10 Eylül 1953 Tarihli East Cleveland Leader Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Eylül 1953 tarihli East Cleveland Leader Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Page Two •oom wian announces the her Viola Gensler opening of the fall term of spacious, newly decorated attrac tive studio, located in the Heights Rockefeller Bldg, at Lee and May field rds., easily accessible by bus or auto from any part of East (’leveland, Euclid or Northeast Cleveland. Miss Gensler has devoted her life to the art of dancing, having achieved distinction as premier danseuse and ballet mistress of Elliott-Comstock productions. She SAVE ON Radio and Television REPAIRS! Wednesdoy* SNOW 13916 St. Clair Avenue PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Premier Certified Peat Moss LARGE BALE $4.85 More Bushels Per Bale Size 18x19x38 FERTILIZERS Triple XXX—Bone Meal I'^organite—Vigoro Gurden Gro—Lime Straw for Mulching 18617 Nottingham Road training under and American has had thorough foremost Russian dancing masters. Even at the present time, Miss Gensler spends many hours in New York City and Chicago seeing new ideas from such artists as V. Swo boda, Mlle, Yurieve (Russian Im perial school), Pierre Vladimiroff, Muriel Stuart (School of American Ballet) and others. Miss Gensler has had spectacu lar success in her teaching of chil dren and great care is employed in Hi Neighbor! FRED AUGUST IS BACK HOME AT THE Dorner Chevrolet Co 14115 St Clair Avenue Selling New and Used Cars Call MUlberry 1-7700 and Ask For Fred ARNETT HAMPTON LILY ANN IVES EXPENSIVE MOST TROUBLES ARE DUE TO WEAK TUBES BRING IN YOUR TUBES We Will ft Test Them |J We Have A Complete Stock of Tubes. Also Batteries For Portable Radios GLenville 1-0550 Next Week-HOLLAND s.Ki PARKERETTE LAWN SWEEPER Sweeps Leaves Grass and Driveways $33.50 20 Inch $41.oo 28 Inch bne?S WHITNEY'S SUPER REFINED LAWN SEED er 5 ance Tonight, Friday and Saturday, see Kathryn Grayson in “So This Is Love.” Saturday wiafinee: “Blondie Brings Up Baby” plus four car toons and serial. DOUBLE FEATURE Sun., Mon.. Tues.: “Let’s Do It Again” and “The Woman They Almost Lynched.” Next Wednesday: Glenn Ford in “Plunder of the Sun.” Check all the ads and maybe you’ll find your name. If not this week, be sure to look next week. There’ll be ten names each week good for 20 tickets at the Shaw-Hayden Theatre. rnCTED UAUCC rUjItn HUME Charge It Pay Later Get Our Demonstrator—Try It and You'll Buy It Plant That Lawn Now, and Be Sure To Use Cypress Lawn Furniture—3 Pcs.—Very Special $15.95 TUNE IN WSRS Every Saturday at 11:15 A. M„ Dial 1490 YOUR NORTHEAST GARDEN CENTER NOTTINGHAM s«Ecod Phenes: KE. 1-0256 or 1-0257 4 the method of instruction, with I absorb it. All classes are person special consideration given to foun-l ally conducted by Miss Genster. dation technique in all types of I There will be classes in tap and dancing. I acrobatics for boys and special 11 NEEDED CALL OR WRITE MISS GERTBUDE KOHL 2210 Cedar Ave. PR. 1-8400 At Your Garden Super Market SHOP HERE for all your LAWN AND GARDEN NEEDS The ONE-STOP STORE! SHOP WITHOUT WORRY! EAST CLEVELAND LEADER an Mothers who desire the best in I classes for the little tots. the field of dancing, including an I Ladies’ conditioning classes will atmosphere of refinement, will find I be held for mothers and business it at the Gensler School of Dancing, I girls in limbering, tap or ballet, which is designed for dance educa-1 Applications will be accepted for tion, dignity and distinction, the I private or class instruction in so highest standing in dance culture. I cial dancing for teen-agers and I Next week is V-WEEK Each pupil in every class will I adults. I VOLUNTEER WEEK ... in Cuya-11 receive individual instruction toU For further information calllhoga County. Next week is the the limit of his or her capacity to|FA. 1-1322. I week when the Greater Cleveland I 20 FREE Tickets| persnnals You can get a pair of compli mentary tickets to the Shaw Hayden Theatre by reading the ads in this paper. There are ten names in ten ads scattered I Personal items may be tele through the paper. If you find Iphoned to PO. 1-3378 up to 5:00 your name, just clip the ad and I pt Tuesday for the following take it to the Shaw Hayden I Thursday publication. Theatre and you’ll get two free tickets. old Wiedlund of Orange, Ohio, to see the former’s son, Robert Carl, receive his AB degree in business administration and his commission as second lieutenant in the air force. I I IWMMMM I I I luated in 1947. V-Week For AH |(Af| I FftCC I Danff. Trips by water interspersed Families needed to care for chfl- II ,T dren supervised by the Division of I *Ir- and M,s’ Mark SPllka I460? Child Welfare, County Welfare I Potomac ave., announce the forth .... ... Dept.: urgent need for preschool |lof their second daughter, Rachel icanaiaaies ioi and adolescent children. This agency ISpilka, born August 14th. Mr. I drawn, pays board, provides clothing and I ISpilka is working on his PHd de-1 Topping the medical care. These children are I Igree in English at the University special service not for adoption. Applicants must 11 of Indiana at Bloomington, Ind. meet agency standards and provide references. We will deliver a clean, comfortable Rollaway Bed, made up with linens, ready for sleeping, when and where you need it. CEDAR 1-1632 GEORGE MAKOWSKI mmowrs mkot amLNHYOV? thrifty it ta give edtar •afanMC thre yre tore. Magtoty namertl Mtgtay thrifty* Halbergs WALLPAPER AND PAINT 15404 Waterloo Rd. l\CU wIvJJ tivity and program. Of the total number of new volunteers needed, 650 are being sought by the First Aid and Water Safety department while the re- OfcUViy utliai UI1CHU wimt u w a aa maining 450 is required to fill other volunteer jobs. Louis S. Bing, Chapter Chair-1 man, said, “it’s the work of the .volunteer that makes it possible Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith lf{r Red Cross to meet so many I lof 14502 Woodworth rd. went on lneeds and to serve so many com-|| Idown to Athens over the past week-1 munjty agencies. The Greater end to see their new grandson, I Cleveland Chapter has always been -Mark Thomas Smith. He is the son lreCognized as one of the top rank- of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith, I jng Red Cross Chapters in the11 Jr» I country. If our community desires Ito continue this national reeog Old friends and former neigh- lnjtion we must invite men and bors are welcoming back to Eastlwomen a]ike to participate. We Cleveland Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Iare especially anxious for volun Laube, who have taken up resi- Iteers who can give one day a week dence at 13415 Garden rd. Mr. Lo the many important jobs that Laube is a sales engineer for the I Red Cross is doing.” H. K. Ferguson Co. During the past year 136 Red I Cross First Aid instructors taught Home from a western trip made I classes. But with the steadily in

I with frincds is Mrs. A. H. Frank-1 creasing interest in First Aid by lyn of 194o Taylor rd. En route (industry and as result of Civilian west they visited the Grand Can- I Defense activity the minimum need ,"ent. up ,!he coast fron? Loslfor new instructors has been set rnK,|A 'a"7u1ver,and Lt ?o. (turned by way of Lake Louise and nn.uu. I .... .. the train traveling. eilumshas also brought»r«iue.,-t |for 550 Water Safety Instructors and Senior Life Savers. It is from the Senior Life Saving group that are instructors for list of needs groups are the I Gray Ladies and Canteen service. Wiedlund and son Dick, 14206 |Red Cross Blood Center or neigh- TJ Shaw ave. and Mr. and Mrs. Har-|borhood bloodmobile operations. FINEST CADILLAC por a invalid Car At Your Service NEED AN EXTRA BED FOR A FEW DAYS? RENT-a-BED I There is also an urgent request for At Kenton Friday last for the I Registered Nurses who are now to or to wear with commencement exercises at the (keeping a home, but who may find I ... university were Mr. and Mrs. A. lit possible to volunteer in the Those three categories alone call 32° volunteers. Scheduling Office. The remaining hundred volun teers are urgently needed in Motor Service, Staff Aides, Nurse’s Aides, and Social Welfare Aides. Gray Ladies are assigned to veteran’s and state hospitals and Red Cross Blood Program. Canteen volunteers are on call for disaster duty. Anyone interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer should call the Red Cross Volunteer Recruit ing office at SU. 1-1800 beginning Monday morning, September 14th. Red Cross Headquarters is located at 1227 Prospect ave. bAi^dAhl DID IT AGAIN! gym flf”* SHOES $2.69 up-according Io size and ctylo K MCI0WI0M BAUMGARTEN’S The Family Shoe Store 1427 Hayden GL 18516 Club^ Sailing last Wednesday from A brief reminder The Get-Ac New York aboard the Queen Eliza- quainted tea for the Y mothers, beth were Miss Betty Wedlund of I Thursday September 17th at 1:30 IShaw ave and Miss Sandra Kirk-1 endall of Lakewood. They plan to at the y Ho 1819 rd I.. .. spend a month visiting the British hoP«d tha‘ a«h P««nt men. Isles and the Continent. ,Mma. "nd bnng a new Y I ... Mother to join this organization Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mernel, for- Ln its activities for the Y boys of Imer East Clevelanders kit nOw cently visited here and in Collin- I ... I IEast CIeveIanda hiving in New Hartford, N. Y., re-I Mrs. Wm. Bostwick and Mrs. I I Mr. and Mrs. William J. Har- I tea hostesses. I mount announce the birth of Nancy Raymond Hagstrom, Hospitality wood, renewing old friendships. I Chairmen, are planning informal entertainment. Officers will be the I Louis on August 20th. Mrs. Har-1 At their regular meeting on mount is the former Joy Gell. (Wednesday, September 16th in the I I I I l__ I Next Week Is East Cleveland Library, the Blue Mrs. William A. Howell, daugh-|Star Mothers Club will plan for Iter of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Hoff-1 the dinner party that they are giv Imann, Westburn rd. received herljng on October 10th. Guests will Ib.S. degree in Education cum I include the husbands, the dinner to llaude from Kent State last week. I be followed by cards and a Country I She is a member of Kappa Delta I store sale. I Pi, National Educational Honorary (Fraternity, and Psi Lambda Omi-1 I ... _, ... cron, Honorary Home Economics T™“ “arde" Isorority .1 Kent State University. |"eet September 15th, st the She was a member of N.H.S. in E2™a of Mra- Car* Z™™™an, Ishaw School from which she grad-13’98 rd., at 2 p.m. I Plans for the coming flower show will be discussed, and Mrs. Rollin Rendlesham will show pictures of her trip to Bermuda. I East Cleveland Leader A Newspaper of General Circulation in /ahoga County 1 tblished 1942 I Published Every Thursday By I Collinwood Publishing Company I Publishers of I EUCLID NEWS-JOURNAL and The SCOOP General Offices and Plant 814 East 152nd Street GLenville 1-4383 county-wide drive to recruit more |ELSk BERG A«.nN»t. Editor than one thousand volunteers to lR FOULKE Business Mgr. take part in every Red Cross ac- |robt. W. MURPHY Asst. Mgr PEACHES II Now Ready for Canning I ELBERTA and HALES II Reasonable prices, I Highest quality. EDI IITI A KI ft II rl\UI I LMlwlz I Nottingham Rd. at E. 185 St I open Unttl S:30 pMt GERTRUDE F. EVANS ^oinmonos Every diamond you buy here Is a first quality diamond the very best! They Lre hand picked from the world's finest I IUVawAV I gg UHvI I* lllvyCl I DIAMONDS and FINE JEWELRY uBiood Donor Re ruiters ar 12509 SL Clair Avenue Day or Night I other service at the top of the I S. H. JOHNSTON KE. 1-3600 list with a request for at least 400 Open Every Evening Except Wed. Ivolunteers who will recruit donors in office buildings and follow-up by telephone on prospective donors from the Regional Blood Center Includes: e Chemical Cleaning or Shampooing I e Cleaned Both Front and Back I o Germ-Freed! e Do-Odorized LEWIS BRANCAE GL. 1-0322 FRANCIS SHERMAN RE. 2-9191 RE. 1-7879 Tacked Wall-to-Wall Carpet and Upholstered Furniture Cleaned in Your Home! Authorized Users ci 135 Bigelow Karpet-Kare for On-Locatioa Cleaning! BIGELOW Call ME. 1-1946 One Week Service! County-Wide Pickup and Delivery Month Earn Interest from the 1st! EAST CLEVELAND SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. ULsler 1-0600 1373 HAYDEN near SHAW IRed Cross Chapter will launch a I .... LEE P. KLOSS PO. 1-6864 at Rosedale, E. C. 21935 Lake Shore Blvd. Euclid Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Ins. Co Homo Office Columbus, Ohio ASSOCIATED WITH FARM BUREAU MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY FARM BUREAU LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 4fall*special RUGS CLEANED By Our Exclusive OCTA-CLENE RUG CLEANING METHOD! WESTsSIDE 4005 BRIDGf AVE. ''Cleveland's largest Volume Cleaners'1 |g OVER SO YfARS Of RUG CLEANING EXPERIENCE Member—National aod Cleveland Rug Cleaning Institute! Thursday, September 10, 1953 Your Money Works for You! Current DIVIDEND RATE on SAVINGS with accounts INSURED up to $10,000 Deposits Made Up To the 10th of the DON’T LOSE YOUR BRIGHT DRIVE New state Safety-Responsibility Law now In effect/ K you have an accident you may have to prove financial responsibility up to 815,000. 12722 St. Clair Ave Cleveland 15933 Euclid Ave. MAX SCHWEBEL PO. 1-9911 BURTON W. CARLSON GL. 1-2221 DEL CRAIG RE. 2-9191 BE. 1-2440 2

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