31 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1

31 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE!. TOLV.II H.—mUMHER 10. Til BBIOCRATIC ADVOCATE. eb*& tMm wV''*r, No. 8 Carmh.i. H.uj.. U Hubacriberaat , > ■ •I.H per *■■■■>, la Uraatf. flf not paid in advance Two Dollar. will bo obargwi. Nn |iajer will lw discontinued until pl.OmywMMe p*nl, n.c*P< at our own ephea. RV.TEH OF ADVERTISING ( . I agnate. S ininrtMnn, $1; mrh mbamiueot iaaartion 2V coin; 1 mpare three month. lit months sl. BiiflimM* Card* of i lea lints, nr leas, per annum, SH. Met* I &M( l&T' Ur “""‘ ‘ nel * ,,n * Oaa column, “ 40.00 HAND BILLS. llrtW T~r a for ■, *t.M, fcr 100 Qu.rteaA£(i>(|*. ♦*:., fur 100, $2.7.', Half Shunt. '■ ii.OO. “ .VOO Valuable Farm at Private Sale. THK suhatribor. finding it inconvenient lo luarmfi* his two farms. offoni at Pri viue Sale iiia FA KM, adioinini: the one n which he re* id©*, in lanoyiowrt District, Carroll opuotyt Ml., about rt mile* S. W. of Tancytown on the road lending from Raid Towni to .KVtdtrick by Dotbla rl|N* Creek, containing alxmt 190 ACRES OF LAND- Tbif larnj ia of good quality. and produce* j Well l —eqn*l to afty fn the neighborhood | ■■■ and hail bo#n well limed orcr, moat of it j Iwicu within A A*w rears There nr* about 40 aches of woodland. ..r *.>od V thriving limber. mostly flak and Walottt—l Also a sufficient quantity of Meadow. Thq Improvements contuai of a good anb- | aiantial StoVk Dwku.ixo I HOUSE, /2 hr 81 with Urge fine rooms, and two wxoellent (VltaTa; a good BANK HAHN ih hr 41 fe*t j Smoke House, Stone Dairy tmorcry Ac. Inis farm undfr good Urn -1 lUK <W>‘l liUKillf J, xf vl " >f the Finest Fruit; •h** jtf < yt v of water in ei-ery Held: •nd rnu'tr Cn*ck flown through the place. It la situated in a good neighborhood. ioar to Mills, fbjJ|ooU and Churches ; and udxuit .1 mile* from the line of the Western -V - “ * I *rn< libotal, add made to mit purckn wera. Address the •abaorilxr, at Tancytova P. <>. Corroll totbly Md. *ops-tf / WILLIAM SHAW PRIVATKSALE i OFFER t prfv.tr mile, . FARM pf ' 18 ACRES OF LAND morn or Ibm. .iluaupl iu Carroll county, ad- Joining J, W. LumUaiigli', Mill prw-erty anil the Iphd. of -lacoh Bnnherd ami Amlrew Heem. aful within half a mile of Cranliurry Station. Weilcrn MJ. Knilrunil. A large aropArrion of K U (Iral rato TIMBER r.ANTi, ami i. well water,..! and under good fencing. It ia improved Uh ■**£‘w iM and Racl, Bailding, Stabling Ac. U wiß.be COW In iWireli to anil pnrrbaaera. if dtwired; WJjiarwl including l|i building, lotmre 60 "tew-ndemte. • • iMA.tr MCU SASH, BLIND, DOOR AND Furniture Factory. SHOBB, LEIKTE** fUIAKPFER, AIN Street, West 01 the Railroad, hare nuxit.% •Heyerrtitiiile ncctawiirr to • Build, u*! Bfc FIBiIiITIRE, in every ntyle and variety. . “BOiijr Kart groit ev,ruuwc in out hugi* HD>g we can aU jiyoa'Ao.h greU,r udvunliigo tl. n can irlrtir ,TW m J IMPUTMT TO mPWPfHWRIi Iljr^^^t l *? It ■ lana'a fatent Amotlcaa 'TWoStf*. 0h renvinatde 'fMMB. II A. n. adiArrrm, I Tiro iIJI B BOfiaijhMuU ftgy llotrl, H'almiiula-. triAvtSi banuda aapaitaunhip In the ■JL praetlOß of Law, we will premptly ptOM to all buirfoeai entmaled to our care. vbn siL* At Wf KgurwdPop! gawb, Sant, Mace neatly evented i*ociT”Oßeg WESTMINSTER MD. THURSDAY JANUARY 31 IXO7. PROSPECTUS OK TUB Weekly Satloniil IntHllfpnrcr OK WAHtflNtitON, D. C. In ooni|>)iatior with nu mere pH solicitation*, This-UVkljr National I ho* l**n ramni It will be unth enlnrfH. nml will lie, an fact, ono >f the lr/r**t Weekly New*p*prrn published in thin country. A will be printed wiib new and Hear type, on Klreng fine, white paper, and will contain more reading matter than any weekly pub- IwM Month of New York, lu column* will be devoted to Now*. 1 .iterator", ('ommerer*. Agricultural tho I mlu*trial Art*, the Inter nal* of Religion, and Political Aflhir*. It will contain regular He porta of Con grcjiiioaal Proceeding* and Departmental New*, uud ike laU*t Foregin and Domestic Markets. In each of it* department* special atten tion will In; given by an able and lUMnerou* corps of editor* and reporter* to provide the luteal, moat i*U renting. end reliable intrlli fence, and to make the Weekly National ntelligencer in every respect a Jint clam Xali'iHal Sntapapcr. Maintaining tho jaai constitntional power* of the (Icncral Government on the one hand and the reserved rights of the States on the other, confident that the Union can lie pre served only while the right* of each shall be reflected ny both and not transcended by either, the Weekly National Intelligencer will advocate the restoration of theSonthern State* to their |daoo in ike Union, on the l*a*ipf a jn*l and equal representation in Urn National Mklkn and the electoral college, and will urge social and sectional pacification and reconciliation a* the mean* of restoring harmony and prosperity to all part* of the conn try, and me proper devel opment of it* yaat agricultural, mineral and indnstrial renrcen. In addition to its value a* a miaeellaneons newspaper, the Weekly Nationu l Intelligencer will in ererv respect supply the place of a Knthmnl Cninn campaign It will only irrekly pub libitum nr ihi character pnhHnhetf at the aeat nf Oorcrmnenf. It rests with the friend* of the Union and the Constitution to secure p> Ibis |taper n circulation that shall enable it to spread the truth and to amuse tho pa triotic impulses of the people in every State, county, hamlet, and fireside where truth and putiiotbiiu are appreciated. Tssus, lit V.VUt ABLY U Advamob: Onepu|tjf<*• year s:j oo Three copies, one year, to one post olliee 7 50 Five copies, one year Hi 00 Ten mpie*. one year 2*) 00 For the Daily lntelligeneT .. JO oo For the Triweekly Intelligencer COO Subscribers should forward with their name* the IW (Ifllco, County, and Static to which the paper is to h sent. NN henever convenient Costal Money Or ders will lie tho safest mode of transmitting money. All communications should he addressed to SNOW, COYLE .V CO., Publishers National Intelligencer, jnn3 Washington, D. C. JQ NOTICE. Watches, Clocks, JEWELY, SILVER PLATED WARE. SPECTACI.KS, BU.VKU, 001.0, PLATED t STKKI. WATCH CHAINS, MOORE’S 1 Jewelry Store, Near Hail Koad, Westminster. ■OL. Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, euro fußy UejMiirvd and warranted. WILUAM MOOttE. Jane 11. A. H. HUBER HU (Sscoeseor to Hi nas ,V Kiittu. | ItfN No. Carroll Hull, Westminster, HSAI.CS IX drugs, cukmicalk I'ATKST KKHU tSKS, h'ASCY ARTICLES, CEREUMKRY, *r. PHYSICIANS' PKKSCUIPTIONB neatly •nd accurately oonqioumteil. Depot for tilt- manufacture of RERIKH'S I'nmpoowl tyrtiji of Work berry W no3o-tf BOOTS i SHOES. best! (hit.tom ¥*l hoot* an d si mix Wirt of Tonies*' 1-olUh Kid. MflMQOp. lawting, Oil Goat *Ve M Ac., oil of which will Ik) sold at greatly rcflncwl pritr.*, by Rememlicr th place, Sest nf Mm. Hhriner’i MlHencry Store, Wastmin ter; M,l. doc JO SIOO SIOO SIOO ■ SOBBBHW KXTIt.V BOI’STIKS VOI.UM'TKD nr A. d, sciunm:R, tVoMiiiinalor, M<l. SIOO SIOO SIOO kad QUAitfJtaV'rbß hardware. TXril.DKltSnnd Cxliiwu Tools, Cansm n ten end Coopera Tools. Nails. Crum od Mill Sow, Fork*. Shovul* Trices, Halter, Cow and Dot CTfaaina. la bet ore- Othing kept in a well regulated Hardware Store. My long experience givuame advan tage* in this line. JOHN fc. REIFBNIDEII. dec!B Wetl End, near Ike Korku. Carpeta! C*l*al£ TV7Q Oil Cloth* T Oil Cloth* ’. 1 Kr.?Sa7^:‘F a "* **.*• We T t.. tWfmUcr. Domex tie (loads. TI■J Kn and Weaelint Mult*. 11.0 tale low at John l„ la Pmmli|( Oar I'atoa, Eel In he Carefhl ta Preserre alito Our (Mil Mlwrllci. Cv/Nyv* CLAD NEWS for the CKFOHTUKATK. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Arc wsrranh.d in all raw, for the Speedy and iVnnHiiput Cure if all ilineaaea arising from lexoal excesses or vonrnrui. ixuthcttmoy. Semina) l*eiw. Nightly KmlMlona. and Sensual I'roams; Fbysieal and Nervous I)- HilJty. Impotence, Oles), Seaaal Diseases, Ac. 3o (haiage of Diet It If rtrtMr y. They oan be used without deleetlon, and never fail (n effect a cafe, if aaed according to in struction*. Bell’s Specific Pills, Price One Dollar per Do* ( or Bia Rexes for Five Dollar*; also Large Bones,containing Four Small, Price Three Dollars. From four to sis boxes are generally requir ed to cure ordinary cases of Seminal Weakness and Rmlssion*. though benefit la derived from naing a single box. In Chruaie cases, and particularly when Im potence or L’enital Debility with Nervous Pros tration haa affected the ay item, Bell’s Tonic Pill* Are recommended as the most Efficacious, Re javinating and Invigorating Remedy in the world. A Package, Price Five Dollars, will last a month, and is generally sufficient. In extreme cases of Debility and Impotence BELLS EXTERNAL REMEDY, Price Two Dollars, sufficient for a month, can be used to good advantage. It fives Strength p> the Urgpns, and. With the Pills, will restore them to their normal condition. A Pamphlet of |0 pngetL on tko ERRORS OK YOUTH, design, d as a Lecture and Canfion to Young Men, sent free, Ten Dents required to pay postage. 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Oh 1 th snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the iky and earth below ; (Her the housetops, orer the street, Oter the heads of the people you meet, T)ftncin£, Flirting, Skimming along; BukrtMlkl snow! it can do no wrong, Flying to kiss some fair lady’s check, Clinging to lips In a frolicsome freak, Beautiful snow from the Heaven above, Pore as an angel, gentle as love. Oh 1 the snow, the htwatiful snow. How the flakes gather nd laugh as they go Whirling about in the maddening fun, Jv pl?y* in its glee with every one, Chasing, Laughing, • Hurrying by! H lights on the face and it sparkles the eye, And the doga with a bark and a bound Snap at the crystals that eddy around— The town is alive and its heart in a glow, To welcome the coming of beautiful suow. How wild tka crowd goes swaying along, Hailing each other with humor and song 1 How the gay sledges, like meteors, pass by, Brigbt for the moment, then lost to the eye, Kinging, Swinging. Dashing they go, Over the crust of the beautiful snow; Snow so pore that it falls from the sky, To lie trampled in pmd by the crowd rush ' hj, To be trampled and tracked by thousands of fct, Till it blends with the filth in tha horrible street. Once I was as pure as the snow—but I fell! Fell like the snow flukes, from Heaven to hell; Fell, to be trampled as filth in the street; Fell, to be scoffed, to be spit on and lat; Pleading, Cursing, Dreading to die. Selling my aoul to whoever would bay, Denting iu shame for a morsel of bread. Hating the living, and fearing the dead ; Merciful (sod! have 1 fallen so lov! And yet 1 was once like the beautiful snow. Once I was fair as the beautiful snow, •Vith an eye like the crystal, a heart like its glow; Once 1 was loved for my innocent grace— Flattered and sought for the charms of my (ace! Father, Mother. Sisters, all, (ad and myself, I’ve lost by my foil; The veriest wretch that goes shivering by, Will make a wide swoop, lest I wander too nigh j For all that is on, or above me, I know, Thoro is nothing that's pure as the snow. How strange it should be that ibis beautiful Should foil on a sinner with nowhere to go! How strange it should be when the night (oiaw again, If tho snow aad the h* struck my desperate brain, Fainting, Freezing, Dying alone, Too wicked for prayer, too weak for a moan To be heard in the streets of the crazy town Gone mad in the joy of the snow coming down, To be, and to die. in my terrible wot, With a bed and a shroud of tha beautiful snow! KISSED BY MISTAKE. “Will yon be at home tonight, Het i ty ?” and the speaker, a tall, muacular, well looking pay Ruling Farmer reddened to the roots of his hair, aa though bo bad committed aomc very wicked act, instead of asking a simple question. He was bashful, extremely ao, was Josiah Hawley, at least in the presence of young ladies, moat of all in the prea , enceufthe girl ho lore J. No young t farmer in all the country possessed tt better kept farm, or talked with more I confidence among hia compeers of stock ’ and on kindred subjects. Hut the glimpse of some pretty face or foot, 1 coming in hia direction affected him ; like a lash at lightning. On aueh oc eaaiona he never know what to do with his hands and eyes, nnd always felt like screwing himself into a mouse hole How he ever contrived to approach Ilea- I ler Thomas on the subject of Isas pref erence for her, probably reiraiua to thie I day as much a mystery to himself aa it ia to others. - ~ Bui that young iady had quite ah amount of tact and etoraenaM stowed •way somewhere ia bar petty little . head, albeit it was set on tha dimpled, . inexperienced shouldern of seventeen Jottnh wet worth in n worldly wny, much morn than any of her unitors, good looking and intelligent enough to antis fy any hot an over-fastrdtous person; unexceptionable, in short, bartlng his exeeaaive baahfalneea, which was a fruitful source of merriment among the young people in tbeirKitle circle. And ao when Jotiah in hia awkward blun deriug wny, began to exhibit hia prof -1 treneefor her ia rarion little ways, such aa waiting on her to and from the •■aging lohoul, constituting himself her taeort when she rode oo horeebnek to , Ike solitary church in tha woods, and singling har not at quilling parlies. Ilolly look it all iu thueaaioat, pleas antest manner possible. The girls ■ laughed, nnd the young men etuoktd J sly jokes at tha expense of her timid suitor, but Hetty stood up for him iw-> depvndeotly—encouraged him oat of hia shyness ; never noticed any an for tuaute bluiukr—und very likely helped him along considerably when hts feeling reached the culminating point/* one moonlight autumn evening, os they were walking home together from prayer meeting. That wan a week ago. Hot ty had said, “Vea," nnd had agreed to “bring father and mother around on the subject.” Josiah bad not been to tho house sinoo—probably feeling very much like a dog rcvituriug upon the premises of a person whose sheepfold he had just plundered. As yet neither had the courage to speak to the “reigning pow ers” on tho subject; and Hetty, feeling as* if she wanted to put the ordeal off uh long as possible, at any rate to hare one more confidential talk with him on the subject, said: “Mother ia going to Aunt Roth's to spend the evening, and wants me to go. Hut 1 guess I won’t. I’ve been work iny on father’s shirts all day. besides doing the dairy work, and I'm an tired as I can be. Ho I guess they will have to go without me. Ho not come until eight o'clock. 1 shall be putting things to rights then, and will let you in. Of course Josiah was not too oblnsc to understand that, and forgot his bash ful ness so hir ms fee petition for a good bye kies, which was peremptorily re fused of course. “No, I shan't. Do take yourself off. Think 1 didn't see you tidgoling around •Sarah Jones, at Deucon Budget's la.st evening ? I’ve not forgotten that sir!” “Now ilctty—” But the appeal was broken off by a tantalising little laugh, and as he sprang forward to take a pleasant revenge on his tormentress, she slipped away nnd i ran up the path to the house, where be saw her wave her band as she disap peared within the fcitclicu porch ; and then he turned from the gate and took the road homeward. The tea things had been carried out. the table act back against the wall, the crumbs brushed from the clean home made carpet and Hetty's work stand drawn up in front of the blazing fire.— A bountifully piled waiter of great apples and a plate of cracked walnuts were on it in dose proximity to Hetty’s work basket. On one aide of the fire sat Mrs. Thomas fat and fair, and at peace with all the world, rucking and kuuting, and refreshing herself at sundry intervals with a bite from a half eaten apple that lay on the cornerof the table, and touch ing e ery now and then in a caressing manner with her fool, a lazy looking out that purred and winked on the rug be fore her Hetty sat on the other side, sewing and busy in thinking how she would tell her mother that she expected Mr. Hawley to drop in about eight— But she recollected with a twinge of conscience, how hard fhc hud tried to get tho old Indy to accompany her bus brnd to Aunt Ruth's in spite of hei forewarnings of neuralgia; how she had also plead bcad.iche as an excuse fur not going herscll. Ami she knew that her mother was quite sharp enough to draw her own inferences from these tacts, and from her being dressed with unusual cure to spend an evening at home “1 shall not dare to tell now. She’ll be sure to think I wanted together out of tho way, so I might have Josiah all to myself, and 1 should never hear the last of it.” And so like a wise lit tle puss she kept silent. 1 will venture my word on it, you would not have wondered at our ytuag fanner's desperate enthrallment if yon could have seen Hetty Thomas as she was sewing by the fireside, on that cold November eveui >g. Under pretext of being ready to go to her Uncle's fa thing she had no idea of doing,) she had, just in dulged in an indiscriminate “fixing up.” A neatly fitting dark calicoe, with a store look upon it a fresh linen collar, and a tasteful black silk apron—these were the chief items of Hetty's toilet; but she looked as sweet and dainty in her plain dress as if hoars had been spent in donning lace and jewels. Her rich hair of the darkest auburn tinge* fell in shining folds close to her warm rod cheeks, and was caught up in a cunning net behind. Right o’clock and past 1 Mre> Th iu as was doting in hot chair—her shadow on Ike opposite wall bobbing about in grotesque mimicry, as she nodded to and IVo—now almost falling forward, and her fat hands listlessly in her hip. and her hall of yarn had rolled out up on the hearth, and puss was busy cou , vorlin it into gordion knots. And just then came a double rap at the door—so loud, sudden an aelf-nt sored that Hetty started up. with a lit tle shriek, and aether foot oo puss' tail, i who in tarn gave voice to her amaze , ment and displeasure. The combined noise aroused Mrs. Thomas, and starting to an erect p*wi -1 lion, she rubbed her eyes, settled the cap border, and exclaimed, “Bless my soul. Hetty, what was i that?—somebody at the door ? Whs , can be coming here at this time o' i night?” t “It’s not late mother—only a little • past eight o'clock. I’ll go nnd see who - •.” wya Hettio, demurely, taking the candle from the tabic, i “No. Hern, you wind up my ball ' and sweep up the hearth, while I go to • the door. ’ aaya the old.indy, whoso feet I. were struggling in the meshes of the unraveled yarn. “l)it that eat !'* And ell thin life Josiah was stand i ing on one foot out on the cold porch, I * with Ms band* in his overcoat pockets, I! wondering If Hettio had fallen asleep, (and every now and then giving the f 1 door a smart mp byway of variety. In her hurry, Mrs. Thmnns forgot to tke the candle, and w Hie stepped out into the little front entry, the aitting room door alaromed after her. Hht had her hand on the handle of the door at the moment, nod opening it she sudden ly lound herself in the embrace of r. Mfout pair of arms; a whiskered fare in close proximity to her own; and before she could think about the strangness of her situation, she received a prolonged kias—a hearty smack—* full upon her virtuous matron lips. She had by this time divested herself of the impression that it wok her usual ly sober spouse who must have come home in an unusually excited condition thus to indulge in such an unwonted expression of ufleclbn ‘‘Get out I Get out, I say I Who are yon. anyhow? Murder! thieves! Hetty! come hero! Here's a man kissing rue like mad !” But the intruder hud by this time discovered his mistake—it did not need the indignant pummeli )g and scratching of the old Indy’s fiate to erase him to relinquish his bold and fly as if pursued by some indignant ghost. Hetty, neerly choking with smother ed laughter, in spite of trepidation, uow came to the rescue “I was never so frightened In nil my life I — (he hmd scamp! Who can it be, licttie?” But that dutiful daughter war-, to all appearances, as innocent ns a turtle dove. She soothed the old lady by representing that it might have been out* of (he neighbors, who. haring drank too much, had mistaken the house and the housewife. She searched the entry for the om i sing spectacles, dropped in the scuffle ; re-arranged the rumpled cap border ; wound up the tangled yarn; stirred tb i fire—all in the most amiable manner possible, and at length had the natixfoc- j tion of seeing her mother subside into her chair and her custumary tranquility. Mrs. Thomas was now fully awake. She hud a new idea in her head, and in stead of Hettlingjtersclf for another nap, she pursued the train of thought and hor knitting at the same time with won derful rapidity. A t length stopping and j looking keenly at Hetty, she aid— “l suppose it’s a queer idea of mine, Hetty, but I’ve a notion that that man was ’Siah Hawley.” My I but if Hetty's face did not fire up thou. You might have lit a candle by it. These incipient symptoms did not escape the wary inquisitor. Tear* so to me. Because (hose big whiskers were so much like his'n, and the swkward way he grappled mo with his great paws*" . Hotly was wonder.ally bwsy. Bhe bent over her work and drew the nee dle through so quickly that the thread snapped, aud then she was so much en gaged in threading her veedle again that he didn't have time to answer. ' “I don't believe that kins was meant fur me after all. Wonder who it wm* intended lor ? and 1 wonder if yon don't know something about it, Hetty ?” “Me! mother ?” “Yos, you, Hetty. You was mighty anxious to gel me and pup off to Aunt Martha’s ibis evening, but 1 net Iced you were slicked up extraordinary, for all you waru't going. Now. Hetty. 1 am getting old; I know it; but haven't quite lost uy sight yet. I’ve heard something about this between you nod 'Siah Hawley. Now what are you playing poMum for? Out with it, I ►ay r Our little schemer, thus adjured, made a clean breast of it, much relieved to find that “mother hud nothin agin him,” and would “give father a talk about it, and bring him round.” “But, Hell it*, 1 want you to tell ’Siah I'd rather he'd not make such a mis take agaiu. I don't like to feel his big whiskers about my face, uud 1 don't ap prove of promiscuous kissing.’' ’Siah never heard the last of that blunder. Old 'Squire Thomas used to delight to rehearse the atory whenever all parties interested happened to be present. He would shake his fat sidoa at Josiah's discomfiture and Sirs wife**’ tart replies, and Hetty would join him, and both would laugh until tho tears ran dowu their cheeks. “Never miud, ’Siah.” Mr*. Thomas would consolingly, “let him laugh. He had been only too glad to have been in your place twenty years ago. He hud , bard work to get a kiss from me then. And 1 hope it will bu a lesson in you and Hetty agin the impolicy of conceal ment and underhand doings of all aorta. <'arlai UTaa aklat. A correspondent in the Hcn tlcman recommends! he following method: Ax soon as the akin is taken from the animal, stretch it tightly on* board; then 1 before It begins to dry, I apply an equal mixture of fine salt and alum, thorough ly pulverized together, until the akfn it slightly whitened by the mixture. I then take no further notice of theaktD 1 until 1 want them for use, (which is al ways a few weeks from the time of ap -1 plying the mixture ) I then take them ! sod thoroughly wash them in warm soap-suds, let them dry moderately, and just before they are fully diy, rub them > sort with my hands. ‘Alter nabbing, they arc sort and pliable as a kid glove, > and will continue ao. I “Do yon think raw oysters arc hea)- , thy Tasked a lady of her physician. , “Yen," he implied, “I never knewooo ,to be'out of health in my life.” Ihmati’s greet comet will be vi.itlc to mcrtaleych sgsta in the year 3866. 1 Cot thin paragraph oat for reference V If yon Ikt troebfrtet upon yuqr soul f like a hen upon her Beat, you m*f in. peat (he hatching ofe large brood. $1,40 IV ADVANCE (tiuarl ■alter. Tho following little story la going (be rounds of the press willioas say credit : Why is it, my soo, asked s mother of a ten year old, one day, why 1 il, that when you let your breed and batter drop, that il ie always the butler aide down ? I don't know; it hadn't nughter,bad It ? The nl rougest side out to be upper most, hadn’t it me! and this is the Strongest batter I ever eeed In my life. Hush up! It i some of your snol’a churning. Did she churn il! Why, the great laty thing. W hat, your sunt f No, thin ycre baiter. To make that poor woman churn it; it's strong end tank enough to churn itself. Be still, Ziba; it only wants working over. Well, alarm, If I was you, when I did it, I'd put in lots of “baws." “Vou good-for-nothing fellow, I have ate a pet deal worse ia the most aris tocratic New York boarding houses. Well, all great people of rank ought to cat it. Why people of rank f Cause it is rank batter. Yon varmint, you. Wbatmakvf you talk so amtrt T The butter it taking the skin ofay tongue, mother. Ziba, don't lie. I can't throw away the butter. It don't aigoify. Fll tell you what 111 do with it, marm; I'll keep it to draw blitters.— Yon ought u> see the ties keel over sod die as noon at they loach it Ziba, don't exaggerate; go L the store aud boy a pound of tamh. llxit Ziba. Curious facts tkeot Water. Tho extent to which water aiinglse | with bodies, apparently the null solid, is very wonderful. The glittering opal, which lieanty wears as an ornament, U only flint and water. Of every 1,900 tons of earth which a landlord has in hia eelale, 400 are water. Tho Snow capped summits of Snowden and Ben Nevis have many million teas of water in a solidified form. la' every plaster of Paris statue which an Italian sanies through our streets for sale, thaw is one |iuaiid of water to four pounds ef chalk. The air we breathe eeatatns five grains of water to cash cubic Coot of its bulk. The potatoes sad turnips which are bulled fur oar disner have, ia their raw state, the on? seveaty-lve per sent, and the other ninety per cent, ef water. If a men weighing tan ataae were squeezed in a hydraulic pease, seven and a half stone of water would rnn out, sod ou)y two end a halfaf*? residue remain. A man is, chemically speaking, tarty-five poaede of carbon nod nitrogen, diffused through five and a half pailsful of water. In platan we And water thus mingling no lest won derfully. A sunflower evaporates one sad a quarter pints of water a day,! and a cabbage about the —— quantity. A wheat plant exhales, ia 179 days, about 10(1,000 gratae of water- Aa acre of growing wheat, on this oafertls tine, draws and passes oat sbwßt tea tods of water per day. The eep of plants ia the medium through which this mass of fluid i* conveyed. It forms a delicate pump, up which the watery particles run with the rapidity of a swift stream. By the action of the asp various properties amp bn oom muuicated to the growing plant. Tim ber ia France, ia, for instance, hy various colors being mixed with water aud sprinkled over the root of the tree. Dahlias are also colored hy a simitar prtflbss. -r„ . So —*m s i . VaravaUag. A man coming home lata own sight, . a little more than “half aeon wear,” tast ing thirsty, procured a gtaee efnwM and drank it. Ia doing so, hi ewab lowed a small ball of silk that lay ia the , bottom of the tumbler, the and atadh .. iug in hie teeth. Feeling hi hlnta—th, , and not knowing-wha* it wen, he kagoa : pulling at the end, end (belittle fall ; unrolling, be soon had Severn* feet in hie hands, end still as and, apparently. I Terrified, hj shouted, at the tap of hia voijo “Wife! wife! I nay, wife! wow i here I lam nursvcling. ” In fMOHE A IMw hoy, on 1 i cold wintry day. mossing a fisid, one la hand, was crying at the toaaf hie taiea > when a nr passing along the lead on horseback interrogated him: “Ben . ticy what’s the amtterT The hoy blubbered out aa hate he on* Hah a ter enough I Bud’s drank. Ham’s fiitw, • Sal* reading a novel, the baby’s near t. : froxc, the wood ta a a3e of, oat I’d > like to know who ia (bonder wouldn't i cry. \ . [ a day for ahoat femes* ywara, tta&tag '* s Sunday! aad hokdtye. ; eSStf&i&e'UL-r , ingaaaaeege. Look awtftrOheeevateh ) etawel i *’■!•.Tpvtii, -iM { . - *-ejpjr- There are ties wliwhjfaoH hiverbe ’ severed,” as the iU-a*eawwHMfgfaa ’ she found her hrwt* of a i iog ia tha heytata. rwb* nothing—and yew will alaoys fan a **•{*> ( ta* iCTbtaj*shew^nMwat^ytawrt. 11^*^ The preserve dealer’s motto—“lean.”' ‘ The kypAcritc's motto—“l weaV*

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