5 Nisan 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Nisan 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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FROM EUROPE. Lstsst sews fej Ocssa Telegraph. Financial Condition of the British Government. Estimated Receipts and Expen ditures for the Coming Year. Resignation of the Italian Min- istry. FROM WASHIM3TOH. April Statement of the Pub- lic Debt. Senator Nesmith, of Oregon, Nominated for the Austrian Mission. & Supplemental Pardon last. BECOKSIKUCTIOI. General Sheridan to Remove all Rebel Office-Eolders. Petition to the Supreme Court uu Behalf of the State of Mississippi. An Injunction Sought to Prevent the Enforcement of theSccon- structlon Acts. TERRIBLE CALAMITY, Mine Explosion in Chesterfield County, Fa. Seventy-Five Persons Perish in a Subterranean Furnace. FRO3I EUROPE. BY OCEAN TELEGRAPH. Great Britain. Bumsn annual budget. London, April 4—Evening. Tbe Budget was presented in Parlia ment to-dav. The exc«*es of recei.ts over expen ditures for the year and balance remaining in the exchequer is officially elated el £i,S‘JO,OQO. Tnc es timated income lor the present year will exceed £faH,COO,OW, and the estimated exuendllnrva are ,£C5,000,,000. It is proposed by Government to retain the present tax on matt, and Impose a low duty on receipts from marine assurance, and also Interim .sable annuities. France. 'OPENING or THE PARIS EXPOSITION. The Kc* Y<tA EkraJi of lu " e Ing additional items ia relation to the opening of the great Paris Exposition: Pauis, Monday, April 1, 38C7. The great Pans Universal Exposition was for mally opened this morning. Tmwefl a distance the building resembles a ‘mammoth crested with digs, but when crirred it is found tv be in every way convenient. Tte crowd outside tbe building was good na tnred but not demonstrative towards them. No cheers greeted tbe Imperial party. They drove np a long avenue covered with a velvet canopy of -green and gold, decorated with flags and lined Tilth soldiers. They alighted at a splendid pavil .jon specially built for the Emperor. The Emperor immediately reappeared and gave his arm to the Empress, and proceeded on foot to :fac main coor. During the Imperial progress fall bunds played the nations] airs. The cheering now grew louder, the Americans and English present leading with hearty “Hur rahs,” and Turks, Japanese, Italians, Prussians. Germans and French joining m the different styles peculiar to their several countries. Tbc Emperor and Empress bowed repeatedly to the crowd as they ascended the platform which runs around the machine gallery. Ibe Emperor wore a plain evening dress, with a ecarf 01 the Legion of Honor, and earned a heavy cane. He looked smiling, bat pale and fatigued. The Empress was robed in black silk, and looked in fine health. The Prince Imperial and Prince Napoleon were not present. The Princess Clotbildc wore a brown velvet dries, powdered with gold. A oistingwsbed party of Senators and Minis ters formed an escort for the Imperial party. Prince Lcncbtcnbnrg represented Russia. The members of the DlplomaticjCorps accredit ed to the French Court, clothed in uniform, had special scats reserved for them at the opening eccse, bnt they were completely hidden from view. Preceded by the chamberlains ibc party passed round the entire gallery, nearly a mile long. The ctfiTcrem rational Commissions stood on a platform over the section allotted to their coun tries. Turks, Japanese, Russians, Moors, Tunisians and Persians wore their mil national costumes. The Emperor spoke a few words to each Com mission, bnt at the American department be stopped with the Empress and bowed (o the crowd, who were cheering heartily. Half an hour was consumed in this tour. Then the cortege descended and passed through the Art and a few other galleries, and at three o'clock returned to the palace. Italy. hesigxation op the anNisxnx. Flobexce, April 4. The Italian Ministers have tendered their resig nations, and a new Ministry has been formed. enoitzn ahuvaia. Deist, April 4. Tbc steamer Ville de Paris, frumNcw York, ar rived last evening. Queusstows, April 4. The steamer City of Cork and City of Baltimore,* from New York, have arrived. Latest Foreign MarkeUi! nsASCixn. Lokdox, April 4. Cotto’f, 91; Erie, SS*: Illinois Central, T9*; United fiiattx 5-:05.75; at FrwikJort, 71*; at Paris. BIX* Loxnox, April 4—Evening. Consolr, 91: liUnsls Central, 78*; Five-Twenties, 75*; Erie, 18. Losdos, Apr! ll—Evening. Despatches from Frankf ert and Farts report United States bonds unchanged. coxxxccux. London, April 4—Noon. Cotton rer; doll, and tending downwards. Bread glut!* quia. Corn somewhat firmer, and slight]; ad vanced—lte 9d. 'Wheat, 13eSd for No. 1 red. Flour. Stoss for Western Canada. Barley, 4s 7d. Oats, 3s 4d. Provisions unchanged. Lara advanced 2d. Dork, 77s Cd. Lard, 49s Sd. Produce doll and general -1; unchanged. 1-ivzBPOOL, April 4—2 p. m. Cotton very doll, and declined #d. Other articles cm and unchanged. LirzurooL, April 4— Evening. Gotten c'.oted dull aad steady at a ceclioe. Sales of middling upload at I2\d; Orleans at 13d. Sales to day ol 5.D00 luiles. Dreadttufls—Corn—Mixed Westernlat 4ls per qcar ta-. OUiir articles unchsnyed. Provisions—Lard 495. Other articles unchanged. Produce dull. Pot ashes S3e. Other articles un changed. BY HAIL. The Binderpcftt in noliood—lts Spread Into Belgium and Prance. Washington. April 4.—The Department of Slate has received a despatch from ibe United States Legation at the Hague, dalea March 2<j, in which the writer says the rinderpest has spread into Belgium and France. The report of its pro gress in Holland from the sth ot January to the 17th of February, shows a decline from week to week. The number of cases during that period was neatly 1F.U00; deaths, 1,175; slaughtered, 4,4 ll—being a total loss of 115,902. FKOM WASHINGTON. I Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Washington, April 4. SCRATE rSZCtnvE BC.-INESfi. The Senate was In Executive session about four hours and a half this af.ernoon. The case of Ex- Govcmor Brad fold, as Surveyor of the Port of Baltimore, was farther discussed two hoars, aud bt-vas then confirmed by six majority. Rons - annomination to the regular army and Colonel Meredi h’s to Surveyor General of Montana were b’i-fly considered and again laid over. Some time was spent on the nomination ol Tbos. Shea as Assessor of the Second Indiana District. He has recently been appointed and confirmed as JJ enter ant in the regular army, and several Sent tors thought he had hotter hold on to that His nomination as Assessor was, therefore, finally rejected. The usual batch of nominations was sect In by lie Presiocnt, most of them being post masters and brevet m -litary appointments. TTTK AUSTRIAN MISSION has finally been given to ex-Scnator Nesmith, of Oregon, and the Senate was astounded al finding his nomination in tho package left by the private Secretary. Mr. Seward staled yesterday that Ur. Foster would be appointed this week, and the friends of ex-Senator Harris bad such assurances from tbe President as made them look for his nomination today. Nobody believes that Sena* tor Nesmith was an applicant for the place.’ AG Til CULTURAL COMMISSIONER. mew Tons city appointments. There Is a row about New York city appoint* mcnis again, and the expected nominations were, not sent In. kewoble*»« appointments. Tbe difficulty aboc rlcans uppolntmeots seems in a fair ws ct Ucrnent, for General Kirby Smith has bee cd with a lucrative consulship. ~ pbobable lengthS lexecutive session. The Executive Sci m S icly to last through next week. c_ I the y* act. The story that rtt ~ imc Court ha? abont decided upon the r- __ ~ procedure under the Bankrupt Act is w~ sg £ ifoaudefl. They have cot even taken np 2. er, bat will probably do so on Saturda; S ‘ -hief Justice has pre pared a circular gl Vj tractions to applicants for appointments ilssloners, which will be sent out tomorrow, me number of applica tions already msde is enormous, and two clerks are kept employed in filing and making briefs of letters and recommendo'lona. THE COPPEHHEAD REJOICINGS. Ihe Executive Committee of the National Democratic Association were so elated with tbe result of tbe Connecticut election that they held a meeting here last eight and passed resolutions congratulating the country that the reign of Red Republicanism is drawing nigh its end, and that the people have determined to overthrow the Northern rebellion against the principles of the Constitution. Tom Florence, whose intimacy at tbe While House Is well known, has an editorial article in his paper this evening which indicates very plainly that the President isn't going to give many more offices to the Republicans. THE SUPPLEMENTAL PAIiDON LIST laid before Congress abont a month ago, and now primed, shows that tbe Executive clemency has further been extended to rebels as follows; Maryland, 121; Florida, 113; Louisiana, 453; Texas, 622; Arkansas, 179; Missouri, 153; Ken tucky, 167; Tennessee. 528. Total, 2,808. The States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro lina, Georgia. Alabama and Mississippi arc not included in this list. Of the number thus par doned, .831 are under indictment for treason, Sl4 were worth over 3200,000, and confiscation proceedings bad been commenced against the property of 79. BUBCAU OF STATISTICS. No more vacancies are to be fliled in the Bu reau of Statistics. The Secretary cannot get rid ol Director Delator, bnt lecms inclined to let tho Bureau die out as soon as possible. SOLS CHEAP. Jest previous to tbe Connccticnt election the •Sects of the Johnson headquarters here, inclu ding the portraits of the President and other lead ing Johnson men, were cold at auction at a great sacrifice. AOHICULTUBAIi COMMISSIONED. The name of Dr. John A. Warden, of Cincin nati, is mcmioncd here in connection with the Commission erehip of Agriculiure. PUBLIC BEST STATEMENT. Washington, April 4.—The following is a statement ol tbe public debt, April Ist: Dcbt,bcamigcu in interest. *1,499,331,591.80 Dehhbearlng cur teocy interest.. 731,280,780.00 Matured debt,not presented for payment. - .. 12,285.653.32 Debt, bearing no Interest 417.225,313,95 Totfll *2,063,713,571.13 Amount in Treasury; Coin *105,956,477.22 3t.3T5t26.52 *140,258,393.74 Currency. Total. Amount of debt, less cash in the Trcasorr ?. *2.523,430,070,41 IN TURN At BEVENUE BECEIFTS. The Internal Revenue receipts tenday were tir *‘'""rNnTD STATE* SUPHEME COCBT. The case of tbe steamer William Bandy and cargo, captured id ISC3. and condemned and sold io New Orleans in ISM, and tbe money, some $218,000. paid into the registry of the Court, was argued In the Supreme Court to-day. It comes pv appeal from tbe Eastern District of Louisiana, taken by Joshua Dray don, of New Al bany, Ind. The vessel and cargo, at tbe beginning of tbe rehslUon, belonged to Cox, Brainard & Co., of which brm Brayuon was a member, owning one-sixth. He, however, remained loyal, andJhSs property in Mo bile was confiscated by tbe rebels. Tbe remain dcr of the firm remained in Mobile, and ran the vessel and cargo through the blockade. She was captured near Havana. Henry Crawford, of In diana, arpned tbe case for Draydon; S. D. Cox for the other partners, and Assistant Attorney Gen eral Ashton lor tbe Government. The case will be submitted to-morrow. ninvcnr KEGISTEBB. The appointment of Registers under the Bank rupt Brit will not be made for some time yet. REJECTED. ... I. .. . V . Ibe Senate ha? rejected the nomination of Thomas Shea, as Collector of internal Revenue, Second District, Indiana. EANKBUPTCT UEOISTEUS. Chief Justice Chase bis prepared and will soon I-sne m printed form, a circular stating me qual ifications required for Registers in bankruptcy. Th* United States steamer Huron arrived at Cape Vcidt Island March 2nd, trom New York. AU well, she would;ieave on tbe 6th for Rio Janeiro. CONGRESSIONAL. Washington, April 4. SENATE. • 1 Mr. MORTON o...'*'’ “ rc: °. Iu »on !jm 1-. OW copies of the Army Register lorlsj’J, be hereby ordered prinkd for tbe use of the senate. Re ferred to the Printing Committee. Mr. CHANDLER submitted a Joint resolut.OQ of the Michigan Legislature asking a grant of lands to construct a rarroad from the iron region to the Straus of Mackinaw. Laid on the table and ordered printed. Mr. SAULSBCRY offered a resolution that hereafter no Chaplain shall bo elected or apoolnl cd by the Senate. Objection was made aud the resolution went over. On motion of Mr. SUMNER, the Senate went in to Executive Session. THE ELECTIONS. municipal. erniNGFiELD. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] SpnxsoriELD. 111.. April 4. Returns from all the precinc’s In thU conmy show large gams for the Republicans. We have, probably, elected a majority of the Supervisors. Two Democratic townships have cone Republican. The Republican primary election to nominate candidates lor city officers is being held hero to z lehr. General John McCook will bs nominated for Mayor. The Democratic Convention mot last night and nominated N. M. Broadwcll lor Mayor. WAVKEOAS. j Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Waukegan, April 3,1857. Oar anneal town meeting for the purpose of filling the various offlses made vacant by Ihe ex piration of terms, took place yesterday. A So 1-ervisor, Town Clerk, Assessor, Collector, Com missioner of Highways, and foor Constables were elected. As is nanal, a caucus was Held, and tbc following ticket put In nomination; Supervisor, John Bishop; Town Clerk, W. A. Gray; Asses sor. S. ZL FJlnn ; Collector, H. A. Hinkley; Com missioner of Highways, J. B. Groton; Overseer of Poor. Dennis Marr; Constables, George Fer guson. O. H. Heath, N. Brown, and B. Jennings. For a long time a Jealous feeling baa existed between returned soldiers or officers and civilians in rcgaid to the offices, and yesterday a ticket was pnt in the field in opposition to the one regularly nominated, composed entirely of soldiers, under the name •ot the “Soldiers’ Ticket" The following gentlemen's names appeared upon it: B. 6. Blowoey, late Captain Company G, Ninety-sixth Illinois Volunteers, for Supervisor; A. U. Brown, Cap tain Company I, Sixty-fourth Illinois Voltto teers, for Town Clerk: J. O. Havens, Lieutenant Ninety-sixth Illinois Volunteers, lor Assessor; George Burnett, CaptainjCompany B, Ninety-sixth Illinois Volunteers, for Collector; W. Scott Stewart, Colonel Sixty-fifth Illinois Volunteers, for Commissioner of Highways; George Ferguson, B. Jennings, James Ufbam and George Rice for Constables—all soldiers who have smelled pow der, and laced grape and canister on many a bloody battle-field. A very email rote was polled owing to the fact that no general Interest was felt in the matter, onr citizens caring but little which ticket was trimnpbant so long as both represent ed the same great party. The soldiers* ticket was elected entire by a small majority, with tbc excep tion of the office of Assessor. Mr. Saul H. Flino was re-clectcd to that office. {Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] Gheen Castix, Ind . April 3,1807. A more than usually important election to this town came off Monday. In tne county Ihe contest has, till lately, been a very dose one,but the Con servatives despairing of the entire township elec tion, endeavored to comeafiank movement over the Radicals. They persuaded a hospital soldier to run for Township Trustee, end mustered all loeir force on him. not venturing to run a whole ticket. But the tesnlt gave the Radical candidate ISO majority. If we may judge from appearances, tne next trick ot tbc Conserva'lves will be to vote Radical ticket and cialm it as a victory. Hon. Dan. W. Vooihees isiu the city to be pres ent at a murder trial. He has withdrawn from the arena of politics for the present, at least, since incre-apponionmeLtof the counties in the Sta : e into districts has left the gent in a district lamely Radical. The truth is, tbu Democrats are ruined in Indiana. Out of eleven Congressmen tbey will gel but one, and their power in the Mate Legisla ture is gradually diminishing. May the reform go on. ” KAXFAB CITY. Cm T Mina Im.II A Tk. P.A1..1 I 1a1..! St. Louis, April 4.—The entire Radical ticket, excepting two Coanctlmen, was elected at Kansas City on luetday. KECO.NSTKCCTIOX. Uulou Convention in Arkansas—Gene ral Sheridan to Make a Clean Sweep of Bebel Olllce-IJ old era-Senator VVTI- Mb’a Speech at Petersburg, Va.—Peti tion to the Supreme Conn from J adge Sharkey and Others, of nisaisslppl. New Yoke, April 4.—The Herald s Little Rock (Arkau-as) special of yesterday says: The State Union Convection has been in session all day and evening. A platform, with resolutions, was adopted, of an ultra radical character, approving ibeCongressionalplanof reconstruction and re aombsion to the union. Resolutions conacmulog the President, op posing confiscation, and recommending a con-, dilatory course toward rebels, were tabled. A State Central Committee was appointed aod In etiuctvd to establish a state Union organization. Ihc committee to wail upon General Ord reported that be heartily approved of the object of the Convention, aud was desirous of co-ooeraUog with them. The Convention wtU doubtless ad journ tc-mor:ovr. Pending the Convention, a large meeting of Irecomen was held in the State House square, •'cveral delegates and colored speakers addre-sed them. Gtcat enthusiasm prevailed, aod no dis turbance was created. General hhcridan contemplates the removal of all disloyal persona from office In hia district. The Woil'fs special says the President is of the opinion that General t>Leridan had no right to make the removals he has made, and has called on the Attorney General for an opinion on the lUbjcct. Gcncial Sheridan baa telegraphed for Intitucllocs on the same point before making farther removals. Attorney General Stanberry has written an opttlon that the military commanders have no right, under tho Rccoustmcilou act, to remove municipal and State officers elcc’cd by the people. It is not likely that the President will interfere, notwithstanding the opinion. I'zrtnsßCEO, v a., March 4—Senator Wilson ad dressed a large assembly in front of Jarroit's Hotel, to-uighl. The colored element largely predominated ard enthusiastic manifestations were indulged In. The Senator spoke up wards of an hour, proclaiming himself radical aud entirely committed to Radical principles. In referring to the late war, he said neither the South nor Nurd* were guiltless in tne conflict He said the neproe was tow as much a citizen of the unit-id States as the President, and entMed to all the privileges of a while man- He disclaimed all in tention on the part of Congress and the North to degrade or humiliate the Sonth by measures of Cl) ia\so YOL. XX. reconstruction, but they rather aimed to elevate the lowly and Depressed. Fobtbess Moneoe, April I.—-The colored popu lation of Yorkiown and viclnltv celebrated the Saseaco of the Reconstruction Bill on Saturday y a procession. Two soldiers of the Flfn Artillery, while intoxicated, came In contact wl - h some colored men not In tbe procession. Ameleo occurred, and the soldiers discharged their revolt', ers into rbe procession. They were attacked, and in taLirg away tbe revolvers one was discharged, and a negro killed, w belhur accidentally or not Is unknown. The soldiers were arrested tor cximl natifu on a charge of murder. A hill is to be filed bv Judge Sharkey and Rob ert J. 'Walker In the Supreme «”onrt of the Unit* d States, to-morrow, who complain that the State of Mississippi, in behalf of herself, and such olrcr Slates as may be Interested In the promises, wh > shall, by consent of the Court, properly make themselves parlies hereto, against AndrcwJohi eon. a citizen of Tcnn -ssce. and President of tbe United States, and also against General E. O. C. Old. The petition set* lorlh at length the history of the State of Mississippi, claiming that besides the protection of the constitutional rights of a Stale, there are compacts, fundamental, irrevoca ble and unalterable, securing forever to tbe State oi Mississippi her rights as a state in theUcio ■ >-y such compacts and the rights required under them. The petitioners believe ihlsCoort will re paid It as Its duty to maintain in the same man ner at Jeaal aa it would enforce between indlvlda uals, by injunction or otherwise, tbe specific per formance of contractu. An averment is made that the Ccngrees of the United States cannot conso tntionally expel Mississippi from the Union, and that any attempt which practically docs sols a nullity, ana thm there is no provision lu the Can sUiutiouoflbe United States which suljlects her os a State to any pains, penalties or forfeitures as a consequence oi such void attempt of a portion other people to wl*hdiawherfrom the Union, all powers to punish a State by ex pulsion or otherwise for any cause having been expressly refused in the Convention which framed tbe Federal Constitution. She avers that her cit izens lost none of their political rlehts nor Incurred any penalties, ex cept wbat might be inflicted on them as individuals by duo process of law after trial by jury. She avers that she has exhibited her good toltb and adhesion to the Constitution by clccinc Senators and Representatives to Congress, and complains that they have been wrongfully ex cluded, and that her people have been compelled to pav taxes and bear tbe burdens of the Govern ment*without representation. Ihc aetto provide for the more efficient govern ment of the rebel States, and the act snpplemcu laty thereto, ntterly annihilate the State and Gov ernment, by camming that Congress has power to control, modify, and even abolish its Govern ment ; in abort, to exert sovereign power over it, aiid tbe utter destruction of the Stale must be the consequence of their execution. Tbe scope of power vested in military commanders, co broad and bo comprehensive, was never before \es<cd In a militiry commander In any Gov ernment which guards the rights of its citizens or subjects by laws. 'ihe bill of complaint concludes as follows: “Now ihe complainant expressly charges that, from information and belief, tbe said Andrew Johnson, Pcetdcnt. In violation of the Constitu tion, and in violation of tbe tacrcd rights ot the States, will proceed, notwithstanding his veto, to the execution of said acts, as though they were the law of the lan*, which the vetoes prove be would not do If he bad any dUcretion, or that in doing so be performed anything more than a ministerial duty. With a view to the execution of said acts tbe said Andrew John-on has assigned military commanders to the eevctal districts to cany them into complete execution, aud for this purpose has assigned General E. O. C. Ord to command tbe Stales of Mississippi and Arkansas, whom complainant prays may ne a; defendant to this bill, aid served with all proper process, &c.: aud complainant further avers that said General E. 0. C. Ord will speedily enter on the discharge ot said duties unless restrained by this honora ble Court. SUPREME COURT OP ILLISOIS. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, 111., April 3. All tbe Judges present. 9, lleverscd, and re manded for more Joinder in error. 31. Daniel Eaton eta), ve. AlbertD. Sanders et ala ; sub mitted by plaintiff brief: to be filed and takon un der advisement. 32. Daniel Eaton ei al. vs. Dor man T. Warren et als.; same os in 81. 83. Sub mitted by plsinUfi In error on briefs to be filed. Downing i vs. Wright; submitted by both parties on briefs and argu ments. :G. Continued with alias. 48. Motion to set aside order for cer/ioraH sad for rote to join in error. 33. Joseph Uccum ve. Charles W. Dean. Hale on appel’anta to assign enots by the fith Inst. Mouon to to einkc ont part of record for snrptussage. IC3. Morion tor leave to withdraw scl fa. for Slu-rifito amend the return. US. Submitted by ap pellee on brief and arguments to be filed. 57.1 he Ills. C. R. It. Co. vs. N. W. Colo. Hale lor joinder in error by Sib m-U 139. Daniel F. Pcarc. impleaeded, vs. Charley Anderson. Submitted by tippc'lee Oh bri.ls and argument*} to be filed. :W. Sullivan Child, appellor* ... Edward n. Gratiot. Motion jor robe' . '"iii' Haney White vs. John Gilman. \, A 7p?nto dla rnUs appeal. IK. Elizabeth ..iml-u. i.at.ii, James Yales, ie Subu.litcd by appei>'. ?a- Caleb C- F • filed. 175. Ashuel h'". W» abstract Inman. bulr”** * * W*«ncr ts. bamuel 0?j filed. •" ~i ed bF argument 3Q hriehi to _ Samuel S. T *; a E {g* Dickenson. Motion for leave to . MoMquS Simon Arderson ve. William Enas*, nTn S. fun her time to file record. No. 9. P. A. Smith vs. the People car. nl. David U. Ttu. Stihmliud by both parties on briefii and argu imnlp ou file. We have received tho following annonnemont from the Clerk of tbe Supreme Court: Ottawa, 111., ApriM. The Supreme Court, now in session at Ottawa, announced this morning that tbe number ot cases to be submitted for decision for the pres ent term, will be limited to one hundred and thii iy-fivc. On tbe afternoon of Monday next tho first call of the docket will he commenced, the num ber to be set lor each day’a call to be twenty-five cases. to soon as the whole number cf cases (one hun dred and thirty-live) shall have been snbm:ltid fir dtcision, upon oral argument or otherwise, the busb.Cfiß of iho term wlil be closed. If, pending the first call ot the ducket, the Bam* ber of cases submitted by both parties, together with such as may hare been submitted by one oi the parties only, shall reach the number of one hundred and thirty-five, the first call will (her. dose, and the second call of ?ne docket will be commenced, which will be confined entirely to such cases as may remain upon tbc docket which may have been submitted upon one side only. Until tbc proper number of cases shall have been submitted lor decision, or enhmlued upon one side, causes may oe submitted, & ■ heretofore, uuon briefs and arguments filed or to he filed, the whole number to be taken tor decision not to ex ceed one Hundred and thirty-live. Should a second call of tbc docket become ne cessary, the nnmber to be tcifor cacb day's call will be announced hercalter. FKOM FORESTON. Pint meeting or the Chicago A Fores ter- Itmlroad Company—Organization —Election ofOHlccrs, Ac, [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] FonssTOK, April 4. The incorporators of the Foreston & Chicago Railroad held their first meeting to-day at the of fice cf T. J. Hewitt, Esq., in this place. Most of the members were present; among whom were Alex. H. Mooe, Col. J. Rodearmcl and P. W. S. Bromley, Egn , of Freeport; Major A. Nasc, of ML Carroll, James S. Waterman and Channcev Lllwood. of Sycamore; XI. A. Mix, Esq., of Ore gon; Hon. Joshua White, ofiialc'.John w. Hitt, ot MU Morris; Dr. Isaac Klee, of Adeline; Wm. HunUof Lafayette, Ogle County; and Matthew Blair and J. J. Hewitt, of Foreston. Tbc charter oi this company provides that the incorporators shall constitute the first Board of Directors. The company was permanently organized by tbc election of Alex. 11. Stone, President ; J. J. He-itt, Treasurer, and Chaoncey Ellwood, Secre tary. A set of by-laws was adopted, and an Executive Commilteeappointed. consisting of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Directors, J. S. Waterman, Jacob Roucarmei, H. A. Mix and Major Nsec, which committee was vested with general powers, and Instructed to open books, make preliminary surveys, audio represent tbc company In all respects, except to locate the line of the road, consolidate or sell the franchises granted in the charter. Reports were made by most of the Directors, and from their reports, there seems to be but little doubt but that the toad will be pushed forward speedily. The surveys cont.-mplated in me instructions arc from Foreston eastward across Rock River, at Byron or Oregon; thcnco to Sycamore and Chicago, and also west from Foreston to the Mississippi Hirer. The most prominent ieatnrc exhibited among tbc directors was the unanimity of sentiment to construct tne road as soon as possible, and to so guard their actions us to se cure tne stockholders from being sold out to soulless corporations. and their money squandered recklessly. Indeed, the names of the officers and directors, regardless of their rcstriakrs and by-laws, shornd be sufficient guarantee that this is no wild-cat, cut-throat insti tution. _ At 2 o’clock p. m. tbc Board adjourned and par took of an excellent dinner at the Pennsylvai.la House, which was complimentary by the citizens Foreston, ana which did honor to the place ami to Mr Hilcmao, tbc proprietor of the house. FROJI SAi.i FRANCISCO. Vessel* Sailing for Clrina—Settlement of Wine Seizure*-Indian Outrages In Idaho—New line of Steamers Be tween San Francisco and New York — Adjournment of the Nevada LcgiHla ture—Opinion of the California Press on ibe Russian Treaty. San Fean cieco, April 3,—The Colorado sailed to<ay Tor VoLohama and Bong Kong with a fall freight and twenty cabin passengers, and ?U3U,WKJ ■n treasure. The China brig Jcannie sailed for Hong Kong no hoar bclorethu Colorado, and Intended to race with the steamer. She carries a cargo of doer and wheat ard SOOO,WW in treasure. A compromise was effected to-aay between the Government and (he clalmaots.of a large number of wine cases, Involving the seizures during the Collectors hip of Colonel James. It is understood toaithe Government received 00 per cent of the seizures. There are sell a number of salts to oc tried, which ft is expected to compromise to-day, ana lead to an amicable adjustment of tbs remain log cases. s;i(iaho advices of March SCth sts*c that Indian outrages on the Snake and Boise rivers valley are numerous. There is haidly stock enough leit to work the farms. Toe Indians attacked the Onhyhcc stage, and killed the driver and two passengers. The others escaped on the horses. Floor aod wheat firm; prices are unchanged. Legal tenders 75c. San Feakcisco, April 4.—Tho 2im's says it is reported that a new line of steamers to New York, da Panama, will shortly be put iu opera tion. Preliminaries arc being already arranged, and the steamers put in readiness, whether the recent consolidation of the coastlines has any thing to do with this is not advised. Tho recent selzuto of Chinese goods to the value ol hajf a million lor an attempt to defraud the revenue, is adjusted >o the satisfaction of all parties, and the goods released. The Nevada Legislature has adjourned Its spe cial session. The object for which it was called— the passage of the Revenue Bill—was accom plished, though not in a satisfactory manner. The opinion here is that the Russian treaty should be ratified. The fishery interests are im mense. Prospectively the new possessions are worth millions to the San Francisco trade In the hands of onr Government. The newspapers unanimously favor the treaty. The Hulltftn says the extension of the Pacific coast line places us in a noet advantageous position in reference to Eastern commerce, while Its political value is sharply emphasized by tne British Monarchial Confederation scheme. The Alla eixya the political significance in the change of ownership of the Terrttorry to either Government interested,Jcatu.olbear the least com parison with its commercial Importance. The Times says the acquisition of this Territory is of the first imuoitsnce «o the American people, viewed politically and commercially. Yellow Fever at Panama. Washington. April 4.—A letter from the Sur geon ot the Uiuteu Slates ship Germantown,dated Panama, March 21st, says the yellow fever is pre- vailing in Panama, though it is attempted ti cor* ccal the fact. There Is no fever at Asplnwsll or on the vessels. FROM SOUTH BEND, IND. Grand Jail Delivery—Escape ol Five Noted Thieves* [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Tribune-] South Bend, Jnd., April 4. There was a grand Jail delivery here last night, five prisoners taking part, to wit.: John Thomas, Miller and Frank Morris, confined on a charge of burglary, Alexander Green, for horsestealing, and Sol. Sboup, for larceny. They accomplished their lioerty by cutting a hole through the floor, aud iben digging four feel d«.ep and going nnder the masonry, and then digging np again. Going to the outskirts of the city, the; confla eater several borscs, some of which were found near New Carlisle early this morning. No other trace of the escaped has yet been received, though scoots have been sent lu every direction, as well as telegrams. FEOM MEXICO. Tbe Siege of Queue taro by tbe Liberals —Prospects of >bo Early Capture of tbe City—Tbe Imperialists Divided la Council* New Yobs, April 4.—Tho Herald's San Luis Fotosi. Mexico, correspondence, Marcd 9th,says: “Ihe Liberals in front ol Queretaro are rapidly closing artnnd the city, to give tbe couj) dt grace to the rimpire. Escobedo writes that on the Ctb instant he had closed Ids Hues in upon the city, corona« ccnpyicgftbc west and soainwest, along alinaof elevations which command tbeclty.and Trevino, with tho Army of the North, occupying thewestandnortbwest outskirts of the place. All was expected to he ready for an assault to-day, ami in a Icticrto Minister Lcrdo, Escobedo states iliaihe believes It will not require more than three or fonr oays longer to finish np tnc work at dial point. He says that while closing his troops around iLo Place, largo clouds of dust were otv seived, as if the Imperial army were retreatiug from Mexico; but ibis cloud returned towards <*ucielaro as soon as it was evident that it might he outflanked, lie also states that there is the greatest discord prevailing among the Imperial officers, that they arc divided in council, cannot determine what measures to take, and thatthe army is almost In a starving condition. FBOM BICUMONB* Death of tbe Former Bebel Secretary of War Terrible mine Explosion - Seventy-Five miners Killed— Pesounl. Richmond, April 4.—Geo. W. Randolph, former ly Confederate Secretary of War. died yesterday. An explosion in the Clover Bill coal pita, Ohes leilleld County, occurred yesterday. Twenty-five white and fifty.colored miners were killed. The pits, to-day, are burning, but tbe ebalts arc closed to extinguish the fire, eo the bodies cannot bo recovered. Scnaior Wllaoa went to Petersburg to-day. Richmond, April 4.—Despatches from tbe Clo ver Hill Coal Mines, In Chesterfield County, give no timber particulars of the disaster, except that three explosions were beard after the first om*. An attempt was made to descend the shaft* but the bursting out of the flames prevented it. Noth n,g Is known of what occurred In tbe pit. Thirty tiimcre, white, and thirty-nine blacks were all at w ork in the mince at tho umc of the explosion. Fires* Louisville, Amll 4.—Steadman’s paper mill, near Frankfort, Ky., was completely burned yes terday morning. 1.088, S2fi,WKJ; uninsured. Philadelphia, Apnl4.—-Two cars loaded with petroleum, loos fire Ibis morning while crossing ibe iron bridge on ibe Pennsylvania Itailroad over the Schuylkill. Loss, $6,000. Nashville, April 4.—The soap factor? of Ayres & Co., and warehouse of Mart-hall & Doyle, in ine northern suburb, ware burned last night with their contents. Loss, about $60,000; Insurance, 10,000. prffAlT BROTHERS Advertising Ag’tt 126 Dearborn-*!., receive advertl»emenia for all the leading papers throughout tbe Called HtatcM and Caiindua. (General Koticcs. Printers Attention. On behalf of the CHICAGO TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION, we would caution Printer* throughout the country trom coming to lids city. The printing bus iness It at present very dull, all Job ana Newspaper Office! being overstocked with help. T 1 ere are at least one hundred idle prlniets in the city,with no prospect hr work. GEO. W. MCDONALD, President. U, b. stkeat. Chatman Ex. Com. j^otice* WM. GEO. HART Wick, forccr.y Travel!lnc Agent for BADWAY & CO, New Ytrk, has absconded, taking with him receipts and i » c * C. U!ln and aitthi™. All p.r.U 1 ’rjnsact any business wtih him on U Said R*J. r^c,c sometimes goes by tin name m Charity Johnson. We last heard of him at Chicago, RADWAY & CO- New York. Ant party desirous of en gaging IN TUB HOTEL BUSINESS, And w bo can famish a CAPITAL OF §IO,OOO, H ay learn ot a flee opening by addressing £0 LUMBERMEN. Xj XT B/C B X 3 XFL Can he etasoevd in from « to 4 day* by BULKLEY’e I*ATKNT. at an average cost of fl per M.. from it.e erven, F. r circular or Information address C. 11. bULKLEY. S Case Butlfling. Cleveland, Ohio. GARDEN UITY BOAT CLUB, —A V 7 nutting of the above Clcowlli be held at the Union Star Line Office on SAIUBDAY EVENING, at 7S' o’clock. All young men Interested In aquatic pp-.rt*. and those parties who Intend keeping pleasure boats dnr liie the coming summer, will flna it to their iuure-t and ulvauiace to aticnn. Q3HCAGO MEDICAL SOCIETY. The annual turning of the Chicago Medical Society wlh be held this (Friday) evening, at half past eeven o'clock, at the County Cotrt room, when all the mem hers are expected to be present. T. P. Kircn. M. D„ Secretary. -\.I AaONIO.—A Special Convocation J.tJL ot WafblDstoa Chapter No. At, U. A. M., Wll he I.eM at their hail, No. S 3 Wert KaodolphfiC.,, THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, at 6 O’clock. Work OD M. M. Degree. By order of the Q. P. JOBS WHITLEY. Secretary. JV’OTICE TO SHIPPERS—The X WESTERN TRANSPORTATION CO. Are m>w receiving merchandise and coarse Weight In New York, to De shipped at once by rail find steam Mrcuiid ihc Lake, or via Canal a*, ihe opening. Office, comer Wattr-iU acd Old Slip, New York. J. W. lUITLE, Agent, Chicago. CRYSTAL LAKE ICE! For the coming season orders maybe left at onr Of fice. No. 9 Remolds’ Block, comer Madison and Dear bcm-Biß., at a. Room's Oyster Depot, and at our new CRVBTAL LuIKE Branch IceUcusce, at Mlcblgas-ar.near Slxtecntb-st. ah orders will be promptly attended to. CHICAGO ICE COMPANY. JAS. P. SMITH, Jh , SupcrlDtendent. r PHE feXJBSCRIBER DEBIREd TO X RENT A FIRST-CLASS HOUSE ON 'WABASH OR MICHIGAN AVENUE, north of Van Bures-tt. poseesflon required May Ist. «. P. HUTCHINSON, £JOT DEAD "SET. COOK & FARIiEY, Who were reported dyeing last season, ARE STILL ALIVE TO Dye for the Living! Old and faded clothing made to look equal ton-w. Hrt’jr In your old clothes and have them Dyed and Repaired at our Old Dyeing Establishment, 103* SOUTH CLAUIt-sT, N. D.—SttUlnctlon guaranteed. DISCHARGES. * We have received from the Second Andltor tb» cfllclalform ot application for additional bounty ot tlOt. wh<re coldlcrs have lost trclr discharge ceulfi cates. Soldiers so sltnated should apnty at once to DICKENSON & WERSIER, 08 Wathlogton-st lEftucational. LAKE FOREST ACADEMY The Summer Term of this School opens on MON DAY, April 8. B. W. RAYMOND, Pies. Board Trustees. L. M. Jounson, Principal Dearborn Seminary. The text term ot this School will begin On Monday Next, April 8tlx« !3oHttcal. Civil and Religious Liberty! EQUAL RIGHTS! NO BACKED CONVENTIONS 1 ONE TERM MAN! TUB PEOPLE’S CHOICE! For Alderman of the First Ward, W. GEORGE GOLDSMITH. Tax-Payers and Property Holders, Read This ! 35rprtss Companies. rpHE MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAP XT Ali - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Out Merchants aud Manufacturers. CARRIES BY EXPRESS. Manor, Valna* hies, Freight and Parcels, over more than 13,000 miles ol Express Line, at Just and liberal rates, saves millions yearly to Kx* press Shippers, and can be mode permanent only by their liberal patronage* This vt hope to merit and receive. Office, Ho«. 103,106,107 & 109 Dearbom-st S.K.COOFBB Affont- CHICAGO, FRIDAY. APRIL 5, 1887. jßemcai. A. O’LEARY, M. SURGEON, Of Brooklyn, N. ¥., Widely known ns a Popular Lecturer on Anatomy, Physiology, and the Laws of Health, and other Educational and Scien tific Subjects, and at Homo as a Physician of Extensive Practice, is engage* in a Pro* fosslcnal Tour in the West, and will spend a short time in Chicago. The Doctor devotes the Evening hoars to Public Lectures, and the daytime to the practice of Mcdl emo and Surgery, aud In this way enjoys to a more than ordinary degree, the means of familiarity alike with the theory and practice of the Healing Ait. The Lectures place him. so to say, ru a cen tre ol discussicns, conversations and reports on the effect of different remedies aud modes of treat ment, and compel him to keep thoroughly in formed os to the most recent discoveries, improve ments and experiments, whether made within the regnlar profession, or by the less orthodox schools—the Homoeopaths or others, or yet by the common people, who, while generally the great est sullerers fiom Ulcers, and the subjects of the most numerous expciimeuts in treatment, have olteu the good sense to appreciate the results, and to add very much that is useful to our knowledge of the means of cute, much that at last finds Us way into hooks and science, but that at first is generally deposited with the popular lecturer on these subjects. The Doctor's Jonrueyirgs through all parts of the country, afford him unlimited opportunities of attending college clinics, wilnetsing the opera tions of the moat eminent surgeons ol the day, and observing the treatment and practice in the different hospitals and other institutions, as the asylums for thu *naanc, etc., and also the In fluence of the different localities and climates in causing and enring disease—such opportunities as arc enjoyed by very few in this world. That be has the ability to avail himself of them, may be inferred from the crowded aud enthusiastic audiences that everywhere attend bis lectures— audiences composed largely of the tU(e of tho cities and Tillages m Widen they arc delivered, and that invariably continue to increase in both numbers and intelligence the longer the course continues; that bo has endeavored laUbfullyto improve them la evident from the throng of

patients that msy be found at all hoars of the day in bis reception rooms, which are often full long before ho rues in the morning, and con tinue so till thu time for the evening lecture, people being frequently compelled to wait six or eight boms, or have special appointments made for days in advance, before he can attend them at all. rallies Iroma distance should bear this in mind. 'I be longer he remains In a place, the more dense and impatient the crowd becomes, till be is at last compelled, from sheer exhaustion and lailgne to leave it, to galu a little rest before commencing the wild whirl elsewhere. Much the greatest part of tho Doctor'e practice is with chronic cases that have long been treated unsuccessfully by others. “1 have tried so many,” ■hey say, “and paid out so much and got no help, that I am entirely discouraged;” or, “if you knew how I had been eervod, yon would not blame mo for not coming to you'sooner or for not trn-ting any one.” Others have been ailing long, hut able to be about, have mentioned their suffer ings to their family physician “over and over attain.” but so long as they were not stek m bed he did nothing for them, or said they were laay and whimsical, aud that they would bo all right by and by. This is very often the case with tboao who sutler from Dyspepsia, Liver troubles, or af fections of tbe Lungs or licatl, Pain in thu Back, or through the Hips or Loins, or weakness of the knees, Dealness or Dulness of llcaring..cr some other ot the many maladies which, while they do ! not entirely unfit one to do the cvctar day duties of life, deprive one of so ranch comfortand hap piness, and hasten on old aee—haggard look —tbe weary frame—the languid gait—the decline to tho giave at such a feaifnl’n i&ptd rate, that thov arc well worthy of care, for their early re- *“\rothcr rstcnrtve branch of Ui«» V. c llce coupUls tb curre** -- doctor’s, ‘ uciormitlcs. Cross-eyes, -.M .-iect, Crooked Joints, Haro Lips, Wens, >\arts Siolep. Tumors, &c.&c WM-h iniiui..! ««t n|.on lli'o tern icrolllicflune.v. Cknyal.y \ C ry nuhippy. x 0 be dored at at.d gaseo «. D T e tcry stranger that one n.ecta through the long,'coiu ~r car? I to be ob served for any dclommy; t<» be an objeC! ° r ridi cule and unfevlmg remark with coarse, mdo poo pic, is no trilling matter to a sensitive sonl. The pain of the mira is as serious and as bard to bear us that of the body, and it is one of tbc triumphs of modern turytry, that its knife con Generally, In ibeto cases, reach and relieve the pangs of ihc one as Mell cs those of the other. An clcgnct and re fined lady, whose eyes the Doctor straightened, sbvh: “Were 1 ofiered a whom roond world of solid cold, I would not take it and have my eyes what they were before you operated on idem.” Another writes. ‘*Oht I was so unhappy. Often and c-ficu I went to my room and wept alone, ana wondered why I was so unlike others, but row, thank Cocl, and you. Doctor, no one can say, L. V. is cross-eyed any more.” 'lhc Doctor asks co certificates of his patients, hut in some cases permission to refer to them. In itis way be has accumulated ogreat number ofnonrsol persons who have suffered from a.- inos*. all cunbic forms of disease, and been suc cessfully treated by him within a tew years. When a new patient applies for rctcrcnce, he takes plei sure in directing him to some one that was similarly aflllcted and is now well, hoping by so doing, to inspire a degree of confidence that no list, nowover Imposing, of published certificates could secure. He hns a great number ol each reference for each of the following, among other diseases cared: Deafness or defective hearing, w lib and without discharge from the ear. cross eyes. cataract, weeping or watery eyos, Inflamed • yrs and lid-, skin diseases of infinite variety, fn m the simpuet piracies and ireckles to the most oficnslvc lepra, diseases of women, com monly called lemale weaknesses, somoortbem considered wonflcrfal cates, catarrh and throat and lung diseases, and very many others that space will not permit mentioning here. Enough to say, they include almost everything that falls within the domain of the practice of medicine and suigery. Many very excellent and worthy people, some of them of wealth and position, are often cha grined on calling on the Doctor toward the close of bis stay, to learn that be cannot attend to item ntall at this time, ’'lint Doctor, 1 am able and willing to pay, whatever the blit.” “No doabt, sir, bnt 1 cannot see yon now.” “Yon mast wait till I come again.” “Bnt 1 may bo dead by thit time.” “1 hope not, sir, bnt If you must see me soon, come to toy next—, J go there tban 1 can well attend.*' “lint I will only uctaia yon a minute. Doctor.” “Ah, that’s what they all say, bnt a minatu will not do machine new case, and I regret to say, sir, I cannot give you even a minute now. Yon arc too late. The crowd Is pressing. excuse me if you please, bat 1 must wish you goon cay sir.” Similar dialogocs occur ntthe Doctor's ooor sometimes ten to twenty times a day, and sometimes his Secretary sits ait the dour ail day to prevent the approach of any, save those woo bold tickets of appointment. Some cannot believe this at first, bnt they often come to realize It sooner than la pleasant. ConsnUatloi sftce. hlcdical treatment, surgical operations, &c., in proportion to the case. Carefully selected medi cines, Instruments, die., kept on band and sup plied to patients ut lowc«t market rates. Ttnsis—Pay when the papers are taken or the special appomtmentmadc. Mo medicines putnp for strangers until paid for. Ofllce hours 20 a. m. to 4p.m., at Parlor 30, Tremont House. Lecture to night Throat and lunge, how to presetvu them in health, and cure colds, soro throat, consumption, Ac., Illustrated with a great variety of material, including spirometers, and other iLslrumcds for testing the lungs, a pair of lungs rccemlv dead of consumption, a healthy pair Inflated in contrast, models, manikins, &c. Admission, 25cents; children, 15cents. jfnr^au. piG IKON -18 Tons Hangiu? Hock Pig Iron* For sale, to close aoootlgumcnt. Inquire of THOMAS PARKER, No. 2. Metaodist Church Block. pOR SALE- WOOD-TARD, Office. feDee and flxturcs. xols yard has been In successful operation two years. bati-t*ctory reasons Blvtu for eeittrp. Apply on the premises 3a West Monroe-st.. cor. Clinton. J.|AY SCALES. Wehaveacomplctesctof FAIRBANKS’ HAY SCAZiBS Jn onr Warehouse, which wo win cell cheap. _ UNDERWOOD & CO- Commission Merchants, 9H Lasalle-st. CHEAP ! FOit A FEW DATS. Cottage and Lot. 3u;{ Smlh Dcaplaloes-at. Douse ccutniQ* 6 room?, hal, closets. buttery, and large sain* inerimhfu,in lUsi-nte ord«r. Prlcelaw. Terms esay. App.y to A. DRAKE, 181 South Ciark-at. fpOI! HALE IN NEW YOKE CITT- A Long Established Business in the best part of Broadway, ‘‘West Side.” , * large and pnfluhle business has been done In bADIKs- AND CH.LDHEN’S FURNISHING GOODS. HOI.ESALE AM) DETAIL. Xiic lease tf the whole house, stock, fixtures of store and good will, will be sold at a reasonable price lor cash. The only reason lor selilnzU the owners fortune being made. * - For particular*, address “JO,” Dos 1190 General Poet Olfltc. New York. 'T'O CAPITALISTS. _1 MiLWAtJKXE, March 4.1367. Haying decided to rellnaoisbbndrcss, we otTsr oar estabUehc.enttor sale. Onr bouse was ESTABLISHED IS 18£S, Has b»cn In existence 21 years, aid IB now plac'd on a safe, tlm anc permanent baslt, and to moe of capital who are acelrous of embarking in a PROFITABLE branch d trade (wholesale and Jtbolng oulj) this pro eci t# a rare and valuable opportunity Onr stock U (nil, embraces none but the most staple goods, and the hnsu.UA Is In perfect rttmJng order. 11. BUSiWUttTO it; SONS, Wholesale Druggists. Milwankqg. WU. Partners!) ips. {'JOPAhTIii.nSHIP. The undersign, d have formed a copartnership under the firm iamr of HUGH M’LENNAN & CO. TO CONTtSTB TIUS COimCIBSIoN Sc Ton WABDXNO business, hitherto dune by H. McLennan. Office re moved to No. 1, Oils Block, comer LaSalle acd Mad lioii-sts, HUGH MCLENNAN. WILLIAM DIC&INbOK. Chicago, April 1,1367. ?sats anfl (gaps. THE BROADWAY STYLE -or- SILK HITS FOR SPRIHB! NOW READY. J. L SMITH & CO, 118 Lake-st. SPRING STYLES Young Men’s Hats. A TAMETT OF NEW SHAPES, JUST RECEIVED BT I A. SMITH & CO, 118 Lake-st. 1867. SPRING TRADE. 1867. GREAT DECLINE IN PRICES —OF— HA.TS, CAPS AST) STRAW GOODS. EF"Don’t fill to examine our slock bciora purchasing. RING, CAEHART& CO. g4 LAKE-BT. QOPARTNEBSEHP NOTICE. JOHN M. AYER □os this day been admitted to our firm. The name and style ot tho hrm will be, hereafter, BALTKIS, AYER & CO. CALVIN C. BALTHIB, JOHN SI. AVER. Chicago, Aptll 1,16C7. JOHN M. BALTIU6. REMOVAL. BALTHIS, AYER& CO, DEALERS IN IRON, NAILS, STEEL, Bujrcy and Wagon Stock. Carriages, Bolts. Nuts and Washers, Thimble Skeins, Iron Axles and REMOVED TO 16 and 18 South Wells^st. Post Office BOX 810 S. ~pj Ai!DWAIiE AjSD CUTLERY. Hurd, Prescott 175 Zialrc-pt., Chicago. The attention of close buyers Is Invited to oar cent i plcie stock of AMERICAN AND ENGLISH i H AR D WAR E, Especially adapted to tha Country Trade, We offer also iiiail nssvrtiartt of Cwpfw’t Hac2ilnl<t** and Carpenters ...... -r.via mticrr ami Am,, AJ‘o, UonenliolmV Pocket Cutlery. Spear diJacKWs ha»s, .K rt;|i|i Itodgr'rs & boa's belabors and lUior*. Str.bbs «V Itjtbirj’s Fi;ci. etc. We would especially call attention to onr pric»i and assortment cl HARVEST TOOLS or all kla'D.lnclndltig .MILLARD’?, DATCHELLER’B ana those mamuactujpd at Jackson. Mich. We ai-o keep counts' tly on band full numbers oi SCUOEN BERGER'S JUNIATA NAILS. We would be pleased to clvo prices on any of tbo above goods. Orders by mall carefully and prompt,y m:od. c. n. urcp. EDWAnn i-cescott. b. nciSTWatt. Hubiiet (Gooha, p>EiIOVAL. Kaliock & Wheeler, (Successor* to John B. Meson ik C 0,,) DAVE REMOVED TO No, 143 Xiske-strcet, Between Clark and Lasallc. Best quality Vulcanized Rubber Belling, Packing and Hose. Superior Cak-Tanned XiEATIIBU iiELiTXNG, And every variety of ErBBEK G OO OS. Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Eastern prices. ,-ffinancial. At 8 PER CENT. 555.000 OXS. 1530,000 TO LOAN In one asm for three or fire years, ON FIRST-ClfiSS CITY PROPERTY. 31. D. HENNFs-SY, tiS Opera House. $30,000 TO LOAN ON BEAL {ESTATE. FOB A TERM OP TEARS, AX 10 CENT. G. S. QtJBBAKD. Js.. TO LOAN On three to five Years’ Time, On Improved Chicago Real Estate. WRIGHT & TYRRELL. $15,000 TO ZjOAX For five years, on Improved Real Estate InthH city. KOZbTfc CUMMINGS. OS La9allc-et. Michigan southern & north ern INDIANA R. R. CO. No.l» William Strbbt, ) New Yoek, March 15,1307.} The annual election tor Directors of this Company will bo held at the Ccrapsuy’a cfllco la Toledo, Ohio, oa Wednoday, tbc Ylth day ot April next at noon. The polls will remain open until 3p. m. TUo Stock Transfer Books will ba closed on the 3Qth inch at 2p. m„ and reopened oa the -.sth proximo at 10 a. m. £>. I*. DaBBTDT, Secretary. ' 'Kent. LUMBER yard TO RENT. 100 lect Dock by 500 feet deep, located on the North Pier. Possession given on tbs Ist of May, 1937. Inquire Ot THOS. GOODWILME, North Pier. npo RENT— A SUITE OF FINE ROOMS. On the flr.t floor of “Hank Dnlldlns," No. 53 Dear bers-st., suitable lor Insurance, Commission or Law yers* olflees. inquire of 4 GEO. R. CniTTENDEN, Boom No. 7, asme floor. jyHantcti Bookbinders, Attention! We wlihto employaFlßST-CLASS FINISHER, and to such von give a permanent situation and GOOD 'WAGES. Western Book Manufacturing Co., Southwest Corner Waihlngton and Dearbom-sta., Chicago. TXrAXTED— YV ONE OR TWO First-class Carpet Salesmen Can find employment at lIOLLISTER A PHELPS’, JDcntistrj). 'T'EETH EXTRACTED X WITHOUT PAIN, BY THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Who originated the uieot the Nitrons Oxide Gas ter the painters extraction of teeth,and have glvej it to 35,000 patients wiibont accident or Injury. Office 118 Dearborn-si. (Times Bonding.) 'T'EETH. NO EXTRA CHARGE far Extracting Teeth WITH OUT PAIN, by the use ol Nitrous Oxide Gas, when ar tlflclal ones are Inserted, at TREGO'S Dental Rooms, 73 South Clark-SL, Chicago. New Teeth Inserted same day on extracted •Hmmmls. JJEMOVAL. JOHN CLOUGH & CO. Have removed their Office from 19 Wells-itto 10 LA SALLE-ST- (Tyler's Block), np stairs. business CHICAGO GLASS GILDING CO. an fciada and varieties of SIGN t.utfts GLASS ADVERTISING TABLETS RAILROAD BULLETIN BOARDS. Office and Store Shades made and lettered to order. _ FLAGG fit BELIDSj CS MONBOB-ST., (Near thoPostOffice.) CHAS. A. KERFOOT, FANCY SADDLERY, AND Horse Clothing, Ko- 87 Handolph-st.j Chicago. "triumph soap tbe BEST IN THE WORLD. THY IT. BROPHT & GO., Sole Manufacturers, 382,384 & 386 South Clark-st. STURGES, M’ALLISTER & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FOB Tint HALS OP Wool and Woollen Gosds; Nos, 2. 4 and C Rosh-Ht., (North etd Bash-st. Bridge.) CHICAGO. BARTLETT, HOSWELL & BUSH (flocceseors to Raweon, Bartlell & C 0.,) BOOT AND SHOE JOBBERS, 3 O LAK&Sr., CHICAGO. SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO., Importers and Jobbers ol Hosiery, Gloves, White Goods. NOTIONS, TWINES, &c. No. aa X.AKE-ST. Sole Agents tor Bteclow'a ‘‘STAB” Paper Collars. HOWE’S STANDARD SCALE S. Chicago Branch Office and Warehouse, XOO.&SOl ltand.olpb.-et. JAB. T. WHIPPLE. Agent tor the HOWE SCALE COMPANY. Chicago lend and Oil Works Cor.CHnion & FoUon-sia» WcHtSldo. E. W.BLATCHFOUD «5 VO,, Manulacturers of LtnaeertOil. -.beet. ttoiicd I insecdOU. haraod LNb Lead,t»rooiiclOli CJnbts, Z2T C-.sh pala forFiax Seed and Old Lead. L WILLARD POX, 1 WINDOW GLASS 3 0 3 dakb-st. \ kW.&j. M. v/etherell] Importers and Wholesale Dea|cM \n Millinery and Straw Goods, nq laAE-ST.. OO & o. CHICAGO. •IS Wnlker»«t., Now Vork. W' IUCDS I MEWING In MACHINE., 1 “Its 'team tsWitroDger and leas' llqMc to rip In osc or wear, than the lock-stitch.” (“JidceV Im port," at tbo Grand Trial.J WScnd fur the v%”KeT‘ort. ,, and sain pltscf wont,canl Itainlog both kinds ot stitches, tnl—tLo ssme piece of goods. L. cOKiINELL & Cu„G;a. Ageatß, {1 3 3 wTLaae st-, Chicago. iOMo Stone Ware, Rockingham ami Yellow Ware. SCEANTON & CO. 117 & 119 North Waler-st. JOLIET MOUND .CO. BATH BBIC2S,rma BHICK, Sower Flpo and Brain Tiloa Office and Yard, Corner of Polk and Wells-sts. J.H. KEELER & CO., Real Estate Agents, 129 South Clark-st. Attend to Purchasing, Selling «nd Leasing Real Estate, Denting Houses and Collecting Kents. 6RAFFLIN BROS. & HALL, Bag Factory. Seamless Bags, Gunnies, Burlaps, Wool Sacks, Cotton and Paper Hour Sacks, &e. laiSouth Wolla-st., Chicago* M. TERHUNE, SHOW CASE, WABEROOXVIS, Bfo* 285 Zralx-oost. WYLIE & ARMOUR, Oils, Faints, Glass, 12 i South Water-st. American clock company, Bole Agents lor tbc celebrated Seth Thomas Clocks, AXD D BALERS IX CZiOCZS & BEGUXiATOHB OP EVERT DESCmPnOT, 3NTo. IXS Xiali,o ß st. [SMITH, BENHAM & AIKEN, IMPORTERS OF | Crockery and China,! And Wholesale Dealers In jCarpet Warp, BatUng.CcttanTarn,Twine, &cJ 151 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. I SICKELS, PRESTON & CO., , WHOLESALE HARDWARE, Cntlery and Tinners’ Stock. 233 LAKE-ST., CHICAGO. NOVELTY CARRIAGE WORKS, 4=4 Adnms*.st, , Now Is the time to get a flrst-c’sss TOP i LGGY.raigen so that the top can beta ken off In cne moment. No rattle. Also, Skeleton Wagons and Sulkies, 01 superior make. Repainting and Re pairing promptly and neatly done. THUS. H. UiiOWN, Ascot- NEW STYLES LADIES’ SATCHELS, An IMMENSE STOCK and New Styles fir: 1567, at OBAB- A- TAYXiOB’B 01 SOUTH CLABK-ST., (Opposite Sherman Haase.) NUMBER 299. •* Neto ffufoittations. THS AMERICAN LAW BEYIEW. UTILE, BROWN & CO., 110 Wa*blngton-3t., Boston, ; t PUBLISH 4.P811. Ist, ! NUMBER THREE or IBE aheeioah law ekview. CONTENTS: I. The I.• ol sdes—Delivery. 11. John Marshall. 11l- Testimony of Persons Accused of Crime. IV. Legislative Control over Ballwsy Charters. Y. Law in Ecmancc. VI. DlgestoltheEngllshLaw Reports for Nofember and December, 1566, and January, 1367. VII. Selected Digest of State Reports. VIII. Boot Notices. IX, List oi New Books pnbllsbed in England and America since January Ist, 1367. X. Summary of Events. This Review Is published Quarterly at a subscription price ol {5,00 per annum. Single Numbers. {1.23. CSf Back Numbers supplied. gitoings ana (garbage. 'JJWINEa, CORDAGE, ETC. ETC, GILBERT HUBBARD & CO., DEALERS IN TWINSSAND GOBDASE, 205 & 207 SOUTH WATEB-ST., CHICAGO. The larger! and best assortment in tbe West of COTTON AND FLAX DUCK, all wldtbsand weights MANILLA AND TARRED BEMP ROPE; COTTON SEAMLESS GRAIN BAGS: GUNNIES, WOOL SACKS AND BURLAPS; TAR, PITCH. OAKUM; COLL TAK ROOFING PITCH AND FELTING CHAINS, TACKLE BLOCKS, Ac. COTTON* FLAX AM) HEMP TTVINES Ol every description; Cotton, Flax, Paper and Jatc Wrapping Twines; Bell and Sash Cords, ulll Nets and Selnre, with every variety of Seine and Netting Twine. Tents, Awnings, Wagon Covers & Tarpaulins. F Xj O- S Of 611 k or Bunting, as per Amy Regulations, con* stantiy on baud and made to order. O.ntTBBABD, J. 6. TTTSfEE, OEQ. B. CAHFXSTXB. 33ebbintL~&c gg RANDODPH bT. PIKE & CAVANNA, DEALEBS IN FURNITURE AND BEDDING. Also, Agents l3r PBESTON & GRAVES’ NcW Patent Rotary Extension Table. CHAS. TOBEY, 87 & 89 STATE-ST. Furniture, : , BEBBWS, WBROBS, 18, Uyory x> es or Ip tlon. Parties wanting such goods will con-* salt pwn interests by oxaniima' w. « ---onsenSSOrtmeDtofnew^oi; prices, &c. Chicago, March 53,1657. 33anfea ana Rankers, BiNK, Corr ,cr 01 M - Clsrk-ats. PAID IK FORE I (■'A EXCn.l>’«B Drawn In sums to soil on .'•I tt>e principal European Citiea*. liETTERS UP CREDIT Diced, available In alt part; of EuroJ 8. UOVER.VIIENT liUN'DH Bought atd sold. 7-30 j converted at market rate*. Sau*l hi. Kicks Esov, Pres’t. F. D. Gear, Vice Prea't. C.lCfiaLP. Catnier. Cnas. J.bcmurr, Aflo’cCasa. UISLOW, LAUIEK & CO, ISSUE LETTERS OJF CREDIT For Travelers, available In all parts of Europe. KGS. '£7 a '29 FIKB-ST.. KEW Yuan. JA6. W, TUGEEU «£ CO., AMERICAN BANKERS, 3 AKD 3 BCE SCBIBB, PARIS, FRANCE, Bay and sell United states Securities, negotiate loam cn eame. bny and sell Drafts on America, lisae Cash Letters of Credit, and transact a General Commission bcelnets. Also, have connected with their Barking Boose ar American Beading Room, Steamer Office, Americas Registry, and a Pest Office. where all letters to theu core are delivered or lotwarded as may be directed. AMERICAN CORRESPONDENTS. L. P. Morten ft Co- 33 Wall-st- New York. T. VT. Andrews. 61 State-st.. Boston. Townsend, tVhelen & Co., Walnat-at- Philadelphia. State Savings Institution, Chicago, HI. ißacljinttfi. rpo OWNERS OP WATER POWERS. Brooks’ Improved Turbin Water Wheel, Is the beet in me—all Iron, with eight adjustable Chaus. These wanting a first-class arntel will send lor circular. £. B. BROOKS, Michigan City, lad. A MES* xjL Celebrated Portable and Stationary STEaM EiNGUSES. all sizes. Superior to all others, c. L. RICE & CO- Chicago; SMITH ft BIQOs. t>U LnoU, Mo.; WM. P. ROVfcY, Milwaukee; JAMES JE.NKS, Daliolt, agents. Call or send ler circular. <• i T>RICK MACHINE.” DOUGLAS PATENT BRICK MACHINE. Office, Room So. 3. Claik-st. Chicago. rjAHD’S PATENT BBICK MACBTKn. Office and man mac to ry 33 Bonth JeffenoMl* Wot Intonnation and deecnpure circular address & B. 6ABD« • 31 Boath Jekerscn-iV (Cits 'Notices. T>UOPOSALS FOR GRADING AND I MACADAMIZING HAL3TED STREET, FBOM TBIBTT-riKST STREET TO EGAN AVENUE. umoOFTQZBOABO OFXT9LIO VYOBiS, J Chicago. April 51b, ISC7. j Scaled Proposals will oe received by the Board ol Public Works, at tbelr office, until 11 a. to. Wednes day, April i"tb, for tte grading and macadamizing Hoisted street, from the centre ol Thlrty-tlrst itrwt to ibe centre of Egan avenue. according to plasi and spe cification* on bJe at said office. Sala Improvement will be paid for trem the special awinmnt levied to defray its cost, when the same shau be collected. Proposals must be addressed to the Board of Public Works, endorsed “Proposal fur Grading and Macad amizing Halsud street, frem Tblrty-flr.l street to Egan avenue," and be accompanied with tbe usual £*JO bond, wltb sureties, to be approved by tbe Board. Tbe Board reserve the right to reject any bid not In accordance wltb tbe conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all bios, and no proposal will be accepted unless the party offering it sbal. give evidence satis factory to the lloard that be bas tbe necessary skill, experience, energy and ability for doing the wore, 1* trustworthy, and has sufficient pecuniary resources. J, O. GIN DELS. A. U. BUKLtT, J. iIcABTHDK, Board of Public Works. OHOPOSALSFOR GRADING AND JT MACADAMIZING DIVISION AND NOBTIi State stuee i s. Ornot or ths Boabx> of pubzio Wohss. I . tJ . ...CmcAoo. Apmsib, ibffj. f Sealed proposals will be received by the Board rt Penile WcrkP. at their office, until II a. uz, Wednes day, April lUB. fer tbe grading and macadamizing of i Ivißicn street, Irom tee roadway of North Clara street to North State street, and North State strc*t, from its intersection with the macadam of Division street to the south aids of ScbUler street, according to plans and speclCcatiocs on file at said office. baia Improvement will be paid for from the special assessment levied to defray its cost, wnen the same shall be collected. Proposals most be addressed to the Board ot Public works, endorsed “Proposal lor Grading and Macad amizing Division and North State Street'.” and be ac companied with the usual |3OJ botd, with sureties, to be approved by tte Btaxo. Tbe Hoard re erve the right to reject any bid not In accordance wltb the cdftdlUcru ol tills advertliement. or to reject all bids, and no proposalwin be accented unless tnc party ottering U shall give evidence satlafao tory to the Board tnat ne bas tba necessary skin, ex gnence, erergy and ability for doing tbe wort, is istwortby, ana has sufficlM t gec^ia^rgonrcea, A*. t». bdkletT J. McARTIHJK, Board of Foblle Works. -PROPOSALS FOR GRADING AND I MACADAMIZING UALSTED STREET. FROM aKCHEB AVENDE*TO TinRrr.FIRST STREET. Ornos or im Boaeo or ptrnuc wobks. I Chicago. April 5 th. 1387. f Sealed Proposal* ■will be recelvea by the B»ard of public Worts, at their Office, until 11 L m. Wedne£ day. April i.th, for the gradac and macadamizing of Routed street, trum the center ot Archer arenas to the centre ol Thlrry-flm street, according to plana and specifications on file at said office. bald Improvement will be paid lor from the apeclal Mattiment lerted to defray iu c;st, wnea the same shall be collected. Dun*, hi. lUUVU.CU. Proposals moat to addreated to the Board ol Public Wors9,endorsed , *Propc«allorGfadinß and Uacadm* lane llaUted street, from Archer Arenna to Tnlrtr first Blrtet,” and be ac.ompantsdwuh u>e nsn*l %yr) bona, witt taretlea.tobeauprosedoytheßoard. The Board reserve the right to reject any otd not tr accordance with the conditions of this advertisement, or to reject all bids, and no proposal trill be accepted tmleaa the party offering It shall give evidence nallstac tory to the Board that he baa the neceaaary skill, expe rience, merer and ability lor doing the work, la trust worthy, tod has sufficient pecuniary resoorcea. J.O. QINBELR, A- H. RUKLKT, J. McABTUUU. _ . Board of Public Works. ifttsiness ffiartis. HART, MIEN AGO., MASTTACnJAAU OF FLOUR SACKS, CRAIN BACS, And Bags of Every Description, Paper Flour Sacks oi the Best Quality. 183 Booth Water-«t. I. BAUER & CO., Haoulfcctarert and Importer! u Snsital Instruments and Strings AM, WSoleßio Balm la pianos a organs. Ko. 630 Brcad-sy, NEW YORK. 0.69 Wnghlogton^t.CaiCAGO DR. 1.0. FARNSWORTH DENTIST, HO BondolpH-at. Teeth. Extracted Without Pain for SI.OO, Brthcnscol Nitrons Oxide Oa*. or Y{- iallzm Air Teeth Inserted on the Vox* SSfoT&tSSawietof tn to go a set. IR»I«E, JOBES & CO, (Successors to Graves & Irvin ej WBOU3ALX SEALES IS WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, 2>ress Trimmings, NOTION’S, dsO,, 39 LAHE-»T. Hpatalw. WHITTEMORE, CARTER & BROWN, Wholesale Dealers in HATH. C A PH, BIILUNERYAhD S*T KAW U»OI)!». A large stock for spring sales, bought at parlc prices, ami will be foM at reiy est figures. 11 Al 3 Lake-st-,. Chicago. I JOSEPH L HALL & CO., xasrracrcßKiß of Hall’s Patent Concrete, Fire and Burglar Proof SAFES, asn Victor Combination locks* 93 DEABBQRN-ST. 8. MrFASSETT, AnTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY. tr Pictures taxen in dark as well as is pleasant weather. Gallery, 114 Soath Clart-st. GREENLEE BROI Manufacturers’ Agents fbr and Dealers in STEAM ENGINES, Circular Saws, Balling, WOOLLEN MACHINERY, And Supplies for Woollen MHIs, Mf-rnin- Ista’TooißOt alt kinds; olsc-Wood WorE iLg Machinery. Ko. 52 DEARSOEN-ST. HALLOGK & WHEELER, Mascfactobebs’ Agents fob ETJBBEE. AHD XEATE3B BELTLYG, Rubber Goods, &c. 143 Handolph-st* SHIRTS DIADE TO ORDER. AND WARRANTRD Ttt GIVK P£B FELT SATISFACTION. * WILSON BROT HERS SPRING STYUS , fiEMS’WdiTS, GEKT3’ BtJSIKX _gg HATS, YOUTHS- OBES3 iy D SCHOOL BATS. AJ2 the latest Kid w stilts. EISHQP & BARHES, - 15 l>ake-at. BAKGS BROTi BARSTOTTS NEW Cooking Range, Cooking, Laandrr nnd Tailors* stoves. 1 Bcslsicrs and Veatilalots, |ss 310N801.-ST^ opposite tha Post Offlee.) - -» » ’■**# '"ES.BRD.&Gu., *■;. ns aEoiißS 5 Watches, i,.. JEWiIIBT AND SILVER GOODS. I dT’Accnts Ibr Kofjers, Sudth A Co.’s) F-atod Ware and U. S. clock & liras* Co. cf Cnicaso. | KIMBALL, STEVENS & CO., WHOLESALE CLOTH MOUSE, 64 and 66 MICHIGAN-AV. PHILIP WADSWORTH & CO., MI&TTICmZES jutd Josnzca 07 CLOTHING, 34 & 36 Lake-st. 95 Davonahire-st. Chicago. Ir.r- Bonos, Man. J. J. M’GRATH, MmrTICTgMB Ai"D LfPOBTZB or PAPER HANGINGS , AND WINDOW SHADES. Warehouse, 78 Eandolph-st,, CHICAGO ILL. TURNER, BRISTOL & CO sxalses cr Leather & Shoe Findings, Importers of French and German Calfskins, 16 & IS Stalest., Chicago, Agents for Taylor’s Oak Belting. HIBBARD ft SPENCER, iMPOBTZES Or Hardware & Tinplate, 92 and 94 MICHIGAN-AV., CHICAGO. 262,000 WHBEIEB & WHSOH Sewing Machines IN USE. Tbe number Jncteasiskl.OOO per week. ABTSUB PABBAH, 100 Late-st.. Agt. for tbe Northwest. M. D. WELLS & CO., MAkuTAcrcßZsa of BOOTS & SHOES, 38 IiAKE-STJ CHICAGO. Agricultural College Scrip and Land Warrants PURCHASED and kept constantly oc band, ter sale by LUHT, PRESTON & KEAN, WM. W. STRONB. FURNITURE. 203 Randolph-st., p.o.poxaasa. BOWEN, WHITMAN & WINSLOW, BOWEN BROTHERS* Wholesale Dry Goods, And China, Glass & Crockery, 15,17, 19 &21 Ramlolpli-st. HAYDEN & KAY, LEATHER, CARRIAGE GOODS, SADDLERY HARDWARE, 45 & 47 Lake-st, Chicago* insurance Companies. iUJTUAL HEALTH Insurance Company, 25 Lombard Block, Cor. Honroe and Dearborn- ata., Chicago Guaranteed paid up Capital, - • $35,000.00, CUAS. HOLLAND, President. J. OU9. KISG. 9ecretarr» I. C. BARBER. Ass'S Treasurer. IS. Holland. CHAI LC.BAEBEB. H. A. CALKISa. This Company, haring rally perfected its tlon, U now prepared to issue Policies ot HEALTH INSURANCE Against General Diseases, To an amount d from $5 to SSO PSB WEES. Thla Is the only Chartered Health Insurance Compa ny In the contry, and a pioneer la this branch of Un derwriting. _ The Company la purely mutual t each person oa up coming insured is entitled to share in the prodts of the business, and we fee! confident that by ths assured hoeping bis renewals up for ten Tears, tbe proflts of h» Insurance will Grevet there Uter pay his premiums. Our systems are entirely original, and are oor own. Ko system ot the kind was erer bewre offered, and w« feel sure they bare only to become known to be duly appreciated. Our premiums are arranged with alter yean of careful study, to correct the enls of the old systems. All applications lor Agencies may be addressed w the Secretary, anl they will receive prompt aUenttoo- j. ic. iMimiPHrs", General Agent for Chicago, OS XiA. SALXiE-ST. ffoper. NOTICE. TO PAEER MANUFACTURERS. The Chicago Fibre and Paper Company have purchased the exclusive right to rtad* »eli and use the process lor the manufactory and bleaching of paper palp* known os the OIKECCX PROCESS. In lb© States of .UlchU jjan, Ohio. Indiana* Illinois* Wisconsin lawa and Minnesota* which process la se cured by letters patent (ten la anmber)»aad Is an efficient and cheap means lor convert— Ins fibrous substances, such ns straw, gross, wood* Axh to pulp lor the manufacture at paper. The controversy raised by the- Ilydrostatis Paper Company is at aa cad, aa this Csnpsr* ay have never pro posed to bleach stock by the use ot a Rotary vessel* either by tnotlc pressure or otherwise. Bat this Cons* panyare the owners of the exclusive rlgkt to blench by pneumatic la alt closed vessels* whether rotary »r otherwise* and no persoa can lawfully n»» pncnmatlc pressure for th® redaction or bleaching of paper stoclt is closed vessels, within the above-named States* without our License* and this Co*- pruiy hereby give notice that they WILl* JpROaECCXB all persons who infringe their rights. i« &.Coa THOMAS S. DICKEHSOV, of the Chi< notice. At a meeting ol the Stochholdors ol thm Chicago Fibre and Paper Co'y, Held April 2.1567, the Special Charter In corporating said Company, with a capital stock of 9200,000* with authority] to In crease the same to Sl.000,001). and confer ring on said Company special and enlargod privlleses, was accepted, and the Company reorganized under the same. This Company Is now In successful opera tion. and It proposes to Increase its business, and for that purpose it has authorized its President to receive lortber subscriptions to Its capital stock to a limited amount. Ac cordingly, the books of the Company will be held open for a few days* to receive tlons. ER3. tsobscriptlocs will be received at!tbe OOfoa of the Company, No* X7O Uaadolph-st. THOS. S. DICEEESOS, Pro,. rpHJS CHICAGO Fibre and Paper Go. Warehouse. •MCKEBSOH & SHERftAii, '<?ION PAPEE DEAL2B4 COHMIbw Paper Makers’ Pin*. 170 Sandolph-st.y We offer ftr sale to dealers and coaiw jW| JJO Bandies News and Print 2.000 ao ao do a.*. I<soo do do do ........22x.. 2.500 do do do 2.1x39 2.000 do do do 27x11 1.3(10 do do • do SNx-14 ?••>"!! do do do ;{ox-t3lf do do do 31x44Jd S° do do 30x4Hj< 3'n»S 5® do do 25x38 do do do 20x38 600 do do do 20x43 Extra sizes made to order on sfaert notice Fwvia at the lowest market prices tor CASH. * ISusmesa crarass. T?LDER A. MAXTIELD. J—i 137 KJazle-st- MANUFACTURES CEDES VINEGAR. Highest price paid tor SOUK CIDER. gMOKED MEATS. E. P. MARS H, WHOLESALE DEALER Of POSE, BEEF, LARD, AND SXWOK3B ISEATS, 106 SOUTH WATER-ST. BACON, ENNIS & GO., (Successors to H. BACON ft CO-) COMMISSION MERCHANTS -IN— FLOUR, GRAIN, &c., No, 116 LaSalle-st., Chicago. Liberal Advances made on Consignments. tP* Property Bonghc and Sold on margins. Albert lick, Importer of and Dealer la China, Glass and Qneensware, CUTLEBT, BRITANNIA AND PLATED TT*Rg gill Bancloiph— t. Chicago* J. W. POTTLE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &c. 144 LaSaUe-st., Chicago, Advances oa ronilzcmcnts. Df Property booght and Held oa margins. I'iVDEPiUOBII & CO., General Commission Morciiaols, Cor, LaSalle osd Washisgtoi -rtftt CHICAGO, Give par ttcnlar attention to both baying mi BtiCag Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. property bought and tela on martins, and tttur la this or Eastern markets. &T Special rates 01 CommlMlen made to these wM Xnxnl'b their own money for large purchases ol arty to be held ter sale by sa. P« L. Pudemood. Bra, t*. FeJenwJ» CHICAGO. ©cran jgtramnrg. f'ROM N£lV LORE TO FRANCE DIRECT. Steamship Great Eastern, SIB JANIES ANDERSON’. Commander, HarlD~ teen thoroughly rtfitied, with esaecUl icfe ii* -i m ih'9 •• rritv, wnl Irate New \ t.ric reace 10 ipKIL id, MAV JS. JULY 9. Tailrsr Brsl-cUis Laa-enjar* only. Pwvjo (« gillor ItaeonltalrtOtor April trip, ISO. 110 ft »ISO, as cording to location and sue of room, lit tarn ticket* at a reduction ot | nttll Angiut. Forfuliiiiotmatlonand oassage, aDplyl» WELLS. FARGO Jt CO.. S» Broadway. S'. T. 35j>c anti Ear. T}B. UNDERWOOD. STS AND HAS. Csnsnltlncand Operative Snrgton far all Clatmm ana Oelcttnldes ot the Eye and Ear, 124 BANDOI.PU-ST. . K7*Crcsa Eyes stialghtaoed la eno aunts. J. K. MUBP3T, 50 Fibre and Paper €o*7* Chemicals, etf* Chicago. '•taera oc