27 Temmuz 1855 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Temmuz 1855 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR,, Ft BUSHED EVERY AFTCR50US, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) .11 the 3ttr ??W4i??<. toriur ?/ PtnAtjlvama av*nu? a Ad Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACE, %ViM be served to subscriber* by carrier* &t SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payabito weekly to the Agents^ papers served In pe*ckag? at 37 # rent* per month. To mall wabscriber* the sub a.ripClon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND F IF TY CENTS 6 year is advance, TWO DOLLARS for sir months, and ONE DOLLAR lor three months; for less than three month* at the rate of 1! 4 cent* a w<*k. CT9INOLE COPIE9 ONE CENT. W ASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1855 T WEBER'S BAND. TniS old ^tabllsbHl and favorite band fur nish music as usual for Excursions. Gre nade*, Pic Nics, Parlies, Exhibitions. Ac., Ac. Orders may be left at Hilbns A Ilitr"* Mn?lr De pot, or at t!?e residence ?>f the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, Xavv Yard, jy 23?-m FIS< HFH'S BAM) FULLY ORGANIZED. HAVING now completed all mv arrangements for a first rate BRASS AND COTILLON BAND. I am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties-, Exhibitions. Parades, Pic Nics. Balls and Serenades. All those In fa vor of citixens' band are respectfully invited to en courage our enterprise, here ia Washington city. P FISC11K R, L.-ader. P S.?This Band, under my direction, i* r.'g".! larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen tv yearn I can give satisfaction to every one. Residence. Pennsylvania avenue, north side. tween Ninth and Tenth streets, lira door west of Iron Hall Orders left with Messrs. Kilbus A Hiti punctu ally attended to. jy 14?1 Ui* PROSPERI'S COR.XET BAND. HJS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all tb< se who may be pleased to encase them, either a- a Brass. Res-d. or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be hud at the short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER I, Leader, at Taltavull's Store, opposite the .Marine Barracks N B ?Order* left at Hilbn* A H itz's M uslc De pot will be promptly attended to. may 25?1m SIMMER RETREAT. BLAKISTON'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of ? 1 July. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicac'e* abounding in tn*?il ft waters adjacent to Blakiston's Island. He hope* his endeavors to please will insure him a ,<<hare of patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from city bustle. The Steamers ,Y?aryland. Osceola, and Alice C. Price stop regularly at his landing. Terms for one week or more. Si 315 per day. For a shorter time #1 50 per da v. GKORUE W. BLAKISTON, Je'ifl?3m* Projector. TMIE LONDON STARE. 4 vols, octavo, con taining about two hundred of the best p.avs id .the language (exclusive of Shakspeare's ) A few sets of the a*wvr?second-hand copies, new oner being unobtainable?just imported from laui doii Price 50. FKAN'CK TAYLOR. Jy 12-tf AMERICAN HOTEL, No. 456 Pa. bttvtfn 4% and 6th f tre?t?, 8 heflebower A L. T LOVETT, rioniiTois. ??rtm NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL fc BROTHER. BARUCH HALL, .surviving partner of Isaac Hall, having on th* 29th day of February, 1S53. assigned to the underpinned aB the stock in Irade and debts of the Arm < / Hall .V Brother, to W applied to the full satisfaction of certain debts, liabilities. and engagements of said firm of Hall A Brother, and the snrplus to pay and distribute M>Mt among such of the remaining cred itors of said firm as shall within six montas from said "i"tL dav of February. 1^5o, execute aad de liver t? said Baruch Hall full and absolute re leases of all Indebtedness to them respectively by said Baruch Hall, surviving partner as afore>aid Notice is therefor*- hereby given to such credi tor* of ?aid firm of Hall 4 Brother, or riid Baruch Hall, surviving porf:"r, as rnaf desire to partici pate in the benefit of said assignment to execute and deliver to said Baruch Hall full aad absolute relea-*** as aforesaid, within the period of six iiiOuius from said 2rth da.' ?.f Februarv, L55. RICHARD WALLACH, Trustee. Je 11 ?< OtA ug"~-ah COFFIN WmilWd, fcc. I WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ?'?KERS?.evidence41- Seventh street, between G and H streets Interments procured in any ground or cemetery. Cottins, Caj**, Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, and every atiicir lor interments of the best quality furiitnUed at short notice, on th?* most reasonable terms, a.:d at all hours of the night. Having the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead for auy length of time jy 11?ly LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. E subscribers will locate Land Warrants 1 cither In Ohio. Indiana. Illinois or Iowa, and and give a correct description of th? land located If upon examination, this description proves in correct. the) will themselves htk**the land, giving for ;t another warrant tor the same quantity. One of the firm resides in the West, and will give the business his personal superintendence. MILLER A BROWN, 7th st . opposite Post OJfiee, Washington jy 13?coiim ; FOR POOR AND LABOR ING MEN. SM ALL BUILDING LOTS vt ll> feet or more, in various parts of the City, and Georgetown, a! low prices, and terms to suit. LLOYD 4 CO. BUILDING STONE, For sale, deliverable at the Canal, or Wharves, In Washington. Georgetown, or Alexandria LLOYD A CO. ;15th street, opp Treasury Department. _)rJ3?iy CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. 1HAVE now un hand, and constantly finishing, a very large assortment of Pleasure and Family C A R RI AG I :s, of the latest fashions, which I will sell as low as the same quality of work can be sold in any of the principal markets of the Uuiied States. The subscriber is now dealing exclusively in Carriages of his own mauu&cture, and all work sold by hiiu will be warranted, and compare favor ably with any work in this market. As I always keep a lar*^ assortment, I invite purchasers and o*hers to examine my stock lie/ore purchasing else where. Carriages built to order. Old Carriages taken In ?xchaa^e, or repaired at the shortest notice. THOMAS YOUNG, Sign of the Golden Horse, No. ISWPa. avenue and 4>| street, may 1?eo3m fair hill boarding school for GIRLS, StmJf Spring, Momtfvmrry romn'tf. Ml 'I^HE ninth term of this Institution will com ' mence oa the 10th day of the ninth month (September) next. Circular* containing the needf il informatloti in r^a.d to the School can be obtained by thone who d?-*:re it. by addressing, at Olney post Otttce. Montgomery rouuty, Maryland. K S KIKK.o/ WM II. FAK^UilAR Refer to J no T Towers. Lambert Tree. VV D. W allac h je Jb?yawt^ar important TO PERSONS BREAKING IP HOI SLKEEPING. PERSONS removing from thecity and wishinj; tu dis^Miae of their FurBiture and Housekeep ing I teasti?. A?-., without the trouble of sending them to public auction, can do so by calling ou us at euf store. 31; pa avenue, corner of '?h stree*, as we ar?- pre^a/rd to buy all such goods as may be vfftn d Housekeepers and others will do well by calling ?? as. a? we wul pay tne highest cash prices for ail such goods. WALL, BARNARD A CO. Je 7?2m 317 Pa. aveuue GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTS', MISSES', A CHIL * DR^ \ > BOOTS ANDSHOES ?The-t ~ * '? ? ft-' has rvinov. <i t.. ?stop ... the . coraer of Twentieth str^-> and Pentis} Iva-' aia avenue, where be i< -??iiin^ bis present Weii-as-s^ted stock of BOOTS A -HOKSat great ly rM s-ed |irieea. All p?*r*oiiH in w&nt of those atH le? will nnd it to their advantage to call before piW.ha.sing elvuhrre. A. 11 SLOAN, Corner of 2Wth street and Penba. avenue. may I?am TO THE PUBLIC GRAY'S NEl'TRALI/ING CORDIAL! THE (iRFAT BftTASIC REMEDY' L^OR Diaxi h?*a, Dvsenitry, and Sun.uu.r Com A plaints of Children can t>e had at CHARLES STOTT k CO *S, Pcnnsyhaala aveuue. This prvparatiou la untui.??*?d lor the above C't mis Nw ft.rt: 1 j U ....f It during it? tumawr umcb wLaa :.** ab9\*? dlrarnas ?c fratiin; It U panieaiarly ratcxameniad for Price *ln cants per bottle Prsjwred end sold by J AMES GR AY, 1 No 2 Water stieet. Baltimore. Md jy 1*-JW t<u 11' JOU.t H KI VAXS. WILLIAM THOMPSON. ELVANS Ar THOMPSON, DEALKRSIS HAEDWARE, COACH TRDTMIT73S, tic., No. 325 Pen o?- yl> nnia avenue, between Nimth and Tmth stf, WasktneioH, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia. Oennsn Silver, Albata and Silver Pla ted< Tea, Table and Dessert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plattd Candle sticks, Shovel and Tom's, WalUe Irons, K?d Iron* Maslin and Bell Metal Kettle*, Furnaces, Grid Iron*, Ovens, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet. Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinge*. Screws, Cut and Wrought Nail*. Bolts Brad's Shutter St rews and Stubb*. Door Springs Handrail Screws. Door Knob* Bell Pull*, Door Shears and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. HalrCloth. Curled Hair, Mo*#, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitlan Blind Hooks. Rack Pulley*, Roller Ends Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Cotlin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates. Ac. CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plane*. Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokesbave*. Chisels and Gouge*, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and Bitta. Boring Mat Lines, Ham mers. Hatchets, Devels Bevels, Squares, Guage*, Axes, Ac. BLACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS'GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes. Hubs, Bows, Poles Sleigh R tinners. Silvered and Brass Bands, Stump Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps. Inside Linings, Lining Silks, Damask, Seaming Cords Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces. and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled leather, Dash Leather, Ac EL VANS A THOMPSON, je 1?<in 3'2i) Pa. avenue. CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT OF THE Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired and p;itt??fo. ---rrrrrt. in first rate order (tbe mach 1 ner vfrfeSu?^ being removed and horse power s'n?>*r7tutf*l) <~a tinues making ber regular trips between George town and the above juace. The Boat will l?*ave the whnrf of W. IT A 11 G Ritterfor Point of Rocks on MONDAYS, AVED NESDAYSand FKlDAYSat? o'clock a. m: and the Point of Hocks for Georgetown on Tl?ES DAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS at the same hour, stopping at the different landings along the line for the receptiou and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a. m . and arrive at the head of the Great Falls at 11, Seneca at 1. Edward's Ferry 3)$, Mohocacy 5,>$. Knowlan's Ferry 6. and Point of Hocks at 7 o'cl'k p in Returning, leave Point at 7 a. m., Kilow att's Ferry at 7#, Monocacya, Edward's Ferry 11, Seneca I, Great Falls 3%, and arrive at George town at 7 p. in Passage through either way 82. Meals served regularly on board the boat at mod erate prices. CHARLES MERRILL. Car>t. je25_dtf __ _j_ 1 PEEL'S LONDON CJREEN GINOER WINE Af ANUFACTURE1) FROM FRENCH 1*1 GRAPES. GREEN JAMAICA GINGER. SEVILLE ORANGES,Ac ?This delicious bev "rage becomes the greatest favorite wherever it is introduced. It is equally [mlatable. more wr o'? some, and not half tiie price of other foreign w!rv < Many physicians use it exclusively, and re< nn mend u to all troubled with Flatulency, Dyspep sia, Debilitv, Cramps. Dlarrhaa and Dyseu'crv. Persons subject to Chills, or living in dlstrhb where Ague or Cholera prevail.*, fled lb. occasion al use a pleasant andatlmirnbleprevei.liv Mixed with a little iced-water it fcrms the m>st rrfr - h ing and wholesome cooling drink in warm wea'ii"r that can be taken. r bottle, S5 per dozen. lind this stock, it-b a first rate article, sells well, and gives great satis faction. A'jents. STOTT A CO., Washington; PEEL A STEVENS. Alexandria; C1SSEL,C eorgetowti: J PALMER .Baltimore. _____ j> <??tf DENTISTRY. B DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm of Hunt A Donaldson, continues to ? manufacture and insert those beautiful I Krcelain teeth, wi'h or without gums, ? specimens of which (made and deposit.-d b. the late firm) was awarded the first premium ai the Mechanics' institute Fair, recently held i.? this city. These teeth are carved and shaded to suit e,v h particular case, and their resembLtnce u> th* n.. :i ral organs la so perf^-ct as to deceive the most prac tised eve Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charge* moderate, and all operations warranted Office southwest corner cf Seventh and D streets. Eentranoe on D. mar 21?<5 m DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public atten tion to his new, patent arid great lv IMPROVED method of setting Ar-l tlficial Teeth, with Continuous Gum, E R the very PERFECTION OF THE ART This style of Teeth has the following advaniager over all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH. CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vieli g with Nature in these respects, and in some others excelling. Public inspection is respectfully solic ited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Oiliee and house No 29-1 E street, near the cor ner of Penna. avenue aud 14th street. ap -4?tf A CARdT~ Mrs E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth street, betweeu (i and H streets, desires to inform the citizens of Washington and vicinity, that PIANO FORTE She has taught music some of the principal cities of the Union and *he i* now prepared to give Instructions on the ts priucif lias testimonials showing that she Is fully Com petent to discharge the duties of ber profession to the satisfaction of those who mayfavor her with their patronage. Terms: gio for 24 lesson*, at her residence, or ?12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3m* LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker andlouls janin have formed a co-partnership under the firm of " Walker A Janln,'' for the management and argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the U uited States, and before the Court of Claims at Washington City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING DEPOT. r|MlE subscriber resp?*etfaiiy announces to hi* A friends and the puolic in general that he has received the first lot of the celebrated DODGI.'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Insti tute. and is now prep' r< a to furnish all who may favor him with a call. Ills stock of UAS FIXTURES are unsurpassed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides himself to fill any orders in the PLUMBING AN D GAS-FlTTlNG line with promptness uud despatch. lijf* All work done warranted to give complete satisfaction. JOHN REESE, may 3?tf corner 6th st and Pa aven.ie. CARRIAGES. I HAVE on hand some handsome light and con venient (arnily Carriages aud Bug /jritfiS^ gie* A two horse Carriage and E? press Wagon Those desirous of purchasing anv of the above described articles cheap will do well to call on the subscriber immediately, as I am de termined to sell low for (jub, or on accommouat ln < terms. All work warranted. Repairing done at the shortest n'Hlce and in the most approved manner. S FLYNN, No. D st , b?r 12th aud Mth, J>" #?lm opposite the Klrkwood House. BRITTANNIA AND PLANISHED WAR E. Dish Covers, Soup Tureens. Castor*, Pitcher*, Caps, Lamps. Candlestick*. S??ar lAinps, spit toons, Ac , at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 4lO Seventh street. OEO FRANCIS. II*-** TO AT,L THAT VALUE THE III SIGHT. dCTlC^ _ YV^SKh': w caH the nn?nt<on tu au that K.:.r? ..I J detective si^ut, caused l?v a^c. sick "7s ^ particularly from glawe* i n td1cW|? FftSlw hi\ :."?Vri'T S*PKCTAli;.!{? a" V:, Caw*f,*lly ground bv hitr ?~!f tn a true spherical accuracy and brilliant tran?-nrvM v suited precisely and beneficially to fhe v- ? r a<? cording to the concavity or convexity ci e <vc \ erv nmnerotu are the ill effects caused t?? ?h pn?< iou? organ of sight from the conimenee-iw-a of using glasses in not ?.eii*_r preci s sUi -d. ?? tlie use of an Optometer; and tii* practiced" mat I years, enables him to measure the foo d disease ? t the eyes, and such glasses that are absolutely m 4ction *>e furnished with precision and >atis. J T acknowledges the very liberal enoouracr?v ?nent already obtained, and further solicits the nu. [ tronageof (bone that have not vet availed them selves of his hid. P??rsons that cannot conveni4itly rail, by send ing the .'lasses In use, and stating how ninny Inches tbey can read this print with their specta n ?* C?n1'C ,uPPlie<1 with such that will improve Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; and .ef,-r ences given to many who have derived the ima'e ease and comfort from his glasses.? Circulars to be had gratis, at his ofllce, No 513 Seventh street, three doors from Odd tellowV Hall, up stairs. aw pi-u . Norfolk. September?. 1851. ,. Spectacles you mad*' for me suit ver> well, and seem u? have improved my sight n.ori than any other I have lately tried .. J . MT-r W. TAZEWELL. ?f tried ? Pa*' Spectacles obtained from Mr. lobis*. and flnd them of erreat assistance to im ught, and corresponding with his description of the fociw. 1 recommend him asa -killf. l onti *?; r T u. ? HENRY A. wise. r,.r.'T*? : ? pairof Spectacl ?*s vou rurnlshcd rr?*> yesterday are particularly satisfac tory to me Tney are very decidedly (h* be-.t I possess and I am the owner cf eiaht or nine pr>i. carefuUy selected in ditlerent places aiid froni op' ticlaiis recommended to me on account of their , 1,1 England, France and the I n.ted States. I have been also pleased wiih your remarks and directions on the treatment ol !ng SESr purpo"ei,f Pr^?vingand improv Respectfully, yours, ' d , GHAS. CALDWELL, Professor of M. C., Loui?vjlie, Kv. \i t v ... Lynchburg, Nov. 10, ISM ri 'r J,^n Tobias having furnished me with Glasses by which I have i?een greatly a'ded in.\ vision having suffered greatly from reading a'l night in my earlier life) it affords nie the hielest pleasure to say that 1 consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid those'who may need Lis professional service*. WM. B ROrZIE. Wder of Methodist Conference. ?? , ^iLMi!(GTOX,N 0.,Jau.2Ms>l. <k ! .'v V. B,AV Dear Sir?I am happy to sa\ that the Spectacles which 1 obtained from voulas't week are entirely satisfactory. From an inec u.d Uy m the visual ran-e of inv eyes, 1 have here fu ror- found ureat difficulty in netting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pitastire tc state that, by the aid of vour optometer, thl; dili: culty has been happily ohvla'ed so that the glass-* von furnishedme aredecidtdlv the best adapt d to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, k. U. DRA.NE, Rector of St James' P7.-ir<h. IVpwrtnierit of Interior, .May V, 1 f55. 1" rom natural defects and the uncquh! rarcj-? of mv eyef, I have bfjeii compelled to u-;. ylasm-s ??r several years I have tried different optlcN wiChout obtaining glasses perfectly st! i t.i i>n ey-s. Four months since Mr Tol.lat made iwo pair-< especially for me, which I bave foiu d ?< ser\*e me (Perfectly By the use of Ms o. JojrH ,er he is enabled to adapt Glasses rnimtelv to th? e;? I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to si' having occasion !o uw-glasises, and Uar my tes-.i tuony as tc b's skill a* an optician. H EN R Y K 1J A LDWI \, Assist. Sec y to sign i^acd Warrants. JV IS? Hfine watches. AV1NG tTUide a considerable addition to nu stock of GOLD HUNTING PAT- #fj> ' KN'T LEVERS and LADIES'WATCH ES, of first quality, hcav>' IP ear??f case- i Also. SILVER WATCHES for boys I offer th^m ot grraJy reduced prices 'J ijc movements are selected with great care, and every W a h IS W.'ftREASTKti Ferrous ill want of a line timekeeper are invited to t*. ,;iint my a^ho^ti..ont. H.SEMKEN No 33G Pa avenue, betw 9th l?Mu ?-ts mar Hi o EL VRHS ( O.ili'LLI t.S DL MOLILRT very numerous engravings, !?| -j/j Consuclo, by G?orge :?diid, 3 vol . verv ~iur. c 'ws engravings. *1 J Phvslologiedu Gont, par Brlllat-Savariu : v, r, numerous en^'avings. 3? ' ents Jy to FKANCK TAYLOR. GEORGE F. KID WELL aJToT, DKALKKS IS ALL KEJD3 Ui' C.ALS AND \t c0.0, POURTEENTH STREET, (opVoutf r ',.L A iiH En^n\f. Hvust.) have now on ha- ti ? rv article in their line, which will be sold at p/i-Vs to suit the time* They solicit a share of public patronage, pledging tiiemtelves to give satMu tion to all. N II.?A cargo of White and Red Ash Coal (afloat) will be sold low if ordered from the whi^ f jy S'*??eolm* NATIONAL MEDIC AL COLLEGE, WASMIStiXOJI, I). C. TilE thirty-fourth aiuiual course of Lectures w iil commence on MOM DAY. the th?d of October and end on the 1st .March. 1N5G. FACULTY. Thomm Millkr, M. D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. ?! P. JonxsTojf, M. D., Pr iffMior of Ubst'.t rics. and Diseases of women and children. Joshi'a Rilxy. M.D., Profess?ir of Materia M> d ica, Theraiyutics and llvgiene J.vo Frkd May. M I>., Professor of the princi ples and practice of surgery. Graftojj Tvi.ek. M D . Professor of Pathology and practice of medicine, and of clinical m? J icine. Lew s H. Stkixkk, M. D., Professor of Chemis try and Pharmacy. Edward M. Scott, M. D., Prosector and De monstrator. THOMAS MILLER. M I) ,Ds*:?. Like most similar institutio.is in Europe, Hie d?>ks from which the regular lectures are given, and the words for clinical instruction arelim't r the same roof, The entire expense for full course l?jctur??. .S'JO Oii Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator....10 <*'? Mairkula*irrg fee.'payable only once 5 Mi j tiniduating exp-nse* 25 yo I Admission to tlie medical and surgical clinic with out charge. The lectures will be given in the afternoon a-id evening, thereby enabbug those engaged in bu-ii ness during the morning Lours to attend For further information address THOMAS MILLER, M D , Dean of the Faculty. N. B?Medical students desiring situations as resident student in the Washington Infirmary, (which is the clinical department of the Natio nal Med < al College.) are requested to make applica tion l>v letter to Joshua Riley, M. D., Curator of the W'ashlugton Inlirmary. who will give any in

formation that may be desired. It is unnecessary to state the great advantages of a residence in a hospital for clinical instruction. Those making early application will have prece dence. Six are to be chosen before the 1st of < ?c 'ober. Jy 9?eotN'ovl SEALED PROPOSALS FOR Fli^ Offick of U. S. Pehitkxtiary. ) Washingten, July 10, 1835 \ SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at this ^office until noon of the first day of August, 1835. for furnishing the prison with l'i$ cords of half seasoned good oik Wood, of me dium size, and free of lop wood ?-it) cords good pine Wood 30 tons red ash anthracite Coal. The wood to be delivered upon the Penitentiary Wuarf, and the coal in the prison \ ar?l THOMAS THOR.NLEY, Jy 11?eotAogt Warden. Land warrants bought at the high Mkt rau? . Shfht draftj retracted to p^Tfrgr?i u a disi&aee tending ma Warrant*, on any city tL?v xnay des iffru'te ? ' Stu'hi tou^bt and sold on commission. HAMILTON G FANT, Banker. t32 Pa avenue, Washington. 1). C Jy l&? lifl?o*W>Hl (lntci) , EXCtTTtsiOWS, &c. L a C (J B S I O H OF 7 Hi. national guard, 'i\j t'f vt: y rorxr, n TlitRSDAVt Aiijjst 'id, 1*?55. T ^ GUARD lake pleasure lu '^uncing 4.. toeir friend* and _ JP"* tne public "enerally tl.a? th?-v ^ oir\i lvV^V,vd;uiuiiiodiou?,,iaii ?0? . r \ ERNON, for the purpose of crjvinv XI?h?t fav?r!> watering piare. P? ~m . F,'X \ on Till I DaY, At ust2 It 55 b-- in^'-Y'i V* *,tractirtn ?? all class*-* ? '' Tim siness manrVo "4 *?d Hd. la.l and . dn l the> arr most cordially Invito logowitt wv*r too. ',"J?V V <leliebts nf * P"re ?al! ?T o ? . ?? ,t,e lnanV aquatic delicacies r terry dance.' ?* in tLtt enjoyment of the ?fu^o^V'T ?f rpn.d"in- tb,? Exc union onr ?Vn n i ^' ?si!re lo ?"r friends and iwtronv .J.c n.uiber of ticket* will be limited and tl e ^oiiuuulee *"ve determined on no account to per ' L?nl imTr'?P?r l**rscns on the boat. T he boHtwm leave the Wharf at the foot of 11th *mrt. precisely at 7 o'clock a and Aleta.drl . '?* 0 ?=?**? "?d arrive ar th? Point at an earl. :iour. remaining there several hours, and return to the city about 12 o'clock p in. ;t i?e;important to j^ve time the boat will " at. ? avT ^ nr^- Arrangements have. ; - ,-r made to haveomnibune* in waitini/ .convey passengers from the Navy Vajd to the rlu ?r co,lv"yance to their homes on 111 ? return of the t>oat rn?*?'rvvofAlwl,tS,V,ave Wn at the low mitti.w DOLLARS for the round trip?ad mitting a gentleman and ladle*. 1s full Hand is engaged. .?reshments. Including dinner and Supper, wul be provided by an experienced caterer. Sir HammeMy, at city price* LIEUT. K. S. AMEN. SOT. C k bishop, ? COKP'L L. JUNES, jy <5 td Corruriltee. QP.AKD CIVIC ? MIIJTABT EXCUESlOJf OF THE Montgomery Guards, TO THE WHITE HOUSE l'AVILION, Wn ?l'RS?AY, August 2d. PHK M(INTO()MI;ry GUARDS respectfully announce to their friend*, civic _ "fT*''' h and military, that they will give their Third Grand Excursion to the%Vhite House on Tilt KSUAY. August 2d, 1355. Two Boat* having been chartered for the occa asion, the first boat will leave Georgetown at v o clock in the morning, Washington at sk, Navv V ard at 9, and Alexandria at 9J?. Th" second boat will leave Washington at 2 p in i-nd proceed directly to the White House Trie first boat will leave the White House at 7 o clock, and the second at 10 or p. m Fibber 3 excellent Cotillon Baud is eiiijarred for (he occasion. Columbus will serve an excellent Dinner at 50 cents a head, and refreshments at city prices Tic kets ?i?admitting a gentleman and ladles u. lie had of the Committee, or at the Boat on the day of the Excursion Committee of Arrfingernt-nts Lieut Reilly, il)eut Feeny, S"t AIcEniry, iiurk, . Wall, Private .Malone. Jy dte RIVtRN tl DERIOl'S' GRECIAN CIRCUS! 'Tcwly Equipped for the Year 18'6. WILL EXHIBIT AT WASHINGTON, Oil July 30, uud 31, aud Au^aj-l 1 aui 'J. iuimen>e ewijibii^hin^at ojst the proprietors over 50,000 HOLLARS. The Company is compo?eil of TI-TV.TY-llV ? p?E? 0KMEKS. Of the m^st ;aItut--U that can be had either in Eu rope or Aim r'ca. namcl**: ilad,iii> Camilla Gardner, the ''ari^lan liones trlenne; Madame Wrnid. tb* ^reatEnglish J"q?es trienne; Slou* Paul cane, from the"French and German Theatp ? ^l^nor Blitz. ?b? Italian Jw . i?*r; j!. Ix rious, the Amcrica?> s ?ne Kidi r; R Ui >rs, the Unrivalled I'r T.cijr Act Rider; E Woods the gr?*at F rone h Sienic Rider; Ma.sU Geor-je Uer'.o - l.e W-iMlerful Hurdle Iiid? r ; ^1 r Geo. SliifiUi fae Acpjluit'c aii l G? mnasti" 1'eaormer; Mas'f r Charles Rivers, (ienirai KiUer and the sjreau** Turablur in the world; Motnha ' now Pedro. ?he >'?utiifi:l l>ov of manv forms; Mors. Gerome. the Sartififon of the World; Mens Lorde. E. l/ewfn, T. Rivers, T. Narnbe, R Bu^it,:: ll2i.ruc, R. Thouipaoa, N. Springer and nuiaf rci:s e' \illar1e? >IG. .VNTO.NIO CAl'ELEN'O, who has just arrivdfrom Rjssia havlug heen engaged at an enormous expense will make his first ap;>eatance in America with his GREAT RUSSIAN HEARS. These wonderful animal performanc es through out France and Russia have astonished even' be holcler. For full particulars of their performances see ihe bil's. Messr*. K. Riven and E. Derious beg leave to announce that thev have brought from Russia and Franee sonic entire new j?erformers. Also, Dew comic afterpiece*, never l?efore performed in this country. This mammoth concern comprise* Ona Hundred aud Hinvij iXtn and Horses. The gorgeous procession will enter town or city every morning at 10 o'clock, led by Mr. Withers' New A ork Brass and l'andeau Band. Doori open at 2 in the afternoon and at 7 in the evening. Ti< Lets 25 cents. No half price. . Jy ?lot C. W FULLER, Agent. JUT* The above Company will exhibit at aleaanHhia, on THURSDAY, the ?th, and FRIDAA', the 27th instant. Aiso, at GEORGETOWN, on FRIDAY, the -Jd of August. ORAND Excimsioir. E TEACHERS OF ST PETER'S SUN- ! A DAY SClIiJOL respectfully announce to the citizens 01 Wash -. ington. that they will give their second excursion to the WHITE HOUSE on MONDAY, July Jo. The safe and splendid steamer Geoegs Wash iS'. ton has been chartered for the occasion. The boat will leave Seventh street wharf at S> , aud Navy Yard at 9 o'clock a. m.; '"turning be fore dark Weber's Band has been engaged for the occa sion Dinner and Refreshments will be served at city prices. Tickets 5JI, admitting a Gentleman and Ladlex; sinule tickets 50 ceuts; children 25 cents?to be had at John F Ellis' Music Store, Dr. Walsh, .Navy Yard, aud at the boat on the morning of the excursion. jy 16?eotd DENTISTRY. DR V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, respect fully informs the residents of George town and its vicinity that he has lo. a.'xj./ > f > ted himself amongst them for the purpose o 1 prac tising his profession. Odice 121 Washington st., above Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. je 25?d^mieolm* lime: lime: lime: GlREAT REDUCTION IN PRICE!?Best ' quality wood burnt Lime at EIGHTY cents per barrel. 1 ain now selling the best quality of wood burnt Lime in Washington at eighty cents per barrel at Ihe kilns, and eighty-five cents delivered in any part of the city This is twenty-jive per cent less iuan the market price. LAWTON P.HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, one square south of the Lower Bridge, Georgetown. Jy 16?eo3w (U nion, Organ, Intel) I G?NiUM?N ? INDBRGA&MliN'fk. \\Ti- have a laige and fine aMomneiit of Silk, " " Oaiue, Merino and Cotton Undershirt*, lin pn ai:d cotton Drawers White and colored Shirts, Hosiery, Ac., which we-aTe now oflWing at very ; low prices. WALL * STEPHENS, 322 Pa ave , next door to Iron Hall, i I JY U-U' [New*J ] EVENING STAT}. GENTEEL THIE7E8 ? r Th* ,"?n 'win? ?'??=??!? i- copied from a recent 1 periodica!, giving he *x,^ri?...? ? London shopkeeper, au*.l will b^ peruf, rith iutfcro-=t Lr ti.^se engsged i;: th: 4vi%ii trjde a* lllaiJ> ' lli?m L*ve daul-icse met with a*i j experience similrr t ihat of tia writer of ;b< | narrative: Tc-EVtS.- Lv J'.HX Brow*. PKtER ?i aru a ehopkeeper, standing he I hare rto,J fo, ?ThJ,,-v*a ;? 'J ot "?"'Wl ? i,.t? i:the voursc of the tjiU*u b-urs that ir ?t?ud* onen ? ihim "iff- b^iu?? 1 > the be*t l cu ' rii-.t h L il *1? Cl,r"^q ucr.ce to the r.-d-; thai ho should knew what I *11, <r wh?t 1 1*?hatkinT^ br" mCd 10 k f,,r no delation, benrfifof mt* a-m g>'^ to -i73 iiimthc 6. ?[ my **T*ncure and tbe experience*1 an unfortunate triend r.f mnd. now no m.rv, w.th regard to a d fficuity with which a abop I, ' i.Tu" ?r !ater' U "u,? lu hftTe to deai and which ho must deal wiih someh-w act should know, n* a man of business, how tu prudently and economically. >V hen I first began life behind tho counter r began to study human character from thai (that. I think, m the hZ T?? hx ? shopkoer afford.* uiui. The hypocn-v which eloaks a man or a ' Whea htsorsb? ?"nice to market, I !, t?u w kind, and is apt L a hfr^indlT,P^*r in tbc P'"'^ "Nriv \ ...? % bargain. It u surprising what au in ! re^uiar cba *ct*r &?poeition of a I regular customer one g.-t3 br supniyine h;m i T?S"tly Wlth the or if/la fu ,e" of life in ex change for his mwnry I doubt it , ai,y lather c inlessor ever gets the gauge of bis ,-eniteuts so correctly as does the butcher th monger, the wine merchant, who have the ~*re of that other conscience, the stomach?or en the tador or linendraper, who do but ad.>rn his outer busk. If men and women-kind in general knew tnemselves but half as well as their trSea mcu and shopkeepers knew them, thev would ? rUnd ,nside of the counter an emnt h t aud tb?"i^lvos some expenso. but that is a kind of knowledge which few people pick up till late in life, and Selh^n? ir'"' ThtJ DeTer thiDk th4t or them as they are?that wc take their moral rswt tr* a n,cfct-v; ,ij i ^ bo* little tune it requires for au >ld haad, like my=elf, for ia?tanco. u, reckon cm up. But we do it, nevertheless, with a rau >n eurrectneda iu most cas?s aj we fo .t uu ? "c Eu" ^<1? irn iik i tj our 1055 ?ite?er than we j ? a great aeai toj oiten. Tne l'a-t we ^ mcre ul- tLo human ^ th(. nj> ment when the iea t g^aiike and kafctinagnin im-ms of the owner'0 propensities are active, tiaa any other class of at:, ever see: thw bn" H, 1\,,nac.e<1 Wore us. and m jH boh.lockheads ind.ei if we couid not iearn uTJU WK ?P?U t'*"" T? reai 1U in_ ^uago. Whom to tiust?auU to i? rt>. |use credit when creuit is dema..d?d? tbi- i W?H pr?aVl,al d\fccaitJ wy h:"? ? jit e . Vithout being phrenoii>gi8t?, we are abl ? U read that riddle tolerably w. 3 a-: 1 :?t. ?i 4?k for myseif. I don t |j-e muoh by b d v'eliv^ m*1" che!l1* 1 Xwiiv< inclined to blame myself more than him because I onght to hare known better than to dTffi l!,ir i P?WCr d j U TLc" ar" other uiuiculttes, howcrer, brides this; ai.d tbe-,j.> to wh:yb I am guir.g to ca!i aitei.t. u u that diSealty wiih wM-h Mr Monle has b-en lately uaiupercd. and wbich h^ hn- mRnaccd \t ,!ilir>ra^?"tly ?n the can? of that nrtu ,us ? Kamsbotham who st^lc bis ix.^ket baud Kercbtcft, and who ws^n't and in the nature U tbings j:i. ? !r. the nature of the B^it tt puni'hed for L^t mo say something, then, alont Lady Thieves, and inform Mr Moule. an't Mr Evf rJi ? -dy Wse. how I have learnuu b b undle th fr^rt o! i Ufine?s. When I fiJ8t opei ed siiuf, I knew ucining b- ut it?a;id neve, be stowed a thought u^n it; and when .u? ,'iv I saw a gent el-looking girl drop candTric i <? ?'? article which I usually ?,'1 r,,i u &)>***. ??,?! taking b.ti. up togeth er- convey thorn to h - p -cke?. I -ei,.^d Uer nnoeremomounly, hauled her ir.to my lit;i? oack room, rui - the bell f..r the m-ad. .ad aei searched, f?.uuu tho arUvlj upou her, Sent or a Bow -treet officer, (there w.rt no police men then.) and /fare her into oustody. What -1.H.1I wa-. to-bo-tu'-i! It happened that act father ?as a clergyman, backed by high ^n^-tto.18, a -1 h^'kiug forward to be a bishop before long. He bailed her out in no tiuit c tine down upon mo with acl.a.ge of conspira cy, and threats of transportation lor life?bediff ered myserv.ng-weu.il out of her wits tir.t himself, au 1 then set a hatchet-fxeed fell- w to eross-examuie her, who drove her clean be wildered?moi? loo 1 1 tor letting h;m do it; but I knew no betUr then. I B*w it would uevcr do to take tbe ca*e to trial with sueh a witness, and, by Jove, she saved me the trou b.e by bolting away before the day of trial came. I was obliged to w ithlraw the char e a:.d pretend that it was all a mistake. The clergyman talked of prosecuting me for con spiia.-y; but btt had some conscience and only talked; the girl, I had no doubt, confessed the theft to him. As it was, I got the reputation of a monster, and only recovered my charac ter by acknowledging that I must hare been urunk at the time and did uoi koow what I was about?I, who was never drunk in mv i life ! That affair est me fifty pounds in cash, and ; damaged niy oonnoetiou to the extent of at least two hundreds pounds more. I thould [ have been ruined, but tho parson got his bish opnek. and lett my neighborhood; I put & n. w | name on my eigu-board, and in time the event was forgotten. I ha l learned a valuable Ietu*on. The next lady-thief who favored me with a visit, did me the honorto rob me to the amount of two pounds-ten. tshe did it so clumsily that I could not avoid seeing her. 1 affected not to uotico it; smilingly took her order to t.ie amount of a few shilling?, and, when I m il home the goods, put the stolen article down ia the bill. She called next day, and With the utmost affability informed me of the mistake I had made in charging an article whi h I had not sent, and which she had not order ed. She brought her "companion" with her to prove that the article eharged was not in the packet of goods sent?which of course I knew well enough. I admitted "tho mistake" with perfect good humor, and she went awav. It will be acknowledged that I had learnCd my lesson well?but though I congratulateu myself on that score, I thought the teaching too expensive, aDd resolved to try a different pUn next time. I had n^t long to wait for an opportunity. Lady fc , the -.vife of a Baro net, took a fancy to some property of a rather rare description, and concealed it in the folds ? f her riceve. When she made her purchases. I remitted her, under the pretence that I had something remarkable to show her, to step into the parlor. Closing the door after her *? Your ladyship is not nw a re,': said I, - of what yuu have done?I have observed that at time* you are veiy abstracted Li vwr man ner; allow me to; show you what you been doiug.' With that I caught her firmly by the arm, and in an instant drew forth m". property, hha biuthed red as lire, and h- r L^a ? . m - . A r y ?! a vm m uir j iWli w* ere? flashed?but reaovering hemlf in an in stant, she burst Into a laugh, and crl*?d, "P.**' iy, Mr. Brown, I am much obliged to roc? who would hare thought I bad been ao fit* naitr? wby, really, 1 should bare robbed jwi without kacVisg ii. 1 '? Hvd'j that. WEEKLY STAB. . TIiU excelled Pamllv ud H trwt IMroai ?oon? talaiag * Wt*y?fltf?Haff n^d'-g inaa ??n be (bead la ut other?1? pufaUahed on ?atui day naonung. TIMS. Single oopy, per ?? ?.fl iS TO CltM. Fit rOptM.,,,!, "" Teacorai. * Ou Twwtr ro|4? U W tr Cui. IPTltuaiT 1* IIjr <lngl e coniea (In w-?pr?rt} can t* pew ifd r.4 tne c? .ntcr, immwltAtely after the mia-eaf the paper Prlra?Tustx Cbvts i'oiTMUTin vrlwut Raageotawill be ali.-wed a fommlMloo of twenty per cent ??ea 1 tbought tn mwfh ; l-nt I hel' hit ,^-a h #?ti ?wuii ?giy, and a'toudeu hly Lnjj . hv. carria-t La fly t\icf Nu-abcr Thitf w*? a P ??f *om? three *01* ?t le?*. 't -e* 'il*: int?i-VAii. uL> fitt*y . ;?, b t 4'irtN ei ?;c ..1 n u b ? cb c 7_ 1 ? < a difficult ca:2, -*-a I hardly an-wL v>ith it. fcbe wore a I arc** pr-lN to ?? ut* '1 tho plunder, aud was C'.*r?*a*itly 'f something into it. If I taxed ber *1' ? heft, I should !?>* her cu"?t< ??, arid ih..t c.f coa nectlvn, which rw large ai.d -if a hi^h last-. 1 could not ber th*t p'?' er d uncoaseiouriy; fhe wan u*> wi-je aw *e for tbat. I ha I rrivOJ thoughts of ki-ef.ng a professional pickp.jket on th" pe<?f?>i a. to re?cae my u*u property from b-;r g:ip>, out ftui ?il tin- remedy might ji.vn w 4M; the Jill's. Oq? rr??u?o j rcb^atxl: I * * kept a pretty Meuratr *-? -,unt ?.r all t! ?.t -? r tl?j purloined duri.'g tan ?:? mor.Jae' na?e ?die hud l*?tW?c ! ?> ?u m? w?i ?n | ^ '?vt har account a* ic? can of <h?? t ?*,!>, I ??t d.wu each art?:io at 'v 1 ;r dc ?. Asm old lady *?ut her a'- ward t> ?:V? tar a jo?c?. tu 1: '. h sks. ????:'.? r.o o^fcf-oMi; ha s*ve uttr again entered my shop I (?ball not g 1 on with th? catalogue La !y thieves aro nu rarities. and neod at he c - ooribcii iikuifitiatiS*. Tbiriyireyr ?ji ^ra-. tiee a? a working shopkeeper haf taa. V.ne the t"*fte.< uju lc ot tna.a'ii^ tUeui "u? - that I follow, hut they arr a uugrac .1 a. wire and a coi^taDtaosrceof pecuniar, .je- Wieu they make tbeir appe.iranoe ic my ah % 1 according to cireumatiueea If a i? i voung girl, u?w Ut th? trade, I a >metim*-9 bru. * -?oiai ihe theft to her, and talk Vo her eeri> -?*J , a~d if aho exhihiu aigua of ahame aad prai -l 9, I let her go- If I think proper. I s' tn 'iim a ?ou?i fur ber paronte, and lay iho mati*- u . fore them , but thia u> n^t al m. y3 a i:u"o ui ".h * , sincc in mure than r>n? inau.no? th?> rt ?thar h-u induced the child to den* tHe ta?-fr ft. r she had coufe^ted it in the pretence o: w i ne-aee. and with all the*Tidc""??? *?f the '?? iaae complete. Ui? one or two o-> a>u;.a I h.tvc made the thief, when ?he had lu >:.*? ?.. b*r pur?o. pAj for the atolja aiU-Ioc a^d ae p tbem ; but far more fi-oqueotly r.a*. au -w a them u? walk off with the plor. i?*r. ?-? "vj th botherandexfteateofadtttarbau.-j. N" f 1 "tt. r back than yeateniay u>'>rniu,(. ? new y-? lira couple came u> the shop, tQu au-^a 14 0 a J t hii young wife a hatiuaaiae preset' .ui si , in the Q)^8l bare faced maun or, aWn ti fe low tn it. What could I do' Tbtro ?re a dojer. people there. If I had taken i.e. -p, I should have driven them ail away, ani pur haps had a tumult round the h"uw all the ar ming; and what a skeleton I should have ?ct up in that poor bridegroom's house for the rest, of Li* uay* ! 8EAKCH FOB WIVES. Where do men a?unl!y disooeer the w men who alturwards b^oome their wires, is a quee tion we have ?^earUnally heard di^cu-nted and the custom hv icvariably become of value to young ia>?y readers. Cuanoc has u.u 0 to do iu tbc affair; but then ti. rc arc iai>ortaut governing eir.-cmdtaDces It is ocrt i . that few men make a selection from bai;-ro*-uis or any other place 01 puolic gayety ; ?u<i n- c.rly { as few arc influenced by what m y oc c illed | showing v>C iu U*a aUeci, - r ' y suy allure* mrnts of dress. Our coDT^tion i?. ta it nii.ety niue hucdrcdlas of ail the huei? with waich wi'mcj decorate or load their persona go for ooUiing. as far ue uushani oat bing u con cerned. Where and how. toer. <lo meu dad their wives ? Iu the qaiel houiei of ihcir pa rent? or guar liana?at the fi.caide, wher. the domestic graces and feelings are alone deinon stiatcd. These are the charms which m^et surely auraet the high as well as the bumtile Agati-at the#e all toe finery and a:.r? in the world .'ink into ir.significanee. We aball illus trate this by an aueod^te, which, tbough n<>t new. w-'l cot bo the worse for b*ong ujrain told : "In tne year 177J. Petex Burrell, E>t| , of 11 ikenham. in Kent. wW jenlth r ip! I y d'sjlining. wae a^riped by bH j v#i cijci. to k'? t?) 8p\ far the recovery t. his ncalth. His daughters feared that t^ofi v .0 had only motives entirely mercenarr w --'..d u->t pay him tbat attention whioh he mtgn' x l^ct from the*e who, fr-m 'tuty snd affeo'ion ar.ited, would feel the protest plca?er" in miui-torins ^ ctrrnfert; taey ti.--r? fore re-^v* 1 to a? -ompsny him Tbe/ pr< ved tbat it wa? not a spirit of diswipntiv.i ... 1 gayety that lod them to 8pa. f< r tht r-eere not to be wen in any of the frvs'^ionah cir clea?1 hfj w- rw never '^n". of th ir :-it..<?r'a oompany. and nev ?r *tiried fr?m aoa?o, ept to attend him either to take the air or iriuk the waters?in a word, they lived a re cluse lif*> iu the midst of a town then the re port of the uioet illustrious and fishior.able pereonages of Kurope. a."his exemplary atten tion to their f.ith ^r procured thea^ three amia ble sifter* the admiration of all tb ? Kng'.isli at 6pa. and was the cause of their eh-v^ti^a to that rank in lite to which their m.-rit? gave thorn so just a title They all were married t? noblemen?one to the Karl of Beverley?an other k> 'he Duke of HaioUtnu. and afterwsrds t?> the M uquis of E*?.t-r?a^d a tfctrd u? th? Duke of 2iv.tbmuW>rlaud ; auJ i* \* ju'tico t?? tneiu tc say thai t':cy rffle^'ted h nor o:t tueir I ; ink. rather than d rivtd any from L" A 1'r.riMtE Cowclisiojt ?Noah E was unf>rtuuate enough, in his <dd age, to bee iue a<ldicUal to rather stroug potaUoiu, asd. when under the influence of spirita. was uioio i'_.u usually religious Now. one Saturd r al>> noon?baking day?his wife, who was . -ry industrious oid lady, and in every way a w .?! housewife, asked Noah to go <?ui into h< > -d and t-plit some wxk! to heat the cv, "th Noah conaluded, before he set abou . it, to go the tavern and imbibe, whereby, of cour t!;e baking wan neglected. Coming bac* :c e. short time, utterly oblivioua of h:s go->d ?e t request, he seatea himself In the c? 1 c. r. which age had made, like himself, tot."riag?:> the legs, and aomewbat acak in the ha k "Wife,"' said he "do you think ihe Lj^> >a his goodness (hi:) kin *c-nd a all iu'o ^ra everianin* ?" No answer fmm his wife "Wile, kin the Lord late&i tJ bars as all in fire everlastin' ?" Mrs. b by th s was quite iaeen-^i at ber husband's questions, but p ill made no answer ' Wife (hie), do you thtnk the I/>rd c?ui (hie) to burn us all in fire of everlastin This was more than human paUcur? ooi.Id endure, and ?he couldo't bold *<er too 34 ?uy longer; sb^'d 5penk <.mt tf ahe died for it: '?No ! yer old f??ol yer!?not 1f ke vmt% for you to split th4 wood"' Bbim8tokb?It is probable that calphar or brimstone would oarer have been known in >t natural state, hai it not beeufor the emp'i ?i? of Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvins. In 1&*2 fhece was a violent eruption from Mount E r.a, in Sicily, which ?tt aUeadod by an earth quake whereby 60.000 penuna weredealmyed. The brimstone which is now sold in the mat k etc of the world Is principally deriveJ from veins produced on that immorabla occasion. The sulphur is exhaled from the volcanoes at the time of their activity and fills up vacaut spa-es in the lava, er frothy pumice stone When this is quarried or mined, and dugout, it fwma the brimstone 01 commerce. Wtwu tL>.> L- ui stone it meltod and cast into sticks, it product* the roll sulphur of ebog>8; and wheu the br.w stone is boiled, and its vapor is allowed 10 escape into an air-tight chamber, the variety ~-\lled flowers of sulp>hur is tne reso.t. iL.t is the natural sulphur, and is considered by most chemists as an element in its pruurtiva oonditioo, tuiue howarc;, with z- "d reasons, view it with furjteioc, and think it at abound bsdy?J Brimstone In !t? natural stk^e ft <-nly found at the foot of volcano##; but ia combi* nation there is acaroely any rubetanee nai vewally^diffuaed

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