3 Nisan 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Nisan 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE ATTEMPTED INSURANCE SWINDLE. All the Prisoners in Cenrl Dr. Kendall Answering for Contempt ol Court—Full Confessions of Gnilt— Another Insnrnnce Frnnd Ad- mitted. Kendall Pleads Poverty as his In- centive. Committal, to the County Jail The attempted fraud upon the Mint. Insurance Richard Rainforth end bis associ ate, Poller and Kendall, received a full invest!- S«tion yesterday before Judge BradwcU, at the Comity Court. Dr. Charles B. Kendall, having been guilty of contempt of court by his refusal to ?. w ? CMtal® questions, and committed to the for that oflcnce, appeared yesterday before Judge Bradweli to purge himself of the contempt, and, nnder the advice of tus attomera *!£S , i le “ el s? , . bre S rtor ,tb J ‘citing the whole in regard to the conspiracy. Being one of the most remarkable cases which hag ever come before, coon in line city. It tff. SrareUbM n ihoiild excite a more than Interest! Ibeconrtrooinini qnlle erowdeddnrtnj the juowtdtnqa, which took np the greater part of of «PhP«hy WIB expressed for Dr. siSwis*? 0 * 1 motixe for ensaclnx In the con ■ considered as in some measure a innigatlng clrcunistanco. There was an air of too ,in his confession which convinced many of those who beard him, that be was telling the whole uuth. Fuller betrayed great hesitation in dying his evidence, and all throngs the inves tigation looked like a cunning man baffled and caught in faia own tolls. Rainforth presented a pitiable aspect, and his thin cadaverous features Sail? ten^?cf^/&Kferq^ horar ‘ rt “ niS— S - Wll ‘ on - Y °" HolS; I With to te” C „tenrehJ; 0 c l hS: C o“ad be the In- Mr. Reid, Slate's Attorney, then read the inw. wrekc^o°— Iworted 1worted jour Honor, three aniwo? 1111 ' Thera U DoUm « ln order hot the —WRfon. I have worked most fallhfnllv “A. 138 !® with the District Attorney 7 v.ts^ onrt - *o statement is in order. If you baTC the an-wer#dra wn, produce them. 3 Mr. Wilson. The District Attorney told me—— _J^ e Court. 1 hcar lh em as far as yon have wil^heiu-^ 011 aDT etatemeilt you have to make I thS? W^80n ’ WUI yoa let Mr * read Court. Tea. Are tb cy a worn to ? Mr. Wilson, l*o; and they cannot be, Tt.T^HoVT-S 1 . 812116 ,0 counsel that Ihis is a % T proceeding. The proper prac -00 « rt in, ; nd9 lo confine it within 10 l* l ® to explain—the ft matter of contempt is when the read the an avmr, and then the counsel makes any statement. 18 «i lear nothing from tho re spondent except on affidavit. Be cannot be beard In ary statement until be has filed bis answer. In I “f however, upon the statement of counsel, •ndperhape to subserve the ends of justice. I have agreed to eierclae a wide discretion bv avowing witnesses to be introduced In mitigation of this oflcnce, but not to vary tho line of the proceed- 0 “ WI " To “ r ho ” or "“ow mc “r lie Court. Kol nttil the answer Is retd. tetSroiSSS' ™" ' S ° ot “ ””' wcr “ tb «° , T £ti nrt * yonhad belter ell down and read them. , We ha ™ E 0 answer except a 2eaS™ lhc2 iowrsor,entwer aJJ-VJ;'.?”™ 1 *?■ a ‘ en ”* a - lt! purport IS ne i?^ an .^ r “O'vn in Its more proper connection. . 4?. e Dr. Kendall, yon nave heard thnt, is it true ? ’ Prisoner. Yet. And then the statement was sworn to. T?r«tfsS:t i *** no nwtake about ’will explain. This Court is the last one that j JSf l °. r ,. t * ult lu process or order ca ° t *E , *. Te<i wllh, either by parties or attorneys. air. Wilson. Bntyoor Honor, while attorneys attempt to do it. Ihe Oom. A'ot a word until I yet through, *hls Coon made an order yesterday that this party show cause, by the coming In ofthe Coart, •whyheehonldnotbe dealt with heavily for con tempt, and, for the purpose of Ceding oat the trnth in the matter, certain inierrorationa were proposed lor this party to answer. Hehasfalled to answer any single interrogatory, hot has cone cnwiiha kind of general statement, li is the duty In a proceeding at this kind to tike np the interrogatories one by one, and answtr them plainly and candidly In a trmhfol spirit and then, after having cone thal,if he has any desire or wish and K is probably the belter piacticeforhlmto cp into :he matter and give a history ofthe case. Lnttl he has answered, however, be cannot place ii’msell ia a poamon to be beam. Tae Conn will allow von time to answered fifteen mtcutes ought to be length of time enough in which to make it A space of time was now allowed counsel m which to prepare the answer. Some further con venation ensued, the result cf wbschwasihe rresenta’icn of the 'ollowiug answers to the in- Urrogatones prccedtne them s _ _ toe Qcxsnoss. 1.:; n? y®? n#t presentto ibis Court a preienled «JU arrt testament ol Richard Rainfortb? ..»• If yon answer yea, then state whether yon Q*s rot swear rhat said Ralu forth was dead? a. If yon din so swear, then etate whether yon did rot U.cn know that said Raiaforth was not dead, bat was alive? 4. Ifyoo aaawer ihat yon knew :hcn that said Rainior.h wag not dead, then stale whvyon did present said will, and wbvyon awore’tbat said Rairiorlh was dead when yon knew he was alive? C. Slate why yon and yonr attorney. Mr. Shoe nan.wero so anxious to have said will admitted to probate? “. Mate tally all yon may know in reference to the making of said will, ana the attempted imoo sliion npen thL- <tonrt. and also whether von did not pretend to oocior said Rainfortb, and'dlo not declare that he was dead, and at*o •i-iiMb,, 7 vu a>a i-ui a ceatfoody with which to per sonate sa:d Rainfortb? . . asEwzns. 1. I did rot. Whacver 1 did do In relation thereto wilt fully appear In the statement hcrco annexed. S. 1 did s« ear that the said Rainforth was dead tmdor the ciitumtiancts fully sot lorth In the statement hereto annexed. 3. 1 did not know that ne was not dead, hat had reason to suppose that he was not detd. B d. 1 rttdnotp.-esenl ealdxrUl, and the only an swer I cur give to the fouri'i iuterreeatory will appear from the above ans wers aod the statement xcd . 5. I am t'Ol conscious that I ever employed an attorney and 1 know that I never paid o- agreed to pay any attorney. I thlrk that Hr. Falter in my presence totd Mr. Deetnn to no ahead and Srore the will. Ido not kno-v wha; reason Mr. penan had to bo anxious to prove the will. Mv own reasons are fully set form m the statement hereto annexed. .6. I state fully In my statement, hereto anncxnl. ail I know id reference to the making of said will and the presemirg of the same to this honorable Court. I did preteni to doctor Unit.forth. and I did pretend thalbe was dead, and I old procure a dead body to personate raid itainforth, at the re quest of •aid roller, and which was paid tor by said Fuller, as states to me by itainforth when be gave me Ibe money for that. "these answers are to be construed and received in connection wit* my rolnn aay statement, to be hereto mtach d, and which show.- fmly now i was concocted with ihe ca-c. <.n ».s ]j. Kekdall, Suhecnhed and sworn to before me this second day of April. l£o. Salomon, Clerk of the County Court THI STATSMgtT. The statement above referred to bv Dr. Kendall was In substance as follow*: He had known Eatnforih while in the Fifth Illinois Cavalry, in • tbeytarlSßJ. Sometime in Jane, 186*5, while he was looting lor work m this aty, he encountered llßicfor'b. aud, sfter talking over oia time?, an appointment was made for next day to discuss future plans- He was then introduced to Timo thy W. Fuller, acd a project was star led ro set him (Kendall) np in the drug bu»toes*. This was subsequently abandoned. Homs time alter tae again met Fuller and Rainfonh, Mho then broached to him a scheme by which he could make a fortune if be would join them. They asked him If he would certify to the death of a man fur SI,TO. He * learned from them at a subsea "out period that the plot had fallen through and then they explained the nature oi it. That Ralnfoitb'a life was In sntec, that there was to be a muck funeral, and that the Insurance Company wonld never discover thefrand cs one of thuragtnt* was in the secret. In the month of beptomber his (Kendall’s) wife returned from the country in suen a pour stale of health that be desired <o send her tu the old country for a change of air. Up to that dav he bau not - een Fuller or itainforth for a cons'dera bie tune He then on the stand said in snbsfaccc: Oc the iCth day of November an advertisement appeared In the I'jubukx seeking information of my wbetrabonta. I saw It and went to tho place designated. Fuller & Co.’s office. I found there Rainforth ar.d Fuller. They s eined lo be very glad to me me. After some conversation Ratn torth aski dme how 1 was getting along. I told him that 1 was hardly getting a liv ing, that 1 did not know how 1 was to get through the winter, and also to’d Lin that my wife’s Health was poor and that there was bat little prospect cf her recovery un- Je.'-s the way sent to the old country, lie said he wonla assist me, and he offered me office room and to fnnilih me means. He then went on to nustiou this insurance business; said that he pro posed roLUing Ibe insurance scheme, that he would like lo ha*e my assistance and ifl would accept they would give me £2,OUU for my services. TLe plan wa* to be similar to the former plan except that there was to be a body furnished. That I was lo have counsel In the case, and that Rainforth was to mirr? in reality. The policies Mere to be taken uat labername. 1 declined lo ect nr teas 1 krew the circumstances and the chances. The details were then devel oped, x d they urged me to consider the advan tages in tny being able to send my wife to the old country, and told me there wav no aime commit ted until the demand was made for the money. A similar conversation was held when Fuller was present, and then they offered me ouc fitth oi the amoutt, they lo bear theco»ta*>d my expenses. They rave me until the next day to Uunkit over. 1 considered it carelully, and it sces'oo ihcre were but two questions to be thought of: there was starvation for my family staring ns in the face, and *>n the other hand the chance of present support. With a view of sup porting my wife, and also of getting means ro save nar life, as I considered !t. I joined iu the scheme. N< xi day 1 went down aud Fnller gave roe the means lo open an office in ni« room, aud also the money to take oat my license to practice lie afterward gave me money, a* be was obliged to do for iear that 1 would not act in the rchetno. Advertisements were pul In The papers for corrc<poi.dcsce with females relative lo funnier a matrimonial ar rangement vjth Rainforth. Fuller conducted that co; ret pondetee, hut that part of It was bro ken nn by Raiolorvu refusing to marry, in De cember and January 1 expressed a oesirc to with drawf om 'be bush.- as, but Fnllet alwaj> met the desire with the answer ” weal can you do.” 1 could not answer that question, it i could I wonld have left it at once. Rainforth also said he wished 1 con'd get out of it- boon after Fuller rented the room in which the death was raid to have occurred, aod transferred the lease to Rain forth. Here Mr. Reed interposed, and cautioned the prisoner that If he continued his statement be ehonld feel it his duty to nse it before either a grand or petit jury, and Kendall was cautioned by the Court that he & mrbt to decline to answer any question, on the ground that he believed It might tend to criminate himself, ilo waa, how ever. advised by hifi counsel (Messrs. WLson and Aeay.) felly to unbosom himself. Ho then pro ceeded with bis statement About the fi m of February, Ealnforth removed to the room on Dearborn street but before that there was a conversation that look place betwixt Fuller and Rainforth. They were discussing p better Mr. Ixcey would interfere with carrying on the plan. They seemca to thinz he would not; that sear as 1 could understand, bo was carry* lug on a similar business in Cincinnati 1 Inquir ed who he was, and war told he was the man they Lad spolen of in the original plan as be ng au in surance agent in this city. .They woulo not give hie name then, but they said he represented a St Loal* company at Cincinnati, ana Inal he had Wn connected with the Atom Company. Fuller tuld that Charles Fuller had signed the name of the mppo el wife of Rainforth when tho origins) pulley mbs executed. J have seen Charles Fuller M.venj times in the office on LaSalle street 1 abu gathered from Ualnforth that there wae a MU? Finney, that I flaw per- Lap* Tvric*: bat ni.ver spoke 10, who Fuller *?e 'b'mgni knew «ooot It In /the fore k*l* or February Rainlonb removod to the room OD , Aboa t the middle of Fcbra ary Ftdbj-told me that be waa going to eel] the omcel«o.2s>honHj Clsrk ttreet,aid I went and rent'd fl part of Dr- b. J. Avery’* office mom in Fullerton Slunk. FnUur nMu* to pay the rem. About thl* Uite I waa Invited by liainfonn int o u ee nau’S I Hi! 0 ?”; 1 w«nl there and I thl:;k thti imlked eSdnf n S>, li J r ‘ aI H. Abont ,be Mtt S/effiSS EASE'S "" uk P Q x ' “ d he aakeamo tolro I eee^fm^rf I ?nAv d Ka{nr °rth wanted *o I JS™*' I showed him the | leit Mum. Tho first pi on \ru to hive I «BmpW»iSi Polldes to be drawn by an as. I VSSZmPIt *?t. p °l , . cr ‘ hnt be objected to that. I I t * l f l daughter was a snitaole per -1 »!?v? lea\a it to, and trust was agreed upon, wo f® P® a jP p ®tot«l as executor*. Before the pre- I Parker was called In twice. At I the last time ha declared the piticnt could not I lire thirty-six hours, aod (bat the disease I y aß • typhoid fever of a virulent I form. I took the cue for my certificate 1 from what be said. igaveßalnforthlooellaacods I to vomit him, a very heavy cathartic, and ho also I starred himsell to make mm sick, and the pure* 1 In* and vomiting did it. Ot course be did not I have typhoid or anything like It, 1 think 1 also I care him some fluid extract of Ipecacu- I hana. 'iho medicine Dr. Parker pre w»? bought, but not nsed, I Ralnforth saying It would not stay upon his stomach-it was Ou-own Into the Are. About the I » WS brn l *fy I »*de arrangements with the’ i Rush Medical College in this city for a body, and I on about the Ibth 1 received one, havbe *25 I fiTii ““ ,tc expressage, an amount which Mr. I , Cfi ve me for the purpose through Ralnforth It was arranged that Ralnforth was to die when the Dody came, or soon after, because those things f“J°i he kept long. On the evening of the pre tended death, I went our to cel tho medicine' Dr £f* kcr fc* d prescribed, and when I relumed Raln forth was dressing himself. Puller said, “WelL poor fellow. hciade..d.” Some friends of hii | were afterward brought In to see him and they thought it wia hi. M S they saw. We before this 2| paMed C so P mt jokes about the death, and we gagement with his daughter and he went off h l ,ped , metollfta P the bM which bad the body In. 1 remember to have said him ho ought to stay and lay out hl« futhir «r ** Sf'i. pawned my sarglca! we with IJpman, and raised s£s more, which I Pnller promised to repay so as to release the «rtl I morning, ‘idlnfolm kft “y Se St ©dock train, as I suppose. J an «^S e i 011, v r “cfacarrnted have been fuliv devel- statements heretofore made In the I t ° recapitulate them would be use- I Tbe Court then adjourned. AFTERNOON SESSION. i«?l e £ oar ? j"! er S. d talerrowdons to be prepared » P e r < H{ ecte 4 10 T >“othj W. Fuller and Richard Eainforth, under an order to show cause why they Bbonld not be dealt with for contempt, allowing notUiwo o'clock this day for the answers lob? Tssmiqirr or r.w. tulles. B *^S* o| F aU erwafl then placed upon the Ftand. His testimony opened with fust such en deuce as had heretofore been gf?en in court. He men fait] s Ralnforth,previous (£!^\ to ll mebek ? flWa P h J* ldan that he had *V he "“X 01 * 1 could rely upon to do ffiS The next time I met him I think Ki-sdall said the Insurance matter had he*n mcntlorcu and he would like to get fonher in* a^ ervrard « about It, 1 *! fkJL n » l **S toe come time, and hte? i“h^ Ter^ emenl « A 0 Inserted for o?** 1 heard it was to be put In from h« be * a * a be had been engaged heretofore to pre a certificate or Ualnfoi&’s death. KenoaU also told me this. I rented room 2, J> o. 354 Dearborn street, snhscauentlv in conjunction with this affair; for nearly a month I i t ™^ CK 5 n S ,ed Y* Dd Ralntortn took It. «iSin T ? d& l.^ o,^i l P 8 dcrda £ onr Intercourse, fj- 0 ’ lending It tobim, hat not taking his note r . J r Lv or t* kl “s .account of it. mSa Ralnforth pretended to die I was in the room. J knew it was th» calculation for Eamlorth to leave, bnt I did not gr*e him any money then. I blew the Doctor pawned his instruments, but 1 did not know what It was lor. I made It my business not to know anythin* aboutiL I saw the will, hat I thought tee scheme would bo a success, and I knew wita mmyaelf that I’sbon'd not be beneflted under {be wHI. 1 remember a conversation between my daughter and Dr. Ken* dan, and I cannot answer without criminating myself. I intend, however, to plead goiuy. 1 knew (his thiig could not be a success toneason, that Dr. Kendall was so stuboorn in ms own way. Alter I had twice thrown itnn be insisted that it would win. but I was willing to tnrnisb a little money to gratify him, and to let It P° to that pitch where It could not go any further, and I could then get rid of them. * or, l J*i-l d Withl Captain Turtle about it on tho 25th, SHih. 2»th or 2Sth of February. I did not know him bclore that. 1 don’t think I bad *een the will,bnt lfxpccted what was In It. 1 can’t «ay J'b o I talked with about the matter before I spoke jo unless l criminate mysetf. 1 did speak I expect to plead guilty, and do not ace th* ne cessity of criminating myself any further, or of criminating any body else, Frederick Lacey Is the partv I talsed with on the subject In May or June, frith other parties my conversation was only by way of “feeler. I spoke to my brother Charles before the pretended deatn. The reason I went to Turtle was tha* I »aw {ben; was a .disposition on the part of Kendall to push it thronch. I told him to keen anay from ihe Court and I refused to have any thing to do with It. I came here once to put la myrcrunciattoD. I have aced as a detective tor the Government at different perious, running ttrouch iqnrteen or fifteen rears, x have hud considerable trouble before, built was real, and not experimental. When I saw Tuttle I told him as liale, perhaps, as possible. I thought they wonld .work so fast that no actual crime would be committed. I did not at ll<a* time tell Kendall I had been to the detec tives, bet I told him the thing was np. I nave known Lacey two or three years. 1 met him on teohey street, and he pointed we : t. I followed him, and when we turned be a?k*»d me whv I did rot gel my life Insured. I told him I did not have ary laltn in U tv*. Do yon know of the scccess of anralltr sclicmt- on the part of any one ol these panted? A. Only wnat Lacey tola mo, that be had realized ?-,C00; the man, 1 belteTe, Is not dead. Hie name was not to.d me. He told me of another man whose life was Insured, bnt he had to droo it on bun because he got druuk. The case w here tho money was paid was. I think. In the £ma, I do not know as to Rainforth’s means. He tsoneol the west singular men I ever met f Laughter 1 Well, he is, ou‘s!de of this case. He used to get means peculiarly. He wonld have none and want it, ana it came. From the time 1 converged with Turtle, I advised Kendall to remsm out of It Q. Didi anybody ask you to kill the brother of RainforUi; A. h*o, air. X think the brother's name has never been mentioned. 1 know what Is metre a to, but the cams was not mention d Ihe letter was net addressed to me, I have seen seme such letter, but 1 cid not brow who It meant. H, J, KAHECTT. R. J. Earmt stated facts corvoborallve only of that pert of Kendall’s statement of hla inter course with Mr. Qecnan. Tins witeess stated ihat the doctor had annonneed bis intention not to act as executor. statement op UAnyronTir. Richard Raimorth was i:en examined under caution. He said Le Hid not know thatbecooid givemyetlderce uuhoit' cnmina'ing Mm-telt. •*J came here in February* and met Kendall three nr lour years ago in the army.’* Q. Do yon remember the night yon were re ported lo hare died? A. I can’t answer, because r . ■— >. ...... ... «m. . no., u.uiua^ r willciiminalc mysclr. I can’t answer anythin'* about dead bodies anivug in Chicago, nor cm I Ifll vhere hulier was the right I Ml city. frcwiiioi r.lcharu Rainforth being exhibited to him he declined to answer a* io the signature, as his aatwer might imt llcaie him. And an crJer war made that be show cause why he shomd not be dealt with for contempt in cans •uc* to be presented the pretended will for pro- LETrzr. rnoar kendall. Conn'd for the prisoner Kendall then ottered in evidence a following letter received by dad-*o IDadwell, in which ne declined to act a« exeenror. Afier slating the absence of the counsel of Rile- Tilth, be said: Iwonid fur-her say to your Honor 'bat Ido rot wish to act as executor lo said will because it would bo Interfere with my practice as to Injure me much more more then the amount of legacv and per rent fo • fxcculion would renav. 1 would therefore re spectfully decline to sci as executor, and if this in *-otrnCicjctjtrenunciation, am willing toi-cnlin the Fame in due lorm. The v.iine»-es to the will sre t ot known to me, and in fact I know no more about said instrument than your Honor, perhaps not so tnuchr Ke«| ectfuily. Coas. B. K^wnaLL. They also presented » petition f.om the bes known reeidocte of Blackberry. Celt Co-iuty, Il linois, Mbeie Kendall formerly lived, and wuere he waa born. Accompanied by a certificate of the previous good character of Kendall, these citizens expressed the belief that heretofore the prisoner bad been of coed repute m th ; community in v inch he lived. iiestrs. Aray & Wilson then argued Ibe care for ibelr elknt si some length. The Stale’s Attorney mereiv left the matter, where he ibougut it bo- h iigetl. to ihe discretion of the Court. t JMr. Jones, on the part of Itainforth, stated Ilia! he could nor answer the interrogatories.und here upon be entered into a:i argument of his care. ••»Licb, excepting as it appealed to the Court on tt:c ground of the victimizing of hu client, con tained uo new point. s*ve that be urged upon the Court lhat'he cry of‘'Ue;ecllves‘ 1 in tueca:e was " i-bont foundation. •' I'uuui luujjuauun. THE rCNIimXENT. fbc Court senktccd Eamfunb first. He com mitted him to remain until the Sid day of Febru ary n*-xt, the anniversary of hL- pretended death. ::: the County Jail. Kendall was sentenced to lour months’ imprisonment iu the’eatue re-cepla itt for erring manhood it should be nnderetuod that these- t-enier ccs do no* apply 10 the criminal crarsts, if any rha'l be preferred. The case of contempt agalcst Fuller Is set for hcanrg.tbis day at two o’clock. PECULATION BY A CLERK, Faring Down the Profits, For some time past, J. B. Dutch & Co., propn ttoifl ol tho Columbian Mills, at No. SSI North Wei's street, have been conscious that there was some my tier ions leak lu the oruflts of their busi ness, but were unable to satisfy themselves as to the manner in which the loss occurred, or who -bonlc be held accountable for the deficiency. The matter at last assumed such a serious aspect tcatlhey decided to place it n ihe bauds of the Superintendent of Police, and Detective Ellis was a«rign?d the duty of investigating It. On Monday Ellin went to the mills, in citizens dtess, and purchased some oats, floor. &C-. to tne vsi'tts of $7.25. 'ihe money was paid to the clerk, truest Ellon, a young man'about twenty-two tears old, who has long enjoyed the confidence o' bis employers. Ids a rule of the office to keep au exact account of the sales, aud it waa ascer tained before Monday evening that Instead of en tering on bis sales’ account $7.25 the clerk ‘had placed $6.75. Yesterday, Ellis made further ;.urchascs to the amount of $7.30, taking the precaution to put a privale mark on each bill and piece of currency which he bwnded the Clerk. For this sum Elton entered in the sales account 55.20. Another man whom Ellia tent to the mills bought $3.'.0 worth of feed, ard the dishonest clerk entered $1.40. Having thus bagged his game. Ellis immediately arrested the astonished Eltor, and In ibe Dunk of ibciat- , ter, at bis residence, found some of the same marked money tbnt he rad received from the of ficer. 'ibe young mao ha! made a full confession, nod acknowledges that for the past twelve months he has been a 'ladling his employers in the manner slated. ’ Thu amount of his pecula tions ho affects to he ignorant of; neither have his employers the least idea, though It would seem, from the samples given, to bavc aggregated a large sum. He atates that he bai spent the money in making presents and Indulging himself anil friends in such enjoyments as would not other- have I>cen attainable. He Is locked npat the Central station, and will probably be examin ed at the Police Court to-day. Board or Tradx—Mb. Eoam Elected Paeai ncrT-—The adjourned annual meeting of tho Board of Trade was ncld last evening at the Chamber of Commerce. Tho President, John C. pore. Esq., luthe.Chair and Colonel J. F. Beaty, secretary. VS: ~ lr rturtOlirtced the rc»nlt or the election held duiiug the day as follows : Whole number votes cast eng Necessary to an election Of which Jesse M. Richards received Wylie Egan received Mr. Egan was then declared elected, great ap plause gicetinz the announcement. Mr. Egan was not present when the announce merl was made, bat neing brought into the bail be made a few remarks thanking those who bad i*» his inleresL Some other speeches were made and the meeting adjourned. Latayette “Daily Cockieb.”—Mr. B. B. Bar . on. of the Courier, Is at present In this city for *he purpose of calling upon our business men lo obtain a representation of Chicago interests among the wide circle of readers of that paper. The Ciuri'r is an able aud Influential journal, and oart ca dctiiing to advertise Is that section will find no belter medium. Fibe om Weils Stbbet.—An alarm of fire, roog from box No. 19 about eight o'clock yes terday morning, wns caused bytho discovery of fire in a saloon at No. 5131 WclJs street, occupied by Francis Kearns, and owned by Samuel Groll. Kearns' loss was about *SO, 'which wu insured. In the cellar of No. 231, Messrs. Oroll & Volta bad stored about 300 barrels of flour, which was damaged to the amount offSOO, and was not In aured. Strong suspicions, not without some foundation, existed that Kearns fired the nrem tses, and he was arres»ed. Ho will be examined this morning at the Police Court. THE COMINQ ELECTION. large Meeting of He Rcjmblioims ot tho Thirteenth Ward. TMJ 2ee H n £r 0f 016 Ee & n hUcan citizens of the Thirteenth Ward was held last evening at Folz’B J?™* on conet of Larrabee street and iSsnl^ 6, , T se object for which the meeting delibe f ato upon a candidate for 255?®? oj Alderman from that Ward, and to nnmiiwll P/opriely of uulrlng upon some H.“ r n • chosen M Chair “aft a o d „ M £ H ,°°h Secretary, r* Beeb ? wu loudly called upon for a fPffft; ftrwi Mr. Beebe stated ■ been offer ®° M A candidate lor «»*. a * th* c °mlpg election. The nomina ™° aild been unsought oy him, and he had made TO*?^ r l lo i3 ,t l 111 1L 11 was bis desire thatthe ?* rd .? b °f ld . represented In the Common tte m ost capable and most efficient Whomsoever they should nominate for the office. If any other, he ahonld deem it his duty to aid him as far aa P®”" I ** hehevlng that he should subserve tho best Interests of ills party In so doing. lathe same manner, if the party should deemkm wor ‘h/suffrage, he should labor to do his to them. Hla profession was snch that it did ?««i t s ad . 10 i” akc . i? a Polished speaker; he could not advocate his own claims before tiem. and won»d close with the promise that theymtght, if they should choose him, rely upon toa doing I his doty, and bis whole duty, to them I the present Incumbent, fol- I lowed. He said that be came into the wardturee I y« are before an niter stranger, and then reviewed I I al some Icueih the services he had rendered the I ward in its efforts to clear itself of the dra't dur- I ing the hie war. He alluded to his course while Sn 1 wtl 1 «.T ar . d f representaUve ** the Conn- I sif*«5 e .£ al A tI, f 1 S 18 . 1^ was open to them and I argued that be had always endeavored, m the free I ?- r «ft2s? o ?P?*W°nt t. 0 do w bat was for the heat I j Interests of his constituents. I s ; Efj., followed, crltlclslnc Iho conrae of Alderman Prondfoot somewhat severe- I M'r- non .S cca bl ?, , J clf decldedlf Id favor of Mr. Beebe as the candidate for the ward. Mr. I X?i?»lj?,/K aark ® ? cre of a happy vein and char- I acterizcd by much humor, r | "oodruff and Atwater spoke, each at I ?wiS. lei Vm?‘ locating the nomination of Mr. I tw '„ other speakers followed, tHe majority of I tleiMo llkCWlfle faTOred tbe of this gen- I The meeting, which was a largo one. was unite I harmonious throughout, and Aspersed at a late I A Marrellona Exhibition to Open at the Crosby Opera Boose Next Week* The great exhibition known as the Apocalypse, or the Book of Revelations unsealed, and visions ofSaint John presented to view, will open at the Cioeby Opera House next Monday night. This exhibition has met with immense success | in the various cities East, and we can describe It no belter than to copy the following aynopsla of the character ol the entertainment from oar foreign exchanges, and feel quite sure that its i pcinsal will Interest every reader of this paper: I coition of the Apocalypse has I been gotten np at an ehonnona expense, and is a «h^ ctc .l‘ lßftr ? t,ol, . orihe Book ° Pf Revelations* Uie vIB,ODS *hich St. John saw on tne Isleof Palmos, on the Lord’s Day, when be away In the spirit and saw a door In Tfie Archbishop of Canterbury. Primate of all •England, thus expresses himself after witnessing this great work of art: a f«.»«*>** LfIVC b «n written explan fi° T»? r,l i? Book of Revelations, but put them all together, they do not give so clear an idea of what lypee" 11 B4Hr 88 thc *° Blus'iallons of the Apoca- Jbls exhibition eommences with a scene renre. eeniinc 8L Jobn rathe Isle of Patmos;then 1fol )o«s tele vision of Ihe seven golden candlesticks, rad one like unto the son of Man; then cornea a cn at vision of a doer In Elearen open, showing the throne, beasts eiders and sea of g'ass : then L<u °b wlththe book of seven seals, £SS B,oa of Pf while, red and black horses. SScr !hSau*r. I Sa?h" e,Ih '’ " > ° l3or th ° I ... ... GBEAT DAT OP HIS WHATH. •rt?“ a 7l? ,e v vte,oni OI the four angels ' S?i^L'f.u d 2 l^ at the ? »bonld not blow, rad i the .rest multitude before tho throne, aud the seven angels with the seven trumpets, followed bv the vision of the seven plagues ana the tern ia u “ vcn - Then Is seen the .rent wonder of Heaven, a woman clothed with !™r.Hf’. Mat,a,ns .? n the moon . with n crown of vinfioV 2 1 ?’ *2° fftcat red dragon with seven E j ,enbon,B^fbereis a war In Heaven with the dragon, and he is cast ont. The beast with seven heads and ten horns Is now seen rising from the seajand 10, and oebold ! the Lamb on Hcnnt Zion with the one hundred and forly-fonr thousand harping with harps. The Son of Man HP.‘~~.2 r % c !? Ild ' , V ldt,ie tn-eat wine press of Uie wrath of God concludes this portion of the ttthibitton. The last part shows the seven angels ?H?£ B ,h Vl 2J 8 « CoE,ta,nln e ibo seven last plagues, with ihe visions of the seven plagues as 1 the vials are pomed out; then is seen the woman crewed in the purple and scarlet, sitting on tho I scarlet beast whh the seven heads and len boms; the rum* of Babylon, and Satan chained sad cast pU; tte vho ' e exhioliion closing with the vision oi TUE LAST JUDOJfBST, I sed the new Jerusalem descending from Heaven with a street in the new Jerusalem, showing the liver ot life, and the tree of life, golden pavement magnificent palaces wlih jewelled columns and pilcid domes, the whole forming a scene of un paralleled beauty, it scemlrg to the beholder one perfect biaze of glory, and representing the future home of the Christian. Ibis exhibition U pronounced by the entire pi ess and competent judges to be the finest work of art gotten up in modern times, and worth mil*s p. travel to see. So far. In America, the halls have not been large enough to hold the people who have thronged to »ee u. Entire conereea lions oi churche >, old gray-beaded men and wo men bare turned out enmastc to witness thlsmar vellouSfcprodncilon. Wo predict a great rush to the Opera House while it is here, as it will, un doubtedly. prove onr of the moat attractive exhi bitions -ver opened In this cl>y. In Cincinnati, lA>aihV)lle,St. Louis, and in ihe Eastern cities, the press unite in pronouncing it the most singular, chants ard attractive exhibition ever presented to an Amnicaii audience. Roses a>*d Beddino rt^Ajrre. —A beautiful sleek of roses in tnil bloom, and bedding plants ol every description, are oo sale at Williams’ tfnr * en. 2vo. I».V. North Clark ntrert. City lltalts and tnllerton avenue cars pass the place. Parlies •• ifbit.g to invest wjj] ilnj it worth a visit to hij nurteiy, to etc the fine display. fcTzxjc Saw Mm_—The attention of Inmbermen Is requeued to an advertisement in tae ‘*For Sale” column, of a one-third interest lu a steam «w mill, sitnalied on the shore ol Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin, attached to which Is nine hundred acres oi pine limber. Particulars will be lurnUa -d on application to Box 113, Post Office. Lock pork. Illinois. “acbops m Costikamt.”—Lieutenant Gov e;ncr Bros;; lectured mst evening before the Stn dvntt’ 'Ae'ociabon of the University of Chicago, giving his sketch of a tour “Across the Coali n'at.” The attendance waa large, and the au dience wsa enthusiastic in cxpressioes of appto- FROM SPRIXOFU LD. • fat i<f litsertcrs-Unlted States Court —Water 'bompany 7run>eer« of (Do Insane UoauUal- Townslnp Ivlcciluu—Pencil Crop—Ju dicial Itlcctlun. {Special Dt-fcpalcb to IVo Chicago Tribnav] SruisoriELD, April 2. Jhc War Department has furnished the Gov* e. iior with a full Uat of six deserters from the reg ular army. A large number of workmen arc now engaged imhe erection of the United State- Court House, and hope to complete the erons work during the summer. The contract for fernlsbing the atone h«a been awarded to the Hancock Stone Com pany. Ihe certificate of organization of the Atmos pheric water Elevator Company of Batavia, Kane County, with a capita' of ?500,000, was filed with the Secretary of State to-day. The Trustees ot the Insane Hospital will meet at Jacktomllle on the £tb lest. The township election here to-day pas»ed off quicily. 'ihe Copperhead ticket is probably t-lccled by a small majority. Ihe frost has umsmlly injured the condition of the peach crop In this locality. Governor Oglesby is expected here to-night. ... members of the Republican Central Com mittee in this Judicial Division will call a Conven tion, to meet carlv in -May, for the Jpnrpose of nominatiTp a candidate for .indge and Cl-rk of Supreme Court in tols Division. CESTEAL A 5)) SOUTH AMERICA. Prospect of a Settlement Between Pern and Npaln-Ponlble War Between Pern and Chill—A Village Devastaird by a Thunder Storm-One Hundred People Killed—Panama Kallroad. New Yoke, April 2.—TLe Herald'* Lima, Peru, correspondence says: “ There waa a prospect of a speedy settlement with t-pain, as it was believed Chill was about to break the alliance and make terms for herself. If this was done. It was feared there would be a war between Pern and Chili. ’'lbe village or Bolivia bad been visited bv a terrific thunder-storm, destroying more than twenty houses, and killing about one hundred people.” The Herald's Panama correspondent says: **lhe required extension of the Panama Railroad charter will probably be granted.” Saw mil Kxploaion—Five Persona Killed. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] EvAM9m.tr, Ind., April 2. A saw mill exploded in Henderson County, Ey., to-day, instantly killing five persons. The Labor Question. Boston, April I.—The male rpinners and some of the carders of Lawrence struck to-day for ten hours. New York, April I.—Strikes among tho labor ers and journeymen have not become general. The masons have, however, decided to demand 54.60 per day trom Monday next, and threaten to quit work if their demands are not acceded to. LOCAL MATTERS. A Single Trial of Din. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for children teething, never yet ‘ailed to relieve the baby, aud overcome the prejudices of the mother. It will relievo the poor little sufferer immediately. It not only trees tho child Bom pain, hat regulates the stomach and buwels, cures wind colic, corrects acidity and cares dysentery ard dinrrbcea. Gives rest and health to the child, and comforts the mother. Thirty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and call for “Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup,” having the fac simile cf “ Curtis & Perkins” on the outside wrapper. All others arc base imitations. Pimple* on tlio Face and Blnencas around the eves removed by tho use of King’s Cola Cream Soap. The youthful and pleasing whiteness which it gives to the skin is truly mar velous—delightful beyond expression. Retailed by Dyche & Story and Buck, Apothe caries ; wholesale by Smith & Dwyer, Druggists. The moat wonderful medicine ever known to man Is Metcalfs great Rheumatic Rem edy, Tell your afflicted iricnda tu try it. Itch! Scratch!! Boyd’* medicated Cream cures Ucb, ecra'chcs, and all skin diseases. It ia neat, pleasant aromatic, safe aud certaln speclaliy adapted to children. Sold by oil drug ffisle. . Paper Hanging* and windowShadeS) all the lalcst styles. Great inducements to wholesale dealers at F. £. Rigby’s, 89 Randolph street. Use Gardiner’s Hbenmntlc and Ncn relgtc Compound, It cures Rheumatism and Ireuralgia. Sure cure warranted. Sold fy all Druggists. Bamhams & VanSchaack, Agents, 10 lake street. aiADBIED 2lat - bf the Rev. E J.OoodSDeeJ, A- -‘ ImXELh eldest daughter of R. K.. Bwlft, Etq., allot Chi- DIED. In thli city. April Ist, of pneumonia, JOHN fl. HOLD ING, ocfd 69 years. Funeral irotn his late residence, No.t9Frr-aL.thia ( Weon-bday), Apnl 3d. at V before it. Coxa leave tor RotchlU atFriends of the lamlly are rcipectfally invited to attend. " MARKETS BT TELEBRAPH. Ntw York Uts Slock Market. aiXXS 07 CATTL* AT 111* ITATIOSAt TASDB, TOBX- [Reported by Telegraph exclusively lor (he Chicago Tribune ] Nrw Toes. Monday Evening. April 1,1557. Beef Cattle—There were yarded and mosllyaoW to butchers to-day, at the National Tarda, TorkrUle, WOO head. These were from the several states a* follows: Hew T.rk, 75; Ohio, 100; Indiana, 317; Michigan, 20; and Illinois, 930. The weather was fine, and under a short supply the market opened lively at an advance of folly He on last week's rates. Beal first class bollocks, the best la the market, sold at 15c. Good lair medium, seeb as smooth Utlaoli steers, at 10@16>fc. The lower grades, such as thin steers and hetiera, rough oxen, dry coirs, Ac, at 13(3 lie. The ayerage price paid was 16c, which Is an ad vance ot 3fc. The offerings comprised some very poor atoek. There « ere a few prime inity>if. Sheep—There was a fair supply in thenarket, and trade was not as active as last week. A large propor tion of the receipts were ot poor grade. Among the offerings were a few sheared. Prices range at 7VA 9j<c. Doga-Beecired, tea cart, mostly poor. Utoach all were sold. .Prices range at 7^@Bxc. Total receipts o! stock tor tie week ending to-dar at all tie New York markets Beet Cattle. Sheep.. Sense.. SALES OE BXETE3. D. Dill Bella 84 head Pennsylvania, the best In the market, RTcraglngSM bs at 15c. Jes.Bmllh sells 90 head Illinois, averaging 1,700 B 8 home weight, at (107.00 per head. A. R. Smith Belli 170 head Illinois, averaeinr 730 bs. aticanxc. o. D. Alexander sella, at Bergen, 124 head nilnola, averagicg coo ns. at IK&I6C. Maxwell & Berry sell-at Bergen—63 head lOlaoK averaging 700 bs, at 15@I6Xc. 1m Templeton Bella ICO head Indians—at Commaol paw—averaging 700 fts, at 15@ltc. 6 W. Allerton cellars head llUnola—at Commaalpaw “averaging 7CO ba, at 15Xc. . . _ SOLOXEOBINSOa. tSpeclnl Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New York, April 2. Eheep-Decllned Xc, and Belling at «X®9Xc. Swine-Lower, at (8.00*8,56. itecclpts, 3,000. New Yorxc Financial News. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.J _ t . New Tore, April 2. The stock market this morning opened steady at the closing prices oflast evening. ATer the regular call the market was weak, and at 12 o’clock prices were lower. Erie (common) selling at 57X, Michigan South* em at 72X, Rock Island at 91, and Chicago A North western (prelcrred) at flltf. It Is rumored that a largo wall ctreet bouse has borrowed Are million dollars In greenbacks. This is making money scarce, and the en tire stock market Is becoming weaker. This also tends to keep outsiders very quiet. The money market 1s very active at 7pcr cent, and a large amountof cash stockls being forced upon the market. At l o’clock the market was a shads better. Vanderbilt la buying largely, as also is the house that broke the market. Consolidated Gregory etock was weak. The reported attachment of property will probably make It decline 1 per cent. At 230 the market was weak and X lower. 1 Money Is tight, country bants have drawn their bal- I anecs and arc borrowing on their bonds. I There Is bat tittle disposition to “bull” the stock I market. At the &30 call tho general market was steady, Michigan Southern and Rock Island stock be ing the weakest. American gold was very strong, opening at UIV. ad anting to ISIJf, and closing at 131 ms. Ocean Freights [Special Despatch to the Chicago Trtbane.l _ New Yoke, April 3. Freights to Llvsrpool-W.OcO bn com at pence by sail, and 4jf pence by steam, and a full load to Ireland. New York Breadsniflb market, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Flonr—Demand mainly on low grades. Choice doa ble extras are depressed, by a liberal supply of Cali fornia. Wheat—More Inquiry for good spring to go South, and the market Is firm. Om—Held Arm, at *1.23 in store at the close, but *WI was the highest sale. New Tork Grocery market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New your. April 2. Coffee-Active and buoyant. 1U0,33*®36kc ; Java, wesic. Sugar—More active. Fair to prime, lOJfailKc. New Tork Provision market. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] _ Nxw To EX, April 3, Fork—ln brisk demand to fill contracts. Prices ar« firmer since ’Change, and the closing salewasat 323.29 cash. * Bams-Sales of dry salted at ISifoUtfc. Lard—No quotable advance, but prime kettle dered la held firm at IS^e. Export* from New Fork. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Toex. Aprils. The exports lor the pm week were: 9,000 brls flour, 134,(80 bu com, 51,(00 bu barley, f.iso brls pone. 1,065.(00 ns bacon, and (£|,eoo Bs lard. Tlie Exodace market*. MILWAUKEE. {Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.) w _ Milwaukee, April 3. Flour—Firm. XX spring. 11l JO; choice X. 111.00- yesterflay; X, to-day. |ll,00; common do, $10.75. Wheat—Active, galea at the Morning Board of 9 COO centals. At the Noon Board sales of 37,800 centals at 14,17 lor No. Ila store; |3ASiaSA7 fbr No. 2ao ; *3.89. buyer’s option next week, seller’s option next week and April 10th to ttlh; *3.67 lor No. 3tn autre: *3 J 7 for rejected. Oats—Advancing. Sales at *1.73 lor No. 1 old re ceipts and No. 3 fresh do. Com—Steady at *1.70 lor No. 1 old In itore. Rye—ACrancsa 3c. Salesat*3Jo32XßvlorNo. 3 Provisions— Held firmly. Mess pork he’d at 133.00. Receipts—l,2Co brla flour, 3 OCO centals wheat, 500 do oats. 800 do ctm, <OO do rye, WOO do barley, 30 dressed hues. Shipments—4,loo brls flour, 800 centals wheat, 500 bt pork, £0 Ires lard. •Netospaperg. CHICAGO WEEKLY TRIBUNE. CONTENTS OF .THIS WEEK'S ISsDE. J. LONDON LETTER: English Farms and Farmers—Ufe la the Rural Districts cf England— The Retailors of Ludlordi aod Tenants— The Wave* of Übor-The Beal Social Status of tm Farmers and Farm Laborers. [Thu letter Is written expressly for the Chicago Tubumz. by a well known English antheres*. S. LITf ItATURE: NOTICES OF NEW PUBLICA- TlONS—Utilitarianism : o j j. stuart Mill; Lovell nets cfilumanLife: by W, R. A rer S.GOSSIPfouTttE LADIES; All About the Sex. 1. NEBRASKA: Internal Resources of the State— Agriculture—The North acd the South Platte. 3. NaPOLtON’S STABLES; Descriptions ot the BnIIUiDRS-Tbc Saddle and Coach Hainesa-Black sn-ith Shop aid Infirmary—The Prince Imperial at hU R’dlng Lessen. C. CIRaBDiN ; Remirkablo Caro*r of a French Journalist and Politician. 7. A GREAT LAW SUFI DECIDED; The Oreikln • rligf-Lre Controversy in Kcmuckr. B, STOCK EPIDEMIC: Serious Alarm Among Farmers In New Jersey—Fean that tho United State* is to l-e VlMted by the Cattle P.agne. 9. ADELE’6 EAR RINGS. 10. THE ASSASSIN ATION TRIAL: Full Report of the BnUer-Btcgham Controversy—startling Accu eanons and Sharp Retorts—Bootn and His Diary— Unrevealed History cf tho Asasaslnatlnn Plot. U. PROGRESS OF RECONSTRUCTION: Another Son then Governor Loyadzed-Letter Irom Gov ernor Patten—The Rebels and the Negro Vole- How General bheridan’a Initial Older is Received. 13. CRIME*: AManinMaln Beheaded byaManlac— The Besu.ls of Crcdnllty-A Man Chops off hU Ndahboi’a Dead with an Axe—Execution of the French Aeastrln, Lcmalre, etc. 13. OZONE; Its Htitory, Its Nature and Its Uses 14. A WONDERFUL CENTENARIAN: Extrsordln ary and EvraUal Career—Some of the Old Man's Peculiarities—llia Immense Consumption ol Colu mn. 15. MISCELLANY: Two Column! of Cholca Extracts 16. THE GREAT FIRE IN ST. LOUIS: Complete D Btructlon oftheLlnCell Hotell—Full Fartlcolars of the Disastrous Conflagration—Loss over One Mil lion Dollars. 17. TIRLIBLETRAGEDY: Shocking Exhibition of Parcels] Cruelty—A Young Girl Beaten to Death by Htr Father. 18. LONDON LETTER: The Fenian Prisoners in Ireland, and how They will he Trested-Engllah Views of lufturrcctl&n—lncreasing power oi the Trades Unions, etc. 19. GENERAL NEWS: Five Columns of Miscellane ous, Northwestern, Political and Pereona] items. SO. EDITORIALS: Acquisition of Russian Americs— Sheridan at ’Work-Butler, Bingham, Dooth-The Negro in Southern Politics—Bewtrllng Deserters— Press Reform In Franc:—New York Constitutions! Cooventlop, etc. 21. WEEKLY REVIEW: A Complete Review of the Chicago Market. The Chicago Wzesit Tamcjn: has a larger and bettor circulation than any other weekly Journal In the West, and Is therefore a most excellent medium for advertising, especially for those who wish to reacn the agricultural ana laborlagclSßsea. Terms moderate. JLectutea. tne SEEf, HAIR, EAR AND EYE, £r*qw to preserve a sofr. IVefh and healthy skin, good hair, hearing, Ac., amply Illustrated, by Dr. O’LEARY At IlXnsic Ball, To-Nig-ht. Admission free. No contribution. Office hour* from 10 a.m. tj 4p. at Parlor 36. Tremoct Boute. w. Q. MARGIN. Agent. Sato iKills, Engines, &c. 'J'HB LAKE & HODLET Portable Circular Saw Hills, POETABTiK STEAM ENGHTEB, Stangle Machines, Com Mina and Bhahmr. Wood working Machinery. LANK 6c BUOLET, Comer ol John and Water-sts., Cincinnati. Applicants for descriptive circular* will specify the machinery taev need. ««58r.eJ-<bx»a fßacijiners- PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES, 0,8, 10, 12 and 15 Horse Power, WILL BE SOLD AT LOW FIGURES. Hawkins & James, 54 South Wells»st. Uinegar. J)URE CIDER VINEGAR, Warranted pare, and picklee. Lames works Cf the kind in tho United states. „ CHARLES G. E. PKUSSINO. , acd ."Ml Stato-at-rhir.Atm. 2,061: antr jFouua. LOST —Monday evening, r velvet porte moDUflle, with sttcl chain attached, coctalnlng some m'ncy. The finder win receive a reward by re turning the tame to J 56 Canal-st. 1 IOST— Monday morning last, between j 78 West Adams and RoUjhz Mill School House, a small round California breast pin, with seven set tlr.vs. valned as » gift, Th? flnJcr will be rewarded bv leaving the same at 7o West Adams or tbs dchool House above mentioned. FOUND —a coat in the TYest Division, which the owner can have by calling at U 5 South Jeflerson-eL, after 6 p.m. T7OUND—A dress coat, nearly new. J 1 The owner can hare It oa paying charms, by caUlngat9lietate^t.,lamorear. MBS. AsIITON. amusements, QROSBY’S OJPBKA HOUSE, For a Short Time Only. COMMENCING ON MONDAY EVEHDfG, APEIL Bth. w9E“,® v «7 clent alter, ontll farther notice, with ffeTerjraften,oonoa Wednesday, TTie Wonder and Varrel of the Ago I MAOHIFICERT AHD DIVIRiL THE QBBAT APOCALYPSE ILLUSTRATED; THE BOOK OF HBVBIi ations UNSEALKD; The Visions of St. John - OPENED TO VIEW. inrwhit KSS““«ZW T e»t*erx ScrjrßS,?hOW* mgwuatbi. jonnaair when aDoor la BBAVBN WAS OFBITOD, ™BSiSS; CAhDLEbXIuKB, and ending with tha Vision of THE DAY OF JUDGMENT AND THE 11 ow «T erusalem. .. 3,526 ..11,033 ..11,0 STAETIING SPECTACLES ■Vouchsafed to Man, and only revealed to St. John, the ••beloved ducipie,” that toe world throttshhunmieht Imn of Ue thn» lo.t mmuconu to piS"JSpSJm “*he Great Day of His Wrath,” when to&e shall be able to stand. * Tlckeuto Dress Circle. Parquctte and Orchestra Chairs, SO cents. Balcony and family Circle, 25 cm*a Commence at cipbt o'clock. Bouse 01 * 10 iLllDi *“ 25 cects to all PWt» 01 the Opera MATINEE every afternoon at hall-past two o’rineir commencing Wednesday. April 10th. CJOOC, The Stclnway Grand Plano used at this Entertain ment la from the warerooms otSmltn & Nixon A. B. MORRISON. Sole Proprietor and Manager. 'PI' ART L. STEWART WILL LECTURE AT 080857*8 OPSB& HOT7SS, ONWEDNESDAT EVENING, April 3d. Subject:—“Principle and Policy. Tickets SO cents. Reserved Seats 73 cent Seats and Tickets may be secured at the Box ODcc on Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9 a. m. to sp. m.. and at the Bookstores. £JUOSB*’S OPEKA HOUSE COMPLIMENTARY MATINEE BENEFIT TO MB. Wtt AEIIBQTOB, Thursday Afternoon, April 4, 1567. Doors opes at x put 1. Perform as ce commences st 3. A Splendid Array ot Talent bis Tolnnteered. AN EXCELLENT COMKDT. SINGING AND DANCING. Tbe Great one-borso Barlcsque. PROF. HAM—ILLS—TUN. ■Mr. Wo. Arlington. nam-Dls-Tima, TljAeM tor sale st the principal Maalc Storei, and: the Opera House. Box Office nov open. AamlMlOD, 50 cents. Bet erred scats, 73 cca t! JJIsTOEI’S FAREWELL MIGHTS XIX CHICAGO, Prior to her Departure for Europe. by the traas-Atlas; S S?S£ J'Sy; em ’- ■«* SsS’tSS CRO»DY*S OPERA HOUSE, DIRECTOR J. QRAU. Lul Two flight* la Chicago, of ADELAIDE BISTORI, Wo/to ?r ]n \ io * America. tbo Held on which, by her great dramatic powers and transcendent c’nlos she achicred some ot her greatest tflomphsT B TDURSpAV, April 4th, Victor Rnjro’s Celebrated SlS?obf4 n Si c,o, toe Tyrant of Podia.* ADELAIDE RISTORI In her moot celebrated role of TnisDE. \.f^^w A TvAS rt A S A§ hl ‘K£S fs^e, ■ Celebrated Tragedy. Macbeth. ADELAIDE ttISTOEI oa LADr MACCE ru! r ART*vsp?i^JvJFj?. N *9P !r ' at 2 o'clock, RISTOUPS GIIA -’ U KISTOHI . Al the Matinee. the price ol admission. Including re > * efl * Circle; I’aryoette, Orcncs tra beats and Dalcooy. will be twodJllar*. Q.RANB MATINEE. SUNDAY SCHOOIIjNIOH CONCERT Tins AFTERNOON. At Crosby's Opera House, Tickets 50 cents. Children 85 cents. No reserved teats. Doors open at 3 o'clock. Concert to commence at 3 wo op's Jiusuua. wli* J* B* WOOD lToor'»tor Director of Amoaettczili ....P. K. AIKEN BtagD Minnow fIIOS. UACBY ••I hope I don’t Imrode.’’ Lo«t nleht hat one of the a«atPjenchCorafdr ThtJ (Wednesday)afternoon, April 3d, at the Grind Matinee at 3m o’clock, win ho nrforaetl the celebrated comedy or PAUL Pity, in “jee*etlni at 8 o’clock, the new French Com-.dr of ADAAGEnODS GAME*. played to crowded hong's with treat encreag. Friday, uenefltol Mr J. L. We«h erwax. eatmdar afternoon. Grand Matinee. Mez’a Dlvmloh and ily Turn Next. eooa. * AT c tlO'KEH 7 l THBATKE. MoVICKKK * MYKKfI MANAGERS. CIIAKfIB OF TIME.—On and after March 18th. the 7)^ —performance will commence ai _Enca*cmcßt cf . MIL J. PROUTOB. ncdQMday, April 3, the treat traeedy written tor Ed win Forreat. entitled Of. _ Jac» Cade {under ihe a*tnmed name of Arleraere.iMr, '.«SSS or *«4 n i l . tbe Farce «-f AN ALARMING a\d- IbeWtnSl*^ 01 * ,ckcf * Mr * W - Tef< * Tharjday, Nick of AKIBTY THEATRE. Monday Eyenlnff, April I, 1807. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT I c * f , ef ? l Preparation. w|.| be produced HELL UPON EARTH; Or, Satan and His 7 Daughters. New and besutUal scenery by W. D. Sterrey New woo*rtlw or John bhcrrcan. New and splendid ward robc. A cftrelnUy •cicct'M ui bovuttful Corns ae Bsl let; btw tOicta, Brilliant transformation sc«n»s. l T^ni le ? ° r n .» h a ’ d 1,8 ‘bh'bJtanU. Art 3- J£t«a and Dla Seven Daughters In rnicago. Act 3-A Change of Scene—War—Love—Virtue rrlnrnphant. OoSXX FOKTHIIEE WEEKB MOKE TheNewYorkMuseum of Anatomy, DO Randolph-et- comer of Dearborn. Wonder of Wonders-Mysteries of Man Cre ated—The Mechanism of Nervous System— The Secrets of Nature Unveiled. Lectures Dally. These unable to atteid may receive t>em b> eaclo»lng 10 cent- ta Secretary. 1 auction Sales A. RUTTERS & CO., AUCTIONE i:rs, 4A and 4 6 RANDOLPS-ST. Between SUte-st. and Wabssh-ay. 'y"ALDAJiLE PKOi'AnTV, THE RICHMOND HOUSE AT AXTCTION, On W ednesdaj, April 17th, at 100’Clk. ON THE PREMISES, WcfibaH sell the valuable property known as tin SSh’w d ,i ,o V* e ' * Ua K? ftn ,he corner“l yi at Sr;*i-. and Mlchliran-ar.-ttie hou*o fro-ts jeic't on Mlcblecn-av. and ISO feet on S'.uth Water- Ki’fTSrfSW?* &“*&•« *»«««• MU bailment. Tne lolls 5)0 feet by 190, the bon r n rovcrln- the estlic wound. TboBICDMONO DOUSE Is One of tho Best Buildings In this City, 5^2?£SS ! K b ? m at a c:,t of *140.000. and Is now AD the gas Qxturea and ileum apparatus will be sold witn the house. ,*» msdß «“W*ct to a mortgage of fa,loo, 8 years, with Interest hi 8 per cent P l SL*®®' um * . All above that amount will no cash. The home le now rented for a term of years to a prompt paying tenant for SIO,OOO per annum. The iaie of this valuable and desirable property la without reserve. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO- ’ __ Auctioneers. T>Y GILBERT & SAMPSON, General -M .Auctioneers, Salesrooms 47 aod 49 Dearborn st-Chicago. Our personal attention given to sales of all kinds of household furolture, &c.. at dwellings, or our Auction Dooms, tleguiar sale days at store TuMeJay aod Friday. Parlies wishing to buy or sell wl I tind It to their Interest to call on us. Large and extensive rale ol new and second-nand Farnltnre, Carpets, Pier Glasses and household goods, at auction, ON FRIDAY, April sth, at 10 o'clock. at pur enctlon rooms, consisting in part of the house hold goods, carpets, Ac- ot two families, breaking up bookkeeping. Also a splendid stock of cew fd ml taro 2f UTf ]£ fe,n “* Inclndlng nfte*n very elegant acd me dium Chamber Belts, and twelve new aud second-hand Parlor Setts. Id solid Bosoword and Polish Walnut, wltn a great yarlety of househ.ld goods. Also two apieudW Frenrh-pUte Pier Glasio?, with rich carved rollili AVaIDQt Dames. GILBERT A SAMPSON. _ Auctioneers. Ruction sale of elegant Fancy and Toilet Goods. LADIES ARE PARTICULARLY INVITED. tiwsv&as&si?*- corncr ° r ON THUEBDAY, April 4th, Commcnrlnj; at 10 o’clock a. the entire stock of New and Fancy Articles, Dry Good*. Books and sta. ““WF. riarc Steel Ergravlnra, IVrfun,cries, &c --contained in ssld store, known as Gay A. Lewis* Ua The goods are all of superior Quality br any slock ol the kltd In the ciVrT ’ surpassed Terms of sale, cash. Every arilale offered will be BC,a * J. A. MARSHALL. ’ Auctioneer. \XTJL GRIFFITHS & CO., * » No. 103 soum CLARKST.

Sell on Thursday morales. April 4, at W a. m., furniture, Counters, Carpet*, Stow Cates, &c. *«»a..ue.k» l wm. Griffiths & co„ Auctioneers. T> T. LEE, City Auctioneer, Tbiirha, 10 o'clock, Ilk of B £l aoß */? lattresscj, Spring Beds, Lounges. Wasii Ma- S&SStiKS s “' vl “ l! ' clocsa ' a «orS iSa JJANIEL SCOTT & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 LakMt.) cor* Chicago* Cash advanced on Merchandise comic:ed: Out-door ealea promptly attended to. 4DCTION.— Dry Goods, Oassimercs, Prints, 4c ,4c. ’ * day, TUESDAY, April 2d, IS«T. at D VNIEj SCOTT 4 CO/S Auction Booms. 161 LskV« » large ard lre*b assortment ol Dry Goods. Dreu Gnnkr bnawls, Gentlemen’s Clothing. &L, 4c; uooas DANIEL SCOTT A CO., Auctioneers. A UCTXON—Thursday 4lli ol April, at Xl 10 a. m., at the rooms of Daniel Scott 4Co 161 Lake-st. Elegant new Furniture, embracing nwinp snltes of all cescrlptlons, bed room do «ori* Lounges, ChilrsjEasy Chairs. Body Mrusselt. inmSn and two and three rly made op Carpets, Glassware, nn Paintings, Fancy Soap. 4c. ’ “ L ' u “ DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO- Auctions*. A UCTlON—Friday, sin ol April, at 10 Xi a, m.. at the rooms of Daniel Scott 4Co iitt Lake-fit.—Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Prints, swrtfngi Sheetings, Ginghams. Delaines, Hoop Bktrta. /IV Mil.,, “V** ■ A large and fresh saiortmeut. DANIEL SCOTT 4 CO., Auctioneers. asms asaanteu. A BENTS—Wanted—For General L. 6 jCy~ Baker’s HISTORY OF TAB BRCBBT SEBVICa! S» moat eiatifi£ ud inumtj a* book ever pobtnaed* an AUTHENTIC ml OFFi”iii' ««nmt cl the hitherto auporeaed facta tod Jaiotmi Uee obtained by General Baker, dunoshuflrSvfari HrviceaaCbUiol the NtUo»al Detective PoUce. il ■wi announced more than a year aMThni ?.*??* to the attempt* of the Government loianarwr I*. Iti wm deayed. It wtU now be fisnS* TO altered and unabridged, under the General Baaer. TbellfuTimlbnnaOhE ffiSS,? a hb operation* derived irom the senawera cl theday.haveoalyaTakeaeda more P d£ir. In the mine* of the reading community, to Icaraanii more ol the roy»tene* heretofore hidden cf official surveillance. ThU book n?m»S? TCU Ol MCTfCJ >OO nil two H dr iSvSTSJHi'?; the Inapectlon and crltlcUm of tho worldT^The ““"•of **• National Capital °ar?toorooSy ventilated, and there are s u me atraaee rerSa. tloia concerning head* ol axmbm of Congress, female pardon brokers. and military characters, for thrtUmjrlnt»attnfaa m»?? rdloos narratives ol General mcma experience* ol Foncheand tbe rare ment ol truth for their “w *“ ““W W WHMt oma u iS&u Sendlbr circular*, and eee our term* and a fkit acrlptlon ot the werk Addreai JONES bboihkks* CO. CnndnDati:oMo. Igga34 A GENTt—Wanted—Biggest thing out •XX lor Aetna. For par'lcalars and samnle. wmii “» BUSSELL & CO.. LL P. A GENTb—Wanted—To sell the new A Picture. THE TOMB OF LINCOLN Uceral ternaand exclneivc territory ern-ted. CalToni-iCt dre»a J. OEMMELL, PMtt l£i Rwd<‘lSh. Prlnu rBCr Ct catalogue ot Mb Chclce A GbNTb—Wanted—A “eolden onnor- A tußltT'*—To Bell tkk*U f.-r car “WlKotmnpi. nlnuiGino‘acert’’ forlttC* Per.ons travo°Un/on other business can do best. All such HinnM ini'r Drawlne JelTlth. ISCT. Part:ea ranoMihi sssaisss&js** ' GENT-' -- -TS—Wanted—COO Agents want* aufee* 1 ** a DtW bQilßeM ‘ H. n. SHAW. AUrcd A GENTS—Wanted—s2s a da". UUdJSSL *" A « a “*- 0.T.-GABKI. AGENTS —Wanted—To canvass lor “Life la Holy Land." a work of Ibillllntr Interest to every lover of sacred literature. Jtut wsnwLantl selling rapidly. Elegantly lllnstrated. EadoraSj Sr ou£X TZ'L'l- GENTS—Wanted. immediately—Tfrr. ..PH l^- c f d - ca ?, Ta ?. serß to Mil the richly Illustrated complete in one octavo volome Tbe Reheat repository ol knowledge - tcllectoal wealth. A gem of literature. An todlspensa m2i*pi h ASKS s L , *J? Uj *.. The beßt Belling book In * n»T l i? x£LV^? ni *s«£ , l ltor 3 r nJdreaj OLIDUEN A HALE, Pobiliben. 127 Booth Clark-st, Chicago. A GENTS-Wanted—Male and female— i^.f? 0 ™ 8 5> r 4 0861111 article that everybody wants , W per day made without leavlnr boor, bampie and terms scot on receipt ot 50 cents. No bmnbng. Address “ARTIFEX." Station B. Chicago,' A GENTS—Wanted—“THE BETTER .Jbo moat popular enaravln* In Amtjr l^.“ d T?- y r r- e *o "1 «hasl cn»rtsu it amone my H®** »vTn i’^ G V aoland * “U suerest# IhaChrlionß P^euy.”—l. Maria caild. Chamm*. —Drury Ward Beecher. •• Firm aa miu, mild aa woman, beautiful as Peaseroßa or Tout* tiiH r n E J r “^. ,ln cS-.£!!.« r > d l u ‘Sweet Sixteen.’hope* lojf out Into the etUlnesa of eterallT."—Chicaro Trl» jJJM* ,S? etlLCd to t«>e rink with the fleeßtworXsol f.TT, o *^. l country.”— ProC EIIU. Oberlla College, nJ he *S w i c J ,al,< J n ol modern art.”—Chicago Jour 2?t-irw D .? for circular. Also for ‘•THE EMPTY E y^«A ne w worX by the tame artist, and de*- srnnn a m?s < v\" ?2SS'?J* . Address. Immediately. STODDABD A CO.. 102 Waahinffton-BU Chicago. * 'B—‘Wanted—A good agent in c ?°° ly i“ the Northwcsl.ru st»te», to ee'-l the Lines Marier,” the Terr best mosey* n atlnr patent erer Invented. We oflfcr inperior In -2Sf ei S e,,t *.fii lbe mllt Small capital ro- Artdrew. with alamo, MORTIMER * CO„ 80*3«7 COfLer tJlark “d Bandolph-ita., or P/ Ch A GENTS—Wanted—To eel! “Farracut j£** and Comtaandcra," or “OtTB Jt£VY DURING THE REBELLION.” D f (be world* re f OW r l .t? WiTotUn, Hon.J.T. Headliet. The rapid sale of tbe work li infflclentevidence ol lu popularity. Amongour aabecnbera ore tboileadtng men or the fr M and blcblr recoiatnondod * r .Yarragnt Foote, Porter and others, in wRU Uita work, agent* can take orders for i wßeiaiej'i work*, and at rates tl commission that cballencc competition. Don’t lone this opportunity of f^nrUir aoarlog agency.bnt addrees at oncc,C/w. ULLEY. Publisher, 20 Reynold*’ Block, Chicago, A"GENTr Jt\. MA*”' Prer”’' JB Wanted For “WO ~ft MAS’S WORK IN TUB CIVIL WAR." * repsmt under the aoproTat of tbe United utatet WcaM li9 Sanitary and the Christian Commissloni. Blstory baa no precedent, pie JfT E ParaUal. to the work ol women in oar late cl Til war. An eminent Dlrlneaay*: “TbUWork liT?.^ ott,c t h »°J2ifT« M,ire '* *° 7 s°? blcaalms to fhtore ' “'i- M develop, a new social era; a new result oJ °5fV. efi loatuntiona, onr schools, oar cbarcbw. oar pn!plt.aDdoar preu; anew power In woman; % new £?,*?*i? t P in, J , * n 5 Itaeli" T.B. Arthur’* ifawwne ;®J* - WeweJcome this book most heartily as the only Woman a work In tbe War whlcn mates any “pi>'«teDMia.’ r bcnflfbr a circular, and tbe wort and terms to agonu. BggStgghn 8 - MccD “ jT * co - L »“ t '“ 3 A GENTS—Warned—*7s to *2to pel XX month, evtrywhere, male and female, to Intro the United Mates the GENUINE 1M rnPvi -0 J'OMMON hENSEPAaiLT SEWING MA CUM. Thi* machine win stitch, hem. fell. tush, qnllt, bind, braid aid embroider in a most snperloi manner. iTkeoD'yllK Folly warranted ftrDve years. We will pay St,HO for any machine that tril! *ew a stronger, more beantimi. or more elastic team thao onra. It makes the -Elastic LockSUtch.” Ever? Kcoml stitch can be cot. ano suil the cloth cannot b< gP, l, , ed -”* r * without tearing It. We pay agents Cron f. 5 to wW per month and expenses, or a enmmisaiot “iJl?twice that amount can be made. Addrcs: bECOUO A CO., Cleveland, Ohio. CAUTION.—Do not be Imposed opon by other par ties palming oO worthless cas'. Iron machines. oada the «ame tame or other* tsc. Our» la theonly genn lae and really practical cheap machine maanfectured. AGENTS— Wanted—To canvass for nne worta of art. Encr«eUc meoaremaklmr Irom *iu io <2O per Jay. Andrew. orcall on T. J. nuLFV. UEK & CO., 393 South Clarket.. Chicago, far A GENTS—Wanted—For our beautiful jTI eneiavlnc’’Home Asaln.” Largo communion P*W»M ticindw territory ctvan. Apply to or ad cw?w,'iu; ao ‘ XAXI> * co -38 lSSiWdiml AGENTS —Wanted Everywhere, tn »ell 6IK COPP. Stxtb edition, ft Is Btulrallp-l ua.literary production, ana fs death upon Copper* St 1 * 1 ore <JoHarfora copy and circulars. to PBOF. CL\RKB, 213 Illinois Chicago, AGENTS— Wanted—For Folsom's new „ Ko‘! er .^r ed V. LE J TKB A SEWING MACHINE. i 0 ,? 40 :. Machini • seal on trUI. P. ATKlS SOh,_l642tiLndol[)lheU Bcoau No. 6. Chicago, lU. AGENTe— Wanted—Male and female. In CWc*cpaDdd»c»lierc.foronewthlnc. , sure IP aod P*T liree proflu. An agent oadeAlSm this city the first day, send stamp for circulars. or call aert sec. Address 17 Lombard Block, Chicago. A GENTS—‘Wanted—For “Women ot the War," written la the glowing andaoul-sttr rlnz language of Fran* Moore. The work 1« splendid ly pnbUshMfatd beautifully llluglraKd; nothing com parable with It In elegance and beauty has before be-n :, '2 Der, LV ,lt ' 0,8,1 »« hoots on the wir. It U aboTeaU competliloQ. Agents say—The bock is yery tnnch i «*» • i ,ho eaalf at of all the books Iwer w, raJSiK cuSSL" ‘ Mrc “ ILC - tkk/vt, nr iSoarhing. T>OARDINQ—A suite ol Iront parlor A J ard brdreom. single rooms and day hoard; can be obtained at >o. 17 Deaibora-st-, up-stairs. T>OARDINQ—Two handsome laree AJ rooms to let. with board, with or without fural -111 a p!eManc location. Jo.j *> <et Maolsoa-Bt. Deference exchanged. J^OAHDLNO —To Rent—With first class a-J board, a front parlor and bed room at ‘A 19 Onta r .o-st, one door from Clare. Deference required. P forlria* few day boarders accommodated. " pOAKDING—Three pleasant rooms, •»V« i?il. Da .» <J»lnn»lshcd) to rent with board at -Go Ur*. Dandolph-*t. Also. lumiture lor sale lor one room. Deferences required. pOARDING—Rooms io rent, with fJ, board, amiable lor gentleman and wife or two of Uju Ftit Office* 174 JaCAßon ’ Bt • two b,ocka flonUl T>OAKDING—Fine suite ol tront rooms ±J and back parlor, unfcmlsh«d or partlslLrtur. olshcd, with good board. Douse new—modern lm provemccts—pleasant location. 6-1 Park-av. X>OaRDINQ—A suite ol unfurnished 3J front rooms, also a lurnlshcd room, to lot. with board, in a private family at 299 h BO< RDING— I Twocentlemen, acent'e man and wife, or two ladle*, win find handsomely IOID}I OID }’ bed f« FDh board, at 184 booth *•« T aoa cooTeulML adjoining street DCARDlNG—Furnished rooms to rent 'iront parlor—with or without board, at 177 North Clark-tL Kelcrecces required. T?OARDING—Good board and pleasant X .. 00018 caß be obtained at Brlcga House No, 2. « A, *° day boarders accommodated. O. BDIGub, Prop. B*^ARDINCI— Nicely furnished rooms and good board in a nice brick house for gentle men aao wives, sing e gentlemen, or oay board at rea sonable rales at 312SonthStata si. DOARDING—Two very desirable suites I * cf rooms ip a private fhtally can bo had on We«l w \n>jyP°T>if'S a l? D For Particulars Inquire of JODN A. RICE, hherman Douse. OOARDXNG—NiceIy iuruished rooms, JLk with gas, bath-rooms, Ac- with or wlthont board. Also, apstlor and bedroom, elegantly furnished, at 54 Tourih-av. Day board rcasotab c. T 5 OARDING —SingIe room for a ecu- JUileman, with botrd.; also afew day boarders ca: be accommodated with board at 89 Van Bnren-st DOAKDING—A gentleman and wife. A>or two single gentlemen, wishing to make perma nent arrangement lor board fer the summer can find a dcs:r»ble room and first-class board whore there are but few bcarders atCJO State, corner of Thirteenth st. Best of reference wanted and given. T>OARDING—At the National Hotel, XJ corner of Washington and Wells-stone square west of Court Douse. Rooms lor families on first ami s econd doors. Front and naca rooms, with lire, gas. Ac., IcrtcnUeman and their wives. Day boarders wanted atfS per week. 23oaw ffiKanteß. ■O OARD—In a Christian lamily where f » there arc *cwor no other boarders. Address, with terms, which most bo moderate. “W. T. B Tribune office. T>OAKD—For gentleman and wife, JJ with lumlihedor nnfurolshed rooms. Address Box 2759. stating location and terms. TDOARD—A gentleman and Ills ■wife J_> desire board Id a private famMy; front room If pos3iol«<. Wabatb or Michigan avennci prelerred. foe bento l references tmm-h'rd. Adores “HASTT.” Ttlbaau cfllci*« Chicago, 111. BOARD— -A gentleman and wile desire bf ard In a private family. Terms mast bo modo- Addreis for two days, stating terms, K. B. 81MP&ON. Chicago I*. O. _ dfor Sale. F?RSAI,E—At Chicago DrivicgPark, iop,orc loot reasoned secondhand lumber. consist* iOltr n£i^ r ° e *. J° ,3TB » scantling, etc .In quantities to grounds? lnqnlre ofc * A. FOBSYTUE, oa the SALE—Chicago City Railway stock. On account ol the permanent removal of l he c!t yi * fiw more shares of the i aarcs ro sult porchaser*. Inquire at No. l J Chaml>er of Commerce. FOR SALE—A Weed No. 2 Family Sewing Machine. It is In t erfbet order and cot*d m new. h«ca uitert but four months. It will be scid 'iL sin. if cal.cd tjr soon. Ratal'price at the otQee, 163. Call at 1 ;i3 Clart-it., Boym 2 - X FOR SALE— Several silver plated show casrscf dlflerentslzes: a'so. a Wilderflre-proot sale; also, side cases. at E.U. STEIN’S, 79 Clark-sL opposite tae court home. F)R SALE— To Harness Makers— fL7Do worth ol stock, including lease, which ex pir£lsil“sLlsr;.l??o,.a£ t>er year, will be sold for $3,200 catb. Call at 169 West Itandolph-Bt. FOR SALE—A good Cook County Slap. Also, the latest Beal Estate Maps ol Chi cago City. F. VAS. VECHTKN. 170 Clnrk-st. i for ailc. iiJcrsonal. pERKONAL—WiII tlie parties who A werelorUng for a warehouse lor charcoal, last month, call at Boom 2, No. 48 south Clark-st. PERSONAL —The writer, a young man In good circumstances, desires to lorm the ac quaintance ot a young, handsome and refined lady: one who can appreciate a true Inend—no matrimonial alliance desired, at least it is not sought for through the public prints; tne writer does not ••train In that . 2°. • Photographs desired, and will be returned with letters, if desired, and considered conOdenttaL for gbkh is pledged the professional honor of “W," Box "PERSONAL—WiII Bylvanus Woods X Mil«l2a South Clark-st, Room 8, at once, atdobllgeH.il. HAAFF. pEbSONAL—A lady ot refinement and X lather prepossessing apoearance. will corres pond, with a view to become acquainted with a thor oogb-colDetmatter-of-iactgeotleman.Cangiarried.) Age between So and 40. Address “H SI W' Tribune Office. ®c Kent==2Jouses. T> RENT—A Iwostory house, with tea rooms aid ban. No 774 west Jacksoo-st. corner cfSodey. PrtcottOJ. TO RENT—House 823 Wabash ay., 10 a mpcmible tenant, tram the Ist ot May. La r*e jra’dcn. two-storv barn, Ac, Inquire of J. L. WEATHERW AX, at Unseam Box office. TO RENT—House 843 Michigan-av., containing flftw nrrv’me, two bath room*. Ac, In quire of JOHN FOB3YTHS, 138 Kanda.ph-st. TO KENT—Bouse No. lid West Jack sen-tt. Contains nine roouj,do*eU,ptnine*. cel* !“■*.??? a ?JL W4ter * Bern In rear. Botf». Apply JOS. STOCKTON, 33 South Clark-at. TO RENT—Two desirable houses, 517 end 321 North Clark-* L, containing ni. water, shrubbery In yard. Poaieutop Mar let. Beat quarterly, in advance. 517 North C ark-tt. T) KENT—Dwelling house, 150 Oass tfier Superior. Rent *650 per year. Security ofKNaUER * Recoil, corner North-ft ater and Clark-su., (Ewing's Block.) Office TO RENT—A new two story house, .. w ii.,? T , ei7 acrommodaU-n for private baardln* Bonie, with fonilture ftr sale, on the West Side. In quire at No. 4S West MadUou-st. 'T'O RENT—Part of house, with six ■At s% "■» *« • ■” ■’ a ”.« TO KENT—Bweilmg No. 101 West Twelfth-et; twelve room*; hydrant water; 110 per momh. T. 8. FITCH, Boomli. 169 Dearoorn-at. T° BENT—New cotuige of ten rooms, 114 with basement, hot aad cold water. H-attaperm.nta. Apply on the premises. TO RENT—A large marble iront boose, oo Waablnaton-st, near Wtllantplaw, t'e-ther wl .^ a . new 1111(1 e*e«*nt furniture to rent with bouse, or acllln qnacimea to suit purchaser.. BEKS&ATBUS. KealEatate Brokers. IQ Opera House. ’ T) RENT—Two-stoiy boose on Sooth Sansamon-st., near Madison, con taming 9 room*. wJL?« e 5 , a lar « ]ot - wlt». stable. A coltace gH.ry Maalfpn-auandone acre lor, planted partly witn fruit and ornamental trees, abiubberr. Ac. A l?isSwStS%£sV t :SY u S? m '‘ a - M ° lre TO RENT—A tarnished lionse at Lake •JJfT* 1t ”? m Mavlstto Nov. Ist. A dellchHal summer location, witntn five minutes’ wrt; of Dr. &t%- n App y to BORDEN’, BPAFFOKD »iIcDAID, x»o. o c.arc-st. TO RENT—Dwelling No. ttO Sonth San samon-st., 12 rf-oms, hydrant water and eas flx bornotf** PCr monUl * T.S. FITCH A CO., 109 Dear- TO RENT— Honse comer Ontario and LaSallc-sts. House on North Clark-st. Tene* IMOarkit 111 bUte ' Bt * App,r **• W. SEA, la store TO KENT—A cottace house of 6 rooms, IJ4 Coolidge-st.—rent per raantb. Posses- Kla«S“ e(l,alC Apply t 0 M - W, PHALEK, 163 TO RENT—The two story trame dwel near Hsnlson-st. la- IsaSXiM” w “" on “-” TO RENT—Two new dwelling houses, with store ba'emcnta and modem Improvements, suustedon the corner 01 Franklin at. and Cblcogo-ar* TO REi*T—Parlies going to Europe rent their residence on Mjcti!?dn-av..Dorth Stioi’sSS; mtn ‘""“•“f' A w>» TO KENT—New two-story and base mcot honse, with modern coiTealeacea. near i.inccln-par*. !DQDlrtat>lh9 Aiilais-plue. TO RENT—Tne fine tbree-stoiy and . tarement marble front ho twe, 30a Carrol-au Improvement*. Good bam 00 Jot. A*B. ME,vl>, 151 ttandolph-st. r T , O BENT—By Jones. Bandy & Tay- L l or, Koom 12 Ucthr-olst Cbwb Block. a flea onTwenty-laartlrtU between otftte-st. ud Wabaita-ar.. at (600 per Tear, halt vearJv tn aflTarce.eloiebj herte caisT 1 7 7 T°> f RE-NT—Furnished—Two-story and x tsjtmtat marble froct frenttntr tJnlou ga£. for one year. G. a. UUBBAlfc* Jr-53 JDaSr- 'TO KENT—Twostniy House, 008 aggH*!f w J - "■ keelee i “o“ia9 T) KENT—.First class house on Wa* Hubbard coart. Fnroltaro- to the SSSSSuWoS'“ ,t W - H - “ MPS<M - B “ m3 TO KENT—A lionsc sonth of dty limits, afcw minutes' ride from depot. toasmallfamllv i«nt psld In board. Dlnlnzand nlchen oteasl.star tjsLeO;_Afldreas S.TrlDnce office. STo 3srat==sKooms. TO RENT—Pour rooms, in pood loca -11 ****?• ceiling*, snUanlc for offices w ptccplog rooms. Inqtureat 246 East Kin^Hft, HPO RENT—Two front rooms, second JL “ c ° r^.™ l:nr M 0 ' tale, or part of them. Beat TO KENT—And furniture for sale, four Iw-Kfcwcll-llchtMrooms,suitable forbonieteep .DrnltDJ;o ne * r 3* Dew. ana will be sold sc a sacrt. Cco.anii must te ? old by A orlllCtii. None need apply bui those wto a« willlntt to buy all lumlture. Inqajre on Kjom’o* ISS * fiontb Clara-9t„ near Mjnrje, npd KENT—Furnished rooms at 61 Ad- Bide, soluble lor gentleman end premises? 0 0r three ,lDR^e St nlJe “ca. 6 Apply on tbe T°, WENT—A tumislied room. Apply at 340 Oblo-at. J TO It HINT—A small family ■wanting a nice place la a choice locality on tbe W«t Side. all the comforts and convenience* “ oi *uch an one by addrosm? bMAntattHr Tnbnne giving address and nom- TO RENT—A suite of unfurnished s?ard In a private ItaaUy. lor ceotle- S , £‘t^r 1 ?w ilnkle ethtlemen. Inquire at Wtat IVathlngton-gt. Btlcreoca raqalrea. 3 TO RENT—A suite ot rooms with 70 Ln I pod cwpctlne and fumltnro lor sale u»S P rocDj Q l 4 • No ’ 131 Uearborn-it, 3d floor. gEoHcnfaJp totes, ©fßces.&c PARENT —Dockage—Lumber Yard to £s* 10 l V' T t^£. f £Sf , **J nGr «' :ne, » S.ath Brancti mjonloa.. A. G» THROOP, Cit> Treasurer's UUca. 'T'O KENT—bcoie and offices on Wash >V^jS^ga r tfaßKSfS? l ”“- TO KENT—Store and basement 85 Ran colpa-su » TO RENT—Deck to icaso for a term of Tfap. The Brainarl dock, adjoining Brower's aau dock, with ralir, ad track and 500 leet water a»e. Apply at Boom No. i, iflp Ciark-su TO RENT—Two tine suites ot offices on e '. su the Court Douse Square. "‘•H- Tsiy, desliatile rear ofllcee, cheap—wi newly painted, grained, caleoraloed and la complete ii»i« o a« fl finest baicmeot m the city. Tight and ?. ty *A u,ao . fr . et - *o BOYNTON. FOSTER A Co., CummUslowMercha .la. 84 and 86 LaSailr-tt. TO KENT—Prom Mav Ist, 84. Wash• ,“ 11 j »J»els~l#hted b'aseoienu with steam “ cr * Also, fourth story ol same building, with l“ \™Dcar^tMt. lD<sa,: ' e ofCHlniCfl * GOODVaS T 9 KENT— Store and basement 85 Kan dolph-it. App.y at store. TO. Ulte offices in the i4uSm£k. m:ck * vmmT *7 r PO RENT—The store 20 Market-st bv X C. MCDONNELL. 131 South Clark -t* ' 7 [H-ENT—First-clas* store on Dear* .X front ItrnmMsy i. isoi.—tjumbi a PAWLEY. No. 3 Reynolds’ Block. HP9.—Tri^ l7sl ' a 55 Sewing Machines JL si H. E. BCOTCUMER'S. 90 Madlsoa-st. T^ ouse Dock, cor fiont“ R. ll .w i??h ilT,'?- t7 *'f con ?' ~u- « «ei river TO RENT—Basement of store No. 43 % k £ , )fc 4 ,!? c ; lb I?* «ortes and basement y* °^ e •»? South Water-st., fbr storage paroos**. Souto CTwk°| UieprCnilSe? * J,H * br °WN& CO-43 F 5 RENT— Store—ll 2 Ciark-at, anfl .P 11 * 18 . oa ? of Die beat standa nuM - ta - T° pENT—HaIt of a store soluble for a,leh i business,No. 198 Bonth wtink betweoi Monroe aod Adams-sts- Chicago. sDeal 35state==(Eounfcg. —X splendid country seat, -A. ‘cCjatedOL the west bank of Bock Diver, two CDF ol Bockford, 111 - coosistlng of ffl improved land, a large, elegantly boose, containing 19 rooms, with cel- G} e whole; good outbulldlngsTbam, Sr- ■nV^’» ce hOQ i e > Ac-Ac-,and a bearing ortdiiM mi «W elree *s Grounds aooutthe house weU laid out and Improved, and covered with shrubs and ever greens In great variety. Also, 306 acres S h™ ,„H BS within 1 tß X ah S ve ' wlth 40 acr<>t of OtS Jfie house and farm lands, ta ?fi2<,J?s,etb^',B,alfa 8 rplendld stock farm. Wilf b« sold separately or together. ITlce low. Tarma miv Apply to Dr. G. W. (fOREr. itSShS; ill. M CUy ’ FSR SALE-In a pleasantly situated f? d £* a > t h 7 village, abort 30 miles from this city. be^idl 1 - . resluosce. containing eleven rootSl bcsidso psntries and closets, good stable, wood and on bouses, with well and orlck clstero, brick cellar a11 .*2 Roofl ord «r and repair. Hoiwe 5!??. a, *S cettre cl S acres ol ground, covered with choice fruit and shade grapes, Ac—twentv mas £Str a SSSS;Sr, l “‘"TßibiS,”S gethcr with piano, carpets and all household iraoda. |S' >Sllgg4!S?{Ss , c o” S°A°ii’SZ S‘AISgISISSSS? ”=*”• * Fill SALE—House acd lot at Rocklord, Hi. A good two-stoty stone bouse, with ba«A. ment, twelve rooms, boll, double parlors, large klteh -VSy cirrus, garden well supolled with fruit Ss«Jl?i , i^ >ery % 1101 i 3e Hrtronnued by large shade trees wI/mm*^ a H lo * l neiehborhtxS, ford Female W A rarVSppmauUyTor towe FOR SALE—The .following valuable t pr 9R ßr, 7 situat'd lathe town ofOdin, Marlon . l ii! C T°i ?‘ a f JnncH °u of the Ohio A Mis. slssinpi and IMuols Central K. B,: Eating boose on platrorm, completely luroli bed ? Bdd ?'°e* cood Dullness. Brlcg cottage, 30 by S FJ®V» Barn and fixtures. Barn built for a livery stable there being none here now. A good oonormnitv i« offered. Will sell on easy terms or exchange for a good Jarm moated within 50 miles of CTUcago. For terns address D.B. GATES, Odin, 111. ror tenns OR SALE—C6O acres of land five ~m ' lc s ycst 9? Chicago, on easy payment. 400 acres cfcord land In Will County near a station wtu ln £ ar 9 el *—» decided barcaln. Also first Jus Coot. Kackakee and Ford Counties, near SSll- 0 ?? 8- !?* B * zo *» at reasonable figures. O. S.POS* TOJi, J 40.2 Smith &Mxon*s Bonding, 103 T?OK SALE-—At Evanston—For houses * . a “ d „ l0,B ?* “U prices, from $1,500 to «15.C00. or 5- ?Ev E i.fsi!.fa^g: t - ■»« «■ UOR SALE—Cheap—A well improved A farm of 300 acres at Lfbertyville, Lake Co. will , l ««£is y . p f t,p ‘T tT *? P art Payment, floucwion given ■jSSlSnrte 001 °- SPRIXGEK. So. 9 SALE—Or exchange for city A property, a boose, twelve reams, barn, and five p r J5™ D , acres, to Hyde Park. Seen at JOHN C. BOGERa’office at Uo’cocl. DILLARD. 'C’OR SALE—Three acres ot land, cheap, ™ir««^ n «r? I i rI ? CTtcd .* outside the city limits. In quire at 4SQ Asylum-place, ’E’OR SALE—In Evanston, a new cot * l ?~® well bld,t » with 7 rooms, besides dos sil AF?. C ? cellar und-r the whole house. Alsogool well ardcistern. Lot7oby2oofeet Pnoetunao in. Ply to c. COMSTOCK. y O . sstokiffi&gffi SALE—Or exchange—A five acre A A®Li hre S;fOßrths of a mile south oftheclty limits. £ r ,- m , c £ c M E(ll, ® or real estate ta the city, ora house Txlonn t ‘Offl )t tlUe ?P ertsC *' Address “EiCHAKQK.” KALE—Or Rent—A splendid resi dence property la the village ct Ebckport, thirty two mile* Irom Chicago and convenient to cars, con sißt.Dc of lot g} by jeu feet,with home 16 ny 24 feet, two Btoiles blgh,wltb wingand piazza 21x14—entire front 41 [«Hn rear of which Is a Kitchen and wood house 17 or -4. cood cement cellir and cistern ; also a well of never Tallin* water; also a bam 16 by 22, two stories nlfh, ail ot which an new and lo complete order and built In the most substantial and workmanlike man ner. Abundance of choice vonne fruit trees, crapes, bwrlrs.&c. PilceSOATOcasb: rent |250 pep annum. Address u.n. MRACIIAM, Burlington House. 680 Canal-sL, Chicago, Illinois. T?OR SALE—By J. H. Keeler & Co., JL Beal Estate Agents. 129 South Clark-st r of 91 acres 10 miles from the city on the C. 4 N.W. R. R.. one mile sonttaof Brtckton. .The finest Omit and stock farm la tne State, one mile from Winfield on the Galeaa Railroad, with flue build ings—barn coit 14.009. Improved lam of 160 acres. 10 miles from Joliet. Magnificent place in Janesville. far what the buildings alone are worth—3o acres. Good Improved land in Minnesota and lowa la ex change for merchandise. 3Kcat Sstatt-gita. mPBOTKD. T7OR &ALF—By Hill dr Whipple, 123 J. Dearborn-r.. Room 3. MaßOrtcert newbnck residence on Worth LaSalle- Ia flm cm * #t7,e * I * tr * e j***- Twc-*tury frune hsnse of 12 rooms, all ra-mera inx provemetLj. Large yaic! anu (table. Price 111,000. _ Sew brtca hous« on Sedgwlck-sL. II rooms, finely flnl-bcil, Urpe lor. Is a bargain at 85.000. Hno property 00 Onrlbut-st—l two-story hoot#of llroom»,lcott.ge<:fi rooms. Slot*, 2MB3each. The whole Is cb«i>*i«SJoo. Two lots on Norm Fraiklln-sL, near Lincoln part; 2<xia leet rich, esat frot t- Price *1,500. Twoflne brick honaea on West Raaaolph-it. fS^OO Cmtagei and Icte on the West Side, at prices rang lnefromfl^ooto«%otc. Three tew z-story name homes on Wabash-av— welibrisned. $5.c00 each. Other property «i erery description In all parts of the city. T?OH SALE—By J. H. Keeler dr Co., JD Beal Estate Agenti. 129 South Clark st.: wincut., new two-story honae and lot 3CxUS. Cartiai-sL, two-story house, Wo. 12. bttwsca Baa dolph and Late. Fulton st, two-story home, near Mav-sL Jaefcioa-sL, two sew homes. Between Tbroop and Loomis. Peorla-st, No. 249. twoetory house and lot 35xU5. West Lake-eu ho. 610- store and dwelling and tot South Canal at, no. 6SB, store and two-story home and lot . North Bide—497 Hnribart-st., twnetory home and lot 52x125. ' No. 031. twnatory home, lot 90s Several fine lots on Jackson, corner ol Llacola-st Desirable reiidence lots on Peoria and Jackion-sts. T7OR SALE—House and two lots on X Carrolf-st-SAMO. Boose and w te«tlot la Cottage Grove—lß.ooo. Borne and S 3 feet lot on Dlvtsjon it— 52.3 M. Two bonsei on Wcntworth-it. b--.th *I,BOO. Hocse and lot on Walrmtot-ftsoo. Home and lot on Carroll-at.— Home, brick. !5e feet lot, on Bwlng-et—B3.ooo. Plantation, UOO acres, near Natches, Miss. ADaMB, SHINN A EVANS. Beal Estate Brokers, northwest comer Madison and Dearbgra-»ta. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Rea! Fstate Agents, No, 4 Metropolitan Block, a new patce toorr of S roorni, water, gas. martls mantels, lot 40 reel front on North near Indiana. EOU SALE—Clteap—The marble irent West WashlngtOMt. D. j. F)R SALE—Genteel Wabash-av. resi dence, withlotlOxlCO,near BJdrtdce eoort. Tha most tborocgb Bnllt two-story B ud stone baeement frame home on the avenne. Heated oy steam throngo ont, la fine repair, and containing all modern Improve meats. Fcr a llrst-chui residence, the moat desltaWe one that hss been offered this season. Terms favor able. Inquire ot A. J. AVERELL, £,tate A rent. Boom 7. Metropolitan Blqc£ ABe tl XpOK HALE—Two first-class bilck resi ■ Centre West Side. BOZBT A CUM MINGS, 9S Labslie^t, FIR SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Beal Estate Agsnts. No. 4 Metropolitan Block, two iran e homes, a rooms each, water, and lot with bam. Noi. 441 anti 443 tear Thirty-ftrst-it. T?OR BALE—At a great bargain the a lole and bnlldlogs No. 78 and 80 Qrem-st Wafer, gaa, and sewers complete. Possession Mar Ist. ibis isoneot the best investments now offered lor homes. Apply to J4M.MARBBAI,L,97C!ark-st. F"OK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Rea! K«ate AKCLts. No 4 Metropolitan Block, at ade cwed baTRalB. iwo new two-story sad barement brick house*, Mscaaid roof, 14 rooms, all modem Im prcvemi-nts, and lots, with ccnier of Adany »nrf Loomla-tta, frontlcg Jefferson park. F3R SALE—Two-story bouse and lot, with brick basemcct on Throop-sW near Jeffer* ?.ViS: UEO - TTOR SALE—By Snyder d? Lee* Real Es- A tate Ajtenta. No. 4 Metropolitan Block,anew nro storr and basement brick Home of u rooms*. all mod era Improvements, and lot, on Washlngton-eu- near F)R SALE—By Jas. T. Allen, Real Es tate Agent, Ko. 107 Tweoty-eccoDd-ifc-a , flr»t ciMs residence (brick) on modwn Improvements; lot 50by ia?n to alley? with bam. FOK SALE—Nice, well finished house cf 13 rooms. with all modern Improvements, near °° P remls< »r**3.soato Dalsted-su, OK SALE—Two story House, 10x41 feet, and lot No. 273 Wesflndiins-st, cheap for deuced ° Q ttme * For call at above rcal- pOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real 1 Ate Agrats. No. 4 Metropolitan Rloek. a n«w room * Md l 0( Wftet front on Park* PpR SALE—First-class brick house, bare, evcrjOdag Incomplets Side. Also boose atef valhab e lot on LakMt* E “ 7 termß * A* c * BBOWN & CO., ■pOR f'ALE—Dwelling House, West .11-aae-ttM 8 rooms. Leased lot to run three and one hali vears; S3O a year rent Pries JUSO-SSOO cash, iterno c wi°i«g* r - A - J - UILLS s^Boomaf; T?OR SALE—By Whitney *Lmn, room A 1.1 TThllch's Block, two-story boasc, 11 rooms, and lot, near Northwestern irelgbt depot, very cheap. haQ *«*. B . ««* lot. ofc-Wesscn.su, nea f parts ot tha city. Also. somo line farms for sale. ’C'OR SALE—S-story and basement brick IL bouse (30 feet * Inches to front) on Washington su. Park, to perfect order.. G.lflUtP BA BP. FOK SALE—On long time, the two- E story and basement brick bonso No. 20 ace: and new frame bonseNo.Nll West Ike-sc, G. B. UPBBAKTUjr.. 53 Dtartwra-M. FDR SALE—The pleasant two story SS^wnSPWt.* 1 * 11 ’ 80 fcot lo«- known as Nos. F)R SALE—By Snyder & Lee,.Real Es tate Aeents, No. 4 Metropolitan Block, a nearly Site «'h*. b of , 10 rooms, and lot 73x133 feet, So. Sso West Madlsoa-st, near Leavitt. pOR SALE—A Cottage House and lot the preaJsM, Nortl * Kncfcer * t » for Apply on T'OR SALE—Two houses on Wabash* 4 »y-. between Harmon and Eldrldge courts, with eacb to w al j£ y * Tae * e booaes bavelLrooms I?i iS'S.° 2 . WAail “' * Q{Jou^Cl! - 4OR SALE—A very desirable house J?-.-? n A Ic \. f ?w We,t Adams-st, No. 16-L 12 rooms. h O Vf^ , . c £ 3, K a^‘ rOo . m *‘ A®- lot asxtoo. only ftwol naif cai-R. balance to ore year at 8 p*rcenu Vcrr OMiUPBOTfiD, T'OK SALE—By George & Williams, y R*al bsuto Agents, Ko. 7 South Clark-st. won ’pV,u SmfcuS?” tK, “““ ,e “' <!bt ’- ai ' r “- ?OK SALE—An improyed corner lot ... , coiyer of Carroll tad Jeflcraou-st, 5«vL , . 0 ?S beaD f ? r CMh * Address •• HJ A” No. fla North J-Uerson-eU FOK SALE—By Snyder & Lee, Real Ajrtpta. Boom No. 4 Metropolitan Block, 8 loti “rt Hotoie-m, oppaslte residence ot Jp<Jge \an Bnren. Thrro lota r n Lincoln near Monroe. Three lota on ft olnnt-st. near Wood. FOK SALE—Best comer lot on JDchi* gat-ar„ Bomb and east &ont 1 Sri 70. Also, choice I?OR SALE—Lots and Blocks m Ash- Jt. iwC Second Addition, cn Jackson. Vaa Bnren, Trler. H-jnore, Lincoln and Bobeyats., at a sacrifice G. Dearbora-st. U*OR oALE—At a bargain. 145x370 feel Ijorn sV Rcuben ' B *’ G * 9 * HUBBARD, Jr„ 33 Dear- J? 0 R SALE—boxlß7 feet on Prairle-av,, A betwera Twenty. Second and Tweotv.TMrrt.»t»— cheap. O. s. HORBaRD, Jr., 33 Dearborn*st. A alley. °n Throon-sn, fronting Jefferson park, on »asy terms. The above la high gronnd. with shade irras Ip ifront, and well located lor a alee residence, Pneegssperftot. G. S. HUBBARD, Jr., 33Dea> L’OK SALE—ISOx3OO feet on West A.. eest ot Haleted*flt. The proposed ei »S^l°nn to HalatedwlUgtvaa and Qutncy-ats. It can now be hornet.*’ * b4fgala * °* 8 * iIDBBABD, Jr. t 33 Dear- C'OR SALE—SOxIBO feet on Calumet* A ~B l *r^i.J u t s? atb ° r Twenty. Second-at.-on I. per f,X>L °* 4 HUBBARD,Jr„ 33 &ALE—One very desirable lot on t 3 feet ifonL oetween Jefferson aod onl ? F HArnm J r? Harrwon rad Polk-ala, Can on i»e. BALDWIN. Agent, 104 Kradolph-at. SALE—Pour corner lots and nmo fSeenat wiS?* 011 . H „1 Saokwoon, Peoria and °. , F°bALD^°1 l ff&fe Prol ’“ lr - CaU °° FDR SALE—A' splendid lot on Dlich ?,ws^l' ,n !5. rila<lUcn * 8t - ?«X*no feet to- alley. SA L E—Lota, improved and unim provedjln all parts ol the city. Also r»rm« < n i°7 B 8D .4 WUconilß. cheap. TBUESDEIII 4CO Boom IJ, Lombard Block, 109MearofrsL TTfeet by aboutßsodeep jfcavSHZirtS? l0 *? next north and adjoining Ew! Assy s residence, for 835 per foot. Al*a another tnt H^JSP 18 Bl f® on adliinjag the abort lor 850 per toot. Address A. P. Whcam*. tTi 6 * iHacflinetg. POR SALE—Woodwonh plamne and machines of dltfertnt styles ana sizes: 225 t > l *, mch surtbeer; a fall assortment of sash, door ana hjloo machinery, monicing machine*, wood lathes. 2hK l U?^SVnt5 a r Wl 9 ff #»W arbors, 4c.; 225’..5 l , a 2?.n2 r ?. r 1L lron work—engine lathes, planers, 2f»229V a V, I, t % rrtmao B PfitratTmit ratters. Darts l H,« t 2L b “ de . r ' 1 * Bralnaid’s patent rlaw-all at manaftclnrera’prices, freight added. Clrcnlsra sent onappltcadon. UEBKIMnN 4 WKIQHT, 1 4 Wclls-it F)K SA.LE—2S,IO and 15-horsc power portable engines and boilers, with alt modern im pOß oALE— Portable and Stationary Bolters for sale cheap at 73 and To FOR SALE—H. M. Ames’ portable and engines, from 4 to 35-hone power; also, S^«sH a 5 I L ,a S, Co, * too,B t lw- ° 12 tbet bed 34-lnch, “pd O-tncb, one 8-leet bed U-inch! F®?* 1 >««*«* 14-lnch swlnjr. aOl screw-cutting engine rnum norleht drills, two iron planers, bolt P lll **shingle nil Is, two Woodworth plan* Sf»? «i 2 ii l6 ?’ F "J»r’s pumps. Deltlng. teffS.t”-* 15 - c ’ L - MCE *co, la-odal FOR SiLE—One 1C foot 28 inch swine, fpnr 13 loot bed 30 Inch swine, two 10 loot bed m inch twin*, three sjf toot 14 locn swlag. all screw ciittinjrenrlEe lathes, made at Spnaeflel^Masa. six Iren planers. Arc upright drills, two tfoodworlh SfePSSffl 1 * “ atcbe ”» two ruSicen, scroll-saws, and moulding machines. A'l on band In store at the »r DCPOt ° f UAWKINs * JAMES. 34 South C’OR SALE—Three 8-borse power ue 4-. - OR III eaitoes; also six horizontal engines, g. it and 13-hcrsepower. Larger or arsnim uri-Jv. olshed with or without boilers, 12,u7i« •übu'ar and locomotive b:llcrs for sale, Aim one 4-roller Union Matcher aadPlaotn* w'acMna Sawmills, barrel andwood-worktiß B^nejrrSt piacrrs.bclnre,saw*.files,Ac. MafcdcetyDooh” pcMboru-BU Cnleago. OBEgyLEE ~ JT U S ALE—Steam Engines—Two 60, a one a), one 15| and one 8-horre power with hnii. erscomplete; two 13-hcrsefiretws boltenrMeEwrti XEttj 233 l &“tLitf he4dlos round ' r . JAMES WAR- Worses, ggttiageg, Sa, TT'OU SALE—A ?p an of Males, 3 j ears _L old, well broke and kind as kftt**ns. Are In cood S nlted (°r any llgbcwsfon. Inquire of COOK EMcLAIn. 109 Chuk-st. T7OR SALE—At a bargain a pair ot J- yonce olark bones, suited tor llsbt cama»#» nr PPWty. price 83J0. Apply at 180 Mlchlgin-avr F)R SALE—Horse and harness, with double-seated family waeon, all sound and nwi as new, cheap lor cash. Address » B." Tribune office. FDR SALE —A light bay stylish car riage horse," years old, 18 bands high. Anniv *t a»4 Wsbash-av. from Ito 2 o’clock p. m. App,yM F JR SALE—I Open Bngey, 1 Esoress id.247Sti^? d taad * &t A - McPAfeLASE’f*ls i3ianoß, T° RENT—Pianos. For sale and to FJll &AJ/K — And to Rent—New and I ?v??£^ a Sl£ l f?' > *J w,tiMelodeon, -» ttlj o Chicago 2iaanteo==jaale l^elp. M9KKEIPSBB, UIBBUR *«, \\[ ANTED—An experienced tailor and cutter, to go Into the country. A stogie man gg«”jA Addregi -JE3, M Tribune office, stating wheie sl, Inter* lew con be hart A respectable man, fully that w ßh the grocery business. One pfy u. JOttSV^Tn^? t '?£ a « (,a,,t 08 prefer re I. Ap fill*, Utth whlQgT.tty Habbara-sl., corner Des- addition to athorough)££%£J? 3 5f r 5! a “ la fr.« TXTANTED— A drag clerk, at 31 Arcb -17 er-rosd, comer Bntteflsid-st. o Gennan preferred. u ° espeakiag TATAR TED—A marr ed man, bmiliar VV with hortlroltnte-ad cuillnr. t, n.loMrtiii useful on » farm. First-cla-s nacrenew required To inch a man a permanent piaeeacd bociowiii t* far nuhed. APp.y to J. A. COOS. PartlHon. ni„ y G BUSES. 97 Sooth Clark-t. ‘ * u * TXT ANTED—To go to Evanston—A TV faithful min who nndeif'lands gardmlag. i*na ing and the care of hones. Apply at No. H Suto-st TBADSB. TXTANTED—A good practical Brick *AX^Ksf r * Bdl - , ‘r»- Addre»a,wlth price, WINE HAN A WILLIAMS. Anbnm. Uu w ANTED—lmmediately— A Moulder li capable ol doing any kind ol work, and onall ned: to take chares of a fcondry. Belrrences required. Addrets. or call on HAWLEY A CO» Pekin, 111/ W«S I fcSl pattem makera - 81 TXTANTED—A wagon maker -who nan y V make wheels and bodies. Can work by the pieceorday. Apply at 84 North Franklia-st. TXT"ANTED—One or two goed Japan- V V ntrs, who nnderstand strlnlne and ornamental JBsg sill aag™ sTpitcEs * TXT ANTED—Two good tailors, to work IT by the week ot piece. Also, two rood machine operators, tor coats and finisher*, at No. 130 Booth Water-Bt., Boom 20. TXTANTED—A first-class electro plater v v and brass finisher st 108 Rangoiph^t. MtanuhssJFemale TXTANTED—An intelligent American T * girl between the age of la and 33 years No B . he *j eCfß S * pennanent situation sod brings a certificate ot good moral character, and } a work. The work Is in Ladles* ilec requires good address and ac tlvlty, tempered with good Judgment. Price 83 per «S4sd« SO Stste-it-T aHt door to the right, up stairs. Wf ANTED—A milliner, to go out of JissSitSF- *wuuß.v.raA co.-5.53 TXTANTED—A tret nurse* young and T T heaßby. A suitable person csn obtain » borne r ° c ey«r. Apply to Mr*. J.E.CONKUomtEOUStb ic Physician, 333 Indian*, ru, from 9 to-l» a. m, and 3 to s p. IS. WANTED —An attractive young ladv. as clerk Is a flrst-clasa clear store, Will he veil CoßfllJ ® d Tery d o ** l *- Apply at 133 W/ ANTED—A smart active lady to act ▼ 7 aa saleswoman. Reference required? Apply at 53 Wa*hlcgton-su. am door east o? Opera- House BOD BE SBBTAinrS* \\f ANTED—A irtrl to do general Waba*hav aaeWorkitt ** miaiamU7 ‘ W ANTED—Dining-room girls at City 7 T Hotel. Apply immediately. 0 J Wf ANTED—A good dming-room girl. -A,.* „r t £L* ccn ?. tomed 1° upon table and ca- Anlr XX7ANTED—A weman to do general , vl bonsework. Mnst te a good cook, washer and “oner. Apply on Twenty-aim Orst house west of cottage Grove-ay. Wf ANTED—A girl of steady habits to J 7 do.keneral honaeworßtn a sinsir family. Ap ply xroP 9 to 12 a. m., at honacNo. H 64 Pralrte-av W/ A N TED—A smait neat girl lor light y V homework and to sew. Obe considerlmr a borne BS'amonal to blab wages preferred. 113 We*c Van oren-ttyßlde door. gtnplogmsnt agents. TXTANTED—Toung man in the coun .ll try meblng to obtain situations, such as book keepers, clerk*, coliecto »*, salesmen, coodnctoisTex* fiwv’St *° app,y at Fullerton Blodu 92 DgrbortMU. or address-J. M. MOORS 4 CO, Box 1997, enelMloglo cents fCr fall pameui«r7 \\f ANTED—3 assistant bookkeepers- 3 7,7 •* J** o. 1 coa doctor. 3 brakeomea. 1 Oreman, 1 K«S^ d «iT^«i T 3K5 MaißB * Aptly at Boom 13, Fp lerton Block, 92 Dearborn-st. Applicants bv mall Sttto/rjrtr? 00^ * CO - Box I^7 *«SSs«m TXT ANTED—IO good men* to work in 7 7 sawraink. Steady employment: given. Apply at Boom 3 Llad*s Block, Bandolpb-swbildge. 3 fflaamE^fHisccllaneous, Wf ANTED—Boarders by the day or V 7 week, at 6EOBGIKS DINING BALL. I»o. 99 § > -S?eS^fr. ll sa. W ptfr wcex ~ Tlcaca lor twen- \v ANTED—SC,OOO for on#r year, on 77 improved Estate In »hts dtv. worth lour Maes the same. ROZBT 4 CUMMINGS. US UaSalls-st. lAf ANTED—Men wishing io earn $5 ~ ***£*/ »bove expense*, wiuh to take them totoeconatry, wm p;«ase call at 63 We*t Lake^u, TXTANTED—A few experienced travel “ Sawtsbltston-M. \\T ANTED—To borrow money on first gSLas; u'^S,‘ n eSS , v2 t T, t fe r a r ; TXTANTED—To give music lessons for r J,X.J a7bc ¥?;, *i°tn Side preferred. Good refo aSSgw 7Sw teor? ot *' L - N S«»h TXT ANTED—We have constant appll* h?/.£ t ?. o, i. f ® rboth bUBI3eBS and residence proper ty, (especially Drsuriasa residence proper tv).which we are nsable to supply, jh. KEELEB&«)J Bafß* Ute Agents. I s 3 Sonth Clark-stT ** Wf ANTED—To purchase a drug store 7 7to & town of about 7JJCO Inhabltsafis. lowa or Vlnnrsota preferred. None only iho«e meaning hasl- answer. Address **C H M, M Bo* 5812, W -A^TED —A lew tons nfsecona-hand **&*fS£S%'SSSSS; b 7 TflE PBSHTICU co- WfS’S&S • to eoeuo la a profitable Inul* W —Owners oi real estate nav- to Bell v° r W»t win do well to IMP K° r Eaad *- a * we hare namerona appiica r. 0 »“^. bl t*’S7l *f enoa bietoinpoir. a.j.Mills* to H Real Estate Agra a. Boom 111 Bsysolds’ ni/vf T^ANTED— Prom JIO,COO to $20,000 . dr^ F*>d» orclotain-.for which part rash, and la&as In Minoesct* end Wisconsin. will ha paid. Apply to “I ly* 344 Chtearo. WANTED —Purchasers lor a medram- Bl *w 88le * stanalng-deak, Ittter-preis and other TTTANTED—A lady who would like a 7 pleaaant rad permanent home, with moderate salary, to be a companion for an invalid lady. Ad dress. lor one week. “H G," Tnbnnoonijo. * Vv ANTED—AII married ladies to know .»» the great secret. More valuable than gold Ad denclosing «i, to DK. B. TUTTLB. P. O. Drawi ifj7?V? ar iB- and receive the above secret by tetnro oi mall. It is worth sfio times its cost. VV^ ANTED—A few ecod business men * \ with #3po can make *1.500 in thro© months eaar. Canon or address TRUESDELL * CO.. Koon ri Lombard Block 109 Monroe-at. 000 1J Wf ANTED—To buy a small house on, ..7 mßoKmiSyMei? 1 ch “ p ” c " 1 VV enterprisine man with . *T I IQOte S3CO to take an Interest In ag^odnavlog s“th ? OarEt. P!irt,CUl * r * * ppl7 at B,om lb! WANTED—iIen wishing to earn *5 ▼.» per day above expenaea, with ss* to take them aiicsgo. anlr/ ’ WIUpIeM9 call * t 63 Weßt WI ANTED—Ahorse. Iwanttobuva flrst-cla»a saddle horse. Mnst be sound, atrllsh not particular as to color. T» wcHi abont 1,000 na. Addresa “C W D,* 1 Drawer 5756 P.O. 4 first-class business man, tiZ« J2Jt oln tlie advertiser In a boil fHi7,l 1 . : , pay ,r r f“ to «500 ner month, wllhrat SJ, to capital. Call today, from 9 o’clock il m. to 4 0 deck p. m„ at Boom 44 Beyaolda* Block. “* 10 4 VVT ANTED—The celebrated Gypsy bZthr I fy 2 a llfe told camjcOy SrtlJhfel&SS by ohSfwbo fhH a £ftf^ ,e H ,ba r COnse,ollieoyps r p “ lml * t full satlaCsr.tion cjr yaor money. Don’t lonrst th* nnmber. 3‘49 Sonth Claik.gt. jvr »T lorgit tQe a young educated Ger- ZSSSgSXm JS?JLT-^gj M t aJr a - \\T ANTE!)—For a new theatrical en nZo K«V : fslil^?r Aa “perleneed artist (l*t- from Ear gPt?ato°wmf ■V«ui*f ! ii?. n> l Ne 7 Torfc, is open to ne -2hiriT?Z!»7JL?l5 1, . et 99? po,f< * Bln * nseaca, oaalneas sbRIW and temperate habit*, to rondnet anew orcanl inrt hn?i f Mnn ! /,s l^l^ p<claltleß ,0 dr » m a. comic opera -r qoe T u,e . Company now terming In New rT»i a 40lta ble party, who can exchange nnqnei &bonafidecpportunlcy Is presmtod 4d Jrl« ?»Tttwa e r i «£* , S * Qd certala emolnments. 671 *««» ‘“ d «P- asaanteh-ffn Mess*. WANTED—To Rent a mcdinm-sized, jLL.r O6I7 t orn l*hedhoaße.tnaflm-class locality. T^TANTED—To Rent—A nicely Inr «AJ by »J»»««»aa and wilt tor one of Fourteenth-st. Address w AXTED—To Rent—A small boose, . with modem Improvements, la a good nel***- SU .2°e/ not more than • raile from the Post Office. Sonth Sire prefer red. Address, wltn particulars and price. E. O. WHITE, Matiesoa House. ucmai ® aaa \\T Al* TEH—To Rent—A nice medium wL*<M i,2ed b ft a ! e> *“1? lot aed bare, on the w«t side, neat Union-park, or south Bide, south of Twtntleth-sc Location must be desirable? Promnt f i y’-Ti Dde£lo ! I . < 4 r Si?£s: n of property. Asdrm Box 0313. or call at 40 Clumber of Commerce. \\f To Rent—A good bouse loffowlnw v 4t * located within the on tte l 'w^atv.Srini^'V ss ' ‘S lh * north. Union Park theaSi? s?*^ 06ta ® »°nm. Baneamon oo tne cast. Ary party having sneb a hoose twich WANTED—To Bent— A desirable Kpa-A house 018 or fit ay d >“' particulars, p. o. Box 888. <ww ‘ Addf «*, with W^S.T? D - To . Kent—Part or half ol r y store, lot a mcslc store, adt n»rtr h«vtnr “ 5 V\7 ANTt-H—To Kent—A bouse or cot •iJnJ- m}? st wlu> 7or 8 rooms, on the Sorth Bide, not aooTechica*o-av, Rent from fJOti to *<oo per annum. Addrchs -CHARLES," Trthanaotfice. T7\7 ANTED—To Rent—Two or three ¥ ¥ room*, on the South side, north of Fourteenth st., for a lamllv of three crown persons. Reni-ansibe moderate. Address. for three days, **J K,” Tribune olQcc. YITANTP.n-To Hem—House, on Wa- Vt -hash or Mlchlefin-ar. A two or thrj#-atory hou'e. wita bam, fomace and cas fixtures, satiable far aiacltyol sor Scrown oeranns. Rent cot to exceed 1130 permof ta. and north of Ctehteeath-st. Addresi A. K. Biai wy. Triannn offlce. lIITANTED —To Rent —By a gentleman VV and wife, a suite ol oammiahtd rooms, but and cold water, bathroom, &c~, u a family wocre there are lew or no other boarders, aonth of Twelfth and east ot Stalest. Addreaa Drawer 3953, atatiag terms, loca tion, 4c. Best of reference girea and required. Situations SSianteo. ■IUM, by a good br mac 2T P AiiS?.?? r ®o« al correspondent, (l u gjSSe once!” wuk * “ XBXAL BALA:. S IT .EM aON Warned —An exn ky desire* * nisl'ton m . IsSeSttwlSr-S 6 ”“ noreaAS 4i,n ClTUATlON—Wanted,by ayouovr O a*coachman. (Scotch.) Has eoodei-T r*7.Z Ai&ma ** W C.~ Tribune SlTUATlON—Wauled—in a whcla U cr retail Grceery Store, br a yonog m,* - years expetifuee, who understands the hoi'r.eMi fla branches. Salary no object. Address ~Tr-t SITUATION— Wanted—As bookkee or shipping cleric In a wholesale bow n recoomeadatjons from business men In where I hare been employed. Address O. vbn 37 Lako-st. SITUATION—Wanted —By an enerc O 1c youngman as antstast bookkeeper. *him clerk, or c!crk In some office. Salary co oh'cct drees - c S," Tnbane office. SITUATION —Warned —Bv a »• •J hookkevper, who has a thorough fcaowled.-Voi lomber bmlnesa and can jora rtve flrstela»s city nt Ects * Axldre * 3 “CKli." Tribune offlee, Chia SITUATION —Wanted—By a man iS^-»si£ en la the hardware bnrtr y,~”“ a ?, or to CO general work ta this liar, i t“®o ofllet 1 references. Address UABOWAKB.' S 1?£ AII 9 X - Wailted —^- 3 travellx S .?«,=»,«■ x?rs'ofis? “°° ae • qujie -" • CITPATION- Wanted —To Jlinj lag Companies. ARentleman whohialatelrb actlex as uot or local manaeer tor an Iron kiln Company 1? New Tork. wishes to prccare a like «n tlon In the West or South. Address M SUN i hone office. SITUATION—Wanted, by a n ve bn ness man ot five yean* experience, as ciert t retail drug or grocery store. Wages verv wona* Best of references given. Addread L. IL WIKOI Lacon, m. (SITUATION—Wanted, as bookkeep — hT 4 TE 08 * maa of experience. In the co mlaelonbnslaMa. The best re ftrenees-given. Acdp *P. H. ur Box aia P. Chicago. (SITUATION—Wanted, as a»Wiw kJ or light porter, by a yonng man of good Bab Md addrrn. tjoed rererence* given. Addrtss-J. No 430 North Clark-st. QITUATiON*Wamed, byayoungnu b-J. .pflarge expertßce, as assistant bookkeeoer writing clerk In an office. Becommredaaca fr.- B« - 1 CITUATION—Wanted, by ayoum? ms pro“Bwc7674 ,P9lnS SITUATION—Wanted,-by ayoune nti ID as porter In a wholesale grocery store. Wire* i oQectwhere attenUon to dntles woald teenre prom tion. Wishes to learn the business. Has good r el' knee. Adams-OBOCER,** Tribunsoffice; (SITUATION—Wanted, by a marrie JO man (a Canadian), as coachman. Can furnish tl best of recommcndadons. Understands gardcnli perfectly.- Addma“W a.** Tnbanetifflce. * (SITUATION—Wanted—A first-class t: Ljoerlgieed man wants a tltnatl jo to travel or ke< EiceDent references. Address -A,” Tnbat CITUATION—Wanted, as cutter, bv SJ ®an wbo bas had nine year* experience la >»'•- lag and cutting. Address “CUTIEB." Trlbona otac SITUATION—Wanted—Immediate eir kj plonnent as copvift, offle*. sblpplae or grocer Clerk. Address-Al/earsP.Q. Pox 6194. CITUATiON—Wanted, by a man wh VJ la acquainted with distilling and recurring, wb wsa Ibremsn or inch Inißnrope. Not particular a hoc salary. Address 238 DlTUlon-su. Chicago. (SITUATION—Wanted, to learn thebai O her trade. Gocd references riven. Ko wages d< JpSv&JISKJi?. 8 *. Apply, personally or by letter, to i MUvaakee-av. err UATlON—Wanted, by a young man as coacboaa. Su good reference. Address M V 1. Trlotme office. QITTJATION—Wanted—To dru gs isLs— O By a person about 77 ol age, a eltuiuoat a^boleaaleorrcuudrngbnsjne**,— la a graduate o the Philadelphia Colle/e of Ptamacy-bah bad a torn "ffljcaco in the business. Address JAS. J. CAB MALT. Chester, Delaware Cooaty. pgnmytv.wt^ FJBJIUXiBSt CmJATlON—Wanted—For a younc cr clerk to gome good More CirAUTlON—Wantedg— As housekeen kJ «r In a flrsUclasa hotel, by a widow lady who has 5??h?2?5n^ CTI £ ae ? 111 1** 1 No objection to the country. Best reference* given. Address, for two weeks. M a T Z,” Station B. Chicago, 111. ClfnATl o N-Wimted-By a respects- as cook,wasber and froncr. Gocdref-n-- SSg.‘jS‘?.!!a^ Aaai,a - Blr two ow-a‘3 (SITUATIONS—Wanted, by two girls UJ ote as coot and the ether as ehamuerzlrl North bide preferred. Addreu “a W.”Tnbaneoi3cc. * onh OITUATION7^Wanted,, by two rirLs °?a M the other as TMiM-sSmI. Mdr “* uzzlj! mcdo-sald. ClTUATlON—Wanted Employment SITUATION—Wanted, as-sopranosin^- »». to jotoe Choir or travelling troape preftrrS. QlTDATlON—Wanted—To conk, wash KJ and Iron, In a private family, by a girl of cxp»rl -8l K e A (>odr '“- r, l rea *«*- corner Klngabury, np^talra. CITCaTION—Wanted, by arespccLtble .Vi -27 -rag womar. as 1 eamitrws to a private family. WH^i*^Vi? Mrator 5 a Itte Ur ovcr & Baker and wneeler & wji>od machine*. Or would like to travel 62-Pnrpl.su, S C IT CATlON—Wanted, by « young lady it,(« ot « cdac . a y on 40(1 a* t MTfii tor com panion lor a lady, or to waitapoa andeullrcaUie sics- Aag,» “‘g-rfeb&iag? lll “ ISusiness ffltjauccs. 70R PAJ.E—a house, with or without JOaN*BUEHU. <tOCk * In^mreaC 4ft* s ooih Sute-su ‘7 OR EATJJ—A Jewelry Btor£ with 4 .. •cdflxtUTM. on one of tS« prlnapal streew r/tb 0 cl>r. For further loformatlon apply at n. OP PENHEIMEk it CO'S, 40 Sooth CLvk-et, FOK SALE —A splendid bustre.'3 »chwc*ljcflM-«J. Large or anaill capital may be wuplojcd. butrotleaa thin &BJ.OO--., Piodt Terr !a»ggsip Jg lI,MI “ XEBCSAiIT.- f O Box Ij'OH BALE—Lease, stock, and fixtures A »v? f . ? '‘it 1 established retail grocery store, one of thebest location* oo the West Side. For particulars. Inquire at 4-19 Weat Gandolph-it. ara * UOR BALE—We have choice houses A* ? d tonilneji property in all parti oi the city, and pwta of the country. constantly t>n Wad. A. J. MILLo* CO., Boom 31. wynolds’ Block. FDR SALE—A £Lst-dass druc store, straatedon coe of tbe liveliest boslneu streets on .iuiih side,harlnga trade and a large and ex jt^i VC |?nTi IK ?i D H Dn i hMI £ 1 es »* Cheap rest rad a lorn: astsSaSSfficS&g:® “ “• Trt =“" —Hating pnrehased the 2f b £° n %? tb Jt w * 7 ,'\ l,ictc • l »*ch Safe and Sell ii»r u ‘f r *? re tor salcState uod cjonty right* la Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin. Indiana and OhUiSmalt HPjifJ Profits certain and satisfactory. £ ALL& - *° ! i * SAIiE—A fine -warehonse, for “*‘.wT , ®®v ost be told. No patent rights wanted, nothing botcash. 800m2.N0 48SoBthCIark6iL Jr OK SALE—'The lease, furniture and w il* I 1 ooe . ot pajtae hotel stands the city. It la a large honae.situated onnAiitp a Smft« , 7 >ar * a . BOo< l re P at »Uon.»Bd has a ra ?. cl custom. The home enatami*»everai SIVsSi 9 ' rooms, ana bed roams, all well fnr r>?£tt*° a £*r* Dlß of accommodating 15 to 100 gnem. ttisu I Tt«.IS.*f ypart:r ll B 8 P 18 54»S opportnmty for making moa«r ad- SSnaL’ Mdre,, ‘ ISAAC CLAFLUC93 WrahisgT FDR SALE—Hotel in the centre ot Chicago, now In toll trade, taking about 83.000 a month, ana win clear fi,DCO a year* *3.700 win ha» interut. Hotel contains t 3 ncn» P , a J comer house. Apply to D. c. HIQDr. 141 Wellist. “|?OK SALE—For cash, a small Drue &6 6 £%£t£ tt9thiss *" ■ Kiy “ clan - a pp*f* p’OR SALE—Or lent—A rare ctanco— ifhn.hLl?. aiab £r °.{j earß * rata Verertnarv Ej- M “ ir K - nES - TC'OR SALE—For cash—A fine DTeat, A Game aod ProTlsion stand, with a good solte ol amiiy rooms In rear. Roam 3. No.-is booth Clark-et. X'OK SALE—A Fairbanks 6CO lbs beam ysJi prl with wclgh-caiicr’s beam frames. xVlso 0583.C00 & Dnryeaold piatf jrm wheeled scale* at low figures. Add teas “BRASS ;bkam,” Box 1373, p. O. TC'OR SALE—The lease and fix lures of if*« “fubllshe-l Banking and EichanieotUca PcftOffl^. 11 " 100 * 1103 - Aadre3s bo* am, Chicago t'OR SALE—A hotel barbel shop. It is ’C'OR SALE—A stock of wraes nnd A- Manors, raided at 88.5C0. with or without flxtnrea. Norm w?n*il r roal 8,1414 of U P“*- 46 170 R SALE —To Lumbermen—One! ,J- third Interest la a (team taw min situated nnnn li I vi , £ 0 . fe ’r™*' 4ie 0111 Em tn Wiscinim. attach’d to S 2° 3C i CT of e lf - e Umher. For *S lu£u? rflTed * I#J *“* ° mce *»* *l* ScgKS 'OKSALB—Iie flitnres ami lease of a fint-class talooß. Apply at IS9X sooth Slafisut. “17 OR SALE—Saloon and Billiard Hall JP with tables and fixture*, lEood nmofbn.imii’ location on West side. PriceW !f^ B S MILLS* co.. Boom 31 Reynolds* BtoS.* ’ * A * J T'O'R SALE—A brot and shoe store. Bs?£a^: T^OKaALb —Gents Furnishing Goods— l£r fi«vl* l W55?^S m * e Sr mT,#if wtu > the Old and popo w«T slw - c. Kemptoa. Broad * (the same to tak« effect April J), I of- * fnrn * tnr *- *od lease tor sate, for ca*h-H3r will rent ff-ore and sel natures {black walonii at a oi C“ SlSS.’ttaZ FOR &AlE—Drug store—A rate charce tor a man with small capital, in a location where ?£1152- ca f leased. Must f>e sold on account of sickness. Apply at or address 7S» SCate-sL. Chicago. F 'OR SALE—A’grocery in a good Joca *lon-. Stock, fixtures and lease will be sold for less inan the lease Is worth. Also, several oiner kinds ot business. Rjom 13, Lombard Buck. 100 Manroe-tt. F)R SALE—Roardmc bouse and fix tures. wn be sold cheap t*» c*»b customer. In quireatlß3 between Hand 3 o'clock. F)R SALE—A barber shop on the corner ol Wells and Madlson-sts., under nawa shop. BEXJ. ROBCvSoy. * 770 R &ALE —A bcot and shoo PKiahi.ch- X 1 ment tn a sraod locality, doloc a trade None bnt»fco»enic*n!ng bustacssneed apply. Mimi •■Q 2." Trlhnnc ofllce. -ammaa partnerg EiSanteh. PAPTNER —Wanted—Tms day, with l£oo cspltar. Will guarantee a oroat of 53.0C0 la tertemonths. Callaadeecforyounelfat irfiKAnth Clark-st. tourlb door. •-«»* X7O booth PARTNER —Wanted— With *7OO to SI.OO. In » Orst-ciftsi Dlali-roota; one of wme np'ilinre. mat ran tatceliirse'Dftftrred..vfaiV?s kJoc 31 Ceypold*' Dlccx. ’ A>?Uia PAUTNER —Wanted— This day, with a •nail capital, ta s ■xcU-a«tablL,h«> ( i in tan city. Apply at So. IQU m2buoS£ gS£“ . —Wanted—With from .fm half Interest la a whole- K mot * boo»e. ilnat be temperate and not afraid his hands. Eoatas, No. -14* Sooth 'DART'^ER—Wanted—To fake one- A half latermt iu two set woollen mill, now la rood raining order, and doing a tine bnslnesaT The teat of relerencei elves aad required. Addresa So. I Wabssh-atn or caU at 110 Adama-st* room ho. 2.