23 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

23 Temmuz 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR. O'EB THE HILL ?T THE U*V. RALPH HOTT. On* morning as he wended Through a path begirt with no were, Where all deilirbt* are blended To beguile the fleeting hour*; Sweet Youth, pray turn thee hither, Said a voice along the way, Ere these liUle ro*e* wither, And these Mr fruit* decay; But the youth paused not to ponder If the voice were food or ill. For, said he. mr home i* yonder O'er the hill there, o'er the hill! Again high noon wa? glowing 7jn a wide and weary plain, And there, right onward going, Was the traveler again , He seemed another being Than the morning * ru?y youth, But 1 quickly knew him, seeing Hi* unaltered brow of truth ; Rest, stranger, re?t till even, Sang alluring voices still; But he cried, iny rest is h?-aven * O 'er the hill there, o'er the hill! The shades of night were creeping A sequestered valley o'er, Where a dark, deep stream was sweeping By a dim and silent shore: And there the pilgrim, bending With the burthen of the day, Wai seen still onward wending, Through a '-straight and narrow way ;M He passed the gloomy river As it were a utntle riU, And rested?home iorever O'er the hill there, o'er the hill! Anwwp takz toce W.ifb alosg.?The edi tor of tho Cleveland Herald is responsible for the following plan in favor of matrimony : ""On that famous 'Burlington excursion"?as on all other excursions?Iho advantages pos sessed by thone who * ha?l their wifes along,' was hourlj. demonstrated. But in oat com pletely on the MunMiijtpi steamboat was it il lustrated. that a wife ii not only a hel|>-inat<.-. but a help-meat and a help-sleep. The pic ket lien Campbell bad only ?tatc-r?>omsenoHgh for th-3 ladies; that is, of course. lor the ladies and their husbands. '*Ve knew a couple of gentlemen who had early secured a *tate-rooiu. hoping during the day to get a refreshing snooxe. having for the two t reeecin.* nights been driven from eon fortalde quarters by the married ladies. One of these gentlemen, ou going to bis room, found his l>aggago on the wrong side of the door, and in hi* engaged berths one of the 'lords of crea tion." Couinlaint to the clerk, only brought answer that ot course the ladies mu-t have the roouv By .tuis means, ths ni^n with 'Wives ulr>ag' had retre*hin$ nap*, iml temporary wj.lowers r<nd bachelor? napped it on tho luggage." ?'At dinner, however, it was supposed all the men would h.*?v? an equal ehaucc. Tho ladies filled the first table, and as there were mote men than euough to fill a second, the t/h-voces for dinner became a matter of interest. The despair of th<v*c who had neither wives nor sweethearts along, car be imagined, when, as oac: after another of the ladies Suished din ner, ahe beckoned to this husband, or that b< a?, who quietly took the vacated seat. So when the ladies had done eating, the ehairs wore already lltled fer the second table with those who had their wives along. ? *? That demonstration of the comforts or matrimony sank deeper thaa the heart?it went to the stomach. A You.vo Hero ?Peter Morgan, son of John W. Morgan, residence. 14<h street, is the name of the !ad whe saved the life of a younger brother, on Sunday afternoon lart. after he had lallen into the dock. About four month* since, young Morgan* who is an admirable - wuumcr. saw another boy in the act of drowting, and without taking tune to weigh ihe uomaqaeuoes ?f his act, jumped into the water and succeed ed in saving the life of his playmate, when all who saw the deed felt a iured that b--th par ties would drown Although not more than ten years of age. he is both c-ol and resolute in timo of danger, and says ho believes he ould rescue a man from drowuing. if n<?t caught hold of, and theaJ'V prevented tho use of his limbs?Riekmojui ( va) Dixpatch. idiT The following toast was recently given by a ?' stricken'' young man : ?' The Latins?May we ki? tho girls we please, and please the girls we kisa." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Same Ltavs For Day Atlantic Liverpool New York..July 14 ? ashingtou..Bremen N?w York..Julv 1* Liverpool Bo-ton July 41 A"*!- ? Havre. .New York. .July *1 North Star....New \ork Havre July21 iclflc. Ntiw \ ork.* ? ? .Liverpool...July U3 iO" The California steamer* leave New York on the 5th and auth of each month. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National Hotel?x.j>. willahd. Joha II Marshall, Md A A Rice, NY H Maxwell, Pa * t.en T Bowie, Md M L Stark. La J B Brooke, Md M D Bowie A lady, Md J 1' Bragdon, Va H D Ldgerto, RI C tl Goidon, Md ? Hampton, Conn P G Cornell, NY H A Garland, Mo J F Sullivan. Md J ^?igbt. DC H MRimpett, Ga R M Harris A lady TeurrB N Lornng. Pa t Missea William, do J Banister, NJ 1) O Morton, O T W Hopkins. Ala R Md C W Kenii. SO J H -Jones, do R Summersou, Va W C 0M;e, do R A Martin, N Y J McLaughlin, Pa J A Ashton. SC KirkwMd House?j. u. A a. tiaiwooo. CMattnews SO R M BlakHy, Vt Win Maxwell. La S l*i>nv. Md S Pliuniuer, N V D Hume, Va Mr* F Luca*. Yy A Maddox. Va C W Reidyand, A la- S P'-rrv, Pla dV. Md Mlsa (!annineiara. 8C J Maury. Va Ja.< Roarh. V* B Hnwird A ladv. NY T P Chi -man. do R A Heurick Miu R Piieat. Pa M Slor? k. Cuba C WhiteMaa do J Maarers. Va M Watkinson. Ala J, , n M MeCormlek, Mi*a J MrDowe'l k. ladv Pa C Luciiuar; NY t? 1? Merrer. Va G W j>m?tn, Pa Brawns' Hotel?i. f l X. tiows. C H l'aimeit, Pa s?h-ip|>ard, Ga V u , John Joiies A. lady, Del J ? ? mthaop A family Miss s Jour*, ^o . ^ ^ ^ ^ I'Owden. do J A Holqne^ and neice J Stanfon A lod/. Pa fa Jtkit Xd J Md W s* iTnjTTTl ^ ^'a Mis? Plowder, do repper, W ?* Blake. Texas H Browu. Ala \V CTark, Ma-s 7. C D^as, do L F lovina, Md \\ IV Goodrich. NY J Button and family, L R Clifton. N Y sc J' Dr W Butur. NY L Southard, NY l*rown, Fki Mr* A Sheppaid, Ga Ml? Brown, do t M Rrid. Mo Wlllarda* Hetel?u a tic. willakd. A J Crews A ly, 5>C II LeSienr, Mo J F Broome 1 la W M Ga?uUie. N Y II A Garland, jr, Mo J K Hayes DC pr jjibMMt and *on, Va H Lab^icnt re do G Kaadotpk, Pa \y \ Klrkldud, I"SMC D O 1 aaniug. N\ R Hall, N V A Aiidctw*. 1- .an i> Heui^ V?;. L. ,lu^i? P Ellis' Miss MHaliaU, Tt in E H^rte. DC K X% ColborD. Md J bpeoe., Md P R Hending, Pa -N m *n*"C*.do KTBurflml Mrs fowi:.sm4.Uo W Gil^.n Wit Mim 1 oatainc, da A"<r,r?" Uelel?Hrrtiiowm A iovitt. n iSSI'/U, o "a"?8* 4 J S Davis, Va AD Paiter, \ Y J GooUng, do B lliillwL, do A D Sinoot, Md S E PinltL. Bait Thoa D Moore, Va G P Britton. DC J B Hitter, do Willarda' H*?el?Old Point i'eniart, Va. FSV J M Smith. Norfolk ^.^^'"?ftiady. YaAli^EM Muith, do L/f W W*,t lady ? chi?- M L Smlffi do and Miss V H "Smith do 'VnTfC't Vmw v Miss Wlllia iason, Lex ?Vm *% tcklllf. Ky inr-ton V.-? W,JTMkr,VnHr.n' M1 Fr*"cU NV Va ?{]'!* k X? fJr?nby, Norfolk W \V iki^"?-rfciwi " Jr. and ?er BaTf Wl w?rr^n?on, NC M P alker V? ii ?? Hampton W Boon# *> tti?( Kama I rhllllWMl ^ Bwm and vrrt. Wjtiliiu rtcm and^nant, NC J II N\ Lei,tone NoVfrolk R Vk Baugh ay4 lady, T J Jlno*. n * PoxUuaouOi and chili. .Wou xaa^oSS^9 ? W Burford' N'?rfolk, Medical. CARTERS SPANISH MIXTURE. THE GREAT PURIFIER OP THE BLOOD: HOT A FABTICLS OF MKRCCGT IK IT. AN INFALLIBLE REMEDY for Scrofula. King'* Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutane ous Eruption^ Pimple* or Pustule* on the tare, Blotches. Boil*. Chronic Sore Eyes. Ring Worm or Ttttea, Scakl Head, Enlargement and Fain of the Bones and Jointa. Stubborn l lrer*^ Sy philitic Disorder*. Lumbago. Spinal Cum J'laint*, and all the disease* arising from au in udieious u*e of Mercury, Imprudence In Life, or Impurity of the Blood THIS VALUABLE MEDICINE, Which has become celebrated for the number of extraor dinary cure*, effected through its agency, has in duced the proprietors, at the urgent request of their friends, to oner it to the public, Which they do with the utmost confidence in its virtues and won derful curative properties. The follow!nj^ certifl cates, selected from a large number, are, however, stronger testimony than trie mere word of the pro prietors: aud are all from gentlemen well known In their localities, and of the highest reH|*ctahlli ty. many of them residing in the city of Rich mond, Va. F, BOYDEN, Esq , of the Exchange Hotel. Richmond, known everywhere, savs he has seen the Medicine called Carter's Spanish Mix tiri, administered In over a hundred caseA, in nqar}y all the diseases for which It is recommend ed, with the most astonishingly good results. He *av* it is the most extraordinary medicine he has ever Men. AGUE AND FEVER?GREAT CURE ?I hereby certify that for three years I had Ague and Fever of the inoKt violent description. 1 bad sev eral Physicians, took large quantities of C^ninine. Mjercnry, and 1 believe all the Tonics advertised, bat all without permanent relief. At last I tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two bottles of which effectually cured me, and I am happy to say 1 have had neither chills or fevers since. 1 con sider it the best Tonic in this world, and the only medicine that ever reached inv case. JOHN LONGDEN. Bbavk* Ditch, near Richmond, Va. [ C. B LUCK, Esq., now in the city of Rich mond. and for many years In the Post Office, has snch contideuce ia (he astonishing efficacy of Car ter's Spanish Mixture, that he na* bought up wards of 5"* bottles, which be has given away to the afflicted Mr. Luck savs he has never known j it to fall when taken according to directions. Dr. MINGE, a practising Physician, and for merly of the Ctty Hotel, in the city of Richmond. s--?ys he has witnessed In a nunuier of Instances the effects of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly snrprl-dng. lie says in a case of Consumption, dependent on the Liver, the good effects were wouaerful indeed. SAMUEL M. DR1*NKER, of the firm of Drin ker A Mi?rfi3. Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of three years standing, by the use of tvro bottles cf Carter s Spanish Mixture. GREAT CURE OF SC RO FULA?The Edi tors of the Richmond Republican had a servant employed in their pre-v-> rooiu, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rheumatism which en tirely disabled him from vork. Two bottles of Caters >paiiis'i Mixture made a perfect cure of hur. and the Editors, in a public notice, sav they --ctiterfuliy recommend it to all who are afflicted with any disease o? the blood.'' STILL ANOTHER CU RE OFSC RO FULA. I h*d a very valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider It truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Con ductor on the R. F. and P. R. R. Co.. Richmond. Vs. S.ILT RHEUM OF TWENTY YEARS STANDING CURED ? Mr JOHN THOMP SON, residing in the city of Richmond, was cured by three t>ottlesof Carter's Spanish Mixture. ?>f Salt Rheum, which he bnd foT nearly twenty years, and which all the physicians of the city could not cure. Mr. Thorap ?en Is a well known merchant in the city of Richmond, and his care is most remarkable. WM. A MATTHEWS, of Richmond, had a servant cured of Syphilis. ?a the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. lie says he cheerfully recommends it, and considers it a very invaluable medicine. EDWIN BUR TON commissioner of the reve nue. says be has w?-n the good effects of Carter's ? panl>h Mixture in a number of Sypbilitia case anl say* It is a perfect cure for that horrtWe dls WM G. HARWOOD. of Richmond, cured of old Sores aiuf Ulcers, which disabled him from walking. Took a few bottles Of Carter's Spanish Mixture, aiid was enabled to walk wi'.hout u crutch, ia a short time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M WARD, CLOSE A CO., No. Maiden Lane. New Vork. T. W. DinTTAioUM?,Mo.l? North Second street, Philadelphia. BENNETT &, LEERS, No. lift Mala t'reet, Richmond, Va. And for sal? by CHARLES STOTT, Washing - ton. D. C.; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Drugs; Is Us everywhere Price #1 pet bcfle. or sU bottles for $4. sep *1?ly INHALATION FOK TUX CCES OF ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION. NEW AND VERY WONDERFUL ! t.' HYG3HANA Brta^bt home to the door of the Alillltn? AWONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the treat ment of Consumption. Asthma, and all diseases of the Lungs, tvercferto Dr. CliKTlS'S 11Y GF.ANA. cr INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP Witn this new me thod. Dr. C has restored many afflicted one? to health, as an evidence of which he has innumera ble ceitlicate*. ^pe-.-king of the treatment, a phy sician remarks, *'lt is evident that inhaling?con stantly breatLing au agreeable, heating vapor?the medicinal projierties must'?ome in dnect contact With the whole serial cavities of the lungs, and thus excape the many and varied changes produced upon them when Introduced into the stomach, and subject to the process of digestion." The Hyge atia is for sale at all the Druggists throughout the eenntry.?N. Y. Dmit*m?n Jan. 14. The Inhaler Is worn on the breast nn<ter tlie Un fa;, without the least inconvenience?the beat ot the body being sufficient to evaporate the fluid tiund eds of eases cf cu/ta, like the following. migJLt be uamed One DarJuge of the Hygeuna hd4 cured me of tLe AsUiina of six years ? landing. J. F. KELSBEKRY, P. 1*1. of Duncannou, Pa. I am cured of the Asthma of teu years' standing br Dr Cunls's Hv^eana M ARGARET EASTON , Brooklyn. N. Y. MRS PAL" L, of No. J Hammond stree', N. Y., was ciutd of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Hygeana. My sister has been cured of a distressing cough of several years standing. Ei.d dec: a is t to be in e':ral le by the physicians. t?he was c.ircd in one mouth by the Hy^eana. J. H GAlDKH f. P. M Richmoud. Me. . TheF.ev l>- CIIUKVKR of New York,Jartt fies cf our medicinc in the following language: New Yqhk, Nov 15,1851. Dear Mir: I think highly of Dr. Curtis'* Hygc tna as a remedy in diseases of the throat and l.iriu* Having b.id some opiK>rtuniiy to testify its effi' a ey, I an. eonvhiced that it i> a UK>st excellent rem edy. both the Svrnp hitd the iuhalii'g application to the chest. . Prof S CENTER writes us -.s fiillows: 4 Gentlemen?I have ree? utlv nod occasion to test Jrour Cherry Syrnp and lly . ena Vapor, lu a ca* of chroalc sore threat, that 1.ad refus-d to yield ?' other forms of treatment, snd the result has satis B**d mc 'hat . whatever may l?e th^ c<?mposition of yonr preparation, it is no imposition, bot an exwl letit remedy I wish. ft?r the sake of the afflfeted. that It might be^>rou;$ht within the retch of all. I t PR JOHN*5, one of th" most celebrated Physi cians ia New York writes follows Dr. Ccxris?Dfar Sir?Having Witnessed the excellent effcct- of your Hygeaiia or Inhaling 11 y fceau Vapor and t'herry Syrup hi case of Chronic proDchilis, a.id bcin- much lu favor of counter ir r .Utiou in allectious of the throat, Cror.rhlal tulie^ fend lon^s; I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medicated Aparatus as being tne most con venient and effectual mode of applying anything i f ' he kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt thousand ofpersons may b?? relieved, and many cured, by u ug your medicines. 1 iTi ist here be allowed to confess that 1 am op E' o^ed to prescribing or using secret compounds, this little neatly contrived article, nnn Its tf fetts in the case al>ove alluded to. have induced live to s{>e&k in its favor. Y ou ore Hi liberty to use this in any way you may think proper. Respectfully, yours. Ac., C. JOHNS, M. D.. No. 600 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD A PAUL, 119 Chambers st , N. Y. Four pa< Wages sent free to any part of the Uni ted Stati-* for ten dollars. N B ? Dr. Curtis's Hygeana Isthe ORIGINAL ?nd ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others ?re base iiuitati?Mis, or vile and Injurious counter feits Shim them as you wculd POISON For sale ia Washington by CHAS STOTT, Pa avenue, near 7th street, and J. B MOORE, in the First Wa^d. may 6m SHIRTS MADE TO ORDKR^-U^ntleman'w best quality of Shirts made to m^asiire and warranted lo fl', at the lowest New York prices WALL A STEPHENS, 323 Pa avenue, next to Iron Hall. Jy 11-tf (Ntws) t Medical. DOC TO R HOOPLANO'I CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS, '?SPAR ED BT Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia, Pa., WItL EFFBCTCALLT CTSK' LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Jaundiee, Chrontr or Ntrvout D*hilitp, Dit tues oftheKidneys, nnd all Diseases arising from a Disordered ? Liver oj Stomach. Constipation, lmrord Piles, Fnllnets, or Blood to the Head. Acidity of the Stomach, Nau sea, Heartburn, Disgust for food. Fullness, or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, Pink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Harried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering ot the Heart, Choking or Sntfocating Sensations when in a lying Posture, Dimness of Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever and Doll Pain in the Head, Defi ciency of l'erspiration. Yellowness of the Skin and Eye*. Tain in the Side. Back. Chest, Limbs Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Burning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits. r|HIE PROPRIETOR, in calling the attention 1- of the pubiic to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost conhdetice in its virtue** and adaptation of it to the diseases for which it is recommended It is uo new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Amer ican people, and its reputation and sale is unri valled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most promi nent and well-known Physicians and indi viduals, in all parts of the country is immense. The fol lowing from North Carolina is respectfully sub Ygents for the German Bitters STREE^ ?H|CLADVu-il&'?. AHCn TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, 0/Pine Hill, Rich mond County, A'. C. n. r. >. ? Pise IIill. March4, 1894. have kL Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I form *,*uh>'rt of Dyspepsia, in its worst r^T.V; I. f s e y'u:s was rnv Condi f?r twelve mouths that the physicians and all who saw me said | inust die. W hile in this con r?.i?n a^vas carncd to the. watting place* in Vir mm an<l North but was a,'V wattr to wliich I was taken \V hil* on uay way home I stopjied a week at R uth erfordtnu a small village |n North Carolina to ?far*10 rr*** ! s<l"ie Chalyheate wafer in that lace About the last of the week I went into a wwlf^Th "et *om'- ,r" for my child and ; \ f' .? J? Were several of the village r.livsi , in Hnd one of (hern srcu:'?Ht to take *1 interest in iny ca*e, and. after asking me -o ne questions, said he had been a dyspeptic and 1*-m< litted by the use of ilCKtF LANDS GERMAN BITTERS, prranri hv J?", and he insisted that I would try the Bitters lie also called the ne.,1 day at mvroom, ami m him^ ViUCh Uuit, 1 %V?:,Jd tr> ttc,n thnl I a.-ked me one boffle Jle did it, and 1 , 0,? takinjr it as directed, and 1 was more tw,i "?iruiken th* Water *"* medicine I had After reaching home one of my neighbors came imic raa?lir,7r,rt5Tand modicir"-- (^a dys .eptic.) and 1 gave him nearly all the Bitteis 1 had left, which effected much good in his , ASV llejasofton called on me for Store of the nd <if me<l ini?e, Ka/in^ he was more benefitted l^en SIT' TUei ^ LMr tJ^,en' bul 1 Lavt ? t^en a.,?e to yet any more for him or myself since ? v 1 }ou, therefore, please ship me a dozen or :nore ns sooa as possible. cr Respectfully, yours, W. SMITH **"? w**? co, n. tb/Liwr S^ "iad f,ulctlondI derangement of i ... r.' rt,ld n> concomitant evils. I am desirous of obtaining a quantity ofitforthe benefit of m v l-TK; 1oU ???. CERTIFICATE OF \VM J AT WOOD HcursvitLK, Yadkin Co , N. C. > Dr r m 1' ^oyraber 1st. I85&. C Dr. t.M Jackson?De?r Sir: Allow me to!.* press to you my sincere thanks for yonr discoverv Of n mcrficme which, to say the least of it lXe/ sss XA:tr"tfr iH,this community, as I am well nowu ia this and the surroundin-. counties < Xf^u ^isro^sTUfri^oo,,d4d a" r^ommend,d. a^d^ Sn. til I was prevailed uf?n to try t"e re at liberty to make anv use < r n?i ^ 011 '!on for the Lt.eflt of the ufli!c!ed proper. I'.uly, jours, ' J ,?Wy thlnk _WM. J. AT WOOD. It, and c?u l>c Z* ?o,tfffiT J #? I'lERPONT, ' niar I?ly private medical treatise PHILC'SOPHICAL VIi,W OF MAREIAQE, M. B. LA CROIX, H. D., ALB AX Y, A. y, 1 UJ-ZM Pag^1 and 13.1 Fine, Pin.n. and Colored 1-ithographs and Plates. Price only Tweaty-Flve <>nt?. JT.I fi'i&I'i"'410 aU ra,ts Cf tk* U*io* ( lltAIKST BOOK I'VER PCiil [H<>Fn y and containing nearly 'ED loi'ble the quan'ity of rt ad FfVTvt?-Jv r,h:,t ,>f I IF I Y LENT OR Dor. LAJl PUBLICATIONS. it treat* r.n the PH VSIOT OF MARRIaJjE inJ 11 'n?lrmltlca uid D-.sofder of Youth and Vlatur.ty, resulting fr(,m ex which deffroy the physical and menial U. ??? Wjth Observations on _ ggsiiL.*ag.'i? Anatomy and i'bw'ittw^Ti ill?iatrating the productive Or-a' s of iT^'i D-^asesof the Re uses, and funcUon* a ^.r.Tu?*' th,eir sti UCt,4rc -?ive Treatise on the Dot if f ? and ro"iprehen -le a-ulnia^i^ liflz,.? ^ICua^tien'af sin. ?node of fte^ur;iiif th#m_?F fruitful alliances, .nc^theTr^^^.^^lcitous and infertite hints to thone c?mte>n?i r !'"moval, ? imjxirtant overcome obiBeUo^ 2^.^ matrimony, that will -ake his important Kl r l! v^""e. however, should "v a oroceas m r ? '' cauws and cure, 'hat failure i? lirirm ? ?afe, and effectual observations on a s n^tt,rrh;r"i< with oracti. al of!r. atrT e 't^"re<^f f',d "1<W ??ccess/ul mode ^ult^ frora i^r', ^ ary hu,U 0,1 the Pvil.-, re ?liseases arisin- /ron- 'ini7,t'rL:t<ie~a'l e?sa,v ?n a11 Simple ) ulw? by which ail 11.^ !,"' WUtl 1 V 411111 <elve> without niett^y'-rim^ ^ forthe'," lndicU'd iriiscr'-i r 7T Ior ttlWse ?flf t ive Copies for One l>oi ar MalS JM'r C(if,>r' or age to all parts of the ^ <"* ?< t'Hf iiv wlli> ruay consult Dr I A cine sent to any Dart of the ir?4,.? ' i * M?L sas ?ssvsssmsi xjp 2?ce opfu tLily from 9 u. m to 9 n m andoi! Saj.davfrom 2 until 5 p m P m ' WATCHES, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE, jr.. M. W. OALT k BRO. are constantly receiving large invoice* of the above, wnd ofl'er every article in Uieir line at the lowest rates UOLd) AND SILVER WORK of every de scription made, to order, such as ^E?TIMO NIALS. richly embellished, with appropriate de kigns, SILVER Tl-LV SETS, DINNER SER VICES, Ac. Prtciou? Stones set in every style, however elab orate. ARMS, CRESTS. MOTTOES Aft., cut on Ktoue. M. W. GALT A BRO , 324 Pa. av., between Ninth and Teuth sts. J? 14?tf Fans, perfimery, toilet arti. cles, Ac.?We have now In store a large vari ety of flue and common Fans. Iiarnmou's and Lu bin's celebratod Perfumery. Brushes, Combs, vis iting and playing Cards, Tooth Powders, Porte Mon<taies, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, BaskuU, Ac., all of which we. are selling out at low prices to ?ult the Limes at the Piano, Music, Stationery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 P?. avenue, bet. 9th'and luth sts. BiySM Miscellaneous. T*ea*c*T DerAiTXKjiT, June 90, 1855. PPQFOSALS will be received at this depart ment until the 27th day of August next, at 14 o'clock, m , for furnishing (wrought, fitted, and delivered in a proper state to put Info the bulla!rut) all the material for the exterior walls of the south wlnir of the extension of the Treasury Department building. which will be either granite or marble, ?it may hereafter be determined. The bidder whose bid is accepted, to have the privilege of furnishing the material for the outside of the re mainder of the building when Congress may have made the necessarv appropriation* for it* construc tion, provided that at that time It is deemed for the interest of the United State* to give it to him. The department reserving the right to reject the proposal* hereby invited, should the interest of the United States require it. The stoues must all be wrought to the dlmen - ?tons, sizes, models. Ac., which may be furnished by this department, by which all measurements will be governed. On the court or rear side of the exterior the wa'ls will be plain ashler, with plain window openings of equal height in the three upper stories, and crowned with a cornice similar to the rear of the present building, without the architrave and frieze. On the remainder of tho exterior walls, the col umns and antae, their capitals and bases, the enta Mature and Iwlustrade, the window and doordres sings, Ac., the style of architecture of the present building. so far as ornament is concerned, will be preserved throughout, with the exception of the door and window openings, which may be varied, except those in the east end of the two wings. The sizes, shape, and dimensions of the columns, antac, capitals, bases, and cr?"*ss section of the entablature and balustrade will be the same as in the present building. If of granite, the shaft of the columns mav be either In one'or three pieces of equal length. The i?.se and capital of the columns and antae will each be in one piece. Thearcliitrave of theentab Uture will extend in one length from centre to cen tre of antae or column, and those over the latter to be composed of but o?e block, with both sides and bottom wrought, together with such parts of j the top as may be required. Those over the antac, the outer fare and the lop and bottom edge. The face of the ashler must lie perfectly wrought to the sample, with all the necessary heads, re bates, returns, Jtc., required. The beds, builds, ends, Ac., rough hammered to thesouare All re bates. mouldings,, ornamental and we veiled work must be clean wrought, and agreeably to the direc 1 tions given by the superintendent. If marble Is used, the shafts of the columus may be in four and live pieces; the architrave In cue length from centre to centre ofthe columns or antae; but over the former may l?e comjiosed of three separate blocks, one laying fatwi.se, forming th'e underside and the first m?mber on-each edge; the othe* two standing on edge; forming the inside and outside faces of the same. Those over the antae must be in one block The measurement of the material and work de livered. and the payment thereon will made agree ably to the following form and schedule, ana all bid-- must be made accordingly. Sc hedule or rule for the measurement of materials to be delivered, viz: Cornice, i>er foot in length, including cost of sto< k, freight, and workmanship 3 Architrave over column, including cast of stock, freight, and workmanship Architraveoverantae. including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship 1 Capitals of columns, eacfc including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Capitals of antae, each, including cost of stock, freight, and workmanship Hases of antae, each. Including cost of slock, freight, and workmanship.., Ba?es~ ot column, each, inducing cost of stork, freight, and workmanship Shafts of cithunn, in one piece, including cost of stork, freight, and workmanship . Shafts of column, in three or more pieces, including cost of stock, freight, and work manship Plain steps, (with a cross section of 1 7 by to n inches,) per foot in length, inclu ding cost of stock, freight, and workman ship Platforms. 3 feet wide, length not exceeding lUfeet, im hiding stock, freight, and work manship. per superficial root of surface seen For any greater width than 1 feet, up to 8 | feet, an increase of price per superficial foot far each additional 3 inches of width of All the other stones of the building whose width doe* not exceed three times their thicknos will be measured as follows: The stock in all stones whose contents do not exceed 9(1 cubic feet, will lie measured and paid for by the cubic contents, at per cubic foot 9 For all stones exceeding 30 feel and uot ex ceeding 70 cubic feet, for each additional foot an additional price of, per cubic frjot. For all stones excrecflng 70 cubic feet in c on - tints, for each additional foot an additional price of, per cubic foot..... For stones of greater width than three times th-ir thickness, there will l>e i*ald an additional price of per cent for each additional three inches in width The work on the a>>ove will be measured and Itiid for by the. superficial foot. For each supcr lk-ial fcut'of Una hammered granite work seen, equal to No I hammering on Boston custom-house, per f:uj?erflcial foot No 2 hammering on Boston custom-house, per superficial foot N'?. 3 hammering on Boston custom-house, |>er superficial foot No 1 hammering on Boston custom house, ^ per su|>erticial foot Foi all ijeds. builds.ends, backs. Ac., ham mered full to the square, as ordered, iier superficial foot La?h bidder to furnish a samolo?^ rube of one foot of the stone he proposes to <1 .liver with five iacofi hamrcred. giving cn four sides his under st aiding ofthe abovefour qualities of hammerint;; the fifth side, his tough hammering: while the sixth may show the rou^h ?t?>ek; autf this will he us. das a i Umdard in judging of the stock dt* livi red. If of marble, the face of the ashler must be ham mered in the most perfect manner, agreeably to a sample of the size above named, to T>e furnished by the bidder: and the surface seen will b* meas ured a?d paid for at $ per supeifirial foot. I'or hammering of beds,builds.backs, ,Vc . full to the square, as per eame, f per supcrfl'ial ft>ot If the r.bove Is sand rubbed, per cont. la to be added. For hammering of channels and rebate, not ex oecdiii'' i by-J i iches, cent additlomd p?f lineal foot. r For hammering of moulding- of one curve, per cent additional upon the cost of plain work; of two curves, ptr cent, upon plain wcik, per su perficial foot. 1 l.ach a?rin oil same, cents per linral foot For hammering bevelled work, percent ad d tional to r.lain work; but to apply only to the part cut oITfrom the square work, and which I in no case to be measured in the plain work For hammering of circular work, per cent additional to plain work \in?'ty per cent, of the amount of the work done ?iud material delivered, according to the contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the e-ti mate of the superintendent appointed for that pur pose.) will l?e j?aid from time to time as the work proceed*, and ten percent retained nntil the com pletion of the contract and aceptance of the work, by the* superintendent aforesaid Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers or mechanics; and the assignment thereof, c x Cept by consent of tne Secretary of flat: Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Kvery proposal must be accompanied by a writ t 'M guarantee, signed by two responsible persons, (? ertilicd to be >o bv the district attorney or judge el the said district) that the bidder will, when re quired, if his proposals be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with oroper and sufficient Ma turities, in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of the same, if for the whole work, and of a proportionate amount if for a |?art thereof. Any information touching the mat ter can be obtained by application to the Treasury Department. 7 1 reposals will also be rereived up to the afore said date for furnishing ami delivering at the site, by the perch, the rough stoic; for the foundation. Cellar, and area walls of said building, and must be of the very best description for that purpo-e J bey will be required in such quantities and at such times as will be most for the con\enience of the operation on the work, and in quality, to the entire approval of the superintendent. The de Eailment reserving the right to reject the proposals ereby invited if the interest of the United States should require it. The proposals must be sent to this department, directed to the suiierintendcnt. under cover to the Secretary of the '1 reasury, (endorsed ?? Materials far the Tr.ntury B nil,ting and will l>e opened at one o clock, p. m., of the last day fixed for receiving "be >*iiiie. injhe presence of the bidders, if unv choose to attend. Lnquirer, Richmond. Va.; Sentinel, Alexandria \a ; Intelligencer and Star. Washington, D C ? Sun and lie publican, Baltimore, Aid.; Pennsvlva liian, Philadelphia; Day Book and Sun, I\ew York; Post. Boston; Argus, Portland. Me : Patiiot, Concord, N. H ; and Argus, Albany, N. Y., two times each week for suty days. Bill to be sent to Secretary of the Treasury. A H BOWMAN, Sup't of Treasury Building intension Je V7?2aw<)0daya. North amerraji reyiew for Ju ly. COSIEMI5. The Clubs of London American Society; Gymnastic s ? Mount Lebanon: l.^rd Carlisle's Diary Private Life and Household of Cliarknuime Persistence of Physical Law* Kecent Records of Travel Art, its meaning and method Workingman's College Criticisms; New Publications Published quarterly for go per annum " FRANC* TAVLOR. Information for Travelers. BT BAILBOAD DIRECT TO THI WEST. Ttat* between Washi??t?a bat 1?^ ktin! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 honri!' Tiiaoraa tickets amd baggage cuicii to ?? HAD IS WAIHISUIO.1. * _____ THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD hsvln^ greatly improved its Western connection*, novr offer* the fullest inducements to Travellers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORK, and ull portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. Theconnection betwe?Afhe Train* from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more is always promptly made at the Washington Junction ^lately called the Relay Hou*e) 9 mile* fiom Baltimore Thi* is tbe only change of car> required betweeu Washington and the Ohio rirer. Baggage is checked through to Wheeling at tb* Washington Station, and rechecked aim trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge, for those holding Through 'nckets for poiuts ne vond. Tlia connecting Trains leave Washington dnilyatfia in and 4# p. tn Ou Sundays at the latter hour only. At WHI3EMNO dirtrt ronnerttoH Is made vrith the trains of fl* CENTRAL OHIO RAIL ROAD. running ftotn Bellalre. on the Ohio, near Wheeling, through Cambridge, Zanesville, and Newark, to COLUMBUS These train* eoanot at Newark with the ear* of the Newark, Mansfield ami Haiidu*ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo. Detroit, Chicago. St. 1a?uI*. etc. At COLUMBUS the C. O. Railroad train* con nect with the fast train* of th?* LtttU Miami Rait roa4- to Xenia, Cincinnati. l<o(ti*ville, etc. At XEN1A (on Little Miami Railroad)connectionis fanned with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, Terre Hatle, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Uhsd, St. Louis, etc. JJ~/~ Passenger* holding Thro^igh Ticket* for Mrmphi.i. V tfkiourg. Sitrhcz. AVw OrUont, etc.. which are also M>ldal Washington?are trans ferred at Cincinnati to the Mail Stumers on the Ohio. Ticket* for Evansvilie, Cairo, and St. Louis are sold by thi* route. JT>- For CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to Toledo. Detroit, Chicago, etc., ticket* are *?>ld when the Ohio is navigable betweeu Wheeling ai d Well*vilie (forty mile*) where a conuettion with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad Is made. Travelers are requests to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Ticket* and Checks in Washington, it is al*o the shortest, ifinwt >ju*dy. and direct to nearly all the leading noint* in the great West. The distance Loin Washington to Cincinnati is but t&i iaiU?, bcin<; about 1U0 mile* shorter than by any other route FARE, BV THROUGH TICKET. FROM Washington :?t<> whoeimu. >??;*?; coiun. bus. $13 65; Dayton. #15 50; Cm* .u.tati, (14 U?; Louisville. by_railroad, Slo 65, by *: earner fto?o Cincinnati. Sit ?*>; Indianapolis, Sl7 SO; Cleve land. #12 50; Toi?'do, ?15 MI; Detroit, flS Sf; Chicago, S20 65 and #19 .W, St Loui*, SUnna .??>; Memphis. ^^6: New ?Irleans, $31; etc. [p"FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER** FERRVjMARTlNSBURG, CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS. BEDFORD SPRINGS, P1 EDMON T. O A K LA N D, and F A1 R M OU N T, i*is*cni:?rs may loave Washington at 6 ?. in. or 4.^ p. in. For ttie minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. ru. train from Washington. ITT"For trtlnp to and from Baltimore, Auapolb. et** , see special advertisements. fpr For further Information. Through Ticket*. Ac., apply to THOMAS H PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. JOHN II DONE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad, Baltin<ore may 3?If ORANGE k ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Hi* imi .-.rxoaaa UKEAT SOITHEKS MAIL USE' PfAWlCE daily between WASHINGTON and J the SOUTH, rt? ALEXANDRIA, GOR DONSVILLE and BICllMONl)-no uight line o:i Sundav. Leave Washington ^ before 6 o'clock n in L?eave Alexandria % " 7 u a m Leave Washington u 7 ?' p mi Leave Alexandria % 44 8 44 p in BARKfe BV NIGHT LINE. From Washington and Alexandria, to Gor donsville 2-1 25 r to in fiordonvvi'lr to Itichmond 2 25 Travelers will Lnd the morning line the cheap en, inotft pleasant ?ud expedition* route to the Oreenbrier White Sulphur, Fauqder White Sul phur, Warm. Hot. Alum uiid Cajicii Springs. VVarreaton, Charlotlsville. Stauuton, Strashur^. rvlnchester, ilarr?ouburg, i^exingtwi. Weirs Cave, Natural Bridge, L"..-.}'. New Market. Mii dlcburg, Ac. FARBS BT MORNING LINE *. From Alexandria to Warren ton. - - #'2 <?0 " " Gordonsvilie, - 3 50 " 44 C harlottcavllle, ? 4 SO 44 44 Staunton, - - 6 uu 44 44 Strafbuig, ? - 3 n? 44 44 Winchester, - - 3 50 44 44 Luray, - ? - 4 23 44 44 New Market, - 5 Wi 44 44 Mlddlebuig. - - fib OMNIBUSES and BA'iG AGE WAGONS w.ll be at the l)e|>ot of the \\ a^hlngton Railro;td. to convey passenger* and liaggage to ihe ;sie?iiid>*?at. f? r ALFAANDRI A. a distance of6 inile*. allow ing ample lime for meals. h. W. VANDEGRIFT, Jy 14 Gen Supt. OR EAT SOUTHERN MAIL ROUTE. Twice daily between washing ton and the South via h rcder- _ j "*^j> it k*ln:rji, Richmond. Petersburg <js?y \ a , Weldon and Wilmington. N. C.. tu ? hanes ton. S. C.. aiM Augusta, tia The traveling punlic is hereby int'ruied that She swift and comfortable ste;iiners BALTIMORE. AND MOUNT VERNON h-ave the Steamboat V/lurf at WasViinglon dal!y at ? a in and 7 p in . arriving In Rfhnvmd at 1 p.m. and 3 a. m; and at PeLreburg at 2^' p. in. a:id r* a m. The following Through Ticket* can be obtained on borrd the bc-its: To Fredericksburg S3 (*' To JuiK-tiou of Virginia Central Railroad ...A K To Richmond, Va .5 '* To Norfolk, Va .f> IH To I'Her*burg, Va 6 ft' To Weldon, N .C 7 00 To Wilmington, N . C .....11 0t? r A KS tlM rOTdMAC RIVRB. For each passenger, as follow*: To Alexandria 45 cents, und lw?waw roru To Marhnrv'* ?1 I*1 To Cjuantlco. Sandy Point. Ac I 5t' To Aquia Creek 2 ?> Meals and State Rooms extra For further information apply on board of the boats, or to GEO. MATTiN GLY. Agent. je30?2w Wai>hington. THE POTOMAC RI VLB STEAMBOAT COMPANY'S STEAM LK ALICE C. PRICE, CAPT. SAMTKL BAKER, WILL LEAVL WASHINGTON AT SIX o'clock a.m.,and ALEXAN- _ ^ DR1A at 7 o'clock, a. iu.? On TUESDAY MORNINGS ?For Matt ox. Curriomin, L. Macuodoc, Piney Point, Klnoale, and Cone Ou FRIDAY MORNINGS? For Chapel T-i-rt. Wicomico, Leonardtown, Piney Point,St. Mary V fcnd Cone. ? On WEDNESDAY, ^returnin^)?Leave Cone at 4 o'clock, a. m , for St. Mary s. Pinoy Point, Leonardtown. Wicomico, and Chapel Point On SATURDAY, ^returnin-t)?Leyve Coup at 4 o'clock, a in., for Kinsale. I'iuey Point, L. Ma chodoc, Currioman, and Mattox. The A. C. Price will call at the usual landings on Ihe river when siguals are made. By order of the Buurd: JAMES P SMITH, President. Alexandria, Va., June 1,1S55. je 15?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. 152 is/ ^ ?On and after Mon Trains will _ _JiIjflBa CHANGE OF HOURS. day, the 23d instant, the ? muis wui Leave Washington at 0 and a. m., and 3 and 4K p. m. On Sunday at 4 ^ p m. Leave Baltimore at 14 and ?% a. m . and 3 and Sit p m. On Sunday at 4# a m. ap 23?tr T. H PARm INS, Agent FOR THE ORANGE AND ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS THE Subscriber's Coaches will call for iiasscn gers wishing to connect with _ . " ? the above railroads. My Co?tche>r<-^ri- - connect with the Steamers GEOLi7e Wa^TT INGTON or THOMASCOLLYER, which leave Wa. hington at 6 a. m ITr" Meals furnished or. the boats. Persons wishln<*theco?n.hes to call for them (?'i leave their name and r?-sidcnce with Air. John T Kill man. near the Capitol irate: Mr. Butt's drtii: store, comer l'a. aveaut, and 12th st.j 01 al Geo. A Thos. Parker & Co.'s store Coache* can be had fas rleasure Trip*, may29?2m WILLIAM WIIALEY. STEAMBOATS vON.%EtTIN? WITH FACH TRAIN OF CARS ARR1V inp In Washington ar Aleran- _ . dria?T\ie Steamers THtjS. COL-|fa^il^.V YER or GEORGE WASllINGTt)N will makf the above connections, leaving Washington atfi a m , for the Orange and Alexandria Cars, ard con nect with the same train ua their arrival. ITT" MEALS furnished on the boats. The Boats connect wHh all the trains from Bal timore SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain. may 17?tf If EMOIRS OFTHt COUNTE88OP BLES Ivl *fllflitoi?, by R R Madden, M R I. A .two wte. FRANCE TAYLl/R ?rv ROUTE WCTBEEK THiV? I I I DIRECT FROM NEW VORK, PHJLXDBL PH 1 A. AND BALTIMORE-TO NORFOLK, \VKli>0>. WTLMIM6T0N.. *A Cfl AR LESION . AND At GlSTA,MOBILE, AND NEW ORLEANS .. SIMMER Ayr* FALL ARRANGEMENT. Daily. (except SeedaysO VIA HAY LINE,Hi SEABOARD* Rf>ANI ORE RAILROAD, to the above mention?* place*. the Schednlp bring *0 arranged ?*t ?? Travrier Is not subjected to any nicht I raw <m the Railroad from V* York to W Wfc North Carolina. Tllorni TICKET*. From New York to Wilmington *15 .*> , Do. Weldon 0O Do. ? Norfolk and Portsmouth ? 50 From Philadelphia to Wilmington,N C tl 00 f)o. Wtldon 10 00 I?o Norfolk and Port*?outh 0 5" From Baltimore to Wilmington, N. c ......It W Do Weidon # ?* Do N orfolk and Portsmouth 5 00 For further infrtrmatioa and Through Ticket*, ap l> in New York at the New Jereev RaMrond OaVce, foot of Court land street; In Philadelphia at the Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad Ofliee, in Liberty ?tr. e? ; in Baltimore at the Off re of the Haitimore Steam IV ket Comt*?y. foot of Union Dork. or on beard of the lie\ St?Mincrs. ... O?iliWM ainl Baggage* Wagons -re provided *1 the Line, by which passenger* and their '*?? age are conveyed tiirqMh PhHai-Jph'* and Bal itnore free of all exp<fKe,d?d lintel C100^"r/ ter> whose d ity it Is to give Information and rhe*-fc he haj;g?jT t" the several pointa on this rcsite^ *^23SI^fSTN?5rv??ww#>i. will have their ba^uaj/e che< kod * BfMMwe hence on board the Bay Boat* to Norfolk, Ports mouth. Weldon. Ac . Ac. . The n?w and splendid s'ramer LOl ISlANA. L.120 ton* burthen' rrpl'te with every comfort and ?>nvenieure, ha* been added to the line. THE LINE BEING NOW COM posed of the aplendid steamer* LOUISIANA. Capt. George ~ NORTH CAROLINA. CapT, Jao?c* Cauon, hav ing unsurpassed Slate Rooms ai.d Berth Accom modation*. ... . The Norfolk or Bay Line Steamer* will lea** ? he Compaay's wharf. Union Do< lt.(bot< t on ord street, dailv (Sundays emcepird) at 5 c rjork, p m., or imUM diatelv afW the arrival of the Ea nrrs* Train which leaves New Yoik at 1- a. u.d Philadelphia at hi* p in TLe following la the schedule: l?eave New York at 8 o'clock, a m. Leave Philadelphia at 1** o'clock. p m. I^eave Baltimore at 5 o'clock, p m. l/eave Portsmouth at 7\ o'c lock, a m. Leave Weldon at.......... 12 o'clock, no?>n. Leave Wilftiington at o'clock, p 111 For Augusta, Charleston and the South, via the Manchester Railroad. now finished }{7? Pa.?>encer* for Richmond and Petersburg, ,?r any other point* on James River, roanrrt with ?he laiii^ River Boats early next morning after leaving Baltimore. ff7? All paswengers for Edentou, Plymouth, Newbern, Washington. Weldon, Golilsboro', W ar*aw. Raleigh and \V ilmingtun. N C , or any ?Kher |>oint on the S**abord and \v iimlngton Roads, will And it the most pleasant and agreeaUe route. M. N. FALLS. Agent Baltimore, May 17. 1-50. FOR PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON A BAL TIMORE RAILROAD ?Passenger trains leave Baltimore daily (except Sundays) ror Phila delphia at * 30, (Express) and 11 a m , and 7 p. ra. For Havre de Grace at 6.3t) and llam; 5.30 (Havre de Graie Accommodation Trains) and ? p. oi : 7 p m. t:nln runs every night, this being the outy train on Sunday. 11a.m. trafn has a serocd clasa car attached ; fare in it to Philadelphia 9'J No SECOND CLASS TICKETS aold in the cant. Titrn ro* lALTmott. Leave Philadelphia at 13U a m . (LK 45 Expren and 3 p. m Steamboat) and lip m. Leav? Havre de Giace at ill ? in i Havre de Grace Accommodation Traina 11.15 a.m., 3 15, a 5fj p m , and i 05 a in. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. Baltimore, A prll 3U?tr THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMER?., 'PHK SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINE X ar?* the ATLANTIC, Captain Wt?t, PACIFIC, Captain Nye BALTIC, Caj'tata (.om?tock. ADRIATIC, Capu'n Grafton. Ther^- Ship* have fcwn lx>ilth% tontra< t.? xpress ly for Government service; even,- <Aie has been Liken in their construction, as in the engine*, to insure strength and speed, and their accommoda tions for pessroger.i are untqua'.k'd t'Jt clfgacce and comfort. pvtcb or PASSAOK. From New York to Liverpool, in first cabin, f 120 Second cabin. <? Exclusive use of ex'.ra size state room*-, - 3W; From Liverpool to New York, - i-30 and Xtf) An experie-wWI Surg?x>n attached to each bhip. No b?-rth can 1* secured until paid for. For freight ? paasagf apply to EDWARD K COLLINS A CO., 36 Wall street. New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. E 0. ROBERTS A CO, 13 KingX Arm? Yard. London. JOHN MUNROE A CO., "26 IIMe Notrv Dame di-< Virtw'res, Paris. GEORGE H. DRAPER. Havre The owners of these ahli? will not be accounta ble Tor gold, silver. b ,lli.j.:, specie, iew? lr>\ pre e'ens st'jnes, or motals, unless bills of ladin,: are siyr. -d therefor, r.?S the val'te thereof therein ex pieseed. nov 10?ly 44 BIOTT BEDSLL'8 LINE. XK# YOKE. ALEXANDRIA. WASHING TON CITY. ^A'D DISTRICT O b CULL 21 B1A PACKETS. l.INE OF PACKETS SAILS WULK 1 L\ from pier 11 l>-t river. New York, and oftener if necossarv, ana is compo-id of the fol lowing first-class veutels: New sch'r A. V. Bkdbll. Bc^ 'll. master New tiCh'rMoi r i?tdlll, A. V. l iedwill. iri h'r Asn D , Wa Oliver, master. ? Sch'r Volast, L. A Smith, ins?ter. 4 Sch'r Co**aMiKa-'.Tf-Cmsr, Woglton, master Sch'r GabSNWAT, Wilson, master. These vt^sels are all fast sailers and the makers are uten of experience in the tiede. ar d lie only regular hue c-fWashington City packets. MUTT BEDELL. Wa 1 street. New York. 8. S MASTERS K SONS Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?Am Washincicn a.td D. of C. FOR MOl'NT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE, round trip. 51; ftom Alexandria m 75 cen's ?The stean er THOMASgfe r'.-i COLLYF.R It-aves Wtshhsgtoe at iTaadAh xau drt4 at ?>s o'clock Coaches leave the Capuol for the ln?at at t: o"clock. Coach fare lu?en'.*. Per sons wishing (he coaches will leave their itsidcnce with George A Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat oct -in? tf SAM L OEDNEY,^Japtain_ FOR PHILADELPHIA. CITIZEN'S UNION LINE?The S'eamer > OHIO. Capt. Trippe.will com- ? mence r inuiiii; on this K>iitr-e?tab li*hed route, for Philadelphia, on muNHA1 Union Dock, foot 01 Concord st., u.idays) at 7 o'cloc k a. landing and Port Her man. Fare Cabin passage. W 50 Fare Forward Deck 1 50 Itj"BREAKFAST and SUPPER provided on B ?rd WM CRAWFORD, Ageat. Baliitnore, March 31?tr ( ti^nea rotne, ior ruuaaei April i, leavini; Union Doc Hsltiinore. daiTy irxceot Si in., stopping at Ford ? I? SEA BATHING AT OLD POIKt tOM FORT. ONE OF THE BALTIMORE STEAM PACK ET CO S STEAMERS will _ p\ leave the Union Dock, foot of Con - .X, cord street. Baltimore, dady (SunaiiVK excepted) at 5 o'clock p. m . for Old Point Comfort |Xj~ Fare there aud ba< k ?giving the passen gers the privilege to remain the whole sea-cm M. N*. FALLS, Agent B. S. P. Co. Baltimore, Junel?tr ALEXANDRIA * WASHINGTON BOATS* 'DHK Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will J- leave at the following hours. Fare 1*21 cents. The THOMAS COLLYER. wUu not other wa\? engaged, will make tri|x? on tUc route* at al ternate hours Leave Washington at ?,P, 9%, 11*, ?*, 4,5*, and 7. ^ Leave Alexandria at 7, 0, 19*, 1X.3*,?|(. and S.?Tlje Boat will leave Alexandtia at 1J^ p. rn , or immediately on the arrival of the rare Jy 7?d JOB CORSON, Capum. I FAMILIAR QUOTATIONS.?A collection of Familiar Quotations, with ccmpMe lndi cea of Authors and Subjects. 51 Memories of Youth and Manhood, bf Sidney Willa d. U vols, f '2 Elite, or the Human Comedy, by John Eaten Cooke, author of Virginia Comedians The Prophets; or, Mormcuism Unveiled vl'L illusrratlons, #1. TATL?>R A MAURY** Jy 13? ttocksioit; n?#r ?t|i at.

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