21 Mart 1867 Tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Mart 1867 tarihli The Democratic Advocate Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE DEMOCRATIC ADVOCATE. tui ke 11. H JIBER n TIE IKHIW lUTIt ADVOmE. Jl. It. KiiUit <">•! I'mpriflvr, 1 No. 9 Carroll U.u i . Tke AbriM ITP (i poMUliod cvrr> , THURSDAY MOUSING, pud fumiulml I to SoUfriWl at tI.M prr annum. In Advance. ||f do! paid in abaiice Two Dalian will I**’ j tkarfel. N 6 p*[>-‘r will la- iWouliimoJ until : aB arrearage* are pal ), except at our own J Often. RATES OK AOVKUTISINO. j I qnrr, t ImtrUotw, #1; each eultsoqueal | iaeortion ’A* rente: I ejuer- tltroe month* | sl.lO, ii< month. S'i. Dalliuei* Cur tie of: too Itnte, or lent, per annum, Mer ahanuan t other l>n.mu men, litolullug tke paper: OeeTuurtK of a column per rear, Sl .-tto llalfaMlurwa. V,.W Ouocohlinn. “ *'.oo HAND 111U.S, A eixth of a Sheet, for 2, sl.'o, for 100 12.00. oeerier Sheet, frr 52.2*. for 100, so.T.i Half Skoet. “ :t.r,. “ r.nn ""astrology* The World Astonished AT THK WOM*ri l. RRVtI.ATtn.Sf MADE* HY THK GRE.tT ASTROLOGLST. Madame 11. 4. l > HltllltiU. | Skerevmb secrets no mortal over knew, I ffkr Wtomito hn|>tinf<* those who. from Holeful rvMti, cn(ttstr.jHv. imm in love, bsasaf relations and friend*, lom of monor. dr.. kavf htieome despondent. She hring-t , logether those lon* s-!pflPht'-<l. infr ■nation concerningabsent friomri or lovers, . *'<■ ' the btiHlnPßi yon ar qnsMnml in jmimmp 1 and in whal you will b* maul ourcaaaful. ! rue •pertly marriage* and ietix yon the ?aiy day you will irtnrrv. give# von the 11 name, ItkencM andrharm'U'rMtic*")'the rvr- ! I •on. Shr reads our very thoughts, nno lir k*r almost tuprmntuml power* unvrlfo the , •lark aud hidden iwysiaric*, of the future ) From the ran wests 1 in tin* Armament the I malefic stars that ovcrcoim* or prcdomiunU io th* eonfujiiralion—front the aspects am! i tkasitions of the planets and the fixed flnrs (a tha heaven* at th-- time of birth, b<- Jc •lu.-e* the future destiny of man. {■'ail nut I to consult thexmurst Aatrulovnit on mrth. 1 liroau you bat •% trifle. and yon may never ayata have eo farrawMi' an opportunit v. ■ I 'menHatinn fee. with likeness and all dr •ire I information, SI. Fart Jes living at a.' Hi<tm>ee. can Cumuli the Madamu by mail ith c*pial Mvfuly and aotisfactioa to them •elves* at if in peraun. A fall nits) explieit rhart, written out, with nH injuries an and likearH* rHrbi**d, •eat hy trail receipt nf price nVrvtr rrt. dented. The •uii trtl Irnoy \fill lie maintained, ami all '•nreapowdenre return'd u( d*w roved.— ' H< frencs of iKi highesi order lunu-it.-d fhma deemin' them. Write plainly the dnv if the ni'Htth nnd Vi*nr in which vui were Lrn, endow nt; a stitnl! lock of hair. Addrc.s, Mauviue ft A. BBRIUGO, I*. 0. lia*awi 2M, Uuflalo, V. V. * frUftd* MSN, BUND, DOOR AND Tanaiture Factory. SHORR, MWfTlm * SIIAKI'TEI!, AIN’ Street, West of the Httilroad, hate ifl on hand and Ad ;ill \lfuetnre lu order : “swi fhAJ huOUS , wd ffeiy art tele afcmnrv to a llutldlng. I n it win iu:. In every atylc and variety. I lUkinp had {frrni rxj*crf nce in our hn'i- we leelfaiiAiied in Anyitif we can sell Bar good* U a greater advuntnge then run had cUfwrhcre. I t*rQ*w us a rail. I Now. IQ.-tf. IhSALTH AM) STRK.N't; I U lu THK MCK. a. ‘can W i nrrd.' i [•MaatpUpa* SWAYXiI’S 'eta be citml' ■ otimtaptlfn' ‘can bv cured.' tr Kpk* rOMPor VD cau be cored.' *ta He cored.’ Izam- R-MimaUga' Caax ‘can bcca wd. IdBWsA I *caa bo cured.’ * . HEMRHY. 'ran b mred.’ ■ mnr yeare’ oiperience. and the grvat *- ell Uof’ 'a. 'al!"p.^' D. SWAYJI* i 50.,, | xjm ■ WiwbßlmUr. f Bcrt4*hT SHruth 1! j 1.'., |uk in iroin fcor *f. W.Ji..'. f>.•TK'fTKU* : ®n;i Ken' sever krown •rTTTKu’ I ■tea T ■TRTTEIt’ tCH 1 TO FAIL ‘TETTKU’ tei-.. <r .. ■TETTF.r Btt'B 1 lx cunixo this •rCTm 1 1 ■rcr TURMEXTINU ‘TKTTEII’ ! ■toit •tetter* ! ■tcu- coMHaixT. Tetter' ■" Pil.l, Rati Hbenin, Scald If nd. ■ . h. .11 (ttin Hu. ..... l f T9tatr >? * SWaY.vK* SOX, I ■kilaMNa. Roll by IVM. REME, YYp.tß.ln.tcr, SWAVWE 8 g jwxm OftHDUL, I ■ ** 2>>: Ka-JWSjB * "P\f&W P ad nwr ■ auul. I JRr^-" ■ HHi wil. REESE, ft. 4. VOIIUOH I Mrawni ienTm ,’ a jsntv* 'RNiw.ir ■V™y*hu MPvico. to till pulrfic in l!,c nod will attend prompt wtl caaetL Addrew, 0. rmjtshorg IHwtri* I, Carroll jnnlT-tf WESTMINSTER MD. THURSDAY MARCH 21 1867. NEW COAL AND /, vifn k n r A'R a. EajTegßamoaKsar! H U .IlEraTv '.wmßff I OHEKS HTUKKT AT THE DEPOT HT.vrif/.v.srAve, mo. I f JA\ lsffl jierfecttsf nrmogenieti(!i for LX carrying on the l.iinihrr and t otal lluxlnrM, I on Green street, ul the Depot. Weatminwtcr, j MU.. the underaiguod takes thin method o| I soliciting the patronage of the public. Hr j will have <>n hand, and be prepared to sell ; "• all limiis at the loweft rah prieea, a full • fipplyofMMOiied 4-4,0-4, and B*4 Boards and Plank, I Flooring, Weftlhcrhoarding, Siding and Scantling. Shingles. Imtha and Tirkets, and all other materinl kept in a Lumber Yard. lie will alfto keep for *a!e Broken. Egg, Nut and Pea COAL, from the well known Sliamokin Mine.*, ut the lowest M.trkct Bv prompt aU out lon to biiSno*a t furnish mg the hext nrtieles in tlie Market, and doing nil in hi* |nwep In neeoinmodnt* cnxtoiiiem, he ho(>C9 to command a share of public patronage, EDWARD LVXCIL fehMy LOOK HERE I LOOK HERE!! FJI UK ami -niimed. hsvliif their * NKU FUUNUItY k WAdIIKK hUOI’S. I uuar the 11. It. Station, in lVi‘tiaioater, wiuihi j respectfully Inform lh • public that the* arc i now nrcptied to furnish. Hlovcf, Ilfsck’Mnilh Tue Irons, Tiro Headers, Hollow Anvils. Ac., , fiskeoven doors and 11, mtb IMui.-s, Cellar Win- 1 doYv Grate*, I'oirh I’ost Inins, and Casting in general. Cornsm.l Cab Crushers. iWaHhsllrrs. | Circle daws with beaches complete for saning . [ (ire wood, Ac. ll orPim.i, mid i iirrxhliiK Mnrlilnn, Cuttin* in.) n.iuibauf Jiff, rpi.t kind.; ! | but w.iuM rail particular attention to their iutly e< l. bi au-il Three Horse I'ioogh nimmoii I v called ih • "Price Plough." Abo their well ! known and unsurpassed c; ll % i \ i) si i i, i, i f* >r ,t ] x * hg all manner of Grain, including Oats. i l ®’ Repair* of all kindi attended to n-. omt't ly and at liberal rnl'-s. Hat iw; litsl ihu Mecbjuicki emi.loved, will guarant e Mtbfactlon. WAGON KR A MATTHEWS. I ov. 29,—Hm. feollt Kxtraeted XVillimit rain, UY THE USE OF THE SITKOI * OXIDE GtS. ||V Or. t il (lU.IM IIIM.IXCRI.I.x. i> /; x r i.st, A T II I S () KV t CK. [ ,\fljoinin hi. F ithcr'i Residence, tVcslminslcr, Md. i WHKIIK lie niav U t'l.iiinl m nil lime 11 111..T1 ...It pr.-.fi.ss.(.n:dl). engsgod nt f XX*... 1,... ..lay „f even ri<..nli.-icmnini.ix .mill Salimlny. V IIV -JuJ Vclncwlnv ./every month, •temi.ini. until Snturdnv. • -tint \Y edm ,l„y every month, remaining until Fridnv evening. 7’#n gfmr„~;kl Friday every month.—ro i in.iiiiiut! until the Wednesday fulloirine. 1 decMy. pr? NO TI OE. AV Clucks, 4. yyi Jewely,: SILVER PLATED WARE. 1 NI’KOTACI.E?, SU.VKU, GOU), I'LATKDvt STBKI, WATCH CHAINS V. MOORE’S Jewelry Store, Xettr Rail Rond, Wntnimirr. D*3X>M’utclies, Clocks, and .)each v. care fully Btaii'-d and warranted. WILLIAM MOORE. .Tune 11. Carroll Hull, Mustminatcr, • DkAbKR IX . OHVUSy CHEMICALS. JA TEXT MLOJCIXKS, Fixer ARTICLES. rt'KFCMF/n', Sc. ; PHVSICtANR’ ?HESCIIIPTfONS neatly and accnrptdy compounded. ■ Depot for the manufacture of i ILFUIXUS Cuntpontul Syrup of Jilack • j nmto.tr I BOOTS 4 SHOE'S. j T CST raeeired and for >.l>; a fronh aud fl larxe !>.( uf I'hil.uli-li.hiu _ M I Uu.’.u. J|l o ' PI j hoots and sdoks, “ ta -a(r — • 1 enn.rj*i,u, in , Mrl „f l.° r "* KW - Momeeo. lA.tin*. Oil fiout, ■Vc., e., all of which wift 1 wild at iirimtlv reduced prices, by i,, , , . T - . ECKKRT. , Keinemlmr tkn i.laee. two d.mr. YYest of Mr,. Hkiaor .Ylllleunrr more, Wewtmin "T. dec SO SIOO SIOO SIOO - 30UDUCBB EXTRA BOUNTIES COLLECTED BY A. D. sen AKKKER, Wcxui.iimier, Md. SIOO SIOO SIOO lij mm. w. hiiluvai. (‘Mists hr I, General Caller lor. art CIO Bailiff, XjRIUiL atfead promptly to all hit official *y dut, m ~ Cuoatattlo and Uailill. and to um Collnetioa of all oiaiaii pfoce.l in kin • hand.. Ho may be (buodataiUimca, . (.on aoxent on boniitc*. at Cook’. National Ho- I tel. at tin' Railroad, Wot minster Md. d*v“7-$m 111 Prnrrrlut Our Eaton, Let I be Caretbl to l're*ere al.o Our Civil IJbertlr*. FOR THE UXFORTUIfATE. BELL’S SPECIFIC REMEDIES Are warranted In all cases, for the Speedy and Permanent Core of til disease* arising from sexual excesses or YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION, Seminal Loss, Nightly Emissions, and Sonant! Dreams: Ge iital. Pnrsical and Iferrota De bility. Impotoor-, Gleet, Sexual Diseases, Ac. No Change ofDlel If \>rrsnry. They ran be used without detection, and never fail to effect a euro, if used according to In- Bell’s Specific Fills, ; Price One Dollar per Box : or Six Duxes for I Five Dollars- also Large Rox'-s. containing | . Fonr Small, Price Three Dollar*. I From four to six boxes an* general!r requir ed to cur e ordinary esses of Seminal Weakooaa and Ktaiadons. though benefit Is derired from uing a single dot. •' Chronic ct*■■■*, and particularly when Im pofeneo or O inital D'-bility with Nervous Pros tration has affected the system, Bell’s Tonic Pills Are recommended •• (he moat F.fflcaelon*. Re juvinating and Invigorating Remedy in the I world. I A Package, Price Five Dollar*, will last a month, and i* gmciailv aulllcient. In extreme case# of Debility and Impotence I BKLI/8 KXTF.RNAL RKMEDY, I Price Two Dollar*. *uflUbi,t for a month, can b • used to good advantage. I It give* S(length li lbs Organ*, and. with the Pills, will reatore thorn to their normal | condition. | A Pamphlet of 100 page*, on the ERRORS 1 i OK YOUTH, d -xigni d as a Lecture and Caution ! j to Young Men, sent free, Ten Cento required to • | pay postage. CAUTION! The above Remedies have now been la-fore til* Pnblie mnnr years, and their great success in the alleviation of human misery. has excited the cupidity of several .parties, who nae the name “Specific Pill*/ copy my labels, circu lars and advertisements, sometimes word for word, and pot up worthless conn maids (hat disappoint the just expectations of the purchaser if you cannot purchase Dxu.’s Srxnrtr Rru i piks of your Druggist, lake no other, but send the iuoip y direct to Dn. J VMES BRYAN. Consulting Plivsician, SIU Broadway, New York, and yon will receive them by return of mail, post paid, aud free from observation. Mure Yidiiiible than Gold! Bryan’s Life Pills j rain y the blood, I R c ove Headache. Diulnfa.-. Guldineaa, Drow sines*. Unpleasant Droams. Dimness of Sight, Indigestion. Cleanse the Slcmi ach und Dowels. Insure NEW LIFE in the debilitated, and Heitor* lA* Siek to CtfnH Health. Purely Vegetable, , Try Uirm ! they only cost 2i Cents, and If you j 1 cannot get them of lour Druggist, send the , i money to D : JAM FA HR VAN. Consulting Physician, Ki! Broadway, New York. > And they will t*- <"nt hy return mail,postpaid, j I^VM TO LADIES. If you require a reliable remedy to restore you, j and remove Irrogulantica or Obatructiuos. | WHY NOT I SK THK BEST? , Every Lady know* (hr slight*-*! irregularitr of nature i* liable to bring on Headache, (Jid ; dines*. Low Spirit*. Fainting. Hysterics, 4e. ; I then the bloom of bi-allb wdt s.' the appetite - fails, and other sxinptoms more distressing com- In- B a V. .. S dual c •inploiMy the j Whites, Piolaiuuis, Ac. A*-. A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY will be found in * Dr. Jl'irrfy'g Female Pillt. The exp.'tlencc of thirty rears has proved they , have no equal for Removing Obstruction* and | I r regular itia, no matter from what cause they j arise. They are Safe and Sure in vvorv case. , Upwards of 50.000 Boxes are sold annually, and j no rtrmplaint of their efficacy Is ever Heard. for they aecomprUh hat they are represented 1 to do. I Sold in Boxes, containing Sift* Price j One Dollar. Dr. Harvey'* (lultftH Fill* Is a remedy four degrees stronger than the I above, and Intended for a{ecicf cm** of long j standing. Price Five Dollars per Box. | A PUIVAn;riK(-(lLAßlol..diiw,wi<kfl.r j Anatomical Engraving#, sent free on receipt of I directed envelope and stamp. Sind for DH. HARVEY’S PRIVATE 34EDT- J CAL ADVISER, addressed to Females <1 pages—giving full instructions and information, 10 cents required fur postage. If you cannot purchase the I*illa of your Ul Uggist, they will be sent by mail, po*t paul, secure from Ohsorvatiou, on receipt of the ! money, by Da. JAM ES DU YA N. Consulting Physician, } July I My. JSI9 Broadway, New York. , Dr. Bryan’s Medicines j T Have on hand fur sale the following vaL I I hl<* Medicine* which are described in | I>r. J. Bkyax s advertisemotit in the “Deu. ; Atlvocalo,’’ Hr. Ih’H’a Sucrifii! Pills, Hr. ifaney’s Female Pilla. J Hr. Bryan’s Life Pills, i Dr. B. other medicines ctin :lao he pro ! cured through the undersigned when rarmir od. A. 11. HUBER, DruggHdi WeaMninator, Md. nov 25,-if. KXCKLSIOE! EXCKUHOK:! (UAHTiiItH’S Bair Eactormlaator 11 ran umayu.agyrttrt.von) tutt. To Uie IsJiM upwially, thia innliwMa depilatory reoomwMs itself as being on elnurt ii*4**pen?ihlqartieh* Ui famti* beauty, - j oaatly ipphod, Hoftf net bqrn or fnju## (On I akin, but arts directly on the roots. It ia war mu iwd to removwwap, idJnoaa hair from ; low Uirehciida. or fi-om any tutrtof tke body, j congMclv, toUJV rt>d mdurti* CKGjnnling the -amo IrtviM the akin ooft, smooth and I natnrhl. Tin* ia Om only crtiole used th>‘ i French, and i* the only inl effectual depth* ) lory in existence. Pru o 7fl eenU per pack age, sent postpaid, to any address, on raeai{4 of sn order, by BERGER,SIims k Co.,Chemi, feM4 1 y River Rt., Troy, N. T. - The Spider And the Dee. OR LOOK HOT ON TVS OCTWABI* APPEAR*VCK. It chanctyl n SpideJ and a Be* Once settled on the self same tree, And then began a wanri debate Which could the fairar work create. Tho .Spider boasted, cone ao well Of geometric forma could tell, Or could so cunningly design Bow square with circles ahould combine. She said the webs she duily wove Her skill, in this respect, would prove ; And, farther, from her own slight frame The silken threads to spin it came. Whereas the honey of the Beo Was stolen from each Dower and tree ; Nay, that t.he wn* obliged, indeed, To borrow from the humblest weed. The B. rsp u'd, she never thought Such charge again it her could be brought; That aa to stealing honey tweet From every flower she chnneed to Her skill wa- ao conspicuous here. She’d nothing from such charge to ftar. So delicately she distilled, And her slight hag with honey fill’d, 'Dial never had a flower complained That by her means its juice was drained ; No loaf had been at any cost, Or by her robbery hud loat. Aa to the w ebs tho Spider spun, Her combs as Kkillfully were done. Indeed, the merits of her cause Might rest on mathematic laws; For these were never disobey'd I In any hexagon she made, i But what was chiefly on her aide, i Her works were usefully applied ; (I j She labor’d for the public good. ; And stored her cells for winter’s food. j j Taught by this fable let us aim At virtue, rather than at fane ; Caught by no outward thow or glare, Appearance* that promise fair. The dazzling are not always bright, , But glitter with delusive light; . Lei’s estimate things by their nae. < Not the effect they can produce. —Ellen Roberts. j Rrullh of lhe Andeti. The whole range of the Andes is j known to be tilled with preeiov* metals i of incalculable wealth. All along the count. f<r I dOO miles, are urioorul indi cation?. visible to the naked eye. and in some places the tourists sail many days | 1 past bluff* deeply stained with the de I i*o*ilo ot copper. At every port miner- i ul .* pceimeus from the interior arc ex- i hibited for sale, and to induce cxplora- I lions ; and small smelling wmka dot i the shore* from Peru to far south of j V ulpnmibo. The traditions cf the In- | | diaii* whom (he Spun lards found h re I nearly 400 years ago were full of ac • counts id* gold and silver mines, and ! i Iroiu (hut time to tho prescut day now I discoveries have followed each other I with almost fabulous rapidity. It would i j be impossible to give all the traditions I that atill exi.tt respecting mines that , have once hern worked by Indians on a j small scale nnd are now unknown.— !; 'I he authenticated accounts of acciden tal discoveries of silver by peons, who i either parted with their new acquisitions lor a trifle or suddenly amassed ini i inenac fortunes, would fill volume*. In 1 the coal mines of the south of Chile i saw men working with the pick who once owned portions of the coal district, and many of the cupper and silver mines now in operation have laborers j employed in them who knew of the ex-1 istcuce of the mines long be lure they 1 were opened. A few lucky t iscovcrcrs j turned their good tortuous to account. | and from paupers became Wealthy. I know ol one instance iu particular, where the owner of a mine was former ly a half starved peon, glad to get ten cents u day, and who has an annual in come of $200,000. Gold and silver, in more or less abundance, are found from the Isthmus of Panama to Iho Strait* of Magellan. The sil \cr mines of Peru I have long been well known, and the discovery of silver in Chile dates back to a very early period. Gold is found iu many parts of the country, and has been worked some, but not with satis factory results. It is believed that the r extreme Southern districts of Chile. now occupied by Indians, have very | rich gold mine*, us considerable quanti ties ol (hat-metal reach the roust thro* tho hands of traders with iho various tribes. Near Valparaiso several at tempts have been made to get out gold. 1 and one or two parties dkltolerably well for time, but the project was finally abandoned. lunnoo*o mines nf silver and copper arc found in Bolivia and 1 the north of Chile; and farther South are rich und extensive coal fields.— , Mine* of cobalt, rine, lead, etc., have also been discovered, and arc being worked successfully. Iu addition to those mineral riches, a portion of the coa*t yields many tons of saltpetre an nually. InaveiUin sabbath school the so. peri nf u ndent uiudo a powerful appeal to fhn scholars to ho active aud useful Among other things be told (hem they should all bo locomotives, each taking along hi.* train to heaven Tho next HsblMilh. just a* the school opened, in C4nie one of the beat sad uu*t zealous boys with thirteen new scholars behind , him and went up tho aisle uttering a noise, ebon, ebon. imUaUvo of the en gine, to the amiiteiuout of anporin 1 tendon t and scholsw. “Wlpt does 1 this mean f" Diked the :ctonisho4 su- Cjrintondonl ‘ Why,** answer; d the y, “you said we must all be lcomo [ tUsa, and here I aip with thirteen ears 4 ‘ behind mtt " A lady being nskrd to waits, give the following sensible and appropriate answer: “No, I (hank you. sir I have hufging enough at homo.” idvrnlnre with si (i rlxr.l) Bear. In the fall of 1860, a settlement in , one of the mountain counties of Cali fornia was alarmed and annoyed by the proximity and predatory excursion* of a gristly bear Two hunter* dote, min- t ed to rid the neighborhood of this dan gerous peat. Finding one day on the i side of a mountain a heifer that had just < died, they constructed over it a rude scaffolding, carelessly erected, with the ■ customary recklessness of those mouo- i uineers, and. worse still, just over, in stead of a short distant from, the bait,! a* it should have been. With blankets to guard against the cold nights; enough rooked provisions to lust two or three da s. nnd their guns and ammunition, they took up their po sition on the structure AtjLirk the full moon arose with a •oft, <4rtir brilliancy of light peculiar to those regions. No frog, no bird, no an imal cry Into.rapts the aufal stiilnes* of those rugged solitudes after nigh fall. A feeling of uneasiness began to creep into Hiram Johnaon’sinind. which degenerated into something like timidi ty, as upon walking across the floor of the scaffold, he felt it shake beneath him. nud for the first time, ob*ervcd its rickety character. "Gray,” said he, “this thing ain’t safe. Let's prop it up some more.” jjAh I” exclaimed tho other, “Listen!” incy could hear a rustling of the > brush some distance up the mountain, j and were soon enable to perceive a huge j grizzly bear making his way down to ! their hut. W hen ho had arrived within about twenty feet he observed (be hunters, and raising on his hind feet, advanced a* it determined upon an attack, to the di* may of Johnson, who felt satisfied that a slight pressure of the beast’s enor morn* body wnld overthrow their frail structure, and place them ul (lie mercy j of this savage enemy. The bear, however, after a few step*. : abandoned this threatening movement, and dropping on all fours, walked un dcr the scaffold, and commenced his re post, rubbing against one of tho posts in passing, and thereby rocking the whole concern Johnson's uneasiness had now become ; fear, nml hi* whole desire was to keep perfectly atill. in the hope thus the boar would gorge itself on the dead animal, and then go away aud leave thorn unin terrupted. This fear deepened into terror, ns he saw the big whiskers, shaggy hair and burly form of Gray, gun ;o band, creeping to the edge of the j platform. -Gray,” he whi pored, “don't shoot. | This thing ain't built right. It ought to have been a little distance off. so that | we could sho-1 without leaning-over 1 the edge. Now yon can't get no fair | shut, aud if you don’t kill it, it’ll kill 1 us.” Gray s answer was only an impatient i motion with his left hand, meant for a j Mynal to keep quid, nnd. crawling with i iris body far over the edge, so he could ) well see under, he began to bring bis gun forward, and turn the inuxxk un- j dcr the scaffold preparatory to firing on ! the bear, which was 100 much engaged * in eating to notice what was going o, , above. Bui that shot was never fired. 1 for the added weight of the guu in its i position, nnd that of its owner, was all . ; that was needed to cause the scaffold to j I commence slowly settling toward i the i ' side over which Gray was leaning. j j ‘Back, Gray, back ! the scaffold's | i falling!” ultnost shrieked Johnson, with j pallid face, striving to pull Iris compan ion towards tho centre. But it was too late. Tho thing sud denly fell, und the wreck, men and grix> i Hy, wore mixed in confusion. Johnson, conceiving he hud no time I to waste in rising to Iris feet, imn edi- I ately proceeded to flounce out of the i wreck, and roll down hill with a ccleri- . ty no hoop snake could surpass. Gray, now nearly as much terrified as Johnson, passed him with two leaps of amazing stride, and had nearly reach ed the bottom ol the bill, when it occur red to him to have a hasty survey over his shoulder. Johnson was still rolling but no bear was to be seen. Astonish ed at this, the fugitive slopped nnd fa ced the situation, when, high up the mountain, ho discovered the monster, evidently as much terrified as them selves, hastily entering the bush fVoro which he had just emerged. Gray then enlightened Johnson on the slate of affairs, and uudccbively proponed otlttig up after the guns aud blankets, hut the last named gentleman very decisively said he would prefer go ing home, and they went, without any unnecessary waste of time. Their information in regard to aeaf ford architecture in connection with firlxsly bear hunting, had rectvcd the ight of some valuable experience. Efficacy or O.nionu.—A writer say* : “Wi arc troubled oftjn with severe coughs, tho result of colds of standing which may turn to consump tion or premature death. Hard coughs cause sleepless nights by constant irri tat ion in the throat, and a strong effort to throw off offensive matter from the lunge. The remedy I propose has been tried by nic. and recommended by me with good result; which is simply to lake into tho stomach hofvro retiring for tho night a piece of raw ouion, after chewing. This esculent in <m uneook ed state is vofy betting, and collects tho waters from the lungs end throat, causing immediate relief to the patient Since 1821 Mexico has bceo govern ed by 23 perors, 1 vice prcajßnt and 1 general isaimo. I A Racy letter from u Would- | e. Colored Candidate for Clever nor. i Jackhon, Teun , Feb. 12.—T< Gov. • , Bnmulow—Sir:—l learn that you and ] j tho lotcer House of your Legialature j ! have passed a law to allow the colored * I people of this Slate to vote. So far, so i good. But. sir. you have, at the same ■ time, provided iu the law that they shall ) not hold office ! Now, what dues such ; legislation menu ? lum a colored man. | | and have wool un uty head, but you aud I your white truth can’t pull that wool over my eyes. The darkies in Tennes see generally wilt understand what you are after, and will put their LruaJ Jtct down on you. Th is act reminds me of tho case where a while man and an Indian went hunt mg They killed a turkey sod a bux tard. and when they came to divide, the white man. to satisfy the Indian that he would do the fair thing, made this pro position : “I’ll take the turkey, und you may take the buzzard, nr you may lake take the buzzard and I’ll take the turkey.” The Indian hung his head for awhile, then looking up, said to his • sharp companion: “Every time turkey I t white man. nud buzzard far Indian.” 0, yes. you want us to go r otiny with you, but every time office for white man and vote lor oigger. I learn further, that the bill has been sent to the Senate, where it is to bo hoped the restriction against ray peo ple will be wiped out. In that event, and nt the warm solicitation of many friends. I hereby announce myself u ciudidato for Governor. 1 expect you to be my competitor, aud I propose to open the canvass at an early day, and will join you in h list of appointments i from Carter to Shelby 1 propose to conduct the canvass like a statesman.! but notify you in advance that I will * hold you personally responsible for any i insult you may offer I shall take • along your debate with my friend Mr j ! Brync. nnd chnll prove from that that ; you have been a greater persecutor of! my race in Tennessee than any oilier man; and charge that )our present j course is one purely of selfish ness. ll will not be nmiss to say hero, that ; I am in favor of “equal justice to nil j iho people of the State”—that lam in ] j favor ot relieving the colored people of 1 j the State from paying taxes for three years, and in favor of their having all (lie vacant lands in the State, by paying surveyor’s fees—that I am the friend ol all religious denominations—that I am friendly to all the secret ciders in the •State, but only belong to the "Order of j the lame Sur.” 1 have held the ron xtitufion of that order in my hands and 1 sworn to support it. But muie of my I principles hereafter. When I get you jon the stump you will learn who I am and what I am Respectfully, your fellow equal, etc. j Matt. Ihrui. 1 , The Great lobat ro Factory ol Spain. A correspondent at Seville, writes : The change from the (airy scenes in and : ; around the Alcazar to the tobacco fac | tory is like nothing on this planet. I’ul j your hand into a pitcher of hot water I and quickly plunge it into another ol ; j cold, und the change will nut be a whit more strange than to pass from the 1 beautiful Alcazar to the presence of five ; j thousand young girls, nil in one room. I ; and Sevillanns. too, in the factory i j They are all old enough to be misebiov- I I oa* and -put ou*in.” I doubt if as i ! many black eyes can bo seen in any one , I place as in this factory. Their finders ; I more rapidly and their tongues a little I fuatet. Both cou-UTBi ton thousand lbs. | of tobacco n day, but you must uot sup , pose that they use tobacco in any shape; I uo, but they must talk, and talk they do with a rapidity (hat is amazing. 1 , have often heard that a woman's weapon 'is her longue, and that the sex,were no | torioua for using it, but, like many oth er uukiud statements against heaven's . beat, last gift to i.uu, I doubted it uu- ( til I into the Fabrico de Tobscos j of Seville. What may bo the weight of \ mischief manufactured each day along I with the cigars, I don’t know, but 1 fool i safe iu suiting that it is ut least equal ' with tho tobacco. This factory was erected in 1750; is COO feet long by 5:15 wide, and surrounded by a moat, it is the principal factory in*the king dom, a* every one osos tobacco iu aome ■shape in Andalusia, not excepting the ladies, hut it is when th.*y are on the shady side of forty that they puff and cogitate. Bnuff. cigars and sigarottes I arc manufactured hero. The best work- I ers among the girls earn forty centa per ; Jay, the poorest about half that amount Every night they are all searched to sec that they carry no property away I with (hem. Reading for Farmer*’ Hot a. I But for the co operation of my boys I I should have failed. I fear. 1 worked hard, and so did they. My eldest is near twenty-one, and, while other boys in the neighborhood, younger, have loft their parents, mine have stuck by me | and been faithful to me whon I most ; needed their services. And I attribute this result to tho fact that I have tried to make home pleasant for them 1 have furnished them with attractive and uaoful reading; and when night comes, and the day** labor is ended, instead of running with other boys to the railway station and adjoining towns, they gath er aroand the groat lamp, aad become absorbed iu their books and papers. MFIB3 persons have been horned to death during the past year and about 6.000,000 of dollars worth of property destroyed hr the explosion ol herafteue lamps, noarly every ease due to careless nare. > 4 • TERMS *1.9(1 IS lIT4\(VL : I'Uc Oliia-al C'll In the M ortal. | Duniavm i ilir oldont city iu the • j rld ; Tyre mid Sidon have crumbled | on llic bliore ; Dualbcc* in a ruiu ; Pal j '“jra lien buriud iu tlia? aauda of the | doaorl; Niovvob und liabjlon hare din appeared froiii the ehorea of (lie Tijrrc* ; aud Duplicate*. Oiiinaeeiui remaiue ! what it war before the days of Abraham | a centre of trade aud travel, an island of ; verdure iu the desert, “a predestined I capital," with martial aud sacred asso ciations extending beyond thirty centu ries It was near Damascus that Baul of Tarsus saw the light from heaven, *La bove the brightness of the suu the street which is called the Strait, in which it is said he “pruyeth,” still runs through the city ; the caravan comes aud goes us it did one thousand years ago; there is still the sheik, the ass, and the wiiler-whocl ; the merchants of the Kapil rates and the Mediterranean still occupy those with the multitude of their waiters.” The city which Mo hammed surveyed from a neighboring height and was afraid to enter, ‘ because it is given to m m to Imvc but ouc pura- Jio; ami. for bin port, *a* resolved not to hove it iu this world/' it is to thin day what Julitj called the ‘*Kye of the Kust.” a* it win* iu the time of Isai ah. “the head of Syria/* Kinm Damascus came our damson, our blue plum*, and the delicious apri cot of Portugal calk'd dunmMco; damask, our beautiful fabric of cotton and silk; with vines and flowers rained upon a smooth, bright ground; •’ainask rose introduced into England in the time of Henry VII the Damascus blade, so famous the world over for its keen edge and remarkable elasticity, the secret of the manufacture of which was lost when Tamerlane carried off the artist in Per sia ; .nml that beautiful art of cnlaying wood ami itflel with silver and gold— it kind of mosaic engraving and sculptnre united, called damaskeening—with which boxjs and bureaus, and swords and gun*, are ornamented. it is Mill u city of flowers aud bright waters ; the streams from Lebanon, the “rivers of Damascus/' the “river of gold/'still murmur and sparkle in the wLldcrajbo of ‘Lyrab gardens.” 91om:aI:;;< Around Jerusalem Joes not lie in the hollow of an amphitheatre ; it is placed, on the contrary, on an eminence with deep valleys running nearly all around it.— But it is Hue, not withstanding, that the mountains girdle it about, as the Psalmist di'Scribes Oo two sides, tho north and cast, it is enfolded by ilin Mount of Olivos; on the south, the Hill ol Kvil Counsel—the reputed site of’the country palace of Painphaa, the High , Priest, where the conspirators against j <>nr Lord met u the night of his ack I rare in Oetkscniane—overhangs the ■ valley of Hinnum, and looks right over lit on Mount Zion. Aud although upon | the west the hills are at a great distance i they arc on that side the highest of nil. j In that direction arc Ranah and Hib j ( *° n and not fait her away than five or , mile ais the remarkable height hy a name of Ncby Samwil, upon which j height tradition tolls us that Samuel, the prophet was burned. Of the truth of i this statement there is no evidence, !.ut recent inquiries and observation! seem j to have proved it to be the site of the | ancient Mitph of Saul. Standing ou | the fop ot Neby Samwil, the eye ranges ! from Jaffa on the Mediterranean Sea on the west to Jordan valley, and the I mountains of Aimuon nod Moab beyond lit on the east. Jerusalem is thus iu the heart of a mountain laud ; for nearly twenty miles on either side there is nothing mound it bot hills— Hurhu. nan's Clerical Furluvjh in tkc Uofy Nlv* Bonnet.—i/ondou Punch is very anxious always to record in au ap proprinto manner changes of fashion.— i he latest achievement is a picture rep resenting a fashionable ami affectionate couple, the husband searching vigor ously in bis waistcoat pockets. Tho youug wife inquires, ‘ Have you lost your watch, love ?” and he replies, “Xo, darling: twas a new bonnet I had for you somewhere.” only way to be happy is to take the drops of happiness as Ood gives them to us every day of our lire*. 1 The boy must learn to be happy, while ; j he “ learning his trade ; the merchant j while he is making his fortnne. If ho 1 fails to learn this IH, he will bo aur 1 to miss his enjoyment when he gain ! AMlat ho hns sighed for. ■j j Si.obehino in Houses—A corrcs j Indent of the Boston VaftivnHcr aaye | that this is a disease in horses. Hart i potre, n tablcspoouful for a ilosc, he hon | found to cure the worst case he ever i had. and has not fbund it necessary ev |or to give a fourth dose. He gives n I t .bkmpoonful in the morning, and in ! three days if the horse is uot free from i it, ho repeats the dose. A gentleman was surprised ring the late frosty weather to see his l.ttto daughter bring home from the school library -n grave treatise on “ Ftt'cksliding.” * My chihl/* said he, “this is too old lor you, you can’t make anything of it.’* I know it, papa,” *ai the artieaa re. ply; but I thought I could when I took it. I thought It would teach me how to slide baokarda.” •Pray, air, said a Judge, angrily, to a blunt old Quuker*from whom no di wet anawer could be obtained: “Do you know what w sit hero for V “Yoa verily I do," said the Quaker; “threJ of you far lour dollars each day, and the fat one in the middle for four thou sand a year 11 ’

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