4 Kasım 1931 Tarihli The Daily Worker Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Kasım 1931 tarihli The Daily Worker Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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CELEBRATE 14th YEAR WORKERS RULE, NOV. 7 AT BRONX COLISEUM WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! VOL. VIII, No. 265 U. S. RUSHES OBSERVER’ TO DIRECT ANTI SOVIET MOVES IN CHINA Why Do the Bosses Want to Run the Communists Out of Lawrence? LAWRENCE workers, you liave come out on strike against wage cuts, it is for you to decide what the mill owners’ newspapers are aiming at in calling for the Communists to be rim out of Lawrence. Isn’t it funny, that all the big shots of the U.T.W. are welcome, wel comed by Go erpor Ely, welcomed by the mill owners, welcomed by the mill owners’ papers, but the Communists are to be run out? V,’ll at does this mean, anyway? Did Governor Ely get excited about the wage cut? No! He only got worried w’hen you struck against the •..age cut! Then, what did the A, F. of L. come into LawTence for, when its con ' entton. at Vancouver, B. C., denounced strikes as •‘barbarous’’? Did the A. P. of L. then send its organizers into Lawrence to LEAD ‘'barbarism'' to success? Os course not! They were sent to MISLEAD and BETRAY your strike. That’s why THEY are welcome. ' Can you doubt it. when these very same “organizers" in the Full- Fashioned Hosiery Workers’ strike in Allentown. Reading, Philadelphia, actually forced a wage cut of nearly fifty’ per cent that, even the bosses had not-demanded! Here you are, workers striking in defense of your simple right to live, fo r a piece of bread. Does the law, any law, all laws, supposed to PRO TECT your right to strike and to picket, work? THEY DO NOT! Instead of that, the very people, the capitalist mill owners, their servants in public office—the very ones supposed to UPHOLD the law, are breaking the law to "run out the Communists." THEY made (he laws. The law, the capitalist law, SAYS you have the right to strike, to picket, to organize. But when you really DO strike, DO picket, and DO organize—and when you refuse to be BETRAY’ED, then the cap ’alists violate their own law to break your strike, to drive , ou back to work at starvation wages! Workers, you have the DECIDING voice! And you will NOT give up your right to strike, to picket and to organize! You will defend your I *ad ;rs and yourselves against the mill owners' murderers—for ONLY by militant mass action, on the picket line and in defense of your rights, can you save yourselves from complete slavery to the mill owners! Unite in defense against all enemies! Defend your leaders against ■ assassins of the bosses! Demand An Accounting from Green and Woll! MATTHEW WOLL and William Green, vice-president and president, re spectively, of the American Federation of Labor, are against workers unemployment insurance, the National Hunger March, and support the war drive against the Soviet Union. Their New York "labor’’ bank failed Friday. When the now 1 defunct Federation Bank was launched, headed by President Green and Vice-President Matthew Woll, the late and un lamented Peter Brady, Sullivan of the New York State Federation of Labor, and a choice collection of lesser labor racketeers, the Wall Street press gave It a great send-off. "It marked a new era in tly relations of capital,” etc, etc., ad nauseam. ' Last Friday the Federation Bank failed for $13,000,000. The Wall Street press chronicled this sad fact in discreetly modest news items the day following— and has remained silent on the matter since. Thousands of workers have been robbed outright by this gang of crooks. Savings have been lost and union treasuries emptied. The close union of the Federation Bank officials with Wall Street, the National Civic Federation and the government could not prevent the crash—even though the bank was organized to fool and plunder workers and to help create illusions that would make workers easier prey on the job for the big capitalists. Matthew Woll’s daily denunciations of the Communists and the Soviet Jlnioii and his open attempts to incite boycotts and war against the itoviet Union did not prompt his masters to save his bank—even though they run the risk of opening the eyes of new thousands of workers to the ’ ue character of these bosses’ agents. Now they are covering up their , ontemptible thievery from workers as best they can. Wc ’kers of the A. F. of L,: Demand an accounting from the fakers ' ho lost your money. Raise the question of these “labor” bank failures l.i evjry local union. Expose, and throw out of the labor movement, these fat vultures who prevent your fighting against wage cuts, who fight ryunst unemployment* insurance and who are helping Hoover-Wall Street government prepare a new imperialist war—war against the Soviet Union which they will demand that YOU fight and support! Support the National Hunger MaWh! Nov. 7th Celebration to Qreet Achievements of Soviet Union ’i Workers to Demonstrate for Defense of the Workers’ Republic, and Against Starvation in the United States NEW YORK.—While tens of thou sands of unemployed and employed workers are prteparing for the local and Washington hunger marches in the fight against mass hunger and death forced by the bosses govern ment of capitalist United States upon millions of workers, the workers thru out the world are preparing to cele \brate this November 7, the 14th An niversary of working class govern ment in the Soviet Union, the only country that abolished unemploy ment. Negro and white workers will demonstrate their determination to struggle with all their power against the imminent imperialist attack on the workers’ fatherland, and to fight the mass hunger regime of the cap italist exploiters. The mass celebration called by the Communist Parly of New York for November 7th at the Bronx Coliseum, will also be a demonstration of the solidarity of the workers of all coun tries against the imperialist oppres sors. One of the features of the Co liseum celebration, besides tlia speech •f comrade Browder and the special Entered ■■ aecoad-clasa matter at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., under the act of March 3, 1870 ' • revolutionary program, will be the de- I monstration of solidarity of the in l ternatlonal proletariat in the strug i gle against imperialist war, and for I defense of the Soviet Union by Jap • anese and Chinese speakers, who will i speak in the name of the Chinese ■ Revolutionary fighters against impe • rialism and its agents, the bloody ■ Kuomintang government, and in be ■ half of the struggling masses of ’ Japan fighting heroically in solidar ■ ity with the Chinese workers and 1 Soviet masses. Negro workers will » also be among the speakers. Workers from the ranks of the un -1 employed, ex-servicemen and workers ' from shops will greet the mighty achievements of the Soviet Revolu tion on its 14th birthday. They will ! express the meaning of the building ' of Socialism in the Soviet Union to . the workers of the United States fac ing a winter of mass deaths from starvation against which the Unem ployed Councils are mobilizing the struggle thru hunger marches, and 1 organization of the unemployed in so -1 with the smgloj'ttL Daily . Central Party U.S.A. Lawrence Strikers Keep Up Mass Picketing WARTHREAT IS CAUSE OF WHEAT RISE Speculators Buy In Cooperation With the U. S. Farm Board Crisis l s Deepened Ban kers W ill Ga i n From Increases The capitalist press admits now that the buying of wheat, which is greatly in preparation for the attack on the Soviet Union, Is being done under the leadership of Arthur W. Cutten, one of the leading' wheat speculators in the country. The New York Times reprints "rumors” that this buying Is being done for the Federal Farm Board—in other words for the United States government. The Times reports that “Mr. Cut ten is reported to have the encour agement of the Federal Farm Board which holds close to 200,000,000 bushels of grain acquired in the course of its price stabilization pro gram.” Chairman Stone of the Federal Farm Board denied that the buying of wheat had been based "on any sort of understanding between the private operators and the Farm Board” but admitted that the spec ulators were directly responsible for the Increase in prices. Despite the evasive denials of Stone it can be stated that the operators bought be cause they knew that the price of wheat was going to increase. The capitalist press tries to "ex plain” that the rise in the price of wheat is due to a turn in the eco nomic crisis. No such turn has taken place nor is there any sign of any turn from the steady worsening (COSTINI'En ON PAGE THREE! Order Hunger March Leaflets At Once! The National Hunger March leaflets are just off the press. The leaflets are ready for shipment at the rate of 1,000 leaflets for sl.lO, postage collect. Because of the limited number of leaflets printed all orders must be sent immediate ly accompanied by money orders. These money orders should be made payable to A. W. Mills, 2 \V. 15th Street, Room 414, New York City. If you want leaflets, act at once. Hoover Program for “Business Recovery” Aids Billionaire Banker-Bosses, Robs Hungry Millions STATEMENT OF THE TRADE UNION UNITY LEAGUE Unemployed and Emnloved Workers: Under the guise of a “Program for Business Recovery,” the Hoover gov ernment, through its unemployment committee, has issuer a program for a further attack on you. The whole of the ten-point program ls designed to fool the workers into the belief that the crisis can be ended by more “faith” in the capitalist Institutions, by lowering the living standards of the workers, and alms to place the whole burden of the crisis upon the shoulders of the unemployed and em ployed workers. The first three points deal with propaganda calling upon the masses to buy more, to stop hoarding money and to have faith In the banks. What hypocrisy! How can the millions of steel workers who arc working from one to three days and have just had their wages rut, buy more? How can the Lawrence textile workers, given a 10 per cent wage-cut, buy more? How can the million* ol workers on part time (Section of the Communist International) I >+t3Sbu'24 Call Nation-Wide Drive Against Hoover-Laval Secret War Pacts The first steps liave been taken to develop a gigantic nation-wide campaign against the Hoover-Laval secret pacts and the Imperialist war drive against the Soviet Union, the Central Committee of the Communist Party announced today. Hundreds of thousands of anti-war leaflets will be issued. Mass meet ings throughout the country are being organized for Nov. 21 under the auspices of the Party, the Young Communist l eague and the Trade Union Unity League. Resolutions against the Hoover-Laval pacts and imper ialist war will be Introduced in all unions and other working class organ izations. These resolutions will call for the setting up of Joint Anti-War Committees. Wage cuts, hunger and starvation, the growing suppression of strikes and workers’ organizations, the drive against the legal rights of the masses—all fuming issues before the workers, and all part of the Imper ialist war preparations, will be brought forward in the anti-war campaign. A >!>- ■ ' ' i- War issue of the Daily Worker is to be published for ■ T .il l a pamphlet on the war danger by Earl Browder will be issued at qnce. Wages, Tonnage Increase on Railroads in U.S.S.R. Communist Party Throws Forces Into Making Transpor tation System Meet Industry’s Needs (Cable by Inprecorr) MOSCOW, Nov. 3. —With coal, metal and many other Industries nearing the fulfilment of their quota of daily production program, the rail road workers under the leadership of the Communist Party are making heroic efforts to bring transport Into line with the growing demands. Shipments of construction mater ials for new factories and cities grow ing up all over the country, whose territory is twice the extent of the United States, are continually in creasing; shipments of coal for cities, the fall harvest and goods to meet the rising standards of the city work ers are also increasing. The railroad program calls for the movement of 66,000 freight cars daily. In propor tion to equipment, this Is a far heav ier traffic program than that of America. Freight Traffic Grows The Soviet freight traffic has ex panded in the first two years of the Five-Year Plan from 156,000,000 tons to 238,000,000, as compared with 132,- 000,000 in 1913, making an eighty per cent growth above the pre-war level. The volume of the freight traffic has taken second place In the world. Nevertheless, the fact that the orig inal quota for industry and collective farms in the Five-Year Plan which has been more than fulfilled, has cre- and unemployed buy more? How can the entire working class, who are getting their wages cut, buy What Are YOU Doing for the National Hunger March? Extensive activities are being carried through every where in connection with the National Hunger March! Local Hunger Marches, Public Hearings, United Front Conferences are being organized. REPORT YOUR EXPERIENCES TO THE DAILY WORKER! llow many AFL locals in your city adopted a resolution against the Vancouver Convention and for the support of the National Hunger March? * # * * PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—A public hearing here at 1209 Tasker St., attended by 200 Negro and white workers, revealed shocking mass misery. . « . DETROIT. Mich.—Five hundred children and adult workers de manded free food and supplies for school children November 2. • * * ANDERSON, Ind.—The eviction of Edward Hosier was prevented by the Unemployed Council. • • • BOSTON, Mass.—Succeeding In getting lodgings for forty homeless workers, the Unemployed Councils here arc continuing an Intensive drive for local demonstrations for the National Hunger March. * • * • TAMPA, Fla.—Police attempted to halt preparations here for the Na- ■ tional Hunger March by arresting known leaders.

NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4,1931 ated heavy demands on the transport j j system for which they have not been f , fully prepared to expand at the new ! tempo required. n . In June of this year, the Central n- Committee recognizing the vital part ti ti (CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE) , ei SHOE WORKERS TO" H HOLD MASS MEET. To Take Up Drive in the Shops NEW YORK. The Shoe and Leather Workers Industrial Union calls on all slipper workers to come to the mass meeting of slipper work ers to be held In Manhattan Lyceum, 64 E. 4th St., on Thursday, November 5, at 7 p.m. The purpose of this mass meeting is to solidify the gains of the union in its organization drive in the slip per trade and to mobilize the workers for further activity. The mass meeting will lay the basis for a much broader organization cam paign In the slipper trade by re cruiting new forces Into the union. I more? How can the mass of the working population, who have had their Income reduced to half, buy POWERS PUSH DIVISION OF CHINA BY WAR Canton and Nanking Help the Robbers Cut Up Country FIGHT FOR SPOILS Japan Is In Permanent Occupation of Manchuria Translating: into def inite action the secret agreement, with Japan for the division of China and war against the Soviet Union, the American imperialists have rushed an “overseer” from Harbin to Tsitsihar, near the Chinese Eastern Railway. The main function of this "observer” is to feed the myth of Soviet military move ments in North Manchuria. This myth was created in an effort to jus tify the steady advante of Japanese troops towards the Soviet frontier and to prepare the way for the gen eral attack on the Workers’ Socialist Republic. The “overseer” is no less than the American consul general at Harbin, George C. Hanson. Secretary (CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE* 1 Partial Election Returns As we go to press the first elec tion returns are coming in. In the boro of Manhattan Levy, Democratic candidate for Boro President, received 217,948 votes in 800 out of the 925 election districts. Carrington, the Republican candi date, has 56,604 to his credit, and Norman Thomas, the "Socialist”, 40,414. The Communist votes are not given, in Brooklyn all the Democratic candidates were elect ed. The elections in other cities are following the same line—a de feat for Hoover and a sweep for Democrats. more? The Hoover program Is nothing but hypocrisy intended to cover up the depth of the crisis. Who Has the Money? Who is hoarding money? Is it the 12,000,000 of unemployed? Is it the workers who have had their wages cut? The starving masses of unem ployed and employed workers have al ready exhausted their last pennies. The capitalists, the bankers, the rich are hoarding money which they robbed through the toll of the masses. The Hoover government is against even taxing these rich to relieve the suffering of the unemployed; they try to cover up this hoarding on the part of the rich, they try to sidetrack taxing the rich by calling upon the penniless, starving masses to stop hoarding money. “Faith, Hope and Charity!” The Hoover government calls for more faith in the banking Institu tions of the comitry. The bosses have no faith in their own banking in stitutions. because they know from the inside what the situation Is; they know that If the real truth were published the largest banks would be shown to be bankrupt, only the keep ing of the fictitious value on bonds and securities, only through trickery (CONTINUED OB fASB TUBED) CITY EDITION Strike Spreads; Police Chief Hints Lynching LAWRENCE, Mass., Nov. 3.—The picket lines wc; e excellent this morn ing, with nearly as many as yester day, although the custom has been for heavy picketing only on Monday. Watt and Sylvia of the U.T.W. ar rived at the Arlington Mil!, where two hundred pickets were singing National Textile Union songs. They placed themselves at the head of the line and O’Brien and the police called Martha Stone, United Fh-ont Rank and File Strike Committee picket captain, out of the line and told her, "This line is going to be led by the A. F. of L. and you take your gang and get out or you will be arrested.” Stone placed herself In the center of the line and continued picketing, whereupon the cops yanked her into the car and took her to the station, where she was quizzed extensively by Chase of the Immigration Depart ment and McDonald, head of the vice squad, and others, and then charged with vagrancy. Her case ls to be continued to Nov. 12 and she is now released on S2OO ball. O’Brien told Stone, “You and Ble denkapp. Cantor and Pizer get out of town right away or I will not be re sponsible for what happens.” This morning at 8 o’clock the Ar lington Mill Co. called the supertn- Communist Nominee for Mayor Fights for the Strikers LAWRENCE, Mass., Nov. 2— At the end of Monday’s city council session, a former Mayor, W’iiUam White, who is running now for mayor again, proposed in the course of a campaign speech for himself, that the “citizens commit tee,” the A. F. of L. leaders, the bosses and the city council go to the armory, "look the doors and settle the strike.” Peter Carr, police commissioner, alderman and member of the cit izens committee, informed the council that “a program which the strikers can not refuse has been decided upon, and will lead to a settlement. This makes it impos sible for us to consider Whate’s proposal.” Carr said that he could not divulge any more about it. It is now dear that he referred to the proposal worked out by Ely and A. F. of L, leaders for the strikers to go back with that cut. White had urged the council to “take a stand in the strike.” The Communist candidate for mayor rose from the audience and spoke: “You heard this plea that you do something. I believe that you have already done something. You have taken sides with the mills against the men. You have denied the right of the workers to meet.. That was as far as Bramhall could get. They forced him to his seat. Bramhall has applied for a per mit to hold street corner campaign meetings. The city solicitor ruled that the law does not now specify who can give a permit, and he told Bramhall to apply to the police. That means no permit. tendent of all the loom fixers who are skilled labor and section hands who are straw’ bosses into the mill for a meeting, and proposed that they work up the Australian ballot of all Arlington strikers on tlie ques tion of returning to work and mean while come back themselves. The loom fixers and section hands unani mously rejected the proposition. For days the company agents have been agitating among the workers of the Stevens Mills of Stevens and Sons in North Andover, a suburb of Lawrence, to take a vote on coming back to work with the wage-cut. Last night, at a call of the mill manage ment. 150 did meet and listened to arguments of the company agent, that, despite the cut. a minimum wage of $lB weekly for men and a sliding scale for the low paid women workers would be installed. The re sentment of the strikers present was so great that no vote on the propo sition was attempted. The company Is trying to call another meeting to- Price 3 Cents Relief for Lawrence* Mill Strikers Is Progressing 1 ijjf Call Relief Meeting Haverhill Workers Aid Strike LAWRENCE, Mass., Nov. I.—Col* lection activities by the relief com mittee of 30 of the Ijnlted Front Rank File Strike Committee and the Workers International Relief already show that the united front In relief is finding response. Members of locals of the United Textile Workers are endorsing the policy that relief should be given to all needy Law rence strikers and their families, and are opposed to the policy that relief shall only be given to members who belong to the United Textile Workers or the American Textile Workers. Sunday the leading Italian Co- Operative in Lawrence, by an over whelming vote, endorsed the united front policy of relief. Three hundred stockholders attended the meeting, aim oat all of them being textile strik ers. John Ballam addressed the meeting for the United F*ront Rank and File Strike Committee. To Hold Relief Conference. M. E. Taft has been placed In charge of collections throughout the New England states, with headquart ers In Lawrence. He is field repre sentative for the Workers Interna tional Relief In Lawrence. A united front relief conference will be called in Lawrence, to which workers’ language organizations will be invited and all mill committees, department committees, representa tion from the rank and file of the U. T. W., the American Union and delegates from the National Textile Workers Union. Collection committee of textile strikers are to be sent to New Eng land cities. Local .W I. R. confer ences will be called in as many cities as possible. Plans are being mad* to send a caravan of autos loaded with their wives, sons and daughters, for a tour of New England. Relief Work Spreads. Relief contributions are increasing. The Cape Cod Agricultural Workers Union are forwarding vegetables. Boston workers are collecting food and shipping it to Lawrence almost daily. Boston held a house to house collection. Lynn, Chelsea, Fitchburg, Gardiner and Roxbury are active in collections. Two hundred pounds of meat will come forward from Boston Tuesday. It was decided Monday that the National Textile Workers secretaries and the W.I.R. shall un dertake shop collections at all textile mills outside of New England. Alfred Wagenknecht of the Na tional office of the W. I. R. has been In Lawrence three days, helping the collection campaign and organizing distribution. * • • Haverhill Workers Aid Strike. HAVERHILL. Mass., Nov. I.—The workers of two Italian clubs here, the "Liberty” and the "Garibaldi”, gave a fine response to a relief collector, for the Lawrence strikers. They did not know of the relief committee, but they were all for the National Tex tile workers Union. They raised $lB. This is typical of the spirit of the workers in other Massachusetts towns and shows real solidarity with the strikers. Give your answer to Hoover's program of hunger, wage cuts and persecution’ day. One thousand are on strike in the Stevens Mill. Strike Spreads. The whole printing department es 70 workers struck yesterday In the Slater Co. mill at Webster, Mass., against the declaration of the man agement that the printers' A. F. of L. union was no longer recognized and that a general wage-cut for all the 500 workers tn the mill was go ing Into effect. There is much strike sentiment among the rest of the workers tn the mill, which Is mostly;

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