5 Nisan 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

5 Nisan 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY^ thtxmdat Arravoo* April a JT7" ADTOTMBMMrw should be banded 1-1 ky 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPTfclf OP THI U jAK 1HG PRESS The Union's leader to-day U a succinct article, explaining why the President signed the hill for the removal of the obstructions in the Savannah river below the eity, when at tha same time he vetoed the bill for deepening the ohannel over the St. Clair fiats and of the St. Mary s river in the 8tate of Michigan. We regret *h?t we are so at a loss for space to-day a* to prevent us from quoting liberally from t?e article in question, inasmuch as It is doubt less an official exposition of the reasons on whioh the President wishes the pablio to un derstand that he acted, in that case. To sum it up, however, we may say that the faot that the obstructions in the Savannah river were notoriously placed there as a means of defence In the Revolutionary war Induced him to sign that bill, while the faot that the other em braced more than one improvement?bore on its fsoa evidence that it was a log-rolled bill -indaocd him to vetc it. All who value the integrity of the Government of the United States more than their neighborhood interest, approve his action in this ease, notwithstand ing the clamor against it of the newspapers and politicians of the vicinage in which the vetoed improvements were proposed to have been made. The Intelligent argues to show that our n libuiters keep Cuba in a constant sUte of practioal war alarm to superinduce, we pre sume, the inference that Spain is justified in her measures against our citisens on the island and those by whioh she interferes with our oommerce in the West Indies, beyond her law ful jurisdiction. The Intelligencer also insists that the French account of the declaration to the Cortes of the intention of the Spanish Gov ernment with reference to slavery in Cuba, is incorrect, and quotes the aoc^rznt which La Cromea vthe organ of Spain in Hew York) gives of the proceedings in question, to prove tha: they em braced-not a notification of in tention to abolish slavery on the island?but a guarantee that the institution shall remain untouched there for all time, while the Span ish Government will in future strictly observe its treaty obligations to put down the African slave tiado. Iho Insult to the Ladies of the Roxbury Female bchool A full account of this so deplorably dis graceful affiir will be found on our first page It is from the Boston Daily Advertiser. the journal of Boston wbich commands most of the respect and confidence of the people of that oity. In politic* it has always been Webaier Whig. What it says on the subject is in strict accordance with the remarks of the Courier, At/at, aad indeed, of all the rest of the fourtoen daily journals of Boston except one, oae of whoso editors was among the im properly invited gu*?ts of the Legislature s committee oa the memorable oocwion. That journal, ia it* effort to exculpate these <ffen deri against common decency?ruffianly in citers of unprotected ladies and shameless violator! of the omtcon tights of the citixen? ".dmits all the material poiiitj of the Adver tiser s allegations, fhe Legislature, over the opposition o: this infamous committee, have ap pointed a joint committee to investigate the affair, tha Speaker of the House taking the lead m mating on raising it, amid the insults ?Lr^!d7' ?uo,wlt brutal members ot the body over which ho presides We col fas to no overplus of love for New nglatd character, though Pilgrim blood does course through our veins This affair goes far o increase our disinclination to k; as (he man who can approve it must be devoid, not only of every sentiment leading one to be attached to the principieo of civil and religious liberty and equality on which our institutions one ?adl .U were originally based, but also ef ?very element of honorable manhood. .,T"Lo" A'"c"-W. "?? ?.? BO read. ,r? '???* l-?h Xt writl*n ODder what Blair !L * 6,11 14 excitement of composition " *2" ?? features, .k f *k* ,#D*th bw*b?? Thoee _ ho reiish fan will not regret wading through PERSONAL. .. ?. Judge Douglas hae arrived in Washing ton. ? .... Pits Henry Warren. of Iowa, is also In Washington. .... Commodore Perry, of the late Japan toSre^M*?aD ?'^"t mansion ? est 1 hi^-second street, between Broad tVJifn ? avenue, New Tork.with the In dence ** citj bia future resi. ... .The Rev. 0. Gibson and wife have left I uZZiSt the miwf0D of Methcdist Episcopal Church in China. ....The naturalist Ch.de Myer, known to' Ute^ienufic world by his travels amone the Alran Mountains, and in tha nZ f# I?* Caucusus, died on tha 28th ult. ... .Joseph Keenan. native of Scotland, died ree^n tlT C0unty (Md> almshouse, recently aged 106 years and 8 days. | ....It is reported, says the Boston Tran ?enpt, that the late Mill Eliiabeth Pratt of a ?eathid'rdied a few days since, has'be ! q Jeathed twen y thousand dollars to the Mas sa^huierts General Hospital. \ ? ? * J Bay, formerly aoolored barber of Terre Haute, Indiana, but now of Liberia Speaker of the Honse ofK.p. j "public, was a candidate ?\? *?*?*' D0W ^ I .... "on Joseph H. Lumpkin, as the J?? ?????1 *1 ~ri,. -?? *?? -0 , trocpM, ?Md oU>*' 1h.Bm.iiM, ? u,. Obi4 ....The report that the Mesiir. n DeL, were manufacturing ruWjl! ???nt' ?f Preach army, is contradicted ' ....Miss Sihra Hardy, a young lad* of naarly thirty jhh, measuring seven faj tix ?ehes in height, and weighing 330 pound^f by B*rnani' it is said as a nursa to his approaching baby show. ....Senor Pinto, lately "garroted" at Ha vana. had a private fortnne of $200 000 i ..? Julia Dean Hayne will not again appear I Ma^n 5 00 th**tr# durin* th* present f*ason, 1q consequence of the death of h*J .ho d.a in N.w York oB^i Mli? WASniSKTOJI SEWS AND GfliSIP. British Recruits for the Crimea ?The des perate, and, indeed, forlorn condition of the British Government, just at this time, and the indisposition of the "bone and sinew" of tho ? fast anehored Isle" (maugre all the puffs of the oourt papers as to the (<lojal enthusiasm" of the working classes and the popularity of the war) is strikingly exemplified in tho efforts of British agents to prooare recruits for the Crimean army in the United States. Inas much as the English, Irish, Scotoh and Welsh, ' surplus population," are baokward la re sponding to the oalls of Palaeriton, Panmure 4 Co. to become food for Russian powder, or what is quite as unprofitabtp^nd disagreeable, to be volunteer victims for the oholora, on the inhospitable shores of tho Euxine, the British ministry are striving, as during our revolu tionary contest, to purchase "foreign mercena ries, ' and have even ventured upon the experi ment of seeking to entice oome of our adven turous and martial young men to enlist under the red oross of St. George. To be furnished a field for martial exploit, and thereby ob tain military renown, is a seductive stimulant to this class of our fellow oitiiens; but we doubt amasingly whether, even if no deter* gents like those administered by the polico of New York and Philadelphia last week, in the form of arreets of the parties concerned in such infractions of our laws, had been pre scribed by. our Exeeutive and judieial func tionaries, the sucoee? of tho British recruiting agents would have been immensely favorable. Certain we are that they would hare sedueed but few men of any account, or that wo could not advantageously spare, even if they never returned. Most of our youths of a military turn, by the time they are one and twenty, are not ignorant of the art of war, so far as books can teach it and many of twenty-five have seen actual service on the frontiers and in Mexico; and all have from eight years of age received continued lessons in these pre eminent schoo s ?toe American volunteer militia. Our very urohins train with shot guns by ? hemselves,. in companies raised at school, under oaptain3 of their own election. Unlike the youths of England, they can handle the rifle from the age of twelve. They are com petent to judge between an efficient and use ful commissarj, and one who is laay, ignorant, incompetent, and worthless; and between sur geons and physioians who know how to do and who strive to do their duty, and medical and surgical empirics who, with brutish selfishness ire iiule for the sufferings of the private sol diers if they can only secure their own ease and comfort. Nor are our intelligent young ice.i eager to place themselves under tho com inacd oi generals or other officers not capable of giving orders so that they can bo readily understood, or incapable of understanding an order when received, in one of which catego ries, it seems, one or the other of two lieuten ant generals of the British army, or both, now stand. Our notion is, that titles, and rank, and decorations do net make soldiers, much less he. roes The bestowal of insignia of this kind by royal favor, or their acquisition by hereditary ri^ht, does not confer in .elleot or skill on tho3e who may wear them Sense is the gift of the Almighty ; and tho stuff of which Americans generally are composed, and which, under the ijeuial influence of our free, republican insti tutions, streng.hens with age, is not the ? >^ht material for an army officered as that of the British Government seems to be at this t;ice i& the Crimea Poor purveyors, wor3e commanders, and a still more miserable gen eral directory at home! If our Yankee militia were to join them, the very first thing thej would insist upon would be to have a new .Uctton of leaders in order to procure some ^ ia whom they could ieposo oonlidcnce, and I Who wculd not blindly and stupidly, or rashly, . eienfice them by inexcusable negligence and improviience, or still more indefensible foilv 1 ? recklessness The masses of an army must hare full confidence in tho chiefs, and toe officers must possess the respect and affec tion of tho individual private soldier, to insure victory. This it was that made Casar's le mons invincible. This was the secret of the great Napoleon s glorious triumphs in a hun dred battles against the best troops of Britain tnd of continental Europe. This contributed to give Wellington the p.im ,f victory u aterloo, and his memorable command " Un ^uard* and at 'em," though not found In any military h nd book, i. an illustration of the verity of our remarks. And under Proridence i c was the love and confidence of the American army and their heartfelt conviction of the holiness of the cause for which they fought end that the God of Justice would bo on their ?ide, that bore our Washington and his com patriots through every vicissitude of the eight jears eventful struggle that won our indepen dence ; and the same impregnable rampart, as well as eotton bales, surrounded the illustrious Jackson when he repelled the invaders of his country's soil at New Orleaas. What a beautiful oommentary the sinister attempt, recently deteoted, of British emis saries to prooure recruits in this country for the eastern army, is upon tho accusation and reproaches for yoars past extensively made by the British Government and British press against us, on account of the propensity?' some of our fellow-citisens to " extend the area of freedom,'' in disregard sonlewhat ? the duty of neutrality between other and bel ligerent nations, or between en Oppressed people strugg ing to be free and their oppres ?ors Mark ! there have been from the foun dation of this Government stringent aots of Congress to enforce the obeervanoo of striot neutrahty and suppress filibustering, a rict which, we are free to confeee, we inherit (we fear for our poae^ in this and the other world in somewhat too eminent a degree) from our Anglo-Saxon forefathers. And yet, the police reperts of last week in New York and Phila delphia, show that a Lieutenant Governor and other high functionaries of the adjaoent Brit ish colonies, and agents of the British Govern ment,* have in theee cities, in the faoe of, and in defianeo of, those statutes, opened recruit ing rendesvous for "Yankee volunteers," to be shipped after enlistment first to Halifax in Nova Sootia, and then to Crim Tartary, to help John Bull and the French and Turks and Egyptians and Zouaves take Sebastopol some time next summer or fall, (if over,) and gene rally to fight those battles which the English people, it is thus admitted, are unwilling or incompetent to do. Our neutrality and oar "eufaiity laws, it seem*, ere of trifling mo ? _or con*i<*?ration, except when a rigid ?T "N"Cra vrnce the American mJ?1* t0 ??n city in the businees 00 C0?pH Government will require fh.'nf? l,h6 Feder*1 British i fficers concerned whJ?i oL*11 this oountry or elsewhere. feeding in adherence to the one, and a atriot enforcement of the other may be insisted upon bj Britiah rulers to calm their jealous apprehensions of our progress. The Britiah eeem to think theae laws and the lave of nationa may rightfallj be dispensed with for their benefit The peat oourae of the Britiah aristocraoy towarda the people of thia country, ohimea most beautifully with the proeeeding juat re ferred to. The paucity in numbera of onr regular standing army, the imputed inefficien cy of what41 Ox-yoke Hay," the Marquia of Tweedale (,a few teoonda before he received at Lundy'a Line " a bullet and twa buok shot" in hia aeat of honor,) called, in hia broad Scotoh, the "dommed gray bocked Yank ay Molaehay," has been the oooaaional theme of Britiah parliamentary oratera, and of the Brit iah press, and of the Britiah aimy officers, ever since the war of 1812. Since that era, they have said leaa of our navy, and have even found out that moat of onr beat navy offioera are actually of Britiah anoestry. All that are old enough to remember their oonduot to us thirty, and forty, and fifty years ago, have n^t yet departed, and the deaoendanta of thoae who hart gone, read hiatory. We will not, however, preaa these matters. We are con vinced that most of the American, people are diapoaed to allow ancient wronga and ipjuries and insults to be buried with thoae who per petrated them. The grave?f>ay8 all debts. It is enough that each generation demands atone ment for aggresaiona upon itself. Well! well! we are oontent with thia. Be it ao. Let by gones be by.gones. Jonathan will, like the virtuous son of Noah, walk backward and throw a blanket over the anoient vices and nakedness of hia indiscreet parent. The pec* pie of the United States can afford to do thia. No one ahould ever harshly advert even to the burning of Washington in 1814, nor in any wise ezoept as.a mere " historical inci dent," like the oapture of the Querriere, Java, Macedonian, Ao , Ac. The Intelligent cer seta an admirable example in thia respect. Admiral Cockburn, in 1814, knocked that offico into pi, and yet the worthy editors har bor no personal malice, but pass over the affair as a mere event in the fortunes of war. Really a calm, enlightened, and reflecting statesman will, if he weighs the matter well, aodn per ceive that affair was of decided profit to thia country. Who,' except claim agents and trea. sury weasels, care a fig for the few hundred barrels of old musty papers that were burned in the Capitol and in the publio offices. The original, " Declaration of Independence," and the " Constitution of the United Statea," were not destroyed. Besides, we are a Christian people, and the event alluded to will afford us an opportunity, probably before many years paas away, of manifcating by our con duct a brilliant and glorioua illustration of the heaven-desoended rule of 11 returning good for evil," and in this respect, of setting the first example to the nations of the earth of the practice of that holy and cardinal vir tue?forgiveness of those " who trespass against us. It is not by any means impossible that even the present generation may witness old Albion soliciting Brother Jonathan to lend her a helping hand, and tend her a few thousands of our western hunters, with Hartley's deadly rifle, that will kill an enemy at 1600 yards, to prevent some of her continental neighbors, (and as likely France as any.) from turning her out of house ani home. If Jonathan makes up his mind to go into said speculation, we rcckon he will not fail to 11 do his duty, up to the handle;" and it is quite as certain that he will, as that he will not consider it best to engage in the cause of the English people, when the crisis comes. Some how or other our folks generally, (except the Irish who have good cause for detesting the British, the French who have an unextinguisliable hered itary hatred of them, notwithstanding the present temporary alliance; and the German Ked Republicans who despise all monarchies and monarchists,) every now and then exhibit c. strong likation for the land of Shakspeare, and Milton, and Sidney, and Hampden, and Pym, and for the venerable oommon law, and magna charta and several things of the olden rime. Our children read the life of Robin Hood, and the history of St. George and the Dragon. Our young lawyers study Coko and Lyttleton, and Somers, and Bacon, and Holt, and fla'e, and learn to denounce Jeffreys, and .^croggs and Bromley. There are a great many of our citisens whose great-great-grand fathera aerved the Lord under Cromwell at Marston, Naaeby, Preston, Dunbar and Wor cester. We have even seen Yankee pride displayed in narrating thefaot that the author of the first British navigation act, in the Lord Protector's time, whioh law is said to be the toundation of England's maritime greatness, was a Salem boy named Downing, and that Lord Chancellor Lyndhurst and his daddy, the painter Copley, and the painter West, were all Yankee born. Though the English aris tocracy and some of those who ape them for profit from other parts of the British realm than England proper, do abuse and berate us and our institutions?though such titled scrib blers aa the mendaoioua Mahoy, (the blood kin of a disgraced Britiah navy officer that broke his parole of honor as a prisoner in the Revolutionary war,) the blathering Sir Henry Bulwer, (who hates us because we laughed at him,) and the egestive Elgin, (who dislikes us because we detected him as a snob,) may be impudent and scurrilous, and lie about us; though the British Government will be con. tinually patting flies in our soup, and med dling about Cuba and the Sandwich Islands and the like, and will still keep up the duty on tobaooo 1200 per cent ad valorem, whilst they prate of ?? free trade,V we are really in clined to believe that if the British rulers would even now change their conduct, and mind their own business, when stern peril en compasseth round the white cliffs of Albion, as it most assuredly will before the year 1900, our folks will spontaneously rally with a hurrah from Passamaquoddy to the Rio Grande, and rash to the resoue of the " old mother country" with stars and stripes flying aloft and all sorts of musical instruments play ing " Yankee Doodle" and " Hail Columbia" in first rate style. There are some, who,* not disposed to interfere on any other ground, will readily take a hand in the rumpus for the reason given by the loving husband who assisted his better half in a tussle with a neigh bor, because he would " not let anybody lick her but himself," and also he did not want her " kept from her knitting." But want of room compels us to cut short, pomewbat abruptly, what we have written, and defer its further publication till to-mor row. We shall then resume the subject in continuation of what we have above said. Mr. Coule ? It is well known here that the statement that Mr. Soule intends publishing a history of his minion, which the How York Herald put forth on Tuesday last, hu not tho slightes foundation in truth It WM asserted only in the hop* ef inducing him so to do. Tho Herald hu steadily urged, every possible art to draw Mr. Soule into a eontroverij with anybody and everybody in the Oweroment, and has only sueceeded In earning that gen tleman g unmitigated oontempt and disgust at the mendacity of its labors. An Important Question as to the Payment of Interest due on United States Stocks Bot tled?Application was made by an attorney to receive interest on United States stocks be longing to, and standing in the nnme of the wife of the person gtring the power, the has band and wife being foreigners, the latter having died in Mexioo. The husband, after the death of his wife, give a power to his agent in New York "to sell any stook standing iu his name on the books of any company in the United States, and the difidends on the same," Ao. Under this power, letters of administration were applied for and obtained by the attorney from the surrogate in New York, and payment of the dividends olaimel by the agent from the Assistant Treasurer under said letters ox administration. An adverse decision was given at the Trea sury Department on the following grounds, among others? 1. By the revised statutes of Nor York, ad* ministration is directed to be granted to the husband or the wife's personal estate. 2 There must be a written renunoiation by the party having the prior right, or citation to show oause must be first issued to all persons, an<^ be duly sorted and published. 3. The administrator must enter into bonds with sufficient sureties for faithful execution of his trust, Ac. 4. If letters of administration are granted on the supposition that there is no will, and one is subsequently found, such letters are ! void. 5. It is one of the settled doctrines cf the jus gentium privatum that the distribution of the personal effeots of a decedent kte governed by the laws of the domicil, which, in the present instance, is in a foreign country. ^_6. The power of attorney, in this case, could not touch these facts, because the right of tbe husband to eonvey them, whioh might exist during the life of his wife, oeased with her demise, unless prevfeuly reduced to his pos session. The mode of propeeding in the present case ifffor the publio administrator to administer upon the assets, first giving notice to the rep reeentative of the eountry of which the deoedent was a citizen, and through him to parties in terested in that oountry. Or original letters must be taken out in that oountry and auxili ary lotters thereon in the United States The Purpose of the War ?The Paris cor respondent of the Journal of Commerce ap pends to his last letter, without a word of oom mont, the following naive paragraph : Colloquy between the Prussian Premier M. de Manteujfr.l and Lord John.?Lord J.?Nevertheless you cannot wish that Con stantinople should become a Rassian city. "M. de M ?And you ought not to wish that Constantinople should remain a French city." I It is eloquent, indeed, with meaning, and tells a secret which will create general diseon ! tent in England. Constantinople is now, prac tically, a French city. It is garrisoned by the Frenob, and Frenoh influence is at this moment, as it has been for some time, para mount there?vastly more so than English in | fluenoe ever w"s, though for many years be fore this war began, all the world aecounted the fiat of the English Minister to the Sultan's court the supreme decision under his Govern ment. French diplomaey of 1855 thus turns out to be as muoh superior to that of the Eng lish, as are the Emperor's arms to those of Britain, as manifested before Sebastopol. Seamen for the Navy.?The almost utter impossibility of obtaining seamen for the navy has forced the Government to offer $20 bounty for the enlistment of men. The advantages held out by the law to that end at the last session of Congress do not operate as was ex pected, owing to the continued scarcity of seamen." Months ago we pointed out the ne cessity for the adoption by Congress of some measures to make more Amerioan seamen out of idle boys in eities. This plan must be adopted on an extensive scale, or in five years there will not be one sueh sailor where the naval and meroantile marine will aotually re quire twenty. Held to Bail.?-James P. Barker, of Dela ware, wss held to bail in Philadelphia, on the Sd inst., for uttering and publishing a false assignment of a land warrant. This Mr. Barker was named as a captain in the new 10th regiment when the list of the appoint ments for the four new regiments was first published. We pereeive, however, that in the official list now being sent out from the War Department, there is no Mr. Barker on it The arrest noted above aeoounts for his being dropped. Tho Construct ion of tho Fxtension of the Treasury Department Building ?There is a story in circulation in Washington, that it is not the intention of the Government to prose cute this work at this time. We have every reason to believe that there is not the least foundation for this notion, which probably arose from some short answer or other given by some gentleman in office to over-pressing solicitations for plaoe in connection with this work. An Important Resignation.?It is said that Dr. Charles S. Frailey, Chief Clerk cf the General Land Office, has reeigned Knowing this estimable gentleman's health to be very bad, we believe this rumor true. It al-o seems to be thought that Joseph 8. Wilson, Esq., principal elerk~ef private land olaims, will be promoted to the post thus made va cant The Current Operations of ths Treasury Department.?Oa yesterday, the 4th April thers were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock*.???? $2,248 87 For paying Treasury debts 5,748 01 For covering into the Treasury from customs 99,940 80 For ooverin* into the Treasury from Lands 31,923 35 For the War Department 87,635 00 For the Navy Department 122 752 20 For the Interior Department.. 54.112 32 Thh Bixtixobi Bhpdblicav of yesterday afternoon oomes to ns in a new and highly improved dress. That journal, printed with type just from the found ery, wears a bright face, while iu contents are both spirited and Interesting. ,KNIGHT8 TEMPLARS?The uml _ mrttini for lb* clecuon at officer* rf thf Wnilaaton Encampment No. 1 wUI b? hel-l FRI DAY EVENING, at Masonic Hall, wraer 9A iwl D streets, ai 7 o'clock.. Every nwrnbtr l? rt|<erM to attend, and all Sir R nights in gnod standn.g are invited. C7w. BENNETT,? C. W J. RHEES, Roeorri# r. ap 5-fc WiiHiMmiN, January 1, 1KB. iVMHlNVnin, *snuai j i, ?o?w. T MB. CHRISTOPHER HAGART*8 request. . I state that dan it ao rase of small pox, or of any other disease fa Ma famiiy at this iia?, nor do I apprehend any. The reports to the contrary arc without foundation. DR. T. C 8MOOT, ap 5?It* ECTURE?JOHN H HOUSTON, Esq. will deliver a lecture at Columbia Hall, Capitol Hill, on THURSDAY EVENING, the 5tb instant, at 8 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited to attend. Lecture free. ap 4 B-rZ5?THB MONUMENTAL CLUB HAVE the pleasure of an noun'ring to their friend* and the citizens o( Washington generally that their fl'st Annual Ball will ba given at C<rust's Saloon on the 9St i 4?y of AnriL Parti?-ulars in future advertisement. ap4?St* MONTGOMERY GUARDS?YOU ARE hereby notified to attend the regular meet Y E% ? lag of the company on FRIDAY EVENING, the 8th instant, at the Hall of the Waahington Ltfbt Infantry ? Particular atteatioa la necessary on this as business of the utmost impor.ance will be acted. By order: WM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec. ap 4 3t FOR HIRE-TWO NEGRO GIRL8 AND ONE Negro Boy, 19 years of age, of excellent charac ter and Slaves for life. Enquiie at this office, a P 5 41 . NOTICB ?A rumor being in circulation 1 Georgetown that a hup of flour was taken from the store of John N. Coat by Mrs. Storay. such wa? not the case, as it was taken by a woman entirely unknown, and as Mrs. 8<oray is a woman of good character I deem it but an act of justica to ber to make this public denial. ap 5?It* JOHN N. COST. HILDRKHS' ROLLING HOOPS, Battledores, Jumping R"pes, Cra>-e Hoops, Curs and Balls, with a general assortment of Toys and Fancy Notions, suitable for presents, received and lor sale very cheap at LAMMOND'8, ap 5 3t Seventh st. cr ROSE BUSHES, Ac. THE planting season being at band, a splendid lot of perpetaal blooming ROSE BUSHES, on their own roots, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Apricot*. Ap ples, Grape Vines, Strawberrf PLANTS, and Evet. greens, may he had at the Washington Nursery, 5lh street, between K and New York avena# ap 5?6t* M. GRIfFITHS OKA ID VOCAL AWE UITBUUWTAL 'Concert of Bacrod Music. roa Taa asaartv op RYLAND CHAPBL. THE CHOW attached to Rytand Chapel wiU give a Concert of Sacred Miwe on Tea Ik and D tta. (Istnnd) on TUESDAY EVENING next, Uia 10: li instant. They will be nasi tad by several lathe* and gentlemen well known for their musical auain menu. The Concert will be under the direction of Mr. F GLENROY. Prof. 8CHEEL will preside at the Pi anoforte. Concert to connaence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* 95 cents ; ta be had of the members of Ibe Choir and at the door of the church on the e*? mug of the Concert. ap 5? 4t COME ONE! COME ALL!! OB AND MILITARY AJTD CIVIC BALL or THB SCOTT GUARDS, AT CARUSI'S SALOON, THURSDAY, April 19,1888. THE SCOTT GUARDS respectfully announce to their friends and the public generally that they will give a ball on THURSDAY, April 12th, 1856. at Carusi's 8al<x>n, for the purpose of aiding the corps in purchasing their arms The entire success of ou r first ball inspires us with renewed confidence, and we pledge ourse.re* to use ev-ry exertion in our power to make this, our second effort, equal if not superior to the first. Ticket* $ I. ap 5,7.9,10.11*18* THE COMMITTEE. PATENT ICE PITCHER. THIS PITCHER Is Similar in appearance, and .equally convenient to those in common use,but it so constructed that when the cover is down every part of its contents is doubly encased from the at uiosphere. tbt: effect of which is that one and a half pounds of ice placed in three pints of water wilt tast nearly tieven hours, whereas, the sim? weight rf ice in a like quantity and temperature of wat :t in n common pitcher, only lasts about two hours Being composed of metal, it ia of course mora du rable than the ordinary china pitcher. This, taken in co inexion with the convenience and luxury <?' always having ice-water on hand, and the immense having of ice, renders it decidedly the most eco nomical pitcher now ip use. For sale at the manufacturer's retail prices by C. W. BOTELEB, ap 5?eo6t Iron Hall. TO THE LADIES. MRS. M. PIERCE will open, on Saturday, April 7th, a snlendid assortment of SPRING MILLINERY, to which the ladies are invi ted lo call and examine. No. 484 Eleventh street, between Penn. avenue and E street. All orders promptly attended to. ap 5?5t* FRENCH MILLINERY. MRS. M. L. DAVISON, (jl^No. 303 Pa. apo., bet. 9th and IQtk ato-ML Re>-p ctfully announces to her customers and tin ladies of Washington and the vicinity, that ahe will open on Saturday, 7th instant, n splendid assortment of Fancy HATS, Fr> nch FLOWERS, Ribbon and Straw BOM NETS, Ac. ap5?3t? New books at SHILLINHTON'S BOOKSTORE The Immaculate Conception ; or, The Mother r.f God; an exposition by the Right Rev. Bishop Ulla thorne G'owth in Holiness, or the Progress of the Spirit ual life, by the author of"jfil for Jesus The Metropolitan Magazine for April. The Slave of the Lamr, by Wm. North Everything iu the Stationery line All the new books published received immediate iy afterwards and for sale at SHILLINGTON'8 Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4# it. and Pa. ave. apr 6? (No. US.] No tics of Withdrawal of certain Lands tn Wisconsin WHEREAS, in punuancs rf ? ]olit resolution ef Congress, ent'tlsd "A risMution expltna tory of an ait jaa*d August third, eighteen hun dred au'i fifiy four," approve! Match 8,1856, relat ing to the Vox and W isconsin river grant, the ef fect cf which is to enlarge Slid grant from three to five sec.ions in width, the President qf the I'nited States has, by his ordsr hearing date the ninth day of March ultimo, directed that certain toenthlps s tuat-d in the Stats or Wisco'TBra, on each side of th? Portegs canal and the Fox river and the lakes through whica It patses, (including the lands he. e tofcre withdrawn and witi h-ld for ?aid grant,) shall te withdrawn from sa'.e or entry for any purpose whatever until fur*her orders N ottos Is therefore hereby given that stid lands situa ed as hereinafter described have this day been withdrawn from tale cr miry accordingly, to wit: In the diitrict of lands subje:tto sale at Xiijiii North of the ban line, and east qf Ou fourth princi pal meridian Township 12, on the left bank of the Witoonsin river, asd townships 13 snd 14, cf range 9 Townships 12,13 and 14, of range 10 Townsn'p 14, of range 11 Townships 14, IS, 1 o. 17. aad IS, of rsnge 19 Townships 15,10,17 acd IS, of range IS Townships 17,18 a; d 19, of raage 14 Townsh p? 17,18,19, and 20, of range IS Townships IS, Id, 17,16,19,2d and 21, of rang* 10 TcwnsnipslS, 10,17,18, 19,20, 21, and 22, of range 17. Township] IS, 10,17,19, 20, 81 and 22 of range IS Townships 10, 17, 18,19, 20, 21, 22, ant 28, of range 19 Townships 21,22, 23 aad 84, of range 20 Townships i2,23 and 24, range 21 Ia the distrlel of }ands sul'jee- to sals at Kuan Poor: Worth of (As base lire and east of the fourth Townships 12, 18 and 14, on the left bask of the Wisconsin river, of raage 8 In the district of 'ands subject to sale at Itivhi' ?on?r: Vortk of the base line and east of the fourth principal - meridian. Townships IS and 10, of range 8 Tr.wnsMps IS aad 10, of raage 9 Townships IS aad 10, of raage 10 Townships IS, IS aad 17, of raags II Given under my hand, at the General Land Office, it the city of Wsshingtoa, thh third day of April, tnno Domini one thousand sight hand ed and fl ty ive. By order of the President: ~ JOHN WILSON, Commissioner of General Land Offloe ap S?2sw0w <AR1>A BOILRRR, ? KB, all sines, for eaie by _ _ W. B. HARRdvRB, ?P?- Seventh st, near Pa. Amusement e. PIOPLB'I TUBATUB, I.ATE VARIETIE Lessee. Mr. Branm M wager. Mr. Wu Rr nprnnfM rf Min F* N.N Y MO RANT mr Mr. J. H. ALLEN. THIS EVEMNC will be predated the strancf.r M ? H.iVcr, Miaa Morant; Stranger, Mr. Alloa; Sal oaion, Mf. Norton. T?) cMdnk with tbe I a ugh*bizarre af THE BLUE DKYILB. Megri:n, Mr. Norton ^Annette,, Miaa Tysaa Prices of *das>a.jon:?Orchestra Chain BO eta.; Par qoette J7^ rrnu : Regular Tickct U eenta ; hi vatc Boze* $3 ud $5 Gallery far colored pirim 95eeata. apt STANLEY'S WESTERN W.LDS, OR GRAND NATIONAL PANORAMA OT TBE INDIAN AND HIS COUNTRY! Ia mow an exhlbr Ion AFTERNOON AND EVENING, AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Afternoon exhibition W?dneed?y, Cor ladi?a and children. to coaameace at 3>4 a'aiock ; Lvramg at "X o'clock. Admtaaion 25 centa? children half price. mar 31 ALU STHANOVR9 viri lug the Cky Should jee Hunter* Cat also. His Inscription of Powells great Picture iJofoe of the cariosities of the Pateat office. feb?3- 3?n* NOTIC*.?DURING MY TEMPORARY AR ?race from Washiagtoa, Mr. Jaxus Bnuri is aalhoriaeJ to attend M my affairs, and all persons having buunfd with me are lequeste-J u> call oa him at No. 91* Nineteeatb street wes:. ap 3 -5c* ' C. GRATIOT. I JOB SALE.?A Pair of RAY MAKES, 7_>eara ' old nextrpring, well-bred .? undLstyltob, tea tie, a pi rued and eapiul goers. They am^^ry well broken and perfectly free fro? trtrka, aM wifl p-irtieularlv ruit any geatleman wkn f torn* of driving. The owner pana with them oalvbocaaae hi* purpose ? to retrench his eapan see. They caa be aecn at Southron a (late Birch*) Stable, aa 14tb atreet. aoath of Pa. avenue. For wm, or aai op portunity to try them, enquire at the eouater of tat Star office. They arlfl be auM a ba-gain. ap 3?tf fB50 Hit WARD. STOP THIEF?Tbe subscriber'* Locker la the Centre Market w?i broken open between Sat urday, the 31st ultimo and Tuesday, tbe 3d ?o?ttBt, -ind there waa atulen therefrom one pair of Salter's Spring Balances, weighing 190 lha Batcbeta and other* using or deaHn* in >uch ecalea will " ston them should ther b? offered for *ale WM. WILSON, mM STONE ! STONE!! STONE?J? BUILDERS, Cnnt/ne*ors, and oibors art.1 notified that Cu*?. F1a?. Oapiag and I STONES. Alan, STONE-STEPS, SIl.LS. kc., will be faraa?>ad aa uaaui from lhone wm? kaava nuarrlea ownad by W. Du C. Mordock, and woiked until reeantly by the late Timothy 0'N?ale and hia brother. For pricea and leraaa apply to the Nk senber at No. BT K it seal, Washington WM. COLLINS, ap 3?1 w* Agent for the Proprietor. C LIKE. PLASTER, 1EMENT, HAIR, jke.-Just opened two large Kiln* of aplcndiu wood burnt Lime.?A. k L. P HOOVER have this day catered into co-partner Hbip; and, baring made m veral addiuoaa to ib?r fine kilna. are i.ow manufacturing from 080 to I 000 barrel* of the beat wood burnt Li oe per weak, which will be aold at the loweat market pricoa Alan, constantly on band a large quanuty of the fine* PLASTER, CEMENT and HAIR to be found in thia city. All tho*e who are in want of theee articlea will certainly find it to their advantage to give them a call. A. k L P. HOOVER Potomac Lime Kilna, 87th droet, one square couth lower bndge, aear Geot'a. ap 3?d3w FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to aiy stock of oold anrnna fatkkt lcvius, and lambs' watch as Of first quality, heavy IB ca-at| caaea. Alao, SILVER WATCHES for boyu. I offer them at greatly reduced prices. The movt menu are aelectod with great care, and every Watch ia warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper ar? invited to examine my aarortmect. H SEMBEN, No. SSO Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sta. mar 30 i MOKLL * BOYD, BLIND MAKERS A UPHOLSTERERS, 4*?OULD re-pectftilly inform their friends and the public generally that they. are prepared to attend to ail orders ;n* their line of business. All kinds of UPHOLSTERING neatly executed; such aa?Cutting and. Making Carpets, Fitting down Matt.ne , and Oil Cloth, Making and fitting ?pi Bed and Window Curtains, Hair, Shuck and other Mattreaaea, Pew and other ]_ Cushions, Spring Beds, Loun?es. Easy, and Sick Ciaim. We have, in store - Window Shades and Trimmings, Cords and Ta?*el?. Split Bit ads, Wide Paper lor Curtains. VENITIAN BLIND* made ia any style, and old ditto rej airod to look aa well aa new All kinds of old Work rqpairad. and all or ders thankful y received and promptly attended to for cash, or a pei feet understzuding before hand If you want the worth of y ur money just give us a call, at No BB1 Pa. avenue, south side, betw 9th and 10th streets mar 30? tf SPKCTACLfctf, EYE GLASSES, kr , Gold, Silver, and fine Steel Spf ctacles, Eye Glaa aes, kc . (jc^ Particular attention paid to the selection or Glaaaea adapted to tlie eyes of wearers. M W GALT k BRO., Jewelers, 114 Pennsylvania avenue. mar 9ft?tf SPRING FASHIONS. BUS A. SP1C11 Has received and will open NE W M ILLINE R THURSD \Y, April 5, 1855. MILLINERY ROOMS, NO. 35? D STREET, ap M MRS. L. ALl EN, 305 Pa. arntM, brtvten JVia'iatff> Ug| and Tenth ttreeU, tnUh stfc, JBI Tp^Willopenon Saturday. 7th inaurt, mt)bt extensive and beautiful assortment of Spring M ILLINERY, consisting of Crape, Silk, Lace, Ppotted Crape and Grass Linen H ATS, Inclndtng Hlraws of every description. Also, Misses' Drew H >ta and Flats, kc. L. ALLEN. ?P*~ CHEAP GOODS. JR1CHEY k CO., 498 Seventh atreet, will # commence this day, and continue ml ftl the 1st of May, to sell at cost, and many arti-jflm cl?s below first cos;, their entire stock o' flw Goods, consisting in p%rt of? Embroideries, Laces, Bonnets, Ribands Flowers, ladies' beautiful Morning Robes Millinery Goods, Hosiery, Gloves Worsteds, Perfumery, Dress Trimmings And a variety of Fancy Gooda. All bf which will be sold at great bargains for caah anly. ap <* - COW LOBT.?Strayed on the 19th of March, from tbe subscriber, residing on the Island, a WHITE COW, about six yearafj^W* old. The tops of her home are sawed oBSmIb. and a hole in each ear. Any one retarding tn? cow cr leaving information at thia office eo I can get her, will be rewarded if required. ap 4?3t* JAS. GALLAGHER TWO SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR SALE or rent upon reasonable term , at the Wa?hiag inn C'ty D#pot for the ?ale of Hallet, Davu k C-o., Bacon k Raven, and oth r Pianos. JOHN F. ELLIS, ap 4 BOB Pa. ai NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, worts and music by W. B , of ibis city, and dedl ?ated to lues Allison, the fair Guitanat Thia song has a most charming melody. Just pun ished lor sale by HI L BUS k HITZ ?P4 SPRING MILLINERY. MBS. M. A. HILLS respectfully^^ ^^?anncunces to the ladies of Washiaf-^^H HP^ton and vicinity that aha has juft ^?RT turned from New York with a large wm^ tnd varied assortment of 8pring Millinery. ?o?p^ Straws ia every variety, from 37#c to B15 Misses and Boys' Hats, from 37*c to ? New styles Lawn Bonnets, Ribbons, Flow*"* fathers, Dreaa Triaminr*, Caps, Head Dresses, kc. BB5 Pcnn. aveaae. South aide, berween 8ih aad KXt r? apB?lw EW WORK, by the Author of the Heir o( Bad dyfffe The Castle Builders, by the suthor of thsHsart'a Base, in paper covers ; price 50 cenia; boaad, ?en ia. Just pubitshad and fV^aale at TAYLOB k MAUBY* ? Boolutore, aear RBI?. N

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