2 Mart 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Mart 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1855. NO. ?74. . \ .1 . > : I i fc_ 1 ! 'i . IM H *3 *' <? *? *? UNITED STATfS MAILS. h*T Orncx Dutrxnr \ Vtbrnrr 10,18*5. ) PROPOSALS Ibr arryiof the?^il?of tha Unit*! IftitM rem July l. 16i5, to Jaae 80, 1867, oa the Mlo?r*f roat^shi the nUUi nf MAINE, YKU MONT, MASS tCHUSKTTS, tad N1W YORK; firm lUj 1, lMtto Jane SO, 1850, oa ths following routes la HIW JRR'RY, PRNNSTLYANI A, DEL AWARI, MARYLAND, ud OHIO; aad fran July 1,1856, to June 90.1RM, on ths following routs* In ALABAMA, MISSISSIPPI. ARKANSAS, LOO I Si ANA, TEXAS, KBNTUCKY, TJtNNRSSRP, Mid SOTRL IOWA, MICHIOiN. TLLINO 8, WISOilN SlwriWDIAnA, and MINNE?OT?, NEBRASKA, and KANSAS T?iritori*i?, w 11 bi ratdrtd it the Contract WB* of the Po?t Cffi:e D r utment, Waih tnfton, D. O.. until 8 p. a-, Apri w, 1850, to few da ikWd by 30th of ths same mo-th, (being for th? g. * .? V ? MAINE {From 1,1865, to June 30, 1857.) 145 Fro? HsyRssvlfls, by Baccroft Plantations, to .. Waaloa, 10 miles and back, twtea a wssk Lsave Hayassville Tuaeday and Srturday at 1 Antra at Weston ram? day by ft p m Leave West a Tuesday and Saturday i "an Arrive at Hay as* v ill' ium day by IS m. 1*8 VradR Richmond, by Plchmood Oorn*r, L'toh 8 U Orrner, ad Fatatus, to Uwistoa.23 allf and bask, tbres t moo a work. Leave Richmond Monday, Wednesday, aad Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at Law! ton sane day by 1 p m Leave Lewlaton Monday, WVdneaday, and Fri day at 2 p m Arrive at tiLcAmond tame day by 9 p m. 146 Prom Soathweet Ha: bor by CraaWry Islsr, 4 miias aad ba k onoa a weak. Laava Southweat Harbor Saturday at 1 p m Antra at Cranberry LOea came day by p m L*svs Cranberry I>1? Satnrlay at 3 p aj Arrive at &uthwtst Hirb^r woe day by 4} 9 m 18ft From Narr guanas, by Dvb-'oia, ta BeJdiagtan, SB m-las aad back, once a weak Lsave Narragua, -a W^dc^j ay at 8 a m Arrive ai B*ddia,(toa same day by 2 p m Laava Bidding oa Wain s ay at 3 p m Arrive at N-rr*gusgai a?n? d*j by 8 p m 14i From Ma:h"-a<, by f orthflekl, Wesley, Craw ford and Alexander, to f naotOa, 40 mUe? an 1 hack, oece a week Laava Jlari.Us Tuesday at 4 a m Arrive at Princ-toa samed?y by 8 pm Laava Piiaceton We lata lay at 4 a m Arrive at Mach'a* same day by 8 p m. Pr po^ali to terminate route at Ballsyvffie, omit isK Princet:n, arainvfed. 147 From Viach as to ilarh'wport, 4 nilesand b.ck, three timet a we k Leave Machia.-* Tueedsy, Thur iday, and ?a'ur day at 8 a m Arrive at Maihiasport same dty by 8 a m Leave Machiesptrt Ta?sd?y, Thursday, and ?ararfay at 10 a m Arrive at Maehiaa same day by 11 a m Proposals tor six times a week serr:ce are la vituL VERMONT. (FVt? Juy 1,1855, to June 31,1867.) 486 From Frisgtieid. by North I priogfitkL to Qas sett's Staloo, 8 miles and tack, aix tlaiea a ?wL Leave Spriagfltll daily, ax.ept Sunday, at 10 am Arrive at Oaaactt's Station same day by 12 a t Leave Gaasalt'* St *.uon da ly, t xi pt i uaday, at lpm Arrivi at Sprioi^ll ?*mf day by 2p m. MASSACHUSETTS. "JLPra%a J*>y 1,1854, to Ja*4 30,1847 ) 700 From Nahant to Lynn. 6 mil-je and ba k, six times a wet k from June 1 to U?tob?r 1, and thrte times m wt^k re-idue of year. L*ave Nafcaat daily, except Pu day, ?t ? a m .Arrive at Lync Dim* day by 11 a m Leave Lynn daily, except feund?y, at 12 zn Arrive at Mabant ?:m? a*y by S p m L-e*e Nabaat Tu?smy, TLurwlay, and ?aturday at 9 a m Arrive at Lvnn a-mu day by 11 a m L?ava Lyan fueaUy, Thursday, and Saturday at 12 m Arrive ?t Nahant same (Jay by 2 p m. NEW YJR2. (>V?m J?iy 1,1?55, to June 30, 1867 ) 14C6 From Castile, via St H?l<-na. KirerRoad Forks, and Biook'sGrove,to lueearora^lS miles and b^k, on e a wetk. v Luvs CWti e S.tariay at 1 p r?. Arrlva at Ture ?rora da< by ft p m Leave Turcaiora Satu day ?x 7 a m Arrive at ^a?tile s?me d^y by 11 a m gldj fcr two trip* a weeA will be coasti'rrd. 1U7 From L*kpc-ri, v?a Coom-r, to WiLon, 14 mll?s and back, oo<e a wetk "ww Lcckport ^Itarday at 1 p m m arTtvr-?* Wi>-oa same Jay by 5 p m w Lavs W.l<on Sa^urlay at 7 a m Arrive at Lock port rame day by 11 a m ? Btdderj thouVd specify the li.t-nnediate offices. 14M from Ote^o to Butternuts, 12 miUs and bcek, vace a we?k. L*ave Ctsgo Monday at 8 a m Arrive at But'ernuts fanw <:ay by 1R m Leave Butvrau'a Monday at 2 p m Arrive at Otego fame'lay by 6 p m 14c9 From Rou^h ?nJ Ready Walte's Curuers. Pennsylvania, 20 m l saod back, ones a week Leave Rough anl Bewly Thursday ai d a m Arrive at White's Corners s-.m ? day by 12 in Lsave White's Ooraers T^cririay at 1 p m 4 Arrive at Rough ard Bea<* rame ?lay by 7 p m 1470 From TramanAtmrg, by S< at irg and St iam burg, to Ncrth Usctcr, 1? _i!le? and luck, twice a week. L^avs Tramanstmri Tueid^y -ad Friday at 1 Arr.vc at Ncrth Hector taaie days br ft p m Leave North He:tor Tuesdiy and Friday at T mm Arrive at Tranaiubur^ same days by 11 a d 1471 From Utiea, via Peerfi*ld, Ncr b Oaxe. nnd Oraversvlle, to Russia, >4 u.lei and back, twtee a w?ek. Leave Utfea Tuesdsy and FrUlay at 8 p m Arrive at Russia same days by 7 p m l?ave RofdaTue-day srd Friday st 7 a m Arr.ve a' Utl.-a rame days by 11 am Cor three trips a week are lavitel. - ' Nrw jarset. (FVxm 1,1?66, to June 80,186A) ?111 From Prinoeton to Lawrenceville, 0 mile* and feaak, tbre* tim?e a w?ek L^ave Princeton Tuesday, Thursday, ani Sat urday at 8 a m Arrlva at Ltwrpne*vm? 'imt days by "0 am Lave Law rear evilie same da ye at 4 p m Arrive at Prlacetoa same days by 0 p m Proposals fer s>x timss a week lerviw will ba ?CBrWand ?111 Fiam WashlagtoB, by Taylor's Mill, Kerrs rills, aad Pamiag aad b- a y's Mills, to YV eana, 10 mile* aad back, twice a week Leave Waaiiagtcn Wednesday and batorday at)pa Arrive at Viensa :asae day* by 6 p m Laave Yieaaa Welaesday aid ta ardayat 8 a m Arms at Wathinglca caste days by 11 a m I'JJ.VNJTLVANIA. (F/om July 1, 1856^0 June SO, 18ad ) 8988 Piom rrUd^csburKh to Scliuylk 11 H*vsa, 4 iu tea and tack, three t:*M-e a week Lsave f riec?njburgh Tuetday, Tbunda/, aad batarday at 6 a ui Arrive at 8chuy.kk -I Haven (atae days by 7 8chaylkiil H?ven sam-t daya at 12 m Arrive at Fn?d-ni>barg ram* days by 1 p m Yr.y+mi for six tiaies a eetk .ervioe will be &?8ft From Oordoasvll'e, by lnt rcouxss, to Hat, 6 it '? aadh*ck three tins a war'x LAave Qordou vil e Turalay, Tii-riday, aad ?atarday at l\}4 a m Arrive at Hat tain* days by 1 p m Lsave Hat <aoi days at 8 a m Arrtvs at Oorionsr.Ile raaie days by 9;^ a m Prrpoaali lor six times a wetk tervlee will be coastderel. 8509 From Cclcmbla, by Mwcor ani Highvllie,to Sale Harbor, 10 ra L* aad tack, tLrea time* a week Leave C>luab!a Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day at 8 a m Arrive at Bafe Harbor mme days by 11 a m Leave Saf Harbcr stm# days at 2 p m Arrive at Columbia rame days by ft p m Fropoea's fbr six timej a we k se vlca w 11 bs eoasidrr d 888T From Christiaoa. by Smyrna, May, Quvrry v 11a, sal Ma-haulms' Urove, to Cbeitaut Level, 19 n.iles aad ba'k, thrre tlae* Leav* Chrlstiica Tee d*y, Thur day, ai>d Sat urday at 0 a m Arrive at (Chestnut LeVrlsame days by 11 m Lsvt Cheetaut Level same da^e at '2 p m Arrive at Christiana same <?ayi by 9 p m PropoeaU for six times a ws?k serviae will be oonaid-ired. 8888 From Blur's by vnilnmstowa^ Ilarrisoa tow a, Sprlngesli Mida llat anl Mount Hops to Intsroour?*, 7 mllei aad baok, ocoe a Laava Klaxaris Mondsy at 11 a m Arrive at 1 ntsroour?e aam? lay by I p m Lsave Later jo ureff earns day at 7 a m Arrtvs at Rlas^r's same day by 9 a m Prrposa i fer three times a week sstvms aUl bs c-jaeifi?red. 9899 Prosn Bale Harbor by Ub -riy bquare to . 19 milee aad ba.-k, twice a ?e>fe Leave Safe Harbor Monday and fatmrday at 0 am 9 ? Arrive at Buck i ame days by 12 m Lsave Buck Tuesday and Friday at 0* m A.rivs at Pate Hat b t ? days by If m l i 8|nmli )or three timu a WMk nrrlct will b? consider fd. 9700 Iraa York Sulphur Epdnfi by Benaadlan Hall and DavH.burgb to York, 20 mile* and back, nine awe* k ^?T* York SulpLur Springs Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at York atat day by 1 p m Leave York Monday at 8 a m Arr.ve a'. York Sulphur !*prh>p aane day by ?7wl From Stmsburgb by Martinsville, New Provi dence and Caniarjo to Qoarry villa, 9 ml rt anf hack. three times a week Leave Btras burgh Tuesday, Thunday and Fat orJay at 8 a m Arriv* at QaarryviUe ram* daya by 11 a m Leave Qasrryvilica.me days b/ 11m Arrive at ftrubirgh same -'ays by 8 p m Prrpiealsfor tlx times a week service will be ooaaiderad. 970.J Tr:m Ster.lngville by Lynn to Nieholaon, 18 mile* and ba;k, ?nca a week Lsave BteriingvHe Tuesday after arrival of western mail, i ay a: 8 a m Arrive at Nichols satns day by IS m L aveNicho'sTueeday at '4ft m Arrive at Starlingvilie samraay by 6 p m 8703 From Pehrerfbor?h by Bhaffnrr's Store to Womtlidor^ 9 mile* and baek, twice a week Lease Ilehrerrbarg Monday and Friday at 8 a m Antra at WamaCeicrf tame day by 11 a m Ltare Wome'adnr? same days by 18 a Arrtva at Rehrer- burgh i nine days by 3 p m. 8701 Fr* m Rehrervb-irgh by Mo at Aetna acd Mt Zwa to L hiaon, 14 miies and bark, once a week L:aTe Eehrert bur?h Weuceeday at 6 a m Antra at Lebanon same day by 19 m Leave Lebanon Weda aJey at lpm arrive at Rebrersbargh same day by 7 pm, 8706 Frcm Mrr-Unl by Riddle's Settlement to Newaamsrille, ? miles and bask, oaoe a week Bidders will state the dislaaoe acd propoas a schedule of departnrea and arrivals. 87C6 From Me*?iem by Ooxtowa to Piiaeetown, 6 miles and baek, onoe a week Leare Mcselem Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Prince own seni ? day ht 8i a m Leave l,rineet?wn Wedoeetiay at 9 a m Arrive at Moeeleu same d y by 1"| a m I'ro? sals for twice a week servicv will bj con sidered. 9707 From Raneam by Milwaukee and Bald Mount to Clark's Oreea, 13 miss and back, twice a week Leave Ransom Monday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at 0> ark's Oreen Fame days by 1] m Leave Clark's Oreen aame daya atlpm Arrive at Ransom aam' days by 8 p m 8708 From Ho?liday> bogh to Marti.- aburgh, IS miles and baek, six times a week Leave HoiliJuy aburgh daHy.cxesp- Sunday, at 18m Arrive at Marlin<>Lnrgh same days by 3} p m Leave Msrtlaaburgb daily, exe-p. Sunday, at 8 a m Anive at Hollidijtburgh ame days by 111 am. 9709 From La Ora>-ge by Treeeh's Food t"? Factory ville, 8 miles at,J back, oneiw week Le-ve La Grange Saturday cn anival of Tunk bannock mail, ear at 1 p m . Arrive at Factory villa same d yby 3pm Lease MetoryvlUe haturOey at 4 p m arrive at La Giange same day by 0 p m 9710 From Oeaton, by Ogdscsborg, to Liberty, 16 Biles and baek, onoe a week Leave Canton Saturday at 8 a m Arriv* at Liberty same day by 12 m L*ave Liberty Saturday at 1 p m Arr ve at Canton urn* day by 6 p m 9711 From Tioga, by Hammond's Creek and Matle Ridge, to Seely .Creek, N. Y , 14 miles and back, once a week Leave Tioga Mord?y at 8 a m Arrive at Beely Creek saaie day by 12 m Liave Beely Greek Tuesday at 8 a tn Arrive at Tioga esme dfcj by 12 m 9712 From Sncw rho*, by Kylertown an) Graham too, to Claerfeld, 27 m l as and bask, twise a week Leave Snow Shoe Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am ? Arrire at CltarflrM same days by 8 p tn Lrave ClcarSeid Wednesday and Friday at 8 t Q Arrive at Snow Shoe seme days by 5 p m 9713 firm Mereeriburg, by ryivan, to Uaaio:k. Md , 27 mi lee aod bark, ones a week Leare Marcertburg Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Hanooek seme day by 5 p m L save Hancock Tue* Jay at 8 a tn Antve at Mereer?burg samo cay ty S p m 9714 From NetTs Mills, by Wset Bar re, to Pine Grove Mills, 10 miles and baek, one ? a week leave NetTs Villa -a urd*y at 8 a m Arrive at Pine Orcvs Milii strnt day by II a m L?ave line drove Mills Saturdiy at 9 p m Arrive at fefeff ? ililli ?n?+ day by 6pm (T16 Firm Harlen?bonr. by HUn Or ?ve. Slippery Ro^k, Borard'e Mills and Ananda'e, to Nerth Hope, 85 miles and hack, once a week Leave lJsrWsburgb Saturday a* 8 a m Arrive at North Hope aame day by 4 p tn Leave Korth Hope Monday at 9 a m Arrire at II arlrneburz ram* day >ylpm 9716 Prem Kittanlng. by Ct>ctnan'* Mil a, to Ap,l 1?, 84 mtles aad beck, once a we*-k Lew Kitten-rg WMsesoa* at 8 a m Arrive at Apoll sruie day by 6 p m L ai* Apol'o Taesdayat*)i m Arrive at Kittanlng 'ame day by o p m 9717 Frcm W(,/<!o..?k, by TeepU's and Frisby'sFet tlomenL to W?'trford, 2i miles and Laok once a weak l?av? Woodcock Wednesday at 7 a m Arrive at Wa'erford iaut day by 4 p m Leave Wa'erfcrJ Thursday at 7 a in Arrive at H'oodooek samsd?y by 4 p m 9718 From Muhlenburg i, by R-?ee, Sweet Valley, and Lake, to Lehman, 18 mil s an I back, Obc?a week L*a-re Mu> In burgh Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Lehman aame dav by lpm Leave Let man Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at MuVeubnrgh mm - day by 2 p m Propo.-ib tbr twlcj a week service will be roc s dered. DELAWARE. (From June 30.18^6, to June 80,1864) 9814 F cm Newsrk. by Cooch's Bridge, Olaigow, and Summit Bridgo. to Mlddl town, Md., 17 wiles aod beck, three times a week Leave Newaik Tuesday, lhcr?lsy acd Sttur t'ay at 1 p Q Arrive a' Millktown mum Jays by 7 a m L*ave MidJletowo suan* days at 7 a m Arrive at Newark save days by It m Proposals to run s>a times a week will to oon meTwl. MARYLAND. (From July 1,1855, to June 30, 185a) 99IT From Anasoatia to Mcunt Wtlby, 4 m lasaad bark twice a w?sk Leave Anacoatia Monday and Friday at 8>^ a m Arrive at Mcnnt Wtilfcy aam* dsy< by 9^ a lu Leave Mount Wtlby same days at 7 a m Arrive at Aneouet^ aame days by 8 a m 9918 From Moont Airy to Damascus, 7 miles and > a k, noe a week Leave Mount Airy fca'urday a: 12 m Arrive at Damascus aame day by 2 p m Leer* Damascus Saturlay at 7*? a m Arrire at Moui.t Atiy save day by 9 a a 9M9 From Fart New Market to Crotcbett's Ferry, (tn Dorchester county,)8 mil >s aad back, once a wsek Leave ?a?t New Market S trrJay at 8 a m Arrive at Cri.tch?tt's Ferry tame day by 19 a in Leave QkotcVit's Ferrr Saturday at 12 m Arrive at JCast New Market aame day by 2 p m 9960 Frrm Snow IHil by Naralnge Fo nace t? Pcioocas Ana, U miles aad b&ck, onoe a week L -are Snow Hill Ta?day at 8 a m Arrive at 1'r.noets Ann seme day by 8 p m Leave Priccrse Aon W>dn?*aday at 8 a in Arriv* at Sccw HM same day by 3 p m. 9481 Frein White Haven to R?a evIUe, (In Som ersat ocunty.) ? m lee and ba k, onoe a wak BUdare will sUte the dijtaaoe, and propose a rcbednlf of drpartures acd arrival*. Wj2 Frcm Cambridge o Bnckstowa, 10 miles aad back, on ? a wetk Leave Cambridge Wed leeday at 7 a m Arrive at Buck "town by 10 a m L aveBuekstewn Wedeeeday at 3 p m Arrive at Cambr d<e name d*y by 6 p m. 9988 Promote. Koek by H.t'ica'iAKr&.Mil's to MUrAmlae, 13 ml lee aad baek, three Una a Leave Ql# n Reek Tuealay, Thar, day and Satur day at 10 am Arrive at Manehestrr cam > days by 1 p m Ajrirt'iioii-BJSS' _ Proposal* far ?U tiaca i vHk imiM wiM be oonstdered. oils. ( Frtm Ju'y 1,1645, to June SO, 1856 ) 10420 From Blooaing:on to Crocs Koad*, miles ud bac?, onee a ?Mk Lmt? Bircmiagtou Saturday at 1 p o> Arrrve at Crow (loads same day by 21 p m Leave Cross Road* titnrdiy at Spa Arrive at Bloomingt * ranw days by 44 p m Prop ale tor three tins# aa1 for dx t met a wt?k ar? Invited 10181 Fran Cannon burg to Ada, 12 mi esandba k, onoe avck Lsave Cannoa#burg Saturday at 8 am Arrive at Ada umr day by 12m L*aye Ada fiatu. c*ay at 1 p m Arrive at Cannonsburg tarn-* day by 6 p at 1048U From Cincionatf, (by rtv.r,) by Hlwinspore to Georgetown, 61 miles aod bark, onoe a week Leave Cincinnati Saturday at 6 a m Arrive a Georgetown same day by 14 m Leave Qeorg jfown Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Cincinnati same day by 8 p m Propoeals for tbrea and for six tim>s a week are invited. 104'c3 from Ciie'eville by Dutbyrille and Plre PviaUto Mount Sterlirg.SJ miles and beak, twice a week ' Lexfe CireUvdle Tueaday and Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Mount ^tarlin^ fame days by 4 p m l.?ave Mo intBterling Monday aau Saturday at Sam Arrivi at Oircleviile same daya by 3 p m, 10484 Frvm Ctreleville by Matt Rlagokt, Hedge*. Store aid Tea (JarJen to Lithopotta, 19 mi ea and bnck. orcsa weak L. are Ciiclsviil? Friday at 6 a m Arrive at LiihoprHs eame i ay by 12 m * Leave Litbnpolis Frl lay at 1 p ?u Arnvs at Clre evllle sam?day h;7pn 1043* From Freeburg to L-?aid?lll? on Ohio *-d Pen nrylvania railroad, 8 milts ana back, ot.ee a aeak m . ? L av? Prcebu g Saturday at 12 ni Airivs at Ljui*v.ll? same day by 24 n m Leave L->u!svill? Sstnrday at 3 p m Arrive at Freeburg same day by ft p m 1043b From Greecfl'kl by Good Hope to Washington 7 miles and back, once a a ok Leave Ore* nfi*ld Saturday ;it 1 r m A-r.ve a* Washington tame day by 3 p m Lsave Washington Saturday at p ? Arrive a G eeafic'd same dty by 6; p tn 10437 From Irontcn by Lawrenc i Furnace, Mount Vernon Furnace, olive Furnace, Diokersea's Forge and Washington Fun ace to Oak Hill, 32 miles and back, one? awwk Lei; ve Ironfc n Friday at 6 a m Arive at Oak Uiluam* day by 5 p ni L>aV? Oak Hilt Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at In nton mm* day by Spa Pr?p falslo: more Irequent t ips are invited. 1043* lr:m Ironton by Ballard's frills, loeOre.k, Greaav HiJ?, Rankin's store and Northrup'j to Ga'lipatfs, 45 milci and back, cnc7? week Leave Iront n F*:d*y at 6 a m Arrive at tiallipoltssame day by 9 p m L?ave G -11 pods Sutu r ?lav at 6 a m A.rivn at Iiontcn mue d<y by 'J p ra P opo.calsfor mere irvque "t trips are invited. 10439 From Lmit> Arcadia and VeoJoa, to Mer car, "-5 mil s and back, onco a seek. Leave Lion Friday at 8 a m A r.ve at Mare-r eaice day l -y 4 p m L:aye Mercer 8-turday ii8am A live at Lima laxe day by 4 p in 1044) From Malvern, by OntidaM.11 < and Leavitt, to Lee?viili*^M m,l.*sand back,oace a we-k. L?ave Malvmi Friday at 9 a m Arrive at Lte<*vill- eaJ* day by 4 p m L*ave Leesvilli&atu day at W a m Ariiveat M.lv-rn same day by 4p m 10441 Fr.m Mil tor I, by Belfast, Ldenton, and Weat WcodvUle, to lllanchejte 24 miles and back, once a week. leave M.lford Fri'ay at 3 a m Arrive at Blan^hester seme day by 4 p m Leave Blanche-ter Saturday at 8 a m Arrive at Mil trd ?am? d*y by 4 p m. Frop-jsaLa fcr twic%? aod tbr?? tiu.ia wetk Mr vice are invited. 1044? from Millerabarg, by Oxford, Kilbaek, Van Buren, and Kidtf?, to Waraair, ?1 milea and back, one a aeek. LeaveMiilerabntg Friday tt 9 u m Arrive at Waisaw lame day by 4 p m Leave Warsaw Saturday at 8 a ui Arrive at M lleraburg came day by 3 p m. 10443 From Solo, (Ilai risou cojnt/j to Carrollton, 14 miles and back, once a week. Leave Scio Saturday at 7 a m * Arrive a* CarrJUon taut) day by 11 a m L -ave Carrollton Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at aeio same day by 6 p m 10444 From Kainator. u^li to Tranquility, 21 mil;a and tack, once a week. Leave Pa^ n .borough Fi iJay at 8 a m A rive at Traiqu lity S4m< day hy 8 p m l^ave 1 ranquiiiiy Saturday at 8 a m Ar iva atEa nnbviou/h same day by 3 p m 1044* ir m Republic to Bueyros, 39 miles and back, cncea ?>ek Laave Kepublle Frday a'. 9 a m Arrivo at Bucyrus i ame day by 4 p m Leave Baeyrue Friday at 8 a m Ame at Republic same day b? 8 pm 10448 Fr iu fticbuioni Dale, by GiUe>p>e<Ul', Kag'.e MM1 ?, anl Blooming' viile, to Logan, 4> n>iie3 and beck, once a we.k. L -ave ltichmonl Dale Friday at C a m Arrive at Lsgsn sam * day by 8 p m Le .ve I<ogan Satard >y at 6 a m Arrive at Richmond Dale cam- day by 8 p m. 10447 From fitsubenvdle, by Bar.ers Shop, to Mount P.easint, 25 nnles and back, once a week. I. 'ave St mbsnviilj Friday at 8 a m Arrive a*. Mount Pleasant same day by 4 p m Leave Mount Pleasant Siturday at 8 a m Arrive at hteubenrille same day by 4 pm. Proposals f r twice a week serv ce are invited. 10448 From Van Buren, by Portage Craee Roads, Tea Mile Creek, North Ridge, and Melme e, to Ridgeland, 25 miles and ba'k, on e a w?k. Leave Van Baren Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Rtdg* land sa r.e day by 4 p m L j?ve Eidgeland Sat lrday at 8 a us Arrive at Van Bureu isui day Jby 4 p^m. A port! n of this ro ite appo.rs to be cover.d by eiift'ng service; if eo, it may not be let 10449 Prom Baok kills to W?bti>:rough, ? miles and back, onee -i week. Bidders w 11 state dist'.nse, and cronoao a achuJ. ule of departure and arr.val. 10430 Fr.m Circleville, ty Klag?tan, Camp Char 1 tte, Tarlioo, and C;??r vree.-, to Amaada, '27 mil-*s aud back, three tioi-s a w?ek. Laave Cirdevills Monday, Wedn-8day. anl Fri day at 7 a m Arri e at Amanda same dayj by 4 p m Lea?e Amanda Tueaday, Thursday, and Satur^ day at 7 a m Arrive at Circieviile a: rnj days by 4 p m. ALABAMA (Frtm Ju'y 1,1855, to Jutu GO, 1853 ) 7175 From Anialuait to Mil cn, Fla., and back, onoe a week. Bidd rs will state .he tiitaacj, and propose a schedule. 7176 From Carrollton to Biilg-viilj, 14 miles and bank, < nee a week Leave Carrollton every Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Bridgaviile rami day by 12 m L-save Bridgeville every Monday a l p m AxrlTt at CarrJlJtn e>me diy by 6pm 7177 From Centre, by Uajn.gaa,to CaveSpring, Oa , 22 m'l s an t back, ouce a weak * Leave Centre every Xue d'*y at 5 a m Arrive at Cave Spring sim? day by 12 m L#*?e Cave ispriag every Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at Oeatre same day by 8 p m 7178 Frum Cbulafien , by Blue Kldge and Flat au;', ti Bowdon, o0 miles and bask, ones a week LeayeObulaSuneev ry Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at fiowiia same day by 5 p m Leave bowdon every iFelnQa-lay a? 6 a m Ar.ive at Chula6ni<e ram^ d*y by 5 p a 7179 from klyton, by Fire Mill, Abner Wool's, Ra ton's Croes Ro*l>, aod Sander's ?'erry, to Jas per, 50 all?s and ba rk, onee ? week Lsaye Klyton every Tui day at 2 p m Arrive at Ja~per next day by 6 p m Leave Jaiper e/ery Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Klytow ne^t d?y by 12 m 7180 Friai tiufauli, by Bus&'aCrcas R^ads, Qoll^n >nlry,aud Li^e Springi, tj Shippeasvllls. aud b?ck, oace a week Blli-re will atatt the dlitanos, and propOM a weed ale 7181 From UIrani to Oswkhee, in Ruall oounty, 18 m'dea and back,onoe a weak { Lsaveoirardevfry Tuesday at 6 a in Arrive at Oawloh?e aa*re Uay by 12 ua Leave Oawlch** efery Tuesday at I p a Arrive at Oiisrd Saiuu day by 7 r a 7162 From GcMvllle, by Youngavilie and Lee's JUd.e, to i>ettu la Randolph oounty, aad back, onee a week Bidder^ will atate the distano>, anl p opose a ached ule. 7188 Pre m Green vile, by the Croas Road*, Ouy Ba-bd ch's Bridge, Gojbea Mill Prtlnet, and Fish Trap Bridge, on the Coneoah,~to Troy and back, once a week till tlstetht diitmoc*, ttd pttptM i athsdul*. 7184 From Jonesborc' to Waldrop's Milla, la Jeffer son county, and back, oroe ? week BU iert will atate the d stance, and inpoN t schedul-. * 7185 F.o0 Louisville to BcrogginsvUle and baek,

one* a work Bidders will state the distance, and prop dm a schedule. 7180 rrMBLoa'jvil!?, by the Froo hridffe, to Skip peusville and hock, onoa a w?ak Bl.ders will ?tite tha dlitenee. and propose a schedule. 7187 From Mil: vlll?, by Ekain's Store and Rayne's Bridge, to Andaluaia and back, one* a week Bidden will state tha dia'aoee, and propoat a fchslnla. 7188 Fr<m Newton. by IIUh Blnff. oa the Cha ta horchre river, to Geneve acd tack, once a weak Bddars will i tate the distance, and propose a tehedu'e 7189 From open k a by L?Cayette, Mi. 1 town, Louisa. Wieiowe*, Hoc* dale, and Cakfusky, to Jack sonvlle, and back, onoe a week Btddns will atate t&e distance, and pr<*pxse a schedule. 7193 From ftrger vllle to Ccutt'and, 11 mi'es and back, one? a week L?ave Bogersvllle Tuesday at 8 a in Arrive a* Courtlaad iaoe day by 12 ? Leave Oour.latd Tuesday at 1 p m Arrive at It^go sr.lie lame day by 5 p m 7191 Fr m Tutcaloora to Harky Omenta Mil b an 1 back, cue*a week Bidders will atate the distance, and p.-rpo e a tehadvlj* Mississippi (y,CM July 1,1855, to June ?0,18>8 ) 74*6 From 0 yka, cr the Terminus of the New Or leans bed Ja'ktton Railroad, by Brookhav n, Galitia. Shady Grove, and Kewfrn, to Ja k e">n, Mi?s, 91 mil* a at d ba. k, daily, in tour hrrseorches Lrnvo Osyka, or ferminu? of RmlroaJ, daily on tit* arrltat of the cars Irota Now Oiltf u*, say at2pm A-rife at Jackson nex' day bj 10 a m Leave Jf ckaott d?ilv at 7 pm Arrire at Oayka, cr Ttrrolnus cf Rsilioid, nut day by 3 p m. (For conncctit-j rui'roid route, tct 7&05, Louisi ana) 74W From the Terramurt of tin Mobile awl Ohi<> Bail oed a: Qailmau, by Marion, l>eK?lb, cad Uar.os,to Oorimbu', 140 ntikw and back, thr?e lim?e a week, in four hor e coaches. Le*velermiuus ot hailroal atltuitmtn oa :he arrival of th* cars at Mobil ?, o? Motd ys Wednesdays, and Frid ys, say at 2 p m Arrive at Columbus second day <>8 hour*) by 'i p |Q L-av? Columbus Mo days, We5n?eJays and Fridays at 3 p m Arrive at Quitman ee ond day (18 hours) by 3 Bid? to run by a different t-chelule will be c>n* Mated. Prop sals for %.x timee a we.k eiv'ce wi-1 bj c usidered 7468 From Columbia, ly Pop-'s Mills, Red Cre k, and Lardnier's, to Mississippi Cit/, ? mil s and back onoea ??<k. B.dd^rs will stite the distance and propose a schedule. 7409 From Gain* vlile, by (h-rbon and Pa^Chris tian, t.> Mis?iiiippi City, 96 miles aua back, oree a week. Lta.e Gain'svi le Monday at 0 a ni Arrire at Mississippi City Wedit ??day by 12 m Leave Ml*i ?ippi uity Wednosd.y er 2 p m Arrive at G ioe ville Friday by 10 p m. 7470 From Grenada, oy Caklaad, Panola, an I Iler nande, to Memphis, T8an,llo a,il s and batk, eu ea we-k. L-avu Greuada Monday at 6 a m Arrive at M? mphis *ext Wadm^d- y by 12 m Leave Memfb's * ed?*?day at.U p m Arrive at Gmal* r ext Ir day tv 10 p m. 7471 Fiom Gaiutariiie, by IfbH^^oroogh, Pais Cfcrlstan, Mtesiis'ppt C ty, Riloxi, and Cc.nn tprings, to Pa?eagoula, 80 milee aud back, once a week. Lea re Gaitirsvill* Tuesday at 6 a in Arrive at Pascag u a next day by 10 p m Leave Pas ugouia Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Gainesville uex t day by 10 p m. 7478 fn m Paaldlrg to Raleigh, 83 miles and bark, once a we- k. Le^ve PauL ing Fi id .y at 6 a m Arrive st U - leL h s&rne day by 6 p m Leave KaMgh Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Paulding same day by 6 p m. 7473 From Beaver Dam to ?a?ksvilie, 15 milej and back, once a week L -ave Beaver Dam Saturday at 6 a m arrive at Macksvibe s.ine day by 12 in Leave Macksvllle Saturday at 1 p na Arrive at Boarer I>am saiat diy 0/ 7 p m. 7474 From Bellefoatalne,b/Pit s.orou<h, toOxforJ, 7i miles and back, once a week Leave Bellefontalre Monday at 6am Arrive at Oxford n? rt Wedntsadav ty 12 m Leave Oxford W?dii?*iay at 1 p m Arri?e at Bellefootaine nextFri .?y by 10 p m. 7476 Frdm Benela, by Mttsbjrou(rh and Ilart'ord, ta Sarsfta, t6 ml'e aud b ck,once a week. Iie<vj Ben*la Tuesday ar 6a m Ar.ive at Earepta next day by 12 m L*ee Barepta Wedna?d?y by 1 p m ATive at Beaela^iext day by lOp m. 7476 from Bilrxi, by Lit cbbur< aod Jackson C. II., to Mobils, Ala, 8} miles anl back, once s week. Leavj bi'oxi MonJay at 0 a m Arrire at Mob le next Wednesday l.y 12 m Liars Mobile Weduffiday at I p m Arrive at B loxl next Friday by 10 p m. 7477 From B jllur'.ah, by Peasacola to Philadelphia, 3i miifp and back, ooee a week. I A3 .re Bulluctab Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Philadelph'a same day ty 7 p m L*ve Philad^'phit S :tnrday at 6 a m Arrive 11 Bulluotah miin day by 7 p m. 7478 From Carthage t> Union, 36 tail's and back, once a weak. Leave Carthage Tuesday at 6 a ci Arrive at Union same day by 7 p m L ave Union Wednesday at 6 a ta Arrive at Carthage same day by 7 p m. 7479 From Bal.m by Saenn's Mille, (loeal,) Mott's (1 ?a',) Hickory Pla^, and Kncky Ford, to Lafayetts Springs, 48 mileiaal back, once a week L ave Salem Monuay at 6 a m Arrive at Laftye.te nex d?y hy Dam Leave Lafayette Springs Tu ed ?y at U m Arrive at Saiam next day by 0 pm 7180 Fr>m Macon, by Situate, (local,) and Broo k vi le, to Cr.iWiOrdsvil'e, 5J miljs and ba:k, cnci a week Laave Maoon frilay at 6 a m Arrive at Cra*for'6Vi:lenext day by 11 a m Leave Qrawfonlsville Saturday at 12 m Arrire at Macon next day by 0pm 7481 From laacla, by Caliioruia. Oakland, acd Prsston, to G;cnada, Mi. s, 45 miles and b?ck, thr:e times a week L*.vc Panol . Monday, Wednesday, an I Friday at 6 a m A* rive at Grena la sann days by 9 p m Leave GrenalaTue day, Thursday and Salur day at 6 a m Arrire at Panola same diy* by 9 p m 7162 From Mobile, A'u , by Wiucko ter, M si , to Terminus cf the Mobile ant Ohio Railroad,? uilies and ba.k, threo times a week, in rail rotd cirs Leave Mobile Monday, Wedaaadaj, and Friday at 8am Arrive at Terainus of Railroad by 1 p m Leave Teruiinu* ol Rai road Monday, Wednes day, an t Friday at 2 p m Arrive at Mobile same days by 7 p m ARKANSAS. (Front Ju?y 1, 1865, to June 30,1858.) 7048 From Am ty to Ho' ?ptiugs,30 mil ee aod baek, 4uee a week. Learu Amity Monday at 7 a m Arrive at Hot Springs tame day by 6 p m Leaie Hot Sprats Tne day atTam Arrive at Amity Kam? day by 6 p m. 7649 From Antoine, by htewart'a Store and Captain Tate's, on L:ttle Mis ourl river, to Caxnden, 69 mil<M and back, on e a w?ek Leave Autolus Tue day at 6 a tu Arrive at Camden next Lay by 6 p m l oare Camden Wednesday at 0 a m Arrive at An'.e;ne usxt day by 6 p m. 7650 From Aberdeen, by Uoanl City, to Memphto, Tenn, 110 miles and back, on.e a week* Le ive Aberdeen Monday at 6 a in Arrire at Memphis next Wed no day by 7 p m Leave Mem his TLuraday at e a m Arrive at Ab.'KUea ne U ta:ur Jar by 7 p m. T641 From Ben oovilK by J. M. llu^o'a, to FayeM* vllie, '45 miles and bask. uue? a aeek. L are BeutonjUle Friday at 8 a m Arrive at flfce teviile tame day by 6 p m Leave Faj*krill.- every Caturifay ?t 8 a m Arrive at 9tosv9!? same day by ? p m. 7663 Ftom Brownsville, by Rlehurood's, Clear L ike. and JBosage's Mill, to Pine Bicff, 50 luUss ?M hack, onoe a week. IjMPtWJwnsvillo Tuesday atlam AtiHws# Pine Bluff saae day by 10 p m ?v?nu Bluff Welnssday at 4 ? m *?? *t Brownsville ram* day by 10 p m. TOSS From Camdea, by Ha-nptno, Warrea, aod Man t oallo, to Galn<-g's Landing uq milei uj back, on:e a week. L avs Cam con Monday at 6 a m At7iin ** 0?lne.'* Landing next WeJnaeiey by 10 p m Lea ? ttainV* Lai ling Thursday at 0 a m A rrive at Caadea Bext fiatur 'ay by 10 p m T054 Fr m Camden, by Bnena YUta. The femlaa v. end 8and Hill, to Ma mol a 38 mle< ad lack oi e ? a week I eave ' amdea FHday a' 8 a m Arrive at Vagnol a fame <"av by 9p m Leave Majn 1 a Saturday at 8 a m Arr'.ve at Cavdea ttai day by ? p m 7055 From Cam Jen to Beech Cr?ek, ia Clark county. 28 mile? and ba*k, once a week. L*a*e Cam if n We in ? day at 0 a m Arrive at B*e;fc Creek ?ame day by 0 p m L*Tf Bocch Cr*k Tbcr*d.y at 6am Arrive at l a "d? n aaaa (Jar hvfipm. 7656 Piom Carr lltoa, by Wo ta^ to Koek Bridge, Mo. 100 milei and ba k, one.* a va?k. Lsaw Can oil'on Mor.dav at 0 a m Ar i?e at IScck Biidge'ne\t We meday by le p m I/mvs Ro-k Br'd^?Tjur?lay at 6 a m __ Arrive a'. Ca roll din nsxbPa.nrdav by 10 p m. 76?7 From nnv:lle, by I over and H iiIIm, to Mil toa <1-11 ?ath>, in Scott eoxtty, ? in lei an! back once a * eel. Bidder* will state the dLU ce, aod p rpn:? a tcbedsle nf departures and a -rival*. 7?i58 From Te> Arc Fluff ln*?r*e ting ndl tary real near Calmn Fa ry, ky the way of Lewiiborg, Lein>'nes Ferry a d Dtr at* t?*. to For SmMh, aOO di k'i anl Kvk. cue* a we k. Leave Be* Ar* 1 lufl Uauiluy at 0 a m Arrive a Fortm tli next Saturday by f> p m l?ive Fc.r - hm tb Mocdnv a. 0 a ni Arr vo at re? Arc Bl. ff "ex: ratarday ty 0p m, 7658 Fr iu Fa t P.ay, by Clifts Mill', to I wenev.lle, la in lea and ha*k. "n'e a week. Leive Fair 1' ay aaturiay at 8 a iu Arrive at Owcneville >.i "e day by It m L are Oaoaflvill* Ea unlay atl pm Arrive at Far 1*1 y i axe d*y 1 > h p ui 76?0 Figpi Qraod take Ly Mnou a, to reerfield. Ia W> mil^iand Katk. o-w a week. Let e G acd aV Moodry at 0 a m Arrive a' i'eerf?-ld m x: day by ti p m l^ave Deertiell Wedcesliy at 0 a m Alrtveat Grand I-ike n \t day by 0 p m. 7001 in-rn * unUv lle, t y L. #i* W Thrmpeoi'a, <>o War T"a le, JiBai?gaV on *hite bi?ec.siil Rcle Itid.e, to W ashbeurnt'# Frairie ni Viarl bark, nice a ? eek. I/?ave Hunt vilU Tcerday at 0 a in Arrive at Wa^ibouroc's Pra rH next day lv IS in lrf\iv? HubbiSia 'd FraLia Welnes'ay at V p m A: rire at Huotavil e noxt day 1 y 10 p m. 7603 F.rm Jark onpoit to Will Han^, in laard eoun'y, tO ni'k^ and bark, otioe a week. 1 eavo Jacksonpo t Monday at 0 a in Airireat Wi:d liaua bhi'-hv br 12 in I>*ve WiH Uaua Tuesday at 2 v m A rive at Jack^opor: nex. day by 10 p m. 7603 Frcn: Jark^cp rt to NoiT stown, laOmttej acd tack < nee a wtek 4 Lew- Jack oupci t x'onJay n C a in A*r ve at Sortl< ora next Wedro?day by 10 p ni Leave ^o^rL town Thu sday at? a m Arnvo a" Jack'on(.or: n*xt eaturdxy bvlO p m 7604 irom Ja per, by Kin^tir, to Uunt'iville, 4t? in' re and I a k. ouce a ? eek. L^ave Ja-per Fr.?lay a' C a m Arrive a' IIact >111- p?mu day Ly 8 p m L?m*w Hurt vi le J'ttur V?t(am Arrive at Jasper a me d y liy.8 p in. 7635 Frciu Kan at, l?y I'a k i le. Wjandott, ani U*mp o*J, t> PUt'e Oity, llo, ? milrt ani la k, uuc? a ??? k. Lildiri will ita e tbe oi ia c?, ar.d propose a a b dn'e of depar'utej aad ? rriva's. 7600 Fr-ni LI't c It-ck. by l*?rryvi;^ Danvi.le P^r ?e sbcrg. Re-fiie, and thirlettro, to Fort fmitb 105 uiil-s and back, on o a wi-el. L ava Litt% Kock Monday atflau Air.va at For: fm'th next J'etn-day by 8 p m Leave F rt Smith Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Lltt e l'o:k n? x: Saturday by S p m. 7007 From Lebanon to Lover, 60 mJaa and back cut e a ww k Lof-e L?ba-.oa Tu< ni ay at 6 a m Ar-ive at DcVwr next tay by 12 m li*ave D>.vm Wtdut-adiy a. 2 p m Arrive at t utanoj next day by 10 p m. 7668 Frcin Lit-Rh, by Uuibwtol ti flora's Gin,? iui"? a >d l*a k. o^oe a vm4. bid let.-i wi.l rtate tLe dLt^noe. ani propose a acbelnle ef di parturea ai d arrival^. 76TO From L'?lion, Vy Mcunt llo ly, Calhoun, Mag ncl:a and Dor htat. t) Le?Lville, IC ru les and la.*k, oroe a * oik. Leave Li-b n Moulay at 6 am ? Atrive at Le^viavii e net da/ by IS a Le?vi Law'RTllle Tieslay itSpu Arrive a L<sto* next day by 10 p ta. TC70 Fr< ui >ajK?l o-?, by Juun >1. F.emuaaV, I>a?id Wei a aud ^arv willams'#, on Bayoa U r thol mew, to Wileyville, 40 in;lei and fcask, onoe a week. Leave N-pol*on FrMa> at 6 a tfi Arriie at Wiley ville aase day by 8 p m L-.ave VV,1 *y*ille ja ur ay at 6 a m Arnva at Nap le>n ?a ne Jay i y 8 > m C671 From F n? B ul, iy Alabony a Fety, James Ilud onV, Wm II. Wilson's, J din U'Uouae'a, Brnsby Hoods, StCDerV, and John It Light, foo'.'e, to Cemlen, t\> milas and back oace a week. L?av- Flee Bluff Mondny at 0 a m Arrive at Camden next ifrdne-day ty 12 m Lsarc Camden Wi-duta'ay at 2 p a Arriie at ? iae Eli fl n?x: Fr d?v by 10 p m. 7072 From 1'owhaun, by Jame< Cbiklret*, to Uains w 1?, 4! m l r ani bc^ck, on -e a week. I ' Le.t /?? Fovrbht ?n Saturday a: 0 a m A rivaat Gait s.iili auto'dey by 10 p m Loave Goicsvil e Friday at ft a in Arrive at l'owba'an tame dav by 10 p m. 7673 Frcm tea.cy, by Augu-iia'aad WitUbur?. to Me jphLa, Teun , lii uLlea and tack, oiue a week. I.cave tear.-y Monday at 6 a m-* Arrive ?t Mem bis next Wednetdiy by 1J p m L < > e Menpt.is t hursday at 6 a m A rrire at s^e rcy next S.tur ay by 10 p m. Bilfc t) commence at Augusta ani end at Wit a burg will beoonal?!e-*d. l'hi fcbelulesb u'd bi pr^OKd. 7674 From Searcy, b7 Quitman, to Clinton, U) milee Md ba:k. once a week Leave iearcy Monday at 6 a m Arrh e at Clldton nvxt iay by 7 p in Leive v.1 nton vFelce day at ti a m Airivs at a cy cext day by 7 p ui. 7b75 Frjia f m fiville, ly Pn?ba'an,Cbillrvn, Man reeker s l?ett ement. Or anibrro', an 1 B liTar. to ja'ut 1 ra ic!s, 100 mf'ej and bark, oi ce s Wr k. I.eavt 8aa:thville Monlay at C a m Arrive at taint Franci* next We Jce day by 12 ? Leave Saint Fracci' Wednesday at 2pm A* Ive a: tmithvil!e next FrlJay by 10 p m. 7076 from dioay Point, in Wtiit^ o.-nty, to Qu t cian, in Van Buren county,35 mil a atd tack, one? a week. Loava 8tiny Point Fridiy at 6 a tn Arrive ::t Quitman amo day by 7 p m Leave Quitman Pata d y ?t 6 a ni A-rivc *t rtiuy Point fame day by 7 pm. H77 1 r.?m Wailiingtoa, by toaria Mana's an] La m.irt'nc, ti Magnolia, 60 milu and back, on* a w< ek. Leave Wa?ldn^t n iua."i]ay at 0 a m Arrive at Magnolia i;e?t dly by 7pm Leavj Magnolia Tnurmlay itli im Arrive at Washington next day by 7 p m. 7tT7S From Wabhinat n, by Al any, to Laaiart ne,5C m Its a-fd b;ck, oncj a we-rk L?ave H asLm ton 'l huralay at 6 a m f rrlvo tt Laciaitice ntxt day by 12 m Luare Lamirttne >rd <y at 2 p m Arrive at Wa?bin^eon aext day by 10 p in. 7079 From Wildh?ui'a,byUnion,toileuuatfaBayco, hi Fnllon c Ubty, 33 miles and ta*k, ox.oea we.k. L avu flr'ilj aiu'o Monday at 6 am Arrive at Bennett'* B?you tame day by 0 p m Leave B nnttt's Bayou Tueeday at tt a m Arrive al W<ldbam's same d?y by 0 p m. 7080 From i oaba au to l'oeaho. tas, Su mile* aad baot, onoe a wi-ek. I eiva Powhati.ii Friday at 4 a m Ar ivo at Fne<bouta.s same day by 12 m Leave Po-ah >nfc*<Friday atl p m An ive at F wbataa fan<eday by 10 p as. 7t>81 From Waihin/ton, by Spring dill, LewiavQle and Walnut U: 11, to Sbrevep r , La., 120 milet ana back, three tliueJ a week ia twa-hom coach< a. Lcare W? skit g on Tuesday, Thoraday, aod Sat Ui-iay at 4 a m Arr;va at ^br.\v>p>rt next days by 6 pm Le^ve Bbrevefort Tuesday, Tanr^day, and Sab unlay atd a m Arrive at Washington next days by 6 p m. Bl ? to carry the mail in fenr-hon-e c ache*, aa< a H*t>ran by a ^liferent acbwliila, wlil beooa siUef.*d. . 7?J8J From Kcpole-n by White Ither St Qb rle* Ca a Coe, Meuot Adama, and Crockett's Bluff, to Aberde n, 1' 5 mllea an 1 bark, three times a Weik l a steamtoaU. Le?ve Sa; ol on Tuajday, 1 hnrrday, aad 8ato? day at J p m Axr.vc at Abetdeen next days by 10 p m t A.tj it;u Tlfr* . m , by A proooeel aikadnie wi 1 "?T a: HiUo to ran twice a vr*?k m *? Jury. m*~*x ? 811,1 h*afc? tb*oa L?? a , "***?/? 54!?rh r ? ??*&?%. E? *****wtmm*?*, ?a pm ^ ti o i m Arnt# atAlwJwn next d?y? tjlim day Ml p ? **eeuy. ^ 1 ',n?",< ?5&od?lo wl I b# *??*? TIN From Aberdeen. by CUr??Jon. Vtluu* Late Staff. p-vatf. Pta* dJTatI ta> Grand Ulnae. KLatfcetb. Jeeieoewt. a?A Oil Tr ugh, to Batceville, i7t ml'ee Mid b^ck, "to* a fnk, la etaaut>o?t?, t> Juh:fwt, and realdue 4a 4-ho re* ooa- baa Leave Al?rJ?*a UcaUj ml VTelaeiday i', 0 P ? Arrite tX Katravil.e aexi 4Uya by 8 p m L*ava PaUertlle Mon.Jaye and bataidajaat2 P ?> Airii? at A bar 4. fa aes? day* by 4 p m Bldj to run by a prcptc? 1 aohelaje will be ooa aiioret, aaa al*e to run tbreo t*n>ea a mk LOUISIANA (Frem Ju'y 1,1865, to Jtuu 30,18S8.) 779c Viotn Baton Booga, by Rot art noajtcn'a, ta Llvln aM>n ? arian, Cot Ik, tbe Fnab MUa meot , m4 Bayou barb*, j, lot aimffietd, U mllaa in J bark, oaoe aval UaTt Bitcn lb a? Monday at 6 i n Airiro at ryriDjlUU aax. day by IS m ?. Leave Pjrit^OH Tueedey at 1 ptu Ai rlT# at Baton Rnagt) r e'?t day by 10 p aa 7797 Fiona Bo'deilcw, by baak'a, Croharu U ore, Uswrtll*, Myr"a Dole, and Do.tbrat, to Magnolia, Art a tea*, 00 mll?a aad be k, a?a a wirk L?*ve Bellevlew trtry Taenl iy at 11 m A*rl*e al Magnolia next <*ay >?y 6 p m Leave Marool a TharwUy at ? a ?i Arrive at B*l #?l?w a at day by a |> m 77M t r. ui Ltk< CLarUt, in the Panahof Oa raaiea. by Wat?r, to mouth >A Calcaau-a Miter. to tablne flo>a, la Texas, 60 milaa and laik, onoe a we-k I?in Laka Cbarloa L'bod -y at 4 a u Arrtva at 8ab'ne Paa? nait day by II p n Leave lUhta* Paae WeineaJay at 4 a ci Arrive at Laka Cbaile* next day by 11 p m 7799 trta N w Or I nf, by batata t?Ul>DH>; la Plaqaemine Pa:i.-h, ? railra and back, onoe a * ek bitders will state th? diatanc* aad fro;oi* a icMuk 7KM) From Plea Kid.e, In Wlan rarl.h, 1y Or?y*o 8 ora, to Koaat I^Lanoa, 40 aill*a aad I art, onra a *nx In at* Piae Uidira Friday ?t 6* m Aniie at Vonst Lt b n n rasa da' by 10 p m L9vt? M< ant i abvctn fa' urday itKiin A tire at M&e Kilit: u? day by iwp m 9*01 Firm I br t. p it, to Uandaiaoa, Triaa, 7S m:'e? and b ck, rnc? a w ?k Laavrfl;r!T<?pnrt Sfond yitdaa Atrift at He*dcr*ou nnt (*ay by 11 p ? IUvodHTBoa \Vrdu?viay at 0 3 m / rr'T? at SbraT^pnt next dav by 11 p m 7?Qk kreni Stony l'o nt. by W U m A lanla, ta L vingat. ^ I'ar a^ , L un au Blue'a, and Id waid , t.tmp'*, to ^ptlTgCt-'d, 3J mT.eo aad b.vra onoe a ao^k 1 eaie 8:ony Point Krid-y a 6 a m A r ire a 8^rinp1. lasam* <?ay by T p m Laava Sjr ffgOaid Ha'nr ay at 6 a m Arriva at ftoLy i'oint wut day b< 7 p in 7903 K:om Alexanliia, by Ootile,Cnatler?*lllp and I?ia BrariUa to ICatrh.tocba^, W m*Ue aad took, three tiauai a vaak, in tvw bcrca e aelea. Leave Alexandria Idocday, Wadaarlay and Fri day at 6 a m Arri'a at NaabitocLea naxt daya by 6 o id L ara Matcbitoebaa 2 Ion day, Wedneaday, aad FrWiy at 4 a m Atriva at Alexandria next daya by 8 p an liiia to oonrey tbe mal a in lour h?r?a coac'aoa ?l'il be eocei3>-rad 7'04 froaa Ua^r'a Ferry, to i nceo-o, 34 ailaaaad back, onoe a week Iiftte BurrV Fer~y FriJay at (i ? u Ariivi at Ana ono ume 4a? by ? p m Laara Anaro o Saturday at 6 a m A rrhra?t Burr'* Perry -am ? d y by 9pm 7806 Pr m New ? r'e?n? ta ^tata L ce, m let and Uck, da ly in railroad care I*-af e Nr?r o: leans daily at 8 a ta Arrive at State Lir.e (term nua af ral'rcad) by lpm 1 ei*e S'.ate Line (turminua cf rkilraad) at P* Arrive at New Otl< ana by p m 760d Fn. in Al? xandria by S n*;, Winfitld, Balina Milla, fine Bldg*, tfalin** Pparta. Momit Le bacaa and Atbeoa to Homer, 160 milea and bask, twice a *?tk L ave Alexandria every Msrsday and Pridty at 7am Arrive at Doai?r every Wednesday and 8un d?y b? 5pm Leave llomer evrry Monday and Tbtuaday at 7 a m ^ Arrive at Alexnndrix every Wodieaday acJ ha arday by 6 p m Bala to ran t-y a ditferent bcLodale will be con sidered, (/W connecting $tajt rouU. in 7 4C6, MuntUpjt) TEXAS. (Fnmjuly 1, 1S? , to Jan* 30 IHSs.) 8046 1 r?Bi Breubaui by L Lg Poitt. John Uodd'e, loctor Ilil.iJij's L?*toyton end A law renre'j to 'loor^i t^an, 169 mit?? and baik, once * wwk * L^ave Btenb&m Monday st 4 a in Arrive at Oaor^towa next day by 11 p q Leave G?urget <WO Wedt.<-*da> at 4 a in Arrive at Br^nbain next day by 11 p iu H0M From CoSierib ta Maraball, So inile* anl trek, onoe a week Le?ve Ouffeeviile Tea* Jay at 6 a ft Art ire at Mardbkll tame da/ by 6 p m Leave Mart-ball Weiut*d?y ? t ?? a ni Arrive at Coffeevill* fane day by t> p in J 8947 Fr m Ore.nti le by McKui^bt'^, Modem Timea, Coleman's aM !a anl McKlnnry t j Alton, 66 miies atd back, on e a week Leate Gre nvil e M. uA) at 0 a ui trr.ve at Alton next day by 6 p m *ave A'ton U'ednea !py a. ti a ui Arrive at Greanvil e next d y by 6 p m 8C48 trom J< dor <vi by Plo>d,a Perry i n Mel ri- er. to Pa ton, Ark., 90 m loa anl back, ou~e a week leave JeTeraia M- n 'ay atCam Arrive at Pulton rext vVedn^oday ky 10 a m L ava Fuitm \Vcloi--lav at Vl m Arnve at JeiT-r&oa next Friday by 6 p ta "019 From Mil^n by ienluton, Maucy, Low and Fort Ja*up to Gr*nd >cor , CI mileaaid back, <a-* a weok Lv.ve Milaa Turndav at 6 a m Arrive aad G and Flcoie text day by 7 p ci Leave Grand E ore Ton a lay at 0 a m A Tire at Milan next ?av by 7 p m 5060 F ou Vaa AnL.n o to Fre ioricsaburf, 66 mi'ea ?ni lack, onao a week Leave Antoci > Wed realty atflim Arriv9 at Frede 1 kst ur^ ueit day by 8 p D Laave Fndavtibor^ trida at 6 a m Arrive atdau Antouio next day bylpm 4051 From Sbtlbj v.lie to Hen:eraoo, tU m.laa and back, on*ea w ck JjKive bbelby ritle Mo-day at 6am Arrive at Htnderron tiext day by 7 p m Lei e Ueade son W(Mjn??day ittiaui Arr.v# at KhelbyviUe leit (lav by 7 p u sG5i From Sh<lbyvUle by M)r ck'a Fufry to Gr.nd Loora, Louiaiana, 60 milet- and bac/, cnee a weak Leave d* el yvlllo Tuesday at 6 a m Arrive at Giaui kcore neit ay by ftp m Leave Graid Kco:eTbura.ay atb a m Arrive at ahtlbyvill ? totuj by b p in I ti068 Fr:m Towt riaff by Magu 1 ? tp i^a. Cert l*nd, PeLrra-ie, La, aaa l?nprey's .IpIm to Cbe e> v.lie, 140 a il.-a asd bu-k, on e ? | w ek . Leave Town Bluff Mou"ay at 6 a ci Arrive a'. Cbooeyvlld 4th day by 9 p ui L are Chineyvi le Mondny at 6 a in Ar iv? at Iowa Blufl 4ta day 1>y ? p ta ^051 Fr m New Orieaua by B.rw>ck to aabine City, 400 m lea aco bac'i c ooe a w. ek Bil? to c mrcnca at Biralck will be consid arad. Lsavo New Orli ni Monday at 8 a m Arrira at SAhine City neat Wedcatday (in 48 bour? by 8 a m Le? .e Sabine Ci y Tbcralay at 8 a m Arrive at Mew O.le.na hatarday (in 49 bo^n) by 8a m *166 From Tyler by Hamburg, Crownabcro Atbetia, and Ccr>ee?jva by l>rea0en to Waoco VUlage, lt?d iaitv-a.d back, tune dacaa watk, lu t? o borae <x acht a brntyar Monday, Wolnoalay nod Frl'ay at , Arri.e at Wasoo Vtll^e every foortk day by 6 am Lara ?P*ooo Village Mo&da', Welnaeday and Pri lay at 6 a m Arriae at Tyl r fouith day by 6 a m W is to ?apply otKar int <rra nute offioea and to runbx ? dlOerent sehedula, wlM bo oasaM 80M From Wallicg'a Ferry by Cotton Hint, Pie fiotla to (loader oa, 40 mL?a aj?> book, oooe a w ek I*??? 4allikg'a firry Sriday atfla m ? Arr.*o?t Uenderaon tuune day ly a p u Leave Ileoder-on 8etar*ay at 9 ? ?n A rtivo at Walliut'e Perry - ame day by 8 f a 8087 trim : nabwa if gpur4-*e to Woodvf le, W ni ?a aud bo* ??io a week laava Auakuaa Monday a!4am Arr.veat lVyadviUfi a^t iky by 11 p m Leava Wojdfdla WedneUe# at 4 a m Ar. fte at Ana', aac next i ay by 11 p m Prim Llviagaton to ar-odfiUe, 4o mlUo and baeA, onoe a week. Leave Li't^vton V, edaeoday at 6a m Arrive at Wood vill e aan?e day by U p ni Loave Woodville Tbnnday at (an Arrive at Llviaaatoa aame day by 0 p m [CoiUiaaed oa /ourtk } P