29 Kasım 1866 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Kasım 1866 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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tup nr\Kiri{ atTOwMßlSfrii 8 m-7 JLJIVI-V/ Vy I. XiV 4 TEJ# ruiae ii.-stMBEB s. f - _ fiIfBWHJRATIC ADVOCATE. J,. M. Paukk, Editor and Proprietor, No. 3 tfxunoi.i. TUu. Tie Adtocatk is published eVrtfy THURSDAY MORNING, and furnished I* Stbseribera at (I.SO per Annum, in Advance. |tf aot pud m advance Two Dollars will be charged. No paper will lie discontinued Until aQ arrearages are paid, except at our own option. RAT tiff OF ADVERTISING. J ,qu*re, X insertions, $1; Melt subsequent Insertion W cents; 1 square three months $1.50, six months $5. Business Uarils of too lines, or less, per annum, SB. Mer ehaati and other business men, including the paper: One-fourth of a column, per year, On Half a column, (Jus colunlrt, 1 40.00 HAND IllldS. A sixth of a Sheet, for 25, SL'*o, for 100 *2.00. Quarter Hheet, for 25, t-.- i. for 100, .■> Half Sliest. “ f, - IMI ’ ‘ Till AND WINTER* OF im Aivn iMiT. K. K. (illlOAM). WESTMINSTER, MD.. Wild, always bn found a large, and care fully selected slock of FORKKtt A\D IIOMESTIC DRY GOODS, NotlOU A, Will HiiiMimf Hitiflwnro, CJUOCIIBWJVfe, Groceries, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Ac.. : Door nnit Thlil*; Gil Cloth*) Drug*, (llftM, I’niutx, Oil*, **, Ar,. Ar Th ARRortni'-iit t?l LAMPS. SliuJt* 111 tll<* Co AD tv Thr Jk)vc flnrK !#••••! carofullv m*!<*c ltd nml Is in O I • mrUUlv, with all theMtuii'lanl mak' s ~f (hi iVMinlrr, Aiirl will Im* #oM nl ax low ral* • a> can lit pun liaxi il for in tin; City. yar Call nut!‘•valuin' Im I't.- |*t h oinir. K. K. OKKNAND. oct 1H comer Main mul CmiftirnH*. Dr. W. 11. WiMnor. ||* in Hur'C"*fu! |irn‘Urt‘ f'<r n •f f f*r. with ilio r*icrl'in** of tin* ‘lUTurffit JiutpilDli* i'i Kurojo t al- * a in , inlii*r ••( lli‘’ An atv Ortl Medio*! I•iifii*• nf N V'ik. • , *ufin nt In attend t" all |*i'l i at hi• il 0r No. Ktlb ri Sir* l riitUib'i. No patent M'llh i'i - ■-<• n*iil •" rt-rmn n*#ndrd ; tin* I li • Rilunu M*-i "I n- ilimm wkiHi will nu| hi rak l‘*w it flu* runlihillu fot r-noTDD* tbw *vM i from ill mjuih -it In* |\lned from fii-il im-dleln - I nw *!•' luirui ill • llVAlthv *d |4*l f*A ll \ rurril Mill 4Uion. I r n ir*pK.r*ii ilir dW’H**'*’")? Mi i anil Ml dt*trj - er ofluwljji anti Imj'luu* ••. uiidi'imin in* the tomtitull*m nd v* i,r v rr r l, K ’h-*u to unllw lv jfiai - can nui*t {•iiiphaiic.il lybrciirc*!. Mfl*iitb|i . Ablmirrati ll n that “inE **f Ali- tin Mnn toil wakiu*i* **f tli*- miml whirl* r* i*l' )> pttHon* lnr|ahl*'*f nijovinir the |il a*urcF of pwrfonxinjr tli* 'lulic **l Ilf -. iHK'ifiiiiv, in f**tin<r comliliun, cl*run■ sir r cnl wtrrtntnl * , urrtbl*. iipiLDrxv, or falling •i kunil chronic ot jtuhhorn of KHMALK IMHKASRS, rwHicallv rrmt*r* il ; Suit Rhcuoi mul rver \ •Iricr!|lioii *f ulccrHfionn ; I *il■ • nn*i Bcrtful**iiF ■WiB ■m , i wlil-li linv*- balll'-a all j*r**vi*o • mr<U' ran be can'd by my tirxtincnf; and I*b <r Ml *lU*n**f*B. i vru fow xrrrox) rxn b- cun *! hf me M*licntt*d .Inrkrt. which U proieclitHi tti the iuniT* asraiiißl all dumper of wratlirr In 11 climate-. Having *i f**r XVAtt the nils*' and chamctrr *f lnU , fitl''nU <frrer tnd ayuc) in all |*art of lilt* I Hrd w ill care parmancnlly all croiiir nr aculc aeet t.f A ncrroUß ili i *crbo*. in a f**w day* f'rtM-rr c*rrd irilkonl thf Lui/e or /*nriv T*V Warm dial drmui to tin* Human Family fur yearn, ran b* removed with two or tlirci 4pflaufm> newly dtocovrrcd ronirdv, wu ran fAfhi all ra roiiMiillalion in lh** ihiyli-h and CJiTman LanKim#*** frer of rharyr. Will male** vlaifr anr dirtancr if tb-rirrd. May he addroar**<l by imnddcntiallrl and M**dl cinr arnt with proper directionc to any part of ihf couwlrv, OPKICE-.No, 028 Filbert St. I'bii*. Jane 7,-ly- UNITED STATES Steel Pen Works, Factory, CAM DEV, If. J. RBBTKRimOOK A CO. Steel Pen , Mnnnfneturers, WnrehouAn. 40.1 Arch Struct., Pliiladcliililn, 4‘Z John Street, New York. These Celuluntcd Pens are of Genuine Amerieun Manufacture, end comprise every leading a)yle in the Market, anil are equal In finish, elasticity and fineness of iioint to the Wet# imported. They are, therefore, sure to gain tiii' etmlidciiee of the American public. Sample* mid jtrirm on Applinilion. tot* Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp required. t&h. For Sale to the Trade at the Mann facturcr'ij, iVrehime, us above; mid at retail liy all Stationery, Jlooksellers and Ne.wr Tbsdetv in the United States. I!. KSTIiRUUOOK A CO. rnvlO ly lo Soldiers. .. Y atn nm |>yenared try make out the papers, I :Jnt! (tifileef rhehonnty for Soldi*;!, under t,hi'late decision of the IVar Department,, ana the Ayt uf Coagress approved July 2Atb flftwi. No piiy, or elyorge made, until 1 eolla#r|h mOndy from the Government, aod fwy it over to the Soldier. I have re oeiveti A OwOiher ef Man k forms from the IB#r Repartment, ftbd am now ready to WM* out the claims and coHeot the money. RICHARD MANNING, Office Frizell A Manning, . „ j Brokers, Westminster, Md. OotU.-tf Glassware, Stoneware vJi ,&rnlu>uw(iro, full assortment of id kinds, for sale by ung. 2 E. K. Gernnnd. i.i* asm ll v/ FEMALE COLLEGIATE sf'i 'jSSsIIM ' vn n tI.F. ICIDOIM IXSTITI TE. TE ICIIERI. LITE It Aft K DKPARTMKKT. Rev. John A. Hexane, A. M. Miss M. Isin Furlong, M- E. L. Miss Mary V’. Manning. Mr. Wm. S. Ofouse. MUSICAL nKPARTMEST Mrs. Fannie R. Mnnroc. Miss Kate N. Oehr. rtNFirS INSTITUTION will eowmenee I the FIRST SESSION nf its SIXTH rcnnlastie year on WEDNESDAY , SEP TEMBER Sth, 1 WMt. . Pupils will 1m re eeived at any time, and ehargeil from lime , of entrance. • AS A HOARDIXO SCHOOL. It* nninlior of Boarding Pupils during the past year was 2ft females, and 15 males.— The Principal receives only wr;i females into his fnmtly : a nmnb.-r of others may hoard with nppnr'f.d families in the town. Those wishing to occupy the vacancies not yet filled, will please make early appli cation. The accommodation* for Boarders are tirn nr/nirnlr buildings, built of Irriek. That for the Male Department is the residence of the Rev. JdVATIIIX Mi nhoß (Father of the Principal), whose pa'errml cure will lie over his lnrders; that for the Female Depart : men! is occupied 1)V the Principal. 'I hen> will not !■ any communienlion liefween these departments. Each will lie considered in a family, ntfm dings home lo its hoarder* ; ,i!v .1 n.\ v school Number of Day Pupils, during the past 1 year, fit), making a total of JtiT Pupils. Accommodations are five romm.Hlions i rooms, viz; Tin, young men's study room - j the hoys sludv room— tlieyonng ladies' study j room the Primary room, "'id the Iz-eturv room. Ilrjnhlnlrnl* Primary, Piepnmlory and Collegiate: three grades of ela.-e* iniaehi Department-In Music. I rete l, nod tier man, sii|wrior odvantage*. loi'in taught gratuitously. A'siW' iVi/atlrioioit given lo all elementary | principle- nl.n to Peninunship i plain and i limey 11 to Book keeping; U Spelling, Read Img and Elocution. ( Six grades ~f Tnltlon, from $4 up to -TJ per quarter. New Circulars just issued. I For these address REV. JOHN A. MCNROE. I July 5. Principal. NEW PIIVsiOGNGMV, or “Shins or j Cm.Ul*ctxb," as ntanlfestcal through Tern I : perameul and External Forma, and e.jss ■ infix in the “lit vx rio: lilviXK." Om j elegant vehiine, with nearly Wat pages, and j j I.IKMI Bill'(rations. By S, R. Wri ts. F I- ■ i I’lllUAOl.la.K AI. Jot HX vi. Prirc. |mst|uiid, I Address FottiJcs & Wfiijji, No. iUt'* Broadway, New A'ork. “Now Physiognomy” i“ emlnentlv prm'te enl, fulls Uluslraied. and well suited lo the wants ofalL In the study (d “the face" (be I sender stvdf* learns to read each and e' cry t (Jreek, Jewish, fsuilb ar.d I*, li-.iinT Pis , , eyes speak all langnoges, wboUierldaek,blue, | ti'rowu or hazel In a like manner, cheek., . 1 neck, ears, band*, feel, walk, tttfee, laugh j : etc., ate shown to lie "sign, of character In no other work i so much light thrown I : upon the character and destiny of mankind ■ u. in this, nr tin- dlslinrlive trails of nainois ■ : and tribes so clearly |snnlis] nut. Portrait* ; . of distingilislnsl person- *.f ancient and mod I ern limes, with bingrnpblcal sketrbe. and i delineation of characo t, are given. Doines. , Onitors, Statesmen, Warriors, Artists. Poets ; Pbilusophers. Inventor*, Siirgtains. Di-co, : erers, Actors. Mu-ieian*. etc.. are inebided. ll i an “Etieyelopn-dia'l of biography, m ! quainling the rt>udcr with the cart-er and ; character of many great men uml women of , the pa-t 1.000 years. a*nl of the present— such, forinslauee n Aiistolle, Julius ( -af, Shaksimire. Wiishingtoii. S'npobsm, Trank tin, lium-roft. Rrviuil, l.ongfeller, Irving. Ro-a Bonin nr. Theodo-.a Burr ' n, ; Bright. Isftwrelire, Bolivar, Whntely, Thack eray, Dow, Knox, Richelieu. Hopper, Rue kle, Dickens, Victoria. Wesley, ' arlyb*. Molb y. Mill, Spenei-r. liionip-on, Guthrie. . Alexander, mid hiindnsls of others, Aorxrs i wvvTlu- llnolc* tent t'y return pont or tx per**, ..n receipt of Pel,r. *Uf ‘CI. ".Ml - WMTEHK )l 4 It V I, 4 \ 14 RAILROAD. Change of Time. SUMMER A HRA SG BEN TS. On and after MONDAY, May 21st, Iff)'). the Trains will ran as follows; h'.nnhrard. — le-ave Fnion Bridge at 4.4-'. A. M., (i A. M. and 2.10 P. M I,enve Westminster at 5:40 A. M. and 0.45 A. M., and 2.57 P. M. B "tsheard. laaive Bulliuiore at 0.15 A. M., 8.00 P, M , and 5.80 I*. M. Arrive at Westminster at 11.43 A. M., (5.1 M) P. M. and 8.00 P. M. Arrive at Union Bridge a). 12.2" P. M., 15.55 P. M. and 3.42 P M. Bt°Qu Freight Train* daily each way, (ex cept Sunday.) priV Ali Express Freight Car leave. Cal vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and Sundays,) at 3.30 P. M —but nil goods for that cor must lie delivered before 3.00 P. M. For any information in regard to Freights or Cars, apply to the undersigned at West minster. P. H. IRWIN, may 24-tf Snp't. IRON, STEEL AND Leather Store I Important t lUackmmithi, Marh!nits Farmer , Shonnalrcr* , Saddler* and Camsnmert of Iron and Leather. rpilE Subscribers inform the citizens of I Carroll and adjoining Counties. llul they have just opened at their new Ware house, near the Depot, at Westminster, Md., a full and complete stock of Iron, Steel, Leather, Hubs, Spokes, Fellows, and everything belonging to the Carriage Husinesss, and all kinds of Blacksmith's Tools and heavy Hardware generally; also a com plete stock nf NIIOi: FINDINfiSi all of which are offered at fair prices. The attention of comsnincrs and dealers are invited to cull and examine out slock, in quality and prices. HEIFSKWEII -I* CO. sept 13, 1800—tf ill I'l-cscrt itiK our i nion. id • '* Cttrel#! %• Present *lwthir CUM laiMNrtH** ** . a .ifcr --- ----- - - ■ - ' ' WESTMINSTER MI). THURSDAY NOVEMBER, 20 1866* I.ATEST FASHIONS DEMAND J. \V. BRADLEY'S CELEBRATED PATENT DUPLEX BLLIITIC (Oil DOCBLE SPUING) SKIRT. THE Wonderful Flexibility and great com fort and jiloaimrn to anv Lady wcxi lnx th# I)U WsF.X KbMITIC HKf'llT will be* experienced particularly In all crowded aawenibli*', ope ra*, carrlagoa, railroad cart, church pwa, arm chain, for protm'nadu and nouae dm*, a* Ihii Skirl can be foblcd wb< n In uac lf occupy a Ninall place a* (*aailr and cfinycnicnllv 4u* a silk or mnidin drc#**. an lnvatnably qualitv in crino line* hot found in any Slnjrlc Spring Skirt. A lailv having enjoyed lh pica*arc. com fort, and great convenience of wearing tnc du plex Kliptlc Slcd Spring Hkirt for a *unglc day, a ill never aft* rward* willingly dlapimnc with their tt*c. For Children, and Voting badie* ih**v arc aupcrlo, to all other*. Thcv will not bend or break like the Single Spring, but wHI preaervr their perfect and , graceful ohape when three or four Skirt* will Hate l>cn throwu a* n#e|c***. The Hoop* are roveferl with double *nd twdled thread, and ib** i<iit*tm r**d- art nol only double poring*, but twlee (hr double| eoftmliprwaa* dug tin to from wearing out when dragging d**wn ptoopp, *tair*. Ar. The Duplex Elliptic I* a great ftrorlle wifi* all ladl' -* an*! i universally rec**uim-nded by the Fashion Magirine a* llic Standard Skirt of j the Fa*bionnb|r W*rld. Toenjor th# bdbiwlng Inelmah|e adt anlarep | in Ciin4(lne, vi/. : Miperior finality, pet fort manttfadure, *tsli*b ahap# and Hni*h, fl xibili tv. durability, nun for I and er*noiwy, et*(|Uire for J. \V. HtlxOf.rv’a lit H.a* Krirnr, or Ibfiitde j Spring Skirt, and be *urc you get the genuine j at tide. CAUTION. T<* guard agalr.pt fuipovltion le j paitieular to niillr*' that *kbf* nflered •• “Ilf max" have the red ink pUwii*. fit., ' J. W. | Ibadlev'p Hntdet RlDptir SU*el Spring. *' •l'*n j the wai<*H>ai*n non® other* are g- niiucAl** j Notice (bat * very Hoop will admit a pin leing | j.rt-wi | llirongh the centre, thin revealing tin- j ten (or doublfr ’ *ping braided together there* • * in, which D iheaeeret of their fletibthiy an*l ! ! strength, and a c<*iablnaUon n**l Ut hr f*ind in i •' anr oth*'t Skirl, F<Mt HAM- in all Slor* • where flrl rla** j *kirt* are *<dd throughoul the United SlaUw and . el-ewhere. Afanufaeluied by the Sfde (Nnjd of the " WESTS, fill A |>t V. OHU-3m jr s<: ii* G@oiS. \(“W tso4>)s!! IWASSIE & CO., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Game’llt4 WH rtf’ h'.w rvrcivili“ our lf“a mul ; varied a*aortni.*nl of F.VLL AND WINTER a ood si Axi> ark Nm.uxn Turn t-fcr'GU'' ns a <*a|l iliTore purdiasiii;.* \ | nlsrwbrrv n- frt'l CoiiG-lclit It will br j ! to your inU*reat. IbutdUH.t.,-, li t. 11. til) I'icllire (■alien. H .WING (akin Rmwns ovrr Jiohna | Yingltng'a Storv. ftirmrrally taxm [ i.n-.l bv H It <!ramin(-r, I'hot<.;*r|.li*-i, 15 > *i Ivn*l, I w-oubl ■hi lo fbr Ciiizrns *.f ! Wrsiminatr*' and virlnlty, ibnt tlu-v , ( I k ..-( a Die IT HE of any so.r ..r slylr I <uu lu.-iki* I'l. t irr. from tin* *maß-t G.-m. t ! lb. M/r 1. 1 bfr, and il drsirwl flhlslui) will) : j ||„|in Ink, \5 nlrr Colors nr till, by tin In st , I Artit in ISr i-oiinlry. 1 slmll nl nil Uno-a krrp - t|q,ltrd witit . Cases, Frames, \e., Ac., KITI ARLK FOR AhdBROTYPES, j nnd will be remit to a< r\4‘ my cuitomcrH ae j they tnnv l< sire. j I •bull * ud**u\ur t catabltah ny rnpitfii lion by my w-ork. anl the tilixena l* rail | I arid examine f*jr ihfinaelve*. | They will ntwuyg bml me ut home nml j glad lo nerve them. i, W. DKMMITT. I Wcstminitcr guglO-tf Great Bargains Wholesaled ilelail. JOHN L REIFSNIOER, OFPEUS for milv' xt great Jlurgnina, a I urge Stock of Dry Goods, ; Ned ion h. Hoots, Shoca, flat#*, ('nj*x. ('nrjK!- ling. Floor, Stair nml T able Oil (‘lotha, Window Shades, Faint*, Oil*, (Has*, (Jro4 i*ri4‘s, Building and (Tihinet Hanlwarc*, Nails, Queens and Ccdarwart*. I have* counneted with my MenTinni Tailoring. I hvo Hucurcd the mtvU'ch nf a first chirttv Cutirr. We aro pruoared lo uniKo up work in the most fasliioiiaole aiyle; also will make uml cut good* bought else where. Call before; purelinHing ami examine my large and varied rtoek. I have spurefl no paint to ’nnki* as alii active ns possible, in htvloaml price. JOHN L. REIFSNIDEU. nopt 27 UNIONTO WN LITEKAUY IVSTITITK. 4 ItoardiiiK mul l>aj Ks-liool (or Vouiik l.adlrs, Located in Fniontovcn , Carroll Co., Md. rplIE FALL SESSION of this Institution I will open on MONDAY, rnr 3rd or SEPTEMfiKH, 185(5, tuirt close THE LAST FRIDAY LN JANUARY, 1857. The cOunto of Instruction thorough ; the School Rooms comfortable; the Bonrtiintr accomniotittliomicomplete. Terms moderate. Bfoy-For furlhet- intormation, or Circulars, Address Bkv. R. SCOTT NORRIS, Pro*. Board of Control. jnly 2ft, —If, CLAD NEWS FOR THE CSFORTCIUTE. BELL S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Ar<* warranb-il In at) tiMSsr, fur th* Rpdy Sad I'. rmani-nt Cure of Oriflnj frotw ..'Klial tlfttM Or VOb'THFCI. UntISCHETION, Seminal !.*>, Nlhtly (iniiaatoni, and Rkmsaal llrcaut. ; Ge.illal, and Narrow, lb. bilily. luij.ntj iiee, I'luetteewU Piwassa, Ac. \o Clistnice oinMl* Xecrsißry. Tliev run In- ueil ilßsnt d leetloi. and never fail to effect a core. If #d to i •trnrtion*. Bell’s Specific Pills, I’rir<- One Tbdlsr par lh>; r flUfk laM ter Five Ibdlsm; si*o Lnrx* Boxes.f*lshlag l '*ur hmnil. f*‘ Ml'Qirr*) limsrx From four In J srt nr-1 nlf* re#plr rd <* rur# > y r*dF* Wrknr** snd F!:nUdion*. though 111 I* drriv* d from ••trig s flngl has. In Uhromr cane*, n*l p.vrtirultrly wdirn Im potfner or Ibuillst Dehillt) with .Vi rvou* I’rm* trs(b>n hss ifrff <l flit* •yM'-tw, Bell’s Tonic Pills Arr frminmrndrd s* III# mo#! F.lßrrif(*. Rr. Jjft in-ting end Invigfirsling Sb-midy in the i A f*.irVgr, tVlcf- Fim Dollsri, will Ut s month, sn<ri g"norl)y (Nirtirlrot. j In C'Xlrrrne cur* of |>. hiMty snd Impdfnr.. ! BELLS EXTERNAL HKMEDV, j j Prior Tun DfdUr#, for * month, cun i hr u*<*d to g*Kd *lr*n(fr, ll giro* Strength i.. th** Organ*, and* with j the IMb, will r**l*ire Ihfw In their normal ron*lilmn. | ,\ Psmnhh-t of 100 pi|rt, m> the IIRROMB i OF YOUTH, design. I s* • Isoyturrsud Csatbm j to A'loing N**, lent fiw, T* n C nt rn*|ttirr<i to | |*y |*"ug-. CAUTIONI | Th" abrv< hid* Md# h**tl lrrfri I thr Public mmr p*r. nd their grc#| *iicrca* j ihr slt*-titUn of human iw*>ry. hs eifilrd 1 lh* pßpidilr of w*<t*l pirtlo, who u*c th • I name • Sj **Mllr Pill*/ c-yyty my Üb-h, rirru i J Ur* mvl sd% vrUsnucut*. MBneiimn wr*l for | **!. sod pul u| worthb'M romtfunnd* ihst j diKApi-dist ih just' xptvisitotsofihc|rr hswr i If you rannul pwrrh > - Rhi/i Hrurm) 1 Rm j nur* of tour DruggUt, isk* no otkir, hut *rut { j the nt'*nr dlrrrl ** l t J A VIFH HTtV f’ r*ll(tig Phv*iria, j Hrnsdwsy, N> Turk, { snd yon lh*-#* hy return uf mail, ' p*.t pisbl. sndfrr* from 01/i rtslloi. etilmiKm Mdi e tuluauie luuii bold! Bryan’s Life Pills rt un r niK iilooh, fhmou llt <lirhr. lMiiln<wi, IL(l*)lhr>, |)ro*. . *!•••. I’nj'lf .4*l ibriitn*. IMmu"** *f j .High!, *fi <-. th** Btom

hdi Kurd*, Imrr *F.W |IFK iu the d. hlliucrd, wd //'*(*'r Af Sift’ he J l*Mrcly Ter"able, Tr * lh . .tiiSr rr®| r. (il, *n*t if *on , j rs** gr t f)• -m of vonr IbuggM *cd the I , money (.. Its. JAMFX fti<\ \S, f*onnf(isg Pt*• in, fc l * IboS'lwsy, > w Vrk. j j And (hry will NM by ffiwru n*il, |o*l |sid. . C/X/X/NJ TO LADIES. i If } n s r.disbh rrmrdy to roittr* you, •ltd i <■*(! f tiirgoUiUM m OUlittrtlot**, j win not use the best; j hrfi l.sdv know * lh*- *bghtrl irr'gulsrilv • ft.Ni.i-. u lisblf* I*, bnng *.n lb •(! he, t**l j j |.i * H|drtu Filnlinr. Iljslrr Ic*, Ac.j j thin thr Moon) nf ii* <*l 1 1* U'lt-*, ihr ap)M>tiu< : j fail*, snd other #v wpbHn* mnt# *b*t* **lng rum ! im nrr, *• M . fVr>< *, S; lital t’omi isifil, thr 1 Whit.., Pr<dsp*ti, Ar *r, I A M.VLII FAM ING HKMLhV will H* f ond in i Hr Ht.t /* I'rnutf, r,iu I t The c#prrb*n- f ibirfy >cr hss proved |lie| ‘ ! hsf** no nptsl Il:r lug Omlr UMbm* snd ! ■ Irrcgulsrilt' , no nst(#r fiotn whsicsu*r they : I sriM . Th* v srr Ksf" snd i*Hrv in *v*rf ettr. i rpwsrU of .%u j**i lbxc* si<■ *o)a annusilr, and 1 no *"tn|*Ulnl nf (h(r rfhescy ii rvrr L**rd, j for they accompli*!* *la( thry srr . to do. S*l'l in ilitii'*, rontoimimy Vii(| /*• //*. Pile*' One Hollar. Or Horn ft Cuddrn Fillt h s rcin *ly f'<ui drgr* ** *lrogcr thsn ihr > •bov**, anil iiilM(*l#d for rpoiil iic of long j standing. Price Five Dollar* per Hot. A PRI V VTL (TIICL LaR to Lsdlr*. with Unr 1 Aiistomir sl Kngraving*, i*-ii( free on receipt of ; ilirret* d envelope sotlcis'itp. Smd for hit. HAMVKV‘B PKIVATK MKDI CAL Alii 181.11, B'ldriouM-d lo Fnnili-4i4 page* giving full instruction* and infurmsliun, 10 ccnU mpiiied f*r p*>*Ug**, If >on cannot purchase the Pill* of your Druggist, they will be sent by mail, po*t •rrurr from ohservallcMi, on rrciUpl uf the money, by Du. .1 \MBH HUY AN, P i'Mailing Phvsirian, July 13 I y. Kill Ikoadway, Sew Vork. 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I'd have Iwr learn yMi and naaie. 0; ntnaaiic* and doadeg. pray in, Pbiioaophy, (raasoar, and topic You'll teaeb fief tto read, of course, too. Uldthwui Ware every study, Mathematics ar* down o# my plan. Hut of figure# .die scarce bo* as Inkling, Fray luitrasi her I* those tf ys* eat*. I'd have her taught dpauiib god !', Isriudiag ib language of France j Never mind her vary bad English Track her Mar when you have a (ud chance Ob Um harp aim ataai It* a ynttslml, And piny the guitar pretty .oou, Aad sing die last opera made. Fee* though ahe can't turn * right tune. Ton mns( hm* that her manner, arc llnlshcd, That the morca Ith a llr-hc-llkc grace; For lltooph she ia lame and one sided, Tbal'a nothing to A, with the ease. Now to you I re.lgn this young k**cl, Ansi my words I would hare you obey : In six months you return her. dear madam*, Whining bright aa an unrlonded day. She*, no aptnc, I gram you, for learning, An.i her memory oft res in. io halt; lint remember, if she’s not accompli.bed, It n ill wriainly all he your fault. THE REJECTED BANK NOTE' "Wlwt i* the price nf (bis rlrcaainp | fffiurn, sir V aakctl a aaroel fuccil girl I entering the elcgnnl *l<ro of llnntley A ; Wwttsr, in a cilv which a11..11 be oomc. Icxa. It Wit* a i luujy tiny. The clerk* i loiingcrl over the counter and yawner), j The man to whom Alice lewhe arblre** ; •"I beraelf a* juunlly and mobile *g<-<| lie wn* lit ad rl,*rk nl the extniaivr e* ( Übliahnient of Huntley A Warner, and extremely eoiiseqiiential—in manner Tbia dreoaing gown we value at aix j dollar*- you shall have it at Bvc, a* j j trad.* ia dull today." ' l ive dollars !" Alice I-nAed at the 'dn -.ing gora longingly and the clerk ! tucked at her. Ho -aw that hcrclothea, j ibough made ami a >rn gotilcrlv. w-re 1 i - import cnmioft in lextare. and that her 1 ■or tao- very mur-h out of the common I. no. I low it thanged! now ah,d<d • now light, il, by the varied ploy "I h**r ; ’ •-up-lluna ibo clerk rouid altmmt have j | sworn that bc had no more than that ; I aunt fire dollara, in her puaauaaion ) Tin- g nit *** * Very good one for the i pries* It w* of common shade, all! j erablc merino, and lined with the *ame ■ material j “I think -—* Its hesitated a moment. ! | I think i'll lake it.” sbo aaid; then j j •r-eing in Ihe Life before her an cxpreu ' f it tbc did nut like, the blushed *• she 1 banded out the bill the eh-rk had made 1 I up lii* tiiitol l leko. ’ Ji-niiia." rrtrd T*>rronl. the head - oterk, in a quick, t>ompou* tone, ‘‘pis* ; up the bank note detector." Up ran the low beaded boy with the detector, and down run the clerk'* eye ; from I'olmnn to cdtiinn. Then hr look | od over uitli a sharp glare and cx : claimed . "Thai'* a ronnterf. It bill, Mi-# " “('ounlcrfcit! 'lb, n*>—it ran Hot he; | the inaii who sent it ermhl not Have been j >,o careless; yon intial be mistaken, air." ’ I ant not mist.ikon; I'm never mis talon, MU*. This bill i* a counterfeit | I lnii“l presume, nl course, that you did ' not know it, alt bough an inurb bail mon ■} has been oflvred u* o( late that we intend to secure such persona a* puna it. | \\ bo did you a.iy cent it T" Mr. U* ,*ir,ofNcw Vork Ho I eotibl not send me bail money, ' aaid (bo ’ trembling, frightened girl. 'Humjdi!" said the clerk. “Well, I there* no doubt almul tin*; you eaii look for youraclf, Now don t let me aeh i you here again until you can bring good j money, for we always ausjiect such per sons ns you (Inti come on dark days with a well made story." But, air " “You need make no explanations, Miss," said the man insultingly.—“ Take | your bill, and next time you want to buy a dressing gown, don't try to pass your counterfeit money," and lie burled 11, the bill, from hi* band*. Alice caught il from tbc floor and hurried into the street. Kin.di a shock the girl had never re ((lived. She hurried to banking ea tubliahiuent, found her way in, nml pre sented the note to a noble looking man w ith gray hair, fullering out, “la tbia bill a bad one, air T" The cashier and bia son hapjieiicd to be the only persons present. Jiotli no i ticcd her extreme youth, beauty and I agitation. The enabler looked closely and hand ed it back, n* with a polite bow nod somewhat prolonged looked, he said : “it's a plod bill, young lady." “I knew it wna,’’ cried Alice, with a quivering lip —“und he dared—" She could go no farther, but entirely overcome, ahe bent her head, and the j hot tear* had their way. “I beg pardon, have you any trouble with itT" asked the cenbier. “Oh, air, you will excuse mo for giv ing way to my fueling*—but you spoke so kindly, and I felt no sure that it wn* good. Aud I think, sir. such men at one of the clerk* to HuntleyA Warner's should be removed He told me it wa* counterfeit, and added something that lum glud my father did not hear. I knew the publisher would not send me bad money.” “Who in your father, young lady?” esked the oaahkr, becoming interested. “.Mr. Benjamin Locke,sir.” “Benjamin—Ben. Imcke—won heev-j cr nclork in the Navy Department at \ViVnaVnnf # 'lIP^ F “Yea air? *e removed fmm tl,, ■ replied AHm “glnee then"- -i. 1,, : are reduced. Oh why do ) ' Ben I oc^ f ’reduced n.nrnui! .--i the ctwhier; mao who wn the muk ig of we! Oiwa mit hi* number nml had. t havu oof forgotte i him. No. 4 Liberty? afreet I will call this evening Meantime tat me have the bill—let u,,* ••o—l’ll giro you another. Since 1 route to look*, i iMWfc't gw. a five— here’s a Um, we !1 make it all right.” tTmt efenlng the inmate* of u shabby genteel bouse reooived the cashier ol the 31——i— Bank. Mr. Locke, n mnn of gray hair, though numbering but titty years, rote (Won hfc arm chair, and macli jffci-tcd greeted Inu fuini!tnrfc. The aon of the cashier necompaoicd him, and while the older* talked together. Alldc and the young men grow quite chatty. “Yes, air, 1 have been unfortunate," said Mr Lick" in a low lone, “t have just roraVeri’d, nayou sec, from rheuma tic fever, caused by utwluc otertum—- and bnd it not been fur that sweet girl i of mine, I know nut what I should have dune. Kho, by giving Icaaotis in mitsic and French, ami by writing for perusdi' 1 cal*, has kept me, so far, above want.” ‘■You shall not want, my old friend,” all the cashier. “It wa* * kind I’ro ! vidonco that sent yoilr daughter to me 1 There's a place in the bunk Just made I vacant by death, of a valuable clerk, | ami is at your disposal (l ia in my ’ gift ml valued at twelve hundred a 1 > ,c * r ’’' . Pen cannot describe the joy with ’ which thi* kind offer was acwptcd. The day of dclivaranre hud come. i ••••** On the following morning the cash 1 ier entered thr haodausne store ol Hnn llcy A \\ artier, and inquired for the head clerk He calm; obsequiously, i “Kir.” aaid lie eaabicr, sternly, "is thta a bad uolc?" “I—l think not, air,” aLitnmcringly replied the clerk. The cashier went lo the door. From hi* carriage stepped a young girl in com pany with hit daughter, Did you not tell Hu* young lady, my war i. that tbia note wa* counter | tell.' And did you uut so forget self • rcajicct and the interest ol your employ ! era, a* to offer an inault?" The man cloud confounded—he dar ol nut deny—hv ootid say nothing for i In in-elf. “Ifyour employer* keep you. air, I they will no longer bare niy custom," j j aaid the cashier,sternly. * Vou deserve to b hofwcwhippnd) . I The firm parted with their unworthy I i eleik that Very 4 dy and he left the , alure disgraced' bat punished justly. 1 Alice latckc Iwcaiue the daughter in , law of the good cashier. All of which grew out ol railing a genuitie bill t-ouu ' i terfeit. I'lalilng lor llic l.u*l 4 ult|c. But our work was not over After ' Inmltng the cable safely at Newfound - land we had another teak —to rctiuii to mid-ocean and rerover that lost in the expedition of last year This achieve inenl ha*, perhaps, excited morA surprise j ; than (he other Many even now “don't understand it," and every day I am asked "how It Wna done." Well, it does seem rather difliriili to fi-h for a jewel at the lion.,ii, of the ocean two and a- j half wile* deep. But it is nut so Very : difficult—when you ku..s* bow. Vuu may In- sure we did not go n Salting at I random, nor Waaour stierass mere luck " | ll was the triumph of the highest nan ' tical and engineering skill We had “■“r ship*, and on hour* oftbem some l of the best rsaninn in Kngtnnd. men | who knew the ocean a* a hunter knows 1 evyry (rail in the lor eat. There was Captain Morinrty, who was in the Aga memnon in |HS7-’K. He was in the Great Hostern last year, and gaw the cable w ben it broke ; and he and fa])- tain Anderaou at once lie A their okssr*; vtliuns *o exact that they could go right to the spot. After finding it they marked ; the liuo of the cable by a row of buoys, ' for fog* ronld come down and shut out sun und atart to that nn man Could take an obitervatirA These buoys were ttn choted a fe* miles apart. They were ! numbered, and each had a flagstaff on it so that it could be seen by day, ahd a lantern by night. Thus having taken our bearings wc stood off throe or foui miles so aa to come broadside on, and I then eaaling over the grapnel, drifted slowly down upon it, dragging the boU ! tom of Iho ocean as wo went. At first \ it was a little awkward to fish in sueb deep water, but our men got used to it, and soon could cast a grapnel almost .us ; straight a* an old whaler throws a har poon. Our fishing line was offormida ble *i*e It was made of rope, twisted 1 with wire* of xteel, mmlo bear a strain of thirty tons, ft look about two hours for the grapnel to roach bottom, bnt wc oonld tell wheo it struck. I often wont | to the bow and sat on (he rope, and j could feci by the quircr that the grap nel was dragging on the bottom two I miles under ns. But it was a very slow j business. We hud storms and calms, and fog* and squall*. Still we worked on dgr after day. Once, on the 17th of August, we got (he cable up, and had it i in full sight for five minutes, h long, slimy monster, fresh from the ooze of the ocean's bed ; hut our men began to ! ' beer so wildly that it seemed to be frightened and suddenly broke sway and went down into the aea. This accident kept us at work two weeks longer; but { finally, ou the lust night of August, we j caught it. We had cast the grapnel j thirty times. It Was u little before uiid rr-nns yi.no iv AWVA.vCfi night on J'riday tiiglit (Wat wo hooked the oiibjtq lit).l it was a little after mid night S'nnd iv morning when wc got it on board, it hat was the anxiety of thoe twenty six Imu.s! Thro strain on every tanw’s life was like fbc strain oil the cable itself. When Rpftßy it rp* pealed it was midnight,; lit Jights of the ship, mid in flic lueib) around onr bows, a i they A.islk*] in Ine faces of tho men, showed them eagerly wzeching for the cable to appear ou the water. At length it was brought to the surface,— All who were aßowed to- jipMac.li crowd ed lorw:u dto see f i • not ia v oird wa* aptikcrl, only the vWae.s of tho offi cers iu cmiuuand wore hcerd giving or ders. All (olt-uft if life and doatbliUn“ on the issue, I t was only when it was brought over the bnw and cn to tho deck that tficri dared to breathe. Even then they hardly bo|iv<ui thefr eyes, dycerupt'ti)*.',rd. it u IImJ it, to bo Aure uw.cjv-tjie’t’o, Thcu wo carried ft along (6 (he olocir>iati’ room to sec if our long-sought for (iv.-i.mv was alive or dead. A few Tn’ftutc's nfi nj, nse, and a fla*h told of the lightning current a gain setlrt ,’. lin i dnJ tin.* fuelinglumr pent tip burst .th. tnruudnwy tbeir litatls and . j,(. OUmrs broko into cheers, and th - cry van from tiiiiu to inaii, nfltl v i hi ;*d .L wrl in the en gine rooms, dock below deck, and fV m tbu bu.il* on the water and the other ships, wliiio u .-kot ;h;od up the dark ness of the s. ■ ’) Inn,, wit), thankful hearts, we Him ! .a. i “du to the Meat. But -. :i the wind rose, and for thirty six Ii oirs w■* ;■■*■•,■, j 0 „j| the dauger.i ufn storm on i lid ’Allattfir. Vet in I lie ). ,*y lo kt ud Inry of. the gale, as I sat in lit.: electric ians' room, a flash of Ii ht ciic up from the docp, which, having cr --ml to Ireland, cainn buck to mo in mid ocean, telling (hat Ibo*c; so dear 10 nie, vllulit I hwi left oil lh? hunks of the Hud oil, were well, and following ih with their v.'i jcs and their prayers. This v. Ii! n Whisjor of •toil front Go n, hi idiegme keep heart and Inqie Thi (ii’enl Eastern bore her* -ell jiroudly tbroii;.;i lh, storm, as ifaliu knew that tli vital .leu I, wliteliwasto join two hcnijdi Im; gat her stern; and so, on S.itnrd yv, (he Mi of Septein bvr. wo brou-. ict uwr i- enml cable .‘sfeljr to the aliur-.- |( *, . ll Field.’] TJi-C! .1* ;st;i l*Sjica. A rorr jo ;id. who is u iiiaiiufuc* direr of tiler:;-eliao i pijn-s, says tho Srimlifer An . *• ,<■* us the fol* liiwing inl'orii’l -n rial ire to thcoO goo'le i j Mcetreh.i'im ,li ' ..1, fmui of tho i ,*ea,) is **o c.ilk-'l on account of its re -1 markable M-’btiu* -uni pure white col ■or in tho ia 'ate tl is a superior i spec n-> 01, w t*,M) nb>*, chiefly consisting ••I silicate i*l in i ;a.itidn dug most. Ily In tin p. ici: -.,; el ' ,-itoli, Asia jy. i nor ll I “'-nl to t .iikct in irregular j block* of different * * s, -tho latter fix ing the pric . '.vh’t b it mneh higher in I proportion lor Isi t lumps than for -mill o’. . Tlic'liuki h Guvernmcnt j owns tie min * ii- 1 stijiiu.iles the quo . tslions m .-.riling I. tin; deiti.illij, which generally e .vends the -upply. 'J’lio last rcjA'it - from < fon '’ inliliejdc, tho principal m u ket Mr cm ! nieuntch um, I say Iluil price s adv.u.-. d ii*) per cent, lately. ! Thu method nf in mif. luring pipes is very siiiqilo: tie* L-. ip- nn* cut into s|i4p, withaknii- ‘ii r hiving been lightly weiie,l, ti .-i ;!,. L, wls must be 'cry • .i.duily ml,:, i to < l*taiu a clear, smooth sml'.ii-e. .. I nfti rward boiled | cither in pure wax, or iv .r. oil and fats the latter effecting a yellow line and ! facilitating the coloring. Imitation uiQvt - Vium is invivriubly mad ■ of th,. p-irio;.. . : the g ’nuino, aud ntnliing else. Sim ; ■ flier expert I inenl*. such as live npol.e.Ttl.'U of inag iicsia, clw., 1. iv,- pri>\ ii li4nl failures, and. iuiimqu nlij,. tbero i. uu proba bility of in- -i. ha ;*ii being nianuiuct tiired on a l.i) s. ,! . ( m . nesia in New Vork, a* your tirt-e!' . tales. I .no the only ninii'il . liner, to some ex tent, f me >. 1.-mu pipes, made of the imported r.i55 in .I, in tho United .Slates. Tin* l'i*';!i(f.,i V*Jiifa- mail. 'J hero u*u .t be t mnoiliing. says Dr. I.iviugltonu, in tbc -i.iaiiin) of white iii.-n f. pql.-ivc to the nmtojdi i ihlicalcd naliv, , of Africa; for, on 1 entering viilag* )i. viously unvisited ! by Korop.’ ins. il w. met n child com ' uig quit Ily iiml iiiisnspci;liiio|y towards ’ the ii.oin. 1.0 mined bm eyes and saw the men in “b; -, ' lie would taku to his liei ls in an agony of terror, such u wo might feel if wc met a live Egyp tian mum my at t ltd door of tho British museum. Ai n in. lut the child's wild outcrii th- iiiuil.i r ru. b , out of her • hilt, bat dart, hack again at tho first j glimpse of tlio -■ me tearful apparition. I Dogs turn tail, . ml scour off in dismay; I and hens, itbamlmiing their chickens, j fly lorcaming to the tojw of tho houses. Thp fto .1ut.,,!.. pcneeful village bcoonics a seen.: of cun)u.-i:on and hubbub, until calmed by thf; laughing a.-mliiiec of otlr men that whit.* p. oplc do not cat I black iolka; a joke Inn ing oftentimes greater influence in Africa than solemn assertions. .Sonic ul our, y oung swells, 'onente. j might experiouge 11 gqih.p.c.ot r;cj,l*iuijuluu at , tho sight of uli the pretty girls ilcoing ling from them as.from hideous cauni ; bats, or by witnessing, its we have done, the oons’urnion oi lliemsclvcs into pub -1 lie hobgoblins, the mammas holding : naughty children ti wny from I bum, and saying, “Begood, or I shall call tho white man In bite you,” “IV, what is meant by raw recruits?" “It means soldiers who have not stood lire, my son," t < 1 -Inf.. J - ,-£*,