24 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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mm works, 1 Westminster SiL IV U. If. H ARM AN i CO., /10NtlNTK tut m.uulkcture of IKON 1 UEARED THRESHERS with Pritofe’i Improved HORSE POWERS, PLOUGHS, with Wrought ami Cast Iron Bhares awl Points. Spring Tooth HORSE RAKES. fin. HavMkd'Qnun, CORK SHELTERS, FEED CUTTERS, tuul 'Agricultural Machinery generally. Alho CASTINGS of all kind* done to order. All kind* of REPAIRING dona with propfucs* and on moderate term*. Thrv hiv also *le Agents for th** sale of MtPoU.MiCK'B Improved Self-Raking combined KEU’ER AAD MOWER, for Carroll ciniuty. and in that part of Fred •rick county North of Frederick City, and al*o in that uart of Baltimore county North of Texas. With this Machine the Farmer saves money, Hipn and labor, and is, without > any other now in the market, ana fully warranted to veno and rake hr.iw. light, tangle*! or ’odged Grain, where hand rakea or dcopmta will Adi. We offer it on trial with any other, the purchaser to keep and pay for the one preferred. Also are Agents for Owners Patent SrJ/-RegHinting Grain Separator y Cleaner and Bagger. Ata time like the present, when labor is very scarce, it is important that Farmers, who are interested, should give attention to this improvement, which will considerably reduce the expense of Threshing Grain in the common way. This is now considered the In st Separator before tho public. It is particularly minuted to Farmers for their own use, and will apply to Lever or Railway power, and will Thresh and Clean from 100 to lot) RusheU per day, using four to six horses and as many hands. Also, for sale MoxtUOMEHV’s ‘ ’DoLB LE- Sen KEN ED RoTEA wat Wheat Fax.” decT-ly. LADIES’ NEW SHOE STORE JUST OPENED IN Westminster, Between the Railroad and KcitauidiU * Store, two doow west of ‘.i Mrs. Shriner’s Alillinery Store. f undersigned has just returned from 1 the citv of Philadelphia with tho largest and beet selected stock of Indies' Misses' Children'* and Gentlemen's Hoot* k Shoes ever brought to ibis nw ket. Mr stock con sists in port of ladies' jwid Misses Custom made Glove Kid Balmorals, Dwl Lusting Gaiter*. Morocco Balmorals, * laL Polish lioota. Oil Goat Balmoral*, and Chil dren’* Shoes ; also Gentlemen’* Boots and Hhoet, ruch a* Men’s Calf Custom-made Boot*. Congress Gaiters, Lace Boots, Bro gan*, Kip and coarse Boot* k Shoes of all Kinds. Being au experienced Manufacturer myself, I have hail all the above stock made to order, and for tho express purpose to suit Ibis market by a celebrated and well known Boot and Shoe Manufacturer of Philadelphia, which for style, finish, dura bility, comfort mid elasticity to t!:* feel, are superior to all others ami are the best fitting patterns that can bo found. I have taken "rent care in the getting up of my stock, uud can warrant every article to be what it is represented or tho lose will be upon me* 1 therefore invito the especial attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Westminster and Carroll county to my stock •of Good* which will be sold at much lower figure* than the same good* can bo had elsewhere. Como one, come all, and examine for yourselves. No charges mode for showing Good*. oci4, —tf T. S. ECKERT. DENIAL IMPROVEMENTST OK. BkD’l 18.pr0.r4 Vltronx Oxide lpp:\ralua. Dr. GEO S. FOIKE. Dentist, Ravins’ famished his office, in Westminster. Ncl., with one of Dr. liooa’s Patent Improved Apparatus for the manufacture of perfectly pare NITROUS OXIDE GAS, would announce that be will will be at all tiaiee prepared administer tbb popular Aa*s the tic Extraction of Teeth icithont Pain. I)*. FOUKK would invite the attention of the public to hi* lately Improved Atmospheric Paessoaa PfcAta* roa Anvin\L Teeth. By means of an improved Air-Chamber, tho pres sure of the atmosphere for bolding teeth firmly and stcuredv in the mouth, Is more certainly and effectually attained than by suy style or form of plate 'hither n. used by the profession. The value and excellence of a set of Artificial Teeth are much enhanced by this new and truly philosophical arrangement.' Dr. K. continues the Practice of Dentistry m ail its Branches, and being a Pioneer Worker in IJard Rubber for Dental purposes, he is tho roughly experienced in the manufacture of teeth upon the K*lrafc Base, and is prepared to supply this style of work at very moderate rate*. June 7,—if. NEW STORE NEW STOCK. Your attention is politely and rcspectfrdly solicited to nv new stock Of well selected OOOIiS now opening, Immediately opposite CARROLL HALL Embracing a great variety of GOODS, such ae Cloths, Gasslmers, Casstaetts, TWEEDS, ruin and Fancy SOUaLINES, COnOCKGS, ALPACAS. FLANNELS. GINGHAMS, CALICOES, CAMBRICS, DRILLS, Bleached and Brown MOCBLINES, Benin. Shoes. Hate aid Caps, GLOVES, HOSE, Wool and Cotlow, With a general and well .elected STOCK of I.! ROGER! ES and HARDWARE. And other ankles usually kept, which are offered at a smalt advance above CM. JOSEPH WELLER, MfiO-lf NEW BOOK AND STATIONERY STORE. THE andersigned having just opened busiaess, take pleasure in calling ihe attonUoa of the Public to their well astee fod stock of Book*, Stationery, Cards, Ac., which they latter themselves can be told on as fair terms as eon he obtained else where. All ordeal for Books, Mask. Ac,, promptly filled We are also Agents for tho mle of the “fife of Stonewall Jackson,” nod “Beadly’a History of the Rebel lion," WESUK C. D&NER. iKHAIB COLLEttIATB N ILE VCmSIppiTITrTE. Oroasa, 18 UVtUCAL ptejkMTMttfr. ' 111, Pmtifeß. Mnnroo, - Miss Kate N. Qehr. rrtms INSTITUTION will commence I the FIRST SESSION of iu SIXTH Kch>luj|iiv Mar on WEDNESDAY, SEP TEMBER, sfh, 1866. Pupil* will he re ceived at any time, and charged from time . of entrance. ASA BOAR BIS a SCHOOL.. * Jt* maiir of Hooding Pupil* during tho pa„st year was 26 female*. and 15 male*.— The Principal receives only won female* into Utii family : a number of others may : hoard with approval families in the town. ‘ Those wwhing Ut occupy th vacancies h not yet filled, will please make curly appli- T cation. *£_•- * The accommodations for Boarders n he o separate buildings, built of brick. Thai * for the Mule Department is the residence of > the Rev. Jonathan Minroc (Father of the e Principal!, whose paternal care will he aver r hi* boarders; that for the Female Depart 0 ment is occupied by the Principal. There wtU not Im* any ronjiuuqimtiuii between n lhco department*. Koch will bcoonsidcrcsl as a family, nffbrdi ng a home to its boarders. AS A DAY SCHOOL i. Number of Doj* Pupil*, during the |w-* , t o year, fi6, making a tout of 107 Pupils. )’ Accommodation* are five commodious ii rooms, The young men's study room— d the boys study room —the young lacno*’ study * room —the Primary room, and the Lecture r room. y Departments. —Primary. Preparatory t>d 0 Collegiate: three grades of classes in each * Department—ln Music, French and Ger- man. superior advantages. taught gratuitously. Kgtedal attention given to all elementary principles: also to Pcnnmnship (plain and fancy)* te liook keepiugi to Spelling, Head ing ami Hloenliem Six grade* of Tttitkm, from $4 up to $I ‘1 per quarter. New Circulars just issued. srrNROK. July fi. Principal. .nr .GOODS. * Slew (ieods!! . MASSIE & CO., j FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC If ry Goods * | WE are now receiving our large ami n i varied assortment of :l f | FALL AND WINTER ;{ GOODS! s And ark Selli.no Them ; CHEAP. 1 . J fi*®rGirc us a call dufurc purchasiug ' t elsewhere, os wc fed confident it will he j to*yOur interest, Westminster, Oct. 11, ’6O s 35533 a**vLMi> MM RAILXOAD- Change of Time. SUMMER AKRAXOEENTS, On and after MONDAY, May 21st, 1860, the Train* will rnn as follows: Eastward. —Leave Union Bridge at 4.40 A. M., ‘J A. M. and 2.10 P. M * Leave Westminster at 5:40 A. M. and \ 9.45 A. M., and 2.57 P. M. e B'olrord.—Leave Baltimore at 9.15 A. M . 8.30 P. M-, and 5.30 I*. M. Arrive at Westminster at 11.48 A. M., 1 8.06 P. M. and 8.00 P. M. Arrive atUiucm Bridge at U. 27 P. Itl., 8.58 r,31. ant.4K PTM. reight Trains daily each way, (cx ? ccpt Sunday.) r AST An TRxprcM Freight Car leave* Cal* r vert Station daily, (except Saturdays and - Sundays,) at 8.80 P. M—but all goods for r that car must be deli vered before 3.00 P. M. ' For any information in regard to Freirhu or Cara, apply to the undersigned at West -1 juinslcr. P. H. IRWIN, • may 24-tf BupT. : IRON, SYEEL AND [ Leather Store I i Important to Btirkrmilhn. Machinistt Farmers, .Shoemakers, Saddlers and Consumers of Iron anti Leather. r f | HIE Subm;riber< inform the ciiizena of I Carroll and adjoining Counties, that Urey have just opened at their new Wire i house, near the Depot, et Westminster. Md., a foil complete stock of Iron, Skoal, Leather, Hubs, Spoke. , Followk, end everything belonging to the Carriage Business*, and all kinds of Blacksmith’s Tools and heavy Hardware generally; also a com plete stock of • HOE FlilDlltUa, all of which are ofcred at fiur prices. The attention of comsumers and dealers are iavi|d M call aad examine our stock, in quality and prices, i RKtFSSIDER i CO. , sept 18,1888—tf SHOESANDHATS Cheaper than Brer, > At John R. Bvibt’r, > Opposite new Catholic Church. WHERE you will find the largest and h. <l assortment of the very latest . style Xmdivs and Jfisscs Shoes and Boots I ever offered for sale in this Jforket. Also Xens Boots and Shoes of every distription flats.’ flats 11 Hats !11 Hats! !11 of the very latest style always on hand. 1 All goods sold at tha very lowest prices. I oetad ; r m. r. mousey. cuts, e. soroti. MUKSBY I ROBERTS, STronsErs-AftA.fr asd squc i irons is chancer y. , Haring associated themselves la the prae r ties of Law in Camoll county, they will at ' tend [TOmpUy and oarofollj la all busineas autraited to thr charge. Mr. liaulsby will visit WHeewdMter whenever business reqmrea-ak Oflls* UneOf opfoMe Court Bmus. jMrt-ip GUOLtRA mUAiIVK! i x. non. i.. TUE GREAT ZISUAEI RITTERS, This wonderfulreuedy wssdiwov vrtd sad inlrocluctl about twenty year* ago bv Dr. 8, Cheopam, so eiuiueni Kgy ptisu phreeisa. rtfic Usd long iron sad felt th wsut of some uedy which would etrlke st the root of dU hip, sad bo (irevrot much of the taffering which the human family ws theu ctunpalled to •adure. Tho j rest qacetioo was presented to bis mlad every day in vivid colors as ho moved ssi*ng tbs *iek and dying, and observed thu inefiicieii ey of nearly sll the rcmedlt** then la us*.’. Thus he wse Ivsu to think and raperiim ulj and after ten vsr of etudv and labor. h preaenUni to hi fellow man (he wonderful Sungari Uiitem. The effect of Ihl* preparation iu the prevention Slid cure of disease, wap o mar VcUmi# od sa toniulr.ng, Uist th -• most fistloriag mark* of royal favor wet® bento wed upon him who die • eo’rered it. Xlin name wan placed upon the Koll of Noble*, and a gold medal w ith the fol low iux lueription— Dr. S. Cbeopeae. the Public ! Benefactor—twai preaented to him by Iho Vicc- Tho preparation baa boon, aeod in enreral epidemick of cholera, both a* a preventive and curutivo tucaaiire, greet lucrcas -nut i has been Introduce Into nearly all Ihe i , general hoetdtsl* of the old world. The <dd buying that un ounco of prevention • ii worth a pound of cure, applic* with marvol lou* fore® to cholera, and therefore an vTvnu dy that w ill protect iis against Uii terrible di*<-asc ' should be freely nud peraiatenUt need. All patholngSgt* now agree that the cholera . poison seta on the vUmu through the blood. , and that any combination which act* on tho I excretory organ*, and keep* them in working order, inunt prevent a aaflicient am-umulation of the po>M>u to exert its terrible e fie cl* n the organism. This i* true not only of cholera, but j of nearly all other maladies, especially the dtf- J I ferent forin* of fever*. The Zingari Hitlers is just such * remedy as j s the above condition# require. It wets on the 1 organs of excretion and secretion, keeping up a perfect balance between tb<-ui. This Hitters I is composed entirely of routs and herbs, so •’ nicely concocted that every organ is acted upon and put in tone. Its taste is pleasant and its 1 effect# prompt and lasting, i Numerous case* of the following disease* ' have been cured by it: Cholera. THarrbtea, ? ( Typhoul and Typhus Fever, Fever, Ague. Ner voua Debility, Anaemia, Female Irregularities, Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Colic, Scrofula, Ac. [ Vrlec, one dollar per quart bottle. I I’riocipjil Depot at the Walnut street Wharf, - UarrislHjrg, Pa. Hold bv Druggist*. Hotel-keeper# A Grocers. , For Sale in Westminster Md. by How em A Gkbb, Grocers, and .V, H. UcOkr. Diugglat. F. RAHTKK, June 28,—-lyr. Sole Proprietor. FALL AND WINTER OF ISGG AMI 1567 E. K. GEII\A\D, WKST.MIXSTKK, Mil.. TT7 ILL always be found a largo nud cure- j \ \ fullv selected stock of FOREIGN AM) DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, > J Notion/*. 1 Cabinet and Building Hardware, , Queen a ware, 1 Groceries. BOOTS, SHOES. HATS, &?., Floor And Table OU Clullm, Drug*, OUsfl, Oil?, Ae., Ac.. Ac. The largest asoriu.-ut uf LAMPS. Shad. r. i . Ac . iu the County. The above stock bus been carefully seleo i ted and is replete, in Dome-tie Gouda es pecially, with *ll the standard mnke* of the Country, nod will be sold ut as low rules as can be pnrehnsed for in the City. Coll and examine before putchuaing. K. K. GEUNANI). oct IS corner Main ami Court streets. Dr. W. 11. Wltior, Mas been in sooccasfhl practice for a number j of year*, with tho experience of the different hospitals in Bnrouc, also a member of the An ’ ilyticol Medical Institute of New York, contln- j ues to attend to all professional case* at his of- . flee No. 928 Filbert Street Philadelphia. N 6 patent Medicines are used or recoin- I mended ; the remedies administered arc those which will not break down the constitution but renovate the system from all injuries it has sus tained from mineral medicines and leave the system iu a healthy and perfectly cared con aition. •TiFKCftU that distressing disease and fell destroyer of health and happiness, undermin ing thu constitution and yearly carrying thou sands to untimely graves, can most emphatical ly be cured. Melancholy, AbbcrrnUon that state of Aliena tion and weakness of tho mind which renders persons incapable of enjoying the pleasures or performing the duties of "life. KMRCMAnsu, in any form or condition, ebron ■ nic or acute warranted curable. srasrtr, or falling sickness, all chronic or stubborn cases of FEMALE DISEASES, radically removed; Soil Rheum and every , description of ulcerations ; Piles and scrofulous diseases which have baffled all previous medical skill, can be cured by my treatment j and I do say all diseases, { ve# Coxscumo*) can be cured by wearing my Medicated Jacket, which is a protection to ihe lungs against all change* of weather in all climate*. Having investigated for years the cause and character of intermittent* (fever and ague) in all part* of the United States will core permanently all cronic or acute cases of ague A nervous diseases in a few davs. • Cmtrer Cured witkoui (Ae knife or JJruutu'i Blood. J J Tap# Worm that dread to the Human Family for years, can be removed with two or throe dose# of my newly discovered remedy, w arrnn . ted in all cases. Consultation in the English and German Languages free of charge. Will moke visits any distance if desired. Mav ho addressed by letter ( confidentially) and Medi cine sent with proper directions to any pat t of the country. OFFICE-No, 028 Filbert St. Philo, June 7,—ly. UNITED Steel Fen Works, Factory, FAMDEV, X. J. T> ESTERBROOK A CO. Steel Pen XVo Manufacturers, Warehouse. 403 Arch Street., Philadelphia, 42 John Street, New York. These Celebrated Pons are of Genuine American Manufacture, and comprise every leading style in the Market, and are equal in finish, elasticity and fineness of point to the best imported. They are, therefore, sure to gain the confidence of the American public. Samples and prices on Application. Lot* Made to Order, of any pattern or stamp mini red. •ffluFor Sale to tho Trade at the Monu factorer’a Warehouse, ua above; and at retail by all Stationers, Bookseller* and News Dealers in the United -Slates. U. ESTERBROOK k CO. mylO-ly Notice to Soldiers. T ana now prepared to make out the papers, ■ and collect the bounty for Soldiers, under the late decision of the War Department, and the Act of Congress approved July 28th 1866. No .pay, or charge made, until I collect the money from the Government, and pay it over to the Soldier. I have re ceived a number of blank forms from the War Department, and am now ready to make out the claims and collect the money. RICHARD MANNING, Office Friaell A Manning, Brokers, Wegtminiter, Md. oet 11,-tf Carroll Nursery. XKAR WESTJUJySTXIi, I W, JOSEPH STOUT PUOPHIRTO!! ■H* SUBSCB'IDEB hw i - I about 40,000 Apple Trees i Of the most Approved varieties in haul for next Spring planting A large supply of Dwarf and Standard j PEAKS. A few PEACH TREES, PLUM and •APRICOT. i A supply of CHERRY and QUINCE | TREES. AiAnoKsrmvoK OUA P E VIN E S 11 of all the leading varieties. 11 CURRANTS, 1 GOOSEBERRIES, , I LAWTON BLACKBERRY, Strawberries, ■ i RASPBERRIES, j K\EUGR KKN S, of largo size; AI-HO, j A largo lot of DECIKCOI’if TREES. ! j Those who dehire TREKS we think would do well to examine my stuck before pur- I chasing elsewhere, ns my stock arc all from ' tested varieties. JOSEPH STOUT. | decT-tf REAL ESTATE J mid Collecting Agency. 1 f.Z.I I Wkhtmi.vhtku, Mo., I OJicf at jVikesrira fort, from o j. .v. to :t r. m. HA\ INO made arrangements fur the prosecution of the business of buving I and wiling Real Estnt \ offers his service* t to the citizen* of Carroll county who mav j wish any business transacted in his line.~ A large amount of Real Estate alwav* on I hand. Persons having property to dispose j of will find him the Invst medium for its sale, i AlHo.nl! collections promptly attended to. gg iccT-tf. LAW COPARTNERSHIP.' j :. P. CROCT. CHA*. T. RKIFSXTDER. CIIOIT & KEIFSMDER. 1 .1 TTOMXKYS-AT-LA \V AM) SOU • ('irons ix chancery, WIMTUISSTItt, Mp. IVI- hau* formed a copartnership in mr It practice of lxw in the Courts of Carroll and Howard Counties, and will promptly attend to ail business entrusted to our care. ParticuhdfcaUemiou paid to Col lections and procuring Decrees for the sale of Real Estate. Also, Applications tiled for Rack Psy and Bounty due heirs of deceas'd soldiers/ Office adjoining the residence of Ciias. T. RKirsMiDEfu nodO-tf ALEXANDER FRAZER. Clock and "Wauk Maker. lIJ ESPECTfTLI.Y in- t . j form* the Public that Jig : the transaction of business ut Mr. Tntoibo’s, , lower end of Westminster, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. ilcring as an office. Being an old experienced Clock and Watch Maker, not a repairer the rely, ho Hatters himself that he can give every satisfaction to his employers. Clocks, Watches", Jewelry, Ac., repaired at short notice, in the best manner, and on most accommodating terms. June 14-lf J. J. BAUMGARTNER. ’ Attorney at Law and Solicitor In Chancery. VITHd. practice law in the Courts in Car- If roil county, will aid and counsel those who arc settling estates in the Or phans' Court, anti draft Wills, Deeds Ac. Can be seen at the Union National Bank of Westminster, from o'clock A. M., un til 4 o’clock P. M.,sud in the evenings at his residence opposite the Farmers A Me chanics’ National Rank of Westminster. may24-ly. JOS. M. PARKE, Attorney ut Un and Solicitor in Chancer). Having some snare time, not occupieo by his Editorial duties, will devote the same to the Practice of Law in the various Courts of Carroll county. Will counsel and assist such as have business before the Or phans’ Court, and attend to the prepara tion of Deeds, Wills Ac. Office in the roar of the Advocate Print ing Office. marß JOHN C. rtlllLL. . MAKNIJIO. FRIZELL & MANNING. BROKERS, WILL buy aud sell United HUttV and other public Securities ; also Land Warrants. Will bur .Negotiable Paper, Roods and Judg ment*. and advance money on Collections. Will pay thret per cent, for Deposit**, to be secured by Government Bonds, and redeemable on demand. Office three doors below Dartholtor's Hotel, Westminster, MU. marls-tl. Daily Passenger and MAIL LINE, Prom Gettysburg and Littlestown. Con nects with the Cars at Westminster. JOHN H. SPALDING. decU-lf C. W. WEBSTER, State’s Attorney, ATTORNEY AT LAW, AND SOLICITOR IN CHANCERY, Office over Prized k Manning’s Broker’s Officer, d doors below Bartholow’s Hotel, Westminster. Md. decT-ly. White Goods. A new and rariad assortment of best imported while twillod India long Cloth, plain, plaid and checked Nainsooks, French .Swiss, plain aud dotted, and an endtau variety of Cambric Bril liants and dimity. Wo have no hesitancy In saying wb hare the best line of white goods now kept in town. Call and see for yoaiselres. may 34 MASBIE 4 60. Peter U. AUkcseH, Winu.KSAi.K A Rtrraii. Dkai.kk iw BOOTB, SHOES, HATS, CAPS, r.r'Atr TJAVING just ratwrned front the Cithn IT. of Philadelphia and Baltimore, with the largest and best quality of articles in his hue over before offered for sale it) Carroll County. wrpectfWfr inform* his friend* and the citizens of the County generally, that he is still at tins old stand, a few doors above the Railroad, inn] will km constantly on hand, at Wholesale and Retail, a well as sorted stock of Metis’, Boys’ and Chmlrcn’s ROOT* AM) SHOES, Men’s, Boys anti Children 1 * Hals and Caps, of all size* and ounlitia#; also a select variety I of Ladies* and Misses* Root* ami Shoes, all ( of which will l>e sold nt Uie.lowest cadi price*. O U O C KRIfiS. A large Stock al wavs kept on hand, such os Rio and Java Coffees, Extract of Coffee, e Teas of all kinds. Crushed and Brown Sugar.*. Syrups anti Sugar House Molasses, Baking do., Baking Soda, Sal Soda. Rice. Pepper. Allspice,Cinnamon,Cloves,Mustard, Ginger. Moot, Indigo, Starch. Madder, Alum. Soap Cream of Tarter, Fish. Bacon, Lard. 0. A Salt, Fine Salt, by the Bushel or Sack. Coal Oil and I amps,Dried Fruit,'Tobacco, Began. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC LIQUORS, j Consialiiigof Port and Malaga Wines, French Brandies, Holland and Country Gin, N. E Rum. Old Hyp, Monoagahch* and good Cop i per-distilled Rectified Whiskeys, Ginger Brandy, Ac.; also a large lot of Bottled Liq .. now, consisting of French Brandy, Buttled in LS-Tl, Ginger Brandy, Blackberry, Wild - Cherry and Raspberry Brandies, Port Wine. PniK, intended for Medical purposes. • LEATHER, SHOE EIXDINGS, AC. A large stock of Leather always kept on hand, embracing Sole and Upper Leather, Calf Skint, Tampico aud Madras, Groined Morocco, ladies’ 1 tench Finest Morocco, Pink Linings, Bindings, Ac.; also a well se lected stock of Sljoe Findings, viz: all the differ number* of shoe Pegs, S'm.*o Th.-ead, Shoe Strings. Shoe Knives, Rn.-ps. Patent Awls. Sewing Awls, Patent Peg ging Awl Handles, Lasting, Lock*. Nails, Bristles, Sand Paper, Gums, Lasts. Hooks, j Hammers, Pinchers, {{nippers, Peg Cutlers, Rubbers, Tyclots. Ac. C K D A II \Y A RE, II Consisting of Baskets, Tubs. Brooms, Shoo Blacking and Brushes, Wash Boards, Ac. 9fHrS. B All Goods to lie Wholesaled or retailed to suit purchasers. #fcTHo returns his thanks for the liberal patronage extended to him, and will do everything in hi* power to merit it* aoutin nance. PETER B. Ml RESELL. decTly. ATTENTION I -yUTUR Largest null molt cwraj.lrtc * ’/S a.lWlOtl of Jriu\i t I n v. in Westminster, is now being offered to the n publi*. by IRA K. (’ROUSE. H ( his NEW AND COM MO I) I OILS WARE ROOMS, ' located about one hundred yards East of the Railroad Depot, and nearly opposite the Catholic Church, His Slock Ims !cen purchased in Plnlw dolphin for the cash, and consists of the latest and most improved styles, viz: PARLOR Sun’S, Tetc-a-tctcH, Sofa*. Marble top Cluster anti Benmpicl Tables, Spring-scat Chairs : also. - Chamber Suits, consisting of splendidly lini'hed Bonn I Cornered Beißteads, Marble top Dressing Bureaus, Marble top Enclosed I ~u.:, Zbuis. * chairs. i His selection of Cane and Wood sent Chairs ' is large ami of the moat substantial make. * 1L: will keep constantly on band a largo and very superior Stock of Furniture of hi: n own manufacture. COEF I X S . ' Being in mHsejaunu of a new and very ele gant UK A USE, hois preparad to furnish * COFFINS and attend Funerals at the short est notice, at prices that will always jive satisfaction. • Ho keeps also a larje and well selected BTOI ES, which he can recommend to he the latest and most improved pat-nJiE*“|| terns, consisting of Cooking, Parlor and i Office Stoves. * He invites nil to examine his Stock before * purchasing elsewhere. By a strict and faithful attention to kuai ** nes, he hopes to receive a share of public * patronage. 1 | IRA E. CROUSE. j N. R.—-Old Furniture and Chairs, repair 1 cd and painted on reasonable terms. dec7-ly. Save Your Honey, p BY GETTING YOUII GOODS AT i [ A. M. WARNER'S t NEW STORK, WEST END, WESTMINSTER, Who has always on hand a fine selection of r FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ; DRY GOODS, * Notions, Grocer Us, dr. AaTThankful for the increasing patron - age, and hopeful to merit a continuance of the same. THE OLD MOTTO, Quick Sale and Short Profits. A. M. WARNER. p aps LUMBER & COAL. 11. W. Dell & to. Westminster, Md. WE would inform the citizens of West minster and surrounding country, that wo are prepared to furnish them at our yards at lids place and Union Bridge, with UNDER of all kinds, including While Pine, Hemlock, Building Timber, Shingles, Laths, Pickets Ac. &c„ 1 All selected by an experienced Lumberman, which we uro prepared to sell very low for cash. Also Stove and 1 Blacksmith’s Coal t by the ton, aud Umeburner’s Coal ’ by the car. SB*9uCall and examine for yourselves. H. W. DfcLL, A CO. fcblfi-tf LATiiSI FASHIONS LtiU.VD .V W. muDUiV'S CKLEnKATE. !PATENT. niJ.’I.KX KUjIPTJC (OR DOUBLE BPKI.NO) SKIRT. THE Wonderful Flexibility and grent com fori and nUuuro to anv isdv wearing the DU IM.EX*.U*II*tItSKfUT Will be rxperieneod particularly in all crowded mwimblux, ope carriage#, lailruail ear#. church pew*, arm | chlihi, for promenade and heuno drew, u* (be Skirt fn io folded when in woe to occupy a small place as rurally and nnWveniently ai a silk or uiueiin drmw. an invaluable quality in crinu- Hnr. not found in nuy JSiiiglv’ Spring Rkirl. A lady hating vnjov* d the pleasure. com forl, and great Convenience of wearing Mir Da pie* Kliptic Steel Spring Skirt for a sing!* day, will never afterward# willingly db|uiuw with their use. For C'hlldri u, Mixsea and goring Ladies they arc superior to alt others. ' They win not bend or break like tin* Single Spring, but w ill preserve their perfect aud Sraceful ahkpe when three or four ordinary klrte \* ill have been tbi own node an ancles*. 1 The Hoops are entered with double and twisted thread, and the bottom rods are not only double •prlugs* but twice (or double > covered: preven ; ting them from wearing out when dragging down stoops, stairs. Ac. The Duplex Elliptic is a great favorite with all Indies and Is universally recommend* <1 bv the Fashion Msparine as (ha Stauda d Skirt til the Fashiou.nble World. ‘ To enjoy the follow lug inestimable advantages in Crinoline, vi*. : superior quality, perfect manufaeiure, slylinh shape and liiflih, flexibili ty, durability, comfort ami economy, enquire i for J. W. Huadlvt's Dl'Cerx Rurnr, or Double Spring Skirt, aud be sure you get the genuine article. , CAUTION*.—To guard against Tmpo-ilion be particular to notice that skirls offered as “IH i-i.e s*' have the red ink stamp, vis., “J. W. * llradlcv’s Duplex Elliptic Steel Springs/’ upon I the waistband—none others are genuine. Also N’olic • that every Hoop w ill admit a pin being • passed through the centre, thus revealing the two I >r double) spi iugs hi aided together there in, w hich is the secret of their fl-siMlitV and i strength, and a combination not to be found in anv other Skirt, j FOR SALK in all Stores where firrt out skirts are sold throughout the United States amt ; elsewhere. Manufactured by the Sole Owners of the f Patent* WESTS, IIUADLEV A CARY, t 97 Chambers A bi Krade Sts., X, V. octlS-Sm . I JH. D. ORAMMKH. J. W. PKRKiNP, mmm 'i pep.kins, rnoTocjUAPiis, AM BHOTVIMV*, Ml L.UVuTVI'Lm, I'K TI’UKS IN INDIA INK, • WATKK COLORS. AM) OIL COLORS, AC. HU. CKAMMKIT having nvooiatH with him in his bitaiucM Mr. ,1. W. j i IVttKi.vs, lute of Baltimore, win* bus bin) | ! : mm.- .ip tprt, jrraiM ix|,uri,. u c in I’lml., I . 1 CTni'hv, lunj Inning rvuiuvol In hi. NKW . ROOMS, nearly (),|,| Kelli)*.' • j Hall, which have been fitted up Ml consider- ! i jal.h- exports.- expressly f or the buslne 1 vvor.ld report fully announce to his fi-bnda , of VVgstmtn-.cr, uud of Carroll County a .„. j i erally, that they now have the ihciiiinM for i I taking 0* good pictured, (in every style of j 1 thu Hit,) aa eon by procured elsewhere, | , Judo 21-if iV’EW STOKE! JOHN R. BUSBY Respectfully inform* the pnbiirtiiini i** has just opened a NKW STORK, in West minster. Md.. near the Railroad, and opposite the Catholic Church, wdiore h* has on hand, a Urge and splendid assortment of New Goods, Consisting of in part as follows ; , Ladies’ Shoes, of every description, I’oli-h aud Rhlmoral Routs, of the v.vrv Ut -tcA| •tyle. Mens’ Root* and Sh.uwof h(| kinds, f|l Also a full assortment of Childrens Sho.. HATS ami CAPS of the Ufoai fashion. Also a large assortment of TRUNKS. All of which he is selling at vvundeifully reduced prices. WALL PAPER. A splendid assortment of Stamped. Hold, bronxed, (Hated and Ungltitcd Wall Paper. Oak and Walnut Panncling for Halls aud flin ) ing Houma. Also Fire-R.mul Prints, (Jilt sod Linen Window Shades, all of which arc of the I a toot styles, at the lowest citv prices. Hanging done by WILLIAM COON, who ha* had. sixteen yearn experience in the l business, la Baltimore and other cities. , Work done in any part of the conutrr. all guaranteed or no pay. marli-lf ; A. H. HUBER flßjf (ptMMMtor to lIIIIKK *IiOYBIl,) ; No* Carroll Hall, Westminster, DKAI.ER IK OIIUCS, CHEMICALS. PATEST MEDICINES, • FANCY ARTICLES, f VEIIFVMEIIV, Ac PHYSICIANS’ Anon neatly and accurately compounded. Depot for the manufacture of HE JUNG'S Compound Syrup of Eku'k berry Foot. no#o-tf -- DISPEPM4. D*- n , { STRICR TOitflC. IiLANiyS TONICia a Ifconccut rated prnpora g? **■ wy*■■ on of Roots and lierhs. with nut lands and carminatives to alrcnghten the stomach and nervous system. It is a certain remedy for Dyspepsia or In digestion, Nervousness, Loss of Appetite, Acidity of the Stomach, Flatulency and De bility. It is not alcoholic, therefore partic ularly suited for Weak, Nervous and IK peptic persons. For sale by all Druggists everywhere at $1 per bottle. w janlSHy Strickland’s NO I MELLIFLUOUS H MOKE. Ilcamh Baliiam is warranted to be the only nrcjiaratioo known to cure Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Whooping cough, chronic coughs, consumption, bronchitis, and croup. Being prepared from honey and herbs, it is heal ing, Aifteniug. and expectorating, and par ticularly suitable for all affections of the Throat and Lungs. For sale by Drugginte everywhere. janlfl-Ty "" '"7 j 'i'r** ,nu STRICKLAND’S UC SJ R K || II r * ,e Bcwedy - cured thousands of the worst awes of Blind and Bleeding Flics, hgire immediate relief, and effects a perma nent cure. Try it directly. It is warranted to com. For snlo by all DniggiJts at Ml Cents per bottle. ✓ janlb-ly Ladies’ Dress Goods. Merino’s, Coburg*, Alpacas, I’uplini, De- Lsiues, Ac., for salt low, si aov. 28. E. K. ffsvssstfs. POUTZ'I eiuiitdi ■* Hn ml Cali Pint tHPM this nlul. sush M LUKO rKVtK, GjjSg Y K L I*o W WA- 1 Tt, HKA VP.B, COl OHB, HIB TCMPRR, PI VCRS, FOUNDER OF EN tKU V, Ac. Us r . iWTWfP UM improves Uo / O wind, Immmm* M W Uic appetite five* f / , Wm 1 ItoU" ° sklo-Ond miserable skeletonUUaaaneT^SfSTJ To keepers of Cows this preparation U Inna U increases the quantity and Iw proves Um of the milk J ****** 1,1 i- I c and ft* butur if W a ~iKVvl sweet. In kfc B if cattle, it ovd rff an appt.iu.is, ■■ik:mllKalv#.v . unr t. >d. ninke* them | much Caster. p In all diseases of Swims, such as Coughs, lig the Langs, this wn m it ip-cifir. Hr ;-tiuu>r r <■*. u i>:.K> In a pupre n barrel of swill t 1,0 sl-uve dlf<ei >, -SinUMM|^^ij will bo eradicated BBVQPB| or entirely prerented. If given in preventive and euro for ths Bog Chnhwm. Price 25 Cants per Paper, or 5 Papers fe PBKPABSD BT S. A. FOTJTZ Ac BRO AT TRBIB WHOLKftALP. DRIG AND MEDICINE DM Ho. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore 1 For Rale by Druggists and Storekeepers Usd out the Call'd States. PATENT MICA ROOFfnJ ! tsMuli.,il IsM. i are uiauuf.icluring under j tern I’at.httlio bwl arUtle of <.wnp<isi|M| lug ever offered to llio public. It Is aa, 1 tu every style of Uoof, steep or lint, anil n | readily applied by any one. [ • The U. S. Guyerninvnt, after a ih*m*p * rtf its atilitv, have adapted it- use in the I Yards, ami upon Public Buildings. i The Hoofing is pul up In rolls, and list lo he nailed to the Uoof to make a Duiabli L FIRE AND WATf.U-PUOOP C’oV£|t Wr paillculailv lecuminond i|< * • lniltln,gs. St.u. •, ' : I -. 1 t.., i , j cbir-e-hhops, St an boat Ducks, dr. MIC 4 II(U>l l\C 1414 T, Kor coating Tin, Iron, or Hliinglc R*A | forms a lnuly njn.il to TttKKßrotra or or,pin 4l.l Pujrr. Vo Roof ran ra t antler It. and Old LeakyS The I’ainl requires no mixing, hat Is red be applied will, lb l * ordinary pnint bra Price, SI,UO per gallon, which will ruin hundred sqture fcul. Also luauufarturcrs of VBlack Lustre TmnUb. TAR UK I) FELT AND ROOFING MI , Discount lo the Trade. Circular* and! Ids! furnUlied. Rights for counties *<ddi : rates. Address THK MICA ROOKING ((X, IM ilrnailnnv. X. r..iak Ham; ?..m ID Howl St.. V. t, i •' field, William* A t*„ Angu-to. On. Bsldai ' Woods, Monlqomorr, Ala.. Thom ns S. Cm I Raleigh. N. C.. V. A. Tuik. r. RuhiuomL Henry Wilson, iMersburg. Vo., Agents. ! Avent 1 ITailtf:*. , Botfly REMINGTON’S Fire Arms Sold by bun Dealers And the Trade Cienerallj Veal Pocket Pistol. No. W Cartridge, Repeating Pistol, ( Elliot pL) N*. 22 f’arlri Repeating Pistol, y Ell ini pt. t No. Z1 Cartn Pocket Revolver. (Self t’oeking.) , Naur Pocket Uovolvor, I with i.omling l.m , Police Revolver. Navy feiae Calibre, : licit Revolver, Navy Site Calibre, Belt Revolver, (Self Cocking. 1 Xuvr CaW i Navy Revolver, SC ltM> In. Calibre, j Army Revolver. 44-Dm in. f’alibre, : Con Cune. ui ijr No, a2 Cartridge, I Revolving HUb-. 3; A tl-lUO in. Calibre, Breech i.uadiiiy. RlHi*. No. 32 Cartridge, , Breech Loading Carbine, No. Ad Cartridge 1 i IT. N. Rifle, (Slot I Barrel.) with Smbrc Baji U. H. Rilled Musket, Springfield Pattern, j Biogle Barrel Shot dun, , H. REMINGTON A SONS, luox, New T At: BKt * • Moore A Nichols, New York. Palmers A Uarhelders, Boston, John P. Lor*ll. 11 Jon. C. Grubb A Co., Philadelphia. Poultney A Trlroble, Baltimore. Henry Pol* m A Co., N. Orleans Menj Marnard Bros., Chicago, L. M. Rumsey A Co., St. Louis. Albert E. Crane, San Francisco. mylMy f -jy P. NEW COAL AN LVMn Klt YARD. G RKKN STBBET, AT Til K JI>KF WEatJtIKSTBS, -VI HAVING perfected urrnngemcnD carrying on the Lumber and (’out Rut Inn on Green street, at the Depot, Wests*in Md., the undersigned token thia methot soliciting tiro patronage of the public, will have on hand, ami be prepared to at all time* at the lowest ciudi prioea, a •apply ol aeaooncd d-4. B-4, nnl 8-4 Boards aud Plank, Flooring, Wenthcrboording, Siding 1 Scantling. Shingles, iarths and Pick and all other material kept in a Lumber Yard He will also keep for sale Broken, I Nut and Pea COAL, from the well kw Shamokin Mines, at the lowest M Kate*. By prompt attention to bunineM, fare mg the best article* in the Market, and A all in his power to accommodate custom be hope* to command a share of pd patronage. EDWARD LYNCH feblly Ladies' Funy Goods, AT MBS. SHHINEB’S Bonnet and Fancy Store. GLOVES, *ll kinds. Veils, of every dd Bob, Collars and Cuffs, latest styles, Hand* chiefs, *ll kinds, Hosiery, all kinds. Part* and Sun Shades, Corset* and Hoop Skirts, I dies’ Satchels and Traveling Riga, Sewing 1 Fancy Baskets, Portoionlc'a and Pocket Iw® Hair and Tooth Brushes, Combs, all kia Dolls and Doll Heads, Gum Diapers. F Boapa and Perfumery, Albums, Childrens l riagea and an endless variety ofguoda for dies and Children at the apH j LADIKH’ STORf LINENS.—A large assortment Ll*t n Dueks, Drill*, Ac., for sale at Juna 7. E. K. Gcrnaadt

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