31 Ocak 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

31 Ocak 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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evening star. local intelligence. Xahtb Bob? ard Adopt an Citiibhi m rf| PiPiRTBBBTS AT WaRBlHGTCR.?We ?tm the fallowing from the Union of yester y. sliontogthe number of native bom and idop*d cUisens employed in the diffeient iep *rtjp?nu of Government in this #ity : 8TATB I'lFAHTIIST elerkf?18 native born, 1 born of Ameri rtQ parents, transiently abroad; 2 foreign kw?* 1 nefseoger?native born. 1 packer?native born . ] watchmen?native born; 3 watchman foreign born. 1 7 laborers?native born; 1 laborer, foreign born i' & in All?30 of whoa are satire oitiseas; 5 ?f wkoaa art foreign TBBASVBV DBPABTMBRT. In the c^ceof the Secratarj of the Treasury icd bureau?, including the officae of the aa njtaat treasurers and mints there are 430 Americana, M foreign born, and 3 not known. 1> venue cutter service, Americans. #5 light hoaee keepera?Americana, 23S, for tigwers. 32; net known, 132. Customs? Americana, 1,845; foreign era, 227; not known, 26. Total number of peraona employed under the State, Treasury, and Interior Departmenta iaaa follows : 3,346 Foreigners 430 Not K- own 330 Whole number employed 4,106 POST OPPICB DBPABTMERT. Clerks Aaautut Poatmaatera General 3 keuenger 1 Aeittaat meaaengera J Watchman 3 Laborers 7 Whole number 1C0 Of theee, 88 are of Ameriean birth, and 12 el foreign birth DBPARTVBBT Of TBB IRTBBIOR. _ Amer'n. For'n. Interior Department proper... 16 4 Land Office H2 12 Patent Offioe & 4 Indian Bureau 17 2 Pension <jAee 52 5 Cemmi aioner of Public Bnlld iaga, and watchmen, keepers of bridges, Ac., under his control ,, 21 0 Penitentiary 13 2 Total 35 ?Ot'M OF RBIRESBRTAT1VB3. In the Houaeof Representatives on the 1st of Ootofcer. 1853, there were 54 persona cm* ployed?all of whom, except ene, were Ameri* A Norn, ard Harksomb Pbeseri ?It known to most, if not all, of oar readers that ?V*e Co,ombi* *ire Company r^teftT^Ji0? * r? tim*' th? f^"d and grateful recipients of many beautiful and valuable presents fr)m the fair hands of a KSShS4 Pfili0,Sririted l*j residing on The ?le8?nt library of tho com P*i?y .hair magnificent silver trumpet?their handscme banner-these, and otherrifta at r?tr!XT,,T?Cent dwn*ti0ES of their rw^e'eted patroc^ The members of the company h a ve tfceir .urn. becomes donors, and, m J5hrht ^knowledgmet t of their esteem and erititide ?U?y presented to Mrs Pendleton, of Monday' "T'ji ?? ? of b??,ifa? r?K?,.? '? Hb~, luu". ai iri^k. ? their president, Captain Tait ? wSTSto' !b%Co[3mbla bT whom th. donors tb? LA.SHri,Ll1?OIR" -ffe *re informed ifth^ML0?r m'1',CBa1!- "ho is the father T three charming daughters, will, on to-mor Ud - ^ ?1T* * *?*r'e ?n a style, if equal v?Ji"r t*rore.eurP?^??d in our City S&van hundred invitations have already been sent oat Ike confecti< nery ia to be of tbe ruoet zv^l"y'uky\ x<?>? b?2 engaged in New ^ ork city. Tbe dresses tor ?Mh^fn?lTftoeTk' 00,1 on eacn coating flfiO alone, saying nothing of the jewelry and other ornaments. On rfct-ca? J. w 7 mentioned There will he no^t i?//POiB/,nSec- aH*?ng those who do net get a biUet Joux asking them to come. *bat is " SetORD Sioar '"-.No doubt even Ctrd hr "eeD lhi" thS c!fv JTthlap -or the wwk PMt- ^ c cny, on tne various oorners ar na. r?'V' iiil'lS 0f ?'Jr ,""der' "'o lim not -i.k??li" w* rton, but all wa e.n J ? nbovo ques Ttntriloqni? effeUT '3J ttl" !t id tot any of these ism* of w^lTh*' *"merk,n' or .? ? W# aro ai80re<1 r?r, b? wTk '.bTaS-'J'kif <*"?'?> pletely pn?i!ed than ever Th"5 m0re C0U1' ssftszx? gr^Tws ?ss ?red mit\ kJ1?* in this city. A col muKr^ wl!^ d?De wrong, her r ?- ^Ul corr*flt h?r, when ahe i??jh !llh9 houSe- followei by a doe be 7 0>lwk !n^h^*Ub,U,lmen,? Thi* WM tboul '?*? morning; after which, sea^b in continued until 2o'c! ck i he! ?zJ;b:btzi( ,Mtt ^ f0JDd ber aiih ffc- j . p kL Centre Market. !ha d?d birg bea.de her. iJere was an attacUnjen eah.tited on the oart of tnu hmt. i?. ..,tk ;.xt; ianthropiat. a.ght take a useful liTson P Yoi nc Mabymar-Yesterday mornine in the Criminal Court, Mr. Bradley a*ked that 'he Judge recall the lorfeiture of the rwoani Jfhn Maryman ($1500) for failing u? ?ppear !?* week to answer to the indictment law s Judge referred te tbe ^awot iW^ in such ewes, aa>ing his duty wan il?i in the premises. If the aocueed had 7 1 *wa7 the vrmjtT eouM not ba fi a LM. r1*1" he tbou*ht W1" the fact, dL |lber htd b#*n 10 ??art watch ing tbai prcefditgs during the trial of the ?Mta?SC?-'uk (,b0 ??? .[-"'I1E "P'j 10 Mr. XEradlev. uid ?? ?"?* ?*?' of the wu SJhJilJL P^'P^ly kept out by his father for^f > r ^the C00DtrJ frrm baded^* n*f P#rloi? t0 keeP him DoiHtlHALoXg - ur. , igable. peraevering, mirth^kit indW*t lag. yarn teUiag, and his band of aweet air?. the citiiens of Ueorgetoflf^?fif? ??ter,*>n mred thete native artista to thif t? ^?com only have chaiaung Boat* from ?irV no uriCi upalou* Oj*iau Talking of 7 n-irds ua that theae Yankee ifelifi!^^,^ dodging along this r.y to morrow night ? tkey coiud get no farther West than ?faor^! town, on account of the ice in the river k' rrBBET Pbbsbttbbiam Chtbcb ?ft e are requeated to announce that tfcj Wedoefdav erccrng lecture in 'his church will be omi'fed hie weak evening, whoi> now^Tl.f?Ti.u^'*'?ff,ll,yj ,???, ? great man in his l]n? |/?- , * JJ'* ??d automaton boy" the own hands, establishes hii'm th?^Li? living mechanical magician Th? anoes of the peaeock I perform S?w w'isiSi:""WMk ?"????r j?s; tMttypa sr. together presented in Waebington It i. termed " Nathaniel." Mr Lam^U. .i'm pi fhed aceno painter, has recently Drenared the gorgeous scene for this piece and new^^ tenure machinery and dresses have >1ba k w'r "? \ *?SSSff??z' new lork for months together whan formed there hj the ItousseUa Th? *?' off K: p??n ofBrowS ??iu bSuflSt "*-1 ;fr?^,crk, iSSSSS3?5^^ wajr of many of oar own people. A Light m the North ?We ir? inf?rm-4 w*n?'fSfStt T881"11 WiJdl'" *? tat?r e?ung end instructive panorama of the Indian " b5 tfmoll t*0, ftTorably receired here, in Baltimore, Ao , leaves onr qfty this day for, W llmiDgton, Del., rn a northern tour. Wei take great pleasure i i recommending this ad mit able work to ov northers reader* The propnetor, whom r > have long known, is a gentleman and arti >f the first oil ? Kibiwood 8 First Assembly ?The ladv guestsi of the Messrs Kirk wood held tneir first assembly last evening. It was handsomely EaOJPJ attended, pleasing everybody' and reflecting much eredft upon the pbimi? ?ll?S2?t'h "^*e 'adies were numerous and beautiful, the mnsie of Fleet discoursed moot eloquently, the supper well cooked, and com po/ed of all the delicacies of the season, satis fying everybody that mine host* of the Kirk others 030 d? 80UI# thi"?? M well A Gestle Ht!?T.-The Globe, refering to the Yo?kniyinaUgUrat?d bj th# Ma7?r h It will remembered that the present Mayor I of New \ork is not a Know Nothing, but is carrying out the?e reforms upon his own ac count-perhaps to show that-seme things can Mav?? ? Vi" l" o!?er' " 0ar American Mayors must look out for their laurels. Are there ne streets to sweep or nuisances to abate el?ewhere than in New York? ~Ye*terJ*J' an in(lu?3t was held W\L 7 r * man named Beda w tD* ,^in* in a Kott?r in lh? Seventh Ward It is said he had been de ranged several weeks, and his friends were obliged to keep htm tied, but Sunday he broke his ropes and escaped, and when found be was ying in the gutter with his faoe down. It is thought his death was caused by drowning or freeaing. I be jury retured a verdict of death from exposure. Goon Advich-If Mr. Rhodes, who con ducts the kales of books nightly at 474 Penn sylvania avenue, will give his audieoce a chance to put in a word edgewisa, we think it would he for his interest Because he is fami liar with a catalogue of books, it is no reason why he should talk quite so rapid; and if he intends to keep up his sales In this city, we <an only ,ay, with all his faults, he will givo you bock3 at your own price. "T A**u00 ^?*wi8B.-The following note has teen banded to us tor j,ublicatlon: j Received from H. Causting, Km , fire faun i?. r*ir b,ead' for the U-*? B B So-' ciety of Washington citv. Mas Macomb, Directress. Military The Inion Guards met at their armory last evening, Copp's Saloon, for the purpose of exercise and drill. After going through the various military movements, they organised themselves for busiues* purposes to iffaKrasszy.*'ir"" 0,1 f" foul ohimney near the City Hall. The fire companies were out promptly; but fortunately there was no need of their services Heavy Poem.?A hog two years old was brought to this city from the farm of C. B ?mIII"' ftq'1 a?d wei?h?d atBaoon's hay RSf . u T ne"wel?ht w*? ?40 ponnis Mr , Calyert had oae killed last year that weighed o75 pounds net. * wfcfUV??"?'T?? Mood*y l#st ? new born white female infant was founJ dead on F st who saw the infant de had breathedJ ?nd it is doubtless died Irom exposure. lit LLk ! Hozza !?"Good news from home, Good news for me, a bridge across the H st ? run. It will be safe for travel about 5 o'elock his atternoon. So the Commissioner says. Watch Retle*?.?Two lodgers in, but ne cases for the farm. ' ? OKOftDXTOWH COMEJPOJIDKWCr Condition of Mr. ItSS-4?-* GnoacBTowH, Jan. 31, 184S. A very large and inUlligent audience was in attendanoe at Forrest Hall, to hear the leo ture of Prof. Dimltry. The able and lueid manner in which he diseussed bis favorite ,V J1?? statuary and architecture of Athen?, fully sustained his reputation as a pie sing and eloquent speaker. His ideas were clothed in most ebaste and beautiful ?tguage. ;ind brought down frequent bursts of applause. We are pleased to learn that Mr. Thecker who was badly injured some days since by MrID&ii?>W?..,r?ni hi!r V??n' ? child Of M?. Woody, that was frightfully wounded by a similar accident, are, under the skilful treaC '~ov.riDg from We learn (hat, as far as the assessors have none, the present apprsisement of real and personal property shows a very considerable increase in the valuation over the last general STT^ lh#Waw*#fment, when oompleted, will, duubtlees show that the value of taxable property in our town will reach veTy near, if 2? eniouRt heretofore stated by us? $4,000,000. Some of our ice dealers are basy again this morning, procuring a supply of that necessary summer luxury, iee. From present indica tions, one and all will be able to ga;her a full crop. Mr. Benjamin Lohrer has disposed of his fine Property on Beall street, oonsisting of a fine dwelling, formerly used as a hotel, and very extensive livery stables, to Mr. William Hexel, for $5,000 if we mistake not, this property was sold some six years since for less than $3,000. Small sales of flour yesterday at $8,75. The news of vesterday has given rather more firm ness and alacrity to the market. Wheat re mains unchanged Spbctato*. ALKXAT3DSIA CORBXSPONDING*. Mi n* at we 'Vheitrica!??1\ uun'ial ()y$ra Hon?Democratic Me?Hn$?Tks Egtne Houses?Money Ea*y. Alexahdeja. Jan 29 I stf-6 i Last evening the Boon Children, those in mltable miniature artistes, performed, m jch the Mtisfactlon of a large audience whieh1 fmted them at Washington Hall. The new liliputian actor, Mordaunt Boob, tooai not * wblt behind hit slater la his eppfeclation of the porta la which he spared, Md laabella, tri too Well knnm i 4. pnblio to DMd >nau? "0.?^" *2* Mtinf Tb. nio.t.r. a,<22If?i** ^** ?oM?d again to.niiht and mTSlt ,f I th? Ulwt ot lh? infant prodiriei^nH M? tor^.m.wis afc conOo?'In r*,*tion to the finance &"? ?"^."'horlH^ .KhS: \o^hortttoT^l,h' ,r'1"""'' h"1* Ih?t t inna nf o * ^ mistaken the rela sTirar ?f *'???.? with .V.' j~r ? *jniat our Mr. IVtte tells 2.^wiS's-EL S'* of U? lata Arm abouM n!*.]^.1 {?* 2S** V*L?Vh?T of s?1J?n Withfera A SkffiflSftiM A " ta^JJlSJZ?110 <*?l?gotea to tho late Stan veJterd2?^#?" at U* Mawball House ?.to f?r f? Oo?f?r, Who lot ftr C0mP?7 hara secured a fine str*?t ^ hoaae, on 8t. Asaph ?treet, near it* intersection with Prince We me?Ldthe building will toon bo oom ??o nydr*?lwn, whom tho reoent ?AUon of the Council prevent* from build in* MntK??Pr!I5 "lt#' int*Bd locating in the m.r portion of oar citj. The oommereiel head of tho Qaaetie sav* florae knowTt ?Wf Pr"am? '* means to spend, for we kno# It is far from easy to get Ami PBRflONAIi. .... The Hon. Mr. Banks la on Monday next to deliver an address at Alexandria Vt f?'u' ""orph" | ... a Tho New York Aftrror fays:?'We learn lES^aSU4?5rlhtr* to * Po?ibUitj of SeSit? Hoffn??n to the Unltod States .... A gentlemen, at a late fashionable as SlJEdl'* ??????? ?f fashion?*wttnpt .... Seme one writing from Charlottsrille, .at.' ^Th^r"11^ Mr *iM ,'>Wk 0B tho 15th !P?rtW of th# N#w Y#rk Horald, metwith bis deserts at the close of Mr. Wises speech and a spontaneous outcry ran from the audience, 'put him out, put him oat,' and as hSmiSj,,nm lbdr ,e*ta' Mr' W> **id''let .... Mrs. Sinclair (late Forreat) has been presented with a diamond necklaoe ($3 000) by some of her admirers in San Francisco .... Rev. Dr. Darbin contradicts the itato* meat that all the missionaries of the Metho iiiSiFV 9?ureh will hare left China in a short time. Instead of doing this, a mis *?AVk reinfcro?m?nt has just been aent out, and others are to be added in the spring. .... The Baltimore American learns, from SSffiJ* authority that the rumored in tention of Qen Cass shorUy to address the Senate upon the naturalisation laws and tho propriety of eecret political societies, is alto gether unfounded, lie states that it is his in tention at present to take no part in the de rnthh w!ll ,ho?ly >pring up in the Senate on these exciting subjects. .... The New York Evening Tost says: The great mystery of Governor Seymour's P-tsencein Washington Is at last explained. * oomP?ny w?th Commissioner Mason and others is interested in a case, now before 5h! , , ?t*te' 8BP?me Court, inTolring tbe title to a tract of land containing liO.tiOO ?r*L The,r own??hip hH been upheld in all the courts ol that State, and it " * k^*?? th? <lB?8ti0D? ^hieh has been a subject of litigation for twenty years, will be at least cettled in a few days favorably to the former Means S. P Chase, of Ohio and Hiram Barney, of New York, appear for the defendants, and on Thursday Mr. Chase will deliver his argument." .... The office of Grand Almoner of France, which was suppressed in 1830, is likely to be ?V,^uIn pert0D of Cardinal Dupont, Archbiahop Bourges. Sixty thousand francs an<? * P*,ao* 10 !*t? in, ere spoken of as tbe emoluments of this office. .... In the suit of Daniel Webster against ,N#W 0rlwu?*i olaiming $50,000 for profeasional servioea in tbe Qaines case, the jury were unable to agree. .... Qen. Sam Houston said io a speech which he delivered at New York?'?Gentle man, I will tell you an anecdote of an Iri h man, and, by tho way, every drop of blood in my veins came Irom an Irish sou roe." a AtlHIUD. bj.tbe ***?w,n- Ho?ippn lipin Mru to Miss PRAIfCEd BROAD all of tinn city. 11,6 Rev* JohB 8,Q"h V'tKI ANDiy,ELSON> to Miss ELIZABETH A"''V ' t"c mereinj, by tie nainn, ALI.BN ?, ^' lo Mm MAKTHA v. whaley all 01 Virginia. ' D1K1). On the JDUi January. JAMES, a?ed i jears and cbd"0" ?Dly l0n ^,"'a,n ?u,<1 Virginia Mlt inftiSr-?.7etoWn'AnU,c eve?'"K of the '26th inst., in tbe l.ihy^arof heraf?. ADELAIDE, daughter of Jaiues and Mary Got>zIer. * LOaT-Oi. Saturday, a .mall Scotch Terrier SLUT, with long white hair, hlack marks on 1wn ears, and blown mark* on Iwr back. Answers F ( >.na?e ?'J' c?!i W,IOtv'!r brmgg her to Jno. """""01 jan* 9-3t LAMMOND'd, 7th ?t. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. MRS. If HACK aEV, of New York will remain a few days at Miss Morley's, 309 Fa aveime north side, near 10th street, for the purpose < aching Mr. S. T. Taylor's great improvement for cutting and making laiies' dresses . arft ^"pectfuUy invited to give h?r a eall, P<^ Uke Ufce * hinngwiuiyouand have the matter demon rtraied u> yoar own Mtisfaction. M . MRS. BRACKNEY, ^ *w> 40 T Hro-mway, N. Y. SILVERWARE. SOL'D SIVER TEA SETS, FfPCHERS, GOB leU?, Ciip?, f'asrors, Waiters, tc. Silver Spoor,*, Fork-, Ladles and Napkin Riiie-. Mlver l;em?ert, Pie, Cake, Fi.h and lee Cream HBivea. ^ugar, Preserve, lelly, Olive and Egg Spoous. Scral^s^ac ''' 9u,far an<, fce Tong"- Crumb ,'*ve of *'v',ry pattern, all of our urf an<* W/Irr?ntr<l purr silver. Orders raken fur every description of rich Silver ware, such as public hMtimonials, fcc., and strictly executed after any design, however elai>orate. M. W. <JAIjT k. BRO., No. 3*44 Pennpvtvnviifi avrnue, between Ninth and Tenth rts. jan m21? fit [!nte|,TTniori&\ews ] WATCHES. T7XTRA heavy line Gold Magic Hunting Watches JLj Pocket Chronoinetefs, Ladies' piainr and enamelled do , studded with Diamond-, and Pearls. Also, Timekeeper* of . vervj ?Mh?-r description, all warrant- d, and offered'?-? at a* low rates as fimilar articles ean be purciiired for in any city in this country. M. W. GALP ?t BIK)., Pa. avenue, betwe.n 9th and 10th stu. jan 27-?J_ [Intel,UnionkNews.] DSi\,A0?T ~8TRAYEU OR s''^EEN FROM 310 Virginia avenue, Islaad, a Uver?. i c-H.-red Poui.er PL'PPV, umin.aily Ull VfeVT Ji^l-lini, while hrea?t, ii.iving on a steel ilrlR ccfT?r. Any iiiforuiatiori lo?i?!iiu; io liis covury, cootin; I rout Cinder, receiver,or thief, will be r*SrSC a.? J' B PLEASANTS. ^ ^ Tyrasury Itepanmen*. THE FOREIGN OFFICE LMT, (Briiiah) f.H rrctr<l W Au^uf-i 1854, Uiis day received ir?wi Lo,,d<J"* f RAVCK TAYLOR, jan u MHO"1 -r^Afrrgp.-BT a yoUng wCMAM.a sau fl at ion m a Cook In a fun ail femilv. Enquire on New Jersey nVen?e, al>ove Foy's Hotel.and near tltr BepoL jan 31??l* WANTED.?BY A RES EUTABLE WOMAN, a Situation to uke care of children, or to acw tbd Assist in the chamber work. Apply to MARGARET MORAIRIT Y, ou N street, between Fourth and fifth. ~ _ JaaSI-fc* -pURNIBHED ROOMS |FOR RENT.?A pleas J *nt Parlor and Bedroom communicating, com fort ably fnrnisbed and lighted with no. cm be bad immediately Hy applying at BIO Twelfth street, the whole how may be had on the 1 rt of April. jan 31?It* Wanted-a good oook to oae who can produce satisfactory recommendation* for chara ter and capacity, a good home and the best wages drill be given. Colored person required, and a si ive preferred. Apply at No. T16 New Jersey aVendc. dear the Wrick Bftrife. jan 30-3 .? A SITUATION VTANTED BY A PERSON as Sesmetrew tn a Tamils, or to sew and attend irt growing child rati. Address5 B tt," at tbi- ' fflce, or Georgetown Post Office. jan 30?'it* WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, and Iron in a Km*11 family at No. 3B* Mas sachusetts avenue,9J door from 10th sire t. None need apply unless well recommended. jan ao-dr ??????J . ??I?? - I Barrel timber and hands wanted We want 5d0 cords of timber suitable for floor barrels, and 150 cords of poplar for hendihg, in half I round f."?gs foi staves. r*1 Inches, and f :r heading 19 inches long, delivered at onr factory in litis city as soon a* practicable ; stave log- not less than 12, and head logs not les* than 16 incne? in diameter. A'so, 10 or 12 hands to cut barrel stuff" and cord wood in Fairfax county, Va. Apply to B. Milburn, 37rt Fiftt> street west, or to John % an Riswick, lumber dealer, south end of Sixth sireet west... J*nfo-3t? MILBURN k CO. WANTED?A CLERK IN A DRUG STORE, One who has some knowledge of the btisi is required- Address "Druggist," Washington ne>s D. C. WARTS IVBOROKS.?Thasabaerfbarfart ?II timaa in the aiarkai buying SLAW. pay tag the highest cash prices. Persons having Plsvs i for sale will please call at 242 PRATT STRnT, Bat-1 tlmore, Md.,(8)atter> old stand.) Slaves taken on board at 26 oents par day. fab2?ly B.M.A W. L.CAMPBILL jan *2? Boarding. Boarding and rooms to lbt.-mi*. r. , E. WHEELER ha* several finely furni.-hed' Rooms to let, with r-r without Board, if applied for immediately. She can also accommodate several | gentlemen with their meal*. Immediate applications

are desired. We*t ?tde 4^? street, 3d door south of Pennsyl vania avenue. jau 29?3t* BOARDHG.? A lady having taken the hand some Dwelling, No. 3 Cnion Row, on P street,. between 6th and 7th, can offer fine large rooms for | families) either furni.thed or unfurnished. AI>m?, has rooms for gentlemen much larger tbau are generally appropriated to single persons. Table boarders aud permanent or transient per sons will be accommodated on the most reasonable terms. jan 29?lw* For Bale and Rent. IO RENT OR FOR SALE?A SMALL AND convenient two-storied frame House, nearly new, containing six rooms,situated on M street, No. 457, nea' 'I hirteenlh street. Enquire at No. 42"i Eighth street, or of J. T. FALES. at the Patent Of tibe. jan 31?31* For rent or sale.?the beautiful residence of Col. Robe.-ts, U S. A., on George town Heights. Furnished or unfurnished. Posses sion given immediately. Apply for terms at this of fice^ jan 31?lw HV1R SALE.?THE GOOD WILL AND FIA _C tures of the tavern and boarding-house, known as the " Washington and Baltimore House," situ ated on First street and near the Railroad Depot. It will he rold in part, the pu-chaser liavtfeg the privil ege of taking a portion if he wishes To any one with a small capital it is a good stand for bueinew. For particulars enquire on the premises. jan 31?lw* STORAGE.?Those having Furniture, Dry Goads Groceries, fcc., to be stored, wilt rind ample ac commodatious in the large, airy, flag stone paved,, and Dry Basements under the ."tar office, corner Pa | avenue, and Eleventh st. Apply at the Star office, jan 31?if MRS. KOKDi corner of F a?d 19th sis., has three or four flne rooms, which she will rent j wi;h or without bo.ird, oa reasonable terms, jan 3U?3t? FOR RENT?Posses mil jrtven immediately, a three story brick House and Store, No. 161 Bridge street, near tli<r Market House, rontntniiig 10 rooms and Kitchen,:?perfectly dry cellar, capable of holding 5i0 cords of wood. This is a lirst rate stand for business, particularly as the Fulls Biidg is now in passable order. To a good tenant the rent will be reasonable. Apply to T. O. DONNOG1IUE. Also, a very' convenient Dwelling containing five rooms, kitchen and cellar, lately finished, fituated ou Lingan street, near Hick's Cottage, one *>f the most healthy aud pleaseutsi'uati. us in Georgetown. Apply as above. T. O. D. jan 24?2w* FOR SALE OR RENT?The Lease, Good Will and Fixtures of a Restaurant newly and hand somely fitted up, in Alexandria Va Apply at this office or Gazette office, Alexandria, Va. jau 24?eo3t * FOR RENT?A large three story brick Hou-e, with basement aud attic and three story back building, with stable and pump in a large yard, con taining nineteen rooms, on C s reel, between 3d and streets; adjoining the rettideuce of Dr. J. F. May. Possession given on the 1st ol February. Inquire of J. P. Pepper, at A<ams It Go's Express Office, or of J. W. Ilicas, City Post Office, Executors for the heirs. jan 24?eo6t 'I'O LET?The large and commodious three-story I nrick Dwelling, No. 383 B street, between 2d and 3d streets. For Uirrn* enquire of E. 8. SMITH, Agent of Adams' Express Co., Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3d streets, jan 6?eolm FOR RENT?FOR ONE YEAR OR A TERM of y ars, the well situated, commodious, well finisbed, and convenient dwelling House, over the Music Store of Hilbus fc Hitz. at the corner of Pa. avenue and llUi street. It contains s?venteen rooius without the basement, in which the kitchen is situated. This is a rare chance for a private fam ily wishing a large house on Pa. avenue, or for a per son desiring the best location in W ashington for a j large and well kept boarding house. Possession given immediately. Apply at this office. jan 12?tf HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily lo ated BuildingLots, 24 fett front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bcugbt at the exceeding low price of |f75, payable J|3 per month Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. MUSIC FOB BALLS, PARTIES, *0 L. P. W. WEBER Respectfully informs hib prirkds and former patrons that ba continues to attend BALLS, PARTIBS. Ac., with his well organise BAND of scientite Musician*. Be will introduce all the new and fanhionabl Music An accomplished Piani-t furn'shed if drsirtd. Ordfrs left at Hilbus A Hits' Music Depot, OauUer's, or Miller's OonfecUonery Stores, or at my residenfe, n??r Gen Henderson's, Navy Yard, a III meet w;th prompt attention. nov 2ft?2^ RICH JEWELRY. JUST received the latest styles of Diain md, Pearl Mosaic,'Ijiv.i, and Cameo Bracelets, llrooclies. 1 mid Earrings in sets. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Signet and pure Gold Wedding Rings. Gold and Pearl Necklaces, Lockets, Thimbles, Pencils, tic. Precious Stones set in the most elegant niaunor, ano Jewelry Work of whatever description exec uted in the highest ftyle of the art. M. W. GALT k BRO., 324 Pa av., bet. 9ib aqd 10th sts. jan 27?Ct (lnt,Union,New?8t) GLEN WOOD CEMETERY. THE Rule^i ami Regulations, and the act ef incor poratiou of the Glenwood Cemetery have been published in a neat pamphlet form. Any one wish ing * copy can receive it at the office of the Cemts- j tery or at the Counter of the Star office. . jan 6?lm B Alt KINO HOUSE 07 FAISO ft K0UBSS, Opposite United State* Treasury. BONDS, Stocks and other securities purchased and sold. Interest at the rate of six per cent per annum al lowed on depo&its when left tor 30 days or longer. jaji 21?fca I CIGARS?CIGARS?CIGARS. i ave received leu thousand more of those choice Havana CIGARS, of thn Concha > brand. A dfc-1 erent article from those recently received and of- | fered f"r sale by other bouses in tlis city. Grntlr m? n are requested to rail and examine w, stock.' ROBT. D. TWEEDY, Groccr, corner Pa. avenue and 13th street, south sjde. janaz-a T iSSli-S.0r, VALUA?LB Improved .,,,. ?? P**"?ylvnuia avenue?Bv nr 5Z? i?T*J5 }"*-.**-* **? ?be ?* f ?y of 4 *iHr- ,5 ??!??*' thej*h *> * ^brjyrifes.T^ 0 dock p. a, ok ike nmniees, part af I/m No i ?? n,1^,' tti.. J??2 h2*7m "T^f bmck 1? fort ? Which rm!h? ?**** "** ?*pr?.ven?e??U>, ??Maeti.?,v Mil tww ?wry Brick bouse, coming the whole depth of th? . J?h?.TTrly *?***7 "*"?* ?? IWyHaa* B\ enut. be t Ween Second and Third street* *nl anrf Mjoi-ung U.? <44 Railroad Depot, UdS^jJ^TlSf ness location, and nffert to poisons dmrrw of in raMtec ?? excellent opportunity The term* of sale will be ; i b?e-third of the t ur rhase money |a cash, and the balance in bis n??-w. eighteen. and twei ty-fi.ur months, for note#' bearing interest from day of aale, secured by deed ot inut oiler! t^,hfrtpertr A fl th*,erm* ?r wile are not com Si? J HLl5 "* yg "fter u,e "ale? ^ pf??i*?y *! resolJ, apon one werk's notice, nt the riak and expense of th* purchaser. All conveyancing at the eipCftse of the purr barer. Title mdiufnitnhie. I HAS. H. WALLACH. TnMee. _ JA*? C. McOUlRE. Jan ??3tawRd* Auctioneer. _** ' ?* ?aOUiRB, AatiUiMr. TRl'wmTiWTu?P DESIRABLE BUILD 1 ING LOT ON THE ISLAND?On MONDAY *s b^ni' rfW^5,h. ^ 4 aVlock, on lb. prcini ses, by virtut of a dcril of tr *( t'mm km f l*h. lWMjand recorded .. Liner J A. S , No 71, folios 33#, 331. fcc. <*%* nf tbe land records for Wafhiiiftnn rnimn, the nub ?enber u HI sett Lot No. 2, ia Square No Ms, front ing ?5 feet on south F ?r"ei, between 9 h and "Oih sir?*e?s west, running bark 125 lent ton wide allev Terms evfc. JOSKPH <\ ISA AC. TnMee. JAR. O. McGIJIRF., Jan 8 ?>oRds Auctioneer. WHICHT, Aaatlaaaar. GIO GM OWN NEW ORLEANS SUGAR ASD MOLASSES si , A,,cJM>n- FRIDAV next, February 2d, at o clock, ?ui F. R A. H. I)?lr<'s Wharf, the ear roof the Kri< Fldi lia, consisting of? 77? !!^!!!,, r'arified choice and prime Sugirs 14-2 hhds choice Mota* es. ?__ ^ , B. ? WRIGHT, Jan 30?ts Aoctionser. (Im-t.l nionRAlex Gax) *? 8? WRIGHT, Aaatleacar, Extensive and peremptory sale of Dry (?o< d '.?On MONDAY next, the .Vh of r>i, uary, at 10 o>look a. m., i.n be ronn.i ed lrou? rfay to day until cloned out.) 1 ?lial| ^dl, wnb oot rcisirve. at ih* store of M L. Willi .uis, No 120 Hridge street, Ins eniire Kio.k oi fresli |?rv Good? eonststmi of? - - ? Super and ttne Clothe all s>uper Merino a id Silk Vesting. rasMmeres, r'a-sin. t . Tweeds lirillmg. < ollenadis, Ducks, lie. Super Wlnte and colored Flannels Heavy Wooll< n Goods lot servant* Dre?s Good, in Hilks, Merinos, De Luaes. A'pac Popllhs, Gingham*, Prints, kc. Plaid and stnped Cot ions, Tickings rrieckR, Brown ar??| lilpirbftl CoiumR Osnaburg*, Burlaps, tfuper Iri^h Linens Diaper*, Napkin-. Blankets and raises ^Per..lfluen' PUk and (:<*tou Udkfc, Carpetiua Silk, Woollen and Cotton Hosiery Gloves and Suspenders I A Urge variety of Shawls, Euibroi Icrioa Laces, Inserting*, Lawns, Muslins Rich and plain Bonnet Ribbons flawing Siiks, Spool Couons. Threads Buttons, Tapes, Pins, Needles K*-ences for the TmJet, Combs, Bi ushes. he. u,e nioat d'Sirablt stock of Goods ever off red at Auction. Terms: All sums of and under $25 ca<h; over A-li nnHer'^ CrC<1U ?f 30 d?>" i OV?r under $.5, 60 days; over $75 and under $100, 9H days; and over $100 a credit of four moath. ?or ?p proved endorsed noie?, bearing interest. ? ??. .. EDWARD S. WRIGHT, J?li Hi i. G**AT k ATTRACTIVE SALE OF CHOICE AND \ ALL ABLK BooKh ,\T AUCTION ^Hon.enoingonFRMiAY EVENING, January S-'rlS?'*'t?f4 r " (FrtxgcraldVMack,) at i o clock each evening. ? ^tock all new and p. rfect, direct from New York I rade Sales, cuinpri-ing the choicest and be?l se ected assortment, Foreign and Domestic, ever of |K?? m i*" n,.Brk?' ouM-ixins of Scb^ol. Cla^ical, Law, Medical, and Miscellaneous Books, in every department of literature. ' variiy"' P'aier B"0k"' H,ank flook*' kc ? a ?T,at Annuals and Holiday Presents frt-1855 Agricultural Works, aome M difl'errm authors, ail ghah" P?P" wurk* in PnnN Amer csn and En Gold and Stwl Pens of extra quality Diaries, Pocket Memorandums, Porimonna ea Re I he above stock will be open tor examination, and offered at auction every evening until he entire stock shsll be disposed of. I he sales of this extensive and magnificent stock will be conducted by Mr. J. W. Rhodes, late of N. York, and offers unusual facilities for obtaining Books at a i.nce to suit the tunes. jan 20?lw* DAVIS'S POEMS juM n ceived acd for salu by ALEX. ADAMSON, Seventh ... , opposite the Post Office. He is agent fnrall the Cheap Publications, Ma^a ?l,,eT- ? Newspapern; Harper's, Putnam's, Gra ham's Magazines and Lady's Book at $2 50 a yesr. London Iltus:rated News, Bell's Life,Tune', Punefc received by every steamer. The New Vork Herald 1 lines and Tribune receivod every night and deliv- i ered to subscribers. He keeps const intly on h?nd a 'arse assortment of Blank Books, Pens. Ink, Pu !Tr'.El"'e,"Pe?. Plavlnj Cards, Visiting Cards, Chil dren s Toy Books, Primers, Rnapp fc Rightmyert Copy B<viks Mliolesalr and retail, Rc. j an 2?1 in UNION ACADEMY. Corner of lburUen Ui it. and Ntw York APRW m re pupils oan bs received to make up the limited number. A j. plication must be m*d* soon. The direlpline, Instruction, anl tceans of illustratlcn are ?<;ch as to insureratisfactory pre gres la those rupiis who ate panctusl, regular and obedient. Olrcul jirs at the Bookstores. dtc AO?am Z. RICHARDS. Principal. T. H. PHILLIP8' COACH FACTOsT 47 T Eighth at, adjoining ltainsy's Livery Blablea ING to the increased trade wblch ? generous " puMK has bestowed upon m?,l have hem com pelled to erect a new and larger builcing lor the c rriing oa of my baMueea. Hera 1 shall bo en abled to execute all orders entrusted U m? wi#i ,8d dispnta^ and I wouM reeeect fuRj soitat a continuance Ovrhe publi 'a patronage j w t"'1 of ?hMacet mod m sty e, bailt of the best nuter.als, and warranted to *lve aatiaiaetion, repairs ol every lerorlpiiou panetuslly attended to. Kor sti?, rhstp, a second-band Clarence Carriage, I nearly new ee2?-ti 1 NEW STORE, NEW STORE. Lvmisimna avenue, oppotU* the Bank of Wcuhinatm MR. THOMAS ORLRANY respeo.fully inciter the arUntkn ot the public t< examine hli stock of GOODS, which he has opened on Lonsi*na avenue bet ?een Sixth and Seventh strea*?, oprostt* the Rank of Washington, insisting of all deicrip ttoDs of Teas, Ae., Imperlai. Gunpowder, and BlaUk ? u9uor*? ?f wrta, which be car ealiat the lowest privs f >r aasb or approved e*per. Besides a'l the n-naaesries for Gro ?xy husir.em via; Brrom*, fcunkeu, Oed?r Tmb*, Matcbrs, ken Ae. Pleaae eall and see tor yonr.elvae. nov 99?Tkn SPECTACLES. GOLD, silver tine Steel and Pla'ed SPECTA CLKS, EYEGLASSES,kc.of all focuee-, with peri foe il, periscopic aid p tnboU Gla<se*. A long exp? rlence gives us peculiar advantage* in select in r glasses a<!apted to the eves of wearers. M. W. G ALT R BRO., 344 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets, jan 97??t f Intel,UnicnkNews.] Gentlemen ara You Beady 1 FOR UNION HALL SHOOTING GALLERY. BILLIARD SALOON R RESTAURANT, C dreel, bet,oeen 6tk and ItktU. f| HE Pistols are of the best quality, made to order J by J. E. Evans, Phila lei ph. a. ' The Billiard Room ia furnished with Tables af the inofct approved style, by W. J. Sharp, N. Y. fntbe Restaurant fcntlemea will be KurpliPd at ine ?horte?t notice witb superior OY8TER8. G AME and a'l other delicacies of Uie season. WILLSON R HAYWARD, Prop'rs. jan 9.1 1 w G?W?Sd", STEEL k PLATED SPEC TACLES to suit every age and e>e, Rtdiug Speca, R. R. Glasses, Eye! Protectors, Eye Glasses of all descrip ' Uotw, Reading Gtaeees, Goggles; Rc., - Parabola, Perifocal, Concave, Convex, and t olored Gla,*e. put ia frames at the ahorteat notice Persons in want of glasses may he *urr ia those which benefit the eye at v? iin p H' ?EMKEN'S, jan *0 evenue, betw. 9ui and 10th *u. fU- dikkctobyI a"<, tomi??'cial Gazette?a m.^lli p j C*Uou ?'?v'Hed to phytic%l,coat atercial, and poiuical Geography, edited by aa association of practical ^d Scientific gen u? men. Suhrcnptma f2 pet annuoi, single number 3."? -rnte Dieturneil'? RhUway Guide for January-pr ^ ^ cenu, with map. W r FRANOK TAYLOR. t TELEGRAPHIC^ HywQ ftr ik Mir Iwlu Itu failtef ?T 1U1 Boerow, Jm W.-IV? Cuaard CaWi left W deek this nurmisg at 10 s'elock, for Liverpeel, via Snlifax 8ke tnk Mt 81 yama^a- Mi $278 .Mi la I XlMtitB 9t ? Bo I TO 5, Jm 31 -WilsOB *M e*ot*d this norniag, by a majority of oae in ihe State Baltimore Itrkiti Baltimohi, Jan. SI?No tale* of flour this morning, Howard itrNt hold at $8 Ml, and Ci?j Mill at $8 75. Wheat?whit# at $2a$2.<tt; red$ltta$2 Cora, yellow, feTad** ; white, Me. Oat*, for Peansjlrania, and Mia >lo for Mar/lead and Virginia iffltrk Milk?i Ntt Toec, Jan. 31?Cotton is ttiffer, bat >ot q notably lower. Floor ba? an apward tendency, aad prieee are a trifle above jester iay'a quotation*; eo'e* of 4,oO# barrel* good Ohio at flb.74a9.isj; Soathera- sale* of 1,M0 bblg at $8.87iaS 31 i Cera is apward aad the Market U Ira; sales of 44.000 West era mixed at 98c. Pork?tale* of at $12 50*12 Sfl. B?ef ia aachanged with a I'mited basio**i at prerfen* rtae Urduta ohanged, with a moderate demand Whiaky ?sale* of Ohio at 32a321. Female Siot at Uo W, it Ciacinaan, Jan H>?At Moaat Pleasant, ia thw county, aboat fifty woaien attacked aad demolished a large quantity of liqoar belong iof to a tavern keeper, aad dragged the owner through tbeliquor, whichatood fix iaohe*deep on the floor. Warrant* were a worn oat in the polioe eoart for about twenty, bnt the polioe returned this afternoon, and reported aa inability to make arreat*. 1 hey will go oat again with reinforce ment a to aigtit fleveraerthip of llew Hampshire. M A?<caf.ster N. If Jan. 30.?The Know-No' thing Convention to day nominated Ralf Met eaIf, of Newport, for Governor, Tlee preacher Moore, who was foaad to be ineligible for tbe office. Deau active Fire Buffalo, Jan 30 ?A Are broke out at Fort Erie, (C. W.,l last eight about 1 o clock, by wbioh tbe engine hoeae aad machine abop at that place, belonging to tbe Buffalo and Brant ford railreed, were dee toyed with all their eonteat*. la tbe engine boaee were five loco motive* Ike loa* is not leaa than sixty thou sand dollars The locomotive* were not insured, and the bu tding only perkily ao The Buffalo fire companies eould act eiow the liver. as owing to e tremendous snow storm whieh aa* raging no beau ejuld cone over for them Ait efforts proved fruitleae to aave the property. The fire originated in the oil room. TUB POB.KAI. OPENINIG or th* men*? exiiiainoR or mi MSTKOrOLITH HECDAHfCS IM'JTUTB W1I.L TAKE PLACE AT THE SMlfliSOS I AN IIWTmTRrtr, Washington. I?. C , on the 8th of February. IS.%5. This luMituf was founded ?hi 'he 31 -a ol August, 1832. for the promotion aid encouragement of Mu utactures, Commerce. and Mm Mecli inic and Udfeful Ar a. The contribution* to the Exlubi.ioti aie already numerous, and ev--r> indication if afforded 01 a lull and most interestug li*play Tat arrangr-menl* aie made upou a g and scale. Tii? main It til and other apartments ot the Simlhwn.an Institution set iiparl for the' purpose are a.iimrahl) adapted thw tor, and are supplied with tverj thing roudueive Uie safety, co vonn-nce a >d oiaturt of contributor: and visiter#, while the appr aches from all paits ot the city have hren greatly improved. PtitMfii? twenty-one years of a^e, and friendly to its objects. may be admitted to membership of thist Institute ; ii between the a fa of fourteen and twen ty one th*-y may be admitted a? junior iu tuherv> The former are r? quired to pay an initiation fee ol" #1, and $2 pr V ar thereafter ; and the lattei an in itiation lee of $1 and per sear thereafter. For the benefits ol the School ol l> Mgn, lU'tnbfi and junior members are charged *1 eitra per season ot'rmr month*. All inemb- rs are entitled to the rrvitege- -if ihc Exhil'itiou Members'ticket* each adn it a wuiiier aud oue lady, or a member and two children, or the wife of a member aiid two cbi dren ; and junior numbers' tickets each admit a junior member and one lady. Other persons are required to pay lor ticket* a? follows: Single admission U5 $ca*>n ticket (convertible into membership}.$3 00 GentletniaNi season ticket, single 1 M Lady 'a season ticket.... t 1 00 The office of the Superintendent <?f the Exhibition at tile northern ma;n entrance to the SuiittMonian ins i'ution. is open daily froin 9 a. m. until 5 p. aa.f where all Ousiiiess connected witiithis euterpnze will receive pn?mpt attention. Written communi cations slim.Jd al o be addressed to the underaigued. THOM AS C. OON.MOLLY, jan 90?eo3t dupcnnwa^i'? LAW PARTNERSUIP. SIJP1B*E COURT OE THE UWITEII STATES. ROBERT J. WAI.KHI and LOl'IS J*M\ have formed a c partnership under the name ?a "Wa'ker and Jaaia/'for the argument of ca?-es >u the Supreme I onrt ol the I'eited Stales, at Wash ington city, wheie both will attend throughout Uie future *e?non? ot that court. They may be add reared at Washington, N. \ ork, or New Orleans. jan IS*?eo3ur SILVER PLATED WARE. (COMPLETE OrfT?e Sets,?Ustors,Cake and Fruft J Baskets, Waiter* on white metal, Table, Des sert, and Tea Hpoons and Forka, do?Mc and triple plated on Albata. the beataobfUtute for silver, war ranted and ml<! by H. SEMKEN No 330 Pa. avenue, between 9th and lOta at*, jan 19 SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER ?We are rnaktn* the best and best fitting Shirt* to mensure, ana warranuue them in all ea*#-* to fit., att STEVENS'S scales nx.m jm, 27 3t Browns' Holt I. A R N Y , ~ .V* 64 Bridzr Georettom, IS prepared to furnish Bails, Dianaa*, 8oTtH Wudpikos, Sic., with ever>thing iu the ( oi^fec tin nary luie, in aay part of the District, at the elnirt est notice, aud on the most reasonable terms. jan 19?tl 255 Tlooking Glasses, 255 / \r all elm* and quality, Fien^b or German plate, \ ) Fancy or plam Portrait and Picture frames, Ollt or Psncy Ooiorsd. Also, Oiit Rooai Moulding, Mart)'.* top Bracket* and Tables Oornic-s meds to ordsr. Alee, all k'.ade of old work resided with dispatch and on r>aeonab!e t rua by J. WAGNKR, StB Pa. avenne. rpp. Kirkwooe Utuaa. dec 29?tf NOTICE. TO ALL WHOM IT KAY G01CKR*. 1H AVE thia day received and openwt a greet vari ety ol'CLSCKS, WATCHES, and JE A ELRY. Good Clorks from f 1 iW to ?15, aX warranted one year. Also, gold aud silver t* atcbeo m great va riety, silver Waicbe* irom ft to $3i ; gold lever Watches from $35 to f 1 50 and a great assortment of Jewelry, all of vhicb wrill he eold cheaper ibau goods of same quality can be bought in thu city. Those wishing to gei good Clocks would do well to buy from me, as f put all my Clocks in order be fore selling them. Call an l see for yourselves, atthe Clock A Watch Emporium of J. ROBINSON, 349 opposite Brown. Hot*: jan 10?lm (Intel) PIANOS FOR SALE OR RKNT. NkW aad eeeood haad PlAMoB, ot my own and several other fac.orira, are always '"MSeH be bad at mv Piano Wanaaia, on |yil enth st, betweeu Pa. arse as and E at. ?*ld Pianos taken In ezeb^ngs. Tuning also attended to. P. 0. RRICHBNRAGB P. A?A tew v?ry low pr oed second hand Mano* rem fur sale. dec 1 ten SILVERWARE. AVERY prem *s?ort -em ol Silver Coffte F- ta, Pitchers. GoKleu-, t ap . Creaass, ?ad ail ki.tde puona and Fusk* au.l a v^nety ol F.u.cy Silver ware, suitable lor paesenu. vix : iv.up and C water Ladlns, Crumb Scraper*. Ask. pie and cake Knives, Cream and Sugar Spotms. etc., is oOered at leer pn ces, and warrauied sterftng. ' H. SKMKEN, No. 99# Pa. avenue, bet. 9th aad 10U su. jan If

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