4 Nisan 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Nisan 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, lEXCETT 8LNDAY,) fa the Star Buitti'vg. ronrfr Pennsylvania avtnue and E'nenth By W. O. WAI,!.ACn, fTO be *nr ?I to pitherril.rr* in the cilios of W^ab Georgetown, AlfTindria. ftaltimore and at SIX AND A QUARTER CENT?, p?&t>k- weekly to the A*?>nfs. To miil subscriber* tot ?ul?cfiction price is TflHKC DOLLARS AND riFTV tENTS a year In c'ranrc, TWO DOL LAR$ fcr SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fcr THREE MONTHS. &jKS(xole copm 0*1 C**T. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1855. NO. 702. THE WEEKLY STAR. Thi- ucilNA Family ani N-wt Journal?o* Mining .1 great't variety ui uiieroaung readmr than can be r>uritl ui any other?it publicbe*4 <<? Saturday 1H. Single copy, prr annum .. |1 4S TO CLCBa. Fire copi??.?? 5 0) Ten do 6 l-*? Twe?ty u 00 (Z/-('asa, mvaE;iit.t m A?vanrc. (fcy- Sinrie copier (ir. wrapper*) can be procured at Uta counter, immediately after the tame of tiie paper. Trice?rnaaa emu. ro?TM48TKEf who art a? amenta wSl be allow# OABTERB SPANISH MIXTURE. Tfca Or,?t P.rfO.r of tb. Blood! ?ot a Particle of Jlercary In It' Aa IniUTBLa Ruiiot for Scrota, K' r Syphilitic Disorders, ct*i *u ? all the dise u? arWog frornan iivioJi.iouj use oi ilerrurv, Im ?rod In Lift, or Impurity of the B!ood. rfJldJhJonU u.?Urab*r vf -x'"* rdm*-'J cares. afMXtd through itsage-Ky, Jma iadacjd th? prop-i u^7ifci i ki^* ui of * M?d?, to ; B-r '^T 3? ^ "?? aimort nrn. 2hT!?^ wcdirfcl curat ire pn>p ?? * JT*""* r'rM3^f"'' 'darted 'rota s th?m^'?S?^ of'^Cr'r' ?tron^r t"?i?noo^ <h- ^uw.KK?*,UElrjJ ? s: SgrT/^K, i'vi:* ?" "?*?? F. BOTPKN, Ixfc, ?f th? irlnnj* Hotel, Rieb .?*7 T^T? *Twr? wJ"''rr "?y ? h? h*?roan ?L? Med iate# eaJad CatTta g Spaxtib Mix?car, aim!n's'e"w< ^.aTTJLua?nir*1 c*9#,,, ia nt T'7 ' 1 th? ?*Irtitili,^r?De?flwl' milh th9 tt0? "i?n ahiogly food rwa.U Ue mya it i* the most ?x fcwrdtittry medicine he hu >T<r seen. J??JLA1^ SSL1^^ CC&S.-I h-reby aartiry tnat Itor three rears [ htl Am* mH ??., '*1?l*nt description. I hoi several Fhf UT**w<i??n?tM? of Qui :ine, ?ercn~y. aad I bal are all the T )nioa adverti ? i, bat ail ^i> & ?r??a:at At *?* I tried Carter's Jpaaish Uiita-a, two bottle of whleh eff-ct iallj earad me and I am happy to say I hire had thither chill* or fovan. Mnce I consider it the be. t Took to this world, and the omy median* that -vot r*a?h-d mycaae. JOUN LONGDjCV. Bxavu Ditch, near Richmond, Va. 0. B. LUCK, fcq., now la the city of Richmond and for many years in the Post Offlv, ha* sucb ooaftd?no* in th* atvaisdiag e3:a;y of Cart-rV Ppinieb Miitar ; that h> n?s bought upward* of 6S bottlee, which he h*? giv.-o away to the affl -?ted. Mr. Lack rays he h*s nerer kn)wn it to fail whan taken according to directions. * i^JKiciao, and formerlj rt -h-i City Hote , in t^e cjty of Bkharod, says he r ^ ? ftuub'r ufioiUaiMth* elT-cts ot ?**f opan^h \Iiitur?, which wer<? aov t'uij sarprteiag. He MyaiaacMe of Cin^amption, d? p-^ntontheUrer, th, good ?ffec;a wers wo* Hrnil Indeed. 8 A MumIi M. DRIN KBEt of the flrra of Drinker A M?3r aich?",nd? ^ cured -ur*l of Lir*r Ccm ptalnt of three * ears standing, by the uae cf twr Urtlee of Car>r'e Sp?n; -h MiUurJ. GRKvrciTUK o/ ?citoruuA-rhe 0? tS? UWifl9ni Kepnbli an h d a n raot emo'oyiM In their r r^s room, cure-J of riol,nt Serofu'%. coa, b.ned w.ui Rheum-iti-m, whi h -ntiroly aiaatled him tnm work. T*o bottle of Carter s fp*n;sh Mixture malr a perfect cur-? of him, end tve l i torein a pablk notice ay th*y ' cueorrni y*wcna W *r? with any dii?ea?e o' ?eblood~ *TILL ANOTRKt '.TRtt u? EORoTCLA.-I h.d ? rery r^nable boy enred of tfcrvful* by Cart-rV P^anuh MlTtnre. I ^njti?r it truly a valuable b-?1^J'a n TAYI>">?t, 'J?>aduotor on the &. I. and P R. S. Go . :tichlIlOEr,. V| ?ALT RH1UM Of T vVKNTY Y ..AR3 6TANDIKQ CUaJKO bJJLuZ^i11* wiping In ti;e city of Rtohasnd, w*? cuj- 1 by thr-e bottles of Carter'* gpanirt Mix'are, of ;alt Hhaani which he h*d for 7eAry aaJ ?- ch all th-* phj?;dam of tha^lf aonld not - are. Mr. rb-.mp^cu is a w-l ^uvtBMiUBt in the city of Richmond! anj hi? ? ? iHI MVarkabie. WM. A. Ma ITu?B 'Vd. of Riohm^'d had a "erran* 2*^ * JfPhi^. in tha wo-at form, by Ca ter'f 'H*'* Mixctti*. He ^ays b? ch^rfally rewn meali it, and ooariiers it a Tsry invaluable me .i EDJHN BURTON*, c rami?5cn^r of the rtTj?nae J/'" *** **n effe-'T' or Carter's f ptniifc Mi^twre in anamb-f ?t SyphiliUc c"??ea, and says it ? ? perfect ear# f r .i,t hor"ib'e diMJt, WM. tt. HA '.^OOD, ef Kiihsiatvl. cured cf old Bct-* +?4 Uiaere, wh eh disaMeJ hln f.*m w lkinz Tcck a tr* bn-.-.'eq oi barter's ^panieh Mixture, aad waa 'aabi-J to wa < vithoot a crutch, in a bh.rt time peraanou'ly cu:ed. Prin-H ii L^},ou?t il WARD, CLOSfi A Co* No W Ma; +n New York. J- W.Dyor* A 8 J.WS No. 18JNorth Se-:oad st^ IIBNNtTI A BEERS, No. liJ Main stre-t. Rich fcond, Ya. Ami lot ?U: bz "U iILM eTOTT, Waehingt -a D- 0; LIkNuY i'ALi, Aieua^, a, aad by I)ruag.^> ??erywtMi. t ria? $1 p#r bvitla, or oix bot.lea for 12: ?eg *?? ly Private Moclicai Tr&atias 6? THX PHT?IOLOOICtL VIEW OP MARR1A0B, ET J# B. I. A C *vO X- B. D,1 a: tujnr, jt r. t:s Figft a^*I 13u fit.e Plain and Coi:.r?* Litho graphs and P'.ate\ Ay Prle? oaiy i)5 Catats ff A^-S-nt tnm of po?;age to ail parts of th^ Union ^ >^k chxaplht jm.*)K >;vkr FClLIslI EI. \ac cta.aiai ;g a^riy d ubir me Tu?.niiry o? r?a -ig >aalter in that of the rim c?r.s or dollar PUBUO AVION*. Ittre?U?-L? ifcp i'HY'SfOLtV iGYOsr' MARnlAOK, and the I - -r?t i ? Umiti' .?acd disonler | ot yocth aad maturity, re i ?n;?n< tr m ex e*a, vhich I dfirtjylbr physical and raen ' tai mm, -rirh obserra'i. as ? a marr.ag.*, Pj autiw r.t ? -tiwjuaiifi:aliors, aod their reme>lie?; wiih li l^,'raph% i'.ltuCatiag th# nnatnuy and t.nd t!bea;.iof the repr AdctiTe org? ? cf fc^th their .jtroaa;*, usee ?nd foaeGccJ. A popular aad oic^reLitneiTe Uea teas oa thA datJB? an 1 cae^al*! ? f aiL^le and mar P.*i iiU?he^f r and fmititl al';sa.r39, cio-ie cf se curing them intafvitm ? 'nte.lil? ones? their ?criaticn tad reir.oTa:?*j;>jrt^nt h:at? to tho<* ?oat^oplating oaVJifoy U *i will ov-rrone ob I*ctk>na to it; m.', bowt-ver. th >uid take Uda ins portaut a'ep w* U(,ut Cati c,^uiung iu pt^e?~ ?nam. a -ari?j oa the aiaeaate aaa i;i#i.jal traM^ent at foavto* free, infancy to old ave, ?ach -aae grapb Ualij Lla*?i.atea by beautiful mhr^ra^hic pUtee? sarroa debil.ty, iu ch and caro, "hy a prt.ceae at cacc o . tij anl vffec: ual that iaiiure is I .p^aJtMa?rvilra for daiiy Banag>>ic^nt?an ms*j t-n ?p t^AiarrL-za with prac.. ;?J ?, aerraUona on a ? afor, and more c uccoacfui ta-^Ie of tr aUcint? pre -<.atk>aary uinU ou the e*iL> zcedting frcm ciopiri ?? practi^o?aa ev+j on ail iL">**co ^ri?!BM Hum la-iUcraU^n, wiih pl un acd siiupie rules by which all puarna eaa caie lhft&a<$!7fs without mercury? rsa^d;e? for those ??i.'i.iSictad uU^rriea and di?ap pd'4t?i hopne ao achr u.^iU-iy prevalent in Jie It im a lxatui"?i. siri^ar to th# ns riad bb;1 tLudcoataic^Utiag d^k!a*p. lij pr=ru?*l ij par L alsrly Maamaend'A to cub r p.nrtainir ? s? trr: louOs of thiir Dhj^o*.: o:id U^ji, ar4 wh.? are t of having h4Sard?J the health, h|| ,.inf?e c.ad t-'rLcgai to which every bOwan i#eiu<*U ec u*. al u. Prtia 46 wj per c^py, or fire ecpita ft; r ona dol lar. JtxJioa &ca o! poaU^a to an; part cf tha Cni C~1 liataa. N. B.?Thoae who prewar may ariita". Kr LaC&oii u; on any ofthe-i^ei^ kpoo ?? tii ^rorii treat# aithar pars^ns-.y cr b^ mail. -<nt to anv j-art of toe Union a -ortic? to cJ/c:awr.a, a?f?i". paek-?3 ar ? oarK.?ily uc."jr?-i rrf>.u all ota?rration. Adl. es li M. H LA CH02X, .io 81 Maiden Lant ?v t*oet v?a"* uOi. ?/?>, Albany. N. T. ?9" v. JL:? r .? #n iaii/ iroux U a u L) 9 p za, aci ob B^rday frosj J antil '? p a. froict IUeiov??1 f fffl No. (6 r?a?? ct, toil kaidta Laat, AiWny, a. Y. da.- 7 MARTIX-s USIUIVALLLIi CLTfAKS.-Three wt iheae np.iit il^ibiuciiti a'e i.ow uii e*hi ?nttMB tor aUmi:ed p.'r??vi, atu ir i!u te Sto?. Tlie ' ?^auty of ih?-.r ioa? eh*;** the Uiiiver^a. aaeam.Uiaa of i'rofc.-aor- and Atuti ha. a IHLBl/'.- A HITZ, Bl" 8<^e Agents. M LOOK IIE RE!!! ORE ?UI.'NTT LAM, T?. J U ni.o fWJ us aav vraa ? r.ce 1T*>, wuetto^, , < NWdi^Sulora. M rirv-', LVrk-, Indira, l"*L lams VVagon ?l u.T?- naet L^.'^V ? ,i their widows or chddrt-n) wli,iavvt twevtved full 1G0 ae.ra, aad hav. bT/n .n daj-a, will do well t<- wnte to u? pcWioid. aad U.Ht Land Warrant* mi ! he faraa/d:d U, u,c;i, f.(l t I above quanuty, ai.a tiochar;* ij ,t,i not ht. LLOYD k d>., Llaim AgentV Oiu -e, oppose U. ij. TiUrjrr Waabmnow City, II. f i1;ir g ^ ' ORDNANCL 31T ?' yRAS'DA; Percufc.-wn Lc>*'k? and Priaarr^, Ly Lt. Lahlj ea, L'. d V , to chaxge of expmn.fi,d*part(ueoi, 1 v> I. with en< l'U' 91 ^CK TAVLOH. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S celebrated 0cnnan Bitters, ntnuup bt * DB. C. M. JACXSOff, Pliilad'a., ?a. WILL EFFECTUALLY CVMM ' Sstsisss: * X^o Z*T:ri -1^ Pii~< Fullrims, or ^ I r r biSn i> lU Sl"ma^, Nan ?*a, i.earibarn Lh gust for food, Fullness or tii'1 ,h" Sour Eruct-Hi ,. i! Sink ing or Fluttering at the fit of the .-tomacl^Swm. Ku'teXIVi^' HUrf ^n3 difllc,:,t sJ? I. * .Ch,^i"?C or Pnff.;eating v!5?Tt^iV"^ ^e.Dimnrmor VIMOII. I) >l? Of l\ bs liefi.-re Ihc Sllfht fVvir inH I>u J run M. the lie# |, Dtiicieney of Ppr?Hra>Hm ?2?TS!'&??''.*?"!! UttJ ^ iV,l?c Ot II^J- Hn'r^i . atC-' Sudden Fi??h?8 'I li^ar Kuniiii-!u;.tc- t.esh, Constant Imatin^ ?"iTrlf ':in*'cr*d I'rc,!*i,'>n of Spirits. I 1,1 r,,!i"2 t,,e attention of tho inr nf^il., ,'M -',ar"'*'??a.dr.e4 so with a r*M uf.n, n^h T ??;?????? >n its virtues and aJip lo,toc dlw; >* * - >r which it is recoinm?"ded u,,t,ih* ?nic,e-bui o,,,i thnt f,*= ttond the test of a te:, y. ars' thai before the Ameri .,,,< n'PUt ,tion a"d salp '? unrivhlled by any simitar preparations extant. The testimony kL wn'fh.'VM by "V* ",OSt n:?n,'nent and well kn ?wn Phy.-tcian* and individual*, in all parts of he country 10 inmenw. The following from North ? 1 * re^uuily sub. itt d, relrring any *h? ?:,y MUl'ltubf, to my ?'Mea:r?abilia,"or p"' - JJ?:rptfB,rk. "ir F,,mnr8 to ? Fr^r^l ri ^ ?nU for ,h* G?rm*a Bitters. PlSS^' lao Aicli n,7t^rri,*?rfiL F?,?M NORT" Carolina. Certificate of Dr. ft. Smith, of Pine HiU, Rich mond County, If. C. n. n xt . March 4th, 1854. n* C. M. Jaciso*, t'hi!:<d-lphu?I>-ar Sir: I have been a subject oI Dyspepsia, m itu worst f. rm, [?n r Je rarsu Huch wa* mv condition for twelve months U. t ih* physicians and all who saw me said I mu-t die. While in this condition, I was earned to the! m?nn? places in Vir^ nia. Tennes ^ a.,d North Carohna, tut ? a? n?t b-n< fi.e.i hv any water to which 1 was taken. While on my way home, 1 stonp. d a w?ek at Ru;herf.?r Hon, a Final Triage in North Carnliiia, u> uy the ?fleet of rr a,e *'3U r in ,h:,t pfa^e. About the last of UK? w. ek, I went inio a dru^ store to cti s.?uie medicine for my ch H and mys.-if. There were several ot the vi l ?ae pliysieia;is in the stoie, and one?f 1 firm seemed to take rome interest in my rase and, af^eraskirg mo'some <jue.-Uo.ii, ?ai,| h? hadbeen a dyspeptic, ar.d Ind b?-n tnaUy b.n?* fittedby the u;M,f?|?r. ||?cfl n i's G-rman Bir T;., pfT'vu*!dbiv>' audheinQ;-t9d1 womd y the Milt ?r-< lie a'-o called ilic next day at my r>otn, and ted so murh that I would try them t ?at I a-ke-, it in 10 ^..-t me one battle. He di I it and 4 cotnni^nct I tVJn* it as directed, ami I do ?av I wt? mot her, fittcj by it than all the water ano dm-iJi-iiif ! had ever taien A"cr reaching h me one of my neighbors came to nan a prtscripti and medicinc, (he a dwpen l'>'} k" r l",n"ear|y ?:| ?he II liters I had left, ?.uch . |.,ct. d much goo 1 in his case, lie Iia> often called on me lor more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more b- m-fi ted by it than any oth? r he ha I taken, but I have not been able to set any more for him or myself s-nce; will you, theie tore, f>.case ship me a d ixen or more aj soon as pos sible. RespeoUmly yours, \V. SMITH. D. R. HOOKED, Roger's Stor** Wake?'o V P Bitters, in Chronic L'y-cntery and iu..cU..?ni .;o ransemeut ol uie Liver, and its concomitant evil I am desirous of nbutimng a qnanUiy of it for the benefit ot my community. Vou will, Uierelore, 4;iea^e K nd a l?*t, lie, &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM J. ATWOOD. S'AD?* Co . N- <' ? Nov. 1st, 1853. IT C. .VI. Jackson?f?e*r !4ir. |Hon> ur press to y?m my sincere thinks f< r your discovery of a m< dieme which, to -ay the l?-a<t of it, ha- ef^ lecU'd a cure tl? 3t all other nied ciues, tiiut I have tar;en. have entirely failed to do. "Iloofl uid's tler man Hitters*'have sured me of thy most stubborn aiH agtravateilcuse of tue ml?s that, perhaps, ever fell t? Uie lot ot man My case is n t a Strang, r in ti i> community, as I am well known in th#= acj Uie I ?urmuiniiiig counties, and can truly sav that my re covery I.as astound-*:! all my friends and relation?, as I hml tried everything rcsomincnded. and noihiiie diil me any go d until I was prevailed up?n to trv the hitter* You ar^ m i.b< ny to r ake any u-e of this cominunicatiou, for the b- nefit of the aiflicted you may Unnk proper. Truly vour? WM. J. ATWOOD. These bitters are sntfrt.'y mrtalle, t'o*y in vizor ate and the yjrskui, iicvpt pr sirate it, and can b u<ed for infants as wdl as aiul a. F-r *-ie by respectable dealers everywhere, and by 7. I). Gil.MAN, Wa hington; J. I,. KIDWELL, Geor.tiown; and J. R. PIEKPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?ly REV-JOHN LANAIUN, PASTOR op THE EXIT1 LU 8I KKEr, M E. CHURCH.?A strong de-ire to be'efit uie afflicted iudnces him Jius to cer ify. We dial enge any other tii'-dicine to present snch a mass of tes.imony froin g? mlemen at.' ladies of hnrh M ?nding of our own we 1 known citizens, who testify 01 cures of C( jUGH, RRON CHlTIri, RHEUMATISM DYSf EP8IA,' kc Baltimor*, Jauuary 24th, 1855. iVesin. Mortimer 4' Jfouirsy ; I take pleasure 111 sa ing to you that I have used your ' Hampton's Tincture" wi;h very great 1 rofit. From a serious t iroat affection, my general health had become very much impaired, when I cor-i naeneed to use 4 H.impt h's Tincture." I foued It effects upo my geu< r I health most raluiarv.? My nervoii< system ar.d diyesuve or'ana soon ni;ht ed up under its use. 6 I have several umn recommended it to my mentis, and in ev-ry c ise. as tar as I have been in rormtd, they have use it with success. You 13 Uuly, John Lahahan, Pastor Of Exeter at.. M. E. ChQrch, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF~rHE LUNGS. *rw, * ?A",aB' N- C ? Feb. 8, 1M5. ?Jiiirj. Mortimer \ l&oiobray z I do here y certify tuat about twelve months a*o i.W|ah^r?n \*,:v;r* hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I wa* advised to try IV. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 pr^ored one b ..tie, and after takin? iv?lc|i, I was s-iiufted that I was much better; aud that, af er taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as rood b' n.:b as ever I did 111 my life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to ail persons afflicted in my way. You/*, Gto. W. WiaeliTi CURE FITS?RE \D J More to the Sick than Gold.?From one of the most fcspictable Druggists in South Carolina. ? ? CitiF r.KSTot*, 8. C. Sept. 21,1853. Messrs. M..rrm3? &. Mowbbav:?The sale e.f your tlampton's Veget?We Tincture'is increasing ti-ry j'.ay, and ewry bottle so'd recomiueuds litis valua le wedivine !?? Uie aliliciej. Several of our M31.tors h.iv, uied it in different cases with aston Hluag success, aud are ({eti.n* it by l?lf dojteijs. It has beet> found to be Uie greatest lem-'dy for rheu matic affcotMMis, and a wonderful cure ha< been pert.-nned on a negro bo% suffering from Fit*. I win I a nish you wiUi a number ot ccruiicmes if you n ull tin m ' I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Ttorr. _ O- KSwpiilnu gratis, and *e cur. s of (.-ough, ??niiicn.i:*, tlhi.i;:n%!i<m, Neuralgia, Dys j>4 p-t?i, Nervousness and G.-neral Weakm ??. As a umale medicine or for delicate claidren we boliev it un< quailed. Sold by MORTIMER h MOWBUAY, 140 RaUi Brdumore. and 30-1 Broadway, N. York Chas. .-roir? Co., J. h. Mooaa. D. 8. Clabeb. Clabkk 4i Howlinu, W. Ett;or. and H Mc Phkr ?<#*, Wasiiiiigtuu; ai^o, by R. S. F. Ci %?>., Ouorge tnw.t; and C. C. UautY, Alexandria, and by Drug Jists everywhere. frb 81?tr WATCH"w^ SILVERWARE, DIAMONDS, rEARLS, FANCY GOOD??, kc. fcc. Ai eitrcBJ ly LOW PRICES, by C \NMELD, URO. k CO.. 340 BalJiaoic i.^tn.1, Baltimore, Md. mar 14 - tr tM.V? 1 Sevei PATENT AMERICAN ACCQRDEDNS. Several id Uie.-c new and improaed instruments ju?t r-ceived and for sale at the Alusic D-pm o' IIII.BUS * H1TZ. u<o, 6 'loz.-n oi Fa^'g new aud cheap instruction pri.f 25 cents. ine public arc invited to examine thsse Acccrde ons, having received the 3rst premiums in every ex j hljjl'nex-hibkad. illLBl'S k HITZ, ' W gulf AienU, N' Treasury Dbpart:i?nt, March 5, 1855. OTK'E IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of stock of'he United State* drscritied in file fol lowir e nr?ticrj>f 3d January Inst, that for the pur pose of completing the rurchase of the amount therein named, tin* <]? pvtnent will continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue ot the sum proposed not yet ob tained? say ?1,159 585 <W>, If paid stock;* are offered and received here prior to the first day of June next: Trkasi rt Department, January 3, 1P55. NoTtce is hereby given to the holders ot the fol lowing drscribed stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, ot any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portions nf those stocks, amounting iti the ag grejiate to $1,900,000, hi iho manner and on Uie le nis hereinafter mentioned, to v it: In case of any contine nt compe tition, within the amount stated, preference will be s ven in ihe ord??r of time in which snid stocks may be offered. The certificates, du'y assigned to the United States by the pnrtic* who are to receive the amount tnereof, must he tiansn itted to this d-'partment; upon the receipt win re of, a ??' e? will he jaid compounded of the following pai titulars: 1. The par value,or ;u lount spccificd in each cer tifies te. 2. A p-entiam on the stock of Use loan aulhoriz -d Hv the ?..t of July, 1845, redeemable November 12, 1856 oftlJV percent.; on me stork of the loan au thorised by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Decem ber, 16o2, of 10 per ccnt.; on the stock of the loans authorised by the acts of 18*7 and 1818, a d redeem able, the former on tlr 31st December, 1867, and the latter on theQOth June, 1868, of 16 per ccnt; md on the stock of the loan authorized by the act of ldaO, and redeemable on the 31st of December. 1864, (commonly called the Texan indeuini'y,) 6 per cent. 3. Inierest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, IK>5, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (f<-r the money to roaeli the owner) of one day's interest in addition. . Payment for said stocks will be made in draft* of the Treasurer of the L'niicd States, on the assistant treasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties itpv di?ect. , But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of | this notiec which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day "f March next. JAMES CUTHRIB. mar&?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. Notice to flutists.?ehexbrandt's superior Premium Diasonic Flutes and Cla ion ettes will be on cxliibition and for sale for a few days at lllLBlTS & IllTZ'S Music Depot. mar 19 DU.AFMKSH rUlCBD?The following is taken from Scott's Wee kly: DEAFNESS.?We understand that the sii?ve*8 which has followed the use of SCARPA'S ACOUS TIC OIL, in cases of Deafness, has been astonish ing, thousands of persons i aving been cured whose cases wore considered h ipHess. The calls for this medicine are from :il! parts of the country, it being, we believe, the only artic c be lore the public for the cure of that distressing disease. Be particular and buy of Z I). OILMAN, Wash ington, I). C., and S S. IIANCE, Baltimore, Md., as [here is a counterfeit article in the market, frb 28??la OTEffART'3 SKYLIGHT D AGUERREAN ^ Rooms, over Gait's Jewelry Store, Pa. av< nue, is whore the public can havepplendfd pictures taken it more re.-.soRa le prices than at any other room in ihe city. Call early. Satisfaction always given. m?r 7?lm ORNAMENTAL PAINTERS, a I! L.I. ?fc J.W.M VNKIHS, Louisiana avenue, Ictwzen Glh and ~fh street?', N xt to Varnuin's Building.-, UAVIVG nssocia'ed themselves to carry on the Hoii-t , Burn, and Ornamental PAINTING in <11 its branches, will be ti.ank'tit iu receive nil or lers in their line ot business, and w.ll use every ex sition to give satisfaction. JOBBING in G!azing una Painting promptly at tended to. Give us a trial. mar 27? U* C. W AlUt INJttK. \\ A T U li M A K E R , NEW WHEELS, PINIOVS, AND EVERY KIND OK KEPY1RS TO W \TCIIES, No 330 Pennsylvania Av?na?, (B"t\vaen Ninth and Te- th streets.) mar 2.-1 in* WASHINGTON, D. C. 11ME KILN FOR SALE? PART OH T1IE j whole of it. Inquire on L street si uth. b etween 4th uri'l 5th streets eart, No 3^1, Nuvy Yard, mar 91?2w* JEREMIAH VAN HORN. A GREAT BARGAIN. WE have one of Knalie, Gaehlc &. Co.'s Louis XIV. style beautiful msewmd 7 octavc l'I ANOS, which bas Seen sli*htl> damaged and which we arf now authorized to sell at a great ba gain. Terms of, aj ia';ni aiade eary. JOHN F. ELLIS, Piat.o, Mus'e and St itionery Store, n>ar 30 I^o6 Pa avenue, to-ar 10th st. DENTISTRY. KB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol .. Hunt & Donaldson, continues to ?* miuturacture an 1 insert th ;se beautiful TJ porctlain te? tb, with or without gums,' for specimens of which (made ai.d de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently heid in this city Tlase teeth are carved ar.d shaded to sail rach particular case, and iffrir resemblance to the natu rul organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention a! o paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. \ barge* moderate and a!l operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and Dsn ? en trance on D. mar 21?6m TAKE SGTICK. NEv^ SPRING AND SUMMER GOCDS. PW. BROWNING, Mere h.tnt Tailor, tinuer . the United States Hotel, has just re-cei ved a I irge supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepar d to offer great bargains to all in want of goo.! ?nd fa?bion!ible clothing. His " Ready made Cl>iiung " wUl be sold at the following l..w prices: \\ leh suils, Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or cassitncre, for $12. Fiue Black Vroek aud Drese Colts, from $10 to fl?. Good Business Coats for %| B'ack and fancy Pauls, worn $1 to $7. Mar. eil es :>nd Silk Ve*ts. from $-2 to ?5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment ol fancy aittcles, such as Shirts, Gloves, Cravats, I'm brellas, 8tc. ?'Sole Ajent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 13?tj. TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON B Hi- now prepared t>> show our lartr< uCaB ?Hr.iii t well selected slock >f M^llinerj which she has just opened, ol the la test styles which we are selling at th" lowest prices, and we cordially invite tne ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would also respectfully call ihcir attention to rur large and hind bind some stock of Ft^acy Goods Perfumery,Gloves. Hoste-y,which we c^n well at unusually tow prices. IIUTCUIVSON k Mt'NKO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door west of Walt ,r Harper 8t Co.'fl. mar 28 ? U'ATCH K.H AMD JICWKIHY.-I f r^huve en hand a good supply o! fine WATCHES and JEWELRY which will be ?old Very cheap lo suit thr tunes. Gold Lc vtr Wate t s as low as warranted to* keep ^ood time. Call and see lor vourvclvcs at the store of J. R'iBINSON, 349 Pa. ave.,oppo. Crenvns' Hotel, mar 26?dim OS. NhfP'S PubHIUil VIOI.INS ANp VI oliucellos can b? seen at our Music D- pot. Amati Uis and the profession are i:.vitcd to call and iry these excellent instruments H1LKUS at HITZ. Agents. A gio?I Contrabass u?r sale low tor cash, il imiutS dial ? apidicativu be made as above. mar ?3 TABLE CUTLERY, ALB AT A FORK5 / Nl> SPOONS, fcc JCST received a la'ge ns.M.itnie.it af superior Ta i>:c Cutlery of every \art: ty. eve y't le of t!.;? fiae^t quality ALBATA FOUK^, SPOOMS, TEa SEiS, CAKE BAS KETS, CASTORS, fcc. M. W. GAI T & RRO.t 344 Pa. ave., beuv. 9th and 10:h ft*, mar 13?tf QERBY'S AND GILLOTT'S STEBI, PENg I various kinds and sizes, bought in person frftm lire maker* and warranted genuine, pju 6 fttA.NCK TAYLOR. j GRAND CIVIC AITD MILITARY BILL OV TDK WASHING 10 ^ YAGERS. BABTf H *IONO\Y. ^pi>H O 1859. AT CARUSrS SAuOON. rTIIE WASHINGTON Y AGERS respectfully an I nomicc to ;hrir friends, l> >th civic anil mi'iutiy thn' ihoir next ball will le pv n on MONDAY NIGHT, April 9tli, atCamsi's S.tlt* n Tlw Committee of Arrang'tncnts pledge them selves to nv* ev.-ry effort to make the Ball pleasant an?l agroealdc to ail who may favor thorn with Ui< ir company, and have no doubt thall make every one feel a' h? inc. Wfb.:?'s fine Cotillon Band will bo present and pe-form vomc of thtir fiuist pieces <ifino-ic. Tickets $1 50 -to be hid of the C unmittee of Ar rangca.ciils and at the door on the night of the ball OjmmiUee of N HarP* J Hu-hcr, M Kuppel, P Schweitzer, K Vii.it, F Mill-r, F Bergrnshausen, J Angermann, mar 31?.lib OR FD FIREMEr3 ARD CIVIC BALL TO BK<HVKN BT TtlZ Columbia Fire Company Ko.l. A T J A CKSO N HAL, L, EASTER MONDAY NIGHT, April 9tb, 1855. T HE member? of the Cr.mpany pledge themselves 1 that nothing will be left undone to make it cue of the beet balls of the season. Professor Louis Wtba's celebrated Cotillon band has been engaged for th.? occasion Firemen are requested to appear in uniform. No hats or caps will be allowed in the hall except those worn by firemen. Tickets ONE DOIXiAR?admitting one gentle man and ladies; to tc had at th?* principal hotels, and at the door on the evening of the ball. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Tioe. Young, Ja? Lowe, Thos. I)wycr, Jas Martin, Isaac Beers. Recfjiton Committee. Jas Maria, Jas Coleman, G F Smallwood, T E Young, H I'ardy, R Harrison, F li Sage, A McDermott, M Marreron, I Bers, C Rubiiis m, JosMarcenn, P JEnn??, I) W Jarboe. mar 20,23.27,29,31,Apr2.3,4 5,6.7, FIRST ANNUAL BALL OF 1IIR MARION RIFLES, AT CAR US IS S A LOOM, OS MONDAY BVCNIKG, Ap'l 10. 1?55. 'I HE Committee of Arrangements have much 1 pleasure in announcing to the 'riend* of the Company and the public the First Annual Bail of th* Marion Rifles as above Frederick Prosperi's celebrated Cotillon Band has been encased. Tickets .?}! adoiittinc a gentleman r.nd ladies to be had ai the u-uai places, of the Committee and at the door on the evening ?.f the Ball. | All persons other than Military, arc requested not to wear iheir hats or caps in the Ball riom t The Ball will be opened with the "Marions' Grand Maich," (compeetd for lite occasion,) at 9 o'clock. Cnmmittce of Arrangements Capt F M Sheck'dl, Set J L Foxwell, Lt J B Seiirs Sgt S fialt, Ensign W J Walker. Sgt W II 11 Towers. S'P 2?eo3t (Organ) NOTICE TO CONTIiACTORS. PROPO^Al.S will !>'? received at theotfi.-e r?f the Wash:.tsf>n and Alexandria R; ilrna-l Cnm p iiiy until th G.li . ! April, f< r the Graduation, '!a fOnry, and C os- ties ft?." sai.l road. plans. p^ofi < -, and -pecificaiiotts c:jij b?* *c?n by calling on the un dersigned at the office ?if Walter Lenox, No. -.9 Louisiana aveiiuv, bctwoc n Sx;h and S? v-Mh ft?. . G.C. Wll\RTON, ap2?d4? (*ivd Etigi* ecr. i I BOUNTY * ANT>? Annmnv af. ALL my Old friends for wh'm 1 obtained B ?unty Land, in lesm quantity than I6'J a'-rts, r.re here by informed that t ieir names and a record of the evidence, with the dates oi th? ir certificates, a.e on my hook, so th?t I can, with facility, make out their j ib c! at at ions for additional land. Tho?e who fa?4?d j to obtain any land for wa?.t of sufficient service, | m >ny of whom are now entitled to 160 acres, can I find tine time allowed recorded by me. Others will Iih.I it to their interest to call or write, and 1 will send forms and instructions for reasonable and fair j compensation Any old Soldiers, or their Widow-, unable to pay j for preparing their papers wi I he instructed gratis ? by caliiti2 at the office. JOHN I) CLARK, mar 6- 1 m Agent, Washington, li C. notice" JOSEPH HIJCGINS, Jew' ler and Silversmith, No 5114 Pa. avenue, west of Will irds' Hotel, ii about to close his store, and offers Irs entire stock of JeweUy, Watct.es, Silver and S Iver plated Goods lor sa'c, ad o' which is <?f tlie very bc?t quul ity, and will sell at great bargains Persons wanting anything in his line wou'd do j well to eive him a rail, as he is determined to sill ' verv low tor cash only. mar30?lw* STOP YOUR COUGHING. J UST received, per Adam* k Co.'6 Lxpress one. ca*e of Maward's ^cw York Oo'd Medal GUM DROPS, cotisistins ' f Banana, Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon aud llorchound tlavors. Also, a complete assortment of his celebrated Chocolates, of universal reputation and without rival hi tho United States. For sale a* Z- M. P, KING'S, 5405 Vermont avenue, comer I street, nnr 16?tf Pji. K I O N * Wll It i?K FKt'l'lVE vision are invited to t-xniiine my^ extenrive Flock of all kitids of SPECTA CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Gla-ee?' of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Peri.-cojic, Double Concave, Double Convex, and Colon d Gla-.-es, put in at i-l.ort notice, with great care, and persons in waul of glasses uiay be sure to get those which benefit the eye. Circulars "Defective Vis on," gratis at II. Si-.MKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9ih and 10th st?. mar 30 $50 REWARD. RAN AWAY fioiu the sub.-crit?er, living in Not lingham District, Prince G orge's county, Mary land, en Friday morniog last, th* 1(5.h instant, my negro man EMANUKL,who calls himself Emanu< I Gou^h- He is about 35 years of age, dark n m?'lex ion, has a full set o<" teeth, has a 6care o^Jiit fore head, one on his right arm, m ar the elbow, is five feet eight inches and a quarter high in his booti. lie had en when he went away a suit of drab cloth and a black fdouch hat. I purchased him oi Mrs. ,-arnh llarwood, Saratoga street, Baltimore; and she has a brother of his living with her; and his! mother (a free woman) also live* in Baltimore. Ilia wi e belongs to John L. Dufief, E>q., near Danies- ] town, Montgomery county, Maryland. 1 wi I give a reward of tw-nty five dollar- for his apprehension, if taken iu Prince George's co jlity, and fifty doli i s it" taken Osewhere?in either cast; he must be btoughl home or s< cured in jail, so that I get him ag in. THOS. R. E*RLV, mar23? (it P. O Nottingham; Md, SLLVKIJ. WAKI;,P!.U'K!) W.tUK ASBF1SK FA.X.C1 UOODS.?Si vir Coffee and Ten Sets, Smj^r Bowls, Cream Jugs, Goblets, Cups, Spoons and Forks. Also, a giest variety of magnificent Fanc y Silver Ware, suitable for present*. Flated Coffee Sets, Castors, Ba-kets, Spoons and Forks, on b^-st Albata. The irtides are warranted as represented, and will be sold at a small advance. H. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th ar.d lOtn streets, mar 29?tf KEULELiER & PY WELL'S jgjl* COLUMBIAN LIVERY STABLES Eighth, between 1) and E ttreeets, Washington, Horses taken at Livcrr. llur-es and Bugg'cs for h irti. M-^srs. K. & P. had cn hand a fine lot of Horses for sah. and fresh droves are constantly arriving at their Stalle. mnr 2w* NEW GOOD. GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING?Wc are now re ceiving oyr spring supplies of m.w Cloths, Cns gimcr? e, 1 weeds. Ca>hnieieu, Summer Cloths, Lin en Drills and Ducks white and colored Marseilles, Silk and satin Vestings, &c , embraeiog the greatest variety of rich new and ii-shiooable Goods lor gen tlemeu's w ar to be found in this city, which we will make to < rder in the njost si:i>erior style of woikmansiiip nr?d finish much cheaper than the usual city prices for goods of equal quality. WALL fc STEPHENS, pp 2?^1 9^9 fg. iiwoug. EVENING STAR. WHY DIDN'T TEST HOLD [A Thnll.-n? Pkrtch Trim :hc S. Y. Tribune] The stagc-horn was ringirg in raj car its warning that like time and tide it waited for no man, or woman either, but as I hurried on through a dim passage, I had a glimpse through a half-open door at a scene that has impressed itself on my memory indelibly. "W hy didn't they hold me," were words uttered in sure and anguish, that thev thrilled in my ear when the stage had borne me far away from that great city and its sins an 1 sorrows, and I de termined to fling them as an alarum on the winds, until statesman and people, J mother and teacher, should set about forging bands to hold those that fallow in the footsteps of that dreadful sufferer. I A half-dozen fine-looking men surround-1 ed his bed, the tnrmj -cu.:_ I their faces, and the glitter of jewelry J about their persons, indicated as plainly I as their haggard features and wary eyes! the order to which they belonged. They I were of that mysterious order of knight-1 hood, who seem to have found the al-1 chemist's coveted power, or at least to | enjoy its coveted results. They live in first-class hotels, wear first class clothes. I gold abounds with them, and yet they hold labor, practically at least, in su-1 preme contcmpt. I knew the object of I their care wa3 one of their number, who I the night before, in a fit of delirium I tremens, had thrown himself from thel window in the upper story of the hotel. 1 He did not toss from side to side as men I do usually when a burning fever rages on I them, for head, spine, limb?, had all been I rendered useless by that fall; but his whole frame quivered with agony, and from underneath the matted, streaming! masses of hair that fell over his fice. al ready wan and wasted with suffering, his eyes glared out fiercely as a wounded tiger's. ; ?4Why didn't they hold me?" he mut tered; and with his groans he mingled I reproaches and horrid curses on the care-1 less watchers that had let him make thai terrible leap. . i Why didn t they hold him? Why,! they did not realize the fcarfulncss of the terrors that encompassed him: thvy have I never had delirium tremens?not yet. I The fiend that brandished that naked] sword over his defenceless head was in-1 visible to their eyes. They did not hear I the hiss cf the serpents that coiled and I writhed their slimy folds about his I shrinking form! Oh, no ! they did not I see the . , and it was such rare sport, tc I see that swaggering, blustering bully I cower and crouch bvf^ie his imaginary I tormentors! So they mockcd and ieerrri I aim men tea nun cn to combat with nis I phantom foes, until the window caught I his eye as a hope far escape, and so, with I a yell and a kound, he made that des I>erate leap, and the next moment there I was taken up from amid the mire and I blood and shivered glass in the street, a shrieking and mangled wreck of hu-l, inanity. j Whether that rcckless and rcstle?s I spirit has goni up to its awful account I ( of misspent time, or has yet to beat out I, its weary life against the prison-bars of I a crippled frame, I know not. God be J! merciful, and heal, if he lingers, bo'h I soul anil body. Why didn't they hold j him? Not those careless, heartlessI watchers of the other night; the demon I of drink was in him then too sfrorg for! mortal control, but long, long ngo, when I he was a blithe, bright boy, as i'remem ber him, then his mother might have held him in the bonds of good habits. 1 and trained him as she did those flagranti vines about her door, ai d thus virtu, might have rendered another home as j fair as did tho^e clustering tranches her own sweet cottage. I remember that household well. The father was aman of high standing, filling a reponsibie and rcspeetable office. The mother, gay, in-1 dulgent, and affectionate, su.rou.ded by I a band of rosy girls and frollickir.g boys Fashion eutered the holy circle tiist, with its baneful habits of idleness and ex I travagance. With it came the custom , of drinking, because of fog or of frost, because they were merry or because they were sad. The wind wac sown there ; I long yeais they have been reaping the I whirlwind. A taste for drinking rendered useful occupation distasteful; gaming afforded I at once excitement and the promise of a living without labor. The boys drifted oil'into vagrancy, the father was degraded from his station, and died in disgrace! and penury. The girls dropped like can kered flowers, and God, in pity, took them. The homestead has passed into strangers' hands, and now the poor old mother sits alone ia a comfortless cabin, beside the same stream which rolled by the home of her early happiness, and ioubtless, as it wanders by, it often whispers of tha time when she might have held them all back, by her counsel and example, from their ruin. Little Child'sSoljliquy.?Wish my mama would phase keep uie warm. My little bare legs are very cold w ith these lace ruflles, they are not half so nice as black Jim's wollen stockings; wish I had a long sleeved apron, for my bare arms and neck; w;sh I might push my curls out of my eyes, or have them cut oft wish my dress would stay en my shoulders, and that it was not too nice for me to get on the floor and play niuc pins; w>fch my mama would go to walk with me sometimes instead of Betty. Wish she would not promise me some thing "v$ry nice," and then 'forget all about it; wish she would answer my questions, and not always say, "dont bore me, Freddy;" wish when we go to ihe country, she wouldn't make me wear my cloves, for fear I should "tan my hands;" wish she would not tell me that all the pretty flowera will poison me; wish I could tumb'e on the hay, and go into ths burn, and 9te how Dubbin eat* v* M twun, per r?-ni. his supper; wish I could makt? pretty dirt pics: wish there wis not a bit of taci or silk, or satin, in the world; wi?u f r n w what makes mother look so stnil ing at aunt Emma's children (* ha coma here in their papa's carnage,)a>?d ^ ^ry cross at my poor little cousins whos? mother works so hard and cries so m?ch , Wish I knew what makes the clouii i May up in the sky, and w here the am* go in the day time: wish I could set over that high hill where the sun ?? down and touch it with my finger: wish I did not keep thinking of things that puzzled me, when nobody will Stop to tell me the reason for anything, ff i a?k Betty she says, "don't be a fool Master Freddy." I wonder if B tty knows much herself? I wondcr whJ mama don t love her own little bov? Y wonder when I am a grown man, if [ ah.il have to look so nice all the time, .80 Ureti of d0lDS nothing??Olae SCOLDIXO IN THK P7LPIT.?The follow ing is a:i extract of a letter from WiJ. .am Cowper the poet, to his intimate frit-nd, Rev. John Newtcn: " No man was ever scolded out of his s.ls. The heart, corrupt as it is, and because it is so, grows angry if it be not treated with some management and cood manners, and scolds again. A surly mastiff will bear perhaps to be poked, though he will growl even under the op' eraUou, but if you touch him roughly he will bite. There is no grace that tho spirit of self can counterfeit with more success than a religious zeal, a man thinks he is fi-htmg 'or his own notions, lie thinks that he ? skilfully searching the hearts of others, when he is only gratifying the malignity of his own ; and chantaj.y supposes his hearers destitute of grace that he may shine the more in his own eyes by comparison. When he has performed this notable task he won ders that they are not converted. 1 He has given it to them soundly, and if they do not tremble a id confess that God is in them of a truth,' he gives them up as reprobate, incorrigible, and lost f>rcver. B-t a man that loves me, if he sees me in error will pity me, and endeavor calmly to convince me of it, and per suade me to fortake it. .f he has rreat and good news to tell me, he wiil not do it angri.y and in much heat and discom posure of spirit. It is not therefore easy to conceive on what ground a minister can justify a conduct which only pn.ves that he dees not understand his errand The absurdity of it would certainly strike him if he were not himself deluded " A people will always love a minister, if a minister seems to love his people;* therefore you were beloved at Olney." ' pRArtical Praykr.?In the vicinity cf B a poor but industrious man, oepending for support upon hi3 daily Ubor. Ilis wife fell sick, and not being able to hire a nurse, he wis obliged to confine himself to the sick bed and 'am:! v. Ilis means of support beirg thus cut off, he soon found himself in need. Having a wealthy neighbor near, he do termined to go and ask for two bushtJd of wheat, with a promise to pav as soon as his wife became well enough"to leave, that he could return to his work. Ac cordingly he took his bag, went to his hcig ibor s, and arrived while they v7tro a', family prayers. ^s he sat on t'?c door stone be heard the man pray very earnestly that Goi wouid elothc the naked, feed the hungry, relieve the needy, and ccmlort all that uiour.i. The prayer concluded, the poor mm stepped in, and made known Uz business, premising to pay with tho avails of his first labors. The farmer was very sorry ho could not accommo date hi:a, but he had promised to lend a large sum of money, and bad depenled upon his wheat to make it out; but be presumed neighbor A would let him have it. With a teai ful eye an! a sad heart, the oor man turned away. As soon as he .eft the house the larmcr's little sen stepped up and said : " father, did you not pray that God v. ould clothe the naked. Iced the hungry, relievo the distressed, and comfort the mourner^" " Yes?why?" " Because, father, if I Lad your wheat I would answer that prater. It is needless to add that the Christian father called Lack his suffering neigh bor, and gave him as much wheat as he needed. Now, Christian readers, do you an* swer ycur own prayers. >p A work of great and singular in terest. relating to the events of the last half ccntury, is about to appear from the American press, its contents rendering its publication in France, or even in any of the adjacent nations, impossible. This is the M(moires M. de Maubreuil. who played so strange a part at the fall of the Emperor Napoleon, and who publicly struck >J. de Talleyrand for having dis owned him. These volumes are, it is said, to contain an undisguised state ments of all the events of the time? events in most of which the author totk a part and all of which he witnessed. M. de Maubreuil, who has long since changed his name, is, says the Paris cor respondent of the Illustrated Kews. about to come to the United States for the purpose of bringing out the work in this country. ? * ' - OCT" The Gotham ites are at a loss to know what to do with the Crystal Pal ace. They are now incoling the ques tion whether it will not make a great central maiket house for the city, having railroads diverging in all directions from it, so that from the rivers, fruits, pro duce, Ac., can be conveyed to it, atd then, as purchased, distributed among all the district markets. The receiver appointed by the association offer* tip palace for $200,000.

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