28 Mayıs 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

28 Mayıs 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING-STAR. FISST VI0LXT9. ?T It* ID WARD ICLVIR LTTTOM Who that has loved knows not th<- tender tale, Which (lowers rrvpal when lips are coy to teil; Whon-' vonih bath pa?sH not, dreaming in tin; val Wbfre the fresh violets dwell * Lo, where tbev shrink along the lonely brake, I'nder the leafle>*. melancholy tree, Moe yet th??? uck>?> sin^s, nor glides the snake. Nor wiM th>m?! lure* tbe bee! Yet at their sifht, sccnt-etttranced an J thrilled, All June ?ef m? * Iden in the April skies; H<>w *weet tbe days we yearn for, ?UI falfllled. O, distant Paradise* Dear Ian to which desire ever flee?, I lme doib do present to the gra*p al'ow ; 8*y, in the flieit Eter al, >-hall w siese At last tbe fleeting Now i Dream not of days to come, ct that unknown Whither : op./wand-r* (male without a clue;) Giv?- their true witchery to the flowrts?thine 1 wu Youth m tbeir youth renew \rwie+ r?m? rnber when the Cowslip's gold Lured, and y t lo t its glitter in tby ifra^p ; Omh tby hoards 1 lad thee inore than those ot old? fhoae withered m thy clasp. From these thy cla?p fall*, palsied ! It wan then That thou wert rnh- tliy coff, rs sre a lie ! Ala.-, poor fool?j>iy is tbe wealth ot men, And care their poverty ! ?'ome, foiled Ambition, what ha? th< u dtwirel? Emptr* and i-iw- r ? O, wanderer, temp 91 teat! The?e ?nee vers tbine when lise's gay spring te at ireit Tby >oul with glory lost! : et th0 flo*r*r? chirm the;- to tb<? jocuud prime. When o'er tbe star-* rai t Fancy traced tbe chart; Thmi h ir}t?i an angel's pewor ml at blot 'line Thy realm a human lie;1rt ? Harw ! haik ! again the tread ol bashful fr et ! Hark ! the bon?hs mailing round '.he ti?*i>ng plaie Let hH stain w ith one ?*-r breatii be tweet, Ea to fair with i>ne dear lace. BrieMivci first fluwcrs, first love Tbe hours ueaJ _ ??? To prank the * > Id in ?iiBm'r's prmpof huel Rut wt at shall flaunt b n?vh a fierca su;j W OfUi what we lose 111 you ? Ofi! by a flnv er. a IB sou,*; loved book. We m;;r< the lines tiiat cbt-ui u? oort. K.trace Tlie life?recall its 1 tvliest p is. aje! ?look. l?eau vio eti keep tbe place! A Deacon, r>ot remarkable for good tye-si^ht, once in giving a psaim for the congregation to sing, when 4ie came to the following lines: 44 Tlie Ea. tern sages ?hal' r?.me in Willi tnersajes ot face"? put the audit nee in a roar of laughter by reading out ;n a loud voice; " The Eastern stag's shall come 111 Wi h saa ages uud eh*-c?e." 3^ The violin player Solomons, who t^ave lessons to George III. once said to his no? ?ie scholar: ''Violin players are divided into three classes - to the firs:, belong thofe who cannot play at all; to tbe second belong those who pi a}' very miserable ; and to the third tho^e who play tiuely. Your Majesty has already elevated yourself to the rank of the see ond class." lZ7* A inaide 1 of twenty-three was :ate!y throwing out some atfected sneers at matrimony, when a grave friend in company observed. 44 that marriage were made in heaven." 44 Can you tell me sir, rejoined the sly nvmph.44 whv they are so slow in coming "down ?" A tavern-keeper in NVw Orleans on the 22d ult., attempted, with the as sistance of t*D accomplices, to hang a policeman in his bar-rooin. because he thought th; officer had informed on him for >eliing liquor without a liceniu. and "anyh-jw he had made up his mind to hang a policeman. '1 H7* A 44little party'' with a '-little music," a "little singing," with a "little ving'et-un' after that, followed by a '?little supper," and, lastlv. a "little wine" jus; before going home, carry one up to five or six o'clock in the morning, and invariable end in a little headache the next dij.?.Ubcmy Knickerbocker. -T " Doctor,' said a youn * miss of the high-heeled modesty school, 44 ma sent me to Ull you that sister Marie tlupheinie Dulcy Louisa Minerva Rhodv Jane tea got a sore above the wrist or her leit foot." IAn old farmer whose son had died was visited by a neighbor, who began to indole with him on his loss. "My loss ! No such thing?it's his own loss?he wa* of tge." (Ta* " Dearest angel, don't the keys of ti e p .?no-forte make you forget the keys of the store room, or the enlightment of your understanding prevent you from in quiring the price of candle ? ' ?!OVKMfcNTSOr 'MJBAN STEAMERS. ? "* h ? Dca. ri iwru..%## ??.I.avrtf New Yo/k..May W New Yorfc...faverp.-4 . .M*y 15 V rr^ Havre ?..Nrw York..May 19 The Califot ? la Meamcrv ;eav- New York on '?> and ??! each ruon'U. ^xuKIVALS AT PRINCIPAL UOTRLS. Hrov*?x' ci ota' ?t r h. u. a.. TT*. r* Lrn J M VVrt|| ?e, Va F Lea. Tenn ? G stni; ? Va T J S i. at, Mo 11 R Ivtrn*, Ct T P Litae, O L Oi ?n, Uvp J M W< edon, Md 8 hitler, -lo J H Munder, do T A WJii^nis, NY If 1 Nil*, Ky ("apt 6 A Ea'Ari gs J K t'vrac t?, Maa? I' Wat??>n, Va A G Ha le, do A B *1 iicm.-on. Mass J R?-vr, III L P?* til, Va Vtdttennr. Vd J K (KMuatend and fam, Va "Xi v - J Morti n, Va J f Hubbell. Md J M lull*an Pa H C Valientine, N Y Mus r*<?avi!ie, NY e r odd, o T?D ne an J lady, Ms** II A Hone, <jo >iis- iMne, do II L liurbanan, Va T Bowes and ly, l> A Hutler; Iowa W D Brown. , do n H Gill, Va P O Brewn and family, Mi?s Trtl.i.tferro, do B B Lancaster, Mil T 8 Miller, ito G E f?o>ne?w, Va si ?' Hopkins, X Y E lluyes, M t \ar.lonal Ifotal a. ?. willa*# K H Dnvall Md J A Hall. Ct II P t*aiiih. Pa II P CHandler, do ?V R?ad, Sii M'?~ Harrwm, Del H rt ltan Md A M <'unn-ii-*aaa, 8C Mi-* B> all,<2o O 8 ?o?in, Va M K Mitrrssw, NY P A Grwwoid, M l S T S'uait, Va J Debell, do O H Kylr. Md B P Uarnett, do W v-ilt ar, Pa 1* Bo :wiek Mich J H Brenr, f'ai A J Thomas. Me H 8 Rovce. Vt GT Hall. Pa T J HazHton, Md S Wbi'?e>,NY M H^ln?ter, Ct II Wentbrup md lady, Mum Jao Ferry, Md WHUHa' ll(t?l-t K E Wyrae and ly. M H Howard, do T-m G 8 Gre*B, d?? SJ W -t Kennedy, Ph ? ? ?w? n, L/C A G Gallup, R1 L C Calami, 41a J T *1 wan, Ky W M Mubup.. Ala GTa>lor NY J Tmyhf a aiu, NC 4 k. J. r. WILLlla G POfmiey. D?| ? K Ha-kin.<. l>c ''r ^laocc?un,USN M A W^hb. in J W bavu.o S Carey, I?C Mi- s Carey, do Col Lynah, 8C P M U'nnold F Myera, Ua A M Peunock, C8^ ' n?iid ^tales Hoisl-n. r. iimdii. J R H- bard, Va l? A Hanov-r, Md T Coot, Va M (J Coi Mo i' H Whio-harsi, La ^ C W?ii? ward, R ? W C T^>>aipaou, va i C Atwatar, 4o T C J<>hnaon. do W W B ake It sister, do' F ?J Waterman a ly, Ni) C R Lyons, Pa A k<.bin?on, Md W M Crac ken, d > T J SmithmsB, NY i> Junta, Pa. FINK WATCHB8. HAVING mod- n TinsW arable addition ? air ?t?<k ?t sold h ami no r at*j?t lbvikj, and urat' WITCH'* Of fimt quality, heavy 13 caiat cases. Also, tflLVEK WATCHKB for boys. I offer there at greatly reduced price* The mov? menu are selected with great aare, and every Watch is tcsrrarUeri . Person? m want of a line timekeeper arc umied to examine my MBortmrut. H 8 CM KEN. No. SSO Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and ltV-b sts. ntiir 30 NOTICK ?I received this day a new assort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, rf lh" latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods: as Vest Chains, Chatelaina, Bracelets, Pins Earrings, Rjn?s, etc. Great indue- menu offered to purchasers. H. 8EMKEN, No, 330 Pn avenue, bet. 9tii and 10th st . {JijK New Print* put to Go!d P*ns at short no'ice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 29 - if No. 807. WASHIN6TBN iTOTF BiSBFl'T Rt, 8. EL corner of Pa. a v. and Eleventh itreft, Sole Agency for CHILSON, GOULD a CO'.? Warming ami Ventilatin? Apparatus, M PO\D Si CO.'S (ot Bo top) I'diod Double-liven '? cokin? Pange, J L. MOTT'8 (?f Now York) INViNC'BLE DOUBLF-OVFN RANGE. Constantly on hand, a?d receiving L AT ROUE STOVE-5, for heating tw stories; Parlor and Cha?i her OR A I'ES, Ennm- 1 ed and Japanned Co:.k'n?:. Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dinitts Room 3 OVE?; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; B'oek Tin, Planisht dand Ja.anned WARE in zTeat varietv. ill of which will be sold at the lowest possible rate*, that will c-'tnpare favorsfily with any E-tab lishment south of New York. An exa ninnuon of my Mock m earnestly so'icited ap 13?3m J\8 SK1RVIVG " D E NT I S TRY. DR 1IUNSON :e?pectlul*y calls public attention 10 hi- new patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method of sei'iug Artificir.:SemH? Terth, wi h Continuous Gurn - the vcrv^**T1XT PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thisstyle of IVeih h is the f"llr.wi?K advant.iges over ail others, vit t GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS. O0M PORT and UE MJTV, ?ieinj; with Naure in the* e r^specia, and ir. sin>c others exceiliii2. Public in spection lj respectfully solicited. Plaa-?e call atd se*? weimens. CAUTION. -No other Dentist in tlic District Columbia h .s a right to fake this style of T. eth N. R ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged an<1 warran ed for life. Office and house at No. 398 E street, n ar the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th Bt??:et. ap 24?If TO T II E L A D I ? S MISS S J. THOMPSON is irw prepared to show our lar^ and well selected stock if Millinery which she has just opened, of the la twt styles which we ar- selling it ih'- lowest pricr-, and we cordially invite the ladie? to call early ai.d nture the first selections. We wouIJ also respectfully c-e!l the?r attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Panoy Goods Pertumery. Gloves, Hosiery, kcr which we can w 11 at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON fc MUN'M), No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, P.rat uuor w st 'l Walt r Hari-er X Co.V. lo ir *28 - PAINT AND OIL STOR3. M T J'A I* KEi:, auUSB. SI6S & 0aNAMK?TAL PATNTE1i, IOUIS1ANA avenue, between Sixth and S? v j entii tirecis. No 00. Ues: ience No. 3lO t' "tre< t, between Sixth ?nd S vent-i has aildrd to b-s pr?*-ent bicinetw the sale of PAINTS, Oil.8, GLASS and PUT rv, in Miiall or h-g*' qeentities Tin; ait-nti> n of tion.-i?',eepw< is particularly cni|p<J to thf oonverienre of t:? i.- arrau^ein^nt thev car: at ali timea procure HEAUTH and othsr >11XEl) PAINTS, m ul! c-ol?jrs made ready for u?c by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Orders promptly au- n led to a;.>l respectfully ro LeiUrd. CHEAP FOR CASH. ina/ 2?fm Rev. John lanahas, pastor or T?-r. EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH.?A ?.tfonR desir ? to beneat th?* aHictrd induce" I. to ihua to cei'tfy. Wl- clia! eng any oiii.;: ni' dici; In pr? at -ucl? a ^.d.-s of temiiuuny fr?>iu ^tn'!i m-' " t:?l la-Uej of !:uh't inthng of our own well-kr.. ./n citizeus. wiio testify ot cures oi COUGH, BKON CiilTia, RHEUMATISM. DYS1 EPblA, he. BALTiaoin, January 185.r Mortimer 4* Mo.rJvay: J utkt.- pleasure in sa injj to you ti?;.t I nay.- used ? ar'-Hampton's Tincture" witn Tery great [ r.?il. t r^m a --erious t iroat affection, my General henliii i..d become very much impaired, when I coai .nitiC'id to ii-e '? Hampton's Tincture." I found i* eff?*cts upo.. niy general health most .salutary ? My n< rvous sv-t-T! ..nd di|utiw or-jans soon ri^ .t ed up under its uss. I have several tiuie^ rectmrnended it to roy tr.eodi, and in every r:-,*-, ai lar as i have been in tbnatd, they fiav?- use it w:;h success, " Yoers truly, Jcuk Lanah^m, Pastor ')( Ei-fr rt.. M. E. Church, Deltimore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS. Haii.!9R, ff. C., Feb fe, ]?5J. Heuif. Moni<rt*r \ W-icbray: I do here y ceitn'y t::at abQUt twelve month- > I w-<- taken w:th a severe hemorrhaae of tlje Luaps .nd had four attacks of it I was advised to try L?r. ilaii-'puia's Vegetable Tincture I procured on-; bouie, ard after ukim; which, I w;u s.-.tiifl?-d t;i:.; I was n;uch better; and ihr.t, af-er taicin;; (ue f.uith bottle, I was enU.-.-ly w:ll. and now I ei-joy as g.n?d va'th as ever I did my life. I can, ard do, with jut the least hesitation, r^nmmend the Tincture to alipersoiis alSictcd in ay way. Tours, Gso. W. Wiiilct. CURE FIT8? READ! fir^rt la the Sick iKi~. Cold.?I-roni on# ol the moii DrngeistK in boctn Carolina. CuaR! srrf-.a. ?. C. Srpt. 91, Kv/" \{ee-r.\ M .RTiKsa K ?The r.alr* osr llaaiptor.'s Vegetable 'Tincfirc is increa-iw 4?ery day, and every bc:Ue buid rtcomm*?ad? int. ?aluu te a.t.licine to tlie affl tied. Several of our slantrtf ::av. tned it in dstfi rei.t ctMf w??h ast in uhing success, and are netting it by haii dozens. !t h is been found to be tlte (rreatejt 'em dy tor rheu matic aff?c::on?, and a wonderful cure has been performed o.i a negro bo\, suffenoe from Fits. 1 ?dl furnish you with & number of ccmflcates if you wuh tliem I am, gentlemen yours. VV. G Taorr. Ca?l and gel pauipiileki gratis, and oce cur ; oi I'ou^h, HroncbiUa, Riirun!^!issn, Neuralgia, I'y? oejihid, Nervousness ;.ud iiei.oral V\;cakne?s. As a > -uale medicine or lor delicate children we beiiev it OiJ. qua lieu. Sold by MORTIMER 3l aKAVBKAY, 140 B..U1 :nirc street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadw^v, N. Vork 'has. 2T0TT 3i Co., J. B. Mooai, D. B. CUW 1 t,Ahfi Bt BowupS; W. Elliot, and II. M< Puta son, W?fchinglou ; also, by R. 8. P. Ct b*l, Geo town; and C. C. i'saaT, Alexaadria, at.d by Drug gists MUjalan. t'eb 91?tr AN APPEAL TO OOMMON ffBWK I ST THE SIC* B? '.t TUB j RtH U. Cimii Hiioixis.?Wherever known hit teat": mony will be conclusive. But lest thoao who <lo net know tli*; Captain ehcnld be scepticp', Dr. It- - son It Bro., with others of tho b?st knowa and highly respectable citiiens of Eas'on, ecdotae ills wendorful cure r.y HAMPTON'S VlOlTABUi TINCTURE. EarrcM, Oct. 4, ii^-L J/ewri Mo,titi.sr \ JfMstra?* : GentleiiK-u? I feel it my duty to yeu and the pub lie to ccrtify to the effects o: SUmpton's Veg- 'aLk Tincture. I win. tor mure thau fiv-: years laLorins unu t a disease of Chronic Rbewmatism. and th? great part thai **? I wa? so helpless that I ha.! to be helped frou: my bed and dressed in my clotn- s I bccame reduced to a mere skeleton. All the meJ ictnes I took done nie no *o<jd, and I continued i>> grow worse I beard of Humpton's Tincture a.m thought I would give it a trial. At this time 1 did not exp?c: to live one day after another. I P.1 pn. tike it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, U.i i % short time I was well i f that disease. Fmti! 'J.i effects of your'I incture and the help of 'Jn.i I am now gciong in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetate Tincture, as I have d >r.e, with the sam?- effect raal it has on Your bedient Mrvant, Isaac Bkniajum. We are acquainted with Isaac IVojaiuni, soiO him some ot Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, aiu> V deve the above statement correct. Dawsou it. Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjairir. we are confident that the above statement is trite aim! un exagerated. J. A. Johnsum, CqaRLKS Ri.s:ssoh. i "all and get {>amph'et* yatts, and see cures ot Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiairia, 1'vs pep?ia, Nervousness and General Weakne.^;. Asa *-male medicine or for delicati* childien we believ* it un^uailed. Bold by MORTIMER k M'?WBRAY, 110 BalU mort s?r?*t, Raltimofe-, and 304 Broadw v. N. York Ob as. Htott h Co., J. B. Moose, D B. (Jlarkjc Clarvk k Bywima, W. Eli.iot, and H. M-PhsR -on, Washington; also by R. S. F. Cisskl, Ge-.rae u?wn, and t;. tj. Bkert, Alexandria, and bv Brur /i?ts ?vm . a 1.^ fan til?tr KIH8 ME (F you DARE I?A h?w Wall*, very <?itsNe tor b*-xtnoers, ?-otnpos^d and dedicated to Mi s ??? .ot Onretiowii, by Prof. W. Hunter. Pu iiCfd a.ad lor -ale at ?ILbUS x HITJK'9 Musle ?if 'i? Cnm.* Pa, av. and Ink a PROPOSAL* FOB NAVAL SUPPLIES NAVT T>?l?A1?TME!fT, BumMiv or Cowrauono*, *"9*1**1**, 4o, Mny 1# 1864. SEALKD PROPOSALS to fnrnlib Niti] ?upp lti fir th< fl<v*al year endlrg 30th Jon*. 1S46. will N< received a this bireau un'll 8 o'clock p tt?., of tbc2fith *ay of June n?\.t. The** proposals trust be oidor ed ' Proposals for Naval Suppl es. Bureau J of Con-'tructioii, A?that tb*y may bo dL tin I gulsh d f'om o her business letters. ' i fl m terials and article* 'mbra--d In the ?lse?3 amd are pariicul'.rly d-STihed in prists! re'.' du'es, any of ich will le furnished to mch a- d sire to oner, on app lcatian to the commandant or"}- r?? e; iv? navv yards, or to th? nary agent near?rt theret\ and there cf aii the yard > upon av p ica'i n to this '??ureau. The oommandnnt an i navy a^ent f -*ch rtatl<"n will hare a cipy o~ the soaidulw rf the o'h-r yard* f.r rxmnlaati n only, from which it may boja gvd whether it will bede siratde to make applica ioo for them. * Offer* must b- m de for the whole o? each e us at a yyariupon one of i be printed s b?.iul?s, or in'trict coufcrm'.t; theewith, or they will net be con ddered. A'l ar:;clt6 must be of the Terr bo*t q-^eluy con formable eatrpl-. sixe. Ac , to be deliv?red io go tl 'rdnr a?.d in suitable vest's, and packages, as th? ci t mav be, a th~exfeu--ea>d ri-k ot the contrac tor. aud in a'l respec s s<ibjcct 'o th^ in^pejtlon, mt?.?ureuer t, ciunt, weight, , of the yard where lec IvoJ. end o Ice eutl'e s.tUfaction of theocm ?:inda- t thereof. Fi tiers are referred to tn t yards for samples, and a ; uticu ur de-erp.ic u of the articles; and. all othf-r thi ?H b^ing .qual, prefer- nee will be given to ar ?ie'.. n of Ao>e ic n manure nre. Kvery ^ff-r, as requlr-d by th* law of* 10th A urns . 1846 m<>st be accompanied by ? wri' ten g aran'ec, the f^rms of which ars herewith given. Th-ee only who?e cff*ra tray be accepted will be n if te i, and th- contract will be forwarded m s -n thereafter as practicable, w>Uh they wi'.l b- required to execute witbin len days ?fter its '. -o pt at the ? et c fflce or navy ?gency named by them. : ur tl"8 in'ha full am^un' will be required to .-i/n ili-r, n'i c-t ?nd their responsibility oeriifi;d "by Un'ted Ht'.t-?.fl d'stritt j*vl^?f United fcta: -s Ms r!?t >. ttorney, cVl c~r. o navy attest. As ?ddt ti a.il ocari'y, 'wenty p?r c^nia^a will withbi 1-1 fr m iL am ant of the li lsun 11 h" a n ract -bsil h*v b^en com:'et d. and t^igh y percectum of o ch b.l pprcved in 'ripliiate by th- commsndant ? f the re p"ct v yurds wil". bj paid y 't ? n.Ty irert w'thin thirty d-yt) nfter ita ^.rwei >.tii>n to him. It is nip latej in lie cv-tract t^a% if default le j ma o b> b-? artie? of the f sc pa-t in d?livtr:ng?II ! '. r "ny "f tu* rtie'e' m-ot? .nt<1, or ihe quality and i *?t 't.e time and placei p.ovi :ed, th?.n, and in thit j case, tbeo uir.icWrr an f^ur-ties v.ill torf it a:id pay to the United S"?t s a^ liquidated dam^g^s arrm of ! m^n y e^usl t tsric- tb? a*r. utit oi" hec i tiau i i ri.'-s th-rein a^r d vpon ns tha price to be a d 1 v c??j o'tve a-tual deiivpry therc.' f, wh ch iiqni | di -1 damages ?: ay b* re ov red <?! r-tailed firm tim-* to "nip a= t' oy ac-rue r m the s?id partis of *h?fir'tp?r ore titer of tlrm. Cli^rrtNo 1,'i 4, 5,6, 7, to be d-lkvered f ne fourth pirt r-n or bef ro the lfith M*y, one-fou-th | - '? bv V_e ?0 h July, o? e f inrth by the 20th Ssr ' ?m tr. and th? rema;cdtr by tbe let Dtc imber, i IX^G. : 'a s bo 3?th? rhole by tbe 15th M y, J 1 m C1?-'S No. 8 the whede by th? 20th July J id'ti "he re- ain n^ elates to bedelivrr?jd?<n - i ti?"rt'i /art on or betjrethe 1?* S^t 'embernex',' dp ' f-urt.n p !i b 'or> t je 1st D remb^r next, or.^. fj. rih part on cr before t* e 1st April, 18Cr., and 1m rtma.nder on cr b-:o: e ti e ; O.h Jun-. 1858, con i r>ri 03 at eacb <?e v-r a due p op:rticn o ea-'h Kr ? cle. Cb.s- Vo 9 end all Ibltowinar ad itiocal Sq a-.t ::>j? of a'l art ens na^e t therein muat be da..v?red on lik3 terms .ind c nditions dur'-ng j iLe fi <? 1 yejr, up>u rewiving a nrtlc? if fit : 'eea d?y? fro^i thf bureau cr com-n&fidant of the > y rd. A? th" liir requires ths prep?ymet,t of poftage, : pe:30tfc d^iring th-j o nimaraant oi the ynd or the ' javy a,, nt !o end them by m i'l schedul ? cf s'ich ! cla--?- aa they drcire. should *ncl -^e in their cptll* 1 ^tioB t f'Stog- stami t to j ?ur ? their tra&?mi^;icn. ; b:it npplica' ciis to the bu*?au for euch schedules ? will not require prep^ym -nt F0KM OF OffPElt I, f . rtat? ol . hereby ..^r u fiin>ii>h - d del ver at <he rosp'ciiv- ravy yari.-i 11 a.ti le- * d in thecla^??3 b?r unto -r>n x d, ngrteallv tothe provid<"ns of the schedules there or, a d in cJnfo mit w.th the advertisement 3 theEureau cf C.: s iur.^?a dc.. of 16th May, . 1^65 EhouM my otTer be accepted, I r-q-;ujt fc) be ad Jress- : at , and the eontraft forwarded to ;he n.i*y agea" at , or to , for rigaaturj imd certificat'*. ) V ts f Signature ) ?' Th*. schf/1u:*? which tb' bi dcr 'wci^ tt ?mux'. It pisUd tn hr/ oJT". '!?<?' etc'' of ('??ra *isr*l by him Opp'xiU ezch cuticle in the rch'dult th- prist mtst ?r r? ?-t t^e arhtrtifU carr ed nU, the aeqrm't jcottd up fr,r eacit doss, aifi the amount hictveitt:iriVeii in tors dt.) FOUiI OF OJAHANTfcK. f Th* un"**r !g"e5, , cf , in the Pta*e i ,-f , cr d , of .in the !<tat*of | , hereby pu-ra??t-th t, incase fcerjreg> ir?b:,ot f r sny ct the classes ther-in r,. iu <1 ' e ;nx p ei, th: t be or thry will, within 'en day. aft r t> u r?ept <( tho contract at the p ?t nfflc namsd cr Davy s^ent de?igi atad, esecure th oontr ct for the Fama with go d and sufficient sure ? 1-: avd in cas4 s id s^.fellfnil to en cr info c >..U6 t ee af r^^aid, we guarantee to make good ;be ditT^re o b-.wecn "heofTerof he sa'd und tLat wLicb m y be to cptel. fi p Signatory cf two guhrantcrs ^ " p (Date ) Witnes?. I h?reby certify thst the nb>vo Darned - nr? k^own to me as mea of proporty and able t) oinkeg'-c 1 their guarantee. (Plgna'cre.) ^Da'e.) To b; ri;rurd by thr iWrd tfj district judy, Cnlcd States district attorney, collector, or navy at-at, and no others ) The foil' wirg a*e th? cUese* required r?t th? re ?pectivr yatd-: KITTEEY, MAINK. No. 1. white < a* * lai i ttock log=i. No. 3, white 'ak prcmlwu^ns timber. No. 5. ellcw pin? plan st?ck loxs So. 7, ye'l >w piu> m :at timb r. No 9, wolte pine. No. 10, i-sb ardc-pre?s. No 11, b ack w*lnu' a.id chc.-'y. No. 12, Jocu.it and oe 'ar No 13, "hiif a. u ota* a >d bich-.ry b?rs. N?i. t4, whit" *k - a esea'J lieulinjr. Sc. 18, li^num?it? No. ?7, comito'it" t. and copier nails. No 18, bar iron end rteel. No. 1^, irou spike: and nails. No. 20, id pip.-, ainc, tin N . 21, hardware. No. 23, pa uw, cil. No. 'L\. flax canvas. No. 25. cottoned vis. No 26, flax and cotton twine. No 27, u'ia:a o '!S. ea her. !<o 2b. tw?.; No. 30, brushes. No. 31, bur.t'ng, dry gootJs No.82 p toh.r:*in tar. No ?3,ol so>p tallow. No. 31, ehip chendhry. No. 35, sts lonery. Ko. 38, firewood. No. 87, oakum. CH 4 RLH8TON, MA' SiL'iIU9?TT8. Si. l.wb'teoaK 'lank h'twk loits. No 3, whita oak promi eu us timber. No. 4, whit* Ouk keel pi^ee . No 6,y,i.lotf Jte plank a <~ck lega, No 4, ve1 o* pin* b?Hms. No. 7, yell' wplue t t'mb?r. No 0, whi'e pine. No 10. white oakbo?rdsand bctts, a- h, eypr- u. No. 11, buck walnut an : e'eer ry. Ko IS. locust. No. 13, wl.lte a*U can. hlokory bars, ^o >5 black sprue *. No 16, liguumvi'B; No IT, ?"D|m eitkn an l copper naib. Ko 1?, bar ir. n, s eel No 19. iron e^ikei, nails I'o 20. lead pipe sine, tL*:. No. 21, hi-rdware. No. ^8, paintii, o Is No 24. flax ? anvi*a. No. 22, oottos oanvas. ?'o 28, flax arid cotton twine No '27, g!a*s. No 3B leather. No. 19 hose No 30, brushes. No :il, ba tinr, dry co^ds. No 32, pi ch, rosin, tar. No 33 cil vtp, tallow Ne. Si, ship chandlery No. 35, fctationerj. No. 30, firewood. No. 37, oakntn. . BH0CKLYN, NEW YORK. No. 1, ? ait*; oak plank et ck logs. No. 2, white ouk plank vo. 8, white o?k piom.'scu ns timber. No. 4, white oak keel pieces. No b, yelio** pin* p'at,k sWk logs. No 7, yellow pine matt timber No 9, nhite pine No. 10, ssh,c/cress, white oak b< ard?ard butts. No 11, black walnut, ih-rry, mauogaity. No. 13, iocJst N >. 33. white ash oar a, hickory bars. No. 14, ? hite oak st?vei and heading. No 15 black sprue?. No 16, lignumvitae. No 17, compoeiMoii and oopper nails. N*. 18, bar iron, ? t?el No 19, iraa sp kes und ni>ils. No. 20, Uad, tine, tin No 21, hardware No 23, paints, oils. No. 24. flax cenvas. No. 2fi. cotton cenvaa. No. ?-B, flax and cotton twine No. 27, *Urs No. 2?, i*ather. No. 29, hrse No. SO, trofhea No. 31, nuLting, dry goods. No. 8^ pitch, rosin, tar. No ?*>, oil. >oap, tallow. No 31, ship chandlery. No. 35. stationery. Nc. 36, firewood. PHILADELPHIA, TEmNSYLVANIA. Ne. 1, whl> oa'. pUnk stock logs. No. 6, yellow pn? punk stock 'o.'S. No. 9, whit-i pir.a No. 10, ash a :d wh te . ak p'a-.k snd boards. No. 13, whl> ash oars snd bkkory Nira No. If, black sprue No. 17- enmpositioa and copper n?ils No. 18, bar iryn a?d steel N??. 19, iron srlk*^ and nails No. '20. lead pipe, siuo. tia. No 21. hardware. No 23. paints, oil" No. V4, fl*x canvas No. 2?, cotton canvas. No. 26 flax and e -t on twine. No. 27, a*s No 28 leather. No 29, hese, No. 30, t>rn*hes No. 81, bnatir.ir, dry goods. No. 3J, pitch, rosin, tar. No. 33 tallow, oil, soap. No 34, rhip chanditry. No. 35, ftationery. No. 87, oukQin. WASHINGTON, D. C. Class No 4. whit? oak k-el pieces. No. 5, yellow pine plank st ck logj No 0 white pine No. 10,

a k cypress, white o*k b >artU and butts No. 11, bUck w- nut, cherry, mahogany. No. IT. composi tion and copper mils No. 18, few Iron, steel. No. It) lr n spikes, nails. Nc. 20, leul pip><, zlno. tln ? o 21. hardware No .-2. pig Iron. No '^8, paints o.ia, Ac No 24, flai 'anvas. No. 26. cotton cm vas Nc. flaxardco't n twin*. No. 2?,;la s No 28. 1-athcr. No J9, bom No. 30 brushae No 31. bant nr, ?**y ^d" No. 32. pl'ch ro>in, ? ir. No'3C, wl, ? oap, 'alio*, ??. No 54, sbio .hand ery. No. 34, ititiouary. No. 30, firewood Ne. 47. gakum No. li, .aak and aaiisy, or kbooM iffOB. No 89, Iron, N?. 4?, Ufot r>pr* #O0PO?T. TTRfllNI A. . 1 No. 1, white oak plank rtrrk !sff No 2, wbi'o rvk plank. No. S, whit* oak prora'ararus timber. Xo. 4, w1 It* oak Rml plena. Sr.4, Toll** pin* p'ank st-ck timber. No 6. follow pin* booms No 7. yellow pine m?t timbet. No. 9, white pi e. No. 10, Mb ryprtM, elm. No. 11, block wolout. oberry. mshogany Nr11, )(?ast No. 18, whiu* ash o?r*. hickory bar* No. It, blsek spruco No. IS, ligaumvitK No. 18, bar li oirood s>el ! No. 10, iron ?(ikon and naila No. 2\ l<ted zlao, Co. No. 81,hardware No. 28, pig iroo. No. 98. point*, oils, <?c. No 24 fisxcoBva.). ?'o 25, cotton canra?. No. 26, flax and cotton tw do No. 27, g'ass. No. 28, leather. No 28, hoes No 80 brushes No 81. banting, dry frxxJs No. 8i. pitch, rco'n, tar No. S3, oil, tallow, map. No. 34, ?hip ohindlary. No. 3d, stationery. No. 38, firewood. No. 3i, oakum. PRN?AC0L4, PLORTDA. Clam No. 1, whit i oak plan* stu-ck logs No.?, white oak plank. Na. 13, whlt^ a'h oar?, hickory bara. No. 17, onmpnaitlon anl oopp-r nails No. 18, bar iron, steel. No. 19, iron npikes and naii* No. 81. hardware. No. 23, paints, oi'a, Ac. No. 85. stationery. m?y 21?law! w TO THE LADIES. THE undersigned is prepared to give lessons to la die* and children in all kinds of embroideri** hair and fine needle work. Also, in Mantilhs, Col lars, and dicevas will be embroider^ promptly to order. Stamping and Drawing done in neat style. MBS P. ZOLLICOPEB, 591 Maryland av , bet. 6th and 7th st., Islan !. [No 6*7.J Notic*. of the Rtmoval of the LinA Offic* from Clinton to Warsaw, in tkft State of Missouri. UNDw:l authority of too set of Conacres* entitled ' An a*t authorising ehi"tf?* lo the leotion ot Land iffice ,n sprr Ted M*rch 3, 1853. It is be eby (l-clsr-'i and made known that the '.amd ofiioe f r than lerf th? publ'c lands at rturro*, Mtssov.ri, will be rea-to" ti Wuta w, lVnt >n ounty, in ttt slid the ftrrt -J ay of July ner'. tiire- und^r qt hand, at the dtv of Washing?, thi fife-nth day of May, Anno Domini one thoas on*i debt bund ed and fl ty-five. Hy criar of the President: JOHN WTIJ?0N, Cr-mxalnioc n of General Land OflW. ma/ 1"?lav 6* W TiL LARD'SH 0 TE lT7 ?*ld Point Comfort, Va I'HIS SPIjKN 'ID HBA-BHORK HOUSE IS NOW OPEN. Poaro p?rday 03 B^ard by the work, per day 1 53 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Baths free for the gae?ts may 10 -lm C. C. WILLAR ' fc BRO [No. fc.8.j Notice of an establishment of an additional Lane Office in tke Territory of Oregon. IN pu"ua?<"f> if the act of Congress approved FeS rosry 17, 135% entitle.d "An act to establish sc addi'loosJ land dirt'ict l-i the Territory of Oregon.' to b' cal'ed th* Umpqna distr'rt. embranicg a I tli lanl l?in<south of tha tojrth <;f*nda-d parallel, ii i? l^rehy dt-clarel ard mad* known that the 'er.fi ol'ce for pail di-'r'ct han 'een K-eated hv the f're ' dent of th' Cn't'd Stat -s at the town ot Wincheftfi in said rerr'tory, until other tife orde od. ?iiv?n ander my hxod, at tV? city of Washington tliip 17th day cf May, A. D. 1856. JOHN WIS.SON, j Commissioner cf isnc.al Land Offlee. | xssy 18?lawliw FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. I ?MAVu BUILDING LTT3 cf 10 feet *r morn, it O ?trious ports ol tfcs City, oiid Geoiwetowo, a lew prices, an l 'ato fco erit. LLOYD L 00 ItUILnilO STOHC, ?cr sale, deiiverab!* at the Oanal, or iThar?e-? \i v7arh:?;;ton. Georgetown, o-r Ale"at?iHa. LLOYD A 00. ltth street, -pr T eafioi j [)?.partm?^t. it -H?It : Private Medical Treaties OS THI FirreioLooicti vi?w c? marbiagil IT m. D L.A CUOiX? 9. D, ALBANY. N Y V) rtgee and 130 Hne Tlain and Ool?l*-l LlUx> a^nphs and Plates. 33* rr??o pwly II C?ati. "TBB Uf gent fr;* of pc ?;age to all ports of the Onion-?| C liliAPKST BOOB" BYE:! & PUR!.IgIIBD,andoontaUi! \ *-:trly d nb'.e the qnastl-.y t T-r: f.su? matter In that of t\ pj r?Y OEM'S OB UOI.LA? rUBUO vTIOFB. Tt treats Cn the PHYf I0L'^ OY OP MARRIAGE and the a^rrot I? Sr'aitie -and cUaordei of >outh and oatsrity, re raiting from exceom, whle' destroy the ph^ical ocdufT tol powers, with ob-wrretkn. uv narriag*, Its dntiee ani di*quaiiacatic>->B, end thrlr r?n*<lles; with lithograph*, illnstrarins tb? ^log7, a->d dW???s*8 of tho fepir l'j"t!,-fe r.rgarsj of bctli ee.:*, their rtrnctars, unc and fa' cticai. A pcpu'ar and compreh?nr?Te tr* uee on the duties and raoua.'*ist f ?lnglo and au rl "i life?hippy *nd frtd.tml sJ''au^ee. mwdo cf ae :cu5b5 them?mJblkltoos inf'.tUe ones?th^l. ;hvIat"ion and rettOTai?'.ciportaut hlcto to thf~ <cnt?raplatln?r astriciray, thot will overscme ot jections to It; none, bowew-r. ehonld take thia it portant S"-ep w^rhoit first conenlttng its pageo r mn-ntartee oo tiie atsoaM^ and medical tteatme? of 'e!3*l*s fro? 'r-ianoy to old a.'f, eash caoe graph !i-ally lliuctratr-t by h-sutlfal i?*.ho?raphic pl^tes nerroo? d?*bll'ty, ohUt"? nn?i cure, by a pre^e. at onm: ?o Eirayi'!, .afs ani jffsctoal that foilnre i. mpowlble?rules for drily maragemenfc?an ere*} in Spermatorrhoea with ?r*ctV)al chBerrstlons An ? ?efrr, end more focoecs^c! mode of tr*?.!ra#Et?fr? ^itiuT.tn hints on tho e-{.l? Tvoclting fresi ao,pir. sal practice ?in rsaay cc a;: liaeoaas ariting 'rot icdlecretioii, with plain *nd simple rel.-i by whie* all perEfin': nn rare theroaeWee without msreory remedies for thoaa ee'f loflktod miseries and poir-tod ho pee 90 unfortunately preralect in th* rcung. It ii a truthful adrioer to the married an< ?ose cootemplating tnarriace. Tte pere?tel ip pal ticulatly reconiaeiidrd to rorponj oateriai-M* w :rct doubts of their physlc&I ootsditicn, and who art ensdu^ of haTing baxarded the health, nxppirc*. scd pr'rilece? to which STery bus.an belu^ 'e ts> tlli^d to. Price 25 sente per oypy, or fire copies iai ot;-: i.M ar. j!*Uod firoe oi postage to any part of the lru' ?ed 8tat?s. N. B.?Those wba prefer may eonnu'.tDr LtGaoti 2>on auy of the diss^nes upon which his bc-ck treat thcr tonally or by mail Medicine sent to en) part -A the Union according to directions, ?tf^> f.acked ana oaretuljy secured from all obeerrhUoii Address Dr. M. H. La OROIX, No. 81 Maidan L&u* .-r Poat OrSne Bo* i.79, Albany. N. Y. <)taoa ooeu .laily from B a n to 0 p ts, and oc Sunday f'oia until 5 p m. Q*liu Rejtovsd from No. M Bearer rt, toll At*l<t?a halts, Albany. N. Y. 4aa T Trsxml'bv D??ABTMt*T, March ft, 1055. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of atock of 'he United State* deserihod in th? fol lowing notice of 3d January last, that for the pur poae of coinpieilus the purchase of the amount therein named, this department will continue to purchase, upon tho terras of said notice, to the ex tent of the losiduo ol the sum proposed not yet ob tallied?say $1,158.5?? 05, If snid stocks are offered ;ind received here nnor to the first day of June next: TuSastoy DaraRTHiirr, January 3,1955. Notice u hereby given to the holders 01 th'1 f'ol lowing described stocks of the United Suts-s, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of Mar>;h next, portions of thorn stocks, amounting in ibe a; giegato to $1,800,000, in the manner and on the tetmn hereinafter mentioned, to wit: In case of any contingent competition, within t'aa amount stated, preference will be given in ihe order of time in which safd stocks may be offered. Tho certificates, duly assigned to the United States by the parties who are to recrtve the amount tnereor, must be traaau ittcd to this department; upon the receipt whereof, a pnoe will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or amount specified in cach cer tificate. 2. A pre mium on the etoek of the loan authorised by the net of Jnly, 1846, redeemable November 19, lo56 of 2H porceat.; <>n the stock of the loan ait thoriz'-il by ti?- act of 1649, redeemable 31st Decem ber, idtfi, ot 10 p? r cent.: on the stock of tho loans nuthorixed by the act* of 1847 and 1848, a id redeem able, the former on th- 31st December, 1887, and U10 latter on the 90th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; aod 00 the atock of the lean authorised by the act of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) <) per ceut. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1859, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reacb the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant rea.-urer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which yhall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the paid 1st day ?>f March, . JAMES GUTHRIE, 1 mai fi?d^que;! Secremrv of tU* Treasury. LAW PARTNERSHIP. ROBEBT J. WALKER and LOUIB JAN IN have formed a co partnership under tho firm ot ?'>> alker t Jan n," for the management and ar <?uiiient <?f cases In the Bapreme Court of the United ! tfcr.'e and bef ore the Ouun of Claim at Washing ton City. A<1 dross Wasfcugtoa, O, C. Bay IW-soll DOCTOR HOOFLANO't C ELEBEATBD (German BitUrs, nirtiu pt DR. C. *. JACK80*. PhiladV, Pft., WILL BPFBCTCALLT CVU LITER COfPLAWT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Ckronie or Kor+y Debiiity, Dioomom of the ] mm mriti* Cdmogo, mmd all dimm? arinrnf from wderod Liror or' Such as ComdfMkm. low! IT Blood u> the Head, Acidity of Ihe sea, ll.artburu, Disauet for ft*?*j Puling or weight in the i?tomaiTi, 8<>ur ErucuIk?b?, Bin k tag or Fluttoriog at the Pii of *he _ tomach. 8 im ming of the ll?>ad, Hott ?1 *nd dlfflcult Rreatbing, PlM'tenng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating f?*n?atk>vit ?hen In a iyimf Posture, o Vimod, Dow of We be betoi* (be digtot, Fever and Dai: P*in id iii? Head, D<#cieacyof Perspiration Yellowness of ihe Skm and Eyes, rain in the Sid", Back, Chest, Limbs, he., 0udd< n RtMtoes of Heat Burning in the Plesh, Constant Imagm ings of Evil, and grew de;*esei<>n of Spirits. I^HE prnprieu?r, in calling tue attention ot the publt. to this prenaratioi*,does so with a feel :?is of the utmost confidence in H* virtues aad adap tation to the due.ices for which it is recommended. it ia no new aid untried article, but uue Uiat has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen cm people, and -.re reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparation* eitnnt. The u-sum<tiy in its favor given by the most pDiu:ncnt ard well ioiowii Physicians and individual*, in all part- ot '?he country is immense. Tlie following from North Cai lina i? rospe-tfully sub . itt d, referring any who may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Rerfipt Book for Parmer* and Families to be !>ad grab*, of a I the Agent* lor the German Bitters. Principal Oflicc and Ma? ut'actory. ISO Arch si., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FRuM NORTH CAROLINA. Ctrhjicutt of Dr. W. Smith, *f Pine Hill, Rich mond Coiisly, A'. C. Pint mill, March 4th 1854 Dr.. C. W. Jackson, Philadelphia?D?ar Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f nn. for the la.-t five year*, flnch was my condition fo* welve months that the phyH ians and aH who saw .ne *aid 1 must die. While in this condition. I waf carried to Uie watering plac?s in ..Virginia, Tcnni * **- and North Onmlina, but waf^iot benefited by u?y water to which 1 was taken. While on my wny Ikitic, I "topped a week at Rutherford too, a -raS! I village in North Caroltna, to try the effect of -ome Uhafybeote water in that p!?ee. About the ?Hat of the week, I went into a drug rtore to pet 4nne medicine for my child and myseif. There were several of the village physi'-ian* in the atore, and one uf them neemed to take fcoane interest in my caa? find, afu-r nsk>ng me *?me <jae*uons, said he had be?n a dyspeptic, and had been grently bene fit tod by the U'-o of " Dr. Hoofland'* German Bit ter'." prepared by y.^u, and he insisted ibat I would uy tne Biturs He aleo called the nest day at my room, and insisted so much that I would try them that I asked him to &t me oae bottle. He did It, ind I commenced taking it as dir*ct<-d, nsd I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever token. After reaching h<*n>' one of my neighbors came to nae f.?r a prescription and mi di-'ine, (he a dyspep tic,) sn-1 i stave him nearly all the Bitters I bad lett, tvflich effected much pood in hu >'??. He hasoft^n ?: lied on me for more of the iMime k nd of medi :mc. fajing he was more benefitted by it than any Jther he had taken, but I have not be^-n able to grt ?Ty more finr him or m\"self . V.there j<re, please sh i*? me a dozen or more as soon aa pos *ble. Respeetlilllyyour*, W. SMITH. I). R. HOOKER, Roger's Store. Wake Co., N C., i i.tober ?4.1858, say*u Having experienced very great benefit from the use of w IIoofiuMi's Oerm >n Bitters,?* in Chtomc Pysenten' and funcunnal de rangtanent of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am ifeffir6tu of obtaining a auantfty *? it for the benefit of my community. You will, Uiwefore, please ?end a lot. lie. lie. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. HrirrsviLLt, Vadkii* Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st. 1853. Dt.C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ei f?re* to you my sincere thanks for your discovery of a medicine which, to say the lea.* of it, bae ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I have aken, have entirely failed to oo. "Hoofland'6 Ger man Bitters'' have eured me of th? mo?t etubbc?n nn.1 ar^rnvated case of the rn.t* that, perheps, ever fell to"the lot of man My case is nr>t a stranger in tuis community, as i am well known in this aad the ummnding counties, and can truly aav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relauons, as 1 had tried everything reaommended, and uothme did me any go.-d tintil I was prevailed upen to try the Biftcrs. You are it libera to p-akc nry n-e oi this communication, for the benefit of the afWc'*d, vou m?v think nrocer. Truly yours, WM. J. ATWOUD. Thew bitters are entirely regsfabie, they mvigout:*' and strengthen tlit system, never prostrate it, and ean b- used for infants a? w?Il a* adult*. Tor ? le by respectable dealers evervwhere and bv Z. D. GILMAN, Washington; J. L. RIDWCLL, Georc?iwi?: and J. B. PIERPONT, Aleiandtia. mar 1?IV OARTER'3 SPANISH MIXTURE. Tht Grant Pwrltlnr ot Blood I Hot a Parta*l? of Mercury III It in Lsbuxib'J IlKiLzr? for fterorola, Ernie's #vli, QbenmaMsra, O'^tinsi* Ou^Dwns Brupticna, or Pa?tu!*e ou li;" fae?, FJ^tchea, BcB*. CitrorJ" Sore Cf?e, Rlnr Worm or Tetter, 8tdl !(m4, JtElar?' Tnent acd Pain of the Bears and Joints, 8tobboni Ulcers, Syphilitic Di?ora*rs, Laabaga Spinal Ccmpla nts, and all the dleeew arising from an injadioKiii<? use of Msrourj, Im prod in ?tf?, or Impurity of tht Wood. ? rulossts M-dk:ne, which ha^ bscoras ?!?? 1 trfttfd fcr the number of .xtra-iAicary cnr<5?. -ffectsu through it* agency, hae induo?wi the prjpri ?Vks, at the urg-n: request of their friends, to effer t to ths public, which they do with the utmost eon. Idensa in its virtn?e and wonderful onrative prop irti ? The fbllo-rlng certificates, feinted trotn a ^ Hrg* number, are, hcwiver. atrcnger tesdmoor j Hm-.i mera word of tb.e prv?prietrrs; *nd arr fcll | rom gentleci^n we'l known ia their localities, &nd jf the highest raspetobility, nany oi them rae'.diim c th? city of Rlehmo'-d, Ta. P. BOYDiSN, Jtiii,, of the Exchange Hotel, Blob mord, known everywhere says he has seen t he M?d? sin* called Srunss Murrss. ad m^nssbeared n over s hundred < ass?, in naarlv all the dltt*** :or which it is recommended, wita the oo?t astoa r.hlngly go^d rcfiulte He says It is the meat ex 3a?rd:nary mcdiclue he has *var seen. AOUB AND PKV1H?GRRAT CURB.?I bertby ?ertU> tiat for thrae years I had 4ga? and Vtret of the moft violent de?criptSon. I had several Phv idans, took Urge jcknUiias of Qninise, Mercury, -ad I beLeve all thl. Tonics adveitised, but all witn >ut permuient relief. At last I tr.ed Carter'^ pentsh Mix tars, two TxtUec of which efT-ctuail* '.u-ad e*, and I iun h^rpy to say I have had neither -hills or fevers ulnae. I coniddar it ILb hart Tonic in tide world, and the only medk:na that ?ver reached my case. JOHN LOHUCHN. Buna Ditch, near Richmond, Ya. C. B. Li^CfiL, Kni; now In ths city cf Ulchiacnd ^nd for many v^ar: in the Poet OdScs, had each oonfidenoe in tb.e s-tonisoin^ edicaoy of Carter's Spanish Mistnri. thst h^ has nc-n^ht upwards of 68 boULae, which he has girrn away to the aflrcted.? Mr. Lsbek Bays he has newer Luvn It to tall whan 'Aken aooordlng to directions. Dr. M1NGB. ? procuring Phyrfeian, and fcraurly cf the Qity Hotel, in the oty cf Richmond, wye he has wltnaaaad in a uur.b?r oi ln?tan??a the c9wts ol Oartar*a Spanish Mixture, which wera most truly -nrpritlng. He 9&7a In a case of Oon^uc^pticn, d~ jiendest on the Liver, ths good effect; were won ierful indeed. RAMUfcL M. DRINKS &, of the firm of Drinker * Morria, Richmond, was eared cured of Liver Ccca jlrdnt or three yesrs standing, by the use rt twe bc'.tlee of Carter^ Boani- h Mixture. GRiiAT OURJfi 0If HOLOFl. LA ? The Sdliors of the Richmond Republican hid a servant employed in their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, ocm bined with Rheuir ?ti*ta, which entirely disabled him ftoa work. Tco bcttlae of Carters PpanieL Mixture made a perfect enre cf him, end the Kdi tor* in a public notice, Fay they "chaerfnlly reoom nand it to all who are afflicted w*th any (ilsesae cl the blood.* STlLL ANOTHHH cURH Of SCROFULA.?I had a very valusbl- boy rared of Bcro.'ala by Carter's Spanish Mixture I consider It truly a valuable medicine. JAMS;! M. TATI/^R, Oonductcr ca the R. V. and P. H. 1L Co. lUchmond. Ya. SALT RHKIIH OP TY'ENTY YRAB8 FTANTTS3 CURED Mr. JOE?" THOMPSON, residing In the dty oi Richmond, waa cured by three bottles of darter's Spanish Mixture, cf Salt Uhenm. which he had for nearly taveaty years, and which ail the phyriaans of the eMf etrald not cure. Mr. Thompson is a well know* Kerthant in the city of IUchmondf and his la meet 3&r<raraable. WM. JLMATTHRWB. of Rkhmond had a servant cured of fyphills, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He seys he cheerfully reoom mends it, and oonskiers it a very invaluable medi ?Dwm BURTON, commfsslonef at ths revenue. ?ye he has seen the good efl?cte of Carter's Spanish i in a number of syphilitic oases, ad says it Mixture ^ Is a perfect eure fcr that norrible WM. A. HARWO?)D, ef Riebmond, eared of old florae and Ulcers, wh'ch disalded him frem w?Jhing Took a few bottles of Oar'er's Spanish Mixture, and wm enabled to walk without a crutch, In a short time pennanently cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOftK ft C?? No. ?8 Maiden Lane, New York. 7. W DYOTT k SONS, No. 183 North leoond ?U. Philadelphia T* BKNNjBTT ft BEJKRS, No. lift M>i- gtmt, Riih m'Zad ftu sale by CHARLES 8T0TT, Waehmrbm JMWW PML, Alexandria and by^J^S "T& $1 per botUs, or six bott*se for fk ?op at ?1? wtoTdtfa OF thbolxiwi^wi oTfflta iy. rfbfton. ky^R, M. R. 1. A., :#? i'lCWCK TATLOR, L-iJ ? 1 ' TRAVELERS' nRF'TORT. BT BUW4B DIBICT TO SX?T. rime bttVNe WMbioftM aid Whteliaf bat 17* boon! Running tin* b. ttte'n Washington mud Civrmmti 27 k?wrt Through Tickets *nd Btggtfe Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING creatiy improved i?a Wr tool bow oQrn tb? lulJe-t ini traveler* between NVa?hinaU>n, Baltimore, i portion* of the West, the Northwest and the flo?fc mcrl The connection between the trains from Wul nrln and the trim* hound wwt I mm Rai<imo:e to :dwav* prompt! j made at tne Washington J unci too (lately called ihe Relay Hiu-e) 9 aui?* front Balti more. Tbis i? the ?>al, ch ?t? of cars required be iwcec Wsrtiiugioa and thr OMu nver. Baggage ia checked through to Wheefing at the Washington -taifon, end n checked and trjti-ferred there, (with ihe paeeenrera) w thont < harie, for thoee bold rag hroufh tick* m 'or point* beynnu. The conn? rtiag train leave Waabiurt ^n daily at 6 a. m. aa.1 4)4 p. n On Sundays at the laitei boar only. At Vrh?elin* iweJ conaer ion >a made with the trains of the CKNTR V. OHIO RAILROAD, raa nin( from Betlaire on the Ohio, near Wh< eHaf, hronch Cambridge, 'Zanesville and Newark, to COLUMBUS Th+*r train- connect at Newark with the cars of the Newark. Man*fo M and Handua ay Rail mad for Sandusky, Toledo, Lietjoii, Chicago St. Louie, etc. At Columbus the C. O. Railroad train* connect * Ui the fast train* of the Little Miami Railroad to Xen'a, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE etc. Al Tenia (on Little Miami Rail'oad) connection la formed with the train* through Dayton, to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock I land, St. Louis,?tc. 0r0- Pom*:;cm boUii.g thr >uglt tickcta lor kfeea phis llckthurg. Xatfhf, New OrUant etc., which are al*o sold at Wa-h>ngtm ar- transferred at Cia rinnnti to the Mail t-u?am?rs on the Ohio. Ticket* for Evins^iHe, Cai*\ and St Louis are an] J by thia route. ?g-FOR CLEVELAND, and via Clev. land to TiMe;!'. Detroit, Chicago, etc., tickets are sold, tvt:fn the Obin is navigable between Wheeling and vVelIev:'!e (forty mi1?**) where a connection wttii the Cleveland and Pltt?burg Railroad i* marie. Travellers are rrqi?i e ? to not'?*e thn? wkile thia ia !h?: only mute afloiding throush tiekrta and ch*eka ir W'n?h?npton, it i* nl-o il?e snon-?t, mo?t sp^e y, ami dir? rt to nearly ail lb*1 leading p>nt>= it be f .al Wcet. The cistan^efr m IVadnsfM to Cin cinnati is btii 6i3 mile*, beij.j about 100 uule* short er than by any other routa ! FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM W*8H INGTON: T<? Wheeling. JfO ?; Onlum*n? $13 ?fi; t>avton, 415 50 ; Cincinnati, #1A ; Louuvil a. by railroad 91665, by Fteam. r/.-om < itcinaati, f 19; In ilianapolm, $17 5fl; Cleveland, $12 15; Toledo, $1& SO; D Unit, $15 20; Chin-o. $Oi 65 and $19 50; St. Louie, $28 50 and $"JS. Memphis, $96, New Or leUf, $31, etc. 49" fOR FREDERICK an* HARPER'S rERRY MARTINSBURU. BERKELEY SPRiNOH, CUM BERLAND, BEDF ORf' HPr.I VGA. Pi?dm"nt. Oek lanJ. and Fairmount, pa??engerfi may iuave Waah insrtna at 6 a m or 41/) p- in. For the n.inor way nation^ b?>tweea l>altinMre and Wheeling, take 6 a m train from Washington W* For trains to and IY?.m Belbmore, Annapolis, etc., see special adv< rti*em*'iita. g^For further information, thr ugh ticket*, kc., apply to THOS. li. TARS - ?NH; %g at, at VVaahing too Station. JOHN H. DONE, Master of Transportation Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore, may 3?tf WAfimNGTOK BRANCH RMLROAd! CHANGE OF HOURS. ON and aA"r Monday, the ttd inatant. (he trains wU! Leave Washington at 6 and 8% a. m^ ?cd 3 and 4* p m '>n Sunday at 414 P m Leave B&'limorc at 4 H and tl( a n, and 3 and 5* p m On Sunday at 4.lf am ap 93- tf T. H. FAR8Q^S, A<cwt. Mott Bodell's Line. ^ SEW TORE.ALEXANDRIA. WJISHINGTOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMHIA PACKETS. 11H1S LINE <?F PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY trcai pier 14 Ea-t River, N? w York.and oftenet l!"n?>ce?-ary,and are coir.priH'd of tPcfrjUewiag fint cla*s vcapel*: f.pw sehr. A. F. Bedell, master. New *chr. Mott BedeU, A. V. Trr-dwelL Schr. Ann D.. Wm. Oliver, mamn. Schr. VoUtU, L. A. SmiLh. master. Schr. ComnuiT*!er in- Chxof, VVogl _,m, aiaMer. Schr. Greentray, Wilkin,"master. . The?e venel* are all fart -ader?, and the ma<efa men of ei|?enence in tb- trade, and the only rt^a !ar line o< Wa*hin?ton City packets. MOTT BEi;ELL. WMl Mreat, W. Y. 8. S. MABTER^ k. SONS, Alvsandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, fofe ' ?flrn Washington and D. C. 01.A50E AHD AL7XAHDE1A EAJXBOAD. Gn and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, rpjjLI Cars 'eaTa Aleaardria d**!y for Grrdone 1 vtlle and iate^aiediKte Nations at 7^ o'clock, a. a., on tbs arrival of the boei liom W* -telngton, giTiagacipie tirrs for braakfaat oa toerd <>? pectlng at H*ncu:-?^ Junction with a tra!v tar 8tra? '.?nr^, at Warr-ctcr: Jc rtion wit>. a trata for War r?n'jOn, and at Gcrdonavili* w??h th? trains ?jb the Virginia Oaatral JL-rUvhia'sd,Charlotte* viU?, and Htaaaton Th" oere tear* Gordrniril a daiU (or Alexandria ad latenaediats ?uncrs ut bcur* 12, a. n., oa the arrival of the traine ?*' tb* Vi:vi. la Oautral rail rc^d {roc Rkhaioad, CharL-ttoevlIU. an-1 c^auatota TJEC J33 TICKETS Tr-y-z L\"z? c 2rU to Wkireoton $1 oa " u GsrkiarvClr.^ 9 40 M M OaclotkwHIis ^... 4 ? u ** Ptaanton 6 to u u Stiaaburg . S W 44 u f.yw.-S> nrg 6 7? " V. .u^ titer .)K u '' Lorai,.M.>mmnMM... 4 It ? " !f?w llark't ,.... 6 00 44 44 MUlWborg 2 26 ?*T I jaollMirg . <J.'iineot1ng with th? stages al (iaricttsevll-a, oa Moadaya,V^daesdayr, and FrV day* For Lrjfcj aad utrm laarket, acuuctiag with the at Ooipepcr, oa Taaadays.Tharisdaye, and Bab ?? ages i arday. For TTlacheeicr daily, connecting with ths at Pted fc.ee t T'jT MtldUbur; daifv, ccnaeet ag with th* it tha Piain?. Fi' order; W. R. B100EEH, Agent aovT?dtf iOK MOUNT VJtRNON. Ob TUESDAYS and FKIDAYS. !?faje round trip SI; f"om Alas a Ha *!b c?ntf=?Tie TF^HAP OOLLTKR leaT* W^.. r gtrn a: 9 aad A'.*aaclrla at tU c'clock. Coichas lear* the Capitc! fcr th?boat at o'clk. Ov*h ti"* 10 eeati. .'etsona wtahxn^ the OotuheavH latve Leir tMt lan** with Gee. 1 Tnoa. Fark lafrariUMAta the boat act 28?dtf *AM*L GRDNWY, Capl. lilt XBW G113& * LIVBRPOUL UNITED STATES MAIL STKAMIR Tni CHIPS OOMPRL* INC THIS LLNI AR1 SUE? ATLANTIC, Oapt. PACIFIC, Oart Krfk, BALTIC. Capt Otmetack, aJdfJATlC. Oapt. Thaae ship* have been built by ro^txaet, aiptua ly for Gor-rnmrnt aerrke; avery can has haeoD taken ia tbair eoa?tmcticn, as la the Engtzye it Isiare etr*n*th and speed, aad their am?n m?^da tior.s for paasragcra are ot:equalled fcr eiegaaea aad f^mtort. Pnre of passage from New York to Ufnod, ia tret cabin L/JliO Beound ^ahiE ??,???., mn ^ ?xdative use of extra slxe state rooms 80t Prvm Liverpool u New York ?30 and 120 Aa ex^erienoad surgeon attached toeerh fhlp. No berth oan be aecored unUi paid fcr. for freight er passage aptly to lDWA&D K. OOLUN8 * CO., M Wall Street New Ycrft. BROWN, S91PLVT * 00 , LiT^rpooL K. S. ROBERTS A CO-, 18 Ring's Arms Yard, Ixm'lom. JOHN MUNP0E A 00, 2t Rue Notre Dam* dee Virto?ree, Paria. GEO H. DKAPSIt, Havre. The owner' of th#?e ships arill kot be a^rertabia t tor gold, sliver, bullion, ?pecie. Jewelry, pr??ioaj stoner- or metals, ualass billa of iadlag are itgasa theretcr, an 1 the vein* thereof thereia expiei ssd mov It?41v BASKING HOUSE OF PA1*0 k 50UE?ft ONDi, Ptoc ks aad other ??i.d luverect at the rata of six per ceat am aa?>(ua al; lowed on depottm wbc*i left ffir II ketfer i?n ?4~6m

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