23 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

23 Temmuz 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAB, WASHIJfGTOE Cllt: - ? I, - ? ? - MO.1 DAY AFTERSOON My >9. Aorrrrr roR tm ?^ab. i fpltovins persons W lutkoriiii to trmet for tbe publication of adrertiaemcnto in Um Slur: k > Philadelphia?V. B. Paimkx.N W. corner of Third AJ><i Cbestrut itiMU. New York?S 51 ?iTTiB?u?i.4 Co., Naaaau B. Piuut, HoeUny'e Building. BTAdtb*ti8?ii**t8 ?hould be handed in. ky 11 o'clock. M, otherwise they may sot np HV vatil the next day. job rkiATne. We are raov>g our prt'? c? into a fine new pre?? room, where we win have greatly in creased facilities for the ex^-suiion'of Job Pnntrve. Our e*ber facilities fbr the neat. ?Xp* diriou?. and econon-'cal exr *utiou of Job Printing, of a'muii wtry Jernp' on, have likewise been greatly extended: of lata. So wo are now prepared to g?ve sat??fhet,<ni hi that line tc all. Counsel before the Court of Claims mill iind the ?<#/? office the beet plac j in Wajh jsgton for the immediate and correct execu tion of tb*lr printing j?>ba. Give a: a call. SPOUT 07 THE HOREING PRESS. The I'nwon. d'?cu5i ?? the Eastern war ques tion, argu*"ng that the A^Mes grossly n?"d the-' caa: 3 >n the lat j iUUck wo the Mat uMuff and Redan at Seba^topol. a el that Rus lia has the right ou her side. We find in the Umou the follu*.n; lutoi Congrt-?ion?l can didal ??iu Kenwueky, where the election is to come off on the tMonday in August next: Xhit Amti-K. Nothing. Know Nothing. 1 H. C. Burner Wi"w Q. Hojhe . 2 S 0 Pejon, J. P. Cauinbe'1 3 J. P. Bates, W. L. linaerwoJ. 4 A G. Talhctt. ? T Pox. - 5 J. fl- JfcweU; C. G. Wintjrediith A J. M E"iou. G. W. Puulap. 7 Wai. Pi-??iou. H.Marshall. J. A. IIHa'sort A K. Ma^hall. 9 R. H. Stent >n, L. M Co* 10 H. C jpni S. t. Swoj r We find in the the follow'n* iJfrte** fr_?m fto:c a'leged to have ?old tj Jit -srt. K'??ncy and Fabens tho lend they pro lose to be about to colou;c^, wbkh shows that the pr?t mce that they have lands in Nic?rau guawh;eh they aia est tied tjcjlonizo h?* no founda ion in fa *t: I* lAe JMi/ttsttr of Foreign fitIntiuna of the Govt-Htninf of tkz H^nhlic of iVtfa ratft/a Sin:?In lepiy to the question wbJ^h. by Or der of hie Excellency the Deputy President of the Republic, your II! ^bne--* hast dir u?*l to us. wiiet4-or we have aula or ? m at * i },?nds to M< <rs. Fab?tand Kinrey, we Dave the JaooeT to :*y that we havj ttver so'd or ?.i-)tnt ? d a tingle i'ootof iand in any paii uf toe Re public t j the geniitaien came i, or tj any other foreigner. .We make this ttac deelarnt'.on t^yonr Hirh ne?* and sut'-n.oe ?ut-"1vps jirnr obediful arrant'. PittuBi o Stxto Soso, ]f f HMLS Ft8RV.fi. A Coy jr.?Mini?Uy of Foreig j Refatior * of Govt./tnteut of Republic. JLitocoa. tilUJADv. June i Ibjj. ' The ia?t Eurof sen arrival brings news of the ncs. nation of Sencr A'foEXoEr.Vaite, by tbe Spani.h c^b uet. 10 euct' ed Staor Caetn. v Minii. -x P'.en'?poier.u*Ty f.om ^paia to the Vnit-rd Sta<M At the dati of the las; ad ncs i'.om Madrid this numination had qot keen cons mcd ey tb" Cortex, sn effieial act ^i?i J x j i:ir t him with the Tacctions of the J* tion. have ie#r??ivi fnm L. II. Tnok, E q., formerly of W??hiBgt?n, a pamphlet, of fifty pare?. ? ntitlH ?? O^rdition and Piv^pccw ?i tbe Betrvit and Milwaukie Railway, from Dviroit to Grand Haver." (1^5 rri!t ?.^ n-"pj ?companying the work, in explanation of the tontcct* of ilie voiume Thi Cmrcs.?Tbe gr^atcireus *nd mera^ mt of P ver* Deriou* arrival at A anrrp ?li? yc^'trdav in the st ;amrr Georgia fr um The 6c?"t. They open in Annapolis tui* after noon. _ PERSONAL. ....Horace.Gi? eley bas zoiuined to P<tris. havingiefi bis (amity in Switzerland. He ia leady. it in naid. to tab-" k'< t*??l, ?nd i??ti mat-'*; hia mtenti-ai ofgivir.g very eai ??*>-< bat tle ....The wife and youngen daughter of T Buchanan R?ad. American p>>vt end artist, i died of choicra, at Fioreucsj ?*rly duung the | present m-jn)b. v ? ? . - ....TWGeneva (N. Y.) O arier ?ayf ft ia jinthorifd to ?tatc that the Rev. W H. tli'fxl win. pastor of the M E Church iu th?t vil iage. aa-* entirely disc'Tnect' I hiin^cff uith politic?, and intend? to h?veuothingmoi Jtndo with sdeb matters. The exam]-le n,;'?bt. in pjjgii ea - be advarrti?gei>usly followed iuoth tt vietritiea ....Mr Jam.'n Si^k Buckingham the well kcoaa kctmer aad Wtiter, di^d <>o Saturday June 36. at b'.? nsidciKe. St<mh<>pe l?dga. Cpper Avenue load, after ftaevere and pro iraet^d illneas ....Colonel Mordcc*: Cooke <:ed at hiv je^depf^ in Ifoifo!k; on Thur day. He was in the thirty-eighth year of hi<? a;e. and in the mflet of a ca rc -*r of n ?uln<. I a ad honorable distinction ....Mw Williaci aud Thoma: Carolh ?ra, (brother* of Rev. A. i>. Carol born A of th eity. tailed iiom New Yurk in the stumor l?'i Boi% for Cali&iiaia on Friday la-t Tuey ai ? ?ofterpriamg youn^ men, and go out to join their father, who ha* bean there for several years pa?t They eany wi?h titem the be., wishes of their mend* for tneir t*k\j aud .... It is n^w stat i that Jim Myers, tl-3 clown, i^ not dead, bet tLa\ in?tea<l of break ing bu neck by the <lippt r? of the rope on wo^ch he wa<* perfoiruing, tne lln/ U> which the ruti fastened broke; a very import ant oiffoicuee of breakage. .... Hon S. P. Cka*; (the 4- next G<Weraor ?t Ohio. ' as the Evening Post call* bim,) was 7ee?-nt)y in New York, and le?l on Saturday ?re?'''r tor D?tt >n. He ii the Know Simt* iking candid** . A lioj* to r q>rer ^nt the Hebrew commer cial rla??with a eapityl <vf <500 00^ or 51, Ooa ayo. ha* *H-en f^r some t:me in coat.'uipla tkm New Y"rk; it is new partly orgfHrid, with a subscription fl< vrhicn takes a cor Id ?rablc pordon of it* cap.ta' ?t*k Poft Kn,ti*o -r-Thc^ hav|? a novel war of puttr g dog; t) death in thc pubTir p, und up towe (Tfow T- rkj ^hc ar'uifIs are put into nVi, partially A' I* I with water- wheu ?tK>rt rf covering *Hut d<>wn. and a erw..'r h dram i? v pem 1 opuu. Lhtia. drawnTr.g the s?ry ?pead'.iy ? - ? i i i ? ??? ?? ip f mm . k SjuaciraTiox ix Locisiax a?The New Ot lea"* Delta U Ju'.y 8. ?iv* '?Two?ety nkeVv Ux>kie< mn'atio slaveg'rU ware tmaucipatod yesterday by * jury ot ftavo-holders, on the applies ion of th?:rown ei, uUo waa alao a malauo ihey ware also a' luned to remain in the State aud enj^y their 1 b?rty. upon '.heir n^.a^^ifioc bood end se curity thwt they should never beenme a bur den to the Communwealth Iftii is the fcr*. ca?) under the law which waa pai?.. 1 by the la?t Legis'atuie. Uuherto the owner algae fcad the power of etuaucipauoit. ' WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Got. Seeder's Mea?agc ?We find nothing in this parer t* which th* nHwt axdent pr> alavery believer in the deotrine of *quatter sovereignty (to which, by-the-by, we have htver pmned our faith) ca*ol>joct. It regain s stronger spectacles than o?w, through which to discover the least leaning towards abolition ism in the pap or in question. Every candid S uthern man who may raad it Will come to this conclusion. Indgfjflt Is heartily rep robated t/y the Northern press a'ding with the eau*-2 of aat'.-slavery in Kansas, who denounce* it*n imtaca^ar i tct*?, *w*avo* that ihcy exjrs -i dHT.n/nt ti,?a3?pf fc-n.^n evident-. tinn ef qttnu*t rfith ?en. StriaijCollow and' the 3f*r;ourij,T??. The Governor L go?* the whole" for giving tb> L.'fe 'Iatnre of ihe Tenlt ny its swing upon theslavery qncsuon. "Under ex v% elrcum btauc .>?, this moans?in f*vor 0f tte insutuiiou; as a very large majority of the body arc very v'tra auti-aboli. '.oDii. -men who would glad ly ena^t the death pun'-diuont against practi cal aboli. ????.?; a^aiwn thoeo whosteal slaves, or who ? conduci them. as to render the t :aure t>f stave insecure in that! region lor oor part, wb: i we c ?nccive that this ' nieseage complct >'y r.U.rj? Gov. Reeder from the su.-picion of a.th abi.it ionism. and though tuo duj".ne in tVi connection makes, a* matters now smnd; in favor of slavery iu Kansas, we t?ve no Ioyj for it?the due ieof *qumet sovereignly. Aoeording to his ! (G<?v. R V) e': :mat*. tfcerj at > ?ome six thou sued wMt* men aud wom^n t:ttled in Kansas in ? i iiuc 3,2.,) of whom arc voting citizen*; c*e?y man being ent>', \ to vote on the day he takes up h's tesideno; iu the Territory. I nder the dociiine of oquatter j-overeignty. a m\irity of those 3,.too moa may, at will, shape the law* and ins-Ptutlons of that Tcrritoiy, ca pable cf supporung a popula" on of, it may be, 2t>.00t?.0t)0 of j?h. Nay, ?c they nurabeiod but a hnndrtI, the itterol* .ty to the same extent it* in them, a~::ord:ng u> th'i, to us i,o f.'Ma i.jua docti*tie It was con jiv 1 oiigi iit>*ly cheat the gjuth; that is, it wn? judgei by rhe inventors that its of r ration wor'd li to exclude slavery ?. jm all territ jry of the Unit-1 Scat-* therearter ti be opened to settlement: a slave properly, and those per sonally inierr-tjd in it, is slower than wb'te labor to sef'e nt n ouutries. The th ?ry was plausible ; but no a"< xrt.nce wa; ma lo for the sympathy that ins fution of those pra ? i cs'ly a:qu?int. Iwith in operation aodefi it <>n American communities The fict ts?t tLei: mr.y h?said to ti liter a >y nouivi^.oci ot t>m ment on the subject whei3 slavery eaitts, wfs entirely overlooked -n tae:r ca'-uIat-OHS. *i m?'\ ms the facts that while thousands ol the cla?se? in tho non-slave hold ng stat?s who are pron?- ti emig/ai ? (to change) om theroscUc f ^ympathi^rs with the .u^r.ution the slave-holding State* are quite a- much given to emigration aa these of the North ; tending ont from tfcc;rm!d3t, too, men Of far mou energy, aaventu-.ous charter and eaperirnco in tee iranagjment of pontics' affairs. I ban go, as a genera' thiog, frum the Xoith, whiah, tfco mo;t part, *i id.* out men bent on'iy on making moccy. These elements opeiatJrj In Kansas, wi'.l dcubtles8 seeore for the iSou?h her rijhU there, of which she wa* unfairly riibb^l by th6 enactment of the Mi<? sou?i rest fiction Tn what we have said above concerning the expectations of the oiiginal equaUor-sovdreign >ty men, w.* do not me*n to include all'of them ; as Senator Doug'iw and mai,> others holding sentimenti in common with him, have >'w*ys proclaim 1 that they were willing to ab.de the issue of the struggle between the riFal c--tions in the matter of colonfz-^g ter ritory in dispute between them, and to aid the p?oplo ol oach teintory t.i come intothe Ur^on with s!ave-holding Stale constitntior- a thev chorid soe?:;t. Deserted ?The New York Coarier anl E*-}iurer, wi.'>h. for the l?,t year, has bi u hanging vn tis ski'ts of the Know Nothing party. Ijhs at '*B^ih fairly gono over to the enemy?the new Republican pJrty of M<>*r Gr.?eley,S. ward, Chase, Wilful Co. Itcan ?0i - go tLe Phila Jelplra plat arm. As that fliU ty ra"ke tk? oral ion of ?ho Midori reliction th-- Fbfblokrh of Know Noth=n - lH>Itic">: faith. "The Hitor says that he is will ing to vote lor Gariivon. Tapp?n L to., if th?t may be nc ^17. to orry the (with hiu?; ;ill impoiiynt point. We m 1 bar l.y remark, that this excuse for b?? de,?rtH?.i of Ws latfffrend-f is the merest subtsnuge imaginable ; arho, as well as alith* rest ol tho^e who are frmili ir with party poli tic, is aware, that tl,e rep.,1 or important amendment the Kan.3*.Nebraska bill b to a ^'voxnmeata! imp--dbi'ity in the next twenty year?. The tiu?'n i?., the Conner leaves Kiow Nothintbuj a? a rit ]cavc8 a ??k'^S ^;P I*? conductor* are well aware that the :iew pany ha* already absorbed three fourths of i#s ava ab'e stiength in the non -im?. holding Stat s, and pufar ?, fiKht under the ulx>lition bonnet cf Me >rs Chaae, Sewawl. WiltfMi A Co., th*n I > r tna-n identifled aith a pany that ca^'iot. by anj possibility, win, since Not (hern political afi^irs have tsken the turn markiug their presen* course. We shaH not Is so.^ri .j to the Rnow Notb n^s of th? NoiJj_th.it i?, the Simon p?? j Hind > or B^o he) party?vo.>g for the Denjc :ra?s n the approachirg Northern State elt 3 on*, L jau^j the candidal:sof that party aiM be the only aati-abol tioaih ^ fc .foro the people who ivand the lea.-* cb.m< 3 of elcotion. Hindoo or Boo-ht > pauy haw l>en so reduced in numbe*a by the deseiaon of iu> 1 rank and t!e to the new republican (abolition) pauy, a* that it hardly numbers more than the oat-eod-out Abolition party numbered six year* ago. In New York they si a probably more numeuns though tbey cannot, a? mat tira now i^ir.d, pjll one-Kith the vole of the State Senator Sewa.i bns cmpletely out generaled the ai. oi Tho Paeific Railroad.?The ;sports id the vaiious surv eys or exploration* to find tha best rout; for a r?-\'ef?a? titU P-.ific ccntly published under the supervision of the typographical bureau ol the War Department, demons rate the fact that the Texaa n>ute i*k by long edds. the best?iLs highest elevation to' * ?*er??me being more than a thousand feet than that by any other roatc examined, grading being mueh easier, anl the cli mate mch ao to insure not only the free use of the road tbmugh-tit the winter, bat aa entire eximr%m from the disturbance ef the wiper ftifuctrfro through t>ic a.:tion of frost In the spring Ther? te.dwwever. on that route less timber for the work than on the other router : but su<*h timber i* plentiful In convonlent loea , t vat; asd wiVbin vvavciuent dutaace vf the proposed line. Tl?e Secretary of War, in hi? report on or review of the repot ts of the engi neer*, points put. the many odvanta^.vi of thi* r nte, and by reference to the fasts and figure* vi Inch result from the explorations, above re-> ferted lo, demon?trat ? beyond queelion that if ! the purpose be w secure aeei^ia, speedy, and <%onomi4aIeonuecU?n with the Pacific coast by rail, the Texas route mn<t bo adopted. The entire cost of thework I* c?tiuiut.d at bet*' ;n ff'Xty-eight and Mxty-nine millions, of d-dl^rs. The sum i? not largj for the entei pi ise of"the C4pi?*U-ts of ?or country, who, of tat* years, have bt- n accustomr i tj enga^j in sini'lar wort* e?*ting msny millions of dollars Wiih n favorable chai??r tt ji/dollar of the stick might t5 taken, in a ?. ;k, in the diff;i?nt t inmeiMal cit*?? of the Union. A Wrinkle.?We saw, at the establishment of Taylor A Maury, on .Saturday, - >mtthmg new in ths way oi' a pea. wb;?h i^ust the im plement for thate who d ?-*'?? t:? avoid the Iom of time and irVy fl'Kpr* incident to dipping the pen in ink It ii teimed Printi'j Protisn Fount in Pen, and .if covet I by a patent re cently isiU<d. It ii a ftjld j *a fixed in a handle midc of en ?ud:a lublr or gutta percha composition termed pro', ten. which (the handle} is hollow and '? II'led with an air tight pitton of the huuj mat ?iir?l. It di *>? not cjrrode. a? wc know Lorn it*. r<e for various other purposes. It it filled with ink by dip ping the point of the pen ii a bot'"e of g.;od lluid irk and drawing up thu pK.on, When a vacuum being thus cieat l, the *r>katonce fillc tho vacuum in the handle. We find it fl 'W down with ea-* and rapid ly, and that no more flows dowa than juM feuffie'ent for the purpose of writing *.th w j *mlcoirrou; so there is no dunjjr of blowing the paper when it is used. Ink require ti bodrawu up into the holder, not more frequently taan once in six or eight hour?. Ibc r :f?evenicnt of ail these advantage* amount not op'y t j * goat moreare of eomfoit in w.il.uj, but t3 aconsid able saving of t^-ne. It is ?;~ht, graceful, and enables one utlng it '.j accomplish very much mote than when u?olng any other pen we have ever tried. There is much ri it, indeed?and who shou'd knew bet<er than onrself, who. j pjthaps, <!< alv.icj n muchwut:~5 in the ? wenty-four hours throughout the year, than any other man in tl 2 l>i t.ict of Columbia. The Acting Midshipmen on the Preble The 0 !ng tr/d-d-pmen who have gone to tea on the prac:'c >s! p Pi^ble r- j W. M Allen, tF. II. Bu.k-0, T. B M ' LT. M B'ue, J. W. Han s, C. S. Fchrycck, R. S. CoUum, C. M S.hoor maker, 0. D. ? Ve, W. H. Beaumont, ! II. II. Cjndict, Naraar' 1 Uiceu, H Howi^on, C. L. Frank'in, Wm. A Ke.r, Ii. L. I\thi.m. A. P. Coke, Wm. A. Biouu, A. Kant*. W E. Evar?, C. N Swc,3y, D. A. P..dee, A. P. D.?he;'d, P Smith. R. R. Wa'Is e, T. K P. ter O. P Mer.tfD. R. g. M. CcVk. L. II t'ibb?, h ^rgtf I.. Perk.rs George Dervey. Jau-s Rk'.R T. BraJ .oid. Wm. Ii. Vaughn, C Pb"ij? >\ U. Fprqnher. J. W W Davih, A S Ashe. H. W Miller, J. C. Mort'.sy. ?e-. A. Sanycr. L. P. Ward. C. Me.chant, John F. Wi.ght. E F. Ie?4y. is.ifn'. A-lp?r?, Wm. II Mirg.-n, A V. R-.-i, A. V. Andicj*, S Mil ii <en. C. S. Lhlngiton. W. Van Suntvoord. Andrew Csrae-?. John Gr'mball, R. II Yat?>:. Wm. Wekb, L. 6. MoC< ?k, LrR .y fi^h, V. Ilatfield. J A Hok C. 0. Jud* .a, C. J MvDoujsM, ii. j. A. Billow. F. D. C. WiDg. 0 >. M Blvl-jat, O. B. Wli:te, G L bton-s. I Jaucj Bishop. T. II. Ea- maii, E. ?. Fjrber L. C M-y, F. R.d-jway C 0. Whittle, P. B Smith,*C. B. Cltveland, R 1 Prent^s, R M illet. A Contest. There is likely ti> be quite a rtroggle between a number of officers of the Marine Corps for iu Quaitcimaatership. mnde vacant by the death of the late M tjor Nicbol feoa. Wc have heard of hr'f 1 dozen cindi datcs beir? urg I on the Prwidest At pi vs ent tho? ? moit prominency spoktu of ar; t'apt. Tyler, 'who w??? nexi ia ra-jj 11 ^p ,lccease(j in the li le. and C?ipt. L:nd?-ay. tho A^si<iant (?ua1..-rms?t?r cf tho c ??^s. who has been or dered here fiOtn Now Voik to di^-hargo the <!u Ic of tho p jji ion until it shall be fina'ly def jrmin* I on whom t) dt Volvo the perma nent app jiitoj.nt. Appointed?Edw'n 0. Ever% ha? h"cn aj> IKMotMl a wat-hmsn for the dlv bion of the '?encral Lm?l Oftj ? a'icady locit <1 in the west wing of ihe Patent Offi?e build;ag. Hen Wm. L. Marcr, of?? y of State, io<t >> asrhi^fton, on htt.urday latt, for a short .1 at Old Poi.it C rn'fort. The Current Operations of the Treasaiy Department.?On Saturday, the 2Ih of July, t icro were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of tho Department? For the Treasury Department.... f 17,fil3 ?4 r ??r the Intenar Department..... yi,??.52 30 lor tjo tustous jo War Warrant* received and en r l?r^a to interior ap]>ropria. ion wsrran'. I4.66.T on Drawn on account of the Navy... 121 o9J{ Repayments on account of the liVy ? ? e ? e ? ? ? e ? ? e ? ? e a ? ? ? ? ? * # # # 21,021 0^ Covered in Iroiu miscellaneous sou??es n,4*S 3V * overed in from Customs U2 00 Covered in from binds 4I.44H 5? A Slave Pamily Stolen. Th-: Philadelphia Bulleun of Thursday, an abolition print, gives the following amount of tho ttealing of the slaves of the Hon. J. H. Wheeler. United StaMs Minuter tj Cettral America He is not r<om Virg nia. ai stat ?d. but from North CaroHnu. Much cxcitement was cnu->ed at Wa'nut street whaa yr 'terday a? 3i?k ?n, by the lib eration ot a clave fatuity. It ??c.ns that a gentleman uom Virginia, who is on his w?v north for the purnoni of embarking to Central 1 America, was on 1 >:?rd the epmhoat Wash ington, with a female slave and ber two / or* durt hefcro the star.irg of the !:ne ur Ntw Ijrk, one of the ab-4itionU: 1 got wind of the affi*?r, and a colon I man ? cc ,u 1 the pauy who were on the upper deck, and inquired of tho w>ra?n if she was aware that, by the law o'. Pennsylvania, sb^ bad only t? step ashore with her child ten aiid they would be free. At thii junctui e the master s: ?pT?ed iorward and t?dd tho nogre that be desirea no iuterfer e.uoe w.th hi* businep*, aud thtt the womat' haew where she was going. The colored man replied that he did not dctdreto intei/ere with him, but that he wish? I to inform the worna* <'f her ri^ht*. The mother stated that shi did uotknow^e was f,-ee, and expr^ssc 1 a desire tv be at lib erty. The Virginian then said that tne could (do as she p'sased : if *he wished to leavo him she could go ashore He then reminded her of her three children iu Virginia, and asked her if ahe wished to be .e pa/at el fiom th^m -No, was the reply, ?? b?: I waata to l>e freo. Ihc slaves were then sciaed by the ne^roei and hu< ded ashore. Tuis proj?e liar was. however, not accomplished with out a Virginian seised the colored man who had first accosted the woman, and also collared a well known citixen and prominent ?h >litioni-?t who hai taken an active part in the matte**. Tho lattsr threw off <lave cwner. who demanded oT htm whether he nou) I be respoosibU [or these people. Philadelphian replied, ''I will he responsible for every shadow of a legal claim you have upon them/' and handed him his card. During the woffle, the officer of the boat* who seeintd pnxtod to understand the P"?*' ceding*, interfered t<? pwvent disorder. The Virginian went on shore ind made an effort to qbtain tha na-UUnce of the polioe They de clined to interfere. The woman aud her two children were finally tarried *p Doek street, and pat tnto a cah amid the cheers of the crowd. The vchiclc was driTon rapWly down town, and tbc diaeomfitted owner was left to digest hu aioiU^cation the best way;be could.. There was an examination into-the above named case on Friday, before United States court in Philadelphia. Passmore Wil liamson, a white man,-and five were charged with being concerned uTtho grand laitany. It appears, from the statement of Colonel Wheeler himself, under oath, ttat while he was on board the boat, rendinfl*xhe evening pap3r?, an individual, whom he recognised as Passmore William*, came up to hitu and asked b:m if ho might speak to his servants? to which Col. Wiioeler replied, he could not ima gine what business he could have with, his (witness's) servants, and that if. ho had any th'ng to say witness was the proper person to say it to. . > Col. Wheeler continued : Jfr Williaimam then pushed past witnot* and; a.-ked the wo man (Jane) if " she was a slave, and if she knew she was in a free country,"' or something like it, and then, "if they, (the servants) would like to be free." The woman replied that sho knew with whom she was goin<? where aud how she was going. He (respond ent) then took her by the aim, and began to force her away : witness interfered and said t i Mr. Williamson, " I wish you would go away two^olorcd fellows who had come up, then seized and held witness *nd one of them said, " if you make any resistance, I will cut your throat;" do not know tho proper names of tho negroes who seized and held ine; one of them is called " Rabbit.;'' by the interfer ence of some gentleman, who seemed t>> be a traveler, the negroes released the witness and he hurried down to the lower deck, aud saw WiMi?mson hurrying the woman off, and other colored persons with tho boys, who were drag gling to get away ; went to Williamson and a?kcd him what he way going to do with the woman ; he answered that his name was Pass more Wil'iamson; that he could be found at Seventh and Arch stroets, and that he would be responsible for any legal claim he (witness) n ight have on the slaves ; by this time the colored persons with Mr. Williamson, had got iho servants off the wharf, and turning down the first street above tho whsrf |Front street] linriicd them into a carriage which was stand ing about a squaro below Walnut street, in a large open space with large warehouses in it [Dock street :J after the negroes had got off the boat. Mr. Williams ni walked behind the crowd and said something in a whisper to a large burly policeman, who was stan ling near. After further proceedings (an ajoount of which is necessarily precluded from our col umns for want of room.) Judge Kane held Wi'Uamson to bail, in the sum of $5,900, for a ?Jv.bcr hearing at tho next term of the court, on Fiiday next. 1 ^ I Tna MtcBoscopfc.?When viewed through the leaf of the Urtica, or nettle, appears t ie irudcl of an extensive i>tate, dteor ited wiih timber and shiubbery. ai d subdivided by the rays or ribs which proceed from the main stalk or spine into -cvenl compartments The ^kin of a turkey's tongue, when its pa p'''ae are magnified, assumes such an nppear i?rtce c.. a picture of a scene of conical hills un'zht be suppose^ to present if viewed through uoh a glowing atmosphere as that which as tronomers infonu u.-, keeps tho inhabitants of Mercury in a continual state of ferflient. Ap pearanoej ns extraorlmary are rre.-or.ted by every object in the animal, vegetable, :>nd mineral Kingdoms. M ,THK UbKMAN YAGERS ta!ce pleas ? ^ ure In announcing to the politic rhat they will give an Excursion 'o the WHITE HOUSE August I3'h. Particulars In Attune advertisement. jy 21?eo3t SYKATOGA, BLUE HI k, AND Bedlonl Waters, pore and fresh. inst received. on sale by FORI) A BKO., Druggists, corner llth st. and Pa. ave. jy 9-M SUNDAY W IIOOL EWVRSIOJI TO AH LIXOTOIN SPRING. f|SHE Sunday School of the K s peet Baptl?t 1 Church, with their friend*, witl hav?- a Pic Nic at Custis's Spring on WEDNKSD.VV.Wi last., and for that pnrpo iewill meet at the Church at ?>)$ o'clock fn the niorninc, to proceed to the l-oit. which will le;?ve Seventh street canal wharf at 7 o'clock precisely. Fare 25 ccnts?chlldrt n I2)j cents. 1 Jy'ii?'it* SPECIAL NOTICE.-T< tfcoiie of our custo mers who have not yet settled their accounts fo the 1st in?t . wc be^ leave to say that it will lie considered an especial f; vor if they will, without f.iriher notification, attend to the ?me immedi ately All bill? lvlng over on the l^t of August will ?>e airairerendt red. ELVANS A TilOM PSON, -W Pa.Tivenue. lietwfcen I'th and 10th sts. jy 23?Iw [Orgau] EDIC1NES SUITABLE FOR THE Sea ton. stabler'* Diarrhea Cordial Rowand's Compound Syrup of Blackberry Root llrown's Essence of Jamaica Uingcr. Just received and on sale bv FORD A BRO., Druggists, corner 11th st. and Pa. ave. jy 23-3t * , JOHN E. DKiAN, f~<LOCK MAKER, Fstreet.brtwwn Fourteenth Vy and Fifteenth street*, Washington LVC All kinds of t!locks carefully Cleane<l andl Repalrett at the shortest. n??tice. Personsj wanting their Clocks n?j?aired will please! leave their address, and they will )>e attended to at their residences. jy'ZJ?lw* WEBER'S BAND. THIS old establish'^! and favorite land fur nish music a* usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nic*. Parties, Exhibitions, Ac., Ac. < irders nuiv be left at Hilbus A Hitz's Music De pot, or at tne residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's reside ace. N avy V ard. jy '?l?'Jut ' ! IMPORTANT NOTRE. f|^<) those #f our friends and customers who A have so promptly come forward and settled their accounts as rendered to 1st Jnlv, we tender our sincere thanks, and shall be ready at all time* to serve them upon the l?est terms, hoping thereby to merit an increased continuation of their patron age. To those who have neither Settled, nor called to sav they can. we respectfully urge the neces sity of their doing so without further notice; as we must insist upon all bills being closed in some manner during tne month of Autrnst. COLLRY & SEARS, No. o^J ?th st., 3 doors north Pa. avenue, jy 33?e?st No. 3ST] NEW SHOP. [No. 'I^ilE subscribers have entered into copurtner -I- ship under the Urm of Summers A SessfOrd. at No. &*?. Seventh street. Island near Maryland Avenue, for the purpo.se of manuiarturiiii; SAD DLES. BRIDLES. TRUNKS, HARNESS, and evervthrntf in that line of business Having laid in a good stock of materials, they desire to notify tlieir"friend* and the public generally, that thevare ready to Serve them with any articles in lh*?ir line at short notice, as ?ood and as cheap as any other establishment of the kind in this city. JAMES 11. SUMMERS. GEORGE A SESSFORD. Jy '^2?2w UNITED STATES MAIL. - . ? PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the Uni ted States from 1st day of October, 1S35. to .'W'th J me, POy, inclusive, in the Stste of North CaroiiAa, will b?> received at the Contrart oflh* of the Post Office Department, in the city of Wayb ill-ion. until Monday, the 27th of Augarr, ls>55, at 3. p. in., (to be decided next day.) t*jr>Q From Raieigh. by Banlaysviile, Avervsboro' Kyle's Lauding, aud Mary's Garden, io Fay ettirville, tfc? miles and'back dally, m four horse coaches. s > " Le tve Raleigh daily at 7J* p rn Arrive at Fayetteville next days by 7 W a in Leave Fayetteville dally at 6 p m Arrive at Raleigh next day# by .1 a m For form of bid, guarantee, and certificate, also for Instructions, requirements, Acsee advertise ment lading proposals for mail service in Vir ginia, Worth Carolina. Ac., dated Janury 12th, IB# JAMES CAMPBELL. Postmaster General. Post Offici Dipahtment, July 21, ^ July1?W4\V IOST. ON THURSDAY EVENING. a p*?r * Cross Breastpin Tl> index will be suitably rewarded on K ft( Hl?. SMITH'S, '?Q r street. ^ ^ jyMr-Jf ]\TfW WALT?.?JnM p-iWlt*hed bv the ?ub 11 seribefs, the "Muttlflora Walt*composed anil dedicated 10 Mis* Sallie I>lteh. of Lersburg. Va , by Prof. J. A. Yoang 1 , HILBPP & HIT'/ jyJl Music Depot. :3Si JIST?E(TIVFD A BEAUTIFUL assortment of Vegetable Ivory, comprising ten or twelve different j?altcrn*. of pearl-like whitene?w Also. Frank Leslie's Nnr Yffk^earnftl. Bal lou's and Peterson's Magazines at ADANSON *S Bookstore. 7th st., opposite the I'K Oihce. Jy2l?3t? f ? ? VL9MI! CLOCKS: IF you want a good honest Clock?one that will always give you the correct timp, drop in at 0 FRANCIS, 40C? Seventh itmet. Re hab Clocks that cannot be excelled?handsome and good time keepers. He sells low, and every Cluck it aftrat r an ted. . jy 21 Building materials, tar. rosi*. and Cumberland Coal, Wfme Pine and North Carolina Girders, Jul*! Scantling and Rails Eastern Shore do do do. Spruce pine do do do .White North Carolina and Eastern Shore Pine Boards and Plank, of all length* and quality North Carolina While Tine, Spruce Pine, and Eastern shore worked Flooring Poplar, Cheiry and Oak Shlneh-s. loathes and Ptckcts si Tar. Rosin and Cumberland Coal All for sale and delivered to any part of (he Dis trict at the lowest market price for cash, 014M1 time to prompt men 11 N. A J. W. EASBY," Lumber Yard, corner 'JGUi and 1) kU.. jy'Jl?? First Ward. FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE ST A. BLKS. IN announcing to the public of Washington thai I have taken possession, by purchase. of the above Stables, on G street, hear the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz.) I wish to inform, them that It will be entirely condticted by nu'self. and that all orders left upon the premise* will lie attended to punctually with elegant Carriages and careful drivers. The Riding School will be con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly dorlle horses; having staled hours for lady eqnes' trians, in private or public, as they mav prefrr. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment. Persons requiring oiwn barouches or family car riages, can oe satisfactorily accommodated. a> well as those desiring riding horses for gentlciuen or ladi<*s. FRIEDERECK LAKKMEYER, Jy 21?3m A^ent PIC NIC PIM1E most delightful Pic Nicof the reason will 1 )>e held in the College Grounds, on TUES DAY, July 21, for the benefit of Trinity Church. Georgetown. The beauty of the place, wi'h Ms wild and pic turesque scenery, together with the refresh merits provided for the' oc? a*ion will insure to families comforts and pleasures which they cannot obtain In any other location The nearness cf th?- spot to Georgetown and Washington, will allow any one to participate In the treasures without fatigue of travel or fear of accident. Jy JO?at. WIRE DISH COVERS. Round and Oblong, from t> tu 1? inches, cheap, ai G. FRANCIS'S. Jy 20 4*' Seventh st. \EW FLOUR ?is For sale ai the PIONEER MILLS. Jy20?3t Alexandria, Va. 1^ O R SAL E?A FIRST RATE FAmTlV Carriage or saddle Horse. Also a good draught Horse Harness and Cart 11 >.o>j order. Will be sold low, the owner has no further use for them. For particulars ad h Wat the Star othee. jy 20?Ot* J 1ST RECEIVED AT SHILLI NGTON'S Periodical Depot. Godey's Ladies' Book for Angnst BaHou's Dollar Monthly do Peterson's Magazine do Household Words do New York Journal do Ab'>ot's Life of Napoleon Moredun, by Sir Walter Scott The W inkles Th< Prophet, or Mormonism Unveiled Female Life among the Mormons The Heiress of Haughton Trial and Triumph, or firmness in the household. by T. S Arthur Walkna, or Adventures on the Mosquito Shore Norval Hastings, or the Yankee Privateee All the New Magazines, Cheap Publications, and everything in the Stationery line constantlv 01 hand and for sale at JOE Sill ISLINGTON'S Odeon Bdldlng. cor lx st i:nd Pa a v. Jy? * BOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. /GEORGE BREMER has removed his well vl known Gentlemen's BOOT AND, >H')K Store and Factory from 11(h st eH. ] laiween Pa. avenue and 1- street, to Pa avenue,afew door*above Wlllards' Hotel He is prepared in his new premises to give ? faction to all. G. B has bv dint of great care In pnreha-ing hl^ stock, employing none but A No 1 workmen. and bv his capacity to fit his customers so as to have his work set very easv on the toot, while it al ways exhib'ts tbe inorft fashionable style, earned a reputation in his business second to il.ai of no other custom-work boot and shoe maker in the Union. He solicits the patronage of ail, and his terms will be most reasonable to ail. Jy ltt?tf Ho: FOR THE SPRINGS!?Persons who contemplate a Journey to the siH'ings, m a-side. mounUtins. or the country, should not neglect to call at 306 Pa. avenue and get" their stock ot hair, tooth, nail, bathing and clothew Brushes. Dress ing, side, putt", neck, fine and pocket Combs, fine Pomatum, Ilair Oil, Bay W ater, Cologne. Ex tracts for the Handkerchief. Soap. Toilet Boxes and Powder, traveling, pic nl. , work, and card Ua^kets. Ac., at the Piano, Mhsic. Stationery and Variety Store of JNO. F. KI.I.IS, 3or> Pa avenue, betw ?th and loth sts. Jy 16?tf . | C. WARR IN ER, ~~ WATCHMAKER, No. 330 P't. artnut, b*tte<td ink nmd 10t% itrtets, WASMIJiSTCJI, |>. C. Pivoting, Jeweling, and every kiud of repairs to Watches. jy 17-3m COAL:COAL: rpHE undersigned is prepared to deliver COAL A of the best quality, at stf per ton H. C HARROVER, 3d street. 3d door sonth of i'a avenue. N. B?1 give 2,210 pounds u? the ton. Jy 13?lm |)En 5 IOR SALE.-^A few pews have been A added to Christ Church, and are eill'ered for sile on pleasiug terms Apply to U- C. Matthews, corner Wa?hluglou and West streets, or to P. T BERRY ic SON, * Jy 12?eo3t Water s>t., Georgetown. THE FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS ARE now open for the reception of Company, ?and in a rar more attractive condition than they ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against theuv having been published in the Peter?burK Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sun to the elt'ect that the\ were closed for the season is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice. It is proper to state that there is no shadow of foundation for it. The subscriber trusts that he will not be made the victim of streh malignity and the respectable journals which bavr Hven currency to the rumor by transferring }t totln ir columns will disabuse the public mind throu- h the same medium. ALEX. BAKER Jy 13?2m m H. LINDSLEY, ssai.xa is REAL ESTATE AND LAND tVAREANTS, SAh\T PAUL, MI If TZHRinrRY Lands bought and sold through OUT THE TERRITORY. Tax.* paid. Collections made, Drafts cashed, aiul the highest Prices given for Land Warrants. Government Lands located with mm h care, and If desired, the profits and losses shared equally at the expiration of five years. The Land at that time to be sold, unless otherwise agreed upon, and one half of the current value of the Warrant at the time of entry, and half of the expense of locating to be deducted from the subscribers' Interest To persons wishing to locate Warrants entirely on (heir own account, the charge will be, for forty acres $15; eighty acres. S2U; one hundred and sixty acres, f5/i: and will rec? lv with their title, a plat and description of the land. KSFS&KXCKS: Misjiksota?Gov. Willi* A. Gorman; Ex-Gov Alex Ramsey, Hon. J. T Ro*ser,Scc M T ; Messrs. Ames A Van Elten, Attorneys at Law, Messrs. Morton A Pace, Wholesale Druggists. B.u.timoiii?W. P. Prestos, Esq., Attorney at Law; Richard C. Bowie, Esq., Com Merchant, Messrs. Dear, Morris A Co; Messrs McClee*? A Ham. WasHiHOTO*?Hon W W. Sea ton ; Hon. J T Towers, Major; Hon. Judge J. Bryan; J. P. C. Hamilton, Eoq.. Attorney af I .aw; Col. Wm Hrfkev; Col. J. Riley; Messrs Taylor A Maury: Messrs Lewis, Johnson A Co.. Bankers; o. C Grammar, Esq., President Patriotic Bank* Jy r-?o3w WANTS. XITANTKU?BY IXVAN* ty 1st instant. (Organ) T ^ oft poop yrotiT Boyy | O work at the baw?w tr*df? * rW dLTiTLld M UAN>CAMfrBKLL, Ta nvcnut, n*?* National Hotel | jy ??6t* Wanted?a small. K^rECTAgLE convenient House *"TlJton either in Uw^w?of Wa?ktogton Tbelea ant will be punctual and |>ro4?ab4v penMBr i, will lake pow?lon la October. Al?-o. a res]?ec table middle a^rd %voie-> i ii housekeeper ami ; senrk*-?*q?Irrd ln> in hi Addiess ?L." al this ctot*. Jy 23?iawif n TIT" ANTED?A SITUATION BY A VOTNC \V Woman In a mlva?c fhmilv, v pUtn ? ess, chambermaid, and would tafewt ?f bU dren or aid In doing the ironing work. Apply I* '?Ann," at this office. Jy _ r\ N T F. D immediately?A \ Ol NO . . and he.iltLv We* Nurse,for abal y* month, eld. Apply to Dr J. F MAY, C atrtxi.Uvm . to 4 or 7 to c p. ui. _ jy * u W AN TED-EMPLOY MENTBY A YOUMi ?? Man a* A^istaut in some counting room, office, or store, whesre a e?od pe??*? ?* nnt may be wanted. Address "W ? B.C '??**< Alexa iurl?, Va. ti 3fr-lf FARM HAND WANTED?A man andJhli wife, without children, to eo on a farm Tb? nan to work on the Carni. and the woaarito de t)ie cook ing. wash in* and ironing, and mllklnr. A pnly after 3 o'clock, at 510 L street, l?etween1?th a-id liXli. IT w WANTKD?A WOMAN (GERMAN PRE ferred) to do tbe work of a small fhmlly. In quire of JAMES OWNER, A itiwl portb. betw .?tli and ?th streets east JY "?" WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW that they can get a lot 2\ feet front bv 130 f.~4 d?ep. for the low price of f7i?mv?ble?3a^Tun'* without interest. Apply al the! nloo I-and Oftcc 7tb street. above Odd Fdtovs' - up 3iu J OH If fr OXj 800* BOARDING. VOT1CE?FOR RENT?PARLOR? AND il Chambers, witb board. AIik?, table and tran sient board. with a bathing mom and *bow?.r Ua'h*. and every attention to render It mort agree able to her boarders. Mr*. P. O. MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4* st. ap<3?3m BOARD, if .?MRS*. BATES. ON THE S W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and fib street, 1 - prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or Without board. Every effort will be niade to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage ap??tf FOR SALE AND RENT. _ I^O RHP S T?A COMKORTABLK COT tage, with e room* and cellar, fm lt?th stre *t, Ujiween D and E streets. Possession riven on 1st August. Apply at tht Coal and WoodYard near ly opposite S. S. LLAKVEV. tyh IOT8 FOR if A LE.?TWO OR THREE J good Building Lot* In a rapidly iniprov rig li> u;liborhovd for sale on ttii y-ar*' tr+dit. Apply to 1. BL DRriTV jy 21?tf O R RENT?A TWO-STORY HHlflv . House and ba< k building, containing elffct rooms arfcf*cellar. surrounded by* large yard, with pump, and stable, situated ou th?' sooth side of Th ird streft. G cornet own. To a careful tenant the rent will be moderate App|y to C. Croplcy. on the premise^, or to I1FSRY KINO, At tiie Totonac Insurance office. Jy ?1?"4 pOK 9ALE.-A SMALL FKAMK HOUSII r and l#ot, No 50 l^?uisiana avenne. V\ ashing l?n. It presents a rare opportunity to a p? rson wishing to make a p?>od investment Also, a three-storv Ikick Hon*e and \x*t No S7 1'i^h street. Geonjrtovni, Lot 'M feet fr??nt bv ICO feet de*-p; will be sold low and on a lon?r credit. Apply at W LouUiana avenue. jy if O li REN T?A TWO-STOKY BRICK . Home. No 3>7 L) sirtxH Kor term- apply K. IH'NT. No. 47 Louisiana avenue. jy r.l?4t* I.^O R R E N T?A NEW THREI. <TOKY i Frame Ilouse on L street, n-**r t.jth, ? ??uia in-,! mk rooms and a kitchc.i. all neatly li.ii-Ud To a yot>d teuaiU tbe rent will l.-c fli per mouth . Inquire of J. H. DRl'RY, Clfy Tost Offiot jy^S-tf . 13 O R R E N T?A TWO-STORY Fit AME . House, with basement, situated on Pre-t?^ ? llili, Georgetown, comrnam'-in^ abenntlfel view of the Potomac river. Apply to T O P?*nn?ghuc near the Catholic Church, or R H Timre', No. 7"J Frederick street, Georgetown, D. C. Jy o I^OR SA?,E?A LOT ON CAPITOL HILL, containing l2.9U0foct. It can ?je divided mto halves. Enquire of E. F. (?UEEN. 7tb street near the Northern Market. Jy I10R RENT.?A handaomclv fbrntalied Hon-e 1 near the Public Department is ohered for rent. To a responsible tenant the rent will 1* moderate. The Hou * contains a batb room aixl gas ftxturn. Lnq'iire on the premises, No ?7ll 11 street. Jy 5?lm* For rent ? two medium sized Houses oi: Man land avenue. betw?*n uih and 7ih streets. Thev have be?.n newly ptiinted inside and out. To good tenants rent will lie moderate Apply to T. GALLIGAN A CO.. Fancy Store, under Browns' Hotel, jy lft?eofo TO L E T?A COMFORTABLE BRICK Dwelling, in good o.der. containing (? nHKn*, MlUited on the west side of i>th street west, betw G and II street- uorth. K?uit *15 |>er month Ap plv* to I C. McKKLDEN, jy 17?eo3t* N?>. 4!? F street nertj,, 1^!)R SALE?TH AT L \ R<?E AND WELI brdlt Frame Dwelling House, wilh a brick bas'sneut. No. 41t>, situate on the east side of 6th street, between F and G. containing 10 rocu?>, wilh porch and pantry in the rear. For tortus, which will l>e easy, apply to " CHARLES F. W0oD; lib Ninth street, between E and F sts. Jy 17?eotf I.^(?R RENT?TWO WELL FURNISHED Rooms in a healthy and respectable location, No. 17i II street, between Jfth ^.na lUth streets. . Terms n.oderate. Jy 17?co3t Rents reduced to suit the times 9150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient Cottages at Kendall Green, with two a<-res of groond. stable, wood shed, and other conveniences atta< hed. Puinps<>f pare water are near the door, and communication is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pennsylvania avenue, morning and af ternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the Departments To secure the advantage of this^reat reduction of rent, immediate nlt'nation must be made to the under igned. either by letter or at his bom* ^ Kendall Green. aft? r office lemrs. where the keys may be had arid tbe houses, inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be *c?!d on 111** | ral terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Groen. N. B.?Rents paid qua.terly 15 advasci. ap 9?eolf _ Mi.R RUNT ?Tin: BUILDING ON D ST , 1 near the corner of Twelitu, is for ren', ei'L'J lu p irt, or whole. Apply at 'he Star office, jc *t??tf | I? R R EN T?SE V ERAL H AN DSC M E PAR lors aud Chaiub"r*. with Board. Also. Tal4e and TrajisieMH Board, laqcln ai Mrs. SMITH'S, F sUcxt af 9? ti Homes for all ?beai tifllly and healthily located Building Lots, 24 foe* froi,'. by 130 deep, on graded streets, can. until sj*Uig, be bought at the exceeding low price of - aiiU t>H per mo:iih. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, Seventh street, ubove Odd Fellows' Bail. JOHN FOX, Secr?<ary. jan y?t>iu StHlTTEK Jc HAULERT, \RTlk?TS. FRESCO, DEt-ORATIVE, and every description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Orders left with Baldwin and Neontng. An Li to.ts, cornei Pcnn r.venue and llth ?tr?et, w.U promptly attended to. jy 15?Aiu? FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGANIZED. HAVING now completed all rnv arrangements for a trst rctc BRASS AND COTILLON BAND. 1 am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions. Parades, PIc Nlcs, Balls and Si-miad**. All those in f>i vor of eltliens" band are respectfully invited to en courage our enterprise, here in Washington city. P FISCHER, Lr.m1i r P S.?This Band, under my dtreetion, h? regu larly uniformed, and fr?uu a practice of over twen ty years 1 can give satisfaction to every em Residence, P? nnsjl\ania avenue, norhside, be* :wn Ninth and Tenth streets, flrsi doot wi, o| Iron HaU | Orders left with Messis Hilbus k IliU pcn?t>> ^ til/ atteadtrd to, jy 1^ ?

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