24 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. tou hi: i Ai tiniii*. THE DEtIOCRVTU! ADVOCATE. Jwt. Jd. Paiur, Klifur an l t'ntpritlor, N-. 3 Cahkoi.i. H.m.u The Advocate u publish**! every t nuIwDAY Mo UN IXG. nud furnished te Ho Wribtrs at 81. .’VO pn 4ii mi in. In iilvnnce. |Tf act paid in advance Two Dollars will le cksrgsd. No papur will be discontinued until ill arrwaragos are paid, at our own opUen. UATKH OK AOVKITHIXO. T *qni, }lt luscrliuMt sl*, rauli Holurqneiit iwwii.m S’ emit*: 1 rjuarc three iiiotitlif* "l\ lll 'Mltll4 tfd. ■ llttxlliuo Cards of o*l Unas. or lew, per niinum, SS. Mcr* •Keats *; I oIW b isui '-h m mi, including the paper: One*fourtli of a column, pur voir. $ll.OO Haifa clu'OM, •• 21.00 Oue cohniii, 41 10.00 HAND HUM A sixth of a Sheet, for 2), sl.lO. fur 100 Qnarte-Slir'l, fir 2\ s2,2'*, fur 1 S2.TI Half Shift. 44 44 i.oo Valuable Farm at Private Sale. riSflK subscriber. linking it inebnvemont I. to m.viii.'r hi< two (UriiM. offers nt l*ri mte Sale hi* FAuM', adjoining the one on which hf r’**ii<mi, iu JTuiievtown District. Carroll cjunty, MJ., uhout o miles S. NV. mf Taney to * u dn the road leading from ►ai l Towu U Frederick ly Dotilila Pipe Creek, roulaini ig afoul ,193 ACRES OF UNO. Tliln liiol is of quality. ami prodmvK well —©j’ial to any in I lie ntigbborlmad— and has foeu well limed over, ino-t of it Awire within n few veif*‘ There ure about 4* ACK> OK tVNMM.AHtr of good Thriving flrtifor, iiinsllv Oak mid Walnut.— AU ti s:iW. ioiil quantity of Mru low. Tjie liuprpyvncn(a<fiiinat of a (mh) sub >tan(ialSfo\n Dwi;i.u\u HOUSE, lH^ H feer. with, la incline rooms, ami Iwa Wfci*lfent Relbim; a good lI.VNK lIAKM lyf IV feet; Smoke Houkc. Stinm Dairy •ivv a lynver failing Spring of good water ; Cnrriago lloau*; Wagon Slu.il: Corn Crib; tArancryAc. This farm i* umler good fun d*nf; has u good bearing Oivlini'il of the Fine,t Fruit; h;n thoadvantitif of water in every fial 1; and Piney Creek flows through the jdace. It < Militated In a good neighborhood, tfur to Mills, Schools nud Churches *, and Maryland Railroad as proposed to be w.\ IrniUd. Tera> liberal, nnd made to suit pureba- Addn*ss the ftihscnlmr. at Taucylown I*. 0. Carisdl r.mntv Md 'VILLIAM SHAW. PIiIVITH .SALK I OFKKK at print, M lr. n FAUM of H 5 ACRES OF LAND i ww rtr situated in Carroll county, ad* i joioiijg •>. W. LncalMingh’f* Mill property , ami tn * laioU of .Ijicoh llinkerd and Andrew 5 l!*o*r. atul within hislf a mile of Crunherrv ( Station. VVnetcm Md. Railroad. A large i iToooriiu., of it i fl first-mi i* TIMBER 1. ana in Well watered and under good i fencing. 1( U improved with e- *We LOG DncHDw House ■ and Hack Building, Stabling Ac. It will be |>fryls| to KyitfHirrhuKers. if desired: I he paiv.-l including the buildings to have &0 i ir tV) acres. BQh.Titniil tyiodcrnte. KICIIAKO MANXIXO, did:; tf W<Miiiiii'lcr Md. SASH, BLIND, DOOR AND Furniture Factory. SHOnn, I.KI.STKI! i SIIAEFFEU, MAlXyltreot. Wwt ofltio Ituilniad, have >u<ihl mil Mmiufiiciitrc to orckr I SMUUSS, uuxrn, i noons, .ml ruf) article ni'u' -.i ■ m a Uuiltliiic. MMedaaa A I BfßWfc HBWniRE, iii every and variety. Having had grent cxpdnencr in our bosi* '•>>*, we reel satisfied in raying we can sell •ir gootl to a greater adv’unt %gt then can •• had elsewhere, in n call. Nov. ao,—tf. IMPORTANT TO OIL. BURNERS! THE Ml>M.'ril)crhviti|i purchwcil the ex tsiee rijjht to miilie mid <-ll in Wurfraiu :r Dietnct, Carroll comity Md., Jsnn's Patent Ameilcan Burning Fluid, rehy iafuPra. till’ public that he !■ prepared ell, >t hie resideece in Pleasant Valiev, if HeMon'i Store, my qnantilT of uni nmit Huid, it 60 cenli per falloa, and t'ealLV liitil)T.,ou raaonunblu term., to r penon in uid Iliurict to make and uso I MM, hy which mown they can be .up ed ill akoaper withtldii beat and'climn of all litchto. A. J. KOOXTZ/ lewUban — ———— — . *; yiatHi. a. i,. aeHAimn. FISHER LSCHAEFFER, ttUksey mt.uw. . opixmit City Jlulel, Watntbuttr. I A VINO finned a copartnership in the practice at Law, we will promptly "J .bnwnrai entnitted to oar cam. owr* 1 * 1 ' *™* (i * rrai “ l OUKAT baroalnsT TJJRS, SHFUNER'H, Whoia utliap . Ilf her fine itock of *ood, at *reUy ‘fcd pritas to closo clock, ome one, coaio all, and you will- be cure el WoJ- JoclS WTiSTWTINSTRR Ml). THURSDAY' JANUARY 24 isr.T. , 1807. PROSPECTUS. 1807. It Tli* attention uf the politic in invited to the claims of THEWORLD > m nnrof the loading pMiific journals of the d I countrv. It ix the chiefurgnti of the Demo- I c-ratie |mrty ofthe United Stntes. nml the I foremost advocate of the immediate rrstora . (ion of the Union. ft.i highest merit.con ( sist* in itn character as . in KntrrprUc tint! Trust u or lliy *rwp*aprr. '* The irxl rosir bids fair to lie a roomrriti e.il oneln the history of our free institution* j than emu any of the eventful ones that have : preceded it. The fir*! requisite for an in | kdligent judgment of (inldic affairs in a full * i and authentic account of facta na they trims s jure. Theae Tint Wnfti.ii always aims to f I give* with etwmeientou* arcurnev. and with j equal fulhum mid fidelity whether they make ’ j for orajpiiiist ita nirn views of public policy. i J Prompt activity in spreading before ita reii { dera every kind of news in which any part of the public takes nn interest, is the first , j duty of a luiwapaoer : and the facilities of , ; Tiik Wnut.ii for discharging tliiM obligation arc unsurpassed by those of any journal in the United States. Whatever else it may } I fail in. it certainly will not fail to furnish the news, nor to supply it with such prorop , I I bade, spirit, freshness, abundance, variety. J i accuracy, mid candor, that no class of mil 1 j demean mis* any anything of interest which • they wish to find. EDITION*#. J The Weekly World, a large quarto sheet, j name .rixenx Daily, is now nrinteH through i out ii, inrfft tyj*. and has the Imsesl circu ! Inlion of any weekly journal published, save I j or.e. -| I. It* Market Report* embrace the Now , j York. Albany, Brighton. and Cambridge , I hive Slock Markets ; the New York Country }• Produce and General Produce Markets: | i sj>orinl and valuable Hop Intelligence; a dc t ! partmenl of Agricultural Heading: all togeth er roirqi'tsing an unrivalled hand I took of j current information for the Parmer. I.ive I Stork or Produce Dealer, the Country Mcr c | chnut, Ac. 2. A pngn or more will lo rowntd fori [ Entertaining Fireside Pending for Uie Turn- 1 t ijv Circle, embracing the freshest and best | j Slnriuu. Poetry. Hcligiou* Heading, etc., . I nnd n page for the I Hseusaion of all Promt* I ncul Topics of general interest, political. . | agricultural, financial, literary, etc The Srui-SV ki.ki.v Worn uis a large qtiar ) to sheet, same rise as Daily, which, hy omit ting n great mn* ofi ifv advertisements from the Daily .contains all its news, eorrespon* ( I ‘knee, editorials, commercial and market - : nows, entile market nml provision reports, , j "d n fresh and entertaining miscellany of , j literature. Pubb'he 1 Tuesday nml Fridav, j TERMS, | Wkkki.t W.run. , One ono rear .*52,00 j i Four copies one year T.fto I Ten (vques. one year Jo.OO I j Twenty eppio*, to one address | Mfty copies. “ “ “ 50.00 I StMi-Wr.Kki.v Wonij i. 1 One copy, one year $4.00 j hour copies, one year HMH) ! Ten copies, one year ,20.00 Daily Wchi.ii. One copy, one year SIO.OO Cum Pruks. | ForcluU of 10, One Weekly, one year. I “ '* * rf b One Seim* Weekly, one year | “ “ 100, One Daily, one year. Additions to clubs may Ih made any time . in the yuir at the above club rates. I Twins, cash in advance. Send, if possi Me Punt-office Money Order or Bonk Draft. I Bilhi scut by mail will boat the rink of sen | j Wo have no travelling agent*. Address , nil enters ami letters to THE WORLD, j doc 27 " Park How Nkv Yonc. PROSPECTUS OF TIIK Weekly Aadoiatil Inlelllgfiirfr OF WASHINGTON, D. C. In compliance with numerous solicitations, The Weekly National Intelligencer Inn been resumed. It will le much enlarged, and W, H I>i in fact, one of the largest Weekly News|>apers published in this country. It will be printed with new and clear type, on strong fine, white paper, and will contain I more reading matter than anv weekly pab ; lidied south of Now York. Its columns will 1 I*® devoted to News. Literature, Commerce, Agriculture, tho Industrial Arta, the Inter ests of Religion, and Political Affairs. It will contain regular Heporta of Con gressionul Proceedings and Dcparlmenial New*, and the latest Foregin and Domestic Markets. In each of it* departments ipectal atten tion will le given by nn able and numerous corps of editors and reporters to provide the latent, wort interertimy. mad rrtuUde inirlli genet. ami to make the WieMy National tateingencer i n every respect a Jirrt does national Feuxjwper. Maintaining the just con tituiional powers [ of the General Govern went on the ono hand i and the reserved rights of the Mates on the other, confident that the Union coo be pre served only while the right* of each shall be respected by both ami uot transcended b? e, m er i tbe Wwk, y National Intelligencer will advocate the restoration uf theSoulhern States lj their place in the Union, on the basis fO fa just and equal representation in the National Legislature and the electoral collie, and will urge social and sectional pacification and reconciliation ns the means of restoring harmony and prosperity to all (•arts of the country, and the proper devel opment of U vwt agricultural. mineral and industrial resources. In addition to its tn'wellaneous newspaper, the Weekly National Intelligencer will in every respect supply the place of a National Union Mwpatgmpamr. It will bo only weekly pwb | lioahon of thu charade, publuMd at the teal of t.ocernment. It rwts with the friends of the Lmon and the Constitution to secure > to this paper a circulation tliat shall enable it to spread the truth aud to arousp the pa triotic impulses of the people in every State, county, hamlet, and fireside where truth ami patriotism are appreciated. Ts, Invariably ix Apvaxcbi One copy, ono year $a 00 Three copies, ono year, to one post. office 7 Five copies, one year 12 00 Ten copies, one yeapi 20 00 i For the Daily Intelligencer..... 10 00 - For the Tri weekly Intelligencer 6 00 Dubeoriken ahoatJ forward with their Office, County, and Slate to which the paper is to be sent . Wbonever convenient Postal Money Or ders will be the safest mode of transmitting I money. • All commnnicutjons should be addressed to SNOW, COYLE * CO., Publishers Notional Intelligencer, jwtfi Washington, D. 0. In PriKmln ; Our I nlun, Let I lc ( nrcliil to Prncrtt silmo Our CUil l.lbrrtlra. CLAD NEWS FOII TIIK CXFOKTUXATfi. '***" BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warrniiU-d in *ll wr, fur the tipeedt anil IVrmaaent Csrti of all dlseas'.'s arUiug (r<*m YOUTHPU L IXDIKCRKTTO.V. Sftnioal f/Ovr. Niglulv E nUnlun*. and Smua) Dream*: Gullal. Pqrilml *nd Nvrvnas I>o liility. Impotouee, (Meet, St xual Din 'O' i, Ac. \o Change oflllrf In Xcccimry. Tli**y be aapd wilhuut detcclinn. and never fall to effect a cure, if med sreording l in ■traeflun*. Bellas Specific Pills, Price On.* Hollar (.cr Hot: .r Six Box.'* for Five Hollars; al> Large Hoxoa.containing Four Small. Price Three Hollar*. From four to *i bo*.-* arc requir od to cure ordinary cane* of Seminal Woaknm* and Kmbvions, though bcoctit in dcrivud from uving a tingle bon. In Cbroni" ca>*, and nnrticul.n l v when Fm potrace or Oonitsl Debility with Nurrout Pros* (ration ban alTected the nyntctn, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended ** the moat Efficacious, l(e- Juvinating and InvigorMting ilrmcdr in the world. A Package, Price Fire Hollar*, will lant a month, and is generally Midicicut. In extreme raxes of Debility and Impotence lIKI.VS EXTKRNAL REM El) V, Price Two Hollars, inffirienl for a month, mo be used In good advantage. It give* Strength to the Organ*, nnd. with the Pills, will restore them to their normal condition. A Pamphlet of 100 pafce*. on the KILiIOUS OK YOUTIf. design, d a* a Lecture and (aution to Young Men, sent free, Ten Cents required to par postage. CAUTION! j The above Uemedie* have now been before 1 lb.* Public many years, and their great aucer** i in the alleviation of human miaerv. ha. excited j the cupidity of several parlies, who use the nsme "Sperilie Pill*,’ ropy mv ÜbeU, circu lar* and advertisement.*, sometimes word for word, and pot up woi thb-M compounds that disappoint the just expectations of the purchaser if you cannot purchase Hr; i.’s Srtnrtc Trv h'im of your Hr nggUt, take uo other, but send the money direct to Hr. JAMES IIRYAX, C'oii*nlling Physician. k*Hl Broadway. New York, and you will receive them by return of mail, (•oat paid, aud free from o!*acrTStlon. 'lore Valuable than t.o!tl! Bryan’s Life Pills ft UIKY THE m.nnD. Remove Headache, Distinct*. Giddiness, Drow siness. Unpleasant Dreams, Dimness of Sight, Indigestion. Cluansr the Stom ach anti Dowels, Insure NEW LIFE in the debilitated, and Htitore fit Sick to l'ar/*-i f/ratth. Purely Vegetable, Try them ! they onlv cost ?1 cent*, and If you cannot g.-t them of your Druggist. *end the money to Du. JAMES DKY’AN, Uonaulling Phvaician, HI9 Broadway, New York, And they u ill Ik* sent by return mail,po(paid. t/XXV/Nj TO LADIES. If yon require a reliable remedy to restore you, and remove Irregularities or Obstruction*, WHY NOT USE THE BEST? Every I*dy knows the slightest irregularitv of nature I* liable to bring on Mcadiuhe, Gid dinesa. Low Hplrita, Fainting. Mysteries, Ac. ; then the bloom of health fade*, the appetite fail*, and other symptom* more ditrc*ring eom nience, a*—Weakne**. Spinal Complaint, the M bite*, Prolapsus. Ac. Ac. A S KVKU-FAILING REMEDY will be fouud b Dr. Ifarvry't Female I'UU. The experience of thirty years has proved they have no equal for Removing OliatrurUoua and irregularities, no matter from what causu they arlae. They are Safe and Sure in cverv case. Upwards of M,OOO Boxes are sold annually, and no complaint of their effiracy is ever heard, JoMbcy accomplish what they are reprosonled Sold in Boxes, eoa/aNny SUtw PUU. Price One Dollar. Dr. Harvest Go/, fen PiiU lx a remedy four degrees stronger than the shove, and intended (or special case* of long standing. Price Five Dollars per Box. A PRIVATE CIRCULAR to Ladles, with fine Anatomical Engravings, sent free on receipt of directed envelope ami stamp. Send for I*. HARVEY'S PRIVATE MEDI CAL ADVISER, addressed to Females— 64 pages—giving full instructions and information, 10 cent* required for postage. If yoa cannot imrchase the Pills of your Druggist, they will be sent by mnii. post pmUL secure from observation, on receipt of the money, by Da. JAMES BRA'A.V, . , „ , Consulting Phvslcian, July IMy. 819 Broadway, New York. fQ NOTICE. (r WateheN, Clocks, JEWELY, SILVER PLATED WARE, BPECTACLBB, SII.VKR, aoi.l), PLATED & STEEL WATCH CHAINS, ST MOORE’S Jewelry Store, Near Rail Road, WwsUniuater. f€fit\Vatchea, Ciocka. and Jewelry, care ■ fiilly Repaired and warranted. _ WILLIAM MOORE. June 14. BUOAR! SUGAR!! A FINE Int of Brown aud White Sugars, Jol received at J" 1 )' A. M. Weraer’e. BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, AC. A Urge Mortment for Wra. Woven and Children, of Uteit ifvlr.. Call before von nnr <**. t ll SernendV I ! .vaii:(Ti\ni:UEV 1 [The editor of ||t* PMonbuif Imies give* | hi* romh.Tit the following line*, throwing ( nil blame of any pop.riblc heterodoxy upon * i the Indy from whose portfolio they cume ! : W C think it would he a right hard Christian , who would not enjoy any thing good ntt thin; and the blessed people who figure in thin dream may well afford to lOttr a little J quizzing of their earthly foible*. sueing that . they are. not “numbered with the saint* in , glory everlasting.’’J t Talking of neota rill lute one eve, Of the vnriofM doctrines the nainN believe. That night I stood in a troubled dream By tie ridn of a darkly flowing stream, And n ‘rhurebman’ down to the river came, When I heard a at mage voice cull hit* name, •Good Father, slop, whoa you cross this tide, Von must leave ynnr robe* on the other Bide.’ , But the aged father did not mind, And bis long gown floated out behind. As down to the stream his way he look. His pale hands Hasping a gilt edged book, ‘/in bound for heaven, and when 1 am there, I shall want my Book of Common Prayer ; •Thd though I put on n • tarry crown, I shall feel quite lost without my gown.' 1 Then he fixed his eyes on the shining track, Hint hi* gown was heavy, aud held him back; And the pour o!(l futh.fr tried in vain A single step in the flood to gain. I saw him again on the other side, But his silk gown floated on the tide; And no one asked in that blissful spot Whether be belonged to *THK Church’ or not. Then down to the river a Quaker strayed, If is dress of a so)>er huu was made ; ‘My coal and my hat must lie all of gray, I cannot go any other way.’ Thun ho buttoned Ida coat straight up to his chin, And staidly, solemnly waded in ; And his broad brimmed hat he pulled down rijjl't Over hi* forehead so cold and white. But a strong wind carried awns his hat: A moment he silently sighed over that, And then, nahe gazed on the farther shore, The coat slipped off, nnd was seen no more. As he entered heaven his suit of gray Went quietly floating away, away; And none of the angels questioned him Ahont the width of his beaver's brim. I N’wl came Dr. Watts, with a bundle of psalm* l ied nicely up in his aged p 1 os, Aud hymns us many—a very nice thing— That Lho people ia heaven ’all round' might sing. But 1 thought that he heaved an anxious sigh As he saw that the river mn broad and high. And looked rather surprised, as one by ouu The psalms and hymns in the waves went down. s And after him, with his MSB. Came Wesley, the pattern of all gmllinewr; But he cried ; Dear me, what shall 1 do ? The water has soaked them through and through 1’ And thoru on the river, far and wide, Away they wont down the swollen fide ; 1 ’"And the saint, astonished, jauued through alone, Without his manuscripts, up to the throne. When gravely walking, two saints by name, Down to the stream together came; But os they stopped at the river's brink, I saw one saint from the other shrink. ‘Sprinkled or plunged, may I ask you, friend, How you attained to life’s great end?' “Thus, with a few drops on my brow.” ‘ But 1 have leeo dipped, as you’ II see me now. And I really think it will hardly do, As I’m ‘close communion,' to cross withyoa; You're bound, 1 know, to the realms of bliss. But you must go that way, and I’ll go this.’ Them straightway plunging, with all hut might, Away to the left, Ids friend to the right — Apart they went from the world of sin, Bat at last together they entered in. , And now when the river was rolling on, A Presbyterian Church went down ; Of women there seemed an innumerable •throng; But the men I could count as they passed along. And concerning the road they could never agree, The out or the hew way, which it coaid bo, Nor ever a moment paused to think Thai both would lead to the river’s brink ; And a sound of murmuring, long and loud, Come ever up from the moving crowd, ‘You’re in the old way. and I’m in the new, That it the false and this is the true; Or, ‘l’m in the old way, and you’re in the new, That ia the false and tiiia the true.’ But the iihktiiiucn only seemed to speak, * • Modest the sisters walked, and meek, And if ever one of them chanced to soy What troubles she met with on the way, Mow she longed to pass to the other side, Nor feared to cross over the swelling Udo, A voice arose from the brethren then ; ‘Let no one speak but the holy men ;’ For have ye not heard the words of Paul. ‘Oh I let the women keep silence all V I watched them long in my curious dream, fill they stood by Ike borders of the stream; 1 as I thought, the two ways mot, But ell the brethren were talking ya. And would talk on, till the heavenly tide Carried them over, side by side ; Side by side—for the way was one— The toilsome journey of life wap done s And oil who in Christ, Uo Saviour, died, Came out alike on the other aide. No forma, or crosses, or books had they, No gowns of silk, or suits of gray, No creeds to guide them, or ‘MSB.,’ For all hod put on Christ's righteousness. Why is a ehecne-factory like some of the filed stars —Boos use it is in the milky way. TH£ INVESTMENT; Or, the Two Mrrcliauta. * n ‘ Cap you loan me two thousand dob | Inn 1o establish myselfJu a small retail " Witless ?** inquired a young luuu not i* yet out of his teens, of a middle aged n gentleman, who was pining over a pile le of ledger* ju tho count'mg-room of ouu it <>f the largest establishUfOnls in Boston „ The p< nMin addressed turned toward the speaker and regarding him u mo ment with a look ul aurprite, inquired : ‘ What security can you Mr. Strosser? • Nothing but my note," rep iud the young man pro nptfy. ‘‘Which f fear would be bulow pnr in *• marktl," replied the merchant smiling, y. 1 HftHii. pH so,” said the young man, but, Mr. Barton, remember that the boy is not the man ; the time wsmw come when Hiram StroSHcr's note will be as readily accepted as that of any other man. • True, very true,” replied Mr. Bar ton mildly, “but you know business men seldom loan money without ado* igiatc security—otherwise, thoy might soon be reduced to penury.” At this remark tie young man's coun tenance became deathly pale, aud hav ing observed a silence of several mo ments ho inquired in a voice whose tones indicated his deep disappointment. ‘•Then you cannot accoqguodatc me, can you?” • “Call upon me to morrow, and I will give you my reply,” said Mr. Burton ; and thu young man retired. Mr. Burton resumed his labors at the dunk, hut Isis miud was so tun- h upon the boy and his singular errand that he could not pursue his task with my cor rectness ; am), after having nia • Bcrc rol sad blunders, he closed the ledger, 1 and took his lint, and wont out upon the street. Arriving opposite the store of a wealthy merchant upon Milk street, he entered thu d or. ‘■‘Good morning Mr. Hawley," mnl he, , approaching the proprietor of lho estab lish oicut who w.*s seated at hi* d-*sk. counting over lho profits of the week, i ‘ aomi .#*.’■’ replied the uier chant, blandly; “happy to see you ; have a eual I Any nows ? how’s trude?” W hhout Hot icing these interrogations, f Mr. Barton said ; “Young Strosscr is desirous of estab lishing hiuisvlf in n small retail business in Washington street, and culled this t morning to secure of me a loan of two thousand dollars for that pnrpoetf* “lndued i” exclaimed Hawley, evi . deutiy surprised ut the announcement ; "but you Jo imt think of loaning that ( Miw. do you ’ ‘ I do not know,” replied Mr. Bur ton, Mr. Slrosser is a young man of business talent and strict integrity, and will be likely to micvccu in whatever he uudorlakes.” I “Perhaps so,” replied Mr. Hawley, n little doubtful, “but 1 am heartily tired of helping to re-establish these, young aspirants for commercial honors." i “Have you ever suffered buy from such a coure ?” inquired Mr. Bartua, ut the same timecsftluga roguish glance st Mr. Hawley. “No.” replied the latter, for I never felt inclined to make au investment of that kind.” “Then here is a fine opportunity to do so. It may prove better than the stock in the hank. As for myself, 1 |avo concluded that, if you willad vancc him one thousand dollars, I will con tribute an equal sum.” “Not a single farthing would I ad vance fur such a purpose; and if you nmko an investment of that kind, I shall ooosidsr you very foolish.” Mr. llaitoo obacrrcd a silence of sev ers! minutes and thou arose to depart. “If you do not feel disposed to share with mo in this enterprise I shall ad vuuce the whole sum myself.” ♦ ♦ * * Ten yAars have passed away since the occurrence of the conversation recorded in the preceding dialogue, and Mr. Bar ton. pule and agitated, is tlanding at the same desk as when first introduced to the reader's attention. As page af ter pgo of his ponderous ledger was examined, his despair became deeper and deeper, till at last he exclaimed: “I am ruined—utterly mined I’* “How so?” inquired Hiram Stroescr, who entered the eounti.bg room in so *on to hear Mr. Barton's remark “The lust Kuropean steamer brought news of the failure of the house qf I'er jeh. Jacks..u & Co., London, who are indebted to me in the sum nearly two hundred thousand dollars. News of the failure has become general, and my creditors, panic-stricken, are pressing iu my papers to be cashed. The banka refuse mu credit und 1 have net the moans to meet my liabilities. If I eonld pans this crisis, perhaps 1 could rally again, but it i* impossible; my credi tors are importunate, and I cannot keep nbovK tha lid,,” replied Mr. Barton. Whet ie the exteu t of yoar liabilities?” inquired Streeter. “Scvniy-Bve thousand dollars,” re plied Mr. Barton. “Would that sum bo sufficient to re lieve job.” “It would.” “Then sir, you shall have itlaid Strosacr, oa he stopped up to the desk, and drew a check lr seventy-live thoua and dollars. “Here take this, aud when you need more, do not hesitate to onll upon mo. Remember that it was from you I re ceived money to establish myeolt ia business.” “But that debt was cancelled several years sec.” replied Mr Barton, at a ray of hope shot aoross his troubled mind. j *-True/* replied Strowcr, but the I Jcbt of i/rnh’tiulr thiit I owe you hat i never bcuu cauocili'd and now that the | ucalc ia turned I deem it my duty to |. i come to the rcacoe.’* 1 At thin *i njrul.tr turn in the tide of it fortune Mr. Burtim fairly wept for J joy c ilia paper Won taken up aa fa.-t an it c waft Kent in, and in les* than u mouth he had pushed the eriais. and at<od per il lecfly aafe mid secure, hi* credit incrca i *<J. and hie business improved, while : several other firms sunk under the . biuw, and could out rally, inuonjr whom was Mr. Hawley, alluded to at the com o meinement of the story. “How did you manage to keep above r, the inquired Mr. Hawley of Mr. . Barton, one morning, several months i, • slier the events last recorded, as be met L . the latter upon the street, on bis way 0 *• h a place of business. s "Very easily, indeed, I can assure r you,” replied ItarUm. "Well du tell me bow,” continued Mr. . Hawley: “I lay claim to a pood degree 1 of shrewducas, but the strongest exer . else of my wits did not save me, and t yet you, whose liabilities were twice ns heavy as my own. lisvc stood the shock, . and have euoie off even buttered by the . storm.” ‘ The truth ia," replied Mr. llarton, a ‘‘l cashed my paper as it was aunt in.” "I suppose so," said Mr. Hawley re , garding Mr. 11. with a look of surprise, ••but how did you obtain the fund* ? 1 As for my part I could out obtain a ; dollar credit, the hanks refused to take my paper, aud my friends even deser . led me.” i “A little investment that I made . some lon years ago,” replied Mr. Bar . tun, smiliug, ‘ has recently proved ex . ccedingly profitable.” , ‘‘lnvestment I’ echoed Mr. Hawley, . what investment?” r "Why. do you remember how 1 es tablished young Grosser iu business some ten years ago?” , 'O. yoa," replied Mr. Hawley, as a . ray of suspicion lit up his eouutcuauce, ‘ but what of that?” ‘•Tie is now one of tlto heaviest dry "'•yds dealers in the oity, and when this ; oalamlly came on, he ramc forward, and ’ very generously advanced me aeventy , five thousand dollars. You know 1 told you on the morning I called to of . fur you an equal share of the stock, thst ■ it might prove better than an iuvest i incut in the bank.” , During this announcement, Mr. Haw ley's eyes were bent intently upon the . ground, aud drawing a deep sigh, be ; "Hived on, dejected and sad, while Mr. llarton teturued to his place of business with his mind cheered and animated by . thoughts of his singular investment.— ITortA uuU llra/tA. Slaughter ol I . S. Troup*. Four Lauauix, Dee. 27 Fort Phil , ip Kearney. Dakota Territory, is situa ted iu the forks of the two I’ioey Creeks , in the ventre of the mountain district of i ha Military Department of the Platte, , aud iu the heart of the region occupied by the hostile tribes, the Sioux aud the ! Cheyennes. Its defense consisted of a well made stockade of timber, pierced with loophole for musketry. At two of • the corners were block houses of logs, eighteen inches in diameter. H The Indians are very troublctomfl and the troops at Fort Philip Kcaruefl have hecu almost in a state of seige fofl lor weeks past. Ou the 22d a u umbel of Indians came near the post, and Brel vet Lieutenant Colonel W. J. (-oltmaol Captain J. 11. Brown and Licuteuanl (ilumnmnd. allot’ the Eighteenth infautryl aud went after the ludians. The troopl were gradually drawn on until at a puinl four miles from the fort, when the I were surrounded and slaughtered. Nol a man escaped to tell the story of diaasl ter. 'IA| bodies were stripped of everl article ffidutliing, scalped and mutilal ted. Thi-ty bodies were found in f space not larger than a good sited room. K early all the bodies were recovered and buried in the fort Udlei Should Read News paper*. The Albany TVmss says it is a great mistake in female education tit keep a young taay's time and attention devoted to ouly fashionable literature of the day. If you would qualify her for conversa tion, you must give her something to talk about, give her education with the actual world and it* transpiring events. Urge her to read newspapers and be come familiar arith the present charac ter and improvement of oar raoo.— History it of some importance ; but the world it dead, we have nothing to do with it. Onr thoughts and concerns should be for the present world, to know what it in and improve its condi tion. Let her have an intelligent opin ion, and pa able to sos lain intelligent oonversation concerning the mental, moral and religions improvement of onr tinata. Let the gilded anooal and po ems on the eentrw table he kept part of the time covered with weekly and daily journals. Let the whole family, men, women tnd children, road the new*- .. . Cm* ran a Colo, A. D, I*4o. Patte your fceto In hot water, As high as tout thighes, Wrappeyour bend up in fttanolls, Aa low a* year oyoe j Take a quart of ramm'd granite, When in heddo, as a done, With a number fear dippe Well tallow your none. We understand that Brigham Young “ about to petition Congrcnt for aa ip proprieties to enable him to take the oeoaos of kin whole family. Bo in about to lay out n family cemetery. TERMS- 51. 90 IK IPTAIO e Morning and Evening. s It was the morning of life. The euu c had risen in nil its beauty. A youth 0 wandered forth, full of joy and hope.** All nature seemed calm and pleasant. f (lay birds warbled round him ; beautiful r flnwurs grew at bia feet. The light V'iiula of summer rustled past, seeming t to welcome him there, and cheering him on his way. He woa happy ia the pres • out alone, and happier iu the auticips • tiou of the future c “What a pleasant world ia this,” bo c thought, as be imagined brighter days 3 to come, msny joys yet untested. He wandered up tlio- broad road of life. He saw a youag and beautiful 8 girl. She too, wandered oo the road of life. They met. Gentle lovo touched 1 their hearts, and she turned and went t with him. The; journeyed together, ; man aud wife, is loving pleasure, while yet the auu beamed mildly upon this • morning of life. They had almost forgotten the pres ent pleasure in thoughts of coming joy. ♦ • • • • e The sun. bright hgaming sun, has I gone dowu iu the west. Bright move* I iug has given place to evening. Day , has changed to night. The pleasant ; summer has gone. The sweet fluwers sre withering and the gay birds hare , fiowo. Two young sod happy beings had strayed forth in the fresh morning of , life together. The dark hsir, thai • waved so gently had turned gray. The i rote tinted cheeks had turned pale.— i Hopes were swept away by the chill win ter wind, and the young had.grows old. They rest iu sileuce, sod in the next ; bright rummer lovely flowers will grow above thoir graver. Young hands will ■ gather them—light hearts beat with love aud hope, as theirs did in the sum , mer gone. The tale ia told, and they are forget . ten. The Effects of a Dream. i The five leading journals of Paris , contain long and circumstantial ac counts of a distinguished engineer whose head wa turned perfectly while by a i most frightful dream. The engineer 1 bad visited a rough and unfrequented mineral region fur the purpose of ex ploring sod reporting to x company of capitalists upon the richness of a eer , tain mine The night of hia arrival, aud before be descended into the mine, be lodged at a small inn, aud after sat ing a pound or two of pork, went to i bed. tie dicamod that he had visited . the mine and was being hsuled up, when ho discovered that the rope was almost severed, and there was huts tin gle strand to support his weight aud that of the bucket io which he was be ing drawn up. Suddenly, when he hod ascended two hundred feet, the rope, he dreamed, gave way. qpd he ottered a fearful shriek, which aroused the in mates of the house, and when they bursted open the dour of tbe dreamer’s room they found a while headed num4A. place of the Mock haired young gcntle maa who had retired a fuw hours before. Tbe story is well authenticated, and thia ia the first instance ou record of * mao’s head being turned white Am the effect? of a dream. Salt tik CmiiMiT.— ln bnildtMu chimney pat a quantity of salt into mm mortar with which the interspaces of brick arc to be laid. The effect will bo that there will never be any accaronla tion of soot in the chimney. The phil osophy is thus stated : The salt in lb# portion of mortar which is exposed ab sorbs moisten every damp day. The soot thus becomes damp and falls down the fire-place. Oar readers should re member or preserve this little pieee of valosble information. <sr for Frosted Uabs. It ie announced that frosted limbs are permanently relieved by one or ten applications of boiled lye of wood mlmb I mailt so strong ss to be quite sHppcry between the fingers. This lye should settle, be drained off, and baeu u large bandfitl of common salt to each quart of lye mixed with H. It ebould be quite warm end the limbs be submerged ft* one or two hours. The Southern darkies held emanei pation frolics at Riohmwnd, Cbarieetou, Wilmington and other places, on New Year's day, nnmeiestad by anybody.— At Augusta, Georgia, they had a "mi;i tary” parade, and such a lot of flashy uniforms, Of every color, words, arms and trappings of every sort—warlike end comical—-wss never before sritaea* •ad among (he daeaendaata of Hem and hominy. “Vsotahb pills !’’ exethimed an old lady, “don't talk to ms of snob stuff.— The best vegetablepill ever made lean f“femme" duy note cberybody."

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