3 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. thmi! ii.-*rnni;H . mi BBVOCR\TK- ADVOCATE. Jm. M. Pahxx, Klilnr and IVujh irfur, !fo. S Cakroi.i. Ual^ TV Au*h , atk it published every THIMISUAY MORN I NO. nml fnrnbhrd 14 Rabtcnhrrs nl |||t pew 4miiiin. In lilt ant e. |ffnol paid in adrance Two Thdlurs will !*■ Urg*i. iu |'ii|n r will Ini UiM outiiiuvl until tM IffMrafet ate paid. except own ***• BATHS OF AOVKKTISiXO. I agaare, 8 tamrtton*, £1; eaoh auh.seijncut Martion “45 cenll; 1 square throe month* a*. t x mofflhs si*. ilmttiie** Curd* of I m hnaa, or lets, |n?r annum, SH. Mer lhaaU and other huships* mow, including lVp^*ar: Oar fourth of a column, per year, $15.00 Haifa column, “ 0a columu, 11 46. UO • hand nu,r^. i tilth of a Sheet, for |io.- .71.50, flr lM) 43.00. tarter Sheet, fr |24>>i for 100, ft.VI | mMkmu ** a.fti. 44 •' <h> ; Valuable Farm at PRIVATE SALK. ' TIIK Sulwrllwf, biuring (n imoTf from the Stale, utTur* ;U Print?.. al. the valuable and highly iinproriHl tria, whereon ho latoly rWnh-d, no tai f,A mile* North of .Mil.. and alf a mile from the (*c!l|*hurg Inrnplku at 1 laffa Hotel* con* lining 100 ACRES, j \ land, iwwar lews. Thu impfnaeueut* [to* wf Ur*v .Frame Xy-iL Haisioa hoi se, QiTri trSnence, mid mirroutined with fine large ] la tree* Also a large Horn. Carriage 1 iw. Smoki. House. Stone Daby u ith ! ' rr foiling' Sjiring ..f good water Ht-ur the ' ' elUnc- And hi! other life*- Wf ~. 11 ’- m;M j —’the whole being new mid m Complete •r. 1 1 VWn4iv uaUir.vUv of good <|iialitv. Jia* 1 | into ciimentent fields under *m client . ciag. Thori- u a ilue prv|**rlioH ofgood 1 WOODLAND, I the farm is well watered. lUmtp flnint'h ‘ 1 ■inx through it. There i< nhmii I.Miern 1 fclifcd nimdow. Thorn I'hliiio Apple jMt| "f the hwH’mit, mi l no lAhindnnee MPfrait tree*, *ueh nn Itom-lo*, IV.it>*. • ‘ rriru. Apricot* le.—nllmivtiilkraolccted mi bearing com! It ton. he attention iif jMttvtmsara is speei. Jlv etel to Ihi* property ns it i: aeldom tlml an aphoKliilly improved, and iu mull, leouditioii it offer.- j. boaa within ; to view thv farm trill pl.uina > ! lon the tenant Hr. or nn Mr. i 1 h Rvaaa. fhr a'•'•'>■ prtfanty will Im* I Iww. Far terms an J nth-T partk-nlm ■, 1y to Fri*ell .V Hanobig. or Mr. la*vi Itt, my atmil*. at KVeiiuiuatvr Mil. or twi the unuerxigniil nl Purk.-rrlNirg We*| e^ on givM April 1. IKIIT, cit-if HKNHV \V. HKIKI). ; ff^wcroN’s Fire Arms, R Sold by Hun lhairrs M Ik, Trims .J. nrriillr. IV-r.. I'i.t.J, Xi. i- UartrOjci*. <.■ PMnl, i MH.lt (.VI X O. -IfarlrM,.. >MI( . Hli.* |>l. . X.k 31i:trWt., IH Kviulvrr, Self Cocking, f txsxitzyzi 1 NbnsNor, Saw Star flflir<\ Wtalvrr, CHelf Coelrinw. Wavy ntlihre, r Revolver, 3R-100 in. Calibre, v : MW l orr.t Sliv. (iou. miXOTOX k S(lsS,Tuiu, Xc Ttk. * X|.*,S, x™ TorV. r. A ulpMilrr., . Orphb A To.,' PbUadrlnbla. JrTrtniMe, URfdim, Itnauey A Cu., S|. Lout*. K. tViine, ?a 11 Fraarlfteo, U ♦RmTUNT TO ILOMRNPRSI ! xubscriher Imvin-r purehaxeil the ex- nAdMih t Wet niln-i •trul, Carroll county MJ., Mil's Patent Anieiiran [ Burning Fluid. It infiana* thopublir tknt he i| pleparorl Lat km michmec m PlfuMmt \ alley KWRMHk Ruilon, and ImHi v UtauTH, on reammablo terms, to llWWiip aaiil Dutrici tw tuako and uae In**, by which meant they aa bu tup pWlHvafcpdV with liiin heat and tfhohu falifhto. A. J. KOONTZ. ■ K.aciiAKrk'Mt, MawUHM^er. ■OSf(Wm(?e coportvnhh( in the ■MkrfU*, wr wlrt 1 nr.tmntly ■Hll lMrinw., ■ Mlhwl hi Ibe tlprrmm iwm, SiKf&a ii. BB.VRV, I rnm-BiKTon, lw*ope for the accommodation of rtu* Idling Public, and arntty-ptiMihlc al- Rghrentp the comfort of KFL !-> >v r> ■ ' jj 'i ‘ -.*y WESTMINSTER MI). THURSDAY JANUARY :i IH(i7. . THE WHITE MAN'S PAPER. Clulin for ISUTI—Club* for IHtl THE IIKMT K. V. w'MKKLT I'UHI.ISIIKK. XCW YORK UAV ROOM For isi, I Will roniinciirT, in iii- i.anr of Jan. Mil, A NEW ANII OIIIOINAI, ROMANCE, totljtrp exprca.ty fgr it* coinmu*, entitled TIMS roNKKDEKATK >T.A on the Of BAN, .1 Ta!*>/thr I'miart uf tk* S'tmlrr f d/<i)inu>. Ily IW. Wa. I!. Prcr, or 1.t.. Author of ‘‘Tlertha Swlj’," "Hvitrlotj" Ac. Aiming nil die war utorica that hnv. been written, none hour yet protrayrd that mo it ro mantic of all livid*, (lie wonderful and even amnuilnila voyage. of the ronfederalu cruiaera. TliU atnrr of Fiofetanr I*, will not he merely native, bnl hiatnrloal,mu impl % romance, but reality, much of it from (hu lip. of the verr ■ wtorn In (hr *r*nK (hemwltw. We fed .at* in ~.-edictiiig lie t it will hare a lurrrm any than previutu .lory of UtU popular author. NOW JS TIL* TIMt TO SUBSCRIBE I Thifl atorr will be coinroeucod In The Wkkr f t D,tr U'"ik of January sth, IHO7, and all who wlrh to cc ■te opening ebaptnr* ibuulil .nb ■rrlbc now, or lend In Uieir cluha oa early aa ' pnnaft)lr. I Taawa. C’aaii i.x ov % copy per rear. $?: three rojdea, $5; aix copies, #10; eleven cop e*. Sl7 10; twenty voplea lo one addriuM, s**o. Tmv. Wkeßi.t Dvr Roo* (a the most complete | Weekly Paper nabllahcd. It, New. Summary. ; fMtd Reading. Agricultural Articfea, IC.-i.ort. 1 f rattle. Ocala. ad.tfNßion Market., Ac., Ac., i are not aurp-ivcd by any paper. \ Spec’lm*n coplea .cat free. Send for a rope. Addrra. V\y BVRIK. IIOHTON A CO., dee. 13. No. Hi 1 Naaaan at.. N. Yo. k. [ L TlioonlvDenuwrnlicMair.i/.iiif Pul>llmli€l In the I . Malm! : VOL r. AQXIiT KTLAROBD! I*7. tiii: oui or ard, A Moxtiitr M aQ.tkiKK, 1 D voted lo l.iteraiure. Science and Art. and 1 | the Political I'llnrlplei* of IT7C and 177. I a CHA UNCKV HI HH. Kim rot. Tim aureec'of Tu>: Oi..< (Juvmi baa boon iu> rcmai kably A* it •Ur lit to be gialifl ing to (be 1 fiend. Of a (rue American literature. It ha. ' .(eiitilly tioubhal ila rircnl.ition each year of lla 1 puldiinilou. and iu pnbli-beia Imre found It 1 lie cocaary lo annuallv enlarge It, (o meet the 1 fall expectation* of 11 a natron*, aa well a a to ’ realise their oWn Ideal of s Ft ar-cna< Fitutr 1 'ii LtrRH'KV M'uah.'o. combined with .ooud polhlral principle. To alill failher carry out Ibia de.lgW, The <ld Onard for ]W7 will be • pi int. d on new type, and enlarged Sixteen ad- . • dlrioiial |*ag*. making In all nearly On.- TUou- ; aand I‘agea ul reading Blatter yearly for (he low . price ut litra dollar. lAn angement. have atm liven made lo accura the very beat literary talent ! 11 or tile country. We a ill commence in the Jau- i i nary uumbto a thrilling lUnuaucr, written eg- I prerdy for Tmk Oj.o Ut vm, entitled, JiMi li I A ltr ol' lb. Itl'AillUliUll. Dr AT*. (in.oiV Si.. R*,.. ..f S. C„ , the peer of runner and Irving, taking the row- j drt lrk lo the Mtih of the Ainer I- , 1 ran principle of gnv.-rnnient. and introducinff him to the reb.da of ltT. John Kates M lie. 1 of Virginia, anthof of “Surry of Kngle’a . Neal.” Ac.. Ac., will ftiml.li awrier of graphic I aketehea, entitled ‘‘The IbitH". v 4 Vlrgiaka,** wldlc tmr prdirnt ewrpa of rontrihutnra. with f acme new oner will continue tofnuiNh article., i 1 trnking the Maga/lne arcond to worn* In point of literarv attraction and abilitr. |*uliUcatlv. The Old flnai.| f(| aland in tin- future o> ia 11.-pt.r. r.iilbfiid' pximdingthe I uiiatilulton 1 aa it caiN from the hand, of Wadiinpton. with out < t|uic*eing in any of the under ! the title of‘•amendment.'.” It will !*• Contin ued upon the grand id.-a that “all i. not Inal.” while i-irlue and intclligvnro rcamin with any < portion of (Im people. i VKHMS-JCASH l\ ADVANCE. One copy, one year, $ 3 00 Twla ciipiiu 5 30 Four topic. lo 00 Five owpie*. and one to the getter up of the club, 14 00 Ten copie., and gnu to the getter up of the dak, 15 00 | Twimtr *tp4a, and unr t* the gutter up •f the club, 45 00 ' 4 TliigiiJllM rnl I'aeinliam. We will .end per e C pr.. carefully Wifzcd. a ' Gruvm L ttnLvr SrKitf Murkma to any one wlin will rend um at any ouo time, Thirty Sub- i .cribcm to The Old (laud, at A3.00 each. The 1 1 rugnlar nianOfacinrera* price la $55. Xo .ucb f ‘ oiiportnnlly to circulate a aupcriof Family , Magarine. and aacare a tirnl-ciaaa FamHy St*- 1 Ing MurMue, waa ever offcrevl. The ahhacri liera may be acnl lo different po.t ollicvr. Single copica. Twenty-llv ceala. Suycirocn tfipiga Wit Jbr twenty cento, to all du*iriag Ui Mib.eribt or gel up club.. An lollera vlitMild h • a. follow . : VAN KVKIE IIOHTON FnldUher., S’o. 101 NaiMau rtreet. N. Y. dee. a. B ft . T. AftTUOIT * 00., tfAßafoatmor* of Fboiogiaphia Malarlala* an* ttiui, •01 BROADWAY. I T _to totoiw ad) w rHOTuna*nno to. ill*" \ r 4 > iwa fc.ia> >i>ita cass ——siarKr“~" TektMa, rntmTniaa. tMinbit|t, lm.it JsMtinL Fair o*k<. lM.nl MmMi, iUHtUillu. CUibUnin, WaiuMabutk, (Bty rnk tUrtwi . IllkMUl, Filenburfb, Dm, lodora, Bell. Pli, HyOf, Cb - lnM|m, fWt Bnna, atunu. Chari. .too, MoWI-. OarUa, llrawbtrry Plalaa. Photographic Albnmt. Wa waaaOu ftai W amir. Umatn. tW UMwa Mm ' GAAW ruu ruga a rw. p Bpypfc- Wartaw Art, MrtW|aaaaa4aMtoßto awawtou—liinao^a jhnl-V Ladles' Fmt) (iooils, ' AT MUs*. SIIRIXEfI'S BotoMt hud Fancy Store. iftOff RSs all hiuda, Tell*, •fWoryi deacrlp tlau, Uailara and Cußa, Uloat attlvi, Handker •hlfift all kiudx, lltk-iery, all kind., Paraapla 1 Uhn Bbadoa, C'oract. and Hoop SkiruTTt dIW Satchel, and Trarcltng Hag.. Sewing had I Fanny HaakeU, Porlutoaic'a ah4ruokt*k liwoka. Ktira lrtComb., all kind., PAlla Mid Don Heads, Ouiu Diaper., Fane? BohPP•t4Pcrfuin*rjr t Album., ChMdrcn. Car f “ rU - :Wt*J t l-AlilES’ stonr. a K.o,*,„dv In Prr*£vln* Our Lnlon, Let ■ • hti CnrrfYil to ProNt rve alto our t’lrll l.llsordea. KHI THK f ? X FORTC’Jf ATE. BELL'S SPECIFIC REMEDIES An* warranted in nil for the Hpcedv ami Permanent Turn uf all dianaor* arising from •final I'XCVfX'i or youthful indiscretion. Seminal Loss, Nightly Emissions, amt Sensual Dream* t Os.tllal, Physical and Nervous De bility. Impotence. tileet, Sexual Diseases, Ac. .Vo l littiiKDol'DlH In \ermiry. They ran be used without defection, and never fall to effect u cuff ; if Used according to In- Bell’s Specific Fills, Price One Dollar por Itnx : or HU Hof* for Kivu Dollars; also Large Duxes, containing Four Small, Price Three Dollars. From four to six boxes are generallv repair ed •• ®* r * WtßnftJ cooes of Seminal Weakness and Kiui*>iofM. though b. nvfif U derived from using a single bn*. In Thermic case*, and particularly when Im potence or flvuiul D-hilltv with Nervous Pros- Irotion has alf-e(ed tin* sjstcm, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended ns the m*>st Klfirarlons. Hc jnrinating and Invigorating Remedy in th.- A Parkagc. Pi ire Five Dollars, w ill last a month, ami is generally sufficient. In extreme ca*ct uf Debility and Impotence BELL'S EXTERNAL REMEDY, Price Two Dollars, sufficient for a month, can be used to good advantage. It give* Sirungth to the Organ-, and. with the Pills, will restore them to their normal condition. A Pamphlet of |OU pages, on tho KRIIORR. OF \ OCJtII, design<-(l a- a Lecture and (’anting to Young Men, sent free, Ten Cents required to pay postage. CAUTION! The above Itfnu’dles have now been before the Public many Jfvara, ami their great sneer** in the alleviation of human misery, has excited tlio rapidity Uf several panic-, ’who nse the name ••Specific fills,' copy n.v label-, rleeo lar* and advcr(iemenl*. sometimes word fi*r word, and put up worthies con.pound* that disappoint thpjust expectations of the put chaser If you cannot purchase Tlkli.’s Srxnrir Rex rnifc* of your Druggist, lake no other, but send the money direct to Dm. J AMRS DU VAN. Consulting Physician, •l! flmadwav, Ktg York, aad yon will noHru them by n torn of mail, po>t paid, and free from observation. lion* IsluuMr than t.old! Bryan’s Life Pills rrniFY nn: nhoon, Henluvi* lleadaclie, Di/zi'i'-s*. (liddinvss, Drow siness. In pleasant IfreaiM, Dimness of Sight, Indigestion, Clean*** the Hlom nrii sod Ibmels. Insure NKM I.IFK iu the debilitated, and JU'ture Ik s .Viet to /’ar/cH Purely Vegetable, Try Ihtpi! they only rest 2. r cents, and if yon eaiinot get them or voor DrnggM. send the money to Da. JAM KS IIKY AS . Consulting Physician, Kill Itroadway. New York. And they w ill be sent by return mail, post paid. I^VM TO LADIES. If yon require a reliable remedy to restore yon. and remove Irregularities or Obetructions, WHY -NOT USE THK REST* Every Lady knows the slighte-t irregularity •I nsUrr is liable to bring on Headache, (Jid dfocss, Low Spirits, Fainting, Hysterica, Ac. ; then the bloom uf health fades.' the appetite fails, and othersvmptniustnore distressing com mence, as—Weakness, Spinal (dmplaiut, the Whites, Prolapsus. Ar. Ac. A X KVKB-K.VILIXO lIKMKDV will he found in Dr. Ilar ve i/* J'Viuulf. I*UU. The experience ef thirty rears has proved they have no equal for Removing Obstructions and Irregularities, no motor from what cause t|y arise. They arc. Safe and 4nrc in evens case. Upward* ofSO.OdO Duxes are sold annnallv, and no complaint of their efhmey U ever heard, for they accomplish what they arc represented Hold In Raxes, confuishlA fftrtm fill*. Price One DrdUr. Dr. Jfarny’A (,‘nhlnt /VJ/ I* a remedy fonr degrees stronger (han th above, and inUmdod for special coses of long standing. * Price fife Dollars pvr Uox. A PRIVATE riRPTLAH to Ladies, with fine Anatnmicai Engravings, sent free on receipt of directed envelope and stomp. Bend for DU. HARVEY H.PRIVATE MEDI CAL aDVISKK, addressed to rein aim—64 page*— gWlnf fHI instructions and information. 1U ctuU required fbr postage. If you cannot purchase the PHI* of vour Druggi-t, they will I* sent by wail, p* *t j.nut, H-cttic from observation. pn receipt of thu money, by Ha. JAMES lUIYAN, Consulting PhvMeUu. July 12-ly. hill Umadu-ay, Sow York. gra NOTICE. flocks, tStLiJi JEWELY, SILVER HATED WARE. SPECTACLES, silver: OT)I.D, PRATED & STEEL WATCH CIIAIN.S AT I 1 MOORE’S Jewelry Store, Xw RaU Llnatl, Wextiniuator. tWu-Widchea, Clocks, nnd Jewelry, care folly Repaired and aarrarted. WfM.IAM MOOHE. MM 14. MMMklll SUGAR II ’ AFIKE lot nf Brown and Suga^A Jusl Tcctdved ni July 5 A. M. Warner**. HOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AO. A large assortment for Men, Women am Children, of latest styles, (hill hoferc you pur cha*, || V. K. (Hmamri I Wept Beside III) tiriivc, Mother. 1 wept lw*ido thy grave, mother, My hiiftt in wsepsog still. And fondly Ungers nenr the tomb On yonder lonely hill. I dsl not hour thy purling words, I did not mX the*.die: Hut thy lust niesMmc enme to me, When death was hovering nigh. I have Ixen n truant bor, mother, And run sail lhc many a pain. Hut I vr.Milii heal the wound I made, Could'*t thou return again; My horish peart would not obey Thy mild command*. I know, And o’er my way wurdnvss to thee, My tears will ever fiow. 1 was thy cherished jmM, inothor, Tby love won (usd mid true Thy khxiw oft bedewed tny check, Kre munli od circ I knew ! AlHiction* diild from infamy, Ye loved mo hut the more. And o'er ire wept m oft ye tho* I Life’s pilgrimage was o’er. I've wander, d many a league, mother. From Where we used to dwell; Xu chcri.ihvd one is near me now, Of those 1 loved to wfdl ; Hut oft my weeping heart returns Across the joiuningseu. To wluYe my precious relies lie, And then* it seeks for thee. The Cuw made I'rollluble. Very many fa mi lips keen but a sin -Ho po vt. They arc ' nut Arnicnt, but they have learned llmt milk is no al •Dost Indispenniblc article of food for children, and that it rnfccrs into a great variety of compounds prepared for the Hitplenunce of the whole household It in !( them a mutter of no small tuoinent that the supply Ihj regular and nbnn d nt. This ran be secured in most in stances in the country and small til lages only by keeping the animal that affords it. mid even though such a pourso conld bp shown to be wanting in economy, * bon Id the cow bo found to consume more value than she is able to repay, still the immense convenience •uid luxury of a daily sapply of line tr* .sh milk, will more than cuonterbub • nco (ho odds. The milk which has been subjected to miles of churning in the il.iiry m in’s can, mi quite another article, to nay nothing of dilutions and idulterations. Hut the milk cow. when properly treated, is no# tin expense. Hhc is no pensioner shc is not to U* ranked us a eombercr of the soil.— It Inis been otiniated no doubt correc tly, th it f Mir quarts a dly will pay for her keeping. If *o, she may be easily made a source of profit. No poor fami ly need be rendered poorer, or made to tnrogo other enjoyments for Iho take of this. The living cow is to man nothing more nor less than u self operating mill. in which the mraiSea and coarser grains arc converted into milk and meat for hi* use. Like* all other useful machines she transform:* the row material, and ( return- a produce improved in quality, though of diminished quantity The food, when abundant and nutritious, is divided after digestion, into four parts, arid receive* as many different declina tions ; and first, a specified amount must bo retained by her for her own sustenance. Indeed she takes a very generous 101 l for this purpose out of every grist brought to her mill; % thin! in the form of fat, gnus to improve the quality ot her tie*!* for food, and the fourth posses by tho natural channels from tho system. Al) the machines arc useful in pro portion to the amount of acevioo they are capable of performing. In the care, of the now this must depend mainly on the quantity of her proper food which who can transform into food for man.— The more she is fed, th more milk and beef she afford* ihiw must be true of nil breads, even the leant improved, and yet this will not be eunstruvhl lo imply that there is out a vast difference in breeds On this principle we have managed for soma years; Wu buy iu spring a now miik cow, somewhat advanced in year*. bo>h because her milk is richer and she in liable iu lean dainty in Ukiug slops titan when younger, and, wu may add. she can be bought at less price. She lias nil the waste food from the kitchen, and it ia hi? more profita ble to make this disposal of it than to keep a pig W consume it. She will give buck the value in twelve hours, whereas a pig qul need a credit of maty months* Wu prefos the ready pay system. Wc have lost too much by trusting hogs, ig winter it is ueceseury to gito a hearty *ew, morning and evening, a miMme vuoipoecd of a bushel of cut bny, too quails of corn and oob meal, and two pads of wauir. This will keep her bu-ty must ot‘ the time, nnd during* the first winter wHI go principally to milk, and the second more to beef when •he becomes fit for the batcher. She ia kept furrow and milked the whole time. With slight variation according lo appetitu, we have treated .several this way, oud with manifest advantage.— One cow thus managed was killed in February of the second year, while she tco quart* of milk daily, and she. weighed, dressed, 780 lbs., and bad 70 lbs. of rough tallow. | : i That infamous prostitute*, Almond, • asks, iu true nasal twang, ‘6O Geor gians, 100, pigmy themselves upon their dignity nj rdupe to #eoognise the au thorityof Wat**?'.'. <Awy d argument with men who talk aliout‘*gov , erniug State*” is thrown away, A knock on the head in all jVy Reserve. TallrvraiMl and Araoid. WUI * 11 day when Talleyrand ar rived in Havre. hoi fma from i'iiria^— It was in the darkest hour of the Frenc h Involution Pursued by the blood bounds of tins Reign of Terror, stripped ofeve-y wreck of property nr power.- Talleyrand secured passage to Ameri ca in a (chip about to Mali. He waa go •ng a beggar and u wanderer, to a strange land, to cam his bread bv hi* daily la bor “la there au American staying nt your house V* he asked the landlord of his hotel. “I uin hound to cross the water, and would .ike a letter to some peraou of influence in the Now World.’ Thu landlord hesitated a moment, and then aaid : “There i a gentleman op stairs either from Amotion or Britain ) wheth er an American or Englishman, 1 cm not tail/* He pointed the way. and Talleyrand —who i i Him like was bishop* prince, I and prime minister- aseCuded the stair*. A miserable suppliant, bo stood, before the stranger's door, knocked and en tered. In (he fur corner of a dimly-lighted room, sat a gout lonian of some fifty years, with his arms folded, and his head bowed on his breast From a window directly opposite, a flood of light poured over hia forehead. Uis eyes looking from beneath the down-cast brows, gazed m Talleyrand's face with a peculiar and Searching expression.**— Mis face was striking in its outline; the mouth and chin indicative of an iron will. Jiis form vigorous, even with the snows of fifty winters, was olud in dark hut rich and distinguished co -lume. Talleyrand advanced : stated that if he was an American, he Solicited his kind ami feeding offices. Ho poured forth his history in clo queut French and broken English, “i am a wanderer—an exile. lam forced to fly to the New World, without a friend or home. You are an American. Mitre me then, 1 beseech yoS, u letter of yours, so that I may be able to cam my , bread. lam willin'! to toil in any man ner ; the scenes of ram have fitted mu i with Huth horror, that a life of labor would be s paradise to a cun or of luxis- I ry in France. Vug will give u*o a In- m ter to one of your friends. A gsutko ■ man like you has doubtless iuuhv fir ends.*' ihe strange gentleman rose With < a look that Talleyisud never lorgot. he 1 retreated towards.the door of tjic next j chamber, his head downcast, and bis i eyes still from beneath his darkened brow, lie spoke as he retreated ; bis voice fuH i of meaning: , “1 urn the only ni.tii born in the-New 1 \\ orld cun raise bis band to (jk! and - say —I have not a friend—not one in ull ( America." Talleyrand never forgot the over* - whelming Mdnnra of that <ook which 1 accompanied these words. . / , •Who are you f“ ho cried, as the | strange man retreated towards the next i room “Vour tistoio f M , **My r sine I’^—with a Shiite that had , more, of mockery tflau joy ill its ctu.cU site expression— *my noma is Benedict. , Arnold f* He was gone. Talleyrand sank in a | chair, gasping the words—“ Arnold, the Traitor I" Even in this secluded room at the ino i ot Havre, his crime found him out, aud forced him to tell his name—that syn onym of infamy. The I st twenty years of hts life arc covered with a cloud, from w boss dark ness but a few gloatun of light tla.ili out, upon the page of history. The manner of his death Is not dis tinctly known But wc doubt not that i he died perfectly friendless—thfct hU brow wmi not moistened by nt farewell tour —that remorse pursued him to the grave whispering: “John Andre” in hiu ears ; and the memory of his course of glofy gnawed skb a canker hI Ms heart,, murmuring former. “True to your country what might you have born, O Arnold, the Trailer 1" bankrupt merchant, rcturniug lunne on* wight, stud in bin noble wife, “31y dear, I uiu rained ; every thing we have is in the hands of the sheriff.” After a lew moments of silence the wife looked fedmly into hie. tace and Nidi “WiJjLlhe sheriff sell you ? Ob I no! Will the sheriff sell me ? Oh! no! Will the sheriff sell t-bo children ? Oh 1 no! Then do wot sayyrs have lost everything All that m mot jaluabU* remains to us —manhood, womanhood, childhood.—• Wo jptvq hut i ln* results ofograkilt mid industry. Wc can make another fbrltmc if our hearts and handy are Iqft us* i i . *1 r->: .' _ ChaIIUNUF, I*ROM THE Nkw'ToAK Pif-OTS— jhs Pilots of the boat J. D. Jones, No. 15, have issued a challenge, offering to race with any pilot boat of theur ton a age in tbs world, or ssy ves sels in the New York Yacht Club of equal tonnage, for ffSO.Ofifl. The race to be hefwbcti New York and Cowna. England. Thin challenge arrises from tbs feet of disparaging remarks having been made relative to the flfetwesa of |ilot boats as contrasted with jhc yachts now crossing the Atlantic ..*■ N U,n* The celebrated portrait painter Ftmrt ome nci a lady in the street In Boston, who saluted him with : “Ah, Mr. Rtoari. 1 burn just seen your miniature, and biased it because it was so tnn*?h Rbw yew.” “And did it tils yot is rwfciru? “Why, 10. ,, ■t, , 7/ [*' ’ * Then,” said Slim rt* “U n,ia not like me.” (k|i ( . , . h Wealth ol <|u<*ru %lr(r|i. Q'<* Victoria, who w greatly hi •leU when hhti appended the Britfoli throoc in 1837, u now believed to be one of the richest sovereigns in Kurowe, the King of and the Et * parur of A nutria probably having more rual rafcite. but Wmm caah in hand. The Ouoheaa of K< nt who never spent more than a third ol (he $150,000 a year net tled on her by Parliament, raved up a forge mini, which, by investment and reinvestment, made a handsome amount, and every shilling of this slip bequeathed to Victoria, her daughter. The Utp Mr. Joseph Xceld, a millionaire, who hud more money than brain* Was §o, "loyal" that, passing over bit blood re lations, moat ol whom were poor, be queathed $3,500.000 iu hard eaah to Queen Victoria, which (to use the usual '•ant of the court) Her Majccty was moat graciously pleased to accept/’ Prince Albeit, who was voted fltiO,- 000 a year by an üb*<|ttimi* Parliament; had that income doubled by sahmea from various lucialive sinecures which his wife heaped into his lap. and on his death in December. 1801. bequeathed his savings to her being only $6.000,000. Ever since her accession, nearly thirty years ago. Queen Victoria has made large savings out of her income, the gross amount of which, from the Parlia mentary grant called the “civil list," and from the net revenue of the Duchy of exceed $2,000,000 a year. Daring the tour years which have elapsed since her husbands death, Victoria’s expenditures were so small that she probably saved three-fourths of her in come, and lived upon only 9600,000 o year. In addition to all this cosh, male | ing a pretty little capital of over $lO,- ' 000,000 Victoria also succeeded to a tract of eligible building ground of Ken sington which Prince Albert bought “for a song,” (who would presume to outbid the Queen’s hunhand I) Home years ago on part of which be built sonic handsome houses, the rent of which lie fixed so high that none but the “up per ten" can lease them. However that property is looking up and eligible buil ding loin thereon are fVoqaotillj sold for about twenty times the sum paid fur them by Prince Albert. in addition to the allowance of $3,- otH)v6tt& por year to “Her Grttciou> Ma jesty,” she ha.-; not one cent of rent to i*y ? no insurance, no tales, no repairs i —mnl any alterations ami additions wliltli aha or rtspiireH are paid nut of the public moon}'. Met Ule hum baud knowing how to "turn an lion pm penny,” converted cl.-lit hundred acre, of Windsor I’ark into t model farm, lor which be pud no rent, and actually refused to pay any poor raloa, until the oversoe-a of the parish upi mil aoine of hia atock, and farming implements, and were about selling them by the authority of the lair, w 01, very ungraciously. he paid the amount claimed with cool, and grumbled at the law. which luring no reaped for persons. had cumpollod him, a pauper Oerauu Prince, lu contribute hia proper altar* to the aauiutaimneu of the poor. ()n that model farm he rear ed a rcnt number of •lock—in the hap py coudil ion of sitting rent free—com peted, with no email aucceea, at vurious rattle shown, fm|nently gaining the beat premium* iu rompeiitiuu with brwedera of alueka who, lose fortunate, had to pay rent for tholr land. Queen Victoria succeeded toller hus bands fifi.MO.OUn hie model farm and bis building property at Kensigaton, by virtue of hie last will and testament, which left her sole executrix. . Xrttro Knffknxr. We Rive on our accood page a some ivbat curiou*, novel, but wo are eorry to say not a very instructive debate in the United Slates Senate on the question ol suffrage. Is it not a little singular that while Senators are discussing whether intelligence ought or ought uot lu be a criterion of suffrage, nut one nmong them should giro a current definition of suffrage in a republican form of govern ment? The right of suffrage, that is to say, s voice iu making tbc Jaws that ahaU rale him, is inhere*! and itutUma- Ue—a natural right of which one man cannot deprive his equal without injna tiee or robbery All whilu men are alike —(hat is to ssy. they belong tothe same species, have like wants, like na tures and are capable of like duties sud responsibilities. A single white man deprived of the right "ol suffrage, sad one step is taken towards monarchy for, this white man is uot only one of the soverign rulers of the Stale, a nail of the constituent and- aggregate sover oignty, bat be is mare, be is n reftmtn /utir£ of the family iu all its manifold relations to society. The argument, against women, or mi nors or negroes having the right to vote seems an plain that a fool might answer it. Verily those can not be annals whom Nature list not made equals liuteramenu do not confer rights, they only protect those Nature has given If all human beings were made while aien, then all human beings should have the same rights. The boost of a good government should be that it adapts ila lavs to the i/irtiurfsens •/ ,Vu hwr. To undertake to apply the same laws to different or tmoqnal I beings, sim ply crushes, mangles and overthrows society. Simple as these truths ms, they seem to be above the oomprehen- WOO of the United States Senate, aa non constituted Bag Book. MB A Western man, speaking of the Pa cific Railroad, nays H is “one of the fun oicst coincidences in the world that al most. every alternate section of food on each side of the road belongs to some member of Congrwia.’’ TKRItIS W1..Y0 IX ADfAXCG - —ttJf-roq Career and End of a Man” al Paris. The ileatli of Mouk, Huger ilc Beau voir has released him from pains whieli arere well nigh intolerable. He waa a yonug man of -rent wealth, adme thirty eight years of age, and become the “faat cst-mau of his day. Handsome, quick, brilliant, adroit in all the uiauly exer claca, fund of luxury, possessing great , taate, an author aneeeimtul at a novelist and a dramatiat. aiugularl; yc.puiar with the aox, be waa for many year*, from 1838 to 1 dSO, the fuat muu of I’afic —; He waa the hero of all the wild sappers, the observed man on the Avenue doe Champa Klyaeoa. and in the theatres on the first night of new piece*. After living tor many yaara with the moat' beautiful uctreae of Paris, M'lle Dote, in an evil hour he married her. Shu made hia life miserable. She sullied hla name in every way. She wanted hia substance with s freoay of extrava gaoeo strange even here, and. after Tu rning other men a estates, ruined her own constitution and died, still young and stall bjautifu), of hor excesses, and a* bankrupt of wealth aa ahe waa of health or honor, she left not enough to psy her funeral expenses. When she saw her dyiug hour at hand, ahe bogged Prince Naj oleou to aave her from the potter'a field. Aa she invoked past hours to plead for hor, be granted her prayer and abu now sleeps in the \euilly graveyard Her husband's dissipation told early on his body, too. He reckoned 000 day he had paid $20,000 for champagne wino alone—judge of the rest. When ho was fifty ho waa attacked with (ho gout and softening of the spine. He daily grow worse and for yeara past has not been able to sleep in a bed. The mo ment he quit an upright position be was menaced with suffocation. At times hia tortures were so great hU screams could be beard all over the neighborhood, which they alarmed. Ilia impaired es tate forced him to retire to one of owr suburban villages, where a man is un.ro completely lorgottos than ho is at Poro la Chaise, funerals sometimes carry men to lire cemetery j nothing lakes them to the neighboring village re cheif by an unknown road along offensive street*. Hogur da Beauvoir did not es cape thu common fata of them who re tire from the world. The last years of bis life crawled sadly, painfully, lonely sway. He coaid taste only two pleas ures in the intervals of His pains; bis luva of books was uncoolcd to life* hint hour, and, whenever eulchieutn permit ted, he had a god table. Ho bad I saved an income of twelve hundred dol lar* out of his estate which once afforded him thirty thousand dollars, and that pittance proved enough to ward off pov erty s shafts. Ali ins old frientht at tended hi? funeral. He f buried itr the family vault at Pcre It Chaise Illntn for Farmers. A Uorrespondeut of the Germantown Tclrijruyk says: It is not what we make bat what wc save that makes us rich. In looking around among my brother farmers, I nut ice many things wherein there might be greater economy in my opinion. U turoine ostSlc out laic in the fall, when thu ground in soft to be trampled upon. In letting cattle stand in an Bnshcf tered yard in cold stormy weather when there is room in the stable for them. In throwing thoir Haider an tire yard ts bo trampled under foot, instead of feeding it in racks In not having water in the yard for the cattle, in place of driving them through snow and all kinds Wwekthcr to the creek, thereby toning more in manure during the yoar than the inter est of what it would cost to brie* the water in the yard, to say nothing of the convenience. In not haring a home for poultry to roont in, and save their droppings ; the value of the Ksttor from one hundred fowls, in one year Would pay the cost ot the building, not counting the advan tige it would be to the fowls. In not having u wood-hum* to cut in on rainy days, and store up dry wood. In leaving potato* vines, weeds *c., 1 go to waste, instead of hauling them to the hogpen, to be worked into manure. in riding about and leaving the mur -1 agomont of the work too much to hired 1 help. And lasi, but not least, in sending ' ihof children.to school a day or two in L each week and allowing them to play ■ and loiter abend the rest nf it. 1 ar*Old gravestones sometimu tell the truth. Here is a good apeiiinion of • an old time New Kuglaud epitaph, ; winch nay bs rand in u graveyard at ' South Dedham, Msstaeh motto: 1 -‘Many a man fur lore of pelf, To stuff hi* coffers, starves himself; I Labor*, accumulates, and spans, To lay np ruin for his heirs; ' Grudge* the poor th;ir aetsto dole) jj Save* everything— except hi* soul I" * OM Thad. Stevens says he mesas “to *• throw Greek fire *f traitors si king ns e he lives.” The old wretch makes n >• mistake—H is not Grrtk /nt which he e throws, he* snffoeating Oh metre aftah h pots, . | I* ....—— — 0 m ..'row I -.1 .1 r An litmniolis pickpocket in the Went is slid to We drives a good bnsiotas hy getting on railroad trains, refusing to psy the &re, and then picking tke con due tor a pocket while he was putting him out. n An Iliibman being requested”*^ dn e Am hard drinking, said “xt was sotting on a rock and sipping CeM wiftorr” rjVK..-, :i. fdir-jt-piif

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