9 Nisan 1867 Tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1867 tarihli The Chicago Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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(El)icago tribune. TDESDAT. APRIL 9. ISO 7. CITT POLIUCS. The Republican primary n)oct ; ng3 yester day brought out one of th'* heaviest rotes ever cast on a similar occasion iu the city. The enthusiasm displayed Iu the several wards promises a full vote in the homing election. and.tbcre/ore.a Republican victory. The Conveution to-day will Dominate a ticket fiTcity olficera for the ensuing two yearn which will Infallibly be elected. We need no other platform than the well known prin ciples of the Republican party, and the equally wdl -known record of the present City Government. The Copperheads have expressly “put their foot in it” hy adopting a scries of resolutions equally ridiculous for what la contained In them and for what is omitted. The position of the Republicans of Chicago is perfectly ■understood. They support the reconstruc tion policy of Congress, and they sustain the measures ard approve the and pood faith ol the present Mayor and Council. Among the old members of the Council re nominated yesterday, are Aldermen Knick erbocker (First Ward). Wicker (Third), Bxxur (Tenth), Bussell (Eleventh), and Fuackford (Fifteenth), These gentlemen are all known to the public, not only as up right and capable public officers, but as honorable and high-minded citizens. They Lave served the city to the entire satisfac tion of their constituents and have deserved, .as (they will unquestionably receive, a rc clectlon. Ex-Alderman Mcßor Is re nomi nated in the Fourth "Ward. Mr. Mcßoy is a .sterling Republican, a workingman who has risen by bis industry and fidelity to an hon orable place in society, and who made an enviable record by his former service la the •Council. Turning to the new candidates: In the Second Ward, Arthur Dixon, Esq., received the Domination for Alderman. Hr. Dixon is a forwarder of freight who does a large busi ness and Is well known among our principal merchants and shippers. JonN Rarer, Eaq., the nominee .In tbe. Pifth Ward, has been a prominent Republi can ever since the Republican party was formed. Intelligent ard indefatigable as he is, we have little doubt that be will be elect ed, although the ward Is strongly Demo cratic. If anybody can carry It Hr. Baber is the man. We believe he can do it. Mr. Feed. Buesqaudt, in the Sixth Ward, is an honest and prosperous citizen of Ger man birth, a manufacturer of planing mills, ar-d is the present Supervisor 01 the ward. In the Seventh Ward there was a spirited contest between Dr- John Macalister and Francis Pasdeloop, Esq., resulting in the nomination of the lonuer by a small majori ty, Tbla is & close ward, but we think Dr. Macalister con be elected. He is known and istingnisbed os a benefactor to the poor In that portion of the city, who never called upon him in vain. Jsaac Wentworth, Esq., was nominated in the Eighth Ward. Mr. Wentworth is a member of the firm of Whitney & Went worth, brick-makers. This is also a close •ward, but can be carried if the same work is clone now that was put in lust year. John Carpenter, Esq., the nominee In the ZCintfa Ward, has been so prominently iden tified with the politics of the ward, that a further notice of his nomination is hardiy necessary. He will be elected, probably without opposition. O. W. Potter, Esq., in the Twelfth Ward, is the Superintendent of Ward’s Bolling Mills, and a business man of great energy and sagacity. He wili unquestionably be elected. In the Thirteenth Ward there was a spirited contest between George T. Beebe, Esq., commission merchant, and L. Proud foot, Esq., the present incumbent. Mr. Beebe received the nomination, and will make an excellent Alderman. It Is proper to say that Mr. Proudfoot, although failing to receive a nomination, has made a record in the Council ol which any man may be proud ; and this, we are sure, will be con ceded bv his successor. In the Fourteenth Ward, Mr. Philip Steinjicellee, the present Supervisor, is nominated. Mr.Steinmneller is one of the working: Germans of the Republican party. Be will distance any competitor who may be Drought into the field against him. The nominee of the Sixteenth Ward is D. H. Lincoln, Esq., a well-known produce and commission merchant. The decent men of Ihe Sixteenth Ward owe it to themselves to elect Mr. Lincoln. His Copperhead compet itor belongs to a profession, which, to say the least of it, ought not to be represented in the Connell. The Sixteenth is a Democratic ■ward, yet it has been carried in two elections within three years for the Republican ticket and may be carried again. ’ Taken altogether, the Aldermanic ticket If a superior one. and it promises a faithful and Intelligent ndminUtmiirm „, nr j. cipal government for the ensuing year. THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY MEET INGS. Delegates to tile Convention To-Day— dominations for Aldermen and Constables. A Very Heavy Vote Polled. The primary meetings of the Republican voters of Chicago were held yesterday atieruooa in each ot the wards of tbe city. Delegates «ew elected iu inch ware to attend the Convention, which wilt be held in the Old Board of Trade Hall, com mencirg attro o'clock this afternoon, for the pur pose of nominating candidates tor Mayor. City Treasurer, Lll» Collector, City Attorney, Clerk of tbe Police Court and three Police Magistrates. Direct nominations man. ard one Constable in each ward, (» be sab ml tied to the voters of this city on Tuesday next, Tbe following were the results of the primary meetings. vi>h the vote on candidate for Alder man. The ballot Is by far tne largest over cast in this city at a piimary meeting; westward. For Alderman—Joshua C, Knickerbocker, 469 TOP'S—unanimou*. Constable—Charles Orrin Mcl«cau. Delegates—William Cor, W. H. Wbitla, T. E. Stacy, In W. Bnel, Jacob BelersdoriL H. G. Dram ard. Geo. W. Friar. I- B Baud, Simeon W. King, Peter Regil*, Charles F Chilsos, I‘. H. Keefe. Isaac Pfianm, Herman Kaastcer, W. U. Richardson. EECOXD WARD. Alderman—Arthur Dixon, 22 1 votes in 771; (here were six candidates. ■Constable—George A. Hartmann. Delegates—W. T. Hancock, O, D’Wolf. Cbrls. -Schell, Ed. Hall, C. B. Farwell, John Scnrmder, Arthur Dixon, Minrod Walz, Phillip Becker, S. W. Butterfield, £. J. Whitehead. Alderman—C. G. Wicker; S3O votes in 3iL Constable —Seville btoU. Delegates—Franklin D. Gray. Charles H. Ham, August Ncwhonse, W. W. Smith. Joseph Pollock, Charles Rose, Augusta* Fn bie. John W. Me- Ceuni e, Frank Ci&ppatd, George Cooper, William E- Eddy. Alderman—Samuel Mcßoy; C 33 votes In 833. Constable—William O. Hendricks. Delegates—A- C. Calkins, J. N. Barker, G. E. Clark, J. H. Clough, Conrad beipp, S. McUoy, E.O. Newberry, c. Wahl, George C. Morton, .S. P- Hopkins, K. B. Stone. Alderman—John Baber: 472 votes—unanimous. Constable—Peter Mumhy. Delegates—William Hausen. Paskal Schneider, William Roberts, Captain J. Finucan, Christopher Eigenman, Willian} Divine. Alderman—Frederick Burkhardti Constable—A. B. Chladek. Delegates—B. G. GtlL Captain William Blnukc, William RaenL W. W. Washburn, Fred. Haertig, William H. Hienon Alderman—Dr. John Macallt-ter; 519 votes in .Constable—'WDllam Zschocke. Ibeltgaiee—Avery Moore. H. Pilgrim. Ch. Loa ding. John Stevens, J. J. Gillespie, ctmet. Teciit* mejer, Albert Kubeck, P. C Fcery John Scheitck. UXOnTH WARD. Alderman—lease Wentworth; 15C voles—'uttan- Imons. Coufitahle—'Frederick Ilanke. . Delegates—Peter Bauon, Nic. Schneider, Fred, ilaas, Jacob Lit k. KDSTH WAUD. Alderman—John B. Carpenter; 231 votes In Constable —Cyme Keeler. Delegates—P. W. Gates, if. Talcoft, S. McCot ter, 8. o. Bartlcft, Thomas McNamara, Geo. W. Newcomb, Wm. Schade, Joseph Creotc. W. Woodard. Ln. H. Drnry. Geo P Bay, Ro-well Scott, Chas. 8. Loding, Bonier Golpm. Tk&rn WAftD. Alderman—Edmond Btxby; 250 voles in St 3, the opposing candidate. Colonel Adams, tak- D ‘Cotii>table—Joel Lull; no opposition. Delegates—C. N. Holden, Peter Daggy, L. B. Walker, General J. S. Reynolds. Otto Debllug, H. H. Vatea, H. F. Oliver, Andrew Wempte, J. E. Tbroop, M. W. Carter, U. Lochbclhlcr, J. F. .Irwin. ELEVENTH WAUD. Alderman—Samnei I. Russell; CIS votes ontof •4SS. Constable -George Stirling. .Delegates— Ueury Ackboff. Henry Sweet. Timo thy Verdier. Clark Llpe, Edward S. Salomon. Thomas K. Holden, Charles Crane. Charles Muen xtr, Joseph Sms, G. V. Smith. H. Gade, nm.rrn WAnn. Alderman—O. W. Potter; 673 votes la L£l2. Constable—Fred. Zecbocke, Delegates—August Stclnhsos, Fred voltz, John S Palmer, Horatio Anderson. Heury Shrader, clement Hiracb. Louis Schnltxe. rrainxEKTß waud. Alderman—GeorgeT. Beebe; 274 votes in 473. Constable—Nicholas Diets. , . Delegates—Conrad Folz. (»njt Fisher, John S. CcVcn, Charles Nibbe, S. D. Childs, Tnomas Porter, JL. G. SchmIdt yOUHTEEITH WAUD. Alderman—Philip SteinmuUer; 150 majority. Constable—KarlKahn. . _ . Delegate—John Batten, Christian Paescb. John Tanbman, Henry Schlottharvr, John Hettinger, Charles Goebel, L.A. Berger, E. AJoert, F. E. Gerbing. WntEHTn WAUD. , Alderman—Samuel Schackford; 851 votes in CSL Constable—Philip Peal. Delegates—Joseph Bnhn, C. It. Larrabee. Iver Lawson, Peter Baud, WUlium 8. Gol<eo, W. G. W hile, Jacob Endt-ra, K- Burling, George Cush ing, Fred. Bachmans. , , SIXTTOnU WAUD. Aldermen—D. D. Lincoln; 112 voles In 039. Constable—Chris. Grogan. Delegatee—M. O’Sullivan, A. B. Reynold*. B. A. Kanjroann, John Gan*teller, James L. stark, Jr., Eli Bates, Adam Balerlc. Robert Clark, M. T. Green. Gos. Basse, A. C. Coventry, L. S. flawlev, <3. Williams- ’ ZXOHTO WAUD HEBTISO. The Republican voters of the Eighth Ward ate requested to meet at the noose of George Hoch. comer of Bine Island avenue and Eleventh street, ibis (Tuesday) evening, to ratify the action of the Republican City Convention. Hartford (Conn.) Municipal Election. Bahttobd, April B.—the Democrats carried the municipal election by 630 majority, to-day—a gain or iyj slrce law Monday- Tney elect tear of tia« six Aldermen, and sixteen of the twenty-four Couccilmen. FROM EUROPE. Prospect of War Be tween France and Prussia. Prance Sa : .d to be Se:reTy Arming. Alliance Offensive and Defensive Between Russia and Prussia. & New Italian Cabinet Formed. Debate on the Seform Bill in the British Parliament. Decline of Two Per Cent in United States Five- Twenties. FROM WASHINGTON. -Action of the Senate in Ex ecutive Session, The Russian Treaty will Proba- bly be Confirmed. Efgulations Oonoarninsr tie Ap pointment of Bankruptcy Eegititere, RECJMSTRUCTIOiV. Senator Wilson to Make a Tour of the South. General Schofield’s Order Con cerning Vacancies in Office. Action of tho G:r?r?iors of north and South Carolina. FROM EUROPE. BV OCEAN TELEGRAPH, Great Britain, nexons or wan. London, April B—9 p. m. The Government has sent several ships of war to Cadiz to enforce the British claims arising out of the seizure of the steamer Tornado. It is rumored that hostilities are Imminent be tween France and Prussia. London, April 8. In the Donee of Commons ibis evening Mr. Lowe stated that arming news had been received in Berlin from Haris, and that the King of Prussia sent for Bismarc at two o’clock on Sunday morn ing. SCStNESB DEPRESSION. London. April 6. Uncertainty in regard to tho future action of Napoleon and fears that he will adopt a warlike policy, create a widespread distrust among busi ness men and great depression In consequence In commercial and financial circles, both in this city indParxs. Lrvmpoor, April 8. The steamer Malta has| arrived here, the Africa it Queenstown, and the Union at Southampton. Italy, A 3tTW CABINET rOMCZP. Flobesce, April 8. The organization of the new itallau Ministry has been completed by Baron BaiazzL The Cab dci has t>een composed of prominent members of all political patties. listen Foreign IQarketi ftxaxciil. Litebpool, April B—7 p, a. United States 5-JO bonds, ~t%. A war panic pro vails. CcnsoU declined Jf. Illinois Central decJccd X~ cow quoted al 77. Losnox, April 8. cofliols declined and closed at 91. There was a gen* r»l dtclue In American securities. The closing qa> •auoas: Five-twenties, 73V*. Dhnola Central, TCj,'; £rle. JJ6J£. Feaxetoet, Aprils—Evening. United States bonds 76«. COJIJIEHCIAL. I.IV»I-«V1T. ITI.II e VnAn Liverpool. AnrilS-Noon. Cotton declined; upland?, rifcd; Orleans. 13d. Bread* •lull, quiet. Provisions generally unchanged. Pro ince unchanged. Liverpool, April B—2 p. m. Since the noon report cotton has been very heavy; reclined KO l»d- Liverpool, April B—Evening. Cotton con tinned heavy throughout the day, with a d-ctirlnz tendency at tbe close. Middling uplands. 12Hd; Orleans, Ufcd. sales amounted to 6,000 bales. Preaosmfls—Wheat, No. 1 red. 13s 9d for Western canal. Corn Sd higher; mixed Western, 41s6d per quarter. Barley, 4s 64. Oats, 3s 4d per bushel. LATXU. Closing quotations of wheat shows an advance of 3d per cental; No. 2 Milwaukee red was last quoted at I3t 6<L Corn was very active at the close of tbe day. Provisions and produce unchanged. BY STEAISEB, Debate in Parliament on the Reform Bill— Offensive and Defensive Alliance Between UnsMia and Prussia-Current Rumors in delation to tbc Luxemburg Question. New York. April B.—The Bremen steamship Hams, Captain Oiterrdorf, from Bremen March 24th, tid Southampton 27th, arrived here this evening. She brings 019 passengers. She reports expe riencing heavy westerly mods tho whole passage. April Cih, at &30 p. m.. eaw the Bremen steam chip New York, hence tor Bremen. She bring; details to the 27th, three days later than previously received. In the House of Commons, on the 231 h ultimo, 'various questions were asked and notices given relative to the Reform Bill. Tbe most important was a notice given by Lord Elcbo. on behalf of tard Grosvenor, of an amendment in committee flxftg the borough suffrage at five pounds rating. Sir £. Deving gave noticeof bis infection to move a reduction of the county franchise to twelve pounds raring, and Mr. Roebuck promised to move to reduce the term rating to six months and ui'rodnce a longer franchise. On the second tcadlugof the bill, Mr. Gladstone explained tks position oi tbe Opposition to the Reform Bill. No reposition would be made to a second reading. ISO one proposed to establish for voters tbe old constitutional principle, equal access to, and equal enjoyment of. tbe franchise, in vhich case (Lc dual vote would of course dis appear. Then they might hone to go into com mittee on the bill with an idea of coming to a teiiiemcnl. Mr. Baidy replied in behalf of the Government, and along obcuseion ensued, after which the debate was adjourned nniii >benext day. It is believed that the Captain ami crew of the s-ionewall Jackson, wrecked off Kenatlc, are diowned, together with the captain's wife and son. A*verj large amount of gold is on the way to England from Australia. The London Standard says it is currently re ported at St. Petersburg, that an offensive sud de* f-iisive alliance has been concluded between Prruria aud Russia, and that Roamalne is a party to the arrangement. The Prince imperial of France has quite recov ered . The France declares ibat no negotiations are pending relative to Luxemburg. iteaysth* rumors current on this subject are due to news* mongers. The Prussian Cross Gazette publishes a state ment from Pans that General Frorsont. one of (be Emperor's aid-de-camps, is about to proceed on a secret mission to Luxemburg. and adds that ibe rnrnors current in Paris of Inc intended purchase of Luxemburg by France, are gaining credence. .. , , . . A supplement to the Italian budget shows a re daction to expenditure of 89,000,000 francs. ibe resolution of France, Austria and Russia to recommend to tne Porte the cession of Csndia to Greece, has not been earned oat on account of England's refusal to Join them. Turkish journals say Turkey will neverceocan inch of leiittorv which is guaranteed by the treaty of Paris ol 1856. Florence Journals declare that the King’s speech at Ibe opening of Parliament has produced a good impression upon the public mind. The Chamber of Deputies have, np to the pres ent time, confirmed 404 electors. FROM WASHINGTON. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] WashiSctos. D. C. April 8. t ESAFE—EXECUTIVE ECSIKEBS. Ibe Senate was in Executive session four hours. Few nominations were sect in. Among them was General Strickland, District Attorney o'. Nebraska. About thirty-five nominations were acted upon. Major William M. Green was confirmed as Post master at Dayton, Ohio. The nomination of Gen eral Rousseau was not taken np. No names were cent in for the Austrian mission, or Commissioner ot Agriculture. ojno jchjtaut acesct. The transactions of the Ohio Military Agency since the annual report to the Governor was made. In December lasu are as follows j Business com mumcations received, 6,900; letters written, 7,450; money remitted to Ohio, $1,115.640; number of filed, 3,250; total on file, 6,574. The busi ness of the Agency is increasing more rapidly than at any period since its establishment. CIXCOKATI COLLECTION DISTHICT. The Secretary of the Treasury has received a re port of the special agent sent to investigate the affaire in the Second Cincinnati Collection Dis trict, and has decided to retain Mr. McQroarty on condition that he appoint deputies who shall bo YOL. XX. acceptable- to certain designated citizens of high etanclng. ovtxrnaz. Bxvcnus nzcnuTs. The Internal revenue receipts to-day were near ly pine hundred and fifty thousand dollars. PERSONAL. Senator Sherman has gone to New York, and sails for Europe in the steamer of Saturday next. He returns to this country by the Ist of July. BASKHUPTCT REGISTERS. The Supreme Court has issued regulations cm cen-ing appointments of Registers of Bankruptcy ot which the principal arc os follows: To Insure, as far as practicable, the selection of fit men for Registers, the Chief Justice will require. In every case where hia recommendation and nomination Is desired, first, a certificate fr A m ’lie Clerk or Judec of the proper District or Territorial Conrt, or of the same Stale Court of Record, under the seal ol the Court, that ’he gendeman named there in is a counsellor of said Court; secondly, astate ivitntin what Congressional Districi or Territory the gentleman proposed resides, and for what Dl trlctor Territory, and for what Judicial District the recommendation and nomination Is desired, and, thirdly, letters from business and profession al men ol the District. State or Territory, who have the confidence of their fellow-citizens, each of which letters mast vouch distinctly aod fully for the gentleman named. Iu respect to his pro fessional ability; In respect to his personal inlee ritv, and in respect to bis gt-ncral business capac ity. In adflilb-n to these, when the State la rep rrsented In Cucgrcss, similar letters, if they can be bad. are desired from the Representative of the District and from Senators of the slate, or in case of a Territory, from tbo Delegate. No memorial*, or politlone. or re commendations, signed by others than the writer are reqnhed. Nominations and recom mendations founded upon testimony furnished as above required, win be made as early as practi cable, after the same shall bavo been received. Only one person shall be recommended and nominated in any one Congressional District, ex cept in case that the Court having appointed the power shall decline to appoint the person first recommended and nominated, or m case that af ter Ibe law shall have gone fully into operation, the appointing Court shall certify to the Chief Justice that the business of the District cannot be properly dope by one register, in some cases where the Congressional District may be partly in one Judicial District and partly In another. tub mre.-UN treatt. Washington, April fl —The Committee on For eign Relatione renorteJ back to the Senate this anernoon the Uusslin-American Treaty, recom mending Us ratification It is understood that Mr. Sumner made a speech in its favor, when the subject was passed over until to-morrow, when the Senate will meet at eleven o’clock, and afford ample opportunity for discussion, so Inal a vote may bereached beforeaojonrnmeot on the same day. There is a prospect that the treaty will be ratified by a two-third- vote. Prompt action Is induced by the fact that the treaty, according to report, allows only three months for definite ac tion. allotment op judges. The following allotment of Judges waa an nounced m the bnpreme Court to-day: First Circuit, comprising Maine, New Hamp thne and Massachusetts—Justice Clifford. second Circuit, comprising New York, Ver mont a’id Connecticut—Justice Nelson. Tnird Circuit, comprising Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Dula ware-Justice Grier. Fourth Circuit, comprising Maryland, West Vir ginia and Virginia—Chief Justice Chine. Fifth Circuit, comprifine Georgia, Florida, Ala bama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas—Justice Wayne. Sixth Circuit, comprising Ohio, Michigan, Ken tucky and Tennessee—Justice Swayne. Seventh Circuit, comprising Indiana, Illinois and Wlfconsm—JuFiiceDavia. Eighth Circuit, comprising Minnesota, lowa, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas—Justice Miller. Ninth Circuit, comprising California, Oregon and Nevada—Justice Field. CONFIIUIATION?. Washington, April S. —'ihe Senate to-day con firmed the folio trii.g: United States J/arshal-Ceo. L. Andrews, o! Massachusetts. Peglsters of the Land Office— L, G. Wilcox TiavprseCi*y, Michigan ; OrviUe B. B. Banoon Helena, Montana Territory; S. M. Black, Le grande, Oregon. Peceittrs of Public Moneys— Caleb B. Clement*, at Denver City, Colorado ; Emil Anneke. Tra verse City, Michigan. - Postmasters— Elizabeth C. WillU, ElPaso. 1111,- nols; Wm. M. Greeo, Daytor ; Claudius B. Grant. Ann Aibor, Michigan ; Dyer F. Webber. Charlotte, Michigan ; Terence Moore, Marquette, Michigan : Wm. li. Benimon. Quincy. Illinois. Untied States Vonsvl— Wm. M. Mayo, at Otran to. Italy. Untttd States Attorney —Samuel a. Riggs, for Kansas. REJECTIONS. The Senate rejectee the following: Ittcelcers or Public Moneys— Andrew Alien, BoonevUlc, Mo Secretary of Colorado Territory— U. D. Slade, oi Ohio. United States Attorneys— W. F. Chadwick,for Montana; W. L. Ames, lor Idaho. Postmasters —Walter A. Hastings. Waukegan, 111.; O. n. Crandall, Woodstock, III.; bclah Wbeadon, Havana, 111 ; Clark C Buffington, Jer seyvilie, ill.; R.M. Burnett, Lltch&eld, 111.; Je tomeß Milton, Carrollton, 111. Agent for the Tincnee Indians in fiebrasia— Johoßowem of Pennsylvania, son. Ninth District ofKenlncky. *”** Assessors of Internal Rezen'ie—%. M. Shacks layer, Second District of Indiana: Charles IL Miller, Four h District of Wisconsin. PCBUC LAXD fiAIXS. 3be Commissioner General of the Land Office bas received returns showing the arctegate dis posal oi 10.350 acres of public lands during March at the following offices: Nebraska City, f.'JST acres; Taylor's Falls, Minnesota, 3.337 acres Tlr-gn attr portion of the land was taken under the Homestead Law for actual settlement. PStTID STATES SET HESS COCBT. Wasbikoton, Aprils.—The Supreme Court of the United --tafes bad before it the case of Joscta do Earro ct al., appellants, vs. Tbc United states, appellee. Tbe case is an appeal from the United Stares District Court of California, which rejected tbc claim to tbc Due of tbe land in question id or rear San Francisco, and involves from $3,000,100 to sls,ni'o.o/0. The United States maintain that the claimants bare no title in chaste, and dually that their claim is entirely devalue of cqally and should oc rejected. PERSONAL. Senator Sumner lef here last night for New York, thence to sail for Europe per in si e'eamer. Senator Coucess leaves here on Tuesday for California, via New York. PIenOXEST ÜBVEKUE COLLECTOR. The Collector of Internal Revenue of tbe First District of Arkansas, Edwin B. McGuire, bas been detected in efforts to secrete the Government funds aud deposit them to bis own personal ac count ic various banks ot various cities. Tbc amonntrecovercd already is over 1290,000, which was found deposited in ban*s id New Orleans, Memphis, etc. McGuire cleared outfrom bis dis trict. and endeavored to withdraw tbe funds, but «he Treasury Affects were ahead of him. With despatches, and with the aid of military, McGuire was arrested in Texas a few days ago. ILEXES" OP RAM. MARSHALL. Representative Marshall, of Illinois, la lying eery ill, bnt bis physician is hopeful. commissioned or aouicl'Ltcjee. There are sixteen candidates for Commissioner of Agrlcnllnre, including Mr. Newton, who seeks to be retained in the office. Tbe President deems it proper to give to tbe West the Commi-'Bloncr. It is thought certain that he will to-morrownomi nate Colonel Capron, of Illinois. HEALTH or I!ON. TRAD. BTSVEKS. Hon. Ibaddens Stevens' condition bas much improved since yesterday, and be is not now wholly confined to his bed, but sat up ft consid erable pert of to-day. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. WasmsoTOK, April S. SENATE. Mr. WILLIAMS offered a resolution (bat tbc President oi lheSenaieatsp.nl. next Wednesday a iourn the present session t\ncdif. Mr. SUMNER objected to tbe present consider ation of tbe resolution, The PRESIDENT appointed Mr. Johnson on (be Committee on Printing, ro fill the vacancy oc cailoncd by tbe death of Mr. Riddle. Mr. ‘WILLEY oQcred a rcsoioUoo that the Sec retary of War be requested to communicate to tho Senate copies of all deeds, conveyances and other evidences of title by which tbe United States have a claim to any lands, tenements and wa'er privi leges at or near Harper’s Ferry, in Western Vir ginia. wbat parts thereof. If any, have been sold «>r transferred, and for what purposes, and whether there is any reason why any parte of the lands and tenements and water privileges' nn told and undisposed of. should not now he sold. On motion or Mr. RAMSEY tbe Senate went into Executive session. EECOKSTKUCTION. -cnnior* Wilson to Slnke ft Southern Tear— Political Mtedois in Tennessee—Another Order train General Schofield—Action of the Governors of North and South Caro lina* | Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Waskihgtok, April 8. Senator Wilson has finally determined to make a Southern tonr, after a abort visit North. Ho wilt proceed South, and announces his purpose, nothing preventing, to speak at Richmond, Orange Court House, Norfolk, Raleigh, Nowbera, Wilmington, Charleston, Jackson and New Or* leans. He will also probably speak at to or three places In Georgia and Alabama. Be will open the campaign at Richmond i about two weeks. A somber of leading Vtrzicia Unionists came ap here to day to consult leading senators on re* construction. It seems inexpedient to hold a state convention on the 17th* as proposed- It is orobablc that the meeting called for that day will provide for bolding a' Convention early In June. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribane.] Nashville, April 8. Thu Conservatives called the colored citizens of Gallatin together Saturday evening, and endeav ored to whip them into the conservative traces. Eaylle, Preston,Tanner and Bennett made speech es. blttcily denouncing the Radicals and Yankees. Columbus Johnson, colored,was then called oat and made a forcible Radical speech, which was toudly cheered by alt the colored people present. A colored man named Fox then appeared, and in reply to Preston, said; ‘*Wbo tookihelasbproo my back, restored my wife and children, and broke my shackles? The Yankees. 11 He wa? vo ciferously cheered, and the Conservatives ad* ionreed meeting in baste and disgust. An enthusiastic Radical mass meeting was held at Murfreesboro on Saturday. About fifteen hun dred colored voters were in attendance, and two colored Vice Presidents wete elected. One of the best speeches made was bv a colored man. The mectitg wss enthusiastic for Brownlow. Siw Yobk, April 6. —The Herald's bonthern correspondence cajs in Virginia the railrords need reconstructing more than anything else. A negro had been nominated for Mayor of Lynchburg. . ~ In Georgia the element of mutual confidence is a t that Is wanting to restore too State. Toe negroes are doing belter than heretofore, and are relapsing into the old system of working. Governor Worth, of North Carolina, and Gover nor Orr, ofSouth Carolina, are at Charleston, in conference with General bickies. The utmost ac cord exists among the parties. leave will be asked on the next motion dav in tie Supreme Court of the United States, to file]* petition oi the Stale of Georgia, that thereat of the United States and military commanders of that District be informed and restrained from ex ecuting the ads for the better government ol the rel«) States, the object being as in the .Mississippi case, to left the constltuiirmality of thc-law. Messrs. O'Connor, of New York, and Jeremiah S. Black arc engaged, and will be accepted, with other conned, for the petitioners. Augusta. Oa , April B. General Sweeny has disbatded the negro militia companies in this city. - A mass-meeting of freedmen is called for Wed nesday. some prominent citizens of the Slate are invited to address the meeting. an oroer test all vacancies occurring m office bo fire the convention is held can on 13 be filled hr persons who never look the oath to support the the ConstUniion of the United States. Mrnprna, April B.—Two unsuccessful attempts were made last eight to bom ihe Commercial Hotel. Several rooms were burned oat, and the hotel was badly damaged by water. CnsiaxsTos,S.C.,AprQß—Governor Worth, of North Carolina, and Governor Orrhavo been In consultation with General Sickles here for a few days past concerning the nature of •he General Orders to be is sued for the government ol Ihe Second Military District. Then conference has been harmonious, and Gov ernor Worth, on bis retain to llalelgh, wilt urge bis State to reorganize promptly under the pro visions of ibe Sherman Act Renewed efforts are In progress to stimulate emigration. Governor Orr has appointed agents to proceed to Europe and represent the advan tages of South Carolina. A circular Ims been a dressed to planters In the State, urging them to co-operale In the movement. THE STATE LEGISLATURES. WISCONSIN. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Madison, Wl?„ April 8. The Assembly had a session Saturday evening and this morning, and though barely a quorum was present a considerable atnonnt of business of small importance was transacted, and the table cleared of bins. In the Assembly, Saturday evening, bills were introduced to amend chapter 400, laws of ISG3, rc’atlng to marks and brands in filling cbatiei mortgages; requiring insurance companies doing business w mis Stale to publish aitheir annual r-tatemrnts In a paper In Fond an T-«c; amending section I, chapter 273, laws of 38C5, relating to tbe assessment and collection of taxes. Tbe Senate hid providing for the coliec*ioa of tax for 1865 and ISUC, from National Banks of tbe State, after some opposition, was concurred in. The Assembly bill repeating chapter 129, laws of ItCl. and reinstating the sections of the Statute thereby repealed concerning county and (country ofliccri', was indefinitely postponed. 31 r. Broun, ol Committee on Ways and Means, recommended the indefinite postponement of the bill to finish tbe rotunda of the capital: also Ic in lavor of allowing the claim of Samuel Marshall for lurnitLre and fixtures of the Soldiers 1 Orphans 1 Home, nnor to the (Slate's taking charge of the institution. In Ibe Assembly to-day, several bUlswerclntio tlnced. among then ote to repeal the interest law ol last «inter, and the law for licensin'* does; to amend section IT, chapter 37U, Revise! Statutes, concerning offences against chastising, and to la* ciuiaic judgments. A large number of Senate bill* were concurred in. itclumnpjrencralbllUas follows: To amend rhapler 12, Revised statute?, relating to notaries Public; to regulate the fees and prescribe the duties of cicrKß of the Circuit Uoart; to amend chapter 525, laws of ISOS, relative to repair of mill dams by joint owners; to regulate certain terms of me Circuit Court In the Ninth Circuit; to amend chapter 121, Jaws of ’53, for more speedy collection of penalties, lotfeituree and One?, and to restore to Coart Commissioners power to issue writs of habeas corpus. Assembly bills were passed to regulate Insur ance companies doing business in the State * respecting probate of wills proven or allowed in oibcr Slates; regulating the transportation of gunpowder; to amend chanter 134, Revised Stat utes, concerning executions; to repeal chapter 167. laws of concerning County Courts; to amend the statutes relating to cotta and fees; to tax express and telcgrnpn companies. Abouttbree Inches of snow fell ibis morning, but it has all melted, and the roads are so muddy that travel, except by care, Is almost unposolble. OHIO. Cincinnati, April B.—Both Douses of the Ohio Legislature have agreed on the resolution to sub mit. at the October election, the qnestion of amending the Constitution so as lo allow negro sufirage, and also to disfranchise rebels and de scuera. FEOJI SF. LOUIS. Perjurer** Plsclmrccd-Scresadc to Ibe New Clip Officials—iVlld (tat invnr once Companies—The Llndcll Hotel Project. [Special Despatch ro the Chicago Tribune.] St. Lome. April 8. The Circuit Court of Lewis County has decided to quash the indictments found against sundry persons for perjury in violating the oatn to get registered aa voters. The court took the ground that tbc case woa covered by the decision of the United States Supreme Court. At a public serenade on Saturday evening. Mayor Thomas denounced those who had ODDoscd nis election on account of hla supposed infidelity, as infamous and scoundrels, fie especially re ferred to the Missouri Democrat, It is elated that during the administration of the late Conservative City Connell that the entire city tevenne bos been expended tor public salaries. There arc several Wild Cat Insurance Compa nies preparing to launch upon the community In this Slate. They are mostly designed for Insuring country victims. Sr. tans. April B.—'The project of re-building :he Lined! Hotel drag* somewhat heavily, in con sequence of the question of changing its locality to a point about five blocks further out on Wash ington avenue. The Ltndcll heirs, eight in num ber, offer to subscribe four hundred thousand dol lars in land and money if tne location Is changed, ana other property owners lathe city will take stock In liberal amour Is. Tug question of looall :er will be pushed on again, and a few daya'wiU office to raise all the money needed to build the hotel. Few, il any. of those who have already -nbscribed will withdraw their aobscriptlous in consequence of a change. FROM Sf. PAUL, Chamber of Commerce Election—"H lid Weather—Destitution Among Settlers In Somlicrn .Tlluneftota* iSpccial Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! St. Daub, Minn., Apn! 8. Alter a delay of serera! weeks tbe Chamber of Commerce elected J. D. Lndden Secretary to day. lie is now the Governor's Private Secre tary. The weather is mild, and the Ice In the river is being affected by (be thaw so much that an open ing to tbe bead of the lake may occur in the course of a week. Accounts continue to be received of extreme destitution among tbe new settlers in the south western counties of this State, and also in tbe more northerly counties. A large number of families have subsisted nil winter on potatoes alone, and thdr teams and stock have perished for want of rood. These lamtiles lookup home steads late in tbc fall, and were poor to start with. One thousand dollars was paid a day or two ago to (be agent of tnu Southern sufferers that ought to have been used to relieve our own people; but measures will be taken to help them. FROM SPRIN G FIELD* Tbc Pension Agency—Charter Election —nine** of Hon, S, Kit Cullom, (Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Springfield. April 8. Colonel Ira J. Bloomfield, Pension Agent for this District, baa received ail tbc accessary papers from Washington, and will be prepared In a few days to pay all pensioners promptly. Governor Ogleaby and Major Sheridan Walt left .ttia city last evening foi Lockpoit to attend the snnne] meeting of the Trustees of the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Tbe charter elec’lou of this city will be held to morrow. The .Republicans have a strong ticket In the field, and feci confident of success. The Democracy will, however, contest the ground closely, as the city is very close. Hon. S. M. Cullom,memberof Congress from his District, is quite ill. FEO3I JHAESHaXJ/, MICHIGAN. FntliaMafttlc meeting la Aid of a Rail road Enterprise [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Maeshall, Michigan, April B—lo p. m. A large and enthusiastic meeting has just been held at tbe Court House to consider tbc ad vantages of the proposed railroad from Jonesville rla Marshall to Lowell, in Kent County. Speeches werefroade by L. D. Dibble, of Battle Creek; G. W. Brown, of Jackson, and Senator Orocu. of Olivet. Public sentiment hero is Immensely in i&vor of the road, which is regarded as the most Important ot all tbc projected railroad enterprises. Assurances were given that the Southern Road will aid >hc project ana we ars bound to put it through In spite of the Governor’s veto. VEOML MIEWALiEEE. Drowned—Tlie Grand Haven Trade. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune,! Milwaukee, April 8. Capiain Richard Lanergan, of the schooner Pride, fell overboard at Port Washington, on Sat niday, and was drowned. The steamships, or black boats, Detroit and Milwaukee, have arrived and will resume their regular trips to Grand Baveu. commencing to* night. The principal officers arc the same as last season—Caotain D. B Mcßride, of the Detroit, and Captain James Trowed, of the Milwaukee. FROM KASHTILLE. Drowning Case—lllegal Imprisonment. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.! Nashville, April 3. Charley Lawrence, express man, fell from a steamer at Bridgeport, to-day, and was drowned. His relatives reside In North Warren. Hays, the colored man, has been confined in Davidson County jail since March, 3S*5, without authority jrom any civil authority or military offi cers. On application of Judge Lawrence, the prisoner was brought before Judge Smith to-day, on a writ of habeas corpus , and discharged from custody. Fire in New PtiiladelpUla, Ohio. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] New Philadelphia, Ohio, April 8. The foundry and machine shops of English & Dixon, of Ibis place, was burned last night. The loss amounts to upwards of $70,000. The insu rance is only $21,000. More than one hundred men are thrown out of employment by this unex pected calamity. The works were chiefly en- Steed in manufacturing the famous Buckeye eaper and Mower, thousands of which have found a market in Illinois and lona. llUnola and SHcblgau Canal. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Casax Optics, / Locutout, Illinois, April 8. f Navigation on the Illinois and Jilchigan Canal will be open from Chicago to LaSalle on Wednes day the itnb instant. Boats win be allowed to clear drawing tour feet six inches till otherwise ordered. W. A. Goonnro, General SnpeiintondenL FROM NEW FORK. Supposed Steamalilp Disaster—'Pinan clol Condition of tne Jieibodut Mis sionary Society—Commission for Kx« aminlng Llfe-Savtus: Apparatus Bald on Lobbyists. New Yobs. Anril 7.—The steamer Juno left Wilmington, N. C., March 15, for ibis port, and is Euppoeed to be lost, as no information has been received from her. At the meeting of ihcMelhodlet Conference, the Secretary of the Missionary Society reported that there will be a deficiency of $150,000 at the close ot the present y<.ar. _ , r _ , Among the speakers to-day was Rev. Mr. Wal den, of Cmninnati. . The Government Commission for examining CHICAGO. TUESDAY. APRIL 9. 1867. life-saving apparatus met to-day, via: Jas. Craesr. of Baltimore ; A. 8. Hfuils. of Buffalo ; Alfred Gmbrie, of Chicago; J. N. Guthrie, or Louisville; Wm. Rogers, of New Cries ns; Wm. Bradford, of Hew York : Chafl. L. Stephenson, of Galena, and Wm. Mew. Hr. Bcmla was chosen President. Resolutions were adopted as to tbe order in whlcn Inventions be exammed, and some other matters of detail arranged, when the committee adjourned till to morrow. Over9d inventors have registered their names and Inventions, A report from Albany says that measures are preparing nnlutly for tbe arrest and bringing to juatlccofatlcastbalfa dozan of tbe most noto rious lobby members In behalf of the New fork jobs. SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS. (Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Ottawa, April 0. All tbe Judges present. 35. Demurrer to third and fifth pleas la sus tained. Motion to strike fom flics fourib and sev enth is overruled. Plea sixth is stricken from files. Motion to amend third and fifth pleas. Leave granted. 50. Dismissed for non-joinder. C 5. Submitted by deiendants on briefs to be filed. 79. Submitted by plaintiff In error on briefs to be filed. 103. Motion for rule lo loin id error. Rule for joinder by Monday. 105. Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed by fourth week. 112, Submitted on brief robe filed by second week of term, by stipulation ofpartlos. 1)3, Same as 112. 114. Sonmlmd by both parties on briefs filed and to be filed. 127. submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed by 10th May. 134. Submitted by appellee on printed briefs to no filed. 128. Rule nisi for bond by 12th. 175. Role for Joinder by fcth. 178. bubmlllcd.

179, Submitted by stipulation on briefs to be filed by TZtb. ISO. Submitted on bnefe to be filed by 39th by stipulation of parties. 181. Submitted ou briefs to be filed before tbe 23d by stipulation ol patties. ISO. Rule nl«i for bond by 12th. 101. Motion lor wrfiorflrf refused. 195. Submitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. SU9. Submitted by appellee on briefs to be filed. 210. Submission set aside and continued by consent. 2CB. Andrew J. King et al. vs. N. D. Bradley ct al. Submitted by appellee on printed brief* to be filed. 244. Solomon Cole vs. Henry Van Rincr. Sub mitted by appellant on briefs to be filed. 245, Theodore Fonnualla vs. Dyer 8. Roberts. Rale lor abstracts discharged, and case continued by consent. 252. Tbe City of Chicago vs. Jonathan W. Allen it user. Submitted on briefs to be filed by 2t)th by stipulation of parties. [Special Despatch to tbe Chicago Trlbnne.] Ottawa, 111., April 8. Tbe following cases were submitted to-day: 3U. Submitted by defendant in error. 45. Submitted by both sides. 91. submitted by appellant. 93. Submitted byappel’sut. 94. Submitted by piainllffiu error. 95. Submitted by plainiiifin ctror. 109. Submitted by appellant. lie. Submitted by appellant. 184. Submitted by appellee. ISU. Submitted by appellee. 237. submitted on both sides. 210. Submitted on both sides. 242. Submitted by appellant. 250. submitted by plalnrilTlo error. 206. Submitted by appellee. 266. Submitted by appellee. 267. Submitted by appellee. 31. Time for amenoment of pleaa given until J2th. CT. Judgment affirmed and opinion filed. 65. Motion to dismiss appeal suatained and leave given to withdraw record. 79. Submitted by defendants on briefi 'to be filed. 81. Leave to file abstracts. 103. New bond to bo given by next Saturday. 191 Writ allowed. 202. Motion allowed and certified. 229. Diminution of record suggested. Motion for leave to flieadditional record. 269. Motion to dismiss appeal. Appeal dis missed with fire per cent damages. 291. Appeal dismissed with ten per cent dam ages. Pint coil of tbe d0cket—1,2,8,5,6,9,14,23. Conticued—t, 7. Passed to second call—lo, 11,12,13,16.17,19, 21. 27, 28, 31. Parsed first call to-morrow —35,26. 37, 53,39,41, 42, 43,4*, 67, 68, 69, 71. FROM DtS MOIWBS. Slrcaktoc of the Ice In the Dctnoiae* ItlTer-SUse Cpeet and nail Bass Lost—Railroad Enterprise. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.] Deb Moinxs, April 8. Ttac lee broke ap la the Deg Moines River yc«. lerday attemooo, and la still coins oat la large flotillas, fears were entertained for the a&fctr of Conrt avenue bridge. Tbe Ice-breaker and two posts of tbe middle pier, were carried away. Tbe danger is now conoidoed over, as tbe main body ol the Ice baa trono out. Tbe roads ere in eneb a condition that tbe pro duce trade 1b slopped. Wbeat, f 2.20: corn ran up to-day to one dollar, tbe highest price paid for several years, and is owing more to the Inability of farmers to reacn a market through tbe mud. A stabbing affray occurred yesterday at Ruing Son, Fot.a County. Cause, liquor. Harts not serious. The stage between Monroe and Newton upeet ycelcrday In deep water on the Skunk Bottom. Four passengers Hero insloe. A little girl was tsved only by the presence of mind or her moth* erond the assistance or the olber passengers. Peterson, editor of tbc Temperanceßa'/orm. with bis boy of seven, were on board, bat escaped on* burr. Two sacks of tbc Davenport mui) were lost. Tbe C , R l.i P. Railroad will be finished to Newton by tbc Ist of Mayand reach here by tbe let of July. FROM BLOOMINGTON* A Lunatic In Custody—He Endeavors to Barn Uli I*ri*on House—Demo* trade Nomination for mayor. [Special Despatch to the Chicago Tribune.} Bloomington, April 8. A Innatlc was found wandering around tbe streets here on yesterday morning, and was taken to the calaboose, and being left alone bat a few moments, he set fire to the cell, and would doubt* less bare burned to death bad not tbe smoke issn* lug from tbc place attracted the attention of a passer by. Tbe fire was extinguished before it did much damage, and the unfortunate man re* moved ro tbe county (all. John W. still ttcll, Ksq..was nominated for Mar* or of this city oy tbe Democrats on Saturday last. A dally temperance paper called the JroAibi fionist trill be la-ued here every evening alter to morrow until after the city election, which occurs on tbe IClh Instant FROM LAFAYETTE, RID. Departure of si Company of miners for m on tana. [Special Despatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.] Lafatitte, Ind., April 8. Tbe Daily Courier has an extended notice of tbe departure of Dr. Bader's party for Montana- They leit a* noon lo*day for St. Joseph, where they in* tercepla steamer bearing tbe machinery, which leit St. Louis on Wednesday last. Major Callcn and > oJoncl Ftccb, wiib their families. Join them at Onnha. Four ladles of tbc highest social standing accompany their relatives from here, and will prove a valuable acquisition to the already agreeable soaicty of Helena. Tbc Lafayette com pany have Invested MO,OOO.nnd la composed of our solid men. They have three quartz mills of forty stamps, manufactured by Gates, of Chicago, They expect to realize a ronndamillion in stamps on the Investment this season. FROM CANADA. Fire at Feirolla, C. W.—Two Persons Burned to Deaths*Release cfa Fenian Convict* PiTKom, 0. W„ April B.—TSe bakery owned by Jonathan Keith, was destroyed byflreyester* day morning. Two of Mr. Keith’s daughters, aged respectively twenty-ono and eight years, perished in tbe flames. The rest of tbe family barely escaped MUh their lives. Toronto. C. W., April B.—One of the Fenian convicts, named Conners, has been released from the Penitentiary at Kingston. Conners Is a Cana dian, and it is said bis release is owing to s peti tion gotten up in the neighborhood where ho retided. MommEAt,Aprilß.—The trial ofLieatcnantCol. George Brown, who Trap pnrsned ihrongn Europe nod anally arrested, on a charge of embezzling Government funds, was concluded to-day by a verdict ofnot emlty. The Prince of Wales regiment was served with new rides to-day. Prouencber was found guilty of poisoning Jontree,acd sentenced to be banged. The trial of Pronencber's partner ia guilt, Sophie Borsce- Icne, was commenced to-day. Ice in the river remains firm. IBOM THE PACIFIC COAST. Subscriptions In Aid of the Southern llestltatc—lndian Outrages. San Pbakcisco. April 7.—Subscriptions for the relief of the destitute people of the Southern States exceed 123,100. Some of the principal streets have not yet boon canvassed. All houses of Amusement volunteered a benefit in aid of the cause. We have not beard from the interior of the Stale. The United R'atcs war steamer Pensacola, from Callao, arrived last nlchl. Tbo Indiana on the Hoopo Reservation, Califor nia, have declared war against the whites, and killed enoagenl Robert L. Moctton, two employes and burned all the Government property. The whiles at Klamath River are fortifying and pre paring for defence. FROM HAVANA. Spanish Fleet—Peace Congress—C«P- lure. New Tour, April B.—The Herald's Havana cor respondence of the 3d says: Three frigates of tbo Spanish South Pacific Sect, with. Admiral Nunez commanding in person, bad arrived at Santiago de Cuba. The causes given tor this movement are conflicting. The moat Important, ana probably ibe most reliable, is that Admiral Nnnez is «n rou'e toe Washington to represent Spain in the Peace Congress proposed by Hr. Seward. “The 6»eamer R. R, Curler was said to have been captured by the frigate Qaona and brought to Santiago.” THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI. The Town of SeSoto Inundated— Eighty to a Hundred Negroes Drown ed, St. Louis, April 3.—Advices from below say the town of De&olo, opposite Vicksburg, was suddenly inundated a few nays since, and from eighty ro a bundled negroes drowned. Ihe peo ple of Vicksburg used strenuous efforts to rescue the poor creatures, hut could only reach such aa bad vecured temporary places of safely The town Is exclusively occupied by negroes. Fire*. Boston. April B.—The large hat manuticlory of Messrs. Desmond, In lawrencc, was destroyed by flic lasi night. The loss is estimated at f40,c00. with fUj.CKO Insurance. Lewiston, Maine, April B.—The Lewiston Mill was slightly damaged by fire this aflernjou. Onr to two ion? o» co'iun were burned. Ih'nnir portion of the mills trill run as usual to-morrow, Bowhanstills, Canada, April 8.-The factory of toe Bowmaimillc Furniture Manufacturing Company, with I's contents, was burned on Sat urday. loss very heavy. One hundred ana thirty persons were throws out of employment. FBOM MOSXASA. Valuable Information In Besard to tlie Id diam—The Savases IJbreaien a War of Extermination twining New»—Price of Living at the nines. Si Loins, April 6.—The Democrat's St. Joseph special says the Montana Po*t of the 14*h elves tbe following lufonnatron in regard to the Indi ans: Eighteen hundred lodges of Sioux, unm berlrg three warriors to a lodge, under (bo Chiefs Ren cloud, Iron Pla n and while Young Bull, arc encamped on tbe Big Horn River, about thir ty-five miles from Fort bmllh. The Crows, Bloods, Pcgntn?, Orosentrcs and Sioux have made peace among themselves, and joined is a league against tbe whites. About eight hundred lodges are yet north of tbe Mis souri River, bnt vrdl cross over and camp near Muscle Shell River as soon as spring opens, and after concentrating their forces the Confederation will woge a war of extermina tion against tbe whites. They pay tbe whites have occupied their only hunting grounds; that death ia Inevitable, and they prefer u in battle rather than by starvation. - Tbe Commandant at Port Smith don’t expect to be able to hold hts position, and it is thought tt reinforcements do not arrive soon the command wilt come to Clarke’s Fort, on tbe Yellow Stone. Tbe Helena Deraid notices tbe tall of a remark ably largo meteor in that vicinity which lighted up the town equal to n thousand gae-bamors. Monlaca dates to the Tib report business fhlr throughout the Territory. Tbe quanr lodes are being developed, and new dhcovenea arc almost dally being mady. The Flint Creek silver-mines aro attracting much attention. Nine lodes have been visitca by a correspondent, ana all of them nil! richly repay die working. The Camden lode yields $65 to the ton; (bo franklin, fi5U; while tbe O. G. lode give* $290; tbe balance range from $230 to |4UO per(on. The following are tbe wholesale prices of arti cles, payable in gold dust, sl6 per ounce being sllowed for clean mill retort, and #lB for gulch: Float—St Louis, H2.00@14.U01J sack; Balt Lake. fS.CO@9.OU; seK-rlslDg. #12.00 ; bacon. 35@t0c; bams, 45@GTc; lard. ab@4oc; candles, 45©50c; sugar, 40®45c; coffee. 87H@4f»c; tea, #i.25u2 00: canned fruits, #lsoo®2o.tK) $ two dozen cans: dried fruits, 75@86c; syrups, $30.00®33 00 S ten gallon keg; butter, 75c@f1.55; tobacco, sl.lo® $2.00; coal oil, $2.80 $ gallon; glass, $ box of fifty feet, #15.0(1®20.00; rails, $22.00 100 0> keg; eggs. $1.25@1.75 P dozen; beans. 29c X> Tb; salt, salt, 10®i3Kc; whiskey, $5.(X)®8.00 y gallon: champagne,s basket. fSs.oo@Bo.ufl: claret, $15.00: I.randy, $8.000 18.00 ; shovels, V dozen, $28.00® $30.00: picks, $15.00. Three ITlen Sentenced to be Hanged. CtKctKXATi, April B.—Three men. Case, Aulgns and Goetz, tbe murderers of Air. Hughes, have been sentenced to be banged on tbe SOtb Instant. IF WAIT BROTHERS Advertising Ag’ls 136 Dearborn**!., receive advertisement* for all tbe leading paper* throughout tbe (Jolted BtatM and Canada*. IScal Estate, Central and Growing Properly, We have for sale, on the corner of Washington and Franklin-sts,, VERT NEAR THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, AND AT TOE Entrance to the Biver Tunnel, ONE HUNDRED FEET FRONT, Admirably adapted lor a floe BUSINESS bt oCK, For Sale Cheap, *uU on Easy Terms. 8. H. KERFOOT * CO.. Beal Estate Broker*, 71 Dearborn-a u. Chicago. RESIDENCE Michlgan-av. Marble-front, thrtc-story and basement boose, con taining 13 room;, numerous closets, a large bathroom. • furnace, speaking tntes, pas, water,* 4c„ £c. Will be rcaoy lor occnpatcy by the FIRBT OF MAT. Apply to TIIOS, B. BRYAN Sz CO* Birr as nAbb. SALE— A TWO-STORE 1 FBAMB BUIZaDINa, OPPOSITE THE HOUGH HOUSE. AT IBS UNION STOCK TAROS. Is well adapted for any bmfneM rorpoie, and will be told much telow H* vain*. app.y to L. DrGRAFF, corner State and Bandolph-gts. XT'OR SALE—Price ss,ooo—Terms to IT salt—A HEAUTIFUI. SUMMER RESIDENCE at utM Bay, WU. One of tbe iK&UhUu. and pleasattteat places for a residence 10 tbe Weal. Two trains daily from Chlua.o. Facilities lor Boatlnc.flibi c and hunt ink unsurpassed. Toe boose coniiits of (iocioctiug large double parlors) sine rooms, conveniently ar> ranted; splendid cellar, alto rreecbouse. stable and otb> er onthulidlnes. The grounds areh'aatlfaily situated on itieblcbrsttlevaticn IQ tbe neighborhood, ornament ed with a ratnral growtn of cam. anrnbbery, small frails, trait trees, 4c~, tbe whole commanding one at tbe finest arl most extensive prospects of bay and river. A fine new Cblckeiimr piano, rosewood parlor set and other fnrnl tnre. would be sold IT desired. Ap ply to DAIRT> & BRADLEY, cor. LalteaudLaSallo-sw. RESIDENCE. AT A B ABC AIN. We rflei fur s few days only, one of the flacst BRICK HOUSES on WatMuh-av„ with large lot. PRICE 830,000. Which Is 15,100 less than Its actual value. Apply at once, to OLINOE’C & WALLER, Real Estate Brokers. SO WasMuglon-st., Rooms 1 audit. /COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB SALE V.-/ In the beautiful town of Waukegan. 111. Good house and turn, good well and cistern water, garden fruit, flowen and Shade trees. Lot debt rods square. For partlcalSTa address Box HOI. Chicago. 111. jKUUnetB. MBS. A. B. SMITH, ' 124 STATE-ST., WILL OPEN Spring and Summer Millinery, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9 A 10.1^67. gPEINGAND SmniEß OPENING. MRS. M. E. STOUGHTON, 100 Stste-et., will, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, April UthaudUlb, exhibit to the Ladles of Chicago one ol the finest assortments of MILLINERY Ever brought wett of yew York. “No Cards." ajaanteh -yy ANTED. First-Class House On eltner of the avenner, wo. th about SIO,OOO, In part o&vment for tea acres In the soathtru part or tbe city, now subdivided id to 10U lots. J. B. KEELER A Co.. Real Estate Agents. 129 south Clark-at. -RANTED— TO LE VRN TOE DR UR BUSINESS, With a view to encaging In the same. Can furnish ?ome capital lo a lew mouths. Woc.dgo to the coun try, Good references given. Address, for one wett, **H, n P. O. Box lIIMT, Chicago. itJJOME CIRCLE” SI .00 a Tear. 16 Pages. A lady wanted In each town, to caava's. LUjctsl terms and premiums. S. M. KfcNb wii, 194 CUrk-st., Chicago. ©metal Notices. THE INSURANCE QUESTION. MEETING OF ISRAELITES. A Meeting of Israelites of this city, will he held on Thursday evening next, at o’clock, at Concordia Hall, Lomoard Block, to take action m icferenceio circulars lat*.ly blued by certain Eastern Insurance Companies. Speaker, have b«n Invited to adoxess the met tlxg. L. BUbENFELO. HT. GRF.ENEBAUM, A. KOBN. A. EIOUIIOLD, M. A. METER. Cblcagc, April 6,1367. Committee. A RARE CHARGE. Persona wishing to Invest capital la a valuable In* vetum, will do well to call and examine It, at No. 314 Btate-st. GREAT INDUCEMENTS OFEBED. Ho: FOR CALUMET Tbeßuntiog and Fishing Season has come again! Come and see me, at the old Chittenden Place. l»raiAW ALLBW. CEDAR CAMPHOR Should be packed away with Purs and Woollens, avoid Injury by Math*. Sold by Druggists every where. UaKCIS a CHAPMAN, Boston. j o&T discharges. have received from the Second Auditor lh“ official form ot application for additional Bounty o' UOU. whire soldiers have leal trelr discharge corus cates. Soldiers so situated should apply at on cto DICKENSON A WEBSIER, ftS Waßrtngtou-tt fHasontr Notices. jyjA&ONIC. A of ASHLAR LODGE 80. ;tOR,F.&A. be held a) Blair HalUhl (luesday) evening for work on the M. M.d«re«. at 7* o'clock. Members are lequeited to be PROMPT. Vis- Itlnc brethren arecorclaily itvitcd. HENUY TUCKER, Sec’y. 13tg ffifoohs. OPENING! FIELD, LETTER & CO., Open TUESDAY, April 9th, Tie latest PARIS NOVEITIES in SILK AND CLOTH SACQUES, For Ladies, Hisses and Children. WALKING SUITS, In Poplin, 811 k and Alpaca. ALSO, WHITE AND BUCK LUMA LACE POINTS MD (IIKUARS In New and Beautiful Designs, all of which, will he offered at very reasonable prices, FIELD, LEITER & CO., 110,112,114 & 116 LAKB-ST, SHAWL DiPARTMT, FIELD, LEITER & CO. SPECIALLY INVITE THE ATTENTION OF LADIES TO THEIR OPENING -OF SPRING SHAWLS! —OK— TUESDAY, April 9th. In this Stock will be found some very Elegant and entirely Hew Designs in Paisley "Long Shawls, Paisley Square Shawls, Wool Square Shawls, Zephyr Square Shawls, french Cashmere Square Shawls, French Cashmere Long Shawl s. Black Thibet Sgnaro Shawls, Black Thibet long Shawls. These Goods have just been purchased at recent Auction Sales in New York, and will be sold at prices to defy competition in this market FIELD, LETTER & CO., 110,112,114 & 116 Lake-st. SPECIAL NOTICE. Hi Hill; ROSS & GOSS4GE S, 167 & 169 Lake-st. WE ABE NOW PREPARED TO SHOW A SUPERB ASSORTMENT OF Spring Garments, Walking Suits, Travelling Suits. INDIA CAMEL’S HAIR SHAWLS From 3133 to SI,OOO. Camel’s Hair Scarfs. ALSO, A SUPEEIOE ASSORTMENT MATERIALS For Xrarelling and Street Salts. Wo particularly request an Inspection of tbo above articles* Ladles win find our SlocJc to comprise all the Latest FABIS NOVELTIES. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE! iIR, THOMAS H. DOAITE, (Late oi Pollard, Doane ft Co*) has this day been aa milled a member of oar Ann. SEYMOUR, CARTER ft CO. Apiil Ist, 1667. SEYMOUR, QBTER&GO., 22 Lake-st., Chicago, Importers nod Jobbers of White Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Notions, Twines, &c., Have now in stock and offer to the trade at LOWEST CASS PRICES, a full line of the above Goods. gy Close cash buyers ore Invited to examine our Stock. WE BUY AND SELL FOR CASH I SEYMOUR, CARTER & CO. Thomas B. Rmcnre, . , . Of T. H. Seymour, Commission Merchants. i L *" wi,a j - v - * co. Tnosua H. Doans, late ot Pollard, Doane ft Co. NUMBER paintings, s(c ART MATTERS. A C A.RD, The great and Increasing interest mani fested by the Amerlcaa people in worzn of art. and by none more so than by the people of onr own city, is a remarkable feature of the oge, and a well deserved acknowledge ment o{ their elevating and purifying InOa* ence upon society. A cultivation of tbo taste fordrawing and painting baa become apart of onr educational system, and pictures are now recorded as Indispensable ornaments, imparting an air of elegance and reUnemeot and an increased charm to the attractions of home. There aremanypeople whostrlve to make their homes cbeerlal and pleasant, and surround them with an air of elegance and refinement, who totally fall in attaining their wishes. It Is not owing to their want of llberaliiy.forthey spend money freely, bat they seem to forget that splendor Is not al» ways evidence of refinement. 1 have seen houses that were crowded with costly farm* tore, and possessing no other attractions * while others, rcantlly filled, tell at once at thcealtnre and refintdtastes ol their occu pants. If yonr parlors are not yet oh artistic* a>ly decorated ns yoaconid wish, I earnestly request that yao win favor me with an early call, that yon may enjoy the no ordinary treat of examining my immense and careful ly selected stock ol Paintings, Engravings, eic., which lam confident will be attended with pleasure and profit to yon. Without considering the cost, 1 have se lected from French, English and German publications everything rare and beautiful. My assortment now Is more than doable what It bos been heretofore, both In Pictures and Framing t and I am confident (hat 1 can meet every want (bat the most liberal pat ronage ot the fine arts can suggest. FZI AMIKa. la this department 1 claim to excel all other dealers west of New Yarn Cliy. I have, or will make to order ( any style, size or shape that can possibly be called far. aad keep on hand at all times an Immense variety. Many benatKal plctarcs are spoiled torwant of saltablo framing* I make It a point to sire this my special attention. M. O’BRIEN, 122 Pearborn-st. Hatties’ .jFttntisfiing (Sootts. Ladies' Furnishing Emporium, 1 HAVE OPENED THE STORE No. 102 Lake-st., WITH A FOLD STOCK OF Dress Trimmings, Hosiery, Skirts, Corsets, Hand- kerchiefs, Laces, And other Goode connected with a Cublocsble LADIES’ FURNISHING STORE, to whlchl <oUclt toe attention of the Ladles ol Chisago. Rerneolztng t> nt one system of doing business, that of senior the best goods In market at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE FOR C -A. SR , I confidently Invite s call from every lady who wishes to make her purchases on a CLOSE CASH BASIS, feeling confident that my nrices vt H be found on com parison LOWERTHAN THE LOWEST. flavin* se emed the services of a New Fork payer, 1 exp-ct to receive every Novelty tn market on It* apnea ranee, and will make it my atm to sell NEW GOODS at the same figures that dealers la Trimmings have oeeo a;* ctuiomed to ask for their shop-worn and antiquated styles. ty Notice the Number -art 102 102 102 102 Th* Good*—LADIES* FURNISHINGS, Atd the Name— W. B. DAVIDSON. SUTTON, BIMITT & CO., IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF Ladies’ and Children’s Hose, Men’s English half Hose, Afghan, and Shell Stitch Shawls, &c, Kq. 177 T-.ngS.BT. Insurance. S. M, MOORE & 00., Fire, Marine & Accident Insurance No. 49 LaSalle-st., Chicago. ASSETS JANUARY Ist, lSt.7. Dsn ford Fire Insurance Company, Bart lord. Conn C 1.500.000 Merchants' Insurance Company. Hart lord, Conn 330,000 Connecticut Flro Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn 290,000 HomFlnsurance Company, New Haven, . - _ _ Coon 3,440.000 SpnngtleTd F. & M. Insurance Company, gpilDzfldd, Mass 710,000 Irving Fire Insurance Company, New Torn 290,000 Atlantic F. 4 M. Insurance Company, „ Providence. R. 1 290,000 Travellen’ Insurance Company, Hart- _ lord. Conn 773.000 laubliEr ffiflohs. REMOVAL Haliock & Wheeler, (Successors to John B. Ideson & Co,i) HAVE REMOVED TO fSo. 143 Lake-street, Between Clark and LaSalle. Beat quality Vulcanized Rubber Belting, Packing and Hose, Superior Oak-Tanned liEATHEB BELTING, And every variety ol RUBBER O O 013 S, Wholesale and Retail, at the lowest Eastern Prices. Jpot Sale. Jj'Oß SALE— A TVcll-Establlshcd, Paying Daily Newspaper Establishment, In one ol the most promising of our SOUTHERN CITIES. For ftinher pattlcnlara apply, for two days, to OEO. L. LEE, No. 4 Metropolitan Block. rpHE STOCK OP muloteby goods and fixtures At No. 14 Bosb-sL, FOR SAIiE. This Is a good opportunity for any one wishing to commenceeasiness. HAY FOR SALE. FIFTY TONS BEST QUALITY Prairie Bays in Bales, on Bock, And ready for delivery. Warranted sound all tnrongh the bales. j M . TUTTLE. SO Sonth Water-st. iSHeblcal. TXYSPEPaIA AND FITS— FITS—A sure core lor these distressing complaints —ls now made known in a Treatise on Foreign FITS* —and Native Herbal Preparations, published di —Dr. O. PHELPS BROWN. The prescription FlTS—was discovered byblmlneacbaprovldcoUai —manner that be cannot conscientiously relax FITS— to make u known, as it bas cured everybody —wbo baa used u, never having Oiled in a sin- FlTS*—gle case. It Is equally sure in cases of Fits as —of Dyspepsia, and the Ingredients may be ob- FlTS—tamed from any druggl«C Szsr Fem to at —on receipt of fire cents to prepay postage, etc. FITS-Addrcss Dr. O. PHELPS BROWN, No! 19 —Graod-at., Jersey City, N. J. astrology. jy£ADAME ALWIN. All persons wishing to know their FUTURE PROSPECTS W LIFE, Can have them correctly stated by the Madame by celllngat347Soutb Clark-sh (opposite Jones School) where sbe mar be consulted about all matters concern ing Boskets. Marriage, Lora, ettn, and will tell the name of the lady or gentleman yon are going to marry: also the name oi her visitors. Dentisttg. rpEETH EXTRACTED J. WITHOUT PAIN, DT THE COLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Whoortetnated the ueool the Nitrous Oxide Gat tar toe camlets extraction or teeth, and have given It to SS,cco patients without accident or injury, Oder 118 Dear born-si. (Times Building.) 35ge ana 35ar. T)K. UNDERWOOD. sm A jn> SAB. Consulting and Operative Surgeon for all diseases anaaelormfue* ol lie Eye snd Ear, 124 RANDOLPH'S!. fSTCrose Eyes straightened In ooe minute. ißacf)intn». AMES’ CELEBRATED Portable & Stationary Steam Engines, Of IB sizes and superior to all others. Prices reduced. CaQ or writs for circulars. Engine Lathes, Iron Planers, Drills, Sawmills, Shingle-mills, Belting, Hose, fte., &c. 19 and 31 Dearborn-si. c. Zt. axes & co. rjARO’S PATENT BUCK BXACHINB. Office and manufactory, 53 Scuta JeffeiKra-st. For Mbmailon and deicrlpdre circular, address E. R. OARD. w Ti KICK 3IA(;HrNK ” DOUGLAS PATENT ERBCK MACHINE, Otfic? BocmNo.3, 47 Clark-at., Chicago. Bmirton SSatjisfteg. Address S. T. SUIT & CO., LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. E 3T Country Drureuts can orocure the above enpe* rlor Whiskey la barrel.* ana half barrels Itom the aria* cipal Wholesale Drag Souses In Chicago. IBorits anb Safes. YALE’S Store Door, Cnpboard & Drawer LOCKS Will hereafter be sold at greatly reduced prices. MAYNUHTI BBOTSSBO, Agents, AND DEALERS IN Fire and Burglar-proof Safes. t'econd-fannd Sales Bought and Sold. jyAttentlon cf Bankers is called icestr in cotatruction ol Bargiar-Broof Work, samples of which may be teen at SXATE-ST. fKew Store, 84 Waf hlngton-st, after Ist May-) ißxytess Companies. <J>HB MERCHANTS’ UNION Express Company. CAP XTAZi - - $20,000,000. Owned and Operated by Our Merchants and Manufacturers. CABBIES BY EXPBEBM. Money. Yalna* blea, Freight and Parcel*, over more than 13.000 mile* et Express Line, at Jut and liberal rates, saves Millions yearly to Ex. press Shippers* and can be made permanent only by (heir liberal patronage* This we hope to merit and receive. Office, Hot. 103,105,107 & 109 Dearborn-rt. B. g. COOPEH Agent. Bo Brat. The skating season haring closed, this popular place ol amusement la offered for rent. It is easy of access, the Baodolph-at. can passing the door. It eoatalns the largest hall In Chicago, being 200 by IS feet, Bril liantly lighted with HO gas bom era, and seats to ao commodate thousands ofpenp'e. All persons wishing to rent this favorite resort for the summer season till Nov. Ist, and all chorthei, societies and other Organ izations who wish to rent the Ring for a lew day*, for the purpose of holding lam. lestlvala, concerts, par ties, or other purpose*, are requested to ca>l this week at the KINK OFFICE, and engage the immense edl ace. Office hours, 9to Ha. inland 2to 5 p.m. rpo KENT— The Second Story and Cellar, With Office In front of second story, and approach both ftnm the trout- Po«»c/»lou glv»n Mar Ist For terms apply to GKO. F. FOSTER, 317 south Water-st. -QHBAP DOCK ON MAIN BRANCH TO RENT, 40 feet front by IS deep. Apply at 336 North Water-at. jftats ana (gaps. 1867. SPRINOJRADE. 1867. GREAT DECLINE IN PRICES —OF— HATS, CAPS AND STRAW GOODS. jyDon’t fall to examine our stock heiore purchasing. KING, CARHAHT&CO. 24 LAJ&E-ST, ASusuuss ffiaws. WILLIAM BLAIR & CO,, EABDWAB6 METALS, 179 fit 181 Kandolph-st.j (Adjoining the Briggs House). CHICAGO. CILVER PLATING, BE-PLATXNG lO &C., 4c. NORTHWESTERN Silver TV are Manufacturing Company, OF CHICAGO. Factory corner Fldridge-court and State-st. In addition to ihe regular business of manufacturing all kinds ol feolid silver Ware, Qo'd and si ver Watch Cases, etc- this Company baa made extensive arrange ments ler the repairing and re-piattog of old and worn plated goods cf every variety: al«o,for the repairing. reDoublngand polishing of Solid Silver Plate, making It tqoal to new Ail articles shoo'd besent totheofflee of the Company, at the corner at Bldrldgs-court and State-st. JAS. H. HOES. Manager. JOHN F. RATBBONE & GO., d WHOLESALE SIOVES, S S MIOHIGAN-AV. HOOPS. 0.0. MORRILL, TRUSS HOOF mAxrarAOTTTBBA WHOLESALE ASD gwr.tr- Wlnamac. Indiana. HRWOOD & CO., General Commission Merciiana, Cor. LaSalle and Washingtorndai CHICAGO. Give particular attention to both buying and selling Crain, Flour, Seeds, Pork, Lard, Beef, Tallow. Property bought and held on margins, and sold eiUta In this or Eastern markets. fT Special rates ol Commission made to those wh* tondsb their own money fbr large purchase* cl pro* erty to be held fbr sale by us. P. L. Underwood* Ben. W. Cndcrws* J. W. POTTLE & CO., COMMISSION MEBCITJ.NTS -is— FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &c. lii LaSaUe-st., Chicago. Advances on Consignments. pr property bought and held on marclns._^__^ - gtanspartatiow. SHIPPING NOTICE.—To Chicago Merchants and others. THE AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION COST!, M. M. CALEB * CO., AOEBTS, No. 7 Coenilt Slip, New York. The above Hue are now receivku mwchaodlse and otlitr ireteht In New Tori, to bs lorwarded r»a Canal ... Htfnnt C n J nice, to ChlCVgO. ana steam cn£ s BREW aTER, OenT Boston Ag‘t. KIUHMOMD A BOND. Agents. Chicago. _ ’VrOTIOE TO bHIPPEKS—The iVESTHRS TRANSPORTATION CO. Are now receiving merchandise and ccarte treight la York. U) oe sMpprd at or.ee ly nil and team around the Lake, orvi*Canaiai ihf opening. Olnce, comer Wst<r-;L atdO’d Slir, New York. J. W. lUiTi-t, As^u%Chlmso. - I^arltoate. gPJUNG TRADE, 1867. JL B. Ot, a. B. MZZXBI, S S state-at. we are now opening, fresh from Dommtlc *23 For cies Manufactories,»large stock ot Hardware and Cutlery, at"* * IC D P*rk«i Kalra. Also, s fine Btock of Farmtso toot a B 4:Sens’ HAT AND MANUEL^e-V . B * brand*, at low pnees. good Amn ft Bawland’f aortb, Spate »ad Scam. ra3aifSX“ “AKEBICAS FILE COKPAHY," Which hss taken precedence over all others. ta which ttc Invite special sttez tfoo. iiali orders promptly sod carnally filled. qopartnership notice. JOHN M. AYER sa*saKaf BALTHIS, ATER & CO. ttkVS.'kJM™ 13 - Chicago, api u l issr. Johnm. ualtris. KEMOTAL. BALTHIS, AYER&CO., IRON, NAILS, STEEL, Bogey and Wagon Stock, Carriages, BoIU. Buts aod W&sheia, Thimble Skeins, Iron ayt*? and Springs, 16 and 18 South Wdls-at. Post Office Bor 2105. ffattnttshipa. QOPARTNEKftHiP. The tmderaigced bare formed a copartnership, under tbe firm name of 9. X. BABB & CO., For a General Commission Business. Inthls city, at 83 LaSalle-at, dating Irora tbe first of CAST- y. BASH. Chicago. CHARLES B ALLAN CE. Pawls. April, Chicago, April 9.1567. J)IB£OLXJTION. The Copartnership heretofore existing betweaa the nndeialentd tader the flnu and style of swerey, Smyth & Co, ceiaed by limitation Aptliiw, lag?. ~ , * W n ««F7*T. J.b.SMTTH. * g. w. VAtraaK. The business will be condoned by the onderstroed, «bo respectfully solicit a condonation ot the patron- Kt of.fi MmU OLU..OM ora- sMTTH i CO, 178 Waabxngtoe-st. HISSOLHTION.— Tie Corartnerehip j' £SKStSfe & ** «»a“i jbas ncOAHig. April Bth, IflflT. Qg&SSffiiSSSS&s F CmSS; Aorilfl.li* 7 - A. 8. ESMAY. rj>HE CHICAGO , Fibre and Paper Co. Wareftnyse. DICKERSON & SHEJIMAII, COUMISSIOir PAPER DEAXEBB, DIIT,TT~.. DJ Paptr Makers' Findings. (Jemifals, etc. 170 aandolph-at«f Chicago. NOTICE. At a medio. o< tbr Sloc.holilcra of th. Chicago Fiteand Paper Co'y, Held April 2, ISf* the Special Charter In corporaiiog aald/company, with a capital stock of 8300,(100, with nnfhorlty. to ln» crease th» same to 81.000.000. and confer ring on sold Cstapany special and enlarwrd privileges, was accepted, and (be Company reorganized under tbe same. This Company la now in successful opera* don. and it proposes to increase Its business, and for teat purpose tt bas authorized tea President to receive farther sabocrtptlona to Its capital stock to a limited amount. Atv cordtnsiy, tbe books of the Company will be held open for a few days,-to receive subscrip tions. bnbaerlptteuwlllhe received at’the oOee of rhe Company, No. 170 Randolphs. THOS. S. DICKERSON, Prea. Sttoing Machines. ■JJNPARALELLED SUCCESSI GENIUS TRIUMPHANT! SINGER NEW NOISELESS FA3IILY SEWLVG MACHINE. Which has been two years to preparation, and which has been brought to perfection regardless of time. labor ana expense, u now coahdenUy presented to the public u incomparably Ths Best Sewing Machine in the World. We keep on hand a well assorts stock of Silt Twist, Linen and Cotton Thread,. Machine oil, Quitt er*, Corners. Tuckers, Binders. &c. Parties desiring to act as Agents in localities where we are not represented, can obtain too necessary toior matloa by addressing THE SINGER M’rß CO., No. 30 South Clark-st, Chicago. ISanks anb Yankees. JTKST NATIONAL BANE. Comer of Lose and Clark-sta- PAQ) IN CAPITAL. 81.000,000. FOREIGN EXCHANGE Drawn In sums to salt on ml the principal Soropen Clues. LETTERS OF CREDIT Issued, available in all parts of Europe. GOVERNMENT BONUS Bought aid sold. 7-SOs converted at market rates, SAM*tM.NicKxflßo}r, Pres’t. F.l>. Gear, Vice Preset, C. K. fmi). Cashitr. Ciias. J. bemarr, Ass’t Cask. \ TJDIIOK’S OFFICE. ILLINOIS, .Ti. spßUTonm), April 4,1357. Notice la hereby given that theßankot Bloomington. Dunns, has died to tills office a bond, aa required by toe provist- ns of an act entitled “An act to amend the general banking law so as to permit toe withdrawal of securities to certain cases.” Approved February 33* I*7. Therelore. onl»« the holders of the circulating notes ol said Bank ahali piesent the same within five years from this Cate tor redemption at this offlc», or to toe city of Chicago, or at the counter ol said bank, they will be barred from receiving redemption toereot Said notes will be redeemed at toe first National Bank to the city ot Chicago. _ O. H. MINER. Auditor. TTfINSLOW, LANIER & CO., * * issue. LETTEKS OF CREDIT For Travellers, available In an parts of Europe. NOS. 27 «C 29 PINB-ST., N EW TURK. printing. NOTICE. Having recovered from tie effects of the fire In ray establishment. 1 will be pleased w see ad raj Ccieuda ani mj customers at the Old atsnd. 42&44Dearborn-st. * All the departments are la running order. Orders lor Job Printing. Blank Books. 4c.,wi1l receive prompt attention. I bare also a large quantity ol damaged goods that will be disposed of at bargains. fr Please call ana examine stock and prices. J. M. TV. JOSES, 48 and 44 Dearborn-st. Opposite tne Tremont Boose. ©ccan Steamers. tTROM NEW TORE TO FRANCE direct. Steamship Great Eastern, SIB JAMES ANDERSON. Commander. Having been thoroughly refitted, with especial refe recce to Ibis wmc, wul leave New York APRIL 1A MAISW, JULY 9. Takloc Hrat-clats naa#ensxr# only. Passage{ta wmOT Itseqmvaleit) tor April tnp, ISO. 9100. 11-O. ac cording to location atd *Ue of rooai. Return tickets at a redaction ol * ja r °^ l L An * tut * For mil luormalloa Broadway. N.Y. GTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, &c., CALLING at QUEENSTOWN, From Pier 43, North River, New York, car jfrom r,c r r ylQa ' (jnlied States Halts. INMAN MAIL LINE 1 EVERY SATURDAY (mall steamer), EVERY WEDNESDAY (extra steamer). Cabins, 130 to *llO. To London. fJ extra. To Farlr. with privilege ot stopping in Liver poo; and Loudon* IJO exoa—ad in gold. EBTDRS TICKETS, GOOD TILL USED. AT RE DUCED RATES. Handbills on apcllcatlon. Cabin plans on view, acd berths or rooms secured on application at Western, AiOTcj, 31 Daubcm-.1., WAKBACK _ WM. INMAN. Liverpool. ' £oal. REDUCED I (j Chicago, April 6, 1567. On Monday. April Sth I sba:i reduce the price ot Scranton. PUttton and Lackawanna COAL delivered, to nine dollars per toe. Mining our own eoaUwecao supply dealers, manuAtcturexa and con sumers at origin al ccst, freight and expenses OFFICES s SBVS EASTMADISON-st , 126 sOLIU MAUKEr-ST..aaJ T 34 bUCIH CLARK br. E'-SEirt LAW. isc-.ttat the Misers.