street* succession? treats corns and bunions, large ami diseased joints, Invo'ted nails, and all other dis eases of the Itet. Separate rooms for ladles. Tlie beat, and, in fact, the only anre remedy for itcb, tetter, salt rheum, and all skin diseases. Is Swayne's Ointment ."old everywhere. Burnhams ft Van Schaack, Wholesale Agents. Jnnlpcr Tar Soap enre* chapped bauds, salt rheum, pimples, aod all entaoeons af fections, rendering the skin soft and smooth. Manufactured by Caswell, Mace ft Co., New York. Sold by all druggists. The Franklin Brick machine, Jnatly celebrated for perfect simplicity, great sUecsrlh, ana immense comprea&tng power, is oDAiiAHrsED, with eight men and two horses, to aelf-tcmper the clay, and make 3,UOU to S,tOO elegant bucks per boor. J. B. itmncs, proprietor, No. 71 Broad way, New York. Room 28. FROM MADISON. Summary of Important Bnslnea* In tho Wisconsin Legislature—The Railroad ' Consolidation Schemes— Bridging, the Mississippi at Winona— Fhe Glover end Baxter Clalma-Elghl Hours a Legal Day’s Work. [Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Madison, Wisconsin, March 16. Our Legislature docs notseem to be in any spe cial haste to get through with its business. Last week, after spending two or three days In attend ing tho fnneral of Senator Eadtey, It adjoorned over, as usual, from Saturday morning until Mon day evening. Tbe Senate has tabled the Assem blr resolution for final adjournment on the Ist of April, aod, on Friday, having sat till alter mid sight the night before, on a railroadjblll, tbe mem bers were so much exhausted that, alter work tDgcrf some of the bills that bad accnmoiated in the general file, Itaojournedto Mond-iy evening. The Assembly adlourmd also from this noon to Monday night. Within a day or t*o. however, a large number of bills, wnlcn bad accumulated while time was epentlo profitless discussions, has been so that business docs not seem in so back ward a condition as it did a few days ago. Tbe number of bills introduced is larger than at tbe same time last year, when tbe volume of local laws was large beyond all precedent, and vet new bills on all sorts of subjects, mainly of a local or pnvate nature, arc dally Introduced, and every thing goes on as if it were the middle of the ses sion, and the day of adjournment were afar ofL instead of being, as it ongbt to be, very near at hand. The extraordinarily cold weather of lost week will delay the adjournment somewhat, a* its time depends very much on when tbe ground la fit for plowing. Tho railroad men are steadily pushing along their measures, and, notwithstanding the flourish oftrumpets against them, with which this Legln la'nre began its career, it looks as If they would Sec about all tbat they insist on, though the opposl on they have encountered has 1c J them to modi fy their original demands considerably The tendency of things was strikingly shown by tbe action of tnc Senate, last week, on tbe bill authorizing the issue of additional stock by tho Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad and its consoli dation with roads in lowa and Minnesota, which, after delays and discussions, and refer ences, and votes, which seemed deadly blows to it, passed in the same sbano in which, three weeks before, it bad been ordered to a third raid ing, with amendments rejected, for which a ma jority vote had been obtained in the absence of two or three Senators, prohibiting consolidation in any form with the Prairie dn Chicn Railroad or anv road consolidated therewith, limiting consoli dation to coDlinnoas cotcrmloal roads mooing In the direction of tbe Missouri River, and autuor tzing tbe issue of 6,000 shares of stock lor the benefit of farm mortgagers. The action oi the senate on a blit Introduced on tbe ITlh of January, to facilitate tho construction of a railroad from Monroe to Dubuque by the Milwaukee ft Prairie DuChlen Railway Compa ny, is another evidence that “things are work ing.” Tbe bill has been most elaborately dis cussed through the papers, by able attorneys be fore the Railroad Committee and elsewhere, one oftbe Judges of tbe Supreme Contt,among oth ers, actively opposing it, and Mr. L. H. Meyer, formerly President of tbe road, and representing a considerable quantity of stock held at tbe East, having spent considerable time hero in fighting it. Tne Railroad Committee finally reported back a substitute for the bill which allows the company to issue $5,000,060 ofeichl per cent bonds, secured by a first mortgage on the whole road, its pronerty and franchises, including the proposed extension, to exchange for its present bonds and first preferred stock, leaving f 1,418,000 of these hoods to bo dc- Soeltcd with the United States Trust Company, of Tew York, the proceeds to be devoted exclusively to building the Dubuque extension; author izes a further issue of (1,014,000 of seven per cent bonds to retire the second preferred stock, secured by a second mortgage on the same property as tho first mort gage: the conversion of all stocks makes It op tional with tbe owners; hat if the option is not exercised within nine months, it allows the com pany, at its own option, to refuse farther conver sions. and cancel bonds not issued, and provides that tbe powers Conferred upon the directors shall not be exercised unless by consent of a majority of the stockholders. The new bill left ont tbe sweeping consolidation power* granted In the orignal one, but Us oppo nents claimed that In the fifth section was cunning ly bid all needed power to consolidate with other roads, and Ibongo, when the substitute was first reported, it seemed to bo generally satisfactory, when It came np for consideration it gave rise to the mosi porlracted and determined contest of the session, lasting on Thursday evening till after midnight. Amendments were voted down by close votes in terms prohibiting consolidation with the Chicago ft Northwestern and Milwaukee ft bt. Paul, ana the bill passed with bat four votes recorded against it. In the coarse of the debate, one berator, Starks, of Sank County, took oc casion, by way of warning to those who support ed the hill from local considerations, to make a very humiliating confession of having slavishly voted in accordance with the wishes of tbe rail road managers, particularly those of the SL Fan! Railroad, last winter, on the promise of having aid to build a railroad to the county scat of his county, which pledge, bo alleged, bad been ut terly disregarded. He predicted tbat within bvc years all the railroad? m this State woold bo under one directory, controlled in Chicago, and ihc President ol which would bo a Chicago man. There are all sorts of consolidation rumors afloat, the latest and moat sensational of which la tbat the SU Panl and Prairie dn Chlen bills will pass the Assembly: tbe senate will kill the general anti-consolidation bill which the Lower Hooao passed, and tbe three leading railroads of tbe Stale will, in a few months, be consolidated with the Chicago ft No'tbwes'ern. We shall see. The SU Panl Railroad Company has carried another point in securing the pa«sageof the hill authorizing the constrncuon of a bridge across the Mlsilrelppl at Winona, the argamenu lor and against which have heretofore been given in this correspondence. The bill, which passed the Sen ate some time ago, came up for final action in the Assembly Wednesday, when the bill was ordered to a third reading by the unexpectedly emphatic vote 01 57 to 39, and

passed the next day without a call of the ayes and nocsr The combined influence of Milwaukee ana Chicago, the railroad men, and the Representatives oiiocalltlea expecting to be benefited hv the bill, was too much for the single city ot LaOrosse to resist. It is lu be hoped that the eficct of the passage of the bill upon that dty will not he as damaging to LaCroese os those who have opposed it have claimed. Mr. boom’s claim for damages and expenses incurred by him in connection with tho fatuous Glover fuglUvo slave case, is exciting con-idcra bio interest. The unanimous report of the Ju diciary Committee in Its fayor caused considerable surprise, as well as theconflding manner in which it allowed Mr. Booth (o draw his own bill In, while be inserted a clause that the caucuses were “incurred in carrying out tbe avowed policy of the State.” The claim was discussed at some length In a caucus of tho Republican members of the Assembly tbe other day. where tbe general expression was strongly against the State’s paying the bill. There is a good deal of force in the point made against it, thal.it tne State assumed the payment at this claim for eznensee incurred In resisting the authority and laws of tbe United states, there would not he much consistency in forbidding the rebel States to pay tbe debt they incurred la re sisting the authority and iaws of the United States. Another most vcneiable claim, which found fa vor in tbe Senate, that body having passed a Mil for Its payment, has bets summarily rejected by tho Assembly, with such a strong vote as lorblds all hope. 1 refer to (be claim, a quarter of a cen tury Ojd. oi Daniel Baxter, for work on tbe old Tcnltonal Capitol, amounting, with interest, to $3,661. so tbe next Legislature will have to be bored with this persistent suitor, who has perse cuted some fifteen Legislatures before. Tbe Assembly, after once belorc ordcrius to a third reading, and then reconsidering, has pa-sed tbe bill making eight boors a legal day’s work. It provides that women and chll d>en under tbe age o( eighteen year- shall not be allowed to work in macnlactorfes and workshops over eight hours, and punishes tbe violation of the law with a fine not less than five dollars, nor more than fifty dollars, to be disbursed for (ho benefit of common schools. It also provides that in all engagements to labor in any mechanical or manuiactnring hastiness, when the contract la silent on the subject, or where there is no ex press contract, a day’s woik shall consist oi eight hours. The fate ot the hill in the Senaio Is doubtful. The necessity for.il iu this BUte is hardly perceptible. The reports on some of the Bute institutions are made, and ehow that they will require considers* hie money this year. There la fw,ooo asked for the Stale Prison, f 17,000 for the Institute for the Blind, and over €40.000 lor iheJDeal and Comb. The bute tax will Do larger thin for some yean. The Wll revising consolidations and amending the laws for the assessment and collection of taxes will occupy couaiderahle of the aneniloa of the Senate this week. Hons Altos. FRO* CISCrSHATI. The Proposed New Bmliroad from Oln • elxmmtt to ijonlawllle—Attempted Be* cape from Prison—Subsidence of the Flood. CntciiOTATi, March 18.—The new Short Lire Kallmad, from Cincinnati to Louisville, bas been fully contracted for. and the work of grading commenced. It is to be ninety-eight miles long, which will save neatly forty miles, and the change of cars lhatis now necessary. George Gaels, one of the murderers of James Hughes, tried to escape from Jail yesterday, but failed He wrenched an iron our from the win dow, and when the Jailor entered tried to brain bim. The latter evaded the assault, got assist* 'ante, and had the desperate murderer manacled. Tbe weather is still remarkably cold. At six o’clock Ibla morning the mercury was seventeen degrees above aero. . r ihe flood is slowly subsiding, but houses along the levee are still inundated for several feet. It is feared the snow of Saturday will bring on another rise. Fire*. XxDiANAPOtxs, March 18.—A dcstructlTe lire occurred at Kokomo, Indiana, this morning. One of the beet business blocks was entirely de stroyed. Among the sufferers are Messrs. Nixon, dry goods store; Brown A Garrisg's billiard rooms; John Bohan's grocery and qneensware Arm; strong & Beeson, wholesale and retail hardware: William Buchanan's jewelerystore; American Express office and Masonic Half. A fire broke ont again In Howard’s Bow last night, destroying the remainder of Wyatt's agri cultural depot, also Norment, Baffin A Co.'s pro duce houses. Loss *IOO,OOO. St.. Louis, March 18.—Tbe flooring min of Church A Coffee, at Alton, Illinois, was burned Saturday morning. Loss, $12,0C0; insured tor SS,OtO. Political meeting In Savannah, Savannah, March 18.—A meeting was held to* day at which about 8.000 negroes were present. Three white and five colored sneakers addressed the assemblage. The speeches were confined to topics of universal suffrage and the right to sit on Julies. Tbe afiair passed off quietly. IOABKIED, In this city, March 17th, at tbe Briggs House, by the Bev. J. W. Healy, NATHAN JOHNSON, Esq., ot Chi caeo, acdMlss SEMANTHA £. MeQORN, of Dayton, Mich. In this city, March Hth. by the Bav. Mr. Lathrop. Ur. SETH J. C. LUTHER, of Lemont, and Miss SA BAH K- ELSEY, of Chicago- In this city, March 17lb, at tbe Revero Boose, by Prof swing, Mr. WILLIAM E. BUTTERFIELD aid MI'S ROSA GRAVES. At Topibam. Me- March 7. by Rev. A. A. Smith, WARREN F. DODGE, M.D.. of Galt sburg, HU and REBECCA A. STRUCT, of Topanam. DIB D, In this city, March 17th, of consumption, WILLIAM WRIGHT, aged 45 years and 23 days. funeral from bis residence. 219 Clark-st., on Wednes* dsy. thoaothlnsu, at 13 o’clock, noon. Friends are is rued. In this city, ilarchl7lb.of cocsomotlon, after a lin gering lIIDCtB,MUB KATE CONNELL. Fute'al from the residence of her sister, 31 Wrleht sL, Tuesday, at lp. m. Friends ol the family are in vited to attend. amusements. YOUNG MEN’S ASSOCIATION LECTtJBES. Last Lcctnre of the Season. JOHN B. 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CHANGE OF TIME.—On and after March 19th, the doors will open at 7)4—performance will commence at 8 o’clock precisely. Tuesday, March l9Ur. Bhakspeare's great tragedy of MACBETH. KING OF SCOTLAND, WUb all the original music. Wednesday—ROD ROY. Saturday—Grand Matinee. T> XSTORI— CROSBY OPERA HOUoE. Xi ilireetor J.CSILAU. Beaton of three nights and one Matinee. Eocnlrcc in Chicago ot the Great Tragedienne, Mme. ADELAIDE RISTORI. Tuesday, March 25-ELIZABETH. Wednesday, Marcn 27 JUDITH. Friday, March 29—MAKY STUART. Saturday, March SO-GRAND MATINEE. The sale of seats for tho *euoo will commence on Wedmsday.at9a.iD. The sale ot seat* for any of the three nights will commence oa Friday. Reserved beats. KAO; Boxw. (3JO. THEATRE. One of the best Pieces ever produced—the CHAMBER OF DEATH, And a splendid OLIO ENTERTAINMENT. Look ont for BELL UPON EARTH. WANTED—A few more Ballet Ladles. THIRST SCOTCH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SOIREE, BY THE LADIES OF THE CONGREGATION, TO WELCOME REV. DR. BURNS, In Crosby's Mnstc Hall, WEDNESDAY, March 201 b, at 7)4 o’cloct p. m. t TT Maslc and Refreshments daring tbe evening, epeeches py Rev. Drs. Ormlston aod Barns, Rev. Me»*rs. Gregg. Daccsn, CotUberlsoD, and otners. Tickets, (1. Children’s, a cents. THEATRE. Testimonial Benefit to GEO. I. Aibkh. Dramatist of “Uncle Tom's Cabin.” Aiken’s new play, THE FRENCH JACK SHEPPARD. And ROUGH DIAMOND. Friday Evening* March 22» 1867. OP WONDERS, And nature unveiled, to be seen at the New York Museum of Anatomy, {in Rondolph-Bt. comer ot Dearborn. Lectures dally. Tbo?e unable to attend may receive tnembyen closing ten cents to Secretary. rpHE MECHANISM OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM May be seen at the New York XSttsotun of Anatomy, 96 Randolph-sU comer Dearborn. QROSBY'S OPERA HOUSE. SEVEN HEADS! TEN BORNS I WILL APPEAR APRIL 3TH. ffiannrtf ©ootrs. gUGAR CORN, YARMOUTH SUGAR CORN! TJJE MOST DELICIOUS. 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H buck from the street cars—one twostory, containing atvea rooms and pantry, the other a cottage, containing Ore rooms and pantry—each bundles accommodated with lake and sen water, large bam and good yard. Apply on the premises 'T'O KENT—By Wro. D. Keifoct, 80 X Waahlnctoo-st., neat house containing 8 or 9 roomsonth large yard, 60 orTO feetfront, on the cor ner ofLoomis and naatingnts. ’ 3'o RENT—By Wm. H. Haase, Real Estate-Agent. 153 Bandalpb-st* Boom No. 3. ta on atadison-et., near city umiu. Lott on and rear Miiwaokee-sv., DlvlMoa-su and North*ar.;on Fanilna-at- near Chlcago-av.; on Klnzle-it ; on Koi •utb-st.; in Holstein, near toe toll-gate; and others in all directions. - TO RENT—House 97 Green-st, corner of Monroe, from May Ist. Inquire at No. 9 Wig* warn. KAWLdGH A FRY. rpo RENT—Two bouses in the fine I three-story and basement marble Croat block on Carroll-sL, directly north ol Union Park. Possession of one Immediately—the other May lit. Good stable on tbe premises. 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OR SALE—The stock and fixtures fa 1 an eating home In Bloomington. lIU having » good run of custom. 1 offer this at a bargain, as I mart sell, having buHcessol great Importance calling me from tho city. Addrets Drawer No. 10, Bloomington, HI. TT*OR SALE—A water power grist and I 1 Coniine mil: of three ran of fleet sto»i LaS&J "ill. The mil?Um * D!I -olog a good hu»tneu, and now leaj l°r a yr&r. The property will he sold at a s'.ertflec. Call on or addreai ROBT. MCDONALD. Camden Mills, Rock Island Co„ UL ITOR SALE—A grocery fa a good loca r »ion and doing a good business. Cnesp, If sold sion. Also, btuineis places in all parts of tbe city. Room 13 Lombard Blocg. near Post office, F)K SALE—One ol the best paying saloons ip Chicago for one-tblrd of what It u worth, as the owner is going into tbe country. In quire at No. 87 Booth Clarlt-sL, in basement. T7OR SALE—Parties with from ssolo X 1 SSOO can srenro a business that will psj ihe amount Invested each month. Call soon It too want to secure a sore thing. Room 13 Lombard Blocks • E'OR SALE—A good manuiacturmg boilcws; house, store, fixtures, horse and wagon. a good trade established. Inquire at 133)4 Booth Walls-tr. TT'OR SALE—The stock and lease of a X. 1 comer grocery. Will sell at invoice. Tbe stock willlnrolrt about tLOtO. Inquire at tbe store, comer Maxwell and Waller sts. FOR SALE—A first-class ladles' and gentlemen's confectionery, ice cream and oyster room*, In best location In Uw city, rent tow. A rare chance lor a man and bla wife to establish >hem«elves to a^ood^vytgbusiness, Address £. HOWARD, P. F)R SALE—Stock of groceries, all new and In good order. Would take part ea*h aod balance good real estate, either city or country, or per eonai property. Call at 263 Weet Lake-st. FOR SALK—Stock ol coods, SG,COO to $9,009, Will exchange for roil estate or leasehold property. Apply to B. W. SEA,tn store 104 Clark-st. FOR SALE—Drug Store—The whole or a half Interest in a new, well-stocked and ele gantly lomlshedomg store, doing a good bnstnes*. wUlleaiefortbreevearsflromMaynext. Termsca»h, or might exchange fora nice residence property. Will aUo exchange good forming lands for bouse on leased land, or for a couple of first-clots pianos. Address “DBUGB," or call between Sands o’clock p.m., cor ner Monroe and Weds-su. DRUGS. FOR SALE—The long established aud live paying business. 102 Lake-st., up stairs, is offered for sale lor a lew days. This Is a rare chance for some one to clearfrom six to elsbt thousand dollars per year. Come and tee and Judge for yourselves. Frlco |S,CCO; (1,000 cash, balance on time or .real estate. FOR SALE—A hotel, thoroughly tar nished. and doing a first-class business; also, a cigar, iaudy and trait store. SNELL ft LVANS, 100 Madbon-su, Room 4. T7OR SALE—Lease, sleek and fixtures X 1 of an A No. l grocery. No better location in tho city. Low real. It’s a bargain. GILBERT ft BENE DICT, 132 Ctatk-Bt., Room 7. FOU SALE—block and fixtures of an old established confectionery store, also ladles* and cents’ Ice cream saloon. One of the best locations in the city. Flrice.|L9oo. Parties will find this a good chance. For particulars, apply on the premises, No. 228 State-st. liartncra ffliaantrh. "PARTNER—■Wanted—With capital, to I engage In a sawmJU and lumbering business, fio,KO net can be mate. Call Immediately st No. 176 Madlscc-st E. WHITNEY. PARTNER —Wanted—In one of the finest retail drug stores of the city. Capital re quired f3,C00 to (5,000. References required. Address “CHEMIST.” TnDone pace. OARTNEK —Wanted—s3so will pur- IT chore onc-bsti of a -well established business. Besson for idling, partner wi’be* to go sway. Apply at No. 153 Soath Cla-k-sc, Room 5. ■pAltTNEK—Wanted—With $lO, €OO, to XT exwod tbobnslne«s in a first class commission home aircady established. A floe opportunity for a suitable man. Address P.Ow Box 1063. Chicago. merges, Carriages, ftc. JpOR BALE—Cheap—First-class plat * form spring wagon, nearly new. Has been oied IheYanVeenotlontradeashort tune. Wilt besold cheap. Apply to w. D. parser, it by letter, Box 5 65. Freepot t, S tephenson UL F>R SALE—Nice boggy mare, 4 years old. well built for sale by ERICKSON A AMUND SON. 124 MUwankee-av. FOR kaT-E—Good laboring or express hors-. 8 years old, for SI2S. Can be seen trom Bto p o'clock In the morning, at 238 Dlvlalon-et FOR SALE—Wright’s Hotel. Also, car riages and bam. Inquire of MRS. WEIGHT. FOR SALE—At a bargain, a pair ol black horses, 6 years old, sound and kind; also, family carriage acd double harness. Will sell all to gether or separately. Boom 13 Lombard Block. 3Lo»t anh jTounh. rOST— $15 Reward—A pocket diary j cootatnlrgftsO. Th-finder win receive the above reward on returning me same to 131 Chlcazo-av_ North Side. JOHN WOOLLACOTr. • T OBT— On Sunday evening, March 17, I J between Slonroe-st. and Dr. Humphrey'* Church, or in the Church, a Cameo Pin. Anv per-on returning tbe same to 187 Wahaih-ay. will be lultaily re warded. T OST—Between Park-av- M. B. Church L/and 35 Hamllton-st., a Lady's FnrCaoe. The finder will be liberally rewarded bT leaving it at the law office ot J. A. OWhN, No. 94 Dearborn-st. Sato fHills, Engines, Set. 'J'HB LASS & BODLBY Portable Circular Saw Hills, PORTABLE STEAK EHGIHES, Shingle Mur-tim**, Com Mills and Shafting. Wood working Machinery. LANK A BODLBY, Comer ol John and Water Cincinnati. AppUcantalordescttpUTe ortolan willspecify the machlnerr they need. «g3Wel4nx»o printing. piOKTIKG, Book and Job, At Tribune Job Office, Facilities for doing Work of Any Deocrlp* Uoa Donaillod la the City. Steal fßßtate-ffiKg. OPBOriD. T?OR SALB-InJ. a Keeler dTCoTa JP BeniEstateOffice.lMSrafe OVt*L va JiekMi-«t, between Throop sod LocmlMt*., two new tvMtory houses or eight rooms «4iclosets, with bath room, water closets and newer Is end* bonne. twfrs cry tense of nine roosts, doaats. nod lot. On booth Paorla-eL. two-stiiy non*' of nine rooms ted eloeata, water m kitchen, and lot 2JxIA __ __ On Cartfest* between Bando.ph and LakMtt., two story boose at sine rooms and clouts, water m toe bouse, asdlarge lot. __ . _ Twodorr bonne often rooms, on May. On Sangamon. corner ef Fonrth-nt, bar two-*tory bonus aid Jot, cheap. _ . On North between Sophin-st. and Aiylam- Elace. two-itory bonso ol tea rooms and eloaets. water ) kitchen, lot 50x230 to an al ey, filled and sodded. On HobbanLst, between .Cane-st. and Belden-av.. two-story gothic bonne of nine rooms and clouts, good astern,water tn bonne, lot32xl'«l to nn al.ey. In Hyde Part. twMtory boose, seres rooms and doaetn. and lot scxiso, cheap. v A Ursa Bomber ot two and three-stery bonnes and cotta*es and lots In radons parts of the city. 170 R bALE.—By Clarke, Layton & Co. P Ko. 13S Washington-st.: A fine three-story and basementbrtek boose and brick barn,— house with all toe modern Improvements. No. 47 Jackson iL is rery cheap at fISJOO. Terms easy. P)R bAlE—One House and Lot on West Lak»st~ 533» One home and lot on West Jack»oa-et. A so, house and lot os South Green-st. T. F.BALDWIN, agent. 194 Bandolpb-it. T?OR SALE—On Wabash-ar.. 3 houses J? near KWrtdg*-conrt, Ko. 400 and 403—ti0,00p each. A. J. AVERELL, Beal Estate Office No. 7, Metropolitan Block. |7OR sale—House and lot on Wabasbt I 1 ar M Stlbet Dost, this side of Fonrteenth-st. Price SI6AW; also.one cl the finest residences (with full view of the take) In the city; building hnck and stone, ample gronnds-mooo. J. B. ANDREWS, Boom 7. Methodist Chnrch Block. FOR SALE—House No. 459 Wabash ar. Inquire on the premises, or at the Third Na tional Bank. F)R sale lot on Wabash- between Thirteenth and Fourteen east front. Lot ItxlW feet. Brick house, 9 rooms, modern improvements, bet and cold water, bath, three marble mantles, gas fixtures, hot air fnmacOarg? stable— everything It perfret order. Erl;c |I6ACO. THOMAS FABKKB, No. 2 Methcdlst Church Block. I7OR SALE—Bv Wm, H, Haase, Real 1? Estate Agent, 133 Baudolph-sL, Boom No. 3, 3 two-story houses and lota on Foik-et.; cottage and lot on Morgan-sL; cottage and lot on Hope-st.; new cot* taco and lot on Shalto-st; Boose, barn, (Unnery),wlth two lots, on Bope-sL; twoetory hon*e on with lease u desired, an near Ane Isladd-av.; also. I lots on Blaelsland-av~ snttablefor bnslneas, 23x130 ft, wltn :BX -and 19 feet alley on lad’ana-et, between May and Rocker sc, all on easy terms. T?OB SALE—On Jlichigan-aT. s first JL’ class house, marble front, ho. WL the rest dace of the late John L. Scrtpp*. A. J. AVEBLLL, Beal Estate offlceNo. 7, Metro poll ta. Block. ' 1?0R SALE—Store and lot, No. 161 J? South Claik-tt.. between Madison and Monroe, «X feet front. Inquire of JOHN FORSYTES, 133 Randolph-at. FOR SALE.—By I larte, Layton & Co. Km. 71 and 73 Twenty-eUlh-sC Doable two story trmme houses with marble mantles and all mod* era Improvements. Ten rooms. The property can b« bought before the Ist of May at a low price. Inquire at our office, or at 110 S Indiana-ar., near the prop* erty. _ I7OR SALK—Cottage house and barn, r Mo. 80 Korth lot 30x13 to alley— cheap. Part cash. Inquire at 1123 Sooth Clark-st., Boom 8. FOU RALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Estate Agents. Mo. 4 Metropolitan Block; a first* dais threostory hrlcc house of 10 rooms, m'dara im prrvtmeota. and lota, together with about $4,030 worth of furniture, 00 Ontarto-aL, near n&d. Early poasea* sioo given. T7OR SALE— At Lake View—New and I? convenient dwelling house, eontalolng 8 rooms, brides basement, wash room, pantry, clot els and large bilck cellar, well shaded with oak. Iroltand ornamental trees, with me acre of land, handsomely laid oat with flower and kitchen gardens, stable, Ac. Apply on the premises to Mr. WILLIBTON, or the owner, C. COOK* BON, No. 7 Court House. 13,000. TOR SALE—New and convenient 11-3 P story frame dwelling, with lot 23x130 feet to alley. House has 9 roems, is In complete.condition. Thus S erfeet. Poskssiod given April Ist. If desired. Wl*l e sold low and on terms to suit. Call and examine aame,at463 West Jackßon-shtjost south of Jeifenon park. FOR SALE—Cottage bouse and lot on Wabash-av..near Thlm-flrst-st- cheap for cash, immediate possession. GEO. Y. BYRD. Mo. 10U itandolph-sL, Boom Mo. 8, |?OR SALE—Cottage ol 7 rooms in a P choice neighborhood, on West Adamf-flt. Price, t<t,DCO. BOZEf & CTJMMiMQS, Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, 98 LaSalie-at. "(TOR. RALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real X? Estate Agents, so. 4 Metropolitan Block, two new flnt-clus two-story frame booses, bnck basement. Mansard root contamlngJU rooms eact, hot anl cold water, two water closeteTuve marble man’els, kitchen range, and lot. with bftrn, on Uarpenter-st., between Washington and Madison. TTOR SALE—A cottage house on Wells* P st- between Barnton and Polk.ou leased ground. It toldwithux ten days win be aola tor tiSO less than its value. Apply to ALONZO BENHETTr, Real Estate Agent, Boom 1, Yates’ Building, comer of Bando.ph and Canal-*U. PJR Alonzo Bennett, Heal Estate Agent. Boom l.Tatea’ Building, comer o! Randolph andCaoal-9ta,a destrable.suoarbao residence, one ana a ha t mllea f onto of Evanston, about ten min* otes walk from toe Calvary depot of the Milwaukee Railroad, comlstlng of Un acres of ground In a high siate of cultivation, with irult, ornamental and shale trees, shratbery, etc., grapes, strawberries and other small fruits, a well built and convenient bouse ol ten rooms in good style, with cupola trom which acne new of the city Is bad, cellar and cellar kitchen, barn aod outhouses, located on a good country road. Price loin TT’OK sale—First-class two-story and f 1 basement marble front house on Wabasb-av near Thlrteenth-st. Lot east front, 48 feet by ITO fe*t to planked alley. This la one of the handsomest places ODUieavrane. priceJ2l.(oo. Apply to OLINQEB A WALLER. Beal Estate Brokers, 86 Washington-sL, Bboms 1 and 3* FOR SALE—By B. B Chambers, 17 Reynolds* Block, home and lot on Indtans-av near Eighteenth-*!. A fine bouse, with all modern lm’ provements. Will be aola cheap. l?OR BALE—Two houses and lots on X 1 Pralne-av,, and several rn the dlfierent avenues, varying In pi ice Irom $5,000 to f2O.MX). B. B. CHAM* UEBS, 17 Reynolds’ Block. COR SAIE.—B? Clarke, Layton & Co. f wo. 1168 Indlana-ar. A splendid two-story house with brick basement. Lot 50x110 foet east frtmr. Ilia offered till April Ist fur the low price of 19,000. Part payment to run for three years. Inquire at oar office or on the ; rantsu. UriMPBOVED, T70I! SALE—Lot 20x180, on North Wa- I. ter-BL, east of Clark, rucnlng thnegh to nr*'*’ VOZET A CUMMINGS, Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, 98 LaSalle-st. VTOR SALE—A beautuui lot on the L comer of West Monroe and by 123 ftet, running back to an alley. No better neigh borhood in the city. Alio, a beautiful block of six lots in Evansion—in feet, the handsomest lot In Evans ton. Ids near the dfepot. aod next north of H. B. Hurd’s residence, with abaoance of large oak and or namental trees, and some wo hundred trait trees. For to QEOBQE F. FOSTER, 317 South J7OR SALE—Four corner lots and nine r Inside lots on'Harrison, Sangamon, Peoria and Qreec-*ts. Verydeslrsbleresidenceproperty. Gallon Y. F. BALDWIN, 10-1- Randolph-et. r?OR SALE—Lots on FnJton and Wal r* nnt-su., near Paulina—{LOGO each, being much be low current rate* In that vicinity, terms easy. OEOBGB A WILLIAMS, 7 South Clart-st. ITOR SALE—Lots on east side Wabash- JT av.. from Thirtieth to Thirty-firsts, at »1,000 each—much below whst they will bring a few months hence. GEOBGE A wif-T.tVMs,y sooth Clark-st. TTOR SALE—Onlndiana-av. corner of r Slxteenth-flt, treating east, 300 feet Croat, fall depth, lor sale cheap. A’io, so leet on Wabash-av* near Twcntleth-jt. 200 feet on Indlana-av., near Twentleth-st. 1U) feet on Pralrte-ar^nearTweaty-tlrsMt. SO leet on Calamet-av.. near Twenty-flrst-st. A. J. AVEBILL, Beal Estate Office 80. 7 iletropol -1 tan Block. SALE—In J. H. Keeler & Co.'s _T* Beal Estate Office 129 Sonth Clark-«: j)eslrable residence lots on Sonth Peoria-st. Two lots on Jackson-sh, between Aberdeen and Bucker-sts, six ISOfeet decptoforty lootalley. Sixteen lots comer of Jackson and Idncoln-ets. F)R SALE—On Park-av., comer Leav lU-SU. lot 90M25 left, S3O per loot. TTerms easy. KOZET St CUMMINGS. Beal Estate ano Loan Brokers, 08 LaSalle-st. iSral 35state==®ountcs. P)R SALE—Three 80-acre tiacts ot de sirable farmieg lands in Kankakee County, only Bt-Tenmf.es from Gardner Station, on the St. Lonls Railroad. Will be so d at a bargain, or exchanged for city pioperty. S. H. KEBPOOT A CO, 71 Dear born-et. FOR SALE—Bureau County Land—o2o acres In the town ol Selov—the w. V N. W. X Bec.2S,andthoN. W.WandW. x ol S. E.M See. 29. in Town 16, Range 10 E. 4—ln lots to suit purchasers. Address GEO. Q. MEBBICK. Box 2375, Chlcago.Hl. (TOR 3ALK —Farm, in the aty ol White- X 1 watT, Wls., of S 3 acres, with a first-rate two-story brick bouse of io rooms, well finished. To be sold for aoont half us real value. Price * LOCO. URRa & AYRES, Office 10. Opera House. T?OR 3AJ.Fi —At Harlem A house r and lot convenient to the Station Hcnse. contain ing nine rooms, well finished. There are twelve good bearing apple trees on tbe lot,with shade trees in iront, and is pleasantly sltnatcd. Apply to the Station Agent at Harlem, or to HEATH & MILLIQA.V, Wholesale PaiiitDealera,l67 Bandolph-st. FOR BALE—S76-acre larm, well im proved. 120 acres heavy timber, two beautiful laces abounding io fish, good boating,fine orchard. 80 miles from Chicago. Price :ow. ISAAC CLAFLCI, 93 Washlngton-sL FOR SALE—Buiidmg site at Kenwood, one mile this side ot Hyde Park, on the lafcw shore, nearly 200 leet lake iront and a grove. Apply to W. K. ACBrBUAN.Ko. 3 Onion Depot. |7OR bALE—At Evanston—ss,ooo Cash Kr Double bouse, built to accommodate two fami lies, 16 rooms, 13 closets, well, cistern and barn. In- Scire on the premises, adjoining hotel on tbe north. IK.II AMLIN B. . FOR SALE—BO acres of •well-improved land, two miles from Elgin, one mile from depot, trood house of I* rooms, bam 30x30. atone basement. Rood water, good orchard, grain boose. Ac..cheap; also, several cheap honiesand lots. Apply to CHRIST IAN a CO* Boom 3 Lind’s Bloc*. FOR SALE—A fine improved tarn of 240 acres, 35 miles from Chicago on C. * R. L R. ana 3 miles from railroad station. Will be divided Into 60 acre lots tl desired. J. H. EBCLEB & CO., Beal Estate Agents. 129 South Clark-st. P)K KALE—A fine farm of 01 acres, only 10 miles frtm the city, and one mile south of Brlcktoc, on C. &K. W. R.B. J. D. KEELER A CO* Rtal Estate Agent*. 129 Sc nth Clark-sU fflacfjinwa. FOR SALE—Three d-norse power up right engines; also six horizontal engines, 8, B asa 13-horse power. Larger or smaller engines fur nished with or without boilers. 12, is, 16 and 20-horse -übu.'ar and locomotive boiler* for sale; best mate. Also one 4-roller Union Matcher and Planing Machine. Sawmills, barrel and wood-working machinery, Iren Dinners, belong, taws, files. Ac. Machinery Depot, 99 Peafborn-tt* Chicago. BRKBNLSS BROS. A CO. f?OR SALE—Portable engines and boil- P era. 10 to 20-horse power, at very low prices, by BBIFFIN BROS., 116 LaSalle-st* opposite Chamber ot Commerce. |?OR SALE—Portable engines, station r ary and on wheels, to and 12-horie power-on band and lor sale at low price*, by TEE PESQTIuO CO* North Water-st* North Pier. TT'OK SALE—A superior low pressure r engine, 30-Inch cylinder and t-foet str>kc,ln splen did running order, with shafts Incne* 1:1 fly-wheel 20 feel, weighing about 7 tons. ThU wrloe is of lutndeut capacity to drive the I*™*?* and la particularly adapted to a mIB capableof maklpg 400 barrels of flour per day. We offer;tbe low-price of_r AOO. For further parnralaro, Ir qffire ot DATBB. WffAtTNG A CO- MU VChicago, op MEnBBBY, bTEVENB A CO* Milwaukee, Wls. tron SALE—H. M. Ames* portable and r stationary engines, from 4 to Ahorse power: also, Putnam Machine Co.’s tools; two 13feet bed 21-lncb, two 10-lret bed. 20 aod 33-tnc&. one 8-leet bed 15-inch, onel/etbedlMnchswing, all screw-cnttlog engine lathes* three upright drills, two iron planers, bolt muoi saw mills, shingle mills, two Woodworth plao naaßAmatcbers, Farrar’s snrfa* ers, pumps, belting. hoiJf«ls.S.«L C. L. BICE & CO. la ana 31 Dearbom-st. FOR SALE—At a sacrifice, a new port able steam engine and boiler, all In complete run ningorder,l6-borsfl power. Inquire of B. S, GALLO WAT, at Washlßgton-st. Tunnel, or address P. O- Box 2115. Chicago. FOR SALE— Nearly Dew, a Pease’s Pat ented Self-Feeding Tobacco Cutting Machine works by band, steam or horse power—for $373, at 173 Clybouine-ay. FOR SALE—Woodwonb planing and matching machines of dlfferrat styles and sizes; one 24-tnch iurfkcer; a toll assortment of sash, door and blind machinery,moulding machines, wood lathei, icroli raws, meawmg machines, taw arbors, fte*Ae; also, machinery foi Iron work—engine lathes, planers ttpnghldiUla,Merrltcaa’a patent bolt cutters, Davl ’ patent bolt headers. Brain aid’s patent vise#—all at manufketurets* prices, frelgtt added. Circulars sett onappllcattofu MEBBIMaN A WRIGHT,34 Wella-*t- W/ ANTED —A second-hand portable W engine of not more than Are bone power. Ad dress “P h care Anteilcaa News oo* corner Dear born and Madisoa-iU. Help. IMKKIIFIBIi mMI *9* W7ANTED —Several Salesmen of stub* VV tr. Apply to JONES A OBVIS, 194 Dearborn s'-. atofflra, et addreu P. O. Drawer 3991. Chicago, Hating sge. experience, »te. TXT ANTED— A man op boy, to take ■ If care of a horse acd cow, drive and do general work about a house. Host bring good recommenda tions. »o. 414 Wabash-ar. Wl ANTED—An experienced salesman. fl In a wholesale boot as i iboe house. None area apply nnlcsn they can command trade, sax «»88. Chicago P.o. \\f ANTED—Lite Insurance Solicitors. V » Extra indnccmetits to nra men. Call tram 10 to *. at Boom 7 MetcaaUle BnUdk g. TXTANTED—Experienced Canvassers, VV to vim towns and cities only, thronghpat tee Went. Call at Boom 99, *o. 133 p Oearooru-st., or ywress.wlta stamp.boxllltt. Chicago.in. TRADES. \m/ awun—A Fc reman for a sash, W door and bllndfaetorr. Host be expert meed, energetic and accuitomed to mating estimates on work. Address JUDD 9 HILE j, WU. TI7ANTED A Machinery Moulder, VV one capable of acting as resistant toremaa. Will recelTe steady employment and rood wages. Ap ply at one e to DELOSS, SOOT St CO.. Indianapolis, Indiana. TX7 AN TED—Three or fonr carpenters, V Ynt the comer of Wood and Warren-eta. TXT ANTED —An experienced man, m VV the rlnegar boilams. One thst understands the rnsnatmeture ol rlnegar la an t» b* snehea. App.y at 174 Bandolpmt..BQoni 1. N.DODGE. • WANTED —A first class locksmith, at IQH Kandolph-st. ffiaantrtr=dTemalc ffielp- WANTED —A girl that understands business to attend counter la a mllUcery estab lishment; also, apprentice girls, for dress-maxing. References required. Apply at the store, 71 Lake-en, op stairs. HOUSE SERVANTS. TXTANTED—A good cook, washer and VV Ironer. German or Norwegian preferred. In qnlreat 646 Wabash-av. \\J AN TED—A girl to do general house- V V work In a small family. Nona bat a good cook, washer and ironer, need apply. 47 Sooth May-st. WANTED-r-Qirl lor general house work. German or Norwegian preferred. Call at 333 ffeatLake-st. yj\/ANTED—A good cook, washer and VV ironer. with good recommendations trom her last place. Apply at 418 Wabash-av. WANTED— Dining-room girls, at City Hotel. Apply immediately. TXT ANTED—A good girl to do general VV housework In a lazily ofelx. Inquire at 134 Michigan***. TXT ANTED—A competent girl to take VV care or children. American, English or Oer* man preferred. Apply at 379 Waoaeh*BT. TXT AN TED —A competent cook, washer VV and ircner, *tMo.ll3slndlana-aT. Mono other need apply. Reference required. TXTANTED—A thoroughly neat and ca- VV pahle girl, for chamber work. None others need apply. 231 Indiana-sc, North Side. TXTANTED — At 113 East Adams-st, an VV American glrL dtakecareol a baby and do plain sewing. Satisfactory references reqolretL Employment agents. TXTANTED—A tew men, with SSO to V V 1100 casb, to engage In a neat, clean and profit, able manolactnnog holiness. Can he leaned in three days, and Is a splendid business to travel with. TMose wUh'nga respectable trade that will always insure them profitable employment at home or abroad, are inntea to call at 90 Montoe-eu, Boom 5. TXTANTED—Young men In the conn* VV try wishing to obtain situations, such as book* keepers, clerks, collectors, salesmen, conductors, ex pressmen, Ac-Ac- to apply at Boom 13 Fullerton Block, 92 Dearbora-st- or address J. U. MOORE A CO n Box 1707, enclosing 10 cenu tor fail partlcnlars TXTANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers, 2 VV salesmen, 1 conductor.3brakemen, 1 fireman. 1 Krter, 2 drivers, 2 expressmen. Aoply at Boom 13, llerton Block. 93 Dearborn-st. Applicants by mall address J. M. MOO BE A CO- Box 1707. enclosing 10 cenu for reply {aaan’eh==iais«llaneous. TXTANTED —An energetic man with VV ISCOtofSOO, to engage m a money making business. Will txar strict investigation. Apply at 194 Booth Clark-eh. Boom 5, from 9a. m. to 3p. m. fXTANTED—Tue celebrated Gypsy V V Woman. If yon want your life told correctly hy the palm ot the band, vlslr the Gypsy Palmist. Don’t be humbugged by other*, who call tnemfelves fortune teller*, but come to the Gypsy palmist and get full satisfaction for your money. Don’t lorgel the nnmier. 339 South Clark-st. Fee sl. TXTANTED—To Loau —53,000, on VV which an Interest of 15 per cent can be granted la a sale manner. Address B. MONET, Tribane of fice. TXTANTED —To purchase, a cheap elec* V ? trie machine. Address DR. PaEK, P. O. Box 1990, Chicago. TXTANTED—LadIes and genUemen to, VV canvass the city for a new style of stamp for embosflne envelope*, business cards letter heads, Ac. E. LOCKE, 9 Reynolds’ Block, between 9 and It a. m. TXTANTED—SI,OOO for a tew months, VV on good security. Liberal Interest will be paid. Arareoppoiturjty for Investment. Address, today, Vox 3036, giving name and where an interview can be had. WANTED —Gentlemen who axe en gaged down town In the day time, to rent pleas* att Rost sleeping rooms at 233 State-at- between Qmncy and Jackson, with fire, water and UghllunUah «L at $3 per week. TXTANTED—A good phjsiciau to rent VV an office with a dentist. Can have access to three rooms, with fire, water and light, fur f!5 per mottb. Apply at 333 State-sL, between Qolocy and Jackson. WANTED —A young man with from $3,000 to f 3,000 desires an Interest is aoma mer cantile or manufacturing business. bT would take a situation in a gcod house as Best of role r« i tea given 104 required-, auiiess -M," Tribune cffice. TXJANTED —By an experienced teacher V V atd graduate cf a New England iloUege. two or three pupils la Latin. Greek, or the higher English ’•ruches. Address box 737. ml “yP^ceof buslnee?, ori account of le4Tly» or the best paying bnslni»«es In the city. Tin lose and stock are to be sold At a barsalmif disposed ci soon. Inquire at 846 State-sL, oIH. RCCKMInSTEB. TXTANTED—Orders to buy, sell or V V leaje r> al estate, houses ana lots to rent, rents to collect. All real estate business attended to prompl ly by A. C. BROWN A CO„ 128 Lak«*at. TXTANTr/D—A good banjo teacher. V V Please address, stating terms, B. B, GIFFORD, 299 Sooth Clln’on-st., Chitago. \\7 ANTED—Soldiers to know that all VV applicatloESlbrllCO bounty must De made De lore April Ist. Advances made on claims. A. GOOD RICH. Attomey-ai-Lsw, 136 Dearham-aL, Room 3. TXT ANT HD—Yonr Destiny. Madame V * Carlisle has Jut returned to tbo city from a Southern tour, and wl;i be pleased to receive the calls cl those «ho wish the past, present and future reveal ed, at 188 South Clark-sti. R-.om 6. WANTED —A lady having lost her child, a few weeks old, win take to nurse. at her noose, a healthy baoy. Bone but those willing to par format-class care ne»d apply, for one week only, to *-WET MUBSE,” Tribune office. TXT ANTED—Man and wile, without VV children. Man to take care of hones and drive team; woman to do general housework. Call at Boom 8 Metropolitan Block, between 11 and 13 o'clock. aaSantth-SEn iSmt. lA/ANIED —To Rent—A cottage of 6 VV rooms, by April Ist, on West Side, within one mile of Lake-et bridge. Address -*il B,” IrlOime office, stating price and location. V\/ ANTED—To Kent a medium-fized, V V nicely tarnished bouse. m a first-class locality, daring lie summer montns, by a small lamlly (wltn out children), wno will take the beat of cars of furni ture. will taxe possession any time between now and SthofMay. Address "BANKER," Tribune otllce. TXT"ANTED—To Rent—A small house, V V part ol a boose, or a few rooms suitable lor housekeeping, east of Clark-sc. north of Harrison, and south ot Chlcagoav. Bent promptly in advance. Ad ore* b, giving amountoj rent, time of possession, loca tion. 4c. Box 1019. - TXT AN TED—To Rent—By a gentleman V V and Ms sister, afurmahfd bouse. Would taxe charge of a house for the ore ot a few rooms. One on etc of the avenues preferred. Further particulars on application. Best ot references given. Apply at once to “L H," Box 1269. TXT ANTED —To Rent—By a gentleman, VV a good tarnished lodging room, on Sonth Clark, Dearborn or Stato-sts- between Lake ami Monroe-sis. Address “EJ,” Box 18S0, P«Q. TXTANTED—To Rent—A house wiln VV sor 7 rooms, on the West Side, by the Ist ot May. Address, stating rent and location, “j u K,” Box 2078- TXTANTED —To Kent—By a respecta- VV ble widow lady, an nnlurouhed room, with chance for a stove, within one stie of Post Office, hent must be reasonable. Address ‘'ABC," Trip one office, stating location and price. WANTED —To Rent —A house ot 9or 10 rooms, on the South Side, south oi Twelfth st. ana east ol State. Bent not to exeeea {3OO p*r an num. Will rent now, or the first of May. Address GEO. GILBERT, care GUoert & Sampson, 47 and 49 Dearbom-at. WANTED —To Rent—A furnished house, near tne city. Vicinity ot Hyde Park or evanston nrefened. Apply to HOZET A CUM MINGS, Beal Estate and Loan Brokers, 98 LaS*Ue-st. 2!JHantca==la.eal Sstatc. \\J ANTED—We have constant appli- VV eationeforbotbßDprovedatdunimproveaßeal Estate, which we are unable to supply. Owners of such cannot do better than to Place their prop erty In our bands for sale, where they can hare tne advantage of our services without charge unless sales are effected. KBELEB & GIED, Beal Estate Agents, 1*29 6onth Clark-st. WANTED— Real Estate—A lot is wanted for the erection of a club house tad pub lic park. Suchlotmnst be centrally located, though not necessarily on a principal street. Should bo 50 test front; In case of unusual depth less frontage will an swer. Tne lot snoold nut be north of Indlana-st. ncr south of Monroe, nor west of Jefferson. Adoteas, wltn particulars. F. O. Box 5973. personal. PERSONAL— Two young ladies Item the Bast, strangers In the city, wUh to form the acquaintance cf two genilcmen, for the purpose of ob taining escort occasionally to theatres and places of amusement, “and for mutual Improvement.” Ad dressJENNlE BROWN and MINNIE ATKINS, Tri bune office. PERSONAL— Atlas P. Gates: Please oblige yonrfrl'Dd, WUltam H. Osborn, by caning atine Ml chi tan bouthern Bock island House, oppo site tne Beck Island Dipot, as IwlU be there. WIL UAM ILOSBOdN. "PERSONAL —Correspondence Wanted XT —By two gay young men, with- a f-*w young la mes. Oblect, fun and consequences. Adoress “LOUIS” or “HERMAN,” Post Office box lUIS, Chicago. PERSONAL— Wanted—The acquaint ance of two yousg ladles, sisters, *or who are wans friends, by two young business men la this city, wbrse acquaintance among the fairer sex Is limited. The fact ol the matter is, that we attend amusements often, not having other places to while away our even ings. therefore, U we could form tae acquaintance of two younz and pretty ladies who would accompany ui, we would be much pleased and oeonths road to marriage and happltm. Address “WILL,” or “SAM,” P. O. box 1217. Chicago. jfor Sale. F)K SALE—Canal boat Norway. Ap ply at 136 Wertlcdiana-rt. P. OLSON. T?OR SALE Chicaco City Hairway JC Stock—on account of the P«rtns3*mt removaior the owner from the city, 500 shar-s of the above stock win be sold in snms to suit purchasers. Inquire at No. 13 Chamber ol Commerce. f 7 OR BALE— One pair Howe’s scales, r 4oSa? ketUe., 3 cast-iron ket tUs coolers 4 racO and fixture* beloagfoT to a soap la’u to suit purchaser*. Call at 14 and 16 North Canal-st. — n-n kat.b— Office lormerlv occupied ♦.•cirhv. Carpenter * Co- North hid", near Ncw- BsurZet* suitable dwelling tor a tmaU Oumly. South Water at* Bjorn 4. fTOifSALE —Or exchange lop good, on p rocumbered form land. 10,000 st ground coffee, •n In cood order, tor onthird cash. Tua cash eau.be oald at pleasure, in lour equal payments. Call on or SdiwsN.DoDUE.ia4 Banaolph-st*Roam 1. -fpOR SALE—Lease of four lota on Ca t? nal-st* between MadUon and Wa'blngton-tU. Bent *»0 per year. A splendid place for mannfactnt log rerposra. Apply to WM. WISDOM, 97 North Fraoklln-st* Chicago. Sfteattone HaanttS. Mil.—. CITTIATION— Wanted—By a first-diss O presalptltm clerk. In tht« city or In the country. For igrther partienltra tad references, Inquire of B.C. LANPQbL Xmpqrter asd Denier la Druggists* inn (trios. SITUATIONS—^Wanted—By twoyoung O men—ag» 3» and ». Apply atiMOTwatj- OITDATION —Wanted—An ornamental IO Japanoer and painter la drtwa of a too eves tags* WUlficlsb te a first claaa style all kinds of fancy work, lettering, stylotn*. eliding, bronxing, chap. Al diai g. ncOU. tnwme office. waim. OITUATION—Wanted —To do washing O and Irotlrg and down stairs work. In « private famUy.rear theetty limits, by a gfr! of experience. Can at 193 West lndlana-s*. QITUATION—Wanted— By a respccta- hie American girt to travel as nurse with aa la ▼alia ladr, or as nur*e tor one child only. Bestrefemcea given. Call, for one week, at 730 West Wa»httg toa-at. CITUATION—Wanted —As first-class O meat and rastry cook, by an experienced cook. Apply at 183 Bagle-t, petweeo Lake and Baadolph. CIIUATION—Wanted—In city or conn- O try, by as experienced cook. In meat cr pastry, in hotel, boarotag-botue or rejUnraLt. Adores* U A K,” Tilbone efflee. ClTUATloN—Wanted—By a rcspectv O Me larty as wet nnrse. Inquire at Sd floor. 136 North Claik-st. Referencesgtren. QITUAIION—Wanted —As chainber- L’niald. or to do plain sewing, by an experienced gtrL Address 196 KcnhCUrb-st. agents ffiaanteb. AGENTS —Wanted—For GeneialT*. C. Baker's raSTORY OF TUB SVCUET SEKVICR. me most exciting and lnt»resung book ever publnhod. This work wat announced mure than a y«ar ago, but owing to the attempts of the Gqvernmeot to suppress It. it* publication was d« ayed. It will now be Issued, nsaltend and unabridged, neder th* soperrlsion cf Geceral Baser. It con tains a full and official expose of the intricate machinatloLs of tsesccreteaeml'W of the Union For startling developments and thrilling ad reotnm this hook eclipses the fhmens experiences of Foueheasd Tldoeo. The marrellons narraavre of General Bak*r are all attested by lb- highest official authority. Uwll cot tain the only official account of the assassination conspiracy. A Oil! history of this grest, startling and terrible crime, trom Its conception la the haunts ot villainy, to the burial place of Booth, bas oereryetbeen placed before the public. Tbiwork also tuDy exposes (he nethnous system by which Pres idenoil pardons ware and are so readily obtained at Washington. The corals of the National Capital an thoroughly ventilated, and there are same strange re* velatloia concerning beads ot departments, memben of Congress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished military characters. Smdfor circulars, and see nor terms and a full description ot tho werk Address Si- TIONALPUIJLIiUIKQ CO., 148 West Foorth-at, CtrclnnatL Ohio. A GLNIS —Wanted —Enclish JletslUc X\, Clothes Line. Good Inducement* to a-rnu. Send two red stamp ■, Cur sample, to PAUKINSON a YOUNG, lux.l6a PortUnron,Mich. A GENTS—Wanted—soo Agents want -ljL ed Is a sew bonnets. H. B. SHAW, Alfred, Maine. A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a day. Fu li teen new articles lor Accents. O. T.CARET, Blddetord. Maine. A GENT& anted —$125 per month XV and expenses. Address 3UAW A CLARK SEW* IMG MACHETE CO., Iflddelord. Maine. A GENTtJ—Wanted—For the American XVConflict, by Horice Greeley. Agents who bare delivered vol. L.and desire to deliver voi. Il_ most male their orders Immediately. GEO. A C. W.SHBS* WOOD, 105 Madison-st.. Chicago, 111. AGENTS —Wanted—Frve Ideal Heads cl American Women: Angel nt the Hospital— Before the Battle-Color Bearer—At the Front—Array Mews. The finest worts of art ever Introduced In this country. Experienced canvassers wanted is errry county tn the Sure. Address JOHN D. BICE, 90 State** c, Chicago. lIL A GENTa —Wanted, everywhere, to sell Patent White Wire Clothes Lises. Can make lifl to S2O per day. Address “Metallc Clothe* Lins Co.,** 93 Seneca-st.. Cleveland, Ohio. A GENTS—Wanted —To sell the Keaton XV. Why senes ol books—The most salable books in the market. The best of terras given to energet.e can vassers. Apply to FINDLEY A RICHARDSON, Mat toon, HI- AGENTS —Wasted ssO per week— Maleorlemale.sttheir own homes. Jtu'lnew light, pleasant and honorable. For mil partlcnlars address with stamp, FOOT A CLARK. Detroit, Mich. AGENT&— Wanted—Ladies or cents, st your own homes or travelling,at#VCoer tnctub. Don’t negotiate with any other party till yoa first setd for particular*. Address BBONbON A CO., 181 Wcodwaidar., Detroit. Mich. Agents —Wanted—Toeneage m the sal-, of “THE HIbTOKT OF ABRAHAM LIN* tOLMANDTHE OVERTHROW OP SLA VERT.” ttt cnevol,octavo l of73Bpages. ByHoo.l. N. Arnold, lare Member of Coc gross. and for oyer twenty years a confidential friend of Mr. uncoln. This Important work was nnaei taken three years ago with tne ap proval ol Ur. Lincoln, and u Just baaed. It la al ready ie : Hng as rapidly aa tae publishers have bran able to fill orders. The first coition sola in twent days. For fall description, opinions of leading paper* and men, and tertn%ai)dreas the publishers, CLARKE A CO- 80 and 83 Washington-»L, Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—In every county in Ullnol*, for the John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. uj., cf Bnstcu. AddrusH. R. THOMPSON, Gen Agent, 27 Chamoer of Commerce, Chicago. a GENTS—Wanted—To inlrodnce SIR xj COPP, the best selling book of the day. Sixth edition now ready. Send one dollar for a cop* and c.xculaxg. to Piof. CLARE, 213 lillcols-st- Chicago AGENTS Wanted For Pit Moore’s latest work M Women of the War.* Xbelr noble deeds of heroism and self-sacrifice por tray ed In language that lctere>ts every reader. Aven handsome volume, beautifully lUuatratoi. It recom mends llselt Sales are immense; Ills trul? abookfoi the people. For an ageucy call on or address B. c TREAT, publisher, 117 Soutn Clark-st., Chicago. A GENTS Wanted For u WO J\. MAN’S WORK IN THE CIVIL WAR.’ Prepared under the approval of the Hotted State: Samtaiy, Western santtaty and the Cbrmiu Commission*. History baa so precedent. p:e try so parallel, to the work ol women in on late civil war. An emmest Divine aaya; M ThU Won la a household treasure, a Joy and blearing to futur times. It developea a cew. social era; a new result o our bee instnutai.ua, our schools, our church.*, ou pulpit, and our pres*; anew power In woman: * nei phase In Christianity 1 tacit.” T.S. Arthur’s Magana says; “We welcome this book moat heartily as the on; recorc cf Woman’s work la the War whici maxes ao approach to completeness.” Scud for a circular, am net a full description of the worn and terms ti aceou Address ZKIGLKK. McCUBjY A CO- Loabart Block. Chicago, 111 AGENTS —Wanted—For a new boo of giestpnhUc interest—’THE MORMOK PRO PHET AMDUISQAItEM,” or. An AUlh-oUc mifc-r cf Brlgt am Young, bis Numerous Wive* andCblhlHe Ely Mn. c. V. Waite, wife ot Bon. U. B. Walts, at LT. S. JnogMn Utah Terrltoiy. With steel portrait* o Bncham Tcung, Joseph bxlth. Geo. Connor. Go, Doty, and a full-rags view of the “Phophet’s Block, and plan cf the ”Llon's Boom” or ”Bareo.” This i the only complete, impartial aod reliable work upo MormoulfTß ever pub.'shed- It contains Die persona history of Hrieham Young, which Is traced to U« sei Uemrat Id Utah: hla political, 80-.iai and financialCh: merer and doings; a complete history ol theTerilior ana "i ih Utah; lb* s;st*m of piivaam. sccial Ih"* «f the Mormons ; Uves and services of Q -a« ral P Edwanl Contor and the late Gcveraor of L lal J. Duane Dcty; the ME9, Wsjory and personal descrj tfon of each of the Wive* of youug.aud u endCWisent ceremony In fh'L Ac. To be sofcl only by subscription. Liberal terms cm ferrd Send for cucular and terms, and if you ar ready to commence werk, remit SIOO for agent’s son plrte outfit, and name yror choice ol tamtary. J. GOODMAN A CO , Publisher*. 3 Custom Hoaso-pfeet Chicago, 11L A GENTS—Wauled—l,ooowanted, mal and female. In a new business. Samples sent free with testimonials ot the highest character. Addrea GOQOSPEED A COn 148 Laxe-st., Chicago. AGENTS —Wanted—Male and • * to sell a new article la great demand that ever lamlly wants. ft per day macesUhont leaving h-m< Travelling affects can mate from J 5 toga) per daj without interference with other business. Theartlcj' shows ftr itselC Samples, with terms and nartlcalar of the business, sent tor 25 cent?, B, W CBAPPKLL, Drawer 6333, Cb'cago. A GENTS—Wanted—“THE BETTET r\ T.Avn." The most popular engraving in Amer lea, and pays best. **l shall caerlsn It among m gems.”—Dr. J. G. Holland. “Itsuerats theChrisuaj Muse, the mue'of sacred poetry.”—L. Maria Guild “Charming.”—Henry Ward Beecher. “Firm as man mild as woman, beautiful as pessetosa or Tonng sill ton or Evangeline, cbeertul as ’Sweet Sixteen.* hope fnl as Runyan's Pilgrim, a tool replete with faith look logout Info the stillness ot eieriltv.”—Chicago Tri bnae. “Destined to laxeraokwlth the floestworkso art In this ccu’try.”—Prot Ellis, Oberlln College “TbefineitcreatioDol modern art.”—Chlearo Jar nal. Send for circular. Al*o for “TBB EMP".. STARVE,” anew work hy the same artist, and des lined to become as popular. Address. Immediately STODDABD A CO, 1Q» Waahlngtoa-SL. Chicago. 33oarhtwg. BOARDING —House N 0.34 East Wash isgtor-sh, having changed bands, we now oif«J rooms, furnished or unrurnuhed, to persons wtu good references. Also a few cay boarders wanted. TJOARDING —Two gentlemen desirotn I Jot comfortable bome.wlth elegant large front roou and txcelicnt board. In s respectable family, living ot Wsbaeh-av., not very far from Post office : best refer ente required. Address “C”., Box 1320• BOARDING —A pleasant suite ot fur Dished tooms, with hoard, snltable fbr a gentle man and wile or two single gentlemen, can be had a the Su Cloud Home, 113 and 11*1 South Franklin ac, only two minutes* walk trom the Court Hon VINTON St HAYSES. "OOARDING—To rent, with first-clas XU board, a pleasant front parlor and bedroom, o the first floor of 2 * 9 suitable lor a famll' or four or five gentlemen. Reference required. Boarding —a suite ot trout rr and becroom, also several single rooms, a board can be bad at 17 Dearnorn-su, op stairs. BOAKDJNG —Fust-class hoard m . private fAmlly, with a pleasant furnished roon snltable for two gentlemen, can be obtained at li; South Hajited-atT TSOARDING —Six or eight gentlemei D boarders wanted, at 186 West jackson-et,f doers from Haxated-st. railway. BOARDING —One single room and on large front room, smtable rsr two gentlemen o II on an and wife, with hack room attached, close) and with board, at 142 Wabaih-av. "DOARDINQ—A pleasant front ch il her. comfortably furnished, suitable for a gentle man and wile, or two sentlemen. to nnuwtUi do an at 119 State-st. Befcrence required. T3OARDING—A gentleman and w: 1 J can find a p'eaaant sultelof onfornlsbed tron rooms on Btuh-tt* bat are minutes’ walk from th bridge, in a private family. Terms reasonable. Ca or address ”ii y B,” 64 aod tf O Mlchlgan-ar. OOARDING—Two pleasant rooms, on I J furnished and one unfurnished, to rent, wit board, at 1466 West Randolph-*!. References r q aired. BOARDING —One large furnishd room, with board, soluble for a gentleman *n airaortwosjpclo eenUemen.at 74 Jaekw«.-at*tw blocks sccth of die Post Office. TJOAUDING—A gentleman and >.:* JL> wishing board In strictly private family, who tne house has been newly furnished, mar find sne accommodations by «A<ir»anTi£ “M q S,” Triau office. DOARDING—At the National Hole 13 corner Washington and Wells-sts* ono sqtur west of ccnuboure. Booms torentfortaxUies,wit gas.Bre,etc..ortlnglercomt,froa $8 to flO a weel with first-class board. Day boarders $S a week. At ply at the National Hotel. T>OARDINQ —Good board and room 13 can be had at 253 Chnrch-sC BOARDING —A gentleman and wT: also, one single gentleman, can obtain hasdsom rooms with fint-clau accommodations by applying a 297 Mlehigan-st. "DOARDlNG—Pleasant rooms, wi 13 board for two or four pm<m* with tidy habits. I a pleasant location. Apply a* 30S Fuiton-st near Union Park. iSoarh aaantch. BOARD Wanted —A stale ot or furnished front rooms, with flrst-cla-s boar mr a gentleman and wile. In a oleaiant part rf tnecit) Scnth Side, and north ofTwellth-st. preferred. Wool he oermanent. If soiled- Would not care to chance foreJUay Ist. References given and required.“ a< dress, stating terms, location and accommodadons, 1 O. Box 854- pOARD— By gentleman and wile, wi-‘ M famished toutns, on South Side, bitween Sit Ccath and Twenty-secona-sts. Want good accorasc datlons. and will pay fblr price for same. Address 1 O. Box 309. T>O4RD —By a gentleman and wife... n some genterl private fbmlly wbo will rent a suit of rooms and fUmlsn flnt-class accommodations, permanent boarding place preferred. Addreis “M_ CANTILE,” Tribune office. POARD —By a lady, in a private lan: 13 uy. West Side preferred. Address Mrs, E _ Tribune office. POAHD—By a gentleman and w ‘ 13 In tome flnt-class location, where, among ota da lescles, tne table may be found snppaed with “Y* mouth Sugar Com” and “ star Lfb»ier.“ "The mo delicious.” Price no object. Carerences exchange Address “EPICURE,” Tribune office. Pianos. TXT ANTED—Any one wishing to VV a good piano cheap lor oath, wlir please a drtss. for ten days, giving Particular and price, “J B Tribune office. TO RENT— Pianos, Organs and Mel deons; also, new and second-band Plano* for u 00 ti m e paymenta, received to Installments. W. • Wtaklnttoa-fL